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When I first read today’s question, my heart melted.

Knowing a 16 year-old boy was struggling with something nearly all of us face got me super fired up to help. Plus, knowing creative kids are fans of the show got me a little misty eyed too.

So let me ask…

Do you ever have trouble finishing what you start?

Creative success means balancing your love of starting things with a habit of finishing them. Click To Tweet

Do amazing ideas come to you all the time but — after the initial excitement wanes — you struggle to follow through? If you’re creative and ambitious, the answer is likely yes.

Being multipassionate can be an energizing gift, but it can also crush your confidence if you’re not able to push your projects through to completion.

In today’s episode, discover two smart and often overlooked strategies that help – especially if you sometimes feel like a serial quitter.

As promised here’s the link to our other episode about follow-through.

Now, I’d love to hear from you.

What’s the most important follow-through insight you’re taking away from today? Or, if you’ve struggled with this issue, what’s the single biggest strategy that’s helped you learn to finish what you start?

Let me know in the comments below and add as much detail as you can. Thousands of beautiful souls come here each week for insight and inspiration, and your story may be exactly what someone else needs to hear right now.

P.S. I’m proud to share that our company made the INC 500 list this year and we got a sweet write up about Entrepreneurial Strengths: Groundbreaking new research shows what sets Inc. 500 CEOs apart from the pack.

Huge thanks to the @Inc team and to @LeighEBuchanan for including us in her article, and my deepest gratitude to YOU, our beloved community.

Without you, there would be no business. Thank you for continuing to let us serve you.

Thanks in advance for reading, watching and adding your genius to the conversation.

You make my world!

With all my love,


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  1. I’m so impressed with Spencer! Knowing to even ask for help at his age is a GREAT achievement, to begin with.

    I have a question that I teach my clients and that I use on the daily to deal with distraction, disconnection, and overwhelm — “Is what I’m doing right now supporting my bigger vision, or not?”

    Often we get bogged down in the minor details and pulled away from what “the whole point” was to begin with.

    And, since Spencer is lightyears ahead of his time, maybe he’s already heard of Danielle LaPorte. But if he hasn’t … ask yourself, “Is what I’m doing supporting how I want to FEEL?” Knowing how you want to feel is barometer for knowing whether or not the actions you’re taking are authentic or not. If they make you feel the way you want … you’re on track! If not, then it’s time to course correct.

    • Kristen, I AGREE. and I love and adore Danielle. Knowing how you feel will certainly benefit everyone.

      One thing that I’ve noticed is that people get so caught up in other thoughts in their head that they can not even figure out what they feel. This audience may or may not be here on MarieTV but it does exist. In this case, it is best to work with someone, a coach that will help bring these things to the surface.

      Two amazing women I have worked with that can help are:
      1. the When I Grow Up Coach: Michelle Ward
      2. Step into your Starring Role: Tanya Geisler

      • Sandy — Yes it IS really hard to know how you feel, sometimes.

        In times like that, I tell my coaching clients to start with how you DON’T want to feel, and work your way backwards.

        For better or worse, people tend to be able to pinpoint what sucks about their current situation. So if, for example, they’re feeling confused and distracted, the opposite of feeling that way might be … clear, focused, spacious.

        I get a lot of “Aha” moments when I ask people to start with the opposite! 🙂

        • You ladies are brilliant! I absolutely agree with you. I apply this on a daily basis by switching my frustration over to motivation. Instead of dwelling on thoughts like “arrrggghhh how am I going to get THIS done today too?” I start asking myself what do I want the end result of my day to look like and then work around that. This often involves how I want my energy to be like at the end of the day, which is very important.

          One other very important strategy that I use is tracking my time. I periodically jot down what I do over a period of a few days. Then I review it and reassess whether the way I’m spending my time is reflecting my priorities, the way I want to feel (CDFs!) and create a game plan for the future. I’m actually sharing this exact strategy through my 9-day free flexible productivity course. (It’s right on my homepage at if anyone wants to check it out.)

          Speaking of flexible productivity, Marie, I LOVE this week’s episode because every single piece of advice is right up my alley! My term for multipassionate people is creative grasshoppers, and after struggling with the same thing this smart fella is struggling with for my entire life I finally discovered a way to be productive in a flexible way by leveraging the power of habits and mindset shifts. It has freed me from having to create rigid schedules and enabled me to use my natural creative rhythms and dabble, as you say. I’m loving the fact that the same approach helped you as well 🙂

          • Like Spencer, I’m definitely *not* the “normal” demographic here but I totally agree with all of you!… LaPorte, like Forleo, is a goddess and you lovely ladies are all right on the money!

        • Kristen- great comments and insight! I especially like what you wrote about asking oneself ““Is what I’m doing supporting how I want to FEEL?”
          I ask my coaching clients that question frequently….and sometimes, I need to remind MYSELF of it!

          I also like the method of working backwards. That is a great asset in the toolbox and one that does not seem to be used often enough. Some great breakthroughs happen that way.

          Sandy- very well said! I also often see people getting so caught up in their thoughts that they get clouded and can’t figure out how they feel or what they want. Been there myself. I think this is precisely why coach’s can add so much value to the lives of others.

        • Kristen, I see how that method can work for a lot of people.

          If I may, one thing I learned through being coached and also working with clients myself (not as a coach but motivational speaker) I learned the application of positivity. So instead of working from a place of what isn’t working which can throw some people deeper into pity victim mode the emphasis on “what are your dreams” “what do you see for yourself in the next 6 months” A specific time frame that isn’t so long makes people focus.

          Ex: a person who is sick of not finding a partner. wants to get married but there aren’t good quality men out there. men are just x and y and z. its so frustrating.

          thats the dilemma. SO: this person may not see marriage and a newborn in six months but does see dating someone, possibly in the midsts of falling in love.

          then develop steps to get there:
          Ex-must go out and talk to at least five different men a week.
          (I said talk not flirt, not get a number, just talk. even if its exchanging one sentence each.) Now you are visible and you feel visible. this is HUGE!

      • Another resource worth checking out for Spencer and all the other multi-passionate people out there is That’s a blog dedicated exclusively to multi-passionate living, working and playing. When I found that blog I finally felt home. Like someone understood me and that it was OK if I dabbled and didn’t always follow thru on every passion I have at the moment.

        Best of luck to you!

    • I feel the same way about Spencer. He is way ahead of the game if he’s this introspective already.

      I’ve had the follow through blues more than once. The tips on Cog Con stand out for me, especially defining completion. I tend to have a fuzzy idea of where I want to go so it’s easy to drop off along the way.

      I guess, for me, it’s about finding the balance between where I want to go and leaving just enough room for something even better by feeling my way through.

    • Ooh! Good one, Kristen! I also love Danielle LaPorte and use this exact strategy to put me back on track.

    • Right on, Kristen. You’ve got good intellectual taste. And I agree, it’s pretty impressive that a 16-year old guy is getting into Marie’s advice. I thought I was smart for getting into her and Danielle LaPorte’s advice at 24. 🙂 Great job Spencer!

    • This is a fantastic Q&A and one I struggle with but want to overcome so the ideas are great, thanks Marie! I like the “blinkered” approach because i think we all get so distracted with social media when we’re online and it almost becomes like an addiction to be checking messages when we should be concentrating on the task in hand! 🙂

    • As a musician I always finding myself struck with new ideas and not always finishing through with them! It seems that once the idea is out the magic is gone and the finishing process becomes cumbersome and boring. What helps me finish is reminding myself of the time I have ALREADY invested in the project, and that my time would be wasted if the project never reaches completion.

      Thanks Marie! xx

    • Kate


      As a person who is highly emotion-driven both personally and professionally, thank you thank you THANK YOU for sharing Danielle LaPorte’s line. I very easily absorb the feelings of the situations I’m in and oftentimes allow myself to get bogged down in this tidbits instead of focusing on the big picture. Many thanks for your inspirational reminder to recognize and steer clear of this practice!

  2. Marie,
    I love todays video. Yes I do this, I do not follow through on certain things, but the REAL juicy info is this:

    I LOVE helping others follow through. I love sharing ideas. I love talking to people because I can see things they can not see. I hear what they like and don’t like. I hear what they say their strengths are and I see other strengths they can not see for themselves.

    Its a gift, not a business (but maybe it should be 😉

  3. Marie: Love your dresses. Is there a way to name your stylist and share where the dress is from (so I can buy them too :)? Or at least do a lil twirl 🙂

  4. Caro Je

    GOD MARIE, always so accurate!, this happens to me all the time.
    But you know.. sometimes I don´t even start the things I want to make. I drop them before even starting. So that’s why I’ve come with this Seed Sowing technique… Since I’ve always felt guilty and bad about myself for not starting nor finishing things.. then I just start planting little thoughts about the changes I’d loved to make in my life. then I read a book about it. I look for videos on the topic. I write some ideas.. then some other books… inspirational material… whatever helps me convince that I really want and need this change… until I’ve watered that seed so much time that there comes the day when everything is ready and I’m ready to start and then I feel so sure of not quitting that easy – since I’ve been waiting for that a long time! It works for me… I’m not that fast on making decisions so I definitely have to prepare the field and that gives me strength to follow through…

    • Cyndee Noble

      It’s good to hear someone else takes awhile to make decisions! I do alot of thinking, planning, research etc. Sometimes it can lead to analysis paralysis I’ve been told. But its what I need to do 🙂

      • Caro Je

        yess Cyndee.. some of us just need some more time to start but it helps as a weight for not quitting… “I’ve waited so long, I’ve prepared myself so much for this that I won’t stop right now” 😉

  5. Loved today’s episode! This was insightful for me as a fellow creative entrepreneur because lately I have found myself starting many more tasks in my business, getting sidetracked and then having to scramble to finish before a deadline. But, after watching todays video, I remembered a time just a few months ago when life flowed much more smoothly for me. And its all about routine.

    I just remembered a routine I created for myself just a few months ago that I want to re-incorporate back into my life. I have found that when I set my day up to exercise first thing in the morning (20-30 minutes) every day, meditate (10 minutes) and include a little creative visualization time about the end results (5 minutes) that it was easier for me to set and complete goals in my business. “Seeing” the end result in my mind first, really gave me the drive to follow through. And I was not only much more focused during important tasks, I also accomplished a lot more and made more $ in my business too. I’m going to reimplement those 4 principles starting today. Great reminder Marie!

    • I’m loving this daily routine, Aziza! The power of habits and routines is just so incredibly strong – it’s amazing what we can accomplish with them!

    • You’re totally right, Aziza. I find that habits, routines, and schedules make the biggest difference for me in terms of getting things done. I would add this to the cog con training: creating habits means you don’t have to think about it. You don’t have to decide, am I doing this or this now? The decision is made for you and all you have to do is sit down and do the work. Since I established clear routines I’ve been getting so much more done than I did before!

    • Sarah

      Love that routine Aziza! Thanks for sharing:-)

  6. Love this one. Particularly due to the source. Spencer! So inspiring and so insightful for such a young chap.

    Anyway, I find redefining deadlines can keep me in the game. I work really well on deadline, however, if my deadlines are too strict or unrealistic, it can be discouraging. Permission to move deadlines, when possible, can be motivation to keep going because it will get done…eventually.

  7. Bravo for Spencer! At 16 he is clearer than I’m at 39. I also struggle with getting things done, I love to come up with ideas and plans, ideate new things, get super excited about the creativity…but then when it comes to following through and finishing it, it falls through. I probably get another idea and the idea gets me super excited but a part of me feels bad for not “completing” all my wonderful ideas.
    I’ve been trying to get better at following through – some things that I’ve been implementing: work for 20 or 30 minutes on a task without interruption. Say “NO” –> in my excitement I tend to say “yes” to too many things and then don’t have the time to do it all. Follow my instinct and only do things that feel good…all part of growing up I guess 🙂
    Loved this episode. Thanks Marie!

  8. Oh I love this- nice question, Spencer! 😀

    And WHAT perfect timing!

    I just wrote a blog post about my difficulty in finishing my book:

    I do use that technique Marie describes, of stating what you want the outcome to be, but was being pretty intuitive about it until now: this clip makes me see that I could be more methodical, and thus take the first steps to making a finished product.

    Thanks again, Marie!

  9. Dabble time. I get a bit knotted up thinking if I start playing around with a piece of music I need to finish it. Although I’m finding things I’m starting aren’t getting finished because they feel like I’ve hit a bottle neck. Saying that though. I did find a change of space, with a definite intention helped on one project. I went to amsterdam for a few days and took my MacBook with the specific intention of sitting down somewhere nice and doing some work on a part finished project, and I got a lot done and I learnt some new things as well. Hmmm. Think I answered my own question there 🙂

  10. This has been me since I was 16, and now I am 60. It has led me through an interesting life with over 40 different jobs, as many different homes, and… I’m now looking forward to trying Dabbling with my Cog Con – an interesting new approach. Thank you Marie. This could mark a major turning point!

