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Have you ever struggled to inspire others around you? Whether it’s employees, co-workers, family or friends — being a great leader isn’t something that comes naturally to most of us.

Sure, we’d all like to be better, more effective leaders. But how?

Today, I’m thrilled to have my friend Simon Sinek, author of Leaders Eat Last, on the show to share how each of us can inspire those around us to achieve phenomenal things.

In this episode, learn how to leverage your biology to create an environment that naturally and automatically motivates others to do their best work and pull together in the face of challenges.

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You’ll also learn why some teams struggle with constant infighting and failure, and why other teams are completely and wholeheartedly devoted to each other and advancing the mission of their leader and/or organization.

I was deeply moved by the insights and strategies Simon shared in this episode because, as you’ll learn, each of us has the capacity to become a great leader, if we’re brave enough to open our hearts to each other.

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What’s the single biggest leadership insight you’re taking away from today’s episode and what’s a specific action you can take now to put it into practice?

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  1. I have been TRYING to get my company to understand the importance of “Start With Why” for months, and unless people have read it themselves, I find it’s not a difficult concept to GRASP, but difficult to SHIFT to for larger businesses. I hope more organizations open themselves up to this school of thought sooner than later.

    His statements about feeling frustrated with work and unhappy, but hiding it because it really does seem like a #firstworldproblem in the grand scheme of things resonates with me beyond almost anything else. I love this man.

    I also had no idea about the time he spent in Afghanistan. I do a LOT of work with veterans, and (I didn’t think this was possible) but it makes me like him even more.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much, Dorothy — we’re so glad you enjoyed our episode this week! I hope more businesses open up to these ideas too. It makes a tremendous impact!

    • I’ve also experienced feeling like my problems with feeling unfulfilled in my workplace was “normal” and like told myself I must be pretty spoiled if I can’t find a way to be happy while probably billions of people in the world would do anything to have my job in Canada. But I know putting myself down (“spoiled”) in order to create a sense of satisfaction with my life just didn’t work.
      This was my first time hearing Simon speak and I, too, felt it was great to hear someone speak who had felt the same way as me.

    • I had no idea he went over there either, but are we not all brothers and sisters? I see so much of this love and leadership in conjunction with serving and helping one another. We lead by showing others the way, by serving one another. I looked up the name Bob Chapman, and also will have to look up his book “Every one matters” – oh and watch the ted talk on him. There is no doubt in my mind that many Corporations need help in this area – on the other had bob’s got a loyalty that many would die for, but unfortunately – have no clue why it’s not in their corporate culture ( or leadership! ) Thanks – what a joy to watch – I’ll share this with many more people – this story needs to be told more often.

      • Roger, I agree we’re all brothers and sisters! I think he does too, more commenting on the comraderyear of the armed forces that should be envied and emulated by corporations. I will totally look up Bob Chapman! 🙂 Cheers, friend!

    • Tracey Lockhart

      During the 2016 Miss. USA Pageant Miss. California was asked “How do we narrow the gap between the rich and poor?” It is a powerful and important question that goes beyond poor people working harder. I would like to know how you would answer.

      • A better question is “how do we turn poor people into rich people?”

  2. I’m so thrilled to see Simon Sinek here. I was at a conference last week where he was the keynote speaker and as always he was charming. I am a keen beliver of the thought that leaders eat last and take care first. I have been in leadership roles and now trying hard to run my business with my leadership skills. Simon’s concepts really make you think hard.

  3. Beautiful thought and emotion provoking interview. Thank you!

  4. I loved this! I especially appreciate the idea of creating a safe environment. While I’m running a one-woman show right now, I have been working on building a safe environment for people who take my classes, read my blog, or interact with me at markets. I know that creativity can only thrive when we trust the people around us and we feel safe and supported. I’m going to continue thinking of ways that I can take care of the people around me so that they can live their most creative lives. Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Wonderful idea, Stephanie! Building a safe environment can definitely extend beyond teams to customers and communities. Thank you so much for tuning in and sharing here!

  5. Marie,
    When presented with such a powerful and inspiring interview such as this, taking away a single leadership insight is like a hungry person taking a bread crumb. Your interview was loaded with so many critical insights that everyone can and should practice daily. Imagine a world if everyone embraced this philosophy. One has to take the totality of what Simon discussed, process it into their world, and being changing their mindset on what leadership is all about! Tremendously inspiring!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      What a wonderful comment, John. We so appreciate your kind words and thank you for watching!

  6. Gabriela

    I always thought that I am the only person on this planet that thinks like him. Actually people considered me even naive for thinking like that and it looks like is the thinking that most of us should have. The way he talked went to my heart and gave me hope that there is still a chance to inspire people to be emphatic and to be carrying one for each other. I am looking forward to read his books and hopefully to be present in future at his conferences. And you Marie you are always shining like star of wisdom … you are a wonderful person. 🙂

    • Marcy

      Don’t let anyone make you think you’re naive for having heart, Gabriella! It’s more of a reflection on themselves and how they see the world than on you. When my younger sister first started a job as a shoe salesperson, she was told that she wasn’t doing a good job because she wasn’t closing sales with customers on her first interaction with them. What her boss didn’t see was my sister being attentive to her customers needs, giving them options, and encouraging them to shop around at other stores and to come back to her if they had questions. Well, my sister got her sales in by having customers coming back and wanting to work directly with her. She ended up being a top sales rep and managed the store the after a year. She’s moved on to her career as a graphic designer, now, but it just goes to show that you don’t have to change who you are to be successful and simply, haters gonna hate, but you can’t let them get you down.

      • Gabriela

        Thank you Marcy ! Was so nice to hear about your sister. And yes you are right. 🙂

      • I love this example, Marcy. 🙂 Perfection.

      • Thanks, Marcy- . Your words resonate. 🙂

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Such a lovely note, Gabriela — thank you so much! You’re absolutely not naive for thinking this way. Let that beautiful heart of yours shine 🙂

      • Gabriela

        Thank you Caroline! ❤

  7. Hi Marie!
    Thank you so much for this episode, I loved it! The biggest leadership insight I take away is the fact that we’ll never be an expert in leadership. It’s like everything else in our lives, we have to practice daily in order to improve our skills and our lives. And I loved that Simon said we should practice the little things. Sometimes I forget that the little stuff is also a (big) part of the work as a leader. So my action step is not only to do the little things, but to do them with all of my heart. And this thought gives me a smile, so thank you both and your team very much for this episode! Love, Christine

  8. This was an amazing interview, Marie. I haven’t read Simon’s book, but I’m going to get my hands on a copy of it soon!
    It’s interesting to me that it’s pretty much common knowledge that the environment in which we grow up can affect the adult we become. However, it seems like many people cannot make the connection of our work environment in our adult life and how it may be affecting our wellbeing in the long term. Most people will spend more time at work than with their families, and I think this is also key for leaders to have in mind everyday. Leaders truly have a responsibility to help foster an environment in which their people can feel a sense of purpose and fulfillment, so that the time people dedicate to their work does not seem like time wasted.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      That’s such a great point, Marcy. It’s amazing how easy it is to forget truly how much time we devote to our work each day and week, and how important it is to be in a healthy environment during that time. Thanks so much for watching and sharing!

  9. Super thrilled to hear Simon Sinek today! I read both Leaders Eat Last and Start with Why and they were both profoundly moving for me personally and professionally. The single biggest insight that I am taking away from this would be to make sure even if I don’t have authority over everyone that I still act like a leader by taking care of those beside me. At my full time job I work in a stressful job with another person where we are pretty isolated from the rest of the organization. While I don’t have authority over her or her over me, it is important to me that we feel safe at work and it’s my job to make sure she feels supported and safe and I know that she will do so in return. Thank you Marie and Simon for this video! It was really great.

  10. “I feel safe at home, but I don’t feel safe at work” really resonated with me. Where I am employed is exactly the type of company Simon described with the mass layoffs to balance budgets. I am always fearful for my own job as well as that of my employees. The whole organization operates on fear and the ‘leaders’ attitudes are that we should all be grateful we even have jobs. Oy! As a result I am one of those ‘I hate my job’ people. I try to find gratitude and positivity in the experience and am sure I am meant to learn something from it—I am here for a reason so there must be some lesson in it. Maybe it is to clearly see exactly who, how and what I don’t want to be.

    I enrolled in (& completed) the 2016 B-School class and am slowly working my way out of the current soul crushing ‘job’ experience—one day at a time. This interview was yet another eye opener that I am headed in the right direction. Much love and thanks!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Annelise, I’m so sorry to hear you’re in a job environment that is soul crushing. It can be really tough to experience that on a day to day basis, and I hope that you find a better opportunity soon. We’re so glad that you joined us for B-School 2016, and we’re sending tons of best wishes as you’re looking for your next steps!

  11. I LOVE Simon. His storytelling is compelling and his energy is palpable. This concept of the “circle of safety” is freakin’ everything. Also love that he makes the distinction between leaders and authority.

    Really, Simon makes me think of Daniel Pink’s Whole New Mind because he’s an example of symphony and story as conceptual senses. The way he ties physiology to office dynamics, leadership to everyday action…he’s just insanely brilliant. Loved this interview, Marie. <3

  12. The explanation of work life imbalance was just superb… many thanks.

  13. What an amazing interview! The story of Simon’s epiphany in Afghanistan was so touching. His insight about leadership was so inspiring. I only wish all leaders would listen to his message of truth. Thanks, as always, to Marie for sharing such thought provoking interviews and teachings. Loved it!!

  14. I’ve been speaking on so many of these important leadership themes; Oxytocin’s role and the importance of leadership culture being a few. Thank you for bringing these Leading From the Inside Out topics mainstream!

  15. I was very encouraged by this episode because it confirmed my heart’s desire to look at my team as sons and daughters rather than coworkers and colleagues. I wasn’t sure that mindset was OK because my leaders (upline) do not see me or the rest of us that way. We are business associates only. It feels very sterile and stand-off-ish.

  16. What a great interview. Love the teachings of Simon. So much to take from this and practice now, for when I have employees. As the leader, you take care of the people who look after your customers… So simple yet so misunderstood by so many.
    Thank you to all the guys and girls who brought this to us. I’m very appreciative and grateful for the opportunity to sit in on a wonderful interview.

    All my best

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much for your kind note, Jonathan. We so appreciate you watching this week!

  17. This video was totally captivating for me. Thank you so much! It left me feeling very thoughtful…and about how I can begin to practice doing more little things in my daily life to serve people. What a powerful take on leadership….just awesome! Thanks, Marie!

  18. What starts the process of increasing selfishness or increasing reciprocation? Is it the external environment? Or is it cycles of selfishness/ altruism that fluctuate over time? Builders alternating with people who destroy? You can either rule by love or by fear, but love takes less work.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Those are definitely great questions! Maybe the answer varies from person to person. We’re all motivated by slightly different things, so it might be hard to nail down one (or a few answers).

  19. Great video! Creating the environment for success is a gem. Not being responsible for the customer or client, but for those that are…lot of food for thoughts…
    Thanks Marie & simon.

  20. Jessica

    Incredible interview. Profound. One of your best yet, Marie! Thank you for the intro to Simon, he is amazing. My biggest takeaway: leadership is acting in service to others. I try to remember and act on this on a daily basis, but this was an awesome reminder to continue and to do even more. I also noted the importance of continuing education, discussion and exploring leadership techniques. I am currently working towards a masters in learning, development and executive coaching. I will be sure to pass this along to my class! Thank you both so much!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Yes! These are such beautiful insights, Jessica! It’s so awesome that you’re passing these insights on to your class, too. We’re cheering you on as you’re working on your masters! 🙂

  21. OMG! The most amazing video ever. I feel so connected with Simon Experience. I’ve been pass for something similar and the stress of paying accounts, dos not lead me to give tome to understand whats inside and this video helps me a lot to re connect with the inner of me. Thanks a lot for this amazing video.

  22. Thank you for this Simom and Marie! I’m going to show this to everyone I loved it that much!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s awesome! Thanks so much, Kelly! I’m really glad you enjoyed this interview. 🙂

  23. Dana

    I have struggled as a leader and as an employee for a few different organizations over the years. The concept of employees feeling safe and leaders genuinely taking care of their employees makes so much sense. I’ve experienced these types of issues at both ends of the spectrum.
    We have all made mistakes and our egos can get in the way, like it’s all about me and my feelings and what I want rather than how my employee feels. For example, as a leader I’ve thought, “Who does she think she is, sitting around waiting for me to handle the situation again. Truly, I was trying to empower her and have her learn to speak up for herself or find help but why doesn’t she get that? And now she’s angry at me because she says I left her in an awkward position.” And even though we talked about it, as the weeks went on, the work environment got uglier and uglier.
    Those kinds of thoughts as a leader is all about “me, me, me”. But in reality, maybe she never felt safe. Maybe I didn’t set up a safe environment. Maybe I didn’t take care of her and now she’s lashing out. I am also an employee myself and maybe my leader never made me feel safe, taken care of or loved, either, and it trickled down.
    This interview couldn’t have come at a better time as I had a hard time with my team and overall work environment this past month. Thank you for this beautiful interview.

    • Dana

      I also wanted to mention that I am a 2015 B-School graduate and I have recently resigned from my position and I am currently working on creating my business. I am grateful for all of my work experiences; they have made me stronger and fuel creativity. I am also thankful for Marie Forleo and Simon Sinek and I look forward to reading “Leaders Eat Last”!

      • Mandy - Team Forleo

        Thank you SO much for sharing your experiences with us, Dana! Wow — it sounds like you really experienced the dark side of not feeling safe in the workplace firsthand. I know it had to be really tough while all that was going on, but think about how much you’ve learned, how far you’ve come, and how you can use that wisdom in your new business. We’re super proud of you and really appreciate you sharing so openly and honestly with the community. I know I speak for all of us when I say we’re really glad you’re in the B-School family. Congrats on going full time with your business! We can’t wait to see where it takes you. 🙂

  24. Nora

    Loved this interview! The story of equal non-paid time off being the catalyst of positive effect brought me to tears. This example really captures the essence of what humans are capable of. Thanks for introducing me to Simon. I will definitely check out his book!

  25. I just loved this interview and got Simon and Bob’s books immediately.
    As always Simon is an inspiration. He voiced out loud how I’ve always felt about leadership and what I understand a leader is.
    I hope, if we all work hard on ourselves, we will change our environment and our world.
    Thank you Marie for inviting Simon.

  26. Sheila

    Best Tuesday ever. This is not just how I want to work, and be part of my community, and build a business, but how I want to raise my children. So many nuggets. A great reminder that of COURSE leaders are the ones who go first. *facepalm* When did that change? As kids and teens, that’s what leader meant, but in the workplace it really has become synonymous with DA BOSS. Thank you for this deeply moving and thought provoking kick start to my day and that of everyone I touch. Simon – your book has been on my list. I’m ordering it today and I’ll be sharing this interview broadly. Thanks for sharing your journey to the betterment of us all.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      You’re so right, Sheila. Getting back to the basics — the essence of leadership — is super important. We can’t wait to hear what you think of Simon’s book!

