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Have you ever had a brilliant idea, the kind that keeps you up at night fantasizing, and after a few days, weeks, or years it’s still just an idea?

Have you ever created something you wanted to share with the world but no one’s seen it yet because you’re still polishing? I’m talking about those endless tweaks that keep you from putting your work out into the world. All that time you spend hoping to get it juuuust right.

As someone with high standards who cares deeply about the quality of what I produce, I’m intimately familiar with the pull to keep polishing… forever.

But I’ve come to understand a sanity-saving distinction:

  • High standards are healthy and motivating.
  • Perfectionism is dysfunctional at best, deadly at worst.

Perfectionism is an insidious trap that can grind your output to a halt and suffocate your creative spirit — if you let it.

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So how do you know when enough is enough? Where does quality end and perfectionism begin? In other words, how do you know when your work is ready for public consumption?

While there’s no set formula, there is a simple three-word mantra that saves me from the endless urge to tweak.

Progress, Not Perfection: A Mantra to Get Sh*t Done

Perfectionism will kill your dreams. It’s the one thing that separates winners from wannabes.

In this MarieTV, I’ll show you how this simple mantra, progress, not perfection, can dissolve perfectionism and get you back on track toward your dreams.

Keep reading after the video for five strategies to strive for progress and leave perfectionism in the dust.

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None of us are immune to perfectionism. It’s a psychological barrier I still work on every dang day. 

Repeating progress, not perfection works like a magic salve to ease the chronic itch to polish, polish, polish.

What does it mean?

This mantra is about taking consistent action. Not expecting the road to be free of bumps, bruises, or detours. Not waiting until everything is perfect.

Progress, not perfection pries me loose when I’m feeling stuck. Repeat this mantra whenever you find yourself questioning your next step or endlessly “fixing” your creations.

When you choose a growth-oriented mindset — and just keep putting shiz out there — you’ll get to play, learn, experiment, and get better over time.

Focusing on progress doesn’t mean your work will eventually be perfect. In fact, you might even feel a little sheepish when you look back at your early stuff. That’s what real progress looks like, which is why I love this quote about perfectionism:

“If you are not embarrassed by the first version of your product, you have launched too late.”

~Reid Hoffman, Founder of LinkedIn

There’s no shame in growing and improving your work — but you can’t do that until you put it out there.

What’s the Big Deal? Why Perfection is the Enemy of Progress

Why not strive for perfection?

Of course, you want to do the best work possible, show up every day, and keep striving for excellence.

But excellence isn’t the same as perfection.

Perfection is an illusion, and striving for perfection sets you up for failure.

“It’s not ready yet” is a story we tell ourselves that stops us from doing any good in the world. We think if we can’t be perfect, why even try? But no one can be perfect, because perfection doesn’t exist.

Endless tweaking… tweaking… tweaking… It’s just a manifestation of procrastination and the fear of being judged. Since you’ll never reach the perfection you’re aiming for, you never have to take that next step. Like, actually sharing something with the world.

To be clear, prioritizing progress doesn’t mean lowering your standards or putting crap out into the world. Striving for progress over perfection means being relentless about learning, growing, evolving, and improving. You can’t do that if you never get anything done.

Always work hard and put in your best effort, but don’t be a tweaker.

marie forleo quote progress not perfection

No More Perfection Paralysis: 5 Strategies to Make Progress Now

Way to go! You’ve made it this far, so I know you’re ready to strive for progress, not perfection. But how?

If your work will never be perfect, how do you know when it’s “good enough”?

How do you know when it’s time to hit publish on your ideas, dreams, creations, or business?

My advice: In the words of Slick Rick… HIT IT!

Always hit that publish button sooner than you think you should.

It might be scary at first, but the more you do it, the more natural it gets until, suddenly, you’re an action-taking machine!

Here are five practices to train your brain for progress and productivity so you can finally overcome perfection paralysis.

1. Prioritize Important Over Urgent Work

Do you ever feel like you’re so busy with work that has to get done — think: clients, day jobs, housework, emails — that you never get to the valuable work you want to get done?

Here’s the thing: You can fill your day with endless to-dos. You’ll never be “done” with emails or housework. You’ll never find mystical pockets of free time in the work day. You’ll always be tempted to take on just one more client. If you wait until you “have time,” you’ll never get to work on what matters most. 

Don’t wait for time, make it.

Don’t worry — making time doesn’t require advanced physics or time travel. All you need to do is prioritize. Many people think they have clear priorities but actually have it backward.

To prioritize progress, know the difference between urgent and important and do the important stuff first.

That’s it, the whole stinkin’ thing!

Prioritizing is super simple — but not always easy. How do you distinguish between urgent and important? And isn’t the urgent stuff high-priority for a reason?

Many tasks feel urgent, but they’re not. They pop up through notifications, a knock at the door, looming deadlines, or other people’s expectations, and they demand attention NOW.

These tasks rarely support your goals because urgent things usually support other people’s goals — your clients’, employer’s, or family’s.

Important things are different. They’re quiet — no notifications, no drama, no expectations. They’re the whispers from your very own dreams and goals. Important things require self-motivation, so they’re easy to blow off.

Work on what’s important first, and you’ll realize you have more than enough time to make progress on your own goals without crashing and burning everywhere else.

Save what’s urgent for a little bit later. You’ll still get it done, I promise. Urgent stuff always gets done… because it has to.

2. Be Willing to Start Small & Sucky

Have you ever seen someone at the top of their game and thought, “Ugh, I’ll never be that good”?

Many of us give up on our dreams when we see someone we admire already crushing it. We don’t believe we’ll ever be as good as they are.

That’s a classic case of perfection paralysis.

You’re not going to be Bruce Springsteen after your first guitar lesson or Beyoncé after your first open mic. It’s great to admire others’ work, and it’s ah-mazing to dream big. Don’t ever stop!

But to get anywhere, you have to start right where you are.

You have to be willing to start small and sucky

Here’s what I mean.

When I first started my coaching business, I had a big vision. I imagined tons of people, big stages, changing the world. But I had to start somewhere way smaller.

Excited to share my ideas, I hosted my first workshop. It was attended by a whopping five people. Two of them were my parents. The third was my yoga teacher, and the last two were people she literally dragged in off the street.

Honestly, I cringe just thinking about it — until I remember there’s nothing to be ashamed of.

I took a risk. I did something new, put myself out there, and did my best to deliver value to all five of those people.

That small and sucky workshop gave me the courage to keep going. I didn’t have to be afraid anymore, because I’d already hosted my puniest workshop! That momentum fueled me.

Now I’ve been running this business for 20 years. I have reached people all over the world with my work — tens of thousands of clients, students, readers, and viewers in 195 countries, across more than 600 industries.

But it started with five people in a New Jersey basement.

Next time you find yourself stuck in perfection paralysis, remember: Starting small and sucky beats staying stucky.

3. Train Your Brain for Progress

If you’ve been stuck in perfection and procrastination mode, you may be doing a helluva lot but not making any progress.

Does this sound familiar?

  • You keep your commitment to put your butt in a chair and do the work, yet you’re not moving forward.
  • You’ve let go of the promise of perfection, but you can’t even seem to create something sucky. You feel totally blocked!
  • You’re busy checking tasks off your list and feel super productive, but you don’t seem any closer to your goal.

If you found yourself nodding your head to any of those statements, you might be stuck in the hamster wheel of perfectionism: busywork.

Instead of writing blog posts, you tweak your navigation menu 1,200 times.

Instead of scheduling calls with clients, you fiddle with the color options on your calendar app.

Instead of — well — anything, you respond to another email. So. Many. Emails.

It’s time to answer your creative dreams instead of your emails.

Put these three strategies into practice every day to break distracting habits and train your brain for progress.

  1. Do creative work first. When you wake up, you have a full tank of cognitive fuel. Every decision you make throughout the day drains that tank. If you skitter about taking care of all the little things first, you won’t have energy for important work later. Use your fuel to create in the morning, instead of blowing your daily wad on tasks that don’t move you forward.
  2. Put your entire life on airplane mode. Don’t TRY to ignore your phone, email, or Slack messages. It ain’t gonna happen. Instead, eliminate the temptation altogether. Turn off the notifications, close the tabs, delete the apps. If you can, turn off your phone. Ask people around you to pretend you don’t exist for a few hours. Don’t fight your brain’s impulse to respond to distractions — just get rid of them.
  3. Write a onesie. This isn’t about designing baby clothes or donning grown-up jammies. It’s about focus. Remove everything from your sight — no distractions. On a blank piece of paper, write the ONE task you need to work on right now, and keep that piece of paper nearby. Anytime you start acting like a digital junkie in need of something to click or double-tap, your onesie will be there to remind you to stay on task.

4. R.E.S.E.T. to Focus Your Energy

Let me read your mind for a sec.

“But, Marie, where will I find the energy every day to make progress on my creative work AND get all the little things done to keep the lights on? Won’t I burn out? Shouldn’t I just wait until I don’t have so much going on???”

I hear you loud and clear, and you know what? Give yourself a break.

I mean, literally. You need a break. Lots of them, actually.

Instead of waiting until you have absolutely nothing else to do (a.k.a. fantasyland), make the most of the time you have by taking intentional, effective breaks to recharge and avoid burnout.

I call this method R.E.S.E.T., an acronym to help you remember these steps:

Review your day, and plan breaks in advance. Getting something on your calendar wildly increases your chances of success. Schedule a 5 to 15-minute break for every 90 minutes of focused work time.

Easy to remember. Make taking breaks a no-frickin’-brainer. Set an alarm or calendar reminder to ping you every couple hours to say, “Hey there crusher, it’s break time!”

Step away from the screens. No email, web surfing, or social media during your breaks. Those might seem relaxing, but they can actually increase your fatigue.

Exersate! Or, exercise and hydrate. Drink a tall glass of water, and move your body. Get outside for a walk, do some stretches, or — one of my favorites — take a dance break.

Tune back in. Where attention goes, energy flows. So take a deep breath, and redirect your cognitive energy to get cracking and focus on progress.

5. Start Before You’re Ready

One of the stickiest myths of perfectionism is that there will be a “right time” to do something. You just have to wait for your magic Disney moment. If you put your work out too early, you’ll never get it right… Right?

You already know I’m going to tell you: WRONG-O.

If you want to make any progress toward your dream life or business, you’ve got to get out there and do the work. Not at the “right time.” Right now.

You have to start before you’re ready.

Even if that means doing the work for free.

Even if you still have a lot to learn (you always will).

Even if you don’t have enough time, enough money, enough __________ [insert your favorite excuse here].

Starting before you’re ready means doing the work. Get out there and go for it with your whole heart.

