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Have you ever felt so overwhelmed by all the possibilities for your business, that you didn’t know where to start?

Or been so excited about a project, only to lose steam the second you get home from work or school?

How about this — have you ever dreamed of coaching people through an issue you’ve had in the past, but weren’t sure whether you were “healed” enough to help?

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If these fears sound familiar, that’s because you’re not alone in having them. On this MarieTV Live Call-In Show, I’ve got three pieces of advice you need to hear.

One of which could be the single greatest way to motivate yourself, no matter what your goal. (Try it for one week and see if your productivity doesn’t jump 3-4X.)

You’ll also hear the advice I gave Shamia on exactly which marketing strategy she should focus on first — and which she should completely ignore.

This episode has it all: practical, tactical advice and vital mindset shifts that help you get and stay motivated, keep promises to yourself and hyper-focus your marketing.

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Now, I’d love to hear from you.

Of our three questions, which most resonated with you and why?

Most important — how can you turn that insight into action now?

Leave a comment below and let us know. Remember, offer as much detail as possible in your reply. Thousands of incredible souls come here each week for insight and motivation, and your story may help someone else have a breakthrough.

Important: Links to other posts, videos, etc. will be removed.

Thank you so much for reading, watching and sharing your perspective.

You make Tuesday my favorite day of the week!

With enormous love,


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  1. Hilary Torres

    Great information and amazing folks!

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Thanks so much, Hilary. We thought they were amazing as well.

  2. bethany hensel

    Hi! Love this episode! Is there a way to get the website for the first caller? I’m a self-published author and am looking for cover photos showing diverse models. I’d love to check out her site!

    Thank you!

  3. Mary Ketch

    Okay, I’m going to dance to create extra energy, but since you are the whole package Marie, I must know, where can I get those earrings?

  4. Whitney

    I needed to hear the answers to each of these questions today. It’s like this video was made for me. My biggest takeaway – I don’t have to be perfect to serve others. In fact, it may be more powerful that I’m on this journey with them. Thank you, Marie and team! This one got me teary!

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      We love that this video found you right when you needed it most, Whitney. We’ll pass you the tissues because we teared up as well.

  5. Beautiful! Marie, you are the best!! XOXO BreAnna

  6. Hi Marie!
    Thank you for this episode! It’s so uplifting to hear from real people who have similar questions and challenges.

    I’d say the first question resonates with me the most as someone who’s juuuust starting out a side thing that I eventually want to turn into a full thing, while managing a 9-5 and two little kids. Most evenings after the kids are down I only have a couple hours to put in some work before getting a$$-tired and having to get to bed. Some nights I am laser-focused on creating content, and other nights I spend about 2 hours floundering — wondering what I am supposed to focus on this week to get the “word out” about my work? And then the doubts creep in about whether or not my work is even worth sharing at this stage.

    I appreciate the advice about connecting with people/influencers on a personal level — I’ve still been a little hesitant about this because of said doubts, but I know I really do need to make more of an effort to find those folks and build relationships. So this week (and pretty much ongoing) I’m going to do my research and connect with them via Instagram, their blogs, etc.

    Thank you again for all your work, support, and inspiration. One of your quotes that’s really locked in my head goes something like, “Clarity comes through engagement” — not just thinking. (Trying to find the exact quote on Instagram but can’t find it now!) I know I can get super stuck overthinking so I can get things just right, but totally agree that you just need to get in it, start doing, start connecting — to get the clarity. Nothing will ever start out perfect. I really need to niche down some more, and I feel a little unsure of which way to go, but that quote keeps me going.

    From one Jersey girl to another!
    Esther 🙂

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Hi Esther! You got the quote right- that’s one of our favorites of Marie’s. Even if you’re taking small steps towards your dreams, you’re still moving forward.

      When it comes to chatting with friends, trust your heart and speak with authenticity. People who love and support us want to see us succeed.
      Put your work into the world, see where it goes and who it speaks to along the way. You’ve got this!