  27. Loved this episode. It took me back to when I was working for a financial firm. I hated it and didn’t feel safe at all. I know why now.
    I’m making it a point to create great environments – even when I’m driving! That one will take a lot of work but I won’t give up. 🙂

  28. Beautiful and inspiring video today. Just exactly what I needed.

  29. Cheryl McLaughlin

    Ahhh, Marie and Simon. Excellent. Thought-provoking. Fabulous interview, and I couldn’t agree with you more. Leadership is an earned gift and an awesome responsibility “gifted” to you by others who trust you and are willing to be led by you. That “Circle of Safety” you speak of, Simon, is profound…and has what I call “fifty layers of understanding” to it. To lead effectively we first have to create that circle of safety within ourselves by the way we coach and lead ourselves. The foundation of this begins at home. In my work with elite athletes, one of the greatest challenges is helping parents learn how to create that circle of safety for their kids and be effective leaders in this way, when it’s so easy to get trapped into feeling responsible for their kid’s observable results instead of just being there to care for the soul, the heart, and body of that child particularly after a loss. Very inspiring interview!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That makes so much sense, Cheryl! Thank you for the wonderful work you’re doing in the world and for helping people create their own circles of safety that radiate outward.

  30. My biggest takeaway: becoming a leader is not a grandiose gesture or a monumental task. It lives in the tiny moments of everyday.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      YES! Love it. 🙂

  31. Stephanie Summers-Culver

    Amazing to say the least! So many key takeaways. Getting his books now and looking forward to creating a new environment. Thank You!

  32. Chrystal

    MARIE!!!!! This was an incredible interview. I am so in love with these leadership concepts and love this idea of ppl being heart counts and not a headcounts.

    Thank you so much for sharing your gifts with us every Tuesday. Love your passion and it lights my fire each week.

  33. Fantastic interview! Thank you Marie and Simon!

  34. Maria

    Loved it !!!!

  35. Beverly

    I have been following Simon for years. His “Notes to Inspire” arrive in my inbox on a daily basis.
    I am sitting here looking at my screen with so many emotions I am having a difficult time picking them apart to try to express what it is that I am thinking.
    First, thank you from the bottom of my heart to both Simon and Marie.
    Thank you for being the blazing, brilliant people that you are.
    Thank you for proving out that what I envision is not my dream alone and that it has the potential to become reality.
    Thank you for demonstrating the talks that Daddy and I had when I was younger about how you treat people were not and are not…obsolete. Wendy’s founder Dave once mentioned that his degree was an M.B.A. Those letters stood for Mop Bucket Attitude. You didn’t ask anything of your employees that you wouldn’t and hadn’t done yourself. But it was more than that and I am at a loss to explain. “Leaders eat last.” Yeah. That.
    Last, I am an emotional creature. I watched this and sat down and cried because it touched me deeply and isn’t that one of the reasons we interact? I’m not dreaming alone and that means the world to me.
    From my heart to yours ~ Thank you!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Thank you for your beautiful response, Beverly! I love what you shared about the Mop Bucket Attitude. It’s so smart and makes perfect sense. That’s definitely the kind of attitude you want the CEO to have!

    • I so agree with you Beverly, thanks for expressing this.
      The interview really touched me and brought me to tears several times, Simon expressed what I always felt deep inside and tried to express and act on in my jobs, often was seen as being naive….
      Is there a list of companies that are already inspired through Simon´s vision?

      Thank you all…

  36. Wow! This is a common reaction to many of Marie’s videos, for me… but the last three minutes really hit home – I even had a tiny tear in my eye! I typically keep these videos playing in the background while I’m working. What made me tune in specifically towards the end (just after 31:45 min mark)

    My parents were very conscientious people and I was raised in a friendly town where you made small talk with cashiers and held doors for others. When I lived in the city for college, in my darkest hours, I found all of these simple courtesies missing from my world. I started to not do them, because it seemed no one did them for me. And it took me a few years to get back into the person I knew myself to be; it’s only been up from there!

    To paraphrase the interview, if we look out for the people around us; something anyone can do, it makes life better. The practice of putting others ahead of our own interest is fulfilling! Letting someone in in the line of traffic, making more coffee when it’s run low… I’ve never seen these as leadership qualities before. What an idea. Thank you.

    We can never truly know the circumstances of others, (maybe they’re just a bast*rd) — but maybe that small act of kindness and courtesy made light in a dark day. (We all know the Tony Robbin’s story!)

    Thank you so much for your insight, Marie AND Simon!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Yes, Christine! I love this. We might never know the impact we can have on someone, and the power of tiny acts of kindness and leadership is really incredible. Thanks so much for watching!

  37. Greatest insight for me: as a leader, you’re not responsable for your customer. You’re responsable for the people who are responsable for your customer.
    Awesome interview, thank you Marie and Simon.
    Cheers! 🙂

  38. Patricia

    In the past, I have turned down small leadership opportunities because I am an introvert and did not consider myself as having the right skills. After listening to Simon Sinek speak, I realize that I am already a leader in some ways. I will be listening to his Ted Talks next and I plan to read his books! Thanks Marie, for giving Simon the opportunity to speak on MarieTV!

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Awesome, Patricia! Happy reading and listening.

  39. Thank you for this incredibly valuable interview! I’ve been following bother your work and Simon for years now and have read both of Simon books. Leaders eat last is a gift I buy for my new clients! I feel so strongly about its message and the power of what it does for teams. I especially loved the part where you shared about management, sometimes I can stuck when I’m coaching the educators I work with I get stuck in the mindset of “I know better” thank for bringing to light that it’s not about that,
    Your unpacking of nature of environments rings so true with the schools I work with andninalwaydbqoute your work at all ,y live events and webinars.
    Thank you again for this interview , I will be sharing it with my audience!!

  40. Powerful story telling and leadership principles. Thrilled to see business’s trending this direction.

  41. Penny Casselman

    This was brilliant! Simon’s books and TED Talk are now top of my list. As someone who has been downsized three times in my corporate career, and most recently made the decision to resign a position due to the toxic nature of the environment, this was a refreshing, insightful and reflective talk. I’m now even more excited about my future knowing there is a movement, support and actions that can be taken to incite a bright path forward. Thank you, as always, for sharing your time and knowledge with us Marie! Keep up the fantastic work!

    • Oh you should watch the TED Talk immediately if not sooner. If you loved this, you will most certainly feel inspired! <3

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Yes, you’ll love the TED talk, Penny! And I hope you pocket and treasure this gem of a line you wrote: “I’m now even more excited about my future knowing there is a movement, support and actions that can be taken to incite a bright path forward.”


  42. I can’t tell you how moved I am by this conversation. The most important thing that Simon said, for me, was the thing about not feeling safe at work and yoga or cafeterias not solving that. THAT is what I hear from so many of my clients EVERY SINGLE DAY. I’m so excited to see this conversation happening on this scale. Many of my clients are trying to figure out how to live this. Sometimes there’s a roadmap and sometimes it feels like we’re lost in the jungle with no compass. But from this interview, I can see that the conversation is growing, and this gives me hope. I can’t wait to read Simon’s books. Downloading them now.

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Sonya, we’re so happy to hear that and know exactly what you mean! Thank you for watching, and sharing this.

  43. What an amazing video on leadership. My biggest takeaway was creating a work/life balance where you feel safe both at home and at work. I am a solopreneur but I also work for a huge corporate office where they recently laid off hundreds of people and suddenly I don’t feel safe anymore in my work environment. I appreciate you both for adding value to my life with this video. Thank you.

  44. Pieter

    That is true what is discus here. Leaders are not in a position. They are there to serve the people and the people must take responsibility for the work they must produce. Then we will have an environment who want to stand together and Build one another for the better.

  45. Love the interview! Shared everywhere. I think all my old bosses need to see this.
    I wonder, though, how many entrepreneurs would exist in the world if more leaders followed this example of thought? HAHA
    WAY back in the day, Fred Smith started Federal Express and he did a lot of this in the beginning. One of his points was if you treat your employees right, they, in turn, treat the customer right, which in turn , creates automatic growth in a company. Again, that was back in the day of Federal Express…not FedEx.
    I like the comment earlier by Stephanie about creating a safe space within her workshops, blog, etc. Gave me ideas!
    Thank you as always for sharing!

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Absolutely, and thank you for sharing the episode, Dawn!

  46. That I need to share this with my husband, who is a CIO, working in a company that has been led by a CEO who creates a very stressful environment. When she is not there, EVERYONE is much happier and productive.

  47. Ren

    I loved listening, and did so twice. I’m touched and inspired—how he sets straight what leadership truly is: a human enterprise, and how we all are leaders, starting in the practice of the small stuff to make others’ lives better. I loved how he spoke about the biology of pay-it-forward, which I’ve heard before, but today I really HEARD IT. Lots of insight and wisdom here.

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Ren, it means so much to us to know these messages really sunk in for you today. Thank you for watching, and not just once, but twice!

  48. This has been a life changing interview, thanks Marie for bringing us the very best, Simon was exceptional and truly inspiring. I am put the wisdom to practice right away. Thank you and realy delighted – i couldnt keep the video to myself, i have shared to many friends, many leaders to watch and change lives. Excellent and so amazing, i will look for Simon’s book because practice is the key

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Henry, we’re honored by your kind words!

  49. This was on point & on purpose!
    Leadership is an awesome responsiblity & a step I graceful & gratefully accept. I needed to hear this today.
    Grace & Gratitude to you both Marie & Simon

  50. Leadership is easier to undertake if you realize several key variables – I’ll address one that I see many folks in leadership fail miserably at – letting go. A leaders is not the same as a manager. Managers are key in that they direct your team to get from Point A to Point B; the manager is implementing a leader’s Guidance. Leadership is Guidance, the creative brain of Pinky and the Brain…the manager is Pinky! Too many in leadership position want to take on both, which causes chaos, confusion, and eventually nothing getting done. Leaders must learn to trust their knights.
    While starting your business, you may be the Brain and Pinky, and have no Knights to do the implementing, but you can think of blocks of time as Leadership/Creative/Guidance blocks and Management/Implementing blocks – separate the two out and relax into knowing that it will get done if you just let go of the “Everything Right Now” mentality. Joy and blessings to all, Cindy

  51. Sonia

    Hi Marie,
    this was insightful and important information. I would like to hear or read an in-depth on how you maintain high end leadership and connection with your team; making everyone feel valuable, seen and inspire to significant contributions, with a virtual team spread in many locations.

    • Colleen

      Yes, I’d love to read a response to Sonia’s question so that I can implement it in my own online business, when I start one someday!

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Sonia and Colleen, thank you for asking about this, and we’ll absolutely make note of your wish for the future! We actually did an insightful little MarieTV episode on this too, if you want to check it out:

  52. Great interview and such great stories. I love that Simon Sinek is putting the leadership focus on heart and soul, instead of just money.

  53. Thank you Simon and Marie
    I have just left a post as a manager struggling in the old paradigm, my boss was a bully and its was awful – I hadn’t been in this sort of environment for such a long time. So hearing this talk was so reassuring – thank you. For the last few years my projects have been about loves role in the eco movement – now for me its changing gear – living purposeful, practical and prosperous life, joining millions to midwife the new paradigm and helping people – supporting humanities evolution SHE. HE is in there too – we need a new balance. So very touched by Simon and Bob and other men like Bernie showing up with heart – thank you!

  54. Marguerite L. Mahalek

    Dearest Marie,
    THANK YOU!!! And Simon, THANK YOU!!!! OH MY GOD!!!! I am 63, have been an at-home wife and Mom for over 29 years, came to be divorced this past year because of his adultery and lies and have been experiencing the most horrendous darkness, anger, rage and pain, yet today, TODAY, watching, absorbing, taking into my Soul what you both shared I am in TEARS, THANKING GOD, acknowledging that He brought this to me, brought you both to me to realign my thoughts, my soul, my purpose as I move forward to build my life by removing the darkness with the light of Joy and Fulfillment not just for myself, but most, for my 3 grown children and others who too feel overwhelmed by dark and fear!!! My eternal Gratitude Always!!!

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Marguerite, what a beautiful share. We love that this week’s episode was just the thoughtful, purposeful, and soulful message you needed to hear. We’re grateful to have you in our world.

  55. Many aha moments, GRACIAS Marie and Simon for sharing so many golden nuggets. I’m a person that feel blessed, enjoys caring for others, but my biggest challenge is leading my teens. I will make a point to improve their (our) environment and, hopefully soon, enjoy the transformation in the way we all interact. Blessings

  56. Satpal K Mankoo

    Leadership comes with sel confidence and focus. Worldly knowledge is astounding tool for leadership. To understand the characters of all humans and nationalities around us. When you know the background knowledge of mankind leadership follows as you understand the points where they’re coming from. Once u understand the human character and background you become a better judge in your decisions. Leadership is all about understanding and knowledge Satpal K Mankoo aka Rani Mankoo

  57. Jennifer Woodward

    Fantastic interview! Off to buy Simon’s books.

  58. Jen

    I am a health coach and the first thing I learned was to listen. It’s hard not to give an option to others when you studied and acquire knowledge on the field you mastered. But sometimes people just want someone to be there and listen to them…and care. As a Health Coach my main duty is to educate and not dictate. Yes! I understand that nutrition and physical activity is very important to wellness, but the balance in our relationship is also a crucial part of building those healthy habits. Thank you Simon for giving me more understanding about being “social animals”. Yes, agreed that we can control and adapt to a good environment—it’s our choice. Thank you Marie!

  59. Thank you Marie and Simon for an inspiring interview!
    I’ve just read Simon’s book “Start with Why”, and I’m looking forward to reading “Leaders Eat Last” soon (I love my local public library!).
    What I especially loved in the interview was Simon’s comment: “Most leaders think leadership is about being in charge. No it’s not; it’s about taking care of those IN your charge…. It is your responsibility to take care of them, make them feel safe, and they will naturally want to co-operate and work hard and give you their blood and sweat and tears to advance your vision.” I wish I’d had bosses like that.
    I also loved Marie’s comment about looking out for the people around us. I’m an improv performer, and that comment reminds me of the improv principle of “Make your team-mates look good.” What I love about that is that when I feel safe and make my team-mates look good, and I trust that they’re doing the same for me (onstage or off), it feels good and things work! Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we all operated that way, in life and business?

