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You’ve got this one precious life — but are you spending it on what matters most?  

This is a question I revisit every time I complete a year in review. It’s so important to look back, celebrate your wins, acknowledge your growth, extract the lessons and set the right goals for the upcoming year.

But this isn’t an ordinary year.

The 2010s are coming to a close and we’re about to enter a whole new decade. I don’t know about you, but a lot has happened over the last ten years. Incredible things, hard things, and things my 2010-self would lose her mind over. 

There’s a maxim I love from psychologist and computer scientist J.C.R. Licklider: “People overestimate what can be done in one year, and underestimate what can be done in ten.”

 People overestimate what can be done in one year, and underestimate what can be done in ten.  ~ J. C. R. Licklider Click To Tweet

Today on MarieTV, you’ll discover just how true this statement really is. In honor of the new decade, we’re introducing something special: A Decade In Review.

It’s a 3-part video series that uses the untapped wisdom of your last decade to make the next ten years your best ever.

Each video is short and easy to execute. You can complete them all in one sitting, or take your time doing one per week. Here are some quick links to get to each section:

Think of these exercises as a 10-year planning tool. You’ve got a decade full of possibilities ahead of you, and this Decade In Review will help you make the most of it.

Now let’s dive in!

Decade In Review Part 1: Celebrate Your Wins 

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Now that you’ve watched, let’s dive in. Grab a journal and pen, and follow the journaling prompts below.

Section 1: What You’re Proud Of  

  1. Over the past 10 years, what have you done that you’re proud of? 
  2. What are the obstacles you’ve overcome? 
  3. What are some of the results you’ve created in your career or life since 2010?

Pull out old calendars, journals, planners, emails, or photos to jog your memory. This may take some time, but it’s worth it. 

What Was Most Important & Why

Once you’re done, go back over that list and answer these questions: 

  1. Out of everything you listed, what’s most important? Circle whatever jumps out to you.
  2. Why is that most important?

When you know the things that have made the biggest difference in the quality of your life, you’ll be able to make wiser decisions as you plan the next ten years.

Section 2: Your Learnings

  1. What have you learned over these past ten years? 
  2. What wisdom has become crystal clear to you?
  3. What mistakes did you make and what did you learn from them? 

Think through your career, family, relationships, time, health, finances, and creativity and write them all down — big and small. 

What Was Most Important and Why

Look at the list you just created and ask these questions:

  1. What lessons were the biggest game-changers?
  2. Why do these matter to you? 
  3. What do you really want to remember as you move into this brand new decade?

This section is crucial. Review it often so you avoid making the same mistakes.

Decade In Review Part 2: Releasing Your Past 

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Check out this episode on The Marie Forleo Podcast

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Part 2 is all about letting go of things that drag you down so you can plan the next 10 years with a clear, purposeful mind. Trust me, you’ll feel so much lighter and freer when you’re done. Get out your journal and follow the prompts below.

Section 3: What You’re Willing to Let Go Of 

You’re going to create three separate lists under this section. This will take time, but it’s worth it.

Old Projects & Goals

  1. Are there any projects that you keep meaning to do, but haven’t made time for?
  2. Do you have any “I should do this” type goals that you keep putting off?
  3. Are there any expectations from family, loved ones, or even yourself that aren’t true to your heart?

Old goals and projects are kind of like leftovers in your fridge. Food that you meant to eat, but that’s no good anymore and just taking up valuable space. This list is an opportunity to clean out your mental fridge so you can rock the 2020s without those moldy “shoulds” cluttering your heart and mind.

Resentments, Anger, and Upsets

  1. Are there any resentments or upsets that you’ve been hanging onto?
  2. Do you have old emotional baggage that you’re ready to release?
  3. Is there anybody you need to forgive — including yourself?

Be honest and write it down, even if you don’t know how to forgive or let go in this moment. As long as you’re willing, you’ll figure out a way. Naming and acknowledging is the first step toward healing.

Limiting Beliefs or Crappy Old Stories

  1. What limiting beliefs have you been carrying for the past ten years?
  2. What crappy old stories are you telling yourself that no longer serve you? 

For example, maybe you’ve been telling yourself that you’re too old or too young to follow your passion. Maybe you’re done believing the story that it’s all been said or done before. Maybe you’re ready to let go of excuses that are holding you back from your biggest dreams. Or maybe it’s time to put that old crappy story — that you’re not good enough or capable enough — to rest once and for all.

Remember, you are so much more powerful and capable than you give yourself credit for. 

This is your opportunity to let go of all the negative thoughts and limiting beliefs that hold you back. Do this work now, so they don’t control your next 10 years.

What’s Most Important To Let Go Of and Why?

Once you’re done, go back over each subsection and answer these four questions:

  1. What are the most important things to let go of? Circle them now.
  2. Why is it vital you let these things go now?
  3. What have these goals, resentments, or limiting beliefs cost you over the last decade?
  4. Are there any experiences or achievements that you haven’t experienced as a result of holding onto these?

Write as much as you want. Remember, purpose fuels persistence. Once you’re done, you will have laid the groundwork for Part 3: creating your 10-year plan. We’re releasing it next Tuesday, so be sure to bookmark this page so you get access the second it drops.

For now, I’d love to know — what’s the #1 thing you’re letting go of before the new decade? Let me know in the comments below.

Share as much detail as you can. Hundreds of thousands of souls come here for insight and inspiration. Your story may be just what someone needs to see things from a fresh perspective. Important: please share your thoughts and ideas directly in the comments. Links to other posts, videos, etc. may be removed.

Your time matters. By doing this reflective work, you’re setting yourself up to have the best decade ever. Keep going, and honor that wisdom within. 

P.S. If you want to share your progress with me — tag @MarieForleo on social and use the hashtag #MFDecadeInReview so I can cheer you on.

With SO much love ❤️,

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  1. I think the skill and habit of reviewing and really pausing to reflect on experienced is the most important skill to learn in life, so I love this.

    I’ve not completed the full exercise yet, but even just remembering the things I accomplished in 2010-2013 has reminded me of lessons I’d forgotten: especially reminders of just how capable we humans are at managing change and making things work out. <3

    • Yes Katy-Rose! I’m really excited for you to take those great insights and WRITE.THEM.DOWN 🙂 I know you know how powerful that step is. Something truly magical happens when we put pen to paper and crystalize our insights and learnings on the page.

  2. I’m so glad you did this video Marie! Many people – I used to do this a long time ago too – jump to setting goals without taking into consideration where they are, what they’ve achieved so far AND what worked and didn’t work in their life so far. Looking back enables us to see where our strategies and approach was spot on and where and how we could have done better… which are all learnings we can apply to make our next year and decade amazing! Looking forward to next week’s episode!

    • We are too Anca 🙂 Thanks for watching!

    • Anca, I completely agree with your comment. Very motivating article and video. I have also realized for myself that in order to succeed in the future, you need to reassess the past, conduct a detailed analysis, the so-called SWOT analysis of your past. It helps me to make plans, set goals and achieve them. But besides this, you always need to be fueled by similar motivational articles, as regardless of our understanding and capabilities, we are just a humans and it is characteristically for us to be lazy and weak sometimes. Thanks to the author for the motivation! I wish you success in the next decade and forever!