    One thing I find helps a lot is, after defining completion as you recommend, to work at completion but with detachment from wanting a specific outcome, being open to new twists and turns. In other words, focus on feeling happy right now in the doing, instead of happiness depending on something happening in the future.

    • Great point Steve! The process is just as important as the result!

    • I can totally relate, and I was thinking, if I just had a drill sergeant like that… but, then realized that would just be another distraction. 🙂
      “Part of the issue of achievement is to be able to set realistic goals, but that’s one of the hardest things to do because you don’t always know exactly where you’re going, and you shouldn’t.” ~George Lucas

  11. Great episode! Spot on.

    I totally relate to Spencer’s question and use meditation to get my COG CON. Being able to observe my mind and habits of behavior has allowed me to see that, when I have an idea, I jump right in and try to execute without thinking it through all the way. Then I have so much on my plate that I get overwhelmed and cannot follow through on everything. So now I am wading in slowly, dabbling, visioning, and waiting-and-seeing and taking much longer to decide what I REALLY want to do. The result: less overwhelm, more presence, more engagement and more time!! Feels great. Thanks for giving me even more tools to deal with my multi passionate gift!!! xoxo

  12. My dada used to say:”FINISH what you START!”

    (No, he wasn’t screaming at me but he held strong to his opinions.)

    I’ve been experimenting with this all summer while I was working on a new program I’m launching this Fall.

    My question was: what is the perfect balance between staying in the creative flow, not PUSHING to finish yet taking consistent inspired action?

    And my answer is… it’s an ebb and flow.

    BUT when I’m really IN the creative flow I grab the ball and run with it.

    And I finish what I start.

    Thanks dad,


  13. This is one of my favorite MarieTV episodes ever! I completely relate! And every so often, I take a day or part of a day to “dabble,” which I refer to as “searching for new inspiration” … and I allow myself to read, search the web to find new things and “meet” new people, etc.

    Also, the skits in this video are hilarious! 🙂


  14. That Spencer sure is a smart fella to be reaching out to Marie and the community to ask for guidance! : )

    One of the best strategies I’ve used to help me finish what I start is to get an accountability partner. Having a weekly meeting to discuss our projects got both me and my accountability partner to do what we said we were going to do, by the date we said we were going to do it; it was actually kind of magical.

    Another thing I recently did is create a detailed weekly schedule for myself for a really big project I’m about to start. I’ve wanted to write a book for so long, but I kept not starting because the whole thing felt so big and amorphous. So over the weekend I mapped out a completion date, worked backwards from there to September 1, which is when I’ll start the project, and came up with a realistic plan, chapter by chapter, for getting it all done by my target date. Having an actual plan written down so I know what I need to do each day to meet the goal really helps!

    Good luck to you, Spencer!

  15. Wow Spencer is so intuitive with his feelings already at 16! He’s definitely going places! Anyway, my biggest takeaway is 10 minutes of meditation. I keep telling myself to do this but I don’t. Starting tomorrow, it’s the first thing I do before my morning workout. Thank you Marie for yet another great episode!

  16. This was awesomely helpful. Brilliant, thank you

  17. I love today’s episode and the permission to dabble. My business is SO different today than it was just a year ago and it’s different in a good way. If I hadn’t given myself permission to dabble, this wouldn’t be true. If I had listened to others who didn’t think that working with fitness clients online could work, I wouldn’t have clients all over the world.

    I still have a million ideas and things I want to try and that’s why your tip of defining completion is important. It can be easy to get wrapped up in the excitement of trying lots of new projects all at once, but then you never get anywhere.

    As always, thanks for your great tips!

  18. Sayani Mondal

    Very fantastic message 🙂

  19. The piece of advise you’re giving about defining what’s “completion”, that’s awesome!

    For me the ony way to actually follow through is setting a deadline. When it’s tight, there’s not really that much time to dabble, so I remain focused. Another thing that helps is to settle for “good enough”.

    • Eve – your post reminds me of my new favorite quote – “if something is worth doing, it’s worth doing poorly.” 🙂

  20. Jeanne

    Thank you Marie – I so enjoy your entertaining but educating and encouraging Q & A Tuesdays! The best insight I took away today is to be better at defining what completion looks like. For my business life that means focusing on my current clients first but scheduling time to dabble so that I do not get lost.

  21. Interesting topic and one that I struggle with all of the time. I never attributed it to creativity though. I assumed it was a product of having bipolar disorder, which consists of major upswings followed by crushing depression (and medication only helps so much). If this is something that lots of people not plagued with a condition struggle with, it means that I am less alone than I thought AND I have more control than I thought. That in and of itself is helpful to me, so I thank Spencer for asking the question and for your advice.

    I already know exactly what completion looks like. I also have no issues with dabbling or walking away from something and coming back to it. My biggest issue is completing something with a due date. If a date is set I struggle to finish on time even though I get a good start and allot plenty of time.

    The advice I am taking away from this and trying is the meditation. I think it will not only keep me focused but free up some chatter in my brain. Let’s see how this works. I am optimistic. 🙂 Thanks again!

  22. Pheph! Once again a timely episode. I’m sooooo relieved to hear that the single thing that I was beginning to believe was going to stop me from being an entrepreneur [ which I have always felt was one of my strongest personality traits] is actually typical of entrepreneurs.
    I feel like I’m good at completing tasks I can visualize and know how to do but when I dream bigger I get freaked out that I “don’t know what I’m doing” I’m too young and naive. Etc etc.
    Thanks again Marie for teaching even us young ones that it is possible by accomplishing small steps that work towards our big goal!

  23. Spencer, you are one very lucky young man. Learning all of this at such a young age. Bravo!

    We are nearing completion of our MVP (only about two months to go) and I am struggling with keeping my focus. My brain is already jumping ahead concerned if I do not have this whole marketing thing figured out, all this creative work and genius :-), will be for nothing.

    Thank you Marie! In this final stretch I have been leaning in hard on your videos to keep my spirits up and charging forward. I be chanting…”Ta hell with you fears, I got Marie!”

    Off to explore a bit more on cog con, very interesting…then Back To Work!

    • Louise - Team Forleo

      I love your chant Jody! Know that we’re all here cheering you on during the final stretch.

  24. Marie!
    Thank you for generously sharing your compassionate and funny understanding of the creative process! as an writer and performer… this is invaluable 🙂
    you rock!

    Cathie Boruch downtown mermaid

  25. Jennifer Dobson

    Thank you for this video! I needed this today!

    Spencer is awesome. I would say he is really focused and I admire him for already thinking this way. I wish I was thinking like that when I was 16!

    I had 3 big takeaways from this… 1. I am give myself permission to dabble and not feel bad about it. 2. I’m going to get my rid of my feeling that I have to follow through on everything I am dabbling in. 3. I’m going to schedule dabble time into my calendar. Right now, there are days I’m completely focused and get a lot accomplished. On other days I’m dabbling all day and then end my day with a big pile of ideas and feel bad because I haven’t taken them anywhere and I feel overwhelmed. Takes me totally off track! If it is scheduled, I can train my brain to say “not now” and do it during the time I have scheduled. That will really leave me feeling like I can have more fun with it (because I gave myself permission) and more focused on what I need to accomplish during the rest of my day.

    Thank you again, Marie!

    Time to get to work!! 🙂

  26. Amazing Marie !
    I just posted yesterday about attention and focus through meditation.

    Its called: Finish what you start. There’s a meditation for that.

    I do a 7 minute meditation each morning to get in the ‘zone’ – when the day is too hectic I do a 15 minute one.
    Here’s the post for anyone who’d like to try these meditations.

  27. Ray

    Regardless of age, follow through is a sticking point for so many multipotentialites!

    I love the idea of dabble time, but find myself worried that dabble time will take away time from what I “should” be working on. I’m going to experiment with scheduling dabble time at the end of my work day, so I can possibly use it as positive reinforcement…

  28. I usually put a timer of my dabble time and if the time’s up I go ahead and do what I think was my initial goal and focus on that.Love the video today. Oh by the way Marie, what is that black surf board like on the wall. I know it was there before but it distracts me today hehehehe.

  29. Brilliant video, Marie, thanks. You described my life, I have specialised in jazz singing, journalism and online marketing and couldn’t bear to let any of them go as I am multipassionate. Visualising the end result has helped me to focus and take charge of my mental processes, and although I still feel overwhelmed sometimes by the mountain of ambition and challenge, I know I can reach the top! Keep up your great, great work!!

  30. Such a great episode and perfect timing – it’s like my middle name is Spencer because I had the same question in my mind for the last couple of weeks. 🙂

    Great advice, Marie, it sort of gives permission to try and work on things but then also some sort of a system to stick to it until reaching a goal. That’s gold.


  31. Loved today’s episode. I too struggle with Creative ADD and I think that the idea of “Dabble Time” is genius! I feel that mornings are my most creative time of the day, so I’m going to implement a structured time slot in my day as well! Thanks so much for the idea!

  32. Cyndee Noble

    I love the idea of defining what completion is, ahead of time! Great thought, thanks Marie!

  33. Hi! I loved this, especially since you mentioned meditating just 10 minutes a day. Following through has always been tough for me mostly because I get overwhelmed with ideas, and then sometimes I talk myself out of things. I sometimes just don’t feel confident enough, which is more of a personality issue that I have to get over. Since I am an avid yoga practitioner, I have gotten better at overcoming those thoughts, but what’s really helped with follow through has been making a vision board. My vision boards are realistic, and they often don’t just include the end result, but steps on how to get there. I keep it in front of my daily. I have a visual vision board, and then one where I list and end result and goals under it. I keep it on the desktop of my computer, so this helps me to stay on track! It’s still a work in progress, but at least I am getting there. Now, I know to always ask.. “Is this helping me on my way to completion.” I can knock a bunch of stuff out that way! Thanks & Namaste!

  34. Lisa

    Love this! The best thing I ever did was “put blinders on”. This allowed me to finish what was important and get to the next thing so much faster. I found I was actually accomplishing more. I still struggle at times, but now I know it’s ok to dabble. Great advice!

  35. Thank You Marie! I have been going through some personal life changes and have been attempting to reorganize, structure, and prioritize work. Your suggestions and input have definitely made me aware of my mistakes! Thank you for putting the “fire” and passion back into my heart; I have already taken steps to reconstruct my schedule. 🙂

    As President of Personal Athletic Recruiting LLC – the company helps to create collegiate exposure to qualified Student-Athletes in order to receive personalized scholarships. PAR’s focus is to continue Education by utilizing Athletics. Sports don’t last forever, collegiate education is essential!

    Personal Athletic Recruiting is always on the lookout for Corporate Sponsors or Affiliates to help deserving Student-Athletes and I believe our two companies could do just that. Perhaps your information could be utilized by PAR’s Scouts (Talent Evaluators and Personal Services throughout the entire recruiting process). I would appreciate the opportunity to speak with you concerning an Affiliation; supporting both our customers. Please feel free to email, call, or text me.

    Thank you again,

    Josh Kamptner

    • Louise - Team Forleo

      We are so honored to have helped ignite your passion. We definitely have people share our videos with their organizations so we’d be honored if PAR’s scouts wanted to reference this episode or share today’s blog post in their work with students. We love to help others but usually do not take part in any official affiliate programs since we have our own offerings and trainings to share. Please feel free to write to us at info @ marieforleo dot com to share any details. I also want to let you know that I’m going to edit your comment to remove your phone number so it’s not floating out on the internet!

  36. Whoa – just as Marie was about to say “train yourself to have a one track mind” I was reaching for my iPhone to start multitasking. Eak!

    The good news is I put down the iPhone – I’m well on my way to a one track mind 🙂

  37. Deb

    Marie, all I can say is that you are freakin’ brilliant and you always crack me up with your creative video inserts for MarieTV. Especially loved the “private” interchange. I will be smiling all day over that one. ;-)) Congratulations on your much appreciated enterprise and much continued success.

  38. This is hilarious and right on time! I literally wrote a blog on this same topic for all the creatives out there. I am a licensed therapist, tarot card reader, manifesting coach, mother and wife and I literally love experiencing life. I did a reading for someone this week who suffers from the same issue as Spencer and the Life Experience card came up. I felt my intuition telling me that her if someone recently told her she never gets anything completed and sure enough she told me her mother told her that this week and it really HURT her feelings and now she feels stuck and doesn’t want to try anything new.

    I think it’s so important to have that dabble time, Marie. Setting real goals and giving yourself the permission to try without making everything a life long commitment is really ok – I like to call it the life experiencer instead of the habitual commitment maker!

    Here’s the link if you want to check it out!! Thank you so much for touching on this!

  39. I used to have issues with follow through all the time, but I realized it was because I was spread too thin between my multiple passions. These days I try to only get involved in things that I absolutely love, so that makes finishing projects much easier.

