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Do you have trouble achieving goals? Do you start things but rarely, if ever, finish them?

Whether you’re struggling to write a book, stay on track with a fitness goal, get your finances in order, start a new business or anything else, chances are this one word is in your way.

By the way, this one word can stop any of us — including me — from achieving goals. Nothing to be embarrassed about.

That word? Excuses.

If it’s important to you, you’ll make the time. If not, you’ll make an excuse. Click To Tweet

Those sneaky little lies we tell ourselves about why we can’t move ahead until we have more time, more resources, more support — yada, yada.

If we’re ready to achieve our goals and do the big things we want to do, we must, must, must raise our standards and say, “No. More. Excuses!”

On this MarieTV the one and only #JerseyMarie is here to help. In her own special way, she wants to make sure we stop making excuses, once and for all.

Once you’ve had a chance to watch, we’d love to hear from you:

  1. What’s one area of your life where, if you stopped making excuses, you could create radically different results?
  2. What specific excuse do you need to drop like a hot pocket?

Leave a comment below and let us know. (And yes, by “us” I mean Regular Marie AND Jersey Marie.)

Share as much detail as you can. Tens of thousands of incredible souls come here each week for insight and inspiration. Your story may be just what someone else needs to have a major breakthrough.

Important: please share your thoughts and ideas directly in the comments. Links to other posts, videos, etc. may be removed.

Thank you so very much for reading, watching and joining in the fun.

If you have friends, clients or colleagues who could use some support in the “NO EXCUSES” department, please share this post.

With fist bumps and so much Jersey love ❤️,


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  1. Tanya Aschwanden

    Just super. Thank you. Light and love from Switzerland Tanya

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Thanks so much for watching, Tanya! Sending lots of love to you in Switzerland from Team Forleo!

  2. Exercise. it’s always a for-sure-tomorrow-i-am-going….. and then, next day, I’m slammed at work and say for-sure-tomorrow…. rinse, repeat….

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Hi Deborah! This is such a great one, and you’re not at all alone in having some trouble getting a consistent exercise routine in place. You can do this! I have a feeling you’ll find this episode, about how to make positive changes stick in your life, really helpful:

      • Thanks so much for sharing this episode, Julia. Just what I need right now!

      • Lia

        Julie, thank you for sharing this link with Deborah. It ended up being the perfect share for me too. Going through some huge changes in my life, and been having a rough go of being the person I see myself as. This is a great video. Very helpful!

    • Hey Deborah, something like that is all about consistency. Doing it just a few times can release all sorts of happy hormones that Get. You. Hooked! You got this!

    • M

      I know this one TOO WELL……. :/

    • Oh how this is my biggest reason to make excuses!!! Ugh!

  3. Martine

    Thanks Jersey Marie! Now I live on a beach for ever!!! ???

  4. HAHA! Can I just say how much I love this! Thanks for being awesome team Marie

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      SO happy you enjoyed it, Kaleb!!

  5. This made me chuckle and inspired me at the same time. Jersey Marie is amazing and I gotta say I loved the language:) The pansy a** excuse I’m dropping so I can enjoy my time on the excuse free beach is “I can do it whenever I want”. This excuse has kept me in a consistent state of deferral because I pretend like I have all the time in the world and I’ll do it when I get motivated as opposed to just being disciplined to make it happen. It’s time to make my dreams happen already! Thanks Jersey Marie:)

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Nakita! Really glad this made you laugh WHILE inspiring you 🙂 This is such a common excuse and we love how honest you’re being with yourself – that’s a huge step in the right direction. Be sure to watch this episode as well, about how to get motivated: The time is now!! xo

  6. Eeks, just want to create without the boulder of self doubt hanging over my head. I’m trying to use ‘just for the fun of it’ as my directional joystick , steering clear of the need to make it perfect ?. I feel that creative peace when I’m helping others find theirs.
    Xoxo ?

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Hey Veronica! It sounds like you’re absolutely on the right track, by allowing those feelings of fun to guide your creative process. I love what you said there: “I feel creative peace when I’m helping others find theirs” – this is a beautiful guiding statement and excellent way of taking some of the pressure off yourself around needing to be perfect. Your gifts are helping others to access their own in hugely important ways! Keep going 🙂 XOXO

  7. Oh gah-ad, I can’t stop laughing. I love Jersey Marie. “…like crostini sticks at Angelo’s” and “….that frou-frou ass place.”

    Not sure if I got those exactly right but can’t check because I gotta stop making excuses and go write ‘dese proposals that are scarin’ the shit outta me. Luv, Chicago Jan. Al Capone-land, ya know?

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      YES – go write those proposals, Jan! The important thing is that you’re laughing! Things can often seem a lot bigger and scarier in our heads, and once we just start doing them, that has a tendency to fade away. You got this!

  8. Barbara

    Nice of Jersey Marie to drop in and give us a summer laugh! True, wouldn’t want to live with her, but nice to see her on occasion;) She REALLY gets the point across!

    • Rini


  9. NO EXCUSES ok ok I about spit out my coffee. Those nutz need air hahaha so right now in my life I’m making excuses like people don’t know what the H I do. I need to just show them what I do. (I need a Jersey Bernie to come out)

  10. Marie

    I have never been able to have good days please help

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Hi Marie. Thank you for being here with us. I’m sorry you’re feeling discouraged, and we’d love to help however we can. I’d encourage you to check out our Library of MarieTV episodes to find specific topics that may be helpful to you right now in your life

      You’re also welcome to share more with us at infoATmarieforleoDOTcom and we’d be glad to help guide you in the right direction. Sending big Team Forleo love and hugs your way!

  11. Chevonne

    Jersey Marie…. too funny! of course it’s exercise; and I’m trying my best to stop making excuses by committing to at least a 30 minute walk or work out for 21 days. So far, okay?? I missed yesterday, because of an excuse. Now I’m starting is day 1. Wish I’d heard Ms. Jersey yesterday. Oh well!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Keep going, Chevonne! You’re doing great, and we love how committed you are to taking excellent care of yourself through consistent physical movement. If you miss a day (we all do sometimes!), just pick right back up where you left off and keep the momentum going. Tuning into how you feel as a result of this exercise could be a helpful motivator, too. You’re amazing!

  12. It is so good to see you Jersey Marie! Missed you.

    Exercise/my health is one area that is full of excuses for me. I know that when I am feeling good, so many other areas in my life fall into their happy little places. Especially my acupuncture business. There are two excuses I have…..either I am too tired or I don’t have the time. However, I always find the time to read a book or play a game on my phone and both activities equal a lot more time than a workout does and I feel better after the work out.

    Thank you for the tough love and the much needed reminder.

  13. Paula

    From one Jersey girl to another, that was MF’ing awesome! Just the kick in the ass I needed today. Going to stop whinning and finish writing my content right now.??????
    Thank you!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Amazing – so glad to hear it! GO Paula!!

  14. Sanjeet Karmakar

    I liked this video much….. Great really…… Want to get positive influence…… Thanq Marie madam……… ?

  15. Kim

    Marie excellent moring kick in the excuse train – AND I laughed so hard! LOVED IT – Thank You!!!

  16. Bonnie Fahy

    I love that I can see you’re having fun with the episodes. It’s so fun to watch. Bravo, Marie!

    • Cherie

      I got that. Thanks xx

  17. Seyneb Said

    Jersey Marie. Thank you for your message.
    I love her no excuse vibe and straight to the point vibe.
    I am a 21 year old , soon to be 22 , women who has been so keen on making my own youtube channel but I kept making up an excuse not to.
    Okay, I have been seeing signs left and right lately as too the fact that THIS is the right move for me despite all my excuses, finally, THIS video shows up.
    I am going for it , wish me luck .
    Thank you for all your hard work, Marie, Jersey Marie ( insert winkey face here ) and your awesome team. You are all really making a difference, just a little reminder <3 doubt you need it though since you already gotta be awesome keep doing what you do.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much for these kind words, Seyneb! It means more than you know. We’re SO excited for you as you create your own YouTube channel – we know you can do this! We’re cheering you on over here on Team Forleo as you go for your dreams, there are such amazing things ahead for you. XO

  18. Letitia Gibson

    OMG! I love Jersey Marie. #thisisawesome #noexcuses

  19. Ohmygosh… I LOVE you!!! It was like I was watching a completely different person! 🙂

    No more excuses!! I’m a do-er! 😀

  20. Kelly

    “When they’re laughing, they’re listening” xo

  21. Yo, Jersey Marie! Me and a few of my friends here in Chicago that can knock some sense into the noggins of those excuse makers. Just sayin’.

    Good for you for playing with your shadow – rock on, soul sister! xoxo

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Love it, Amy!! SO, so glad you’re digging Jersey Marie 🙂 We really appreciate your continued support.

  22. I love Jersey Marie!!! You are hilarious! Thank you for the excuse free beach! A good kick in the pants this tuesday morning!

  23. Suzanne Martin

    Marie, I so appreciate your ability to provide us with great tips and advice, but always in the spirit of fun and humor. I loved Jersey Marie and hope we see her again! Thanks for being a great mentor and role model.

  24. Lori

    I just love Jersey Marie. She tells it like it is and just rips that bandaid right off! Getting my steps in each day is my issue. Gotta get going and get some steps in!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Yes – get those steps in, Lori! You’ll feel great!! So thrilled that Jersey Marie’s approach is working for you 🙂

  25. Linda Selby

    Gotta say, You guys sure know how to have fun on the job. Thanks for the great entertainment while getting some important things out to us followers of yours! It’s so darn easy to fall into the excuse habit and not even realize I’m doing it. Exercise is the worst area for me. In other areas I use “breasons” which is “bullshit reasons” (aka excuses).

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Breasons! So good, Linda! We sure do have a lot of fun on Team Forleo, and adore sharing it with you.

      You’re definitely not alone in having a hard time prioritizing exercise in your life regularly. Be sure to watch this episode, I think you’ll find it really inspiring!

  26. Nellen Dryden

    LOLing ova HERE. AH-MAZ-ING. Sometimes B*tch slapping the Sh*t out of something you need!! Thanks Jersey Marie, please come back again!

  27. Pierre Itoumbou

    On your response requested on the two questions,
    One getting myself a good girl, a deserving one.
    Two stop saying I have to work on my platform first, or deal with the opposes and get tu hem out the way.
    Again thank you for giving the opportunity to Express myself here.
    With more love!

  28. Omg! That was so freakin excellent Marie!!! Not only did it come at a good time… I totally laughed my ass off!! Thanks for making me crack up! Xoxo

  29. Charlie Devine

    Why do today what I can put off till tomorrow? The more I try to create stability, the more unstable it gets. Have the great ideas, just need to start and pursue the best one.

  30. Amy

    I needed this message today! My excuse is that people have been treating me like [email protected]@! lately. My roommate moved out without paying rent and with 36 hours notice. A former client sent me a crap-tastic E-mail. I saw these things coming and tried to be gracious and kind to prevent them. Truth – I wasn’t standing up for myself and my business. Time to kick that excuse to the side and burn it in a fryer!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      What a beautiful way to reframe some unfortunate circumstances, Amy! YES to standing up for yourself in the ways you know you need to. I’m sorry these things happened, and we love that you’re refusing to see yourself as a victim by staying in your power. We’re always learning, from every situation. Sending much love your way!

  31. Carol

    So creative & fun, Jersey Marie. You’re my inspiration.

  32. Grace

    Hey, I am originally from Jersey, what’s it to you? I now live in So California, land of excuses. Ha ha. Activating my inner Jersey Girl is good, and keeps me moving forward in my musical journey in later life. Finally at a point of focus, regular practice, taking new steps, and taking a leadership role at times in a musical group, all while working full time. And that is going to end in less than a year! My biggest excuse has been issues with back and joint discomfort, so I have to be mindful of that every day and practice good health habits ongoing! Keep on keeping on MF. Love this video!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      It sounds like you’re in such an exciting place of growth, Grace! Keep up the awesome work, and keep taking great care of yourself and your health along the way. And YES – absolutely activate that inner Jersey Girl you have access to, whenever she’s needed!!

  33. Oh Marie LOVE. Thank you for that wise jewel of advice, wrapped in laughs. You are the best.

  34. OMG, hilarious. You are awesome, Marie. I’m delayed a week launching my site and you’re right, excuses!! It’s happening today. For sure. Thanks, I need this.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Wishing you all the best with your site launch, Chrissy – so exciting! Really glad this extra push came just when you needed it in the form of Jersey Marie 🙂

  35. Thank you so much for this. It was just what I needed plus this is so darn funny.

  36. I soove Jersey Marie! I grew up in Wilmington and went to college in Philly, so I met one or three of da girls! Thanks for dat!
    And I believe that I’ve been living at the excuse free shore for awhile now. I live a practice where I take 7 action steps everyday in the direction of my dreams. The actions are different everyday, yet each is designed to propel me foward. My newest action that I’m loving is what I call “significant reading” reading that helps me personally, spiritually or financially. When working with a practicike this, there’s no time for excuses:)

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Love that practice of taking consistent action steps, Joseph! Thank you so much for sharing it with us here. You’re an inspiration – keep up the amazing work!