If You Wait to Get It Perfect, You’ll Never Get It Done

Don’t let perfectionism and procrastination crush your productivity.

This simple mantra, progress, not perfection, will dismantle your paralyzing pursuit of perfection so you can create more swiftly and joyfully.

Most importantly, it’ll help you stay rooted in growth.

Now, let’s turn this insight into action.

Grab a notebook, and take 5 to 10 minutes to examine your experience with perfectionism by writing down your answers to these questions:

  • Is there something you’re stopping yourself from doing because you’re not willing to be less-than-perfect? Where are you procrastinating instead of progressing?
  • Have you ever done something as cringe-worthy as my first workshop that got your momentum going? How can you use that experience to fuel you when you’re feeling uncertain?
  • What can you do every day to remind yourself when it’s time to stop polishing and just hit publish?

The greatest barrier to achieving your dreams, sharing your talents, and making your deepest contribution to the world is believing that critical voice in your head. The one that says, “It’s not good enough yet.”

Use this mantra — progress, not perfection — anytime you’re feeling stuck or afraid. Free yourself from perfectionism so you can share your gifts with the world.

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  1. You had me at the first sentence! ?? Thank you for reminding me of Reid Hoffman’s quote – that’s the second time I’ve seen this today alone. Definitely a sign + nudge that I need to stop tweaking + start launching.

    • Rachel – Don’t you just love signs from Marie? It’s like she KNOWS 🙂 And YES – you’ve got this – 3, 2, 1 LAUNCH AWAY! We’re cheering you on!


      • Thank you so much lovely! I’ve spent today brainstorming ways to move forward + lots of other fun things! 🙂 xo

    • A sign for me too! I keep trying to tweak my sites and posts before I launch. It won’t be perfect (there’s no such thing) and starting out on a low budget it won’t be Marie’s caliber. I need to just launch!

      • Haha Frances, I’m right there with you!! 🙂

      • Ditto

  2. Constantly. Guilty. 🙂 Thanks for the timely message as I head back into Planet Copywriting!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Mmm yeah, I’m constantly guilty of this too — you’re SO not alone, Kelly! We’re so glad to hear this episode was timely for you 🙂 Happy copywriting!

  3. Perfect timing Marie! Thanks for the kick in the @ss!!

  4. Please please please pretty please:
    #heyMarie – please do let us know : where do you get your dresses from?
    We all die to know 🙂
    sorry to be off topic 🙂 Love XX

    • I second this! Marie your dress is killer! 🙂 Fashion side blog? Pretty please!!

      I really struggle with the perfectionism issue. It was hard wired into me as a kid growing up and learning to play classical music. There was about -0- room for interpretation because a Mozart piece always had to be just so. That’s really translated into my adult life, but the “progress not perfection” mantra has helped tremendously!

    • Tonya

      I was thinking the same thing.

      • Katie Clarke

        me too! i want a link to buy on every Marie outfit!

  5. Now – ON topic –
    I am a mega super freaking perfectionist! so thank you!! Marie & team! 10000 times for this!! Thank you so so much! FAB as ever!! With love

  6. YAYESS! I love this MarieTV today. I’m all for #progressnotperfection! I’ve just re-launched what feels like my entire LIFE (but really it’s mostly business) and with everything I’m doing I’ve been publishing before it’s totally ready.

    For example, I’ve had such success over at Instagram that I thought – I need to teach a class to help people BUST their writing blocks and help them get their butt in the chair to write.

    I took the feedback I’d been getting in my posts and put out a class offering and then I got an idea to do a larger course. None of the outlines were written when I announced but I was like “gotta do it!” and hit that publish button.

    And what do you know, people are stoked AND they’re actually helping me put together the perfect workshop for them because they’re sharing their struggles and I’m putting together solutions for those struggles.

    Thank you for the the reminder that it’s ok to “start before your ready” and not get too cuckoo bananas with the tweaks, Marie!


    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      LOVE this, Licia! xoxo

      • Caroline – Thank you! And I love seeing YOU here! YAY! 🙂

  7. I can totally relate to Laura’s struggle! I’ve been fighting with perfectionism my whole life. This year I decided I need to make a stop to it (as much as I can :)) otherwise I’ll never really enjoy living my life which is absurd!
    I put myself in action. I knew I needed a support so I organized a Meetup group in Amsterdam based on the best book on creative recovery (for my opinion a must read), called The artist way. With a group of like-minded people we all get endless support and safe environment to explore new things and move forward. I can’t express how grateful I am to be part of all these people’s lives. I already got SO much and am now finally brave enough to start on my new project and most importantly sharing it online on Instagram. If you could read my thought you’d believe that is a progress :))
    Thanks for this priceless (as always) episode <3

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Barchi, thank you so much for your comment. I just love that you’ve started a meetup group around The Artists Way (I adore that book!), and it’s wonderful that you’ve found it helpful and supportive. Big cheers and high fives for your new project and sharing it online! ♥

      • Thank you … high five back for being awesome 😉 <3

    • Madeline

      #HeyMarie Funny this email came through as I was tweaking! Coincidence? I think not! I battled tweaking with your mantra progress not perfection that you taught me in this year’s B School. Thank you! But I have another Q for you; when you’ve written something and you’re ready to publish and ask folks to proofread it for you, but then they make comments/propose changes to content. I mean, I finally get past all the tweaking and I’m just looking for corrections, but then get opinions. How do you handle that? Appreciate any insight you can share … for someone who’s new at this.

      Thank you.
      With love,

      • That´s a great question… I would really filter who I´m consulting… Let´s see what Marie & her awesome team have to say about this… Thank you!

    • Evi

      Hello there! I looked up the title of the book you suggested and i was wondering which version of the book to buy or to start with. I am a painter and perfectionism and procrastination have been with me my whole life, keeping me away from my artistic career.

      Thanks for sharing,

  8. Awesome! I used to be so afraid of posting because I wanted my writing to be perfect. But let’s all face it – it never is!!

    • Michelle! Exactly – I love the “edit” button so much for this very reason – get the writing out there and then edit as needed 🙂 xoxo

  9. one more ON topic comment: Thanks to your incredible interview with Liz Gilbert, I am now listening to her audiobook BIG MAGIC – incredible!! And she mentions this too – a.o. quoting Marcus Aurelius!! who doubted his own writing and worried he would not be as good as Plato! so even geniuses do doubt, and in the end it is better to DO than not to do… it helped me immensely as I think ALL of my work is so so painfully imperfect, BUT I try to hope it is not as bad as it seems to me…

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Maja, I absolutely loved that part of Big Magic, too! We’re so glad you enjoyed our interview with Liz — I think it’s one of our best ever 🙂 And I definitely think we’re always much more critical of our work than anyone else ever would be!

  10. Maja

    #heymarie i have a question! how to handle expectations from people that don’t understand your job, have unreal expectations and just lack the competence needed to talk about inspirational but real objectives?
    love your work! have been following for years. 🙂

  11. bianca

    Yes Marie. As I am editing my novel for the 100th time, I am seeing your post. I am reworking because agents requested flashbacks and so far, without them, I have been getting rejections and can’t take it anymore. But even if the flashbacks aren’t perfect, I will send out. Thanks for inspiring me! I wish there were more kind-hearted people in the world.

    • Bianca – I love this comment so much because I am reminded that, in our writing, sometimes the things that are the hardest to write out are the EXACT things that need to happen for our writing to become whole and complete.

      I feel your work here and am excited for you as you get those flashbacks into action – even if they’re not perfect they’ll be done and your gorgeous editor from a publishing house can guide you to the next level. (I’m always grateful for my editor – she gets me going!) xoxo

  12. When I was struggling with my Masters thesis, my husband shared a great saying with me: “There’s good. And then there’s good enough.” It was a timely reminder to quit majoring in the minors and get it done.
    I did (and I got an A (:).
    And now, years later, your post is a timely reminder about “over-tweaking!” Especially now, when I am working to put my content online and trying to battle “perfect as the enemy of the good.” Thanks Marie!

    • Jan, I love how you put it – “quit majoring in the minors” – AMEN to that! This another mantra that I’ll be adding into my daily life 🙂 Thank you!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      So great, Jan! I really dig the “majoring in the minors” idea 🙂

  13. This is one of my mantras too! Thanks, Marie and team!

  14. YES YES YES YES YES! I used to be a freelance photographer, and spent more time re-editing and saving different editings of photos, than I did, taking the photo’s. It got to the point that I stopped taking photos in general. I just turned myself off to my passion. Now with my website, I don’t focus too much on the photography, but the content overall. I will admit, sometimes I hate my photos, but still post them, why….because I hate them, not everyone else. I have noticed that something I wasn’t happy with, ended up getting amazing feedback. We are our own worst critic, and we need to stop. I am forever a work in progress, but I’m not trying to nitpick anymore. TRYING, key word.

  15. Gail

    I just realized, today, that I almost ALWAYS read your emails and watch your videos on the day I get them. Over the years I’ve subscribed to lots of different things, most of which end up in the junk file or marked as read even though they haven’t been. I really look forward to getting these and love how clean and soothing your website is to the eye.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much, Gail! That means the world to hear, and we’re so grateful to have you tuning in with us each week ♥

    • Same here. Marie’s videos are the ones I look forward to the most from the many different business and self-improvement lists I’ve subscribed to.

    • That is so sweet & grateful, Gail… I so agree with you! I love Marie´s impeccability in every detail- the content, the presentation, the offer & the packaging, starting with her flawless communication, presence, energy, wardrobe, make-up, hair…- though she is telling us not to go for perfection… Hmmm #heyMarie What is the best distinction between the two?

      • Caroline - Team Forleo

        Oooh I have just the MarieTV for you, Monica! We’re very fortunate to have an incredible team now that helps out with making our MarieTV episodes as incredible as they can be, but Marie is the first to share that it didn’t start out that way. Actually, her earliest videos were made in her kitchen on her Mac with no editing at all.

        It’s great to strive for doing a fantastic job with our work and continually improve, as all of our work does evolve over time and become better and better. The healthy balance is all about not letting ourselves stop before we even start, or not create anything new, for fear of it not being good enough or perfect enough.

        Here’s that episode I mentioned (it’s one of my favorites!):

  16. Geezer Geek

    In software development we call this “creeping elegance”, the desire to keep adding features to make the app more and more amazing. I’ve found that it works better to make a base set of features so it works (and DOES NOT CRASH!) and then send it out to testers. The feedback from them will tell me what features are really needed and what’s wrong with what I’ve done. Good post!

    • Geezer Geek – I love this so much! “Creeping elegance” is such a perfect descriptor for this! xo

  17. What is perfection anyway?
    One person’s perfection is another person’s mediocre so if you shoot for perfection, the target is always a moving one!
    My favourite mantra – “The only failure is not doing – when you take action, there is either success or learning!”

