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This is a big, exciting week in my neck of the woods. Right now, we’re in our Team Forleo summer retreat.

Since we’re a virtual company, it’s important for us to have in person time to connect and collaborate. Plus, we’re a cozy bunch of creative folk and crave long hugs and lingering conversations over delicious meals.

During these meetings, we come up with ideas and make decisions that impact the entire direction of the company and, quite often, my life.

Seeing that you’ve had a gut instinct in the past helps you pay closer attention to it in the present. Click To Tweet

Without a doubt, the capacity we call upon the most to make those decisions is our intuition. How we instinctively feel about an idea, possibility or direction.

Of course, we also do our due diligence, we run projections, we research and we get the facts.

But at the end of the day, the driving force behind our business (and my life) comes from listening to that inner, instinctual voice. That natural knowing that isn’t bound by logic, fear or past experience.

If you’ve ever wondered how you can sharpen your own intuition (even if you don’t believe you have it to begin with!), you’ll love today’s episode.

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DIVE DEEPER: Is your fear of success holding you back? Learn how to reprogram your subconscious mind, get rid of limiting beliefs, and finally embrace your dreams.

I believe that more and more, we’ll be leading our businesses and lives not just based on our intellect, but also on heart-centered intuition.

Now, I’d love to hear from you.

Any of these four steps resonate? If so, which one and why?

If you have an intuition exercise of your own that works, please share it in the comments below.

Remember, thousands of beautiful souls from every corner of the globe come here for insight and inspiration. So include as many specifics as you can in your comment. Your story may be the “lightbulb moment” someone else really needs.

Thank you, as always, for contributing with heart and soul!

With all my love,


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  1. Kamila

    I work on intuition through fear. If it’s irrational that often means BIG YES. I had a huge fear before I left my long-term relationship, but the fear was about the comfort zone not about the love, so I left. Then met the love of my life and here I am. It was a BIG YES too. Tremendous inner energy from the beggining on the heart level.

    I definitely have to add meditation, as the rest is “All In” 🙂

    • Meditation is a practice… and really, so is using your intuition.

      • Yeah.. practice paying attention to your intuition.

        Doesn’t surprise me Marie mentioned Oprah because she did many shows with victims and she frequently asked if there was a moment when they got the feeling there was danger.

        Seems like 99% of the time, the victim “knew” but chose to ignore their intuition.

        We are the only member of the animal kingdom who doesn’t choose “fight or flight” when we sense danger. Why? Because we (especially us women) are too concerned with offending someone.

        So, we’ve ALL got intuition. We just have to trust it.

        ~darlene 🙂

        • How does one approach left-brain male business people in a
          backward industry (furniture) with the concept of intuitive thinking?

          • My thought is that you don’t approach them at all. I imagine just simply acting on your own intuition yourself is all that you need. Very often knowing yourself and being strong in that way is all it takes.

          • Hi Larry,

            I’ve done several trainings for corporate execs/CEO’s, with 99% of the attendees being men in industries such as construction, tech, and finance. I remember being asked by a man “How can you prove to me that intuition exists?” I admit that it threw me off guard a little bit and I replied to him that I wasn’t there to prove anything, but to offer the perspective that there is an instinctual awareness we all have.

            And so I asked him if he ever had a decision to make, and just knew it in his gut, but others had a different opinion or advice and he went against his initial instinct, later to find out he “should have listened to himself.” He as well as the rest of the men have experienced that before. And it was like a light bulb went on for them.

            Men tend to not call this “intuition” because it’s usually associate with being a feminine trait – mother’s intuition. But they most definitely relate to “gut instinct” “trust your gut” “gut feeling.”

            When approaching the idea of intuitive thinking, it may help to shift the language around it. And I agree with Janet, by acting on your intuition it opens up the doors for them to act on it too.

            Which also reminds me of another training I did when one man who owned a fortune 500 tech company said in the beginning of the class (again mainly all men) that his intuition has brought him where he is today. I remember the other men in the room (they were a close knit group of business owners) definitely perked up. It was like a relief for them to hear another man talk about it and helped them open up and relax to this idea I was presenting.

            So let’s say you make a decision that you trusted your gut on, and others ask you how you did that you can simply tell them that you just trusted your gut on it. That opens up the space and brings it to light for everyone 🙂

          • I think you can approach anybody, whether male or female in whatever industry by talking about intuition respectfully… In their own language. It’s like mirroring them…. If they’re spooked by certain words pertaining to intuition…. Like “spirit tells me” or “my guides tell me” you can use more general language such as “I have a hunch” or “I bet/ I betcha” or “I have a feeling”. And if you use it playfully it’s more likely to encourage them to playfully join in on the intuitive fun, instead of you forcing intuition down their throat. In a way, intuition, although it’s a super normal aspect of us, needs to be treated like politics and religious conversations… With caution at first… And soon you’ll be able to speak to that person freely about intuition if you make it safe for them to do so. 🙂 whatever you do, don’t criticize the person for thinking in ways that you don’t agree with, otherwise instead of encouraging them to be intuitive, you’ll encourage them to shut down. Intuition it’s like the ebb and flow of the ocean for all of us… We have to receive the information, then have some space to process it, and then do it all over again. Intuitive oversaturation isn’t ideal for anybody. 🙂

        • Melanie Torti

          The expert that Oprah had on many times is Gavin De Becker. He has a great book on intuition-mostly fear, but helpful in recognizing your gut feelings. The book is titled The Gift of Fear. The subtitle is about protecting yourself from violence. It has been a few years since I read it and I read it to learn to listen to my own intuition, not necessarily to protect myself-although that has proven most helpful. I did learn a lot.

        • Good shout, plus we’re the only species that lives in the past and future, or in our heads/ ego. Though I do wonder whether our little boy kitty is in his head sometimes. LOL!

        • That is so interesting and so true. But it has a flip side. I think the reason we ignore our fight or flight instinct when there is real danger is because we’ve had to practice ignoring it through childhood and social conditioning.

          When we are face to face with an anxiety-producing situation like public speaking or a job interview, we have to manually turn off fight or flight in order to succeed. Fight or flight in that kind of situation is based on the fears we’ve developed in childhood, not because there really is a bear there who wants to tear us to shreds.

          This dichotomy of experience with intuition and fight or flight makes it really tough to know when to listen and run and when to press forward.

          When my gut gives me a clear message, I know it isn’t usually time to run, but time to slow down, pay attention, honor myself with encouragement, and sometimes make a tough choice.

          • CherylAnn, I just wanted to second your thought about having practiced ignoring it as a child. I did learn that. It takes practice in acting on your feelings.
            I kind of — not in fight or flight situations — I tend to get really PTSD and RUN — but in regular life stuff, I feel so guilty for honoring my gut instincts to say no to people when my gut is screaming at me to walk away. And THAT is definitely old school pleaser behavior. Now, I know that if I feel guilty, (which I do pretty much any time I take care of myself or put myself first), I’m probably on the right self-care track.

      • I like the idea that intuition is a practice, Lisa.

        I was thinking when I was watching this that my intuition is louder during some periods of time than others. I think when things get hectic, some of my usual “practices” get tossed to the side. My intuition goes with it.

        Something to be mindful of for me.

    • Very true, Kamila. Fear often begs us to look closer not run away. We have to make the distinction between warranted caution or the beckoning to jump to a new level.

      • Emelia, that is SUCH a critical distinction. Your fear is most concerned with your protection, while your intuition primarily cares about your growth and authenticity.

    • Great point, Kamila! Sometimes I really have to ask myself if it’s my fear or intuition talking to me, and what I’ve realized is that they feel different in my body. Fear feels constrictive and tense, and intuition feels like relief (even when it’s telling me to do something I REALLY don’t want to do). But it definitely takes practice to clarify this!

      • Alissa

        That’s interesting Kristen. For me it’s not that straightforward, although I really wish it was. Fear is just so darn smart and tricksy sometimes.

        For me, the fear surrounding a big leap – the right leap – often feels very real, heavy and constrictive when I’m right in the thick of it. It’s fear, its job is to keep me safe and right where I am so I guess those feelings have to feel real!

        Conversely, intuition doesn’t always feel like a liberating hell yes to me either. Sometimes (oftentimes) it’s just a niggle, a tiny whispering voice that just won’t go away. I like to think of it as a candle in a thunderstorm, if it isn’t going out, if the light is still flickering…I’ve got to follow it even when it makes no sense.

        I think if I’d walked away from every decision that came with a heavy constrictive feeling, or waited for the hell yes I’d been in a very different and far less exciting place right now.

        For me, intuition is something deep down in my bones. It’s irrational but it’s grounded, even when it brings chaos and fireworks to my life. If it makes no sense but I’m doing it anyway…I have to trust that there’s a reason for it, even when it scares the living hell out of me.

        There have been many times in my life when I’ve been waiting, wishing, hoping for that intuitive ‘hell yes’ feeling when I’ve been making a decision because then I’d have a sign you know…I’d have that certainty that this was The Right Thing For Me and everything would work out ok. But it never came.

        The job instead has been to get quiet, ask myself if it was what I really wanted (without judging the instinctive answer I get back), and then get my hands dirty and hope for the best. If I’ve really checked in and asked myself that question, I have to trust that I’m a smart girl, of sane mind (mostly) and there’s probably a damn good reason I’m making that choice even if it isn’t clear to me right now.

        I moved to a different country on my own two years ago, had no job, no friends…was genuinely under-the-covers terrified most days, but underneath that there was the deep down flicker that said hang on in there, this gets good. But man that flicker was tiny and quiet some days!

        Same with my current relationship. Common sense told me to run for the hills and yet I stuck around for the best thing that ever happened to me. But for a lot of those days I was like, what the HELL are you doing?!

        I guess I just wanted to point out that for some people the whole intuition vs fear thing can be a pretty grey area. Sometimes following the fear can lead to that feeling of lightness and relief (comfort can feel so gooood) and sometimes following the intuition can make you feel like you’re strapped to a roller coaster just about to go over the edge.

        Advice? Pay attention to the flickers!

        • Yes! I totally agree Alissa. Your intuition can definitely be a grey area. I’ve often noticed that myself where your intuition will feel uncomfortable yet liberating at the same time as well as your fear. And for me too it can be a deep down in my bones, your intuition can definitely be a mere whisper, subtle voice or knowing, gentle nudge that can easily be dismissed rather than a burning bush signal.

          Sounds like you’ve done an amazing job at really trusting yourself and creating the distinction of your own intuition and fear. it’s definitely a moment by moment thing and each decision has many variables in which our own intuitive guidance with respond to in the way that’s appropriate.

        • Pamela

          Great description, Alissa. Thank you!
          The issue can certainly be gray for me.
          The relationship situation you describe sounds familiar. Can you elaborate on how you knew when it was common sense (and not intuition) that was asking “What the hell am I doing?” I’m still asking myself the same, but I haven’t reached a comfortable point where I can look back in retrospect and say whether my intuition was whispering ‘stay’ or ‘run!’ I can’t tell which is which. How did you identify the worry as a common sense worry?

        • Hi Alissa,

          I love your candle in a thunderstorm analogy. I’m putting together a packet on intuition, may I borrow it?

    • Tiffany

      Yes, Kamila – they do say that if you are afraid of something, that’s a sign that there is something awesome awaiting you on the other side of it. Good job!

    • Kamila! Yay, we have the same name. Don’t meet other Kamilas often so heyy girl! 😉

      It’s important to be aware when it’s just fear speaking and when it’s truly because something is wrong. I’ve had issues with this in the past, never wanted to feel out of my comfort zone and would just act in a way that moved me away from this. In the recent few years, however, I have become aware of this habit and I’m working on moving PAST the fear and into the light, each time.

      Meditation rocks too. It’s all about making it a part of your routine. A habit. When you make it a non-negotiable, it becomes easier to do and something you “just do”

    • This just happened to me by listening to my intuition. Here’s the story: I’m growing my health and wellness business and had been feeling “stuck”. So I hear a voice that says call so-and-so who teaches EFT. I call, get an appointment, see her, and after 2 sessions I hear “look online for money coach”. So I do that and I find an amazing money coach, email her, get a free initial consult on the phone, it was amazing! Her work is all about intuition and really seeing limiting beliefs for what they are. WOW! I just got off the phone with her, I’m so excited to have someone to share my goals and aspirations with, I can say anything, I don’t have to hold back, I’m learning so much about how to run my business so that I ACTUALLY GET A SALARY! What a concept! It works if you work it! Look, listen, and feel. The gap where we create awareness is where our intuition lives and breathes.

    • It is not intuition based upon fear which propels me forward, but, intuition based upon the knowledge of the conscious universe. “The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”~ Albert Einstein.

  2. Love this Marie!

    Just yesterday we were working on this in Mentor Masterclass. I was teaching the women in this life coach training course how to trust themselves to coach using their intuition. We learn tons of NLP techniques for coaching and the women often feel tied to use these conversation models in the beginning of launching their practices and bringing in paying clients. I know how important intuition and your relationship to access it is, it’s so important for coaches so we dedicate a full month to learning how to bring this skill into your coaching and brand development.

    One tool we use that I’d love to add to the beauties you shared is asking what truth feels like in your body.

    How does it feel when you hear something that you know is true versus something that is a total lie.

    How does it feel in your body when you SAY something that is true versus saying something that is not true.

    You can try it just by saying your own name. My name is Jeannine. Or my name is Bob. This is a way to access your intuition in coaching when listening to your clients talk. Your body will respond and you can access when your clients are speaking truth or covering something up. Which will really help you to know as their coach when to dig deeper or when to celebrate their authenticity.

    I also remember something I heard from you years ago Marie. That our intuition will give us the thumbs up yes go ahead by checking in with a decision we have to make. If it is a yes, we will feel expansive. If it is a no we will feel inside like a wrung out rag.

    Intuition is the gateway for living life from our heart. It is the only way to create soul identities and decisions that come from our unique essence versus society directed influences. This is so important for the women thought leaders I serve in launching their mission driven business and the most important knowing I can cultivate to walk my talk in my own life.

    Sending you an all of our intuitive sisters here LOVE LOVE LOVE!


  3. Intuition is huge for me personally. My gut and natural knowing have guided me for as long as I can remember. I’ve never felt like a risk taker because I’ve always known I’d be okay when I made decisions but looking back now I can see how other people just can’t fathom how I felt comfortable doing some of those things.

    I’m currently in the middle of a huge life transition that I can’t attribute to anything other than my gut and time. I’ve been in a long term relationship for almost 5 years and have started and closed two businesses right before they really started to take off for the sake of chasing “the normal life” of a 9-5. After realizing some major red flags in the relationship I’d ignored and being sick and tired of being sick and tired I made the decision to leave. I’m relocating at the end of the week to pursue full-time creative entrepreneurship.

    It wasn’t until this plan was set, the housing was confirmed and I was in final prep stages that my body did a 180 and started telling me just how right this decision was. My completely unhealthy and irregular cycle has not only normalized but it is the only time I can remember in the last decade that it has done so. Everything about my intuition is telling me that this is the right life path for me to take today.

    Sorry for the book! I think being an introvert helps my intuition. I spend a lot of time inside my own head replaying and interpreting the littlest things around me. I haven’t been able to get into meditation regularly but when I do find the time it is a huge thing for my sense of self and inner peace. It is one of the many personal habits I hope to make in this next big transition. Intuition is so much about being in touch with yourself. Find some time to spend there and you’ll be hearing things you never noticed before in no time!


    • Hannah, I relate to so much of what you’re saying, so thank you for sharing!

      I also wouldn’t consider myself to be a risk taker (if anything, I’m over-cautious!), and yet people frequently tell me how brave I am to do so many of the things I do. But those decisions truly don’t feel risky to me because I intuitively KNOW that I’m on the right path.

      Plus, I’m also an introvert, so I feel like I absorb and process everything, and I’m happy being alone with my thoughts and emotions.The more alone-time I give myself, the louder my intuition seems to get.

      Anyway, I applaud you for making big, scary, exciting, uncomfortable decisions recently! Good luck during this transition — it sounds like you’re very clearly doing the right thing for you, and your intuition is celebrating! 🙂

      • Thank you Kristen! I’m glad I’m not the only one who treads through life this way 🙂

        Cheers to all of the futures big, scary, and exciting decisions our guts lead us to!!!

      • I’m most fascinated with you saying you’re an introvert. You don’t appear on the outside to be an introvert.
        I’d love to know (for my own growth~maybe others would like to know too) how you’ve overcome being an introvert to ‘put yourself out there’ and coach others.

        • Annette – I think I may define “introvert” a little differently than some other people do. Often the word “introvert” implies that someone is shy or quiet, and that’s never really been true for me.

          To me, being an introvert means that I’m energized more from being alone or with just one other person than from being in a group or social setting. In fact, if I pack my calendar with too many events or plans, I get really antsy and start to CRAVE alone-time.

          Because I love one-on-one interactions, coaching actually works really well for me. It’s the networking part of business-ownership that really drains me if I try to overdo it! I’ve realized I usually can’t put more than 2 events on my calendar per week or else I’ll rebel, cancel everything, and retreat into a good novel 🙂

        • Annette,
          I don’t want to speak for Hannah here, so I will respond from my own experience. When I read Hannah’s experience about being introverted, I related with her being in her thoughts and quiet time etc, because that’s what introverted means: to re-fuel your energy from being alone and inside yourself, not externally/socially. It often gets confused that introverted = shy, when it doesn’t. Someone who is shy is just more fearful of their surroundings, it has nothing to do with how they gain recharge their batteries. Thank goodness fear is something we can work with and its not a permanent state of being! Good luck with your fear, there are lots of people out there to help 🙂

        • Annette,
          Like Annette and Kristen, I consider myself an introvert, based on the definition of how we process. I love meeting and intimately connecting with people; I get super excited about parties and other venues of meetings, that I often forget how drained I can become.
          I think part of the introvert definition – at least in the way it’s being used here, is that we process life experiences in an internal and personal manner, more so than the extroverts. Out attention is also more on our inner experiences, from my understanding.

          I believe the Enneagram uses this style of defining introvert & extrovert, if you are interested in checking it out for growth purposes.

    • Tiffany

      Congratulations Hannah for coming to that realization! All the best on your new adventure!

