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Have you ever met someone you deeply admired and felt so excited you could barely talk?

Yeah. That was me last week.

Thankfully, the person I admired said nine simple words that put me ease and gave me an insight I’ll never forget.

“You and me — we’re both in the lighting business.”

Translation? When you have a platform (no matter the size), you’re always shining a light. You light things you feel deserve focus and attention.

That’s both a privilege and a responsibility. And one I take very seriously.

One way of making a difference is to provide a ray of hope. @NickKristof @WuDunn Click To Tweet

Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn are Pulitzer Prize winning journalists and two extraordinary people I consider some of the best lighting pros in the world.

I could not be more honored to share our interview today, in celebration of their newly released book A Path Appears: Transforming Lives, Creating Opportunities.

If you don’t already know Nick and Sheryl, you’re in for a life changing treat.

They’re the authors of one of my favorite books, Half The Sky and are bold advocates for a more equitable, compassionate world. Much of their work centers around the idea that talent is universal, but opportunity is not.

At the end of the day, most of us just want to matter.

We hope that somehow, someway, we get to use who we are to contribute to the greater good.

If you’ve felt called to make sure your life makes a difference in this world, today’s MarieTV is a must watch. Nick and Sheryl prove how each one of us really can make an extraordinary difference in this world, no matter who we are or where we come from.

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I read their new book A Path Appears: Transforming Lives, Creating Opportunity cover to cover and I could not recommend it more.

Their work is evidence based and filled with scrupulous research, top-notch reporting and unforgettable stories that will forever inspire your heart.

Because as Maya Angelou said, “As long as you’re breathing, it’s never too late to do some good.”

I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I did, and more than almost any other show we’ve done.

Please take the time to share this with everyone you know.

I’ll look for you in the comments on the blog.

P.S. One of my favorite stories from this episode is a controversial one about young Ugandan boys and their passion to raise money to support other young, needy boys — in America. Supporting the idea that everyone feels empowered when they give.  Listen for it!

With love and excitement,

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  1. Such an important episode, Marie. We have to remember that each choice we make has a ripple effect so we’re always making a difference whether we are conscious of it or not.

    We constantly hear the stories from which we feel so far removed and it’s just not true. Thank you, Nicholas, and Sheryl for reminding us how we each fit into the tapestry of humanity.

    • Wow, yeah, this was a power episode! It’s amazing and a little overwhelming to think about the broad ripple effect that one person’s actions can have.

      I absolutely loved the quote that Sheryl shared: “Hope is like a path in the countryside. At first there is nothing, and as people walk back and forth, a path appears.” Sometimes, it can feel almost impossible to have hope because the odds seem far too big … but with time, energy, and attention, the seed of hope starts to grow and eventually create massive change.

      This was an amazing message, today, Marie!

      • “Sometimes, it can feel almost impossible to have hope because the odds seem far too big … but with time, energy, and attention, the seed of hope starts to grow and eventually create massive change.” ~ I agree. I loved the story of how the Librarian’s small action had such a profound impact on a young person’s life. A pebble tossed into the pond may create ripples that have an impact beyond our knowing. At the beginning of your interview, Marie, it was mentioned about a $40.00 operation that allowed a woman to see again and aided in the care for her family. I would like to know more about this operation and any organizations that help facilitate it, if you, or any of your readers could provide the information. Thank you.

        • Hi Chas, in Australia (and the UK I’m pretty sure) we have the Fred Hollows Foundation which “restores sight and hope” for $25 in many countries. Even if you don’t want to donate to an Australian charity you might want to check out their website – Fred Hollow’s story is truly inspiring!

          • Thank you, Lauren.

        • Annette

          Hi Chas,

          I am in Australia and we have the John Fawcett Foundation which restores sight as well as facial reconstruction, limbs and education to people in Bali; some who cannot even afford food.
          As part of a self initiated school project my 15 year old daughter (Kate Eagleton) recently started to raise funds for
          She has focused on girls her age who are unemployable and are a burden on their family.

          If you go to the page there is a Donate Now button on the top right hand side. Kate would be thrilled if you mentioned her name if you donated. So far she has restored sight for 80 Indonesians.

          We are enormously proud of her.

          Thank you.


    • Beatrice

      Nice comment!

  2. Great Episode, Marie! Hope changes everything.

  3. I am SO HAPPY you have done this Marie!

    I am super jealous you got to meet these two!! They have been my recent heroes since watching Half the Sky on Netflix. I actually wrote a post about them just a few weeks back called “The oppression of women: It is time to stand up for those who can’t”. I plan to build my business so that I can spend a large portion of the profits on organisations that work to empower women through entreprenuership.

    Woo! Girl Power!

