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Are you playing it safe? Do you keep finding reasons not to write that book or do the one thing you know will take your career or business to the next level?

Maybe the perfectionist in you is convinced you’re just not “ready yet.” Or maybe you’re so busy worrying about potential criticism that you’ve created a self-imposed glass ceiling.

Here’s the truth we all need to be reminded of. Growth only happens when you get outside of your comfort zone.

The Benefits of Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone

I’ve interacted with hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs, artists, and dreamers from all walks of life, and this statement continues to hold true. You may have the best ideas and intentions, but it’s not until you take consistent action that your efforts can bear fruit.

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To be clear, your fear isn’t made up. It is real. But you must train yourself to override the fearful, mean voice in your head by taking action, particularly when you know it’s the right thing to do.

Like we remind Marlena on today’s MarieTV, “You have to behave your way to success.” The more you do, the more you’ll discover your ability to:

    • Find creative solutions: When you’re not frozen by fear, you’ll see just how figureoutable everything really is.
    • Prioritize the right things: When you stop indulging in fear, you devote more energy to things that matter: your message, your business, and serving your customers.
    • Play the long game: Short-term risks won’t feel as scary because you’ll be smartly focused on your ultimate, long-term destination.
  • Grow as a person: When you challenge yourself, you’re more likely to open yourself up to new relationships and experiences that will enrich your life and grow your character.

Watch 3 Entrepreneurs Push Their Businesses to The Next Level

In today’s MarieTV Live Call-In Show we have three creatives who must step outside their comfort zones in order to grow their businesses. Tune in to learn how to:

    • Train yourself to override the voice of fear in your head.
    • Craft offers that will have people flocking to your waitlist.
    • Create new buzz about your company.

If you’re done with overthinking and ready break through now, click play.

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Once you’ve watched, I’d love to hear from you.

Where specifically do you need to step outside your comfort zone? What’s one action you can take today to do so? Leave a comment below and let me know.

Share as much detail as you can. Hundreds of thousands of incredible souls come here for insight and inspiration. Your story may be just what someone else needs to have a major breakthrough.

Important: please share your thoughts and ideas directly in the comments. Links to other posts, videos, etc. may be removed.

Thank you so much for watching, sharing, and being brave in your words and actions. You’re here for a reason. Don’t let fear and self-doubt get in the way of taking your life to the next level.

P.S. Team Forleo is GROWING ?— in fact, we’re hiring a Partnership & Growth Lead. Check it out or share it with someone who might be a perfect fit!

With SO much love ❤️,


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  1. Maro

    Hi! I’ve just watched the episode and I loved it! The thing about “act before you think” and “to make a difference be ready to make some waves” ?…. My God!
    I’m from Argentina and I wanna know if I can leave a question, so that you can call me… Pleaseeee?
    Do let me know.
    Love you Marie! You are such an inspiration to me.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Hi Maro! We’re so happy you enjoyed this episode and these pieces of wisdom in particular resonated with you. We’d love for you to submit a question to potentially have Marie call you live! We always share with our MF Insiders when we’re looking for guests for upcoming Call-In Shows, so make sure you’re signed up for our mailing list and keeping a close eye on our emails to you 🙂

  2. Confetti to you, guys! A big thank´s, Marie -and to all in the lovely team.
    Just what I needed today! Act before you think. I´m a “big thinker”, and I just needed this. Now I’m going to stop myself by interrupting myself: “No more thinking, just doing” – I will, right now, send an e-mail I’ve been pushing forward for sooo many months! (And then continue on the list I have, with the rest of “my thoughts”)
    So thank you, again, for giving me tons of courage by this single episode!

    Lots of love

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      YES, Gabriele! Hit send on that email! We’re so glad this was just what you needed. Here’s to more doing and less thinking 🙂 Keep us posted on how this strategy is shifting things in your life – we’d love to know!

  3. Really love your activeness, and your mentoring Marie! Big follower of all your updates! You really a great mentor!

    Thanks for being like this!


    Marie, como siempre eres una inspiración!
    Con amor, gracias!

  5. This is so spot the answers and your energy.. i am reading and listening from Denmark.. And i am a fan..
    But what do you do with challences that are (not completely i know) out of your hands.. i have published a book about: How to make peace with your willpowered child! in danish, I have it translated as an e-book in english, I have made a new web page in english.. my book is out i Slovenia, soon Polen.. but i am trying to find an agent in the states that could help me to give it a go.. but i find it so difficult to find an agent that is willing to read into my book if i do not get recommended by somebody… So i would love if you had any great ideas.. Thank <3

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Hi Smilla! We absolutely hear you, that it can feel really challenging when something feels “out of your hands” and tough to overcome. Your book sounds fantastic and like such an important resource for many parents! And we do know that EVERYTHING is figureoutable. Staying connected to your message and mission to help other parents and families will be so powerful for you in spreading your work to more countries over time, so keep going!

      I have a feeling you’ll find this episode of MarieTV with Steven Pressfield really helpful – he shares his own story about believing deeply in his own book and eventually getting it published, though he found it hard to get traction for years with agents and publishers:

  6. After getting more traction i also get more negative comments and e-mails – it is really putting me into a state of fear and stuck-ness, because i hate the feeling of people disliking what i do (it feels that i am not able to focus on the 95% happy and great comments)

    Any help?

  7. Julie Marie Hoagland

    Hi! I am a licensed clinical social worker and also a eating psychology coach. I am working full-time as a clinical supervisor and also have a social work insurance paid clients in a private practice. I would like to increase my rates but I am not sure where I will find folks to pay the self pay new higher rates! AND I am in need a quality website and saw stillherestillsexy website that is AMAZING and want to know if you can suggest how to or who to hire to make an amazing website, thanks!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Hi Julie! What amazing work you’re doing in the world. This is so important and needed! And it’s exciting that you’re looking to raise your rates. Here’s a great resource and strategy for when it comes to raising your prices without losing clients:

      While we don’t have specific web designers we recommend, we encourage you to keep browsing sites that you appreciate the design and navigation of. Take notes of what it is specifically that you like about that site, as well as what type of unique experience you’re wanting to create on your own site. Typically, the designers/developers of sites will be noted towards the bottom of a web page or somewhere on the site. You can always reach out to folks directly that way, to see if they may be a good fit for your needs!

      Also be sure to check out our free guide with 322+ Tools & Resources to Start and Grow Your Business — we share some fantastic website building tools here!

  8. Barry Hall

    Fabulous show today, keep up the great work! — Barry from the UK.

  9. Mila

    OMG i love Marlena’s idea and had just share this on mine social media channels- I had to do it as i totally understand her point of view. As i lost my sister due to colon cancer. I really hope that Marlena’s business will grow as her power to survive twice that *** cancer. She Rock!!!
    Mila Ricao from the netherland

  10. Elena

    OMG, this Call-In Show was awesome!! All that energy, all the feels… how GREAT was that?!

    Today is my second day as a full-time entrepreneur and I needed to hear this so bad: ACT BEFORE YOU THINK.

    I had been thinking about quitting my full-time job for months, as I didn’t feel aligned with it AT ALL. However, I kept trying to ignore all the signals that it wasn’t right for me that even my body tried to send me over and over again. I kept listening to my family’s and friends’ advice, which I assumed knew better than me, on how to swim in this corporate world where I really don’t belong to. But the reality is, no one is me and knows what’s best for me better than I do!

    Luckily enough, a few weeks ago I just got up and acted before I thought (again) and resigned! YEYYYYYYYY!
    So thanks 1000 time for reminding me it was the right thing to do!

