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Follow your bliss. Follow your passion.

We’ve all heard this ad nauseam, right? Heck, you’ve probably heard versions of that from me at some point.

But today, we’re turning that beloved advice on its head.

We’re talking about the power of following something completely different.

Something unexpected.

Follow your fear. It’s a GPS for where your soul wants you to go. Click To Tweet

Something we humans are conditioned to avoid, overcome or — in certain circles — something we’re told we should punch in the face.

If you’re ready to flip the script on conventional wisdom and use what’s often perceived as an obstacle to your distinct advantage…

Watch this episode now.

Not only will you gain a fresh perspective to turn your dreams into reality, but you’ll also see me moonwalk across a kitchen floor. (Something you’ve been waiting patiently for — I know 🙂 )

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Ever felt stuck by a fear of not being good enough? You’re not alone. Use my simple strategy to conquer thoughts of self-doubt.

Now, I turn this over to you. In the comments below, tell me:

If you followed your fear, what specific project, idea or life change is it directing you towards right now?

Your honest, most truthful answer to this question will help you stop second-guessing and overthinking that special thing that’s been bubbling up in your heart.

In your comment, share as much detail as you can. Because thousands of incredible souls come here each week for insight and inspiration, and your story may be the exact spark someone else needs to bust a move.

Important: share your thoughts and ideas directly in the comments. Links to other posts, videos, etc. will be deleted as they come across as spammy.

Enormous thanks for sharing your voice and making Tuesday one of the brightest, most beautiful days the week!

With all my love,


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  1. So true. I have always had so much fear inside of me. And for me, self-love has been the most important thing that helped me get over that fear.
    When we love ourselves we go so much more confidently into the direction of our dreams.
    I still experience fear, of course. But now that I actually love myself, it’s so much easier.

    Thank you, Marie, for sharing your wisdom.

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Tiasha, that is so beautiful and so true. The fear might still be there, but it’s powerful to approach it with a mindset of loving yourself 🙂

      • True, Tiasha. Loving ourselves allows us to love the fear as well and heed its message.

        I couldn’t agree more with Marie. I always say fear is an invitation to rise. I haven’t been an advocate of “fearlessness” in ages. I think fear is a form of Divine instruction.

        I have a project on the verge of being released and it terrifies me…but it makes for a thrilling ride. 🙂

        • Sending you enormous good vibes for your project Emelia 🙂

          • I love you Marie but I have to disagree with you on this one. Over time I have learned that the survival instinct that protects us from danger is real but the fear that confronts us when we attempt to go out of our comfort zone is not real; this kind of fear is totally learned. As a singer every time before I go on stage I feel this intense feeling which I used to call fear and the moment I identify it as such it made me feel extremely scared to step out of the shadows. However over time I realized that the energy of excitement and fear vibrate at the same level so now instead of calling it fear … when I encounter something that takes me out of my comfort zone and expands me to doing something great I call it excitement. Of course it still makes me nervous but I do it anyway because I know that I’m not going to die.

            So, if it’s not survival instinct or the kind of fear that protects me from danger it is just an indication of how exciting and great this next move will be. I recognize it as the dissonance between where I am and where I want to be. I take the learned label of fear off of it because I know that its presence makes me better. This feeling that occurs in this space of growth is necessary and it is an indication of the expansion that will occur if I have faith and take the leap. It’s the learned behavior that this feeling is threatening and we should run away from it that causes us to label it as fear. So I apply faith in following my excitement. Took me a long time to learn this lesson but what an immense freedom I feel when I let the butterflies lead the way!

            With Love

          • <3

          • Amr Gamal

            This video , especially, is inspirational due to I am always wobbling between hope and despair. I follow my fear and face a lot of problems in my work and home because of my study targets (PhD). this was opposite of many things and many opinions, but I persist on my way. I afraid and sometimes fall in panic, but I am still trying. I am right or wrong!!!!!

      • Levantay, I don’t think you’re disagreeing with much. One of the things I’ve said many times here on MarieTV and elsewhere is is “Fear is excitement with the breaks on” Check it 🙂

        • I love that Marie! Mos Def gonna repost that. You are truly a girl of my own heart so in fact we don’t really disagree. I like to say that this feeling occurs as the stop sign at the intersection between where we are and where we want to be…pump the brakes check around and then pump the gas baby! Xo and congrats on Super Soul..I’ll be watching. Continue to spread your beYOUtiful Light.

          • Erika

            Thank you so much for your comment, Levantay. In combination with Marie’s episode it’s a great way of looking at that feeling that is moving us to expanding to our better self. Pump the gas! 🙂

    • Just gave this advice to my daughter yesterday! I spent a whole year with the goal to do something every day that I was afraid to do and it was transformational! Small things like speaking up when I was scared, saying “no” or saying “yes”, etc. At the end of the year I was so much more confident! Great advice Marie!!! Love, love, love your show and can’t wait to see you on Oprah!!! Congrats:)

    • Thank you so much for this Marie – I’ve been thinking a lot lately about inviting our darker emotions to come and play -so much rich information there. And a definition of courage is – feeling the fear, but going ahead and doing it anyway. So courage on lovely souls!



    • So so grateful to be experiencing your work for the first time Marie and to have found the courage to leap in and join B-School just in time to receive my first Tuesday q&a! Thank you thank you thank you xxx

    • Nya Assis

      Hello Tiasha,

      I totally agree. I am on a journey of self actualization and the more that I understand who I am as a person and not define myself by other’s standards the more I am able to make the decision to move attain goals that seem daunting or out of reach. I feel that understanding myself is the first step to true self love.

    • Thanks, Marie, for telling your “way back” story about following your fear to dance school. It made me recollect that I already am that girl who follows her fear home. Like when I spent my first year of teaching in a remote West African village! It’s the kind of reinforcement I needed today to follow my fear towards my first business launch. 🙂 🙂

    • Laura

      I’ve never thought about fear in that way before, but it makes really good sense regarding where I’m at right now, thinking about taking an education slightly out of my current comfort zone. I think the education really will make me grow in many ways, but it is expensive, “what will others think”, “Am I even talented enough?” And so on 😉 After watching your episode it more feels like my soul gps highlights this specific education and makes me want to give it an extra thought – what if I maybe did take that education? It feels like immense growth is that way – that the fear is an indicator that this direction will I fact change my life, in a good and profound way. Thanks for your – as always – perfect timed inspiration 🙂

    • Dani Alencar

      Tiasha, I entirely agree with you and I’m in the same path. I congratulate you because I know how powerful it is and the changes it may cause in our lives.

  2. Falling in love with fear and using it to guide me in my business has been HUGE in moving me forward (I never would have expected my business to include anyone other than myself and I now have an amazing team of fit pros who inspire me!).

    My next big project is a book! The fear comes more from all the steps to get it together, but after overcoming other obstacles I know I can do this, too.

    Thanks for the inspiration, Marie!

    • Ohhhh a book! Danielle LaPorte has this awesome community for book writers! Beautiful Book Plan. All the way, Catherine!

  3. Oh wow. My fear is pointing me toward showing up on camera regularly to inspire people and make them happy. I’m concerned that I’m breaking rules when I show up and share my gifts and talent with the world.

    • Hey Bernard! Periscope helped me with just that. I was terrified of being on camera but challenged myself to do it in this way. I can not begin to tell you how much it has changed my life.

      And the beauty of the medium is that there are no rules you can break. Do it your way. <3

    • Some rules need to be broken, or at least bent. I love seeing you show up, and shine your light and make the world a better place. Looking forward to more videos. <3

    • Debra

      I immediately wanted to say, do it, do it! Cos I know it’s what I want to do too, eventually. Just in the process of moving house/minimalising to start to make it happen at the mo. Found your page – looks great! Do you have a youtube channel?

  4. Aw, Marie. I love your wisdom. Thanks for following your fear, always, and sharing it with us week after week.

    I am currently in the middle of following some pretty intense fear. Fortunately, the hardest part is starting to follow it. Once you’re on the path, momentum picks up and it gets a lot easier.

    I went to school for English and Creative Writing which is about as far away from computer programming as you can get. Once I graduated, I entered start up world and mostly focused on content production, support, etc. Overtime, I have slowly dabbled into actually programming our application and now I’m going into full on web development.

    The fearful thoughts still come up every time I have a question to ask. I think “This is probably something that someone trained in computer programming knows already.” Fortunately I have great mentors who realize where I’m coming from and never give me the aghast “You don’t know that?” spiel.

    And you’re right, as it turns out following this fear has led me exactly where I want to be. I really love building apps, seeing a problem and being able to quickly solve it.

    All I’m looking for now is my next fear to start following 🙂

    Thanks again,

  5. Yes! Follow the fear! This reminds me of Big Magic where Elizabeth Gilbert straps fear into a car for a road trip and it’s not allowed any snack or radio choices. When I think about projects I want to do and I get that familiar feeling in my gut wanting to back away, I breath really really deep and feel it again. Deep below it is the butterflies, the same ones I got when I was 12 and wanted to talk to the cute boy. It’s excitement hiding behind the fear, the what if that really happened? The what if it really happened is so often covered up by the what if I can’t which stops us dead in our tracks. Strap fear in for the ride, let it know where you plan on taking it and just go. What would that ride be like if fear was duct taped and couldn’t talk you out of going for it?

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      YES, Lana! Totally agree. I love the idea of bringing fear along for the ride but not letting is touch the radio or make any executive decisions on the road 😉

    • Mirei

      Yes! My thoughts exactly, and that passage also came to mind. Too often I don’t address my fear with the ground rules that it ends up sneaking up and hijacking my ride. Excellent reminder 🙂

      • Mirei that’s so funny about the ground rules, we assume maybe fear knows the ground rules or maybe it would remember from last time;) That passage is one of my favorites and I will never forget the imagery. I also can’t get out of my head the visual of fear being tied up and stuck in the trunk, where it sometimes just needs to be.

  6. Fatma

    Hi Marie,

    thank you so much for this encouraging video.
    For me fear and passion are directly next to each other.
    If I follow my fears I would go to university even though I’m older than most student. My fear is failing in front of others. I always think “I’m too old, I should be naturally better than the others”. The pressure is enormous. I also fear of moving in my own apartment without my partner, even though I know it would help me to increase my confidence and independence. I’m afraid it’ll change our deep relationship.
    Instead, I really should be afraid of not changing anything and losing out on great opportunities and changes.

    Wish you the best,
    Fatma from Germany

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Fatma, you are so brave and courageous making these incredible life changes even though you feel so much pressure. Keep going — it sounds like your heart is leading you.

    • Amanda

      Hi Fatma,

      I just love this!

      When I went to university, there was a program for people older than 30 (one was in her mid-80s!) & I cannot tell you how much I admired the people in that program. They gave us “kids” priceless advice on different areas of life, added a wiser perspective to the seminar discussions, inspired us with their passion for our field and, most of all, their presence had a soothing effect on the group. Du packst das, liebe Fatma!

      Best wishes,

  7. This is so bang on. I am creating a program right now and I have this big rock in the pit of my stomach and a fear that I won’t be able to make it good enough that women will want to take it. The thought of NOT creating it just isn’t an option but I have all kinds of things that I do to distract me from creating it.

    Thanks Marie for this video. It’s a message at just the right time.

  8. Diana

    Oh Marie, this video has such perfect timing. Thank you & love you! XO

  9. Patricia

    Writing my book…huge fear…going to push through it this year and bring it to fruition! Loved this video Marie! Thank you!! <3

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      You’ve got this, Patricia!!

  10. NOT IF you do what you are afraid of, WHEN! I recently tackled this very thing and it landed me in the front row during London Fashion Week illustrating fashion coming down the runway! A couple weeks (yes, mere weeks!) prior I said to my husband, “If I don’t throw my hat in the ring as a fashion illustrator and get into fashion, I think I will always regret it.” BAM! Suddenly I was on the front row and even had an article right up about my work during the week. I had previously thought, I am to old for fashion and my worst thought was that I simply was not as talented as other people out there but WOW! I submitted my work ANYWAY. SO YES, Seriously, this principal works!

    • Congrats Monica!

    • Candace

      Hi Monica, this is so fantastic! Well done and thank you for sharing, I really needed to read this today.

  11. If I followed my fear, I would face, deal with, and overcome limiting beliefs that tell me I’m trapped working in a situation where I I’m not paid what I’m worth and relegated to doing tasks that are outside of my zone of genius. If I followed my fear, I would learn that the things that I have resistance to really that scary. If I followed my fear, I would be equipped to live the life of my dreams.

  12. Cynthia ENDICOTT

    I loved this. At 63 I began to study yoga seriously myself because I had been a School Counselor and learned some yoga for children. Through that connection I decided to sign up for an Instructor class. Yes, most of the students were in the age 30-40 range. My instructor and the students taught me so much. It was life changing. Now, with an RYT-200, I teach Silver Sneakers yoga to active, older adults at my local community center. So much fun! And I was scared to death. I followed my passion and it led me through the fear.

    • Athena Pallis

      Oh, Cynthia — thank you so much for posting! The fear that is leading me (at age 57), after much education and preparation, is to hold myself out as a teacher and guide – to show up fully in public space as who I am, doing what I’ve always known I’m meant to do. (Writing this, I feel dizzy…I’ve erased twice.) I teach. I guide. I write the class I want to offer. I schedule it, I deliver it, I love it!

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Cynthia, LOVE THAT!

      Thank you for sharing this here. Good for you!

    • Cynthia, thank you so much for sharing. Coming from someone who’s a little terrified of ageing (and I’m not even 30 yet!!), it’s amazing to hear your story and know that “too late” or “too old” can’t stop you – you’re the only one in your own way.

      I was actually researching about the RYT-200 on a whim today – synchronicity? Would you mind telling me where you studied?

  13. Great video – though I do wonder are you really talking fear or inner critic and resisting mind…fear has a different energy structure and from the inner chat you said you felt at the dance studio – I would say that was more the monkey of the mind that fear per se… either way glad you did despite…it’s one of my mottos – Do Despite 🙂

  14. This might seem strange…but I would totally upgrade my branding!! Has anybody else felt fear over something like this?? I recently met with a brand specialist because I wanted a unified look for my print materials. I told her I was happy with my website, just give my handouts, flyers, a professional look. When she told me what she does as a brand design specialist (which is soooo much more than creating professional handouts) I knew I wanted to up-level my business in this way, but strangely I was scared! I’m a very brave person, so I was a bit surprised by my reaction. This to me was proof that this is exactly what I needed to do! It was proof that sometimes our biggest fear, indeed, is that we are far greater than we could have imagined.

    • Another time I felt a similar fear is when I signed up to get my health coaching certificate at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition! I know, the only way it makes sense is if we are indeed afraid of being powerful.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      I love your insight! “Sometimes our biggest fear is that we are far greater than we could have imagined.” So true and so beautifully said. 🙂

  15. I love your story, Marie!!!

    I have always done the same, but with me, it’s almost the opposite. I used to be naturally fearless and jumping into things without knowing anything, but as I grow up, I feel like that fearlessness is going away…

    I don’t know if it’s like this for anyone else. Maybe my years abroad have made me a bit cautious as well as my eternally-wandering soul. I hope it gets better and that my fears melt away soon.

    Anyone else feel like their fearlessness has an expiration date?

    P.S. We’ll go back to being fearless of course! 😀

  16. I am in fear for two reasons. The first is that I have this WILD, crazy dream of moving to Europe right when I graduate and being able to write and speak full time. That fear is crazy, primarily because that would be my first job after college and many people are skeptical (even I am skeptical that that dream can come true sometimes).

    I am also scared because next Thursday, I will be taking a plane by myself over seas to visit my boyfriend. I have never taken a trip by myself, and was so nervous I was originally going to ask him to pay for a flight to me to pick me up (which makes no sense and takes away a lot of money).

    I am learning to sit in my fear though and realize that these two dreams will teach me how to trust myself and trust others. The world is a kind place for the most part, and I need to believe this if I want to feel free! I choose to follow my fear, and rise in spite of them.

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Tiara, that’s amazing! The first time I travelled alone I was so scared, but then once I had nailed it, I felt on top of the world. I hope it’s the same experience for you! Good luck and have the BEST time 🙂

    • Tiara,

      The first time I took a flight by myself I had to drink my way through it…and I’m a lightweight, so when it came time to deplane, I could barely get down the aisle. The thing was, I felt the fear and did it anyway!

      I wanted to be a writer from the time I was a teen. I kept putting it off…until I was in my late thirties. Then when I went for it, like Marie, I wept during my first writing class.

      People would tell me it was too difficult to get a book published by a traditional publisher, but the second book I wrote, got accepted. Marie is right, follow that fear, embrace it, work through it, and once you learn how to tackle it, you’ll be amazed at how good you feel!

      Twenty books later, I still have fear, which is why I love watching Marie’s videos. They keep me moving forward. She’s a delight, and an inspiration!

      • Carol

        Wow…20 books!! Good for you!

  17. Really crazy seeing this video when I’m on the brink of deciding to go back to working a full time job alongside pursuing my business back on a part-time schedule. It’s been a struggle financially, and I only started to consider a job again when a position calling to my soul work came up. My interview is supposed to be Friday, and I’ve been wrestling with the fear of being a “quitter” with my business even though I have no intention of stopping. I also wrestle with fears of losing momentum and focus if the largest chunk of my time ended up occupied with a full time job. I know if I were hired for the opportunity though that it would feed a large part of my spirit that’s been starving, and it largely has to do with working in the city representing the local Asian American community and hands-on addressing diversity and inclusion. Today’s message is going to continue sinking in as I prepare to do my best for my interview and come what may…the path isn’t stopping, just continuing to evolve!

    • That is 100% RIGHT Jasmine. Embrace this opportunity and know that there is no cookie cutter definition of success. Good luck on that interview.

      • Jasmine Cho

        Thank you Marie!! Looking forward to sticking with you through the journey!

        • Chelsea - Team Forleo

          Us too 🙂

  18. Alemnesh

    Dear Marie, Thank you so much!This episode touched my heart here is why? I would love to integrate my coaching practice with shoulder dance (eskista) before I start my talk or presentation I want to dance with my audience it is very powerful stress reliever and relaxation method the thing is I am so afraid that as you said” I am not professional dancer” or what if people google about that dance and laugh at me …….now I decided I have to do it!.

    With Excitement,

  19. Shanda

    Great video, thanks for helping me start my day off right.

  20. THIS! Spot on. Pretty timely since I just launched my virtual assistant biz and jumped on board with the 2016 B-School team… there are so many ‘what-ifs’ creeping up BUT I’m squashing them by just taking action and moving forward!!

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      WOOHOO, thrilled to have you on board, Katie!

  21. Yes! This resonates with me deeply! 2 years ago, after a decade hiatus from professionally playing my clarinet while raising my kiddos, I knocked on the door of NYPhilharmonic clarinetist Anthony McGill and played an audition for him so I could go to school and study with him. My fears were eating me alive; at 41 I’m too old, I’ve lost my touch after all these years and won’t be able to work things back up, I don’t really have a chance in the music world anymore, etc.

    But what happened was beautiful! To his credit, he fully recognized my talent and situation and gave me great encouragement and hope. A month later when I officially auditioned for the school, he gave me a huge smile and thumbs-up in my audition. I got accepted and am now finishing my two year degree.

    Yes, I’ve had to swallow my pride a few times, yes, I’ve felt like a parent instead of a student at times, yes I’ve had to say no to some things, but in general, I’ve flourished and can now honestly say I play better than I did before I stopped playing 10 years ago.

    If I had let all those fears stop me, I wouldn’t be playing at the Kennedy Center next month and working with Symphony Number One, a new chamber orchestra in Baltimore.

    Thank you Marie for continuing to empower me and thousand of others to do what they love – despite the fear!


    • Madhvi

      You are amazing Melissa. Congrats for having the courage to do that. I got butterflies just reading about the audition. So much joy for you and thank you so much for sharing. ?

    • This is BRILLIANT Melissa! CONGRATS 😉

    • This is a gorgeous story. I’m so thrilled for you, Melissa! I have a big fear like that looming on my path. I haven’t had the courage to look it in the eye, let alone take it on, so I am HUGELY impressed by what you’ve done. Marie’s video has made my ego/inner critic/fear arc up big time. So that must be a good thing, right? Usually I nod along with her and LOVE what she has to say. This time… I’m squirming. LOL. Thank you for sharing this story, Melissa!

  22. I loved this MarieTV and I’m doing my best to live it out this year, with the themes of Visibility and Revenue for 2016. Marie, you rock…and I especially appreciated your interview with Sean Croxton lately.

    My fears:
    My introverted homemaker self is slowly and steadily “venturing into the light”, overcoming the obstacles of caring for four great kids while building a business that will be able to provide our family’s income, so that my husband can stop doing a job that is slowly killing him.

    I did my first two live webinars this year, which were incredibly scary, but turned out great, and even a little fun. I have plans for more video and “live” presence this year instead of just hiding behind my computer 🙂

  23. UH

    If I followed my fear more often I could end up being a very successful business woman. And that scares me even more!

    But seriously, I have used my fear as a guide very frequently – and it always was the right direction to take.

  24. As usual, perfect timing! Thanks Marie : )

    I’ve been obsessed with traveling to Europe to participate in a week long bike race that would take me over mountain ranges and through picturesque towns in the Alps. I woke up this morning and thought to myself “Yeah, I can’t do that this year. My (fill in excuse here) and I just don’t have the time”. BUT I can’t stop thinking about this amazing adventure dispute my fears. Might just be time to “BOOK’EM, DANNO” and chase my dream.

