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Want to do inspiring work that makes an impact? 

Simon Sinek says you won’t get there by obsessing over your competition

Sure, business leaders, society, and maybe even your own bosses have told you to, “Beat the competition! Be #1!” But here’s the truth: motivating yourself through comparison will only get you so far.

In his new book, The Infinite Game, Simon Sinek reveals something astonishing about the world’s most successful companies…

They don’t care about the competition. And they definitely don’t waste precious energy worrying about short-term vanity metrics like Instagram followers, YouTube views, or making #1 on some list. 

When we work hard for something we don't believe in, it's called stress. When we work hard for something we do believe in, it's called passion. @simonsinek Click To Tweet

Instead, they focus on improving themselves and the lives of the people they serve.

If you want to build a business that lasts, this mindset shift is utterly transformative. It’s what keeps some companies stressed and overworked — and others innovating, taking risks, and making ethical, heart-driven decisions that pay off long term.

It makes sense. Taking shots of Compareschläger never feels good the next morning. It doesn’t lead to your best creative work either. I’ve often said, “Comparison is creative kryptonite.” Comparison, especially in business, means that your brain is focused on yourself and your ego instead of your customers.

Simon Sinek’s 2009 TED Talk on leadership was legendary, and his New York Times best-selling books, Start With Why, Leaders Eat Last, Together Is Better, and Find Your Why are must-reads. But Simon’s new book, The Infinite Game, is his most fiery, gut-punching work yet. 

Join us to learn:

  • Why you must stop chasing stability and start building resilience.
  • How CVS helped entire communities of people quit smoking.
  • How Blockbuster could have saved themselves from Netflix.
  • The one thing that will turn your stress into passion.
  • Plus, why trying to change the world will actually help your business.

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Once you’ve had a chance to watch, Simon and I would love to hear from you. Today’s question is in two parts:

  1. What vision or cause are you working towards? 
  2. Was there a particular insight or aha that you’re taking away from this conversation? How can you turn that insight into action starting right now?

Leave a comment below and let us know.

Share as much detail as you can. Hundreds of thousands of souls come here for insight and inspiration. Your story may be just what someone needs to see things from a fresh perspective.

Important: please share your thoughts and ideas directly in the comments. Links to other posts, videos, etc. may be removed.

Thank you so much for watching, sharing, and encouraging this community with your voice. 

Remember, there’s a fine line between striving for excellence and getting sucked into perfectionism. It takes time and effort to grow a business, create real change, and learn new skills. Keep your focus on what really matters (your progress) and, I promise, you’ll be able to figure anything out.

With SO much love ❤️,


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  1. As I teach about Resilience & Reinvention, this interview was right up my alley. That’s my cause (although I struggle to word it succinctly!): That our wellbeing and resilience are not just a few mental health strategies, but that we all have wellness and to keep well, we need to reinvent ourselves, to stay rooted to our truth and to fuel that inner fire that keeps us sharing the truth.

    The comment about stability versus resilience makes me think about antifragility. The idea that instead of being ‘the same’ throughout difficulty, versus not just adaptability but specifically being made stronger by that adversity.

    I think we’re slowly learning exactly what resilience means, and how focusing on flexibility makes us better off in the Long Game, even if in the short-term it may not look ideal.

    And language; such a key peace. Thinking about the law of attraction, and how we, as humans, have a negative bias, that going to a “peace” protest instead of an “antiwar” one… that our language matters and shapes how we feel and what we do… Just as focusing on working together towards something, like providing for their family.

    Never quite thought about ti as “liking to build” though: definitely worth thinking about how I word things around that!

    “We’re not all visionaries, but we can find a vision.” – YES. This. I could share this 100 times over.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      We’re so happy this conversation resonated with you on many levels, Katy-Rose! Your cause to help others build resilience through life’s inevitable challenges and difficult moments is so beautiful and needed. We hope these language strategies Simon shared are helpful for you as you continue to support others in creating a more resilient society – cheering you on!

  2. Oooh this mindset shift is SO good!

    I’m working towards helping EVERYONE have a better birth and postpartum. I’d love everyone to experience this profound rite of passage as positive and empowering.

    My ‘aha’ moment is that I am a part of something bigger. There are others with a similar vision. Through education and support, we can help people feel more calm and confident becoming parents. I love the saying that ‘peace on earth begins with birth’ and if we can bring more peace to the experience of birthing… it will ultimately make the world a better place!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      SO beautiful, Kirrah! Yes to all of this and the fantastic work you’re doing in the world. You absolutely share this vision with others, and it’s such a worthy cause. “Peace on Earth Begins with Birth” – how powerful!

  3. Another great episode Marie that gave me several aha! moments. So, what vision or cause am I working towards?
    For vision I always wanted to retire my mom, my partner, travel with my family and open a technical academy in Haiti for young girls.
    I loved when Simon said
    “The goal is no to beat your competition but to outlast your competition. ”
    “When we play with finite mindset we become so obsesses with what the other person is doing…Sometimes we even become upset that they have a win.” Building trusting relationships, helping others rise above themselves sounds to me like a much easier path to success.
    I’ve seen so many great leaders display a poverty mindset and focus more on not trusting anyone because they wanted to be the #1 person in a specific industry or feel that someone will steal from them and surpass them. What happens is that their followers see that and strop trusting them and leave. The fear of missing out cause people to work with a finite mindset. Finite mindset that there is not enough for everyone, there is only one spot for an expert with six-figures on niche x, y or z.
    It’s very easy to doubt ourselves, stop believing in our cause and having the courage to keep going when we put a limit and sometimes the limit is what someone else is doing.

