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What we’re talking about today is often a #sbd dream killer.

(#sbd = silent but deadly. Usually used to describe farts, but equally applicable to habitual mental patterns that limit your experience of success and happiness in life.)

This particular thought pattern often lingers in our minds and gets triggered when we compare ourselves to others. Sadly, it also leads to chronic creative wuss outs.

That’s when you never actually create anything because you’re too afraid it’s all been done before. The thought loop usually goes something like this…

“Whenever I see someone doing the same thing I want to do — it takes me down! It’s a confirmation there’s nothing unique or original about me or my ideas. I’m a fraud. And, they’re all light years ahead of me. What’s the use in trying anyway? It’s all been done already.”

Sound familiar?

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If you’re human, it should. No matter how confident, forward-moving or creative you are, we’ve all had those kinds of #sbd thoughts at some point.

And, the more you peel back the layers in any industry, the more you start to feel like everyone is just doing the same ol’ shizz over and over and over.

But have no fear because in today’s MarieTV, we’ve got five cures for the “It’s All Been Done Before” Funk.

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This is a really, really important episode for you to watch. Especially if you’re a big-hearted creative putting anything out into the world. Why? Because…

You matter.

Your ideas matter.

Your point of view matters.

And if you don’t express it and work every day to share your unique gifts, the world has lost something truly irreplaceable.

Now, I’d love to hear from you. Which one of these tips most resonates with you, and why? Or, what do you do to get yourself out of the “it’s all been done before” funk?

Remember that tens of thousands of ambitious, creative souls come here each week for inspiration and support so share with as much detail as you can below. You just never know if your share is one that can truly help another person break through.

Important: please share your thoughts and ideas directly in the comments. Links to other posts, videos, etc. may be deleted as they can come across as spammy.

Thanks in advance for adding to the conversation and making this corner of the Universe absolutely amazing.

All my love,


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  1. Perfect timing. No matter where we are on our individual journeys, this always comes back. I have to just keep reminding myself that I am a conduit and whatever flows through me has relevance.

    Whatever I put out creatively is imbued with my essence. That is not possible to duplicate. And if it is, then I know there isn’t enough of *me* in it.

    • “Whatever I put out creatively is imbued with my essence. That is not possible to duplicate. And if it is, then I know there isn’t enough of *me* in it.” Well damn… My spirit animal just shut it down again.

      I’m putting this quote on my vision board as a reminder. Thanks again!!

      • Right!? I was just thinking the same thing!

        Emelia, you’re entirely on point with that one.

        • Haha. Thanks, ladies. <3

      • I love what you just said about it’s duplicatable if there is not enough of “me” in it. Brilliant!

    • I like that – your essence is impossible to duplicate.

      • And neither is that voice you have, Lisa. <3

    • Marie,

      This installment is timed so PERFECTLY for me, it’s almost like the universe sent it to me.

    • Great way to put it Emelia…”then there isn’t enough of *me* in it.”

      I love that you said that.

      Brandy xo

    • This was more than perfect timing. It was almost surreal for me!! I was thinking this exact thought: “Everyone is just rehashing the same thing over and over again!”, and then I got this from Marie!

      Well done Marie, I’m so happy I found you!

      And thanks Emilia for the reminder about your real essence not being truly duplicable. I absolutely love that. I’m going to be singing that song all through this week.

      Thanks, thanks, thanks!!!

    • Absolutely perfect timing! I most resonate with the acorn right now. Starting small sometimes feels like drowning in overwhelm of all that needs to happen to ‘make it happen’ and it’s easy for me to get stuck in perfection paralysis too!! But remembering all big oaks came from tiny acorns can help me just place one foot in front of the other and ‘keep going for my dreams’. Thanks Marie!

      • “Our ordinary mind always tries to persuade us that we are nothing but acorns and that our greatest happiness will be to become bigger, fatter, shinier acorns; but that is of interest only to pigs. Our faith gives us knowledge of something better: that we can become oak trees.” ~E.F. Schumacher.

        • Yes Chas! Love it :)) – and I’m a lil piggy in Chinese astrology so must note to stop looking to be a bigger acorn and graduate to oak-dom!!

        • Annette

          Thanks Chas!! I think i’ve been stuck in the “bigger acorn” hamster-wheel. I’m moving on to oak tree mode now! Brilliant quote, brilliant reminder, great timing!!! Thanks for saving me!

        • Annette

          Gosh Marie, this is one heck of an episode! I’ve been watching heaps of your videos since discovering you earlier this year, and this one really hit home! Two of your points resonated deeply within me: the acorn analogy and choosing love over fear.

          Funnily enough, at the start of the year I was pondering what I can and should do with my life and how to make use of the gifts that I have. I have been wanting to do something that I love for the longest time and am taking serious steps to do that this year, planning and researching. I read a quote about acorns: “the creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn” – Ralph Waldo Emerson. It made me think about the potential of a tiny thing. And I found myself, whilst on holiday shortly after, standing underneath my first oak tree (I live in the tropics). I felt that it was meant to be… and now, watching this episode just reinforced that message for me, especially after trying to get out of this crazy mind-funk that I have been going through recently.

          I have also been brought up in an environment where fear has always been prevalent. It almost seems as if I am not meant to step outside my shell for fear that something bad might happen, and that to avoid all that, I should just stay where I am, as I am. Though I have moved on to embrace my own life, some of those fear traits still remain subconsciously, and when you said that we should choose love over fear, that was my a-ha moment. If we choose love, then what is there to fear? If we love ourselves more, it doesn’t matter what others think or say. It doesn’t matter if I make it or not, the most important thing is that I loved myself enough to recognize that I have gifts that are unique to myself, and that I tried!

          Thank you for this Marie. I have been waiting for an a-ha moment, and this is it!
          Much love!!!! xoxoxoxo

    • That is spot on Emelia. I will remember this when I get into the comparison hole.

    • Extremely deep words. Thank you.

    • Corey

      Awesome! I’m taking that tweetable for sure!

    • Charissa

      Thanks, Emelia! I’m gonna post your quote up, too. I asked the Universe about what I needed to do + how to do it when I came across this video + your words. Pure + practical inspiration!

    • Annette

      Wow that is mind-blowing… it just hit me: “That is not possible to duplicate. And if it is, then I know there isn’t enough of *me* in it.”
      Just reminded me that what I have to do, I’m gonna have to give more than 100% to it. Thanks for this!!!

    • Sheila M Marshall

      This!!! Emelia, you are on point. Not just once, three times. Thank you so much for succinctly expressing what we all need as a personal mantra.

    • Michelle Edwards

      awesome!! good insight!

  2. I was just thinking about this! It seems like these days everyone is a coach, trainer, consultant, blogger, etc., so why bother? I had to have a personal Come to Jesus meeting when I felt myself drinking the Compare-slager. (It is the devil!!)

    I had to remind myself that it may feel that everyone is already out there killing it and there’s no room for me, but look at my surroundings. I’m hanging out with the Marie Forleo community, a member of tons of writing / entrepreneur groups on FB, and plus my circle is full of lovely successful dynamic friends. Instead of thinking of this as a negative like everyone is doing it a doing it better than me, be grateful to have all of these fierce people around me to motivate, support, and slap me into action when I need it. Man, I am blessed!

    I wrote a post shortly after I almost had a meltdown about my blog stats. The lesson was that whether or not the stats show it or people leave comments, each post reaches someone. As long as it does, then I am using my gifts to be a blessing to someone else, so it is a win-win! Thanks Marie!

    • Hi Marie and everyone!

      “There is more than enough to go around!” – YES!

      Your experience and passions make you uniquely qualified to offer what you do! I have 32 years of business experience in financial services AND I also converse with angels and spirit guides – this blend makes me ME.

      I help intuitives and soul-preneurs create a business foundation so they can do that awesome work they love. It comes from my unique blend of experiences.

      “Every single pro starts off as an amateur!” – just start! Wherever you are, just start and stay true to what makes you YOU!

      Much love on a January Tuesday!

    • Ms. Pillowz,
      I recently had the EXACT meltdown. I had to remind myself that I love to write and as you said, if it only reaches one person, then my work is done. I’ve had to “train my brain” to write for my own personal gratification with hopes of reaching someone and making a difference in that person’s life.

  3. This question is huge for a lot of people, I believe. It was greatly answered…for me I have been a teacher since high school and always had a passion of art and design…finally 2 years ago I decided to work on interior design…I gave up because of the product already out there…but I thought and thought in December, it is something I want to do, I can create my own style, I’m going for it and now I’m taking classes. I had a fear of failing…but the fear I believe is what is keeping me going…

  4. I love the tip to focus on being the acorn.

    It’s so easy to go down the comparison rabbit hole and compare yourself to “oak trees”, completely forgetting that they too were once acorns.

    When you actually think about the beauty and strength of the oak tree, not to mention it’s deep thick roots that keep it grounded, there’s no way you cannot feel inspired to live your life and grow your business in a way that serves as the perfect symbol and manifestation of the image of the oak tree.

    This one’s gonna stick with me. Thanks Marie.

    • Tal

      I too have spent far too much time comparing myself to “oak trees”!! It is a great reminder that they too were once acorns.

      I have a bracelet that has a picture of the tree of life on it. I usually look at it as a reminder of the connection between all things on earth, but now I also see it as a reminder of the deep roots needed to make a large tree. A great motivator to focus on being the best acorn we can be!

      • I too get really stuck on this ‘acorn’ concept. As I am beginning my photography business I am noticing I want to be leaps and bounds ahead of where I am. I see a vision and I just want to be there but it really does take time. It’s the natural progression and that’s ok. It’s OK to be an acorn for a little while!

  5. Such a great video and advice for all the acorns 🙂 This hit close to home today, because I’ve finally gotten by hubby on the entrepreneurial bandwagon (woohoo!), but he’s been feeling really down because he will get a great idea only to find that it’s already been done.

    I’ve been telling him to read one of my favorite books, Blue Ocean Strategy, which I learned about from you (thanks!!!), because as you so clearly expressed, just because it’s all been done, doesn’t mean it’s all been done the same way he would create it.

    It really is true that we all have a unique spin on what we want to create and should own that and work to bring it into the world, even if it feels scary.

    I saw this in my own business when I decided to go from just training clients in person to creating online fitness programs. I thought I had a unique spin on things and a high value product, but then I would hear from others things like “Why would someone want to buy a group program from you when they can just watch a video on YouTube?” “Why would someone want to train with you to run a 5K when there are free couch to 5K programs?” It used to get me down, but I kept creating my programs and I’m so glad I have, because while people could do a free program or watch a fitness video on YouTube, some need and want personalized support and those apps and free videos can’t give them that.

    So for anyone just starting out, trust yourself, back away from the Compareschlager, and don’t let anyone try to talk you out of a great creative idea! Just because they don’t “get” why it’s unique doesn’t mean that it’s not an awesome product that will help a lot of people.

    Thanks again, Marie!

    • Love this comment, Catherine! I want to do the same thing, and have been a little scared of the huge risk of doing something that is a) already being offered for free, or b) that someone else might already be doing more successfully. It’s so nice to hear from people at different stages of the journey.

      Thank you for this video, Marie! Perfect. Timing. As always.

      • Oooh are you in fitness?! I love my fellow fitness pros 🙂 Feel free to connect with me. I’d love to see what you’re working on. I strongly believe in helping my clients connect with the trainer who’s the best fit for them and love learning about who else is out there. Keep at it!

        • I’m actually not in fitness. Sorry for the confusion! I’m a life coach for new moms and newlyweds. I’m passionate about supporting women through the transitions of marriage and motherhood. I’d still love to connect with a fellow entrepreneur! Love your biz and site AND online programs! 🙂 They look great!

          • Ah! No worries. As you can imagine I often work with women in the same transitions so of course, it would still be great to connect 🙂 thanks for the kind words about my biz and site. I’ve been popping around your blog and love it. Yay for Marie Forleo building awesome connections. I’ll shoot you an e-mail so I don’t overtake the thread 😉

    • Laura

      Spot on, Catherine! I’ve been successful with my boot camp company for six years, even thriving while all the CrossFits popped up everywhere. I lost some long-time clients which was tough, but there were plenty of newbies to fill their slots- they knew of my reputation/slant on things and it resonated with them.

      I decided to jump into the online fitness training last spring and everyone thought I was nuts, for all the reasons you listed above. It didn’t help that my first launch wasn’t very financially successful.

      As I try to re-tune my funnels and organize my editorial calendar, I can’t help but feel like all my info is so boring- so tired- so old. A PDF about HIIT, really? Snooze. A blog about organic v non-organic? Spare me. A post about staying the course? Oh please.

      But I’ve finally realized that these same lessons and messages and advice that I’ve been giving for years has been a lightbulb moment for a thousand of my “live” clients. My words, my delivery, my style resonated with them and they became lifers. I’ve got to think there are a few thousand others in this world that will appreciate my style, too. Like attracts like, right?!

  6. As th video start, I was already thinking about martha graham word and they where there at the end of the video.
    This year I decide as a whoo whoo girl, working with intuition and guidance to edit my own guidance pdf for 2015, I decide to read nothing about this year write by other people.
    I did it and I’m so proud of me.
    Never compare, close your door to see what people do, doesn’t mean to me to be cut of the world but It mean to be centered and grounded.

  7. “No one has or ever will have your perspective.”

    The “comparison rabbit hole” is such a trap for so many people – and was my drug of choice for years.

    The thing that helped me get out of the hole was focusing on helping others, instead of worrying about me. I knew in my head that if I showed up to serve, the right people would appear. But, emotionally, I kept watching my “peers” zoom on ahead of me – or what I thought was ahead of me.

    When I felt myself wallowing in that, I knew I’d stopped looking at serving and had slipped back into comparison mode. For me, that’s the big thing. Who can I help? How can I show up as the best me I know how to be and just help people? The rest falls into place when I “keep the channel open.”

    • Tal

      Lisa, thanks for pointing that out. It’s true that when I’m comparing I’ve lost focus on how I can be helping others and I’ve made the work all about me. I often find myself comparing myself to my peers, and it definitely zaps me of all my confidence and creativity. A shift in focus is what I need to remind myself of when this happens. Thank you!

    • Jo

      Thanks for this Lisa. I too am watching my peers speed ahead whilst I’m struggling to get my first customers. I shall try and focus on what I can do to help and hope that they know where to find me 🙂

  8. Be the acorn! so funny. and vise. simultaniously 🙂

    My perspective for all of you frozen in disappointment cause your idea has been “done before”: doing a new thing for the first time in history is actually much harder!!! Because nobody knows what this new offer, product or service is. And you don’t know you need something if you don’t know what you need exests! (hope that makes sense).

    • Really interesting perspective Vesna.

    • Tal

      Vesna, that does make sense! It takes the pressure off a little bit by thinking of it that way. I also try to focus on looking at accomplished people as role models and mentors rather than competition. That way I learn what has helped them be successful and use that to help me build the foundation for my own ideas. Doesn’t mean I’m copying them exactly. It just means I’m taking what they’ve proved so I don’t have to reinvent the wheel just to figure it out myself.

      • Hey Tal,
        I’m soo glad what I said make sense to you, and helps take the presure of a little bit 🙂
        and, I’m totally with you on “not reinventing the vheel” – I do the same!

        Nice to hear from you!

    • Agreed. <3

  9. Awesome episode! I was struggling with this for a while, especially in the beginning of my weight loss coach career. Obviously, there are thousands, if not millions, weight loss coaches and nutritionists. So why would they listen to me???

    But what helped me overcome it, was perfectly described in the second tip – embrace the ABBONDANZA! 😉 (love this word by the way!). Yes, there are plenty of people who do the same work, but my story and experience are unique. I am real and don’t try to pretend better than I am. I honestly share with people my struggles. People can relate to this rawness and find their own stories in mine.

    So since I embraced the ABBONDANZA (so glad that it has a name now haha), my business has skyrocketed, and most importantly – I was able to reach a bigger audience and touch more people’s lives.

    Oooh how I love Marie TV! 😉 <3

  10. Marie, thank you.
    I’ve been drinking compareschlagger for years.
    Going cold turkey now. You are so right. Each of us has our own gift and if we open up to that, the Universe just lights the way. I am open to share my gift in its truly special and unique way.
    Thank you.

  11. Oh my! Great timing, I have been in a funk for days, maybe even weeks! The tip that resonates the most is choosing love over fear. It gives me some faith that things are going to work out. My tip is to take some action, no matter how small, towards fulfilling my dreams and that motivates me to do some more. Other ideas include moving my butt to physically move the funky energy, getting busy in the kitchen and flipping open ‘War of Art’. A Steven Pressfield shot usually does the trick! Fabulous episode (and fabulous outfit!) xx

    • Hey Wilma,

      do you just take the book and start reading at a random page?? I love doing that.