  7. All of them!
    All of them resonated with me. Thank you so much for these great Q&As.
    1. I’ve started connecting with people this spring as I took B School for the first time and oh my god, what an eye opener: everyone, yes *everyone* replied in an interested and supportive way! So I can’t stop connecting with inspiring folks.
    2. It seems like Iesha was skeptical about the exercise prescription and honestly I struggle with it too because I always want to do more on whatever topic I’m on and feel guilty to stop before I’m done.
    However, if I schedule some yoga class or do some dance break or trampoline jumping or go cycling, I see great results:
    a. time pressure makes me more focused and efficient because the break is scheduled
    and b. like Marie says, it opens new perspectives and makes frustration go away!
    3. That’s my next working area since I suffer from imposter syndrome and writer’s block. I’ve recovered from a burnout work through travel and it made me grow a lot. The people that have suscribed to my newsletter so far are mostly friends and family, not my ideal readers so it’s sometimes difficult not to listen to what they want to read which is not what I want to share! I don’t have all the answers about their lives but I want to share with my ICA what worked in my situation… “don’t be the sage on the stage”, I love that!!
    Thanks Marie & Team

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences, Perrine. Marie often talks about ‘Progress over Perfection’. When we get too caught up in being ‘perfect’ and doing it ‘right’ we sometimes freeze and stop our momentum altogether.

      Keep taking steps forward and create the momentum that will move you closer to your goals and dreams. And you never know which one of those friends and family members on your email list you’re inspiring the most 🙂

    • Hi Perrine,
      It’s me Iesha. lol I was really sick that day, and I wanted to be more excited but wasn’t feeling well at all. But I definitely took Marie’s Advice but instead of working out when I get home, I mostly work out before work and taking care of my goals first thing after my work out. Let me tell you, this has increased my productive. I no longer feel bad for coming home and not doing anything , because I took care of everything in the morning. I’ve made working out a habit now, so if I happen to not get a work out in in the morning because I overslept or feeling lazy, I do it when I come home from work, because I feel bad that I didn’t do it. I have surprised myself with working out, because I never thought I would. But I do 20-25 mins of HIIT like Marie said, and I love it! I’ve even started my non profit organization and have a program beginning in November. This was advice I lived by. I feel bad after listening about how unexcited I sound lol I was really sick that day, and stayed home from work. I’m so sorry Marie I wish I was more enthusiastic.

      • That’s so awesome that you made it work for you and now you are making progress! Nice job!

  8. Joanna

    I looooooved the questions on this episode…especially the last one, when are we ready to help others? Great answer and I totally agree. I love it when the questions and answers could really be from me and to me.
    Awesome show!!!!!

    • This was an encouraging episode for me as well. I wonder, Jo, and Team Forleo, how you might talk about the things you’ve endured while still honoring those who may have done it to you as they may hear the message and still in relationship? Any positive pragmatic response and advice would be just lovely. Thank you.

  9. First caller website

    Great show !

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      So glad you enjoyed it, Joanne! Thanks so much for watching.

  10. Mary

    Another fantastic episode Marie and Team Forleo! Definitely point number 2: I do forget to look after myself and how exercise increases my productivity. Even a short walk, 7 minutes eorkout or 10 minutesyoga strengths does wonders to body mind and soul! Thanks for the reminder- that gives me the energy to be there for my family, work, and learning! Xxx Mary

  11. Veronica Ricksen

    Thank you Marie and Greg and team! I’ll be using all these tips, starting with laying out my work out clothes today 🙂 Loved this episode!

  12. nicholle

    The second and third questions totally resonated with me. I am totally at a space in my life where I feel stuck (mid 40’s and ready to change my whole career). Honestly, I want a total redo, a scratch sheet of paper to just start over, something new. My issue is I have quite a few goals and I can’t seem to get past writing out the goal. I feel all over the place. That voice creeps up and says “you don’t have enough experience and your still a hot mess in some ways so another day goes by and I just climb in bed (like really lol).
    It was soothing to hear, I’m not the only one. It’s one thing to know it but to hear it is golden!
    Thank you so much Marie for your authenticity, the reason I keep coming back for more!

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Nicholle, those nudges you’re feeling are from your soul letting you know that you’re onto something. As Marie says, “That voice in your head is not true and it’s not you.” You are most certainly not a hot mess, you’re exactly where you belong at any moment and we’re here to remind you of that.
      One step, one action, one moment at a time. You’re on the path- never forget that.