  60. Charmaine

    This is just so thought provoking, I took away so many golden nuggets of information and I would like to thank you both. Now all I have to do is remember to practice a little bit of leadership everyday. I resonate with this word “practice” as this is also how my yoga journey is unfolding. Practice everyday, its so simple and yet sometimes so daunting. And on those days when practice is a challenge, remember that every little bit of practice we do creates nice little ripples that gets us closer on our journey.

  61. Wow. I am bawling all over myself. The part about not confusing excitement with fulfillment expresses exactly where I am as I continue to search for Purpose in my work. I am intentioned with a quest to discover this for myself and this share was a VERY powerful awareness for me. I am so grateful for this amazing content and the deep value it provides in my life. Simon inspired me to really discover my WHY – which I feel that I am clear about, but I still search for the Purpose in which I will bring this WHY into full alignment with the work I am doing in the world. With deep gratitude, thank you.

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Donna, thank you so much for sharing this! We love knowing how this inspired you.

  62. Andrea Walters

    I have just finished forwarding this insightful video to my ex-colleague who continues to work for a family company that sells one of the most recognized brands in the world. My hope is that he shares it with the passionate and hardworking people who still remain their out of fear.
    I spent 8 years at this company becoming less spirited and more stressed each and everyday. Realizing that cortisol levels were at a disastrous level, I took it upon myself to find my true calling and am thrilled to be in the final throws of completing the IIN program with Joshua Rosenthal. I have set up practice coaching those suffering from cardiac events back to health and, in so doing, I have never felt healthier.
    Leadership makes all the difference in the world. A disheartened workforce and vicious head office team (fearful and working 12 to 14 hour days) leads to disastrous outcomes where people are let go to maintain “growth”. All for what?

  63. Aside from having a new hero in Simon, the things that resonate in a way that are helping me to define my goals are: “I want to serve those who serve others,” and “Leaders create environments where people are family to each other.”

    Both of these are what matters to me and always have mattered, yet I wasn’t able to define it. So, thank you for helping with that clarity. And thank you both for being a leader worth aspiring to.

  64. Shal

    this is brilliant. would love to be able to translate this into corporate organizations worldwide. this is what matters. get this right and corporate isnt the thing we all run from anymore….think of how that could change the game and the world?

  65. Pure truth and beauty. Shared in my network in The Netherlands!

  66. I was going to put off watching this until after I got more stuff done, and I’m so glad I made the time today because tonight I am meeting with my teaching staff to talk about the real financial struggles the company is facing.

    I am not any less anxious about the meeting, but after listening to Simon’s brilliance on the topic of safe environments, I feel much stronger knowing I’m doing the right thing. I also feel like I’m in a better frame of mind, centered on making sure we all take care of each other through whatever shifts are sure to take place.

    Thank you for being exactly what I needed at just the right time.

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      SO happy to hear that, Melissa.

  67. This is one of my favorites…that is a HUGE statement, since I love just about everyone…I will be re-listening…lots of nuggets of wisdom. Blessings and hugs!

  68. Oh my gosh, a big smile spreads across my face. What a beautiful message, easy to see, incredibly inspiring… YES my whole mind and body responds with this is what I want for my business… and yes I will continue to learn more. Love his heart, passion and presence.

    Thank you!

  69. Angelique

    This was a great video! I do not have a leadership role in my company, but I love people, and this video reminded me to genuinely reach out at work and at home. I am going to be looking for ways that I can help those around me.

  70. Meritxell

    Wow! Bravo! This talk really inspired me. Thank you Marie and Simon!

  71. I loved this video – THANK YOU! My biggest take away is how taking care of others (I teach it as mindfulness in my yoga classes) is the essence of leadership quality! Perhaps I am a good leader – and I am inspired to do more.

  72. Wilfried

    Thank you for this inspiring interview! Working as a coach and counselor I know all these ‘wisdom nuggets’ you presented, but I was surprised about the clarity and simplicity to come to the point.
    According to my own reseach the transformation of our social behavior depends on our understanding, how we describe, explain and value our communicative experience.

  73. I’m so moved by this conversation, knowing that there’s more people in the world, like me, who are interested in ‘human’ enterprises, inspiring people as a great leader to further visions that will benefit the greater good! Bravo:)))

  74. Dale

    I have seldom enjoyed my mid-management positions in my career and I’ve found myself not staying long because of exactly what Simon speaks of here. I know it can’t all be warm and fuzzy but when you’re caught in the middle between management who can’t or won’t rethink their style and people who despise them for behaving like a dictator, it is an absolute MISERABLE existence.

  75. WOW! This was AWESOME!
    Love Marie! Love Simon!!
    Thank you!

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      We love you back, Marina!!

  76. Elisa

    Parabéns Marie! Eu adorei essa entrevista. Realmente o ponto de vista de Simon faz muito sentido, o exemplo da oxitocina e do cortisol são magníficos! Todo esse jeito de pensar de Simon seria a cura para a paz no mundo! Imagina se todos pensassem assim! Aqui no nosso país, Brasil, estamos passando por momentos muito difíceis onde os líderes do governo saquearam abusadamente dos cofres públicos além de terem praticado como nunca a corrupção pelo poder. Graças a Deus tudo veio à tona e agora temos que escolher novos líderes, mas sempre estaremos nos sentindo desconfiados. Tenho um exemplo em casa também de uma experiência semelhante a de Simon. Meu irmão também se sentia muito frustado no trabalho e na sociedade como um todo e seu eu interior, de amor e doação fez com que resolvesse ir para um Seminário e se tornar padre. A religião para ele foi a base para sentir-se preenchido de alegria e satisfação. Por favor, traga Simon para palestrar no Brasil!

  77. Awesome interview and very timely for me! I’ve been fortunate in the past to work in environments like Simon described and I know how important that is. I am a solopreneur and am looking at growth and having to hire employees this summer. I want to do it right and do it from the start. This interview gave me insight and I can’t wait to read his book (Leaders Eat Last). Thanks Marie and Team Forleo! ~Terri

  78. Oh. My. Gosh.

    You BOTH are such power houses of the RIGHT STUFF, baby! I am inspired by both of you living YOUR purpose, and I have been connecting to my “why’s”deeper and deeper. This episode confirmed so many of the concepts that I have been exposed to and truly try to embody, in particular in relation to the yoga philosophy on lifestyle that I’ve been exposed to over the years. I love that you are a unique voice giving authentic flavor and living color story, backed by the “social” and “biological” sciences that help really put these concepts of universal kindness into a frame of reference that is so practically useful for our modern minds, lifestyle, and issues & experiences that we deal with and are exposed to.
    In short, I just adore and love you both. And I’m so excited to spread this message because it’s so important! Simon, you helped put language and understanding as to why it is that I’ve been naturally drawn to work with leaders and people in positions of authority to help them deepen their greater connection and compassion to true leadership. Gosh, my yoga dorkness is coming through here, but it really ALL is so connected ~ that domino effect is real. Thank you for your authenticity and dedication in your work. Love you BOTH!

  79. Keli

    This is the best…anything I’ve seen on leadership. Bravo! I have watched a lot of Marie TV and this has to be one of the top two or three episodes of all time. I feel inspired to act. Thank you!

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much, Keli — we’re delighted to hear that!

  80. My biggest takeaway is that the environment you create dictates how people will act. Huge! I will be stepping up the amount of appreciation and concern I show for the team. Very glad to have watched this episode, thank you so much!

  81. This is so amazing! Simon put into words exactly what this society, companies and leaders need to embody!

  82. This was my favorite episode yet! Thank you so much for the incredible value! My favorite quote from the show, ” Leadership is the practice of putting the lives of others ahead of our own interests.” That is the foundation on which I want to build my business!

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Brie — we’re so happy to know this is your favorite episode to date!

  83. One of the very best segments of MTV EVER!

    The traditional leadership models NEVER sat well with me and so I resisted stepping into them.

    This model TOTALLY fits with every fiber of my being and who I am, and listening to this segment feels like permission to step into a rather daunting goal I set for myself of leading 10,000 Food Coaches to make at least $70K a year working from home and living congruently with what they espouse. I can now feel it, where I was more thinking it before.

    I’m SO grateful for Simon’s ability to articulate what I needed to hear most right now.

    Love, hugs and gratitude to you Marie, Simon and the Team that makes this all happen,

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Amazing, Sherry!!

  84. Laura Ramos

    Best Marie TV E-V-E-R! It is related to my proposal for Graduate’s Degree Thesis so I deeply appreciate that you invited Simon Sinek over. Those books from him are now part of my “Must Have” Books. Great Nuggets of Wisdom! Blessings to Both and your Team’s. Laura =)

  85. At 14:33 I decided it was too long, but up until that point, I enjoyed the story telling and the search for fulfillment, purpose, joy, meaning, whatever you want to call it. Excellent messaging here!

  86. Rebecca

    Wow! What an absolutely thought provoking and empowering interview. That seriously rocked my boat and I’m so looking forward to diving into both of his books asap. As a solopraneur a big away was close to the end where he talks about having a responsibility as a worker but also as a leader, and the challenge of having to be both and to keep the two separate. It’s not easy to jump between the two but it is so clear how important the development of these leadership qualities is, especially as your business grows and along with it, your team. So awesome – all of it!
    Thanks, Marie and Simon!

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Yay! We can’t wait for you to read the books too, Rebecca.

  87. Dose of Dottie

    My comment is to reinforce a point that Simon made in this video on leadership and that is people need fair, firm guidelines. I know from first-hand experience having lived through three separate living situations with unfortunate parenting in my childhood and teenage years. Predictably and eventually classified as a juvenile delinquent, I taken was put into a Girls Foster Home under the Canadian welfare system. That was the best thing that ever happened to me until that date. For the first time in my life I was equal to all the others under that roof and the rules fair were applied consistently with 6 to 8 other young women who had experienced the worst of life. The Foster parents were leader/angels who cared about our welfare and were inspired to give girls a fair break in life. I went from being an angry juvenile delinquent to being a responsible, blossoming and hard working young women with a compassionate heart and creative spark.
    If it were not for this compassionate and caring couple (who had grown up children of their own) and the guidelines and parameters they set out and administered I really wonder how my life would have gone in another completely different path. Yes, we need leadership in the way Simon described. I resonated so much with that segment.

  88. Excellent video! It is very inspirational. It has a lot of valuable content. This content can be used and applied on a daily basis with small actions. He defined in simple words what leadership is and how a leader should think. My new formula is leadership = take care of people. Simple and powerful.
    Simon Sinek explained the content of his book in a very passioned and easy way.
    Great interview and thank you for sharing it with us (your audience).

  89. Sandra

    So many nuggets of wisdom: heart count, not head count; leaders are responsible for the people who who are responsible for the results.
    I’ve just texted my friends and colleagues to get Leaders Eat Last!
    Thank you!

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Thank you, Sandra!

  90. Tara Jernejcic

    Oh, my! Where to begin? This discussion has delivered itself at the exact moment I need to receive it! A culmination of unsatisfactory work experiences over the course of 20 years and self-bastardization has brought me to a low place, rubbed raw to my core and left me feeling lost, dejected and tired.
    The discussion about good leadership providing feelings of trust and of safety struck a chord with me. Looking back, I do wholeheartedly believe, now, that I am not completely flawed and unemployable. I have been under poor leadership practices that have failed to provide that which allows one to thrive.
    So my question- how do you find a good leader to work for?

  91. Carine

    I really love this episode Marie and Simon. It is a great reminder as to why I want to be a leader and how I can become a good one and also a better person to all my relationships. Thank you so much:)

  92. Wow. I am so moved by this man’s heart felt wisdom. What a message!! It has given me a lot to take in. I like that he left off with real life practices of kindness, as leadership. It gives me a way to integrate his teaching, which I very much intend to do!
    Thank you Simon. Thank you Marie.

  93. Oh my goodness! What an amazing video Simon & Marie. I absolutely loved listening to your story Simon. I actually was very choked listening to it & the message you conveyed about leadership is one that is so true. “If you get the environment right, humans can do remarkable things” – absolutely loved that…

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo


  94. Thank you both for such a wonderful interview! What I heard Simon sharing is the practice of true service, not servitude. It is the most joyful and fulfilling of all endeavors, at least for me. Showing up and serving those around us, is how we will bring this world back into balance. His awakening in Afghanistan was profoundly moving. Thank you for sharing such a deeply personal moment with us. I’m grateful to you Simon for your efforts and of course to you Marie for yours as well. Love to you both.

  95. Hello from London!
    I echo the chorus of the many who’ve said this is their favourite (or one of their favourite) interview on Marie TV ever. And hope you like the British English spelling.

    So much of what Simon talked about resonated with me but standout points for me are when he talks about how most people think that leadership is about being in charge … then adds passionately “No it’s not! It’s about taking care of those in your charge”. I love this – I think it’s so obvious and yet also so often overlooked and so profound.

    Plus when he highlights people at the bottom of an organisation who are “absolutely leaders” because they have chosen to take care of the person to their left and the person to the right of them.

    When he talks about making way for the car who is trying to cut in, when he talks about refilling the pot of coffee as examples of leadership, he is turning conventional cultural thinking on its head. We have been taught to think of those kinds of behaviours as being examples of being submissive and weak – but Simon here is reminding us that the opposite is true. I’m so glad I caught this episode. Thank You!

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      We love that this is your favourite episode, Annie (yes, with the British spelling)! Thank you for watching, and sponging up Simon’s insight with us.

  96. As important as safety at work is, it’s tough for most people (perhaps especially for our brave men and women in the military in a more literal way). I never felt safe at my last job because of multiple re-orgs, moves, and lay-offs during the two years I worked at a flash sales site. The experience took a costly toll on its employees and culture. Millennials get a bad rap for being entitled job-hoppers. Truth is we know only too well that most company cultures are nothing like Bob Chapman’s, whether we’ve witnessed our parents go through their own struggles or we’ve had them ourselves. Millennials seem privileged to dream and choose where they spend their work days.. But many also work to change the dialogue and design sustainable companies that are better for humanity and for the environment. <3 We learn fast to make connections, adapt, and stay afloat in a world of uncertainty. We'd rather aim for an ideal than settle for the status quo.. I like the hope for humanity that you both express in this video. Thank you Marie & Simon!

  97. Such wisdom for leading life. Thank you, a whole new world has opened.

  98. What a beautiful interview… spoke directly to my heart and core beliefs and truly what I strive for everyday in my little business. This just fired me up to practice more and do better at what I am already doing, as the most important thing for me is for my people to feel safe and loved and to love what they do and where they are everyday, no matter what. Thank you so much for this episode and insight. So so valuable.

  99. Angela Lowe

    Awesome interview! That is so measurable at work. There are some supervisors that are just operational, their only focus is to get the job done “by any means!” Then their are others that do pour into their group they are concerned ask genuine questions and actually listen to what answers or statements are given. “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care” – Theodore Roosevelt

  100. I rarely watch things like these let alone comment but this was absolutely awesome. I love this discussion and Simon’s mindset/ heart.