  12. I love it! It’s so true. I spent a year as a freelance writer not doing a whole lot of real freelancing because of the thought “everyone probably has a freelancer”. What I failed to realize is that even if every company on the planet has a writer, not all of them have good writers, and I started to realize that long form content (something I love and rock at) is hard to come by. So I slanted my business about a month ago to focus only on those content forms, and I’m already seeing success. Case in point: someone might be doing it, but nobody’s doing it like you.

    I think what we’re meant to do is sometimes hard to see, because it’s like breathing to us. We don’t see it as a “skill”, it’s just what we do. I love to research and write long nerdy papers. Always have. It just took me forever to realize that’s actually a highly marketable skill. Hah! Who knew?

    I loved this video.As I do all of your videos. 🙂

  13. This is so great, thank you Marie!

    I really needed to be reminded to “stay on the game” regarding my blog, ideas and pilates education – even in the love-relationsship game! Someone needs what I have to offer…

  14. I love this. “The everythings already been done” Trauma has tormented me for years, but I get over it by combining two unusual things together and also by asking myself ” What am I bringing to the party honey”
    No body has your unique perspective and ideas. We’re all very much the same but insanely unique at teh same time.

    Go off and do your thing 🙂 xx

  15. Fandamntastic episode today. Thank you!

    • Great word Shell and, thank you for watching!

  16. Carolyn

    Thank you – sooo needed that today! good advice and encouragement to follow my passion and know that I can contribute to a greater good. Much appreciated !

  17. Great episode today, Marie! From your mouth to my heart. I often have to stop and tell myself that there are no other Laureen ( well, maybe in name but not in character or personality) in the world. No one else has what I have to offer. No one else can leave my fingerprint in the world. Because you are right, no one would get started if they could only do what no one else has done. Only one person would have written a love song and how sad would that have been.

  18. The one that most resonated with me is Fear vs Love. I am at a crossroads right now. Working in a job that utilizes all of my talents of my 35+ years in the TV, radio, video biz. But my heart is somewhere else. At the age of 54, I want to make a difference. I mean really make a difference. I became a Health Coach, because I’m a health fanatic and certified Yoga Instructor. Just when I feel like I’m on a roll, and I know the direction I need to be headed, I wake up feeling lost and insecure. Fear sets in and I feel like I’m unworthy and incapable. But as soon as I start working on my biz, I’m full again. I love myself again and the work I believe I am meant to do. Thank you for this, Marie! I won’t forget it.

  19. Marie, this can’t come at a better time for me! Like Lisa Robbin Young, the part that hit home is that ‘no one has or ever will have your perspective’. Late last year I set up a website, it’s been an idea in my head for a couple of years and I thought that I’d just go for it because if I didn’t try, I’d never know. However, I didn’t have a clue about any of the details, just a crazy urge that I simply had to do it. Only suddenly I found myself comparing my website to similar sites out there and I’m thinking (and drinking that compare-schlager)… why bother because how can I do anything that hasn’t been done before? Even just five minutes before watching this video I was getting down about it but you are so, so right! A lot of the information I see shared within the field of my website have approaches that I would never consider employing anyway or I don’t have the same “vision” for my content so why shouldn’t I share it?! There’s bound to be other people out there looking for the same information or who would appreciate my perspective so while I was intending to push it to the back of my mind (again), this afternoon I’m going to sit down and figure out some more details of what I’m offering on my site and create some new content!

    Thanks Marie!

    P.S. I’ve been watching your videos and reading your newsletters for a while but this is the first time I’ve felt really compelled to leave a comment. (I was worried I wouldn’t be able to add anything that hadn’t already been said)! From now on, if it hits home, I promise I’ll comment!

  20. Yes, it does seem as if everybody & their brother is either a life coach or a jewelry designer or {insert your field here}. But the tip that resonates with me is “stop comparing already”! I have found that since I have stopped comparing that I feel better, there is less doubt & fear, & I’m getting inventory produced! Value yourself & your offer; it truly does work.

    • Sally Johnsonschool

      Best Episode I’ve seen yet! This had the Spiritual Depth, when adding supreme quotes from Spiritual Healers, it really complements your warm personality and stylistic sense of humor. Also your intro for this clip was a 10 on the scale. I’m realizing that your best when it is just you and your crew. Not younger guests wi/ fraction of your charisma, or the needy flippant acting coach fianc’e. I’m not trying to be cruel, just very real and I sense authenticity. You have it, Dr. Ned has it, but not everyone does. In your genre, you have to have self-confidence, it is paramount for your brand. If you are going to have a guest on, they’ve got to be one of your mentors, or a seasoned elder, like that silver fox Dr. Ned, the older gentlemen you had on recently wi/ the wealth of wisdom. Otherwise, frankly it is a let down. Your the best at what you do. The only other thing I would share with you is the Domino’s Pizza analogy. they got into the biz when it was the most saturated market ever, and then. there is no reason why you should not have your own show on network. Oprah must have offered, she needs more of you on her network.

      Thank you for offering such incomparable content! ~ Sally

  21. Thank you so much Marie – this message just came at the perfect time for me. I’ve been feeling discouraged by the sheer volume of people ‘competing’ with me for business. But you are so right-on in what you say. I have a very distinct way of getting results for my clients that is irreplaceable because no one else has lived my journey and so cannot possibly teach ‘the same’ as I do.

    I ask the Universe for healing for all other women who are feeling this way today. xx

  22. Thank you Marie, this is perfect for me today! I did a big shot of “compareshlager” this morning and felt like others are so advanced and so perfect and I have nothing of value to offer… Of course the hangover passed after few hours, but still, that was not the best idea to do in the first place 🙂 Your words always inspire me. I’ll go to listen to some Bruno Mars 😀

    • YES! Uptown Funk. Can NOT get enough of that song. Or Bruno!

  23. This is my most favorite MarieTV episode yet! A very good pep talk to get out of your own way and I needed it for sure! Very inspiring, thanks Marie and team, and thank you Andrea for asking this powerful question.

  24. Perfect timing. I am a little acorn writer and I love the example of what if Bruno Mars had not shared his talents because he thought there were too many singers. I often think there are soooo many writers in the world!!! Thank you for the reminder that I have a special gift, a special story, and a unique perspective to share.

  25. The best way for me to get out of the funk is to get out of my own head and get out in the community! Have real conversations with real people that are either on the same journey you are or those that you can serve. The most negative feedback I ever get is that I give myself!

  26. How is it that you get inside my head from my inbox?!?!

    I am pouring the last bottle of Compareschlagger down the drain this very moment. There are people and dogs in the world that want to learn to have a joyful life together from me.


  27. This is so recognizable. How wonderful I’m not alone in this!
    My preferred part is the text from Martha Graham. The emphasis on trusting myself and the impulses that have made me go this far is what touches me.

    thank you Marie!

  28. I’ve finally just come to the realization that: Everything doesn’t have to be new or different – because no one else out there is YOU! YOU are the difference.

    No one seems to make the same recipe exactly the same way as the next person – and neither will you. 🙂 Just gotta be true to yourself – and do YOUR thang! Be GENUINE, and follow your passions – and the rest will fall into place.

    If you watched 5 cooking shows right now – and they all created the same recipe – there would be certain people whose voice, style, approach, a certain tip/ idea, etc – would resonate with you more. And, just as likely – there would be others who would gravitate toward your least favorite version of the same recipe being rendered.

    It’s kind of like the TV show “Chopped”. They all create something using the same basket ingredients – but by applying their own flair, personality, past experiences – all intertwined within that recipe.

    You, Marie, have had a great influence on me in this regard. (It’s one of the biggest lessons I carry with me!) Everything doesn’t have to be new or different – because no one else out there is YOU!

  29. Just what I needed to hear today.

  30. Excellent post! Especially to this now 50-year-old aspiring screenwriter who’s heard (and often thought) that every story to be told has already been told. But not from my perspective…

  31. As an artist this has been a big theme in my life, and something that stopped me from doing creative work for a long time. I’ve learned that once you start working on something, you inevitably find your own unique slant. I started printmaking and came up with an idea to make postcards unlike anything else that was available in our city at the time. It wouldn’t have happened if I wasn’t doing the work. Now I’m trying to build a whole business around helping people be more creative every day and I see tons of people talking about creativity. But I’m sticking with it because I know that eventually I will find a way to distinguish myself from the rest. And I’m taking advantage of how much people talk about the subject to learn as much as I possibly can!

  32. Once again Marie pops up with fabulous advice at the perfect time – thanks x

  33. What if I feel the opposite but it’s still keeping me stck? I have researched my idea to see if anyone else in my profession has done what I want to do but haven’t seen it done exactly like what I am planning. This makes me super excited but also terrified at the same time. What if my idea is a dud and that is why it hasn’t been done before?

  34. Holy crap, Marie are you in my head?!?! Perfect Q&A for me today.
    I will be the acorn. Another tweetable from you I was using to battle this comparison funk and fear of being amateur is “starting small and sucky is better than staying sucky”.

    Thank you:)

  35. God doesn’t make any extra peeps…? There is a perfect example of your uniqueness, Marie! LOL I loved it! Biblical with a twist?
    I loved today’s topic…it is easy to get into that compareschlager crap when you are a writer. What topic hasn’t been covered before? NONE of them, most likely…but what topic hasn’t been covered by me and my unique point of view? LOTS OF THEM! So, off I go, to write!

  36. As an artist, illustrator and paper product designer I have felt this way so. Freakin. Often. And I’m sure I’ll still struggle with it at down moments in the future. But your advice was *so* spot-on. At some point, I also realized that I could actually take inspiration from all the amazing other artists and illustrators I was seeing out there doing similar things. I used to avoid even looking at their work for fear of the Compareschlager – but now, I actually think that if you can silence that comparison voice in your head, the more other people you look at, the better – you will be particularly inspired by some aspect of each of their [businesses, products, services, art] and that will feed your own creative juices and actually make you *more* unique. Why? Because you’ll be pulling inspiration from *more* different sources, and combining them, adding to them, putting your own spin on and executing them a way that’s totally unique to you!

  37. Hey Marie,

    Thanks so much for the reminder that not only do we have something unique to offer but that it is our duty to bring it forth into the world!

    That just changes your viewpoint on that project you’ve been kicking around but don’t think it’s GREAT yet!


  38. THANK YOU Marie, I needed to hear this so very much this morning! In a sea of fitness formats and instructors, I do often feel overwhelmed with just putting myself out there. I LOVE that you adressed this so perfectly, thanks for the “pep” talk

  39. Haha! I just moved through a ton of this! I’m – like question-asker Andrea – also a website designer who works with coaches (because I’m also a coach).

    I recently saw another designer I admire do something FABULOUS and get tons of coverage for it; and she followed it up with a product launch.

    My first reaction was heavy and gross. I felt jealous. I had my “the world doesn’t need another designer when it’s got HER” pity party.

    So I used inquiry – just like I was taught in coach training.

    1.) I got really honest about what I was feeling: jealous.
    2.) I asked why I felt jealous – which pointed directly at the thought causing the feeling: Because she was successful in a way that I wasn’t.
    3. I asked “Is it true I won’t be successful?” That answer was NO, I can’t know that.
    4.) So if it wasn’t true that I was destined for lameness, I decided it could be true that I was on a path that would lead to much success, like the person I was admiring.
    5.) Then I realized, in actuality, she was showing me exactly what my kind of success looks like. She was living, breathing proof that what I desire is truly possible. That was super exiting!
    6.) Which made me feel really grateful. So I thanked her and wished her even more success.
    7.) I realized I couldn’t have her success. It’s hers. It’s her journey. And I can be happy and support her the same way I want people to be happy and support me. I will achieve my success in ways that are unique to me and my journey.
    8.)I reminded myself, I’m starting out. Truthfully, I wouldn’t even know what to do with her kind of success at this point, because I need to build the muscles and take the steps to get there, instead of trying to piggy-back or catapult myself.
    8.) I got back in my “lane” and said a prayer, “Where would you have me go today, what would you have me do, who would you have me speak to, and what would you have me say?”
    9.) Yesterday I was talking to a client I’m working with and asked, “Why did you choose me? Out of all the great designers out there, why did you choose me?” She said, “Because you’re you. I love working with you. There was something about your energy that resonated with me on our first phone call.”

    So, yeah. We all bring our unique gifts and they are the key to connecting with clients who help us move along our journey – which is how we develop our skills, talents, and businesses…to create the success we desire:)

    Totally loved this video, Marie!

    • Ashley

      Love this:) You are awesome.

    • Daphne

      Thank you Deana! well said…I concur
      That was an amazing way to look at this and to analyze the process our devilish minds go to!

    • Deana – I loved this insight and thought process! Wouldn’t it be great to skip right to 5, 6, 7 and 8?! Alas its recognizing the why behind our pangs that makes it so beautiful and that lead to the gratitude for being exactly where we need to be on our own journey. Thank you for sharing this!

  40. Hi marie
    As always I’m smiling at the timely arrival of this post.

    “Comparison is the killer of dreams and the road to ruin”.

    D Mack, I love what you have just said totally!

    my example of comparison is to do with creative art. 8 years ago I started art classes literally picking up where I had left off at 14 years old.. I loved it but my progress was definitely stifled by comparison. In 2010 following a major internal shift, I found myself in an Art room of a clinic recovering from depression, I tried to paint a seascape and it was rubbish, and i almost left the room defeated. However I stayed I focused on what I could do and starting painting the only doodle I ever did – a flower, using charcoals and watercolours that I had been taught in the clasess. This flower resonates with people, that need it and yet it nearly didn’t happen, my inner critic really tried to shut me down. I started to focus on who would feel better by receiving a card with this flower and it grew from then. I repainted and repainted that flower for over 2 years after that until in 2012 I suddenly realised I had created the perfect logo and brand image for both my coaching company Barefoot Ambition and The Barefoot sanctuary. The website template fitted it perfectly even the pre-painted colours of the building I now rent to run The sanctuary matched perfectly too, perfect alignment, and all because of allowing to let something come from inside of me. Just like Italian restaurants there are millions of flowers all over the world. I just focused on creating, my flower my way! I am so grateful I finally stopped comparing. Thanks for leading the way ! Love Bernie x

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Wow, Bernie. That is such a beautiful and inspiring story — thank you SO much for sharing it with us!

  41. That quote from Martha Graham? SOLID and so amazing.

    There is a vitality, a life force, an energy, a quickening that is translated through you into action, and because there is only one of you in all of time, this expression is unique. And if you block it, it will never exist through any other medium and it will be lost. The world will not have it. It is not your business to determine how good it is nor how valuable nor how it compares with other expressions. It is your business to keep it yours clearly and directly, to keep the channel open. You do not even have to believe in yourself or your work. You have to keep yourself open and aware to the urges that motivate you. Keep the channel open.

    • Thanks for re-quoting this Naomi! I was hoping it would be here so I could put it on my desktop. xo

  42. Pam

    Great topic! I’m asking myself on how I can give back to my community. I’ve been stuck in the story that my contribution won’t make a difference, everyone has tried and we still have problems in the world, so why bother? But the truth is, we can’t know the impact we’ll have on others when we just sit in our living rooms and do nothing. Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      SO true, Pam. It’s when we take action that we begin to see how we contribute to making a difference in the world.

  43. Hi Marie, this one had me laugh out loud several times. I LOVED the metaphor with the Italian restaurant. Great one. I really needed to hear this, because I had some ComparisonSchlager, just this morning. The interesting thing is the word you used. With the two dots on the ‘a’ it means: ‘someone who hits’ or a ‘racket’ (as in tennis). Without the two dots on the ‘a’ it means, a ‘hit’ as in pop song, more used for 50’s or 60’s ballads. Funny also that you have the same double meaning in the English translation – ‘hit’ – as well. When we drink ‘ComparisonSchlager’, we hit ourselves, when we don’t and express fully, we ARE the HIT at the top of the bestseller list or the charts. Ha. YOU definitely are THE HIT. Love you, Marie. You and your team are priceless. So grateful for you in my life. Thanks for sharing YOUR gift and having overcome so many comparison hangovers. Muah! oxo Tanya

  44. Ughhhh…the hangovers!
    Love the analogy Marie

  45. Hi Marie,

    Thanks so much for the acorn analogy and the comparisonitis we all grow through. So nice that you keep it real, Marie!

