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Do you want to be happier? Live longer? Be healthier?

If you’re human, my guess is “Yes!” so read on…

Today I have THE expert in happiness and longevity. This man has helped no less than 5 million Americans. He’s been on the cover of National Geographic and written bestsellers on the science of longevity and happiness.

When I started reading his first book, The Blue Zones, I loved it so much that I immediately ordered all of the subsequent Blue Zones books in the series.

In this episode, we deconstruct what it really takes to live a long, happy and healthy life — according to decades worth of painstaking research.

Your environment is the biggest, most important, and most impactful thing you can change to favor your own happiness. @BlueZones Click To Tweet

After studying the world’s happiest people, Dan Buettner found 3 “types” of happiness. Today he’s sharing the habits that keep them that way — well into their 100s.

I’ve found these findings fascinating and, most importantly, accessible. These are practices, habits and changes that virtually all of us can make.

You’re about to learn:

  • How a strong sense of purpose in life has made Okinawa, Japan “the land of immortals.”
  • Why your environment – aka where you live and how you shape your surroundings — is the most impactful thing you can adjust to stack the deck in favor of happiness.
  • The biggest determiner of whether or not you like your job. Hint: it’s not how much money you make or recognition you get.

This information has the potential to be life changing for you and those you love. Dan has so much to teach us about health, happiness and purpose, no matter where you live or what you do. Watch now.

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Now, we’d love to hear from you.

What’s the biggest insight that you’re taking away and, most important, how can you put that insight into action right now?

Leave a comment below and let us know.

Share as much detail as you can. Tens of thousands of incredible souls come here each week for insight and inspiration. Your story may be just what someone else needs to have a major breakthrough.

Important: please share your thoughts and ideas directly in the comments. Links to other posts, videos, etc. may be removed.

Thank you, as always, for reading, watching and diving into the discussion with kindness and passion.

You deserve to live a long, happy and healthy life. My hope is that this episode helps you make it happen.

P.S. If you want to take the Happiness assessment Dan mentions in the episode, here’s that link. It’s free!

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  1. Geissilene Da Silva

    Great talk. Just don’t agree with the fact that 50% of our happiness are down to genetics and luck?? We would not come to this life experience being 50% doomed!!!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      We adore your positive attitude and outlook on life Geissilene! That’s such a gift and will serve you well when it comes to your happiness 🙂 Not to mention the hope and inspiration you’ll share with others simply by being you. Dan has done a great deal of research over the years on these statistics, and we’d encourage you to check out his books if you feel called to. Thank you so much for watching and keep being your amazing self!

    • Geiss, this is why whole countries believe in reincarnation. like India. There are things that we can’t explain without looking at a longer timeline. Like what about children who get a brain tumor? How do we explain these things? There are more causes to our quality of life then just our day to day actions. The Q is: how you *respond* to *your* circumstances? Many people have terrible situations or genetic predispositions to illness…or are even born without hearing. The Q is how do they respond to it. And even gene expression is very influenced by our choices…environment, diet, stress levels, etc.

    • Helen

      Geissilene, this was the one sticking point with me also. I haven’t read his books (yet) but my initial response to that is to question how much of what is attributed to genetics is actually *nurture* not ‘nature’. Nurture includes the environment we live in – if a child leaves their depressing family environment or an oppressive cultural situation for a happier place, they will inevitably become happier despite their genes; also, i think of the variety of happiness in families – there are very happy and very unhappy people in my own family; and how does this play out for people who have been adopted/fostered? Diet and lifestyle choices can be made easily that change the course of one person’s life from that of their genetic family too. Of course there will be genetic predispositions to certain things, but i don’t believe that we are fated to it or should be limited to it by this belief.

      Aside from this, (and i look forward to reading his books with interest to see what his research findings were), this was a thoroughly inspiring and happiness-inducing discussion. Thanks again Team Forleo for elevating my day and providing some great food for thought, not least about the place i live in, which appears to have two extremes of happiness and unhappiness by these metrics (and my own observation & intuition). It makes it clearer what needs to change in order to make this a 100% happy place! ^_^

    • Jessica

      This was a sore point for me too but then he mentioned hormones and that made a lightbulb come on. I thought about people suffering from undiagnosed mental health issues, which is exponentially made worse in the US by toxic foods, dependence of pharmaceuticals, stress, etc. My sister was recently diagnosed with a rare congenital disease which caused multiple brain aneurysms. For 29 years, her brain was compromised in unknown ways, perhaps manifesting in mood disorders and other physical ailments. All this to say that the fluctuation in happiness is certainly actionable. What can we do to be at the higher end of the spectrum?

      • Gail

        Mental Illness has become a “buzz” word in society today. I have personally been diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder and Generalized Anxiety, however, I can change. There has been a lot of research today on gut health. Mental Illness is not an imbalance of hormones in the brain and I agree that drugs are a problem, it cannot be fixed with drugs. Every person needs to be informed about their own health, what works/doesn’t work for them. An imbalance in the gut is a chain reaction which has been shown to affect the brain, especially mood. Being the healthiest you means having to continually research, understand what your body is telling you, and not giving doctors ultimate control. Drugs only change the chemistry of the brain but don’t solve the issue. Functional Medicine is the way of the future. We need to embrace it and get insurance companies to get on board. We need to know the why and not just put a band-aid on the boo-boo.

    • Marco

      I wonder if he has read the work of Dr. Bruce Lipton PhD on epigenetics and how the environment affects our gene expression. According to this new theory of genetics, the influence of genetics is much less than it used to be thought. So maybe this 50% of which Dan speaks can be greatly influenced by the environment and our lifestyles and believes.

  2. One of the best talks!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      So glad you enjoyed it, Dorothy! Thank you for taking the time to tune in today 🙂

  3. I lived in Costa Rica for 4 years, in a small village Brasilito near Playa Conchal, Guanacaste. We left Italy my daughter was sick, 4 years old, after 2 weeks in Costa Rica my daughter health improved ..the life, nature, the pura vida …everything just gave us the strength to decide to live there. My 2 children lived for 4 years like Pieter Pan and I can tell you and ensure you that you really change the happiness perception. We arrived in Costa Rica with 4 large suitcases…after 4 years we realized we opened just 1. Now we are back in Italy cause my children had to go back to school (we tried a few in Costa Rica however we felt it was time and they were ready to live their country a bit)..but the lesson we learnt in Costa Rica still is in our heart and how we live. By the way, I lived in Florida and Boston for 10 years before..and I can tell you that you really need to experience different cultures to find the balance of your life..and exactly the things you should have or not….I believe the secret it is never settling in one way or another to believe you’re satisfied …living my life this way makes me feel like I am always 20 years old 🙂 I found this my secret. This video is really so inspiring thank you so much Marie Forleo. Have a wonderful day!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Wow Sabrina, you are such an inspiration! It’s incredible that you’ve lived so many different places and experienced the feelings of happiness and balance that each brought, first-hand. It’s really amazing how much our environment can impact our overall outlook and satisfaction, isn’t it? We love that you’ve found your secret to feeling young and alive, and carried this with you everywhere you go – thank you for sharing this with us here!

      • Sabrina

        Thank You Julia I love you guys!! Have an amazing day!

    • Wow, Sabrina. I love this story. Thank you for sharing your experience. Costa Rica seems to be gaining popularity for those of us who can work virtually. I hope they can maintain the integrity of their lifestyle as people migrate there from other countries… :).

      • Thank You Kristin! I am happy you like it. I believe Costa Rican will keep their integrity for a long time. I wish you a wonderful day!

    • I’ve been to Brasilito and LOVED it!! My favourite little place in CR.

  4. Moving to a happier place makes total sense to me.
    I moved to a new town 2 years ago, and even though I got sick and lost my job afterwards (not related to the move), I am so much happier here!
    I am certain my new place helped me recover from my illness and I am now on my journey to start a business I love as well.
    Thank you Marie for this insightful interview with Dan and the work you do to continuously inspire people to live the life they love.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      That’s fantastic, Willemijn! Kudos to you for taking the risk of moving to a new town. We’re so happy to hear you’re feeling happier, healthier, and more in love with your life as a result. We’re cheering you on as you build your business – so exciting!

  5. Janine Burnham Ruth

    Loved the conversation! Thank you for sharing – wondering why it wasn’t suggested to get out there, get involved, and CREATE a place to live that promotes happiness??!! If we know what it is about the happiest places that makes them so, why not take that information and cultivate it where you live? Just the act of doing so creates social/face-to-face connections and provides an activity that is meaningful/giving back. Maybe the solution isn’t always moving, but changing your environment on a bigger scale!! Cloudy/rainy landlocked places without mountains or beaches could create indoor social spaces for their community which reflect these components. Next book Dan – You Don’t Have to Move to Live in a Happiness Zone – The Keys to Creating Blue Zones Where you Reside (yea, you can credit me for the title!! LOL!!)

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Love this idea, Janine – you’re definitely on to something here!!! We absolutely can and should create communities that promote happiness, wherever we are, and learning from places that are already doing so is the perfect place to begin. Thanks so much for watching and sharing your ideas!

    • Marie

      Hi Janine,

      I absolutely agree with you! But I think sometimes it is just hard to create a happy place in big cities when you are trapped in not healthy environment. For instance New York is an amazing city nonetheless very tough to be!
      I believed that what Dan and his team are actually doing – creating Blue Zones around America, making happy places to live, to work and be in general!
      I haven’t read his book, but looking forward to it!

    • I love this so much!

  6. Wow, what an amazing person. I picked up so much from this conversation… I’m Canadian, so interesting we rank high on the happiness scale (considering our long winters… :)).
    I will read (and share) Dan’s books and visit to get some ideas for good tasty food.
    Thanks Marie for sharing these amazing people, their incites and stories with us. Your interviews are truly some of the best on the web!
    Your friend,

  7. I loved this show and it really resonated with me. Four years ago I began living in Buenos Aires, Argentina for several months of the year (I am Canadian). People at home kept asking why I was so crazy about it, and eventually I started saying it was how I felt when I was there. Finally I realized what that feeling is — it’s happiness! I’ve been happy most of my life, but when I’m in Buenos Aires I’m actually CONSCIOUS of being happy. I often catch myself walking along the street just thinking how happy I am. So I’ve now made the big decision to move there permanently in November. I have a one-way ticket to Argentina and I can’t wait to begin my new life there. By the way, I’m 75 years old, and I love dancing tango in the city where it began!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      BEAUTIFUL, Helen – you’re so inspiring! We’re incredibly excited for you as you begin this new chapter of life in Argentina!

    • Inspirational Helen. Thanks for sharing your age. It gave me the a huge hit of happiness to read your story. xxoo

    • Congrats Helen! That’s awesome and very inspiring

      • Thanks Jess. I’m really excited! I’d love to think I might inspire other women to go after their dreams and realize age needn’t be a barrier.

    • Toni

      Helen Wilkie, you’re inspiring me! I’m 56 and was hearing the excuses in my head about why I couldn’t/shouldn’t move. Thank you!

  8. My environment has been making me sick for years. In two months I will finally be able to move away from the life I have always known and start over in a new state. I am looking forward to the next chapter in my life and can hardly wait to begin. I think the people we surround ourself with can have a huge effect on us.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      We’re so excited for you as you prepare to make this positive change in your life, Tami! That’s huge, and you’re incredibly brave. Enjoy this fresh new chapter awaiting you! XO

  9. Hasmukh

    Marvelous interview, talk and learnings. Firstly, there’s new outlook in his studies.

    Secondly, It’s easy or direct to practice without going into abstract theories. Thirdly, the prescriptions are liked to what really creates happiness such as ‘happy friends’, ‘day-to-day emotions’, ‘pleasant environment’, ‘attitude to give’, ‘purpose we like to live for’, and so on.
    Importantly, Marie compliments for HE said, You (Marie) exude happiness and so he, too, liked these moments.