    Hugs from Finland,

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Elena! CONGRATS on following your heart and listening to that wise voice within. You’re so right, only YOU truly know what’s best and right for you. Never forget that, and keep living a life that’s true to you. We’re so excited for you as you embark on this new chapter as an entrepreneur – we know you can do this!

  11. So in love with Marlena, her product, her creativity and all of it!!!
    And I SOOOO identify! I took B-School in 2017 and finished my website and beta-test and all that in July 2017 and found myself stalling, and just plain terrified! Everything was ready, and I couldn’t do it! I remember those revisions!
    Then even though we didn’t actually have the money, we manifested a trip to the coast and just stared at the ocean for two days. It helped so much. I remember all these old traumas were coming up in my mind during that month, and I let them come up and left them in the waves.
    In September I had my first client, and June 2018 I had so many clients I left my full- time job. It’s so hard! But it’s so beautiful!!!! Marie is sooo awesome and this was such a great episode.
    Go to the beach woman! It helps so much! So much love!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Beautiful, Emily! Thank you SO much for sharing your story and experience with this here. We’re so incredibly proud of you, woman!! XOXO

  12. John

    How do you pay for this ?

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Hi John! I’m not sure I understand what exactly you’re asking, so please do feel free to clarify what you mean and we’ll be glad to help. If you’re interested in learning more about our business, you can read about that here: Let us know if you have any questions at all!

      • John

        I know most businesses do not make any money so how do they pay for a business

  13. I’ve been intimidated about writing great content for social media. I’ve heard that poor content can hurt your brand more than no content so I’ve been timid about giving it a go with real intention. But with all the research and prep I’ve been doing, I know I just need to bite the bullet and start posting across all my social media platforms. Thank you for the inspiration.

  14. Laura Ramos

    Marie. Your energy is amazing and the work you are doing is of so much value. I think this episode resonated so much with me because I saw myself in some of the stories. The whole act before you are ready and fear will always be present is something I so fight with EVERY SINGLE DAY. I work at a family company and have a very safe and comfortable position. My income is okay and I have gotten here by working hard and showing my family and the people around that my work is of great value and I contribute immensely. BUT I’m not sure if I will have the future here I expect to have or have the saying to make the changes I’m so capable of making. I arrived to this company as a recent graduate, young, in need of a job, happy to settle for what was available. I never thought I would stay here. I learned to appreciate the company, I learned everything I could and, right now, I’m at the point where I’m ready to lead in a bigger way but ARE THE OWNERS READY FOR ME TO LEAD IN THAT WAY?!? Cause if not, I believe I could just quit and do my own thing. Any ideas? P.S>: We have talked about it (me and the owner) and the answer is always the same: you are really important here and do a great contribution… etc etc etc nothing concrete.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Hi Laura! So glad to hear the stories of our callers today resonated with you. It sounds like you’ve been doing some great reflecting around your work and I can tell you’re already well on your way to figuring out what’s best for you! Be gentle with yourself in the process, as sometimes these big decisions take time. Keep listening to that wise voice within you that knows what you REALLY want in this life.

      I have a feeling you may find these episodes helpful and reassuring:

      • abdulwahid

        lets tell about the mechanical engineering tv show … with the struggle of tamil nadu regulation of 2017 ,.. its use only .. its not fare for me ,, in later you might see if i in the your country ,.. search for the job suggest me to the marie tv program for the one month alone ,,,. respected madam.

  15. william henn

    Re: Fear & the Glass Ceiling
    Hi, Marie… I love your work. I’m playing small right now because last time I played “BIG” I had a problem. I sent a letter to the President of the United States at the White House. It was a nice letter but I was calling for world peace. The next thing I knew I had CIA guys creeping around my door at night. Scary stuff.

  16. Hi, thank you for great energy shifting show today! So amazing to see how Marlena beautifully took her next action.
    I’m a newbie of ongoing B-school and a fun of Marie’s TV… and I can’t take my eyes off of them. Actually I have focused on my business only in my country for 18yrs and I love my career, however… I have started “thinking” to open up my field worldwide. So I tweet to myself Act&Challenge before I Think.
    Looking forward to the next show? with much love – from Tokyo

  17. william henn

    Re: Ignore the Haters
    Marie, When I really put myself out there and shine, I get problems from other guys who are jealous of me. They want to knock me down and they insult me or want to fight with me. Men go thru things with other men that Women don’t have to deal with. Sometimes physical violence is a very real male problem. What say you?

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Hi William. We’re so sorry to hear you’ve been facing insults and even violence from other guys when you put yourself out there and shine. I can tell that you’re absolutely a leader, William, and it’s SO important in these instances that you rise above, be the bigger person, and don’t drop down to that level yourself.

      I think you’ll find these resources really helpful in doing so:

      Keep being your amazing self and keep shining – the world deeply needs your example and brilliance!

  18. This episode is absolutely awesome! So much learning, I can totally relate to what Marie said because there are times that we are lazy to do the things that we need to do especially when we just wanted to stay on the bed 🙂 and this quote “act before you think” is indeed fantastic. I have to act first before those lazy thoughts hit me.
    Marie’s inspiring words are truly amazing, it’s more on facing the reality that could help us progress.

    Yes to – because it’s over doesn’t mean it’s a failure. Now, I am preparing for my next projects. 🙂

  19. Act then think- great mantra

  20. So many pearls of wisdom. “Act before you have a chance to think” and let your “why” and your mission be more important than your insecurity. Also, your reaction to haters. “Bring it on. I’m just going to continue to be more of my fabulous self.” All stupendous content.

  21. I sent “that” e-mail, the first from many I should be writing but at least I exposed my self, I need to accept and understand that rejection is part of it and it’s OKI can’t hide from it. I will start writing those e-mails until someone says yes.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      YES! GO Lourdes! Keep up the awesome work and keep putting yourself out there 🙂

  22. I needed to hear that “making waves” thing. I feel that pretty deeply and know it to be true, as a general guideline for everybody and specifically for me in my work. I’m not here to be quiet. AND I don’t like making “noise,” being confrontational, getting triggered, etc – all the things that I’ve somehow conflated with sending my message out there. But WAVES are constant, natural, necessary. A lot of people love them and seek them out. They keep the ecosystem alive. They’re beautifully powerful. Waves are the new model. 🙂 Thank you for the reframe!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Beautifully put, Mikki! So glad this reframe resonated with you. Keep making waves with your amazing work!

  23. Marie, you’re such an inspiration girl, thank you! <3

  24. Babes Salamanca

    All the questions were of significant importance but they do, somewhat, fall in the category of the third question … of finding courage to overcome fear (taking that “leap of faith” to activate a website, to campaign for people to enlist and to speak up on a controversial topic). I am grateful for Marie and her team for the encouragement, compassion and a no nonsense approach to giving advice. Truly, these are valuable teachings we can apply in our daily lives. Congratulations for another episode and looking forward to the next.

  25. Michael A Santucci

    A pure fireball………… But not the kind thing brings destruction and fear,, your presence is more like perfectly balanced X-MAS lighting… In a living room that just feels like everything’s okay. Not a secret , I’m a huge fan and I love the weekly inbox. All aspects of fear were dealt with many many years ago. I artionalize my cruise control mindset by no longer being able to deny I feel like I’ve been here 200 years. Much like batteries , we are created with specific capacity. All or nothing kinda guy , keeps me at uncomfortable 15% screen pop ups. and it’s okay. Just know you have a great team, and if anyone could actually motivate me to completion and publishing it would be you. It’s like seeing the bad guys just get crushed… but by an awesome new version of a care bear.. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK.. Thanks again for all you do.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      We LOVE this Michael! Thank you so much for your kind words, it really means the world to us. We’re so glad you’re finding our work inspiring, and are grateful to have you here in our community. Keep being your fantastic self, the world needs more YOU!