    • Mon

      Wow, Joseph! If you’re taking 7 action steps toward your goals each day, then you would be making significant progress. Thank you for inspiring me, particularly with the dedicated, growth-oriented reading.

  37. I love the two of you Marie!!! You are so inspiring and motivating. Thank you very much for that! My excuses I throw of right away: I am too old, I am a woman, I have no possibilities here in Germany to build a really big enterprise because there is no support for people like me!! Have a great day you all!!!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Hi Kathrin! Thank you so much for sharing these excuses you’ve been running up against here so honestly. Watch this right now: We promise you, you can do ANYTHING you set your mind to! XO

  38. Monique

    It’s nice to see people having fun doing what they love.
    One area if “stopping making sorry-ass excuses” … re-initiate the writing of my 3rd book.
    For part two, just do it since it is “figureoutable” and the action of writing will attract to me creative solutions to continue to write.

  39. LOVE #jerseymarie!

  40. Linda Bennis

    Missed your vocation Marie – should have been an actress or a Moll! Good episode, thank you from London, England. x

  41. Being a ‘Long Island Girl’ I can totally relate to the JM and RM messages. Very effective !
    Thank you so much……beach forever !

  42. Elaine Dolan

    Joizey Marie,
    I likes how you’s thinkin’ on scuses. I got loads of ’em,
    just in case you be needin’ these…

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      LOVE, Elaine!!!

  43. Lisa

    I’m in tears and my cheeks hurt from my permanent smile during this entire episode. Please make her a regular fill-in for Marie. Serious kick-in-the-pants advice – thank you!

  44. Love you Jersey Marie!! As a Jersey girl myself, it hits a certain nerve. I’m going to see the “real” Marie tomorrow at BlogHer. Until then I will say that the one thing I keep making excuses on is clean eating. “It’s summer, I gotta have ice cream.” “There are so may outbreaks of food poisoning from salad greens lately….” Time to put those excuses away and embrace some frozen veggies!!!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Amazing, Melissa – we hope you have such a wonderful, inspiring time at BlogHer! Be sure to give Marie a big hug if/when you see her 🙂 It’s fantastic that you’re being real with yourself when it comes to clean eating and where you could stand to improve here. There is always a way to get those veggies in! We know you can do this, and you’ll feel so much better and more energetic as a result. Cheering you on!

  45. I love everything about this episode. I *needed* my [email protected]@ kicked by Jersey Marie today!! Here’s my A’s to your Q’s:
    1. I am a triathlete and have been for the past ~12 years. But this training year, I found every excuse in the book to skip workouts (esp at the pool) and only hit 40% of my planned workouts (at most). Fast forward to my big race a few weeks and I managed to get a personal record on the bike and run portion. [insert sound of record scratching]. I got my best time and I only completed less than half of my workouts?!? WTF?? What could I accomplish if I stopped making sorry-ass, weak-sauce excuses and just DID it, just stuck to my plan!! Thanks, Jersey Marie. I owe you one.
    2. Number one excuse to drop: “I don’t have the time.” Which is totally BS and Jersey Marie would knock me sideways with her bouffant for saying that. I work from home, I have a flexible schedule. I am just not making what’s really important to me a priority because I’m afraid that I won’t see the results I want, that I won’t live up to my expectations despite all the hard work, that I’m letting other people in my life down by focusing on my dream. Um, hello, self-induced shame and guilt spiral, anyone? Enough is enough. I’m headed for the “No Excuses Beach” right now. You rock, Jersey Marie! Dinner at Antonio’s (with crostini, obviously) is on me!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Hi Lisa! Happy to hear Jersey Marie came just when you needed her 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing so honestly here. Firstly – CONGRATS on getting your best time and setting a personal record during your recent race! That’s an amazing accomplishment, so be sure to take a moment (or several) to soak that up and celebrate yourself. While we always want to strive towards being our very best, I have a feeling that you can be very hard on yourself, even when you’re doing incredible things, because you set such high standards.

      This is such a fine balance to achieve and I think you’ll find these episodes of MarieTV helpful in finding it, with grace for yourself:

      • Hi Julia! Thanks for your response. How did you know I’m hard on myself? 😉 Thanks for the episode recommendations! I can’t wait to check them out. Thanks also to you and the entire Team Forleo for being so amazing and spreading your amazingness (new word?) around the world!

  46. I cannot handle the humor-infused straight-talk message!

  47. Véronique

    Work out … been “trying” ( means “finding excuses” !) for 13 years … ???

  48. Wendy

    Thank you Marie. For me it’s writing my book and the lame a** excuses are always I’m too tired and not enough time. I often feel trapped in the roach motel you described powerless to exterminate the excuses.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Wendy, you don’t need to feel trapped anymore! That book within you needs to find its way out into the world. This episode was made for you: We’re sending so much encouragement your way!

  49. Katrina Julitz-Donovan

    I never knew I was excusing myself from life and achieving my goals until I decided to get my life back. I went back to working out with my trainer and I also feel I have something to give to others, I want to help others by sharing my life experiences and who I am.
    Thank you for helping me realize this.

  50. Kimberley

    My excuse……I’m too old, I can’t be successful amidst all these young, beautiful entrepreneurs.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Hi Kimberley – thanks so much for sharing this 🙂 You’re truly never too old, and you have such unique wisdom and gifts within you to share with others. If you’re looking for some inspiring examples of female entrepreneurs who made a splash later in their lives, be sure to watch this: xoxo!

  51. I decided today no more excuses. I will do whatever it takes.

  52. Flev

    True I’ll be no I’m going to be more strong

  53. OMG! Jersey Marie! You woke up the NY Rose this morning! Exactly what I needed to hear as I was looking at my to-do list and procrastinating! I asked the Universe to send me what I needed today – and Jersey Marie IS IT! I have been an alumni of B-School for several years now and always look forward to Q & A Tuesdays with you! Thanks for always knowing what we need to hear! Luv Ya Foreva!!!!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Wow, what divine timing, Rose! SO happy that Jersey Marie came just in time to help bust through your procrastination. We’re so grateful to have you as a B-Schooler and are always here cheering you on as you keep going for those dreams of yours! We believe in you wholeheartedly. Please be sure to keep us posted on your progress! Sending big Team Forleo love your way.

  54. Thanks for the levity to a serious issue. I’ve said for years that everyone has enough time and money for the things they value. Watching people live their lives tells you exactly what they value. Somehow, they just don’t like to have that pointed out to them, so your Jersey Marie was a perfect way to say it. Thanks!

  55. Leah Gelband

    I love Jersey Marie!! Marie, we’re waiting for you to please come visit us in Israel! You have a lot of awesome fans here!! BTW, I too was once a Jersey girl (Fair Lawn).

  56. Kyla

    My career. I am self employed and have a 2 and 4 year old. I know I have been bad for using them as an excuse not to do what I need to do in my business. The 4 year old starts school next month so she won’t be an excuse anymore, but if I stop using them as an excuse, I could change their lives forever.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Hi Kyla! Thank you so much for sharing this. You are most certainly not alone as a mom in feeling this way! Of course, prioritizing your sweet little ones is important, and it can be such a tricky balance for entrepreneurs who are parents to find.

      For some helpful tips on how to maximize your time, check out this episode of MarieTV on how to balance being a great mom with growing your business: You’re amazing!

  57. Manga

    This was hilarious and true, laughed my butts off :-))
    more more pls….
    And gonna get to work now…

  58. Of course Marie and Marie; it’s my career, hands down! If I stopped making excuses for why I haven’t run one of my dynamic workshops all year, I would probably have run 3 by now and have much more fulfillment and revenue in my life. That’s actually why I hopped on your site today. I’m gonna try to hop on every day whether it’s listening to a Bschool lesson plan or one of your Marie TV episodes. I think they may give me the starter I need to get going on the execution plans for my business until I find I don’t need them for that reason anymore because my business is sailing! Wish me luck!
    Oh, and the specific excuse that I need to drop like a hot pocket?….”I don’t have enough credentials for people to trust that I’m capable and qualified to help them” . I’m in finance and I’ve created a really great coaching program that combines temperament with how we treat our money. But I keep telling myself that the 4 licenses and almost 20 years in finance are not enough to get started now. That people want to see a CFP behind my name. But I need to stop that negative talk. I’m pursuing my CFP, but I know I can start now. Just need to keep encouraging myself around this thought. Help where you can please! And thanks 🙂

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Hi Shurnette! Thank you so much for all you shared here. We love the idea of continuing to surround yourself with positive inspiration and clear guidance about how to best keep moving forward in your business. We know you can do this, and you have such special, unique talents and experience to share with others – that financial coaching program sounds incredible!

      We’ve got you 🙂 Watch these episodes of MarieTV, and know that you are more than enough to start putting yourself out there, right now:

      Sending so much love and encouragement your way! xo

  59. Rini

    Jersey Marie, I need someone like you in my life to tell me how it is, with exactly that amount of sass!! XD
    I seriously don’t know what my excuses are, but I want to keep that in mind and build an awareness of it. I think mostly I lean on my health problems, and never really create a strategy around that!

  60. OMG, I love you, Marie!! You are my mother f***kin’ rock star!! Love from Japan

  61. OMG, that was too funny and very well done. Love the Joyzee accent!

  62. Daria

    I guess one area where I can make radical change happen if I stop making excuses is my further education. It’s always on to-do list but those courses never get accomplished and I never get that certificate which will facilitate my promotion. Ok, now, no more excuses, it’s time to get back to studies. Thanks, Marie!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      You got this, Daria! 🙂

  63. 1. What’s one area of your life where, if you stopped making excuses, you could create radically different results?
    – Listen better to the prospects, and minimize the “I know what they want” mode.
    2. What specific excuse do you need to drop like a hot pocket?
    – I broke my good routine and I’m not finding my groove.

  64. I f’n LOVE Jersey Marie!!!

    • Juliet Foster

      Me too! Jersey Marie is the Sh*t!! ?

  65. valery

    Hi Im from Mexico, I love your web site, I been traying to my own digital magazzine for 4 years, in meantime I quit jobs (I never like), and return to school to study something I love, has been hard, and I realiza I have a lot of excuses to give up on my dreams, the truth? all that excuses are fear and not want to leave my comfort zone, your web site help me a lot. Thank you so much¡

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Hi Valery! We’re SO happy to hear that our content has been helping you as you follow your heart and courageously go for your dreams. It’s great that you’re being honest with yourself about the excuses holding you back being rooted in fear. Remember, we all experience this very natural emotion, and the sooner (or more often!) you’re able to leave your comfort zone, the faster you’ll see growth in all areas of your life.

      If you find you’re needing more support and inspiration in this, I’d encourage you to explore our collection of episodes on overcoming fear and self-doubt here:

  66. Olli

    Umph… How hard can it be to start exercising? I don’t even know what my excuse is… Oh right, its “I can’t start!”)))

  67. Marie A.

    I love to paint! create art! My excuse: classic: no time!!!
    I have to work on thaaaat!!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Hi Marie! You are not alone in this 🙂 Your art and creations are so needed in the world, remember that. The rest of us need the unique gifts you have to give! Watch this for some strategies to help you make time for more creation in your life:

  68. Love Jersey Marie! This was the funniest one yet, but simultaneously addressed some serious sh_ _!
    Totally spot on about excuses being cement shoes and pizza without cheese!
    I’ve always struggled procrastination which of course ultimately would lead to alota excuses. I was great at starting things and finishing or should say quitting things but missed all that middle stuff in between. More excuses. I’ve improved greatly with understanding why I procrastinated and why I missed all the middle work at getting stuff done, I’d loose my focus. Takes work, diggin and time to understand what the heck is going on in your psyche. But so worth it.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Sounds like you’re doing a great job of digging deep and working through some of the underlying issues causing you to procrastinate on projects, Catherine! We’re glad to hear you’ve seen some improvement in yourself, and if you could use more support in this area, check out this great episode:

      • Thank you Julia. I copied those three links you’d posted on another comment. Procrastination…is like masturbation. The only one you screw is yourself!

  69. I think the last couple of years I’ve really worked on making time for / prioritising everything I want to achieve. I’m still on the journey, but the only real block I get now is when I’m so tired I’m falling asleep. Otherwise, i’ve gotten really good at using your “time chunks” method to write novels, work full time, run a side hustle and still exercise and meditate.
    I don’t know if it counts as an excuse, but when I feel tired, I definitely “put off” my projects. If I get home at 6pm, I’ll nap until 7pm, instead of writing my novel.

  70. Trish M

    My excuse is “The options for taking business online is overwhelming! Do I start w YouTube, podcast, Insta? How do I promote what I’ve already created? Following or content?” So my response to my excuse is more research and planning but not really committing and diving in consistently. Boo. (Pouty emoji here.)

