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Ahh, the power of being consistent.

It’s heralded as the strategy for achieving long-term greatness in almost any category: your body, business, art, relationships, emotional health or spirituality.

The problem? It’s the one thing we mortals can struggle with the most — especially when we’re trying to improve, well, anything.

Success doesn’t come from what you do occasionally, it comes from what you do consistently. Click To Tweet

Like it or not, being consistent is essential if you want to make any significant change in your life. It’s also a must have skill if you’re looking to kick some serious ass and become world-class.

That’s why I was happy to tackle this subject to help Kat, who wrote in because she’s struggling with her ability to stay on track. While I’m not perfect, I have been able to master consistency in a few key areas and, I gotta say, it’s made all the difference in the world.

If you’re looking to improve anything in your life (and I bet you are!) here are five keys that’ll help you be more consistently, consistent. Listen up for #4 as it may be one of the only times you’ll hear me give this advice. Like, ever.

Now, I’d love to hear from you.

What’s the most important strategy or idea that’s helped you be consistent in any endeavor? Tell me specifically, what’s worked and what hasn’t?

Leave a comment below and let me know. Remember, do your best to share as much detail as you can because thousands of incredible souls come here each week for insight and inspiration. Your story may just be what someone else needs to have a breakthrough.

Important: please share your thoughts and ideas directly in the comments. Links to other posts, videos, etc. may be deleted as they can come across as spammy.

Thank you so very much for watching, commenting and sharing. You make Tuesdays one of my favorite days of the week.

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With so much love,

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  1. Marie!
    LOVE this episode. Consistency is the backbone and it’s the first thing that goes out the window as soon as there’s a conflict, drama, those crappy feelings etc etc. Especially your #4 tip. Love it!

    You’ve inspired me yet again. You rock sistah!

    • Oh yeah once there’s anything annoying, I am not consistently positive, I am angry and acknowledge my feelings so at least I am consistent with my authenticity but it hurts, burns and pains people expecting jolly me when they get scary me lol.

      • Hey Bernard!

        I feel you. But know that you’re amazing for remaining in tune with your feelings. Remember to always be true to you. When you pretend to be someone you’re not in order to fit in, a breakdown is usually not far behind. Who you are is perfect. If there’s stuff you wanna change, you’ll change it.
        Just keep staying awake and authentic!!

    • This the is a great topic and the answer was right on. The one thing that I find really helpful when this happens to me is to reconsider my goal entirely. I ask myself, what if I just stopped torturing myself and gave in to all this resistance. What if I call it quits, abandon my goal, and allow my life stay exactly the way it is now? Knowing you always have options, takes the pressure off and allows me to recommit to my goal with more fervor.
      xo, Delia

      • I like this Delia, and also find it helpful. Also, allowing myself to miss once in awhile without beating up on myself. But yes, If I contemplate the alternative, it usually helps generate that re-inspiration.

      • Diana

        Delia, I totally agree with you. I’ve been reading lots of articles that talk about changing your mindset to “opportunities” [that you] “get to do” versus “something you have to do”. For example, I’m trying to be an early riser but of course love sleeping a bit later. Instead of focusing on how much I’d love to keep snoozing, I should instead be focusing on the idea that I have the opportunity to wake-up earlier each day — and if that’s an opportunity that I want to seize, than it’s mine for the seizing. Similar to your statement about remembering that (almost) everything is an option, I can always choose to sleep-in — but why *lose that opportunity**?! :o)

        • Wow thanks Marie and Diana! Diana you just help me with a major hurdle I face daily (exercise!) I always say : If exercise for me was as easy as making mindful food choices consistently I would be a “brickhouse” ?.
          I also like to sleep in like you but now I will hear your words in my head personally : ” Janetta wake up early you have the opportunity/privilege to pray, meditate, excercise, and to help your family start their day❤️”
          Marie’s show and your comment Have given me life. It’s 5am LET’S GET TO DO THIS! Thanks from my hearts bottom!!! ?

      • Sabrina

        Hi Delia,

        I have anxiety and when the pressure is high I also remind myself that I always have an option. It’s super effective in keeping a frame of mind. Glad it’s working, good luck on your endeavors!

    • The old adage “21 days to make a habit” is slightly inaccurate. Most humans need 25-30 days of daily reinforcement – and if you miss a day, you’ve got to start over. Staying focused on the end result (and taking the focus off of YOU), helps keep the momentum and ditch the fear. Also, a colleague once told me “if it’s not scheduled, it’s stressful.” And so putting things in my calendar – and creating boundaries to reinforce those calendared events makes a big difference. But the BIGGEST thing that helps me stay consistent – or should I say person – is my accountability partner. There’s no judgement, but she helps me stay on track… and we’ve been working together for several years now. Having someone else who has your back and wants to see you succeed – without judgement – makes a HUGE difference.

    • Ruby

      This is so helpful. Scheduling is the most confusing part of this for me. I used to live such a regimented life. so have lived the other extreme for a while, now want to find a happy middle ground. I can ignore my feelings very well, is why I ended up burned out/washed out. so the trick is to find balance in this. my current “battle” helps me with this. My current battle is to remember I have helpers and to call on this help. visible and invisible. My current why is personal/self directed.

      • Rebecca

        Ruby, maybe you need to schedule in time off to meditate, dance, sing, have fun with friends, so you don’t work until you’re practically dead. Put fun time on your calendar.

      • Vladimir

        Ruby, for scheduling, try to use different tools (as examples: todoist, wall calendars, pieces of paper “Post-it” and so on) for different types of tasks, because one tool do not fit for all types tasks and so we want to give up our scheduling.

  2. Hi Marie, Awesome job and loved seeing you in jeans this time. 😉

    I was able to lose 25 kg with my own techniques of mindset and lifestyle change and that required some serious consistency …! I realised that was the key element missing from my past trials.

    1. What worked was connecting with my vision everyday and keeping that in front of me. Earlier I’d set a goal, and forget about why I wanted to do that in the first place.
    2. I got ok with the slow change for the bigger results. Trying to hurry it all up before didn’t work for me. I built momentum over time.
    3. I learned to surrender to the higher forces and just chose to believe in my action. In my earlier attempts, I would day dream, plan, goal set, visualise but never take any action. I stopped doing that and decided that I’d visualise my action more than the result. That worked.
    4. I made it fun. I chose Zumba and dancing as my workouts instead of forcing myself to do some other exercises that I didn’t enjoy. So I learned to enjoy the journey too.
    5. With other things going on in life, a really young son, work etc. I worked out my priorities and made my health number one priority. Because it starts with a happy and healthy me.
    6. I broke up with perfectionism. Earlier I’d fail to go to gym one day and then lose motivation to go for rest of the week. But the new me learned to forgive myself quickly and get back on the success wagon asap.
    7. I took the power back in my hands. I was independent girl in all other respects, but somehow when it came to eating, exercising, looking after myself, I always blamed everything external. Not enough time, too stressed, my son, my housework, you name it – I blamed it. I decided to become a big independent girl and took charge in my own hands – it started with owning up the responsibility for my actions in the past, present and future.

    Applying these seemingly things, I was able to bust my years of excuses and got a healthier and happier self back by being consistent. After a year, I continue to be on the same glorious path & the lessons have translated to my other areas of life and work too. Thank you for your work Marie. Sending you lots of love and to everyone who visits this mecca of learning. xx

    • Hi Neha,
      LOVE your story. Because it is so practical. Go girl!

    • maria

      Wow Neha! What an amazing story and what an amazing work you’ve done! Thanks for sharing and thanks for all your great tips – this is all very helpful for me! “[…] I’d visualise my action more than the result” – love it! <3

    • Lost Soul

      Well done Neha! Great story.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      “I broke up with perfectionism” YES, Neha — I LOVE that! 🙂

    • Visualize the action more than the result. Love that!

    • Congratulations for accomplishing your goal, Neha!! I can totally understand your path as I’m on it right now, and have been on it all my life. =\

      I especially like your #3: ‘I’d visualise my action more than the result.’

      That’s a great trick… I’ll have to try that. Thanks.

    • Ms Tui

      Luv your work Neha. Thanks for the gems in your sharing.

    • Uju

      I love your story, so great to take your journey into your own hands and congrats for staying consistent with your goal. Very empowering, thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Sabrina

      Wow!! Great comment, I especially enjoyed that you mentioned it’s important to forgive yourself quickly. I also learned that the hard way it’s a cure to perfectionism

  3. By far, the most important tip to me is keeping my eye on the why. Remembering that my work is bigger than me, keeps me going. As much as I would like to be consistent based solely on my inner drive, I’m not always in that state.

    I switch in and out of being self-motivated and feeling a responsibility to my community. As long as the majority of the time (80%) is spent feeling internally driven, then I know I’m in alignment. If it’s the reverse, then I feel that’s a cue to re-evaluate.

    In the end, we make time for what we value. Consistency is often an indication of our current priorities.

    • “Consistency is often an indication of our current priorities.”

      Couldn’t have said it better, Emelia! Sometimes I experience this exact thing with jobs my heart’s not in anymore. :/

  4. Oooooh the Whah Voice trips me up! I have been trying to be more authentic and listen to my gut, but I’ve realized the Whah Voice isn’t truly a gut feeling it’s this unmotivated little Gremlin guy trying to set me up for failure. I tell it no thank you and picture how I’d feel after I accomplished what I wanted to and ask myself what would I regret if I listened to Whah Voice. It’s getting quieter and quieter, but when I’m tired If I end up listening to it, it’s hard but I muster compassion for myself and tell myself that change is an opportunity available in any moment and I can make a new decision right now, in a few hours or tomorrow when the opportunity presents itself. Whah Voice busted;)

    • Whhhoottt! Go your for busting the whah voice Lana – this is HUGE!!!!

  5. Ariella

    Hey Marie!

    Love this advice. So helpful! I work at an awesome startup and, as I’m sure you know, startup life is ever-changing and it’s hard to keep things like your daily routine consistent. I’m a big list person, and thankfully, the rest of our team is, too.

    Each Monday, we’ll send out our “To Do List” for the week to the entire team (7 people). On Fridays, we send out a “What We Accomplished This Week” list to everyone. This helps us stick with our plan and keep us accountable. It’s been so helpful! 🙂

    Thanks for inspiring me every Q&A Tuesday, and have a wonderful day! 🙂


    • I like the idea of sharing a Monday morning to-do list and then a Friday did list with the team! Thanks, I may steal that if you don’t mind…. 🙂

    • What amazing tips Ariella! Yes, since I started keeping an agenda, writing everything down and even recording how my meetings went, it keeps me evolving and aware of my progress.

      Thanks and good luck!

  6. You nailed the best advice that I’ve ever received and that I keep on repeating: Pick your battle (not battles).

    I cannot get through a goal if I am trying to tackle more than one thing at once. In fact, whenever I feel like I’m stuck on moving forward, I take a hard look at how many things I’m trying to do right now. Usually I’m trying to do too much and I need to decide what needs my focus now.

    The other thing that helps me out a lot is to really divvy up my goals into manageable chunks, then schedule those chunks so I get each one done.

    All that, and not being tied too much to social media helps 🙂

    Thanks for the video, Marie!

    • Lucy,
      Focus is key, otherwise your energy gets scattered. You are right; it is the best advice.
      “I don’t care how much power, brilliance or energy you have, if you don’t harness it and focus it on a specific target, and hold it there you’re never going to accomplish as much as your ability warrants.” ~Zig Ziglar.

  7. One strategy that has helped me be consistent in my running is constantly reminding myself of how hard it was to get where I am today.

    I could barely run a mile 2 years ago and 98% of the time while training, I hated it, but I knew if I kept with it, I would get to my goal. Slow and steady wins the race.

    But staying consistent (and that doesn’t mean running every day!) with my running and keeping it priority in my life as kept me on my game for over 2 years now. That mentality and discipline has then helped me with minor tasks and staying consistent with them such as maintaining my weight and staying focused in my job and starting my business on the side. I feel like if you can stay consistent with one thing, the others come naturally.

    I can’t say though that I have given up Oreos though… that will be a tough battle. LOL

  8. Hey Marie,

    I loved this, and certainly make sure those pesky mental house guests self sabotage and second guessing don’t take up residence.

    For me though my consistency needs creative variety to keep the passion going. What do you think.. Are consistency and creativity bff’s or can they be worst enemies for getting of task?


    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Great Q Belle, and I totally think creativity and consistency can be BFFs 🙂

      While the creative muse can be a bit fickle at times, some of our favorite authors and authorities on the subject absolutely believe that opening the door to creativity on a consistent, even routine basis can actually inspire MORE creativity.

      Julia Cameron’s “The Artists Way” talks about this, and it’s also a cornerstone of Steven Pressfield’s work (we love Steven:

  9. I made myself a worksheet to help me get clarity on the why and once I know the results I want to achieve I then brainstorm the many ways to get there making sure to design for laziness. Then I choose the one that fits most with my personality and I schedule it. I allow myself one cancellation (its needs to IMMEDIATELY be rescheduled) a week and no more than 3 in the time I want to achieve said goal. If I hit the maximum cancellation/reschedule then I go back to the drawing board because it’s time to be honest with myself. Maybe this goal I’m pursuing was more of a “nice to have” situation and I’m not really invested in the outcome.

