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Have you ever set a New Year’s Resolution or goal — only for your excitement to fizzle out a few weeks later?

You’re not alone. A study by the Journal of Clinical Psychology shows that most people make the same resolution 10 times without success. Ten times.

This doesn’t have to be you. Whether you want to write a book, start a business, strengthen your body, or upgrade your health — your dreams deserve to see the light of day.

Success doesn't come from what you do occasionally. It comes from what you do consistently. Click To Tweet

On today’s MarieTV, you’ll learn three science-backed strategies that will help you make that happen.

These habits are simple and easy to implement. More importantly, they will radically increase your odds of achieving any goal.

If you have big dreams, this episode is a must-watch. These three habits will keep you focused and consistent — all year long. 

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Here’s a quick recap of everything you just learned. 

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Strategy #1: Write Down Your Goal — Every. Day. 

You’ve probably heard this advice a million times, but hardly anyone actually does it! Dr. Gail Matthews, a professor of psychology at Dominican University discovered that people who write down their goals are 42% more likely to achieve them. 

Here’s why it works. Writing down your top goals every day means you’ll look at them every day. It’s a constant, powerful reminder of where to put your focus.

Personally, I write my #1 goal at least 15 times every morning. In fact, I did that when I was writing Everything is Figureoutable. I wrote, “I am a #1 NY Times Bestseller” 15 times per day, every day for at least 18 months. Obviously, I worked my tail off for far longer and did many things to support the book, but that goal did happen.  

If you’re truly serious about achieving your goals this year, write them down. Daily.

Strategy # 2. Schedule Where & When You’ll Take Action 

For years I’ve told my B-Schoolers, “If it’s not scheduled, it’s not real.” And there’s science to back it up: 

Dr. Heidi Grant Halvorson, a social psychologist who studies goal setting and motivation found that “deciding in advance when and where you’ll take specific actions to reach your goal can double or triple your chances for success.” 

Translation: You’re 2-3X more likely to achieve your goal if you schedule in your calendar when and where you’ll take action on your goals. 

This habit only takes 4 minutes and will make you massively more productive in any area of your life. If you want to dial up your chances even more, make a contingency plan too. Plan ahead for problems or setbacks that could throw you off your game. When they pop up, you’ll be glad you solved them in advance. 

Strategy #3. Set An Appointment To Update A Friend 

Your environment also has enormous influence over the way you think, feel, and behave. Over time, your environment — and the people in it— can make or break your success.

According to The American Society of Training and Development, you have a 65% greater chance of completing a goal if you commit to someone. Even better, making a specific “accountability appointment” with another person can increase your chances of success by up to 95%. 

That’s a lot. 

It doesn’t have to be complicated, either. For example, set a weekly standing appointment where you and a friend agree to text an update about your goals at 5pm. It’s so simple and yet you just made it 95% more likely that you’ll achieve your goals.

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This is time-sensitive so get started ASAP.

1. Comment below and tell me where and when you’ll take that first action step. 
2. GET TO IT! Then reply to your comment with the words “Done!” or “I did it!” 
3. Like this IG post & tag at least two friends and help them reach their goals.

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The recipients of our giveaway have been chosen but congratulations to everyone who took action! You’re amazing and keep it up!

  1. Chihiro
  2. LeAnn
  3. Ruby
  4. Melissa


Now I’d love to hear from you. What’s the most important goal you’re committed to achieving this year and why?

Remember, reasons come before results. Get specific.

Share as much detail as you can. Hundreds of thousands of souls come here for insight and inspiration. Your story may be just what someone needs to see things from a fresh perspective. Important: please share your thoughts and ideas directly in the comments. Links to other posts, videos, etc. may be removed.

Your dreams deserve to see the light of day. Whether it’s a big change or a little change you want to make, GO FOR IT. These three habits will help.

With SO much love ❤️,


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  1. Stephanie Muhammad

    I’m going to start by writing my goals down today

    • Denisa Sabou

      This is not a New Year Resolution, but I decided last year that I will finish my bachelor thesis. Before the end of the year I was pretty sad that I won’t be able to finish it on time( I had 25 pages left) , due to the deadline which is on mid January. But 2 weeks ago, I got motivated, wrote it down and started to put much more effort, so now I am on the right track.
      So I made that conscious decision and I worked every day on it since the end of the year (today I wrote 4 pages, feeling proud?).
      I am planning to write around 4 pages tomorrow too, and after I’ll finish, I’ll reply to my comment. This is a great idea Marie! Even if I will win, or not, this is going to help me to stay on track. ? Thank youuu!

      • My goal is to help people change the way they currently view their bodies and achieve life lasting wellness. First step, putting more time into my passion job, and out of my corporate job.

        • Nicole Slegers

          Done. @coliegaga on Insta

      • Julia - Team Forleo

        That’s amazing, Denisa! Way to take serious action. We’re cheering you on as you finish that thesis!

        • Denisa Sabou

          Thank you Julia. I am enjoying this challenge:)

          • Debra

            My goals start now with the right mindset.

      • Denisa Sabou

        Done! For today:)

      • Toni Natoli

        Denisa, consider me inspired! Thank you for your example.

      • Denisa, that’s so exciting! Way to get back on the horse and make an investment in YOU!

        My biggest goal this year is to settle into a home with my sweetie. We’re getting married in July, and house hunting at the same time! It means paying off debt and increasing business revenue so that we’re not strung out on a 30-year mortgage or going into debt for the wedding. The very next step is completing an intake form for the new copywriter I’m hiring to help upgrade my sales and marketing messaging.

      • You can totally do this Denisa! Especially that you are breaking it down into small chunks of time and effort. It will be so worth it!!! You’ve got this!!!

      • I have always enjoyed writing…every since High School. I’ve written poems, a play, and conducted some interviews that were turned into articles for a local magazine that was in my city. I also do a lot of writing on my facebook business page. I also have coordinated 2 talent/variety shows, a dinner and play event, and a Mental Healt h and self care event. I enjoy bringing ppl together. Through writing, I hope to connect to single mothers, women who want to release stress, women who would like to turn their experiences into something meaningful through writing, and more.

      • Congrats Denisa, you got in before the deadline, sending you all the best & joy while you complete this work/phase in your life!

        Thanks Marie, for this New Jersey no bs b-school ??

    • Natalie

      I will film one YouTube video per week every Sunday in my living room. I will edit and post the video every Monday evening!

      • Natalie


        • Julia - Team Forleo

          Hooray Natalie!! ??

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      GO Stephanie! It’s so simple and SO powerful. We can’t wait to hear how it’s going for you!

    • I´m going to start today by writing down my goals and look for images that motivate me to reach my goals! Thank you very much in advance,

      • Done!

        @Victoria O´Farrell. On Instagram.

        @ Caro Gonzalez Portino. On Instagram.

    • You are my kind of girl.
      LOVE that.

    • Ive just started I wrote it 15 times and am already doing the daily plans. Thanks.

    • Chihiro Yokoyama

      -Go to JNTO (Japan National Tourism Organization)’s official website RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!
      -Download the questions of Japan Tour guide/translator exam (2019 version) there to my
      iPhone NOW!!!
      -Run to the nearest convenience store (15 min by walk) in order to print out the questions NOW!!
      – Delete Instagram and messenger app from my iPhone and mute Youtube/Gmail
      notification so I will be able to focus on the study for the test after I come back home from the convenience store trip

      • Chihiro Yokoyama

        Done! Plus, I put all the printed paper into my fav pink clear file and I announced in my Facebook that I will take the text in 7 months + I will let them know the result whether I pass it or not!

  2. Kriss

    1. Quit my job and start my business.

    • Alex

      Tomorrow I ‘m gonna search for yoga centers near my house where I can certificate. Where? Online and asking in the places I know.

      • Alex

        Done! I found 2 places!

    • Tamara

      Becoming the healthiest version of myself this year starts with going to the doctor’s tomorrow to check my knee pain that I have been ignoring for a while. New year, new (healthy) me!

      • Tamara

        Done!! Not happy about my results but at least I know what’s going on.

  3. 1. Get my butt in shape! Move my body every day for 30 mins.

    • Done! Woohoo!

      • Kate - Team Forleo

        Awesome, Morgan! Way to get moving ?

  4. My goal this year is to write a book!

    • Doing it!

      • Julia - Team Forleo

        Go Sue, GO! Happy writing ☺️

    • Jen

      I am going to pay off the balance on two of my credit cards by end of this year. I have written it down on my calendar.

      • Jen


        • Julia - Team Forleo

          YES, Jen! This is such a great one. You’re doing it!

  5. Erena Thompson

    Setting up a new daily system routine for health well-being success food / water nutrition intake, 30 mins intentional exercise minimum, quality sleep not just for me but for my family household as a whanau (family) also.
    When? Right f’n now lol
    Where? Kitchen, lounge, backyard and at our nearby public Esplanade.
    Cheers Marie and Team Forleo!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      LOVE it, Erena! We can’t wait to hear back from you how it’s going!

  6. Molika

    Getting in to a fitter body. Will be achieving in my local bootcamp.

    • Molika

      I did it!!


    Goal: – I am going to start authoring my technical book on robotics from today.
    Where: – Study Room at home (Goa, India)
    When :- Today, I write the first chapter in the next 2 hours.

    Please Note:- I already have a copy of both your books but it isn’t signed by you. I plan to give my current copy to a friend and keep the signed one for me. Also, I am entering this giveaway for the Laptop stickers and journal as I’m a huge workaholic and anything coming with your vibe in it will be my lucky charm! Sending Infite Love from a Huge Marie Forleo Fan from India. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3




        Done tagging my best friends in the post.
        ***FINGERS CROSSED***

      • Julia - Team Forleo

        We love everything about this, Dikshita! Way to GO! Sending lots of Team Forleo love and encouragement your way as you write your book ❤️

  8. Ana

    Finally loose those extra 20 pounds that have haunted me for the past 5 years. Getting started by talking to a nutritionist and investing in me. Will attend work out class at least 3 days a week and work on water intake. I’m doing it !!!

    • Ana M

      Doing it!

  9. Marianne Zemen

    Self care and self love! Which I started the last 3 weeks of 2019. Dont wait to begin your new journey start now!!! Next goal is to form positive habits, and advance my career!! Thank you for the great videos and information!!

  10. Jessica Forman

    I’m practicing Qi Kung when my son naps in the morning?.

    • Jessica

      Doing it!

  11. Marianne Z.

    Doing it!!!!

  12. Jo

    Break down and demolish every damn barrier and fear around loving unconditionally – in every sense of the word.

    • Jo

      My why…
      Because I am done living in fear. Done living in the comfort zone of what I have lost and the almost what if’s in the past. It is time for me to stop living in what was, stop living what could of been and live in what is happening NOW! Taking the first action step is NOW – writing this down for the world to see. Done it!!!

      • Julia - Team Forleo

        Beautiful Jo! This is SO powerful and we love that you included your why. You can do this, we believe in you! Wishing you such an amazing 2020 ahead. XOXO

  13. Michelle

    The big goal to achieve all the other goals is to nightly schedule the next day. Schedule the workout, the writing session , the research sessions, etc… schedule the entire day to help stay on task and stick to the plan.

    • Michelle

      Not only did I schedule my day so time was allotted for all that needed to get done, but I also helped a friend go through her goals and shared this method with her!

  14. I am scheduling and facilitating, through 2020, 8 one-day self hypnosis workshops and 8- 2 1/2 day hypnosis certification workshops. I am excited to teach women how they can use hypnosis to help them achieve their goals!

  15. Lana Hood

    I am going to learn something new every month of 2020. This month I am taking an acrylic painting class.

    • Kate - Team Forleo

      This sounds so fun, Lana! Enjoy the painting class 🙂

  16. Create a content calendar to keep me consistent in posts for my business (i.e. blog posts, social media, newsletters). Setting each day to complete a specific task so I take less time figuring out what I need to do and just do it!

    • DONE!!! 🙂

      • Julia - Team Forleo

        Amazing Heather!! You’re going to ROCK this year! ??

  17. Alycia

    Start planning a permaculture garden and begin with a beekeeping business. First step is to design the space for the garden (begin tomorrow) and I began steps for the beekeeping venture, but will need to hone in on what that looks like.

    • Alycia Mooney

      Decided on perennial veggies and fruits. Continuing with the beekeeping thing, tomorrow I’ll be at the observation hive at Grand Rapids Children’s Museum to do and outside inspection on hive health.

      Doing the thing! @_mindfulbee

      • Kate - Team Forleo

        Awesome, Alycia! Thanks for your work with the bees ?and have fun planting!

  18. Rabah

    Starting a medical podcast! First step is to meet with my hospital heads to get the green light!

    • Rabah

      Did it! Meeting set for Thursday ! Equipment ordered

      • Julia - Team Forleo

        Incredible job, Rabah – we’re so excited for you to get started!

  19. One of my goals is to love myself more this year. I have began by participating in a 31 day challenge where each day contains a specific task – for instance, day one was ” What is your biggest struggle with loving yourself? “

  20. Krista Bommarito

    I wrote my goals for 2020 down just prior to the new year. I am going to write them down everyday!

    • Krista

      I did it!

      • Julia - Team Forleo

        So awesome, Krista – this is incredibly powerful, as Marie shared! Keep it up ? We’re excited to see all you’ll create in 2020!


    finally typing up my business profile which is one of the documents i need in order to market my self to my target client. ive been putting it off hoping that they will just find me, but i recognise that thats just not going to happen. i commit to working on it tomorrow 8th Jan and i have a deadline of 12 o’clock midday on Thursday.

    • Tricia Carson

      Good evening! So many goals…I usually bite off more than I can chew. So, this year I’ll start one at a time. Health first, as a great foundation to taking care of me. So, I’m taking 2 months to get that habit in place, before I add another layer. I started a Couch to 10K training program for 2020. Tommorrow my goal is a 30 min run/walk around my neighborhood @6:30 am. Wish me luck! Thank you Marie & team for all the encouragement!

      • Tricia Carson

        Run and DONE!
        IG, too! I did it!
        Thank you, Marie and team for your inspiration! I can hear you cheering me on with confetti flinging!

        • Kate - Team Forleo

          The confetti is flying! Great job getting your run in, Tricia. We’re absolutely cheering you on!

  22. Stephanie T Gascon

    Goal: finish the first draft of my novel (currently at 35%) by January 31, 2020.
    My first action step is to type 4000 words of my novel.
    When: tonight, January 06, 2020.
    Where: at my desktop computer in my home craft studio.
    Thank you for offering such fabulously inspirational and practical items in this giveaway! I have the Kindle version of your book, so a signed hard copy would be a treasure.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      We LOVE your clarity here, Stephanie! We’ll be sending all the best writing vibes your way in 2020! Be sure to keep us posted when you’ve completed your action step so you’ll be eligible for the giveaway ?

