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Have you been dreaming of starting something new? Is there a project or life change that you’ve been itching to make, yet you can’t seem to get motivated and start the damn thing already?

Most people believe that what’s holding them back from starting something new is fear. Maybe it’s the fear of making a mistake, the fear of looking foolish, the fear of making a wrong decision, or the mother of all human fears — the fear of not being good enough.

Spending too much time trying to analyze or neutralize your fear will only keep you exactly where you are. Stuck and stalled with zero momentum!

One of the most underrated secrets to success is to start before you’re ready. Click To Tweet

In fact, if you can’t seem to get yourself started there’s one simple philosophy that can change your entire life. It’s worked for me, tens of thousands of others, and I truly believe it can help you too.

Here’s the truth…

Fear isn’t the enemy. Waiting to stop feeling afraid is.

If you’re ready to stop stalling and get your big idea or life change kickstarted now, watch this episode pronto.  You’ll learn a simple habit for getting started that can help you radically increase your speed of implementation and your learning curve.

Not to mention, it’ll make your life a whole lot more exciting, interesting and enjoyable too!

DIVE DEEPER: Stuck in perfection paralysis? These five strategies will help you strive for progress, not perfection, and finally achieve your dreams.

Now I’d love to hear from you. In the comments below, tell me:

  1. What’s one important thing you haven’t been able to get started? Is it a business idea, a career change, or making some other important shift in your life?  
  2. What’s one concrete step you can take *right now* to start before you’re ready?

For bonus points, come back and reply to your comment with the simple word “DONE” under your original comment. If you’d like to share more, let us know the specific action you took and how it felt, so we can cheer you on.

Remember, share as much detail as possible in your reply. Thousands of incredible souls come here each week for insight and inspiration, and your example may help someone else have a meaningful breakthrough.

Important: share your thoughts and ideas directly in the comments. Links to other posts, videos, etc. will be deleted as they come across as spammy.

Thank you SO very much for watching, adding your perspective and enlivening this discussion. I treasure our connection and appreciate you.

It would mean the world to me if you could share this video with everyone you know who’s been having trouble getting their big idea started.  

When it comes to starting something new, action is the antidote to fear. It’s a simple and elegant solution. If you don’t want to spend the rest of your life ‘waiting to start,’ train yourself to start before you’re ready.

With SO much love,


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  1. Omg! This is so true! I am constantly waiting to be smarter, have better resources, get a better degree (ok, I’m almost 49 so I’m not doing that lol) but that dang fear likes to get up and whisper in my ear in the middle of the night! I decided last month to launch our branding shop on my five year old blog. And since then I’ve been almost paralyzed with fear and keep telling myself that I’m not ready and to push the launch back. Even worse, instead of sitting down and doing the design process I keep reading and researching all these “how to….” Ugh. Well, I’m off to get that tattoo now so I can remember to just start!
    Thanks for this!!

    • Hector

      i feel that same pain and can easily relate :)….it feels like i have been prepping my entire life!

      good luck!

    • OMG, Jenna! I just read your comment and I can totally relate. I also really really related to a thing Marie said about getting addicted to buying How To classes and never doing them! Yikes!!! That’s my guilty confession. Thank you for sharing that. You know, you never know who will see what and that it will be inspiring.

      • OMG…..I will never live long enough to complete all of the classes that I have downloaded or subscribed to…..I am 72 years young and need to finish just one thing!!!!!

        • Amy Dyer

          Hi Sally!
          Nevermind how many there are. Just pick one and once that’s done, go on to the next! Follow your bliss! I’m 50 and embracing my interests one by one. I have a running wishlist on my iPhone and journal, and each time I complete an item I cross it off. At the end of each month or quarter I review this list and check in with myself about how it feels to have this list, re-prioritize items, and just sit with how fun and good it feels to have accomplished some of them or just to have them at all. It means you’re really living!
          At the end of a year it’s really powerful to review, or even a few years later. It helps when I’m feeling down on myself; I look at the list if things I’ve done and feel blessed. Go for it! Live passionately and juicy! XX

          • Wow, those are some great insights! Thank you so much for sharing those tips! I’m looking forward to applying those myself!

          • Ruth

            I love what you said, Sally! Thanks so much for the inspiration.

        • Rena

          Amen, Sally! Me, too!

  2. Stéphanie Vandyck

    Hi Marie,

    I recognize myself a lot in this episode. I try to push myself to start before I’m ready and it works. It seems a little strange at the beginning but I’m making improvements.

    However, I have a lot of doubts about my career choice. I’m currently sick home for several months because I nearly had a stroke at 28 years old and this all caused by stress. I’m working at the customer service department of a big international company. The thing is, that I had multiple academic paths. I studied translation because I was good at languages but realized I didn’t like translation. I studied personal management and that’s how I found my current job (which is related to admin work). Then I realized I wanted to follow my dream and become a makeup artist. I studied makeup for two years to finally realize that the makeup market (at least in Belgium) is saturated and that it is not financially sustainable when you have a family to take care of. I would like to take again academic courses (community manager), but I’m so afraid that it would lead again to a wrong job or career choice. It really seems that the only thing I’m good at is learning and studying (I’m always ending with studies with pretty good grades). But what could I do with that? If you have a clue, that would help me a lot.

    • Hi Stephanie! I could not resist replying because I hear myself in your words. I used to ask if I couldn’t just please be a professional student my whole life??

      But you know the answer to that, I think. You want to do more than learn … you want to DO something!

      Two things I must share: A story about superwoman. She started out as a girl at an office party, and won a crown as an award. At another job, where they made capes, she started wearing a cape because it was always cold. At another job, she picked up a fantastic bracelet….

      It never felt like her jobs were teaching her much, or that they’d be connected, but one day she put on the entire outfit and she was superwoman! Your jobs will have the same effect on you someday.

      Regarding what to do next: Ask yourself WHY you love studying so much, what you love about makeup, etc. Find that deep why, and then find ways to express and cultivate it. Then you won’t have to worry as much about the “what” you do – you’ll always be following your mission.

      And just back to the makeup business for a sec … why restrict yourself to the market in Belgium? I can think of tons of online makeup courses you could create, if you were interested in teaching. Just food for thought!

      • Stephanie, you’ve got a great comment from Jenna there, but I want to add one more thing to what she said, because that whole studying thing used to be me too (I actually finished two degrees in the end, BUT it was a total of 5 universities in 4 countries, so you can imagine the road was not very straightforward).

        I have ONE question I’d like you to ask yourself.

        What about studying feels comfortable?

        Journal on why stick on to that feeling of learning, is it perhaps out of fear of testing that knowledge in real life? You said you get good grades, which might be why you seek comfort and self-worth in those grades.

        However, the next LEARNING for you could be to not let the fear stop you and actually choose one road and take it and do something with it. And you will likely still change things or adjust on the way, but at least you’ll be doing that while making a living 🙂 And yes, it’s all possible.

        Wishing you the best of luck. Do take out a journal and see what your heart will pour onto paper through your hand-writing. You might be surprised at the things that are buried deep within, stopping you and making you choose familiar comfort of studying over the unknown of applying the skills you’ve gained.

        Much love to you!

        Kat xx

    • Hannah

      Hi Stephanie,

      I am reading a book right now by Danielle LaPorte called The Fire Starter Sessions. I love it as a book in its own right. Also, it is really helping me with figuring out which paths and passions to follow and how. Maybe you would enjoy it. Good luck!

    • Hi Stephanie – I thought you might be interested in doing the VIA Strengths test (free online). It sounds like one of your strengths is love of learning 🙂 The test will tell you your other strengths – your top 5 being the ‘signature strengths’ that make you, you – and it might shed some light on the direction you could take. Personally I think that if you love learning you can really leverage that to become ‘good at’ anything, which is an awesome power!

  3. Three things I haven’t started & one way to start each (before I’m ready)
    1. Writing the novel that wants me to write it
    1a. Do another module in the FABULOUS Writing from the Top of Your Head online course.

    2. Exploring a run for public office
    2a. Create the Google doc with the research questions I thought of with Anthony, the grassroots organizer

    3. Following up on my new financial routines.
    3a. Oh fudge. Such a block here.

  4. My fear is around starting a family. Anybody else feeling this? I have a job AND my own business so profesionally I am on the right path.
    However, something is holding me back when thinking about marriage and kids. I do eventually want a family, but on one side, I fear the commitment and on the other side… I fear about sabotaging my personal happyness.
    Ladies tacking everything, do you feel the same about marriage and kids?

    • Hi Ruxi, I was the same way and had a lot of resistance. For me there was a natural shift that occurred later, and I knew it was time. I still had fears, but they weren’t as strong compared to what I was gaining. Looking back, I’m so happy I had a full life and have almost zero regrets … I just wish that I had known about fertility preservation. Your generation is so fortunate that you can do that! I wish somebody had told me to start testing my fertility levels early (AMH and FSH), and as soon as they start to decline – if you’re still not ready to be a mom – freeze those eggs! Good luck, and wishing you a full life of calling your own shots 🙂

      • Ruxi

        Thank YOU for sharing

    • Libs

      Hi ruxi, i wish we could trade places as i really want to have kids and now regret that i got married late. I see my friends who got pregnant at a really early age and they were fine, was able to make it in life because i guess you’ll Be able to cross the bridge when you get there. Just like starting even when you are not ready

      • Ruxandra Babici

        Thank you for sharing that so openly

    • You wouldn’t sit on two toilet basins at the same time! It’s up to you to chose and …open yr eyes: are you alone in the World? You don’t have a Family? You don’t have neighbours with THEIR families? That’s so simple….

      • Ruxi

        Not sure I understand Alex…

    • I’M SO GLAD YOU POSTED THIS! I looked at my husband while I was watching this Marie TV episode and said “….starting a family?” But thought it’s not “career” related so I couldn’t post it!

      We’ve been married for 7 years and we DO want kids. We know on our death beds we want to be surrounded by loving children and grand children. But…we got to start…to have that…ACK!

      I feel the same way about this and I don’t quite know how to translate “start before you’re ready.” Because there are so many things I feel are necessary to get in order before we have kids. Yikes! Fear alert.

      Solidarity, sista.

    • Jimena

      OMG yes hun!!! I am definitely right there with you, I mean starting a family is scary!! It is not something you can shut down and start over all over again haha but for me it has helped to work on my root chakra and my relationship with myself and others, to feel more connected and ready, to feel sure.
      You can do it all, I can see you are pure girl power!!

    • I feel exactly the same way!

    • Hilda Belmont

      Hi Ruxi, since this was posted 2 years ago I don´t know if you did start your family or didn´t and I struggled to share this a lot but I am doing it because I believe it could help someone else going through the same.

      I lived most my life as a checklist (study, work, get married, have children, buy a house) I never really questioned whether or not I really wanted to do any of those, I wasn´t aware how much influence society and the media have on the goals we set.

      As Dr. Shefali says (she was recently a guest in the Marie TV show) every problem we see in the world starts with unconscious parents and in my experience I strongly agree with her when she says that children come to teach you the lessons you didn´t complete in your own childhood.

      I think we don´t talk enough about parenting, at least everyone around me only talked about how children are a blessing and how wonderful everything is and don´t get me wrong everyday I experience 5 or 10 minutes of deep gratitude for my children but the rest of the day, all the cleaning, the crying… My body, my time, my life was never the same. I am “blessed” if you will with disobedient children who question me and make trouble in school and it takes a lot of energy to stay calm and present. I sadly see people everywhere losing their temper with kids; I can tell you how difficult it was for me from the moment my boy was born to the moment I found Dr. Shefali and it transformed my relationship with him and my baby girl, I can enjoy them more but if I can be very very very honest I thrive more in business projects and in my dance classes.

      I have deep admiration for people like Marie who are brave enough to go against societal pressure; I think it´s very important that we start asking ourselves “Why do we want to have kids? is it just to comply with society or because we really want to go through the lessons children are here to teach you.

      Hope this helps!

  5. Hey Marie and team,
    I’ve been afraid to create a “product” because I’ve felt like I don’t have any proven success yet so who is going to want to purchase something from me?
    So, now that I’m enrolled in B-School and researching and learning more every day, I AM going to start working on my product, “How NOT to Play Small as an Entrepreneur.” It may be clunky, but I’m plowing ahead!
    I’m starting by putting time on my calendar this coming Saturday to start outlining the pieces that will go into it. And I will set time on my schedule each work to continue creating it.
    Thanks for the motivation!
    Be empowered,

  6. I’m committed to making incremental progress every day—in B-School and a great way to be reminded of things I often forget to do. Thanks, Marie!

  7. Priya

    Love it Marie ….thank you n lots of love 🙂

  8. Sia

    1. Changing my career parth. At the moment i am majoring in civil engineering, and i feel it from deep within that I don’t belong in this path. Things happen that clearly prove to me that hey, there’s a room for you some where else. The sad part is I don’t even have a clue of other careers, like not at all. In short i am confused.
    2. Talk it out to my parents, this is like the hardest thing for me to do. They have great expectations on me about being a civil engineer and now i feel like i am going to disappoint them. I just can’t see myself telling them even though I know for sure this is my life and at the end of the day I am the one who’s hurting and not them.

    • Someday this will form the basis of a great story about your life, Sia. You’re right: It’s YOUR story. Best of luck <3

  9. Aideen Moriss

    Hi Marie, so glad you’re sharing this big piece of biz & life wisdom because frankly, this is EXACTLY what it takes to make that leap and get going!
    Right now, I’m adoring this input and my response to your wonderful call to action is…
    1. Get in the game of investing. (Thank you, Tony Robbins, for highlighting the fact that it is a game indeed and that the best & guaranteed way to lose at it is not getting into it – e.g. because of your good old money fears.)
    2. Right now, while in bed with a precious flu, I am going to research some companies to start investing with and request information on some of the products I’m interested in.
    Keep rocking and taking action before you’re ready, ladies!