    It’s true it is the leader’s responsibility to create that environment with high morale, I was just discussing this with my partner last night. We are indeed social creatures and the nugget I love the most was creating more emphasis on the relationship you have with the people you work closely with, makes a huge impact on their well-being.

    I love, love, love it! I’m also glad to hear a feedback of one of my new employees telling me how much happier she is after working with me that her boyfriend noticed. And I tell them all the time they’re not employees, but family. xoxo 😀

  101. Thank you, Marie for your amazing content, consistency, dedication and love. You absolutely inspire me to do better. I love you!! xoxo

  102. Evangelina Gutiérrez

    WOW! WOW!
    THANK YOU. 🙂

  103. Hands down best interview. I loved Simon before, but now I am IN LOVE. He speaks about leadership as a daily practice of actually care about other people. It is beautiful, true, and amazingly powerful. Did I mention I am in love?

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      HA! Love it, Dana. Thank you for letting us know how in love you are with the episode and Simon’s work!

  104. Hi Marie and Simon,

    please, make this part of B-School. I was nodding my head all the way through, because it’s exactly what I was trying to tell someone who worked in a well-known international company who were hiring and firing temps in batches, just before the 3 months cut off line, where people earn a right to earn a bit more. Hiring temps was their way to circumvent people having any rights. It was a company where the ‘leader’ knew how to ‘bribe’ people through snacks and all (like you mentioned, Simon), but people were working in fear of ‘who’s next to be fired’? The dreaded phone call (not even in person) saying:”Your services are no longer needed. Thank you, bye.” It’s like creating a collective big picture cancer.

    I tried to explain that people who LOVE their leader and company would do anything for them in times of crises, but not in an atmosphere of fear. Just like you said, and you put it SO eloquently.

    Can’t wait for the TED talks and other talks for you to get this info out there, fast and wide 🙂

    Your story, Simon, and your leadership insights are genius, long awaited and might just be THE remedy for a social turnaround, not only in companies.

    Plus: There’s more that happens if people are just being kept in fear or discarded that way. They are left chronically traumatized and in shock, and that being in shock can keep them numb and frozen and unable to move forward for years to come, if undetected and un-dissolved. I could probably stream insights for hours, but this is what bubbled up right now.

    With much gratitude for this very special episode,
    it’s what the small and big world needs right now.
    Please, get this into ALL variations of education (not only ‘leadership’) from kindergarten, schools, universities, companies, clubs, families (!) to anything else,
    when this is fully understood, abuse can stop!
    with reverence and siblinghood,

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Tanya, we’re so grateful this struck a chord deep within. Thank you for sharing!

  105. Leslie Gerik Nelson

    I have loved Simon for years and have read his books many times. This was my first episode of Marie TV, as this link was shared on Facebook. I LOVED it! Great questions and insights from Simon on the background of the book, but it also gave another perspective to think about as we all “practice” our leadership in our own lives. Thanks again for sharing!

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Leslie, we’re so happy to welcome you to the MarieTV family! Thank you for watching this one, and we love knowing how much you got from it.

  106. OMG!!! Thank you so much for this amazing session. Everything resonated, however, the part about oxytocin and doing for others creates more oxytocin, but being stressed creates Cortisol ( which I had to much of when opening my biz) makes you actually LESS EMPATHETIC, hit me HUGE!
    I was so beyond stressed out, I couldn’t even think about praising someone unless they did something so outrageously amazing.
    Thank you thank you!! Now I know why its easier to be happy when I’m less or not stressed and how I can even think about being or doing better things for others.
    Seems so simple, but so easy to get lost in it.
    I know which direction I am going to follow!!

  107. Oliver

    As a person making incremental steps towards leadership my take away from the Marie Forleo segment is there’s scientific proof people respond biochemically to leadership.

  108. Awesome! I have been saying that I love to help people who help people…..
    I just love to help people.

    The bit about the environment creating the perception and behaviour is great.

    Thank you

  109. i’m a big Simon Sinek fan and this interview was fantastic. I find just about everything he says inspiring. Thanks Marie, thanks Simon.

  110. Jay Rombach

    Simply a brilliant interview…so much wisdom and insight, presented in such a practical and genuine way. For me, considering those you lead as people – sons and daughters, parents, etc. – is such a humbling and valuable perspective.

    Thank you for this. I will definitely share.


  111. It seems if someone wants to run a company using fear tactics they almost have to just be wired that way and vice-versa. I’d like to believe that those who need to hear this will, but I have to wonder? I couldn’t lead through fear even if it was proven to be the best way to lead and I wonder if those who lead through fear cannot lead through care and kindness no matter what they are shown or taught? Regardless, he makes great points and I’m glad he’s out there making noise about them!

  112. I have never been introduced to Simon before, so thank you Marie! I’ve been in inspirational-reading limbo for a minute, and now I know what I’ll be getting myself to read very soon.

    This was one of my absolute favorite videos! It definitely stirred something in me when he was talking about his pain in Afghanistan and it made me cry (I’m a cryer). I’ve been sifting through my own clarity, and I really connected with this. He had so many great pearls condensed into one-liners. A giant thank you!

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Totally agree about the pearls condensed into one-liners! It was one right after another. Thank you so much for watching, and sharing about how you connected to this episode.

  113. Sonja Schulz

    Brilliant! I cannot tell you how much I loved this interview. I love both Marie Forleo and Simon Sinek. Start With Why has been such an inspiration to me. I am a public educator, and while it is not a “business”, I have been saying for YEARS that if our leaders create a safe environment for our teachers, our teachers will, in turn, create safe environments for our students. So much wisdom and truth in this episode. I will be watching this one more than once.

  114. I am so inspired by this interview. I completed my doctoral work last year focusing on collaboration between occupational therapists and general education teachers. The key finding was that the pairs were successful collaborators because they felt safe to take risks. This safety started with the administration. I appreciate Simon’s “Circle of Safety.” I am getting his book and want to share his insights with the education community. The circle includes our children in our schools, as well. Often with the high pressure to succeed, do well on tests, and “cram it all in” mentality in our schools today, no one is feeling safe. Parents feel they aren’t doing enough to advance their children’s education, teachers and support staff feel like they aren’t doing enough, and the administration is constantly judged by the test scores. I wish every administrator and policy maker in American could watch this interview…moving and brilliant! Thank you so much for this incredible interview.

  115. Peggy Nederlof

    I loved this video, Marie! Simon’s authenticity is easily felt and his ideas on leadership make so much sense. I have been yearning for developing my ‘why’ and leadership skills. Serving others and understanding that one needs to start small are key for me. Thank you, Marie, for providing great ideas, inspiration, actionable next steps, and leadership in Marie TV.

  116. Hello to YOU both and Thanks for sharing such a profound story to the world. It allowed me to not only take away my mission as an sole-entrepreneur which is to serve and give oxytocin which is the good feeling everyone feels when they step into my office or work environment or even story writing. But to also practice daily not to give off cortisol to my environment which is the stress, desire not to work, but get paid and move on to the next position or job place. Yet to acknowledge that my behavior is an antidote of oxytocin practice to feed myself daily amount everyone primarily my family to begin the gift of leadership in the world. Thanks again. A great conversation to share with my spouse so that we may assist each other in reaching that goal daily.

  117. I was so excited to watch today’s episode…Simon Sinek you are truly a remarkable human! I love his energy and I’m always compelled to really take note of what he has to say.
    As for just one take away…well, that’s the hard part! There were so many gems, but for me the biggest one was about constant learning. It’s been a theme for me over the past couple of years. For so long I thought that once college is done, that’s it, no more learning….oh how wrong I was!
    Thank you so much for this episode….Marie TV is the best! Xx

  118. Amy

    This interview brought tears to my eyes more than once… when he said “precious cargo”, it was the tipping point. Love this man… what a heart and just brilliant with everything he says. Marie, if you’re both single… you need to date him!!!

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      HA! Thank you, Amy. Although Marie’s not single, we LOVE that you loved Simon’s heart so much.

  119. Thank you for introducing me to Simon! Loved this interview!

  120. Joni Crimmins

    THANK YOU! Having worked in all types of environments, under all types of leaders, Simon, you said it perfectly. Right on, right on!!!

  121. Three things. One is that the boss who fired me last year was truly someone who did not take care of his people, and he showed his true colors on day one when our contract moved to a new company, and never got any better in the 5 years I was there. For anyone out there wondering what that might look like, we were a team of 18 people operating a statewide “warm line” (an alternative to traditional crisis “hotlines”, where people could call and get support for their mental health wellness/dealing with daily stresses and crises too). We scheduled everyone around their needs and even split up shifts for a few workers, one had kids and another full time job and another was a grandmother who felt confident and comfortable working 4-6 hours but not 8. Our new manager walked in and said here’s the schedule that we designed, pick 3 positions that you are willing to consider, we’ll interview all of you before we interview outsiders and we’ll offer you the position we choose if we like you. No negotiating, we don’t care if that works for you or not. And it went downhill from there. I fought for many things during my tenure their, including better training, support and supervision. Last year as the chairperson for a consumer advisory committee to DHHS I organized a group of consumers to successfully testify again legislation that my boss co-created to remove our certification program from DHHS and privatize it (to the company I worked for) I got fired.
    Second is that I wish I had found a better place long before I got fired, and I can’t beat myself up because it has been very tough economically here in Maine. Thirdly, I am much clearer about how I can be a better leader and what to look for in my learning. In my new day job there is potential for me to be a real advocate for social justice, and I am also an artist and jeweler who would just like to make a living making beautiful things that bring people joy. Both are valuable to me, and I don’t know what the future holds.

  122. Ellis Megee

    Marie, this is one of your very best programs. I was blown away with the simple yet profound wisdom shared by Simon. I wish I had understood these principles when I owned a small business several years ago. I sold that business because it was so difficult to hire good employees and keep them, little did I know who really needed to change. 🙂

    • What a beautiful, honest share Ellis. We’re all growing and learning and doing our best to get better. I trust you’ll find infinite ways to put this newfound wisdom into practice 😉

    • April

      Humbling – it takes a strong person to admit any type of fault. Sounds like you are already making positive changes ??

  123. April

    This could not have come to me at a better time! I’m a firm believer in treat people well and you get better results. It was so interesting that the true definition of a leader is that you are someone that others want to follow. I used to think it was a title that was given to a person with seniority, but a true leader helps others find their way to success. The best leaders work beside their team to enhance and mentor. Leaders bring out the best in others to inspire their creativity and encourage them to want to be more and do more. This video was an inspiration to me and I will definitely share it with my fellow team mates.

  124. Brijesh

    ‘Leaders Eat Last’ is more of a default setting for a genuine leader!!! Any other way is simply ‘faking’ leadership!

  125. This Interview it’s amazing! I always learn something and this is a great lesson, Thank you!

  126. Thank you thank you thank you! It is so awesome when someone can put into words something that is so relevant in the moment. And as I am looking to what new doors are opening for me in my life’s work and purpose – I can articulate to the Universe and others who will listen, what it is I will focus on being, and what organization / leader I will work for (or not).

  127. Thank you Marie TV for having Simon Sinek on your show. I’ve alway though Simon was amazing, but now he is a Superstar. My hero of hero’s. I have always lived my life in the way he described a leader in his book Leaders Eat Last. The last couple of years have been hard and I lost my way, mainly cause I listened to way to many of other peoples opinions…the non leaders, but the controlling ones. I’ve felt like i’ve been at sea in a storm without a life jacket. But now, i’ve been rescued, I’m back on dry land and have stepped back into my power as a leader and back into my truth…… Again thank you, I feel like I’ve come home. Thank you Simon.

  128. Julie

    This is the best Marie TV of the year so far!! Thank you!! I am unfamiliar with Simon’s work but plan to read his books after hearing this powerful interview. I have worked for and with some amazing leaders but right now we have a guy running our park that resembles almost every bad example that Simon used and he rules by fear and intimidation. One of my colleagues even took up yoga to try to try to manage the stress of working with this guy and as you wisely observed, sadly it doesn’t work. I am not sure that I have the guts to send this to him (I am going to sleep on that one) but in the midst of the black cloud that hangs over our office, I try to take care of my little team while we try to do good work for the people in our community. Meanwhile I had a bad flare up of sciatica and migranes over the last year and have put on 13 lbs. This episode besides being a great piece on leadership was also a wake up call for me because I do not need a job to rob me of my health and well being!! Time to make a change!

  129. Mike Moran

    It changed my way of thinking –

    I now know how to Lead and make workers feel “Safe” A+

  130. What an amazing Interview…
    I have written down this line…
    Leadership means I have your back…so many times I have seen my self Lead the project and not the person..Or ,manage the project and control the result..
    Thanks for that insight..I will be getting this book…

  131. Hmmm. I’m full of that oxy- awesome hormone after watching episode. ☺️☺️☺️☺️

    The idea that as leaders our job is to take of our people is key. I had an aha moment as its been hard for me to pin point why one of my leaders has been challenging to work with. And it’s this. Now.. The question is, if you have a leader who doesn’t embody this.. Do u say something. Share the video.. Or use for inspiration to lead from love..


  132. What a redefinition of leadership!
    Thank you.
    Now on to practice, practice, practice.
    All the best

  133. It’s about TIME we see more language, energy and vision being devoted to the work environment! It’s a deep passion for me that I endlessly work towards a healthy work environment in my own business. So well articulated Simon, you’re clear visions have a profound language that helps propel listeners into an automatic state of honest to goodness ‘buy in’. I do however think you missed on 1 point. ‘yoga won’t make you a better leader’. I know first hand how yoga has changed my life, and countless others that I am privileged to practice with. What it helps with is teaching us how to breath in & out, how to be present and compassionate even when deeply challenged. So few of us learn those skills in school or at home (or at work). So I believe if we can integrate a yoga practice that ALSO will help support brilliant, loving & kind leaders.

  134. Kim

    Thank you for sharing Simon with us! I’ve been feeling like a fraud and not wanting to wake up to do my job these days. My leadership has waned and I’m not sure when it started. It was good not to feel alone and most importantly that beginning again by doing the small things for my team will help me get back to serving and inspiring them. Thank you!

  135. Anna Matthews

    He had me from go. Thank you Marie for giving him this wonderful platform. You reached me on a day when I have been feeling ashamed and neglectful about how lightly I take others feelings. I’m in a position of leadership. It’s new and I feel like a kid whose body is growing fast but they haven’t got it wired quite yet. I’m re=inspired today listening to your interview. What he said at the very end, after your last question, about doing something small for someone, it doesn’t have to be big, we do small things and we practice, and practice and become better. This is it. That is how I’m going to look at each day. Once again Marie, I thank you for your generosity of spirit. xoxo God has given you such wealth of spirit.