  40. Teodora

    Love the idea of giving myself permission to dabble. I did B-school this year and still not decided what project I want to follow through with, though I feel I am closer to knowing what I really really want to do and I have narrowed my options. I feel this episode is speaking to me. And I am officially giving myself permission to dabble during the remaining months of this year.
    Defining what completion a project is and focusing/wearing blinders once you decided what to do next are also very useful tips.
    But what meditation really is and how to do it puts me in the fog a little. Marie, I would love to hear your insights on meditation, on how to meditate …

  41. Thanks so much for this, Marie! It was a great episode and I really appreciated Spencer’s question. My biggest takeaway was the part about putting blinders on. I often work from home and it is SO easy for me to get distracted here, but I am trying to save money by not going to coffee shops. I really think that asking myself, “Is what I’m doing right now moving me towards completion.” will really help me stay focused. I am even going to write it down and put it above my desk as a reminder to resist distractions.

    Much love,

  42. I’d never heard the term mulit-passionate before. I had struggled with the issue of never being able to finish anything at 16 years old into my mid-20s, I sure wish this video had been around for me as a teen. Much Love. Namaste.

  43. Hey marie! Love this blog, tell me how too improve my blog!

  44. Great episode! Loved the “permission to dabble.” It helps me to understand that chaos is part of the creative process. After the initial rush of excitement (aka Honeymoon Phase) of a project subsides, resistance often occurs because I am no longer being propelled by endorphins. And the real work begins. Here is where I need to reconnect to the original passion and mission behind the project and remind myself what I value about it. If I’m no longer highly valuing the project, it’s okay for me to classify it under the “dabble” column and move on. If, however, I still value it highly, I need to explore ways to support myself in persevering, knowing that a breakthrough is on the horizon.

    • iamloved

      Your comment really resonated with and helped me Kim – thank you!

  45. Hi Marie!!!

    I really loved this episode because sometimes I do have this kind of problems at my workplace.

    I try to accomplish all the things that I have to do, but instead of that, I start everything, but it takes me too long to finish them.

    What I’ve been doing to help myself in this situation is writing all my tasks in my notebook and numerate them for priority. Then numerate them for how easy to accomplish them are (1 – Easiest and on). And then I decide what’s the most important thing to do: If I have a close deadline, then I take the things for priority. If I don’t then I start finishing the things that are the easiest and go on.

    I’ve been doing this for two week, and I can tell you that this has been helping me a lot.

    Hope this can be helpful to somebody.

    Greetings to all the #MarieTV community.

    Peace out.

  46. Bill

    A habit is simply something one cannot stop. This would be ‘no control’ or ‘lost control’ and when loses the ability to control that thing has to some degree becomes their master. The mechanical anatomy of this is summarized in the ability to start – change – stop. If one can stop just one particle in a confusion one has begun to control that confusion. So Spencer has the ability to start, but just needs to learn the other two factors of change and also of stop. Once he learns that his frustrations will cease and he’ll gain the ability to control all three parts of what is called the cycle of action; stop-change-stop.

  47. Good on ya, Spencer! This was a fantastic video. My first thought upon hearing the question was “he needs permission to explore!” So I was happy to hear Marie start by talking about dabbling time. I think this is so important. Completion is important, but we don’t have to complete EVERYTHING. We need to give ourselves permission to dabble and explore.

    That being said, when we do find a project that feels important enough, I enjoyed the advice about ‘wearing blinders.’ I’m going to start asking myself – repeatedly – “is what I’m doing right now moving me towards completion?” In fact, I like this so much that I might make it into my computer background. I have a tendency to get very distracted by shiny things, and I am going to try to take this advice to heart.

  48. Micheline Pierre

    I love the video! I need to stay focus on my business. Thank you so much.
    Where do you shop? I love love your style.

  49. Simone

    I liked: # 2. ‘Define completion’ I’m hoping it will be a new tool for me to use. I hope it will give me clarity to focus instead of being overwhelmed. I also believe I have to remind myself that completion takes baby steps to reach the end result and often times I feel anxiety thinking I have to reach the end result in a hurry. Each step will lead me to the end with a defined completion in mind.
    Thank you. ;o )

  50. Thanks for addressing this question, Marie. Although, your best advice is also the thing I am struggling to stick with — meditate on the daily! I know how important a meditation practice is and how much better I feel when I stick with it but it’s been a challenge for me to make it part of my routine. Still, I appreciate the reminder to put the blinders on and make it a priority.
    Thank you! – Marissa

  51. As an author learning to follow through and finish what I started was a skill I had to fine tune. I tended to start stories and never finish them, as do many writers that I meet. I’d say to myself, “one more chapter, closer to my goal” and keep writing. When my novel was completed I felt fabulous! A goal completed because I stuck to my plan stopped being someone who never finishes. I finished!.

  52. Valerie Malla

    Hello! Thank you for this and other videos Marie and Team! Do you have the link to Dr. Adam’s work (re meditation)? Cheers 🙂

  53. Claudia

    Thanks Marie!
    You are great and I love your suggestions! Practical and to the point!

  54. Tarah Marshall

    This video had really perfect timing and thank you, thank you. I’m currently traveling in Europe after leaving a really poisonous, unproductive job. I had signed up to work at a hostel in Spain, but when I arrived to visit an old friend in France, she offered me a room for the next three weeks. My friend, who is American and just became engaged to a French man, was struggling to adjust to the culture and I felt like staying here would be helpful and healing for both of us. However, when I emailed the hostel and let them know I could not come, the manager was really upset and ended the e-mail saying that she hoped I would learn to stick to future commitments.

    Like Spencer, I also feel like I have so many amazing ideas but often do not follow through. I make commitments then drop out and it is especially painful for me when it effects other people.

    By using strategies like these, I hope to get better at choosing projects carefully and following through. As an extra bonus, I’m going to secretly dedicate this work to the manager at the hostel and pray that all goes well there.

  55. Thank you Marie!!
    I love you, you make it possible to be and do what ever we want in this life!
    Thank you!!


  56. Angie

    Being part of the millennial generation, and having worked to serve this population at a university for 5 years, I see this all the time and struggle with it myself. I’m currently trying to start up my own business and am having trouble taking control and creating deadlines for myself and others however, this video and the great comments are giving me the confidence and strength to continue to see the end result before being discouraged by the current state of things!

  57. I take my laptop to the library where the ambiance (shhhhh) keeps me focused. Everyone seems so serious there!

    It’s also good to get away from my regular work space.

    Thank you!

  58. so apropos….i’ve been swinging around a couple of new programs to introduce to my clients, and hopefully win some new ones as well. this has been happening in my head for well over a month now- and lately i’ve been in the ‘doubt zone’…this episode has a golden nugget for me: ‘creativity comes from engagement, not thought’…thank you again marie- great words of motivation and clarity. i have to stop ‘thinking’ about my new offers, and start working through them. it’s ‘dabble’ time!….xxxxx

  59. Q. How do you eat an elephant?
    A. One bite at a time!

    That is pretty much my motto for following through, esp on BIG task. One bite, one step, one thought at a time. The other thing that really helps me is setting a timer. For some reason knowing that I only “have” to work on something for 25 minutes makes me concentrate and work harder. I use the Pomodoro app for that, but a regular timer will work as well!

    I host events called Get Sh*t Done retreats & workshops that works with people to follow-through and get their sh*t done. The retreat is a full day with work time and a workshop. I find that sometimes getting people out of their normal space is a motivating factor for doing the work. PLUS, I hire a chef to cook a fresh and healthy lunch… my Favorite part is the cake and champange at the end to celebrate all the work completed during the day. I love seeing the outcomes!

    The workshop is just 2.5 hours and we talk about techniques to use to get sh*t done and follow through. We break through some of the mental poo that holds people back from completion (fear, worthiness, etc.).

    P.S. I travel with this retreat and workshops if anyone may be interested! 🙂

  60. Oliver Rojas


    Today I am 41 and struggling with the topic of “Serial Quitting”

    No…I do not have a solution…Although I am constantly trying to work on one because I see the pattern of behavior I neglected to notice before…(a new sense of conciousness is developing).
    If I am brainstorming an idea… I plan out only 60 to 80 percent of the task…
    When carrying out a plan…. I follow thru with only 60 to 80 percent of the associated tasks…..
    Again, the only factor recently slowly the progression of this habit is an ephiphany that caused me to notice how I, “revisit”, …uncompleted tasks.
    Ultimately, The Serial Quitting Process…leaves me and my sponsors empty handed

  61. Wow wow wow Marie. I swear, you speak to me! Whatever I need at the moment.

    Anyway, thank you Spencer.. so its not just me! 😉

    I have always considered myself a multi passionate type of lady & I’ve always LOVED that about me… up until recently.

    I feel the pressure of having to pull together all of the pieces to my puzzle and it isn’t happening and I seriously just don’t know what to do!

    I know I am a hard worker, I know I want to make the world better and I know I can’t just settle for anything ho-hum so I have to create it for myself.. just don’t know exactly WHAT. Holy stressin’!

    I dabble, I start and I for the most part complete… I just haven’t wrapped it all together yet to actually make money. I don’t even know what it is that I exactly want to do… so maybe it is time for some blinders…

    To give you an idea: I am finishing up my Yoga Certification this month, I got my Massage Therapy License last year and my Holistic Health Coach Certification prior to that. I’ve been licensed in Cosmetology and dabble in a whole lot of other stuff that has to do with wellness, health and fitness.

    I recently applied for a job at Whole Foods. WHAT! What am I doing.. I don’t even know. 🙂 All I know is I love to learn, I love to connect with other people and I love to travel and indulge in self-care. I love my family and my boyfriend and life.

    Thank you ALL so much for listening and if you read this, thank you. Just this community alone is amazing.

    LOVE TO ALL that are out there rocking the world!.. and Marie, you’re a blessing!

  62. “Clarity comes from engagement – not thought.” Permission to dabble accepted. Thanks!

  63. Gigi

    Loved the video!! kudos to Spencer for having insight at his age. This is what has helped me–morning rituals. The goal is for it to be energizing, uplifting and inspiring. . My strategy is be mentally and physically prepared (morning ritual) no matter the situation. So when life is throwing me curve balls– no problem –I am in the zone and not allowing that situation to take me off track. Creating winning empowering strategies can give you that edge to follow thru. Plus they engage your brain and body to work for you.. On those off days using rituals will engage your body and brain and you will remember what power and courage feels like and have a better outcome

  64. Great episode. I’d have to say prioritizing THE most important next task is probably the challenge that impacts my completing things consistently.
    As a multi-passionate I agree, it’s a process of continual awareness and minimizing temptations that divert our attention away.

    Thanks Marie.

  65. Spencer,

    I’m the same way. And as you’ve seen from the many responses here…so are a lot of great people.

    Here are the two things that have helped me get over the hump you are now struggling with:

    1) Carry a notebook or journal with you (I like the medium sized ones with the pen loop, so that it’s always ready – fill one up and get another one in a different color). Start every entry in your notebook with a category or subject (“Tips for Finishing Stuff”) [I draw one horizontal line with a vertical line on either end at the top of every page] Then under that give it a specific title (“from Marie Forleo’s response”). Then give it a date (far right beside vertical line – day an d month on top…year on bottom), AND if it goes over onto another page…just write the date again (in the same upper right spot) and in parentheses put “(2)” or “(3)” or however many pages it takes, and keep writing/drawing. Write stuff down. Sketch stuff out. Get these thoughts out of your head and down on paper. (PS – on the leftmost sector of the heading lines I draw a star if it’s the first time I’ve written on that specific topic, and ellipses (…) if it is something I came back to that I wrote about weeks or months ago. This tells me that there is more on that topic in the earlier pages of the notebook)

    2) Convince yourself that you WILL be able to revisit that idea BECAUSE you have recorded it in your notebook. This was a big, big help for me once I realized that thoughts didn’t die or get lost if I didn’t finish them completely. You should see the number of notebook pages (over multiple notebooks) that I’ve recorded regarding subjects like T-Shirt ideas, or song lyric ideas, invention ideas, that I can go back to and pick up where I left off.

    Oh, and one more thing. Folks like us tend to not start something unless we can give it the attention (we think) it deserves. This is in line with what Marie told you about setting a goal on the animation example). Realize that you can start something and complete it on a different day BECAUSE, you’ve written down where you left off in your notebook…so, it’s like you are giving it the attention it deserves over a couple of days or weeks.

    I hope this helps.

    Marie’s right. It’s a blessing (and a curse) and a lot of brilliant folks have been right where you are.

    Now, go create something awesome.


  66. I am sooo impressed by Marie. This is amazing. The girl is crazy and a genius at the same time.
    Her messages has been a beaken of light in many lives. I want to be like Marie when I grow -up.

    • YES, it was a GREAT episode, I identified a lot with it! I love her also and like her and many others I thought I was the “only one”, LOL who’s MULTIPASSIONATE, jaja, I love this adjective, it describes me SO…O… WELL!

    • You will be, and even better if you work hard at it!!