    • Betty

      Since it is predicted that within a 100 years 90% of the world’s languages will be extinct, (there are 6079 right now), I want to create, with the help of a hip-hop singer (Kendrick Lamar??) a Global Hip-hop Anthem that will entreat young people to learn their grandparents’ language, record it onto YouTube and join a global community to preserve their language and cultural identity. I would like to see every single language in the world record the anthem. Ha! The idea that music started in the black community of the USA could save world culture and serve as a form of resistance to cultural co-option really gets me going. I do know that Hip-hop is the global music of our times. I’ve listened to Mongolian, Inuit, and Native American Hip-hop-and I’m 64!

      The people at Kickstarter like the idea, so my action step is to email someone in the field of language extinction to see if this is a credible idea. Then I have to actually meet someone in the Hip-hop world.

      • Emma

        What a great idea, Betty! There was a story about this very subject on NPR this morning. Keep us posted on your progress.

        • Betty Napolitan

          Thanks for the tip on NPR Emma! I’ll definitely try to find that podcast. Let’s hope there will be a continuing awareness that “extinctions” of any kind do not bode well for our future planet.

      • Betty this is such a great idea…! I hope you get this started, as it would be quite the gift to the future. Love seeing technology used in such a positive ripple effect kind of way.

  10. Hannah

    Perfect timing, thanks Marie I loved this one. I’ve been putting off creating another digital product for my business, as well as lots of other tasks. I had an amazing amount of revenue in Jan and then sales slowed down in feb, along with my productivity.

    To get started I’m going to create a challenge for myself to work 20 powerblocks (90 minutes of focused time) this March. Even if I’m struggling, I just have to sit and work through it.

    Warm wishes,

  11. The dance party at the end MADE MY DAY!!! Thanks, Marie! 🙂

    • YES! Dance parties are the best, aren’t they Colene?

  12. This is amazing! Thank you.

    I’ve been afraid to start the process of recording my solo album. One action I can take is calling my friend who is a sound engineer and asking for advice on how I should record! Thank you.

    • Go DO IT Victoria! Come back and let us know you got it done.

  13. Oh this is so good! ‘Start before you’re ready’.
    My thing is MF BSchool. Working more than full time and trying to start a side business has been a challenge for over a year. I haven’t made the time to do the things I need to because I didn’t feel ready to leave the job and I’m still not. So starting now is perfect for me taking action and surrounding myself with Marie’s fabulous business wisdom and a great community!
    Sign up – DONE!

  14. Vasoulla Kissias

    I love this but I want to say that I have began businesses a few times yet have not continued? I think they were not the right businesses except when I was helping people in debt, that just flowed and then I had broken my leg and tried for the licence and got rejected! I keep thinking also that I have to be a size 10 or a size 14 to be confident and do my business and I am not going to do that anymore that is why I have enrolled. Of course I am going to be honest when I eat healthy and be slimmer I feel more energised and much more confident. I always get started it is following it through and being committed and believing 10000% to my business without any comment from anyone. So this is what I feel about starting up, its about committing to what I believe in. I am tenacious and still believe that I will get to my goal weight yet I am 45 and although young I am tired of hearing my own excuses! I wish I had a coach next to me 24/7 to help me achieve this goal and also in my new online business although I am loving B School so far!

  15. Izzi

    I’ve been afraid to start my social enterprise idea. Affordable, eco-friendly tiny houses with flexible payment plans (e.g. rent-to-own and work-to-own) for families in need. I have never built a business or a house (hell i’ve never even picked up a hammer) but I feel like this might just be the one idea I NEED/MUST/WILL make happen.

    I totally get where Erin is coming from though. I change my mind, switching between ideas all the time, and taking this path means turning down an amazing corporate job most people my age would kill for. It is scary.

    Today I’m going to START and roughly budget out the costs of the housing design i’ve been working on for the past few months. Exciting times 🙂

    • Hannah

      Izzi, that is so awesome! Good luck!!

    • Marie

      LOVE this idea Izzi, and really relate to switching from interest to interest all the time.

    • Rena

      AWESOME idea, Izzy! Go for it!!!

    • Emma

      Izzi, this is exactly what I dream of doing too. Though I’ve had my own successful business for almost 20 years, that is totally unrelated to building and construction, I can’t stop thinking about becoming a developer for small, affordable eco-friendly commmunities for women of all ages, sort of a co-housing model.
      A few years ago I realized a long nurtured dream of building an environmentally conscious house in the mountains and starting a permaculture garden. Later I thought how wonderful it would be to have a little more land to create a sanctuary for endangered native plants, and all of a sudden a large plot of wooded land next to my house became available. I made an offer and suddenly another dream came true.
      This latest dream ( the one we share ) just won’t go away. Here’s to holding the vision together and bringing it to life!

      • Izzi

        That is so awesome Emma! I would love to chat with you about your business and your house and this dream sometime. I’m just starting to get into the (very very very!) early stages of business planning and would love to throw around ideas with some thinking along the same lines. No pressure though if things are busy x

        Have a wonderful day 🙂

  16. Osama ZA. Shihabi



    MARCH 8th 2017

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Hi Osama, we can absolutely resend any emails for you! Please reach out to our team at the email address [email protected] and we’ll send you anything you’ve missed!

  17. Brian Weber

    When I find myself hesitating because I don’t feel I am ready I watch the video “What are you waiting for” by Nickelback. Gets me going every time.

    • Giovanna

      Wow, I’ve never heard of this song, but the video sends the message home. Thanks for sharing!

  18. Emily

    We’re tattooing this stuff now? Well at least we’ll recognize each other on the street.

    I love this advice. I will never forget my first date with my husband here in Bogota, in which I didn’t really speak Spanish and he didn’t speak English, but we figured that stuff out, and our kid is super thankful we did.

    Now I’m in B-school, and OMG I’m designing that product page for a Writing Coach, even though I have my doubts about what that even is! But if the pattern holds, I will thank myself later. I think I’m gonna wait a couple modules before I can reply DONE. But I’M GONNA DO IT!!! And when I do it, my website will be back up attached with my name. I kinda let that slide for a while in order to write a book.

    Love you all.

  19. I can’t seem to get started on actually making a zine. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for 10 years even just for myself as an artistic journal of my life.

    One step I can take right now to start before I am ready is to cut 2 pieces of paper in half, fold in half, staple, and draw/write a thing on any of the pages. That would be the most concrete step I’d taken yet.

    • DONE! On my lunch break I could have gotten on the computer (yet didn’t want to take soup near my laptop) and then remembered writing this in the earlier morning. SO I took two piece of papers cut them in half, folded those in half and I wrote my first zine.

      “How I became a successful artist.”
      (An “easier said than done” bookzine by Rachel db)

      • Rena

        Way cool, Rachel!

  20. Bethany Stephens

    1. Starting my graphic design and marketing business
    2. Contact my first client

  21. I wish I’d seen this video last December when I was paralysed by doubt and unable to move forward. Now I’m ready to leap, ready or not (more not!) – we go live with the first phase of our new online art gallery on April 2nd. Now, where’s that parachute?

  22. Maria

    I have to agree with this one. It is very simple once you hear it, but it needs to be repeated over and over again. I started my own freelance business last year way before I felt ready and now it is growing and I am happier than I have ever been with my working situation.

    Thanks for addressing this!

  23. Virginia Reeves

    I’ve been putting off trying out a coloring book program I purchased. Part of it is because I don’t personally have an interest in spending my time that way but I recognize that it is popular. I have a different twist I plan on using than the standard designs on the market. This week I will bring it up and give it a legitimate chance to do what I envision can happen. Sometimes congruency versus practicality messes me up.

  24. Katherine Kuczewski

    I’ve let fear and inaction hold me back for a really long time. Much too long in fact (years!) I always wanted to start an online presence but never knew what to do or how, all the details had me dizzy. So I just started and experimenting and yes my first versions are crappy and cringeworthy to look at, but I am so happy with the progress I am making with just a few months of consistently taking action. Same thing for working out. I went from nothing to one yoga session a week to five a week and now my back pain is gone! So grateful. Taking action and consistency… has helped me enormously.

  25. Colleen M Hargis

    This is a leap of faith for me…I believe you and I will just have to push forward because I am so afraid of failure. Its a vicious cycle isn’t it?

  26. Thanks for the inspiring words Maria. I’ve been so afraid to share my stories and I’ve been writing them in the dark. I’ve been wanting to launch a website where I teach people how to get through their struggles, specifically with women and youth in regards to body image. My hope is to eventually create a curriculum and provide workshops. I hold myself back because I can’t see the whole vision and am unsure of where to start. I think what I’m going to do is just create a website, even though I don’t know where to go from there, I should just start it already!! Like you said, start before your ready! Thank you again!

  27. Cameron MacDonald

    Hi Marie,
    First off let me say that the dress you are wearing for this episode is stunning, and of course, you look stunning in it.
    My one thing is to launch my engineering business, but I am stuck in fear and undeserving. I also have a belief that if I make big changes I will come down with cancer again. The last time I was very close, ten years ago, that’s what happened. I am working with a practitioner to clear my blocks but progress is slow.
    I appreciate all that you do because it re enforces the thought that I really will be able to do this successfully.
    Thank you,
    Cam MacDonald

  28. Patita

    Thank you Mary. You are a source of inspiration.
    I am always impressed with people like you that share so much enthusiasm and joy and share their advices for free. Please never stop.
    Many many thanks.
    Hugs from Chile

  29. I have been waiting to focus on ONE very SIMPLE business idea — I have so many ideas and I believe I can be successful.
    One step I can take now is to write down a list of what I want to do, and go with my gut as to what is MOST inspiring to me and SIMPLE.

  30. Michal McKeown

    Stalling on starting a business. Yet, staring before I am ready IS the key. In fact Marie, it’s brilliant! I’m so grateful for this awakening.
    My business idea will help children and adults recognize, comprehend and take to heart their individual worth and uniqueness. Participants will create a product . The product can be for themselves only or can be shared with friends.

  31. Janette

    I have always wanted to be a professional musician. I find myself procrastinating and analyzing why I cannot practice more. I am on a reprieve from working and there is absolutely no reason why I cannot give this at least an hour in the morning, hour in the afternoon, and an hour in the evening, and make this a habit when I start working part time again. What I already know, is once I get going, it will probably we more than an hour anyway. I am retiring from work force in about year and a half, so why not make this my daily habit now to go and make that dream a reality?

  32. I was afraid to start training for a 50 mile running race. It is in May and I am in the thick of the training. I am proud of the progress I have made and I still have no clue if I can run 50 miles, but I am going to try my hardest. I will let you know how it goes!

  33. Yve Smith

    This message is so pertinent to me right now. For the past year and a half I’ve been struggling to jump in and really start creating the business of my dreams. I made some steps – I set up the website and the social media accounts, I started talking about it, I booked some clients and put out some content. I started having very modest success. But putting myself out there has been SCARY AS HELL for me, and what I haven’t been doing is creating the content and packages that I know are much higher value, or following through on all the precious ideas I know will set me apart from others in my field. This inaction has not only kept my business small, it’s kept ME small, to the point where, when other things in my life started kicking up a notch, I let my business atrophy. But now I’m 5 months pregnant and I know this isn’t the example I want to set for my future son. So it’s time to be brave, and I need all the encouragement I can get. So I’m going to reactivate and refresh my business’s Facebook page.

    • Done

      • Congrats Yve! Now keep going!!

        • Yve Smith

          Thank you, Marie! You’ve been and continue to be an incredible inspiration and support to me during my journey. In fact, the most major wake up call I faced was the fact that, no matter which way I swung it, I couldn’t afford to join B-School this year. So even though I am missing out, I am going to use the lesson, and all the other resources available to me (including the amazing stuff you keep putting out for us) and I WILL be there next year! Much love

  34. Marie, I’m so grateful for your wisdom. My one thing I’ve been afraid to start is to rework my business (I bravely started four years ago after B-School) and step fully out as Kelly Graham versus hide behind Etesian Spirit. I want to own the heart felt, intellectual, spiritual and intuitive gift I’ve been given, mixed with my very unique blend of science/math/economics background spiritual medium (crazy mix right?!). My retention rate of my clients is in the 80% with 100% satisfaction. Probably says I’m not taking enough risks :/ I did a lot of legal work and looking at “getting ready” for all the on-line course work I wanted to build but “got stuck” when confronted with a recommendation to drop Etesian Spirit (a very hard to pronounce but meaningful business name) and just own Kelly Graham. That’s what my clients know me as. My next step is completing B-School again this year, finding my balance with getting the last of my three kids off to college and stepping into full time business that fulfills my soul. I want to get the new website I started last year finished and up (and maybe even two), create my first course with my Kajabi account… Thanks for your unending support, Marie…and your incredible team that always responds with such kindness to my emails (even when I’m not asking for anything but to say thank you)! Sending much love…

    • Hey Kelly! I’m SO glad you’re back in B-School this year — your timing couldn’t be more perfect. So many exciting new changes, I think you’ll love it.

      And THANK you for what you shared about our heroic Customer Happiness Team. Those women are such incredible human beings. I’m SO damn grateful for them every day. OXO

  35. Oh Marie you hit the nail on the head!
    This is just what I needed to hear today (I’m sure you hear that all the time).
    Ok, so my business isn’t “booming” like I thought it would. I’m in a real teeny, tiny niche – sexual health counseling & education! Yikes, people don’t even get past the “s” word – let alone hear “health” – like oh yah thats good for me!
    So…I’ve always wanted to create online classes that those individuals and couples who NEVER will walk through the office door, can sit in the comfort of wherever they connect and LEARN!
    I have such a passion for what I do and statistics back up the fact that sexual health concerns remain a critical health problem for many individuals and couples.
    I’m petrified of stepping into the area of online classes – although I LOVE speaking to groups of people – no problem there.
    The technology, cost and logistics – along with all the psychological fears keep prevent me from moving forward.
    Your suggestion today hit’s home, however any other suggestions you have would be awesome.
    Thanks Marie for all you do….lighting the fires within!
    ~ valerie

    • Have you considered setting up a camera to record you speaking in front of groups?