  4. This was an AWESOME interview! My just cause is seeing that women work well and live well. Seizing their day by disciplining their day. I teach that we must surrender ourselves to exactly what is around us. Experience things for what they are, and it will build a resilience to withstand anything. Discipline and resilience are what it takes to continue to maintain our lives well so we can serve others AND achieve our goals. The a-ha/awe-inspiring moment I had was when Simon spoke about building up and increasing vs. decreasing and eliminating (#gold!). When we shift our verbiage, we have the ability to live continuously in an abundance mindset versus a scarcity/lack mindset. LOVED this one!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      What a clear, important cause this is, Lashawn. We LOVE that you’re supporting other women to thrive! And yes – the language we choose to use is so incredibly powerful. Here’s to shifting to an abundance mindset in all areas of life! So glad you enjoyed this episode 🙂

  5. Sheila

    This is one of the best blog posts I have watched, lots of food for thought and VERY important, especially with the world we are living in right now and future business leaders. Leading with a consciousness & awareness. Thank you for sharing Marie!

  6. dzina

    Mari TV and Mari is very much compatition oriented in a healthy way, unlike Simons philosophy. Competing with oneself is good and healthy concept…. However, in order to get a job, we compete with others in an interview… Society is certainly not teaching us not to compete…How to make this philosophy work in reality?

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      We absolutely hear you, Dzina. Society certainly does set the framework and structures that encourage us to compete. We can shift this though, with our own mindset and approach to any situation! For instance, in a job interview, you can focus on your own unique strengths and gifts and how those could benefit the organization. Realizing that there is no other YOU can help shift you into a place where an abundance of possibility is possible, instead of doubt. Be sure to also watch this episode for more practical ways to make competition irrelevant (you can apply these strategies to you as an individual vs. a business, too!). Hope this helps!

  7. This resonates so much with everything I know and I do as a coach. What Simon calls resilience, I’m used to calling flexibility – the ability to adapt to the times, working more towards that vision, in whatever way we have to as long as it is moral, and less on how we can beat the business down the street / at the next url.
    Thanks Marie & Simon for such an awesome episode (again) and yeah, I’ve just ordered the book!

  8. Loved this, thankyou, ordered the book. My just cause is Women supporting women. Thanks for the reminder.

  9. Wow! What an insightful conversation. Thank you so much for sharing this!
    My just cause is helping others overcome the obstacles or roadblocks they encounter as they strive to accomplish a dream or goal so that ultimately there are more people reaping the joy and benefits of reaching their goals and making their dreams a reality. I create music & products for people in motion and my mission is to motivate millions of people around the world to keep going for their dreams.
    Hearing the story about CVS was especially inspiring. But my biggest takeaway from this video is, “The goal is to outlast the competition not to beat or compete with them.”
    That ah-ha moment made me look at my creative offering in a totally new way.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Awesome, Tasha. We love that this provided a fresh perspective for you on your offering! Powerful, isn’t it? And yes – CVS taking that ethical stand is so incredibly inspiring. We love what you’re creating to help others move through blocks and go for their dreams – keep up the amazing work!

  10. I teach people how find the Joy Of Moving On (JOMO) when life hits the fan, i.e. divorce, cancer, etc. Joy is my brand of resilience.
    “Living for stability or living for resilience” speaks right to heart of what I believe. Living for stability brings fear of change – I don’t want cancer to change me. Living for resilience invites curiosity & empowerment – Cancer WILL change me, but I decide how.
    Thank you for sharing this beautiful wisdom!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Absolutely LOVE what you do, Karey! Yes to joy, curiosity, and empowerment! Keep up the amazing work.

  11. I love this episode and now I’m gona order this book for my 22 year old son.
    He ‘s derterminrd in starting his own bussines and I think he love this book too.
    And we need more company’s that works this way. xxx

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      YES, Carla! We’re so excited for your son and all the possibilities ahead of him for ethical business. You’re a wonderful Mum! Thank you for being here ☺️

  12. In my business as an accent coach for international professionals I am working toward the just cause of having all peoples of the world understand each other and be able to communicate without difficulties and errors. In America we were all immigrants once – I believe that clear communication leads in a way to World Peace.
    I loved this blog video- it inspired and rejuvenated me! Thank you, Simon and Marie!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      What a beautiful, clear cause and vision you have, Catherine! So thrilled this episode was inspiring for you. Keep going!

  13. I used to have a financially comfortable and secure career as a corporate massage therapist. However, I realized most of my clients came in because their physical discomfort was caused by stress. I knew I had practical tools to help people manage their stress, so I ended the corporate role and became a compassion meditation and qigong teacher instead. My vision is to help people become more comfortable in their bodies and minds through a positive mindset, connection with their higher wisdom, and intentional movement.

    What inspired me in this episode was the idea that resilience is about flexibility, and how incredibly powerful it is to adapt to potential change. It was a gentle reminder for me, given that I sometimes feel like new ideas that bubble up for ways to reach people feels like throwing spaghetti against a wall. It reminds me to be patient with myself as I evolve and fine-tune how I want to reach and help people effectively.

    This concept of resilience and flexibility was also a nice reminder that people still need to hear the simplicity of this idea. It bolsters my belief in the idea that people will indeed benefit if they move out of their sometimes limited stress-causing mindest and into an infinite mindset. I wouldn’t have thought of it in that language – finite to infinite – but it exactly fits.

    I look forward to moving through my day with this idea as a foundation to see what new ideas emerge.