  26. No words on this planet “will ever” “be able” to describe how AMAZING you and your team are. You literally have made me cry every single time since I came to know who you are either it is with your program or something you have posted or something that you said. I’m not crying of sadness, I’m crying because I’m grateful that humans like you exist. Humans like you, that believe in other humans and REALLY want to see them succeed. Thank you for being who you are and for your love and support!

    P.S. I will keep “grateful cry” for your super programs, advice and your posts.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Nathali! Thank you SO much. We adore you and are truly grateful that you’re an amazing part of our community. It’s such an honor to be connected in this life! XOXO

  27. Allison Dasantos

    Thank You!!

  28. I watch all the time but I don’t always, OK I’ve never commented. I love you! I love your work. I love your heart. Love your team, love the WHOLE THING! You seem to show up in my inbox right when I need you. Sometimes I’ll delete other things and leave you to watch later, this morning I just pushed the button and joined your party. I’m so glad I did. We are building an educational library and I am on the verge of launching too. I really needed the message and was inspired to see another person hit the GO button and publish. Thanks for all you do to encourage us all to bring that special something that only we can bring to this world! BLESSINGS on all you do!!!!! XOXOXOXOXOOXOX

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Toni! We’re SO happy to have you here joining the party! It’s truly such an honor to be in your inbox each week, and to know that you’ve been enjoying the content. We love knowing that messages from us seem to arrive just when you need them 🙂 How exciting that you’re about to launch your educational library – we’ll be cheering you on big time over here as you share this important gift with the world!! XOXO

  29. Ramdeo

    It was really an inspiring session. Act before you think , and make waves for creating an acceptance and a yes to your product or idea. The best take away from your talk was -” make your mission more powerful than your insecurities.” The sense of insecurities are from lower level of material nature. One has to transcend himself or herself from mundane to a transcendental level which is a doable and not an abstract idea. From this level proceed ahead , friction and resistance are bound to come and the flow gains speed only through obstacles and resistance. By doing so the sense of insecurities become smaller than the mission.
    Thank you so much my daughter Marie. Hare Krishna !

  30. Steph

    “Marie Forleo is my accountability partner?” WHAT A HAPPY MOMENT! I superlove that idea, too!
    I haven’t done the “footwork” yet; I do have the itch to move forward on an idea, and have been full of excuses stopping me from even beginning. But now I’ve got some WORK to do, and I’m going to imagine that MF is one of the people standing in the wings cheering for me to do it!
    I love how all the called ones today were on the very cusp of action and the nudge they got from Team Forleo was so joyful & exciting! Thank you for spreading that brave feeling to all of us viewers!!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      We ARE here in the wings cheering you on, Steph! We’re excited for you to really jump in and get working towards this idea you’re inspired by. Watch this: and keep us posted on how it’s going – we KNOW you can bring this to life!

  31. Oh my God Marie you are just the best. Every time I watch you I feel SO inspired and excited to do my work in this world – you are the reason I’ve been able to help so many. I appreciate you and adore you so much!!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      This means the world, Krissy! We appreciate and adore you, too 🙂 Cheering you on as you continue to do your amazing work in the world!

  32. Gillian Davies

    Wow…wow…wow…wow…absolutely loved this show Marie and Team!! I have tears in my eyes from willing Marlena on to PUSH THE BUTTON!!! And she did.
    You’ve just given someone the little nudge they needed…that is a blessing many don’t realise xx

  33. Words of wisdom is always required in My life and the life of others, some tried so hard… lol Like me to become someone in life and be successful at it… I am a Medical assistants that have worked very hard and a phlebotomy technician and a medical administrative assistant, I am getting no were with the job hunts and been on so many interviews, right know since my goal is to work I am a volunteer with the American red Cross it been a couple of years… What could I do to catch a pay chech

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Hi Yvonne – we’re sorry to hear you’re having a tough time right now with your job hunt. It’s so wonderful that you’re devoting your time to volunteering with the Red Cross in the meantime, as you find work that’s a great fit for you and your skills! Check out these episodes of MarieTV for some great tips on preparing for interviews and really selling yourself well to potential employers:

      We’re sending lots of positive wishes your way and hope this helps!

  34. All the calls were great! I’m now actually passing through a time of paralysis in terms of taking our business to the next level. And this episode really made me think… I got to seriously act now before that little voice in my head gets in the way again. Thanks, Marie, for all you do. I’m a BSchooler and enjoying every module so much. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      YES – act now, Mariana! We absolutely hear you about that fear of growth and taking things to the next level. Remember, all growth requires us to move outside of our comfort zone. I have a feeling you’ll find this helpful:

      We know you can do this, and we’re rooting for you over here as you do! So honored to have you in the B-School family. XOXO

  35. Bill McCleave

    You are one brilliant lady, I do not know how anybody listening could not be inspired.


  36. Sumari

    My favorite was definitely the waiting list part! I really need that for my workshops. I love hosting my workshop – and I try to keep them small so as to give each student enough time – but I would love to host more than one in an area!

  37. Jenny Lang

    Marie and team,
    Life has been giving me challenges ove the years so it’s been tough to get my business really going. Yet, I think that has also given me more distractions from what I know I need to do. No more F-ing around! Thank your for this video and I LOVED what you did with “the tattoo girl”. 😉 One of my life challenges was my mother getting breast cancer last year. She was a lucky one and now doing well! Seeing the beautiful work is this woman totally touched me. I KNOW she will have great success!
    Thank you! Thank you! You all do such an awesome job! Thanks for the continuous encouragement and support you provide.
    Much love,

  38. Thank you so much for answering my question! The club is going from strength to strength! You are awesome! xxx

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      YAY, Izzy! We’re so proud of you and absolutely loved having you on the show. Keep going! XOXO

  39. Rhonda

    Fantastic episode. One of your best. All three callers had great questions, and your responses were inspiring. I especially enjoyed Olga’s question because, although my scenario differs from hers, getting the message out despite potential controversy hit home.
    I don’t know where you get your courage, Marie, but it rubs off–wish I had more of that magic courage dust (or maybe it’s Greg’s confetti). My greatest challenge is to overcome self doubt and to stop letting anticipated critical voices and other negative fall-out deter me from taking action.

  40. Hi! THIS episode was especially thrilling. I am so excited for everyone who called in (and for those who didn’t who are going to DO IT!!) Thank you Marie and Team for keeping people’s passions and ideas moving forward minus the fears. I’m still working on me but thrilled for everyone. Keep it up and keep it going. Someone out there is looking and needing what you have. It’s spring, so SPRING FORWARD! All the best.
    Mary Lahti

  41. Today’s episode was incredibly moving and reminded me that every time I feel afraid of what people will think about my videos to take massive action. I love hearing Greg’s comments, he’s so upbeat! XO

  42. Jane DeLong

    Thank you Marie — so many great nuggets I will be watching this anytime I get hung up and unable to take action.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Awesome, Jane – we’re so happy you found lots of great takeaways in this episode! And YES – return to it whenever you need a little boost of encouragement to stay in action 🙂

  43. Brooke

    This episode!!! I love the notion of acting before you think, the idea that just because something ends doesn’t mean it has failed, the book recommendation, the idea that your mission has to be more important than your fear, and that if you wanna make a difference, you’re gonna make waves. Thank you for being so motivating!