  71. Excuses. They appear like road blocks. My dream is to be a world class, well paid writer. I’m drowning in what to do. Like Regular Marie (the other one, not me says) “Progress, not perfection.” I just need to work on progress. And acknowledge that Rome wasn’t built in a day, and a Jersey shore beach isn’t cleaned up in a day either. The other other Marie …. Marie Sultana Robinson! @

  72. Love ya, Marie!
    Let me put my 2 cents in here. Underlying every excuse is fear. What if I fail? What if I succeed? It’s already been done by people much smarter than me… yada, yada, yada… I finished my book when I dealt with the fear ( which btw hasn’t gone away).
    Bobbi from da bronx…

  73. Mason Chase

    All I want to do is sing, but I’m constantly struggling with self-doubt and afraid of what people think of me due to my past traumatic experiences – especially when I tried to make my dream into a reality and I got laughed at in a talent show. Ever since then, I pushed back the timelines of my dreams because I don’t feel ready and daydreaming has become my coping mechanism instead of motivating me to make it a reality.

    Each year I get older, the passion in my heart grows stronger and I realize if I don’t make it happen, I will die in regret.

    I want to be in a place where I can create music and live in freedom so I can serve others. I don’t want to spend the rest of my life seeking validation.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Oh Mason, I’m so sorry to hear you got laughed at – how awful. That’s something that says far more about those people than it says about you.

      Elizabeth Gilbert has done some incredible work with her book Big Magic about inspiring people to pursue their creative dreams, and we actually had her on an episode of MarieTV, so I thought I might pass that one along for some inspiration on your journey:

      We’re cheering you on!

      • Mason Chase

        I think I experienced a full circle moment. The Elizabeth Gilbert interview was the very first MarieTV episode I ever watched and I literally bought the book after I watched it. I haven’t read it yet (shame on me), but this is absolutely the perfect time for me to do so.

        The stars are aligning for me to take action and control, thank you Caroline!

  74. Love you Jersey Marie! Mine is definitely eating well. My excuses are that is takes too long, I can’t cook, life is short so I should enjoy what I’m eating all the time! All of those are excuses for not taking better care of my body.

  75. staci gingery

    The best one yet! Jersey Marie is welcome in my inbox anytime! I literally laughed out loud to this one and was reminded of a valuable lesson. Love it!!

  76. JERSEY MARIE IS TOO REAL! HAHA I love her! And Regular Marie of course!
    One area I could make radically different results if I stopped making excuses is my eating/drinking habits. I started working out again and love it so far but my eating and drinking habits are holding me back from making the progress I truly want.

    A specific excuse I need to drop like a hot pocket is I’m tired. It’s a negative vibe that impacts all areas and then I put off things until “tomorrow” or “Monday”.

    As I use my Miracle Morning routine I will be sure to make these changes to help me reach all of my goals (like finishing B-School!) even faster! Thanks Jersey Marie!

    • Diana

      Hey Angelique,
      Are you using The Miracle Morning book? I saw this and always been meaning to get this, you have reminded me? If so, which one did you get.
      Thanks much for the reminder…I will place order thru Amazon today;)!

      • Hey Diana!

        Yes I am using the Miracle Morning book routine and I LOVE IT! its been nearly a month of doing it daily minus one day and its life changing!
        I got the one titled The Miracle Morning: The Not-So-Obvious Secret Guaranteed to Transform Your Life Before 8AM by Hal Elrod.

        Get it girl, you’ll love it! If you have questions message me again here!

  77. FabUlous dahling! LOVED IT. x

  78. OMG! I love you Marie and team! Brilliant, so fun and so true. Thank you for making me light up with delight while reminding me that excuses don’t belong in my world.

  79. Karina

    I have to stop procrastinating when it comes to creating my first online course. It’s already done but when I start recording it, I am so tough to myself and always think it’s not good enough. My followers have been asking me about this course and I owe it to them and to me as well! Thanks for the video, you ROCK!

    • Mary

      You do not have the right to keep your light to yourself. The world is waiting for you. We want your gifts…

  80. You are SO right!

  81. This is so wonderful. I love Jersey Marie and the excuse-free beach. Thank you!

  82. Diana

    Loved it! I am so swamped with stuff and don’t work smart enough…so made me think that this is an excuse to not to work smarter? IDK….I just can’t seem to get where I want to go with a career with two kids, help husband run a business and then some…..not to mention that my husband is a verbal abuser and a covert narcissist….Which I perhaps let this stop me?

    Any advice?

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      I so hear you, Diana – I know you’re not alone in feeling swamped. We did an amazing episode a while back with guest, Ned Hallowell, about prioritizing and why smart people underperform, so I thought I might pass that along for a few tips:

      Also I’m sorry to hear that your husband is verbally abusive – that’s so tough, and we encourage you to seek out a trusted counselor or professional to help support you, as that can be a major roadblock. We’re sending our best wishes ♥

  83. This was such an amazing episode, thank you so much for sharing!! <3

    One area I could totally change in my life if I stoped making excuses is a more obvious one and that's my eating/exercise habit, and they are definitely 2 things I need to change if I want a healthier and better life.

    The one excuse that I need to drop LIKE A HOT POCKET ASAP is – "I'm too tired."

    Thanks again for being such a wonderful inspiration!

  84. Can all Marie TV’s just be Jersey Marie?

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Oh, I have no doubt Jersey Marie will be back, Kyra! 😉

  85. Liz

    Thanks Jersey Marie for that much needed entertaining pep talk. I am making excuses that are causing me to stall full circle. I am making excuses to not get started on expanding my wellness practice and creating an Instagram account. I keep making excuses that I need more info or I need to have it all perfect before I can start. I need to get back in shape first, get my finances and life in perfect order. Today I will do one thing towards my goal of improving and growing my business and getting back to my fitness which I know helps me feel better and gives me the energy I need to keep going. I will have an imperfect start today as I know that is what it is going to take to get started now. Thanks for the much needed but kick!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Love this, Liz! If you’d like to, come back and comment here when you’ve done that one thing toward your goal. You’ve got this!

  86. Shelly Isaacson

    OMG I love Jersey Marie as much as I love ‘regular’ Marie! A message like this, there is a time, where yup, you just have to say it like it is… the excuses are crafty… My BIGGEST EXCUSE EVER, I don’t know what to do next. I spend so much time prioritizing and scheduling, and not enough time just DOING. When I do, ‘doing’, I think, I need to write this task down, so I can schedule it regularly… but nope, it doesn’t happen and the cycle continues. In my quest to be efficient, I have become super inefficient.
    Since I have left a job from hell and have been working on my own business, gaining momentum is hard, building new habits, etc. But watching for the excuses and not giving them anymore power, is a great reminder. Progress will accelerate. Thank you Jersey Marie!

    • Diana

      OMG…this is me too, spend much time scheduling, prioritizing, etc….then life with two kids and a big baby for a husband…I am finding more time….by getting an office close by to my kids schools:)

  87. Hello Marie and hello to the team of people who helped make this greatness that had me laughing so freaking hard tears were rolling out of my eyes this morning!

    Excuses… my southern family says excuses are inexcusable. There aren’t any excuses good enough to keep someone from doing anything they want. You just get up and do. Do!

    It doesn’t matter what the goal is, all anyone needs to do is commit to 15-30 minutes a day. Grandma used to say people who do this for 30 days will create a new habit to build on.

    Any time I’ve followed this guideline, a few things happen:
    a) Momentum and desire to do more increases.
    b) Excuse making habits significantly decrease.
    c) Every 30 days we get a chance to review what we accomplished in the 7.5 to 15 hours we allotted ourselves that month. In turn, we have measurable results to feel good about.

    It doesn’t matter what we do as long as it’s one productive thing that’ll bring the end goal a little closer to fruition. It can be something small or something big.

    Anyway, I loved this episode. If Jersey Marie wants to come out more often… say once a week… I wouldn’t complain. Ha ha.

    Wishing ya’ll a wonderful and blessed day,

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Great suggestions from your wise Grandma, Olivia! Thank you for sharing 🙂

  88. Elizabeth Rainbolt

    That is so funny. I actually went to my gym yesterday at 2 p.m. and they were closed. It was my first day back after my concussion, which is my excuse I’m going to let go.

    My lack of consistency, especially in my sleep habits, is the one area of my life that could most benefit from living on the “no excuses beach”.

  89. Taina Burke

    Timely and outstanding! Love ‘Regular’ Marie, but ‘Jersey’ Marie is freaking hilarious! Thanks for the no-nonesense advice! Got it – loud and clear!!!!

  90. Kim Sosa

    So love your motivational bitch slaps any day of the week! I so need to get a handle on drinking wine everyday! I just don’t want to. WAAAAHHHHHHHHH.
    Brooklyn Luv to ya Jersey Gurl!

  91. Chrys

    Awesome, thank you, Marie!

  92. Audrey

    OMG Marie! That was great!! Loved the whole NJ thing and the accent and hair!!
    Good to see you giving it to us real-like in a Dr. Phil way.
    Today I was just thinking about not giving excuses to keep going with my website and new career.
    Thanks for the confirmation!

    • Audrey

      PS Marie (in a New York accent) -Can we have a coufee talk sometime? You gotta throw in the coufee…a coufee talk!

      • Julia - Team Forleo

        So glad this was just the confirmation you needed today, Audrey! We’ll see about that coufee talk – great idea!

    • Mary

      Hey, Audrey, I am in the same boat. I am committing to having my website up within a month. I get stuck and then wilt away from my path. Gotta move forward…

  93. Matthew Eaton

    Is it an excuse if you just don’t want to go through the process? What about if you have no goals (and never had any)?

    This is an honest question.

  94. Christine

    Loved it! Funny, different, even gross and shocking… All what I need to get out of the excuses routine that stops me from being alive. I have enough of the analyse-paralyse way. Time to act! My favorite clients are waiting for me !!! Thank you.

  95. Mary

    I love me some Marie TV. I need her to move into my head. It is so easy to get caught up into so many other things and not move forward on the big ones. I better do it before it’s too late. I’ve gotta keep my dream alive and focus forward. I promise to get that website up and out there by a month from now.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      YES. We’re cheering you on over here, Mary – get it out there into the world and keep moving forward towards those beautiful dreams of yours!

  96. Joy

    Super fun episode, Marie! Thank you!
    I could create radically different results if I started working, every day working! the program I’m paying to do to help me get this book out. If I were working on my business, I’d get results.
    My current biggest excuse for not working on my business, getting the website out, working on my book, is that I don’t have enough money! I think I should be working 90 hours/week to pay the bills, or looking for work, and or feel like with all the worry in my brain, there’s no time or space for working on some long term, doesn’t even feel real, may never get there, pipe dreams. Oh dear! Did I just write that? So maybe my real excuse is I don’t believe I can do it, so why try? Or there may be too many to count! Let’s stick with the no money one. I will drop like a hot pocket the excuse that I don’t have enough money and need to be doing something else besides working on my business. Commitment made. To Marie. In public.

  97. honestly, i always say that if i had the time to dedicate i would be able to turn it around but when i get the time i watch netflix and lack motivation. i need to get to it.

  98. The best thing I could have heard today. Thanks Jersey Marie!

  99. Thank you Jersey Marie! I need this kick in the A$$ to stop making excuses, like “I’ll do it later”. You da best!

  100. Aracely

    Your honest insight is always a gift. Thank you for the video. I think we are suffer from excuses – I am no stranger to uncompleted ideas. Working on a start up now. You helped me immensely to just KEEP GOING and STRETCHING myself to greatness. 🙂

  101. I tend to say to internally blame my husband for me puyting off what I need or want to do. I know, it’s terrible! I tell myself I need a certain energy for writing poetry, letters, meditating, etc. but then when he isn’t home (and I do have the time) I tell myself I should really run my businesses (of which I have two) because I can get more done when I’m not distracted. But really, I can just go to another room or even my studio building to do those other things. I just need to create a new habit of saying, “Yes, now I will do it” to replace the one where I say, “later I will do it.”

  102. EPIC! And true – thanks Jersey Marie!

  103. THA KEO

    BAM! u got me Jersey Marie, totally in my face. LOL hahahahaha u r such a fan love the attitude! EXCUSES haunts me. I use it a lot. Sometime not realizing it cause I do it regularly. I am taking action today, have an appointment at for a business school workshop SJVC. Wish me luck! Thanks TEAM FORLEO! u guys r killing me too funny))). Love U guys have a summer blast Beach Fun!!!!!!

  104. Martha

    I love Jersey Marie. Really snaps me out of excuses. I am a DACA recipient and that’s been an excuse I have used to bring myself into negativity around my career and quite frankly y life. I got to spend time with a young woman aspiring to be a scientist. It was quite humbling and really helped me see how far I have come and how much further I would like to go.

