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When’s the last time you should on yourself?

When you did something, not because it was true for you, but because you felt it was expected?

For me, it was just this morning. I had an egg on rye at home when what I really wanted was a croissant from that little French bakery down the street. I knew as soon as I bit into my toast I was only eating it because it’s “supposed to be healthy.”

Bowing to societal expectations for your breakfast order might not sound like a big deal, but over a lifetime? You can end up living on autopilot, not sure where external expectations end and your true self begins.

Right now, what do you think you should be doing that doesn’t feel true to you?

Living for other people’s expectations guarantees you’ll fall short of your own. Click To Tweet

You get messages everyday –– directly or implied –– about how you should live your life. We all do. Any of these sound familiar?

  • You should become good at ONE thing — there’s no way you can follow all your passions.
  • You should tone down your message so you don’t scare anyone away.
  • You should think about having kids soon.
  • You should be on social media if you want to run a successful business.
  • You should lay off the mankinis, they might make people uncomfortable.

These are actual “shoulds” people have told me over the years. (Okay, I overheard that last one.)

Not all expectations are bad. “You should wash your hands after you use the bathroom” is a “should” I’ll stand by any day. But, if I had listened to all the “shoulds” I’ve been getting my whole life? I’d never be where I am today.

Being true to yourself means having the awareness to choose your next move, whether it follows convention or not. And that’s the only way to avoid life’s #1 regret (more on that below).

Why Is It Important to Be True to Yourself?

I was the first person in my family to go to college. Naturally, when I graduated and decided to start my own business instead of walking into a cushy job with a steady paycheck, it caused quite the should-storm.

Decades later, people are quick to tell me I made the right decision. But during the years of living on couches in cruddy apartments bartending by night and being a “life coach” –– cue blank stares from friends and family –– by day? Most people thought I was making a huge mistake. “Throwing away my potential,” in fact.

Sometimes being true to yourself won’t make sense to anyone else but you. You may not even understand it completely, you just know. That’s when it’s extra important to remember why being true to yourself matters.

Be true to yourself because:

  • It’s the source of all creativity, healing, change, innovation, and artistry.
  • You and your dreams are unique for a reason.
  • The world needs that special gift that only you have.

When you reach the end of your life, will you regret letting your mind drown out your heart? Will you recall lost opportunities and dreams unfulfilled? Will you think of all the compromises you made — with yourself and others — to stay safe, comfortable, and likable?

According to palliative nurse Bronnie Ware, following society’s expectations instead of the proddings of their own heart is the #1 regret of the dying.

That’s not a risk worth taking.

Remember, being true to yourself is not selfish. Don’t miss out on a lifetime of fulfilling your purpose. Don’t rob the world of what you have to offer. The world needs you at your best, following your dreams.

Does Being True to Yourself Mean Ignoring Criticism?

As long as there’s creativity, there will be criticism.

Your fear of being criticized might even be what’s holding you back from connecting with your true self.

But being true to yourself doesn’t mean never accepting constructive criticism. Just remember: Constructive is the operative word here.

Most criticism is not constructive. It’s just someone’s opinion. Like whether you like chocolate or not. If you don’t like chocolate, chocolate’s not crying about it. Chocolate believes in its own deliciousness.

Before reacting to any criticism, consider the source.

The harshest critics — the ones who shame you for even trying? They’re shouting from the sidelines of life. They create nothing, so they risk nothing.

Does being true to yourself mean ignoring their criticism? Abso-friggin-lutely.

The best feedback comes from other brave souls putting their work, creativity, and heart into the world. Loving guidance and insightful advice from these people are gifts to help you along.

Don’t lock yourself in a soundproof cave and ignore everyone. You can be true to yourself and stay open to constructive criticism. Whatever advice comes your way, you get to decide what to do with it.

“Nothing has transformed my life more than realizing that it’s a waste of time to evaluate my worthiness by weighing the reaction of the people in the stands.”

~Brené Brown, Daring Greatly

How Do You Know If You’re Being True to Yourself?

Some “shoulds” are so sneaky and so pervasive, it can be hard to know when you’re being authentic and when you’re following society’s unwritten rules.

It’s natural to want to please the people around us. We’re social creatures who thrive in community. And our communities have a million things we “must” do to please the people around us.

We must marry and raise children.

We must climb the corporate ladder.

We must wear the right clothes.

We must worship a certain way, or vote for certain people.

We must

It’s easy to get distracted chasing someone else’s idea of success and forget what you actually want to do with your life. Being true to yourself means you don’t suppress your true nature or ignore your heart’s deepest desires in order to be loved and accepted.

“I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.”

~ No. 1 regret of the dying, according to Bronnie Ware

Your time here on earth is limited. Don’t waste it chasing approval and achievements you really don’t want for yourself. You may disappoint some people, but the ones that really matter will stick with you when you’re true to your heart.

If you’ve been feeling lost (and you’ve read this far…), you might be ignoring your higher purpose.

Here are some signs you’re not being true to yourself:

  • You worry constantly about what people think.
  • You feel resentful of all you have to do.
  • You’re not sure if you’re bored, sad, or just exhausted.
  • Your job isn’t fulfilling, it’s just a paycheck.
  • You’ve had big dreams that seem silly, unreachable, or irrelevant now.
  • You feel like someone else is in the driver’s seat of your life.
  • You feel selfish asking for what you want.
  • You feel pulled in a million directions.
  • Your actions don’t line up with what you say you want.

Now, here’s what it looks like to honor your true self:

  • You have confidence in your value, strength, and ability.
  • You feel grateful that you get to do what you do every day.
  • You’re motivated and energized by what you do.
  • You’re doing what you love.
  • You believe you can achieve your dreams.
  • You’re carving your own path and following your heart.
  • You know what you want, and you’re willing to work for it.
  • You’re laser focused on achieving your purpose, even if you’re multipassionate.
  • You continue to make steady progress toward your goals.

Being true to yourself starts with self-awareness. Deciding what you really want is the first step to getting it.

3 Questions to Help You Be More True To Yourself

Can you tell the difference between when you’re following your inner voice and when you’re following a path drawn by someone else? To be true to yourself, first you need to know when you’re ignoring your inner wisdom. Then you have to take action to get back on track.

In this MarieTV (and in the blog after the video, if you want to keep reading), you’ll get a three-part question that will help you create a life that’s rooted in your personal truth.

Think of this as a gut check — a quick exercise you can go back to whenever you feel like your inner voice is being drowned out by society’s expectations.

Feeling lost? Answer these three questions to get back to yourself:

  1. What’s one thing you’re doing right now, not because it’s true for you, but because you feel it’s expected of you?
  2. What’s one courageous change you’d like to make to be more true to yourself?
  3. What’s the first action step you can take now?

Having trouble figuring out your true direction? Here’s what you need to know about finding your passion.

Don’t just think your answers in your mind — write them down. Seeing and reading your words gives you extra motivation to make a change. Do you know your next right step, but still feel scared to take the leap? That’s where courage comes in.

5 Ways to Build the Courage to Be True to Yourself

“I didn’t fail 1,000 times. The lightbulb was an invention with 1,000 steps.” 

~ Thomas Edison

You’ve figured out you’re not honoring your inner truth and that you’re following someone else’s path. You know the change you want to make and maybe you even have a first step to make it happen.

But where do you find the courage to take that step, especially when there’s no guarantee it’ll work out?

This part can be challenging, but I believe in you. Taking action is the only path to change. Nothing works unless you do. Action is the only way to get into alignment with your true self and make your dreams come true.

Remember: Clarity comes from engagement, not thought.

Staying true to yourself is a process you’ll be working on for the rest of your life. It takes ongoing courage and heart to continue taking one step at a time to build a life you love.

Here are five ways to build the courage you need to be true to yourself, no matter what:

  1. Win or learn, but never lose. Failure is inevitable, but it isn’t permanent or personal. In the words of my friend Judge Victoria Pratt, “Failure is just an event. It is not a characteristic. People can’t be failures.” Anything you might consider a failure is a necessary step on your journey to success.
  2. Deal with the worst upfront. Ask yourself: What’s the worst that could happen if you took a step and failed miserably? How exactly would you handle it? Write it all down. Do not allow your fears to stay amorphous. Face them on the page. Chances are, your biggest fears are figureoutable.
  3. Prepare for regret. Now ask yourself: If you don’t take this step, what’s the worst that could happen then? What might you miss out on? What might you regret? Write it down. Often facing the regret of not trying is scarier than the fear of trying something new and failing. 
  4. Meditate daily. Meditation is the ultimate tool for building peace from the inside out. It’s what helps me stay connected to the strongest and most loving parts of myself. Meditation can help you observe your fears and circumstances without being overwhelmed by them.
  5. Move. Exercise is scientifically proven to be effective in easing depression or anxiety, which can fuel your fears of failure. When you move your body it motivates you to move forward in other areas of your life.

So much of what happens in life is completely beyond our control. Always direct the lion’s share of your attention, energy, and effort on what you can control, not what you can’t. Your words, actions, behavior, attitude, perspective, focus, effort, and energy are in your control. Other people and their words, actions, and behavior? Not so much.

From this moment forward, no matter how you choose to express your true self, focus on what you can control, not what you can’t.

Staying True to Yourself with Love

Trust me, staying true to yourself is simple, but not always easy. I have been following my heart in life and business for decades and still get a little wobbly in the knees when I’m making a big decision that goes against the grain. Societal and cultural expectations can cloud our inner voice and make it hard to follow our hearts.

Don’t be hard on yourself. Take a moment to check in with your heart anytime you feel yourself worrying what other people think. It takes practice and consistent action over time to build the courage you need to stay true to yourself. Every step counts.

Now it’s time to turn this insight into action.

Grab a notebook and spend five to 10 minutes writing down your answers to these questions:

  1. What dreams have you set aside because they seem unrealistic to someone else?
  2. What do you want that you’re afraid to ask for?
  3. What’s one action you can take now to make progress toward those goals?

Guess what? You made it to the end of this article. That’s already one step, one action taken, to be true to yourself.

You’re amazing. Believe in yourself, I do 🙂

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  1. I truly love You&A Tuesday 😛 So great to share our thoughts and learn from others!

    1. Something I’m doing because it’s expected of me: Staying at my dayjob while I build my business.
    2. Courageous change: Share my knowledge out loud.
    3. Action Step: I’m trying to start more conversations about our personal power, the science of our resilience and wellbeing tools.

    • Meika - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much for sharing Katy-Rose! We love your action step and can’t wait to hear more about how those important conversations are shaping others!

    • Jen

      I feel like you are speaking from my BRAIN THOUGHTS, Katy-Rose!

      I’m writing this from my day job, and I struggle sometimes because I know I “should” be grateful for this opportunity (a technical writer making great money at a job close to home, with a lot of freedom), but it doesn’t LIGHT ME UP.

