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Want to optimize your energy, focus and health? 

Say hello to functional medicine.

It’s a new approach to health that’s revolutionizing the way people eat and heal from disease. Instead of trying to fix symptoms as they arise, functional medicine focuses on fixing the system that caused the symptom in the first place.

Today’s guest is the perfect person to tell you all about it. I’m so thrilled to have my friend and world-renowned functional medicine expert Dr. Mark Hyman on the show!

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If you don’t know Mark yet, I think you’re going to love him. He’s the Director of the Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine and author of ten #1 NY Times bestselling books, amongst many other achievement and honors.

Most importantly, Dr. Mark Hyman has dedicated his life’s work to helping us regain control of our health and fights each day to ensure that each and every person has access to the resources and food choices they need to take care of themselves and their families.

If you’re ready to feel better than you have in years, this is a MUST watch MarieTV.

The information Dr. Mark Hyman shares in this episode will have a profound effect on the quality of your life, and those you love, if you really listen and take action.

Even if you’re familiar with these ideas, it’s worth your time to watch. Because each day we’re deluged by advertising, chemical-laden food choices and outdated medical models that are slowly killing us. Reminding ourselves of these fundamental core health truths can help us stay strong and create meaningful change for ourselves, our families and communities.

Find out why Dr. Mark Hyman says, “By transforming the food you eat, you can upgrade your biological software literally within days.”

If you’ve been a reader long enough, you know that I had a heart-dropping health scare with my dad a few years back. It’s the exact ideas that Dr. Mark Hyman shares today that helped me intervene and empower my Dad with tools to save his own life.

As you’re about to learn, the single biggest input you have on your health, by far, is what you eat. And without your health, what else do you have? 

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Now I’d love to hear from you. What’s the single biggest insight that you’re taking away from this conversation and — most important — how can you make that actionable right now?

Let me know in the comments below.

Share as much detail as possible in your reply. Thousands of incredible souls come here each week for insight and inspiration and your action step may help someone else have a meaningful breakthrough.

Important: share your thoughts and ideas directly in the comments. Links to other posts, videos, etc. will be deleted as they come across as spammy.

Thank you a million times over for watching, sharing your perspective and making this corner of Internet one of sanctuary for kind, compassionate progress.

And if anyone you know is committed to turning around their health this year, or simply wants to optimize their energy and mental focus, please share this post.

I’m not exaggerating when I say this one episode could radically change (or save) a life.

With so much love and gratitude,


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  1. Dawn Lovisa

    What a joy to come across your interview with Dr. Mark Hyman today. Dr. Hyman has been a tremendous inspiration in my life as I’ve watched him lead the charge in functional medicine and changing how we do health care. I’m a Family Nurse Practitioner and have struggled with my health issues along with challenges working with my patients. Trying to follow the conventional medical recommendations just didn’t work to bring about health.

    I read Dr. Hyman’s books and began to implement his dietary recommendations over three years ago, and I’ve not only lost weight, but I’ve reversed type 2 diabetes and arthritis in my knees. I’m feeling better than ever and looking forward to my future.

    I’ve been studying functional medicine and nutrition and am beginning a functional medicine practice. I have Dr. Hyman to thank for so many wonderful changes in my life. Thank you, for this interview. It’s always a joy to see Dr. Hyman’s work reaching a wider audience. And thank you, Marie, for all you do!

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      We’re so glad you enjoyed this interview so much, Dawn, and that you’ve seen such incredible, positive changes in your health thanks to Dr. Hyman!

    • Brilliant Dawn, thank YOU for tuning in and congrats on those massive changes you’ve made.

    • Wonderful Dawn, I second that! I too have been studying Functional Medicine for years and am a Functional Medicine Health Coach and huge fan of Dr. Mark Hyman and all his work. So happy to see him interviewed on here by Marie! Congrats on all your health success and supporting others in theirs. Many blessings

      • Hello, Collen. I am interested in Functional Medicine as well. Which course did you do? Thanks. Tanya

    • Suz

      You are so lucky to be a Nurse Practictioner. I wish I were that lucky to be good at test taking. No matter how much or how hard I study I’m never good enough and do poorly on my tests. I wish I could have passed my NCLEX years ago. I aspire to be a Nurse Practitioner in Functional Medicine. You are so blessed…

  2. I love the comment friend power is team power. We ALL need support. This was a great video, thank you for sharing!!!

  3. marilyn haverly

    I’ve admired Dr. Hyman and his advocacy for creating health for quite awhile. I’ve longed to have access to a functional medicine doctor since becoming aware of their effectiveness and I may have found someone in my area! I’ve heard testimonials from 4 people who were literally glowing with health and hopefulness because of the guidelines they were following after consulting with a doctor whose approach is very similar to Dr. Hyman’s. Weight loss, relief from pain, mental clarity, and happiness were a few of the effects they were enjoying!

    Thank you so much for highlighting this holistic approach to health and well-being! I think I’ve seen Fed Up, but I’m going to watch it again.

    To your health and happiness in this new year, Marie (and all your team,)

  4. Courtney

    Phew! Wow! Thank you! Beyond powerful interview. This was such a wake up call and motivation to make one small change a day to a better and truly healthier life/style. But also to activate change in my community. I live in a neighborhood surrounded by poor choices I am feeling inspired to learn more then be a modern day Pied Piper and share the news.
    Continued Blessings and again thanks.

    • Tim Wilson

      I was expecting it to be actionable with specific next steps. The Call to action was to buy a book? Really?! You could’ve provided some specifics – like step one in the 10-step detox or 12 foods you should never eat.
      the theory is all over the internet

      • Oh Tim! You’re right. There must be something in your diet you shouldn’t be eating, and you should find out what that is — fast. Because apparently, it’s affecting your energy and mood 🙂

        Seriously though. Wouldn’t you agree that education and action is the key to changing your health? Did you know that you can borrow books (like Dr. Hyman’s) from the library for free and rather than JUST step one, you can get the whole thing — at your fingertips?

        Having read a number of Mark’s books, I know from experience that it will benefit you to have the comprehensive information in front of you in book form so you can follow the proper protocol vs. getting him to rattle off “quick tips” to satisfy your need for instant action.

        But since you asked, I’m happy to share a few tips to get you started.

        1. Eliminate any and all processed foods from your pantry
        2. Eliminate all soda and sugary drinks.
        3. Eliminate alcohol.
        4. Eat whole, real, fresh vegetables everyday.
        5. Drink lots of clean, filtered water.

        Then, go to the library and read one of his books. Or heck, go online to Amazon and read a “free sample” and get the first few pages.

        That should get you started my friend!

        • Thank you Marie for another great interview! Here is the note I was hoping could some way be passed along to the doctor!

          I recently caught your interview with Marie Forleo and I was so incredibly inspired listening to you speak for several reasons. First, I couldn’t agree more with your insight and what taught me this was fortunately not mercury poisoning but getting diagnosed with Celiac disease about 15 years ago. Getting celiac was actually the best thing that ever happened to me in terms of recognizing the food that irritates my body but also teaching me how to eat whole foods. Now I have to cook all of my meals and with weight watchers (to curb the gluten free snacking) my digestive system, my energy, everything has shifted. To the point that I can’t function unless I’m eating greens and fresh fish and protein. I also agree so much that healthy eating is all about understanding food, how to buy it inexpensively and what to cook. If you have never eaten anything but fast food or processed food you just don’t know what to do. You are also so right about the myth of cost. Because I mainly cook all 3 meals myself, I can buy 5 days-worth of breakfast, lunch and dinner for $35.00 no lie (produce can be cheap from a vegetable stand).

          The other concept you spoke about that totally jazzed me was the collaboration with the church, the healthy eating program. When I go to the gym and get on the treadmill I listen to this Baptist preacher I love Michael A. Walrond, Jr from First Corinthian Baptist Church. I’m actually Catholic but this pastor is so inspiring and motivating so his message really gets me energized while I’m working out. Plus, he does so much for the community of Harlem NY, including healthy living initiatives. So I started thinking on the treadmill one day, wouldn’t it be an awesome initiative to have parish members come to a big cafeteria with like 60 treadmills (specifically the elderly or other people who want to get in shape) and watch a sermon while they are on the treadmill. Your so inspired by the message and by the time you know it 60 minutes have gone by while you were walking or running. Kind of like spin only with treadmills and a pastor instead of house music and pumped up instructor!

          Then, the other night I watched 60 minutes sports and saw what Nerio Alessandri is doing with techno gym, the wellness village in Italy and innovating healthy workplaces with exercise and healthy food. About 5 minutes into your interview with Marie I had a total eureka moment. Maybe (if they are not already in touch) these two could collaborate and bring faith based communities on board (like FCBC) to develop this kind of initiative. Maybe Neiro would donate some equipment and you could provide the educational structure around the program or something to that effect.

          I know you are super busy and you might be like who is this stranger presenting with me with this wacky idea, but I just had to get this out and ship it off. Also, my New Years Resolution is to contact an influential person every day, so this is just something I felt compelled to do.

          Thanks so much to you or your staff for taking the time to review this note. Please feel free to contact me if anything.

          Shayna Lee

        • Marie, what a brilliant reply to Tim… Congrats! You are way beyond awesome! Thank you for the inspiration and the guidance… Love & appreciate you!

        • Love it 🙂

        • wendy

          haha awesome Marie empowering response 🙂

      • Buy the book and read it, Tim. That’s my best advice. If you want to take care of yourself and transform your health you’re going to have to take responsibility for yourself. Complaining about this video won’t change anything for you. I mean no offense by this simple statement of truth. I’m sure I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know.

  5. Dear Marie,

    You asked in the intro how our new year has been and I teared up before reading any further and realizing just how incredible this interview with Dr. Hyman would be. I was diagnosed with breast cancer 3 weeks ago at age 39 and I’m just beginning this LONG journey ahead. You hear this often from fans, I’m certain, but the timing of this interview is a blessing.
    Thank you from all of my heart.

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      I’m glad this interview came at the right moment for you, Beth. I’m sorry to hear about your diagnosis – we’re sending you massive love! xo

    • A friend of mine was just diagnosed at 35 as well so I feel moved to send you some love Beth although I don’t know you, I am a yogi so I believe in universal love 🙂 If you don’t mind me saying check out the Gerson therapy and also Louise Hay’s affirmation books if you haven’t already. These methods aren’t mainstream but would be a great complement to whatever your plan is and to this video.
      Namaste 🙂

    • Giovanna Minda

      Hi Beth,
      Sending you light and love as you embark on your journey of healing.
      xoxo Giovanna

    • Stacie

      My mother was 52 when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Her situation was severe and she had to have multiple lumpectomies and radiation. My mom worked very hard to keep her spirits up during this time in her life. She had been a dark soda drinker her entire life. Her go to snacks were always sweets because they made her feel better although she also consumed a good variety of healthy food as well. She gave up soda right away. She kept grapes washed and in the fridge and would eat them daily to help satisfy her sweet tooth and settle her nausea from the treatments. She also took up drinking green tea on the daily and still does to this day. By reducing her sugar intake dramatically, it helped her maintain an appetite for healthy food while she was going through treatments that are well known for decreasing appetite. She was fairly fit otherwise, maybe only ten pounds overweight for her frame. She actually gained weight during treatment. Her doctor told her that he had never seen anyone go through that process and actually gain a few pounds. She was declared cancer free within the year and has never had it come back on her again. A few of my friends have had it come back and had to go through the process again- and they all have the common factor of over-consuming sugars. I firmly believe that my mom’s choices helped her beat cancer. I wanted to share this with you in hopes you will find some encouragement in her story. She is 65 years old and in better health now than she was at 45. You can and will win this battle.

  6. andrea

    Thank you Marie and Mark that was so powerful and helpful. I struggle with IBS and IBD. I have so many symptoms; nausuea, pain, spasms, right and left sife accute belly pain, bloating, and overall tired and stressed due to being in pain so much. I have seen so many doctors and specialist. They have diagonised me with IBD and Depression and wanted to give me a hystrectomy, Mind you I am only 39. I have struggled with this for 25 years.
    I have gotten worse, I believe due to hormones after I had children. Now, mother of 4 and barely can get through the day on a bad ones. I have not seen a remission period in years. I have been told I have Leaky gut, SBO and other crazy things. I have done supplements, mediatation, yoga, and other homopahetic methods. I have never relly seen much relif. I take antispasmodics, and other meds to help the symptoms, but it’s a loose loose becase the meds make me sick with other things. I want nothing more than to find the reason I am like this. I am not over weight and I am very active. I would love some insight or if you could direct me to a book that specializes IBS diet and treatment. I know I have a lot going on, but there must be away through diet to allivate this. I just need someone who understand this to help me!
    Thank you
    Miserable in Pain

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Oh Andrea, I’m so sorry to hear that you’re dealing with all of this. I have IBD as well and completely understand how physically difficult the disease can be. You’re not alone!

      Although everyone is different, I’m sure there are ways to find relief through diet and other treatments. I’d recommend talking to your doctor and maybe finding a functional doctor for other opinions. I found relief from some of my symptoms in the past by following a Whole30 diet, but with modifications for IBD (there are resources online I believe). For example, raw veggies can be very hard for IBD patients to digest so I cook mine to avoid problems. Everyone is different, but I wish you tremendous luck on this journey to finding what will work best for you!!

    • Ally

      Have you read Medical Medium by Anthony William? Sending love 🙂

    • Paola

      Hi Andrea,

      You can find a Functional Medicine practitioner in your area if you go to:
      A certified practitioner is someone who has been through all of the training courses and successfully passed the exam that The Institute for Functional Medicine offers. I highly recommend reaching out to a practitioner from that search as they’re extremely well equipped in determining underlying causes and will be able to help you.

