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Has your workload gotten so big that you’re on the edge of burnout? Or maybe you’re stretched so thin that you’re considering quitting your job, even though you once loved it.  

Feeling stressed and overwhelmed at work is a modern epidemic.

Doesn’t matter if you run your own business, you’re a freelancer or you work within a company — workloads keep expanding with no end in sight. The negative spillover effects on our health, well-being and, ironically, our productivity are massive.

Here’s what we must remember. Being overwhelmed and stretched too thin at work is 100% figureoutable.

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But getting the help you need won’t happen on its own. That’s why I was eager to tackle Candace’s question about how to deal with overwhelm at work, especially when you need support from your team.

Don’t forget, bosses (or partners, co-workers) are not mindreaders. You can’t assume the people you work with know that you’re struggling. You’re also not weak or incapable because you need to make changes.

Roles and responsibilities must evolve over time. You can’t keep adding more and more to your plate, indefinitely.

In today’s episode, we’re sharing a 5-step plan to reduce overwhelm, do better work and love your job again. This is how we approach adjusting our roles here on Team Forleo and it works like magic.

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If you’d like more on this topic, I heartily suggest doing a stress log, too. Once you’ve had a chance to watch, I’d love to hear from you.

Can you relate to Candace’s struggle of being stretched too thin?

Whether you work with a team or you work for yourself, what’s the most important step that you can take right now to make a change?

Leave a comment below and let me know.

Share as much detail as you can. Tens of thousands of incredible souls come here each week for insight and inspiration. Your story may be just what someone else needs to have a major breakthrough.

Important: please share your thoughts and ideas directly in the comments. Links to other posts, videos, etc. may be removed.

You have what it takes to recreate your work life. I hope this episode helps you make that happen. Thank you, as always, for reading and watching.

Your kindness and heartfelt contribution to the conversation means more than you know!


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  1. Yes, Marie! I so relate to this…
    It’s why I’ve added a whole new set of questions to my weekly planning:
    I now plan my movement and self-care FIRST THING! ??
    It’s so tempting for me to let myself get overwhelmed, being busy and ineffective.
    We MUST take time to take care of ourselves and enjoy our lives…
    Thanks again for your magic!
    Leonie xxx

    • And OMG. This strategy is incredible.
      It makes it so clear what has to happen and what I have to focus on.
      Lots more content creation, way less admin and backend stuff.
      I love how solution oriented this works.
      Thank you!

  2. Addy

    I Love you .
    You are so cute.

  3. This really speaks to me! I imagine we all feel this way. For me, one of the biggest things I’ve done recently is focus on the most important things first. I keep my email turned off so it doesn’t distract me during the day, but I get my big tasks done so I know if email (or any number of other things) pull my focus, I already finished what needed to be done.
    Thanks Marie! Always!

  4. This is an amazing tool and a great way to have what can be an uncomfortable conversation. I have a follow up question: how does this process change when your company is going through a lean year, layoffs are happening, and the industry projections are not pretty? The “put on a happy face” and “do your part” to make it through another lean year can seem insurmountable and a good indicator to change careers entirely. Can this step by step approach be tweaked for this kind of conversation?

    • Meika - Team Forleo

      Hey Marissa,
      This is such a great question! This 5 step approach can actually be even MORE important in this situation because in lean times, you definitely want to be focused on the activities that will be most beneficial to increasing the bottom line and/or saving money. You can also look at this as a prime opportunity for you to think through and propose some creative ideas that might really help the company turn things around. Solution oriented people hold tremendous value in companies, so this is your time to shine!

  5. Benson Modie

    Great episode and very helpful…….thank you.