  4. Jen

    Outstanding episode Marie! I’m grateful that you’re planting seeds, inspiring us to make a difference no matter how small. Despite the media reports from around the world, I’ve always been hopeful. I’m creating change in my community and am eager to take it worldwide. Thank you for being a brilliant marketer, getting your message out. You are a gem Marie with deep compassion and love!

  5. Amazing Marie, this episode changes everything.
    You are God Marie.
    Thank you for giving us hope and the answers.

  6. Marie,

    Great video, thanks so much for sharing!

  7. Dear Marie,

    Thanks for today’s trainings. I am so inspired.

    Rohan Sarker

  8. This is beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing these inspiring stories. I love what Kennedy and Jessica have done. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  9. Emmet

    I met a guy in the NRA who said gun law is the only law, no change without guns, a hero carries a gun, guns give hope not talk what do you think ?

  10. Fay

    Thank you, this episode have motivated me to continue doing my part to give someone a hand. Marie, It was truly inspiring…my heart was crying tears of hope.

  11. Kristina

    Love this interview! Because it creates a game plane, emphasizes hope as a means to a solution, and shatters that nagging fear voice about why doing something will be too hard or ‘not enough’… Every effort, every little bit counts! (‘mile by mile life’s a trial, yard by yard it’s not that hard, inch by inch, it’s a cinch’)…
    I also love how Marie is such a sweetheart that you can tell she’s almost going to cry =).

    Love this interview because it’s for ‘us’/ for the whole.

  12. Thank you for this interview Marie, Nick and Sheryl!

    It has been true in my life that when I or people around me are shining our lights and doing our best, the people that see that or feel that are uplifted and share their lights. Being the change!

    What an uplifting episode!


  13. Kristina

    Ah, I wrote too soon. I love it even more for their emphasizing the fact that any non-profit/charities can make mistakes too! And we should all be viewing it as any other business/investment. We can’t say “tis tis… that money was free, now I shun you forever”. It really is a huge problem you see with charity… The notion that there’s no room for mistakes.

  14. Wow what Rich, Thought-Provoking and Inspiring Episode.
    Much Gratitude to Nicholas and Sheryl for their work and showing the way. Loved the part about the Ugandan boys too, brought a tear to my eye.
    Also about the Amazing Librarian who made a huge impact on that young boys’ life. YES we can all do this too, what an honor and joy!
    Thank you Marie for being on the clear lucid edge, and bringing such great Lights as these to our attention. Xx

  15. This was a wonderful segment Marie! Thank you so much, it really put into perspective the overwhelmingness that I think many individuals feel about trying to help others and make a difference. It is possible to create a ripple effect with as little as 50 cents or even just a little of your time.

  16. Marie,
    Thank you.

  17. This is so truly inspiring!

    Last week when you told me to go get the book, I got it and gulped it down and I’ve told everyone about it!

    I feel the winds of change blowing in my life. I know that this (episode and book) has changed the way I see the world and my role in it. I know it is going to be transformative for ME! I NOW HAVE HOPE THAT I CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

    When they talked about the power of a photograph, it reinvigorated me to use my passion and profession of photography to help non-profit marketing wherever I can.

    If anyone knows where I can learn more about For-Purpose Marketing and valuable studies and statistics, I’m grateful if you’d point the way!

    I believe in the power of purpose marketing to change the world.

    Thank you so much Marie, for using your light to shine on the path so we can make the path appear even clearer!


  18. i LOVED this interview! I believe it is equally if not more important to share our failures. Many budding entrepreneurs get scared off by the illusion that success is easy and fast and resist sharing their God given talent with the world. Transformation can’t happen if you are always right and everything always works!

  19. You had me scurrying right over to Audible to get his book Marie…thank you. There were so many golden nuggets in this episode, but early education is the one that stood out for me. I push hard to help people understand how vital the socialization period is for puppies. From conception to those first 16 weeks of life there is so much we can do to help build confidence and a dog that can enjoy a social life. Of course, this would apply to all animals…even humans. Fascinating!

  20. On Stopping Hatred
    One person CAN make a difference ~ I did ~ in my own hometown and the occasion will fill me with pride for the rest of my life:

    Here’s the story of how One person, joined by One community, stood up against a racially motivated hate crime:

  21. Thank you for bringing these beautiful stories to light.

  22. This video really hit home to me. I was raised by a single mother, and was close to the poverty line. I’m sure there were times when my family dipped below the line. However, the one thing my mother insisted on was charity. We would put together baskets for the elderly and deliver to assisted living homes to the people who didn’t have family’s to come visit them. We served dinners at homeless shelters. Even when (for a period) we lived at a motel, my mother still insisted on us giving our time, and energy to others. It’s the greatest gift we can give.

