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Our time on this planet is so precious. Which makes me wonder (for myself and others)…

Why do so many of us keep putting our most treasured dreams on the back burner? Why do we assume that “someday” is actually going to arrive?

A year from now, you’ll wish you had started today. - Karen Lamb Click To Tweet

Like it or not, the next 365 days are going to pass no matter what. You’ll either be closer to being, doing and experiencing the things you most want, or not.

If you’re having trouble getting started and want to make sure that this time next year you look back with pride instead of regret, watch today’s episode. Most important, answer the question and take action.

I promise. A year from now, your future self will thank you for it.

If there’s anything you want to do, have, experience, or achieve — stop procrastinating.

Now, I’d love to hear from you.

What one thing do you want to do or experience or achieve — that a year from now, you’ll be so proud of yourself for starting today? And what’s one specific action you can take right now to start bringing it to life?

Leave a comment below and let me know.

Remember, share as much detail as possible in your reply. Thousands of incredible souls come here each week for insight and inspiration, and your story may help someone else have a meaningful breakthrough.

Important: share your thoughts and ideas directly in the comments. Links to other posts, videos, etc. will be removed.

Gigantic thanks for reading, watching and sharing. If you have friends, colleagues or clients who could use a fire lit under their tush, please share this post.

Your time on this earth matters. None of us are getting any younger (except maybe J.Lo ??).

Seriously though, the clock is ticking. Now really is the best time.

With SO much ?,


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  1. Love, love, looooooove this episode!!!!

    • Heather-Team Forleo

      So glad you did, Christine! Now go out and make your magic 😉

      • DITTO!

        p.s. Heather (I adore your hair) I know you know this but I just reallllly love it!

  2. The one thing that I want to do this year is….gain some serious momentum in my business and create a team of at least 3 people that are, like-minded, soul sisters that are going to come on this journey with me!!

    • Sara Macel

      That sounds awesome! Way to go!

    • Love this goal, camaraderie is so important in life and business.

    • Oh this is a goal of mine too! I think for me being the brainiac behind my brand is exhausting and I feed best by ping-ponging off of others. Gotta look for people that align with the world I wanna create! <3

      • Lula Dalziel

        Mmmm! Thank you for saying that BernardCharles. I’m in the early stages of launching my first yoga studio and have been feeling a sense of overwhelm creeping in. It’s so good to remember that I don’t need to do everything alone. Many hands make light work!

        • Michelle

          Hi! I’m on the first stages of opening a group fitness studio and I’m scared to death! Let’s go get em gurl!

  3. Sara Macel

    In a year I will be more productive and happy. This will happen because I created a routine and schedule for myself that leaves me feeling: connected to my people, productive, healthy, and relaxed at the end of the day. This is happening now. I am being gentle with myself as I explore different routines and schedules to find a method that works for me!

    • Me too, Sara–the gentleness and openness to exploration are helping me get clear in ways that pushing through and judgment that I don’t have it figured out yet just don’t give. Look at us, all growed up and still learning!

    • Bea M

      Thanks for sharing Sara. I have a similar goal… Yours sounds so good! Wishing you success in all that unfolds for you. ?

    • Love this! I’m with you!

  4. Yes! Love this! I’m already taking steps to make my coaching business real. I’m at Social Media Marketing World in San Diego this week, and I’m going to make connections. My goal one year from now is to have 10 clients.

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Have a great time at that conference, Dina! We hear it’s an awesome one.

  5. One year form now I will be professional at coaching other women to follow their passion and seek their own truth here in Serbia. Today I will make a page on my blog where I am offering my service with this knowledge I gained by now, and I will continue to learn and improve myself in a same field.
    This morning I had that idea in my mind and after this episode I am sure I have to do that.
    Thank you for inspiring me and spreading your light all around the world!
    Lots of love!