  44. Sorry, but, I turned the show off before the first question got asked, the minute I had to sit and listen the first caller go on about how she loves this and loves that about the show. Not a good format for busy people who just want questions answered efficiently. Maybe you could offer the transcript so we can just skim it quickly for the important stuff. Just a helpful suggestion to speed things along.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Hi Rhonda, we absolutely hear you about the busyness of life! You’re more than welcome to turn on closed captions for the episodes by clicking on the little “CC” button in the bottom-right of the YouTube player, then on the gear icon beside it, “Subtitles,” “Auto-translate” and selecting your preferred language.

      You’ll also see an option to increase the speed of the content under the gear icon. Of course, you can always skip over any parts you’re wanting to within the YouTube player to fast-forward as well.

      We hope this helps!

  45. OMG that episode was THA-BOMB
    Thank you

  46. Marlena, nice job! Progress, not perfection! Thank you for asking this question. In the middle of watching the show, since I wasn’t able to watch it live, I went and looked at your website and it made me feel so happy to see that you have basically 2 products for sale. Seeing this shows me I don’t have to have all of these grand programming ideas figured out and done before I just start. This makes me feel more confident in starting with what I have now and building from there and not making it all perfect before I even hit go. Nice job!! Bless you for turning a struggle into something empowering for others.

    • Caroline – Team Forleo

      YES, Stacey! Even having just one product or service for sale is a great place to start. Progress not perfection all the way!

  47. Straight Fire!!! I went to sleep letting all the haterade chuggers get to me, but with a determination to wake up fresh. Well what was happening this am?! Right. Determined to feel differently and get out of my head the Universe brings me this episode (obvi right to my inbox). I was doing dishes and shouting out in my kitchen, SMILING!!! and cheering and yassssss girl-ing. SO excited to check out stillherestillsexy and advocate for her epicness. I am FIRED-UP! Now it’s time to do some B School Lessons!!! THANK YOU team Forleo <3

  48. On FIRE lady!! I love this episode so much. Thank you for always being so down to earth, real, raw and breaking it down in a way that inspires those of us who are taking it to the next level!

  49. As always, love these call in episodes. I didn’t particularly resonate with the questions as such, but two phrases totally blew me away.

    “If you listen to your mind, you ain’t gunna do shit.” -> I have a Neuroscience degree and can’t stress how true this is even on a biological level!
    “Every bit of communication that every human being shades is either a loving response or a cry for help.” – This is such a useful re-frame. My superpower is that of ‘redefinition’, or re-defining and re-framing how I think/perceive things that I can’t change the actual situation/behaviour about, and this one is definitely going in my list under “all behaviour is communication.”

    • Caroline – Team Forleo

      Love this, Katy-Rose! I love that Marie’s little nugget of wisdom is true on a biological level too! 🙂

  50. This episode was SO. GOOD! I was clapping and crying for Marlena at the end!! Love your nuggets o’wisdom, your bloops, and your overall cheerleader-ness. You’re a great way to start the day. Thank you, Marie and Team Forleo!!

  51. Great show! I really resonated with what you had to say about acting before you think. Recently I’ve been that person who wants to get up early and be productive but somehow stays in bed til 10am because I convince myself I ‘need the rest.’ I want to train myself to just get up when the alarm goes off, without thinking, so I can get on with having a productive day.
    BTW: Where can I get a mug like you guys have? I checked your products page and couldn’t find it.

    • Caroline – Team Forleo

      Hi Rachel! We’re so glad you enjoyed this episode, and hope it inspires you to spring right out of bed feeling energized in the morning.

      The mugs aren’t available for sale (yet!) buuuut if that changes, we’ll definitely let everyone know! 😉

  52. Isabel

    You have been a perfect gift for me today: like Marlena, I have just to ACT BEFORE THINKING!.
    Ready to hit that GO button very soon! 🙂
    This has been of total help for me. Thank you Marie&Team!

  53. Jane

    LOVED all three callers & the advice from Marie.
    Get out of your head. The voices in there are sometimes are too much to handle!
    Be confident — Faith over Fear! — I’m working on it!!
    Prayers to ALL those touched by cancer. It SUCKS!!

  54. Marla Fernandez

    Team Forleo
    Question: I have always made waves but I become insecure when people attack me for taking risks in learning how to market myself. It seems I have lots of haters and Facebook is the worst. So learning how to write copy and communicate effectively is a life long process.

    So when you say act before you think you really mean something require you to just act think later and somethings require you to think then act? Right?

    It seems many people today are PITAS!

    I’ve acted like one but when I need to act that way so others don’t take advantage of my good will and generosity.

    • Caroline – Team Forleo

      Hi Marla, thank you so much for watching and for sharing your thoughts. It’s so true there are a ton of PITAs out there these days, but the good news is that there are a lot more wonderful, kind people.

      Regarding your question, when we say act before you think, it doesn’t mean that we’re suggesting it’s the right approach in all situations. Where it’s most effective is when there’s something we KNOW we need to do, or want to do, and we’re hesitant to jump into it because we’re overthinking or trying to making it too perfect. Like Marlena in this episode knew that she wanted to make her website live, but was spending all her time thinking about it when she really just needed to send it out into the world.

      Other situations do require a bit more thinking before acting though – especially for things that are tough decisions or require other people’s input.

      Thinking before you act is just one tool to help get unstuck, but it’s by no means the only one! 🙂

  55. There are times I just feel too old that no one is going to take me seriously. The learning curve for an internet business is crazy freaking strenuous it is keeping me from moving forward! Friends my age, I am 56, don’t know how to share my food blog, friend me on Instagram, find my videos on youtube, or tweet. I know social media isn’t going to catapult me into fame and fortune but it would help me to get recognized. I work on my food blog 40+ hours a week and feel like I am getting nowhere. I watch your videos, take your online classes, and still after 3 years feel stuck. I am a one-man band, blogger, videographer, food photographer, a recipe creator and very overwhelmed. I want to launch my own vegan gluten-free spice line but don’t know how and super afraid to fail. HELP!

    • Caroline – Team Forleo

      Karen, I’m so sorry to hear you’re feeling stuck and overwhelmed right now. You’re absolutely not alone, and we’d love to help you get unstuck. Since you’re a B-Schooler, definitely drop our team an email at bschool AT marieforleo DOT com and we can share some resources and ideas that you might find helpful.

      I’m not sure if you’re taking B-School again this year, but it’s not too late if you aren’t! We have our Mentor Coaches and Marie active in the Member Area and hosting occasional live sessions, so we’d love to see you get involved there, or in the Facebook group, where you can post some questions if you haven’t already.

      While I was reading your comment, a thought popped to mind that you might take some time to revisit Module One and your ICA. If your peers in your age group aren’t comfortable with some of the ways you interact, they may not actually be your ICA – or alternatively if they are the people you’re trying to reach, you might need to change some of your social media or overall presence to things they ARE comfortable with. Just something to play around with.

      And just for fun and some inspiration, I thought I’d share these amazing role models with you of successful women who got started later in life:

      We’re cheering you on all the way, and hope to see you in our inbox and/or B-School soon!

  56. Kathy Koenig

    Another great episode. Each segment had great jewels of wisdom. I’m on the edge of hitting publish on my website. I get my headshots back today and with a little more work with the fabulous Cami Farey I should be good to go. But, there’s that fear that I’m not ready or good enough. It’s an old story that needs to go in the bin! I love that you recommend NonViolent Communication. I’ve used this for years and it’s a wonderful tool for disarming a conversation and staying grounded (when I want to spin out of control). The tattoos are so PERFECT! I’ve always said that if I was faced with such a decision I would get a beautiful tattoo. This makes it so easy. God Bless Her and her Inspiration. Hell, Yes!! I’m fired up and ready to work on my stuff today. B-School 2018 was a great foundational year. 2019 is the time for implementation–imperfect and yet perfect. Thank you Marie and Team Forleo!!