  105. Dan

    Hi Marie1 and Marie2 (very cool)

    Your email today No Excuses was a colliding of 2 paradigms for me. The doing or the not doing. Honestly my excuse is, I have something else to do that’s more important than making my business follow up phone calls. If I stopped the excuse I’d change my income level so fast it would scar the excuses right out of me. That felt good to say!!! So I’ll I choose DOING and promise to spend the rest of this day making the phone calls that I said I’d make to follow up on the direct mail I sent. Thanks for your influence today. I’ll report back.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Yeah Dan!! Love your clarity and immediate action. Please do report back on how it’s going!

  106. Larisa

    Jersey Marie and Jersey Shore beach bunnies,
    Much love and quick Detroit Direct response from the Dirtay ;-]
    Excuse 1: “Rehabbing this injury sucks and hurts and I’m depressed from not being able to do the exercise I love.” DROPPED. Today I re-committed at a new gym and have signed up for a 60-day group challenge. I may not be able to do Zumba rn but I’m going to do something.
    Excuse 2: Oversleeping. Dropping like 3rd period French. Either way, I’m going to be tired and the half hour of relief in the morning is not worth it.
    Hilarious message at the perfect time for me — THANK YOU & best wishes to all, I loved your comments!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Larisa! We love this, and that you’re recommitting to yourself and your well-being in the face of this challenging injury. That consistent movement is going to do wonders for your energy levels, too. Please do remember to be gentle with yourself along the way 🙂 Go you!!

  107. Shannon

    That. Was phenomenal! luvved the kick in the ass. Thank you.

  108. I freakin’ love you!

  109. Rochelle Stricklin

    1. My goals.
    2. I don’t feel like it.

  110. Amel El-Rayis

    Peace Regular and Jersey Maries ❤️
    Yes, definitely I think of all the excuses to postpone writing a book and starting a YouTube channel. The major excuse is that I am working on my PhD. I feel stuck. It’s really difficult to do anything besides it. I wish I could get over it and go to the no-excuse beach ?.
    Thank you, Marie (I mean Maries)

  111. Alfred recano

    It’s quite good timing that this video came around when it did. I in the last month have decided to get going on a whole bunch if daunting tasks: work on my relationship with my wife of 18 years, work on helping my autistic son achieve his eventual independence, work on cleaning up my house, literally, and go back to school to get a nutrition certification. Quite simply, get my house in order, as described by jordan peterson in his book, 12 rules of life. It won’t be easy, but all those goals are definitely worth it. Watching this video confirms this. Thank you!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Glad this video was confirmation that you’re absolutely directing your energy to the right things, Alfred! It’s most definitely worth all your efforts in these important areas. We’re wishing you all the best as you continue to give your best each day. You’re making such a positive difference to those around you in doing so 🙂

  112. Peta Jeppesen

    Great video.
    Excuses I always have one.
    Action = Results

  113. Julie Esposito-Brown

    Hysterical Jersey Marie!
    Major slump> not after that
    Thank you?

  114. “Lost” one job, concluded w some clients and Instead of feeling scared I could be approaching the open space with GUSTO and putting myself in front of MORE a potential clients! I use excuses about screwing up relationships and fear of failure/rejection to stop myself from going BIG and BRAVE putting my content out there; asking for things and inviting people to work with me! Will Prepare new offerings for a client and present tomorrow ?!

  115. OMG — I am laughing my ovaries off! THAT was f%$#king FUNNY! Marie is a GREAT actress! Ever think about Broadway?

  116. Simply Brilliant!
    Thank you for making me laugh and being inspiring!

  117. Ibrahim Aljallad

    Awesome and cool and inspiring.

  118. Ah, Jersey Marie… it’s like you knew just when I needed an extra kick in the pants. 😉

    Seriously though, I don’t know that it will ‘turn the beat around’ on my life (I guess we’ll see what happens!) but one excuse I keep returning to is not creating and maintaining a regular daily schedule.

    As a freelance web designer, I work from home, so my hours tend to be all over the place. I never start at the same time or end at the same time, and sometimes I even end up working until after midnight! I don’t create decent boundaries because I no longer have a job that I go to and leave at the end of the day, you know what I mean? Because I can check my messages at 10pm, I end up saying to myself, “Well, I can take care of that for the client. It will only take a few minutes…” Cut to an hour later, and I’m still working, into the wee hours of the night. All because I don’t start or end at a consistent time and then shut down the work-related computer programs. I also know that if I were to get up earlier, I could accomplish more, or at the very least have time for more options (whether it’s my work-related tasks, or more personal / fun / off-the-clock projects I’d like to tackle but don’t because of “running out of time in my day”).

    I keep saying I should set my alarm, get up earlier and start my day differently (meditate for 10min., work out, shower, etc., instead of getting up and immediately starting in on work-related tasks), and get to bed at a more reasonable hour, but I don’t do it.

    This habit (or excuse) has been so tough for me to change, but I know I need to change it to see any real, positive life shifts. All the things I say I want to be able to accomplish, probably won’t get accomplished if I don’t incorporate some discipline in this daily schedule regard.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Hi Sherry! This is definitely a common issue for many freelancers, we hear you. It sounds as though you know exactly what you need, it’s just a matter of you getting serious and disciplined about your boundaries.

      I think you’ll find this episode on creating a work-from-home schedule really helpful:

      Also, you might consider researching shared coworking spaces in your local area, as working outside your home may help you to keep more consistent hours!

  119. Elizabeth Newbern

    Thank you Jersey Marie! I was just saying this to myself the other day. I’ve got to stop making excuses about not prioritizing a healthier lifestyle. I do okay most days, but I still find myself making excuses on the hard days, which is when you really need to STOP making excuses. I’m going to try and start living on the Excuse Free Beach. Thanks for short and sweet video!

  120. Omg!!!! You’re simply the best, lol!!!!

  121. Very fun – Thanks Jersey Marie 🙂

  122. Mike

    I just started a new business so I have to go knocking on doors, cold-calling potential clients face-to-face to present my services.

    My excuse is that I have a fear of selling and rejection. The thought of having to do it or not make any money, gets me nervous, unsure of myself and scares the crap out of me.

    Ideally I would love to be comfortable cold-calling without being salesy or pushy and using strong-arm closing tactics that I’ve learned about from the few sales books I’ve read.

  123. Kimberly Cartwright

    Dearest Marie and Jersey Marie:
    The area that if I were totally honest I would stop making sorry-ass excuses is about creating and delivering my online course and creating and publishing the book that goes with it. The specific excuse that I am dropping and bitch slapping is that I don’t have time and I should do all of these other things first because all the online experts say do this and that thing. By dropping all of the other things I have been saying have to be done, I may appear to be a little lame in some people’s eyes, but the course and book are more important than a few annoyed people. Thank you, Jersey Marie and Marie and the whole friggin MF Team!! You all ROCK!!! xoxoxoxoxo, k

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Love this so much, Kimberly! YES to getting your course out into the world, beginning to help people, learning, and making improvements along the way. I have a feeling you’ll find this episode encouraging: You rock, too – we can’t wait to see all you’ll create!

  124. I totally understand the concept of “no excuses”. I have been working non-stop on my business…contorting myself, clearing hurdles, dodging bullets…facing every obstacle that has been thrown at me. I want to share two things I’ve learned about not giving up to excuses. They are:
    1. Take care of yourself first…none of this matters if you don’t take care of yourself. I recently became really ill by sacrificing everything to my work. Balance is key.
    2. Because something doesn’t happen today, or next week, or next month, or next year doesn’t mean that it isn’t going to happen. Persistence is crucial.
    It is okay to change course if the resistance you face is too much to handle right now. Sometimes changing perspective is just what is needed to shift reality.

  125. My biggest excuse: “nobody’s gonna care”. I know it’s a BLATANT lie, but because I’m unemployed and job hunting (in an area with a really awful market, too): it’s so easy to convince myself that because I’m stuck home, by myself, and lonely AF, that none of the progress I make toward anything matters.
    I need advice on how to kick this deep-set need for outside validation to the curb and stomp it with steel-toed boots!!! Any suggestions? The minute I decide that MY caring is enough, I could just take off … but I keep getting in my own way. Please help!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Hi Angela! Thank you so much for sharing what you’ve been struggling with here. We’re sorry to hear about the challenges you’ve been facing recently, and completely understand this pesky mindset popping up. YOU have such important, unique gifts to share with others, Angela, and there are people out there who need exactly what you have within you to offer. As Marie has said in the past, if you aren’t sharing these gifts, you’re stealing from those who need you most!

      Stay focused on those people, and be sure to watch this episode whenever you need a boost or encouragement:

      We’re sending big hugs your way and are rooting for you over here on Team Forleo!

  126. I related to this video so much, and it has been hard for me to realize that the only person holding me back is me. Being a stay at home mom of 2 trying to start a new career/new business and go to school has been a crazy undertaking… My days have been challenging but I have to start realizing the help I do have to get what I want done!!! I think its important to ask for help and have some accountability partners to help with whatever journey your on!

  127. Good freakin lord that was amazing. Needed that “Jersey Marie”.
    Also, I just watched your talk introduced by Oprah about making your flight on that vacation and everything being “figure-outable”…I cried. It meant so much to me.
    Thank you.

    • Lori

      Hilarious! I love Jersey Marie… I’m making to many excuses on getting starting on my business. What am I waiting for???!!! Crazy, I know what I need to do and I’m on it…. Thanks Jersey Marie

  128. Love it!!

  129. Vivian Oduro

    This is great. I loved it. Thanks so much.

  130. Jan Krygier

    OMG, love, love this advice from “Jersey Marie.” Talk about cutting through the BS. SO true! Thanks for shaking me out of my doldrums on a Phoenix burning hot afternoon.

  131. Ha! For me the excuse is on finding time to work on marketing for my business. My excuse: “Work takes up the whole time and there’s no time to work on marketing.” I just did b-school this year and have been finding it hard to devote time to creating the blog. It’s moving slow, so I need to drop the excuse and get this baby launched!

  132. SB

    You’re pretty cool.

  133. Kim

    Oh. My. God. I freaking loved this episode. I just bought a one way ticket to that excuse free beach. I’d totally study for this upcoming exam and stop making excuses about how it’s too hard, and I’m too old. Going to make some MF time

  134. Hilarious, funny and bang on. ! My excuse list is a mile long. Time to unravel my excuses and start doing and not woo hooing over what is not done. The list is long. But then I have been compling it for years and years. Thanks for the giggle. 🙂


  135. OHMYGOH I’m on the floor in peels of laughter – thank you Marie and team for the bitch slap and over the top fucking perfect humor…inspiring

  136. Marie-Eve

    I love this!! I have so many excuses in my lie not to do stuff I know I should doing… not enough time and resources, not enough potential and knowledge, not knowing which choices to make as a business, career, etc… I know that if I dropped the potential, knowledge and choice excuse, my life would be so much better. I know that these excuses comes from a deep fear of failure and making the wrong choice, so I am not making much needed changes in my life… Thanks Jersey Marie fro the inspiration!!

  137. Ann S.

    That was hilarious! Thank you for sharing your unique gift with the world. Jersey Marie is too funny, and … she happens to be right. Time to get off our butts and make it happen!! Thanks for the motivation 🙂

  138. Anna

    I laughed so hard I nearly peed my pants! But I didn’t and I thank God I stopped making excuses and started exercising! I use a program called 9 minutes to fitness, its just 3 exercises, one cardio, one core strength, and one muscle tone exercise. one minute each 3 times – 9 minutes. 5 days every week and that’s it! I am fit and healthy and making dreams come true! Wooo Hooo Listen to Marie – STOP MAKING EXCUSES!!!!

  139. Julia Willis

    Okay. I am definitely stepping out of my comfort zone on this one. I have been a subscriber for roughly 6 months and have been inspired by Marie. I am not an open person and kind of reclusive, but here I go. One are of my life, if I stop making excuses that could radically change my life, would be to pursue my dream of writing children’s books. I have a degree in nursing, but it’s not my calling. Ugh so many excuses, I guess my biggest one would be I don’t know where to start. I mean, I have the short stories written. My excuse is I don’t know where or how to get them published. And my greatest audience have been my nieces and grandchild who have been very receptive to my stories with my granddaughter wanting to create her own stories. My husband tells me I need to pursue this as I am a great story teller.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Kudos to you for stepping outside your comfort zone, Julia! It sounds like you have a wonderful gift, and I love that it’s inspiring your granddaughter too.

      I thought I might pass along an episode we did a while back where Marie interviewed Steven Pressfield. They had a good conversation about publishing, so it might be a really great one for you to check out:

  140. Oh I snorted my coffee, in public, this episode is GOLD.
    Jersey M is precious and to the point. Regular M is damn lucky to have her as a way to communicate.
    Sometimes between the eyes is the only way.
    My excuse, pissing around setting up a website I know I want but cant get passed the boredom of looking at millions of templates. Thanks Jersey M, I’m off to nail this beastie.