    If it is important and I MUST complete it than I go back to see what I can tweak. The more often you fail at something the more likely you’ll experience learned helplessness which makes any future attempts much harder to accomplish. I’ve previously tried to do this on will power alone and it has never worked out for me because cancelling on plans gives you an immediate sense of relief and that can become addictive and counterproductive.

    I subscribe to BJ Fogg’s statement that I use heavily in my planners “If something requires us to exert just a little bit more effort, the chances we’ll do it go way, way down. There’s a huge difference, for example, between two clicks to get something done and one click.” One of my priorities right now is to read the books in my anti-library and to do so I have chosen the books I want to read and they are in a pretty little bucket. So if I want to read I just pick up the bucket and go to my couch. I’m hoping to then share those insights on my blog and hopefully I can earn enough to pay for my reading addiction. insha’Allah.

    • Ardala

      Hi Maria,
      I like your worksheet approach and the 3 cancellations principle – gotta try it!
      And that part about learned helplessness has really struck a chord with me. :/

  10. Hey Marie, thank you for this. I’m experiencing an extreme challenge to be consistent right now. My husband and (or so I thought) love of my life just ended our marriage two weeks ago.

    This all happens with not-so-great timing, in the middle of the launch for my Sensual Yogini Online Academy. But then again, life rarely fits into an imagined schedule.

    I’ve been trying to figure out a way to make this as smooth as possible, take care of myself and Toby​, as well as all women who have already paid and joined the Academy. I feel like I’m letting people down, and at the same time don’t have energy to spare for that kind of thought loop.

    This came to me, as I was feeling into the Sensual Yogini Online Academy and how I can continue with the launch even now as my ‘soul mate marriage’ is over:

    To be a Sensual Yogini for me means diving fearlessly into whatever life brings, to follow the resonance of what feels the most expansive, true and loving, and to live in the surrendered trust and knowing that life has our back, we’re never alone, and we’re always all-one with the mystery and source of all that is.

    I know it will all be fine in the end and that the pain I’m feeling is not my heart breaking, but a shell around my heart, cracking open so that I can love even more.

    But fuck… it’s so intense and hurts nearly more than I can handle.

    Thanks for listening x R

    • “I know it will all be fine in the end and that the pain I’m feeling is not my heart breaking, but a shell around my heart, cracking open so that I can love even more.” That’s a really beautiful way of looking at it 🙂 Sending you hugs in this hard time.

      • Thank you Stephanie!! xxx

      • Catalina


        I’m sorry this happened to you, but I’m really proud of how well you are going about coping with it. I didn’t do nearly this well when I got blindsided with a walkout without a prior clue. I’m glad you were able to skip the anger stage that can really hold you back. I loved your quote about your heart. Just stay positive, put one foot in front of another, know that something better is already being lined up for you, and know that oceans of love is being sent your way.

        Best of luck with making your academy a raging success! Hugs.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Ronja, I’m so sorry to hear that you’re going through such a difficult time. Losing a treasured relationship is always intensely painful, and we’re sending lots of Team Forleo love & hugs <3

      It sounds like you have such a beautiful approach to such a tender time, and know that our hearts and best wishes are with you!

    • Ronja, I feel your pain. I went through a similar experience and, in the end, it was all for the better. It’s not going to be easy, you’ll have moments when you’ll feel you can’t take the pain anymore, but all this pain is going to make you a better, wiser person. Heal your heart and open it for your true soul mate who is going to enter into your life soon. Follow Marie’s wise advice: “Choose your battle”! Focus on things you can change and are in your control, like your business. Life will be beautiful again!
      Sending you love,

  11. Another great one!

    Well, first of all, when I try a strategy and I see it brings amazing results to my life – like doing tomorrow’s work today – I keep doing it. Everything’s a habit. However, I do have the same problem of starting things and struggling to finish, and right now I am fighting this tendency by:

    1. Being more forgiving.
    2. Outlining smaller-bigger steps.

    So if I don’t finish the whole thing, I’ll at least have some small things finished and this will give me a sense of accomplishment. Hopefully it’ll also force me to finish the damn thing. “Just a liiiiiittle more.”

  12. Ali

    Consistency is a challenge

  13. OK, did you just say “ignore your feelings!”… I’m actually totally GLAD you said that, I thought that ignoring my feelings when it comes to doing things I know I got to do and then my toddler self has a tantrum and says “I don’t feel like it”… Who wants a toddler running the business?

    Awesome video. Loved it 🙂

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Haha I totally laughed out loud at your comment, Jana. Not sure I’d want to let a toddler run my biz either! 😉

  14. Emerson taught (Ralph Waldo): “Do the thing and you will have the power.”

    My strategy: find consistency one item at a time (like you shared), till it becomes a habit, in my music, bloodstream, and muscle memory. When I let go of something perceived negative, like an addiction, I add something new that’s related to my heart & creativity (which is my spirituality).

    I top that off with intensity to that consistency. I consider this mindful. Intensity works best when fueled by your heart, compassion & creativity.

    I loved the keep-rolling-during-an-earthquake clip ….. tickled my California heart & rumbled my belly into laughter (like a Buddha).

    I love my Tuesdays mornings with you! It’s scheduled.


    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Awww you’re the best, Alexander! We love having you join us on Tuesday mornings too <3

  15. This is such good advice!

    So I’ve been able to run a half-marathon last year and I’ve been running for 5 years now. Having a goal is super important, if that goal has a deadline even better! I’ve also found that having a reward system for keeping up helps me stay motivated (buying that running gear when I achieve a running distance for example).

    Thanks Marie for YOUR dedication and consistency. Xox

  16. Thank you Marie for your wonderful and fun advice! Consistency is my big learning edge. I’ve been trying to juggle several project for some time with not so satisfying results. And somehow I can’t give up any one of them. I will keep exploring.

  17. Hi Marie and everyone,

    I have struggled with consistency in my life – I get bored easily (IOW, I don’t see an immediate return on investment and bail) but the one place where I have been consistent is my business. I guess there, ROI shows up easily. It either works or it doesn’t and I see that quickly. I’ve sent a weekly or bi-weekly email to my list consistently over the last almost 6 years and it’s been such a contribution to the success of my business. Why have I been consistent? I like doing it! 🙂 Maybe that’s the key, eh?

    (makes note of that for personal life)

    Have a good week!

  18. Oh consistency has quite possibly been my biggest struggle. I used to blame it on my unstructured childhood, but now I take 100% responsibility for it, which was a powerful step.

    The idea of doing something every single day still freaks me out, so I’ve developed my own wild-child thang based on the “No Zero Days” mentality. For months I’ve been working on a gigantic fellowship application. It has lots of moving parts, which is great because if I get sick of writing, I can do a little research, or peripheral tasks like checking in on letters of rec.

    As long as I’m doing something that furthers my goals, I’m happy. I also trust myself that it’ll all get done in due time, and love myself as best I can throughout the whole process. To me that’s the important thing because who knows what will happen tomorrow? We need to enjoy our lives & processes now. x

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      You’re SO speaking my language, Kimberly! I’m not a “do things every day” person either, but it’s been great to discover that consistency is still possible even for those of us who aren’t enchanted with daily routine.

      Thanks so much for sharing your insights!

  19. Oh my, oh my!

    This is an awesome episode (and not just because Marie is talking to me by my first name ;))

    Figuring out the keystone habit to change first is muy importante! For me it turned out to be dealing with whatever limiting stuff goes on in my head first. And once that’s dealt with, all the other things align and come into place with ease 🙂

    Thanks for being so consistent, Marie xx

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Love it, Kat — thank you for tuning in! xoxo

  20. Consistency is key. I have learned a lot from James Clear on habit building. I find that my performance is best when I follow my morning routine; lemon juice with water upon rising and then a morning walk outside in Waterloo Park…. once I start with the first habit, the rest of the routine falls into place and by the time I am at my computer to work I already have a sense of accomplishment… the other tip, which I try to follow, is to list of the three things I want to get done the next day the night before…. work can be open ended and if I dont constrain myself I could end up spending time doing low priority taks… if I write it out the night before I know what I have to tackle first thing when I’m ready to work

  21. Karen

    You hit the nail on the head with #2 – holy cow, I have too many “priorities”.

    My husband has to listen to so many of my dreams, yes he refers to me as the lLife Long Dreamer!!!! Of course I always respond, “girl’s gotta have dreams” Problem is, I told him once “it’s all about doing it”, when he was struggling with accomplishing a goal years ago. Yes, now I hear that phrase all the time.

    I will use this tip to narrow my focus. I have decided to write a book and wham, ok it’s making me laugh. I have 3 book titles and ideas so every one of them wrestle for time in my head and with my pen. HELP!!!

    Love your format of online teachings in a fun and memorable way. Have a blessed day.

  22. From my perspective these are all excellent tips.

    I would add this tip:

    1) make small incremental changes

    As sexy as those huge transformational changes seem, most huge leaps in growth or consciousness are preceded by small incremental changes.

    These small incremental changes build the foundation that support the big transformation and allow it to be permanent (which is key).

    In some ways, it’s like the turtle and the hare. The methodically consistent plodding of the tortoise wins the race in the end.

    The bonus in this case is that you don’t have to plod the entire way – only at the beginning when you’re establishing your consistency!

    Once you’ve established those consistent habits on the things that count (determined by the why – your calling, your mission, etc.), you can make changes, progress and success just as fast as you’re able.

    Best wishes for each of you!

  23. Great video – thank you, Marie! 🙂 Reminded me of Jim Loehr & Tony Schwartz’s work, for people who might want to go deeper into some of these ideas.

    I like the advice of keeping an eye on the why, and think sometimes that’s exactly what’s needed. I also think sometimes the “why” is there, but the bigger problem is the “why not” – the excuses (“It’s too expensive, too inconvenient,” or whatever). With my coaching clients I’ve always advised thinking through all the excuses and obstacles you can anticipate, and try to create plans that minimize these while you’re motivated to make the change, knowing that the “whah, I don’t want to!” feelings will come along in weaker moments.

    For example, when I finally decided to get consistent about working out, I was successful when I thought about convenience, timing, budget, etc, and joined a gym that was affordable and just a block from my office. That way I could easily keep up with the membership fee and get a workout in early morning before work since I know myself well enough to know that if I wait until I get home in the evening it just won’t happen.

    I also really liked your advice to pick just one battle at a time. I struggle with that because I see so many things I would like to change at once.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Oooh great tip with the “why not,” Jodi. That’s an important thing to keep in mind too. Sometimes by naming the “why not’s” out loud, we can see that they aren’t helpful — or even true sometimes!

      As someone who is always seeing many things to change, I SO hear you on the one battle challenge. I’m starting to really be swayed by the “one thing at a time” though — the reason being that winning one battle actually makes the next one easier, so I like to remind myself that the one battle is influencing a lot more than just one problem area. ^_^

  24. Great advice Marie.

    Succinct and to the point.

    I’m an auditor , so focus and discipline is a key part of my daily routine.

    One other factor I use is of course automation, or online software which helps focus me and the staff in following a consistency high standard of work day in, day out!

  25. Marie, I love this episode! So timely. I’ve just been reflecting on this over the past few days.

    As a busy mom-entrepreneur, I often find it challenging to keep up with my exercise and self-care routine (and even with my business consistency!).
    But I’ve come to realise that when I do not take good care of myself, my health immediately suffers. If I miss my morning ritual too often, I get irritable. Then when something stressful happens, my head starts spinning, my immune system weakens… And in no time I’m down with a flu, skin breakouts or bug of some sort. (Blowing my nose as I write this, btw 😉 ).

    Interestingly, a few words of wisdom that have been resonating in my mind are: “Keep Your Why In Mind”. Very similar to your first point!

    That’s my note to self, and what usually gets be back on track 🙂

    Thank you for sharing your wisdom. Love your work!

    With love,
    Elsa x

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Wonderful observations, Elsa. Self-care really is important, and it’s so easy to forget that when we’re so busy. Scheduling self-care and working out is a great way to make sure those things happen as often as possible!

      Hope you feel better soon 🙂 xo

    • Oh my Elsa, isn’t being a mom-entrepreneur full on sometimes! I too have to make a conscious effort to fit in self care and me time – in fact it’s become a HUGE passion of mine – and notice how much more energetic, clear-headed, creative, inspired and productive I am when I do.

      Good luck with juggling all those balls – it sounds like you’re doing wonderfully!

      • Thank you Naomi! Yes, yes, yes. Sometimes I think that being a mom is the most challenging role I’ve ever had! (And I’ve worked as a scientist and investment banker in the past, which were far from laid back jobs).

        Wonderful to hear that self-care has become such a huge passion of yours. It sounds like you’re doing wonderfully juggling everything that’s on your plate 🙂

        Take care,
        Elsa xx


    Consistency in life is more important than anything whatever we do.i m so happy to watch Marie TV its giving lot of joy and lot to learn.

  27. Hey Marie,

    This video is “on point”! The tips that you gave really cover all the bases for dealing with this challenge… and I have struggled with this one a lot.

    The two tips that apply to me most are ignoring my feelings because oh man can it get real emotional those early mornings! : )

    …And catching the wagon… this one I have recently started to ingrain. No, I don’t have to start all over each time… I just need to keep going!