  36. Giovanna

    Hi Marie,
    I couldn’t start ANYTHING, for way too long. But….last week, I took the leap and signed up for B-School and you’re right, it feels so good to take action! I may not know where I’m going, but the euphoria of taking that first step, pushing through the fear and doubt and excuses, really does make all the difference in the world.
    Thank you!

    • So honored to have you in B-School Giovanna!

      • Giovanna

        Thank you, Marie! <3

  37. Tomas Artiñano

    Hi Marie
    Well I am stuck…and had been for many years. I am the GM of a footwear manufacturing company in Costa Rica (family owned).
    Against all odds se have come this far after a financial collapse back in 1995. Back then I DECIDE that I was going to make a difference…but right now I feel overwhelmed, the risk is high, all my savings will be on the line just to catch up a little (technology wise).
    I dont feel the same passion and competition aims to the jugular…maybe I am not the leader the company needs to perform at other level, but nobody seems to want this kind of job.
    By the way when is BSchool starting this year?

    • Hey Tomas. You bring up valid points. If you’re going to take any risk in life, you must be 10,000% committed with all of your energy, heart and soul.

      You’re wise to step back and make sure you’re the right person for the role. If you’re not, perhaps you can commit 10,000% to finding that right person! Because I’m sure she or he exists.

      B-School 2017 actually *just* started. If it’s something you’re interested in please write us ASAP – [email protected]

      All my best xo M.

  38. Thu Huong

    Thanks Marie
    1. Being vulnerable to myself and others. Sharing my emotions in a sharing group and more specifically to someone who told me something that woke me up to negative emotions. Being vulnerable to show up as I am, as I feel.
    2. OK I’m gonna try to start a blog to share my depression and how I healed it by just breathing and sharing.

    PS. I was a B-Schooler 2 years ago and I decided to drop it off, and quiet every “external” projects to fully commit to heal. I feel better now, I know how to be with my emotions even panic attack, and that’s what I want to share, I also want to help children who already have strong emotions which stop them from just being.

    • Hi Thu! Well as you know, once a B-Schooler — you’re a B-Schooler for life so you can jump back in anytime 🙂

  39. Some people can push through their fear depending upong the intensity and level of the fear, but if the subconscious mind beliefs have you convinced it will be “dangerous” or come with huge pain…well that’s protection times 10 and in place on purpose to keep you “safe”. That applies to anything, business, love, having a family…anything. Some fear can be pushed through, but many people can’t seem to get past those fears to get to step one. I saw a Youtube with Frank Kern asking Tony Robbins…how to get more people to actually USE their products instead of just buying them (something like that). That level of fear is common for so many so I have a question. Do you use any energy techniques, Marie? Any subconscious work to release those stuck energy blocks?

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Joanne, while I was reading your email, one of our earlier episodes popped to mind that talks about the subconscious and how to get it in alignment with your goals, so definitely do check this one out for some great tips!

  40. OMG! Yes, I am so afraid to begin! What is it is not perfect? What is I make a mess?
    So, the one thing I wanted to have is my own business in coaching. Which I still postpone, of course. And what I can start doing right now is just to work on my website, design it, write articles and post them.

  41. I needed to hear this today, which is so strange because I almost never have a hard time getting started. It’s funny how mental blocks can show up at any time in your career. I love your simple and foundational tips are Marie; they’re like little refreshers that show up exactly when you need them 🙂

  42. Hi Marie and team,
    What an awesome video! Thank you so much!

    I’m a huge fan! Loved loved loved the dancing portion – beginning & end.

    Lucia –

  43. This idea to start before you’re ready is an articulation of both everything I’ve ever succeeded in, and what’s holding me back. I’ve created a 6 week nutrition program that I utilized with groups successfully for years. Based on this group I put together a book and wotkbook. I had an art director put it all together beautifully. I’m still paying her for her work. I just need to get it edited and finalized and add some recipes, etc. I’ve been procrastinating completing this for 2 years. Today, I will call my art director and come up with a plan to move forward and get it set up on a funding app. Thanks Marie. You da girl.

  44. Hi Marie and Marie big Family,

    I have been dreaming for years to publish my book. I have been talking about it with anyone, like it is real thing and is existing. I even have paid already about $500 to publishing company and my book is still not published and is on hold now.

    Here is a new episode in my life that happened very recently: I get a wake up call about my health, which reminded me that we are not for ever and as you said, the clock is running, weather we like it or no. Even this did not make me take an action. I did some changes for good, but I did not do about anything in regards of my book.

    Your post today was something that reminded me one more time about something I “KNOW” but never actually used it and applied it. I know that iI am not aiming to be perfect. I know that my book will never be perfect. I know that I have so much to say, that it will not fit in my first book. I know that I will have many more books later. And I also know, especially after what happened with my health about two weeks ago, a reminder again that I am not for ever and there will be an end at some point, and the worst part of it is that no one knows when the end will come. It may be even today, tomorrow, next week, next month, next year, in 10 years, in 20 years, in 3o years…who knows?

    So, Marie,
    Because I love you and what you are doing, because I respect you so much for what you are giving us, and because I believe and thrust you, I want to promise and state absolutely consciously, that I am challenging myself and I am 100% committed today, T, 03/07/17 that I will publish my first book on Amazon by the end of this week, Sn, 03/12/17, 11:59PM. In addition, I will create my first video blog, to help me to lounge my book. I promise to return back to the post every day and share the progress I am making.

    I ask you Marie, your team and your great community to support me with any suggestions and advise that you all may have in order to stick to my promises and commitment, overcome the FEAR TO START BEFORE I AM READY and poblish my book by the due date.

    Thank you Marie,
    Thank you Marie Team,
    Thank you Marie Community.

    With Respect and Gratitude,


  45. Thank you for your fabulous key to success which is ” Start before your are ready”
    Here I want to ask a question related to my case as I want to be an entrepreneur, but I’m stuck in the bottleneck, because I decided to specialize as programmer as a software engineer, but my whole experience was related to hardware engineer, the issue here is that I quit my jobs to be hardware and start to study software Engineering, the issue that I have faced come from myself first, because I think that I need to work hard in studying programming and at same time I have to find a job to cover my family requirements which is the second challenge, what I want to say is that I’m put my self and rapped my hand into two opposite directions, one direction to study software and the other direction the need to work in hardware to cover my family needs. how can I continue to get the required skills in programming and to get job in that new field, and the current situation which force me to back to hardware which is my current experience, and I don’t want to back to hardware unless I master software, because this is one of my dreams to be a software Engineer and work in that field.

  46. Ninfa Castellanos

    One thing I haven’t been able to start is my own business. I’ve justify it by telling myself that I ‘m happy with my current job that a certainly love and pays me well. However my internal voice is constantly telling me start your own business.

    One step I took last week was join B-School, listen to Marie everyday. Last Friday I met with a friend who is going to do my webpage. I don’t feel ready for it, I’m still thinking about what will be the content, but I’m working 2 hrs. per day on the content.
    I’m 60 years old going 30 I have lots to offer to the world. I have a wealth of of life experiences and education. Thanks Marie for your encouragement! and tools to to succeed

  47. I started a Facebook group for people that want to take a leap into something that seems daring and/or unconventional, and even though I KNOW it would be so helpful for people like that to have a community where they can encourage each other … I haven’t been asking people to join, and therefore it isn’t very active. I think I’m afraid I’ll get too overwhelmed with the admin.

    My action step is to start reaching out to people – at least three a day – and ask them to share the group with anybody they know that is struggling to make a big, scary change.

    • Jenna this group sounds pretty amazing. I feel like there ARE a ton of people out there who would benefit, and this would be an opportunity for people to use facebook as a way to build each other up, rather than just sort of watching/commenting/time wasting, Please do it, we are waiting!! 🙂

      • Really appreciate the encouragement! <3 It has been growing, but slowly. I think most new people have come via word of mouth, rather than via my website. Fingers crossed that over time it becomes a virtual home for the people that need it 🙂

  48. Jana

    I’ve been struggling with diving into starting my business and book as a wellness coach, Reiki Master, EFT practitioner and healthified baker. I know how to help others I just don’t know how to let them know I’m alive and market myself in my low-key no-sell manner. I’m about sharing, guiding and uplifting others and marketing myself feels inauthentic to my very nature.

    • Jana, I just had to reply because I feel the same way. It’s really hard to know that you offer something of value, but the marketing and selling aspect just feels wrong.

      I can’t remember the exact video she posted it in, but I remember Marie talking about this perspective in that if you don’t market and sell, you’ll be preventing others from finding your awesome stuff and that would be a real disappointment for them. (She probably said it much better than I just did).

      But there are ways to market and sell that can fit in with your values. It’s just about being creative and finding methods that feel right. But keep doing it because “the world needs what only you have to share” (Who said that? Marie did! And apologies to Marie if I’m butchering her words.)

      • Lorraine Tomek

        Thanks for saying that Suzanne. I even printed it out so I can reread it. I remember seeing it before, probably here on Marie’s site, but that is exactly what I’m having a problem with.
        Found a product I can absolutely believe in, but to do the marketing/advertising seems so “sneaky”, “snaky” to me. I would just like to stand up and yell, “Hey, people, come and take a look at this great product!” And sit back down.
        But, you are right, there are nice ways to go about doing your adv/mktg , just need to put more thought into it.

  49. My thing was wanting to join B-School since I heard about it over 2 years ago. I’m a single mom and my own mom lives with me and she has dementia so ya, can you say “living the sandwich generation life”. I’ve got a full time job thankfully and have been dabbling with a part time biz on the side for years.

    Friends of Marie, time IS going too fast!

    I haven’t committed to my biz fully and every time I think about letting it go, I get drawn back cause I love the idea of self-employ. Now I’m looking at college tuition for my kid and costs for more care for my mom, and realizing that my own poor health is starting to cost me in a myriad of ways. And I’m so broke that my financial pieces are dispersed throughout the known galaxy!!

    So, am I ready for B-School – no way. But you know what?


    This year I did it. I borrowed $ for the first instalment, reset my budget going forward and signed up.

    So I can say DONE right now. Woohoo!!

    And yes I’m scared to the high heavens. I am going to trust that I have everything I need inside me to figure this out and build a new business that will allow me to replace my day job.

    Friends of Marie – you have what you need inside you too. Trust yourself and start before your ready. Then keep following thru. Its exhilarating.

  50. This is a very timely message, Marie, because just minutes ago I published a post of my own about how to change the “I can’t” limiting beliefs which hold us back. Most of the resistance that keeps us from achieving our true desires starts as beliefs we hold about ourselves. Just believing “I can” will get the momentum going. But it isn’t always easy to switch those beliefs.

    I follow the Steven Pressfield point of view about Turning Pro (which I heard about first on MarieTV — Marie is always tapped into the greatest advice) and try to work on my projects every day. However, sometimes I do end up questioning myself or getting into a “fear funk”, and that resistance can stop me cold. When that happens, I let myself feel it, acknowledge it for what it is, and then get back on the proverbial horse the next day.

    As for what I am starting before I am ready…. my first work of fiction. It feels like play time after I finish my “real” work for the day. Off to the coffee shop to get creative right now!

  51. Jon Perry

    My, Oh My; did today’s message resonate with me today, Marie! I have been like that ole Asian poem that says: “Spring and Summer have come gone; and I have spent the seasons stringing and unstringing my instrument; my song yet to be sung.”

    • Justine

      Ohh, I really like that poem line, Jon. I may have to write that one down for a gentle reminder to push onward and stop being a perfectionist. Thanks for sharing!

    • Lorraine Tomek

      That is a nice saying. Will copy it down but I hope I don’t need to refer to it!

  52. Rita

    Hello Marie,
    I am a really big fan of your episodes, however I am almost an even bigger fan of your wardrobe 😉 and I absolutely adore the dress which you wore in “what stops you from getting started”. Can you tell me which designer provides you with your gorgeous dresses?
    Thank you so much in advance,

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much, Rita! Marie actually has an amazing stylist who picks out her outfits. I’m not sure where this one came from specifically, but I know some of our favorite MarieTV outfits have come from, Bar III by Macy’s, and H&M, so definitely check there and you might find something similar! 🙂

      • Rita

        Thank you so much Caroline! I appreciate you reply 🙂

  53. Libs

    Afraid to start something coz i know myself not being consistent. The momentum dies after a couple of weeks of starting and there comes a new idea again. Always starting and not finishing.:(

    • Join the club Libs. I have exactly the same problem. Love coming up with new ideas. My creativity never ends. Sometimes I start, sometimes I delay, but hardly ever bring it to the finish. In fact, starting something big and meaningful is hard as all the fears and doubts come into play and paralyse my ability to move on 🙁 I’ve taken decision to set up my website, yet still struggling to get down to doing it in practice. Keep telling myself I need to do it I can do it, but it’s not helping much. I guess I just need to DO IT, TAKE ACTION NO MATTER WHAT as NO RISK NO FUN 🙂 – Good luck to you (and me) on that path! Kate x

  54. I really need to get Facebook Live going in my business. I don’t why I am so nervous about it. I tape plenty of other videos, do webinars, etc. but it’s just the idea that it’s live and what if no one is watching, what if there is no sound…. ie, what if I screw it up. So today I’ll go ahead and download Wirecast. Then I can try to get the first session by done by week’s end, and I’m sure it’s easier after that.