  10. Melanie Baker

    Loved this, so thought provoking. I did the happiness test and got a D 🙁 and so glad I’ve got things to work on that are doable. The upside is that I’ve already moved to a home which is a lovely environment with a community of people who look out for each other and where I’m really happy. It’s made such a difference to how I feel everyday so I can really see that Dan’s advice will work if you set things up for success. I’ve known for a while that the job’s got to change so that’s the next thing on the list to tackle. Thanks again Marie for a great episode. xx

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Hi Melanie! You’re absolutely on the right track and this awareness of where you’re at and how you can continue making positive changes is so powerful. It’s wonderful that you’re already noticing the impact changing your home has on your happiness level! Keep up the awesome work 🙂

    • Toni

      Melanie, would you be willing to share how you found/chose the place where you’ve moved? Thanks! I haven’t taken the test yet; I’m thinking I might score a C-/D, too.

      • Melanie Baker

        Hi Toni
        In some ways it wasn’t a conscious decision to move to a place where there was a good community but I had a feeling in my gut that I knew the house we were in wasn’t right and that I couldn’t settle until I found what I was looking for – even if I couldn’t really put this into words at the time. It was that thing of you know it when you see it. So trying (not very eloquently!) to say that it was more not settling for something less than looking for something specific for us. We moved to a place where everyone who lives there has a shared interest in looking after the area (it’s a historic estate with a number of tenanted properties). I did make a conscious decision to make the best of joining a community, being more open and making an effort but also taking time to get to know people and the area. I suspect it will take years of living here before we’re fully integrated! A big part of feeling happy in a home for me is living in a rural area where it’s quiet and peaceful (most of the time at least) and nature is all around. I hope that helps explain how we got here. I think a bit of luck also played a part. Keep looking until you find it.

  11. Emma Brady

    What no nonsense inspiration today! I moved to British Columbia Canada 7 years ago with my husband, leaving behind our wonderful families and friends but searching for a change. BC is the perfect environment of mountains, beaches, green space etc and while that has been so helpful for our happiness, I’ve learned that even living in a beautiful healthy city isn’t enough if you don’t have a support network and make your own ‘family’ of likeminded people there. In fact, living in a great place but not having people to get out and enjoy it with almost makes you feel worse! So of the two key factors, people and place, I think it’s people who can make or break how much you settle into even the most ideal place. No man (or woman) is an island!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Beautifully said, Emma – SO very true. We’re happy you found this conversation with Dan thought-provoking and really appreciate you sharing your personal experience!

    • Sofia

      Thanks for sharing your thoughs on this, Emma. This is exactly what I’ve been wondering – if we have to choose between a healthier place (better economy, social structure, climate, generally more safety and security) and a place where we have “our people”, which weighs more? For the past 9 years I have lived in a city I totally fell in love it the very first time I visited, long before I eventually moved here. It’s a place that is healthier than my home town (in a different country) in so many ways. Yet, I miss having those friends that Dan talks about, people you can call when you have a problem and you know they’ll be there for you. I have people I can go out with, have a chat and a laugh, but not truly close friends. And I miss it so dearly, as I miss my family, and just spending life with them.
      However, I know that moving back to my home town would make me miserable in other ways – it would be infinitely more difficult to find a job with purpose, that gives you financial security, even eating a healthy plant-based diet would be more difficult because of how much more expensive it is than here!
      So I’m left wondering “Am I making the right choice by staying here?” and “Will I regret it when it’s too late”? I wonder if Dan’s books share data on “what matters more”, though I know it’s individual and you can’t put a number and percentage on everything in life (as much as the nerd and the control-freak in me would like it to be otherwise :D).
      Thanks again for sharing your story, it’s always so inspiring to learn from others.

  12. CB

    the biggest thing for me is about my environment and where I live, I’m going home to declutter buy some fresh flowers and enjoy my home

  13. This is a really important interview. As a psychologist and Buddhist teacher, specializing in love relationships, all I can say is THANK YOU Marie and Dan. Meaningful relationships. Work that matters. A bit of financial security instead of a gadget. Gee, what d’ya know? I challenge all of us to take this on and make the necessary changes, one step at a time. And I agree that positive psychology is a panacea, to some degree. Real change happens deeply, from the inside out. That is what Buddhist meditation is all about – long term inner change that tilts the mind and being toward happiness. Unshakable happiness – no matter what the world throws at you.

    Love from Vancouver Island – by the ocean and the mountains. 🙂

    • Couldn’t agree with you more Cheryl.
      I’m sure you know this Dalai Lama quote.
      It sums it up beautifully.

      “We don’t need more money, we don’t need greater success or fame, we don’t need the perfect body or even the perfect mate—right now, at this very moment, we have a mind, which is all the basic equipment we need to achieve complete happiness.”

  14. I’ve been trying to figure out my purpose for some time, with much intention. This was an incredibly validating episode that my heart’s calling really is important! The formula for how to “figure it out” was so helpful! Thank you!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Wonderful Melissa, very glad to hear this – keep going!! Your gifts are so needed.

  15. Excellent show today Marie! I’ve been feeling I’m at a crossroads in my life, unsure where to head next. This show with Dan has inspired me to write up my sense of purpose + share Marie TV and this show with the women in my group, Natural Balance Group. We have come together recently to support each other’s businesses (acupuncture, astrology, energy healing, massage, mediumship, soul healing) through joint marketing events, workshops etc. We’ve been struggling with our Purpose as a group, and now I have Dan’s recipe to help us get the words out! Thank you so much! Hugs from all of us here in Okotoks, Alberta Canada where we live by the Sheep River, can walk to work and see our lovely Rocky Mountains!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      This is wonderful, Laurie! It sounds like you and the women in your Natural Balance Group are supporting each other beautifully in sharing your healing gifts with your community. This work is so very needed in today’s world! Life in Okotoks sounds absolutely lovely! We’re so glad Dan’s recipe was helpful and appreciate you sharing it with others in your community, as well.

  16. Ana

    Great talk. I agree with environment, as I am fortunate to have complete happiness, great health and joyful daily life, good friends, and everything required for this lifestyle where I am.

    However, what if you have all of the above, BUT your area of where you are has NO JOBS to sustain your human to remain in ‘this geographical area?’ We hear of certain spots in the U.S. particularly where towns have ‘dried up,’ the economy is dead, and what is happening to these once beautiful, happy, quaint, joyful, super-bonded communities of good people who had so much happiness, fine neighbors, had the true meaning of life – now cannot afford to keep that roof over their head, either due to global warming Mother Nature’s devastation, or too many jobs going overseas, etc.?

    Does one uproot their once happy community/existence to go to a not-so-desirable place that cannot sustain the happiness within just to afford to live/feed one’s self? i.e. derail one’s own happiness to financially survive OR stay happy where one is, but financially bleed? I only bring this up because if we look at communities in certain areas that still have not had recovery despite FEMA, Red Cross and other means to rebuild, that we look at this angle for geography/happiness, too. Any thoughts?

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Hi Ana, this is such a great point and thank you for bringing it up. It’s incredibly unfortunate when people and communities who have otherwise established a very high level of happiness and satisfaction are experiencing a lack of work in their local areas for various reasons.

      As Dan touched on, financial security is a very important element contributing to overall happiness. If people find that their savings aren’t able to carry them through difficult periods, it may absolutely be an option to move elsewhere in order to maintain this security and stability. There are also an increasing number of virtual jobs available in today’s world, so this may be an alternate option for folks facing this dilemma to explore.

      Lastly, it’s of course always an option for people to create new work opportunities within their existing community by filling a void of some sort and taking a more entrepreneurial approach to creating financial well-being. This would both serve the community’s needs and work towards promoting increased levels of happiness among its members.

      These are just a few thoughts and this is absolutely an ongoing conversation. We’re so glad you brought it up here and are thinking about this topic from all angles!

      • Helen

        This is the situation of the place i live also, Ana. People move here and are happy because of all of the great things here (community, natural environment – river, coast and mountains!), but often end up moving away for work or taking very long commutes for work, which undermines that happiness. Long-term unemployment has had a negative effect on the health and wellbeing of generations here also as this was a place with considerable industry that has consistently been lost since the 1980s. The solution is of course job creation – but it’s a long-term solution rather than an instant fix, and still requires money to make money.

        Entrepreneurship and virtual work are two avenues, finding ways to bring them into being on a scale large enough to make an impact is the challenge, and for there to be flow on effects for those who are less suited to these pathways. I am optimistic that it is happening, globally, however, staying optimistic in the short term can be a challenge that i know many of us struggle with, especially when immediate needs must be met first – housing, food, bills etc. Being motivated by purpose not money is altruistic and admirable – but only when financial security has been attained first. Finding the zone where purpose and payment aligns has been (and is still) my own personal challenge. I know that addressing this problem on the personal level (the microcosm) is also the solution on the community level though, so i will persevere! These discussions help to keep the spirit lifted in the process – so thank you, once again. 🙂

  17. Hi Marie,

    I have been watching Marie TV for a few years now and I love the show. I love the way you communicate with your guests; always doing research beforehand to find elements to compliment them. You are a great role model for a communicator.

    I was especially interested in today’s program because I am a practitioner of Ikigai and have written two kindle books on the topic called IKIGAI DIET and IKIGAI BUSINESS.

    I have watched Dan Buettner’s famous video How to live to be 100+, so I was excited to see his name on your e-mail today.

    I enjoyed the interview very much.

    I think I am relatively a happy person since I have been practicing Zen and a Way of Sustainable Prosperity as well as Ikigai life I mentioned before, but I discovered there are areas I need to improve and one of them is the environment Dan pointed out. Where I live. This is the biggest insight that I am taking away today. I live in a rural town in Japan and in many ways I am satisfied with my town: We are surrounded by abundant natural resources to lead a sustainable lifestyle, and a lot of creative people are moving into our town, and yet it isn’t a paradise compared to Copenhagen or Melbourne or Vancouver, partly because it is in Japan and our social system isn’t as happiness oriented as the systems of Denmark, Australia and Canada which are all ranked high in the World Happiness Report.

    My degree of happiness will jump if I move to these countries, but that is not the action I am taking right now, not yet anyway. My Ikigai, the life purpose is to create a society where everyone can be free and happy and my mission is to transform a country like Japan to be a happier nation. So in spite of the fact that I am not 100% happy with the location I am at, being here and contributing to change the place fulfills my Ikigai, and it is an exciting challenge if I can turn my town to be like a Scandinavian town. And I will work on other areas to improve, as well. I’ll do the assessment first.

    Thank you very much for sharing today’s show.

    Sachiaki Takamiya

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Hi Sachiaki! Thank you SO much for all your kind words to Marie. We’re honored that she’s an inspiration for you and are thrilled that you’re enjoying the show. How neat that you study and practice very similar ways of life as Dan!

      We love that you’re living in rural Japan yourself, and you’re committed to living your purpose by transforming the social system in ways that will better help to support the happiness of your community’s residents. That’s beautiful! Keep up the amazing work, we’re cheering you on over here as you do 🙂

    • Jess

      Very beautiful. Thank you for sharing your mission!

    • Theresa Duncan

      Wow! You are inspirational!!

  18. Kimberley Allan

    Marie! This is hands down my favourite episode ever! Thank you so much! Biggest takeaways for me- I grew up near the ocean and then moved away but last year I felt I needed to move back to the ocean and raise my family near the ocean, the first thing I noticed when I moved is that people are so happy here! So glad I made the move. Also, I really need to focus on the people around me- that’s my biggest opportunity. Thanks for the inspiration!

  19. My biggest takeaway is to live where people are happy. It validated thoughts I’ve been having now it’s easier to follow through. I liked the idea of living near mountains, water, sun which have been big drivers for me over the past few years. And I’ve know for a long time I don’t get enough face-to-face with people which makes me sad and I’d like to correct that.

