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Do you ever find yourself stuck in a negative thought loop? Do bad work, relationship, or life experiences sometimes play on repeat in your head?

It’s not your fault. Human brains are wired pay more attention to the negative. It’s called negativity bias and it’s a natural, evolutionary response designed to keep us alive.

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But there is hope. In fact, it’s possible to rewire your brain and develop the inner strength you need to overcome any negative thought, feeling, or life experience and grow from it — instead of getting stuck.

It all starts with understanding your brain and adopting a few key practices that help you cultivate lasting inner strength.

Rick Hanson’s Strategies for Building Inner Strength

Today’s guest is Dr. Rick Hanson, a psychologist and expert on the science of positive neuroplasticity. I’ve read all of his books including Hardwiring Happiness and Buddha’s Brain. His work has transformed the way I handle negative thoughts and experiences.

Rick’s latest book, Resilient, takes it even further. It provides science-backed methods to grow an unshakeable inner core of strength, calm, and happiness. Get ready to change your brain and life as you know it. Press play and discover how to:

    • Turn fleeting feelings of confidence and calm into your permanent character makeup.
    • Stop treating past trauma like it’s your destiny.
    • Give your brain the ultimate multivitamin.
  • Transform every experience into a learning opportunity.

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Once you’ve watched, Rick and I would love to hear from you.

Which part of our conversation most resonated with you and why? Which strategy to create inner strength will you put into action now?

Leave a comment below and let me know.

Share as much detail as you can. Hundreds of thousands of souls come here for insight and inspiration. Your story may be just what someone else needs to have a major breakthrough.

Important: please share your thoughts and ideas directly in the comments. Links to other posts, videos, etc. may be removed.

Thanks for adding joy and positivity to our community. As we’ve learned, by savoring those good vibes we help reshape our brilliant brains.

Never forget. Your past experiences do not define your future. You have the power to change. You can develop the inner strength you need to overcome anything.

With SO much ❤️,


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  1. Wow! This was such a great episode Marie. Thank you!

    I have been making an effort for the past few months to train my brain to focus on positive instead of negative as part of my mindset work. But I did not know that our brain has a negativity bias. Knowing why our brain is designed to absorb unpleasant experiences and wash away most of the positive ones has given me a new sense of awareness. This is solid gold!

    I have learned so much from this interview and also added Dr. Rick Hanson’s Resilient to my reading list.

    Thank you!!

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      That’s awesome work that you’re doing, Maria. Keep it up and know that you’re making an impact on your life now and in the future.

  2. Sally

    Hi Marie,
    I have had a breakthrough!
    Having soaked up your content for a while, (it has helped enormously, thank you), B-School has been on the periphery of my attention for approx. a year now and I have not taken action to join, (I believe due to money limiting beliefs that I am working so hard to move through).
    Today’s episode and last weeks with the amazing Dr. Tererai Trent has inspired me to commit to myself (and you), to save the money to join next year. The fuel has been ignited, I want to support you to support people in the way that you do, (Dr. Trent’s education program is very motivational).
    Feels like the ‘penny has dropped’ on how value flows.
    Thank you so much.

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Sally! We believe that if, or when, B-School happens in your life it does at the exact moment when it’s meant to happen and when you’re ready. We can’t wait to welcome you at the exact moment you’re ready. Here’s to you and your dreams. xo

    • Nicole

      I joined B-School at the last minute! Let me tell you will not regret it! It is life changing, and you can do $200 a month payments as well if the $1,999 is too much up front. It’s the best investment you can make for yourself even if you don’t want to run your own business.

    • ditto Sally; 2 very inspirational interviews back to back. Too many excellent take-aways, I loved the way Rick managed to explain all of this (neuroscience isn’t exactly easy to digest!) in an easy, understandable way – and with humour, too. Thanks so much, Marie, and all at team Forleo for all the good work and good words you put out there for us each week

  3. Bernadette Devine

    Great episode.
    Teflon and Velcro – great we have the power within and a few techniques.. total game changer.

  4. Claudia Duncan

    Thank you, Marie and Rick,

    this was such an inspiring interview. I have been practising to focus on the positive aspects of life over the past years and it’s getting so much better. And yes, there is a lot of strength building in this too. Dealing with tough times or people has become much easier. Also being happy for others, genuinely feeling that joy that others do well is such a wonderful remedy to any negative, depressing feeling that might come up. I thoroughly enjoyed learning about these ways to teach my brain to become more resilient and to stay in a happy state of mind.

  5. Hey!
    Such a great conversation. I totally agree with the comment “why weren’t we taught all this in school?” !!!!
    I loved the practice of letting the negative emotion pass and then choose how you want to move forward, and choose a positive, joyful emotion.

    Thank you


  6. Hi Marie and Rick,
    I found this so useful. I have read a lot about these concepts but this was so succinct and clear with great practical tools. For me if you don’t get advice on how to implement the ideas practically in life then what is the point really? I particularly loved the insights into my inner ‘zoo’ and to see these as a valuable part of myself and not a negative. I have got so much better at not marinating but now I am going to focus more on ‘growing the good’ particularly in my confidence around building my business. I look forward to reading resilience. Thank you for your sharing your passion and awesome work with us.

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Thank YOU for being here with us, Deborah, and know that we’re cheering you on as you grow the good each and every day.

  7. Josi

    Brilliant episode, Marie and Team!

    A million thank you.

  8. Karon McGaha

    This was fascinating. I wonder if stroke victims have an even greater negativity bias, as I have been experiencing this with two relatives recovering from strokes with the same issue. Thank you for giving me a direction to go away from that bias, and for a way to take down that ugly wallpaper and put up some better views!

  9. Enoughness, the trauma I have experienced is still running my life
    It is time to be grateful for those and then send them on their way.
    I won’t marinate any longer.
    Thank you, I am grateful for this learning today

  10. OMGosh I have taken so much away from this interview with Marie and Dr Hanson:
    Learn & grow from HERE, would be a big one and to grow the good inside yourself!
    The 3 levels of our brain Lizard, Mouse and Monkey and to feed the zoo, sooo love the way this works.
    Recently I also started going a little down the envy track towards my cousin who has paid off her house and she’s 8 years younger than me! I did stop myself, BUT NOW I can turn it around and just be happy for her.
    I can start implementing these concepts into my life RIGHT NOW!
    Thank you so much guys, I was meant to see this tonight.
    Love your work.

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      That shift in perspective can free up so much energy for you and your life, Janine. We’re so glad that you made your way to this episode at the exact moment you did.

  11. Thank you so much for this interview, dear Marie and The Team. I was so much in need of this heartwarming scientific facts today. What a beautiful, warm and wise person Dr. Rick Hanson is. Perfect match for Marie TV. I’m ordering his book immediately. Thank you!
    The important insights I take with me are:
    – “even if you were born into certain circumstances, and there is certain pain and trauma in your past that that does not have to be your destiny moving forward”,
    – “Love is the universal medicine. The multivitamin.”
    – “The antidote to disappointment and envy is being happy for others.”
    All very strong, all true to the core. Thank you.
    I also had a very strong and very personal revelation that came up while listening to the interview. Lately, I notice that I have a pattern. Whenever my body is weak, due to minor cold, tiredness, overworking or working out too much ( 2 hours hot power yoga, after nearly 10 months break is not a good idea), I tend to get very down emotionally too. Going straight to my “life makes no sense” very dark pattern. I’m learning to deal with it, not to indulge myself in “darkness” and I do get better in that, with time. It’s a practice of rewiring my mind to the new. So when I’m tired I cook nurturing meal, then read books for hours, draw, watch great TV shows and documentaries or go to sauna. But at times, it’s hard, especially if I feel physically tired for 2-3 days. So it just came up to me that this pattern of “going down” in my mind is probably due to the fact that I’ve much experience in witnessing destroying life sicknesses, in other people. I saw my beautiful and independent dad dying of brain tumor. And I saw how his strong body was simply “turning off”, making him very dependant on others. I witness my mother in law being disable due to another brain illness, hence also dependent on others and the system. So now I think, that I might believe that these scenarios will become my own and I’m reminded about it whenever I don’t feel strong.
    Uff, it felt so good to verbalise it. Thank you so much. Today, is the “female day” at my favourite sauna place. So I’m taking my tired body there, to sweat out all that negative jazz 😉

    Marie and The Team I love you guys, and I’m eternally grateful for your amazing work.

    • Today’s guest was very good. Most of your words are helpful to me. Today is no exception in what you have said to date. I enjoyed today’s words. It definitely helped me, especially to learn that you meditate. Robert Kyosaki has also mentioned that recently and I am a big believer in him and what he has to say. I’m bedridden due to some major medical problems I had over 8 years ago when I was 54. I have read and listen to many things on the Internet. I have much time
      on my hands and listening to you has been positive to me. I do not get any benefits outside of my family and have not worked for over 8 years. One reason has been my ability to walk or drive, which I have not done. I’m glad I listened to you today. You and the Doctor spoke about several good things which, if nothing else, reminded me of several positive things and what I should be doing. Thanks!

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Ula, that’s a lot of life that you’ve gone through and we’re so honored that you chose to share your words here with us. They are a gift for many who will read them and for you to get them out. We certainly hope that you’ll continue to listen to your body and take care of it- and we certainly hope that the sauna felt amazing.

      Sending you loads of Team Forleo love. xo

    • Those are amazing insights. Thanks for telling us about it. Hearing others “get it” and see how they work if helps us all.

  12. Wow! I will definitely be sharing this video! I’ve always known this deep inside but the way Rick presented the information made me see it differently. The idea that I can CHANGE my brain’s natural patterns is amazing. My life is full of hardship both physically and emotionally, however it’s also full of huge amounts of joy. I will be spending much more time soaking in those joyful moments and reading Rick’s new book. As a B-School Alumni, love you Marie! ?

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Pretty amazing idea, right Romona?! Here’s to soaking in more joy and knowing that you’re doing the important work in your life.

  13. Dear Marie,
    I rarely comment on things such as this, but I honestly felt compelled to today. This episode came at a time when I’m really starting to look at my beliefs about myself especially as I take on a completely new career path.

    The phrase which is truly unforgettable is ‘neurons that fire together wire together’. It’s so powerful to understand this. I’d not come across Dr Hansons work until now, but his take on how we think is fascinating especially as it rings so true with other holistic health sciences such as Ayurveda.
    Thank you for sharing this and all your other wonderful content,

    All the best

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Thank you for taking the time to share your words and your heart with us, Komal. Here’s to you and your amazing brain, and heart!

  14. Julie

    I really love this. One of my parents is aging rather quickly due to very old destructive patterns. I so wish I could help inspire this kind of positive productive approach for them.

  15. Roseanne White Geisel

    It is a great gift to know that we can choose to build resilience from how we handle seemingly ordinary moments in our day. Thank you, Marie Forleo and team, for all of the important and life-enriching concepts you bring to your audience.

  16. Francis McGrath

    Wow, this is a really awesome and enjoyable show. I grew up in a fairly violence dominated community and have always understood that my anxiety and fear are just foundational to who I am. Really love the idea of the ‘moderated plasticity’ of the brain. Good to know my partners life can improve as I recover.

    Your show is a part of my daily life now. Thank you!

  17. Darlene Rodriguez

    Hi I habe going thru some negative experiences in life, and some of them I repeated. At almost my 50’s year old Im trying to learn how to be more self-counsious about that and take control of situations. Definetly this interview tought me that we have a negative bias and we should focous en the positive experiences and wash away those dogs that get inside my brain temple and avoid I end going thru the same issues in life. Thank you so much !! Great learning!

  18. Great stuff! Can’t wait to read the book. Going to be conscious about taking a breath more often throughout my day. I am one to rush through to the next thing and I need to slow down and appreciate. Thanks for the reminder 🙂

  19. freddy carrick

    thank you so much Marie and Rick, a fabulous insightful episode. yes to teflon and velcro, yes to ushering poor quality thoughts out of the door, yes to finding small ways to be happy every single day. and YES to being happy for others.
    Resilient is on my shopping list as well as others of Rick. I find it a beautiful thing when someone so ‘expert’ is able to distill that expertise into accessible language so that we just ‘get it’ and can use the information immediately.
    Ahhh Marie and team, it’s going to be a beautiful day …

    Freddy UK

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      It certainly IS a beautiful day, Freddy! We’re so glad that you enjoyed this episode and that the message was succinct and helpful for you. Thanks for watching.

  20. This episode was jam packed with goodness. I’ve listened to it 3 times just today, Wow! Thank you for all you do.

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Thank you for spending so much time with us, Carry! We’re so glad that you enjoyed it.

  21. marjon

    I am also embarking on my own positive lifechanging journey. And the funny thing is that a lot of things that Rick Hanson mentioned were beneficial to be doing, I’m already doing. So this just reassured me that I am on the right track here. And need to keep on doing what I’ve been doing.
    And thanks for reminding me of the negative bias. I knew of it, but sort of forgot.