  4. Stillness is the first step. We need to practice stillness so we can sense/hear/feel it. Meditation is a challenge if we can be still – even for a minute. At least that was my experience. I had to set a timer for 60 seconds for several months before I could be still. I had “itches, bitches and twitches” all over the place. Then, I was able to just be more aware of what’s going on in my body.

    Stillness and awareness, that’s not easy in the “chattering monkey” world, but it’s such a gift to ourselves.

    • Lisa, I agree so much, that the stillness and a meditative state is key. And perhaps the random sharp hit, that can hit unexpectedly.

      I find that active meditation can be useful for some of us, to get the chattering monkey some direction and focus.

      I’ve had times where I can be still, but not present (just floating in other realms). In those cases, engaging in something active keeps me present in this physical reality.

  5. Love this! I’ve recently realized that my gut feelings are really loud BUT I spend a very long time not listening – sometimes years. This comes in the form of “reasons why not”, such as “I can’t do that because something else is expected of me” or “but that will hurt someone” or “I wont be good at that” or my favorite “I don’t want that to be true!!”. To help speed along this process, I’ve started to list out the GOOD outcomes of my gut feelings instead of immediately assuming they would cause damage in my life. Has led me to some pretty amazing things!

  6. “Intuition lives in your body, not in your mind.” So, so, so, so, so, so true, Marie. Our bodies are sensors and every aspect of our physicality provides a message. All of these tips resonate with me but especially this one at this time.

  7. I was eating RAW food only for six months and my intuition was the strongest its ever been. I also asked the universe for what I wanted and I was guided to all that I asked for.

    I completely transformed my life around during that time. And when I say my intuition was strong, I mean I was unable to ignore anything that came up. I ended up on train journey bumping into someone who is now a business partner. My intuition lead me to a park where I picked up an opportunity I had been looking for. My intuition guided me to talking to people on the tube and as a result I given a ticket I wanted for a seminar or offers to other things. Quite often I didn’t know why I was heading to certain locations or speaking to random people, but it soon became very obvious the universe was delivering. Its the powerful thing I ever done and I’m looking forward to doing it again.

    Interestingly enough, other people I have spoken to about the RAW food diet experienced very similar things.

    • Hannah I love this. I do believe that you are right- been hearing stuff about certain foods/oils/processed stuff/ blocking the inner eye chakra (doorway to intuitive guidance) and though I am a tough sell on ‘bad vs good’ I have to agree that when you are physically ‘clear’ you are spiritually more clear. THAT being said, 🙂 I am not! One day perhaps ~ as it requires discipline and work. Are you not eating RAW now? just curious… someday the lifestyle will be more easily accessible. Much <3 though and thanks for that unique experience! <3

    • Me too, I notice my diet to effect a lot, including intuition, tuning into dreams at night.

      Hannah, I’m curious, is RAW food diet different than raw food diet? And would it include raw red meat (which helps me a lot)?

  8. Intuition: my best friend in life AND business!

    I’m happy to share tonnes of free resources to sharpen your intuitive skills:


    • SilSilvia

      Caroline, Thank You! I’m new in this area, have to work and develop a lot about my inner intuition/voice, as I like to tell it. Big challenge for me, will come here to tell you the results 🙂
      Hugs to all of you!

  9. As a tarot reader, intuition is the number one tool of my trade! Great to see a video which simplifies this concept and shows that intuition is a resource *everyone* can draw on 🙂

    Beth xx

  10. Sweetbabylordjesus! If I had a dollar for everyone who came to me for help after NOT listening to their intuition, I’d buy Branson’s island from him – in cash.

    Marie I think your 4 points are an excellent starting point for anyone who struggles with this. I find that the easiest to start with is the physical piece. We’re really bad at paying attention to our own bodies, but if you take a time out and think about what you’re feeling in your body – if and where there’s tension – then that’s something to work with.

    I say “listen to your gut” a lot as well (because intuition is a bit woo woo for me) and I always tell people that we’ve got 100 million neurons in the gut, which is way more than the spinal cord. Nothing like putting some science behind it, yo.

  11. Daily meditation or prayer could awaken intuition in almost anyone 🙂

  12. Tied to meditation, breathing exercises, as creating a place you go as you breath helps. I imagine myself on a mountain, or beach, and add an eagle and owl on each shoulder to help me see as I meditate. Create your own story that you go to and this will make meditation so much easier. Remembering it breathe is so important!

  13. One of my favourite episodes, thanks Marie, as always! xo

    For those who want to develop your intuition further, I have a few tips to help:

    1. Know that real guidance/clear intuition is always subtle (as Marie said), don’t expect a big face popping up right in front of you, or constant lightening striking.

    2. Write to your inner-self, asking her/him a question. Pause for 5-10 seconds, get grounded and imagine your inner-self holding your hands, writing the answers back to you.

    3. Your relationship with your intuition is as real as any relationships. Practice it daily, make a conscious effort to notice when your intuition speaks to you. Best, write down every nudge you get and keep them in your journal – you can’t ignore those hard-core evidence. This will train your mind to trust your intuition more.

    4.Your Angels and Guides are so eager to help you. Don’t shy away whenever you need help – you are not wasting their time 🙂 Here is an article for tips around this topic

    5. Find and join a like-minded group, witness and nurture each other’s progress.

    6. Animals are great teachers for intuition. If you have pets, try to communicate with them through words, telepathy or gazing.

    7. Learn to discern the differences between intuition and emotions. Many people think that emotion is intuition, and they blindly followed their emotion but end up having a horrific experience. You don’t want to follow your emotions all the time. Otherwise you’ll be on a rollercoaster!

    8. Each of us is unique, and we have our own ways to interact with our intuition. Devote time to re-discover your most natural channels. Eg, do you respond well with words? Colours/pictures? Do you feel that guidance often whisper at your? Or is it more like inner-knowing?

    Enjoy exploring /reawakening your most innate gift!


    • Nancy

      Hi Yije,
      great tip to write down question to our inner self, I’ll be doing that instead of posing question in my mind only.

      Marie, this episode is another big thumbs up! Great tip about knowing our intuition through our physical sensations. xoxo

      • So glad that it helps Nancy!
        Enjoy such conversation with your inner-self!


  14. I’ve found that whenever I feel really anxious about something that that means I should definitely go for it. Every time I made a big but positive life decision (Going to Graduate School, getting married, starting my own business, etc) I felt almost paralyzing fear about it. I’ve learned to see this intense fear as actually a sign of encouragement that I should actually go for it. I’ve also learned to trust my intuition about other people. It’s easy to say “But I hardly know this person, I should just give them a chance. What could go wrong”, but I’ve learned to trust my gut about other people.

    • Hi Marina, I’ve always found that axienty and excitement feel exactly the same. So change the label you give that feeling and it really helps get over the fear.

    • Hi Marina,
      Like Cat, I find anxiety and excitement to feel similar.
      Not exactly the same feeling for me, but there’s a subtle tipping point in my system, where fear becomes excitement, which usually happens when I am in a state of truly trusting that life has my back.
      When I’m fully connected with the knowing that I’m supported and guided, and things are going to be fine (or even fabulous), then the unknown turns from a breeding ground of anxiety to a playground of exciting opportunities.

    • That’s interesting – because I often feel torn when making big decicisions. In fact, I found this amazing space I’d like to rent for a photography studio cooperative. I knew as soon as I saw the first image posted on the lease classified that was the space I’ve been wanting. I was so excited and went to see it even though it was way out of my price range. My husband is encouraging me to go for it. But by doing so, I’d quit my part time job to really focus on making this a successful business. But the 2000 /mo rent is what is scaring me and giving me that anxiety feeling. So maybe like you said – that is really my sign to do it and give it my all. So hard to be so excited about it but yet worried it won’t work at the same time.

      • Caroline - Team Forleo

        Go Tina! Sometimes jumping in a little bit before you feel ready can lead to beautiful results. I know so many of us feel fear pretty strongly when we’re making major decisions (I definitely do!), and this other episode of MarieTV popped to mind that I thought you might like to check out too about sensing the difference between fear and intuition:

        It sounds like your husband is wonderfully supportive of your dreams, which is awesome, and we’re sending you best wishes for tremendous success if you decide to jump on this opportunity!

  15. I’m getting back into a daily meditation routine and the app headspace is absolutely wonderful for beginners.

    PS. More Bear TV!! haha

    • “Do you really sh*t in the woods?”

      That is one of the funniest segments ever. See, my intuition said B-School would be a great fit and I was right. Sometimes I base huge decisions on how much people make me laugh or how they treat a taxi driver. Rock on, bear. And Marie.

      • Jo Hi

        I seem to get some mixed messages from your comment. “Do you sh…..etc”

        If I follow you, Marie has covered over the big pothole in the road of intuition if you want to be serious about it. Below is my comment.

        Great!!! Yes I agree with you and you got so close to the big nasty problem that most people fall for when they are trying to connect with their intuition.
        Yesssss it’s ‘Wishful Thinking.’ Wishful thinking is a great big fat fake pretending to be intuition. When I see or hear this happening I tell people you’ve really got to get some brutal honesty and inner disciplin into the equasion.
        People love telling themselves also listening to what they want to hear. It is the one reason why 95% of new entrepreners go bust in one to three years.
        One of my favorite all time wishful thinking busters is – wait for it – Brutally honest DETAILED ANALYSIS of what I am looking for in the way of intuitive intelligence.

        • Hey Robert. Nope, I was making a simple point. I’m not as profound as you give me credit for 😉

          I reckon the Marie TV team did a good job of condensing a complicated topic into a short vid. With bears. BEARS! Of course there’s self-delusion, confirmation bias and assorted other gremlins to contend with, but there’s still something to be said for taking notice of one’s past gut bullseyes. Mine happen to be linked with humour, whatever my rational brain says. Have you read ‘Decoded’ by Phil Barden? Pretty interesting stuff. x J

  16. My list of times I did not listen to my intuition and got spanked for it is much too long. I have learned along the way to do exactly as you say here Marie – slow down, meditate so you can actually hear that inner voice over the constant habitrail of thoughts.

    This Thursday we are going to help some Minneapolis business folks de-stress with the help of some rescue dogs and puppies! Super-stoked for this experience.

    Check out the info on our event and if anyone has any suggestions for me…please throw em at me! Hoping to have a ton of fun and make a difference in a lot of peoples day!

    “Homeless dogs as rescue remedy to relieve stress of city workers”

    smiles and wags ~


  17. Definitely learning from past experiences when I’ve realised that I should have listened to my intuition has taught me to become more conscious of it in the present. I feel like its a skill that’s still being refined often though 🙂

  18. Amanda

    I had an illness about 14 years ago and had one unsuccessful surgery and was looking at a second surgery. During an ultrasound, I watched my doctor as I lay in the dark and I knew that he was afraid. Me too! I decided at that point that I would become as expert as I could about my illness so I could ask good questions and receive the care I needed. I ended up getting surgery in another state. I called the first doctor to let him know my decision. I could feel the relief. Afterwards, he wrote the letter that made my insurance pay for my out of state surgery. A great outcome for a little bit of intuition.

    • Trish

      I’m currently in a community with medical doctors @ the hospital who as a policy wait until breast lumps are walnut sized before they do a biopsy. Omg!! I know 2 women who had lumps detected that were very small (under walnut size), the doctors told them it was nothing and when they went back for ultrasound months later the now walnut sized lumps were indeed cancer!! Can you believe it?!?!!!! Some medical people should choose other work!! Good for you that you followed your gut!

  19. I have always been in touch with my intuition but for those who struggle to make that connection, I recommend starting an “intuition journal.” Writing down dreams, intuitive hits, flashes of inspiration, etc. is good way to see how we are wired and how our instincts work (each person has a different way of connecting to their sixth sense). When you look back on this record, you may be amazed to discover how uncanny those insights are.

    I’m also a big believer in meditation. A few minutes in silence helps to hear the small voice within.


    • Yes Teresa great advice. It’s no good barging into intuition like a bull in a chin shop. Confidence is going to get torn to ribbons.

      Intuition is something that has to be learnt, tested until you know you can trust it. You have some great advice.

  20. As a woman who grew up in an extreme religious environment, we were taught to cut off from our intuition if it was telling us something different than the ideology was.

    Since leaving it’s been a daily practice for me to reawaken that intuition and lovingly be guided by it. And for me the body knowing has been so important and healing.

    I love your four suggestions Marie, and I love the power that it gives each of us to know and forge and path for our highest good!

    • Isn’t it odd, that intuition is, according to many, a way of listening to guidance from God or source or any other name of choice, and yet many religious influences teach us a disempowering interpretation of this source, and discourage us from establishing an empowering relationship with this source.

      Jen, I’m so glad you have found your way out of doctrine that wasn’t helping, and being guided once again by your intuition.

  21. This is wonderful: I work almost entirely from instinct, and have no problem making spontaneous decisions BUT it is very good to hear the whole process taken apart and laid out as it is, above.

    Sometimes my intuition is a bit over-wild, so grounding (getting physical) is a particularly potent tool for me: thanks for the reminder Marie!

    For me, walking in nature, rather than meditation, is the perfect way to realign thoughts- to empty the mind and recharge with clean clear vibes.

    I find too, that being uber-sensitive means that it is easy for me to get swayed or have doubts, if someone else forces an alternative view into my space. I’ve learned over the years to take healthy quantities of solitude, especially if I’m trying to make a big decision…

    And I love how, the more you work with the intuitive, the more powerful and magical it becomes: life gets deeper and more fantastic, the more we attend to our gut knowing!

  22. I know when I stopped pushing my intuition away and started to always lead me!
    During a night out with my sis, I met a really nice and cute guy. It was a fun night. Then, the next morning, when he called as promised, my whole body was telling me: don’t pick up the phone! But I brushed this sensation off.
    Needless to say that two years later, we broke it off! Now, there was a lot of learning for me in this whole relationship, which contributed big time too! And I tend to not look back in anger, as everything happens for a reason!
    But looking forward, I promised myself to never again brush that inner voice off, like I did.
    Took some time, but worth the wait and exercise!
    Thanks Marie, for this episode!

  23. Wow… I really needed this right now. I am trying to get into meditation but I just haven’t felt connected to myself in that way yet. These tips were awesome especially about detecting physical changes in yourself that show whether your body is reacting positively to something. Thanks again Marie!

  24. Now, I’d love to hear from you. Any of these four steps resonate? If so, which one and why? If you have an intuition exercise of your own that works, please share it in the comments below.

    Similar to the meditation piece & “getting physical”, I find getting out of my regular environment, whether that means my workspace or house and going to a park or outside to work or brainstorm really helps me tune in and focus and being able to listen to my intuition.

    I recently experienced this while on vacation. Throughout bschool this year I had been wracking my brain for a biz idea I could really get behind. I never found it and began to get frustrated that nothing was coming through. I worked on bschool using another project I was working on and knew if I gave it time, that idea would present itself. It happened last week, while I was on the deck by the lake at our rental cottage, brainstorming ideas. BINGO 🙂

    Intuition and patience are powerful 🙂

    • Tal

      I find my intuition CRAVES being out of a regular environment. I’ve recently been feeling a very strong desire to take a mini trip away from where I live so I can have peace and quiet to reconnect with myself. I felt that urge again while reading your comment! I guess this is my intuition asking for the right environment to speak to me 🙂

      • Yes, I totally agree and love how you described that. How intuition craves it. That’s do neat, I think it might be 🙂

  25. Ohmigosh the bear! Hilarious. 🙂

    I can definitely attest to intuition being a huge driving force (and sometimes stopping force, too!) in my business. I’ve taken more advanced intuition trainings with Laura Day the author of “Practical Intuition” and I highly recommend her books to anyone who wants to learn more about tapping into your intuition.

    It’s amazing what the human animal can do – way more than we give ourselves credit for, really!

  26. I love this video – could not agree more. Intuition lives in your body.
    Everyday I am in the habit of at least 30 mins of meditation and 30 mins of movement – dancing usually 😀 Its often a little more of both.
    I learnt some years ago if I dont help myself in this way and get the energy in me focused and moving, life kind of goes mental and I feel like I’m on a roller coaster.
    When I do both meditate and move I love the wave of deep stillness all the way to crazy expressive movement in all directions.
    When I have a ‘question for the universe’ or want to feel into whats next – it works everytime and I certain this is habit works for everyone who applies it….sometime it just takes a little time 🙂
    Life is such a wealthy experience 😀
    Feeling grateful now – Thank you Marie 😀 A great reminder 😀

  27. Love this episode, so great to hear you all talking about using your ‘gut instinct’. I always listen to that part of myself and ask ‘what is the worse that can happen’, if i can live with the answer then i know my gut has lead me down the right path. When i don’t listen to it and try to rationalise a reaction, it normally leads to being hugely disappointed or let down.

    Go with the gut!!

  28. What a great Q and A today!

    So many great ways to tap into your intuition. For me the biggest one that I’ve only recently started using myself is meditation. I’m definitely someone who’s always on the go and never thought I’d enjoy meditation, but it helps me so much in all areas of my life.

    I’m a personal trainer who got into fitness through running. I first discovered meditation at the end of a Pilates class (even trying Pilates was a big step for me at the time as I liked to really be moving in my fitness classes!). In the beginning, I kept going to class because of a friend, but it was the end of class, the meditation that kept me coming back!

    I now teach Pilates too and always include meditation at the end. My students absolutely swear by its impact on their lives.

    If you’re having trouble getting started with meditation and aren’t the sitting cross legged type, I’d love for you to try a sequence I use to get my mind ready.

    You can download the mediation on my blog. It’s on the right hand side of the page: 🙂

    Thanks for this great episode, Marie!

  29. Tiffany

    First a story and then a question…

    As an example of not following intuition… years ago I met a woman in a class and, during our first conversation, I heard a voice say, “Oooh, you’re going to be trouble.” But, because I was afraid to tell her no when she wanted to hang out, this lead to a 12-year friendship filled with drama and anxiety. Whether it was intuition or a self-fulfilling prophesy, it totally drove home the point that I had to listen to my inner voice.

    Now, there are times when I am confused by the voice so, if anyone has any insight that would be great. For example, I went on a walk one day and, at a certain point, I thought I should go back home to my apartment. When I walked into the lobby, the office manager was waving me in and offered me a free Tim Horton’s coffee. Kind of cool – a little reward for following my gut, I’d say. Whether that was where I was being led or I was avoiding something that would have happened on my walk, I don’t know but, for a time after, every time I would walk past that spot, I’d get the voice saying that I should go home again.