    Great interview as always, thanks, Marie, for all you offer.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Wonderful, Amy! We’re so glad this resonated and sparked some new ideas for you. You’re doing such amazing work in the world. Thank you for being an example in helping others move towards greater well-being, positivity, and intention in their lives!

  14. Celeste Pennington

    What is my just cause. Amazing question. To create a life for myself and my family where we can live life on our terms by serving our community and then the world. My husband and I are currently building a business that will be launching in the new year and we plan to make our decisions based on a positive effect to our audience. We want to give back, we want children to become aware of their infinite mind and to choose giving over competition. I loved the reading at the end where Simon reads “we see those who share our vision as partners in the cause and we work to build trusting relationships so that we may advance the common good together” This is the goal. Find the people that see this journey as you do, one of giving back, even if that is just a smile to those we pass throughout our day.

  15. This episode is GOLD.

    Way too many takeaways from this conversation. My top three: the clarity of building a business that is resilient and plans for change over stability to be the same. Being conscious of ethical fading and questioning those comments and actions, legal is not a definition for ethical. And the fact that my business product/service is the tool to advance a larger cause/direction/vision.

    I’m gonna have to digest this today… thanks so much Simon and Marie!

  16. Caroline

    Thank you SO MUCH for sharing this video. This interview was so rich, and so insightful. I really enjoyed it, and even, I felt a sense of relief. I felt understood, particularly in this part of the interview : “I wanted it to be a rallying cry for all the people who just don’t like the way it works. They can’t put their finger on it, they don’t have the words for it, but they know something’s wrong. This can’t be the way business should work.” It so consistent and so true. It is really a joy to see people defending these kind of value. I also litterally LOVED the tweet “When we work hard for something we don’t believe in, it’s called stress. When we work hard for something we do believe in, it’s called passion”. @simonsinek. It is so POWERFUL and SO TRUE. I am really identifying myself there and the challenges I had to face recently. It is really a joy to feel understood and hear people put the fingers and actually put on words on someting that you vaguely thought. So thanks a lot Simon for sharing with us these beautiful POWERFUL insights. And thanks a lot Marie, as usual, for taking the best of this conversation. I also really loved the part when Marie asked Simon to read a part of the book. AWESOME ! Thanks again ! 🙂 XO

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Awesome, Caroline – we love hearing this! It means so much to know that Simon’s words have helped you feel deeply understood. You’re definitely not alone, and keep working towards what you feel most passionate about. The world needs your special gifts! Thank you SO much for watching today ☺️ XOXO

  17. Yes! Someone has said it! I am soooo gratefull to hear, that I am not wierd to think, that doing business doesn’t have to mean “beating someone” or doing stuff, that I don’t feel comfortable doing just because others are doing it this way. THANK YOU!

    My just cause is to create a more sustainable, kinder and healthier fashion industry. Hope you will all help me 🙂

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      You’re not weird at all, Gabriela – you’re a leader! Absolutely LOVE your cause to create a more sustainable and healthy fashion industry. This is so needed in today’s world. Keep up the amazing work!

  18. Dennyse Kerr

    I just ordered “Everything is Figureoutable”. And I believe “The Infinite Game” follows a similar guideline. You folks are giving me support in what I want to do. Thank you!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Awesome, Dennyse! We’re thrilled to hear this, and it’s an honor to support you in bringing your dreams to life. Since you’ve purchased Everything is Figureoutable, you also have FREE access to an online coaching program happening this week only – you can register right here: Happy reading!

  19. Jana Felt

    My A-ha moment was when Simon said we could use someone else’s vision as our own.
    I am writing a business plan to create a local bakery. As a LEED AP, it’s important to me to design the business using the least amount of plastic possible and to consider the environment in every one of my business plan decisions even though in the short-term it may delay our profitability.
    I’d like to ask Simon what is the best way to find a company with a vision that wants to protect the environment and animals both locally and worldwide so that we can join their vision.
    As others have commented, this was one of the BEST MarieTV episodes I have seen. Thank you for introducing me to Simon and his vision of the world.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Amazing, Jana! We’re happy to hear that these words from Simon sparked some new ideas in you for collaboration. Your vision for your bakery that is environmentally responsible is so wonderful, we love it! We know you can absolutely do this, and I think you’ll also find this episode of MarieTV really helpful in getting started connecting with other like-minded companies: Wishing you the very best!

  20. I love this interview! It was just the right thing at the right time. I am a coach, and my infinite game seems harder to play than the finite! It is much easier for me to sell the transformation on a very tangible level than helping people step into Powerful Surrender versus resignation life. It gives my clients true freedom and turns me on big time!

  21. Loved your interview with Simon Sinak. My infinite plan which I have been working on for 9 years is building homes in India for orphans. Empowering women and children that can have it all, education, healthcare and love. I created a nonprofit that works with an NGO from India Maher Ashram. Together we are uplifting women, children and even men who are marginalized, stuck in the poverty cycle allowing them to become education, trained, and becoming independent. I expect to spend my life. I will definitely get a copy of Simon’s book. Thank you for the interview.

  22. I SO needed this today!

    We launched a 4 part video Sugar Free Masterclass as a way to promote our paid program. We spent months on the scripts, days filming, over a week editing, and weeks in the planning and funnel sequence only to have people complain that there was a cost to the program even before watching the first of the action-packed free videos.
    I am so proud of my team and how hard we worked on this series and the value it gives people.