  57. Marie, this was one of my favourite episodes ever! I loved it! There were so many amazing nuggets of wisdom. As a current b-schooler I REALLY needed to hear, “Make Your Message & Your Mission More Important Than Your Insecurity”. It fires me up!!

    And as a breast cancer survivor x2, I love the work that Marlena is doing. You go sister! ❤️

  58. omg!! is freaking unbelievable. THANK YOU MARIE for cheering on Marlena to do it. And Marlena, girl, you are AMAZING!!

  59. I first want to say that I am sending so much love to you Marie and Team Forleo. Another amazing video.

    My take away is act before you think! I needed to hear this.

    Have a beautiful day!

  60. Marie Forleo – I haven’t applied to any of your courses (I have an MBA) but I must say that your marketing strategy is so authentic and admirable. I absolutely love who you are and how you market your business. Gabby Bernstein made me aware of your existence and I just want to say good luck and your light shines so brightly – maximum respect – Anthony Ayers

  61. This episode was just my favorite ever! I seem to go back and forth with having bold confidence and a nothing is gonna stop me attitude. I keep forgetting to stop thinking. Deep down I KNOW I can help other people and truly make a difference but when I get caught up with what others are doing or I’m not doing enough or feeling like I have nothing good to offer or unsure of what I should offer, I sabotage it all. I joined Bschool back in 2011 and got majorly sidetracked because of a lot of rough challenges in my life but the dream to go out on my own never died. I just thought I could never do it. I started to believe in myself last year but I still go back and forth, up and down. I’m definitely playing this on repeat and I’m so thankful to be a part of this community. Thank you so much, xo.

    • Caroline – Team Forleo

      We’re so thankful to have you as a part of our community too, Lindsay! We’re so glad you loved this episode, and we’re honored that you’ve joined us for B-School this year. We can’t wait to see what you create!

  62. WHOO HOO! So stoked for the @stillherestillsexy! So absolutely cool!
    I am stepping out–starting my biz FOR REAL and FREAKING OUT about it! Website almost done–check. Quit regular job–check. Bschool–years ago–check. Parade Home under my belt–check! But I’m terrified.
    So this was EXACTLY what I needed! YEAH YEAH YEAH! Thanks all you cuties! XOXOXOXO

  63. Oh my gosh just started crying in the middle of the coffee shop while listening. Was working on Bschool and couldn’t miss the post that came in to my FB reminders from Marie team and so glad I tuned in… oh my goodness! Marlena, #Stillherestillsexy I now follow you on Instagram! ….Your story was so moving and the energy could be felt all the way here with me in Napa Valley, CA! It was like you were destined to launch and with the very important details were for your site and that’s it. It made me realize two things. 1. I’ve been adding too much to quick vs getting out the focus of my brand. and 2. your passion is driving you and able to drive others if it’s what you have as the focus! I Love this story and not to mention it’s propelling me to answer the why’s and how’s of my own mindset around this and why I didn’t push go on other areas of my life not just the physical website. Thank you for this! I tend to launch things before I’m ready but the energy around is is always hesitant once it’s put out. I think this makes me learn a lot about myself and why it’s not selling prior to this. I love your brand, the simplicity and that you did to just focus on what was most important and get it done! Thank you for your inspiring story as well as the energy that drove me to actually listen to this!!! Much success, health and happiness to you 🙂

  64. Where in Montana is Marlene? I’m in Montana, too. I thought I was the only person out here watching your show. 🙂

    • Caroline – Team Forleo

      Hi Jelena! I’m not sure exactly where Marlena is, but you might check her website or social media to see if a town is listed. We definitely have other Montana folks in our audience too, so they’re out there! 🙂

  65. Gilah

    I enjoy looking at your marietv, you have such a positive energy and you looked so nice with you low pony. Beside the entertainment all your positive ideas get into my mind. Thank you for being available and adding light and pease to the world 🙂 .
    The Netherlands

  66. Carol

    Where have you been all my life? you’re like the big Sister, Aunti, Friend all the female cheerleaders, lifter upper accountability person with your caring and supportive keeping it real self. Thank God I stumbled upon you recently when I did and I’ve been glued to you ever since.
    Thank you for your constant encouragements, your wise words of wisdom and your business expertise that you so willing share with us all on a raw and real level..
    I am empowered by how you walked Marlena through her fears and have her finally hit her GO button. This has brought me closer to taking my big leap as well..
    Marie keep shining with your amazing team, you are inspiring lives in greater ways than you can even imagine.

    • Caroline – Team Forleo

      Oh thank you so much, Carol! We’re so honored that you recently found Marie, and we’re honored to have you in our incredible MF Insider family! 🙂

  67. Glen

    Amazing! Every question touched a chord with me. I’m so glad I found you and your team.

  68. Lesley Kim

    Hey. I think on some level I needed to here this. Act before you think. I am in the process of making a career change, possible short term, just to figure out some stuff and what is it that I truly want to do (basically what is me and what is everyone else). Now that I am coming to the point of actually putting the final step of the plan into action I have been hit with fear waves or mentinal blocks. ‘What is this is a mistake?” “You are going completely out of your comfort zone.” “What if I fail?” I have litterally not been sleeping for the past two nights because of this. I need to just act and put that final step into motion. I need to overcome these fear waves and mental blocks. I cannot let fear rule me.

    • Caroline – Team Forleo

      You’ve got this, Lesley! Feel free to stop by here and leave a comment when you’ve put the final step in motion so we can cheer you on 🙂

  69. Thank you Marie for an inspiring video! It’s amazing to see people share and succeed. Just loved all of your advise, but especially to make my mission more important than my insecurities.
    Much love, Tali
    Cape Town

  70. Jen

    The phrase “behave your way to success” is what I needed to hear. I have a great business concept that I am developing but procrastination is my specialty. Thanks for sharing your energy.

  71. Lisa

    Wow! Love the push you gave to Marlena, and I LOVE her site! A push is sometimes all it takes – sooooo glad this one was in the right direction. I’ve posted it on my FB feed – I don’t have that many friends, but if two of mine tell two of theirs….well, you know how that goes 🙂
    I’m so inspired today! Thanks Marie and team! And good luck Marlena, you are bound to succeed!! In fact, you are already there <3

  72. Grace

    Love this episode and especially the third call.
    The waves will never stop coming. While knowing, feeling, seeing that they are coming towards us, it is so important to have clarity and bigger WHY to what we do. That way I stay centered and grounded. I also love what Marie said, every bit of communication that human shares is either a loving response or a cry for help. It takes a loving heart to see this truth!

  73. Just watched & so happy to be a MaFo Insider…I just threw my own confetti ? Thank you for sharing & making it happen right there for your first caller, wowza!!! ❣️
    Q: I have my general business idea…already been helping friends with their small interior design projects & just completed my own kitchen reno.
    How do I start making this a real thing? Do I work at starting an instagram page to get exposure or make a website posting the progress? What’s a good jumping off/launch point?

    • Caroline – Team Forleo

      Hooray for throwing your own confetti, Shelley! Your question is a great one, and it’s so exciting you’re exploring ways to make your design work a “real thing.”

      We’re big fans of getting a website in place, even if it’s somewhat basic to start with. It can be as simple as a home page with your services and an about page. There are some great DIY website options out there like Squarespace, where you can get a beautiful site set up pretty fast and inexpensively.

      Once you have that in place, you can start building an email list. If Instagram is something you love, that’s something you might explore – and that way you have a website you can drive traffic to from there so it’s strategically helping you build your email list.