    • Stephanie T Gascon

      I did it!

  23. I am going to get fit and healthy so I can be a better caregiver to my Mom and teenager. I have written it down and have a habit chart that includes specific things I will do everyday to achieve my goal. This includes exercise indoors(my home and at gym) and outdoors(getting out in nature!) as well as how many ounces of water I will drink each day, my journaling. (adding the 15 times rule to it now. Thanks for that Marie) and meal planning each weekend. I have downloaded a fabulous app to help me with the planning and the shopping. #2020goals are on point!
    PS…found the wonderful habit tracker on if anyone needs free downloads for organizing beyond the great on already offered by Marie.(I am in no way affiliated, just sharing in case it is helpful.) Happy New Year! So excited for your success. (oh and my website is under construction…a professional goal. Working with my B School info. today to get that done too!)

    • Doh. I did not follow instructions very well now did I? So…take two.
      1. Goal: To get fit and healthy so I can take the best care of my family since I am head of two households.
      2. First step: write my goal down 15 times in my journal.
      3. When: Now January 6, 2020 at 4:25 pm.
      4. Where: At my desk in my home office.

      • Done!

        • Julia - Team Forleo

          You’re AMAZING, Ginny! We love how heart-centred your goal is, and that it starts with taking excellent care of you. We’re rooting for you big time over here and wishing you such a beautiful year ahead. Please do keep us posted on your progress, we love hearing from you!

  24. Chanisya

    1. First action step….Right HERE, right NOW.
    Ha! For the Future… I’ll write down/work on my dreams/goals in my home (i like some novelty, so the exact ‘where’ in my home will change, but I am here everyday!! First place today will be… my basement couch!), and I’ll typically do it in the evenings! If things get busy with my kiddies/life/etc., I’ll take a tiny step before my head hits the pillow!! (•́⌄•́๑)૭✧ (ie 54321 MOVE/write down one word/visualize/say it out loud/draw one line/do one squat, whevs!!)

    • Chanisya

      2. Done!!! (•́⌄•́๑)૭✧

  25. Dear Marie Forleo and your amazing team.

    I have follow you for really long long time and you are teaching many lessons that I can apply to my life which also help others life become better as they told me that.
    Thank to your inspriration, I have create my website where I note all the lessons that I have learned from your video in Vietnamese.

    Or my decade in review video ( @MarieForleo #MFDecadeInReview) that I also make base on your video.

    I am really hope that I can get your signed book and cute bottle, notebook and stickers from you. This will be the best gift ever that I have chance to get.
    My goals is become no missing blogger as Seth Godin teach us, he never miss any blog post.
    WHERE: At my house
    WHEN: Everyday before 9 am

  26. My goal for 2020 was to start my 1st bullet journal to take charge of my schedule and productivity rhythm (I work full-time and most planners cater towards weekday productivity but I primarily have Sat / Sun to get my major goals accomplished for myself).

    With putting my goals / bullet off during the month of Dec., I scheduled a time to go to my local library, committed to setting the journal up and identifying my intensions for the following week. And you know what?

    I DID IT! And I found that by changing my environment from my apartment to a public space, I was WAY more productive. Being at the library and giving myself structure to not check my phone / relax allowed me to create the space I needed to take action.

    Thanks Marie for all your insight! I’ve been watching you since 2012 and you have helped me grow so much over the years. Thank you for you and your team in everything you guys do!

    • **
      1. Comment below and tell me where and when you’ll take that first action step.
      DONE!!! See Above ^^
      2. GET TO IT! Then reply to your comment with the words “Done!” or “I did it!”
      DONE!!! Bullet journal forces me to write everything down which is so much more effective than using my phone. I find I am more intentionally and thoughtful with my inputs.
      3. Like this IG post & tag at least two friends and help them reach their goals.

      • Julia - Team Forleo

        GO Cassandra!! We love that you’re changing up your environment and habits this year to stay motivated and on track. Sounds like you’re off to an amazing start – we’re so pumped for you and all that 2020 holds!

  27. I’m taking my first action step towards my $75k business goal at my desk tonight @ 7pm.

  28. Alexia

    Finish translating my second book into english (im in chapter 9 out of 11???)

  29. Health well-being system daily routine mind body soul – for me and my family.
    When a few hours ago 🙂
    Where – in my kitchen, home and outdoors in my neighborhood
    sharing on facebook as I’m not on IG – Done! 🙂

  30. Always inspirational and action driven in your posts! Thanks so much and Cheers & Sparkles to your new year!

  31. My two biggest goals for this year are…
    1) to make my own health and wellbeing a priority again
    – morning routine
    – workout 7 days a week
    – walks 2x per day
    – more veg, less carbs and sugar
    – more water
    – more me time

    2) focus on cultivating intentional & meaningful relationships
    – with myself
    – with my Hubs & daughter
    – with a small group of friends

    • Goal number 1 I started and have followed through with consistently on everyday since Dec 23rd. I even have a private Instagram that I am posting on the stories daily with my workouts and walks. Then I post weekly with progress Photos and stats.

      For Goal #2 – I am arranging a coffee date in the month of January with 5 women in my life I would like to have a closer relationship with. I have just sent out the messages on FB Messenger.
      For my Hubs and daughter, we sat down yesterday and decided we will make time every month when we plan the calendar for at least 1 couples dad, one family date, one mother daughter date, and one father daughter date. We want to make intentional time to connect.
      For my relationship with myself, I am working out. I am making time for silence so I can hear my inner voice. I am talking one afternoon per week off work while kiddo is at school and Hubs is at work to have me time (Mondays). I set work hours and am sticking to them.

      • Julia - Team Forleo

        Beautiful work, Rebecca! ?? ? We’re wishing you such a wonderful, love-filled 2020.

  32. I will create a morning routine that gives me more energy. I am going to write down what I will do first thing tomorrow and stuck to it!

  33. Liam

    At my desk. At least once a day.

    • Liam


  34. I am going to reach out to Tempe PD tomorrow to reconnect with the police officer I met at an art show where I was a vendor. We discussed how he teaches mindfulness and how that is the heart/purpose of our jewelry. I’m going to offer a workshop for their officers!

      • Julia - Team Forleo

        Wow, what an incredible, powerful connection to build Sharon! We’re so excited for you! ??

  35. Toni Clough

    Write down my goal of walking 10000 steps or more daily. Doing a plank for 60 seconds and some other muscle exercise daily.

    • Toni

      I did it!

    • Nancy B.

      My first action step is doing this, here and now!

  36. Coffy David-Shea

    I got a planner and wrote down my goals. I’m ready for 2020 🙂
    Kicking it off with 10k steps a day!

    • Coffy David-Shea

      I did it!

  37. My Goal: to get stronger & manage stress better with yoga
    Where: at home/tonight
    First action step: I will find & install a yoga app that can help me keep track & block off time in my planner for yoga 3 times/wk

    • Cindy


      • Julia - Team Forleo

        YES, Cindy! Keep up the awesome work and keep taking great care of you☺️

  38. My goal is to finish the draft of a book co-authoring with a friend about the virtual assistant industry by the end of March 2020. I already started with the first five chapters and will continue writing the rest on my mini workstation in my bedroom. Will write one chapter again (per week) and will start this Friday, January 10th.

  39. First step doing it right now is schedule in time to work towards my goals!!

  40. Danny

    Woot~! Woot~!
    1. Gonna set up my Trello board named; You got GOALS, right nowwwwww! To help me track the small goals I need to accomplish and look at it every day before I start work~
    2. Done~!

    • Kate - Team Forleo

      Great job, Danny! The small steps really add up to big achievements — we’ll be cheering you on!

  41. Pratiksha HM

    I would like to experience my ideal body consistently. I would like to start by brisk walking for an hour every morning from 6 am to 7 am. Venue: path by the ocean right by my house.

    • Pratiksha HM

      I did it!!

  42. Joy Fowler

    To achieve a better quality of life. Losing weight and better with budgeting my time and money.

    • Joy Fowler


  43. Kristine

    A doctor appointment this week revealed that I developed 2 new inflammatory conditions. I’m putting (me and) my health first, for once. I will wake up every morning at 4am and exercise for 50 minutes in my living room, starting tomorrow!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      This is a wonderful goal to take good care of you and your health, Kristine. It really is the most important thing and we love that you’re making it a priority. We’re cheering you on, and wishing you such a happy, healthy 2020. You can do this!

  44. Yazhini

    Start reading a new book every week.

    • Yazhini

      I did it!
      P.S. it’s funny because only yesterday I was watching Sunny Lenarduzzi and Marie video call on YouTube and signed up for the B-school wait list. And I saw this today. Cool!

      • Julia - Team Forleo

        We love that synchronicity, Yazhini! So happy to be connected with you and excited for you to do all the reading this year!

  45. I became a new mom a year ago and I honestly feel like every single goal I had prior to having my baby has basically evaporated. I think, feel and even act different. It’s been very confusing & nerve racking trying to understand who I am now. It’s actually painful in a way but I now feel the need to allow this transformation to bloom. But I need to write down my feelings, my thoughts and start figuring out how I want this new mama to live life. So my goal is to write all of this down and start tomorrow with a new willingness to begin living my life as I want to. xoxo

    • I’m doing this, here in my bedroom while baby sleeps. Right.Now.

      • I had to finish while breastfeeding lol but I did it! It’s done. Thank you for this little exercise Marie❣️

        • ♥️ I 100% understand, mama.

        • Julia - Team Forleo

          So proud of you, Yunuen! This is such a huge transformation to go through, so keep being gentle with yourself in the process. Journaling is such a powerful way to tune into that wisdom within. We love that you’re embracing the transformation while staying deeply connected with yourself. Beautiful! XO

    • One of my top goals of 2020 is to get my plantain flour baking mix distributed on Amazon. My first action step is to write, “Mama Emma’s Waffle & Pancake Mix is sold on Amazon” 15x per day in my journal starting now! Thank you for bringing this nugget o’ wisdom back into my life, Marie! ??

      • Aaaaand DONE! (man, I forgot how much wrist strength that takes ✍️ all worth it in the end! #nopainnogain)

        • Julia - Team Forleo

          Amazing job, Emmanuela! We’re SO excited for you to get this goodness out into the world! ??

  46. One of the important goals I have is to double my freelance income, especially now that I don’t have my cubicle job. I was thrown into freelance full time due to the company closing down after announcing bankruptcy. I had amazing friends supporting me and telling me to get going by doing design work more and more. I’m going to show up on social media more, share my talent, share my work. I want to have financial freedom that comes with the flexible schedule of freelancing. I’ll write out the schedule for every day, schedule in hours to improve my skills, and create content to share as well.

  47. Taylor

    I’m going to write down my goals and then write them daily. I’m also going to put in my 2 weeks notice at work on 1/31/20. I’m going to step out on faith and launch the projects I have been working on for years. I was afraid to fail but now I have let go of that fear.

    • Kate - Team Forleo

      We believe in you, Taylor! Keep taking action and writing down your goals. We’d love to hear how things are going so please keep us posted — we’ll be cheering you on ?

  48. I will write my #1 goal today on my notebook on the Uber going home 15 times! And I did it!

  49. Michelle

    Schedule work time every day for my side gig so it can be my full time gig when I retire in <4 years!

  50. Christi

    I’m going to get active for at least 30 minutes a day. I’ll take a 30 minute walk outside or do a workout in my living room.

    • Christi

      Done!! I walked my dog today after work! Feels good to get outside.

      • Kate - Team Forleo

        Great job, Christi! There’s nothing like fresh air and movement to get you feeling good ?

  51. Tonight, January 6th 2020

    ✨I will start by writing on paper the 3 big projects my small business (Cocina del Corazón) has to accomplish in the next 2 months.
    I will break down each project in smaller and more manageable tasks and will attach a deadline to each task.
    I will reach out to a friend and fellow business owner and explain my timeline and deadlines. This will keep me more accountable.✨

    • ✨Working on de-constructing the goals I want to achieve, while implementing in writing the habits and actions I need to take! ✨

      *all while listening to Sade*

      • Julia - Team Forleo

        Beautiful, Jazmin! It sounds like you’re off to a fantastic start. And we love the addition of Sade! ✨

  52. LeeAnn

    I am going to take back my health and well-being. I haven’t taken care of myself since losing my son and now I feel like I’m at a turning point and need to take action. I am going to schedule an appointment with a physiatrist to help guide me because I’m feeling very lost and overwhelmed! And I’m going to schedule time to do this during my breaks at work, so no excuses of being too tired when I get home. Thank you for the great tips!

    • Dawnna Hetherington

      ((((?)))) You got this ((((?))))

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      We’re sending you SO much love and encouragement, Leeann – you can do this! This sounds like the perfect, totally doable first step. Please keep us posted! I also have a feeling you may find this episode helpful: ?

    • LeeAnn

      First step taken! Appointments scheduled!

    • ❤️

  53. I will do my power hour tomorrow January 7th in my home office of my 4 income producing activities.

  54. Heather

    I am going to stop undermining myself and my goals. I’m tired of allowing the imposter syndrome to take over my brain space. I am going to start changing this pattern of unhelpful thinking by writing in a journal 5 things that I did well each day…starting tonight.

  55. Hi Marie and Team! ? Happy New Year!
    I can’t believe it’s almost been a year since 2019 B School and I’m ready for round 2. So here’s my T on what I’ve been working on and why it’s so important.
    I’m a voice coach in North Carolina (originally from Miami) and run a full time voice studio both in studio and online helping singers, podcasters, speakers, mentors, voice over actors and pretty much all things vocal. I absolutely love what I do and very fortunate and grateful to do it. I love working with so many beautiful people looking to enrich their voice and the way they wish to present there passions. I have the opportunity to work with each voice from the inside out where many times the brain will have thoughts that may try to get in the way of opening ones voice to its fullest. It’s amazing how old messages hold back the voice and we don’t even realize it. This is why the work I do is so meaningful and healing. The transformations I get to witness are amazing to say the least, and having the gift in helping empower voices is beyond anything I could have imagined. Now here’s the why…the healing that occurs in each session goes deeper than just the sound of our voice. It’s a catalyst in transforming lives and breaking through old ideas and perceptions. To help others work through the fears around their voice, which is super personal to pretty much everyone. It builds trust and opens one up to an honesty and a self love that translate into confidence to speak up in ones life on all levels. Whether in business, families and relationships, creativity and passions. To help make an impact in the world one voice at a time is and has been my biggest desire. I know what it’s like to have my voice stifled. I know what it’s like to feel like I’m doomed to be a victim. Working with voice has opened up an accountability process, an honesty, a truth, and the action taker in me personally. To share the tools, methods, and techniques with others and watch them flourish is a never ending remedy to spread the love. I’m super thrilled to roll through B School again soon and always more than grateful for Marie and all your hard work as a team to pull it all together. I can’t wait for the 2020 vision. ?
    All my love ? nyla

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      You’re doing SUCH beautiful and important work in the world, Nyla! We couldn’t be more proud to have you as a B-Schooler. Here’s to all of us finding our truest voice in 2020 and beyond! We can’t wait to see all you’ll continue to create. XOXO ?