    Thanks again for the inspiration!

    • Sounds like an incredible, life-changing adventure Janet. You know where I’d put my vote 🙂

      • Indeed I do know! I’ll send you a post card : )

  25. Hi Marie,

    I just love what you’re doing out there! I remember being so nervous to take the Nike Rockstar training you taught in Denver several years ago. I had the same experiences that you described above with my dancing career!
    Now with business, I feel the same way! For over a year now I’ve been watching your videos and learning so much. I ask myself, do I have something to offer the world with my business of fitness and health? I was hoping this year I’d have the money to take B-school, but once again I don’t. I don’t usually take this much time to reply to posts, but this fear video really struck me and I sit here emotional realizing I may have to wait another year to get the guidance I need to build my online business. I plan on just plugging along learning what I can learn and I pray some day I’ll be able to make the difference that my heart so desires. Have a beautiful Marie! I’m so happy for you!

    • Ha, day..have a beautiful day Marie!

    • Hi Chrissy! Trust the timing of your life. We’ll be here for you each week to support you as you continue to keep moving ahead. 🙂 XO

  26. Anet

    Dear Marie, Whenever I get a new video from you in my inbox I say to my self “What else can she say that moves me?, I’ve seen many of her videos already!” Invariably, your words, honest and empaethetic approach always ends up touching my soul in some way. Thanks for doing this!

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Oh Anet, that is SO kind of you. Thank you!

  27. Fear is telling me to go out and offer my workshops on healthy lifestyle and nutrition to private organizations, health food stores and so on! It is telling me to make those phone calls right now!

  28. Madhvi

    Marie you melt my heart. Your approach to life is so refreshing and encouraging AND inspiring! This episode is so thought provoking because of the options I have at the moment.

    I LOVE being in School and learning and learning some more. If I had a super power I would ask for “knowledge and wisdom of the multiverse!!” ? that being said after a bachelor’s in human bio and zoology (love animals and love children) I got my acupuncture degree and now I want to go to massage therapy school. I’m afraid to though because I’ve heard I won’t have the stamina for it or that I’m escaping reality and going into my safe zone (ie school) or am I just going to school to get another skill I won’t use etcetc etc not to mention debt. Yet I can’t shake the longing to do it – for 2 years now. So many valid points though.

    Just wanted to say thank you for this episode. I’m definitely going to be meditating and Journaling on what you expressed to finally MOVE in some direction with confidence….maybe moonwalk out of this crossroad. Hahaha …so glad you danced your fear through your challenges coz now we get to dance beside you along this journey of life! You’re the best!!!!!!!!

    Such big hugs and tons of love.

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Yes! Moonwalkin’ out of the crossroad — love it.

  29. Odette

    This really resonates with me, yet, I’d love suggestions/input on how to proceed if no “fear” or “passion” is showing up for me? How am I blocking this and how can I open myself to it?

  30. Great way of putting it. I never used that perspective before, but will definitely consider. The way I have always answered clients’ questions about “finding your purpose, bliss, passion, etc”, is to ask them questions, until we arrive at the the final question:
    “What would you do if there were no rules, no laws, no relationships, no obligations, and no one watching? AND… that you believe is wrong, illegal, too risky, immoral, or judged by others?”
    Maybe your way is the easier to understand!

  31. This is the topic I just emailed my list about yesterday! Super timely for me.

    I’m a copywriter for soulful entrepreneurs and have been working with 1:1 clients very successfully for the last 11 months. My fear is pointing me toward doing more group programs and mentorships and out of doing 1:1 work. The fear says no one will sign up (even they already have) and “who are you to be a teacher.”

    I’m acknowledging it then moving through it. I know the fear is there to protect me, but it doesn’t know what I’m really capable of!

    • Hi Tepsii, well said. I usually see this as the conflict of heart and mind. If I check in with my heart only, without reason, and acknowledge the valid desire I have, which direction is that taking me? Then, I (the heart) hire the mind to figure out how to do it, rather than whether to do it. It removes a lot of the conflict when the mind has a good job to do. Does that make sense for you too?

  32. Barbara

    It’s so helpful to me to know that Marie Forleo STILL feels fear when she shoots an episode of MarieTV. What you were describing is exactly what goes through my head every time I have an idea about ANYTHING. Thanks for being brave enough to put your fears out there to help the rest of us!!

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Exactly, Barbara — we’re so glad that point struck a chord and inspired you. Thank YOU for tuning in.

  33. Oh Marie, pls be right ….

  34. Laura

    Holy shit! I’m 24 and Marie just described exactly how I’m feeling right now about dancing….

  35. Marie has a good point here. The only problem is that some people get stuck because the fear is blocking them. THAT’s when you need a good coach.

  36. Terry

    Big Fear: Everything’s already been said. Every book’s been written. All ideas are taken. There’s nothing new under the sun. AHA moment: At the library, looking at six 20-foot long, two-sided racks of mystery books and going, “These authors aren’t worried about what is/isn’t new under the sun. They just wrote a book!” In anything creative, subjects may overlap but the voices and perspectives are all different. Been writing my book, in my voice, pretty steadily for 3 weeks now.

  37. So I am terrorized by my efforts at creating a retreat center! But I just keep putting one foot in front of the other and keep it going. We have our 501c3 designation, now I have to fund raise, the most terrifying of all. Thanks for your comments in the video- very inspiring. Discussions like this help me know I am not the only one seeking their path and finding the fear in it all! Thanks!

    • Sounds like a beautiful dream Gwen… good luck!!!

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Gwen, you’re not alone in seeking your path and feeling fear in doing so, by any means. Keep moving forward!

  38. This reminds me of the other Joseph Campbell quote: “The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure that you seek.” So true – every single time; and what I’ve learned from entering each of those caves is that it makes me a little less fearful the next time a cave comes up 🙂

    • Terry

      Great quote, Saiisha. The quote on my wall by Van Gogh echoes Campbell’s words and empowers taking the first step: “If you hear a voice within you say ‘you cannot paint,’ then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced.

  39. Ebenezer Eferobor

    Hi Marie, following my fear means abandoning every academic pursuit of my life, and moving on to study digital music. It’s what I want to do but I don’t know how. It hunts and hurts me everyday. With this video, I hope I start experiencing a change of Fortune and start getting a clear cut direction of how to find my way to a great school in the US.

  40. Fear, resistance, self-sabotage, whatever we call it – THANKS so much, Marie, for highlighting that these are all indicators that here are something covered, we need to discover or uncover(dis-cover – un-cover!).

    I have been a teacher and consultant for 20 yrs. and can speak in front of amounts of people with no fear. What scares me, (and what I am exploring this period of my life) is the thought of telling stories instead of teaching. “If I was a storyteller, or even an actor…whau..” – that sparks creativity and joy (and fear) in me. But, I am following it and I am curious…

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Beautiful, Mette. We’re excited for you!

  41. Love this one, and perfect timing! Just had this talk with my husband last night. Thanks Marie 🙂

    The fear I need to follow is going after my career instead of trying to work from home with my new baby. My husband is the game-changer here. HE wants to be home and is beyond supportive of wherever my aspirations may take us. I’m a modern woman, and have always thought about how my career could change the world in a big way. But once I became a mom, that all changed. Who knew a 6-week-old could send me back to the 60s!?! I thought I needed to be the one to stay home, take care of her, while also contributing to our finances. My fear is that I’ll be leaving my baby girl behind, letting her down, abandoning her just like my mom did me. But I want to be an example for her by being all I can be. I want to work and be at home. I want to change this world and rock hers. I’m terrified but I can’t wait. We’re new at this but I’m ready to chase some big dreams and give her all she could ever dream of herself 🙂

    Thanks again Marie. Keep on inspiring girl!!

  42. Sara

    This is a hard one for me! How do you know if it is fear or just plain common sense showing up? For instance, right now I have a very good shot getting a job that I would have to relocate for. It is a promotion within the company. It would give me a bigger tool kit and set me up for almost an open ticket in my organization. It would only be 3 hours away. But – I’m not sure I want to do it. In my ideal world, my goal is to have developed my own business enough so that I can escape from the corporate world in the next 2-3 years. The new position would throw my life in upheaval for a bit and also take up much more of my time, so my own business would suffer. Is my resistance to taking the new job fear or common sense? How do you know the difference?

    • Hey Sara!

      Great question. For a situation like this, I like the 10 year test. “In 10 years from now, will I regret NOT trying to start my own business right now?”

      Also, I’d get brutally honest about those tools and connections you’d likely develop in the new position. Are they the kind of skills and connections that could fast track the success of your own business?

      Would this position allow you to build a financial cushion (if that’s important to you) so when you do want to start your own business you’d have some runway to work with?

      You should also watch these episodes:

      What To Do When Your Gut & Logic Don’t Agree

      How to Tell The Difference Between Fear & Intuition

      Hope this helps!

      • Carmit

        Hi Marie,
        I adore you for facing your fears. I am so scared i have been frozen for the last…too embaressing to disclose. Have been so scared i convinced my self that my life long career aspiration is not a good idea. I think one has to be in this mental moad inorder to follow rheir fear. Like i belive that in your case, the sound of dancing music overcame the fear voices till you did not hear the voice of fear anymore.
        Maybe, this is just a thought, to get into this mode one needs to put themselves in thevsurrounding of where they want to go or what they want to do. Then they get into this “action trans” mode, where they cant hear fear…
        Sorry for the long comment
        I love you, you’re awesome, and your good advice has helped me to make huge progress

  43. Mary

    I like the spirit of this post, but can’t turn off my cynical reaction that this advice is best served for people who have the financial freedom to choose their path. The example provided is about facing a fear and following a passion. For those of us with full-time jobs working for someone else, with families, financial responsibilities, etc….”facing your fear” isn’t as easy as just mustering up the courage to do what you’ve always wanted to do. I’m not bashing the spirit of the message, just wonder if anyone else feels like a lot of this advice is better suited for entrepreneur / self-employed individuals without kids…

    • I started my path just after I decided to separate. I was a single mom. Went from a house to a smelly basement suite. I took it one step at a time.
      Little things here and there in the evenings and weekend.
      I didn’t have anything at that time, but always wanted to get into alternative healing. I took some Reiki and Reflexology classes and fell in love. I have now outgrown these and moved into Intuitive healing. I always found a way to make it work somehow. Yes, it may have taken me longer than most, but I never thought I would be where I am now 6 years ago.

      I’m am still working (reduced my hours), but manage to fit everything in.

    • Hey Mary,

      In addition to what Amelie shared, I’m curious why following your fear has to mean a drastic change in your profession or lifestyle?

      There are millions of working moms, dads and childfree humans out there who would feel enlivened if they gave themselves permission to take a creative writing class, sing at an open mic night or start salsa dancing. Activities that, in their mind, kick up a lot of fear.

      Fear of being too old; not being good enough, not a wise use of their time/energy or even minor financial resources.

      Broaden your frame a bit and you’ll see how paying attention to something that’s both a bit scary and exciting, just might help you lead a more creative and fulfilling life. XO

      • Mary

        Appreciate the input. Perhaps I was thinking of this as relevant to a large-scale change (I.e. Changing jobs) as opposed to a smaller-scale change. Many of the other comments relate to those running a small business or practice, which contributed to my narrow frame of reference.

        Amelie, I appreciate your story and perspective, and admire your success in following your interest.

        Perhaps part of my cynicism is rooted in the fact that I don’t know what I would be interested in or passionate about, even if I had optimal time to follow it. I envy those of you who have found joy and success through your passions and interests.

        • I can absolutely understand that Mary. Whenever I’m feeling a bit stuck and disconnected from clarity/what I want/etc., here’s what helps me:

          a. rigorous exercise – a spin class or really, really tough physical workout where I sweat. a LOT. And hear good music.
          b. meditation – I have a simple tutorial here if you want to give it a shot (also a link to a REALLY funny parody on meditation you might enjoy)
          c. writing – some stream of consciousness free writing can get me unblocked

          Hope this helps! XO

  44. Sometimes our biggest passion is directly related to a great fear as well. I think, expect for some rare cases in which conditions are extremely lucky, we all feel that following our dream involves some risky decissions and that step is always difficult to take.

    Perfect insight, as usual. Thank you very much for sharing 🙂

  45. Jody

    Yes, follow the fear! Feel the fear and breath into the places where you feel it in your body. One of my favorite quotes is “Fear is excitement without the breath.” – Fritz Perls

    I would say that it can be (not always) but either way, breath will be of great support. Moving the body in a way that adds space, to counteract the contraction of fear helps too.

  46. OMG, Marie, YOU’RE IN MY HEAD!

    Love this episode!

    I just shot my first vlog last Friday and was so nervous I nearly threw up! I was TERRIFIED to get on video — and that’s exactly why I knew I needed to do it!

    I also had to overcome my fears to launch our Nonprofit U (our online learning center) and to submit my book proposal to a publisher. Each time, I had to work through my fear (read: TERROR), but knew that it HAD to be done.

    What I’ve found is that following your fears leads to bliss.

    So glad you’re part of my world! 🙂

  47. Yes. THIS. And (for me) a la follow your CURIOSITY– which will lead you to your passion….and your fear 😉 So much love to you @marie and the whole Forleo team on a successful B-school launch, so grateful to be a part and be a B-school ambassador and cheerleader! 🙂 xo

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much, Allison 🙂

  48. Lulu Gomez

    omg! I don’t know why I just can’t stop smiling =) my tuesdays are also my favorite day of the week because is the day I’m always reminded that life is beautiful, is an adventure, that we’re here to be happy, and to smile! Where I’m from (Monterrey, Mexico) everyone is always rushing, and competing, and trying to fit in a mold, and sometimes I feel lonely, like nobody understands my bliss, is hard to find a tribe here in this city, but every tuesday I come here and just get filled to keep going… and keep smiling =) =) =) wu!
    My fear? writing THAT book… it’s always been my “back of the head” dream (I feel like i’m just inventing phrases, but in Spanish it makes sense haha) like I always come back to that… but what the hell I’m a doing writing a book?! but after this episode, we’ll see, no more excuses.
    If you ever come to monterrey, Mexico!! 😉 I’ll be here haha

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Lulu, it means the world to us that you come here smiling every Tuesday, feeling like life is a beautiful adventure after being here with us.

      You’re not alone at all, and we love having you in our MarieTV family here.

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      You might love this other episode too, Lulu:

  49. One of the fear I have been having for over a year was to find a professional space to do in-person healing (I’ve been doing phone reading for 5 years). I kept thinking that it would be hard to find a shared place that can accommodate my weird schedule and that I could afford.

    Finally, I did some research and found a few places. Some i didn’t get any answers back, but one I did. Booked it, confirmed it and announced it. The day comes and I arrive at the space (1 hour before my client) and no one is there. The room is locked. No one seems to care…

    So, this experienced asked me to stand in my integrity and my values and I decided to let the place go. As a result, I looked into having my own space completely and was able to find the perfect place. Now I am just waiting to hear if I will be the chosen leasee.

    So following the fear, yes! At the same time, I believe it’s important not to compromise your values and integrity. Things even better can show up for you when you remain true to what is important to you.

  50. I SO identify myself to what you said Marie. Fear have always been my fuel to go ahead in life. I was actually saying “You fear that? You will go for it girl!. This brought me way further in life than what I thought I would go:-).

    From Jumping off a 32 foot plunge in a swimming competition (at age 16 and won) to jump in the unknown in a foreign country not speaking its language to develop tourism for physically challenged people to climb the highest peak of the country with blind people…To now hoop my way to heaven:-) helping people to offer a better response to life challenges.

    The only difference between now and then, is that I take the time to look at the essence of the fear to give myself a chance to not break my neck, my wallet, nor my health but to transform fears in investment rather than loss.

  51. Stefanie

    I am following my fear into art. I gave up art in the fourth grade when my art teacher gave me a harsh critique of my crayola stained glass drawing. That was forty years ago! Last year, I got fired from my lab job and decided that was the nudge I needed to change directions. So I thought I’d take some classes in web design, not knowing how art intensive the classes would be. I was terrified. I thought, “They’ll all laugh at me. They’ve probably all been doing art their whole lives. What was I thinking?” But I also loved it so much that I knew I couldn’t go back. I’ve decided not to limit myself to web design and am now pursuing graphic design, which is my true love. I don’t know where it’s going to take me, but I do know I can’t NOT do it. Here’s to following your fear. My next class is an actual drawing class. Eek!

    • Go for it. My boyfriend did what your teacher did to you when I was 17. Didn’t draw for twenty years. Then picked it up again when my daughter showed mad talent. So we could draw together and I could talk about progress and enjoyment rather than reaching for perfection. Perfection can’t be attained anyway.

      I have made lots of progress and surprise myself. Was shocked recently when I was accepted to a juried fine arts and garden show for my painted furniture and mixed media projects.

      Art makes your soul sing. Don’t listen to the haters.

      • Stefanie

        Thanks so much for the support! It’s amazing how a few little words when your ten can alter the course of your life. Glad we found our way back. And congrats!

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Amen to that, Stefanie — so excited for you.

      • Stefanie

        Thanks, Chelsea!

    • So beautiful to read this, Stefanie!

      As a mid-career artist who never compromised the vision, I’ve had to break through so many shaming limitations in my psyche from my early years.

      SO many people were shamed out of continuing their creative paths at a REALLY young age – it’s astonishing what a huge negative force this can be in our individual and our collective evolution.

      Many folk don’t ever manage to re-engage with ‘happy making stuff’, but when we begin to develop and expand our creative activities, oh my, how this radiates out to positively influence everything in our lives and everyone around us!


      All power to you! xx Clare

      • Stefanie

        It’s truly miserable to lead a life so far away from your heart. Creating makes me so happy and I am even beginning to build a network of support that I have also never had. Thank you for your kind words. ❤️

  52. Great video! I love it! Overcoming fears blocks many things in our lives. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  53. Fear is amazing energy if channeled correctly. Fear can be the fuel that lights a match under your wings, lifts your spirit and helps you soar. The day I decided to be fearless was the day I learned to start living life on my terms.

  54. Alani

    If I had to follow my fear… a couple of things would happen:
    1. I would lose weight and look hot!
    2. I would be on stage performing in that hot body!
    3. I would part take in trail running!

    I have been stuck in the same place for over 15 years and I am SO sick of it.
    Time to follow my fear?
    I fear being skinny and hot… because of the way some old men look at me and kinda make me feel yuk.

    • Amy

      Hi Alani, Just do it! You are doing these things for yourself not other people! I too need to lose weight but im not sure if its fear or just being lazy!

      • Alani, don’t waste another 15 years, please! Just get off that old train, and step up towards a new journey already. Big hugs.

  55. Andrea

    Follow my fear…I have a fear of writing my stories and putting them out into the world. I’m afraid of influencing others. I also have a fear of making coaching my full-time practice. Always, in my head, is the question, am I doing this right?
    Thanks for asking! That was very clarifying 😀

  56. I laughed when I watched this video – because it’s so true and its been huge for me. I remember hearing Andrea Beaman share a similar message couple of years ago, saying that if you’re afraid to do something, thats probably exactly what you should be doing! And since then I slowly, but surely started to implement it in live and business. Now my big thing is being visible and on camera. I am still scared every time I do a video, but I do it anyway:)

  57. I knew I wanted to take my art to another level. Had “shown” my painted furniture at a small indoor market. Not the right crowd. No sales.

    Brainstorm. Go to art festivals that the people may more appreciate what I do. Courage to approach a juried show? I would think NOT! Horrified at the thought.

    Two years ago I had happened upon a art and garden show right down the street from me. Went and dropped a card figuring I could get the price of a booth.

    Owner contacted me with a application. Much to my horror I saw that it was juried.

    So. Moment of truth. Are you going to let this opportunity slip away? Or step up?

    I sent 8 pics of my work and I was accepted!

  58. euzebio

    heloo marie euzebio

  59. Suzy

    Marie – My first time commenting…wanted to say, HOORAY ! I’m presenting this VERY TOPIC+ at an upcoming Women in Strategy Summit in NYC (you’d love the Summit). I live this, fight, and ‘preach’ this issue whenever able. THANKS for confirming my fears about this topic were good & needed & rightfully shouldn’t be ignored! BEST!

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Suzy, YAY for your first time commenting, and best of luck with your upcoming presentation.

  60. BOOM! My heart explodes. Being afraid to move forward. I jam pack my life with things to do, busy busy, oh so busy so I can avoid being risky McJenkins and actually kick some ass out there in the world.
    I’ve been listening very carefully to the universe lately. It has been placing opportunity in the seat next to me, in my tea, in my hands, and in my face. I have been turning away, denying myself the chance to be greater than I am.
    Yesterday, I ended the cycle. I started the journey to free myself and I cannot turn back. I’ll have nothing but time for greatness and no busy work to hide behind. <3 Keep shining everyone, the world is better with brave souls like you!

  61. Thank you Marie

    Not only did the topic strike home—but Today’s Tweetable: “Follow your fear. It’s a GPS for where your soul wants you to go.” @MarieForleo
    is downright uncanny! 🙂

    I’ve been building online courses for others for over 10 years now. I’ve wanted to make my own courses for a while, actually, since before online courses came about.

    I have some serious fears about doing just that, so it’s very nice to hear you speak on this subject. To add a little serendipity to that, it was facing my fears in 2011 when I chose to ride my motorcycle completely across Canada and back (10,000 miles), that opened me up to “doing it anyway”.

    My choice for my first self-created course is “Getting the Most Value from your GPS”.


