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Thinking about writing a book?

You’re not alone. According to New York Times writer, Joseph Epstein, 81% of people believe they have a book in them. At first glance, the book-writing process seems straightforward. You have an idea, you write a book, you publish it. Bada bing, bada boom. 

Sounds fairly simple, right? Wrong.

We’re in a whole new world, folks. When I published my first book, the publishing industry was already undergoing a seismic shift. Ten years later, it’s nearly unrecognizable. Successfully publishing a book in modern times requires far more than a strong idea, a great agent, and the right publishing partner.

There were many times towards the end of writing Everything is Figureoutable that I thought to myself, “Why didn’t anyone tell me this before I began crafting my manuscript? Why is this not common knowledge amongst writers?” 

“Don’t pull quotes off the internet because we can’t confirm anyone ever said anything.” — Jersey Marie Click To Tweet

Amidst my frustration, I made a list of lessons I was learning in the process. As the great Maya Angelou said, “When you learn, teach, when you get, give.” 

So on today’s MarieTV you’ll learn three crucial book writing tips I wish I’d known earlier. 

It’s delivered by the one and only Jersey Marie. WARNING: If you offend yourself with spicy language, skip this episode. Or, if you plan on watching in an office or around children, wear your headphones. 

You’ll learn:

  • The shocking truth about researching anything (especially quotes!) online.
  • When to put your ego on the shelf and listen to your editor.
  • A crucial promotional strategy for how books really get sold these days.
  • An exclusive, limited-time Everything is Figureoutable FREE GIFT you need to get today. 

Grab a pen and paper because you’ll want to write these tips down.

And now, I’d love to hear from you. Today’s question has two parts:

  1. Have you pre-ordered Everything is Figureoutable? If so, where did you order it? Let me know in the comments below. At the end of the week, I’ll pick one person from the comments and send you a personalized, advanced signed copy! (You can then give your pre-ordered copy to a VERY lucky friend 🙂 )
  2. Do you want to write a book? What’s stopping you from putting pen to paper? Have you already written one? What do you wish you knew before?

Share as much detail as you can. Hundreds of thousands of souls come here for insight and inspiration. Your story may be just what someone else needs to have a major breakthrough.

Important: please share your thoughts and ideas directly in the comments. Links to other posts, videos, etc. may be removed.

We couldn’t pick just one recipient! Congratulations and love to
Michelle (& her BFF), Ryn, Denise, and Brigitte.

Thank you so much for reading, watching, and sharing your perspective. 

Know anyone writing a book? Share this episode and let Jersey Marie save them from tears, frustration, and heartache. 

With SO much love ❤️,

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  1. LOL! This is EVERYTHING! Yes, JM. I’ve preordered the book and can’t wait to get my hands on it! Amazon.

    I do have a book in me and will keep these tips in mind when it’s time to sit down and write it. Thanks, JM, for your sassy sage advice, delivered as only YOU can! ❤️

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      We’re so excited that you’re all pre-ordered, Darlene! YAY!
      Make sure you take your order number and head to—> to sign up for the FREE coaching immersion in October!

    • 1. I haven’t ordered..yet.
      2. My primary excuse is that I am mid-pre-order campaign for a manuscript I’ve been developing.
      3. Where do I get said Quote Primary Source Checker asap?
      4. Having grown up in Carteret (Exit 12), I deeply appreciate you.

  2. Love this!! I totally ordered my copy via audible way back in May!!! I’m so excited!! And yep! I’m an author and have written something like, eleven books!!! I love it but it can be so hard!!!!

    Thanks for always being so inspiring!

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Holy 11 books, Bethany! That’s amazing- congratulations! We’re so glad that you’re putting your words and heart into the world.

      • Yes, I pre-ordered. I don’t have my receipt with me at the moment so I don’t know the date but I pre-ordered it at Big Blue Marble Books in Philadelphia (a women owned Indie Bookstore.) And I do have the receipt somewhere on my desk. If you need it I can get it for you.
        2. I had a book published in 1994. I learned that some publishers don’t honor their contracts, report accurately, or pay royalties as agreed to. Rough. It’s now out of print.
        I wrote a book published in 2005 titled Blueprints for Paradise. (MUCH better publisher.) I should have insisted on more quality control of the reproductions, but the publisher used good quality paper and the hardback edition was beautifully bound. (I wasn’t as happy with the paperback.) I did not do preorders (won’t make that mistake again.) One thing I did right was get a phenomenal endorsement/blurb for the back cover from Dr. Jane Goodall!!!
        I’m working on two books now, but I’m early in the process, so I can put Jersey Marie’s advice to good use. (BTW, does she have a cousin in South Philly?)

  3. Brandi Patterson

    Yeah, I preordered. And I’m gonna see on tour! Austin here we come! Now, do I say that I bought it from eventbrite or Book People?

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Either one works for us, Brandi! We can’t wait to see you in Austin with Rachel Hollis. If you haven’t done so already make sure you sign up for the free coaching immersion with either order number here —->

  4. This is so funny! Loved this episode and it’s really practical advice too, for books and writing in general really.

    I can’t wait for Everything Is Figureoutable!!!!!
    YES! I pre-ordered it on Amazon — the first e-mail I got about it back in May.
    It’s so fun to see this whole process, so many special things Marie everywhere with the webinars and the bonuses. Wooooow! It feels like a real party, it’s so cool.

    Ooooh would looove an autographed copy by either Jersey Marie or Regular Marie. 😉 😉 😉

    As for the second question, I’m feeling I do have a book in me but I have no idea what it will be…. Looking forward to read the tips on the comments for more inspiration! 😀

    • Heather-Team Forleo

      Thanks for sharing your heart here, Victoria. Follow that book curiosity and see where it leads you. Take notes, jot down inspiration- you never know what will come up.

  5. Yeah! I pre-ordered Everything is figureoutable from and I can’t wait for the book! As for me I JUST published my book a few days ago! Like search-on-Amazon-and-it’s-there published! I went the route of self publishing and one thing I wish I had known was – how much of publishing a book is NOT writing. I always pictured sitting alone at a typewriter (with a glass of some dark liquid…) as the biggest part of the process, but publishing a book is an exercise in teamwork. Once the book is written there is so much that needs to be done to publish, and your best bet is to find a great team that you trust. You’ll need a great editor, and you’ll need other team members to look after the cover, layout, as well as perhaps some assistance marketing, to name a few. And of course readers! And it helps to have cheerleaders along the way to keep you going when you feel like giving up, and to help you fight perfectionism and any fears that come up. So while parts of it can be solitary and all about the writing, there is lots of collaboration involved to make it a beautiful reality! Best of luck to anyone writing a book! I am cheering you on!

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Thank you for sharing your words and experience here, Safiya. You’re surely helping your fellow writer understand the process more and more. We appreciate you so much.

    • Oh my gosh Safiya, you are so right!!! Writing a book and publishing a book take such different skill sets. Well, except for perseverance and determination! I’ve been in nonfiction book publishing for over a decade, and you have hit on the #1 cause of late-stage author burnout that I’ve seen. Writing the book was such a heavy lift, but depending on a writer’s goals for the book and the publishing path they choose it can take anywhere from 6 months to 5 years to actually be published! (5 years is on the way outside, if an author wants to be published by one of the big 5 publishers in the US and needs to build a following first.) Another yes to building a team that really gets your project, who you trust!

  6. I love love this segment clip. Preordered in May, signed up for October.
    Marie, you are my virtual mentor daily. I have a book series that I started about three years ago and quite honestly I put it on hold since working on The Love My Voice Program and applying B School and the CC. —I’m a beautiful mess and still learning and feeling discombobulated and then sure, and then overwhelmed, blah blah blah. Maybe it’s my over active brain on tilt, or maybe because I have to keep pulling myself in from getting side tracked from the layout design of my site. I’m just grateful that I get to navigate through it all and keep moving ahead. I know I will find my voice in it. Love you and the Team for all you do and give as always, Ciao —Nyla ?

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      It sounds like you’re putting a lot of magic into the world, Nyla. Trust the timing of your life and of your book. As Marie says, simplify to amplify. You’ve got this.

  7. Hey, Marie! Great episode this week!
    1. I pre-ordered your book in July via (Can hardly wait to get it!)
    2. I self-published my first book, Stressed Self to Best Self™: A Body Mind Spirit Guide to Creating a Happier and Healthier You, in 2015. I’m a stickler for research and “primary sourcing” as well as not using potentially controversial language so I was already aware of your first 2 points. However, I was still stuck in my “perfection” phase back in 2015 so didn’t really tell anyone about the book until it was already available online! Definitely no pre-orders there! Later in 2015, I also had the opportunity to write a chapter in Jack Canfield’s book, The Soul of Success, Vol 1, called Overcoming Overwhelm. Again, I was stuck in my “perfection” phase, feeling I didn’t have everything in place yet & not enough to offer so I never took advantage of sending out press releases that the publisher had created for me. (Yes, still makes me cringe – but lessons learned! And, your MarieTV episodes addressing these issues have helped me a ton!) I have enough content now for another book but my main focus in the past couple of years has been gaining some new skills and certifications (Success Trainer, Coach and EFT), as well as creating some powerful online courses. (I’m a multi-passionate entrepreneur like you & I work 4 days a week in health care as well offering live & online courses.) Plus, I just finished a fab website makeover a few weeks ago and am launching my first FB ad campaign this week to help get the word out! Can’t help people if they don’t know about me and my work!
    One of my goals is for my next book to be published by Hay House! As you know, writing a book is a labour of love. I have an action plan I’ll start implementing next month to start phase 2: editing the content I have.
    Thanks so much for the work you do. You’ve been a guide and mentor for me for about 6 years now & I’m really grateful for that! All the best with your new book! It’s going to inspire & empower so many people! “…because the world needs that special gift that only you have!” Marie Forleo : )

  8. Tatiana

    Yes, I had ordered through Book Depository, but I wish to have a sign by you copy as well!
    For sure I had an idea to write a book in my mind, and only my shyness is stopping me from doing that. Thanks for your tips, I’ll definitely use it.

  9. Haseena Bheekhun

    Hey Marie! I adore ‘Jersey Marie’ she gave me the giggles and shared some badass gems of knowledge
    You always bring joy to my day whether it be here, in my email inbox or over on instagram. Call me old school but I do like to go into bookstores and enjoy that experience however I do order online and it’s mainly Amazon or through the person’s website. I have been learning from you for years and your first book still sits on my bookshelf and I go to it often.
    I can’t wait to get this latest and greatest book from you! Amazing value as always! x 😀
    My writing journey has been evolving and I know that with your help I will be able to get exactly where I need to x

  10. Elise

    OMG, Jersey Marie! Hahaha, I can’t believe what I just watched – LOVE it! And the shirt, oh dear yes, the shirt! Just shoved the episode in the face of my husband (YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS!) and he responded: huh? is THIS the Marie you did that B-School with?! Obviously pre-ordered the book instantly! At Can’t waittttt, marked my calendar!

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Maybe you could also show him episodes with ‘real’ Marie so he can understand who really teaches B-School?! Not that Jersey Marie doesn’t know a thing or two about using her authentic voice in her marketing. We love you, Elise!

  11. Hey Jersey Marie!
    I’ve preordered my book from Amazon!
    Can’t wait to get my hands on it – read your first book years ago 😉
    Love from Kuwait,
    b-schooler 2015,

  12. Hahaha love it Jersey Marie!
    1) I ordered my copy and will be getting it live at the NYC launch event. I live in Finland but since I’m visiting Toronto in Sept, I managed to arrange a detour to NYC for the event. I can’t wait to be there and to read the book :D!!
    2) My mom has been telling me I have a book in me since high school. I know it’s in there too, but I don’t yet know what shape it will take. I appreciate learning about Marie’s insights for when I’m ready to sit down and write mine out.

    • Cheryl

      Listen to your mother! Start writing now, and your muse will find you – she can’t find you if you’re not sitting in your writing space. When I wrote my first book, I can’t even tell you how much material landed on the cutting room floor, so no writing is wasted, it just uncovers the good stuff. Congrats on going to the launch event – you’ll have a blast!

  13. Lynn Schutte

    I cannot WAIT for this book – preordered it on Amazon when it was first announced!

    I’ve always wanted to write a book. When I was younger I thought it would be fiction, although now I’m leaning more toward a non-fiction book. I’ve got so many ideas bouncing around in my head that now it’s time to try to wrangle one or two!

    • Maria

      Pre-order from Amazon. Can’t wait to read it!!!

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Keep following your curiosity, Lynn. It will guide you in the perfect way.

  14. Oh Rie, ‘course I did! I bought this book the minute I found out about the coaching experience that comes with it, or maybe earlier 😉 And I’d love for Jersey Marie to sign me another copy <3

    My copy of Everything is Figureoutable is coming to Poland via AmazonSmile, pre-ordered on 9th Aug.

  15. Oh Marie, you are just wonderful! I love how you educate in such an entertaining way! Thanks for everything you do and for wowing your community over and over again (like yesterday when your team emailed me as they saw my comment in the B-School Facebook-group, telling me that new tickets became available after I couldn’t get more tickets for my friends to see you live in London)!


    I’ve pre-ordered the book instantly (21st May) on and cannot wait for it!

    Lots of love from London

  16. Caitriona Kilmartin

    Pre-ordered at
    Would love a signed copy so I can gift the other one xxx

  17. Yes and yes! I pre-ordered on Audible a few weeks ago so that I can listen on a long walk as soon as it releases. I can’t wait!

    And yes, I’m totally writing a book or two or three right now, realizing how important it is to build an audience first and also realizing how much I improve with engagement (and how much I don’t without it).

    Thank you for everything you do, Marie. You’ve changed my life for the better.?

  18. Pat

    Loved Jersey Marie. Thanks Regular Marie for this vid.

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Both Maries send their love and, Pat. 🙂

  19. Anne

    Hi Jersey Marie.
    Yes. I’ve preordered the book from Fishpond 16 Aug. Soooo looking forward to getting it.
    And Yes. I’m getting started writing a book – several actually! And I need all the help I can get

  20. Teodora

    Hi Marie! This video is so hilarious, but also, very good info to know for writing a book.
    Sure I pre-ordered your book! As soon as I’ve heard about it in your e-mails. I ordered it from the because I’m in Europe.
    And yes, I do have at least one book in me. I’ll keep in mind the advice in this video, thank you for it, and can’t wait for the launching bonuses. Maybe it will be the kick in the bum I need to start writing my book – the first one 🙂 .

  21. Eve Koivula

    Can’t wait to get my book from Book Depository. I’ve written 2 mediocre books so far, and now workin on a new one which is going to be a good one. It has to be, ‘cus it’s taking so damn long to get it done…

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Eve, you’ve written TWO BOOKS! That’s something to celebrate and we’re sending you the biggest high five and celebration dance. Keep showing up- you’ve got this.

  22. Casey Buscall

    I’m super excited about the new book! I pre-ordered it on Book Depository.

    I’d love to write a book, but the main thing holding me back is having to deal with and overcome having 3 chronic illnesses (yep 3! All at once). I know I can do it, but It’s just gonna take some extra time and effort.

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      We’re sending you so much love, Casey. You’re a warrior and don’t ever forget that. Books are written one word at a time and they will come. We’ll be here to cheer you on every step of the way.

      • Casey Buscall

        Thank you so much for your love and support!

  23. I love Jersey Marie! I ordered Everything is Figureoutable from on May 22, I can’t wait to receive it!! I also can’t wait for the live coaching in October AND I am coming to see Marie in Melbourne Australia during the book tour! I am SO excited I could burst!!!

    I know I have a book in me somewhere but I have no idea what it is. I have a few other passions that I want to action first.

    Marie’s work has absolutely changed my life, she is such an inspiration and I have been introduced to so many other inspirational people thanks to MarieTV. I loved the interview with Suzy Batiz, it inspired me to say yes when a friend suggested that we open a Mind Body Spirit bookstore. I remembered Suzy talking about alive ideas and when the idea (the bookstore) was suggested to me I got head to toe goosebumps…I knew it was the right thing to do. And thanks to watching Marie for a few years I knew I could do it. I love you Marie!!

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      We LOVE that you followed that intuition YES and are bringing magic into the world. Goosebumps are an amazing sign, Karola.

      We’re so excited that you’re joining us in Melbourne! Marie is so excited to join all of you in Australia and at every book tour stop. We are so grateful for your support all this time. Sending you loads of Team Forleo love.

  24. That was amazing!!!!!

    Well done for letting Jersey Marie run the show this time hahaha great idea, very entertaining. And thank you for the tips!

    I ordered my tickets to London event on Sunday (WITH a book pre-order) and can’t wait to fly in to see you there! <3

    Thank you for changing so many lives, mine and my husband's included.

    -With so much gratitude,

  25. Hey Marie, I’m from Prague,Czech Republic (Europe) and as you advised in on of the earlier video I got my copy from

  26. This was hilarious and a JOY to watch! I DID pre-order my book on Amazon/Audible on August 13th!! So looking forward to listening.

    I actually am in the final stages of editing my book before it goals to print this week. I’m super excited and a little apprehensive. I wish I’d known a little more about primary sources. I would have added some. I don’t think I have any in my book, other than the ones they come straight from me. I guess that’s what my second book will be for!

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      We’re sending you alllllll the Team Forleo best book vibes that we can squeeze through the screen, Lashawn. Congratulations!

  27. Dear Marie, or Jersey Marie in this case… I’m a fan of you both, and I got your book pre-ordered last May! Actually I ordered the audio version through Audible, because I simply love to hear you speak, and I wanna have you read it to me. Like, over, and over… 😀
    I don’t have a book in me but I do have my blocks, and I wanna use your book insights to get rid of them all! Just you wait and see.
    Have an amazing week. The two of you! 🙂

  28. Hi Jersey Marie! I preordered your book from Amazon. I’ve self-published several books for women – to teach self-care and self-love with the help of my imaginary pig friend Wanda Petunia. I’d love to find a publisher because it’s hard to market my own writings – though I try! Thanks for your inspiration!!

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Wanda sounds like she and Jersey Marie would be fun friends, Amy! Thanks for being here and supporting Marie’s book.

  29. Big fan from Brazil here! I ordered from Book Depository on August 8. under the name Marcos Alexandre Wunderlich.

  30. Filipa Tavares

    Hey Marie! Loved the Jersey Marie episode this week! ??
    1) I cannot wait for your book to come out!! I pre-ordered Everything is Figureoutable from when it was first announced back in May! I’m really looking forward to reading it and I would love an autographed copy by either Jersey Marie or Regular Marie, you’re both amazing!!
    2) Both my Mom and close friends keep telling me I have a book in me since I was in college, I sort of know that it’s in me somewhere too, but I still have no idea what it will be about…
    Thanks so much for the inspiring and awesome work you and Team Forleo do!
    Best wishes to you all + a big hug from Barcelona, Spain.

  31. Marilyn Graves

    Hi Marie,
    I absolutely LOVE Jersey Marie! I preordered “EVERYTHING IS FIGURE-OUTABLE” August 7th, from Barnes and Noble
    I am actually finishing my book and yes, I’m a quoter, just like you. So, imagine my despair while listening to Jersey Marie. UGH!
    Writing the book has been joy AND agony. I put it down several times, but I can’t let it go because it’s people’s stories and mine. I’m just tryna live another day. Thanks, Marie, for not giving up on me.

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Keep writing those words, Marilyn. One and then another and then another and then another…..and the book comes to life. We’re cheering you on. You’ve got this.

  32. What an amazing show to kick off my day! Thank you Jersey Marie!!
    So YES, this B-Schooler pre-ordered “Everything is Figureoutable” on May 21st On Amazon
    And YES, I have 3 book ideas swimming around this head I’d love to bring to life. Perhaps you’ll create a course??
    Can’t wait for the kick off party in NYC on the 9th, I’ll be there with friends and my dancing shoes as a “Baller”!

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Sophia, the NYC Experience is going to be AMAZING! We’rs SO glad that you’ll be there with your friends. You’re in for a treat. We appreciate all of your support- it means the world to us.

  33. Ashley Hocutt

    Yes! I just preordered today after watched Jersey Marie! Went on Amazon and snagged my copy! Is it Sept 10 yet?

    I don’t know if I have a book in me…maybe a silly kids book would be fun though;)

  34. Preordered it way back when you hit No #1 just on preorders girl!
    I’ve written two books and totally agree – damn it’s a tough process. And then once you’ve conquered writing it, you have to market it and share it with the world.

    I’m so proud of anyone who even writes a book as it takes guts and persistence. Definitely a rewarding and amazing process.