  13. Clarissa

    Although I love all three advices my favourite is “Don’t be a sage on the stage. Be a guide on the side.” That is what I’m just studying for at University Hospital in Hamburg/Germany. I’m doing a course for Peers in Psychiatric environments. I have a lot bad and good experiences myself in that field and in this year I put all that together within a group of others to be a guide at the side on people who are on their ways through crises. I’m esp. interested to help families with children in crises or mums in crises…as I experienced both myself.
    Thanks for sharing your knowledge on Marie TV

  14. Diane Smith

    Hello, Marie TV!
    What a wonderful, helpful segment. For me , there was a take away from each caller. So good to hear how we all have to climb a mountain, so to speak to get where we can see our dreams. Esp. the last caller, To be a guide by the side has been where I have been most alive lately. My challenge is to not sound like a know it all, been there done that type of attitude. But just be in the moment with where my friend is. I need patience to listen with my heart. Thank you so much for sharing your unique gifts with us.

  15. Thank you so much, Marie and Team Forleo! I love the live call-in shows, and especially resonated with the woman who has a lot of drive to work on her side hustle during the day when she is at her full-time job (which probably also is a source of motivation for doing the side hustle!) but by the end of the day just feels the need to decompress and not start working AGAIN. I know we all need motivation and a kick in the pants to do the hard work, even if it is necessary and we want it. I would love to hear more tips about how to do that.

  16. Rita

    Loved it!!!
    Thank you so much

  17. Jennifer Casani

    The question about “how do I serve” without feeling like I’m not healed yet, and Marie’s answer… WOW. What an authentic way to share life’s journey as a student AND a teacher!

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      We’re so glad that the answer, and the question, was helpful for you and your experience Jennifer. Aren’t we always students and teachers, almost at the same time?

  18. Dewi

    Marie is so beautiful today ?
    My take-away :
    1. Building real connection to market our idea is way more important than fb ads, etc. And to showcase our idea, doesnt have to be hard. Marie said it could be just through talking or one sheet of presentation. The important thing is we reach out.
    2. We are allowed to help people as long as we’re honest and authentic because no body does perfect.
    Again.. You are a fairy god Mother Marie… Thank you and hope you showered by all the ❤ in the world.
    Stay healthy Mariee, we need you.


    Great show guys – just love the love between Marie and Greg – makes it so real and so human. As a woman in my mid-50s I’m still learning sooo much and I really resonated with that sense of ‘beginner’s mind’ – always being a student.
    I’ve left several ‘successful’ careers behind and am now just starting out AGAIN – this time as a writer publishing my memoir. Sometimes I’m tempted to look back at all the career changes and think: FAILURE! But Marie & Team Forleo keep me on track believing that the best is yet to come. I love you all!

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Melanie, you make our hearts swell. Thanks for your kind words. It’s our greatest honor to remind you that the best IS yet to come. You have over 50 years of life experience to help you follow that intuition and remind you that you’re always exactly where you’re meant to be.

      If you haven’t watched the episode of MarieTV where Marie shares examples of women that chased their dreams at any age, you must see it. It’s so inspiring. You can watch it here—>

      • Kaye

        Heather thank you so much for this link! I have only recently started following Marie and there is so much wonderful material to catch up on!

    • Kaye

      Melanie I really needed to read your comment today, thank you! I am in my early 50’s and still haven’t found what it is that I’m here to do. I’m taking it one step at a time and believing that the best is yet to come.

  20. Harper Marten

    I jumped up from watching this episode and did 10 jumping jacks!
    I am another one who doesn’t have a consistent workout routine and even I felt the boost. My morning routine is to eat breakfast and then get to work…but first check in on social media. Not today! Thanks again, Marie, for helping me notice where I can make small and intentional shifts that get me closer to my goals.

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Harper, now THAT’s what we call taking action. Literally! xo

  21. Miriam

    The ‘change your physiology’- part, so true!!! And so forgettable…
    Start doing it right tonight! And it does give energy for doing something you’d ohterwise be to tired for, gives a clear head and helps changing patterns!!

  22. Barbara Ward

    Thank you! So grateful for your words of wisdom and kindness to others! Made my day! And I really needed the encouragement to change my habits because that has been a problem area for the past year in reaching my goals. In my case, health problems and scares put me off my game, and now I see the light. Because! You mentioned the exercise routine. So the new plan is: A) get out (or inside) and exercise, study for an hour, exercise and repeat! And then that national board test will be prepared for and I can start taking the practice tests and pass and start working on helping people with acupuncture and herbal medicine and health coaching! Yay! I’m excited and hopeful!!!
    Thank you Marie and Team Forleo!
    You are the Bestest!

