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Ever have one of those days where it seems like things just keep going wrong?

Sure, you’re still breathing. But beyond that, it’s a sh*t show. Problems start stacking up like hotcakes. No matter which way you turn, things seem to get worse.

Writing it down kicks stress outta town. Click To Tweet

I had one of those days earlier this year, and it was not cute. In fact, I got so heated on the phone that my ever-so-insightful-and-supportive man Josh came into the room to make sure everything was O.K. (Hey – I’m Italian and from NJ. I can be, shall we say, very expressive at times!)

Turns out, that highly-annoying afternoon gave birth to a highly-effective strategy to deal with stress. Best part? I’m still using this tool, over 6 months later, and it works like a charm.

No matter who you are, or what your life is like, chances are you’ve got some stress from time to time. If that’s true, I think today’s tool can really help.

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As promised, here’s your bonus download to help you put this to use right now.

Stress Log Worksheet

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Now, I’d love to hear from you. In the comments below, write down one stressor that reoccurs in your business or life. Then, write down at least 3 possible solutions.

I can’t emphasize this enough, writing this down is vital. Whether it’s a permanent solution, an experiment you want to try or a change in your approach or attitude – do your best to be as detailed and specific as possible.

And in your comment, share as much detail as you can. Because as thousands of incredible souls come here each week for insight and inspiration. Your story may just be what someone else needs to have a major breakthrough!

Important: please share your thoughts and ideas directly in the comments. Links to other posts, videos, etc. may be deleted as they can come across as spammy.

Thank you in advance for watching, sharing and spreading the word! You continue to make this one of the brightest, most inspiring places online.  

P.S. Know somebody who gets super stressed out? Spread the love by sharing this with your best friends, clients and colleagues.

With all my love and appreciation,


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  1. LOVE the downloadable!

    That Josh is SO smart. I’ve done something similar to this for a few years. I call it a “brain dump” – and I do it in the morning as part of my sacred practice. I don’ just dump out the stressors, though. I also pour out all the to-do’s, gratitudes, etc. Getting it all out of my head is such a helpful practice – keeps me clear and able to focus on the must do’s of the day.

    Right now, I’m planning a move (we just bought a house), and there are always more details that keep cropping up. One of the things I’ve chosen to do to mitigate the stress, is to receive each new detail as a “pleasant surprise” and act like each one is a shiny new gift, wrapped up with a big bow for me to unwrap when the time is right. That keeps me from freaking out about every new detail, and allows me to address each on in its own time.

    • I love your idea of treating it as a gift waiting to be unwrapped ! And really the whole life is composed of those little lessons, opportunities, aka pleasant surprises ! Thank you for that Lisa.

    • Anne

      Hehe, its funny. Why this woman is aways in the top comments of MF new posts?


      • amy

        haha. Yes! my thoughts exactly.

    • I LOVE this episode, it really resonates with me, and your comments Lisa are also super helpful!

      I have been using the website 750words which challenges people to write that many words each day — unfiltered, private, just for me. And it has helped me deal with my stress so much! Just like the tweetable, writing it down kicks it outta town! I find I can sleep more easily and let go of the anxious feelings that can float in my brain once I’ve just written everything down. Like Lisa I tend to write beyond just stressors, but to-do’s, priorities and gratitudes as well.

      One thing I’m stressed about is buying a house. So, I’m going to:
      1. Shift my attitude. We are so lucky to be in a place to buy a house in a town we love, this is fun!
      2. Get our loan paperwork lined up this week so we can move fast when we need to.
      3. Write down everything we want in a home and visualize us in it happy, content and feeling delighted and relaxed about our house and financials.

      I’m fortunate my husband also helps me balance and keep grounded when I tend to get stressed, SO much appreciation for him and his patience!

      Thanks Marie, Lisa and everyone sharing your tactics!


      • Kristin - Team Forleo

        Good luck with the home buying process, Karina!! I know how stressful it can be, but your outlook is SO positive. Fingers crossed for a smooth and wonderful experience.

      • Karina, I love the website 750words! Over the years, I’ve definitely found that I process things best through writing, so regular journaling is the absolute best way for me to get clarity about anything going on in my life.

        That’s why I love this stress log idea! Honestly, when I first heard Marie mention the stress log, I immediately worried that putting more attention on my stress might attract MORE stress (what you put your attention on tends to grow, after all). But once she explained the “why” behind it, now it totally makes sense why getting your stress out of your head and onto the paper ultimately decreases its power.

        This is a great episode, and I’ll definitely be sending this to some of my coaching clients who are feeling particularly stressed right now!

    • Amy

      When I notice that I am really stressing over something. I take the time to ask myself … did anyone die? Or get hurt? If the answer is NO (and hopefully it always is). Then it’s time to get some perspective. I usually calm down after this and realize my problem is not worth hating myself over.

    • I’m going to think of sudden changes as surprise packages containing something good inside those wrappings. Reminds me of the optimistic child put in a room full of manure. The child happily dug in the sh*t, saying, “There has to be a pony in here somewhere!”

  2. Thank you Marie for this video and reinforcement of the simple benign act of writing. I often get stressed by tech challenges – seemingly simple but often painful. Recently I was trying to figure out a tech problem all on my own, in my head while doing other things and that was created so much of stress ! So much so that I started feeling the ripple effect of it and took it as far as saying to my husband ” I am fine even before starting ! ” and it impacted the whole energy of the house. My wise husband ( we are soo lucky !! ) suggested similar to Josh that my problem was much smaller but my stress was not allowing me to see the reality of it and not helping me to think through the right solutions. So here is what I did and hope it helps others:
    1. Share with someone and ask to Bri ng it all in perspective. I relied on my husband. when we are stressed, we lose perspective and magnify the issue and go down that negative spiral.
    2. Breathe. Change my surroundings. Allow myself some space.
    3. Categorise and write : what’s in my control & what can I do ( write all possible solutions ) & what am I trying to solve here which is out of my control? I feel often we are trying to solve things that are simply out of our control which add to the friction and energy of the stress.
    Bonus : smile and think this shall also pass. 😉

    Thank you for the opportunity to share Marie. Sending you and everyone who visits this Mecca lots of love. Xxx

    • Kristina

      I love your ideas Neha especially the last one – to categorise. So true, I am a control freak and I need to learn how to let go of things that are simply out of my control. I can see how simply writing it down will free me of some stress. Thank you for sharing !

  3. Kay

    One stressor that’s been reoccurring in my life recently is seeing eye to eye with my fiancé on the subject of our wedding plans. Three possible solutions:

    1. Let go of my preconceived notions regarding how the day should play out.
    2. Focus on the marriage and not so much on the wedding day.
    3. Give him what he wants as he doesn’t ask for much.

    After writing this, it doesn’t seem so big a monster anymore – funny that – thanks Marie and Josh 🙂

    • So beautiful Kay ! Congratulations on getting married. You are so keeping it all in perspective – I love that especially your 2. Point – focus on marriage and not the wedding day. Beautiful reminder.

      • Kay

        Thanks Neha 🙂

    • Hi Kay,
      Congratulations on your engagement! You hit it on the nail when you said to focus on the marriage, and not so much the wedding day. Too many times we focus on the three C’s, (carats, cut, and color) when the most important one is Commitment. But the most important one in marriage is COMPROMISE; learn how to do that, and you will have a great marriage.

      Best of luck to you!

      • Kay

        Thank you Danielle!

  4. Patrice Renée

    Marie & Team

    As a single working mother, stress is an every day hurdle. While I understand stress is part of everyone’s life, I know we all feel differently about it…and sometimes…..ok so ALL THE TIME I feel overwhelmed about it! But I am going to download the stress log example on your site to try it….i loved your video and it hit home for me. keep em coming!!

    • Hope it’s helping Patrice Renee’. Action trumps Anxiety. 😉

  5. Love it… 😉

    It’s so true.

    It’s like the overwhelm eliminator.

  6. Love to see this after a busy holiday weekend and having far too many projects going on at once. Even as I start to write this I chuckle because my stress is over having too many things, all of which are really great, going on. Right now my #1 stressor is having things incomplete. I realize the alternative is to leave things they were, and have no projects, but each of these projects are exciting and will make my life and other’s lives better. So, I’ll write down the stress list and and begin to identify who can help me knock out these projects. Today I am extra grateful for my awesome assistant!!

  7. I always find putting pen to paper extremely helpful for organizing my thoughts and schedule, but I never thought to use it for help destressing. What a great idea! Thanks for a great episode and download. I especially love the built in quick tips to use as a starting point, too.

  8. Great stuff, just what I needed. Thanks!

  9. Cindy

    As always, I love the synchronicity of life. My 17 year old daughter and I just last week, sat down and wrote out our stresses. I asked her to since I knew she was feeling overwhelmed and I wanted to get a better sense of what was drawing her focus from the things I wanted her to focus on. She suggested doing a web, putting herself in the middle with bubbles coming off of her center and sub-bubbles off of the main bubbles. She covered the whole page! She suggested I do it too and we had a great two hour plus discussion about our webs afterwards. It really was helpful to see all she was grappling with and I loved having the visual. I found it very grounding and validating when I saw my own web as well. There is definitely power and just simply relief to getting all you are juggling out of your head and onto a piece of paper. I couldn’t agree with you more, Marie.

    • Love that idea as well as the log Cindy. Thanks for the idea!

    • What a great idea! Love this too!

    • This is great Cindy. I’v heard this called “Mind Mapping”. It is a great way to bring space and perspective to anything. Pictures work great mixed in when we can’t find the words.

      • Liz

        Mind-mapping gets my head clear in so many situations. Sometimes it’s a stress dump, sometimes its an organisational tool. Using colour is a great addition to the basic mind-map, to help to sort out all the random brain-bubbles.

  10. STRESS: I need help with my blog and need to hire someone but because I am not monetized YET, it seems as if it is off the table. Cuz I have no budget for it.
    DEAL W/IT:
    1) I could get a free intern, I do live in a college town for heaven sakes
    2) Maybe find a virtual assistant type that only works by project so I am not stressed about providing someone with their full time income.
    3) Find a way to monetize that would at least pay for an assistant salary.

