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Have you ever felt like you’re falling behind and you’re afraid there’s no room left at the top?

It’s as if other people are doing the very things you want to do — only they seem to be doing it much faster than you can.

In our hyperconnected world, it’s never been easier to get off track by comparing yourself to others. With some estimates reporting that adults are spending nearly two hours a day on social media, it’s no wonder creatives are finding it harder and harder to get things done.

That’s why I jumped at the chance to respond to a question from a new business owner who was being crushed by the comparison impulse.

Comparing yourself to others is one of the biggest small business killers there is.

Comparison is the thief of joy, the pillager of profits and the pickpocket of prosperity. Click To Tweet

Why? Because time spent comparing yourself to others means precious time not spent on more productive and enjoyable things. This is especially crucial if you’re working to build up a side business or you just don’t have a lot of free time to move your projects ahead.

In this MarieTV, you’ll learn why and how to drop the deadly habit of comparing yourself to others, and you’ll also pick up a few simple and easy-to-implement strategies to improve your website and attract more customers to your business.

Now I’d love to hear from you.

Today, we talked about the power of going cold turkey on the Compareshlager and covered some tactical website changes that can help any small business owner to be more clear and customer focused.

Based on everything we discussed, what’s the single most important action you can take right now to support your happiness and growth? Leave a comment below and let me know.

Share as much detail as possible in your reply. Thousands of incredible souls come here each week for insight and inspiration, and your action step may help someone else have a meaningful breakthrough.

Important: share your thoughts and ideas directly in the comments. Links to other posts, videos, etc. will be deleted as they come across as spammy.

Thank you a million times over for watching, sharing your perspective and making this corner of the Internet a sanctuary for kind, compassionate progress.

If someone you know gets lost in the comparison sinkhole, please share this post.  Comparing yourself to others isn’t just a bad habit, it’s a dangerous one that will eventually kill your dreams.

With so much love,


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  1. The single most important thing that I’ve found that supports my happiness and growth is engaging in self care. One thing that has helped me besides tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique) is Nature Church. Every Sunday morning, I take a 1.5 – 2 hour walk in a gorgeous park 10 miles from me with a friend. We talk about our weeks, speak candidly about difficulties we experienced, and set intentions for the week ahead. We leave it all out there and by the time we are finished, we feel light and are looking forward to the week to come. Anyone can do it anywhere there’s nature!

    I’ve found that when I feel full and my cup runneth over with positivity, that I am able to give from a place of abundance. Hope my comment is helpful!
    – Biba

    • That’s beautiful! Self-care is my favorite thing. I think it can help all of us create a better life, for both ourselves and others. I also loved your comment because really, nature is the ultimate demonstration of abundance, so it’s wonderful that you engage in it and feel that so clearly! <3

      • I love it! “Nature is the ultimate demonstration of abundance.” I am totally feeling that!!

    • I just wanted to say how much I LOVE your “nature church” time. I’m a huge advocate for self care through my massage work, and I just love when I see people who also know the benefits it offers. Keep it up, love. I’m happy for you!

      • Thank you, Jodie! So glad you liked it!

    • Samira

      Thank you Biba for this great insight.

      Connecting with nature is very soothing and helpful.

    • Tanya Jones

      So true! can be easy to forget to lift your head & look out the window when we’re caught up ‘ doing ‘. Seeing the seasons change and pass reminds me that nothing is set in stone!
      Rainy Sunday in England ( what a surprise!) still putting on my wellies and heading off after my cuppa, just like the Queen haha…..!
      Happy Sunday, Tanya

    • I love this! Thank you for sharing. Self-care is definitely the most important thing for me too. I try to find 30 minutes of peace a day (sometimes 15 mins in the morning and then in the afternoon)… a walk through the city or a park, a meditation, journaling or something similar. It makes a big difference to my happiness and that to the quality of my work and my relationships.

    • This is a great idea!!! Love this 🙂 X

    • Thanks Marie.
      I signed up for B School over 3 years ago and have recently bought and re-branded a Yoga/Pilates/Barre Studio in Byron Bay, Australia. I am on the big Learning Curve, and this episode confirmed my intuition- keep focused on my side of the street! I have just unfollowed my main competition- whose ICA is very different from mine. I feel my mental health improving as I write this!

      Thanks for all you do- I am an evangelist for you over here!


  2. What an amazing episode Marie, thank you so much. You shed light on this subject and made it easy to understand. I’m definitely going to take a look at my website through your lens, thank you, thank you! Mindy Santo

  3. Wow! This episode just hit the spot! The website blocker is an amazing idea! I don’t think I have compare shlager stashed in my cupboard but I do get distracted. The tactical website advice is invaluable too. “If you confuse, you lose”. So true… Thanks a million!

  4. Geoffrey Riddle

    Don’t compare your life to others. There’s no comparison between the sun and the moon. They shine when it’s their time.

    • Katherine

      Wow, that is really clever and very true!

    • Bea

      Love it !

    • Very insightful!

  5. That cop scene is hilarious!!!! Do you know when you lost your prosperity, ma’am? hahahahahaha. So great. I love you Marie. B-School changed my life and rocks my world. Keep shining that bright light of yours. You are a blessing to the world and to me. Love, Lisa

  6. mary lahti

    Such great advice for Brit.
    Brit, keep it up!!!! You’ve gone so far and obviously talented. Keep the Comparison Thief away and all the best to you.

  7. Comparison does stop you in your tracks! Thank you for the pep talk. Marie, I loved how you went over a real website in your episode and showed your suggestions. That is such a great way to show how small changes can make a big impact. I am pulling up my site right now to see how I can improve it…..And I am unsubscribing from all those I compare myself to. Thanks !!

  8. Another great video and message, Marie! I’ve no doubt fallen into the comparison trap and to get myself out, I ask myself “What do I really know about this person? Do I really know how happy they are doing what they’re doing apart from what I see online? Do I know how many clients they actually have and how much money they’re actually making?” The answer is always “no”. This usually gets me out of the comparison headspace and back to focusing on myself and my accountability for my own success. When I’m focused on my own actions and vision, I’m able to tune into my inner guidance. And there, I make decisions that feel most right for me, which more often than not, end up leading to the feeling of success and satisfaction.

    • Gayla Drake

      Wow, very insightful and good advice. Because you’re quite right, we can’t know based on a very carefully designed online presence!

    • Jacqueline Kraszewski

      WOW thanks for your comment. Very helpful

    • David Otey

      Great additional idea of asking those questions. 🙂 Assuming the unknowns about the others definitely means we lean toward defeating ourselves since we tend by human nature to downplay our own skills and fabulousness. Thanks for adding those.

  9. Amazing! Thank you Maire so much for sharing marketing savvy and underlining peoples’ talents. You helped Britt so much with just a few simple&effective tricks.

  10. Love the website design tips in this episode : )

  11. Thank you Marie! Comparison is something that I really struggle with, and it’s so nice to know that I’m not alone and there’s a way to move past it. I also really appreciate the website tweaking advice. Definitely going to see what I can apply to my site.
    I think the single most important thing I can do right now is commit fully to b-school. I’m so excited to better myself and business. Plus it’s motivating me to invest more time and energy into my business. The creative juices are flowing!