  62. Love this! How do you know if when you’re performing your work if fear means it’s not the right path for you, or if fear means you care and want to do a great job. Sometimes fear can be exhausting 🙂

  63. I would leave my full time job so I could concentrate on my personal training certification while building my doTERRA team and building my own company!
    My fear that is causing me to do this is not having enough money to pay the bills while I’m ramping up.

  64. Heidi

    Dearest Marie,

    Thank you for the most perfect episode that felt like you did it for me. I am in your Bschool now and just sent you a question about fear. This was exactly what I needed to know. My hands, pen and thoughts would not let me get through part 4 and 5 of Start the Right business. I am ready to take my fear on this journey with me as an influential guide to my gifts and purpose. The episode gave me a sense of power that endures the fear with an opportunity to see something more.
    Many blessings in harmony with your heart,

  65. I am still building a business its over 1 year. I am learning that most of the people like you it didnt happen over night. I am getting people to comment and ask me questions so yes I am being seen as the expert in gluten and food allergy area.

    My book. I know it will help so many people. writing it pushed me to a level and kept me going.. I know there is more to do once its out.. I know this is what I love doing.. helping people.

  66. Safena

    Marie and Team. WOW this was powerful and I will be sharing this with my friends. This message brought me to tears. I know there is a place that is more home to me than where I am right now. I have so many fears and this is going to help me find that “good” fear…the one that is my friend and is pointing me in the right direction. Thank you so much for sharing your story. I forget sometimes that others have the same challenges even if I perceive them ahead on the path. Marie that was a beautiful moment you had in that dance studio and you have a very generous heart in sharing it with all of us. <3

  67. Ever since I started my business, I have had to challenge myself each and every day to follow my fear. When I was making the decision to start my business, I was overcome with fears of whether people would like my products, whether they would BUY my products, can I really make a living with my business and leave my day job…the list goes on. But amidst those fears, I kept coming back to wise words from my Grandpa, who always encouraged me to push on because he truly, honestly felt that I can DO anything and I can BE anything. So gradually, I’m starting to believe that myself, which helps me to go beyond my fear, and even pushes me to actively seek out situations that put me out of my comfort zone. Thank you, Marie, for this reminder that there are always new fears and new challenges…and that’s a beautiful thing.

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Yes, a beautiful thing indeed. 🙂

  68. Thanks Marie! Loved that and uuuuseful. Reminds me that a lot of the stuff I have been forcing myself to do lately is just this – following fear and actually it’s working out OK! Meanwhile I big fear project(s) creating more online content – time to get on with it! And also – some sort of Monastic Fantastic / Yoga studio / Life studio amazing place has been in my head for yeeeaaars. So there you go, fear laid bare….shall remember this when I make my to-do lists! Thanks! Looking forward to B-sschool!

  69. Gosh. Well last year I had a very scary and challenging experience professionally, which sent me on a path (via the mountains of Montana for a personal retreat and The Desire Map) to what I’m going for now. Which is even more scary, in some ways, but not threatening (which is what happened before).

    It took some work to breath and heal and get through the terrifying experience and continue on with my profession. I wanted to ditch it all and run away but my heart called louder than safety.

    Now….it’s daily. Every time I hit “publish” on the blog post, or tell someone I’m working to build my business…I am going fearward.

  70. I’m petrified that my online school won’t thrive but I’m learning to just do one or two things every day because that doesn’t seem as scary. When I get multiple unsubscribes from my list or if a Facebook Ad doesn’t do well, I look at it and think, “Okay, what can I try next?” This seems to work for me in keeping the twit in my head who tells me that this is stupid quiet. Some day that twit is going to be launched off a cliff. LOL!

  71. Brook

    SO true and helpful, thank you Marie! I think we need to continually tap into our fears in order to evolve. In fact, this year I experienced fear momentum happening. In February 2015, I began blogging under my real name and to get into my Sleepytime Club project. Fears faced: Sleepytime Club would be perceived as goofy, I’m not an “expert” with a degree, I wasn’t a mom with a young kid anymore…but I blogged on. Then I hosted a telesummit, made selfie videos, created my bedtime kits – all huge fears encountered while that inner critic was on replay – “Who you think you are?” Which was kind of an awesome question! I know I am creative, talented, and tapping into inspiration! Now that I’ve created something beautiful, of service, and that has never existed before I face the fear of creating 8 more bedtime kits (do I have it in me?) and really putting myself out there for promotion (gulp!) I know that fear is my teacher and my guide.

  72. I’m an interior stylist and I’m terrified of using Social Media for my business and sharing my work! I know intellectually I have to do it so that my dream clients can find me, but it is not natural to me to share my art or “brag”. I read The War of Art and also Austin Kleon’s Show Your Work; I KNOW I’ve got to do it. Thanks for the extra boost to follow my fear! Thanks, Marie!

  73. This video hugely resonated with me! About 3 years ago I took up horseback riding- something I have always dreamed of doing, and never had enough courage to try.. I started riding lessons at the age of 38 (while most riders are young girls) and never missed a week ever since! I have since ridden in 6 different countries (every time i travel, i always check out the trail rides or local barns), and now I practice jumping courses at my local riding school. It has been single handedly THE MOST EMPOWERING thing in my entire life- learning the ‘ballet’ on top of 100 lb powerful beasts. It’s about the exchange of energy, it’s spiritual, it’s incredibly athletic, it’s humbling, as well as so majestic, and beautiful. I want other women to get inspired, and get to change their lives, just as I did! XOX

  74. Viola

    Right now, I fear to learn to code. After several workshops I fell in love with it, but I´m afraid of a career change and don´t know exactly what to do with it. But your video encourage me to try it and I will see what happens 🙂
    Thanks for your video!

    • Hi! I have a few years of experience in web development and I can tell you that learning to code is always a great door opener, you can make videogames, apps, your own website and, even if your career is not focused on coding, it is a great tool to help you improve on what you are trying to sell in this age of the digital access 😉 Go for it!

  75. Ok. What I’m most scared of is to act on my desire to become a speaker in some way: I’m thinking of vlogging or live speaking. I’ve had this curiosity, aspiration, desire for a long time to stand in front a camera or an audience and share my personal growth learnings in a personal, honest, fun way, and I know I love speaking in front of people from my experience as a corporate trainer. But I don’t know how to start or anything – basically I’m afraid of trying it out: of doing the work of writing stuff then record it and do it consistently knowing it might be crappy. Of course I’m aware that is ridiculous and I “just” would need to kick my own butt and do it. But today’s episode is helping me admit it that maybe that should become my central priority/project rather than keep believing it’s some kind of side little topic. I ve just signed up for bschool so that might well help me move fwd with it!! Thanks Marie ?

  76. Vickie Hernandez

    This message is just want I needed. I was in a slump because of my fears. I am convinced that I am on the right path. Thank you so much for sharing your insights.

  77. Kristin

    I have always been one who has an idea, follows her gut and goes for it. But I got stuck…for A LONGGG TIME. Because I failed at a few things in a row from poor judgement. Now, I have this really cool idea for a business, but I am afraid to trust my gut again. However signing up for B School is my indicator to myself that I am back in the saddle. Which feels soon good! I’m also in the throes of navigating a possible quick foster adoption, insert face with big eyes here. So that is super scary too! I need to work on staying centered so I don’t freak myself out and run for the hills! Going to my dining room table to prep for the B School course, and writing all my ideas and putting things into action makes me giddy and excited. I haven’t felt this way in years. I am facing my fears of falling flat on my face. I don’t want to be in the shadows anymore. YAY!

  78. Love this, especially since your story involves dance. I danced in high school and college. Performing on stage brought me equal measures of joy and angst…I loved every minute.

    I think sometimes fear is simply the manifestation of inner conflict. Once we decide to go where our guts and hearts are leading us, the fear calms itself.

    That’s why one of my favorite quotes is, and I paraphrase, “What if you fall? …yes, but what if you fly?”

    Or, in this case, DANCE. 🙂

  79. Hi Everyone here,

    I want to give my honest opinion here, because firstly, I agree with Marie and have followed my fears often.

    However, what about fears that have a financial impact or risk???
    I am currently sick of my job, and I know my passion is starting coaching in confidence in meeting people and networking.
    (something I used to fear and became very good at)

    But, here’s the thing: I need income. As much as I want to follow my fear of dropping my job, I am being realistic and thinking of the finances.

    Does that make sense?

    Thank you so much


    • Hey Rachel! As I shared in the video, I’m not suggesting you do anything that puts you out on the streets, or takes food away from your kids/family/etc.

      My suggestion: start your business on the side. Work your ass off in the mornings, evenings and weekends. While I didn’t follow that exact path, in addition to starting my business I also had multiple side gigs/other jobs (bartending, waiting tables, being a personal assistant) to supplement my income. Numerous side gigs lasted for 7 years before I was ready and able to go full-time with my business.

      You should also watch this video: How To Fast Track The Life You Want

      • Thank you Marie,
        It helps when I read your 7 years….because I have been working my ass off (literally my words too:) and allow NO free time for over a year now.
        I build and learn and grow, but the income is not even worth mentioning.
        I seek options, make tons of interviews and learn, study, gather information.
        I have my website, and am writing a book on confidence of successful people that I have interviewed, such as SJ Scott, Gina Hussar, Stephen Schedletzky, and more.
        Who knows when I write my second book, you can be starring in it too!

        But, in all honesty, I don’t want to give up my dream of having my business in helping people, and using my 6 languages.

        Having terrible stomach aches every day at work, make it so hard to remain ”happily engaged with the moment”.

        Your comment of 7 years helped me.

        Thank you!!!!

  80. Love this video. I agree. As scary as it is, I love following my fears now. I get a little butterfly feeling of excitement after I start 🙂 I’m scared to death right now! ha! But we feel better once we see that vision become a reality. Cheers to our fears.

  81. Hello Marie,
    I am in my early 60’s and 18 months ago began my new career as a narrator and voice talent. It’s hard work with a dramatic learning curve (mostly for doing my own sound editing). I have narrated 15 books (of different lengths) and am continuing to pursue this wonderful work. I have been a subscriber to Marie TV for at least as long as I have been working on my new business. You are an inspiration. Thank you.
    Most everyone I tell about my venture is not at all surprised because I have a good voice for narration (a God-given gift). However, a few have asked me what the heck am I thinking, entering a highly competitive market with folks who have been doing this work for 20 – 40 years? I am doing what I want to do and believe in doing. Wish me luck! I’ll take care of the hard work part.

  82. Love this!
    I took a huge fear last year and started my e-commerce site and I am currently enrolled in B-School and can not wait to grow!

    But after watching this video, I e-mailed a music teacher and am looking to taking Bongo lessons! Something I have always wanted to do!

    Thank you!!

  83. Giovanna

    Dear Marie,
    First off, I was really impressed with your moon walk! That was amazing and kept watching to see if you were really doing it or special effects, lol! I have been a stay-at-home mom of 3 for…..20 years (yikes!), while doing office work for my hubby’s company for the past 13 years. (me no likey) I used to work in the fashion industry in NYC before I became a mom. This past summer, I turned 50, and though I’ve been contemplating where my life will be going since my 40th, this birthday REALLY set me off into cookoo-ville, big time! I want to do something creative, inspirational, fun, but don’t know what or where to begin. I felt lost, confused, worried, frustrated, etc, about what I was supposed to do. I am searching, reading all the books you have recommended, meditating, creating a new vision board and still frustrated, as I wish I had a strong pull in one direction. I’ve been out of the work field for so long, I’m afraid of not knowing what I’m supposed to do and wasting time figuring it out. I need clarity and a vision so I can start this new chapter of my life.
    I love all your videos, and appreciate the well-timed advice, mixed with your wonderful sense of humor. 🙂

    • Nina


      May I make a suggestion? Marie always says: “Clarity comes from engagement, not thought.” This means, you can’t think your way to your path. You need to go out and try something, anything. And if it doesn’t work, you course-correct and try something else. Reading books and making vision boards will only lay the foundation. You have to act in order to build the house.

  84. Hello Marie! Thank you so much for being an inspiration and to encourage us to keep following what we love. My fear story is about the fact that I always wanted to be a comic artist (i’m a designer, so I didn’t fall so far from it), but I was always afraid that people would not like my stories or that I was not good enough. Finally, this year, I took the risk and started a web comic series called Orchid Shield and it has been doing good so far! I have been gaining followers since day 1 and I don’t regret any second I spend on it. Thank you 🙂

  85. Yanique

    A few months ago I got hit with the unshakeable feeling that I should pack up my life in Toronto, Canada, move back to my home country, Antigua and start a podcast addressing what I saw as pressing social and political issues that weren’t getting the attention or the treatment I felt they needed and deserved.

    This would involve breaking my lease and a 3 year relationship, saying goodbye to my friends, quitting my job and moving to a place that I hadn’t lived in and barely visited for the last 10 years. I ran screaming from this island when I was 19. My fear has been saying, what if you get stuck there, what if no one listens, what if you throw everything away and then lose motivation before you even start, what if your depression comes back with a vengeance?

    I did follow my fear, feeling all the while that I was doing something insane. I’ve been in Antigua for 3 days now. I took the plunge. I got on a plane. I’m here. Living with my parents again after 10 years. This morning I wrote an intro for my show. Tonight I will create the website. This is all still terrifying but every step I take is also exhilarating.

    Thank you Marie and Team for the constant encouragement and reminders to keep striving, surviving and growing <3

    • You are an amazing tribute to your Country, your place, your HOME. All the best, our Wonder Woman!!

      • Yanique

        This means so much to me Paula. Thank you for your kindness and support!

        • Nina

          Yanique, more power to you! I returned to Jamaica six years ago. I still haven’t made the impact I want to, but I hope I can do so one day. You are being much more direct about it than I am. :-))

          • Yanique

            Thank you, Nina! How have you gone about trying to make your impact in Jamaica? And what sort of impact? I’d love to hear more about your journey since I’m just getting started myself 🙂

  86. Marie, Today you spoke straight to my heart and soul. Coming off of two weeks of pneumonia where my business development and entire life came to a stand still, all of that stillness and quiet has allowed me to get a deep clarity on what it is I want to do in my business. As a coach, a woman and a mom of two girls, I feel a lot of fear when I get into the core message of empowering women. I look at the popular culture around females and I do not like the feelings that arise. Crafting my message for my workshops and training programs often brings up fear as I have no interest in sounding like an angry man-hater; I am not. This fear motivates me to stay positive, to teach empowerment without blame and judgement. The fear absolutely functions as a GPS; I feel so strongly that until women truly value their own assets, gifts, efforts and time, as a gender, we will continue to under-perform, earn less and remain headed for burnout trying to play modern day super heros. This year isn’t a go, but my master mind group has decided to sign up for B-School next year…and I am so pumped to learn from you!!! Thank you for all that you are and all that you do, Lisa

  87. Nicole Frolick

    Funny, I just sent you my story for your copy cure and then watched this. The exact reason I bought your copy cure was to share my journey (in my book) of facing my deepest and darkest fears of being inflexible and the body shame attached to it. I was deathly scared of trying a yoga class and exposing my weakness to a room filled with strangers who could do everything I couldn’t. But by facing this fear I was lead down a path that ultimately lead me to my greatest joy and now I am forever thankful for the blessings my inflexible body has taught me.

  88. Ariela Pastel

    Oh my goodness, I SO get it with the crying once the warm-up started. I have had the same thing when I overcome a fear and am doing something I know I”m meant to do and love, dance and animals, for me. I completely get this. Thanks for sharing!

  89. mary hart lenhardt

    I am AFRAID every time I open my computer to watch a Marie Forleo presentation! My stomach is in my throat and I am thinking “What is she going to make me think or do today?”. Seriously, now I am in B-School and I am supposed to engage with my groups’ FB page. Really? I feel as if I have nothing to offer – and anything I say or share will be clueless. But still, here I am and I have exploded yet. (but I still haven’t gone on that scary page yet with the people who are so much smarter, younger, more clever and computer savvy than me)

    • Hey Mary! So you know, you don’t “have” to engage in the FB group. It’s 100% optional. Some people learn best in private and others like to engage in group conversations. That’s why we give you that option. That being said, I wouldn’t believe those stories you’re telling yourself about people being so much smarter, younger, etc. etc. We have incredible diversity in B-School and most important — everyone is there to learn and grow together. XO

  90. Marie:
    I know TRUE physical fear – from a relationship with a very aggressive and angry man! The fear of facing a business dream/wish/want/desire is so different!! The place in my body, the words in my head, action-driven tendencies are unique to HOPE and PROMISE. I sooo appreciate your pointing out that what we deem as “fearful” could very well be our best signal for forward momentum.
    Thanks for another stupendous episode!
    You Rock, see ya in B-School!!

  91. I was scared to sign up for B-School. In fact, I never felt fear like that while being safe, sitting at a computer, in a warm house. It made me wonder if I was making the right decision. I thought about what my family would say since it would put me in more debt. I thought about my lack of experience as a business owner and thought maybe I should wait until next year. I also felt like it was a crazy idea because I didn’t know what kind of business I wanted to start! Less then a week later, so many things have just clicked for me and I have a strong business idea. I am so excited about it that I don’t even feel that scared anymore, which makes me think, it’s time to start dreaming of something even bigger that scares me more!!! Thank you, Marie!

  92. Thank you so much for doing this episode! I let fear stop me from putting on workshops and retreats, yet when I do personal coaching it is really well received. Gotta step into this one. 🙂

  93. Thanks Marie for this! In fact I wrote a blog post recently about actually accepting fear and moving through it. This was after watching your episode with Elizabeth Gilbert on her book Big Magic.
    When I feel the fear I also like to ask myself what’s the worse that can happen. This usually allows me to move forward, knowing what’s on the other side doesn’t make it seem so bad.

  94. Tessa Smokes

    Completely relatable! My greatest fear has been quitting my day job to pursue my passion in writing. Overtime, this has been such a huge difficulty for me especially when I have a family to look after and bills to pay. Subsequently, after reading quite a handful of testimonies from writers who quit paid employment to be writers full time and learning how to survive doing what I love, the fear of failure gradually crept away and today I’m happy to be a writer without regrets!

    Thanks for taking your time to share this, Marie.

  95. cara

    Thank you Marie! You totally answered the question that came up for me today while doing the morning pages. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  96. Well, I’m a 56 year old guy from the north of England … & this episode speaks to me.

    (I loved Steven Pressfields ‘Do The Work’ about meeting resistance)

  97. Amy

    Love this Marie! There’s such a fine line between healthy and unhealthy fear at times and locking into that “soul wisdom” is hard and yet moving toward that healthy, LIFE-giving fear that is God’s whisper to us about to what He’s calling us is, as you say, THE most important piece of taking our lives to their fullest places. I have many projects swirling around in my mind and soul, and each of them brings with them their own huge “Gulp” of fear but the one stirring inside most loudly is really coming out and using my voice to write the reality of my life – to show up and expose my realness to my clients, readers (hopefully as I start my book and launch my website) and audiences (eventually will start speaking/teaching). I feel such support from friends, family, clients and, most importantly for me, the Divine kind. Time to move toward it!

  98. Jazmin

    I faced my fear and signed up for B-School a few days ago so I can start my dream business and I just introduced myself in the B-School 2016 Facebook group which I’ve never done before in any of the groups I’m in. It was an awesome feeling so I’m going to keep posting and following the fear. Thanks Marie. Xo

    • Well done Jazmin and again, WELCOME to B-School 🙂 It’s going to be a fantastic adventure.

  99. performing on guitar or bass in a band and (big and) doing weekly oracle card readings for my website. Spooked about legalities of that.

  100. Hi, thank you for your tips. Well it doesn’t always work. Following my fears led me to drop out of my job, drop out of school and totally ruined my professional life. I wanted to be like Bill Gates or Steve Jobs but I ended up in a mental hospital for two years. Now I’m gently recovering with a job. I’m 29. If I hadn’t done these mistakes I would have now a university degree, maybe a Ph.D. And would probably work for a multinational company. I was dumb enough to follow my dreams.

  101. I just got a call if I want to speak on “turning points” this friday.
    For like 60 people. I have never done that.

    Funny that I was just wondering if I should, because everything in me is screaming NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. But I can talk all night about turning points and I think it will do me good.
    This episode gave me the answer! Thanks! Greetings, Monique

  102. I get this with my relationship! I had just gotten out of a 7.5 year one that included an engagement last Memorial Day and then Labor Day weekend I entered a new one.

    It was so scary. I completely fell in love and experienced emotions I had never experienced before and being that vulnerable to let someone potentially hurt me was terrifying. But I knew if I wanted to get to the good stuff, all of the wonderful pleasures of being in love, I had to dive in head first and I am so thankful I did.

  103. Courtney

    Thanks for another encouraging video, Marie! I have been feeling called for several years to write about my faith and to share it on a blog. It’s scary to consider talking about my desire to follow Jesus’ example as a modern, liberal woman in a time when religion has become so politicized and when it’s more cool to be skeptical or even spiritual-but-not-religious. How will people respond? Will anyone be interested in reading what I have to say? What if people think I’m self-righteous? What if my writing sucks? How am I supposed to come up with a title for my blog? What if it’s a total failure? It’s easy to go down the rabbit hole of self doubt, but I can’t shake the feeling that this is something I’m supposed to do. Even if the result is just a closer understanding of God and myself, it will be worth it. Ultimately, I’ve already wasted several years avoiding this prompting. I don’t want to look back in a few more years with regret that I never gave it a try. Wish me luck!

    • Mel

      I’d read your blog! Do it!