  6. Lisa the Writer

    Hi Marie,
    I was hired to fill the schedule gaps as an as-needed person where I work and want to share my side of this conversation.
    You would assume that a PRN (“as needed”) employee would be kind of popular: we are those people who are willing to work the Saturdays and 2:30-6:30 shifts and cover vacay for coworkers so they can rest and restore. We don’t whine when we only get enough work hours to pay our car payment because we realize we are PRNs and that’s the deal. We don’t whine when we work months at a time for 40 hours a week after someone retires and a full-time replacement is sought to fill the schedule. This is all part of the PRN flexibility.
    I am a writer and thankfully, PRN status gives me time for creativity, yoga and home time that I love. I do not flaunt this to my coworkers because I realize it is a blessing not to have to be there 40 hours a week to get insurance coverage. I know I am lucky in this, but I am also careful in my spending so I can pay my bills with less work hours. However happy and patient-centered I am, however many great patient surveys come to my bosses’ desks, that positivity draws fire from the negative coworkers who want to hate happier people and ask questions like, “Have you ever really had to work?” – not realizing I went back to school in my mid-forties after working one minimum-wage job after another. I understand only too well what a 40-hour work week entails.
    Management loves PRNs because we cost less than full-timers and we’ll cover the gaps without complaining – we can do the job and ease the overwork crazy for our coworkers and are happy to do so.
    If the universe sends a PRN coworker to your workplace to answer your pleas for help – even if her personality is way too sunny for you, please do not behave like dogs who are guarding the food when she arrives. Be happy she is willing to take your crappy late shifts, Saturdays and work the days that enable your vacation requests to be approved.
    Come on, sisters – give us a break. We can be the answer to your overwork dreams. But if the environment becomes too unpleasant, we are PRNs: we have the absolute freedom to take our smiles and flexible schedules elsewhere. We’re probably in your workplace because there’s something we like about it. If you want help, make it bearable for the PRNs. We don’t want to steal your food, we just want the scraps you don’t want anyway.

    • Meika - Team Forleo

      Hi Lisa,
      We hear you and we see you. It sounds like PRNs are providing a wonderful service to both the patients and fellow nurses. We are hopeful that your work relationships will continue to improve as you communicate lovingly with your coworkers. You may inspire them to open up and talk about their frustrations as well. We love that the care and joy that you bring to your patients has truly been beneficial to them. Keep going and continue to be a light!

      • Lisa

        Thank you, Meika and Team Forleo for your encouraging voices 😀

  7. As a Teacher and Motivator who works specifically with the exhausted and overwhelmed, this is a MASSIVE issue in our current culture and time.
    I’ve definitely experienced those times when new priorities seem to have crept up and apparently I’ve now got 2-3 times as much to do as I thought I would have!

    I am a massive proponent of writing it down like Marie suggests: getting it out of my head. It can be in images, colours, scribbles or just a long to-do list: get it out on paper so you can breathe again. THEN, tackling it becomes much more manageable.

  8. This is awesome but Im sort of freaking out because… My name is CHERISE spelled just like the example and.. I didn’t hire anyone LOL LOL. Excellent as always Marie. THANK YOU!.

    • Meika - Team Forleo

      Hey Cherise – Perhaps hiring someone is in your future! Thank you for being in our community. We appreciate you AND your name!

  9. Dear Marie, you are so so wonderful! Even if it not my theme I love to listen to you. Have a wonderful Christmas time!!!

  10. Marie,
    Thank you! As the owner of a Virtual Assistant Agency, this is exactly how our group fits into ANY size business. So many times it could be 5-10 hours worth of tasks each week that could really UP someone else’s game.
    You lay your process out a little differently than I do, but the message is the same. Companies have downsized on their support staff significantly over the years, which leads their employees to burnout. Thanks again for sharing…you’re a name people listen to!

  11. Jessica Shepard

    Awesome advice. As the sole in-house content creator for my company, I can definitely relate to Candace and her ever-growing role and ever-expanding to do list. Thanks Marie! 🙂

  12. Andrew Zeegers

    hi Marie and also Candice,

    this is a strange one. Because, as an entrepreneur, I create multiple income streams. So I don’t work for a boss, I AM the boss, haha. So out of all these income streams, the discussion is a bit the same… so.. how do you move forward when you have many activities which also include planning, bookeeping, administration, workshops, paintings, website maintenance, and so on, and so on… and then private things, selfcare, cleaning the house, do the garden… It’s a lot. So, I desire back to the time that I was on the lower grade school, when the school presented a weekly schedule for your studies: geography, maths, language, history-lessons, gymnastics and then you didn’t have to think about the schedule, so… can you, (can I) as an entrepreneur design such a weekly schedule so it creates overview? But then, if you have the week-schedule, can I keep to it, do I execute it properly?
    At school there was a teacher who kept you performing your task. yet now you have to keep a close watch to yourself if you perform or not. Discipline….
    furthermore, at school there was a teacher who affirmed and confirmed the weekly schedule. There was no doubt, this is what had to be done, this is good.

