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If shame and stress bubble up anytime you think about your finances, you’re not alone. Most Americans live paycheck to paycheck and have less than $1,000 in their savings account, according to Bankrate’s January Financial Security Index survey.

But David Bach, today’s MarieTV guest and brilliant money expert, says that most of us don’t have an income problem, we have a spending problem.

Imagine achieving financial freedom. Guess what — it’s likely within your reach if you put three simple (and painless!) money habits into place right now. David Bach is here to walk you through each habit in his new book, The Latte Factor.

For instance, you could be a millionaire simply by saving as little as $5 a day. Or, you could simply feel richer with your same income — just by changing the way you manage your money.

What Is The Latte Factor And How Will It Help Me Save Money?

David has written nine consecutive New York Times bestsellers including The Automatic Millionaire, Start Late Finish Rich, Smart Couples Finish Rich, and (my personal favorite) Smart Women Finish Rich.

You’re richer than you think, you’re more powerful than you know, and small amounts of money can change your life. @AuthorDavidBach Click To Tweet

But The Latte Factor is different. It puts all of David’s financial wisdom into a parable, making personal finance more accessible and relatable than ever. In fact, he wrote it for the 98% of people who have no interest in reading a book about finances.

Told from a 27-year-old woman’s point of view, The Latte Factor will inspire you to take a closer look at your daily money choices… and see that you’re far richer than you realized.

Join our conversation and learn:

  • The money myths that keep people (especially women) from living the life they really want.
  • Why your income problem is probably a spending problem.
  • How $5 a day could change your entire life.
  • Why you don’t need budgeting (or even willpower) to build wealth.
  • How to live rich now without a bigger income
  • Why “listening to your soul” is the missing link between you and financial freedom.

If shame or frustration has held you back before, it’s not too late. You can achieve financial freedom and avoid life’s biggest regrets at any age and on any income.

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Once you’ve had a chance to watch, David Bach and I would love to hear from you.

What’s one insight or key takeaway you got from this episode? What’s your soul telling you about where you want to put your money? Leave a comment below and let us know.

Share as much detail as you can. Because hundreds of thousands of souls come here for insight and inspiration. Your story may be just what someone else needs to have a major breakthrough.

Important: please share your thoughts and ideas directly in the comments. Links to other posts, videos, etc. may be removed.

Thank you so much for watching, sharing, and encouraging this community with your voice. It matters and it makes more of a difference than you know.

I promise, you have everything you need to start building wealth and managing your money right now. You don’t need to wait for anyone to save you. Keep going, keep learning, and you’ll be amazed at what you’re capable of.

With SO much love ❤️,


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  1. Ally

    Thank you so much for this! This is the kick up the ass I need to get saving for my future. It’s also made it so clear to me the basic financial principles I need to instil in my children. Financial principles I wish my own parents had instilled in me. I grew up with parents who never saved and neither of them have any private pension contributions. I’m now 40 and although it’s better starting late than never, I can’t help but feel disappointed I haven’t started sooner! Thank you as always for your brilliant advice xo

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      It’s not too late, Ally! We’re just proud of you for getting started. 🙂

    • Thank you ?? so much for this incredible interview. I am ordering this book now!
      Please never stop inspiring us all.
      You are not only beautiful outside but inside as well.

    • Caralee

      I’m starting late too… I knew some of this and have been a fan of David’s too. The “no budget” and “automate it” really resonated with me and feels like something I can do now! #powerinaction

  2. Michelle

    Wow. That was amazing. I’m a risk taker naturally but I have so many big voices near me in the form of family. They don’t mean bad, but you know how it is. My take away is to listen to the smaller voice, my gut and intuition and take mistakes. My soul has so many games that I need to “play!” Thank you so much for sharing your story, David, thank you. You have made me much richer today.

  3. Michelle

    Edit* Wow. That was amazing. I’m a risk taker naturally but I have so many big voices near me in the form of family. They don’t mean bad, but you know how it is. My take away is to listen to the smaller voice, my gut and intuition and *not be afraid to learn from mistakes.* My soul has so many games that I need to “play!” Thank you so much for sharing your story, David, thank you. You have made me much richer today.

    • Laura

      That’s a great edit. David is one of my favorite authors, but another one is John C. Maxwell, who actually has a book (70+ actually), but one entitled “Sometimes you win; sometimes you learn.” I love that title and sentiment. 🙂

  4. Hi Marie,

    Today’s episode with David Bach is a must watch! It resonated with me and I’m sure a lot of women will actually relate and learn from this episode. I am up for a 100 day saving challenge, my friend and I’m so excited to read Latte Factor.

    Well, starting today, I always make sure to pay myself first before anything and so ready to feel untrapped and be free!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      YAY, Webly! You work hard and your pockets deserve to be the first ones that get filled when the money comes in.

  5. Ashley

    Is this book only relevant to Millennials? I am Gen-X–can I also glean something from David’s book? Is there a different book of his that would be better for me?

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      David also wrote one called Start Late, Finish Rich. You might like it better!

    • Laura

      Heck no! I’m in my 50’s and have learned so much from David!!! If it weren’t for him, I wouldn’t be in the job I’m in now (and have been for 13 years). It was one of his book that gave me the confidence to “make more money.”

    • It’s definitely relevant for everyone, not just millennials. I’m 46 and this had me all kinds of inspired! I even implemented a new financial practice that I made up myself the day I finished the book as a direct result of the book. I was THAT inspired that I had a lightbulb moment of an idea and started! And that’s not typically how I do things.

      It’s a fiction book about a millennial yet the metaphor of it transcends age. It’s not a financial strategy guide. It’s about heart and soul and truth more than about money. It’s a fast read – like David says, about 90 minutes or so. I listened on audible while I drove and it was about 2 hours. Profoundly touching book.

  6. Eva Alfonso

    Wow !! I am in tears this was one of ur absolute best ever episode!! Thank u both and I will buy all of your books first but first I will open an account to start paying myself first!! Love you and thank u!! Marie I am slowly building my dream and Ur guidance has been a God sent, keep doing what ur doing!!

    • Eva, same here – I was in tears at the end of the interview when David spoke about the conversation with his grandma… My biggest take-away? you’ve got to listen to your soul (not other people’s voices, most of whom mean well but they’re not me). Thanks Marie and David and the rest of the Team Forleo for another great episode

  7. Golden! the question i would like to ask where do you put the money you save daily – if you don’t know how to invest? I am so not confident with stocks and shares and don’t trust financial advisers or the banking industry much? So it leaves me a bit stuck!

    • Kate

      Look into Schwab Intelligent Portfolio. It’s an automatic investing system that buys and sells stocks and bonds for you based on some algorithms, and has super low fees. I’ve been using it for a year or two and it’s great. I don’t have to worry about some finance bro playing with my money.

      • Tani Klein

        Is this in the US only? Wondering about Australia

        • Dafna

          Id be interested to know too for Autsralia. 🙂 Also, how would you set it up ? INto a saving account everyday or into an automated share? Sorry Im still learning financial and money terms and trying to take a few new steps to more freedom and stability for my family! Thanks for this great and inspiring episode!

          • Dafna

            P.S for Australians who want to connect I would love to go into the 100 day challenge together ?

  8. I was blown away today by David and your show Marie! We weren’t taught these important life skills at school, college or anywhere else! Today, I have realised I can create financial security by committing myself to myself! Thank you to both of you! And David what a down to Earth, good, guy!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Yay, Sophie! When you take charge of your money, you take charge of your life.

  9. Thank you Marie and David for this fantastic episode! We are disciplined about saving for those things that are important for our future and the money come out before we even see it. But your idea of living rich now really resonated with me. I tend to save, save, save and deny myself some things that would enrich my life right now. I have decided to choose those few things that are most important to me and find a way to pay for those. This can be done by prioritizing spending. I make my coffee at home so I can pay for my yoga classes which really feed my body and soul. I am going to buy your book for my three children – thank you!

    Enjoy your time in Firenze – it’s an amazing city and your time there will be filled with so many magical experiences! Buon Viaggio!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s so smart, Ashley. Life isn’t fun if all you do is work and don’t reward yourself for the good you do or deny yourself things that are important to you. Like everything, there’s balance and totally room for both. 🙂

  10. Mark Freeman

    Marie and David, thank you so much for taking the time to post this information. I didn’t know what to expect from this video, but something told me to watch it all the way through, and now I’m trying to type this with tears in my eyes. I’m so grateful for this message. I grew up poor and, even though I make a decent salary, I have been living poor. I always tell myself that I can’t afford to save for retirement right now, but your metrics clearly indicated that I can. I only wish I had seen this years ago, so I would’ve started investing then. I’m going to live rich now. I’m going to listen to the little boy inside me. And, I will start investing today. Thank you SO MUCH!!!

  11. Seriously wow! This episode had so many insights. David exudes authenticity and so does Marie in their interactions. I’ve sent this episode to my children and team. Awesome lessons for people of all ages and walks of life. Thank you x

  12. Danny Verbov

    Great interview Marie!
    Where to invest the money in the 100-day challenge if we’re not in the US?

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s a really good question! There’s likely a stock market in your country and financial advisors in your part of the world that can help. I’m hoping some of our other international viewers will add some wisdom about this too, since international investing isn’t something we know a lot about.

  13. Love love loved this episode so much and the timing of it was PERFECT… I bought the book and can’t wait to read it. I’m so grateful for you both!

  14. I loved this episode. I love ya Marie! You mentioned the other book for women over 50 and would also be interested in that. —will need to go back and catch the title again. xxx ooo Nyla Cione
    P.S. I already put in place an automatic transfer to my savings each month of $250. AND almost debt free. Been working on that the past 1.5 years.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Congrats, Nyla!! It’s great that you’re already saving. And the title of David’s other book is Start Late, Finish Rich. 🙂

  15. What a timing the universe has! I had a conversation with my mentor last night about MONEY. Whats in my inbox this morning? Marie TV with Money episode. This was PERFECT! My take away is to pay myself first, I am self employed. Have a new habit and take action. Thank you for what you said about budjetin. Whew. I want to teach this to my kids (21,18 and 11) So that they can start taking action too.
    Thank you so much for Empowering. I will share this with my friends. I know so many people who need to see this, women, who don’t even have their own bank accounts!

  16. Great episode. Thank you for reminding us that David Bach has our back!

    My biggest takeaway from this video was to remind me to keep saving and keep adding each month. I was doing a really good job when I had the 9-5 and I have a healthy 401K and a Roth IRA and a small savings account. But now that I started my own company I am no longer contributing to any of these accounts; in fact I am taking out of my savings right now since incoming cash flow is not consistent. Therefore this was such a wonderful reminder to keep saving into all of my accounts and put myself first again.

    Thank you for keeping it real and sharing these powerful conversations. I appreciate the Marie Team and David.


  17. Wendy Guess

    Thank you for such a poignant interview and topic. I’m reminded how much of positive impact women can have upon future generations as David’s grandmother had upon him. One little conversation can dramatically change the course of our future, choose carefully the conversations we engage in.

  18. Benson Modie

    Great conversation…….thank you so much. Yes, whether or not you’ll ultimately have a memorable life experience, the two voices play a big role. It ‘s always the battle of your inner-self/spiritual-self vs. the ego-self/conditional self!

  19. Angela

    I loved this episode! My biggest take aways are I can start taking action right now and listen to your soul. Thank you <3

  20. EMC

    This was wonderful. I just started smart women/rich women after hearing Marie talk about it on a
    School of womanly arts Mastery call. I am loving it. I am scared but also know this is the time for me to face my avoidance. I did b school and it’s transforming me and my business and this is transforming my relationship to money. I had to let go of someone in my life who directly taught me to avoid money before I could face it myself

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Sometimes fear around a topic can keep you blocked and make you avoid things that can actually benefit and help you, so we’re really proud of you for working past the fear and avoidance of money talk. Changing your relationship to money and mindset about it can be a game-changer, both in business and life. You got this!