      Best of luck,

    • Haylee

      Andrea – have you been tested for Celiac disease? Many people go decades without being properly diagnosed, and your symptoms sound a lot like mine are.

      • Stacie

        Haylee I was going to ask the same question. I was recently diagnosed with celiac disease. Avoiding gluten is difficult at first but I’m learning more everyday. My doctor explained to me that she often recommends those with any kind of inflammatory GI issues (such as IBD) go gluten free to reduce reactions. One important detail to know Andrea is that if someone goes gluten free prior to having the testing done, it can make celiac more difficult to diagnose. So if you haven’t been tested you may consider doing so very soon, and then you could try going gluten free immediately after. I am four weeks in and accidentally consumed gluten last night for the first time since my diagnosis. It has been a very rough 24 hours. The change in the way I have been feeling since removing gluten has been nothing short of amazing. I have also learned the importance of working to heal the damage at the same time. So whether or not you are positive for celiac, your looking into ways to heal your gut has you on the right track. Some will recommend starting on a probiotic with at least five different strains, consuming up to 2000 mg of omega 3 fish oil per day (during the healing process), and avoiding foods that may be harsher on your system for awhile.

  7. Håkan

    Lovely interview with Dr Hyman! Very interesting!
    Already cooking from ground up, so that idea of working together within the community is what I think is a loveley idea. 🙂


  8. As a nutritionist, wellbeing expert, and author I watch this interview with mixed emotions. On the one hand, without question creating habits centered around taking care of yourself — eating patterns, exercise, sleep, and hobbies that bring you joy — will help you feel better and give you more energy day-to-day. For people who care about their health, this is very important to embrace. I also agree with his new focus of the power of community and friendships. This is 1/4 of my book, Body Kindness. I was very surprised to hear him talk about the family on food stamps and how flexible he seemed to be in what a low income family deals with in financial and knowledge limitations. He gets the limitations here, which is important. I grew up in a low income family on WIC and food stamps. My life changed with education and higher income. I’m keenly aware to the stress of being poor. As a little girl, I felt exhausted and worrying about bills and food, even if my parents tried to keep it from me. It was a trauma — but could have always been worse. We had clothes, a roof, jobs, and I had school. My main criticism is that we need to be very careful with certain words, like “sugar addiction”. According to neuroscience, it’s premature. I strongly disagree with his idea that “each bite changes your DNA” — it’s too extreme and unscientific. Yes, DNA expression can be impacted by eating patterns, and this exciting, but patterns aren’t extreme rules. For many people, the idea of eliminating or never again having dessert, or giving up something they aren’t ready to give up, keeps them from taking any action at all. In addition, extreme thinking promotes disordered eating and eating disorders. I believe in respecting individual experience and people should choose what feels good to them. But just because one person says they feel great eating vegetarian, another person may find it unsustainable. Hyman’s mercury poisoning in China I’m guessing was related to eating too much tuna in sushi (a health food) or pollution or another uncommon reason. It sounds awful, but it’s also rare. Our bodies detoxify with our liver and kidney and general positive self care habits help them do their work. If you look at the research in positive psychology and behavior change, you will see that the importance of changing habits requires an individual to make choices about preferences and what suits them best. I love the premise of you are closer to health and happiness than you think. Positive psychology researchers have shown that engaging in joyful activities (think of all the health related ones), practicing gratitude, loving-kindness meditation, resilience to stressful situations, and others lead to a happier, more meaningful life. This life still has room for dessert, meat if you like it, dairy if you like it, gluten if you like it… As an individual, tuning in to what bothers you about your habits and setting goals that are workable for you will help you create a better life. A big part of this is not giving up. (We are so hard on ourselves sometimes.) I think health practitioners can help people more without going to fear-mongering extremes. I wish extremes didn’t grab attention, or push people to take action, but they do. Extremes can also harm, increasing anxiety and reducing hope and confidence that lasting change is attainable. That is a shame. Everyone can change in their own way. Thanks for listening.

    • Mary

      I agree with you, Rebecca. Most people can make changes, but sustaining them long term is a whole other thing. Taking a balanced approach, and incorporating positive changes into your lifestyle gradually, and without a sense of fear or an “all-or-nothing” approach is important. This interview really highlighted the impact of socioeconomic factors on health, emphasizing that our diet is perhaps the single biggest factor in our health.

    • Dear Rebecca, what a great comment, thank you for sharing your point of view. It is all about balance, about what we really like and what we feel comfortable with.
      Of course too much sugar is not a good thing, but having a piece of gateau from time to time won’t make any harm. All the best to you, cheers! e

    • M

      Thank you Rebecca – I agree wholeheartedly with you- intuitive eating is what resonates with me – getting in touch with my own body’s needs and desires and, as well, strengthening the courage ‘muscle’ to live accordingly.

  9. Fantastic episode! I teach Anatomy & Physiology to high school students and I will be showing them this episode for sure. (I’m 10 days into the Whole30 diet right now and feel amazing… not sure how your detox compares, but I feel great.)

  10. Ronda Gartland

    My takeaway is the encouragement that the world is changing!! The body of evidence continues to grow with each piece of information that we are in control of our lives. Our communities can only be built up by each and every one of us, and this paints a beautiful picture of what it’s supposed to look like. Knowledge is power, and it’s good to eat your medicine. Thank you for the direction you are taking the conversation.

  11. Kate Keller

    I love the work Dr. Hyman is doing! Thank you!

    The idea of the social impact on health is so basic because we are ALL connected. There is another aspect that is affected by diet and that is your intuition! I am an empath and am able to feel other peoples’ illnesses and emotions but when my diet is not as clean I cannot feel as easily.

    The idea of the functional medicine has been studied for thousands of years in other cultures and it’s called (for one) Ayurveda. The mind / body / spirit are all connected.

  12. MY. GOOD.NESS.
    My favourite episode ever!!! I went through something similar to Mark…
    For a decade, my diet was full of sugar and starch, devoid of water or vegetables. My body eventually couldn’t take it and my psoriatic arthritis broke out. I was covered in patches. I shied away from human contact for a time. I couldn’t walk long, borrowed a wheel chair and a walking stick at some point. I was only 30!!! Western medicine didn’t help much. They obsess with symptoms, never try to find causes. It’s only when a friend introduced me to dieting and supplementing that my arthritis disappeared. My psoriasis did too but it seems to wax and wane. I think I’m gonna get this 10 days to detox!
    Thanks Marie and Mark!!!

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      So glad you enjoyed this episode, Rudiano. It sounds like it resonated with you a truly personal level!

  13. Love Dr Mark Hyman and you are also terrific Marie! Thank yo so much!!

  14. I was so excited to see this paring! I’m currently a student of the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy (in association with the Institute of Functional Medicine) and I’m working on building my Health Coaching business (thinking about signing up for B-school!). I was inspired to hear Dr. Hyman discussing how disease is a social problem. As a Functional Medicine Health Coach I am honored to be a part of the solution to better healthcare.

  15. Wonderful video with Dr. Hyman! I have been on my journey of becoming a Health Coach for the last couple years and watching this video today just cemented my goals for the next year! I desperately want to help people make changes in their body and health and I plan to start with eating whole foods! Maybe even help implement the Daniel Plan within my church or community.

    Marie, thanks so much for all your inspiration every week! It gives me that boost of energy each week to stay on my game and keep moving forward no matter what!

  16. Food is information – very powerful and the best insight from the video. I will search for his books.

  17. Great interview. I think I have all his books memorized. He’s easy to listen to and explains things in a way that people understand. Thanks.

  18. Mimi

    I have so much to say about this video, but I’ll keep it short! I’m a drgreed Anthropologist (amongst other things) and Paul Farmer has been an idol of mine since I was a teenager. I had the honor of meeting him and having a 30 minute-long conversation with him after a lecture he gave at my alma mater, the University of South Florida, where his sister attended and he knows many of my faculty. I think of Dr.Farmer (Paul, as he asked me to call him) literally everyday.

    I think of him everyday because of a specific piece of advise he gave me when I told him how much I wanted to do what he does. He told me to never want to do what he does, he told me to do what *I* do as who I am with as much dedication and enthusiasm as he may do it! That summer while doing my thesis research in Guatemala, I read my signed copy of Mountains Beyond Mountains, and as almost 10 years have passed, I have completely altered my industry, field of work, and career goals.

    I’ve gone from wanting to be a consummate academic in the social sciences to wanting to devote my life as a creative, personal development entrepreneur, which makes his advice even more meaningful.—- My grandfather was a homeopathic doctor and Ayurvedic Yogi in India, and although I didnt know him, my mother raised me with the belief and practice that food is health and health is your destiny. When I realized how much this up bringing has influenced my choices, I knew that health and wellness have to be the cornerstone of my creative, personal development brand—- I no longer want to be Paul Farmer when I grow up and save the world as an anthropologist (or as my 20 year old self saw it) because I know that I can only serve others in this life by being completely myself, as only I can! I have to be content with myself before I can have the impact that I want to have on others.

  19. Wow- what a great interview packed with SO much goodness! Thank you Marie and Mark.
    I’m not sure I can pick one biggest insight—this episode is one I’m definitely going to revisit over the next few days, as I let all the info sink in! One of the points resonating for me in the moment is the reality that the food industry has has set us up with misinformation, and to fail in our health. I’ve known this for a very long time (I even used to work in advertising, so I know how ‘tricky’ those ad mind games can be), but it’s so rarely talked about openly, that I realized I was succumbing to the lure of this misinformation even in my own home and health.
    Also, I have to mention how very thrilled I am to hear Dr. Hyman lay out the facts about all calories NOT being equal in matter-of-fact, plain terms. I am so sick (literally!) of doctors and other health professionals spreading misinformation about these facts. I suffered severely from anorexia nervosa for much of my life, and this misinformation (that was especially prevalent in my youth) actually helped to fuel my disease and the damage that I caused myself from it.
    My disordered thinking has often been downright encouraged from certain health professionals and society, and it nearly killed me (more than once).
    I’m always wary about eating/health plans, because it’s so easy for me to kick back into a disordered mode about it, and turn it into obsession and another tool for my disease. But the practical and honest approach Dr. Hyman presents strikes a chord in me, and makes me feel that perhaps I am indeed closer to being friends with my body and it’s health—rather than at war with it, as I have been for my whole life.

  20. Ann Herzinger

    I used Mark’s “Blood Sugar Solution” book to lose 30 lbs in 2014. This interview put 2 of my favorite people together. Yay! My insight was that social influences are so powerful. My life has been transformed. My story about “genetic” bad knees has been changed to one involving many varied activities including hiking. I am still enjoying being 30lbs lighter 2 yrs later. Thank you, Mark!

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      What a huge accomplishment, Ann! So glad this interview brought together two people you enjoy so much 🙂

  21. Pam Lewis

    “Re-imagine food as information” We need to be cognizant that what we put in our mouths is instructing our bodies how to function and feel. Never thought of it that way before but I will be much more mindful in the future. Thank you as always Marie & Happy Healthy 2017 to all!

  22. Such an awesome video and topic – thank you.

    As someone who has personally experienced how changing your diet can change your life, and then going on to write about it in Paleo Cleanse, it’s fantastic to hear other amazing transformations from people following the same principles. I hope the world catches on soon to the detrimental myths and falsities perpetuated by the food industry and Big Pharma.

    Here’s to excellent health!

  23. Zabdi Rengifo

    Wow!! What a great video. I will look for the books.

    You are an E-motional (energy in motion) being with a mind body (dense matter.) Your natural state of being is well- being. DIS-ease is not. A mind that practices “stinking thinking” CAUSES the EFFECT of DIS-ease in the body. There IS a direct connection between mind body. Doubt not that truth and you will real-eyes the body is nothing but a teaching device which is the purpose assigned to it by You, the being (subject-Self). You also have a self image made in mind as to who you ‘think/believe” you Are. That self is the object the subject YOU observers and is experiencing this time-space reality through. The self image you create for your SELF is given what purpose it has assigned As in I’m ‘this or that’ and this is ”my story’. Real-eyes what you are beyond the perception of the self You made and you are truly free from fear the thoughts that support fear causing DIS-ease.

    We each have a “death’ wish for fear is a wish ( I “know” from experience). I am now wholly aware you and are one. When man recognizes (to know again) his Self in the body of other, fear of other will forever cease to exist and man will ascend the human form which is weak, valueless (as are all things In formless truth) and temporary (temporal) and WILL still in formless, perfect well-Being peace and will flood the world. Each individual is living there own dream in a body, yet inevitably each individual will awaken to the truth of their perfection and worth. Bodies only join temporal-rarily. Minds can join eternally.
    Peace to all. May you be live your life (in a body) in ease.

  25. Thank you that was so great. Mark is an unbelievable thought leader. I was introduced to his work when I went to IIN and have been following him ever since. I’m going to try the 10 day detox. Just ordered the book and cookbook. <3

  26. Bernie

    The whole industry around diets and dieting had me overwhelmed and underwhelmed at the same time. I saw Dr. Hyman’s books and I just thought, yeah another one of those that has his theory on what should we do with the ‘Buy my book and your life will be spectacular’ marketing. However, I have completely changed my mind about him thanks to this episode Marie! I have always believed that most symptoms are not directly linked to where the symptoms occur but are a small part of a bigger problem. I have to admit though many times what I believe is not necessarily what I practice and I get easily pulled into what the ‘social’ group is doing. My BFF is very over weight and I have to admit since we have spent more time together my weight has gone up dramatically. I know that I will never change her eating habits and I have no intention of ‘ditching’ her as a friend but I will just have to resist the lure of the constant eating out and sharing of desserts, even when I have said no. I am going to find the 10 day detox book and see what it will do for me. Thank you.