  23. Wow! What a great show. I was crying with you and the crew too on that first call! Great advice I feel like I needed to hear to get my butt moving in the right direction. Thank you!

  24. Thanks so much! This was truly helpful information for me.

    My favorite questions were asked by your first caller. She was so genuinely moved and grateful an gentle–her manner reminded me to stay in touch with those qualities in myself. I sometimes get going so hard that I lose my gracefulness. It was also moving to watch you, Marie and your darling friend, be moved by her, too. Oh, the power of authenticity! I also appreciated your suggestions for collaboration and how to think about marketing. All lovely, wise, idea-igniting.

    Many thanks.

  25. Esther


    How did you get so smart. I can’t tell you of all the aha moments I get watching your show. Thank you SO much for the amaaaaaazing work you do ????????

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Sending you a big Team Forleo hug, Esther.

  26. Hi Marie & Team Forleo,
    I just love how “Oprah” this Live Calls are! They’re so entertaining, yet educational at the same time. It’s totally amazing!
    I have to say that I really resonate with the need to build a new habit. About a year ago, I had to move back from business to full-time employment. But I told myself that this shouldn’t be a hindrance to grow. I take 40 minutes to work everyday and 40 minutes back. So, I download B-School audios, podcasts and even paid e-courses to my phone — I spend 30 minutes a day MINIMUM to learn something new.
    This habit feels so great that on weekends, I watch some videos too! They’re truly educational only.
    I hope that this may benefit whoever’s reading!

  27. Hi, Marie, I’m Meghna from India. I love your show and advise.
    Keep doing it.
    I’ve a question for you. I’m have a very young company which I started 6 months back. I started with 3 verticals of offerings in the company. I’m passionate about all three services that my company offers. 1. Physiotherapy service (as I’m a physio) 2. Health awarenss events 3. A subscription club for doctor entrepreneurs.
    I am in a stage were I’m seeing potential in each of the business model. But it is difficult for me to grow all the three services at the same time. How do i decide on which vertical of my business, I should focus on growth.

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Great question, Meghana! We’re so glad you stopped by today. It sounds like you’re truly what Marie calls a “multi-passionate entrepreneur”, and you’re in great company around here! In fact, we have a collection of MarieTV episodes on this topic that may provide some additional clarity and encouragement for you as you continue building your dreams:

  28. So true about the fact none of us are “100% healed” as it were. I support people with wellbeing as a Life Designer and Redefiner, yet I have down days, I have experience of actual mental health therapy alongside my Neuroscience degree from a personal level. “The guide on the side” is an awesome phrase to talk about sharing our journeys <3

  29. Midge Constantino

    The question that resonated with me the most was Nancy’s, because that’s a question I’ve often asked myself, although my circumstances are different. I’m slowly trying to nurture my Yoga Nidra (a type of guided meditation) teaching practice, but sometimes I feel unworthy sharing this practice with others because I too have challenges I need to overcome (feeling at peace, being in the moment, letting go of physical and emotional tension, practicing kindness even when it hurts). It’s such a great relief to know that no one is perfect and we don’t need to be perfect in order to share our gift to others. I do feel that leading a friend or a group in this practice brings healing to myself as well. I suppose we are all on this journey together :).

  30. Debra

    Hello all! Love, Love, Love the Marie Forleo team and all you do to help everyone the best they can be. I thought the comment in the last segment about not being a “sage from the stage but a guide from by your side” was the most perfect advice of the year! Especially as women, we don’t want people to FIX us, we want people to listen and guide and advise.
    Thanks Marie!

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Thanks so much for your kind words, Debra! We’re grateful to have you in our beautiful community and we hope today’s episode continues to inspire new ideas for you!

  31. Valerie J

    Hey Marie-

    Love you show and your tribe and today’s episode was excellent I especially loved your first caller- the stock photographer for under represented images of women of color and ethnicity’s and especially the Community- I lovingly call the “alphabet community” so many inclusive letters- your advice to her about collaboration and reaching out to friends with your business endeavors and giving them the opportunity to say “hell yes” or “sorry no” all the while assuring them that the friendship is paramount and all is still cool! You are fantastic and I so appreciate the gifts that only you have so please continue sharing them with this world and me!