  67. I’m glad that I saw that little rid bit of useful information … And thanks to Spencer for asking it ….I feel the same way at time and good to hear there is an easy solution so the time beating myself up for not following throu …can be spent on finding the stuff I truly enjoy and have no problem with follow thru , up , over and beyond ….have a super day ox j

  68. Can you guys PLEASE make a blooper reel!?!

  69. Ha! And there you go talking about one of my biggest problems… the follow through thingy. I sometimes think it’s much more complex then just focusing and defining your target… allthough that already is a winner.
    It’s something about mental stamina… or at least that’s how I see it. It’s so much fun to start something new… excitment and all the chemistry that is firing up in our brains because of it. Then there are normaly two things that happen… you reach a point where it is about keeping your strength up to pull through the less exciting things… the routine stuff… or you hit a wall where your knowledge is just not big enough to get through to the finishing line. I think a good way of getting through these obsticals is to ask for help if you feel you are stuck and don’t consider it as a failure or an excuse to not finish the project. The other thing is to set short energy burst time frames to complete tasks. Short tasks that can be completed and give you the satisfaction of having acomplished something. We or I 🙂 tend to set huuuumongous tasks which are bound to crash me sooner or later by their sheer size. So one step after the other… is still wisdom that works.
    Loved the idea of using blinds… to focus instead of being distracted. It might ruin my outfit but who knows it might be my salvation :).

    Thanks for the great work you all are doing.
    Also the comments from everyone.
    I like tuesdays just a bit more because of this heheh (oh I can be such a sucker).


    • I loved your post Alekos!!!

      Thanks a lot to you too, you made me laugh!

      • Good Morning Mariana
        Glad I could provide some laughter. Sometimes it’s best to not be so damn serrious all the time.

        Sunny greetings from Zurich, Switzerland

  70. I needed to hear this today. BADLY. My mind floats from 3 different business Ideas and end up half way completed but not finished. I needed this video was able to sit down and focus on what I need to do to COMPLETE my goals this month.
    Thanks MARIE

  71. Rose


    Those two words say it all. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. I bow my head in gratitude.

  72. The concept of DEFINING COMPLETION when starting a project was eye-opening for me. I often start a project unsure of where it’s going to end, and then I get overwhelmed part-way through with all the possibilities and rabbit trails I find along the way. If I can sit down before starting a project and define what completion of the project means, I can better gauge the amount of time I plan to spend on the project and better motivate myself to see it through to completion.

  73. Ludell Jones

    What keeps me from following through is the fact that working solitary leaves me susceptible to a lot of distractions- like cleaning up or finding myself surfing the Internet or being a cat lady.

    Now, every night before I go to be, I prioritize what needs to be done and write out and hour-by hour schedule for the following day. I check myself regularly throughout the day by looking at the time and what I have on my schedule. This really helps me reach my goals and complete things faster.

    Also, I’ve found that using a timer app really helps. There’s something about training yourself to keep working on a task until the sound goes off.

  74. What has really helped me to follow through is: your episode from the old man interview who write books and you guys discussed about that creation is a hard process. Bold man who stayed away from the world for a long time.
    I keep my blinders on for years. I don’t wash myself, I hardly eat, I hardly go anywhere. I hardly do other things. I don’t do the dishes, clean the house. I sleep , eat , work, stay in the flow, become a hermit and get my work done, with quality and also with alot of sacrifice as well. I literally sacrifice EVERYTHING.

  75. sahil sachdeva

    Good thoughts which helps you to start and finish things in a creative manner.

    Thank You so much Marie for this Wonderful Experience.

  76. Hi, Marie

    Being an actor and very right brained (though I do have an MSc in Engineering too, go figure), the hardest thing to do in my French Coaching business was to keep the daily routine.

    …And to count every cent I make and spend.

    1. I put in place a list of daily tasks which I go through every day.
    2. I have a spreadsheet with money-in and money-out which I check weekly.
    3. I keep receipts for every expense I make.

    Looking at that spreadsheet became, from the biggest headache, to the biggest motivator and gives me the most massive peace of mind, just by knowing exactly where I am and where I have to go.

    Those were my 3 points 🙂

    Merci beaucoup ! 🙂

  77. Great episode of finishing what you start. I just love watching the videos, information, and comments. It’s inspiring, entertaining, and funny. I want to grow up and be like Marie Foleo :).

    What I would like to finish finally, or shall I say publish, is a book I have been writing for at least a decade. I finally finished it, now I need to find the best way to get it published. I need someone who will edit it, and make it ready to publish, not just someone (publishing house) that will make it look nice, but really offer some great editing advice, and pay attention to the content. Any advice or leads would be greatly appreciated!

    I am also what you call multi-passionate. I have a passion for inspiring and encouraging teen girls, and yes, I am finally doing it! Well, returning to it. Long story, but I am living a passionate life, and can’t wait to see what’s next!

  78. Lacretia Hardy

    It’s funny… this popped up in my inbox as I was doing a Google search for “how to get motivated to do creative work you don’t want to do.” Great advice here! I always feel like I’m the only slacker that loves to start new things but gets bored before I finish them. Glad to know it’s common among us multi-passionate entrepreneurs and that there are things I can do to get better at it. Thanks, Marie!

  79. Samantha

    I love the point about defining completion! I also think it’s important to give yourself permission to let projects go. Sometimes a project is just a bridge, getting you to the next step, and once you’re there it’s ok to move on. Anyone else ever feel that way?

  80. I love the define completion step. I am so one of those people that get caught up in the BIG picture and forget to set bit size goals along the way. Thanks for the reminder Marie I know this step will help me stay focused and keep going!

  81. Gabrielle Redner

    Hi Marie,

    I loved your episode today on follow through. I read it at a poignant time. I was just about to quit my job. Actually, I have already told my bosses that I will be leaving. But now, it looks like I will stay, to finish the season, as the work I do is seasonal.

    My tip is communication. Find people with whom you can be real with. With whom you can express your ideas, your doubts, your concerns, and bring up ideas and possible solutions with. This is like dabbling. Your talking things out, you don’t know for sure, you may want to quit, but you kind of want to stay, and how can you make it happen? People to be real with are key. On the job, in life, everywhere.

    Then, when doubt strikes, and there is no way you want to finish the work you started, by communicating with people who you’ve established honest relationships with, a solution may present itself. They may be able to help you stay interested, or help you with completion!

    Marie, I loved your tip about defining completion. I will certainly use that one.

    Thank you! best of luck to Spencer, you’re going to be great!


  82. Wow…just wow…I feel as if you are speaking directly to me. I’ve enrolled in several programs but haven’t finished them which is why I feel I function better with a one-on-one coach. I decided that I will finish these programs as I feel all will add value to my overall business goals. But for now, I’ve made a promise not to sign up for any more programs until I’ve completed the other programs and have launched my website and the business is flowing smoothly.

  83. I would also like to add that I’ve struggled with thinking that I had adult ADHD because of this habit of starting and not finishing. So, I’m particularly glad this topic was brought up.

  84. My problem isn’t finishing projects, it’s starting them! I get amped when I start thinking of new ideas then by the time I start putting them together that excitements wanes which usually sets me up for failure. Then, when one thing doesn’t work out, it makes me more reluctant to start another project because I already have that anticipation of failure. I definitely need to not be in my head so much!

  85. This is so relatable to nearly everyone. We are pretty much all multi-passionate. It’s normal to have many interests, human even. I find setting aside small tasks with reasonable deadlines works the best. Being able to cross a few simple things off your daily to-do list gives you momentum to push on.

    The structure most people get from going to school or working for others needs to transfer into working for yourself and doing for yourself too. When you make large tasks into many small steps you’ll feel more in control and like you are finally heading somewhere.

  86. I love that we’re all talking about this and just want to say to everyone that we need to ease up on ourselves with regard to feeling inadequate in terms of focus. It’s not completely our fault – the last 10-15 years have caused ALL OF US to get derailed more frequently than before due to technology.

    Think about it – back to our parents and grandparents … they didn’t have to check several email accounts, social networks or have the distraction of a cell phone with them 24/7 checking texts and voicemail messages. When you think about just HOW MUCH we have all added to our daily lives on top of our regular schedules for work, exercise, errands and chores and of course time for friends and family – we’re trying to cram more into a 24 hr. day than previous generations used to and even more than we used to a decade ago.

    Time management is the hardest part and the key is to not feel guilty to carve out time for ourselves – beit dabbling, meditating, researching and actually finding joy in our lives, too. It is in finding the joy, that we are energized to continue to move forward. We will find we complete so much more of what we start, when we take the pressure off ourselves focusing on the negative and instead rejoice in the positive of what we are able to accomplish each day and enjoy it, too! 🙂

  87. Wow…lots of feedback on this one.

    One of my favorite practices is to see the end-game. First, I ask myself what do I want to create? Then make a list: a book, article, class etc. Then as the juices flow, I add the ideas/brainstorms to that particular list of the the thing I want to accomplish. In other words: channel the energy. Envision the end-game the whole time. Then the time your brain is focused: you already have your tool box in place…you just open it and take out the tools and begin. (not so much pressure) Madonna always has a checklist of what she is going to accomplish. She checks things off one at time – DONE, then moves onto the next project already in the works. That is why her career has lasted decades, is fresh and branches out to music, books, movies, activisism, etc. She is not perfect…but comfortable with her imperfection – she often plays the imperfection over the perfection with perfection!

  88. This was very helpful! I have to remember to take a step back a lot of the time and focus on what it is I really want instead of creating the chaos by investing my time and energy into many projects.

    That is part of the reason I started SPARKITE. Here, users SPARK what they want to be held accountable. The goal is to keep people on track with their visions and unlock the power within. I SPARK for my recovery and to meditate each day. People are SPARKING in 40 countries and 6 continents. Begin your journey here:

  89. GREAT stuff… some creatives spend a lifetime feeling like there is something wrong with them when the truth is they are gifted.

    What works best for me is a strategic plan for each new idea I want to explore. Map out the entire idea (including possible outcomes) and at the end of each day write down one thing that you will do the following day to move you toward completion. I find it much easier to commit to just one thing instead of a whole list of action items that can be overwhelming.

    If you have not ever done it… get a copy of Strengths Finder 2.0 and read it (you can find a copy on my website book store or at any online retailer) then hop over to their website and take the quick assessment test. You will learn all about your strengths and how to USE them.

    Best of luck fellow creative and serial entrepreneur in the making!

  90. I needed to view this today and since I can relate to being 16 when I did dabble to my hearts desire and began college a few months later on a scholarship….then overcame a near fatal car accident at 17 and foggy brain became sort of normal but I eventually finished college but my focus waned. Now at 59 I am on the B-Train and cho choo so appreciative of your visual upbeat tough love practical tips.
    Never give up! yes we all need encouragement to stay the course and you deliver Marie.

  91. You’ve nailed another great episode Marie! I can always count on getting inspired when I watch one of your episodes :-). Thank you for doing what you do!

  92. Hey Marie,
    again you just got me with this topic!
    This is something I struggle with very often. But it’s nice to see, that creative women obviously all have similar problems 🙂
    I find your advice always very helpful, you’re a great mentor!
    Your videos are such a good reminder of the things I’d like to accomplish. You often get me back on track!
    Btw. This huge community of powerful women from all over the world that support each other is amazing!
    Thank you for your work & hope you keep going!

    xo Susan

  93. I sometimes get passionate about several projects at once… by the end, I’ve completed none 🙁

  94. OMG Marie! You CRACK . . . ME . . . UP! Your military skit with Jams made me laugh so hard. I love the advice you give too, “permission to dabble” 🙂

  95. I love this post, I actually wrote about this same thing recently ( I’ve been plagued with the same thing since I was little, always starting things, super driven and ambitious, and then losing interest.

    I like the idea of giving yourself dabble time and not feeling like it HAS To change your life. Sometimes we can do stuff just for the sake of doing it, to grow and feed that curiosity.

    Great post and video, Marie.

  96. Mari

    I am multi-passionate as well and tend to sometimes get distracted on and try to accomplish too many projects all at once. When this happens, I take a step back and walk away from my desk. Sometimes a quick breather helps me to focus and prioritize. I also am a list person and a planner so I organize everything into a project plan and then breakdown what I need to do an when. Really helpful when I am working on multiple projects for clients and thinking about all the new ideas that pop into my head.

  97. Love, love this and so relate !!

    Leaping from one passion to another has been my lifetime hobby. Now, at 58 I think I have found a balance. My business is also my passion and hobby and I make sure that I complete everything pertaining to this. However, I allow myself ‘dabble’ time in other arenas and give myself permission not to complete.

    Thank you Maria, your TV is a weekly must for me 🙂 xx

  98. i definitly struggle with this. one thing that helps me, is to keep a list of my inspiring projects in a google doc. once i write it down and maybe spend 30 minutes or so brainstorming about it, i feel like i’ve released enough of that creative energy, i can get back to the task at hand. one of the things that keeps me distracted with these projects is the feeling like i’ll loose the train of thought if i don’t act on it right away. writing down those inspiration notes makes me feel like i did do something, and when i’m ready i can pick up and start that project. it also helps when i’m going through that doc and realize that some of those ideas weren’t that great. in those moments i’m glad i didn’t waste any more time working on them in the heat of the moment.