  20. Fabulous talk. Great insight as he covered the “Circle of Life.” As a Health and Wellness coach, I tell clients if your Primary Foods are out of balance (Relationships, career, physical activity and spirituality), it’s not more broccoli that you need. You need to fix that part of your life first.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      YES Regina! How true that is. Happy to hear you enjoyed this conversation with Dan. We appreciate you watching!

  21. I wholeheartedly agree! Move as much and as often as possible.
    I was born in Bermuda and moved to Toronto when I was 18 for university, and remained in the city for almost 20 years. That city was great for me and my career, but at a certain point the grid just gets too familiar.
    Since leaving with my fiance in 2013, we’ve lived in Prague, Czech Republic; Uppsala, Sweden and now based in Torino, Italy.
    As Dan alludes to, living somewhere is completely different from being a tourist and there is no better way to truly understand another culture.
    It’s been eye-opening to say the least! In so many ways.
    I wrote a book to help others through the relocation process… It’s called How To Make Big Moves: Relocate Without Losing Your Mind (Amazon Kindle). Check it out sometime! xx

  22. I was fascinated and gratified to hear Dan’s conclusion that environment was the most significant factor in improving happiness. Through trial and error I came the same conclusion – recently. I have lived all over the States, and recently – specifically to improve my happiness – I moved from Charlotte NC where there are no bike lanes and virtually no side-walks and status is everything, to Sherwood OR (near Portland) where bicycle trails and walking trails abound and outdoor activities are an important part of what people do. It literally changed my life: I wake up every morning, glad to be alive and enjoy at least a 40 minute walk along the trails in my neighborhood. Great program, Marie, Dan – thank you!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      SO happy to hear you’re enjoying your new home and feeling excited about life each day, Jurgen – sounds absolutely beautiful!! It’s fantastic that you listened to yourself about what brings you the most joy in your day-to-day life and are feeling the positive impacts of this shift 🙂

  23. What a great talk. Thank you. I’m going to forward this to my subscription list as I think it’s full of important information.
    I can confirm that moving to the beach increases happiness. I’ve just done that, moving from London, a huge city, to a coastal town. I’m amazed and delighted at how much happier I am.
    I don’t agree that we are at the mercy of our genetics. I work in the field of energy medicine and know from personal and client experience that much can be done to shift family predispositions and tendencies.
    Thanks again. Really appreciate your work.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Congrats on your recent move! It’s wonderful to hear the beach is boosting your happiness. A cute coastal town sounds ideal!

  24. Hi Marie,

    I love who you are, whatvyou do and what you stand for. I think you’re an amazing human / spirit being.

    I enjoyed this video and understood what was being explained and could see where I felt like I was right in there with you guys and where my beliefs and/or conditioning was giving me a different answer. Not right or wrong just different.

    After many years of Catholic teachings, then branching out to find who I am beyond the Anna- self that I thought I was, Devouring A Course in Miracles, The Power of Now and every other spiritual book and video I could get my hands on, I am closer to living the consciousness I know I am but still feel I am still in the upgrade stage and the downloads never seem to reach the “complete,” stage.

    I am 56 years old and I’ve tried my hat in many professional arenas and many things in life overall, but I don’t feel like I’m truly/completely living my purpose/assignment on this earth, for this lifetime. I have made some headway to be sure but I am still feeling stuck and unsure how to move forward from this place I have been in for quite some time now.

    I raised two amazing young people, a daughter 25 and son 28. I don’t say that to take credit, they did it themselves, my role was one of meeting all their needs and being their biggest cheerleader and fan. They each deserve all the beauty of their accomplishments. I mention them only to say oftentimes I feel as if they were are my greatest accomplishments.

    I know however that I am supposed to also be living whatever my soul set out to learn once here and I know deep down that I’m doing that on a very small scale and only occasionally – I struggle with discovering how to find that within me and live it here and now.

    I know when I’m in that place because it’s effortless, I flow and it’s beautiful but I have not been able to carve out that niche for myself, give it a name and how to cultivate it in the way I know I am meant to do.

    Marie, this has been my story for over 25 years and whatever this is in me feels as though it wants to finally be borne. My problem is I feel so stuck I just don’t know what to do anymore except carry water / chop wood until I’m blue in the face.

    Talk about planting a seed and waiting for it to yield a bountiful harvest!! Mine has taken 25 years and counting! And still no crop!!????????!!! HELP!!! Lol ?

    Each time I connect with my higher self / inner teacher as well as my guides, Angels and so on I have been encouraged to transcend this fear I didn’t even know I had of contacting you. to take a leap of faith and simply do so.

    I would get an email from you, get that certain feeling. to reach out to you – but I wouldn’t do so because I was fearful of not having enough money to pay you for your time, and felt it was silly of me to do such a thing. I then tried to use m wonderful rationalization skills with these celestial beings assuring them that it would be crazy for me to ask you if we could speak or write or whatever – because you have to be too busy for this and that it was not a feasible request. Didn’t they undetayabe that? Geez! ????

    However, it’s hard for me to keep saying “God it’s in your hands, I give it to you;” then I’m inspired/impressed/have dreams and finally clearly hear and know the ways to move forward which all lead me repeatedly back to you, someone I’ve never even met, at least not in this lifetime, and do something I’m uncomfortable doing, which is this.

    I have to concede and believe now that if I put my fears to rest and trust what I am being told whatever is meant to happen, will. So I’m putting my own stuff aside and doing exactly that here and now.

    Thank you very much for your service and for showing up!

    Blessings ~ ??????✨???

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much for opening your heart to us, Anna! We’re grateful. And you’re absolutely welcome to reply to any of our emails and reach out at any time. While Marie doesn’t do any personal coaching, our team is always happy to share applicable, free resources with you.

  25. Barbara Olsen

    I absolutely loved this discussion! So insightful and simple at it’s core. We are led to believe that our happiness is only achieved by the pursuit of the American Dream: a big paycheck, a big house, a big warehouse of possessions. Nothing could be further from the truth. Having moved to the States from Canada years ago, I have felt this insidious message and watched people struggle to understand why after achieving these so-called predictors of happiness, they feel disconnected and (not) BLUE.

  26. Rosiland Wells

    Thanks again for another great guest and show. I liked it so much I had to watch it twice. Then, I did the purpose exercise Dan mentioned. I am on my way to check out the happiness test now. I’ve also ordered a couple of his books. Thanks for you both having the courage to live your purpose.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s awesome, Rosiland! We appreciate you and are so glad Dan’s wisdom resonated with you. We’re thrilled you’re taking your happiness in your hands and are dedicated to creating more happiness in your life. You deserve it! 🙂

  27. Fiona Bramzell

    Very interesting! I would say though that, of the three main points of how to increase happiness, face to face interaction and being part of a community may be the easiest for people to bring into their lives rather than moving to a new environment. Simply packing up and moving is just not a possibility for many people but putting yourself out there, joining groups, making REAL connections (not Facebook connections lol) are tangible things most people could do. Great interview…thanks so much!

  28. Hello Marie and Team Forleo;
    What an exceptional episodes today and thank you for having him talk about the blue zones. A friend provided me with Dan Buettner first book and will read this one first and look at the rest of the series of blue zones. The happiness recipe was a great list and what stuck for me is shape the environment that allows me to create my own happiness along with other like-minded individuals who know their purpose and acknowledge their emotional patterns of happiness. Thak you again! Love it and B- School is awesome!!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Yay, Sandy! It’s so good to hear you’re excited to create more happiness. We’re honored you’re a B-Schooler and we’re proud of you for going for your dreams and living your best life! 🙂

  29. Jeannie

    Great interview. Totally agree with happiness and where you live. My husband and I moved from Orlando FL to the foothills of North Carolina and are so much happier. Love living in a small town with the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains so close for hiking and exploring. Now we are ready to find some fellow vegans to become friends with! ✌️??

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s lovely, Jeannie! The Blue Ridge Mountains really are gorgeous and it’s wonderful you’ve found your happiest home there. 🙂

  30. Marty Landau

    wow, the universe is amazing. I just love how what ever it is that we need just shows up exactly when we need it. Thank you Marie this was a live changer. I am moving, getting a new job and creating an environment of support and likeminded people.

  31. Tha Keo

    Environment is key for happiness and a best friend at work. I am working on getting some college work. Also more face to face’ nugget of wisdom. Thank you!!!:)

    Focus on living lifestyle really matters.

  32. Fascinating! I found the whole recipe for happiness and longevity affirming, exciting and helpful. I’m going to post it on my refrigerator!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Very cool! I also love that you’re posting the *recipe* in your kitchen. 🙂

  33. Love this philosophy! Have bene obsessed with Blue Zones for a long time. Thank you for an other amaze interview!

  34. Really insightful and full of truth bombs! As an Interior Designer I firmly believe that our environments affect how we feel, think and behave – I do believe therefore that at a granular level we can have control of our happiness at home, by creating living and working environments that encourage deeper emotions connected to and resulting in happiness. Who we socialise with face to face, who we invite into our homes, how we give away the special parts of our uniqueness – all things I have long spoken off – so great to discover that all my musings have been explored by Dan and now are beginning to be accepted as the way forward. Definitely ordering Blue Zone books. Thanks Marie – a great episode.

  35. Gina

    Thanks for the show, I love the idea that we can change our environment to help us live longer as well as what we eat. So true diets work for a while . But if we change our life style we have a better chance to be healthy, I can wait to check the recipes of the blue zones I do need to get healthy. Thank you,

  36. Wow – main takeaway was that I need to change my routine of virtual working. I’ve noticed a significant decrease in happiness in the past year, and realize it coincides with my transition of going from an office environment, to an at-home virtual environment where my face-to-face time is limited.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s a good realization! It may help to see if there are co-working spaces in your area. Some entrepreneurs find that helpful because it gives them the benefits of an office environment while allowing them to work on their own projects.

  37. Wow, this is an episode I’ll watch a few times, and I’ll study Dan’s website. But so far, I have been confirmed a few things that I did in my life:
    – moved to Canada
    – lived by the lake
    – moved from job to job because I didn’t get to make a best friend
    – moved with my home from neighborhood to another until I found the place that feels great
    – started my own business with the purpose of surrounding myself with people with the same values as mine
    – surrounding myself with business people I love, who support me and who I can support in return
    My next step is to find that purpose, what am I waking up in the morning for.
    Thanks a lot, Marie and Dan, I’m starting on a new journey with this episode

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s exciting, Llyane! We can’t wait to see what this next chapter has in store. 🙂

  38. Pamela LaPointe

    About diets failing: check out WildFit by Eric Edmeades. 90% of participants complete program with 90% keeping weight off for permanently. It is a food revolution that you may want to check out. It is a food life style (not unlike veganism is) — just wanted to mention it. Loved changing your environment and plan to focus on this for my next annual goals. Thank you!!

  39. Amy

    Really enjoyed this talk! I strive every day to find the happiness and positivity in my life (even when others around me are not in the same space). The thing I went away with today is that I need to really grab hold of my social circle. I want to have the moai that was talked about. I don’t believe that children should be the only ones privy to having a best friend. However, as we get older, life has a way of taking those opportunities to find a best friend away from us and replacing it with constant busyness. It seems as adults, we have to work so much harder to find the time and energy to search for those forever friends. It shouldn’t be this way, but it is. It then becomes our job to balance out our life and choose what is most important. In my opinion, balance of life activities, connectedness with other and caring for yourself are the key points to living a happy life. Cheers! ?

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Love this, Amy! We believe everyone should have a best friend, including and especially adults. 🙂

  40. I absolutely loved this and have to thank both Dan and Marie for sharing this outstanding information with us! I think that many people tend to think about only their personal reactions to many things and comparing that to progress, instead of the bigger picture of how many lives it truly changes. I watch as people here in Georgia change slowly, very slowly, some seem to be changing for the better. There are many who have closed their minds here though. Many are just not ready for change here yet. It’s very sad to me. It can be dangerous, depending on ones past to dwell in the past. Change is good! Living in the now is good. I personally cannot move at the moment but know that anything is possible. I will one day!