  21. I had bought a book with a similar title years ago, but the politics of the author turned me off. Now, thanks to you, David (and Marie for featuring amazing talent on your show in addition to your own) I am ready to take action. I was struck by your heartfelt sharing about your grandmother. Taking risks has been one issue for me. Finding the voice of my soul has been another. Feeling like I’m compromising with career versus family obligations is yet another. I feel like this book will help me solve these issues with confidence and self-respect and I want to open that account for my child too! So, thank you!

  22. Jules

    “Long time listener, first time caller”… Thank you for this episode?!! I literally just finished The Millionaire Next Door and now this!! I AM IN…Yes, I will pay myself first! Yes, I will take the challenge of daily savings! Yes, I’m buying the book for my 28, 16 year old (on Mother’s Day I talked to them both about money and saving for their freedom) and myself. My final yes…YES, to The Copy Cure, I’m signing up today ?!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Wonderful, Jules!! We’re thrilled you’re taking charge of your financial future and helping set your kids up for financial success too. And we’re honored you’re joining us for The Copy Cure! Happy dances all around! <3

  23. I busted out crying when he spoke of his grandmother’s regrets! I just resigned from my teaching career of 12 years to pursue my artistic passions! 12 years of taking the safe road. 12 years!!! No regrets. I’m taking the risks now while I still can. Thank you. This was an amazing watch.

  24. Marta

    I just took action and opened saving account. Starting small – a coffee a day for 100 days. Challange accepted. Love from Poland!

  25. I’ve just set up a £10 a day savings strategy. It’s automated, coming out of my account and I couldn’t be more excited about how that small amount is going to stack up. As a 38 year old working mum, with hardly a penny saved, I’ve just been totally inspired and moved by watching your chat. I’ve also just ordered the book on pre-order, and got the audiobook of “Start late finish rich”. I’m definitely a late starter but listening to David has just transformed my entire outlook on money. Thank you SO much for making this episode. You’ve just set me up on an exciting new journey. xxx

  26. So helpful!
    Really specific question – is it X amount / day saved (like a savings account) OR X amount / day invested?

  27. Great show today! Thank so much for sharing. I am telling that little girl in my head, be quiet, we can play later lol. Oh and I’m also starting the 100 Day Challenge. I am going to save 1 hour of my salary per day for 100 days. Let’s Get it!

  28. Simple but profound!! An open path to financial well-being
    at any age, on any income. This is a message the world needs to hear!!

  29. David Carter

    THANK YOU for this… I love this– NEEDED this. I’m 63, lost everything- starting over wtih NO income except half the social security I was suppose to get- and a couple of opportunities online that I AM going to take advantage of big time. I will be making good money again soon- and these lessons have been taken to heart– I’m going to document everything- and blog it– “Starting Over At 63” OR “When You’re At the Bottom, There’s Nowhere To Go But UP!!” I WILL be doing these things suggesed in the book and will get ALL his books. THANK YOU again- you have just made this old man very happy- and it is PERFECT timing for me– as I start over on a NEW journey- one this 63 year old “little boy” is going to control! (I’m also going to do B-school next Feb. (if I live long enough).. THANKS AGAIN!!

  30. Yes. Yes! YES! Thank you for the confirmation of how I live my life. My husband and I (both self employed) automatically save monthly to retirement, emergency, college and vacation accounts each month. I will be buying this book for my 14 year old son to read so he can see how “easy” it will be to save money starting NOW! I try to live my life with no regrets and I want him to always listen to the “little boy voice.”

  31. Thank you SO MUCH, David and Marie. This has been eye-opening. It’s been almost a year since I’m working on my own (graphic and web designer) and I just have enough money to make ends meet. Because I ALWAYS rely on my husband to pay most of the bills. I can see what David said about most women die as a widow. My own mother in law, (after my father in law passed away 2 years ago), said that he took care of everything and didn’t know how to even pay the bills without him. She’s in a much better place right now, but I saw myself 30 years forward and I just don’t want to be that person. So, THANK YOU SO MUCH! And your grandma seemed to be an amazing person.

  32. Insight – Take the risk <3 Put aside the fearful voice and embrace the little girl <3
    Action – I'm really going to dig into living rich now. Marie, you taught us to make our morning routine non-negotiable and that's what I've done. I am re-committing to my very rich, non-negotiable morning routine. Oh, and I just purchased the book on my kindle.
    Thank you <3
    Love and Light,
    Sabrina Amina

  33. Michele Musto

    Wow. Can’t thank you and David enough for the aha! moments during your talk. My top takeaways are building my financial muscles ?? listening to my soul ?? and living rich now ?. I’m super excited to begin my 100 day challenge today and read The Latte Factor and Start Late Finish Rich. As always I’m super grateful for your wisdom. Looking forward to Everything is Figureoutable ❤️

  34. Wow. This really hit home for me. I procrastinate like a professional. I have the minimum invested in TD Ameritrade so it would become automated, I don’t save, I spend a ton on “keeping up with the times” things. (My Jones fund) and I’m fully aware I have no nest for the future. I was taught this rule of 72 when I was a young girl and of course, I let it go unheard. Now at 33, I feel like I’m too late even though I know that’s wrong. I’m starting. I’m taking this challenge and going for this. Now..I just need to know where to put all the money. 😉
    Thank you so much for always keeping it real Marie, and David you’re a gem.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      It’s not too late, Kara! We’re thrilled you’re taking charge and putting your financial future in your hands.

  35. Shannon

    Thank you Marie and David! A lovely interview, and for me, a gentle reminder that I am on the right track. I read Start Late Finish Rich a decade ago and it gave me faith that I could do it even though I hadn’t started early. I can’t wait to read your latest book.

  36. Jelena Ristic

    Thank you so much! My two take aways were…
    1. Take the risks…I have embarked on that path, but it is great to hear why it’s so important again and again.

    2. You can save and live rich now. I can see that now clearly.

    This is the first time I have encountered David and I’m crazy about him. What an amazing human being with such a great heart! Thank you to you and him for this interview. 🙂

  37. Kim

    Bangin’ hair today Marie! Wooohooo – Congratulations Greg Patterson <3

  38. Hannah

    I L-O-V-E-D today’s epsiode!! Thank you so much Marie & David! Biggest take-away, inspiration AND commitment from now on: 14 per cent of any gross sale made is going to be SAVED. Yes, on another account I can’t touch 🙂 Sending so much love your way! Thanks again xx

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Yay, Hannah! That’s so smart!

  39. Heidi

    Great episode! My question is… what about debt? Is it reasonable to want to pay off debt before investing? I feel like it’s setting me back. I’m already 38 and I want to start investing, but I’m paying more in interest on credit card debt than I would be making in an IRA or in stocks. (Yes, I have cut up my credit cards… haven’t touched them for 10 years).

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Great question, Heidi! David has another book that may be more helpful for you called Debt-Free for Life. That one is specifically about debt.

  40. Penny Layman

    Im 58 and have a small savings account with $5000 and a 401k with a small amount. My take from the book is pay myself first, monthly installments to my 401k, but what type of account should I have my savings deposited to each month?

  41. Anita Patel

    Great talk! I was moved by David Bach’s story about his grandmother and son. We do have to live our lives without regret whenever possible. Even if we fail, at least we tried to reach our dreams rather than never know if it would have manifested.

  42. This was one of the first conversations about money that made me feel encouraged to do better and also helped me realize I’ve already positioned myself in a more secure financial situation than many. Even though I have some money in savings and in retirement accounts it’s easy to feel poor and limited and trapped in those feelings. I think this book will help me see things differently since viewing this interview has already done that!
    Thank you so much for this. For the first time, I’m going to set up automatic withdrawals to my retirement and savings and I’m excited to do so.
    BTW, I’m expecting to withdraw full Social Security benefits in 4 years, but in the meantime, I’m gonna keep saving and living my dream.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Yay, Marilyn! We’re so glad you’re feeling encouraged. 🙂

  43. Marilyn Haverly

    Thank you for such a well-written critique! It contains food for thought and motivation to act!

    • Marilyn Haverly

      Oops, thank you for posting the critique. Didn’t look carefully to see that you weren’t the author. 🙂

  44. Thank you Marie and David for this interview. David, I’ve been a fan of your work for years and thanks to your advice I recently closed a deal on my first investment property! I’m still a work in progress 🙂 Looking forward to reading the latte factor. My biggest take away…..and I had chills hearing it …”Are you spending your money in way that is getting you closer to your dreams? If not, you’re trapped”….

    Oh, and I’m going to be choosing very carefully when it comes to the fork in the road….So good! Thank you!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Congrats, Johanna!!

  45. Monika

    I really love the idea that when I receive money I have to keep myself first and dedicate part of these money for my savings and investmemts. And the idea to make small things to feel rich its so amazing. Thanks for sharing them! With lots of live, Monika

  46. Oli

    Thanks for bringing those amazing guess Marie. I am a 50 years old woman with the false believe that some one will eventually take care of me. I learned it wasn’t true after my divorce. I had a good job as a pharmacist back in my country Venezuela, but I never took care of my income, instead I will let my ex husband managed it. I was taught that men were smarter with money… what I BIG mistake, I am still paying for it.

  47. Ashley Carter

    I thoroughly enjoyed this episode! The biggest takeaway for me was, are you spending money in ways that support your goal. I believe I do spend over my means and it’s because the world makes me feel like I need too! I am going to ask myself this question before I buy something, “Is this contributing or hurting my end goal?”

  48. Grace MacDonald

    Thank you Marie and David!
    That was a huge take away for me! I have a 22 yr old son and 2 of his friends living with us in a rental and I am going to get them this book. I was just talking to my bank adviser yesterday about RRSP funds, mutual funds etc as at 55, I have no savings and no pension and having huge anxiety over it. My parents never taught me how to save so I am now just starting to get smart about it and I don’t want my son to be where I am now. High cost of living here in Victoria BC forces us to our limits but the boys really need to hear David in this video. I have always believed and understand that you pay yourself first but this is the first time I actually had the math shown to me. Thank you so very much for this amazing moment!!!

  49. Tammy

    In the midst of making a decision to take the early retirement offer and leave a soul draining job. The message about not listening to the “BIG girl” spoke to my soul. I will “listen to my SOUL”. thank you so much!

  50. I love David!!! His books are so inspiring and open minded.
    Thanks for this episode, he and your pieces of advice refreshed a lot of the information that with the day by day I tend to forget. Definitely buying this book, not only for me but for my kids.
    PS: the dream account works!!!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Awesome, Beatriz! We’re so glad you’re saving for your dreams and making them happen. We hope your kids love David’s books too.

  51. Wow! This was such an eye-opener for me. I just set up an auto saving of $5 a day and auto investing in a dormant IRA at $5 a day. I am one of those starting late (early 40s) so in addition to The Latte Factor I have to get Start Late Finish Rich. I am always waiting to pay off debt before I save but I’ve been on that hamster wheel for a while now. I am thinking it’s time for a different strategy, thank you Marie and David for this interview, I already feel my life changing. Side note: So I am a B School alumni and just bought The Copy Cure so I can use it in my business. I was so ready to learn how to sell ice to an Eskimo until I heard David say that “budgeting doesn’t work”. Well, my business idea is to create, update and track budgets for people who need a budget but don’t have the time or energy to do it themselves. I, of course, will continue to work on my business because it is my passion, it’s something I’m really good at and I know that it’s my gift to the world. If I had heard this at another time in my life I probably would have been crestfallen and think it’s not a great idea but following Mama Marie for so long I KNOW there are people waiting to receive my gift to the world. Thank you again and I look forward to changing my finances starting today! Xo

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Yes, yes, YES! Your passion is your heart speaking to you and telling you where your talents can be of service. We’re honored to have you in both programs and we’re so happy you’re sharing your gifts with the world! <3

  52. I think a real key to leading a richer life is taking the time to learn how to really appreciate the things that you enjoy. What I mean is perhaps best explained by way of an example.
    Imagine you drinking wine with your meal. You could increase the quality of your life by buying more expensive wine, but if you don’t know how to appreciate the wine in a way it is money wasted. Learning more about wine and developing the ability to really savour it will allow you gain in experience without necessarily spending or consuming more.
    Learning and a more mindful approach are at the heart of a life well-lived.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Absolutely! And beautifully said.