    I tell my mother all the time that what she taught me in those years, was I was just one person, and I can make a difference for one person. She would say, “All you need to do, is help one person. You can change the world or you can change a world… both are equally important.” My mom, I tell ya, she’s amazing!

    Because of this, my life always seemed full. I purposefully named my business Be More Consulting, because I truly believe we all have the opportunity to Be More than the circumstances life gives us. We can choose to Be More, give more, do more for the good of the world.

    I can not describe how much I LOVED this episode. Now, off to order the book…

    Thanks Marie!

    • Colene

      I loved your story. Wow your mom is a true inspiration. Thank you for sharing!

      “All you need to do, is help one person. You can change the world or you can change a world… both are equally important.”

      Love it xxo

    • Hideous. Jesus said “he who lives by the sword, dies by the sword ” Jesus was no dummy. It doesn’t matter if you are a footstep follower of Jesus, you’ve got yo admit he got it right. He was s a man of the future educating people with archaic ideas.

    • Gabi

      Dear Colene,
      thank you for sharing your story, and what your mother says is resonating deeply inside me – so just wanted to let you know how you and she made an beautiful impact on my life, too :)) XGabi from Berlin/Germany

  23. I feel bad that I was unfamiliar with their work but this was a great video and great stories and Im excited to find out more about them


  24. Sherri Hayter

    Marie, this was an amazing episode – I had so many ahas and I know this video was placed before me for a reason. Such an incredible inspiration – thank you so much xx

  25. omg, that librarian story gve me goosebumps! What a gret message.

  26. Great message Marie, thanks for sharing.

    Love the real evidence of how non-profits can take good marketing risks and reach more and impact more!

    Made me feel extra proud of my seven year old, raising money for clean water projects in Africa (

    Big hug,
    Tom from Vancouver

  27. Wow! Absolutely beautiful and hopeful. Thanks for bringing these issues into awareness – we can make a difference.

  28. Thank you so much for this interview Marie and the biggest thanks to Sheryl and Nicholas! Your work is profoundly inspiring and educated me on how powerful it is to empower women in 3rd world countries. My business model is to grow my business as large I am capable of to help fund/support solutions in empowering women entrepreneurs in 3rd world countries, and finding solutions to child sex slavery. I am eternally grateful to you both for your dedication to humanity and making the world a better place – inspires all that I do to push myself and do what I can to give back to humanity and the environment. Lots of love to you both! CAN’T WAIT TO READ YOUR NEW BOOK!!! xxo

  29. Melissa Brauen

    One of the most succinct, educational, and inspirational interviews ever. Thanks so much!!!…….. and I will get this book.

  30. Giselle

    I tend to find myself losing hope that there are people out there in world that truly care about others in a deep and meaningful way. I see so many people “give” with the sole purpose of elevating their own self-image of being “good” and simply don’t possess “the light” of true compassion. THEN, interviews like this slap me in the face with reality that in fact there are really good people — REALLY — GOOD — PEOPLE — that do care and want to teach others how to care more effectively! Everyone matters and everyone has something good to share and create hope with another… even if I don’t see it on first glance. 🙂 Looking for to reading this book later today!

  31. So glad you had the opportunity to interview Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn, two inspiring (doers) people that keep showing us with actions how we can make a difference. You did a great job, and I’m looking forward to read this new book.
    One of the reasons I follow you is not only because of your savvy and entertaining way to convey helpful information, but also because you instill on entrepreneurs (many at the beginning of their journey) a sense of responsibility to create change on a larger scale, that is not defined by their immediate surroundings or the horizon in front. Keep being that light…because the world needs more of it.

  32. Oh, Marie!!

    THANK YOU and Nicholas and Sheryl for this AMAZING message.

    Getting my hands (and my heart) on that book!

    So blessed and grateful and hopeful, as I hear this and share this today.

    So much love to you all!

  33. Great video as usual Marie. Thanks for bringing these inspirational and thought provoking guests every week. This topic has been very much on my mind recently and it feels like the Universe gives you what you need, when you need it and not one moment sooner. I’ll be picking up this book for sure.

  34. EDdie Herrera Jr.

    <3 i loved the content of this show! 🙂
    thank you.

  35. Ah, that last story about the Memphis librarian got me all teared up, in the best way. This episode was a great reminder that “giving” can be so simple. Find a way to connect, and give from that place. Done. Thanks Marie!

  36. Phil

    Wow! Great interview, Marie continues to raise her own bar…

  37. First time I completed the challenge before the video ended! I’m waiting to board at the airport and was searching for a book to listen to for my long flight. I loved their last one so I can’t wait to listen to this!

    Thanks Marie!