    Ok, your are right need a stress log…right now! I totally whipped that out and it feels so doable now! You are a vlogger rock star! I just found you and have only watched like 3 episodes but holy h…I’m hooked! 😉

    • Thank you Leslie, I shall mirror your organized thoughts as framework since my stress leads to disorganized thoughts. DEAL W/IT — love it!!

    • Hi Leslie
      I’m a starting-out Virtual Assistant. I’d be willing to help you out for a couple of hours in exchange for a testimonial (assuming you’re happy with my work of course!)

    • Good for you Leslie, in starting a new blog! I can relate to your stressers. I have done a lot of freelance writing and web design work and thought I’d let you know there are several top-notch freelance websites where you can find the help you’re looking for with your blog at amazingly affordable prices and pay by the project or by the hour. I trust, but there are many others. Just make sure to hire someone whose portfolio most closely resembles the work you’re seeking. The intern idea is also a great one. Good luck, and remember you always succeed when you’re doing the work you love!!

  11. Great video. Yes by writing this down it becomes very powerful! I will try to also write my stress issues down!

  12. Iryna

    I love the neologism “stressorcism.” I am starting the “stresslog” right now so I could share my experience with the stressorcism later.

  13. Bree

    Love this! thanks Marie! (and Josh!! 🙂

  14. Yes!…this works and I speak from experience. Almost twenty years ago now, when I was going through an incredibly stressful time dealing with a very contentious divorce having 2 kids and my ex and I were at each other…learning to write down feelings and reactions BEFORE expressing them out loud was incredibly helpful and therapeutic. This takes the concept to another level…as always great stuff, Marie

  15. Claudia

    Dear Marie,

    Thank you! I admire of you the simplicity with which you talk about wise stuff. It is so approachable! People can relate to it! Thank you! It is interesting because this morning I received an email that stressed me out. I know myself better now and I know exactly what the email triggered in me. I was planning on sitting down to have a “chat” with the part of me that got threatened or uncomfortable by reading the email. I was planning or writing this dialogue. Then I read your email and watched today’s episode. Serendipitous! I am already a subscriber. I tried to get the downloadable tool, but was not able to. A little window opens after I click on the “click to download” and I am not able to do anything else. I would appreciate to find a way to get access to the pdf tool. As always, thank you very much!

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Claudia, I’m sorry to hear you’re having trouble with the download! The window that opens after clicking “Here’s your very own customizable stress log” in the email you received should display the Stress Log for you.

      I’m going to zip off an email to you right now to help troubleshoot further!!

  16. So, thank you Marie for your timely, strong, clear, positive message… Piggybacking on a participant’s comment:
    STRESS: Developing new business.
    DEAL W/IT:
    1) Commit 122% to an approach.
    2) Visualize and believe in the fruitful outcome.
    3) Action trumps Anxiety (i.e., stress) and Success breeds Success.

  17. Hrishikesh

    Hi Marie,
    Wow stress log. That’s the coolest thing I have learnt today. Thanks for sharing it.


  18. Marie & Team Forleo – so cathartic – stress is grass!

    I am moving – what stress! So I will
    1. Write a list for stuff
    2. Write a list for work
    3. Write a list of how to stay sane.

    Clearly I am a fan of the lists…looking forward to trimming the lists to just one stress log next month!

  19. Nana

    I love the idea of the stress log. I think it really helps. I am a graduate student and writing up my thesis is really stressful. The problem is I don’t know how to deal with it and what to do about it! I need help. Any suggestion?

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Nana, can you break down the elements of thesis-writing that are stressing you out in particular? My hunch is that looking at the smaller pieces of the larger puzzle will help (like looking at specific deadlines and planning for those vs. trying to think of the WHOLE process at once).

      Good luck with it!!

    • Liz

      Nana, my big stress at the moment is exactly the same as yours. Every time I think I’ve finished, my supervisors want something changed, and often something that contradicts what they asked for several months ago. Aaargh! I can’t help myself yet, so I definitely can’t help you, except to say, there’s a lot of us out there in the same [hair-pulling] boat.

  20. This is a hugely helpful, and simple tool. It’s so useful that I have it on my list of ’emergency self-care’ tricks. When I feel stressed it’s because my mind is spinning and I can’t get a clear idea of what’s happening or what needs to be done. Right now I’m coordinating a small piece of a big festival and since I’ve never done anything like this before, it’s pretty stressful at times. Yesterday while we were driving my boyfriend helped me figure out everything that was bothering me about it – all the loose ends that needed to be tied up, questions that needed to be asked, logistics that needed to be worked out – and what some of the worst case scenarios that could happen and how I would deal with them. I still feel nervous, but much more capable of dealing with everything.

  21. Pam Groom

    The stress log is a great idea.
    You rock that dress, and yet it’s a little distracting for the viewer. Even though I’m a happily married female, the dress diluted the great message because it distracts from the message. Keep the dress. Rock it for Josh. Pam

    • Funny Pam, that was my reaction too. {: D I LOVE Marie’s videos, but this time I found that I had to ‘nudge’ myself to listen to the message. Absolutely keep the dress, Marie – for those ‘other occasions’… But do let us focus on your wonderful messages. {; )

  22. Virginia

    Stress Log, mind-mapping, gratitude sheets – all work well. I add to that by shaking out my fingers and arms when I get uptight – tell that toxic stuff to go away. Taking a short walk helps too – or a longer one if possible. Don’t directly think about the issues. Sometimes a solution appears when you least expect it as you aren’t trying to force a resolution or get a different answer. And…as Marie wisely reminds us: change your attitude and/or approach plus know that ‘this too shall pass’.

  23. Thank you Marie for another amazing episode and message! It sounds like Josh is a wonderful sounding board and I am fortunate to have the same in my spouse. I am a physician working in physician health so stress management is one area I focus a lot of my attention on. The thing is, I am not always great at managing my own stress, but I am really trying to incorporate the tools I teach. I really like the idea of keeping a log and see the benefit in writing it down to minimize it and make it surmountable.

    So right now one of my big stressors is an upcoming national presentation, in front of peers who also work in the same area I do. I am not only terrified but have a lot of work to get done.

    1. Self compassion – what would I tell someone else in this situation?
    2. Carve out time to get working on the presentation – write it in my calendar.
    3. Practice and own it – despite feeling completely vulnerable.

    Already feeling better!

    • I totally agree, when giving a big presentation, start with self compassion. It helps you get started, and it makes you sound more natural.

      Thanks for the reminder!

  24. I love love love this Marie and Team Forleo! Especially the part about OWNING the stress. It’s a total shift in perspective. It basically gets you to stand up and have a Face-off with your stress and kicking some bootie!

    To answer your question…what is stressing me out right now in life? I’d say my non-existent sex life with my hubster is pretty darn stressful (oh wait…did I just admit that on MARIE FORLEO’s blog?!?!) I guess me being open about my marriage on my own site has opened the honesty flood gates. 😉

    Getting more Flight of the Conchords “Business Time” into my routine doesn’t seem like an easy task though. We’ve been able to reconnect and find more intimacy using EFT to “Tap the Sh*t Out of my Husband” but actually getting to the point of rekindling the sexy time is proving more challenging.

    BUT I know that if I work on ME being happy then everything else will fall into place. I’d be more open, happier and that would be a hell of a lot more sexy then me complaining and moping around.

    So, how can I be happier?

    1) Exercise at least 30 mins daily (outside when possible). Boom. This is going to be a really big thing because it is a YES YES YES for so many reasons. To be healthy, reduce stress, look and feel better and take some time for me.

    2) Writing down what I eat, because I have a nagging suspicion that I am still eating for 2 (um…I have a 3 year old so that is SO not an excuse anymore). This isn’t just about losing some weight though…but about eating food that makes me feel amazing (for example…sugar and milk are NOT my friends…but I LOVE ICE CREAM!)

    3) Compliment my husband at least 3 times a day and throw in a couple hugs too. It feels really sad that I need to write that down but it’s something that gets pushed aside with all the daily grind/biz stuff after 6 years of being married.

    So there you have it. Those are the 3 things I am going to do to take more control over this stress maker.

    Thanks so much for this video Marie! 😀

    • I really enjoyed exploring your website. Thank you for being so honest. I am trying to do that too- I am grateful for your invitation and inspiration.

      • Hi Chandra,
        Thank you so much for stopping by. It is brand spanking new (launched 2 days ago) and I’ve been flooded with so much love and positive feedback it really has been amazing.

        It scared the crap out of me to be SO honest, but I thought…if I can do it, then maybe it will show other mama’s out there that they are not alone and that they can do something about the way they feel.

        I popped over to your site as well and love your blog post about dressing your truth. You are gorgeous. 😀

  25. Carolyn

    Totally agree and thank you for sharing !

    I like the stress log idea — I’ve been using my Passion Planner to write it allllll down — it really makes a difference for me to write it down. I use my planner to plan, organize and vent the ‘good, bad and ugly”. I will now incorporate your stress log format to my passion planner blank pages — it even gives me an idea of how I can use it to address one of my primary stressors. Balancing my mom role and expanding my professional work — going to create a stress log for my kids!

    Fabulous !

    Much appreciated – keep it coming I love your Tuesday videos!


    • Ooo Carolyn,
      I have a passion planner too and I LOVE your spin on using it. I am so not a paper and pen girl for planning events etc now. Google Calendar all the way. I stopped using the planner because I didn’t really feel like it was working for me BUT I love your Good, Bad, Ugly approach. 😀

      Thanks so much for sharing.

  26. Love this video! I’ve been stressing A LOT lately because I have to travel for a week with family this month and also have to work on the road. Dealing with family + travel + work stresses me out so much I get headaches and just want to curl up in bed. But just a few days ago I realized I hadn’t written in my journal in a long time (I used to journal every single day for years and have filled more than 20 notebooks). As soon as I sat down to write again I immediately felt better! This video is a great reminder. It really does help, especially if you are the kind of person who thinks a million miles a minute like I do.

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Naomi, journaling is the BEST. So happy to hear you reconnected with it and felt better right away!

  27. Hi Marie,


    Lately I’ve been stressed because I feel like I have three jobs, teaching literature, writing fiction, and blogging. I want to be able to succeed at this stuff, but it also hurts when I get taken away from my family. But I think I should:

    1. Integrate – the “three jobs” are closely related (finally I’m doing what I love!) take the lessons from one job and apply them to another.
    2. Be patient – It doesn’t matter how fast I get things done, as long as I do them well and keep moving forward.
    3. Enjoy the ride – Like I said, I LOVE MY WORK, so if I keep concentrating on the passion and not the amount, I’ll have more energy and work more efficiently.