      I realized just a couple days ago that I have a fear of being judged and possibly even disliked for having faith. The reality is we’re all struggling to define our relationship to God and the world around us. Personally, I wish we’d talk about our faiths and religious journeys more openly. Go for it girl!

      • Courtney

        Thank you for the encouragement!

  104. Thanks for putting a spotlight on the flip side of “Follow Your Bliss.” It’s really the same coin, different side. But it is what happens when you finally decide to follow your heart- fears bubble to the surface like mad! This is such sage advice and is helping me everyday lately, as I step into my dream career more and more.

    I just landed a big project, and a new partnership with an amazing collective of fellow, women marketers. I should be celebrating but I was up all night fretting- because dreams coming true often feel more like this than you’d expect. But I moved through it, largely because I saw my fear/bliss being activated and decided to trust that. Then I woke up to this video! Thanks Marie!

  105. Anna

    Love it! Thank you SO much Marie! Perfectly timed!! 🙂

  106. I love this re-frame. I’m working on a startup right now that both excites and terrifies me (more exciting than terrifying, though, luckily). Seeing the fear as validating instead of trying to ignore it is HUGE.

    It might not work out, but I’ve learned in the past that failures are almost always worth it. I’ll either get where I’m hoping, or I’ll get somewhere cooler. In the meantime, as long as I know the next step, I’m going to keep taking it!

  107. Elle

    Thank you Marie! I love this conversation. I think of fear as divine whispers pointing us in the direction of our calling. Mine led me to sign up for B-School! I’m loving it so far and it hasn’t even officially begun. So excited to see where my fear will lead me!

    • AWESOME Elle! and SO SO SO happy to have you in the program 🙂 XOO

  108. Faheem

    Hey Marie i watched video. that is really encouraging and motivational.. I believe fear is something that does not exist. Its something that is self created, hidden somewhere inside us…

  109. Oh my goodness, I just got confirmation about what I am supposed to do!
    And by the way, you could never not have something important and life-changing for us to hear! You crushed it!!

  110. Hi Marie,

    Had to stop watching your video today and comment because I couldn’t stand going on without saying:

    Arghhhh! Where is the last little “bop” chord in your intro where you take a bow? I love that hook! Don’t drop it! Nonononononooooo!


    • Ok maybe hook isn’t the right word. I’m no musician. But it sticks in my head and makes me smile. PUT IT BACK! (please) I feel so unfulfilled now, ugh—I hate cliffhangers!



  111. Irmina

    Thank you Marie! I love this episode and it totally relates to what I am feeling right now when it comes to my business. Deep inside I know that I should follow my intuition and take actions that sometimes frighten me to take my business to the next lever. This episode and your personal examples that you shared motivate me “to follow my GPS to where my soul wants me to go”. Thank you.

  112. Where inspiration and fear meet, is where I ask myself the question: Is God calling me to do this? and would Satan want me to fear the risk of trying? If the answer this is “yes” and “yes” than I should move forward past fear and be courageous.

  113. Kelsey


    Thanks for this video today! I needed this.

  114. Fear has always lead me to more knowledge. Fear has been a blessing in disguise. Great video Marie!

  115. Hey Marie! I’m actually following my fears and really enjoyed watching your Video about that. I will showcase my first Webinar tomorrow. I’m that thrilled and nervous to the bones – but also excited as hell. I really looking forward to doing this, even if I don’t know what the outcome will be. Thank you so much for encouraging me for tomorrow. I gonna rock this show! 🙂

  116. Mer

    wow – I never thought about it THAT way. And I can totally relate to the crying part as recognition and release. OK. So I want to offer yoga classes specifically for women (guys, too, but mostly women) who are built like I am – full size, plus size, roundish, curvy (we need some more positive descriptors). Because I’ve been practicing yoga for 30+ years, been a certified teacher for 12 years, and I’ve been doing yoga IN THIS BODY. That’s something I can give to, share with, others like me. More people doing yoga – wouldn’t that be something?

  117. Marie,
    It’s so refreshing to hear you say you still have some of your fears even as you shoot new episodes. It has a lot of impact because you always look so composed and the production is so polished that I imagine I’m not the only viewer that sees your videos without ever imagining you still have any fears or insecurities. I’m starting a video blogging series and I’ve shot my first three episodes (still being edited) and each time when I sit in front of the camera I think of how stupid I look and how I’ll make a fool of myself and add nothing worthwhile to the conversation I want to create with others. I’m going to make a note of re-watching this episode before each new video shoot. As always, thanks a million for all of your wisdom and benevolence.

  118. Hi friends of Marie!

    I’m writing this in a fear moment…aka procrastinating. I’m sitting down to write an email about my new products and my business and I find myself frozen. How personal should I get? Will people care what I have to say? How much info is TMI? So, instead I write this comment to all of you.

    Here’s my face-fear story… I was in a marketing job for 8+ years where I helped a little start-up company grow to a much bigger company in many ways – more revenue, more employees, more customers, etc. While I was on vacation last March, I said out loud, I’m really ready for a change in my career. Well, the day, I returned, actually first thing in the morning, I was laid off. No warning, no real signs – just flat out laid off. There’s that darn universe doing it’s thing again, listening to my desire to change.

    At this point, I could have freaked out, put my resume together and try to find a similar job with similar pay. But, I didn’t because I already knew it’s not what I wanted. What I really wanted was to start a soup business. So, that’s what I did. I got the required food licenses, I found a kitchen, and I started cooking – literally and figuratively. I have fear every day – as I am working way more hours and making next to no money. But, each day I forge ahead – I believe in my idea and my products, and people love my soup.

    OK – now it’s time to face my fear and WRITE THAT EMAIL!

  119. I signed up for B-School and I’m experiencing major fear right now! As I am currently trying to get clear about the business I’m creating, thoughts like “am I going to suck at this?” and “who am I kidding calling myself an expert?” are going through my mind. After watching this video it made me realize that any time I’ve taken action into my fears (the good ones) it’s always transformed things for the better! Thanks Marie!

  120. Maddy gray

    What is my biggest fear right now? Actually believing my dreams, taking the steps and getting the support I need with a mentor and group coaching program to start the web business of my dreams. Super scary, but love having the support of communities like these, to start being the change I wish to see in the world.

  121. Carine

    Hi Marie

    If I were to follow my fear right now I would pursue two things. First I would sing more in public because I love it but I am afraid of making a big fool of myself! Second I would start my own blog where I would post things that matter to me and that I think will make people smile ore also important things like being more natural and take care of the planet.

  122. Fiona

    Thanks Marie, i love your MarieTV sessions and find them inspiring. And thanks for the moonwalk, that was great! Big changes at my work and lots of fear, but mostly good so take a breath and keep on working through one step at a time. I read a book years ago called Feel the fear and do it anyway, so have tried to embrace that when facing those fears you were talking about. Keep up the encouragement and moving through your fears, Thanks.

  123. If I followed my fear I would be directed towards creating cooking videos to share on you tube! I’ve got plenty of other projects on the go, and dreams for the future, but this one summons the most fear within me, and always has. Fears similar to Marie’s… So I guess I better get planning and shoot some video!

  124. So much great info in such a short amount of time. Thank you Marie! Fear has been coming up alot for me lately and I finally decided that I’m going to get out of my “safe corner” and face my fear. When I signed up for B School last year I didn’t have any clarity on what I really wanted to do with the program and now I do! I’m going to start from the ground up and stop being afraid to put myself out there. Thanks for the inspiration <3

  125. Thanks so much for inspiration! My dream is to have a quilting business to inspire people to be creative. My fear is to give reallife workshops. Online It”s easy for me to explain, but will I be able to do it face to face?

  126. Noha

    Hi Marie
    Thank you for such an amazing video.
    Following your fear may sometimes be so scary .for me I feel that I want to change my career and work at another job I unmotivated in my current job and that I have more potential for other stuff but my fear steps in the way and I believe it cause I don’t have a clue what other job should I be working at and sometimes I fear people laughing at me or not being able to cover my finanacial obligations of fear of being judged .
    Any thoughts of how I can overcome my fear and work in something I love
    Sending you lots of love

  127. Melissa

    I would own an inn and write a book. Two things that have been on my mind for two years. I don’t want to waste any more time.

  128. If I followed my fear today, I would drop all of the “shoulds” on my list and dance around the room and make the art that flows out of me, and then craft a way to teach others to do the same. Thanks for leading with your heart. It makes a huge difference.

  129. Following!

    I am so with you. Actually, I do not even have to watch it, to second you 😉 (though I do it anyway 😉 )

  130. Hi Marie and fellow Ladypreneurs!

    My fear is telling me to let go of this business identity I’ve built for myself and dive head first into motherhood! I’m 8 months pregnant, and although I’m so excited about this new journey, I’m also terrified! I’ve worked so hard for years to build my career and business that it feels weird to not focus on finding new clients right now, and actually start slowing down. I know I will learn so much for this journey, but that doesn’t mean it’s not terrifying right now! Here goes nothing!

  131. Alyssa

    This was perfect Marie!!! It was the reminder I needed right now. I recently went to an opera training program (because I am an opera singer), and one of the big things we were ALWAYS saying was “follow the fear.” Our improv teacher really showed us that. It is definitely something I started working on the couple of weeks I was there, but since being back in real life, I have definitely let it go a little bit.

    I have a fear of talking to people, particularly ones I don’t know. However, I have a business I’m trying to build in which I need to be talking to people and making new friends (never a strong suit of mine). I recently talked with my coach about what I am needing to work on and she knows this is a fear of mine and that I need to practice to break out of my comfort shell. I’ve had that rolling around in my mind for about 5 days now and I think I’m about ready to go for it and start practicing!

  132. Johnny B.

    Fear has gotten in my way a fair few times, but not exactly fear of doing the thing. It’s been fear of not being READY to do the thing properly, to the best of my ability, or fear of not having the cash flow to back up the idea. I’ve been gathering the equipment and material I need to start my business, slowly but surely over the past three years, but haven’t done a real financial commitment yet.

    Then, after three years of watching B-School enrollment come and go and hovering over that enrollment button more times than I’d care to admit, I finally told the fear to go gnaw on someone else’s backside for a while, and I signed up.

    Any residual jitters I had about laying that money down are turning to vapour as I’ve already had an A-HA! moment and a planning workflow improvement, just from the bonus stuff, and the program hasn’t even started yet. The clarity is coming, and I’m gaining the confidence that I’m doing the right thing and starting the right business for me. I’m still kind of raptor-shrieking in my head, but it’s not making me want to lie down anymore. 😉

    • LOVE this Johnny and welcome, welcome, welcome!!

  133. Nicole

    VERY helpful advice!! Thank you! Instead of seeing Fear as something that’s warning us to stay away from a certain path, it flips life on its ass when you start seeing Fear as a guiding light.

    (I think I’ll go walk in front of a bus now. Just kidding!!)

  134. Cathy

    Loved this one Marie!! I’m in the final stages of self publishing my first book and I’m so grateful/excited/nervous to be in this place right now. The fears keep creeping back but I know it’s my calling. I may have overcome the fear about my story being worthy and heard but I want to take it in a much bigger scale and look into workshops and retreats designed specifically for mums… Again insert fear here. Your video was perfect, I just need to keep reapplying myself and lean into the fear each and every time. Thank you Marie.

  135. Claudia

    Hi, I was literally shaking when i signed up at my university, i nearly couldn’t breath on my first emergency room day with me the only one to call…i survived all of this and more…it´s incredible to think about my steps towards my possibilities every time i followed those icky fears

  136. Crystal Obregon

    I was just talking to my husband about this. He’s been talking about traveling around the world with our kids for the last couple of years and I was not into the idea because now that they’re a little older, I want to focus on my career. He brought it up again about three weeks ago and this time I jumped on it. My daughter is 12 and a half and has the moody thing going and my son is nine and would love it and really we can do it. The only big thing holding us back is my mother in law who he take care of several days a week plus all of her finances, etc. So now he’s getting nervous and I’m trying to lovingly push him past his comfort zone, because he’s been taking care for his mom as long as I’ve known him and he’s burnt out.

    Also, I’ve enrolled in B-School, which is super exciting and am hoping to get my business more online so that I can work some while we’re traveling!

  137. Like most people I’ve had tons of fears about all kinds of things. But, then I also have this weird little voice that just goes for things, sometimes without me even really being in control. That voice is totally fearless and is a major go-getter, it just does things. Like creating a major fundraiser, at the age of 19, that brings in millions of dollars, over the years, for an Aids organization. Or taking on a huge client and producing my ass off when my fear side had no idea if we could. Or getting on a plane to dance half way across the world on a whim. That side of me is a nut, but I also love her and really appreciate her. She has been on vacation for a little bit and the fear side has been in charge. I’m working hard to make it inviting for “Mega Mojo Gal” to come back and kick some well deserved ass on a few projects. I think its just a matter of giving in and letting go so the fearless side can take over. Boy am I ready for that nut to come on back!

  138. Mimi

    Marie, my heart-o-meter just went off! I have a fear of public speaking + writing. I’ve done it in the past and even co-hosted an 8 week belly dance and nutrition course for women at a dance studio, but somewhere along way fear got the best of me. I would love to lead fun creative retreats for women as well as write a book. What I’m learning to do is to when I feel fear, instead of trying to ignore it, send it love and reassure it that I understand where it is coming from but that I have to keep going. It’s a practice I’ve just started so we’ll see how it goes. So far, its really helped. Thank you Marie for this post and the awesome moonwalk that totally trumps my moves!

  139. Vicky

    I have had loads of these! One I have at the moment is making hygiene products for women facing poverty. You’ve given me that extra push to go for it!

  140. Lindsay

    Thanks for this reminder, Marie! I have a fear that I’m ‘squandering’ or not making use of my time well enough. I’m lucky enough to have built a consulting business that is allowing me & my partner the flexibility we want, and now (actually for the past 8 months or so) I have had the extra time to really focus and create the new business I want, but I haven’t done it! 🙁 Really frustrating. I come up with all sorts of reasons. I am a B-School alumni and I plan to really use this year to focus on ACTION! There have been some legitimate things that I was right to hold off on, but now all that’s holding me back is, the fear!

    • Lucilla Simonsen

      Hi Maria ! Thank you ! You know I never thought this way about following my fears but it is exactly this! I am from Brazil a translator, an English Teacher but most of all since 13 yrs old what I love to do is write and this year I am launching my first book of poems and texts ….. And alllllll those scary feelings are in my guts…. Will people like it? Will it be a crap? How is my life gonna be after it? So, thank you for this!! Yes, I am sure I am following my soul cause I want To publish these writings for ages ( I’m over 50…) Anyway, deep inside I know it is going to be great for me and for the people who read my poems will be touched in their souls too…. Thank you, best wishes ! Lucilla

  141. Following my fear (and passion) led me to finally stepping out and signing up to a Life-Coaching course that studying this year! To add to that I really want to create some workshops around the topics I’ll be blogging/coaching on which is scary… so I must be going in the right direction.

    I’ve always loved this quote by Christine Caine – ‘Your calling is always found outside of your comfort zone.’

    Thanks Marie for always providing such inspiring and practical content! x

  142. Hi Marie,
    I’m brazilian and I’m a big fan yours.
    First, I want to apologize my english, I’m studying the language yet.
    I came here because I received your e-mail about “follow your fear” and I want to thank you to share this message. I’m inspired by your words!
    In this moment, I’m starting to be a entrepreneur, and the words you said, made me see that I’m in a right direction, I’ll keep follow my fear now, because of you! Thank you so much!

  143. Mel

    This really resonates with me! THE FEAR!!!! I feel the fear and it’s like I’ve already failed…. lean into the fear! Thank you!

    Owning my dreams and desires, means I am acknowledging things I can fail at. My fear is that by stating them, acknowledging them, I’ll actually be able to this, I’ll have to follow through, do the hard work and be the person I know I want to be and have to be in order to help others do the same.

    I am looking to do some coaching. Exactly for who and how and all that I just don’t know yet! “Follow your curiosity” my heart tells me, “and you’ll figure out the rest.” The cure: I just signed up for certification with the John Maxwell team. I couldn’t be more terrified. Ha! But in that exciting, I’m stepping into my own sort of way!

  144. Rae

    THIS! THIS! THIS! I just completed the Landmark Forum and Marie, your words added even more flavor to the spice of life I received in the last 4 days. It’s confirmation for me that the “butterflies” in my stomach is that GPS saying, go this way and that all is well as I do. And if it should so happen that those around me think it’s crazy, that makes it even better! Here’s to being unstoppable, courageous and FREE!

  145. Lynelle Paulick


    That said…yeah, this is great, Marie. You’re saying the exact same thing as “follow your bliss or your whatever” only from the opposite direction. Because if I’m not following that bliss of mine, it’s because fear is in front of it. Pretty simple. I like very much the way you put that all together, good job!!!


  146. This is such great advice. I always put off to get out and start freelancing due to the fear of not earning enough to get anywhere. I live at home with my parents and they don’t think there is a future in freelancing. But this is something I wanted to do for a long time. But I decided recently to jump in and try it for a while see what happens.

  147. If fear is any indication of what my soul wants to do, then I must REALLY be on the right track! 🙂

    I just recently launched a community driven project I’ve been working on for over 5 years: a self-care themed cookbook called The Nourished Cook. Now that I finally have the platform to do what I set out to do, I’m suddenly feeling frozen with fear and anxiety!

    Despite my overwhelming shyness in large groups or in front of a camera, I KNOW with every fiber of my being that it’s time to share my message with the world, even if I am shaking in my boots.

    So thank you for yet another poignant reminder to keep moving forward with creating the life we love, and not letting limiting beliefs stand in the way of what our soul needs to do!

  148. Bonjour Marie ,

    Thank you for this video . Am a momtrepreneur of two homeschooled kids .
    I work with Hayley Hobson and would love to start traveling with my two kids while working and networking
    ..Maybe it’s too soon , maybe … so many reasons come to me but deep inside it feels like time is now …
    Waiting for a sign , or should follow this fear !

    • Candace

      Hi Laingo, we traveled with our two kids to 4 countries and numerous cities for over four months while working. It’s a great memory maker. Good luck!

  149. Teresa

    Ouch!! This episode was like a punch in the gut!! I fear so much the idea of take a sabbbatical year and travelling the world! But I can’t stop thinking of that for 3 years, maybe it’s time to go?! Thank you Marie!

  150. I followed my fear last Friday.

    It was the start of the CrossFit Open and I was so nervous about the Rx WOD. I thought, “I can’t lift that weight overhead…it will be too difficult.” I decided to go the easy route and do the scaled version.

    My fear was not being able to walk with that weight over my head and lunge 25ft with it. I was afraid of lunging and not being able to get back up! 🙂 I was afraid of failing (in my new CrossFit box, no less).

    I went to CrossFit, faced my fear, and said, “I’ll try the Rx WOD.” I did it. I DID IT! Yes, I DID! Booo-yah! 🙂

  151. 100% spot on!

    “Oh, I’d love to try that but it scares the shit out of me” REALLY MEANS “That is the thing that will help me grow to my next highest self.”

    I’ve never thought to phrase it like this, Marie.

    Follow your fear!

    Could we add: Dare to follow your fear!

    I’m going to make this a question I use with my clients. Maybe something like, “If you were brave enough to set one fear aside and go for it, what would you dare to do?”

    Please excuse me while I dare to finish writing an article I’ve been avoiding for weeks out of fear that I’ll offend someone. Time to speak my truth!

  152. Elyza B

    B-school and my love and music empire! I’m afraid all the time every day right now, but its so much better than being numb and hating life. I’ll take fear over that, it become intoxicating.
    See you on the flipside Team Forleo!

  153. Becky

    Wow, Maria, this video was SO timely. I am 37, married, 2 kids, settled in a successful career that has done me well. But…this thing inside me is starting to nag at me. This thing I have been pushing down for too many years. I’m afraid I am not smart enough, I am too old, I will fail, it will be too hard on me and my family…I want to go to med school. Even typing it scares me. But I really want to do it, and as I entertain the idea, this little voice inside me, and my heart, are starting to shout out at me. DO IT.

    I feel like it is so crazy. But maybe I should follow my fear.

    Awesome post. Also loved the one of ‘regrets of the dying.’

    Thanks and much love…

    • Becky, I think you have done the hardest step already. Speaking your dream that scares you out loud.

      I believe if you are destined to do something the doors will open. Both for med school and for the support your family needs.

      What do you have to lose? You might be older than most students but you have more wisdom then they will have. Use your life experience to your advance.

      We believe in you. Jump and see what happens.

  154. Hello there,
    Yes, I did follow my fear and that fear was in public speaking. Public speaking has been my biggest fear my whole life and my whole life I have avoided it. I had a personal experience which left me in a place that I knew my calling was to share a friends story (he has passed). It is a very tragic and sad story, but one that many people can learn from and one that needs to be honored as it is so incredibly sad. I felt like the story came to me for a reason and it is my responsibility and purpose to share it. I have accepted to large engagements to tell this story, one was TED and the other the Downtown Project in Las Vegas. It is still my biggest fear, but I have created a purpose and a business around sharing this story, so that people can learn and be educated and know that they have choices.
    Thank you team Forleo, I get so much out of what you put into the world.