  38. I was so thrilled and surprised to hear the conversation shift to the importance of nonprofit marketing and the need to shift our thinking around it. It’s my personal belief that nonprofit marketers have the potential to really change the world and I have even created a ‘passion project’ to support them in the form of a community blog/resource:

    My own consulting business is focussed on supporting nonprofit marketers and I love to hear these conversations because it means a change is underway.

    I’ll definitely be picking up A Path Appears!

  39. AWE-mazing! thank you for exposing me to this important new book! i’m spreading the word to all i know 🙂

  40. CAPT Lucks, USN

    This is why we feed 43 thousand kids a day free through the Kalogrus foundation around the world. And you can too. Email me to learn how.

  41. Thank you so much for this powerful and important episode. So amazing, and such a tear-jerker!

  42. Valerie Lorimer

    Dear Marie,

    This truly touched my heart. I posted this on my Face Book page so that my friends could be made aware of this phenomenal, life changing couple. They are now on my list of role models and have inspired me to look for more ways to live the LOA. Giving and receiving plays a large part in the way I choose to live, one day at a time. ALL IS well.

    Thank you,


  43. Great! It’s our inherent impulse to give. Let’s continue to honor this.

  44. Major props to Sheryl for emphasizing the importance of early childhood intervention…even in utero! I truly believe that’s where it’s at!

    Thank you, Marie, for a fantastic video 🙂

  45. What a powerful interview!!! I loved learning about Kennedy. I was in Kenya for a month as a teen, and saw the contrast between extreme poverty ( kids sniffing glue in the street to stay warm, homelessness and malnutrition, etc). The teachers organised a youth group to come and perform for us, teaching about HIV and AIDS and prevention. They do do skits across Nairobi and this raises awareness and spreads hope. We also met teachers who were so dedicated to raising money for their students that they cycled across the country, taking matters into their own hands and again raising awareness and hope.

    Hope is something that can seem challenging to perceive in our times. I know I struggle with it, but funny enough Marie marketing is something that GIVES me hope, as the new form of marketing and storytelling helps level the playing field so that small businesses and charities or causes that would never be heard can use social media to get business or donations.

    Great interview! Will be buying this book for sure!!

  46. Marie,
    thank you for sharing this inspiring story, thank you for loving marketing, thank you for teaching us all about it, thank you for being so vulnerable and so human,
    and finally, thank you for finding a way into my heart.

    I need to step up NOW.
    My actions matter. ..It all came together with this video.

    With utmost regards,

  47. This is so AMAZING!!! The book includes the fabulous organization I have volunteered and participated with for over 6 years Dining for Women It’s so wonderful to see someone I truly admire promoting such a true message of giving. I just watched a google hangout with Nicholas Kristof talking to DFW members about his new book and why he wanted to include DFW. Thanks for sharing this and their message! This makes me SMILE 🙂

  48. OMG, you was not kidding when you said this is the Best Interview Yet, Im so emotional at the moment, so Empowered.
    Marie, you seriously Rock, thank you for what you are doing. I love you ! x x x x x Sat Nam x x x

  49. Ruth

    Very impressed and inspired. Challenge accepted. Thank you.

  50. Thank you so much for this episode, Marie, it was so inspiring!

    In a way, I was already in a ‘giving’ mode; somehow today I wanted to help everyone around me in the street and at the stores, and I realized how every little gesture can make a difference in someone’s life, especially if they don’t expect it.

    Very moving interview, thank you again!

  51. Angelica Miranda

    Thanks Marie for this wonderful episode! It is the best.

    Recently I have read news about global warming, the glaciers melting in an accelerated way, the bees almost extinct and the agriculture will be affected if they disappear, the Ebola spreading, etc; so I felt sad and hopeless. Then you came with this little ray of hope and I understood that even I make a small change and I can help a lot, and each one of us should understand that.

    Thanks again for sharing this information and inspiring us.

    P.S. Have you consider the idea of adding subtitles to your videos so that more people can benefit from them?

    Angelica Miranda
    Monterrey, México

    • Louise - Team Forleo

      Angelica – We do add transcripts to our MarieTV videos so that more people can benefit (this episode’s transcript is still being created since we filmed the interview so recently). You simply go to the video on YouTube (it will be and click on “more” then you can see a Transcript option. We hope to have it up very soon.

      Hope that helps!

  52. Oh my goodness, thank you so much for making this interview, and my thoughts go to an organization that is dear to my heart, so ground-breaking, bringing hoola hoops and hoop teachers to children in places like Palestine and Uganda. Please go to Thank you!