  3. Jo Ann

    Hi Marie.
    Thanks for this idea to review the last decade. I sat here for a while and really could not think of anything. Then the flood came:
    I moved from being a manager to the COO of a large company
    I started my own business (10 years in the making) which launches next month (Healthy, Sexy, Leader)
    I survived a divorce
    Got remarried
    Moved across the country
    Bought my first house and car
    Found my birth family and now have a loving brother and nieces and nephews that I adore
    and the list continues. Thanks so much for pulling this out of me as I was feeling underwhelmed by me lately. One of the programs that I am offering includes a book club with……Everything is Figureoutable as our January choice. You have helped me get through some rough sh*t Marie! Thanks for this latest kick in the pants!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      What an amazing decade, Jo Ann! We hope this next decade is even more rewarding. 🙂

  4. I love your post, Marie! So Synched!!! I was just doing my yearly review, but a decade is even better, yayyy!!! I love your insights and the amazing questions you share. Can’t wait to watche the next video! All my love! xoxo

  5. Allison

    Hey I’m keen to get this started. One question first. What if the “what I’m proud of” things are things I’ve dropped and am now not experiencing those good results? Feels weird to say I’m proud I healed myself of something but now I’m suffering again because id din’t maintain those good habits. You get me? I’m unsure how to approach this. It seems like almost everything I’m proud of has been undone and have not maintained nor experiencing any good results now.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s a great question, Allison! By making a list of things you’re proud of, even if you’re not currently doing them, that could guide how you want this next decade to go. Maybe you want to get back to some of those things since you were proud of them before and want to experience the benefits. It could be a nice roadmap. 🙂

  6. Love this – and will be doing it with my family. My grown daughter and I were just talking about what we were going to intentionally leave behind in 2019, and I think this is a great way to kick off that process.

    Thank you for the book, Everything is Figureoutable – I loved the exercises in the video lessons and learned a LOT. I’ll be moving into 2020 in a MUCH better place, and dumping the baggage along the way.

    Keep on doing what you do, Marie!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      YAY, Dianne! That’s what we love to hear! We’re cheering you and your daughter on for 2020 and beyond.

  7. Just what I needed to see from you!
    There are so many things I would like to jot down right now but I think I will wait until this weekend when I have my hot cup of coffee to sip and comfortable surroundings to work on the exercise.
    The thing I dread the most is when the time will come for me to come face to face with some of my mistakes which hurt my family.
    God bless you all!
    Mary from rainy Greece

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That sounds really tough, Mary. We’re sending lots of love your way as you’re facing this challenge. You got this!

  8. This is so timely. Thank you so much. I have just found out I have been dealing with symptoms of traumatic brain injury for over two decades. Very intense, but also liberating, because it is so good to have better understanding. In light of this diagnosis, I don’t know how much is achievable, but I do have a new direction. This is my journey, and I’m the only one who can live it. So I am going to do it with my head held high. And I’m looking for ways to contribute by writing a book about this journey, and by bringing my music to the tbi community.
    Now this 10 year review is helping me to come to terms with my struggles, to bring my new direction into focus, plus it will also be an amazing source of information for the book that is brewing inside of me. I’ve never been this excited about doing a year review.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      The world needs your wisdom and words, Ingrid! We can’t wait to see what the next decade has in store for you.

  9. Valeria

    I so loved it! Thank you so much! Will do :)))

  10. This exercise is powerful and eye-opening. Looking at my list, it feels like a force of wind—that all I have to do is look at to push me forward into the coming year.

  11. Cilla

    Wow. So much has happened in the last decade. My four children went from rowdy teenagers to successful working adults; I quit my job as a secretary (took early retirement) and moved to my house in the country which I had fixed up to be my dreamhouse, including a sewing studio and art studio; I got out of debt (That really felt good! I owed not only the bank but my sister and a dear friend), and I accepted a position as a volunteer in my small town to organise exhibits, a real challenge in this rural area. AND I decided to start a business after dabbling with many ideas for years. I love to make stuff but I have found that I have difficulty in getting clarity in what my offer is going to be; I also need to PLAN my time better over the year (exhibits, markets, and workshops in my home). So that is what I need to work on in the New Decade 🙂

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      What a wonderful decade, Cilla! We hope this next one is even better. Keep up the fantastic work!

  12. Keith

    Thank you Marie. This is so inspiring. As others stated, I too used to do this years (or decades) ago and really enjoyed it. Just watching your short video gives me a refreshing sense of renewment. I plan to share these ideas with my Focus Team Memebers at work this week. I cannot tell you, even though I haven’t actually begun the exercises, how refreshed and inspired I already feel this morning. It is certainly a “feel great” life task. Stay tuned 2020’s. Here I come!!
    Love to all, Keith

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Woohoo! Exciting days are ahead!

  13. Laura D

    One big takeaway for me is how resilient I’ve become during the last decade….and that’s a very timely takeaway for me right now as I contemplate some big changes in 2020.

  14. Melissa

    There is much validity To the statement ‘to know the future, you must know the past’. How important it is to review your choices, goals, successes, and failures. Thank you Marie for bringing this to our forefront, so we don’t lose sight of ambitions, and we continue to move forward, raising the bar as we go… As they say, ‘any mountain can be moved, one stone at a time’…. Stay amazing!!

  15. Maria

    I loved this exercise. I started looking at it with a little bit of self-compassion and finish it with so much more positive energy for 2020 that I can ever imagine of. I’m from Cuba. Being from there and move to the U.S.A it is a huge change starting with the language and followed by my profession that I could no longer develop (Architect).
    Everything started to change when I did not resist the changes and new challenges. When I stopped trying to blem or change the exterior and start to be the change my self everything else changed. For the important stuff, I’m fell happy, content and fulfilled.
    Thanks, Marie you have been part of my learning curve.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      We’re so glad you’re here and that you found Marie, Marie! <3

  16. I am most proud of 2 things from this past decade. Helping care for my mom as she suffered from Alzheimer’s. (She went to heaven in 2016.) And just this year getting a 2nd edition of my book printed that is about teaching unconditional self-love.
    One goal for the next decade is to get my book to more domestic violence centers. I plan to do that by donating single copies to several hundred centers so they can become familiar with it and then I will offer a generous discount so they can afford to buy it and use in support group settings. I would love my book to one day become the gold standard in teaching self-love to survivors of abuse. This is what I want my contribution to be. To help heal and empower others so we can all stand in our power and help make this world a better place.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s FANTASTIC, Rita! Thank you so much for the important, necessary work you’re doing. The world needs it.

  17. Melissa

    Just taken 2 hours to complete this and it was very useful. Things that I have been most proud of and that have made the most difference to my quality of life for me in the last decade have all been related to my habits, mindset, attitude, and HOW to think. Surprisingly for me, it’s not been about external validation or achievements (the previous decade it would have been!) – it’s been how I interpret things, how I create meaning of things that happen in life. Mostly this has been through developing a habit of honest journalling and asking myself tough questions, as well as investing myself (courses, books, conferences etc), and finally my own self acceptance which was very difficult process this decade. It’s great to realise that these things are crucial to my quality of life for the next decade. Thanks for this Marie, looking forward to the next vid.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s so, so smart, Melissa. I hope everyone doing the exercise will see what you did and let it inspire them to think broadly about what they should be proud of from the past decade. The more there is to celebrate, the better!

    • Thalita Vale

      Thank you for sharing. I came to conclusions very similar to yours and thought that maybe I had done something wrong, or maybe I should try again. But I’ll definitely stick to my review as it is, since it is the most honest I could have been.

  18. hi Marie I’m very happy to to appreciate your positive achievements and goals you did and review of the last decade and outcame and presentation of the forthcoming ten years planning and implementation of your projects that will be available in near future as well as the next generation will gripe the fruits and products of your hopeful and life promotion skills you generate more and more than ever and never tirelessly, thank you indeed by your honest Abdihakim farah Mohamoud.