    Yet as you have to determine yourself, as an entrepreneur or at a job how to schedule your time, you also have to be confident, approve, affirm and confirm your OWN schedule as being beneficial. What if you haven’t learned to be confident at your own insights? And if no-one supports you in the beneficial-ness (if that is a word) of your own schedule?

    • Meika - Team Forleo

      Hi Andrew,
      You’re exactly right! You will have to create and maintain that kind of schedule for yourself now. You can still use this 5 step process to zero in on the things that will be most beneficial to the growth and health of your business. For the rest of the items on your list, it may be time to consider hiring help!
      For support on your schedule, you might also consider joining a networking group with other entrepreneurs. Having support around your business ideas and schedule can make all the difference.

  13. Sally

    Dear Marie and Team Forleo,
    This is a great episode, and I love, love the sample email script (with pop-ups to show meaning) to open up a conversation with the boss. Short and sweet. Something to add…I find it very helpful to keep an ongoing, growing Excel list of all the tasks that I do at my job, so that I can always see how things change and accumulate. I update it every time a new task is added or one is no longer mine. It comes in real handy at evaluation time, to show growth. I actually gave the list to my new supervisor so that she could see exactly what I do everyday, since she is new in her position and was not really aware of what I am doing at my desk all day. It’s also a handy reference sheet when you need to re-evaluate the priorities with the boss, as suggested.
    Much love and Happy Holidays!

  14. great content and a fabulous reminder … perfect timing too! thank you

  15. Laura

    This is a wonderful strategy and a great exercise. And while I feel overwhelmed frequently, particularly doing projects for others who claim to be too busy, this is only a mental fix for me. I am sure I am not alone on this–but within my job description it states ‘other duties as assigned’ and have been told that we work as a team and everything needs to get done. So, I focus on my self-care and if something doesn’t get done—it will have to wait. I think I need to consider a different job…☺

  16. Jeff Tarnue

    I love this week’s Marie TV. By the way, when I began my career as a radio personality, I really loved it and, couldn’t wait for my term to be in studio. In my leisure time, I tried to write creative sayings and, when I became a producer, the idea of dejaying became of less interest. I still love it though, but I think continuing as a producer, I meet a lot of people in public and private circles.

    Like I’ve always told my listeners, finding a job you love makes you not to work a day. Because it feels like fun.

    • Meika - Team Forleo

      That’s such wonderful advice Jeff! We’re so happy to hear that you’ve found something you love.

  17. I signed up for a digital marketing course because I dont have the thousands of dollars digital marketing companies want to help me piece together my lead pages and mail chimp so I can get leads for my business. I’m trying to teach myself but between not being very tech savvy as well as working full time from home as an independent recruiter and now studying to become a health coach, my website isnt taking off the way I want it to. I also have an Instagram and a facebook page but not sure how to start using the ad function to get my business off the ground. I’m so passionate about helping other heal their pets all naturally like I did. I reversed
    My dogs IBS in 8 months using whole foods and plant based supplements.

    Any guidance would be very appreciated.