      YES to sharing knowledge out loud. Keeping it locked up inside that beautiful brain is selfish! WE NEED YOUR BRILLIANCE! 😀

      • Thank you, Jen <3
        Follow that light, wherever it takes you!!! No matter what.
        I have some free resources on ym site if you get stuck or feel lost, too.

        It's so important not to douse it, in my view 🙂 For our personal wellbeing and our soul.

  2. Elisa

    Hey loves!!!
    1. So one thing i am doing because it’s expected of me is working at a desk job that I’m not passionate about while struggling to get my coaching business up and running.
    2. Courageous change would be to show up more on social media being
    true to myself without FEAR!
    3. Action step is to show up on stories more & take messy action.

    • Meika - Team Forleo

      Oh, I love how you described it as “messy action”! That’s exactly what it is when you dive in without fear. Bravo!

    • Katherine

      I feel ya sista . I am on the same boat. LETS GET MESSSSSYYYYYYY

    • I love this Elisa! Messy action is the only action! haha 🙂

  3. Ed

    Thank you very much Marie.
    Glad to finally found you and your teaching and your enthusiasm for sharing the positivity to the world.

    So for me, the three steps are :
    1. Something I’m doing because it’s expected of me: Keep doing and yes-ing every task that not correlated with me and my passion because I am the new guy. in my workplace
    2. Courageous change: Able to say No and mean it
    3. Action Step: I will say No to do something that I am unable to do without sacrificing my rest, passion and energy.

  4. Nat

    Hi Marie, Hi Team Forleo
    This is my first comment on one of your videos.
    I’m currently working on my personal projects. I feel right when I’m doing so
    But, yes there is a “BUT”, what I’m struggling on is paying my rent. I’m this king of person who can’t work on my projects AND on a pay job because working for others drowns all my energies out.
    I’m in France, I just worked 1&1/2 year for others in order to get time “off” for me andthe projects I want to fulfill . (documentaries films & podcast) Unemployment checks are not much but I m lucky they do exist in France. I know that going back to work for others would be even more difficult than a tight budget.
    I give myself a year before I listen to the “you should get a job besides what you’re doing” again.
    I heard a quote : “work at your dream or you’ll work for someone else’s dream”… I try my best to work for my dreams even when I get a side job.
    I sure hope these projects if mine will open new doors in my life.
    Wishing the best to everyone.

    • Meika - Team Forleo

      Nat, we’re sending you so much love and encouragement! Marie had many side jobs as she was building her business, so you’re in great company. It’s tough, and sometimes that’s part of the process. Keep going after it – you’ve got this!

    • Rita Pira

      It is said that the moment someone gives up is usually the tipping point where they would have been successful if they had kept going. It’s right around the corner. You are so close. Keep going.

      • Nat

        Thank you Meika, Thank you Rita Ripa,
        Support is great and I love that tipping point idea.
        I keep going, keep working, keep showing up.
        The Best to everyone

  5. YAVUZ


    • Rita Pira

      Choose one baby step to “get out of your comfort zone” and take it.
      Then choose the next logical baby step and take that one too…then another…and another.
      Before you know it, you’ll be out of that comfort zone (whatever it may be) and stretch yourself to new and exciting experiences that guide you to the things that light you up that you’ve been blocking yourself from by staying in your comfort zone.

  6. Chris


    1. The number one thing I do too often is wait for the approval of my wife before I take action on something that I really want to do. Why? Because she’s a full time worker (a doctor in fact) in full time study for now on top of that over 30 hours a week, (rises at 3:30am daily) and still does an amazing job as mother.
    We locked ourselves in with three kids under 6, Yada yada yada… There’s every reason to put me last. There’s every reason to say, “we don’t got no time”. But that’s BS, I know.

    2. So despite me working full time as well, and everything beyond that is full time for the family covering her working weekends and night shifts, I still gotta know that everyone has the same amount of time and you gotta use that and find a way to free up time to do what makes you grow. I get it intellectually.

    3. I’m going to keep day dreaming of what it’s going to look like in the future, and change my actions step by step and day by day until forever, and Everything will be alright no matter what, period.

    Love you all.

    • Meika - Team Forleo

      Chris, we can certainly understand how the rigors of family live can make following your passion daunting. You have such a beautiful attitude towards finding the space to cultivate your dreams despite the circumstances. That will open doors for you that you aren’t even aware of yet. Hold on to that perspective and keep moving forward!

    • Rita Pira

      Decide on a set amount of minutes of “me time” to take at the same time each day, because you are worthy and you deserve each and every one of those minutes each and every day. It will be something you look forward to, something that excites and lights you up… because what’s the point of everything else if you can’t have a little piece of light each day?
      Hope this helps!

  7. I’m an American currently living in Austria. I have to learn a certain amount of German for my visa so I’m taking 100 hrs of German, but not because I reeeaaallly want to, but in order to renew my visa. It’s time consuming, but in the end I know I will be glad I have done it. I know learning a new language is good for my brain too!

    • Leeanne

      You go, girl! I’ve been living in Switzerland for almost ten years and only for the last 18 months have I been taking my German seriously. Keep on it, you’ll be so glad that you did. I used to think it wasn’t necessary since sooooooo many people speak English here, but really they were just excuses. You’re halfway there!

  8. Jacki

    Well, here’s my answer to you, Marie!

    1. Expected of me: Staying in a super, duper dead-end job because it pays my bills and yeah. That’s the only reason. I don’t like my job and it’s making me sick.
    2. Courageous change: I’d like to take control of where I spend my time and make my money, and I’d like to work at home with a team I trust.
    3. Action Step: Well I mean, I am looking to start B School finally, so there’s that! But I’m also working on getting education in other things I’m interested in along the way.

    • Meika - Team Forleo

      Yes Jacki! Taking control of your time and money is a wonderfully courageous change. We’re cheering you on all the way. And if you feel like B-School is a great fit for you, enrollment is open now and we’d love to have you join us.

  9. Something I am doing because it’s expected of me: still believing that I should be working on my business at all times. Eg. No rest “until”…
    Courageous step: book in time off and stick to it, even if I think I haven’t “earned it”.
    Action step I can take today: allow myself to spend the day recharging in the sunshine.

    • Ooh, I hear you, Sarah! Thanks for the reminder to STOP every now and then to smell the roses, even though my business is not paying all the bills yet. Good luck with your business!

    • Sue

      I can totally understand this as I am in the same situation. I try to get up early and have some me time to exercise and get some fresh air before I start, then at lunchtime I take off an hour to cook, eat and chat. Weekends I am offline….but sometimes the guilt definitely hits at that ‘hour’ lunchtime and I force myself to go back even when I don’t want

  10. 1. Cause it is being expected of me: Having to explain in paperwork and to various peeps why my injuries are and have been gravely setting me back or hindering my life’s choices of work and home, when I just wanna spend my time and energies on getting better, and steps towards my dreams.
    2. One courageous change: have more of a community involvement with like-minded individuals to partner and learn with for inspiration, encouragement, and guidance.
    3. 1st action step I can take now: doing it RIGHT now, watching and learning from your mini-courses/emails, plus just made a short video (took 2+ hours) of my “WHY,” and then as suggested, posting it on YouTube, which is VERY scary for me, as in exposing myself when I’ve felt so discouraged, been experiencing numerous occasions of loss, and the rawness & vulnerability of being myself.

    • Meika - Team Forleo

      Congratulations on getting out of your comfort zone! That’s such a huge step. Pushing yourself in that way often leads to a momentum of courageous action, so we’re excited to hear about what’s next for you! It means the world to us that our content is valuable to you. Thank you for tuning in!

  11. Richa Jain

    I like everything in order. (I don’t have OCD) and find it very difficult to break my routine. I need to find way to read more and prepare myself for action. I don’t care of expectations of other people but my own self. I am a caring person and like everyone around me happy and healthy.

    • Rita Pira

      Try adding just one spontaneous or new thing each week, or each day if you are up for that. Choose something that builds on something already in your routine.
      Try committing to reading 10 pages of a book each night while in bed. Before you know it, you’ll have finished a book and it helps you fall asleep.
      As for your expectations of yourself, make a list of them and sit in meditation asking yourself if each one is blocking you and in what way. Listen to your body and your intuition. Release any expectations you have of yourself that don’t serve you.
      Hope this helps.

  12. Granita

    I can agree with some of the others who have answered the first question. It’s expected of me to continue teaching until my daughter gets her degree. That is so NOT happening. So that is the courageous change that I am making. I wrote it down that I would retire this year. I have already begun the process by attending the retirement seminar, filing the proper paperwork, and working on my marketing plan of my voiceover business. Winner winner chicken dinner!!!!

    • Meika - Team Forleo

      Woohoo Granita! We’re pumped for you. Bravo for taking very precise steps towards your dreams!

  13. Sanjeev Kumar

    Its very well said and presented enthusiastically by you Marie, I appreciate the spirit with which you are presenting the positive and life changing ideas. World is becoming more and more hectic day by day and main cause is to fulfill expectations of other, while our own remains in the background always. Henceforth I will try to follow these steps very well told by you.

  14. jrd

    You REALLY should have warned us about the mankini. I need a mental palate cleanser now.

  15. Pierre Itoumbou

    Hey there Marie,

    Just to agree with you about today topic.
    I am the original of myself, so as wanted and planned. Pursuing my dream and make sure in the process I do not hurt anyone.

    Best and keep up with the great work.

    Love you

  16. Oh boy was this episode Totally ME!! Here goes:
    1. Expectations are always “hosting” activities when I get little help or just being taken for granted bring a wife/mom.
    2. I am trying to build a spiritual coaching practice as a major change and truly want to be recognized for that while moving forward.
    3. Actions to take are happening but despite my own “pressures” from others, I am pursuing my passion.
    Thank you again Marie! You are such a delightful inspiration and I look forward to MarieTV every week! Thank you also for staying true to YOU!!

  17. Marcia

    I left my soul-sucking, 4-hour-daily-commute job in corporate marketing last November. Left with big dreams of getting a part-time job to support me while I start up my own biz. Fast-foward to today:

    Not being true to self: I have an interview (in an hour) for another job in marketing and I’ve been building the website for my own digital marketing biz. WTF am I doing? In my heart I don’t want this job or that type of biz, but there’s solid $$$ in it. Bleh.

    Courageous step: Stop working on that website asap. Know that I don’t have to take that job even if it’s offered.

    My dreams: I want to be an organizer/decorator. But that means starting from scratch and not making as much. But my heart would be so happy. I know who/how I want to serve others…just need to believe in my ability to make it work.

    • Meika - Team Forleo

      Marcia, the situation is such a Catch-22 isn’t it? The immediate money vs starting from scratch with the passion. It’s not an easy decision at all, practically speaking. I will say that I could feel the joy through your words when you said “But my heart would be so happy”. With that kind of joy, lots of great things can happen – including money. It’s this process of figuring things out and making these kinds of decisions that makes life so interesting. We’re cheering you on!