    Big hugs, Trisha

  46. Definitely guilty of being on the Compare-Schlagger.
    Dumping down the toilet right now!
    I love you Marie! You are a shining example of all you speak!
    I am listening and learning…

  47. michelle


    Perfection. I started Bschool last year and couldn’t even get going because I was became so convinced I was just ANOTHER one out there and my vision was not big enough or unique enough or strong enough, jello shot after jello shot. I just stopped. It is not like me but you just provided an antidote this morning. And the Martha Graham quote helps me to remember for the long term that I have a reason and purpose to deliver. What a great morning this is. Thank you, Marie.

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Michelle — so glad to hear this episode was just what you needed. And as always, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at bschool AT if you need any help getting going again with B-School 🙂

  48. GREAT episode!!!

    I actually feel like if someone has never seen an episode of Marie TV before, this one is a great place to start. It really captures Marie’s standout message of putting our gifts out into the world. (Love it!!)

    Also, for me, all 5 of these points are crucial to success – especially ongoing success – but the 5th one resonated with me so deeply the first time I heard it that it changed my ‘Business M.O.’ I actually pinned it up at my desk and refer to it when making daily decisions: Am I choosing to act or decide out of Fear? Or out of Love? – PS – this links back to Marie’s classic discussion around inner expanding or inner contracting… The Fear always feels tight in my body whereas the Love route feels open and expanding…

    Thanks again for such an awesome episode – and for all the Marie TVs -making Tuesdays fabulous!!


    PS – Completely LOVE the Martha Graham quote. As a choreographer myself, I had always equated that quote to creating movement art and allowing that to come through. But, it really applies to so much more – appreciate you sharing the whole quote 🙂

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Wow Jadene, I love what you’ve shared here! Acting out of love really does have such an expansive feeling – even if it isn’t always easy.

  49. Eunice

    Love you so much for this girl!! Thank you Marie for today’s episode it was exactly what I needed

  50. Wow?! I just spoke these exact words aloud to my husband last night, after months of considering a new launch! This encouragement needs to be on my mirror every morning. Thank you, Marie!

    And, you’re right, there is no fear in love! xo!

  51. Love this Marie! I feel this way all the time. I really need to continually remind myself to keep a mindset of abundance!!!

    Side note: I am LOVING your look in this video!

  52. Stephanie

    Love this! Definitely have to drop the bottle and use my gift!!

  53. Wow, OK. TIme to put down that bottle (it’s like tasty AND so bad for me… is there a C.A. program? “Comparers Anonymous”?)
    And I almost cried when you talked about the acorn. I have felt so insignificant in the field for a year now, because I am still so tiny. But you are right – the acorn stage is JUST AS IMPORTANT as the blossoming tree. So thank you.
    xo Jen

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Right on! There would never be any gorgeous trees without little acorns, and every stage is just as beautiful 🙂

  54. I love you Marie! Your every message is so right on. xoxo

  55. I love everything about this episode.
    Though I have little doubts these days it STILL helps to hear the message, because it helps to reenergize all my dormant plans….

    (and Marie’s hair looks better every time! how is show doing it???)

  56. This was perfect timing! I get sucked into this mentality from time to time and agree wholeheartedly with the five tips! The comparing is the biggest part. I go to remembering my “WHY” when this happens. I am doing what I am doing for a reason, to serve midlife women by helping them discover and fulfill purpose with confidence and clarity. Now I have new tools too! Thank you!

  57. Daphne

    Thank you Marie!
    Love, love, love this! All 5 resonated with me from some standpoint but thinking that the little acorn was great because I am a creative and dreamer and usually when ideas evolve I then I get very excited and quickly jump to the bigger picture!

    That is when I have to stop and tell myself to NOT forget about the baby steps I have to take along the way. (Deana’s point form comment helps a lot) I find when I get side tracked and forget about those necessary steps I end up doing the silly compare schloger.. When I am not even in
    the same ball park and have no right to put myself there..who do I think I am anyway lol…

  58. Anna

    Be an Acorn!

  59. Amy

    Another great episode! I was feeling a bit lost this week and Marie’s quick videos that keep me on track.

    I find that it can be hard to stay afloat with internal comparisons and nay sayers. While running more on passion then revenue, but the ability to have a life that is filled with creativity is important.

    It’s nice to know I am not alone. 🙂

  60. Thanks Marie, I needed to hear this message at this precise moment. Just this morning I was stressing out over another coach’s emerging program, which has the same philosophical foundation. But you’ve got me realizing that it doesn’t mean he has the same perspective, talents, content, or message that I have going. In fact, there might be an opportunity for us to partner somewhere down the line, who knows? Thanks again for your continuing inspiration!

  61. “There’s more than enough to go around” really hit me the other day when someone applied that to more “normal” jobs like doctors. What if no one became a doctor because “there were enough already?” Of course, the Italian restaurant comparison appeals much better to my stomach. 😉

    The difference, I often feel, with creative occupations is that there is a definite “need” for doctors and construction workers, but the demand is less clear for the rest of us. When the Italian restaurant supply exceeds the demand in an area, well, the restaurant that’s not doing as well shuts down (or goes on Kitchen Nightmares).

  62. Whenever I take a shot of compare-schlager, I go to the gym and take a boxing class. It makes me feel strong, invincible and able to face the world no matter what. I just found Marie and absolutely love this forum!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Taking a boxing class sounds like so much fun. We’re so glad you found Marie recently, and welcome to our community!

  63. Awesome reminder! I did a similar post on my blog about the importance of expressing your own unique creative potential. I’m thinking about venturing into youtube next!

  64. Andrea

    You touched on all my pain points. Thanks for so clearly identifying the self-defeating habits that get in the way of success.

  65. Thanks for this, Marie. We all need a kick in the pants once in a while.

  66. Sandy

    I loved this session and really enjoy the positive, fun, and upbeat way you pass on really great info. Your shows always lift me up and sometimes even pull me out of a funk! Thank you and don’t stop what you are doing!!

  67. Jennifer

    This Q&A has debuted at Number One as an all-time fave. SO MUCH resonates with me but the one I want to highlight particularly is Marie acknowledging the vast number of other people producing life coach videos, newsletters etc – and why did that not stop her.
    I came to MarieTV via another very popular motivational speaker who I found beneficial but…. some things about their style I guess…. just didn’t click with me, or not as well as MarieTV does. Now I look at MarieTV almost daily and the other one only if I get an email that piques my interest. So yes, it’s about our own creative spin on things.
    I also love Emelia’s point: “Whatever I put out creatively is imbued with my essence. That is not possible to duplicate. And if it is, then I know there isn’t enough of *me* in it.”
    It makes me realise that there are MANY important differences between my current project and what my competitors are doing – I’ve been drinking compareschlager while eating a large bowl of overgeneralisation nuts.

  68. Perfect. It is true your idea probably someone else is doing it. Let’s remember someone did do it the first time. Some times people dont even realize they need a service until its created and we create in the world. From what was missing for us. That is where i am in my business. Creating my first paying client and getting myself out there and wow.. Its scarey but the more I do it. I know I am the expert and I am here to contribute in this area. I am a gluten intolerance and food allergy coach. including all the little intricate details that will keep a person sick or years; emotional state of mind related to gluten intolerance & food allergies; managing social situations; how to eat out, avoid contamination; and managing relationships… I am here to do this. I am getting some amazing and touching feedback. It makes it all worth while. I will have a successful business.

    Look at foodbabe. Who would have thought someone would be able to make a living being a food activist. 🙂 Its amazing.

    • I think what you are doing is amazing! And knowing from trying to help many of those around me with that, I think it is truly needed, keep it up!

      • Nicole,
        Thank you. I appreciate that. If you do any one that would benefit from services. It took me 5 yrs with research and the right doctor to get healthy. I want to help others do it too. No matter how you eat. You can have fun and adventure around food and life. 🙂

        What do you do Nicole?

        • Hi Connie, I will definitely keep you in mind! I currently do web design but I am transitioning into nutrition (will be certified in a few weeks!) which is a whole new ballgame. After 5 years of building a successful “oak tree” of a business… it’s hard to be the acorn again but I know in my heart it’s where my passion lies and the right direction for me. My site is if you wanna check it out, will be redoing it in about a month once I’m all certified to focus more on services rather than the blog.

          • Nicole,
            That sounds great and please PM me on fb with your contact information and specifics on what focus on in nutrition and what your client would look like. I can send you people that need your services. .. my last name is curtis..

  69. Shireen

    Great advice Marie! I definitely relate to point #4 about being the acorn. It’s disheartening to look at other people and their websites and see others doing what I want to do, so well! But like you said, every pro starts off an amateur. I need to remind myself of that–and your other four points!–every time I sit down at my computer to work. I also gotta stop taking shots of Compare-schlager! 🙂

  70. Sherry

    I am an aspiring writer/filmmaker with many ideas; I currently fight with self doubt because I feel everything has been expressed in film/screenwriting but Marie, you have given me something to ponder… Thank You for this.

  71. Tal

    Marie, I love, love, love this video because it came at the perfect time. I’ve been weighed down with everything you’ve pointed out in your video, and I’ve let fear and comparison stop me from moving forward for YEARS. I’ve found myself stuck in a cycle, where I come up with amazing ideas, get excited, think about who has done it already, become deflated, then sit and wallow and complain about feeling stuck. AAAH! What a terrible way I’ve been living! I need to take control back from the moment I feel excited, so I keep that feeling going as I try to do it and get moving. I think doing that will also build my confidence and self esteem back, since constantly denying myself of trying my ideas has left me feeling hopeless and unmotivated. This is the wake up call to stop the cycle!!

  72. I got a reminder of this last week when I had a big bright idea to hold a summit. I shared my idea with a mastermind group and had a lot of people respond with so much love that it was overwhelming and one person who responded by saying this has already been done and asking who I am to be thinking that big. I’m just starting out, how could I attract an audience or summit speakers? That lady (who I do not know except that she Facebook messaged me) triggered some insecurities I already had. I’m so grateful for my supportive husband and best sister in law who talked me through that mental space by gently remind me to remember that I’ve never been one to dream small, so my goal should scare me but it’s what I do with the fear that matters!

  73. WOW. I haven’t watched a video in a while Marie and this one is awesome. I just ran into a client it tears ready to give up her acting and I think these tips apply to her. You so come from your heart and give the right perspective to keep folks going.

    BUT here’s a question for you: what about actors, who don’t make money for their efforts sometimes?

    I have my own advice that I offer to keep them going but I wonder what your awesome self would come up with.

    Mad respect,


    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      This is such a great question, Roz. To hear a few tips from Marie herself, you might like to take a peek at this episode for artists and creatives:

      For me personally, I have a background in music so I absolutely know what it’s like to do what you love and not get paid for it!

      Other than always continuing to practice your craft and be the best artist/musician/actor you can be, the most successful people I know in artistic fields often diversify a lot. They might create their own businesses, study entrepreneurship, blog or video blog, start their own bands, and experiment with learning all kinds of new things.

      Building your own opportunities can be a great way to get other people knocking at the door too!

  74. Navi

    I needed this and I needed this at this exact moment. There’s a dream I’ve been struggling with and have been feeling down about due to other external forces. This has given me a little more hope that my dream is different and can make a difference.

    Thank you!

  75. Gjermund Sivertsen

    Great video!

    It´s all been done before. Why bother?
    Very wise!

    All that you say is true.

  76. I find this topic very interesting and hope I could pass on a few more insights:

    It might have all been done before but no one is doing it with your voice and your perspective. And from a business standpoint it’s amazing that tons of people do it because it means there is a market and demand for it!

    I’m not sure who said it but it’s something along the lines of if it hasn’t been done you can be the first, if everyone is doing it there is a need for it. And again no one will have your viewpoint on it.

    You have to start somewhere, go back and check Marie’s earliest videos, its her sitting on a couch and look at her now!


  77. Loved this segment! Thank you for sharing! You are awesome!

  78. Divine timing I’m telling ya.

    Last week I had those loser thought moments where all I could think was, “It’s been done before. There are others who do it better.” then I chose to have faith. To trust. That my voice, was the voice someone needed to hear.

    I chose to create content based on love and not doubt.

    Today I received an email from a young girl who was able to transform her negative mentality from shit, to beautiful all because of why? An article I wrote on gratitude.

    She had read a gazillion and one articles on gratitude but never believed it could work for her until she read mine.

    What was different about my article as compared to the gazillion other articles on gratitude?

    My voice.

    My story.

    My point of view.

    She connected to the way I wrote. To the perspective of which I wrote from. She connected to the story I told of my own journey, and she resonated with my style.

    Me. My realness. My rawness. My authenticity. Its what made my article different from all those of which she’s read.

    Its my voice that helped transform her life.

    Thank you Universe, and thank you Marie, for this diving timing.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Beautiful, Connie!

  79. Holy crap.

    I mean, your timing is insanely good Marie. I’ve been having a really bad month, where nearly every day I’ve been operating out of fear, panic and compare-itis. Without much evidence, I had decided my slow sales meant the end of my 3 year old business and that I was no longer needed. Never mind WHY sales could be slow, for any number of reasons, I was convinced the problem was ME.
    I just pulled out a sticky note and wrote: “Align with love, not fear” and stuck it on my wall, by my computer. I needed to remember this. Thank you.

  80. Luyao wu

    Great episode.Thank you so much!
    I am an au pair from China.I found au pair program is very good.So I am thinking about running this kind of by my own when I am back to China.
    But some people told me there’ve already had au pair agency in China.Anyway I think I still have the chance to try.Although I don’t have any experience about how to run a business and I don’t have any money.I still believe good things will happen.
    Thank you so this video.

  81. Love, love, love #3!! I too suffered from one memorable (unmemorable??) Goldschlager hangover in collage so just hearing about it reminds me of how far I’ve come, whether I’ve lived my big dream yet or not. My fave saying right now is comparison is ego crack. I’m a recovering addict, currently in my own version of CA (Comparisons Anonymous) and one of the benefits so far is the surge or life force I’m experiencing that Martha Graham speaks of. I am more determined than ever to life my big dream and my big life as a result of giving up this comparison bullshit. Thanks Marie…you rock, sista!

  82. Marie, you just answered exactly what I was encountering in my career change from studio artist to financial advisor. Yes… it’s quite a shift but doable! And how do I fit into this new profession? I do have a unique outlook for the financial marketplace due to my creativity and my way of seeing outside the box. Putting together financials with life advice seems like what it is that I propose to do in my career on this earth, at this time! Thank you for all that you do and for who you are: an incredible energy that motivates and helps others see how wonderful they are!

  83. This video totally touched my heart. Thank you for creating content that keeps us coaching on track.

  84. I think that we all at some point share these insecurities and doubts. Like mentioned by Marie, we are only human and it is only natural.

    Things may have been done before but we each have a unique personality that we can implement in our creations that will separate us from the rest.

    For example, Starbucks. Yes, the famous coffee shop that can be found in the corners of cities all over the world! The founder, was a big believer in customer service (remembering customer’s names, friendly, welcoming, etc.) and this is what set him apart from other coffee shops and the rest is history.

    So I encourage everyone to stay positive and find what will set them apart and live prospers and meaningful life.

  85. A few years ago Naomi Dunford mentioned on her blog that her mother didn’t know who Brian Clark was. What! She didn’t know of Brian Clark, and she is only one degree removed? Well, why should she? She doesn’t move in the same circles as her daughter.

    If you look at your peer group it will look crowded but the people you follow or associate with on a professional level are not the same who follow you. And the people who follow you probably don’t know your peers. Or Brian Clark.

  86. Dominique

    I love how you are able to blend the practical and spiritual aspects in such a smooth, articulate, powerful way! I always enjoy your videos! Thanks for being you!

  87. Love the acorn analogy! When we start out we ALL feel insignificant and almost inferior. But it starts at that small spot and working on it, that we begin to grow. We had to learn to walk before learning to run.
    Baby steps baby…. just start with baby steps.

  88. Kim

    Oh I am an acorn…..a newbie grant writer. And I stand around giant oaks that have been writing for years and I definitely suffer Compare-schlager . But I am learning to take their prose– pluck the nuggets to help my acorn grow. Learning to be me.

  89. Thank you for that lovely scoop of passionfruit gelato that was today’s show! So timely, for even as recently as yesterday I was waaaah-ing that you are so fabulous, opening up the NASDAQ and all, and what in the dickens do I have to offer by comparison?

    I will be the acorn! With a reverent bow to Ms. Martha Graham.


    Channel on!

  90. VL

    As a fellow NYC – No East girl – I love your delivery. It’s genuine & funny. I especially love the Martha Graham quote. Rock On Marie!