  55. It’s so simple and yet sometimes it feels incredibly difficult to take the action required…
    I have a big dream to start an art business; making large abstract paintings & selling prints and products. My greatest fear is that I’m not a good enough artist to make art worth selling. This fear holds me back SO much – to the point where I don’t make any art. I find it so discouraging when I actually do make some art and it totally sucks (in my eyes). I admire so many contemporary artists and I want my work to be as good as theirs from day one. So instead of painting, I spend my time thinking and “researching” and comparing myself to other artists. I’ve been going over the same ground for years… literally years!
    I guess the one thing I can do to get things moving is to just… PAINT! And then paint some more.
    Any other artists struggle with this??

    • As a songwriter, I relate. It’s hard to just freakin’ sit down and WRITE! I can’t tell you how many books about creativity, and podcasts and newsletters and…AHHH!… a whole bunch of distraction.

      Thinking of you, Brittany, as you navigate the tide pools of distractions, make it to the edge of the cliff, and then dive right in!

      • Lorraine Tomek

        Melissa, last week I thought the same thing about listening/watching/reading to this, that and the other. I weeded through my emails and have paired it down tremendously between coaching and some others. Obviously, I’m still here.
        Also, as I would really listen to the words of a few different coaches, I heard undertones of “really slick marketing” and unsubscribed. Actually, they were very good at what they were really doing.

        • Great advice about getting some of the clutter out of the way. Thanks, Lorraine.

    • Brittany, I think a lot of us relate to this struggle! For me it’s writing…I love to read, admire so many talented writers/bloggers/etc, and inevitably begin to feel the pangs of doubt begin to rise when I work on my own pieces. Something I try to remember though, is that what we see is everyone else’s “finished” work: paintings, sculptures, books, etc. Before those were published there was a lot of editing, revising, touch ups, piles of mish-mash-clay etc etc. Or so I hear, from these talented people that I admire!

  56. Oh Marie! This is a huge lesson I learned from B-School. I got to say the reminder helps. It’s been 11 months since I started my buisness. Although I am expanding offline, I need to put my self out more online. My priority goal for the past couple of months it to get my website up again. Perfectionism is a real beast and keeps me from getting my websites live…or even keeping the live because they are ” not quite as good as I want them to be.” This has to end now! I putting my imperfect websites up by the end of this week.

  57. I love this because I can totally relate! I want to rebrand my graphic design freelancing business as a branding service that helps entrepreneurs create a cohesive, professional look for all the visuals that go with those sales funnels, social profiles, webinars, etc. I have some clients that are afraid of tech and could use some help implementing the designs I create. I want to post short, easy tutorials for them and others to follow, and probably create some courses along those lines.

    I have been thinking about this for at least 6 months, maybe closer to a year. (yes, way too long!)

    I find myself hesitating because I want everything to be perfect before I put myself out there! I’ve spent TONS of time watching experts teach how to do it right, yet I’m still afraid to get going. I think now it’s become “idea overload”.

    My oldest son is graduating this year and feeling the same way about college. He was asking me last night, How do you pick a career you want to do for the rest of your life? What if you choose wrong? I think this is great advice for him too.

  58. Good timing, Marie.

    At 46, having run three small businesses for 10 years, I downsized to make some space for a new adventure. I spent the last six months having amazing conversations, exploring the things that make me happy. Now, I’m feeling restless, but also nervous. I’m sick of these little steps. I want to do SOMETHING COOL!

    Even as I’m swimming around, I need to just go TRY something. So….here’s-I’m-unna-do: register for a cool workshop on a topic I love – compassionate communication. Sounds like such a little thing, but it’s more concrete than anything I’ve been doing during this process of discernment.

    I’ll let ya know how it goes!

    Thanks, Marie!

    With love,
    Melissa Monforti

  59. How true this mantra! I always say to those who first start is half the battle! (Com’è vero questo mantra! io mi dico sempre chi prima inizia è a metà dell’opera! )

  60. Although I’ve trained and trained in painting, I’m still so afraid to make the ideas that come in my head come to fruition on canvas. My fear is that they won’t look like I imagine, I’m also afraid to share my Art and be criticized. So I keep hiding behind what I know how to do, jewelry.
    I am determined this year to complete B-School and learn how to move forward, organize my time better, especially now that I’m feeling better after a long period of sickness.
    Thank you Marie for this episode, it really spoke to my soul. I can’t wait forever, I must begin, I want to be the best I can be and take action and get better and better with time and patience.

  61. Elena Shirley

    OK Marie! Here goes …. giving lectures professionally outside the United States, but not in the United States probably because I felt it wouldn’t be as well appreciated here and didn’t want to fail on hometurf. So, I set a date April 22, 2017. It will be done I’ve already put myself out there public accountability: DONE

  62. Melanie

    Thank you so much Marie! I have been making my own mixed media greeting cards, stationery and paper crafts for the past several years, just to give away, and have dabbled with the idea of setting up a side business, with the encouragement of lots of family and friends, but every time I got myself geared up for it, I shied away, telling myself that my work wasn’t good enough. I’ve gazed longingly at craft blogs and Pinterest, and wondered… Well, after watching your video, I cut the excuses and set myself up with a craft blog and wrote my first post. It’s not perfect, but done is better than perfect, right? So: done. And thank you. My heart pounding is a sign I’m alive…

    • Kelly

      What is your blog name?

  63. Hi ,
    I very much liked your mail, its very inspirational and motivating.
    I am planning for a start up , but lots of ideas not letting me to start even one. My confidence level for each of one is dipping whenever I am focusing with a different one. Please help me in this.


  64. Lacey

    1. I’ve GOT to get going on creating several paintings for an art show April 1st. I have a few art panels built (my hands-on way of ‘getting started’)… but now comes the hard part. What to paint, how to do it, how daring, how meek, how edgy, and I’m even asking myself WHY I do this. Not a good way to get going.
    2. So I’m thinking the best way to get started is, for now, to block in the backgrounds or – at the very least – to sit and meditate on colors. Just colors. That way I can get some meat onto the panels and, hopefully, the visions of subject matter will happen. Maybe that’s all my Muse needs for me to do. Maybe that’s how I am supposed to *listen* to what my heart wants to say. Going on high alert fear factor here 🙁

  65. Resty

    This was short and nice, I had difficulty making a decision which side job to do because my work schedule is tight and full time. I do not even know how to get started.

  66. paddy faller

    Wow, just what i needed. I’ve just realised that I am the person you are talking about – I’m in the same boat as Erin. My new motto is going to be your words “Action conquers Fear!” Thanks for this great insight. You are wonderful.

  67. Rebecca

    1. I really want to move house, but I feel terrified about it.
    2. I could get started by booking an appointment with a financial adviser about my mortgage options.

  68. Nira

    I’m burnt out at my job and I want to start a new career but I haven’t made a move in a while. One thing I can do it pay for the premium service at a career website. I think this will give me the boost I need because if I’m paying for something I will put more time into it. In addition the premium service will give an advantage to the non-paid job seekers on the website.

    • Nira

      Just signed up for the premium service. Boom!

  69. Thank you for this short, to the point advice. I’m a new BnB owner, and have postponed updating the Inn’s website (introducing me/and renewing the home page copy). I’ve been hiding out during this winter season (I’m opening up in April)…but I need to “come out to the light” now.. It’s like presenting myself to the world – for the first time – since I consider the Inn an authentic expression of myself. I think your message today just gave me a good kick in the pants. I may just decide to publish content today – even if it might not be “perfect”. Thank you…a devoted fan

  70. Philippall

    I listen to Marie every day to keep me motivated in the right direction. I have been researching my business idea for about a year. I am 45 and I have never posted on a social media site as I have zero confidence but I am determined that I will have a successful business and I will put myself out there. After raising my family it’s now my time for me.

    After listening to Marie a few weeks ago about doing just one thing I finally contacted manufacturers about my products. I felt great but then I’ve not heard a thing back so I’m not sure what to do next. That’s the only thing I can really do at the moment due to personnel circumstances.

    But I won’t give up I’ll keep going forwards, keep listening to Marie and I know it will all work out.

    More than anything it’s my first social media comment ever….

  71. Hahaha!! I love the dance, Marie! That was the longest funny side after your talk. OMG so awesome…….

  72. boris

    thanks you Mari!

  73. This is a perfectly timed reminder (of course), thank you, Marie!

    1. My current issue is not only getting started but stalling out once I do and losing any trace of momentum. I ran my first online program at the beginning of the year, which was terrifying and exhilarating and exhausting and awesome! It went pretty well, but now a month has passed since it wrapped and I haven’t been willing or able to build on it, even though I have lots of ideas about what to do next. My immediate (stalled) plan is to clean it up a bit, get it automated, and offer it to another group to test drive it in this new format. It’s time to DO IT!

    2. As I prepare to go through B-School for the second time, I was studying the Follow-Through Formula and had just this morning decided on the above project as my goal to be completed no later than March 28, 2017. Today I will outline the tasks required and calendar them. And to scare myself by starting before I’m ready, I will reach out to my clients to let them know what I’m up to and that if they enjoyed the program, ask them to help me spread the word. Eeeep!! Yep, palms are sweating now, lol! (Yikes, and my website needs work too…). Here we go…

    Thanks for all you do, Marie and Team Forleo!
    Love and Light

  74. I already launched my business year 2010, and since then I am restarting and enhancing and creating, I never give up, done..

  75. Kelsey

    Heck , I’m mostly stuck on a business name! I find something I like and NOOOOPE it’s taken, or I’d need to trademark it then go after the person using it currently, which just doesn’t feel right to me! But the name I love I would need to do that to use it. I find that I still try to make progress but it’s a wee bit hard to make meaningful progress with out a business name…. I just think the names so important to the brand, if the name doesn’t convey the right thing I feel it won’t really grow. Probably overthinking it, I haven’t a clue how people name their kids!

  76. Mahal

    This video is so timely. I signed on for B-school before the feeling of motivation landed on me and without the guarantee that my resources would line up to cover the cost. But I know this first step activates a host of other steps of courage. Thank you, Marie!

  77. Taylor Marie

    I have been working through Marie’s Starting The Right Business for my decluttering business idea and stalled at Lesson 7…I had been waiting to have the perfect questions ready to ask my potential audience. And looking for the “perfect” people! Ahh…stall tactics…I know better!

    The NEXT thing I will do today is reach out to people in my FB and Meetup groups and ask them each ONE quest to get the conversation going: “Anyone here wish they were more organized?” ( I just thought of that off the top of my head! Ha!)

    I’ll post back with my results when I’m done and have started some conversations! Oh Marie, you’re such an inspiration!

    • Taylor Marie

      DONE! Feels so good to break through that barrier and keep moving forward! Ah! I swear if I wasn’t chanting “progress not perfection! progress not perfection!” the whole time!

  78. Christiana

    I love the dancing video, I wanted to dance too! You really cheered me up. I look forward to commenting on my start before I am ready. Thanks and God bless!

  79. Dina Almonord

    Hi Marie! Thanks for the awesome videos! It is what I needed to hear.

    1. My fear is starting a business and that my art is not perfect enough.

    2. The bold step that I’ll take is create a website of art for others to see.

  80. Cheryl Rouleau Johnson

    Hi Marie & Team Forleo!

    I’ve been a B-School member for 2 years now. I got stuck right away with trying to figure out exactly ‘what’ I wanted to do. I had a HUGE transition at the very end of 2014 that involved divorce (including selling 1/2 ownership in a business I had with my, then, husband – his livelihood, not mine!), loss of job/income, selling home of 30 years and relocating back to California. So… I wasn’t exactly ready to ‘pick’ a new career path, just knew I wanted to work helping people.

    Fast forward to present, (all legalities surrounding sale of business & divorce done last September) I’m finally settled in my own apartment, working in Catering (doesn’t pay the bills, but really feels good working in service to others), and finding clarity over time that I want to use my certificate in Applied Positive Psychology to teach people the PERMA-V model to help create a thriving life (my original BA is in Communications). I want to do this through coaching, but my real desire is to be location independent and run retreats using the PERMA-V model, while incorporating many of the healthy living strategies I use daily.

    Where I’m feeling stuck is – I want to start now… before I’m ready… but don’t have a certificate in Coaching, or running retreats, yet. I know I need to be certified in CA to do this type of work. I want to move forward with the B-School modules, especially ‘Starting the Right Business’. I’m looking for a good coaching school/program fit – maybe Robbins Madanes Training or other, and possibly Sheri Rosenthal’s Retreat Blueprint. The big question is: Should I start my coaching/retreat training WHILE I’m doing the ‘Starting the Right Business’ module, or wait and do the module first???

    I would appreciate a response from anyone with ANY insight into this! Thanks so much!

    Cheryl 🙂

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Hi Cheryl, thank you so much for your comment and we’re so glad to hear you’re joining us in B-School again this year! Regarding your question, there’s no one right way to do this, so it’s absolutely up to you, and I’m happy to share a couple thoughts that might be helpful.

      If you’d like to dig into your idea more before taking on additional training, you’re more than welcome to do that. Especially since Start The Right Business is totally revamped this year, you might find it may actually help you find clarity around deciding on the right coach training program, so it could be a great way to get started.

      Also, as we often say, B-School is a bit like drinking from a fire hose, so if you’re spending a lot of time on the B-School materials and your time is limited, it might serve you best to focus on one program at a time.

      Of course since you have lifetime access to B-School, you can always pause it at any point to jump into coach training and return to work through the content at your own pace if you’d rather do that.

      Really there’s no wrong way to do this – it’s all about finding what feels right to you and taking action.

      This is also a great question for the B-School comments or the Facebook group (if you’re in there), so definitely do feel free to post and share your thoughts. I’m sure we’ve had other B-Schoolers who were looking at taking coach training alongside B-School, so you might get some great advice there.