  41. Love this! Thank you so much. I would love to know some insights on having that best friend at work if you are the boss! Sometimes that can be a tricky dichotomy. Thanks!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s a really good point, Alexandra! Are their perhaps other bosses at your company or even other bosses at similar companies you could befriend? You may have to get creative to find a good work best friend that doesn’t get into tricky ethical territory.

  42. I’d like to find a best friend at work so I like my job better.

  43. Barbara Spikes

    This was so affirming for me. My best friends are people that I worked with. And because we worked in a hospital, we had to learn to trust each other. Things moved quickly, and we had people’s lives in our hands. I have found some degree of that same trust working with other people on things like girl scouts. You needed to know the other person was going to do their part. I will work on some of the other things, though I do live by the ocean and have for 9 years. Thanks again. It’s so interesting.

  44. Brilliant, relevant, content-packed video. Dan Buettner is a complete ROCKSTAR (and super sexy — I’m sure from his calm happiness)! Thank you, Marie Forleo! I love the idea of creating the environment of happiness and RECEIVING/ ALLOWING for it! That is exactly how I live my life and I am (overall) VERY very happy. Hugs!

  45. L Wood

    I know what I’ll be reading for the rest of the summer. Going into the Blue Zone.

    Thank you.

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Enjoy all of the wisdom that the books bring!

  46. Amanda Jane Sloan

    Haha was that copy cure bottle from graphic burger? I have just been studying that at my course.


  47. Pierre

    Marie, first thank you for this information.
    What do I take or can do now to be happier, healthier and in purpose?
    To start with I am a happy person, and like your guess mansion, the environment is one of the key element of happiness. So I have invest on it. I tend to let nothing and no one disrupt my inner peace. And in addition I have been thinking of my next place to move to. I wish I could tell you all about that easy or in person.
    As far as my health, I am in good health I will say and I need to improve on that and you just did an excellent job through your interview today. As my purpose I have set a clear goal for that.

    Again thank you.
    With more love.

    Really loved this talk.
    So much hard work and research has gone into the nice, clean findings of friends, financial security and work life bringing happiness.
    I could really relate to Dan’s point about not being so focused on discipline but setting an environment that “nudges” you to do the right thing. I struggled with my weight for a decade. Once I stopped focusing on sticking to a diet and began building healthy habits (so my healthy choices were second nature) I lost weight. That was 18 years ago.
    Made notes during this talk and can’t wait to share this video with loved ones.
    Dan is right that Marie exudes happiness and love Dan’s quiet way of being happy (gentle, smiley person!) I also really appreciate Dan being candid about surrounding himself with friends who support his purpose and the fact he had to make some changes to his inner circle. It’s hard to share that but it will inspire many of us to evaluate and take control of how and with whom we spend our time.

  49. Dear Marie
    A heartfelt”Hi”from the bottom of my heart
    There is no alternative for love but love!
    I love you unconditionally because of my own green heart.
    In love and light.
    Dr.Hamid Mousavi

  50. heather ruggieri

    Great interview. I had not heard of Dan, or Blue Zones. Very eager to learn more. I have a great environment (live near mountains in a great neighborhood for family raising), and am in the midst of a major de-cluttering exercise in my home. My takeaway honestly is the meditation. I have a love of yoga but don’t understand meditation, and I’m eager to know more, and practice. I feel like I’ve been receiving the message of meditation from many a direction these days. My second takeaway is the social network. I’m desiring to beef that up a bit. I got a C+ on the test, so I love that I have room for improvement, with some good guidance from Dan’s website.

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      These are all great actions to be taking, Heather. It sounds as though you were already thinking along these lines and this episode simply affirmed the timing of your life. Keep up the awesome work and know that we’re cheering you on.

  51. No wonder I’m so happy. I live in a city that is sunny 265 days per year. That is a whopping 72% of the year…and I live one street from the beach. I’m so grateful.
    So good to hear also that my life purpose of being a mother has made my extremely happy. It took my four years to launch my product because I put family and health first.
    I can’t agree with the 50% stat. I make a point of staying happy by choosing to be happy.
    My personal anecdotal evidence is enough for me.
    Always love your work Marie.xxoo

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      What a beautiful life you’re creating, Annette. We’re so honored to be a part of it. Enjoy the sunshine, sand, and your beautiful family.

  52. Thank you so much for producing this awesome interview. It was surprising to find out that savouring, focusing on gratitude, and appreciating, produce short-term happiness. I have been struggling lately with my own personal happiness so I plan to find my sense of purpose by writing out those 4 columns suggested. Thanks again 🙂

  53. Amo

    Thank You Marie And all Of You Here !

  54. Marie došlo je vrijeme da se osobno suprostavim kriminalu koji su nanjeli oholi ,pohlepni ljudi mojoj Državi Croatia. Opljačkali ,rasprodali sve vrjednote Hrvatskog naroda žele i uništavaju sve tvornice gdje narod radi i zarađuje pod teškim uvjetima svoj novac za loše preživljavanje ,u najbogatijoj Zemlji Bogom Dato. Najvažniji su mi životi svi životi ljudi Cijelog Svijeta – bolesnih ,gladnih ,siromašnih i još mnogo ugroženih ljudskih života. Milost koju sam dobio samim ukazanjem Majke Božje nedostižno za Čovijekov um nedostižno. Cijeli život pomažem ljudima Cijelog Svijeta i bez pomisli na bilo kakovu zahvalu ili naplatu. Jednostavno svoju Milost jednostavno dijelim. Spašavam ljudske živote i od najtežih bolesti a da oni to i ne znaju. Konačno sam dobio odgovor kome da ostavim svoje najljepše Svete zapise na ovoj zemlji . A za pisanje cjele gnjige romana kojemu nema kraja neznam dali ču ga napisati da netko ohol pohlepan nebi izokrenuo ni jednu jedinu riječ koja je zapisana. U Croatia ima mnogo pljačkaša ,izdajica ,oholih pohlepnih ljudi koji su izdali Svetinu Domovinskog obrambenog rata opljačkali i rasprodali sve sveto šta je Hrvatski čovijek stvarao Stolječima. Tome moram stati na kraj jer narod previše pati i plača za sva njihova zlodjela koja su počini uradili svaobičan narod nezaposlen gladan jer su zatvorili sve proizvodne tvrornice opljačkali i i pozatvarali. Nemam mnogo vremena za internet jer radim i po 20 sati dnevno ai to nije dovoljno da suzbijem sav kriminal u Croatia kao i u cijelom Svijetu. Amen.

  55. Sally

    Thank you so much for this Marie and Dan. I really picked up from this episode that really happiness lies in ones state of mind and I feel this has really lowered the bar in a generation where we think accomplishing more, having expensive material things leads to happiness. It is the simple things in life that we consciously open ourselves to. And happiness is a conscious decision one makes; one can move to a happy place but if generally they are unhappy they will still find something to be unhappy about. A child in Africa with no shoes can still be happier than someone with all material wealth. Thank you for the awakening.

  56. I simply loved this episode of MarieTV! I am a big believer in making your immediate and physical environment pretty. It has a huge impact on your creativity. In fact, in my new online programme Un[b]lock your Creativity the first lesson is about that – what you can do in your physical surroundings to increase your creative intelligence.

  57. Natalie Toner

    Your biography becomes your biology.
    I moved from a crappy city back to my “soul city”, new more fulfilling job (not paid more mind you. And I don’t care), closer to friends and away from toxic family.
    I have never been happier!

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      We’re so happy that you’re happy, Natalie! A true testament to creating the environment that you want and desire to live in.

  58. This was so amazing and many of them I felt like inside I new but hearing it makes me want to jump into action. At this time my biggest fear is that my other half would be someone I end up partin with. He is much a part of my older life style and I kept growing while he hasn’t. I’m the meantime I will work on all the other things as my 4 grow up and do what ever I can do ensure our happiness, what ever will be will be.

    Xo Shanna

  59. Beejay

    Love it! While I agree with all the faucets for happiness, for me, what stand out are one’s environment, particularly in terms of the people in it; doing what one is good at are pretty important for one’s happiness. However, what is more important in my opinion, is one’s perception and reaction to their environment, the people in it, and what happens to them. I was never one to give much importance to money, prestige or recognition to detemine my happiness. The latter is somewhat important but only if it is tied with expectation. I mean, if you do your job well because that is the right thing to do, not getting recognized for it should not be the cause for unhappiness because then it would mean you did it well because you expected recognition. Likewise, doing something for someone (e.g. being nice, supportive, etc) and not getting recognized can make one feel unappreciated but when you honestly think about it, it shouldn’t. Be all that because you are that kind of person and not because you expect to be appreciated. Our environment and what happens to us can only affect our level of happiness depending on our perception and reaction. That is my take.

  60. Charlotte R.

    Excellent, excellent interview with Dan. I plan to do the “purpose” exercise by asking the 4 questions. What are my values, what do I like, what am I good at and what do I have to give back.

  61. This was such a great interview. I cannot wait to research these places more in depth. I happen to LOVE where I live so that’s a current plus. Thank you for your great interviews and depth on topics such as happiness Marie!

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      That is a plus, Suzen. Bravo!

  62. B$ST marie tV EVA love you guys…good good into so smart

  63. Great interview. I love these insights into happiness. I have sought the magical ingredient to happiness for my entire life, while focused on what was wrong with everyone and everything, as I was raised to believe. It was with the insights shared by Ester Hicks that I realized that I was the source of my own experience and that I was creating everything I was experiencing by the energy that I was feeling and emanating and that I had the power change my experience by changing my focus of attention on the energy of aliveness, that is the experience of happiness. This was a revelation to me and I have used this awareness to practice focusing my attention on feeling really good and expressing myself fully and freely, regardless of circumstances. Much like a singer focuses their energy on the sound of their own voice, we can learn to focus on the energy we are feeling and modulate our energy to be fully alive and flowing freely through us and when we do we feel the energy of happiness. You already have this and is why I love seeing you expressing yourself so fully and freely.
    Thanks for the incredible energy that you are and that you share. I love and appreciate you and I receive fully all of the incredible flow of aliveness you stimulate in me.

    Truth Paradise

  64. This is a “to save” “to share” and actually to re-watch and take notes…I wait from Tuesday to Tuesday and I’m always happy to see the new video pop up! Thank you Marie, Thank you Dan, Thank you all!

  65. Hi!
    Great interview here, very interesting and encouraging and validating. My purpose is to people develop their social skills and social networks so they can better achieve their potential, so obviously, I totally agree with the idea that social ties and interaction drive happiness and health!

    I wanted to add something to the idea of the role of the place where you live. I don’t dispute Dan’s research showing there are natural factors, such as proximity to water, that influence happiness. However, I have seen a lot of people (including my parents and in laws) spend their lives moving and moving in search of the place that will finally make them happy. One of my friends has parents who have moved back and forth between the coast and the prairie more times than I can count, for decades, always feeling like the other place is better.

    So the idea that moving will make you happy needs to be taken with a grain of salt, in my opinion. If your demons are inside you, they come with you. Meanwhile, it makes it tougher to develop a stable and strong social network if you keep pulling up stakes and starting over every few years. I’d suggest that beyond a couple of major moves, we should start to question whether that is really the factor that needs changing.

    Meanwhile, the idea that it’s a good idea for everyone to be so transient is hurting our neighbourhoods. Dan talks about the benefits of living in a place where you can spend a high percentage of your time interacting face to face with other people. But when neighbourhoods don’t have many stable residents who stay put for decades, and even generations, that happens less and less. Neighbours don’t know each other, people build higher fences instead of bigger tables, nobody walks anywhere, local independent business suffers… check out the work of Jane Jacobs for the full research and argument on this, but you get the point.