  91. I’ve been drinking CompareSchlager since I was a little one, and the thought that I do nothing original has tried to permeate my brain for so long! Even when I would write papers in college, I would beat myself up thinking that I didn’t create a totally “new” theory after reading a book or analyzing a group of data.

    That Martha Graham quote is something I have to read often…

    When I was studying with a Buddhist nun I really admire (Pema Chodron) she was giving a very inspiring teaching and I heard her say, “But hey – this isn’t anything new. People have been aware of this for millenia. But we don’t implement it!” I thought it was amazing that she admitted nothing she said – during this mind-blowing talk – was new!

    But it was clear to ME that it was the fact that SHE was teaching that really resonated for me. So I try to remember that moment a lot….

    Blessings to all of us on this journey!!!

  92. Your videos are a testament to the power of an individual, unique message. In addition to the content you provide, your timing is often impeccable.

    I own a youth leadership company in Phoenix, AZ and teach many of the principles you share in your videos, with kids as young as 1st grade. It’s easy to get caught up in the comparison game and quite frankly, I sometimes question whether or not our education system even “gets” the importance of my work.

    Nonetheless, videos like yours continue to serve as fuel for me to continue my journey with complete confidence that my gifts will eventually be in the hearts of people who need them.

    As you know, the Super Bowl is upon us. Last year, I wrote a blog about Russell Wilson, who according the NFL experts, had no business playing quarterback in the league. His motto has always been “why not me”, which is aligned with your message in this video.

    Thank you for all of your wonderful videos.

    Mike Sissel

  93. It’s always so good to have the reminder that I don’t have to compare myself to anyone else … I get to be me and get to enjoy the process of growing and the natural maturity that time brings. Thanks, Marie.

  94. Hello everyone from rainy Zurich Switzerland…
    Well my words of wisdom as being a designer since 18 years and a twin aaaand one of four children are as follows:

    Don’t destroy yourself by comparing your work with senior designers or absolute masters of their field. You are new to this and need to find your comford zone first. Give yourself time to produce work and breath some air before you even have material to compare with others.

    Not every piece of creative work is ment to be art or will ever be art. Design is hard work and sometimes it just needs to be good enough to pay the bill. If you are gong to invent the wheel over and over again… in the end you will never manage to build a car, or pay any bills at all.

    All great masters had teachers or mentors that gave them inspiration until they where ready to let their fantasy and skill take flight by themselves. Marvel at the diversity and beauty of other people’s work and look at it as fuel for your own work. That’s much more positive and constructive for your selfesteam then thinking that you never will reach that level.

    That’s what art students have to do in the beginning and funny enough that’s what the entire industry does out there. While copying something you learn a ton of things and most of the time you end up creating something new without even putting to much effort into it. Just stay open to new ideas while you strive to reach a desired effect, you will be amazed what crazzy stuff all of a sudden starts to happen.

    Hey loosen up and just enjoy the fact that you are actually doing something that you enjoy. No one expects you to win design awards. If they start comming great… if not, you just didn’t bribe the right people :). Play with your projects… try looking at it from an other perspective angle… make variations and so on. Routine will take over and you will get more confident. Then comparing will result into astonishment ” I haven’t thought about this before…” istead of “I will never be that good”.

    You have no idea how often I got a lame “it’s to crazzy for my clients” comments on my cooles ideas. So please don’t be shocked if sometimes it’s easier for you and your nerves to notch down the creative outburts for the crazzy project. Unfortunately enough… most clients will want straight forward solutions. The extraordinary stuff will be like the icing of your normal buisness cake life. It helps to have fun projects on the side… where you can go nuts and wild.

    Have fun, be creative and tell yourself every now and then to shut up and enjoy life


  95. My way to escape the “It’s all been done before funk” is to watch MarieTV!

  96. Great video like always. Which made me realized that I’ve been stuck in fear mode for longer than I care to admit. I guess so much has happened in the past few years that I switched gears from love to fear without realizing it.

    Well no more! Thank you Marie XOXO

  97. Wow! perfect timing. I’ve been dancing with doubt for the past few weeks, and really needed to hear this. Last July I opened an online shop for Custom Numerology Prints (, but thus far, sales have not been good and I’ve started doubting that anyone even wants them. The quote used from Louise Hay was great to hear. But, when you put up the quote from Martha Graham, I knew I was meant to view this MarieTV episode at this time. I use that exact same Martha Graham quote for the template of my “Express Yourself” Prints – right behind the print owners photo. So perfect! Thanks Marie, for being the conduit to breathe inspiration back into my purpose.

  98. Thank you so much Marie! As always the timing of this video couldn’t be better. I am just finishing a nutrition program and throughout it I have felt so inspired and known it is the right path for me.

    However, as I’m nearing the end and seeing how many people are so far ahead of me (and knowing how advanced I already am in my current career as a web designer), that little sbd voice keeps popping up with pretty much everything you described in this video. And every one of your points was so right on.

    I think #4 was the biggest reminder for me, and I should know this! I’ve built a successful graphic/web design business from scratch and I remember when I started out and barely knew anything…just had a strong will and determination and was open to learning everything and anything I could and gave it my 100% Now I just need to remind myself of that with nutrition!

    To add to your discussion, something I always try to do when that voice pops up in my head is to remind myself of my how I will be unique and just focus on my strengths. Sure there are a lot of health coaches and nutritionists these days, but the knowledge I also have about herbs, the passion I have for cooking and ability to be on camera, to speak in front of people and my marketing background are all strengths that I know will help my unique ability shine.

    And PS, I totally cried when I watched the video you sent out yesterday. Your community and reach is truly amazing and inspiring.

  99. Great timing! I’m a Realtor. I always tell myself there is a Realtor for everyone. However, when you are competing with 4 other awesome agents for a listing…it’s easy to get into the bottle of CompareSchlager.
    Thank you for the uplifting and kick in the butt message!

  100. Fantastic video and tips. It’s as if you were talking directly to me!

  101. MP

    Thank you Marie! The quote from Martha Graham really resonated with me… especially the last sentence. They key is to stay motivated as it’s easy to get stuck in all the overwhelming work of starting a business.

  102. This Q&A spoke right to my heart. Out of everything, I get most discouraged by the comparison binge. In fact, I just blogged about this very issue recently as a way of bolstering my resolve to move forward

  103. We have an accommodation business. This business as you know has been around since before there was no room at the inn. What our goal was when we started was to make it ours. There is no neutral here – funky retro styling but with all the basics covered. So three years down the track – we have great feedback, repeat customers and still lots of fun and it’s happening. We were certainly very acorn like to start and it was scary and at times we didn’t think we’d make it. But every morning I walked out on to my verandah and just felt gratitude. It worked. And there’s still more to come. Love it.

  104. angie

    Thank you Marie, I just want to express my gratitude for the encouragment that you give in each episode. Thank you with all my heart. And thank you also for introducing me to Tony Robbins’ work. May God bless you both.

  105. Thanks Marie!

    Not only do I get so much value watching your episodes, but also find my cat, Pixie, loves them too! You’re message now impacts the animal kingdom 🙂

    She sat next to my laptop during the whole episode and I swear she was listening intently– couldn’t keep her eyes or ears off you. I’ve never seen her do that before. Thank you for touching my life and the life of my furry friend. Love, Kris

  106. Marie, Thank you for sharing this post. I have referred to this Martha Graham Quote for many many years, (have it on my inspiration board), and have especially appreciated it when I feel stuck or challenged as an artist and dancer. I love that you are bringing it to your expansive community. Another quote that I refer to often: “Feel yourself being an opening through which energy flows from the unmanifested Source of all life through you for the benefit of all.” – Eckhart Tolle, A New Earth Best to you and thank you!

  107. Majeed

    They used to say there’s no one fingerprint that’s the same as in another person on this universe. Well, guess what!? There’s no one single DNA that’s the same as another person’s one! Which means that it runs in your genes.
    And that thing that runs in your genes is simply called, Authenticity :D.

    Marie, I don’t know what’s worthy in this world to express my love & gratitude.
    Thank you glowing creature 😀

  108. A prayer I crafted in frustration at a retreat once: “I am me and that’s enough. Don’t need no long-winded stuff.” BAM!!! (Blessed and Multiplied)
    Mahalo (thank you), Marie, for your consistently beautiful, positive, uplifting presence! Wishing you and everyone reading/listening unlimited joy, prosperity, and abundance! (LOVE your Italian form of the word, haha!!)

  109. Dear Marie, you do have to know how much I love you for what you do. It’s like you spoke directly to my heart. Thank you. And thank you for the much needed cold shower. I’ll keep on being a tiny sapling, I’m out of my acorn shell.

    Keep up doing what you do best and may you have the best year yet!

  110. Once again, you floor me Marie. Thank you sooooo much for such an insightful and compassionate response! I have embarked on a journey that is superdeeduper scary for me, but it has gotten so much easier since I stopped stiff-arming fear and instead, have embraced and made friends with her. Now we are holding hands and skipping through the daisies together 😉

  111. I really needed to hear this today! I’ve had a slow couple of weeks in my at home business after a very successful jump start, and have been feeling like maybe I can’t keep it up, but the idea of embracing the fact that I am an acorn motivates me. I know that I want to be an oak tree, but I need to go through all of the correct processed to become it. I must begin to build my roots and form a solid base before I can start inching up towards the sun.
    Thank you for this great advice!

  112. Hilarious episode, thanks Marie for giving an insight into an issue that afflicts so many, I’ve had this one, and you had some new twists on it.

    Embrace the Abbondanza!

  113. Luke

    The tip about choosing love or fear resonates deeply as well as being the acorn. As a sound design student at an art school I constantly have been getting intimidated by others who seem to have more experience and just start to compare myself in general to them even when I know the truth. Embracing being the acorn is truly something that I know I can do. No pressure to be a huge oak tree or anything, just being the acorn resonates. Also Fear is a lot of a lower vibration than love, we all know that. Frankly for me, fear has been very hard to avoid – thank you for this video. This definitely synchs up with my day bc I am just realizing how much potential comes from love. Like you said Marie, simply put it creates a feeling of togetherness, cooperation and unity and togetherness. <3 thank you so much

  114. Sabina

    II am writing from Switzerland so my english is not so good – have dicussed the yesterday with a friend and I felt, believing in more than one live, that I have connections to people which others dont have and therefore maybe I can work together with them perfectly where others cant. So maybe they are waiting for exactly me.

  115. One of my favorite quotes is: “Comparison is the thief of joy” by Theodore Roosevelt. I love the Martha Graham quote… so great to be reminded of it. Many years ago I worked in a large hair cutting salon in the East Village of Manhattan. There were over 20 hair cutters there, and each had received identical training in technique for the hot looks of the day; and yet anywhere I went in the city, if I saw a girl with that haircut… I could tell who cut it from our salon… and when I asked I was always right! Everyone puts their own individual stamp on what they do… and no one can do it exactly the same. I love that you remind people of that every single week Marie!

  116. OMG that Martha Graham quote is my fave too!! I even have it on my website homepage as a constant reminder to keep pushing forward! Thanks for this reminder Marie. As most of us know there are periods of great creative flow but then the doubt and fear creeps in again so moments when you can remember why you are a part of this big crazy world, are so needed to keep us aiming higher. Lots of love! <3 <3 <3

  117. Todays episode totally resonated with me. I always find myself suffering from the disease of comparison and have spent perhaps the last 10 years of my life feeling unfulfilled, unrealised and dissatisfied with myself creatively.

    Although I have been working through some personal development in this area it is great to hear it addressed here and to hear that amazing quote from Martha Graham.

    Time to stop sippin’ on that CompareSchlager and being a big ol’ nasty Gift Thief!

  118. When I find myself in the comparison loop, I always think of the words of Max Ehrmann in his “desiderata” poem: “If you compare yourself with others, you may become vain and bitter; for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself. Enjoy your achievements as well as your plans. Keep interested in your own career, however humble; it is a real possession in the changing fortunes of time.”

    I have been fortunate enough to have been able to make a living as a journalist, writer, photographer and graphic artist for almost 32 years, and while a lot of this experience has made me a “mighty oak,” I’m still an acorn in many respects, as I always strive to learn new things and take on challenges that make me step out of my comfort zone. It’ scary to take on projects that are nothing like those I’ve done in the past and present a steep learning curve, but I find if I just trust my instincts and believe in myself I can accomplish everything I attempt. It’s true, there are thousands of other people out there with skills very similar to mine, but each of us is unique, different, and has something that only they can bring to the table. Thanks, Marie, for the reminder that I’ve got something special that no one else has…my spirit, caring, and commitment to keep on keepin’ on!
    special to offer they only they can provide.

  119. Amy

    I had the pleasure of meeting Marie a few years ago at Women’s Health magazine’s “Meaning is The New Money” event. She talked to me about #2 personally afterwards and I’ll continue to be grateful for her and that swift kick in the creative pants! Marie, you rock 🙂

  120. Shany Biran

    I was compelled to leave a comment and then the thought popped up ‘what if someone else already said what I want to say!’ haha. Just shows how spot on today’s segment was for many of us Marie.

    Speaking of what I want to say, I don’t know, right now as I’m writing this, I know I have something to say, but only a vague idea of how it will come to fruition. And I guess that’s the point I’m trying to make (hold on, I’m getting there). I may be an acorn and see the oaks around me soaking up the sun, and think ‘ok, I’ll work hard and become one of those’. Which is good as far as having a model goes, but it’s not great as far as motivating us to give our authentic and unique gifts. In truth, even as we are growing into an oak tree we will have different development conditions and experiences, different soil, rain, sunlight. Different clients, insights, barriers and successes. As we learn a little and apply it, we will find a client that needs us to push harder, and something inside us will come out. We can’t know at the beginning what that is. So we just have to have trust. I might start out thinking I’m the ‘self-esteem coach’, and gather my tools. And then learn that there are many ‘The self-esteem coaches.’ But somewhere along the way the tools will not be enough, and I will have to dig deeper into my authentic self, my experiences, my values and offer that up. That will be the point of discovery and my flow, and then will it really bring me down if others are in their flow? Quite the opposite.

    Someone above mentioned a religious meeting they went to and it made me think about all these pastors who might not be around if they thought ‘Oh, Jesus said this best, there is nothing for me to add or teach.’ To say ‘No, I will be the right person with the right message at the right time for somebody in need’ takes faith, humility, and courage. So in the meantime, as Marie so poignantly offers, water and nourish the acorn. The very first time you see someone’s eyes lighten because of hearing your insight, or the first time someone stays after a workshop to ask you what they couldn’t ask anyone else, you will know you have a unique gift, a unique offering, and it was worth everything to find your flock.

  121. Thank you for this video.
    That’s a toughy and I am glad we’re sharing similar struggles some days.
    I think the two tips that will be the more useful are the idea of the abundancia and the one about the acorn.
    One way of mine to keep going was to repeat myself (if I got beaten up or hyperventilated about the whole thing) that although what I do already been done, I know where lead doing nothing…
    In art classes and poetry, we started by imitating masters and dab in every style. That was part of the formative years. Our music teacher told us that every single rift on a guitar or a piano has already been used, our art teacher that every colors pairing and motif been repeated and our poetry teacher that every emotion and similes have been exploited: you’re job is to use it in a different order and with different emotion or wording.
    If you give up because it’s hard, you never know if it would have worked. Giving up is the only way we are sure of the result, persevering lead us to result we do not suspect…

    That is thing I was using when I was paralised… and yoga and sleep…

  122. I don’t usually comment, but I had to today! This was such a fantastic episode (definitely one of my favorites!) because it resonated so much with me. I am a B-School grad but hit a few years (years!) of resistance thinking that everyone else who was doing what I wanted to do was better at it and I shouldn’t even bother. I remember having this conversation with Kris Carr a few years ago and she told me something I’ll never forget. She said that there were plenty of people talking about health just like she was, but that she put her own unique spin on it and that’s what resonates with people. I recently decided to take some huge steps in my life/business by deciding I wanted to be a resource for the people who need to hear what I have to say. I chose love over fear and didn’t want to be selfish anymore by not sharing the things I know can be of service to my tribe. It was pretty terrifying, I have to admit, but once you overcome a major fear hurdle, it’s like rocket fuel for taking more big steps! Brilliant as always, Marie! Thank you!

  123. Marie, you have been reading my mind with your episodes lately! I really needed this one today. I think for me “doing shots of compare-schlager” feels like I will never end up on XYZ’s level. But, maybe that’s okay, because in not being on that level I will cultivate a level all my own!

  124. The “Silver Conductor” here. Your content is always on point at the right times. Please keep doin whacha do!
    MusicLuv,The SC.
    FB,Twitter,Youtube and more 🙂

  125. robin

    You rock, bitch.