      We’re so excited to have you in the program with us again this year, and hope it serves your goals in the best way!

  81. Jane

    Marie – I reckon this is your best video yet. So profound, so simple. ? And so freakin right!

  82. Thanks again for this golden tip, “start before your’re ready”, which is really doing the trick for me these days. For some years I’ve known that part of my work is to facilitate Sharing Circles, since this is something that is SO close to my heart and somethng that I just KNOW that I can do, even though I didn’t have any training to do so. Half a year ago I found the most beautiful yogastudio and took the big step to have a meeting with the owners, who were positive. I ended up putting it on standby, though to organize the care around our two special needs kids and start to recover from some extremely hard years. Yet, I know now that it is time to get to it, and so despite of the unclarity around the concept, I am now finally taking the steps, one by one. With my family situation and 0 ressources to invest, I’m restarting small this time, and letting it develop naturally. Yet, I still have a major fear of just jumping into it and giving it all I’ve got. Like I’m actually scared of being seen. And then all the little doubts sneak in again (oh, is that website text not too much, am I not gonna attract the non ideal costumers if I do it on that location?, isn’t it too simple? etc). SO tiresome! My next step is writing and email to that owner that I’m now ready to do it (even though I’m not;). So that’s what I’m gonna do. Good to know that I’m not alone! Lots of succes with your next step all of you! Love, Alma

  83. I’m struggling to get my blog up and running and to get started on he children’s books I want to write. I could pound out a post and publish it today and schedule a time to write and publish my next post.

    • How did you go Liesel – did you make a plan to get started??

  84. The thing I’m working on now is *finally* beginning my podcast. I’ve been wanting to do so for years, but I had that negative voice throwing doubtful banter into my head.

    Recently I realized how much this podcast will help others, and my excitement grew bc it wasn’t about me. I started writing down my daydream ideas – bc if I’m going to do this, I’m going to do it really well. That excitement led to more action. My first step was from a total ‘I have no idea what to do’ point of view, but that step is what led me to researching how to create a podcast. I’m feeling more and more confident as I take small steps.

    My podcast will be in the world this spring/summer! One cool thing I’ve realized is that it WILL change. I always put a lot of pressure on myself to have it perfect, but I’ve realized it will change and be tweaked… and become better. I remember watching your first episodes of MarieTV… watching the background/set change, the content change, the intro change, you change – and it all gave me that realization to jump in, start, and allow it to progress as it should.

    🙂 Shannon

  85. Eva

    This is so awesome. It is a great reminder for each of us 🙂
    Thank you for sharing this message.

  86. ReRe

    I’ve taken the leap and started my coaching business. It took me a long time to get here, and finally here I am. But now that I have launched the business, I feel so overwhelmed I often don’t know what to do next, so I find myself just standing still and doing nothing.

    The next big step I will take is to get my website up, but I am struggling with that too…

  87. Hey Marie and Team, Happy Q&A Tuesday!

    My name is Noelle and I loved the video! I’m so excited, I’m actually in the process of totally starting before I feel 100% ready and joined B-School class of 2017! I’m loving it so far! It feels great to take consistent daily steps towards starting my Interior Design Business and clarifying what all the details ideally look like for me.

    I’m just at the tail end of a 4yr post graduate design program, and have years of freelance experience behind me, but really needed the push to stop working for other designers and start my own unique dream interior design firm. It’s an exciting, at times scary process, but I free like now is just as good a time as any… and more so even, because I’ve stopped waiting. I also signed up for the IDEX exam, the certification exam for interior designers in California, which is only offered twice per year. I’m taking it in the spring! Ahh! All these leaps are making my head spin, but in the best of ways.

    I also want to offer up my appreciation to you and the team for offer the monthly payment plan. I only discovered you about… what two weeks ago?? and as soon as I started watching your show and reading your posts I could tell you were offering something real, different, and truly inspiring. So, when I heard about this B-School I super wanted in, but $2000 was completely out of reach for me right now. But because of the monthly plan option, it was possible for me and felt like all the pieces were falling into place! I’m getting off topic, but really Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.

    – Noelle

  88. The video was published on Mar 7, 2017 and it tells us to sign up for B-School. Which has been sold out for days.

    I am on the waiting list. Do you want to let me into the class?

  89. Vitaliy

    Thank you for this amazing video!
    I really like how you explain on starting BEFORE you ready, of filling of being prepared.
    I think the most important thing I have not started yet is to decide in my mind to get started. I always need inspiration from others.
    I also understand that I need a mentor, but I hate to be mentored.

    Thank you Marie

  90. I started before I was ready. But now I am not getting anywhere. I have not found a way to make it work.

  91. Moving! I left Vancouver and moved ‘home’ a few years ago with plans to only stay a short time before my next big move. I’m still here. Of course, it wasn’t wasted time and it was definitely a breather but now, I’m nervous to plunge ahead and move again. I have the place picked (finally) and friends who will help me when I get there but it’s still scary. It’s funny, most things don’t intimidate me and I’ve moved a few times in my life (and alone, at that 🙂 but this time, it’s scarier for some reason and I don’t know why. Other people fear job interviews, starting businesses, etc….I fear getting lost ha….I literally have an almost debilitating fear of getting lost; whether it be in a new building, a new city or even back in high school, I would fear not finding my new classes every fall! I always face this fear but yet, it doesn’t get any easier for me. I have made steps though. I’ve looked into a few things regarding the move, asked for a reference from my old landlords, etc…so I am making steps and eventually, I will get there.

  92. Jessica

    Getting Fit! I really like working out and eating right, but just as I get into a good groove I stop. I don’t know why I have this block for establishing a consistent routine that allows me to honor what feels right. One thing I can do now is commit to self care and honoring my energy cycles.

  93. Jessica Moutte

    Hello Marie and thank you so much for all the advices you give. I’ve been followoing you for years now and was always desiring to enroll in BSchool, but was too afraid and had absolutely no idea where to go and what to create.
    But finally took action this yea and just enrolled, I’m so excited even though I have no job this time, no home and no car, I took all my savings to start this course because my guts were screaming from inside….”Just press to button START 🙂 !!!”
    So here I am starting to work on a project which is not clear yet, but mainly about helping people to regain their power back and take their place in the world. To love who they are and open up.
    I have a desire for people to share and create communities around them, as I believe that it is so important !!!
    I have tones of different ideas around that and don’t know where to start and what to build but the program will surely help me to figure this out.
    So let’s do it 🙂 !!!

  94. Kellie Sue

    I loved this episode! I just want to say thank you to Marie for all of your Marie TV episodes. I always get so much out of them. And I’m doing your B School!!! I’m still on the Start the Right Business though. I’m working and going through a serious break up, so it’s taking me longer than I want it to to go through the materials. I just didn’t want to wait to do it. I know too many women who’ve done it and completely shifted their businesses to money making machines that allow them to live amazing lives with time for their kids and hubbies and vacay and things that make life delicious. I really want that kind of change in my life.
    Right now, I’m avoiding my office. I’m so focused on trying to get the cash to flow so I can get my own place and really move forward, that stopping to go through all that paperwork and clutter just feels like a waste of time I don’t have. And the worst thing is that I feel like I have wasted — and I have — although I was duped — but I do need to get real and get caught up on the actual business of life business too. And, being completely honest, I’ve been avoiding it because it’s really scary to look at how much it actually costs me to live — even without extravagances — just for the basics. In fact, today, I have avoided it all day. And I just watched your latest video, and I have decided to just get moving on it. My thing isn’t just not being ready to do things — it’s that I have this awful glitch in my matrix where I try to wait until it feels better or I feel like “yes, I can handle that today.” And, so I work on other items. I do get my bills paid and so on because I know when they’re due, but I just hate to look at the realities of all of it. Ok. Going into the office now. For reals. Here I go… thank you, Marie Team. 🙂

  95. Hi Marie and Team!

    This is so awesome! This year, I commit myself to start showing up and starting even when I don’t feel ready yet. I still don’t have a clear idea on how exactly I am going to get to where I want to go, but I am finding that as I take baby steps forward, the next steps are just being revealed to me. And if I ever find that something doesn’t work out the way I was hoping it would, I just take the lessons and think of how I can correct the missteps I took, make better choices, for the next time I will launch a project. It’s both exhilarating and scary at the same time. Sometimes I wonder if I’m taking on too much, if I’m diving recklessly…But I know that it’s only my ego talking…So I just continue what I need to do, what I can do, and also trust that things will work out somehow. Learn, grow, evolve, act, show up, create. Oh, and deep breaths! 😉

    Much love,

  96. Heather Rose

    Thanks, the encouragement from your experience is so supportive. I have alot of work
    to do this year, and your work keeps me on my game.

  97. Heather Rose

    Thanks, the encouragement from your experience is so supportive. I have alot of work
    to do this year, and your work keeps me on my game.

  98. Heloniafai

    Hey I am so glad I took the steps to watch this video and get focused. I have been writing for a long time but never put anything out. I also make customized headboards but the fear of failing as held me back to the point of being sad and miserable because I want to do it so bad. Now is the time

  99. I’m constantly distracted from building my inspired brand, so what I am going to do is go into the hundreds of images drawn & pull them apart from each other, cartoons with cartoons, branding images together, & give the work that has been done a whole new zing.

  100. OMG I’m so happy to see that I’m not the only one sitting it out. I want to start my own training business but I’m so scared I’m going to make a fool out of myself that I just can’t get out with all the material I’ve developped so far. I’m not confident to contact clients or tell friends. But I guess there is no way around it! I’ll have to get out there in order to improve if I do stink as bad as I think…ouf ouf I’M JUMPING IN!

  101. This was SO helpful – it is just the message I needed today!

    In order to earn money, I realize that I actually got involved way too much with those parts of my business that I “think” are the only ones I can really make money with (selling my prints, postcards and jewelry wholesale and online) – totally leaving out those parts of my business that I am actually REALLY passionate about (PAINTING meaningful art and making exhibitions), just because I think I am not ready… that my paintings might not be “good” enough, that I might not be ready for a large crowd of people at a vernissage, me in the middle of them…

    Exhibition venue owners have actually been coming up to me, asking me to exhibit my paintings at their venue, and up until now I have still been hesitant about it.

    Your video message today reinforced me in to do it anyway… getting started without feeling ready – getting into painting again and exhibiting and sharing my inspirational art in many beautiful places all around the globe – inspiring people with my heartfelt messages – because this is what I am really passionate about!

    THANK YOU, Marie!

    LOVE&LIGHT from Vienna,
    Katharina Lucia

  102. priyanka bhowmick

    this is so true…. i always thought that it was fear that kept me from starting what i wanted to do, but this makes so much sense. i am a therapist and have trained in psychology and alternative therapy modalities. somehow i have always been unable to start my own practice because i am lazy and fearful of failure. the one thing i would like to do is to start a wellness month workshop contract that i received from a mnc last month. fingers crossed that i can come back and say done soon

  103. I was afraid to hire my first VA

    Action: will review one resume a day to choose the 3 candidates that I’ll interview.

  104. Sarah

    I can totally relate to not getting started, I have a biz idea structure product plans but my product needs me to get up and dance on video it scares the Shizz out of me to get on video but I know (wit past experience) I love it I know it’s the thought of it not being videod in HD or “looking pro” but then I argue in my head well ppl love authentic ppl anyway so doesn’t need be so pro constant battle on my head.

  105. Hi Marie and team,

    this really hits the core of my current struggle. Thank you so much for this! And for everything you all do!
    This is my struggle getting started ….. I’ve been an academic for the last 10 years but although I’m still in love with my academic fields (History and Ancient Studies) the academic world I was working in progressively became poisonous for me as a human being with no time for developing my personal live. That’s why I started my own business in 2014, focussing on academic teaching and providing business lectures and doing some smaller public speaking. I like this but my ultimate dream is translating my (academic) passion and knowledge for Rome and Italy into guided tours to Rome and Pompeii (I know and love these places extremely well since I lived here several periods for research and guiding students, even teaching my own course at the Cattolica University). I want to focus on people who want to visit these places but really want to be educated in Roman history and culture on a fairly serious level at the same time (via short – online?- introductory themed courses), before meeting up in Rome. With me as their tourguide. I know I am a really great speaker and docent, but I just don’t know where to start on this all. Or rather….I’m afraid I am still nog ‘learned’ enough/skilled enough/wise enough to do this. In addition, I feel extremely inadequate in online-stuff (which I must be able to handle in order to provide an online course duhh.), not to mention …I cannot stand watching myself on tape haha. After watching Marie for a while now I do realise that (certainly being a young mom ) it is wise to make my nussiness an online business so I must somehow get updated on that stuff.
    For now I am juggling time between current work and being a mother of a 1 year old ( and currently having health issues that have an effect on my productvity unfortunately ) and watching all the Marie tv I can find haha…. But I am still feeling stuck as to “How and where to start’. I realise there are some obvious starting points but for some reason I’m still holding myself back.
    I know one thing I can start on and that is writing on my Rome guide, cause I can use it for pr and actually make it an online tool. It does however feel as an enormous task once I make is a ‘task’ instead of a hobby. Is that unavoidable (meaning; deal with it) or does anyone have a great trick for this?

    Thanks so much,

  106. Marie,
    Your spirit and sense of self is amazing. Wish I had the confidence you project. You and Carrie Wilkerson are THE awesome ladies in the online business world. I want to start a homestead and teach homesteading online. I am working on the garden and animal areas, but the online part scares the crap out of me. I have a domain on bluehost, but there is NOTHING on there except wordpress. I really HATE my present job and would love to leave it RIGHT NOW, but I have to have an income. What would you suggest I start with? I am what my kids call computer challenged, I do not even know how to make or set up an opt-in. Please help.