  136. Justin

    Great interview, Maria. Massive fan of Simon Sinek. He is one of a short list of people that have had a fundemental impact on my life and how I live it. I love the simplicity of the message, but agree with so many other commenters that application, outside of yourself, can be a slow and challenging process. I have seen it work mind you. I have seen others change in a really positive ways because of the changes I made in myself and process to motivate other. Seeing that fuels me. Very power stuff.

    Shared already. 🙂

  137. Carol Prendergast

    Great interview Marie, Simon puts it across very succinctly, seems like I’m leadership material after all !

  138. This was so inspiring and true. I just left a job because I found myself feeling like I was never good enough, a feeling I struggled with as a child growing up. I’m 63 and refuse to let anyone take me to that place of low self-esteem again.

    Thank you for sharing!

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      So sorry to hear that, Jackie, but bravo for leaving!

  139. Just amazing, I was glue to every single word! What I needed today 🙂 I am already doing most of these things as a leader but there is so much more that can be done. Just fascinating, thank you!

  140. Abishek Raaman

    I loved it…I listened it entirely in one go….I want to hear it again and again. I am a huge fan of Simon Sinek…I want to meet him. I want to learn as much as possible from him. Thank you so much Marie to help me to listen him once again. This was awesome experience to watch this video.

  141. Powerful and inspiring interview, Simon is so very wise. Every single person who considers themselves a leader needs to watch this! ?

  142. Rachel

    Best episode ever! Simon outdoes himself!

    The only tiny part I’m having trouble comes back to his suggestion that people in a safe environment won’t attack a leader. Is it at all possible that even with all the best intentions, a leaders’ focus on creating that safe environment and trust of their people that there will always be some people who will rail against and try and overthrow?

    I learnt so much from Simon’s TED talk and from this episode today. Thank you so much Marie!!

  143. Desislava

    What got me most excited is the power of surrendering to the process of life and what feels natural to do rather than what seems so in your mind. Thank you!

  144. Amazing! The circle of safety was a light bulb moment for me and I saw in my own workplace where those in authority are not leading in this space. So my biggest take away was that I am not just a leader within my own team but within the organisation and I can play a role in ensuring that members of other teams feel safe in our workplace too.

  145. Carrie

    Wow! I LOVE this philosophy. I think it absolutely sums up everything that is wrong with my current work situation. I work in advertising and we preach the power of ’empathy’ and ‘connection’ on a daily basis when talking about the brands we promote but they are never practiced by the authorities at my company in relation to their staff. I am taking steps towards leaving and creating my own brighter future through my personal business endeavours which is what has led me to your blog. I only hope that one day down the track when I have staff of my own I am able to create the type of safe environment for them that Simon speaks of. We need more people like him in the world!

  146. I had a similar circumstance to that which Simon described on his trip back to/from Afghanistan except I was in Africa. I haven’t been able to articulate the emotions, feelings and experience to anybody because they can’t relate, they don’t understand and I still don’t understand it myself. I haven’t been able to process it, yet I’m aware it manifests as a barrier/block in my own creativity. That was 3 years ago. To hear Simon speaking of his experience and articulating the process of what was happening to him internally was as if he had stepped inside my head and verbalised my own experience in Africa – amazing!
    However, what’s even more incredible is what Simon went on to do with that experience and how he’s paid it forward to serve others. That’s what interests me, inspires me and teaches to me. It shows how I can apply this “just illuminated” understanding of my own experience and integrate it to my own business. Completely appreciative and grateful to you both (and team) for this episode of Marie TV specifically. Thank you!

  147. Veronica

    Hi Marie,
    Thank you for sharing your visit with Simon Sinek. I vey much appreciate his opportunity to hear his point of view on leadership and to hear about Simon’s life experience that brought him such wisdom on the concept is fascinating , inspiring and energizing! My biggest “take away” is the we are all called to be leaders – by design, and it is our responsibility to create an environment of safety, trust, and be certain our people feel/know that they are of value. When we get this right humans will do amazing incredible things! I love this! And, I will share with my Leaders at work….Thank you so much!!

  148. Sandra

    Omg. Marie I enjoyed your interview with Simon so much! I learned what leadership is all about.

  149. Marie, I was deeply touched by this interview. My fist hit the air a couple different times. I also sent this video to my husband who is now part owner in his mid-size consulting firm. He’s been down lately and I was hoping Simon’s perspective and excitement for leadership would inspire him out of his funk. Sending you love and hugs and all good things.

  150. Devendra

    Hi, this video is really a game changer for any industry want to grow in many fold. I learned from this video is:
    1. Create a trust and co-operation environment.
    2. Ask your team members how safe do you feel where you work?
    3. Creating an environment is in your control.
    4. Everyone in your team is a son or daughter of someone. As a leader your role is to take care of therm.
    5. happy people always live a long life and suffer less.
    6. As a leader you are not responsible for results but for your people.
    7. You are a student of leader not an excellent one. The leader is always on a learning curve.

  151. Sally Mahrt

    Marie and Simon,
    You have made my heart so happy!! I am yelling in my bedroom, I am a
    Leader. I have been told that I am too nice, I have to toughen up, show people you mean business, clamp down on my staff, I just could not do it.
    They needed me to support them, I always made decisions with checking in with my heart and my head. I am blessed I picked up my phone and this morning was given this beautiful message, I have tears. Thanks.

  152. Ooh this was so good I just love Simon. He’s sentiments are so simple and so natural, it’s like we’ve just forgotten how we should be behaving as human beings on this planet. He always reminds me that it’s the small things that count. That was 30 minutes well spent, thank you.

  153. Carol

    Loved, loved this one! Brilliant questions from Marie that allow Simon to share his authentic self once again. I’m grateful to have been introduced previously by Marie to Simon with the Why ted talk and I will be paying forward all his great insights. Excited to continue to watch where this great guy goes! He’s such an inspiration. Thanks for bringing him to us!

  154. Christina Gouveia, RMT

    First off, this format is lovely Team Forleo! I really appreciate having previous interviews & videos to link directly to.

    Biggest leadership take away “you take care of employees, they take care of your customers.” So profound. You run the business end of things and the ppl you hire will take care of the customer end of things. Take a good amount of stress off my shoulders to be able to come to this realization early on and to know that I am thinking in the right direction.

    So clearly articulated that I said this to my manager directly…..and she said “you know, you’re absolutely right!”
    I may have recruited another Marie TV subscriber ☺️

  155. Vilma Figueroa

    Hi!! is one of the BEST 35 minutes I have ever spent. I’m a human resources consultant and this is the message that I try to give to my clients. People that feels important, useful and taken care off are more productive, happy and definitely more engage in their jobs. LOVE IT!!

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Love hearing that, Vilma! And a huge thank you for tuning in!

  156. I love Simon’s distinction between leadership and authority, and it inspires me to stay grounded in the truth that we ALL have the potential to be leaders; to give generously and empathically in our own lives, families, workplaces, and communities, regardless of external credentials or formal titles. I will use this reminder and distinction to support myself, my coaching clients, and people in my life when any of us get caught in cynicism or lose faith in our personal power to be leaders.

  157. Giovanna

    Hi Marie,
    I really enjoyed this interview! Listening to Simon was a pure pleasure. He has a gift for speaking and making himself understood, clearly and effectively. Imagine a world where every leader incorporates these qualities? I’ve never heard of him and was truly moved. His message needs to spread like wildfire. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful human with us. You always have the most inspirational guests.

  158. What I took away is the reminder to put this into practice in the little things. I am often the last to eat lunch and the last to leave the office, but before I leave, i clean my employees desks, push in their chairs, and make just being at work a welcoming and easy environment to be in. One example, I noticed one of my team members stopped using her phone headset as it ran out of battery, and she left without plugging it in to charge. I did so that when she came into the office next time, she could use it again.

    I also took away that my success is a result of their success, and if I wanted to get to that next level, then I dont really need to be spending time with people above me, but I need to be spending more time with my team on a daily basis, to double down on investing my talent and time on them.

    Which brings me to my third takeaway, which I learned from from Greg McKeown’s book Essentialism. If I am going to be spending more time with my team, and make time for the little things, then I need time to do that and make a decision that it is something that is “Essential”. Which means I need to spend less time or no time on things that are unessential.

    Thanks for the insights and sharing this great info with us!

  159. This was amazing to watch!! This information is invaluable and I want to share it with the world!! I run my own, one-person business – and I lead my customers – by example. I am all about happiness and giving to people so they can feel it and want to do it for themselves. I love the line – “happy people live longer and have lower rates of cancer, diabetes and heart disease”. I do believe that we are all leaders – and we’re all on a journey, some of us more aware of that than others – and YES, YES, YES – practicing the small stuff is so important. Thank you so much Marie and Simon!!!!

  160. Karen Fitzgerald Mudd

    I love your interviews Marie and I’ve read Simon’s books which I love as well! Should I get this new director job, where I was promised an offer last week, I WILL use this video in one of my team meetings for sure! What a great way to start a role and build important relationships.
    THANK YOU for your contributions to us who seek such knowledge, resources and enjoyment!

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Wonderful, Karen! And good luck with the job!

  161. Joanne C. Carrière

    Simon Sinek, author of Leaders Eat Last.. I need to read this book!! Merci!

  162. Thank you so much for today’s video! I am so inspired by Simon Sinek’s work (and yours of course too Marie!).
    My biggest takeaway from this episode is that it’s all about building relationships and looking after people – I work that way already but have spent so many years listening to management waffle on about profit and customers as the only important thing in business so it’s great to hear it from a truly inspirational leader! Truly caring about those you work with is paramount to achieving great results.
    Thank you as always, Holly

  163. Kathy Martens


    • Diana Dove


  164. That was a really great interview. I’ll be sharing this with family and friends. And reading Simon’s books!

  165. The BEST interview on Leadership I have ever heard! We are on a New Paradigm all about Leading with our Light and I 100% agree that to be a Leader is to lift others and be in a unit-family together-all founded in love and support for the greater whole. Amen! Thank you!

  166. Powerful video on leadership. Working for a non-profit is a challenge because we are always looking for people to volunteer, but if we treat them with the same respect and leadership principles outlined by Simon I think they will be much more willing to participate. They will know that we love and value them.

  167. Awesome ~ I love Simon!
    After seeing this I’m going to polish up my leadership skills even more. (And, by the way, yoga does help! lol)
    Giselle Toner

  168. This is stunning. I actually don’t tend to share inspirational content on social media–I always favor funny stuff–but I actually felt like I owed it to humanity to spread Simon’s genius to whatever little social reach I do have. It’s more than just how to be a great leader, it’s why it’s important to just give a sh!t. It gives me new confidence in calling myself a leader. It’s so easy to witness lameness in people, in public, and think, why bother setting the right example? No one will know/notice/agree/whatever. But it really is that important, because you just never know who’s watching, who might literally have their life saved because you did right by them, even when you might not know who “them” is at the time. I love this interpretation of leadership. I’m going through B-School for the second time this year and have never really commented in the Marie Forleo community, but I LOVED hearing/watching this in the midst of my B-Schooling. Like accidentally-took-ecstasy-and-am-rolling-around-blissfully loved it. I’m a better leader for it. Thank you! Off to work I go–this’ll be fun. 😉

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Ahh Diana, this comment! Love that you had such a profound reaction to this MarieTV episode. We’re honored you shared it and loved it so much!!

  169. I totally relate to Simon.

    I have always been criticized for being a “soft leader” when I was in charge of people. Meanwhile my people would jump at the opportunity to serve the purpose of the house, because as a manager I always considered my duty to provide what they needed so to be confident at their task. And that is funny but I actually ate last.

  170. This is phenomenal.. inspiring, tear jerking, felt so emotionally connected to both of you.. thank you for bringing this alive. We have created Parwarish institute of parenting exactly on these lines. Started off with 3 people with the foundation of taking care of each other and making the other 2 win. Heard a lot of cinicisim from people that this will not work when you grow! We are now 12 member team.. expanding to 22 in a month’s time. Losing this level of connect had been a fear until I watched this video! Thanks for cementing our faith in this ideology…. I don’t think anything can stop us now

  171. Beautiful! I agree full heartedly. Whether I’m teaching English as a Second Language or intuitive skills at a spiritual retreat, it’s that safe atmosphere I take the time to create that really helps foster miracles in the classroom. Inspiring reminder as I head into another period of teaching for the summer. Thank you.

  172. Mary

    Loved this interview with Simon Sinek! Thank you – I plan to send the link to many friends in leadership roles. AND I will read his books. Great content, Marie. Thanks again!

  173. Aw, I love Simon and his work. He came to our small town on Vancouver Island, BC to “Start a Revolution” (in his words.) I had the privilege of being able to ask him a question at the end of his presentation. In my work I hear from my patients first hand about the trauma and stress caused by poor leadership and bullying in the workplace. I asked him, “What would you suggest I recommend to these patients who are subject to lack of true leadership at work?” He told me to tell them to look after each other. If the workers are truly caring for one another the leaders will have to respond and change how they are doing things. I loved this bottom up perspective – the idea of creating leaders out of the ensemble. Thanks for this awesome interview to remind me of these important ideas! xxoo

  174. rebecca nadler

    omg!!!! i worked with Simon in my 20’s! this is so cool. i love watching past coworkers grow! he is in his bliss! i’m so happy for him and this episode was very inspiring!

  175. One of the best vids on biz leadership I’ve seen. Shared on Twitter and Facebook.

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much for sharing this video, Mary!

  176. Hello Marie, thanks for the video and interview, well done. I think Simon’s most important message is to PRACTICE and then practice again simply because it takes so much time and discipline. Remember his experience in Afghanistan when he wanted a visa “now” and totally freaked out. That also leads to PATIENCE because we can’t expect to get everything and master truly difficult or even life threatening situations all at once. The discussion has all the necessary ingredients you need as a true leader, for instance the importance of mastering fear and anger. Tony Robbins talks about it as well. Simon is critical of CEOs who mostly care about their customers but not about their employees which is of course very important – I agree. However, I think we need to understand that many executives are operating in the so called “Red Ocean” which can be very brutal and merciless. It’s per definition an inhuman terrain that – unfortunately – encourages the major players to be reckless. You’re wisely referring to the Red and in particular to the “much better” Blue Ocean Strategy in B-School. You demonstrated why it’s so important for our businesses and how to get there. It helped me a lot and it’s a great way to relax.

  177. What a great guy and what a wonderful contribution! Best interview for a long time. I haven’t heard someone speak about true leadership so authentically and enthusiastically. Well, may many people see this, particularly young leaders!
    The most amazing thought for me was that great leaders always consider themselves as students, not experts!

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Yes, LOVE that point too Stefan. Great leaders are always learning!