    So, what are the signs that a voice is about conditioning and when is it really intuition? As a very cerebral person, my mind can think of anything at any time and I get so scared about making the wrong move I freak myself out!

    • Beware the “voice”. That is more likely to be ego speaking, trying to drag us back into our comfort zone. Like Marie emphasises, intuition speaks through the language of visceral feelings.

  30. fun as ever. And informative. Thank you Marie.

  31. Been meditating. Asking my soul to tell me ‘what’s up’! No answer yet, but at least I am doing it. I have always been intuitive, but my inconsistency in life kind of cancels out all of my findings. So I’m working on it. I have been consistently meditating and actually have been looking for some conversation, but as Marie pointed out, I probably need to be guiding myself to more physical means because my mind always seems to convince me to dismiss pretty much everything. gets me nowhere! Very nice video! Thank you again for an awesome thing to think about/ to want to experience!! I will get there!!!!!!

    • Mitsue, you might enjoy reading about different types of intuition. There’s one by Sherrie Dillard that I love, Discover Your Psychic Type. It might give you insights into some next steps.

  32. Scott

    This is highly interesting. I hear people saying they did things that produced success which was “counter-intuitive,” and I don’t know what they mean by it. I don’t hear guys typically talk about intuition. On the Myers-Briggs, one has a preference for being an S (listening to information from the senses, facts, being right-now oriented) or an N (gut feeling, hunches, possibilities, future-oriented). I never really understood what that meant or which fit me so I assume I’m more of an S. I have started to take much more time the past couple of months to slow down and pray and sort of ask for divine help because I am often in situations where I don’t know what’s going to happen. I cannot see how the dots will connect or even what dots are ahead. You have to make choices, decisions sometimes without knowing all the information or even all the questions that needed to be asked. It helps to have a north star to help give a point of reference to evaluate what’s the decision to be made right here and now.

    • Hi Scott,
      So glad you mention “counter-intuitive” – I agree that the phrase is misleading, since most often it’s used to mean counter-instinctive, in my opinion.
      Instinct can inform intuition, but often our instincts are outdated primal programming, or influenced by some trauma or wound along the way, and tuning into higher guidance from a confident and calm state will produce guidance that isn’t always the same as what our instincts will tell us.

      Does anybody else distinguish between instincts and intuition? I would love to hear…

  33. Catalina

    Its the first time i saw a episode of Marie TV, i really like specially because some time ago i realized that i had good sense for my intuition, since that i have been to training to here ir more clear. Actually y have some stories about it that helped mi to understand better my intuition.
    thanks, Cata!

  34. Tal

    I’d say of the four suggestions you make here, for me the best one to really work the intuition muscle is the suggestion to FEEL what’s happening in your body while you make a decision. Feeling between light/open and heavy/claustrophobic despair is how I know my intuition is speaking to me.

    One specific example I can think of was back when I was out on a date with a guy. He was cute, smart, and basically my perfect match on paper, but something was just off and I kept getting this heavy feeling in my chest. I actually even told him that I felt like he hasn’t a good guy! But I thought it was butterflies or some other feeling of attraction and nervousness, so I kept seeing him. Fast forward a few months later when I find out he was dating multiple women at the same time as me, and he disappeared without a word!

    That was just one of the many times I can remember when my gut screamed at me “no, no, no!” and it came true. Sometimes I listened, but when I didn’t that’s when I suffered the consequences!

  35. Kay

    Thank you for this Marie. There was a time when I thought that I had absolutely no intuition, no inner knowing.

    Just last week during a rehearsal, I got the feeling that I should cancel this week’s rehearsal. Of course, I thought that was just crazy talk, especially since we have a performance coming up soon.

    By the end of the rehearsal, I didn’t manage to shake the feeling, so I boldly announced that rehearsals for the upcoming week is cancelled. Needless to say, I got a few strange looks. The following day, I found out (by chance) that our usual rehearsal space would not be available. So in this instance, I was right.

    There are times however when I struggle with trusting myself, times when the noises in my head declare war and it becomes next to impossible to shut them up.

  36. Oh my gosh, I almost peed my pants watching this one! Amazing, and such a great pick me up on a Tuesday.

    I’ve always been a pretty intuitive person, and the concrete tip that I stick to is not waiting too long to take action when I have a strong intuitive hit to do something. Most recently, that meant creating a new side business in oh, about 15 minutes.

    I’m launching a monthly membership-only lunch delivery club on September 1st in New York:

    Superfood Mexican: The best traditional Mexican food, laced with superfoods. (

    My intention is to provide fabulous, delicious, and super energizing lunches for as many people as possible.

    I’m very excited to support busy New Yorkers in this way.

    This project feels so natural and obvious, and like it would be totally wrong not to pursue it.

    Intuition played such a big part in it, and this episode really hits home.

    You rock, Marie!

    Much love,

  37. Scott

    Talking something out with a good friend, a sounding board, is sometimes the best way of accessing intuition. By getting something out of my mind and off my chest, I might experience a moment when there’s clarity, where something just makes sense, an insight is formed.

  38. Amritakripa

    I just watched your video (delightful as always) and then i landed on this – – in which i read, ” It’s like Einstein saying, “I didn’t arrive at my understanding of the fundamental laws of the universe through my rational mind.” He implied the concept of ‘intuition’.” Hmmm, I’m sensing a message from the universe 🙂 Thanks Marie!

  39. Oh my god! Awesome sauce. I have a cranky tale about not listening to your intuition that to this day burns me up! Last year I was contacted by a guy I never met, Frank, over email to speak on a webinar. His site Screening Experts seemed legit and he was referred by someone else I’d never met but who loved my book Branding Basics for Small Business. We discussed it as this is not my normal audience but he wanted to do an educational webinar and would pay me a speaker fee. He seemed really nice and together but I still had a little fluttering in my gut. Neverthess I sent the contract and ideas for the presentation. Something told me to PDF the slides rather than send them as is. He kept saying he’d sign the contract but delayed and delayed constantly saying things were crazy for him right now but he’d already lined up folks, yarda yada. I started to get more uncomfortable so I to him that since we’d never worked together I was going to have to ask for 50% upfront or could not do it. He seed offended by this and I felt bad but he finally agreed. I thought everything was fine, we collaborated on idea back and forth but sti no payment. Then I was leaving for vacation in the UK and told him I needed payment by time I got back and he assured I’d have it just needed to get the cash flow from sign ups. I worked on his edits to the deck while on vacation!!! Still felt queasy but pressed on thinking, “don’t be so untrusting! He’s responding and working on this. Be a little flexible!” I sent a final email while on vacation to confirm date and time of webinar as it was literally the morning after I got back (jet lagged!). Never heard from him. At the webinar time and date I readied myself hoping he’d send the info for dial in. Nothing. I called, emailed for hours and weeks after and tried to give him the benefit if the doubt, saying I hope nothing horrible had happened. Nothing. Nada. AS MY GUT tried to tell me, the guy wasted my time and cost me money (he never sent a check) and God knows if he’s using my materials. Luckily my slides are very graphic so without my notes and narrative they’re not complete! I have had to make peace with it even though I am so indignant but I just had to chalk it up to a lesson in trusting my gut. Unfortunately that’s a next time, a partner might think I’m going overboard on contract, deposit and not sharing content at first but you have to hope they’d understand if you’ve been burned before. My handful of difficult clients always came with warning bells going off in my head which I chose to ignore. Lesson? Setes you just have to find a graceful way to back out of things even if it makes no sense or the person makes you feel bad. Thanks Marie for sharing how to cultivate – and listen to – that intuition on our work and lives!

  40. Recently I experienced that gut reaction/physical knowing after 2 job interviews. The minute I left the first interview I received a NO NO NO feeling in my gut that helped me turn down the offer. After the second one I just felt weird. It wasn’t the right fit, and I didn’t feel comfortable in there. I’m learning more and more that I have tremendous value to offer the world, but I have to trust my intuition about which projects to pursue. I’m not the right person for every job and every project. And that’s a good thing! I rely on my intuition to guide me.

  41. There are probably a lot of people who are like I used to be.
    I thought the whole meditation thing was a load of hooey. What a waste of my precious time (which I didn’t have enough of in the first place) and I found myself sitting there thinking how absolutely dumb this was.
    UNTIL, I researched and researched AND researched successful people. And they pretty much ALL meditate. So I decided to put more effort into trying this silly meditation thing again. This time I had a different mind-set about it. And at first, I just enjoyed 5 minutes of peace and quiet. Then after time, this has become a healing process with me. I actually have MORE time than I used to. My 10-15 minutes of meditation I do a day, helps me get focused and the rest of my day goes smoother and more efficient. So meditation actually SAVES me TIME!!! And a pretty good side effect is, I am able to tune into my intuition more clearly,
    You skeptics out there…. change your mindset and get on board with meditation…. it will change your life!!!

  42. I love your humor Marie.

    And the 4 actions are fantastic, thanks so much for the work you put out there and being genuine and wise.


  43. Several years ago, I was a career advisor for recent art school graduates. Sometimes my students would ask me, “How will I know a job I’ve interviewed is the right place for me? I mean, I need a job but I don’t want to take something that isn’t right for me.” I used to advise them: Do you know that feeling you have when you really are in a dangerous situation? Like maybe you are walking at night and the neighborhood suddenly seems sketchy? Remember and recognize that feeling. You have that sense of fear and dread because of divine protection at work. Intuition is, I think, divine protection. Understanding when it comes on strong in the past will help you recognize it in the future. You can then add your intellect to ask the right questions. In the case of a job, the first question is, “Why is this position open?” And for entry level jobs, “How often has this position been open in the past two years?” A revolving door scenario will validate your intuition.

  44. Great video on trusting those vibes, Marie. Just love your openness to everything vibey!

    I love my vibey side and have made it a business as well (wink at Caroline Frennette). I have developed my feeling, seeing, and hearing nature and it has always led me to great adventures and surprises along the way. My strongest vibes always catch my attention through my feeling nature…so that’s just my sense.

    I’d love to see more videos on how intuition guides you, Marie.

    Love your spirit, Marie. Check me out on

    Big hugs, Trisha.

  45. Marie!
    Hil-ari-ous video this week – gotta love Bear.
    I’ve always had an intuitive mind which I guess was suppressed until I became an entrepreneur. Over the last 3 years the intuition seems to be getting stronger. I can quite easily identify it as can appear as a ‘pit in my stomach’ or ‘goose bumps’ if it’s a good intuition. Also I’m a huge mediation fan – it certainly clears the mind and gives you clarity to just about everything. K xo

  46. Lisa A

    I laughed so hard at this video that I started crying. That is also a way of getting the negative crap out of your system and gain a new perspective. I told a friend yesterday to sing as loud as possible in her car. She has a 45 min plus commute and it causes her stress. She was worried what people would think. I told her not to care. If it relaxes you and helps you figure out where you want to be in life, then who cares what the person next to you thinks? Everyone needs to relax in order to hear their own inner voice or gut. Thanks Marie! Keep up the great work!

  47. Marie– fab topic

    I actually have a radically different way of looking at things. I have found in my studies over the last 15 years that spiritual teachers (Marie counts) have a tendency to teach what they know– what works for them. Marie is a dancer, so of course her intuitive style is more physical. It’s actually called clairsentience when we get intuitive feelings through the body.

    I teach my students of my Sacred Armor eCourse how to know themselves and get in touch with their intuitive style so they can leverage that to create better boundaries with loved ones, clients and authority figures.

    Basically it’s like learning styles–some people are musical, visual, spatial, kinesthetic, tactile, audio learners or a unique combination of these things. Some people are incredible chefs or super smellers.

    If you know how you tend to take in information from your world then you know your dominant intuitive style–it’s related!

    So maybe if you feel a little numb to your body, not only get moving, but think about where your strengths lie. Be open to new understanding.

    For instance since I grew up in a musical family with a dad who played 12 instruments, I never considered myself musical. I can hardly remember any lyrics unless I read them over and over– I thought I’m a visual learner. But I’m both and even more.

    Over time I realized that I was picking up a lot of information about other people’s feelings through my physical reaction. I became a licensed massage therapist after college, and honed that body intuition even more. (as well as my ability to create boundaries and feel my own feelings…super essential)

    During the hours that I treated my clients, mostly silently or with light music, I started to pass the time over the table by coming up with cool images— like a bird bath where birds would crowd around when I hit a good spot and make a lot noise when I should give more pressure.

    Later I realized— that was my intuition! I was using my creativity to combine my strengths with visualization (visual learner), my body sensitivity (tactile/kinesthetic) and even added sounds (musical).

    I had to combine all these different aspects of how I relate to the world to crack my intuition open.

    So if you are still stumped, stay open to learning new things about yourself. Maybe it’s a voice to hear, a feeling to feel, a thing to know without explanation or it could be a vision you see, a scent you catch, a song stuck in your head, or even a taste you can’t get out of your mouth.

    Stay open to finding your way! Blessings x Sofia Wren

    • First of all amazing, I always felt intuition was my inner guidance, it just got even more real. Second love this video. Nice time to laugh. Thanks Marie, you are the bestest 🙂

    • Hi Sofia,
      Love your description of the various ways you intuit.
      If you know any resources that describe various styles of intuition, I’d love to find out on behalf of my clients. So far I use Sherrie Dillard’s Discover Your Psychic Type, which I use a lot. I’ve found one or two webpages that write about certain types, but not much more. Thanks!

  48. For me and how I distinguish my intuition “voice” versus the chatter in my head, the intuitive voice is a soft, simple, and neutral voice and usually comes to me as a sense, flash, or knowing. The chatter in my head is non-stop, combative or excited, usually has a negative tone and is demanding. My intuition can show up in my body as well. It could be an ache or pang or even little hairs standing on end alerting me to pay attention. What I do to engage my intuition is I ask a question. Even though I expect an answer I must give it room and the space to come through, I need to quiet the mind chatter. So I perform a task that makes me pay full attention to the activity at hand. For example, I take a shower and truly focus on how the water and soap feels on my body, the luxurious smells and feel of the towel. Or driving I focus on my surroundings, the road and cars, the air blowing on my face, the music, engaging all my senses. I put my mind in a present moment state, this frees my intuition to come through and for me to recognize it. I will suddenly get a flash, sense or knowing about the question I recently asked or a new idea, or awareness will come through. Being in the present moment opens you up to your intuition, higher self, or guides. I hope my perspective, or technique, helps anyone who isn’t clear on intuition. Peace out.

  49. Pamela Lewis - Pillar Coaching

    Intuition, yes! Mine is strong. Acting on the intuition has been the life long lesson because of childhood influences. I once lost a tremendous amount of money by ignoring my intuition. That was the game changer for me. Now, through meditation I’ve become more empowered to act on that inner voice giving guidance.

  50. I love bear tv!

  51. Wow! Thanks for sharing this! That’s probably the first time I’ve ever seen or heard someone talk about having a physical sensation with intuition. This is part of who I am and I have tapped into it for decades (Yikes! Did I say decades?!). I use my “gut” to guide me on everything from important, life-altering things all the way to the little stuff like, “Do I want to buy this or that chocolate?” I take a moment to get quiet (meditative), ask my body if I’m ready to ask a question, and then I ask my body whatever is on my mind that can be answered in a “yes/no” kind of way. My body has a clenching feeling in my gut for “no” and a tingling feeling that rises up to my head for “yes.” I’ve never known it to be wrong. In fact, when my husband or parents know that I’ve meditated about something, all conversation stops and the decision is made to follow whatever my gut “told” me–no questions asked. I taught this to my daughters when they were young and now as they are getting older (teens), they are able to use their gut more and more. 🙂

    • Cheryl, that’s so cool that your husband and parents completely trust and respect the answers you get! And that your daughters are empowered with the process. I love hearing that!

  52. Marie
    Great!!! Yes I agree with you and you got so close to the big nasty problem that most people fall for when they are trying to connect with their intuition.

    Yesssss it’s ‘Wishful Thinking.’ Wishful thinking is a great big fat fake pretending to be intuition. When I see or hear this happening I tell people you’ve really got to get some brutal honesty and inner disciplin into the equasion.

    People love telling themselves also listening to what they want to hear. It is the one reason why 95% of new entrepreners go bust in one to three years.

    One of my favorite all time wishful thinking busters is – wait for it – Brutally honest DETAILED ANALYSIS of what I am looking for in the way of intuitive intelligence. LOL

  53. I totally love this episode.

    In the past I’ve got these intuition hunches and I swear every time I went against it- It came back to bite me, hard.

    Now, no matter if I can explain it or not, or it feels weird to others I just go with my intuition & that is that!

  54. Amber

    Nooo! Please don’t let that be the last Bear TV! That was too good.

  55. Luv this video! Prob one of my favs in the past few years. When I get into analysis paralysis after these steps usually I take a dance break move it all out start fresh and reapproach. My first hit is usually spot on. 😉

  56. julie naquin

    OY! So yes!!! I def have had issues not trusting my intuition – mostly personal issues, but I am stuck professionally as well. I have been getting the feeling that I need a career change. I feel like the universe is SCREAMING this at me, but it could also be that I am EXTREMELY frustrated about where I am. W/o going into too much detail, I have a small biz and TWO small kids that prevent me from networking like I need to. It’s the typical circle where I dont have the resources to have a sitter watch the kids to network bc I dont have the money. THEN my biz suffers = less money. It’s also difficult to concentrate on the work I do have with 2 screaming kids in the background. The balance is way off so I am not sure if the signals are getting crossed or if I really should consider career change. Oh & I am no longer in my 30s anymore = getting OLD.

  57. Intuition is a huge factor in every facet of all aspects of life, especially business and branding. In fact most of branding is based on how a potential customer feels about a company.

  58. I am one of those people that ALWAYS knows, I am really good at journaling and asking myself how I feel about certain situations and being OK with letting go of bad energy sucking type activities. I do need to meditate and sometimes I second guess myself and I think your tip of meditation will help! Any apps you recommend? Thanks Marie! xo C

  59. Listen to your intuition like it was fact.

    God gave us instinct for a reason, it is often under utilized. I agree w Marie, quiet the chatter w meditation. Be in touch w the divine from above & within.

    • My understanding is that instinct and intuition are two separate things, but I’m now starting to wonder, is instinct considered to overlap as a form of physical intuition?