  6. So simple, yet so profound. This is the kick in the pants I needed (along with an insight I had in my morning meditation today) that I need to reach out to the integrative doctor I know to ask her about a referral today. I’m just starting out as a health coach, and I have 2 but need a 3rd for my school requirements. I’ve been afraid to reach out – what if I can’t handle it all (full-time job and part-time coaching)? What if I make a mistake? Well, I don’t know yet, and I probably will make mistakes, but I have to start going for it. And I need to start on all of my other ideas as well, creating a program, reaching out to people to do a talk, reaching out to allied professionals for referral relationships, going to that business mentorship group I’ve had in mind. In one year, I would love to have a burgeoning health coaching business in which I am coaching and speaking and truly helping the people I can best help. I loved this simple episode. Thank you.

    • Go Jayne, go! I’m a new doc and will be looking for coaches to work alongside me in the future. Be confident: You know more than you think you do and your work is important! Good luck! See you in B-School!!!

      • Kirsten, thanks so much for the boost and vote of confidence! Your words are so encouraging, thank you. Good luck to you too!

    • Julie

      Jayne Anne, can I ask where you went to school for health coaching?

      • Sure, Julie, I am attending Functional Medicine Coaching Academy. It’s been great!

  7. Marie

    I always love your videos, your energy and your name Marie is my name too, and I feel this great vibration in using this wonderful name in our business. I am now in the process of transforming my life and stepping out into the world as my authentic self! here a little resume : Thank you for your support.

    I am presently ready to put my spirituality out there. I have always express my working with the Angels and guided people to learn to play with the Angels. I have chosen a Domain name AsktheAngels where I will advice people on which Angel to enlist to help them in any request! and the signs they will get that the Angel has heard them and are helpling and guiding them. I have so many success stories !

    I have also trained for the past 2 years in Arcturian Frequencies with Gene Ang. in Maryland. Ever since working with them, I have move back to my country of origine Quebec Canada, following unbelievable synchronicity. I had ask the Angels to chose a magical place for us to live. And now I am in the Laurentides in ski mountains and lights and magic all year round because it very touristic area, where you have magical town and beautiful woods.

    And the house we ended up buying well when I entered it was 4:44 then as we go around different rooms all clocks even if minutes had pass said 4:44 then in garage on the white wall in pencil was in huge numbers 14.44 hahaha we just knew it was our house. 444 is the number of Angels presence and assistance.

    And the owner was a woman of later age that had a therapeutic room, and in her room there was evidence of Energy work St-Germain was everywhere, crystals it was just amazing, we bought that house of course and we tell her that we love her almost every day! I will be using this room for Arcturian Healing Light/Frequencies.

    So 2 weeks ago I felt the strong urge to put something out there in the physical world. I put out 2 flyers one free for people to come experience the Arcturian frequencies and a Blueprint Activation. I have not received any reply but that was not the point, I don’t mind, it was just important for me to tell the Universe I am ready and mean business hihi.

    Its very cold and lots of snow right now where I live and my massage therapist said that people will come to these kind of events more in the spring and summer. So I have more time to prepare. I have to do a brochure that I will display at 3 spirituel librairies. 1 Laurentiens site on Facebook and I am looking for more exposure. I am starting participating in group meditations, spiritual gathering to get into the circle!

    And I am in the process of creating a website offering my Angels service. Also I want to create workshop on Joy, Discover the magic of the Universe, How to play with the Angels these workshop will be done in person in french. My Angel website is for English people. I present what I learn in the state here in french and what I learn here in french I present in english in the state hihi.

    Oh also in the past 2 years I have finally lost my 50 pounds (and kept it off more than 18 months, back to my 18 years old body) ! I have learn how my body loves to eat and my husband after seeing me loose so well he join me in eating like me and has now in a year lost 130 lbs and has kept it off now more than 8 months. We want to write a book together about how we did it, we both LOVE food my husband is an amazing chef (not his job, his passion) but more than food we want to incorporate our love journey which is never ending and always growing! we have been together 29 years, celebrating this June 25 year marriage.

    I am telling you those Arcturian Frequencies really puts the gas in the tank for ideas! Its putting them into reality that is harder.

    Eventually I would love to do youtube videos also and gathering live online of people.

    I have only live here for 4 months now. I use to live here 29 years ago and being a capricorn (I love astrology too) I have entered a new 29 years face and life brought me right back where I was!!! Can’t wait to find out why!

    I am a very happy joyful person, who loves people and connects well with everybody! When working in the business/corporate world I was always a leader working way too hard and pleasing everybody and doing a super great job, got even an oscar for leadership once at PricewaterHouseCoopers haha!