  32. Hi, Marie,
    thanks for this episode and coaching. As always, it is inspiring. What really resonated with me is that we are evolving constantly. I do not have to be healed or fixed to be able to share my story. As long as it comes from my heart, from the place of authenticity I dare to speak out loud – this is what I know, because I am living it.

  33. Hi there! Loved the show, especially the amazing advice of putting a workout with amazing music into your day to tap into more energy. It has worked for me 100%. The workout that changed my life was BollyX. Created by some super amazing people who are incredibly passionate about what they do. I am taking the advice of being bold and invite everybody including Team Forleo to check it out. I feel like sharing the workout that changed my life with everyone might bring some more good vibes and love around. Lots of love to all of you

  34. Michelle

    Hi, Marie & team!
    Your shows are really so, so helpful and encouraging! I love your unique, uncomplicated, authentique, very personal and adorable way of passing on your advice. There is no show of MarieTV that doesn’t encourage and inspire me in one way or the other. Thank you so much! The point I took from your show today is “Don’t be the sage on the stage. Be the guide on the side.” It is just what I needed to hear, because one of my main reasons (or better said excuses) for procrastrination is that I’m not yet ready, not yet good enough to throw my voice out into this world. As if I first have to find all the answers before I can be the “sage”. Your answer really took that haughty weight off my shoulders! So thanks again. And by the way, I really love your Marie’s Tweets and answers such as above – they just stick so nicely and come right to the point!

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Hi Michelle! Thanks so much for your kind words. We’re thrilled that Marie’s work resonates so deeply with you and that MarieTV has been a source of inspiration for you. We love the message you’re taking away from today’s episode and that it feels like a breath of fresh air for you. We’re truly all on this journey together and we’re grateful for the opportunity to support you along the way!

  35. Angie VanSchoick

    I used to have that same Smurf glass! Sadly, it broke after years of use. 🙁
    I was talking with a friend the other day about how sad it is that McD’s, BK, etc no longer have quality things like that anymore.

    Anyway – thank you for being so awesome and willing to reach out to others to provide great help/tips/advice/support. I love watching/listening and am SO grateful!

  36. Reshanda

    I’m sorry, but ya’ll need to email out tissues when you put out these kindsa episodes. Beautiful story from the first caller.

  37. The best part, ( they were all good) was the changing patterns. I def am pooped at the end of the day. Some days worse than others, but I find i am in a funk when it comes to it. Like there is no more of me left. Love it. Going to do my best to make this part of my day.



  38. Kellie

    I’d like the info for the first lady (still listening). Did I understand that her stock photos are geared toward diversity, in all areas? My suggestion is to get out and market to groups like AIGA and other artists and art groups. We are constantly starving for photos of multiple races, especially. It has literally taken the “big companies” to add more diversity to their library. I would love info on her site/company.

  39. All were good calls however Nancy’s was the call that is most like my business. So the information was very good.

  40. I just want to say: Shamia, you’re awesome! And you made me cry too. What a beautiful thing to say to Marie. And if I may add, please send me a link to your Patreon or website where I can find your work – I’m just a solo website designer, but I’m always on the lookout for helpful resources and it sounds like your stock images would be very useful.

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Hi Sherry! Thanks for stopping by today. You can find Shamia’s info at the :42 mark in the video, and we’ve linked her website above!

      • Sherry

        Thanks, Hailey! 🙂

  41. For real Woman?! Sage on the stage. Guide by your side? You are so fucking brilliant!! You know how to bestow wisdom in a way that hits the soul. Thank you.

  42. Reshanda

    I’m doing that workout challenge. 3 times this week I will go directly from my window cleaning route to the gym instead of going home and work out for 30 min.

  43. Reshanda

    This was the most relatable call-in show I’ve seen so far. I took away something from each one of these. My favorite takeaways were: prioritize relationships, harness the power of physiology, and be a “guide on the side” vs. a “sage from the stage.” (I think that last one was my favorite favorite:))

    • Agreed! While my obstacles are different from all 3 callers there were tons of take-aways from each.

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Wonderful, Reshanda! We’re thrilled that you enjoyed today’s call-in show and that it sparked so many great takeaways for you– you summed them all up perfectly. Thanks so much for sharing! We’re sending you our very best wishes.

  44. Anastasia Joy McFeeters

    Perfect timing for me! I am in Australia and i couldn’t sleep, because of the questions in my head!

    Am I ready to share my journey with the world and help others open their hearts after trauma?