  35. Judy

    Great video! I pre-ordered your book last week from Amazon. Can’t wait to read it. And I do have a book in me. It’ll probably morph into something else but at the moment it’s part memoir, part self-help.

  36. I ordered from Amazon and I’m coming to see you in London – can’t wait to get my mitts on EIF!

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      See you in London, Ellie! We’re so glad that you’ll be joining us there.

  37. Yes JM! This is brilliant, so funny. I pre-ordered my copy back in May, via Amazon. I would LOVE a signed copy by regular Marie. That would be so special!
    I think I do have a book in me one day, but it’s not high on my agenda right now. I feel it’s something that will completely consume me and right now I want all my energy and focus on growing my business. Celebrated my first year last month! Yayy!
    Thanks Marie xx

  38. Hello 🙂 I want to pre-order on Audible in the UK but its not showing as available – is it available on audible and if I buy it as part of my audible package will that count?

    • Heather-Team Forleo

      Hi Kate! We’re so grateful for your support of Marie and her book.
      With International book sellers, including Audible, the timeline for opening up pre-orders varies. We suggest keeping an eye on where you’re going to pre-order it from and when it opens up order it 🙂

      Using your Audible credits counts too- it all counts! Ebooks, the hardcover, audiobook- it all works. Keep checking the booksellers and platforms in the UK and order it before September 10th to gain access to the free coaching immersion here —>

  39. Jersey Marie! Thanks for this episode. So good! Did not realize the douche debacle, but glad you went with dickwad just to be on the safe side. Thank you for emphasizing the primary source importance… my favorite internet quote is “Don’t Believe What You Read on the Internet”, by Abe Lincoln.

    Cannot WAIT to get my book! Just a few more weeks! I ordered my copy on Amazon and will clear my calendar the day it is being delivered so I can tear through it!

    Thank you for all the good you throw out into the world, Marie.

    • Abe Lincoln? I thought it was George Washington!

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Thank you for appreciating Jersey Marie and all her uniqueness, Amy. She’s special to all of us 🙂

  40. You, my dear, are a hot mess! And I love that about you! I want to hang with choo! 🙂
    I have pre-ordered your book from The Book Depository (I live in Sweden, thanks for the tip on the free shipping from here). Jersey Marie please!! 🙂
    Order date: 7th August 2019
    I will be in Houston babyyyyy for your book tour!!
    You, me, Brene … perfection … and a chance of a life time for me.
    What are the chances that I would be in the US, let alone Houston, TX for my nieces wedding when YOU TWO are there and inviting me to join you?! KISMET dear heart. Serendipity.
    Lastly, I have thought about writing a book. Have not gotten any further than a tickle in the back of the brain so thank you for your excellent tips.
    Thank you Marie, Jersey Marie, Team Forleo…. you are all a great addition to my already remarkable life.
    With love from Sweden,
    P.S. How long do the events for the book tour typically last so I can plan with rides, etc. I appreciate the heads up!

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      We’re SO EXCITED you’re joining Marie in Houston, Åsa. The event sold out so you’re lucky you got tickets!

      Each event timeline varies so we suggest with checking with the venue itself as they’re the ones who are running the show and the timeline. You can email them or reach out to them through their website here —>

  41. Monica jain

    Yes, I pre ordered via amazon.
    Would love, love and love to have signed copy. I would have loved to join you in ny but tickets were way back sold out.

    Coming to second question-
    I am at a stage of self publishing my first book. The biggest takeaway was to learn the importance of pre ordering the book. I thought only famous authors do it that way.
    My book is a combination of mindfulness and rehab post heart surgery. While I was writing I thought it was for heart surgery patients, providers and care takers. As I finished I realized it can be used by anyone who wants to create their life the way they want. Having now the knowledge and importance of pre ordering now. I will definitely include that option.

  42. Loved it! I am a Jersey girl myself!
    I pre-ordered from Amazon.
    I thought I had a book in me at one point to talk about the struggles of dealing with the medical community as a parent of a child who went undiagnosed for years and then diagnosed with tick-borne diseases, but I have moved on. Instead I am changing careers to teach others mindfulness and meditation, which has been life-changing for me, for coping. My daughter though is thinking of writing a book, about all her bizarre experiences.

  43. Denise

    Yes, I pre-ordered my very own Everything IS Figureoutable from Amazon, can’t wait!

    And I just know there’s a very interesting book inside of me, but who has time to write a friggin’ book when you gotta be at a job allllll day long for most of your waking hours?!? I’m tired. I’m soooo ready to retire so I can make my own schedule in this beautiful life. That’s what I’m trying to figure out right now….how to retire just a few years early ?

  44. Good Tuesday Morning! I pre-ordered the audio book but was also going to buy the actual book to hold in my hands. I would love however to gift it to my virtual assistant who is my lifesaver!
    I haven’t written a book yet, I have toyed with it. What holds me back is being unsure of starting….where to go….how to finish. Is this stuff relevant I ask myself
    Mostly, how do I start and where do I finish! I’m dying to get the book out of me as I think a great deal of personal healing would come from extracting it from my bones. 🙂
    I look forward, as always to all your help Marie and team❤️ .
    I have gotten so far with The Copy Cure and B-School it’s unbelievable :)! I think I could be called a Marie Forleo Junkie. WWMFD (a question I often ask myself, What Would Marie Forleo Do)!
    All the best!
    Stacy Franco

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Stacy we LOVE having you and your positive energy in our community. You’re the one doing all the work and you should be SO PROUD of yourself. We appreciate all of your support. xo

  45. Hey, Jersey! You made me laugh. I just pre-ordered the book at
    I wrote one book and didn’t know about pre-ordering at all. Maybe it would have helped. My publisher provided a marketing rep who disappeared (quit,fired, no one told me) the week before my book came out. Everything I tried on my own fell flat. I feel like it wasn’t worth the tremendous effort when I get royalty checks for 11 pounds although the fact that the check is from Lloyd’s of London is pretty cool. I definitely have two or three more books in me but I have to connect with the “why” of writing them to get to the action stage. The “why” can’t just be to be famous or get rich (11 pounds ain’t cutting that) or write a bestseller. It has to be something more, something that has to get out.

  46. Preordered from Amazon, 5/23/19!
    Ready for October 14!

  47. Dea

    You’re my north star, Marie. ❤
    I pre-ordered on Canadian Amazon – can’t wait to dive in!

  48. Allison Davis

    Pre-ordered on Amazon!! would LOVE a signed copy by Marie. :):)

  49. I adore Jersey Marie!

    I preordered the book from Quail Ridge Books in Raleigh, NC via because I want Marie to read her book to me during my commute. I hope Jersey Marie shows up, too!!

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Marie reads the book, Elizabeth, so you’re in for a commuting treat. Thank you for your love and support.

  50. I pre-ordered my copy in May on Amazon. About writing my first book: I wish I knew more about flawless editing and about self-publishing.

  51. I love Jersey Marie! I pre-ordered in February from Amazon and already signed up for coaching from regular Marie. I can hardly wait to get my copy.
    I do have an idea for a book that I may get to one of these days. Time will tell….

  52. Tonya

    This was fun! Great tips. Thanks Marie. I ordered the book from Amazon on May 20. Can’t wait!

  53. Monique

    Yes, I have bought the book. Can’t wait for it to show up on my doormat.

    I feel I have several books in me. What I wonder is when you start proclaiming the book is coming, when it is actually done and at the printers? Sometimes I like talking about it already while it is not even done.

  54. Kylie

    Jersey Marie kills me ? I pre-ordered your book on Amazon and am counting down the days until the release! I’ve been telling all my friends to get their copies too. Thanks for all you do Marie, you inspire me daily to live my best life!

  55. I sure did Jersey Marie, I ordered Everything is Figureoutable from Booktopia on July 31st.

    Thanks for the tips! I have 2 book ideas, I’ve started working on one but have stopped due to “imposter syndrome”. Can’t wait to dive into your book & work through my blocks!

    Thanks, as always, for the inspiration & the giggles Regular Marie & Jersey Marie! X

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Kel, you know that Jersey Marie would give you a pep talk about writing even when that imposter creeps up because he’s a creep 😉 Or something like that.
      You’ve got this and we’re always here to cheer you on. xo

  56. I love this having lived in Jersey, well done Marie very entertaining and Engaging.
    I have reserved seating for 9/12 at Rollins College sponsored by Writer’s Block in Winter Park where my book is at. I hope to meet you personally because B-School Rocks, it’s exactly what I needed. Thanks! I’m looking forward to reading your book as part of my reserved seating, because you are right, “Everything is Figureoutable”

  57. Yes! I already pre-ordered the book and signed up for the course in October & hope to see you in Philly in September for your book tour!!!!

    And YES! I’m working on a book right now! It’s a collection of short stories that show people how to use time management and stress-busting tools to design their dream lives!

  58. Aah so good to see Jersey Marie again.
    Missed her.
    Working on my first book. Taken me years.
    I wish I knew:
    – everything could be figured out as I wrote
    – progress not perfection
    – write from the voice in my heart not the one in my head.

    Already pre-ordered Marie’s book. Can’t wait to read it.
    However, I cannot find it on Audible in the UK. I’d love to listen to the book too, especially in Marie’s voice. Any news of its audio release, please?
    Thank you 🙂

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      We missed Jersey Marie too, Angela. She’s a fave of ours 🙂

      When it comes to International releases, each country and type of media is different. So we suggest keeping an eye on Audible because it could be available for pre-order at any time. We’re so sorry for the frustration.

      Since you already pre-ordered the hardcover make sure you’re signed up for the free coaching immersion in October here —>

      Thank YOU for all of your amazing support. xo

      • Angela

        Thank you Heather.
        Will keep an eye on Audible.

  59. I Love You! You are awesome and of course I pre-ordered the book, on Amazon on August 7th. I can’t wait until it arrives so I can read it from cover to cover!

  60. Loved, loved, LOVED this episode from Jersey Marie! And of course I pre-ordered the book ?, from since I live in the Netherlands. Am looking forward to the coachingprogram too. Could really use the boost since I just started my own training business! Thank you Marie, for Everything you have done for me ?❤️.

  61. becca

    Pre-ordered Everything is Figureoutable on my brand new kindle. FIRST BOOK ON THERE! WOOO

  62. Ordered it ages ago from Amazon UK and am already booked onto your training in October.

    Not sure if Ive got a book in me however I’ve got a lot of Copy to do! Lucky for me I’ve got the copy cure.

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      We like that positive attitude, Janet. Thank YOU for being in our Copy Cure family. Happy writing. xo

  63. Jersey Marie I love you!! Who can forget a single word (problematic or not) you say. And who knew about the Primary Source sauce??? I wanted to order ‘Everything is Figureoutable’ on Audible UK so that I get the whole experience (You talking’ to me Jersey Marie) but it’s not available as yet. Do you know people who could make people arrange this for us? That would be so helpful. And yes – I’ve got a book in me! It’s got loooooooads of quotes. I’ve got work to do – but thank you for the heads up. Wishing you all the luck in the world with your book. So very well deserved.

  64. Definitely preordered your book! Aug 7, 2019
    Who hasn’t thought about writing a book? I always say that I could write about my life story, but it wouldn’t be a book it’d be a freakin series! Love you, b-school, and lookin forward to your book!

  65. I did preorder a book and I’m signed up for the training. Thank you for all you put out into the world!

    You are amazing!

  66. I pre-ordered “Everything is Figureoutable” back in May from Barnes & Noble. I can’t wait for it to release!
    Marie – I have to thank you for all the useful content you out out into the world. I have learned so much from you. I participated in B-School and The Copy Cure. Looking forward to your upcoming sessions that come along with this pre-order.
    Thank you! XOXO

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      We’re beyond honored to have you sharing your heart and time with us, Stacy. All of your support makes this work possible and we’re super grateful for it. xo

  67. Agathe

    Nice to see Jersey Marie!
    Pre-order via Amazon a few days ago. Hurrayh

  68. Amanda

    Thank you for this Q&A Tuesday! Lovin the Jersey Marie as always:)
    I preordered my hardcopy in May from Amazon. Can not wait to get my hands on it! I’ve even blocked off my schedule around that time so I can read it asap. It’s like a Everything is Figureoutable mini vacation!! Whooohoooo!

    I absolutely have a book inside of me…I’m putting my focus in B-School and Copy Cure right now but thats next on my list.

  69. Hey! Loving Jersey Marie! lol
    Just leaving a comment say I’ve already pre-ordered from Apple Store… and would love to have that other copy!!! 😉

  70. 1/ yes, preordered on beginning of June (and coming to London!!)
    2/ yes, I’ve got a book in me which I’m finally writing!
    – Probematic: I recently posted a blog post meant for somebody in particular (who is in a bad place at the moment). Many people shared how much they liked the stories told but he panicked that he could get recognized through details… I felt extremely bad! Lesson learnt: I’ll change all the names and ask people if they’re OK with me sharing parts of their story…
    – Primary source: I’ve got a full file of quotes and actually wondered how to verify them… any tips or specific website?
    Can wait to receive my copy of the book!!
    All the best to all of you

  71. Yes, I have preordered your book at Amazon.
    I have written two books and received excellent feedback on both, but the sales have been disappointing. For the first book, I relied on my publisher, John Wiley, to promote the book – big mistake. I published the second book myself and the revenues doubled my publishing costs, but that didn’t pay me much for my time.
    I know the marketing and promoting of a book are crucial to its success, but I remain largely in the dark. I continue to receive glowing emails from my readers. It is frustrating to have produced an excellent product, but find it remains largely unknown.

  72. Stine Helgesen

    YES of course I have preorded ! I order from Book depository 🙂 And traveling from Bergen, Norway to go to London in october for the booktour 😉 Even ravngled my mom and sister to come along 😀

    Thank you for all the wisdom you are shearing, and yes some day I going to write a book 😉

  73. Lisa

    I can’t wait to get your book! I preordered it from Indigo here in Canada! ?? Will your tour bring you to our wonderful country? I sure hope so!

    I’ve never thought about writing a book, but that may change…who knows what’s in store?
    Thanks for sharing your gifts with us. ❤️

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Thank you for all of your support, Lisa. We really appreciate it.

      While we don’t currently have a book tour stop scheduled in Canada, there are currently still tickets available for some of our northern US stops so if you’d like to join us there we’d love to have you.

  74. I pre-ordered your book after watching your live webinar recently, Marie. I grabbed it from Book Depository after you mentioned it and can’t wait to read it!

    I would love to write a book. Actually, I think of my future and that’s almost a certainty. What holds me back? A lot of things, honestly: impostor syndrome, fear, perfectionism, worry that it won’t be good enough and that I’m not good enough to write the darn thing.

    Thanks for being amazing and inspiring!

  75. Such a beautiful and funny video, Marie!

    I pre-ordered the book at on August 11th (thanks for mentioning this site in your live webinar on August 7th! I live in Germany and it was the easiest way for me to do it)

    I’m not going to write a book at the moment, but I write songs and sing them! And I think in some points it’s a similar process.

    Thanks for sharing your insights with us, Marie – they’re always so valuable!


  76. Maria Carolina

    If I pre-order from Amazon in my country (in my case, Brazil), is it still possible to get the live coaching program? So excited! Jersey Marie is awesome! Thanks for all the content!

  77. Krista

    You better believe I pre-ordered! Back on 5/28 and have been excited ever since! I have a couple books in me, but so far they are all just in my mind. Self doubt about whether what I have to say is good enough for the masses is what stops me. And I wish the process of getting an agent/publisher were so much easier! How do you even begin??

    • I agree, navigating the publishing industry can be really befuddling, even for me–and I’ve been in the business for years! If writing and publishing a book happened in 5 (long;-) steps, finding an agent would be Step 4 and finding a publisher would be Step 5. So the good news is that if you’re in the very early/ideating stage of a book project, you don’t have to worry about it! That research can come later, when you have a better idea about who your book is for, how you envision them using it, and what it’s about! With that knowledge under your belt, it become a lot easier to identify who you want on your team, i.e. who will be most helpful in getting it into the hands of your readers. Clarity comes with engagement, author-style! I’ll be rooting for you!!!

  78. OMG! LOL. love it, I pre-ordered the book. I do have a book in me but is not cooked yet. I think I have many books actually, they are stories but I don’t have a clear idea of how I want to tell them. I am starting with my business, and it is scary an so exciting, so I might wait on the book thing. BTW, I had a big goal to accomplish this year and I did, my reward was to meet you, you have been very inspiring and such a motivating source. very sincerely I say thank you, so I’ll see you in Orlando.

  79. Yes!! I pre-ordered from in June and I cannot wait to get my hands on it! Thank you to Marie and Jersey Marie! 🙂

  80. Pre ordered on Amazon and cannot fickin’ wait to see what’s in store for us once it’s released!!! Everything IS fugureoutable. Thanks Marie, for helping me change my life.
    B-Schooler Junkie,

  81. I believe in pre-orders!! I can’t wait to read this book, thank you for writing it. And I got my receipt ready for you when you need it. 😉

  82. Lora

    I pre-ordered the book the INSTANT I received the email and bought tickets for a fellow B-School friend and I to meet you Marie in NYC!
    I ordered from Amazon.
    I have several books in me and manuscripts on the go – I need to pick one to finish!
    Marie – is there a good place you recommend to search for your Primary Source for quotes?

  83. Hi Jersey Marie and everyone at team Forleo! I’ve pre-ordered and signed up for the free coaching and I’m in the middle of writing my first book! I loved this episode- made me laugh out loud! I have a list of primary sources and update it as I go to spare me the heartache! Thanks a mil for all you do! Lots of love Mary-Pat

  84. Can’t wait to get my copy! Just pre-ordered it on! Putting together a workbook with worksheets using the content of a blog I’ve been writing. Hoping to have a draft in a couple of months. Love the quote idea and will start searching for some for my book and do a deep dive in the primary source! Thanks for all you do Marie, would love a signed copy of your book signed by Marie Forleo!!

  85. Amanda

    Hi there! Thank you for such a funny (yet inspirational) video! xD
    Yes I’ve already preordered your book Aug, 7 on Amazon. I so CAN’T WAIT to have it in my hands! OMG!!! And I’ve signed up to your course as well! I’m so thrilled to say the least! *O*
    And yes I’m writing a fictional book serie and I sooooo need some epic kick in the ass to complete it! But I’m sure your book and course will give me a ton!
    Can’t wait to be in September for the book and October for the course! The end of the year’s gonna be so rock & roll baby!
    Thank you Marie for everything!
    Kudos to all the team <3

  86. Linda Cateriano

    Hello Jersey Marie~
    Always an inspiration ! So lovely to get a shot of positivity in that kooky upbeat way ~ it brings up that Can do feeling and life just looks a little rosier when we are reminded of possibility thinking.

    Please, please add in Phoenix on your tour- Changing hands bookstore would be a good bet. We would love to see you here!

    Yes- I’ve thought of a writing a memoir of my overland trip from Istanbul to Rishikesh in 1970 at 20; a single gal in search of Spirit and the ashram life in India ( so glad I didn’t get sold on the Black Market)

    I’ve pre-ordered “Everything is Figureoutable” on June 5th on Amazon- order.

    A signed copy of your book would be a thrill!

  87. I HAVE ordered it – through Amazon after your – oops, regular Marie’s – talk a last week! Can’t wait to get it and read it!
    Do I have a book in me? Damn straight I do! We ALL do! And I especially love the “check the quotes.” I’m a quote addict and I like to know my Primary Source, but haven’t questioned like I should. Great stuff to remember! Thanks, Jersey Marie!
    (And after listening, even though I spent my Wonder years in New Jersey, I always thought Marisa Tomei was doing New York. Now I realize she was doing a hearty dose of Kearney, New Jersey! Love it!)

  88. Love this! I preordered my book and I can’t wait! I found out about book depository from one of your previous episodes. I went over and picked up one right after !

  89. I pre-ordered the audio and would really, really like an autographed hard copy, so, I leave this note. I shall now research quotes more assisduously., e.g., Peace, Marie.

    • I wonder if the quora source is good, lol. Anywho, I bought the audio preorder from … wait … I haven’t done so yet. Will do asap.

  90. Amy

    OMG ? Marie, I mean Jersey Marie, you are f*ucking hysterical! That was brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. ?

    I preordered from Amazon the minute you emailed saying it was ready to purchase! I cannot wait to eat up and savor every word you’re serving up, Marie!

    I feel I have a book in me, but keep thinking-who the hell are you? You haven’t even done the work to grow an audience who’d actually want to read it, so what’s the point? Guess there’s no better time to start that than NOW! ?

    Thanks for this hysterical and super informative episode! You’re the best, Marie! And thanks to everyone leaving helpful comments!