  19. Martyna

    This decade was tough, but writing down my successes and learnings showed me that I keep underestimating myself and worrying too much – even though objectively I have achieved a lot, from doing my PhD to strengthening my relationship, all in a foreign country. This may not sound overly optimistic, but I guess it’s a very important insight in itself, and something to bring along into the new decade. On a purely positive note though, I consider getting to know your and your team’s work, my dear Marie, to be one of my personal milestones. Thank you so much, girl!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much, Martyna! We’re honored to be a part of your world. <3

  20. Ed

    This has been very eye-opening as my first response would be the last decade has been more about decline and failure than anything else. My business was disabled in the crash and never really came back as it began to be dislocated by inevitable change. I spent a lot of time either trying to revitalize a dying model or chasing misaligned opportunities. But as I tried to find the positives I came up with several that don’t register on the traditional success scoreboard. I completed a yoga teacher training solely for the enjoyment and benefit of my own growth and it has lead to me becoming a trained trauma sensitive yoga teacher and volunteering to teach a weekly yoga class in a correctional institute (just had my 2 year anniversary at the facility). I have become a dedicated ACIM student and become part of a worldwide community of spirit (your friend Lisa Natoli is at the center of this group) and I have evolved into someone willing to let go of the past and be open to whatever presents itself as a positive opportunity to learn the truth of who I am.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      This is beautiful, Ed! Thank you for doing this vital work.

    • Carla

      Those are monumental achievements Ed!
      You are taking care of yourself, answering to yourself and being of service to others.
      And the fact that you have united yoga and trauma care in a correctional institute means you are flexible and have something special to give to others that no one else may have thought of!
      Change scares many into inactivity. You have learned to embrace change and make something of not-so-good situations. Admirable!

      • Ed

        Thanks Carla. I appreciate the acknowledgment.

    • Toni

      Ed, thanks for your inspiring post. I, too have had challenges in my business. While it’s not moribund, it’s in trouble and, listening to you, I realize, it’s still worth fighting for! That means a lot to me.

      • Ed

        Toni I am happy that my sharing may have helped. Best wished for your success and fulfillment.

  21. What a great exercise Marie! How fast time flies….taking the time to do this allowed me to see how far I had come and grown as a person and the experiences (good and bad) that allowed me to change and go to the next level. My greatest disappointment and loss (my divorce and the death of my mom) gave me internal resilience that I had never had. My company and my life are now re-launched and growing daily in a new and positive way. I love helping others and being a change maker is part of my life purpose.
    Celebrating my past…it’s made me the woman that I am today!

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      We love seeing this reminder of the resilience you have, Cheli. You are amazing. xo

  22. Dear Marie and Team Forleo;
    Oh, my goodness! What a great new episode on #decade of review. OMG! I am so glad to have a quick peek of your content in 2015, that turned into receiving emails on weekly business and life tips. In 2017 I graduated with b-school. You bring so much light and joy when dropping some wisdom nuggets. Thank you again as I am doing some hardcore look back of what I have done, and wow, this was sure an eye-opener and a game-changer. Thank you for your consistent content work. You are a friend in my head.
    I am most proud of leaving corporate America to create a unique style of business. Also, I am responsible for my happiness and create my reality.
    I face the fear of pain and abandonment, and somehow, I found the strength not to be broken. I found the resilience of living and caring about things that matter, which is my health, my business, my well being, and my courageous community action takers.
    The results in my life and career have been coming into alignment with my clarity and leadership. I learned that suffering is a gift to exist and acknowledge other pains to comfort them and to find my faith. Thank you will work on the rest this weekend — a powerful and enlightenment episode. Thank you

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Sandy, what a beautiful journey and we’re beyond honored that we’ve been a part of it with you. We can’t wait to see what the next 10 years bring for you. xo

  23. What an awesome and timely review. Thank you Marie 💖 As every year ends, I’m astounded by how much I achieved, especially the material and physical things I can see around me in my home and property. When i look back on how and where I’ve stepped up-and-in to help my family and clients through out the last 12 months – my emotional review!! and the places I’ve made choices from and the beautiful results that manifested, I see my courage in overcoming my perception of ‘ordinary’ and commitment to living more fully each day and each year what I love feeling, being and doing impact the quality and fruitfulness of every single day. That’s what gives my life meaning, fun, gratitude, sacredness – living and loving fully every gifted day. In the next 12 months that’s what I’d like to live and share more of – for myself and with every person I encounter. To live and love at all levels and in all aspects of our being as fully and beautifully as possible.
    Many Blessings Marie and Team. Have a Beautiful Christmas Holiday and a Fabulous 2020. Much love and gratitude for all you and your Team do. You’re all exceptional xxxx

  24. Ayse

    What if i achieved nothing? What if i just struggled through life and am still struggling? What if i lost people, jobs, relationships, money…? It seems everyone is so happy and so succesful in your universe but what about the others who are still lost and afraid and terrified of the next decade to be the same as the last? I know you’re going to delete this. I know you just want to hear “nice” stories. Well no problem but we “the not so nice” ones will still be here.

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Hi Ayse. We won’t delete it because these experiences are part of your life and we’re so honored that you chose to share them with us. Thank you for being here and for sharing your honest words and heart with everyone.
      It sounds as though life has been especially tough for you and we’re so sorry to see and hear that. We see you.
      One thing that can be seen is that you are resilient. If you’re here watching MarieTV that means you’re still learning and searching and seeking. It means you’re strong and determined and THAT is something to be celebrated. You’re special because you’re here.
      Our hope is that the next decade brings more ease for you and that you always know that we’ll be here to cheer you on and remind you that even through life’s toughest moments you’re still the perfect, amazing, person that you are.

    • Hilda Belmont

      Hi there Ayse, you are not alone!!!
      At a first glimpse my decade seemed just like a pile of mistakes, failures and suffering I was feeling so frustrated, so angry with God, my life and practically anyone, specially the ones that seemed so happy in social which led me to literally sleep in the floor of the office where I work…
      That´s when I found Marie, she was the guest in the IT Show with Tom Bilyeu; I also found some other mentors whom I have beeen following since, little by little I have made changes in my life (meditation, more whole foods, reading, listening to podcasts, gratefulnees, watching for my relationships) as cliché as it might sound, happiness is a daily habit and what I can tell you is there´s hope if you persist.
      Please receive a big hug and remember you are not alone!

    • Cheryl

      I feel you, Ayse! There have been at least three times in my life I contemplated suicide because of the massive amounts of stress, abuse and loss I’ve experienced since my early years of life through no fault of my own – and, no one wants to die, they just want the pain to stop. You may never know the pain and loss others have experienced who may look like they have the rosy lives you believe you are encountering here. Those rosy lives, however, have not come about without consistent, ongoing effort on their parts. Tony Robbins has said that your past does not equal your future – you can have better life experiences. I know believing in your rosy future is difficult when your longest life memories are so painful, but it is completely possible to change your experiences, and Marie is providing some guidance here for you to do so. I believe Marie is every gal’s cheerleader. Perhaps the time has come for you to rewire your mind and emotions for the goodness you want to experience moving forward – which cannot be accomplished by hanging on to a lower place. Please do not be tempted to allow others who have wronged you steal the remainder of your life. The things that have helped me are Catherine Ponder’s books and learning about the law of attraction – and the best person to learn from in my opinion is Joseph Alai – he has a YouTube channel and his own website – and hanging out here in this positive environment learning from Marie and her associates. You may be surprised to learn how powerful you really are! I feel confident in saying that we are all rooting for you. Rosy lives is not an exclusive club where only a few fortunate are allowed to join! You could already appreciate your accomplishment in stepping up, speaking out, and noticing that your life can be different. Go for it!

  25. Reema Hamza

    I started a 2019 in review journal on December 1st and it was a disaster on all levels financially, emotionaly, career …etc .
    It was so bad and overwhelming and disappointing to see it in numbers and on paper ..
    But just by reading the journal’s prompts it shifted my perspective to a better place and on how far I’ve come in only ten years ! That quote is REAL !!!
    It was a difficult decade, I’m 26 now so for that age ( 16 – 26) I think I will need more than one a journel to write down those 10 years mistakes !
    Still the power that comes from overcoming a difficult decade worth celebration and appreciation and I am intending to welcome this power ( and joy!) to my life with gratitude.
    I didn’t yet start to review 2010’s outside my head, but I am so grateful to you Marie and the team for this gift that arrived just on time.
    Diffently looking forward for up coming part .
    Love you All .. and Happy New Decade 🎈🎉🎋🎆🎇✨

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Here’s to you keeping this ritual and magic going for decades to come, Reema. We can’t wait for next week to build on this episode. It’s a good one 🙂

    • Hilda Belmont

      Dear Reema, you are so lucky to be here… I wish I had learned about Marie and all the great lessons and concepts as “Everything is Figureoutable” when I was 26, I am now 36 my hair starts to get a little gray but it´s never late! I am sure we can both learn a lot from our “mistakes” and help people of our age (or younger) also learn from them.
      Receive a big hug!