    Have I healed enough?

    In the small hours of the morning I saw your email, and headed straight to Marie TV! And here was my answer!

    YES! I could now be a guide by your side!

    Thank you Marie and Team Forleo ?

  45. I wish I could keep watching it but I had to pause ; I am such an empath that when the first lady started sharing her own journey i got tooo emotional … However I will pick myself up and listen to the rest a bit later in the day .
    Love to you all at Marie Forleo

  46. So great to hear your gifts of helping people get to their best self, Marie! I loved the first caller and her questions. These are all the things I’d like to know more about….I wish you could have gone into more depth on some of that stuff…obviously, you answered her questions and it was so sweet to hear what it meant to her!

    I have a few questions: What does “going wide” on collaborations and influencers mean? I am guessing “going narrow” means stay specific to the audience I am focused on (my ideal avatar – yeah, I’m a B-School grad)….is that accurate?

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Hi Pam! Thanks for your kind words– we’re thrilled to have you in our B-School community and that you enjoyed today’s call-in show. We totally agree that everyone asked amazing questions and we loved being a part of the conversation, too! You brought up a great question as well and I’m happy to help clarify.

      In terms of focusing her marketing and PR efforts, Marie recommended that Shamia reach out to a few specific companies who also serve her exact target demographic and build relationships with them by offering her products or services. For other potential collaborations and partnerships, the net can be cast a wider. Feel free to experiment or think outside the box a bit as you never know what doors may open for you!

  47. Kaye

    I really related to the last question as it’s one I have asked myself many times. How will I know that I’m healed enough to serve? I loved Marie’s answer and I have loved reading the comments, I have received some great insights from them.

  48. Baby steps are the key no matter your goal. Love that you suggested working out for 30 mins 2-3 times a week to break habitual behaviour. For much of my youth I was obsessed with DRAMATIC CHANGE. But it wasn’t until I started slowly adapting my behaviour that real change happened. Thanks for this lesson Marie & Team.

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      That’s such a great takeaway, Kelly! Thanks for sharing. You’re totally right, success is often about implementing small, sustainable changes and building consistent habits over time. Thanks for being here today!

  49. Debbie Evans

    What a great show! I really resonated with both Iesha and Nancy- like Nancy, I want to encourage women who’ve been through trauma or abuse and have asked the exact same question that she asked – “Am I ‘well’ enough to help someone else?” THANK YOU for the response, Marie – that was very encouraging!
    And like Iesha, I have all these great ideas and plans when I’m at work and then I come home and no juice left. I LOVED your suggestions and they are things I can begin to implement for myself right away – YAY!
    I also just want to say that I have a crush on Greg – he’s adorable!!

    Thanks Marie and all of Team Forleo – you guys are awesome 🙂

  50. Deborah

    Hybrid of questions one and two – so many ideas, which part of what to put in motion next?!!! Will put together an idea presentation – or three in super detail as you mentioned to Chase Jarvis – see what resonates with me, and start building my network. For shaking the habit, I know meditation is my way to shift – so I will commit to that 2-3 evenings / week first thing. Thank you for zany you!

  51. This episode was perfect for me as I am on a personal retreat right now and these are totally things I’m dealing with in this very moment and trying to figure out!! Particularly 2&3 in combo!

    I keep feeling called to create courses about moving through certain emotions or creative blocks, but then hours after I get jazzed about the idea, I start to question it! Partially because I start to think about other people on my life, MY teachers/friends, and I’m like, well who am I to make something? They know so much more! They will think I am stupid for making this! Gah! And I really feel unworthy and small.

    It’s so sad because when I get the ideas there is so much energy, excitement, and inspiration behind them! but then I really doubt myself later that it would be worth anything. How do you keep that excitement and passion for a project and continue to see the vision?

    It’s not that I don’t have time or am too tired. I just start to talk myself down that it is silly.

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Darcy, those ideas come to you for a reason so make sure you capture them so that you can expand on them before or after you hear that voice 😉 Keep your passion alive and know that those ideas are little bits of magic coming your way.

  52. Hi, Marie!
    I related the most with the first caller, because you advised me to do the same thing – create partnerships with people who serve my client – and I am now more motivated to continue doing it. During the next B-School, I want to be able to report that I have 5 partners who help me sharing my services.
    Thanks again!

  53. Dafne De la Torre

    Loved the questions and your suggestions! I feel identified with the second question.