    Thanks again!



  28. Alexandra Pontón

    Very, very inspiring!!! for the ones like me that are beginning a new business.
    The third step, SCHEDULE IT, was the most most important, and I am going to do it!!
    I could add that, we could do it with PASSION, because things that we are passionated for, are the easy things to do!!

    Kisses and thanks

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Totally, Alexandra. Passion really helps — that’s why we’re big fans of doing things you love!

  29. Needed this one today! Thanks, Marie!

    Even though I’m a copywriter now, when I worked as a personal trainer I really saw the value in consistency. The ones who would show up every time always hit their goals instead of the ones who skipped workouts a few times a month.

    The wagon analogy is my new favorite!

  30. Thank you for sharing these tips Marie!

    My favorite one in particular was the principle of building your life around the thing you are choosing to be consistent with. I really needed that and I will be using the scheduling tip for that!

    One thing I have learned that has helped my consistency is to plan my day every morning or the night before. It allowed me to meet deadlines and to see if I was biting off more than I could chew on a weekly basis.

    Keep doing what you’re doing!

  31. I love getting new strategies for productivity and consistency. The most valuable change I made for consistency I learned through B-School, and that is to schedule every thing. I have always been a typical list maker, but truly sitting down to schedule every task that it takes to accomplish a given goal has been monumental.

    I would not have been able to get my site up and running in the amount of time I did if it weren’t for that tip.

    Thank you for these great reminders and new insights. (And love the jeans! Love all your looks but it was nice to see you switch it up and still be super cute!)

  32. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this!!
    My favorite Episode thus far!

    What has worked for me:
    1. Writing a Top Ten what is important to me priority list and this really has taken the guilt off of what the “wha I don’t feel like it and excuses all the time voices”
    2. I worked on the top of the list my number one made it consistent and worked my way down the great thing is that as you grow and change so may your list and that’s ok!
    3. Discipline even though I wanted to do all of the list I disciplined and rewarded my self with the next thing on the list. Instead of a reward of “kicking my feet up” I’d reward myself with “I get to tackle the next priority on the list!” And the results is a great bonus.
    This allowed me to make some Killer habits! And really get a clear vision!! Which was something I was struggling with until recently because of the LIST and neon Consistent with it!! Life changing!!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Oh thank you so much, Linda! Great tips too — the list idea sounds incredibly helpful 🙂

  33. LOVE this lesson!! Can’t wait to share this information with my team! Maria…you ROCK!

  34. OMG I love this so so so much!!

    I’ve been having this consistency convo w my mastermind buddies for the last few weeks!

    #4 is freakin Genius! BYE FELICIA!! hahaha

  35. Tim

    A tool that’s worked well for me is printing out a calendar for the month, picking ONE thing I want to be consistent with (e.g. write for my blog), and put a big X through each day I do that, even if it’s only 10 minutes.
    (I also scribble the amount of time I actually did that day)

    It feels good to check off a day and once I see them all in a row I want to continue the streak!

  36. Tiffany walker

    Hello Marie
    Thank you for always Inspiring and reminding us of all your great tips! As for keeping consistant I needed some encouragement and support to get back to working out. So I created a 21 day challenge on Facebook. Where friends that have opted in can post they daily activity. The challenge is to keep active for at least 45 minutes a day! I love seeing posts of everyone day and how the a hive their goals!
    Thank you for asking! Tiffany

  37. I love dry erase calendars! I use different color markers for my prioritized tasks of the week and get to check ’em off when complete! I have found it a great way to measure my consistency! I also love weekly planning guide

  38. I have to admit that as an artist I often find myself in feast or famine – either diving into my art at the expense of everything else or not creating anything at all for weeks.

    So thank you – I needed your reminder!

    It’s my understanding that it can take about 21 days to form a habit – so perhaps if I force myself to stick with a consistent schedule for 3 weeks, it will become second nature!

    I’m starting right now with a daily schedule!

  39. This is such a cliche but I have a song that I just live by: Miley Cyrus “The Climb” and it reminds me every morning that life a crazy ride but the view is great. That you have to keep pushing forward no matter what, if not you, then who. if not now, then when? Best words to live by. Thats how I stay consistent with my blog: and school. Thanks Marie, your videos help too.

  40. I so LOVE Q&A Tuesdays with you Marie – you cover such powerful topics with heart & insight! Today’s on consistency was right on, what I’ve been building on in my own life. Big believer scheduling my priorities… Truly is making a difference.

  41. NW

    As a screenwriter and a “Best Of” Book Editor in Philly, I sit in front of my laptop at my satellite office where I go CONSISTENTLY every morning and I write and I edit.

    I’m glad you started out your talk with the “Why?” part of this. My “Why?” is so simple and so effective! I place a photo of myself and my wife/partner/best friend and another of me and my daughter right next to my laptop. If I …okay, when I falter and begin to lose focus or incentive or inspiration, I look right at my pics and WHAM! I am brought right back to “This is why you are doing this!” It also helps to have a copy of Joseph M. Marshall III’s book, “Keep Going. The Art of Perseverance” right there too!

    Thank you for what you are doing!


  42. I found today’s Q&A on how to stay consistent to be very timely. All the five tips were useful but number 4 – ignoring the voice that says ‘I don’t feel like it’, the whining inner voice – was the one that resonated most with me. I don’t feel like making a green juice but hey if i go ahead and make it and drink it I feel so much better, same with doing exercise sometimes I’d rather just surf the net but if I do push myself the post-exercise high is worth it…thanks for all the tips!

  43. When the road ahead seems oh so long… that daunting thought alone can be enough to crush consistency.

    A practical strategy to avoid defeat is to shift your focus onto just the immediate and mire simple task of not letting today be the day that you break the chain.

  44. That’s a great distinction you made between scheduling your priorities and prioritizing your schedule. I really need to shift my thinking to scheduling my priorities, because it’s too easy to find at the end of the day that I wasted the few precious minutes I have to work on my business by doing less important, little tasks like checking email and social media. Thanks for the great advice and helpful tips as always!

  45. With consistency comes velocity!
    Love your show Marie

  46. Thanks Marie… For keeping our space sacred. In order to be consistent, I need to be live in between being flexible and disciplined. I awake each morning in service, not for self. However, # 4, I’d phrase as “ignore your thoughts” for they can create chaos… Never my feelings, for that “gut feeling” has gotten me to consistency. To truly know is to feel it. Continue to light the way☀️

  47. This is HUGE for me! I feel like I’m constantly starting over and I think I’m actually trying to be consistent. Will definitely need to say, “Bye Felicia” more often! Thanks Marie…BTW I am a major fan of Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll on FX. Your man Josh is FABULOUS on that show! XOXOXO

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much, Dana! Josh is so talented, and we’re so glad to hear you’re a fan of his too! 🙂

  48. Jarryl

    Consistency is really important to me, because I am a lazy person. To improve my attitude to do everything, I set many targets in a semester. Simultaneously, I will find good ways to achieve them. I know I can do that and I want to succeed.

  49. Arnicy

    Good morning All!
    I was praying last night, asking God to show me and guide me on how to be CONSISTENT, RELIABLE and to complete GOALS. This morning I receive this email, THE ANSWER to my prayer!!!! Thank God and Thanks Marie Forleo for allowing God to use you as a vessel to help so many around the world. Thanks Kat for asking the question in this forum and also Neha-The Mind Coach for your reply. Blessings to each of you. Have a productive and prosperous day.

  50. This is a great MarieTV! As a writer, I have truly come to recognize the value of consistency. It sounds weird, but I was much better at consistently getting my butt in that chair and writing every day when I was just starting out. I had that fresh excitement and the “what if” mentality. As I have found more and more success, though, it’s been easy to get bogged down by the marketing and business side of self-publishing, which was taking away from my actual writing time. And what’s a writer without a book??

    Earlier this year I decided to start scheduling my writing time for first thing in the morning. I HATE mornings, but I found I was too tired at night after all the “business” stuff and being a mom. So, the morning was my best bet. I scheduled writing time for 9-12 every day of the week so that I could come home after dropping my 3 year old off at school, grab breakfast, and get to the real work of writing. It’s AMAZING what kind of results this has had for me. Some mornings, I definitely do NOT feel like it, but having that commitment on my schedule (and a recently created Facebook group of friends committed to writing at that time as well) has helped to hold me accountable. I’m getting so much more done!

    Now time to work on that diet and exercise thing…

  51. Thanks for having the guts to bring up #4, Marie.

    I do let my feelings get in the way of being consistent and I am going to make sure to thank them for sharing and just get on with my priorities anyway.

  52. Karen Eppenberger

    This is SO what I needed right now!
    Thanks for sharing!

  53. Thanks, Marie, for your tips!

    What I like most: KEEP YOUR EYE ON YOUR WHY

    What I have to deal with is:
    #1 Focus
    #2 Following the schedule
    #3 Ignoring my own excuses
    #4 Self Discipline

    I am consistently working on improving myself all the time on those 🙂
    Being honest to myself – that’s my key.
    And the last, but not the least:
    Watching Marie TV, seriously, you rock, Marie, I must say it again 🙂

    Have a great day, Marie 🙂

  54. Love this! Thank you Marie for reminding me and all of us that the ” why” is really what’s important. I also love surrounding myself with like minded people because it keeps me honest and holds me accountable to keep putting one foot in front of the other.

  55. Hi Marie,

    Thank you so much for today’s episode 🙂

    I implemented Bschool’s Master & Monthly Project List just over 3 months ago and check my allocated day’s work on my weekly project list first thing every morning. I spend two minutes updating it at the end of each day and it has really helped me stay on track building a brand new business.

    While I’ve only been using it for the last 14 weeks my husband pointed out that I’ve been more proactive, profitable and got more done in 12 weeks than I did the entire 12 months prior to implementing the Bschool Planner. I am happy to report that after only 8 weeks I started making enough to quit my job and do it full time working from home.

    I swear by it (and so does our furry rescue pup) and will like “Taylor-Swift-Never-Ever” go back to another system!

    Thank You
    Sending big happy vibes to you and your team.


    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Woah, that’s amazing Leanne! We’d love to hear more about your success story if you’d like to share with us. Feel free to drop us a line at bschool AT marieforleo DOT com, and HUGE congratulations for rocking it so much in your biz that you were able to quit your job!

  56. I love all the tips , thank you Marie 🙂
    Recently, I had a conversation with a friend of mine about instagram. I post pictures about healthy eating and simple recipes for the busy working mom. I have been keeping my eye on the why and I want to inspire as many moms as I can and show them that you can work and be busy and still cook and feed your kids healthy homemade food. However, I dont acquire a lot of followers. This friend of mine was saying instagram is all about beautiful pics which I beg to differ coz not everyone who has plenty of followers uses pro photography. Anywho, so she said kind of hurtful things but I decided to let it go and move on . She said and I quote ” u should find where is your strength and focus on it, maybe not instagram, when it comes to food IG is about beautiful food and pics, or you should offer something else. Like tips or nutrition info or transformation. otherwise you wont get a lot of followers.” My pics are not horrific, my pics were picked twice to be featured by IIN IG, i was featured on the feedfeed blog once, I get likes by IGers who have plenty of followers, two of my recipes were picked by a well know Iger who wanted to include them in an ebook, etc….
    I dont know if I can consider this person as a friend. Since everytime she needs help I am always lifting her up and helping her and giving her ideas.
    She is super talented and she has acquired many followers but she claims she loves everyone and is not judgemntal and everytime I suggest an IG account I follow, she puts it down.
    I did go off on a tangent lol but I am staying consistent with my IG and I will keep posting my recipes because I know I am inspiring someone out there 🙂

    Thank you

    Denise (bzhealthymama)

  57. Marie,
    I love your emails every Tuesday, they are the only ones I open consistently, so kudos to you for always knowing how-to get your audience to listen to you. My biggest struggle in my business is handling my own marketing. I run a digital marketing company, so I am constantly pushing out content for other people’s businesses online, however, when it comes to me sending out a newsletter or me writing a blog post, it’s more of a challenge. The only way I manage to stay on top of this is to put reminders in my calendar to write a blog post and what the topic will be. I also put a reminder on my calendar for my monthly newsletters so they go out at the same time every month.

    I have many other projects I want to accomplish in my business this year and I know with your help I can. Thank you!

  58. Hi Marie!
    I love this especially because I’m trying to be more consistent in my communication with my clients. I’m really consistent in eating well, working out, and taking good care of myself. It has become a non-negotiable. However, when it comes to consistent communication with my business, I suck. Why am I so good at consistency in other areas but not my business?
    I will definitely try these strategies!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Rebecca, that’s a great question, and there could be a number of things going on.

      What you might like to keep a log of all the times you feel like you’re not communicating consistently in your business to see if you can find the pattern. It could be overall, but you might discover there are certain clients, certain times, or particular aspects of your business that you aren’t as consistent with.

      Once you’ve started to identify the source of the trouble, you can look a little deeper and start asking why. If it’s certain clients that are a problem, perhaps you aren’t reaching the right customers. If it’s with sending your newsletter regularly, maybe you might want to change the format or frequency.