    But after a car accident I left that world completely, even bought a farm and raise organice free range chicken and large black hogs for couple of years, we wanted to do a healthy lodging farm experience for people, but did not pan out. Great experience though!

    So now I think I need help to figure out how to put my ideas out there, Should I create myself a Brand name. For now I am keeping the Angels work seperate from Arcuturian work because i am not presenting them to the same audience one is french, Arcturian and other english, Angels.

    Anyway thanks for any advice and congratulations on your wonderful work !

    I tell people when they ask me what I do – I work for God I am a pillar of Light and Love and I have always lived my purpose in letting

    Marie Tissot

    many blessings

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Marie, it sounds you have been following the signs and they’re indicating to you that you’re on the right path. Isn’t it beautiful when the Universe affirms what you feel in your heart? Sending you a BIG Team Forleo hug!

    • eme

      love and blessings to you Marie Tissot! because you have a heart full of love that cares about others and a desire to share your light in the world, you will attract the right people, you will be of service and you will be successful in your own unique way! Keep loving yourself and your life! Thanks for sharing! : ) eme

    • Hi Marie, I just love your story! Excited for you. 🙂 I’m so interested in the Arcturian frequencies and of course Angels. Would love to be on your mailing list!! I paint high vibrational frequencies into my paintings which heal emotional wounds when meditated upon. My business is called 3 Keys Therapy ( I invite you to check it out! Would love your feedback. I suggest you consider offering the Arcturian frequencies in English too. Love all the 444’s. You are absolutely in the right place… :). Laurentians are beautiful. What a great place to live – synchronicities are brilliant!!! I am a fellow Canadian and live in Toronto.
      Please get on my mailing list so I can keep in touch with you.
      All my love,

      • Sue

        Hi love what you are talk about here and will follow you…this is intriguing and I want to know more about it works out….I believe in energy fields and how they affect our personal lives. This is not t be taken lightly, it even relates back to feng shui, we have to be solid in our surroundings to make our lives work!
        Energy fields matter!

    • Patty

      My name is Patty. My field is related to exercise.

      Did you lose weight just from changing your eating habits or did you getting physically active and started to exercise on top of changing your eating habits? You and your husband did a great job!

      I don’t know if you are working out or not. If you and your husband are interested in improving your performance in exercising or interested in thinking of exercise outside of the box, then please contact me at [email protected]. I can help both of you.


  8. Vicky

    Starting my coaching business – which is why I signed up for B-School!!! SO EXCITEDDDD!!!

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      YAYYYYYYYYYYYY! Welcome to the B-School family, Vicky!

    • Patty

      Hi Vicky,

      Can you tell me more about your coaching business?


  9. One year from today, I want to have a smoothly running, successful, sustainable house call practice that is growing & changing people’s lives. I will be thankful that I committed to learning the business of owning my own practice instead of hoping I figure it out by osmosis or hope or sorcery (none of those things have worked, thus far—just saying…).

    Today I am joining B-School. I know without a doubt that the program, the people, and my commitment are going to be a turning point for Rebel Healthcare as a business & Kirsten Harrison as a doctor.

    I definitely have something this world needs. It’s about time I learned how to get it out there. Wheeeeeeee!

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      One action leads to another and another and before you know it your entire world changes, Kirsten. We can’t wait to welcome you to the B-School family and help you to bring your beautiful gifts to life.

    • Yay congrats! And I love your positive outlook, sometimes that’s half the battle!

  10. Marie, it’s thanks to you that my big dream has come true! In 2012 I put my book idea on my vision board – alongside a pic of YOU who’d I’d only just discovered. I had no idea yet what was about to unfold. I did B-School in 2013, created an online business out of my book idea, and last month – my book was published! It took a few years for my dream to come true, but that book wouldn’t have been what it is if I’d not been on this journey. And I’d not be doing the work I LOVE if it hadn’t been for B-School. Thank you.

    My next big goal? To speak at events around the world. And a retreat in Bali…. I’m going to put that on my Vision Board TODAY!!!