  56. Jenny

    I’m going to start my Pilates teaching career and inspire others to be their best!

    • Jenny


  57. Sandra Perez

    I downloaded & printed the simple calendar tool. So that’s where I’ll write down my goals monthly and track my progress daily. There’s a few items like books I’m reading & 5am wake up for 30 min @home workouts fro home before getting ready for work.

    • Sandra Perez

      I’ did it! Revisiting my goal sheet daily and reading. But to be brutally honest the 5am wake up call isn’t working out. Perhaps I revisit the plan of a few days per week instead of trying every day and failing. I got this!

  58. I’m going to schedule my workout for tomorrow in my planner at my kitchen table. My intent is to love me right and it starts with loving care of my body, you know what I’m saying 😉 like right now…

    • Andrea

      My most important goal, is to enhance my spiritual health. I have written this goal in my success planner, and I have been reading steps to personal revival by Helmut Haubeil every morning since January 1st, 2020. I feel optimistic, energetic and have even started to declutter my home. And yesterday when I had to take a financial loss and let go a contractor who was doing the reno on one of my rental properties, I didn’t beat myself up and ruminate over it like I would in the past. Instead I was able to exercise a positive mindset and express the gratitude of the lessons learned, and I’ll just soldier on!

      • Andrea

        I did it, and I’m doing it!

        • Julia - Team Forleo

          Amazing, Andrea – you’re absolutely doing it! ? Wishing you such a beautiful year of growth and health ahead.

  59. Maria Flores

    I started writing my 5 major 2020 goals this morning in our living room. I decided too that writing is part of it, that I will be doing it again everyday, listing my goal until my subconscious store it and help me take action. I’ve done this few years ago and I did get some of those goals. It works! Now that exercising is one of my goals this 2020 on a consistent basis, my action is to do it in our living room around 8 in the morning.

  60. Maria Flores


  61. Monica

    I am signing up for a paid course that will help me deal with my child’s sensory processing issues. It’s taking place in my hometown, on Jan 18th. The main goal for 2020 is to educate my self to take better care of my amazing special needs child ?

    • Monica

      ✅ Done

      • Julia - Team Forleo

        You’re such an amazing mama, Monica! ??❤️

  62. Rohit Kumar

    This is not my new year resoution. This is my lifetime dream to get a software developer job in a MNC. I also have tried many times, but I always failed in my interview. So , this time I decided to be prepare or ready for interview process at everytime. I will prepare all the question related to interview in advance. and I will write down daily that I would be a software Developer. I will take my first step right now and it will be to gather information on most frequently asked interview question in MNC.

    • Rohit Kumar


      • Julia - Team Forleo

        Awesome job, Rohit. We’re cheering you on over here and wishing you all the best as you work towards your dream! ??

  63. I’m already so close to my biggest life goal — goal this year being to sign with a major publishing house — But I need and want to build my personal brand, so I’m going to start posting one video a day to get over this whole self-judgement thing and sign with a literary agent in the next month — for my finished manuscript. (can’t wait to be on your show once I become a New York Times Best Seller – it will happen!)

    • Done! Including same time and place I post everyday!

  64. Celine Ong

    I will start by committing to my learning for 2020 and stick to my goals

    • Celine Ong

      I did it!

  65. My Top Goal for 2020:
    I want to find a job and move to Canada
    (Currently I’m living in Kazakhstan)
    Where and when:
    In the office, I’m at work right now
    Already made a CV and applied for the jobs.
    From now on I’m starting to implement these habits!

  66. Dawnna Hetherington

    Hi Marie! Thank you so much for being you, and inspiring me to be a better me ????.
    Starting tonight I will write down my goals 15 times and do so everyday. My goal is to get the website for my business Luscious Beauty Boutique & Day Spa up and running, vlog on that website at least once a week, have a better presence on social media and at least double my income for 2020 (say that 15 times fast, whew!)

  67. Thank you Marie! You’re such an inspiration and your advice has changed my life. I will write down my goals 15 times a day on my desk as I drink my morning coffee 9am everyday. I will be focusing on my 2020 goals and meeting with my accountability partner once a week.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Beautiful plan, Georgina! Love the simplicity and clarity. We’ll be cheering you on big time over here! Such an honor to have you in this community. XOXO

  68. I’m going to work on my goal at my desk from 8:30 to 13:30. ?

  69. Jacqui Teixeira

    Thanks Marie…I’m new to your blog. Love your energy and positive attitude.
    My goal to goal setting:
    Where: I’m traveling down to the coast today to sit with God’s creation and write down my goals
    When: tomorrow my goals will be written down

    Thanks again

    • Jacqui

      Done…trip in play for goal setting !

      • Julia - Team Forleo

        Way to go, Jackie! We’re so happy to have you here ? Wishing you an amazing 2020!

  70. vini

    You know what, I am going to get out my bed and smash all the targets I set for myself yesterday. And I am going to do this evveeeerry single day. No more excuses!

  71. Candice Dampier

    I am going to start my second business centred around helping enviously incarcerated people returning to work via tech. I will be dedicating 3 hours a day 7 days a week for 6 months to getting funding and creating the content. Everyday – is progress. Thanks Marie

    • Candice

      Day 1 and it’s DONE!
      Feels so good to making time to prioritise this into existence !!
      Very excited

  72. Mansi

    My Goal is to start my online business for personal growth and development. My first action step is to research the market in India for it’s scope. So I will research about it at my home today.

    • Mansi


    • Jesica Fisber

      Hi Marie my name is Jesica im from Ecuador livong in FL…ive being recibing your eamails for couple of years..being watching your videos lately. But today as i was watchis this video about your goals i had hope that i could do anything. Thank you !!!! I will work on my goals. After being depressed for months thinking life was over after my husband for 20 years left me. I need to get bk into schooling , save up for a online business to help abuse womans in need. I will write down my goals along with my board of pictures of my dreams. Thank you .

  73. I am going to set up my RTT business, first step will be to write down my goals, write down the action steps, second will be to send out the papers for the AHV

  74. Nancy B.

    My first step is doing this, here and now!

    • Nancy B.

      I did it!

  75. One of my goals is to pass the CFP Board Exam in March. I’ve scheduled study time into my calendar every single day! I’m also wanting to get super healthy this year, and so I’ve signed up for a game called Get Fit Done, which is a fitness game in several categories, like nutrition, exercise, habit, etc. that helps keep me accountable. I’ve also signed up for a hip hop class that starts this Saturday at noon at Pasadena City College.

  76. I’m going to help/have 3 payed clients for RTT sessions by the end of February in the Inspired Hub.
    I’m going to network with at leat 3 people at the next meeting.
    I am a phenomenal therapist
    I am a phenomenal therapist
    I am a phenomenal therapist
    I am a phenomenal therapist
    I am a phenomenal therapist
    I am a phenomenal therapist
    I am a phenomenal therapist
    I am a phenomenal therapist
    I am a phenomenal therapist
    I am a phenomenal therapist
    I am a phenomenal therapist
    I am a phenomenal therapist
    I am a phenomenal therapist
    I am a phenomenal therapist
    I am a phenomenal therapist
    I am a phenomenal therapist
    Thank you Marie! I start to believe it now ?

  77. Camelia

    I did it!!!!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Hooray, Camelia! You ARE a phenomenal therapist ? Here’s to an incredible year ahead for you in your practice!

  78. Beringo

    My first step is scheduling Friday and Saturday as my writing days after applying on writer’s work for a job. I will do this at my desk in my room.

    • Beringo

      I did it!

  79. OMG! set goals & achieve them – that’s what I have finally done myself as a founder of Proactivvity!
    Our 3 top goals for 2020 are:
    1. take the new baby: Proactivvity through B-school and do every single task diligently – I’m already in! ✅
    2. as Proactivvity founder maintain a consistent meditation ?‍♀️ exercise/yoga and journaling practice every day of 2020 to stay healthy, concentrate on my goals, and be grateful. This morning ✅
    3. By the end of 2020 enjoy the financial success of Proactivvity to be able to create new tools and help more women be proactive! First group coaching set for march ✅ Business meeting with partners set for this Wednesday ✅
    It took some time and struggle to understand that I was never going to be 100% ready,
    that I was the sole good fairy ??‍♀️ of my life and so I got to decide about my future self by choosing to act or to keep on ruminating over my imperfections. But here I am in 2020: good enough!
    I have all that it takes to act and the rest is … FIGUREOUTABLE.
    Proactivvity is a huge fan of MF!
    We love ? you Marie for your positivity! It’s contagious. We also value tremendously you talking about the hard work that has to be put up. ??????✅

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      LOVE all of this so much, Kash! We couldn’t be more excited for you about Proactivvity ? You are absolutely more than enough and we’re so happy you’re sharing your gifts with the world in a big way this year! It’s an honor to have you as a B-Schooler and support you on this journey. Be sure to keep us posted on your progress along the way so we can keep cheering you on! ???

  80. Wiebke Krieger

    Today, I am going to get an appointment with my doctor to finally combat the ongoing fatigue I am feeling. I will find courage to tackle this issue again and for good!

    • Wiebke Krieger

      I did it! Whoop whoop!

  81. Kirja Marie Touborg Jensen

    Aaaaw Marie. I love you so. And can I just thank you for the three decade-in-review videos. they were work, but good work. gave me so much perspective. And so did this blog post and video. funny thing that I never thought about how important it is to plan, your goals, consistantly, or else…ofcourse…they wont happen. o I am now gonna go do it. scedule three sppointment with my self, and the creative project about grief for kids, that I am currently doing. Three planned things in my calender for the next week and a half. Here I GO……

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      We’re so happy these videos and exercises have been helpful for you, Kirja ? We love you right back and YES – here you go!!

  82. I will design my new To-Do List and write down all To-Dos I can only think of.

  83. I am going to take action by making my 4 day a week gym plan, document on ASANA, GOOGLE CALENDER and my BULLET JOURNAL. I literally just got changed in my gym gear while listening to this video – heading out the door now!

  84. Sonia

    Doing exercises 3 times per week. Two trainings in the house and at least one outside.

  85. My goal is to finish writing a meditation book in Bulgarian language.
    I started last year but dropped the effort when my mom was diagnosed with cancer. 3 months later she was gone. She was always a dreamer but scared to show her talent to the world. This is my lesson and why I will finish this book: I have dreams too but I must act first. I am worthy of showing my talent.
    I am doing in at a cafe near my house which get busy at lunch time…so the mornings are mine, 2h every day.
    Thank you for I spiring us Marie!

      • Julia - Team Forleo

        We’re so proud of you, Tanya! You are absolutely worthy of showing your talent. The world really needs it ❤️ We’re so sorry to hear about your dear Mom, and know that she is incredibly proud of you too for sharing your gifts! XO

      • Wow! This is a touching story. I am so excited about your commitment to yourself and your dreams. I wish you every success!

  86. Darina

    plan my goal for 2020

    • Darina

      done, done and done

  87. Goals for 2020
    By December 25th 2020 I will have written my second fiction novel.
    By Dec 10th 2020 I will have lost the 40lb excess pounds I have gained & get this cyst removed.
    By Dec 25th I will have 10 X my sales from my international business on last year’s sales.
    I am going to write these in my bullet journal (new to this too) now!

    • I have just written these in my bullet journal with milestones to go on the next page so I can reverse engineer the goals.
      I will write them down daily as a reminder, I will grab a friend to keep me accountable and set reminders in my iPhone and actually schedule the actual workouts/tasks I will need to take to make each actionable ?
      I’m all kinds of excited!!!

  88. Florence

    I want to be make better decisions about winding down and relaxing offline so instead of reaching for my phone tonight I’m putting my phone across my room and I’m reaching for a book. My goal is to read 30 pages a night.

    • Florence

      I did! It was a wonderful to because I went to sleep faster! (Go figure no blue light!)

  89. Mihaela

    My goal is to keep working on my Instagram page and start a gratitude journal

    • Mihaela

      Doing it, yesterday I published a couple of posts on my page (@with.lovage) and I started my gratitude journal. Like you say Marie progress is more important than perfection, I really hope that this new tinny habits will help me realise my wild dreams.

  90. Esther

    My goal is to take Fridays off in my business. I will only work 4-day weeks.

    • Esther Loke

      Done! Written and scheduled!

      • Julia - Team Forleo

        GO Esther!! ??

  91. Leah Hartman

    Small, specific goal: Connect with five new women every day, including tomorrow, and begin a tracking board to organize all the connections and where they are at. I will set up a Trello account tomorrow, and use it, during my morning hours, in my home office in Jerusalem.

  92. Rachel Esparza-Colin

    I WILL get serious about my health by setting small achievable monthly goals for myself such as working out 30 minutes a day, doing activities I enjoy such as Zumba.
    I WILL get off my blood pressure and diabetes medications because I am too young for this [email protected] by being conscious of what I eat and incorporating more whole foods by meal planning every week.
    I will lose 5 pounds every month consistently for the next year and keep them OFF!
    I will lose 5 pounds this month and keep it off.
    I will lose 5 pounds this month and keep it off.
    I will lose 5 pounds this month and keep it off.
    I will lose 5 pounds this month and keep it off.
    I will lose 5 pounds this month and keep it off.
    I will lose 5 pounds this month and keep it off.
    I will lose 5 pounds this month and keep it off.
    I will lose 5 pounds this month and keep it off.
    I will lose 5 pounds this month and keep it off.
    I will lose 5 pounds this month and keep it off.

    • Rachel

      I did it!!

  93. Putting my online training platform out into the world by allocating time to do the work into my calendar, leaving the office and booking another room in our building to work in and and putting tasks into my ASANA platform to make it happen. !

    • Everything has been figured out, dates made, room booked and Schedules added. Ive got this !!!!

      • Julia - Team Forleo

        Beautiful Annie – we’re so excited for you to launch this baby out into the world!