  60. For me, intuition is beautifully tangled up with self-love and trust. If I am practising compassionate thoughts and feelings, my intuition grows stronger and when it grows stronger I can hear/feel/accept it more clearly. Doing so leads to happy outcomes which leads to greater self-love. It’s a beautiful cycle.

    Here’s a great way to develop your intuition: When you wake up in the morning, sit up, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. In your mind, or out loud, say ‘Body, self, I’m listening. Tell me.’ And just ‘be’ with your feelings, thoughts and inspirations. I speak out loud and record it to my phone to keep track of when my body has felt something that is later proven to be correct. Get to know your feelings. Trust yourself, love yourself. Xx

  61. Leah

    Fabulous dress today Marie! Who makes it?

  62. Lol, oh Marie – your videos crack me up. I’m pretty sure you’ve to the best and most ideal balance of humor and information.

    As for intuition – oh yeah. I never felt I had it much either until about 2 or 3 years ago when I started to move that way through intuitive eating. Then that really started my journey into overall more self-awareness, intuition and overall becoming conscious of what’s going on in my body and mind. Meditation has become a frequent thing in my life, although have been slacking lately, so thank you for the nudge to keep it a daily habit.

    Thank you dear!

  63. These are great and highly Raw Paleo Melissa approved methods to listening to your gut. The most effective way personally for me is to eat loads of fermented cultured friendly bacteria foods!!!
    Science shows there is a gut brain connection and our gut has trillions of bacteria. We need to keep our good bacteria populated so it can guide us.
    I’m bacteria powered and my body is simply just a host for the wonderful little microorganisms! Be well.

  64. Reene

    I wanted to add something very practical and somewhat random: AVOID COFFEE.

    Coffee affects different people differently and what I’ve found is that coffee makes me very anxious and jittery. This is a real challenge when I’m trying to listen to my gut, b/c my gut is literally in knots, and this makes it VERY hard to make the distinction b/w coffee jitters and intuition.

    Something to think about.

    • Pamela

      I agree! I never really needed coffee since I’m hell-bent on getting all the sleep I need. I started to drink it with the hopes of finding more focus and getting more done. But it has only made me feel worn and anxious. Good riddance-except on rare days. 😉

  65. Marie, one of my favourite things to do in this world is laugh, and your videos always do just that, and then I learn so much as well. Thank you for following your intuition and doing what you love because we love it!! For me, along with physical feelings, I also go by how easily something flows. For example, say I want to work on my website but I keep having problems with formatting, or my computer is acting up, etc. I take that as a sign to walk away and come back to it at another time. Lately I have also noticed that when I am inspired to do something, like write for my book, sometimes I almost feel like someone is pushing me from behind to hurry up and write that down! Doing less planning and leaving space in my calendar allows that kind of stuff to flow. When we keep too busy, we leave no space for the good stuff to flow in.

  66. Intuition is part of our basic nature. To reconnect GET INTO PURE NATURE . . . dig in the soil – with your hands; go barefoot in a stream; hike the mountains; smell and cuddle a pet; or immerse yourself in a jungle. Embrace the essence of Mother Earth. Additionally, drain your mind by using physical exercise. Find solace first to reconnect > and intuition will flow naturally.

    It’s pretty easy ~ try it !

    • Yes, I totally agree Patty Ann. Being in nature is amazing at opening up and activating deeper connections and guidance.

  67. carla

    Huge fan of intuition! I have always used my gut instincts. Sometimes your mind will tell you no, but your gut is saying yes. Our mind can play tricks on us and that is when the gut instincts help me. Otherwise I could talk myself right out of the choice I should be making. Thanks Marie.

  68. Thanks Marie and Team Forleo. Perfect timing. This was just what I needed to hear and right after it I followed my gut instinct that I’d been talked into suppressing and got rid of some work that wasn’t sitting right with me. Feeling so much lighter and happier now.
    You’re weekly videos help me so much. I can’t wait for B-School. It must be awesome!!

  69. I teach a spiritual reboot course that guides folks to reconnect to their innate spiritual guidance aka intuition. Moving the body daily and energetically is key to keeping the energetic communication lines open and also relaxing the mind through meditation or mantra work is essential. A calm body mind will sing with intuitive guidance. Once you learn to attune your instrument of being receptive to your unique language of your intuition the next key is ACT on it! If your heart space (center of chest) feels open, expanded or light and inspired ACT on your guidance. The more you act on it the more you will increase your capacity to align with your intuition. My big intuitive hit so far was 11 years ago to open Opening Lotus Yoga in central mass . I had very little money and outside support but the intuitive inspiration was so strong I HAD to follow it and I am happy to say 11 years later doing well and expanding each year and now my intuition is guiding me to share with others how we all can attune to this energetic gift of guidance that is our deepest source of living in harmony with what we are here to do and be on this earth at this time!

  70. Every single one of us is powerfully intuitive. It is our First Intelligence. I teach cops, health care workers, and entrepreneurs how to develop and use it in personal and professional situations. Gut instinct is only the first level of it though. When you develop it, you can learn to direct it specifically to guide you to what you WANT instead of having it operate at random. when it works it really is magical and I use it every day. Woot.

    • Totally agree Simone. It is just not chance. It is an amazing skill to deepen and will serve you well as if by magic. But then anything you apply yourself to works like magic.

  71. Awesome video!! I enjoyed it a lot 😉

    My tips for listening to the intuition: whenever you don’t know what option to choose, throw a coin. The initial reaction when you see the result (heads or tails) will be either a relief or a disappointment. That’s your body telling you the right answer, because your mind isn’t capable of processing it in a split second.

    So whether you felt a relief, go with that option. If you felt a disappointment, choose the other one.

    Your body knows best!

    All my most important decisions in life made absolutely no sense but my intuition said “just go for it girl, everything will turn out to be great”. For example, people thought I’m nuts for leaving a good job and doing some “weird online business”, for moving countries, etc. But I’m so glad I didn’t listen to the “serious people’s reasons” and found the courage to follow my gut feeling.

    I’ve never ever regretting for following my intuition. It just takes practice listening to it and recognizing it.

    • Osha, I love this! You’re so right about the coin-flipping exercise, but it didn’t ever register until I read this. I’m going to start doing it from now on—thanks for posting:)

      • Thanks Lana, glad you like it 😉

        • Pamela

          Flipping a coin! Great and simple tip!

  72. Yes!!! Right up my alley Marie!

    And yes our bodies are intuitive antennas and bein present with our bodies allows us to access our inner wisdom.

    It’s important to really honor that we have an inner voice, and begin to dialogue with her by asking her what she has to say. Then giving her room to speak simply by listening. I’m also a big believer in meditation to help quiet our minds and tune into our body wisdom since our intuition can often times be a quiet or subtle voice, feeling, or knowing.

    I have a whole bunch of articles, vids, and resources over at to help strengthen this.


  73. Thanks, Marie- great message! I love this topic as I think it goes hand in hand with stress. I have found that when I’m in a high stress mode and have allowed my life to get overly busy, my intuition puts a closed sign on the door. What I mean by this is when I’m not centered in myself and when I’m so stuck in overwhelm inside my head, intuition is somewhere underneath the layers that I can’t even access. That’s why activities such as meditation and physical activity – whether it’s running or dancing – are SO important to help us LIVE inside our bodies, relocate our core being, and access that inner wisdom.

  74. My momma always said, “The more you listen to your intuition and then follow it’s guidance, the louder and clearer the little voice within becomes.” Intuition is a muscle you have to continually build!

    • You have a great Momma, Lisa Marie. It sure does get louder and stronger. One of my metaphors is tuning into your body as if it is an instrument to be played. The more you practise the more precision and the more beautiful quality of inner knowing you develop. Keep at it!

  75. Despite being an engineer obsessed with stats and data, I’m a great believer in heart over head when it comes to big choices relating to people. My inner ‘trouble klaxon’ has rarely been wrong and almost every time I’ve overruled it with rationale, I’ve made a mistake.

    Funnily enough many organisations try and take intuition out of recruitment processes in the name of fairness, but if you just know in your gut someone is trouble, you should never, ever hire them. You’ll regret it twice over – once for making the mistake and second for knowing you were making a mistake.

    • So true Gareth! and yes, people in organisations are not trusting their gut when they apply rationale processes to something that is not a rationale choice! Good for you for trusting your gut.

    • Gareth, I love that you are obsessed with stats and data, I can’t relate whatsoever, but I think that’s fabulous!

      You might explore if your strong suit is a mental form of intuition, where your strength is in numbers, picking up patterns in data, and tuning into people’s thoughts – basically intuition that is specially geared for wavelengths of mental energy and activity.

  76. One way I tap into my intuition is by doing an inner dialog. I take out my journal and write out a question I have and then wait for the answer. It’s a great way to tap into my inner wisdom.

    • Great Kate, it sure is. You know you can also draw images. Images freely drawn are another way. Try that too and see how that deepens your inner knowing.

  77. I only discovered you a few weeks ago Maria (where the heck have I been)! I’ve watched several of your videos and love them. Thank you, you are truly an inspiration!
    As far as intuition goes, I think I know what it is and I try to listen to it. When I don’t I immediately have regrets. My husband calls it “Spider Senses”. What you said about also listening to your body as part of your intuition, it’s something that doesn’t always click right away with me. Since discovering you and your teachings (and also reading your book) I’m realizing that part of the reason I haven’t always been listening to my intuition is because of fear, fear to trust myself and having that confidence in myself to listen to my body. Self-doubt really takes that good intuition away.

    • Alison, your self doubt is a message too! It is letting you know that you are thinking something, or doing something that is creating your self doubt. As an example you can ask your self doubt a question, when you feel it creep in. Ask it, “what do I need to be doing and thinking so that I am confident” When you get an answer, do or say what the answer is. Check in again – if you are feeling safe and confident, trust that you just communicated with your knowing to steer you back on the direction of self love and freedom. If you are still feeling self doubt, it is an indicate that you need to do some more listening and paying attention to what to do or say for yourself to bring yourself to a state of safety, self love and confidence. Self doubt, as are all feelings, purely a message to interpret. Use your body and your intuition to interpret the message.

      • Thank you Deb for this wonderful advise, much appreciated! I love your suggestion of asking one self “what do I need to be doing and thinking so that I am confident”. I will keep that in my mind and see if I can’t be a better listener to my intuition. Many thanks again!

  78. As a psychic medium, I would have to agree with all the points Marie made about intuition. We all have it and can only really listen to it when we quiet our minds from all the chatter. I would also like to mention that there are so many signs from the universe, our higher self, guides and angels who make it incredibly fun when you start to see, feel and hear the messages and trust what your getting.It’s truly a knowing that they’ve got your back if you just pay attention!

  79. I love it, Marie. Most of all, the humour with which you shared this one was so much fun.
    I often forget to have fun while doing the important work of sensing my truth metres. Thank you.
    Also funny, after finishing B-School and being totally inspired to start doing my own video blogs, I did my first one on the same subject!
    Thank you as always for your inspiring, smart, playful, and totally pro ways. So grateful!

  80. Some of my best decisions are made paying close attention to my intuition. It is one of my very best life tools as well. I love that I do know what it feels like (even though it’s quieter sometimes than others).

    I like that these tips also help those of us who use intuition already to keep it speaking loud loud loud!

  81. asha nair

    hi.just watched you prog reg intuition. well, when i was young around 10 yrs i had my first day i just felt i shouldnt go to school by bus.this was the first thought when i got up.i insisted my uncle to drop me to school by car.the usual bus that i took met with an accident that day killing a student.after that i dismissed that to be a coincidence.these kind of thoughts did umpteen reptitions and i began to notice and discussed with my uncle as my parents never believed in these kind of things! he told me to meditate and listen to my mind when such warnings come. its difficult though to identify, today i was having a head ache,even then decided to go to office.i was getting ready,when this thought came,take rest dont go.i didnt go.but i dont know if i would ‘ve gone what would ‘ve happened.may be god wanted me to take rest?! i am a firm believer of god.sometimes i wonder …any explanation?

    • Asha, yes, that is a wonderful story about trusting to go in the car and the bus had an accident. Keep on checking in with what you are being “called” to do and what happens and you will start to refine your inner knowing. You can gradually feel the difference between when it is your mind tricking you versus when it is a higher guidance and an inner knowing.

  82. Great episode, Marie!

    In my experience, intuition is not a magical source of truth. The fact is you can listen to your mind/body/spirit/whatever and still make decisions that don’t work out how you hope.


    Turning inward is a powerful exercise in knowing yourself and owning your life. Running around seeking answers outside of yourself often feels like chasing butterflies.

    Taking time to listen to your intuition, however, allows wisdom to come to you. Right or wrong, it’s all yours. 🙂

    • Yes Ando! Time is the key.

      When I have to make a decision, I’ve stopped pressuring myself to try to make it immediately. Instead I wait and sleep on it. The morning is my best time of day and I can ask again and read my intuition’s answers easier at that time of day.

      Also as an aside, I think it’s good to remember that just because we’re listening to our intuition does not mean everything is going to be peachy all of the time. I believe our intuition knows what will be best for us, but that is not always more money, a better relationship or whatever it is we think we desire.

      • Great comment, Rachel!

        It’s an interesting thought that our intuition may want something for us that is different from what our mind, heart, or ego desires. Or that we are even aware of at all!

        Kinda creepy. I mean, kinda cool! 🙂

  83. Well this is dear to my heart! My core work is what I have named, “Intuitive Body Wisdom?”. I am currently writing my book and my online course to be released later in the year. So stay tuned and yes, keep on developing your innate sense of intuition and access the wisdom in your body. It will lead you to great freedom and joy.

    Why do I add the body to intuition? As yes, it is felt in the body, with all of our senses. Intuition is not airy fairy. It is grounded in our being. Thinking is only one of our senses and one of our intelligences. There is way more to making choices than using your thinking mind.

    I guide people with many of the methods described in the comments above, i.e. sensing what does the truth feel like in your body and what does a lie feel like in your body and much, much more.

    Some Extra Tuning in Exercises/Games

    Play with letting go of where your mind wants to take you and take a walk where you are led by your body – “let your body do the walking” Notice what you are attracted to energetically and what you walk away from. Start to tune in to different awareness and body sensations of what feels good, light, expansive and free and what feels tight, closed, tense and controlled. It is more likely you are paying attention to your intuition and your inner truth when you are feeling free. Pay attention to your tension – it is likely you are choosing something that is not right for you. Your tension is a signal to tune in and take yourself back to a state of contentment, ease, grace and authenticity

    Share a story about something you did as a child or an adolescent that you did not want to do but your parents wanted you to, so you went against your “gut” knowing that it was not right for you.
    Notice how your body responds to the language you used – take turns with some-one and share what physical responses you notice as you share your story.
    Share a story about a time when you stood up for what you believed was “right” for you, and you went against what your parents and teachers wanted for you. Notice the language you use, your voice tone, how your body feels, the physicality of your body as you share the story.
    Notice the differences when you took the lead on what felt “right” for you versus when you did what some-one else thought was “right” for you.

    Keep on tuning in, yes, fine tune your body wisdom, as if you are learning an instrument like the piano. Your body is the piano and you are playing it. You are responding to the sounds and feelings you feel as you think and take action in the world. You will become more and more precise.

    My website is where all my articles and my opt ins have exercises and ways to tune in and develop your skills so you become your own inner authority on you and lead the life that brings you great joy and freedom. Enjoy

  84. I created a class called ‘Art of Intuitive Photography’ to help people recognize and tap into their intuition and how to use it in a creative form.

    I’ve learned that intuition can manifest in different ways – by feeling, hearing a voice and also visually. Are you the type of person who says ‘I hear what you’re saying’ – then pay attention to your voice. Do you say ‘I see what you’re saying’ then pay attention to visual queues or dreams. If you say ‘ I know what you mean’ you are feeling based. We have all three of these, but one is usually stronger than the rest. I hope this helps!

  85. Rita

    Since we are talking intuition…Marie, My intuition says you were sad and concerned with another aspect of your life (not related with the question you were talking about!) towards the end of the episode.

  86. Mary

    Thank you so much for sharing your insights Marie! I’m in the beginning stages of flexing and building my intuitive muscle. For me, getting out of my head and into my body through yoga this past year has been huge in learning more mindfulness and being able to tune into the frequency of my gut. I have a list way too long of past experiences where my gut was trying to tell me that things weren’t working, but I had no idea how to or that I even should listen to it at the time. Thankfully, I can now look back and see, aha, that’s what it feels like when me gut is communicating. I’m now discerning whether the physical restrictiveness is fear or my gut saying letting me know that something is off with current questions in my life. Learning to flex that muscle so that voice can get stronger. Thank you for all the insights!

  87. I know exactly about that gut feeling. I am in a shaky situation right now. I in a legal situation with verbal abuse that has yet to become physical with a sibling. I have verbally been threatened with bodily harm. I have taken all the legal steps taken to protect myself. And I am now working on relocating for my safety. My gut has been screaming at me loud and clear but I allowed my heart to cloud my judgment. I have learned the hard way about being to kind, when it comes to family members. I realized that sometimes you have to create family outside of the biological perameters. It’s somewhat daunting right now because it’s like I’m starting all over again (I’m in my early fifties). But thanks to many of your videos, you truly are a very extraordinary young lady.

  88. I broke my ankle and just before the doctor prescribed pain medication, my intuition (Holy Spirit) told me I was pregnant. I took a pregnancy test in the ER that proved positive.

    The night I delivered that baby, my intuition (Holy Spirit) told me I was hemorrhaging. The nurses blew me off, told me it was “first-time mother’s twitch”, refused to check me until I demanded it. The very second the nurse checked, her face lost all of it’s color- and I began to slowly pass out.

    I lived through it and so did my now 9 year old daughter.

    I have many stories just like that; and each time there was a physical nudging that accompanied my “spiritual twitch.”

    Intuition is everything! The more you listen to it, the louder it speaks


  89. Em

    I thoroughly enjoyed this week’s installment! As a busy mom of two small children that works full time in a high stress environment, the tiny details of day-to-day life can quickly smother those innate and deep-seated feelings from my Higher Power. I am an extremely sensitive soul and often find myself carrying on internal debates rather than really examining what my gut is trying to tell me. Intuition is definitely akin to a muscle that must be used consciously and constantly! Blessings to you all. I love my little uplifting corner of the internet here every week.

  90. Hi,

    First time I listened. Total cool effects!