  53. Very touching moments. Thanks for sharing!

  54. Mary Zrara

    Maria, Thanks so much for sharing the interview and thanks to Nick & Wu Dunn as well, it’s very inspiring special for me and it gives me hope that I have to try heard for my new project which I just started, hope it will grow, I know I still have to learn more……. Thanks again <3 u

  55. So inspiring! Thank you.

  56. Two of my favorite activists too! Thx for bringing them on.

  57. Michelle

    This was perhaps one of the most rewarding videos I have watched. I regularly donate to causes and frequently have that nagging doubt that what I am doing is not making much of a difference. I will now feel very differently about my contributions and this story has inspired me to continue and to feel very good about what I am doing.
    Thank you!

  58. Sallie

    Great episode! I love that little changes can be big and the shift from helping victims to helping our human earth friends.

    INFANCY = INNER FANCY, our inner world of make believe where our stem cells are awaiting whatever story is given them…they are plump with opportunity…plasticity! What stories are adults feeding their children? It’s the adults who need addressing. INFANT = INFINITE!

    DEPRESSION = DOWN PRESSING of the open child spirit in INFANCY, leading to a lack of belief in self…LOW SELF WORTH – POVERTY = POVERTY OF SPIRIT!!!

    This has been my message for years…unheard because the public market is closed to newbies who have something CUTTING EDGE to share.

    You don’t need a platform to shine a light…WE ALL SHINE. At the end of the day WE ALL WANT TO SHINE…not matter.


    The only reason OPPORTUNITY isn’t universal is because individuals haven’t chosen the path of unity. When you choose to shine your light, you ARE GIVING to a brighter, happier world that unites on the higher vibrations. SHINE ON! …platform or none!

    The heart doesn’t need evidence and research to be inspired. Our heart doesn’t connect with these stories because of the research and evidence, but because it feels that its innate truth/integrity is finally coming to light.

    • Nikita

      I like your thought!

  60. This is the best episode I’ve seen you do! Thank you so much for sharing it. It’s incredibly inspiring to me and makes me feel like I’m on the right track with the new community we’re trying to build called Gethrr. It’s giving people a place to start to give and do good. I apologize for the “advertising” here about it but it fits perfectly in line with this episode. We believe that even the smallest donation matters and that’s exactly how Gethrr works. Community members give $1 a month and each month we do a project to help a deserving individual, family, or organization. Please check us out at

  61. Hi Marie,

    We really are all in the lighting business and when you give freely and help others you make the most out of your life, and you inspire more people around you.

    As I scan the comments field I notice something thing; some folks are looking to get, promoting themselves and their opportunity, and other folks want to give, looking for nothing in return, but simply wanting to spread their inspired word.

    I became happier and more filled with joy by giving freely of my time and talents. Of course my eBook sales and overall revenue jumped when I adopted an abundant frame of mind and moved into abundant acts but I was simply intending to bring as many folks as possible with me as I blog from paradise.

    We do live in a talent rich Universe and in truth, this world is full of opportunity too. Our job is to look on all beings as empowered, and then, we need to take the practical steps to help folks in developing nations get food on the table, and stay healthy, and then, we can inspired them to become doctors and authors, and internet entrepreneurs, as the world grows more and more prospering.

    We’re all blessed to live in an abundant Universe, and those who help all folks in the world see this are the happiest, most inspired folks on earth.

    Thanks Marie, great post as always 🙂

    Tweeting soon.

    Signing off from Fiji.


  62. Truly inspiring. Gonna get the book!

  63. That was beautiful.
    I love the calmness with which they spoke, that alone made me want to read their books.
    thank you Marie, you are a rock star!

  64. I’m simply overwhelmed by this interview as well as the way you manage to inspire me and for sure all of your audience with every episode. Marie how do you get these words of wisdom flowing as you speak?

  65. Jennifer

    Got a little teary-eyed watching this. I could see tears in Marie’s eyes, too. Kudos for keeping it together! I would have been bawling on the set! 😉

  66. I am new to Marie TV, this is only the second video I have watched, but it was truly amazing I feel so inspired, and it looks like my path is appearing, I am going to take the challenge and look for the book right now on my kindle! Thank you

  67. Nikita

    wow Marie,
    I adore you and your gifts. I just hope to discover my own and to live them. Thank you for the insights.
    I want to confess that i was wasting my time and almost wanted to end my life because i was ashamed of myself of who i am actually.
    Thank You so much Marie for everything you are doing.
    I know there must be some greater purpose for me. and i will not stop looking for it. Thanks a lot!
    Lots of love and good luck for you

  68. Mary-Pat

    As a speech & language pathologist/therapits, I am SO delighted to hear early childhood education & interaction being publicized & am even more motivated to work on meaningful offerings. Thanks Marie!

  69. Meenu

    wow, really an amazing episode Marie. Feeling so inspired to make a difference, at least to one life. Thank you so much for all your inspiring episodes. Great work done!