    This community is so fabulous!


  28. Margaret

    My stress is having to wait until the end of September for the test results to learn if the medication is working on the lymphoma in my lungs. My strategy to deal with this is 1. I’m going to look good today and wear my favorite clothes and bling now, even if its over dressy – what am I saving it for? 2. be grateful for what I can do today and let tomorrow take care of itself; 3. post encouraging Scriptures around my computer and keep reminding myself God loves me and has a plan and a purpose for my life; 4 get a massage on Wednesday. Thanks, m : )

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      That’s an incredible plan, Margaret, and I hope you receive very good news at the end of the month. We’ll be thinking of you!! xo

    • Margaret, sending you good thoughts. You are very wise in your approach to your medical stress. When there is nothing to be done but wait, choosing how we wait is very important. What we wear has a hug impact on how we feel. Moments of gratitude lighten our heart. Inspirational words calms and enlightens us. Best wishes.

  29. tami

    I agree with this. this is awesome. I have been doing that only when my husband and I fight but I think I will start using it for everything. Thank you!

    • Shar-kay

      tami-OMG after reading through the earlier posts I was beginning to think everyone had wonderful, agreeable, helpful husbands EXCEPT ME! Yes, my husband IS my stress. I keep a journal in which I log the daily drama and/or fight and/or joy and/or insight. I find it is better than paying for therapy, and if I go back later (when I’m removed from the immediacy) I can somewhat analyse my own reactions and/or point of view and realize that I may have contributed to the problem, or at least handled it better.

  30. Alexis

    My biggest stressor right now is my family’s finances. I have an ongoing struggle with money, and I know my thoughts/attitude/fears about money are largely responsible.

    Three things I am going to do to begin eliminating the stress I feel with regard to money are:

    1. Start tracking spending/bills.
    2. Get going on my business (In my case, that’s singing/performing. I’ve got lots of stress/fear/anxiety about that as well).
    3. Begin facing my fears instead of hiding from them.

  31. Petra

    Got your download to work in Firefox, but not in Safari. Thought you might want to know! I took a class this summer ‘writing as a healing practice’… It is quite amazing what writing things down can do for us. It’s also important to know that we access a different part of our brain when we write things down by hand versus typing on the computer. Retention rate seems to be a lot higher when it’s hand written. Love this stuff. Thank you for sharing!

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Petra, thank you for the heads up! If you’re still having any trouble with the download, please shoot us an email at info AT marieforleo DOT com and we’ll be sure to help 🙂

  32. My favorite saying is:

    “When in doubt, write it out.”

    Sometimes you’re not in doubt (like when you’re stressed!) but it works so beautifully in so many ways.

    Always love seeing a solo Marie + Josh inspired episode. Keeping it real! 🙂

  33. I like it, Thank you!
    Usually I get an attack of stress turettes and out comes the kitchen language. (I come from a family of caterers and chefs!)

    I am overwhelmed at the moment with too many ideas waiting to come out of my head for creating content. I think the main thing I need to do is more writing, like outlining my content and then putting it into action. Its a bit like dieting, you want instant results but I need to just DO It.

    Thanks for the nudge.

  34. Suzie

    About 2 years ago I read an article in my husband’s alumni magazine from the college he graduated from (large and well-known). Article was about a psychology study that was down. In a nutshell here is what they found. If you want to get rid of unwanted, negative thoughts, jot them down, rip them up, and toss them in the trash. Researches found that when people did this they mentally discarded the thoughts as well. Of note, they also conducted an experiment using computers and visualization and found these to not be as effective than the actual physical action of writing, tearing up and throwing away. I have been doing this ever since reading the article and it has been a god-send.

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      That’s fascinating, Suzie. And it makes a lot of sense! I love the idea of physically ripping up negative thoughts. Will definitely give that a try sometime.

  35. Ann

    Looking at how many people have commented on this already shows how stressed out we are as a society. This is actually one of the techniques we are going to use with elementary aged kids in our community. I am a Girl Scout leader and “stress reduction for kids” is what my troop is doing for their Bronze Award this year. If we start with the children, we hope to alleviate so much of the stress that we encounter as adults. Likewise, if parents don’t have the tools, it makes it hard for them to teach their children. Unless we break the cycle, it will perpetuate through the generations. THANKS!

  36. For many years I have done writing to get out the critique, whack back the weeds and find the path. For some reason lately I have found it a challenge to get to the page. Last month was my 20th anniversary in my own business as a Shiatsu Practitioner and my birthday. August is usually a time to dream and plan for the year. Instead it was more like, “crap what’s next”. To much time has been spent on what others think I should be doing and what I think others think I should be doing in my business/life. No wonder I feel stuck in the mud. Using the “stress log mind dump mind map” I feel so free to do, be and create.

    1. Create ‘mind map’ for every “whats next” idea on “stress log mind dump mind map”
    2. Hang each “mind map” on wall as I read out load what is written.
    3. If I could only pick three, which three and why?

    It is time to reinvigorate my business and life.

  37. It is a great tip

  38. hi Marie and team,
    So I have a patent pending product that I have been working on nonstop for two years solid. Sales have been almost non existent, my crowd funding campaign was a great learning experience as it didn’t go as my naive head thought it would. I have therefore decided to go another direction and work on production but now I am having issues with finding manufacturers in china. needless to say, I have been trying to do the following 3 things to stop my stress:

    1. I stopped all social media efforts to take a step back. I need to stop working like a hamster wheel and figure out a way to fly
    2. I have been reaching out to multiple manufacturers. An arduous task
    3. Allowing myself to make mistakes.
    Thanks as always for the great tips and tricks that you provide and all of this content which helps us enterpeneurs keep going!

  39. I LOVE THIS. It’s my first comment (I think?) and this is timely.

    I am really stressed out right now (and I am not a stressed person) by many things. The one thing that keeps bugging me is :

    I can’t go out there without a website! I recently left a corporate job to work full time on a life coaching business I’ve been picturing for the past 2 years in my head. Well for some reason the universe conspires against this whole website thing (like I can’t seem to get the tech help I need on some stuff and it’s blocking me to move further).

    Solutions :
    1. I know I am afraid to go out there. So I acknowledge that I am responsible of blocking the website release. SO I also have the solution to remove the blocage!

    2. Do other stuff :well I decided to publish my stuff on other platform in the meantime (Medium, G+)

    3. Talk about my activity to at least 1 new person per day.

    The real issue underlying is ” I am afraid to go out there ” (aka I am afraid of not providing enough value and of being criticised) and I think that this website mess is a way to get me started without something to hide behind.

    WOW this stuff is so effective! Thanks Josh and thanks Marie!

  40. I just watched this video. I was stressed this weekend. I’m not big about sharing online but just to share the jist, I want people to be a good influence on my daughter and not the opposite. Solutions to my stress is to just continue giving love and support to my daughter, treat her kindly and remember that no one is perfect. 🙂

  41. Thank you Marie! Perfect timing. I was just having a panic attack over several issues yesterday. Even though I thought logically through everything I was obsessing so writing it down allowed me to know there was a place where all of my thoughts were resting if I wanted to go back and revisit them. Then I could let go and not need to keep thinking about them.

  42. Kristina Hudelson

    OMG – whenever I see my teammates recruiting more participants and coaches before I do, I get SO STRESSED and I start to doubt myself. What can I do?

    1. Follow up with my interested folks.
    2. Make more connections with people.
    3. Read my personal development about self-doubt.


  43. Katie

    This was great. As a person in 12 step recovery, it sounds a lot like a form of the Serenity Prayer and doing a 4th or 10th step inventory. 🙂
    That said, right now I go in and out of being pretty stressed about having GERD that is affecting my voice as well as my esophagus. The diet and medicines my doctor gave me don’t seem to help. So, I think the three things I can do are:
    1)Assertively ask for the tests that my doc wanted to avoid
    2)Consider alternative medicine
    3)Research GERD support groups
    I’ve found solutions to other seemingly unsolvable problems in the past so I know there’s an answer to this.

    Thanks for all you do, Marie!!

  44. Ruby

    Thanks Marie, for another wonderful tip. Stress #1: My living situation is too cramped. not enough space. feels about 8 on the 1-10 scale. Cannot believe how much better I feel just by writing it down. getting it off my chest. thank you. already stress level is down to about 2. I draw a blank when thinking of possible solutions. , so I explore why does this bother me? and then the lightbulb comes on! lack of space is forcing me to find other places to do things, I stress over being visible, which is the next stress I am going to address. lol. I have outgrown being complacent, in my own little world. time for me to come out of hiding. I realize intense stress in this case came from resisting growth, movement forward. I’ve been trying to stay stuck in comfort zone.

  45. Great advice! I also saved the “Serenity Prayer” on my phone so that I can refer to it, when things start to stress me out. “Grant me the power to accept the things I can not change; the courage to change the things I can; and the wisdom to know the difference.”

    Works for me.

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Just reading that is like a mental deep breath!

  46. Love your lists, Marie. I write it all down too! This way I can check off what I’ve completed, and what hasn’t I add to tomorrow’s list 🙂
    However, when it comes to stress, I’ve managed to discipline my life to simply allow life to happen. I run, meditate and nourish heart, mind and soul.
    As all that “noise” comes a knocking, I welcome it and say, “And so it is!” Then, I begin to figure out the solutions… After all, everything is figureoutable, right.
    Thanks for this gift of you.

  47. GRICEL

    Thanks! Now I know why I do so many lists!!

  48. There is totally something about writing stuff down – I journal every day and it really helps get things in perspective. Thanks Marie xx

  49. Hey Marie,
    I’d like to add one more thing..
    In fact, I want to share what I’ve been doing for the last six months to relieve stress.
    1. I watch Marie TV on YouTube
    2. I read Ramit’s blog (I will teach you to be rich)
    Thanks Marie, Thanks for making AWESOME Videos.
    LOVE! 🙂

  50. Ana

    Dear Marie, I liked your stress-management tip but somehow I got distracted by the outfit you were wearing. Until now I have always admired your good taste with clothing; looks always so femenine and smart and fun, but this time I felt you were wearing lingerie and had not finished getting dressed (?!). Would love to see more of your great outfits next time, give more credibility to your message!