    As for intuition, I didn’t know I had it (at what level ) anyways until I walked into a psychic centre. I ear my intuition very clearly. I don’t always like what it has to say;)

    There’s three things I would add:

    1) meditation can be guided. The story , the ages , and the feings are a great way to get acess to information. I find that I can let my wonder withoutht controlling. Deep breathing is another effective way because it gets you in touch with the visceral.

    2) acting on it is another step. At the moment, I’m struggling between logical versus intuition. For weeks now, I’ve know my last day is the 28th, when in fact it’s 4 weeks later. I resisting telling anyone, and yet I know. It wasn’t time two weeks ago. It’s also why I picked weight loss. That’s what I heard — and I’m fighting it.

    3) if you start to acknowledge your intuition, more information will come to you.there are also great questions that get you out of your head will also do the trick. Role Playiing also works I. Groups. Of course, breathing & grounding are a must.

    Thanks…. Reminding me to act . Trust!!!


  91. Kat

    I love using my intuition. Sometimes it’s with physical feelings and other times it freaks me out my giving me names and visions.

    I’ve known things that there was no way I could ever have known. Once I work up screaming saying my high school bf was cheating and giving out the name of the girl. Only to be 100% correct. One thing is to know someone is cheating, but how on Earth did I know the name of a girl I’ve never met and no one else knew about (they both went to another school in another area of town)?

    When I ignore that feeling or I get that feeling last minute, past the point of no return, is when I run into problems. Sometimes you just cannot back out. Talk about the worst feeling ever.

    I do not mess with the gut feeling of fear, though. Even if I have to lose a job, I will not put my safety at risk. This happened when working as a social worker having to do home visits in very dangerous parts of town. If I felt pushed or got any sort of bad feeling I ran the other way. I truly feel that feeling is why I’m still around today.

  92. Thanks Marie – really enjoyed this video.

    I like to play a game sometimes where I put my choices on post-its face down (after mixing them up so I don’t know which is which), I take a couple of grounding breathes, and ask myself which is in alignment with my highest self. Then I stand on one and see what I feel, and then do the same on the other….I practice going with the choice that gave me the biggest YES feeling in my body. Fun and helps to develop trust in body feelings.

  93. Great video Marie! This is totally doable. Steps #3 and #4 resonated with me a lot today—I’m going to start intentionally including them into my meditation routine. (Especially ‘asking for guidance’.)

    Another challenge that I’ve found is knowing when something isn’t right, but allowing yourself to be held back by fear / comfort / routine. This has gotten me in the past, and I love what you always say, “Insight with out action is useless”. Listening to our own inner “whisper” and then honoring it through action is a beautiful and courageous act. XO

  94. Another on the spot video, Marie. I have to pay attention with my physical cues because I did not know that it can be a guide too. I had some intuitions before, but it was quick and subtle that I ignored them, to my regret.

  95. Mina Merry

    Dear Marie

    I don’t know how you do it, but the last three videos caught me at topics I was stuck with at that very moment! And besides, you make me laugh every time, so THANK YOU 😀

  96. I am a huge proponent of listening to your gut! One other technique to consider is writing to your gut. Literally having a written conversation can bring a lot of clarity.

    Here’s a quick example of how to do it yourself:

    • Visited your site, Jess. Love it.

      • That’s great to hear, Grace! I’m glad you enjoyed it. : )

        You might also like my podcast: Many small biz owners and bloggers share their journeys to get where they are — among other topics focused on helping us to add a little extra intention to our everyday.

  97. Yes! So important. I feel like I used to pay better attention to my intuition (hey! that rhymes :)). I wanna get on the gut feeling train more frequently again.

  98. One of my favorite episodes ever! Thanks, Marie! And Bear! Three thoughts RE: my experience with intuition – 1) I have had very strong intuitions about truly toxic people…and I ignored them–to my regret. I’ve promised myself never do that again. 2) When I have a strong positive intuition, it always seems to be accompanied by light–a bright, unexpected light. When I see that, I know something important is going to happen. And that everything is going to be ok. 3) When I can’t make a decision, I write all of my thoughts down on paper–not pros and cons, but every thought in my brain. By the time I’ve finished writing, I almost always know what to do. By getting it all out of my head, I’m able to get in touch with what I truly feel. It’s powerful!

  99. Before I had so much “knowledge,” I depended on my intuition to help navigate how to move beyond adversities and overcome the odds of going from earning minimum wage as a housekeeper to becoming an award-winning leader of several million dollar businesses. Slowly, I’m returning to the “beginner’s mind” and allowing my intuition to guide my steps as I launch my book tour and online program for my book, Get Unstuck Now. This is one of the “the” best videos that I’ve watched on intuition. As always thanks for sharing yourself with us.

  100. I’m an artist and the most physical gut reaction I’ve ever had was when I received my acceptance letter to graduate school after having been rejected by a number of institutions. When the acceptance finally came in I was overwhelmed with a sense of dread that I absolutely did not want to do it. I would have to move away from my partner for two years. The difficulty was dealing with the fact that I’d spent two years trying to get in to grad school. It was the step necessary to be able to teach at university.

    I went and spent a whole day sitting at Grenadier Pond in Toronto –a very beautiful and special place. I wrote my thoughts and feelings in a book. I made pros and cons lists. By the end of the day it was blatantly clear.

    The main realization was the I do have a CHOICE. I can decide which direction to go. It is not inevitable.

    I ended up declining and I’ve never regretted it. Doing grad school at that point was not for me. In the following years I’ve made a lot of progress in my art practice by working on a project that I wouldn’t have been able to do otherwise. One of things I’m most proud of in my life is that I’ve always followed my gut and things tend to work out well.

    • Hey Gareth,

      great to hear that you made that decision against graduate school and realized your art project! I’m more inspired by people who stick to the things that are creative and matter most, instead of following typical career paths!!

  101. I had an excellent exercise with intuition last year during a two-week stay in London. I was all on my own with lots of time on my hands, so I would set an intention for the day that made me feel good, for example, ‘I’d like to go on a walk around Battersea Park’, and I would follow my feelings to get there. What bus should I take and until which station? When should I turn left or right? Should I stop at this café on the way? Should I speak to that interesting-looking person over there? If I felt peace and excitement when I answered yes, then I would do it. If not, I wouldn’t. It was such an act of trust and mindfulness that I try to remember all the time these days, now that I’m establishing my business as a singer, voice teacher, and communication coach.

    • Sounds fascinating, Gwendolyn what you experienced! It’s a good way to build a business, I believe, all of your right energy will flow through it.

  102. Hi Marie, my brother sent me your video on intuition. I found it very relatable, but I wanted to share my thoughts. I am a 43 year old mother of two and public high school art teacher. I started horseback riding about 4 years ago, which, as an adult, requires some bravery. There have been many times on horseback that my intuition was telling me to not do something (like not continue on trail, not canter, not leave the barn) because I was scared and intimidated. But deep down I really wanted to grow as a horsewoman and become braver and more confident. I had to learn to push myself through some fear in order to gain experience and grow. Now I own my own horse, and I am a much more confident rider than I was even a year ago. I do not take unnecessary risks, but my experience is much richer and fuller because I’ve learned to not overthink things and not be limited by my intuition. As a consequence, I have also successfully started a side business (washing and mending horse blankets). In the past, my intuition would have told me, “This is not going to work. You can’t do this, etc.” So, I think sometimes living in the moment and not overthinking things or worrying about your gut has been critical to me growing and improving myself. Intuition can sometimes limit you. What do you think?

    • Heidi, it’s beautiful that you grow through your riding experiences. What a neat side business too!

      Sounds like what you are describing may not be intuition. Intuition is guidance that usually comes when you are not limiting yourself, when you are allowing expansion in your system. It will come from or be associated with a calm, empowered, confident state. If your guidance is one that is limiting you, it’s likely based in fear and limited thinking, and not intuition.

      Not overthinking and not worrying are likely supporting you to be tapping into your intuition.

  103. Andy

    I really look up to you Marie! <3

  104. Intuition is a powerful tool. I tell my clients to call it an internal GPS system that they can rely upon that is always with them. Following your dreams, your heart, your soul, your GUT – is where it’s at. But there is something very important which must go with intuition and I call it the ‘red flag factor.’

    Your gut will step in to give you a ‘sign’ of hesitation. Listening to it on a regular basis will help ‘sharpen’ your intuitive abilities to help you indicate whether it is your mind intervening with your gut instinct or not.

    If you are feeling uneasy about a decision – sometimes the gut asks the brain to ‘check in’ to make sure you are being truthful with your decisions and reactions. And this is okay – it’s why we have a brain – to use it. If you are seeing a pattern in your life (journaling helps) – then this is the time to check in with what your brain’s wisdom is to help your gut instinct and intuition along to make choices accordingly. If you are feeling a ‘gnawing’ to do something – this is intuition saying ‘yes yes.’ If you toss and turn at night when you’re sleeping because something (even if you can’t put your finger on it) – is telling you no for some reason – let your intincts and intuition guide you to putting a decision on pause for you to decipher whether or not it is fear talking or if you’re not aligning yourself with the right opportunity or people or compromising yourself in some way.

    It is important for us all to remember – nothing is permanent. Nothing is temporary. Change is inevitable. Going with flow and feeling the freedom of easy breezes without anguish means intuition is working and having you follow your destined path made just for you and your highest good.

  105. Kimber

    I get all of my best insights and creative ideas when I am riding my bike. I love long distance cycling, for hours, 30+ miles, but some times all I need is a few laps walking around the block or to the corner store, and I get all the wisdom I need. I use and love all of the tips in this video! I just wanted to add that I get most of my creative ideas while walking or riding my bike as well. It’s my infinite spring of ideajuice.

  106. Listening to my intuition has been essential in living a meaningful and fulfilled life and running a successful business ( I spend at least 5 minutes meditating daily and it does help greatly get any questions answered I have at the time and get clarity about what is important.

  107. Love love LOVE this! 🙂

    I always tap into my intuition through my body sensations (like you said). I either feel an expansiveness and excitement or I feel contained, trapped, and limited. Other times its a simple “knowing” of what I need to do or what will happen that I can’t quite explain all the time. I’ve noticed in the last few years that the “knowing” actually comes up because of a dream I had recently.

  108. Audrey

    Marie! Love this video about our inner guiding voice! Great advice to recognize it in daily life and discern between this ‘whisper’ and the loud world outside (that sometimes bangs like a gong inside my head!) You’re So Funny, too, btw! Love your sense of humor and slight obsession with buns! Comic relief is such an important part of life that so many coaches and mentors miss out on- but All the good ones- including you, HAVE. IT! Ha! Thank you so much -For keeping your odd-ball antics included in your practical advice. I am such a fan and truly appreciate what you and the crew are doing for countless 1000’s across the globe.

    Thanks for being an inspiration to us all!
    Looking forward to more insights AND laughs,

    Sincerely, Audrey Sebastiano..

    Ps. I SO wanna work for you! Thanks for posting the info on the email.. Hope you like my quirky self enough to give me a chance to vie for a lovely, helping others help themselves jobbaroo! I’ve been looking for a way to inspire others and help people through my writing AND be able to support myself doing so! (Wishing on a star that I’m just what you are looking for!) xo, Audrey

  109. I find that with intuition, it helps if we get better at listening to “what we don’t want to hear”.
    The idea of “intuition” sounds lovely… in theory.
    In practice, you often find yourself hearing things you’d rather not hear. And the fact that this wisdom comes from your “gut” doesn’t make it all that much easier.

  110. I love this episode, thanks Marie!

  111. Thank you for posting this Marie!

    I’m constantly trying to learn how to better recognise and head my intuition.

    I’ve twice had situations where probably my intuition was screaming at me and I just didn’t listen!

    One was a car accident, I was in the car, my partner at the time driving, and suddenly just started checking things thinking in my head ‘what would happen if we had an accident right now? Is everything secure, would my hairclip dig into my head and hurt me? Is my seatbelt on properly’ no sooner had I gone through and checked these things then Kangaroos jumped out ahead and it ended in us slamming into two trees. A very lucky accident with no serious injuries. Just the car. (oh and the hairclip broke).

    The second was unfortunately very similar, where I was in a ski boat and started looking around the boat as I got in thinking, ‘there’s too much gear in here’ (knee boards etc.) and ‘if we have an accident these things could hurt someone’ off we went and lo and behold the person who had volunteered to drive the boat was inexperienced and we hit a submerged out crop, with me slamming forward into said knee boards. Again a really lucky accident where no one was seriously injured. Just the boat.

    Now thought, I am never sure if I’m just being paranoid, or it is actually my intuition. So I’m really trying to be observent of my ‘visceral’ reactions, and will certainly get back into meditation. Thank you so much for these tips!

    Hope so much I will be able to tell the difference in future between paranoia because of these two experiences, and my actual intuition.

    Hope everyone is well and happy!

    Much love


  112. A good book that I recently finished called “Blink” by Malcolm Gladwell focuses on this very thing. In his book he talks about when and how to use your gut reaction, your intuition, and when making snap judgements go wrong. He looks at both the positive and negative of making feelings based on your gut and gives insight and advice on how to use your gut feelings to your benefit and to help combat some social issues as well. It’s a good book, I highly recommend it to those who want to learn more about this. Great video Marie!

  113. Andrew Plath

    As someone who is passionate about photography, half of what makes a great shot is intuition. We all try to answer the question, what am I trying to say or what does this scene say to me? If I am going to shoot a wedding, it might help if I really get to know the couple and have a sense of their personalities. Then I just go with the flow.

  114. Mary Jane

    Wow Marie what timing!
    Just this week my husband and I were out boating and I saw smoke, it is hard to tell from the water where exactly it was coming from. My intuition “screamed to me” that it could be up where we live so I said let’s go now!
    I phoned some neighbors but they didn’t know of anything. Well glad we left when we did there was police and fire trucks at the end of our street. There was a forest fire nearby and shortly after we got home the police came and said to pack up as we were being evacuated. We were out of our home for three days. But were able to come home to no damage thanks to the hard work of the firefighters. So glad that I listened to my intuition!

  115. Maura Boland


    Thank you for all the great videos. They are truly delightful. I loved this one about intuition. I have had great insights that I often thought were my intuition, but really they were more my self willed wishes. I have meditated for many years, and taken inventory daily of my actions. What, I have come to learn is that my intuition comes at the strangest times and its a small thought. It happens quickly, and out of the blue. It has taken a lot of practice but if I am mindful and pay attention, I can usually grasp it and its meaning. But this has come from a lot of practice. At times, my stomach as gotten so upset out of the blue that I know that it is the big Kaboom warning for me to not do whatever it is I am pondering. Alas, it really is about knowing and trusting yourself and working with your insights. But, the key for me overall is taking care of my spiritual being and surrendering.

  116. Completely agree with meditating, paying attention to bodily sensations and regular physical activity. These have all been key components of not only tapping into my intuition but managing my anxiety and depression.

    Thanks Marie

  117. Dear to my heart – such great practical advice – “get physical” your body knows – love it xx

  118. Hey Marie!

    Just droppig a line to say Bear tv cracked me up. Thanks for continuing to be my dose of laugh out loud every Wednesday (in Australia).


  119. LOVED this episode and especially the reference to meditation! Awesome as always!

    OSO Sisters

  120. MARIE! I’m SO HAPPY that you mentioned meditation!!! YES, that’s the best way to tap into your intuition. I’m working on my mission to bring meditation to more and more people and am in the middle of a launch right now. If anyone wants to learn, head over to my site! Thank you Marie. The jiggly men were hillarious! xx Ritu

  121. Hey Marie & Team Forleo!

    Marie TV is steadily getting better and better! Production values and content are superb! Congrats!

    I rarely comment but this one moved me. I have been a practicing Buddhist for over 30 years and at some point in the past year or so, I’ve been directly asking for guidance from (fill in the blank…the ‘home office’, universe, higher power, intrinsic power or what have you.)

    Here’s the thing: It has started to arrive and it’s in the form of random STUFF in my environment. Example…After divorcing in 2011, I have been on ONE date. It just felt awkward and weird. So I just focused on getting my biz going, thinking MUCH bigger (thanks to 2012 BSchool) and healing myself.

    In December 2013, I made a determination to re-dedicate myself to my practice and decided (though I didn’t know how I was going to pull it off) a spiritual pilgrimage to Japan. I found that making the DETERMINATION, was in itself, all the nudging the universe needed to make manifest that goal.

    I made the trip this May. I spent a month traveling in Japan, staying in 5 star hotels & resorts, visiting historically significant places associated with my sect of Buddhism (all as the guest of a fellow practitioner no less.) That was miracle #1.

    My first stop was to re-dedicate myself to the work of creating global peace in my own unique way. I made a vow. I chanted as if it were already a done deal and expressed my gratitude for all the ways in which I would be supported in fulfilling that vow. Then I got on with my va-cay…

    On my birthday,while in Hiroshima, an American man crossed paths with me and he later said “I just felt this ENERGY coming off of you and a voice in my head said I had to know you.” Long story short, we exchanged info and I went about the rest of my month there.

    In July, I went to see him in his home environment. It’s been very nice…and here’s the nugget about ‘intuition’. All this stuff seemed so surreally perfect.

    As I spent time there, I pondered the ‘too good to be true’ aspect of it all and I wondered aloud if this was really what I thought it was….that’s when I looked up and saw a small, ceramic figure of a seal, sitting on a shelf, situated in such a way as to be peering directly at me. Cue miracle #2.

    Here’s the thing: it was the SAME seal my mother (now deceased) and I had purchased while on vacation in Portsmouth, NH in 1970. Signed by the artist from the gallery we’d purchased it from. Since my mom and I had moved abroad, the seal, though much beloved, had gone to a garage sale.

    I KNEW without an ounce of hesitation that my mother was telling me to accept life’s gifts and be happy. I later looked up the meaning of a seal ‘totem’. Among other things, it represents ‘security in love.’

    Sweet, huh? So here’s the nugget: if your eyes and your heart are open, you will SEE encouragement everywhere. Sign posts at every juncture. The wisdom of your own life will appear in your environment and support, encourage and enable your ‘knowingness’.

    Just a disclaimer: my happiness is not dependent upon having a relationship. In fact, I had been reluctant to relinquish my sovereignty. That is why the appearance of the seal was so significant for me. My mom was telling me to allow for grace and happiness to occur.

    My practice has increased my ability to listen to my ‘self’ and seeing guide posts in my environment that support my vow to be happy and help others to find their happiness, too.