  53. Jennifer

    I love David and Marie. I’m in my forties and am in so much debt that it’s hard to have hope about getting out. I want to start a Roth IRA so I can pay myself first and yet I don’t know where that money is gonna come from as each month I go deeper in debt. I know I’m not the only one like me, how does David approach situations like this?

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s a really good question, Jennifer! David has some other books that might be more helpful for you. One is Debt-Free for Life and another is Start Late, Finish Rich.

  54. Mahea

    This came just in time!!!! I’ve never cried so much at a Marie episode like I did in this one. I’ve been dealing with facing my fears with money and everything in today’s episode stuck a cord in my soul!

  55. Scarlett

    “80% of men die married, and 80% of women die widowed” is so true and hit it home for me how important it is for women to be empowered in this area. Your work is amazing, both of you, Thank you Marie and David. I can’t wait to read your series of books.

  56. Deb

    At 65, I feel so fortunate that my parents taught me these lessons as a kid. As a kid, I got a monthly allowance based on how much my parents spent on me and was left to budget it for myself. I saved a little bit of money every week in a sock under my mattress as well as my savings account. By the time I was 15 I had enough money in the sock to buy a $150 saddle for my horse and I was so proud that I could pay for it myself! Mom bought properties and savings bonds at the time. Dad always taught us to pay ourselves first and let our money work for us, not the other way around. Keeping these habits has allowed me to take risks, live around the world and on my own terms. I knew that Social Security wouldn’t be sufficient so I planned my retirement accordingly. As you mentioned, David and Marie, even a little bit of money, put to work on a regular basis pays out big in the end. Thanks for such a great reminder with this episode.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      It’s wonderful you learned these lessons early! High five to your sweet parents. <3

  57. Holy, what a conversation Marie! The two takeaways that I wrote down were “Everyone builds wealth. The question is for whom” and “Are you listening to the big girl or the little girl that wants to play?”
    I have been teaching some things to my kids about money in regards to saving and spending and I feel like the book can fill in some gaps I never thought of. So tonight, I’m going to show the girls what I do and what I want to do with my money and then talk about what they want and can do with theirs.

    Also yes! Yes I want to play. I have just starting writing a list of all the things I want to do. Learning to be intentional will take practice and I am so excited!

  58. I’ve heard these concepts before. I’ve known all of this. For goodness’ sake, I have actually GIVEN this type of advice and helped clients sift through their finances! It really is simple.
    Until watching this episode, however, I was not inspired to DO anything about it for MYSELF (excuses = variable income, active debt, new business, etc.). I will figure out my percentage today and begin immediately. Additionally, I will set a goal for that percentage to increase every year. THANK YOU!

  59. Maria

    That was an amazing interview. I literally cried watching it as it was as David was talking to me. Getting the book ASAP and going to teach what I learn to my ladies group that are struggling through divorce which means hardship with finances too. I’m going to take this journey with them as well. Here comes the 100 day challenge!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much, Maria. We hope this wisdom helps everyone in your ladies group too!

  60. 3 years ago I left the day job. It took me 3 years of planning and lots of questioning. My soul is soooooo happy. The learning curve has been steep and the adventure so exciting and fulfilling. On to more.
    This conversation was filled with the truth of living and I thank each of you. David, I have tried to explain and/or share my journey. Thank you for writing a road map. Thank you for thinking of women. Thank you.
    Marie – you are a gift.

  61. OMG so good! I absolutely love this. So much good information. I plan to begin saving 14% or more of my monthly income automatically! Woop woop! And living rich RIGHT NOW! Also, you’re speaking to my soul when you talk about living with no regrets. Listen to that little girl in your head. So powerful!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      YES, Lora!! You got this! 😀

  62. Vesna

    Thank you both for this episode! Half way through, I paused it to order The Latte Factor for my 15 (Jack) and 17 (Ethan) year old boys and Start Late, Finish Rich for my husband. Of course I will read both as weĺl! What I am most impressed with and excited about, is the emphasis you put on listening to, and doing what your soul wants (and needs). I’ve been resisting for the majority of my life and I believe it’s one of the big reasons (if not THE reason) I am not yet financially abundant. I so look forward to reading your books!

  63. Gabrielle

    Can you share that chart? Thank you in advance!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Totally! I just emailed it to you.

  64. I’m definitely looking for the “story” to really connect my ‘core why’ to my audience, so the idea of a parable was awesome.

    “Wherever you are right now, get started.” – YES. This. In ANYTHING. In dreaming, in saving, or in learning… This. Start NOW.

    Asking “where am I going with my life?” is such a powerful question. Definitely a key thing for my life and my business, and the one thing I think we self-seekers and self-help addicts can get super lost in asking.

    What to add to your day, to make it better is another thing I support people with in my mentorship. Such an important thing to consider, especially when we sometimes feel torn between “live today in case you die tomorrow” and “save for the future,” it’s so important to make today ‘rich’ in some way; irrespective of what you’re saving.

  65. Amy

    I loved everything about this episode! His enthusiasm about helping women, his simple but powerful message and suggestions, and especially his focus on listening to your soul. I too, loved the story of his grandmother and her regrets at the end of her life. I work as a hospice spiritual and bereavement counselor. I cannot tell you how many people I listen to who frequently have more complicated deaths because of unaddressed regrets. One of my primary tasks, if the person is willing at the end of their life, is to help them make peace with themselves and their unfinished business. I am now asking myself “little girl self”, am I also following my hearts desire? I love my work and it is deeply meaningful, however there is still a whisper deep inside that says “What about a more creative, fun job where you can use the other skills you keep pushing aside or don’t know how to get paid to share?” I pray I can have the courage to not only save more money, and use my income more wisely, but also to trust that God has a bigger plan for my life, and it may include using ALL of my gifts. No matter what, I do not want to live with more regrets than living according to my true hearts desire. Thank you for the important reminder to be conscious and in tuned to what matters most.

  66. There’s something about exposing myself to your content, Marie, that makes me a better me. Thank you! I’m glad I took the time to watch this interview. That phone call I’d been meaning to make for over a year about starting a college savings account for my son has now been made! The first step – taken! I’m going to have to read that little book.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Woohoo! Good job, Leslie! Your son is going to be so thankful you made that call. 🙂

  67. SO good! Thanks for bringing the gold, you two.

    I audibly gasped when I heard that 80% of men die married and 80% of women die widowed. Whoever said that numbers couldn’t paint a picture?

    Cheers to implementing and living a fuller, richer life!

  68. Linda

    Loved this and I am starting very late in the financial game. I’m almost 70 and living pension check to. pension check. This episode inspired me to start a 100 day challenge with other elders to save more. Thank you And Im wondering what would be the best book for people my age? Since they all sounded great.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Great question, Linda! You might find David’s book Start Late, Finish Rich more helpful.

  69. Wow, this was a great episode. I am heading over to my online banking right now to open another account where I am going to save $5 per day for the next 100 days. I look forward to reading the book and sharing it with my husband and young sons so that we can set our path towards financial freedom. Thank you!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      We’re thrilled you’re already taking action! 😀

  70. I am so absolutely inspired by this interview with David Bach. I’m so excited to get the Latte Factor and his other books. I have known sometime of the concept of paying yourself first but for some reason I just haven’t put it into practice. I think it’s just been fear and that I’m a self employed small business owner so I’ve felt that everything has to go back into my business. I understand this is just a mindset and I’m committed to changing this now! I’m reinspired and I’m going start paying myself first and I want to do the 100 day savings challenge. Thank you so much Marie and David.

  71. Stacy

    This episode means so much to me. I just shared it with my SO and my 3 adult children as well + ordered the book. My question is this ~ I had a career I loved running a non-profit and then was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2001. In 2005 I had to leave work and go on disability mainly due to cognitive difficulties. I’m better now and the cognition is better now that I’m not under that stress BUT I want to work and I want to make money and I want to save money. I’m just so scared of losing my insurance that has paid for several hospital visits I would never have been able to afford if I didn’t have. Any suggestions or someone you can refer me to? Thank you so very much for what you do and the value you give us, your fans and readers.

  72. Marie!!!
    David is amazing! The story of his grandma hit me right in the heart. The way he talks about money and explains it is so easy and encouraging! I’m so excited that I am going to buy the book for my three kids, my stepdaughter, and all my nieces and nephews!!!!
    I want to get smart woman finish rich for myself, my mother my sisters and all my girlfriends! And I want to buy for my father that lost all of his savings the book start late finish rich!!!!!!! Marie I love yo and I thank God for you!!!!! David you are a special being that is doing what you where born to Do!!!! You are blessed as well as Marie and we all are for having the opportunity to hear your teachings and learn from the best. David you remind me of my oldest son Sebastián. He is in his second year of College with a scholarship and 4.0 grades. He is determined and has such a good heart. He is studying psychology, and wants to do an impact on the people . He loves money and wants to save the world! He is one of my three blessings! For them, for me and for the world I will follow my dreams and never have regrets. Marie and Marie team you ROCK!!!!!!! David Keep Showing us how to be rich in money and soul?



  73. Thank you so much for this episode. It was the right thing for me at just the right time!

  74. Miriam

    Already purchased two copies! Loved this interview. I love his point about living rich now; eliminating where you feel trapped most of the time you don’t need more money for that. I started thinking about how going to a park and just reading and taking in some sun makes me feel like a million bucks. Doing more of that now. Thank you both!

  75. I watch and listen to everything—interviews, courses, podcasts, etc., and I’m not one to usually comment. However, this interview was so heartfelt, authentic, and rich with information I wanted to reach out and let you know how much I appreciated it. It is one of the best interviews I have ever listened to. Thank you for doing what you do!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      We’re so glad you commented, Shelly! We love hearing from you and are honored this episode spoke to you.

  76. Laura Ramos

    I took the challenge and set an automatic weekly transfer from my account to a savings account. Thank you for this episode and for this book.

  77. Sallie Montgomery

    Thank you for the interview with David Bach today (5/14/19). He talk about learning about money lessons from his grandmother at the age of 7, and started his 15 year old to think different about money. I wish I had someone at that age that understood the rules of money. I am 71 and I am constantly learning about the money game. I would love to ask David Bach if he every thought about writing a book in children terms about money. Can you imagine how this would change lives, if they could learn about money at an early stage. Many will not take the challenge to learn about money, but some will. All it takes is some! Again thank you.

  78. Tammy MacLellan

    I do love David Bach but I’d like to speak up about the table he’s using in his book. I saw a similar table in 1994 when I was 20 years old and this year, I’ll be celebrating my 45th birthday. Twenty-five years have passed. Have I saved over these years? Absolutely. I didn’t mindfully save $2,000/year because of the table; I invested through my own personal and work contributions. My question about the table is this: since it’s 2019, why haven’t these numbers changed to reflect a true goal of $1,000,000? Take into consideration inflation, service fees, taxes, etc. and my take away and experience….always invest more!

  79. Jitendra

    So nice of you to bring in this conversation with David Bach in your episode…… The whole message summed up very nicely when he gave an example of “little boy v/s older boy” ! As such it got me also emotional to see both of you being so emotional in the last talks when he referred his grandma. Thanks for this fantastic video interview, Marie.

  80. Thank you so much for this! I will be giving both my daughters this book. I hope it’s the most valuable gift I ever give them!

  81. Yolanda D Belvin

    Very inspiring and motivational. I am going to buy David’s book and consume it so that i can change my ending.
    Peace Blessings and Prosperity

  82. I’ve been a Marie fan-girl and b-school alumni so I’ve watched my share of MarieTV – I think this is my FAV episode, I was crying and laughing and feel so inspired into action. I bought The Latte Factor mid-episode plus transferred money into my savings account! I’m up for the challenge babyyyy $11/day for 100 days – let’s do it!! THANK YOU MARIE AND DAVID!!! You are changing lives <3

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      I love that you paused mid-episode to take action! Nice work!!

  83. Daniel

    WOW!!! This episode opened up my eyes to a whole new world. What can I do today to live rich? What an empowering question to ask yourself to get into the feeling of living rich and to take the risk that will lead anyone to live a life of fulfillment, passion, joy, and abundance. The biggest take away for me would for me to listen to my soul, that still small voice inside to live my dreams and to pay myself first. Thank you, Marie and David, for an empowering episode, I was ready to hear your message.