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Kelly, YOU are such a beautiful part of our B-School family. We love seeing you fly. xo

  11. Stace

    I’d like to be healthier. I’ve sacrificed my health along the way as I’ve built my business and taken care of a sick parent. Now that business is picking up and I no longer have the caretaker responsibility, I’ve realised that my body literally cannot support me on my way to my goals. So one year from today I’ll be healthier and fitter 🙂

    • Patty

      Hi Stace,
      My name is Patty. My field is related to health and exercise. I want to offer to help you get started on living a healthier lifestyle again. I also want to make clear that I am not a personal trainer. Please contact me [email protected]


  12. I want to be financially – independent and I mean living in abundance!
    the first step I’m taking is doing B-School baby! 🙂

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Yes Charlotte! Here’s to amazing abundance and inspiration each and every day. *high five*

  13. I will be offering my signature program, designed to re-energize and elevate institutional nursing care from custodial to compassionate to serve both the nurses and those for whom they care in at least hospital and one nursing home.

  14. Thank you Marie and Team! This is SUCH a great reminder that time is our most precious commodity. That is why I am committing to getting up at 5am in the morning to work on my online presence and sell some ebooks and help woman decide if egg freezing is right for them! By next year I want to have created a program to help women live the life they imagined for themselves.

    Thank you for all of your inspiration and comic relief too. I’ve been watching you since 2013 (omg hard to believe) and it is time to start putting my life’s work into full gear.

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Thank YOU for spending 5 years of your life with us, Radell. We never take the gift of time for granted. You are a gift to us.

  15. I am a B-school alumna…back for round 2 this year. However, I decided after watching more “vintage” Marie TV episodes and receiving the B-school prep emails over the past few weeks to really dig down into the creative business I want to start. I already have a “successful” marketing/PR/coaching business but it just isn’t satisfying my deepest creative desire. I decided to give myself permission to work on what I truly want to do instead of just what I “should” do. This episode today was perfect…in a year I want to have self-published at least two children’s novels. I started really writing this past week and I feel like I can do this! It’s not the same old “business” grind, which makes me very happy!

    • Annabel

      I also switched gears last year from a marketing agency to launching a new product line. I am an engineer and wanted to create products. My company is Workvie and it provides pain relief for working people. See you in B-school and good luck with your books. 🙂

  16. Paula Freitas

    The ONE thing I DID was to enrol in B-School. Just signed up yesterday and I am already having a deep dive into the pre-lectures!
    I finally got tired of saying to myself that I want to be an entrepreneur and not (really) doing much about it! And now is ACTION time! 😀

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Such beautiful action in motion, Paula! Welcome, welcome, welcome.

  17. I have been on this journey for about 9 months now and the answer to this question changes. However, the one thing I am struggling with now and needs to change is this.

    Suppress the urge to feel like an imposter.
    There are many other individuals and companies in my domain far more established with robust offerings. I have to remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day and there will be those that come to me in the beginning despite the competition because I provide something they can’t get anywhere else. I am not exactly sure what that is yet, but I have to believe as I follow this path that I will find that differentiator.

    • Mike Munson

      I relate to this 100% Bob. But take solace in the message from Marie’s video – nobody else can offer what you offer. You started down this path because of your passion and your vision. That authenticity and drive give you just as much right to be in the space as your competitors. It’s easy to feel like you’re going to be swallowed up by it – but find ways to remind yourself of your why and re-center. You’ve got this!

    • Stacy Stonich

      Bob – how cool to see a familiar name here!! Best of luck in your journey!! B-School is simply amazing!

  18. ARG only ONE thing??????? I have so many!!!!!! OK I can narrow it down to having a fully functional, profitable business on-line THAT I ENJOY.

  19. I am tired. tired. tired of starting things. All this striving. Why?

    • Jennifer

      Maybe you are like me and you start things and don’t finish them. If so, pick up one of those started (and not finished things) and keep going with it.

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Leslie, maybe your action step is to eliminate things. That counts as an action too, and it’s clear that your urge isn’t to start but is to stop. Simplify to amplify.