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Oh wow, I really needed to hear the “perfection is a moving target” message — thank you so much for sharing, Caroline!

      • Agreed, that’s a great way to look at perfectionism! I will be sure to remember that! Thanks! 🙂

  18. Wow Marie! How did you know lol! I have been procrastinating, shooting, re-shooting the first 2 videos for my first online course on productivity… I now decide to finish shooting this month and just publish! Thanks!!!!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Awesome! Go, Rudiano — we’re cheering you on! 🙂

    • I can so relate… I´ve been there… Now I post my videos anyway, yet I am nowhere near the impeccability in Marie´s show… Long way to go… And great Team to build, too… As you can never do everything yourself, expecting excellence in every area of Pre & Post-Production, Copywriting, Photography, Edition, Decoration… I know this, since I used to work in TV channels for over 18 years; where I would just show up with what I wanted to share in Fitness & Wellness… And the TV shows were impeccably edited and broadcasted… Now, YouTube is all me… For the moment being… #HeyMarie What do you recommend to Rudiano & me? How do you distinguish between a Marketing video- which may be & look home-made- and a Marketing video which is highly polished and shows you invested in its Production? Can you make both, like many leaders and mentors do? Should I hire someone as soon as possible, to help me take my Video Marketing to the next level?

      • Caroline - Team Forleo

        Hi Monica! I just shared one of my favorite MarieTV episodes as a reply to one of your other comments that you might find helpful in regards to your question here, so I’m happy to share that again plus a couple more that might help tease out some answers to your Q’s.

        In terms of your question about distinguishing between types of videos, with the world of modern marketing, I find it’s not always easy to tell, actually. There are businesses who do actually intentionally use the “home-made” look for their brand whether they work with video teams or not, and others who use even basic (or free) tools to create videos themselves that look really polished.

        As Marie shares in some of those episodes, the most important part is being true to what your vision is for your business and brand, and continuing to grow and work toward what that vision is. Knowing that can also help clarify if you’d like to work on some of this yourself or hire someone (more on that in this episode:

        I hope those episodes help provide some great food for thought! 🙂

        • Oh how I’m glad I revisited this post and the others I’ve commented on! I would have missed out on the gold!
          Thanks Monica for the brilliant Qs and Caroline for the splendid As ?

  19. Dear Marie, thank you for giving us that special gift that only you have!

  20. Thank you Marie, I too find it differcult to move forward sometimes thinking my work isnt good enough yet. I agree #Progressnotperfection,

    • You know what, Claudia? As Marie said in one of her shows about making your decisions: “The more you love your decisions, the less you need others to love them.”
      I love my perfectly imperfect work so much, that I actually don´t need others to love it either… Wow! That in itself is a revelation for me, because I am in that place of self-love, that includes my mistakes, rock-bottom moments, no excuses “let´s do this” attitude… And the fact that, even if you think nobody is going to like something: for example, I made a video about recovering from a broken heart, which I had the courage to post, despite the limiting beliefs that people were not going to like it or like me… Guess what? Some people surprised me by confessing their own heartbreaks, and reaching out to me for advice… So… Even though I see Marie as my perfectly impeccable mentor, I know that eventually we are here because we want to learn how to share that special gift that only we have… With love & vulnerability… So let´s love ourselves enough- right where we are- to know that it would be selfish not to share… Not just our light and shining talents, but also our struggle and pain… You never know who you may help, encourage, empower and inspire along the way. Thank you in advance… We do need you to play that music that is within you, Claudia, wherever you are…. In the meta sense, too… xo Monica

  21. David

    I stopped tweaking and put my service out there since the main speaker didn’t show up at the event and there was no one else from my group to talk. XD

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Oh man, that’s such a sticky situation, David. Sometimes diving in unexpectedly can do wonders, though 🙂

  22. I’m a musician, and have been in the field for 40 years. This video hits to the heart of my issues. I perform, and am always wanting it to be ‘perfect’. This perfectionism bleeds into every area of my life-and leads to horrible procrastination, because if it isn’t perfect, I don’t want to start. I’m writing out this mantra-it’s absolutely right!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      As a fellow musician, I hear you 1,000%, Yvonne. I hope this episode can help serve as a little inspiration to keep getting out there and sharing your work! ♥

  23. Betty

    #heymarie or any other person who can help. The problem of perfectionism plus being very indecisive is one of my greatest drawbacks and it relates to various aspects of my life. I constantly change my mind and polish up things because I think that what I’ve just done or chosen isn’t good enough. Could you recommend me some more sources on how to deal with it? Any authors, books or other materials relating to it? Thanks for everything you do 🙂

    • Betty – I think anything by Seth Godin might help. I really love his book The Icarus Deception and think it might be a good one for you. Marie also just did an interview with him last week that was very good and I think you might like if you didn’t already watch it. It’s all about acting now and not waiting for the “right” time. I think as perfectionists we are always sort of waiting for the “right” time or the “right” option when we really just need to continually CHOOSE and ACT. Best of luck, you can do it! 🙂

      • Betty

        That’s so nice of you to answer my question. Big thanks! I’ve already seen this amazing interview but I haven’t read the book. I will certainly do that in the nearest future. By the way – I’ve just peeked at your blog – looks promising 🙂

        • Ali

          Oh thanks Betty! I appreciate the kind words! 🙂

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Betty, I can absolutely share some more great resources! We’ve done a few other MarieTV episodes on different ways to move past perfectionism and make decisions, so I thought I’d share a few of my favorites:

      Elizabeth Gilbert’s book “Big Magic” and her podcast “Magic Lessons” are just amazing for anti-perfection 🙂

      Also, we just LOVE Steven Pressfield’s “The War Of Art” too. It’s classic!

      • Betty

        Thanks so much! Thats’s amazing! Now I can do a really PERFECT research on how to stop being a perfectionist 😉

  24. Jessica Reid

    So timely! I was overwhelmed by making a full web-site so I decided to do the simple launch site suggestion from B-school. I felt that was totally do-able and it gave me a concrete next step. But I felt myself, researching, researching and more researching! i spent HOURS! What’s the best landing site, what’s the best thank-you template and I could go on. I’ve been tweaking the simple launch design template forever! This morning, I finally just decided to pick a template and publish. I just wanted to pick something I’m proud of but I can see now how perfectionism is a manifestation of fear. Underlying was the fear of people asking a lot of questions, while I’m still figuring out what I’m doing with my website and company. I’m gonna try my best to always do progress over perfection.

    • Jessica – this is SO me. I did the same thing. Spent SOOO much time researching trying to make everything perfect before launching my site. Finally I just launched and fine tuned from there. But I’m the same way, always trying to make things perfect before other people see them. Good job just going for it! 🙂

  25. OH, my gosh. So perfect for me.
    Thank you thank you thank you.

    As a counselor, I procrastinated going into private practice because I was SURE I wasn’t a perfect counselor yet. I didn’t know everything! I needed more schooling! More training! But I did it anyway. My website sucked, but it was there. And with each client, I learned more about me and my practice. And it evolved. It still isn’t perfect. But learning from you and B-School last spring was tremendously helpful.

    Now, I’m starting a new venture. One I’ve longed to do, and even wanted to do last year in B-School, but it wasn’t the right time: A self-directed learning school for ages 4-18.

    This time, I’m not looking for perfect. I’m looking for STARTING.

    Eventually, I want a word working shop, an art room, and quiet space, sportsballs, and science equipment, but if I wait for all that, I’d never start.

    The space that is affordable and available to rent is in a church, and has none of that, but we can provide some of it, and it has a fantastic outdoor space, and is only a block from the river/bike trail.

    And it will evolve. I believe that. Maybe someday I’ll be able to design a building and outdoor space from scratch. Or find the perfect house to convert to a school.

    And I need to start as a homeschool co-op, but I’ll have kids enrolled, and I can continue working towards becoming a real school.

    For sure, perfection has threatened to stop me in my tracks before. But I’ve learned to just start, and tweak and fix and adjust and evolve along the way.

    • Your school sounds awesome Dylan! Something I would want my kids to go to! We need more people like you making education BETTER. Thanks for your dedication and work for our youth 🙂 Excited to hear about your progress with the school – keep working hard!

      All the best,

      • OMG! Thank you! My inspirations are Peter Gray and The Sudbury Valley Model of Education.

        I’ve been wanting a school like this in our valley for years. Been following them for twenty years. After most of my clients have been kids having issues due in part (often mostly) because of lack of recess, play, autonomy, control and coerced education, and their parents wanting me to help them adjust…I decided to stop waiting for someone else to do it. 🙂

      • Also…just went and looked at your website!

        YOU ROCK! 🙂 Keep on with your badass self!

        • Ali

          That’s so awesome Dylan! Like I said we really need more people like you taking action and changing our education system! Thank you thank you! And thank you for the kind words about my blog 🙂 🙂 Much appreciated!!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Awesome, Dylan! Once something starts, it can always grown and evolve from there. We’re cheering you on all the way ♥

    • Congratulations, Dylan!
      … For your dream, your ideas and your Marie way to go!
      We need more Counselors like you, since self-directed learning is an Evolved Education that the world urgently needs… Thank you for spreading your message!

  26. I think perfectionism is a disease. You can’t get a lot of tasks done because you want everything to be perfect. To overcome this perfection obsession, I set a time in doing a certain task and make sure that I give 100% of my focus, no phones, or any distraction whatsoever. In this way, I know that by the time the alarm rings, I know that I did my best with the time that I had. 🙂 let’s all keep on working towards progress. Again thank you Marie for your very timely videos especially for aspiring entrepreneurs. More power!

  27. Hahaha!

    The constant quest for perfection (aka procrastination) is woven pretty much through my life story!

    Thanks for the timely reminder…


  28. Djuro

    Marie is right.
    Perfectionism is a waste of time and energy!
    I love Marie TV!

  29. Yes, Yes and more YES! For so long I was trying to be everything and do everything myself. Learning everything I could about building a website, SEO, photography, design, you name it! All so I could get my blog up and running and have it look nice. Instead of just getting out there and producing good content I was worried about alllll the little things being perfect. It took me way longer than it should’ve to get my site up when I should’ve just executed and tweaked from there. Thanks for this reminder to just keep acting and the edits can come later!! 🙂 🙂

  30. Your reminder is important to me. I finally get a date to do a presentation which meant I would take public as of that date. The presentation was a success and now it is about going to the next level and do some tweaking. Thanks.