  51. A recurring stressor for me is that I have several blogs and websites and things I am doing to generate income and create a brand. However I dont feel like I am devoting enough time to each item. I feel constantly overwhelmed. #1. I made a list of everything and decided at start I can devote 20 mins a day to each task, using a timer, and see how that goes. I havent implemented it yet. #2 . The stress journal is perfect. I just happened to have an extra journal that I can use for this. #3. I cant find my target audience to save my life. Im sure the info , it’s right there in front of me, but I just don’t get it . **Claiming the blonde card, on that one!!


  52. what if your stress log is just so long and they aren’t things that you can be proactive about currently. what is the approach then? Like Job transition: this is something that is out of my control. I am just waiting for my company to make decisions. or even negativity of people around me that I don’t have the choice to not be around?
    I think I create a larger amount of stress for myself than an average person. But managing it all is difficult.

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Kash, you are so not alone. I think a lot of us create more stress for ourselves sometimes and managing it can be hard. It sounds like some of the things stressing you out right now are definitely out of your control. In that case, can you change your view of those things instead? Maybe shift how you see them enough so that they aren’t causing you such worry?

      Good luck with the job transition — I hope it’s very smooth for you!!

    • Hi Kash, I’ve definitely been where you are. I’ve worked at companies before that were just continually laying people off, so each day I lived with the possibility I might lose my job. I’ve also worked with extremely difficult and mean people.

      I got to a point where I just sort of realized that I couldn’t worry too much about what I can’t control. Sort of like what Marie said in the video, I didn’t write down what stressed me out, but I wrote down what steps I would take if I lost my job. It didn’t get rid of the stress completely, but it gave me a little relief knowing that I had an action plan in place.

      In dealing with difficult people, I’ve had some success with meditation. It’s allowed me to realize that the negativity of those other people is their own problem to deal with. I may have to deal with it when they are around me, but once I’m away from them, I don’t have to carry it with me. And to take that even further, I’ve read some of the Dalai Lama’s books, and he talks about developing compassion for those people because their negativity comes from pain in their own life which is causing them to act out towards others. The idea is that if you meditate and work on developing compassion for the pain those people have which is causing their negativity, it helps you keep your own thinking in a more positive light, rather than letting their negativity rub off on you. I definitely have not mastered this! But in tough moments, sometimes I remember it and it helps me.

      Good luck and I hope things start to get better for you soon!

  53. Mandy

    Life is in a huge bowl of transition, between living in 2nd week with partner after 8 years uncohabitated, being preggers after 10 years infertile, loving my massage work but cutting back for energy needs plus mom role coming. But heaviest head space is the case that involves my 13 year old, when court just decided to make the long distance custody back to what it was before legal action made it long distance limited. Having known his father for nearly 23 years, I know enough about nothing being workable. Court can mandate mediation, but I don’t have any faith or trust within me from the history. I think I’m in grieving stages, because I keep thinking of letting my son go to his dad and sign all rights away so I don’t have to be manipulated another minute. It’s a persistent thought which I can’t believe I’m keeping so close instead of running forward to tackle it head-on.
    But maybe the list will help kiddo sort through and unload everything he’s grappling with, that makes our day-to-day more argument filled.

  54. Lucky

    My husband is stressing me out!!!!
    Three things I can do about it???
    divorce- not ready to give up though
    ignore him- never works in the long run
    counseling- maybe this is the next step!
    I do feel better writing this down!

  55. Eva

    LOL! Stressorcism: There’s a new word I’m adding to my vocabulary! Thanks for this awesome strategy, Marie.

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo


  56. Rita

    I really need this. I have started a new job that is causing so much stress so you have given me a solution Marie. Thank you, perhaps now I can get some sleep. It’s rotten having to worry about work everyday. I never believed that life is only about work and being consumed by it. I am starting this method today during the day I will write down every time another problem pops up at work.

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Wonderful, Rita. We’re so glad you’re putting this right to use, and we’ll be sending our best your way. xoxo

  57. This came at the perfect time! I’ve been getting these calls from what I suspected to be a scam. A company has been calling me claiming that I have an unpaid Yellow Pages bill. I don’t recall signing up for that listing. This morning I got an especially scary voicemail saying they are turning my account over to a collections agency. So I googled the phone number and it turns out that they have been flagged by the Better Business Bureau and a website called Rip Off Report .com for deceptive advertising. And then I alerted the police to the situation. I wouldn’t have googled the website if it weren’t for this stress and solution exercise. I feel much better! Thanks, Marie!

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Yikes! Wow, glad you got that wrangled.

  58. Micki

    ok loved the stress video, but that dress? it was hard to pay attention to what you were saying….not that I hate the dress (I mean it looked great on you, but then everything looks great on you) I just found it VERY distracting….haha….my 2 cents

  59. I really loved and need your anti-stress Technic, thanks to it I decided I will face my problem once for all. That’s the reason I wanna share it here. Maybe that’s what I need to start dealing with it . I have a big stress in my life. I am from Brazil and I wanna move abroad. I was living in Canada for 3 years and when I finally qualified to send my papers for immigration, the rules changed and now I have 2 options: first,waiting for Canadian Immigration to call ( they have a point system and they call qualified candidates, but I have no idea when my punctuation will be called ), The second solution is finding a Job approved by the government, (whoever hires me has to prove I am the best person for the job and there is no citizen as qualified as me). So since I returned to Brazil, it is hard for me to move on with my life. I have many plans I wanna work on my blog, create my website …but this situation stresses me in way I feel totally stuck. Thanks for the opportunity to share, after seeing the video I decided to develop a strategy to find this job that will take me out of this situation. Strategy was the key word I needed to hear. Thanks Marie xoxo

  60. Hey Marie was introduced to your work through Sean Croxtons podcast and it has really helped me greatly to just get a website started and this stress log practice has another form where you write to a thought form personifying it and that really helps greatly. I’m still probably in need of this practice getting my site off the ground, approachable, and of service. I also like to use the classic the flower is perfect at every stage of its growth. Thank you for inspiring me to start a website, and I feel very connected with you.

  61. This is such a great idea! Thanks for the downloadable!

  62. This is exactly what I needed right now! I’ve been stuck lately and haven’t been able to move forward on my next project, which is to write a manifesto for my new website. It’s been stressing me out because I’m not quite sure what exactly my message is. After watching this video though, and writing down this stressor, I realize now that my solution is very simple. Rather than worrying about the final product or the final message right now, I just need to take the below steps to get there:

    1. Brainstorm and write down all the ideas in my head that I think I want to put in my manifesto. Whether each thought makes the cut or not doesn’t matter at this point.
    2. Next, I need to take all those individual ideas and lump them into themes, or related ideas.
    3. Then, once I have the themes listed I can make a general outline of which theme to write about first, or even just write each section separately and then put it into the most logical order afterwards.
    4. Now I have my first draft, and I just have to edit it!

    Boom! One step at a time. Now it doesn’t seem so stressful! Wow, this has been gnawing at me the last 2 weeks. Thank you so much for this episode Marie!

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      BOOM! Good for you, Heather, for making progress and getting stuff written down so you can see it all and then get to work on one thing at a time. 🙂 We love knowing this is just what you needed right now.

  63. You know what Marie? When I talk to stressed [or stuck or confused] people I often recommend they write it all down, make those lists. Somewhere between the words and the lines on the page the brain has already started to push solutions up to the surface. I believe those solutions are always there, we just can’t see until we’ve put those difficult thoughts to paper.
    Mind you I do need reminders to take my own advice on this one.

    Go Team Marie Forleo! Y’all the spring in my step, and my adrenalin rush on wednesday mornings.

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much, Melissa 🙂

      I love this: “Somewhere between the words and the lines on the page the brain has already started to push solutions up to the surface.”

  64. ye

    The lack of income is stressing me out… for years!!!! not a small thing to tackle!

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Ye, you’re so right that it’s not easy to tackle, but it is absolutely something you can make progress on. We have some great episodes around money and lifting financial burden, if you’d like to reach out to us at info AT marieforleo DOT com, and we’ll be happy to share some links with you.

  65. Lisa

    Hello….. It has been a particularly rough week (or month)(or year, let’s be honest). This video came at a GREAT time! As usual. Your videos always do. It’s like you know!!! So I watched it, and I felt good. About my crappy week. I felt less bad. And then… My laptop died. It just died. It’s only 6 months old, and gone, dead, kaput, with no warning. Had that happened pre-watching your video, I would have flipped. Yet another challenge!!! (and I need my laptop to earn my living. I have no other computer to work on). But because I had watched the video 5 minutes before, my feeling was “Sigh, this is one of those days that Marie was talking about, where all kinds of crap goes wrong”. So thank yoooooou for helping me keep it in perspective!!!! And thank you for your as ever awesome timing 🙂

  66. Uju

    I love this video. Funny, a while back I started doing a Stressed vs Blessed list where I jot down all the stuff that’s stressing me out, and then another list filled with stuff I’m grateful for. The second list usually outdoes the first one (typically it’s a TKO) and I wind up feeling a whole lot better about everything. I’m a bit of a list nut so the stress log technique really speaks to me, and I especially love your tip about changing your attitude or approach, if you can’t solve the problem ASAP.

    And a big YES to the power of writing and how it can change you from the inside out. When my mum died unexpectedly a few months ago, one of the first things I did was write a blog post about how I was feeling. I’ve written loads more about her that I haven’t published, but I find everything about committing words to paper — from free writing to editing stuff I might make public one day — deeply therapeutic.

    So to your challenge… my immediate stressor is finding the time and the focus to write that novel I’ve been dreaming about for so long. Things I can do:

    1. Dedicate 1 week to brainstorming and playing with ideas and sketching an outline using the 10 minute timer trick
    2. Commit to 1000 words a day (about the length of 2 blog posts which is something that I can knock out without breaking a sweat!) – in 50 days I’d have a novel in draft
    3. Apply for a novel writing or manuscript submission contest e.g. NaNoWriMo to give myself a deadline and just get something down on paper!

    Ok, let’s do this 🙂 Thanks for the inspiration always, Marie.

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Love the Stressed vs. Blessed list idea, Uju!