  12. The tutorial on how to make your website clearer and more engaging was exactly what I needed as I continue to build my own site now. Thank you!
    I used to hit the Compare-Schlager hard when I was younger, because as a woman in the music biz, it’s epidemic. My eyes got opened big when I started going to the guitar conferences, because I realized that the players I was idolizing couldn’t play my stuff when they tried. I couldn’t play theirs, either! And wow, THAT’s because we all do what we each do exceptionally well, and even though we’re all amazing players, we’re all totally different players.
    Holy wow, that one just whooshed away a LOT of bullshit.
    I agree with an earlier poster about regular self-care, and I also do some gratitude work every day, to raise my awareness of all the amazing things that are magnetized into my life on a regular basis. Thanks again, Marie!

    • Michelle

      Love your statement about how you are all good at being you! No comparison needed because you can’t compare unique being who are expressing their special talents.?

    • almut

      Gayla – this is so true and wonderful and made me smile. Simple, too. Made me think of an important story that my brother received as a gift: You need ALL the different notes and keys to make a song – one of them is never better than the other, only together and in their difference do they all make sense (and beauty). Every single one is thus SO important in its uniqueness. Thank you, and Britt and Marie, of course, for all that positivity and love you shared.

  13. Marie, you’re the best. Your solutions for Brit’s website were super helpful for me! My website has been “in the making” for nearly a year now because of indecision and a lack of confidence. I learned from you and the wonderful Dr. Wayne Dyer this week that it’s totally 100% within our inner power to feel however we want! It can be detrimental allowing others’ attitudes and actions determine how we feel – more the reason to straight-up cold turkey that CS. This is precisely what I’ll be doing to support my happiness and growth – continuing to solely focus on my dreams and how I can be of service to others, one small yet profound step at a time. Thank you for your wisdom and oh-so-hilarious team. Blessings.

  14. Juliana

    Hey Marie and team,
    I always watch and read carefully everything I get frim you, although it is rare I take time to comment. I really loved this episode, it was great you could give such clear and straightforward directions that many people could assimilate to grow and improve. I realise it is not possible to get always such a direct business teaching, but it would be amazing to have more of these from time to time.
    It is a dream to be able to join B-school, I have no doubt it is like no other program! This year I just missed scholarship applications period (pregnant and really distracted), and there is just nowhere on earth where I could get that sum of money, even knowing it is worth every cent (Brazilian money is low worthy these days).
    Next year I really hope I can join.
    Thanks so much for every bit of hope and wisdom you share <3
    Much love and gratitude

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much for your lovely note, Juliana – we’re so glad you were inspired to comment today. We’d be delighted to welcome you to a future round of B-School, and we’re honored in the meantime to continue sharing amazing MarieTV episodes with you!

  15. I have to write everyday. That’s it. That will take my dreams to the next level. Thank you for this Marie! <3

  16. Great video once again! What I do to keep myself moving forward and not let comparison get to me is practicing gratitude every day. So instead of being jealous of what other people are accomplishing, I am spending my time being grateful for what I do have. This allows me to stay positive and it also sends out gratitude vibes to the Universe, essentially telling it “hey, I am grateful for this stuff, can you send more stuff to be grateful for, please?” 🙂

    • Amy

      I love that perspective. That is so honest, even kind of funny, but it is so true. Thank you for sharing.

  17. Monique

    Great episode! To take time for myself each day to “feel the day ahead” and to take the edge out of what might be in the way of happiness and growth. How I do this? I define what I want to accomplish during the day (6 items, no more called “Big rocks”) and make a list of what I want to delegate to the Spirit (Universe, angels, God, whatever your belief is) that day. I also use tapping, or EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) to leave space for creativity taking away the anxiety out of the picture.

    Good luck Britt, you can do it! Know that you are an inspiration to me!

  18. Ah. So SO true. I struggle with comparison a LOT! And part of me uses it to inspire new work, but often, it gets me down. I’m going through this right now with an artist that is represented by the same licensing company as me, and I feel a little down every time I see another win for her…as if I’m not winning. Which isn’t true! I know I am, and this is a great reminder to keep focused on what I do and do best. Thank you, as always!

  19. I’ve heard this message so many times (and tried to quit cold turkey, too!). I have found that unsubscribing from people I compare to and focusing on self-care are my best tactics to build myself up and focus on what I want to contribute.

    I also make it a point to read my own website and testimonials often to remind myself of who my customers say I am and the difference I make in their lives. This practice helps me look at myself with a new perspective, much like you did with Brit’s website. I loved how you went into details with her business!

    Thank you, Marie + team!

  20. Molly

    I loved how you showcased a person who wrote in a question! You were complimentary with her website (and everything she has done so far with her business), and then you offered her a few simple tips that all of us could use with our own websites! I’m in the middle of getting my website up and these were very helpful perspectives! (signed, Future B-School Client)

  21. Ashley

    This was the first episode I’ve watched since subscribing. I am still in the planning stage of building my business so every bit of advice you give, I am soaking it all up. I know now that I can no longer compare myself to other companies like mine because it does make me discouraged and either pushes me to act too fast or doubt my abilities on becoming successful. Thank you, Marie, you’re helping me in more ways than you think.

  22. Thank you Marie!!! XO

  23. This post couldn’t have come at a better time. Recently, I found myself getting sucked into this comparison trap; thankfully, I caught myself before I got in too deep.

  24. Kate Culver

    Great clarity given here, Marie!
    Love the modeling, too. More than just a meaty A to her Q, you demonstrated the power of B-School. Wham Bam!

  25. Giuliana

    OMG. I was JUST thinking about this on my way to work today! I’m a writer and I’ve been working on my book for a couple years (like, as in I started 3 manuscripts ago). Recently, it feels like my genre is becoming more popular and I’ve been like, “GAH, I need to hurry up!” OR “By the time I’m done everyone will think I’m super un-original… But I started this back in 2014!” It’s honestly crazy, but it’s a real fear – that I’ll create something meaningful and unique, but it will be finished at a time when it could be cast off as a copy of something else or not as good as someone else’s who touched on similar themes… *welp.*

    • Amy

      Your work is part of your journey and you need that for you. If you love it there is a good chance that others will too. Christmas is celebrated every year and unless you don’t like presents, decorations and dessert you probably don’t even think of it as unoriginal. However, people like to enjoy some new movies, plays, songs and foods so that it is fresh and not monotonous. Maybe you will find some freshness to add, but if not remember that it doesn’t have to be completely different to be just right. For a lot of people their favorite things are just right the way they are.
      I hope this encourages you as I have thought this way sometimes too.

  26. Julie

    A very long time ago, thanks to chronic illness, I learned to only focus on what I can do……not what my counterparts, who live a very different life, are able to do. I am unable to get up early and blog for 3-hours before the rest of the family wakes up, as is often suggested for maximum productivity. I’m forced to focus differently and adjust due to whatever my body throws at me any given day. There are days that are a bust, and other times that allow for achievement. You have to deal with what you’ve got.

  27. As a long-time creative writer and message strategist, I see joy & profit thievery first-hand all the time—both with my clients and myself, sadly. Don’t drink and do business, man!

    Fortunately, Marie’s right—you can take active steps to combat it. Here’s what I did:
    1. I avoid Facebook 80% of the time (love the “Kill Newsfeed” app for Chrome).
    2. I unsubscribed from all my “triggering” emails.
    3. Most importantly, I developed a process to pinpoint my own points of difference. I am irreplaceable…and I have proof. 🙂

    You can find your points of difference if you set aside time and do a CONSCIOUS review of a few SPECIFIC competitors, then note what’s different about your own process, experience, and worldview.

    Above all, I think standing out is an inside job. Tap into the unique facets of your personality. Embrace your voice and creative ideas. Once you do that, you give power back to your own creative engine—which quickly restores your self-love and acts as an antidote to the comparison demons.