    Our business is mission-based and we are passionate about how our content can help transform and save lives for the common good. I needed this perspective and reminder to not allow the critics to get to me. I won’t change what I do for anything but today I’ve got a bit more sass in my step as a result of this interview.

    Thank you, Marie, Simon and the MF Crew for all the value you provide!

    Love and hugs,

  23. Gayle Smashey

    The takeaway for me was the statement about working hard toward something we believe in being passion and working hard toward something we don’t believe in being stress—it spoke volumes to me about the recent failure of my marriage after 25 years. Both of us stopped believing in ourselves and the stress of that is what was our undoing. Such a succinct descriptor for me. Thank you??

  24. Hi Marie
    Such an import and interesting conversation and what an amazing man!! Every word was so inspiring. I can imagine the worlds leaders and countries playing the infinite game. It won’t be long before it is actually do-able for the majority..
    To answer you first Q: My just cause is opening peoples mindsets, to believe in who they really are. Getting in touch with our superpowers. This conversation is adding to that.. Yeah! 🙂
    Best to you all, Michelle

  25. Seriously Marie! I LOVE this book-athon but I have been thoroughly digesting a book a week because it’s just AMAZING what’s coming out right now. LOVED your book (single-handedly picked me back up out of a biz slump), LOVED Gabby’s book (rereading chapters still because it’s so edgy) and am a good way into Chase Jarvis’s book (revolutionary) finished Kate Northrup’s a while ago (so much was life-changing) and now I KNOW I need to understand this message in-depth as well. I’m loving it and can’t stop. But I’m panting. Will you ever recommend a book I don’t immediately resonate with? So nuch love to you and all you do!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      GO Emily go! You’re a reading machine, and we love that you’re soaking up all this goodness coming into the world right now, in the form of new ideas and mindsets. It means so much to know that Everything is Figureoutable has helped you keep moving forward. You’re amazing. Thank you for continuing to show up, for yourself and this community!

  26. Meghan

    YES!!! Going to get this book right now! Thank you for saying these amazing and important truths OUT LOUD!

  27. I got goosebumps listening to this. This is exactly what I’ve been teaching homeschooling parents: teach your children to compete with themselves, do not pay attention to what other children are doing. Parents today struggle with this because of the “finite” mindset. I can’t wait to read Simon’s book. Thank you so much for this episode, Marie! And my vision is to see the world become a more humane place by raising and educating our children to blossom into becoming their very best in the most noble sense of the word.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      What a wonderful, powerful vision, Liz! I can tell how amazing of a teacher you are, and we LOVE that you’re instilling this mindset in your students. It will absolutely serve them for life and create a more humane world! Keep up the incredible work, it makes such a difference.

  28. thank YOU Simon, for your integrity, insight & inspiring genius. And thank YOU Marie, for your native brilliance to bring such powerful thought leaders as Simon to the world through your show. You are a light in our world.
    I believe the entrepreneurs of the future will innovate in clean technologies such as bio-plastics and ZERO waste products. Without these innovations, we will not make it as a species. We must continue to better our consumption so that it does NOT pollute the water, air, rivers and nature’s commons that our lives depend on.
    Viva la Solutionaires!
    Carolyn M. Scott

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Here’s to your idea becoming a reality, Carolyn, for everyone on this beautiful planet. Thanks for sharing this with us. xo

  29. Ann

    I am a speech pathologist, and I discovered a therapy approach that drastically cuts down the amount of therapy time my clients need. I had to make a decision regarding whether I would implement this procedure, give my clients better outcomes, and reduce the amount of therapy time they need (read: the amount of money I get from the client) or to continue with the traditional therapy model. I decided that even if it meant a decrease in income for me, there’s no way I could hold back on better service. And guess what? That’s the moment my business exploded!

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      YES ANN! This is amazing! We’re sending you the biggest high five and wishes for continued success.

  30. I love this conversation and all of Simon’s work because it reminds us that at the end of the day it’s our humanity that matters, even – and especially – in business.

    My company’s just cause is teaching little humans that it’s okay not to be okay (and that there’s no such thing as normal) by being with them, with compassion, non-judgement, and individualized learning, through their experience of dyslexia. Eventually my goal is to teach parents how to be with their child’s emotional experience, no matter how uncomfortable, instead of trying to take it away. Because that’s where true resilience and self-esteem comes from. I know so many parents struggle to give this to their children because it’s something they’re still learning to give to themselves, but it is so possible!

    My favorite a-ha? It’s not easy to do the right thing. Because it’s not. But it is always so, so worth it. Thank you for this discussion!

  31. Sara

    This is by far one of my favorite episodes! The ‘just cause’ and the question of HOW we choose to propel that cause forward is something I think about constantly, especially in my work. The cause behind my work is to protect and advocate for displaced populations. The inherit dignity of all of us, everyone, is the guiding value of my area of work. It has been heartbreaking for me to see the ‘how’ chosen by leading organizations, some of which I have worked with. The nicotine patch next to the carton of cigarettes is a perfect metaphor for a lot of practices I have witnessed. The humanitarian world is plagued with false philanthropy and ethically questionable giving. Is it really giving when the source of the money that a person/company is giving is what is part of the problem in the first place? There are so many examples of how ‘giving’ is a masked reinforcement of exploitation. There are so many hard and uncomfortable questions we need to ask, because it absolutely is about service.
    Thank you Simon and Marie for this incredibly important conversation.

  32. Gerret Lorenzen

    My mission is to give Londoners more life, by finding ways they can use those little bits of time that crop up (the late train, the stood up date) more creatively and positively, rather than getting frustrated.
    If you have regularly used public transport in the UKs capital, you will know what I mean.
    I have a basic plan (and an unpublished website), and I want to find the people who will come on board with me.