  94. Running successful workshops – on Productivity Journaling. My goal is to do 2 per month. The first one was on Sunday January 5th. I am going to schedule the next one for February by this coming Friday January 10th.
    I also run an award-winning boutique Bed and Breakfast called “The Empty Nest”. I need to double my income this season in order to stay in my home.
    I was never an entrepreneur. I was a stay-at-home Mom until my husband of 27 years decided he didn’t want to be married to me anymore.
    It was your comment “The world needs…” that put me into action.
    Please…I want your book, the Journal, and those adorable stickers. Pick me, Pick me!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      We’re SO proud of you, Susan, for all you’ve created and are continuing to create! Huge congrats on your Bed and Breakfast – you’re absolutely an entrepreneur now ?? Wishing you such a fulfilling and abundant year ahead.

  95. I’m going to do my workout outdoors this afternoon so that I can take in sun vitamins ☀️ and enjoy the healthy benefits of mother nature ?

    • I’ve done it! ????

      • Done!

        • Julia - Team Forleo

          Woohoo, Mayte! ??☀️

  96. I’m going to start writing all my goals down daily

    • Meisha


  97. Blanka

    Love you Marie and team, you changed my life! I will boost my health and fitness in 2020 by working out every day at least 30 minutes! (2019 B-School Alumna)

    • Blanka

      Done and scheduled!

      • Julia - Team Forleo

        Go Blanka GO! It’s going to be an amazing year for you, we know it ? XO

  98. Thank you for the motivation. My first goal is to get in the best shape of my life. I scheduled my workout this morning and boom! I’m one step closer. Sending everyone good vibes and high fives. Love always, Karina

  99. Marie

    Hello Marie, I want to publish a new book and earn money with it!
    Love and thanks for sharing

  100. Melanie Timmins

    Hey Marie, today is the day for me to put these steps into action for my NY resos! Journal at the ready here and ….. here we go!!

  101. Yay! I’m writing down my goals every single day! And I’m going to figure out what they are too 🙂

  102. Liesl

    My goal this year is to :-
    Every day write 3 goals for the next day that are focused on making me healthy, happier or wealthier , not the little things I will already do.
    Every day review 3 goals and feel great for achieving them
    Every day journal for a little bit, this should be feeling focused so that I start to identify, acknowledge and dig a bit deeper with my feelings and responses
    Every day meditate and exercise even if only for a few minutes each.

    I have completed this for 2 days in a row. The way I am journaling is new and more specific than previously and more regular and I like it.

    Exercising and meditating were semi regular but it feels achievable to just say a few minutes EVERY day. Yay ?. I feel more like my best self when I do this.

    • Liesl

      I will do this in my journal, in bed before bedtime.
      Done ✅

      • Julia - Team Forleo

        Yes, Liesl! Those small, consistent, everyday actions are HUGE. We love this – great work on getting specific!

  103. To aim is to bring my business back to a successful place – after a big burnout – without compromising myself and my energy ever again.
    Create more beautiful art work and inspiring more people globally, especially in the US and Asia – so in being brave again the goal is to make connections and make myself proud.

    *Message 1-3 people a day from my home studio and remind them about my work and start getting those conversations going!

    Thank You Marie,
    I’m still enjoying working from your book and loved the 5 day workshop
    Still writing every morning too!

  104. I’m going to write down my goals today at my desk.

  105. My big goal for the year is to streamline my Craft Business. We have started by re-doing my craft room so it is less of a junk room and will be a much nicer place to go and work when health permits. At the same time, I am trying hard to reduce the number of Crafts I can make, currently, I’m very eclectic but this means that I am constantly being tempted to make new things, so from here on in they have to tie in with the themes/styles I have outlined to be my Spratt’s Designs style. Then I plan to utilise this focus to increase my sales by using this ‘style’ to convey to new and my existing customers. So the key to this goal, and writing everything down will boost this is to check everything I do from making to advertising to packing, everything fits in with that streamline goal and style theme. I have already started and can say done to bits, but I will need to keep writing this goal daily as long as I run my business as I will need to account everything I do to (figuring it out) meeting it xx Saz

  106. Katiefro

    My goal is to run a 10K once a week! I have them scheduled into my calendar to run on each Saturday morning. I have written the goal down in my journal with a spot for me to check off each week as I go!

  107. Hi MF team and watchers-readers-listeners- lifeactors!
    I decided at the end of last year through a divine push that I needed to dedicate myself wholeheartedly to my main art practice which is charcoal drawing, to allow myself to connect deeply with it and to recreate my career on another level of engagement for myself and others.
    1) Make the work
    2) Diffuse it and connect with people to inspire them to action and/or a deeper relationship with themselves.
    3) Exhibit and sell to provide for my family.
    4) Trust that in taking one step towards the gods they will take ten towards me.

    • Done the 4 steps and had some results in each category immediately!

      The challenge is to stay focused and connected with the divine push that inspired me to begin again and to take action every day without the pressure that provoked me to take a long break….

      • Julia - Team Forleo

        Amazing job, Linet! We love that you’re staying connected to your divine purpose in making and sharing your art with the world. Keep being kind and gentle with yourself ❤️ The world needs your beautiful gifts!

  108. Parul Tewari

    I found myself an accountability partner.
    Did it right away after seeing your post.

  109. Nancy Frank

    Goal : become a producer on Insight timer meditation ap expand my meditation facilitating practice.
    Step 1: down load audacity to record meditations
    step 2: record meditation (already have script -had problem with record program previously)
    step 3: upload to insight timer for review approval
    step 4: once published promote my program
    next goal creating my website and blog

  110. Claire Jamison

    Tomorrow I’m going to send that email I’ve been meaning to send to a possible new collaborator! Loved the video btw.

  111. Thank you very much for being you,plan my goal for 2020

  112. Belinda Bekkers

    I plan on reaching out to a friend to become my accountability partner.

    • Belinda Bekkers

      Done ?

  113. Chakrapani Sevva

    Improve my people management skills.

  114. Join B-school and complete all the lessons this time around
    Apply for affiliate programme

    • Una

      Done (signed up for both!)

      • Julia - Team Forleo

        YEAH, Una! We love this ?? So honored to have you as a B-Schooler!

  115. Linda

    Journal every day. Paint one day a week.

    • Linda


  116. My new year resolution was to create a vision board to help me in reaching my goals.

    • I did it. 🙂
      And, tagged two of my friends.

  117. Parul Tewari

    Done. Done. Done.

  118. I signed with a hybrid publisher to bring my book baby into the world, and I write down every. Single. Day. I am a NYT best selling author! Thank you for your inspiration, Marie! You are a BADASS!!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Congrats, Mary!! We’re wishing you SO much success with your book baby ?? ?

  119. I’m starting right now in my office!

  120. JackieBM

    Goal: Become more consistent in my business operations.
    Where: I’m going to begin at my desk, writing my goals each day, tracking each and every small task, and making a next-day plan each evening (including follow-ups).
    When: I’m starting today!

    • JackieBM

      Done! My goal is written and I downloaded a new app for task management and planning ?

  121. Jayne

    By the end of this year:
    I will be in the best fitness/ health ever. I promise to share my bikini shots of me in the Caribbean by next January . (Having reversed my asthma medication , this year its to make sure Rachel , that my pre diabetes is reversed and measured….and that my blood pressure is down). Ive given up sugar , carbs and joined a gym last year. After a couple of injuries bus accident and a disagreement with an escalator I had a few set backs.)I need to up the gym sessions. So, 3x a week in my diary…Im mid 50s and to date my 50s have been the best decade ever. 2. Scale up my property business.3. Learn to sail ( in preparation for my rtw trip when Im 60….helped by joining a sailing club and trading meals for sailing tips ( I love cooking). Make time to socialise…. putting some dates in my diary today as well as one holiday….Been following you Marie for a number of years and I promised you the year before last that I would be self employed and I am…Also, it’s been confusing as I was and am creative , so was in danger of juggling too many things . I now focus and plan …..Thanks Marie , enjoyed watching you blossom.

  122. Hi Marie and team,
    I already have the book, read it and am doing the book with my husband. So an extra copy is always nice (we go “where did you leave the Forleo?) And I love the journal and bottle!
    My #1 goal is to sell 60.000 euro’s worth of products and coaching in my business this year. Pretty steep, but inspiring. My first step I actually scheduled in for today: write a free mini course optin. So I’ll be back when I’m done!
    Much love and huge thanks for all the inspiration and motivation!


    • Julia - Team Forleo

      We LOVE that you and your husband are doing the book together, Monique! And also that you’re setting ambitious goals for yourself. We’ll look forward to hearing back from you when you’ve completed that opt-in! ??

      • Monique Coppens

        Thanks! I am underway, but it took more time then expected. But this challenge helps, it’s still on the list for tomorrow!

        • Monique

          Yesssss I did it!
          next step is making the video’s

  123. Jennifer Smith

    I am totally committed to actually losing those 20 pounds this time! I have joined the gym for the first time in 10 years. I will put my planned workouts into my Google calendar as a scheduled event. I will have a backup plan if for some reason I am not able to make that event.

  124. Vicki

    Thanks so much Marie! My goal is to finally get slim and healthy. I will start writing that down every day. I already have in place an arrangement with a friend for mutual accountability.

    • Mary

      I will lose 50 lbs this year (will be a total of 110 lbs when I’m done). Going to Zumba at 7:15 tonight; I’ve let the instructor know. I have a daily accountability group on Marco Polo.

  125. My goals:
    1. Sell 1,000 copies of my digital album this year.
    2. Lose 10kg by March this year.
    3. Healthier lifestyle – more fruit, less garbage, more movement.
    4. Become a great yoga teacher.
    First steps:
    1. Design the album (started today)
    2+3 – had porridge with fruit for breakfast!
    4. Need to clean out living room to make space for my class and take out insurance!

  126. Asipita

    One of my goals this year is to get a distinction in my MBA thesis. I’ve started by writing it down! 🙂
    I’ll take action by working on it twice a day for three hours in total, one hour in the morning before lunchtime and two hours in the evening between 9 and 11pm.
    Go, go go!!
    Thanks Marie.

    • Asipita

      So, after finishing a full working day; laying my one year old down to sleep for the night and; feeling a bit exhausted from another long day: I sat down, studied and wrote a bit for another chapter.

      There have frankly been moments when my approach to tackling this was not working and I am sometimes still plagued by doubts. Nevertheless, I continue to:
      – Say it out Loud: “Everything is figureoutable”
      – Take a breath and touch my heart
      – Assign an empowering meaning
      – Reinforce
      – Take the next best action!

      DONE!! 🙂
      Everything really is figureoutable and a little progress helps.

      The possibility of getting a signed copy of ‘Everything is Figureoutable’ and a journal to match is bringing a smile to my face and a warmth to my body. Here’s to being hopeful!

      Two friends tagged as well, yay!

      • Julia - Team Forleo

        Yes Asipita! We’re so happy you’re using those steps to move through any doubts and keep making progress towards your goal. You’re doing AMAZING – keep going!

  127. I wrote down my 8 top goals for the year, dissected them and felt really accomplished. However, I haven’t looked at them since and it’s been 5 days!! Right now, I am going to go write them down again, stick them on my bathroom mirror so I can see them everyday and get serious! One of my top goals is to raise $20,000 for my non-profit that just got approved for tax exemption to bring holistic practices to people suffering from substance abuse disorder. This is serious business, Marie! No more days without looking at this goal and the 7 others. Thank you for the kick in the butt, it came exactly when I needed it! 🙂

    • Done and done! ??✨

      • Julia - Team Forleo

        So glad this came at the perfect time for you, Sydney 🙂 You’re incredible. What an amazing, important initiative. We’ll be cheering you on big time over here as you bring this to life!

  128. I will create content and blog daily to sell my room starter design packages online to help the many people who don’t know where to start when putting their space together. I plan to take action every day consistently to move the needle forward. xo Nicole

  129. GOAL – Finish setting up and actually LAUNCHING my newly-revised website, with my very first blog I’ve been making up excuses to get out into the world for yeeeeeaaaaarrrrrrs! Yikes.

    WHEN – I’ll be working on this puppy starting at 8a-4p every day this week, while working my other at-home (temporary) job.

    WHERE – In front of my brand new mac I purchased specifically for this reason.

    Marie, I read and highlighted the ____ out of the hardcopy version of your book I preordered, then flew all the way to London from the US and got another version which I gave to my momma, and now seeking another copy with those extra goodies to share with my sister. Your energy is magic and pure empowerment.

    P.S. Although just getting it out into the world, I’ll be teaching all about magic. One of the ‘tricks’ with magic is even though you’re scared out of your mind to push forward with a goal, you can change the game by simply saying aloud, ‘In myself I believe, so I shall achieve.’

    Love, Tabitha

  130. Yentl

    HEYYY… Right now 6:45 AM in my Living Room. Allentown, PA 🙂 YAY

    • Yentl Espinal

      DONE!! In 2019 I took a workshop to be a Body Mechanic Instructor for Massage Therapists and I have been lame and not thinking I am good enough yet but you and your philosophy have helped me immensely to break out of my shell. So all my top 8 Goals revolve around that project. I just bought your book in Amazon too lol, but I would love a signed copy for myself and give the one I currently have to someone I know who needs it. An awesome person from work who would rock this book. Thank you so much!

      • Julia - Team Forleo

        You ROCK, Yentl! And you are more than enough to share share your special gifts with the world, we promise. We’re excited for you to do so this year!

  131. Jeff

    I wrote down my goal of enhancing my energy this year 5 times before my feet touched the ground this morning.

    • Jeff

      Done! Thanks Marie for Everything Is Figureoutable! ? ?

  132. farooq mirza

    I have started to write my goals and eliminate the thoughts that don’t serve it and by getting into to specifics that will fulfill my goals and dreams that are strongly backed by reasons and purpose for there accomplishments.

  133. I want to start doing Sacred Sexuality workshops for men and women. Starting with men this Friday. I am scared! Already posted the event on facebook, now writing an outline. This year is about creating a flexible work schedule so I can live in Asia and Australia. I would like to achieve a passive income by taking my workshops and coaching online. Ok, gotta get back to my outline. Love you Marie!

    • Done

      • Julia - Team Forleo

        What a beautiful goal, Pavlina! Way to take action ?? We’re wishing you a wonderful workshop on Friday, you’ll rock it!

  134. Oksana

    My goal for this year is to start and grow my financial coaching business.
    When? Every day before going to bed I will write down my goal and work on my business.
    Where? At home in my journal.
    Thanks Marie!

  135. Yolanda

    My vision/goal is to start writing my book. The first step to making this happen is creating a writing schedule for the next 6 weeks.