    • Great ideas Amanda- I have actually started doing this a bit lately without realizing it- because I OFTEN get struck with an idea or inspiration and I can easiliy completely forget it if I don’t jot it down somewhere and like you said, spend a few minutes kind of exploring the idea on paper a little, then set it aside knowing I have enough there to know what I was thinking when I do get back to it.

  99. Corina Vanana Valcan

    Beautiful video and I like to listen every Marie TV. Sure, It means also how I am interested in your comments, maybe also because I like the Press (Journalist). So each new kind of sound, information and even from outside are of interest for me and of course the ones who make me feel happy.

  100. Awesome question Spencer, and a great response from Marie! I personally have trained my follow through muscle heaps since starting my own business. What works for me is to have a daily reminder of my big vision and my big hairy goals and constantly ask myself if what I’m doing right now is bringing me closer to them or not. In addition to that I also schedule ‘playtime’ when I can be as creative and silly as I want – I guess it’s my form of dabble time:)
    Thanks for a great video and an awesome stream of comments!
    /Emmy in Australia

  101. Angie

    Multipassionate 🙂 so it has a name and i’m not the only one 🙂 loved this ^^

  102. One of the best strategies I have learned to keep myself focussed and productive to get the important things done is habit. I have gleaned this from various sources (Stephen Pressfield, Gary Keller etc) My most productive time is the morning so I use that time to make progress on my most important goals.

    It starts with a morning routine; juice of a half a lemon, a short walk outside (regardless of weather), a high protein brekkie and then into my home office. I put on a classical station on the Internet and get to work. The night before I had identified what one big task I wanted to do that day. The routine gets me ready, I dont have to think about it, it just puts me in the frame of mind to spend a few hours on my most important goals. (It helps to turn off email and web browsers for that period) The rest of the day will go well because you will have started with a feeling of accomplishment.

  103. The biggest “ah-ha” for me comes from the simple concept of “defining completion” for yourself. What a revelation that something doesn’t have to be executed perfectly — or even finished — to move on to the next level. So frequently “good enough” is just that!

  104. I love that you mentioned meditation. This has been key for me not only for completion and follow through but also for discernment (i.e., knowing which projects to keep and which ones to scrap).

    Thank you

  105. Great video Marie! I was just as you described for years and years!!! Getting excited with heaps of energy on a project and then just jumping to the next exciting idea without finishing anything.

    The thing I learnt that helped me the most was PATIENCE!

    I recognised that I “wanted it all now” without going through the daily work, month after month and year after year. I’ve since learnt to have big goals but focus my energy on the small day-to-day tasks, which actually end up giving you the most pleasure and satisfaction.

    Thanks 🙂

  106. Stephanie

    Thanks for this q&a. I really needed this along with the one on follow through. I wish you had been around when I was 16. Thanks again Steph from Concrete.

  107. Ann-Michele Timmerman

    Hi everyone! I could relate completely relate to this conundrum as well, being a highly creative spirit, and would like to offer what I’ve learned over the years. It’s not necessarily a strategy, it’s simply things that I’ve noted for myself that are in alignment when follow through occurs. 🙂

    I find that for me, follow-through comes down to three factors: Timing, Passion and Necessity.

    The first, timing, relates to certain creative endeavours coming together at the right time of my life. While I may have dabbled in say, something like writing a book, I also knew at some level that it wasn’t the right time, as I somehow knew deep down that I needed more experience and life lessons to make it truly beneficial for others.

    The second is that while SO many ideas sounded so great to me, the ones I actually executed were the ones that I felt MOST passionate about. I was so excited and gung ho about them, that it seemed as if I just couldn’t NOT follow through. It was almost as if I had “hit on” just the right creative idea at the right time and it naturally followed through as a sort of cause and effect.

    And the third…necessity. I feel that many creatives keep themselves “locked in a creative box” by labeling themselves as creatives, and they may forget that they have a logical/analytical side to them as well. Necessity came forth as paying bills was a logical reality, earning an income was a logical reality, and the marriage of the creative ideas put forth in a logical, intelligent income-earning manner, was borne out of necessity.

    As always, wonderful episode!

    ~ Ann-Michele

  108. I always get to about 90% of something and the last bit…like sending out my book to more publishers…scares me so I guess I am not following through completely.
    I help my clients find a way to follow through so I KNOW I can.
    I guess I will need to get on my meditation cushion some more 🙂

  109. I think for some of us we know that we will get something done we just need that crunch time to get our best performance. Making deadlines for yourself allows you to be able to follow through.
    The other big thing Ive been able to teach myself is to focus on “progress not perfection” this way I don’t get frustrated and not want to follow through because as long as I’m getting something done that is progress. It takes the pressure off because I feel we don’t finish things and see them through because it will not be our best work.
    Get your ass moving!

  110. Hey Marie,

    Firstly thank you. I feel completely understood in this video. I’ve been thinking “is there something WRONG with me?! I’ve tried photography, screen printing, I’m doing singing lessons, started a project to inspire teens, doing art classes, about to do a film workshop…..what do the people in my life think of me as? A weird crazy person?!” Sigh of relief, thank you! Permission to dabble, granted!

    What I’m taking away from this video is scheduling a meditation practice into my day to day life. When I do meditate (to me, it’s even sitting in silence after breakfast) it brings SO much happiness and joy.

    And..I’m coming to the Life is Beautiful festival! Yay!!! I look forward to meeting you.

    With love from Melbourne Australia,

  111. The takeaway here is defining what completion is. I forget that a lot. “I want to be able to remember things quicker”…is not as good as “I want to be able to remember someone’s name instantly when I meet them at an event or party”.

    Thanks Marie.

  112. I love how Marie calls herself “Multi-Passionate”! I find myself saying “I’m all over the place” which doesn’t have a positive connotation at all. From now on, I’m Multi-Passionate!

  113. Robert

    Good job, now to watch a couple other episodes.


  114. I love it when a Marie TV episode feels like it was made just for me! Definitely a multi-passionate, easily distracted, dabbler. My favorite takeaway from this episode is to define completion. I didn’t even realize I wasn’t doing that– but I can really see where I’ve been letting it keep me from feeling successful. Going through my list of projects TODAY to update each with a ‘completion definition’. Thanks!

  115. This topic is near and dear… in looking for the doctor you quoted I found
    Dr. Adam Gazzaley. Is this the guy? Also, you might be interested in Joe Robinson who wrote an article on the topic of interruption in the latest Entrepreneur magazine. @WorkLifeSkills.

    Looking forward to reading the comments! and more Marie!

  116. Whenever I find myself not following through on a project, I always ask myself “Why did I care enough to get it started and what has changed?” Often it is the minutia of details, even though the result will have a great impact. If I can I will delegate and if not I have to harness the feeling of accomplishment and forge on. In the end I always value the satisfaction of completion and accomplishment even if the process is unexciting. I look at the huge garden I plant every year. I get excited about all the food I will grow, the amazing dishes I can produce from my backyard, the people I will feed. In order for those things to happen I must weed, feed and water that garden so it will produce the desired results. That part is not very sexy. Creating a vision is sexy, the necessary steps needed to make it happen often are not. I often put those tasks off or hire someone to do them for me but I always stay focused on one thing. IT WAS WORTH IT FOR ME TO STATR IT, IT IS WORHT IT TO SEE IT IS FINISHED. Then I get to feed my family, friends and customers and I am always glad I followed through. Keep focused on the outcome and overcome the challenge of the process need to get there.

    • Kendra Asfor

      If Marie had a like button I would press it

  117. Love this episode! A final piece I would add is to REWARD yourself once you complete a project. All too often I get lost in the next big thing, even when I actually completed a large project I’ve been working on forever. My dealio? I set specific REWARDS for specific OUTCOMES. This way I can consciously CELEBRATE my success and pin point it next time it comes around. P.S. I just rewarded myself with a luxurious weekend in Mexico after having my BEST FINANCIAL MONTH EVER. I took those profits and went to paradise. If I didn’t go out of my way to recognize this HUGE success, I may have missed it. #biz4hipsters

    • Kendra Asfor

      Great Point!

  118. I can definitely relate to the struggle of following through and over the years, I’ve had to look at different ways to actually finish a project that I have started in my mind! As a writer, I have tons of ideas for either blog ideas, potential books and even ways of marketing the work I have already done, but the problem is that there are simply not enough hours in a day to do everything that I want to do. I used to just get frustrated and end up getting nothing done but eventually had to have reasonable expectations, creating schedules and remind myself that I am not superwoman and sometimes, it is more logical to leave some projects for another day!

  119. Pamela

    I like what she shared in this video. I would say “defining completion” is kind of like, setting goals. Your goal MIGHT BE “to dabble”, as in, maybe you’re goal is to sign up for a 6-week golf course and not feel obligated to anything beyond that. But I think goal-setting is very important. I’m having trouble with things I don’t set a hard goal for, or add to a list to finish within a certain time. It makes me feel less guilty to know that my goal can be to just dabble instead of feeling like, “well I obligated myself to ‘do’ this thing and now I’m quitting.” Instead it can be “I set a goal to try this thing and now I’m changing or using the skills I gained to pursue something else”. I switched to photography/art back in college (switched from business) and felt like an idiot when the program didn’t work out and I switched back to business to be able to finish school in a timely manner. I felt like I wasted money and didn’t even get to take as many photography classes as I wanted. Now I’m discovering the photography wasn’t a complete waste because I’m going to be starting my own online business and teaching myself photography and I’m excited and less intimidated because I have done it before and had a positive experience with it.

  120. I believe that dabbling sparks creativity and provides a diverse education of the world and life around you. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with it. If you’re moving on to another thing I don’t think it is because you lose interest, it is because there is so much that you want to soak up that you just can’t wait to move on to the next thing. When you can focus, you then have a well rounded and rich experience behind you when you sit snd start working.

  121. This was SO up my alley! I definitely tend to get side tracked and so t follow through on ideas so thanks so much! I agree about dabble time. I just have to put a limit on it and then be productive with the rest of my time! 🙂

  122. Julia

    I can totally relate to Spencer! I am the same way and am always having ideas for new things I want to try out, but have a hard time finishing. However, when looking at 3 projects I actually did finish, I realized there are some good nuggets of info for how I was able to focus enough to complete them:

    -MAKE IT A GIFT FOR SOMEONE ELSE: Some projects I’ve completed were a GIFT for someone else (ex: I made a painting for my mom that I am really proud of). For some reason, I feel more motivated when I am giving it to someone else and I have a specific deadline. I also have a clearer vision of what “completion” looks like in those cases.

    -MAKE A PUBLIC COMMITMENT THAT MEANS THERE IS NO TURNING BACK, AND DO IT WITH OTHERS WHO ARE ALSO COMMITTED: I committed myself to run 10 half marathons in a year. I did it because I was running with 2 others that did it with me, so we signed up for the races in advance. We also paid for a “seasonal pass” that made it only worth out money only if you ran the full 10 races. It is one of the single coolest thing I have ever done where I felt I completed something I didn’t know for sure if I could do. Like Marie said, I had a clear vision for what completion would be here as well. The commitment I made ahead of time made me follow through. That’s why with athletic endeavors, such as “I want to run more” – I always tell people to sign up for a race (5k, 10k, etc) FIRST and then train so that they can’t back out as easily. And also to sign up with others.

    -SET BOUNDARY (IF NOT DABBLING) THAT YOU CAN START ON THE NEXT IDEA/PROJECT ONCE YOU’VE FINISHED THE ONE YOU STARTED: I bought a kit to try out knitting one random day and loved working on this new project I had never done before. It took me SO long to finish because I kept getting distracted with other projects. After buying another kit for a different project, I told myself I could only start on it after I finished the knitting project. I’m so happy I did and now I have TWO finished projects!

  123. Andrea

    Great Q&A. Marie, do you know Barbara Sher? I’m currently reading her book ‘refuse to choose’, which is in the same vain as this video. Her book is full of tips. I’d love to see you have her on MarieTV!

  124. The power of meditation! Just 10 minutes a day does it for me too. However, my ADD / multi-passionate brain has such a hard time with it.

    I just keep sticking to it … knowing the long term bennies will be major.

    Love your show and LOVE that this weeks Q was from a 16 year old. How awesome!


  125. I don’t know if this applies here, but I kind of found that by working on many projects at the same time, I am able to complete various things at various times depending on my mood and what I’m feeling inspired to work on at any given time. I have about 90 partially drafted blogposts right now, and I’m working on a video coaching course, as well as designing new pages to be coded for my website, etc- these are all unrelated projects and so I often start one, then do nothing it with for a month while I turn to another project, etc etc. In this way I actually complete a lot of things, but I never have one project that goes from start to completion in any kind of timely manner so I guess that could be one drawback if you’re under the gun for time- thankfully I’m not! I love working this way, it really seems to work for me.