      • Marcia

        🙂 Thanks, Meika. I love what you said (and deep down know it’s true): With that kind of joy, lots of great things can happen – including money. I’m also remember words from Amy Porterfield (paraphrasing) “Don’t start a business you hate”. I think my struggle is giving myself permission to try something new.

        • RJ

          Go Marcia and go do what you love and will be great at.

    • Same thing happened to me!
      I interviewed for a job in the same industry that I left and got an offer for way more money…but I knew in my heart it was not the right path and I was being distracted with a “trixter” but I took the job anyway and felt the wrongness throughout my body on the first day…
      The universe was like, nah sweetie, this was not the right call lemme help you out…and I was let go on day 4!
      F the interview, I hope you didn’t get it!
      Keep going girl! You’ve got this!
      The crazy part is that YOU KNOW YOU DO.

    • Marcia,
      Same thing happened to me last month!
      I interviewed for a job in the same industry that I left and got an offer for way more money…but I knew in my heart it was not the right path and I was being distracted with a “trixter” but I took the job anyway and felt the wrongness throughout my body on the first day…
      The universe was like, nah sweetie, this was not the right call lemme help you out…and I was let go on day 4!
      F the interview, I hope you didn’t get it!
      Keep going girl! You’ve got this!
      The crazy part is that YOU KNOW YOU DO.

      • Marcia

        OMG Rita! That is an amazing story of the universe conspiring to put you on the right track. Thank you so much for sharing. I am still waiting to hear. In my heart I know I don’t want it and am sure I’d spend most of my days internally rolling my eyes at the work. But having my own biz? Being the captain of my own ship? Scary!
        What are you doing now??

  18. 1) what’s expected of me: I can’t think of something in particular right now. What I can think of, is that I agree to do things for / with others that tale me away from my desired path. That is a problem!
    2) Corageous thing to change: well, this year I’m turning 40 and I certainly want some serious change. I’m chosing only the things and peoples that benefit directly my dreams, because I’ve been detouring myself too many times for too long. I’m changing two habits that no longer serve me and I’m practising the word “integrity” every single day. I’m writing this here because I want to stay committed for good.
    3) Action step: right after my holidays (summer here) I’m quitting those projects that are energy sucking, where I’m expected to lead but my gut feeling tells me I’m not as wanted as they say; it tells me some people aren’t being transparent and that bothers me a lot.
    Thanks so much Marie for all these spaces and a big hug to all my fellow entrepreneurs!

  19. MW

    I realized that I do pretty much everything because it’s expected of me, either I’m the one expecting myself or I imagine “society” is expecting it of me. So I’m actually pretty suck – I don’t know what’s true for me or how to find that one. I feel like I’ve tried a lot of things to figure it out and nothing ever seems right after all the work/coaching/therapy, etc. How do people get unstuck? I don’t feel like I “just know” the answer deep down, I don’t know that I’ve ever known who I actually am but have lived in fear and rejection as long as I can remember.

    • Hi MW,
      Your words are exactly how I feel. It is so confusing and scary. For 20 years, I was in a profession that was rewarding and not a “job,” because I loved it–massage therapy–but my body did not. I had to retire from it at age 53 (6 years ago), and since then have no clue what I really want to do, feel time is running out as my energy and will are just about zero, and feel totally lost. But I know that there is something bigger for me to be offering than working dull, boring office jobs. I have tried several online businesses, spent thousands on marketing coaches and none panned out. Like you, I have been through lots of counseling, coaching, receiving energy and bodywork to try and release all my baggage, self-doubt, childhood wounds, insecurities, etc. And still I’m asking how to get unstuck. Like you, I too have lived in fear and rejection — since being a child.

  20. Heberto Castro

    I had 5 month unemployed (active looking and not depressed…one yeaaah for me!) and I got two job potential offers, one I am very close to receive, the other job (well recognized company) still in the hiring process.
    1. Expected of me: to get the one offer where I have more chances to be successful and….also because is the “bird that is on my hand” – cover easily my bills and style of life…great brand…passionate people…upgrade my leadership competences.

    2. Courageous change: wait for the other offer and work to be hire by the most recognized company, better health medical insurance, higher salary enough to send my kid to a much better school and more resources to perform my job…. And one dream… the chance to move to Manhattan sometime in the future.
    3. Action Step: Take seriously both offer – I ensure I will be passionate in any of both jobs.

  21. Love You! Love B-School! And the mankinis are getting better every time. (Had to look up the spelling on that one.)

    My biggest thing here is the expectation of the people who are paying me. BOUNDARY ISSUE!!!! Especially right now while I’m doing an uplevel and raising my prices.

    It’s crazy because I’m letting go of the person I was before, growing into new confidence and it feels right! But I stumble, and it’s super awkward because people are like, “Whaaat? I’m not used to you like this.”

    And truth be told, I make mistakes on both ends in the meantime, I still screw up over-helping and I newly screw up being too strict with boundaries. Transitions are weird. Always have been. But I’m finding my way and it’s happening! IT’S HAPPENING!

    Your videos are golden synchronicity and so beautiful!

  22. Challenging MarieTV today, but I’m game!
    1. Something I’m doing because it’s expected of me: I’m always happy and positive when that’s not the case.
    2. Courageous change: I say no a lot more now.
    3. Action Step: I’m not going to feel guilty for pursuing my dreams or feel responsible for anyone else’s dreams.

  23. Mychal A Love

    Hi, I only found your stuff last week but I gotta say. I love how real you seem.
    What I’m doing because I must: Looking for real work instead of working on my business.
    What courageous change can I make: As I was told by someone important to me, just this morning… Less reading and more doing. Get out of my head.
    1 action step I can take. Now: I really wish I knew what to do to move my dreams forward.
    Thanks for putting yourself out there for us.

  24. John Bowers

    “Tight and Right and True to Me!” I love you Marie. Thank you so much!
    You make it simple to really think deep and answer these oh so important things.

  25. B

    Exploring your true self, life force, soul. I have a 16 year old daughter that is so true, it is inspiring to watch.
    My 14 year old son is true as well, and would have gotten a kick out of the mankini.
    I thought a mankini, must be a drink prior to todays show. That is my true self always a different view point.
    finally- could you just post where you buy your outfits, That top and the jeans look great on Marie, and my husband might need a mankini.

  26. Seriously? That’s not at all Marie-like to introduce fear as a sales tactic or kick people into action?

    “…. As you know, life comes with a 100% mortality rate.
    This is an urgent call to pay attention to the limited time you have left… ”

    I’ve been following you for years and LOVE you, am a big fan of your work and your team, but this above, to appeal to fear of death? That’s not cool. Feels very off, the energy that comes with it, too.

    Please, don’t.

    Love you guys,
    Tanya x

    • PS I was just looking for a delete option, because I realised that it would have been much better to just have emailed you with my comment, not posted it here. That would have been honouring you guys as you deserve it. This was likely just your passionate way of trying to kick our buns into action. I ‘get’ it.

      Your work is amazing – and I know that how I perceive something doesn’t mean that others do, too. It also felt good to express my truth. So, thank you.

      with so much love,

    • Hey Tanya! Thanks for your comment. Since you shared that you’re familiar with my work, then you know that this is a topic I talk about quite often.

      Death isn’t a fear tactic, it’s a natural fact of life — one that I find useful and inspiring. Facing the hard truths of life with an open heart helps us live more fully, while we can.

      Sounds like this is not a topic that resonates with you, and that’s 100% okay. But I reject the notion that this is a “fear” tactic or in any way used to “scare” people. My goal, as always, is to inspire and talk about important ideas that can wake us up to the miracle and possibilities of our one precious life. With love XO M.

      P.S. If you haven’t watched the full interview with Bronnie about her incredible work, please do — it’s lovely 🙂

  27. Alex Cartwright

    Something I’m doing because it is expected of me: Staying quiet when I don’t agree with the group around me.

    Change I can make: Voicing my truth with clear confidence.

    Action Step: Honestly, as cheesy as it might sound here, taking B-School! I’ve got so much fear wrapped up in lack of business savvy. I am sooooooo ready to release it and thrive.

  28. Let

    1. Boring, mundane job duties at my 8-5 job
    2. Find new career, new job
    3. Schedule job search

  29. Hi, Marie,
    I think this subject is a lot more complicated. What makes you (Marie) so magnetic is your passion for serving others. Do you only do it because you’re being “true to yourself”? Should I leave my wife because I have a dream of hiking in the Rocky Mountains or meditating in Nepal? I think what you mean is don’t stifle your inner calling because others won’t understood or appreciate it. But being true to oneself has to account for living as a member of a larger community and society. It’s our enduring contribution to the world that should define the truth of our lives. Sorry to be so philosophical, but I’ve seen a lot of collateral damage caused by people driven by unbridled passion.

  30. Wilfredo Menorias Jr.

    I have just recently followed you Marie and everytime you send an email it just really hits me like you’re reading my mind. 🙂

    1. Something I am doing expected of me: Making an organization’s business work and thrive with a concept and business model that is not within my strengths and of which I am half hearted.
    2. Be transparent on my statements and not just say things just to please others. Because in turn I am betraying them and myself.
    3. Talk to the person I am obligated to about this venture and present options that we can work together.

  31. Expected of me: To be everything to everyone. To be the perfect mom, wife, woman, business owner, community member and so on. (And maybe these are just my own expectations 🙂 )
    Courageous change: Let go of perfectionism and ask for help. Delegate things that aren’t that important, but still need to get done and not feel GUILTY about it!
    Action step: Hire a cleaning service to come 1x per month!

  32. Ambra

    How I’d like to work with you and be part of your team! Have you ever thought of a branch in Puglia? Maybe in Bari? No? We need to talk about it …

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Hey there, Ambra! Thanks for your sweet note! You’re more than welcome to email us at [email protected] and our Team will happily get back to you.