  70. Marie – I admire you so much and even more now because bringing Nik and Sheryl on is HUGE. These two brilliant minds are leading the way to get all of us on board through creating change. Thank you for inspiring everyone and bringing activism to your platform. You inspire me always. Big love to you. Sherold

  71. Jodeeann

    Thank you for sharing, Marie, Nicholas and Sheryl. I feel like this segment spoke directly to my soul. The more I watch Marie TV, the more I am breaking free my own inner trappings.

  72. Louli

    I just cried hearing the story of the boy who stole the book from the library….

    too often people might be quick to correct the stealing behavior, as we are quick to judge outward behavior without looking beyond it….but this librarian saw beneath that …. and chose to do something different.

    I think there is a great learning opportunity right here in this one story (amongst many many learning opportunities in this fantabulous interview)…

    ….the quiet, private act of this librarian who did what her heart told her to do, rather than what would be expected…… impact one person with no fanfare or no guarantee it would even make a difference….

    these random acts of kindness or humanity…a word, a gesture, an act…… which may seem in the moment to be isolated or small , can – in fact – change the trajectory of an entire life.

    We never know how our actions – positive or negative – can affect others. And this story is proof.

    Yes, I will be getting this book pronto. Thank you for this amazing inspiring interview.

  73. Leo

    Great episode Marie! Thank you for showing us the path to becoming better human beings, and help others live a better life.

    This episode helped me finally make the decision to give back to my home country of Puerto Rico after being absent for 18 years while serving as an F-18 Fighter Pilot in the Marines.

    In the summer of 2015 I will start running a program to encourage entrepreneurship for women and girls on the island. I believe that Puerto Rico’s problems will be solved through entrepreneurship and business ownership.

    Thank you for inspiring me to take my leadership skills and lessons learned in combat for creating peace, literacy, and wealth equality in my impoverished country.

  74. Tara Byrne

    Do you know of any other books that bridges the non-profit and for-profit world? It would really improve the non-profits I work with, thank you!

  75. I am deeply moved, inspired, and encouraged. Thank you Marie, Nicholas and Sheryl. I DO believe in our world – in a global community where are needs are taken care of. Thank you for all your work and research to educate more people – it is so important. I look very forward to reading A Path Appears – it’s ordered and ready for me to pick up later this afternoon (great challenge, Marie).

    Many Blessings and much Gratitude, Shannon Elhart

  76. Great episode! Keep up the terrific work!


    “As long as you’re breathing, it’s never too late to do some good.”

    I love Maya Angelou…and this episode is full of inspiration.

    Thanks for that, Marie!!

    xo Carla

  78. Oh my goodness.

    I’m speechless.

    The story about the little boy and his librarian made me cry.

    Challenge accepted and done. About to dive into it on the Kindle now.

    Big love,

    Phoebe xx

  79. So glad that I watched this interview today. I get so easily jaded by the feeling of smallness and helplessness in the face of worldwide crises. But you are all right about this: it doesn’t take much to be able to change a person’s life. I ordered the book today and so look forward to reading it in the hopes that it might help me clarify the best angle for ME to take to contribute in a real and real-ISTIC way to the earth and humanity.

  80. Sally

    Hi Marie,
    Thanks so much for sharing this interview. It is a wonderful perspective. I have a technical question…how do I share your videos? I don’t get a unique link when I click on them and can’t see social media share buttons on the page. I’m on an iPhone in Australia…

  81. Hi Marie,

    As one Jersey Girl to another, can you help the nonprofits of NJ out, by helping me invite @wudunn and @nickkristof to speak at the Association of Fundraising Professionals NJ Conference and/or the International Conference?

    They are AMAZING!


  82. Julieta

    This is a touching episode. It has make me cry a Little bit.
    As humans we need to accept the idea that mistakes are a natural part of success, there is no magic wand to make things perfect from scratch. Mistakes are another way to learn.
    Marketing your non profit org is a MUST! Brilliant and obvious.

    The world can change quickly if every human being look others as “those humans are my friends and they deserve an opportunity”. If you change the world changes.

    Light & Love,

  83. What an incredible episode, Marie! This perspective is so refreshing in a time when we have such heightened awareness of injustice and poverty but are unsure of how we can make a difference. It ties in so well with your episode on how happiness is an abundant source available to all humans, everywhere. Thank you for your focused, heart centered work!

  84. You are really great ,

  85. “The Path Appears”…. that’s a beautiful way of explaining how someone creates a new paradigm and others are drawn into it as they wake up enough to see it.

    • Agreed Andrea. I loved that!

  86. Lisa

    Love this! Going to buy the book now. Thank you!

  87. Marie, thank you for sharing these two, their book and their hearts with us. I am a firm believer that each and every one of us can make this world a better place. It does seem overwhelming at times when there is so much need, but I appreciate how y’all impressed that it doesn’t take a ton of money to make a difference. In fact $.50 cents can change a child’s world. Thank you for providing thoughtful, helpful and inspiring content!