  141. victor

    I highly suggest reading “Change Anything, the New Science of Personal Success” by Patterson, Grenny, et al put out by
    First, identify your crucial moments that tempt you and create vital behaviors, then work on incorporating the matrix: personal, social and environment for motivation and ability/knowledge.
    Often there are a lot of outside influences that subconsciously affect us.
    I’d guess the “excuses” are part of the “willpower trap” of which they write?

  142. Ana

    Awesome video! a reminder that the power is with in us to make all that we want happen, no excuses! Thank you!! xoxo

  143. Michele

    Daily meditation and yoga!!! On my game for weeks then I fall off the rails. Ugh!! No more excuses. Thx Jersey Marie. ??

  144. Nicole

    More Jersey Marie please! I love big hair, it’s my secret weapon, I can do ANYTHING with it. ?

  145. ek

    Ok, so this is my first time ever leaving a comment! I am totally inspired to join in the conversation today for two reasons: 1.) The message hits home like a ton of bricks and 2.) This video is AMAZING!
    I mean, I didn’t think I could crush any harder on Team Forleo,….turns out this video just took the crush to a whole ‘nother Level!! It is so spot on and beyond hysterical!
    Time to saddle up and ride the dream. No more time to waste not prioritizing what’s most important to move forward.
    I loooooove what y’all stand for and what you inspire in others. Thank you for you, Marie m, and for your Rock Solid Team of Superstars! Keep slaying*!! – big <3

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Yay, we’re so happy you were inspired to leave a comment, EK! Thank you so much for tuning in with us ♥

  146. You are HYSTERICAL!!! If I could stop laughing, I might even be able to type this. Fabulous! Loved it and your point is perfect too. Keep it up! No sorry ass here and never any excuses!

  147. Petra RASCHIG

    I Liked it!
    Thanks Marie and jersey Marie! Have a great summer! xo

  148. Meg

    Changing my morning routine would revolutionize my day and yet I cannot get up at a reasonable time. It’s snoozeville for almost an hour and I wake up mad at myself. Not the right way to start the day. I want to get a run in, eat a reasonable breakfast, read and write and get to work on time— not to mention, get dressed without berating myself the entire morning for lost time. Ugh. I hate self loathing but every morning there I am. Barely holding on.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Meg, I so relate to this – snoozeville was the story of my life for literally decades (and sometimes still is!)

      I spent a lot of time berating myself too for hitting snooze a dozen times, and after many years of trying and failing things, I eventually realized that for me, it actually comes down to sleep. If I get enough sleep (8ish hours), I don’t hit the snooze button at all, and I’m able to get right up. It seemed so simple I was almost mad at myself!

      You might find that your experience is a bit different, and you may already be getting the sleep you need, but I mention it because there’s so much emphasis on having some long, drawn out morning routine, when for some of us (especially if you’re a night owl), it may not be playing to our strengths, and sometimes the solution can be more simple than it seems.

      One of the things Marie has been sharing a lot recently is “simplify to amplify.” Maybe a good place to start would be to set a goal to get up in enough time to get dressed and ready for the day, and temporarily put the other things on hold, or do them later in the day. As that gets more comfortable you may want to add other things in.

      And of course, be kind to yourself! It’s easier said than done, but instead of saying negative things to yourself about not getting up on time, it might help to say “WHY is it so hard to get up on time? What is my body telling me? What do I need right now?” I personally believe kind curiosity is the antidote to just about anything 🙂

      Just a few ideas, but I hope there’s something helpful in here for you!

  149. This is funny and sad at the same time. I know soooooooo many people who should take this to heart and just stop making f-ing excuses! Better done than perfect.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Exactly, Diana! 🙂

  150. I loved this video – just the message I needed to hear tonight!

  151. harma margrieta

    I do it a bit different, I have been in excuse land for quite a while, not always but every time things start moving I freak out and stop and turn to numbing behaviour. I had two solutions one was “giving in” like “ok this is what it is, and well blaidbla tomorrow new round new changes, and then, same story”, the other one was, kick my ass and push myself and for me neither work me work anymore

    Instead now I combine both into something new, by connecting with the barrier, when I feel fear, resistance, I sit in it and feel it. This is NOT fun, but it works, I call it “show up, connect, express, act”. I show up to my barrier, connect with it, like a meditation or a walk, then I express is, writing, drawing, a little art piece, I receive an insight how to do it and I act.

    I have learned that my blockage was I had to do it in another way, a way that suits me. So instead of kicking my ass and “go for it” and “checking out” I now listen to it “what is it telling me” and since then, it starts to move, really moving.

    It is amazing and tough at the same time, feeling resistance is not fun, but what makes it difficult and blocking is not knowing how to be it, how to communicate with it, how to express it and how to transform it into something that supports and move forward and once I finally had the courage to that, then yes it get easier.

  152. Brittany Tilleman

    Hilarious! Love Jersey Marie

  153. Billy clark

    Great pointer on the excuses. Most use them more than often,I say excuses are like an butthole ,we all got one so keep it moving. If you are passionate about what you’re doing or even wanting to do then get up and make it happen. Don’t waste my time with the lame excuses.

  154. Kathleen ??? Cechini

    Hi Marie,
    This last video tickled me so much!!! I have been a wishful wannanbee participant to your program for many years. I moved from NJ 3 years ago and this just made me GOL ( giggle out Loud).
    This has inspired me despite adversity to dig deep and be ?! Love your honest and transparent approach to biz n life! ???? I truly hope to learn more from you one day!!! ~K

  155. I love this Marie !!! Please bring her here more often ??

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much, Luana! I have no doubt Jersey Marie will make future appearances 😉

  156. Love this and your alter-ego Jersey Marie.

  157. Jodie

    That I don’t have the time or the energy to study. My self-paced Interior Design course finishes in February and I’ve only completed 4 out of 19 modules – I’m getting my arse into gear! I do work full time but if I just do one hour a day after work plus a few hours each weekend day, I’ll get so much more done. Speaking of which, back to the drawing board!

  158. Tracey Clow

    That was BAD ASS!!!!! Thank you so much for that Jersey Marie!
    Part One: My music. Frankly, my music, my studying, learning about new things that are cool and interesting instead of videos that have no real substance. This video had some substance if you know what I mean!
    Part Two: “I’m too tired and just want to shut my brain off for a while.” The reason this excuse works is because it feels great to meditate or lounge in a bath but that is not what I end up doing most of the time when I use this excuse! Doing things that enrich my life instead of subduing it is the better way to go. It’s my life and I’m going to use it!

  159. So true! Excuses just get between you and your dreams. Who needs them, anyways?

  160. I am laughing my ass off! You are awesome Marie! I am going to No Excuse Beach right now!

  161. Lin

    Ahahahaha lol!!! Loved it so much! Jersey Marie just kicked my excuses in the sack!! ahahaha great skit and perfect message. I answered “my career” for 1. Guess where my ass is going!? Excuse-free Beach and I am going to park my self there until I see the light! Thanks again for great content and lots of fun!

  162. Am Miss Vee, am not buoyant enough and I want to chase my dreams. Is not as if I have not try to get income, I have try but to no avail. What should I do in this case.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Hi Vivian! I’m sorry to hear you’re running into trouble trying to get income. I’m not sure if you run your own business, but if so, you might like to watch this other great episodes for a few tips:

      We also have a whole library of MarieTV episodes, so please feel free to watch them anytime for some helpful tips!

  163. Lisa

    OMG, what a great freakin’ episode! The one area of my life where, if I stopped making excuses, I could create radically different results? Becoming a singer. It’s my calling, but the excuse I’ve been telling myself for years is that I don’t have the money or the time or connections to really do it right. I’ve tried a couple times before but got discouraged by family members who told me I wasn’t being “realistic” and people I tried to work with who flaked out. I don’t know where to begin and really feel scared.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Lisa, I’m so sorry to hear you have people who are being discouraging or flaking out on you. That can sting a lot, especially when it’s coming from people who you really want to support you.

      Getting started really is the hardest part in so many ways, so you’re not alone. One thing I might recommend is checking out Elizabeth Gilbert’s “Magic Lessons” podcast. She’s so brilliant in talking about how to overcome our fears and start fulfilling our creative dreams, so you might find that a really helpful resource.

      We’re cheering you on 100% – everything is figureoutable!

  164. marlene

    This is the best episode ever! Jersey Marie got me to the point quicker than regular Marie ever has. From here on in Jersey Marie is my Mother F*cking Guru!! I’m going to evoke her foul mouth and jersey spirit when I’m dropping my excuses and getting on my yoga mat!! Thanks Jersey Marie!!

  165. OMG this was the best. No excuses! Your accent was perfect and the comments and cursing, some of my favorite. Thanks Marie and Team for a stellar summer video.
    My excuse is not getting up early enough to write and blog before I go to work.
    NO EXCUSES. NO SNOOZE BUTTON. Just real talk here.
    See you soon at the BlogHer conference in NYC!! Eek!!!

  166. Priya

    Lead a healthy lifestyle-eat healthy and do some exercise.
    Leave office on time without feeling guilty.
    I want to really play with my kids whenI am home rather than excusing myself having to deal with chores.

  167. Just love Team Forleo. I can drop my excuses for working out, owned that, there is always time. My big hurdle as a single mother is getting an investor or loan. I’ve spent my heart, soul and thousands of hours on my skin and body balm, ingredients, purest sources, the list goes on “nine angels” skincare is different and would be a viable contender in the hand made billion dollar market of skin care and pro aging. I’m tired of letting myself and my teenagers down by not being able to get this off the ground. Ideas? Thank you for listening Much love and luck to all your dreams.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much for watching, and for your kind comment, Jeanna! In terms of your question, Marie has never used investors or loans to build her business, so it’s not something we have a dedicated MarieTV episode on.

      If you haven’t seen our episode with Daymond John of Shark Tank, it’s a really great one: He talks about how he built his business mainly without loans to start, although it’s a really great one if you’re interested in finding investors as Shark Tank is all about investing and pitching investors.

      If you’re looking for some great free resources to help you grow your business in the meantime, definitely check out our awesome list of 322 resources here:

  168. Danielle

    Building more muscle mass through strength training is completely possible and simply taking the time to create a meal plan that supports this, very tangible as well. One step at a time and no room for excuses.
    Thanks again for the mid week humor and inspiration!

  169. I want to have a TV show like you. It’s fantastic?❤️???

  170. Lori

    I just love you…and now I have to work out…..thank you…lori

  171. I love, love, love Jersey Marie! I actually think the language helps drive the message home. I really need to stop making excuses around my Buddhist practice. I know that if I went all in, chanting nam-myoho-renge-kyo, I’d have the breakthrough I’ve been seeking. And I definitely need to drop the excuse that I have too much going on, too many projects. Thanks Marie and Team and Jersey Marie!

  172. Raimonda Kilikeviciute

    ??? Watched twice!!! So funny! I love Marie and her team!!! ???

  173. melissa

    I thought the MF insider newsletter was the mf Joisey Muh-rie newsletter and I would 1000 puhcent subscribe to that mf gem. Love you, Regular + Joisey Marie. And I’m sticking my excuses about exercise into a tanning bed (with no goggles….harsh). ??❤️??❤️ [Aqua Net emoji]

  174. Mariana

    Love it! 🙂

  175. I’m reading all of these comments in Jersey Marie’s accent, not gonna lie. It ready adds to the spirit of it, ya know.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Hahaha that’s awesome, Phoebe!

  176. Betul Tekeli

    Dear Marie, thank you for this magnificent post 🙂 Yes I have dreams and yes I am not working enough. I have short stories and sometimes I want to publish them and another time I think who will read this?
    I know, no excuses. I will work. Love 🙂

  177. Wey, Marie!
    I’m-a like-a you talk. I tink you could-a say, “You make-a de excuse-a, I break-a you face!”
    My three, yes, three (!) books are all 3/4 written. What do you think? Am I afraid that they might be successful and then you might invite me on your show to explain my success?
    Ok, then, I’ll start by completing the first one. No excuses!
    Tony (Of course! I’m Italian!)
    PS: We make the best sauce from an original family recipe.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Love this, Tony! You got this – no excuses 🙂

  178. Sike

    Jersey Marie Wow! You are breaking boundaries Marie. ??
    Wise advice and thanks for the laughts, we all know what laughing does to a life. ??

  179. Marie! I’m from Jersey too and your are mother******* fabulous! I’m not filming my YouTube videos and I’m using the excuse that my family needs me right now. The real reason is that I’m terrified my videos will suck. Thank you for the Jersey smackdown that made me take a look at myself.

  180. Oh, wow, Jersey Marie, you got it going on! LOVE this episode! Thank you for making me laugh out loud! Hot pocket excuse? So embarrassing, but I do say, “it doesn’t feel right” or “the energy’s just not right to shoot a video . . . it’s too dark, it’s too noisy outside, I’m 2 days away from the hairdresser, I can only shoot after that, not before!” Maybe all I’m missing is some hairspray.