  33. 1. Something I’m doing because it’s expected of me: I stay at my part-time job, but also because I need to money for now
    2. Courageous change: Sell my programs more!
    3. Action Step: Promote my programs more often, now I’ve decided that I’ll do something to promote it once every or every other week 🙂

  34. Rebekah Aff

    I literally said, out loud, as I read your email: I love you! You have by far the best emails in my inbox and I specifically have a lot of emails so that I can learn from amazing copy, but yours…oh my!
    So, to get to it:
    1) Luckily there really isn’t anything I can think of right now.
    2) Stop doubting and over thinking. I tend to stop myself from interacting sometimes – I undervalue my contribution. So, I’d love to get over that right quick!
    3) Get more active in the social groups where I can contribute value. 🙂

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Thanks for letting us in your inbox and for opening the emails, Rebekah. xo

  35. Hi Marie…
    I completed B-School a few years ago but still take advantage of the alumni portion of your program.
    Actually, a month or so ago, I realized that I have been spending my whole life (going on 62 years now) doing things that other people expected/wanted me to do.
    Two cases:
    1) I signed up for a online speaking program (a really good one) where you could become the speaker you had always wanted to be and command the fees. Well, I have always been a speaker of sorts so I thought “why not?”. The program is great; I would highly recommend it BUT that world is not my world. I started getting really anxious about making the sales calls and talking to prospects even when they went really well. I realized that I was going through this process NOT because it was my journey but because it would make all those coaches happy and approve of me.
    2) I met a big TV producer and he wanted to work with me. I had an idea for a show (which I still really love BTW) but he had an idea for a different show that he wanted me to do. So, in true fashion, I shoehorned myself into “loving the idea” and took it on. Here I am a year+ later with no show, he is traveling the world with the love of his life since his daytime show was canceled and I never hear from him, but then I realized I don’t want to do HIS show I want to do MY show.
    Long story short, I have done exactly what you suggested in this episode of MarieTV. Everything opportunity that is presented to me, I now ask myself…Is this ME? Is this good for ME? Is it consistent with MY career path? If the answer is NO! Then, well, it’s NO and I move on.
    BTW…I am a professional chef with a brick and mortar cooking school (celebrating 10 years this year) and catering business. I am still working on getting back on TV (I appeared on Food Network’s Cooks vs Cons and loved every moment). And, we will be launching a podcast in April. YAY!

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Candace, congratulations on all of your amazing success! You’ve illustrated some of the amazing gifts that come from following your intuition and the lessons learned along the way. Here’s to making that TV dream a reality and sharing your gifts with even more people. You’ve got this!

  36. Hey Rockstars!
    1. Something I’m doing because it’s expected of me: Keeping my performance act safe and super commercial.
    2. Courageous change: Expand. Defy boundaries. Focus on authenticity in my work.
    3. Action Step: Push the envelope for a big opportunity we have this Friday!

  37. Ana

    First I want to say hello (I recently discovered your work and this is my first time leving a comment) and a big THANK YOU to Marie and her team for shining so bright and making my days and my life shine brighter each day! Love you guys <3
    1. Something I’m doing because it’s expected of me: Staying at my dayjob because of the paycheck, while I am intensively working on my self-growth
    2. Courageous change: Go to Madrid and study History of Art as I always wanted
    3. Action Step: Contacting the University of Madrid and starting the process! Yaaaaas! <3

  38. Hey Marie,
    I am so excited about going through B-school again. This time I will be going through it with a different business. In 2016 it was as an Interior designer and this time it’s as a Life Coach who helps women who are struggling with self worth by holding onto beliefs that are not serving them. It took me a while to find the courage to listen to my inner guide and stop worrying about what others would think.
    1. Worried that I would not receive the approval to go after my desired passion, Fear that existing clients would say “who does she think she is ? She’s a designer not a coach!”
    2. I leaped anyway, people are going to talk even if you stay in THEIR box.
    3. Consistently, show up as a coach and not let self sabotage creep in.

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Yet another reason why lifetime access is such a gamechanger in B-School, Celia! We’re over-the-moon excited for you to dive in with your new business and experiences this season. We can’t wait to see you fly. xo

  39. 1. Continuing to run our business the way we have, instead of the better way.
    2. To write, my novel, my blog, tweats, etc.
    3. Create an email alias, and reopen my blog.

  40. 1. Spending too much time on Social Media seeking desperate approval from people who are not my clients.
    2. Spend more time on my blog writing from my heart.
    3. Schedule time each day to write, because writing is as important to me as my acutal career (photography)

  41. Rachel

    I’ve recently discovered Marie TV and it’s been so inspiring! It came like a kick in the pants to start figuring out my next step vs. just allowing life to happen without my say so. I’ve been contemplating my “next step” and this post is some extra motivation!
    Part I- Doing what’s expected: Standing still- not pushing forward to a better career that fits my strengths/passions. It’s easier than doing the hard work.
    Part II- Courageous change: Admitting that I am not in the right place and that I need HELP figuring out what/where I should be.
    Part III- First step: Seeking help and advice, networking, finding a mentor, hiring a career coach to figure out a place that is better for me.

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Welcome, welcome Rachel! We’re so glad that you’re here.
      Thanks for sharing your steps with us. We’re cheering you on and hope that through sharing you feel the momentum.

  42. Oh my oh my… I was laughing through the whole “You should NOT – voices from our society”… these three are totally my favorites because I always have heard it throughout my whole life…

    1. You should focus on becoming good at ONE thing — there’s no way you can follow all your passions.
    My replay to that nowadays: Hahaha… Really!? Do you know that is possible to combine all my passions to one = 3 or 4 of my passions become one?

    2: You should tone down your message, you don’t want to scare anyone away.
    My replay to that nowadays: That is part of my uniqueness.

    3. You’re over 47. You should really think about that you cant follow your dreams now.
    My replay to that nowadays: Holy cow! I Am 47 years old and not dead yet + I Am late to fulfill my dreams because of society made me think that it was something wrong with me. WHY? Because I have been thinking outside the box.

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Hey there, Nathali! Whenever the age topic comes up we love to share this awesome episode of MarieTV. I think it will help you celebrate your fabulous 47 year old self full of life and experience.

      We’re always cheering you on. xo

  43. Ooo! This is a good one and one I have been pondering since this summer. All three of these questions.
    Part 1: One thing I am doing right now is working a day job in my field in a city I don’t want to live because I haven’t found another good paying job elsewhere. And that is expected of me. Also, the reality is, I have student loans to pay and other debt so I do need a day job. I’ve been getting a lot you “you shoulds” when it comes to what type of job I should be looking for and where I should be moving to set down roots. Don’t get me wrong, my sister is a big supporter, she knows my dreams of wanting to be a photographer who helps others tell their stories and my dream of wanting to own a flower garden/tree house cabin getaway. Ha! In fact, she called me last night to tell me another idea she had for me to look into. And if I am not interested she does get defensive. She’s pretty headstrong, bossy, and wants her way. She’s said those words about herself.
    Part 2: One courageous change I’d like to make to be more true to myself: the first thing that popped into my head is to MOVE! I need more nature. I currently live in Dallas. It’s concrete, powerlines, and traffic. I’ve lived in upstate NY, Ketchum Idaho, and 5 months in Missoula, MT. I can tell when I’m in my element and doing what I love because I’ll get these moments where I realize I feel so much like myself. And it feels right. It doesn’t feel right here. The challenge I am having is I don’t know where to move. I’ve noticed I’ve become more of a worrier than a doer. I keep asking for guidance and my intuition to kick in. I know I’m also scared. I’ll be doing this all on my own, which in a way I like and it’s exciting, but it’s also a little lonely and scary. My lease is up in June. I want to be moving to another state by then. A smaller town. More outdoor friendly, and definitely dog-friendly. 🙂
    Part 3: The first action step I can take now: OK, well I am multipassionate. I am a health coach, culinary nutrition expert, and photographer. My day job is a recreational therapist. I have had this desire for the last 4 years to learn how to grow flowers and become a flower gardener. I have definitely heard the whole “focus on one thing” “you can’t do everything” “you like too many things” etc. I have mapped out how to bring it all together in one big dream. As I mentioned previously, I do not currently live somewhere I want to set down roots. So until I figure that out, I am focusing on my photography. I do brand, food, travel, and lifestyle photography. I made a goal in October to start my business this Jan. I have a website up, (except I made it private because I was cautioned to watermark my photos so that’s my project this week), and I booked my first paying job of the year for this weekend. That was a long answer, but that’s what I am doing. I am focusing on one part of my big picture dream one step at a time.
    I am also reading up on flowers, and I found a few podcasts on flowers to listen to. Baby steps, but action. For sure.

    • Meika - Team Forleo

      Even though you might not feel like it, you’re making some great progress Andi – especially since you know exactly what makes you feel alive and most like yourself. Your baby steps will gather momentum and propel you towards the life you want. By the way, do you know of any locations that provide the right climate for the type of flowers you’d like to grow?

  44. Pamela Sack

    I just love you Marie! I needed this today! You are such a cheerleader!
    I am single, 55, and moved to BFE to be closer to my elderly mother. She is doing great and I enjoy being near and helping her but I left behind 15 years of a consistent stable environment. It’s only been a month but am struggling to find work even at the local grocery store! It is a small community and full of snowbirds and retirees. I am not ready to retire! I have my feelers out and am social.
    I’ve been on a few interviews, am being kind of picky as to where I’d like to invest my own time right now (even part-time). I consider myself a jack of all trades, have proven past work experience (longevity, responsibility, commitment) and am willing and capable of doing “work”. I walk away from interviews feeling positive and confident, but to no avail. I don’t even get a return call to say nay even when requested! I can’t tell if I’m not a good fit, over or under qualified, or if I answered questions not to their liking! It’s a humbling experience and am now left feeling as if I have no place because I am not good at just “one” thing…and all my years of varied experience are not needed. I know I can contribute someplace yet I don’t know where to turn. I’m running out of energy and where-with-all . It sucks. It can’t be my age, can it? Anyway…. Love you and thank you for all you do for MF’ers.

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Pamela, what a time you’re in. So much change which can be exciting and scary at the same time. Job searches can be frustrating, especially for a multi-passionate go-getter like you. Sometimes it’s more about how we want to feel in a role and what our gifts truly are that helps us reframe where the best fit is for us.

      We have a really amazing and inspiring episode of MarieTV centered around women at any age going after their dreams. We hope you find some inspiration in it. You can watch it here —>

  45. Although I’ve started my dream business/life and am learning and growing into becoming the artist/painter I want to be I still have difficulty owning the fact that I AM AN ARTIST, I always make some joke about what I am trying to do and play down my skills. So from now on, I’m gonna try and own what I do and be proud of what I create. Thanks Marie, and team.x

  46. Marie TV is always great but this is a particularly good episode that really resonates with me at this time in my life because this past year I decided to be true to 3 fundamental things:

    1.Resisting the “requirements” of society and family and friends that says that all women must procreate and have chosen instead to remain happily childfree!

    2. Giving up my day job in a busy city and moving to the beautiful countryside in the South of France to be closer to nature!

    3. Finally removing the shackles of religion and superstitious belief’s and claiming that I am an atheist with pride!

    I now look forward to my future with a genuine feeling of peace, contentment and pride knowing that I alone am choosing my path. I will not allow it to be chosen for me, which is easier said then done, but the feeling of freedom is well worth the sacrifice!

    • Meika - Team Forleo

      Congratulations Tori! We’re cheering for you!

  47. Mikki

    This episode got me in the gut! Thank you for sharing. Since 6 months I get to live the life of my dreams. I came out of the Spiritcloset and I know from my heart that is who I am and what I have to do. Finally at 40, my truest life started. Whatever happens, I’m oké. And the greatest thing is, because now I’m oké, I can help others from my gut. There is no fear left. Just love. No energy is wasted. Again, thanks so much.