    If you don’t know yet, I highly recommend you examine what makes you magical and unique! Find those gems and hold them close—because you are special and the world needs you to keep chasing your dreams!

    • Sherry Richert Belul

      I love this: “I am irreplaceable…and I have proof.” And also, “standing out is an inside job.” YES!! Thanks for your inspiring comment!!

      • Thank you so much, Sherry! I’m so happy it resonated with you!!

    • Amy

      Elizabeth, I love what you wrote and the way you wrote it. I would enjoy hearing more of what you have to say. You proved your point! Smiles, Amy

      • Oh, Amy, thank you. 🙂 I love to write and speak, so this means so much to me! I’m actually working on showing up more (uh, hello, commenting on blog posts I love) so your note was amazing timing and so supportive! BIG BIG hugs to you!

  28. Kate Cardwell

    I’m wondering if I should change to a different profession. I love the company but not so sure I am a network marketer…this seems to freeze me up. I am an extrovert but think I may need to return to school…to polish skills I love. You’re the best!Thank you!

    • Amy

      I know that feeling. Something to consider… Are you familiar with Meyers-Briggs personality testing? There are several free versions from websites online.
      Sometimes you can learn a new angle or approach to a challenging area. In the movie, “The Blind Side,” there was a football player (student) who was not succeeding at all. He was not a naturally aggressive person and was more quiet and reserved. However, when he was advised to approach defensive play as “protecting the family” his perception changed- and so did his results! He became very successful. My suggestion is that if you love the company you probably don’t have to give it up, but explore ways to nurture and play from your strengths. Note this is for whatever it’s worth. Listen to your intuition.

  29. Sonia Martinez

    Hi Marie,

    Today’s episode further confirmed the fact that investing in myself by joining your B-school was a great decision. You are so authentic, so likable – someone I would love to have as a part of my inner circle. It’s obvious that you are not just doing this for the money (although, finances are super important); you genuinely care about people. Wow, how refreshing!

    I have been in the media sales game for over 20 years and came to the realization that I am not happy and that I can’t deal with the senseless competition and back-stabbing hypocrisy anymore. But, I am afraid. This is all I have done for my entire career. At 45, how can I possibly think about switching gears and fulfilling my dreams of becoming an entrepreneur? I used up all my savings and retirement as I have been laid off for a long time. My immediate concerns are how can I keep the lights on and how can I support my family? I can’t even concentrate on how to build a successful business. Fear is the killer of dreams and I can testify. My hope is that through B-school, I can learn to focus on making my dreams a reality and that the benefit will be in many areas, including financial.

    I just wanted to thank you for being so real and so honest. You help this girl every day with inspiration and with allowing her to feel no so ashamed of her fears and insecurities. You help me to believe in myself a little more. Everyday is a struggle because I do fall back into those bad patterns, but then I watch your inspiring videos and feel myself able to breath again. Keep doing what you’re doing – you are so generous and so genuine and I love you for that!
    Sonia Martinez

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      What an incredible note, Sonia. We’re so honored to have you in B-School, and hope that it helps serve your goals in the best way! We’re cheering you on ♥♥

  30. Amy

    This episode really hit home. I’ve been feeling down and slipping into comparison mode. I find social media to be a toxic place when your already feeling down. It’s filled with people sharing their success not struggles. I’ve been thinking about doing a social media detox but I need to use it for my organization. Any thoughts?

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      I totally hear you, Amy! I’m actually in the same boat myself, as I use social media for Team Forleo but also recently “detoxed” from personal social media. Just in case it’s helpful, I thought I might pass along what has worked for me!

      What I did was remove all my social media apps from my phone, which for me is where I normally checked it. I didn’t delete them altogether, but it makes it a lot harder to login. Then I set special passwords to those accounts like “DoYouReallyWantToLogin?” Obviously you wouldn’t want to use that exactly, but by making my password a phrase that makes me stop and think when I’m typing it in, it keeps me from logging in unless I have to.

      In terms of the social media accounts I use for work, I have separate ones and don’t actually follow anyone there. That way I can focus on replying to our amazing community without being distracted by posts. It could be worth setting up another account if you currently use your personal ones for work, or unfollowing people if you’re already using work accounts.

      This has worked really well for me – it allows me to stay connected for work, but not get distracted too much.

      I hope that helps! 🙂

  31. Wow Marie! I love how you talked us through how to improve that website. So practical and SO helpful. Thanks as always for amazing inspiration.

    • Sherry Richert Belul

      I agree! 🙂

  32. Dear Brit,

    You aren’t alone! Marie’s advice is 110% amazing, as always. One thing I will say, though, is don’t use the word “affordable” in any part of your marketing.

    I run a marketing company that works specifically with interior designers and using budget-minded verbiage like that will attract the wrong type of client. Sure, your ICA might be someone with a smaller budget–so say THAT.

    For example, I use the word “budget” in relation to my group program. Why? I want to steer my high-dollar clients away from that group and into my custom sector. It’s all strategy.

    Sadly the word “affordable” is synonymous with “cheap” and “discounted” and will attract customers who prefer cheap, discounted work over true quality. I know from personal experience that those people are a nightmare to work with. Just avoid them!

    If you haven’t taken B-School yet, I highly recommend it. It will help you narrow your niche market and define more specifically your ICA. Having those 2 things figured out can put you miles ahead of your competition and make you incomparable, which is far more important.

    Also, one thing that B-School teaches is that no one is truly budget-minded. They make decisions based on the percieved value of what you’re offering, so make sure you present your work and your services with as much percieved value as you can give them, and look for ways to incorporate “added value.” It’s never wrong to over-deliver!

    Also, keep in mind that anyone’s online biz can look successful on social media. What you’re seeing from your peers might not be accurate. Chances are high that they have the same struggles you do but simply aren’t being honest about it–which will come back to bite them in the butt.

    Thinking of you, Brit! You’ve got this.


  33. Carolina

    Hi Marie! Every episode I see looks like a sign or an answer to my prayers. I don’t know how you do it, but I found in you a role model and a inspiration of what I want to do with my life. I don’t compare myself to you, I’m just inspired by you. 🙂
    Thanks! Hopefully we will meet one day, and I will be able to tell you (in person) that I’m part of your team 😉
    Thanks for such a great job! 🙂

  34. Another GREAT episode! One of my favorite tools for staying connected to my own passion + everyday success is what I call, “Livin’ the Dream Practice.” I keep a secret Pinterest Board and every day I post things to the board that are “evidence” that my work is having a positive impact in the world and that I am so fortunate to be living within my dream. I post screen shots of happy client letters, engaging posts on social media, grateful notes from coaching clients, etc. This practice keeps me focused on the “why” of my work. Each item I post is like a tiny seed that is part of my garden of dreams. Mary Morrissey says, “You can’t get to your dream, you must come from it.” Comparing ourselves to others seems to plant us outside our own dreams. Livin’ IN them, is energizing and motivating! Thanks for your ongoing amazing content + training, Marie! ???

  35. Thanks for the great advice! This is just what I needed to hear today!

  36. Super Funny Marie (video) ~ THANK YOU ~ so true, with clairity ~ spot on~ with much appreciation ~ Respectfully, Catalina

  37. Jamie

    I loved this reminder! Yesterday I just deleted my instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat apps because I was getting way to distracted and comparing myself to everyone else! It helps so much because now I have time to focus on me. I can’t wait to take b-school this time around since I got too busy to take it last year. Since I am already signed up from last year is there anything I have to do to let you know I would like to take it with everyone this year? Thank you!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Jamie, we’d love to have you participate in B-School this year! If you signed up for this year’s round in the email we sent out in January with your personal invitation, you’re all set to go and B-School starts on March 6th.