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      What a cool ideal and mindset shift, Gerret! We’re cheering you on. Here’s to more creativity and found time.

  33. LOVED this Simon and Marie! Thank you so much for this!

  34. This is extremely powerful. Our lives would be so much more fulfilled if we had this infinite perspective!

  35. “I was once asked why I don’t participate in anti-war demonstrations. I said that I will never do that, but as soon as you have a pro-peace rally, I’ll be there.” ― Mother Teresa

    This is the quote that came to my mind as Simon was talking about “instead of fighting against poverty, to fight for the right of every human to provide for their own family.” When we concentrate, verbalize and take action toward a “positive” we are sending a completely different energy into the Universe to manifest more of what we want and less of what we don’t want.

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      I think we can all agree that more positive anything in the world is an awesome thing, Nancy. Thank you for sharing that quote and your words here. Thanks for watching.

  36. I’m part of an amazing company called Beautycounter. The business is built and based on a just cause-to get safer products into the hands of everyone, and not necessarily Beautycounter products. They are based in education first! This podcast just reinforced in my mind what a wonderful company I’ve joined forces with and how I truly believe they will continue to be successful because they are concerned with the greater good! They own up to their flaws and continue to strive to do better. This podcast will help me lead with more confidence in conversations and connections. Thank you Simon and Marie!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Wonderful, Rebecca! We’re so happy this conversation was inspiring for you. It sounds like an amazing company indeed that you’re part of; keep spreading your passion for this good work and cause 🙂

  37. Joanne O'Brien

    I’m a high school teacher who is constantly at odds with administration because I have a different definition of education than the tacit definition of high test scores and grades. My definition of education is the ability to acquire knowledge and skills, and develop talents that have personal, CIVIC and economic value. I also stress that education often happens outside the classroom.

    I’m transitioning to create a web based course (thanks B-School) and crafting my message in an engaging way, (yay Copy Course). I am using Everything Is Figuraoutable with a few of my most overwhelmed and stressed out students. I just find that what Simon writes about is so in-tune with what I am trying to create – because it is all about resilience and flexibility, and the character strengths of empathy and integrity. Kudos for a great interview. I purchased my audible copy this morning.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      You are AMAZING, Joanne! We adore your passion for developing the talents, skills, knowledge, and gifts of your students while instilling in them a strong sense of resilience and integrity. I can tell how incredible of a teacher you are, and that you’re making a profound impact on the lives of your students.

      We’re so proud to have you as a dual-enrolled student and thrilled that the programs are supporting you in creating your online course! Please keep us posted on how it’s going, we’re cheering for you big time over here.

  38. WOW! Ordering the book now.
    My vision – an empowered global classroom of learners. We’re all learners. When we teach we learn, when we learn we teach.
    Favourite take-away = advancing a just cause. No more comparison with where ‘i should be’ or ‘others’. Just focus on movement toward an empowered global classroom of learners. Mind opened to new opportunities I had closed because they were ‘not part of this business’. Standing for this vision openly. Changing my website today.
    Thank you.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      GO, Ivette! Love this vision and your action-taking. So glad this conversation with Simon opened up some new perspectives for you. Thanks so much for watching!

  39. 1. The main cause of the skincare company I started last year is to raise awareness of our self-talk during our routines. Most, if not all, skincare companies will have us believe that their products are what will improve your skin. Great products are important but not the most important thing. We are. You, me, all who take interest in the care of our skin. What we say to ourselves about ourselves is the most important thing.
    2. The amazing aha moment I had was when Simon said “a just cause does not include your product or your service”. YES! I’ve been stressing over this, thinking that my vision and “my products” need to be more exclusively linked. But this is not so! I need to keep loving on my products (b/c I do love them), continue improving upon them, and not link my vision with my sales. From now on, I will focus entirely on the vision. Welp, I’ve got some videos to make, which was a major theme in my Insights to Action from Everything is Figureoutable. Thank you thank you Marie and Simon! Love you both so much!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      This is all so fantastic, Lenora! What a beautiful vision you have, and focusing on that will be such a powerful way to differentiate your amazing products. We’re thrilled this episode and Everything is Figureoutable have sparked some aha moments for you – YAY! Keep up the awesome work you’re up to in the world, it’s so important.

  40. Clive

    Hi Marie and Team.
    Thank you so much for these podcasts and interviews-always super illuminating and useful.
    Simon’s work here is real ah-ah moment for me. Kindly allow me to explain.

    As a youngster (many moons back), I was a competitive sports person- participated and competed in 5 to 6 sporting codes at junior and senior representative levels. People could not understand why I never chose to concentrate on only one sport and turn professional in it.
    I could never articulate my reason for not doing so- and now having heard Simon (without having read it yet, but immediately having pre-ordered it), I can at long last understand why I opted not to.
    Havin participated in so many different sporting codes at senior level, I obviously would prepare like crazy for each encounter, and then it would end up in either a loss or a victory- a potential sense of despair or one of euphoria. I could never really understand this- why would we need to become so upset or get so ahead of ourselves? After all, it is just a game, a past time- surely, there would be more important things to appreciate? People would never understand why I could so easily and “passionately” talk about a loss as with a victory- nor could I. For me, surely, within this realms of human endeavour, it was more about the journey than the outcome ? But, that just didn’t fit the mould!

    I believe that once having completed reading the book next month, I will probably solve that piece of the missing puzzle viz. I never wanted to play the finite role in an infinite world.