  178. Debbie Banda

    This episode was exactly what I needed to hear today. I am going to apply the leadership skills he described in this amazing interview to my job as a parent dealing with 3 teens. I realized that my recent hyper-critical approach to trying to get them to cooperate was making them feel unsafe and unsupported. I have to flip my approach completely, to one which supports and praises the good, and does not react to the negative.

  179. Dear Simon,
    I’m so sorry to hear about your experience in Afghanistan. It’s a shame the way our mainstream culture, being spoon-fed to the masses, reduces war to “theater”, and co-opts people such as yourself to be emotionally terrorized, so you will bond to “Our Side” and not question why. We all love our service men and women, we all want to be on the right side, but we have no business being in the Middle East, and this should be the debate and discussion ~ to save lives and offer hope to struggling countries rather than war.

  180. Creating a safe environment, I never thought of it that way and it feels to right. I could listen to Simon Sinek all day … a man with a true heart! Thank you

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Agreed, Janet 🙂

  181. Deanna Hollas

    I have been thinking a lot about our prison system lately because of the light sentence Brock Turner received and the judge’s comments that prison would be too severe for him. I recently read the book “Straight Pepper Diet” by Joseph Naus and Naus does a good job highlighting some of the problems in the prison environment. Simon says “we are social animals and we respond to the environments we are in” and that bad people can be transformed if placed in the right environment. I want to encourage Simon to consider taking his work into prisons to see if there is a way we can transform that environment so that our justice system is restorative and not just punitive. Society is best served when people are transformed and restored rather than further damaged by the prison environment.

  182. Great video!
    I retired 10 days ago from a job of 11.5 years where until recently I felt taken care of and part of a team. We had down-sized and there was a hiring freeze and so the remaining staff was expected to do more with less. Even though I’m 75 I would have continued to work if the leadership hadn’t changed. Among other things, I taught stress management and for the first time in my career I experienced the effects of Cortisol, the stress hormone, due to the pressure of trying to do more with less. I became disorganized, and couldn’t think–I was less productive rather than more productive. I had to leave because I couldn’t live up to my own work ethic and the standards I set for myself.

    This was the second time in my career that I left a job due to poor leadership. The other time, the president of the company was using our retirement money to run the company. In both cases my coworkers and colleagues took care of and supported each other.

    I live a mile away from my recent job site and have gone back to my 9-5 family several times already to get my love-fix and have been willing to continue to consult about questions from my replacement and am happy to do so.

  183. Abby

    I knew nothing about Simon before this interview, but as a fitness instructor I am always looking into ways to be a better leader for my clients. How to motivate and encourage them to want to work harder (not for me 😉 but for themselves) for their benefit. I love the idea of making those you lead feel safe and encouraged so that they can be successful and thus you as the “leader” be successful. This translates to family/friends and day to day living as well. Can’t wait to read his books!

  184. MARGIE


  185. Cheryl

    I loved hearing Simon talk about becoming a leader. He described my exact issue of doing a great job and getting promoted into a leadership position and then fumbling trying to figure out how to lead. I will remember that I am now in charge of the people instead of my old responsibilities that someone else is now responsible for.

  186. Simon’s interview was excellent! I loved both his books but didn’t realize the powerful story behind “Leaders Eat Last” re Simon’s experience in Afghanistan.

    Listening to this interview reminded me that the little kindnesses we do each day really do matter…and that creating a positive, encouraging & safe work environment IS something we have control over.

    As for what I am going to take away from this interview, I had an aha! moment listening to Simon in regards to a home situation I am dealing with re noisy neighbours. Simon’s explanation about oxytocin and cortisol made me realize that we need safe & supportive home environments, too…as our physical health can be impacted.

    Thank you,

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      That’s a huge realization Maryanne – and I totally agree. SO glad this interview resonated with you!

  187. Sophia

    Oh my lanta.

    This. Is. Fabulous.

    His words of wisdom are filling my heart with joy. I have been told I am too nice; therefore… weak- I thought people were crazy at first, and then I started to believe it. Seeing the power in this video gives me confirmation and permission to be the leader I am meant to be!

  188. Becky

    While I enjoy all of the Marie TV episodes, this was my favorite episode of all time. Wow! This interview should be mandatory viewing for all business owners.

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      That’s so kind of you, Becky! Thank you!

  189. Terra Palewicz

    Wow just wow! Love him. Love this Video! And LOVE Marie! You’re amazing and thank you for continually introducing us to phenomenal people like Simon. Great stuff in here that will make the world a better place!

  190. Bravo!!!! We need to clone him!
    This is the best speech, interpretation, feeling and rationale of leadership I’ve seen, read or heard. If given the opportunity I would lead this way. Things would be so much easier and a ton of people would be desperate to get to their work environment. I am so happy I watched this today. Thank you Marie and Simon!

  191. Loved it. The first person i have seen in the world of “coaching”/helping who truly talks my language. It makes me want to get in contact with Simon as i am starting out working with people to help them change themselves chemically through natural methods that change your emotions/feelings/thinking long term through changing your chemistry/emotions – When Simon talks about Oxytocin, there is so much we can do with this and other chemistry through simple methods that i have created and share with others for free. If you are reading this Simon, please get in touch. i will try to contact you too but i know how hard it can be to contact those who are well known and in demand! All the best. Andy.

    Oh and I nearly forgot – This is the first time i have seen you Marie and i love the way you interview. So refreshing and honest

  192. Waaaaaaauuuuuuuu! The light-bulb moments just bing bing binged around me, while watching this interview. Simon Sinek, I thank the Universe for you, and your insights!!! I believe that what you descriebe in this interview, is the solution to the worlds problemes right now – WAY to much cortisol and way to little oxytocin. I´ll do my best to spread the word, and make the world a better place. T H A N K YOU…

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Yes! Love that this gave you a lightbulb moment, Iben!

  193. Debbi Conlon

    Wonderful interview. This is good advice for not only leader, but general living. As the golden rule says, treat others as you would like to be treated. Simon’s last comment speaks volumes and summed it all up in a simple way. Make the lives of others around you better … by doing little things.

  194. This has got to be one of the most amazing stories I have ever heard. Transitioning from self to selfless. We are truly designed to serve one another. I was moved to tears – an indescribable sense of emotions. Thank you for this interview Marie and thank you Simon for sharing your personal authentic self with us.

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      So happy to hear you loved the message so much, Melinda! Thank you for tuning in!

  195. Awesome, just awesome. So many good things. If I’m picking the top one, it’s to do little things every day to make the lives of the people around me better. Little things. I can do that. Thanks, Marie and Simon!!

  196. Best episode of Marie TV ever! I wish everyone could watch this, regardless if they’re leaders or not. The bigger picture, that we as humans are designed to look after each other, is so important. It also really drove home for me why so many people have resonated with Bernie Sanders in this year’s election. To me, he seems like the kind of leader who puts the well being of those he is leading above his own. I don’t get that feeling from either of the other candidates. Fascinating episode, well done!

  197. Janice

    I was riveted! What a beautiful person Simon is <3. Thank you Marie for sharing this with me. I have been blessed…And my leadership focus has been changed.

  198. Kim

    “Work life imbalance means I feel safe at home but not at work” – Genius! Great philosophy on leadership – the difference between authority and leadership – wonderful!
    Reminds me of the “servant leader” model that I often explain to clients who are leaders and visionaries…thanks for this great interview, which I’m sharing – widely!

  199. Simon Sinek is genius. I am a small business leader and have practiced Simon’s view points and principles for a few years now. His compassion and humanity are my way-showers in this world of push, shove and urrggghh! 🙂

  200. Incredible information! I love Simon’s passion for what he speaks about – I can tell he lives what he says. Love love love it!

  201. I read Simon’s book “Leaders Eat Last” and even did a podcast episode, entitled “Why I Cried When I Read Leaders Eat Last”. There were two reasons why I cried. Because many of the leaders who most need to hear this message won’t, and there are millions of people working for them. And because when you’re the front line leader trying to operate that way and yet are getting the opposite from above, you are squeezed into an almost impossible position. And I see many people like that every day too. I also know that we have to start somewhere. And I vowed I would be the one who loves and serves my team no matter what happens above me. Sometimes it is exhausting. Sometimes I fail. And I always try because they are worth it.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Beautifully said, Kathleen. We so appreciate hearing that you’re a part of this important conversation, and that you’re setting such a strong example. <3

  202. Aditya Nagarkar

    Wonderful insights from Simon. So many takeaway’s from this interview. I particularly liked how he explained the concept of no one teaches us how to lead people and how leaders are responsible for the people who are responsible for the results.
    Simon is one of my favorite speakers and I hope I get to meet him in person someday.

  203. Susan Preston

    I am a subscriber to your emails – I have never left a comment before. You have so many, you don’t need mine. LOL. But tha is not what you are about, nor Simon – who had such an incredible – and timely message.
    This morning I was at a ‘Friendship Club’ anniversary celebration. Three of the people there told me they had bought the first book in the (fiction) series, and – I guess would be in the category of ‘super fans’. I handled it badly. Well, I did say that I was so pleased they liked it… but I am more comfortable writing than talking about what I write/ and marketting scares me to bits.
    Simon’s talk helped me see that I am going about it all wrong. This is something I need to think and pray about. See that I am serving them through providing something that captures their interests.
    It will be interesting to start doing those little practices. (I already do some – for my neighbour, but this talk has me seeing even that in a different light.
    Thank you

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      This is beautiful, Susan. It means the world that this episode really resonated with you and we’re so glad that it inspired you to leave a comment this week.

      As someone who is definitely more comfortable writing than talking/marketing myself, I SO hear you there. I love what you shared about focusing on how your work has served them — that’s such a great way to handle some of those more nerve-wracking situations.

      Thank you so much for watching and sharing!

  204. I love, love, LOVE this episode!

    I wish every manager in the world would watch it.

    This part really resonated with me: “You can’t ask people to give you their best of their thinking and be more productive if you’ve created an environment where they’re forced to protect themselves from you.”

    I recently left my “dream” job because I just didn’t feel safe there as Simon says. But I couldn’t quite put my finger on why it wasn’t working for me until I heard him describe it in that way.

    Also this: “Work-life imbalance means I feel safe at home but I don’t feel safe at work. That’s the imbalance and no amount of yoga or free snacks in the cafeteria will solve that.”


    My job was all about the perks. We had this beautiful new office with a fully-stocked bar that we could access any time we wanted. They threw us parties. Took us out to dinners. All of my friends were envious, but it didn’t make me feel more safe. In fact, these perks were used to remind us that anyone would be happy to take our jobs if we didn’t over-perform every single time.

    And it certainly made it difficult to give all of that up. My ego was like “NOOOO!!” But eventually I made the decision to start my own business and go back to freelancing.

    Thank you Marie and Simon for reminding me why I made the right decision. Now I make myself feel safe 🙂

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Ashley, your comment and insights really resonated with me. Especially “these perks were used to remind us that anyone would be happy to take our jobs if we didn’t over-perform every single time.” What a powerful example of how NOT to create a safe environment 🙁

      I’m sorry to hear that job wasn’t all it seemed at first, but it sounds like you really followed your heart and made the right decision for you. Feeling safe is so key!

  205. Monique

    The biggest leadership takeaway is that I’ve always been doing it right! and that I need to stop allowing power-driven slave drivers to intimidate me. I’m sure Simon knows how hot it is for a male to stand behind Truth like this!

    • Michele

      So true Monique!!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Haha love it, Monique! 😉

  206. Azzy

    This is one of the best episodes, thank you soo much guys…

    The key take away for me is that we are biologically designed to take care of each other and lead,


    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much, Azzy! xoxo

  207. Sue

    Mindblowing. I don’t have a business or job outside the home, but WOW does this apply to the home and family members. Inspiring me to make some changes.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Yes! There’s so much wisdom in this episode that goes far beyond just jobs and businesses. Thank you so much for watching, Sue!

  208. I’m in love with him. That is all:)

  209. Jenn

    Thank you for this!!! Watching/reading Sinek’s “Start With Why” completely changed how I looked at business. It is the CEO’s job to look after it’s people (not the customer) – so simple!

  210. Barbara McGaughey

    It was like the choir was singing hallelujah in the background. I have had good and bad leaders and learned from the best leader who taught me to always have those working for you better at things than you are and to give them the credit!!
    Simon when you spoke about promoting someone into leadership but not giving them the skills it resonated so much for me as no one ever teaches managers about people management. It is always about the numbers.
    My current boss is a nightmare and I have always supported my bosses but she degrades my employees to such a degree that I have to acknowledge it with them and make our small environment a positive one. Plus she takes credit for every idea we or they have even when I confront her about it.
    Funny but sad note. When i became a manager or in my eyes a leader, my style when asking a staff member to do something was to say “Hey joe could you do me a favor” and then go on with the ask. It has always worked for me and people always seemed eager to help. However a co manager said to me “You are a manager now and you tell people, you don’t have to ask.” I won’t share what my response was! LOl and thank you for the insights.

  211. Ahhhh, beautiful…I love this interview and the oxytocin kick I get simply from someone talking about the oxytocin kick people get from caring for others and being cared for! Humanity….don’t you just love us? We are so worth caring for 🙂 Thanks so much Simon and Marie.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      So beautiful, Jacki – people are all SO worth caring for. xoxo

  212. Currently, I am working in my first professional job. I feel super junior however, I am always doing nice things for people around me, that’s just me. I am now appreciating that I am more of a leader than my job title sugests and also that my job title even existing is kind of silly (com’on, how easy is it to learn a job really!)

    Thank you so much for this! Fabulous!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      That’s so wonderful, Stacey! As Simon shared, even at the most “junior” levels, we can all stand out as being great leaders. 🙂

  213. Thanks Marie….Awesome interview ! Simon is amazing.

  214. Our whole leadership team (18 people) has just read Start with Why. It resulted in us (me and my husband) as owners of The Dream Consirtium, to refocus and re-articulate our why with a newly worded vision and mission. But more importantly because everyone was willing And open to hear it ABC understand where we weed coming from ,they were able to fully get it. Most people cried or were visibly moved in the meeting where we shared it had because of the book it triggered An entire conversation about how our why was linked to their own. Everyone is very united and speaks of being part of a family ( 50+ people) from doing this work.

    I loved the video I feel inspired. Abs can’t wait to read “leaders eat last”. I will be recommending that be our monthly reading next!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      That’s so incredible, Lisa! It’s wonderful to hear that Simon’s book lead to such a profound conversation for your team, and I hope you love “Leaders Eat Last” too!

  215. Michele

    <3 this episode! I guess my husband & I are leaders in life and in biz since we are always trying to help and be generous with everyone including strangers! Love Simon's approach to living ~ it's beautiful…and I'm not just "too nice" as I've been called before!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Yes, Michele! Keep on being nice … it’s the best way to be! xo

  216. Thank you for this fabulous interview. I love what Simon says about practicing small acts of leadership (really caring when you ask someone how she is, making the fresh pot of coffee). Leadership really is about service, and he’s right: when I feel safe, I perform better. When a leader cares, I’m loyal (and not worrying about CVA’ing).

