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How We Did It: Your Backstage Pass to the NYC Everything is Figureoutable Experience

September 16, 2019

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“Imagine if a Beyoncé concert and a TED talk had a baby, then threw a block party.” That was the vision I  shared with our publisher about how I wanted the Everything is Figureoutable book tour launch in New York City to feel.  

Nothing like it had ever been done. I certainly have never produced or performed in a concert. But beyond that, none of us knew if this exciting idea would work in reality.  In fact, weeks before the event, even I was asking myself, “W H A T did I get myself into?!?!” 

Despite all the fear, stress, and overwhelm, we had to keep going. Commitments were made. Contracts were signed. We’d sold nearly 2,000 tickets and had folks flying in to see NYC book tour launch from 42 states and 21 countries.

But could we actually pull it off? In this special episode of Marie Unplugged, get a backstage pass to the weeks leading up to The NYC Experience book tour launch. If you ever wondered what it looks like to start before you’re ready, this is your chance. You’ll witness the tears, hard work, and dress rehearsals that made this a true test of the everything is figureoutable philosophy. 

Even during the toughest moments, this concert experience has been one of the most creatively rewarding projects of my life. It allowed me to express all of me in a way I never thought I could. If you've ever felt insecure about your projects but imagine other people don’t, please watch now.

Now, I’d love to hear from you. 

  1. Have you ever felt like you weren’t ready to start a big project? What helped to get moving?
  2. Is there something you’re afraid to do right now? What’s one small step you can take to get moving? Leave a comment below and let me know.

Share as much detail as you can. Hundreds of thousands of souls come here for insight and inspiration. Your story may be just what someone needs to see things from a fresh perspective.

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Remember, the voice in your head that says that you’re not ready or not good enough is not you, and it’s not true. The only power the voice has is the attention and authority you grant it. 

Stay conscious of how powerful you really are.

You were born ready. You wouldn’t have the dream in your heart if you didn’t already have what it takes to make it happen.

With SO much love ❤️,


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