    I mean that as a major compliment. thank you for being consistent and clear in your message – which is to create a business from your heart… I was writing this response, I heard you share a quote from Martha Graham –

    …..I am overwhelmed with emotion. You’ve ignited something incredible. more in a bit. for now, thank you. Robin

  126. Marilyn

    Great reminders to inspire one on. Having done many acorns, l worry about illuminati types finding out about a new acorn and sabotaging it….they seem to monopolize most scenes and what remains is not all that protected from them…

  127. This video absolutely amazed me. I had some good juju going in 2014. Wrote a book. Planned a slate of novels to write. Set up goals for being a writing coach and helping others stuck in a rut. Only for the holidays to come. I needed a break and took a bit of a vacation and now I can’t get out of it. All those nasty thought crept in. Same ones Marie focuses on here. Mind. Is. Blown. My favorite item on the list of 5 is “Train to chose Love over Fear”. I’ve been wallowing in fear – fear over the lack of money. Fear that I’m stuck, unable to do anything due to the lack of money. Then, boom – the Martha Graham quote, and man – it was a virtual slap. Hoping I can get out of this hibernation phase. I want to break free and be my own boss – live the life I love – not be tied down to an employer. I’m my own employer. But it’s been hard lately. Love this!

  128. I feel like this is the one video I’ve been waiting to see my whole life. I’ve run a small design business out of my home since 2005 and have definitely seen many ups and downs, both in my life and in the marketplace. Sometimes I feel like it’s just not worth the effort anymore…but truth be told I’m never happier than when I am in my studio creating & no one can make things exactly the same way that I do. I need to remember that. Thanks Marie, for being the inspiration I needed today!

  129. I loved this TV episode Soooo much Marie. Yes to do your gift with love, not fear changes everything for me. You always have the best answers to the problems that we all go through. Thanks for making me laugh every week and to teach us your unique gift.
    Bless you :o)

  130. Kim

    This was exactly what plagued me when I started my business. Everywhere I looked people were doing the same thing as I was. I chose to see that as a good thing, that my service was something that people needed and were willing to pay for. But the doubts still came.

    What helped me was in realizing that I was bringing my entire unique life experience into my work. Nobody else has those qualifications, and others would find my particular blend helpful. Also, another helpful thing was in realizing that this is a big, big world. All I really need is a relative handful of clients– and there is room enough for me and everyone else. There IS enough to go around. Excellent video!

  131. Love this! Just watching this alone helps get me out of the “it’s been done before” funk. 🙂

  132. Denise Antoon

    This is so true. I was speaking with someone I just met this week and I found myself thinking they knew everything I did because it seemed so common and out there. The person stopped me and said, “Wow, you have so much to share with the world that many people do not know!” It stopped me in my tracks and reminded me that I forget others might not know this stuff and it is my duty to share what I know with the world. We really do all have something different!

  133. “Be the acorn.”

    On point!

  134. This episode came at just the right time , Marie!! I’m doing alot of product creation at the moment which I am SUPER excited about! I shared my enthusiasm with a few people lately and they said yeah- I’ve heard of stuff like that before that’s similar. I felt my enthusiasm going to self-doubt. I ‘pep-talked’ myself out of it but it still lingered in the back of my mind, questioning alot. I then listened to this episode and it was beautiful reassurance & giving me the green light to continue confidently on my projects. Thanks, Marie :)!!!

  135. Hey Marie!
    The ending trailer would have been a great place to see one of your FIRST video/blogs. Would love to see how you got your start! 🙂

  136. Really loved this episode, Marie; you started with one of my favorite symbols–the acorn–I actually have an acorn on my drawing table to remind me that acorns dream in oak trees. And that they are PURE POTENTIAL. Martha Graham has always been a heroine of mine–and what many people don’t know is that she had tomatoes thrown at her on stage during her early company days. But she didn’t quit–she held fast to hear vision. And kept going. The world would so totally have been deprived if she had quit! I am so glad she didn’t as she has always been such an inspiring force in my life–and you have too, Marie! Thanks for all that you do.

  137. Awesome upbeat episode Marie thank you! Unforgettable tips infused with fun! I also wanted to share that I took B-School last year and the strategies you shared there helped me embrace Abbondanza and create my own unique brand! Thank you! Anyone sitting on the B-School fence … JUMP IN!! It’s AMAZING!!!

  138. Thank you so much for this video Marie, I really needed this message today. I have been struggling and stressing out about decisions I have to make for my upcoming cookbook and then I recived this message from you. I recently became a Health and Wellness Coach and I am starting to build up my brand Olenko’s Kitchen that is a company promoting healthy, organic, plant base diet and green lifestyle. My purpose is to inspire people to find the time to explore the beauty of the shapes and colors of nature and to eat more fresh, organic fruits, veggies and greens and to bring awareness to animal cruelty. I incorporate my background and knowledge in art, art education, health, simple natural healing techniques like meditation, yoga and use of essential oils. The last few days have been very challenging for me and I was starting to think that maybe what I am trying to do was not good enough? That the idea of incorporating Food and Art is silly. I have never thought that my love for art and nature and my passion for cooking can be a business! I am a student of A Course in Miracles and I love Gabrille Bernstein and Marianne Williamson and you Marie. You three ladies have been coaching me in my kitchen( I am always in my kitchen cooking something lol) for the last few months and I am so grateful for your knowledge, dedication, inspiration and honesty. Thank you so much! You make me a better person and I love your videos and e-mails. You are a true Angel!!! This world needs more beautiful souls like you Marie ; ) I am so inspired by you-you are funny, creative, smart, beautiful, successful and full of great ideas. I love how you incorporate your love for dance and business. So fun! One more time- thank you! I choose love instead of fear!!!

  139. This was, indeed, perfect timing. I have just recently overcome my paralysis over being a “redundant fraud.” A big part of it was just hearing from people I loved and respected that they thought I had something legit to contribute. But the biggest factor was getting to a place where I was grossed out enough with my own wallowing and pissed off enough at my stagnating self to take the freaking leap already. I’ve always been most motivated by rage – I had to get mad enough at my nonsense and harness it. And off I go… we’ll see how far!

  140. Such great tips! It’s so easy to feel like it’s all been done before but so true that each of us, with our unique mix of experiences, place in the world, etc. has something to bring that no one else can in exactly the same way!

    Thanks, Marie!

  141. Loved the timing on this as well. My Etsy jewelry store is stagnant so I struggle to keep working it. I KNOW the field is flooded with jewelry makers now. That wasn’t the case when I started years ago. Some are horrible, some are extremely talented, and some are misrepresenting mass produced as handmade.

    I needed this reminder that it’s MY JOB to show the world what I can do, not get discouraged by what others are doing around me. Thanks!

  142. mel

    I’m so deep in the compareschlager right now that I haven’t been able to start anything!

  143. Hi Marie,
    I love the way you continue to return to the helpful foundation of reminding others how special they are. As a guru of reflection (insert smile here) I’ve always found that self discovery helps you realize that you’re one in a million and these are some methods I’ve used to achieve them .
    #1. I use my friends and family: Each year I ask those closest to me what traits describe me best and what areas I need to work on. These are people that I trust so the brutal truth is much easier to take and also helps me see what others see.
    #2. I research: Finding lists of personal character traits helps me narrow down what I natural have as strengths and therefore gifts.
    #3. I create lists: whether it’s in my linkedin summary or my , my lists are things I love and generally have an easy time doing. I look back on these lists from time to time and this helps me invest energy in my God-given talents.
    With continual self discovery, there’s little room to say “it’s been done before” because of the unique twist you place in whatever venture you’re taking on. Hope this helps your readers!

    Big fan,

  144. Diana

    Absolutely loved this! I have been guilty of compare-schlager and aligning with fear. It has handicapped me beyond measure and has kept me from moving forward. Am embracing being an acorn and focusing on love. 😀 Thanks Marie for this timely Q&A!

  145. Yes, we all must carry that inner passion of ours to be of service to the world wrapped with our uniqueness. I think Marie, once people have clarity on who they uniquely are and from that space, they create, you create magic. It might not be big today, but I remind myself to keep putting in the work as a Holistic Career Coach making YT videos, facebook posts, writing newsletter, coaching clients 1:1 working with 1 person at a time. People who need to hear my message will find it when its time, when its right time for them. (Kinda like when the student is ready, the teacher appears) – you gotta keep faith and work to serve other people 🙂


  146. Shea

    I love the idea that each of us has our own unique perspective, experiences, and gifts that nobody else can offer. This can eliminate all fear of being a “fake” since we’re inherently original from the moment we’re born. Great quote at the end of the video!

  147. I have a food and cocktail blog and I know going in that the chance is great that something I want to do for my blog has been done before. I used to Google before I posted something but that lasted about a week…using that methodology I would have to stop blogging.

    What I bring to the table is my own unique spin (often adding some bourbon is a good start) AND realizing that just because it’s listed somewhere on Google does not mean my readers trust those resources or have even thought to find them.

    Making the same thing over and over because someone thinks it might bring in timely traffic (think pumpkin overkill in the fall) is not the same; that is purposeful copying of a theme and can become annoying; but doing your own thing even if it’s been done before can be highly satisfying for ourselves and our readers if it’s new to YOU.

  148. Keila

    THANK FOR THIS POST !!! Yes very out loud bcs was the perfect segment in the perfect time !!! Again, THANK YOU !!!

  149. Choosing love over fear is amazing universal advice for all areas of life, especially business. Thanks Marie!

    I have a line of versatile travel clothing for women.

    When I started it, I had a few people say that a competitor was doing the ‘same’ thing. It brought up a lot of anxiety for me — how could I BE different enough?

    What I now know is that; (1) That’s not exactly true– the way you bring something to market is what makes you unique (and there is only one you!), and (2) That was other people projecting THEIR fear on my business. The competitor is similar but we are very different in our fabrics, messaging, quality and offering.

    I find the more I focus on my own business strategy, and honing and fine tuning it, the less I worry about competitors. I ain’t got no time for that 🙂

    Thanks again for another informative video!

  150. Do you read our minds!!! I have been struggling so much with the “it’s all been done before” funk So much lately. I am a food blogger and feel so insignificant. But it’s my passion and what I love. I Love it, damn it and I’m going to do it for a living by gawd.

  151. vivien

    It was so impressive she said love over fear’. What Marie consistently emphasizes is that we should be someone who contributes our gift to the world focusing on what we can ‘give’ than ‘get’. I believe ‘love’ is the key to achieve this message. I LOVE MARIE TV. No doubt it’s changing my life minute by minute. Thanks for sharing your gifts.

  152. What a great reminder, Marie!
    I usually never leave comments but after watching this, I feel compelled to.
    I almost did not write in my blog this week because every other entertainment blog, magazine, TV and cable network was covering the same Golden Globe dish that is repeated incessantly all week long.
    But I am so glad I did because if I don’t keep the blog going, it dies.
    Love your weekly Marie TV.
    All best for 2015!

  153. Awesome, awesome, awesome! So many great moments. Thanks for sharing!

  154. I have dealt with this comparison demon and also feeling like it has been done before. I love the perspective that you give Marie, in focusing on our uniqueness and special talents.

    I find that what has helped me is to focus not on me, but on others. It keeps me out of my own head and, therefore, not making things about me. When I make things about me, I am flooded with pain, hurt, frustration, anxiety, stress, self doubt, etc.

    I choose LOVE (for myself and others).

    Brandy xo

  155. Dave Roman

    This was a great video which prompted me to write.

    I’ve been doing local home business workshops for over 14 years at local adult ed programs in colleges. I eve had my own home biz TV show called “Home Made Money”. Feedback was always great. I was never able to expand outside of NE Ohio. How do I grow outside of NE Ohio?
    Any suggestions?

  156. Belinda

    Great timing and fabulous advice. I’ve been struggling with this for the last 24 hours after a few weeks of being excited with putting my website together.

    Thanks for the great advice and the Martha Graham quote is a keeper!

  157. Love the Martha Graham quote, Marie! Her insight about keeping the channel open is exactly the conclusion I’ve been coming to on my own for the past week or two — hearing that quote really helped to crystallize things for me!

    I’ve been battling the “it’s all been done before blues” for a while now — making the transition from wannabe-writer to “real” writer is in theory just a matter of, well, *writing* — but in practice I found the real battle is between desire and feelings of crippling inadequacy and it’s not a battle easily won. I’m happy to say that with consistent effort and practice I’m slowly emerging the victor!

  158. I’m an actor and that’s how I’ve learned that nobody can do what I do no matter who much they would like to. Meaning that there is no competition out there. For as long as I operated with this mindset, my French language coaching business bloomed. Pretty neat way to measure success 😉

  159. Ian

    Yes Marie you are right.
    We all get caught up one way or another at my age trying to find a regular job so I can have the money to follow my dreams is a task beyond me but I keep trying and I find myself reduced to the lowest of jobs like telephone s sales to scam financial investment companies at these jobs very few last as these people are ruthless and sack one if the appointments are not made. It is not where I belong and I keep finding myself going round in circles. I am fully aware of your wisdom and try with all my heart but being trapped in an ignorant country who have no love for older people reminds me of that movie some years ago Logans run. In the year 2274, young residents enjoy an idyllic, hedonistic lifestyle within the protective confines of a domed city. The general belief is that when each person turns 30, they are reincarnated for another blissful life cycle. It depicts a dystopian future society in which population and the consumption of resources are managed and maintained in equilibrium by the simple expedient of killing everyone who reaches the age of thirty, preventing overpopulation. I can feel this emerging here because the nation has very little spiritual awareness, but I keep fighting on 4 years wasted and somehow trying to find a solution when now one wants to give one a chance, yes Australia could become such a place.

    • Mary Maki-Rich

      I, too, can relate to this. I am trying to focus on my own energy and what I can bring to the table. I believe you will find something that is right for you. Stay open.

  160. Mary Maki-Rich

    We are all on the same Love Wavelength. Love it. I deeply believe this in my body and every cell of my body. As a matter of fact, I get goosebumps and tears when I hear this, so I know it is true on a visceral level. I can’t really doubt that, now can I?
    I am in the throes of comparison influenza, meaning I compare my life with others I have worked with (I am a nurse) I wake up with galdern nightmares about this very thing, but in my heart, I truly know that I don’t even want to be doing what “they” are doing. It is a crazy irritating phenomenem. I truly would prefer to let my heart sing and do my passion which is helping other healthcare professionals live a healthy vibrant life. I know it is my calling, but I still compare myself to others who are making a lot of money doing something I don’t even want to do. (hospital nursing) If I Jump, can I swim in the river of my dreams? Thank you, my love, you are truly an inspiration and a yummy heart expression…

  161. Marie,
    Thank you. I knew all of this. Of course I did. We ALL know it deep down in our hearts. But alas, we forget. Thank you for the beautiful reminders. Thank you for the Schlager reference which will serve me well when I will inevitably get caught up in my own head (again) and need a powerful memory of tequila hangovers and deep fried cheese to snap me out of it. One comparison shot at a time!
    All the good energy of love to you and your team, which feels just a little bit stronger this week of remembering MLK, Jr.
    xx Sonia

  162. LAURA

    Thank you so much for this video! This one in particular spoke to me, as I have encountered countless “doubters” who cast shade when I share my joy and excitement for ventures I have been embarking on. I’m thrilled with where I am at and with what I have and am creating and really want to be able to share it with those I have supported along the path of their dreams, but have been flabbergasted by the negative comments those dear to me say when I share my news. This video reinforced that the voice of the doubters is inconsequential and you have also reinforced my own belief that staying true to my expression and path is right on. Thank you for your generous spirit, Marie! As “empowered” as I like to feel that I am, I realize my spirit was knocked around a little bit recently. Your message and the delivery were just what the holistic doctor ordered!

  163. Thank you so much for that! I’ve been getting lost in the “how do I stand out when so many are doing the same things as me?” trap.

    a little acorn.

  164. Just what I needed to hear. It seems all of the videos you post show up in my in box at just the right moment. Thank you for all you do Marie.

  165. Girlfriend you were sooooo right on time! Thank you!

  166. I really really needed this today. I use this to talk myself out of lots of things. I’m terrible at comparing (although I’m good at telling others not to compare themselves to oak trees) because in singing I compare myself to Bruce Dickenson (yeah, really!) and in animal knowledge, to Jackson Galaxy (he is amazing!!!) but you’re right, I’m an acorn, and they were too.