  27. Wamuyu

    I live in Nairobi, Kenya and Mark Hyman (whom I have never met) is my doctor. He helped me heal two ‘incurable’ diseases by changing my diet – adenomyosis (very painful growths on uterus wall) and rheumatoid arthritis.

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Amazing, Wamuyu! Thank you so much for sharing that with us. I’m so glad you’re feeling better!

  28. Marci

    Marie, thank you for always having someone that delivers thier message in a way that motivates me to change for the better. Your endorsement of Dr. Hyman made me want to hear what he had to say and it was phenomenal! I loved most the idea of food being information to our bodies. I have heard fuel…but information makes so much sense and gives me more resolve to feed my body the right way. Thank you, thank you again and again for such great content, my time is never wasted with you.

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Marci, we’re thrilled to share his work with you and so glad the ideas are resonating with you and stirring up new ways of doing things.

      We’re honored to be able to serve you each week through our content, and so appreciate your kind words!

  29. Dr Hyman is amazing! He was one of our teachers at IIN and I have been following many of his techniques for a while now. The biggest impact for me was ditching the processed crap and eating whole, real, fresh food for a majority of my meals. Wow, the difference in how much better I feel is profound. I do indulge on the not-so-good stuff occasionally but I can always tell when I do with some form of symptom in my body. Refined sugar makes me itchy and anxious—and honestly I suffered with panic attacks for many years and no doctor could ever answer why it was happening. I also had eczema/acne breakouts, insomnia, bladder/yeast infections, and was sick all the time. As soon as I ditched the sugar and added in probiotics and more veggies, I was was able to heal myself and get off all those nasty meds. Rarely am I sick anymore and to this day I’ve never had another panic attack or bladder infection. I also sleep like a baby most nights now too 🙂 So thankful to God for empowering me with mentors like Dr Hyman (and you too, Marie). Much love, Ashley

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      You’re so kind, Ashley — thank you for sharing and we’re sending loads of love back.

  30. What a lovely way to begin the day and a fabulous interview! Thank you Marie & Dr, Hyman. So many wonderful gems…I love the discussion around the social connection and how it impacts health. We have to keep lifting each other up. I’ve been in healthcare for many years and a health coach/educator of private clients the last 6…and I’m inspired to get the longer group program I’ve been planning out in the world…this could NOT have been better timing! Thank you so much.

  31. Hunter Mitchell

    I want to share this video a million times over.
    Someone who is very close to me has been battling with chronic illnesses and fatigue. She has seen specialist after specialist and takes 5…6…7 medications a day just to temporary fix this issues. Mind you she is 5’1 and easily 200lbs over weight. That’s a lot of weight for someone so small so no wonder she has knee issues and fatigue. BUT her doctors never say her weight or the way she eats is an issue. They all suggest that these medications and treatments will help. I am NOT convinced. I believe if she lost just 50lbs she’ll feel better at this point. She says she knows her weight is an issue but I don’t really think she does. I think just by changing the way she eats would greatly help her. Would you suggest the 10 day detox to someone like this? She is 73, over weight and won’t do anything about it. I want to help her help herself but I don’t want to make it seem like I’m attacking her.

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Hunter, you’re absolutely welcome to share this episode with anyone you’d like to, and we love it when people pass along MarieTV episodes to people in their lives that they feel would benefit!

      Some of the things you’re thinking through and asking questions around for your friend is really challenging and tender stuff, so we understand why you’re struggling to find a balance of sharing helpful things versus attacking or judging her.

      We did an episode a while back on how to share personal growth tips with others and not make them feel judged in the process, so I wanted to share the link with you with the hopes it’ll help you with navigating it all and feeling out the best path forward:

      Thank you so much for watching!

  32. I loved this interview and there were many golden nuggets. One of my favorites “food is information….every bite changes your biology…controls immune system, hormones, adrenals…” I’m looking forward to getting those books and watching Fed Up. Great show Marie

  33. I think this was a compelling episode.
    I agree with this mans philosophy. The worlds needs to be inspired to a new level.
    As I was eating my lunch listening to him, talk, my digestion was very happy 🙂
    Katie – Registered Dietitian

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Love it, Katie! Happy lunchtime 🙂

  34. I love that you had Dr. Hyman on your show as a guest and are helping to normalize the concept of true health care and not disease care. It was also extremely interesting to hear his take on the future of medicine and the medical industry.

    I am familiar with many of the concepts he promotes such as healing and managing disease through what you put into your body. I am managing symptoms of Chron’s disease through food and as with most things there have been ups and downs – some successes and some struggles. But I am so certain that food has a huge impact on my well being and in preventing “flares.” It is nice to hear this perspective echoed when conventional medicine has its head buried in the sand.

    I am so convinced about the concepts and principals Dr. Hyman voiced, it feels like a huge disservice to the average person who is sick especially with chronic, western lifestyle conditions like diabetes, heart disease, autoimmune disorders to not give them information they need to help themselves. I have been so, so sick and suffering from intense pain and IBD symptoms and when conventional doctors tell you there is nothing you can do but drugs and surgery and I BELIEVED them, I felt powerless. But when I see improvement from changing what I eat, not only is any sense of restriction totally worth it, I feel powerful again.

    I am thinking about going back to school to help people in the same way as Dr. Hyman – whether that be nutrition or functional medicine. I think a paradigm shift about how what we eat affects our health is necessary and so much suffering can be prevented. Thank you for the inspiring interview.

  35. Katie Kreamer

    As a Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner and fan of Dr. Hyman this was very powerful to watch! I actually became emotional when he was speaking of the family in South Carolina. I am currently working in an underserved area and when I ask my patients if they know what a probiotic is they almost always answer no. Education and support in the community is so important, and it takes time. We need more providers willing to do what Dr. Hyman does. Thank-you for a great interview!
    Katie Kreamer, ARNP

    • Miriam

      You say we need more providers willing to do what Dr. Hyman does. I am a Registered Nurse and an EFT Practitioner, passionate about wellness and integrating mind, body, and emotional connection. I practice yoga daily and raise my children holistically with organic healthy eating and cooking and a myriad of other holistic methods. I’m looking to expand and work in the healthcare industry implementing, educating and using these wellness techniques. Any leads would be appreciated! Thank you Marie for being totally you! Your a true inspiration to me!

  36. Thank you, Marie and Mark, it was such a fantastic episode!
    I love the ” Friend power is so much more powerful than willpower. ” – it is so true! Thank you also for mentioning about food industry making people scare that healthy food is too expensive and too time consuming, because too many people believe in it and this isn’t true.
    I never forget how surprised I was when I read the back label of the premade carrot salad and when I realized that instead of having a carrot, lemon juice and parcely as ingredients, there were about 18 other ingrediens and most of them reminded me more of my chemistry lessons than cooking stuff, not mentioning about numbers for emulgators used to preserve it. I think that was a wake-up call for me. It was more than 15 years ago.
    Since then I am on a ”non-violent” diet, or lacto vegetarian in other words, veggies with just a little bit of diary and honey included 😉 I remember people (family and friends) telling me that it won’t be good to me, because I won’t be able to figure out what my body needs which will cause a disease, that it will be too expensive and most importantly, that I will never find time to do it when working and studying at the same time; moreover my friends were telling me they were scared of inviting me because of not knowing what I would eat and that it was too much of a hassle to worry about making something special for me. There was literally noone to encourage me to keep going, to stay on a healthy side of my life. It was difficult.
    But I get through it on my own. And I am so grateful for it! It takes so little time to prepare healthy food, so I cook every single day; it is not expensive at all and since I have a veggie garden I have my own best quality veggies for more than 6months in a year; I do lots of excercises to relax my body and mind; I let myself to eat some sweets from time to time, but I do not feel like I need to. I do not use salt and sugar, but I do love spices and herbs. I have learned to listen to my body and I know I am capable of reading the signals it sends me, so I know that if I really feel like I want to eat beetroots, it means my body needs some nutritions that are present in this particular vegetable. I do not suffer from any disease and my body is in a perfect condition and I believe it is because I took the control over my own body and I focused on delivering the best food I can.
    It’s been 15 years since I started to take care of myself and now I am helping others to eat more healthy. Don’t get me wrong, I do not persuade people to stop eating meat and fish 😉 but I do encourage them to try eat more natural and healthy food, to eat less pre-made food and prepare more food from fresh ingredients at home. I do invite friends to my house so we can cook together as well, to show them how easy it is to make a healthy dinner, at the same time having so much fun from cooking together. It is really amazing how powerful the friend power is 😉
    best regards and all the best to you all! e

  37. I’m very familiar with all of this – especially the sugar addiction. Yesterday I posted this on my personal facebook page and some of the reactions were a surprise. You will have to go to my page to find the answer if you don’t want to calculate yourself, but there is a point I’m making here – MOST PEOPLE HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THE CALORIES ARE IN WHAT THEY EAT. Including Dr’s and nutritionists!
    Guess the daily total for three standard restaurant meals –

    Denny’s Sticky bun breakfast
    Cinnamon sauce and cream cheese icing drizzled over two new fluffy buttermilk pancakes with glazed pecans cooked inside. Served with two eggs and hash browns, plus two sausage links. Medium orange juice, coffee, creamer (2)

    Lunch – Chipotle
    Chipotle Chicken burrito with lettuce, rice, beans guac, sour cream fresh salsa and cheese. Side of chips & guac, coke ( 20 oz bottle)

    Dinner – Culver’s
    Wisconsin Big Cheese Pub Burger (double) with fries
    Medium Rootbeer with a 1 scoop Turtle Sundae for dessert

    Many nutritionists (including B school) are very healthy people and would never eat some restaurant items that others eat daily so they don’t identify with “those people”. Some of us grew up on mac n’ cheese and spagettios and it is hard to overcome bad eating habits early. I DID NOT eat these meals, but if it wasn’t guilt ridden, I easily could! Not picking on these places, just easy to find their nutritional info online.

    Now that larger chain restaurants are required to state calories, you can become more aware, but the basic ‘chef driven’ corner Pub can get away with a 1/2 lb juicy lucy (with the hip ‘bone marrow’ on top) and you can bet it is as much or more as Culver’s.

    Marie -you have always been beautiful and healthy and it is definitely part of the secret to your success. It is easy to take your advice because you dole it out in a kind way and look great doing it. Love your Tuesday vids, this one being truly important (though it would be good to have a condensed version to share so people watch and don’t miss).

    Dr. Hyman – I’m glad you are doing what you are doing and with “normal” people that are not the ones already working on their health. The church idea is great! I wish you’d take a look at my product because it was born out of a need to eat more healthy, to be able to prep at home and eat more vegetables, control what is being put in your food but with as much flavor as a restaurant meal!

  38. Eugenie Verney

    What a great interview!

    To my shame — and despite having a pretty thorough handle on the complexities of diet and wellbeing and the whole mind:body interactive process — I had not heard of Dr Hyman. I’ll play the UK card in part self-defence, but am nonetheless still a little ashamed!

    Everything he says resonates 100% and I’m now off to Amazon to find out more about the precepts of functional medicine and how he works it…

    Thanks, Marie, for yet another outstanding interview.

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Eugenie, we’re thrilled to have introduced you to his work!

  39. Wendy

    Thank you Marie for bringing this to us in the New Year! I am still struggling in a lot of areas of my life, and although I try to eat better, I fall into the sugar, and carb traps which exacerbates the crappy feelings, migraines, anxiety, depression, high blood pressure, and now being border-line diabetic. Most of the time I feel powerless, however I will definitely invest in the two recommended books.

  40. This is an amazing interview and truly points out how easily we can change our lives and attain health. As a Registered Dietitian I have been teaching people how to cook and eat better for them food for 30 years. It’s wonderful to hear an educated doctor who is on board with this.
    Thank you.

  41. Michael Hengherr

    Hey guys – I absolutely LOVE Marie TV, please keep up the great work. But this time I got a bit itchy. How comes you guys have Hyman on your show, when he’s obviously quite controversial when looking a bit deeper into what he’s promoting (and selling).

  42. Karen Ehlers

    Can honestly say I didn’t know of the good Doctor and now I am super excited about buying some of his books and watching Fed Up. What he said makes so much sense and I want to understand more. You are what you eat and I drink a lot of wine, love my spoons full of peanut butter and clearly my body is craving sugars and storing fat, which is why I am struggling to get rid of 40 pounds. I like that Dr. Hyman said “you are closer than you think to better health” sometimes it feels daunting. I’m 50 and it doesn’t get easier, but I am also super ready to get super healthy. Knowledge is power, and I can’t wait to read more. THANKS for sharing him, this is coming at the right time.

  43. I read Dr. Hymans ten-day detox. It’s true, it does change your life! I was ridiculously tired and continually sick. After four days I felt amazing. I continued by finding a functional medicine M.D. and have continued to improve my health over the last several years. I am beyond grateful for the work that Dr. Hyman does. And thank you and Marie for showcasing him!

  44. Thank you, Marie and Dr Hyman. I completely agree with all the information you share in this video. I always thought that I was eating healthier because I love cooking and I’m not a fan of process food. However, last year my husband was diagnosed with two differents types of cancer. One aggressive sarcoma and thyroid gland. After that, we started researching about how your lifestyle, food, activities and mindset affects your whole body. It is important to stop seeing it as separate parts. Our bodies are intelligent organisms that receive information from outside and the inside. Food and our thoughts and emotions, feed us constantly.
    Thanks again for sharing and I wish that your works continue getting to everyone and we all be a better and healthier planet from inside out.