  48. I live my dream life. But it is hectic and messy!
    1. The one thing I am doing is EVERYTHING, and allowing guilt to always push me from self care. And I do not mean taking a bath or eating right, or sleeping…. I do all that! It is those moments that I give myself space to BE instead of DO.
    2. The change I need to make that happen… would be to carve out time to organize my office and creative space. It is the place I can not relax in although I do a lot of good work there.
    3. The first action is to create what I need for this space. It needs to be a beautiful space that reflects me and is functional, so I can BE. This will open more of ME into the creation process for creating the plan for my next dream to come together!


  49. Peri Caylor

    1. I’m busy in life just responding and reacting to others’ needs, and am ready to hand off responsibility for those needs to the family I’ve supported with my time for so long. Remaining supportive in the background and stepping in where I am most needed and can be most effective will be so much healthier and more fun for me!
    2. The courageous step? Complete my personal vision in sufficient detail to see in through to reality.
    3. Organize and carry out a plan around my vision.

  50. Hi guys, I love this episode today even though every time I hear anything to do with people dying it chokes me up because I’ve been through helping my mom when she was in hospice care and watching what a struggle it was for her to leave the world she was full of regret and fear just two years ago. I’m definitely going through some reflection on where I am now in where I wanna be in the future and I am seriously considering B school I have some great ideas based on the journey I’ve been on with my own health and auto immune issues and working with a functional medicine doctor so thank you for this episode. I don’t think I can answer the questions yet but I’ll come back to this. So grateful for all of you.

    • Meika - Team Forleo

      We love your heart and bravery Stacey. Revisit these questions when you feel most ready to explore your journey. xo

  51. Nya

    I truly love You&A Tuesday 😛 So great to share our thoughts and learn from others!

    1. Something I’m doing because it’s expected of me:
    Get a job instead of building a business.

    2. Courageous change:
    Share my knowledge out loud. <<<I copied and pasted from another post to get the three questions and all I can say is COPY + PASTE. THIS!!!!

    3. Action Step:
    Stay the course that I am on, trust in God as my provider and revamp my Instagram which is my canvas for getting my voice heard.

    • Nya

      Opps…I should have deleted the first line.

  52. 1. Doing something that’s expected of me: Building a “logical” business that lacks that heart, as opposed to a heart-led business supported by logic…
    2. One thing I want to change: Just SAYING IT like I see it. Fear of being called “young and inexperienced” or “rash and immature” stops me from often saying things as I see it to my much older business partners.
    3. One step I’ll take: Journaling my thoughts, reading them the next day to get some clarity and without much “overthinking or over-analysis” having a heart-to-heart with my partners to clarify my doubts and give them a chance to present their perspective.

  53. 1) this is an expectation I put on myself and am just realizing how much : play small
    2)keep talking about my dream for my Corporate Executive Retreat Center in every possible scenario
    3)finish my ‘one page’ to share with potential investors in spite of the fear of rejection.

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Thanks for sharing, Nancy! It’s wonderful that you’re so clear on your next steps. We’re sending lots of good vibes your way as you keep going for your dreams!

  54. Dinise

    I am living in town instead the country for first time in over 30 years. Due to being 61, injured while teaching, have a part time job now, live with another person in town for support-my family and friends think it is great that I live in a great house in town. It is not for me
    One courageous thing I could do is be honest with everyone on how I am feeling.
    1st action step is have a dinner and invite all here. Tell my story and my truths about leaving the country and my happy place to meet the expectations of what is right for me by others

  55. Hey ya’ll!
    This is my first time posting on here (although I’ve been following Marie for several months, SMH I know for waiting this long).
    I found a lot of value in this discussion (who am I kidding, they’re all pretty f****** amazing) mainly because I think I’ve finally reached a point where I’m done living my life through the lens of other people’s perspectives, BUT…
    My biggest struggle at this particular juncture is truly me holding me back- Just when I thought I resolved one of my toughest stigmas on caring too much about other’s opinions (insert smh emoji again) I encounter the biggest obstacle, myself.
    In relation to this episode, my present battle is:
    1. I’m recently unemployed (1 month in) but I’m debating dropping the $199/month for B-School or maybe I’ll be lucky enough to get one of the scholarships!
    2. I think the courageous step is to take the plunge, and trust that things will work out (even if that means flipping burgers at Micky D’s- there’s worser things I suppose).
    3. Action step—- Removing all fears and negative emotions associated around the idea that I’ll fall on my face & not be able to figure this out financially.

    I felt this was the perfect opportunity to finally post on here as I’m really going to be diving deeper into my personal growth and asking for ALL the universe signs over the next few days in whether or not taking the plunge into B-School is now.

    With Love,

    • Nan

      Hey Errika, I think most any one of these things work, even MML’s (multi level marketing). I do think you have to be willing to do whatever it takes to get there. In that I mean, think of the toughest thing you have to do (I don’t mean illegal, immoral or that sort of thing). Are willing to step outside your comfort zone? I think people have a tendency, me included, to stop when the bumps in the road feel too big. I now realize I have to focus on the goal on the other side. There will be bumps (challenges), but we should expect them. I wish you the best of luck in fulfilling your dreams and passions.
      Sincerely, Nan

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Hi Erikka! Thanks so much for connecting with us here. We’re thrilled this episode resonated so deeply with you and helped you explore some important questions. We’re sorry to hear you lost your job and we can understand how stressful that experience must have felt for you. It sounds like you have a beautiful perspective and a resilient spirit which will serve you well in your own business and beyond. We’d also love to welcome you to B-School if the timing is right. Keep in mind, Marie is a huge advocate for the power of good bridge jobs that can help support you financially as you work toward your business goals. In fact, this topic has come up on MarieTV in the past and these episodes from our archives may provide some additional clarity and encouragement for you: &

  56. OK, you asked for it….
    1. What is expected of me? Work at a job that pays money.
    2. What is my most courageous thing I have done? Took the blind step and I AM IN B-SCHOOL (4 years of looking and wanting but the money thing….but I did it)
    3. Forgot the last question because I am sooooo pumped that I am in B-SCHOOL!
    I held my nose and jumped in….no mankini because I am a woman…..and me in any bikini would be scary! PS, those don’t look comfortable.

  57. Nan

    I don’t have any regrets so far, because my path has brought me here and I don’t think I was ready for these changes when I was younger. I wish I could have thought outside the box or my comfort zone… Ok, ok… maybe my regret is that I wish I could have the done the fore mentioned in my 20’s. Haha- Get out of my comfort zone.
    I am starting my business…. I have started my business. I have clients and I am in the process of growing my business. That’s right! Right now, I can’t think of anything I’m doing because I have to. I like my job a lot and I only work only 21 hours a week, so I’m able to grow my business in the process. My job is great in that I love to talk to people and I have about 21 clients (dental hygienist)….ok, ok…if I had a choice, I would work my coaching business regularly from the shores of Hawaii.
    Currently for my business, I, Ms. Super Suspicious, am doing what I want with reckless abandon vs very slow and cautiously. For me, that’s a big step. Don’t worry, I’m not driving with my eyes shut. I’m just not so up tight. I’m doing a few more things to finish a couple of certifications, but I plan to join B-School with a little reckless abandon (again, my definition). As for my action step, I’m doing it. I’m getting out of my comfort zone. I’m diving in. (Talking to more people as a health and wellness coach, writing down my dreams and goals, focusing on the positive, doing a vision board, reading books, getting speaking gigs, joined Toastmasters to improve my speaking skills, finishing my certifications,…. did I say talking to more people about health and wellness) ; )

  58. Karen Holly

    Thanks for the fun video. Questions regarding B-School, what I find is often times needed when starting out is access to great people to hire that have the skills that they are better at than you are, but you need for your business. So for example, do you help us to find great product marketers, copy writers, lawyers for copywriting designs, recipes, etc? I know I can’t be an expert in everything so would like to figure out when and who to hire to help my dreams come true. So am considering your b-school, but wary I may not get what I need out of it.

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Hi Karen! These are all great questions. B-School is ultimately designed to help you start and grow a purposeful, profitable business that you love by leveraging modern marketing tools and strategies. To help ensure you remain in the driver’s seat of your dreams and business, Marie generally recommends starting small and growing sustainably over time. While you may eventually choose to outsource elements of your business, B-School can help you establish a strong foundation that feels manageable and authentic for you. In addition to the trainings, there are also robust resource guides inside B-School to help you make the very best choices for your business as it grows. Be sure to check out our program tour for an in-depth look at everything covered in the curriculum here: We’d love to have you join us if the timing feels right!

  59. This is so great and right on time. I mentioned this briefly in my b-school video because it is what led me to the work I want to do

  60. The short version:

    Expectation: Staying in a “good” relationship (for lots of good reasons)
    Courageous Step: Get the heck out! (Everyone involved will be fine.)
    Action Step: Get a job (Find one that fits your needs. It exists.)

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Thanks so much for sharing your steps with us, Danni! We’re sending along our very best wishes for peace and abundance in all areas of your life.

  61. Donna L Burney

    One thing I am doing is distracting myself in ways that take me longer to return to my inner truth projects.

    One courageous change:
    I can tell the person I don’t want to come over, I would only be coming over to honor my word – not because I wanted to. I wanted to when we made the plan. I will do it by phone (voice to voice and not text, and not voice mail), in person will trigger me back into the wrong direction, texting is my cowards’ way out.

    One action step I can do NOW:
    Stay my ass home and get my head back in my ‘ inner truth game’. Before the kryptonite takes me out of the game I know I want.

  62. Ann

    Hi Marie, i have just signed up to your guidance and i also follow Gabby Bernstein – although i am not on social media. You are right – it takes courage to walk the path you really want to walk and i have always strived to do this, even though i have suffered from chronic post trauma all my life following an abusive childhood – and whatever age you are, you can’t swap your family or ditch the love, albeit at an extreme distance. I am struggling at the moment with financial pressures which involve losing my house. I am trying to take courage to trust that the universe has my back, because every day i have tried my hardest to stay open, learn and work hard. My dreams have been obscured at the moment by an autoimmune illness which causes alopecia and that is very difficult. I am remaining positive but frightened that the universe won’t come through for me. Any advice?

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Hi Ann, thanks so much for stopping by and sharing some of what’s on your heart. We’re so sorry to hear you’re facing so many obstacles in this season of your life and we recognize the courage it takes to look for help. We’re thrilled Marie’s work is a source of insight for you during this difficult time. It’s wonderful that you’re so committed to working toward your dreams, and we have no doubt beautiful things are on the horizon for you. We’d also love to encourage you to be gentle with yourself and focus on your health. Take time for things that bring you joy and nourish your body and soul, and please know that you aren’t on this path alone. We’re grateful to have you in our community and we’re sending along our very best wishes for peace and healing.

      • Ann Barber

        Thank you Hailey, I value your support.