  107. Cynthia Callow

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! This is definitely what I needed to hear! Start before you are ready! Meeting today with a dear friend about content and starting B School for a second go around. Going there after this. Love you Marie! Take care!

  108. Laura

    Marie. Your message was very empowering. I have always been scared of following my dreams because of what other people might think. I have been called many times an idealist and it seems it has created a big wall between what I do and what I want to do. This year I decided it was enough. I don’t have my business yet. I’m still working for someone else but… I decided I was going to start and I’m spreading the word on what I do and how others can benefit from my work. I know the day will come when I will quit my 8-5 job and will sustain myself completely doing what I absolutely adore, which is caring for cats. Until then, I will do it as a hobby, as a volunteer, as a second job… But at least I was brave enough to 1. Recognize it 2. Start spreading the word… I KNOW BSCHOOL IS FOR ME. I hope next year I can join you because my contribution to the world is screaming from inside of me: LET ME OUTTTTTTTT!!! They say when the student is ready, the teacher appears… and I know you got to my life at the perfect time. Thank you and keep up the great service!!!

  109. Kendra

    I’m afraid of making the transition from a 9-5 to being my own boss. The thing is, is that I actually kinda like my “job” but just can’t seem to find the time to also teach yoga and make room for myself and family.

    There’s the insurance factor and benefits and steady income that all fuel my fear… and also that if I begin to make the transition I’m going to totally burn myself out and fall into a pit.

    One step I can take right now is to offer to teacher another yoga class — beginning The transition to doing more of what I love.

    As always, thank you Marie for your loving support and wisdom.

  110. Hi Marie,

    I made the decision: I started ! I opened my online store this month. I photographed my own products in embroidery and patchwork, I divulged my embroidery workshop on Facebook, I started a digital marketing course to leverage sales …. Taking the first steps of my project with Frangipani. I still have a cold in my belly. A blend of personal fulfillment with a touch of fear. Do you know why? I do not know if I can survive this dream (in financial terms). That’s it, even without being totally sure, I went. Thank you for the encouragement! We are even beings with special gifts to give to the world. Kisses

  111. 1. I’m afraid to start publishing eBooks.
    2. A step I can take right now is to schedule interviews with potential readers re: the content they’d find most useful.

  112. Chantal

    Simply thank you!

  113. Kylie


    I have been waiting to facilitate Juice Cleanses with my dream business, which invites and empowers deep transformation and radical shifts in health, happiness and focus for personal clients and intimate groups!

    One small step I can take is clearly write up what my vision is. The next step is to share that with people I know and love, and ask if they know of clients ready for this!

  114. Marie

    You always cheer me up- and mostly kick my my butts. As a creative, I find it super hard to follow a routine to work. I jump from intense work, full on workholism with little sleep for whatever project I am working on…to full procrastination. I watch yur videos from time to time and they set me back 🙂 -Love your energy and authenticity. Thank you !

  115. Hi Marie and Team!
    I have been watching and soaking in everything you have done since you started! I first saw you on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday (my church) and was immediately drawn in to what you had to say.
    I have been in the “process” (wishing) of creating a successful home staging company. Slowly but surely I was stepping into my wish but I wasn’t seeing the progress I wanted and knew I needed to be an in-demand-stager.
    After watching and rewinding your episode twice, I pulled out my cute and still crisp notebook that I bought in order to jot down my ideas and schedule appointments with all my new clients I was going to bring in. Obviously, it was still crisp because I was being LAZY ( I stopped using the word procrastinating a long time ago).
    So I started writing all my goals for this month and then for the year, and not worrying about how I was going to get there. I just wrote. I started to get excited about the idea of me being who I always really wanted to be and not the slow girl that watched her. The next day I watched more of your videos and started filling in all the ideas I had to reach those goals. Things I knew I had to do and things I wanted to do.
    In the past month I have really cracked down thanks to you, and the knowledge you gave me to “Create a business and life I love” has gotten me so far in such a short amount of time.
    I opened a FB business page, Instagram business page, a women in business FB group and today I just launched my website. Your voice was ringing in my head loud “GIRL!!! HIT THE PUBLISH BUTTON! IT AIN’T PERFECT AND MAY NEVER BE AND THAT’S OK. YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE WHO CAN DO WHAT YOU DO! YOU ARE A BAD ASS BITCH!”
    I know I am just starting but I have all the confidence I need to take action thanks to your help. I appreciate everything you do to help women and men around the world. You really do give us the confidence we need “push the publish button” in so many aspects of not only our companies but our daily lives.
    Thank you Marie and Team from the bottom of my hard working heart all the way in Austin, Texas! If y’all have any recommendations for me, I would poke my eyes out to hear them!

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Brandi, this is AMAZING! You should feel so proud of all that you’ve done in the past month towards your goals. Each step and each action you’ve taken gets you somewhere new, and we’re honored to have inspired you in any way in that process of growing, doing, and becoming more of who you are through your business.

      Thank you for being here with us, and we’re all sending you huge congrats especially for getting your site live!

  116. Amy Dyer

    Oh, Lord, people!
    This is hitting home in a major way! For years I’ve wanted to start a business, but have been paralysed with fear. In my 30’s, I thought by now I’d be an independent business owner–once I was older……Well, now I’m 50 and still feeling sassy as hell, but realising that time is ticking away! My brain is so full of thoughts. Thoughts like, ‘Where’s the money going to come from? ‘ ‘Am I “ready” to be the one who makes all the decisions?’ Do I seek out store space, or set up an online business?’ ‘Should I seek a mentor or internship first before diving in?’
    I have many interests pulling me in a few different directions and am confused about how to choose which to pursue first.

    Empowering moment: I’ve committed to a budget that enables me to pay down most of my debt within the next year, enrolled in B-school and am also part of an online
    “365 days of Obstacle clearing” group.

    *One thing I can do today is contact the owner of a business who’s model I admire, and ask her if she would meet with me to answer some of my questions. Perhaps a part-time job to immerse myself in the culture of the business to get a better sense of the daily routines.

    • Amy Dyer

      DONE! I contacted the woman who owns the business to see if we could set up a time to chat.

  117. I am finally going to send out an email to my tribe letting them know about my Membership Site. I will also ask current Members to write a testimonial so that I can include that in the email for my tribe.

    The second thing that I have been putting off until I’m ready is letting my tribe know that I am currently taking new coaching clients and that I offer discovery calls.
    It sounds so silly to think I keep these things a secret. I will report back by the end of the day (Aussie Time) to say that I have done this! BAM!

  118. My fear is getting a health and fitness business online, and thinking that will be my sustaining income as I get older – I’m 55 and need to have an income outside on training one on one. I’ve thought about this model for the older adults who are now on social media, so….I’m not online yet, BUT, I do know what to do offline so that’s my action – I started a small Older Adult Strength class, based on everyday movements and I offered it up – fist day was free to see what they thought.
    If even 2 people come I’m going to run it, and I’m going to learn how to put it out there online. Thanks, this is such a helpful way to take action…and not just take more courses ABOUT training older adults and running programs online. Action!

  119. Amber

    I need to pitch my classes to a few education centers! Will do this by next week 🙂 Thanks for the great video!

  120. ha. interesting synchronicity. just announcing my first group program this week. absolutely not ready. I ran some programs before in a written format (also before i was ready, but writing is my comfort zone) …I still really, really suck in talking, have only a rough outline and will be tweeking the whole thing on the go, giving anything that I sweat extra as “over delivery” (e-book on the theme etc.) underpromise keeps stress down;) I accept I will suck quite a bit, but still give those women value (out of depression group). And i will grow tremendously, this is pushing the borders exactly where i need to. so I accept i’m going to suck, i’m ok with it, i’m brave to do it anyway, and brave to suck;), because i genuinely want to share something i believe in and it’s value for others. i’m not ready, but the thing is right. i’m using underpromise and honesty to counteract my weak points. i think i’m blabbing here to strengthen myself before “getting real” – reaching out my offer to some third group parties today to help me spread the word about my program among the ideal audience (cause i’m at the beginning of things with no following;) got so far 1 client waiting for more sisters to sign. but confident it’ll be all great. thanks for the episode

  121. Samira

    I want to be a writer and I want to start YouTube channel too. As for being a writer I started working on my manuscript but, for YouTube channel I am afraid that I do not have enough resources to start.

    Right now I can at least grab a notebook and a pen and start preparing contents for the videos and learn about presentation techniques. Dear Marie, You are the big inspiration for me. Thank you!

    • Samira


      Right now, I just made the outline for my first video. I write some contents in bullet points. I will elaborate it further. I found the direction and some little clarity about how to start.

      Thank you

      • I’m finally getting my Youtube channel rolling after two years of thinking about it. The thing is, as long as the ideas or content you share help someone else people will respond positively. You don’t need videos that look as slick or produced as Marie’s current videos. You just gotta get stuff out there that’s helpful. So far, my first videos look OK but my presence is really stiff and awkward and there’s a TON of editing around how many lines I messed up. But the information I give has been very well received and not one single person has said a word about the overall look of the videos. Trust me, you don’t need a lot of resources, just a phone or a halway decent Canon flip-cam will shoot good videos that you can edit later. Start shooting and watching your videos at home and you’ll become increasingly comfortable and confident the more you make those practice videos (and the REAL ones!). Just get started! 🙂

  122. vanessa atances

    My husband and I were talking about starting a You Tube channel together focusing on our shared religious and political backgrounds. I am afraid of looking bad. Looking physically unattractive, sounding stupid, no one watching or caring, being useless.

    The one thing I could do right now is figure out what the structure would look like and what the point of it would be.

    • Vanessa, check out my reply to Samira’s post immediately above yours. The same advice applies here as well. 🙂

  123. oum

    I am planning to start a business, and this video is so amazing because it gives me “permission” to start doing BEFORE everything is perfectly planned !

    So, today, I will start contacting suppliers and ask for quotes even if I don’t even have my business up and running yet !


  124. Great session again today.

    I have been wanting to launch a training academy called ACTS Academy (both classroom based and virtual training) and have found so many reasons not to get started. Marie your words hit the mark.
    Tomorrow I will set up the registration for both classes on my learning portal and no matter if I am ready or not I am going to do it and learn from it. I will follow up with this group the first of April after both my online and classroom trainings happen. Thank you for touching my soul.


  125. dechen

    Thanks for your supportive guidance dear – My fear I donot like to give cell numbers first – I give people my cell number after they have communicate by email ….
    what would you suggest ?
    Facilitating Well being Workshops

  126. I’ve been meaning to approach a coffee shop to give workshops for a couple weeks now. I have spent SO much time analysing what fear is holding me back, and laughed when I read that that will only keep me ‘stuck and stalled’ rather than taking the fear away. Thank you for reminding me that the best things happen when you just make the jump and prove to yourself that you can do them after the fact. I recall that a few years ago that was a motto of mine, and I’m not sure when I gave it up – time to believe in ‘start before you’re ready’ again! 🙂

    I can make a one page summary list of workshops I want to give, get it printed by the end of tomorrow, and on Monday visit the coffee shop to talk to the manager. EEK!

    • Bennett Hyacinth

      Best of Good luck ??

  127. Antigone

    I’m always putting off my website’s work i have to do to finally launch it…the web developer is still waiting for my illustrations, copy…and i need to take good photos of my work so i can build my portfolio in Behance….it seems that there is never a good time!
    I have to go forward with all of these before i’m ready!

    Thank you Marie!!! <3 xxx

  128. Oh well, it’s nice to be not the only person with this “readynitis” ….
    I am really afraid to come across as stupid, pretending to know stuff I don’t know enough about etc etc etc.
    So what I need to do is “come out” online with our new business and finally push the button on the new website which I have procrastinated on for the last 6 month as it never feels good enough or ready. So what I will do – get this baby on the road, ready or not!!!
    So the website I will link here is the one not ready yet. Just a bit of pressure to publish it asap 😉

  129. This message is so timely and I JUST wrote about this topic yesterday on my own blog – how ironic! I was really struggling with coming up with a message for my post and then I realized I was looking for “perfect” before I could start writing. So, I challenged myself to embrace where I was at in that particular moment instead of seeking “more”. Once I stopped resisting where I was at, I was able to write my blog post. My best advice is to start where you’re at. Maybe there’s a golden something in all your imperfection that the world needs. THAT is where you’re meant to be and THAT is what you’re being called to share.

  130. Bennett Hyacinth

    Thanks for sharing this recent video on fear. It resonated with me and my situation. Although I’ve had several businesses in the past which haven’t been successful I stil have strong desire to be a successful entrepreneur. I’ve been a successful, passionate nurse for 42 years and I am certainly not ready to put down the gauntlet. Ever since coming out of nursing school I’ve had a passion for the care of elderly persons. I also love teaching and mentoring and wish to combine all these into one business. I’m well able but never feel ready.
    You probably figured out that I’m in my 60s (63 to be exact) and in the middle of my MSN in nursing education. Thanks again for the encouragement. I do feel empowered to go and search for teaching opportunities. The library, schools, and community centers. I think my age has been a distraction in the past but not anymore. In the second act of my life I want more…

  131. Collete

    Thank you for this! This message is exactly what I needed.

  132. Helen M,

    This is exactly what I needed to hear! My one concrete step was just posting that I’m looking for clients. I’d been overthinking it, trying to get the wording just right, but you inspired me to just write something short and sweet and put it up without tinkering with it forever. Thank you so much!

  133. Jatin

    I am entrepreneur myself but still in struggling stage. I have gone through many entrepreneurship awareness programs and training. But purhaps that is the hinderance as too much knowledge (Or to be precise : information) is the hurdle.

    I have a very good business idea, but my problem is just from where to start and how to protect it from the big fishes of the pone. I hope my interaction with you will give me some direction.