  31. What a great episode. As if you just read my mind, Marie & Laura. 🙂 I’m also only starting out my biz and about a week away from launching my site. I caught myself many time reworking and tweaking the content. Especially after just finishing B-school I try to apply what I learned and seem always think that what I create today is better than what I did yesterday. So I said to myself, stop watching the videos over and over again, do it once – apply, twice – apply and with the third time just move on. I’m still few days away from pressing the LIVE button but almost there. The mantra progress not perfection is liberating.
    Thank you so much for all your work!!!

    • So exciting! Good luck & looking forward to seeing your site when it’s live!!

  32. Carol Rosdobutko

    Just what I needed to hear today. Thanks Marie.

  33. Omg….it’s like God speaking to me in this email. I’ve been waiting for this perfect pitch to launch my Youth Builders company. I do have a few small things to tweak but I identify with your messageso much, thanks Marie, you are blessed and you’re reaching people like me and I’m sure many others feel the same.

    Thanks so much.
    Xoxo you all at Marie TV.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much, George! We’re cheering you on for your company launch 🙂

  34. A lot of my clients/ followers do this with workouts. They need it to be a Monday to start.. or the first of the month.. or first of the year.. or when the kids go back to school.. or a new moon.. I just always tell them to take a deep breath and that is their fresh start!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Love it, Kyra!

  35. progress not perfection resonates with me and exactly what i needed to hear today. your email popped up just as i was in the midst of pulling my hair out tweaking my copy for millionth time. thank you!!!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Oh wow, we’re so glad that our email arrived at just the right time, Kathy. Click that publish button! 😉

  36. Jen

    This is the first time I have actually commented on an episode, although I have enjoyed many others. I am constantly “tweaking” my work, and it feels like an endless spiral where I can never make my work exactly how I want it. This has definitely affected me in many ways. I spend way too much time working on subjects and work that do not really have an impact on me or are not really necessary. I have gone over assignments multiple times making small corrections each time. Even with this comment, I am correcting my words and sentences multiple times. This procrastination until I have achieved perfection never comes. Eventually, I just hand in my work even though I am unhappy with it. Even if I get 100% on an assignment, I still feel like I could have made it better. I am starting to take steps to limit the amount of “corrections” that I make before submitting work. I know it will take a lot of time, but I need to do this so that I can reduce my stress levels and actually get work accomplished.
    Thanks for the reminder Marie!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Jen, thank you so much for your comment, and we’re so glad this episode really resonated with you. We’re honored that you were inspired to comment today for the first time, and hope that this episode helps serve as a little point of inspiration to you! xo

  37. Yes! So agree. I’m a doer, not a thinker…and sometimes that gets me into trouble, but a lot of the times it keeps me moving in a direction and awesome things happen. Analysis paralysis, I say!

  38. Thank you for this timely reminder, Marie! Tackling perfectionism and its nasty byproduct (i.e., procrastination/paralysis) is no easy feat (even after months of going at it), and I so needed these words today. My sweet husband recently reminded me, “It doesn’t have to be ‘right’, it just has to be done.” I’ll be adding your mantra to that one! Lots of love to you! Grateful for all that you do. xo

  39. Ode

    I think it has a lot to do with the industry and what others we look up to are doing. I remember in my earlier business where I owned a small vocational school a few streets from a state technical college and had students come to me in droves because my courses were “short and sweet”. I never felt this level of a need to “measure up” like I do now when I did that business, I just went for it.

    I’m not a perfectionist per say, but I hate to be a mediocre. I just don’t have the time and resources to put together the beautiful designs and all the other stuff that goes with not being a dinosaur of our times without the overwhelms. That’s really what the problem is for me and yes, canva, fiverr and all of them have their own drawbacks too. It’s frustrating.

  40. I have been wanting to reach out to more brick and mortar stores for years now to see if they would like to carry my jewelry line, and I’ve been tweaking my marketing plan for years and haven’t quite pursued the marketing efforts I want to because I have an etsy shop and don’t yet have the means to get my own online shop out there yet, but thats it, I’m not going to let not having my own shop yet stop me anymore! Brick and Mortar Stores, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, I’m coming for ya!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      YES! Go Aziza! 🙂

  41. #heyMARIE this episode was made for ME! I opened my new business yesterday and you are often my morning “meeting” to set my day. As you said, I was embarrassed when the first couple walked through the door and asked me many questions that I could not answer! YIKES! I found the answers and am pretty sure I will still sell an organic mattress to this couple and I learned more in that hour than I would have in a week without that experience. #progressnotperfection Thank you! You are inspiring me every day and mostly to always be optimistic! It’s easier and way more fun than thinking I am going to bomb.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Oh thank you so much, Karna! We’re honored to know our episodes are like a morning “meeting” for you — that’s awesome. We’re cheering you on and wishing you so much success with your new business!

  42. Dorothy

    Thanks Marie! This was confirmation for me. I have been holding myself back because and that is why I have not had any progress. You can’t grow if you don’t go. Launch, Launch, Launch. Get better every time!!!

  43. Lorri Carnevale

    Love this as I was watching this my bff sent me a text telling me to watch this lol great minds think a like…I am this person I design design design and then I don’t put it out there hmmmmmmmmmmm I guess I feel I am not good enough, or who is going to buy this all the normal feelings but fear is truly what it is the unknown or even what if they do like it then what can I reproduce a lot of pieces. So yes I am guilty of this and scared is what I am but thank you Marie I will try to hit the publish button and I know that everything is “figureoutable”

    Imperfectly Beautiful

  44. We launched a course back in January of this year. I had high expectations of having “facilitators” purchase our biz package where they could then enroll people to go through the course. We had 89 people purchase the package at $800 – and I immediately heard that they wanted videos to accompany the material. So I stopped the process, scripted and just shot the 48 videos and am now integrating those into the course. We’re going to relaunch in January 2017 and anticipate quickly growing to 1000 facilitators with a course that is now greatly enhanced over my original version. I’ve always been the “ready, fire, aim” guy and it’s served me pretty well.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      That’s so great, Dan! What an awesome example of diving in and taking immediate action.

  45. Thank you so much for posting this! The timing could not be more serendipitous! I just launched my new business, and have had so many people giving me advice on how I can improve my brand, and especially my website, etc. It has been so discouraging. I have finally decided I am going to let it rest for a bit, as it has stolen my time and my spirit. For now I am going to focus on my positive energy and getting my business out there. Once I get clients and I get the business off the ground, I will rethink where my next investment into this business will be. For now, I will tweak here and there as I have light bulb moments as I always seek to improve and refine who my audience is and what my message is.

  46. jen

    OMG I feel like right now I have been training new peeps and using my videos from five years ago to establish some basics as I did a 10-part series called “this is how we do it” back then. First of all, I have to sift through some videos on my blog that are…wow…angry and also BORING. I watch and think things like…aaah I hate my voice and LOOK at that crappy video quality…and even better: ‘why do i talk so slow…’ It pains me so much that I want to go through all of my last six years of content and erase some of it forever. haha. I have grown in self-compassion and being reactionary, but the refreshing part is that i forgot how clear i was back then because I wasn’t worried about who ‘liked’ my ideas, or how to get people on board…or fundraising…or networking. And many of my general hopes for change and concepts remain true to my soul today. Serving folks is giving them the authentic you and I guess that means the good, boring and the ugly…haha. The best thing about looking back once I get over the perfectionist tweeking is that I am reminded of my passion, my truth and how far the lovely road of service has taken me. I am a mama of two on the autism spectrum and they are adults now. My mission was to share our adventures weekly and inspire peeps. We are now a 501c3 and I am struggling with managing the board, our niche and how to create my vision of a concrete space and/or spaces where people can say YES to their adventures regardless of what they are or what challenges arise…and autism peeps require some support for strong yesses to occur. ha. I am a poet, a scientist and an awesome adventurous single mom and damn Marie…I like perfection…and of course it kills my dreams sometimes. Thank you for this post because its easy to see that no matter what I do, and how i do it, mission accomplished if ‘I’ have managed to do it too. Love your face Marie and you ‘top bun’. Peace and Love, zen jen

  47. FINALLY finished the final, final, final version of my direct mail package for a new product and when I was putting it together, stuffing envelopes I caught a mistake. Ugggggh. But it was too late (for all kinds of reasons) to stop and fix it. I was SO disappointed. BUT, I decided to make it part of the mailing. I printed and washi-taped an “Oooops” to the package asking people how good their proofreading skills were and challenged them to find the error. Well, they found it . . . and two others(!). But that little oooops turned out to be an unexpected highlight of the package . . . people enjoyed being a part of it (the solution?).

    • Awesome. That could be a great tactic to increase open rates. I may add some typos to my next promotion. 😉

      • Thanks Sean, someone else suggested making it a regular feature . . . of course it probably helped that if people could find it, they are entered into a drawing for a boxed set of my Winter Beauty snow folk greeting cards!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      That’s amazing, Christine! What a great solution – I love it 🙂

      • Thanks, I was really overwhelmed because it was going to my clients (I’m a graphic designer and typos, well . . . not so good). But a bit of creative thinking and I believe everyone related to the problem and also felt good about testing their proofing skills, go figure!

  48. Andy

    Hi, I used to be a perfectionist with my proposals and projects, constantly going over and over things for weeks on end before submitting them to senior management and the board, but these days if I have a proposal to put forward I just give it a little thought and send it through in what you could call it’s raw state, the reason for this change in my outlook is that when you are managing for someone else’s company they will always dissect your work and if they can will get ideas from it, put it back together in a changed format then roll it out several months later as their own work, I’m sure not all companies operate like this but if you work for one that doe’s save yourself a lot of time and stress and don’t over complicate things, I’m not saying don’t put the effort in just don’t get bogged down trying to think what will please others, please yourself first and you’ll be more productive.
    Great shows and advice Marie, helped tremendously over the last 18 months in what has been a, challenging career path that I decided to go down, THANKS.

  49. The timing couldn’t be more perfect! I’ve been working at and tweaking a project for some time now. Time to put it out there and see where it takes me! Thank you, Marie!

  50. Please tell me that you dont think I stop should stop tweeking my husband! You dont get to 30 years by leaving him as he is lol! just joking! Great video thanks xox

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Hahaha too funny, Valerie! 😉

  51. Such an important reminder, thank you! It’s all about bravely getting your work out there. The editing an tweaking can go on forever. Just do it x

  52. Thanks for this! My main “hobby” that I spend hours a week doing is crochet lace. I love to crochet lace and create beautiful pieces that can be used around the house or as accents on clothing. I usually start with someone else’s pattern. I decided to try my hand at creating original lace piece. I carefully did the math, row-by-row. I added in textural elements that were beautiful. I made myself write down each row and each stitch so I could duplicate the pattern. I finished the piece (a doily), worked in the thread ends, washed it, blocked it out and as I was putting in the last few blocking pins I saw a mistake. I started to throw it away and then decided maybe the mistake wouldn’t show (it doesn’t) and kept the finished piece. It is on my piano and a little glass gecko covers the one mistake. Until today, I felt a little guilty about keeping the piece—NOW I don’t!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      I LOVE this, Glenda! I crochet lace too and have definitely had the same realization at the tail end of a project. No one else notices though! 🙂 Kudos to you for keeping the piece – I’m sure it’s spectacular ♥

  53. Oh, Perfection!
    Thy sweet, sweet siren voice does call to me.
    You promise love and adoration;
    Neither comes.
    You promise a warm embrace;
    Instead, you place a pillow over my face.
    You tell me “they” need to see the best of me;
    Yet you never let me out of your cage.
    Be gone perfection. I have a new love.
    Her name is Progress.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Thanks so much for sharing your poem with us, Sean! You captured the battle between progress and perfection so well.