      It sounds like you’re rocking it with consistency in other areas however, so that’s awesome, because it means it’ll be easier for you to translate that consistency to your business too! I hope this helps, and we’re sending our best 🙂

  59. Jane Dockstader

    Hi Marie,

    This is for the women last week, on the self-improvement hamster wheel…
    I think you missed you most revealing self confession…. her AGE.. she is 63..
    You did not address her age at all. It is much different, when you are older. I too am 61, and lived fully and fruitfully, and I tend to agree with her. It is ok, to be more into acceptance and enjoying the life you live. “just sayin”
    Love you work.

  60. Ahhh yes, #4. I hadn’t realized I actually did this already.

    Many times I’ve wanted to take a break, leave it for later, do it tomorrow, and if I do this every time I feel un-inspired I’d never get anything done.

    In building out my Etsy shop I clearly remember moments when I just wanted to stop, or not even get started. Even w/ the ‘waaaah, I need a nap’ sentiment or the ‘I’d rather be watching Netflix’ idea lurking in my brain, I would push through one very small step at a time. Before I knew it, my task for the day was done!

    Great advise, as always, Marie!! Thank you.

  61. A wise mentor once told me three things – 1) Keep lists on a calendar so you can remember when something is due and (even more important) when it should be started, ought to be started, damn well better be started.. 2) Do the hard stuff first. Oftentimes, you find it was not that hard; just something you’d rather not do. 3) Don’t disappoint people. Do all you can to get it done consistently but if something happens, let the people involved know, before the deadline, so they can handle their part. Do not let them down without notice.

  62. Hey Marie!

    Love this episode and love Tuesdays! In fact the best thing about Monday is that there is Tuesday and Marie TV!

    Keeping my eye on the prize is the thing that keeps me going. I’ve cut back on my “day job” to allow more time for the work I really love and really want to do. It’s working and each day is better and better. I love the most scheduling your priorities. Genius.

    Thanks for all you do—it matters a LOT!


    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so, so much Glenda! That means the world to us <3 <3

  63. So right about not listening to your feelings on this one. Any time we’re striving to better our lives that “resistance” comes in and says, “I don’t feel like it.”

    Recently, I took a tip from Brian Johnson of Philosopher’s Notes and started asking myself, “What would the highest version of myself do in this moment?” It always answers back to do what needs to get done, be it work, fitness, or my faith practice. It helps in other areas too.

    Thanks, Marie!

  64. I remember the first B-School lesson was about scheduling. I never took it seriously until recently. And yes, if it isn’t scheduled, it just won’t happen. That’s a fact. Thanks for the reminder!

  65. My mantra for being consistent:


    This has gotten me through some BIG projects and I use to have Post-It Notes all around the house… but now I don’t need them – it is just engrained in me.


    xo Great episode Marie.

  66. This is my first time watching MarieTV. Great insights. What has helped me be most consistent with my meditation practice is remembering all the positive energy that has entered my life since I started in January. There have been lulls and that little voice in my head shows up but more than anything else, even if I’ve missed a few days, I don’t beat myself up about it, I just sit down and get back to it. I just need to remember this for the other habits I want to establish.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Hooray! Welcome Marina, and thank you for sharing your thoughts with us 🙂

  67. Colleen

    Hi Marie
    Thank you so much for all the wonderful Videos. The one thing I do is consistently check in with my emotions. Am I happy, does this thought feel tense, am I excited or is this a fearful thought. I am consistently reaching for a better feeling thought and when I do this, things just easily flow into my life.

    Stay blessed,

  68. Alyssa Koogler Hicks

    Thanks so much for this one Marie! I loved when you said it’s ok to fall off the wagon and just get back on.

    I do find the best way to stay consistent is to schedule it. You just have to figure out what works best with you. I sometimes have a hard time just getting myself into a routine, but once I do I feel so much more productive!!!

    I am hoping to not have a 9-5 job soon so I can spend my time on the two things I am continuously trying to work on and further those careers!

  69. Love this episode, so timely for me! I fell off the wagon with my blog this week but I will catch my wagon again this week. Thanks for the reminder as always Marie!

  70. Jeanne DeShazer

    For me, when I’m trying to be consistent, I find a way to attach my new habit with one I am already doing with consistency. Say I come home from work and I want to stop wasting time doing something that will keep me from getting to work on my home business.
    In the morning when I plan my day over breakfast, (already a consistent habit) I make sure I put out my list of people to call, or things to do, along with pertinent and helpful resources right by them on the kitchen counter. Even if I have to start dinner right away, these are in the kitchen all together and help me remember and do the things I promised myself I would do.
    When I make a phone call, I have a pre-made form with a checklist to remind me of just what I need to ask or to say—including getting referrals.

    • Ooo, I love this Jeanne, thanks!

      I think I need to take a few minutes each day to do this, to plan things out so I can physically check them off the list! Thank you!

  71. Thanks for these tips Marie, and to the Community for the insights already shared!

    Keeping my eye on the Why is something I want to focus on more. I’m going to write my Why down on a nice piece of paper or painting I’ve done and post it somewhere I see every day as a little reminder and motivator!

    I find that scheduling time to work on projects in my calendar is super effective to keep me on track. My calendar app sends me reminders 30 minutes before I’ve scheduled something, so it’s a great reminder to work on a project or switch gears and re-focus if I’ve drifted.

    I do need to figure out how to make sure I stay consistent with adding things to my calendar…scheduling time to schedule! Ha!

    Does anyone have a good strategy for making time to plan a week or schedule? Do you do it every day or weekly or some other way? Thanks for tips!

    Cheers, Karina

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Karina, yes, scheduling time to schedule is important too!

      Just to share my own strategy for a few ideas, roughly twice a year (usually around New Year and then in the summer), I’ll go through and organize my priorities for the next 6-12 months using this awesome technique Marie shares here:

      Then each week on Sundays, I’ll peek at those priorities for the month and write up a schedule for the week with all the things I have to do, places I have to be, and my priorities. I usually write that out by hand, but my “master” schedule I keep online.

      Then I just consult that weekly schedule each day, making adjustments if something comes up or if there’s something I need to postpone.

      I hope that helps! There’s no one right way to do it, so definitely do a little experimenting to find what works for you so the scheduling actually happens 🙂

      • Awesome, thank you so much Caroline, I really appreciate your thoughts.

        Thanks for taking the time to share! I’ll give it a go this afternoon then try for the week this Sunday. Putting THAT in my calendar now 🙂

        Cheers, Karina

  72. YOGA!!! Once I started yoga, discipline issues went out the door. *No way is that the yoga!* I thought. Until about the 20th time it happened.

    When I opened my own yoga studio and saw hundreds of bodies, I saw that the ones who got results were the ones who were consistent. They didn’t kill themselves every time they came, they just came ALL, THE TIME.

    The consistency my students showed – plus yoga – changed my life!

  73. Andrea

    Oh yes, this is the key ! To be consistent needs a good discipline and to keep your why in focus, love to remember this.
    Thank you very much !!! Thank you !

  74. Oh Marie, thank you for this video!

    As an introvert, I struggle to be consistent when it comes to communication on social media. But you’re right : “Keep your eye on your why” is the truth!
    I try to always keep my big picture in mind, even if I just take small steps day by day.

  75. Hi Marie,
    This episode came in a perfect time. I was consistent with working on my business plan, and then lost two days of interrupted work and could not get back to it. What helped me is every day as soon as I get up I give myself 5 minutes to write my goals for the next 6 months. I gave myself until December 2015 to have my online business. I set a deadline and I gave myself time that did not seem overwhelming; And even if I also do not feel like it sometimes, I realize it is only 5 minutes and see that the deadline is coming up! I missed days but it is consistently in my head now. I state my goal as if I already have it. I write why I am grateful. I write what I have done so far to reach the goal. Then, I write what I will do to reach that goal. I outline on that day the goals I will do. I got an accountability partner to meet or talk over the phone once a week so I can pull it off. I have never done this before, and today I feel I am getting closer to my business.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Wonderful, Asha! We’re cheering you on as you’re building your business — you got this 🙂

  76. What I’ve found to be really effective is a combination of:

    1) Giving myself permission to fall off the wagon. It may seem counterintuitive, but relieving the pressure makes it so much easier to stay consistent. This is more about the mindset, not about the outcome. For most of us, having that rigid structure automatically makes us want to rebel against it. Because who wants to be stuck in a box? No one.
    When we can change our perspective to see that we have a choice, and we are purposely choosing to stay consistent and not just because we “have” to, it makes a big difference.

    2) Just doing it. It’s that simple. Once you’ve properly addressed the inevitable resistance that comes up, you’ll have a much easier time getting out of your head so that you have more mental clarity to just do it.

    3) Realizing the difference between internal motivation and external motivation and finding the most true and aligned motivator for you.

  77. Hi, Marie

    I do exactly what you are saying: one habit at a time.

    I learned this from – and it works like a charm.

    Merci ! 🙂

  78. As a busy mom, I love to use the 10-minute rule. I tell myself that I only have to spend just 10 minutes a day on my task that I want to be consistent with. When I was writing a book, it meant at least 10 minutes per day writing. Now, it means at least 10 minutes a day making new products for my shop.

    It’s amazing what you can do with that little commitment.
    1.) It’s do-able and so there’s no excuse even on the busiest of days.
    2.) That 10 minutes so often turns into 30, 60, or 120 minutes!
    3.) Getting started is so often the hardest part, but tricking yourself with 10 minutes makes the start a no-brainer.
    4.) The habit you build is what results in lasting change

    I’ve used this trick to run 2 half-marathons, write a book, launch a podcast, and grow an Etsy shop. I love the 10-minute rule 🙂

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      That’s awesome! Wonderful tips, Beth Anne. And congrats on accomplishing so much with the 10 minute rule 🙂

  79. Yes, Yes and Yes.

    I hear ya! and for sure getting back on the wagon is my number one method for staying consistent.

    I blog at least once a day if I can and sure some days I miss posting something, but I try not to beat myself up and know the quicker I get back on, the quicker I get the job done.

    Oh, and those feelings, sometimes you need to kick em to the curb as you say.

    Great Q&A. Thank-you for sharing.

  80. Jessica Munoz

    Thank you so much Marie! I totally needed to hear this today. I too struggle with consistency. Sometimes I forget what I am striving for, isn’t that just crazy? As always your videos are funny and educational.. Love them!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      I definitely hear you, Jessica. It can seem a bit crazy to forget what we’re working so hard for, but it’s SO common! The day to day noise gets so loud sometimes we forget where we’re going, so a gentle reminder from time to time is so helpful.

  81. Marie!

    THE thing that keeps me on track – the MASS PRODUCTIVITY SHEET you gave us in B-School! It’s AWESOME! You’re awesome. Thank you!


    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Woohoo! We’re so happy to hear that, Natalie! 🙂

  82. Thanks Marie! I love getting my weekly dose of inspiration from you. It’s always spot on. I’m going to pick my battle. (not my top 17 battles) I tend to take on waaay too much, get overwhelmed and freak myself out.

  83. As an Artist/Painter/Writer, the foremost thing that has helped me immeasurably in my consistently inconsistent life, is developing the every day activity, and now my daily habit, of writing long hand in journals for over 30 years. This has now evolved into an 8 and a half year old blog and another blog that I started two years ago, which has been very rewarding on so many levels.

    If I didn’t blog I’d never know about Marie, whom I adore and so admire.
    I write and post in both blogs daily. This daily activity has helped me so much in all aspects in my life, learning the very important lesson. There is freedom to be found in the daily discipline of being consistent. It’s all about the progress not perfection.

    Catherine Meyers

  84. I’ve always struggled with the C-word and LOVE this post Marie & Crew!

    Such great advice. Keeping my eyes on the prize has been the most helpful of the tips in my journey. The quote that has kept me growing in the consistency department is ‘Discipline is remembering what you want” as I think consistency for me was tied up in my resistance to discipline.

    Thank you for all you do, I’m grateful for your work Marie & Team Forleo!

  85. Carol Lopez

    Thank you soo much Marie for your awesome discussion. This comes at such a right time for me as I have decided to go independent on my sales career. As we know, in sales or any other endeavor in life, consistency is essential. Love and hugs to you and your crew, You are a powerhouse!!!

  86. I just love everything what you said! Blessings! ?and Thnak so much for keep us on track!!

  87. Alexander Artman

    HI Marie,
    I have found the love of my life, or Have I? I have found that writing is one of my passions. I don’t usually get to do it everyday though, and would love to turn it into a full time career. Until the time, that I am able to do that here is what I have found write when you feel motivated. I often sometimes loose track of motivation of why I am doing something. This has been a struggle with writing, saying oh I am not good enough, but I know that there is talent there. I know that if I write at least 15 minutes a day, a lot can get accomplished, and even have a haha moment. So that is why I stay consistent is to finish something I have started 🙂

    with love and blessings,
    Alex 🙂

  88. Jeny

    Holy syncronicity ?☺️. I’ve been focusion on this subject for the last couple weeks. I practice thru mandala drawing. They say find the feeling and stay there enough to create momentum. I find mandala drawing as well as yoga an excelent way to create momentum. I struggle with staying confident, I am finding that consistancy is the key, sometimes practicing consistancy in real life can be hard or painful, so I find practing it in drwaing is an easier way that has worked for me very well. Sometimes all it takes is find tha feeling/momentum and stay with it.