  155. I found this so great! Again, the title was something I resister – I SO love the thought of following my bliss! But I listened and as always, MarieTV was awesome! I have the fear with making my first short film! I have always resisted being the film maker because I am an actor but recently I have come to realise it’s a great way to guarantee acting roles – casting myself! So I have started but that fear is still there with the script, exactly like your first class, Marie – is it good enough? Will anyone like it? Will it just fall flat on the audiences ears? Will it be good enough to even post online? But just going to do it and find out 🙂

  156. Cassandra Galan

    AHH you did it again!! It is almost like magical fairies are bringing you to me just when I need you the most. I’ll fill you in on my little story here. I recently graduated as a Registered Nurse in May of 2015 and I moved to Florida hoping so bad to get into a Hospital but just wasn’t getting a job. I took a job with a Hospice company in my local area, I really enjoyed it but was not feeling fully satisfied and feeling like I was making a difference. So with my job I ended up making connection to get me an interview with someone from the critical care cardiac unit at one of the local prestigious hospitals in the downtown area. My interview was TERRIBLE!!! He asked me super super hard questions that I was totally not prepared for and I went home crying and googling “Other careers besides nursing.”

    So I ended up getting the position, BUT I was feeling so much self doubt.

    1. Can I do it
    2. Am I smart enough
    3. What if I kill someone
    4. What if other people do not think I am smart enough..ECT ECT.

    Well, after watching this video I understand now that his fear is good fear and one I should follow with all of my heart!! I am so excited and feel a sense of clarity now!! (Still Scared) I will just bring my fear with me but it does not get to drive 😉

  157. Veronica

    Hi Marie, thanks for your episode on ‘following your fear.’ I decided to follow my fear and become a ‘dancer’ at the age of 40 with no training whatsoever. I became a Zumba instructor and for three years juggled my work as a youth teacher during the day and teaching Zumba a night as well as raising my young boys alone. I had a ball doing it and I also had a ball when I finally auditioned in a local theatre company and performed live on stage….felt so alive! The only issue that I thought I’d bring up is that of commitments – while I was having fun living my dream , my young boys suffered academically and socially. When embarking on some things, it is important to address your commitments and I decided to give up my dreams a few years ago to ensure that my boys had my support till the end of their schooling. Fear busting mission take two coming up……

  158. Oh great!
    Thanks, now I have to be a middle aged White Woman Rapper!
    Oh well….here goes, feel the fear and do it!

    Your Moon Walk rules!

  159. My fear is public speaking or being on camera and yet I know that being up front is the best thing I can do for my coaching business and getting all the information I have to share out there! I know that I need to start doing it so people can connect to who I am, the fear of vulnerability is holding me back. I like Marie’s point about doing it just once. Even if I record something it doesn’t need to go live, finding the confidence to talk to the lens is the first hurdle. I don’t even take selfies! 🙂

    Loved War of Art too – so spot on about fears and resistance and the way that it can appear.

  160. I adore you Marie! When you stated you started crying because you felt so at home, I knew exactly what you meant. I’m following my fear towards starting a YouTube channel, which is something I put off for the last 7 years. Part of it is in part to parenting solely without family in the same state/city as me, and partially due to the fear of self-hatred. I have come very far away from that, and am blossoming with love of thyself, and this is something I know will benefit my YouTube channel, my business and my family!

  161. Adrienne

    I am totally on track with this, I’m about to spend 4wks in Fiji to pursue a dream of mine…I’m scared shitless, but doing it anyway because as history has demonstrated to me already, in the end there really is nothing to lose. There are worse things than being broke, fortunately I will still have a job to come to…

  162. Wow, Marie. My soul must be in for one heck of a transformation because there are times when I am utterly paralyzed in fear of my calling.

    In fact, I am bawling this very minute at feeling torn between the “not ready yet” resistance and my soul’s need to finally feel like I’ve found home.

    Most recently, I have been called to step on stage in front of hundreds of people and share messages with them from their loved ones who have passed. In fact, the instinct has become so strong, it’s spilling over into my “day job”.

    I so appreciate you and Team Forleo for encouraging us to follow our dreams and asking questions that help us get clear about how to attain them. Answering three simple questions posed in your B-School video assignment helped me to revise my website and reshape my business plan.

    Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!

    Much love and light to all.

    Your pal,

  163. Linda

    Marie !!! 🙂 That was soooooooo fantastic !!!! You can follow your bliss at the same time you follow your fear because FACING your fears makes you do both -bliss and face fear so thank you for reminding us how simple it can be if we just FRAME it correctly. I think if I really really faced my fears I could change the world because I would not be afraid to start a new job and leave me current one, downsize to a smaller home, accept that I have enough of everything I need in this world as a pose to want….so it would be fantastic to start this new mindset. Thank you again Marie you make a difference and contribute immensely every time you do one of your video’s. 🙂 Peace and Warm Regard, Linda xo

  164. Hi Marie,

    I’ve been watching Marie TV for over a year now and I completed B-School last year, and today is the first time I’ve left a comment – I have no idea why I’ve never left a comment before, because I love love loooove your work and it has helped me in ways that I cannot express in a few words.

    Thank you for todays Marie TV, I really did need to hear those words today. I’ve gotten so much encouragement and support from your work and I am very very grateful for everything you do.

    Warm Regards
    Katie x

  165. Hi Marie,
    Your energy is contagious. Thank you! I never finished BSchool but I’m still with you. 🙂
    OK .. I was married for 33 years and then it ended .. abruptly for me (nearly five years ago) although in retrospect it was on life support for probably 5 plus years. I was and still remain a doer. I always wanted to be an esthetician … I guess I’m a nurturer at heart and became one nearly four years ago. When looking at the big picture, even though I kept things together financially throughout my marriage which shows courage, I have always lived in fear. Of what you may wonder? Mostly FAILURE .. that I didn’t know enough about what I was trying to market/sell/advertise .. you name it. My friends are great. They see me as a HUGE success. I know in my heart that I’ve done amazing things in my life that have brought me to this place of finally loving who I am today(certified yoga instructor, Reiki practitioner, esthetician, decades of therapy and years of Al-Anon work). But still … there’s a missing piece that feels like I haven’t reached my full potential. Oh, and I’m 58 this month. I work 30 hours a week doing administrative work to pay the bills, teach yoga one night a week and do skin care one day or more a week if needed which feeds my passion. I’m not sure what to do next to bring me to the place I want to be … working for myself and bringing my skin care business to another level.
    Any suggestions, comments, thoughts or whatever comes to mind are welcomed.
    Thank you for your voice.

  166. Yes! From studying abroad to moving to NYC, to quitting my job to follow my dream! I have always lived my life by pushing myself to do what I fear the most. My most recent experience was when I was asked to give a testimonial on camera. I can be painfully shy but I knew I had to do it! I was so nervous the camera guy had to move the mic because he could hear my heart beating (SO EMBARASSING)! But I did it, and I did fine. Plenty of criticism went through my head as to how I could have done it better… but I still did it. And as a result, that company linked their site to mine which is sure to boost my massage practice! When it scares me, I know I have to do it!

    • Carly, I commend you on your bravery and sassy motivation. This is surely an inspiration for the rest of the church mouse folks.

      Congrats on jumping out of your comfort zone!

  167. Bernadette

    I am attending a small, week long seminar in April. What I would really like to do is ask if I can present a tiny segment each day on self care for those attending. ( for maybe those first few minutes after lunch when everyone is half asleep )

  168. Daniela

    My fear is to be out there. I never liked to be the center of attention (introvert 100%), but I noticed I actually like when I am presenting to clients, teaching, or getting a compliment in front of others (I suffer but in a good way). My fear is to be a leader or front-face/responsable for it, because I think I am not good enough, or talented enough, or smart enough. It’s easier to be in the second row. Fear to look silly…? So I guess I got to leave my crazy-I-like-attention soul get out, ha?

  169. OMG! This video is changing something deep inside me. Thanks Marie! I have always been told to follow my passion, my bliss, what I love yada yada…but what if you do not have a passion?!? It hits me when I became a mum, all my fears came out and I needed to follow them…. I quit my job and started my own business. It is all new and it was not long ago, but not once I regretted my decision. It still hard and I still figuring things out but I realized that being out of my comfort zone is actually LIVING my life and be true to myself. Somedays I am so scared that I freeze but I have this amazing big picture in my head, the person I want to be, the parent model I want to be, the help I want to give, the opportunities I want to create that I keep moving. Marie you are an inspiration and I thank you for what you do. Lots of Love, Manale

  170. Jill

    I finally quite my job! Most terrifying yet satisfying choice I’ve made yet! Fear really is a road map to new things!

  171. Yes! Agree! “Feel the fear and do it anyway.” This is my mantra and what I have told myself over and over again every time I go for a run or walk. It took me through a sad divorce, thousands of km cross-country move, change in jobs, home, friends etc…. Been a pretty scary year but this phrase keeps me going. 🙂

  172. Mary

    Sometimes your current place is really a calling in disguise. ..
    My background is a B.S. in a particular science with minor in economics. My analytical brain has led me to number of situations where I did because I was capable, so I did. I can run your board meeting, design your landscape, teach your math class, identify your weeds, pour your concrete, grow anything, build your fence and your furniture, develop your curriculum and write your strategic plan. How do you wade through every thing you have done and figure out what elements you actually want to utilize?
    A big question is how do you want to be perceived by yourself rather than how you want to be perceived by others? I think sometimes we forget to assess where we are before deciding where we want to go. Maybe we are just where we need to be with a few tweaks? Only our perception is off.
    When I became one of the founders of a very successful charter school with a background in agriculture I didn’t just step outside my comfort zone I obliterated the line. I no longer work with education ( it was never my thing but like I said, I was very capable) but the lesson will always remain. Being outside the comfort zone became my new home.
    Tomorrow I start a new part time job in an area I love. Today I and my right brain put up my first art installation of my own designs and efforts. All I could think of was the flaws that were obvious to me. As I hung around and listened all I heard was “wow”, “beautiful”, ” calming” and “cool.” I didn’t crumble and I began to breathe with no fear. Not all will like my work and I know that. But You will never know unless you put YOUR work, whatever it is, out there.
    Good luck to all and may you find your own private peace…

  173. Monica

    If I follow my fear, I would study shamanism, open my acupuncture clinic full time and offer acupuncture, Reiki and shamanism healing and classes.

  174. Marie

    So freaking happy to see you talking about fear from this perspective. It’s important juice for us as biological beings, and a big part of how I work with my clients and in my group online programs.

    For me, one thing that I know I want to do is create a video **FOR YOU** (yes you!), as to why my message and the work I’m bringing to the world should be highlighted on MarieTV. 🙂 [Thus far, I have people from 13 countries that have done my starter courses!]

    I’ve been a little shy to do this, as I created a video for Lewis Howes and put maybe too much production value into it, and so far nada. 🙁

    But, today, I realized it’s like this:

    It’s like writer’s putting out their books and articles out to dozens of publishers and getting rejected over and over again until one person catches on and takes a chance on someone new and upcoming.

    So I’m crossing my fingers that maybe one day I’ll be in your studio in NYC talking about the importance of Nervous System Health and why it’s like the last frontier for human development, healing and performance.

    This big girl can only dream, right?

    Love to you and Josh.

    Irene xo.

  175. Ashley

    This episode DEFINITELY resonates! I recently took a risky leap from a cushy, well-paid job but that was sucking the life out of me into the world of freelance in a new so-bigger-than-me advanced role.

    Guess what? I’m learning more in the short 2 months in this venture than I have in the 2 years at my previous job AND have never felt so alive. The main reason why I took the leap was because I knew it would be a great experience and intro to running my own business (which I’ve been developing for the past 4 months as a side hustle) while continuing to grow my skillset.

    For the first time in my life, a scaredy-cat like me followed my fear and it’s paying off big time. I encourage others to follow Marie’s advice and be prepared to be surprised by all the wonderful things that could happen!

    XO Ashley

    • Wow Ashley, that is amazing!

      When you bet on yourself the rewards are big as you are the only one that truly knows what you are capable of.

      Congrats! Onward and Upwards for you 🙂

  176. This video was exactly what I was looking for today! I currently work in finance but I was thinking about a career change into talent/leadership development or corporate training, something I think I would be really good at. But, I don’t have the experience BUT worst than that, I have a big fear of public speaking. YET I feel like public speaking is something I should and could be doing everyday! So, I’ve decided to go back to Toastmasters to work on my public speaking and look into the training programs I need to make that career shift. ALSO, despite the fact that I have been swing dancing for almost 10 years, I’ve never taught a class even though I want to be a dance teacher (and own a dance studio) more than anything in the world. But, I haven’t taught a group class EVEN though I really could, not only because I doubt my abilities, but also because of my fear of public speaking. So annoying! I have to get over this fear of public speaking so I can spend my life teaching and doing cool sh*t like you Marie!

  177. Clare

    Best damn advice I have ever gotten about fear. Bravo and thank you Marie!!

  178. Marie, you have been such an inspiration to me! You have given me the courage to just delve into starting my business. I am absolutely scared $%#*less! I never thought of what I have been doing as following my bliss, but I have been following something, and maybe up until now, I didn’t want to admit that it was the fear that has playing the leader in this game.

  179. Lisa


    I was recently offered a project that feels too-good-to-be-true! My first knee-jerk reaction was: “No way can I do this! I’m not good enough or smart enough. Not to mention I’ve never done this before.”

    My fear was present and screaming from on high! As it often does.

    But something in me noted that because I’ve always wanted to do something like this and fear was my first response .. the “I can’t” response .. I needed to do it.

    To do it because I was afraid.

    This episode spoke right to me.

    Thanks Marie!

  180. Thank you for this Marie! Each and every time I do something I am absolutely terrified of – I reap TREMENDOUS benefits. I recently moved to Whidbey Island which I resisted with everything that is within me but “Spirit” told me that I still needed to learn to Let Go and to Trust! Here I am and IT WAS ABSOLUTELY THE BEST MOVE OF MY ENTIRE LIFE – I have always been TERRIFIED of water as my father tried to drown me as a small child…you have to get onto the island on a ferry; O.M.G. Honestly, Marie, this was absolutely the MOST TERRIFYING EXPERIENCE OF MY ENTIRE LIFE but I am so very grateful to be here! Spirit said that both I and “our” book will flourish on this island and even though I have had to face each and every single fear that I ever had so far; I really believe it’s going to happen. I’m finding my “tribe” and my book is already in several local bookstores! I’ve noticed that every single time I am fearful about something; that is the best thing I can do for my both my soul’s and my personal growth! I loved this episode as I have so many of your videos. Thank you for being “You”…a little quirky and a heart of Gold!

  181. Tim

    Dear Marie,

    Like a LASER!!! Right EXACTLY to the core of what I needed to hear TODAY! This is exactly what I needed to get me off of my butt & do the marketing I have been dreading for several weeks! I hardly ever post on other’s sites, however this one begged a response!

    This afternoon I started my research into the area I need to market my services. I’ve had a WordPress site since 2010 but it has not produced anything. Thank you so much. Happy B-School. (I’ll join when I can).



  182. I just want to say that Marie’s moonwalk is THE BEST!!! 🙂

  183. Clem

    I always tell my 10-year-old that fear is the worst adviser. But the one I still need to convince is the guy I see in the mirror.

  184. Bookmarking this post for the times I feel the butterflies again. I haven’t realised this until now but I’ve been quietly following some of my fears: used to fear swimming but love the water so I made myself learn to struggle/swim. Was very worried about my stagnant children’s writing career and income three months back. It was around this time I learned about Marie’s work. I re-launched a freelance career and now thankfully have a few children’s book projects (ghostwriting). I’m very, very grateful for these new opportunities and I know watching Marie’s videos has helped me regained confidence in trying out again. I haven’t ‘made it’ yet but I’m making it happen every day, with small steps. (Fingers crossed.) My next fear to follow is in illustrating children’s books.

    My best, brightest wishes for all here who’re following their fears. xoxo

  185. Veronica Lynne

    I remember when I first followed my fear. I had been working 10+ years in education research and I felt like my calling was in the classroom. I left a secure job with great benefits and a nice retirement package to become an educator in postsecondary education. There have been ups and downs but I know I am following my calling; I belong in the classroom. Now, fast-forward about 8 years and at 50+ years old I am again following my fear, this time going back to school to earn a Ph.D. !! Whoa! I am 2/3 of the way through and my self-confidence has grown significantly. Again, as a lifelong learner I also experienced this urge to learn to read Angel Cards. I invested in the class and absolutely freakin love it!! I feel like I am providing a metaphysical service to clients and educating anyone willing to listen! But…can I actually do this as a business? I am overcoming my next fear (primarily fear of failure) and have borrowed money for B-School because I know I have to give it a go. I have to know if I can continue to educate but in a different field. Thanks Marie!

  186. oh my gosh did i need this right now. Jan/Feb 2016 has shaken my ground so much to the point that i don’t even know what country i’m going to live in . but i feel like it’s forcing me to go the way i know i should even though i’m scared as balls. seeing this video really made me realise the value of my fears. and i’m going to follow them. thank you marie 🙂

    and love love your dance story, girl have i felt that many many times..

  187. Uff…Marie…you, too, are part of the conspiracy to tell me what it’s time for me to hear. Today, I asked what I needed to know, why a chronic major health problem is in my life, and I got the answer that it’s to teach me that I must move into my fear. I need to learn that I can do things that are scary and not let that feeling convince me that it means it’s the wrong choice. I also got the message that it’s time for me to get ready to move abroad. About thirty minutes later, I read a FB post from Elizabeth Gilbert about facing fears and moving abroad, then shortly afterwards saw your post about following fears. I guess it’s time…

  188. SING! Oh [email protected]!! SO damn scary for me & now I have to act on it again (because well Marie is an oracle).

    I have always loved singing and from a young age had a talent for mimicking others (Mariah, Whitney and Kylie were some of the favs). In moments of joy, anger, grief, I always turn to singing. I can’t explain it. My singing vortex.. I get spiritually, emotionally, mentally lost in there. But so far it’s only been for me.

    From following Marie for a while now I’ve got a new fear in my consciousness. What if I’m depriving a teenager somewhere, who’s in a dark place feeling all alone, of a musical connection? What if I’m missing out on co-creating those special moments for strangers through my music? What if I’m stripping that song away from the romantic proposal/road trip/graduation? What if I’m wasting my gifts and my life?

    These thoughts have been bubbling up recently and they make me want to cry each time. I know how powerful a song, a voice can be (personally). Growing up I was taught to be humble but it led me to just stay safe and hide. I made a few attempts to come out but the furthest I made was an occasional back up singer. I wish I didn’t care what people thought of me. I’m 30 now and I’m already feeling regret that my 20 year old self didn’t push more.

    I’ve been working on another project (side biz) which will become my main biz in August. I should be so happy about that but this fear of wasting my voice is knocking on my door and now I don’t know if I’m resisting new biz, resisting singing or resisting making both work! Argh!

  189. Hell yeah man, everyday! Especially lately. Marie, you taught me to put myself out there, my personality, and, well, my personality is a little goofy and sometimes pretty sappy. And I work in the fashion business. I just decided to focus on the kind of fashion customers who will fit with my goofiness, and they are out there, believe me! Maybe not outright goofy, but brands who do believe in authenticity. Especially in this day of quotes and inspirational words, all that shizzle that’s floating around on social media. I can at least help brands be as authentic as humanly possible when putting their stuff out there, and I like to think it’s kind of funny, too.

    So, yeah, when I put something on my website or social media, or I mail somebody I don’t know, I don’t hold back my personality. Either ya love me or ya don’t! And the cool thing is, I’m discovering that while (fears confirmed) some people puke me out, there are others who absolutely love my goofy sappiness!

  190. Thank you Marie for this Episode, what a Tuesday. Fear pays once you start following it. Am saying this because i have chosen a path/journey in which i am following right now. By virtue of me being in, it means i am blessed because others fear to take this path for no clear reason. Instead we are called to listen to the message of fear if we are to move from where we are higher. I also like what Emelia shared that Fear is a form of devine instruction. It is very true and we should give ear to these devine instructions which comes from fear.

  191. This was a great video as always Marie! Today’s video was so important to watch. I’ve been scared shitless following my dreams. Today in particular, I just sent out advance reader copies for my first book! It was so scary I actually was having a hard time breathing for a few hours. But, my dream of being a published author has been scaring me for over 10 years! I finally had to stare it in the face and take the big leap, no more excuses, no more running away from it. I finally got the support I needed to make it happen. Thanks to The Difference Press and B-School. I love ladies who play big and inspire me. Thanks Marie! My book is called Synchronicity: Unlock Your Divine Destiny. Synchronicity is speeding up and taking us on a magical ride.

  192. Gustaf Halldin

    Extremely good episode! Interesting to hear Maries background. Lean into your fear!

  193. Megan

    I think I fear really putting myself out there in the sense that I would be branding myself and not just my company and ideas. I’d love to have a YouTube channel and do public speaking/workshops/etc, but I’m so afraid of criticism or someone pointing out that I’m under qualified or just unnecessary.

    • Hey Megan

      I get your fear. Truly I do.

      Its frightening to put yourself out to the universe just in case we do not like what we hear back. What would happen if we put ourselves out there and discover that what we are doing and contributing to this world isn’t completely false?

      Simply start with a single action. Once completed wait and see what happens. If all is good then go to the next thing. If not you can adapt and try again.

      When we create something we run the risk of being criticized.

  194. Erika

    How is this not an enormous thread about how amazing your moonwalk was?!

  195. My passion is writing and the big fear that attached itself to was becoming a NY Times Bestselling Author. Or a Kenyan Elizabeth Gilbert.

    Interesting enough I’ve done so much towards this goal….I started an email list (which has 110 people LOL)

    I have a Kenyan blog and still want to establish my writing career there but I’m opening an American one next month and will post my articles on Medium. I need American readers and my story happened in the USA.

    It’s really crazy but I somehow guest post for blogs in Kenya and in the USA. Becoming a NY Times Bestselling Author will be a launchpad for an awesome career in Kenya.