  22. Judith Sandala

    This was such mind opening episode. Late last year I did Louise Hay’s mirror work program, learned to love myself and become my own best friend. Our Creator provided all we need for a happy life and now with Dr. Rick’s explanation of the function of the three brain parts I can see how physically it has been provided. These practices are more goodies to put in my backpack of life-long learning. I’ve learned so much from you, Marie, with your generous loving spirit.

  23. Regina

    “It’s not about positive thinking. Or about denying your situation or your feelings. It’s about developing the tools to deal with the really hard stuff.” Oh man, I got work to do!

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      I think we all do, Regina, and that’s what makes us human. We’re in this together!

  24. This was a wonderful reminder and clarifier — like you Marie, I thought (and, as a meditation/self-care guide) have been teaching that the amygdala is part of the reptilian brain — go know! I’ll be watching this again and making notes; much easier and more fun than rereading Buddha’s Brain. Thanks to you both for a lively conversation.

  25. Susan Coleman

    Loved this episode. Thank you so much!

  26. Fantastic interview, thank you!
    This practice of focusing on anything good we’re experiencing and growing it inside, so we have it more available any time later, is the principle of state anchoring from NLP. I use it myself (and with clients). It’s so powerful, and yes, transformative over time… Haven’t thought about it in the sense of positively changing the brain but of course it is! Love this?

  27. Thank you, Marie.

    My immediate action is to watch this video again. This will allow me to reinforce the feelings that I had and the concepts.

    At 76 I’m still working on this and your show brings me wonderful and effective tools.


  28. This simple way of showing us how to move on, also to accept that we have that bias but can change it! Woww. That’s exactly what I needed to hear! Thank you Rick and Marie for making it available to us all! You share your growth, your generosity keeps empowering us all. Forever thankful for your leadership into helping us become a greater version of ourselves.

  29. Lately, I’ve been reading books about the brain and THIS MORNING woke up and thought I don’t really want to read anything else right now but books about the brain. AMAZING vibing on the same thinking.

    I had brain damage as a child – car accident.

    I’ve made a business out of my brain! I’m coach actors online. My clients are very successful actors so my brain is doing okay. I learn a lot about my brain to keep it going.

    I’ve overcome the pain of multiple injuries by focussing on making it go away in my brain.

    My positive attitude saved my ass. Still does.

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      This is an amazing testament to you and your amazing brain, Kirsten. You’re a living example of this important, life-changing work and simply how cool is that?! You’re awesome and don’t ever forget it. xo

  30. I have had a lot of negative and traumatic things happen in the last seven years but gradually, I am learning that I can move forward. I enjoyed this video and thought the idea of helping negative emotions out of the “temple” was a great idea. Mindful awareness is a skill I want to focus on – I was also relieved to understand that negative emotions are easier for the brain to process and there are historical and evolutionary reasons for this. I am going to work on staying with the positive emotions a little longer and also being happy for others.

  31. Jennifer

    Enjoyed this one! Have it saved on YouTube to watch again!
    The part where he talks about being happy for others and their happiness reminded me of an article a friend sent me. In the poly community, they have a word for this. Compersion. I’ve tried to apply this to my life as best I can and have gotten better as time goes on. It really does bring more happiness into your life!

  32. Gitika

    Just so lovely!!!! The joyful amygdala. I did n’t know that there’s a ‘joyful amygdala’. I thought it was just freeze,fight, flight. Happy to know that. Every part of this conversation gave me goosebumps. Love hearing and reading research on neuroscience and cognitive psychology. Just like the guest, I, too, tell myself that I’m going to think about something that is bothering me only so many times and then it’s way forward with the question–Now What?
    Again, loved the talk. Thank you, Marie and the team and all the guests. Keep learning and evolving…

  33. Sabrina

    Thanks Marie and Rick! This episode was amazing! The idea of our Body being a temple, and how to keep it clean and organized just blew my mind! I will try to practice it by choosing the right thoughts, the right attitude but most of all by being more kind with myself when I dont´t achieve those goals.


  34. Hi Marie and Rick,

    Thank you for such an inspiring conversation /interview. That was such a good learning opportunity for us to know how we use our mind and brain for the better.
    And I really love this statement “You have the power inside yourself, every minute of every day to use your mind to change your brain to change your mind for the better”.

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      We always love seeing your smiling face around here, Webly. We’re so glad that you enjoyed this episode. Sending you loads of Team Forleo love. xo

  35. Lori Breningmeyer

    Thank you for doing this interview. I’ve read Rick Hanson’s work, but never seen him speak. Over and over again I seem to need to learn the lesson: “it’s simple, but not easy.” Like anything worth having or doing, happiness takes work and awareness. It doesn’t just happen to us by living through good experiences. Happiness is always within reach inside.

    I’ve only recently discovered MarieTV, but I’m finding it a wonderful resource that I keep coming back to. So thank you.

  36. Thank you both for your life’s work that is making a difference in so many lives. So grateful.
    You might want to check out Dr. Caroline Leaf’s newest book Think, learn and succeed. What a blessing it is as well. My superpower is and I have been saying it all my life… I love to learn, especially about our human condition.. the soul part of our lives, which is our mind our will and our emotions.
    Loved hearing from Dr. Rick Hanson that “ Learning is the superpower of superpowers!” Woot Woot!
    Thanks again to team Forleo. I am so very grateful.
    P.S. Yay B-School 2019

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      YAY to you Lori for saying yes to your dreams and joining us in B-School. We’re so glad that you’re with us!

      Thank you for the book suggestion- that may help someone else who reads your words.

  37. Ana

    Hi Marie,

    I loved this episode. Your work is amazing and I learn so much from your videos. The most important thing I learned from your interview with Rick Hanson is to stop everytime I experience something beautiful, rewarding&good and to let it sink in. It’s so important to just give yourself the time and space ( even for 2 seconds) to memorize the whole experience ( with details, sounds, colours, feelings).
    I’m really curious to see the effects of this amazing technique.

    Thank you for all these videos!

  38. Holy Crap!!!
    I am on the verge of tears.
    This episode has clarified so many things for me and my business. It’s given me a new perspective on what I’ve been trying to articulate and share.
    “Build the good stuff inside”
    Thank you, thank you, thank you!! If I didn’t know I was on the right track, I do now!!

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Sending you so much love, Perdita! We love when a message is received and affirms that you’re on the path- so keep going. You’ve got this.

  39. Vic

    …and here I had such grand plans for my morning getting work done (that I love doing by the way). BUT wound up watching this show with Rick – EXCELLENT, can’t wait to watch it again and again. Many good things were reinforced; the first time I heard of this “hardwiring,” was in the 2004 movie, “What The Bleep Do We Know.” The way the movie explained neurotransmitter connections was done in cartoon style and was rather funny in a goofy way, but it stuck with me. Jump to today, Rick is so eloquent in making this science understandable, loved the expression, “like water coming down a mountainside.” Brilliant visual. So THANK YOU, Marie. What a gift this morning to watch this episode instead of doing my planned morning. Ha! There are no mistakes…

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      There’s no such thing as a coincidence, Vic. We’re so glad that your nudge to watch this episode was the right one. The concepts are simple, yet deep, and we’re so glad that you heard them. Thank you for sharing your morning with us.

  40. marina

    amazing love the the world of neuroscience! I am in a situation of choice job related and I literally woke up this morning and said to myself “ there’s no more value for me there anymore” !!! and those same words came out of this interview!!! wow!

  41. Sarah Windham

    I am 100% inclined to marinate so any opportunity to learn a new strategy to help those negative thoughts out the door are most welcome. “Ten times, then out the door” is my new mantra. I will be watching this interview a few more times and I’m going to get my hands on Dr. Hanson’s books. Thank you for your wonderful interviews on topics that reach so many.

  42. Lisa

    I think my brain exploded! There were so many good nuggets in this episode. My biggest take away (I think the universe is trying to get my attention because I’ve been seeing a version of this message in nearly everything I watch or read): lean into the moment. Allowing myself to stay in the moment before moving on to the next one and allowing myself to feel what’s good or bad about that moment. Also, my other favorite nugget: honoring my reptile, my mouse and my monkey.
    Something that I am going to try is taking a couple of breaths before reacting or moving on to the next event or saying something to someone. I know I have a tendency to just keep reacting to each moment without pausing. Or not allowing what someone has said to me to fully…sink in before responding to them. I’m going to remind myself to take a breath or two this week!
    Thanks so much, Marie and Rick!

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Lisa, it sounds like the Universe has been sending you loads of nudges- we’re so glad that this episode was one of them. Here’s to more breaths in the moment!

  43. This may be the best mental health interview that I have ever heard. I loved all of the imagery that will allow me to remember this stuff. I often make notes and try so hard to remember these nuggets but often forget. I have a feeling that I will remember the zoo and the dog in the temple I have to change my first sentence to this is by far the best interview that I have ever listened to…content, delivery and impact! Thank you so much Rick and Marie..xoxoxo

  44. Marie and Rick!
    Thank you for the great episode today.
    I love how Rick simplify about our brain need; pet the reptile, feed the mouse and hug the monkey.
    It is easy to digest and I learned something today. I always forget to enjoy while learning, so I plan to stop worrying about too many things and learn to enjoy again. Once again, thank you both of you. I will keep coming back here.

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      We’re so glad that you enjoyed the simplicity of the message, Rahmah. We hope that you can apply it to your life each and every day. Thank you for being here with us.

  45. Margie Mintz

    Thank you, Marie.
    I have been trying to find a way to put something in It’s place, and appreciating what’s here now, and watching this made me realize the obvious truth of a step at a time of appreciation until it feels more real and substantial, which it is.


  46. I read The Buddha’s Brain and it was great – but this interview taught me so much more!
    I use elements of neuroscience in my method – it’s so fascinating.
    I’m munching on it…
    Thank you, Marie!

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Thanks for always being here, Llyane. All the bits of information come together and just allow you to create the magic that you put out into the world. Here’s to always learning more 🙂

  47. Such an inspiring and hope-filled interview with techniques and thought processes I will lock in my mind’s vault. To hold onto and savour the good things that happen each day, I believe, will be life-changing. I can’t wait to practice and share what I have absorbed in this past 30 minutes while watching the video!

  48. Jo

    It’s so great to see Rick in an interview like this. And spooky timing too! I’ve been reading and listening to a lot of different audiobooks around neuroscience and meditation, one of which was Rick’s Buddha’s Brain: The Practical Neuroscience of Happiness, Love & Wisdom, which I’ve gone back to many times.

    When I discovered the negativity bias, I too felt relief. I felt the pressure lift and more kindness towards myself grow. Learning about the brain and the mind has helped me understand my own mental health.

    From today’s discussion what I took away was in relation to the recurring thoughts and how at some point, you’re going to have to stop playing it around in your mind. Particularly if you’re not learning from it.

    • Angie

      Yes- I liked this too…if you aren’t learning from it then saying goodbye to the repetitive thoughts….

  49. Angie


    I woke up after a long, dark night of restlessness. I am going through a divorce- my husband left overnight for someone else and it has been so hard. I’ve been really working hard on trying to see this as a transformative time of growth and letting go. However, the negative, mucky mire of rumination and obsessive thoughts are always working just as hard to pull me down. This interview showed up this morning and I am going to implement the tools here (can I actually try and be happy for him? I don’t know) and focus on the small good things that happen throughout the day to build up those positive reserves. I want more than anything to be able to rewire this deep negative bias that has its foot on my neck. The interview had a lot of good resources and I am grateful to have seen it. Thank you for putting the good into the world.

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Hi Angie. Here you are- sharing your beautiful heart and time with us and we couldn’t be more honored. We’re so sorry to hear about your marriage and that pain that you must be feeling. It certainly will be a path of emotions and it’s our hope that you’ll continue to honor and listen to yours and lean into what you need.

      We hope that you have friends and family that love and support you as you walk into this next season of life- they’re there for a reason. Please know that we’re sending you so much love and wishes for ease and grace. While it may not be easy, you certainly are strong and amazing or you wouldn’t be in our community. Here’s to believing in yourself and the beauty of what’s to come for you and your life. xo

  50. Dear Marie and Team Forleo,
    I have a suggestion for how your viewers can follow up on this interview and put the ideas into practice with some assistance. I am currently in a TiMBo program and I highly recommend it. Due to the extent of trauma that many women experience in life, I feel your audience would respond well to it. Feel free to contact me with any questions.

  51. I took three pages of notes from this interview, but the gold for me was this insight that we can convert states to traits. As an artist, when I am working, I often experience a blissful state of connection with the subject matter. This is especially profound if I am sitting with a plant or tree or place, and not in the studio. So the knowledge that I can convert that state into a trait, that I can hardwire it in my brain–WOW, that is really exciting! I think to some extent this has already happened naturally in my brain, because I have a practice as an artist that sets the stage for such moments, but I will be giving new conscious attention to these states of connection and epiphany. Big gratitude to Marie and Rick for this great interview.

  52. Great episode! I am a big fan of the concept of brain elasticity. One of my favorite takeaways was to hug the monkey. I tend to beat myself up for having too much of a monkey mind. Dr. Hanson’s advice re: the benefits of hugging the monkey resonated!