  181. JerseyMarie – as a born and raised Jersey Girl, I do have issues with the so-called “Jersey accent”. While it may work for residents of Hoboken and Jersey City, the rest of us don’t sound like we come from the pages of “Jersey Shore” or “The Sopranos”. We DO have a nasal “A” and our unique regionalism is “going down the shore”, not “going to the shore”. OK, pet peeve aside, I did find your tweet both on the mark and inspirational. I only hope I can focus on my goals more closely.

    • Anita, did you not know that I’m FROM NJ!?!? I’m VERY proud of that fact. I lived there (both Northern NJ and yes, down the shore) for the first 20 years of my life. Of COURSE not all people have the same accent. This is comedy.

      • Sorry Marie – I can appreciate the humor but just recently my hubby and I were “out West” in Wyoming on vacation. Upon hearing that we were from NJ, we started to get the “yous guys” bit and it was just a bit too much. I’m glad that everyone else appreciated your “schtick”. I do appreciate that getting a serious point across can be more readily achieved with humor.

  182. While I agree with this, it’s not always an excuse. Sometimes it’s just life and we need to shift priorities. The important gets left behind for a while… I do try to crawl towards it if needed. Do you think that’s an excuse?

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      This is a great point, Jean. From time to time, we all do have major things happen in our life that require our full focus, or reshuffling our priorities, and I personally wouldn’t say those are excuses at all.

      What we’re talking about here is those things we tell ourselves repeatedly that, in many cases, aren’t even true!

      • Jean Paul

        Yes, absolutely, I got that. I guess I just feel guilty sometimes, especially when I really can’t do anything about the important stuff.

        I think my excuse currently is that I’m shy. Having to do sales on my own for now, I might even be using that as a crutch >.>
        I’m working on it, honestly!

        Thanks for replying!

        • Caroline - Team Forleo

          Oh, I hear you 100%, Jean! I’m definitely an introvert and pretty shy myself (especially in person!). Since you’re working on your own sales for now, it made me think of this MarieTV episode we did with Susan Cain about networking for introverts:

          It’s an awesome one, and I hope you find it helpful!

          • Jean

            Oh, I love her, thanks!

  183. Simone

    Marie, you got me with this topic!
    One of my passions is to create jewelry. I visit a class since 8 years and had the chance to create many pieces and even sell a few to friends. For 3 years now I pay for an internet domain, but haven’t created an internet site yet to show what I do. I just can’t find the patience and time to learn how to create that site. I always find something more important to do… Maybe I should just save up some money and let someone do it for me…Will people even like what I do?

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      I so hear you, Simone – I know you’re not alone in having that domain, but not doing anything with it yet.

      Hiring someone to create your site is one option of course, although if you’re thinking of building a website yourself, creating a DIY website is easier than ever with businesses like Squarespace and Wix, where you can create a pretty beautiful website easily without needing to learn to code.

      We have done some great MarieTV episodes in the past about optimizing your website and getting more customers, so you can always pop in our library for some great, free advice! Here’s a good one to start with:

    • I couldn’t help but jump in. I’ve had my domain for 4 years now! Just two months ago I’ve finally set up a landing page for registrations and I’m working on my website. The patience for building it yourself is important, and this is coming from someone who used to work with web design and development.
      Is the website essential, now, for your selling? It should be down the line, but it may be postponed a little. You can easily set up shop on Squarespace or Wix, as TeamForleo suggested. Or Shopify.
      But you can also start marketing on your own, on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat, if you can take a couple of beautiful pictures of the products you make. Your phone is more than enough for that. Use Instagram to show off each piece in a nice pic,
      Make a Facebook Fanpage for your business, link the Instagram account and share the photos there as well, with a more descriptive, sexy copy. You can also set up shop there, it’s another option as well.

  184. Emily W.

    This kicked my butt into reality! I walked away thinking about the definition of an “excuse”, and realize its really just me explaining the context. No solution, no alternative, it just is. My biggest excuse–I just don’t have time. Followed by I just don’t have energy. I have been nailing the latter with excellent health choices, and exercising regularly for the first time in my life. If I can coach myself through THAT, then I can coach myself through my other dumb excuse of no time! Keep it up, Marie’s!!

  185. hahahaha! I love Jersey Marie.

  186. Madison

    Hey Team Marie! Thank you so much for this video!! It had me both laughing and contemplating the ways in which I have been holding myself back.

    I am currently searching for a job, but have baaaarely applied to anything because I constantly make the excuse that I am under qualified, so why bother anyway? I appreciate this video presenting me with the space to think about why I’m acting the way I am – here’s to flipping the script!

    The video did also make me wonder though – how can we tell when we are making a decision that is being kind to ourselves vs making an excuse? For example, I watched this video just after having come home from the gym. Normally, I do cardio for an hour, but today I felt so physically exhausted, I only did 20 minutes on the elliptical and then I peaced the eff out. Any input on how I can I tell if I am making the compassionate decision for myself vs making an excuse? Thanks so much!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much for sharing, Madison! This is such a great question – sometimes we really are too tired, or really DO need to take a break – it’s not an excuse in every situation for sure.

      Mostly what it comes down to is really trusting your intuition and listening to yourself and your body. Sometimes our mind tells us we’re tired habitually when we really do have the energy to keep going, and sometimes we are simply too exhausted, so taking a moment to get quiet and pay attention to what we’re experiencing in the moment can help sort this out.

      Although it doesn’t address this question exactly, we did an episode a while back that talks about trusting your intuition, so I thought I might share that one for a few helpful tips:

  187. Atzimba

    I will do it once I finish cleaning, cooking, laundry, organizing the home, cleaning the studio, or after resting because of the long stressful days at work, and then of course-I’m exhausted!

  188. Love this video. Seriously the kick in the ass I needed today. Sick of the inner whining. No more excuses! Thanks Jersey Marie. You rock!

  189. REL

    I have big dreams and ambitions. I worry that I am expecting too much. I keep thinking about that saying, “Expectations are future resentments”. I get myself excited and something, and then, when it doesn’t work out, I feel disappointed. Since I am such a big dreamer, I worry that I am being delusional. Maybe I should be more realistic.

    I have been enjoying your videos. They are creative and engaging. Keep up the good work.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      We’re so glad you’re enjoying our episodes, Rel! I definitely hear how it’s a really tough balance between having those big, beautiful dreams, and also being somewhat realistic.

      For me personally, I find that really loving the process of doing something can help manage those expectations – and letting your dreams be inspiration, but not something that you’re totally stuck to.

      For example, if someone’s dream is to play in a rock band, they could just enjoy the process of practicing, going to play concerts, and building their fan base. If their goal is “I must play this stadium on this date,” that includes some factors that might be out of their control, and it can lead to disappointment. Sometimes the universe brings us things that are even better than we could imagine when we start out, so staying curious and enjoying what you do in each moment can make a huge difference!

      I thought I might pass on a great MarieTV episode about being in the moment and loving what you do right now for a little inspiration:

  190. Seriously LOL over here! Excuse-free beach here I come!!
    The biggest area of life I make excuses is in prioritizing my personal business dreams/goals over client work/making $$. Meaning- I feel like just because the dream biz isn’t making money yet, I can’t put it first – I have to focus on the revenue generating stuff to keep life moving. And then it’s easy to make excuses from there – I’m tired, it’s late, I don’t have time etc.

    The 1 excuse I could squash for good is that just because my dream biz isn’t making money YET doesn’t mean it’s not valid/needed in the world. I keep thinking “when it makes money it will be received as a ‘real’ thing” but I’ve gotta keep moving it forward and doing the work so it can get to that Money makin’ point!!

  191. Molly Norris

    I’ve been enjoying Marie TV for about 5 years and I’ve NEVER laughed as hard as I did today watching Jersey Marie!!!! Iced tea almost came out my freakin’ nose. Haw haw!! The best!!! I’m an excuse queen… where DON’T I make excuses is the sad question. But now I’m done. No more “m-fing” excuses starting RIGHT NOW!!
    XOXOX Marie & Team,

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Hahaha, we’re so glad you enjoyed this episode, Molly! Join us on the “No Excuses Beach” – the water is fine! 😉

  192. Michaela Slater

    That’s frikin awesome! ???

  193. Heather Morrison

    Ok, i think we need weekly installments of Jersey Marie!! I love this message, kinda stung……only ‘cuz it’s true…..

  194. Straight to the POINT!
    Finish the design of my Success Planner. I KNOW it would drastically change my life and take my years of blogging and turn it into the dream life I know it waiting for me. Also, to break the stall in my travel business. I work under a great Host agency with tons of support, but somehow I can’t seem to create a steady stream of clients that book from it. I’ve been doing this on the side since 2015. I still have not made enough commission to earn my IATAN card.
    My Biggest excuse, is believing my plate is so full. It is full, but saying it to myself I know is weighing me down which is stalling my progress.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Oh wow, I totally relate to that, Nichelle – I’m pretty sure I use the same “my plate is full” excuse way too often. I find that the hard part about this excuse is that society really praises overworking and being overcommitted. It’s almost like a badge of honor, and people who are really busy usually get praised for it, which doesn’t help when you’re trying to move past it!

      This year my personal motto has been “do less to do more.” It’s been quite a challenge to learn when to say no to things, or when to pass them off and delegate, but amazingly, getting really ruthless with prioritizing (including rest/relaxation in my priorities) has actually made me MORE productive overall … even if I still resist it sometimes 😉

      I love this MarieTV episode with some of the most helpful tips about this:

  195. Irina

    Hahaha, I loved this Marie! Thank you for the lightness you just brought to an otherwise crazy serious week. I really appreciate it!
    I also realize it’s been an excuse-filled week. The area of my life where I have the biggest struggle with excuses is ‘working on my business’ – basically anything related to it gets piled with excuses. I’m aware of this and being more concrete about my goals and tasks, but perhaps I need to try to slap and stick it in an tanning bed for 16h without eye goggles. =D I think for me, awareness is key so the moment I realize I’m making an excuse, I can ask myself what’s up, see if there’s an underlying fear in there and find a way to work through it instead of avoiding it.
    Happy summer vacation and ‘see’ you in 2 weeks!

  196. Zaneta Skiba

    Haha that was funny ? you were the first person that helped me change my life, thank you ? forever grateful ❤️

  197. Karleeta

    I make so many excuses for not doing homework and not doing exercise. This is amazing!!!

  198. Weitian

    I’ve had this story for a novel all planned out for almost three years now. Because of excuses I haven’t been able to finish the dang thing. So thanks Marie this really is a wake-up call.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Go, Weitan! You got this 🙂

  199. Cheryl

    EXERCISE … my no.1 creative excuse generator.
    I think Jersey Marie needs to get equal time on Marie TV. She’s like the Dr Phil of Marie TV – tell it like it is, pull no mother-f__ing tough love! I love her!

  200. Oh my gosh! I love seeing NJ Marie for this extended time. You are so M-f-in’ hilarious! In 2017 I cleaned up my eating and lost 45 pounds. In 2018, I gained about 7 back… but I had surgery in early 2018 and couldn’t work out for 8 weeks…but everybody else just eats what they want…but it’s vacation time… but I can get back on track later. Enough excuses and feeling sorry for myself! You said a thing, Marie, (in an interview episode with some cute dude in glasses 😉 about the 5 steps to Lasting Change) that pushed things ahead for me, really driving home the truth that, WHATEVER, this is my one body, these are my genetics, this is MY CHOICE, no more excuses. NJ Marie is the reinforcement I need to keep going.

  201. Justina

    Just want I needed to hear today! Made me laugh 🙂 #noexcuses

  202. Well no excuses, my comment is “thanks” both to regular Marie and Jersey Marie. Just what I needed to hear right now. Kate

  203. paddy faller

    Stop making excuses would mean that my website would already be up & running, and making money!
    The most important excuse to stop using is I haven’t got enough money to lay in stock!

  204. I love how you use fun and humor to drive the point home. Jersey Marie has me screaming!!!

  205. Awesome video – loved “Jersey Marie” – hilarious. Actually, I made the decision and commitment was to stop making excuses last March and joined B-School 2017 and haven’t looked back. The one area that would change my life is to launch my dream business – at times it has been at snail pace, yet I have continued to plug along. I moved further along during B-School 2018 and on schedule to launch in Oct 2018. It continues to be a challenge at times, however, I no longer use challenges as excuses. I tap into what Marie says – “everything is figureoutable”. I’m excited about my journey and the consistent awareness to keep moving no matter how small a step I take. Marie and the B-School community has transformed my perspective.