      If you’re not sure or are having trouble logging in, please drop our team a line at bschool AT marieforleo DOT com. We’re seeing our highest email volume of the year, but rest assured we’ll get back to you and make sure you’re all set to go for participating this year. We can’t wait to see you in the program soon!

  38. Hi Marie,
    Thanks for this episode. I had always thought you’re SUPPOSED to put your social media on your Home page. Great lesson learned. I’ll try to figure out how to change that…if I stumble, I’ll have my web gal do it.
    The action for me is to quit my 5-to-9 (yup AM to PM) job and immerse myself into my empowerment business. One…step…at…a…time. 🙂
    Be empowered,

  39. WOWSA!!! This was one of the most specific and hands on episode I’ve ever seen you do. I loved it and I want you to go through my website and do that for me!!! I’m a B-School grad if that would get me this epic opportunity!! Lucky Britt. Those changes were huge. Is this a service you offer??

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Hi Kathleen, thank you so much for your kind words, and we love hearing that you enjoyed checking out Marie’s website review today. This actually isn’t a service we offer – this was a one time special thing Marie did for our episode to illustrate some actionable tips in real time. I hope they were helpful for you and inspired some possible changes for your own site!

      Of course since you’re a B-School grad (yay!) you’re welcome to join us for B-School this year. We have some amazing updates to the program, plus you can ask the community for feedback on your site and hopefully get some amazing feedback. Please feel free to reach out to our team at bschool AT marieforleo DOT com if you have any questions about participating again this year or accessing your content!

  40. This episode hit me on two different levels. First…I don’t compare myself to people in my challenge is comparing myself to people in other professions (my husband is a super successful guy and I’m around lots of amazing people). It’s been a growth challenge for me…and I’m always trying to manage this area in my life. Comparison is truly is a thief of joy, connection, and all things good.
    Second, your website advise…holy moly….loved this advise!!! I’m going to plow away at making some changes on my site. Thanks so much Marie! ox

  41. Sandra -NYC

    Hi Marie,
    Thank you so much for this episode. The most important action I took was to signed for B-school on the first day it open up. I am super excited to learn from you and your team of experts about building my brand. I want the freedom ,have the ability to work where I wanted, and create a positive social impact. No more hiding. It is all about taking action. Comparison impulse is deadly but it’s about you making yourself thrive and become the best version of yourself.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      That’s SO awesome, Sandra! We’re honored to have you in B-School with us this year, and can’t wait to see where the journey takes you ♥

  42. deb

    Just what I needed! Love you and your insight xxxxx

  43. deb

    Loved that Marie! It was just what I needed to hear today:)

  44. Tejas

    There is a mathematical evidence and a great way to model ‘Comparisons’.

    In Mathematics (to be specific, Probability), there’s a thing known as ‘Independent Events’.
    Let us say we have an Event A which is tossing a dice
    and Event B which is tossing a coin.

    Events have outcomes. Event A has outcomes of getting a number from 1 to 6 while event B has outcome of getting either a head or a tail.

    ‘Independent Events’ –
    2 Events are independent if their outcomes are not dependent on each other. In our example above, A and B are independent.

    Getting back to comparisons in life or in business – 2 people(events) and their outcomes are independent of each other. So there is a strong mathematical evidence behind ‘Stop’ing to compare people. It means that there is no use/gain in comparing 2 people (their lives and businesses). The comparison would be irrelevant, waste of resources like energy and time.

  45. Pam Burns

    I just realized I do stop myself by comparing my work with others. Must stop cold turkey

  46. Theresa "T" Koenke Diaz

    The single-most important action I can take right now to support my happiness and growth is to get back into my daily meditation practice and exercise routine after a volley of events this past fall that threw me completely out of my routine – whew! Watching these videos also helps with my happiness and growth big time. This was a hugely helpful video, Marie. I love how you thoroughly dissected the interior design website and all of the suggestions you offered. I bookmarked the page to refer to when I’m at that stage of my business(es). Thank you so much!

  47. Thank you Marie for walking us through the website changes.

    It’s so hard to look at our website with fresh aka new costomers eyes.

    I’ll tweak my “home” page :-).

  48. Thanks for this video, Marie. As a musician, it is hard to push past the distraction of numbers and comparison and remain focused on the work. Thank you for the daily inspiration.

  49. paddy faller

    Thanks, Marie – I love your videos and the simple things that you yourself never think of – it’s like a breath of fresh air!

  50. I love everything about this episode and thank you so much for giving her advice on her website. I will look over mine, go back to B-School to reconnect to stay on my game. Love it! Thank you!!

  51. The website overview is really where it was at today!

    But I also needed to hear what you had to say about not comparing or feeling that I am going too slowly. Everything always happens at the right moment, from YouTube videos to checks coming in the mail to the clients walking in the door. I just need to breathe and remember that when I start to think, “I should be doing more, my work should be even bigger!”

  52. You are the bomb! Comparison killed my calling for a while, and now I am digging up the dead remains of it and making it come back alive.

    I feel like this episode is giving me fresh eyes on the scope of what is possible and I look forward to continuing to follow your advice and watching where it leads me. Thank you lovely Marie and gang.

  53. no coincidence that compare rhymes with despair!
    thanks for your thoughtful insights Marie… as usual it was exactly what I needed to hear. I strongly believe that “there’s enough for everyone” — but doesn’t mean i don’t get that OH NO! WHAT IF I’M TOO LATE! fear…
    Can’t wait to jump into B-School again!

  54. Thank you for this episode! The comparison game is such a tricky beast for me and always has been. But! I am working to change that. Going to toss out the comparisonschlager because it’s really only hurting me and I deserve better!!! Thank YOU. I also really appreciated you taking the time to make suggestions for someones site in a kind and loving way…this was so helpful as I am going to be making some big changes to my own while in B-School! YAY! I like (LOVE) starting my mornings with Marie TV inspo. 🙂 xoxo.

  55. excellent website tips, i am looking at my site, it is 3 plus years old and needs updating. many thanks

  56. Hi Marie! Thank you so much for this A (and Britt for the Q)!
    After almost 11 years in the business of hand-calligraphy for wedding/event stationery, I STILL find the Compare-schlager taking up unwanted space in my storage cabinet and I take a swig every now and then! It’s killin’ me and it’s gotta stop now! Thanks again for these wonderful reminders and the advice to focus on serving my ideal client / target market with clarity.

  57. I love that you took the initiative to look into her specific stuff to help her along. I learned a lot from your walking us through the changes she could make and why. I would feel so flattered if someone did that for me.

    I feel like when I ask someone to do it, I’m sending them in with the intent on finding what’s wrong with it. then a part of me disregards some of the stuff they say, so what’s the point. LoL

    P.S. I like the casual look. You remind me of actress Vanessa Marano (who is 24, btw). 🙂

  58. OMG Marie! you really went out of your way! it was like consultation! amazing! thank you for sharing your insights!

  59. Marie:
    Thank you so much for all the information about how to improve our websites 🙂

    All my love,

  60. It’s like you read my mind today. This was a fantastic reminder for me, and your tips were amazing. I’m going back to the drawing board today with my home page too. I now have a course and an ebook, so I need to make that more simple. Love you Marie, wish you could do that with my website!

  61. Love the video, Marie! Especially the targeted site tips- I just signed up for B School and watching this made me so excited to learn more.