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Amen to that! Thank you so much for watching, Carolina, and for being here with us.

  45. Another great video, as usual Marie! I can’t wait to try the 10 day detox myself.

  46. Jennifer

    This interview is coming at the perfect time-my friend and I JUST started a Facebook group yesterday focusing on wellness. We’re doing it just for fun and motivation so I love the “nuggets ‘o wisdom” on how important health is socially and lets me know that we are moving in the right direction.

  47. Having gone through a bout with colorectal cancer a couple years ago,
    I discovered a lot about nutrition and health during the entire process of treatment and recovery. So, if course I was already familiar with Dr. Hyman .

    My big takeaway. from your interview, however, was the social aspect of getting healthy and maintaining health. He said, “We all need a buddy” …to stay focused. for accountability, to have our backs, etc.

    This lead to me realize that the same thing applies to entrepreneurs. So many of us are trying to work alone from home, and attempting to tackle every task, every aspect of our business, or project… alone. If the health of our business is as subject to succeeding or failing as our own physiological health, then we all “need a buddy”.

    The need to outsource or seek the assistance of at least one other person is something I have pondered a lot, anyway. James Wedmore talks about it often as do several others who I consider excellent mentors. So, that’s it. That’s my take-away.

    Buddy up!

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Yes, Hal! Love that takeaway for so many things.

  48. I loved this great interview. Seeing world leaders speaking out so to teach how to take back our health is empowering and inspiring. Many concepts Mark spoke of resonate with me and make sense: the science of creating health; medicine by cause and not by symptom; use social networks to change behaviours; friend power is more powerful than will power; the new health system should be designed to create health; the biggest input you have on your health is the food you eat; with food, you can change your biology; when you take out the bad stuff and put in the good stuff, you can create health in your body.
    When I watch these interviews, it gives me the inspiration and the strength to continue my own mission which is to empower parents to create the birth they want for their children by creating the conditions and the environment that fosters health and wellbeing. All my gratitude.

  49. Lucy

    Agreed with ditching the sugar and processed foods. But take it to the next level and eat whole plant foods! Proven by various medical studies including the work of T. Colin Campbell and Caldwell Esselstyn that whole plant foods prevent and reverse heart disease, and other killers. Not to mention a compassionate life going vegan to help the environment, animals and people trapped in hazardous industries (leather tanneries, abattoirs).

    • Love it, Lucy! Agree with going #vegan, at the very least, starting with meatless Monday… Glad to read you speaking up in favor of animals, too! #kind #compassionate

  50. Christine VR

    I have been dancing around dealing with my sugar addiction for a while now. And I have family members that have low level depression/anxiety. Going to watch the “Fed Up” documentary and read “The Ultramind Solution” ASAP. Thanks for this inspiring video. I have made this my year of Self-Care, which has been long overdue. These tools are a great start.

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      So happy to hear that, Christine — good for you! Those tools are great starting points for your year of self-care.

  51. Tanya

    What a wonderful human! He seems so knowledgeable and passionate, yet so humble. We need more health care practitioners like Dr. Hyman

  52. Wow! What perfect timing for this to come out!

    My doctor recently (as in last Friday) got me started on a Vegan diet plan (based around Forks Over Knives) and has been trying to get me to understand the importance of eating food for nutrients as opposed to focusing solely on counting calories. I’ve been struggling with an Eating Disorder for the past couple of years and my body hasn’t been getting the proper nourishment that it needs. I’ve been left feeling drained, irritable, very very cold, and in a lot of pain. My brain’s been foggy, and I simply haven’t been feeling “right.”

    However, I’ve noticed a change for the better in the function and overall feeling of my body even with just the few days I’ve been improving my nutritional intake. What we eat is soooo important for our health and well-being and I love what Dr. Hyman is doing.

    Thank you so much, Marie, Dr. Hyman, and the Forleo Team for this fantastic interview!

    XOXO -Phantom

  53. Denise Olsen

    I absolutely love the idea of helping each other live better lives. I am a nurse and a yoga instructor and have never considered health deliberately through this lens. It is absolutely true!!! All of this knowledge reinforces why it takes a village. So many great points. Thanks for sharing this!!!

  54. Great episode, lots of good tidbits. I love the idea of being around people who support your healthy lifestyle and do it themselves. It really does make a huge difference. I don’t like being social with so called “normal eaters” because it brings up so many things about how I eat. Sometimes I just like to have a meal with people who understand healthy eating without all the side comments and jokes. So most times I decline going out to eat unless it is a raw vegan or vegetarian spot with people who normally eat that way. I love a lot of what he has to say about health. I follow many of the concepts that he supports and they have truly changed my life. It has taken me years to figure out what works and doesn’t for my body. I do have concern with the promotion of meat eating. I feel that we eat way too much meat and it does affect our health in a negative way as well as our ecosystems. I’d love you to interview Anthony Williams. I’ve read a ton of health books over the years, really good ones, life changing ones, but this one actually made me cry. It is filled with spot on information that nobody has ever shared and was so needed in my life and so many others. Thanks for all you do, as always Top Quality!

  55. Angela Primm

    That was a very interesting video with Dr.Hyman.I have been sufferring with and unexplained uvetis.I have seen 20-25 doctors,as well made 3 trips to the Cleveland Clinic at my own expense.I have been on disabilty for many years. I have also been on steroids and many other meds with really no help.Vision has been good thru all of this,yet it is very stressful because I feel loss.I was over 300 pounds and only 5″1.I have lossed over 70 pounds and am still working on the weight.I gave up meat,still eat fish and vegetables,beans good food.Yet I do have days where I may have some junk.I need help bad to find some resolve to help with my eye condition as well and my body?I will get the books and read them and follow thru as well.Yet I just wish that someone could point me in tbe right direction to get better.I want better at 52 and need to get in the best health possible as well as help myself to obtain more wealth.

    Thank you,
    Angela Primm

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Wonderful, Angela — keep celebrating every little bit of progress towards reaching those goals you have. We’re glad this video resonated with you!

  56. great interview. inspiring stuff!

  57. Shared!

    What an inspirational, thought provoking interview. Thank you, Marie and Team.

  58. p.s.

    my husband is the deputy minister of health in our country and i’m sharing this interview with him tonight. an exciting time in health care because there’s an opening for a change in perspective. great use of your platform, marie, yet again!

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      That’s so cool, Suzanne! Thank you for passing it along.

  59. Martha

    Marie, you are an inspiration and you interview inspirational people. Thank you for sharing! I experienced a dramatic change in my diet during my time at UCSC. I went from eating a fast food cheeseburger once or twice a week and meat every meal to eating a vegetarian diet (I still have chicken eggs). But removing red meat from my diet was a huge step that even my parents were surprised about. I feel blessed to have experienced that shift in my diet and that I’ve been in an environment/city that has given me access to healthy food. The community in Santa Cruz is relatively food conscious and it has helped me look at food differently. My friends have also been amazing always supporting my vegetarian diet.

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Martha, you’re so kind, and thank you for sharing about your experience!

  60. Geoff Riddle

    I’ve decided not to shop for vegetables with a donut and coffee in my hands.?

  61. I love the focus on COMMUNITY in this video. I am lucky enough to be surrounded with like minded, health focused folks…but I completely agree, there is a STRUCTURAL & SOCIAL disconnect that is negatively impacting our health.

  62. Heidi Larson

    “Friend power is so much more powerful than willpower”… Wow… that was what hit home with me. I have been feeling that way for over a year now trying to get my tribe on board with me and trying to inspire them to go on a wellness journey of their own. I have been met with such resistance from those closest to me. It’s lonely to be at this place and I really do feel I would be much more advanced if I had people along for the ride. Thank you for this. What an amazing interview and remarkable man (and woman!)!

  63. Susan Winters

    Newsflash for the good doctor:

    You have an Endocannabinoid System. This system is responsible for keeping your body in homeostasis. It does so by seeing to it that all of your other systems are kept in balance and working in concert with each other. Balance that includes weight control. It also includes control of the emotional tone, the single biggest contributor to inflammatory response.

    I love the work you’re doing. The next step is so obvious. Since no one else seems inclined to alert the world that we have a system that is evolved to heal us of any and all disease and runs most efficiently on joy, I believe I’ll take that job on. I’ll be seeing you in the future. I feel pretty certain of that.

    Keep up the good work.

  64. Perfect timing!! I have crohns and have gotten into all of this healthy eating stuff but slowly fallen into the old habits that started me off on this path. My inflammation levels are up, as is the number on my scales and my energy levels are low. I’m keen to try something to kick start me back into action but conscious that I have done so many amazing things before yet always ended falling back into the same place…old habits. I’m going to make a commitment to my health this year and start eating healthy again.

  65. Jan

    My biggest take aways:
    Things won’t get better in any of my family’s health if I keep stocking my pantry with the same staples.
    It’s my stinkin thinkin that is keeping me stuck.
    Thank you so much Marie and Dr. Hyman for this episode. My nephew was a mission trip leader for his church and went to Haiti many times. I’m looking forward to more great info.

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Jan, that’s such a good takeaway, and we hope you have some fun stocking up on new items that are consistent with your goals. It’s exciting to make changes like that.

  66. Sophia Esquivel

    I really enjoyed this episode. I have been dealing with an overactuve thyroid for a couple of years, but for the last couple of weeks, I have made up mind to not eat dairy, gluten and any other foods that I shouldn’t be eating. I could relate Marie, when you said no dairy. I am with you. Also, I have been walking everyday to make sure I am exercising. I have to be consistent in this area of my life. This show was definitely a confirmation to some decisions I have made in my life currently. Eating the right food is one key to great health. Never looking back.

  67. Thomas

    Thank you Marie. This is the first episode of MarieTV I’ve watched.

    I’ve felt alone in making healthy food choices recently and it’s good to see there are others out there making nutritious choices too. My action step is to talk to a friend about food, since I just learned friendpower is stronger than willpower. 🙂

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Thomas, we’re so excited to welcome you aboard!! Thank you for tuning in today, and we’re so glad this episode resonated with you.

  68. Sandra

    The interview came at the right moment. Thank you ? Marie and Dr. Mark for an exceptional interview on health. “To get healthy bodies we need to use the power of functional medicine to optimize biological networks and social networks change behavior and environment “. This nailed it to me good. I also had a life changing experience where I was game on taking my health to another level. I have been working out alone for awhile but I will make the initiative to socialize with others that are interested in changing for a better healthy lifestyle. I will invest in one of his books and make an effort on doing the 10 day detox diet. It’s all about rituals and habits in life. Eat right daily and give 100% in every workout. Thank you
    Sandra (NYC)

  69. Denise S.

    Thank you for having such a powerful advocate on your show for functional medicine and wellness. I’ve was fortunate to have come into contact with Dr. Hyman’s philosophy during my training at Integrative Nutrition in NYC. I’m a Holistic Health Professional and Licensed Esthetician who devotes my life to helping people become healthy both inside and out! The mind, body and spirit play a role in our overall wellness and the basic need of food and ingesting the “wrong kind” can cause cataclysmic shifts to wellness. I encourage/counsel as many people as possible to live a life of wellness, and take a back to basics approach with food. Food in the US has become a big business industry and the health of our population is at risk. Thank you for all that you do Marie! Much love!

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Denise, we’re thrilled you’re doing such important work in the world, and we so appreciate your perspective here too. Thank you for being here.

  70. Joanne Grace Larkins

    Thank you so much for this interview, Marie. Congratulations on connecting with a successful doctor who is making a BIG positive difference for the future and helping people to regain what is rightfully ours, well-being. So from where I stand, a survivor of a cancer scare. I first saw Dr. Hyman in “The Truth about Cancer” series, and realized that my first impression after the doctor knocked my socks off with the cancer scare and subsequent operation, chemotherapies, and later radiations is that CAncer is no different than a cold. So, I began my own crusade to wellness, via diet, exercise (ok so that part came later), and renewal in my spiritual faith (including Laughter Yoga and Tapping). I realized how great my husband’s support was/is, but something was and is still missing. Dr. Hyman mentions, that human companionship. I want to find companions who are doing the wellness, already into that healthy diet, already into creative forms of exercise, for examples. We are so splintered. Some do the diet, some do the exercise, some do the Laughter Yoga, and/or Tapping etc. but not the whole package. Maybe those groups do not exist, yet, and I want to be a part of that movement, even willing to be a leader (oh I AM a leader in Laughter Yoga ho, ho,ha,ha, ha). Maybe this should be my new year’s purpose. ho, ho, ha, ha, ha. 🙂 Again, thank you for this interview.

    • Dear Joanne,
      Just happened to read your comment.
      Wow! I admire your bravery in saying cancer is no different than a cold. You are an inspiration in your proactive, positive and joyous approach. I really like the sound of laughter yoga p, though I haven’t tried it yet (only regular yoga! ). Thanks to your comment I’ll add it to my new year’s list!
      Thank you,

  71. Nadia

    Great insight about how even our food habits influenced by our company. We become our associations.

  72. Maya

    Food is information for your body…

  73. ibolya

    20 years ago i sufferedfrom chronical fatique desease and complexe- PTST. I layed in my bed for 2 years. And the normal medical cicuit just say “get used to it we don’t now how to treat you”. So i went to other holostic dokters/therapy. I am so glad that it now is aknowledged that the body is not a robot. We are a whole system. Not brains is apart from your body! And food is so relevantand the right treatment! So good work this!!!