    Thank you Simon for so succinctly putting this out there.
    Thank you Marie for once gain having Simon on your show.

    And, now I need to complete Lesson 2 of The Everything is Figureoutable challenge.
    Everyone there, do take good care of yourselves.

    Kind regards,

  41. I loved everything about this interview! It was refreshing and brilliant. We need someone like Simon as our President!

    I tend to catch myself worrying or getting anxious about what a couple of my competitors are doing. This made me feel so much better about how I run my business and that I need to continue to make a difference one client at a time. I will remind myself of this interview the next time I dare to compare.

    As I listened to the interview, I googled Simon as I didn’t know much about him and was delighted to learn he attended the same high school as my children. Another fun take away!

    Thank you, Marie and Simon, for an inspiring and thought provoking discussion.

  42. I sooo loved this interview. But then – you are both two of my very favourite people because you make so much sense. Everything Simon addressed – is so valid. This his book must be taken into schools and added to high school classes.
    My cause is and always has been to “stop the suffering of all animals at the hands of humans”. Thats what I live for.
    Thanks again for this awesome talk.

  43. Maree

    Absolutely loved this episode! I connected with so much of what Simon said. It’ll take a while for it to all sink in, so I plan to re-listen to this episode and buy the book. It’s one I know I’ll be using all the time both in my day job and in my fledgling business. Thanks so much for a great interview.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      We’re SO glad to hear this, Maree! And yes – do return to it as often as you need for a reminder!

  44. I love the reminder that courage takes someone to have your back.
    So true, thank you.

  45. I loved what he said about being ethical. This is my greatest take-away. As an English language teacher for over 30 years, I was never happy about how the decisions were made towards getting more and more money about of students by stretching courses longer, and getting them to buy more and more books, to get to such and such level. It just didn’t make sense that they were spending so much, while actually learning so little. The opportunities were always there, but rarely given in the classroom. Now, I am retired and after watching this talk with Simon — whom I greatly admire! — it brings me back to what I’ve believed all along: make it work for the greater good. Give people what they believe will take them further, and what you believe is right, in your heart. My short-term goals involve providing that platform for students to realistically communicate, for purposes that they have chosen, not someone else.
    Great episode, like ALL others. I am a huge fan, and both your and Simon’s message will definitely be passed on.
    Big hug from NE Brazil.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      LOVE this goal you have, Lucy! Thank you so much for sharing your experience here. Your long-term commitment to teaching and your students is so evident and admirable. Keep being your amazing self and thank you for being a part of our community!

  46. Brittany Withrow

    This conversation is such a gift packed with truth, wisdom, and inspiration. Thank you!

    I own a spiritual and holistic business called B Well Healing Salon. I make many of my own products to teach sustainable beauty and to have a smaller carbon footprint in the industry. By healing the hair with raw natural products mixed with spiritually influenced services I believe this restores not only the hair but also the individuals relationship to beauty, self care, and environmental care.

    One of my many take-aways from this is the inspiration and motivation to continue to share the cause and importance of healing beauty as well as cheering others on that are also doing this work.

    May we see
    May we feel
    May we hear
    May we know the
    Eternal Peace, Love, and Beauty
    That exists within all of Creation?

  47. Roxanne Parsons

    I came out of retirement at age 75 to help advance the cause of helping ordinary people get a handle on their financial lives through identifying their goals and dreams (their Why). Then our town was the victim of the Camp Fire in northern CA. Thousands lost their homes and businesses; many left altogether. The pioneer spirited people are staying to rebuild, and I vowed to be a part of that rebuilding. I work for Edward Jones, whose philosophy and mission embody those ideals. We returned to Paradise while other financial institutions decided not to return until the town was rebuilt. I kept thinking of Walt Disney, when he was envisioning Disneyland; no bank would loan him the money to build…. except Bank of America. I worked for them at that time and was so proud of that story! Because of their infinite mindset, the dream was realized, and that was the only bank allowed inside the Park for many decades. We. Came. Back!
    I love Simon and follow him daily with his email reminders. I share his philosophies with others every day. This book appears to bring forth a basic truth of life; one I had never quantified. Thanks for this solid work. I have ordered it and will share with collegues, friends and family. Brilliant work!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Roxanne, you are such an inspiration! Thank you for sharing your current cause and this powerful example of Walt Disney here. We’re incredibly sorry for all your town has been through, and please know our hearts are with you as you rebuild. We’re so glad to hear Simon’s work resonates deeply with you, he’s amazing!

  48. We are a tiny woman driven company in Norway called HOISK. Our long term mission is to make insulated carry cots for babies in refugee camps. That is my «why». And that’s what keeps me going. I’ll keep on doing what I’m doing and your interview with Simon Sinek strenghened my believe in the project. Thank you both!

  49. Gillian Davies

    Loved this and delighted to see Simon again on the show. His book Start with Why really opened my eyes to a lot of things.
    My own just cause is to help women to love their bodies more than what it weighs or what size of clothes they wear. I want them to experience all that their bodies are capable off, developing a position of strength to experience more in their lives. Pursue challenges, opportunities with confidence.
    The big aha moment for me is definitely around language. Its funny today I posted a question on LinkedIn saying “I exercise because…..” and whilst I was reading the replies, I started to notice the language. Some people are saying about wanting to stop weight gain, disease etc…were as others were saying how it helps them mentally, the feel good factor and things they gain from it. I was nodding ferociously when Simon talked about this with the finite to infinite mindset. Use affirmative language…work for something instead of against something. Fab! Can’t wait to read the book.