  53. Johanna

    Thank you for this Marie! This is definitely an episode I will be referring to quite a bit, and a book I need to buy! I’m taking a few days off after having a negative experience at work, knowing that I just don’t have the resiliency to be there right now. How wonderful to wake up with concrete strategies for moving forward! Although life is stressful right now–getting ready to graduate with a master’s degree, it’s also wonderful. Looking to those blissful moments and owning them (without writing them off because I don’t think I deserve them) is huge!! Thank you so much!

  54. George Edwards

    Great stuff as always Marie. I love information that is both interesting prompts learning and inspires application. I will dig deeper into this space as everything or most things hinges on our brain and how we use it. Xoxox the energy and vibes! Another awesome interview!

  55. Belinda

    Marie and Rick thank you so much great ideas and info. For me I have a competative nature and have been working on genuine excitement and being happy for those in my field that are getting the business, which leads to more positive thought in my life.

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      We hope that these tips helps you make a switch that you may be looking for, Belinda.

  56. Eliza

    Thank you for this video Marie. I really need this.

  57. My big takeaway was Rick’s tip to pause at the point that I experience a positive emotion and intentionally see it & feel it deposit into my life and to savor it. The result being that it gets strengthened.

  58. Kit May

    I discovered that I am already doing this automatically, & it id a blessing to learn it here.
    Dr. Hanson is certainly a wonderful speaker about the brain & he brings it to the consciousness to easily understand. I especially enjoyed learning about the way to get rid of negative thoughts. I used to say, “out with that” when one came into thought being. However, experiencing the feelings in a space of awareness & help them out the door was a wonderful way to think about doing the same thing, just not so violently. Thank you both for your recording, gold nuggets & enjoyable recording.

  59. Jen

    Hi Marie,
    Thank you so much for this interview. Like many people I had some strange and dark wallpaper in my childhood, which has translated into hyper-awareness of other people, feeling every vibe in the room and often a perception that I’m the cause of anything and everything that’s going wrong with people around me. And if I do actually screw up then it’s like, toss me off the cliff because I’m no good to anybody. I’ve been diagnosed so I know why, and working on this for years now. This morning I really needed to hear this reminder that I matter, my needs are just as important as anyone elses, and I don’t have to ruminate, but I also don’t have to put up with abuse from other people. I sent a simple text to someone letting them know that their behaviour around me was not acceptable to me, and requested more consideration, and that I wasn’t going to dwell on it. It’s okay to say when I’m feeling unhappy or uncomfortable with someone else’s behavior, and the sky is not going to fall on my head! Again, thank you, so much love for the broad range of topics you cover because we’re all human. xo

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Thank you for being here, Jen, and for sharing your words with us.

  60. I am grateful to have taken the time to watch this video. I have been struggling with my negative bias and one particular negative experience in my life, that I feel has really not allowed me to grow to my full potential and “be myself,” though I know I am fully capable of more. Thank you both. Today I say “enough is enough!” I will utilize what I heard to move forward so that I can grow to my full potential, be myself, and conquer any negative bias in the future head-on.

  61. Just what I needed to hear. Thank you for this interview!!

  62. This is now my new favorite interview and so unbelievably timely for me. I have been on an intense spiritual path for the last 7 years and experienced severe depression, more than one dark night of the soul and feared I had lost a lot of my emotional resilience along the way. I have done so much work to battle demons, heal, rest in the heart and forgive and yet still the resistance and self sabotage continued. The realization was slowly forming this new year that all the meditation and the energy healing and the hypno and the workouts may be great for clearing out the weeds but I now need to focus as much attention (if not double) on visualizing the new me and planting the new seeds and a few affirmations and one visualization board wasn’t going to cut it. This needs to be a daily and reptitive practice to really take a hold and rewire the brain positively. Literally as soon as this insight crystallized this interview popped into my inbox as beautiful affirmation. I will be “growing the good” with micro practices every day and focusing on one thing I can celebrate, one thing I can appreciate and one way I can newly relate with an other. Thank you both for such a fantastic and impactful conversation. It’s given me hope I can get back my resilience back and more brightly shine my light into the world. All my love Dominique xxx

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Dominique, it sounds as though you’re really doing the work and making changes in your life that are already creating results. Pretty magical, right? You’re an amazing testament to strength and belief from within. Keep going and know that you’re on the path. We see you. xo

  63. B. Elle

    Thank you, Marie & Rick! This video interview was perfectly timed.
    Just this morning I shared with my husband that I was feeling depressed, and I have been “marinating” for several days. Funny thing is that everything here correlates with the work I do with my healing practitioner…. but I just love Rick’s softer, kinder way of presenting it, and with a bit of science added in. The science helps me dissolve some self-blame. I will definitely be exploring Rick’s work & books. And I’ll be trying to find experiences of fun.

  64. What an awesome episode, Marie! Dr. Rick is so articulate, taking very complex ideas & stating them in such an understandable way. It’s so refreshing as many highly educated, intelligent people are unable to make that transition. One of the main takeaways for me was about the power of our mind to change our life! I’ve been kicking this idea around in my head for several weeks. This episode has given me the inspiration to finally write a blog post about it. Thank you for what you do, helping others be more informed & inspired!

  65. Ha…I’ve heard about neuroplasticity but didn’t realize I had used it years ago accidently. It had to with a relationship…i used it to change the pain into praying for the person and after a few days the pain turned into a completely beautiful spiritual experience! Thanks so much for this interview…it is always fun to know you accidentally already know something…and of course learned so much more as far as putting things into place to CHANGE!

  66. Love, love, loved this episode! It is always particularly impactful for me when I get to see the science behind these concepts. I’m curious if you have a recommendation for which of books to start with? They all look pretty fantastic, but if you had to choose one to begin with, I’d love to hear it!

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Thanks for being here, Kailah, and for asking your question. You may want to head to Dr. Hanson’s website to check out all of his work and books to see what speaks to you —>

      It seems like a lot of people commenting today have been reading “Buddha’s Brain” and they seem to have been impacted by it in a positive way, yet he has several to choose from!

  67. Love it all. Rick is giving me “tighter” language to describe some of the processes I do with my own clients. Loved this whole conversation. Especially excited to practice more awareness around turning a state into a trait. One other thing I will mention is for people to “Look for the positive” when you are accepting something that feels difficult. For example, when you say to yourself “These are my emotions or this is “my” meaning…” there is a part of you that feel stronger for taking responsibility. Focus on that stronger part and that will help shift your state into a trait faster. Thanks Marie for your loving heart.

  68. I’m taking notes on this! I’m especially loving the question of: what is the specific antidote that will REALLY help you, what are you needing to experience to help in your larger issues, your work, your life–and look for “high value growth opportunities” every day to experience that quality in your life. Here’s an example of this working in my life:

    All my life I’ve had a need to feel included socially, to be liked. In reality, I am very likable, but I didn’t experience myself to be really liked and included, particularly with the people I admire. I’ve had sort of a “the cool kids don’t like me” complex, and my lack of self-esteem would have me overcompensating with aloofness, or sending other self-sabotaging signals that prevented me from getting the affirming messages I so desired; that I’m liked by these people I really want to feel included among!

    Having studied psychology, I understand the cause: I had early experiences of parental neglect, being raised by a loving!-but-busy single mom who, due to her own limitations, just wasn’t very available for me, and a dad who was even less available. These likely set a foundation for my early childhood social experiences of not feeling worthy of inclusion among the cool kids. In other words, I’ve lived a deeply internal story of not being worth other’s time! I share this aspect, because I expect others will relate to similar experienced of childhood neglect and resulting lack of ability to feel confident socially. I’ve found there’s something comforting to be able to look at it from a distance: “Oh, of COURSE I’m still figuring out that I’m worth other’s time and attention, because I didn’t get enough of it. That makes sense!”

    So, in Rick Hanson’s terms, the “antidote” I continue to need (and I’ve needed my whole life) is to know that I’m worthy of love: To *experience* myself as worthy of people’s time and attention. To *experience* people I love and admire, loving me back, and demonstrating their willingness to be in my company, and their simple enjoyment of being in my company. That is the antidote, my special vitamin! I love the term antidote, this is really useful! I’m realizing from watching this video that I can accelerate the process of my continued growth with this technique! Here’s how I’m applying it right now:

    Yesterday I was in a great, confident* mood, and I had a really nice encounter with someone I admire. Right now I’m remembering, FOCUSING, on that moment. He was enjoying my company! In that moment, someone I love and admire was really enjoying my company! I am marinading in THAT memory. I am feeling how that feels in my body, to think of him enjoying my company. This is my antidote at work!

    Taking it a step further, I am also noticing that in that moment, feeling confident in myself, I knew MYSELF to be loveable. I wasn’t hung up on my neurotic concerns and thought processes. I was just present and relaxed because I knew myself to be loveable. I am focusing on THAT. That feeling I had in myself of just BEING loveable. I don’t think one can over-do marinating in that feeling. I could spend my whole evening tonight, marinading in my own lovability. Heck, I could spend my whole day, every day. Actually this is my goal, because to marinade in my self-lovability in my day to day, is not just to sit around giving myself a hug all day (although honestly that is the internal feeling), it is to set goals for myself that are in line with what I love, with my sense of purpose, and generally with that which is meaningful and valuable to me, and then love myself by dating meaningful actions towards furthering those values, every day. This is self-love, and it in itself reinforces my knowledge of my own lovability on every level. It is the ultimate vitamin.

    Getting clear on my purpose/meaning/values and acting on them = Self love in action = confidence = knowing my own lovability on every level, including socially.

    For me, yesterday, I told myself I would clean out my food pantry. It’s been neglected for ages, because it didn’t seem “important” enough, but it matters enough to me that this week I promised myself I would take care of it. So yesterday was the day I told myself I would do it. I knew I had time to do it, that it was an achievable goal yesterday, and so that was my goal for the day (which I met, amidst my other goals). So I told myself I wanted to do, and I did it–as early in the day as I could do it– which was an act of self love. Naturally this set me in a confident space. *Because I was showing myself self love and that was reassuring for me on the most basic level,* it was my antidote in action. It was reassuring, I think, to my lizard brain, and also very satisfying, so my mammalian brain got a dopamine hit. And THEN, what was really what got me thinking about this, was that it left me feeling relaxed, connected, and present in my social environment. I was already in lovability mode (because I’d been loving myself all day), and so I didn’t need anyone to give that to me. I was relaxed, socially, and I even cracked a joke and got this person I admire greatly, laughing heartily. So, BOOM, this hit on every level, including my primate-brain need for connection.

    In summary, I’m focusing on the positive experiences, as you are suggesting, to really ingrain them into my psyche. And the positive experience I’m ingraining, I’m realizing as I write this, isn’t just the resulting happy connection I felt (which is great) but what I did to get myself there: an increasing ability to set kind and loving goals for myself each day, each week, each year, and do myself the kindness of meeting them. I can love myself in this way. I’m no longer neglectable by myself! I’m loveable. I’m learning how to do this, how to focus on this, and it feels really wonderful, I have to say.

    THANK YOU, Marie and Rick Hanson for helping me to accelerate this self-love program. I never looked at it in quite this way. THIS is the antidote that works for me! This will continue to help me, thank you, and I love that I can bring this into my work as a life coach! I already help people to focus on what is meaningful to them, to hone in on that. To see that alone as an antidote which can meet people’s prepersonal needs for love and to train oneself in knowing one’s own lovability, is such a beautiful connection! I don’t know if my writing it makes sense to anyone else, but I’m really experiencing this right now, and feeling grateful for that insight. I never thought of setting goals and achieving them as simple self love and as an antidote for prepersonal pain. But I’m realizing that it totally is! I’m living this, and the joyous results! (and my lizard, mouse, and monkey thank you.)

    • thank you for your share, it makes sense to me and means a lot to me. I am realising a lot of the pain and even depression that i’ve felt comes from not following through on goals – i’d never thought of it as a sign of self neglect but it does reinforce “what i desire is not that important” and is a neglect of my needs. Thanks again <3

      • Amy

        Exactly, Dominique! I’m so glad that this reframe is resonating for you.

        YES, what you desire is PRIMARY, you’re on the right track. Listen to THAT (“what do I REALLY want??”). Ask it again and again. Get social support while asking it, because it takes a social environment, ultimately, to validate us in our becoming what our early social environment couldn’t validate us in becoming. (Every environment has its limits, and that tends to be precisely where people get stuck.) FIND the support you need until you can unequivocally say YES to yourself, and to your most tender, heart-led dreams. This is your birthright!