  67. I had to watch this twice because I was so distracted by the beauty of your dress and how you look in it! My main work stress is about choosing a new website host, and feeling overwhelmed by all of the different options, as well as the whole process of actually moving it. Possible solutions.. 1. Ask the people I know with substantial sites who they are with and how it’s working for them. 2. Do more comparison research on Google. 3. Shift my attitude to one that says.. this is figouroutable! This is going to be a piece of cake!

  68. This is a great tip! A while back, I took a stress & health management class and one of our our assignments was to start a stress journal. It was so helpful, I still write in that journal and it has been a year since the class ended.

    My biggest stress is finishing a book I am creating and dealing with a project my husband needs help with for his company. Solutions: 1) take a deep breath and focus on one thing at a time. 2) ask for help – NOT an easy thing for me to do. 3) Priortize my to-do list, I can let some things go for a while to get these important tasks done.

  69. I have one particular client who is super negative that stresses me out. I find myself giving him so much of my time, paying for things out of pocket so I don’t have to hear him complain and almost obsessing over figuring him out
    3 things I can do:
    1. End my work relationship with him
    2. Become extra professional and corporate on him, charging home for everything and not responding to him past office hours
    3. Send love his way and try to just be super positive and supportive (ugh lol)

  70. Valerie

    Hi Marie,

    Great video sharing the practical tip that resonates with everyone… Kudos Josh!

    My biggest stressor right now is finding a career that challenges and pushes me to be the best I can be. I thought I would’ve been in a new job by fall, but things aren’t shifting and doors aren’t opening like I’ve thought. Three things I will focus on to release this stressor are:
    1. Continue to expand my networking circle online and in person.
    2. Accept that I’m still in my current job because I need more experienced to prep me for the next exciting endeavor.
    3. Count my blessings that I’m receiving a paycheck and do have some freedom and flexibility in my job that allows time for career e plot actions for the future.

    • Hey Val!

      I just had the same thoughts you did on point #2 and #3. Like you, I’m super passionate about my life and the things that I REALLY want to do beyond what I’m already doing.

      I really don’t have any great advice … just that I’m exactly where you are. I need to be more patient and simply accept I’m where I need to be in life right now and not get anxious while working towards the future.

      And – even more importantly it sounds like both of us are in a current job that actually allows us to prep & plan for our future. I have a lot of friends who aren’t in that position, and I should be grateful I’m able to carve out some extra time working on what I really love.

      Cheering you on! : )

      – B

  71. One of my biggest stressors is not planning my days out. The weird thing is that I already use for task work AND I set a specific time amount by each task so I can quickly skim through everyday and make sure that I don’t add too many hours for a given day of work. However … beyond my normal work I do for my website business … I have some PASSION work that I’m trying to do by starting a new blog and creating my first info-product … and I often times end up working on that, avoiding the current work I’m already paid for … then at the end of the day I feel overwhelmed because I’ve pushed my work off.

    Solution 1
    Be more strict on my passion work, and only work on it during the set aside time I schedule in and in my off time.

    Solution 2
    Make money from my passion work – so I can do it all of the time. But it’s going to take months & months of hard work before I’m ready to release something I can actually stand behind.

    Solution 3
    Work harder at solution 1 and grind out following a set schedule so I can actually accomplish my dreams.

    I just have to priortize (I think) better. But it’s so hard sometimes!!

  72. Mary Lahti

    Hi! Love it!
    Take it out on the paper! That’s right! Or should I say, that’s write! Writing it out is something I have been doing for some time and is very helpful in so many ways:
    1. The process allows you to just get out everything freely without being judged. Just let it out. State how you feel without feeling guilty about feeling stressed or upset.
    2. A side of vocal and breathing along with the writing is a great side dish to the practice. A person forgets to breath sometimes when doing that so don’t forget to breath.
    3. Once that’s all done, stand up and shake it out.
    This really does help. And then, it’s easy to focus on the lighter side and your mind is ready to become more objective and open to problem solving.
    Okay, so for me, today I had a frustrating event at the day job. I noticed I started focusing on IT way too much and I wasn’t letting it go. It was time take it out on the paper! I opened up a WORD doc and just typed junk about how I felt and let it out. I probably didn’t mean half the stuff I typed. I then stood up and shook it out. After that, I picked something that I love about the job, like the customer service, helping people aspect and wrote about a rewarding experience.
    Stress-no-more. I was able to focus on the task at hand and let the other junk go because it certainly wasn’t helping me. And because it was a WORD doc, I was sure to NOT save it.
    Thanks for today’s topic and video and Marie, so glad you found a great tool from Josh!
    Mary Lahti

  73. Love the tweetable “Writing it down kicks stress out of town”
    Okay. I have anxiety. I stress about my anxiety. When things go well, my anxiety increases because I think OMG I’m so excited and get anxious. When things don’t go as planned, my anxiety increases- OMG can I keep doing this?! Almost anything can trigger my anxiety lately. I get anxious if I don’t get enough sleep. I get anxious if this happens or if that happens. It’s a ridiculous cycle of non-stop criticism.
    I need to let go. Let go. Let Go.
    And, I did used to write things down. I find that very useful. I will start again. Thank you!

  74. I love this so much… in fact my ENTIRE coaching business is based on a slight variation of this very technique. I can’t recommend it enough. Thanks for sharing with your audience.

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Awesome, Renae!!

  75. As I’ve walked around the house and office literally screaming and throwing things for the past three days, this blog could NOT have been more timely!
    However, I’m confused? Rating 1 is ‘like a sock on the floor’? With 3 small kids, socks on the floor are a major stress point in our house 😉
    I’m just kidding … thank you SO much Marie for your wisdom, insight and brilliant tactics to find a way through the maze. Printing out a wad of these right now …

  76. Sharon B.

    My biggest stress is actually more bothersome than stressful, but it’s nevertheless a point of contention within myself: Unrequited love. Three possible solutions are 1) Accept it, grow from it, and let it be the source from which all other great desires are stemmed. 2) Lessen it by meeting someone else and occupying a different mind space. 3) Resign from the friendship all together and enjoy the gift of moving on.

    There…whew, out in the open and stated rather neutrally. I feel better. Thank you Marie for inspiring me to write this for the health of my heart and soul and for this wonderful format that I can share it. Comments and insights are welcomed ;D.

  77. Ha, I just started writing “my stress” and realized, “I don’t want call it mine!!!” The thing that’s stressing me is trying to find a job, but feeling like my time is already so dominated by taking care of my kids. OK, so 3 possible solutions: (1) Let go of feeling like I have to be there for them every second, (2) Talk to people at the school about pre/day/post care options, and (3) trust the right things will show up at the right time.

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Beautiful, Jenny!

  78. A year ago I’d have pages to write down, but the funny thing is when you meditate regularly, you deal with angst right in that session.

    I know it seems a bit out there, but meditation does work for reducing stress, Oh! and I quit my job and started blogging so perhaps there is something in that too. lol

    When I get stressed I try to lighten up my mood with some happy thoughts. Anxiety and Happiness rarely coexist. You get to choose which mental state you are in.

  79. Hy Marie
    Love it, i have been doing this al my life for other stuff, never taught about to do it also for my stress issues. So super! I started already and feeling grate!
    So, thanks for sharing!!

  80. Makandi

    My biggest stress is getting donors for My Organization. I have been working on starting a charitable organization to deal with Children and women empowerment, at first getting the right name, putting the idea in writing, preparing the constitution were the stressors. Now I have been working on these day and night and I have them ready. But this time there is no money to reserve the name, register the Organization, to get the projects going and delivering service. How do I get donors?

    1. Pray and Believe I have the donors and Circulate proposals in the Internet.
    2. Share my idea on this Marie’s platform, who knows someone here even Marie herself might be my first Donor. (Fingers crossed).
    3. Continue doing charitable work to the children and empowering women even before I have a registered organization, since at the end of the day service to the young ones remains my bottom line.

    • Love your vision! I have a lot of experience in the non-profit world and with fundraising (and I coach female changemakers like you with big dreams just like this). If you pop me an email I’m happy to help you brainstorm ideas. Just click on my photo here to go to my website and fill out the contact form on my contact page 🙂

      x Catarina

  81. Love this Marie! I always tell the ladies I coach that most of the stress drama is all in our heads. This is a great tool for getting it out of our heads – will share!

    Right now I’m stressed about my book which isn’t getting written as fast as I’d like.
    1. Set daily writing goal in # of words
    2. Revisit my expectations re: timeline for getting it done to put less pressure on myself, but set clear milestones and deadlines so I know what I’m working towards.
    3. Give myself some slack – I haven’t been writing as much because I’ve gotten a lot of new coaching clients lately so it’s not like I’ve been lazy or procrastinating 🙂

    Thanks! Feel better already…

  82. Lisa

    My 17 year old daughter was just diagnosed with PCOS. I am extremely stressed because they told her she might end up not being able to have children. On top of that, she struggles with weight issues and bad acne. It breaks my heart to see this.
    1. I will continue to do research to try and find a solution
    2. I will continue talking to people that have this or know about how to treat it.
    3. I have to trust that I will find the right person to help her.
    She is doing everything she is supposed to (diet, exercise, drugs etc…..). Very frustrating.
    Thanks for the post.

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Lisa, sorry to hear things are so incredibly tough for your daughter right now, and we’ll be keeping both you and her in our thoughts and knowing you’ll both know exactly what you need to. How wonderful that she’s got you to wrap her up in love. 🙂 XO

    • Krazy

      Hi Lisa

      Stress not ….. metformin (also the medication for diabetes is one of the cures for PCOS. I have them but nothing to stress about. Exercise regularly, eat well, see a naturopath and yes speak to your GP about Diabex (metformin). There is plenty of research done on this so stress no more!

      All the best and how I view is what is ti that I can learn from here!

      Best wishes

  83. Tamer

    Awesome, great talk Marie..thanks for the post……

  84. Pippa Kent

    Awesome episode and such a fab and simple idea Marie (and Josh) absolutely love love LOVE this.

    One of my two big stresses at the minute is my fist move in Australia. I moved from the UK to Sydney just over two and a half years ago and for some reason I am as stressed, if not more so, with this move even though its only 5 minutes around the corner. It is the first move in Australia so I am anxious about remembering and knowing everything. I am being a bit daft as I am off work at the minute so don’t even have to balance work and the move (and I don’t have kids) for some reason this is stressing me out big time!!