      Just for fun, I thought I’d share one of my favorite MarieTV episodes about selling online just in case it’s helpful:

      Thanks so much for tuning in, and we’re sending our best as you’re getting your biz going!

      • Thank you SOOO MUCH for taking the time to personally respond back. I will definitely watch this episode!!!
        I have tried a few other free courses to test the water & have asked questions, but never received a reply.
        My amazing brother-in-law, Alexander Smith recently completed Marie’s B-Course & is doing the work & making his dream happen!
        He sent me links to Marie & absolutely loves her.

  74. Yolanda Dunmore

    I just finished watching the episode — all I can say is WOW and THANK YOU! I’ve been overthinking and paralyzed by fear; however, “act before you think” was the message I needed to hear. I’m in the process of building my blog I’ll be implementing “act before you think” immediately!

  75. I love how inspiring and how much of badass business woman who throws in the occasional f bomb. Thank you so much for all you and your team does!!

  76. Nandita Kell

    I watched the episode this morning. Loved it, loved it, loved it! I have lots of ideas but never act on them. It frustrating and disappointing. So many good take aways and positivity that I am going to implement for this episode. Fear is so paralysing but living in regret is no better. Time to make the change that I want for my life. Will be following your good words of wisdom to get me through the process. My favourite part of the episode this morning was when you and your crew were so supportive for first caller M. Way to make it happen! That little action of a push made all the difference.
    Cheers and keep up the good work,

  77. Hayley

    What a beautiful episode! I love the “act before you think” and not being able to make a difference without making waves. I can get stuck for a long time in my own head – I’ve always been very insecure and afraid, like Olga, of facing controversy even though that’s really essential when advocating for less popular ideas and opinions – for the underdog in the fight, basically. Those voices are so important! And that’s what I love about you, Marie, and Team Forleo – the message that we’re all uniqe and have a gift to share – that we’re the only us the universe has ever made (you say it better!).

    Anyway, that fear is so crippling and real, though – to put yourself out there to be judged. I have a PhD in writing, basically, but I’m still kind of terrified to have my words out there to be critiqued and torn apart. But what am I waiting for? Anyway, my specific stuff isn’t why I got on here – I just wanted to say thank you, you touched me today – it was a message that resonates and is something I really needed to hear. All the questions and answers were wonderful and inspiring. And, wow, what a beautiful website Marlena – and the domain name! Perfection! Congratulations!

    • Caroline – Team Forleo

      Thank you so much for your kind words, Hayley. We’re so glad this episode really resonated, and we hope that it helps inspire you in your own work!

  78. Thank you SO MUCH for this episode! Bawling like a baby with joy over stillherestillsexy launch! Wahoot ? Glad to know there’s another B Schooler here in Montana!

  79. Thank you thank you for this amazing show today!! And Thank you for the Support from team Forleo, I finally hit the ‘Publish ‘ button?
    It’s very simple but I will improve as I go!!
    I did ACT before I THINK ,Marie ❤️❤️❤️

  80. Christy Williamson

    Marie and Team,
    Thank you for all of the work that goes into creating these. I work on a Media Production crew on the weekends so I know how much time, creativity, planning and energy go into these. Fantastic job!!
    I love to help women in business get promoted, I am creating content, a website (not up yet), and a course. My question is before I go further I want to start building a fan base.
    My fear right now is that the content I’m creating might not be exactly what my audience needs to get to their next level. (Process and strategy are proven, but I may need to tweak it to reach my audience. Do you have a show addressing how to find my first clients to build that fan base?

  81. Wow,
    I cant believe my call aired today. I had just finished a round of calls with some of the amazing women Im helping end their divorce in a drama free way and was feeling so fulfilled when I opened my inbox to messages saying: I heard you on Marie Forleo and wanted to say keep it up, make waves!
    Joining B-school and having Marie Forleo as a mentor and inspiration is the main reason why I am now able to help other women move onto their next chapter with confidence. That call really propelled me forward and gave me the courage I needed to spread my message. Thank you so much for being a force for positive change in this world. Mucho love, Olga

    • Caroline – Team Forleo

      How amazing, Olga! It’s great to hear from you, and we loved having you on the show. It sounds like you’re continuing to make those beautiful waves, and please do keep us posted on how things are going. Big love back from all of us!

  82. Team Forleo! I tell you, but you already know. You’re so, so, soooooooooo motivational. But holy shiitake! This episode was the absolute best. I was so excited for your clients, and laughed so much.

  83. So moved by this inspriation – – logged on…
    I went, I saw, I bought, lovelovelove

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Yay, Susan! Thank you for supporting this lovely new entrepreneur. We’re thrilled she’s feeling the MarieTV family love!

  84. Robin M Reisert

    Hi Marie
    I just listened to Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone. And let me tell you, if I woke up today & even knew the question I needed answered, it was in this episode. I am in B-School & needed to hear about over thinking.
    Even more to the heart of what I needed to hear was to , “act before I think.” Im not watching Netflix lol ,however I manage to find sooooooo many “LEGIT” things that I do instead of developing my business. I stay current on B-School yet somehow do not apply
    the same dedication to development, making it happen. I know it has to do with allowing my fears/insecurities to dictate my action or inaction.
    I am saying good bye to thinking & hello to action.
    Thank you so much for your example on this, it really connected the dots for me.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      YES, Robin! When you start implementing, that’s when the magic really starts to happen. We believe in you!

  85. Kathryn

    So many YAYs !! for this inspiring episode and for the fabulous callers – you go girls!! Thank you Marie & Team Forleo for your continued inspo!
    Particularly loved “you’ve got to behave your way to success…act before you think” and “there is no way in this world that you can make a difference without making waves…go out and make waves”!!

  86. Paula

    Thank you Marie & team for giving your heart and soul to help people. I really like the “Act before you think” phrase.. definitely I have been thinking too much and desiring to create impact, to inspire people all over the world with the stories of social enterprises that legends have created, however, every time I find an excuse to postpone and postpone and after months I find myself down because long time has passed and I haven’t done much. I feel I have so much fire inside and something is stopping me and I don’t know what it is! In a job where I feel totally not connected (tasks and people) and wanting to go out to the world to share great stories, feel a bit (a lot) stuck!
    Anyway, I will ACT before THINK.. hope I can share my success story anytime in the future 🙂 Thanks!

  87. Jen

    Very cool video – thanks! It was really helpful to be reminded that I actually already KNOW what to do, I just need to get off the screens and ACT. If other people can figure it out, I can too! Thanks for the motivation!

  88. This was amazing. I came home late from the office because I could not put my book down that I’ve been working on for over a year. I know without any doubt I will publish it one day. So I watched this episode over a 10:00 dinner, and loved the whole thing. All the nuggets. But especially, “There’s no way in this world that you can make a difference without making waves. It’s impossible.” Thank you Marie for everything you do. You help so many people…and so many more you don’t even know about because you don’t hear from them. Congratulations Marlena!! Your website is beautiful. And you’re only one state away. I’m in the Cowboy State 😉 Your website is worlds better than mine and yet I had no problem pushing the “publish” button LOLOL

  89. Jen

    So good, oh so good! I recently decided to step away from an organization that wanted to support my dream, but along side their own. This founder is an incredible being and soul, but I had to steer off on my own. It was full of waves and crashes, but I am figuring it all out and it feels so good, tiring and so very good.
    Just want to know that I can continue to communicate with clarity moving forward. Will def look into the book you mentioned!
    Bunches of thanks!