    I also have to remember that the perspective *I* bring is also valuable. I need to remember that. I may have to watch this video a few times, ’til it sinks in. 🙂


  167. Audrey

    Marieeeee!!! Thank you Girlfriend! Yor advice came right on-time!! I love your show and your sense of spunk and humor to really relate! No more compare-schlagger for me!! (The analogies really help-I am so the acorn, right now, and accepting it!) Thanks for your continuous guidance. You are a bright light in this sometimes dull world and are really an inspiration!!!

  168. Am inspired to take positive actions daily by this amazing lady! Awesome!

  169. Perf! exactly what I needed! XOXOXO

  170. This is THE best episode over. With that said, so too are the other episodes.

    I have a motivational blog, which is not really that successful. It’s funny how I have a motivational, self-help blog but there are days when I feel deMOTIVATEd to update it! There are so many feel-good blogs out there, why bother create another one. I went through a series of soul-searching last year and I realise what makes my blog unique is that it is MY journey.

    I also realise that my task is to create awesome content, instead of focusing on the page view numbers and all!

    I love tip #4: Be The Acorn: “Every single pros start of as amateurs.”

  171. Thank you for the fantastic advice, as usual.

  172. Kristina

    Perfectly brilliant pick me up! Thank you Marie. #5 resonates most with me: to come from a place of love. This is so true and when employed, can instantly change my outlook, and affects those around me in amazing ways. This is one of those episodes with I will play again and again to remind me that sometimes, it can be as simple as shifting thinking. Fantastic!!

  173. Hemu Dhage

    Wow, What an amazing video, I an actor and now I want to make it big in Hollywood, and whenever I watch those Hollywood movies I wonder how awesome all those actors are, so why anyone will bother about what I have got, but this video explains everything.

    If anyone out there can help me to make connections in Hollywood, I will be very grateful.

    Thank you so much Marie.

  174. Marie, as usual you deliver exactly what I need to hear. It’s high time I start charging for my card reading services!

  175. Sam

    Man oh man oh man!!!!!!!! This video has opened a door to my soul. Fear has been paralysing me alone with my self worth. All under the umbrella of feeling like what I have to offer is not enough for me or anyone else. GIRL…. this Q&A was JUST what the doctor ordered! Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!!!

  176. The services that I want to provide will be targeting small and midsize businesses. Even though it is not something that I see available right now in the market, I still feel just like Andrea. When I am at a good place I approach this as a journey. Each day I learn more about business and about my potential clients. On the bad days I beat myself up and question each decision. I love the advice about aligning with love, staying open and aware. Hopefully I will remember it next time I am questioning myself and my ability to make my vision come alive.

    My favorite tip is #2: embrace the abbondanza.

  177. Well, this really hits home. I have always just wanted to hide, yet, honestly I know that Source comes through me and always has ( for milleniums) wit word of mouth.h complete clarity and accuracy.
    I’m a psychic healer with the ability to heal remotely. that means I can “see” you beyond space and time. I have worked with thousands of people.
    However, I consistently l choose to hide and be invisible. People find me by word of mouth.

    So Thank You @MarieForleo for the challenge and The Truth. Amen.

  178. This is great Marie! I wrote a children’s novel…only 10 years ago. I was perhaps more afraid of seeing it through and being rejected. I decided to attend a writer’s conference this past fall and an agent is interested in my full manuscript! I wasted all that time in fear. I am now wrapping up the final draft to submit it. Thanks for the tips and I will continue to stay tuned!

  179. This is a great video. I am a salon owner in Nova Scotia.(Where? It’s in Canada.) I recently opened a salon in NYC and everyone asked me why I thought I could be successful in NY where there are thousands of salons with lots of recognition and fame. I believe our talents are not limited by geography. If you are a genius in Wisconsin, are you not equally so if you are in NY? If you have extraordinary ability in Albany, doesn’t it still exist if you move to LA? If you are excellent at what you do in one place, is excellence different in a larger one? NO! Since opening in NY just 3 months ago, as an unknown from Nova Scotia, in a place where thousands of people are doing what I do, I have managed to stand out. Bloggers and TIME OUT NY have written about my salon, I have captured the attention of magazine editors and people are curious about my salon. Why? Because in a sea of thousands, it is possible to stand out. How did I do it? I do what I do slightly differently. I do it in a way that is unique to me and my abilities. No one on the planet has my DNA, and I use it to stand out in a very noisy crowd. I have confidence you will be reading about my salon one day….
    Thanks for pushing this conversation. More people need to realize that they are one in six billion. That is a good thing, not a terrifying one.

  180. Dear Marie,

    Thank you for the Video. I faced the same problem in business as Andrea and I am trying to solve the problem by increasing my positive power spiritually. Please do not mind as I am mailing you and posting you as well for moderation and approval for posting.

  181. I’m the acorn Marie! I am the little acorn! Thank you so much for this video today! This gave me complete chills while watching because I needed this reminder at this stage of my business and it also reminded me of my favorite part from Elizabeth Gilbert’s Eat, Pray Love that I forgot about until now:

    “My thoughts turn to something I read once, something the Zen Buddhists believe. They say that an oak tree is brought into creation by two forces at the same time. Obviously, there is the acorn from which it all begins, the seed which holds all the promise and potential, which grows into the tree. Everybody can see that. But only a few can recognize that there is another force operating here as well – the future tree itself, which wants so badly to exist that it pulls the acorn into being, drawing the seedling forth with longing out of the void, guiding the evolution from nothingness to maturity. In this respect, say the Zens, it is the oak tree that creates the very acorn from which it was born. I think about the woman I have become lately, about the life that I am now living, and about how much I always wanted to be this person and live this life, liberated from the farce of pretending to be anyone other than myself. I think of everything I endured before getting here and wonder if it was me – I mean, this happy and balanced me, who is now dozing on the deck of this small Indonesian fishing boat – who pulled the other, younger, more confused and more struggling me forward during all those hard years. The younger me was the acorn full of potential, but it was the older me, the already-existent oak, who was saying the whole time:”Yes – grow! Change! Evolve! Come and meet me here, where I already exist in wholeness and maturity! I need you to grow into me!”

  182. sally johnson

    It was so friggin good I had to watch it again! And I did forget to add my dogmatic opinion on your appearance, outfit and ensemble. Your face does not look as puffy and old as it used to. You seem more hydrated. Your hair has never looked more full and shinny. Your necklace is unique and suits your black dress. Some of your cloth’s lacked originality before and this is an excellent look on you. I am very impressed, and with me, that is not easy to do. I’ve been told i am a clairvoyant female version of Simon Cowell! This video i would pay for, and I believe deserves some kind of award!

  183. Hi Marie! I’m one of the four life coaches born every minute! LOL I am encouraged by this video. Thank you. I’ve only just begun my business and have bumped up against many saying things like “there are too many life coaches” or similar thoughts. I just tell myself and those who need a perspective shift, “Life coaches are like hair dressers. Not all of them are a fit for everyone. And you need to have a connection in order for them to cut your hair. Or in my case, help you reach a goal, clear the path, get you unstuck (we do a lot of stuff), so to speak.” I love this quote by Martha Graham, “Keep the Channel open.” It makes it less about you and more about what and who you are serving. THANK YOU!

  184. Awesome episode Marie. I love the quote from Martha Graham. Especially the “It’s not your business to determine how good it is nor how valuable nor how it compares with other expressions. It is your business to keep it yours clearly and directly, to keep the channel open.”

    It’s not about “me” it’s about “we”. What does my specific stream translate into, and am I going to choose LOVE over fear every step of the way, YES.

    Thank you once again for bringing your magic and humor into these episodes and making it fun all along the way.

    Oh yeah, and they best keep those Italian restaurants open! :O)

  185. Marie, this is so good. From the bit about the acorn it really takes off!
    A very inspirational message.
    Katie x

  186. There is MORE than enough to go around! Whenever I encounter the energy of competition in my work as a therapist and life redesign coach, I LOVE to remind everybody there are MORE than enough people in the world who need help! It’s so true when we embrace the truth of PLENTY and ABUNDANCE rather than deficit and lack… the work just rolls in with ease…. But sometimes I even get a little stuck when it comes to finding new ways to share about a common topic so I appreciate the encouragement to keep with it and keep looking for my unique expression…. Cheers Marie!

  187. Amy

    Thank you so much for this video. It was exactly what I needed, as I have been in a huge self-doubt pit for a couple of weeks now. I honestly got emotional while watching.

    Thanks again for the pep talk. I am saving this video for the next time I need it.

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Amy, so glad this was just what you needed to get out of the pit. It can be really hard to surface sometimes, and I love that you’re putting this one in your pocket for next time.

  188. Hey Marie. I loved this video today. It spoke to me and at me. Thanks for keeping things fun, light, silly and down-to-earth juicy in order to help inspire me to ‘keep on keepin’ on’ with my dreams, visions and goals moving forward in 2015. Peace sister!

  189. Thanks, Marie. Just the inspiration I needed this morning. So grateful you had the cohunes to keep going and share your unique expression with the world! Love that you are real, funny, and share relevant info every week.

  190. Kathryn

    Hi Marie!

    This video is so timely for me (so was the #SBD joke). I work full time at a day job but my passion is writing comedy. I’ve made a ton of progress in 2 years but this video is right on because several times, and especially after watching a great stand up special, I feel like, “Damn, that was so good. Why should I bother?”

    And I’ve had both types of hangovers from both types of Schlagers!!

    I love your 5 tips, probably the one about how we are each unique and have a unique perspective. It’s all about honoring my experience and POV so that I can write a joke about the same ol’ tired subject of “what ever” and be funny from my POV.

    Thanks!! – Kathryn

  191. Jarl

    Great vid! I love your energy and insights. You asked for things that we do to deal with this potential deterrent. I’ve learned to distinguish two different questions in the “why bother?” question. The first is “is this worth doing?” If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing – at whatever level of skill you’re at, and regardless of whether others love it or not. The second is “Will enough others ‘buy’ (or ‘like’, etc) what I’m doing?” (and how do I get them to do that?). That’s just a practical business question.

    What gives a “job” a bad name is that our answer to the first question is “no,” but our answer to the second question is “yes.” What impedes our creative launches is that the answer to the first question is “yes,” but the answer to the second question is “no.” Not every worthwhile thing will have a market; not every salable thing will be worthwhile for me (values & identify) For me then, the real question during the doubt period of a launch is “how do I get the answers to both questions to be ‘Yes!’ ?” Lots of people will come forward to help if we open ourselves to the help.

    Keep up the good work.

  192. Mary

    Thanks, Marie. Just the inspiration I needed this morning.

    Love watching all your videos they are always so inspirational and informative and of course funny at times, and we all could you a laugh in our lives.

    Thanks again


  193. As a jewelry designer – amidst hundred of thousands of jewelry designers – this is a valuable lesson to keep in mind.

    There is more than enough to go around, and, logically, more than one personal style amongst the population.

    A big part of growing from an acorn into a tree is finding your audience and niche of your brand.

    I don’t just design jewelry, I design beaded jewelry. And I don’t just design beaded jewelry, I design a particular style of beaded jewelry for a particular audience that it would appeal to.

    Suddenly, the sea of “other jewelry designers” doesn’t seem so vast. 🙂

  194. Catherine

    Hi Marie,

    I only had time today (Wednesday) to view the video and as I strolled down the pages of comments it dawned on me that I really had nothing new to say!! 🙂 no just kidding…

    OK really…I love you so much. I love the way you address issues face on and that you present them always with so much passion, hindsight, in a very straightforward fashion.

    Althoug I know I am unique and not only on an intellectual level but from deep down in my core being, these #SBD creep on and reflect all the negatives “memes” that saturates our envrionment and that even the most alert and vigilant of us can pick up.

    I do consultation in business and I paint…both offer very diffrent types of opportunites to really get to know and love who I am.

    Stretching the limits my mind impose on me IS the challenge. If I view myself as someone helping others or providing beauty to the world as a generic concept (cause) instead of the “how I should be doing these things” (conditions) which can only lead to camparing, is a better starting point for judging my role in the world and letting its unfoldment to the Divine Mind, not mine.

    Thank you again for being who YOU are and allowing us to be who WE are, by sharing your wisdom and most importantly by showing us the way.

  195. “Often imitated, never duplicated.” That is what today’s lesson reminds me of; that we can never be duplicated, so just do you. There’s more than one star in the sky. Thanks Marie for sharing your experience, and proving us all wrong, and helping us to know we are enough.

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Love that – such a good motto!

  196. This was such a great video, and gave me a sense of complete relief! I’ve been battling that inner critic that keeps trying to pull me down into the land of lack. My mantra from now on is, there is ENOUGH, no scarcity. And you included my MOST favourite quote of all time! I Am original and more importantly I truly believe in all that I give and do for in my business and life. Thanks bella!

  197. Timing is EVERYTHING! Check today’s post, please. I think you’ll smile.

  198. Teri

    Holy crap.
    Sometimes I think MarieTV camps out in my brain b/c somehow you know exactly what I’m struggling with. I’m trying to keep myself motivated to start a blog/vlog and I’m doing research on ones that I like but at the same time, as I get inspired by others, I psyche myself out! You’ve literally verbalized why I keep talking myself out of doing it.

    How I deal with this is, I focus on doing it for me and me alone. So it doesn’t matter if it’s been done before or better, the act of doing it will make me grow. What I produce, even if no one “likes” it or shares it, makes me happy and that in and of itself is worth doing.

  199. Wow, great video. I just stumbled on your website. Very inspiring!

  200. This episode really hit hard! So true and thank you for giving me another perspective! <3 MarieTV! Think you and your team do amazing work!

    • think = THANK… x

  201. “When we hold back our gifts, we a truly stealing from those that need us most.”
    YES! Personal growth work (including watching these great vids) is so important because our gifts are not “ours” to hold back. Thanks for sharing this important stuff with us!

  202. I so agree – each and everyone of us is here with a unique set of gifts and talents we are here to share. It’s our mandate from Life to share those. Once we get that, then, I truly believe, the Universe has our back. Thanks for another great MarieTV episode!

  203. As I prepare to launch my first Online E-course (How to Ditch Sugar), it doesn’t escape me that there are about a zillion other female, 40-something Fitness Nutritionists & Weight Loss Trainers out there…why do what’s always been done to death??
    Because no one has the zazz that I do…thanks for this reminder today, Marie <3 <3 <3 #IWILLbeasuccess #justwatchme

  204. Kelly C.

    Thank you for closing with such a beautiful quote from Martha Graham. That one is definitely going into my quote book.

    Always lead with love has been a motto I have been following for the last few years of my life. While fear can be a great motivator, I have to remind myself not to do something simply because I fear the repercussions of not doing it, I choose to do it because I love the activity or the results it can bring about. Let love lead your actions.

    Thank you!

  205. Even the best of us need a reminder that we are all unique and have that special toolbox of talents that make us ideal for what we do.

  206. Today’s mighty oak is just yesterday’s nut that held its ground!

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo


  207. I really needed to hear this today. I like #2 we all have Abbondanza!!!

    Thanks Marie

  208. Thrilling!! Good staff i tell U. Thanks to Marie.

  209. Mette

    “Choose love over fear”…. I know… I know I can, and I know that I have something to offer, yet I’m scared to death over actually throwing myself out there. What if they don’t like me? What if they think I’m total crap? Well, recently I decided to throw those thoughts overboard and just put myself out there, tiny small steps, every day. I remember another video you had Marie, about starting small and sucky. I have that in the back of my head; we all have to start somewhere, right?

  210. Oh Marie, it felt like this episode was just for me! I’ve been sliding down the comparison rabbit hole for what seems like forever. I was beginning to feel I was tangled up in its roots and I would never find a way out. Your advice was so what I needed to hear and I feel free from the compare-schlager!

    From today I’ll be embracing my abbondanza. I’m even going to make up a poster with “Abbondanza” and stick it to my wall to remind me every day I need to embrace my uniqueness.

    P.S This is my first time commenting, but I’ve been watching for years. I love your show, and your advice is always right on the money.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Yay, Jennifer! I love the idea of a beautiful “Abbondanza” poster – that sounds like such fun, and a great way to remember to celebrate you being YOU!

      We’re so glad you’ve been tuning in for a few years now, and so happy you decided to comment today for the first time 🙂

  211. I need to stop drinking the compare-schlager. This post came the day after I was not selected to do something that was really important to me. Perfect timing.

  212. Just what I needed! Today, I’m embracing the acorn…

  213. Thanks Marie, I LOVE the Martha Graham quote!!!

    Thank you so much. Here’s to KEEPING THE CHANNEL OPEN.


