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Get Ready With Me! My 10-Minute Morning Makeup Routine

March 4, 2024

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Ever feel like there’s no time to put yourself together? 

With beauty magazines and celebrity gossip thrown in your face daily — it’s easy to feel like everyone has the whole “glam” thing figured out but you.

Of course, we all know deep down that the Hollywood scene is not real life. Most of those people have a whole team of professional makeup artists and hairstylists — all dedicated to making sure they look flawless the moment they step out their door. 

Not all of us can get the star treatment 24/7. In fact, I still do all my own makeup for MarieTV

But after filming for over 14 years, I like to keep things as easy as possible — and you can, too!

Look, I’m someone who packs a lot into her day. So believe me when I say that looking great doesn’t have to be complicated, and it doesn’t have to take hours to get yourself rockstar ready.

If you’ve only got a few morning minutes to give yourself a glow-up, then today’s MarieTV is for you. 

Here’s my simple, step-by-step makeup tutorial to get that natural, glowy look — including:

  • How to get your skin looking silky smooth
  • My secret for beating dark undereye circles — fast
  • One thing I will never let makeup artists do to my face
  • The 10-second trick to instantly banish droopy eyes 
  • How to capture your own unique look (without going over the top!)
  • The right amount of highlighter to avoid looking like you bathed in gold glitter
  • How to quickly banish oily spots that make you look greasy

Putting on a pretty face goes way beyond beautifying. It gives you the confidence you need to be your best self and tackle anything life throws your way.

DIVE DEEPER: As you’re getting glam, don’t forget to take care of what’s INSIDE as well. Click here to get my simple tool that reduces stress in five minutes or less. It will help you get out of your head and into action mode so you can focus on what matters — and feel better, fast.

Now, it’s your turn — want to try the same routine for yourself?

Here’s everything I used to get this glow-up: 

All my love,

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