  26. I LOVED THIS!!! Thank you! I’ve been deep in reflecting mode and I’m excited to share my list:
    – Moving to a new country in a new language (To Colombia from the US) that really matches my values and where I’ve been happy for the last 10 years. Also being married to my husband for 10 years. Those things happened together because he’s Colombian.
    – Having my son (now 5). Successful IVF, 3 years in the making. Such an emotional rollercoaster, after that I felt I could do anything.
    – Creating a successful business THAT I LOVE!!!! That allowed me to leave my job where I wasn’t happy, and actually supported my family on its own during 2019 when my husband was out of work for a while. B-School! That waaas everything, love you!
    – Traditionally publishing short stories in magazines. And self-publishing the book on which I built my biz.
    – Hiring an amazing woman who’s become a part of my family and closest friends (with her granddaughter) over the past four years.
    – Getting my grad degree.
    Had to share, because it’s funny, how we’re always so hard on ourselves and do that pride bomb of realizing how far we’ve come, how much we’ve done, and how great life is!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      You are AMAZING, Emily! We’re so incredibly proud of you!! Can’t wait to see all that 2020 and beyond will bring for you and your sweet family ❤️

  27. Susan

    I am 67 yrs. old and embarking on a 2nd career (thanks in part to B-school). This decade review was such an interesting task, that even as I started to type this I got further insights. When I think of what I am most proud of, it is the times I have supported others, not only through my first career as an occupational therapist, but supporting my sister-in-law when my brother died, supporting my grandson when he was suicidal, supporting my parents in the last years of their lives as their health failed, and supporting my sister, who was their primary caretaker. And, I have also been doing great supporting myself–getting training in my new career of energy medicine, going through B-school, and numerous other classes, books, etc., as well as taking care of myself with diet, exercise, energy medicine, etc. So, supporting others has been the most important thing in my last decade, and the most important thing that I have learned is to use and trust my intuition. Thanks for this exercise, Marie!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      So beautiful, Susan! I can tell from all you’ve shared here what an incredible, generous soul you are. We’re so excited for you to continue sharing your gifts in new ways in the decade ahead!

    • Cheryl

      Wow, Susan! You totally rock! Best wishes for your success.

  28. Looking back over the last ten overs, the greatest lesson I learned was how to be my own best friend. As a recovering people-pleaser, I’ve learned to make my health, physical and mental, a priority.

    My experiences this past decade of being managed by a bully boss, being over-worked and experiencing health scares due to work-related stress have taught me that no company will ever care more about my health than me. I realized that I had the power to manage my own stress. I learned to use my voice, set boundaries and use tools that help create a healthier workplace for me.

    After watching my first Marie TV video a few years ago and hearing her say “The world needs that special gift only you can have” the idea of creating my own business was planted. I’ll be launching my business, Workstyle Wellness, in January 2020. My business will share tips and resources on how to manage stress in the workplace.

    A big, heartfelt thank you to Marie and her team for always, and unknowingly, being my cheerleaders, motivators and mentors!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      GO Bernie! We could not love this anymore. It sounds like you’ve done an incredible job of taking great care of yourself over the past decade, and like you’ve learned SO much to carry forward with you and share with others, too. We’re excited for you as you launch your business next year! It sounds like an incredible, important resource for so many.

      It’s such an honor to support you on your journey, and we’ll be continuing to cheer you on in this new chapter, wishing you so much success!

  29. Hilda Belmont

    Hi Marie and team
    OMG what a great idea to pause and reflect, when I fist thought of a decade I had no idea what was important to celebrate, it didn´t seem like there was a lot. Then I took a trip through my Facebook photos and I saw a couple of things I am proud of, huge mistakes (lessons) but most importantly in these last 9 months (ever since I am an MF insider) my life has changed so drastically that I am even grateful for everything that hapened because it led me to here.
    I have not completed the journal excercise yet, I will tomorrow first time in the morning (just after my EIF daily practice)
    Love from Mexico

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      We’re so glad this inspired you to reflect on the last decade, Hilda! YES – so much learning along the way for all of us, and you’re exactly where you need to be right now. You’re going to love these journaling exercises! We’re so happy you’re here. XOXO


    I love journals and I have several of them. The problem is that I cannot seem to write in those darn things. I’ll start the first day great, then maybe a week might go by and I will write some more, then bam, I never write in them again. SOOOOooo…what I do is email myself. It helps me in so many ways, such as keeping my thoughts organized. They are in the Draft section so I can add and delete. When I’m ready, I can email it to myself but on a later date like a year or so. I love it because I know my answers will completely surprise myself. Since it’s in my email, I know I can read what I’ve done in the past 10 years without trying to find that journal.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Brilliant idea, Richelle! Thank you so much for sharing it here 🙂

  31. Rene Bregeon

    I knew the conclusion to this whole exercise the moment I clicked on your email.
    Not because I’m some genius, but because it’s so profound, it will colour the rest of my life.
    There are a few things I’ve acheived in the last 10 years, but nothing groundbreaking or indeed anything that’s moved my life on in leaps and bounds like a lot of those here – especially you Marie.
    BUT, and this is one of the missing pieces to my puzzle, I no longer suffer a hangover from Compareshlager!!
    The last 10 years, or more specifically the last 2 or 3, have changed me forever, because I discovered a way to start living life as me, and not some rediculous fictional comparison to others. I’m now so much more concious of myself, my thoughts and emotions that I’ve ever been, and how they affect ever moment of my life. It’s been tough, and I’m just a novice, but finding the path to my own truth, wherever that leads has transformed me and my future. I know it, even though I can’t figure out what it is yet, or where it’s going, because I feel connected to my life, not the old imaginary life.
    And I want to thank you Marie, for being one of those people that have helped me get to this wonderful place. I signed up for your book the moment you made that possible, because first off, I was sure it would be brilliant, and secondly because I think it’s important to somehow repay your HUGE generosity with a little cash and a lot of support. It’s not just been you that’s helped me get to where I am, there are some key people that have enlightened me, but I want to say this.
    The way you are, the knowledge you give, and the love that you send out is unique. We all recognise the unquestionable marketing skills you possess that draw us so brilliantly into everything you produce, but even when we know you can’t possibly “know” us, that you are speaking to camera, writing on paper, typing on keyboard etc, not actually speaking to us, it doesn’t matter, because your enormous heart and your unmatched generosity brings light to every word you give, no matter what the vehicle.
    And that quality, somehow makes us feel like you really do love us and support us, even though we are complete strangers, destined (probably) never to meet.
    There have been many nuggets of practical wisdom I’ve learnt from you, that have helped transform me this past year, but the most empowering gift you’ve given, regardless of the specific lesson you’ve been teaching, is the conviction of being ones true self. Your true self is so full of life, so infectiously bonkers and so wonderfully you, that it reflects to us just how beautiful all our own individual lives are too.
    Thank you for this challenge, for everything you do and for being the inspiration to help me find my own inspiration.
    I’m changed forever.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      This is HUGE, Rene! We’re so proud of you, being true to yourself. Thank you for being such an amazing part of this community, and for all your kind words! They truly mean the world. You are our inspiration! XOXO

  32. Jo

    Getting over “afraid of being seen”. Putting myself out there. Giving myself permission to be vulnerable, silly, experimental (even if it doesn’t always work out). Realizing that I am really good at what I do and now ready to take my business to the next level.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      YES, Jo! These are all so powerful. Here’s to your next level in the years to come!