  126. Kendra Asfor

    One breakthrough I’ve had that’s related to permission to dabble:

    (and this sounds crazy pants but it was a huge lube job to the screeching halt of not feeling good due to the friction of lack of confidence from not finishing)

    Realizing that “SOURCE” is collectively experiencing through us individually. And as we are all part of “the one”…then my ideas, visions, and desires are benefiting “our” collective evolution.
    Since I AM abundant,
    Since I AM an infinite spirit temporarily incarnate,
    Since I AM part of the continuum of life manifest on earth (from the big bang of a desire to manifest a universe, to the ring of matter that circled the earth and coagulated into a balancing n reflecting moon, to the dinosaurs who longed to be more agile, to prehistoric humans who longed for more efficient tools, to the humans who wanted to fly when it was impossible, and so on)

    THEN my mentally orgasmic VISIONS of the way life could be (or even how good Joe Notsoshmo’s marketing campaign could be if…) are contributing to the collective experience of THE ONE/US ALL.

    Also by recognizing my abundant nature, I can let the ideas that I’m not gonna manifest myself be gifts of pin-pointed focus for someone else to grab from the ethers.

    This is esoteric stuff BUT its allowed me the freedom to feel good AND led to the freedom to then focus on MY doable goals/tasks,

    Remember your nature is abundant and that you have the ability to get “there”
    Remember you’re truly connected to all that is
    Remember to be patient with yourself and have fun, it WILL make the work easier and even quicker to the finish line… not that there is one.

    Love You,
    Would love to hear from ya’ll possibly via facebook or email
    Kendra Asfor

  127. I am the queen of distraction and I also make too many promises that I can’t keep. After learning the HARD WAY, I have very recently stopped committing to a thousand things and being very careful about what word I give to others. That’s helped me to stop spreading myself thin and starting too many things I can’t finish. It’s all about the WORD! word. xx Ritu

  128. Iben Sofie calling out from the land far far away – from DENMARK :o)

    Wow!!! I have seen many of your Q and A Tuesday videos, BUT this one REALLY hits home for me. There´s actually a word for how I feel most of the time … “multi-passionate”. Your advise is very useful, and I´ll try it right away! I hope it works :o)
    Thank you.

  129. This video is hilarious. I feel the same way about completion sometimes–you just gotta put your head down and do it, though. In any case, it gets easier as you get a bit older… And yes, meditation helps!

  130. Love your spin on this M. Have you read the book called essentialism? I think you would dig it’s message 🙂

  131. Such a good question!!
    I love the idea of “dabbling”. I get really wrapped up in making my ideas so huge that they become overwhelming. Dabbling in them sounds like it will help bring the fun and excitement back to new ideas before I get too serious. Can’t wait to try it!

    Great video, I’ve already watched it 3 times!


  132. This video was greatly needed. It taught me that I must take time to dabble so that I can have focus later on. If I don’t do this, all my focus goes out that window and I find myself half focusing and half dabbling.
    Great topic for busy and learning minds.

  133. Bethany

    This video was one of my favorites! It definitely describes me and I can see my own 16 year old son being the same way. He started a daily drawing blog and he’s been at it consistently over 200 days so far! Knowing his friends are seeing it has been enough accountability for him, but in addition, he knows he’s improving in preparation for wanting to do animation in college! He took a college course this summer and his professor is also following his blog. I almost thought the letter was written by him today! I think that creative, intelligent people are constantly learning and that is how I am. I find that projects that are worthy of completion never leave my mind! I put them off for a bit and then they just keep popping up and I know there’s something there. Even though I’ve had three major careers so far in my life (teacher, designer, gallery owner), I feel like each one was perfect for the time I did it and made the world a better place. I changed from the creative field, to the medical field but realized that it wasn’t something I wanted to continue to do, so I embraced my creativity again. I have a childhood dream and right now I’m trying to sort out how that’s going to materialize so I am dabbling in a couple different mediums and genres. Somehow I think these all will fit together to be something unique to who I am so the dabbling is a really good thing! I think that the hardest thing is to have a partner like my husband, who it Type A and very successful, not understand how I work and he thinks I don’t complete things because they don’t happen in a straight quick start-to-finish timeline. I also am a mom so I juggle my responsibilities which makes it hard to completely focus on one thing every day! But I’ve realized over the years that it’s just how I work and I’m not doing what I do to meet other’s perceptions of what should happen– I’m making something I feel is ultimately important to what I was created to do and that has to be done in the time that’s necessary to take. Now, if I could only stop being distracted by Pinterest and all the beautiful images! That’s my struggle the most! Turning off all the inspiration out there and just focusing on my own creating! Thanks Marie!!!

  134. Another point to take into serious consideration is exposure to technology. Being immersed in sound bytes, flashing media, pop-up distractions and exposure to blue light alters the brain chemistry and it’s ability to focus. Stay away from smartphones, social media etc. while concentrating. Set an alarm for 1 hour of work of focus then take a full break for 15-20 minutes. Then back to focused work for 1 hour, then break. When you aren’t able to focus anymore, stop and use your time to enjoy. There is no sense spending time in the in between stage, it’s there you feel like you never get anything done! Extra tip – phone and computer off by 10pm. Sleeping with it near you or in a room with wifi has been proven to reduce one’s ability to concentrate the next day.

  135. Awesome tips I’m going to take off the gloves and stop beating myself up. More cog con for me:))) Thanks Marie!

  136. Tracy Carson

    I love the advice about the dabble. It does give you freedom when working on multiple projects. I also the comment about what does your goal look like. Making goals more obtainable moves you along faster and more accurate while still focusing on the big picture.

  137. Alexis

    I’m a musician who’s starting out in my field, and this video speaks a lot to me, in part because I’ve been unconsciously following these steps more so the past few months. Though I recently graduated there’s so much that I still want to learn–like composing and how to manage bands. So, I’ve taken the initiative to teach myself all the things that I couldn’t learn while in school, but distractions of course abound.

    Sometimes I will be reading either at home or while volunteering (during down time, of course) but a family member or a friend will come in and just start trying to have a conversation or ask me a dozen questions. My introversion aside, I’ve found such times more than a little distracting and draining. It’s only recently that I’ve gotten into the habit of outright avoiding certain people/places just to eliminate all the distractions while I try to study. I think few people understand that I’m still learning (albeit teaching myself) even though I’m no longer formally in school.

    I’ve also started meditating mostly to manage stress, but have noticed that it has been a great tool in helping me remain focused and reflect on what it is that I want from life and where I am in relation to that (i.e., what’s not working and what is).

    Happy for the bit of validation that these things I’ve circuitously come around to are beneficial for me and Forleo approved.

  138. I’m taking away putting on the blinders and seeing the project through to completion. It’s just feels like the traction slows down when you work on one thing as a solo preneur, but truthfully I can feel the gratification as the project closes out. I think one should know when to say to themselves that a project is complete and well enough to be considered a minimum viable product since perfection doesn’t exist. That’s my two cents and a peppermint!
    Oh and by the way Marie you always look very pretty in your videos. Keep up the good work. Watching you makes me step up to the next level everytime. Peace owwwwwt!

  139. “Cognitive Control”…my big takeaway!

    I Boomeranged this email to be read later, I finally read it today after reading another email from some marriage bloggers who shared the benefits of “cognitive control.” I’d never heard of it before.

    Clearly after two unrelated emails, from two unrelated people, who speak to two unrelated audiences, I need to look more into this “cognitive control” and begin to practice it!

    Thanks Marie, as always, great content!

  140. I learned to work in “day- tight” compartments. When the task list is too big for a day, procrastination can start talkin’ at me. Now when I make my to-do list I note how long I think each task will take. When the tally is over eight hours, I will either move things to another day or see how much extra work I want to do on any given day because there are always things that come up that need doing that are NOT part of the list. Part of the planning was following your great advice, Marie, which is to create the list on FRIDAY, which really helps me to enjoy the weekend and not have Monday morning anxiety,

  141. Wow! 16?
    …I feel old and behind already 😉

    Seriously though? I’m pumped about the advice given here. I love the idea that engagement is the key, rather than just thinking about doing something – and the measurable small-step goals too.


  142. This video was so timely for me. I started a project about 8 weeks ago with lots of enthusiasm and vision about where I wanted it to go, but I can feel that enthusiasm slowly fading away. I’ve started to recognise that this is partly my fear of failure; I’m scared to finish the project and put it out there in case it flops so I leave it unfinished and move on to the next one.

  143. BOY! DID I NEED THIS!! And, the prior episode. Although typing THIS would bring the wrong answer to the question, “Is what I’m doing right now moving me towards completion?” I HAVE to say.. This is probably the most important, sparkly-eyed dabbling I’ll do all day! NOW.. Back to my project and THANK YOU, Marie, for your insights and teaching about how to stay on track! 😀 ~signed, Side-tracked Sandy! LOL!

  144. The tip that has helped me the most is setting small attainable goals, and working your way up. I get anxious and overwhelmed if I can’t see the finish line, so to speak. So, thinking of “steps” as small goals helps the mental aspect of making me feel like I’ve already completed a project! I actually do this now in several aspects of life, even cleaning the house. step one, get out the vacuum. (woohoo! celebration!! I accomplished step one!!!!) Seriously though, celebrating ANY accomplishment gives me confidence to move on to the next goal/step/project even more fiercely than the previous!

  145. Sheira Brayer

    I didn’t have the time to read all of the comments but one of the strategies I use (which only truly works if you’re willing to keep commitments to YOURSELF as well as you do to OTHERS) is to put a date by which you will accomplish the task.
    In my case, I’m writing a book right now (for mothers and tween/teen daughters) based on an empowerment seminar I do and about 4 months ago, I put my birthday (Sept 17th) as the day by which I will have the first draft. I’m happy to say that the imminency of this date has forced me to really take action! I’m half way done and have so much more to do but come hell or high water (hopefully neither), I will get this done! Also, my NYU English major daughter is my editor and knowing that I’m accountable to her also lights a fire under my “tuchas”!!!! I hope that helps, ladies! You’re all wonderful and I can’t wait for you to read the book!

  146. Love this video and tips! I will be integrating step #2 by defining completion of my goals. This is where I’ve been really unclear and what’s kept me from finishing goals and celebrating them!



    P.S. I agree completely with meditating daily and the blinders;)

  147. Erik Weaver

    Learning is a life-long endeavour. (And it can be tons of fun!) I find knowing in advance that I “get full” of various topics at different depths of knowledge, prepares me for accepting my appetites as they come.
    I find it is important (and natural for me) to be curious about a great many things. This falls under the “dabbling” category. Feel free to graze! But do so with the understanding some things will satisfy your curiosity before others.
    When I find I “get full” of a subject, I strongly consider dropping it. I have to evaluate if this is one of many things I end up knowing a little about, or whether I wish to invest more time and energy into, to continue developing what I know about it. Either way is fine. So long as I make the decision mindfully.
    Once I find a topic that seems to offer a strong, lasting interest, it is time to set realistic multiple-stage goals. My most recent new interest is in raising landscaping plants.
    The goal for the first year was two-fold: 1) Set up some required infrastructure (growing areas and watering systems); and 2) end the year with some surviving plants! (I had never gardened before, so unlike some, I did not *know* I could keep any plants alive for a year, let alone year after year.)
    Accept the “Learning Curse.”
    It takes time to learn and acquire new skills. Some of my plants I flat out killed. Poor babies! But others lived, and some even thrived. (Returning to the dabbling-shotgun well, I started a variety of plants, not just a single type; this allows an “averaging effect” to play out: some died, some limped along, and some did well.)
    So know in advance the Learning Curve/Curse is a fact of life. It is OK to have set backs. We all do. Learn what you can from them, but then move forward; trying not to repeat the same failure, and not allowing failures/set backs to stop you in your tracks. As they saying goes, the only way to avoid failure is to try nothing new (and that only leads to a boring, stagnant life). If you try something new, you will fail in some ways, but you will succeed too. Two steps forward, one step back, is the nature of the dance of learning.
    The second year (the year I am in now) was focused primarily on propagation. I set up propagation beds and watering systems, and started the experimentation process of starting new plants from existing plants.
    Again, series of small definable and achievable goals is critical.
    Break the project into logical stages, and define objectives for each, and then get them done, one at a time. Elephant eating is really important for me to get through large projects. I can only hold so much in my mind at any moment. So make sure the scope of the objective is within that mental viewing distance.
    Now I have a variety of plants in a variety of different growing/propagation conditions. These are basically a series of experiments. I am testing each approach for each type of plant. Some are dying and some are living. Some do well until I make a change, and then I kill them.
    This is OK. Trial and error is how most of us learn. I certainly learn best by “doing.” “Book learning” has its place, to be sure -and I really do enjoy it- but at some point I have to get down and dirty.
    Averaging out the trials is also going on. Don’t put all you eggs in one basket, is the idea. This gives me a lot of little trials going on at the same time. I keep track of what is working and what is not. This approach will naturally produce both failures and successes; both offer valuable insights.
    And all of this is very interesting!
    I find that if I keep my curiosity piqued I am better able to stay engaged in the project. I seem to thrive on the process of discovery. It is fun to learn something new, so long as it is also interesting. That’s how I’m wired, so that is how I organize my approach to large projects.
    Permission to experiment. Permission to fail. Permission to enjoy the process of discovery! This is all part of learning. And it is a process. And it is often a multi-path approach.
    Learning to grow plants has many subtopics which are interrelated. Marketing is the same. I suspect it is safe to say that all complex systems share this in common. So it is very likely true of whatever you find of interest.
    This is good for multi-plexing personalities. There are lots of subtopics into which to delve. Each typically offers multiple stage objectives (goals). And all large project have to be “elephant et.”
    Having said all of this, the single biggest thing, for me, is enjoying the process of learning something new. Enjoy the little discoveries that are offered along the way, and I suspect you will enjoy the journey. Wherever it may take you.
    Humans are naturally curious critters! Enjoy yourself!