    Thank you!

  74. Enjoyed this episode a lot. Thank you very much for bringing this up. I wish I had some good recipes/recipe books with healthy meals that are quick to prepare and that kids would also enjoy. Any ideas?

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Absolutely, Marina! There’s tons and tons out there. Two amazing ladies we’ve had on MarieTV that offer great healthy recipes are Kris Carr and Chloe Coscarelli. Chloe’s books definitely have kid-friendly recipes, as many are healthy and vegan takes on classic meals and they’re so delicious.

      Here are the links to those two interviews, if you’d like to get acquainted with their work through MarieTV:

      We all have unique lifestyles, appetites, and schedules, so we encourage you to keep trying things out until you find a set of recipes that works for you and your family’s tastes. There are so many free recipes and ideas on the internet when you’re running out of ideas yourself, and Pinterest can be a fun place to search for ideas and get inspired around healthy eating too.

  75. Claudia Lamparzyk

    Loved this! I am going out to buy the books and start implementing. When he talked about a period of time he couldn’t finish his sentences and had sores on his tongue, I immediately felt like he was reading off symptoms I’ve recently had! Time to get to work.

  76. Sharing this ASAP! Thank you so much, Marie + Mark & MTV Team!

  77. I was diagnosed with pre-diabetes several years ago. I had to take a nap everyday just to function. I have been using Plexus Slim to control my blood sugar levels and feel so much better! I can’t wait to read The Blood Sugar Solution to feel even better!

  78. I love how he says you can change your health on a moment to moment basis – that it’s not this scary process that’s going to take forever, so why bother try. Also – his recipes are SO GOOD. I’m eating the shepherd’s pie from his Eat Fat Get Thin cookbook right now.. I’ve loved all the recipes so far … and so has my husband!!

  79. Samira

    Great interview!

    “Friend power is much stronger than will power.” It is the most powerful insight I am receiving from this episode.

  80. Maribeth Aguirre

    Thank you so much Marie for introducing me to Functional Medicine & Dr Mark. I am going to waatch Fed Up because I have not yet. Everything he said just makes sense. I have long searched for medical practices that look at the body as a whole vs symptoms so God Bless him and all the work he is doing and your work as well. I always always learn something new from you. I write this with a grateful heart.?

  81. Can I just say that I am super happy that this came through my inbox today! I came down with a cold and was writing on my own blog how important it is to take care of your health. I absolutely have to share this! P.S. I too am Haitian and its true – many of my family members have diabetes, hypertension, and other medical issues that he mentioned. Most of them believe its genetics. Will definitely get the books that were mentioned.

  82. What an incredible video, I’d never heard of Dr Mark Hyman before this but I’m going to share the video and buy his books immediately. What a revolutionary man, changing health for so many. Truly inspired. Thank you x

  83. Dina Almonord

    Awesome awesome video!! Thank you so much for sharing. It’s good to know that I can influence my friends with my food choices. This is exactly what we need for the first month of the new year.

  84. Ivan Šestak

    Mari drago mi je da se javljaš ali znaj da sam uz tebe gdje god bila pozdravljam i sve tvoje prijatelje koji su i obrazovani ali najvažnije da su samo obični ljudi koji pomažu svim potrebitim oko sebe . Tvoje zdravlje je u redu a zdravlje tvog oca je isto dobro no mora se pridržavati zdravog života i zdrave hrane koju nam je podario Dragi Bog i daje nam priroda za svakog ito svega ima dovoljno samo što čovijek uništava sva prirodna bogatstva a priroda za sada samo upozorava čoviječanstvo da previše uzima oi baca hrane dok drugi umiru od gladi i da protiv prirodnih sila čovijek nemože ničim da se zaštiti i da talo više neče daleko. Amen.

  85. Marie,
    You’ve hosted many interesting people on your show, but this interview with Mark Hyman is by far the best ever! I’m a chef and cooking instructor who focuses on teaching people good cooking and eating habits, and thoroughly enjoyed hearing his validation that eating well is the key to healthy living. He’s an amazing doctor and has put his finger on the way to practice preventative medicine. I sincerely hope his movement grows and he transforms entire populations into health societies. We need more doctors like him!

  86. Hi Marie,
    thank you for this episode. It is a great reminder of the importance of health and of the fact that we can be empowered to improve it.
    I found the part talking about peer pressure and the influence of our friends habits on what we do interesting.
    A few months ago I took a test and was advised to eliminate coffee, sugar and eggs from my diet, as well as peppers, tomatoes and some other foods that affected my nervous system. I suffered from headaches and some skill problems. The new diet has helped me, though it was hard at first.
    My key effort for this year to to create a well balanced byweekly meal plan for my family so we are all eating healthily. Also my husband eats out at lunch so he knows what to eat at the caffeteria in order not to eat the same thing twice in a day. I think reducing toxic food from our diet is very important, although it takes a little planning. Fingers crossed I manage to do it effectively.
    Thank you for this video.
    Laura x
    Ps : I also loved your new year videos! Still working of my purge and prune : )

  87. Claire

    A real a-ha moment! Previous efforts to ‘get healthy’ only worked when I had buddies along for the ride. Friend power wins hands down.

  88. Dr. Hyman is one of my heroes, too. I’ve just become an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and Dr. Hyman was both one of my guest speakers at school and my inspiration. Every time there is a health summit I’m invited to, or a special guest episode (like this awesome one), or a documentary or movie that he’s speaking in, I’m in. I wholeheartedly agree with his philosophy of functional medicine being where it’s at and I’m so excited to start my journey as a health coach taking his words to my clients to enable them to change their lives and their health for the better. Nothing in the world can compare with seeing someone feel good about themselves again or for the first time ever.

  89. This was just what the doctor ordered today! I am getting ready to launch a website dedicated to transitioning to natural and organic products from unhealthy overly processed products and have been letting fear get in the way. This conversation reassured me I’m on the right track and inspired me to push through the fear! Thank You!

  90. Akiko

    Hi, Marie! Oh, I was nearly blown away when you introduced this week’s video. You have no idea how much this means to me. I’ve known you only for a short while like three months and at the same time I started to study to become a nutrition and lifestyle coach. I cannot believe the 1st episode of this year (after the new year’s resolution video) is about functional medicine! This is ‘the sign’ for me that I’m doing the right thing and on the right path definitely! Thank you so much. I wasn’t confident for many years what I was doing with my career, but now everything has started to come together. And YOU are a big part of this journey. Thank you again and love you!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Oh how lovely — we’re so glad to hear that this episode was just the little sign you were looking for, Akiko! ♥

  91. The biggest insight I’m taking from this AMAZING talk with Dr Mark Hyman, is that social networks and behaviours are the keys to changing health care. I’ve had CFS for the past few years and applied functional medicine to my illness from the beginning. I eat for health now and changed my lifestyle because of my desire to heal and it’s shown me a more expansive, joyful and holistic way to be, which I love! Throughout this process, I’ve influenced my loved ones greatly. My mother, who initially was stubborn about exploring her health issues and changing her diet, is finally embracing it and feeling passionate about her new lifestyle. Similarly, my fiance is now healing his IBS through food. And it’s all because I started the conversation around the dinner table about things I’d learned from reading ‘Crazy, Sexy, Diet’ and a book by a local nutritionist here in Sydney, Jessica Sepel. I find myself in conversations with people all the time about nutrition for healing illness. It still amazes me how much we don’t know and I wish they would teach it in schools, but what excites me is that people are hungry for knowledge. They WANT to know how to eat for health and how to have more energy and vitality. They’re open. Now I have the proof from Dr Hyman that by speaking openly about my journey and what I eat for health, I can positively influence others to do the same. What a joyful revelation this has been! Thank you!

  92. Great job MARIE! Oh how I adore Dr Hyman!
    I have had the best and most amazing journey with him. Last year at this time, I joined his cleanse detox program, phenomenal results, have changed the way I eat thanks to him, his dedicated team, and my self for commitment And loving myself enough to stay on course. I also did the Eat Fat Get Thin this last Summer- great!

    His books are amazing, his work well received, great live events and people can easily follow. I’m happy healthy and down over 40 lbs. and now able to help and coach others. HE’s a great man, Doctor and guide.
    Thank you Marie and Dr H!

  93. This was fascinating. What stood out the most for me was how influential your environment is over everything else. We know this on a certain level, but this video really drilled that idea home for me. Mama Marie + Dr. Hyman are two positive influences that have truly changed my life for the better. So much love!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo


  94. jutta

    oh that was very interesting. thank you marie. i’m eating “clean” with exeptions from time to tim for years. and i believe strongly in the power of selfhealing and good food. but the episode lets me think about improvements in my food habits to defend my deseases m.s. and arthrose better. – i like the idea of ‘food is information’ !

    • I loved this talk . It has reminded me about feeling even better and losing the weight . Thank you

  95. Karen Knowlton

    Such a powerful interview, thank you!! I didn’t know about Dr Hyman before, and I absolutely love and respect what he’s doing. I was most touched by the story about the family he helped to eat better and still keep under their strict budget. I really see education/empowerment around food choices as being a key factor in breaking the cycle of poverty, which is something I’m super passionate about. I’m also excited to kick start 2017 with the 10 Day Detox to work on my own wellbeing 🙂 Thank you, as always, for super relevant and inspiring info!!

  96. Thank you so much Marie and Dr. Hyman & Team Forleo for this episode! I think I was most amazed by how quickly you can change your health, good or bad, with every bite of food you take.

    I’ve read a number of books and have tried to stick to a mostly plant based diet for a few years now, but can’t seem to kick my sugar and carb addiction. I often feel tired at work, as if my brain is fogging over. I feel like my mind is dull in a sense, but I’m only 30! I am going to start reading the 10 Day Detox tonight and hopefully convince my mom to join me. She has been suffering a number of undiagnosed nerve and back pains and complains of gaining weight even though she works out regularly. I’m excited to see where this takes us!

    Thanks again and be well!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Good luck to you and your mom, Jessica! For me personally, whenever I’m cutting something out of my diet, I love finding recipes that I can get really excited about. That way I have something delicious to look forward to, rather than focusing too much on the things I can’t have. We’re cheering you on all the way 🙂

      • Jessica

        Good point Caroline! Thanks for the extra help 🙂

  97. The whole power of the social support that helps support better health. The story about the church program blew my mind!

  98. Damn Marie! This was awesome! Love you and love Dr. Hyman. I had my own health shifts after reading one of his books. I love the idea that health is social. That is so powerful! Thanks for sharing this amazing interview!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much, Alida! We’re so glad this interview really resonated with you xoxo

  99. Obu

    Very interesting and informative conversation. I realise we need to be conscious of our habits – from thinking to eating. A healthy home cooked meal is always the way to go and we strongly want to inculcate these values in our children too. With a little planning, we have been eating healthy except for the holiday season. Combined with regular exercise, this is the way to go! It gives me so much energy and I love life 🙂

  100. Danielle

    Loved this episode!!! Have read many of Mark’s books and gone through my own auto-immune desease related issues… Now that I’m on the other side of all of that, having dealt with the root causes which for me was a long list of food intolerances, I feel so dang good! Favourite quote from the interview is ” I didn’t realize I was feeling so bad until I started feeling so good”! Wish more people could experience this, it’s absolutely life changing ? thanks for an amazing interview!

  101. som

    Thank you Marie and Dr. Hyman!! So inspiring to see this interview from an expert! It definitely encourages me to become a more conscious (food and advertising) consumer. Thank you for the work that you have done and continue to do!

  102. This interview was AWESOME!! you are both amazing. It really blows my mind that ALOT of people dont even know how to cook with real food or what is actual real food these days.

  103. Thank you Marie for hosting this interview with Mark. I’ve been a fan of both of you for a long, long time now and this was one powerful interview. My biggest take-away is that Mark is now at the Cleveland Clinic working toward bringing health into mainstream medical care. That’s huge. As the CEO of a nonprofit organization that supports people worldwide living with a rare, incurable cancer of unknown origin, and myself a person living with this disease for the last 25+ years, I’ve taken the road less travelled over the years incorporating much of the “alternative/complimentary” route in addition to the traditional western medical treatments. My mission as I see the path unfolding before me, is to be a connector to build the bridge for others from disease to well-being and to help educate/change our way of treating those who have disease incorporate all of our knowledge, inclusive of western, integrative, alternative, functional and every other modality that may be supportive to get a person from sickness back to health. Much needs to change in our health system to truly bring the focus back to the individual, but I’m thrilled to see that there is much more movement in that direction than ever before. Again, thank you Marie for your courage and forward thinking!!! Also loved reading everyones comments.

  104. Amazing! Thank you so much for this incredible interview.
    Best insights:
    “Friendpower not willpower”
    “This whole idea that (cooking your own food) is inconvenient, expensive, and difficult is the food industry’s way of hijacking the kitchen”
    As a naturopath, nutritionist and medical herbalist functional medicine is the core of what I do and believe. So brilliant to see such a warm, intelligent, funny(! The Jewish Guide to Christian Wellness lol) doctor promoting this incredible form of medicine. Much love, thanks so much Marie!

  105. I’m on day two of the 10-day detox. I don’t feel quite myself as I have been drinking coffee–lots of it–for many years. It is challenging, but after carrying around 10 lbs. of fat I don’t need and scoring high numbers in the wrong areas of my blood work-up, I decided that this would be the year of Optimal Health for me, body, mind and spirit. I bought Dr. Hyman’s book “The Ultra-Metabolism Diet” years ago. It’s a really good way to learn in language I can understand. What I wasn’t willing to do was give up the sugar and coffee. Today, I am. Thank you for the show.