    PS: Can both Marie and Jersey Marie sign the book?! ?

    • Sarah - Team Forleo

      Your energy is amazing, Amy ? The book and the Immersion Program will help you bust through that self doubt, so get ready!

      In the meantime here’s a super helpful MarieTV on those common fears around writing:

  91. Super excited. I pre-ordered my copy through Audible. Counting down the days!

  92. I love reading/watching your emails first thing in the morning! Thank you for sending them so they’re sittin’ on top of my email box in the AM ?. I ordered my copy August 7th during the live “webinar” from Amazon & I’d LOVE a signed copy if I can’t get to PA on your tour in September!

  93. I adore this – thank you! And yes, I did pre-order from amazon during your webinar. I can’t wait!

  94. Angela

    Yep, preordered on Amazon. Can’t wait to get my hands on it!!

    The book in me is still in hiding deep inside, but it will arrive one day!

  95. Stephanie

    Jersey Marie is baaaaack! 🙂
    I pre-ordered my book via BookDepository since they do free international shipping.
    People have asked me if I should consider writing a book. It stuns me though. I’d wondered what I had to offer. I did go through a life-changing accident as I went through a house fire when I was 29. I was locked in the house, but miraculously survived it with some burns to my arm and face. Whenever I recounted the story of what was going through my mind, and how a miracle saved and converted me, and when my friends read my sharings on the accident, some shed tears and some felt that I should write them down in a book.
    I still feel it is really just one of the many things that just happens to ordinary people, like me!
    But Jersey Marie, that video has been very inspiring. I just hope it kicks me into reshaping my mind for the better, and allows me to create something which I will be proud of. I can’t wait to read Marie’s book! 😉

  96. Dear Marie and JERSEY MARIE,
    Thank you for this episode. I loved it. (I am a B-schooler, btw. <3 )

    I pre-ordered Marie's book on May 21st, 2019, from and I signed up for the free workshop. YAY.
    I'd love a personalized copy of the book – of course. And if I had my druthers, I'd love for the book to be signed by both of you. Marie is my heroine and B-School-Mama and Jersey Marie is cool. But, of course, either one of you will be just great.

    I have already written a number of books. My greatest achievement so far is my first book, "The Joy of Syntax & the Zen of Grammar Practice," published in Jan. 2017 by Balboa Press (which belongs to Hay House). And I am not buttering you up in any way, shape, or form when I say that you, dear Marie, helped me finish my book. I was about to lose a job that I had loved and I was trying to finish up the book during the last months of having an income. The book was the culmination of 10 years of teaching. Kris Carr gave me the idea to buy a self-publishing contract with Balboa Press and to sign up for B-School. And then Marie TV and B-School were life-savers for me. Really. No kidding. And yes, also no kidding, Marie's slogans "Everything is figureoutable" and "Done is better than perfect" (I know she didn't coin the phrases but she quoted them all the time) got me through the depression about losing my job and helped me finish my innovative and fun (YES – FUN) grammar book of 460 pages and helped me found my business and thereby turn my depression into gratitude and joy.
    You ask what I wish I had known before writing my first book? I wish I had known what you also talk about, that you need to think about marketing before you finish writing and before the book is published. I visualized writing and finishing and publishing the book and holding it in my hands and working with it. I didn't visualize the marketing bit. So I am starting now – over two years later, after having created two extensive business platforms, 5 online courses, and more books and study materials. 🙂

    Thank you for all you do, Marie.
    Love from Frid from Germany (B-School of 2016)

    • Sarah - Team Forleo

      You’re an inspiration, Frid. ❤ We can’t tell you how much it means to hear Marie’s work has impacted you so deeply. How beautiful that you were able to use your writing as a means to climb out of a dark time and turn it into something joyful. You’re nothing short of amazing, and we’ll look forward to supporting your marketing mastery through B-School!

  97. Livea Chefer

    Greetings from Brazil!
    I have a book in me and I wish it will be over the world soon 😀
    I have preordered Everything is Figureoutable on Amazon. Can’t wait!

  98. Julie Vander Meulen

    I bought it in audio version on audible! Can’t wait to hear you read it!!

    Yes I do! I have actually started writing the first pages of my novel the past few weeks! I was already pretty excited, but now you made feel even more psyched!!

    Thank you Marie ❤️

  99. Shreeda Tailor

    Yes I have preordered in Houston! So excited to see you. I started writing ages ago but I’m overwhelmed with self doubt. I’ve only ever heard how cut throat the publishing industry is and how few books actually make it out of the slop pile. This paralyzes me. Just fear.

  100. Yep – Pre-order complete! On Amazon.

    I would love to write a book and have added that to my project list for 2020.

    What has stopped me from putting pen to paper?
    1- I don’t know where to start. Feels BIG.
    2- IDK if what I have to say is something people want to hear. I don’t want to spend countless hours writing a book that no one wants to read.
    3- I know I need a list – people to pre-order the book. Do I need to create that first? I’ve been working toward that with posts and lead magnets but it’s slow going. I do not have money to promote with ads. Very slow list growth and this is a side-gig so limited time, too. (In addition to actually doing the writing of the book). So what comes first? The book or the list? And how do I build the list with no budget?
    4- The desire to write a book is mainly out of a sense of wanting to contribute and share. I would also like for it to help generate income. I understand it also serves a function in my business. I’d like clarity on what that function is. I’ve heard a book is a good foot soldier to help get the word out about the author and what he/she stands for. I’ve also seen people use books as a lead magnet or part of their funnel. They sell it on Amazon (whether in print or for Kindle) and explain their system or way of doing something in the book, include worksheets, etc. if you go to their website, then encourage people to buy their service (like coaching or a e-learning class). In the later scenario I’m not sure if the book helps create the list or the list creates the need for the book. Where in the chain of the big picture does the book fit? It’s like the book is part of a journey you take your [desired] client on. I’m just not sure where the bus is picking them up and where it’s dropping them off. LOL.
    5- When it comes to the actual writing of the book how do I write enough to make a whole book? I tend to be concise and to the point. – Think limited attention span on social media. How do I switch gears to the more drawn out explanation of a book?
    6- How long does the process take? Writing the book is only a part of the journey. How long does the whole process take? i.e. Deciding the topic and outline, writing, editing, gathering a list, pre-orders, getting it out there, etc.

    P.S. – Marie – I loved The Copy Cure and can’t wait to see what you come up with to help us all get our messages out there in book form. Much love to you and your team.

  101. Robyn Smyles

    My sweet friend and business partner, Tracie, preordered it for my birthday!! Aug 8! ( she ordered herself one too 😉 can’t wait !!!

  102. Brigitte A.

    The topic of this video was so what I needed right now (AGAIN), it’s spooky!

    No, I have not pre-ordered because it costs money and it’s not in my budget right now. I’m a divorced mom with shared custody of two teenagers who are heading back to school soon. I also have a car with what I call “multiple organ failure”. It’s falling appart and I don’t have the means to get it fixed and have no idea how to earn the extra income I need to buy a newer one. So I’ll have to post-order the book later.

    For years I’ve asked the Universe “What should I do to supplement my income?”. The answer is always the same, “Write”. Last night I asked the question again, this morning Marie’s video is about writing a book…spooky. The Universe has yet to tell me what to write (blog? book? novel?) or what to write about. Looks like it’s time I figure it out.

    Thank you Marie and team for everything you do!

    • Sarah - Team Forleo

      We love to see synchronicity! We hope this episode got you a little closer to getting started with your writing, Brigitte. And we’ll keep our fingers and toes crossed for your car luck to turn around! Thanks for being here, and for sharing with us.

  103. Yes, I’ve pre-ordered the book and I can’t wait to get it. You’re my Tuesday highlight Marie. I ordered it from Amazon.

  104. Jersey Marie,
    I woke up this morning in a good old funk and then…I watched this. Thank you. Can’t wait to get the book, do the course and see you in NYC!

  105. Great video Jersey Marie! I pre-ordered the book on 5/21 through Amazon and am really looking forward to it. I may have a book in me, but I’m still “figuring out” how to get the blog off the ground. See-I need your guidance.

  106. It’s been ordered and I’m clearing my calendar to make room to learn! No book yet, it will be about Pilates if I do tho!

  107. Sy

    Hi I bought the back way back in May, soooo looking forward to reading it.
    As for my book – yeah it’s in me. I’ve been drafting little bits for the last few years. It’s almost there. Looking for a 2020 release.

  108. Maria C del Real

    WOW! I had not met Jersey Marie– nice to fricken’ meetcha! 🙂
    I have indeed pre-ordered my book via Barnes & Noble online. Would looove to get a signed copy (wink wink)!
    I have thought about writing a book for a long time. I have several ideas as to the type of book and the audience. I know this is a broad question, but is there a genre that is most interesting to readers? I’d love to get your thoughts.
    Best regards,

  109. Marie,
    of course!
    I have preordered “The Book” on August 5th via Amazon. It will be in my hands on September 24th. It takes a little bit to get here in Rome 😉
    And, by the way, how long will it take to get you here???? Next time you stop by Rome we need to have a Party for you!
    Can’t wait to start reading the book and participate in your coaching immersion. LOVE

  110. Dear Marie, I pre ordered my copy from Amazon last May and I’m super happy waiting for it, and also signed up for the training 🙂
    Yes I do have a beautiful book in me: it’s about plants, drawing and a beautiful island in the middle of the ocean. I already contacted an agent and must do the first spread, like a pre-project during the next weeks. I love this project and hope to see it come true within the next year.
    Finally, thank you so much for all the knowledge you share, B-School included!!! After B-School I was a little worried, things were slow and I was afraid my online school wouldn’t be a success. But after months of good marketing and hard work, it’s doing great!!! And I must thank you and Team Forleo for all the good advice and great vibes. Lots of love!!! Geri

    • Sarah - Team Forleo

      Ooohh, that sounds like a beautiful book, Geri! And CONGRATS on the hard-earned success of your online school. ??

  111. Karyn Conner

    Yay! I preordered today. Audible… I do a lot of driving for my work. Books on tape are the best! Xo

    • Carrie

      Heehee 🙂 I got a little chuckle out of “books on tape.” Those were the days…30 minutes of listening, and then flip that sucker!

  112. Love you Marie, I watched your webinar, pre-ordered the book, registered for the training and I bought a ticket to your book event in London, I can’t wait to see you 🙂 You’re a legend x
    love Deb x

  113. I looooved this video and I love Jersey Marie too LOL! I’ve preordered the book on June and can’t wait to get my hands on it, I believe that is a gift bc in September is my birthday! So I can’t wait to start reading. Those tips ARE SO TRUE I was shocked with the quotes sources ?. I haven’t publish a book yet, but I’m planning to do it ???? Besides the all self-publisher and technologies that allows to share our ideas with the world and the fact that we can write a book anytime. I firmly believe that if our intention is make impact in other people’s lives with our message or our big idea is INNEED to BUILD AN AUDIENCE FIRST so you can share your precious gift with them. Can’t wait for that fabulous book signed by Marie for my Birthday day ????????

  114. T Diaz

    Hi Marie! I preordered Everything is Figureoutable from Amazon. It’s “the cream of the crop that rises to the top” of my heckuva long reading list, because, while I haven’t yet figured out how to get to everything on that list or how to clone myself to get everything done that I want to do in a day, I HAVE figured out how to prioritize and how to “let that sh*t go” — largely thanks to years of watching you, Marie. I’m really looking forward to receiving my copy of Everything is Figureoutable.

  115. Claire

    I LOVE this! ?
    I have desired in writing a book since I was young. I know the world has changed so much in this sphere since then (and I am sure will continue too).
    I’m have pre-ordered from
    Roll in September when this book arrives!

  116. Jersey Marie, I’ve ordered mine from Amazon UK and that’s because I wanna read it before I come and see you at your London event ?
    And yes, I’ve co-written a book already and… there’s so much more where that came from…

  117. Preordered from Audible in July. That voice! ?
    Expect I’ll order a hard copy afterward, to flag and annotate.

  118. I am going to go pre-order this book now! The quote thing is so true. I complain about this ALL the time. Like Ben Franklin never said beer is proof God loves man or Mark Twain never said thing about cold and San Francisco. I always thought I was the only one who paid attention to this. ?

  119. This episode is hilarious!! ? I’m attending Marie’s event in Los Angeles and will be given the book then. Should I still pre-order to get the free training?

    • Sarah - Team Forleo

      So excited you’ll be joining us in LA, Angela! ?? Your book tour ticket grants you access to the free training, you can hop over to this link and enter your ticket number instead of a book receipt #:

  120. Simone

    Thank you, Jersey Marie, for another epic episode. The content, visuals, and language speak for themselves. 😉 Great tips to get any book published!

    Congrats on your new book! I pre-ordered it via (online book-seller). I also read your previous one–loved it so much! Already excited and looking forward to Everything is Figureoutable! 🙂

    These days, I’m writing my first book in academia. Your three phrases can be applied here, too (the primary sources are the golden rule).

    XOXO from Germany,


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    I can’t WAIT to get my preordered copy of your book! I ordered it from Amazon MONTHS (years??) ago, and have been lying in wait ever since. I’ve wanted to write my fiction book for so long. My biggest issue is always that my mind moves so much faster than my hands on a keyboard, and building a world on paper becomes this monumental task when you see it in the blink of a thought in your head. The mundaneness of creating a scene in writing leads to me losing the humor and emotion that naturally plays out in my head… So frustrating! Thank you for all you do. And again, I CAN’T WAIT for this book! Because “everything is figureoutable” truly has become the mantra I use on myself, and that I instill in the people I love when they’re facing challenges.

  123. Loved this video and so excited for your book, which I preordered on Amazon I believe the day it was announced ?

    I don’t think I have a book in me at this time, but I’m so grateful to everyone who does! I’m a public librarian and was seriously delighted to hear the phrase “primary sources” in the video!! Yes, yes, and yes!!

    Thank you, Marie!

  124. 1. I DID pre-order on audible and I can’t wait for it to show up!!! I’m impatiently waiting in my queue… and I’m super excited about the training in October.
    2. I am ready to write a book… I’m actually attending a book writing workshop on September 7th!!! I’m energetically committed! YAY! I think the thing that has held me back before was not having a structure to write it in. I’m an idea person, once they start flowing, there’s no holding the floodgates closed, but I have a really hard time organizing it into a structure that makes sense at that scale – and how do you write with the structure in mind? Also, there was always this idea of ‘someday’, and it was never today.

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    Hola Marie!
    I pre-ordered the book from! Looking forward to be utterly inspired! 🙂
    Best regards from Vienna, Austria

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    😀 😀 😀 😀 From Book Depository to Finland. And Im writing four books at the moment, – I don’t know what a crazy idea THAT was! Slowly and steadily they are coming into life and tangible form 🙂 I hope two will be out this and next year. A bit of battle tiredness in the air 🙂

    So huge and hearty congratulations for your book! Well done!

  127. I died. This is the best! So clever and brilliant??❤️?

  128. Of course I preordered it months ago off Amazon UK! Who else was going to do it for me? And I’m registered for the course. Looking forward to it.

    My friends tell me they’re first in line for a copy of my book… problem is I’ve never said I was going to write one! Sometimes they suggest I do a PhD as well. Yikes!

  129. I ordered on Audible a couple weeks ago!!! I’m waiting! I like to be able to listen to inspiring books over and over again. 🙂

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    This was so great! I did buy my copy at Amazon! I’m also going to see you on your book tour! Can’t wait and thanks for the tips! I do have a book in me for sure! Love Jersey Marie! Thank you again!

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    I deffffinitely preordered! I’ve been needing another Marie Forleo book since I read your first. I’m impatiently waiting for it to be in my happy hands! ? (Pre-ordered from Chapters Indigo in “Canada.”)

    I have mannnnny books in me, but I haven’t written a single one yet. ? Maybe “Everything Is Figureoutable” will really light that fire??! ?

    • Sarah - Team Forleo

      We certainly hope it helps light that fire! The exercises in the book are incredibly motivating, can’t wait for you to dig in and enjoy ??

  132. Megan Marsh

    Preordered on the very first day from Amazon! I then went searching my bookshelf for your first book and re-read it for maybe the 10th time. I had an amazing friend that suggested I read it 9 years ago and it was exactly what I needed then. I was very excited to reach out to her last month and tell her how much that book helped me and to preorder your new book. I am patiently waiting for the book to arrive and for October to arrive!

  133. Hillary Scott

    I pre-ordered it the second I was aware! I’m beyond excited to sit down and listen to this.

    I am currently brainstorming and drafting ideas, notes, etc. of a book. Aside from all the logistical nonsense, I’m having a difficult time deciding if I should pursue a fictitious novel heavily based on my experience, or if it would speak to people more to have a first-hand account.

    Thank you for all you do, Marie (and team!)

  134. I ordered it from Amazon! Dying to get it in my hot little hands. So encouraged daily by your spirit and wisdom. Thanks for keeping me motivated!

    I’ve never had much interest in writing a book, but I sure enjoy reading them!

  135. Kimberly DiCredico

    I pre-ordered and signed up for the class! (super excited)
    Where can we find the quote source? I love quotes!
    I have always wanted to write a book, but where do I event start?

  136. Just ordered my copy! Congrats on the book! This video made me laugh, thank you. Can’t wait to get my copy, Andrea Brandt

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    Yes! I pre-ordered my book copy on Amazon! I’m getting antsy just waiting for it to release!
    This was some great insight into the book-writing process. I definitely want to write a book someday – but not exactly sure the topic, and definitely feel daunted by the process. Am I good enough? Will people get it? Do I have enough to say? Those are all questions on my mind about it.
    Love you all so much!

  138. Just bought my pre-order on Amazon! Excited to read it! Thanks Jersey Marie!

  139. I pre-ordered and I couldn’t be happier – I drank the Koolaid and I’ve taken your courses. They work! They work! They work!

    I’m writing a book with my best friend from childhood.

    I wish I knew that I’d want to stop doing everything other than writing!

    I love Jersey Marie. Thank you for making my morning better.

  140. LOL…I loved this and needed these laughs this morning…I have not ordered the book yet. And, I am not sure if I have a book in me…
    This morning, I’m just happy I’m noticing my breath. Love to you and your staff Jersey Marie!



    • Sarah - Team Forleo

      We love you back, Victoria ? Thank you for reminding me to notice my breath!

  141. Great video, Jersey Marie! I have pre-ordered the book, from Amazon Smile on August 9, 2019.

  142. Hey Jersey Marie! Great advice for an aspiring book writer! I have planned on writing a book for years (there a few books rolling around in my head). When the time comes, I will remember your lessons.

    I’ve pre-ordered your book through Chapters Indigo and can’t wait to get my hands on it! I have no doubt that it will be a valuable and entertaining read. Looking forward to it!

  143. Raluca

    Hahaaa, this was epic! I love me some Jersey Marie! Yes, I ordered the book via Amazon UK and can’t wait to get it! And I wouldn’t mind a signed copy from either of the Maries, love them both to death!

    I definitely have at least one children’s book in me and probably something for adults as well. Practicing that writing muscle as we speak!

  144. Melissa K

    *raises hand* Me, me, me! I have pre-ordered like a baus.
    And boy do I have some stories in me. Even started many of them in my life, but not so much finished. Partly because of lack of worth (womp womp), partly because I don’t make it a priority like I should, partly because I’m a perfectionist, and partly because I struggle to bring all the pieces together.

    • Melissa K

      Oh and I bought on Amazon! Forgot to mention that part.

  145. I may have left Jersey in the 90’s, but Jersey Marie always brings me right back to the era of the ‘Bloomfield girl’! Haha!
    Congrats on the book – I’ve got 211 pages of raw writing printed from about six months of daily writings. I don’t know that it’s a book, but there is definitely some gold in there. Thanks for the tips.

  146. 1. Not yet. Waiting for book be availabe in empik 😉

    2. Hmm… idea that I will give my heart to what I write and no one would like to publish it.
    Once I wrote short story and… it still laying on “the shelf”.

    Yea things for quotes are hard (I was looking for one years ago for blog and…. decided to not use them… ;)).