    The number one thing I can do for myself and for my business is to stop spending so much time on social media. My first step was to delete Facebook from my phone. Now, every time I get the urge to get on social media, I’m going to replace it with a positive habit- doing a quick breathing exercise that helps me relax. It’s much easier for me to replace a bad habit than to just try to stop something. I’m not giving up social media completely, as I do get value from staying connected with friends, but I’d like to be a lot more intentional about it.

    • Kathleen

      This is a good one! I’m sure if I deleted it from my phone and only had it on my computer for business and friends I’d be far more conscious about how I spent that time. Really great advice, I’m going to do this – thank you!

      • You can do it, Kathleen! I have found that I am less likely to check it on my computer as well- by not having it on my phone, I think about it a lot less, so I don’t even remember to check later on my laptop.

  62. Alison

    Thank you so much for this episode, Marie! I ditched FB because it was truly the Hamburglar of Happiness for me, and I don’t miss it a whit. I also watched your conversation with Hilary Rushford today, and I appreciate that there again you made the point that people have different relationships with social media and that it is not a must to post everything you do and see! I’m a B-School alum who is looking forward to the 2017 edition.

  63. I am glad for the opportunity to be admitted in B-School. I’m glad to be part of your world, I’m highly impressed by the education that B-School spread to the world in large which I’m included. I want to take my Art Business to the next level by Marketing it to the right people. I am humbled to learn to impliment these system in my Art Business Life. Thank you for being whom you are. I am a God Gifted Artist, owner of a Plastic and Contemporary Art Studio known as (Chim’s Heritage Fine Art) to know more about me, visit my site.
    Since I’m reading you , I’m highly empowered, the knowledge of better organisation in my Art Business is arising within me and this is just the begining of my lessons. As at now I’m committed to pay attention to your step by step training so as to understand and apply it to my business. I will never compare myself to others, I will keep off comparism and mentain the flame of Profit and Prosperity for my Happiness and Growth, as I will keep telling the beautiful and victorious story of my life ambitions and project everyday. I move on with B-School, I m proud of this Community.

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    Great video, gret advise. It made me take another look at my own website!
    Thanks, Marie!

  65. Krista

    The website tweaks were great! I’m about to start building mine and love the simple advice you gave, they will work in my biz to!

  66. Sarah

    The single biggest thing I can do is to commit to spending time developing my creative projects every single day.

  67. That was great! Thank you for breaking down what could be done to improve a website. When you review your own site, especially after working so hard on it, it’s difficult to see how to improve it as everything looks/feels essential. Going to review my own, and hopefully be able to apply some of these insights!:)

  68. Ah, this episode was bang on time! Thanks Marie. Comparison is an absolute soul-sucker… I recently deleted over 500 followers on Instagram – some I didn’t even know just so I could clear distraction… I’m making a purposeful effort to stop looking/searching other people’s sites who do something similar to me or are already further ahead.

    The question here is similar to the exercise I just did through B-school with the Follow-through formula so I’ll be committing to running my first ever workshop in a months time! It’s terrifying and exciting as the same time and I know I just need to put myself out there.

  69. Wow, Brit you just got some great, free advice!

    I’m a User Experience Professional with over 15 years of experience designing websites, including CRO (conversion rate optimization) and I agree with everything Marie said. Those were some great, high-level takeaways.

    Another great example by Marie of showing value (not just making promises) for B School. I’m so excited for class to begin 😀

    p.s. One more tip – watch the line lengths on the testimonials, no one can easily read a line of text that wide. Optimal is around 550px…depending on font size.

  70. Great one today Marie, thank you!
    Two things I’ve found really work for me is at least 15 minutes or personal development and 15 minutes of professional development per day. I try and do it before I open my emails to really catapult me in to service and creativity.
    Looking forward to another round of B School – ready to take my business to the next level.
    PS – How do I submit a Q for you to A?
    With Gratitude

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Hi Kathleen! I just noticed your question here, and I’m happy to help. You can find the Q&A Tuesday submission form on this page here:

      Thanks so much for watching and tuning in with us!

  71. This episode was a really wonderful reminder of all of the work I’ve done on my tendency to overdo it with the compareschlager. Some things I do to focus on supporting my happiness and growth are: constantly check in with and add to my to do lists, remembering to take mindful breaks from work, and sharing the importance of self-care to anyone who will listen! I loved the insight to site design, as well. Thank you for everything you do! With the help of empowering women such as yourself and those who make up the virtual village you’ve created, I know my massage therapy business will flourish in due time.

  72. Thanks Marie for the reminder that we are unique! My journey in TBI has definitely shown me that and I have to remember that it is my small biz and my journey and not to compare myself to others or my old self. Love having the website tips.! Keep them coming in this simple easy format. Very helpful and not overwhelming.

  73. Wow. . .that was all awesome advice that you gave Brit concerning her website! Lucky her.

  74. Love the tactical website tips, I’m going straight to my website and making a few simple changes. I think it needs a complete overhaul but I’m trying to take your tips about ‘just do it’ before perfection and keep working towards perfection. it’s a process right?!

  75. Hi there from Norway! Excellent video! Love the tips for the website. I am also a Multi-passionate person, and would love some tips on my page – and how to better conceptualize what I do. I do astrology consultations, write songs, create digital art and write articles. I am also passionate about animal welfare, aspirituality, integrative medicine and health. The problem is – how to put all that into ONE word…? To clarify to potential customers who I am..? I can’t afford B-School, so if there is a scollarship, I’m signing up! Any tips would be most appreciated. Thank you 🙂

  76. What gem you gave Brit and us all in this video Marie. It helps me to reflect on my website and see how I can improve my business. Thank you, lady. You’re golden.
    My answer to your question: 1 single action I can do to improve my growth and happiness: get back to work with the motivation and the good vibe I have from you.
    Milena from Singapore

  77. Mary

    Great episode – love the cop scene haha. Whenever you start doing comparing which isn’t helpful thats a signal to get on with your on business instead of wasting that energy. I’m sure successful businesses didn’t spend energy comparing themselves to other businesses but rather focused on their own business.

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    It is my first time to watch MarieTV. The practical steps are really surprised me. Thank you!

  79. This episode hit the spot…. I have gotten drunk on compareschlager 🙂 and have to say that over the last 3 months, I am in recovery! I took Facebook off my phone for this very reason and also for all the political drama. Too much energy expended!! Thank you for the tips on website function and will incorporate those immediately! Blessings to you and all that you do!

  80. Marie, this video is one of the reasons I love you! Hilarious and packed with helpful info! I love that you took the time to look through one of your fan’s website and give advice! That is amazing!

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  82. Marie,

    I was so impressed that you actually went to the website and gave such concrete advice. That really moved me!:)
    As usual, what a great show!

    • I echo Bree’s comment, it was a refreshing to see how you help this small business owner, she will be thrilled with the positive and constructive feedback. I love that you took the time to go to the website and review it – it really moved me too. Great episode.

  83. Hi Marie,
    I avoid looking at the competition, but when you engage a marketing person or website designer, they ask who are your top 3 competitors. So sometimes you have to look.

  84. Violetka Ivanova

    Thank you, Marie! I love this video and find it really helpful. The tips for the website are great and will definitely help me in designing my own website. I totally agree that comparing your progress to others steals your dreams, as we are unique and have different internal rhythm. The single most important action I can take now is to create my online business connected with my purpose in life to inspire, help, educate and give, and of course to have the financial freedom to venture in more learning and travelling. I am so grateful I found you! Your clarity is awesome, I am learning a lot from your videos!

  85. Benson Modie

    Absolutely wonderful, and thank you so much for all the education!