    Btw, I loved Greg, he looks like a fun guy.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      He is a fun guy, Dafne, and has a heart the size of the ocean. We adore him. Thanks for watching and being here with us.

  54. Habiba

    Hi Marie, I think the third question resonated with me the most. I’ve always been the kind of person who would want to share my experiences/advice with others in similar life situations as me, but I find that sometimes I express or advice someone in a certain direction but a year later I may have revised that opinion due to new experiences of my own, so I end up feeling guilty that maybe I shouldn’t have said anything then since it seems I didn’t know everything myself! Your answer to the third question kind of neatly explained my feelings to me in clear words. We are all growing, and my advice could actually help someone at the stage they are in, and even guide them to the next stage in their growth. I don’t know if I am saying this well, I never really have the right words. But thank you so much for this episode.

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    9:14 is where it’s at!
    Thank you for this wonderful show! Seeing these open discussions on video is probably still felt on your podcast version, however, I cannot imagine not seeing your faces when Shamia was saying Thank You to you. HEARTFELT tears of joy and what resonates with me and what I am looking for in every single interaction to-be-had. Taking that moment to give and accept this kind of Thank You, is, in and of itself, perfect. Resonates!
    Getting motivated to get off our beautiful buns is also a wonderful reminder to sit, and stand with ourselves and take action for our health, relationships and energy focus. Resonates!
    Finding out at each step of the way, its okay, I am my perfect me how I am now, and I can share my gifts is precisely why we are here. Resonates!

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    I’ve watched a reasonable number of Marie TV episodes but I virtually never comment on them. This was just superb, to be honest. The world is so full of hyped-up entrepreneurial get-a-billion-instagram etc followers stuff – it was a breath of fresh air to see something about the kind of success that matters to real people, understanding about habits and rituals and exercise [Have you ever interviewed James Clear? If not, you must!], and being open and authentic and real to other people rather than an image or a reputation, a “front” or a “brand”. It was great.

  58. Hey Marie and Forleo Team,

    Thank you so much for doing what you’re doing! What you’ve said, your contents and your energy has spread their ways to me and I always feel energetic after watching your videos.

    The second question resonated with me the most. I totally feel Iesha because I’ve had patterns that I want to get rid of but it was too comfortable for me to break it. My pattern was wake up, play games, cook, go to work, sleep and repeat. This lasted for 1 month. I knew I had to break my pattern by doing something else.

    I’ve created a list of “startup programs” that I will definitely do the moment I’ve brushed my teeth. The name says it all, stuff that I will do as soon as I start the day. My startup programs include setting my intention, meditate/yoga/exercise, reading, document my gratefulness and writing. I committed to execute my “startup programs” just like a computer for 1 month. And guess what, I followed through and felt the energy of being alive. Your advice for Iesha worked on me!

    So I totally recommend people who wants to break their habitual pattern, decide a ritual and do that before anything else. Follow through and it’ll work.

    Thank you so much again, Marie!

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    Marie’s Q&A’s were so smart and inspiring, thank you!
    I don’t know she is taking further Q’s? If so, I have one:)
    Q: What is best way to determine which web hosting company is best for a new coaching business? I will eventually be including videos, but will start with a blog. Any thoughts? There are SO many and would like to pick one that will grow with me…

    Many thanks – your videos are seriously fun, inspiring and motivating!

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    OMG Marie.
    This episode is amazing. I love how your answers and the principles behind them transpire into other businesses. All three questions resonated!
    After this episode I took a huge gigantic breath and got the courage to call someone I’ve been trying to connect with for months. He has the “exact type of demographic I’m looking to serve.” The call went to his message bank but he called me back immediately and he said YES!!! The energy you generate here is magic. I’m so grateful.
    Thank you also for the reminder to stay humble and real.

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    Just watched your latest live video. It was fantastic, like everything else you produce. BTW, you’re fantastic and I’ve had a crush on you since I saw my first Marie TV episode (sorry for the over share – don’t tell my fiance!).