  214. Thank you Marie, as usual the universe delivered me some inspiration just when I needed it. Often it comes in the form of YOU :). I am currently working on a book, and I picked up a book of a similar topic about a week ago and started to question my own work because this book had things I want to talk about in mine and I hadn’t expected that. I went through about a day or so of “Is this really the topic I’m meant to write about?”. Even though I started to feel a bit better, this video helped a lot in re-affirming I’m still on the right track and to keep on going!

  215. Andrea

    I’m not the Andrea that sent in the Q, but the A was exactly what I needed to hear today. Thank you, thank you, thank you for keeping YOUR channel open!

  216. Ann

    The -‘Its all been done before’ phrase itself was so helpful. I often feel all you discrbed but now will be empowered to move past it or move through it would be a better discription. Thanks

  217. Marie, I love you and agree 100%.
    I made this video a few months back.
    It’s my take on the same story.
    Do you, step out, be visible!
    Thank you for helping me “do me.”

  218. Maggie Rowe

    Compare-Schlager!!!! That was the funniest thing I heard all day! You’re the best and I seriously crack me up every time I watch MarieTV.

    Every time I get into “Compare-Schlager” mode, I think, even though we may have the same information or message, we all deliver that message differently. Plus, different people will resonate with me vs someone else.

    Once I remind myself that my perspective, life experiences, delivery and people receiving will never be the same as anyone else in the world, that gets me “off the bottle” pretty quick. =) Thanks for the laughs. You guys are great. Go Team Forleo!

  219. Wow. What an amazing episode! I have to say I love the abbodanza tip. As a wellness coach and yoga instructor (with some blogging on the side) it’s easy to feel like the market is saturated. Remembering the abbodanza reminds me that there is room in the world for what I have to offer, and that I have a unique voice and perspective to add. Thank you, Marie!!

  220. I love (to the power of infinity) Q + A Tuesday! The take-aways are actionable, poignant and apply to anyone at any stage. The Italian Restaurant example is so simple and so damn spot on. Marie – you’ve just re-ignited the rocket fuse for me, I can’t wait to take B School for round 2 in 2015. You guys rock. Excuse me while I go and dance to Bruno Mars. C.x

  221. This is a really great episode. I get this from time to time when I spend too long on social media like Pinterest or Instagram and I see what other talented graphic designers and artists are doing.

    But I’ve had this for years and I try to use the jealousy as fuel for my fire- instead of getting down about it, I use it as a wake up call that I need to be creating more and pushing harder- if I don’t allow myself to sit and wallow, it actually gives me a good kick up the bum!

    Oh- and if I do feel the need to wallow, a good ole cry, snot and all, on my boyfriend for half an hour is usually enough to get it out of my system and then I can pick myself up, brush myself down and get back to being my bass-ass creative self.


    • I believe crying is a sign of strength. I think it’s one of the most beautiful things a human can do especially when we are able to make a resolve after the last tear has fallen. I feel privileged when someone cries in front of me. Honored that they have allowed me to witness their acknowledgement and their transformation. After seeing your website I can understand why you may cry or may have cried – you clearly put your heart into your work. It’s touching.

      • Charles thank you very much for this comment. It is really nice to hear that you can recognise the heart and soul I have put into my work.

  222. I wasn’t going to say anything about this video because I feel I comment way too often. HOWEVER, this “session” has truly spoken to the fire in my bones. I think it has something to do with my meditating on what Marie has said in past sessions that is responsible for even putting that fire there (I’d also like to give props to my therapist). Marie’s topics are sometimes the basis for our discussions. Nevertheless, I know as an imperfect man I do selfish things but in the grand scheme, don’t think of myself as a selfish person and absolutely, not a thief. But if I am withholding “my voice” selfishly, then, in effect, I am a “gift thief” that was a succor punch to my gut. So was this: ” if you don’t express it and work every day to share your unique gifts, the world has lost something truly irreplaceable.”

    Thank you Marie and the whole entire Forleo team for building a fire in my bones and keeping it lit – no pun intended.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Awesome, Charles! And you’re welcome to leave a comment anytime you’d like 🙂

  223. I loved the “embrace the abbondanza” and “be the acorn” tips. Even though there are many other writers out there, I think the world could stand another! And you remind me that it’s okay if I don’t become a bestseller on my first try. Thank you, Marie.

  224. Wow, you hit the nail on the head ! THANK YOU for your inspiring and energizing guidance Marie!

  225. Liz

    I have learnt so much in this episode because I am in the same boat as Miss Andrea. One thing that keeps me going is the exponential growth of the internet. If Miss Andrea wants to go the Internet Route, there will always be a place for her. T

  226. Totally needed this! Absolutely love these tips, especially choosing love over fear! As far as compareschlogger, lol… it’s better to come from a creative mindset vs. compare mindset. You’re awesome and I really appreciate you sharing your light and love! 🙂

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Love the creative vs. comparison mindset, Felicia.

      And thank you for the kind words. So glad Marie’s work resonates with you! 🙂

  227. Cami

    The last tip really got me and by this I mean I once again realized how much precious time we all lose when we get all sorts of chickend and we turn into this small mix of limbs who refuse to take action. I’ve felt like this multiple times and what I have to say is it is not healthy at all. You start embracing bad attitudes, like you being the victim and you loose that super important connection with those around you. We receive no advice, we see no hope, we feel no love. And a matter that may be just as bad is when we start to spread this rotten vibe to others, it is a really selfish move, a really selfish state of mind. But just as Marie said we must embrace love, and within that practice, that law of live we start seeing change, not one to be fearful at, but an actually bright future ahead of us. That is what I want to attain. LOVE

    Hope you too

  228. Migs

    My response to the attitude that it’s all been done before is, “Yeah, but it hasn’t been done MY way yet.”

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      This rocks – go Migs!! 🙂

  229. Pam

    Creating a business and life that I love? YES I AM! Choosing love over fear is the message that resonates with me most . . . and, a message that keeps appearing in my life via various avenues. The best part about it is that it works! Expect miracles. They are available for everyone.

  230. Hi Marie,

    As always, truly the best advice, with the best timing in my life (not sure how you do this); and these videos always end with shivers down my spine, followed by an “Aha!”, and a moment of clarity and confidence to move forward.

    I am a graphic designer, and I go through this ‘comparison’ thought all the time. It was actually from one of your earlier videos that I realized how I can overcome this question. Comparing myself to others can either be negative or positive depending on how I frame it in my head.

    I found it more beneficial that when someone does something better than me or that my ideas have been done before(and I find myself comparing my own work with their’s), I look at the positive side and it makes me proud to be a designer. It also makes me happy that my ideas are similar to that of other professionals. On top of that, I actually find other people’s work inspiring, which I use to my advantage(drive more passion to design).

    With that said, thank you so much for turning my life around from what I was a year ago vs what I am now. I really appreciate what you do for the world.


    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      That’s such a great way of looking at it. I love your positive spin on comparison and using it as a source of inspiration.

      Thanks so much for your lovely note – we’re so glad you’re tuning in and that you’re a part of our world!

  231. Thank you Marie. I love the video , well I love ALL of them !
    It is exactly what I needed to hear today.
    Thank you


    Thank you Marie.

    All you points are valid and I will continue to believe in my self

  233. Such great advice and such simple tips to get your uniqueness out! Thanks for making all this so much fun

  234. Shivam Kumar

    Hi Marie
    I found the point saying “choose love over fear” most useful. And also that we should not compare ourselves with others .

  235. These are great points Marie. But how do you convince prospective clients that they need YOUR perspective over the million other fish in the sea that may be great as well.

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      That’s an awesome question, Macy! Marie actually talks about this exact topic in this episode of MarieTV on how to stand out from the crowd –

      Hope this helps! 🙂

  236. Judi

    Me too. As an artist I have felt that everything has been done before from realistic to abstract, to impressionist to nothing, to conceptual (the worst) to everything! then I said, wtf? I will do what I don’t dare do. Inspired by the sexiness in my life, I decided to do a watercolor book on “erotic” art. So i am doing “dirty” pictures which are challenging, fun, easy, whatever… that is the answer to my writers block in fine art. the medium does not matter, the skill either, nor its commercial value. I am doing it for myself because i wanna.
    Davinci took years to paint the mona lisa, why? cause I think it was a guy anyway. but it just had to be done. that is the answer. you do it because it has to be done. how many glasses of water drinking or sunset gazing can the world take? It just has to be done. so, as an artist I just do what I gotta do. should I stop gazing at sunset only because its been done by countless numbers of people who have gazed at a amazing sunsets before and will do so after me? no, or who have sung, danced, loved before and will do so after me? NO. It is my time to express. I will stop judging and just do it.
    hmmm someone said that before me. JUST DO IT.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Awesome, Judi! 🙂

  237. Thanks for this one Marie! I’ve drunk a few bottles of CompareSchlager myself, yuck! Sometimes I get there when things seem hard and I want to give up. Rather than pushing through at the moment, I start complaining to myself about how hard, impossible and pointless it all is including how others are doing a better job of it than me. It’s the worst way to cope with the difficulty and pressure of being an entrepreneur. After, I have my pity party, I usually become super inspired again and restart strong. Your tips can help me avoid going down that road when I hit the fork in it.

  238. Kartini

    Hi Marie,

    Watching your videos all the way from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I started subscribing five months ago and i must thank you for getting me back on track whenever i’m feeling down and unmotivated. Even on days when i’m totally high, you help elevate my mood to greater heights. What awesome real life topics that you discussed here , is so relevant for a career mom like me. Thanks !

  239. Luisa

    Thank you for this video Marie!
    Talk about perfect timing, just as I was having doubts this
    video came along and changed my mind. I am all in! Taking the chance now to do what I love to do for if I do not it will die with me.
    Thanks a million! 🙂

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      That’s such wonderful news, Luisa! We’re so happy that this video arrived at the perfect time. Cheers to doing what you love, and we’re sending you our best wishes!

  240. Great video. There’s a certain liberation that comes out of committing to be yourself and to be true to your genius. It’s a cyclical thing – you get your highs and lows. The way I deal with them is to let my lows fuel my highs. The lows are there to light the fire behind your bottom – so you never stop wanting more for yourself and for those whom you’ve chosen to help.

  241. Rivky

    Hi Marie,
    You are so unique in your style I love your clothes and fashion taste( can u give me the secret were u shop lol) this is the a video that really got me wired wow!!! Hopefully I’ll start using my creative energy again I’ve been in a funk for way to long, I have so much to offer and fear is holding me back
    As I’m writing im thinking she’s got hound reds of comments will she even read mine. I hope you do

  242. Erin

    ABBONDANZA!! My new favorite that I married an Italian. 🙂

  243. I’m not really sure if anyone will read this all the way at the bottom here but I thought I had about this is the positive encouragement is nice and SO helpful and motivating. But something that helps me if I feel that way is that I stop and say, “Yeah! Why me?” Why would a bride choose me as a photographer over the 900+ others in DC. And if I can’t give a CLEAR answer to that; if my work, my branding, my text, my emails, my photos can’t CLEARLY answer why I offer something unique then I need to go back to the drawing board. We all have something unique to offer as Marie said but I think the key to being successful in business (in addition to talent in your field) is to identify what sets you apart, refine it, and market the sh-t out of it! 🙂 It always helps me not to be intimidated by that question but rather to really hit it head on and use it to always be improving and fine turning and clarifying.

  244. Chad


    Thank you for this. It is so hard to fully believe in yourself and abilities – and I am slowly getting there. I am about 90% sure of where I am going and what I want to do. Your comment and context on just this from Martha Graham is fantastic and will really help me.

    Thank you,

  245. Karol

    Great perspective! love it!

  246. When people follow their dream or do things they can do best. They will be worth with other people. Life also mean happy living.

  247. stacey

    Great tips Marie,
    I am a musician who has been playing since I was a teen, (drummer). I’m in the 40 club now and still feel like I’m not good enough from time to time…The industry is so competitive and there are so many great musicians that I sometimes feel unworthy to be considered amongst them. But the idea that I have something unique to offer is a wonderful thought…sometimes I don’t know what motivates me to play, but it has been the prime mover in my life. The question I have is: because I haven’t had the success that some musicians (sometimes half my age) have had, is it possible that I’m simply not good enough, and that the universe is telling me to take a new direction? I mean it from the perspective of being considered a professional musician now for over 25 years and I haven’t reached that level of “top shelf”, where people recommend me nor do I see myself as the “guy”. Is it possible that I can’t do it, that I’ve reached my ceiling as far as my musicality is concerned, or does the fact that I question myself everyday mean that it’s possible that it’s simply not my calling anymore? How do I know for sure? And if so, how do I walk away from the one thing I used to live for?

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      I SO hear where you’re coming from! I come from a musical background myself, and I’m absolutely aware that it’s such a funny industry. There’s this real pressure that if you’re not the “top shelf” guy, it somehow invalidates your own skills and unique talents.

      If music is something that truly feeds your heart and soul, there are so many ways to find and honor your own special place in the music world. We did an episode recently about tapping into your intuition and deciding whether to quit or commit, so I thought you might like checking that one out for a few ideas too:

      On a personal note, one thing that’s kept me going with my own musical projects is simply having personal goals for myself that don’t compare my skills with the greater music world. This could be something like transcribing a solo that really pushes my ability, or working on new set of tunes. The most important question I try to ask myself is what would make ME happy? What’s my personal measure of success?

      There’s a lot of pressure in the music world to “make it big” or you haven’t made it at all, but the world would be a lot less joyful without bar bands, wedding bands, tribute bands, community orchestras, and so on.

      Regardless of whether you decide to continue on your musical journey, if you’ve been playing professionally for so many years now, there’s absolutely something that resonates with the people you’ve worked with and who have hired you, and that something is your own unique voice.

      I hope this helps, and no matter what you decide, we’re sending along our best wishes!

      • Stacey

        Thank You Caroline for the inspiration and the wisdom.

  248. I loved all of the tips, but number 5 spoke to me the most! Thank you!

  249. Kit

    This is amazing and timely. I love the tip – Choose love over fear.
    Fear has been one of my thing that hold me back.
    Thank you!

  250. Oh my – did I need this one today! You always manage to put out the most relevant content Marie. Can’t thank you enough.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Awesome, Aaron! We’re so glad that you tuned in and that this episode really resonated with you. We have another brand new one coming today too!

  251. Thanks so much Marie!
    I believe that the same as people are different no business can be the same!
    If you take 80,000 business coaches each and every one of them will differ by their personality and how they convey their expertise and implement it!
    Clients connect to the expert’s or biz person personality and that differentiate people and makes each of us to a special unicorn! Thanks for a greta episode!
    Lirone Glikman, business netwokring expert

  252. Robin

    This is obviously a subject too close to home for many of us. On my long journey of scrolling to the bottom to leave my comment I landed on a one stating that she wanted to leave a comment but was afraid that someone had already stated her thoughts. LOL!!!! I have to admit that that’s what goes through my mind every time I consider leaving one!!! I’ve been working on putting my site together for quite a while now and I have been holding back for precisely this topic. I have recently come up with the idea of labeling myself as a “Creative Innovator”. defines innovate as “to introduce something new; make changes in anything established”. I define it as “my twist” and it has helped immensely. Thank you, Marie, it’s comforting to know that this is just another bothersome characteristic of the human condition to combat, and not a personal flaw!!

  253. Denisse

    I don´t know how i get here, but i´m in tears because is excatly what i have fear to start a new bussiness. The things you said give me hope and peace. Thank You!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much for your lovely note, and it means the world to us to hear that the ideas Marie shared filled you with hope and peace. We’re so glad you found this episode!

      It sounds like you have some great ideas in the works for your business, and know that we’re all cheering you on over here as you get ready to jump in the entrepreneurial world!

  254. Oh my gosh, ALL OF THEM!!! But mostly the Abbondanza and Compareschlager. I’m in one of the most oversaturated industries, being the tshirt/accessories/softgoods clothing line. I’ve tried to make my brand stand out by pushing our handcrafted beanies made in house, but there’s only so far one aspect can take you. I need to learn to embrace our differentness and remember that my brand rocks simply because it does!! Not because of how it compares to similar companies or to the bigger competitors

  255. Fred Miller

    This is one of my favorite videos. Some Buddhist said the Path is the way. You are on your path, so with whatever success or failure comes, enjoy the journey!! You are in this life…live it to your fullest!!

  256. Love, love, love this video. I just found you and I’m so happy to be here. Yes, it’s all been done before pops into my head often. I AM the acorn and choose love to nurture my growth. Thank you for your message, it found me just when I needed it.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Lovely, Jennifer!

  257. Maggie

    I really needed to hear this. I too fee like the things I want to do have all been done before and by AMAZING people. I too feel like I am insignificant and have little knowledge in the things I want to do.