    B School was another function of this asking for support. It has radically improved and broadened my world view. Thank you.

  122. ian

    It is an interesting topic, intuition. and we all have this ability and would realize it if we were not locked down into left brain limitations, It is a fact that Women are more in tune than men, unless the man wakes up and also discovers he also can do this.

    Yes I agree always follow your inner feelings, you will know if someone is being unfair to you.

  123. I failed one of my major medical board exams. At the time I was considering joining a practice that I thought would be an excellent fit for me. When I failed the exam I couldn’t start practising right away I knew instantly it was because I shouldn’t be joining that clinic. I followed my intuition, studied by butt off, and started my own practice with a close friend when I had fully achieved my license. It’s certainly not as easily as joining an already established place, but it’s worth it in the end. Thanks for reminding me why I chose this path – some days I forget when practice is tough.

  124. I feel my intuition in my body.
    I’ve been training myself to observe the physical reaction of my body to the events in my life, to people, to my own decisions.
    It is always right.
    When I combine it with the information that I know through logic and learning, it’s gold!
    Thank you so much,

  125. Hi Marie & team,

    LOVE the video, so funny! Made me giggle!!

    Two things that help me get in touch with my intuition:
    Intense Exercise
    Meditation (via 1Giant Mind app – it’s free)

    I never thought I was the mediation type by since using the app it has really helped me get in touch with my intuition!

    I’m looking forward to the next video!! Keep up the amazing work Marie & team!!!

  126. Great tips Marie!

    2 more things I do to trust my intuition is to

    1) Keep a “I’m not crazy” journal. Basically everytime you get a gut feeling or a sense, you write it down and date it. It trains your logical mind to trust your subconscious mind. And 99% of the time, it will be right on, but it takes consistent practice!

    2) BREATHE! It sounds so simple but I use a pattern of counting to 6 as I take in a breath-holding for 4 and then exhaling for 6. It calms my mind, gets me out of crazy chatter and into a space where you can actually hear your intuition!

    ps: Free Tool!
    If anyone on here would like to learn more about intuition, I LOVE helping entrepreneurs to tap into this! I have a FREE report: 5 tips to tell the difference between Intuition and Wishful Thinking. you can get it right here:

  127. Thank you for another great episode!

    I am one that almost always follows my intuition because I trust myself to make the best decisions for me. But it almost always means taking full responsibility for your decisions. Those two things, trusting yourself and taking full responsibility, can be really hard to do and scary for some.

  128. jan

    That was great Marie… a couple of things came to mind for me. If I am not listening to my intuition I have found that I will hear about it in my dreams. Im a pretty down to earth person, but when I was involved in a very destructive marriage, I kept having a (recurring dream) that I was driving and could not see. When I finally left the marriage (opened my eyes) the dream went away. I didn’t have it again until I was doing a business transaction (buying a used car) and began having the dream, I knew that the car was going to have problems that were unfixable. So I backed out of it and boom the dream went away. The other thing is getting confirmation in several different forms. For instance I just wrote a post about the benefits of looking forward, and then I started reading a new book that basically stated the same thing in her intro, and then I read it again this morning somewhere else. That tells me I am going in the right direction. Anyway I hope that helps someone out there become more in tune with their own guiding forces. Love you Marie

  129. I was having trouble distinguishing between intuition and fear. I realized that being confident with my body was a big factor in the confusion. As soon as I became more confident with myself, by getting physical, like you said, I could more clearly hear my intuition, because fear wasn’t really a factor. What’s to fear when you look and feel this good? Am I right?

  130. Another area that I spend time listening to is what I’m NOT feeling. I try to evaluate a tough decision or relationship not only by tuning in to what my gut is telling me, but also what it is not (which sounds like the same thing, I know). I think it’s important to not only take note of what is present (like fear), but also what is not (like fear) – and also take the time to evaluate the “why” behind it. The more you learn about yourself and spend time with yourself, the easier this whole thing gets – and eventually your gut compass will be so in tune that you’ll be able to sense immediately if something lines up with you or not. Woo!

  131. MLH

    Love your stuff Marie Team.
    You always let me learn and laugh!

  132. This was right on time today.

    Right before I watched this video. I had a melt down with a friend who asked for help with his business. I agreed and submitted a mock up of the programs to scale his business.

    He asked, If I could be the face of his brand. I felt reluctant. Then he proceeded to pick apart my photos on my website. Said I’m showing too much cleavage. Then criticized my videos.

    Today he said I need to redo my videos to remove the “Black Woman Syndrome”. Hmm- Let’s just say the black women syndrome cussed his ass out.

    Saturday night I got on my knees to pray and ask God for guidance. Because I planned to go to Chicago Aug 1 to work with this fool and something told me not to do it. I got my answer.

    Thanks for a great community to listen

  133. raechanah syafei

    My experiences in sharpening my intuition is combination among experiences, gut felling, conversation with spiritual/God, have conversation self and laid back for while and kaboom “got the answers” – practices it consistently and regularly and its turning out be the answer to all things of life issues and problems. therefore, I am not feel alone and lonely……

  134. Intuition – Marie , thank you so much – that was a FABULOUS video!
    For me – when I feel “light” in my body ( I mean the opposite of “heavy”) when it feels easy, no stress then that’s my intuition telling me that everything’s just perfect! I recently had these physical feelings when a new client signed up – it was so friendly and effortless and by the time I got home ( only 7 minutes away) an email was waiting for me confirming the deal !!
    How great is that? I just “knew” what the result would be!!


  135. Another fabulous and inspiring episode that, as always, provides excellent steps to take action on. I have personally found intuition to be one of my biggest assets in business. The challenge is in making the time and space to tune in, listen and act on it. We are all intuitive and as many of the comments suggest, intuition can be learned, fine-tuned, developed. It starts with a decision to use it actively. Loved the reminder to meditate – something I’m bringing more of back into my life for my life and business.
    Thanks Marie, and for everyone for your comments and sharing your experiences.

  136. Hi Marie

    Thank you for another terriffic episode. For those of your viewers who may not have come across it yet, a great way to “get physical” and in closer touch with your intuition is Chakradance. You can see if there’s a class near you at

    You might even want to try it out yourself, Marie?

    Paul x

  137. Ursula

    Ooh. Juicy. Fave episode ever. One more: eat clean. Get your literal gut clean and you’ll have better access to your intuitive mind. And read Kelly Turner’s chapter on Intuition in her book “Radical Remission.” It’s fascinating. Our gut actually has a separate “mind” of its own.

  138. Great tips!

    Others that work for me: Breathing practices, taking a walk, being in nature, and free writes / journaling – I find when I dump some of the monkey junk in a free write then the real truth begins to emerge.

    Also love Sonia Choquette’s work with intuition. Amazing resource:

  139. I rediscovered my gift of intuition a few years ago and found that the perfect way to strengthen it was to practice on STUFF THAT DOESN’T MATTER, because when we leap straight into using it on “the big stuff” we completely jam the signals.

    Example, I used to have a long drive home from picking the kids up from school, and there were two main ways I could go – one was straight and faster, but longer, and the other was windy and slower, but shorter. In other words, it really didn’t matter which way I went. So I used my intuition each day to decide which way to go, and learned to read my signals.

    Now I have a clear bead on what my cues are, and I can use my intuition for “the big stuff” without messing up my signal. Now I love using my intuition and it’s so much smarter than I am 😉

  140. Sabine

    Hi Marie,
    congrats to this Episode! It was one of the most important things for every human being to know – in a nutshell.
    Respect for your brilliant work and high five!

  141. Hannah

    Hey guys, if you want to gain an incredible understanding about using and learning about your intuition –

    read Malcolm Gladwell’s book ‘Blink’.

    I’m about halfway through and already it’s changing the way I handle new people and situations in business – it’s amazing how accurate your snap thinking can be. It’s not like flipping a coin when you trust your snap judgement – your brain is capable of processing so much information unconsciously and ‘thin slicing’ it into a gut instinct about a situation long before you think you’re catching on! Good business people have honed this skill into a fine art.

    • I’ve heard a few people mention Blink lately and with holidays fast approaching I’m going to grab a copy.

      Intuition has played such a huge part in my life. I’ve always been tuned into my intuition and I’ve learned to trust it completely.

      On the occasions I haven’y paid attention and acted on it, I can clearly see that the intuition/ gut feeling had been there, I’d just chosen to ignore it.

      When I talk with my clients about intuition or that gut feeling, I encourage them to just go with it rather than reason with it.

      Here’s an example. A couple of years ago I was looking for a house to rent with my son. I’d looked at quite a few properties and hadn’t found what I wanted. Then I got that gut feeling to take a very unusual route home one day and hey presto there’s the loveliest house, exactly what I wanted. There was no reason at all for me to take this journey but I just went with it and it worked out.

  142. Katarina

    Hello Marie!

    I like this episode! Intuition or gut we all have inside never ever mistakes. The fact is we do mistake when we don’t listen to intuition. Sometimes, we want something so desperately, that we don’t here voice from within,even if bumping us in head..I speak from my personal experience.
    Intuiton knows much better than we do. Listen to it!

    Have a nice day

    Katarina from Serbia, Europe

  143. Lucinda Newcomb


    I enjoy, too, the method Caroline Myss outlines in her book ‘Sacred Contracts.’ I cast wheels using my 12 personal archetypal patterns.

    Thank you!

  144. Hi Marie, I loved this clip – thank you. Can I just say that dress looks stunning on you! xx Bec

  145. Raine

    Hi Marie,
    I love Marie TV!!! I found you through Kris Carr and both of you are my daily inspiration. Thank you so much!

    I call my intuition “My three little angels”. Not sure where i got that from, but i imagine them hanging out on my shoulders and telling me things. Sometimes i feel like i can hear them saying “NOOOOOO” and other times “go for it !!!” Guess, I’m pretty tapped in! Thanks for these tips, couldn’t hurt to sharpen.

    See ya next Tue! Have a great week!

  146. Marie + team,

    I loved this week’s video. I gotta get back on my meditation cushion. What I love about you is that you are all about action, so me writing this here is basically me stepping into committed action.

    Thank you. I giggled a lot!


  147. Just what I needed to hear today! I have been struggling with making a decision in my life and have been ignoring my intuition. Thanks for another amazing and insightful episode Marie!

  148. Helena Gouros

    That was the best Marie Forleo TV yet! And the most important message ever, in my opinion. Hmm did Josh have a hand in this one? I didn’t know he did character work as a bear? Lol I cracked up the whole time. Clearly no producer gauging the content and keeping it mainstream. Your the best Marie, you are everything you are teaching others, Rich, Happy and Hot. Thanks Girl! Hilarious.

  149. Intuition has revitalized my life!

    Shortly after taking b-school this spring – (which helped me sort through years of indecision about starting a business), I realized I was completely burnt out from a life of commuting almost 3 hours a day to a good job as counsellor with a great organization. But I was exhausted, physically and emotionally, from the commute, and the additional effort I was putting in hoping to advance in the organization.

    I took some time off on stress leave, and began to realize I needed more. After a month, I realized I couldn’t go back. I completed another month of medical leave, then applied for the two months of vacation I had built up, and then applied for a 1 year leave following that. This against all rational thinking (I’m a single father of two kids, a mortgage, other debt, and live a small community precious few jobs like the one I left nearby). All I had was a gut feeling that this was the thing I HAD to do.

    When my vacation and leave were approved, I felt a freedom I hadn’t felt in years. I began to rediscover my enthusiasm for life, for community, for and I had the energy to believe inmyself and my abilities as an entrepreneur! Most importantly reconnected with my lost faith that (as Gabrielle Bernstein said on Marie TV “the universe has your back”!

    I have been terrified about where the income will come from! Then just last week I got a call out of the blue from the local university and was offered a PT contract as a therapist. It affirmed to be in a big way that I am on the right path! It will provide me with the security I need to grow the business I’ve dreamed of! If I hadn’t left my job, and taken the risk – and most importantly trusted in my intuition – the opportunity never would have arisen – or when it did, I wouldn’t have been available to see it for the gift it is!

  150. I love, love, love this topic. Following my intuition has been the theme of my life in 2014. In March, my intuition told me it was time to leave the corporate world to follow my dreams and develop my wellness business so I did it despite MAJOR fear. I used to not listent to my intuition and it got me into some trouble. Back about 7 years ago, I was in an unhappy relationship and job and although my gut kept telling me to dump both, I tried to convince myself I was happy (some people around me also influenced by saying “come on, he’s such a great catch!” or “you should just be happy you have a job”). In the end, I had a burn out and that was my way of my intuition telling me clearly what I had to do. When it was whispering I didn’t listen to it so it found more direct ways to get its message across. I actually just wrote an article on intuition and how it has guided me in important ways in this transition phase of my life. It has lead me to make some life changing decisions and I am so thankful I am now well connected to my inner voice (most of the time). You can read it here.

    Marie, I also love the tips you give to connect to your intuition. It’s so true that we have to quiet out “mental noise” in order to hear our inner guidance. Thanks for this great video!

  151. Sarah

    This was so f**king funny!!! I loved every minute of it. Plus *such* great advice.
    Love, love, love.

  152. Kelly


    How do you decipher whether the visceral “fear” feeling you get, is your intuition telling you to avoid the situation, or what if the “fearful” feeling is triggered because you are so passionate about following that potential path that you put a lot of pressure on yourself to get there.

    I get confused with my intuition because I have a hard time know if I am actually fearing something or just nervously excited. Isn’t it okay to be fearful? I’ve heard people say that sometimes the things we fear the most end up being the best things for us.


  153. I’ve been lucky enough to be receiving intuitive counselling sessions with Jess Ang Intuitive (She’s done your business school, I believe) Through her my guides gave me instructions to get on to those exact things ( but with other reasons)-meditating, learning to trust/ listen to my intuition (they said to treat it like a game…I could start with little things.. like which door should I go through and other seemingly small things and know I will get things wrong now and then ~which is apart of the learning process. My third eye would eventually become very clear). To get physical. I learned evn more as the detail you went into was different .. this was a very engaging clip in so many ways (that dress is sensational!! OMG!).

  154. This is such a great conversation. I see so many women who have an urge to make intuitive decisions and then hesitate because they think it’s an improper way to do business. They don’t want to be emotional or make the wrong choice based on their personal needs, rather than prioritizing the future of their business.

    I always try to encourage women to lean into their intuitive side. Business and emotion don’t have to be separated. Having both actually allows you to work at full capacity and with full knowledge. Many times, women excel in business for the simple fact that we lead with our intuition.

    Don’t hesitate. Embrace it. And always remember that intuition also comes from a place of logic. Choices lead by intuition are often well thought out and calculated, like any other business decision.

    • Chant illy, I agree… Women should embrace making decisions with their intuition. It’s like having a GPS system and a great “business happiness” advisor all rolled into one. 🙂

    • I’m not so sure if I agree that intuition comes from a place of logic… I think it comes from an even better place. A place we can’t fully describe but which hardly ever fails us. Many times, you intuitively know that you have to take a leap of faith…. But there is often nothing to back you up. It’s wiiiiiide open. And yet you jump…. Because even though logically, you may be “missing out” on so much by jumping…. By NOT jumping, you’re missing the most important thing… You’re missing on the genuine opportunity to connect with you.

  155. Meditating and asking for guidance when I just don’t know what to do is by far the best ways I know to get more in tune with my intuition. Also once I ask for guidance I wait to see if I get a sign or a strong feeling in the next few days before I act. Thanks for another great episode Marie!

  156. Marie,
    As soon as I saw this video I thought about how you introduced me to Danielle Laporte’s Firestarter Sessions. Now I come across an opportunity, try to listens to those visceral reactions and then ask myself if that reaction fit with one of my core desired feelings.
    Thank you!!!

  157. Thanks for this great video!

    Meditation with a goal is not my thing. The gap.. can probably not be found with 10 min. each day… but hey… 10 min. each day is more meditation than none at all 😉

    Anddd….. if you need to learn how to feel more in your body…. go for bodywork like Rosen method…. or find someone who did Karuna training 😀
    It works…. it worked for me and for more people i know.
    Good luck!!

  158. Jennifer

    Dear Marie et. al,

    Thanks so much for a great Marie TV episode. A great balance of grounded insight and fun!! One way that I access my intuition is through a writing practice. Mary A. Hall is a energy healer and abundance coach and practices and teaches a form of writing that is key to accessing intuition. I love it and it has been so helpful to me in my life. I pose some of the questions that you ask in your episode and then write about it. As a matter of fact, I need to do that soon!! Thanks for your beautiful work and inspiration. love and blessings.

  159. LOVE this show, but before I jump through the screen and shout in everyones ear I have to message you this! There is a brain in the gut, yep a real brain, like the one in your head. But this form of intuition is NOT where great business ideas come from. The gut tells you what to ‘avoid’ it’s part of your flight or fight reactions. It is intuition for sure, but it says NO! what says YES is the heart and again there is another brain in the heart! Not kidding! This is the one that downloads amazing ideas! Marie, I have sent you my book ‘You Do Know – Learning to act on intuition instantly’ Out with Hay House. Some of your advice you just gave is already in it. But SO much more I want to share with you and your audience. Please get me on your show before I spontaneously combust! Becky x

  160. Fabulous topic, as always, and yet this one is nearer and dearer to my heart than most.

    I have distinct understandings of the three Is:
    Instinct is a reaction that’s born from our genetic coding; survival of the fittest. It’s about you, and the human race.
    Intuition is a response that’s born from our subconscious, and aligned with our highest good. It’s all about you.
    Insight is a response that’s born from our connection to Spirit, or God, etc. It’s about you, those with whom you’re connected or connecting, your higher self, the Universal Consciousness, the angel realm, and Spirit. (Insight is also what Angel and Tarot card readers, psychics, and mediums exercise to gain information and messages.)

    I run a complimentary telephone seminar named Initiating Intuition. During the 45-minute call, I remind up to 11 people (all women, so far), how to get in touch with their intuition through specific physical responses I call the Intuitive Yes and Intuitive No.

    As indicated at the top of this comment (essay? 😉 ), I find there’s a distinct difference between instinct (gut reaction) and intuition. The biggest difference is this: You can ask your intuition, “Am I on the right path?” and if you know your Intuitive Yes and Intuitive No, you will receive an always spot-on, always for-your-highest-good response.