  147. Yes! Yes! Yes! I pre-ordered the book two weeks ago, can’t wait to dive in and learn everything good from Marie! Writing a book isn’t my dream yet, but it could be so these are great tips to know now. Plus they help with writing captions and social media posts! Thanks Jersey Marie! ❤️

  148. Valerie Vandermeer

    Pre-ordered through my local indie store, Scrawl. Can’t wait!
    In the 80’s I ghost-wrote a book for a client. I wish someone had told me that as the book got longer, it would get harder and harder for me to remember exactly where I put stories and info. I spent a lot of time skimming my own book to find things over and over again. (This was before all the internet and word processing tools we take for granted now.)
    I’m writing a book now and I’m spending a lot more time planning the chapters. I plan to use a mind mapping tool as I write to keep track of where I am putting chunks of info in the book’s structure, so I don’t have to tear out my beautiful hair a few months from now.
    I’d love a book signed by Marie!
    -Lawn Guyland Val

  149. I?NJ! Ohhh how I loved this episode✨Thanks for schooling us today, Jersey Marie! I preordered my copy of the audiobook version of EIF from Amazon on May 21st and am sooo looking forward to having you in my earballs, coaching me forward to help push me past the really hard things.? Although I’ve written a book collaboratively, I’ve not written my own complete solo-effort book yet. It is, however, something I look forward to doing in the near future. Your tip about using the Quote Investigator site was huge for me – wow! What a fantastic resource. Thank you for today’s awesomeness, and for everything you & Team Forleo do to lift all of us up higher & higher!⭐️

  150. Marie,
    I think you are living in your calling and the energy you put out in the world gets me stepping into mine. You’re a little voice in my head saying, “everything is figureoutable” whenever I’m moving toward anything I’ve never done before– and I confidently know ‘I got this!’ I’m obsessed with my dreams and I know I’m gonna be obsessed with your book! Thank you!
    I preordered on Amazon!

    • Sarah - Team Forleo

      This is so lovely, Megan. We’re a little obsessed with your dreams, too ❤ Thank you for being here and sharing your heart with us.

  151. Joan Kelly

    I ordered my copy on 8/9 from Barnes & Nobles. Looking forward to figuring thing out.

  152. Hi Marie & Team Forleo.Thanks for today’s valuable ‘3 book writing tips’.
    My May 21 Amazon order Arriving September 10.

  153. Thanks for another fun and enlightening video! I have pre-ordered on Amazon 🙂
    Also, I have written a book that is currently unpublished. I’m trusting my instinct that there’s a reason I keep hearing “hold” at this point. I love the insight about pre-orders and will definitely do that when it’s GO time.
    Team Forleo and Jersey Marie, you’re the absolute BEST!

    • Sarah - Team Forleo

      Always wise to listen to your gut, Cathy. Congrats on getting your book written, we’re wishing you nothing but success once it’s GO time! ?

  154. Paula

    Oh, my gosh!! This is true Marie! I loved it! Fugetaboutit being “reactive”, take advice from Marie and grab “proactive” by the darn tush and dropkick the plagiarism know-it-alls and sensitive types to the curb right from the frigging get-go! And, don’t sit on your bubble butt, no matter how cute it might be, and get your marketing machine greased up and humming. Don’t wait for anyone, not your publisher, business partner, or pimp – hey, no judgment here – to lead the charge. You are a can-do woman! Whether publishing a book, launching a new something-something, or starting a business, in your mid 50’s, after raising five kids like me, Marie’s business know-how is always perfecto!

    • Paula

      And, yes…book ordered months ago and will be in Chi-town to see Marie in September!!!!

    Jersey Marie is my fav, she needs to come out more often! 😉
    It’s so true though that quotes off the internet are often misattributed, thank you for confirming that!
    Already pre-ordered the book and I can’t wait for the coaching program in October!
    Marie, you gotta make it to Canada and hit up Toronto! Hope to meet you in person soon!!!
    Big hug,

  156. Hello, Jersey Marie!
    It’s always so joyful to have you back!
    I preordered the book on 29th May 2019 from Amazon! Can’t wait for having it with me!
    Sending love to all of you,

  157. Hey there Jersey Marie,
    Am sure you’ll pass this book stuff along to Regular Marie! I think I got the Jersey accent down, just sayin’! Anyway, of course I ordered the other Marie’s book? Sorry douche got taken out . I mean, there’s worse words, right?? Got that beautiful book on Amazon a few weeks ago. I also have written my own book and NEVER knew some things kinda important. It’s a very good idea if you want to be “out there” to establish yourself thru some social media. You don’t need a website but just think about that some… Look up other authors in your niche, comment on some blog posts, Facebook groups, Twitter, or I dunno—YouTube videos! Just 10 min. a day so nothing too intimidating since I know it can be. You can even go thru Kirkus for a pro’s review. I could list more but that’s enough for now. Give my best to Regular Marie and stay out of trouble. Don’t quote me on that. ?

  158. BADA BING!
    Being a girl who used to have that Jersey-fried Bon Jovi hair (yup, I grew up in North Jersey) this video brought back some fun memories — I knew people who could’ve been Jersey Marie’s besties! 😉
    YES! I pre-ordered my book via Amazon, and once it’s released, I’ll be listening through Alexa ( I do love to support my local bookstore, but I thought listening would be fun for this one). Hopefully I’ll finish BSCHOOL by then ..I ran a bit behind due to a nasty rib injury last Spring – ouch! )
    A signed hard copy from Marie would be FAB, and look pretty damn cute on my desk with all those happy colors – it would be like Marie saying “act as if you are the best in the world at what you do.” Ok Marie, let me stop watching cute Koala videos!

    As for my book – it’s been in the works for awhile, and I’m tweaking and tweaking it – while also working on a proposal – you are right – so much work, and 2020 is going to be the year to get the story of my slightly cray cray, but totally lovable Italian family from New Jersey out to those who need a laugh — and let’s not forget about the 16 foster kids — of all ages, colors & temperaments — mom & dad brought in to our home over the decades — MAMMA MIA!!

  159. Qi

    Yes! I’ve pre-ordered your book on 8 Aug, thru Book depository. Can’t wait for it to be delivered to Singapore and be on your coaching program in Oct!

    Yeah, I do feel a book in me. I’ve tried to write it out before but didn’t quite feel right about it. :S

  160. Sanna

    Yes, I have preordered, and my book is coming from Bookdepository.

    There have been times when I have thinked about writing a book, but I have never known what would it be about. Fanny!

  161. Great episode as usual Jersey Marie!
    Ordered your book through Amazon for my daughter…You’re the inspiration she needs. Would love to have a copy for myself. 😉

    Everyone dreams of writing a book… maybe somewhere down the line…

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    I have pre-ordered the book on on August 1st.
    I would loooooooove to have a personalized signed copy 🙂 It would mean so much for me !

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    I love that you embrace Jersey Marie. I’m from Alabama and live in NYC now, so I also have an alter-ego who is a little different than my fellow New Yorkers!

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    • Sarah - Team Forleo

      We can’t wait for you to get started, Mihaela! Now IS your time, we just know it. Thank you for being here with us ?

  165. I could not BE more excited to read this book!!
    Ordered from Amazon May 18th! ? ?

    • Sarah - Team Forleo

      Love it, early bird!! Thank you so much for your enthusiasm and support, Robyn. It means the world to us. ❤?

  166. I pre-ordered from Amazon on Aug 16

  167. Leslie

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    I pre-ordered the Kindle version because my aging eyes need to magnify the print! (This is 40!)

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    Congrats and Lots of Love Marie!!!

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  170. I am so excited about this! Pre-ordered from audible!
    While I am not sure about wanting to write a book…but I have learned the importance of the pre-order working with indie author clients. Who knows maybe one day I will be inspired to write a book but for now, I am just happy helping clients sell theirs.

  171. Yeah, Baby! I ordered the book from Copperfields Books in our town of Sebastopol, CA. Actually I made a mistake and ordered 2, so I will be giving one away. Who will be that lucky person???

  172. “Bada Boom Bada Bing!” Kindle Book ordered on 7 Aug and looking forward to walkin’ it out with my two teens as we figure out our way from “pain to purpose to plenty” and make our story one that inspires others to go from survive to thrive in every aspect of their lives. We look forward to the opportunity to become a part of the movement to inspire teens and twenties in the near future!

  173. Kim Jones

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  174. Hi
    I order the book from Amazon months ago and I’ve registered for the free coaching – cant wait.
    I’ve written 4 books, all self published. Two historial non fiction and two fiction.
    Things I wished I knew – publishing e books is so easy and free. Its a great way to get your message out there and help people

  175. Anne Smith

    Of course I pre-ordered the book Jersey Marie! MF Insiders like to get sh*t done early! (Ordered from Amazon.) I’m a BSchool’er class of 2019 still trying to find my voice and always loving the wisdom and advice from Marie, Jersey Marie and Team Forleo. Love being along for the ride in Marie Land- never a dull moment! Thanks for all you share with us!

  176. I ordered it from Amazon on August 9th. So excited! Can’t wait!
    I wrote a little book 9 years ago called, “ThoughtWatching – How to Feel Good No Matter What’s Going on in Your Life”. I relied on word-of-mouth, Facebook and my website to sell it. So as you might guess, although I got great reviews and feedback, only a few hundred sold. What do I wish I knew more than anything else? How to do effective promotion!

  177. Kate

    Hysterical! How do you spell dick wod (dick waud, dick wad)? I pre-ordered my copy of Everything is Figureoutable on Amazon (in June). And yes, I think I have a few books in me. I have the perceptions of a writer but I lack the confidence or skill to get it down on paper.

  178. Maris

    If I order the book but I’m not able to watch “Everything is Figureoutable” 5-Day Immersion Course that starts on October 14, cause I have a 5month old baby and I may not be able to watch it live can I watch it later? I read the faq, but still wanted to be sure if there is or isnt an option to watch it later? And do I qualilify fot that free program if I order my book from Amazon UK not from .com?

    • Maja - Team Forleo

      Hi Maris! We’ll keep the content up for an additional week so you’ll be able to soak in the binge-worthy materials even after the 5-day live course, until it comes down on Friday, October 25th, at 5pm Eastern US time.

      And yes, you absolutely qualify for our free immersion course if you pre-order the book in the UK! Once you do, you can submit your receipt number here: Just scroll down the page, enter your order information and you’ll be all set! We’re thrilled you’ll be joining us, Maris! ?

  179. Anna Stone

    Love this! So I purchased a ticket to the NYC book tour and with the ticket comes a copy of the book. Does that qualify as a pre-order? Thanks!

  180. Marsi

    Yes, I preordered from Amazon and look forward to reading the book.

    Yes, I have a book in me, have done all the research, and am taking a paid sabbatical in Paris next year to draft it.

  181. That was so good. As an Italian as well, I love Jersey Marie! 🙂

    I pre-ordered the book in August at (I live in Europe) and I would love to receive a signed copy by either Jersey Marie or regular Marie. I appreciate your work and your help to so many people around the globe very much.

    As for the second question, I’m one of the 82% that has plans to write a book. 🙂 It will be a book for gifted people who struggle to find their meaning in life. The research is already finished. I have to start writing it now.

  182. Jess Rogan

    Yes! As always thank you, Marie!

    I actually preordered the book on Amazon AND will be attending your book tour in Seattle where I’ll get another copy!

    Maybe 3 times a charm? And hopefully, Jersey Marie can sign it! HAHA

    • Sarah - Team Forleo

      Amazing, Jess! We so appreciate the support and we can’t WAIT to see you in Seattle ?

  183. I can hardly wait for the book to ship! I preordered on Amazon Aug 7th!
    I don’t think I have a book in me, but I really appreciated the great tips. They’re great for websites, blogs, school assignments & more!

  184. Hello Marie!!!!! And my B School Fam…. LOVE YOU GUYS❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    I did order my copy of ; EVERYTHING IS FIGUREOUTABLE months ago on AMAZON…. Just waiting for it to arrive. I would love a PERSONALIZED COPY

    Also, I have written four books, two are published and a third is about to be released. My advice is read the full contract before you sign with a publisher. My publisher went out of business and I am stuck with nothing The publisher owns the serial number and he is not responding to phone calls or emails. I can not get my word files back and I can not republish my books. On a higher note, I have written two more books since then with a different publisher. My first books was a children’s book about twin sisters and I met with the ASTRO TWINS. They wanted a copy of my book for their children so I sent one to them in NYC.

  185. Sarah Hammond

    I ordered two tickets to see Marie in San Francisco in September. I understood that we’d get a copy of the book with each ticket. Does that count as pre-ordering??

  186. Lisa Ruiz

    Of course I have pre-ordered (on Amazon). Love Marie – she is an inspiration!!

  187. Kendall

    I ordered the book back in June! Can’t wait! I’m bummed that I probably won’t be able to access the online coaching as I’ll be in Morocco for over 2 weeks & won’t have access to the internet most of the time. Well, not bummed that I’ll be in Morocco! I’ve been waiting to go there for over 10 years! xxo!

    • Sarah - Team Forleo

      Ohh, sounds like an incredible trip, Kendall! If you can hop on even for 10-15 minutes at a time during the course, you’ll be able to glean a lot in a small amount of time. Either way, safe travels and we can’t wait for the book to be in your hands soon!

  188. I pre-ordered the very moment I opened my email and saw it was available to order! yep, Marie, I trust and love you that much!

    And yes, I’m writing a book! (that felt good to type out!) What I find is that there is a lingering fear that very well may be the imposter syndrome looming around sometimes so I take long breaks between writing. BUT thank you for getting my butt back in gear!

  189. Jutta

    Does the ebook count? I preordered mine from back in May… Can’t wait to read it!

  190. Jocelyn

    Hi Marie! I pre-ordered your book on August 8th via Amazon. I absolutely can’t wait to get it!

    I wrote a book — fiction — and published it on Amazon KDP in 2016 but unfortunately it got lost in the sea of a gazillion other eBooks in the market. 🙁

    I didn’t have the guts to scout around for an agent. I didn’t think I was ready for the criticism and pressure. I just wanted to write something at my own pace and test the waters first in the self-publishing world. I also naively thought that KDP was the way to go for such an ambitious project.

    In hindsight, I should have done more research, learned to market my book, and mustered the courage to find an agent AND accept feedback. I believed that I had a great story to tell but I was too chicken to boldly get the word out on my work for fear of hearing the two dreaded words, “YOU SUCK!”

  191. Preordered from Amazon immediately when I found out about it and can ?? not ?? wait to read it and for the companion program.

    Thank yooooooooou Marie.

    PS please come to Vancouver BC on the book tour ??

  192. Louise

    I pre-ordered and I’m so excited about the book!

  193. Yes! Pre-ordered on amazon on Aug 7th and entered my receipt number for the free couching. Very stoked!

    Yes I have put fingers to keyboard to just write and write no matter the topic or direction, (word vomiting 5,000 words per week) to start honing more and more on what inspires me, what I have in me for stories and experience, and what is the best way for me to serve and give to the world.

  194. Oh my gosh this is my new favorite MarieTV — and that’s saying a lot! I’ve never laughed so much while learning about writing a book 🙂 Jersey Marie, thank you. Your wisdom is priceless. I have a new place in my heart for the word “problematic” now.

    • Sarah - Team Forleo

      Yay, Kate! ??? Love seeing you here.

  195. Carolina Reyes

    JM helped me start off my day with a laugh so thank you for that and the words of advice. I preordered my book as I bought a ticket to see Marie in Los Angeles at the Skirball Cultural Center through Event Brite. I am so looking forward to this event!
    I do have an idea for a book and have always told my close friends and family that I would love to write a book. I am just worried that people will think I’m not credible if I don’t finish my bachelors degree first. I waited until my son was 10 to go back to school and I’m working on it. After I graduate I will start to to think more seriously about writing it. I’m also scared that people won’t care to read my book. All of these fears and self doubt is holding me back. I will overcome it one day.
    Thank you again for your words of advice. You are much appreciated Marie!

    • Sarah - Team Forleo

      This MarieTV episode was made just for you, Carolina: Another great resource that might be helpful for you is Elizabeth Gilbert’s book, “Big Magic.”

      You’re definitely not alone in these fears, and you can absolutely overcome them and get to writing the book that’s begging to be written! We’re rooting for you ??

  196. Heather

    Yes, I preordered from Amazon (sorry it wasn’t a local place). Can’t wait to get started reading! I’m excited to fine tune my noggin for success! I’ve been working on a book for a while but nothing published…yet.

  197. I’m coming to NYC! Got tix over a month ago. Marie, I freakin love you! As a Jersey girl and a yoga studio owner who appreciates your mastery of the way you bring humor and higher consciousness into all you do, thank you. So looking forward to the event and the book. And I laughed out loud multiple times during this episode. You’re fab ????‍♀️?

  198. Claudia Duncan

    I’ve ordered the book in August on Amazon and I’ so excited to be part of the training in October.
    I’d like to write a book, maybe starting with an ebook, but I have only very little knowledge on how to do the whole process so I ‘m absorbing all the interesting advice and comments from the community and, of course, from Marie herself. However, I already have a good idea on the topic.

  199. Got my Audiobook and will get another hard copy for my sister’s birthday! So excited for her to read it!

  200. I <3 Jersey Marie!
    I pre-ordered the book on Aug 7th through Amazon and already signed up for the bonus- yay! Can't wait 🙂

  201. great video — THANKS Jersey Marie 😉
    QUESTION: I just picked up an amazing author and his book as a client… can I find a way to go into pre-order process even when the book has already been out on the shelves (and not promoted properly/well)? I feel there is something I could be doing with the pre-order process to generate new energy. Thank you anyone for thoughts or ideas!

    ps: will be pre-ordering right now!

  202. Midge Constantino

    I love love love Jersey Marie ?. I did pre-order the book from Powell’s and I can’t wait to get my hands on it ?.

    • Sarah - Team Forleo

      Ohh, Powell’s is the BEST. Thank you so much for pre-ordering, Midge! ??

  203. Sai Chi

    Yes! I love Jersey Marie! And I preordered Everything is Figureoutable from Amazon as soon I got the first email about preorders. I am so excited for this book!

    I’m in the process of editing my first book right now so this episode came at the perfect time. Thank you! <3

  204. Harlow

    I did pre-order my book!
    At Chapters Indigo here in London ON.
    I look at my calendar almost every day to count down how many days are still left for the book to be shipped! I’M LITERALLY ITCHING TO GET MY HANDS ON IT. ?
    And yes, I’ve been wanting to write a book about my life, growing up as the daughter of a Mexican Cartel runner, I’m not sure what’s stopped me!
    I’m thinking I’m not great with wording things, but even as I think that, I can hear Marie’s voice in my head coming up with solutions! So, I don’t have any excuses! ?

  205. Roxane Barbey

    Loved the episode! I pre-ordered my book at Book Depository because I didn’t want to wait until it’s published in Switzerland (which I’m sure will happen. I mean, it’s Marie!) I’m super excited about the coaching as well. Can’t wait 🙂

  206. Yes I preordered as soon as you said go!
    I have written down lots of things for years. My daughter, knowing my dream is to write a book, bought me two writing books for Christmas a couple of years ago. I had a terrible accident with trauma to my head so had stopped reading and writing. My two main passions. Last year I finished reading the books and started gathering ideas into book form. I haven’t finished anything yet. I’m still recovering and learning to focus. I need to pick one idea and see it through. But I get so much encouragement and motivation from everything you share. Oh, and I took the Copy Cure Course last year. So thankful for all your inspiration and ideas freely given, and these awesome tips. Can’t wait for my book!

    • Sarah - Team Forleo

      What a wonderful daughter you have, Lois! We’re SO happy to hear you’re recovering and getting back to your writing dreams, and we couldn’t be more honored to be a part of it. Keep us posted on your progress!

  207. Hi!!I pre-ordered Everything is figureoutable from back in May and I can’t wait for the book!
    This episode was so awesome!! Thank you so much Marie (I mean Jersey Marie 🙂 )

    I’m one of the 81% of people who want to write a book and I know I can do it. Thank you so much for always being so inspiring!

  208. I bought Everything Is Figureoutable from on May 21st!
    I’ve written and independently published nine novels and am working on the next, which I’ve decided to submit to traditional publishers. Although there is a lot I love about independently publishing, as a newish mom, I’m having such a hard time balancing the business side with the creative side that I haven’t written a book since my daughter has been born. I decided that has to change. The writing is my WHY, and although I’ve managed a lot of improvements to the business side here and there over the past year and a half I want my primary focus to be on creative work and leave figuring out more of the other stuff to someone else (though I will make sure it’s with someone who allows me to give my input and respects my opinions.)
    My best advice to someone wanting to write a book is to write it – get the words out, and worry about the rest after.

  209. Giovanna

    Hey Marie,
    Loved this! Yes, I pre-ordered your freakin’ book, back on May 22 and looking forward to seeing you in NYC! 🙂
    I haven’t written a book…..yet, but I am on my way, working towards that now. Thanks for the great tips while keeping it real and sassy. Love your funny video’s <3

    • Giovanna

      Forgot to add….pre-ordered through Amazon!

  210. Got mine preordered @ Barnes and Nobles! Can’t wait to read it! After posting on social media last night a friend said if I wrote a book she would read it… Hmmmm?