  89. I follow the Jerry Seinfeld’s method of “Don’t break the chain.”

    You set a goal, and for every day that you accomplish this goal, you mark an “X” on that day. The key of consistency is to keep the chain going. – Don’t break the chain!

  90. Hi Marie,
    Great content as always.
    Something that I worked out: I was smoking 40 cigarettes a day and had done for years and I wanted to quit but I felt my will would break. So, I gave up sugar, coffee, alcohol, wheat and dairy at the same time.
    After a couple of days my will wanted to break so I let it break on the coffee, and REALLY enjoyed that coffee. Then after a few more days I let it break on the alcohol and really enjoyed a drink. And so on.
    By the time my will could have broken on the cigarettes, I was already 2 weeks in and I didn’t have the cravings so strong and was SOOO enjoying the other things I’d given up and now could have that I didn’t start smoking again.
    I found that I lost the battles but won the war.
    Happy days,

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      That’s such a unique strategy, Fiona. It’s so great that you were able to stop smoking — that’s incredible!

  91. I schedule it IN MY PHONE with a reminder and repeating on the frequency I want. So everything from praying every day, rearrange my pinterest boards bi-weekly, send my weekly email and did I meet my monthly minimum is scheduled in the phone. It really helps!

  92. Nina

    Hi Marie :),
    I love integrating new inspiring morning habits like 20 min backyoga and posting my art on instagram from monday till friday. This is my normal “stay creative and healthy” routine and I am loving it :D. When it comes to creativity for me it is like a river that I want to touch and dip into on a daily basis even if I just have 15 Min. The art piece not always turns into a Picasso but that does not bother me – main thing is that I spend time with my muse and let her play.The more positive memory I have from my last creative time the easier I get momentum and then I jump into my creative zone and just start – no time for discussion !

    Thank you so much for all the great value and ideas you are providing and teaching.
    Keep rocking Marie 😉 and much love to everyone <3

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      I love the analogy of creativity as a river to dip into daily. Beautifully said Nina, and thanks so much for sharing!

  93. I find that he most powerful strategy to impliment is to

    1. Schedule your top priorities into your week.
    2. Ritualize or develop a routined day, week, and/or year to stay consistent.

    Doing things this way will create a systematic approach to meeting your objectives and goals. Just my two cents and love your work Marie.

  94. rb

    I agree with the schedule part, and would add that I a schedule is much more effective, at least for me, if i plan to do an activity with someone else or promise someone that i will have something done for them by a certain time. Adding an external ‘controller’ to my goal frees me up from having to debate with my ‘i don’t want to voice’ because I just ‘know’ that I have to do it. If i just schedule in something for myself one part of me is more likely to try to ‘renegotiate’ with the other side about not doing it, which i find surprisingly energy zapping.

  95. Robin Kelley

    Hi Marie,

    I loved this video! Thank you for all the great insights into being and staying consistent. I’ve been part of Ali Schiller’s accountability program — Accountability Works — and this had made all the difference with consistency and results in my life. Absolutely amazing. I love my weekly call with like-minded people who hold me accountable and make me grow both personally and professionally. Check it out!

    Keep up your amazing work!


  96. Marie, I love you! This episode was awesome. So awesome that I made an acronym for you and entire lovely audience, based on this video and other things you (and I and this entire community stand for).

    C- cause, that is your WHY? single most important thing.
    O- one battle at the time, we cannot rock in everything all the time.
    N- No! The Marie’s No-train is the base for the consistency and success
    S- Schedule- If it’s not scheduled, it is not real
    I- Ignore the inner gremlin
    S- Small steps will take you anywhere
    T- Turning Pro! (Because we love Steven Pressfield!)
    E- Evolve and grow with your work (and celebrate your evolution)
    N- Non-negotiables, build your life around them
    T- Train won’t wait. Catch it again and again!

    Thank you Marie, this was very powerful and inspiring. Stay consistent, you make my each and every Tuesday. 🙂

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      This is so great, Milena! xoxo

    • Stacy

      Awesome, love this. Thanks for sharing it!

  97. Hi Marie,
    Ok two ways that I can think of immediately are:
    1) if I’m too tired/disengaged/don’t know where to start I say, “ok, just prepare for tomorrow”. (Rather than saying, “you WILL achieve everything on your todo list.”) It takes the pressure off. So as I’m preparing for tomorrow, either I just end up super organised for the next day, or I actually get into the flow and achieve something. It’s a good distraction for the brain, Stops it resisting.
    2) the second is keep achieving other little goals, so when the chips are down you can say to yourself, “you’ve been running pretty consistently for the last year, look what a difference it’s made, if you can do that you can do this, AND you will see results because look at the results you’ve seen with your running.”

  98. Between your guidance and the training classes,
    my business as a solo entrepreneur in on track and manageable.
    This year it’s time to grow. Hellooo people, who’s coming along for the ride?!

    Thanks Marie for your hard work.

    Jay V.
    Pintxo Sauce

  99. Loved your tips! I especially am a huge fan of remembering your why, scheduling priorities, and remembering that you won’t be perfect!! (That’s the one I’m working on the most!!) I’ve learned that consistency is not doing something ALL of the time, but rather MOST of the time. ? Keep the awesome tips coming!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      You’re so right, Stephanie! I hadn’t thought about it like that either. Consistency doesn’t necessarily imply volume–it just implies regularity. Daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, bi-annually, and yearly can all be timelines of consistency, depending on the activity and how often that activity needs to be done to enhance your business/life. Good insight!

  100. I remind myself of the why ALLLLL the time! I want to entertain, motivate and inspire people to enjoy food and beer and find a healthy balance with it!

    You are so right about picking ONE battle. I was redesigning my blog AND learning EVERYTHING I could about entrepreneurship and damn my head was spinning. PS- I designed my blog myself, no help and so that was definitely enough!! LOL!

    I need to schedule MY priorities!! FO SHO!

  101. Aloha Marie Forleo! Another insiteful Show. I have yet to tune in and be disappointed! Being consistent I can be, it is laser focusing on one battle that will maximize the effect on my why, or laser focusing my why to one battle! I attended a Steven Covey seminar training as part of becoming a Banking Manager and HAVE his book, “7 habits of highly successful people”, I HAVE my original “Think and Grow Rich Book” from 1976. I HAD my Tony Robbins Fire Walk with Ophra and I HAVE my man for all seasons, Dr. Wayne Dyer’s, truisms with me, in my heart, forever! It is the “THE SHOULD” in life that messes most of us up. Thank you again for the “kick in the butt, toward Clarity”! Aloha, Diane C Williams, author, “SHOULDS! DON’T COUNT!

  102. My biggest struggle is staying consistent! Marie, I love your suggestion of “why” and making priorities. It seems that I get caught up in my feelings and exhaustion (after work) and everything breaks away to nothing. Some things so annoy me that I get distracted for days! It’s a waste of time and energy I know.

    Perhaps I’ve discovered the empowerment of making a list of goals and “what not to focus on today”.

    Monday: Write, social media, paint.
    Not: Spend more than two hours on social media. (distraction and annoyance)

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      This is a really good tip, Kelli! I’ve never thought of writing down what not to focus on and I can see how that would help keep me on task.

      You saying “not spend more than two hours on social media” also gave me another idea. It might be helpful to put a time limit next to items on to-do lists so you have a goal of getting x task done in y time. And that also encourages us to build in some buffer room around tasks so if something does take longer, it doesn’t entirely throw off our mojo.

  103. One way I find to stay consistent is not overdo it. As soon as everything becomes overly taxing and heart-pounding, I step away. The trick for me is finding the sweet spot between being productive but still having a life. As usual, Marie, always thought-provoking. Thank you.

  104. People often ask me how I keep consistent with working out, writing, etc. The truth is that I just get up and do it! This morning I woke up feeling kind of crappy and I certainly didn’t feel like writing, but I did it anyway and guess what? It was great! Maybe not my best chapter, but I kept moving along! Same with working out. If I left it till I ‘felt like’ getting up and moving, I probably would be curled up with a book all day. The key is to just do it!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      It’s awesome to hear that you pushed through the “I don’t feel like it” feeling to keep working on your book! Writing is a discipline that really relies on consistency. And you know what they say: “You can edit a bad page, but you can’t edit a blank page.” We’re proud of you for keeping at it and we’re cheering you on!

      • Thanks:-) Very sweet of you to reply to my comment. You guys rock!!

  105. David Drake

    Just like “The Five Choices to Extraordinary Productivity”, I embrace the “schedule it” advice. Schedule your big rocks. If you do not make time for what is important to you, other things will consume you. Great episode!

  106. Losing the “all or nothing” attitude has been my biggest struggle. This writing by Anne Lamott has helped me so much:…/default/files/1-Shitty First Drafts.PDF”Shitty First Drafts” is such a great, humorous reminder that trying to be perfect stops us from progressing.

    Loved this episode–thank you Marie & Team Forleo!

    • The link is broken, just copy and search “Shifty First Drafts Anne Lamont.”

  107. Yes! Scheduling definitely helps me stay consistent. I have learned to schedule things around my business so that I can stay consistent with the things that need to get done.

    Thanks Marie, so helpful as always!

    -Angela Christine

  108. Stacy

    Such a great episode. Staying consistent can be difficult while in the beginning and middle stages. You have made some very great points, thank you! Staying consistent means knowing that we may falter and fumble I trying to be consistent…and ironically, consistently attempting to be consistent , will get us there! I am finally starting to roll with consistently working on building my coaching practice, after several MONTHS of trying. Love all your episodes and humor!

  109. I’m wondering why you didn’t include accountability on the list? Accountability makes consistency so much easier. I’m biased because I run accountability groups but I wouldn’t have found accountability in the first place if I wasn’t looking for a way to stay consistent and grow my real estate business. Real estate is a numbers game and if you are consistent you will be successful but a lot of stuff you have to do was really hard for me and full of rejection. I tried discipline, mindset, rewards, books, training, making goals, creating a vision, but once I had a weekly accountability meeting where I had to check in and say out loud what I was going to do and what I had done and hadn’t done, it changed my results – dramatically. I got consistent fast because sharing the experience and the goals took everything out of my head and made it more tangible and knowing I had to show up for other people made me want to follow through more than when it was just me working in bubble. Creating community around your goals is a force to be reckoned with.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s wonderful, Ali! It’s great to hear you’ve found an accountability group that keeps you motivated and inspired to keep going for your dreams. I know accountability groups can be super helpful when you find one that really supports you. I’m not sure why Marie didn’t include accountability groups (unless she hasn’t tried one), but we always encourage people to follow their hearts and do what works for them, so we’re cheering you on!

  110. Consistency is a constant struggle, but these tips were so helpful. Thank you!

  111. This is SO true and I always used to think “Yeah, I get that concept” but I never actually practiced it until this year. First, I started posting on Instagram consistently because it felt like the easiest thing to do on a consistent basis to gain momentum. That lead to longer posts, which eventually led to me creating my 30 Day Energy Cleanse challenge Podcast, which eventually led to me a Podcast consistently. All of my success started with the idea “I will post consistently on my Instagram, come hell or high water.” It works. Thanks for sharing!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      It’s funny how that works! Once you’re doing one thing consistently, it’s much easier to start doing something else consistently. I think where people get tripped up with consistency is when they’re trying to start doing multiple things consistently at once.

  112. Dale Jackman

    Hi Marie, This topic is my biggest and most consistent challenge.. I beat up on myself in childhood so my internal identity can be really at odds with the success I am trying to create in my life – result powerful undermining feelings and cravings that trip up my consistent actions. I know you want to help! – I think it would help to hear how other people overcame this problem.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      This is a great question, Dale. Marie is fond of saying “You CAN do it all, just not all at once.” When you start doing one thing consistently, it’s easier to start doing something else consistently. But when you’re trying to start doing a whole lot of things at once, things can easily slip through the cracks, which can make it more difficult to be consistent.

  113. It’s a little unconventional, but just over a year ago an abandoned guinea pig strolled into our backyard looking for a home. Like all other guinea pigs, Pumpkin (as we named her), is happiest with a care schedule that’s quite regimented – she likes structure. So, in looking after Pumpkin, I’ve become better at scheduling my own time. I’ve found that, not only do you achieve more, but it’s easier to set priorities in order to move towards your goals quicker.

    Also, we’ve made ‘be consistent’ part of our company motto, so it’s always a gentle reminder to keep on track.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      I’m so glad you gave Pumpkin a home! It’s wonderful to hear how caring for her has inspired you to add more consistency to your life. It sounds like a win-win for both of you! 🙂

  114. Hey Marie – love your work. This was a great video that I’ll be sharing with chicks because I’m always banging on about consistency. Scheduling has been the thing that has helped me the most, with the added fire of commitment (in the form of action) around the thing I’m doing. With focus. To me, all the amazing people I work with are so often getting distracted by busy-ness and then get overwhelmed with too much to do. And then they do nothing. So here’s to more people doing more magnificent things consistently x

  115. I think I’ve started to be a bit more consistent than before. And thanks Marie for this valuable episode.

  116. oliverrojas


    Thank you very much for dealing with this topic. I battle it consistently. I do not have a strategy for getting goals accomplished consistently. I am like a pistol that fires one shot and then needs to reload.