  84. Juju

    Love it.
    I have a feeling that your interviews are always inspirations for me on what to read next 🙂
    Actually, I resonate with this idea that if we don’t know where are we going, we will end somewhere else. I can’t agree more. It is a critical question for each one of us to ask ourselves. What do we want from life? Let’s start live towards death, living a fully meaningful life.

  85. Ashley

    Thanks, Mandy!

  86. While sweating here in Nicaragua with 90 degrees Fahrenheit I got goosebumps listening to this life changing conversation. Thank you Marie! Thank you David! What an absolutely great an inspiring episode.

    My biggest take away from this episode is making the decision, making the commitment to start putting money aside every day from now on. The chart gives so much insight. A visual can make all the difference I guess.
    I am 32 years old, self employed and so is my husband. We have lost almost all of our revenue last year due to the political upraise in the country, we have a mortgage to pay off and are struggling to get by at the moment but still I know I can do this. I can start saving up money every day from now on. I have to and I want to. I owe it to my future self.

    Besides the above mentioned take away I got inspired in so many other ways by listening to this conversation. Kuddos to both of Marie & David for being so inspirational, clear and interesting speakers and for sharing their passions and knowledge. Gracias, gracias, gracias.

    I’m going to buy the book right now and I WILL encourage others to do so.


  87. Lily

    This was great!
    HOWEVER, I am not sure if anyone else struggles with the fact that he seems to assume that people don’t have debt to pay. I understand the whole saving, but how does one get out of debt first before starting to save! I’m still going to borrow this book from the library to read it, but I feel like the approach he takes is too simplistic. Anyone else feel that or was it just me?

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Great question, Lily! David has another book specifically about debt that you might find more applicable. It’s called Debt-Free for Life.

  88. Sarah

    WOW!! This was such a fantastic episode!! Thank you Marie and David! I found myself nodding in agreement with everything David said. I am a current B School student and the business I am setting up is as a financial wellness coach and educator for women. As a finance executive with 17 years corporate experience, listening to this just made me even more certain of my decision to leave corporate and get the message out to the world about the importance of managing money, particularly for women. I am at that same crossroads you were David, when you decided to leave Morgan Stanley! And I know which is the right path for me! You inspired me to keep moving forward with my business and hearing you speak validated more what I want to do. Thank you so much!!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      This is so wonderful, Sarah!! We’re cheering you on and are happy helping women achieve financial is something you’re passionate about too.

  89. Listening to your soul and then going out to play the game your soul wants to play – YES!!! I needed to watch this interview recording today – this very day!!!. Thank you for the re-charge leading to living my soul’s desires.

  90. Haley

    I’m literally crying from watching this. I am inspired, filled with self-forgiveness, and grateful to you Marie and to David. The biggest takeaway was when David told the story about his grandmother. She woke up one day and decided that she wasn’t going to be poor anymore. BAM. Today is the day that I decide I’m no longer poor. Thank you to you both. Eternally grateful!

  91. Melissa De Castro

    Just bought 2 books by David based on this interview.

    It’s not too late! I can do this!!!

  92. Nikki

    This topic has been on my heart for many years now too. I was so fortunate to have people in my life who taught me some of these lessons very young, and I know we need to teach them to the younger generations. My biggest take away from this was to be so grateful for the people who taught me this so that I haven’t felt trapped, but also that I need to do better at spreading this message and now I have an awesome resource to share with others! Thank you for writing this book and doing this show! It’s such an important message!!!

  93. Thank you so much for this video ! I listened it till the end was super inspiring and shared with my daughter as well. … xx

  94. Mike Woeckener

    Thanks for the exceptional content Marie. Know a couple of HS grads who will receive a copy of the book for a graduation gift. KNOW it will impact their lives when they apply the principles taught within.
    Excited to read the book myself at 58 years young and always learning.

    Thanks so much for continuous exceptional content. YOU ROCK!!

  95. Maiko

    I am an international doctorate student based in Ottawa, Canada. I started to take care of my full personal finance (from income to spending) two years ago, and became an ardent student of money over the past year. When I watched the Marie TV episode with Tony Robbins on “Money Master”, I started to save $100 each month automatically in my long term saving account. It’s about to reach 180 days since I started that. Today, after watching this episode, I have started another experiment. I have decided to add $2.50 each day to my saving account. This is the amount of money I spend daily on my regular small black coffee, and that’s why I chose this amount. I look forward to seeing where this new trial will lead me to!

  96. Thank you for this beautiful conversation, powerful messages and nuggets of wisdom.
    I really loved many parts, agreed with so much of it.
    What really shocked me was the percentage of women living in poverty, and that 80% are single, when 80% of men are married, at the end of their lives. Such a gross expression of majority of women believing we need a man to live wellthy lives.

    My best take away was paying yourself first, and using it for stocks.
    I read it in Rich dad, poor dad. But now this really hit home.
    I spent last year paying myself first for 13 months, each month a set amount was put aside. I managed to save 15,000€, just from not being to lavish with organic food, and spending less on crap we don’t actually need. A lesson to praise and keep as a healthy habit 😉
    But now using that for stocks is the next step!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Good job, Shira!! This is great!

  97. This was a wonderful episode! Thank you both David and Marie. I LOVED the story about the lessoned he learned from his Grandmother about listening to the little boy and following your dreams.

    I was so inspired because this captured what I have been struggling to share with future Sales Professionals that I am recruiting.

    Delighted to share that I have taken action and posted on my Facebook!

    THANK YOU!!!!

  98. Thankyou so much for this interview. Davids’ emotional honesty is so powerful. I’m just about to launch my first online program and my fears about money are crazy! Unpacking them has helped me see the inherited beliefs I have had in the past. Definitely paying myself first from that first sale on- ‘if you don’t know where you are going, you might not like where you end up’ So true. Life can change in the blink of an eye- I lost my husband suddenly at 42 and teetered on the cycle of poverty for years. But I went back to school, pushed and pushed my medical negligence claim for 4 years til I received a payout that I’ve invested in settling up my business. I turned 50 this year. A lot of resources went into helping me heal, so I could help others and I certainly ‘live rich’. I’ve had the same car for 12 years, but meditation, weight training and float tanks have all helped accelerate my growth and wellbeing. Courage isn’t being unafraid- you can be terrified but once you overcome the terror- you realise the dragon wasn’t nearly as big as you thought.
    I’ll always be a card carrying member of the Grief club- but I feel like I’m honouring my husband Matt when I face my fears and follow my dream.
    Thanks for this Marie- the timing was perfect. Emily

  99. This was wonderful! Thank you Marie, David, Team Forleo, & Grandma Rose! Bless her soul. It’s so touching to hear how David has such a heart to help women with money. Both Marie and David have taught me that it’s not only okay but important to speak about money, know about money, and be in charge of my own finances. I’ll be reading The Latte Factor for sure! 😀

  100. I can’t thank you enough for this video. It comes exactly at the right time when financial pressure is reaching new levels of intensity.
    I will continue listening to my soul, for I am actually creating the life I want for myself and my children. I will not listen to my friends and society pressuring me to fit in the mold. I’ve never fit anyway.
    But what I need to do is to start saving – and not get to my savings when things get tough, which is always my lame excuse.
    I am full of guilt and regret having been so slack for so long. I have buried my hand in the sand for years, refusing to acknowledge my need to empower myself by taking control of my finances hence my life. But I will let that go because what matters is not to dwell on the past and put myself in a victim mode.
    What matters is to start today, to save $1 a day into my retirement savings that has been left untouched for 8 years.
    Thank you both, from the bottom of my heart. I’ve got tears in my eyes… that shows the impact you have had in my life!

  101. Hi,
    This was a great video and really just what I needed. For the past year I have been waiting and planning to start y own business but I was busy planning my wedding then was planning to start this April but my Aunt passed which affected my mother and grandmother and all of us and I had not been able to fully bounce back. Until, today I realized thru this interview fear is what was holding me back and if I do not do something now I will regret it.
    I also enjoyed he autosaving and have applied it as of today. Thank you Marie!

  102. This is so what I needed to hear right now. Am I spending money in a way that is going to get me closer to my dreams. That hit me like a thunder bolt of lighting . I can’t put into words how I feel and being in my mid- fifties I do fear how late it may be. I definitely going to buy the bbooks.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      It’s not too late to start! You might like David’s book Start Late, Finish Rich.

  103. Dear Marie and David,
    Thank you both for letting your inner childs go out and play like you do. You are helping a lot of people out of there, inspiring all of us. I remember reading the alchimist at bachelor school when I was 15 years old. A teacher shared it with us in the class. It blow my teenager mind at that time. David made me remember, remember what I promised myself at that time and I forgotten because of fear: life is magical. I am 38 years old now, I kicked off the corporate world 10 years ago after a car trip from Argentina to the coast of Uruguay. I used to feel so trapped, I freed myself in that trip and couldn´t go back to that anymore. I am still figuring it out how to build my own thing, the big picture to help others. I have been living abroad since 2015 and expect to continue. This talk is so powerful and made me cry at the coffee store I was at watching, fully touched my heart with David´s grandma wisdom and last words. I will read the book. I re-read the Alchimist. I fully recommend it.
    Thank you so much, to both of you.
    Lorena @Panamá

  104. I notice my friends are always traveling or partying more than me. But because I save money I actually do feel rich. And feel capable of affording a vacation or a night out when I do take one. Been saving without meaning to lol. Really appreciated that this vid made me aware of good habits to keep.

  105. Joni

    “Play the game your soul wants to live”…thank you!


    Hi Mary and David,
    My haha moment is when David talked about his grandmother and that you have to take risks in life. I have this project that I want to reduce the impact I have on the environment. And I would like to share my journee with people. At the moment I am doing it myself with someone else. But the bigger dream would be to share with other people and be able to make a difference. I know you did take a journee to share your gift as well. Do you have a tip on where I should begin? Thank you very much Mary. I watch your video regularly and I learn so much.

  107. Thank you, Marie and David, for this great episode. The quote “You deserve to keep part of your paycheck” resonates with me strongly. It shook me. I think I have never given myself permission to save what I earn. I tend to spend it as soon as it comes in. Thank you for this revelation.
    I will install an automated money transfer of 5€ a day from my checking account to my savings account right now!

  108. Memuna

    Hi Marie and David,
    I am a huge fan of yours and I must say that you have this most Amazing video with David. Halfthrough the video, I shared it with my young niece’s and son coz I totally agree with David with regards to millennials being overwhelmed and living from paycheck to paycheck.Your interview inspired me truly to save for your programme too.
    Will BUY the book for SURE
    Thanks once again for sharing.

  109. wow, this episode is really game-changing for me just now! thank you so much for this 🙂

  110. Katri

    The biggest takeaway for me was the question, what do I need to do to feel rich = not feeling trapped. It set me thinking about my choices and mindset.

  111. Kim

    I’m excited to read this book with my 18, 17, 15 and 13 year old teens during our family meeting times. I’m 43 and in the process of a divorce. We always lived above our means and I’m learning to save, pay down credit cards and not live off of credit cards and I want to teach my children to do better and start saving while they are young. Thank you.

    • Joy

      You are an excellent mother for providing such wisdom to your teens – I hope they are inspired! <3

  112. Sabrina Amina

    It’s pay day! Guess who paid herself first? This woman right here! <3 <3 <3

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      YAY!! That’s what we love to hear!

  113. Joy

    Yes, yes, yes! A message I needed to hear and The Latte Factor will be my first financial book I have ever read. Its time to get my shit together;) Thank you Marie and David!

  114. Aryanna

    This is *the* episode that I need right now as I am fighting to be financially free while being self-employed and struggling with my business. I was just beginning to implement the “pay me first” and living below my mean (and is actually very, very freeing). Thank you for reminding me about that little voice because the pressure from my family has been high lately. I know my family are worried about me overworking, but I am feeling that their worry is trapping me into doing things their way that makes *them* feel at ease. So again, thank you Marie and David. I have definitely ordered my copy of Latte Factor!