  86. Fantastic! I learned that comparing steals my joy and prosperity!! I am aware that I compare somewhat, but this brings it to a whole new level. Stealing my joy and prosperity?!? Nope not worth it! 🙂 Goodbye comparing!!

  87. Annette Phillips

    The single most important action I can take right now to support my happiness and growth is self care. This comes in many forms and styles but today it comes in giving thanks.
    Thank you Marie and Team. You are so generous, kind and powerful. I am so grateful I am part of BSchool.
    Today’s episode was an absolute corker. The clear, concise, specific feedback for Brit was so helpful and timely. It has inspired me to get my website off the ground…very soon.

  88. Thank you for your wonderful advice Marie! It has given me great ideas for my website.

  89. Tiina Tuominen

    Great advice and practical implications. LOVE THAT. Thanks Marie.

  90. hello,
    do you comment like you did on britts website to
    the people on bschool?
    i am struggeling with my website and need much help over there…

    hank you!

  91. Luciana

    It is true ! Each person has a purpose does not have to compare if he / she has to find the purpose

  92. The website tips are so valuable to me. Seeing you go through with a red pen really helps me directly apply your wisdom to my website. Thanks Marie

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  94. Giovanna

    Hi Marie,
    Loved the cop video! Lol, your comedy skits crack me up and drive your point home! Also loved how you took the actual website to help make improvements! You rock 🙂
    Ps…..I’m this close to signing up for B school. Have no clue what I’m aiming for, no business, but feeling the pull of wanting to be a part of this.

  95. I’ve found a different strategy around combatting comparison, and it’s one that I think you model so well, Marie. Instead of going “cold turkey” and blocking people on Facebook, I challenge myself to truly celebrate others.

    I think that if we shut others out, protect our ego, and dissolve into ourselves—even if we’re doing it in the valiant attempt to end comparison—comparison wins. It shrinks and isolates us.

    So when someone in my circle accomplishes something really great, I call her up and suggest we go out for drinks to celebrate. Or when someone on social media posts something that makes me jealous, I discipline myself to like or comment on it, to show support. My heart follows my actions, and this practice has transformed my old habits of comparison.

    Thanks as always for the great content and opportunity to discuss!

  96. Marie, this episode really touched a sensible spot in me. Yesterday I saw a free live training a friend did for the launch of his new online academy. I attended mostly because the topic was sales and I have been struggling for the past 2 years to build my own online coaching service but I my results are really bad. As I was watching the training I was thinking that I am never going to be able to do those big launches and have hundreds of people on my programs. I felt like a complete failure.
    I appreciate this episode , I understand that my results are more about what I do than where others are. I am considering getting a job to have a steady income and keep working on my project on the side because the pressure is too big, I can’t take it any more having months with no income. I feel I am not taking care of my family properly.

  97. Thank you for such clear tips on how to maximize the homepage & website. I wish I had time to update my websites. I own a yoga studio and just opened an art gallery and I’m so busy! I need an assistant! I have someone in the wings who will help me revamp both of my sites (the yoga studio and the art site) but I can’t imagine when I will have time to sit down with them and explain my vision. Your video gave me hope though. Thank you!!

  98. I feel that continued learning is the single most important action anyone can take for happiness and growth. Take steps every day to improve your personal and professional development. Read trade magazines and articles, follow personal improvement blogs. Watching Marie Forleo is a great way to develop yourself in both areas!

  99. Julie

    After following you for years, I have gotten away from watching Marie TV. After watching this episode, I know that has been a HUGE mistake!! This was a great episode and very uplifting. I am shifting my business from data and systems consulting to nonprofit management consulting for Executive Directors and Chief Operating Officers, including creating online courses. As I have been researching what else is out there, I have definitely felt deflated by those who seem to be already doing what I do. But now I will stop the comparison game. My gifts are different than others, I have years of valuable experience to share and I just need to do it!
    Looking forward to doing B-School again with this new focus. Thank you for ALL you do for our community, Marie!

  100. Loved this episode. Comparison is SUCH a black hole for me – I’m learning to stop beating myself up for not being where I want already, and instead keep trying to improve myself.

    Also – loved the website overview! I’m in the process of redesigning mine currently so it was so applicable!

  101. Amy andrews

    This was so great. Thank you, Marie. I get stuck in the comparison game and for me the single most important thing I can do is take Facebook app off of my phone! I am also going to use website to prioritize my time. I also thought your website tips were really clear and helpful. Thank you for sharing your expertise with us!

  102. Marina

    Thank you for this compare and despair video! The timing of this topic couldn’t have come at a better time, and I loved the website overview.

    I struggle with the same issue as “Amy”. I’m in the process of rebranding a travel/fashion website and social media is a vital component of the marketing strategy. I find most aspects of social media totally loathsome and rarely visit my personal FB account. But how do you shield yourself from the nasty comparison game when your business success is dependent on daily engagement on these channels? Thank you!

  103. Totally awesome – so grateful to have some simple, current and practical info on how to update my website and make it more valuable for my clients. I love my work and would so love my website to reflect that back for my clients. THANK YOU FOR YOUR GENEROSITY, MARIE – you’re a star xxxx

  104. A few things that support my happiness and growth is self-care and spirituality. Every morning, I meditate and journal about my goals. Sometimes guided visualizations or mantras will help me stay focused on my goals and stay true to myself.

    When I compare myself to others, I find myself getting distracted or copying my voice to be more like theirs. That’s when I have to sometimes click out of their site or even hit unsubscribe, so I can focus on myself and my own voice.

    I also ensure myself that I am on the right path. Sometimes I get shiny object syndrome and want to do something else or being someone else. We have to do what makes us happy. We can’t expect to be happy copying someone else’s success.

    I loved the tips and strategies that you gave her. I will take those ideas and implement them for my own site as I revamp it.

  105. This is my favorite Marie TV Ever! Can you do more like this? The Website Tips…More Please! Yes comparison is bad…it causes me to stress myself out and worry.

    • Penny


  106. This was just what I needed to hear! A few weeks ago I reached out to someone to hear about her business. She’s been amazingly successful financially in her business and only opened a few months before me. I felt paralyzed from comparison and suddenly what I have worked so hard to build seemed so puny and meaningless. It caused me much grief, irritability and frankly, stole my joy. Suddenly, I began to approach decisions from a place of fear out of the desperation of trying to earn more income. It obviously was not working for me so I had to let go of comparison, realize that success is measured in different ways, and let go of fear and move forward. Now I realize how damaging comparing oneself to others can be. What a nasty trap it can be! Once I got recentered and began to approach my decisions and problem solve with love and joy in my heart, the pressure and anxiety were released. Thanks for the reminder that we all do this sometimes and that it’s definitely worthwhile to avoid the habit!

  107. Laura

    Hi Marie. Thanks for the advice on not comparing myself. Coincidentally, I have recently taken social media apps off my phone, as I found that even though I wasn’t obsessive about them, I was comparing myself to others and not feeling that I measured up in terms of my success vs. theirs, and where I “think” I should be at my age (I’m 51). While I am very happy having switched over to a mental health service field a couple years ago, I’m not where I thought I’d be financially, and have been struggling with my idea of success vs. failure. Thanks again for the guidance! Much appreciated

  108. Sara G

    Thank you Marie for a great episode. One nugget I took from your Q & A is to put a block on a website that I have visited every now and then. I just visited it a week ago and the same thing happens: I feel bad about myself when I see the successes of this business and then I’m wracked with doubts about what I’m wanting to do.