  88. Fazal.

    Dear Marie,
    you took a good interview & both are wonderful people & doing their best in helping down trodden children & people. Do they have been in India to just visit such children & people specially muslims ,and other children living in slum area very much below poverty line or you have such idea to highlight thru your tv ?.This is my just suggestions, being a friend. Fazal Karim.B.E(Civil Engineer)/5.10.2014

  89. Jennifer Gavin

    Oh my god, dear Marie…..what a powerful episode you gave us today, with the aid of your two guests Nicholas and Sheryl……
    Absolutely so…..moving ( I could see you were too ) I was gulping throughout….
    Thankyou, Thankyou Thankyou to the 3 of you for sharing your privilege knowledge with me and the rest of my compatriot heart feeling sharing
    giving desirous to do some thing however little to share with those in need!
    Can’t wait to get/ read your book….with love and light and laughter and
    Peace and joyous, joy, joy, joy from jennifer

  90. carey

    HMMM!Actually she is wrong about the Brain, and didn’t do her research.
    Brain plasticity is an ongoing process and can change at any time. She is using false info to promote that she wants to intervene with child’s brain.

  91. Hi Marie,

    Love this episode. My mother named me “Hope” for a reason. As a celebrated educator, she spearheads our family non-profit H2 Empower Inc., which is dedicated to improving education & sustainable development in Africa. My mother, a retired educator/principle, could be chillin’ in Long Island, spending time with her grandchildren, lunching with friends, but instead, she’s been living in Ethiopia for years, dedicating her life to improving literacy to empower impoverished children. H2 Empower has built a community library there, we’ve sent thousands of pounds of books to Ethiopia. We train teachers how to teach children how to read…in fact she is working with the Ministry of Education over there to creating early childhood reading curriculum for the entire country! Something that has never been done before. I couldn’t be prouder. We miss her, but her kids know this is her calling. When we went to Ethiopia for the library grand opening celebration, none of her family could believe our eyes. My mama is the Queen Bee over there in that little village! She has inspired THOUSANDS of children and young adults to read and use a library regularly! It’s wild. The local politicians say the library we built there is the finest of any elementary school in the entire country….comparable to a university level library. Social justice is in the blood over here and am always so inspired when I see others spreading hope, love and the teachings that we can all make a difference. I will definitely check out this new book and thanks for the inspiration.

    Here is our non-profit:

  92. Chandra

    Thank you, Marie!

    I have an idea (a ray of hope), that has been percolating for a couple of years. I have been culling information, I see the big picture- the finish line, but the details, is where I need the help so I am watching/reading everything you share. I am doing this thing before the end of this year. I am excited and terrified! Just bought this book, and Adam’s too!

    I am also working on getting ready to work with YOU! You are an inspiration and I am so beyond grateful I have found you! Thank YOU.

  93. I own a cafe half way between a local housing project and the neighbourhood school. I contacted the school and asked if we could feed young girls who needed food the most. They also happened to be the girls who were the most difficult to teach and were the most immersed in the system, including child welfare and justice. We fed them breakfast and talked about leadership. We shared the values of kindness, generosity and respect which were often new concepts for them. They soaked it in. Some of the girls became leaders, some did not. We knew we made a difference because if only one of those girls realized her potential, we as a whole would benefit. We did.

  94. Marie- WHAT AN INSPIRING EPISODE! I truly believe in the power of giving and making a difference as a part of who I am and as a networking coach! Thank you! In a comic note- I want to share this Australian show about a donation campaign held in Africa to help a school in Sydney to raise enough money to build a rowing shed… So funny 🙂

  95. Also- This episode really made me think about incorporating a donation segment in my blog and allow my viewers to choose to donate. I produce donation events every year and my experience have taught me that many people want to donate but won’t necessarily take the action themselves. However, if someone else will “call them to action” and say- “Put your energy / money here for X cause” people are remorselessly to join in and influence for the better and the cause.

    • Sorry for the typo-
      People are MOST LIKELY to join in and influence..
      (NOT remorselessly)

  96. Nice Video and Super Content as always! Thanks!

  97. This one brought me to tears.

    My boyfriend, who was next to me, got worried. I had to explain: “I am not sad, I just got inspired.”

    Thank you!

  98. Roshni

    I had tears in my eyes when I heard about the librarian taking a chance on that boy…

    Thank you Marie… this has definitely inspired me to help save atleast one life, to take a chance on people, and to give a ray of hope to someone who might need it the most.

  99. Michelle

    I just finished listening to this book (using my Audible app) yesterday after seeing this episode a few weeks ago. Thank you so very much for sharing about this book! It contains such a powerful message! I found it to be very informative and inspiring in how we can all make a difference! I am sharing about it with all of my friends and contacts as I think it is life changing! Thanks again!