  54. Like what seems to be the majority of us here in this comment section, I have struggled with perfectionism in the past and still do find myself battling with it every so often. My old boss used to actually scold me for keeping the small coffee shop I managed too clean and would tell me that “perfect is the enemy of good.”

    This opened my eyes so that I could see some of the other areas in my life where I was wasting so much energy trying to be “perfect” when “good” would have been plenty sufficient. While I am a firm believer in giving it your all in everything that you do, I no longer expect my “all” to be flawless.
    And actually, when I am done writing this comment, I will begin editing a video for my YouTube channel where I mispronounced more than a few words throughout… It will be painful to work through, but it won’t impact the quality of my video or decrease its value to my viewers, so there is no sense in recreating it just so that it is “perfect.” (because goodness knows there’s really no such thing anyways!)

    Thank you for the video, Marie and team! #ProgressNotPerfection

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Right on, Phantom! We’re super proud of you for choosing progress over perfection and we’ll be cheering you on.

  55. L

    Hello Marie and team, thank for a great reminder about perfectionism. I think it is so true to aim for progression rather than perfection. There is one thing though that worries me: as you post/publish work or put yourself out there, how can you avoid building a bad reputation for yourself by repeatedly presenting work that is not yet fully “competent” or “professional”? I don’t mind putting myself out there early in my career but I am afraid others in my field will label me as someone producing mediocre work. Thanks so much! L

  56. I often forget to leave a comment, but this time I had to. First, thank you for creating this value for all of us. Second, this small shift in thinking will literally save me hours. I’m not super big on tweaking, but I will spend days thinking of the topic I want to write on and not begin putting pen to paper because I don’t want to make subpar work. Not anymore! Thanks Marie

  57. Love that you addressed perfection paralysis AND talked about not putting crap out there — something is not always better than nothing. Use your mad skills, shine your best light, and hit the go button before you think you’re ready. I just did this with my new website, and while I look at it and think “this is so far from perfect” I am proud of myself for getting it out there! Thanks Marie & team!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Congrats, Annmarie! That’s so exciting! 🙂

    • Hey Ann Marie, I just looked at your beautiful site… And guess what I found:
      “Perfection is Achieved Not When There Is Nothing More to Add, But When There Is Nothing Left to Take Away” – Antoine de Saint-Exupery ; ) So cool

  58. Georgina G

    Tweaking and retweaking is the act of ego nailing the spirit, wittling away the core spirit…protect the intent, the essence and passion of your message or action. You just have to be human, pat yourself on the back or forgive yourself…then do it again better!…overcriticism is a form of self sabotage, tell your ego and inner critic to go LOVE itself! Thanks again Marie…

    • Ooooh… I love this! So true… To the core… Let´s let our spirit be free of unrealistic constraints! Thank you, Georgina!

    • Georgina G

      ps~ In honor of your brilliance Marie, I used your hashtag #progressnotperfection to convince a fencesitter to JUMP and to VOTE #imwithher! women are always rated on (false perfection) when there are two points of evil or discontention — choose the one with more LOVE in it…and then…once again
      …go LOVE yourself!

  59. Boy, did I need that. The urge to tweak and fix before launch is a killer. “Launch now, fix later” is something I’m working on.

  60. Pia

    Thank you for this great episode – I am also continuously tweaking my presentations and long e-mails at work – totally guilty of perfectionism. Usually a deadline is the trigger for me to get it done and out.

  61. I’m so glad you had this episode, Marie. As a time management & business strategist, this is something sooo many of my client’s struggle with. And something I constantly have to work on myself.

    Perfectionism is a disease that stops growth.

    I’ve learned to stop tweaking because I’ve missed opportunities that I regret because I was trying to get it “just right.”

    Sometimes when I’m stuck doing something, I get others involved because I’m too stuck in my head and on the project to see it clearly. This has been the most beneficial for me.

    Thanks again, Marie, for another great episode.

  62. Jawad

    Hey Marie,
    Thank you very much for your worthwile content. It’s really inspiring and gives me that push to continue working and believing in myself.
    Actually,perfection is synonim of procrastination and enemy of progress and soar.We need tobelieve in ourselves and and try continually and wholeheartedly tomake progress and improvement without feeling guilty about what we put out there publically, because there’s always a room for improvements, it’s human.

    Thank you again and keep inspiring people!
    With love

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much, Jawad! We’re so glad you enjoyed this episode and took a moment to share your comment here 🙂

  63. Can soooo relate to this. I closed my web shop back in March because I thought my website wasn’t good enough. I’m now ready (8 months later) to finally launch it and it’s still not ‘perfect’. I think a part of the hold up was definately fear but now thanks to this video I’m going for #ProgressNotPerfection! I needed this. Thank you x

  64. Oooo I can totally relate and I so had an episode of this the other day.
    I had to stop myself and say, “Is this your fear of people judging your work coming out or are you simply frustrated that it’s not turning out the way you’d like it to look?” And in the end it was a combination of both, but to remedy the situation, I took a break, looked at what was bothering me, fixed it to a point where I was happy with it’s look and moved right on. I have learned that for me, in my handmade goods, mini imperfections typically add character or look somewhat charming and I can live with them and people like that they are buying something that looks handmade rather than perfectly produced. I have also learned there are certain things I strive for when I am making pieces (like making sure stop stitches and seams line up). Sometimes they are absolutely stunning, other times, there is room for improvement, but I can discern when it’s worth it and when to just ride it out because in all honesty, I know I’m probably the only person who sees the flaw 🙂

    But it is interesting as I recently reorganized my creating space and found some of my very original pieces and then some variations I had tested…a few went in the garbaggio while a few others I will fondly keep only to remind myself of where I started and what works, and also how to complicate the shit out of something simply so that it’s no longer functional with a *things not to replicate :)* sticky note on it 😉

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Wonderful insights, Kelly — thank you for sharing! I really like the idea of keeping a fond “things not to replicate” resource 🙂

  65. As expected, Marie is spot on yet again. After a ton of procrastination, hesitation and tweaking I’ve finally released my first two videos of tips and advice for live-sound/concert audio engineers in recent months. Plenty of warts, flaws and a million edits to cut around flubbed lines. I cringe at seeing myself on camera but so far I’ve only had 100 positive reactions from viewers and I’m already getting more views than I ever expected from such a tiny and specific niche. My second video had 600 new views in the last 48 hours and generated a LOT of discussion on Facebook. But most importantly, many people are telling me the advice is a whole new approach and methodolgy that they’re excited to try out on the job!

    Thank you for inspiring and educationg me, Marie (and team Forleo)! If I could inset a happy Pusheen the cat image here I would! 😉

    • Oops, I meant to say “only 100 PERCENT positive reactions”. Oh, the irony of hitting publish too soon. LOLz

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      This is SO awesome, Paul! I can sense the happy Pusheen image vibes from here 🙂 Congrats on getting your videos out there, and hopefully it’ll be the start of many more great ones to come!

      • Thanks for the encouragement, Caroline! For once I’m actually looking forward to the slow season in the concert industry because I plan on shooting a lot more videos. 🙂

    • Huge congrats, Paul! Going over to see you, too!

      • Thanks, Monica! I appreciate your support. 🙂

  66. Joanne Grace Larkins

    Hi Marie. Perfection and procrastination go hand and hand for me. I think so much about how whatever is supposed to be, that procrastination kicks in and my inner voice is exhausted and so whines that whatever will just take so long to do. Hence it does not get done. However, lately, when I ignore all the background/inner 5 Cancers that Stephen Covey wrote and spoke about: “Five Metastasizing Cancers: Criticizing, Complaining, Comparing, Competing and Contending” the whatever is done before I know it. Love your work, by the way. And I love your yellow dress. Looking forward to seeing your work for years to come.

  67. Wow!!! This is exactly what I needed. I launched my Dance Cocktail Workshops last night. And I have to tell you my heart and emotions were all over the place, cause I was worried not everyone was gonna show up, it wasn’t gonna be perfect. You know the usual . And in the past, I would sabotage it and not continue. I know I have amazing ideas and my perfectionist/fear would stop me but I am proud to say, I am not letting it get to me. I am moving on to the next one! I have grown. But still scared. 🙂

    I am so proud of myself!! Thank you!

  68. Kim

    haha! nobody’s going to tell you on you like, “ohh you changed your headline font, i’m telling!” that’s the best. thanks for keeping us in check, marie!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Haha yes! I loved that part too, Kim 🙂

  69. Thanks, Marie. I’ve been struggling with this area and needed to hear this today. I have to trust myself and stop procrastinating.

  70. Camille Ochoa

    Oh my goodness, thank God for you Marie. It has taken me a long time to admit that my perfectionism is a form of fear…and procrastination. I had to draw my logo 83 times and have a nervous breakdown (after trying to launch for 9 months now) before I finally decided to face my fears. I realized I’m afraid of success. Just like how i’m afraid to be all that I can be. Thank you for making it known what really going on during those hours of lamenting and redoing, re-writing, re-making…it kills the beauty behind your whole fire of why you got started in the first place. Which is that you had something beautiful and incredible and knew that you just HAD to share it with the world. So share it! We’ve got to stop holding our own selves back. Love to all from San Francisco

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Camille, I SO hear you and I know you’re absolutely not alone there. Fear of success is such a huge roadblock for so many creatives. We’re sending so much love your way, and keep sharing your work with the world! ♥

  71. Xani Morton Williams

    I needed every. single. second. of this, Thank you!

  72. Xani Morton Williams

    Social media and technology are the best and worst things that have happened to us. The AMAZING part is you instantly gain access to a wealth of knowledge and get inspiration from amazing people like Marie!! On the flip side, you also gain access to every single one of your competitors, and so the fear of failing/not being received as well as ___________ becomes crippling. It’s so comforting to know that little fish and big fish have all been at this point and that we can overcome it! Thanks again!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      So true, Xani! Every expert was once an amateur. 🙂

  73. Paula McConnell

    OH. MY. Yes! I am struggling with this right now and it’s way beyond a mantra – I think I need some pro help! I am being shut down with procrastination and fear, and it is affecting my whole life. I recognize this, however, and am looking for a therapist who can walk me through it. While I do this, it IS wonderful to see that smiling face of yours and feel as though there is someone rooting for me. Thanks for the wonderful episode!