    The first possible step for me is to find the beginning from where I can start and progress wtih one spet daily towards goal.

    With hope of good guidance

  134. First of all, your new website is kick ass, Marie!
    The vibe and openness is FRESH and bright!
    “Start before your ready” is such a great reminder. I think we all hold ourselves back out of self-critic perfectionism on occasion. It takes practice to break through every single day!
    Thanks for the weekly pep talks and inspiration Marie.
    I especially love to see your outtakes cutting it loose on the dance floor. Gorgeous energy from the inside out!

  135. Marie, I’ve loved this since the first time you put it out in the universe! Thank you for the much needed reminder. That YouTube video is going out this week. ox

  136. I just started to write on my blog WordPress after 3 years I opened the account, I WAS SCARE! because I though that I have to be an expert , have the journalism or writer title to do it, but I decided to start, and after three articles published and the positive responses of friends and family I know I was wasting my time under the lies of fear and insecurity. When my dad called me to tell me he read my articles, he said he was very proud of me and said he didn’t know I have writer skills ! he was moved by the things I wrote specially the blog about my grandma memories, he said he got tears because he didn’t know that I have beautiful memories of her.
    Marie is right when she said that One of the underrated secrets to success is to start before you are ready. If I had to put my blogs on hold for more years waiting to be “ready” my dad and my friends will never had the opportunity to enjoy my stories or memories about my life and that will be a missing part of my purpose in this earth to tell my story today, not tomorrow or when I’m gone, I feel more secure everyday, I don’t fear about what people will say about me or my blog and I will continue doing it to get more experience and be maybe the writer I wanted to be.
    After I starter B-school only this week, my life has changed forever, one of he lessons that I started to practice is thinking about the person you want to sell your product or service this is the most important key that I can use right now to understand what other people feel, need and want from me and the business I want to start. I’m wearing their shoes to understand them, and plan my business base on that, it’s not anymore about me, how much money I’m going to make, it’s about the core and purpose driven of my business and the difference I’m going to make in this world.
    Thanks Marie and your team for the encouragement and for B-school, the best decision in 2017!
    PS: By the way my native language is Spanish and I was also insecure to write in English. Just in case sorry for my grammar!.

    • Karina


  137. Caroline

    Hello Marie and everyone!

    The two things that I have been afraid of at the moment is to start my own business and start guitar classes. The guitar classes is more about procrastination and not finding time to do it. But in which regards starting my own business I’m already taking the first steps by joining B-School and doing other courses that will help me to acquire the knowledge and techniques required to open my business.

    Thank you all for your support

  138. Leah B.

    You are right on with this post. I had been scared for years to take a career leap. My career had been quite promising and 2 months before my promised “big promotion”, my company was bought, merged, and all of my peers and colleagues let go (including the boss that was giving me the promotion). Staying there meant that I had to start all over again, prove my worth, etc. even though I had 10 years there already.
    It was scary as heck to think about leaving everything I knew — I almost didn’t do it. But I pushed through the fear and started looking before I was really ready. I found another career path and I don’t regret it for a second! I have more time with my family, relocated to a state that is closer to extended family (scary move!), and in the end, I am making more money than ever before!

    • I know what you mean, Leah. I was faced with a similar decision three and a half years ago. I was advocating for myself related to unethical decisions in the agency I worked for, but they were not budging. Meanwhile, I had set an intention to start my own practice. On the very day that the agency announced that they would start taking steps towards firing me, I got a call to look at a potential office space. It was perfect for my business. I turned in my resignation and started my practice. I was scared, but the feeling of relief and excitement was even stronger. I have since relocated and I am creating an online practice. My intention is to “start before I am ready”!

  139. Your saying “Start before you are ready” has been haunting me for weeks.
    I had been putting off getting my re-certification as a personal trainer as a step towards a career change for 8 months because I was fearful of failing. Even though I have been doing training for years and know my stuff, the statistics of not passing the first time through ACSM are about 50%. Anyway, I scheduled my test for last week and PASSED!
    Now I am on my way to confidentially building my new career. Next step- fix my website!

  140. Natalia

    1. An online business that allows me to have finance and location freedom. To write a book about my story. I’ve been telling to my self for years: Your story can change someone else’s…but I haven’t find the time or the courage to do it.
    2. I enrolled in B-school 2017 and now I see the light 😀
    Thank you <3

    • Natalia


  141. Rena

    I’ve been wanting to incorporate precious metal leaf in my paintings for a looooong time. I bought materials almost a year ago, but never even cracked them open because I was chicken. So, what I’ve done is volunteer to create and donate a small painting to an AWESOME animal rescue, and that will be my first leafing project! My first action will be to get the rough image onto the surface this weekend. 😀

    • Wow, what a great way to get started, Rena! You will be making a difference for our amazing animal friends and for yourself. Have fun with it!

  142. Edith

    Hello Marie. You are really a bless for many people that like me is waiting someone to push us to take a best step in our life. MAKE OUR DREAM COMES TRUE!!. I worked in the same field for more than 20 years, tell you the true the last years I was feeling stuck, I was loving to train, coach, and teach people to do better job, sometimes I saw me in the situation advising some of them how to improve their life (go to school or do what you like or love what you do. But for me, something still was not enough in my heart. I was asking myself what is my purpose? I feel something is missing? I watch your videos and I am sure I want to make a difference in others life. The question is HOW?! I ha I believe, I need some help. I would love to write inspiring or motivational blogs. Feel so scare because English is not my native language. Please, some advice?

    • What better way to improve your English than by writing something you want to publish! If you want to, you can have a Native English speaker preview your posts. Then send them out into the world!

  143. Hey Marie,

    It is really a interesting post along interesting video. When we give a start to a new work or project – somehow, our fear makes us weak and manythings arises in our mind whether we get success over it or not.

    But these things can be easily fixes with positive mind set. Eventually, thanks for sharing your experience with us.

    With best wishes,

    Amar kumar

  144. Yep, i was never ready but somehow you just figure it out and the deadlines in creates helps me more!

  145. Done
    Learning from my mistakes as I go

  146. Okay, so I want to be making money – real money, better money than the universities where I am lucky to be employed pay me – coaching young actors on their entry into the business, giving them practical advice, skills they will need & use, and LOTS of reassurance, confidence and tender love.

    But students don’t like to spend money.
    But I have two jobs already, and am always behind.
    But what makes me special?
    But I have two kids.

    – I have a MILLION more reasons why not to go with this one, but $h*t…I won’t ever be ready. And I will never know if I don’t at least try. The dumbest part is that students have been begging me to offer more workshops. They hear about their classmates’ experiences, or see their growth in shows, and they want to feel and have what I bring to the table.

    So I’m sending out my initial workshop offerings. I ran a Google survey after watching the Follow-Through Method training videos, and guess what? – I got a flood of responses, and new requests in addition to what I sent out…Here We Go!!

    • Yay! You did it! Way to go, Kim!

  147. Yes! Fear waste so much of our time! Just Do it ….Fake it ’til you make it!

    • Robbin McCullen


  148. You make some great points, thanks!
    I have been concentrating on getting my company, White Lotus Home to expand to more to traditional audiences but my organic mattresses, pillows and other bedding products are a lot about being green, healthy and organic. Some items that the majority of the universe is not buying into that much, yet. Not sure if it would be best to start something more traditional and then lure them in or concentrate only on what is working for me right now? I can also start a new venture that I have been dreaming about and that is an Organic B&B, where users can test my organic bedding while renting a room and they can later use a large % of what they paid for the room as a credit to the purchase of their new organic mattress, pillow or bedding. What do you think?

    • Ooh, organic B&B sounds so appealing! What a great way to let people know what you sell! And it is a source of income in itself. I can imagine people who stay at your B&B going home and telling their friends that they are ordering new bedding from White Lotus Home. I wish you much happiness…

  149. Johanna

    First of all, Marie, you are so inspirational! Thank you for all what you do. I feel like you specifically talking to me! ? Fear is exactly what holds me to make my dream come true – I dream to operate a profitable floral design studio that makes people happy with the beauty. Fear of how to compete and survive among other existing florists, fear to start because things are not perfect yet, fear of how to make this happen with so little resources that I have.

    Concrete steps to do – for now just throw myself and my portfolio out there so people can start noticing my work! It has been on and off since 2011, but now since following you, I got motivated again! So I just signed up for Instagram, and have made the weekly plan ( as you say we have to be consistent). Even that, I freaked out last night before posting my first picture! It is not as perfect looking as my mentors’ pages …. but then I looked on their first postings and then at their recent postings…. definitely I saw some learning there! It is my turn now to take that first step, something got to start from square one, right?
    I am not ready…. but first step’s DONE. foreverblooms_floralart on Instagram.

    Thank you for the inspirations!

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      YAY! You should feel so proud of completing that first step, and then let that pride fuel continued forward momentum. We’re excited for you!

  150. narkis

    Something I’ve been afraid to start- fundraising for my business, building a solid and ambitious plan and showing up for executing it and inviting partners to join me.

  151. Candy

    1. One thing I haven’t done: transition to working for myself full-time
    2. One step I can do now is create a consistent habit of everyday working on a website with tools to help entrepreneurs. I will set the time at 7:30pm each evening to work on this for 30 minutes to 2 hours (in case I’m inspired to continue to work on it). I’m excited! Creating a reminder now!

  152. Lindsey

    I haven’t been able to stay consistently in one position. I start projects or learn skills and then veer away slightly for various reasons. Either I am not fulfilled in the position, or I put so much into it that I get burnt out. I like the independence of working by myself and creating. I am a creative in all aspects of my life with a unique passionate vision. However, I have a hard time sharing my perspectives with the world. The step I’ve already taken is joining B-school. I hope to become clearer on what to focus my energy on and create a sustainable business for myself and a sustainable concept for the world that benefits me and other people. Creating meaning is doing work that is fulfilling and making a difference in the world. I want to make a big difference and (although it sounds flowery) share my love and creativity with the strengths I posess.

  153. This is absolutely true! I knew what I wanted to do but didn’t have everything laid out, and told myself: “just start with this one thing”. It really helped to get the momentum going as I started my business, even if I failed at something or made a mistake. It’s all a learning process as much as a growing process, but the important this is to START. Even if you have to start over, at least you’re starting!

  154. I just enroll to Bschool because i want to have more clarity to create my business.
    I started a years before but until now its not seems clear and whats the next step to do.
    I have been changing and changing for the last 3 years.

  155. So I did it – I set a challenge to coach 30 women in 30 days – starting this Monday!!

    I have been so inspired getting back in to b-school and figuring out how I can be of service rather than be a needy beginner coach…

    I think about the only time this theory of starting before I am ready hasn’t worked is in making cheese – I really wasn’t ready for the advanced making of feta 🙂

  156. Raj

    Loved the video Marie.
    Start before you’re ready is now firmly embedded in my psyche.
    A sensationla book comes to mind. Written by the iconic Richard Branson it’s called “Screw it, Let’s do it.”

  157. Very good video! Thank you, Marie!

  158. I have been planning but putting off adding a newsletter to my business and sending out the first edition to my mailing list. I think I am afraid that I will be too busy with other projects and let “my people” (and myself down) by not providing the amazing product I want to offer. I have posted Marie’s mantra, Start Before You’re Ready, on my computer. Today I am going to my favorite place to work on projects- the library. I am going to create the template for my first newsletter. There is no better time than today.

  159. Thank you for this video – the timing of it couldn’t be better! I’ve been wanting to put more consistent action into my YouTube channel, but I’m always afraid that I don’t know exactly which direction to pursue and that I’ll get too overwhelmed to film, edit, and wear all the hats! But my gut has been telling me that I need to try the VEDA challenge (Vlog Every Day in April), so here we go 🙂 Thanks always for your advice!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Love this, Kaitlin! We’re cheering you on for taking on the VEDA challenge – let us know how it goes! 😀

  160. Hi Marie! Ok sooo…
    1. The thing I’m afraid to do, is finish writing my book. I believe this is my life’s work. Put in your words Marie, “It’s the special gift only I have (and can give).” It’s a simple, but profound message I truly feel in my heart can help so many in how to give and receive love in a more healthy and honest way. Somewhere along line, modern Western culture has long lost the human lessons in love we can only learn through living as village. I was fortunate to live in both, a “Modern Village” — and through this experience have gained wisdom in how to be a “True Sister.” You’d never know how to be/have a sister if you never got the education. I feel that if more people open themselves up to learning how to be, or treat a sister, life could be more beautiful.

    2. One thing I can do right now, is write at least one more paragraph on my existing book draft.

    Thanks as always, for what you do. Sending infinite Xs & Ommms.


    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      We’ll be wishing you luck with your book, Bee! It’s totally okay to take baby steps. Just like that quote that says “the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step,” the journey of a book begins with one word, one sentence, one paragraph after another. You can do it!

  161. Hi Marie,,, very impressive and interesting video. I really like it.

  162. Unfortunately, emotions, worry, fear and doubt stop us all one time or another. There is never a great climate to start, you just need to take action. Sometimes when you take action, you will experience things that take you back to the beginning. You lose your almost finished 150 page book on your hard drive that was not recovered in the files recovery. So, you go back to it all over again. The second time around was better than the first time around. You may even learn the hard lessons of losing your first website with three years of data. Gone! You keep going! Success is the only option.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s so true, Martin! And such a great perspective to have.

  163. Reading my poems outloud in public spaces. Scares me. It’s what I want to do though! Being authentic with an audience is where I’m working to. Or if not just being who shows up. Letting it be what it is and losing the element of control over performance would be a good step. Thanks Marie.

  164. Hey, there! So inspired by this community. Thank you for this great service you offer!

    I’m actually commenting because I feel like I used to identify with this sentiment, but since I entered my 30s I’ve done almost the exact opposite. I KEEP starting. New things, new opportunities, new paths, almost every day. I’m having an issue stoping starting, and selecting which of these many paths are the most viable and worth pursuing.. It’s as though I’m using starting many things as a way out of the scary “follow-through” that any one of these paths might require.