  100. I weep! Thank you for the inspiration.

  101. Wow, one of the best interviews ever!!! Thank you, Marie, for the inspiration and your wisdom-sharing :). Happy New Year!!!

  102. Lily

    I love the message of hope in-“Hope is like a path in the countryside. At first there is nothing, and as people walk back and forth, a path appears.” I was diagnosed with breast and uterine cancer recently, meeting patients while sitting in offices, labs and facilities we are all making paths; paths to recovery.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      I’m so sorry to hear about your recent diagnosis. We’re sending along our best thoughts and healing wishes, and hope that your path to recovery will be a smooth one.

  103. Amazing work love it, making the difference.

  104. Amazing interview, love this story and the amazing work these people do!

  105. Tatiana Queen

    Wow, deeply touched my heart! Thank you so much for delivering this message to the World!

  106. Afedziwa Hayford

    This was inspirational.

  107. Megs C.

    What a pleasant surprise to watch this episode. I had read “half the Sky many years a go as a recommendation from a friends and absolutely LOVED it! I am watching this as a recommendation from B-School Module 1 and am feeling so inspired! This aligns perfectly with my the rest of the signs the universe has been giving me lately….. I am looking forward to reading A Path Appears! Thank Marie!

  108. Deborah Leigh

    Hi Marie,
    I was wondering if you knew of any for-profit small businesses that donate a large sum of their profits to charity? Is it difficult due to taxes to do such a thing, or is it simply not that common. I am thinking of starting a small business with my Mom, that could hopefully turn into her main source of income, with the focus of giving at least a quarter of our profits to charity.
    Any information you have that would direct us to a business model would be of great help!
    Thank you so much for all that you do! I am addicted to your videos, sometimes watching the same video multiple times to really get the wisdom it contains. You have been helping me re-frame my life into the one I have always wanted.
    So much love and respect,
    ~Deborah Leigh~

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Hi Deborah Leigh! Thank you so much for tuning in and we’re so happy to hear that you enjoy tuning in to our episodes and they’ve been helpful in re-framing your life.

      I know there are some incredible businesses out there of all sizes who contribute a significant portion of their revenue to charity. We aren’t tax experts over here ourselves, so if you’re looking for info on tax and accounting for situations where you’re donating a portion of proceeds to charity, we definitely recommend talking to an attorney or an accountant to get the best advice for setting up your business and tax filing.

      In a more general sense, the best part about running your own business is that YOU decide what it looks like! You’re welcome to check out our “Giving Back” page anytime to see how we incorporate philanthropy into our business as an example. If you’d like to regularly donate a smaller amount, or a larger amount, that’s totally up to you.

      I also thought I might share this MarieTV episode with guest, Adam Braun: Although he has a non-profit (“for purpose” as he prefers), many of the tips he shares will apply to any business looking to create change in the world.

      Thanks so much for tuning in!

  109. So inspiring. I really loved listening to every word of this interview. Magical and transformational. It’s so true that the littlest of things can make the biggest difference. Even if we touch just one person – we are touching millions. 🙂 Thankyou. I loved this! I’m inspired to pursue a cause that has touched my heart – knowing that the little things do make a difference. xxxx

  110. Amazing human beings!

  111. Arisela Shaw

    Loved this video! Thank you for sharing this. I’ll have to watch again.

  112. I agree the path to achieve success can be overwhelming at times when we feel there is not enough time in the day or family commitments are keeping us too busy. It really takes more out of us to not feel that we can’t achieve success because your draining your mind at a higher rate of speed pondering and worrying than if you actually committed and achieve it. That goes with everything we do… just get it done… The anxiety can linger and affect your entire health.

  113. Absolutely loved this couple and their message, book is already in my Amazon cart!! What I am taking away from this message is an incredible picture of how building HOPE into our purpose driven business can be life changing.

    That’s life changing for us and for others. How do we help other people find their “why”. Because I believe if we can help them find their “why”, we can help them find HOPE. Like the boys who insisted on donating to their “friends” in Oregon.

    Truly inspiring:)

  114. Ceci Landeros

    For me was amazing, i take few important thisng for me. Hope is amazing tool, and if we use it with kids who has more plasticity in their brains, they will impact with some moms, ant that could be the beginning for something huge. Another important thing that i like the most was that i need to market my cause, other way no body will know it; and the last one is wiht mistakes a lot of geniuses creat, and make the difference.

    Love and Gratitude Marie, every single video make me different.

  115. I am so thrilled by this video! Thank you so much Marie, for consistently showing us stories that inspire that change and growth is possible. Hearing successful stories is so rewarding and powerful!

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