    • Yolanda Spivey

      Done! Updated calendar with writing appointments for the next 6 weeks. Even created a word goal to write each appointment to ensure this book get done!

  136. My goal this year is to get by Performance Coach and Hypnosis business in full swing. I am clearing my plate of things I love and others which I just waste time doing to create space and time. I am going to play full out by redoing all the modules in B-School. I am setting up strategies to engage with corporations to give presentations on Stress and Anxiety. This is my year! I love the suggestion of writing my goal out 15 times per day to engage and program my brain. Thanks, Marie!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      This is absolutely your year, Nancy! We love everything about this, and are cheering you on every step of the way ? Please be sure to keep us posted on your progress!

  137. My big goal in 2020 is to grow my business and actualy get paid for helping people regain their mental health using equine facilitated therapy.
    Today I´m gonna sit down at my office and write 3 motivated applications in order to apply for financial means to grow my business.

  138. Hi Marie,
    Thank you for your words. I’m so grateful that I opened your email. I have been a professional procrastinator my whole life and I am making this year the year I become someone new, although I’ve been in the making for the past 10 months as I’ve traveled around the world. I have never believed in making Resolutions for the new year, just the best changes that I possibly can. This year I’m living these changes.
    My dad died about a year and a half ago after a turbulent and rapid bout with cancer. This has been the some of the most difficult few years of my life, and I’ve put myself through some terror in my adolescence. My dad had dreams and talent that he never put into action and reality, which I believe to be part of his karmic cycles. He was such a gifted musician, but never recorded, because he believed in his sister more than himself.
    This year, I will be starting my own business(es) hosting Kundalini Yoga and Adventure retreats, getting my unique meditation and yoga mats into production, and fulfilling my goal of only working for myself and the people that I’ll serve from here on.
    This month I will launch
    Audaz is a Spanish word that means Courageous or Bold, a person who takes action without dwelling on the risks of their action. With Audaz, we will practice the gift of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan, while learning to give in to the what scares is, and finding the adventure around us and within. Stepping and living beyond our comfort zones is exactly where we can grow. This is what I intend to share with the world and all who will apply, with a higher conciousness vibe in mind. My goal is to share the message with good for all concerned.
    The message that my father did give me in his lifetime, was to always stay positive, no matter what. With that in mind, I know that with the steps of action that I take each and every day I will grow and flourish in this month, this year, this life. I know that I can and will share my message of love and bravery, a message of truth.
    Please look out for coming in hot in 2020 and join me as we explore our relationship with ourselves, the world, and beyond.
    Much love and big hugs,
    GuruRattan Kaur

    • I did it! ?

      • Julia - Team Forleo

        This is so beautiful, GuruRattan! Thank you for sharing your story with us here. It’s clear that you’re carrying on your father’s legacy in such a special way with your own gifts and we’re so excited for you as you launch your incredible business out into the world this year!

  139. My dream is to spread the wonders of LEARNING in people’s lives. I am going to start on January 16th in a retreat on the countryside here in Brazil (Fazenda da Furquilha) Since I have to comment “Done” on the post, here is another goal: c0mplete my gratitude list, now, in my room… BRB

  140. Alex

    I just got a new planner and scheduling my writing is the first thing going in there!

    • Alex

      Just did it – 3:30 PM, in the dining room. But I don’t have instagram 🙁 that’s okay, I’ll win by achieving my goals ;)!

  141. Christina Bates

    I have my goals written down but after listening to you today. I am going to write them down every day. I am also going to schedule all my actions and ask my step daughter to do the same so that we can review our progress every week. We are are both coming to Life Lessons at the Barbican in London and are signed up for your session

    • Christina Bates


  142. Nyree

    I would love to set goals though following a tough year – racial, sexist, bullying, Rejection from new job applications because I don’t have a degree, learning a new language in the country I am living in and feel complete isolation. I am now suffering from severe depression all thanks to my work place. I am a one parent family support uni children so I need to work.
    I am lost and for the goals I just cannot set. I am generally – honest Governor have a happy and positive disposition. 46 yrs old and just feel where does one go…
    I wish to achieve yet it is that vicious circle….

  143. My first Action step is to continue creating the habit shifting free course so people can ditch their bad habits and addictions and live their best life.

    • Tuesday

      Done! Did it!

  144. Janet Miller

    I am focusing on all aspects of my health. Not just physical health.

    • Janet Miller

      I’m writing my goal down daily. Scheduling in exercise and daily gratitude, meal prepping twice a week, seeing people who lift me up, planning and organizing all things related to health so it remains a priority and checking in daily with my husband.

  145. Rosemarie Sugatan

    I love being able to get the chance to win Marie stuff! Plus, my name is Rosemarie (nickname is Marie) so I’m doubly excited!
    I’ve been a voice over artist for 15 years in Manila, Philippines, and I earn good money, enough to keep our family fed and clothed and our children in school. But I want to take my voice over business to the next level and earn more for my family. (Who doesn’t?) I don’t want to have to worry about the future anymore. I don’t want to feel like a fool again buying a domain name and not knowing the first thing on how to build my website, and just give up. I’ve done it a few times, and it’s both embarrassing and humbling.
    This time, it will be different.
    My goal is to grow my voice over business and propel it forward. Where am I going to do this? I will start here at home, because here I have my little studio with some recording equipment. When will I do this? Now. After watching this episode of Marie’s videos. Starting today, I will write down my goal, every single day; plan where and when I will act on it; and be accountable to someone (most likely my husband!).
    I’ve also signed up for B-School after being hesitant about it for several years. I kept saying I couldn’t afford it, it may not be for me, etc., etc. But I feel different about it now. I AM going to B-School in February!
    I’m nervous and delighted at the same time. This will be my year!

    • Rosemarie Sugatan


      • Julia - Team Forleo

        Rosemarie! We’re SO excited for you that you’re taking your goal to the next level of commitment and follow-through this year. It would be our honor to support you in growing your voice over business through B-School. That nervous excitement is such a good sign! We can’t wait to connect with you in the program soon ☺️

        • Rosemarie Sugatan

          Thank you, Julia, and the rest of your team, and of course, Marie! Psyched!

  146. My goal for this year is to release 25 books. I will release my first book on January 13th.

    • DONE. Judging Ginger is up for PreSale at Amazon. Book one will release officially on January 13th.

  147. Moving to a new home, before the 10th, perfect environment to write my second book and start my online biz.

  148. My goal is to inspire and transform 25.000 peoples lives within 3 years – in 2020 I want educate, coach and mentor leaders and their employess -specificly in the retail business in Denmark.
    Thanks for all the kick ass, I need it!

  149. I just listened and shared this podcast episode with my friend who also has massive goals for 2020. I want us to be each other’s person to check in with!

    • skye mcdonald

      I did it!

  150. 1. Be the compassionate, loving & creative blossoming person that I trueluy am
    2. Completion of my 4 year project – this being the fourth year of it:
    my handmade hand-embroidered personal Korowai (a Polynesian type sacred ceremonial kind of cloak, to be used at special occasions) and along with it, my written description and understanding of the symbolism in the creative patterns on it
    3. I will have average 3-4 clients per week coming for sessions at
    A) my own clinic situated besides my private house in countryside
    B) a rented clinic room in town

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      So beautiful, Maria! ? ??

  151. Marilyn Kier

    My goal is to genuinely feel gratitude each day. It’s one thing to write down what you’re grateful for. It’s another thing to sincerely feel it in every cell of your being. I am genuinely grateful for being part of this community.

  152. My biggest goal this year is to take control of my business finances so that I can finally have a highly profitable business. The first step is meeting with an accountant to understand and make a plan!

  153. Amazing Marie! You are my Tiny Buddha of the 21st Century! I am so darn happy that we are contemporaries! Love, Alma

  154. My First Step: Write my 5 top goals for this years (done) and pick up my accountability friend (done). Next: Contact her to explain my plan 😉 . THANKS A MILLION!

    • Marta

      Email sent to my accountability friend. DONE!

  155. Goal to reclaim my strong, energetic, toned yummy body after surgery. Why? So that I can enjoy every movement with ease and grace, like dancing, climbing trees, etc. And inspire others while I’m at it 🙂 How? By doing 30 pushups daily in my living room (or plan b, at the office), starting today!

    • Done!

      IG @lenalovinlife


    I love your strategies , already reading your book , You are the only woman tht has made me wake up at 5:15 am every day to read your book and work on the insight to action challenges.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Way to GO, Mauricio! ?? We’re so happy you’re enjoying the book and pouring yourself into those challenges. Wishing you an incredible year ahead!

  157. Dolores

    My goal this year is to start a (or multiple) side hustles that will surpass my current income so that I don’t have to work for a ego maniac manager in a world full of men who have ZERO respect for women. I will make a list of everything I am good at that I can profit from by noon today.

    • Dolores


  158. Kylee

    After overcoming a long illness and having my life changed I find I’m no longer in a position to do the job I used to do. With 4 children, a mountain of debt from the last 5 years I NEED to work. So, I’ve decided to find my passion. To retrain to do a job in line with what I feel my purpose is. I want to use what I have been through/going through to help others in a similar situation to myself. Using techniques, tools and support that benefited me as a mindfulness and wellness coach.
    Marie you have inspired me so much and are constantly helping me to keep my focus. Thank you ? xxx

  159. Ran

    Go to the gym, starting tomorrow!

    • Ranjni Janda


  160. Ashley Fritz


    First off, I loved your book! It really did change everything for me! I listened to it on audible 1st but I would love a physical copy!

    My goal for the year, professionally speaking, is to achieve a certain promotion by May 25th, 2020. I will work from home from 8:15-10:45 on that goal daily while my kiddos are in pre-K. Working on building relationships through messaging & starting a fb group to add value to women’s lives. I started last week & have been killing it daily! So Done!!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Ashley, we adore your attitude and commitment to your goals! SO glad to hear the book has had a positive impact on your life ?? Wishing you such an amazing year in 2020!

  161. Excellent, clear and concise advice. thanks!

  162. Guy Whitcroft

    GREAT ADVICE – Starting right now, in my home office every day!

    • Guy Whitcroft

      I did it!

  163. Amanda S.

    Hi Marie and Team!
    First of all, happy New Year!!! \o/
    I intend to begin my journey on the writers’ path this year finally!!! =,) After a decade of not being sure, doubting myself, hesitating, and so on (you know the song…) I’m so excited about it! =D
    So I will begin with the very first volume and from now on each year will see the next volume coming to life! =)
    I have already begun this journey as I’m currently working on looking for historic ressources, gathering every notes I’ve collected for many years (God! How many are ya???) and most of all working on the plan and the planning side of this huge project! Because nothing is more important than a good preparation to tame such a beast! =D
    See ya when the planning and the story plan are done!
    Thank you for having read me! ^^
    Take care.

  164. Sabrina

    I’m going to design a workshop program that infuses coaching and design thinking methodology. I will work on this every second Saturday until March.

  165. I am a freelance designer, and my biggest goal this year is to grow my business by getting more clients and improving my portfolio, offering more kinds of illustration work. (I’m currently working almost exclusively with textile design, but want to find clients in editorial illustration, for example).
    So, first action, that I’ve already started and I plan to get done today, is to plan every action I need to do this year to achieve that goal, and schedule when to do each one. Also, starting to make contacts and reaching for possible new clients.

    • Done! 🙂
      Thank you, Marie!
      I’m on instagram

  166. Hanna

    I am going to find a weekly accountability partner.

    • Hanna

      Done! 😀

  167. Sarah B.

    I went through Jan and scheduled gym visits. Goal is to do something active but even a hot tub soak or steam room visit keeps me in the habit of going.

  168. Susan

    Meet my friend at 5:15 on Tuesday and Thursday for spin class. This will help with my goal of being fit and healthy. I did it!

  169. I will contact a perfect accountability buddy and organize a regular strategy and accountability meeting to stay focused and on target.

  170. I’ll start by writing my goals 15 times in my notebook right now!

  171. Officially launch my Finding Home Business. More than just a source for home searches, it will also provide education, design/decor trends, and highlight local businesses and community leaders. I will start this morning by committing to writing my goal down every day and time blocking 5 hours a week to create a plan and implement it.

  172. Tina Pruitt

    My goal is turn my passion for shopping/thrifting into a 5 figure business this year (first year!). I will achieve this by refining my processes, establishing routines that squelch my ADHD, and always leaning in to business mentors and learning from their successes and challenges! Thank you Marie! ?

    • Tina Pruitt

      See my “ps” below!
      January Task / Process started yesterday! ✅

  173. GET SHIT DONE. Take action!!! In order to start my business I actually have to get things done not just daydream.
    Take myself seriously and treat with respect as I do with the boss at my day job. I don’t show up there and wait to see if am inspired or not to do the work. I just do it. No question asked! Do any of us go to work and say like ‘hmmm I really don’t feel like working today…I might go home and have a nap and see how I go…’ ? :)))) Right?!
    So as of yesterday I’m the boss who will fire me in case I don’t tick those lists off. I actually read the book already and I don’t need this gift (no offence Marie). I just wanted to share how fired up I am now and how non negotiable I feel about DOING THE DREAM after reading Everything is Figureoutable. One thing is crystal clear guys. We either make it happen or we don’t. If it’s important enough we’ll make the time, find a way, take the action and most importantly FIGURE it out when things go south.
    May we all use this fire within us to keep us going and embody Figureoutable formula to not just see us through but also enjoy every step of the journey as well.
    P. S. If I was ever to be religious this book would be my Bible. There’s no words to express my gratitude. Thank you Marie <3

    • Sonja

      Done ✅
      Doing ✅
      To be done – scheduled ✅

      • Julia - Team Forleo

        AMEN to this, Sonja! We adore you. Here’s to being your own boss and getting sh*t DONE this year! We’re doing such a big happy dance for you. So thrilled the book has been inspiring! ?

  174. Amal almayah

    My goal for this year is to start my side business in life coaching.
    My step that I already finished was taking master course in coaching
    And now it’s time to implement my knowledge into practice and preparing for my first free course
    Action steps is
    1- preparing course material (the deadline is 09/01/2029)
    Working on one module every day
    2- continue learning and my action is reading a book every week
    3- launch my online course on 17/1/2020
    Wish me luck ?
    I really want to make a chnge and help others achieve thier goals through science based practices and real follow up
    My goal is not to present just a course but to help them really through their journey and empower them.

    • Amal almayah

      First thing done which is tagging friends on IG post
      My account is final.destiny.9

    • Amal

      I did it!

  175. Linda Lathrop

    Clearing my clutter, beginning today by reflecting and journaling about the purpose of everything I own and plan to keep. Do I need it or can I send each thing on it’s way to someone else for another purpose?
    Day #1 Today – Done

  176. I am going to finish my second youth novel by allocating 30 minutes every morning at my computer before I start my day job to write it.