  115. Becky

    This might just be the MOST IMPORTANT Marie TV my husband and I have ever watched. Our oldest grandson is graduating from 8th grade next week. Thanks to the advice from both of you, we will be buying The Latte Factor for his graduation gift. What better gift can we offer than showing him the action steps necessary for achieving lifelong wealth….whether it be fiscal, spiritual or familial wealth. Thank you so much.

  116. Trisha

    Thank you Marie and David! This was an awesome episode. Can’t wait to read the Latte Factor and buy a few of David’s books for fiends and family. Starting right away with $10/day and plan to increase that yearly! Thanks again for the inspiration.

  117. Stella

    I paused this in the middle and opened my very first ever savings account with one dollar. And tomorrow, I’m going to add another another dollar.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Good work, Stella! We’re proud of you for taking action!

  118. Jen

    This is so powerful!!
    I’m now racked with guilt because I’m 45 & it’s never occurred to me to follow this no brainer advice. I’ve opened another Savings Account & have paid myself.
    Feels good, I like the new me.
    Thank you David & Marie, I will buy the book & spread the word!!!!!

  119. Florian Santos

    My question to David is where do you invest or how do you invest that $10/day for 100 days money saved? In his table in the book, the investment makes 12%/year. I do not know any bank that pays you this high interest rate. Mostly banks pay 2% – 4% per year on interest.
    Thank you.

  120. Andrea

    Thank you thank you Marie and David for this episode of MarieTV, I am moved and can’t wait to get these books, read them, digest them and teach my son to always listen to the little boy that wants to play.

  121. Loved this video and I’m starting my 100 day challenge today. Thank you so much.

  122. Sonja Ramos

    Blown away AF!!! I’m running out to get ALL his books! I’m a late starter- didn’t have a 401k till 44 yo, but I do have teens in the home that I’ll be sharing this with! Awesome work, thank you!

  123. Grace Yang

    I love this episode.
    Which book of David’s will you suggest to start with since there’re so many.
    I am going to be 40 next year and I’ve not really read any book regarding Money before, even though I follow and have watched most of Marie’s episode/interview regarding money (and almost everything else). I don’t like too many terminologies which will turn me off 😉 .
    Love to know any suggestion. Thanks!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Good question, Grace! You might like Smart Women Finish Rich.

  124. James

    This made me breathe. It literally made me breathe like I had never been able to breathe my whole teenage and adult life. I feel like my rib cage was opened and air could finally get in. When David said “I feel trapped in this corporate box” I heard for the first time what I’ve been thinking since I’ve started working – and no one around me seems to feel that need to be outside a frame. So thank you, David, and thank you, Marie.

  125. Fantastic interview..just loved it. I have a 19 year old son. He’s not a big reader but I’m buying this book, reading it first and then asking him to read too. We talk about debt and money and paying for college. I think this is going to be so very helpful to our family conversations. Thanks to both of you for sharing!

  126. Jessica Lozano

    The biggest take away was at the end when he said- he wanted to leave M& S. It reminded me when I said the same to myself- I wanted to leave LifeTime Fitness, get out of the corporate fitness industry and change women’s lives. I had a strong mission…. and I did. It was scary but I went for it. Also leaving my ex- fiancé a couple months after that. It was such a scary place to do both. But I knew I would feel trapped in life. After I left – CORPORATE, entrepreneur life got rough. Not what I expected at all. So this story reminds me of my mission. It’s give my inspiration, hope, and motivation to continue my dream- to transforms women’s lives at a soul level through fitness. This actually made me cry. It made me realize that if I did not make those 2 massive changes (comfort zone changes). I would be miserable, pretending to be happy, probably taking anti-depresent medication. And not living a full life.

    Totally gonna get this book and read it with my boyfriend. ??

  127. Alyssa

    Loved this episode!! Money has been a struggle recently because I was without work for a little bit and my husband and I had a couple of moves that ate up most of what we had saved. Then we had a baby last year, and 5 months later he decided he wanted to separate. So now I’m a single mom pretty much getting no child support at the moment, and make just a little over minimum wage. I decided I wanted to start saving money to take my little boy on a Disney Cruise in 4 years, and I feel like that’s all I can really afford to save. I know I need to save more as well for emergencies and even retirement. I don’t have either of those right now at the age of 31. I guess my biggest question would be is how do you save for all of these individual things on such a limited income? I don’t even have my own place to live because I can’t afford it – I currently live with my mom. I am definitely going to get the book and read it because I think it will help, but I definitely still have some uncertainty of how to do everything.

  128. Jane N

    Thank you so much for this! Just what I needed! My net worth is roughly $25,000. (My only debt is mortgage). At 53, I’m automatically putting about 15% in my 401k. Hoping I’ll be ok! Will you speak to how we can prepare $-wise for massive climate change? We all really, really need to change our ways & that includes having a sustainable financial future. Advice?? ❤️❤️

  129. Laura

    today is my 57th birthday…It’s not too late for me. I love the comment that I am richer than I think. YES! I can do this even at 57. Thank you!!

  130. There is a lot of value in what David has to say, and many, many people can benefit from his advice. But in my experience as a social worker, I can say that there are many, many, people who are watching every penny and still ending up poor.

    I pride myself in my simple lifestyle. It’s the best decision I ever made, and there are many things that people say they can’t live without that I do, indeed, live without. I have never had a cable subscription, much less even bought my own television. I bike and take public transit rather than owning a car. There is joy in this lifestyle as it gives me space to find what is indeed the most important. I made the best decision I ever made at the age of 35 when I decided to leave behind a stressful lifestyle and high status in the non-profit world to live where I wanted to live and enrich myself in what I wanted to surround myself with.

    But while David talks about the “average” 10% gain in the stock market, I am helping an octogenarian find affordable housing after she lost almost all her savings in the stock market and she is now living almost entirely on Social Security. The “average” that David talks about is just that, and as is true of all averages, they include big winners and big losers. That we have a system where people are forced to take financial risks in in the hope of living comfortably in retirement IS the problem.

    None of the advice David gave is new to me, but it might be new to some people, and there is certainly value in it. I did find the video ultimately valuable in that it reminded me of some things I already knew and gave me time to reflect on my current situation. But if everybody did what David said there would still be people living paycheck to paycheck and in dire poverty. I disagree with him when he says that the best way to respond to a rigged system is to put yourself among those who benefit. The best way to respond to a rigged system is to change the system.

    • SALLY

      Thank you for saying this Haven!

    • Nancy Zimmerman

      Haven – yes! We are all subject to systemic pressures that may benefit us or may disadvantage us. There is this myth that working hard solves everything. Or extreme care will save us. We all need to more closely scrutinize how we structure our societies and ask: who gains? who suffers? And make the system more just.

  131. Sharon Marie Lynch

    This was GREAT!!!!

  132. My favorite video so far! Absolutely amazing info, Marie and David. My takeaway was to invest in myself first, and to start saving with my first hour of work everyday for 100 days. So inspired!

  133. This was so valuable and touched me while listening to the podcast. Thank you to you both for continuing to shed more and more light on Money and saving! I have become obsessed with saving and budgeting this year, as I have never really paid attention to doing either before. Failing financially has opened my eyes to how much I was wasting my money and not saving. My take away is to really take action and listen to that voice inside me, go down that fork in the road that may not always be easy, and live my best life helping myself, so I can help others just as you both have done!

  134. Becky

    Hey! First of all thank you for the great advice 🙂
    Also, you guys mentioned ‘Roth IRA’, but do you know about a European Equivalent to it, if it exists? Or what we could do instead if it doesn’t?
    Thank you so much and have a lovely day!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s a good question, Becky! It may be helpful to look into investment accounts specifically for retirement and contact a European financial advisor. They’ll know more about the specifics for your area.

  135. This not only made me realise, how much i could save by thinking and being aware of the little things but this also made me think about my regrets. Thinking about where i want to be in 5, 25, 50 years time has really hit home. I think people think about their current state and future dreams/wants but not the type of person or situation they want to be in or what their dream really means. Thank you so much for this video.

  136. I have to walk my talk! Listen to my soul voice! Thank you David Bach and Marie Forleo for this wonderful interview.
    I have to let the soul take control and forget the mental fears.

  137. Lois Bebbington

    Although I am retired I am looking forward to reading The Latte Factor – I am going to get copies for my daughter, grandson and niece. They are trying to save to buy homes and with paying rent, etc they find it difficult to save. Is there a book that talks about the importance of owning your home ? I am still interested in my age at finding extra money so will definitely read this book . Is there a book that speaks to Canadians although the concept would still be the same ?

  138. OMG Marie! Thank you so very much for this episode. It hit home several times.
    I have been struggling with my financial situation for so long now and this nice interview got me thinking about the why and how I got to this point and what I need to change to finally see I positive shift.
    But, most of all, it liberated me from shame and guilt. I know I am responsible for the decisions I have made so far, but it is not entirely my fault and that is both empowering and reassuring.
    Again, THANK YOU!

  139. THIS. IS. A. MUST. SEE. I just sent an email to everyone I know with this link! I have always struggled with finances both practically and emotionally but now I feel like I may actually be able to do it! I just sent an email to our banker who helped us with our mortgage and I am setting up an IRA with automatic payments on MONDAY. The Latte Factor is ORDERED. Marie, THANK YOU for always kicking me in the pants to really LIVE MY LIFE BOLDLY instead of cowering in fear. You are changing lives my friend.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much for sharing this video, Nikki! We hope you enjoy the book as much as we did and congrats on starting your IRA!

  140. Carol

    How amazing for your email about this episode of MarieTV to be in my inbox today. I had a soul-filled conversation with God this morning about living my dreams and living the life I am meant to live. And then to hear David Bach say that the one thing that keeps coming back into our life is our soul talking to us, reinforced what I had felt this morning. Thank you, Marie & David!

  141. Luisa

    Whoa! Thank you David for your wisdom, and thank you Marie (+ team) for bringing this episode. I have so much self reflection to do now. David has a lot in common with Australia’s Scott Pape, who has influenced many people in a positive way about money. The truly great financial advisors are humanitarians.

  142. Sol Sentous

    Wow. This by far has been one of the best if not, the best, episodes I have seen!!!
    I am 46 years old lady, originally from Argentina, living since 1997 in the States. Before moving, and back in my 20s, I was an independent personal trainer and fitness instructor. Exercise, sports and movement have always been a huge part of my life. But once I migrated, life changed and ended up in an industry and job that I never liked. Fast forward to 2018 and after a few attempts of relocating and doing something on my own, life, the universe decided to give a push. So now, as I am writing this after watching this great episode, I am in Bali, taking some time off, trying to figure out my come back.
    It has been six months since I quit my job, used my miles to come to Bali. Six months with no flow of income (I do however have an Acorns account which round-ups and weekly investments) and is making me a little nervous and anxious.
    I would love to get back into teaching (Crossfit is my thing now :)) and own a Crossfit box. It would be ideal to be able to open one here (will not get into much detail) but I feel and believe that I cannot do it by myself, that I would love to find a business partner.
    So there, that’s where I am now. I will see how to get a copy of The Latte Factor here as shipping is sort of an issue here.
    Again, I really loved this episode, it stroke so many cords… THANK YOU MARIE AND DAVID!!!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      It sounds like great things are in your future! We’re cheering you on and hope you find the perfect business partner for your Crossfit studio. Enjoy Bali!

      • Sol Sentous

        Thanks Mandy!!!

  143. Thank you so much, Marie.
    I add this comment today, because I would like to say a big THANK YOU, for all the super inspiring books, methods and ideas of people you share with us.
    And this late episode, about David Bach´s new book inspired me, to continue doing with, what I was started to do a couple of years ago, saving a small amount of money daily.
    But now added with a complete new view onto the real possibilities, this saving can lead me to. (Of course, I immediately raised the amount ;-))
    Thank you, thank you, thank you!
    Warm regards

  144. Pay yourself first.
    Implement the moment I listened.

  145. Valentina

    That story of his grandmother is so straight Truth!!!

    Thanks So Much for sharing it, it touches my heart

  146. Thank you for this video, like all the other great!
    My next dream to come true is:
    I want to go to China, and I want to know and being able to speak Chinese too!!!
    Why ?
    – Because they have a very interesting history and past time knowledge (i.e. MTC, which was very important for me and my understanding); maybe I could help that they should not forget it.
    – Because it is the country where most people life today and they will make the future on this Planet.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s a wonderful dream, Lydia! We’re cheering you on and hope you’ll make it come true soon.