  90. Marie and Team, Thank you so much for this episode. “Act before you think” has made my day. Hearing Marlene go live with her website and seeing you celebrate with her on her taking action, brought tears to my eyes of inspiration to go out and take action. I sincerely appreciate the way you always end of by saying and encouraging me with the words “The world needs that special gift that only you can bring”. I am ready to share my gift with the world!

  91. Hi there!

    I loved this episode! It made me laugh and cry.

    The SHSS website is awesome and I have already forwarded it to my friend who has had a double mastectomy. She needs to see this. And so do so many other women!

    I also loved “Act before you think”. No shit! I have been hemming and hawing about calling a woman that I KNOW I need to contact in order to ask about some collaboration. Scary and exciting! I have already pulled her number up on my computer and am about to reach out to her now but wanted to write thank yo to you all first!

    Love all of the work and support you all give over there at Team Forleo!

    Big hugs from Sweden!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Make that call, Åsa! Who knows what great things could come from it. <3

      We're so grateful for all the love you give us and are honored to know you!

  92. Hi there!

    Thanks for another amazing episode. It’s my first time watching a Call In Show and that’s a brilliant idea.

    I really enjoyed all of the tips you gave and the practical actions you shared.

    I don’t want to be disrespectful at all, but I disagree the premise of the title “get outside your comfort zone”. It’s an assumption we all have one and we use it as an excuse for not doing anything great.

    It may bias me but as an introvert my comfort zone is my zone of genius and I actively purposefully stretch it in every direction, I want/ need so I can reach new skills, new adventures, new endeavours.

    “Magic happens also INSIDE comfort zone”. It’s not a cookie cutter truth. Thanks for all your effort and your kind words for the callers.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      We appreciate you tuning in and sharing your thoughts with us, Ophelie! We recognize that different things work for different people and that not everything Marie shares will be applicable to everyone, so we always encourage you to trust your inner wisdom and do what you feel is best for you and your unique situation. 🙂

  93. Benson Modie

    As always……..great episode, so inspirational and life-changing!!!!!! Thank you guys for changing the world….you are all great!

  94. Yawn

    Make waves really brought inspiration. I also felt the wave here on my seat. Getting out of your comfort zone seems scary but being comfortable doesn’t mean you’re happy. So now I’m going to prepare and take action. Thank you for this video! 🙂

  95. Rene

    Hi Marie and team.
    Thank you again for another episode full of wisdom and insight….and the usual smattering of that unique Marie humour ?.
    My takeaway from this is actually nothing to do with the content, despite being uplifted by that wonderful image of you all looking at THAT website. That was magical.
    So I listen to and read everything from you, because somehow, despite the circumstantial evidence, I feel like I belong to your tribe, and the vibe that you all live by. It feels like a validation of my beliefs to see the way you support everyone with such kindness. I’ve always held kindness as king, but to see such a hugely successful business as yours, positively thrive on this quality is super encouraging and uplifting. You see, because of the way you do things, you also manage to turn around people’s expectations and limiting habits. I’ve never enjoyed listening to phone in’s- they often seem either confrontational or just an excuse to vent opinion. But today, even though I’m not yet running a business, I still managed to feel I’d gained a huge amount from watching this phone in with you and your team. Not least, to witness the joy and success of other folks lives when you give them that special gift only you have.
    Thanks. It started my day brilliantly ?

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Rene, this means so much to us – THANK YOU. You are absolutely a part of this tribe and we’re so happy you’re here. We love being connected with you, and knowing that this episode was valuable for you. Sending tons of Team Forleo love your way!

  96. Watching this episode has been such an inspiration! I’ve been having one of those days where I am really struggling to move my business ideas forward. Self doubt and fear have been bugging me all day and so I decided to have a look at whats going on in Marie TV land – and lo and behold up popped this fantastic inspirational Q & A video!!! I absolutely loved it and almost cried from start to finish listening to the woman from I am so pumped up and enthused after watching this episode and the biggest takeaway for me is “Act before you think!”. Thank you so much Marie, you just made a dull day a whole lot brighter X

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      YAY, Gaynor! It makes us so happy that this episode was just the spark you needed in your day. You have such special gifts within you, and we believe in you wholeheartedly over here. Keep sharing them with the world, they’re deeply needed! XOXO

  97. This is my all time favorite episode. My content (women and the biology of power) is controversial. I spend inordinate amounts of time attempting to make it criticism (hate) proof. My “story” is that I’m trying to make it the best it can be, but the reality is that there’s no way I can include every angle and nuance of a complex, messy, social/biological issue in every article and answer every possible objection. I do the work and then never hit publish. I share my writing privately and get “oh my God! This is exactly what I needed to know” feedback. This episode gave me the precise kick in the butt I needed: focus on who I’m here to help and ignore the haters.

  98. Robyn

    Thank you Marie!! This episode was EXACTLY what I needed to hear today. I am LOVING B-School as well! Xo Robyn

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Awesome, Robyn 🙂 We’re SO happy to hear this was good timing for you. It’s such an honor to have you as a B-Schooler!

  99. So beautiful. Love your work – love your energy, Marie. So wonderful to see you inspiring so many!

  100. MJ

    I’m starting to think this episode was providential. 🙂 I recently started following my dream (in my 40’s!) but I’m so proud of myself because I had to overcome so many painful battles to be in the position I am now. Fear used to paralyze me. My fear was in control of me for decades. What did I do? Recently, I turned fear into my best friend. Through self-meditation I developed a strategy that worked for me, helping me feed on the power of fear. I call it F.E.A.R. Four steps that really changed my life. Realizing how short life can be and how important is for me to leave a legacy ignited a sense of urgency that makes me (F)ierce. I am a woman on a mission who understands that continuous (E)ducation is necessary to follow my mission and reach my goals. Being fearlessly (A)uthentic is the tool to connect with the kind of people I see as my ideal followers and customers. Last, to keep going even when your family can’t support you because they understand your vision, you need to be (R)esilient. You can’t give up. Not anymore. We deserve this and we’re worth fighting for.
    My life changed dramatically after my perspective of fear changed and now, I’m sending a series of emails to my subscribers about this strategy hoping it will help them see that we all are meant for greatness. Thanks for sharing your words of wisdom. Great show!

  101. Thanks Caroline,
    I will keep you posted of my progress. And now back to making tsunamis 😉 Thanks

  102. Hil Belmont

    OMG! I loved every part of this episode, I felt chills, almost cried and took notes all at the same time!
    The nuggets of wisdom are more like big chunks of light, you guys are amazing and you do such a great job inspiring people I thought everyone loved Marie and Team as much as I do I never thought you also received hate but that is even more inspiring…
    I will definitely keep
    -Act before you think
    -Your mission is more important than your insecurity and
    -You can not make a difference without making waves
    in a huge home made poster and in my heart forever
    I will include this episode in my visualization morning ritual for that special and unique moment when I have a webpage and push go
    By the way I am loving the comments in Still Here Still Sexy I am headed there to leave a cheer too!
    Please keep at it!!!

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    Love Marie and Team Forleo!

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    That was this MF call in show. Thank you. I was on the treadmill. Listening to the first caller who needed to be held accountable for pushing go on her website. By the way – what a beautiful, powerful, amazing story, company, and service to the world!!! I’m sending a link to her website to all my people who’ve been touched by breast cancer.

    I started just shedding tears listening to you and Gregory support her, give her a plan, and tell her to call back when it was done.

    The trampoline call was just damn inspiring… the fact we could hear the experience she brings to her clients in the background was invigorating. I want to be like her one day, building a waitlist to continue to grow something amazing.