  106. My ‘aha’ moment is that in our society (NZ and Australia) we are ingrained to compete. It’s take to start a new conversation about how we adapt collectively and regain our health together. No more Biggest Loser reality TV please!

    Thanks for an insightful interview. We will change the system as we help each other.

  107. Thanks for the great work you do Marie and Dr Mark. We as a family have lived on mostly organic and wholefood diet for few years now and would not change that for anything. It amazes me how some people do not know how to cook the basics or complain about their health however do not relate it back to their dietary habits.

  108. Martha

    Marie thank you for sharing this information . I never heard about neither Dr Mark or the Eating plan.I would buy the book and star following everything..I really need to change my habits of eating in order to feel good. Thank you. M.E

  109. I had moved cities, joined a new place which didn’t really fit the work I crave neither did it satisfy my soul. I left my job after dragging myself to do it for over 3 years. In that drag, I gained weight, became obese (I’ve always been overweight though), got sick to the extent that I couldn’t walk… I used to work overtime every day and ate crap. Never cooked. I was unhealthy and unhappy. With all the unhappiness, especially bad health I decided to quit even though I had no other financial option… and it was the best decision I made. It has been two years since then and I’ve run an independent training and performance coaching consultancy. It hasn’t giving me the money that I used to make (I can laugh at that). I could initiate this thanks to you Marie. I know I have a long way to go and I will reach my goals. This mindshift happened when I was coaching a client and something felt wrong inside me. I felt that I need to look and feel different in my mind & body. I knew that for me, my biggest challenge is my weight. I know im stronger… so I decided that I have to be in competitiom with myself. If I can defeat my own unhealthy mentality I can do anything else… and here I am today 25 kgs down and striving hard to consume foods that not only work on my body but also on my mind. I have to keep going because I am stronger than this and I know I can make a difference in my life and in the lives of others, who are truly in need. You’ve played such an important role in this journey, even before this video. I just want to thank you. I really hope this video encourages people to take charge if their lives – mind over matter.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Incredible, Priyanka! Thank you so much for sharing your experience and journey here, and we’re so honored that our work has been a source of inspiration along the way. We ♥ having you tuning in with us each week!

  110. Dominik

    Thank you for sharing this. I’m writing from Switzerland and your video encourages me and confirms the attitude to take care of what I eat and what my family eats. We really try not to buy any processed food and cook by our own. The food industry is selling us everything but most of it is not good. Say NO to processed food. It’s true that cooking together is real fun and it helps me also to come down from a work day and arrive at home and become more relaxed. We should take this time, it’s so worth it. Marie you say in the interview that you pay attention to how you actually feel after you were eating and I think that’s really one key fact of feeling healthier. Because I can cook lasagne but don’t feel the same way like when I do a salad with grilled chicken for example. And it’s up to us to teach our children to eat healthy. It’s true what Dr. Mark Hyman says that talking with your friends about this and sharing it can help a lot. It’s a like a team sports. Thank you. By the way, I love your ten minutes meditation audio, helps a lot. Best regards. Dominik

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Dominik, I love your insight about paying attention to how food makes us feel — that awareness is so important. We’re so glad this episode really resonated with you, and also that you enjoy Marie’s audio meditation!

  111. Alexandra Cavanaugh

    Loved that interview. As a health professional AND grandmother of 3!!!!! I’m thinkin’ that to educate the little ones, model good eating habits, is way easier than to change patters later. We have an opportunity and responsibility to our little ones. We don’t tolerate bad behavior in any other aspect of life! Why do we tolerate and succumb to bad eating?!

  112. I’m in France on holidays. I have lost weight. I am not overweight by Australian medical standards. I put it down to not having milk in my coffee. The coffee is so good here, it is just about how big you want it black.
    BUT I REALISE that it is because I am AWAY FROM my workplace, my social context, where having a fundraiser box of chocolates on the lunch table is the norm, and ordering take-away chicken is the go-to food of the day, not by me, but by my colleagues. I have serious difficulty resisting the chocolate. In fact I am the biggest buyer. My colleagues think it is a joke and will not remove the box.
    This interview has made me realise why I am so keen to move all the way across the world!!! Now I need to take action and influence change in my workplace, not just in myself. And then move all the way across the world.

  113. This is so awesome.! I’m a B-School graduate and I have been following Dr. Mark Hyman for over 12 years. Seeing you two together on youtube this morning really made my day. Dr. Hyman’s advice works. I was able to lose 100 lbs and keep it off for 10+ years. I love his message. Thanks so much both of you.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      That’s so incredible, Nanci. How amazing, and what a great testament to the power of healthy habits for really changing our lives. We’re so glad that this episode made your day too — that means the world to hear ♥

  114. Lenka

    Hi there,
    I would like to thank you Marie for this great interview. I never knew about Mark but seeing your video made me immensely happy that there is someone like him making a huge difference in the world in such a profound field.
    When I was 17 I had huge problems digesting anything I ate, I “nourished” bacteria called helicobacter pyroli in my stomach which left me in huge pain after anything I ate. Eating became a nightmare for me.
    Thanks to a great health care in the Czech Republic, I was put onto “a very strict eating regime and diet”. This life changing experience changed my outlook on life and the world. Living in a country side then, having whole garden of fresh fruits and vegetables available to me as well as home produced organic meet, I still ended up damaging my stomach eating processed bad food. I then learnt about food flavourings and chemicals that were no good for human body. This just shows how marketing and media impact on general perception of others.
    I moved to London and realised that about 80% of population eat extremely badly, thus damage their life style and health.
    It is so wrong and sad that people actually don’t know about basic needs of our body.
    What is even worse is that unawareness is abused by big companies producing cheap poisonous food and drinks that bring them big profits.
    I will definitely read his books :).
    Thank you!

  115. Novella

    Being Italian (living in Italy) it was very interesting to hear about how you guys deal with cooking… it would be impossible to find such a situation as the one you described in whatever Italian household. It made feel lucky, for I realised how many things I take for granted – so thank you for that!
    At the same time, since I am studying some simultaneous interpretation, I had a go with the speech and it was really fluid and nice, nothing like all the political stuff I am doing at the moment. Actually it was fun!
    So thank you again for the good time,the sharing, the interesting topic and if you ever need a translator into Italian here I am 🙂

  116. Learned the value of really limiting the sugar (during the Whole30) in my diet Fall 2016. I’m excited to read The Ultramind Solution as a next step in understanding how food affects all the areas of my life and to change my family tree (so to speak) in addition to utilizing the information for the health of my patients.
    Thanks Marie!

  117. Thank you Marie for having some of the most inspirational guests on your show. Dr. Hyman is one of my favourites! I have MarieTV to thank for introducing me to so many amazing and inspiring people out there who are literally changing the world!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much, Nancy! We’re so glad Dr. Hyman is one of your favorites — we were thrilled to have him on this week 🙂

  118. Monika

    Great start, thank you so much and wishing a great new year for all who are in to change. I am glad that I have a strong willpower because I did most by myself and changed my diet. I am much healthier, changed my thoughts and habbits I am much much happier in the here and now. Thats why I like to learn and study more and more about health.

  119. What an amazing video. I forwarded it onto my parents and some of my good friends. There were so many practical take-a-ways and the book recommendations were awesome. I’ve ordered the 10 day detox and plan on doing it by March 2017. I’m relatively aware of the way I eat, but always looking to sharpen and get better. I haven’t watched FED UP yet, so I’ve set a reminder to do that this weekend.

  120. carole

    Lots of interesting info in that interview. One thing I come away with is that we need other people to do things with – friend power – group power.
    Although some things need to be done alone, too, there is a time to do it together.
    Otherwise I’d like to support the vegetarian/vegan way of life…as part of the
    live healthy vision.
    Thank you for your work

  121. Hey Marie,

    Can’t believe I’ve been watching you for almost two years, meaning that I’ve been becoming your student for that long. Your teaching class so far has brought me to another side of understanding, you bring me from the less informed to a wider knowledge. From Leila Janah to Seth Godhin, this show has opened up my knowledge and bring me hope about living our life. And thank you so much for your devoted, dedicated work that keep connecting people into the “Known”.

    However, I am still struggling with my endeavor to do something meaningful in this world. Thank you for you that Inspire me to do research on digital world, Now I am working on my thesis about The Impact of Digital Work for National Development. As I live in the developing country, I have faith that the art of digital work that has less boundaries and relatively cheap can bring people in developing country into power to lift up themselves and start contributing and creating things that will end up with shared prosperity.

    The limitation of uneducated or lack of skill can be overcome through digital tech with the help of entrepreneurial skill of course. With all that background theory and hypothesis, I hit a wall in the middle of my work due to some of obstacles, such as data limitation and I start worrying what would happen if I can’t proof my hypothesis and about would it end up pointless and so does my dream.

    What would you do if you hit the wall and start having a doubt from your confidence hypothesis?

    Love all your Work!
    P.S : This episode is really amazing

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Dewi, thank you so much for watching and sharing your kind comments. We’re honored that you’ve been tuning in for 2 years now!

      Regarding your question, we’ve done a few great MarieTV episodes that talk about confidence that might be helpful. Some of them are geared towards businesses, but the tips can still apply to projects or other areas where you’re feeling doubts or needing more confidence in general:

      Those might not answer your question directly, but many of the tips can still apply.

      Also as Marie always says, “everything is figureoutable.” It sounds like you’ve done some great work already, and the more you explore different options and dive into your hypothesis more, you may find that you can find different solutions or ways around the road blocks you’re running into. We’re sending our best wishes and hope that you find great solutions to those challenges you’re facing!

  122. Marie,

    I am moved to tear by this interview because it is so important to me that people are happy, and I know that our food makes a difference in our happiness. I love Dr. Hyman, I have seen in speak for IIN and read 3 of his books so far. I have seen Fed Up along with a number of other food documentaries.

    My biggest insight was, that you are more liking to be overweight then if your friends are overweight. 170% times more likely if your best friend is overweight and only 40% more likely if your family is overweight. WOW!!!

    Thank you for being you and thank you for interviewing amazing people. I look forward to the day when I am on your show 🙂

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Right? We were so blown away by that insight too. Thanks so much for watching, Lynnzi!

  123. Giovanna Minda

    Hi Marie,
    I’ve always admired Dr. Hyman and really enjoyed your interview. I found it to be very straight forward, honest and inspiring. I’ve been looking for motivation and this was it.

  124. Barbara

    Thanks Marie for this video. I have seen and read Dr. Hyman before. Through his inspiration I quit eating plain white flour. This has made a huge difference in how I feel. I don’t have the problems that I had with my “gut”. So happy to know that his information is getting around to more and more people.
    Also thanks for last weeks video. I has inspired me to unsubscribe to many email sights that were great, but taking up alot of my time. I can always go back when and if I need them I realized. But, of course, you stayed on my list.
    Thanks for all you do. You are an inspriation.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Wonderful, Barbara! And of course, we’re so honored that we’re still on your list 😀

  125. I first learned about Dr. Mark Hyman when I was studying to be an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. He is my hero! Lately my self confidence in my ability to make a difference in peoples lives has been at a low ebb. Listening today has re-lit my fires! Helping people transform their lives by making wellness their #1 priority is awesome and the most fulfilling thing I can imagine.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Awesome, Janice! We’re so glad this could re-light that fire for you 🙂

  126. My BIGGEST take away is that it doesn’t take that long to get healthy!!
    That’s motivating!
    I am not overweight (perhaps need to lose 25lbs) and I COOK at home BUT
    I LOVE diet soda and I love sugar. I REALLY want to break that habit.
    I am also lazy to prepare healthy meals for myself. This means I will cook for my husband and son but when I am alone, I will eat cookies, a bagel at the drive thru, etc. I forget to eat. And I love cooking, so I just need to get motivated to cook healthy meals for myself. Since my son moved out I noticed a significant decrease in my motivation to cook.
    Last week I asked him to “let me” cook some meals for him once a week. That way we will all eat healthier. SO Sundays for example I cook a few dishes which will feed us 3 X the following week. That way he can do his own meals (its part of moving out) but he can have my meals as meals for when he doesn’t have time to cook (most weekdays since he works long hours).
    My biggest habit that I need to kick is the sugar and diet soda.
    I will start TOMORROW and Friday.
    Thank you Marie for another awesome and inspiring interview!!!
    I am going to search for his books right now and order the first one right now.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s great, Claudine! It sounds like you’ve got a good plan and I hope cooking more will allow you to enjoy extra time with your family, too. 🙂

  127. Jay Vee

    Hello, I would like to know if a transcript of your videos are available? I would like to share this video with members of the deaf community. Thank you.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Hi Jay! Yes, we do have transcripts and I’m happy to help you get them.
      If you go the video above and press play, you’ll see a YouTube logo in the button right corner of the video. Click that and the video will open in YouTube.
      Once you’re there, just below the video you’ll see a toolbar with a couple of options for you to click.
      Select the “. . .” button which says More.
      In the drop down menu, select Transcript.
      That will make the transcript appear below the video.

      We try to make MarieTV as accessible as possible, so please email us at infoATmarieforleoDOTcom if you have any questions or have trouble getting the transcript.

      • Jay

        in gratitude to you for your quick response!

  128. Meredith

    Thanks! I am glad to hear some new perspectives to try again at recovering my health.