  147. Luciana Ruis

    You always are surprising us. David´s histories really touched me. Yesterday I was just thinking about that preparing a budget is not a guarantee to save money and control money. Because I am not seeing goods results. So, I decided to read that book and try to change things here!
    Guys, I love this show and I admire so much you Marie. You know, I live in Atibaia, Brazil, and participate in an entrepreneurial mothers group and always share your great ideas.

    Thanks for all
    Luciana Ruis

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Thank you, Luciana! We’re honored you and the women in your mothers group are a part of our global family. 🙂

  148. Thank you Marie and David,
    Loved watching this video, went out the next day and bought the Latte Factor. Got it home and my 24year old daughter grabbed it and read the whole book in a few hours, she loved it. I wish I had this advice when I was younger. Never too old to start new things. I am doing the 100 day challenge. Let you know how much I saved at the end.
    I love the way that you say the simple things in life can be rich experiences, because they really are. Now I really think about what my morning looks like, lighting a candle, giving thanks, hiking in the mountains behind our house for an hour before work, they truly are rich experiences. Thank you. Big hugs.

  149. Tanmaya Goswami

    Hi marie, so grateful to you for doing this show. I know there was something that shifted today and just made me powerful. I know that I don’t need to wait for having enough money to start saving. Something that I did not learn even after working for 22years of working at really senior levels. I know that my savings begin from today. No matter what. Love you and your work. Much more strength to you.

  150. My biggest takeaway is that a formula exists for creating wealth: put away 14% of your gross income. I don’t agree with not using a budget just because I have a different perspective of what a budget is: it’s not limiting, it’s liberating Because savings is part of a budget and it allows focus on those life goals. This whole video is filled with wisdom that should be a mandatory high school course. Thank you for existing and sharing!

  151. Eva

    Hey Marie,
    I just listened to your talk with David Bach and I love it.
    All the things about financial freedom are 100% applicable for me: I just turned 40, leave in a relationship where we can’t agree on having kids and I can’t afford to move out. All this as a highly educated architect with more than a decade of experiences, running her own business…
    Based on your advice I’m reading ”smart women finish rich”, set up an ISA (UK version or IRA?) and will have reduced my overdraft down to £0 by next month.
    I’ll take on the challenge to save everyday the amount I would spend on coffee (£3,50) for 100 days.
    I wish I knew about David and you back in my 20s…
    Because as you said if you can’t control your finances you can’t control your life.

    Thank you so much Marie and David for being such amazing humans. You make a real difference in my life. I love you❣️

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      So glad this episode was helpful, Eva! And we’re happy to hear you’re diving in and taking action right away. That’s awesome!

  152. Kenneth k Guerrero

    My wife and I are nearly done paying off the last of our credit cards with 4800 to go. Thanks for a great episode I have read his books in the past but it’s a great reminder of how little amounts of money can really add up for you or against you if your not being intentional about it.

  153. Linda

    Fabulous webinar – they should teach this in school to everyone. Knowing how to do algebra does not make you rich – but this does.

  154. Linda

    Crying my eyes out. Whose voice have I been listening to? Thank you Marie and David.

  155. Guistina Chirco

    I will have a travel money account to go to Thailand, Italy, Greece, London.
    I would also like freedom to live in another city besides LA. This dream seemed scary and unrealistic and I made it happen 17 years ago as an actor. I saved $9,000 to move to LA to pursue acting. Now I am in LA and I barely am able to keep $1,200 in savings. I’m ready for change, change of environment, change of mindset, and change in my soul. I want to see that calling like I did so strongly when I moved to LA for the next step. God Bless everyone here. We are more than our money.;)?❤️

  156. Does anyone know WHAT to invest in to see 10% return each year? I’ve been putting money in a Mutual Fund (in Canada) since I was 19 years old and I don’t know if the return is high enough to see the Latte Factor actually work…
    I have put in $1,200 each year since I started… I may need to also increase that number to $2,000 to see a proper return. Any help is appreciated!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s a really good question, Hayley! We’re not financial advisors ourselves, though it may help to talk to one in your area since they’ll be familiar with the investment opportunities in Canada and be better able to advise you on what to do.

    • Nancy Zimmerman

      Hey Hayley – I’m Cdn too. At this point, I select my own individual stocks for the most part (I love DIY investing; have learned how over a couple decades), but I also invest in ETFs. Like mutual funds, but much lower fees. I use “Evolve” – most recently bought their pot stocks ETF 🙂 …. not advocating for them, but just saying that’s what I do.

  157. I’m 39 and I have SO many regrets. Mostly due to my mindset of if I just made more, I could do more. Thank you as always for sharing these nuggets of wisdom, I’m looking forward to taking the 100 day challenge and shattering my own expectations for where financial freedom can take me.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      You can do this, Helayne! Starting right now. We’re excited for all the possibilities ahead for you as you shift your mindset around finances. Keep us posted!

  158. I don’t know Marie… This might be THE most important episode ever. So much wisdom wrapped up in this. Making my husband watch!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Awesome, Sara – so glad to hear this! We hope it serves you and your husband well for years to come 🙂

  159. Hi Marie, Davis, and all team Forleo,
    Actually, I skipped the episode when it came out as one person on YouTube commented that the 3 painless habits were at minute 32 and I watched that part but felt like I can’t do it because I don’t have any income right now and since I’m working on a short story now which is taking ALL my mental power, I decided not to watch the full episode. However, today (Friday) was the first time I receive a second email from you, Marie, about a Marie TV episode! I immediately thought that this was my spirit guides telling me to watch the episode so I did, and the takeaway is: I should take the risk and persist in my writing. The short story I’m writing now is about respecting animals and nature which is a topic that’s very dear to my heart. I hope to get it published and get paid for it but since publishing is not guaranteed, I might not have a stable regular income from writing. Eventually, I decided to get a part-time job for 3 days a week 8 hours a day and leave the rest 3 days for my writing since I need the full day to be dedicated to it. I couldn’t choose between playing it safe and doing what my soul’s telling me to do and in the same time, I couldn’t do them both because I don’t have enough energy as I’m very sensitive and lose energy fast! Anyway, I was deeply encouraged to continue writing and save from the little I will get from a part-time job. Thank you so much to you and to David and all team Forleo 🙂

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      You’re amazing, Yostina! The topics you’re writing on are SO very important, and we love that you’re doing what you need to support yourself and your energy in the process. We’re honored to have you in our community and are wishing you all the best with your writing – keep up the wonderful work!

  160. Sarah Jones

    This was a game-changer for me! JUST what I needed, right when I needed it. Thank you both for such a powerful topic and moving conversation. I’m gonna go follow the little girl and make my soul happy now.

  161. Thanks, Marie and David, I have been thinking about the retirement account. I will dig more into this topic. Saving money is not a new concept to me. I thought I have been very good at this, but the fear of not having enough is still present. I like the idea of “feeling rich today” – meditation, rituals of self love and appreciation of the present moment.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      YES – here’s to living and celebrating this present moment to our very best, Lena! Thanks so much for tuning in 🙂

  162. Dee

    Thank you so much Marie and David. A real kick up the ass for me to get cracking on saving. Very timely and inspiring. Gracias, Dee x

  163. KB

    As I was listening to the video I went and got, The latte Factor can’t wait to read it!

  164. Clara

    Listen to the voice that comes from your soul. It’s one of the things that I am grateful for. Hearing this very powerful conversation indeed changes my perspective towards living and letting the little girl in me to play the game. Thank you for not only feeding our minds but also touching our hearts. This is very intentional. The vision, the message, this movement I must say could transform many lives. Grateful and blessed-Clara, philippines.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      We’re so grateful to have you here, Clara, and thrilled you found this conversation inspiring. Let that little girl play! XOXO

  165. Valentina

    Hi there- do you have more info on what he talked about saving $5.41 a day at age 19, and by 61 having a $1,000,000? I’m doing some math here and it’s not working… do you have the chart?

  166. Bader Gonzalez

    Thank you for this episode Marie and Team Forleo, I loved it, David is such a kind soul, and I love when interviews get personal because that means the message is real. Thank you I am buying the book now. xx

  167. Dusty

    I am now on fire to save one day’s pay each week. What a fabulous idea! Thanks Marie and David.

  168. Victoria Golding

    Oh my gosh. So beautiful. THANKYOU. I hear you ! Of course I have $5 a day to save and never realized what a difference it will make until now! SO MUCH amazing information here. Total impact on my life I know it already. Paying myself first instead of last? Alleluia ! Yes ! I’m darn worth it and it’s darn responsible to do so! So much love to you both this episode is bookmarked!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      YAY, Victoria! This small shift will make such a huge difference for you. We’re cheering you on!

  169. This. Gave. Me. LIFE (in Oprah’s voice)!!!!! ???

    I’m so inspired by this interview, Marie. I couldn’t have seen it at a better time – I’m self-employed and coming out of an income slump. Not to mention, my newest client is in Wealth Management and I’m helping him with his startup.

    Not sure when I thought it, but I said to myself that when I get out of this slum, I’m gonna change some things. I’m going to save and get ahead again. I’m going to work with a Financial Advisor (hired one this week) to help me. I’m going to save and pay off debt. I’M GOING TO FINALLY HAVE MY OWN RESIDENCE WITHOUT ROOMMATES!!!! ? Can you see that’s a big one?

    The biggest and most empowering takeaway was the last tip – “living rich.”

    Not feeling trapped or living in a trap. Marie and community, I literally screamed for joy, twerked, and gave myself a HUGE hug.

    I resigned from a dead end job where I felt trapped. I resigned in March because my soul was speaking to me. It kept saying to try self-employment again and build a business. I knew it was my soul speaking because I get the same message whenever I feel I have to go back to the workforce because self-employment isn’t working out, aka sporadic income. (I got that confirmation my soul was speaking this whole time from this video). I was working at a call center in March. I knew it wasn’t going to be permanent for too long when I started working there last year, but I needed something because I’d moved to Phoenix by myself without friends or family with $60 in my pocket. I took the job because I have lots of call center experience and they hire quick. After receiving confirmation that I was indeed stuck in the Call Agent position (I even checked in with and spoke to my manger and the COO of the company), I made the scary decision to leave and pursue self-employment. I was even crying in the COO’s office about it. He was actually really encouraging and told me he wants to see people move on and that he knows that position isn’t a forever position. That was definitely a relief and gave me the confidence I needed and have today.

    I’ve been living rich everyday since then and I ain’t lookin back! ?‍♀️ I just landed a client today and am working a sales opportunity with that. I keep track of my spending and actually, this video inspired me to do more financial planning for the next five months as I tackle some debt, start an emergency fund, and save for moving this fall.

    This is just all so perfect – full moon in Scorpio (my 8th house governing debts and transformation is in Scorpio); today is a 8 personal day (the number of karma and reaping what you sow/planting seeds and fourtune); and it’s a 9 personal month (endings – in this case, ending habits and thoughts keeping me from financial freedom). AND… did I mention this is one of my karmic lessons? Oh, and a 4 personal year for me (laying foundation and creating stability).

    Fuck, I’m rambling. But this is so good! ☺️

    In conclusion, thank you for this and your other videos. I’m excited for my financial future!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      GO Evelynn! We adore everything about this. You’re so brave for listening to the call of your soul and taking the steps to make positive changes that fuel you in your life. We’re doing a huge Team Forleo happy dance over here for you. Can’t wait to see all you’ll do and create! xoxo

  170. Funmi

    Hmmm! This came when most needed. My daughter shared with me. For me
    it’s not just about making more money but pursuing a meaningful life at the end of which I will not have to regret not fulfilling my purpose. I’ve so much I
    want to do and I’m getting tired of my job but feel trapped. I need out but lack immediate financial security as pension doesn’t kick in immediately. I’m so grateful for the tips on living below
    your means, saving daily and listening to the soul. Many thanks indeed!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much for being here and watching, Funmi. We’re happy these tips were helpful for you and hope they’ll serve you incredibly well in following your heart’s longings!