  63. Carrie Harris

    Thanks for the awesome reminder Marie! When I hear the message referring to “end of life…what’s your regret…not being true to myself” it always gets my undivided attention! It is truly terrifying to imagine lying on my death bed knowing I never allowed myself to take the chances my heart was begging me to. Thank you Marie for all you do! I appreciate you so much!!

  64. Kevin

    Something I’m doing because it’s expected of me: Working at my 9 to 5 job and my business.
    2. Courageous change: Move to a small town, grow my business and start organic gardening.
    3. Action Step: Stop procrastinating on tasks that need to be done for the business.

  65. Juju

    1. the 9-19 day job is what my families, bosses expected me to do, well bosses expected to stay longer and 24 hours stand by on duty. And I feel it’s not true to me, and I don’t really feel passionate about it, I feel bored and meaningless, I am fulfilling others’ expectations only.
    2. To dance more often, at least 5 minutes a day! I love dancing; I love yoga practice! I love fashion! I am falling in love with reading as well. I like ti di so many different things. I could start to prioritize my hobbies and passions before work when it’s the weekend or after 17:30.
    3. The courageous thing I can do is say no or communicate with others in the office, while I am overwhelmed and truly not feeling to overwork. I understand sometimes it’s some project, but it should not be so abused of loading the work on me all the time.

    Thank you, Marie and Team Forleo!
    I am enrolling B- school now!!!!!!

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Thanks so much for sharing, Juju! It sounds like you’re truly what Marie calls a “multi-passionate entrepreneur” and you’re in great company around here. We can’t wait to welcome you to B-School and hear how your ideas continue to grow and evolve!

  66. Kristen Park

    Step 1: I’m working at a good job I’m good at because it’s a good living.
    Step 2: Be self employed, do what is more fitting to my temperament and personality (i.e., not a 9-5 job)
    Step 3: Start setting up my online business

  67. Could it be that Stefon from SNL is now on Marie’s list of ICA’s? I could hear him saying “New York’s hottest channel is MarieTV. This show has everything. Dudes in tight polos, a brilliant woman with fabulous hair, hip-hop dance parties, beautiful buttery lighting, world-changing business advice and dudes in mankini’s” … What’s a mankini? … “You know, that thing where you combine a weightlifter’s onesie with a pair of boxer briefs and a tennis ball?”

  68. Kristen Park

    I was taught to get a good job that would pay well so I could do fun things outside of work. And those fun things outside of work would give meaning to my life. But I hate “the job” and the fun things outside of work leave me flat most of the time. Vacation? Check – that was fun. Lunch with friends? Check – that was fun. Check, check, check. I need to rewrite my entire perspective on life. I am missing the meaning in life.

  69. Monique

    I love this last one, funny and subject SOOOO important!

    1. Something I’m doing because it’s expected of me: To change my schedule to fit someone’s else on a coming international business trip.
    2. Courageous change: To put on writing my wins regarding this particular situation in order to share my higher Self gifts.
    3. Action Step: Sharing my wins with this someone and inviting this person to share hers for us to find a winning ground and respect.

    I did just that this morning before watching this episode, and by listing to it now I could only see the importance of this practice to become our own authority figure to finally shine our light. Your video Marie reinforced this!

    I am now looking at this international business trip with empowerment! We arrived at a formula that can honor and empower both of us. I love that!

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Awesome, Monique! We’re thrilled this episode was just the spark you needed this week. Keep shining your light into the world, it’s so needed!

  70. Kristine Morris

    First of all, I LOVE Marie’s look today – hair, makeup and outfit ON POINT!

    And now my A to the Q’s:
    1. I am trying to be everything to everyone at work, to prove my ‘worth’. And it’s exhausting.
    2. One courageous change I would like to make right now is to stop sabotaging myself and stop wasting my time on silly things like surfing the net and playing silly games on my phone.
    3. Action step right now: 2 of them, actually. 1. Delete the games from my phone and do things that add value to my life (so I can add value to others), and 2. Announce to the world that I am the Change Maven – I just did this in my scholarship application video for B-School, and it feels wonderful to put it out there in the Universe. I am the Change Maven! I am the Change Maven! Woo Hoo!

    Thanks for all you do, Marie and Team Forleo xo

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Yay, Kristine! I love the tip about deleting games from your phone and we’re honored you submitted an entry for the scholarship program. 🙂

  71. Corina Bohn

    I am actually working in a career that I love (Youth Support Worker), and running my business on the side, it is my personal life that is affecting me being true to myself. I met all my friends at the local pub (bar). So, whenever we catch up, you are expected to have a drink in your hand. This is affecting my want to pursue a more spiritual path.
    What is expected of me? To have a beer whenever I see my friends. (sounds real tough, I know…)
    Courageous change? To expand my friendship group by enrolling in a class where people are likely to be more aligned with the spiritual path.
    Action? To start calling local yoga studios to suss out pricing.
    Thank you for assisting with the clarification, this has been bugging me for a while xx

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s tough, Corina. We encourage you to trust your intuition and do what you feel is best for you. There may be ways you can still hang out with them but perhaps drink a Coca-Cola instead, as long as they don’t pressure you to do otherwise.

  72. Anita

    Great reality check of being true to me! I am finding it hard to answer the 1st qu, I think i’m Following a path of truth, but giving myself a finite time to do so … will need to be kinder to myself 🙂 I need to ‘put myself out there more’ – tapping into my networks – and be excited & confident about what I have to offer

  73. jessie granado

    Hello All,
    Part 1., Almost always saying YES to helping out
    Part 2., Learning how to say NO and not feel guilty.
    Part 3., Releasing myself from the guilt.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      YES, Jessie!!

  74. Rea Elizabeth Taylor

    1. ) I am working a job that I am “okay” with and not passionate about or filled with happiness.
    2.) I want to be happy with everything that I do in my life encompassing all aspects: professionally, personally, internally, and with the community.
    3.) I will take the time – the breather – the space for myself so that creativity and vision can shine in me!

    Thank you Marie & Team 🙂

  75. Expected of me: Being flexible with last-minute cancellations to the piano lessons I give, and allowing refunds for missed lessons. Being ‘nice’ and essentially a pushover.
    Courageous change: Stick to my piano studio policy and be ‘nice’ to myself instead by running a business and not a charity for non-committal students.
    One action today: Each time I begin to think emotionally about what I [feel] like I should do to be nice, STOP, remember that the policy exists so that I don’t have to make an emotional-based decision. Do some actual work instead of wasting time worrying about what others think of me!

  76. Thank YOU Marie and TEAM for your medicine in a crucial time <3

    God Bless Your Lives!

  77. Amy Turner

    Yep! I’ve been a Clinical Therapist and Hospice Spiritual Counselor and Chaplain for years. The only thing I would add is that many people have a more complicated grief process when they haven’t said the hard things in addition to living the life they hoped for. Thank you bringing up this invaluable topic.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That makes sense and we appreciate you sharing your wisdom with us. <3

  78. Hello Beautiful Souls.
    1. Expected of me: Staying in my corporate job. It pays the bills, insures my daughter and I and offers “security”.
    2. Courageous change: Be visible. Show up. Share my true, authentic self with others without fear to build my tribe and connect with my people.
    3. Action step that I can take today: Take action – even if it’s messy. I realize I don’t need to be perfect, but I need to show-up. Post a FB Live or IG Story or IG TV… or all three!

  79. People expect me to tone it down. I am very direct. And when I am expected to tone it down, I don’t say anything at all for fear of rejection.
    I have started just saying it. And if I say it wrong, I say oops, so sorry it wasn’t my intent and this is what I meant. 😀
    Not being afraid to say it because I am going to hurt someone’s feelings.
    I have found the courage to say and do the thing that keeps me true. I am an idea person. i have a million ideas to share and just sharing it and testing them and discussing them is what I love. I hate surface talk. I like to get down and talk politics religion whatever and learn from it.

  80. Hello dear Marie and Team and All other people here!

    Love this community and the short but succinct food for thought here with Marie!
    Thank you. Found Marie Forleo through Ashley Turner, thank you Ashley, you’re amazing!

    1. Right now there’s I am being true to me. 8 months ago I dropped everything to start my life and business anew. (I had a Yoga school, but the business model was crap! I cut myself short to the point of burning out twice in 2 years. My daughter and I ended up living at my mothers on the otherside of the planet!! Ahhh. Not great, but it did make me look at all the wrong turns, all my people pleasing and deeper desire ignoring that got me here.) I saw that deep down I actually wanted to thrive and be successful in my school! A desire that isn’t very ‘spiritual’ in some yoga traditions.

    2. I have given myself 1 year to turn it all around. Create a business model that not only supports me, but lets me and all those I serve thrive through empowerment tools of Yoga, Ayurveda and Meditation. And at the same time support a project that empowers women in India.

    3. * I created a Youtube channel with content to create awareness of these tools.
    * Write blogs each month with content to promote Yoga, Ayurveda, Meditation, my expertise and uniqueness ;).
    * Create 3 different courses that adress specific emotional issues assuring success for students and myself in our goals.
    * And writing a book that goes with my signature course!!

    I know, I know, I am not sticking to the first point-
    Focus on one thing only.
    I do it in a way that is nourishing while I do what I love, loving the process, the discoveries and the opportunites I see along the way to culminate into a beautiful business.

    Love to you all, Shira Cohen.

  81. Patricia Albornoz

    Hi Marie and Team Forleo! So much love and light to you.
    1. One thing that is expected of me is to remain a full-time public school teacher.
    2. A courageous change I can make is to share my passion and plan of providing a beginning classroom library to under-resourced elementary classrooms. I truly believe that the power of words belongs to everyone, especially students who are labeled as struggling readers. This courageous change will call me towards action and ownership of the work needed to bring my why into being.
    3. One action step I can continue to make, repeatedly, is to build confidence in sharing my purpose and using all of the tools I am learning here to create next steps.

  82. Hi Marie, as usual super inspiring!
    1. Expected of me: People expect me to continue to ladder of the industry I am in and reach for a role as Director of Sales. Honestly, I hate my my currently job (Associate Director of Sales) and want more out of life.
    2. Courageous change: Quit this job and pursuit my dream of being a business owner and inspire more people to be passionate about customer experience and how to improve their approach in their day-to-day.
    3. Action step that I can take today: I am currently developing a training program that will improve companies customer approach. I am also working on making changes to my website in order to show the world what I will be offering – redirecting the original purpose/services of my company.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Awesome, Nadia! We’re big believers in the power of good, heart-centered, compassionate customer service so we’re glad this is something you’re passionate about and want to help people with.

  83. Hello to you!
    1) Something I’m doing because it’s expected: I don’t know. I am at the point in my transition where I’m not sure which things I’m doing because I want to, and which things I am doing from habit.
    2) Courageous Change: Exploring what benefit I receive from each action.
    3) Action Step: Every time I hear myself say “I need to…” stop and take a breath.