        And go easy on yourself, as it is a process, and listening for and responding to our goals is precisely where the learning happens. Most people are socialized to do what others want them to do, not what THEY want to do, which is why its so common to think of goals with trepidation–as if they are external Shoulds–and then to feel bad when we don’t do them–even though it’s natural, and actually healthy!, to rebel from externally planted Shoulds (and other false models that have nothing to do with our genuine call of Self). Also, go easy because we’re not, typically, taught how to set goals that are SMART, and motivating. When we don’t know how, it’s easy to go right into overwhelm. Keep the goals actionable, and break them into VERY DOABLE chunks. Celebrate each completed one. I listen weekly for the week’s goals (Sunday night), and veer on the side of less is more. (As Marie says, “simplify to amplify.) I listen daily for the day’s goals (the night before or the morning of), ditto with the less is more–it’s about quality not quantity. I pivot and adjust as needed (a necessity, because we can never see as far ahead as society leads us to believe, and that’s okay, it doesn’t have to be rigid).

        I’m throwing a lot your way, I hope some of it helps (disregard anything that doesn’t feel right on). I’m here if you want support! Follow your heart!
        Amy ☀

  69. This was so on point for me today!!! Learning to be happy for others, even if we are happy for little things has been life changing for me. I love explaining it as an antidote to comparison!!! ?

  70. Dayum!! … GOOD stuff. 🙂

  71. Brooke

    YES! I saw this flash by on an Instagram story months ago, and I’m so happy to have seen the whole thing. I loved his opening remarks about how few people are friends to themselves, and how what we need is emotional control—I idolize Mr. Rogers, and teaching young children about emotional control was one of his chief goals. The older I get, the more I realize how ill-equipped adults are to manage our emotions, and I’m so happy Dr. Hanson is doing part of the work. I love the notion that, whatever the tenor of our experiences, we would do well to sit with them for a second, the better to integrate them into our long-term memories and build up resilience. I’m intrigued to find out about the negativity bias, since just a few weeks ago, I learned about the optimism bias. When can I learn more about this? I love Marie’s idea of the comparison hangover, and particularly the difference between mindful awareness and marinating on something. I’m so grateful to learn about Dr. Hanson’s work, and I hope he’ll write a parenting book. One tangential question about his book Mother Nurture: I’m intrigued by the subject matter, but I found out it was written in 2002. Does the science still hold up after all that time? Is it still worth reading? I LOVE these long form interviews, and I loved how conversational this one was. I loved the way Dr. Hanson explicitly acknowledged Marie’s tricky questions as exciting. Thank you ❤️

  72. Yes to being happy for the good fortune of others. Many years ago a friend told me that envy is simply information about something missing in my life that I’d like to have. It’s fear that I won’t be able to have what I want that trips me up. But since everything is figureoutable, there’s no need to worry. Being happy for others is an even quicker way back to mental health. Thanks for this episode.

  73. This episode was fantastic for anyone who wants to change their pattern of thought. As an artist, starting in college, we all had to get used to criticism about our work. We had to take the good with the bad. Only the artists who can handle it and have a reserve built up inside them survive. I was able to do that. Keep the good comments at my ready in my brain and remember to say to myself frequently that art is subjective. I learned basically what Rick Hanson is teaching along the way in my life. And it has helped me tremendously with my art but I realize that I haven’t done that with my personal life. I wrote down so many notes because I intend to practice his advice starting today. When I taught Illustration at a university and critique time came around no one would say anything. It got so disturbing to witness how the kids felt about critiques-giving them and getting them. I reiterated at every session that if you couldn’t take criticism, you wouldn’t make it in the art world because that fear would stifle your creativity and your voice.
    People buy art for the emotional connection they have with it. I am going to quote him on my website or in my blog when I write an article about art and the feelings and emotions that you feel every time you view it and how to hold onto that feeling to carry it around with you for a while.
    I am going to buy his books because I have always loved psychology and philosophy and have learned so much about myself and others from my readings. I can’t thank you enough for having Rick Hanson on your podcast. It was so inspirational.

  74. Susan

    First WOW! ahaha moment!!! Love this!!!! Insight! Marinated, oh have I done this with negativity!!! And loved, crazy thoughts can happen but going around in your head only 10 times!!! Love! The whole think was needed and appreciated! Than you.

  75. Such a great episode, and such good news. There is nothing wrong with me, I’m just a human with a brain that has a negativity bias. And I love that the science of neuroplasticity dovetails with what I am learning about meditation and energy medicine. I took pages of notes and it gave me a positive learning experience that left me feeling lit up and grateful and empowered. Plenty to take in and focus on there! Thank you.

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Quite comforting isn’t it, Clare?! We’re all in this together.

  76. Another great episode, of course. The biggest takeaway for me is to “turn a state into a trait” and how to do that. I love this! I put Rick’s newest book on hold at the library as resilience is something I think about often. I’m looking forward to exploring these concepts more and learning how I can continue to build them in me, but also in others as well.

  77. Lois Lane

    I want that mug lol! I love his approach. Not positive thinking but developing resources inside to deal with the things.

  78. Melissa

    The idea of lingering with pleasant experiences in order to hardwire it into the nervous system is new to me. I am a big fan of Dr. Hanson’s work. Thank you for this video.

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      You’re so welcome, Melissa. Thank you for being here with us.

  79. Corinne Meharg

    Everything he says makes me smile!

  80. Jone

    This video showed up in my inbox at the most amazing time and EXACTLY when I needed it! I’m already thinking about all the little things throughout my day that I’m going to intentionally savour and let sizzle longer, rocking my baby to sleep, getting a hug from my husband, drinking hot coffee, etc. Thank you for these simple tips and techniques that I can do everyday to reduce my stress and anxiety and increase happiness!!

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      We’re thrilled this episode arrived for you at the perfect moment, Jone! Those all sound like great ways to savor life’s sweet joys. Thanks for sharing!

  81. Tamela R Hart

    My biggest learning today was that there is “no value” in keeping in the negative thought loop.
    Good one!


    Hi this Asher, well, I’m 70 years young, retired from the corporate world, and kick starting a new page in my life being an entrepreneur. As of late I struggle with my past successes, as I get confronted with the new challenges this new opportunity’s journey is presenting me I stumble and actually get angry with myself for not shaking it off. Two key takeaway from this interview, the first, is My past experiences don’t define my future onse; the second is Don’t Marinate in it. I find these being simple concepts to convey yet I find them extremely difficult to execute.

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Thanks so much for being here, Asher! We’re thrilled Dr. Hanson’s interview sparked some great takeaways for you. Congratulations on stepping into your next chapter as an entrepreneur! Putting yourself out there, trying something new, and building a business all take an incredible amount of courage and commitment but it’s about focusing on “progress, not perfection”. Just know you’re not alone in your journey and we’re all cheering you on!

  83. Just listened to you & Rick on our brains being distinguished from our minds. Fascinating always, to listen to how negativity effects our lives. #nohangovers

  84. Hi Marie and Rick,
    Thank you so much for this enlightening interview. So many epiphanies. I’ve got an additional one below for you guys, too.

    So much made sense. The ‘Negativity Bias’ so well explained. Ah, finally makes sense. And the zoo. Hilarious, and finally compassion-inducing. The Being Glad for Others to cure envy and secure happiness, and here’s my added insight with regards to this:

    Our subconscious cannot tell the difference between what is experienced or what is ‘just observed’ in real life, on screen, in a book, or through art, it stores everything away as ‘experience had’, not the content perhaps, but the ‘experience that resulted’, what was felt and stored.

    Therefore, by being glad for others while observing them at being happy, healthy, wealthy, on their travels, with their happy friends and community, in their creativity, you name it, as if we’d been right there with them, we actively help ‘our’ subconscious (that spoonful of the collective soup) to register as ‘experienced’ what we wish to call ‘ours’ – or better and custom-designed for us. So, wouldn’t it then also make sense that the more often we are genuinely glad for others’ glad tidings, experiencing that JOY about whatever we’re glad for them about that they become our own new normal as well? Stored not only by the subconscious but also by the neurotransmitter critters recognised and stored as ‘the cool new normal’ keepers?

    It’s the same on the negative side. The more we dislike someone’s traits and keep obsessing over them (parents, friends, teachers, tutors, communities, public people, or society at large), the more we’d become like them, especially that very trait that irks us the wrong way and that many try to ‘cyncialise’ away?

    This whole topic has always interested me, like the two of you as well. And: When things go haywire how can it be antidoted or remedied within each one.

    I agree, Marie, why wasn’t/ isn’t this stuff taught early on, in kindergarten or at school.
    And more importantly, how can we start making that a new reality now?

    More to do, I guess 😀

    Big smiles to you, Marie, Rick, Team Forleo,
    and to all fellow B-Schoolers and other earth angels,

    Tanya x
    currently looking out the UK window of our Earth House.


  85. PS must read ‘It’s the same on the negative side. The more we dislike someone’s traits and keep obsessing over them (parents, friends, teachers, tutors, communities, public people, or society at large), the more we’d become like them, especially that very trait that irks us the wrong way and that many try to ‘cynical-ise’ away?

  86. Excellent episode! I didn’t know that our brain has a negativity bias. It was so interesting when Rick pointed out that good experiences run off of our brains like rain off a roof, but the negative experiences stick like Velcro. I’m going to slow down and savor the positive! As to the negative, I’m going to shoo that stray dog out the door before he has time to make a mess. I won’t be perfect at doing this right away but my mindfulness will grow stronger.

    Thank you Marie for such an elightening episode!

  87. Hi Marie and Rick and Team and Dream fellas,
    Talking about being compassionate for our own MONKEY, I just watched this video yesterday on YouTube. You HAVE to watch it, do yourself that favour, it’s beyond beautiful about a very special gorilla:human connection. Here’s the title because I wanted to be considerate and not post a link here. Viewing it after this interview makes it even more special in context:

    Heart-warming moment Damian Aspinall’s wife Victoria is accepted by wild gorillas

    Enjoy, my dears!
    Big smiles from Tanya x

  88. Is there a list of all these Nuggets o’ Wisdom somewhere? They’re so good and I’d love a place where I can run back through them when I need some positivity!

    Thanks 🙂

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Hi Christine! We’re thrilled the Nuggets o’ Wisdom have been a source of inspiration for you. We don’t have a list, though Marie often shares quotes, takeaways, and tidbits on her Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook page if you’d like to connect with us there!

  89. Loved this episode and will share it! What stuck most with me is: 1) don’t marinate in the negative/stressful emotions, push it aside and move on. And 2) to focus on being happy for others. It’s a tough one when we’re envious of others, but I know it’s like everything else; practice practice and it’ll stick! Thanks again for all your work and inspiration!

  90. Daniela

    Just recently I started thinking about happiness in a very different way. I was so tired of being miserable and unhappy for no reason. I used to wake up and go to bed worried, sad, angry and negative about everything. I am in my 30s and my body sort of got tired of so much unnecessary pain so I took some time to analyze myself and understand why I am choosing to live that way. I realized it was just a bad habit that was taught to me in my household. Although I have a beautiful loving family, my parents were unhappy all the time. We did not laugh on a daily basis. My father was angry all the time for no reason and my mother was always complaining about everything and everyone all the time. I realized that I have chosen to be like them because I believed it was the right way to go through live. I also know now (in my 30s!) that, even though I am very similar to them, I can choose to take that part out of me by being happy and positive for no reason. I take a few minutes a soon as wake up with my heart accelerated, pain in my stomach and the sadness in my face to breathe deeply and calm my heart, have positive thoughts and say good affirmations about myself and, the most important, SMILE FOR NO REASON. I can feel how my stomach relaxes and the tension in my body goes away. I also cannot help asking myself why I couldn’t see this simple thing in my 20s. I kind of have some of regret about that but I am working on letting it go. This interview certainly helps me strengthen my decision of improving my life by processing differently my experiences. It gave us all so many good tools and resources to grow in a healthier and smarter way. It was a beautiful interview.

  91. Love the focus on agency, and the definitions separating Mind from Brain. I use psychology and science principles (cells fire together wire together haunted my MSc in Cognitive Neuroscience!) melded with self-help / intuition to build on resilience skills, but love the way it was made accessible through a little tweaked language! I applied to my MSc with the idea that neuroplasticity is a superpower of Learning and Growth; something I hadn’t thought about in a while, so thank you for the reminder!
    My entire business comes from “why aren’t we taught to manage our emotions, to harness our inner fire and to “know thyself” in school?” That’s the whole reason *I* exist in this world, to expand on that. <3
    And finally, the lizard, mouse and monkey – or the chimp, human and computer – or whatever we want to call it, is becoming so much more mainstream via this ideas; which can help it feel more changeable, more in our control than a lump of cells inside our skull.

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Thanks so much for being here, Katy-Rose! We’re thrilled Dr. Hanson’s message sparked some great takeaways for you. It’s so cool that you drew similarities to your own studies and experiences. It’s wonderful that you’re exploring these powerful ideas in your work and we’re grateful you added your voice to this conversation!