  211. ath

    Of course I have “frick’n” pre-ordered (Amazon) back in May….And I really want Jersey Marie to sign these books!
    Can’t wait to see you on the Chicago part of your tour!
    Proud B-Schooler

  212. Welcome back, Jersey Marie! 😀 I pre-ordered Everything is Figureoutable the day it was available, via Amazon. Also stoked to attend your Austin, Texas event.

    I’ve written 2 books, which were published by a traditional publisher. Right now, I’m working on my 3rd book, which I plan to self-publish. Self-publishing is a whole nother world, and pre-orders don’t help the same way that they do for folks with a traditional publisher. Thankfully, one of my clients helps entrepreneurs write + publish high-quality books, so I’ve got lots of experience over the past few years in the self-publishing space.

    That being said, writing this book is NOT the same as writing my first 2 books. Those first 2 books were more info-based. Fact-focused books have their own ease when it comes to writing them: determine when you need to hand in the manuscript and work backward to have a plan to research, write, and review. My 3rd book is part memoir, part self-improvement. This book is going to take MUCH longer to write, due to the emotional nature of many of the subjects. Being able to embrace that reality + go with the flow of writing the book is certainly harder than making a plan and sticking to it, but I’m dedicated. This book will live!

    • Sarah - Team Forleo

      Kudos to you for your determination and willingness to challenge yourself, Victoria! Keep us posted on that book, and know that we’re cheering you on through every step ?❤

  213. Inga

    So excited to get my hands on this nugget full of everything Marie!! I love how without knowing, her mother inspired her so much in all her endeavors and even sparked this book! Hope Mama Marie is getting a piece of that check 😉

    Pre-ordered my book from Amazon and signed up for that course! Ready to get this party started! Thanks for everything!

  214. Loni

    This video was hilarious! Of course I pre-ordered the book! Can’t wait for it! I’ve been following Marie for a long time. She inspired me to be myself in business that I could be authentic and still be successful.

    I think I do have a book in me. I don’t consider myself the best writer but I won’t let that stop me!

    Thanks, Jersey Marie and Regular Marie!

  215. Christine Bevard

    Hi Marie, Always am uplifted by Marie TV and your emails. “Everything Is Figureoutable” was pre-ordered from on June 30th. Plus found a ticket to your NYC event online. Very excited! Thanks for all your encouragement.

  216. Preordered: Yes with Slick as mashed banana.
    My Book: Yes, with an editor at present (which can be painful, and getting the ego out of the way, as in ‘zip-it’ is so important). But prior to that, I wrote this and that for years. At some point two years ago it dawned on me to write it (chapters) as ‘papers’ -like for an assignment. I whipped out paper after paper, then routed them into chapters. Sixty-thousand words plus down and I was damned proud of myself. Then I began to search for editors. Went through six who told me things such as, “You never should have written it this way,” and, “You need to go back and take some writing classes, join a writer’s group, get peers to review your materials.” Blah. Blah. Blah. If I’d written 60,000+ words my thought was, “It’s the editors damned job to take a run with it now, read and digest it, flip stuff around, and have me clean up messes, and add material, etc.” Not to be. One of the six would have worked out very nicely, however he wanted cash up front which would have equated a more-than-decent new car for me. Not that he wasn’t worth it, but that amount of cash was not accessible for me at that time. I let it sit for a year, grateful to myself that I’d written it. I was tired of being bashed, yet had an inkling that somehow, it would still work. Nonetheless I am not a spring chicken, and time’s a wastin’! This past May a polished, experienced and celebrated editor read a book similar to mine, researched people who were similar to that author and perhaps exceeded her in qualifications and experiences and discovered me. He has the book now and chapter by chapter we’re having at it. He is NOT full time with my book, and we think the process will take about a year from now to have it ready for presentation to a publisher. And the publisher-seeking process may mean more work, more time, possibly more rejection. When I began writing years back I naively thought the process would be simple. Writing. I am seeing was the ‘easy’ thing for me to do. Editing, publishing, etc. is multi-layered… as one thing is ironed out, five more wrinkles emerge. I did not know that editing could be painful. WRITING some of the content was painful, and editing regurgitated challenging material once again. That was cause for me to be keenly aware of the necessity to continue to do the work on myself called for. It caused me to envision interviews I will do on the book, and made me realize I’d damned better get my personal act together as THOSE areas will be exactly what I’m interviewed on. I am projecting. Yet, in my writing from early stages on, I always have held the image of that hard-backed book (with Kindle and other formats of course!), with me on the cover (it’s about me, and my life as a Medium), with deckled ivory pages that smell luscious when I open the book, and sink my nose into the pages. It’s a bit weighty, yet manageable. Holding that image, tweaking it as necessary, has been so important as has the thoughts about doing tours, lectures (all well attended, seats full, and attendees engaged, wanting more), and interviews for audio/print/electronic/TV, etc., thrill me, and keep me going. And, this has motivated me to continue working on three compatible projects while the book processes through the editing phase. And as does Marie, although I am behind her in process, I too envision those pre-orders stacking up and up and up! Thank you Marie for sharing your experiences and wisdom!

  217. Yes I preordered weeks ago, so excited about to coaching.
    Yes I have a book idea and am starting to collect info and an outline. It will be based on my late fathers journal he kept when he left Poland to give us a new life in Canada. I didn’t find it till after he passed.

    • Sarah - Team Forleo

      Amazing, Agnes! What a special book that will be, we can’t wait to hear more about it ❤

  218. Beth

    Pre-ordered, can’t wait!

  219. Love Jersey Marie! LOL
    Yes, I’ve preordered via Amazon audible on Aug 12th.
    Looking forward to listening. Did you do the audio reading? I’m hoping so.
    Best, Jules

    • Sarah - Team Forleo

      She sure did, Jules! We can’t wait for you to hear it, thank you so much for pre-ordering ?

  220. Ashley

    I preordered the book on Amazon on Valentine’s Day. I’m pretty sure the only item specifics were the book title and author name at that point.

    I have a few different book ideas. I need to consolidate all of my information for one, so I can outline it better…the remainder are fun projects on my radar.

    What’s stopping me? A few things, but the main two are a public-facing job and a side hustle freelancing. The public-facing job isn’t particularly suited to maintaining a personal public persona while the freelancing on shorter projects keeps me scattered. I’m working on solutions to both, but progress is slow. However, I’m optimistic I will have more freedom later this year.

  221. Marie Ramos

    Yo! Jersey Marie. This is Cali Marie. Wha dup? Of course I have pre-ordered the book. Did it on Aug 7 at Amazon.

  222. I have pre-ordered your book through AmazonSmile and I am really excited, not only about receiving it in September, but also about the October coaching opportunity (yup I am signed up for that amazing and generous offering). I have thought about writing a book — and have a notebook with ideas for different types of books, but it all seems so overwhelming (and I do not feel “qualified” ) so the idea of writing a book has never turned into any real action steps. Thanks for all of the inspiration you share.

  223. Yesssss! I pre-ordered way back in May, because I just know by now that when Marie says she’s got something for you, she MEANS it.
    I got it from Amazon, so I’m expecting that blue baby to travel all the way to Barcelona in September (sparkling eyes). And the sad part is, I cannot join any of the live events because when Marie comes to London, I will be In NYC (nooooo!).
    Ps: I would say I do have a book in me, so I guess I’m part of that 80%.

    Thank you for everything Team Forleo!!!

  224. I pre-ordered the book back in May on Amazon! I will be at your live event this September in NYC. I am also looking forward to the coaching in October! I’m Italian and from Jersey so I TOTALLY love Jersey Marie, too! Thanks for all you do to continue to inspire each of us.
    xx Faith Flynn

  225. Ali

    Of course I pre-ordered! I ordered it for my Kindle on Amazon on August 14th. I’m so excited!!! And would loooove a hard copy to read as well. This was great, Jersey Marie! Thanks, as always. <3

  226. Amy June

    Luv Dis! Ah gutta say, list’nin’ too you takes me back home to, uh, Long Island, lose the “guh” in between, ya know what I mean? We don’ all say dat. Anyway, dank yoo, dank yoo, dank yoo, yoov bin such an inspiration, and I’m fine-ly goin’ back tuh school fuh speech and language. So yaw video hea vreally cawt my eah. An’ I love play-actin’ and singin’, I coach a little voice fuh my teach’. Widdout yoo, I don’ get dis fah. Maybe see yoo in Seattle, i jes’ got da time awf. Yoo da best!

  227. Ana

    Aw Marie! My very first time of Jersey Marie, and could not help but laughing 🙂

  228. Oh Marie ❤️️ I have been excited to get the book from the first time I heard you mention it. I have it ordered on Amazon and can’t wait for it to arrive just in time for my birthday! As for if I will ever write a book – I think I will!

  229. With the number of “swear” words I’ve had to replace with alternatives in my writing, #2 made me laugh so much. There are some creative British ones from the 19th Century, too.
    So excited for your book!

  230. I’m now writing book number 5. Things I wish I knew? So many!
    Number 1: Don’t expect your first book to be successful.
    Number 2: If you don’t sell your book, no one else is going to sell it for you. Don’t rely on word of mouth or “internet marketing”. These things are important but the effort has to come from you first.
    Number 3: Don’t try and cram everything into your book. Keep it coherent and focused and you can expand with a second edition 🙂
    Number 4: Get a clear target audience in mind, your book will apply to more people than just them, but don’t over generalise it to try and “hit the masses”.
    Number 5: Enjoy the process. If you’re writing a book regardless of whether anyone would actually read it, then you’re on the right path.

    • Congrats on book #5! I’m currently stalled on book #1, it’s so personal and I very much struggle with #3 wanting to put e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-ng in it. Best of luck on #5, I hope it’s a big success 🙂

  231. Absolutely pre ordered your book back in May. I’m also registered for the FREE
    Everything is Figureoutable Course. Can hardly wait for that. I live in Canada and purchased the book through “Chapters Indigo” our Canadian online book retailer.

    I too think that there’s a book inside me. I’m just pre launching my own personal blog website to begin attracting my ‘kindred folks’. So your three tips were terrific in today’s Jersey Marie show. I love it when you turn her loose!!!!!

  232. I preordered Everything is Figureoutable from

  233. Woohoo! preordered, baby! looking forward to reading those 6-dozen quotes. haven’t written a book yet, but thinking i might have some stuff to share on stress and anxiety in teens. We’ll see…

  234. Debra Kahnen

    I did order from Amazon and can’t wait til October. One of your points in your webinar was life changing for me even after 35 years of self development. Thank you!

    • Sarah - Team Forleo

      That’s amazing to hear, Debra! We’re so happy it was helpful, and we’re thrilled you’ll be joining us in October for more. ❤

  235. Marie? I LOOOOOOOOOVE you!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  236. I pre-ordered my copy of Everything is Figureoutable from Amazon. I do have at least one book in me and what’s holding me back from getting it out is having the time to put it together. I love you, Regular Marie and Jersey Marie!

  237. LOL’d all the way to work listening to this in the podcast, thanks for making that commute fly by Jersey Marie! And hell yeah I ordered my book – June 14, 2019 on Amazon. Can’t wait to get it and meet ya in SF soon! Who’s going to see Marie in SF? Let’s get coffee (or somthin’ ;)) ! Love, D

  238. I have ordered it from amazon! ? I can’t wait for it to come!!!

  239. Preordered and looking forward to this “book of encouragement” . I’ve always maintained that every problem is solvable which in Marie speak is “everything is figuroutable” but sometimes I get so overwhelmed! Working on change now which should accelerate once I get the book. 🙂

  240. I also pre-ordered! I can’t wait for the tips and inspiration. Thank you

  241. jill younglove

    Yes!!! I pre-ordered on amazon, kindle version and I always have ideas for a book, just not the follow through 😉

  242. Alexandra

    I love this episode, and of course I pre-ordered your book.
    I ordered from on Aug.16.

    Love you Marie!

  243. Ordered the first time I saw you offer it preorder! Amazon.
    I’m ready for it!

  244. I haven’t pre-ordered yet, but I will, most likely through Amazon. Thanks for the episode. I love Jersey Marie.
    I am in the process of writing a book. I feel “problematic” might be my biggest problem, but I am not going to get defensive.
    Thanks. Love. Lena

  245. Preordered ???? – on Audible of course ?. Yes I would love to write a book it’s been a dream of mine since I was a little girl. My biggest road block is narrowing down which story I want to tell. Haven’t gotten there yet.

  246. Yes! I pre-ordered my copy through Amazon in May, and I’ll be seeing you in Los Angeles next month!
    I wrote and self-published my first book in January 2019, and I’m a huge fan of starting before I’m ready (yes, I’m a 2019 B-Schooler!), so I just did it! It’s a sweet little book, and based on my personal experiences and life-acquired insights, so more memoir-ish, therefore no research necessary. I really want to write fiction, which I just realized is a primary passion of mine, so that will be next on the list. I admit, though, if I head to more nutrition-based writing in the future, the research and citations are daunting. I spent my entire first college degree doing this type of writing, and 16 years later, I’m still burned out, haha!

    • Sarah - Team Forleo

      YES to starting before you’re ready! Huge congrats on making it happen and getting your book out into the world. Can’t wait to see you in LA, Shannyn! ?❤

  247. Sooo perfect timing on this one Marie! I have been “working on” a book for millennials for the past year and it’s going S l o w l y…. and in the meanwhile, two books for kids came spilling out of me and have basically written themseves.. and now I need to figure out how/where/to publish them!

    Thanks so much for this wisdom! And yes- I preordered your book as well for my Kindle!


  248. Heidi Hobbs

    Too funny – loved this! 🙂 I pre-ordered the book on Aug 7th (on Amazon) and right away also signed up for the free coaching. And… I’m totally excited and looking forward to both!! Not sure about the book writing as far as writing one myself – I’ve always been intrigued by the idea but so far have no idea what I would write about. I love reading though, so keep the great books and book suggestions by other authors coming! I really enjoy all your content – keep it up – thank you!! 🙂

  249. Melissa

    Hi Marie! I ordered BOTH of your books at the same time from Amazon. I have followed you since 2011 and am super excited to read the new book. I read Make Every Man want you right after receiving it. (I usually let new books sit for awhile.) I loved it! It came to me at the right time, as I have studied many of the principles of MEMWY throughout the years, so it was a great refresher laced with the Marie F flair I love!

    As for a book, I am not sure I have one specifically at the moment, but I do have a lot of plays that have been simmering for years. I think EIF will be a great way to kick myself into gear. (Especially paired with Gabby B’s book which I also preordered!) Looking forward to seeing you in Chicago!

  250. Eileen Tien

    I pre-ordered on May 21, 2019 from Amazon. I am so excited about the book and can’t wait to read it on September 10 (and the coaching in October!!!!).

  251. Hello Marie!
    I preordered your book on the 8th of August through Amazon. It is supposed to arrive by the 4th of October . Can’ t wait!
    No, I am not planning to write a book, maybe an ebook with a collection of articles of my blog. My side project is a jewelry brand, in fact I create jewels and in my blog I write about the life and the passion for jewels of the great Hollywood stars of the past.
    Have a great day!



  252. Anyone who ever really read Aristotle, or studied the Cartesian framework would know it would be ridiculous to attribute that nihilistic quote to him. Aristotle is best known for his ideology on off setting social inequality, and that quite is counter to that ideology. The number 1 person who is attributed quotes that they never said is Albert Einstein. Also Adam Smith is a big one too, people love to quote smith, but they have never actually read 1 sentence of anything he ever wrote.

    But you are right so many of these quotes are simply aspects of the 12 step program , and it serves to make those recovering people seem like real scholars , when they are not.

    What I wish I knew when i wrote my 1st book is that is way too advanced for humanity, but people did catch up, because the things i wrote about started to be obvious about 10 years later and the book helped lots of people. So the 2nd book im writing “The 5 Negative Archetypes of the General Media” will actually be contemporary and not way far ahead of everyone.

    I didn’t order Everything is Figureoutable yet…but i am going to

  253. YES! I preordered your book via Audible because I want to hear you read it to me? (Wait, did that sound creepy?!) If Jersey Marie read a version, I would get that too!
    And YES! I want to write a book! I have an outline, am using Scrivener, and feel like the writing is the easy part, it’s everything else that’s hard! But I suppose that’s figureoutable too 😉

    • Isn’t Scrivener the best?! I love it for writing/organizing thoughts. Good luck with your project!

  254. Thank you so much for sharing! Now I’m going to keep in mind whenever I write my future book about primary source! I pre ordered your book on Amazon and cannot wait for your live coaching. Also, since there wasnt a tour date in ATL, I’m flying to Austin to come see you speak! Keeping my fingers crossed I can hug you in person!

  255. Preeti T

    I pre-ordered my copy on July 8 from Anderson Bookstore in Naperville, IL and can’t wait to see you in person in September!

  256. I ordered the book as soon as I could! Got it on Amazon last May! Can’t wait to see Marie live in Austin!

    • Sarah - Team Forleo

      You were ON it, Kathleen! You’re awesome. ❤?

  257. I wrote a book about how I lost weight in 3 easy steps after 10 years of obsessive dieting and being caught in the starve-binge-purge cycle. If you’re self-publishing my tip is to order a small batch of books to start so you can get some social proof to add to your next run of books. (Learned all about the value of social proof thanks to the Copy Cure!)
    Yes, I ordered Everything Is Figureoutable via Amazon. But wish I had via Book Depository (free world wide shipping) – which I learned about via Marie’s webinar.
    …please bring your book tour to Canada! 🙂

    • Sarah - Team Forleo

      Such smart advice, Kelly! Thank you so much for sharing it here.

  258. Paisan! Of course, I pre-ordered Everything is Figureoutable (via Amazon). There is a designated area on my sacred nightstand waiting for its arrival. I remind myself of this piece of wisdom as I am, yes, writing a book on what will be a guide to self-care to be the best version of yourself. I feel strongly about the message however, writing it has been a challenge for me so I “figured out” it is time to hire a writing coach. I also want to Thank You, for the helpful writing tips. Any possibility of adding a tour date- say in the Boston/Providence area? Just thought I ask.

  259. I just preordered the audible version and I can’t wait! Yeeeee!

    I would like to write a series of children’s books based on emotional intelligence, but two things are holding me back: feeling like I’ve done enough research and how to get this book in front of publishers. I feel like self-publishing won’t get me the same exposure as working with a publisher, but I have no idea how to begin that process. (I guess it’s time to figure it out!)

  260. Ana Estrades

    Hi Marie, I pre-ordered your book on Barnes and Noble online. I’ve been following you since I moved to the USA in 2011, and ALWAYS admire how you put yourself out there, experimenting, challenging you and others, like here using a different voice and attitude. I relate being originally from Spain, living in the USA for 8 years now. While fluent in English, my voice feels different in each of the two cultures/countries. They are both part of who I am and yet feel different. I’ve currently made many changes, in part thanks to Bschool’19- though I’ve to admit I’m still going through some modules and looking forward to reviewing it all with you next year, as the pace was too much for me. I recently moved states, work in a part time job, a new big exhibition project and just starting to teach as well. I’ve a book in its very early stage, but I’m looking for other authors to collaborate with as it’ll be a reference book. It feels daunting nonetheless, so I appreciate you open up about your process. Will you do more videos sharing your insights in book writing please? THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO, I wouldn’t have started the enterpreural journey if it wasn’t for you

  261. Yes! I preordered from Audible, and can’t wait to get my copy!
    and Yes! I want to write a book, and have been compiling photos, info, and text for it. My biggest question is how do you find an appropriate publisher, that has a great track record? The last book I was involved with (curation, graphic production) we self published, and the print to order price was too high for most. So looking for different avenues to take this time. Thanks for your great sense of humor and energy Jersey Marie!

  262. This is so great–I pre-ordered the book from Amazon a while ago and can’t wait!

    And I’m in the process of writing a book! I’ll take these phrases to heart as I work on it. My dream is to share the traditional art of AstroYoga with the world in a way that radically transforms how we relate to our bodies, minds, and larger environment.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  263. Crystal Naude

    Of course I’ve pre-ordered! I purchased mine from Amazon because I currently live in South Africa and it’s the only way I know how to get it here, quickly! :):) Cannot wait! Already submitted my receipt details for the October course. And, I would really love to come see you in London! I’m working on making that happen!

    Since everything is figureoutable, maybe I will write a book, someday. 😉

    Congrats on the book!

