My “Get Everything Done” Work Routine

April 9, 2024

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People ask me all the time, “Marie — how in the world do you get so much done?”

The truth is, I’m not some productivity superwoman... 

But over the years, I have learned a thing or two about how to focus my time and energy — so I spend time on the right things and avoid getting bogged down in low-value tasks or distractions. 

If you struggle to stay focused on your work — today’s MarieTV is for you. 

I’m taking you behind the scenes of my personal work routine – showing you how I’m able to get more done in 1 hour than most people do all day!

In this 90-minute, real-time work session, you and I are going to get our most important tasks done — together. Join me for this focused work block and make today a huge productivity win.

Plus – you’ll get my 3-step “Time Genius” checklist that keeps you focused and helps you accomplish more than you ever have before.

DIVE DEEPER: These focus blocks are perfect for mastering a new skill. If you’d like to level-up your copywriting skills, use this Pomodoro session to take my 7-Day Free Writing Class! 

Now it’s your turn. Save a link to this video and restart the clock anytime you need to focus.

Got more productivity secrets that help you stay on track? I’d love to hear them! 

Share in the comments below and let’s tackle today’s to-do’s — together.

XO 💕

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