  129. Thank you Marie for this great interview.
    Functional Medicine is the key! I’ve had the pleasure of hearing Mark Hyman speak on a number of occasions and he explains concepts so eloquently. I saw Fed Up a few years ago….a great documentary. Like Mark said, often we know what we should be doing but we don’t know how to go about it. It takes someone to show us the way.
    Also love the concept of the “power of the group”. It makes a huge difference to the results you achieve when you have support.

  130. Nancy from Canada

    Love your interviews. This one was awesome. I have just ordered Eat Fat, Get Thin and can’t wait to dive in. After being diagnosed with hypothyroidism 18 years ago which followed with excessive weight gain I am looking forward to what I hope will lead me on the healthy path to a solution.
    Thanks so much for Marie TV!!!!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      We believe in you, Nancy! We’re cheering you on and sending healthful energy your way.

  131. Thank you for bringing Dr. Hyman onto the show! My partner and I use his recipe books, and we LOVE the 10-Day Detox. It takes discipline, but it’s worth it to cure food addictions!

  132. Peri Caylor

    Hi Marie,
    I’ve long been a fan of Dr. Mark Hyman. My husband and I heard about the 10-Day Detox program 18 months ago and gave it a go. While it was a challenge to give up alcohol and sweets for 10 days, we emerged from our period of discipline knowing how easily we could notch up the benefits of our already healthful diet. Hyman’s comment during the interview that food equals instructions for the body–that what we eat tells our body to become sickly or to heal–was a lightbulb moment. If what I choose to eat means I’ll either be dull-witted or alert, lethargic or energetic, I’m going for bright-minded and light of foot!
    Thanks to you both!
    Peri Caylor

  133. I love the interview. I have been reading Dr. Hyman’s books for years. I am a health coach in Australia and am as passionate about helping the world get healthier. What upsets me is that it’s still not normal to eat healthy. I am often the strange one when I chose healthy unprocessed food, and the people around me find me over the top and weird. Mark, how can I help spread the word?

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s a really good question, Melanie. Mark may have some additional ideas, but we’d encourage you to keep standing in your truth and sharing your ‘why’ with those around you. Even if they don’t immediately take to the idea, you can share why it’s important to you and plant a seed that may grow in the future.

  134. Oh please let this be the future of healthcare! I am so excited that this is knowledge that is being put into action by those who have the influence and resources to make a huge difference. Thank you!

  135. Angela Gallant


    I guess I’ve learned that I’m not the only one out there with these thoughts. That diabetes isn’t caused by sugar, it’s caused by chemicals that have hurt the pancreas, etc. That clean water (and lots of it), plus avoiding chemicals (and not just the ones listed!!!!), will do wonders for everyone! Learning how our food is processed is best and all the hidden bits that they DON’T tell you and somehow don’t have to tell you on the label are actually the problem!

    So…thank you for confirming all I’ve been learning about health on my own. Stay curious!

  136. Food Industry purposely designed our food to be Crap??!!

  137. Fantastic interview.
    Love the quote – people are so much closer to better health than they think. I didn’t realise some families weren’t cooking for themselves & eating out has more spend than groceries now. Like Mark I have also been judgy about people just not doing the right thing dispite knowing the healthier way to eat etc. It’s similar to the personal development arena when you are in it, have read, watched films & gained information in this area you forget that not everyone knows what you know. Many things aren’t obvious to people & sometimes you need to start with the basics. I love friend power ? I love functional medicine too. Thanks for another fab episode x

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s a really good point, Kelly. Not everyone grew up in an environment with home-cooked meals or healthy meals in general, so it can be really hard for those folks to retrain their brains about what they know to be healthy.

  138. Ela

    Love, love, love this! So true that our health affects the way we show up in life. The way we do life. The way we bring it. The ability to be there for ourself and others. Present. With clarity. Ready. Would love to hear from others doing great work using a personalized root cause analysis approach also. Any plans to interview Dr. Kelly Brogan, Dr. Amy Myers, Dr. Alessio Fasano and Chris Kresser? Many thanks and warm wishes to you and your wonderful team.

  139. Thank you. Mark was one of my favourite lecturers to listen to in IIN.
    This interview made me cry, laugh and have hope and seal the deal to what I have always believed. It’s a keeper of inspiration and a goldmine of motivational and actionable nuggets. I already can see how it’s going to help me reach and support more people in my community, my tribe and the world.
    I got a big aha on something i have been wrestling with for a while.
    Thank you again Marie

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s so great to hear, Marie! I’m really glad this episode came at just the right time and was helpful. 🙂

  140. Hafsa

    Firstly I love you Marie and your team for all the wonderful work you bring to us. This hit me a lot ( as I was having breakfast… Sugar that’s all I’m saying lol). Especially when he said that your body affects your mind. Thinking about it I always knew that but today I got the AHA moment.

  141. Eugenia Soares

    I’m so grateful for this interview Marie. Thank you so much. I didn’t know him at all. Sometimes I feel that I live in a bubble, almost… I live in Quebec City! 😉 Anyways, so many people in US talk about the Health in Canada, that is free and bla bla bla. You know what, it sucks at least here in Quebec. It took me about 10 years to find a doctor that I trust knows what is he’s talking about. Two years ago, my sister back in Brazil sent me an amazing book: “The Dukan method illustrated” , by Dr. Pierre Dukan. I eliminated 6kgs in one week, most of all, on the first week. I love it and has so many common things with the 10 days detox. Most of all, I spent a week cleansing from starches and sugar, next week my body was already feeling so much better. It is amazing how life changes without sugar. I confess that I still have health issues and I need always that friend that pushes me to keep going. This is so true what Dr. Mark said! My sister, even far far away, is this peer for me. So, thank you again. Again this gift that you have to bring special guests to Marie TV, made the difference for my life. I’ll stay on my game. 😉

  142. This interview has inspired me to see where I can make a difference in my own life and the health of others. I’m so excited to learn more about food as our medicine and feel like I’m in the right direction.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Right on, Monica! We’re super proud of you for making this big step. 🙂

  143. Candis Angelene

    Great, educational and inspirational. Similar issues here is South Africa, but generally I think we do cook more ourselves…

  144. Marie,
    Thank you for bringing this to my inbox! I come from a very large Cuban family and everyone is always trying to lose weight yet they can’t seem to accomplish that by adjusting their diets. I mean, we are talking about a diet consisting of all kinds of animals (pork, beef, chicken, goat…you name it!), rice, beans, and very few greens (iceberg lettuce being the rockstar vegetable). I understand where these patterns come from. For example, in Cuba, it is illegal to consume beef and other food supplies are incredibly scarce. Moving to a country of abundance, where there’s ice cream, cookies, and all the beef you can eat, my people tend to overindulge and eat ’till they drop…every meal.

    So, this episode has given me a new way to explain to them the importance of eating healthy and finally reclaiming their health. For this, I am incredibly thankful to you and to Dr. Hymen. Now I plan to start family meetings (much like Dr. Hymen did with the Church) to try to change everyone’s patterns that are currently affecting their health.

    I will keep you posted on what kind of progress I make with this.


    Yaneilys (E.I. Jane)

  145. I’m a huge fan!! My business as a Health and Wellness Coach is based on these principles. Keep up the great work Dr. Hyman!!!!

  146. Shevy Siverberg

    I am a health coach and I have listened to Dr Hyman before. I love him. thank for bringing him on your show. I am in a process of writing my first book about health from a health coach angle. I know what he is talking about. I transformed my life by getting out of the bad and putting in the goods. I am 52 and I look and feel amazing. It’s people like him that will change our broken Health Care system. I would call it Disease care system. They are not about promoting and preventing health. This is sad. I see sick and unhappy people all around me, as a coach I try to help some but it’s us against them. We need more like you and DR hyman in the world.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s so true, Shevy! You’re right that most often “healthcare” isn’t preventative or proactive—it’s all about fighting the symptoms of a disease once it’s already diagnosed. I hope Dr. Hyman’s work will become more common in healthcare systems over time.

  147. GREAT!!! Totally love this topic and am working it into my work that I’m doing with mothers. Love Dr. Hyman

  148. Robert D. Lee

    Great interview and a great guest! Correct me if I’m wrong but did Dr. Hyman state the food industry DELIBERATELY adds inflammatory agents to packaged food? And the reason is because they’re in cahoots with the pharmaceutical industry? I haven’t yet watched FED UP or read any of Dr. Hyman’s books, but I imagine this is happening because of a vicious cycle. The high number of illnesses caused by long-term consumption of bad foods equals a high demand for medications that only relieve the symptoms and not eradicate the cause. Somehow, both parties are benefiting from the influx of new patients and the return of the chronic cases.

  149. Gina Solorio

    Thankyou so much for this interview Marie. It really hit home for me. I immediately watched fedup and I was in shock. I cried, got angry, and now I am inspired to take some form of action in the latin community, to share this knowledge. Thank you

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much, Gina. I can tell Dr. Hyman’s work really spoke to your heart and I’m so glad to hear you’re sharing the knowledge with your community. We’re cheering you on big time!

  150. I always enjoy listening to Dr. Hyman’s wisdom. I learned so much from him through IIN and then reading all of his books. Adding Marie to the mix – well, what could be better. It is true that so many people truly don’t understand good, whole food nutrition. I realized this when I went to an RD appointment with my mom many years ago and the RD “prescribed” all this processed food. That wasn’t going to happen. I’m starting to get an nudge to develop a community program to teach how to re-imagine food and the impact it can have on health and life. Thanks Mark and Marie. You both are a blessing.

  151. Shelley Fritz

    I love how Dr. Hyman enthusiastically conveyed the positive momentum of the movement for real health in the US and globally. I am grateful that he and Marie sat down for this interview. It really lit my fire and showed me that now is the time to step up and be a contributor to the global movement for health and wellness. that people want help and need it, that many are willing to change and that now is the time for action. I felt a deep stirring that it’s time to share my unique soul gift with the world to help others do the same, which is what Marie so graciously embodies in her mission. I am looking forward to putting B-School to work in my life so I am doing my part to help improve others’ lives. Having been through a serious and chronic disease process myself I can relate to Dr. Hyman’s passion and knowing what that is like I am driven to help reduce suffering because no one wants to see their family members go through that or experience it personally. Every decision we make every day is our health, and it is especially true that you are what you eat! And health has no limit – we don’t even know how healthy we can be or what we can accomplish :)!

  152. Thank you for coming up with relevant topics that expand our views and improve our lives.

  153. Ailyn

    Superb interview. Thank you Marie and Mark.
    The idea of community being such a powerful motivator for individual change just resurfaces for me the beauty of our design. We are millions of cells communicating with each other, affecting each other, being connected or disconnected from each other, just like us! And, as much as we would like a magic wand with sparkles to magically change our lives, our medicine is right in front of us. No need to create it or discover it! Food! (Real food) Bon appetit!

  154. Hi Marie & Mark,
    Brilliant interview. I love your emails and videos, thank you! ? I am very close to health and happiness. I need to find the plug to pull for the final stage. I have had autoimune disordered for a long time now and have been on a long journey through mind body and spirit of discovery, regarding health, diet and wellbeing. But I believe I may have Mercury poisoning or the like. How do I get tested for this? I have been tested for Lymes, it was negative, although I had a bite and the rash at 14 I’m now 46.

    I would realy realy appreciate some advice. We seem to be slightly behind you all, regarding functionall medicine across the pond.

    NikkI UK

  155. Ruth Novales

    It was wonderful to see Dr. Hyman in your show! It was great to see him in a more personal and cozy setting. I learned so much from his book, Blood Sugar Solution, and try to apply the principles I learned as much as I can in my life. My bigges takeaway was how he said that chronic diseases are actually social diseases and that social connections are very key in having good health. These were insightful and meaningful eye openers to me.

  156. My biggest insight: “people don’t realise how close they are to health and happiness.” I’ve struggled with skin issues for 20 years. Maybe I’m close to solving them.

  157. I came across Dr. Hyman a few years ago as I was channel surfing on a Sunday afternoon. He was on PBS talking about The Blood Sugar Solution. At the time, I was in my late 40’s, overweight, peri menopausal, Pre diabetic, and ready to accept that what I was experiencing was just part of aging, so when I heard Dr. Hyman’s ideas, I was listening and taking notes. I bought the book and even though it seemed a little extreme to me at the time, I started on the “elimination” phase and that was the start of something big for me – taking control of my health and wellness.

    Experiencing the power of good nutrition opened my heart and mind to the possibility of being strong and healthy as I age. To accepting responsibility for my health instead of being resigned to the inevitability of illness as I age.

    In the interview, I loved Dr. Hyman’s story about the family he taught to cook healthy food. We learn a lot about people by listening instead of assuming they know what we know.

    I now blog about health and aging well and will share the interview with my (small for now) audience.

    Thank you for your work!

  158. I’ve noticed this in my life. Taking on the form of who I hang around with. My mother warned me over and over..
    I like the fact that our neighbor made and delivered candies to all their friend except us because they know we don’t eat like that. However, I did feel a little left out. Funny.
    This is a great video. I hesitated to watch it being inundated with “stuff” on the computer and this was so worth it.
    I’m inspired to create friendship and wellness in my community.

  159. Oliver

    Most profound insight from this episode is that Mark is redefining how we identify and characterize the attributes of what encompasses good health through his own interpretation of social and biological engineering.
    Following his plan for health optimizes the productivity of each of the body’s resource centers by endowing them with the essential nutrients for sustaining, mindful and healthy living.