  264. Susan

    I’m still laughing at Marie’s Jersey accent. She’s good. As always u speak to clearly and deliver with such common sense with a cup of inspiration. Yes!!!! I’ve ordered the book. Talked my Aunt into ordering as well and together we will be attending your online course. Go Girl Go…..ty

  265. Kim

    Pre-ordered my copy on Amazon and hoping it arrives before I fly to the US so I can read it on the plane! Gutted I’ll miss seeing you in London.
    I’ve always thought I have a book in me but it’s a novel and I haven’t worked out the ending yet!

  266. Sabine

    I pre-ordered my copy from Thalia, an austrian book store. I would love to have your special copy. Your videos have uplifted me so much during difficult times and gave me hope to work on my future!! Thank you for everything and I am looking very much forward to reading your book and new episodes <3 🙂

  267. Thank you Marie! For a very long time now, I have been writing a book in my head. Yes, I know, a lot of good that will do any readers, no one is a mind reader, right?? haha!! Seriously, though as I am nearing a new decade myself, I am feeling the tug to dive in and today’s video helped get that tug going again. Love those misattributions to some pretty common quotes!!! Woo-hoo for primary sources, I really need to take that one to heart. I find I use cliche’s all the time too and never get these quoted correctly too! It is important to go to the original sources, give credit where credit is due! I pre-ordered your book and am very psyched for the October teaching. I am a B-school 2018 alum and know your big generous heart that over delivers every…. single…. time. This will be life changing for so many souls. Thank you! Oh, almost forgot, got my book through Barnes and Noble on-line.

  268. Fernanda

    I’m a new insider and it was my first time listening to Jersey Marie. Love her already!!
    Yes! I pre-ordered the book from Amazon. I would love to write a book, what’s stopping me is that I don’t know how and where to start! The process seems so overwhelming, and I always doubt myself thinking: would people like the story, what if no one buys it, would it be interesting to other people besides me, etc.

    • Sarah - Team Forleo

      Hi Fernanda, we’re so glad you’re here! I think the book will really help you move forward, and in the meantime you might give this MarieTV episode a watch:

      You’re SO not alone in these doubts. A skim through the comments here will show you how common they are — know that we’re here cheering you on every step of the way ??

  269. Jersey Marie! I pre-ordered Everything is Figureoutable from YOU. I’m so excited you’re coming to Seattle!! If you can, you should stop by Il Nido in West Seattle for some delicious Italian food.
    Anyways, I would like to write a book, but I’m not totally sure what I should write about yet. I know I have time to figure it out though. 🙂

  270. Marykathryn Butcher

    Thank you, Marie! I have been looking for a focus in getting more mindful about my reading, and saving quotes and the citation for later use sounds much more productive than re-reading the entire works of Aristotle, for example, to find or confirm the quote.
    I pre-ordered through, audio books for independent book store Books Inc.

  271. Deanna L. Robinson

    YES! I preordered May 21st through Amazon. I was part of a co-authored book, way back when there was the push to get Amazon #1 Best Seller. Great experience, I learned a lot. I do have another book in me. I hired a writing coach a few years back and worked with her for 9 months. She changed how I tell stories and why I write from my perspective. Lately, I’ve been writing whenever I have something I want to keep track of. I know that I’ll know when it’s time to get serious. I’ve got a few other projects that I’m focusing on that are still in the start-up phase. Great episode, thanx Jersey Marie! Sending love and blessings, Deanna

  272. Oh, my goodness! I had not met Jersey Marie and I friggin’ LOVE her! I pre-ordered my copy from Barnes & Noble online back in June and I can’t wait to receive it! AND…um, yes I want to write a book! I’ve written since I was a girl and I’ve been getting some ideas the past few weeks for yet ANOTHER book idea, and that’s as far as I ever get. I reminded my Self this morning that I have as many hours in the day as Beyonce and as I type this, my YouTube notifies me that on OWN, there’s a Beyonce video they’re recommending to me soooo….I gotta go! I guess I’ve got a book to write! Thanks for all the great tips and for making marketing and business fun!


  273. Corrina Mattison

    This was amazing! lol. I preordered the book from Google Books.
    I am working on a book containing family stories from my grandmother.

  274. Mary

    Just wanted to add that you may need to get permission for quoting people!

    Famous people have everyhting copyrighted and dead people’s work is often part of a trust that is actively managed. I had to take one of my books off Amazon because of that.

    So besides scrutinizing if someone really said something, get permission!

    I bought a copy on Audible:)

  275. Mélanie

    Of course I pre-ordered the book! I did it in May on Amazon. Can’t wait to get it; think I’ll need to go away for a couple of days to escape my 3 kids and indulge myself in the book. Just love you Marie! Thanks for being you xox

    • Sarah - Team Forleo

      Love the sound of that plan, Mélanie! Can’t wait for the book to be in your hands soon. ?

  276. OHMAGAWDDDDDD I loved this! I don’t even want to write a book but this was so funny! lol
    I pre-ordered with B&N!!! Please sign as New Jersey MF Please!

  277. Jeannie Cismesia

    I ordered back in May from Amazon. So exited to read the book in a couple of weeks and so grateful for the vocab upgrade wisdom I learned today:)

  278. Yes i did! On Amazon came on handy.

  279. Hi Jersey Marie!! I pre-ordered Everything is Figureoutable from Amazon the day Marie sent out the email about it back in May!! I can’t wait to get it and start applying it to my life! (Luckily, Marie is awesome and gave us a sneak-peek with her webinar so I didn’t have to wait to get started!)

    I’m writing a book right now! I’m sharing the tools I used to thrive with chronic health challenges. I want people to feel less alone in their journey, to see that it’s possible to grow through challenges, and to feel empowered in their ability to create the life they want.

    Point #3 in today’s video validated my current strategy. I’ve recently been employing Marie’s mantra of “Progress not perfection.” and trying to get myself out there and connected with the people who would benefit from my book so when it comes time to sell, I’ll have the right people “lined up around the block”!

    Thanks so much for your advice!

  280. Just ordered through Book Soup on Eventbrite for Marie’s presentation at the Skirball in Los Angeles and her October coaching program. Very excited!

    My invitation to Marie to visit my beautiful Zen Art and Piano Student (just minutes from the Skirball – well it’s L.A., so it’s a little longer but closeby) and partake in a complimentary drawing class on Saturday is still open. Please let me know if she can fit it in. Her future self will thank her for the art lesson. Lots of ideas to “draw” from. Pun intended. 🙂

  281. Adriana

    I wasn’t really planning to spend money, but as soon as I went on Amazon and skimmed a few pages, I was hooked and hit that order button! I’m super excited to get my copy!! Can’t wait till it ships September 10th!! 🙂 ?

    P.S. I would love to write a book sometime in the near future (like 5-1o) years and I found these tips really helpful! Thank you Marie!! You’re one of my favorite inspirations and mentors from afar! Can’t wait to get your book in my hands!
    Adriana ?

  282. Listened to JERSEY MARIE on the podcast. Had to view the video! LOVE IT!

  283. Valerie Penney

    So excited to get your book! I’m totally convinced it’s going to be a refreshing take on the life of business and oh so much more! Ordered on Amazon today the 20th of August. Yay! I’ve been enjoying B-School and Marie TV for years and I love your work! Thanks bunches for being such a vibrant light!

  284. Kelly

    YES, I ordered your book months ago. Can’t wait! I grew up in Jersey but live in Colorado now and absolutely LOVED your sassy Italian narrative on this piece! Totally made me laugh and remember what it was like back in good old Jersey! Could use some help on making dreams come true, so looking forward to your book. I don’t feel like I have a book in me but am thinking about blogging…any thoughts on how to get started with that?

  285. Lori

    Hi Marie, another great episode with JM!! LOL!! I ordered your book in July on Amazon!! I wait for it to arrive. Cheers, Lori

  286. Yup, pre-ordered it waaaaay back in May! Ordered from Amazon. I don’t feel the pull to write a book but I sure do love reading them. Looking forward to finally receiving this one in the mail soon!

  287. Hi ! I’ve ordered it from and I can’t wait to have it in my hands. I want to write a book for several years now, but it’s not ready to be out yet… or simply I do not put it a top priority beside growing a business as a lawyer in a small town. You always inspire me so much I can’t wait to have this new chapter of my life that your book will open for me, I’m sure of it !

  288. Oana

    Hilarious. I did pre-order my copy on Amazon. Can’t wait to read it.

  289. I ordered on my Kindle so I can read it as soon as it comes out and I ordered two hard copies, one for me and one to give away. I’m having them shipped to Florida until I make it up there or someone comes down to Costa Rica where I live. I ordered on Amazon.
    Someday I will write a book about my life in Costa Rica, so this was great information.

  290. Yasssss!!! Love me some Jersey Marie!
    Ordered your beautiful book June 4th on Amazon! Can’t wait!
    No book for me… not that I know of yet 😉

  291. Kiki

    Pre-ordered in June from Audible! I’m an aspiring writer and absorb any information that anyone is willing to give about the process! Thanks for sharing and being open and honest about things!

  292. Yessssss I did pre-order from amazon! And I can’t wait!

    Really excited =)

    Thanks a million to change my life! You give me the strength to follow my dream, I set up my company and I’m focused on the copy and I’m dazzled!

    I always thought I was different, and I didn’t agree with the way business was done and you demonstrate that yes I can do what I believe.
    U show me a new way.

    Lov U

  293. Tyffany Wilson

    I have ordered your book via Barnes and Nobles.

    I have 2 books in me that literally keep me up at night, just thinking about them, so this is great and perfect timing.

  294. Darlene

    Hi there! I’m super excited about the book and book tour! I bought tickets for the book tour in Houston; did I read it correct: everyone who buys a book tour ticket will get a book? If so, are we eligible for the coaching session on October? Thanks!

  295. OMG, I think this might be my very favourite Marie TV episode eva!!!
    Great tips. I try to be so careful when posting quotes, but like you said Jersey Marie, you can’t really trust the internet.
    And while I’m not writing a book, I think these also apply to blogs, etc!
    Thanks again, Jersey Marie.

  296. This video is AMAZING!! SOOO great! It’s amazing how you can stay in character for so long Marie, great acting!! I pre-ordered my copy on audible! This is such great advice, I once thought I wanted to write a book and keep changing my mind. I’m not sure what story I want to tell and so I continue putting it off. So excited to listen to your book Marie!

  297. Jill

    First time experiencing Jersey Marie ~ I LUV HER!!

  298. Hi Marie, I pre-ordered “Everything is Figure Outable” from one of the vendors you recommended—don’t have the receipt in front of me, but I’m registered for your October coaching. Thank you.
    I’m learning to be a better writer—it is such a craft. My aspirations lie more in helping others get their books finished—I’m a book designer and creative mentor—than writing my own. Love your cover, by the way.

  299. Anastasia Joy

    Hilarious and informative! You can’t beat that! Yep, preordered as soon as Marie told us about her upcoming coaching gig! I’m totally signed up for her coaching. ALSO, I have bought a ticket to Marie’s Melbourne book tour event! I was one of the first to buy a ticket! As soon as I got her email confirming the international dates, I dropped everything, except for my phone, and BAMM I was in! I was in even before the tickets were meant to be on sale! WOAH!

    I also joined Business Chicks, the organisation hosting the event! Why? Because I’m about to put myself out into the world, and this is me believing that the world is abundant, and I can make a difference ! I shall be helping teenage girls who have been bullied at school.
    I do have a book in me! I will write it!
    Thank you for all that you do! I truly appreciate you and your team!

  300. Brandi

    I pre-ordered on Amazon 🙂

  301. Stephanie

    I am going to the NYC everything is figureoutable experience! That’s how I’m getting my book copy. Yes I want to write a book, what’s stopping me is that it seems to large! The idea of having to organize chapters and sequencing freaks me out. I have a blog, and I’ve been dipping my toes in with that and I’ve let myself slack on it. I want to be a consistent writer!

  302. Ali

    Yes, preordered from Amazon back in May. I’m a big fan, happy to support you! Have attempted a book in the past but not focused on it anymore. Reading books is more my speed:)

  303. Hey Marie
    I have just booked to see you in Melbourne and I’m sooooo excited!
    I’m also looking forward to getting my signed copy of your new book (and reading it)
    Gina x

  304. Sandra

    Kia ora Marie, yeah, yeah, yeah … I pre-ordered on Amazon on 1 August 2019. Coz I too believe that everything is workoutable … we’re smart intelligent human’s and we can do anything we set our damn minds to 🙂
    Give it to me girl!

  305. Yes!! Of course I pre-ordered my copy of the book!!! Amazon says it’ll be on my doorstep the day it’s released and I can’t wait!!

  306. Hey Marie!!! So stoked for this book- I know that it will be a game changer in my life – I’ve preordered, through IndieBound, paid for it, and get to pick it up at my fav local bookstore when it comes in! Thank you for supporting local booksellers!!! Cannot WAIT to read, devour and then dive into the coaching – Thank you so much for sharing even more of your gifts with us, when you already give so much!!!!! With heaps of love and gratitude to you and TeamForleo❤️

  307. I bought your book from and I am really looking forward to reading it. You are an inspiration.
    I have not written my book yet but I am starting.

  308. 1. Yes, I preordered the book from a long time ago! 😀
    2. I’ve already written and self-published a few books. But the very first book I started writing, more than 20 years ago… I’m still working on it! Before I began working on that one, I wish I had known that writing a “choose your own adventure” book would be so long and complex! I’ve developed a better technique now, but at first I had no idea what I was doing, which is part of why it’s taking so long.

  309. I pre ordered on Amazon and cannot wait to take the class!
    Thanks Marie and Team!
    love you,
    Pat Tallman

    • Sarah - Team Forleo

      Hooray! We can’t wait to share it all with you, Pat ❤ Lots of love right back atcha.

  310. Nicole Zaini

    YO! Jersey Marie! Are we talking primary source OR puttanesca sauce??? Eh, eh???

    AND, when are you writing your book, BIG HAIR (don’t care)? I have reserved a spot on my bookshelf.

  311. Yes, I have a book in me! I might just have two!
    And you bet your sweet buns I pre-ordered Everything is Figureoutable! Just this month.

    • Jennifer - Team Forleo

      That’s so great to hear, Madeleine! So glad you were able to pre-order the book and we can’t wait for yours to come out when the timing is right for you.

  312. Jana Felt

    I did! I did! I pre-ordered at Amazon on August 7th (after your 3 Invisible Barriers Training).
    And yes, I am working at finishing my novel. I wish I would have read Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic, before I started this novel. I kept using my need to work and make money as my excuse for not finishing my book but now I’ve made it a priority and I’m getting up earlier to write, saying no to invitations, and never going to sleep without at least writing 1 line. Never a day without a line. (I think Abe Lincoln said that, right?! LOL).
    Like you say – Everything is Figureoutable!
    PS I prefer Regular Marie – sorry Jersey Girl.

  313. Ambra

    I pre ordered my book by way of Amazon. I absolutely love every Marie there is. You are a riot and I mean this in a good way. I have a book in me, maybe even two. I am excited to read Everything Is Figure Outable along with the free coaching that you have made available. I can’t wait !

  314. Kirsten Quinn

    Marie you creep me out! How do you always know what’s in my head?! Right now, my dream of writing a book is battling my fear of that dream actually coming true. I just can’t start the dang thing! And I’m scared my big-magic idea will get bored waiting for those fears to shut up and hit the road. (They’re louder than Jersey Marie.) So I think I’m gonna pull one over on myself with the whole “I won’t show anyone” Jedi-mind trick. Any suggestions? Also, I pre-ordered my copy through IndieBooks. Can’t wait to see you in October!

  315. Pffff. Of course I need to write a book. No one would believe me unless I put pen to paper. Of course, THAT just isn’t happenin’. I am stuck in a P-Zone, perfectionist’s zone. I write three word, edit two, erase ’em all.. repeat. Ugh. I love listening to you and your Gal Pal Brene Brown, but for some reason, I am still in neutral. Sigh.
    I did order the book and attend your “3 things that are holding you back” training. I have much to consider and am looking forward to reading the book and getting busy.

  316. YEAH BABY – I’m on the pre-order list!! I ordered from Amazon, their smile division, to give back a portion of their sales to my kids’ school. I DO have a book that I’ve been writing on here and there and have OH SO MANY questions in addition to these three!

  317. Mal

    Hey JM … you just nailed it again!!
    Fantastic delivery, top tips … perfect!!
    Book ordered 09th August through Amazon … can’t wait…
    Yea of course I got a book in me … but first, right now, I’m busy writing an article for publication, and that will be the basis and fore-runner to the (eventual) book… which is going to be a “bleep” of a thing to do, but hey isn’t that just part of life’s never-ending challenge?
    Thank you so much for your energy and inspiration … it’s infectious and irresistible … and we all love and enjoy it!!

  318. Barb Prusak

    You are fabulous! This episode with Jersie Marie is just awesome!
    I will be ordering Marie’s book as I have used her quote(Everything is Figureoutable) when I get stuck for awhile since I first heard it.
    Thank you bringing your gift to all ages…………….Baby Boomers too………..

  319. Yes… pre-ordered on Amazon and I’m looking forward to the free gift.
    I also am in the process of writing a book: Raven Transcending Fear: A memoir of how to overcome sexual abuse, abandonment and discover your authentic self.
    Just finished the book proposal last week. The main thing I wasn’t aware of is the need to have a platform- website and social media. I have been building since 01/01/19- check it out:
    Finished Copy Cure in June and I am looking forward to reading the book!

  320. Taryn

    May 21st, sometime around 7am in Amazon. Saw your email and got on it! Can’t wait for it to come in. I definitely fall in that 81% but my family always says that our stories are more sitcom than literature. 🙂

    • Jennifer - Team Forleo

      Fantastic, Taryn, so glad you pre-ordered your book. Love hearing you’re in the 81% and it sounds like your book would be a delight to read!

  321. John Garland

    Patterned page drifting in shallowed pleads
    Edifying life within a harbored domain
    Great is the compassion of heavenly songs
    The whispering of soft melodies of laughter
    Echoing across the vast regions of home

  322. Josi

    This episode was so fun 😉
    Thank you!
    And yes, I got my pre-order. Can’t wait for the workshop.

  323. I pre-ordered 2 books: one from the LA book tour and one from Kobo ( so I’ll have a hard copy and digital. B-school 2013 alumni here so am excited to attend the event in LA.
    Primary source was already something I knew (I’m a law student and founder of a grassroots NGO that works in conflict zones so data, research, stats, etc is a major part of both of these things). The other two tips were very helpful and reaffirmed some things I thought were probably the case.
    I’m writing two books: a memoir of my time working in volatile regions with refugee women and their kiddos. The second is a ‘how to’ guide for women traveling to dodgy places (whether it be conflict zones, volatile regions, or somewhere off the beaten and comfortable path). Thanks for all you do Marie.

    • Renee – Team Forleo

      Yay B-School 2013! Thanks so much for sharing your goals with us. I love that idea of a how-to guide for women travelers! Please keep us updated on your progress. ?

  324. Diana Dewan

    1. OF COURSE I pre-order a copy of the book the day it was available! I ordered mine from Amazon & have been counting down the days until it arrives on my doorstep. I imagine tearing open the envelope where gold light will be bursting through the seams and angels will be singing as I carefully remove the book from the package. I. can’t. freaking. wait.

    2. I’ve never really thought about writing a book, mostly because I’m not sure what I would write about. But now you have me thinking…

  325. Elyza Bleau

    I pre-ordered right away as soon as I found out! I’ve been quoting the “Everything is Figureoutable” since Marie first starting telling that story.

    Thanks, Jersey Marie, for spelling out the big truths in writing anything!

  326. brilliance! and yes, OF COURSE I pre-ordered. 😉

  327. Hi Marie! Long time no comment. ^_^;
    I preordered “Everything is Figureoutable” via IndieBound. It’s the first time I’ve used there for book shopping since I’m mainly an Amazon shopper, but a change is always good right?

    And yes, I do want to write a book but my biggest stumbling block is ME. For some strange reason, it’s as if I’m scared to try and I can’t figure out why that could be (hey, maybe I *really* do need your book!). It’s not lack of ability, since other people have said that they like my writing style for my blog and past academic work. I just wish I could write like I did as a child – just jumping in with no hang-ups; just writing the story I want to tell.