  84. Samantha

    Hi Marie & Team,

    Such a great video. It made me laugh. 🙂

    1. Something I am doing that others expect of me: Working a typical 8-5 job.
    2. Courageous change: Start my own business and one day work from home.
    3. Action step: Enroll in B-School!

    I know I am not connected with my true self with the current course that I am on. Much of what I feel is what you’ve posted above. So after a year of searching and focusing on me, I finally have some more direction. I do still feel a bit ‘silly’ about trying to start my own business/write my own book even, but I know I will regret it if I don’t try. Thank you Marie and Team for all for the encouragement!

  85. Wow, I must say, I didn’t think I don’t have something to answer here.
    Kept scratching my head for one thing that I do that’s not true to me, and I couldn’t come up with something.
    I hope this is a good thing 🙂
    Merci, Marie !

  86. Esther

    Action Step: Meditate. I can do this anywhere, anytime. Like now…

  87. Nicole Hathaway

    ~* Warning! Long winded responses below. *~

    #1.) * Something I’m doing because it’s EXPECTED of me: Keeping relatively quiet about my diagnosis & dreams of becoming a mental wellness advocate.
    THEM: —-> (Nobody likes to talk about BiPolar disorder all day long, you should be ashamed of that thing that you had no control over developing. You’ve got it all together on the outside. Keep it under wraps kid. Nobody likes the smell of dirty laundry.
    ME: —-> I am will STOP AT NOTHING until I make a massive impact on society directly related to cultivating compassion, abolishing stigma around mental wellness & teaching people responsibility around emotional communication for the speaker & the listener.

    #2.) *COURAGEOUS change: I’ve already begun. I left my professional decade long profession of Speech Pathology because I couldn’t stand another day. I lived out of my car for the past several months in order to afford to begin the process of creating the business of my dreams. I know it sounds like a typical “crazy person” move. (shame on me for saying that – tongue in cheek) But in reality, my walking away from the profession has been coming for about 12 years. But over the last 5 years, I have been obsessed with trying to find a way to help others like me to find the calm, peace and balance that I finally discovered so that they can avoid the pitfalls that I faced when I had no one to guide me.

    #3.) *ACTION Step: I submitted my application which WILL grant me a B-School scholarship! I am unable to afford to start my business without the scholarship because I exhausted my means. I was living off my savings for the past several months after breaking free from my previous life. During this time I have devoted myself to building the foundation I need to cultivate community around my cause. I invested the last of my money on software and my website, I created social media accounts with my brand – “Aurora’s Grace” (Tw, FB, IG, YT) I have begun to engage my audience by providing content and interacting with community. I am putting the finishing touches on my blog & will have it live, with my first Blog post, by this Thursday.

    I am DEDICATED to doing the damn thing Sis!
    My life depends on it, I will not stop until I realize this dream, no matter what it takes.
    It is all I think about.
    Whatever it takes.

    “Aurora’s Grace”
    – A community centered around personal transformation through radical self-acceptance.

    *Free meaningful content*:
    Blog, Instagram & Facebook (live streams, stories, groups & inspirational posts), Twitter & YouTube channel. ~ All created & beginning to push out content.

    * Products*:
    E-books, Paperbacks, E-courses, Possible mood tracking app for iPhone & Android

    * Services*:
    Mentorship, Public Speaking, Volunteering, Advocacy through media

    * Software as a service*:
    Memberships site for those affected by BiPolar to research treatment options, medications, physicians, naturopaths, psychiatrists, psychologists, counselors, holisitic & alternative practitioners, retreat & treatment centers, diet information, research on supplements, 1:1 online based consultations and therapy sessions, community led forums for various topics. etc. The list goes on – but essentially a safe a judgement-free place to get the answers that we so desperately need, especially when first diagnosed or struggling to find the proper treatment.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Yes, yes, YES! This is fantastic, Nicole! Keep going––we believe in you. xo

  88. Sue

    I can totally understand this as I am in the same situation. I try to get up early and have some me time to exercise and get some fresh air before I start, then at lunchtime I take off an hour to cook, eat and chat. Weekends I am offline….but sometimes the guilt definitely hits at that ‘hour’ lunchtime and I force myself to go back even when I don’t want

  89. Anon

    Hi Marie,
    As expected [or not expected ;)], this was another eye opening video for me. Your wisdom never ceases to amaze me!

    1) Something I am doing because it is “expected” of me: Teaching and choreographing dances, when in reality I want to work on myself and improve my technique, but I am having trouble finding the time.
    2) Courageous change: Putting aside time for myself and saying “no” so that I can set that time for myself.
    3) Action Step: Sign up for dance classes and maybe go once a week for a start.

    Writing it out, definitely feels better already!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Woohoo! Writing goals down can make them feel more real. We hope you love your dance classes!

      • Anon

        Yes, it definitely felt great. Thanks for the support!

  90. Always love MarieTV, encouraging me to take action steps every day!
    1. Something I’m doing because it’s expected of me: applying for “real” jobs while I try and expand my businesses.
    2. Courageous change: talk about my businesses more and be unapologetic about sharing my talents with others.
    3. Action Step: Start working on my mindful eating coaching program so that I can start meeting with clients and create the business of my dreams.

  91. Renee

    1. What am I doing right now that’s not true to me? I am not following my truth as I should be, I get swayed easily by others opportunities

    2. One courageous thing? Stop being swayed by others and get back on track with my truth

    3. First action step? Finish taking my Holistic Health and Wellness coaching certification and incorporate it into my Massage practice.

    I am a massage therapist in Canada, and have been looking to find ways to make extra income. I started in a couple of MLM’s but in the end they didn’t work for me as I couldn’t open my mouth to talk about them. I then saw a healer who helped open my eyes to what I had been blind to for so long. Since I saw her, I have had an increase in business and was able to make a choice on a second vocation to pursue that was in line with me.

  92. Anannya

    Hi Marie! Thank you soooo much for this video.
    1. Allowing my compulsive thought process to get in the way of what I truly want to do everyday ( ex: I want to do 2.5 hours of yoga and meditation every morning, but I keep worrying and thinking about other peripheral things I could be doing in that time, effectively wasting my time 🙄)
    2. Courageous step: ignore my thought process and just get up and do my yoga!
    3. I did just that this morning and I feel great!

  93. Ana

    Love this and don’t stop with the mankini’s.
    Expected: Be a good mother and contribute to the family as a wage earner. (I expect this of myself, so it’s all good here!)
    Courage: Stepping out of my professional life to pursue my passion. In this case, I can’t lose this yet so side-hustling on my passion of writing a book. Started a blog that will eventually support the release of the book but telling people about it gives me hives and I’m slowly working on it.
    Action: create better time management for writing book and own my side-hustle and blog by talking about it (sometimes, eek!)

  94. Loved the speedy video with inspiration. Being true to self is so so so hard bc immediately it leaves you open to judgement and criticism from others. Expected: being in shape all the time as a PT, yoga teacher and health coach. Keeping it real by allowing myself to have days off. Less is Best is my mantra this year. It’s a practice…not there yet, but not about perfection just being true to myself. Aligning myself with people who bring out the best in me helps with self doubt…! Thanks as always Marie. Former B-schooler and follower. 🙂

  95. margaret Easton

    I love the quote from Bronnie Ware – so true and makes me feel emotional as I’m in my late fifties!
    Question 1 I actually feel as though some of the things that didn’t resonate with me I’ve already moved away from – i.e some business networking events, and social media sites which seems too ‘formal’ for me.
    Question 2. I think for me this is about self acceptance -I haven’t got the drive to be a ‘go getter’ anymore and that is possibly down to having different values to when I was younger. I’m more laid back, like to take my time on things and savour life more rather than be just focused on work constantly.

    Question 3. What I’ve always wanted to do is write – I lose myself when I write and it feels like coming home to my soul. I’ve written parts of books, and short stories, yet I procrastinate, and find other ‘stuff’ to keep me busy. So I need to me by own life coach and just sit down and do it! Even if with my other commitments right now it’s one day a week. I can get there – and |I know if I don’t I will regret it and the time I wasted.

  96. Hello there! So to be honest these questions took a while to answer… but the fact that it took a while just made me realize that I’m soooo not being true to myself! (Duh!) So here it goes:
    Q1: I’ m working in my father’s company without pay because he needs the help and it’s expected of me to help out. I’m willing to do it, however this takes time away from trying to build upon my coaching business. Plus what I’m doing right now feels like a dead end job that I definitively do not enjoy.
    Q2: The one courageous thing to do would be: not to totally abandon my dad’s company but rather just get out there with my business, take it to the next level and JUST DO IT!
    Q3: The first action step would be to talk to my dad to explain that I need more time to build my own business.
    It sounds easy and comforting writing it and saying it out loud. I hope now, I can actually do it!
    Thanks Marie and all of your group for these inspiring videos that just make my day!
    Lots of love!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      I know that won’t be the easiest conversation, so we’re sending lots of love your way!

  97. Andrea

    What if the thing I have identified that I have to change is too painful to do, to me and to others?

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s a tough one, Andrea. We encourage you to trust your inner wisdom and do what you feel is best for you. We’re big believers that what’s best for you is also what serves others’ highest good too.

  98. Lori

    Hello Marie and team (love the mankini, lol)
    One thing I’m doing because I think it is expected? Being to serious and stuffy (shaking the stuffiness off my shoulders while I write).
    Something courageous I could do write now? Loosen up!
    One action step: Laugh more

  99. I am working my day job with a family business even though it is not even close to my passion.
    Action step is to move away from that job and into my true passion of my own business.
    I am already starting to build that business and focus on it through B School and other training while working and building my business (and keeping that day job for money).

  100. I’ve learned so much about myself and what I want to do in this world through MarieTV. Thanks to all of you. <3

    One thing I'm doing right now that is a terrible habit is being either 1) glued to my computer, or 2) at my bridge job. I think spending more time breathing in, reading, taking in, will take me farther at this moment. Even if it's in a way that's unseen.

    I want to change my timid way of approaching my business. I got The Copy Cure in the fall, and I've been reading so much about business and marketing. The one thing I've realized is that I simply don't reach out, go for partnerships and collaborations, or generally try to put myself out there. I just wait for clients & community to come to me by word of mouth, believing my kindness and value will simply be known. Ain't gonna happen, hello! I've gotta go for bold.

    Which leads me to the first action step I can take! I need to start reaching out for those connections. I'm composing an email as soon as I post this.

    Thanks Marie & Team! Love y'all, sending good vibes from Kentucky. 🙂

  101. I agree with focus on one thing and do it well. You can’t be good at everything.
    I don’t live my life by other people’s expectations, I have a challenge with putting myself out there, doing talks and presentations is what I want to do in my local area to attract clients, I’m not sure of myself

  102. Jacqueline

    I want to be a health coach and while I still need to keep my day job, I can take the first step of doing an online nutrition course.