  160. Janicke Furuly

    Thank you!
    It is so nice to hear someone, who actually understands what needs to be done for optimal health. A good health is so much more than taking a pill, when you are having a symptom. It is changing you`re lifestyle, what you eat, when you eat and how you eat. Getting enough sleep, exercising & connecting with your`e body & mind. It is all connected. Last year, I gradually got sick and fatigued, and no doctors could tell me what was wrong. Sending me to different doctors, who all dealt with one organ, not even trying to look at the whole picture. And this literally broke me, the doctors telling me I was just imagining it all. I had to figure it all out on my own, without any help from the doctors, and I have learned so much!
    I loved this video, and I hope that this will be the future of healthcare. Doctors need to spend more than 5 min on you, and look at the whole picture, not just the facts they learn in medical school. And stop giving out medicine that only gives you a lot of other issues…

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s so true, Janicke. The whole picture of health is so important, but often we’re sent to a specialist for this and another specialist for that and if those two specialists don’t talk to each other they might not realize the symptoms are connected. Dr. Hyman’s holistic approach is so important.

  161. Rita Malhotra

    Thanks as I am diabetic this information was very useful for me. I have order the books and forward to reading them. Hoping to be more health this year.

  162. Colleen Kilpatrick

    What a great interview with Dr. Mark Hyman! I so appreciate the concept that food is information and that, by changing the food we eat, we can upgrade our biological software within days. Very empowering! Thank you, Marie, and Team Forleo for sharing this life-changing interview with us. ~Colleen K.

  163. Erin

    “Instead of treating disease create health” I am putting that quote on my bulletin board.

    I can’t wait to read the 10 Day Detox and The Blood Sugar Solution. I just finished reading “The DNA Restart” by Sharon Moalem. I have had type 2 diabetes my whole life and I have to watch my carb intake. Recently I discovered I also have problems with the emulsifiers in foods. I am allergic to them. If you read chapter 5 of The DNA Restart book it describes my issue perfectly. I can’t wait to read Dr Hyman’s books. I think with his information I will be creating health.
    Thank you for the great video!

  164. Laura

    I love this episode!! Food is such a great place to start a healing journey. It’s one of the easiest and simplest way to start to take back the power over your health and life. I also love how Mark talks about the link between community and peer support and improving health! There is so much power in transforming social structures and creating positive health transformation communities. So inspiring!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Right on, Laura! Thank you for sharing these great insights. I can tell Dr. Hyman’s work really spoke to your heart.

  165. Clare

    Great episode – very informative!!!! The concept that stood out for me is that food has a minute by minute effect on us and that it doesn’t take long to see results once changes are made.
    I am a little frustrated though, I did the green smoothie thing for about 6 weeks and didn’t feel ANY better, I’ve cut out wheat for almost 10 days and have not seen or felt anu better or worse. With cutting out the wheat, my sugar intake is much lower, yet really nothing.
    My gym performance has not improved and my weight (although I don’t need to lose weight) has remained the same.
    I’m tired and irritable ALL the time and I really thought changing my diet would create a radical shift with this.
    I’m constantly researching recipes for gluten and wheat free ingredients that are high in veg content and flavour and the ingredient lists are always SO complex…that’s another frustration 🙁 If ANYONE has any ideas, experience or can offer some great, easy recipes – please share. Would just love to make this process easy and happy. xoxo

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s really tough, Clare. It’s possible you have something that’s difficult to treat. It may help to see a holistic doctor whose medical practice supports the kind of work Dr. Hyman is doing. I hope you find something that works for you soon!

  166. Thank you Marie for sharing us this wonderful interviwead with the Dr .Let’s us one big inspiración with this interested topic,l ‘m grateful with both .thank you Marie l love you.

  167. Joana Fatondji

    Hello to all, my name is Joana and I am a complementary nutritionist and aspiring life coach and I am motivated and inspired by you people already on a path to bring awareness to all kinds of topics concerning health and as Mark said, you can meditate as much as you want but if your organism is poisened you are still dis-eased.
    Here´s to every body on the mission to bring healing to the nation.
    Peace and Love

  168. Heather Bates

    This was a great video. I’ve not been sick for over 15 years. I know I take risk when traveling during January via airplane. I was doing great, until I was walking towards TSA for a return flight and this young women sneezed in my pathway, instead of into her elbow. Sure enough, I now have the bronchial crud going around. Was sitting here watching this, barely able to hold my body up. Luckily I had Cara Cara oranges, and eating that was like eating the best thing ever.
    I have definite food sensitivities, and my gut doc has me on the FODMAPs plan. So many items I ate and had issues with – like pistachios and cashews giving me loose stuff, (but never have an issue with VA peanuts) were on the list of No No’s. It takes pretty much all bread out, lots of fruits (except my faves), adds lactose free milk – which without the lactose enzyme – is way to sweet for my tastebuds! And it has the same 12 grams of sugar as my organic 2% milk. I was surprised it takes out sweet potatoes, and the only potato you can eat is white. Kind of weird, but my noisy digestion system has died down significantly. I never have had a sweet tooth.
    The social way of looking at disease is interesting. Saw that FED Up is on Netflix, so hopefully I can get my Rum & Coke (OMG) drinking hubby to watch it with me!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      I’m so sorry to hear you’ve been sick for so long, Heather! I’m glad your doctor was able to give you a food plan that works, though. We’ve got our fingers crossed that you’ll continue on this path to healing and feel better soon.

  169. Marie, I loved this episode! So powerful and motivating! Thank you for always changing up your topics – I love that you dove into this topic of health! Thank you for all that you do!

  170. William Singleton

    Wow!!!!! Another great video. Thanks so much.

    A few of my take a-ways:
    There is a lot of great information available that when properly shared can change a life a family and a generation.
    Its really not that hard to be healthy.
    People helping people is a powerful tool for change and improvement. Maybe I don’t need more will power I just need more people around me with power.
    The story about the family in South Carolina was really touching and sad. I am so glad they received the help they desperately needed.

    So grateful for what you do at Marie TV


    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      These are great insights, William! Thanks so much for watching.

  171. I have listened to this interview twice, now. Thank you so much for doing this, Marie and Mark. My husband was diagnosed with end stage liver disease in 2013 and I created a website to show people how he was able to get better. I realized that his body is like a plumbing system and he essentially just had a clogged filter (which messes up the whole body). A fibroscan showed he no longer has cirrhosis (despite the fact that he was told there is NO WAY to reverse it). We learned there are many different ways to reduce scar tissue, and when we were able to do that, we were able to “unclog his drain” to the point where his body could function again. So to hear you speak about functional medicine, and how the body functions as a whole, really gives me hope that the medical system will help more people with cirrhosis in the future. The protocols doctors give people for cirrhosis seem to make people more and more sick. I’ve spoken to hundreds of people with cirrhosis (and their family members) and the current system really needs to be fixed. Thank you so much for making strides in this are. If you can start changing the treatment protocols that are used in the Cleveland Clinic, I would be happy to mention this on my blog and tell people to check it out!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much for sharing this powerful story with us, Ellie! I’m so glad your husband is feeling much better and that holistic medicine helped. I’m also really glad that you’re sharing your and your husband’s experiences with others who will hopefully feel empowered to take charge of their health and focus on the whole body for wellness.

  172. Wouw – What a GREAT interview – and what a great inspiration. Thank you for introducing Mark with this interview. I haven’t been aware of him before (being on another continent). BUT I have the same experience about food and health, as I was diagnosed with MS back in 2007, found a practitioner who taught me about the cause and I can today say … I have cancelled my MS Diagnose!
    Looking at the Institute IFM – just after watching the interview – I found there is a FREE seminar with Dr. Terry Walsh, about newest knowledge on MS and diet – on the 24th of January .- I’m excited – going to get updated on where the specialists are today.
    So the 4 things I bring with me today:
    #1 Getting to know about Dr. Mark Hyman.
    #2 Register at IFM – Webinar with Dr. Terry Walsh Update on MS and diet.
    #3 Looking SO much forward to re-do B-School for my project on “How to design my impact” and inspire for “Health and Happiness” in this world. I don’t need to become a practitioner – but I would love to affiliate with the best – and Dr. Mark Hayman just went on my list. Despite all the crazy stuff going on worldwide, # 4 must be: this really brings me hope and joy for the future. Thank you SO much.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      This is wonderful news, Katrine! I’m so glad you’re feeling much better and have found a great way to manage MS. We’re thrilled for you and we can’t wait to see the ways you share your wisdom with the world.

  173. ale

    Both of you are such an inspiration! There is still so much to do on this topic! I’m with you and also working for a better and healthier world.

  174. Evelyn

    I just listened and I think what is resonating the most is the idea of “functional” medicine – as a WHOLE body and way of life approach vs treating one localized symptom. It gave me the feeling of looking down at one thing and now looking up and out at the whole picture. Once we all begin to see how the unified parts work as a whole, and that nothing is separate or divided, we can begin the healing process (oh my, this is not a political post!). Even as someone who works in the wellness arena as a yoga instructor, functional medicine is not a term used or heard very often…yet. I look forward to it being part of our every day vernacular and practices. Thank you, Marie and Mark for coming together and sharing your gifts with the world.

  175. WEiwei

    thanks for the interview. ONe small thing: I just watched FED UP and I was dissappointed to not see the segment where Dr Hyman taught the family how to eat better 🙁

    in general the movie seemed to be less about action than about exposition on the problem. The only reason I watched the movie was to see this ad hoc tutorial, which seemed to not occur.

    Due to this I still probably like other food movies such as ‘the sugar film’ or ‘hungry for change’ getter

  176. Perfect timing. I decided to dedicate 2017 to my physical health. What impacted me the most is that our biology changes instantly the minute we change our eating. I have witnessed this first hand in my own life and excited to continue on this journey with even more information!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Right on, Jenna! 🙂

  177. Maria

    Thank you for this video! Beautiful content.
    For me personally it was a perfect remark that we should be realizing every single day how important it is, what we eat. I am always trying to eat healthy, but after some time when I say to myself okay, today I can make an exception and eat something unhealthy, I am starting to loose control over it and I need to remind myself that it really is vitally important.
    I found out, that some of my colleagues actually started to buy bio snacks just because they saw me eating differently.
    I was pretty surprised… I did not want to influence anyone neither did I expect to be an inspiration for someone. But I realized that even a small change in our life can help us and it can also inspire others to think about their decision.
    This video absolutely confirmed my attitude and made me more aware of my everyday eating habits.

  178. Marie Sultana Robinson

    Although I tend to eat ‘healthy’, this segment helped me retweak what I do, and gain more energy. Thank you Both! Best to you, Marie Sultana Robinson

  179. Laura Donelan

    I really enjoyed this interview – I had to save it for a while before getting a chance to watch it. I am a believer, I grow vegetables and love to cook what I have grown, or to buy local home grown and home raised food. It is so easy to go astray though. I love wine and that is my biggest downfall. Second is cheese…

    I am going to look for the 10 day detox, my husband and I have scheduled a detox vacation for later this month.

    Thank you for this – every little bit, every reminder, every phrase, all increase the odds that the healthy will win over the “marketing machine” that rules American eating.

  180. Therese O

    Great work Marie and Mark. Very inspiring.
    Question for Mark, that hopefully you asked…
    The pharma companies make lots of money, like the FDA, by supporting not real food, but rather medications. Many doctors are also involved with using Pharmas for their work.
    How will we move forward with this looming problem?

    Thanks in advance! Therese

  181. I so needed to see this. I just got back from the doc for a blown shoulder that I will probably need surgery on. I have already had the other shoulder operated on and two cervical spinal surgeries. I am a maker designer so this is catastrophic for my business and frankly my spirit. Oh and I just gained 10 pounds from feeling scared about my body breaking down. I have success with my products and cant keep up with demand but not enough success that I can hire someone to be me so Im stuck handcrafting everything I sell. Now Im challenged to crack the code. It is so clear that I simply must find the right fuel to solve problems, be creative and feel some joy in my daily life. Mark made it clear that food is the fuel and the medicine that will support me through these next months
    of surgery, recovery and my biz that I am so passionate about.
    Perfect timing.

  182. Valentina

    Thank you so much! I hope to reverse Rheumatoid Arthritis, which I had since 1,5 y.o. (I’m 40 now). Have been looking into FM since February/March this year after a major worsening of my condition. Following the recommendations outlined in The Myers Way. Are there any books by Dr. Hyman that could help as well?

  183. Valentina

    thank you Mandy

  184. Love LOVE LOVED this interview. Thank you so much Mark and Marie. It was so inspiring in many ways. I was especially interested in the power of social networks to change social diseases. Favorite quote: ‘It’s friendpower not willpower! Going to get a hold of the Daniel plan and bring it my church. We might just have to say bah-bye to those post sermon donuts.
    Blessings and Health- Cindy

  185. Marie Lexa

    Thank you! I thoroughly enjoyed your interview with Mark. He absolutely confirms what I have been observing over the past 20+ years living in France. Having friends – or in this case a whole culture – that places importance on healthy eating does have a major impact on how we eat. Cultural norms play a huge role. The French elementary school curriculum includes taste weeks – learning to decipher and appreciate food. Easily accessible fresh food, delicious and healthy frozen foods, fruits and vegetables that is, and little processed food. Eating and cooking together with family and friends and taking time to enjoy a meal all play a role in much lower rates of obesity here. Place a few fresh ingredients from the market in your kitchen and your French friends will take over and have a meal on the table before you know it. Banning processed foods from your diet is truly the first step to taking control of your health and body.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s so cool, Marie! Learning to taste and appreciate good food is important, so it’s wonderful that French kids are exposed to it at a young age.

  186. I was lucky to read this article. I really admire Dr Mark Hyman. From now on I will pay more attention to my health, this is the most precious thing I have, not money or social status.

  187. David

    Why is there no link to his book?

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