    Thank you,

    Emanuela Visone

  18. Andi

    Dear Marie and Team,
    Thank you for everything that you do!
    Another great Q&A. I’ve experienced overwhelm and overwork frequently over the past few years. So frequently, in fact, that I wanted to quit my job, my city, my life as it was just to get a break!
    Luckily, I didn’t quit, I had the option to take a career break. I took a year off to rest, spend time with people I care about, travel, work abroad and figure out what to do next.
    I’ve decided to return to my career and London, because I miss both, and this time I will manage myself better. (And I’ll look at it all through different eyes now. I’m excited at the prospect of returning). It’s all a learning curve.
    Career breaks are a wonderful opportunity to reflect and perhaps realise that the grass isn’t always greener. How we manage ourselves is most important, because work and life can be very stressful irrespective of job title and location.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much for sharing your experience with this, Andrea. How wonderful that you had the opportunity to take a career break and gain a fresh perspective on your priorities! You’re right on, that how we manage ourselves is the most important factor – no matter what our current life circumstances.

      We sure appreciate your perspective and are wishing you all the best as you return to your career in London!

  19. This is so relevant to me. I was super overwhelmed so I set up a meeting to identify priorities and now I focus on my priorities in my work days. Doing this has allowed more time to do the things I love that benefit my own career development. I have way more time in my day and less stress because the priority items get done first. It’s awesome. It’s about working smarter, not harder. Thanks Marie.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Could not love this more, Samantha! Here’s to getting crystal clear on our priorities 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing this simple strategy that’s working well for you.

  20. Laura Scappaticci

    Thanks for the super helpful strategy! I’m about to dive back into my original job description, which was fairly nebulous, to figure out what my main tasks were and how I’ve grown my position. (I love my job! Love it!) One question I have is about mu overwhelming home life affecting my overwhelming work life. Any thoughts on that one? I’d like a super clear strategy (and a template letter to my partner–hahah) about that one, too. Especially as I contemplate creating something of my own career wise.

  21. Thanks for this Marie. However, how could these strategies apply to an entrepreneur? I am my own boss and cannot afford to hire a lot of help. I know that reviewing my priorities could help, but then what? Thank you! 🙂

    • Lisa

      I feel the same way Léonie.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Hi Léonie! This is a great question, and you’re not alone in feeling this way as a solo-preneur. You could absolutely follow the steps Marie mentioned and have a sort of meeting with yourself – in order to identify your genius zones and where you ultimately want to be focusing your time in the long run.

      This episode about knowing when and how to hire people to begin facilitating your growth and getting yourself out overwhelm may be helpful as you envision long and short-term goals for your business:

      Also be sure to check out this free workshop on how to work through overwhelm:

  22. Hey Marie! This Q & A nipped at the heels of my predicament. I’m the owner and sole esthetician of an esthetics practice. I love my clients and the work is very satisfying. Wearing all these hats has got me a little weary, though. Applying the technique in this video is a solid start. Any suggestions as to how to look for the right help? Whether it’s reception or provider, I seem to need a process to help get the most out of my choice.
    PS- I’m a B-schooler, biz is good which is why I need some help?

  23. Deb

    Thank you for sharing this episode. Like everyone else I am sometimes overwhelmed by the increases in what I am being asked to take on. I LOVE the point about defining the why related to the items that you want to do more of. I believe this provides us insight into our passion and what brings us joy.

  24. I am a fairly successful real estate agent, but I am so overwhelmed by my clients (and their emotions around buying/selling a home) that I am thinking of quitting. I have not had an actual break in 3 years. Even when on vacation, I take client calls, do paperwork, and negotiate sales. Not sure how to manage my business without completely losing clients because I took a day off.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Hey Carly! Congrats on all the success you’ve found in your real estate business, that’s fantastic. It does sound really overwhelming to constantly be responding to clients and their needs 24/7, 365. This is absolutely figureoutable, though!

      Marie actually tackled this very issue with a caller on our Live Call-In Show a while back, and I think you’ll find her tips really helpful in finding a bit more balance between your work and other parts of your life. You can skip to the caller Marcy in this episode, at 9:30 here:

      We hope this helps – you can do this!