    So three things I can do….
    1. meditate and take some deep belly breaths to calm myself when I start to feel anxious.
    2. keep checking things off my list
    3. believe in myself that I have everything covered and if I don’t then I deal with it then. The big stuff is covered such as a moving van, and I will pick the keys up on Saturday and we have a few days extra from one place to the next so we won’t be on the streets in the rain with no where to go…..

    So writing all that out, I know it will all be great and anything that does happen I deal with it along the way, along with my boyfriend so two bodies, pairs of hands and brains should be able to do this right 🙂

    Thank you always Marie – you are awesome xo

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Love those deep belly breaths! They do wonders, and you can do them anytime anywhere. 🙂

  85. Claudia

    Hello Marie,

    This is some very old advice….and the best!
    I read about it first in a business book from Dale Carnegie published in the 1930s: “How to stop worrying and start living’.
    Love it, and you reminded me to use it, right now, because there is something taking over my mental space that is annoying me.

    Going to scribble…. xoxo

  86. viktoria

    i love this video,but i cant open the pdf 🙁 the box is very small and cant see it fully to enter my details.i tried on my iphone and my ipad too.does anyone expierence the same problem?i need this stress log in my life!!?

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Hi Viktoria! If you’re on Safari, you might try switching to Firefox or Chrome, but if you’re still having trouble, please reach out to us at info AT marieforleo DOT com and we’ll be sure to help so you can grab that Stress Log. 🙂

  87. Awesome Awesome Awesome! I’ve only used a stress log a few times before — like, during dire situations — and it has been such a useful tool. I take it one step further and write about how I could go about solving each of the items on my stress log.

    Have a great week,


  88. Purna

    Exactly what I do! Very helpful and I don’t need to rant about it as much! Helps me come to solutions too.

  89. I am stressing about so much right now :-
    My business is struggling bigtime! I opened a bricks & mortar shop a year & a half ago selling Unique Handmade Upcycled Clothing that I design and make – the rent is low but footfall is terrible so I am behind with the rent and have not been able to pay myself or anyone else to help me with anything. Also other debts are building as sales are falling….
    Menopause has seriously kicked in over the last 2yrs and stress has made it worse or it has made the stress worse!
    My website is not working well for me and my online sales on Etsy have deteriorated to nearly nothing since most of my energy is spent on the shop(6 days a week 10-5) I also do festivals/fairs/craft shows and my vehicle has just been diagnosed with a major fault so currently unusable til I can raise funds to fix it.
    At home I have a teenage son who has little empathy or patience with my changing moods and daily stresses….
    Just saw these in one of the comments above so gonna try to remember these three things I can do….
    1. meditate and take some deep belly breaths to calm myself when I start to feel anxious.
    2. keep checking things off my list
    3. believe in myself that I have everything covered and if I don’t then I deal with it then
    Thanks to Pippa Kent

    • Darryl,
      I love your business concept & the clothes. This is something that they would love in Austin, Texas & I’m sure other cities. Have you thought about calling businesses directly & consigning or having them carry your products?

      • Thanks Tammy – Got so much on my plate right now and not sure where to start with this idea.Everything I make is a OOAK piece… however will give it some more thought

  90. My stressor: Medical bills (for an undiagnosed condition & an unmet $3000 deductible) are snowballing in

    Ways to deal with it:
    1) Write everything down & when it’s due
    2) Rant & Rave in a morning journal
    3) Contact labs, testing facilities, doctor’s office to see if they can extend the due dates, allow small repayments
    4) Be gentle with myself
    5) Focus on taking bite size chunks
    6) Continue to look for second pt job
    7) Stare at the clouds & let go of control (ala Louise Hay: Out of this situation only good will come & I am safe)

    • Two upsides came to me while typing this out–

      1) For the first time EVER, I’ve shown myself & the universe that I’m really committed to my health & well-being– I matter
      2) Having had multiple, unusual, seemingly unrelated symptoms not diagnosed using traditional doctors & diagnostic tools, I have been eating & feeding my son (also with some health conditions) super healthy & yummy & real foods (gluten free, reducing dairy). One thing that comes to mind after a dinner like last the one I made last night of roasted sweet potatoes, kale, corn, range-free organic chicken is that by comparison, I’ve felt really starved & undernourished in the past.
      3) Good, adequate, grocery-store bought food from now on is no longer a negotiable in my budget, even if the medical bills get behind

      • Chelsea - Team Forleo

        Tammy, what beautiful shares. I love what you realized in the process. Being ever so gentle with yourself is a good one, and I love that Louise Hay reference.

        We’re sending you big hugs, and we’ll be excited to hear how things are going as you commit to your health.

  91. Love your No 7 & 8! Wishing you well …

    • Thanks Darryl, I ❤️ my #7 & 8 too!! So glad they’re action items :). Much love to you!

  92. Liz

    Thanks Marie. I get so much inspiration from your videos. I just watched your “Find Your Voice – Seel Your Anything” free download and I really can’t wait to put the CPR into practice. I can’t recall how I discovered you, but I’m really glad I did!
    Regards, Liz

  93. cyn

    I was writing things down even before you finished the sentence telling me to do it. Brilliant.
    I’m going to start leaving room after each one so I can kind of ‘talk it out’ with myself.
    Perfect suggestion at a perfect time!

  94. I remember learning (way back when) that it’s helpful to physically write your stressors down on a piece of paper — and then crumple it up, or tear it up and throw it away to symbolize that they are in your control.

    I too, am a LIST LOVER! I’m going to designate a small, physical journal to starting this habit back up again in my life. There’s something about writing things down with pen to paper that will always trump a memo in your phone or tablet.

    My No. 1 stress ATM? Not moving forward as quickly as I’d like
    Solutions? 1. Take more baby steps each day. Lewis Howes said, “What you do every day matters more than what you do every once in a while.” SO true. I love it. 2. Fall in love with the process. Yes, we’re all out to attain our big vision. But it’s important to enjoy the ride and love where you are, each step of the way. 3. Get MORE uncomfortable every day. This makes sure I’m really challenging my current standing and is a surefire way to propel me forward.

    Thanks for the love and the video, Marie!

  95. Thank you for this, this is a great idea that seems to keep re-occurring in my life! I used to do this and then stopped.

    2 weeks ago I had a significant meltdown about my health. Just felt powerless and like there was nowhere to turn and no one who had the answers for me and was raging about how awful I felt and how I knew what I couldn’t eat but not what I could eat.

    In the calm that followed my passionate release I thought – ok, why don’t I just start by writing down everything I’m eating and how it makes me feel so that I can start developing my own answers for my health.

    Sure enough, even in only 2 weeks, my awareness has grown and I feel so empowered! I am learning so much and feel like I am my own ally rather than feeling like a victim.

    I always appreciate your generous and truly helpful teachings Marie, thank you for who you are and all you do!

  96. Stephanie

    Who doesn’t love shrinkage.

  97. Hema

    Thank you Marie for your amazing tip . Yeah its the right time to do it because I was that much stressed before I watched your video now after doing that I feel so good and gave me courage to take more responsibilities in my life. If this tool is with me I can achieve any thing in my life. Love you Marie

  98. I love Tuesday Q&A’s, and I love writing things down, so this is great for me. However, I usually write down things like… achievements and gratitude lists because they force me to notice these things I want to attract more of. Writing down negative things usually backfires.

    This one time I was depressed and I made the mistake of keeping a diary. Writing about being depressed made me more depressed! Anyway, maybe that’s just me. I have a suspicion that this exercise works well with functional and happy people. Problem-solvers such as yourself, Marie.

    P.S. I gotta try getting on here earlier next time so I have a chance of jumping in the conversation. Till Next Tuesday!

  99. Anna Klimczuk

    What’s stressing me out? Interruptions at work! The worst part is that some of them are my own doing!
    3 solutions:
    Keep phone checking limited to lunch and breaks
    Check email at intervals
    Organize my to do list by priority and urgency
    BONUS: Get to the office early and work before anyone else gets in

    Thanks for the tip Mama Marie!

  100. Amy Sundari

    Hi everyone! This is my first time posting a comment–or maybe second– although it’s been ages. It feels funny to journal in public, but I could really use it. Maybe it will be helpful to another to see my process; but don’t read if you don’t want to! Freeform journaling, not editing, here goes….

    My youngest is starting part-time daycare tomorrow. I am feeling good as far as him being ready, but not as prepared as I’d like to be in terms of making the most of my own time. I’m stressed about either wasting my newly available precious time–not having a plan, so not doing anything productive–or about setting my goals so high I become overwhelmed and go into “i can’t do it” depressed mode. Because, truly, cleaning the house, making decent food, is already a lot of work. How much more can I reasonable expect of myself in the 3 mornings I will now have? Two, actually, as one is spoken for.

    Some part of my brain has the crazy notion I should work during that time (as in, out of the house, work). I actually would love to. I think it will satisfy a part of me that is looking for self expression and playing the role of service I want to play in the world, and also connecting with a community of like minds. But I’m not sure it’s time!

    I think that really I just want to be focusing my energy on home, kids, raising a family, and the house projects of having bought our house this year. I’m just going to enjoy my time right now!

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      YAY — your first comment! We’re so glad you stepped into the conversation to write out some of your thoughts and look at them. It sounds like you’ve got a beautiful goal that has emerged in the process to focus your energy at home and to really enjoy things.

  101. Pervin

    Another great video Marie. Love the idea of a stress log. recommends maintaining a stress diary, the purpose being to identify situations or people that trigger stress in you and reflect on ways to negate the stresses.