  33. Mallory

    Just over here sobbing as I write the list of things I’m most proud of. I’m so self-critical so much of the time, but the list is long. When I wrote why certain things were most important, I said, “Because I took risks even when I didn’t think I was qualified or worried that it might go wrong.” Definitely carrying that with me into the 2020s. Thanks, Marie and team!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      SO, so proud of you, Mallory! That quality and courage will serve you incredibly well in the years to come. We’re cheering you on big time over here on Team Forleo! XO

  34. Kayla

    8 pages later…
    My number one lesson learned from the past 10 years was that when things didn’t go like I expected them to, they worked out better than what I had in mind! This was an important lesson for me to review! Thanks for the idea, Marie! The major lessons are going to make great content to journal on. I’ve been feeling a little lost lately, and this is a big help to me!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      LOVE this, Kayla! Such an important lesson to remember in the years to come. So glad this was helpful for you – great job!

  35. Jenny

    I realized through this exercise that even though I dread stepping out of my comfort zone, it is the defining factor of everything that I am most proud of. I’m starting to look forward to finding more comfort zones to step out of. ; )

  36. After being diagnosed with a Pituitary tumor causing a rare and life threatening disease, I had brain surgery, radiation treatment, and I am still battling for my longevity. I am finding the gift in my diagnosis and looking at my life with new eyes. My mission is to share my story and spread information about my rare disease called Acromegaly and in an effort to save others’ lives. I am an endurance athlete who has been temporarily sidelined, but in the Fall 2020, I will be cycling from Canada to Mexico along the west coast. I plan to create a documentary film and post my story where I can. I am determined to get the word out about rare Pituitary diseases and inspire those who are struggling. Marie, thank you for spreading your inspiration and incredibly genuine and beautiful light, the world needs it.
    I need all the support I can get, you may find me on instagram @risaunleashed

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      We’re cheering you on and sending SO much love your way, Risa! You are absolutely amazing. Wishing you an incredible ride in 2020 as you share your mission and inspiration with the world!

    • Cheryl

      You’ve really got some courage going on there, Risa! I hope you put that documentary on YouTube for all to see – including posting clips of your journey experience along the way. You can monetize your YouTube channel, too. If you haven’t planned on doing so already, I wonder if you could contact any foundation or organization throughout strategic points along your journey who could help you get the word out as well including mentions in local and even national news organizations. No one creates in a vacuum!

  37. Revolutionary- from a frumpy housewife in 2010, leaving my dead-end marriage in 2011, I had to save my kids and I. 2012 self employed tour guide, 2013 court translator and business owner, 2015 sold my first house, 2016 financed an overseas trip without credit (that came later!). Made amends with my mom. 2018 passed more exams, 2019 left an emotionally abusive relationship and have never been happier in my own skin. I guess the 2010s was about reclaiming my identity – the bottom line has been – I refuse to “settle” because I AM worthy and DO deserve the best! I keep trying to refine myself and I want to bring out my best self ❤️ so I can share my gift with the world like you always say, MF!!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Wow, GO Anastasia – you’re unstoppable! You absolutely deserve the best and we’re so thrilled for you to share that with the world in the years ahead ❤️

  38. My biggest insight is that in the past I’ve not taken action in the moment. This has shown up in not speaking up, holding back gifts and wisdom, suffering in situations … and I’ve learned how to witness this happening and with age and personal growth, I’ve been able to go from taking years and months to make decisions to living in the moment and speaking up immediately, walking right through fear and facing the situation at hand head-on. This is a process of love, learning to love, receive love, show it, feel it, share it. I’m so thankful.

  39. Corrina M

    There are a few things I’m proud of:
    – Signing up for burlesque classes
    – Going back to college after getting laid off on my birthday
    – Graduating from a three year program in two years
    – Getting a therapist and taking care of my mental health

    The lessons I’ve learned include:
    – That I can’t save or fix people
    – That it feels good to redirect energy into filling my cup
    – Decisions I make for my wellbeing including setting boundaries will upset people
    – Let my kids be kids

    I wrote down my whys in my journal and I can’t wait for next week!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      YAY, Corrina – awesome job! These are all HUGE and it sounds like you’re taking incredible care of yourself. There are so many exciting things ahead for you in 2020 and beyond!

  40. Lorraine

    OMG Marie! I was feeling so overwhelmed with my life moving forward into the next decade.

    While I know LOTS have happened over the last decade, your simple request to dig deep into my past decade made me realize how much I’ve accomplished; dare I say, even the impossible!

    2010 was a pivotal year for me, then again in 2016 – an even sharper pivot (the year I discovered you and B-School too), but then with numerous curve balls hurled at me, I found myself taking on Goliath challenges head-on and here I am, at the end of 2019, finally taking a breath, assessing everything.

    I’ve arrived at a very amazing place in 2019 from 2010, one that is beyond my expectations. It has been a crazy and exhausting journey. But there is more to be done. So much so, I was feeling rather heavy with overwhelm looking forward rather than celebrating all that I’ve accomplished.

    I’m so looking forward to #MFDecadeInReview because I was exercising MAJOR Figureoutable muscles in the past decade and this review is just what I needed to remind myself that I have stronger Figureoutable muscles now to face the next decade! I have a strong feeling that I’m going to end up in an even more amazing place at the end of this coming decade.

    THANK YOU SO MUCH for #MFDecadeInReview!

  41. Nils-Mekkar Tjolmn

    I know that I am awesome & have had a very interesting life and have already written one book (Survival From The Start – The Misadventures of Mekkar – which is an adventure) about part of it. I have alot of notes to write more books when I get “The Flow”. I know that there is no one even close to how I am – I even think from a from shamanistic reindeer viewpoints (very different from people who grew up in america)

    I do enjoy your email encouragements & thank you for them

    my full name – Nils-Mekkar Vik-Andreasson-Tippenhansen-Tjolmn
    the writing pen name is Saavo

  42. Liz Calder

    I nearly didn’t do this exercise as my first instinct was that it was just corny, but I gave it a go and have found it really eye-opening (I know – surprise!!!!)

    For me, the biggest insight was seeing the number of places I have gone and things I have done *on my own* over the last decade. Previously, if my partner didn’t want to do it too, or I couldn’t find anyone to go with me I wouldn’t go alone – but now I go anyway. I have stopped holding myself back from experiences because of other peoples expectations of what I should do. I have become braver as I have aged 🙂

  43. Samantha

    Marie!! What a helpful inspiration you are. I am so pumped up about what the last decade has provided me, and I cannot wait to see what the next 10 years have in store!
    Some of the most important things that I am PROUD of are:
    *Married my BFF
    *Purchased a home
    *Learned how SUCKY debt is and paid off $110,000! (Never doing that again!)
    *Quit a job of 13 years that I was stuck in thinking I ‘owed’ them something.
    *Opened a retail store with my husband and ROCKING IT!!!
    *Found Marie Forleo and other inspiring thought leaders that will help make the next 10 years da bomb 😀
    There are so many things I am proud of, so thank you for making me take the time to acknowledge them – each event deserves it’s own time for recognition.
    Thank you Marie! Can’t wait to see the next video.

  44. Dear Marie and the team,
    Thank you for this decade review idea. Just what I needed to do.
    Having read so many sharings above, I’ve come to realize that everyone of us has achieved more than we thought. (Including me. And I’m grateful for it). It’s all about perspectives.
    Some achievements can be in term of career, business, money, and all other “good things” like Ayse above mentioned. But other achievements such as resilience despite difficulties, perseverance despite challenges, and patience despite trials are as awesome and often understated.
    Just like you said Marie, as long as we keep learning we are actually winning. So that’s gonna be (which has been) my next decade resolution: keep learning!!!
    All the best to you all.