  25. Sanjay Trasy

    A professional way of handling the situation. Marie,, it’s awesome as always. Rather than sympathizing and pitying the worker,, you have provided right direction for attempting to convert a possibly ugly issue into a win-win situation. Moreover,, the step by step guidance so beautifully illustrated makes in so very clear and focussed. A qualitative methodology indeed. Marie,, you are incredible. I can’t put to words how much I cherish being a learner from your energetic sessions. Do tell me if I can be of any help or support for you and your wonderful team. Regards.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Thank you SO much for all your kind words, Sanjay. It means a lot! We’re honored to serve you and really appreciate you staying tuned 🙂

  26. Graziella Monteiro

    You brighten my day! Thank you and Team Forleo for the clear and practical content you share.
    Happy holidays to you all.

  27. Dear Marie,

    Nicely put and useful in lots of ways!!! Have you any ideas on how to find an ideal, utterly reliable assistant when finances are very stretched? All thoughts welcomed!!

    Very many thanks,

    Philippa Steel

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Hi Philippa! Absolutely. I think you’ll find some helpful ideas in this episode: There are so many great, affordable options out there these days for virtual assistants, as well. We’re sending lots of positive wishes your way for your search!

  28. You, my friend, are a genius!

  29. I love this, but what do you do when you’re your boss? I’m gonna crack any day, but I’m not sure I have the budget right now for the help that I need.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Great Q, Melissa, and you’re not alone here! As I shared above with others who are in the same boat as you, you can follow the steps Marie shared to have a meeting with yourself as the boss and identify where you ultimately want to be focusing your time in the long run. Remember, you can’t do everything yourself, nor should you!

      I’d also encourage you to watch this episode about knowing when and how to hire people to begin seeing growth and getting yourself out overwhelm:

      Also be sure to check out this free workshop on how to work through overwhelm:

      We’re sending lots of positive wishes your way – you can absolutely figure this out!

  30. Liz N.

    Thank you Marie for your insightful advice and to Candace for your great question! I related to this video so much, especially lately. Although in my situation, it’s a matter of wrapping up some projects that have taken over more of my time than expected. I’m focusing on just doing what I can each day and remembering to prioritize self-care. Essentially Keep Calm and Carry On and the end will be in sight.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Something we do at our company when someone has a bunch of projects that need to be wrapped up are Focus Days. On a Focus Day, that person works solely on the projects that need to be wrapped up and they don’t check work email or go to any meetings unless absolutely necessary. That way they can keep their head down and power through. We’ve found it to be really helpful, so that could be worth trying. We hope it helps! 🙂

  31. Yeah, l’ll figure out what’s necessary and let that serve as a solution and a fix for the demand. Nice to hear from you Princess Marie. Lots of love and regards to you and my guardian angel, Oprah. Stay blessed.

  32. AJ

    Great episode and right on time! I have been struggling in my role and thinking about moving on, but I am going to focus on finding for solution the areas that have been a challenge (too many meetings, poor communication with leads and getting clear instructions/expectations for tasks assigned). I want to find positive solutions. Wish me luck!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      You got this, AJ! We’re rooting for you! 🙂

  33. Somer

    Thank you Marie!!! As always I’m inspired (even though I’m tired)
    My favorite step is the one that involves circling what I actually want to be doing. It’s like giving myself permission to be me! I love my career teaching 3-6 year olds in a holistic educational environment and parents love working with me to help nurture their little ones. I just finished B School to help me start a business coaching and inspiring parents. But of course whenever I get ready to take time to work on my business, My full time work gets doubly demanding. I can’t quit my day job especially since it fuels the work I want to do but I definitely need to follow those strategies above to find extra time for my new endeavor.

  34. Julian C.

    Thank you Marie for being for so inspiring. I am stilling in hot pursuit of understanding what I love to do; that’s profitable. I won’t give up. ?

  35. You said it girl overwhelming is part of our society.
    When this happened I kind of step back. Take a big list and start writing down everything that is bugging my brain and then look at it with a calm mind I really look at it and the decide to have a strategy around it.
    Once I figure out the non negotiable tasks. Then I can figure out my strategic plan.

  36. Ayse Betul Tekeli

    Dear Marie,
    Thank you for this important question and the inspiring answer. I am a little bit overwhelmed these days. I am working in a non – profit organisation. And this year a cash flow problem appears. I think it will continue next year too. Because of this situation I am a little bit panicked for finding a new job. I am over 40, and as you know finding a new position is a little bit difficult. Could you recommend me something? Thank you, love.

