This is how we roll.

5 Things to Know About Our Company


We Believe Everything is Figureoutable

Doesn’t matter what you want to create, experience, or make happen. We hold an unshakeable belief in possibility. That with humility, passion, focus, and relentless commitment — you can bring just about any dream to life. In fact, Marie wrote the #1 New York Times Bestseller, Everything is Figureoutable, which is a must-read how to manual on the topic.



We Change Lives For A Living

We do this by offering educational products, training programs, books, and experiences that teach ambitious, creative people like you how to succeed in life and experience more joy, wealth, and freedom. We’re proudly a for-profit company that also generates an enormous amount of life-changing resources free of charge.


We’re Decidedly Not For Everyone

Our work is exclusively for growth and success-minded individuals like entrepreneurs, artists, small business owners, and other ambitious and creative go-getters. We value freedom, personal responsibility, humor, fun, compassion, playfulness, kindness, and mutual respect. We’re allergic to chronic complaining, blaming, shaming, bullying, finger-pointing, righteousness, and drama.


We Have Zero Tolerance for Hate

Marie has been transforming lives for over two decades. We’re proud to host an audience from 195 countries and territories. Our work reflects our commitment to celebrate and amplify smart, ambitious, creative, loving souls from all walks of life. Racism, sexism, ageism, ableism or any other ism born from bigotry and hate has no place here.


We Believe In You

You are capable, creative and wise. You were born with unique gifts and talents that you and you alone are here to contribute. We know that you wouldn’t have the dream in your heart unless you already have what it takes to make it a reality. It’s our honor to guide and support your journey.