    If we want to live in places that are conducive to strong social networks, we need to (at some point) choose to be a part of building those places. That means staying put, putting down roots, and supporting the kind of urban design that fosters loose social ties among residents. Again, see Jane Jacobs (The Death and Life of American Cities), as well as Chris Turner (A Geography of Hope). It also means choosing to live in neighbourhoods that are better built to foster resilient communities. This usually means older, denser, more mixed-use, and more central (in urban areas).

    Dan’s assertion that our physical surroundings have a big impact on how happy we are is solid. However, I hope that people will consider building those places where they are, rather than trying to find them elsewhere. Or, if we must move, we might consider moving not to another city or country, but to an area of our own city that is better designed for social interaction and support.

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Hi Nadine! These are such great insights and we’re so glad that you took the time to comment and share more resources with our community. The way we interact in our neighborhoods has most certainly changed through the years and it is certainly something that we can focus on and change as a population. Thank you for being here with us.

      • Thank you. I’ve discovered MarieTV just this year and have really found it helpful on my entrepreneurial journey. Keep up the good work!

    • Theresa Duncan

      Yes! This is exactly what I thinking and you said it so eloquently!

  66. Yeeeeeehhh This is going into my library of video’s to rewatch!! And rewatch. And rewatch! Man, so darn inspiring and insightful. Mid video I did the blue zone happiness test and my test result showed an A. And that came unexpected Haha ! Because I often feel as if i can do better in life, I should be doing more, I am often tired (as a mom of a 2 year old ao) , I strive for new horizons in work, I just entered couples therapy with my guy….. so not everything’s in love. And …my blinders fel off with this result: it’s my own story in my head, the way I speak about my day and actions and achievements that make that i often don’t consciously feel happy (and determined that i didn’t expect an A) . But that’s ‘social convention’ for at least part off it. To always want to strive for more, achieve bigger, better, more . But indeed i feel great purpose in life both private and work, I eat healthy, I have an amazing group of friends, were I live we have great healthcare and a socio- financial safety net, I’ve enjoyed an excellent education…. And at times I feel all that, but society still instills some sort of expectation that in order to be happy(ier) I must achieve even more of have more big scale stuff to show. And although theoretically I knew my ‘thinking’ about things is the key, not the stuff itself… this is a wakeup call. Cause all the prerequisites are there, it’s more at if I can give myself permission to feel happy consciously. As if i almost feel ashamed to be happy without doing some extraordinary stuff haha. It’s all there and it’s okay, ánd I can strive for more (purpose, health, loving kindness,
    I’m going to chat with my love too to see if we can help elevate the way we’re talk about our lives to each other. Because I guess it’s a force of habit as well.
    I’m thoroughly grateful to both you Marie and you Dan !! Loved it loved it loved it
    Grazie mille!


  67. Tricia

    This so explains why I’ve always been at “home” in So. Cal and lived there for 19 years sans family. Now I’m close to family in Boise, ID but my and my spouse’s happiness took a plunge. It’s only a 6-year move but every time we visit so. Cal, we tingle w joy and can’t wait to return. The ocean air, the sun, the water, the food, our friends….

  68. Tricia

    It’s a vibe thing…

  69. Cristina Goulart

    Thank you for this interview! It was thought provoking and inspiring. I plan to watch it several times. Something that I think would be useful is to revisit the notion of everyone moving to happiness blue zones and instead exploring how we can make our own communities more livable. Thanks again Team Forleo!

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      You’re so welcome, Cristina. We love your idea of exploring how we can make our own communities better. Here’s to that!

  70. Been fascinated by blue zones for awhile and also appreciate the insights about happiness. Healthy relationships are so important. Glad that was highlighted here. Environment is key. I agree that so many places you can feel the good energy.

  71. My husband and I currently live in a small 2 bedroom apartment. He produces music and sound design. I make jewelry, and program. There is a lot of gear that is required for all our endeavors and even though we’ve steadily been making improvements with organization, there does come a time when no matter how organized something is the next step is just having the right amount of space.
    I’ve known that creating the right environment is one of the keys to happiness but to hear this today helps to reaffirm our recent decision to talk to our financial advisor and start the search for buying a house. I think we’ve very nearly exhausted the capabilities this apartment has to offer us and I’m excited to begin the journey of finding and cultivating the environment that will allow us to thrive and live happy fulfilled lives.

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      We hope that your move is a special one and enables you to thrive in your new environment. Here’s to more happiness, creativity, and love in your new home. xo

  72. Jp

    Really enjoyed this talk. I experienced a sudden unexpected move from my home of 20yrs on 7 acres in the beautiful Uintahs. It was culture shock and I’m doing all I can to adjust in the midst of alot of trauma and stress. This was indeed an encouraging talk thanks!

  73. This may be my very fav interview so far! I am a B School Grad, and a long time follower of both Marie and Dan Buettner. I host Women’s Self Discovery Retreats in Blue Zones in part because of Dan’s work! I love the idea that environment matters, and am a BIG proponent of getting clear about our purpose. (We create personal mission statements on my retreats.) I also live and am from Boulder, Colorado, one of the places he mentions as a setting with a higher quality of life. THANK YOU for sharing this interview. Can’t wait to share it with my subscribers as well! Love the work Team Forleo does…xoxo

  74. Suzanne Maxey

    I think my biggest take away is where you live. 6 years ago we moved from NYC to DC. It has been very tough for me and if I moved from DC tomorrow I don’t think I’d take any friends with me. The problem is my husband LOVES it here and was really unhappy in the City. So what do you do?

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Thanks for sharing your experience, Suzanne. Maybe trying some of the other exercises that Dan and Marie discussed could help. Diving into your purpose, building a community that feels like you, and talk with your husband about what you’re experiencing and how you can work together to help ease your feelings a bit.

      As Marie says, clarity comes from engagement not thought, so by taking action and sharing your experience you may find a more beautiful solution for you and your family.

  75. Jo

    I thought that was very interesting and thought-provoking.
    I moved to a different location 23 years ago because I knew I would never be happy in the environment I was in.
    I also know that my biggest source of unhappiness in life has been hurtful relationships or lack of friends. My work involves face-to-face interaction with people for at least 5 hours a day and I am lucky to enjoy authentic and joyful relationships with those people…great for maintaining happiness.
    I have just a few close friends, but having deep meaningful conversations is way up high on my list of things I like to do with them…as well as all the usual stuff like doing activities together.
    A sense of purpose and realizing that purpose gives a great deal of satisfaction.

    I found his comments about positive psychology and self-discipline, very, very interesting, especially as one who has invested in these types of programs and faced and still faces self-discipline challenges. Probably there is nothing like having a commitment to do things with other people at certain times and on certain days to help me finish things I’ve started, unless my joy around the activity or practice is extremely high.
    I have already gone to the blue zone website, loved what he said about how important it is for food to be delicious…sooo true.

  76. Informative and engaging is Mr. Dan, and a lovely fellow too. I think he defines the perimeters of happiness and longevity very well.
    Biggest insight for me, is the realization I’m a happy person for several reasons he laid out.
    Twenty five plus years ago I came to the realization, I’m the only one responsible for my own happiness and well being. At this time, I asked myself the most important life changing question. When was I the most happy? It was when I was in the country, in Nova Scotia. And so I was blessed to have found the opportunity to purchase a place in the country, which I bought 24 years ago and it’s where I live, on a river and very close to the woods and the ocean. Our rural community is very tight knit and caring, most are related. I certainly didn’t arrive at this circumstance without the help and love of my family and friends. And for this I’m extremely grateful for everyday.

    Gratitude for me is also what brings me happiness, appreciating the daily pleasures of life, living in the present moment, good friends, many of them life long, who I can share my heart with, and whom I can count on. This has made all the difference.

    Having a sense of humour is an absolute must, remaining humble, and having a true love of humanity, for me, are the tools of life that I use to find contentment, happiness, health of body and soul.
    As an artist my sense of purpose is directly related to creativity, and living a creative life. Creativity is the word repeated in the four columns, when I ask myself what is my sense of purpose based on my values, what I like to do, what I’m good at and what I can give back.

    Finally, because I have long had a belief in believe in a power greater than myself, prayer, trust and persistence are essential for my sense on well being and happiness.

  77. Hi, Marie Forleo

    An awesome episode for happiness environment, thank you so much and thank you to your guest too, thank you for informing me to attend this episode. Congratulations to those citizens of these countries.

  78. Julie

    This talk really resonated with me. In my early 20’s I suffered from major anxiety stemming from dissastisfication in my work and relationships. Making better and deeper connections with friends and ditching a very negative personal relationship set me up for a much happier life. I didn’t know the science behind that, I just knew in my heart that I needed those bonds. I’ve learned a lot over the years since, but I keep listening to podcasts such as this to really drive home the concepts of what I can do to make my 2nd half of life the best ever. Thank You!

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Congratulations on doing some amazing work to bring your life to a place that is happier for you! YOU did that and you’re now experiencing life in a way that is allllll you. Keep the goodness coming into your ears from the podcasts and know that we’re always cheering you on. xo

  79. Heaven

    I’m a firm believer in gratitude and the effects has on your outlook. However, I do agree with him that it doesn’t come naturally for a lot of people and if they aren’t disciplined to see the good in their life, they will stop after a short time.
    This leaves me with the impression that I need to do what I’ve been called to do. He mentioned that if they don’t have a support system they will stop (much like a workout routine) so maybe what is lacking is a community a people who share their thankfulness and gratitude. A support system of people who lift each other up and help each other see the good more than the bad. Who CHOOSE to focus their attention on what’s going right in their lives.
    The fact is that most people cannot and will not just pick up and move. So that leaves us with the other key factors of daily practices that shift our mindsets.

    I liked this, but there wasn’t much hope at the end if the determining factor is location.

    • Hey Heaven! I think it’s important to make the distinction between location vs. environment. For example, even if we can’t move to a different location — can we make our environment as positive as possible. House plants, little to no clutter, beautiful items we love, time with good friends, clean food, great music music, etc. All of that is not dependent on moving geographically, but rather re-shaping the environment around us.

      • Nicky Pitman

        Hi, Marie.

        Love your show, your style, and your energy! Thank you for always introducing and offering ideas, guests, and questions that inspire and make me think.

        While I appreciated so much of what Dan brought to the table, and appreciate your response above, I am still feeling a bit unsettled by a couple of things.

        First, thank you for differentiating between “a vegan diet and a vegan lifestyle.” As a writer/teacher/director myself, I know that I have to be sooo incredibly impeccable with my words as they can really send a completely different message than the one I intended if I don’t choose them wisely.

        Second, I would have to be to differ with Dan on gratitude practice. I’ve been on a steady “diet” of it for thirty + years. It works. It really does. I also have a dear male friend who is my age (54) and continues to participate in Ironman competitions. I love him and think he’s crazy, but he is still going strong: it works for him (I practice yoga and teach it as a side gig, and that works for me). I know that people who become “experts” on certain things/areas often tend to say “X is the right way (or best way),” but I would encourage tempering that a bit as we are a bio-diverse people and what works for one person may not work for another. That was just a vent. It just gets my goat (where that expression ever came from I am going to have to look up).

        Lastly, I loved the response you wrote above, but I have a deeper question. Let me preface that I am a middle-class white woman with a Masters Degree, a liveable income, health insurance, a retirement account, a ton of friends, and an abundance of creativity, travel experience, and joy in my life, AND I got to choose the place I live (Evanston, IL – a fairly liberal/art-supporting-town, one mile from Lake Michigan, with the easiest access to Chicago). I am fortunate: I have choices.

        What can a person do who has been exposed to poor living conditions, has had little access to education, and is struggling with the day-to-day?

        This is not a criticism, but I do feel like (ME included) in our line of work/lifestyle we are always speaking to those who have enough (and that’s not a bad thing), but I am becoming increasingly more uncomfortable with shutting out those that don’t. I am wondering what your thoughts are on this and if you have any suggestions *(and I don’t mean being the great white hope that swoops down to help the brown marginalized because that is unacceptable to me as well, as in “oh, our way is so great, come join us.” Ugh).