    The caller from the waves in Hawaii… love, love, love her message, her work and it is so important. Why must we live within narratives spun by others, society… that’s just bullshit. And you addressed one of my lingering fears… what about the haters. Thank you. F them. If I can’t learn from them. Block em.

    Then when the website went live, ya’ll partied with her on the show. Waterworks! But I never broke stride. Kept my miles going, tears of joy, inspiration, and confidence ran down my face. I will throw myself a little celebration when I hit go on my site. Less than a month away!!! 🙂

    We’ve got this. Thank you. Thank you from every ounce of my being.
    Now time to shower and hit the b-school module for the day!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      We LOVE that this was just the soul food you needed, Beth! All of us on Team Forleo are cheering you on as you keep rockin’ B-School and your business. You’re amazing!!

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    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Hi Alayna! We totally hear you. Perfectionism can be paralyzing at times! Be sure to watch this episode as well, I think you’ll find it really helpful in retraining your brain to ACT before thinking and be kinder with yourself in the process. You have such important gifts to share, and the world needs them!

  109. BEST EPISODE EVER!!! Act before you think is such amazing advice. Love everything about you Marie, and Team Forleo. Thanks for being such a bright light in this world and then for SHARING it with us! I’m currently in B-School so I’m getting so much of my Marie-time on and loving every second of it. Much love!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Aww, and we love YOU, Courtney! We love hearing that you’re soaking up all the goodness in B-School right now and enjoying the process. It’s such an honor to have you in the family! We can’t WAIT to see all you’re creating – please keep us posted!

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    Consistent and measurable action is something I’ve found to be such a game-changer, thank you for sharing this wisdom so clearly and effectively.

    Getting into a healthy morning routine to encourage consistency, like using visualisation, a little mediation, and some good old gratitude journalling has made a huge difference in my life. If anyone is looking for some motivation on consistent action, I’d definitely recommend Hal Elrod’s Miracle Morning to get in a positive groove errryday!

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    Thank you thank you thank you!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Doris! We’re so honored to have you as a B-Schooler. You’re exactly where you need to be right now, trust that you’re moving at the perfect pace for you simply by immersing yourself in the program environment and taking it all in. The ideas, inspiration, and implementation will come in time as you continuing taking consistent action in the program and your business – and remember, you can always refine and reiterate as you grow and learn 🙂 So glad to hear this episode was the reminder you needed to just DO it. Sending so much encouragement your way – you GOT this!

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    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Shivani, thank you for these incredibly kind words! We’re so grateful to be connected with you and to have you tuning into the show. It means the world to know Marie is a source of inspiration for you. Thank you for being here! xoxo

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    This episode breathed LIFE into me! I was at the same place that Marlena was… I had everything to launch the business online, but fear, so much fear, was stopping me from publishing my website. I edited it for months and months and for nothing I could get the courage to hit publish. Til today’s episode!! I literally pressed pause on your video, went over to my browser window and hit PUBLISH!! IT IS SO LIBERATING! I feel like I have conquered a Goliath!
    Today is also my anniversary and my husband said it’s the best gift I could have given him, because he knew this fear was just a thorn in my side for so long. Thank you Marie! Your gift continues to inspire me and so many others. Keep doing YOU!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      YAAAS Candice!! We could not be more excited for you! So glad this episode was just the nudge you needed to hit publish on your website that you’ve been working so hard on. This must feel amazing, and we’re so proud of you for putting yourself out there! Please keep us posted, and happy anniversary 🙂

  125. Lots of great points and energy but two of them for me were “wouldn’t it be cool if” and my mission is more important than all the shit or trash I get along the way”
    So important to have a mission that is greater than one’s doubts and fears. That’s how I roll as well and it is a lifetime practice. Look forward to one day be in a podcast guest in Marie’s show!

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    • Julia - Team Forleo

      GO Yessenia – you can so do this! We believe in you 10000000%. Hit that button! XO

  127. What I need to develop right now is self-discipline, such as by ‘taking consistent action’ as mentioned in the intro. I have this strong tendency to do things when I feel like doing them and this has caused me some unnecessary downtime. That’s the comfort zone I want to leave. Today I just started my journey of waking up earlier. My target was 5 AM but I finally woke up at 6. Still better than my usual wake up time (around 7 AM). I want to continue practising this habit and develop other positive habits with the extra time I have within the day. It’s not always easy to build a new habit. Fear of failure, thinking that I can never make it due to the discomfort it causes, etc., sometimes makes me hesitant to even start. Now I really have to learn to act first and think later 🙂 Thank you for this great post.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Hi Anastasia! Your commitment and desire to make positive changes in your life is so inspiring. It takes a lot of discipline to change our habits, so be gentle with yourself in the process and also keep in mind WHY you’re wanting to make these changes to keep motivated. I think you’ll also find the strategies in this episode really helpful: We’re cheering you on!

  128. Thanks a lot for reminding us of the wisdom that taking purposeful, consistent action helps us to transcend the fearful voices in our heads.

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  131. Marie,
    The piece that resonates most for me is, okay there are a couple pieces. One is let the hatorade fuel the fire! There is always going to be someone who has shit to say. My mission is worth it, it’s heart valuable to me. To not get upset or feel worthless when someone has something rude to say, and remembering every bitt of communication…is a loving response or cry for help. YES! everyone is going through through their own stuff and It doesn’t really even have to do with the direct work I am doing on the planet. Another piece is to act before I think. Holy Yes. The groans in the morning are real for me and I’ve been letting them win lately and this is so inspiring to get my ass up and live the life I Love.

    I appreciate you.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      So many great insights here, Stephanie! We’re thrilled you enjoyed this episode and that it spoke to you. 🙂

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    This is brilliant for a massive overthinker!

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    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Day made, Emilia! We’re so happy you’re a B-Schooler and that this episode moved you. There’s so much good that business can do in the world and seeing people bring their dreams to life is what fuels our souls. We can’t wait to see what your dreams have in store for you. 🙂

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    • Heather-Team Forleo

      We see you, Nathalia. Thanks for being such a loyal part of our community. We’re cheering you on- posts or no posts 😉 It takes bravery to put words on the internet. Sending you tissues and hugs. xo

  135. Thank you Marie for that incredible call in show! Your energy is phenomenal – always an inspiration. I have been holding back from sharing my light with the world in big ways and small ways and I know that a small little step in the direction of my fear will ultimately free me, however, finding that courage and acting despite of the doubts and fear has been the tough part. I loved that accountability that you created in this episode through love and belief and right now I’m going to take one small step. In the next five minutes, to commence the freeing and sharing my love and joy with the world. Act before you think, simple but so impactful. Thank you for your amazingness, you breath inspiration to millions – thank you!!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      This is so great to hear, Tiffany! We’re cheering you on. 🙂

  136. Hi Marie! I can totally relate to this show. I know it’s my fear talking in my head so I am acting on it now. I just started this business with my daughter and hoping to inspire more people to start a meaningful business with their little one.

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      We’re glad you found it inspiring, Kalyan! Thanks for being here with us!

  138. I absolutely loved the section on Still Here and Sexy – so encouraging! I’m going through a big change in my tiny business (why I signed up for B-school), and I always struggle with an intense urge to procrastinate right before I need to pull the trigger on putting a new piece of the overall change into action. Also the “Wouldn’t it be cool if…” question was excellent. I always struggle with my offers, and this approach makes designing them a lot more of a fun and creative process. Thank you!

  139. Your posts are extremely cool. I am glad to be here. I enjoyed reading your articles and I would like to bookmark your posts.

  140. Your articles are extremely cool. I am glad to be here. I enjoyed reading your articles and I would like to bookmark your posts.

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