  258. This could very well be my very favourite episode of Marie TV – and that’s saying a lot!

    When I first came up with my idea to create an online business helping busy mothers to find a happier balance between the kids – and everything else, I thought was I was doing was so unique. I was incredibly fired up about it because I thought nobody else had come up with this idea. I was a pioneer!

    As I was gearing up to create my website, I began stumbling across other websites for mothers. I nearly threw in the towel right there and then because I didn’t think my idea was unique anymore.

    Thankfully I enrolled in B School (2013) and BAM! There it was in Module 1: Creating my Blue Ocean Strategy! As soon as I did your very simple ‘Fun Sheet’ and defined what would make me unique, I never looked back.

    Project Me is unique because most other websites aimed at mothers are all about the children. How to wean, potty train, handle temper tantrums or bullying. The sites which do focus more on the mother are often rather mumsy. I am not a mumsy mum. I don’t bake or do arts and crafts. Some other sites are very self-depreciating and they invite other mothers to join the ‘bad mom’s club’ where they celebrate how crap they are. That’s not me either. Some sites about positivity and self-improvement are very ‘woo-woo’, but mine is very practical and doable.

    B School also taught me to nail down who my ideal customer is and I zoomed in on a busy mother with school aged kids who is out of the deep trenches stage of motherhood and is now in a better position to focus on herself. It was initially scary to think of alienating a whole segment of mothers with babies and toddlers, but, as always, your advice works. When you laser down to one specific person she feels that you are speaking to her directly and becomes a huge fan.

    In recent months I’ve had the occasional twinge when I see other online businesses for mothers who are taking a far more nurturing approach. I momentarily worry that my style is too direct and pushy…

    But then I remind myself that I am ME and while I’m not going to be everybody’s cup of tea, there are plenty of people who want and need to be motivated by me to take charge of their own happiness.

    I’m very proud of what I’ve created and happy I didn’t pack it in as soon as I felt those pangs of comparative anxiety.

    For anyone still struggling with this, take the time to define what makes you unique. Brainstorm some ideas on paper for how you can stand out and what you can offer that’s different from what people might expect. How can you over deliver and stand out from others in your industry?

    Marie is 100% correct that you are here for a reason and you have a unique gift that the world needs you to share x

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      This is incredible! It sounds like you’ve really nailed your ideal customer, and thank you so much for sharing your wisdom here. We’re so glad you kicked those comparison thoughts to the curb and celebrated what makes you YOU.

      We hope to see you in B-School this year too, and know how grateful we are to have you in our amazing community!

  259. Hi Marie-

    LOVE your information! Its been so helpful and changing for me- thanks for giving! I have a question about “people” that is kind of twofold….. In my line of work for success- I need to work with variety people for group activities- kind of like I need a “team”. In the past, I have always attracted a lot of the wrong type of people; negative energy, users etc. I am always working to try to weed them out and not have them in my life….. but…. and there’s always that but…… how do i reach out to the “good” people I need in my life to work with and keep them ? And how do I manage those “bad energy people” that I MUST work with as part of the job. (no pass or play on these folks) Thanks so much ! Rose

  260. An old quote passed down from my great grandmother : “Comparisons are Odious”. I crack up everytime I hear it because it does sound very Downton Abbey, lol. Now I will have the modern version to spunk it up. Love it! Although to be more true to my college experience, I might have to call it “Comparimeister” Holla if you know the vile nectar I’m talking about :D!

  261. I love your videos. It always brings such great tools, wisdow and inspiration to keep me growing my creative business and this video brought a smile to my face because I had been miserable for years comparing myself to other and I finally believe my uniqueness and that has opened my mind and my soul to greater things that I’m planning to do to contribute to the scrapbooking community. Thanks so much for everything you do.

  262. Stewart Kelly

    Great points and advice Marie. It is really easy to feel overwhelmed and get that “what’s the point feeling, who cares feeling” in this world of information overload and anonymity. Thanks for sharing Martha Graham’s wisdom too.

  263. Lina Cerveira

    That was so nice to hear! Thank you Marie!

  264. Ellen

    Wow! Awesome vidoe – inspiring, invigorating, affirming. Love the quote from Martha Graham. Thanks so much!

  265. “Stop taking shots of compare-schlager!” I LOVE that so much. Thanks for always making me laugh, Marie! I know we all go through this and what really helps me is to remember to shift my focus – it isn’t about me! It has nothing to do with me! I’m here to provide a service and so it is ALL about the people I am here to serve. I’m simply a messenger. If I get all down on myself and my worth, then the person who needs the message that I have to give will never get it. Even though I know that, it’s too easy to forget. Thanks for the great Q & A, Marie!

  266. Ha! I so needed to see this again today …

    “Stop taking shots of compare-schlager. ”

    Well, I’m different, after all, I can take those shots day in, day out and STILL give you all the details of what I analyzed during those shots as if I was still “sober.” (Grin)

    The cult of comparison is such a tough, tough one but I know it’s done way more harm than good. Buh-bye …

  267. “Every Pro started as an amateur.” Exactly what I needed to hear!

  268. I love your quotes and yo have mentioned one by Martha Graham today. Where is that quote from? Twyla Tharp has some amazing quotes in her books that are right up your alley, especially in regard to creative collaborations!

  269. Catherine

    “Train yourself to choose love over fear” – such a simple, beautiful and TRUE mantra. One that I’ll be keeping in mind next time I doubt where this path’s taking me.

    My favourite tip though: “Be the acorn”! Rome wasn’t built in a day. It seems so easy to get overwhelmed at the beginning of a project and this little gem is so encouraging.

    Thanks so much, Marie. I’ve watched and loved your videos for a year now and hearing your positive words is (always!) instantly encouraging. I’ve always been too shy to comment but today seems like good day to start before I’m ready 🙂 From little things, big things grow… !

  270. I love you!

    There, I chose love over fear!

    Your clips are great!! Inspiring!! hilarious!!! ..

    Keep them coming!

  271. Put this to use along time ago an have sold thousand of books worldwide.
    Plus you always get more creative when you create…it’s like God says oh ok you’re now doing what I asked you to do …NOW I’ll show you how to do MORE. Many Blessings Marie & team…truly awesome work… thank you x

  272. Michelle Barry

    Wow it was like the universe sent me this video just when I needed it most. I am in the process of starting up my own blog and the little nagging doubts kept creeping up as I looked through other blogs. It’s all been done…why would anyone want to read my stuff?…that’s better, bigger, bolder…etc, etc. I’d almost let fear erase all my motivation and positivity and send me running back for cover to hide away and never try.

    Thanks for reminding me that this is about me, my journey, my gifts to share with the world and although I might be only in the acorn phase that there is an oak tree in my future. I’m breathing, reminding myself of all that makes me unique, of all the people I can inspire and help in the future…and opening myself back up to the love and joy of it all rather than running scared.

    Thanks Marie!!

    Chelle x x

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Chelle, we’re so happy to hear that you discovered this episode at the perfect time for you. The universe must be listening 😉

      You’re the only one who has your unique voice and perspective, so enjoy being the acorn and getting your words out there!

      If you haven’t already, definitely check out our most recent MarieTV too – it can help with those “running away” feelings!

  273. Kate

    Loved this video! Very inspirational!

  274. Peter

    I’m guilty of all of these ways of thinking…as charged.

    However, when I go looking for the unique “thing” only I have, I don’t find it, to be honest. It is nowhere to be found. I mean, people will tell me it’s there, but when they describe it, it sounds like a lot of other people’s unique thing.

    Anyway, love your episodes, Marie. They are FUN to watch, but I don’t put any of it to work for me. A wee bit woman-oriented, not that there’s anything wrong with that-:) You did clue me into Josh Pais and his Committed Impulse, however, and I thank you for it.

  275. Awesome stuff, Marie! And too funny, I wrote a blog on the same topic before seeing this video, with a slightly different twist, about curing the “It’s Already Been Done Blues” instead of funk. Proving our own points 🙂

  276. Corey

    This video resonates so well with perfect timing, of course – you inspirational ninja you! I honestly feel every point that you made hit home and witnessing your expression, you being you, completely verified everything that you say. Awesome as always!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Oooh, “inspirational ninja” — I love that 🙂 Thanks for watching, Corey!

  277. Fabienne

    Being an acorn! Wow I never thought of that ! I’ll do my best to embrace this part!

  278. Everything starts being an acorn! I loved that!

  279. I have often heard people say, “everything has already been done,” in reference to the various genres of art. My response to that statement is, “everything that has been done is done.” The sum of the opportunity to create is greater than the product of explored ideas and itself. There is an analogues relationship between the unknown certainty of time and the variable of future artists. I think it’s tragic that many ideas are taken to the grave. Many artists lack the courage to explore new concepts in fear that their work won’t be accepted. Thus preventing a new species of art to exist.

    Copy Cat Artists! These are the aspiring professionals that take from existing genres, and try to brand it as their own, franchising it, and calling it Contemporary or Pop Art. I’ve seen it in galleries. The artist who’s work so clearly resembles a Jackson Pollock or a Basquiat. They stand so proudly beside their paintings as if they actually “created” something, in contrast to making something. This concept does not correspond to painters who possess a high level of classic fine art abilities, children, or students. I believe there is a vast difference between a painter versus an artist. Too many people refer to themselves as an Artist. This word has lost prestige.

  280. Love how every big oak tree begins with a small acorn. Small steps yield big results!

  281. I love the tip of Abbonnaza!
    Like I love Sara Bareilles’ song “Brave” – what if she had said, there is enough songs about bravery?

  282. Jacine

    Great comments to this great video by Marie!
    Thank you.
    This reminds me of when I was in the habit of asking myself: “OK! What’s the next best thing I can do now?” … and “feeling” the direction to go.
    I’m now restarting this habit, and “feeling” from the heart. Reminders on my wall:
    “Choose Love over Fear”
    “What’s the Next Best thing to do now?”

  283. Cydney

    Thank you for this video, it was a tremendous help in reminding me that there are 7 billion people on the planet, and each of us does indeed have our own unique gift to give…that somewhere out there someone is waiting for, so they can be inspired and pursue their dream!

  284. Kiki Carter Webb

    A young singer came to me. He said, “I want to be Bob Dylan.” Hmmm. I said, “We already have a Bob Dylan. He’s the best Bob Dylan. You can never climb higher than ‘next-to-the-best Bob Dylan in the world.’ Dylan’s got that covered. But YOU! You will always be #1 at being [I spoke his name]. No one can touch that!

    I witnessed the knowing dawn on his face. This beautiful young man lit up. Right in my living room, the universe did a little happy dance, and I was so complete and happy in that moment.

  285. Somehow I started my business not even considering the competition. I am so strong in my view that we are all different, and I created my method of coaching the French language putting together elements from other industries, which provide my clients with unexpected results because they have a completely different approach with me.

  286. Lisa M

    This video really helped me! I know I have something to teach and share with others, but there are so many others doing the same thing before me. I also feel like I have a perspective that relates to many others, my situation was not text book and I have had to do much more research and practice on myself to find answers. So this was very motivational for me. Thank you

  287. Louise

    I completely resonated with this one. I love the simple fact: customers buy from multiple vendors but mostly I loved: Be the acorn. Here I am looking at all the oak trees and I need to stop comparing to the big boys and take the baby steps required.
    This is how I now see it:
    My steps will make up my journey, which will be completely unique. No one will have travelled the exact same path, taken the same detours or have the same baggage on their back! Therefore I will never be fully replicating another business which will have travelled its own journey from acorn to oak. Those footprints have my DNA in and that makes the forming of my journey (and therefore my business) special and unique. Thanks for the inspiration, Marie x

  288. Liliana

    I just started B-School. Since I don’t know yet what my special gift is or what my business should be, I’m doing the “Start the right business” modules first. I can feel that I have a special gift. I’ve always known it. Unfortunately I’ve blocked the energy to come through many times in my life. I’m very glad I’ve opened up again and most importantly my heart. So right now I’m following my spiritual path. It is beautiful and so hard in the same time. There are moments I can feel the energy flowing, I can feel something inside me, I can feel that I’m special and I’ve got this gift inside me. I want to share, I want to help, I want to blossom. But than, there’s my impatience, the voices in my head, the fear, the blocks. And I don’t feel anything, but doubts. It’s a stop- and go. But I’ve heard, that’s a good thing. 😉 So I stick to it and try again. Open up, feel the energy, love and light flowing through me. And patience. A lot of it. 🙂

  289. Jillian - Team Forleo

    We know it can feel frustrating to not have all the answers right away Liliana, but it sounds like you’re doing some important work feeling into your spiritual path and allowing energy to blossom over time. You’re in the right spot with Start The Right Business, and we’re wishing you all the best as you take your time working through that incredible program 🙂

  290. I love this video, it’s so important that we realise that we ALL have a gift to share!

    I have fallen into this trap in my mind many times – it serves no purpose at all! And it’s so so true, we all have something special to offer and there is PLENTY to go around! 🙂

    x Thank you Marie! x

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      YES, Lorien! Amen to this! XOXO

  291. Man… #3 and #4 spoke to me a lot. The idea of harvest keeps coming up in my life, so being the acorn makes sense.
    Be the acorn.

  292. My hesitation is that I always want to best serve my students and clients by sending them to the EXPERT (or who I perceive to be the expert.)

    I need to remind myself that:
    1. They may not want every single bit of detail and information about this topic like I do, they may only want the things applicable to their lives!
    2. I may be the expert on a particular topic simply because of my life experience. Street smart instead of book smart, as they say.
    3. I’ll never become an expert if I don’t learn by doing/teaching. Of course I should be well researched, but I’m definitely ready to translate what I know from these experts for others.

    It’s most related to #2 because it’s like I’m an Italian restaurant who is saying “you may as well just go to Italy!” As great as that would be, I would be doing them a disservice by not sharing my gifts right here and right now.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Exactly, Emily! This is spot on. Your people need *your* wisdom. They want to hear from you. 🙂

  293. Abbondanza! Such a beautiful way to make this point – and it really landed. thank you

  294. The economy is good.  We re doing well with getting out, finally, after 10 years.  Again, 30 days to 10 years.  And we re getting out.  Nobody none of our people are injured.  It s very smooth thus far.  And I think that you re going to see something that s going to be good.


    I just got to the competitor section of B School and felt so deflated after doing the research. Why was I even bothering with other people doing the same? This episode was just what I needed to hear! Thank you.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Yay, Charlotte! I’m so glad this episode came at just the right time. We believe in you and your competition is irrelevant. Focus on your gifts and you’ll change the world. 🙂

  296. It was so good listening to this and reading the comments. I have two business ideas, one is a common business, the other – well I have a new idea about it but again, it’s primarily been done before in different ways. I have to keep focused on the fact that what I bring to the table is unique and worth pursuing. The quote from Martha Graham was so helpful.

  297. Sheila M Marshall

    When I started researching who else is doing what I want to do with my business, all the icky, not-good-enough feelings came rushing over. I was so confident I have something to offer but, the doubt really started to set-in.

    Then, one day, I remembered that despite all of these other companies and experts being out there, people in my personal life are still coming to me for advice on what I want my business to focus on. They refer me and seek me out specifically. Success leaves clues, right? It’s just taken me awhile to see it.

    My greatest joy comes in alleviating pain in others, as most of you probably relate. And my business will focus on that in a very specific, focused way. If I keep my purpose central, and pivot my business to reflect this always, then it doesn’t matter how many people are out there doing it. Maybe even the more the merrier. Because at the end of the day, it just means we are all raised higher and better humans for it.

  298. This is not likely to be popular…as a neurologically challenged person in America…it’s not so simple trying to catapult out of the Cliff Effect. Some of what is material at Marie TV is too privileged for much of America. We haven’t begun to deal with COVID-19 and the fall out of that will have dire consequences for the entire marginalized population of America and the world. It has been very humbling to have been a high achieving person in America before my brain injuries and to live with multiple concussions now…

  299. “If not you, then who?” This is my favourite quote from my teacher, Baron Baptiste. And it sums what Marie is getting at here. Everytime I feel it’s pointless doing what I’m doing – boom this quote hits me.

    And there’s a reason why we all are here doing what we are doing, listening to Marie – we have a calling. Now onwards to get clarity to exactly what it is….. that’s my question as I’m doing Bschool for the 2ndtime since 2016. 🙂

  300. Hilda Belmont

    Choose love over fear and remember you are a channel!
    I really needed to remember these. I have been studying the people who are “crushing it” in my industry and had been feeling worse each day.
    Thank you Marie and team!!!!

    • Jennifer - Team Forleo

      Yes, Hilda, it sounds like you’re now on the right track!

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