        Sorry for the long-rambling shre.

        Thanks and love,

  80. I have decided that although I am making good money in my job, its not making me happy and after watching the video I have made plans to move on and look elsewhere in the industry for a friendlier place to work. My mental health is more important to me than money.

  81. Anna

    I feel like I just got a permission slip to pursue purpose and impact over profits and income. Love it!

  82. This interview was AMAZING! I loved every bit and the takeaways were so helpful. I feel like I have such a great support system and social network, but this really made me stop and think about my environment. Thank you so much for this!

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Thank YOU for watching, Melissa. Here’s to you creating a beautiful environment that you love. xo

  83. Amanda

    This was very interesting and I’m definitely going to check on where my location is regarding happiness (I live on the seacoast in NH). But he doesn’t talk about spiritualism or faith. That Must have some affect on happiness. What about that subject?

    • It does! Dive further into his books and you’ll discover that aspect. Impossible to cover everything he’s researched in one short interview. Check out his books – I think you’ll find the research fascinating 😉

  84. Roberta

    Thoroughly enjoyed the information shared and has me thinking about my own happiness. At 67, I want to live my life “my way” and not what others think I should do it not do. I definitely have a plan to surround myself with beautiful people inside who encourage, support and love you without judgement. I could write a thesis here but this talk spoke to my heart and soul about happiness. Thank you. Love you, Marie, for the woman you are inside and out – beautiful?

  85. I am 4 years away from retirement as a public school music teacher and I know that is the paradigm he says not to use, but I am very excited to move near a sunny beach area in 4 years and also pay more attention to my social network. THANK YOU for this video.

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      HOORAY Todd! Here’s to a sunny beach and leisurely walks. We’re so happy for you. The goal is in sight!

  86. I adored this…thank you!

  87. harma margrieta

    trust my own inner guidance on this! So much I heard resonates with I know deep down is working, but I have been hearing so much other things around me, that “gratitude journal”, “having clear goals” etc, not that there in themselves wrong, but well I don’t know how to say this but I believe deep down we all know what I shared in this video that is the truth! How it works, what we deep down all want, but because of all the messages around us, TV, Radio, magazines, internet, Facebook etc. we tend to start to believe another story that we are not enough, not doing enough. So a deep self connection, then well automatically you will start stopping watching tv, be a lot on Facebook, eat all the junk etc.

    So trust myself and do it easy and enough!

  88. Dave Biemuller

    I believe Dan Buettner has created a valuable body of research. Thanks, Marie, for bringing him to us in your venue.
    That said, I see that there’s clearly a missing ingredient to happiness that Dan hasn’t hit on yet, because I was overwhelmed by his seriousness. I understand why he has been motivated to do this research. I hope he finds the answer.
    Contrast Dan’s presentation with almost any by the Dalai Lama. Not to say that the Dalai Boy has all the answers, but in the search for happiness he’s a teacher who is closer to embodying the path.

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Hi Dave! We’re happy to hear you enjoyed this interview and learning a bit more about Dan’s work. As he shared, he didn’t necessarily set out to study happiness, but his work as a journalist, producer, and explorer for National Geographic lead him to the subjects of happiness and longevity. Dan has since used his scientific studies to support his theories about the Blue Zones around the world, which serve as the foundation of his work. We’re glad that the Dalai Lama’s teachings resonate so deeply with you as well. It’s really all about pursuing lifelong learning, and we’re grateful that MarieTV is a source of insight and inspiration for you! Thanks so much for tuning in.

  89. I absolutely loved this conversation and resonated with so much that was said! Couldn’t help but get choked up, especially regarding the grandmother effect bit (our kids are lacking) …and so many others! Thank you, thank you! It was very moving for me. I suspect that hanging out with or listening more into Marie and Dan would definitely add to my happiness 🙂
    PS: Any study on Portugal as a happy place?

  90. Farai

    Really loved this talk. Inspired to read his books and also apply some of these concepts in my job. As a learning & development consultant, I think some of these ideas would help make happier workplaces! I’ve been feeling an need to move house for about 18months & just couldn’t articulate what that feeling is. Now I know it’s a desire to be in a happier place. I got this!!! Thanks Mama Forleo & family x

  91. Maria Segovia

    OMG! This is one of the best interviews I’ve watched here. Thank you so much! I live in Costa Rica 🙂 Happy place 🙂 so I know what he’s talking about, but what I can grab from all he said is the fact of the impact community and friends have in your life. We have experienced that first hand when our baby was born 16 months ago (10 days in the NICU) and the support network that we had made all the difference in the world. I’m used to have a great weather here in CR and now I’m a little nervous because we may be moving to Ireland in October, where it rains a lot and we know no-one, however I’m taking some great tips from Dan so we can be happier when we get there. Thanks again! I shared the video with all my friends for I feel so blessed by them.

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Thanks so much for sharing, Maria! We’re so glad Dan’s message resonated with you and helped you reflect on the beautiful community you’ve built in Costa Rica. We’re sending along our very best wishes for your next adventure and beyond!

  92. Peter Christiansen

    Hi Marie! Needless to say how much I love YOU and your shows. For, you are a terrific young lady! No wonder, Mr. Dan is indeed a gentle man. I sincerely appreciate the fact that he has shared his wisdom/knowledge/care/research with us.
    Every single human being has been looking the magic formula to live happier, longer, younger, or healthier. Personally, I don’t have fat wallet, driving expensive car, living in a luxury home, but I’ve created my own world of happiness by doing what I love; enjoy talking/listening to people whether in good or bad times; content with what I have, helping the less fortunate ones when I can; and taking good care of myself spiritually, emotionally, and physically.
    People can daily apply in their lives these 3 LS: LIVE, LOVE, LAUGH
    Thank you very much for your burning desire to help others in all aspects of their lives. Be abundantly blessed and take good care of yourself! 🙂 _Peter

  93. One of the best talks!

  94. Monika

    Life changing video! Especially the part about living in a happy place. Thank you!

  95. There’s so much to talk about on the subject of happiness. I’m surprised at some of what was said and not said. I’m surprised that religion and spirituality was not in the discussion. I’m surprised nature wasn’t more a part of the discussion. The author mentioned living near water and mountains and wasn’t sure about that correlation. Negative ion therapy might play a role in that. Being in nature might play a strong role. I’m surprise population density wasn’t discussed. Urban vs. rural vs. somewhere in between.
    It seemed a rather narcissistic baseline to happiness, as I think Marie alluded to, in that, just moving to a great place is a big part of the formula. That portion of the formula is then done for you. I don’t suppose there is anything wrong with that, however, we can’t all live in the great places. If everyone flocks to Boulder, CO, is Boulder still going to be a great place to live? So, then how do you get happy if you’re not in one of the hip places to be?
    The comment about Denmark and that people have their healthcare and education done for them is significantly concerning. It sounds like he’s imply that a socialized systems brings more happiness. Then, could we say that being brain washed brings more happiness? Just don’t argue and let the government do it for you? Government mandated healthcare and education doesn’t make me happy at all. It incenses me. I believe that people should have choices in healthcare and education and that their money shouldn’t be forcibly taken away by ill-managed government programs. That is what goes on in Denmark, and people blankly go along with it. If there are free markets, healthcare is going to expand into more holistic choices as opposed to the government supporting the neoliberalism of big pharmaceutical, unhealthy packaged foods, and corporate farming practices. Furthermore, I really don’t want the government dictating what procedures I can and cannot have and who is going to perform them under their approved circumstances.
    I still strongly believe that an attitude of gratitude is a big player in happiness. We live in a narcissistic, throw-away society, where even people who live in poverty still commonly live a lifestyle of using items and quickly throwing them away. No matter what economic level a people are living in, we have become a society who takes abundance and material goods for granted. It’s drilled into us through the media to live ubiquitous consumer lifestyles. And, as the author said, it’s not the stuff that makes you happy. The Depression Era generation understood the concept of gratitude much more so than society today. In terms of ethics, I think this over and poorly thought out consumerism drags down happiness because we know full well that we are abusing this planet. How can anyone be happy knowing that they are damaging something else?
    I liked that the social aspect and the circle of close friends was discussed. I think there is a lot of truth in that. Most people want connection and as the author said, people who will be there when the chips are down.

  96. DBC

    One of my most favorite episodes with great resources and practical exercises to dig deeper regarding purpose. Thanks Marie and Team Forleo.

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      We’re so glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for tuning in.

  97. gretchen

    Hi! I live on the small island of Okinawa Japan. So surprised to hear it being mentioned in the video and got me inspired to leave a comment.
    I wanted to see and travel the world shen I was young but, I knew Okinawa was the place to raise my children. And I believe I was right (they all are out of high school and happily chasing their dreams)

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Thanks so much for sharing, Gretchen! Okinawa sounds like a really special place and it sounds like you’ve built a beautiful life for your family there. We hope Dan’s message helped you see your home in a new light! Thanks for stopping by.

  98. Jen

    That was one of the best 32 minutes I could’ve spent, great interview! Gave me food for thought. I leave my house every day with the best thoughts of creating a great experience, but frankly, I’m not sure if the city, where I’ve lived since 2005, is a happy place. It’s “provincial” for sure, with higher than average diesel monster pick up trucks per capita here. Though there are all ranges of demographics and economic wealth, friendliness is an exception here unless you’re in a clique. I know I’m one of the exceptions as I’m an upbeat, happy dance & fitness trainer for seniors. I love what I do, at 58, found my calling just a few years ago but that’s another story. My people love and appreciate me and I give 110% for them. I range between 9- 5 in happiness and have my moments, great losses have come to my life that brought me to my knees, but that doesn’t define me or limit my present life/moving forward.
    After watching this interview & reading my own words, I think I should move. Winters are damp and grey here on the northwest coast of the Pacific. I would live 1/2 the year in any of those Blue Zone countries if I could carry on teaching dance & fitness. Definitely my take away is to visit more happy places for extended stays
    (I have done this and have thought this many times but a trusty live-in dog sitter for my high maintenance pooches is an ongoing challenge). Also, I must immediately work at creating a better network of supportive friends (I admit I kind of gave up as I trusted the wrong people too many times and am ultra wary now). My boss is a supportive pal but she’s super busy running her wellness company, we have coffee & lunch now & then. I have my 2 poodles, a loving fiancee and one person I could call if I needed to and get together now & then. One of my best friends lives 750 miles away and another moved to a city 1.5 hours away but it’s hard to get together. I feel the empty heart space in the true friend area but need to keep trying. I must say now that I have found MarieTV, things are looking really good!
    Thanks again!

  99. Debbie Evans

    Oh my gosh – I was amazed to hear how important location is to happiness! I live in the house I was born in and while there are lots of good memories here, the house and yard are a burden to me and not at all nurturing. I’ve spent the last year or so letting go of things and trying to prepare for a move. There’s nothing holding me in my hometown any longer but I don’t know where I want to live – so I just sit here.

    This has made me realize that I really DO need to move and I need to choose my next location carefully. Thank you Dan and Marie!

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Thanks for sharing, Debbie! It’s wonderful that you have so many beautiful memories of your home– you’ll carry those with you in your heart, wherever you go. We hope this interview continues to spark some new ideas and clarity for you as you take the next steps toward your dreams. We’re cheering you on!

  100. This is great. I especially like the bit about where a person lives makes a difference in their happiness. That notion begs the question, what if I lived or wanted to move back to a place that I really liked but didn’t really know anyone there anymore?

  101. This is for the people who are worried because they CAN’T move to a ‘happier’ place!

    There’s lots of interesting stuff here, and debate is great, but it sounds like all of Dan’s research and much of his analyses are based on correlational data rather than RCTs (randomized controlled trials).