  177. John Garland

    I am finishing up my latest poetry book; “Looking Forward unto the Greater Tomorrow” and plan to write 2 more books; JR the Wizard Bard: The Teachings of Endor” and “Touched Reality: An Autobiography of a Schizophrenic” by the end of the year. Why? Because I’ve never done it before!! When I wrote the trilogy of “Endor the Wizard,” it was written one year apart. My poetry books were written two to three years apart (the first book, I must say, was 40 years in the making).

  178. LeslieAnne Hasty

    My goals for this 2020 are:
    Build at least 10 more Animal themed journals on my Amazon platform. That will bring my total up to about 40. I’d shoot for more, but also work a full time job, and have a family!
    I believe that if we practice Mindfulness in every area of our lives, even with our furry, feathered and scaly family members, that the world will have to become a better place for everyone.
    So I’m scheduling in 1 hour each weekend to just build journals.

    • LeslieAnne Hasty

      And, i pinned one of the photos at the top to my Pinterest board : Inspiration!
      I’ve also forwarded this e-mail to my 3 artsy friends, who all make and sell their art…

  179. Tramaine Rocke

    I will email my new 2020 accountability partner today and confirm a time this week for us to update each other of our progress with our weekly goals:)

    • Tramaine Rocke

      When: Did it Today
      Where: Did it Online
      Tagged x2 friends in Insta!
      DONE DONE & DONE! *Mike drop*

  180. Tina Pruitt

    ps, my first step is to list new inventory every day in January and to understand where my obstacles are in that process and remove them by standardizing my end-to-end listing procedure. I started yesterday with my January Challenge…I am taking note on what is slowing me down, time of day, what amount was completed and the time taken to do one article. So, results and procedures from January should give me insight on the right path to proceed on for rest of the year!

    • Tina Pruitt

      Above comment accompanied by response a few posts up!

      January Task / Process started yesterday! ✅

  181. Make enough money this year to be $30k up by December 21st, 2020. Get paid to do what I love, mostly from home but with a certain amount of being on the road (which I also love).

    • Lisa ji

      On it! (Or did it! If setting the goal is what I need to have done 🙂 )

  182. Find a singing performance opportunity. Did it!

  183. Melanie Timmins

    I did it! 😉

  184. Susan Pitman

    WROTE every one of my goals out! They are in four categories: Heart, health, home and handicraft…and then I honed in on the top ones per category.
    I’m scheduling now – both time AND PLACE – and creating an alternate.
    And today? I’m sharing this with my awesome friend and hoping she will be my accountability partner…
    This is great, Marie! Everything really is figureoutable!
    Here’s to achieving through engaging,

  185. I’m going to start by writing my goals down today ??‍♀️

  186. sonja stuempfig

    My goal is to get fitter and stronger, to do that I will exercise 30 min daily everyday. Moving, having fun, swimming, you name it. and I am scheduling it as you recommended.

    • sonja stuempfig


  187. Laura

    I’m going to update my friend Sheila on Fridays at 8:30am about my writing goal of 45 minutes a day.

    • Laura

      Done! My trusted friend has agreed to hold me accountable over coffee on Friday mornings!

      • Julia - Team Forleo

        LOVE that, Laura! ? Happy writing!

  188. Carissa Roldan

    My goal is fit for 40- I will work out tonight at home after work for at least 30 mins.

    • Make some of your passwords fitfor40 or something like that. That will help remind you of your goal this year 🙂

  189. Donna M. Bridges

    I am going to start reaching my goals this month and I am starting a podcast and resell business.

  190. Sara Bozio Bralino

    What an inspiration. Going to write my goals down today and start writing them every day!! ?

  191. Amanda Aksel

    This was an awesome ep! I’ve been writing my goals daily for the year for the past month and it’s making a huge difference. I have six BIG goals from personal to business but the most important one is raising my successors in my a youth leadership position I have. This will be my last year as I’m graduating the division. My goal is to raise 5 capable young women chapter leaders and 5 active Byakuren(behind the scenes support). With prayer and action these young women are appearing in my environment and I feel like for the first time in my four years as leader, I understand how to raise people to stand up. I’m determined to report absolute victory by December 2020!!!

    • Amanda Aksel


  192. Goal no. 1: building my e-mail list – start by posting regularly
    Where: Linked in posts minimum once a week
    When: starting today – write and post on Linked In

  193. Done

    Love this list!
    I´m also listening to your new book. Congrats! You´re doing amazing things.
    So proud of you!

  194. Penelope

    Thank you Marie for giving me that little extra that I needed. I’ve been doing pretty good with my goals so far except for the exercise part. I am going to work out right now in my studio. P.S. I recently found gel pens and OMG, they are my all time favorite pen.

    • Penelope

      I completed my workout (I’ll be sore tomorrow). I think I tagged my daughter and my niece, not sure how to use Instagram yet. I’ll ask my daughter for help when she wakes up. Thank you Marie and your team for always inspiring me. I wouldn’t be here without you. Big hug!

      • Julia - Team Forleo

        GO Penelope! We’re so happy you’re here and taking awesome care of yourself. ? XOXO

  195. Sarah

    So already brought the book as a Christmas present for me self after doing the decade in review and felt great and just wanted to say thank you.
    No new years resolutions just focused goals and gratitude practices that i am undertaking.
    Just wanted to send some love you way all the way from the UK as you do so much for us and theirs not a lot we can do in return.
    Hit me up if you think of anything though just really and truly saying thank you again would love to share on Instagram although i do not use it.
    So positive thoughts and so much joy and enthusiasm coming into this new because of you and loving the book.
    Thank you

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Thank you SO much for the kind words, Sarah – they really mean the world! We’re thrilled to hear the Decade in Review was a positive process for you and hope you’re getting a lot out of the book, too ☺️ We’d be so grateful if you share our work and episodes with anyone you know who could also benefit! XO

  196. I’m going to hand out a big postcard with my business info on it at a chamber of commerce meeting today!!!

  197. Kath

    My intention for 2020 is to create healthier habits in my life, mentally and physical. Continue with my running and weight training goals-run a 15 k trail run in October. Mental: work on my triggers that cause me to spiral into a mental ditch, and change those negative actions that I take to coupe with negative situations. And my soul is saying that I need to write about it. So I spoke with the one person that I know who has wrote a book and asked her to mentor me. So after I spoke to her, I ran to Walmart and purchased good gel pens and fun composition notebooks in order to start my journey.

  198. Danette

    2nd day of B-School (that I purchased last year) 6-9AM in my home office.

    • Danette


      • Julia - Team Forleo

        YAS, Danette! ??

  199. Nikita Aggarwal

    Hey Marie. I am Nikita, a recent college graduate and my goal is to build a meaningful business this year. I think a lot and research everyday, to be able to put my ideas on the table with confidence, sometimes no real world experience makes me take a long deep breath and another moment, I push myself again to just GET ONTO IT!
    1. I recently started writing my top goals of the year every morning and a breakdown of how to make them possible. You saying that, confirms I’m doing the right way 🙂
    2. I usually work on my plans throughout the day, writing, learning, researching, noon-evening. My only place to focus is my study corner with all my books and supplies, and from now on, I’ll also stick with a specific time so I’m not fiddling around with different activities.
    3. Right after learning these strategies, I shared my goals with my best friend, and also updated him with recent steps I took. Good part, he is willing to help and make sure I’m working on my dreams. :))

    • Nikita Aggarwal

      3 hours of some productive work and I plan on to keep working at the same time everyday to maintain discipline and focus. Thankyou so much! You are such an inspiration for so many women 🙂

  200. My goal is to help my team identify their goals for the year and develop an actionable plan. We meet first time this year on tuesday,January 14th in a rented office space i have already arranged for. I am actually already working on my presentation as well strategies.

    Thanks Marie, this video is so timely. It re-enforced some points i already had as well opened me up to new one. You are a star

  201. Kellie Porter

    I will find a job this year!! I moved from Atlanta, GA to Copenhagen, Denmark and have been searching for a job for more than a year. I have recently discovered your videos and podcast and I feel like a have a friend cheering me on. I wrote my end of decade journal/goals and guess what… my fifteen year old son and my husband did them with me! So, the actions I have taken is that every day I do something pertaining to the job search. I have updated my CV and created profiles on a few job search sites here in Copenhagen AND I signed up for a job search coaching seminar for tips on the Danish work force scene. I am listening to your book on Audible but would love a signed copy and some of those awesome stickers!! Today – I will enlist a friend to be my accountability partner – thank you for the suggestions and 2020 here we go!

  202. 1. Setting up my new office on Weds, Jan 8th and posting 10 new income streams that are possible in my business on my white board.

  203. I’m going to get my new bookkeeper this morning, FROM MY COUCH! (I’m still on vacation :)) and take my business to the NEXT LEVEL! Woohoo!

  204. Amy Halloran

    I actually started doing this Jan 1st. 🙂

    • Amy Halloran

      ✅ Done

  205. I will write 1 recipe per day (I commited to 30 recipes for this project), daily at 6:30am (before going to work) to complete and launch my e-cook book by June 2020. I will do this at home before the craziness of the day gets the best of me. ❤️

    • Toni Joquico

      Done for today. Tomorrow is another day! ?

  206. Kellie Porter


  207. Inbal Singer

    My goal is to finish my Anatomy work for my yoga teacher training (living room table!), sell my art (Online and in person – computer AND Art Market) AAAAANNNNNDDDDD make wholesome meals on my diet program (kitchen!!!!!) to get back to a healthier self. And I know that everything is figuroutable because that’s what Marie always says! (Now all I need is the book and journal! ?) Now I’m gonna write down 15x a day “I am a healthy, strong Yoga Teacher and amazing accomplished Artist”
    Can’t wait to put your advice into practice!

    • Inbal Singer

      Okay, spent some time on figuring out the steps I need to take this week per topic. Now sitting down to write my x15! Gonna make it happen!!!! ???

  208. Kerstin Pontner

    Goal: – To build a holistic health and wellness business and design the webpage.
    Where: – Living Room Desk (Darwin, Australia)
    When: – Every single day to have it up and running by the end of March 2020.

    I already have purchased your book, but I have the perfect person in mind to gift the signed copy to.

  209. JoAnn Janke

    I am approaching retirement age and need a “second career” to supplement my income. I also need to stay busy. This is the year I start on my journey by starting a crafting business. I will need to practice and learn before I am ready to start selling, so it’s super important for me to carve out time and a quiet place to practice. My first action step was to order some equipment I will need; it is getting delivered this week ! Along with that, I am rearranging my home office to make it a comfortable crafting space, with storage and work space that will keep me motivated and draw me in so I don’t want to leave. I have been studying what is available in my local stores to help me determine the direction I want to go and to identify any missing needs in my local marketplace. Thanks to Marie, I now have the supporting strategies I need to make this happen ! I have already written it down on my white board; I have scheduled time a few days a week on my calendar and I have committed to a friend that I will keep her in the loop so she can see what fabulous items I make . Thank you Marie; Everything TRULY is Figureoutable !

    • JoAnn Janke

      I did it !

  210. Goal: Registering my business in autumn this year, because I love helping women to have pleasure and freedom plentiful. I just love coaching and it’s my way of helping humanity. In order to help as many people as possible I have to show up and serve, so today’s step forward is writing my newsletter.

    • Maria

      done 🙂

  211. I wrote down my goal for this year this morning at work. Will definitely continue that each morning, as I’m at work early in the morning, the same time each day.

  212. This year I am going to create the online course business that I’ve been dreaming up. I am capable, and I can do this! My first step is to write down my goal 15 times today.

  213. Karen

    Start a new goal journal, focusing on 3 must-done things in everyday. Today!

  214. This year in February I will be selected for the Dallas Ted Talk fellow! My Ted Talk will reach global success by unlocking the keys to low back pain ~ one of my gifts of illumination to humanity! This coming Sunday at 10am at The Kelton, I will meet with my partner in believing to mastermind action steps toward the next 6 months before I move from here to CO!

    DONE✅! And posted to 2 friends✅

  215. Happiest Health. Yoga today! Done!

  216. Allison Oelger

    I commit to killing the sugar dragon, more veggies and daily movement. I have written this goal down in my journal but now I’ll incorporate writing it 15 times a day. When I crave sugar I will do one of the following: take a walk, drink a LaCroix, leave the kitchen, read a book, listen to music, call or text a friend. Sugar leaves me feeling mean, anxious and gross. It does me no favors as a cancer survivor and health advocate. I am doing this to feel healthy, calm and strong. I am worth it!

    • Allison Oelger

      Today I woke up and did 45 minutes of Barre3! I’ve written my goals in my journal 15 times and I will not eat sugar today!

      • Allison Oelger

        I did it!

  217. Wrote down —15x—-I will make $500 selling my art on Sanibel -this weekend. Which made me also take into consideration the things that needed to be scheduled—so I scheduled them. Done.

  218. Anna

    My goal is to write a life changing book by November, 2020.

    • Anna Leporace


  219. Anna Leporace


  220. Becky

    Today I am going to schedule three appointments on my calendar and then sit with my family and explain why this is so important to me – and in turn – how it will help us all. Steps so small yet so big.

    • Becky

      My 5 year old son just gave me a high five…

  221. Reina

    My goal is to approve all my remaining uni courses this year. I already scheduled a daily 3h block of time to get assignments done and study. For today I will start writing the first draft of a small essay I need to send by January 10th.

  222. Martha

    Lost my job last summer. Unemployment ends this month. Embarking on a new self-employed venture, today! Writing sales/activity goals today at my desk in my newly organized home office.

    • Amanda Cook


  223. Amanda Cook

    A friend and I have decided to team up on our creative businesses because we have a similar audience and the accountability with the other person is boosting both of our productivity levels. I will get more consistent with writing my goals down daily. Thank you for the support!

    • Amanda Cook

      I did it!

  224. Julie Colibri

    I am back to doing merkaba meditation daily–and following Marie’s advice to write down my goals, set a time and place to work on them, and follow up weekly on my efforts with a friend or better yet an accountability group!

  225. Beta launch my online legacy training program (even if it isn’t perfect) by the end of the week of January 7.

  226. I am starting my own web based health and wellness education and empowerment website. I have decided to sign up for B school and will be in touch with Kelsey Murphy today to get on the waitlist! Can’t wait to read your book and continue being inspired by you! Thank you.

  227. Cari Crabtree

    I will enjoy a walk outside around our office business complex at 1pm today.

    • Cari Crabtree

      I did it!