    Major Goals:
    1. Finish projects at home
    2. Finish projects at Union
    3. Turn in promotion packet


  117. Fantastic ep thanks Marie and team. I’m a huge fan of consistency, and I think it’s what has gotten me this far so far. Totally bookmarking this one to send to clients when needed. Thanks again x

  118. Hi Marie – thank you for a good advice.
    I have a question. I just published a book with positive affirmations for children called I am Happy and Strong and I have started Tweeting and writing posts on LinkedIn about how it became and how it works for me and my daughters’. The question is: How many articles should I write a week and how many tweets are appropriate and what about the topic? I don’t want to feel that I am doing a lot of repetition about the same things?

  119. Love this practical advice. You asked how we stay consistent well I draw inspiration from the people I admire. What are they doing regularly in order to be successful and most of them have consistency, regularity and a formula that they follow. I simply apply a formula (non-negotiables) to my day and throw myself in. Oh and being in the the health industry It’s an absolute must to stay on top of my health so that I have the energy and focus to get me through the days that I may feel like dissing the routine xx

  120. Laura Lozano

    I love Q&A Tuesday! And here’s a question: how can you be constantly inspired when your life is full of routine and repetitive tasks, mostly when your work needs you to be creative?

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Great question, Laura! If you’ll write to us at infoATmarieforleoDOTcom, we’ll get you the link to the Q&A Tuesday form so you can submit your question. And we’ll send you some Marie wisdom in the meantime. 🙂

      • Laura Lozano

        Will do, thank you!

  121. Love it Marie!!! I always find something to get me pumped up on your blog , xoxo !!! 🙂 It’s the BEST show ever! Thank you for this.

  122. Hi Marie,
    Just a note to say you rock! I’m from New York originally so Hey Neighbor!
    I want to thank you for consistently doing what you do.
    I fell off my own wagon with regards to diet and exercise and put on 20 pounds this year alone. However, after watching your video, you inspired me enough to change the direction of the tide.
    I’m seeing a personal trainer on Thursday and like you said, starting with one thing at a time. And going to master it.

    Thanks again for your inspiration Marie.
    Much love, Karla

  123. This was a great video Marie! I’ve seen bits and pieces of your videos before, but now I subscribed too. ?
    I am definitely struggling with consistency right now! We just bought and moved into a new house a month ago, so have tons of unpacking and sorting yet to do. My 8 y/o daughter has her own social calendar, my 5 y/o has some special needs, so juggle extra appointments for her, plus volunteer at both schools. I’ve been passionate about one direct sales company, but now feeling compelled to transition to another one.

    My husband has a good income, but he’s older, and has bad knees, so kinda feeling compelled to focus on something that will provide a long-term income. I’m thinking of a blog where I can ACTUALLY work at home, not run around doing parties, and help pull together some of my passioons. Hubby works out of town during the weeks, so throw in taking care of our goats and the garden, and most days I feel accomplished just getting dishes done!

  124. Love your work, Marie . . . Practical idealism at its best. Another inspiring episode indeed. Thank you.

    The one thing that has helped me maintain a modicum
    of consistency is this: setting a standard I can sustain.
    One example is…
    doing five minutes of meditation EVERY morning upon waking up; the key
    is it is done consistently,,, every day. It helps mitigate my the little voice inside that likes to lead us to
    procrastinate with excuses ~ And end up cramming an arduous
    (and often long) session in. This can end up feeling more like a chore
    than a joy…
    And we all can use more joy, don’t you think..

  125. Matilda

    Once again, amazing advice! I wonder how I’ve gotten this far? ? I have written these down and posting them up everywhere. The 1st one strung a cord for me. We get so caught up in doing, that we forget the WHY we are doing it in the first place. We can relate this to what has been said about exercise, in that being conscience of the movement allows one to achieve better results. ❤ you and your show, thank you ?

  126. I find my consistency easy when I am in a place of passionate inspiration and if I am NOT in that place, then I am open to noticing WHY not and getting an insight or taking an action to get my passionate inspiration back. Hmmm as I wrote this I realized that I apply this to LOTS of my life, but not everything. THANKS! for this insight!!! 🙂 🙂

  127. Awesome content. I too used to face problems being consistent.
    At one moment I actually didn’t publish anything on my site for next 10-15days. Without being much loaded with work. The reason?? lol My desk wasn’t organized! Can you imagine. When my desk is organized I can work smoothly for hours. But when its not, I procrastinate and feel demotivated to create stuff.
    Anyways thanks for this awesome video.

  128. Sudheer D. nagpurkar

    Hi, Marie,

    It was really very valuable to watch this video. Although I do not suspend any type of consistency, some thing new I got. i.e. Do nor prioritize schedule vis/vis . Second point is ” Success doesn’t come occasionally, but due to consistently doing it.
    Further I will like to add that your words are coming out like springing colourful fountain. Much love to you!
    Thank you Marie, .

  129. I loved this episode, Marie and team! I especially liked #5 – it’s not all or nothing game, I even have an in-depth blog post about that on The all or nothing mindset is what actually ruins diets, business plans and marriages.

    Staying consistent is a challenge for everyone. When I first started jogging I hated it, I hated all things sports because I was just horrible at it.

    But I loved listening to motivational audio! So at first, I listened to 30 minutes of my favourite audiobooks while jogging. It’s been 2 years since I started and I am loving running now 🙂

    It’s easier to stay consistent or get used to a new habit when you relate it to something you like. For example, I can only eat my favourite ice cream if I get to finish a blog post.

    In this way, we look forward to what we already love and get the challenging part done to get there. With time I didn’t need the motivator anymore!

    Hope that helps, guys!

  130. Great video!
    And thank you ever so much for nr. 4 – pick your battle.

    I have two: my Premium is my jewellery business which finally is starting to make a (small) profit. My second is my body: I’m 15 kilos overweight and I owe it to myself and my man to Loose it. But I just can’t do both!
    I put everything I have into my business and even though healthy habits are… habits to be learned, it still takes longer to create a Salad in the morning for lunch than buying a sandwich. And when my energy level is at sock-hight I DO resolve to cake and chocolate instead of something (timeconsumingly) healthy. Plus I AM a comfort-eater :-/
    I constantly feel guilty for not taking myself and my body more serious – especially since I know that I will get more energy from living 100% healthy instead of just 50%, but I simply don’t have the time and energy.

    And so I am looking forward to my business being so successful that I can hire other people to do (more) of my work, releasing time for me to take care of my body.
    So yes: I chose my battle – the business. The hard part is not feeling guilty about not doing both of them…

  131. Great topic Marie & team.
    I’m a short-term project kinda gal, and very good at NOT being consistent. Something that completely overrides this habit for me to choose a project & get others to commit, so then I’m committed and I find a way to make it happen. For example, I get people to sign up for an ecourse, and then I’m committed to showing up for them for the duration(+) of the course. This serves them, me AND my natural tendency to want to shift focus after a couple months. If I want to work on a longer term project, I break it up (even in my mind works!) so that I can refocus after each piece.

    Thanks for the morning food for thought!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      This is really smart, Stacie! Sometimes our brains can get overwhelmed with larger tasks because they can consist of so many smaller components. By breaking it down, you’re making it much more manageable. Nice! 🙂

  132. Consistancy can be achieved. Yes it can, but there should be a mixture of firm decisions, diarising the work at hand and goal setting. This is what i am doing to keep myself afloat and am enjoying the work i do in the world.

  133. Ajith

    Thank you Marie , consistency is very important to reach the end goals with a focus.

  134. Love this episode Marie, thank you.

    I schedule everything, work, household duties, bills, gardening, exercise. Literally everything. This way my mind is freed up to concentrate and I don’t have to ‘think’ about what needs to be done. I just love my daily tick list in my diary!

    It also often helps me to tell people what I’m going to do and by when, so it makes me accountable. It is usually friends or family, but one of my strengths is that once committed, I am super reliable, dedicated and efficient, so if I tell someone this is what I’m going to do, I won’t want to make myself look stupid by not doing it. I’m always honest and say I don’t have all the answers yet as to how, but it lodges that commitment in my head, even if it doesn’t matter whether or not I achieve it to that other person. I don’t like letting myself down.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      This is fantastic, Lorraine! I can definitely see having friends and family asking, “So how’s _______ going?” is great for keeping you on task. I love that tip.

  135. These simple steps are a catalyst for bigger things to come. Biggest is the tip of consistency! After 6 years of consistently working out and eating right, I have lost nearly 140 pounds. Did I want to do the things that I knew were good for me everyday…Ah…NO! Now, to take the steps and apply to other areas. Now that I know, I can’t unknow…Grrrr. Whaaa! Now for my declarations on my business ventures!

  136. Fay

    Its always great.. I never miss an episode.

  137. Michelle P

    Great video, great topic, great tips, Marie!
    I agree with the advice and have seen personal results from using the five tips you mention.
    What has worked for me? Learning from my inconsistency mistakes. I’m soo good now at knowing what doesn’t work that it’s pretty clear now how to avoid those tactics (most of the time). Even something as simple as putting the dishes away each evening. I hate it! But making sure the dishwasher has been emptied in the morning makes the task seem seamless when nighttime comes around. Silly example but hey, it’s all about consistency!

    What else has worked: planning ahead – usually the night before, keeping the list (goals and tasks to conquer) simple, and gaining a snowball effect each day from the small consistencies of life (like making my bed EACH morning) – to conquer the bigger consistencies of each day (like staying on target with client work without sacrificing fitness time or valuable family time).
    Thanks again for the helpful video. And keep up YOUR great consistency work on MarieTV!

  138. And Marie Forleo nails it again! Thank you! You, team Marie, have the unique ability to say the right thing at the right time! Bless you!

  139. Candi

    Love this video! I have struggled majorly with consistency in all areas of my life.. I recently read The One Thing by Jay Papasan and it has Been a game changer for me. Marie’s video pretty much sums up his main points but it’s so worth reading – it’s to the point and easy to read too – highly recommend.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Nice! We’ll have to check it out. We’re all big readers over here. 🙂

  140. Marie! It is my dream to meet you in person one day! Thank you for reminding me of all the things I have been taught over the last few years; I love how you bring solid advice with NEW LIGHT! I love you!

  141. Thanks for this Marie! I especially loved #4.

    The most useful thing I’ve done for developing consistency in my business was to set up a monthly subscription that is automatically pre-paid by my customers each month, so by the time it comes around for me to deliver my product, I have no choice because I would never let my customers down. It cuts down on so much avoidance time to know that I just have to do it. Before I set up this program, I would do sporadic offers that lasted a couple months and then I’d disappear for a while as other things in my life moved to the forefront. Developing a model where other people count on me to deliver is one of the best ways for me to ensure consistency.

    Thanks to you and everyone else for these great stories and tips!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s such a super smart plan! It sounds like it’s been great for both you and your customers. Love it.

  142. Once again, you’re timing is impeccable, Marie!

    Just this week I decided to try something a little different to create more consistency and productivity in my work. I actually started setting an alarm for myself each day at a certain time, along with a corresponding “do not disturb” setting on my phone. This one hour of my day is designated for writing only, no matter what that whiny little voice in my head tries to tell me… 🙂

    I was actually surprised by the results of this simple change. Not only did I manage to get a lot accomplished during that hour, but it actually got my creative juices flowing for the rest of the day!

    So thank you so much for the timely confirmation, and for having the fortitude to keep going yourself, no matter what that little voice tries to tell you… 🙂

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      This is BRILLIANT, Sharon! I’m definitely going to be trying this myself. 🙂

      • Thanks, Mandy! Best of luck to you! 🙂

        • Oh, and by the way… I set my alarm for 10 minutes BEFORE this 1 hour block. This helps me have a chance to wrap up what I’m doing, and really prepare myself for focused work. It also appeases the part of me that doesn’t like to be pressured… 😉

          • Love this idea Sharon, thanks for sharing. I am an organised person naturally but this wouldn’t definitely help me take it up a notch! 🙂

  143. Ed

    GTD and Outlook/Exchange. Reminders everywhere, lol… PC, Mac, phone, tablet…

  144. Thank you so much for posting this! I struggle with consistency and then I struggle with the GUILT from being inconsistent! These strategies will really help me to stick with it!

  145. Marie,
    This episode is completely on point and I really needed to have this on my brain!

    I have a question! How do you find out what your WHY is?

    I have a blog (sewing/fashion) and I am taking steps daily to increase my online presence and grow my blog and brand. The one thing I can’t seem to nail down is what my end goal should be. Ideally, I want to be completely independent and leave my corp job, and I have ideas for making my blog into something that could (down the line) potentially do this for me (FINGERS CROSSED).

    But I’m struggling with nailing down my ‘why’.

    Any/all Feedback is welcome!

  146. heather

    love the ‘bye felicia’ …
    This has stayed with me allll week !
    incredibly powerful
    thank you

  147. Alexis Wendt

    2 things have helped me with consistency:

    1) Break it down to smaller time chunks per day, but make sure it gets done. Project-management style. For example, when I try to work out intensely for an hour, then I burn out after a few days and it’s spiradic. But if get on an incline treadmill and get my heart pumping on a daily basis for just 20-30 minutes, then the consistency feels more achievable and doable. It’s easier to get up going each time.