  328. Don Haney

    Yes!!! I pre-ordered twice. I bought one from Amazon. That’s the receipt that I used to get registered for the October training. Then, I paid for the tour stop in Houston. When I picked up my ticket at Brazos Bookstore in Houston, I was told that I’d get a book when I show my ticket at the door. I thought “Oh well. I’ll give one book to somebody.”
    Hey Marie, I’m guessing that your mother was the primary source for “Everything is figureoutable.” Did you check on that? 😉
    How do you check to see who the primary source was?
    What if you changed the wording somewhat? Maya Angelou (sp?) is credited with a quote, but nobody can prove that she said it. And it’s been said by so many people with slightly varied wording that it’s become like a universal saying now.
    I’ve written an eBook to use as a lead magnet. I was led to believe that writing the book was the hardest part. I’ve found that publishing it with the different fonts, CopyDoodles, and pictures that I used is the hard part. So many sites say that they will take your content and publish it. Then, you find out that their software takes out all of the extra stuff that you put in there, for a reason, and makes it just a standard font.
    I think that Adobe ID can publish the PDF version that I’ve saved. I need to watch more videos on Adobe ID to see how to upload it.
    Just skimming through the comments, it’s easy to see how excited everyone is. I can’t wait to see Marie in Houston. It almost gives me chills just to think about what it’s going to be like live!!!

  329. Abbie G Davis

    I pre-ordered from Watermark Books in Wichita, Kansas!

  330. Barchi

    What the hell, probably no one will see this but still …
    1. YES, I totally ordered it and that is on Bookdepository, my fave site to order books … I love supporting them <3 The day I ordered was when "regular" lol Marie had her free training.
    2. I never considered I'll say out loud but yes I've started writing a book … it is going to be called Kitchen Table Sisterhood and it is going to help people create intimate gatherings where they share stories which connect, inspire, empower and heal shame.
    I'm already running a little community and love the feedback.

    There you go, I've said it … thanks for pushing me JM :*
    p.s. Much success to all future/past/present authors <3

    • I love your book idea! And such a great title!! Good luck to you, and go for it!

      • Barchi

        Thank you so much Chrissy <3 Big hugs!

    • Renee – Team Forleo

      We see you, Barchi! ? I love that title –– please keep us updated on Kitchen Table Sisterhood. It sounds wonderful! Keep going!

      • Barchi

        Thank you so much dear Renee … yes, it is slowly growing … will reveal more for sure <3 Big hugs 🙂

  331. I have preordered the book on Amazon!

  332. linda mckittrick

    I. Love. You.
    I Love How You.Work those damn (cool) mirror neurons to up-level me/us out here in Marie-TV-Landia!
    Yes, I am writing a book and these three Pointers have just saved me hours of energy leaks. I watched twice to really “download” the wisdom wrapped in Jersey. (and you wore a jersey! (yellow I noticed; like your book cover 😉
    Yes – I PRE-ordered in May, from my LOCAL BOOKSTORE (had to put that in bold) and I would love love love a signed copy.
    Eternal thanks, and a big big hug.

    • Jennifer - Team Forleo

      So glad to hear this episode saved you hours of energy leaks. Now we get to enjoy your book when it comes out that much sooner! Looking forward to it, keep up the great work, Linda!

  333. Christine

    Good information shared in an entertaining way. That was my first time seeing Jersey Marie. I enjoyed it. Great job!

  334. Erica

    Yep pre-ordered from Book Depository. Loved the video 🙂

  335. Hi Marie,
    1. I have pre-ordered the book from audible. I bought it on May 18, 2019.
    2. I know I have a book in me, and I’ve even started writing it. It’s part memoir, part-fiction. My struggle is with creating a world that my readers would be able to see. But one thing I wish I knew before starting is how tricky it can be to tell your own story–especially when it deals with messy stuff.

    Thank you for everything you do!

  336. Claudine

    Yes I pre-ordered my copy through Barnes and Noble and can’t wait to see you live in Brisbane Australia yay!

  337. Sarah

    So excited to read the new book! Pre-=ordered from Amazon.

  338. Deborah

    Thank you so much Marie for giving us the insider tips on book publishing! That primary source one for quotations is HUGE. I’ve done some research before on quotations and they aren’t easy to find the origin.

    Plus, I’ll have many quotations in my book that I’m writing now–my first–so thank you for the heads up!!! I realized this year that I’ve wanted to write a book since I was a little girl. My time is finally here. I’ll be writing about my experience turning 40 and going from a place of wanting what I didn’t have to remembering what a good life I already had.

    I pre-ordered your book from Amazon. Can’t wait for it to arrive!

    • Renee – Team Forleo

      Yay! So glad Jersey Marie’s insider tips were helpful to you. Congrats on starting your book! Please keep us updated on your progress, Deborah.

  339. I pre-ordered my copy from Amazon and I just can’t wait to get it!!!

    Thank you so much for everything you do ?


  340. I pre-ordered “Everything Is Figureoutable” on Amazon on August 12, 2019. And yes, I have written and self-published two cookbooks. I wish I knew that Amazon’s print-on-demand service isn’t for image-heavy cookbooks. It’s pretty much impossible to be profitable that way.

  341. I am still chuckling about the douche debate debacle! Thanks Jersey Marie and Team Forleo, this video was awesome.

    Of course I pre-ordered Everything is Figuroutable! I placed my order on August 7th on amazon. I can’t wait to read it!

    I am absolutely going to write a book. I’ve known for nine years that it’s something that I will do. My biggest obstacle towards writing my book was that my health challenges made it so that I wasn’t able to write at all. Now I am recovering and I am able to write again, but I am really out of the habit. My goal is to give myself a little bit of time every day where I can just write. I know Marie says that when you have insight you need to take action, so I’m saying here and now that I’m going to start writing five minutes a day before bed. Starting tonight. 🙂

    • Renee – Team Forleo

      We’re still laughin’, too, Brittany! ?
      We’re so honored you ordered the book, and we’re so happy to hear you’re recovering and writing again. Keep going!

  342. I ordered it on Amazon, and I’m so excited to read it!!!

  343. Melanie Knight

    Flipping hilarious episode! Great job Jersey Marie! Yes! I preordered and would love a signed copy! Can’t wait till it’s in my hot hands.

  344. Love love love and need MORE of Jersey Marie! Thank you for the tips. I’m a fiction ghostwriter and these are all great to keep in mind while I’m writing a book. Time to get back to my draft!
    – syd

  345. I pre-purchased Everything is Figureoutable from the Book Depository and am SO sad I am out of town when you are in Australia to meet you and get it signed!

    Writing a book is on the top of my bucket list…hell I want to write several. I have many ideas that I journal and expand upon and have started a couple, but don’t get very far because I don’t allocate the time to just sit down and write! As a journalist and copywriter I think I also feel the pressure that it needs to be perfect and am afraid of being judged.

    I KNOW that I just need to get my fingers tapping on that keyboard every day – even for 15 minutes every day – to make progress though.

    I am also so confused by the many options out there to publish. My ultimate dream is to be picked up by a publisher, make numerous best-selling lists around the world and head off on a global book tour of course, but I wonder if that dream is TOO big.

    We are so luck in today’s day and age to be able to self-publish and to have e-book readers that make it more feasible than ever so…even in writing this comment, I realise I really have no excuses not to get my ass into gear and just DO it (as Nike so famously put it)!

    So…I will. As of today, I commit to at least 15 mins 5 times a week to my creative writing endeavours. I mean, I want to be young enough to enjoy my global book tour after all!! 🙂

    • Renee – Team Forleo

      Yay! Way to go, Natalie! You’re so right that there are so many more options out there for publishing now, and kudos to you for continuing to write despite it. Keep typing away, and you’ll soon have a book ready to go!

  346. Julie Thomas

    I pre-ordered the book on August 17th! Can’t wait to get my hands on it!

  347. YES!
    Marie you are a treasure!
    I ordered the audiobook and would love to get a signed one.

  348. I pre-ordered from Amazon and am excited about seeing you in Orlando!! I am in process of writing a book and only realized recently that the first draft is gonna suck. I was such a perfectionist and my editor brain never wanted to shut off but now I realize that I have to get words on the page, even if they aren’t the best words, then worry about editing. Also, I have developed the habit of distraction (what’s that, a new, shiny TV show?) when I feel stuck on a particular scene or passage and have realized (also recently) that the best way to get through is to write. I don’t have to continue the scene, I can jump around or even just free write to get the brain warmed up. I am about 14,000 words in, the furthest I’ve ever gotten!

    • Renee – Team Forleo

      Thank you for pre-ordering the book, Erin, and we’re thrilled to be seeing you in Orlando!
      I struggle with very similar challenges: perfectionism and distraction. I’m starting to believe they’re actually the same thing! When we don’t like what’s coming out in our writing, when we want it to be perfect, it’s a lot easier to give up and go watch Netflix. For me, I’m learning to embrace the “messy” process and remind myself I don’t have to be perfect, which makes it a lot more fun. Keep going, Erin! We’re cheering you on.

  349. Aiki

    Yes-yes-yes! Pre-ordered almost on the day I heard it’s coming out!
    Amazon’s da place! 🙂

  350. Everything you touch is gold! Not because it’s handed to you, but because you are that hard of a worker. I pre-ordered my book through Amazon.

    No book in the works for me. Just enjoying that gift from everyone else!

  351. I s Jersey Marie related to Derek Halpern? ? I love her, what an awesome woman! I’ve preordered the book and so looking forward to seeing Marie in London in October.

  352. Bjørg de Meza

    I’ve got myself covered with the audiobook version from Audible – you’re going with me to Piemonte, Italy ?? on the freaking day for the release ? Wuup Wuup! The hard copy version will be waiting for me (hopefully) on my return – this book is a book I want to feel, touch and make my own notes in as well. Thank you for you – your effort and struggle to get this book from your heart and talented mind out into the world ?

  353. Jersey Marie! I love ya! This video is seriously hilarious. Informative too, but seriously laugh-out-loud funny. I preordered Everything is Figureoutable on May 21 from Amazon France (because yes, lucky me, I live in Paris). Can’t wait to get it!

  354. Yay Marie! I feel for you re: the original quotation sourcing issue. In the olden days there was something like an encyclopedia full of quotations with all original sourcing, indexed by theme. So helpful, and what a timesaver!

    I haven’t preordered the book yet, but plan to do so soon! I don’t want to miss out on the coaching session, and can’t wait to read the magic! I would love, love, love, love an autographed copy!

    I just left my 9-5 in the nonfiction publishing industry to start my own company helping nonfiction authors make their great book ideas a reality (establishing a publishing plan, tips and tools on getting started, advice and support to give a little boost from one stage to the next), and am thinking of writing a book of my own! I have an outline, but am going to wait to establish a timeline until I do my vision board/planning for this year!

  355. Darina

    I love you both JM and regular Marie. Yes, I ordered the book on Amazon back in July and I did sign up for the special gift and cannot wait to be part of the coaching immersion program in October. I’m currently going to a Life Coaching training and I’m both a bit overwhelmed by all the changes happening in my brain and very excited for how my life will unfold going forward.
    I have not written a book yet, another scary and seemingly big thing, but I do feel I have at least one in me.
    I love you Marie and thank you and your wonderful team for the amazing work you do to make the world a better place.

  356. I pre-ordered the book from the on 15-8-2019.

  357. I am a twice published author. One is my own book The Devil’s Food Cake Made Me Do It and the other was part of an anthology titled Business Divas That Care.
    I wrote my book as a means to an end for my wellness coaching business. After slogging it out for 4 years, I realized that this was not where I wanted to be and was spending money and not making money.
    I’ve since completely turned things around and launched my online store on June 1st. I sell fibre for spinners, felters, weavers, knitters and crocheters who spin. I’m SO much happier and everything is easier…from selling, and stocking to what used to be the bane of my existence: marketing.
    Now that I have the store up and running, I plan on taking the time to write the first of a series of fiction books. I am already doing the research to ensure that what I include existed during the timeline between 1844 and 1856.
    I will definitely do item number 3 when the book is just about finished – market it for pre-ordering.
    Thanks for the words of advice.

  358. Chelsea Cousins

    THIS episode of Marie TV had me rolling on the kitchen floor! I died. It was hilarious. Already planning to pre-order the book, but for this performance alone — I might order TEN! Love you guys!

    • Renee – Team Forleo

      We’re so glad Jersey Marie brought you so much joy, Chelsea! We’re so honored your pre-ordering the book. Sending so much love right back-at-ya! ?

  359. Abi

    Great tips! I’m going to the London event and the book is part of the ticket price – does this count for the coaching immersion? Thanks!

  360. Colleen Davies

    Preordered on Amazon and am going to the Chicago event with my niece. Have been a fan for years! Currently enjoying Copy Cure.

  361. Brooke

    Yes! Preordered on as Marie suggested on the webinar this month. Excited to be traveling to NYC for the premiere book tour launch! Writing a book is not on my mind right now but launching a small art business online is and B-School is helping me do that!

    • Renee – Team Forleo

      Yay, Brooke! We’re so glad B-School is helping you launch your art business, and we can’t WAIT to party with you in NYC!

  362. Pre ordered my book and also booked my ticket to come see your London tour! I’m currently doing the copy cure course and so far I haven’t found one dick wad or douch bag ?❤️
    The mistake I made when writing my book ‘come back when you’re sober’ was not all the people around me wanted it to be a success. But it was…. so haters gonna hate ?

  363. Dawn Engler

    Yo, JM! This Joisey gal, who grew up in the 80’s, (can you even imagine Bruce will be 70 this fall?!?) pre-ordered your book on day 1, of course, from Amazon, as I live in rural Colorado and book stores are an extensive drive away!!
    Would LOVE an autographed copy from you or Marie.
    Yes, there is a book in me. Parts and parts are coming together.

  364. Laura Michael

    Of course I had to pre-order your book! I ordered it from Audible and can’t wait to listen. I’m so happy I discovered you a year and a half ago, you’ve change my life. I just launched my business after 2 years of research and planning. I’ve learned so much from you, and I can’t tell you much I love Marie TV. Thank you for being an incredible human being.

    • Renee – Team Forleo

      Thank you so much for these kind words, Laura! We’re honored you ordered the audiobook and we can’t wait to hear what you think. Marie narrates it, too, which is super cool!

  365. Yes! I ordered the book – from Amazon 🙂

  366. Nicole

    This is my first JM experience and I gotta say… she’s EVERYTHING! LoL.
    Yes, pre-ordered the book through Amazon on August 12th.
    I believe there is a book in me. I’ve always enjoyed writing and I love helping people. I think what’s stopping me is, in ways, I feel like I am still collecting experience. Still forming those stories that will ultimately bring my book to life!
    Great information you’ve shared here. I ran into the same problem trying to cite a quote while creating content. It sent me down a long rabbit hole of quote investigation. “Wait. What quote am I looking for again?” That may have came out of my mouth more than once. LoL.
    A signed copy of your book would be amazing. The suggestion of passing on the love to someone else with our pre-ordered book is an equally amazing idea!
    Thank you again for these wonderful tips.

  367. Yes, I preordered the book,

    I have a book or two in me, playing the excuses game – but my book voice is becoming louder each day – never know. I think I’ll begin soon!

  368. I took Marie’s free course and pre-ordered my book off of Amazon before the end of class. I’m also signed up for the free class coming up in October. I can never get enough of Marie OR Jersey Marie!
    I’m working on my kids book Ickabob, the goldfish. And I KNNNNOOOOOW Everything is Figureoutable will help me get there.
    Thank you for THE best content coming from THE best team on the planet. Go Team Marie! Love you guys to the moon!

    • Renee – Team Forleo

      Awww, Robbie, your note warmed our hearts! Thanks so much for these kind words for Marie, Jersey Marie, and Team Forleo! ? Ickabob sounds like an amazing book, and we can’t wait to hear more about your progress and success. Keep going! All of us are cheering you on!

  369. Jill

    Yo! I’m no d-bag or d-wad!! Of COURSE I’ve pre-ordered the book!
    Jersey Marie, you’re my hero!

  370. Angela

    Marie, I laughed and laughed on this one! Jersey Marie is the best. Yes I preordered your book and can’t wait to read it! I have started half dozen books and can’t complete one. What is wrong here? Fear, excuses, every reason to read Everything is Figure Outable!

    Thank you for being the inspiration you are to all of us!

  371. I just pre-ordered the book now from Barnes & Noble! YAY! So excited for this!
    I have some books in me. I’ve written a children’s book, but have not had it published yet. I’ve written poetry book and am now just working on formatting it. I’ve also begun writing 3 different books: one memoir, one self-improvement book and one I’m not sure what to call yet. These are still evolving.
    Currently I’m working on The Copy Cure to improve my copy for my personal business.
    All of Marie’s work has helped me create everything I listed above and so much more! THANK YOU for this video and all you do!

  372. Can’t wait to read Marie’s new book. I have written and published 8 books. I wish I knew before writing my first book that it was one space after a period/ fullstop, not two! ??

  373. Serene Bynum

    I just wet my pants! This by far might be one of the best visits from Jersey Marie. I’d be #grateful for a signed copy from Jersey Marie so I can gift my pre-ordered book that I got on Amazon last week to my best friend. She’s about to have a baby: solo & planned and man… Everything Is Figureoutable!!!

    Can’t wait for the read on this one. I also can’t wait for some clarity on the 3 books currently fighting for attention in my brain and heart right now so I can get cracking!

    • Renee – Team Forleo

      LOL, we definitely appreciated Jersey Marie’s visit, too, Serene! So glad she brought you some pants-wetting glee today!
      Keep moving forward on getting clarity on your book idea, and keep us updated on your progress. All of us on Team Forleo are cheering you on!

  374. Qelsey

    Marie! This is HILARIOUS !!!
    ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

  375. Melany

    I have ordered the book through Amazon. ?

  376. Love this! AND your incredibly creative pre-order strategy!
    I’ve published two books and what I WISH I’d known with the first was the 90% of the marketing and getting excitement happening would be up to me.

  377. Hi Marie (& Jersey Marie) –

    I just preordered my copy from Amazon! I can’t wait until it’s released!

    I know exactly who your book goes to if I win: my dearest friend in the whole, wide world. She is a total bad-ass, has such strength and grace, and is so compassionate. She deserves to have an extra special reminder of all this, especially after going some tough times these past few years! I have a care package going out to her soon … a copy of your book would be a great addition to it!

    • Renee – Team Forleo

      This is such a wonderful gesture, Michelle! Your friend is lucky to have you in her life. Sending lots of love from Team Forleo! ?

    • Ooops! Forgot to say this above! I have always believed that I have a book in me … but I have been struggling to articulate what kind even to myself. Fear often stops me from trying to find it … but I am working on becoming stronger than my fear!

  378. I pre-ordered the book on Apple Books when you first started talking about pre-ordering. Apple Books doesn’t send a receipt until the release date.

    YES – I’ve had books living inside of me since I was a little girl, but there were many reason why I haven’t pursued any of them. Here are a handful of examples:

    1. We only have so much time on this planet.
    2. If it won’t succeed at this point of time then I should wait.
    3. It’s not at the top of my priority list.
    4. I’m afraid of failure and don’t want to look stupid. I think this is big for 20-30 years old in the Social Media era.
    5. I’ve never had a good enough WHY for writing a book.
    6. No one has ever reassured me that I could do it – no mentorship.

    I’ve taken BSchool 2019 and am hoping to grow my business and then write my books some day. Thanks for making this video, Marie! It made me happy.


    • Renee – Team Forleo

      Hi Hayley! Thanks so much for sharing your heart and book ideas with us –– we’re so honored to have you as a B-Schooler!

      We’d love to “see” you in the immersion course this October! You can send us an email at infoATmarieforleoDOTcom and we can send you a special code since Apple doesn’t provide a receipt number.

  379. Hey, ‘Jersey’ Marie! ‘Cali’ Barb here to tell you – Yes!!! I preorder my copy of Everything Is Figureoutable on August 8th from Amazon! Being a ‘Cali’ girl I wanted to support the Independent Book Stores but since I have a kitty that might need another operation and finally went to the dentist (after three years) and will need some dental work I’m went with the least expensive route. A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do – sorry IBS! I’m not a writer of books but of scripts and with all the ‘Good Shit’ Marie says the main ones for me are * Dream Big, *don’t listen to the assholes, douche bags, and dick wads (I looked it up to make sure I was spelling it right and dickwadd sent me to a porn sight – lol!) and * believe in yourself.
    Thanks for all the fun, wisdom filled content!
    ps. And yes please, I would love a free signed free copy! I’d keep that one and give the one I bought to a luck friend.

  380. Ariane

    I actually pre-ordered my copy today from the Book Depository!!!

    Yes I do have a book or more in me! Trying to figure out where to start and the time to do it…

    Looking forward to read the book and start the coaching program!!

  381. D.R. Levi

    Yes! Pre-ordered in May (22?) Amazon (kindle edition). And, yes I’m in the midst of writing the book Ive always dreamed of writing since I was a kid. But I suck at prioritizing my time for it and have lost a little steam.