  148. I am of the same belief that the simple question “Is what I am doing now helping me get to my final destination, or helping me achieve my bigger vision?” is INCREDIBLY useful when it comes to putting yourself on the right track. This question can actually help a person figure out more than just the day-to-day distractions.

    In fact, I use this with my coaching clients all the time. I have an exercise where I ask my client to simply envision an ideal version of themselves in the far future, and then we work backwards. It helps figure out where their passions lie, and where they want to go. From there we work on what steps need to be laid out (and followed through!) to get them to the destination. Working backwards from a place of excitement and positivity is HUGE.

  149. Cindy

    one of the bests episodes ever !!!

    this was perfect for me !!! Love you Marie !!!

  150. Marie, thanks so much for this episode! I have a history of not finishing things, and I put off starting my own business for years because I had internalized the idea that I was too lazy to finish anything. However, whenever I shared this feeling with a colleague at my prior job, they would respond with dismay and tell me that I was one of the hardest working people they knew. Their view of me helped me to see my accomplishments more clearly and to realize that I had not only finished a lot of things but that I had some pretty big achievements under my belt.

    I love your “permission to dabble.” I am going to use that from now on. Dabbling has taught me all sorts of new things that I am able to use in my work; I don’t have to finish every book I start if I feel like I got what I needed from it. And I don’t have to achieve something great when I try out decoupaging light switch plates. I can do small things and not make them my life’s focus.

    Thanks for always providing great food for thought!

  151. I love the fact that a 16 yr old boy is watching this, good for you Spence 🙂 Ive always know I was naturally more of a starter than a finisher, apparently it’s an INTJ thing but putting the blinkers on is something i’ve pretty much got to grips with… well most of the time. I used to think I was lazy because I never finish the pile of ironing, then I thought I got bored easily, now I know Im actually blessed with being multi-passionate, thank you Marie 🙂

  152. Bobbi

    Curse you Marie, (in the kindest way).
    So I am the grown up version of your 16 year old Q&A subject.
    I love to start project, tasks, jobs, books, you name it! I have a to do list on the basement wall of the house I built in 1972 that still has a long list of to-do items. So that’s my life, my everything.
    I watched your q&A today and, I’ll be damned! I looked out at the truck in the front yard with a new storm door sitting in it. (it had been there a week). So I got the box open, got the tools, followed the directions, got it hung, Good enough!!!!
    No I heard your little speech, so I put in the latch. good enough.
    NO I heard your little mantra, and put in the closer. Now I’m done..
    NO I still have to pick up the trash and return my tool to the garage.
    SO NOW I’M done. I have no leftovers to put on my to do list. DAMN what have you done to me.
    Actually Thank you! I love you and your show. Your one amazing woman. And thank you for dropping int my life!

  153. Great question Spencer! As an astrologer, I’d do my best to see what your birth chart indicates about your inherent strengths and weaknesses, and offer guidance from that perspective. I’d help you understand if you’re more of an initiator, sustainer, or change-it-upper; whether you are better suited for going at it solo, or wired for collaboration; whether you’re naturally more grounded and practical (earth), intuitive and fluid (water), dynamic and commanding (fire), or visionary and cerebral (air). Of course this doesn’t mean that you can’t be more than one thing, or grow a new muscle, but sometimes it really does help to know what you’re dealing with so that you can decide how to work smarter and not harder. Good luck!

  154. The end cracked me up! All 3 points are great reminders for me. The second one especially. Break it down into attainable peices.

    Thanks Marie!

  155. Kimchi

    I have 2 take away on this episode, Marie:
    1. define completion: it could be time I spend in doing certain task (process focus), or actual milestone reached (outcome focus).
    2. cog con: as for “cognitive concentration”, new vocabularies for me to get familiar with 🙂
    I do enjoy watching your show, Marie. You have a fun way to get the message across.
    Thank you.

  156. All great points by Forleo. I am also creative and have dabbled in many things. When you are ready to follow through with an idea, here is what I have done:

    1. Begin with the goal in mind
    2. Write down the goal in bullet points.
    3. Create a power point presentation about your vision and reasoning that you can show to others. Get feedback, but don’t take it to heart. Maintain your vision. Don’t let people discourage you.
    4. Meet with other people and groups that are doing similar things and learn as much as you can from them. Get feedback and learn from it, but remember to maintain your vision.
    5. Once you feel ready, write down a vision statement. It should have your vision, purpose, burning imperative, and strategy. Learn what each of these are. Work on your statement. Prune it. Make it clear and concise.
    6. Organize a group with this vision statement. Encourage people in the group to lend their talents. Do only the things you need to do until you can find someone else to do them. Remember, your job is to define and carry out the vision, not do everything and/or micromanage.
    7. Share the fruits of your labor with your group.

    It doesn’t take much to come up with an idea, especially for us creative types. It takes a lot of work, discipline, resourcefulness, and coordination to implement it. People don’t get rewarded for ideas; they get rewarded for results. What you do should have a purpose or value for society.

    Go for you dreams and more power to you!

  157. Spencer is only 16 years old and has this type of questions!
    Honestly, it’s so SO easy when you’re young!
    Building your dream every day, doing business wich keeps you finanlial stable, growing kids…and MAYBE taking a time for a book…sometimes it’s imposible!

    BUT if you WANT it, you’ll GET everything!

  158. Elena

    hey amazing video of Follow-through…
    to be honest i knew all my life i couldn’t stay focused in one thing and that’s what my parents have been telling me all along…on a negative way of course…since i was dumping all the courses the’ve paid for me my entire childhood…
    finally, it seems that all i needed was a lecture from you to realize that this habit can be healed 🙂
    even in a bigger age i am happy to found out this…and i gave this promise to myself “I ‘LL PUT MYSELF ON A PROJECT DIET”


  159. Shahana

    Dear Marie,
    I love your stuff – it’s fun, real and beautiful. Honestly though, I didn’t like the drill sergeant bit in this last segment. I really don’t like seeing you yell at someone and then when it devolved into a sexual thing, ICK! Especially when answering a 16 year old’s question and with all the ickyness around sexual predation in the military. Double ooops! Just didn’t feel up to your usual truth telling and gorgeousness. Please keep up the fun and the aliveness that is really you! Thanks.

  160. Love your blog! I have that exact same problem, i get overly excited and then it flops. Or I used to… I’ve learnt how to execute 🙂

  161. Permission to dabble – yes! That’s my big takeaway for today.

    I think also learning to say no to things that only kinda excite me, and leaving room for the super exciting things, is something I’ve learned over the years too 🙂

  162. Ruth

    FINALLY! Someone who understands me and isn’t judgmental about it dabbling but appreciates the value of curiosity! Giving myself permission to dabble, right after I meditate. Thank you for the three very practical tips. I so desperately want to finish several projects and now I have a great formula to do so.

  163. Thanks Marie for this episode! For me defining completion has been most helpful. I’ve had awfully unrealistic expectations and have felt like a failure when I have only been able to achieve sometimes maybe only 1% of what I thought I should have. I’ve learned that finishing even a small project gives such a great feeling of success that with the power you get from that you can get to the end of the next small project much faster and in a happier state of mind than you would if you had just a one unrealistic goal looming in the distant future. In the end I didn’t even usually want to do the big goal. It was just some expectation that I had picked up from outside of me!

  164. Set-backs are necessary components to success. Just keep on moving and finish what you started. 🙂

  165. Tracy

    My son the moment its basketball. He plays soccer and has been his passion for over 10 years.
    Now the part that I like about this video is the steps to completion.
    We play hoops down at the park. He watches youtube tutorials on dunking. Also, he is saving up for LeBrons or Durrants (shoes), and talking about playing basketball in the summer. All valid steps towards his goal.
    As a parent. .listening to your child and let them develop these skills is almost like a hot house effect. .trying it out on a small scale before committing to it. Try before you buy.♡♡ Cheers Marie.

  166. I love your encouragement of dabbling this week, Marie.

    So important for everyone to understand the value of that… especially teenagers!

  167. Draven

    Hi Marie,

    Great episode, and great questions Spencer!

    My number 1 piece of advice for staying focused and completing your objectives is to write down your top 3 goals for the week on Sunday, and write down your top 3 goals of each day the night before.

    Then crossing off each goal from the list the day of as you complete them.

    Remember, only 3.

    Anymore is too much and can fuel that lack of focus rather than helping to direct it to the right channel.

    Oh, and you have to write it down!

    Using a checklist app on your smartphone or online doesn’t have the same impact of putting pen to paper.

    And by limiting your primary goals down to 3, you have to be selective of priorities.

    Really think, what’s most important in order to get me through today until tomorrow.

    Lastly, take a day off!

    You really deserve at least one day of the week to allow your creativity to guide you than being so rigidly structured all the time.

    P. S. You can definitely use your smartphone checklist or app of your choice for your daily or weekly agenda. Just keep in mind your goals are not your agenda or schedule, keeping those separate is 1 key to success.

    Best of luck to you on your journey!

    You can do it!!!

  168. I was taught at an early age about completing chores and following through on homework. My mom really pushed me.

    I’m glad that she taught me those values to honor commitments.

    I graduated with 2 degrees and working on my master’s now. And I’m also a successful psychic medium.

    And definitely stay true, being creative is part of the process. Always be creative and use those 6 senses to be successful.

    Thanks, Marie, for this beautiful video.

    Trisha Condo

  169. I wouldn’t consider myself a serial quitter but as a serious perfectionist I greatly appreciated the advice to determine what complete looks like. It’s funny, Marie said …”complete wouldn’t be animating a Pixar film from start to finish would it?” To which I replied “Yes …. Oh wait I guess the answer was supposed to be no” Lol.
    I guess I need to give myself permission to a “complete” that’s a little less complete!

  170. Amber

    OH Marie! This comes at a time like no other. I have just been gifted with 3 major projects (that will most likely greatly impact future endeavors) that must be completed in the next few months and I was feeling some serious overwhelm. Then I thought, “Marie will have the answer!” I shit you not I typed in your addy and POP! The title is about following through. Sometimes the universe makes things right. I instantly feel better and I’m going to get back on my meditation (been slacking for a while). Thank you, you amazing HOT MaMa!!!

  171. Hi Marie,
    I’m enjoying the community you have created in the feedback conversations below your videos. It’s so rare to find a place where there are virtually no ‘haters’. It’s a wonderful place to visit and feel connected. Thank you, and much appreciation to all the people who take the time to contribute in a way that is positive, supportive, accepting, exploratory and fun! Anna

  172. Thank you Marie. I think this episode is awesome. You are very funny!

    What I usually do to persist is realize that I find it hard to persist. In previous episodes you used the term “non-negotiable”. When I find it hard to finish something, I tell myself: “This is non-negotiable. I have to finish this. I’ll not do anything else until I am done with this.” Then I make sure I don’t get distracted by my phone and Facebook and whatever and I just do it. That may help.

    heart Lynne

  173. TH

    A funny slightly rude story to align with the “yes, Ma’am” sequences…

    A very successfull Russian designer was asked in his blog by somebody looking for motivation: “How to actually start doing things?”
    He replied: “Nothing. Enjoy your meaninglessness.” (He was much more rude than that, but my version is as accurate ^^)

    Ouch, right? 🙂 But I think it’s actually quite a wake-up call. If it hurts, he’s right and you need to get moving.

  174. David Otey

    This episode was right on time for me, too. I recently finished reading the book –The Power Of Habit By Charles Duhigg which was a great training tool on what and how to train my brain to desire, expect, plan and engage routines I want and need for keeping me on my goal track. Being a musician, as one of my goal talents, I cannot focus on music in the room with the tv nor in the kitchen where the dishes are calling. This episode added an extra dimension I really appreciate. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Marie. 🙂

  175. Mikelah

    Wow this was great. i recognized this problem with myself and I’m in the thick of dealing with it. I still struggle from time to time, but I’m getting better each week by creating realistic goals, limiting my to do list to that I can complete tasks related to my goals each week. Some weeks are better than others, but it has become a habit to evaluated my time and if what I’m doing is in line with the goals I set for myself. I still have trouble with focusing, because I have so many ideas going on in my head at once. I have been thinking about meditation a lot, I think I will look into it more.