    • Cheryl

      Devy, I’m about to post your name all over the place where I am able to share your wisdom of… “but other achievements such as resilience despite difficulties, perseverance despite challenges, and patience despite trials are as awesome and often understated.” Beautifully said! That sums up the best in humanity I have ever read. In my opinion, this is where most of life efforts need to be directed because when we eventually pass on, the only things we can pack in our suitcases are what we’ve learned, who we’ve become in the process, and did we learn to love! I just love you for sharing your wisdom and insight! Really, you’ve moved me to tears.

  45. This is SO what I needed! I have always sort of shied away from 10 year plans as someone who prefers to “go with the flow” but over the past year since quitting my office job to pursue my passions again, I have found it is so necessary to review and plan to stay on track when there are so many things to consider as an entrepreneur. I am looking forward to the 10 year planning part of the exercises, as this will be the first time I’ve every done something like it. I enjoyed reviewing my past decade and feel pretty darn good about what I’ve accomplished and experienced. It’s easier to look back and be proud, I guess, because during a big chunk of those years I was definitely not feeling great! The fact that I persevered and kept trying new things while working full time is important for me to acknowledge. I can feel that the next decade is going to rock 🙂

  46. Thank you for this, Marie and Team Forleo. I’m quite an “acknowledgement junkie” and do a daily practice of the actions I’ve taken in the direction of my dreams, yet this exercise took that to a whole different level!

    What’s been most important to me in the past ten years? Maintaining my health, quitting alcohol, not smoking ONE SINGLE CIGARETTE this entire decade! Staying OOD (out of debt). I was, with a lot of hard work, determination and years of shopping at the 99 cent store, able to get out of debt in October, 1999 and have remained debt free ever since. I’ve also read more, learned more and been more open to New Thought and spiritual teachings this past decade. I’ve maintained a daily meditation and gratitude practice for several years which has been a total game-changer.

    Lastly, starting and managing an improv troupe, having dogs, celebrating 20 years of art-making and 20 years of being joy-fully married to Eli Hans have been their own reward!

    And what do I really want to remember for the next decade? What’s become crystal clear?

    • Cheryl

      Very well said!

  47. OMG! Where to begin?
    Super excited for this process as this decade has been OFF THE CHARTS.
    I lost EVERYTHING twice and yet gained SOOOO much more.
    Published NINE bestselling books, two of which I wrote and published WHILE I was homeless.
    Moved to LA
    Started my own production company at the beginning of 2019 and just released my first film entitled INVISIBLE.
    SUPER excited for 2020 and following my purpose of supporting other creatives (especially women in transition) through education and collaboration in the areas of publishing, photography and filmmaking.
    LET’S DO THIS!!!!!

  48. shaheen

    Thanks for all the great videos Marie.
    Did the exercise.It was very good to write it down ad think through things.
    This decade has been a decade filled with many us and down.
    What I am most proud of is of overcoming Amotivation and the sense of being lost ,of forgetting who I am.
    It is a series of ups and downs but now that I have gained the perspective and regained my sense of myself..remembered who I was …through baby steps…with each skill building one upon another…I will hold it close ,even when I feel insecure or feel lost.
    And this exercise has made me most happy.
    Thans Marie and your whole team.
    Love you all.
    Your videos are so upbeat and just the right tone for me.
    Love your sass.
    Keeep doing what you do.
    Thank you.

    • Rachel - Team Forleo

      Hi Shaheen! Thank you for taking the time to share this with us. It sounds like you’ve been through some tough experiences lately, and we hope this hasn’t been too hard on you. Well done for finding the strength to take action! We’re so honored that Marie’s work has been helpful along the way. We’re all rooting for you over here!

  49. Martha

    As I wrote down Marie’s cues on What You’re Proud of and Your Learnings, I thought, “It will take me a while to work on this, to look back and to focus on my successes.” It dawned on me that I focus on my failures and my shortcomings, day in and day out. This will be a real shift for me. I have achieved a lot in my lifetime, and looking back and remembering where I was and where I am now will be eye-opening. THANK YOU!

  50. I was about to start this and stopped (WAIT, don’t worry!) because I decided to ask my husband if he wanted to do it with me this weekend while we’re away for our anniversary. On a weekend when we’ve set aside time to be alone together and build memories, it felt perfect to add this to the mix. One of the things I’m most proud of is my marriage of seven years. I’ll let you know how it goes!

  51. Got inspired… I know now what I’ll be doing this weekend 🙂

    • Jennifer - Team Forleo

      So exciting, Marta! Can’t wait to see what you come up with.

      • I’m “taking myself small”… it’s hard to find things I’m really proud of…

        Well… It was hard 10 years. Many things changed and changed again…

        I’m glad I tried it 🙂

  52. Daria

    This is such an interesting exercise! Thank you! I’m having a hard time with some past successes: I remember being super proud when I got the driver’s license (but I never drive and couldn’t do it now, I’m too dangerous), or when I switched positions at work, when the air was filled with promises which, 5 years later, are not fulfilled, or when my side project got featured in its first magazine (but then I half-assed the whole thing and it’s still stagnant with no plan). I can’t even circle these things that I was proud of, but am now almost ashamed of! What should I do with them?

    I realize that the only things I actually circled was personal and family life: got married, had a kid, went through 2 different rounds of therapy and improved my relationship with mom… Not sure where it leads me (I really need to have a successuful professional life to be happy in my next decade).

  53. I just filled out all of your questions and I am shocked at how much I have done in the last 10 years! It is easy to get caught up in the day to day activities and feel like I am going no where, but when I see it in a span of 10 years I can see how much is being accomplished. Thank you for this exercise!

    • Rachel - Team Forleo

      That’s amazing, Shannon! We’re so glad you took the time to give this a go 🙂

  54. George Edwards

    Omg Marie, you are amazing!!! I love how you challenge me to dig deeper and question myself. This decade in review is really enlightening. I will be looking forward to the next video. I had a few great things to share. I became a US citizen this year!!! 🏅I was able to beat cancer and now I’m in my best health ever training days per week. I travelled to China Spain and was invited VIP to two national championship football games in Dallas and Florida experiencing that celebrity space, very humbling for me. Lost two brothers last year but got inspired by them to launch a non profit organizations to help improve communities. I started reading more and decided to live the life I love and love the life I live. I have become a different person from who I was ten yrs ago. I’m so happy I found Marie Forleo and your company and insights are priceless. I hope to share your work with kids and adults around the world. Positive vibes and much love!!
    George Edwards.

    • Rachel - Team Forleo

      It’s incredible to hear all you’ve overcome in the past 10 years, George. We’re so honored to know that Marie’s work has been an inspiration along the way. Thanks for being here!

  55. George Edwards

    I appreciate you all so much! My life has been never been the same since I’ve discovered you a few years ago. You are truly an amazing person and the gift you have is so rare, nobody teaches like you Marie. Your genuine energy and vibrations are felt by many. Stay healthy and thanks a trillion!!🎈🎈🤗

  56. Susanne

    When I’m not living my values, I become bitter (empathy and sustainability are my most important values). And when I’m not stopping and reflecting, or daily practice gratitude (which rarely happens) – I forget all the things I’m grateful for and how far I’ve come and take it for granted.

    But my most important lessons is daring to take tough conversations, putting down boundaries, taking better care of myself, understanding and rumbling with my feelings in conversations with others and continuing to set and follow my goals.