    Plus I found all these online training and info about that list that i would never have found if I did not have this big scary goal from day one.

    So your video really spoke to me.

  196. Sue

    Since I started my business with stringing beads, my fear was progressing to beadwork and metalsmithing. My first class was to learn the Russian Spiral pattern which helped me immensely to overcome the fear of learning something new and failing. I have watched a few online classes on metalsmithing and have started to incorporate metalwork in my online gallery, TheBeadedPathway. My next fear to overcome is blogging!

    Thank you for all of your helpful information.

  197. Maureen Cioni

    I have a feeling that I’m supposed to be doing something better, more important, or more meaningful that what I’m doing now, but my fear is not figuring it out. LOL I know I will someday though.

  198. Hi!

    I was following my fear as I submitted my video to the B-school scholarship competition. I AM following my fear in general because I’m working on creating my dream business (creating interactive books for children that will make them happy and confident) which I a while back would not feel confident about doing, and now I don’t feel so much fear because I’ve gotten used to working towards it.

    But yeah, my biggest fear recently was submitting my video to the scholarship competition. I was so scared of filming myself, and then having to WATCH it, and THEN putting it out to the world. But it did it right before deadline. And I won a scholarship! It proved to me that facing my fears is definitely worth it! 😀

  199. Hi Marie

    I love your videos and this one has been particularly helpful. I’ve spent a long time working on an idea and now it’s almost done and it’s time to promote it. This fills me with fear and it’s good to think of this as confirmation that I need to see it through.

    There’s another part to the reluctance, and I’ve experienced this before: I’ve been working on the idea for so long that I am sick of it! Do you have any advice for regaining the freshness and enthusiasm for an idea that’s been a long time in production?

    Keep up the great work!


  200. Every year my husband and I sit down to do our goals for the coming year. I love this time of planning. Last year we decided to put one of our goals as “Jump out of our comfort zones”. There was no expectation or judgement on how that would look. The only thing we did know is that we had to look out of ourselves and jump into the unknown.

    All I can say was that last year we discovered wonder and awe that we have never experienced or dreamed of before. So this year we have kept this goal on our goal list for 2016.

    This episode bring so much truth in a world of fast results and busyness. If we just trust ourselves and our abilities we can figure anything out and are able to reach our true calling.

    Thank you for your wisdom and your heart. The world is experiencing your unique gift.

  201. Rita Malhotra

    As always very useful information. I have just finish writing a eBook on GDM. I will be ready to launch it soon. I am really so scared to do it as feel no one will be intersected to buy it. Watching today’s video had taught me it is okay to have fear. So have made my mind that I am going to launch it soon.

  202. Hi again! Just a funny ps Last night I had a dream that I hit on a super-successful, world-famous womanizer and we almost hooked up. The idea of living vicariously through someone else’s success rather than embracing my own scared my ass right out of bed and onto my computer to get to work on all the things I’m not quite ready for. Sometimes the brain has its own tricks to get your rear in gear!

  203. So well said. I was featured in Marie’s video for her 3rd anniversary. It was about all I had accomplished since a lot of bad things had happened. After that video, I was right in the middle of building a very successful private practice as a psychotherapist, when the unimaginable happened. My brain tumor returned with a vengeance. I gave up everything and underwent a second 7-hour brain surgery. I’m not giving up. Less than one year later, although I was very afraid to try it, I am back in the saddle. I’m also learning photography and dream about showing my work. Do I feel afraid? You betcha! Will it stop me? Nope!

  204. I too, follow my fear regularly! It all started almost 5 years ago when I left my husband. I was afraid. That I was making a mistake, of what people would think, that I wasn’t living with integrity to my word (most specifically my wedding vows). And that first leap into fear started a journey I simply would have never been on if I had chosen to stay with him.

    Today, my relationship is different, but so is my career. And my home. And my circle of friends. Now, I have my own business and am in my second major training in 5 years.

    Following my fear me coaching wonderful people through lifestyle changes; diet, exercise, stress management and so much more. Following my fear has brought me to a place of service and gratitude!

    I’ll be sharing this video!!!

  205. Emily

    Marie, I started crying when you shared your story of following your fear. I am in the same boat you were in. I am 29 years old, I have a bad knee, and I’ve never taken a dance class in my life. But, I want to be a tap dancer. Fears pop up like, “What will my family say?” “Is that even a viable way to make a living?” “But you’ve already started a business!” “Will you follow through with this?” Thank you for sharing.

  206. Iris

    My big dream and passion is to open up a jazz club in Orange County, California. During the day it will be a space for parent education classes, for both teen age moms and the older parent who are disadvantaged, low income and feel voiceless and helpless. I want a place where they can be empowered. Then at night incredible music can be enjoyed to fill the soul!

  207. michele brown

    so, I just watched this video on facing your fear. I always wanted to teach, but talking infront of people scared me. I have been teaching students in EMS on how to do certain skills, but never taken on a whole class with lectures. the opportunity presented itself this semester and I took it. each class I go to I am nervous, always afraid I will give them the wrong information. so far it has gone good. I also recently joined younique and out of frustration I shut down my facebook page and took a step back. I know that I need to share the info on the make up and skin care. I know that I have to actively seek out customers and people to have parties (online) to succeed…but I cant, I don’t. when it comes time to ask people individually I freeze and then don’t. then I get frustrated with myself for not having sales, for not having customers, for not having parties…and I give up. I don’t know where to go with this. why is it so hard to ask? overcoming my fear of teaching took many many years. I don’t want this fear to continue to hold me back. I want to push forward I want to be better.

  208. I love every one of your episodes and newsletters. I read them all. On this one, it was through my own coaching training and practice that I realize that I had been living a life full of fears. Perhaps due to my background, life circumstances or whatever. No excuse should be enough to stop you from getting what you want, from reaching your life potential and from jumping into something when you fear it the most. Thank you Marie and team for all you do and for what you don’t even know you do for the community.

  209. Tony

    Oh God! My fear is writing. I know I have the gift, and I have spent the last few years drafting a 60,000 novel. Now, the real fear comes in finding a publisher and getting my story out there. It’s a great story with a theme of teenage bullying. March is the month I have to finish my 8th set of edits and take it to the next step.

  210. Ana

    Thank you Marie and team for the tips and for the reminder, to overcome fear and follow our dreams! This is a message that touches my heart deeply, and I just sent it to my twin sister as well. As many of you have said in the responses above, fear and resistance go along with passion and what we care most about, it is universal.

    Perhaps in another episode, in relation to this topic, Marie, you can tackle the question of “the fear of choosing,” because when we are multi passionate people, we might not make the best choice for our careers and creativity, that is, we have many options, so precisely fear (or resistance, other negative feelings) might get in our way and so we choose the fearless option, but it is not necessarily the best for us.

    I know you understand this, Marie, the very reason I started following you is because you talk from the perspective of a multi passionate person.
    Personally, now that I spent the last two years in graduate school (the right choice, a decade late), I am fearful again to follow the wrong career choice after this. I have grown so much out of myself in the past two years, felt closer to my true potential that now I don’t want to stop that growth, I want to go even further, but the resistance and fear seem to have grown as well.

    I have always been the explorer type, opened to all options, but now that I am over my thirties, I feel that it was ok in my twenties, however, it has not been the strategy to get me where I feel I should be in my professional career. It is the same with my twin. Even if my sister and I have followed very different paths, today we are both professionally unrealized and still searching for the opportunity that is intellectually stimulating, allows us to grow, and brings together our many skills and interests.
    I now wonder if part of the problem is following the least fearful option, when it should be the opposite.

  211. sophie

    My biggest fear right now, beside of writing in English, is to launch my jewellery website. I joined B-school 2015, but did some personal work instead and now, I feel that I’m ready and so thrilled thad B-school 2016 is almost there!! I’m not afraid anymore to show myself, I took classes of Burlesque and pole-dance to overcome that fear (We have a Burlesque show in March where I’m doing a solo-act!, very out of the comfort zone)
    Now it is time to show my creations to the world!
    Thank you Marie for this amazing video!

  212. I’m attending my first big hospitality trade show. One minute I’m excited, the next minute I’m thinking who am I to try and play with the big boys (girls). Pushing through the fear every day! Thanks Marie.

  213. Jostine

    Hi Marie!

    Thanks so much for this episode. I am so amazed at how life has directed me to your site during this pivotal moment in my life. Week after week, I get affirmations from your emails and from watching MarieTV.

    For my next work adventure, I find myself trying out for a job that is not really a right fit with my personality and temperament. It requires me to talk and connect with people on a regular basis (which I am not very good at and which I have actively avoided thus far). Looking deeper, I realized that this fear of connecting with people is one of the blocks that my higher Self is pushing me to break out of. I don’t expect myself to be a social butterfly for sure, but I feel that I am being called to get out of my shell and just learn how to connect more. So even though just thinking about going through this path gives me butterflies in my stomach and makes me want to throw up or something, I am trusting that this what I most need to do right now to grow and help me get to the next level in realizing my potentials.

    Thanks so much, Marie and team! I really believe that this video is another affirmation by the universe that yes, I am on the right track.

    *deep breaths*

    All the best,

  214. Pervin

    I have always feared public speaking and speaking out in meetings, so I was advised to fight my fear in the face. I took the advise to heart and started small by giving presentations to small groups. Went off fine. I used one of your episodes Marie to shine the spotlight on others rather than myself. And it worked. When I stood up to give a lesson and speak out at a meeting, my intention was to serve the audience, provide information that they would have not received otherwise and to add value to the discussion. Thank you Marie for another excellent video! Xoxo

  215. I followed my fear and decided not to stay in a career that no longer satisfied me. I also cried, but mine was a cry to run in the other direction. As I was filling out a job application, I started crying and realized it was not at all what I wanted to be doing. I allowed myself to give in to the fear and change careers, and I am loving every minute!

  216. The hardest thing for me has been to focus on 1 thing I really want to do. Well, second hardest maybe after recognizing that I’m not doing anything because I’m afraid. The big thing for me right now is I want to move out of my condo but I’m afraid to sell it and I’m not sure where I’ll live. I’m a freelancer so no one is calling me with a hot job. It’s time for me to create that next thing and I feel paralyzed. I’ve been reading Steven Pressfield. Love him.

  217. Jenn

    I recently did the Firestarter sessions with Danielle Laporte and had been thinking about creating a fundraiser for an organization I really admire. I create jewelry and I thought I could create something connected to the organizations work and donate the proceeds. I was terrified that no one would like the piece or I would spend a ton of money making them, my husband would kill me and no one would buy it or I would put it out there and people would laugh at me (it’s for a mood disorders association so really personal stuff!) But Danielle’s course really pushed me to just leap. I leapt, bared my soul and the response brought me to tears. Since then I’ve sold a ton of the bracelets and heard countless stories of other families living with similar struggles. It’s helping me to trust that I am on the right path and my fear helped me get there. Thank you for confirming what I was feeling! I love your work and hope to be able to join you for B-School next year!

  218. I have wanted to be a yoga teacher from the first moment I stepped foot on my mat. I thought, ‘Yes, this feeling is something I want to share with as many people as possible.” For years I put it off because, “I don’t have the time”, “I could never afford that!”, “There are already so many yoga teachers out there, what could I have to offer that they don’t?”, “It’s not a sustainable living.”, etc.
    I found myself becoming more and more jaded with my life choices, my job, and my complete lack of direction. Finally, I called up my favorite yoga studio and asked if they were hiring. I even told them I would work for free cleaning their studio, if I could get some free yoga in exchange (something A LOT of studios do, by the way). It was serendipitous! They needed a front desk person ASAP. AND they were willing to pay me hourly PLUS free yoga.
    Within 2 months I was promoted to studio assistant and starting my teacher training. The studio owner fronted the money for my training and I am paying it off in desk hours.
    Not only do I still make money working the desk, but I can donate some of my shifts towards paying for my training. I have 50 hours of training left and I already have private clients booked, classes lined up to teach, my website (which will be done this week), and a business plan for when I graduate.
    If I listened to all the excuses I made, I would never be here. I absolutely followed my fears and it’s exactly like Marie said, I feel like I am finally home. I have met incredible people and my world has expanded substantially.
    When there is a will, there is ALWAYS a way. Please listen to that inner voice. Your soul never lies. <3

  219. Nya Assis

    I work as a Software Engineer building solutions for companies. My fear is to take my talents and experience to architect and build my own solutions. Being an African American woman, you don’t see high level technical gurus so it has always been a fear of mine to build my own stuff from the ground up. I always feel like I need to rely on others to achieve this goal. I have been thinking about going into Product Management, it feels “safer” but after seeing this video I now understand that the only thing holding me back is fear.

    “The greatest challenge I faced in becoming a neurosurgeon was believing it was possible.”
    —Alexa Canady

  220. I love this line of thinking. Unfortunately the word Passion and Purpose and Bliss has gotten way overused. I took it off of my materials awhile ago for this reason and I am a big fan of helping people understand fear is just information and it can be a powerful ally. Just don’t let it drive the bus right?

  221. WOW!

    Following my fear lead me to leave my husband of 14 years, leave negative friends and family members. In turn I started my own business, grew spiritually learning to love myself and learn who I really am.

    The end result = At 41 I feel more alive an in tune with myself along with meeting my soul mate/ twin flame. For the first time in my life Im on fire and alive knowing Im now on the correct tracks of my life purpose.

  222. Penny

    Hi Marie, I have been following your videos for a couple of years now and today is the first time that it made me cry. I have had this niggling vision of starting an antique/vintage pop-up shop for a long time. I love decorating and marketing and buying old things to refresh and resell, but I question everything I do. I struggle with my blog writing, with technology, with my photography, with painting a project and being critical about how it looks. I have made a few bucks here and there, but I want (need) to make a bonafide business of it, not just a hobby. It seems everybody is doing this and doing it much better than I can do. I have tried to just let the dream go, because it’s worse to be dabbling here and there and not really doing anything with it. But, it always comes back, taunting me to not give up. The tears are from fear of failing, of not being good enough, of giving up on a long held dream. I cannot even tell you how emotional I feel about this right now. You are such an incredible inspiration and I almost feel like I don’t want to let you down by not applying myself and applying all of your wonderful tips and advice you give on business and life. I guess I am just venting and overwhelmed. Fear is such a b***h. I will try and push past it yet again. Thanks for listening.

  223. Khalida Wild

    Thank you Marie, you are amazing!! am one of those who has fear of doing big when I know I will do great because overtime i do something everybody wants it, it’s just how to make it happen. am very positive human being and inspired others everywhere i go , but I got to do it big and that is the fear. watching your video makes me wanna break the fear. thank you:)

  224. I watched this episode right on the heels of following my fears this morning! I have been wanting to start a blog for a few months now and the idea just wouldn’t leave me alone! So I posted my first entry a few weeks ago and another two entries today. Then I sat down and wrote out 5 drafts! I had such a hang up about what I should write. I want to make it business oriented, but also have so many other interests. So I decided to simply write about everything floating around in my mind (I broke out these ideas and stories in separate posts). I don’t know where this blog is going or even if it will lead to anything, but I can say that I felt fulfilled after working on the drafts this morning. Thats a good feeling :).

  225. I can attest that to the truth and power of this message. These last three years of me journeying through my shadow has forced me to embrace this notion whole-heartedly and the spiritual growth that I have encountered has been life changing, far more so than any other spiritual work/practice I’ve done. Yes, it has demanded absolutely everything of me, but I am forever grateful for it. Fear is one of your greatest friends. Not an easy friend. It’s a friend that doesn’t hold your hand. It’s a friend that certainly does not assure you all is well. He’s a threshold guardian and life will demand you pass through him and embrace him, if you are to Become Something More (whatever that is for you at that time). Yet, he is a stubbornly strong friend that believes deeply in you. So much so, that he doesn’t mind if you hate him for forcing you to do what you don’t want to do. That he’ll put up with all your bitching, cursing, childish kicking and screaming, and little pity parties, as he drags you into the unknown and leaves you there because he knows that you are a perfectly strong, capable, soulful, courageously beautiful act of creation that only needs to see it for yourself and prove it to yourself. Fear is not an illusion, Fear is a true friend trying to show you to your true self, no matter how terrifying your great human beauty may be to accept. Fear has all the time in the world, he’ll stay with you as long as you need, even if that means pushing you to the point of “no shits given” so you finally man up and face the “little teensy weensy, yet impossibly daunting” task he has demand of you to initiate you into your larger self. There you will find him smile finally and say “see, I told you you could do it”

  226. This was perfect Marie! Thank you! Ok, here’s what’s playing out for me, thanks to crazy, knee shaking, voice cracking fear. I’ve been stretching and getting out of my own way in the last 2 weeks. Since then there’s def. an interesting domino effect happening and things are coming together. It started at a local event where I was giving a talk. The event had hardly any traffic- not only that but there was a sudden change of plans and I had to present in front of a distracted group in the vendor area (instead of a speaker room). The first 2 speakers went up and WOW was it a disaster!!! No one sat to hear them, and they were basically talking to the air. I could cry. I ran into one in the bathroom and she vented all over me. I was so back tracking and wanted to cancel my talk – I felt that it was so powerful that I should just save it for me next event.
    But then I sad [email protected] it! I’m here, let’s do it! I started to shift my vibe and talk myself out of the fear of failing, “no one will care to hear me”, I won’t exist, etc. So I was introduced and went up.
    Before you know it, a crowd gathered all around me-including the vendors! Slowly everyone there gravitated to hear my talk. What??!!
    I got so much feedback after that touched my heart and will be with me forever. People wanted to hear more, and how to do it! From that event, I now have plans for what’s next and hope to create webinars that inspire and guide how we can create a better world for ourselves and the next generation. Webinars have shown up in my feed that will take me through the process. And as timing would have it…B-school is back in session. How funny is all that! Life is truly magical. Theres no better way to live it. It’s like I jumped over a hurdle, and landed exactly where I should be. From that moment, the universe is providing direction and I have to admit that I’m even more petrified now! And pressure is on to remain within integrity and make this information available. My heart is pounding fast even as I type this, and putting it out there, but once again…F&@k it. Let’s do it!
    Please wish me luck!

  227. Live

    I do believe that following your fear could lead to bliss, once it does not cause hurt harm or danger. Facing my fear is after having a difficult sabbatical with a great deal of negative comments and misunderstandings. I have decided to get back into a more leadership role. I loved the video, the timing is perfect. I am going to practice my moonwalk now ?

  228. Follow my fear means quitting a stable job in order to pursue my passion! I realize that I have created a real life MBA with my job experience in the last 10 years and now I am ready to fly!

  229. I totally resonated with this video! Thank you Marie! I went to yoga teacher training even though I mainly had a home practice and had only been to a handful of studios in the years leading up to the training. I decided to go for it and it was one of the best things I have ever done for myself. I still get a little nervous before every class I teach but I absolutely love it. My newest fear is about making videos and posting them online. Fingers crossed I will move forward and someday looking back I will be so happy I did! Lots of love, Crystal

  230. Lisa Daly

    I love this (I love all the Tuesday slots – but this resonates so much!). I was actually at an interview today to get into a social work course in university. I’ve already been accepted at one uni, so I know it’s on the cards for this September. I’m so SO nervous about it and am mad saving right now to try and survive when in uni for the 1.5 years (it’s full full on, so working part time won’t be an option) but it’s something I’ve wanted to do for so long, I’m going to keep plugging away. I told my partner last night that I have to go for it, and everything will fall into place around it hopefully. Feel the fear! xx

  231. Hmmmm, this really got me thinking….my biggest fear is to dive all in with a new project I have and let go of all other obligations…so I guess that tells me I probably need to dive All in!! Thanks Marie 🙂 #breakthrough

  232. Robin B

    I have always wanted to open my own practice. We are finalizing the paperwork for the lease and I am scared to death. I know what you mean by loving what you do, it is my passion, I just never have set out on my own before. I will keep replaying this episode as everything starts moving to ground myself and know that I am doing the right thing. Thank you!

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Good for you, Robin!

  233. Fran

    Getting married and forming a family!

  234. This was great, Marie. I love your story. I was blasting the beginning of your show and my hubs asked what was that and I told him that I was listening to my business lifestyle guru. He laughed and rolled his eyes all at the same time. Some people just don’t get it!

  235. Lauren

    O-M-G! How timely! The biggest leaps I have made personally and professionally is when I have followed my fear. When I joined my first triathlon group, I could barely swim one length of the pool. I am no pro triathlete or ironman, but I now love competing when I can and LOVE swimming as part of my fitness routine. I just joined Toastmasters to attack my fear of public speaking. I remember my first week. Totally intimidated. We have the 2008 world champ of public speaking in our club. Actors. Professional trainers. I felt like hiding, but like you, knew immediately I needed to be there. Dry mouth and all. I just gave my second speech and was awarded “Best Speaker” of the night by my club. I still have a ways to go, but there is absolutely nothing more invigorating than tangoing with your fear!

  236. Sofia Eastmond

    My fear is telling me I need to write. I love writing, but I get stuck with the usual questions. What do I want to write about? Do I have a valid point of view? Will it be interesting? Blablabla… Never-ending…

    Your episode is a confirmation that I’m heading in the right direction 🙂 I’m about to start b-school (well, finish it, because I had to interrupt it last year when my baby was born) – it will be the perfect launching platform.

    Last night I had a dream about the shape my project should take and I wrote it down, so I’m getting excited about getting it off the ground. Thanks for the inspiration and tools you always provide.