    2) Look at it like tying up loose ends each day and make a short checklist. Like a cycle. For example: keeping with a daily spreadsheet – keep it in a visible and easily accessible place (your bookmarks bar on your browser), visit once a day, and mentally check-off your checklist until done. Then move to the next thing.

  148. Aurora

    Wow! The idea of ignoring your feelings in this specific instance is MAJOR for me. It’s the one thing that takes me off track the most, and since I’m so wired to listen to my feelings, always, it’s a concept I’ve never really thought about before. Thank you so much!

  149. I teach a course on this, and one thing I mention is piggyback habits. Pick a habit you do consistently, and piggyback on that habit to create more consistency.

    For instance, say you already have a habit of washing the dishes right after breakfast, piggyback on that and do meditation each day after washing dishes.

  150. What has kept my consistent is making it doable in terms on not over doing it or over scheduling it.

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Great point, Simone. If something is easy, we’re more likely to actually do it!

  151. shefali

    hi marie…this video was a real eye opener for me because I have always had a hard time fighting with consistency, procrastination as well as perfectionism….I have made a small note from this video to be put up on my bulletin board so I can go through it whenever I feel down or stuck…
    thank you once again…love your work..
    waiting eagerly for your next update 🙂

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Shefali, so happy to hear this episode really connected with you. I love that you even made a note to remember your biggest takeaway!

  152. Marie and team, thank you for that helped a lot.
    So far, and as far as I am concerned my best way to have…tried to stay consistent has been not to flee away. I have that tendency to GO and explore new places, new jobs, people.
    And as I’ve noticed it, I try to keep to the “uhn uhm, right…I can feel that again. Good, but let’s forget about it, just to see what could come next, from not doing it”.

    You all take car,

  153. Fazal

    Dear, you are looking so beautiful while presenting about ‘ consistency’. I will tell my story -How do I become consistent- It is an Urdu-Song- ‘Hai kam Aadmi ‘Himmat’ se kam lena, Aaye ga phir khooshi ka hasta hua zamana, Jina to hey usi ka jisne ye raz jana. Fazal Karim.

  154. Dear Marie, Thank you for the simple and sound steps!

    I started recently, in the evening, writing the next days agenda & priorities. I take a plane sheet of paper and I write all the things I would like to accomplish on the left side including any specific appointments I have. On the right side I simply have the hours from the time I wake up till I go to bed, and I fill in what I did in what time frame. Gives me a visual of where I’m spending my time! This routine is given me consistency in seeing where I have gaps in my business results compared to the time I’m dedicating to it. Feels like a checks and balances system!

  155. Bang On! I would add a sixth and a seventh –

    #6 Create your accountability. Tell someone.
    If we’re not living in congruence with our words, it’s very uncomfortable to be in our own skin. Our actions need to honour our words by the very nature of our Integrity. Make it real.

    #7 Create a system of rewards, which create positive habits.
    IF I do “this” THEN I get “this” — It’s very Pavlovian.
    if you’ve read “The Power of Habit” by Charles Duhigg,
    When I do this, I do then and then I get that.
    I create Priority Jars for everything.

    btw: <3 you Marie!

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Great additions, Wendy. I’ve heard of the cue -> routine -> reward idea before in a different context and it absolutely works like a charm!

  156. I make a list at the end of the day of things I want to accomplish the next day, which is a consistent part of ending my day. I assign a time frame for each task or group of related tasks. Although I want to complete each task and mark that line through it, as long as all of my items before noon are actually completed before noon, I’m still on track. This acknowledges that sometimes your day can start going off the rails but all is not lost.

    My list always starts with getting up early enough to exercise, eat and motivate myself for the day.

  157. This was an awesome episode of Marie TV! We all need reminders to keep doing what we know we should be doing — on the DAILY.

    Something that has really stuck in my brain and continues to keep me on track is this quote: “The pain of disciple is far less than the pain of regret.”

    We’re going to experience pain from both in life, but discipline weighs ounces whereas regret weighs tons…

  158. Thank you Marie for the valuable reminder about being consistent!

    Consistency is key to achieving long term results. Creating accountability, making list and keeping your word to ourselves are some ways that I keep myself on track daily.

  159. It is so supportive to see other people struggle with this too. I just realized that I workout regularly to stay slim out of vanity, haha! And it works, so have to incorporate this tactic again. Working on going to bed early, then rising, doing my routine and getting to my studio by a certain time. I always start with visualizing the successful me and see her daily, and think of how much I will advance. Good luck to us all!

  160. Connie

    This episode is scared the crap outta me! I’m in California and for a terrifying split second I thought the “hell and high water” bit was a real earthquake! Seriously. I did.
    Thanks for being very inspiring and occasionally terrifying 😉

  161. I love your 4 the secrets at first because I can understand them and can mention them to my real life. But that is great video. I love it so much.
    With the secret: Ignore your feeling, I also want to ignore the doubt my ability and success.
    I also do the work at my blog because your guide today really help me motivate to be consistence do on it and improve what I need for it become really good.
    Thank you so much! Marie and team.

    ~Chu Nam

  162. YES! This is EVERYTHING. I super appreciate #4, but related most to #5. That wagon scoots away fast, so I better keep my running shoes on! Thanks for this episode.

  163. Eve

    Hi Marie,

    Thanks so much for this fantastic video. Wish I had seen it 5 years ago when I was really struggling with my lifestyle. I travel A LOT for work. Sometimes it’s to places that I don’t really want to go, or projects that I’m not in love with, and I would always struggle with finding things that made me happy and pursuing them so that I could enjoy my time in a new environment. What I realized after watching this video and reading some of the comments is that I was really missing habits. I would create habits and gave them up every 5-10 months when I moved again. I should not be giving them up!

    In the past year, I’ve done things differently. Now that I bring enough tea and other things that support my habits, I find that I’m adjusting much faster and with ease to new environments.

    I’m currently 3 days into my new work life in Russia (super excited to be here) and focusing on building habits and consistency in my life so I can rock it with fun and a positive experience.

    Thanks for helping me see and understand that this is the right track!

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Eve, congrats on the new work life and I love that you’ve learned what works for you habits-wise! Tea is always the answer for me, too 😉

  164. Great episode, thank you Marie. I struggled to make time for meditation for a long time, eventhough I knew it would benefit me, it just kept being squeezed due to everything. Well I finally cracked it and have been meditating for 15 minutes as soon as I wake up everyday for the best part of a year. How did it manage It? Well it speaks to your 5 points, all of them in fact, but particularly scheduling, as it was hard to fit something else into an already packed agenda. I should add that, because of this consistent, relatively new ‘healthy habit’, all kinds of others benefits have come into my life.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      YES this is awesome, Lawrence. Way to go!

  165. My mentor just gace me this AWESOME advice (and it applies to all perfectionists). Break you To-do list into post-it notes. Every time you complete a task, crumple that note into a ball, throw it in a self ordained celebration ball, and… celebrate yourself! For me, consistency is hard because I beat myself about all that I am not achieving versus all that I AM achieveing. This celebration bowl is rewiring my brain to see consistency as fun (and a reason to dance 12 x a day!)
    Thanks marie!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Oh wow, that’s such a fun idea. Thanks for sharing, Jackie!

  166. In general, consistency isn’t an issue for me, but time is. I always put so much on my plate because I never want to give something up. I usually chart out my day-sometimes to the half hour- to ensure that I’m productive.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Oh I so hear you, Nicole! That’s always been my challenge too. I love Marie’s idea of getting on the “No Train” with more activities so we can dedicate more time to our true priorities. Just for fun, I thought I might share one of my favorite episodes that talks a bit about that for a few tips:

  167. I would say that the best strategy to keep consistent is stop thinking to much in the future. I know that when it comes to businees, we tend to plan all the time, by now, I take one plan and I try to consitently keep on this.


  168. Love this topic, Marie! It is truly very difficult to be “consistently consistent”. Keeping our focus can sometimes lead us to believe that there is but one way to achieve a goal and sometimes totally missing other alternatives or ways that may help us reach a goal. I try to keep my focus and consistency too but I keep in mind that life goes on and whichever path I take is always a path closer to any goal I have in life. Redirection can sometimes lead us to the right direction.

  169. Enoch

    Some tips to be consistent.
    1. Write down your why and keep it somewhere where you can see it often because in this busy world where everything is draining your attention, you need to have the right thing that needs your attention.
    2. Set trigger goals.
    Set alarm in your phone about your goals at specific tonnes durin the day.
    3. Learn to say NO
    4. Count your success not your failures. This can be a great boost when you don’t feel like.
    All the best Champions. !

  170. Thomi

    Thank you for the video. I find that prayer works best for reaching my goals. When I sit down to write and ask for God’s help, the session is easier. I also keep praying throughout the day because life is just too darn hard without it. Then, before I know it I’ve reached a goal. It seems magical to me but it is the power of the universe.

  171. I teach my clients to schedule things twice. That way, they do it twice, or they do it once, with the idea that they could have done more, that they DO have time to do more than they think they can. This allows them to ease into expanding their focus on and dedication to whatever that thing is they’re working on- the gym, getting organized, spending quality time w people they love…they see they can do it more than they thought, and then they DO!

  172. Thanks for being so awesome <3

  173. What has kept my consistency is having fun with what I do…I try to make it doable in terms on not over doing it or over scheduling it. Its always not to get overwhelmed…

  174. I needed to hear all of those tips, especially #4

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much, Catrina – we’re so glad to hear it was helpful! I need #4 too – especially on a Friday 😉

  175. Eva

    Hi Marie,
    This is your fan from Hungary. I’m so grateful for this topic!
    This summer I decided on 3 things I need to do, in order to create some passive income, and also to become location independent.
    It is hard, sitting at home and writing the content, when I get inspiration from being with and among people, but I need to finish this up. There is no other way.
    So now your video put me back in the chair, with some new energy, that yes, if I want that passive income, I have to finish what I started. And I will.:)

    Thanks for all the inspiration. Again and again. 🙂

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      I’m so glad to hear you’re feeling inspired, Eva! That’s so wonderful. Just think of how proud you’ll feel when you’re finished with your project. You can edit things that you don’t totally love, but you can’t edit things that aren’t there. We’ve got our fingers crossed that you’ll see your project through and feel super awesome afterward! We believe in you and know you have some amazing gifts to share with the world. 🙂

  176. Thanks for that encourage Marie. I love those 5 reminders you gave and will sure to keep doing them.
    i am so very guilty of failing prey to the voice of not feeling like it and torturing myself so much my wagon is miles down the road. I need to get a reminder. Thanks.

  177. Muhammad Asad

    Great, really need it in life, I have everything, probably i lack these habits. Thanks Marie
    keep it up

  178. Great advice, Marie – and so true! Following on from that, I wanted tyo offer up a new word… Soulstainability – it touches on lots of similar things like consistency, failure and fear…
    Just thought it may help some readers – failure and inconsistency is ok (for a while!) xo Lisa

  179. Katlego Rakola

    you rock..” always great keeping up with you. so refreshing.!!

  180. Hi

    Thanks for the article!

  181. Hi Marie!
    I’m so thankful for this episode, thank you for putting together these quick tips, I definitely needed to hear them today!

    Starting at the beginning of this year I have been working on so many things and wanting to track my progress too. I wasn’t able to find any kind of format or system that fit my life, needs, and excited my creative soul all at the same time so I made something myself!

    To answer your question, this funCTIONAL planner I made is what has helped me with staying consistent. I’m able to define my goals and break them down into small steps and I actually have a “Habits” section to remind me of the habits I’m wanting to form (until they become second nature) so I can accomplish those goals and big dreams!

    Right before I listened to this episode I actually decreased some of the habits I was working on. And wouldn’t you know it, you mentioned starting with just ONE! I was feeling exactly what you mentioned, overwhelmed with how many habits I was trying to change all at once. Thank you for that release and freedom that my heart needed to hear today! I feel much lighter by just cutting down my habit forming list, thank you for that validation 🙂

    Thank you so much for all of your inspiring videos! And I just have to mention, one of the main things that got me through actually creating this system was hearing you constantly say, “The world needs that special gift that only you have.” And working to remind myself and actually BELIEVE that truth. So, thank you again for your constant encouragement, support, and inspiration through the work you do!

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      That’s amazing, Dana! Love that you felt so much validation in trimming down your list after watching this video. Your intuition obviously knew what was best for you and you followed that voice — love it 🙂

  182. Thanks Kristin! I am so inspired with Marie’s nuggets and so much look forward to implementing the content that’s shared!

  183. Totally agree, I’m totally A.D.D. and if I have too many big goals and try to achieve them all at the same time, I end up jumping around from one thing to the next without really accomplishing much of anything.

  184. Thank you Marie Making a sign with my large goals So I always keep them in mind and also love the ignore your feelings so important.
    Jerry Seinfeld advice to put up a wall calendar and put an x everyday you work on your goal and then don’t break the chain.
    It’s so important to remember to we can develop our will power muscle.

  185. These are some awesome tips to follow to keep us going . I fully agree with the “ignore your feeling” & focusing on one goal at a time advice . Sometimes when things are not working your way it’s easy to give up & to have negative feelings (Personally it has happened to me a no. of times but I just keep on pushing myself ). I really needed this encouragement from you Marie. You are truly inspiring. Thanks Marie for sharing your valuable wisdom as always .