  57. Prajakta

    It’s really good practical setup to cross-check where are we going on the path we decided decade back or just we are letting surrounding in our Zen mode.
    When I was just overlooking the questions, the bestest reply my mind given to me is, “hey darling, see decision of never giving up on your dreams really take you so far in whole decade”. And I am glad I really investing my time in such activities where my unforgotten learnings are just popping up again to help my future.
    Thanks Marie , go girl 🤗🤗

  58. Alda L Haas

    Love you Marie! This is so awesome. I did this review together with my wonderful husband. It was so cool to do it together. It was an amazing decade for us. We married in 2012 and have had such an amazing journey together. We have done lots of traveling together and learned to sail. Our children, we each have 2 from our previous marriage, have all graduated college and are doing so well. We are so blessed. Of course there have been low points, the passing of my amazing, beautiful Mom, was the lowest for me.
    Thank you for allowing us to remember all the wonderful accomplishment and beautiful and life-turning events in our lives. You are such a dear and special person.
    Thank you Marie!

    • Rachel - Team Forleo

      Alda, thank you for taking the time to share this with us. We’re so terribly sorry to hear about the passing of your sweet Mom, and we’re in awe of your incredible strength. We’re also so touched by your ability to celebrate the beautiful things you and your family have to be thankful for. That gratitude is so important. Thanks for being here!

  59. Cherelle

    Thank you, Marie, for allowing me the time to review what I have actually achieved in the last decade. The biggest lessons I have learned is that I am responsible for what happens to my life and to stop waiting for ….. to happen and appreciate the life I have right now.

    • Renee – Team Forleo

      I love it, Cherelle! That is a huge lesson, and we’re so glad this exercise led you to this lightbulb moment. We’re cheering for you –– keep going! You’ve got this. 🧡

  60. Beth G.

    Such a great exercise! Perfect timing since I am in that contemplating the next career steps!

  61. Beth Osberg

    Hey Marie! I have dropped off the face of the planet for a while, working hard!
    So I finally took time to watch the latest in my inbox from you which is this episode. The light bulb inside my mind burns brighter now. Thank you so much for what you do.
    (I also ordered your book! Can’t wait to begin reading it!)

    • Renee – Team Forleo

      Amazing, Beth! We’re so glad you found this video exactly when you were meant to. Keep burning that light bright! All of us are cheering you on! 💡💖

  62. Eija Storgård

    This is such good exercise! And this second video got my spirits up! I got laid off three months ago, just when I turned 50. I’ve applied for numerous jobs, but nothing is coming up, and it’s been difficult financially and emotionally. I had given myself a deadline of the end of this year. If I don’t have a new job by then, I’m going to create my own business (I had my own company a few years ago, but I was more of a freelancer for a marketing company rather than pure entrepreneur). I’m a graphic designer and an interior designer, I have a ton of experience, so now I have to get busy, and start 2020 strong! I will finish all the b-school lessons, gain the courage to sell my skills, get smart about marketing, and create financial stability I desire. I have a lot to be thankful for, and maybe this experience of being laid off was a blessing in disguise. I hope everyone will have a wonderful holiday time and a fantastic decade of the 2020s!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Eija, we adore your amazing attitude! The way you’re choosing to look at this challenge is so empowering, and we love that you’re taking practical action steps to leverage your experience and working hard to create the financial stability you’re wanting for yourself. We have no doubt that you can absolutely do this, and we’re thrilled you’ll be using the B-School strategies to help take your next steps. It’s going to be an incredible 2020 ahead for you – please keep us posted! XOXO

  63. The most important thing to let go is my belief that I am too old now ans it is too late to start a business. Of course I although thought my business idea will not be successful, my skills, my knowledge would not be enough. But that cost me so much life energy and money for many courses I booked but did not go into action.
    So thank you so much for reminding me – and all of us – that this is just nonsense and is only holding me back from my soul work.
    May be I am now old enough to be foolish enough to start a business on my terms. So 2020 will be THE year for me! (with a little help from you, Marie!)

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      YES Rita! This is your year! We know you can do this, and your timing is perfect. You’re exactly where you need to be in your life and it’s NEVER too late to start an exciting new chapter. You are more than enough, exactly as you are, to share your special gifts and soul work with the world – we promise. They’re so needed.

      If you haven’t already, be sure to watch this episode right now for some additional inspiration:

      Team Forleo is cheering you on – we can’t wait to see what you’ll create in the years to come!


    The one thing I am going to let go of is me limiting myself. Limiting that I can’t run a business on my own, that I need to be an employee to support my family, that I need to do it the same way everyone else has done it. How am I going to do it? I’m not sure yet, but I am sure I AM GOING TO FIGURE IT OUT!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      So much yes to all of this, Jennifer – let those limiting beliefs GO. You have such innate wisdom and talent within you, just waiting to be shared with the world in new ways. We know you will absolutely figure this out, you have a fresh, shiny new decade ahead of you to do so! Trust yourself and that guidance within 🙂

  65. Brandi Harrigan

    Good morning, Miss Marie <3 I must say this was the most awesome opportunity to wake up with today 🙂 These exact things have been on my mind a LOT lately (as I've just entered the final year of my 30's! eek!) and these journaling exercises are exactly the kind of … more mindful and purpose-directed things that I know I need to consciously accept/release/give myself props for. (That last one probably shoulda been 1st)
    Anyhoo- thanks for all you do. Thanks to everyone else here doing this with me right now <3 I cant wait to see what this brings.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Good morning, Brandi! We’re so happy you’re doing these exercises and they’re resonating with what you’ve already been reflecting upon. These are incredibly powerful areas to consciously focus on, and we hope it serves you SO well heading into the final glorious year of your 30’s and the 2020’s 🙂 It only gets better! Sending huge Team Forleo love your way.

  66. For ten years I’ve been banging my head against a wall; trying to turn my love of photography into a full-time, cover-my-expensive-lifestyle, bill-paying machine. After a getting some-one-one advice from Marie on the call-in show, surviving a huge health scare, and reading Elizabeth Gilbert’s book, Big Magic, I finally realized that I’ve put too much pressure on my creativity. I’ve squashed the joy and killed my desire to continue. So I’m letting go of that requirement to pay a bill. I’m letting go of the requirement to build an insane infrastructure to match my big dreams. I’ll create for myself, because I love it, the way I love it and when it feels right. If it ever becomes something that generates income – great. If not, no sweat.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      This is HUGE, Jackie! So powerful. We’re cheering you on for making this courageous and clear decision to keep nurturing your creativity and love for your craft. Please keep us posted on how things shift for you as a result, we LOVE hearing about your progress and are so so excited to see what the decade ahead brings in your world!

  67. Dear Marie,
    It took me a whole last week to do the finish the first section, and it was totally worth it. I will start tonight with this one.
    At first, I thought that I won’t be able to remember most things since I didn’t keep a journal or anything like that; and I rarely posted on my social media. I had several big insights and one of those is that I need to keep a journal all the time, especially when I am happy, feeling accomplished and when I work on my goals. I tend to write when it is bad, or not at all. I felt like I haven’t achieved very much and it has been 6 years since I got my Psychology degree – but when I saw everything I have done on a 6 pages spread – I realized I learned much more about psychology from working in fields of media, art, theatre & tourism; it also highlighted my multi-passionate tendencies & creativity, and many important lessons I have learned the hard way that must not be forgotten. Also, 2019 is not yet over – and I learned and gained so much from it, even when I got fired and went from having 2 jobs to none. I’m turning 30 in June, so it is also a brand new decade of my life – and I truly believe that the universe sent me your book and these series to help me rise and soar. Thank you, dear Marie, you’re a treasure.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Kris, it sounds like you did an amazing job of Part 1 and we can’t wait for you to dive into the second part soon! It’s clear that you’ve had an amazing and full decade, that you’ve learned so much about yourself and your passions along the way. What a beautiful way to spend your twenties! We love that you’re being reminded of the power of journaling, through all of life’s ups and downs 🙂

      Your positive outlook in the face of really tough challenges is so inspiring and we know it’s going to be an incredible new decade ahead for you, full of exciting new possibilities!