  171. Marie,
    I always say this, but today was extra-special — what an amazing episode! David Bach has been a favorite mentor of mine for so many years. I began with his Automatic Millionaire tapes and went on from there. He has been instrumental in my financial choices and a wonderful guide, especially to me as a woman. Today’s episode shed new light on his philosophy for me, however. I’ve done well by paying myself first and automatically but I’m definately not living “rich.” I’m still in the mentality that I have to keep my nose to the grindstone, not let my foot off the gas. I come from a family of special-needs and am who I’ve named “the other one.” Because my brother has always needed so much extra help, spotlight, and attention, I have always had to be “perfect” and not make any waves; I hover in the background. Now that my father has died my family struggles financially, to boot. There are so many things I want to do personally, yet I feel guilty about them. After today’s episode, I want to make an effort to take better care of myself and listen to my own soul and what it needs. It is so easy to put everyone’s needs before your own in a special-needs situation and oftentimes I do feel trapped. But after today, I know I need to be brave. I must! As always thank you for all that you do. You occupy such a special place in my heart and are so important to womankind. Bless you, girl.
    Lovingly, Laura.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Laura, we’re so grateful to have you in our community! Yes – you must take excellent care of you, make yourself a priority, and listen to your own needs and desires. We’re cheering you on as you do and sending so much love and support your way!

  172. Cathy Koch

    Once again another down to earth honest caring interview with David Bach. I was a financial consultant in the late 90’s and glad I discovered your books then. I shared them with many people. My live rich is that I work for a group of Catholic Missionary Priest’s who serve in Tanzania, Kenya and Colombia. My other live rich is watching my granddaughter, Giuliette grow up. May God continue to bless you and your family. Safe travel. Cathy

  173. My take away was being sure life will be lived without regrets. Take a risk … as long as you are in the will of God.

  174. Heather Stewart

    1. My teaching job is going to end in a few months and I’ve been wanting to get out of teaching for a while. This show motivated me to check how much I’ve saved this year and I’m grateful I was automatically contributing to a retirement.
    2. I’m taking care of my two children by myself and have to get help from my mom. I really want to be financially independent AND want to do something different and bigger and follow my dreams. I feel like by taking care of my finances, instead of hiding from them, I will be able to take control and choose (even if it means making a long range plan).

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      YES, you can absolutely figure this out and make a plan, Heather! Here’s to more choice, financial independence, and freedom in your future. We’re rooting for you over here big time!

  175. You rock Marie. Superb Article. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

  176. Kathleen

    Thank you David and Marie,
    My take awy was I did not need to buy two authentic pork tamales today. Even though, it was truly a treat it was 5 dollars that I had taken out of my emergency fund (cash in a bag that it hard to get to). A friend that I am staying with asked if I had $3. I said no, but then I remembered my emergency bag. I went to the trouble of getting it out for her and then she decided she did not need it so it went in my pocket and whoa-la–I had the cash when the tamale guy was in a parking lot. (I am trying to keep $200 in that bag in case I have a flat tire.) That is it. I have no emergency account. My take away is not to budget for savings but to do it first. I need to save for a new car and at $5/day for 10 years I would have over $18K to put down on a car. I am going to be 65 years old soon. I have only an $850/month retirement and have to come up with money for Medicare. I do not qualify to rent my own place so I am staying with friends where ever I can. I am scared. I wish I could roll back the hands of time to save for this phase of life. But I must say, I have never felt trapped at a job. My regret is that I did not teach my child and grandchildren what to do, but it is not too late because they are young enough to learn from my mistakes.

  177. I had about 1000 things on my to-do list but decided to spend the time watching this, I’m so glad! I’m committing to $2 / day ($14 a week) for the next 100 days.
    I’m also weighing up some risks with a new perspective.
    Thank YOU Marie & David 🙂
    K x

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    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Follow that fun, Phette – life’s always better that way 🙂 Wishing you such an exciting next chapter!

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  180. Thank you for a lovely, “real “interview.
    I opened an esthetic studio when I was 27th, left behind a ‘flight attendant” job that others thought was “glamourous”, where I had a pension plan , medical plan , etc. I used up all my savings to open this business, never took a loan, and practically starved for 4 years.
    I cleaned houses, sold amway products, you name it I did it, but I stayed afloat. I had been invited to listen to the author of “the wealthy barber” who shares identical wisdom about money, and started saving. All I could put aside was 17$ a month, but I started, realizing that the next best time is always now, these contributions increased as the years went by.
    It took another 17 years before I had enough to put a downpayment on a house. Using smart stategies I paid off my house in 8 and half years. Got married, bought more properties, and now find myself with a healthy net worth, at the eve of my 60th’s birthday.
    Everybody needs to learn what David has to teach. We will all be a better world for it and able to share with others.

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    • Julia - Team Forleo

      We’re so thrilled this resonated with you, Marina! We love that you’re passing this wisdom and financial freedom on to your daughters, too. SO powerful!

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    What shows is that he is a very wise and a very feeling person. He is in touch with his soul. Many people are not at that point yet….still living an illusion. The point has to come where people see that they’re living the illusion and THEN wake up to their soul’s purposes.

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    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Hi Anne-Kirstine! It sounds like you’re absolutely on the right track and have a great relationship with money to continue building upon. We definitely encourage you to check out some of David’s books, either through your local library or Kindle. I also think you’ll find this episode about finances, where our guest touches on paying off debt and saving: We’re wishing you all the best!

      • Anne-kirstine Klitmark

        Hi Julia. Thank you so much for the wishes and link to the episode!

  184. The consulting firm I “grew up” in had what they called “splash”–which was a six or eight week sabbatical after (I think) your tenth anniversary with the firm. It was a cultural touchstone and a really special gift when you got there. I now don’t see as many firms offering this, but in my work as a leadership coach, am hearing LOTS of people wrestle with stepping off the path for a while and creating their own sabbatical. Unfortunately, our cultural messages get in the way and color this as wrong or selfish. There are ways to craft the message so you can get what you need and not torpedo your career, and I’d be happy to support David’s efforts to share this idea further. Thanks!

  185. Thank you SO MUCH for this episode! The way David speaks about his professional advise and personal journey moved me more than any other financial show seen to date, and makes me believe that I too can create a better relationship with my finances while choosing to live a life of more risk that’s in alignment with my soul rather than a life filled with regret. I’m so looking forward to purchasing his book and reading the wisdom it imparts. Thank you again??✨?

    • It’s Heather, not Heathet?

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    • Julia - Team Forleo

      You can SO do this, Sharon – we believe in you! You’re on the right path already by being here and open to making some shifts. Your example will so powerfully impact your sons’ relationships with money, too 🙂

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    Thank you David Bach.This talk spoke down deep to my soul.
    I will buy your book and start saving NOW.
    My biggest takeaway is the detachment of money.
    It has nothing to do with money, it is all about LISTENING to your soul’s truth and sharing it!
    Showing it, sharing it, coming out!
    Thanks a million!
    As they say in Italy.


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    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Cate, you have such an amazing heart and we love how deeply you care about your community! We can’t wait to see all you’ll do to support other women and families find financial freedom, and we know this vision will absolutely guide you to the next right steps. Please keep us posted – we’ll be cheering you on over here on Team Forleo!

  191. Yeshe

    Where do we invest? What if the market crashes? is there a safe way to invest?

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Hi Yeshe! While we’re not financial advisors ourselves, we absolutely encourage you to check out some of David’s books. You can do so at your local library, through Kindle, or by purchasing them yourself. We hope they’re helpful for you!

  192. So inspiring! Can’t wait to read David’s book! Thanks for sharing all that you do Maria!

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  194. That very first sentence was such a relief to see, thank you for another great article and episode Marie! One of the biggest takeaways I found in this discussion went a little deeper than the numbers- I realized as much as I’m all about self-love, I haven’t done a very good job of extending self-love and care toward myself when it comes to money… especially not when it comes to earning money! I’ve been learning to open my mindset up more around money, but you really helped me see how shaming myself over finances doesn’t help- it does the opposite! And if I treat my finances the way I treat so many other aspects of my life, things start to make a lot more sense.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      These are HUGE realizations, Jessica! We’re excited for you as you apply your values and care for yourself to this area of your life as well. Hooray!

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    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Hi Jasmine! We’re happy to hear that story resonated deeply with you. Pretty powerful, isn’t it? We encourage you to take a few minutes to research David’s books and see what might be best for you and your unique situation. You can get a free preview on Kindle and even check them out from the library, so there are tons of ways to dive in!

  201. My Insights from this video:
    1) Where were you, David, 43 years ago?! Back then I was 18, freshly into University, where the bank offered me my first credit card. Bingo!

    2) I listened to my little girl self vs. Big Girl self – and played & consumed, most of my life.

    3) Now here I sit, age 61, bravely taking risks to grow my entrepreneurial skills & talents into starting (again) my Astrology business, with no cushion in sight for my older age. I trust that what I have already put in place (paying myself FIRST 10% of all income) will pay off, in time, over time.

    I applaud what BOTH Marie & David are doing for all of us, not matter our age, & especially for the YOUNGER GENERATION – how do it right from the get-go! Wish I had had that leadership & insight way back then! Namaste

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    Sallie Krawcheck, founder of Ellevest, has a different take on “The Latte Factor.” She says, “Just Buy the F***ing Latte.”

    Read her view of the book and its advice at the following link:

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    When he talked about grandma, the regret of taking the risky path, I stopped and cried. I’m on that place and I know I’m on the cuff of changing and leaving the “corporate box” as he called it. I know I need to listen to the little girl so that I will not have that as a regret later. Plus, I KNOW I can be more successful doing my own thing anyway. ?

  204. David is right. I am so grateful I took the time today to watch this. I am richer than I think. I am not trapped. I am right where I need to be. Thank you very much, Marie.
    Lots of love, Laura

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    What caught me was the diagram of savings until 65, which I think it’s the most popular idea 🙂
    Whether that makes the million or not, it’s immaterial: it creates the discipline and the savings that can change someone’s life.
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  212. Hello Marie and David,
    The insight of following “my own voice” echoed so strongly , my soul’s telling me it’s gonna be alright, I’m on the right path and don’t have to get back to the “path of safety” or follow the voice of others who are not me ! Taking the risk is so clear to me, the right thing to do my best at. I’m two years into this journey. Insight like this keeps me ticking along the path and puts the doubt or fear back in their place …
    The tips on how to keep saving along the way is so encouraging , it shows me that it’s possible to build wealth of many kinds, in small step every day ! There’s positive outcome and really happiness every day in looking after oneself, our own way! Like you say it may not be for every one but it’s right for me, in the best way !
    Funny how these things fall into place , Thank you ! So good to hear from those who are much further down the path of following their dreams …

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    Thank you!!!
    P. S: I’m gonna buy the book and take action!

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    And the Words of Wisdom from the Grandma….so so true! Such an important reminder. Thank you Marie and Team Forleo for this interview!

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    Money is an untamed beast in my life. I have never had a steady paycheck going from waitress to entrepreneur. The physical cash tips and a set of envelopes made me very responsible during those years. Since I stared my business we have more money and more problems! Wish I had this advice for the transition 9 yrs ago.

    This is just what I needed to rein myself back into controlling my destiny and being selfish with my money to save for our future.

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    1) Saving for retirement should be like ageing – it goes unnoticeable, tiny little pieces every day. Small amounts saved daily will have a huge effect later.
    2) Take risk – it is worth it. It will destroy the regret.
    3) Write those books that you have always dreamed of.
    Thank you Marie and Team and David for such a wonderful episode!

  224. I like the idea of “live rich now” and I feel like this is confused a lot in our culture. I think that artists are a perfect example of this. artists move into abandoned warehouses to create their art because to them (us), that IS wealth. to create art in a community of artists. what could be more fulfilling and rich then that. they don’t care that its in a “bad” neighborhood … then the “wealth” that they create in that space that used to be considered derelict attracts other people who suddenly decide that that area is an up and coming neighborhood and is worth investing in and the property value goes way up!
    I’ve been looking for an art studio in Santa Fe recently and so have been reading about this phenomenon that happens over and over again everywhere, and it occurred to me that this is just like what David is talking about … in a really tangible way.