  92. Rene

    Hi Marie and Team
    Thank you for another enriching episode of Marie TV.
    I listen to you while I drive to work – it’s a pleasure to set up an MTV episode for my journey, but i must admit, when I saw this one, having no knowledge of Dr. Rick Hanson, I thought to myself – do I need another teacher?
    Well yes, as it happens I do, and I’m so glad that Rick proved me wrong. Maybe it’s the universe telling me something, but it was amusing to hear Rick use the phrase ‘Nerves that fire together wire together’ because the very reason my limiting thought pattern was holding me back in thinking I didn’t need to watch this episode, was because I’ve consumed a lot of what Dr. Joe Dispenza teaches on the same subject, and he also uses that phrase a lot. Then of course, further into the talk, Rick’s phrase ‘Learning is the Superpower of Superpowers’ just cemented the fact that I was wrong – there is no limit to learning. So for teaching me this humility alone, thank you Marie and Rick.
    There was so much that resonated in this talk. Phrases to describe the mind being like ‘Velcro for the bad thoughts and Teflon for the good’ are so insightful, and the teaching is made even more powerful by being humorous too I think.
    I realised recently, and Rick affirmed this, that I had definitely become a ‘sponge for negativity’, and even worse, my second biggest trait use to be that I definitely lived my life with a ‘comparison hangover’ as Marie so eloquently put it. These 2 habits had become so entrenched in me – it was as if I was surrounded by a circular road that had no exit, no beginning and certainly no end. But thankfully, by receiving the wisdom of many wonderful people like Rick, I’ve seen that there is no road, never had been – I just wore that path down so much it seemed like a boundary. I’m learning to keep walking a different, more joyous path, and enjoying the never ending journey.
    So what I’m taking away from this, is actually an affirmation of what I’m trying to do everyday anyway – it’s just good to be taught again. Like Rick said, being glad for the success of others is definitely a positive trait. It’s kinda obvious isn’t it? I mean, isn’t Marie, this show and all her team proof of that, in so much as we are all benefitting from another’s success. Marie TV – surely a wonderful ‘antidote to disappointment and envy.’
    One final thought though – why are we all writing comments, when Marie reminded us how Seth has already proven that ‘reading other people’s opinions’ doesn’t help… ha ha!!! – only kidding. I know the value of the communication here – thank you all. x

  93. Say hello to the bad experience, but don’t invite it to dinner!

  94. The example he shared about the dogs in the temple is literally mind blowing for me and is going to make such a difference with my anxiety and fear based thoughts.
    it brings so much clarity on how to not identify so completely with our thoughts, and let them go.
    -“you dont need to attack the dog or chase it away, find a space to let it out, maybe figure out a way to not let it in again, and clean up the mess before it makes a stain.

    life changing–thank you.

    • Yes! Me too! It is such a great way to visualize how to process thoughts and fears that you experience, without letting them consume you or become “who you are”. Just let that dog out, clean up the mess and carry on.

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      We’re so happy to hear that, Sarah! Thanks for watching and learning along with us this week.

  95. This was fascinating. I appreciate everything Rick Hanson has done for brain science and how it relates to our happiness. I can’t wait to read all his books. My biggest take away was how he said you have the ability to train your grumpy amygdala into a joyful amygdala.

    I have spent much of my life as a grumpy pants, but I crave being more of the joyful human I know that I am deep down. This is a topic I can relate to and dive into. Thank you for sharing.

  96. Theresa S.

    Thank you, Marie. This was exactly what I needed to see and hear today. How did you know? I’ve been feeling pretty low lately, which is not normal for me. I am ready to move forward but have not been able to shake the blues. I intend to put Rick’s ideas to practice ASAP!

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      We’re so glad this message connected with you at the perfect moment, Theresa! We hope Dr. Hanson’s words continue to be a source of insight and inspiration for you.

  97. This was a really great video! I was recently diagnosed with Bipolar disorder and I have been VERY curious about the brain and mind. I believe that I can somewhat cure my bipolar disorder by changing my thoughts and mind.

    I’m curious to hear Marie’s and Dr. Rick Hanson’s perspective on Bipolar Disorder or any diagnosed mental illness.

  98. Angela Gabriela Horne

    Thank you so much for this episode.
    My biggest takeaway is the wiring of positive experiences into our nervous systems. I have done this unconsciously but now will continue with full awareness.
    This will strengthen my daily meditation practice too.
    I love how modern science is seeing the power of ancient spiritual practices.

  99. Love the notion of learning as a path forward. Not being stuck in what has already happened in your life as a permanent stuckness.

  100. Katie

    I just LOVED this episode! I am comforted by our mind’s natural negativity bias and I really enjoyed learning about the zoo in our head. I am going to incorporate a practice of registering an enoughness of safety, satisfaction, and relatedness as part of my morning routine and see what difference this makes. I did have a question about his books however. He has so many! Which would you recommend started with? And if I wanted to read and learn more about negativity bias, which book of his covers that? And which book of his talks about the zoo in our head? Thank you!!! I continue to be so grateful for Marie and all of Team Forleo for who you are in the world, the incredible work you do, and the learning you provide.

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing your kind words, Katie! We’re so happy to hear Dr. Hanson’s work resonates so deeply with you. As far as his books go, you can’t go wrong with picking which one to read first. You can find descriptions for his books, as well as information about his podcast, videos, and more on his website here:

  101. Chudney

    Pet the Lizard, feed the Mouse and hug the Monkey!!

    That was just so OMG I don’t have words! I’ve been struggling to figure out a way to really live in the positive vibes of life and this MarieTV was right on point and just what I needed.

    I will be adding those questions to my daily journaling!

  102. So on time! I listened to a Ted talk on lonliness at work today. I felt like I needed tools more than ever to overcome this persistent sadness. Like Rick, I am aware that I have what it takes to create my happiness, but it’s taking so long. I’ll be taking my Vitamin C. I already started unknowingly. The moment those sad Tedtalks ended I e-mailed a colleague, the Director of an University Theater Department and asked how I could get involved. I loved the science of it all. Truly appreciated this, so on time!

  103. sara

    Love the concept of safety, satisfaction and connection in the terms of Brain Evolution. So our need for these 3 things is natural and engraved in our brain:)

  104. G

    So wonderful to see Rick and Marie together. Such heroes of positivity both. I did Rick’s wonderful online course, The Foundations of Wellbeing a while ago and learnt so much. But I really needed that refresher today. I’m doing B school right now and having an exhilarating time. There are moments of challenge and fear of course because it’s all about growth and stepping beyond your comfort zone. So I find it really helps to take time to connect with others who are sharing their inner struggle through their comments. I so appreciate it when people genuinely connect with me so I hope it helps to pass that on too. This must be the monkey hugging! But also by sharing the positive and how you overcame doubt or a tough step you are focusing on the positive and problem solving skills and wiring those neurons together to reinforce the clarity and growth experience and focus away from the fear and doubt. Instantly I feel happier, calmer, softer, less fearful and more able to see clearly the next step.
    I am going to build in a time each day and a more in depth one after each module to list and reflect on the good things that happened and progress I have made in B school and this would be great to continue afterwards of course. Because it is so easy to be a little overwhelmed by how far there is to go and not taking time to see how far we’ve come. To use Rick’s lovely metaphor of the back pack…stopping to take a breather on the climb to check in the pack and see what resources we now have and for a look at the view too which gets more exhilarating as the journey unfolds. It would be lovely to have a little step like that built into the end of each module of B school with an opportunity to reflect on key things learned, resources gained, supportive comments, new connections, new skills, good stuff in general. B school is awesome so there is so much good to reflect on. Thanks Marie, thanks Rick and thanks team for all the positivity you spread.

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Amazing, G! Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing how Dr. Hanson’s message resonated with you. Congratulations on the awesome progress you’re making so far in B-School– we hope you enjoy implementing these ideas in your life and work. Of course, it’s so important to take time along your journey to enjoy the view! We’re all here cheering you on.

  105. Tina

    Another powerful episode. I am just a grateful recipient of all these positive messages. Thank you Marie, Rick and the rest of the community! Yes negativity bias is such a powerful and paralyzing thing. I can pinpoint so many episodes in my life when I allowed this to pull me down. But when I recall the moments where I chose to rise above the negativity I have to agree that it really is possible to program your brain to work in your favour and you get to do things with courage and conviction inspite of and despite of *insert all the negative biases thrown my way*.

    When I heeded the “call of the north” and decided to move to the Arctic, some people predicted that I would last a year. This was almost 8 years ago. When I got my diagnosis a year ago, there was also a “well meaning” prediction from some people that this would spell the end of my career. But I stubbornly chose not just to look for an obviously open door as the door of my old work life closed on me but I persistently knocked on doors that are not even open yet!

    Although it was more of survival that made me tone deaf to all the negative voices, it still proved the point that you can train your brain to give you that boost of confidence and hope.

    Maybe this is what they mean when they say if you have faith as small as a mustard seed you can really move mountains!

  106. Kimberly Piper

    I really appreciated that the ultimate multivitamin for the brain is Love! Hugging the monkey floods the whole zoo brain with safety, satisfaction, and connection. ❤️ Marinate in that daily! Great interview. Thank you!

  107. Daniela Cocos

    Thanks a lot for bringing Rick into our attention! The info was amazing and can not wait to read his books. One of my BIG take away was about negativity bias, and 2nd ,lean in those moments for one or two more breaths!!!!
    An amazing interview that I can’t wait to rewatch in the next few days. Any suggestion on what book I should start with?
    Thanks again Marie and tons of hugs your way!!!!

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Such a great takeaways, Daniela! Thanks so much for sharing. We’re thrilled you enjoyed learning a bit about Dr. Hanson’s work and we hope this interview continues to spark new ideas for you!

  108. Thanks so much! This was very timely information for me! I loved it all, including discussion about difference between brain and mind and learning more about neuroplasticity and how we can re-wire our brains!

  109. I’m not Catholic, but one my friends gave up negative thoughts for Lent. I decided to also give up negative thoughts…forever! This episode is very timely for me!

  110. Sarah

    What a wonderful interview! I’m really trying to shift to a more positive mindset, and while I was aware of the concept of neuroplasticity, Rick had a great way of describing it. Going forward, I will take the time to let those positive experiences sink in and feel them in my body. I loved so much about this interview. Thank you, Marie and Team Forleo for all of the powerful tools and insight that you share.

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Thanks so much for your kind words, Sarah! We’re so happy to hear Dr. Hanson’s message connected with you this week and we hope you enjoy implementing the tools he shared. Keep up the great progress you’re already making!

  111. Jessica Burton

    This episode was amazing! I have been practicing positive mindset thinking the last few years and notice a difference but have wondered if it all actually is molding in my brain and now I know it totally is!! I need to read his new book- so much great info! Thanks so much Marie- your episodes are so great- I love watching them and gaining a new amazing person to connect and learn from!

  112. Leona

    Enlightenment moment: I’ve wasted so much of my recent life dwelling on the negative and not focusing on the things that are “noble, true, lovely & of good report” to paraphrase Philippians 4:8. They are out there in force every day in my life (thankfully), but my mind goes to the negative but NO MORE. Thank you, Marie and Rick, for starting a revolution in my brain to get uplifted by the positive and not be fueled by the negative!

    As a side note … Marie, you are driving me to my local library more by listening to all of your wonderful episodes! I can’t help but want to learn more about these topics and your guests.

  113. Oh wow. Synchronicity at its best! I was bulk reading everything I can on neuroplasticity as it is, when this episode arrived in my mailbox. Insight after insight. I’m a coach for adult women with ADHD. And dopamine and norepinephrine are a ‘thing’ in causing most of the ADHD symptoms. Knowing about neuroplasticity and the ability to grow and rewire your brain is GOLD! It is something I’ve felt intuitive for most of my life. Now that I know there’s science behind it, it gives me so much more to work with. Both in my own life (I also have ADHD) as in the work I do with my clients. Thank you!

  114. Jana Kolcova

    What a great episode! I love Rick’s work, have read both – Buddha’s Brain & Resilient and found them incredibly helpful! 🙂 Thank you, Marie, for brining so many unique, inspiring and wise souls on to your show – you yourself are such an inspiration to us all and a beacon of hope & light! In gratitude, Jana 🙂

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Your kind words for Marie mean the world to us, Jana! Thanks so much for tuning in to MarieTV– we’re grateful to have you in our amazing community.

  115. Kris

    Hands down, your best episode! I went directly to Amazon and bought Resilient. So excited to read it! Thank you for this timely and meaningful episode!! ???

  116. Catherine

    Full of “Golden nuggets” & worth every minute of savoring – BRAVO !

  117. Lots of take-ups away from those episodes. Love the image of the Zoo, I can totally relate to that and now I know exactly how to deal with it.
    This image is powerful
    So petting the lizard, feeding the mouse and hugging the monkey will now be a full-time job for me.
    Thank you
    Sending you lots of love

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      You’ve got it, Valerie! We’re thrilled Dr. Hanson’s message resonated with you. Cheers to keeping the lizard, mouse, and monkey happy!

  118. Wonderful episode – thank you for always having great people Marie !
    I loved this : ” Don´t marinate : Experience your feelings in a space of awareness and then help them out the door !”
    Just amazing – now I will feed my mouse with some cheese ; )
    Xo Françoise

  119. Lynne Troiano

    ***** 5-star!!!! My very favorite episode, on so many levels. I only wish I knew how to write into words how I felt watching this episode. I just filled my Amazon cart with 5 items of Dr. Rick Hanson resources. YAYNESS! Side note: For Lent I am matching whatever I purchase online to charity. In this case, $72.36.