  237. I will follow my fears because I TRUST YOU MARIE!!


    Cristina Brennan

  238. Hi Marie. Thank you for following your fear. I love watching your videos and loved being in Bschool and creating my own business. Was I scared? Yes! Has it been a piece of cake? No! But it has been the most exhilarating time of my life doing what I love and constantly learning. For anyone on the fence about B-School, follow your gut and dive in. Your life will change forever. Hugs Karen

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Karen, thank you so much for sharing this. xoxo

  239. Love it!! Our fear can be such a motivator, if we are paying attention. I am working on growing my coaching and counseling business so that I can be financial stable for my family. I love my work so I know it is where I am supposed to be, and where I want to be! I have begun writing blogs and doing vlogs which is quite scary, but I am doing it anyway because I know if I can break through that fear and get my message out there, and it serves someone, then I am right where I am supposed to be!

  240. My fear guides me as well. In my business especially. With big things like starting my business in the first place, to taking on clients (because I want to do a great job for them every time), to even things like pressing ‘send’ on a newsletter. Sheesh! But I follow that fear, that thing in my gut because so far is had been paying off 🙂

  241. Andrea

    Hey Marie! You definetily have something very important to say! I’ve looking for this kind of inspiration in so many books, videos and blogs, but all of them where about following your passion and since I have MANY passions the idea of choosing one passion SUCKED. But this, this is AWESOME! I just finished school and I’m starting college (I’m from Paraguay the heart of South America by the way… so sorry if my english it’s not very good)… Anyway, I went to Architecture school because everyone wanted me to do that but what i actually want to study is Industrial Design, that happens to be in the same facultie. I know that I loved it but I was (and still am) SO afraid of following that path since I don’t know where it’s going to lead me. After watching this video I felt so much encouraged to go through it! Fear is a good motivator, that’s for shore, or you wouldn’t be here encouraging people. THANKS MARIE!

  242. I’m working my way up to it. I’ve identified it and that’s a start. I write on my blog. I don’t use any pictures or anything. I still have trouble talking about my concept. Training under Brendon Burchard, I am putting together what is turning out to be a high priced product. But to actually put it together, it will be so much more effective once I start (dun dun dun….) shooting myself on video.

    What’s weird is I think I’m photogenic. I think I’m just struggling with calling or treating myself as an expert at anything, because technically, I’m just a woman who quit her job, decided to live on her savings until she figured out what she wanted to do with the rest of her life.

    Sorry, I ramble. Can’t wait to eventually meet you. Thanks for listening. (You have a gift, like Brendon, of making me feel like we’re hanging out like old buds. I am trying to learn how to do that.)

  243. Arahmy

    Hi Marie!

    Yes I can testify that fear can be a powerful thing. I think if one can use it to ones advantage it can be a step towards success. I have used fear to help drive me in many occasions such as, school projects, preparing workshops and activities for students, presentations, or any other form of public speaking and exams. But, one of the most things that I know I was terrified about was the decision of going to medical school. I am a perfectionist and when I make a decision I want to make sure it is the right one for me and I try not to listen to my thoughts because sometimes they can make me think too much and think “what if?” So I try to listen to my heart more often now. I wanted in my heart to be a doctor and knew it wouldn’t be possible for me to study here in the states due to the high tuition rates. Fortunately, I found a medical school in Cuba that offer full-ride scholarships to students all around the world! I did my research and fell in love with the mission statement and the how well prepared the student comes out of graduation. As a student one gives an oral pledge to promise to go back to their home country and serve the underserved and the most needed. Many people don’t know this but there are third world regions in this first world country that are in great need of medical services.

    The fear I had was going to another country that everyone said was isolated a difficult place to live, I new there were sacrifices that I would experience and I was willing to go through that in order to become a doctor. Despite the fact that many people around me such as some of my friends and family members were fearful for me of going, I was determined to apply. And as soon as I received my acceptance letter I announced to everyone that I would be going to Cuba! And I am so excited that I accepted the challenge! Now I have 5 years to develop myself as a health professional and a new person in a new culture. Overall, I just want to say that fear shouldn’t be an obstacle but seen more as an opportunity that help one develop into a fitter and stronger persona!!!

  244. Hello Marie,
    thank you for your video!
    I’ve gone exactly to the same kind of fear when i participate in a training course for musician and songwriters and i felt that moment of tears when i felt i was alive and i could be alive being who i am… waw
    today i have to take a decision about a trip abroad which would affect my budget quite dangerously… if i follow my fear i would definitely go…
    Thank you Marie for your love again!

  245. Hi Marie and hi beautiful empowered ladies!!

    Marie, this video totally resonated with me, because since I was a little nothing I have always wanted to be a dancer. I took many classes although never excelled to the level of a pro dancer. The funny thing is, part of me knows I am good and a natural, and it’s been confirmed by several dance teachers.

    But about a month ago, I made a promise to myself that I will put every penny I can towards my dance education, and go as far as possible…I’m 40 with bad hips but I won’t let that stop me!

    Thank you so much for sharing.
    I always say “Regret should scare you way more than fear”
    Luv Jo

    • “Regret should scare you way more than fear”

      Wow, that’s an incredibly powerful statement!! 😀

      • Joanna

        @Alixandrea thank you so much! Very kind of you 🙂

  246. Oh my gosh, this is such a wonderful episode, Marie – such a rich bundle of inspiration – you seem so present in your passion – even more than your usual great self!!


    I too embrace my fears, but occasionally they overwhelm and get the better of me – as a highly-sensitive person, I get overload in new situations.. but despite this, I tend to jump in at the deep-end.

    This past week has been extremely testing for me – I landed in Africa, and have been steeped in an utterly alien environment – from the temperature, to the language and customs, and all manner of strange newness.

    I also embarked on a deep and intense relationship with my soul-mate!! Yikes- such a lot to take on in one week 😉

    I was working with the idea of ‘turning around my fear’: of taking it (without being rash/ putting myself in obvious danger or vulnerable state!) and looking at what it would feel like if the opposite of what I am perceiving, were happening.

    Instead of thinking – I am threatened, I cannot digest everything going on around me, it is too hot – I am going to collapse, etc, etc – what if I calmly and methodically constructed a healthy and stable train of thought around digesting everything with grace, pacing myself, resting well and nourishing myself as priority (rather than striving to understand everything too quickly, or e.g. to try all the new food before my intestinal flora has acclimatised), and gently becoming familiar with the territory rather than focussing on how it clashes so much with my familiar comforts.

    I’m writing a blog about it all, as am gaining huge insight into how important it is to immerse ourselves in unfamiliar territories – we don’t have to go and live there forever, but camping for a while can bring such wisdom and self-awareness- it can even rouse up all the deep emotional insecurities from our core, and allow us to let go of these – allow us to navigate from a stronger place!

    Happy days – thanks so much, as ever, for the inspiration!!

  247. Pat

    This post is SO TIMELY. I just published a blog on LinkedIn about fear and how it affects our productivity. This just validates my theory on fear. Awesome content! This is my favorite so far 🙂

  248. Getting started with my online vocal coaching. I know what I want to do and how I want to do it, I’m just so scared of putting shed-loads of effort in with no real response from the public. Especially as I’m going to need to spend out on a website with all the bells and whistles; website creation – even on WordPress – gives me headaches and nightmares…

  249. I totally get this and appreciate this SO much. Lately, I’ve been experiencing this kind of fear with my blog. I’m always afraid of being too honest and raw. I don’t want to appear weak. But I’ve noticed that when I share from my heart, the connection and response is so much better.
    Thank you, Marie!

  250. Mariana

    I love this episode of MarieTV. It’s what I needed to hear today to regain the motivation to keep working on a project I am currently working on.

    I am a student of B-School 2015 and last year I started the program with no idea of what business I wanted to build for myself. It took me a year to come up with an idea and “shape” that idea to realize it into my business. And I know that the biggest resistance I have to start offering my services is fear.

    My fear “tells” me to MOVE FROM the planning, ideation, thinking stage of how I want my business to be TO actually starting offering my services to my ideal customers. That is what I need to do now.

    Thank you Dear Marie and all Team Forleo!! for all the work, positive energy, passion, professionalism you put into making these episodes for us. You are truly an inspiration to me, and I am so grateful for your existence and generosity :).

    Love, Mariana.

  251. Lately I have been called to do more work around sexual assault, informing parents about how to talk to their kids about protecting themselves, and healing from birth control. These are all very important issues in my life and I am still healing, but I know I also have a lot to share to help others. Thank you for listening. Looking forward to BSchool!!


  252. Great Episode.
    Hello Marie, I will defenitely share this because you hit the nail in the head. Im a profesional dance instructor, I teach Latin dancing, Salsa! Bachata! Merengue and all partner and social dancing, and I must say that everything you said in The video is true. I know for a fact that there is thousands Of people that would not take a dance class because they have The fear of The unknown, the fear of what if I make a fool of my self, would people laugh at me? Or some guys would say, is not for me, just because they migh think they can not do it or their ego stops them, and they might say, I don’t need it, when in reality deep inside is the fear of thinking that they will not be able to do it. I see this every day, what you went through, every person goes through.
    I’m blessed because every day I empower and change people’s lives through dancing and motivational speaking.
    In addition, a lot of people do not realize how powerful dancing and music is… Specially Salsa Dancing! Why?? Dancing and Music has a sell ion benefits, one of those benefits is, the release of stress, the fact that are dancing with another person in your arms is powerful because of social interaction and connection as you dance… And so forth..
    I truly believe that if every person would dance their life would change. Salsa dancing or any type of dancing is a true life changing experience and Marie you know it because you’ve experienced it. 😉

    Thank you!

    Tony Duarte

  253. Nancy

    This episode really clicked with me. I’m getting a lot of good creative ideas lately but have been trying to talk myself out of doing them. Your video gives me the impetus to start turning my ideas into action.

  254. Stacy

    Thank you so much Marie!
    Your message has come at a perfect time, as this is the very thing that I have been struggling with ever since I started my own business.
    My perception of fear has been typical (fear the fear, run the other way, scary stuff ahead!, etc…) until recently. I am re-training myself to look at fear as a friend who says, “come on! this will be fun!”, or, a tour guide who decides to take me on an exciting journey instead of the same old repetitive path.
    Embracing my fear and treating it not as a hinderance but as a blessing, accepting it as the fire that roars inside of me and fuels my creativity, believing it is the true essence of who I am and knowing it is leading me to who I am meant to BE….this has given me a freedom that I have never felt before. I am finally saying “YES” to life and trusting that fear has great plans for me!
    THANK YOU for your reaffirming message and inspiring awesomeness!!!!
    And big congrats on Oprah!! 😉


  255. Clementina

    This video came at the right time. I finally got the courage to ask for a male colleague’s number!

    Here is to a new me of making the first move; going to group fitness classes; and doing anything that brings me any pint of fear. 🙂

  256. Jeannie

    Thanks so much for this. My fear is new. I have always been content to be an employee and just recently wanted to be my own boss, wanted to do something more important.
    My current fear is B-school itself. I am fearful and excited at the same time. I was lead to Marie through a friend and am so glad that I pursued her recommendation and discovered what B-school was and signed up for information. Monday – here I come!!

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Yay Jeannie, and we’re SO happy to have you on board!

  257. “Follow your bliss” was first coined by the Mythologist Joseph Campbell. He didn’t mean go for what you love, he meant follow your true soul purpose… and in doing so, take The Hero’s Journey. The first step is to face the ‘threshold guardian’ which IS your FEAR… so you’re spot on with this Marie – thanks for making it so accessible. xx

  258. LOVE this one Marie. I have been called to get into the sexual education arena for almost two years now and am hesitant. What will people think? Will it expose me? How will it or could it ruin my reputation?

    I am ready though and am already exploring the next step in Start the Right Business! Woohoo! See you in B School 🙂


  259. Awesome video and message as always, Marie! 🙂 Definitely had a fear when I first started my blog, and recently started overcoming the fear of making videos on YouTube. Still a work in progress but I’m facing my fears head on!

  260. Kendra

    Oh wow! I’m inspired by a shift in thinking which, to me, resonates more deeply than I would have ever imaged.

    The dream, also the greatest fear for me, is to consult with international nonprofit organizations around business development and communications strategy, to facilitate the growth of organizations & missions that are creating great change & empowering others to fulfill their greatest potential. It’s why I went to grad school many moons ago; it’s my deepest longing and greatest soul desire.

    It’s also why I’m here, joining a community of B-Schoolers & other entrepreneurs in stepping out, taking a risk to manifest a dream into reality. And, in all honesty, let’s just say this is not easy for me…

  261. I have been terrified of stepping into my recent corporate world as the artsy spiritual leader and team builder that I was up until getting my first ‘day job’ in 2005.

    Finally I am taking small steps to take the stage and help people find the joy of spirit in the mundane. Now, my biggest fear is to actually finish my website and start spreading the word to my hundreds of contacts.

  262. I’m there! Released episode 4 of my new video podcast today titled, You Are Complete. It’s about spirituality and psychology and how to find your Divine Truth. I know my Truth is to inspire and use by personal story to help others. It’s scary but I am sure that I rather do this work and be criticized then sit on the side lines. Thanks for the inspiration, Marie! I’m here cheering all of you on!

    Love and Grace,
    Bianca Rodriguez, MA, Ed.M, MFT

  263. Thank you for this video and this post. I have been working towards battling my creative fear for a few months now. And today when I sat down to my computer to start working on this project, I got your e-mail and this video. It couldn’t have come at a better time for me. Thanks for sharing.

  264. Hey Marie,

    I just realized that I had the privilege to dance with you when you came to Dubai 9 years ago, and I am now a proud b-schooler! 😉 so thank you!
    Before I open my studio I also had all those fears and every time I will think about it my heart skip a beat! What if I fail but then I read one of Brene Brown favorite quote from Theodore Rosevelt and faced my fear dead on, I took the courage and finally open it. it was the best move I have ever made. ““It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat.”

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Love that quote, Jeanique! Thank you for sharing it, and we’re so thrilled to have you in B-School. It’s amazing how things come full circle sometimes right?!

  265. Katrina Hedges

    Dear Marie, I love your inspirational, clever and uplifting TV. Back in 2013, after being diagnosed with breast cancer, I had a loud message or calling that was to write a book about my journey and the benefits of reflexology. The fear that came up was, I can’t do that, I’ve never written a book before, what if people read about my past mistakes and judge me. Lots of fear that has taken years to get over. My book, “Going Barefoot” Holding your hands and feet through the journey of healing.” is in the final editing stages and I hope to send you a copy. My fear is still strong, but I know it’s something I have to do.

  266. Hi Marie! I’ve been following you for many years now and I’m so thankful for everything you teach us. This video came at the perfect time, it’s like life wanted to tell me something. I moved out of my moms house for the first time 6 months ago and I Moved to another city because I landed a job here. I was pretty excited when I got the call to schedule the first interview and throughout the entire process I felt really confident that I was gonna get the job and I did! So in two weeks I quit my job at the moment, moved to a new city and started my new life with my new job. I was so excited! Fast forward 6 months later I feel like crap. I’ve realized that I miss my home, my family, my friends, my boyfriend, my entire life! Yes I have a good job here but I don’t love it, plus my personal life is more important to me than any job and I think I needed to be away from everything and everyone to realize that. So I wanted to quit and go back to my loved ones but I felt so scared of what people would think, I was scared of my own ego that kept telling me that I was a failure and that I was giving up on a big opportunity. Finally, I decided to quit and follow my heart. I was so scared when I talked to my mom and when I talked to my boss. I’m still scared because it’s the first time I quit my job without having another one waiting for me. There are projects I wanna start but it’s not like I have a structured plan. I feel a lot of fear. Fear of not being able to get a new job, fear of starting my own projects and failing, fear of ending up with no money and become a burden to my family. I feel a lot of fear! and at the same time I know I’m making the right decision. This is the first time I follow my fear and I truly feel overwhelmed by fear, and today this video reminded me that I’m on the right path. Thanks Marie, for always being that light at the end of the tunnel, you’re magic. Thank you! Always thank you!!

  267. ‘For if we are beside ourselves [mad, as some say], it is for God and concerns Him; if we are in our right mind, it is for your benefit,’
    ‭‭2 Corinthians‬ ‭5:13‬ ‭AMP‬‬
    I just watched your video about following your fear. And then came across this bible text. This shows me that follow your fear is something that God had installed in us! Jesus was so scared, the bible said, that He cried blood! But it was His passion to do the Father’s will to any cost. Now here we are, He gave us the example and we may follow. It’s amazing because when I opened my bible I didn’t know that’s the verse I would be reading! Follow your fear. Follow your passion!

  268. Hi Marie! Thanks for reminding us to go after our dreams despite of our fears! I can totally relate to that: our biggest dreams often comes with fears. And that might be a way to recognize that we should go after those dreams. Thank you <3

  269. I like this episode a lot. It is so important to follow your dreams.

  270. I have many fears as being a young female entrepreneur – changing in a direction of the future socially. I publish walking maps / tourist magazines – funded by advertising. To still run a profitable company and earn income socially scares me.

  271. It was about my fourth jewelry show when it hit me…I sat and cried in my booth because I was finally Home!

    The fear is so informative still. Always learning from it. Great message today. Thank you Marie!


    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      YES — love that, Lisa.

  272. Great post! (As always!) Thank you, Marie!

    The fear I am following is the fear of not being good enough, and not having my thoughts, creativity, and contribution appreciated. It’s lead me to actually become a (self) published author. That’s something I have always wanted to be, but was too scared to go for. I have 8 books out at the moment. Two fiction, two non-fiction, and 4 coloring books for adults. I write every day, and work on the coloring books (almost) every day.

    What really helped me was realizing that pleasing everyone leads to mediocre offerings. You have to take risks, and be willing to say things that might not be comfortable. You can’t please all of the people, all of the time, but you can find some people that dig what you do. I used to be terrified by the thought of getting bad reviews on my work, but as I took the step to put myself out there I learned that the bad reviews are in many ways more helpful than the good ones. If someone just doesn’t like what I offer, then I am not who they should be getting things from. On the other hand, if people point out things I can improve, then I get better going forward. Basically any review is a win-win when you can look for the things you can work on. If a bad review is just 100% about not liking something I’ve created, then I can be grateful to know that, that person will not be wasting their time and money with me in the future, and that’s a very good thing.


  273. Felicia

    YES! This has been my compass for nearly 20 years. If I get that fear in my gut, it means I need to do it. It’s the GPS for growth.

  274. I love that you’re talking Steven Pressfield – I “coincidentally” just bought 2 of his books 🙂 Synchronicity! For real for real, I’m afraid of quite a few things; now, this is about bridging the distance between where I am and where I wanna be. It honestly seems SO daunting, that space…like a gaping chasm… How to get from point A, where I am now, to point B feels like a dang rubix cube. I find it pretty damn hard to rustle up the belief in myself that I *can* actually live the life of my dreams…. But I want it SO…… frickin……BAD…….. I’ve been hustling with my biz (admittedly, not as hard as I possibly could be due to periods of hideous creative blocks, varying levels of self doubt & bouts of depression, which has been severe at times) but working 40 hours a week for the state of PA is super tiring, disheartening and frustrating to say the least. I’ve been “in the system” for 11 years, lulled into a false sense of stability w/amazing benefits and pay union dues out the ass. I want SO badly to have my shit together and be successful, doing what I actually care about – somehow (I’m a painter, a HUGE huge animal lover & reiki practitioner) – and hope I can start making enough income with my art so I can quit that damn state job one day really soon! Not that I don’t appreciate what I have, don’t get me wrong – it’s def not the worst job out there! 🙂

  275. Marie, I did the same thing (signed up for a prestigious dance school in Moscow, Russia) but instead of phenomenal success like you achieved, I got everything of what I was scared of: I was the laughingstock, I did suck, in fact probably the worst of all class. And Even though I was only 18, yeah been told that Im too old. Anyways, fast forward to now, I’m a jewelry designer and really (I mean REALLY!) want to take my biz to the next Level and even though I try so hard, all my previous fears and failures do get in the way! My question to you, how do you keep going and believing in yourself when every time in the past I looked in the face of fear, went for it anyway!! BUT instead of success, failed!

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Oksana, that’s a great question! It reminded me of this episode of MarieTV — I hope this gives you some food for thought. And bravo to you for going after your dreams regardless of the outcome!

      • Kristin, than you so much for reply and for that video. It’s exactly what I needed to hear right now!!

  276. Lauren McNamara

    So I’m kind of freaking out right now because Marie, your dream to be a dancer is my dream too…it’s been my dream since I was old enough to walk but I’ve always believed that I couldn’t do it, that I’m not athletic enough, that its not academic enough (my family really pushed me away from the arts – they see it as hobby land and that’s it). Then I got older and I decided to follow my fear and my dreams and I enrolled in a Musically theater program near Chicago. It was dance, singing, instrumental, the works. Right before I was supposed to start a family member sat me down and told me it was stupid. He then offered me $10k to pay off my debt at the time to not do it and to instead get “a real job” with the Bachelors degree in office work I already had. It was 2008 and the economy was a joke but I let him manipulate me again and my life was again derailed from my hearts longings. He never did pay that debt. More years went by and now I’m REALLY old…29…for such dreams and I honestly don’t know what to do. I dont live anywhere near NY. I’m in Salt Lake City now but my husband and I hope to move either back to IL or to CA. I feel totally confused so much of the time and there is almost no joy in my life. My fears have only gotten bigger as time has gone on. I met an actress who does embodied performances and she reminded me of my dreams. With her some of us did a performance last year for a class and I cried most of the way through my dance. It worked out because the piece was meant to be emotional but it left me with so much longing. And I just don’t even know where to start now to follow it.