  50. Meg

    This is the best episode ever. And Soooooo timely at all levels. Thank You

  51. Rene

    I want to help women I work with find their voice and help them successful. I would like to start support to get started on this. I love the idea of changing mindset from finite to infinite.

  52. The just cause:
    – helping people communicate in a foreign culture; in our case, we coach busy entrepreneurs to speak French fluidly quickly and clearly in the shortest time they can, so that they can feel proud of themselves and not embarrassed, to open their universe and become more inclusive.
    – I love how Simon’s book talks about things so dear to me, like the idea that we don’t really have competition, and that applied right now by most of us will create a beautiful life in the places otherwise known as stressful: our work.
    Thank you, Marie and Simon!

  53. I’m creating a mindfulness meditation programme for primary classes. I see this as a way to reduce suicide rates in our teenagers. I am very aware that we need to give young people tools to combat stress . The younger the better.
    I resonated with Simon’s remark on his comparison of stress and passion!
    Thank you for the continual inspiration Marie! Big love Sheryl xo xo xo xo xo

  54. I currently work in the beauty industry. Been brainstorming as to where, how and when I am going to shift this to my vision. It’s been a struggle. I always had a feeling since I was a child that I was meant for big things. I even went as far as telling myself I’d be a hero. As I got older, I thought to myself that it was only wishful thinking (I doubted myself). I see so much of my life that I have lived and felt a sadness of unfulfillment. I did not know why. I saw so many flaws in work, families, and children that I felt my spirit was always fighting (I put up a fight many times). One day it just popped into my head that I finally need to do something about it, I just did not know how to do it or where to start. I want to help families and children in every country. Families need help. We are suffering, and the pain we feel is not good for our future. We need to feed them, clothe them, educate them, and give them a home. I want to give this love and compassion to change the negative mindset to a positive one. I want to give them a hope. The world needs more love. It’s a lot to process and I’m still learning, because the mind of a child is so different, and sometimes they don’t understand the violence in the world. It’s much worse when they have no one (families or single individuals).
    My Aha-moment from this conversation would be, “To live our lives with an infinite mindset is to live a life of service.” Believe it or not, the part “to live a life of service” is the second time I hear today. Just like Jesus, we too have to serve others to grow spiritually and as a person. You do more and do great things going this route. It was never about your honor or respect, it was always about the people and placing them first before yourself. When you place yourself before others, it changes you, demoralizes you, and eventually beats you. There were plenty of examples in the conversation. This moment confirmed that I need to get moving now. There’s so much that needs to be done (it’s exhausting just thinking about it). I am going to start by volunteering/fundraising for organizations/foundations that work with families and children to get a better view (analyze how I can help and fill in the cracks). Then hopefully, with God’s good timing, I will implement what is needed to make it better!

  55. Love Sinek and “ethical fading” – so on point! Talking about unethical companies, animal rights has to be part of the conversation. Example: Canada Goose celebrates the trapping and brutal killing of wildlife for unnecessary fur trim on their coats — hiding behind “tradition”. PETA is actively campaigning against them, so if you care about the welfare of animals don’t put your money on companies that don’t give a sh*t.

  56. To answer your first challenge:
    To give everyone, everywhere access to the best education possible.

    To answer your second:

    I guess I already think in the infinite and have left many jobs because their ethics have swayed over time. Now I am getting my team to think that way also, Listening to you both confirmed my initial thoughts that it is not a natural state of mind for everyone but it is worth overcoming every obsticle that comes our way and mine personally.

    Thank you both.

  57. Benson Modie

    Loved this conversation……..very powerful and nature like!

    • Jennifer - Team Forleo

      So glad you enjoyed it, Benson!

  58. Dear Marie and Simon,
    I feel very moved by this interview.
    I’m grateful you articulated why I feel uncomfortable with some business practices.

    Thank you Simon for having the courage to call out companies in your work and to acknowledge our uncomfortable feelings around hearing the shady euphemisms.

    What vision or cause are you working towards?
    I’m committed to help relationships thrive. And I know that great relationships start with ourselves.

    My WHY?
    The most fundamental finding from positive psychology is that strong personal relationships have the greatest impact on your satisfaction with life.
    Satisfied people are better problem solvers, healthier, more expansive, more successful and more creative. And that’s just a few things on the list!

    Was there a particular insight or aha that you’re taking away from this conversation?
    Oh YES and so many of them!
    I think the biggest one is to trust that I’m doing the right thing.

    When my accountant says that I should think about closing my business because it’s not making any money and then I hear how my product has been helping people I know I’m doing the right thing.
    I need to focus on the infinite game.

    How can you turn that insight into action starting right now?
    I need to let the world know that I’ve created a beautiful app to help support relationships.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Beautifully said, Annette! We’re so happy this episode resonated with you.

  59. Jessica

    I never comment but I can’t NOT this time! Such an incredible interview!

    • Jessica

      My Just Cause is “To promote true healing in our mainstream medical system.” I thought my vision was to do clinical trials with inpatient acupuncture in major medical systems, but I can see how empowering it is to know this is simply my current vehicle towards my cause, but it is not the only route. I feel the ease in how this reframe breathes flexibility into my cause!

  60. This interview wins the Internet today. Thanks so much for this Simon and Marie. This book has perfect timing. As I’m building a course on mindset, coaching other leaders on vision work, and thinking about my own vision for my business — this perfectly provides a framework for what I’ve been trying to create- which are systems that evolve with the world rather than ones that keep people stuck in old ways of doing business just because “they work”, or “they’re legal”. Bravo ??