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Love it, Lynne! We’re thrilled Dr. Hanson’s work resonates so deeply with you and we hope you enjoy reading his books. Matching your spending this season and donating to charity is such a beautiful way to give back. Thanks for sharing!

    • Katie

      Such a cool idea Lynne!! I love that!

  120. Nora

    I just watched you interview with Rick Hanson. The big take home for me is growing sense of agency with the choices you make every moment. The example he gave was choosing to put down the coff cup. Choosing to get my work done vs not getting it done/wasting our precious gift of time.


  121. Marie,
    I look the synchronicity of you & your materials. I have been reading the great good science center in Berkeley in my art practice. I am growing my gratitude & meditation practice. I believe the take away here is you can do anything by your attitude. You can become as you see yourself in your dreams. And offering love & kindness out in the world makes your life & others better. Merci, Kellyann

  122. Megan R

    Oh, wow! I’m not even sure where to start on all of my takeaways. I think the one I needed to hear the most today relates to my current struggles with envy towards a person in my life. I paused the episode for ten seconds and just focused on the idea of feeling happiness for them and, holy cats, my heart instantly was glowing. Such a simple thing that can make a huge difference. It seems it would be contagious. If you approach those in a space of feeling happy for them regardless of the capacity they hold in your own life, what a difference the interactions will be. Also, the spirit Rick has just pours out of this recording. What a tremendous soul he has!

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Thanks so much for sharing, Megan! “Holy cats” made us laugh right out loud– we’re thrilled Dr. Hanson’s message resonated with you this week. Thanks for tuning in and learning along with us!

  123. Wow! This explains me to a tee. I actually call my neuropathway a magnetic strip when I try to explain it to people. I tell them when something bad happens, I feel it, acknowledge it, sometimes spend some time with it (like the death of my husband), but my brain will always snap back to my magnetic strip of positive energy and my calm sense of gratitude and abundance. Always. I have worked for years, perhaps decades when I think about it, developing this joyful brain that I have. I can be doing dishes, and I will stop and wiggle my butt or dance a bit and feel grateful for the scent of the dish soap. I hadn’t made the connection to my sensory memory before, but the butt wiggle really is helping me store the joy. Yay! Something else to be grateful for. Thank you so much for this video. I’m sharing it everywhere.

  124. Mandy Boekenoogen

    This was EXACTLY what I was needing at exactly the right time!!
    The personal strength discovery exercises from the last module showed my biggest strength as “Positivity” – I love it! This has been key in showing me what my true self is. Listening to the interview, I just want to be in his field of work! I have always strived to infuse joy and positivity and a different way of looking at a negative situation into everyday events with myself and those around me. I think my path may be to continue to be that person and help others. I used to be the marinator of all the negative and let downs in my life, and one day it just changed. My body couldn’t handle it anymore and my mind couldn’t either. I enjoy seeing the glass half full and became a Life Coach to help othee see this too, but I think knowing my key strength is Positivity I must somehow make THAT the core of my business which would make my every day pure bliss. Ahhh…

  125. Hailey - Team Forleo

    You’ve got it, Megan! As Dr. Hanson shares, it’s all about starting small and applying those changes to bigger areas of our lives. We hope this interview continues to be a source of insight and inspiration for you!

  126. I enjoy hearing the words that are created in life situations such as comparisons = “compare-schläger”
    Marie and Dr. Hanson touched on the topic that is my favorite word and antidote for that poisonous drink, and it is “mudita.” It is the joy in other’s success and well-being.

  127. Thank you so much for this episode. It could have been written for me at this moment. I was feeling as if I was drowning in a sea of negativity due to the pain of a rheumatoid arthritis flare up, but after watching Marie and Rick, I began to focus on all the positive things and people in my life. What a difference that has made already!

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      We’re so glad this episode arrived at the perfect moment for you, Elspeth! Having chronic pain can be an isolating experience and we’re grateful Dr. Hanson’s message gave you an extra boost to connect with others in your life. We’re honored to have you in our vibrant community and we’re sending you our very best wishes for comfort and healing. Thanks so much for being here!

  128. What made this episode remarkable was that it was “advanced thought” about managing our brains. It went beyond a gratitude journal, meditation, thought replacement. The conversation was tool-focused–tyourhis is why our brains are doing what they are doing and this is what to DO about it.
    – give yourself time to receive and grow this inside
    – pet your lizard, feed your mouse, hug your monkey
    – how to turn on your inner recorder when something awesome is happening.

    This episode was so good, that after listening to it in the car, I reviewed it online, I took notes, and now I’m writing to you. Why!? To make it all sink in!! I’m breathing, I’m feeling, I’m having it sink in!!!!! BTW First time ever writing a comment after many years of tuning in.

  129. Hi! First time caller, long time listener here. So grateful for the support and amazing RX your content provides.

    This episode was mind blowing. I love the idea of understand our negative bias and how it shapes our persecution and how to offset this. What is our own antidote? Where in the enoughness are we lacking and need to support internally to ‘fill ourself up’. I’ll be definitely getting Dr. Hanson’s books and rewatching this episode (and sending it on to friends).

    Immense gratitude,

  130. OMG! This is like one of the most enlightening moments I’ve had watching a computer screen. Thank you.

  131. Thank you Marie and Dr. Rick Hanson! My biggest takeaways are:
    petting the lizard, feeding the mouse, and hugging the monkey (love being the key to satisfying all 3);
    being kind to yourself, which ties in with above concept.
    I’m going to write this down on a card and carry it with me so that throughout the day, I can remember to look for and hold onto the opportunities that help me grow.

  132. Susan

    Great episode- I’ve been a Rick fan for a long time. I always find his support of others in the business of helping others leads me and inspires me. It inspires me whenever I find one more person out there doing the work to make things better and I see that they have followers! When I get stuck feeling as if there is hate everywhere it’s such a gift to see people out there loving and working to improve themselves and others so generously.

  133. Ruby Christine

    Holy S*** Marie!!! This interview is phenomenal!!! I’m downloading his books now! Thank you so much! Mindful awareness vs ruminating!!! Word! Acknowledging our inner being is a temple and mindfully experiencing and letting go. The growth mindset has been coming at me, this is the 3rd time in the last two weeks! I am definitly giving myself the gift of the growth mindset! Resiliency – fortitude, happiness, care and concern for others- to grow it: focused attention and sustained experience, breathe it in, focus on whats rewarding, stay with it to build up and cement into the nervous system, record the song of that beautiful experience! Wow! Marie, I love neuroscience too and learned about Dr John Medina and his book Brain Rules, it will BLOW your mind! XOXO

  134. I wish Rick Hansen could fit in my pocket! His delivery is so dear and helped me understand growth and mindfulness concepts I thought I “got” years ago. I am a teacher and I know how we learn, and I hadn’t noticed the disconnect between experiences and traits before! YES!! THIS is the problem with every workshop, lunch n’ learn and staff meeting: until we convert states into traits there is no learning- and THAT is where our overwhelm lies! Truly, truly thrilling learning today, Marie and Rick. I am very purposefully sitting in this moment.

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Can you even imagine the health of our thoughts if we had Dr. Hanson in our pockets! It would be amazing. We’re so glad that you enjoyed this episode, Harper. Thanks for being here.

  135. Meredith

    Just watched this with my twelve year old daughter and had a great conversation on what we need in our back pack and how we are going to grow the good !

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      What a great message to share with her, Meredith. Nice job, Mom!

  136. Hi Marie,
    Thank you for a great episode with Dr Rick Hanson. I really like his work so I enjoyed this episode. It was actually amazing to receive this episode today in the mail from you, since I had looked it up on Y tube yesterday.
    At the moment I could do with a more of ‘being on my side’ attitude and focus on internalising the positive.
    So, thank you again for your inspiring TV episodes.
    Lots of love,

  137. Game changer for me. I rarely relate to “self help” topics etc. but I have watched this one twice, forwarded it to friends and have ordered all of the books. Thank you so much for sharing this!

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      That’s some serious diving in, Marian. We’re so glad that his message connected with you and your heart! Keep us posted on your progress.

  138. Very thoughtful and inspiring message. His review of how our brain reacts to certain life circumstances helped me understand a lot of things. Thank your sharing this review, very informative. I will keep working on training my brain towards a more positive mindset.

  139. This was so encouraging and extremely relevant to me. I just launched a new business, just started taking B school, and have been honing in on my message, which I have decided is specifically about strength and resilience, as interpreted through jewelry. I have a history of addiction and mental illness, and currently suffer from crippling anxiety and mood issues, but I have been doing a lot of work on forgiving myself and accepting that I can’t change the past, but I can start from here to get better. Thank you Marie and Rick for your wisdom, encouragement, and insight!

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      So beautifully put, Christina. We hope that your B-School and business journey is a tool for you as you create through your anxiety and move forward with your beautiful heart. We’re cheering you on every step of the way.

  140. So important and vital to one’s well being. I had recently been reminded of how I was excluded from both a book club and a mom’s group. I was ruminating asking “Why me?”
    What I realized is that I AM WAY TOO RESILIENT TO FOCUS ON THIS. I knew that underneath the pain this caused I could let it all go because I’ve made a point to be my own best friend.

  141. Wistful Sadness hooked me in. That was my home life. Negativity abounded.
    Hearing about the 3 parts of the brain, and communicating with it is so helpful. Taking action to notice the good experiences and breathe them in. I am optimistic. Thank you so much!

  142. Katie

    Weeping only three minutes in, I knew this was going to be a powerful episode. All I want to say is thank you Marie and Dr. Hanson. My backpack has been empty and waiting for these tools for a long time!

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Sending you loads of love and tissues, Katie. Fill that beautiful backpack and know that you’re exactly where you’re meant to be.

  143. Sandy Damato

    Feel the feels and then gracefully show them the door… yassss!
    Loved this episode. Just what I needed! Thanks Marie and Rick…
    I had a really positive experience today right before I watched this episode… I had this feeling that I should remember how great it felt… who knew y’all were tapping into my brain to get me ready for this episode! xxoo

  144. Jessica Lynnette Sorensen

    I love learning about how the brain works so I can better combat and reshape preprogramming to get better postprogramming. I struggle with negative thoughts and feelings on a regular basis.
    I am a strong melancholy personality and tend to worry and plan for the worst. Which hinders me from running towards my goals in constant fear that I will fail because I didn’t know enough.

    Thank you for these great episodes to open our eyes to more info!

  145. Rene L

    Fan-friggin-tastic! This has got to be one of my favorite interviews. I watched it twice (the second time to take notes on all the amazing new insights) and then forwarded it to the rest of my household so that they, too, can soak in all its goodness. Thanks so much, Marie and Rick, for sharing such an eye-opening and mind-nurturing lesson.

  146. Michelle

    I’ve read and watched a lot of Rick Hanson interviews this is now one of my favorites…. a huge big ouch about being happy for people who have what I don’t have. I’m struggling with this and sitting with this big heavy thing that I stuff down. I don’t yet know how to not be envious of people who have children. I guess I’ve not yet made peace with this. Intellectually I can happy for them but emotionally I’m still clinging on to the pain and shame I have . I think it holds me back in many ways.

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Thank you for sharing your honest words here, Michelle. We know that it’s not always easy to be open and honest about what you’re experiencing yet being able to identify and label it, you’re already one step closer to conquering it. Lean into your curiosity around it and see where it takes you. May your pain ease each and every day. xo

  147. Wow! Everything he said I could find in my bible. We don’t get that in school either. The good news is that it often takes multiple methods of communication to get the point across, as in hearing the same thing from different people in different ways. Would love to discuss this some day so our world might consider that Mother Nature is God and most of modern psychology has its thesis in the Bible. I have a sense that most of the world steps past the Bible thinking that it is outdated or irrelevant. I enjoyed this program very much. He seems to be a very kind person.

  148. Benson Modie

    Very much transformational education…..thank you so much for this episode!

  149. I Loved this episode! Thank you Marie and Rick. I played it for my daughter (age 17) who is struggling to “control her thoughts” as she finishes high school and heads to college. So much anxiety! It was perfect timing over here. The two best practices we will use consistently will be paying attention to our “inner zoo” and pausing to imprint and feel the positive experiences we have so they can positively change the landscape of our brain.

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Thanks so much for stopping by, Susanne! We’re thrilled that you and your daughter enjoyed Rick’s message and we hope it continues to spark some new ideas and interesting conversations for you both. We can imagine how excited she must be, looking ahead to college, and how proud of her you must feel. She’s lucky to have such a present and supportive mom and we’re grateful to have you in our community!