  37. Tiara

    Hi Marie,

    Great points. I am a freelancer producing handmade products for sale. Some years back when I was still consigning my products to retailers, I was overwhelmed with not only the workload (due to growth) but also generating enough profit to be sustainable. Both these made burned me out. Till today I still cannot get back the enthusiam that I used to have for the crafts. Now I only conduct workshops. I was looking forward to the “fall in love with your job again” that you wrote in your email but I don’t see it in the video. Will this be another topic that you will be covering in the future?

  38. Amazing tips, Marie, for me as a boss – thank you so much!

  39. Kellie

    Just bookmarked this. It does work. I used to do it when I worked in an office. It doesn’t work EVERY time, but then nothing does. Don’t let it keep you from trying. I currently work for myself but have a major client. I’m in the midst of this situation now. I can tell you, it doesn’t work as well with certain clients. But, you have to try.

  40. Love it! Have the same problem as “single-preneur ” What do you do when you are alone and no boss to ask for help? 🙂

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      We totally agree that healthy work habits are just as essential for solopreneurs, Sanya! In fact, our MarieTV archives have tons of awesome episodes designed to help you manage the unique obstacles many entrepreneurs face in their lives and businesses:

  41. Linda

    What if what you find uplifting and want to focus on is not in the company’s BEST interest?

  42. Solo-preneurs find it hard to hire others… but this is the best thing I ever did for me and my business!

    I am a solo-preneur and as my business grew, I became increasingly bogged down by all the tasks that it takes to run a business. Sure enough, I found I no longer had enough time to get into my studio and create – despite working 7 days a week from dawn to dusk!

    I finally sat down and wrote out what ‘Success’ means to me and realized that ‘connection’ and ‘impact on others’ was more important to me than making lots of money. This shift in focus led me to hire 2 of my friends (one a recently divorced mother of 3 struggling to re-enter the work-world) to help with tasks that either I wasn’t good at, such as marketing, or was bogged down with, such as accounting and shipping. At first, I went in the hole paying them. But pretty soon their help, and expertise, helped me grow by business. I love the time together with these friends – each day we take a tea break to talk. And I’m able to spend more time being creative!

    Voila! By spending money to hire others, not only is my business booming because I have the right people doing the right things, but I have much more creative time and I am so much happier!

    • Clayton

      I read your post. I am not in the same position as you. I do feel “bored” and not motivated in my current job role.
      I will try to spend time on defining what success means to me. I do appreciate the story.
      I feel this video really hit home. I will try your advice and modify it to my situation. I appreciate your contributions.

  43. Marie and Team,
    Thanks so much for the great work! You outlined a great pragmatic and professional approach that I will happily refer my clients to. As a fellow tool-maker I appreciate the time and thought that went into creating such a perfect example.
    As someone working with very little to create something from nothing, I also appreciate your constant affirmation that the world needs my work and your reminders of self-care. When you have trained hard for decades to be stoic and upbeat, it’s difficult to see the signs of burnout, even when they are staring back at you in the mirror. And even harder to admit them. “All of a sudden” the overwhelm that was a slow and creeping fire flares into a paralyzing inferno. You are an essential part of what keeps me going. Much Love, Jason

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Thanks so much for your kind words, Jason! We’re grateful this episode sparked so many takeaways for you to implement in your own life and work. Thanks for being a part of our amazing community!

  44. Marie,
    I swear you are a vibe reader. I showed up at work today, exhausted, burnt out, and ready to sent my resume to a million other places that will pay me more for what I’m doing but may not be the job I really love like this one. This video was talking to me in EVERY sentence. Thank you for always keeping it real while giving us the most valuable advice ever. Your gift God gave you is AMAZING and I’m just so glad I have you in my life. Even if it is virtually.

  45. Great advice, Marie! What if your, your own boss?

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Great question, Janelle! We have hundreds of episodes in our archives designed specifically with entrepreneurs and solopreneurs in mind. You can browse by category on our website: or write to us at [email protected] and we’ll be happy to guide you to episodes that may be relevant for you!