    What this means is that there might be something DIFFERENT about people who move to ‘happier’ places compared with those who don’t. So, for example, we could randomly allocate people to live in different areas of the world (both ‘happy’ and ‘unhappy’) and find that it makes no significant difference to their happiness levels at all.

    I’m not saying that there WOULDN’T be a difference in happiness levels, but without randomized controlled trials we simply cannot prove cause and effect (actually while we can determine the PROBABILITY of something, we can never completely ‘prove’ anything, we can only disprove competing hypotheses).

    Of course here’s the catch-22, we can’t ethically send people off to randomly selected countries. So we really only have access to correlational data, it’s just we need to be careful about the conclusions we draw.

    (And if we were to look at people who are FORCED to live elsewhere, there’s likely to be substantial trauma involved, and they would be quite a different population from people who CHOOSE to move, or even a different population from volunteer participants who AGREE to be sent to a random country)

    My main point is, if you can’t move, don’t panic. Invest in quality mutually-supportive relationships and great coffee 🙂

  102. Elle Smith

    I am the living embodiment of this research. I went from living in Boulder Colorado where I had my own business and was surrounded by active, spiritually inclined, happy, colorful people to a legal environment in Topeka Kansas. I’ve tried to explain to people exactly how unhappy this shift has made me- it’s unbelievable. Now, I have actually research to validate my experience.

  103. Sarah Thompson

    Great content and I’m already making choices that are healthier etc. But living longer is very well unless you’re on your own than who wants that?!

  104. Amy

    I absolutely hate where I live but I’ve always thought it was some inner thing, that I’m creating a crappy experience for myself and that, no matter where I live, I’ll bring that inner thing right along with me. However, your list makes me see that it IS the location and the people I see most often, who are a reflection of this place, that it’s not just me and there’s a limit to how many small adjustments I can make to compensate for our surroundings. Until now I haven’t pushed too hard to get out of here because I have a big family to consider, and it would suuuuuck to get to that idealish place and go Oooops sorry I guess I hate this too…!

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts with us, Amy! You’re so not alone– fear of the unknown is something that keeps many of us from making big changes. Though, where there’s risk, there’s often reward. Moving is a big commitment, but keep in mind, most decisions in life aren’t permanent. A good first step could be starting the conversation with your family to determine if a move feels expansive or exciting for them, too. If you have your sights on a new city, you could consider taking a vacation there, doing a house-swap, or looking into short-term rentals that would allow you to get a good feel for a neighborhood. We hope Dan’s message continues to be a source of inspiration for you along your own journey. Thanks for tuning in!

  105. Thank you for providing this meaningful interview. Marie you have such a beautiful soul! Thank you for sharing your gifts.

  106. Lorlene

    Great talk on happiness and living longer.
    I love the fact that Dan says we need to find 5 best friends that we can see face to face rather than on social media. I feel this is absolutely necessary in my life as there are times when I need someone to talk to and have a heart to heart conversation. I am going to start taking action on this and stack up on my happiness.
    Thank you Dan and Marie

  107. Hi team Forleo,

    I love this episode! I’m moving this october from my home country Belgium to the sunny part of Spain, Malaga. Mostly because of the climate but also because I know I’ll be much happier there. Having more sun, beaches, mountains, better lifestyle etc. I’m super excited about the Blue zone books! Definitely going to read those so thanks for letting me get to know Dan ?
    Love and happiness ???

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Amazing, Inez! We’re so glad Dan’s work resonates so deeply with you and aligns with the changes you’re already making in your life. We’re sending along our very best wishes for your upcoming move. Cheers to sunshine, beaches, mountains, and more!

  108. Thoroughly enjoyed the interview. Dan’s insights to purpose and environment were very interesting and really had me thinking about the environment that I live in currently and where I will be in a few weeks when I move back to my own home that is being built. The environment does impact on how you feel, mentally and physically. Thank you Marie for sharing this interview with Dan. I will login and complete the quiz and review the food plan.

  109. I don’t have a work best friend as I work alone in my business. How can we overcome that?

  110. Shari Exo

    I really enjoyed this talk especially as I get ready for a job interview today. I have been settling for living in a house I’m not happy with because my son likes it and it’s affordable. I also haven’t cultivated enough social interactions to keep me emotionally happy. I can relate to the difference it makes, because I have lived in Costa Rica where we quickly came to see how fun it is to interact with neighbors, etc. on a daily basis!

  111. Have a best friends at work – simple and really works!

  112. Great talk. My biggest takaways are that I need to pay more attention to investing very diliberately in constructive friendships and do a better job focusing my work on my values, what I’m good at, what I have to offer and what I like doing. (Although – I think what we’re good at, what we have to offer and what we like doing HUGELY overlap.)

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      Yes Greg! The more we can invest in constructive friendships, and surround ourselves with people adding value to our lives (and to who’s lives we want to add value as well), the more we’ll feel supported to live our purpose. Wishing you all the best here!

  113. Wendy

    My favorite interview so far!!!! So inspiring! Thank you!!!!

  114. Vindya Wipulaguna

    This has inspired me to think about retirement in a new light and the question is “how can I retire now?” because I can’t think of me just sitting around, doing nothing.

  115. Amy Turner

    Amen to the where you live is key! I’ve lived in Colorado for many years but now I live inSanta Barbara, CA and I couldn’t be happier! Only trouble is the cost of living is very difficult. Would love your perspective on addressing this?
    I love my work, but I cannot buy a house here with what I make. Also, I have friends all over the world, but a close group I don’t have but I have many individuals people all over that I could call if I needed them.

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      Amy we absolutely understand this dilemma, and while you may not be able to pay for a house right away, maybe there are other ways to set up your situation so you’re feeling happy being where you are. Having friends all over the world is amazing, and while in-person interactions are so fulfilling, being able to connect to people you love from afar is just as effective at bolstering happiness.

      Happiness isn’t about perfection, and barring a few details that might need some more time to come to fruition, it sounds like you have all the ingredients for a beautiful life!

  116. Dechen S

    I am so delighted to hear this – I always believed the environment matter – now, I know more thank you so much – I will certainly give you a feed back soon as I am shifting house !!! too 🙂 with gratitude – Dechen S S

  117. Lauren

    My partner has been struggling with depression on and off for the past year or so. He always comments how he wants a bike to ride to the beach and to be closer to the beach. He grew up walking distance to a beach, now we’re a 5 minute drive to our closest beach. He’s also a shift worker who works with only men and doesn’t get along with the majority of his coworkers. When Dan mentioned these points I could see clearly what is causing my partners depression. Thank you!!! We’ll see what changes we will be able to implement. Xo

  118. so incredibly pertinent…. and gracefully stated. This was an absolute joy to listen to and watch. His message, backed with data integrity, could not be more important for the times we find ourselves. To be in the USA in 2018 is to need to really listen, and apply, what is said here… Thank you Marie & Dan. This is so reassuring to hear as it’s what I’ve known deep down for some time… 🙂

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      We’re so glad this was validating for you Gregory. Thank you for watching and sharing your feedback with us!

  119. Gregory from Italy
    Very interesting talk and project, definitely the env can play a big role in being happy and motivated to spend our life more closely to our natural personal and unique vitality…
    As a therapist, I found that the env can project back on us the way we interact with it, in other words, people around us “know” who we are according to the “Mask” we put on to defend or to express ourself, both positively or negatively. On a long run this might become a trap where we might feel unconsciously “constrained to stay in a certain place” so, we are immersed in an env with little trust or consideration on us… in a such case, to overcome this feeling might cost a huge amount of energy and we are already tired. Changing env can sometimes resetting this interior condition simply because people don’t know us and our history plus, if the new env is happier, it helps to change the way we see ourself…
    What if we can’t change env? Can we reset who we are in the env and get a better feedback?
    The answer is YES!!!
    How? One way is by being brave enough to acknowledge our limits, to work on them by acquiring new knowledge in order to feel more confident with ourself and naturally over time our expression toward the env change and the new feedback will follow…

  120. Divyank Saha

    Hey Marie. Enjoyed this episode as always.
    I live in Calcutta (India) with my parents and the neighbourhood we grew up in and currently living in not at all healthy. I dont have a good social circle here. I really want to move to Canada within a span of 5 years (I am 24 btw). The main reason for it being my mother’s medical condition (she’s a Parkinson patient) and my father has a construction business. I have made a cross section between my father’s business and my profession as an Architect, as soon as few of his remaining projects are done with we can move to Canada, considering the immigration procedure is hassle-free compared to other cities. Any insights on this?

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      Divyank, while we don’t have any insight on the current immigration process in Canada, it does sound like you have a beautiful and comprehensive plan for moving yourself towards an environment that’s more fulfilling to your daily needs and overall happiness. We’re so glad to hear that, and we’re wishing you and your family all the best!

  121. Ann McLeod

    This was an awesome interview Marie. Sincere thanks. I intend to get Blue Zone Happiness book…often read things out of sequence!
    The “recipe” analogy- very helpful. Love the best friend at word idea too. A golden podcast!

  122. Wow!! I feel as though my brain is going to burst with insight and of course HAPPINESS. Having moments of awakening like this for me bring me happiness. I am so grateful to be able to watch this this morning. I’ve had a crappy week, and I was thinking about how Dan mentioned the “set range” and I guess that he said it has to do with out genetics, and I wanted to say that I have transformed my “set range”. Having a crappy week like this back in my twenties would have ruined me. When I was in my teens and early 20s my set range was probably between 1 and 5, really shitty and I don’t honestly know why (genetics I guess!). I was a mentally miserable person and I even believed that whenever I would have glimmers of happiness that I should shut them down because I will only end up disappointed. But over time I have been able to learn and grow spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically and in every imaginable way possible in order to improve my “set range”. I moved across the country to get away from the environment I was in that was making me miserable; I went back to school, got my Bachelors Degree in Nutrition Science at 32 years old (after dropping out of 2 colleges in my early 20s) and have been working really hard to build a life that I can be proud of and that includes a career where I help others who have struggled with drug addiction and domestic violence and pure misery like I have. My “set range” has drastically changed for the better ever since I put myself, my health and my happiness first. I am going to do the “Purpose Cross-section” to develop my understanding of my self and what I want to do achieve with my online coaching business. I am taking a lot away from this interview that is going to help me. I learned last night while watching a Rich Litvin video to “listen fully” and not just to the things that “you like” or that make you think “ooh I like that” but to fully listen and take it all in, even the stuff you don’t “agree” with. Even though some things troubled me for a second, like Dan saying that “journaling” and “gratitude” aren’t going to make you happy, I see what he means, honestly. Those things help but, yeah. Thank you Marie and Team Forleo!! Been a fan for years now!

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      Juliette! Wow! These are some major insights, and it sounds like you’ve done some beautiful work to improve your set range of happiness. We’re thrilled to hear that you’re feeling in control, and excited to dig in even more to discover what authentically fuels you. Keep going!

  123. Linda Dallalio

    Loved this video and it makes so much sense. My husband and I have made many choices through the years that would bring us joy and happinesses instead of the bigger house and more money. We also have slowly let go of some friendships that were not bringing us the happiness we were striving for and in turn, we found friends that were going for the same goals like we envisioned… (family first, living within our means, enjoying our life together and going on small trips to refresh, unwind and release stress). Thank you for the work that you and your team do and for bringing people forward for us to share in their insight and happiness. Dan was amazing and looking forward to reading his books.

  124. Victoria

    Amazing! Totally agree. So glad this conversation is out there for Americans. It’s finny as I was just thinking about my immediate environment and now this interview is really confirming it for me…need to pack my little temp life in NYC and move back to lovely and relaxed Europe where status, money and all that is so secondary, it’s only a means for the real deal which is the life of meaning and beauty.

  125. Chinedu Anthony

    Thank you Marie,
    i’m very happy for having you as my friend
    this conversation is so awesome and i’m so glad for having you

  126. Rafeeq Melapurath

    Hello Marie,
    Thanks for the valuable episode and great job and keep doing.