  61. Kim

    I loved Sinek’s application of Carse’s book to business. A surprising insight came to me after the interview. We have a federal election coming up here in Canada on Monday. We have multiple parties vying for our votes, and I’ve been trying to decide whether to vote strategically or with my heart. Yes, these are different parties. I decided at this crucial time in history, that it’s important to vote for the party that represents the world I imagine and that is most closely aligned with my values. So thanks for that.

    • Maja - Team Forleo

      Wonderful, Kim! We’re so glad this resonated and inspired you to help create the world you imagine!

  62. Laura

    Yes. Yes to all of this. Simon, you have a new reader and supporter in this infinite game. Thanks for the interview and the fantastic book recommendation, Marie.

  63. Oh wow. I love Simon and his way of thinking. This episode bought me to tears at the end. He is so powerful in the way he relays his message. Such an inspiration. I also loved the questions and the topics you choose to talk about with him Marie. Such an incredible interview that really makes me feel good about the life – the infinite game!

    My just cause, without realising it, was written on my website over 5 years ago and I for a while drifted away from it, and now realise how great it is and how I still need to work towards this or something similar at least. I have refined it a bit for this and will do so on my website too.

    My Just Cause:
    To empower everyone to move most days, stay pain free, & keep healthy & strong from the inside out.
    I believe everyone should have access to an education about their body. To know and be attuned to their own body, be empowered enough to not have to completely rely on others for help to alleviate and or prevent pain.

    There were so many insights to take away but the biggest one was, as Marie said, to use this as a barometer to stay in the infinite game, in life and in business. In fact that is real life. It almost feels like a tainted life, if we were to play in the finite game.

    Thank you, thank you. Such admiration for you both Simon and Marie xxx

  64. My just cause (which I’ve never clearly thought of by the way) is that children are seen as good and worthy of respect.
    My biggest insight was helping me to reflect on my actions lately, which has been looking a lot at what my competitors are doing and feeling overwhelmed. Thanks for helping yo snap out of this funk.

  65. Just came across your website on Pinterest, and already loving what you are doing!
    Great interview! And love the colours you use on your website, keep rocking.

    • Jennifer - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much for those kind words, Satnam — love knowing you enjoyed the interview!

  66. Marie and Simon finite game, wow life changing conversation.
    when i have difficult time and i have self doubt then i faith in God. and i say
    “God Is Sufficient for us and what an excellent guardian He Is!”

  67. Chris Sevla

    Hi, Marie.
    I´m Chris from Brazil. Amazing conversation, I did not see the time passing by.
    The opposite/towards talk I´ve heard before from Mother Teresa, another great human being who was foccused in something bigger than her for the world.
    The fact is that interview made me understand myself, what has always driven me and I fought against. Thank you both or sharing this. By the way, I´m in love with him…
    Kisses from my heart to yours,

    • Renee – Team Forleo

      Yay, Chris! We’re delighted this interview helped you know yourself on a deeper level and connect to something bigger. And we agree! Time always flies when watching Marie & Simon chat. ?

  68. AungThet

    I Love to see more like that

  69. Thank you for this terrific interview. As always, Simon takes something complex and breaks it down to make it simple. Of course it is hard to implement, but best to be working towards it than fighting it.
    My just cause is providing a platform where every manager has access to a mentor. I attribute my career success to the mentors that invested in me along the way, as I have done to others in return. Every business has managers and managing people is hard – in fact, most have no interest in doing it but end up managing for career progression. As such, we have weak management in at all levels, not because people are not capable but because managers need ongoing support as they navigate their career and changing business environments. Yes, some business have ongoing training (much of it excellent), but without the personal touch, training can only do so much. I don’t care about competition – I care about making each and every manager the best that they can be allowing them to serve their teams better, and ultimately their customers. We are inviting all businesses to join as we invest in the manager community….throughout the world. Everyone wins!

  70. Renee – Team Forleo

    Love all of this, Lori! It’s true –– by competing against ourselves, we all win. A rising tide lifts all ships! Thank you for sharing your heart with us.

  71. Thank you for the jolt of motivation today, Simon and Marie!
    My just cause is creating tools for individuals of all socioeconomic statuses to generate positive change around the globe. My first tool is A platform called Good People Places and it allows individuals to provide sleeping accommodations to others in exchange for a donation to the cause of the host’s choosing. Whether a person is passionate about the environment, clean water, food security, stopping sexual violence or anything else, Good People Places gives them an opportunity to promote those causes without making a financial sacrifice.
    The topic from the interview that struck me the most was the sense that life really isn’t a competition. It’s difficult to remember that based on our culture, but I know that I benefit from hearing that over and over. Thanks again!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      We’re so glad this was a good reminder for you and a source of motivation, Max! What a beautiful idea Good People Places is – we love what you’ve created and your passion for initiating ripple effects of positive change around the globe. So innovative and unique! Keep up the amazing work, we’ll be cheering you on big time 🙂

  72. Absolutely inspirational.

  73. Pamela

    Thank you for this amazing video, I love the mindset and all the examples are so self explanatory.
    My favorite part is that everyone wants to build and make things grow, and not the opposite. No more “reduce food waste”, but increase the use of waste as a material ?.

    • Jennifer - Team Forleo

      So glad you enjoyed it, Pamela. Here’s to building and making things grow!

  74. Simon Sinek is such a great inspiration. Thanks for the great blogpost. Really enjoy to follow your site 🙂

  75. I loved this one, nice mariefleo

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