  186. Great tips! Every month, I choose to one thing I want to make a habit. That way, every month, I am gaining new skills that are now habits without thinking about it. It also is exciting to set a new goal every month- creating a habit lifestyle month after month, and it gets so much easier! Beginning habits is a habit;)

  187. Angie

    My strategy: get it on my planner. Either having a monthly workout calendar, monthly/weekly goals or tracking some new habbit I wanna start having in my daily life, that has worked for me (most goals might not be fully completed, but at least I worked a bit towards them instead of doing nothing). And also music, that helps so much on my hardest times.

    P.S.: Marie, I adore your videos 🙂 Thank you for being consistent with them <3

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much for the kind words, Angie! And I totally agree — getting important things into the calendar works WONDERS!

  188. Hi Marie,
    I love your Tuesday videos! All of your tips resonated with me so much. The schedule in particular has helped. I have 4 half days and one whole day for working because of my child’s school schedule. Some days, I sit down at the computer and my mind just goes blank. But I use your tip from another Tuesday video and plan my days the night before. I make a schedule with each hour in it and put my To Do list on it. It works so well that I’ve become more consistent because of the success.
    Keep the great tips coming!

  189. This is a huge area of attention! It is basic and real. Sometimes I get an uncomfortable stomach feeling when I am looking for clarity, the consistency practice may be a tonic to remedy the achy stomach region.

    I love the integration of the show. Fun show biz!

  190. Alie

    Having a really strong why and not beating myself up if I mess up one day. It’s like falling off a horse of missing a free throw. Just do it again. Momentum is also key!

  191. And I am watching this video maybe 6th or 7th time and every time Marie you have the same impact on me.. I fail again and again in prioritising tasks and proper schedule because I am working from home right now and it has its good and bad effects on my work routine. But the only method work is will power to achieve what I had decided to.. its still not working accurately because being a piscean I am unable to control my feelings right now for others and I thrive to help them and make it more difficult for myself and at the end of the week I am left with undone tasks for myself.. I am a bit scared about my own decisions because I am mad in helping others and I feel like hell saying no to others which kills me from both the sides and big milestones like marriage and related fears sometimes freezes me from stepping forward.. I know I have a gift of God in my hands and I can create a beautifull handmade world.. I am highly sensitive to the nature and outer world which reflects in my work but it also affects my work and personal life in tremendously negative ways.. I would be gratefull if you will suggest me something to hang on when my piscean sign says hey you gotta help them.. Xxxxxxx
    Marie I love you as my life coach. And your videos will continue to help millions of people with the same impact as it did on me.. thank you so much for being with me in my beautiful journey.. love Aasifa..

  192. Love this episode! Thank you, Marie!
    “Keep an eye on your why” is totally #1.

    What practically helps me to be more consistent in my working process is paying my dog walker a monthly fee in advance.
    It keeps me committed to go out of my home office to coworking office and fully concentrate on content creation two time a week no matter why (my dog is staying alone so dog walker coming those days). Already paid for that!

    So no chance for me to hear this familiar voice inside “oh…I don’t feel like writing my e-Course today! What if I drink some coffee and watch youtube or tv for some time?” 😉
    Funny, but fact: helps me every time. Otherwise, I’d skip my out of home office hours and just work from home with a lot of distractions around .

  193. Jordan

    Instead of ignoring those thoughts or feelings, how about – take note of them, accept that they are there, and then decide that you can live with them and follow your plan anyway. Maybe that’s what you meant?

  194. Amanda

    I’ve watched this video a few times now since I definitely have a problem being consistent over time. It’s hard building new habits and sticking to them! The advice in this week’s Q&A is spot on and a good reminder to stick to it. Thanks, Marie and staff for providing such good content each week!

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      It’s our pleasure Amanda. We’re so happy you keep coming back to this video and it’s helping you so much! It definitely takes time to build new habits, but you’re doing an amazing job. Keep at it!

  195. Adam Radcliffe

    Hi I find I’m inconsistent with time a lot in a number of areas of life I’m glad there’s people putting out suggestions I find it hard to consistent action I know it is because I have illness but it makes achieving anything good really hard I will keep looking for what I am trying to change I feel it’s because my internal clock is broken because of an accident I had I wonder if I can mend it thanks for your website it’s good thanks Adam

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you, Adam! We so appreciate your kind words, and hope that the strategies in this episode are helpful to you!

  196. I do just like your reader described and it’s so frustrating! I do love “Keep Your Eye on the Why” and was ideas people have for actually doing that. I thought about posting something in my studio about it, but I know if I see it all the time it will just become part of the room… so other ideas?

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Dawn, I so hear you – I have the same problem sometimes too (ok more than just sometimes 😉 !)

      Posting something in your studio could be a great idea, though I definitely hear you on how that can just become part of the scenery. In the past I’ve had success with putting something up, but then changing up the message regularly, or moving it around. So once a month you could set a calendar reminder to create some sort of photo, artwork, doodle or something to post — something that is fresh and new, and reminds you of your why in a way that you need to hear the most at the moment.

      That’s a way to not only have fun doing something active to engage with your why, but it can keep it fresh so it doesn’t just become part of the background.

      Journaling is also something you might try. Each day I do a little work journal and think of my top mantra (or mantras) for the day, which you could connect to your why. It could be simply 5 minutes of jotting down a few notes, but connecting on that level before you get started for your day might help too.

      Definitely get creative — there are tons of ways to connect to your why daily on big and small levels, so I encourage you to play around with it and see what you come up with! 🙂

  197. I am taking notes. This website is really helpful. Thank you, Marie.

  198. Hey Marie! Amazing episode, as all are. Number four: ignore your fears – what came into my head was a throwback to your interview with Elizabeth Gilbert: two things number one -converse with fear, acknowledge its presence, but don’t allow it to make any decisions number two, notice the voices and progress forward if fear doesn’t offer a better alternative

  199. i am really agree with the saying “Success doesn’t come from what you do occasionally, it comes from what you do consistently”. i practice it myself and it really works.

  200. Tahleah Murphy

    I love this episode!

    I have moments (too often), where I just don’t feel like it >>> THEN! I get disappointed in myself…

    What is the best way to ignore your feelings and tap into some FLOW MOJO when you just don’t feel like it?

    Thank you for your continuous inspo!

  201. I think I loved Elizabeth Gilbert Episode and I really feel she is a part of my mantra, I love consistency and Yep no one lives without fear! Thank you Marie for your T.V..

  202. Annie

    Definitely need this reminder as the “i don’t feel like it” whiny-ass-voice is loud today. Thanks!!

  203. We absolutely love your blog and find many of your post’s to be precisely what
    I’m looking for. Do you offer guest writers to write content in your case?
    I wouldn’t mind creating a post or elaborating on a number of the subjects you write regarding here.
    Again, awesome weblog!

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      We’re so glad Marie’s work resonates with you! We don’t share outside content on our site and we aren’t looking for guest posts or collaborations, but we so appreciate you thinking of us. Wishing you the very best with your writing and beyond!

  204. Regina Prachyl

    I can’t seem to get to your follow through page..
    Thank you

  205. Marsha Francis

    I’ve been consistent with being inconsistent and wanted a change. Thank you for sharing your 5 points. I plan to put them into practice immediately.

    • Sabrina

      I wasn’t even aware that consistency was my flaw, so kudos to you for having that awareness! Good luck

  206. Selvia

    Hi Marie, I think your video is fun and helpful. You previously mentioned that on priority, we can only be consistent in just one thing. I find I have some priorities that I think are just as important. I have to cope with my phobia (undergoing dental treatment which the procedure impressed me horribly), I am still pursuing my dream to become a writer (so far I can only write the initial draft, but have difficulty solving it), also still have to overcome my shyness when faced with certain people. So, if all three of them are equally important for me, how exactly should I prioritize on just one thing?

  207. Sabrina

    One of my good friends recently pointed out that the key to success is consistency, and being repetitive. The way he described it was so on point, even mentioning how it connects to relationships and how you react (like Marie mentioned emotions, which will follow suit). I’ve been prepping myself to start a business and been researching what values I must embody to create my “business pillars” and this will be one of them. Thank you Marie for providing great info and these comments are awesome also!

    – Sabrina

  208. Omkar

    Love this episode. It showed me a way How to be consistent.

  209. student

    thank you

  210. Keerthi

    One field I am always consistent is Self Identity Establishment….
    I think the driving force behind this is somewhere deep down I knew that is the only answer to any problem. That is the only wholesome solution for any problem in one’s life. So I am very consistent when it comes to personal growth and Identity Establishment.
    Thank you.

  211. This is amazing, It was great. It really helps. Thankyou foe sharing this one.

  212. I don’t know whether it’s just me or if perhaps
    everybody else experiencing problems with
    your website. It appears as though some of the written text
    within your posts are running off the screen. Can someone else please comment
    and let me know if this is happening to them too?
    This may be a problem with my web browser because I’ve had this happen before.
    Many thanks

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Hi there! Thanks so much for stopping by. We’re sorry to hear you’re experiencing a glitch with our website. We aren’t able to replicate the issue on our end, but if you’ll write to us at [email protected] and send along details about the device and browser you’re using, or a screen-shot of the issue, we’d be happy to help!

  213. ali

    Actually i am consistent on nothing.
    suppose today i feel well doing dancing and i am great in it and feel like i can build my career on it and the other day i feel i am good doing business and feel i can build my career on it.
    whats wrong with it?

  214. I think the tip that made made me have this AHA moment was when you said that it is better to get consistent at one thing at a time, to pick battles.
    I am a perfectionist and have a tendency to want to be great at everything at once. I tell myself I need to be consistent with my training, my blog and social media posts, etc. And yet, I just got back to the gym and my meal plan. I am 2 weeks in and I am already worrying that I am not doing the right thing hahaha. Fitness blogs all say you have to stick to a diet and training program for at least 6 months consistently before even thinking of trying something new. So, I guess I will focus on getting my 6 months of training and eating properly, and only then will I think about being more consistent in my business.
    All that being said… what do you guys think of batching? I have had some success with that, because I can create and schedule a lot of content when I am super motivated, and then when I get overwhelmed or unmotivated, there is at least some stuff that’s already done.

  215. I don’t like to blame for the situation. When something happens, I always take responsibility for myself first. I always choose to live a healthy life, take care of myself and seek happiness for myself.

  216. Hi Marie,

    I verge on consistency by listening to Marie TV or the podcast on a regular basis. It’s inspiring and helps to keep me on track.
    Re-listening to this episode just opened my hazel eyes to the fact, once again, that even though I have a million things to do, the best thing for me to do right now is to FINISH this series of blog posts (that I already have the content for!) – to write them, design them and put them in the queue! That would take so much stress off my shoulders as, don’t you know, today is Tuesday, and this latest blog post should have already gone out 4 hours ago! Imagine not dreading my Tuesdays!

    • Renee – Team Forleo

      Hi René!
      Yay! We’re so glad this episode resonated with you and inspired you to get goin’ on your blog. And yes, not dreading Tuesdays sounds like an amazing goal. Keep going!

      • It’s a Renee/Rene team! Thanks for responding — now I have even MORE reason to keep on track. Merci beaucoup!

  217. However, recommendation these trendy subreddits is not an easy effort.

  218. That was useful. Thank you Marie and Your Team:)

  219. Very helpful tips! For my sequence, I use resources of different types! Since I have my own business and unfortunately I can’t keep everything in my head, including meetings, etc. I’m celebrating the sequence and in this case I use resources with calendars where I can make an appointment and I get notifications when I put them!
    Good luck and thank you again!

    • Jennifer - Team Forleo

      Sounds like you’ve got a great system, Felix, thank you so much for sharing!

  220. You are so right! We have to get over our feelings and that takes POWER. When those debilitating voices in our head start to invade our thoughts, we have to train ourselves to just say “Not Today!”.
    When trying to get motivation today, I think about things that have worked in the past. One of my most rewarding moments was competing in a pageant. I lost four different pageants in a 4-year period and I stayed committed to the dream and won the title of Ms. Corporate America 2015. I surrounded myself with pageant enthusiasts and positive people so I had no choice but to keep my eyes on the prize. The possibilities were all in front of me and it helped me to keep the vision alive. I’m so glad I did because it changed my life and I know the power of consistency. Now I need to make sure my goals are as powerful as that one to maintain my consistency.

  221. Consistency is key!! Thank you for this post! This is definitely a great reminder for me to be consistent in the current goals I want to achieve. Thank you!

  222. Consistency is key!! Thank you for this post! This is definitely a great reminder for me to be consistent in the current goals I want to achieve. Thank you!

    • Maja - Team Forleo

      We’re so glad it was helpful for you, Charlene! We believe in you, and we’ll be cheering you on as you reach your goals!

  223. Awesome Marie!
    I hire and train a new habit one at a time. I create a contract with it and onboard it to happen automatically and effortlessly so that I can enjoy the freedom to do other things.

    • Erika- Team Forleo

      Caryl this is awesome! I absolutely love your process and we’re cheering you on!

  224. A nice article. Thanks for sharing.

    • Erika - Team Forleo

      Yay! We’re so happy you liked the article Eyssant!

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