  102. Hi Marie and all the others here,

    thanks for all you do!! Love it. You are really one of my idols 🙂

    One of my main stressors is a very mental/abstract one. The thought of not being as good as others and/or not being good enough. Yes, as a coach I work with people on those things and yet it keeps creeping up in my own mind from time to time. The good thing is that it is not very much on the unconscious level anymore but that I do know about it by now and am working on it… 😉
    The solution is
    1. to bring it even more into my consciousness in the moment when it happens
    2. to find reasons why it is not true, especially in a practical way (what did I do good, where did I get appreciation, etc.)
    3. go on with my work, keep on doing my stuff, instead of stopping and letting my fears (of not being good enough) holding me back from showing my light in this world

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Wonderful insights, Lydia. That feeling of not being good enough is something SO many of us face, so I know you’re not alone there, and thank you for sharing your strategies for moving past it. 🙂

      It sounds very similar to what you’re already doing, but I thought I’d share this MarieTV episode too for some more lovely tips for busting down “I’m not good enough:”

  103. Hi!

    Love love love this. I too am a chronic journaling type of person and I already do this strategy buuuuut never actually thought about it as a strategy that could be broken down so simply and beautifully, as you did Marie.
    I always write stuff down because I’m better at expressing myself in writing than in speaking, it was always so cathartic for me AND if I was mad and vented my anger I could then angrily tear up that paper and throw it away while using that action as a way of releasing and dumping that pent up anger. Lovely.
    I’m also deal with chronic anxiety so being able to write things down and come up with solutions really helps to maintain balance.

    I recently developed my own Planner, SOS Personal Growth Daily Planner, to help get clear on my goals in life, get out ideas, plan out action steps, and help me identify my hurdles for that day AND come up with ways to combat those hurdles. It’s really been helping me.

    Thanks Marie and Team, Always Love your episodes!

  104. HELL YEH, this strategy has always been one of my favourites and I often prescribe it to my clients. I also often get them to write down what their ‘mean girl’ or inner critic says – and what triggered her to speak up. Ohhh that can reveal some pearlers too.

  105. Hi Marie,
    thanks for your tools, they’re great as usual!
    Hope it’ll help me feel less lost and confused while trying to juggle my own freelancing business with my newborn baby. 😉

  106. I forgot: My biggest stress now is that I can’t seem to be able to kickstart my web marketing strategy, and I feel like I’m wasting my time at work, while neglecting my baby who is at daycare.
    My solutions:
    1) watching Marie’s how to follow through video
    2) watching Marie’s how to overcome procrastination video
    3) finishing 1 small thing now, to tackle my To-do list later with a changed attitude, reminding myself of my lizard brain.


    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Sounds like an awesome solution 🙂 You got this, Natalia!

  107. Leah

    I am losing focus at work due to my assistant manager’s incompetent work. I’m spending so much time putting out her fires, my own work is suffering. I commit to the following:
    1. get organized – all information in the proper place so I can quickly run through all active clients
    2. delegate – take the time to have a running list of projects for administrators
    3. designate specific out of office times for work, limiting my time to constantly be checking

    • Bairbre

      I feel your pain!

  108. You know, Scarlet O’hara had it right in Gone with the Wind when she said,” After all, tomorrow is another day”. By writing our problems down we shunt the personal responsibility of dealing with them until tomorrow and then we can go to bed and get some sleep. If we don’t assign them to the desk writing pad with the commitment that they will be dealt with tomorrow, they will stay on the assignment pad in our mind and aggravate us to heck. Using WID (Writing It Down) is good because it really works! My tweetable: “WID yourself of your problems and get a good nights sleep!”

  109. FreddieBrown

    I WISH THE STRESS LOG doesn’t have black bars on the title headers
    When it’s printed out, you cannot see anything but black bar.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      FreddieBrown, I’m so sorry for the trouble. We haven’t heard of similar reports from others who have printed the stress log, but it might depend on what kind of printer you have.

      One thing you might try is printing in color, or setting your printer to print lighter — that might make the lettering on the black background show up a little bit better.

      Hopefully that’ll work and you can print a better copy now! Of course you’re always welcome to use the Stress Log as a model and write freehand in your journal. I love doing that myself since I can customize things, so that might be another great solution too.

      If you have any further Q’s, please feel free to reach out anytime at info AT marieforleo DOT com!

  110. Marie

    Hello Marie,

    Thank you for this weeks Q&A.

    I am sending out a ballot (via Wufoo) to get building improvements authorized by the Unit Owners in the builidng where I live. Waiting to see if the ballot was received and reviewed is very stressful.

    1. Authorize the work myself
    2. Resend the ballot out by posting it to the door of owners
    3. Make amends with a person who I am no longer on good terms with living in the building to encourage her response.


  111. Hi Marie,

    I LOVE all of your videos, but I resisted taking action on this one. Ugh. I just want my stress to be gone and I don’t want to have to do anything!!

    However, I forced myself to do it and guess what? It helped! 🙂

    I’m super stressed about creating a social media strategy for my business. I’m allergic to tech and I just don’t want to deal with it. I’m going to handle it by:

    1) setting a timer each day and doing what I can until the timer goes off
    2) giving myself a reasonable deadline
    3) celebrating when I’m done!

    Thanks so much for this brilliant idea!


    • Cory

      The timer idea is brilliant – I sometimes avoid tackling a task I dislike/am afraid of. But knowing I will only spend X time on it may make it feel less daunting, as I will know in advance that I won’t actually finish. So the goal is just to move ahead, not to solve it all at once. Thanks! I’ll try this!

      • Chelsea - Team Forleo

        Renée, I love your action items and I’m so glad you did the stress log too. I hear you on being resistant to it, but it’s so good for dumping it all out of our brains.

        You’ll absolutely get your social media strategy formed — we know it, and we’re excited for this new strategy you’re putting in place to do it. 🙂

        I’m not sure if you’ve seen this episode already or not, but it’s a great one along the lines of not letting social media overwhelm your life:

  112. Sindhujaa

    Hi Marie & Team,

    Thanks for your actionable tips! Really straightens up the mind!

    I love the idea of a log – except, I’m going to call it a Solution Log or Clean-up log… coz stresslog makes me feel like I’m ATTRACTING more stress (the same way a gratitude log attracts more things to be grateful for).

    But I love the idea 🙂

    • Bairbre

      Ooh I like that! A solution log has a nice ring to it!
      Thanks ?

  113. Cory

    Solid idea, and spelling out why it helps was really what made me pay attention – particularly the point that when we write it down, when we specify the issue, it shrinks. Nothing is as overwhelming once I’ve been able to identify it and put some boundaries around it (i.e. it’s only THIS piece of my work that is out of control, not everything!).

    Marie – the dress. Not a good look. You are gorgeous and magnetic, but this lacey, strappy thing was a distraction from you & your message. Just my humble opinion.

  114. Ah, I love this Marie!

    The ‘brain dump’ notepad method has been a good tool for me- I especially like to jot down everything that’s running through my mind right before bed.


    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Yes, Emily, me too!

  115. That’s a great idea Marie ! It’s like a braindump . Will surely try it out ! Thanks to Josh for sharing this “stresslog” idea !

  116. What’s stressing me out is not having a source of income currently.

    1. I can get a job, working for someone else.
    2. Buy and sell products
    3. Do both work for someone else and sell products

  117. Stress:
    I enjoy distance relationships with men of solid economic character.
    Why? I live in microcosm town USA where quality of life is high and the bank is where you go to pick up free stickers & candy. Last month, I began my first close proximity relationship with a man my Dad happens to like.

    Should I …?
    1) move away
    2) tell him to get a new job or get a new me
    3) let go of gold digging tendencies & redefine “solid economic character”

    ……PS: I was doubtful, but this actually helps a bit….

  118. Julia

    Stress: Not finishing the sales page on time

    1. I can postpone the release day by 1 day
    2. I can draw out the outline for it in the morning and speak to developer
    3. I can wake up at 6 and start work 7:30/8 next week instead of staying up late b/c I work better in morning and make sure the copy is 100% finished before and other projects get finished

  119. Cat

    The stressor I daily face is having to start a new career due to bankruptcy.
    Three ways I handle this are:

    1. breathing and chanting exercises
    2. clearly acknowledge each issue as it come up (usually mentally, although sometimes writing it down) then calmly deny its power and give myself a compliment
    3. Mindful thinking – take a deep breath before every spoken word, every action and before giving up.

    Hope this helps someone.


  120. Love it! It’s pretty amazing how effective writing things down is. It’s even more important for us introverts, I think, to get things down on paper and out of our head.

    I’m kind of sort of doing something similar with a course right now about getting downtime – I’m having students log where their time is going.

    Writing things down makes our lives seem more like actionable steps than amorphous minutes/stresses.

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Absolutely, Thea — I completely agree.

  121. Don’t only have one thing, there are a lot of things. Problem is all things I need to do already know, I must work hard and smart to fastest achieve results.

    • Tracking and writing things down has helped me a lot to get my thoughts organised which makes a massive difference to my stress levels! Right now, like many previous commenters, I am stressed about delivering what I need to over the next two weeks (an important pitch on Thursday and hosting an live conference the week after). To get there, I need to spend some solid chunks of focused time at the start of the week; make sure I get input from some key people and finally keep my self strong by practicing my healthy habits consistently.
      Ps: on the topic of stress, I’ve recently published a short book as resource to help super busy people boost their stress resilience.

  122. Julie

    Loving the download! I like lists… mental dumping is such a great way to get clarity. Thanks as always Marie – and Josh! X

  123. Lauren


    Where do we send Q&A Tuesday questions? I’d love to learn more about interview etiquette.

    Thank you!

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Lauren, we’d love to get your Q! Please write us at info AT marieforleo DOT com and we’ll send you the link to our question submission form.

  124. Hey Marie this is the first blog post I’ve come across! great tips on handling stress, facing a busy time at work lately and running my business so stress is a necessary evil for me…it’s not about what happens but how you react to what happens! look forward to your next post thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much, Seb, and welcome to our MarieTV community. We’re so glad you found us, and feel free to stop by every Tuesday for new episodes!

  125. Dani

    Don’t we all experience stress? Great tips! Thank you!

  126. I love this and just shared it with my man who is going through a tough time! So thank you and I know I will use it too!!!

    And I LOL, when you said “that stress ass is grass” … perfection!

    Adore you and what you do.

    Thanks for the hustle and motivation on the regular.