    The excuse that I have dropped is “because of my mother I cannot have my dream business and life that I desire and deserved” – – on what freedom to have “dropped that rock”.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      This is so amazing, Delores! Thank you so much for sharing your former excuses, and how you’ve moved past them. How exciting that you’ll be launching in just a couple months. Please do feel free to let us know once you’ve launched so we can cheer you on! xo

  206. Deb

    OMG!! LMAO!!!
    Love it, love it, love it.
    Thank you for the reminder of how we get in our own way by making up dumb ass excuses that come from the outside. If we listen to our hearts and our true self, it will help us find our way to whatever we want.
    NO MORE EXCUSES in any part of my life and never again the excuse that I am not enough.
    With much gratitude

  207. Crista

    lol Marie two tums up your so right if your not focused on it then it must not be important… i heard once that its like when you hear a podcast your could be listing for 3 plus hours but your brain is only going to retain the information it needs…. thanks for the new hair idea heheh keep up the good work … because you are that special someone 😉 Crista

  208. I’m a Jersey girl too, & I love it because being from Jersey has taught me to be funny, speak my mind, & be very bold & brave & full of love & im all heart. I love it when Jersey gets the praise it deserves because it was a fantastic place to grow up. Thanks for the love Jersey Marie & Regular Marie 🙂

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Yayy, Hadas – Jersey in the HOUSE! 🙂

  209. I started on a path 10 years ago of pursuing my art as a career. I was teaching Art full time at a private school & my dream was to get my MFA and be represented by big name galleries, celebrity homes, & influential people I admire. I’d love to have to my painting in your house Marie & as a backdrop to your inspiring videos & interviews.

  210. Love It!
    Thanks Marie.

  211. It’s not excuses, but fear.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Exactly, Deborah! Identifying our excuses and getting to the heart of what we’re afraid of can definitely help us move past those things we fear.

  212. Today was the perfect day for some tough love. Thanks for always delivering, Marie!

  213. reshanda Yates

    I can’t comment…..too busy rolling on the floor laughing…..

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Not sure if it’s the hairspray, glow sticks, or the jeans that are the best part. We get it, Reshanda. We really do. 🙂

  214. Pam Perumal

    You know what I love the most about you Marie… it’s how straight you are to the point, in a very funny but sharp way… and I get stabbed right where it matters but instead of being hurt it makes me think every time…. lovvve you Marieee!!! Ok confession time…guilty as charged… self-doubter here… what can I do?

  215. Rhonda Fisher

    Love how you keep high and flying. Love the f$#@$#@ + upbeat.
    Thank you.

  216. Fouad Al Zomir

    God Bless the Beautiful World of MARIE FORLEO … <3
    I am with MARIE FORLEO, No excuses at Allll.
    Fouad Al Zomir.
    Sana's – Yemen.

  217. Creece Rubia

    I’m some kind of finicky (an excuse because being finicky gets me nowhere) but I enjoyed watching your alter ego Jersey Marie. The area in my life where I am working on right now is my career because I have decided to become a teacher/trainer of Japanese language after moving from one job to another. I decided to concentrate on becoming a teacher because of my age as there is no age limit in teaching. Yesterday, I had a job interview for a Japanese speaking language position and the interviewer said that he is worried, it’s a red flag for him, reading my cv and seeing that I cannot stay long in one place. He stereotyped me as lacking stability. I am already 55 and experienced being a psychometrician, office secretary, ad hoc manager, college instructor, call center agent, radio announcer, etc.. For him this collection of experiences is a red flag. I felt defensive and I was never able to tell him that if I stayed long in just one company, two or even three only, I would have been dead by now or a long time ago. The string of companies where I worked helped me solve my series of financial problems without me having to resort to borrowing money. For example, 15 years ago, I was able to pay for a major surgery because I had source of fund from simultaneously working in different companies. And even if the physician said I needed at least one month recovery, I was already up and working after two weeks of operation because I was afraid of having no work for money reasons. Then 10 years ago, during a pre-employment medical check-up, it was found out that I had critical anemia on that very day and I needed to go to the emergency to receive a blood transfusion otherwise my organs would malfunction. The doctor said I needed one week recovery period but I asked him to let me work the next day after two days of transfusion. Eight years ago I worked in the Middle East that I was able to easily have a pilgrimage to Mecca which was a lifelong dream for me, I was also able to send my daughter to college and save money for a minor operation to finally solve my bleeding problem which had been the cause of my recurrent critical anemia. How could I explain all that to a worried interviewer? (I concluded later that it was him I was worried about). Now that I have accomplished my major family responsibility and solved my health issues, I have never felt physically healthier than ever before but even if I feel fine, highly motivated and inspired, prospective employers think that I’m a wishy-washy. I also know that I’m too old for entry level positions, but too timid to apply for higher positions that require aggressive or cut throat approach.

    My excuses: I need time. I want everything to be balanced – personally, socially, professionally, spiritually, family-wise. I feel off-balanced if I haven’t prepared completely for a presentation. So I delay wanting to face or meet people who could help me move forward to reach my dream until I have balanced everything. I also have this languid look, because of all the experiences I had in life, I feel relaxed, thinking that the experiences of these younger interviewers and neophyte decision makers with their success stories are nothing compared to all what I have been through for the past 31 years of my checkered career moves. I always think of Steve Jobs when I think about my chessboard-like career. Yes, he was rich and famous, excellent and celebrated at work but where is he now? He is dead! Was he smart enough to prioritize his health over career? I am not rich or famous and I am still alive, feeling better, fit and stronger than ever because I dug and still dig deeply in my consciousness for right decisions to balance and harmonize my world which others consider unstable and unreliable. I do not know how to package that and present it in a yummy, irresistible way. I don’t know how. Because a truly wise man knows by looking without having to be told. So I presume that people in front of me are wise. These are my excuses.

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Creece, only you can determine if you’re happy with your life. If you’re fulfilling your life’s purpose and your days are balanced and filled with joy, then you are ahead of so many people.
      What we do during the day is simply a job, not your life. Believe in your 55 years of life experience and what your own heart tells you each and every day.

  218. Eri F

    Now that, Marie, was freaking awesome!
    I need to stop making excuses and start having some fun! I’m constantly running around and trying to get everything done instead of slowing down and enjoying life some…Between my husband and I owning and running our own business, having three kids who need to be taken places (especially to their sports activities), being landlords, and me taking accounting classes (as if I didn’t have enough going already) we seriously have no time for fun! The good thing is that we are financially secure but at the same time I get so sad when I see family and friends (on social media of course) who make nowhere near the amount of money I make going out and on vacations almost constantly…so yes, that’s what I want: less excuses, more fun!

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      We’re super fans of weaving fun into your life, Eri. We even have a company motto that ‘if it’s not fun, it doesn’t get done’. Get making some memories and FUN for yourself and know that we’re cheering you on.

  219. Hey Marie! It’s been a crazy week so I’m just getting around to watching Jersey Marie and I’m so glad I did!. Okay, so every excuse in the book kept me from growing my business over the past five or so years. Yep, sad to say out loud, but I gotta tell the truth and shame the devil. So last November I decided I had to sh!t or get off the pot. Either be invested or stop wasting time. I’m still working it. Diligently. And now that I set goals and not make excuses, I’m seeing gains. I still have a way to go, but at least I know where I’m going.
    Okay, so to your question. Now keep in mind I’m a natural procrastinator, so I have a million and one excuses. That means I always have to have an answer for myself or else nothing happens.
    #1 – No capital – Answer: Sales Cures All/Use what I have on hand and make it happen
    #2 – No time/too tired – Answer: I wasn’t too tired to work for someone else’s goals
    #3 – Too hard/Don’t know how – Answer: Oh, so I can’t learn anymore? Hmmm.
    #4 – Too much to do/I need help – Answer: I have a system for everything I do for someone else’s goals, I can make one up for mine/Closed mouths never get fed. Ask for help.
    #5 – No one cares/They don’t believe/This won’t work – Answer: Well, duh. If I don’t believe it, neither will anyone else/Believe in my-dammit-self!
    #5 was the hardest. It kept me in a place where I couldn’t even visualize my best life doing what I love. But when I finally began believing in myself, I elevated the energy level of everyone around me. I have motivators like you to thank for that. Since I started following you, my work ethic got better. My website analytics is getting better. Things started clicking. It’s coming together. Not because it got any easier, but because I changed my perspective and stopped making excuses.
    So yeah. Being from Brooklyn, I can appreciate a Jersey girl keeping it real.
    Thanks again, Marie! Enjoy your vaca!

  220. Isabel

    Yes! Loved this one! And I’m commenting because…I’m embracing the excuse free beach vibe! My immediate area that I will drop my excuses from is learning a monologue for a performance coming up. Instead of excuses, I am going to sit down and write out all the different approaches I could try to learning these lines eg reading them as soon as I was up and just before bed without any pressure to remember them. One area I could stop making excuses and that could actually change my life drastically is writing the feature film script I am almost half way through! Just sit down and go for it! Thanks Jersey Marie! ??

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      This is some amazing action taking, Isabel. May your creativity flow and may the sun feel amazing on the excuse free beach 😉

  221. Jersey Marie is so much fun!!

  222. “When you’re good at making excuses, it’s hard to excel at anything else. ” – John L. Mason
    The one simple mindset that changed my life was writing down three things I have to do each day before I even think of anything else. Once I shifted my life towards one big goal and then two to three things a day to move it forward, it really helped me increase my productivity. Chunking is a great tool otherwise we become so overwhelmed.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      This is amazing, Sam! So helpful. Thank you for sharing both your chunking strategy and this great quote with us here 🙂

  223. Sherri Hayter

    Oh gawd I LOVE Jersey Marie!!! Thanks for the smackdown JM xxx

  224. Bernadette

    Freakin HILARIOUS!

  225. Thank you Marie for yet another inspirational video. Loved JerseyMarie! My #1 excuse is not enough time, which is probably a cover for lack of confidence or fear of taking the next step. Or are all of those really just excuses? Anyway, thank you for motivating me as always! Clicked on a link from this video and viewed another with great info and you mentioned that you like to workout to DVD’s. I would like to offer you mine as a thank you for all you do for me. If interested send a message to me. Not attempting to make this an ad for me, but just want to let you know how much I appreciate you and your wisdom. Sending love and light.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Hi Shari! Thank you so much for sharing your common excuses with us here. You’re SO not alone in having these. Really glad you found this episode with Jersey Marie motivating! I have a feeling you’ll also benefit from these episodes:

      We’re so grateful for your kind offer to send Marie your workout DVD, that’s so generous of you! While we’re actually a completely virtual company and unable to receive physical packages in the mail, please know how much the thought alone means to us! XOXO

      • Thank you Julia for taking the time to respond. Receiving a reply is a real feel good. I will certainly view the additional Marie videos you suggested. As for the “DVD” it is also available virtually. If there is any interest the same offer holds. XXXOOO

  226. Thank you for this Jersey Marie! Thankfully I’ve kicked the excuse that I need everyone to approve of and support me in my goals for me to move forward in them. This was a big hurdle and I’m finally moving forward with the vision I have for my career regardless of anyone’s expectations or judgements of me.

    No more excuses, indeed!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      GO Jessica! This is so awesome. We’re proud of you for moving through this hurdle and pursuing your vision!

  227. I was raised in South Jersey I differ people who make excuse have misguided priorities
    with a disregard of time. Hay which end are you playing?

  228. Yo! Marie, you are a perfectly awesome hot MESS! I’m cracking up! I seen you last week at BlogHer 18 and I agree with this video 100% I do have the habit of making excuses and I’m getting my life! Thank you for the reminder that I can turn the beat around.


    • Rachel - Team Forleo

      Hey there Twanna, we love this! It’s so awesome that you saw Marie at BlogHer18 and we’re so happy this episode resonated with you.

  229. susan pitman

    You’re right. No. More. Excuses.
    But dang, they’re sneaky.
    I need Jersey Marie to come shake me up!!

    • Rachel - Team Forleo

      They ARE sneaky, Susan! We’re with you. You’re welcome to pop in and get a shake up reminder from Jersey Marie any time! Thanks for being here with us.

  230. MARIE!!!! Omigod! This one is the best ever!

  231. This is quite an inspiring post! We all make excuses for not taking action and getting things done. Too much procrastination and not enough action is a trademark for most people! Well done Marie. Thanks!

  232. Haha…..You’re the best! Light, love, and positive vibes……Positive vibes are very important.

  233. Stephanie

    That was hysterical – no idea how you stay in character without cracking yourself up!