  46. Ambika

    Hi Team Forleo!

    I can definitely relate to this scenario. I say yes to almost ANYTHING that anyone asks of me, because if I say no I feel like I am disappointing someone or not doing my best. This in return has caused unecessary stress, affecting my personal/mental health. At the end of the day, we do have to realize that we are all humans, but more importantly a community. It is important to ask our community for help when we feel overworked.

    Thanks for the insight Marie ☺


  47. Nathalie Teatin

    Hi Marie, loved the tips. There is no coincidence in life, and this past week I have been felling that I need to make a change on the way I am approaching certain matters at work . Therefore your five steps will work since they will focus me and are action oriented. Thank you for your kindness of sharing. Wish the Forleo Team a great week. Nathalie

  48. What if you are the boss? I’m overwhelmed with too many high priority things to do. How do I organize, prioritize and delegate?

    • Heather-Team Forleo

      Hi there, Janel! That’s a great question. Marie has covered so many topics when it comes to being the boss, or an entrepreneur, over the years on MarieTV

      You can browse all of our episodes by category on our website: or write to us at [email protected] and we’ll be happy to guide you to episodes that may be relevant for you and the specific questions that you’re grappling with.

  49. Awesome article!

    I’ve pondered about this as well and what seems to work for myself and some people I’ve coached also has to do with the little things we do (or don’t do) throughout the workday.

    It’s quite interesting to observe how the body reacts when you start implementing healthier habits at work such as:
    1. Working in shorter bursts and taking more frequent breaks
    2. Slowing down the pace at which you work
    3. Getting in some mini-exercises throughout the day (i.e. walking up the stairs, table push-ups)
    4. Finding fun in the work you do!

  50. Nice Article

  51. Susie

    Thank you!
    This popped up just when I needed it.
    I am looking forward to taking my work inventory and setting up that meeting with me!

    • Heather-Team Forleo

      We’re so glad that you found it helpful, Susie!

  52. I really love this video! I actually love watching all Marie’s video’ s as a time breaker between other activities (like a tv watching replacement 🙂
    This one of being overwhelmed and how to do deal with it, so helpful. I don’t only see it useful as for “jobs” but for so many other life situations where the solution is something you need someone else’s help, support or approval. The clearer the question and what you need, and the more you own it myself (great reminder for me) the more are people open and willing to help you, support you etc. The clarity and owning it yourself before reaching out, that I take with me today listening to this video.

  53. I am sure not only I face this problem. We always plan our work very well, but forget to plan to enjoy life. I close the emails after the end of the working time, and will check the mail the next morning. This will calm my mind. Your instructions are great for me! Thank for your post

  54. Lila O'Donnell

    I loved the email template to your boss. Can you share that with us in an email?

    • Caroline – Team Forleo

      Hi Lila! We’re so glad you enjoyed the email script, and while we don’t have an email version upcoming, you’re more than welcome to use the concepts and framework Marie shared in the episode for sending a similar email!

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    Thanks for this article with wonderful sound.

  58. Have you ever faced a huge amount of work? I used to be like that, at the beginning of working at a new company, it caused me a lot of stress.

  59. Kimi

    I’m a female in my 50’s and work in an office. I’ve moved around to different departments where I gain more knowledge. The problem is I have a good work ethic, put in a full (150%) day, came in early, worked through lunch, and stayed late. It was the only way to stay afloat. I also had a lot of enthusiasm until I was always given more responsibilities. I quickly got burned out, had panic attacks and slid into depression. My health suffered as well. I’m barely hanging on. When I get to work I can’t wait to leave. Since I was new to this office I decided to stick to my assigned hours and “do my job”. When things got crazy I asked for help. The problem is I feel that I look lazy or that they think I dont have a good work ethic. They know what I used to do and know I’m not showing that same stamina. What do I do? I want to quit, sit on the couch, I’m chronically depressed. There must be more to life than the daily grind? Please help. Where do I start? Health? Job? Sleep? Weight?

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