    • Oh, Paula… I am sorry about what you are going through. Though I am not a Therapist as such… As an Excellent Quality of Life Consultant (Originally graduated in Biology and Holistic Nutrition studies as PostGraduate)… If I may be of help, I have some Complimentary Consultations available for you…
      Cheers! xoxo Let´s all root for Paula!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much for letting us know what you’re going through, Paula! I’m really sorry to hear you’re feeling shut down with procrastination and fear—that sounds incredibly stressful. Marie has a playlist of MarieTV episodes on overcoming fear and self-doubt that may help:

      And therapy is awesome! There may be some good ones in your local area, or if you just want to talk to a therapist without meeting face-to-face, I recently heard about an app called TalkSpace that matches you with a therapist that you can text and/or do video chats with. Either way, we’ve got our fingers crossed you’ll get the help you need to feel better soon.

  74. Eejee

    Thank you Laura for the question and Mary for tha answer.

    I’m not writing or earning a living writing, should I say, anymore, but when I was journalist in my mother language, tweaking had took over my life.
    I would delay submitting my articles up to the very minute before it was due EVEN if it was done before.
    I would wake up in the middle of the night because ” I just thought of something better”

    I didn’t lose my job for it. I was on time, BUT it definitely sucked my soul and did made life miserable back then. I started hating my job because of pressure I did put on myself. Most likely version 5 was conveying what it needed and I did perhaps need up to seven…not up to version 25. I can say that because I just cleaned up my memory box to give it a lean regime and had kept all versions. And sometimes tweaking even destroyed the magic.
    I had carried that habit when I switched to visual art.
    It’s learning a 2nd language that got rid of that.
    I realized the futility of endless tweaks the day someone yelled at me for mispronouncing the word “egg”. She went up and down and told me that up until I can pronounce English properly, I should remain silent ( same with my writing) and if it was too hard for me, that meant I wasn’t intelligent enough to learn English, go back home.

    Now, this was a GIFT, even if it made me cry. I don’t do well when people yell and tower over me as if I’m still 3 years old.

    BUT, if I had taken this person advice, that meant divorcing my husband and going back to leave in my mom basement. First.

    Second, you can’t learn a second language if you are not using it and yes, often it means looking ridiculous.

    For years, for example, I never had exactly what I wanted when ordering a breakfast at restaurants. It depended on what the waitress heard/interpretation.

    I would say Thank you, and have an irate person replying:pardon me? All red in the face. Etc etc etc.

    Less and less anymore.

    But I would not be here writing this post and attempting to convey how thankful I am for both the question and the reply… nor would I be doing much of anything if I had “shut up” and sort of hope one day I can talk or write perfect English that everyone ( including those born speaking it) can sing about.

    There is always someone that’ll freak out and snap whenever I struggle with “th” and to use this slip to further their case proving I must be hating English people because I can’t learn it.

    Art, writing etc that you have to deliver is a second language. If you never speak it, ( delivery)at the risk to fall on your face, you also never improve it.
    It’s terribly humbling, but that’s a great process.
    The best.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Thank you SO much for sharing your story, Eejee! I’m really sorry someone was so rude to you, but I’m really glad that didn’t keep you from speaking and writing in multiple languages. I can tell just from this comment that you’re a great writer and you’re incredibly intelligent. Really, it’s the rude folks like that person who ought to be silent—not you. I know I speak for the whole team when I say we’re super proud of you for your beautiful perspective, positive outlook, and for not letting that person bring you down. Your voice is important and we’ll be cheering you on as you share it!

      • Eejee

        I just can’t imagine life if, although I’m equipped for, I’d stop speaking.
        Thank you

  75. Thanks for the “Progress NOT Perfection” this morning.
    Feeling a little stuck myself lately and I often give gratitude for the small steps of progress in any day….whether it be on my yoga mat, in the garden or in my quilting studio. Have a great day Marie.

  76. Thank you Marie! I’m starting my own handbag label and it has taken me so long to release the first range because I want people to like it and I keep tweaking and changing designs. This is exactly what I needed to hear. I have to accept that some people will like my work and some might not and that it’s okay. I just need to put it out there otherwise I never will.

  77. #heymarie. This has been my problem all year! I always regret it because when you tweak and tweak you end up killing the original work and I always miss the original and start again. #firstdraftisthebestdraft

  78. thanks for the great lesson! I am launching soon and I realized I had to “put my pen down” when I wanted to add more and more options for imaginary clients- time to go get some real ones!

  79. Thank you for this Marie. I keep hearing this message no matter where I turn. The universe is telling me to just launch…… and be embarrassed later.

  80. I make jewelry so knowing when to stop working on something is VERY difficult. So often, if something doesn’t sell, I’ll pull it down and remake it. On the other hand, sometimes I just really don’t care for something, put it up for sale, and it sells within a few minutes. So this episode struck a real chord with me.

  81. Perfect timing–was just the nudge I needed to progress an offer & put it out there. As I say in my teaching, Trust the Longer Journey–Blossom Now! Thank you for the reminder I needed to blossom now 🙂

  82. Amy Gardiner

    Couldn’t agree more! Perfectionism is a big trap for me. I’ll remember what you said as I create my very first website. Thanks, Marie! Love your site!

  83. Love this video, Marie!!
    Nothing is ever perfect. Before I publish a blog post I have employ a three edit rule: I edit a post three times and then hit “Publish”. It usually takes me three edits to cover all the basic corrections. After that, if I miss something, I can always go back and edit again. But 99% of the time, no one notices a thing.
    And by the way Marie, I LOVE your hair-do and yellow dress this evening! You look so elegant and dignified! Are you now a lady who lunches on the upper east side?

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much for your kind words, Ellen, and for sharing your tip about your three edit rule too!

  84. Gerardo Marcelo Jr

    I’ll see in the video#progress not perfection-topic is “if u wait to get it perfect you’ll never get it out there” This is a challenge for me to change my mindset thank you so for this valuable for me.

  85. Beatriz Empinotti

    Perfect timing for me too. Sometimes I’m so judgemental with my work and my ideas that gets to a point that I give up before getting it out there. Seeing this video today was like a breath of fresh air. Thankyou so much!

  86. I can tweet every single line you say. I love you! <3 Thanks for this reminder!

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      We love you back, Suhey!!

  87. I am a tweaker for sure! (um yeah.) Anyway, publishing my website, no, just my landing page took months! Luckily, I’m the designer and my partner/husband is the developper so I had someone to stop me from tweaking again and again. It did take him a while to stop me but that’s probably because he’s afraid of me. Finally, he banned me from looking at more typefaces and colors, etc. and we just had to put it out there!

  88. Paul Matthews

    I think of Seth Godin’s advice to set a ship date and not change it. Put a date on the calendar and when you get there, you publish! No excuses!

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo


  89. O… M… G!!! I was just chatting about this with my dearest friend and momprenuer today! Im gonna be honest, I backed out of an opportunity with my new, but not yet launched business because it’s not perfect. Aaaaaaaa where were you five hours ago Marie? I’m thankful for this moment of realization though and will take it with a grain of salt to move forward and get d’ show on d’ road (that was for you Sophia )? thanks Marie!

  90. Hey Marie & Marie Team,
    I had been working on writing a book. A couple of months ago I wanted some feedback. I knew that my work was still in some primordial stage of development, but I just had to know how it felt to a reader. I gave copies to a couple of friends, then spent the next couple of days cringing about what I put out there. I got the feedback I needed, I kept working at it, and it gave me the courage to start approaching literary agents, even if it’s still not perfect. If I didn’t take those steps I’d still be here stressing about the quality and absolutely no one would have seen my work [sad thought].

  91. Hala

    I really needed to hear this. Thank you!!

  92. I love this Marie! When I cringe when I watch my first couple YouTube videos and it was Reid Hoffman’s quote that got me through. I just re-launched yesterday with my learnings and I can definitely say that I needed to suck so badly in order to create better videos! Thanks again for another 10/10 video!

  93. Sigh, okay you caught me Marie! I’m writing my first newsletter EVER today and stalled. It’s the first time I’ve used Pages newsletter template and wasn’t sure what should come next. Dive in girl! Im jumping into the deep water! Lol!

    Thanks, Marie.

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Good for you, Janice! You got this 🙂

  94. Mary Lahti

    For sure,
    Endless tweaking
    Is most likely fear sneaking and creeping
    Until we get that sign that says DO IT, IT’S PERFECT.
    Funny how that neon sign never comes on. Sometimes I really try to pretend I’m someone from the outside looking at my stuff, reading it straight without any thoughts on how to make it better, or read it outloud, which helps me limit the tweaking.

  95. Harley

    Definitely struggling with this right now. I’m launching my blog on Thursday and have been endlessly tweaking the posts that will be live. It is such a waste of time when I could have wrote other posts or done something more productive. I love that you pointed out it is a form of procrastination & fear, that really hit me. I have both of those, pretty bad. (I do put the pro in procrastination after all) I look forward to stepping back and realizing perfect won’t happen. To hit publish with the knowledge that I can tweak later.

    I did set up a spreadsheet for me to track my post progress. I have columns to check off for: idea, start writing, finish writing, edit 1, edit 2, check grammarly (which is usually done simultaneously with edit 1), ready, scheduled, posted. I edit in two different ways to catch different types of errors. I feel like if I stick to this then it will limit my procrastination and endless tweaking.

    Thank you for giving me permission to not be perfect!

  96. All I needed to hear today! Thanks!

  97. Prashant Gupta

    I am doing Ph.D. This was the greatest problem with me. I kept improving my first paper for almost 2 years. When sent to the reviewer, his/ her demands were entirely different. I had wasted soooooooooooooo mmmmmuuuuuuuuuuucccchhh time and energy on first work that I didn’t feel like doing second work. This lecture has helped me a lot !!!

  98. Great Video…So pretty

  99. Mari

    I learned this the hard way. I almost could not submit my Masters thesis paper because I kept on tweaking and tweaking and tweaking until EVERYTHING was perfect. And almost did not make the submitting deadline. At the end of the day, I learned that you just have to literally let it go out of your hands.
    Thank you Marie for this great video and message!