    I needed to see this episode today. It will allow me to move forward in a more positive way, I believe.

  109. I loved this episode? . Lately I have been falling behind and also seeing others perform well…I couldn’t do well. I easily get into comparing myself with others. I am doing blog…but I could not do well some how. I feel i am missing something. Can you help me in how do i get ideas into reality and set myself apart from others.

  110. So true! I unfollowed people and put them into a special category so I don’t see them just for this reason. I quickly realized how looking at other peoples’ “seem to be successful” journey gets me down, drains my energy and doesn’t add any values. Being an entrepreneur isn’t easy, especially many of us are juggling many things at the same time. We need to focus our energy on what moves us forward.

  111. Bertha

    I loved this episode, it was very helpful as I am currently building my business as a Health Coach and I have seen hundreds and hundreds of sites for “inspiration”, I’ve started putting together my website and this insight was just what I needed to focus on the UX. I feel like I am going on the right direction! Thanks Marie for making this entrepreneur journey fun and entertaining fur us who have embarked on this adventure!

  112. I love this episode and all the other episodes you and your team make. You give the word HOPE a new meaning and I love that about you. I’ve had my business for a little while now and trying to make it the way I am instead of comparison. My business is about mind, body and soul, as I design things in different areas like intimate apparel, crystals, sage, and home decor, but try not to go to far and get lost. I feel like I’m going in the right direction. Thanks Marie for making the entrepreneur journey fun and entertaining as I embark on this adventure! Namaste

  113. The single most thing I can do right now is work my butt off in Bschool. I know if I succeed in this, my business will start to make sense and everything will improve from their. Those small actionable website tips were very helpful. I made a few changes right away for a completely different field (product based)!

  114. Marie, thank you so much for so amazing episode! I like your energy, which I can get from your words. You are the person, who can inspire others 🙂

  115. That was fantastic! I love your vignettes and the playfulness you have in every episode. So much fun! Compareshlager gives me such a hangover that I just can’t anymore. It’s easier to be creative and do you. I find inspiration in others but I force myself not to let that “she’s doing better than I am” voice have the mic. The more you practice it the easier it seems to get. However, I realized during your episode that there are a few peeps I need to delete on my social media accounts because it isn’t healthy thinking time when I look at their profiles. Thank you for that. I always get a delicious nugget of good from your videos. Thank you!

  116. Very good advice not to compare. It’s often apples to oranges.
    Point One: In my area there are two ladies – biz goes by J&L Design. When we moved here over 20 years ago, they already had a small design studio in a retail spot. I know they’ve done a few show and tells at a high end custom home builder in a gated community – we’re talking Chateaus and such. So, they’ve been at this a long while.

    Point Two: Talking to my upholsterer, we were chatting about our taxes and $$ we made last year. He told me J&L cleared 2Million. What I don’t know is if what he made and what they told him they’d made is net or gross profit. If you don’t work your biz the right way, you can have lots of “sales” but much less profit.

    Point Three: They were already wealthy when they started the biz.
    This is why I don’t compare my biz of 8 years to them. Not that I can’t design as well as they can, but when you are already wealthy you have the contacts to get started who are in the same income level.
    Like many of the very top designers,I personally know – who in some cases didn’t get a degree.
    Can’t spell it out any different. Think this highlights why it’s not worth wasting time, worrying about what someone else in your biz is doing. Otherwise you can’t move ahead.
    Oh, and I’m working on updating my site again. Have to keep it fresh every few years. No photos up as they are being sized to all be the same. In my area, nobody tells the story next to the photos. Also having new logo done.

  117. Hi Marie,
    Thank-you for the clause in the Refunds section of your Terms and Conditions which states that if one plans to wait to start working on the program, one should reconsider whether B School is the right fit. I take daily chelation from March 2 to 16 in preparation for a mercury filling extraction – have genetic toxicity issues. This happens when Modules 1 & 2 are being offered. I have taught Music for Young Children for 15 years. The last two years, enrollment has been down 25%. I have spent the last two weeks stuggling with my decision to join B School. Thank-you for your clarity.

  118. Hi thanks some great web site advice so many sites sitting around doing so little including mine, when there’s so much more to gained. I need to make some changes quickly.


  119. Julie Dufour

    Wow ! Marie (and Team Forleo) I’m impressed by your generosity with all those powerfull advice you gave her.
    Thanks a lot.

  120. Samira

    Thank you Marie for this amazing episode.

    Whenever I happened to see someone who has done what I want to do, it inspires me now instead of throwing me back to frustration. I feel inspired because I get the message that people care about what I care about so I can confidently present my contributions to the cause.

    Another thing that you have told me to do…”Keep your eye on your “why”.” People may be doing the very same things that I want to do but my “why” is different from their “why”. The reasons are different.

    My strategy is to eliminate the distractions and focus on my work and getting inspiration from the surrounding environment and the environment within me (meditation in nature that is outside, under the sun, surrounded by flowers and trees )

  121. LOVE your feedback, Marie. It helped me think about improvements for my own. I agree, eliminating distractions and excess FB groups and socialmedia is essential. Logging off and setting specific timeline boundaries works well and never get on FB first thing in the morning because it eats up peak productivity time.
    Thanks Marie!

  122. I ***REALLY*** liked how you SHOWED Brit the changes you think she should make that would help her website be more user friendly and on point!!!! I would be oh so happy if you would do examples like this more often! I’m a visual learner, so “seeing” is key for me. I am working on my own website right now and looking for advice. I am contemplating your Copy Cure class, but haven’t made the plunge yet. Not sure why I’m hesitant because if it’s anything like you, it’s freakin’ fabulous! Marie, I have learned so much from you!! THANK YOU!!!

  123. Thanks for this quick and informative video! I especially think the website tips were awesome and are going to help me at this time as I’m defining my target audience and trying to get a blog up and running!

  124. Thank you Marie – I love these Tues. shows and marvel at how much time, training, talent and FUN you give us for free! I’ve been so inspired that I finally joined B-School and couldn’t be more excited!

  125. Dear Marie! These inputs were just fantastic!
    Actually, I would LOVE to also get some feedback from you – about a year ago I posted about my idea that I wanted to launch my sustainable and social fashion label (Bags made from bra’s) and meanwhile that dream has come true!! is live and we’ve had quite some media coverage! but: since I lack a good sparring partner I feel the site should be reworked (but ask myself how exactly..) and have a simlar question for my newsletter structure! would you want to have a look at my newsletter? since I have a unique product that has no competition here in europe so far, it would be AWESOME to get your support!
    and: I LOVE your posts!!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Hi Andreia, thank you so much for your kind words, and we’re so happy to hear you love our posts.

      While Marie is unable to provide individual feedback, as this episode was actually a one time special thing to showcase some overall tips in real time, I hope the strategies she shared were helpful for you and possibly inspired some great changes for your newsletter!

  126. I loved this episode, Marie. What a great idea to go through Britt’s website bit-by-bit and virtually show the adjustments you recommended. Great suggestions! I got so much out of that. ** Britt…very pretty, sleek website. Would you mind sharing who powers your site (Square Space?) and the name of the template? Many thanks and good luck to you!

  127. Traonah

    This was a great episode! Wow!