  103. Emma

    After a giving up a 15 year career of working with children to dedicate 12 years entirely to my own children, I’ve just taken action and joined B-School………….woo hoo!! Can’t wait to get stuck in! x

  104. 1. Playing small so that others’ don’t feel bad (wow, that came to my awareness ….crazy that I do this, thankful I’m aware of it)

    2. I courageous change to be more true to myself: On a daily basis, before I go to sleep, envision my dream day – and write down the 20% that will get 80% of my results so I’m prepped for the morning

    3. Action I can take now: Get my vision board on the table and write down my action item in (2) so I”m ready for tonight {DONE]

  105. Eileen T

    Other people expect me to wear clothes, but all I want to do is be myself and wear mankini! LOL!

    1. I often go to events and functions (both business and personal) not because I want to, but what others expected to.

    2. I want to have the courage to say no to people.

    3. Plan ahead on my schedule. If the event does not fit my schedule or does not bring me joy, then I am going to say no.

  106. Hey sweetheart
    I love your energy 💝
    1- I need to stop to feel guilty to choose me and my passion

    2- All always procrastinate to do my videos to promote my products
    3- Get organise and do it

  107. Fedaa

    I would’ve said I’m living a double life but truth is I’m living many versions of myself because I’m always doing what’s expected of me. But foremost:
    1- living at home with my family because it’s culturally expected of me
    2- have a community creative centre Hold safe space for myself and others
    3- feel free through Dance!

  108. I try to do this every day. As I get more exposure for my work — characters, including a Melania Trump impression — it gets even more scary. Sometimes it feels overwhelming.

    But I would regret not forging through the fear at the end of my life. It’s a great thing to keep in mind! Thank you, Marie! We don’t have a long time here and it’s so useful to be reminded that we have to seize every day and go with our gut.

  109. Nikki

    Marie, Marie! You are WONDERFUL! I’m addicted to your channel and I’m learning and growing so much everyday. I’ve decided to:
    1. STOP being ashamed of my age! I am 39 and I sometimes feel ashamed because I’m not married and I don’t have children; I was feeling like a failure. Not to mention, I ve been teaching for four years and I kept going back because it’s what I know, I absolutely hate it!
    2. Put in my resignation! I did it! I informed my principals that I would not be returning to teach. They asked why and I told them that I’ve decided to change careers!
    3. Pursue my own business ventures. I love music and I started djing as a hobby a couple of years ago. Now, I’ll be stepping out on faith, out of my comfort zone to start my own DJ business.
    By the way, do you think B School is a program I could benefit from with my new DJ venture? It’s a bit different from the online business examples I’ve seen on the B School reviews. Thank you for following your dreams Marie. You’re helping people like me follow mine.

  110. I really liked this message, it was so empowering and refreshing! I find myself in a similar situation, in which I’ve had to struggle to live up to my own fulfillments rather than other people’s expectations. I come from a humble, conservative family, in which entrepreneurship and stepping out of the comfort zone is considered for certain “types” of people or social status. However, I really embrace my own beliefs and talents to keep pursuing my own dreams. It’s been challenging for me, but I’m loving the process of who I am becoming. I am gradually letting myself go by doing what I truly love and transitioning into that entrepreneur stage. I’m just starting, but I know and feel that it´s totally worth it.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      We know it’s not easy when you’re forging your own path, especially if that diverges from what your family has in mind, so we’re cheering you on and we can’t wait to see what your dreams have in store for you.

  111. Ayse Betul

    Dear Marie and team Forleo, thank you for this post,
    * working still in my current job and spending the day in this non clear area
    * leaving this position
    * looking for a new dayjob and better ask for help

  112. Jan

    What others expect: Overseeing all aspects of care for my 92 year old mom (doing it alone, mega responsibility and draining on every level).
    Courageous change: Make arrangements for her to be in a memory care setting.
    Action step: Make it happen (that in itself is a huge undertaking and of course filled with much emotion) so I can move on with my life and dreams before it is too late.

  113. Margaret Sarmiento

    1. I feel I’m expected to enjoy being a high school teacher like it’s a noble profession and want to stay because of summers off, health benefits and pension.
    2. To be true to myself I’d like to quit tomorrow and immerse myself in my business.
    3. My first action step is B- School so I can make at least 10k per month.
    Thank you for inspiring us Marie and team!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Yay, Margaret! We’d love to see you in B-School and help you build your business. <3

  114. Great post Marie!
    1. using my time to get a salary instead of using it to make a change in people I can help.
    2. start using my time to dive into the true creative/intuitive/happiness driven/value-creator me, to serve people and making a difference.
    3. learn to get easly in the “creative” state, generate a good product focusing on it, starting my business.
    Damn, now it’s clear to me, I cannot back out…

  115. Adrienne

    I sometimes follow the rules, even if it hurts my own advancement. There are 2 specific times I did this in my acting career that caused me to miss big opportunities, and I promised myself I would never do it again. I recently took big action and gave notice at my well paying sales job to move across the country to pursue my screenwriting career. I’m close to winning a new sales job in L.A., one that is more aligned with my values, but pushed myself out of the nest before securing the next job. Being in L.A. will boost my chances of finding a day job, not to mention helps me get started networking on the creative front, but I am doubting myself (read panicking.) I need to secure a paying full time job within weeks of moving. I have savings but am very protective of it, since I’m over 50. I knew I was going to quit and move, but this is not how I had planned it. Feels like I did the expected thing, which was to be transparent with my employer, before I had a job on the other side. The wheels are in motion, so I am reaching out to the community for support.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Thanks so much for reaching out, Adrienne. Taking big leaps like that aren’t easy and they take a lot of courage, so we’re giving you a virtual high five!

      Feeling insecure about where your money is coming from can strain your creative energy, so there’s nothing wrong with having a bridge job (whether full or part time) that pays the bills while you’re building your business. Marie talks more about this here: We’re rooting for you!

      • Adrienne

        Thank you, Mandy! x0x0x0

  116. It is been long time since I am not a people pleaser. Tx. God!
    I love being here.

  117. 1) expected: working more hands on in my business than I wish to
    2) find a way to work less hours with clients directly
    3) begin the online membership program I have previously outlined and dodged completing for years!

  118. What a great reminder…as always. Thank you Marie!!!

  119. Erika

    1. I am unsure of how to answer this question. Maybe, Not taking time off from work and feeling the guilt of not being the hardest working person in the room to set an example and lead the people around me.
    2. I would like to find time to workout more again. After I had my baby I am not as driven as I use to to hit the weights that I love, that helped me find the person I have become today.
    3. Waking up early to get a small workout in. I have a trip planned in June… maybe plan a second one!

  120. Hey 😉 that’s a help , I move you aaall..

    today I had a talk … its so hard to be an adult .. all the responsibilities , decisions .. great to have some inspiration like you ¨

    1. So one thing i am doing because it’s expected of me :
    stepping from one shit job to another because I dont have a degree AND I always worked I literally run from one paycheck to another , since 20 years

    2. Courageous change would be to show up in LIFE, yes even social media , I have so much to show , tell but I even dont dare to share a post cause I think what I write doesn’t matter – JUST live my life as a woman – AND DONT THINK

    3. Action step is :I do every week for the rest of the year ONE thing that scares me
    hopefully I dont forget that after 3x

  121. 1. Something I’m doing because it’s expected of me: I actually stopped doing that when I informed my husband that I am NOT going back to a J.O.B., but it still tugs at me, especially when money isn’t coming in so steady. I’m such a rebel!
    2. Courageous change: To keep going even when things keep knocking me back, I will STILL get up and go.
    3. Action Step: Is to stay in motion and keep doing. If I quit now, I KNOW nothing will happen so even if it’s small steps, I’m still moving forward to my goals.

  122. I love this! I am in b school now and working on my mission statement today….and I am going to include ‘living life with no regret’ somehow in it! Thank you Team Forleo and all that you bring to this table of life!

  123. Love the questions posed in the video!

    I think that staying true to yourself is all about possessing the ability to ignore criticisms and not letting them affect you.

    A group of people might be turned off by your “true you” but there’s another group of people who will adore you for being your true self.

    Being a people-pleaser just don’t work!

  124. The information is really very helpful, thanks for the great share.

  125. Danica Comenta

    This is exactly for me right now!
    1. I’ve been overly setting aside my my daily goals and plans to accommodate the needs of others (babysitting friends’ kids, finding stuffs for them, answering to their immediate needs) for I felt like sacrificing my own plans for others is love and its where I will be blessed. But recently I’ve been realizing that I’m not getting my closer to my goals because I overdo it.
    2. Stick to my goals and plans, let my friends know how much they mean to me, and learn to say ”no” when necessary.
    3. Set my boundaries and write them down.

  126. romana

    I am mindlessly trying to improve my writing skills & trying to fit in the profile although I planned in the beginning of the year to become a digital marketer.

    Stop thinking that I can’t be better & I will be stuck in the present scenario never growing.

    Create a list of goals & focus on them into of going into 1000s of different directions.

  127. Roberta Giannini Todrzak

    I love this You & A ! I am finally living my life as I want and not seeking approval from others. I am finally loving myself to live my life without caring what others think of me. (Throughout my life, I was criticized or dismissed for not living according to how others’ thought I should. And, in order to be loved or accepted, I went along with their ideas. WRONG!) I prayed, listened your Podcasts, TED talks, OPRAH; and caring for myself by respecting and honoring me and how I wanted to live. I could write a book…THANK YOU, MARIE, for being you & a shining light of love in this world ❤️

    • Hi, Roberta! We’re so glad that this MarieTV resonates with you. It sounds like you have always been true to yourself even when it’s hard, and we applaud you for your strength!

  128. You are AMAZING!
    I have finally set aside a “friend”.
    Very difficult.
    Had a talk with her this morning and hoped for a connection, being heard.
    Didn’t happen.
    I said my piece and listened and can now move on.
    Thank you.

  129. Came for the insight, stayed for the mankini. Wasn’t disappointed.

  130. Alia

    1. I’m expected to become a software engineer once I grow up. I’m expected to work at a desk and have kids of my own.
    2. My dream job is to travel and help people. Also to become a doctor or a bio engineer.
    3. Stop listening to society’s expectations and focus on what I want to do.

    • Maja - Team Forleo

      Thanks so much for sharing, Alia! When you’re feeling the pressure of those expectations, it helps to remember that this is your gig, and your dreams matter. No one else is living your life. We’re all rooting for you! 💗

  131. Gudrun

    Dear Marie, so true, so hard to realize! With almost 50 years now I see time passing by so incredible fast … and I’ve this nagging feeling to miss out something.
    What I try: to stay attentive, ask help from the universe and follow what makes me happy. That means: If I have to decide between two things (e.g. how to spend my time, what to do next for my business) I choose what’s more fun.
    Thank you for all!

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