  176. Watch out world for Spencer! He’s a 16 year old on fire! I expect great things from him, I really hope he keeps everyone updated on his progress!

    As always, fabulous video, and super helpful. The way I stay focused is by setting a timesr to keep my ADD in check and blocking distracting websites during my peak work hours. Chrome Nanny is what I use and it’s a lifesaver!

    “It would be a dream, ma’am” made me LOL so loud. I heart Team Forleo <3

  177. Hi Marie!

    Thank you for this episode (and thanks to Spencer for the question – he’ll be going far, no doubt).

    I have been looking for the term ‘multi-passionate’ for a long time, and I am so glad that you have defined what it means to be so – it is something that I have had a hard time expressing in an environment where we are taught to pursue linear careers or life paths.

    Your advice about staying focussed and putting on blinders is great, so thank you! Great video :).

    All the best,

  178. Yes, yes, & yesss! Great video.

  179. Heather S

    I needed to be reminded that being multipassionate is a gift. I have always enjoyed dabbling without guilt and loved hearing that it is a good thing.

    My issue is more life purpose oriented. I can dabble and explore my interests and passions with no problem but how do I get enough focus or direction to figure out what one(s) to follow through with more fully? I am not just an interest dabbler, I feel I am a bit of a career dabbler but feel something is missing and want to really do what I am meant to do. Any advice?

  180. This is wonderful advice!

    The thing that really gets me is when I don’t get clear on what it is I want to do. Sometimes — it takes a little bit of dabble. I never really gave myself permission to do that, so I’m going to give it a try. The last year has been dabbling — I needed to learn in order to grow my knowledge base. Now I’m ready to execute!

    Thanks for sharing!

  181. Linda

    I admit, I’m quite the serial quitter myself, with me getting started and excited on plenty of things, then them dying down and losing my interest and then I fear if it’s my depression making me this way, or just some delusion of mine getting my temporarily excited for no reason sometimes!! Anyway…

    One thing that REALLY helps me follow-through is telling my plan to a trusted friend or family member- and you asking them to hold you accountable for finishing the task and showing it to them by a certain time frame. Someone who understands you, can be honest but encouraging and forgiving if you aren’t perfect 100% but also, can give you a bit of a kick up the ass or reality slap in the face if they really feel like you’re slacking for no real good reason!! 🙂

  182. Wow, What a young wise soul Spencer is! I predict wonderful things from him in the near future – especially if he listens to your excellent advice Marie!
    My whole life I have been a dabbler and I realize that although it is good to want to try new things and be excited with new projects, the follow through is just as important! The “finish the email you are writing” example hit home when I realized I always have about 10 drafts going at one time. This segment made me look deeper and realize I have some things to work on when it comes to accomplishing my goals. Thanks for the great mentoring, as always.


  183. As always, insightful & approachable advice! I struggle with being multi-passionate and following through on all my many projects and goals… as any creative type can relate to…

    I think Marie breaks it down into bite size units. So, you want an Oscar? What are the steps you need to take to get there… one day at a time. Bit by bit.

    Thanks for this reminder Marie!

  184. Excellent video, as usual. The tip on meditation is crucial. I’ve just started meditating a few weeks ago and the change in my life is incredible. Mostly, I’m calmer and therefore clearer regarding all decisions in my personal and business life. I didn’t really know how to meditate and then a friend turned me on to guided meditations via the app Headspace. It makes it really easy – I highly recommend trying it and the first 10 days are free.

  185. I really like this…advice for young and old alike. Dabbling across many things that interest us is what makes life exciting, and expands our growth and awareness. For the Cog Con (like that term), we develop the internal discipline and feeling of accomplishment that comes with completion. It’s a balance of the two. The only thing I would add is to check in with ourselves to make sure that not completing what we start isn’t fear of success.If it is, we will self-sabotage and not know the wonderful feeling of accomplishment.

  186. Oh boy, what a great A to a very relevant Q! I think you really nailed it Marie by giving us multi-passionate creative types some room to roam, wander and just absorb inspiration, but then hold ourselves accountable by defining just what, exactly, an end point (a realistic one at that) means for us. So simple and yet so true. We need that container to hone in all those creative juices so they don’t go sloshing around and leaking out everywhere and then we have nothing to show for it at the end of the day! 🙂

    FYI, I loved your opener on this one…still waiting for that sound of OM though! 😉

  187. Oh, and congratulations to you and everyone at Marie Forleo International for that impressive INC write-up. Keep up the good work!

  188. You are an ispiration to a lot of us both young and old! Great advice for us serial quitters out there. I already look foward to starting my new project with your advice in mind! Maybe i won’t quit half through this time.

  189. Oana Lazar

    Hi Marie,

    What a great video!! you are so passionate and inspiring! Spencer thanks for the initiative!!…I think it’s such a common theme among generation Y as we are trying to achieve and prove ourselves; however compared to our parents who didn’t have the luxury of the internet and of being bombarded from left to right with lots of information what we find challenging or at least what i find challenging is to have a “1 Track Mind”. I am 25 and I am extremely passionate with ideas flying through my head every min at the beginning of this year i found myself working on my day job, taking baby steps in setting something aside, helping a charity with their business model , attending all sorts of business events and now i have also enrolled on doing the CIMA qualification….but the day has only 24h…what I found useful in getting towards a 1 track Mind is to learn how to say No and to make some space for what i really want to do. Another thing what I found it helps is, as you mentioned, Meditation – whatever form it takes physical exercise or mental. We, passionate people, have lots of energy and Oh God it is hard to channel it in the right direction! so i am trying to practice it every day even if it’s about sitting in still for 2 min. Also I think it helps trying to find friends who are as passionate as you! I know i haven’t said something new but i thought i would share (plus i am taking a big step on commenting online as I have a bit of a phobia in doing so 🙂 ! Have a great week everyone!

  190. i was totally a serial quitter until this summer. i “accidentally” started a new habit of getting up every morning at 5 am to do yoga and have a little quiet time before my kids woke up (i have 3, the youngest of whom is 7 months old). i did it on my birthday just for fun, and then i just kept doing it every morning. most mornings in the beginning i had to bribe myself with a little dark chocolate or some other indulgence to get myself out of bed. some mornings i only got to do 15 minutes of yoga before the baby woke up or something else happened, BUT… i stuck with it, saying “slow and steady wins the race” and “small consistent action will get me where i want to go,” and VOILA! over the course of 3 months, my self-image completely changed. i now think of myself as a disciplined person! and i’ve started an online support tribe for mamas and stuck with it! i’m leading them on a 21-day shared transformational journey and i’m on day 3. i never would have made it this far before now. it has been SO much thanks to Marie and all of her productivity tips. i’m a new woman. woo-hoo! Thanks, Marie. you’re a lifesaver.

  191. Thanks for this, Marie. I also have a lot of trouble following through. I’ll make sure to put your tips into practice!

  192. Vanesa

    Thanks Marie!! Very helpful for me 🙂

  193. Oh my goodness I loved this video! I am the QUEEN of starting things. My cupboards are overflowing with stuff I’ve bought for all the hobbies I’ve tried and my bookshelf is packed with books I’m going to read so I can learn how to [insert random fun thing to do here].

    This post was a game changer for me. Giving myself permission to dabble is the pot of gold at the end of the unfinished rainbow! It’s like I just sighed off a lifetime of pressure and guilt over all the unfinished projects (scrapbook, language tapes, musical instruments, dance classes)! I also loved your tip to define completion – so simple and so smart.

    Thanks for this brilliant and helpful video!

  194. Emily Simek

    Hi Marie, out of all your catch phrases that I have made note of in your videos, this one stands out for me like a gem, and keeps helping me stay motivated: “Clarity comes from engagement, not through thinking, so…give yourself permission to dabble”. This includes the tips to: “meditate on the daily; define completion; practice wearing blinders (focus)”. Yesterday, I was home sick with a cold, unable to go to work, so even though I was feeling very gross, I hauled my butt to my laptop, and started to “dabble” on Wix, a free website template creator, and decided to try lay out my business website content. I had previously bought a template from Template, but stopped short on my progress because this template required me to know some coding! So I decided not to let this roadblock keep me from achieving my goals, and found another route to completion by finding a different template that caters to all of us non-tech-computer people. What do you know, I finished the first draft of my website that very same day I decided to “dabble” and see where it took me. What started as a “let’s see if this works” turned into a completed project, and something that had taken me a couple weeks to get back to. I also apply this phrase to creating my artwork. I often find myself “thinking” my way out of an artistic problem, and then I realized after viewing this video, that I needed to “dabble” my way out of them, and lo and behold, I discover and create new things by doing so. I think I will couple this advice with your most recent video, “How to prioritize: one tip that does it all” by labeling my tasks as either “Urgent” or “Important”. I also struggled with this and used it as an excuse as to why I am not getting to the important things in my life, like my side business and my art. So, thank you for your videos! They are very helpful.

  195. Rebecca

    Ok. I am going to write that down right now, and post it where I can see it Every. Single. Day.

    “Clarity comes from engagement, not from thought” !!!

  196. My friend and i also have been simply discussing above this unique problem, linda is consistently planning to demonstrate myself incorrect! I am going to show her this type of article and also apply it in a little!

  197. Bless SEO!!!!!!! I am feeling down on myself for being in the middle of a bunch of programs and I knew I needed to interrupt the pity party. I Googled “ finish” and landed right on this post. THANK GOODNESS!!!

    Biggest takeaway: define what completion looks like. I will implement this now. Thank you!

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Go Leah go! We’re so glad you got just what you needed. 😉

  198. Caralee

    Great vid! I loved the part about meditation mitigating internal distractions. (I have a terrible tendency to valid too many / every thought(s).) I am not great at sitting quiet in meditation. I tend to listen to creative visualization playlists etc. or Paul McKenna or something. Does music work or must it be silence? Any suggestions about how to get into that silent space for a real meditating novice?

  199. Zain

    Awesome thanks that helped me alot

  200. I like all your videos. Thank you.

  201. Toncia Arnokd

    Hi Marie,
    I couldn’t have found you at no better time than now. I’ve been hearing “you never finish” from my mom and husband constantly. And I’m pretty sick of hearing it to be honest. They are right though. I started to dislike this “thing” about myself and kinda felt like maybe I’m crazy or something because I never finish. As a mother of two boys I want to show them that yes mommy finished! But I take on new things in hopes to find my niche and I never follow through. Thank you for your expertise and hopefully I’ll be able to hone in on what my gift really is.

  202. Sohaib

    I think having somebody keeping me accountable helps.

  203. Silviya

    Ok Marie, and all the other awesome folks showing up here. I’ve read and heard about sooooo much awesome benefits of meditation. I can’t focus my aatention o my breath or whatever other mediation technique even for 10 seconds. Is there an alternative for people like me? Or am I hopelessly distractful (if that’s a word)?

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      Silviya, you’re absolutely not alone here! Practicing mindfulness and meditation can be an incredibly challenging thing, and as frustrating as it may be to hear this, truly it does just take time. Meditation isn’t about removing our thoughts, or attempting to deny that we have them – it’s more a practice of watching the thoughts and choosing not to latch on and follow them any farther.

      The more we practice this, the easier it becomes. But ultimately, having grace with yourself here is truly important. And with so many different kinds of meditation, there may be a method that speaks to you more than what you’ve already tried!

  204. Marianne

    I have recently had some follow-through success by rewarding myself: I can only buy materials/new supplies and start another project if I’ve finished the current one. Small actions are rewarded too: I can only do something else exciting if I finish one more paragraph of writing, 1o more crochet rows or watch one more video on marketing. Now I’m eager to finish something as it means I can start something else! Also commiting to an event helps such as showcasing my craft eg at a market that I have to register for gets me in a completion zone. Hope this helps you guys.

  205. It’s easy to get motivated during the initial excitement period, regardless if it’s a new job or hobby. But I do find, I lose motivation quickly, especially if things don’t go the way I planned. The best thing I have found, is to force myself through this sticky period. Sometimes, it works, other times I just end up quitting.

  206. Thanks for the advice. I am great with the dabbling, I just need to work on the focus. I have thought about meditation, just haven’t found the right combination that works for me. I do love the define the completion, I think that would really work for me, putting an end date and what it could look like.
    Thanks, Shani Dee

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Thanks for stopping by, Shani! We’re glad this episode sparked some takeaways for you to implement in your own life and work. The beauty of meditation is that your practice can be uniquely your own, though like all good habits, finding what works best for you takes time. Keep up the great progress– we’re all cheering you on.

  207. Good question 🙂
    Thank you. Best wishes to all :*

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