  127. I have a Wellness page, wellness for body mind and spirit just to address these kinds of emotions of stress, depression, anxiety, loneliness you name it. Point: to achieve complete wellness.
    My favorite way to relieve stress, I emmerse myself into a chosen beautiful peaceful picture. I put myself there. Add my peaceful music, block out everything else. Be mindful of actually being there. I tell how to achieve being able to, I’ll use this word, teleport myself there. It is mind blowing. So magical. I’m working on getting the info out to people one day at a time.
    Thanks Caroline

  128. Bairbre

    My big stressor is the constant barrage from various members of staff that I must solve all their problems as the new manager! I am new to the job with a fresh approach from previous and changes are happening which will and are already improving the work life for staff but they are constantly focused in the past and on bitching and oblivious to the change that is afoot. How do I get them to develop a positive mindset in relation to the present and future and kick them out of the past? And stop them using me as a sounding board. It’s exhausting.
    1. Give them back the responsibility they are trying to dump on my doorstep! Ask them to identify solutions to their problems.
    2. Highlight they are living in the past…tactfully?? Or as I have already tried to identify the benefits of having another member of staff on board and it hasn’t worked, perhaps asking them is another member of staff not needed? Ask them to give it a go starting a fresh.
    3. Not sure of a third but starting to feel a bit better with 2 options! Although I am unsure about number 2!
    Can anyone suggest a no 3? Please ???

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Bairbre, I like the way you’re thinking — especially of having them find ownership/responsibility for their challenges.

      Maybe print out some copies of our Stress Log and have everyone on your team do it and brainstorm their own personal or company solutions to their top stressors?

      It could also be a team activity. People don’t have to share if they don’t want to, but it could help with cohesiveness.

      Just a thought 🙂

      • Bairbre

        Oh I love it! I have scheduled a clinical staff meeting for next Wednesday. I will definitely do this.
        What a great idea!
        Thank you xx
        Just watched Marie’s vid on overwhelm! Lol my work stressor to do list has been cut by 2/3’s ?? that’ll teach me to stress over what I cannot change!
        Love all the work you guys do!

  129. Thank you <3

  130. Great stuff, just what I needed today, Thanks so much!

  131. I love this idea because it aligns with a practice I recommend to my career coaching clients: Keep a work journal.

    Work can be pretty stressful, so it ends up being a stress journal. Also, when you’re rereading your “real life” journals later on, I’ve found I prefer reading things that don’t have so much to do with work 🙂

  132. Thanks Marie! Started my log while listening. Thought I was going to blow a gasket today until I started writing. Big Hug!

  133. Hi Marie, thank you! So simple, yet so effective. By the way, you look great on that dress! Anyways, there are 2 things stressing me out: one person (I actually don’t think it would be useful to talk to the person about it, as I did once and it only made things worse, so, change approach) and my website (maybe just keep pursuing for a while, as I really enjoying doing it). I think I feel better already!

  134. Joanna Branson

    Getting caught up here today, and SOOO glad I did. Thank you (and thank Josh) for this great idea. What a useful strategy. I haven’t even written my stress in the journal yet, but I’m already listing ways I’m going to resolve it in my head. You rock! Thanks again!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Awesome Joanna, we’re so glad to hear you’re already thinking of resolving stressors, and hope that you enjoy trying the stress journal.

      You rock too! 🙂

  135. Deb

    This stress log is brilliant! I just used it to figure out a solution for a stressor that’s been part of my life for literally years. I’m already breathing easier. Thanks Marie (and Josh)!

  136. Hello Marie and Team!

    Once again, I find myself wanting to shout “Hallelujah” in response to your video! 🙂

    I’ve been practicing something very similar to this for years and it has made a tremendous difference in my life. It totally sets my busy mind at ease and points me in the direction of practical, doable solutions.

    But to answer your question…

    My current (re-visiting) stress relates to a book project that I’m creating, and how I plan to go from ground ZERO to sharing something I think is critically important with the world… When I think about all the steps at once, I immediately start to panic and question my competency as a writer and teacher. Needless to say, that’s not a productive place to hang out.

    So… My three solutions (which I refer to as my “next steps”) are:

    1. Update my “priorities” list for my book project, getting clear about what’s really important to do now, and what isn’t…
    2. Finish final touches on my book’s website, then actually tell people about it!
    3. Breathe, and keep focusing on one step at a time (as apposed to everything I could possibly do all at once).

    Ahhhh… I feel better already. 🙂

    Whether it’s something I already do, or something I’ve never imagined, your episodes are always uplifting and inspiring, Marie.

    So thank you.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you SO much Sharon — we’re delighted you enjoyed this week’s episode! xo

  137. Ok Marie and Team Forleo here’s what’s stressing me out at the moment – Too many ideas swirling around in my little brain I don’t know where to start and I am getting nothing done!

    So …here’s what I’m going to do:

    1.Brain dump that stuff into a file. I’m going to call it brain dump. So original – I know.
    2. Work out which things are going to get me the best ROI that my business needs right now.
    3. Go and get a massage girlfriend – oh yeah!! Can’t be all work and no play right?

    P.S I love this vid. As silly as this sounds Marie makes everything look so easy and I would never had thought she has stressful moments. Thanks for the share. xx.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thanks so much for the share, Bibi! Marie really is great at nipping stress in the bud, but of course we all run into it from time to time … such is life.

      Great strategies — I definitely endorse getting a massage 🙂

  138. I love the idea of writing down my stress issues. Why didn’t I think of that sooner. I have a prayer journal that I use to write down my prayers that matter most to me. It helps me when I look back on past prayers and see that they have been answered or just what I was going through previously and how I have moved on. I can definitely do a stress journal on smaller issues that causes me stress. I was jotting some down before I even finished the video. Love your tips!

  139. It’s a shame youu don’t have a donate button! I’d
    definitely donate to this brilliant blog! I guess for now i’ll settle
    for bookmarking and adding your RSS feed to my
    Google account. I look forward to new updates and will talk about this site with my Facebook group.
    Talk soon!

  140. Connie

    It feels great to be stress free! Thank you so much Marie for changing my business and life! I love watching Marie TV it has helped me when I was lost and lonely. Now I can walk with my chin up because of the inspiration and knowledge you share on your newsletter and blog. I am so lucky to be hearing your voice and seeing the beautiful colours you add to this community. Feeling grateful for your gifts and heart, take care!

  141. Thanks for this tool, I have recently noticed how a change in stress levels have profound effects on my ability to tolerate foods. 🙂

  142. Nicole

    Thanks for your sharing about how to release stress.
    Sometimes, I have a lot of stress from my job, for example,
    my customers’s shipment had big trouble from foreign,
    I had to spent many times to slove it
    How to deal with the customer complaints is my task.
    There are three solutions to fit it
    1. Try to my best to maintain the communication with different department.
    2. Being patient with my client
    3. When the problem had finished, having a date with friends or dancing on weekend to release stress out.

  143. Great tip, I am going to use it. Thank you.

  144. Thank you for sharing your wisdom. For me, it is meditation, sports, good food, walking in nature and laughing with friends as well as djing.

  145. Sheila Seabrook

    This is so great. I don’t have any stressors at the moment, but they inevitably crop up and having a way to deal with them is so important. Thanks for the tool, Marie!

  146. Hi Marie thanks a bunch for the tips! You’re Awesome taking your own advice. I notice myself taking action: like recently I was annoyed with peers and co workers and managers/supervisors, (people). Well, I usually ignore the situation and drive home crabby and grumpy can’t wait to vent. Your tips and tools give me the nerves to use the free power we all have. So going back to how I fix the stress I now ‘one one one’ talk/confront to that specific person using their language and style to put a STOP. Boy, I feel a waterfall of relief!!! Thank you so much Marie!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s so great to hear! We’re thrilled Marie’s advice is helping and that your drive home from work now can be much more relaxed. 🙂

  147. Jacqueline

    Thank you for this simple but incredible stress buster!
    The thing that is stressing me out to the max right now is my husband:0

    He has become so apathetic with me, himself and life in general. I think it started with him getting frustrated with his job (construction company manager) or more with the people at his job- to a point where he dispises even thinking about going to work-

    He has been the breadwinner, paying more of the bills than I do. I’m in B school and know it is goi g to help to make my business the main if not only income. However it is challenging and downright frustrating to work my butt off and keep myself healthy and motivated on top of trying to be his “counselor” and constantly encouraging him to eat this and not that and exercise and drink less and basically hang in there a bit longer and we are in this together……………ugh!

    Possible solutions:
    Finish B school and get faster results
    Let him alone to find his own way

    Thanks for the very venting!
    I think it helped!

  148. I have been working long and hard to get my training stuff out and in the public, but there always seems to be one more thing to do before it comes right! ARGH!!! So last week I did a soft launch just on Facebook as I thought it was finally all good to go.

    But this week I discover that some changes to the follow up email sequence have not activated properly and despite my editing them on Monday they are still not working.

    And the e-book that goes with it has still got some spelling errors, despite the millions of times it has already been edited.

    But luckily being a regular meditator I have stopped myself getting too het up and reminded myself that its the journey and learning new stuff is what I love to do. When everything works perfectly, that is when I will be bored. So these lastest snarl ups are just a cool part of my journey!

    Love the idea of having a written down stress log though. Its something I can share with my studnets and patients too.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That does sound stressful, Annya! It sounds like you’re really thoughtful about the work you’re putting out into the world and want it to be the best it can be. Marie is a big fan of “progress, not perfection” so we hope you won’t feel discouraged if it’s not exactly perfect. You can always update things as you go and in the meantime there are people who need your work and can benefit from it all the same. 🙂

  149. T Diaz

    “Stressorcism” – LOVE IT! Definitely my favorite takeaway from this MarieTV. My to-do list and my stress list (with few exceptions) are for the most part one and the same! It occurred to me that instead of adding yet another item–“write stress list”— to the neverending to-do mix, I can have it perform double duty as my stress list. And, since the to-do list itself is an avoidable and necessary stressor in my life (keeps me organized, can’t do away with it!), I can do a little attitude adjustment toward it on those days when it overwhelms me. Sometimes that might look like shredding the to-do list, stomping on it, balling it up and trying to hit the trash bin from across the room, and then after that cathartic activity, printing up another ;-D

  150. Anon

    Hey Team Forleo!

    One stressor that reoccurs in my life is figuring out my career. I feel like I don’t know if I am going down the right path. At the moment I don’t feel an overwhelming passion towards anything, which is kind of frustrating at times. These are potential solutions that I came up with:

    1) Keep going down the path I am on, maybe I will end up loving it!
    2) Keep going down the path I am on, but explore other paths.
    3) Discontinue the path I am on, and try to find another.

    Right now solution #2 seems the best, but let me know what you think?

    Happy holidays,


  151. Interesting.
    Thank you.

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