    I’m not a tease, and I’m not looking to drive traffic to my site, so here’s the how:
    1) Sit quietly and close your eyes, and draw and release three deep, slow breaths.
    2) Using your inner voice, ask yourself, “What is my intuitive yes?”
    3) Pay attention to your body, because you’re going to feel a specific physical sensation somewhere; it can be entirely different, to a person.
    4) Repeat the question for the sake of confirmation and clarity.
    5) Draw and release three deep, slow breaths. (Why? To give you a chance to reset. Plus, it’s good for you.)
    6) Using your inner voice, ask yourself, “What is my intuitive no?”
    7) Repeat steps 3 and 4.

    Key to this is exercise:
    -You need to exercise this ability you’ve been reminded of. (Yes: reminded. We’re born with the ability to feel our intuitive responses; most of us quickly forget.)
    -You need to please exercise this ability with your eyes open. That way, no matter where you are or who you’re with, you can ask the question at hand and get the response with no one but you the wiser.

    Get used to accessing it for the important things, like:
    “Am I walking my life/soul path?”
    “Does this person have my best interest at heart?”
    “Will this project be to my benefit?”

    Get used to accessing it even for those things that seem mundane or trivial, because, let’s be honest, when it comes to what’s for your highest good, nothing is mundane or trivial. This includes:
    “Have I had enough water today?”
    “Will these shoes hurt my feet after two hours?”
    “Do I go with the blush or the bashful?” (h/t Steel Magnolias)

    Have any questions? Reply, or send me an email ([email protected]).

    Peace. ~Ellen

    • Thank you Ellen! I look forward to practicing!

    • Thank you, Marie. As always, this episode is fantastic.

      I’ve been thinking how the topic of intuition powerfully connects what you always say, that the world needs that special gift that only you have.

      We are all unique, and every moment is unique. If we believe that life created us to be unique, and shine our light, it’s not a stretch to think that there will be a unique set of instructions at any given point. This may very well include the guidance to study with a particular teacher and learn his/her ways, or see a particular doctor to get his/her advice. Still, it’s custom made guidance to fit to your particular needs and where you’re at in your growth.

      I like to say: instructions from an experienced master can be powerful. Instructions directly from source is unbeatable.”

      If we trust that life has powerful and unique answers for us in any given moment, it’s easier to open up to listening to this guidance – intuition.

      So glad you are helping people open up to this, Marie!

    • Thanks, Ellen, love the distinction between intuition and instinct. Adding in insight is new to me, thank you for sharing.

      I believe instinct is more primal as you mention, and may coincide with higher guidance, but very often influenced by trauma and other programming.

      What do you think?

      • Such a great question, Misa! 🙂

        My understanding is instinct coincides only with intuition, as opposed to insight, because of the specificity to us in our human forms.

        What I mean by that is this:
        -Instinct is a trait specific to the physical life.
        -Intuition is also a trait specific to the physical life; the body-mind connection.
        -Insight, on the other hand, is specific to the spirit life, and can be accessed in the physical life; the mind-spirit connection.

        Peace. ~Ellen

        • Thank you, Ellen, love your unique take on this.

          I’m curious about the physical body and all the trauma stored in its memory, and how this effects instincts and intuition.
          Especially as supposedly the subconscious mind is what the body operates on, and the subconscious is also where lots of our negative and limiting beliefs are stored.

          Any thoughts around that?

          • I love these questions, Misa! 🙂

            My understanding is that trauma stored at that cellular level – trauma, mind you, that’s specific to the current lifetime – doesn’t affect instinct or intuition.

            Using myself as an example: Several months ago, during massage, my trusted practitioner hit on a spot she hadn’t worked before. When she did, my body quaked in reaction, and then an image flashed into my head; something from my childhood.

            What happened is, the physical manipulation released a memory stored at the cellular level, and the subconscious mind – the gatekeeper, of sorts – allowed it to be viewed at the conscious level because it was for my highest good.

            Which brings me to “supposedly the subconscious mind is what the body operates on.” That isn’t the case. Consider a person in a coma. Their conscious mind is in time-out, so to speak. Their subconscious mind is still active, by many after-the-fact accounts. And yet, the body is unresponsive. If the subconscious mind operated the body, it would stand to reason the body would be responsive in spite of it all.

            Finally, the subconscious mind does not store negative and limiting beliefs; it’s the conscious mind that does that in the file drawer marked “unconscious.” That’s why those beliefs become knee-jerk reactions.

            The subconscious mind is a reflection of the higher self, and the higher self doesn’t “do” negative and limiting beliefs. Only the conscious mind, with its unconscious mechanism, has that capacity.

            More food for thought! 🙂

            Peace. ~Ellen

  161. Luciana

    You ROCK!

  162. Linda Rosewood

    Great program! We need more discussion and experience with developing our own intuition and working from it. Becky Walsh’s book is a great place to start. Look into it. Her explanation is so clear and logical.

    thanks again, Linda

  163. I loved all of. Marie’s techniques. I especially agree with the point that we all have intuition. The best way for me to know whether or not I’m on my right intuitive path is to ask myself, feel the sensations in my body, and trust my inner knowing when I ask the question, “Am I betraying myself?” If it’s a no…. Great…I’m most likely on the right path. But if it’s a yes, it’s worth exploring. Questions like, “Am I betraying myself for survival or do I have more freedom than I think to make an even better choice” come to mind…. Because in reality, we do have much more freedom than we think we do, and most if us want to use that freedom to pursue our true happiness. We want to do what we love, with whom we love, where we love. It’s that simple.

  164. Caroline

    From my experience, intuition is like a muscle we can get fitter and fitter. I try to make it a daily routine…When the phone rings, I ask myself who is calling or when I receive an email (did he/she replied yes or no?), waiting for the bus, before checking the board with estimated time of arrival, I also guess first…I also check within “is it time to leave now to get the bus on time?”, my body knows…We already know so much, we just need to get used to tune-in more, and I agree 100% that meditation practice helps creating the space and the presence needed to become more intuitive. Thanks Marie for your light 😉

  165. This is great. Especially the bear bit!

  166. Laura

    I’ve been struggling with whether to quit my job over the past week. The timing is not great, as I do not have a new job lined up. This morning I turned in my two weeks notice. It was hard for me to do because I love my employer and my position, but feel that leaving is the right choice for me. I just got home from work and saw this video. Thanks, Marie, for helping confirm that I was listening to my intuition the whole time! I am definitely a visceral responder.

  167. Yay!

    I’m so glad that someone is talking about Intuition! I’ve been teaching women how to tap in and use their intuition to change their energy and their lives for years! I have tons of programs around it!

    Finally, the conversation is open. Thanks Marie! 🙂

  168. I have great intuition and have spent many many years working on the foundation of using it – trust. Nice job. Really…I just want to compliment you on always having business tips that include fun and humor. I love the snarky Bear and his dancing!!

  169. Brilliant video. And so entertaining!
    Becky Walsh led me here.
    And the idea of the two of you getting together on the show – well that would be enlightening – particularly if it’s not prepared or scripted.
    I’m sure that would be really engaging!

    • Becky Walsh is brilliant isn’t she! Becky and Marie talking Intuition… that would be very cool! I’d certainly tune in for that episode of Marie TV

  170. It’s definitely in one’s best interest to ask the spiritual Universe for guidance- as that’s where I believe a lot of our intuition and psychic assistance comes from. The spiritual Universe helps us to rise to our potential and live the lives we’re truly meant to be living. Helps us because we’re part of the Universe and when we succeed, it succeeds. We have to stop being so dismissive when we experience something out of the ordinary.. and stop saying things like.. “Oh that was just coincidence..” or “I’m just reading too much into it.” When I pay attention to the things that are out of the ordinary, I often see them as signs from the Universe. Don’t be afraid to ask the Universe for help. One time I asked the Universe for help and said I was ready for the help right now. Two hours later, my apartment was flooding. By the next day, I’d moved out. Knowing how the Universe works, I laughed, saying “WOW. The Universe wasted no time in getting me on the path it see’s best.”

  171. I love this episode. Even though I use intuition (balanced with left brain insights), in my alternative medicine practice every day, these were all still great reminders on how to stay in touch with that side of ourselves.

    I wanted to offer, for anyone who has trouble sitting to meditate, this short self-healing technique that balances the left and right brain: It only takes a couple of minutes to do, but it really helps with relaxation and settling into the moment, as well as clarity and focus, and can make it easier to sit still and meditate : )

    Thank you Marie, for making these concepts so accessible and actionable. You’re the best!

  172. I’ve really enjoyed studying about different intuitive types. Just like our personalities vary, our way of accessing and processing intuition can vary greatly as well.

    I absolutely encourage getting into our bodies, like Marie suggests, but note that may or may not be your strength as far as intuition is concerned.
    There are different ways of typing your intuitive personality. I highly recommend Discover Your Psychic Type by Sherrie Dillard as a starter 🙂

    She categorizes the 4 types – and you can embody a variety of them to varying degrees – physical, emotional, mental, spiritual (I like to call it the ethereal or abstract instead since all types can be spiritual).

  173. I’ve been watching your videos for a while and am probably one of the few guys that does since your site seems to be more women oriented. You provide interesting insight, sometimes frustrating because you make it seem obvious or easy to handle situations, or topics, and while your videos are enjoyable, and I’m still trying to figure out what it is you exactly do, your information does create some good thinking.

    With regards to the intuition, and specifically meditation, how does a person meditate? I have been told since 1996 that I should meditate yet I have never come across anyone who has been able to explain how to do it or what you should be experiencing. I have been to several intro meditation classes and am always told that I should just close my eyes and focus on one thing. OK, and then what? I just sit there trying to think about one thing? What am I supposed to be experiencing? That’s the part no one will explain.

    The last intro meditation I attended just seemed awkward and embarrassing. People were “om-ing” and “ah-ing” while I sat there wondering why I was not feeling what they were feeling; sort of like Moralis from Chorus Line where she “felt nothing”. I even attended one intro class that seems to make sense but it was $1000 for a 4-day meditation course. Yeah, I’m not paying for snake oil.

    So who out there can thoroughly explain what is supposed to be felt during meditation and it’s purpose? It’s 18-years later and no one has been able to do it except to say that “you should be doing it”. Yeah I should also be doing better in life but the economy is a massive rampart.

    Finally, being a left-handed empathic the intuition comes naturally at times. It really is all about just listening to instinct.

  174. Thanks, Marie! Such an important topic. Something I’ve learned in the practice of listening to my intuition is that simply because something doesn’t go like I planned doesn’t mean I didn’t listen to my intuition. Sometimes those experiences are the ones where I learn how to discern my intuitive voice even more. I love your tips – thanks for sharing them with the world!

  175. Ed

    Great Video!

  176. Great advice. It reminded me to start meditating and praying on a daily basis again.

    Often when I meet people, there are always certain people I dislike immediately. For a long time, I fought these feelings because society tells us we need to give people a chance and so on. It always turns out that my feelings were right. Intuition is an important tool to develop. It can help avoid a lot of bad situations.

  177. Love this episode! Thank you, Marie, for highlighting the power of meditation – not only does it help us access our intuition, it stops us from reacting to whatever stimuli comes into our day, which is a recipe for lack of productivity and potential disaster in our day. We don’t want this for our business or our lives. I love that your tips are always so accessible. i’m going to share on my FB pages.

  178. Anna

    I love the part about tuning into visceral reactions! When something just isn’t the right situation or opportunity for me, I tend to get really constricted and/or sick. For the longest time I tuned it out. But earlier this year I said no to a job offer that filled me with dread, and something so much better came along shortly after! It’s a little scary basing decisions off a gut feeling at first, but I’m so glad I did!

  179. Lynn

    Lover of all things intuition – and ways to grow this up everyday. I’ve been praying for something – anything – to get me motivated to exercise. This was it. Exactly what I needed. Hearing that moving sharpens intuition. Love it. I’m getting offline and getting my sneaks on. Thanks for sharing. Great stuff – as always!!

  180. Pint-Size

    That’s so true that we all have intuition! When I look back at the tough decisions I’ve made I can remember how I had a gut feeling that turned out to be right every time. A couple years ago I was deciding between two jobs I was offered: a completely new path (a dream job in a new field) or a promotion of my old one (I was very good at the old one). I knew if I stayed with the old one, I would remain stressed beyond what I was okay with, but would grow a lot and would gain new skills (marketing consulting), and it would be comfortable. With the new path, it was what I always wanted (working for a US-based nonprofit that did international dev work!), but the work-life satisfaction was a risk- what if I sucked at it?! I took the dream job. However, my gut said that there was not a lot of room for growth, would be rewarding but I may resent the low pay, and that it would challenge me immensely and push me outside my comfort zone. I remember when I took it I felt very uneasy like I was headed into unchartted territory. 2 years later, and everything came true. I still feel uneasy about the work and it challenges me in ways I never expected. At times I’m unhappy, but I realize that I chose it knowing exactly what I was getting into… and that in itself makes me feel better 😀

    Great video! When you’re IN IT, it’s hard to realize you do have intuition and a voice inside telling you what will happen. I think you are so right about meditation and just trusting your voice. Sometimes I don’t listen to my voice because I feel I am too neurotic to be right, but then I end up being right. It’s just taking the time to listen to yourself mentally and physically and then trusting it.

    I bet writing about your body’s reaction would really help, and your overall emotional reaction to a certain decision- do you feel excited or anxiety? Do you feel energized or depleted? Do you feel like it’s all going to come crashing down? Or do you feel it has the potential to become something big?

  181. Tamika Michelle

    Dude Meditation is where it’s at. I also meditate every morning for ten minutes. It’s like a super power. if you like me and was raised in a religious back ground. meditation maybe a lil different for you so what I’ve done is I pray first . then meditate. It works 🙂

  182. Chris Pearcey

    OMG! LOL! Bear TV. I want my Bear TV!

  183. I want my BearTV!

  184. LOVE this episode, Marie! I actually just launched an intuition app to help people with this very thing! 🙂

    One of my favorite ways to tune into my intuition is to keep a journal, as it helps me to keep track of all the different types of “intuitive messages” I receive. I used to keep this in a written format, but since most of the intuitive signals I get happen when I’m out and about, I use the intuition journal app (which is on my iPhone) to keep track of things.

    Tracking the different ways that our intuition communicates with us helps us to start paying more attention to the subtle, fleeting signals we get from our intuition — which are often super easy to miss. It also helps us realize that we aren’t crazy when we have a log to look back on and see, “hey, I was right!”.


  185. Love, love, love this episode Marie. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve ignored my intuition only to regret it in the end. This episode just confirms how I need to listen to my gut & let my inner voice guide me. Although I’ve never done meditation before, I’m thinking this is something I’m gonna have to try!

    • Meagen,
      Ritu has posted some fabulous tips to help you start meditation.
      Meditation helps create a structure and foundation for a clear and calm space to tune in.
      Asking powerful questions can help too, as your system can’t help but to start digging for the answers, even if it’s in the subconscious realm and takes a while to surface.
      Sounds like you already have times when you are guided. The more you practice listening to it and following its guidance, the easier it will become to trust in the process.
      Excited for you!

  186. GC Aloha

    I loved this episode of MarieTV! Your tips for getting in touch with intuition are all tops, and I loved all of the humor. I laughed out loud at the monkeys, the “Physical” video and “BearTV.” Thanks for bringing both wisdom and laughter to my day today!

  187. Thanks for sharing these tips. It was really helpful.

    While I was a senior, I felt that I had to finish college at a certain time, so that I could have spent the summer in Chile.

    In the process, I got kicked out of the apartment because you couldn’t take 18 hours and ended up in a better apartment.

    I met the goal and spent an amazing three months in Chile and it was there that I discovered my destiny.

  188. Dawn Palmer

    Dear Marie,
    I so enjoy listening to your Q&A videos! I have been so blessed with the ability to listen to my intuition and I must say that all of the four examples you gave on how to learn to do so are totally on point. I remember reading a book called The Dream Giver several years ago and thinking Geez God didn’t give me any special gifts :(. Then my intuitive mind heard the whisper of my higher self say “your intuition is your gift”.

    I had spent my whole life prior till that day second guessing and never trusting “my gut”. From that moment on I made the decision that I would no longer ignore my inner guidance. I decided I would listen to it and follow it whereever it took me. That was over four years ago & my life is I describably wonderful as a result.

    I Am happier than I’ve ever been and I’m even writing a book about my experience. I don’t concern myself with when or where or if the book will sell. I simply trust my intuition to guide me and every time I feelyself doubting my ability to complete this task I simply do as you recommend, I get quiet and allow my internal guidance sytem to re-direct me.

    I meditate regularly, I go outside everyday and “get physical”, I often suggest to others that they take an inventory of their own lives and see where they’ve already been using it, and I absolutely pay attention to how I feel, just as you recommended.

    I hope that everyone watching your video will take your advice because it works and my life today is beyond my wildest dreams simply because of the Decission I made to trust my intuition.

    Thank you so much for all of the love, support and guidance you bring to the world, & most importantly for trusting your gut and following your bliss. You are an inspiration to me.

    Dawnie P from Philadelphia xo

  189. First of all, what a great video, thank you. I loved the humorous bits in addition to the knowledge share. I am very intuitive and this made me think more about the difference between a gut negative/positive feeling when dealing with change and how much fear and confidence are factors. For a simple example, I feel pretty safe about going out late at night in my neighborhood. But every once in a while, I get a feeling that maybe I should not go out that night. The energy just doesn’t feel right to me. Perhaps that doesn’t mean anything other than I am not feeling confident right then which puts me in a more sensitive and vulnerable state in my surroundings. Whereas other days, my confidence rules and I own the neighborhood. And then there are those days I have a gut feeling that I’m going to win the lottery. (*sigh*) Let’s get physical!

    • Hi Mary,
      I agree, whether you are feeling confident or fearful heavily effects the information we tune into and the ideas we form.
      The interesting thing about what you describe is that, based on vibrational law, your state of mind/emotions may actually effect the events that will take place once you walk out into the street. Like they say, predators can sniff out fear.

      It’s possible to feel confident and happy, floating in bliss and not paying attention, thus missing some important information around safety. It’s also possible to feel confident and calm, very present and aware, noticing – in a calm way that intuition speaks – that there is something particularly dangerous out there that should be avoided. In which case, you may be in a serious and focused state, but will still feel empowered and calm.