  127. Jessica

    This interview popped into my email just when I needed to see it! (Funny how the universe sends these messages at the appropriate times). I have recently decided that I am going to move out West (I am Canadian) after I am finished my work contract in the spring, as I have always felt this is where I belong. I have been to various places out West in Canada and the U.S. but have never made the move out permanently- this talk affirmed my belief that it is the right time. There is just something about the energy out there that is completely different from where I live. I have been fishing for a reason throughout the years to make the move but I have finally realized that I don’t need a reason other than that it feels right to me. Thank you Marie and Dan!

  128. I have become obsessed with everything Dan and The Blue Zones have brought to the world.! With these simple concepts, research and follow through presentations they all have the potential to be the next great movement. And longevity through living healthier and happier lives seems so doable when you read their Blogs, books, or listen to any of Dan’s interviews. Thanks for bringing him on. I think your interview got him to give a more personal side of how the work has affected him. Good job! So many interviewers just have him re-state the research over and over!

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      We’re so glad you got to see another side to Dan through this interview Linda! Yes, it’s amazing to consider how making some small changes can lead to pretty massive shifts and changes. We’re wishing you all the best!

  129. Heidi Walt

    As always thank you for your wisdom and videos. I always seem to get what I need when I watch one or read an email. I do have a question that may or may not relate to your topic. I had to close my yoga studio since it stopped being fun and I was losing income. Now I have a full time job that I hate and it has caused me more stress then needed. I have been feeling lost and uncertain on where to go from here. Everything is changing for me and I am not sure if it is good or bad or both? Any advice on what to do to help with the uncertainness?

  130. Benson Modie

    Great episode there and thank you so much for the free education! I have exactly the same sequence of the three happiness recipe i.e. food, shelter, and education, as part of my top four basic needs, including wellness at number four. I have also found that having a sense of purpose is key to creating meaning and ensuring fulfillment in life, and so is choosing a supportive environment of living. Thank you Marie and your team, you are doing such a great job to add value to human life!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much for your kind words, Benson. We’re so glad you’re enjoying our episodes! 🙂

  131. I love this episode! Thank you for putting so many things together with such perfect timing. 😉 Every work day I try to start with “Inspiration, Information, and Perspiration” (part of my new process of being intentional about my time) and you have supplied the first two in this one episode. Great, timely topic as well since I am also being intentional about ALL the primary aspects. Totally gonna get the books. Yup!

  132. Toni

    TeamMarie delivers SO much outstanding content!! One of Marie’s many gifts is asking great questions (one of the gifts I identify with, too) and she brought it once again in this interview!
    I’m struggling on many fronts the last few years and the timing of rediscovering The Blue Zone information is manna from heaven for me. Much, much gratitude, y’all.
    I love his exercise in laying out those 4 columns, SEEING and applying the values/gifts/likes/gives in all the areas of my life. I’ve been deep in the weeds and now I feel some “path” before me.

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      That’s so kind of you to say, Toni! We’re so glad this message connected with you at the perfect moment and resonates so deeply with the work you’re already doing in your own life. We hope these exercises help spark some new ideas for you and provide some clarity for you as you move forward. We’re grateful to have you in our world!

  133. I felt like this talk and his advice were very problematic. Especially his advice to move to increase happiness. First of all, as he glossed over, this isn’t possible for a vast majority of people (if you couple that with his 50% of happiness is genetics I guess only the elite with good genes have access to happiness?). Second, as a former Army brat who moved my whole life, I can say with confidence, wherever you go, there you are. There were a lot of good nuggets in there, too (especially about investing in friendships) but so much of his research seemed correlative and not causal.. do you think if everyone picked up and moved to a tiny village in central Costa Rica, that they would still be so happy? And you can tell he believes that diet is important to happiness (which it is) but he never came out and definitively said it. I always get so much from Marie TV but what I got from this one was patience and an opportunity to explore my own beliefs deeper, not actual value from the guest. I think the thing that bothered me the most was his insinuation that cultivating an attitude of gratitude is not sustainable, and downplayed its power in improving your mindset.. there is a ton of research to prove (including showing why some of his blue zones are so happy) that gratefulness is key to happiness. This whole thing just felt very disconnected from reality, and honestly, a little flippant.

  134. Oh my gosh, such relief listening to Dan and the insights from his work. Yes, having a best friend at work! I work virtually and more than often alone and when I co-work w a friend or my son, I get less done, but I feel so good at the end of my day. AND I have been feeling for a while that living here in Florida isn’t a fit for me. I’ve been unsure where to move and had considered Colorado. The hardest thing is leaving the ocean….Dan’s talk so validated for me that the things I have been feeling are accurate. I can stop fighting my intuition and see about exploring another place to live.
    Huge thanks to Dan. I felt inspired hearing about his life shift to friends and activities that support a more purposeful and happier sense of being.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      He did also say that mountains have a similar effect on happiness as the ocean and Colorado has mountains a-plenty. 🙂

  135. Thank you for this great interview.
    This also had me thinking about refugees and immigrants from sensitive areas in the world, though. They also deserve the chance to move away from a toxic environment that’s keeping them unhealthy and unhappy, or even in pure danger.
    It’s so unfair that only a small proportion of our human population is being welcomed in happy places all over the world, but the majority, most of them coming from those sensitieve areas in the Middle East, Africa, Asia, Latin and South America, etc., are often seen as a “threat” to our society, our sense of security and our culture.
    I would love to see positive changes in that area, because if I, as a Western European woman, can go and stand wherever I want, why can’t everyone else? They undertake dangerous journeys to find their piece of happiness and it feels like my duty to support them wherever I can, but the European government makes it so difficult, almost impossible. I wish we could all have that freedom.

  136. Wonderful episode. Thank you, Marie!

    My biggest takeaway from this is how incredibly important environment is and how optimizing your environment is the easiest way to happiness. This episode was timely because I have been thinking the last couple years about how unhappy I am where I am living. My original plan had always been to move to Boulder Colorado and I have felt pulled there over the years. And then when he mentioned it in the episode I said yes, I am eventually moving to Boulder. Just need to get my daughter through high school and then put that plan into action. This episode validates what I have been feeling. Thank you so much.

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Thanks so much for sharing, Anna! We’re thrilled that you enjoyed this interview and that Dan’s message resonated so deeply with your own values and goals. It’s wonderful that you’re listening to your heart– Boulder is a beautiful place! A next step could be to plan a visit for you and your daughter, not to mention there are some wonderful colleges there 😉 We’re sending along our best wishes as you plan your next move!

  137. I watched this talk a few days ago and there is some really good food for thought here. Some great questions to ask oneself and reflect on what has meaning and how to cultivate that, moving towards happiness. I can’t really agree with a few statements though. My experience with a daily morning gratitude session has definitely made an impact on my life and continues to lift me and inspire me. So simple and effective for me, maybe science doesn’t agree, but those stats don’t apply to me. My list has grown so long, I just find gratitude and appreciation really valuable tools for me, and to share Voltaire’s quote ” appreciation is a wonderful thing, it makes what is excellent in others, belong to us as well”.
    Thanks Marie and team for your constant work keeping us solo drivers inspired and uplifted. Much gratitude and appreciation your way. 🙂

  138. After live more than 20 years, I realise that the most important thing to be happy is get peaceful in your mind, it is the most difficult thing you can have. So everyday, I try to think about it, dont mind a lot about money. I ask myself that if I do that I will be happy or not. And especially i am happy when i help and share with the other people. I feel I am living a meaning life and dont have nothing to regret.

  139. Hi there, I have been watching your posts for a lot of instances and I actually cherished coming again right here.
    Thanks for the great article.
    I like the way in which you outlined all. Such an attention-grabbing publish.

  140. Wow! What an inspirational story. This was great!

  141. Creece Rubia

    The factor with the greatest impact on me is living in a happy place. If we cannot go to a happy place then we can transform our place into one. It forces us to be resourceful and creative in turning an unhappy place into one. For me, creating this kind of place is going to be creating our art – My Art Of Living a Life of Happiness. It is equally important to have the happiness genes. But I can say that I was born to live a difficult life, a life filled with problems on the outset even when I was still inside the womb. I realized that my purpose in life is to live happily because that would actualize the deepest dreams of my parents in themselves which they were not able to achieve. I have that germ or seed of hope and success in me. That’s the positive thing I realized after meditating why I was born, close to blaming God or my parents for bringing me into this world just to live a very difficult life, only to realize that the gift of life that was given to me is seeking and using knowledge – to seek knowledge and formulate solutions to make this life good and happy in general and in detail. It’s like a very difficult examination that I can only hurdle if I study very hard and concentrate. Whew! Passing examinations after examinations gives me confidence to take the next level. Without let-up, that’s the life I was born into. That is the challenge and my life purpose is to solve all my problems in an educated way and be happy in the end.

  142. Jan Krygier

    Biggest trouakeaway – what I subconsciously already knew – your environment is key. My home environment is not where I want it to be. Have no desire to improve it – because it is not the city/state where I want to be. Tough to make a change when the people around you are locked in due to job – and elderly mother to caregive. Will not give up working on a solution! Thanks for this.

  143. This is definitely one of my favourite episodes because it sort of confirms some of my beliefs around happiness and also challenges some others. I do believe that the environment has a big impact on our happiness and I wanna go a bit further regarding the idea of “happy places” or “happy cities”.
    1. I do believe that sunshine and living close to water influence people’s happiness, which, I believe, creates a certain energy, a certain vibe for the place. Here’s an example: if we walk into a room where people have been arguing or perhaps celebrating something, we do feel the energy in that room… I think these place also have an every of their own…
    2. If the above is correct, it is also true that the energy of a place is created, and therefore can be replicated…. And if it can be replicated, than perhaps it can be replicated in different places as well.
    This enables and empower people to create a better environment for themselves (as you guys also mention), rather than necessarily moving to the other end of the world.
    I’m Romanian and Romania neighbours Moldavia which you guys discuss, and Moldavia used to be part of Romania before WW2, we speak the same language and we are very similar in culture. Now moving Moldavian people to Canada might increase their happiness in some ways, and still what wasn’t mentioned is that fact that this also means uprooting / dislocating people, which in turn has a negative effect on their happiness simply because they leave behind family, friends, customs, the sense of belonging etc… and not everyone adapts so easily, etc…
    I’d be curious to know your thoughts and maybe it’s a good idea to continue the conversation especially because we live in such a globalised world and there are so many people choosing to live elsewhere, I myself have been living in London, UK for the past 9 years. Now some people move elsewhere in search of opportunities, curiosity etc (like myself), and others, maybe most of them, move in search of a better life, so their motif is economical.

  144. This article was very helpful for me. It is more effective when an article is based on scientific facts. I loved it. Thanks so much…
    Farshad akhtarian

  145. We spend half of our waking lives working so its crucial to be in an environment that you love. I always suggest to people that the first thing they do when planning their career is to pick an industry you love. You will spend so much time at industry events and networking with these people, so you better love hanging out with them and talking about that subject matter!

    • Heather-Team Forleo

      That’s awesome, Sam, and we most certainly hope people follow that advice. We deserve to love where we work and who we work with. Thanks for being here.

  146. It’s the negative ions that are given off by the water and mountains that make people who live near them happier.

  147. Thank you for your videos. You are amazing. What I realized with the exercise to do hem mentioned is to find my purpose. My purpose is giving back. I don’t want others making the same mistakes I did, and I want to give back. I can do this by tutoring and creating helpful audio podcasts.

  148. In the above factors, I assess the living environment as a leading factor. The fact is that when I am with friends, I can share everything, they listen, help me, I see a great connection with each other. I am affected by their habits, in a positive way, I feel very happy. thank you for sharing.

  149. Cate Sedgwick

    Very insightful.

  150. Great share! being healthy, happy and living long is what I am looking forward to with my family, getting a new look after reading your article, thank you for that

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