    Much love sending your way and to your team

  100. Dear Marie
    A heartfelt”Hi”from bottom of my heart.
    Thank you so much for your kindness.
    I really embraced your worthy and very
    informative recent email.
    God bless you.
    Be yourself forever and forget perfectionism.
    In love and light.
    Dr.Hamid Mousavi

  101. Petra

    Currently I ask myself before writing something, “If there were no strings attached, nothing at stake, and you are just writing for the sake of saying it, how would you write it?” That’s working so far. I don’t know how I come across yet, but it’s working.

  102. It’s true ~ I relate this to my painting. Because of waiting to get perfect x good enough I ended up having my first solo show at 30. We’re not God x we’re not perfect. In fact a very kindly and wise priest once told me “the perfect is the enemy of the good” ~ in other words, if you keep waiting to get it perfect, you’ll never achieve anything with your life, lol. Plus there are deadlines. ^_^ It’s true x I’ll be the first to admit I am OC (Obsessive Compulsive) and I obsess over details and getting everything perfect BUT, there are deadlines and deadlines are commitments that need to be met. Me, personally, I tell myself, when I look for spots that I’ve missed (perfection = zero spots missed), I can’t find them AAAALL and that the only person who can see those spots is me ^____^ (although, I’m the one that counts right, lol)

    It’s also true what Marie said that when I look back at my first exhibit I’m like, meow. I just had my 13th solo show this year; I hope to death my work has improved since then. Hooray for progress!! Although maybe let’s not let that keep us for striving for perfection x the best possible work we can put out there ever ^___^ 9

  103. Marie! The serendipity of when I received this email is actually insane! I had literally just finished filming my monthly 60 Seconds of Showbiz news for the 10th time, when I’d actually got the cut right on the 6th! The timing could not have been more appropriate to stop the perfectionist in me from tweaking my creation to death! Aiming for perfection is something I really grapple with and have had to teach myself to accept that actually, sometimes when its not perfect, what you create is ultimately more magical, as its more human, with its beautiful flaws. Maria, thank-you for creating this video and thank-you universe for sending this to me at the very moment you did. To all the creatives reading this, embrace your flaws & quirks, don’t over analyse your creations, enjoy the creative process and put them out their for the world to see! #CarpeDiem

  104. Ula Lars

    I love Marie TV! You have been my mentors for over 2 years and I am constantly amazed how accurate to my current challenges your each episode always is! Thank you Marie and thank you the Team. You people rock BIG TIME! Do not ever stop, please. I need you!

  105. Shaheen Razak

    This is really inspiring …. thanks for giving a direction in life !

  106. Laura

    Marie, OMG! You are so fun to watch. Thanks for the inspiration and weekly suggestions. I feel happy, positive, and empowered every time I watch one of your episodes. I’m not the social media type of person but if I was I would follow you everywhere. Hope, someday, I can join B-School. Lots of Love, Laura

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Laura, you’re so kind! Thank you for your note. We LOVE having you tuning in here. We’d, of course, be honored to have you in B-School if and when the timing is right too. xoxo

  107. Hey Marie,

    Thank you so much for answering my question! 😀 You’re such an inspiring woman and I love everything you do. It empowers so many souls around the world! What an honour to have my question answered. I started dancing when I saw your video.

    I savour all your advice and absolutely loved doing B-School. It has helped me grow as a professional and person and I’m grateful every day.

    I’ve made a big note of your mantra and put it on my desk. “Progress not perfection.” And in the words of Slick Rick, next time endless tweaking comes around, I’ll just HIT IT 😉 I’ve immediately taken action and started working on my sales letter page and its video script. Something I’ve been putting off for months now, because there was always something ‘more urgent’ to do, such as social media marketing, testing the program I’m releasing soon, coaching 1 on 1, web design etc. I’ll get on the sales copy right now and won’t let myself be beaten by perfection paralysis any longer. 😉

    Just watched the second video you recommended me: “Starting small and sucky beats staying stucky!” Gold! <3

    I've started realising that perfectionism is just fear that what I'm putting out there isn't good enough. Meditating helps me a lot to identify the fear before it drags me down the perfection suck hole. Daily meditation really has become a great tool in my life to let go of the mean inner saboteur voice a.k.a. my ego.

    Marie, thank you again for everything you and your team do! Keep rocking 😉
    With love,

  108. Amy

    Lots of love to you, Marie! Enough said!

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Lots of love back to you, Amy. xoxo

  109. Marie and team:
    I’m forever embarrassed by the things I put out. It gives me a lot of fuel for laughter that crawls up my feet and into my panties…at my Self. One thing after another from putting my daughter’s cell phone number on my the 1000 (count ’em) business cards (no one caught it ’cause it was a familiar number) to inexcusable typos…yet, I discovered, when I can gaffaw at my Bad Ass Self, others have permission to chuckle at their own errors.
    Cheers to this topic, one I should have at the top of my resume:
    Didn’t Get it Right the First Time!
    Thanks for always giving us some FUN in times of challenge,

  110. Tamiya

    Loved this video! Te funny because I was just talking to a colleague about this very concept and how I’ve been procrastinating in regards to starting my blog. I told them how I wanted to wait until it was perfect and because of that, I’ve been “planning” and “prepping” for over 4 months without publishing a single post. I definitely needed to see this. I feel like it was heaven sent. Thanks Marie for the encouragement and giving me the push I really needed

  111. Zulema Hernandez

    I was recently motivated to start a blog (again) after watching the episode with Seth Godin and he talked about the importance of everyone starting a blog. You, then, touched on the fear that everyone has of being judged. His answer was, that those people start an anonymous blog, which sparked a lightbulb in me. Because of the fear of my blog not being ‘perfect’, I would always procrastinate. I would think to myself, I need to read a grammatical book before, or take a writing class, or do this or that. Not focusing on it being perfect and judgment free allowed me actually start it and put my thoughts out there for the world to read.

  112. Pania

    Love it!
    That’s just what I needed to hear as lately I have been hitting the send button when I’m not 100 per cent sure. I have suffered from the perfection syndrome for years (and to be honest, how would I ever know if it is “perfect”).
    Now I’ve found hitting the ‘go’ sooner has been quite empowering and give myself a high five for living life on the edge lol.. Because it certainly feels like it when your finger is hovering..
    Thanks Marie xo

  113. Firstly Marie, I love you!!
    Secondly, I can very much relate to the idea of publishing your first take and taking the risk. As a professional singer, I’ve done a lot of recording and strangely and funnily it’s often the first take that is the best! When we listen back and analyze this it seems to be that it is imbued with spontaneity, freshness, openness and is more ‘in the moment’ and present…which of course results in a more connected sound.
    Your video has prompted me to have this attitude more towards the admin side of my business too, when posting on social media or writing mail outs, so thank you! xxx

  114. Embarrassed is an understatement! How many years have I heard ‘B School is coming up’ and I am still tweaking with fear and procrastination and telling my Mastermind Group that ‘it’s coming, I’m on it’…. to…… (insert Team Forleo crickets here). *sigh* I find this aspect of my personality very frustrating and it keeps my business as a hobby. One of the best pieces of advice that Marie mentions in B School is to set a date, which I did follow (once! See? Embarrassing. Wait! no twice! I have a set a date for my www launch, phew…) – and it was like I had turned on the shower and gold poured out. My greatest fear is industry rejection. Anyway, thanks Marie, for a great video and another little boost to my day. Sascha x

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Sascha, you’re so welcome. And don’t worry, we’re not sending any cricket noises your way at all. 🙂 This is such a universal struggle for people who care.

      We hope the tips in this episode give you some reminders to work with when you feel yourself stalling, and know that we’d love to have you see you in B-School this year to help you with moving forward, if it feels like the right fit.

  115. Glen Matthews

    I am a terrible terrible procrastinator, and yes perfectionism is my downfall. I’m a videographer and recently had to put together a compilation of my work as part of a showcase, after delaying for weeks – (months!) – I finally had it read to go online, only once it was online I took it down within the hour! I had found a “little issue”. The first upload had went online at 10am, after multiple uploads and deletions I “finished” at 11pm the same day – A whole day wasted of tiny, minute – probabaly unnoticeable changes to must. Needless to say two days later I noticed another issue, but said to myself “no, no more”.

    This isn’t an isolated incident either, but what helps me now is to block times for my work. If I state that something has to be finished in a certain timeline then it will get done to its best possible state giving the time frame.

    Loved the advice today though, perfectionism is indeed a killer of productivity.

  116. Nevena

    It is great every day message !

  117. Giovanna

    Hey Marie!
    Love that hashtag! First off, you look gorgeous! That dress, the power bun, you are glowing 🙂
    Hit it! I am more afraid to jump. It’s that fear that I keep talking to myself about, you know, “Take the leap and you will find you can fly”, or something like that. I am able to identify my hesitation, I just can’t seem to jump. Arrrrgggggghhhhhhh! So I need these messages, big time!
    xoxo Giovanna

  118. I love it! Slick Rick is an all time favorite of mine, too.

    I’m always getting stuck. This week I went on a mountain waterfall hike with a friend and we had to jump over sketchy waters onto slick moss covered rocks to get to our destination. We both had those moments where you psych yourself out until it’s almost impossible to follow through. Every second you don’t jump makes it harder. I’m going to try and remind myself of that moment when I’m being a perfectionist and procrastinating. It doesn’t get easier the more you prepare, just hit it!

  119. Your video encouraged me to stop tweaking and focusing on the skills that I don’t yet have – and to be grateful for the ones I do!

    Thank you so much for your work! It’s helped me immensely over the past ~16 months since I found my way to your YouTube channel (in the midst of divorce, international moves, and career upheaval). Keep up the excellent work!

  120. Since I had just listened to the audio for ‘Big Magic’ and lettered ‘done is better than perfect’ – I didn’t hesitate in going ahead and putting up my website I designed on squarespace and even a blog article about it a while back. Now I just need to get back to it – ugh. I’ve thought of so many other articles I could write, I just need to pick one and write it!! Thanks for the encouragement! I always love your pep talks and interviews!!
    Thanks – Tetia

    • Lynn Cook

      Your lettering is beautiful, so is your website. Keep going! Put more up!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much, Tetia! We’re honored to have you tuning in, and we’re so glad that this episode really resonated 🙂

  121. I’m so guilty of tweaking. I’ve gotten better with time. It’s true that perfection does more harm than good, it just took me a while to finally realize that.

  122. #heymarie I don’t tweak my articles a lot. First of all, I write anything that comes into my mind and then I arrange the paragraphs in right orders. Tweak the words used a little bit and then hit publish.

    I believe in getting better as I write more content

    Thanks Marie for the great episode. I loved it 🙂

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much for your comment, Ankur. We’re so glad you enjoyed this episode, and that you’re getting your work out there!

  123. This was a great episode! I have a quote hanging in my studio…”Perfectionism is the Enemy of Profit”. It is a needed daily reminder – my product is fantastic even as it continues to evolve.