  150. Thank you for this interview — once again, you have managed to show me exactly what I need to see at exactly the right moment. So much of this was meaningful to me, both personally and for my business, but I think the biggest takeaway is what you were saying about how no one teaches this kind of thing to kids!
    I’ve been working on building a new brand for children that has always focused on teaching empathy and emotional intelligence at its core, but here’s the show-stopping, ground-breaking aha! moment: all of that still focuses on others, and doesn’t help teach how to “be for yourself” as Rick Hanson so beautifully described. I’m so inspired, and even more determined than ever, and convinced now that what I’ve been trying to bring to life for several years really is as important as I kinda sorta suspected it was.
    I’m taking in the moment… feeling it deeply and am so filled with gratitude for everything you do.
    With all the hearts,

  151. I kept saying, “YES! YES! YES!” throughout this whole episode. I’m a coach that focuses deeply on using the exact techniques he described (savoring the moment, grounding in the body, holding difficult emotions in a context of spaciousness, etc.) and the same framework of the 3-part brain when working with my clients.

    I use a wide variety of exercises and practices but they are all founded on the principles shared here. Witnessing the transformation of state into trait is one of the absolute BEST things about my job. Keep up the good work, Rick!

  152. Rosa Neuman

    Yes, thank you for this episode. It’s about becoming a better version of yourself every day. Becoming holier a little bit more every day. Thank you Marie.

  153. Another absolutely fantastic episode. Wrote down the part about the antidote – need to identify it and then look for it, stay with it, use that growth opportunity. Yes ?

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Such a great takeaway, Helen! We’re so glad you enjoyed this episode. Thanks for tuning in this week!

  154. Beautiful Marie and Team, Speakers and Community Members,

    This is an incredible boom, a-ha, BIG MAGIC, heck yes! moment for me today. I’m slightly behind in viewing suggested videos, prescribed via email, and this one was on the to-watch for my day.
    While in the middle of watching this episode, I had to pause to have a very hard conversation with a very hard employee.

    Let me just say this, it did not go well.

    Although I found myself greeted with slight hostility, mean words, and the ever so wonderful finger point, I also know that from where I stood, I had already applied my fair share of grace, kindness, professional courtesy and well wishing throughout our existing obstacles.

    After the conversation, I experienced an incredible adrenaline high, body shaking, heart beating, tears falling breakdown. Things like that are never fun to experience, and endure and it’s very easy to get wrapped into a shame dialogue.

    After speaking with my coach, and finishing this video clip, I discovered such relative goodness in my experience. I was able to very clearly and swiftly understand what I was feeling, why I was feeling it, and more importantly, that I needed to make peace with the reality at hand, and much like Elsa, “let it go” .

    The artistry and practice known as mindfulness awareness is such a life changing approach to our experiences, good and bad. To follow, the art and practice of giving grace and allowing grace, for others and for ourselves, is a long term reward in itself.

    I am so incredibly moved but this program, by your speakers, the community, and by the discovery and intention of our true existence.

    Thank you, thank you.

  155. Elle

    Marie, I love your hair. And I’m forever thinking “she has the greatest style”. Yes, yes, yes, of COURSE I loved and learned an enormous amount from this video as well, BUT! As silly as it seems, I realized as I watched that we all will want to tell you how inspired we are by your work — and Rick’s — and we will forget to mention the little things that you likely also put time and effort and thought into. So here is your “small moment to linger on” … you are inspiring in the big AND the little things. Thank you for being you!

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Thanks for your kind words, Elle! We’re thrilled that you enjoyed this episode and we so appreciate your kind words for Marie. You’re so right that a lot of effort goes into the details. In fact, Marie’s hair guru, Gregory, and her stylist, Elsa, are much-loved members of Team Forleo and they often make cameo appearances on MarieTV!

  156. Thinking about the negative experience helps me to understand what I could have done differently then. It keeps me in the loop of thinking about the same again and again. Ultimately I feel angry because I cannot change what has happened anyway.
    The idea that we can learn and grow from now makes more sense to me. Also I will continue practicing seeing good in every moment as an antidote for bad.

  157. Patricia

    Loved this episode! Made my heart and mind “sing” with excitement. It felt like every time Dr. Rick Hanson spoke, I was saying an emphatic, “YES!”. Thank you!

  158. Catherine Vaughan

    Marie, thanks for interviewing Rick Hanson about tools for transforming our brain and our life. As you said, his books, Resilient and others, are great resources. Two more resources to consider: (1) Rick’s free newsletter, JUST ONE THING (JOT) that “suggests a simple practice each week for more joy, more fulfilling relationships, and more peace of mind. A small thing repeated routinely adds up over time to produce big results.” and (2) The Foundations of Well-Being, his yearlong program with lifetime access “for Lasting Happiness, Confidence, and Peace of Mind”. It includes Creative Activities provided by his daughter Laurel Hanson. They are great educational tools and a model for developing tools that relate to our business or life purpose—In my case, advocating kindness.

  159. I love Rick!
    I love neuroscience and the zoo in my mind which is also a vast playground, once we learn to turn things around!!

    Wonderful to be reminded to stay with the positive, breathe it in and really absorb it.

    Sometimes we run after too many things without really soaking in the great stuff along the way.

    Thanks Marie and team!

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      We’re thrilled Rick’s message resonated with you, Shira! Isn’t a “zoo” the perfect analogy? We hope his words continue to spark some new ideas for you as you embrace the different aspects of your mind. Thanks for tuning in this week!

  160. Dri

    I love Rick Hanson’s work and have Buddha’s Brain on my night stand, so I was SUPER excited by this episode. What struck me particularly today was the insight about the “antidote” – that we need to seek out the type of practice that “fits” a particular issue we’re having. I have a gratitude practice, and that is fantastic, but I need a speciaic “antidote” for negative thoughts around lack of connection lately. So I’m going to start turning my mind on to every positive interaction, connecting experience, and really take them in- gathering my focused awareness on this specifically. THANK YOU!! And adding Resilient to my list 🙂

  161. I’ve already read some of Joe Dispenza’s work, this field is so interesting, and knowing that our brain can KEEP learning, that we can keep rewiring, that we are not victims to our early or earli-er experiences. The easier the tools, the more I love them. Like being happy for someone else. Like stopping and breathing for a minute when you have a positive experience. Great episode. I just ordered “Resilient” :-).
    Thank you, Marie, and Rick, for what you are doing in the world <3!

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your kind words, Chantal! We’re so happy to hear Rick’s message connected with you at the perfect moment and resonated with what you’ve been learning. We hope you enjoy Rick’s book and implementing these tools in your life and work!

  162. Our brain is an amazing machine. Fuel it with positive thoughts and your life will become more positive!
    In the last 2 years, I’ve been thinking more positive thanks to a self-help program by Fiona Brennan called the Positive Habit. It’s very similar to Rick Hanson’s philosophy.
    For me, it has been a life changing breakthrough. I now live a life more peaceful, I tend to say more positive things about myself, I bite every single happy moments of my daily life. With that I also started my own life mission on making the world a happier place. I started a website called TheHappiNet and with what I can, I hope to influence as many people as I can on seeing the happiness they have in themselves.
    Share your positivity to the world folks, it’ll come back at you 200%

  163. One of my favorite things, Marie, about your interviews lately is watching you nerd out and get excited!

  164. Loved learning more about the reptilian brain, mammalian brain, and primate human neo-cortex. It is very interesting to realize that we operate in such a way with these three levels. Thank you for the nuggets of wisdom. Loved this episode!

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Thanks for being here, Anna! We’re so glad Rick’s animal analogies helped clarify the different parts of our minds and their important roles in our lives. We hope his words continue to spark ideas for you!

  165. Really like the point about combating the brain’s negativity bias!

    The mind has such a way of fixating on negative thoughts and self-talk so much that we’re influenced by them and allow them to affect us.

    We need to learn to counter them whenever they pop up with positive thoughts and affirmations.

    If you’re thinking, “I’m such a loser”.
    Counter that with, “I’m awesome at other things!”

  166. Thank you for this information! The biggest insight I take is that we are capable of choosing how to interpret the experiences that we live, and that that makes all the difference. That satisfaction is something we build by learning from what happens to us.
    I am specially vulnerable to comparison. I sometimes loose my voice too easily. At the same time, I believe that because I listen so much to others I can help others so much. So from now on I will focus on how much I can help instead of punishing myself so much when I get lost.
    Thanks again.
    Love from Buenos Aires, Argentina,

  167. Shanda

    Pet the lizard. Feed the mouse. Hug the monkey. Very useful when considering when others are behaving in a particular manner. People who require lots of validation (need to pet the lizard). People who are so focused on the opportunities that they are not even aware how they treat others, they might have a fat mouse, but a lonely monkey (need to hug the monkey) and those who may seem indifferent/lack enthusiasm (need to feed the mouse a little more often). Love, Love, Love!

    • Madelyn Soldner Sullivan

      I love this insight! Thank you

  168. lydia

    best take away: clean after the dog right away and after then times push also a thought out of your brain.

  169. This is AWESOME…he is teaching the same stuff I am working on teaching. It’s SO POWERFUL. We all need this knowledge. I just cannot love this enough.

  170. This was a wonderful episode in many ways, I love Rick’s way of explaining the Triune brain. However, from personal experience I know that it’s SO hard to use just our “thoughts” to stop “marinating” in bad experiences. For those of us that have had trauma, especially in our families as little kids, the nervous system will need more support to get out of the loop. I know I’m not the only one out there that has tried meditating and self help/coaching tools but was unable to truly make lasting changes, or was even triggered deeper into states of fight/ flight/ shut down by those tools. This comment is to give others hope that it’s possible to find help if what Rick is saying hasn’t been working for you. Doing this on our own is nearly impossible, and Rick actually points to this when he talked about the monkey brain and how engaging our social brain (hugging the monkey) helps to rewire all three parts of our brain. If you cant do this on your own, you’re not alone! I highly recommend checking out Somatic Experiencing–the one thing that truly worked for me to change my “state” of being. Another resource is Polyvagal Theory to learn more about the nervous system. Thank you so much for this episode Marie~ Someday I hope to be a part of one of these conversations to bring what I have learned from my own life to others–because I know there are folks out there who are like the person I was, people who feel defeated and asking themselves, “why doesnt this mindfulness stuff work for me?” Until then, I’ll be getting all the training and education/experience I can get to become that healer/helper that I know is so needed at this time. I can’t wait to use B-school to begin my new practice as a therapist when I graduate next summer. Thank YOU~!

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing your thoughts with us, Madelyn! We absolutely agree that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all formula when it comes to mindset or healing ourselves from trauma. It’s wonderful that you’re so committed to learning more about yourself and what works well for you, and we’re grateful that you have such a strong desire to help others live happier, healthier lives, too. We can’t wait to welcome you to B-School and support you as you take the next steps toward starting your therapy practice. Thanks for being a part of our bighearted community!

  171. LOVE this episode. My whiteboard in my little RV is covered in quotes from it now, and in the morning, my daughters are going to watch it again with me. We’re going through the Course in Miracles right now, and it’s been so incredible to not only learn powerful nuggets in episodes like this and courses we go through, but to see how it unfolds in my young daughter’s lives. We’ve been #kickinitunschool since the beginning, and I believe that, like functional medicine, “functional education” is a mind/body/soul approach that is life-long and not confined to a classroom or a grade-school year. Growth mindset is huge in our home, and I’m so grateful to be pursuing happiness and presence every day. Thanks for the awesome inspiration once again!

  172. Betsy

    So many great take aways. Spend more time acknowledging and enjoying the things you are grateful for instead of rushing off to the next experience. Let it sink in opposed to marinating in the negative. Acknowledge it and let it go. Very wise. Great interview.


    Marie, loved this! I´ve always been fascinated in neuroscience. THANK YOU for so many fabulous interviews and as always your humour in each! You always make me feel happier. I watched your live session in BS on Friday, loved the reversing out and getting out of that neighbourhood. hilarious. you have such a gift of story telling. :)))))))))))))))

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Thanks so much for your kind words, Kirsteen! We’re thrilled you enjoyed this episode and that Marie’s “reverse” visual resonated with you– I’ll be honest it gave us all a good laugh, too. We’re so grateful to have you in our awesome community and we’re looking forward to “seeing” you in B-School!

  174. Oh! I so relate to this especially the ‘negativity bias’. I actually started a YouTube channel a couple of years ago to talk about my writing, give writing tips etc. I don’t pretend to be an expert on anything but I thought it was a great way to show people who I am, answer some questions I’m often asked and give some advice. I decided off the bat, I was NOT going to allow comments. The reason? I wasn’t interested in sifting through remarks about how someone didn’t like my hair or lipstick ? Since that time, I have started deleting negative people from my social media, especially people who attack me. I do NOT feel the need to defend myself but I also don’t feel the need to keep that person around either. I think that more people should do the same thing.

  175. Dzhulyetta

    Absolutely loved it!!! Just the inspiration I needed today! Thank you Marie, aside for the incredible speakers you bring, you are such an insightful interviewer as well! Keep the amazing work you are doing!