    As I continue building my own business, I will remember this episode at take its lessons to heart.

  217. Very inspiring and grounding conversation! A great reminder – in these challenging times- of what it means to be a leader.

  218. Ivana

    I loooove this episode!
    And I already ordered Simon’s book “Start with Why”!
    So inspiring! Recently I organized a weekend yoga retreat, so now I know how to manage my marketing. Thank you so much, Marie and Simon!
    Love you!


    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s awesome, Ivana! I hope you enjoy Simon’s book — it’s a good one! Have fun on your yoga retreat. We’re cheering you on. 🙂

  219. What I took away from this is what a truly amazing man my husband is! He has done this for 17 years and his crew respects him so much it’s unbelievable! I’m a truly blessed person. What an honor to know, personally, someone who does this automatically. I’ve never understood this at a level of “knowing” in till I heard it put into words! Thank you for putting those “words” to paper for others understanding! You don’t have a clue about the gift you’ve given to the world at this time. I know this thought sequence will make an impact that is far beyond what you even could possibly think of today……. I’d lost the ability to want to ask “WHY”, do people do what they do? I’m not meaning that in a good way, because the answer was always, “Because they can”. Thanks……you’ve cracked open the door to a new world. And thank you Marie, for the insight to see a way forward to a better humanity, without the sugar coating. Frankie

  220. Saurav Chowdhary

    Remarkable insights, truly inspiring.

  221. Lulu

    Its an awesome video. Amazing insights right to the point, and also inspiring.

  222. Wow, so many thoughts and insights coming to me after watching this episode. First of all, I’m totally in love Simon Sinek. I came across his TED Talk years ago and have used his philosophy as the basis to educate my clients on building brands that people love. Secondly, I can totally relate when Simon says he woke up one morning and didn’t love his work anymore. The last year has taught me that while I did the rush and joy that comes with working on new projects, I was not fulfilled and so I’ve been in a bit of transition mode while I turn my focus to educating entrepreneurs and less on trying to do the work that they actually have to do themselves when they’re getting started….who was it that said, “those who can’t do teach?” Anyway, that’s pretty much what I’m leaning towards. There was another episode where Marie interviewed Tim Ferris I believe, and he said that when it comes to our work, we should ask ourselves: “does this make me happy and is it working?” My answer was ‘no’ on both so it inspired me even more to get off my current train and transfer to another station with a new destination. I can’t tell you the great opportunity that landed in my lap recently as my mind shifted and I have begun switching gears and would you believe, I (along with my colleague) will be responsible for the lives of the team we must now recruit as we enter into positions of leadership. I have worked with teams for years as well as studied leadership, but today’s episode brought a new perspective of leadership to me that I will surely bring into my new work environment. I’m so grateful you did this interview Marie and thank Simon for us for participating.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Love it, Sandra! I’m so happy to hear how Simon’s words have inspired you on your journey. I can tell his wisdom has meant a lot to you, especially during this time of transition. We’re cheering you on and we can’t wait to see what life and business have in store for you!

  223. Thank you so much for the inspiration – Marie and Simon!

    It is so important to feel safe at work and to take care of your colleagues and employees, I really hope that at the next contract or job I do the environment will be nourishing and motivating where leaders trust their peers and employees and live to make them grow and develop.

    Take care!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      We hope so too, Moran! You deserve the best. 🙂

  224. I loved everything about this interview, including the fact that Simon is not hard on the eyes!
    Almost two years ago I left a job with toxic environment led by a narcissistic prick. I had stayed as his office manager for 8 years quite miserably because I was too afraid to leave… and yet he created fear in all of his employees by insinuating their insignificance.
    Now, I have my own business as a bodyworker and somatic educator. I went from running a little man’s architectural firm to helping others feel better AND teaching how they can do the same.
    Being an educator is new and I just completed my first co-leading experience with my amazing colleague. I can say that it was my first true lesson in being a leader, even though I was a bit nervous and anxious about how I was going to do AS a leader. No doubt, it has nothing to do with me and everything to do with the people I am leading.
    Thank you for another great interview, Marie, and thank you to Simon for his wisdom and for being an exceptional leader… and speaker… I could watch you read Leviticus. 😉

  225. Heather C. Moeller

    Absolutely wonderful. I love the “heart count” perspective and the emphasis on trust and safety within our organizations. I work in public schools and sometimes I see this mental separation from the “educational world” and the “business world”. I’m not sure why that is because schools are giant organizations with a bottom line (student and staff accomplishments and happiness). There is so much fear in public education. I can’t wait to take some of this wisdom back with me in the fall.
    Thank you so much, Simon and Marie. I benefit greatly from your insights!

  226. Simon, you have opened my eyes to what a leader truly is.
    Marie, thank you for bringing him on.
    It seems that many, including myself, have often thought of as a leader as someone who is in charge or someone who runs an organization, when in fact, as Simon points out, leaders can be and are, everyday people. I’ll be sure to do a few more small things (hold the elevator or let someone in my lane) more, to the point it becomes subliminal.

    Thank you guys

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Love it! Everyday leaders are the best. 🙂

  227. Robin

    This was an amazing interview! I felt so emotional throughout as the subject matter really resonated with me. I will be sharing it with my colleagues. Thank you so very much.

  228. Annette Phillips

    Thank you for affirming my potential as an everyday leader.
    * Mother/Leader
    * Friend/Leader
    * Spouse/Leader
    * Sister/Leader
    * Daughter/Leader
    * Driver/Leader
    * Shopper/Leader
    * Community Member/Leader
    * Tax Payer/Leader
    * Human Being/Leader

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Yes, yes, YES! You hit the nail on the head. We’re so glad you’re an everyday leader in the world!

  229. Louis

    This is awesome! As a leader myself, I’ve always believed and I’ve witnessed that when you take care of the team members. They will help you take care of the job at hand.
    The part that Simon said where the people at the top are just looking at the people below as numbers. My team and I are currently going through it right now as we were bought out by another company. And like he said the morale dropped like a rock and the people have become the most unhappy people that I’ve seen.
    Thank you for the insight and I am definitely going to get the book at also one for my supervisor above me.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      I’m really sorry to hear your company was bought out and your team’s morale is down! I hope things will get worked out soon and that your supervisor will appreciate Simon’s message as much as you do. We’ll be thinking of you during this time of transition and sending positive thoughts your way!

  230. Thanks for this interview, Marie & Simon. Hope this inspires many managers to become leaders.
    Take-Away: If you take care of your people, they’ll take care of your business. If you take care of yourself, your people will take care of themselves.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Exactly! That’s such a powerful insight.

  231. Lenee Freeman

    I loved this video. Everything he mentioned is A. The reason why I left my job with no regrets or sympathy/empathy for the place and management and B. Why a former teacher kept telling me I was a great leader but I couldn’t understand her reasoning.

  232. Holly Jaleski

    I think he went a little to far, no one is responsible for your happiness or health, only you are. You get to look for the good stuff in every situation and everyone. Blaming your leader or anyone else for not liking your job or situation is no one’s responsiblity than yours, maybe it is why you are at a company with a poor leader, he is reflecting what is in yourself. My husband has run a heart-centered company for 20 years, so I agree with leaders needing to be heart-centered, but it starts within. The people that are drawn to work for my husband, are positively focused and want to contribute to the betterment of the business for the good of the whole, they have great attitudes and not a sense of entitlement. They take responsibility for their part. The people who don’t leave.

  233. Hey Marie & team, I was a bit late watching this video but waow! what a great show! Enjoyed every minute of it, Simon really came across as a genuine guy and I can absolutely identify with everything he said about leadership. The one message that stuck out most was that we feel good when we look after other people (without expecting anything in return) – be it in business, friends, family, even strangers. And happy to report that some of my entrepreneur friends implemented the same concept as Bob Chapman [it’s better if we all suffer a little than any of us has to suffer a lot] asking their staff to reduce their working hours so that no-one would be laid off. Well done all!

  234. Lisa

    Absolutely excellent video! There are so many gems here – unbelievably good!!


    Fantastique! Quel échange merveilleux et constructif. J’avais adoré son 1er livre et son TED légendaire, j’ai hâte de découvrir ce 2nd livre. Merci Simon, tu m’inspires à grandir en tant que coach et en tant que leader.
    Merci Marie pour ces interviews si percutants et riches.
    Thank you so much indeed to both of you. You’re amazing, and even more…
    Love from a french follower!!!

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Thank you, Lasserre!!

  236. Jen

    Wow. I have been saying this for years. People in management are never trained to be managers, or leaders. They are suddenly thrust into a leadership position with no idea how to treat the people that now work for them, and who might have worked with them. What a terrific video. Great insight from Simon. Going to check into Bob Chapman. And I LOVE YOU Marie Forleo. Thanks for the TV!!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much, Jen! 🙂

  237. An incredible video with two inspiring voices!

    “All the great leaders I know are students of leadership. None of them consider themselves experts.”

    This was a standout moment that is really resonated with me. I can think of people I know that have an incredible amount of humbleosity (not a real word) regarding how powerful they have been in their “role” as a leader. The position truly doesn’t make a leader, and the most effective ones can be at any level.

    Also, thank you for the reminder to never let down the effort of supporting those around you, and to not wait for someone tell us to lead!

  238. Sharleene

    Such an interesting talk. He hit the target bang on-
    -Take care of others around you
    -Creatie a safe environment
    -Everyone can be a leader

  239. Mish

    This was such an enriching, existential conversation. I wish all leaders and companies had this philosophy in mind, to create a harmonious and effective environment. To become a great leader really just stems from being a thoughtful and compassionate human being. I found that practicing it in the little things is a huge tip to begin with. Thanks for a truly heartfelt episode!

  240. Thank you so much for this. So many things resonated with me. I already started the “one thing”. When I traveled at my previous position, I spent two weeks straight an our parent location. The gentleman who delivered the mail to each person would stop in my office everyday while I was there and shake my hand. I went 10 days without a hug from my wife or kids and most days his handshake was the only physical contact with another human being. It struck me then, and I had forgotten it. We have travelers in our office today, so I will shake their hand or hug (as appropriate) each as I have the opportunity for that touch moment.

  241. Such an amazing talk,
    Thank you so much.

  242. April

    Simon is amazing and I love his concepts so much. I wish more leaders could practice this and care about their people more. Some do, but they are usually leaders of small non-profits who struggle to give their employees the proper compensation or benefits, but they do the best they can and the employees are grateful. I hope that more leaders will want to implement some of these practices to make their companies friendly and amazing places to work. I know I’d love working for this type of leader and company. Thank you, Marie, for sharing Simon with us! Another wonderful added value to my life!

  243. This was an incredible talk 🙂

    “Headcount vs. Heartcount” — Loved this!

    – Kyle

  244. Why is he not running for president?!?! Does anyone else see the America that we all yearn for through this man’s leadership?

  245. Aluru Chandra

    I watched the conversation with Simon and loved every word of it! It is a reinforcement of his TED talk which I watched and showed to friends several times!
    The concept of creating safety, trusting environment and care as integral components of Leadership is so refreshing. Thank you for hosting the conversation.
    You take care of your employees; they will take care of your customers! As simple as that.
    Being a people manager, if you only take care of yourself, guess what? Your people will start taking care of just themselves!

  246. I love this! His TED talk is so powerful, I remember seeing it and it totally sparked something powerful inside of me. I didn’t know what his history was and what a cool story and experience he has. I love how our experiences make such amazing powerful stories and lesson if we let them!

  247. Fantastic interview! I love Simon. And his stories. And I love that he gained teachings from experiences and then passed them on for the rest of us to learn as well. That’s leadership 😉
    Thanks Marie for all the beautiful work and light you put out into the world.

  248. I am sitting here listening to this interview while at work and I finally understand why I feel the way I do about work. They have created an environment where I don’t feel safe which makes me feel on edge and stressed everyday. Time to change that. Thank you for providing clarity.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Idalisse, I’m so sorry to hear that you’re in a stressful environment like that at work. I hope that the strategies in this episode help, and that you find a safer space. Honoring ourselves is so important!

  249. Latasha Cooper

    Awesome video! It brought me back to a time in my life where I was working for a company that was only concerned with the bottom line. I knew “work life” had to be more than me just coming to work and leaving. Even when I tried to ask why the company was unwilling to invest in the workers, I received the response of “That’s not what we do here”. After that response, I knew “work life” was more than I was experiencing and I also knew that organization was not where I was supposed to be. If more companies would take the time to acknowledge their success comes as a result of the people who work with them, they would be able to experience greater levels of lasting success!

  250. Hi Marie,
    Awesome post! When inspiring others it’s important to share failures as well as successes. Pointing out why one team was successful and why the other was not, was in my opinion a great way to teach your viewers how to succeed. This visual also helped viewers to understand that they’re not the only ones with these challenges. The proof is in all of the comments posted.
    Have you ever tried challenging your viewers? Don’t just inspire them or tell them what to and not to do. Challenge them to do their best and always mention what inspires or how they inspire you. You’re doing a great job providing visuals and tools to motivate your viewers.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much for watching, Ashley! And yes, we love challenging everyone in our community with a great question or action step each week — that’s a big part of what we do. We so appreciate you tuning in with us!

  251. Yes, I am looking forward to be more of a leader in my life. And I have always seen it as a very big responsibility, not a position you can be in just for yourself. Simon’s insight and dressing this attitude we have in North America is super important. This empathic mindset is so necessary to heal ourselves, our communities, and our planet.

  252. Camelia Katoozian

    Love this!!!

  253. I love the interview. This made me realise how important it is to have a heart.

    I have a question: how do you not care too much that your own people start taking advantage of your kindness… And it wears you out?

    Albeit being sincere, sometimes there are others who would want to just get what they want. Sometimes, I feel bullied by my own people because I am too nice ):

  254. Jodie

    Loved this! Thank you for sharing. Its prompted me to reflect on my experiences of shutting down and work and thinking there was something wrong with me – when it was the environment! Simon articulated this discussion so well. Very inspiring.

  255. Thank you so much, Simon + Marie, for this spectacular interview. I’m so grateful that Simon shared his experience in Afghanistan. My husband served there for 6 months in 2014 and was medically evacuated. It was so beautiful to hear his experience, which was a true honor to what it’s like to offer their life to keep others safe. I’m overjoyed that he wrote a book that was fed by his experience + I’m eager to read it!