  228. I previously wrote down my top three goals this years. Today, right now at my work desk, I will write down my top goal 15 times. I will also schedule out today and tomorrow, with contingency plans. Thank you so much for your amazing, valuable advice. Bring it 2020!

    • Sara Lutz


  229. I’m starting a brand new online store that supports pollinators and their habitat. I’ve received new inventory over the Christmas holidays. Yay!
    I’m slowly learning each piece of how to mange my site. TODAY I’m going to get all my products online!

  230. I will Finally record the video add for my online business while hiking with my daughter this Thursday in the Redwood Forest.

  231. Buy a home. Write it down, today, tomorrow and everyday thereafter.

    • Hey Natalie, think about making some of your passwords buyahome, ownahome2020 or something like that so you are typing it over and over again each time you have to enter a password.

  232. I am going to run 50 miles this month! I am 10.3 miles in so far. Get it gurl!

  233. I did it!
    Top goal written down 15 times today in my daily journal. Will form a daily habit.
    I already have accountability partners and write down my goals regularly but not 15 times per day 🙂

    “I am the global best-selling author of Meditations of a Former Statue”

    Thank you ?

  234. I feel like this is cheating because I’m already doing these things! I don’t write my goals down multiple times a day, but I do read them every day, write them out once a week afresh and ‘tick off’ daily when I’ve taken a step (baby or big) towards it!
    Accountability FB message every Sunday night with a friend on our goals to read 20 books this year / do 5 tasks a week towards marketing our businesses, and to keep up with my daily habits from 2019 of meditation, exercise and healthy eating!
    Finally, I literally began time-blocking (tasty time chunks as you call it!) this weekend towards those steps towards my goals; ensuring to use a verb at the beginning of the to-do item. I love how it all came together!

    Today’s to-dos are to finish this page revamp & outreach directly to someone who enquired about my work!

  235. Rema

    i need to buy a journal today and till then write it down on my planner and start writing my goals down 15 times a day. doing a detox, reading the books I ordered on cleaning, anxiety, starting a homeschooling group, next week but first will create a homeschooling facebook group today with my friends.

  236. Therese

    Implementing the marketing message strategy I am developing with a coach by Feb. 15.

  237. Girl if it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t of come out of my mental rut.

    First, can you be my friend to schedule an appointment with?

    Second, my goal is to be a top producer of children’s books

    Third, I will write it down every day

    I am a top producer
    I am a top producer
    I am a top producer

  238. I started writing my goals EVERY SINGLE DAY in October – when the Everything is Figuroutable Daily Practice was introduced by Marie in her special training! Never looked back since, and I recommend it to EVERYBODY. Even if you are highly doubtful: what do you have to lose? It takes like two minutes a day to do the bare minimum! Simply write “I commit to becoming a world-class athlete/a successful trainer/published writer/whatever you desire”, and it will already make a change!


      • Susan

        Thanks for another perfect post, Marie and team! Your inspiration + education = transformation formula never fails to get my inner drill team bouncing into (oookayladiesnowletsgetin) formation.

        GOAL: Out of the noodler, on to the page – write 2020 goals down today.
        WHEN: Complete list by noon AST.
        WHERE: Hotel lobby, if outlet available. If not, hotel room.

        • Susan

          No outlet needed for ye old pen and paper, huh? Tell that to jet lag brain up here.

          • Susan

            Done! P.S. to my fellow pen geeks – if you haven’t tried Pilot Frixon erasable pens, find some for those daily lines. Rainbow of colors in ballpoint, markers, highlighters and they erase like you won’t believe. ???? deep future fun fo yo 2020!

            IG’d your post to my sister sisters.

  239. Sherry Wheeler

    I am going into year 2 with the same MLM company. I want to be number 1 in 3 counties. I have had such a hard time balancing doing this and life. I have been trying to do it by myself to no avail. I would appreciate all the direction I can get.
    Thank you
    Sherry Wheeler

    • The good news – everything is figureoutable.
      In addition to Marie’s book and awesome videos, in “Girl Stop Apologizing”, Rachel Hollis has a chapter on asking for help and another on building a foundation for success.

  240. I am doing it today and right now. Goal is to grow business by double this year. Will set up new opt in and email it to my list. My list is golden and most important asset I have. Also putting opt in on website.
    I have been following Marie for year and have been through B School twice- love it! Moved my business from home (Kim S Joy Stained Glass and Jewelry) to brick and mortar (Art Happens on Tarboro) in November 2018.

  241. Rachel

    I am going to list all my goals for this year.

  242. My main goal this year is to protect my positive energy by keeping a morning routine where I meditate/sit still with myself, go for a leisurely walk and remind myself what my bigger goals are everyday.

    The last six months I spent them completely submerged in worry, self-doubt and darkness around finding clients for my business. I was always next to my computer and I punished myself; I didn’t do anything that wasn’t work-related cause I had “so much to do”. That made me have a constant negative energy where I saw scarcity rather than abundance and where I lost confidence in myself.

    This year I can’t allow that to happen. So I am sticking to my morning routine, that does include writing my goals and scheduling my actions steps like Marie suggests.
    Also, by sticking to a routine I can gain pride on myself again, and I need to celebrate small victories so badly!

  243. Kim

    PERSONAL GOAL: Take Mondays off for art/painting. I tried doing this on Fridays last year… it didn’t work, something always came up!

    • Kim

      SCHEDULED: Recurring appointment set digital; inked in Bullet Journal
      good weather: take a walk with my sketchbook, and use it! bad weather: turn off my computer and drag out the paints in my home office
      WRITE IT: Monday is my art day… 15 x – This felt pretty goofy writing down.. on a Tuesday, but by the time Monday rolls around, it will be second nature and there’s NO WAY I’ll skip ART DAY!!
      ACCOUNTABILITY PARTNER: We already had a meet up scheduled today – perfect timing!
      INSTAGRAM: Done – 4 peeps xoxo

  244. Carol Richer

    Done. Setting goals!

  245. Fatima

    My goal is to get my first online course out there and hoping that this side hustle becomes my main job. I want to change something in this world. Make it better! Help the younger women find their place in the corporate world. I have set a weekly meeting with friends to be sure that I do the job. My accountability team who kicks my “behind” if I don’t to the work ???

  246. Heli

    My goal is to get my website working again. And the first step is to go through templates to find a suitable one and call the person who is going to do it for me.

    • Heli

      Done! I am so grateful to you Marie and the team Forleo! I’ve been meaning to do this for the last two years, but haven’t ‘cos it’s such a huge task. Unbelievable! It took less than an hour and I got to have a nice chat with a friend of mine. I don’t have an instagram account, so I’ll be spreading the good word by other means.

  247. I love this and it is easy to do, keep the goal top of mind daily! Talk about multiplying my chances of reaching my goals, I am ALL in!! I commented on Instagram and tagged a bunch of people. I tagged the place where my amazing book club meets, and I hope that I know WHO wins the book and that they bring it to book club in Feb. Everything is Figureoutable is our book and how fun would it be to show up with a signed copy!! WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.
    I love reading the comments as well, thank you!

  248. My goal is to create something new that others will want to buy ??

  249. Alexandra Matias

    This year I am going to take the Health Coach course by IIN to help me in my business. I am going to block off two hours a day on my agenda to dedicate to studying!

  250. Mary R.

    I will add a space in my planner to write down my goal everyday.

    • Mary R.


  251. Magdalena

    I quit my job after 10 years last summer. I found a new job in November, only to get fired after 3 weeks (I guess, it wasn’t ment for me). So now is my goal to find really the right job by trusting my intuition and to start also a little side business with my friends.
    Scheduling my job hunting and reporting right now in my calender! Thanks for this inspiration.

    • Magdalena

      Done! YEAH!

  252. Jacquie

    I am going to work towards teaching my High Note Clinic every weekday in my newly organized home study starting NOW and at 8:00 am every morning!

    • Jacquie

      I did it!

  253. Write my #1 priority down 15x-today!

    • Done! Complete! shared this post with friends/family, and I can’t wait to share the giveaway prizes, since I’ve already got my copy!

  254. Qweenie

    I have always known how to cook, but it was never really something that I enjoyed doing. I always looked at it as if it were a chore. So much so, I used to eat out daily. Six months ago I began transitioning from eating out daily to cooking more often. Six months later, not only do I cook daily, but I also cook for family and friends AND I also became a vegan along the way! I now specialize in cooking vegan dishes and I post pictures of my dishes on Instagram. My family and friends are so amazed at some of the dishes that I’ve “veganized” that they’re all telling their friends, and so on. They’ve been encouraging me to start a business where I make vegan plates of food to sell. I’ve been giving that a lot of thought, particularly since there aren’t any vegan/vegetarian eateries in my neighborhood. So I had consultation with someone who is a marketing and brand specialist to see if they can help me bring my business idea to fruition. I was so impressed with what we discussed during the consultation that I’ve decided to contract them. My first plan of action is to have a formal meeting with the marketing specialist to go over strategy of how to launch my business. That meeting has been scheduled for later on today! Yay! I am so excited!

    • Qweenie

      I did it!!!

  255. Julia M Walthall

    My goals this year are to do 4 things every single day – Read, Meditate, Journal, and Exercise! I’ve put up a separate, dedicated calendar to track this daily. Now, some days I’ve missed one, but I know that each new morning is another chance to get back on track. I read to increase my mental agility and improve my vocabulary – this goes hand in hand with journaling so I can organize my thoughts and really dig in to my motivations and actions. Exercise isn’t just for a healthy body, but a healthy brain and mental state. And of course meditation as a positive coping skill for all the madness and frenzy in the world – to make a peaceful space for myself whenever I need it.

    • Julia M Walthall

      I did it!

  256. I am writing my goals daily and looking for an accountability partner. I am doing this

  257. Olivia

    Committed to finding a meaningful, well paying job. Already working on this daily in the early mornings and in the evenings. At the library on my days off from my current job. I’ll start writing down this goal in my journal…where I also note three gratitudes each night.

  258. Hey Marie, I live in Barcelona and absolutely loved the part in the book about your epic Airport hustle!! My goal has been on my new years list for over 2 decades and I always used to hit a wall, since reading your book I feel so insanely inspired and motivated and have already recommended it to all my friends. Today my 1st step is to do step 1 of your video and write my goal down 15 times! I’m also going to share a post on my instagram of your book on Barcelona beach to help spread the love! @cycleyourheartout come back and visit Barcelona again soon, Sarah

  259. I’m going to start writing down my goals every morning. I had no idea that it increases your chance of completing them by 42%. How exciting! I’m going to write down my top two goals today in my planner and make that a habit.

  260. Ana

    I’m a system dropout and I want to thrive because I made that bold decision!
    So, I was a geek all my life, a good girl, all the teachers and professors loved me, went to the economy and business school as my parents proposed. Although it was painful to follow all the rules (because I’m actually free-spirited and creative type), I made my network during college, found a great job. Everything was moving so fast and next thing you know, I was doing sales of an enterprise software.

    Everything went down the spiral from there – things got so serious and demanding, my moral values shaken, was forced to smile while I was really sick out of stress and sense of unfulfillment & frustration.
    That one escalated big time and after getting myself fired, I was too tired and too angry for being forced to find myself in such a damaging situation, that I prolonged my vacation before searching for a job.

    Wow, and I got pregnant!
    And there it was.
    New life, a new meaning.
    I somehow ended up meeting this beautiful embodiment of everything that is sacred and powerful in a woman – my Doula.
    I knew I needed to go in that direction after receiving such value from her.
    It is a combination of storytelling, making powerful circles, doing something ACTUALLY meaningful, so raw and real, helping women, helping create new consciousness, helping reduce fear and trauma AND it involves so much self-work! It is an amazing thing to do.

    I took my first steps, been on three educations, had my first labor experience (except mine :)) and it went great. It is so big, important and beautiful but such hard work also. I’m really enthusiastic about it.

    So, the year 2020. is going to be a year I’m going public. Opening my own business, doing workshops, expanding my experiences, make myself tenable in a society where doula is a new phenomenon and nobody ever heard of it. All that with a toddler.

    I have big ideas and goals, and I know I need to be organized to pull it off – and that is my weakness.
    How to put all of these in action?
    Still don’t know for sure!

    I need to FIGURE IT OUT! Like, now! 🙂

    • Ana

      And done!

  261. Angel Zink

    My 2020 Vision is to focus on completion… I’m great at starting things, but not awesome at following all the way through. I’m starting small, and I’m doing a decluttering challenge to get me in the right creative space at home.

    • Angel Zink

      I’ve already cleared out 2 shelves in my home office! Done!

  262. Hi Marie,
    I am doing the book and it is fantastic! It’s all doable.
    My goal is to have my amazing script in PRODUCTION! I am open to all connedctions and getting the money moving. It is a huge project and I am having a blast. I will write out my goal 15 times every morning. So the schedule becomes meditation, journal and writing goals. Thank you.


      I did it!

  263. Peggy

    I am going to write down my goal in INK! And make an appt with an accountability partner who will be honest with me!!!

  264. Saadiah Quddus

    So, I am starting straight away by writing down my goals 15 times,
    When: just after I finish this comment
    Where: on my study table, in my diary…

  265. I have started writing down my goals on my calendar and will rewrite them today.

  266. 1. DONE.
    Complete a brain dump. After 23 pages of mostly unhealthy crap I had been holding onto. I felt so much more lighter and less overwhelmed and stressed by it all.
    Thank you Marie for your words of wisdom.
    I will work on my business plan for 1 hour daily until it is completed. Within 5 days max. I will start to schedule 30 minutes daily to start the many important letters I need to complete rather than a ‘to do list’ as I have been very overwhelmed by it all and it makes me angry when I have to remember what happened. If I go over the 30 mins that fine. Try and think of it as a third person.
    Regularly meet two friends who are also in the planning stages for starting a business. To update each other and to offer help and support where needed.

    Thank you for being you and for honouring your dreams and goals. If you hadn’t you wouldn’t be helping all of us. Happy New Year everyone make the day matter xx

  267. I’m writing my second book this year and I haven’t scheduled it- so that you for the kick up the butt Marie! I will do it, I will do it, I will do it….


  268. Luiza

    As soon as you got to point 2 i opened my schedule to make appointments and alerts to get on track. Done!

  269. Erika Sarmiento

    I love this post and it was right what I need it. My first step is gonna be to set SMART goals for myself and writte them down!

    • Erika Sarmiento

      I did it!

  270. Ava

    Love this, Marie! Thank you for everything you do! You’re a true inspiration!