    I liked all of the Q’s & A’s, however, my biggest takeaway was the last question – I loved your answer, especially the “I’m a guide on the side” part. I’m learning how to market on the Internet and I once asked one of my mentors how to present myself to my market since I’m not an expert yet – I received an answer similar to yours, but the way you stated your answer was so much better. I may use your words with my audience someday if that’s OK.
    Thank you so much for all you do, I really appreciate you and your team. You seem to have so much fun and your presentations always bring a smile to my face (when I’m not laughing). I would love to do what you do and help people the way you help them – and I’m working on doing that in my own way.
    Anyway – thank you and please keep up the fantastic work!
    As you say, with much love,


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    Xoxo- Susana

  68. As a recovered addict turned healer, the question regarding how healed do you have to be really hit home for me. You’ve got a great team and you’re doing beautiful things on this planet! Keep it up! (:

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      We’re so glad to hear that resonated with you, Samantha. Thank you for saying this – it truly means the world to us! You keep up the amazing work, too!

  69. The answer that helped me the most is the one about marketing for the stock photos. You stated it is better to build relationships than Facebook ads or other marketing efforts. Regarding PR, I don’t really understand what PR is exactly, yet. Thank you for your videos.

  70. Wow thank you so much for being here as a support for entrepreneurs. I have my own business in which I am very passionate about which is called Rachael’s Moving HeARTS where I support children and families using creative movement, especially mothers and their child. I work with both Neurotypical children and children without autism. I continue to grow as a human and as a business woman but am in a space where I am needing more encouragement and support. The first video really touched my heart and spoke to me. Her question of who to market to and your answer of being specific and finding people in our realm of focus was very helpful. Thank you!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      You’re doing such incredible, important work in the world Rachael! We’re thrilled to hear you found Marie’s answer helpful, and are cheering you on over here as you branch out and continue to grow your amazing business in new ways. You can do this!

  71. Hi Marie!
    Thank you so much for everything you are sharing! I have been following you since 2013. <3
    This episode brought tears in my eyes.
    I gave up my full time job in 2015 to follow my dream about sharing life style changes. As I have been sick all my life and life style changes and hard work got me well.
    I run a health shop in a little village in Norway and are arranging courses in how to use food to do a life style change. Now the shop takes more time and doesn't bring in enough money, but I am not ready to give up. Not many people are signing up for my courses (not sure what I am doing wrong).
    I know using internet / fb etc. is a good thing but all I really want to do is MEET people face to face. I don't have enough people signing up for my courses so now I don't know how to continue to make more money so I can continue with the shop (where I do meet people and help them).
    I will get in contact with other similar business people (as you advised in Q1) to see if I can create a network that will extend my business (and theirs).
    Do you have any other advise?

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    Rahamath Basha

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    I am super grateful to have heard this particular episode. I have held my self back for YEARS because I felt I needed to be perfect before others would listen to my advice. Even though my accomplishments are considered by some to be quite high, my self confidence to be out there and seen, was crushed by an affair, a massive down grade in my lifestyle and loss of many ‘friends’. Thanks for this episode and thanks for all of the inspiration !

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Thanks so much for stopping by, Lesya! We recognize the courage it took to share what you have and we’re grateful that our community feels like a safe space for you. Our experiences don’t define who we are, though they’re an important part of our stories. Being vulnerable and sharing the less-than-perfect parts of life can be incredibly difficult, but doing so gives not only ourselves freedom, but encourages others to do the same. We see you and we’re thankful you’re in our world!

  80. GREAT call-in show once again. (Although, as much as I love you Marie, I have a HUGE crush on Greg Patterson, so that’s really why I grabbed a cup of coffee and watched it. No hating … I love you, too … just not in “quite” the same way!)

    Seriously, the interactions you two have is really special and adds so much to the segment. Thanks for all you do!

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  83. Very interesting thoughts and perspectives, Marie!

    I also think that an often overlooked yet simple way of gaining motivation is by focusing on small wins.

    Set “mini milestone goals” for your big goals and celebrate each mini milestone goal as you achieve them along the way.

    Let’s say we have a big goal of dropping 30lbs of weight, a mini milestone goal could be to achieve 5lbs of weight loss.

    Personally does wonders for gaining motivation especially if each mini milestone goal is documented!

  84. Great and helpful as always, thank you!

  85. Nancy’s part really resonated with me, as I also work with survivors of abuse! To add to the conversation: I’ve found that when we heal in front of others, we inspire others to follow. So, as long as you’re dedicating yourself to doing the work you teach, you’re going to make an impact in others lives. <3

    • Arien Smith

      Also, do you happen to know Nancy’s contact info? Her insta link doesn’t seem to work when I type it in!

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