      As for the gut feeling around winning the lottery: I think it’s fabulous when you feel happy and empowered, where you might interpret it as a chance to win the lottery. Which, it may very well be. It could also be, given the way vibration works and how the universe is continuously orchestrating and shifting, that you are connecting energetically to various exciting and empowering potentials, though they may take longer and more focused attraction to manifest in physical reality.

      There’s definitely some woo woo there for you.
      I’ve had different times where I can tangibly feel my thoughts energetically connecting to various events and potentials, connecting to and influencing the chemistry of my surroundings and what I attract towards me. And that high feeling, charged with confidence, I find to be a fabulous state to be in – I wouldn’t dismiss entirely. For me, it helps to focus on staying grounded and attentive to the moment, otherwise it’s easy to get carried away in the high and lose discernment as to the most appropriate course of action in the moment.
      Hope that helps!

      • Hi Misa! Thanks for your reply. Very interesting and of course explained more scientifically than what I could explain. 🙂 I try to stay pretty grounded and it has been an emotional ride at times. Sometimes my ground levitates a bit (ha) and sometimes it’s below sea level. But I’m learning. It’s never too late to learn. Now, excuse me while I go get carried away in the high. No, just kidding. SINGcerely, Mary

        • Mary, I’ve had similar experiences. My understanding, at least in my case, is that the experience of being fully grounded and embodied in this physical reality brings up fears and possibly traumas for some of us.

          I’ve had grounding cords that pull right out of the earth and fly away – like yours that levitate. I’ve also had grounding cords wrapped around the earth, but the earth would start floating with me!

          I trust you’ll find a way to be high within the grounding.

  190. I can distinctly remember two situations where I made big decision and consciously went against my instinct. Within the year, they turned out to hurt me, not help not. About a year into my second (wrong) decision, my instinct/god/the universe told me whenever I was ready, I need to change my situation. It also told me all along that had been the wrong decision for me. The good news is now I know what happens when I ignore my intuition. 🙂

  191. Great episode! I’ve also found Becky Walsh’ book ‘You Do Know’ really insightful for understanding intuition in a new way and how we can use heart led intuition in making decisions in business and everyday life. check her out, she’s with Hay House.

  192. C_Grace

    Marie, I can attest that only two years ago, I had a big job decision to make. I watched one of your videos about making decisions on intuition. I followed the recommended actions, specifically the bit about listening to the very last bit here– listening to the physical. Which one makes you feel expansive? And yes, I was specifically advised against making the move, which ultimately my intuition was begging for. It was regarding two job opportunities. Marie, let me tell you….100%, hands down, phenomenal results. The path I took skyrocketed my career, whereas with the other one, I could’ve been a top performer — I put my best into whatever I do — but with the path I took, I have literally skyrocketed. Absolutely phenomenal outcome. Doing what I love. I plan to tell you all about it when I meet you 😉 really grateful for your service on this channel.

  193. Great video, Maria! I teach Chakra Yoga and your advice resonated perfectly with something I share with my students – the interrelation of the energy fields. As an example, when we come to Ajna (third eye), our seat of perception, command and ‘intuitive guidance’, I explain how in order for Ajna to work to it’s full potential, it must relay on the inner knowing of the heart as well as the ‘gut’ feelings of the solar plexus. (And no mistake that the liver is housed here – and in TCM the liver is responsible for vision, physically as well as metaphorically.) So when our tummy says yes, our heart says yes AND the ‘inner guidance’ system says yes (with the help of meditation), THAT’S when the true clarity comes and we can move forward in trust. Internal intuitive teamwork! Thanks so much for all you share.

  194. homa

    Thank you, how could become more connected with our physical side? is there any practice?

    • Homa, here are some of my favorite ways:

      Find movement or exercise that you enjoy and engage daily – dancing, hiking, various sorts, trampoline, jumprope, etc.
      Sex in a loving and safe context. Be present, notice what comes up for you with each sensation. You can explore your body alone too, find what it likes, explore and expand it’s sensations.
      Being very present when listening to hunger and making food choices – ask your body what it wants – and then fully savoring when eating.
      Talking to your body parts – it can seem silly in the beginning, but you’ll get used to it. If your stomach hurts, ask what’s going on, what it needs/wants. Just like intuition itself, the more you learn to act on the guidance, the more readily the guidance will flow.
      Massage – rather than checking out like many of us do, set an intention to relax and receive nurturing, but also stay fully present in your body and observe. Do you feel safe in your body? Do you have certain emotions that come up when you are touched in a specific spot? If you feel uncomfortable, why?

  195. Anthony Young

    I learned from Jack Canfield’s The Success Principles to be sensitive to so-called coincidences and to be sensitive to “leadings” so as to not let an opportunity slip by. I am more aware of these subtle hints when I receive them and I act on them right away. And, I always write down a creative idea or direction I should follow so I don’t forget.

  196. MORE BEAR TV! The campaign starts here!

    Loved this episode, thank you so much. I’ve only recently started to fully tune in to my gut and – goodness! It shouts LOUD sometimes!

  197. Thanks for the insight! I got lucky and a friend suggested I check out your site. I really like your genuine and authentic approach to your videos. You sense of humor is there at every turn, while keeping the information spot on and professional! Great stuff!

  198. Grace

    Marie, your a rock star! Thank you for your insight and amazing advice.

    I found that listening to your gut, brings up a lot of stuff that some would rather not face. I believe that when we treat everyone as an equal to ourselves, we are not allow them to take our power – so when your gut tells you to do or not do, no matter what someone else says …I say follow, because 99.99% of the time…that little dude in your belly …is bang on!
    Caught the repeat of your interview on Super Soul Sunday..loved it and am spreading your word.
    In peace and welleness!

  199. Marie, THANKS for being genuine, and sharing all the great insights of your journey in life with us – helping teach us to be more alive!

    Spent a large part of my life simply existing… what I would coin “alive-dead”! Just going through the motion from one day to the next and time passed… as it does for all of us. Thanks to great teachers/mentors like you and other great people, I am consciously learning to use my intuition to guide me through the great journey of life and to enrich my life and the lives I touch.

    Thanks for being you and especially for your sense of humor!

    Virtual Hugs – Rima

  200. I think the main reason why we often do follow up on our dream to start a business is procrastination. What do you guys think ?

  201. Flip a coin, but don’t look at how it lands (yet). You’ll suddenly know how you WANTED it to land. And that’s your answer (Booyah)!

  202. I love the BEAR!

    I find walking is really good to get my mind and heart and body all moving together for everyday clear direction.

    The times that I’ve had the clearest “YES”s have been when I’ve done a lot of research, conscious and subconscious, around a decision. For example, both times I’ve bought property, I did a huge amount of looking around and research, and it was all no, no, not quite, no, yuck, no, until I walked over the threshold of the right place and there was a resounding “YES – this is the place!” And I felt immense focus and purpose, so much so that I ceased to be aware of the other people around me.


  203. Ali

    Hey! Great video. I was just wondering – do you know of any good resources where I could learn more about meditation? Thanks!!!

    • Meditation is great and can be extremely useful to get clarity and connect personally on a deeper level. There are lots of resources online; but you can try resources from and the They have really great resources on meditation.

  204. I get the chills when my intuition is speaking to me. Goosebumps all over my body. I also feel a warm fuzzy sensation in my stomach when it is a positive message. I get a stomach ache when it is a negative message.

  205. If anyone is having a hard time getting into meditation, there is an app called Headspace that is basically amaze balls. I’m not affiliated with them in any way, I just think they do a fantastic job of explaining the hard parts of meditation. Try their free trial (10 meditations) if you need some help getting your ommmm on. I did the trial and it really helped me breakthrough.

    And that is my random tip of the day 🙂

  206. This is THE BEST video you have done – thus far!! LOVED how you set this up for people and in general – it was smart, witty and laugh out loud funny. I love your work – but this one took the cake for me! Go you!


  207. Bear TV is the best addition EVER 🙂 Couldn’t help but comment on this one. Oh, and your content is amazing, as always!!

  208. I do Transcendental Meditation twice a day, take time for playtime – making collages, painting, go to a music concerts and definitely dressing up in a bear costume.




  209. Wow, this is such great advice! Trusting your gut is so important, and it never really occurred to me that people may not be able to recognize it. So important to follow your instincts, life is too short to follow someone else’s path. Great actionable tips, will definitely make a note & pass them on!

    Rosie x

  210. You are so funny! Really, I’m always inspired by you. Keep it going Marie! Intuition is the way I’ve lived my life and it never failed me. It is the oldest communication systeme of mankind. Way before smoke messages, or telegraph or internet. Human being just forgot about it for a long time.
    Use it, work it, be it.


  211. OMG, Marie, you are so funny! Love your videos.

    I do have a request for you… Howz about listing all the steps on the screen at once at the end of the videos? I notice that I am so entertained by the video that by the time it’s over, I’ve already forgotten them!

  212. Kimberly

    This is actually something I’ve been working on myself… For me, I feel most in touch with my intuition when I do a quick yoga routine before my meditation practice. I feel better & most in touch with my entire being after yoga, so I slapped them together to create a synergistic daily practice. I also do my affirmations with this, too.

  213. Cute antics in your video. 🙂 The monkey is a great illustration of how chaotic we can become. Too much ‘noise’ in the world. Reconnecting through grounding and stillness has been key for sharpening my own intuition.

    As far as the fight or flight mechanism goes, I don’t view intuition through the lens of fear. My perspective is more about caution, because being afraid usually leaves us in a shock that binds us. It renders us vulnerable and stuck. When I’m cautious, I am still courageous. Courage can either be fighting against something or wisely walking away.

  214. Kristen

    Where on earth did you get such a cute dress! #greatdress

  215. Since I have been young I have always had gut feelings. I never went with them at first and let my head tell me what to do but the older I get the more I trust that my inner wisdom is the most authentic part of me and when I follow my intuition it always serves me so so well.

  216. A follow-up or related topic to this one Marie could be not basing our decisions on fear. Fear can create a very real and visceral reaction in our bodies…but letting fear drive our lives and our decisions restricts us from living our true lives. If we let fear stand in the way of all of our big decisions — fear of failure, fear of mockery, fear of change — we may not open ourselves up to our life’s path. Just a thought. I know it’s something I have to check in with when I make some of the tough decisions.

  217. Great tips, Marie! They are very useful. Thank you for sharing them.
    I learn to listen to my intuition through hand crafting or doing other fully engaging works with my hands, for example like knitting, painting, or writing.
    These are my ways to ‘meditate’.
    And as I slowly build my trust and follow my intuitions that come up during these activities, the guidance becomes louder and clearer each subsequent time. What a great gift that makes me so grateful and humbled.

    Thanks Marie!

  218. Hello Marie:

    I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoy your show… a great deal of useful information and I love the sense of humor you and your team have.
    We all need to try to have fun when we are working toward our goals. Utilizing your intuition is genius!

    Just wondering is there a large amount of guys listening to your show or it is just my feminin side.

    Great Show…


  219. Denise

    During my 15 minute commute to work the other day I asked for a CLEAR indication as to whether I ought to take a planned trip to India, or not. Should I – because good or bad – it’s kinda cool to go to India, or Should I not – because while I am away I am spending money and also not earning money – and etc. My first client of the day came into see me carrying an up-cycled bag from India made up of Indian newspapers. In the bag she brought me an adapter for use with Canadian electronica interfacing with Indian electricity and oh, yeah – an envelope stuffed full of several thousand Indian rupees, (which might get me a cuppa if I am lucky). That evening, in case I really am too dense to get the message, someone sent me a link to an article about the “Fifteen Must See Cities of 2015.” The city I am planning to visit is number 9. I am going out on a limb and think that I should go. *Well, THAT was easy!

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      WOW Denise. That’s incredible!! If only all intuitive signs were so beautifully clear 🙂 Keep us posted on your travels; it sounds like you’re in for the adventure of a lifetime and I hope it’s truly amazing!

  220. Hello! Just discovering these awesome videos.

    I would love to share my story of following my intuition — it sounds silly to some, but I really don’t like when kids are told that Santa’s not real — LOL! There are so many other concerns in the world but apparently this is the gift I was born with 😉
    My intuition was whispering “You really should do something about this, you should tell people what you think.” So I did (my kids, too). People loved it and started using my explanation for Santa Claus so that they didn’t have to tell their kids Santa’s all made up. THEN my intuition told me I could make a book out of this and it could be a family tradition. Well, that was just crazy. However, my little whisper would not stop and every Christmas it would get stronger. So it took almost 10 years before I finally took all the little baby steps (with a lot of intuition whispers) that got me to create my book called I Heard Santa, which is exactly what I always wanted it to be: a great family story about who Santa is and how he still exists today — and it’s not too long, either, which is always a plus ;). I started my own website to sell it last year for the first time, and I can’t believe I’m here. It’s because I just kept listening to that whisper inside my heart. So for me, my intuition is a whisper. It also is visceral — I felt like I could walk on air whenever I was focusing on my dream. I have big plans for my book and thank goodness it’s only February. I’m listening for more whispers. Thank you, Maria, for welcoming our stories. I’m loving your videos — and I get to binge watch them now!

  221. I call it “pray and crochet”. That’s how I get my clarity! I keep a notebook and journal next to me because when I’m relaxed, I get answers. Sometimes my women’s intuition kicks in when an event triggers feelings from my past. I have to have a way to separate my current situation from my past situations. Praying and crocheting is a great way to let my mind wander and discover the answer that is true and real for me presently!

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Wendy, that’s brilliant. Thank you so much for sharing your technique with us!

  222. There have been three times in my life when intuition has hit me so strongly that I had to act even though there was NO logical reason to do so. I did act and that action saved me from a huge problem years later. I will just describe one of these occasions: I was on my way to Scotland and driving out through London I saw a marble fireplace for sale in a closing down window, it was amazingly beautiful. All the way up the motorway I knew I had to buy it and knew a shopkeeper near the shop in question, phoned them to get the price and their phone number, bought it over the phone half way up the country, had it delivered to my friend’s shop. Seven years later in the deep recession of the mid 1990’s I had a huge problem with builders on a development site, I needed £10,000 by the next day and banks were not lending. Called an antique dealer who paid me cash for that fireplace (it was installed in my living room at the time) that night, and it staved off a what could have been a real disaster. So basically if your gut is telling you to do something illogical but it is a really strong command and it is not about fear or greed, just do it and it will save you later.
    I use intuition on a daily basis but the really strong commands don’t happen often but one should heed them.

    Trust Your Gut!

    And, Marie, thank you for all your weekly TV programmes. They are brilliant.


  223. Yes! If I have a tough decision I’m trying to make, I often try to deeply imagine myself in either situation, and then pay attention to my visceral behaviors. Usually I know pretty quickly which one is freeing, and which one is restricting. Thanks, Marie! xoxo

  224. Maureen

    OH MY!!
    Marie- thank you for your fabulous videos and brilliant brilliance.
    I always watch to the very end to the hilarious out-takes. So fun!

    AND- Bear TV- c’mon! So so funny. I for sure ALOL’d.

  225. I usually second guess my intuition regarding my personal life. Two massive exceptions: long story short, I avoided something much worse than a mugging by acting on the visual images I got immediately when these two really good looking well-dressed guys who I knew didn’t live in my apartment complex were following me from my car. I “saw” the Animal Planet footage of a gazelle being chased by two lions. I noticed I could barely breathe. Instead of going to my apartment, I ran to my neighbors and her dog that I walked while she was at worked would always watch for me to come home out the window and he started barking up a storm. I yelled into her to call the cops. She did. I did end up with some bruises and my purse being stolen, but the sheriffs, who arrived literally 2 minutes later (how’s that for response time?!) said that they were already following up on another crime — a really icky one on our street and that it really lucky they didn’t get into my apartment. I might have ignored just feeling uncomfortable, but my guardian angel was sending me some pretty strong mental images. The second one was a happy one: when I was trying to feel whether or not I was going to get signed by this one agent and I had the happiest bubbling up “light” feeling in my tummy right before she called to say that they had decided to rep me. That was awesome. And I still do use that feeling.
    Where I struggle is with guilt over anything that “feels” selfish — which includes charging appropriate rates for my work, even though I know from talking to my colleagues that my rates are very fair, and lower than many of them with my level of experience and results. So… now guilt is sort of a measure of being on the right track, ironically. I feel it if I go to the gym, spend money on myself, say no to people who I know are not good for me…

  226. Thanks, Marie, for this! My intuition has literally saved my life a few times and when I feel that sick feeling in my stomach, I pay attention to that too until I know what it’s about. I know if I spent just 10 minutes meditating everyday, it would increase even more, thanks for reminding us of that. Also, the being physical part was a surprise, but it makes perfect sense. When the stomach gets that feeling and the hairs on the back of my neck stand up, my body is telling me something really important! One last thing, I LOVE your lipstick! What is that color?? It looks absolutely fabulous on you! A very modern Snow White 🙂

  227. I always feel my intuition but I don’t always pay attention to it, and of course…there is a price for that. Thank you for this episode.

  228. I find that emotional healing, especially in the heart and gut area goes a long way in sharpening your intuition because it removes blocked energy that would otherwise prevent us from getting more in touch with our bodies. The heart and gut both have a developed sense of intuition and removing the blocked energy stored there from trauma will increase our access to our intuition.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      So true, Ike! It’s easier to get in touch with your intuition when there aren’t negative vibes blocking the path.

  229. I can completely relate to not having a “gut” feeling. When I was able to give myself permission to not focus those sensations on my actual gut or belly, I noticed it was the area around my heart and chest where I could really feel reactions happening. Instead of a pit in my stomach, I felt a weight on my chest. Instead of butterflies in my stomach, I felt tingling around my collar bones. Maybe other people have other places you feel intuition like shaky knees or sweaty palms or clenched jaws. Hope that helps! It definitely helped me. (Also, thanks for the reminder to exercise- binging your videos is great but I need to get up!)

  230. I JUST signed up for B-School a couple days ago and it starts tomorrow (Yahoo!!). I found the Marie Forleo Facebook page and followed it. The very FIRST post that showed up on my feed from Maria was this one about intuition which I found beautifully serendipitous. I have been teaching people to open and hone their intuition for over 12 years. That is the business I am building an online platform for. That is the entire reason I am attending B-School… to build it in a beautiful way so I can help more and more people hone their intuition. Thank you for this moment of confirmation and thank you for helping so many people create their positive ripple effect. Love this!!!

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