  68. You popped up in my email this morning with exactly the right thing to say to me…as usual! Thank you, Marie.

  69. This exercise is perfect for me right now. I need to shake off the old and get ready for what I think will be an awesome new decade. Thank you for the thought experiment. (Thank you for being such an amazing guide!) I have 2 important things to let go of – letting go of the feeling that I am not worthy or deserving to live the life of my dreams. Increasing my self-worth is something I’ve been working on for the past few years. It’s a slow process – but I need to kick the feeling of “lack” to the curb. My other “aha” moment is that I don’t have to be liked by everyone all the time. These two probably go hand in hand. If I felt confident and worthy, I wouldn’t need validation from others. Phew. Quite a self-revelation.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      These are such powerful revelations, Lynne! Here’s to kicking those feelings you know aren’t serving you to the curb. You can do this, and you’re SO deserving of the life of your dreams. Remember, your highest happiness, fulfillment, and joy truly serves everyone in the best way.

      I have a feeling you may also find these episodes of MarieTV helpful:

      We’re cheering you on big time as you embrace your worth, Lynne. You deserve all the goodness your heart desires ❤️

  70. I started my teaching career in Europe a decade ago. I wanted to become a mindset coach and a self-growth writer, but ten years ago, neither I nor the world was ready for it. After my bachelor’s degree, I also got a master’s in teaching, so I started my teaching career. But, I knew deep down that my calling was to help others live their ideal lifestyles. I went through a lot of difficulties in life, and it seemed like nothing was in my favor in these ten years. My relationship with my family was in turmoil because they envisioned another future for me. Looking back now, I see that what seemed like stinking was the fertilizer that made me the person I am today. When you add fertilizer to the flowers, it stinks, but that it’s what gives power to the flowers. Perls suffer before they gain their glowing looks as well. When you go through things in life, just believe that everything is in perfect alignment for you. It’s your calling! It is not always coming in the form you expect it. Just believe in the process and know that it’s not happening to you, but it’s happening for you. Thanks to everything I went through in life, I was able to write two books, “Hello Sunshine” and “Unconditional Joy.” And now the third one is coming out “You in you,” which is talking about our wisdom voice and ego voice, and how we are the victim of our ego voice and suppress our wisdom voice, which is speaking the truth. Now I see that everything I had to face in life was what I called for. I wouldn’t have been inspired to write my books if I hadn’t experienced obstacles in life. I couldn’t encourage others to go for their higher callings if I had failed to do it myself.
    Now my biggest challenge is transitioning my career into mindset coaching career, which has been my highest calling in life. But, my ego is trying to talk me out of it by presenting all the reasons why I should just enjoy the peak of my teaching career I have built on my own from scratch. But I know that my teaching career was just a bridge to prepare me for today.
    I am ready to commit myself to my new coaching career and numb the ego voice in the following decade.

    • Renee – Team Forleo

      This is so beautiful, Sevi! Thank you for sharing your story and your heart with us. It’s true –– any challenges or struggles we face are truly fertilizer for the greatest good of our future. Thank you for being so vulnerable and sharing your decade in review with us, and we’re cheering you on as you head into the roarin’ 2020’s!

  71. Letting go of fear, anger, judgements that stop me be show up for life, to trust in my power, in my wisdom and in my knowledge 🙏🏻

  72. Monica Erwin

    Thank you for this exercise! I realized what I need to let go of is what I’m generally calling a scarcity mindset (I don’t have enough time, money, resources, connections, etc, etc, etc to do that!) . Asking myself, what has this cost me generated the insight that it’s probably been the deadliest belief because it’s prevented me from even trying to get started on a number of goals/dreams including changing careers and travelling. I can’t imagine where I would be had I let go of this 10 years ago, but I’m 1,000% sure that I’d be a hell of a lot closer to my goals if I had believed that I can totally figure it out :).
    Thanks again, can’t wait for part 3.

    • Renee – Team Forleo

      You hit the nail on the head, Monica. Scarcity mindset is a *huge* barrier to a fruitful life, and you’ve taken a monumental step by setting the intention to let it go. We’re wishing you abundance and joy for the next decade and on! 💐

  73. Marie, wonderful tips as always. But just a small remark – a decade starts with 1, so the beginning of a new decade will not happen until 2021. Yeah, that means we still have one year to incorporate all that you’re teaching us 😉

  74. I feel like I lost ten pounds just watching this! MARIE, Thank-you.

    • Renee – Team Forleo

      Yaas, Lucy! Way to release the things that aren’t serving you. 🎈 Wishing you a light and free 2020 decade!

  75. Helene

    To STOP playing small/self-suppression in order to protect other’s ego’s. The choice I made to start playing small led to self-suppression, stagnation, suffering. However, I’ve learned a lot on the road of letting go of this, which has prepared me for the next decade, so I’m grateful and no regrets, but NO MORE PLAYING SMALL. EVER.❤️

  76. Sherry

    Thank you Marie this was a good exercise. I’ve realized I need to let go of the notion (ingrained since I was 7 yrs old with two brothers) that girls are not as good as boys. It comes out as anger over stupid stuff and has kept me from trying to branch out due to not wanting to fail, thus reinforcing this stupid notion that I am not good enough.

    Love your weekly advice and am looking forward to reading your new book!

    • Renee – Team Forleo

      Love this, Sherry! It’s amazing how many un-truths we hang onto simply because of the messaging in our culture. So glad you’re letting go of this myth! Keep going – we’re cheering you on big time. 🧡

  77. Hey Everybody! Letting go of…
    Projects: I really don’t have a lot of mental clutter on this one.
    Beliefs: I can’t rest until I have x amount in savings. That one drove me into the ditch this year! Letting go of past financial pain.
    Resentments: I’ve learned SO MUCH about cortisol, because of what it did to my mind and body. I’m taking much better care of my mind and body in regard to stress!
    Much love,

    • Renee – Team Forleo

      Amen to all of this, Emily! I love that you learned about cortisol and stress and are applying that knowledge to your goals for the next decade. Way to go! 🧡

  78. Kayla

    I am SO DONE with:
    Believing that “I’m not enough”
    Always feeling like I don’t know: what I’m doing, should be doing, or what I want.
    These are the things that are holding me back from living my best life. Thanks for the help with identifying them, Marie! I’m SO thankful for you and your help! Glad you have your crap mostly together to help those of us who have it less together ^^

    • Renee – Team Forleo

      Yes yes YES! So good, Kayla. Simply writing this out and declaring it is a huge step, and we can’t wait to see what you do in the next decade. Keep going because you ARE enough and you have incredible gifts to share with the world! 🚀

  79. LOVE these Q’s and have been excited for them each week. Organized a couple close girlfriends who are all also entrepreneurs to gather and do a decade in review/forward looking review together. Everyone gets 30 minutes to share and I’m sending these Q’s if they need a place to start. Can’t wait to hold space for people and be witness to the magic they will continue to do this next decade. Thank you! xx

  80. Suzanne

    Dear Marie, Thank you so much for a Decade in Review! You know what I experienced when I did the exercises? I felt soooo proud!! Before I started I couldn’t even imagine if it would be powerful, my mind didn’t trust it. But then I just jumped in! And after every note I made, I decided to write down how.proud.I.felt while writing it. And that felt so amazingly good. And making it nice with some colored jelly pens! Loved it. The power of owning past results is so powerful. I feel it, it gives fuel to the Now.

  81. Dear Marie, I have been following you for years and have never felt compelled to write in your comments before although I do love to read them. However, for this exercise I wanted to say thank you. I always do a year in review it never crossed my mind to do a 10 year review. I am sat here surrounded by my photographs it is so easy to forget what you have done isn’t it!
    Answering the question what am I most proud of professionally this last 10 years was easy. I also birthed a book and have likened it to giving birth. Although I loved every moment of researching and writing my book. It was also one of the hardest things I have ever done, especially as I am dyslexic and have a habit of letting my thoughts raise ahead before I have put them on the page. 18 months on I can’t really believe I did it and still have to pinch myself that people are buying it.

    Here is to the next 10 years x

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