  225. Granita Richardson

    OMG!!!! This was so so inspiring, enlightening, and confirming. There were several takeaways I got from this episode. I am so encouraged to keep pursuing what I know I should be doing at this point in my life. I will be retiring on June 30, 2019 from being a music teacher after 31 years. I launched a voiceover business in 2018. My mother, who also is a retired music teacher, does not support my retiring at this time because I have a daughter who just started college. Because she has been so negative and doubtful about my decision, I have been wrestling with NOT changing my mind and going back into the classroom. However, after tuning in to this episode today, I’m more convinced than ever, that this is my time to go forward with my dream. Thank you Marie for your unselfishness. You have been so instrumental in this part of my journey to embracing my greatness unapologetically.

    • Mercedes Cordeiro Drever

      This is amazing, so happy for you! It’s tough not to listen to the outer world, especially voices like our parents, and family. But follow your heart, your story is yours, no one elses 🙂

  226. What I found really interesting about this is that sorting out the financial stuff doesn’t have to be complicated or for that matter scary. saving little bits over time is actually something my parents use to always tell us or as they put it “if you take care of the pennies the pounds take care of themselves” thanks for another great video

  227. Mercedes Cordeiro Drever

    I’m 37 and the way that David and you bring such a powerful emphasis on saving and STARTING AT ANYTIME, is so positive! It didn’t make me feel like sh** for being pretty late in the game. I want to thank you for this powerful yet non-aggressive and non-violent way of transmitting extremely important facts about life, Marie. Thank you and David for these amazing 45 minutes. I’m at home and have this link “pinnned” for about 2 weeks now, and finally made it, so truly happy. Thank you David for your tears, as Tal Ben-Shahar said in one of his talks that I went to, “Permission to be Human” _ so never apologize for being human and showing your feelings and vulnerability, like you said: stories connect, I’m sure we all connected to you and your absolutely loving granny. I will start saving 14% of my actual income today! And in months where I need to invest more in my business, I will adjust and probably decrease to 12, 10, maybe even 7%. But I will keep the goal of 14%. I will also send this link to a few of my WhatsApp groups so we start the 100-day savings challenge. Gracias! Beso grande, Meka

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  232. Great episode! Where do I invest this money? I understand the concept of compounding but what type of account do I put this money to grow this way? Can somebody explain this please?

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Roselby, we would suggest checking out David’s other books around investing so figure out what’s the right way for you and your goals. You can check out all of his work here —>
      Thanks for watching and asking!

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    First of all, thank you so much for the truly AMAZING, SOUL TOUCHING interview.
    Five minutes in and I found myself grabbing pen & notebook, taking note none stop. Thank you for the reminder that it is never too late to start. I really love the three secrets to financial freedom and the lesson about living without regrets. I’m 25 and still trying to figure out what to do with my life, I know that life is so much more than living paycheck after paycheck, and there’s gotta be something that I’m suppose to do. Whatever that “something” is, is still a mystery to me.
    I want to take action now, any action, and so since today is my pay day. I’ve transfer 14% of the income to my saving account for starter.
    I want to take on the 100 days challenge and hold myself accountable. Please let me know where and how could I sign up?

    Thank you sooooo much.

    Lots of love,

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Hey there, Thu! We love that you’ve taken action right away. BRAVO! Once your 100 days is up head back here and comment and let us know how it goes. We can’t wait to hear all about it.

  234. Hi Marie,
    Just read the book and loved it so much. Thanks for sharing.

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  236. This was a great reminder of things I’ve learned from David in the past. I have created the automated savings, but reverted to bad spending habits where I’ve dipped into my savings. I need to focus on changing habits – for me, bringing lunch to work – a few days a week – until I make it a regular habit. Baby steps.

  237. Frieda

    The statement halfway through, where David mentions that about everyone is building wealth every day when they spend money but the question is for whom, is the most significant and mind-blowing part of this program. It is so key as what you spend your time and money on is showing the world what you value most. Paying yourself first is putting you first, showing everyone you value yourself first. Watching this video was the best 45 minutes I spent in a long time.

  238. The last several years has been challenging in many ways, but the last month I have gone through my finances to see what I am spending that does not make sense anymore. I cut about $1500 in stupid spending and now it will be redirect into savings. This is all due to this book, which gave me the good kick where I needed it. Thanks for everything.

    • Emily - Team Forleo

      That’s incredible, Darin! We’re so glad you liked the book and this episode. Thank you for sharing and keep up the great work!

  239. Ella

    Hi thanks for this. I’ve been reading a lot of blogs for the past weeks and yours was very informative and realistic.

  240. OMG, *bawling* over here! ? My absolute favourite bit was David’s emotion and the rawness of the message behind it, especially around the story of impacting his 15 year old son. So so powerful. Feeling so inspired to set the greatest example for my own daughter, in the hope that one day, she’ll CHOOSE to listen to the little girl who wants to play over the big girl who’s scared ❤️️

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    In early 2016 when I watched David’s first interview with Marie a light bulb went on for me. Then, I was in over $30,000 high-interest debt (student plus consumer) and had no savings. I also knew almost nothing about saving and investing. Today, 3 years later, I am debt-free, I have automated savings and I invest regularly in a self-directed investment account. How incredible is that!? And this interview was the perfect refresher and reminder first and foremost, how easy it was! And second, that I can now step it up, and I need to start listening to the small girl more because that’s just as easy. The alternative is what’s hardest and I am so so lucky I realize this.

    Thank you, David and Team Forleo!

    • Renee – Team Forleo

      Wow!! This is an incredible success story, Natalia. Thank you so much for sharing it with us –– it’s sure to inspire other readers who are currently where you were three years ago. Congratulations on making such positive changes in your life, and we’re so proud to be part of your amazing story!

  244. I love this interview and the sage advice shared. The passion that you both share for helping women become empowered with money is so inspiring. The tangible, actionable steps outlined help me to know that I can take charge of my finances and realize my dreams. Thank-you!

  245. Marta

    Great episode and great interview, thanks!!!! I have one question. From my perspective I can handle to save a certain amount of money per month. But for me the question is what do I do with that?? Because by putting 5€ a day in a bank account for savings, I can guarantee you that for sure in a few decades you are not going to have that much as for to be financially free. So the missing part for me is (and maybe it’s on the book and that it’s what I would like to know) is where/how do you invest the money that you regularly save…. Thanks a lot!

    • Sarah - Team Forleo

      Hi Marta! There are lots of different ways to invest wisely and grow your money, and it largely depends on where you live and what your personal goals are. You can check out David’s book for more specific ideas, or find a financial advisor in your area to help you get started!

  246. Karla

    Thank you so much for this episode! Just what I needed to hear. I fit exactly the 8 out of 10 women living paycheck to paycheck with no savings (horribly embarrassing to write that.) Have been working on the mental side of things for decades, trying to fix my beliefs around money. This makes it so so simple!

    Just bought two of David’s books – one for me and the Latte book for my amazing niece who is starting high school. (She’s already a saver and with this book I could see her being a millionaire by 30!)

    Thanks again – I’m off to set up auto savings in my bank acct, starting with $5/day for the next 3months. Then will reassess upping the amount. Love ya, Marie! Thanks for continually inspiring the world!

    • Maja - Team Forleo

      Way to go taking action, Karla! We’re excited for you, and we can’t wait to hear how proud you feel even just a few months from now, as you gain momentum.

  247. There were SO many resonant moments in this interview. I’ve watched it at least twice, so that I could reflect and hold myself accountable. So the most impactful pieces of truth: number one and my spending my money (and time) On things that are moving me closer to my dreams? Number two: among all the voices that may influence us, we have to listen to our soul

  248. Save and devotion to work and the only way I see to make money

  249. One thing I’ve learned to adapt to as a “side hustle millionaire” in the making is learning to transition into and stay on track with “consistency.” Building a million-dollar business takes time and learning patience. Something I love about the side hustle is and will definitely show who has the true “business muscle for the hustle,” because the business of side hustling and building an online business is not for the faint hearted. Consistency, something I learned from experience, is a heavy contributing factor to increasing one’s spiritual and physical-financial network. Only those who are willing to stick it out and do the transformation business work by building their businesses and playing the card of patients will end up being a future “side hustle millionaire.”

    Making more money by side hustling online requires going above and beyond in “doing the transformation business work out of inspiration or desperation.” The kid over here from Brooklyn is definitely NOT laying down in defeat to naysayers. That said, I know anyone can achieve financial freedom and become a [side hustle millionaire] regardless of anything. If I can achieve side hustle millionaire status and build a business from nothing, so can anyone else.

    As a side hustle millionaire in the making, I’ll never forget my humble beginnings in where I came from. It pays to stay humble and hungry before and after getting rich. 🙂

  250. I agree that saving (even $5 per day) is important. For young people student debt is a huge issue but it’s always a good idea to start the process of paying off debt and saving as soon as possible. And sometimes that means cutting back a little bit here and there.

  251. Lisa Johnston

    10 thumbs up! Thank you

    • Jennifer - Team Forleo

      So glad you enjoyed it, Lisa!

  252. I have spent the past several days “catching up” on a lot of episodes via the podcast. As I think about turning 50 next July, I have been imagining the woman, entrepreneur, coach, mother, friend, daughter, wife, and mentor that I want to be. I loved this episode so much. I have struggled with saving effectively. I have made it a much higher priority now that my business has begun to grow. This episode inspired me to action. I saw that I had not “paid myself first” when I received payment for a large contract earlier this year. So, I calculated what 12% of that would be and I transferred that to my Roth IRA. Then I set up an automatic transfer from checking to my Roth IRA so that by the end of the year I will have invested the maximum amount allowed. It calculates out to $22/day. This will mark the first year I’ve saved the full Roth IRA allowance. I commit to continuing this practice moving forward. Additionally, I plan to establish another account to save to, as well. I am not going to let the “you’re starting too late” gremlin keep me from starting now. I also commit to living below my means. I am going to look at downsizing and eliminating expenses (subscriptions, etc.) And, lastly, I commit to living rich. What I can do today to live rich is: read more, write more and take care of my health.

  253. Niaka Gruneberg

    Oh holy shiitake mushrooms I get it I finally get it…!! I’m 34 yrs old I’m listening to this book while cleaning ppls houses and Im on chapter two now and literally had the come to Kenya moment!!! I finally understand compound interest, now I get why saving can build the wealth. Thanks so much can’t wait to finish listening more. Also I’m new here just listened to your book Marie last week and started checking out your page and found David . I’m so excited to start paying me first starting today!! Also Marie you made me seriously take my life ambitions and dreams into account and I signed up and started a year long coach program to get to my passion. So Thanks for that too. Xoxo Niki in Philly

    • Jennifer - Team Forleo

      Such great updates and insights, Niaka, so glad you’re taking your life ambitions seriously and even already started paying yourself first. Sounds like you’re on the road to amazing things and we’re rooting for you every step of the way!

  254. I am a newly divorced woman. I own my own business but I feel like I am living paycheck to paycheck! This interview was an eye opener for me. I am going to start paying myself FIRST! thank you!

    • Jennifer - Team Forleo

      Yes, Lisa! So glad to hear this interview had a lasting impact on you — we’re rooting for you as you make the change to pay yourself first!

  255. I totally get this message and maybe I’m overthinking it, but how do you save money when you have your own business, income is sporadic and every single penny is earmarked for one bill or another.

  256. Karin

    I still don’t get it, how is it possible to have such a money from giving away 5$ a day. I did the math, but the number was really small. Maybe because in my country, we have arround 1-3% on retirement account.. I dont know what crazy nymber you guys have in USA 😀 Well I already bought the book, clearly I am missing out something.

  257. Kris

    Thank you so much for this episode, Marie! I’ve been binging on all of your podcasts. I did check out The Latte Factor from my local library and I am stuck with one question. How do you save $5 a day WITH a ten percent interest? Even with purchasing stocks and real estate doesn’t add up to ten percent interest at $5 a day. Any insight would be appreciated.

  258. Yesss! I love this. Thank you for the tips.

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