  124. If it’s worth doing … it’s worth doing.

  125. Endless tweaker right here. Thank you for forcing my hand. Just attacked a project I am going to finish tonight.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Awesome, Beja! Feel free to comment here to let us know when you finish that project so we can cheer you on! 🙂

  126. Gladys

    Hey Marie!
    The other day came across your video on networking tips and i loved it and ever since i have been hooked up on to your videos and page. Real great motivation. Thank you!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much, Gladys. We’re honored to welcome you to our world, and we’re delighted that you’re enjoying our work! We can’t wait to share more with you soon. xoxo

  127. Russell

    My method is to always comparing with competitors to see. Yes, only if when we look outside, we can know how far we have been walking, how much should we do to catch up, and when can stop if we already won.
    It gives me a lot of pressure, but I seldom regret anything in my work. FYR~

  128. Oliver

    Marie I don’t know when to stop tweakinug and hit publish.
    Most of the times I get confused and anxious on a new never done project and I find myself looking at the same thing over and over again.
    Thanks to the viewer with the question and you for making this video. I find you are so right about some people having a need to perfect rather than progress. I will try to let go of the binding restraints and focus on walking away to the next stage of a project.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Wonderful, Oliver! Sometimes when we find ourselves tweaking and tweaking over and over, it means it’s time to just hit “publish” and get your work out there. We’re always growing and evolving, so it’s always possible to revise and improve as you go, too. I hope this episode was helpful, and thanks so much for watching!

  129. When I hit an idea I want to share, I simply cannot wait writing a short manuscript and make a video out of it. I rush through it because I am so excited about my new idea that I want to share. The result is not brilliant but full of enthusiasm.

  130. Diana

    Your videos are always answering my questions before I make them!!! Thank you so much… I found your work so inspiring to me, and I really hope to feel myself and my bussiness as good as you do!!! :)..

  131. Jennifer

    Marie, you and your team are SO tuned into what we all need to hear at just the right time! I have planned more than a few dream projects that have not gone anywhere because they had to be ‘just right’ before making them public, but the ones where I acted on intuition, experience and a passion that was very present in the moment but NOT perfect, are out there and still thriving. People are very forgiving of the little mistakes if the intentions to do well for a greater good are clear and present. Awesome work here- you have been such an inspiration- thank you!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Oh, thank you so much, Jennifer! We’re honored to have you tuning in with us, and we’re so glad to hear our work has been an inspiration to you ♥

  132. What a GREAT reminder for those of us who keep tweaking, checking and rewording…. Life isn’t perfect so why do we think our stuff has to be????
    Thanks Marie and Team – I needed this little video!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Right on, Linda! I’m so glad this episode came at just the right time. We appreciate you tuning in!

  133. Good video! I’ve been wanting to become a big YouTuber, by posting vlogs of my adventures. But I’m literally years behind on editing my videos. I’ve got at least ten sitting in my iMovie library, which I’ve edited, but I want to go through again. I need to just keep throwing stuff out there! I want to start a daily livestream morning show there, so hopefully I can get that going too.

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Good for you, Josh, and YES — keep throwing stuff out there!

  134. It’s true. Sometimes it takes more effort and energy to be perfect every time. Some good advice is here.

  135. I SO needed to hear this!!! I am totally guilty of tweaking to perfection which leaves me with no new posts! It is honestly embarrassing when I look back and see the date of the last post I made to any social media or updating my web site. I need to stop over analyzing my work to the point of paralysis! 🙁

    THANK YOU for the nudge!!

  136. This video is a good lesson for me, and I will internalize the lesson of “if you’re not embarrassed by your first version, you’re shipping too late.” My partner Purcella and I just released her first EP (I’m the producer). We were tweaking – that is, I was tweaking, because I’m a TOTAL perfectionist – but we finally just said, “It’s good enough, push it out there!”

    We got into the habit of releasing what we call a “first listen” of our tracks because there was a contest on Reverb Nation for a song to be used in a TJ MAX commercial. When we learned of the contest, the deadline was already 2 days away. We had already been working on our very first track for a week or so. It was still in progress, but nowhere near ready. We only had half of the 2nd verse, I still didn’t quite know how to mix and master, and the sound quality was pretty poor.

    Upshot: knew we probably had zero chance of being selected, but we uploaded what we had at the time and entered the contest anyway. Once it was out there – OMG LIVE AND PEOPLE CAN HEAR IT – in what was a HIGHLY EMBARRASSING version – it motivated us to work our butts off to polish it.

    We ended up replacing that first sound file about 10 times between when we first put it up and when we released the EP. No, we weren’t selected for the commercial, but it definitely broke us out of the fear we had of pushing something out there.

    With the two next tracks, there wasn’t an external deadline, but we purposely made ourselves put up a “first listen” version before we felt like it was ready. And they were equally embarrassing 🙂 We ended up completely changing the lyrics of the 3rd track after it was out in the wild (no one noticed).

    Now it’s a habit. We push out little previews of our work in progress on Purcella’s Instagram feed – her Rinsta 🙂 – and push the demos to Reverb Nation when they’re “good enough.” We’ll be doing that soon with another track that’s in the works.

    Do it, everyone! Put it out there while it’s still embarrassing. You’ll quickly get over your fear 🙂

  137. Erin

    Perfect post at the perfect moment! I watched this after seeing the link in my email. I was cruising email because I was procrastinating on publishing a blog post out of fear of imperfection. Thank you for this timely info :). Blog posted!

  138. Thank you so much for this article. I’ve got so many ideas running through my head now – can’t wait to start putting these tips into practice! It’s really refreshing to read an article that actually provides thorough advice.

  139. Thanks Marie! So true! I also find myself tweaking and tweaking but I set a deadline for myself. Once I meet that deadline, I hit the publish button.

  140. I immediately clicked on this episode to see what the recommendation was because the edit phase is never-ending. Usually, a deadline causes me to hit the publish or send button, but then I can’t let it go. So! I am going to make a big sign for my office wall that says… “Progress NOT Perfection”. Thank you Marie!

  141. YES! This has been my issue forever and just this year (2016) I made it my word and my theme of the year to be more transparent. Which addresses both my perfectionism and my procrastination issues. It’s showing more of the real me and it’s making me own up to putting things off, which in turn forces me to face it.
    I’m quite proud of where I am now in both regards. The procrastination is the one that I seem to hold on to a little more. I’ve done better with it since quitting my FT and working for myself 100%. It’s made me realize I’m only letting myself down now, not to mention my clients if I put things off.
    I will say, letting go of things not being perfect yet and putting them off forever has been the biggest growth in both personal and business life.

  142. So true! Thank you for this great episode.

  143. Such a good reminder, and I like that quote about being embarrassed about your early output. I know I certainly am, and I never thought to look at it in a good way – because since then, I’ve improved! Yay!

    Happy Thanksgiving to Marie and Co.!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much, Marie Therese! We all do improve over time, so celebrating where we are at any given time is so important ♥

      Happy Thanksgiving to you too! xoxo

  144. I found recently that I don’t struggle with “over-tweaking” anymore. Instead, I’m struggling to push through to “the end.” The resistance is, I’m certain, just a different form of the procrastination/fear commented on in this episode. So still, I need to push through to “publish!” Thank you for the reminder!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      I so hear you, Joanna! Pushing through to the end is definitely something that’s closely related to perfection/procrastionation/fear, and I know you’re not alone there. Our friend Steven Pressfield has lots to say on overcoming resistance, so I thought I might share this great MarieTV episode for a few great tips on that:

      Thanks so much for watching and commenting!

  145. This one is huge for me. I have been an experienced entrepreneur for a very long time, but doing an online business that is my face and my name has brought up a lot of demons that “perfectionism” is the perfect crutch for!

  146. Perfectionism and fear are definitely related. I loved this episode, Marie. And the comments are pure gold.

  147. Oh Marie! I so needed to hear this today. Thanks so much for giving me that ‘kick-in-the-ass’ I needed. x

  148. I totally agree that when you deal with perfectionism this will not lead you to any progress. I used to make everything perfect especially when I am designing my landing pages, but here’s what I’ve learned that better not to touch the paper twice if you heart is not 100% into it. If you want to get things done, make sure that you are closing the loop.
    Close each task before jumping into the new task. Making progress is a lot lot more better than make things perfect!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s definitely good advice, Jeng! Thanks so much for sharing it.

  149. Holly

    I can 100% relate to this! I find myself procrastinating and not completing tasks. I know the reason is fear. I’m afraid to put myself out there. I’ll work on this!

  150. Ryan

    This is very true! You can get a lot more done if you don’t keep trying to tweek it and contemplate if you should change something or not.

  151. VJ

    I could just cry. I grew up with a perfectionist mother and now work for a company where the slightest mistake can brand you negatively for years. I find perfectionism paralyzing to the point where I am frequently late on projects, or worse, not working on them at all because I am so afraid of doing something wrong. “Progress, not perfection” is the perfect saying. I just need to live it. Thank you, Marie!! And thanks to Laura for asking the question.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That sounds really tough, VJ. It sounds like your environment has pushed you toward perfectionism even though that isn’t the best or healthiest thing. I’m so glad this episode spoke to you. I hope it’s helpful and that “progress, not perfection” becomes your new mantra. We’ll be cheering you on! 🙂

  152. Jaime

    This video inspired me sooo much! I hit my publish button, and now I can’t stop hittin’ it. The energy around waiting and wondering has shifted into being and doing, and it’s freeing and exciting!

  153. Liz

    I have actually done blogs about this very topic for a start up I am working for. One of my favorite bosses you to tell potential clients, “if you are waiting for the stars and planets to align perfectly before you make a change then you will never make one” Nothing is ever perfect be it a blog, a phone call or timing… we just have to take that leap of faith. Thanks for the reminder.


  155. YES! I never used to think I was a perfectionist, until I realised I was holding myself back from expressing myself fully because I was so worried about being right/friendly/polite! A great reminder

  156. Mia

    Thank you Marie! This resonates so much with me and I have been (and am still) such a “perfect procrastinator” tweaking things until they die!

  157. Thank you Laura for raising the question, and thank you Marie for reminding me to keep going. The right video at the very rigth time. Bless you!

  158. Hi Marie,
    Where I can learn more about your beginnings?

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Hi Nicoleta! I thought I might pass along this amazing interview Marie did with Jonathan Fields for his Good Life Project:

      Marie talks all about her overall journey and how she built her business, so that’s a great way to learn about how she got started. I hope you enjoy checking it out!

  159. Loved this topic! Done is better than perfect. 🙂 Thanks, Marie!

  160. This message was certainly on time for me! “Go for progress, not perfection” is now prominently displayed on my desk! Thank you for sharing!

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