  128. Ok, just had to share this because since watching this video this is all I can think about. I cleared out social media that I was getting “stuck”on comparing myself to and that was great, it felt really good. I said I’m changing my brain and competing with me from now on. That was good. Then out of the blue I get a message from a client that says… “Hi Steph- Just a note of appreciation. I really value your work. Reminded daily as I wait… and…, wait and wait for others to fill orders. Just saw your picture and thought ” Steph does it right.” Nothing new right now but more coming. Kyle ” That meant the world to me. It made me realize that I don’t need to compare myself to others I just need to do me and that is good enough, and some people will even appreciate it. Sometimes it is really scary to bring out your light and not hold back. But sometimes is is really fun to shine. I so appreciate the gift you give us to be yourself and don’t worry about the rest. Thank you, thank you, thank you Marie for all the amazing work you do. I can’t tell you how much it has changed my life, for the better, in so many ways. Namaste.

  129. Katie

    Wow so generous of Marie to support Brit in detail on her design website! <3 <3 <3


  130. Russell

    To find a Mr. Right as my partner for my own business. Although I am lucky enough to have my wife, Ms. Right, to support my whole family and even work, I’ve been exhausted to use up my energy and credit due to the improper partner…
    Recently, I’ve totally understood that that’s the biggest block for my goal. So the most single, critical action, is to find a “REPLACEMENT” for him, to truly support my happiness and growth. Only if I do that, I’ll be reborn and keep moving forward again.
    I wanna keep moving! Don’t stop me! I love you, my wife and my adorable son, so I won’t let you down. Losers, come on!

  131. Sandrine Jacobs

    I think that moving forward, focus and simplify will definitely enhance my happiness. It will give me the power to believe I can change the world and work with a purpose. Comparaison is definitively a poison.

  132. OMG Marie, that was awesome! How did you do that? I learned so much in just a couple minutes! Thank you so much for sharing your brilliance ?

  133. Hi Marie,
    I actually don’t compare myself, I just run my own race and don’t let what others are doing stop me or make me question myself, because I don’t follow others in my field, or compare, I seriously, just do my own thing…. Katrina.

  134. A O

    Love this video. I really need to revamp my website and this reminded me of sage advice I received on what to do. I appreciate the visual example and love the Tweetable!

  135. Replacing time spent on distractions and negative thoughts
    targeted and productive work, and things that are self-caring.

  136. Hi Marie!

    I have just found you, through the podcast Thrivebydesign! You all are f a n t a s t i c !!!
    You inspire and pep and I’m super excited! I find that comparing myself to others is – just like you say – a thief… like the air going out of my ballon.
    I have build my own small business from scratch all by myself and you guys have come like sent from above my way! Thank you, thank you, thank you! This is it!

    I am redoing my website and this was really helpful.

    Love from Scandianvia

  137. Ana

    Guuuys 🙂 I have to share something
    Ever sincer I enrolled in the B-shool programme, everything goes my way. I can’t explain why.
    I wake up energized, I win over negotiations and have lots of positive energy.
    I feel like flying and the course has just started.
    I have to thank you for encouraging me in the past, here in the comment section, when I said that I feel stuck in the family business. I managed to be honest with my family and tell them what I really wanted and they supported me and I still work with them but I build my dream in parralel, while having money to invest in learning and trying new things.
    Lots of loveee

  138. Marie,
    This episode really hits the spot. Too often, I find myself comparing my ambitions and hard work to those of similar dreams. I get most upset when I see someone who doesn’t work as hard as me gets ahead, whether that be by personal connections or more money to spend from family trusts.

    However, I have to remind myself that hard work pays off, and we are all called to our own paths and our own unique lives. I have to remember to work hard, not giving up no matter how discouraged I may become. Moreover, it is very important to filter out websites and people who constantly crush my motivation and ambition.

    I also really enjoyed the portion of this episode where you gave website advice. That advice is so versatile and welcomed!

    Wonderful episode!

    Brooklyn Salisbury

  139. Denise

    I was recently introduced to your work through another woman small business owner who collaborated with me. You hit close to home with this comparing post. Logically I know its not helpful or often true in the big picture to compare and put myself down. It still creeps in at times. Thanks for your shedding light in this area!

  140. Elika Mather

    that was extremley helpful Marie, made it a useful reminder of tweaks needed on my website!

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Elika, we’re THRILLED to hear how this helped. Thanks for tuning in.

  141. Wonderful suggestions I can act upon Marie thank you so much for your continuing support.

  142. Love the podcast. Hard working is the only key to success.

  143. Great marketing tips. Very useful video! Thank you Marie and team!

  144. Rae

    You are AMAZING, and the timing is impeccable! Not only have I fallen into the comparison/I am not good enough trap as of late, I have had other people compare my business to others. (As in why others are sooo successful and growing, and I am not)
    Of course that drags me down further, as to “what I am doing wrong/why can’t I get anything right” feeling.
    Thank you for inspiring, encouraging, and helping me not throw in the towel!
    **Also great insight as how to look at my website. Opened my eyes, for sure!

  145. Heidi A Thomson

    I really loved this segment that included suggestions on the website. I’d love to see more website reviews!
    What about an opt-in? Normally there is so much focus on the opt-in especially on the home page.
    Thanks for all you do, Marie and Team!
    Heidi 🙂

  146. Clicking on my Instagram profile to see how many followers I have – that’s the number one thing I am cutting off! Comparison of those fluctuating numbers…whew! Not good for my head. Or for my creativity. Or for my voice. Thanks for the insights.

  147. Lisa Johnston

    Thank you Marie Forleo. You are an ahMAZing woman! I never fail to feel inspired and full of gratitude when watching Marie TV or reading the insider blog.

  148. Criselda Rubia

    You have just taught me how to manage my time smartly to spur my dream business into profitable reality by eliminating the energy draining and time-consuming habit of comparison, to lessen my and prospective customers’ unproductive socializing time on social media, as well as useful tips on designing a webpage. Thank you so much Marie Forleo!

    • Heather-Team Forleo

      We LOVE hearing that, Criselda. We’re so glad that you’re here and found this episode helpful.

  149. Robin Bruce

    This episode is so helpful! It’s funny because I already “unfollow” a few people on facebook that I often compare myself to. I thought I was being weird and spiteful, but my intentions are about comparison. I want to stay focused and not seeing what other people in my field are doing works for me. It’s like not bringing ice cream into the house. If it’s not there, I won’t eat it. Thanks Marie for validating my ongoing practice of doing whatever it takes to focus on me and my business – ‘By any means necessary!’ Haha!

  150. Svetlana

    I think that comparison is an important part of your business development. By comparing yourself with your more successful competitors, you can have stronger feeling that you must be better than they. And you will find a way to achieve it. And you can researcj and study their models, their ideas, and take them as example for your development. In other words, comparison may become your driving power. When I see that my competitors are much better than I, I think how to improve my business. Comparison may be a source of power driving your passion, your desire to compete, and as a result, in some time you’ll find yourself ahead of your competitors, and they’ll have to catch up with you. Therefore, I think comparison may be useful, unless it brings frustration to you instead of passion and resolution to catch up and surpass.

  151. To delete the social media apps, although, i use them as my branding so i get a little stressed cause i feel i always need to be online to like and comment others. I network a lot online and i love it så im not sure how to manage that, haha.

    • Heather-Team Forleo

      Caroline, social media apps are a huge part of our lives and businesses these days. There’s most certainly a way to keep them to stay connected, while controlling how they steal our time, attention, and feed that comparison feeling.

      The simple act of putting your phone in another room or away at certain times during the day can crate a shift that you may find helpful.

      • Hi! Yes, thank you! I never have the sound on and i turned off notifications, that little gesture is doing a lot when i compare my phone stress level with others.

  152. I loved the live demo and all the tips for her website – I will definitely be using them for my own!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Fantastic, Curniss! So happy this was helpful for you 🙂

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