  271. Yudelkis

    Hi! Marie my goals resolution is going to start in New York and I’m going to start right away meaning now I’m so excited to finally make my dream come true and with B-school everything is going to be figureoutable I know the wait is going to be worth it thank you

  272. Emi

    One of my goals this year is to practice “I don’t give a $h1t” attitude. I care too much of what people think and I need to do this for my own happiness.

    • Emi

      I DID IT.

  273. Penny Layman

    I created a vision board that I look at everyday and an affirmation which I say everyday which I started in Nov after reading Everything is Figure Outable!

    • Penny Layman

      Done and Doing It!

  274. Penny Layman

    Done & Doing!!

  275. lina

    Going to write down my goal today!

    • Lina


  276. José Levi Bolaños

    From Costa Rica, I’ve simply got to say thank you for inspiring my life the amount that I needed. I did!

  277. Laura Buenorra

    Now. And Right Here. I will write a video script for my sustainability song (to be shot in three different locations throughout my island tomorrow, Thursday and Friday). That video script is going to be written in such a juicy, clear and humourous way that I will know which actions and steps to take smoothly and effortlessly + both me and my friends will have a frigging amazing time shooting it

    • Laura Buenorra

      DOOOOOOONE! Video Script Finished! 😀 Wohooo

  278. Yudelkis


  279. José Levi Bolaños

    I did it… Very motivated!

  280. I usually don’t make NYs resolutions because I (of course) don’t keep them. I do have goals and I will implement the strategies to make them happen. My main goal this year is to complete my “Like a Girl Project”, an exhibition with 30-50 oil painting portraits of strong and inspiring women. I should have worked on it last year but I kept getting stuck on smaller projects. This show will happen! I am a successful artist. I am a successful artist, I am a successful artist, I am a successful artist, I am a successful artist, I am a successful artist, I am a successful artist, I am a successful artist, I am a successful artist, I am a successful artist, I am a successful artist, I am a successful artist, I am a successful artist, I am a successful artist, I am a successful artist.

  281. Joanna

    As I hit this year the very beautiful 40 =D I start to think about getting close to the size of me from before pregnancy 🙂 I want to start to run with a group of women from my area, so I’m committing to buying running shoes and going for the run with them. The first step is the worst, right? The other should be a piece of … fruit 😉
    Everything is reconfigurable, so I want to be more happy, slimmer and most of all healthier.
    When? – Wednesday 9 am; Where? Lloyds Park
    Many thanks Marie and Team

  282. Maijosh Giraut

    Pass my last board exam. This is my beast. I started this process back in 2014, and have gone thru one new version of the exam, expired scores, 3 retakes, and now down to the final one. A minor setback last Monday, when I did not pass, but I wont let it stop me. I am an architect is written all over my daily planner.

  283. I’m at home right now, and as soon as I finish typing up this comment, I will be texting my friend to be my accountability parter for my goal to be “The First Baha’i to win a Nobel Peace Prize” because I want more people of the world to know Baha’u’llah’s message of the Oneness of Humanity, The Equality of Women & Men, the Agreement and Harmony of Science and Religion, the need for Universal Education – which will also be in my acceptance speech when I am on stage in Sweden accepting the Nobel Peace Prize elaborating furthermore on why I even do the work that I do and where the money I receive will be going into etc. I will be primarily demonstrating this through my global public health work as an integrative yoga therapist and hoping that the actions that I take will not only move humanity forward together, but also raise collective awareness on our collective spiritual destinies.

    • Done! scheduled accountability sessions as well! Tagged peeps on instagram with my IG account @yogaavecmoi

  284. Marissa Fitrakis

    I will weigh and measure my food today and commit it to my friend. My weight loss journey is at about 50% after struggling for years!

    • Marissa Fitrakis

      Wrote down my food for the day and sent to my friend. Done for today!

  285. Create systems to minimise the time I need to be present during lessons of my dance school.

    • Darja

      I am doing it @darjabardo

  286. I’m going to meditate everyday from today, and guess what, I had done my first practice this morning before watching this episode!!!!

    • So yes, I AM DONE!!! and proud 🙂

  287. I am going to start accepting clients for my fertility coaching business this month!

  288. OMG Marie, I had one of those orange radios!!! I know exactly what you are talking about. I was so excited when I saw it, I had to have it!

  289. Well … I’m one of those people Marie. The ones that have had the same goals for a while. It’s not that I haven’t been working towards it, I have actually made progress towards it over the last two years but I decided that THIS YEAR has to be the year that I will finally make a full time income from my business.

    I really liked doing your three part decade in review, wrote everything down religiously and went through it to decide what was that really inspired me and what I wanted to do. I also did the exercise in EIF book where you say to write for a whole week pages of “what I truly want is…”. I really liked it. It gave me lots of nice insights. You’re very right when you say that writing gives you lots of clarity ( or at least it does to me for sure !!).

    To remind me every day what I need to do, I have a quote from your book on a post it stuck on m my bedroom door, “Can’t means Won’t. Your dreams aren’t made or broken by anyone but you. #everythingisfigureoutable.” I wrote it down on a post it, when I heard you saying this out loud on a webinar to sell the book. It really struck me and moved me to tears, when I heard you saying it. Because it was so raw and true!

    After having read EIF, I loved it so much that I went on to buy three more copies for my three best friends for Christmas. My aim was to encourage them to “figure out their life” too as I know that every single of them has their own struggles and I knew that your book could help them.

    As a Bschooler, I was familiar with the tips number 2 and 3 that you shared in this video above but,although I was familiar with number 1 too I have never taken it seriously ( despite I just said that writing things down can be quite powerful!Ha!).So my next step is to start writing my main goal down every day to remind myself and stay focused. Where? In my bullet journal on my desk, every day, before doing my to-do list for the day after. So that I can see my goal in front of me every morning along with my to do list.

    Oh one last thing… I really love those STICKERS (especially Jersey Marie one! Lol #nobullshitexcuses) so I do hope to get them. #CHEEKYFACE But If not,that’s ok too. I have enjoyed sharing my experience with your ” everything is figureoutable” philosophy on here and just wanted to let you know that I love you and I’m in awe with you, even though we live miles away and the only time I’ve seen you live has been last year a few meters away from me in London during your book launch! Keep rocking, Marie

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      We adore you, Ermy! It’s clear that you’re really going deep with yourself and we applaud you for actually doing the exercises in the book and the Decade in Review. Know that this alone is SO powerful and you ARE making progress – we promise! Keep going and keep being patient with yourself in the process. We’re so grateful to have you as an amazing, generous part of this community and can’t wait to see what 2020 holds for you. Please keep us posted!

      I also think you’ll find this episode really helpful, as a reminder that patience and consistent work are so key in business (and life!):

      Sending you TONS of Team Forleo love and encouragement. XOXO

      • Thank you so much, Julia. I do appreciate your word of wisdom and encouragement and I will definitely check out the video you linked. Thanks a lot for taking the time to look it up for me. You and team Forleo are amazing and thanks a lot for your hard work and support!! xxx

    • Just an update to say I’ve been writing my goals down so far! 🙂 Plus also liked the IG post about the give away and tagged my boyfriend and one of my best friend in it ( my IG is @thelanguagerose). 🙂

  290. I am writing my goals down every day when I get home from work!

  291. I have an audio book goal. And yesterday I asked my sister to be my accountability partner.

  292. I want to be an excellent Nutritionist and help more people. So I will do at least one thing everyday that will help me grow. I will choose one topic for the week and research a little bit everyday to saturate my knowledge.

  293. BIG GOAL: Launch my online program and make it evergreen.
    WHY: To Help woman release the weight they carry around mentally, emotionally and physically and gain the inner and outer strength to follow and fulfill their dreams come what may!
    WHERE: In my home, online and in person.
    WHEN: NOW!
    Marie, I am reading your book and absolutely love it. I read it before going to sleep at night. I gifted it to my two eldest children Dani, 24 and Sean 22 and will encourage my 16 year old twin girls Kelly and Lily to read it when I am done with reading it. I look forward to being one of the receivers of your generous gifts especially that gorgeous vegan leather journal. Thank you and love you!
    New York

    • Kate - Team Forleo

      We love your “why” and are cheering you on, Eileen! Your kids are so lucky to have you as a mom, encouraging them and showing them what it looks like to continually learn and take action toward your goals. We’re so grateful to be connected ?

  294. I’m starting a new journal where I write my goals out every morning as soon as I wake up, and started it today! I’ve also committed to working out at 6:30am every morning Monday – Saturday, and today makes two days in a row I’ve stuck to it!

    • Trista


  295. Bertha Hines

    This is my first step! Self motivation has been challenging for me. I have a book inside of me and I’ve captured so many thoughts and ideas on whatever I can write on, but I haven’t been able to pull it all together.
    I truly want to achieve my goals consistently and this is the start!
    Thank you for being transparent.

    • Bertha Hines

      I did it!!!

  296. Natalie Fales

    My goals are to help as many women as possible with their health and wellness. It’s to help women learn to love themselves and become the best versions of themselves. I have been writing down my goals since the start of the new decade! I plan on starting a weekly check in with my tribe to to see where we are all at with our goals!

  297. Cindy

    New Year..Moving ON in all the good directions despite odds.
    Started creating again and feeling great about it.
    Time to shine..again!! I know you have my back so….TADA!!!
    Sent your podcast to 3 friends (hope that’s ok) and awesomeness is spreading 🙂
    Thank you, thank. you~~

    • Kate - Team Forleo

      Here’s to shining! Thank you so much for sharing the podcast, Cindy ? it means the world to know it resonates and that you’re helping to spread the awesomeness.

  298. I am FINISHING my business plan with my goal strategies for 2020 this week.

    • DONE!!!! 🙂 Put my butt in my office chair yesterday and today and it’s DONE! Thanks for the guidance, Marie!

  299. Liliana Ventura

    Fitness/Wellness Goal:
    Integrate weightlifting into my daily routine so I can gain strength and stamina that will allow me to be a committed first time mom and a successful entrepreneur.

    First Action:
    Do 30 min of leg-focused weightlifting based on DLD Nation protocols and record the exercises on my phone for proper form on Monday, January 6 at 6 pm (as soon as my husband gets home from work so he can take care of our son while I’m exercising).

    • Liliana Ventura

      Happily reporting that I did it! I’d never done leg-focused weightlifting in my life, and so many factors felt like they were working against me (it was getting late, I was feeling tired from caring for the baby all day, baby was crying during the workout, etc.). But I reminded myself I want to be SUCCESSFUL, and that means keeping promises to myself (not just others), whether or not I feel like it. Then I started following my coach’s video prompts for the various exercises on my laptop, put my workout music on, and pressed play on my phone video. Before I knew it I had completed my first leg circuit ever!!

      I’m proud of myself for not letting myself break a promise to myself but follow through instead to build the foundation of meaningful success. Thank you for the inspiration and accountability Marie!

      • Kate - Team Forleo

        YES Liliana! We’re so proud of you for showing up and keeping that promise to yourself. You’re already setting a beautiful example for your family by taking care of yourself and showing up even when there are distractions. Great job! We’d love to hear how things are going, so please keep us posted. We’re cheering you on ?

  300. Farah Gopaul

    Working on my business plan for a Gourmet food business that will bring in multiple streams of income and change everyone I meet……
    *Setting timeline this week..
    *Met with my ‘accountable ‘ buddy to keep me on track
    *Running with my stepson get me back to good
    *Rearranging kitchen today to start working from home in two weeks
    Love you Team M

  301. Inggrid

    Omg! I am so vulnerable right now, but I enrolled the B school 5 yrs ago but have never finished it. Aaaaaaarrrggghhhhhh!!!! And i really want to finish it this year cause my online product is sitting in my room for the past 5 yrs..damn me..I will make this happen!

    1. I will put the b -school dates on my calendar( i just did)
    2. Get my BFF (Best Female Friend) as my accountability partner, i don’t care if she agrees or not im just gona do it and send her weekly updates haha
    3. Write in my journal in the morning of my daily gratitude, intention and goal! Yes yes yes! This is the year! Thank you Marie!
    I love ur ‘Everything is Figuroutable’ water bottle! I want it!

    • Kate - Team Forleo

      We’re so glad you’re diving back into B-School, Inggrid! The beautiful thing about the program is that you have lifetime access — and no matter when you signed up, this moment and this year are here now and we’re so happy to support you in bringing your business to life. Keep us posted and know that we’re here for you!

  302. Carrol

    MARIE! I need your journal, water bottle and stickers in my life!!! I already have your book and the pleasure of seeing you on your book tour in Seattle. I completed the 3 steps and I’m sharing them with my Woohoo Girls!

  303. My goal is to have a successful sustainable writing business –
    I wrote down an intention statement-
    I live life to the fullest adventure. I am financially and emotionally secure and free. I have 6 months reserves. I have a profitable writing career and I am a prolific writer I LOVE MY LIFE. My #1 Goal is to have 5-10 retainer clients and make $15,000 a month. My action steps-
    1-Commit to planning the next day, and reviewing my action steps and their locations every morning, as well as viewing my vision board to start my day. And giving myself a ‘star’ when I follow through.
    2- Contact 3 businesses a day that are my ideal client.
    3- Write 1 Linkedin post a day targeted at my ideal client.

    • DONE! and I got one retainer client since the post!

      • Kate - Team Forleo

        Marie! That’s amazing ? great work getting right to it and getting a client. We’re cheering you on and would love to hear how things are going. Keep us posted <3

  304. This is perfect timing!! I just sat down yesterday and scheduled actionable steps into my calendar to work towards my goal of growing my business large enough I can quit my 9-5. Thank you Marie for teaching this in B-School – it is so powerful! The alumni email I received yesterday was the perfect reminder to get scheduling!

    • Kathryn Shepard

      Just reviewed my calendar and checked off today’s action items!

  305. One of my goals, it’s not spectacular, but simple, is to keep my kitchen cleaner and tidier! I plan to work in the kitchen 15 to 30 minutes each day, with a goal of in the mornings, targeting what’s most needed. Washing dishes, putting things away, cleaning surfaces, mopping the floor, taking food inventory, etc. I hope that it’ll prevent that feeling of overwhelm by not letting it pile up. In the end it may help with my self esteem! This morning was the third day in my goal.

  306. Alice W

    Starting tonight just before bedtime, I will write down my goal of becoming a person who wakes up every morning to a 20 minute movement and a 15 minute meditation habit. This goal writing will be a part of my bedtime ritual. I will tell my friends about this and encourage each other’s transformation over the next few weeks and months. We’ll schedule a monthly GNO to celebrate our incremental achievements. Getting fired up Marie!!

    • Kate - Team Forleo

      Awesome, Alice! Movement and meditation are such great ways to start the day grounded and purposeful.