  256. I am so glad that I watched this video! I worked with a downright toxic company for 10 years before I decided to start my own business, and everything that Simon says (no pun intended) about leadership is true. I found myself hanging on to every word in this video. So many nuggets of wisdom! Many thanks Marie and Simon for the video 🙂

  257. Patty

    This was so great! For the longest time I have said, to me it does not matter what I do for work as long as it is a great environment. I always felt like is there something wrong with me for not knowing or caring what I do? And this is my answer, my fulfillment comes from my coworkers/environment not necessarily the specific work that is done. Another ah ha moment for me was the “work/life balance” and trying to find it. It is not necessarily the amount of time spent in each, which is how I always looked at it as a mom, but how it makes me feel while at each. So great, loved this video!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Wonderful, Patty! We’re so glad this episode resonated with you 🙂

  258. Hi Marie, thanks for having this episode, it is really touched me and give me an inspiration adn ideas about leadership and why i am doing what i am doing right now 🙂

    “Just do little things to make the lives of people around you better. But if you practice a lot, you get good at it” –Simon Sinek.

    Thank you again for Simon Sinek and Marie Forleo. Above is the most simple and powerful words from the episode, you all must listen from start till the end. You will be surprised afterwards. Cheers!

  259. Hemanand

    I loved the show. I totally agree with Simon. I would love to be a part of Simon’s team and inspire people to get fulfilled. Is Simon coming to India anytime? Can we have a quick chat Simon.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Hemanand, thank you so much for watching this episode! As we don’t work with Simon’s team directly I’m not sure if they’re hiring or what his appearance schedule might be, but definitely check out his website for more info:

  260. Kathy Bourke

    Thank you for sharing this inspirational chat. I have followed Simon since my leadership journey began (I’m still happily embedded in the ‘hard yin and yang’ and resisting advice to move along due to, my passion guided by my ‘why’ – isolated families and kids and valuable teaching staff deserve care, time and ‘weness’ – and unrelenting commitment. So many things resonated but particular notes were the: everybody is someones daughter or son and shared responsibility to take care of each other which flows when leadership feels right. I am guided by these sentiments and this year have seen and felt both of these qualities and feel good. Thanks

  261. Thanks to YouTube and of course to you Marie that this great idea can easily spread across the globe. This is the first interview I get to check in your channel and it seems like I’ll be checking more of your interviews later. I have not read either of the books yet. But I have seen Simon Sinek in Ted Talks (thru YouTube also) more than twice. Great concept, yet very simple and easy to share and apply. I wish more people could read his books. I’ll grab a copy soon. And I hope that more people will visit your channel. Cheers !!!

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Thanks, Franklin! So glad to have you here with us!

  262. ABSOLUTLEY AMAZING!! thank you so much!!!, I’m going to a meeting next week and this presentation opened my mind in many aspects …. I have the majority of these bases but now I know how I can present it to others. Gracias

  263. This was an inspiring episode – and it highlights why I just love Simon’s insights and why I am so excited he is coming to Australia in March 2017!! The biggest take home for me from this episode is that I want to foster in my workplace the concept of not co-workers or colleagues, but brothers and sisters. We do care for each other, but we can do better. We can practice more generosity at work (and in the community). Thank you Marie and Simon!!

  264. francie

    I heard Simon for the first time on another video before finding this one. Leaders talk about leadership when they get together. They help others, want the best for the whole, and care about more than the bottom of the ledger. Good leaders look out for others.

  265. Jo Ann Roynestad

    Thanks so much for this episode. I saw Simon for the first time when my millennial daughter posted his talk on millennials in the workplace. I was amazed by his insight. This episode was just as inspiring to me. I have been a leader for many years and lead in the style that Simon describes. I work in healthcare; you would think that just the nature of the business guides the leaders to be more empathetic humans, however, just the opposite is usually true. I think because of the nature of our business a certain hardness develops to aid in maintaining the sanity of continuing while watching health related tragedies during your workday. All the more reason to have leaders that are in the mode of taking care of team members. Realizing the added burden of doing any type of work in an environment that is stressful by nature. I was so happy to hear the bit on trust….I have said that since my first job in 1984… cannot ask or tell someone to trust you-you need to earn it and live it…..for real. People see through fake immediately. I am going out to buy both of Simons books and Everyone counts. I cant wait to dig into them.

    I once again have found myself in a change management position with an academic health care organization (these jobs keep finding me). I am hoping to beef up my leadership skills enough to tip the scales in my new organization. It is filled with wonderful, hard working people that are terrified of losing their positions in the company. This is the most fear driven team I have ever started with, but hoping to help guide them to a place of security and help them grow. Thanks so much for this video. It came at the perfect time for me.

    Jo Ann

  266. parth Tripathi

    The thought about environment, that just changing the environment and making it safer, can lead to remarkable things, was the moment, when i felt touched.

  267. Loved the way Leaders should look after the “village”. And being kind!

  268. Dear Marie,
    I have watched many of your episodes interview’s with Mr. Simon Sinek and though Simon i have gain alot of fulfillment and inspiration about the practice’s of being in the Role of Leadership. And for that i have learned alot about the motivation of how to be a good leader as Simon has quoted ” being a leader is not just being a leader but to be take care the people of your charge”! and i feel it is really powerful and meanful of not just being in a rank or being in a position of leadership i thank you Simon Sinek because i have served in many aspect in my life in varie’s of role’s in leadership like Scout’s and i truly feel that it is not just being a leader is enough but to really take care of people under your charge make a true differences in the life of youth’s today and the life’s of the parent’s toward the leader’s and how they see us and how their son or daughter has progressly changed because being in the organization about scouting and i have also played different role in United Way Toronto York Region as Speaker Bureau where i talk about my life and the importances of inclusion amoung disabilities because currently i have stay connected with Reaction4inclusion where i been given the honor to stay connected with this none profit organization where i now serve as Adult Allies/Mentor where i help high student’s and talk about the need’s of putting voice’s into our Society and to make a change where we come in as Allies to help build inclusion among with or with out disabilities and to allow us as Allies to make these change’s because it is a justice issue that face’s in our society and our world and i am so inspired by you Simon in having these talk about how people can be good leader’s and how we can be like Leader eat last.

  269. shane oneil

    Hello from down under, Australia, or as we sometimes call it Straylia. Wow, what an amazing video. The thinks I got from this were the circle of safety idea, that leaders manage people by crerating a grt working environment. I will be part of a large project, contributing in one facet of that task. By watching this video I will now go into this with no expectations as that can lead to fear. Rather I will not only be oopen minded about th eorientation but open hearted, listening to how I feel.

  270. Marie,

    My father, God rest his soul, was a retired Army Master Sargent. Who used to always say, “Son, troops eat first”. When I first picked up Simon’s book about a year ago, that was the first thing that I heard in my head, my fathers voice. “Leaders Eat Last” reaffirmed what my father tried to teach me as a boy 40 years ago. Give, love, respect and be fair were all tenants that he instilled in me then that I now, nearing 50, have come to truly understand. Why did it take so long?
    This book is a new must read for anyone put in the position of leadership at any level. Simon’s chemical breakdown of what makes us feel as human beings was truly eye opening. Why is she always so angry, why is he always so happy? Now I know that there is a scientific reason, the chemicals we produce in our bodies shape our actions and reactions to everyday experiences. Thanks Marie and thank you Simon Sinek for two of my favorite books on my top ten along with Think and Grow Rich, How to Win Friends and Influence People and The Magic of Believing.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much for your kind words, Michael. We’re so glad Simon’s book really resonated with you, and I love that the wisdom he shared was also a part of your father’s philosophy too.

  271. Sylvie Duran

    I love the video !

    What is most important as a message for me is that we are ALL leaders potentially.
    Little acts of empathy and care makes the world better !

  272. Sally

    Practising and demonstrating ‘leadership’ in the everyday was a concept that resonated with me. Switching our thinking that allows us to find ways to tap into our leadership potential and be better colleagues/citizens… what a shift in culture that can create. Often we think of leaders as ‘others’ and recognising daily activities as ‘leadership’ brings that focus back into ourselves and makes ‘leadership’ accessible to the masses – and that’s where significant change is realised.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Very true, Sally! So glad you picked up this great nugget of wisdom. 🙂

  273. Soumya

    His experience in Afghanistan touched my heart. Also, the distinction between head count and heart count. The entire conversation resonated a lot with me. Thanks for the interview.

  274. Ryck Marciniak

    The interview with Simon Sinek was outstanding, and I believe in many of the things he espoused during your conversation. The issue, however, is that you need to have entire organizations believe this, as well. Without that, you will have islands of security and safety, but they will eventually be crushed by others.

    One would think that the type of leadership that Simon speaks of will lead to improved employee engagement and corporate success. The issue, however, are companies that have CEOs who employ many draconian measures to control and manipulate employees and yet have financial success. How do you reconcile this when it happens and how can you promote Simon’s style of leadership in the face of this success?

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s an excellent question, Ryck! Although we can’t speak on behalf of Simon, he has a contact form on his website if you’d like to ask him:

  275. John C

    Great session…insightful and well-organized. I especially like the point that leading is about people, that leaders lead people, not things. Thank you so much.

  276. Amazing interview! Loved Simon! His “Why” book is amazing and has made such a difference to me and how I talk to my colleagues, friends and team. Thank you so much for sharing this!

  277. Inspiring interview.
    My coworkers and I consider each other as brother and sisters. (Yes, I am a male that works closely with 4 women) We love each other like family and bicker with one another like family, as well. Our work environment is hugely successful and enjoyable. Our communication with one another is beyond amazing. What Simon says is true. This episode confirmed what my coworkers and I have created. A working environment that makes you want to come to work everyday and give it your all.

  278. Veronica

    I love Simon Sinek ever since I saw his TedTalk at Puget Sound☺️ Regarding his discussion with MF about Leaders Eat Last, I found myself being at both ends of the line at work. I have a boss and at the same time have people reporting to me. Just like the external forces that we have no control over, I have none over my boss. But, after listening to this, I do have control over the environment in which I form for the people reporting to me. Little steps for sure are the way to go, and being truly sincere about how we do things needs to shine through. Sometimes, though, taking care of the people who take care of the results gets pushed aside when the boss runs after YOU for the results. So not only am I accountable for the safety of my people, but also the results. How can I be a leader and feel safe at the same time?

    • Hailey

      Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts, Veronica! You’re absolutely right, it can be a bit of a balance when you’re both an employee and a leader. Of course, we can’t control other people, but we can control the energy we contribute to our environment, so I’d love to encourage you to stay positive, set healthy boundaries, be gentle on yourself, and find ways to fill your own cup, as you also pour into other’s. Thanks for stopping by!

  279. Tara

    I work for a non profit, where we have been through over 50 employees in the 31/2 yrs that I’ve worked there. Our leader has no value for her paid employees, volunteers also I suppose, being she just asked one of our volunteeers to leave after nominating her for volunteer of the year for 2017. She felt the volunteer encouraged board members to ask for her resignation, when they only wanted to encourage her to change her unhealthy leadership skills. Your interview was awesome you both gave me the courage to go into work tomorrow and show your video to our 7th HR manager and see what he maybe able to do. If nothing, I’m putting in my notice! Knowing I tried to help us all will help with my decision. Thanks for the awesome interview! Tara

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      We’re so glad you found this episode helpful, Tara. It’s always tough when those in leadership positions aren’t supportive of those they work for, and I hope you’re able to resolve everything in the best possible way!

  280. Thanks for making this wonderful episode.

  281. Eshan Potdar

    It is always an absolute pleasure to watch Simon talk about leadership. This time, was no different. Thank you Marie for inviting Simon.

    The take away from this episode for me, would be leadership is not about authority. It is about looking after people we work with or are friends with.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      We’re so glad you enjoyed this episode, Eshan! Simon is fantastic 🙂

  282. Amin

    These are beautiful concepts to understand and practice. Love the Ocytocin concept and the opposite effect. Do little things to build muscles. Thank you

  283. Fredrik

    Amazing interview!
    It’s so much to learn from this and it’s hard to pick just something.
    But maybe the big takeaway for me is that being a leader seems to be all about the journey in life. The drive into becoming the best possible human being I could be.
    That is a never-ending journey and that involves to try to better yourself a little everyday.

  284. Alex the energy guy

    A profound idea – because of oxytocin and cortisol, we are medically responsible for the joy (or misery) of those we lead. That insight is life-changing.

  285. Afghanistan ?? – I’ve discovered your podcast and am binge listening ❤️. Today I had the gift of this episode and hearing Simon’s experience in a place I’m familiar with, ?? and with operations I’ve experienced. Now I want to read his book because his perspective is raw & unique.

  286. Jas

    I love MarieTV!
    My biggest takeaway: We are social animals and we respond to the environment we’re in. You can put a good person in a bad environment and they are capable of doing bad things. Likewise, you can take a person a society has given up on and put them in a good environment. They are capable of turning their lives around and really make something remarkable.

    My name is Jas by the way. I worked in the banking industry for 9 years. I was not happy so I resigned to put up a digital business. After 8 months, I am still figuring out what niche and market I can serve. All I want is to serve and do meaningful things for others.

    I am probably in the bookstore this weekend to get myself a copy of Simon Sinek’s Leaders Eat Last and Start With Why.

    I am so pumped up. Thank you for the oxytocin! MarieTV rocks. 🙂

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      We hope you love the book! And we’re wishing you all the best with your digital business.

  287. I felt like crying listening to him. It is so beautiful to be reminded how little things we do for other people is simply the key to happiness. That it’s a muscle and that it grows bigger and more impactful and that you get good at it by practicing. I found that amazing, it made me feel so good inside and I can’t wait to become even more generous, and mindful of the people around me 🙂

  288. Tanya Chuang

    Loved hearing the story about Afghanistan, Simon’s breakthrough transformation and then what he’s done with the experience. Such an amazing guy. Thank you for the inspiring talk.

  289. Tara

    Biggest takeaway for me? Controlling the environment we all work in. Even though I’m not in charge, I can decide if I want to contribute to a safer-feeling, or more toxic-feeling workplace. Leadership IS in the little things, and I can do more to nurture the leadership I want to see from our CEO as an employee, and perhaps it will help others to do the same.
    I had the pleasure of seeing Simon in person at a corporate event years ago when he was just starting out. So happy to see how well he’s done, and can’t wait to read his books.
    Thanks for another fabulous episode Marie and crew!

  290. Jennie Meyer

    So seriously -at the end all I could think of was how the feminine is perfect for the shift in leadership. Just sayin’ – taking care of others is the feminine life…so beautiful. LOVE

  291. Taking Care the Person left to you and the Person Right to you and this would one day change the whole organization. =)

  292. Nina

    This episode and Simon’s words really touched the deepest layers of my heart. How inspiring and unique is Simon’s message. Just amazing. Great job, great lesson.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Isn’t he wonderful, Nina? We’re so glad this episode resonated deeply with your heart. Thank you for watching!

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