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The Copy Cure

Everything you need to write words that open hearts and wallets - guaranteed. Enrollment opens on October 17th, 2023!

What is Marie Forleo’s The Copy Cure?

The Copy Cure is a step-by-step online training course that shows you how to write copy that’s powerful, persuasive, and 100% YOU, so people will love – and buy – what you sell.

The world is noisy. Great copy is more than an essential skill, it’s your superpower to get people to pay attention to your message.

Whether you’re a business owner who freezes at the sight of a blank page or a seasoned writer looking to level-up your skills, The Copy Cure will transform the way you write so you can express your unique voice, make an impact with your business, AND create the long-term financial success you deserve.

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How does The Copy Cure work?When does The Copy Cure start?

“Before The Copy Cure, I was going to launch a course and was considering hiring a copywriter because I sucked at writing and was too slow at it. I have not only received 50% more engagement writing and sharing with MY voice on social media and my platform as a whole, but I also created all the launch copy for my online course and had a $25,000 launch thanks to The Copy Cure.”

— Hugette Montesinos-Rodriguez

“I’d only finished Module One, but I rewrote my web copy the same day and landed three more ideal clients within 24 hours. It used to take me three months to do that! Now — having completed The Copy Cure — clients come to me because they say it’s as if I can read their mind. Knowing how to find your customers is one thing, but having them convert into paying customers is quite another. The Copy Cure helped me do that. One year later, my business has reached well over 6-figures!”

— Becky Keen

“I was about to drop $700 on a copywriter. I signed up for The Copy Cure instead. So far I’ve made $3,395 in revenue. I’m totally obsessed with copy now. I was about to drop $700 on a copywriter to help me write one sales page (max 6 pages). With the Canadian dollar being so weak, I had to say NO before I signed the contract. So, I signed up for The Copy Cure instead. It actually feels very liberating to do this myself.”

— Irene Lyon
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How does The Copy Cure work?

The Copy Cure’s core course materials are immediately available online within your private, member-only portal, and include:

4 transformational, step-by-step video training Modules.

Handy written transcripts and downloadable MP3s.

Fun Sheets to practice and sharpen your new skills.

3 About Page templates.

Copy-and-paste writing prompts.

You'll also get:

A front-row seat to LIVE, virtual group coaching calls with Marie and Laura.

2 mind-blowing real-time copy makeover sessions.

8 Advanced Masterclasses taught by award-winning copywriters in advertising, online marketing, software, publishing, and TV — unlocked weekly…

...All yours to keep for life.

Is The Copy Cure right for me?

If you want to use words to connect, sell, and make an impact on the world, then YES, this program is for you!

Our students come from every industry and background, from dentists to jazz musicians, podcasters to personal stylists. You’ll walk away with a brand new writing toolkit, whether you’re a total beginner OR an established copywriter looking to sharpen your craft. (That’s right – you’ll learn tricks even the pros want to know!)

Bottom Line

If you’re not already the most persuasive, influential, results-getting writer you can possibly be, then The Copy Cure will transform your writing, your business, and your life, guaranteed.

Can I see Copy Cure reviews from past customers?

YES! Over 21,000 students have taken The Copy Cure. Ready to get inspired? Check out the results they’ve created for themselves since taking the program.

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Who teaches The Copy Cure?

The Copy Cure is co-created and led by Marie Forleo and Laura Belgray.

Marie is the #1 New York Times best-selling author of Everything is Figureoutable and the creator of the award-winning show MarieTV. Named by Oprah as a thought leader for the next generation and owner of one of Inc.’s 500 fastest growing companies, Marie's mission is to help you realize your greatest potential and use your gifts to change the world.

Laura Belgray is Marie’s most trusted copywriting colleague. A professional writer for over two decades, she’s won big, juicy awards for her work. She’s written ad copy for New York Magazine, promos for HBO, and had her work performed by everyone from Joan Rivers to Spongebob Squarepants.

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When does The Copy Cure start?

The Copy Cure opens on October 17th, 2023! Enter your name and email below to be the first to know when enrollment reopens. Once you complete the training, you can revisit and review the material as much as you want. The Fun Sheets, bonus resources, and training Modules are yours for life.

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How much does The Copy Cure cost? Are there payment plans or scholarships?

The investment for The Copy Cure is $1499 USD. We also offer a payment plan (10 monthly payments of $169 USD) and hold a scholarship program every year.