  234. Toni Hanson

    Hi Jersey Marie,
    Thanks for being so engaging and funny- I sat down at my computer to do something else entirely and got very distracted, somehow ended up here. I get distracted all the time because I am always trying to do too much. I try to pack so many things in because there are so many things on my to do list, which, if you or most people were to look at, would delete about 90% of. So my mind gets occupied and I flounder, procrastinate and half-finish a lot of things because my mind is weighed down by my ever-growing list.
    To answer your question – I do think that if I knew what I wanted to do without excuses, I’d be doing it. I’ve become so buried in them, and in my coping mechanisms, that I’ve completely lost sight of not only what I want do to, but how to see it. It shouldn’t be something you have to figure out (Oh boy now I have to figure out what I want do to, let’s see here…), you normally just KNOW what you want to do. I’m buried deep.
    I’ve done what I wanted to do in the past, its easy and it’s like day to the night that is coasting through life.
    I guess my whole message here would be my darned excuse, I think as I try to answer the second question.
    But then, I’m still left with the question how do I ‘figure out’ or ‘know’ what I want to do??
    Sad Toni

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Hi Toni! We’ve SO got you. You’re not alone with either of these excuses you tend to find keeping you stuck and we have great MarieTV episodes focusing on how to help you with both. Be sure to check these out!

      Be patient and honest with yourself. You’ve got this – we believe in you and your gifts!

    • Amber Y.

      Toni, I feel you on this one. Life is better with a target, but where is it? I’ll be watching the videos the team suggested below as well. May we both realize our new missions! Much Love – Amber Y.

  235. Francisco Bonifacio

    Oi Marie. Eu sou do Brasil, e sempre ativo o Google tradutor pra ler seus conteúdos e assistir seus vídeos. Gostei da dica de hoje, vou colocar em pratica agora mesmo. abs!

  236. Lisa

    Marie, thank you so much, loved it!
    My tipical excuse: “I cannot hurt a person’s feelings, who is close to me”. Well, while we should never hurt anyone on purpose, using that excuse to let other people hurt me or to stick around with people who are not good for me, well that´s no good. Instead I should have kind of a stop sign saying “I love you, but that doesn´t give you the right to hurt me. Stop that!”. Of course easier to say than to do, but I´m working on it though 🙂

  237. Thanks for “killing” the excuses. My current issue is a broken leg which has slowed me down. Working on an update of my website which I’ll publish once I’m on my feet. Can’t get to the darkroom right now.

    • Heather-Team Forleo

      Sending you loads of healing vibes, Hank! May that leg be better than ever when it’s all healed and in the meantime may you explore things that you may not usually explore.
      We’re cheering you on.

  238. Amber Y.

    First of all this video is hilarious and yet so seriously true! This is hard to admit but here we go, I use my disease as an excuse. (Don’t worry, I am blessed, stable, and able.) I very rarely use the name of the illness directly but I’ll say things like, “I didn’t sleep last night”, “I can’t concentrate”, “My body hurts”, “What if I don’t have the energy to stick with it.” All those statements are excuses not to deal with the mild stress of developing or to be disciplined. I’ve spent the last last 10 years trying to find out what was wrong with my health and working on understanding my balance of work and rest. It’s time to move forward, I am able.

    • Heather-Team Forleo

      Amber your words, “I am able” are spectacularly beautiful- just like you. Do what you can, when you can, with what you have. You know the way. xo

  239. Thanks Marie, just what I needed to hear!

    • Rachel - Team Forleo

      So happy this came at a good time for you, Janelle!

  240. Mohni

    Wow, I do not really know if this takes me anywhere … I don’t feel like using excuses in my life. Well, at the same time, I really feel the urge to contribute to make a difference on this planet. I do have my favorite topics, be it inspiring learning/schooling or healthy nutrition or dam addressing climate change. And I have loads of expertise at least in the first twos. However, the spark has not yet come to me on what to strive for and engage for …. And I feel like, I usually tell myself “I just need a good idea” and “pah that is already out there, too.” So what …?

    • Rachel - Team Forleo

      Hi Mohni, thank you for taking the time to share this! We so admire your urge to make a difference on our planet, and it’s amazing to hear that you have your favorite topics and that you’ve worked towards your expertise in these. You’re absolutely not alone in searching for that “big idea” and I wanted to share a few episodes of MarieTV that I think will resonate! The first is “How To Find The Work You Were Meant To Do” ( and the second is “It’s All Been Done Before: What To Do When You’re Feeling Unoriginal” ( I hope this was helpful, Mohni — we’re cheering you on over here!

  241. Tom Molinaro

    Whoa Whoa Whoa…. where did he go???

  242. Raymond Gordon

    I enjoyed your Jersey Marie presentation, which merits in my view a nomination in the designated category for Best _!
    In all honesty, you were all over my toes – feet too, with this episode. I have been a contender for the crown of the king of procrastinators for years. Being aware that I am the only one standing in the way of realizing the life that awaits, I am determined to conquer Goliath and fulfill the goals, dreams, and destiny I was born to richly enjoy. Thanks, Jersy Girl for the swift kick in the – you know where,

    • Rachel - Team Forleo

      Hey there Raymond, we’re so happy to know that Jersey Marie’s no-nonsense reminders resonated with you so much!

  243. Anon

    Haha, this video is lit! You are a great actress Marie, ever considered that? I think one area where I can stop making excuses in my life is represented in the following statement: “tomorrow i will start from a clean slate and focus on a certain goal like fitness, my masters program, etc.” In reality, I am making an excuse because I am afraid. I need to do it NOW, not tomorrow. Heck, who knows what is going to happen tomorrow. so i got to live it up now, right? This excuse definitely needs to drop like a hot pocket ? . Thanks for inspiring me and the millions other that follow you Marie!

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      Starting now, in any way, in whatever capacity, is so valuable, and will teach you so much. We hope you’re already feeling some relief as you jump on in!

      • Anon

        You are absolutely right, and I do. Thank you 🙂

  244. Roz

    I needed this entertaining wake up call. What I thought were legitimate reasons are really just lame excuses. I WILL make time for what’s important to me. Thanks for the reminder!

  245. cristina

    a need a little more time could be one of the excuses i have made… but not anymore! 🙂 thanks for the message!

  246. NO. MORE. EXCUSES!! Yaaassssss. Total side note but I walked right into the ocean today, Marie. Thank You for that. GREAT article… I would stop saying I’m not ready. And I am going to stop thinking that being a high school dropout means I’m a failure at public speaking and effective communication. It’s such a drag to keep believing that. AND it was SO great being in the same room with you today @ Amy Porterfield’s event ?

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      We’re so glad you got to experience some of Marie’s wisdom in person! Becca, it’s so great to hear that you’re beginning to let go of some limiting beliefs surrounding your ability to effectively communicate. You got this, and we’re cheering you on!

  247. Carelyn

    This is hysterical. It is just sooo true. Lovin it in Jersey.

  248. My excuse for not doing the networking I need to be doing? I’m too fat. That needs to go! I’m a size 18 and when I take better care of myself I polish up not too bad. Trying to conform to the “norm” is exhausting! The other one I’m fighting with is “I can’t…”. Once I’m done whining and I sit myself down I always find a way, but the initial period with that voice saying “it’s too hard” is wasted time.

  249. Starlight

    If I keep on making excuses, does that mean I don’t want that thing bad enough?

  250. Guilty! I needed this to remind myself that no one is going to do things for me!
    Thank you for this.

  251. To find every time a good reason not to do, it probably means not really wanting something, it’s like looking for reasons to dissuade yourself. To want something really means believing in yourself and being your best ally. After all, you must be the first to believe yourself.

  252. Frances

    I know I want to have my own business and I know I want to have the flexibility to travel and work from home. I also have a vision of myself being a businesswoman and making enough money to support my family on my own. But I can’t figure out exactly what passion or talent or service I can offer that isn’t already out there. And I also struggle with not feeling worthy or good enough. I have a huge fear of failure and that I will fail miserably.

  253. Susana

    This is hilarious!!!
    I loved it! 😀
    And, its true. I’m making the silliest excuse of all, something that goes along the lines of: “I need to get my sh*t together, but I just can’t seem to get to it”. Which isn’t even a proper excuse :/
    Get up in the morning and just start working on what I’ve been planing for so long, as simple as nike says: “Just do it!”
    Thanks Jersey Marie!
    Cool video 😀

  254. Love, love, love this! Thank you Marie. This is one of my mantras. No excuses! It drives me crazy when people say they can’t do something because of a ridiculous excuse. If you really want something, you will find a way to do it. The end. Unless it’s illegal, of course. Then maybe an excuse applies in that case.?

  255. Sina Skates

    This morning I took the day off from work – after going for weeks without a break (Sun-Sat) (I work weekends, too) just to get caught up with stuff around the house and have some Marie TV playing while I do (dishes, laundry, pluck my eyebrows – seriously!) So… I’m a writer and I took a break about 18 months ago to complete my Doctorate in Spiritual Science, which included writing an in-depth Practical Treatise. I graduated in June 2018, and then my intention was to get back to my creative writing projects in August. But I haven’t fully done that. I just started up again over Christmas 2018, but I find myself facing resistance. I realized that if I didn’t write or try to get my work published/produced, then I wouldn’t have to experience the failure or the rejection. If I don’t try, I can’t fail. So, then the universe started knocking at my door. I had 2 people contact me about producing my work and another one asking about a monologue I wrote. My go-to excuses are… my personal computer is too old (and I can’t use my work computer because anything I create on it would legally belongs to them); I’m too busy; I’m too overwhelmed with my other work (which I completely love, but is generally administrative)…. but really, it’s all about the fear. I’m afraid to put myself out there. I wanted to share my experience here, because I have learned that sharing, in it of itself, is a way of letting it go and moving on. I’m working my way to “get there” again (that place where I writing consistently again.) I did it before, I wrote a whole treatise! I know where I can make the time to do it. It’s just the fact of allowing myself the space and having the courage to step into those shoes once again. Thanks for all your support!

  256. I keep on making excuses on reading books, dating, and going out of my way to make new friends. Actually that last one – I do make effort, I just don’t go out of my way to do it. As a result, I’m a little bit boring (because all my reading is wonky, specific stuff online), I’m too much single, and I don’t get all my social and relationship needs fulfilled. I also keep dragging my work out infinitely. I don’t say “I don’t have the time,” I say “I’ll get to it [in a bit],” and then its oopsie, already passed, or else it’s something I do a little too late and with a lot more drama than it needed. And drama is the worst procrastination game ever. I’ve learned a while ago to start telling myself “it’s not a big deal, and when it actually is, I can make it better once I get it done.”
    F*ck excuses, and screw working all the time. My self-improvement project is do it faster, do it better, and get on to the fun stuff more often.

  257. 1. What’s one area of your life where, if you stopped making excuses, you could create radically different results?
    A: In my business. If I stopped making excuses for WHY I don’t want to employ people, train humans, or why I can’t do something “because I DON’T KNOW HOW TO”. Then I might actually be able to create more radical change. Procrastination is that name of that habit/feeling. Or Fear. Or resistance. Need to develop the muscles to power through challenges even if the voice inside me is resisting doing anything.

    2. What specific excuse do you need to drop like a hot pocket?
    A: “Because I don’t know how to”. The feeling that I must know how to do something before I actually DO it. That’s ridiculous but that’s because maybe I’m using my school mindset where you’re “taught” before appearing for an exam, as the mindset with which I lead my life. If anything, the biggest lesson business has taught me is that nothing comes with a manual to operate — at least not the most important things in life. Need to be braver and face the fact that I will mostly have to DO things before I know HOW TO do those things.

  258. Kilee

    Hi Marie, you really have inspired me to get my creative butt working and I feel like I’ve been collecting non-stop quotes, ideas & stories that inspire me. YET I still have not written down clearly what I WANT. This is the second time I’ve listened to “How to get anything you want” and yet I still hesitate to write only ONE thing down. I WANT so many things!

    So my question is this. Is it wishy washy if you write multiple things down, even if it is clear and concise? Or am I just kidding myself and getting stuck in the cycle of non commitment. How much is too much to juggle when it comes to mapping what you want?

    Thanks Marie!

  259. Oh. My. God. You need to have more severe warnings on this. Like “Don’t watch this during morning Goddess hour while everyone else is still asleep—you’ll wake them up laughing, and you might spit oatmeal onto your laptop….” Salud. What a great start to my day.

    • Jennifer - Team Forleo

      Amazing, Liza, thank you for giving us that snapshot of your morning. We’re thrilled you enjoyed this episode!

  260. Okay I loved this immensely. You go

    • Maja - Team Forleo

      We’re so happy you loved it, Kyra! Thanks for tuning in!

  261. Susan

    I need this on loop. Have Jersey Marie Bitch Slap the excuses away on the daily. Right before my daily meditation!!! Thanks Jersey Marie.

  262. Kate

    Hi Marie and Team! I’m a little late to the party, but trying to go all in as I read EIF. I struggle a lot with relationships – making things right and feeling comfortable with getting closer. I do believe I can heal things with certain people or at least build some of my strengths in that area, but I keep telling myself, “Later! I’m not ready!” And then promptly make no plans to at least make myself more prepared. I think it’s partly the fear of doing and then also wanting to be clear with myself (or are those just more excuses??), but I get clear with writing to myself and I’ve decided I’m going to do some of that today and then make plans for habits and things to do next, what else I might need. Thank you for this! It looked like a lot of fun!

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