    I might have just solved that problem myself… but I’d be happy to have you weigh in on HOW to narrow down what I spend my energy on now that I’m a starting-machine!

    Thank you!

  165. I am postponing to tell my possible (but unknow clients) what I do for living in the few past years and to start doing this on-line to achive a larger amount of learners in my courses… I`m really afraid of the camera…. 🙁

  166. I am postponing to tell my possible (but unknow clients) what I do for living in the few past years and to start doing this on-line to achive a larger amount of learners in my courses… I`m really afraid of the camera….

  167. Sadhana

    Hey Marie,
    Firstly, your videos are amazing and really inspires me a lot. And your personality is just WOW!
    I am 26 years old married and from past 4 years, have been working as finance analyst.
    But, i was never happy with what i was doing so, finally i quit my job with no planning of what i will be doing next. I always wanted to start my own play school as i love teaching and kids, for which i need to do 1 year course and simultaneously, i also want to start business so that there is a flow of income and i could manage my own expenses.
    On the other hand i also want to plan baby, which is a huge responsibility.
    Currently, i am jobless and taking care of my in-laws and sometimes i also get frustrated being at home as nothing seems to be working out.
    These all things are making me mad and really dont know what i should start with.

    Thank you!

  168. Thank you so much for sharing those tips! I’m looking forward to applying those myself!

  169. I have worked with a software developer to create animated characters that pop-up on a web page to keep website visitors “glued” to the web page because of the uniqueness and unexpected appearance.

    I want to offer these characters to local business owners but have been “tweaking” my offer for a while because I wanted it to be “perfect.” I guess I need to take “imperfect action” and “just-do-it.”

    I’ll be back to let you know how it goes!

  170. Big thing-start my online class!!!
    I need to learn how to do a webinar and Market it well!!!

  171. First time commenter after years of following you, Marie. THIS post of yours spoke to me stronger than any yet! I’m an interior designer (originally was on path to become an architect) who also wants to be a fashion and prop stylist and general life style blogger/ connector. I’m very confident about my design abilities and my office clients/ bosses/ people I advise/ friends/ family are always happy and excited about the work that I do. EVERYONE I share my expanded business vision with tell me it sounds like a natural progression for me and to just go for it. I’ve even had a large online retail company choose to profile me and how I style myself. However, I have had such a tough time trusting myself to get it right + now I’m a new mom to a one year old. I did finally start a website (under construction but hopefully to launch shortly) and started an Instagram recently . I have a bunch of ideas now to really get more content out there to share asap. Hope to post a follow up soon to say that I’ve ‘done’ that! Many many thanks for your continued push and inspiration!



    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Jen, thank you so much for your lovely note. We’re so glad that you’ve been tuning in for a while, and that this episode inspired you to leave your first comment!

      We’re thrilled this episode sparked some ideas for you, and we look forward to your comment letting us know it is D-O-N-E done! ?

  172. Shelly

    I needed this today! I have allowed myself to be overwhelmed to th point of paralysis!
    I’ve been afraid to start bschool. I’ve “almost” enrolled the past 3 years and talked myself out of it. This year I felt if I didn’t do it I never would! I did enroll this time! I work 2 jobs and tell myself I’m too busy and overwhelmed.
    I will follow through with Follow Through today! (And I’ll be back to say “DONE!”

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Right on, Shelly! It’s totally okay to take baby steps and go slow, especially since you have a lot on your plate already. If you want to do one video a week, that’s perfect! You have lifetime access and our team and the community aren’t going anywhere––we’re happy to support you at any time. Baby steps are better than no steps, so we’re super proud of you for taking the leap and doing what you can!

  173. Yoli

    I really needed this little pep talk to … JUST DO IT! It’s often easier said than done. But yes, we can’t let our fears keep us from trying things and at least begin the process, whether it means failure or success. You never know until you jump right in. There’s no time for dipping in the pinky toe in the shallow end and getting cold feet! Step right up and begin something. It could make you happier than you ever dreamed! <3 Thank you for this.

  174. Erin Kozoll

    Talk about being called out! HA

  175. Colby Thompson

    I’m having a hard time getting my business started. I’m almost done with my first book and I’m going to use the introduction and Part One as an OVO!!!! I think it will really get people interested in my and my empowerment teaching! I have started writing some blog entries and I want to have at least 10 or 12 done before I start to post them weekly. My first product of course is my book, “Do As I Say, Not As I Did (Learning To Take Our Own Advice).” and I’m developing a DVD course in empowerment based on the book. I think the blog (along with YouTube and ITune podcasts to go along with it is the way to go, but I can’t get started!!! I’m in B-School and Experts Academy. How much more information can I get?
    So, I think what I need to do is get a website. I’ve reserved for my business and for a future non-profit to help empower people who can’t afford to buy from my business (such as domestic violence survivors and dvs coming home from prison after serving time for defending themselves which is what happened to me.
    I think that for the money, SquareSpace is for me……….. ok, that’s my step.

  176. Matthew McGuire

    The two things i have been afraid of starting is my book and my business.
    The step i can take write now to start my book is to get brainstorming ideas and for my business take BSchool and brainstorm ideas.

  177. Elena Polyakova

    Thank you very much, Marie! That’s one of the most valuable advice I’ve ever got in my life!

  178. A great video for helping to encourage what I define as a dreamer. If we thought about and planned something from every angle, we’re a dreamer. Helping us define our purpose and vision for the idea will help us overcome this challenge. Thanks for sharing!

  179. Max

    It’s too late to start before I’m ready, I’m already ready! My problem is I don’t know how to get started.

  180. Start before you are ready – fabulous mantra!

  181. Izas

    So inspiring Marie!
    Start before you are ready is going to be my mantra for 2018.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Yay Izas! 2018 is going to be an amazing year for you! Cheering you on big time over here 🙂

  182. mona

    i am starting my COACHING CAREER ,I created a FB page for my brand ,i feel it was
    a little bit early for me but it was a challenge for me to put myself out , i feel not
    so happy with this action but i did , yet i really dont know how to build it right with
    a professional look ..
    bschool was a big decision for me ,but i am happy with it ,i am taking it slowly
    on my self as i am a multi passionate person ,also i am struggling financially which puts alot of pressure on me , but i believe that i will pass this tough time in my life ,
    as i did before in other situations .

  183. I was so excited to see this video because I am super good at being a student and taking courses and learning how to “do all the right things” to have a successful business. BUT I’m super stinky at actually putting all that I learn into action!! Sad day! I keep waiting for the day that I’ll have all my systems in place. Waiting for the day I’ll be able to get people started building their own business on my team with the right duplicatable system, etc. It actually scares me to think about getting started before I’m ready!! The silly thing is that I started building my business 5 years ago, but it was all by doing in person classes and now I’m shifting my focus to building online which paralyzes me. WHAT IF I FAIL?? What if my copy is too formal and bland and helps no one? What if I can’t empathize well and really connect with people in their pain and dreams? Never gonna know until I try. Here goes nothing. I’m gonna take the plunge and start connecting with people while also working on getting my systems in place. After all, if I never start, I’ll never share the gift I have to give to the world and I don’t want to die with the music still inside me. (Is that how the quote goes??)

  184. Carla Rojas Cooper

    1. I did not start before I was ready… Im not ready and I think I will never be if I keep waiting.
    2. I will trust my gift and start working while learning.

  185. Restarting Bschool to pick up the pieces!

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Marie- we see you and are always cheering you on. One action step at a time. Keep moving and working- you’re exactly where you’re meant to be at any time. You’ve got this. xo

  186. Starting Module 1 Lesson 1 today

  187. Just got Blue Ocean on Audible!

  188. Fundi Nzimande

    Thank you so much Marie. I found this powerful and encouraging. I want to start a woman’s magazine/programme for TV.

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      We’re thrilled for you Fundi! Have an amazing time getting started on your woman’s magazine and tv program. One step at a time, and you’ll be golden!

  189. Dechen Sunadna

    Thank you – I am going to be 60yrs – I have created a ‘retreat for beginners’ had few people sign up for it – BUT the sign up have been far in between – i get people sign up every three months – 3 persons sign up – am grateful for it – and it is a joy to know what i can contribute to the world – ‘specials and importance of quite to yourself, to discover the you’ – ‘i shifted from a big city to a small town does that make a difference ? I have made flyer like postcards / gave free talks – spoken to people – I cannot get at job at this age – could you tell me what right or wrong am doing here ? it is also my live hood – joining your biz school – money issues for most things – i take care of my own welfare – i am grateful with your youtubes here, i watch all of it – thank you thank you thank you 🙂

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Great question, Dechen! There could be any number of reasons people aren’t buying, including budget, the timing of the retreats, not understanding what they’re getting, the marketing of the retreats not reaching the right people, etc. Although we’re not able to do individualized coaching, Marie often recommends that entrepreneurs interview the people they most want to work with to get insight on how best to serve them. Knowing what your ideal customers want and what their hesitations to buying are could be really insightful for you as you decide what to do going forward. We hope this helps and that things with the retreats get better soon!

  190. Jacki

    One important thing I haven’t been able to get started is my website! However, I am going to wait until next week’s B-School module is out to actually create the website itself.
    What can I do right now to start before I am ready? I can do two things: outline what I know I need in my website, and start creating ideas for blog/update posts on my writing work. I could also do newsletter work, but I’m a 10000% lost on that front as to what to do.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Yes, Jacki! That’s excellent. And in addition to the whole module on websites, we’ll be releasing 3 bonus trainings––one each on getting started with WordPress, SquareSpace, and Shopify. So we’ve got you covered with step-by-step tools if you’re planning to use one of those platforms. We can’t wait to dive in with you! 🙂

  191. Totally agree!

    1. Afraid to start my project We, the world.
    Women Empowering, the world.
    Funded through Yoga trainings that transform womens lives in developed counries, teaching them tools and practices that will break through mental/emotional habits to enrich all aspects of their lives, inturn hekping women abroad transform their lives by teaching them the skills they need to create income, health and safety.

    I just don’t know where to begin?!!
    I have reached out to friends, family, colleagues with a long clear motivational mail, asking for feedback, ideas, contacts. Have had 3 women who want to work on this.
    BUt I don’t know what the next step should be?

    Is there some great book who tells you how to do this step by step?

    2. ONe thing I could think of to do now is just create a page on my website for WE, the world. Is that a good idea?

  192. Hello! I have joined B-School and I am SO EXCITED!!!!!
    Can I get a little review and/or PUSH to “just start before I’m ready”
    Afraid to start because I want to make sure it is Good Enough!!! I want to succeed and yes, I am afraid to fail but I am determined NOT to fail. Little push please?


  193. One thing I am afraid to start is educational workshops on Self-care & whole being for musicians. One thing I can do right now before I am ready is create a cover letter and have a conversation with a member of a local auditorium discussing workshop ideas/

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s excellent, Stephanie! Musicians work long hours and often don’t get paid what they deserve, so this is really important for their well-being.

  194. Dear Marie,
    I did bschool it was amazing I finally started building my list I have 11 people and updating people each week every Monday which I send out before o go to work. I’m currently working in a job I have outgrown and I’m millennial living at home to save so I can buy a property. I have been trying to start for 4 years and this year I I’m making progress. I couldn’t agree with you more I haven’t officially started my business as yet I have started building my business and networking in my industry as well as getting mentoring from someone in the industry. I’m starting now to be more financially responsible which is starting before I’m ready as I need to move out to a) have a space to film to build my audience and b) have space to run my business as I cannot run it at home as my dad doesn’t believe in what I’m doing. With all the detours and everything slowly lining up I realised this was the only thing left to start saving to move out, so I’m planning to see a financial planner. I’m also looking into possibly doing filming in a tent in a park as I have been looking for space to rent out once a month to film. I got tired of waiting for the perfect time. I even wake up early to do some social media campaigns before work; eventually o plan to wake up earlier to go to the gym in the morning so I can then do it once I’m home. I’m also fitting in JobSearch on my free time as I need to leave but I’m starting from somewhere I cannot wait to start properly and have people stop wondering what I’m doing as I’m stalling as I’m trying to figure out things

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      This is great, Rebecca! We’re proud of you for getting started and it sounds like you’re making good progress. It can take a while to get things really going, so we’re cheering you on and hope you’ll stick with it. You got this! 🙂

  195. Hilda

    Hi everyone!
    This is just what I needed to hear today
    I have been putting off all of my project, writing/designing my website and recording my podcast
    One thing I can do right now is at least draft it and investigate whether the podcast hosting I am considering keeps the rights of it which is something I don´t want
    I can´t wait to share my website with this amazing community!

    • Hilda

      OMG I can´t believe how much I procrastinated, as a mom and housewife I always find laundry or dishes or food to make; I mean I also work from home and I also need to comply with
      What I want to say is THANK YOU!!!!
      Marie and team you are definetely my biggest inspiration to take action!

      • Jennifer - Team Forleo

        Yes, Hilda, way to get it done despite all of those other things that are vying for your attention. Keep up the great work, we’re continuing to cheer you on, you so got this!

        • Hilda Belmont

          Thank you Jennifer, ya´all are a great source of inspiration and part of my truest and deepest visualizations which lift my energy are the ones that include sharing my wins with you, Marie and this incredible community! Love from Mexico!

  196. To what extent does this apply to Business School? If my company doesn t help pay, how can I earn money for B-school?

  197. well i want to host a kindness workshop for a company to bring it’s employees closer. i need to plan it and offer it to a company i think it’d be a great fit for.

  198. Robie

    Very much helpful and inspirational right doing B school. Thank you Marie!

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