  277. Hello Marie,
    Love this! Thank you for this reminder, your words are exactly what I needed other right now. Had the biggest fear when I first started my blog and now I am posting weekly videos, which is still pretty scary at times hah. I would love your feedback 🙂

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Nice! Congrats for putting yourself out there and keeping it up consistently. That’s something to be proud of!

  278. Paul

    I would travel the entire world with no plan and no money using my gifts of connecting with people quickly and disarmingly. I would record my experiences and share them, proving to myself and to anyone who sees my documentation that the world is overwhelmingly spilling over with good people waiting to openly share life, love, and wisdom… and you don’t need anything but a willingness to trust yourself and trust others to experience it for yourself.

  279. A great reminder to embrace your own vulnerability.

  280. Tina

    Thank you very much Marie for making this video to us.
    I was following of my fear to resign from my job and get my own business. And here i am, i’m running my own business online shopping right now.

  281. kristin

    YES! Thanks Marie, I love this perspective on fear. Reminds me of a favorite book of mine by Ryan Holiday “The Obstacle is the Way” The timeless art of turning trials into triumph.

  282. Marie – this video spoke to me. I’m leaving a 6 figure career as a wedding photographer to pursue something that feeds my soul a lot more, still in photography…. Why would I leave a booming business? It’s not feeding me emotionally, and I want to jump on the “no-train” overtime I go to work. The fear of what I’m about to start keeps me up at night, and I love the unknown. Thanks for the encouragement!

  283. Thank you for this video. It makes me think.

  284. Jasmine Walton

    I am definitely feeling the fear right now! I am an Aussie who is seriously considering moving to Canada to pursue an acting career. I feel like there are pros and cons but with acting you never know if you’ll get work and the fear of not getting work in another country scares me! What if I fall behind in rent? It’s the fear of the unknown of moving combined with diving into the entertainment industry. Any advice for moving abroad? I’m 23 and never lived out of home. I live with my grandparents so they couldn’t help me out financially if I got stuck and I’m scared that something may happen to them while I’m gone! #uncertain #needsomethingnewinlife please help me? Xoxxoox

  285. To follow my fear really take huge courage . Recently I am trying to do sth that is totally opposite to my personal trait . But in my mind , that’s what I need to do . At the first time , I was kind of full of passion to change myself , to conquer my fear to if . But it’s really not easy for me so i often felt very frustrated and feel like giving up . I just wanna ask Marie what can I tell myself when this feeling appear ! Your video is really inspiring , so your suggestion must be helpful to me . Expect for your reply~

  286. Nina

    If I were to follow my fear, I would promote my website in the media, which would mean appearing on radio and TV in my area. It is soooo contrary to what I’m comfortable with. I like being invisible, and feel so uncomfortable when I’m the focus of attention. But I have to do it. I will give myself a month.

  287. I would make a movie 🙂

  288. Thank you for this information .i like your website because it have a lot of articles that they happen in everyday of our life.

  289. Renata Surles

    Hi Marie,
    I love your show and I have been binge watching it like a good show on Netflix, your show has been just what I needed to get my mojo back into focusing on my passion. Whenever I think about my dream and all that I want it to encompass my fears start arise which is normal especially because what I want to contribute is just the beginning to how I want to impact my community/ world. I am a Pharmacist who wants to start a medication consulting business (kind of don’t know what its called b/c its not really being done) where I want to reduce patients amount of drugs and give advice on finding the right doctors and just flat out info to help them be more involved in their healthcare. My demographic is mainly African American pop and I am not looking to make it boring it has to be interesting and catch people. Along with the blog I am also working on a meal planning business as well a large health network where african americans can find great health care help nationwide. I have began my website but haven’t finished it and I kind of have a logo but I really don’t care for it because I got it in a hurry. My question is where should I really start? Should I just start recording videos and writing or do I need to have the whole setup before I even record and get my info out there? Also is the name Pills or Poison too much for an info blog?

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Hi Renata! It sounds like you’re exploring some really exciting ideas, and I imagine you see all kinds of people (as a pharmacist) who need this service business you’re wanting to start.

      You don’t need to have everything setup before you start writing and sharing free content, and in fact getting a blog started before anything else can be a great way to connect with your audience and allow them to get to know you.

      We have some resources and MarieTVs we can absolutely share to help, if you’d like to reach out to us at infoATmarieforleoDOTcom.

  290. Hey Marie,
    I launched my own start-up a year ago and it was totally the right decision. Since then, there are always new things to do and new challenges I have to overcome. And you’r right, the more things I do that I’m afraid of first, the easier it will get…
    Love your videos! Always fun and helpful. 🙂

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much, Susi! And huge congratulations on launching your start-up last year — that’s awesome! <3

  291. Renee Mackenzie

    Hi Marie,

    Thank you so much for this one. Two years ago I had one of those ideas that would not go away and all the fear based thoughts you described. I could have let it fade away but I did not want to live with the regret of not knowing if I could do it. Big concerns were voiced by family and friends about the risk and the money etc (try something new and you’re gonna get that). For once in my life I made a conscious decision to trust my self. And here I am, the founder and owner of an awesome (mostly undiscovered) shoe and accessories store. Everyday brings new challenges that force me to learn and grow in directions I would not have gone in had I taken a safer route. This is no sure thing and we are a struggling small business at this point but I will never regret going for it because the passion I experience living my dream everyday gives me permission to be creative and playful and have fun and, therefore, everyday my soul sings.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      So lovely, Renee! Congratulations on going for your dreams, and we’re sending loads of best wishes as you continue to grow your business! xo

  292. Nolwenn

    I love this concept of fear as a GPS of the soul, and your experience is so relatable! I am turning 27 in a few months and I long so badly to sing and dance but I feel so untalented, unqualified and frankly, so old! I tried joining an amateur musical company last year and did several rounds of auditions. It felt great to do something that I didn’t think capable of, but at the same time, confronting my fear woke up my worst inner critics. I became as obsessive about food, my weight and my appearance as I was when suffering from an ED a few years back, being surrounded by incredible singers cracked my little confidence, and it didn’t help that my health was terrible (I suffered from severe anemia all through the process, on top of struggling with Hashimoto disease and IBS.)
    Now another year has passed and things are improving a lot health-wise, but I feel so stuck because I haven’t done anything else towards my dream (not even taken any classes) and I’m beginning to wonder if I’m not being childish by hanging on to it. I’m also not doing great with my self-confidence and my relationship with my body. How do you face those nasty inner voices when you’ve made that step towards your fear?

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Oh Nolwenn, sending the biggest hugs your way. I’ve been exactly where you are too (recently actually), and I know all of us have those nasty inner voices that just don’t seem to go away — especially when we’re pursuing the things we love the most, so you’re absolutely not alone.

      As someone who has pursued my own childhood ambitions, I believe it’s not at all childish to follow our dreams. It doesn’t mean that it’s always easy, or that we’ll succeed immediately, but when our souls are calling for us to dive into our creativity and our joy, I think that’s something we need to listen to.

      We’ve done a couple amazing MarieTV episodes that talk about how to deal with those “not good enough” thoughts, and these are some of my favorites, so I hope you enjoy watching:

      And also this amazing episode with Liz Gilbert on the power of following our creativity (this one was a game changer for me):

      On a personal note, one thing that I always try to remind myself is that we’re all at different places in our journeys, and comparing our beginning “just starting” to someone else’s “many years of training” can cause more harm than good. Usually we aren’t actually good when we’re just starting out, and that’s okay — it’s natural and part of the process, but that doesn’t mean we can’t or won’t get there with time and care.

      One more thing … definitely watch this amazing video from Ira Glass about this topic exactly:

      Know that you have our little team cheering you on, Nolwenn! Please do stop by and comment to let us know how things are going. We’d love to celebrate with you and cheer you on 🙂 xo

  293. Hillary Van Moorleghem


    I followed my fear to become a professional dancer and live in Europe. It felt like a free fall in pitch black – totally scary and exhilarating. With a unique sense of “yes, this feels right”.

    I’ve made and am very happy.

    What I did: I stopped worrying about the competition and focus on what I could control. I sought the best training and took every audition and job.

    I grew as a person and matured emotionally. Pursuing my dream grew my soul in the way it yearned.

    It’s scary to make mistakes and to take risks. But in the end, after I act on my creative impulses, I feel better. I develop myself as a person.

    It’s scary to be myself – because I’m still growing my confidence. I take deep breathes and stop over thinking things.

    Life is really very good. Having a F.I.R.E. team and loved ones really helps.

    Thank you for providing this website to find others like me. Thank you, Marie, for following your creative impulses.

  294. Gina Standard

    Marie, that clip of you doing the moonwalk made my day. I couldn’t have heard this message at a better time. I am constantly paralyzed by fear of whether or not I’m following the right path. I think I have to embrace the fear and just do it.

  295. Kimberly

    I really have a lot of fears about my job, my future and my career. I think i’m not good at the field of accounting, but I have worked at CPA firm for four years. It seems a short time but torture me since my poor sense of accounting. I wish I could break through my fear and make a big process after watch this video from now on. Thanks Marie gives me courage toward my fear.

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      I’m so sorry to hear you’re feeling that way, Kimberly. I’m glad this video gave you some courage! I have no doubt you’ll break through your fear!

  296. barbara

    Amazing synchronicity that I came across this video today. Yesterday I did my first day of training in business in front of a group. I have had a morbid fear of public speaking all my life but still wanted to be a trainer. I joined a toastmasters group last year to try and overcome this fear. The fear is still present but each step is getting a little bit easier. The day before my first day training, I researched and organised my notes as best as I could. I still had the fear that I might be exposed, that I might not know enough. I had panic attacks all night and felt like I had hardly any sleep. I was exhausted and felt sick in the morning. I had a glimmer of an idea that I could call in sick. Instead I fronted up and thought that I’m just going to give the best I have and I hope that I can make it interesting and helpful for everyone. I was terrified but tried to use that fear as a strength to give me energy. Once I got into the flow, the day went well. I found that the information I gave was helpful. I ended up getting good feedback and I now have the confidence to go on.

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      That’s huge, Barbara! Congrats on going through with it despite your fear. It sounds like you really helped the folks who were in your training.

  297. Marie, you always seem to direct your episodes right at me – intentional, I’m sure 😉
    I’ve been having a hard time finding my compass, lately. I’m someone who can’t sit still and I have trouble finding contentment. So, I’m starting to think, what I’m most afraid of is being still for a moment, sticking with projects and seeing things to fruition. Maybe “following my fear” really means staying put for a bit!
    Thanks for the wisdom!

  298. Ina

    Hello Marie. Thanks for the video. I am in the middle of a conundrum. I am 42 and I always had this dream of being creative. One year ago I finished a fashion foundation course which lead to an internship but after that I stumbled again and had been out of the loop till now. Now I have the opportunity of another (unpaid) internship which is making me think. I am terrified again although on some level I know I want some more skills and this would be a good opportunity. I just don’t know why it makes me feel this fearful. My financial situation is not good. I am surviving and living on a tight budget – working part time in hospitality and I guess I have all these expectations of my family to make something of myself. And the fact that I am not really financially secure is terrifying. I guess I want some kind of stability- which is not necessarily to do with money, but I would like a job that I love and which I can do every day. Maybe fashion and creativity are not even a job option for me, just an activity which I would like to get up to a high enough level to be able to express my creative side. I do feel mega old to be doing this and I am also quite isolated because not many people know understand why I am doing such crazy thing.

  299. Andy Henderson

    I would sing and dance(hip hop) no doubt about it. I feel most alive when I’m moving to music…and to do it on-stage would not only be terrifying but be a true rush. Like I was fully alive! I think this goes with performing in general. I also love to be goofy, dynamic, silly and uninhibited. (i.e Justin Timberlake or Jack Black)

  300. Juju

    I really love your program, it is really helpful when I need some positive energy.

  301. Jane Cavanagh

    You’re officially a genius Marie.
    I have discovered trampolining (as a 39 year old) – it’s what I’ve wanted to do my whooooooole life. And now I’m doing it and it feels like “I’ve come home” too.
    You rock.

  302. Hi Marie,
    I’m glad I patiently waited for you moonwalking ? ? and I agree with you and the singer who mentioned fear vs excitement. Actually our nervous system cannot differentiate between fear and excitement which can be challenging for the rather sensitive souls among us creatives. And this often leads to us wanting to feel better before taking action in our business and to procrastination.
    For me, I think most of my struggles in my life happened because I wasn’t aware of my fears/excitement and so they didn’t have a voice… so now I’m kind of glad when I can identify them and build a relationship with them and let them guide me towards what I desire to experience. Being creative and doing what you love is not for the faint-hearted, but it’s truly empowering and fulfilling….
    As for me, I have two fears at the moment… making (more) videos and finding a way to offer Meditation classes in my town and online. And it’s funny how even related to the Meditation class the “I am too old to doing this” thoughts come up ???
    Thank you for the lightness and curiosity and desire to learn and grow that you bring into this world, Marie… it’s fun to watch your Tv show!
    Much love,

  303. Just revisited this video-
    I was recently promoted at my job, made a 6 figure salary, and had the best commute I’ve ever had (traffic’s horrible, so this is kinda a big deal). BUT, I wasn’t very happy. No matter what I achieved at work, I wasn’t feeling like I was making true progress and a voice inside me was telling me: this isn’t what you’re supposed to be doing, you’re wasting your time.
    I quit my job and I’m freelancing until I find my next big step. This is day 5. I have had a steady job since I was 16 and I’m turning 32 this year. I’m scared but excited and glad I found this video again!

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      So glad this video is helping you, Margo! We’re wishing you the best with your exciting transition 🙂

  304. Shiela

    Marie. You know what, this made me cry. You somehow knew how to read my mind. “Follow your fear” Follow my fear. I am a person who prefers to stay within my comfort zone, proof to that- my hairstyle since grade 8. After watching this video, it open up my mind to possible opportunities which could be masking as fears. Now my question is, how do i determine if its a good fear or a bad fear? Thank you so much marie!!!!

  305. Shiela

    Marie. You know what, this made me cry. You somehow knew how to read my mind. “Follow your fear” Follow my fear. I am a person who prefers to stay within my comfort zone, proof to that- my hairstyle since grade 8. After watching this video, it opened up my mind to possible opportunities which could be masking as fears. Now my question is, how do i determine if its a good fear or a bad fear? Thank you so much marie!!!!

  306. I am pretty much terrified of every new little thing i have to do for the first time in order to make my business and my project grow!!!

    Thanks God, my clients and students don’t notice it)).

    Thank you, Marie, for your confirmation of my insights regarding this issue. Wish you all the best!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much for your kind words, Inna! Following our fear isn’t easy, but it can lead to some incredible places.

      We’re wishing you all the best right back! xo

  307. hector j umana

    very nice video is hard to live with fear and self doubt it takes self discipline and work at it constantly

  308. Ah yes. Interesting stuff… the thing I am fearing most right now is writing an e-course to help those in long-distance relationships find contentment and learn to love the journey. The resistance has been huge. My email list is currently at zero – any takers? Loved this, thanks for pointing out that my soul needs to truly journey in this direction.

  309. Love this! I “followed my fear” when I started a new concept to help professionals get better connected to the business community. I felt disconnected and like an outsider and realized this is a common issue many people face. I took my passion for establishing a sense of “community” and belonging and turned it into Looping Up. My dream is to help professionals across the nation get better connected to effective resources for growing their circle of influence and support! We can be stronger when we are “LoopingUp”! Thank you Marie for your encouragement! It can be tough being a solo entrepreneur, so especially grateful for all your chats 🙂

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s awesome, Rebecca! Congrats on LoopingUp and all you’re doing to build a stronger community. We’re so glad Marie’s work has influenced you along the journey. 🙂

  310. Follow your fear – very good advice.

  311. Great points. I am still learning to confront my fears but trying to take little meaningful steps every day. Blogging and starting to do a little public speaking as been a huge one for me. I was always the kid that would turn red and would have his voice crack. That said, I have been working hard to become more confident in this arena and been making big strides. Thank you for your helpful post.

  312. Hi Marie!

    Great article. I remember one of my biggest fear was to quit my full time job. My husband and I are both working together in the same company and I could escape due to my big fear of money until last May 2 of 2012, when I made one of my biggest decision in my life of quitting my full time job – I mean we quit together at the same time giving up two monthly paychecks for me to pursue my dream.

    There’s no turning back and no regrets at all of discovering the unknown. If you will not give yourself a chance you will never grow because one lesson that I’ve learned is I master the art of failure to survive.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      It sounds like you and Thomas Edison have that philosophy in common! The second part of your comment reminded me of his quote, “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” It’s such a powerful reminder that our dreams are within reach if we just keep going.

  313. Josi

    Thank you for sharing your experience and knowledge Marie! I’ve just started a 2 years program in the media design industry after changing careers twice and leaving a full-time job. So I was able to walk through (and with) the fear of doing those changes, but is funny that like you said fear and insecurity is a continuous thing in our lives. I am still afraid of what is next, afraid of low performance (which is clearly the ghost of comparison), high competition, and so on. To learn how to deal with fear in a positive manner is definitely a good call. Thank you again!

  314. Alexis

    Dear Marie,

    My name is Alexis, a 25 year-old aspiring entrepreneur from France. I can’t tell you how grateful I feel that one of my dear friend from Brazil shared the link to your website with me. Since then, I have been amazed by your content, its design and your marketing. I just joined your B-school video series and I am watching them with hunger to learn. Since my childhood, I have always been drawn to artistic activities such as movie making, theater and dancing. I have been practising dancing for several years but I never completely figured out how to turn it into a career, so I went to pursue business studies. I like studying marketing and all of the new things that you can do to build a brand using the digital, but I still feel deep inside that I am made for arts. To be more specific, if I could spend my time without ever worrying about $, this is what I would do: 1- take advanced classes to become a competitor (ballroom dancing, hip hop etc) ; 2- take acting lessons ; 3- learn how to mix music ; 4- learn how to sing ; 5- launch my own online business making an impact doing what I love ; 6- travel ; 7-right a book.

    I don’t feel so scared. I would say that I feel as scared as I feel unclear about what to do, but since I don’t have a clear plan about how to go about these different passions, I am quite fearful. This choice between my artistical side (feeling fulfilled when I dance, act etc) and my business studies is creating quite a tension. Would you have any advice on what to do about that? Again, I love your show 😉


    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much for sharing your dreams and interests with us, Alex! It sounds like you’re a multi-passionate entrepreneur, which is definitely something Marie understands because she’s one too. It can be difficult to figure out what you want to do and how you want to blend your many passions, so I wanted to share two MarieTV episodes about this: and I hope you’ll find these helpful and inspiring for the many talents you want to share with the world! 🙂

  315. I have followed my fear a lot and still do. Everytime I put out something out I feel so lonely. Terreble lonley. I dont know why I still do it and I know i need to do it more to be abel to get my business going. It feel like to die would be easier.
    But i am growing, get wiser, more happy and less scared in life. World become magic.
    I know what i do is my soulwork, this is why iam here. So its many feelings. I feel so greatful and a live and connected to the livesource but still so freaking fucking sceard and sooooo uncomforteble, schitsofrenc????????I know, but its all true!

  316. Eliana

    Hi Marie,
    Thank you for your video. It’s so helpful. If I followed my fear I would go to school to study naturopathic medicine. My fear is am I really cut out for helping other people with their health problems. I’m very curious and I love learning about health for me. I fear that I might spend all the time and money to go to the school then I may not like it. And I fear that it would put me an unstable financial position in my 40’s. I’ve been debating this in my mind for the last 6 years. I think I’m ready to do something about it, and I’m going to go for it!!

  317. Janine

    This video just popped up on my Facebook feed as if it was meant to be… Just this morning I talked to my coach/healer about wanting to start a blog and online business about decorations, diy and stuff – I’m actually a 30-year old lawyer… And the last year, I’m always coming back to the idea a the blog, but I keep thinking that there are already so many blogs out there and that I didn’t even study something design related… So I really love the idea of “your fear is telling you were to go” and I’m going to continue to take baby steps towards my blog. Thanks a lot for the inspiration and motivation Marie!!!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s awesome, Janine! There may be other blogs out there, but no one does it quite like you. It really is true what Marie says at the end of every video: “the world needs that special gift that only YOU have.”

  318. I would let people know that I’m open to contract and a mixture of p/t time work while I set up my business. This way I can pursue my new business, have time to write my book and still earn sufficient money to live well on and have a safety now.

  319. This video came into my life at the right time. I’m currently growing my YouTube channel and right now talking to a camera is terrifying! Every time I have to re-record my message because of a small mistake I ask myself what am I doing this for. That’s when I see Marie pop up and encourage me to live my greatest potential and I realize that’s what I’m doing this for. I too want to inspire the masses just like Marie. Thank you for sharing your vulnerability when you were just getting started. Sometimes I need to be reminded that we are all human and no one gets that perfect take every time.

  320. Yakova

    Marie, your story is so inspirational. Thank you for sharing it. From 25 with no professional training to all those various major accomplishments and fun adventures.

    But something in your video stuck out to me—you cautioned people against doing anything that would cause them financial ruin. Some fervent passions require big investments or perhaps involve selling everything you own and moving to another country. Where do you draw the line for stupid and financially unwise decisions? Sometimes that’s where the fear/excitement/growth is, no?

  321. Nice article.Thanks for sharing the best informative idea to treat yourself from any fear.

  322. A very good article! Thank you

  323. Thanks for sharing such useful video. Really!

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