  382. Jersey Marie is the best! ❤️
    I’ve been wanting to write a book for years but I’ve been paralysed by the fear that I’m not *whatever* enough to actually do it. Your input totally flips that and I’m already planning my chapters etc!
    Thanks Marie (and Jersey Marie). You’re the best ??

  383. Sara

    Hi Jersey Marie! Loved this episode. Who would know?? Anyway, I pre-ordered mine from Audible. Really diggin into listening to my books, more so if they push me to be the best version of myself. Can’t wait!! 🙂

  384. Elizabeth Rainbolt

    I pre-ordered the first day it was available. I was so excited I bought the Audible, Kindle, and hardcover versions! Marie, you have changed my life for the better. This new book is coming at the perfect time to help me in my next phase of life. Thank you!

  385. Jodie Lea Cleave

    JM, yes I sure have ordered my copy and can’t wait to get my hands on it…although the cheeky part of me considered telling you I haven’t, just so you’d come pay me a visit and sort me out, hehe.
    My nearest and dearest tell me I have a book in me, I used to say I wouldn’t write it until I find my happy ending, now it’s more about finding a great beginning. I guess getting clear on what I’ve got to share that’s helpful is a good place to start. Thanks for the tips, you’re the bomb! Smooch Jodie xxx

  386. Matt

    Haha!! Jersey Marie is AWESOME!!

    Yep – I’ve preordered, via Apple Books! And yes, I believe I have a book in me – I think about it frequently. I think what’s holding me back is: 1) I want to put my ideas into action first; not just write about my ideas theoretically & 2) I haven’t found my creative writing style yet. Everything I’ve written previously has been for an academic purpose. I prepared a grant proposal earlier this year and could really feel a tension between how I was supposed to write – academic & dry – versus how I wanted to write which is warm & informal.

  387. Laura R

    Yo! Jersey Marie!
    I already freakin’ pre-ordered the book. I’m so excited to read it I can barely stand the wait, yeah? I got a couple areas in my life that are currently FUBAR, ya know? But I’m workin’ on it, so lay off. Keep telling it like it is. The world needs YOU, Jersey Marie! And regular Marie too. I don’t work blue collar no more, Hafta mind my p’s and q’s now that I’m a white collar working stiff. So I need regular Marie to show me the ropes, ya know?

    All my love,
    Navy Laura

  388. Hi Marie!
    I pre – ordered EVERYTHING IS FIGUREATABLE on Amazon and I can’t wait to receive it. I mean, I’m sooo thrilled! I was (and I am) a B- Schooler too and I really, really think that following you helps and ispires me so much. In fact, I suffer from Spastic Parparesys, a rare genetic disease that involves the muscles of the legs, and actually I walk with the help of two crutches. Obviously, my life ha changed, but thank to you Marie, I found that everyting is figureatable and had the strenghy to change in a positive way my life and find a new way to live with myself and other people. Thank you, Francesca

  389. Summit Johnson

    Marie, I have not pre-ordered yet, I need to!!!!!! And I do have a book inside of me. I have begun writing already but need to carve out more time to write! Thank you for the video!

  390. That is just what I needed to lighten my morning. Thanks, Jersey Marie!
    I’m eagerly awaiting the book’s release next month (woot woot!), and preordered it via Amazon.

    • Jennifer - Team Forleo

      So glad it lightened your morning and are looking forward to the book release too!!

  391. Lauren Mullins

    I pre-ordered and it (Amazon) will arrive in time for my to come see Marie in San Francisco! I’m so excited!! Hoping she can sign it at the event! XO

  392. Denise Vernieri

    I pre-ordered on 7/22/2019 from Amazon and I CANNOT WAIT. I also really, really want to go to you NYC event but it was sold out by the time I realized the dates had been released. Thank you so much for paving the way for women like me who are in the midst of making it happen. Cant wait to read this book!

  393. Sienna Estes

    Oh Jersey Marie! so much fun you are!
    Yes, I preordered ‘Everything is Figureoutable’ in May and I’m so looking forward to having it show up in the mail, and a signed copy too would be absolutely amazing, I would totally be able to figure out who to give the pre-ordered one to! 😉
    I do feel that I have a book in me, but I’m still going to let it brew for a few years, maybe when the kids move out?
    Cheers, and thank you for all the encouragement to live a more fulfilled life with all the grace and joy and acceptance that you and your team exude, Sienna Estes

  394. Christine

    pre-ordered, from Amazon! 🙂

  395. I just pre-ordered mine on Amazon!

    I am still trying to see if I can get to one of the book tours. I was a few minutes late snagging my VIP tickets to meet you in New York! Please come to Canada ??!

    Also, thanks for this advice – if you ever decide to make a course on writing a book I would sign up for sure. I am still working up the courage to tell my story!

  396. Haha Jersey Marie yaaaaas!

    Did I pre-order? You bet I did, with B&N!

    An artist friend suggested I look into writing a children’s book, and that she would illustrate it! I’m putting all my focus into starting my business, so the book will be a future goal to tackle!

    Thanks also for calling attention to primary sources and misattributed inspo quotes! <3

  397. Denice

    Hey JM! You are so fr*ckin funny! LMAO here.
    You should be on TV! Oh, you are already?
    Not surprised. You got some fierce talent, girl!
    Tell RM I have my pre-order in my hand.
    Love you! Ciao.

  398. HAHA!! Great job Marie!! Can’t wait to get my book….and even more…I can’t wait to see you in Los Angeles in September!! Long, long time have and bschool alum! Enjoy the ride Marie….well deserved!!! ox

  399. OMG Marie I can totally relate! I’m 3-weeks out from sending my first book live—

    Wedding with Intention,
    How to Define Your Wedding Purpose and Design a Celebration with Soul

    Primary Source! Sheesh. Apparently Buzzfeed doesn’t count as a reputable source for “facts”. Who knew! I also spent a lot of time going back to try and find actual facts and actual sources to back up my findings.

    Problematic! I learned so much about the power behind the words we use and about how important it is to make sure I’m being sensitive to so many diverse scenarios. Language is powerful. Seriously, this was a big lesson in life as well as in the journey of an author!

    Pre-sale! I learned a different lesson here; deciding when it’s time to let go. Some additional editing meant that our timelines were condensed by three weeks. As a first time author self-publishing with a only small team behind me I’ve had to learn to have humility when things go sideways and to not put so much pressure on myself, or the team. The launch campaign is only a small piece to what I’m confident will be an exciting future for my business, no point starting off my empire having not slept for 2-months, right? We’ll get the pre-sale sorted for my next book!

    I also learned that editing a book is way harder than writing it in the first place. But hey, everything is figureoutable, right? It’s been such a fabulous journey, I can’t wait to figure out the next piece!

    Hope to see you in Vancouver for the book tour!

  400. Ryn

    Yes, I pre-ordered your book today on my lunch hour in person at B&N, finally! (It’s payday and I kept my commitment to myself to pay CASH for it instead of charge it). Super excited to read it and for the coaching experience; pre-thank you! And yes, I probably have a book or two in me but it hasn’t been right timing. I have other creative things to birth first, including “rebranding” myself for my third blog and website, and this time I want your help with the necessary clarity on that, which is why I’m here. I love you and your hair and I SO wish I could eat some pizza with Jersey Marie!

  401. Cheryl Esch

    Ok, Jersey Marie convinced me to pre-order the book! I guess as an Italian myself from the northeast, I could relate to Jersey Marie. Love your message. Still working on my B-School modules.

  402. Jersey Marie is my spirit animal! Ordered my book on August 9th while on vacation at the beach off Amazon. Hurry up and get here!

  403. I just pre-ordered my book on Can’t wait!

  404. I preordered it recently from amazon and am so looking forward to reading it. As for writing a book, YEP! On the list of dreams and goals. And not doing it because of the age old story of not feeling good enough. And making the “I don’t have time” excuse. And I do realize it’s an excuse. So I don’t really say it anymore. In high school, I started my own romance novel. I was going to be a writer for Harlequin. I got a couple chapters written, which largely mirrored my life at the time, and then I didn’t know what to write about. LOL. I think I dreamed of writing a romance novel for a good decade. I have zero desire to do that now. But I do want to write about the stroke I had and my story around that experience.

  405. Kim

    I preordered on August 7! One on amazon and the other on audible.

    I had a few books in me, yet they have fluttered away. I’ll need to check my source, I think it was Tony Robbins who said « if you haven’t written it yet, it won’t get written »… my timbit of info would be: « Write it while it’s hot in your mind! » Ideas loose edge with time if it hasn’t been drawn down on paper. Dedicate time to bringing life to your message.

    Thank you Marie to you and your team! Keep shining!

  406. Janny Haak

    Yes of course I pre-ordered your book, that’s a no-brainer!! I pre-ordered it at in The Netherlands.

    Thank you so much Marie for all you do and for all the inspiration that only YOU can give!

  407. Mahal

    Pre-ordered the book on Amazon. I’ve thought about writing a book and having a structured way to do it would be great.

  408. I preordered on Amazon August 7. Can’t wait to see you in San Francisco! I would love a copy from you as a sign that my book will be written – completed – published – and helping others early next year. Thank you for the constant inspiration of your bold commitment to life.

  409. andrew Wicz

    One of the best entertaining videos I have ever seen. Very italiano style nice

  410. Hi Marie ?
    Pre-ordered the book in May!
    Looking forward to the coaching. ?? #forthebookinsideme


    • Jennifer - Team Forleo

      Yay! Rooting for you, Payal!

  411. You bring so many joyful moments! I’m waiting for you’re book, even without being sign :), I can’t wait for it. I’m sure it you’ll be like having you sitting next to me and have a nice talk. I’ll laugh and cry with you! I’m sure.
    I ordered it 31 May at
    Have a beautiful day! You are part of my life.

  412. benaye

    Pre-ordered 22 May Amazon. CAN NOT WAIT
    Thank you for all you do…

  413. Eleanor

    Hey Jersey Marie! I pre-ordered the Everything is Figureoutable book. Can’t wait to get it! I know it’s going to be jam packed with Marie’s wisdom which I do so appreciate.
    Thanks for all you do.

  414. Rhonda

    Yes, I preordered from Amazon. Thanks so much, can’t wait to read all that you have to say.

  415. I happily pre ordered my book through Book Depository in mid August!!! I’m waiting for my copy with so much expectation, anticipation and hope I can not even explain it. Marie, every word coming out of you fills me with motivation and help me find the strength within. So I can’t wait to have you on my night table and to integrate every idea, every tip and every reminder of why I’m pursuing my dream. Thanks for ALWAYS being there.

  416. Pre-ordered mine on Amazon! Can’t wait 🙂

  417. I can’t wait to get my book!! I pre-ordered from Amazon 🙂

  418. Marta

    I preordered EIF the first Day it was offered. I live in Poland and found your book on Amazon UK.
    Can’t wait to start reading! Looks like I Will have it with two days delay than the rest of the World. 🙂

    • Jennifer - Team Forleo

      It’ll be worth the wait, Marta! So glad you got your order in and stay tuned, you’ll have it before you know it!

  419. Lymariz

    Got my preorder from Amazon!!!! Can’t wait for it! I feel I have several books in me, just need to pull them out like a stubborn horse.

  420. Susan Pitman

    I’ve ordered the book…can’t wait to get it! Waiting for that Amazon delivery truck…

    I definitely have a book. Or two. Or three in me! I’ve written tens of thousands of words and ache to share the stories. Honestly, I’m overwhelmed with the process…but haven’t given up the dream yet! Thanks for these amazing tips!

  421. Totally pre-ordered. In fact didn’t think I could wait for the hard copy to arrive, I also ordered the Kindle copy. Can’t wait!!! Hoping your book tour comes to Canada.

  422. Nora

    Hell ya I preordered!! Got it from Amazon/Audible in early August. Does Jersey Marie make an appearance in the audiobook? That’d be awesome! Love her!
    I’ve got a ton of books in me, and at least a few of them are half written. Hmmmm… I’m looking at it as books half full 😛 AND… I’m signed up for your October coaching so I’m sure that’ll help me w completing my first one soon! Can’t wait!
    Thanks both Maries and Team for the ep, the coaching op, and the chance for the signed copy on top of what’s sure to be a kick ass book on its own. I appreciate it all! ❤️❤️❤️

  423. Just got back from my hols…watched this with a cup of tea and spat it all over my keyboard…laugh out loud moments…I love Jersey Marie.

    And yes, I have pre-ordered, from – and heard that your London book sign sold out in a matter of minutes – can you come and visit us again?

  424. Hi Marie, super excited to receive the book! I went through B-School a few years ago and still go back to my files with all my notes to continue on my journey as a skin wellness entrepreneur. I always tell myself that “Everything is Figureoutable” -Marie Forelo 😉 You are an incredible inspiration! I hope to catch you on your book tour. Thanks for what you do. Looking forward to the coaching! Just purchased my book from Amazon! Wishing you so much success with your book. Abby

  425. Tanisha Martin

    — Pre-ordered! WOOHOO! (Supported OUR, which rescues children from sex slavery.)
    — Book 1 (non-fiction, memoir) “150 Husbands: A Memoir for Hope and Transformation” — written, editing now.
    — Book 2 — (non-fiction, pers dev) is frantically banging on the door.
    I pre-ordered (from, which supports my chosen charity, Operation Underground Railroad, which rescues children from sex slavery) right after the 3 Invisible Barriers webinar. I can’t wait to get it!
    I am working on my self-published book. I had finished it, started the pre-order campaign while I was working on the technical side to publish through Amazon’s CreateSpace (I had done a client’s book — all the technical setup, interior design and formatting, cover design, etc., so I knew what to expect there), but…

    I got really nervous about the writing because I hadn’t gotten an editor’s stamp of approval, thinking the memoir would be “good enough” since it was so personal (like that would compensate for writing flaws, though I’m a decent writer to begin with, but of course that’s not enough…), but that deeply personal and traumatic aspect also made me want to MAKE SURE it was good enough, so I stalled. I offered refunds (only 1 person accepted, the rest just wanted to wait).

    I couldn’t afford an editor review, so it sat. Then I had an opportunity to have a Hollywood producer, who loves the story for a limited TV series, do a full manuscript review, so I hired her to do that and got some really valuable feedback.

    Now I’m working on cutting “150 Husbands” (my bizarre experience with an emotionally, physically, and sexually abusive husband whose personalities (*probably* fake, but my experience with them was real) I stopped counting at 150) by 30k words, and incorporating more of my empowerment, “hindsight is 20/20,” and new perspective since my major worldview change after that (a couple of years later, I woke up to the unimaginable (to me) fact that I was in a high-demand cult-like religion that was hurting me, and that (almost) everything I KNEW was factually false (this was 10x more traumatic than my abusive marriage… but it’s not about that experience, just some new perspectives gained)).

    This book will help me establish my speaking platform about empowerment and as a 6th degree kung fu Master.

    Lesson learned — I wish I had saved money for an editor. Still working on that for after I complete this overhaul.
    My 2nd book is dying to come out, it’s more about my spirit-of-Kung-Fu-animal-styles take on Universal Law principles (the principles of those styles correlate really well with universal laws, and are great to illustrate the concepts with something visual and relatable).

    But this book will wait until after I publish the first, which marketing-wise, is so bizarre I’m hoping it is the right one to get attention and possibly screen adaptation, so I can help inspire more people who might need some of the same life-changing shifts I needed.

  426. Ashley Molholm

    You better believe it, Jersey Marie! 😉

    Got my pre-order taken care of when I bought my ticket to meet you all in Seattle next month for the book tour! Can’t wait!

    I’ve always dreamed of writing a book. From self-help and wellness to business and even a series of children’s books – my brain is bursting with ideas, but I’m struggling with timing and confidence. I’m so young in my career (and life). Who am I to tell others how to live their lives without any formal education in those areas other than my own personal experience?

    Working on building my confidence and I know I’ll get there – but could definitely use your words of wisdom on the subject!

    Thanks for all you do and I’ll see you in Seattle!

  427. You talking to me? Yes I have a book in me just waiting to be revealed. The Quote in the email from Maya Angelou, “When you learn, teach, when you get, give” is so powerful! It’s time for me to teach what I have learned and give, give, give. Thank you Marie for popping into my life last year:)

  428. Excited about your book! Can’t wait to read it. The coaching is super exciting as well. Love learning from you. I’ve been a fan since your early years.

    Thanks for putting your brilliance in the world.

  429. Naja

    Of course I pre-ordered! June 8th from Amazon (that was as soon as I figured out how to get Amazon allow me to buy it for kindle, being based in Europe). And yes, I signed up for the coaching course asap. #FanGirl

    There might be a book, it would be a work of fiction. What’s stopping me is basically all the other things that I want to do as well. I haven’t disregarded the idea yet, but it would require dedication to get it done and it just comes down to priorities – and having a proper work space, which is my most recent priority to get going on. Action has been taken, far from done.
    No decision yet, but right now isn’t the time. Right now its time for other things.

  430. Looking forward to this book! I ordered back in May from Amazon…already signed up for the Free Gift too :).

    Yes, I have a book in me…just getting started. Thank you for these tips!

  431. Daniella Whitman

    I preordered on Audible on 8/9! So excited to read do the the course 🙂
    I’d I’ve to write a book and I know it’s in me some day but right now I have too many other goals!!

  432. Jersey Marie – you are my soul sista! Ordered today from Amazon. Can’t wait to read it!
    I love writing and wrote one short book a few years ago about a personal story that changed my life. Others have told me they read it and were inspired. I blog, create eBooks for my tribe, and post in my Facebook group. Maybe there’s another bigger, better book inside me!

  433. I just love JM! Can’t help but read all the comments in her voice ha! Thank you for the tips, not sure if I have a book in me but I’m glad lots of others have and do! Good luck all!

  434. Heck ya I pre-ordered! From a small local and woman owned bookstore in my small city of Nanaimo, BC, Canada! I’m soooo looking forward to your book Marie. This will be a game changer for many folks and really catapult you to a new level of the world stage of amazing leaders shining their light for others to follow 🙂 I absolutely have a book (or three) in me and am getting better at “progress not perfection” in my writing actions and a new educational/community building website that I’m chipping away at. So fun!! It’s all happening one post at a time. Can’t wait for your workshop in the fall after your book launch! xoxo

  435. Ordering the book this week. Loved this episode. Straight to the point. I self published a children’s picture book “Can We Play With Your Dog?” as I am learned publishers of children’s books do not take chances on first time authors. Go figure. Get your copy now!

  436. Debbie

    Jersey Marie cracks me up, thank you for your fab tips 🙂
    I pre-ordered from Barnes & Noble in July AND registered for the Everything is Figureoutable program. Woot!
    Sometimes I think about writing a book, although lately I’ve been giving more thought to creating an online course. Who knows, maybe I’ll do both!

  437. OF COURSE! I pre-ordered the book. DUH! From Amazon of course…. LOL
    And I don’t have one book in me… I HAVE THREE! One I had written before I took B School, and two of them, yes two… I wrote during B school 2018. So top that people! On fire you say? Yep! Seriously, though, Marie and the entire B school program really lit a fire under my behind. Dang girl!

  438. My dad told me to watch this video! He’s writing a book and my friend is thinking about writing a book . So I decided to look you up on YouTube and listened to Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations with Marie Forleo. I loved hearing your story and can relate to it. Positive thinking is so important and can be hard when facing difficult situations. The key is to not give up and to work hard at achieve your goals! Also, learning to adapt to the situations you face. I’m looking forward to reading your book “Everything Is Figureoutable”. I bought it on Amazon ❤️

  439. Maria Amado

    I love Jersey Marie! I pre-ordered the book from Amazon and already signed up for the free gift.
    Thank you!

  440. I “pre-ordered” by buying my ticket to see Marie when she visits Chicago in September! I’m so excited to see her in person!

    I wrote about giving up sugar (I’m on day 334!!) and pitched it to a round of agents. I wish I had understood better that it’s almost required to have a platform to be published. I’m working on that now and will resubmit early next year.

  441. I have been trying to write my book for over a year. I don’t know what the resistance is. Maybe just that I don’t actually believe I have it in me? Or I’m scared of failure. I know I’m an incredible writer. I have a blog with a decent following. Anyway, I have a goal to be published before 30. Better get on it!

  442. Gotta love Jersey Marie!! And of course I pre-ordered your book (from Amazon)!! Looking forward to the training in October 🙂

  443. Carla Diaz

    I took JM’s sweet advice and took my sweet buns over to amazon to pre-order this gem of a book! Can’t wait for it! It’s gonna be a September to remember!

  444. freddy carrick

    Yes Marie, my manuscript titled Menopause Mastery is almost complete. Must check my quote sources !!!
    Yes, I pre-ordered and have tickets for London. See you soon Jersey Girl xx