  176. I am a total fan of Rick Hanson’s work and of his gentle and warm presence. I utilize his wisdom and practical strategies daily in my own work with clients. What stood out to me to me today (besides getting to see two of my favorite people together) is that we have an antidote to envy and social comparison waiting to be activated within us. That is, our natural and joyful attention and appreciation of the success and good fortune of others. How cool is it that uplifting and supporting the happiness and success of someone whom we might otherwise judge or resent, can actually become a vehicle of our own happiness and success. That is a true win-win situation! I work with many people who spend hours comparing themselves to the (often untrue) stories that peers post on social media. This is a simple way to dissolve the misery of social comparison and envy in a positive way. Yay, Marie and Rick! Thanks!

  177. This is so very true. After the stillbirth of my daughter, almost 4 years ago, I’ve had to learn how to live in a world where I carry her with me everyday and yet still find a joyful life. It’s been a very conscious and intentional effort. I have said to myself (and others) so many time “why don’t we teach our children how to move through this type of trauma?” Why do we wait until they’re up against the worst of it and then hope they can figure this out? If they can’t figure it out the consequence can be dire. Thank you for sharing this with us Marie and Rick for writing about it. I’ve always intrinsically known this to be true. Now I know there’s actually science behind my intuition! I’m a currently experiencing B-school and the timing of this episode was perfect for me!
    Thank you

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Kendra– thank you so much for sharing how this episode landed for you. We’re so sorry to hear about the loss of your daughter– you’re incredibly brave for continuing to seek help and healing despite the weight of grief you’ve carried these past few years. We’re glad Rick’s work resonates with you and feels aligned with your own ideas surrounding trauma. We’ve certainly come a long way but there’s still work to do. We’re so grateful to have you in our B-School community we hope Rick’s message continues to spark ideas for your own work.

  178. Rafael

    Inspiring, awesome episode! Thanks!!

  179. I can absolutely relate to the ‘be happy for someone else’. I have not ‘suffered’ from envy because of this. It’s a foreign concept to many people though, and I rarely find people who practice it. Hear hear!

  180. This whole episode was so enlightening! One of my big takeaways is to identify what would really help me these days and nurture those feelings as much as possible. This is belief in my true self and the courage to take action with trust in the Universe. This means finding a quieter place to live with a comfortable space to paint even if it means a new mortgage. I will be a friend to myself and honor what I really feel I need to live a happy, peaceful life. I’m sooo inspired! Thank you with all my heart, Rick and Marie! And now, I’m off to order Rick’s new book, Resilient!

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Thanks for sharing your beautiful takeaway with us, Rebecca! We’re thrilled that Rick’s message sparked so many practical ideas for you and that you’re feeling so inspired to nurture your own creativity. Hooray for happiness, peace, and productivity! We wish all of these things for you and more and we’re grateful to have you in our community.

  181. Diana

    This video conversation was brilliant. Rick Hansen is so knowledgeable on this subject and he articulated the concepts, theories and practical applications to help increase happiness and work with negativity bias. Using awareness, choice, direct commitment, focused attention, allowing things to settle into the mind, especially the positive experiences. To use our mind to make our lives a little better. This was all amazing! The nuggets of wisdom were super awesome. Thank you!

  182. Summer Killingsworth

    This was hands down the best! I started taking notes and practically transcribed it in full 😉 Thank you so much for this and the amazing resources you bring our way! Everything was a personal take away but I have to say, I got most excited feeling that the zoo in the mind picture is such a good tool for beginning this learning with kids. So clever, they’ll love it and get it straight away! This is what we should be parenting (ourselves and our children) to now days.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      YES! Amen, Summer 🙂 So glad to hear you enjoyed this episode. Here’s to passing these invaluable tools on to the next generation!

  183. Thank you so much Marie! This was me before I broke up with negativity and walked away from what’s depleting my joy and positive energy. Not on my watch today. The struggle is real. The pain was like hell! And yet I still rise! Thank God for the second chance and finding my soul sista from another motha! Your book was my first purchase since I moved to ??. I love you to the moon and back Marie! I know I’ll hug you when I meet you in person. Our brain is plastic. I trained this MF from negative to positive. Everyday! Not perfect. But proud to say I’m better than yesterday.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      GO Kendal! We love everything about this and are so happy to hear Marie’s book has been helpful for you on your journey. We’re doing a huge happy dance for you over here – keep up the awesome work in lifting yourself up!

  184. Lesley-Ann

    OMG Marie, you do not know how much I needed to hear this today! Thank you for sharing.

    Such an inspirational installment. I can really relate with the Negative bias. I’ve always said, particularly in interviews, that it’s really hard for me to enumerate my professional achievements because for me while doing them, they’ve never seemed to be extraordinary or even anything to harp on…I hear colleagues speak about the impact that I’ve had either in their own lives or on the company and I’m always amazed because for me, my actions didn’t seem noteworthy. Goodness doesn’t seem to have retention power while every negative connotation takes up residence in my mind and never leaves.

    I’m quite eager to try and put these skills to use and develop a healthier mindset.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Lesley-Ann – thank you so much for what you shared here! Isn’t it strange how we can forget such amazing, positive feedback about ourselves and tend to hold on to the negative thoughts much longer? Here’s to really soaking in that goodness and choosing to focus on that instead 🙂

  185. This video is priceless! I’m buying Dr. Rick Hanson’s books now. I love learning the tips on how to train your brain!!! I really believe in these things to help calm your money worries.

  186. Patrick A. McCarthy

    I loved your energy (BOTH OF YOU)!
    What is so AMAZING is that Rick Knows the mInd and how this piece of IMPORTANT matter has evolved for US ALL to help us become the PERSON WE WERE MEANT TO BE!
    I need to watch this episode 10 times to truly “get all the gold” in it!
    Seriously, if I were a gold digger, this would be HANDS DOWN the GOLD MINE!
    Thank you so much!!
    Patrick A. McCarthy

  187. Nisha Foerstner

    Love the idea of neuroplasticity. That is a game-changer. The Negative Default is important to note and being able to receive the good, equally important. Lately, I have experienced positive results as a consequence of wishing to take every issue as a learning. It took some time, but, I persevered and now am in a much better place . Consequently, I am able to absorb B-school, though, be it a slower pace. Life has taken off lately, in a beautiful way.

    Here’s to not letting the past define our present and future. It can inform and even be a guide in a weird kind of way, but it doesn’t have to hold us back.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      This is wonderful, Nisha! And there’s no rush at all – things happen in due time, on their own schedule. We’re rooting for you!

  188. Marta

    This video was so great! I especially loved the part about not to marinate the negative thoughts. Experienced it lately and it was so overwhelming and exhausting. I finally told my self to stop, that’s it, there is no point to think like that anymore. It was though quite hard to convince my head to do it but instantly I felt such relief. Thank you.

  189. I loved this, I love Marie!
    I forwarded this to my 18 year old son this morning and he just wrote back and said:
    “Omg!! I was watching her and 3 hours went by!! She’s changing my life – I kid you not I felt like I was in a rut creatively and personally and she has inspired me to not take it so seriously. I watched her talk with Elizabeth Gilbert and it changed everything!!


    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      YAY, Trudi! We’re honored you and your son are both a part of our MarieTV family. 🙂

  190. Chris Taylor

    Truly wonderful and timely. I love learning to not marinate my negative experiences but to be mindful of that experience, feel it in my body and watch it. And to really build and focus in on the good experiences and grow them every day building up my happiness backpack. Thanks so much x

  191. Ali

    AMAZING. I’m watching this a few weeks late but it was SO SO needed right now in my life. An important question, your shirt is PHENOMENAL WHERE DID YOU GET IT.

  192. I found it helpful when it comes to rewiring your brain…take a deep breath in, exhale, and say love for example, breath in, exhale, confidence for example, in, exhale, trust…etc., etc. Hope it will help someone. Helps me!

  193. My notes! SO many takeaways! THANK YOU! Have been sharing the link with girlfriends. Happy Monday Team Forleo!
    Pet the ?
    Feed the ?
    Hug the ?

    Brain hacks: 1️⃣ not marinate (instead experiencing feelings in a space of awareness and then helping them out the door if they’re poisonous) 2️⃣ stay out of negative bias focus (focus shifting: look for opportunities every day to experience something good (receiving to grow both happiness and strength = more internal tools)

    Social experiences can be reassuring ?

    Negativity bias – look for those optimistic, joyful each day. Remember to integrate. Positive neuroplasticity. Really marinate in it, feel it in my body, breathe, embodied experience means it’s mine… focus on what’s rewarding, meaningful or enjoyable. Increases dopamine and epinephrine. More “up” countenance, feel goodnaturedness.

    Antidote to disappointment and envy: being happy for others. It flips our own negativity bias over!

    Comparison hangovers: poisons one’s own attitude gross & is almost intolerable to be around AND then I have no clue about own (or others) greatness. Yikes, no drinking this beverage anymore if I can help it!! Again, THANK YOU MARIE!

  194. Jacki

    My biggest takeaway from this interview (loved it!) is the following quote:

    “The antidote to disappointment and envy is being happy for others”

    I suppose I’ve known that’s true for a while, but I needed to see it to truly absorb it. I’ve actively been avoiding social media, specifically stuff like Instagram because it makes me drink that comparisonschlagar! I’d like to challenge myself to browse it even for five minutes and try to change my behavior to being happy for others instead and see how that pans out.

    Thank you!

  195. There is so much I’m taking from this video, but more importantly I’m going to share this one with my ADHD son – “The antidote to disappointment and envy is being happy for others.” Part of ADHD is the inability of the body to regulate dopamine levels which give him bi-polar like mood swings. If he can work on this I really think it will help him in all aspects of his life as he gets older.

  196. I can’t believe I put off watching this video for so long. This is Gold! Like everything that was discussed here is a potential game/life changer.

    – The Negativity bias is something I’ve always intuitively known but have never really been able to articulate. So much more good stuff happens to us than bad, but we dwell on the bad, that’s mad though but true, I guess the key (like what Rick said), is in knowing that you can be mindfully aware of the negative without really marinating and diving into it, and in so doing, teach your brain how to condition your mind to focus on the things that really matter and foster a growth mindset.

    Mind blowing stuff Marie, THANKS!

  197. Fantastic interview. Healthy brain is everything. Treasure it, dont overload it.

  198. Very useful thank you

  199. Mellissa

    Honestly, I love every Marie TV interview I watch – they are always loaded with ‘nuggets of wisdom’! Two things that really stood out for me 1) give yourself that time, those few breaths and be mindfully aware – really step outside of the marinating zone – I tend to swim in my negative emotions and feelings constantly and 2) there is an antidote for everything – find the ones you need! I need to work out what antidotes I need to fill myself with! Thank you so much for all this amazing ‘learning’. I am loving B-School also – but needed this to help give my ‘mean-girl’ a kick up the bottom (and I have a very strong mean girl).

  200. Thank you!

    To me it is important to be able to be
    thankful. This is helpful for my soul. Open my eyes and enjoy the allday good Things in life.

  201. Pam

    Amazing! I bookmarked this episode because there’s so much to learn from it. Thanks!

  202. Gina Hovis

    Awesome podcast, I am a life long learner and have always been interested in the human psychology of the brain, trauma and resilience for health care and healing. I enjoyed everything and will continue to follow you both.
    Thank you again!

  203. What a gem (okay, two gems!) – really appreciated this interview, M. It’s always very meaningful and more useful to hear examples and comps, like Rick shared, in education efficacy. Thanks! Keep the TV worth watching coming ~ g

  204. Roberta Giannini Todrzak

    I loved this episode! I love learning more about how our brain functions. I’ve been researching the brain since my Dad was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s & Parkinson’s to understand more about the diseases and their affect on brain and body.

    It’s so true about how we tend to hold on to the negative vs the positive…and why.

    Thank you, Marie, for this interview. It was enlightening?

    • Thanks again for commenting, Roberta! We’re sorry to hear about your father’s diagnosis, but it sounds like you are empowering yourself through knowledge. Wishing you peace and strength.

  205. What you have done with this platform is inspiring. You are really thought leader of this generation

  206. Elvan

    My key take away was around how to make those positive experiences stick! I loved the phrase state to traits, as this is my biggest problem staying with the positive experiences, taking it all in and feeling it in my body, I’m quick to dash off instead of focussing my attention on whats rewarding / meaningful about it for me.

    • Maja - Team Forleo

      Hi Elvan! So glad you loved this episode! Your take away is a powerful one for sure, we all need a reminder to fully soak in our positive experiences and bask in the goodness for a bit longer. Thanks so much for being here!

  207. Great interview! Got a lot of handy nuggets already. Just a quick correction Rick Hanson states that the amygdala is in the Mammalian Brain which I believe is wrong. It’s in the Reptilian brain – Lizzard brain.

  208. Hilda Belmont

    The biggest takeaways that I can put into action inmediately are:
    1. When you have a positive experience (Stay with it, feel it in your body and focus on what´s rewarding, meaningful and enjoyable) This one I was already doing it instinctively if you will, now I will do it purposefully.
    2. Be happy for others as an antidote for envy; I am glad that lately I have been feeling this for my mentors, I would like to grow and be happy for people closer to me as well
    3. Don´t marinate, observe your thoughts and after the 10th time look for a way to walk the dog out of your temple.
    Loved them
    Thank you!!!

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