      • Toni

        Eliminating things – YES! Heather that was my epiphany listening to Marie’s Saturday(?) night broadcast. (Cue Hallelujah Chorus) I am going to create a sabbatical for myself! It might not start in the next year, but I met with my financial adviser and CPA in the last few days to start working out the timing and length. I have the resources to create this space for me to rest, heal and get my creative juices flowing again. They already are!
        After 31 years as a cash only, word-of-mouth only bodywork practitioner and specialized personal trainer (in the last 5), I want to share my unique approach with a wider world. And I’m going to create a bigger, more expansive life for myself.

  20. Jennifer

    An inspiring watch, Marie.
    A year from now I want to know that I put my handmade jewelry in at least 2 craft shows. In addition, creating a better marketing campaign for it. I want to have found a mentor and/or a group of like minded creatives to share ideas with. A year from now I want to have started my own personal organization business.

  21. Would LOVE to be back where I was in 2007 BEFORE the economy tanked. Business was going great – I designed high end letterpress wedding invitation suites with a tropical / vineyard theme – total niche market. Overnight the economy tanked and business disappeared. At the same time we then found out I was expecting #3 and then when #3 was a year we found out #4 was happening. With 4 kids, life became more and more chaotic – in a good way, but my business went to the back burner. I’m now starting from scratch to re-build and it’s just going slow. Working with Minted I’ve been able to win 39 awards for my invitation designs, but I want to have more designs in my own website where I’m making the profit. I want to be busy again and have financial freedom. I know video is the way to go to add a personal touch to the business, but I’m camera shy. So my goal for myself is to *try* to overcome that.

    • We each are multifaceted people. I am betting, that in addition to the part of you that is shy, you also have a part of you that is totally not shy, totally bold. Like the part of you that leads your design process to be so bold it’s award winning! Put THAT part of you in charge in front of the camera. She can tell your shy side, “Don’t worry, I’ve got this.” The nerves may still come up. Just don’t let that define you. Go for it!

  22. Thank you Marie! Today my action step is to finish an artist grant letter I am working on. This year I will make the transition from being a freelance graphic designer to being a full time painter.

    • Hi Sarah, I am transitioning to selling my natural line of pain relievers Workvie. My graphic designer at my agency is looking for more projects. If you have any clients that she can help with it would be awesome!

  23. Laura

    This episode rings SO true. I have been wrestling with procrastination these last couple of months after finding myself at a business tipping point – so a few days ago, I took action and signed up to B-School. Job done! For now…!

  24. A year from now, I would be so proud of myself for
    – doing things that I said I would do
    – completing b-school and having a thriving business “I AM ME”.
    – traveling to Europe (Italy and Greece)

  25. Lynn Lekander

    There has been a nagging idea in the back of my mind. I’m taking baby steps in that direction. Today’s video is a push in the right direction. I must move now. THANKS for the inspiration!

  26. Marie,
    I needed this video! Nothing like a dose of motivation first thing in the morning.
    Thanks Marie!
    This year, I look forward to a challenging, productive and AMAZING year! Pouring all my energy into making this happen for myself & a few like minded Pros who want to work in a productive, fun and positive environment. A year from now, I see myself working in my own BEAUTIFUL space with a solid client base and super cool professionals. This Video, B-School & Opportunity = Perfect timing; It’s now!

  27. Kara

    Great motivation to taking steps (even baby steps). Love the idea of looking back to this moment in a year from now. Thank you!

  28. I was literally about to take a nap (that I didn’t need) when I saw this video. I was staring at my messy apartment, wanting to make my glowing green smoothie and work on my website design, but Netflix and sleep sounded so good. I have so many goals written down that I’ve been putting off. Your video jump started my day like a motivation pill girl! I’ve been working to sell my boxes of LPs and CDs that I self produced on my own record label. I keep putting it off because the music business can be so tough. I’ve been utilizing your tools for a few years now. And thanks to you and Melissa Ambrosini’s encouraging tools, I decided to dedicate my music to social justice and bringing more love into the world. In one year I plan to see physical changes in my health by honoring my temple with what I do and consume, and I hope to see a lucrative difference in my company Vevolve, Evolve With Love, as I work to promote my music about human trafficking, sexual harassment, and healing.

  29. Wendy Snelgrove

    One year from now – Book in print!

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Yes, Wendy, YES!

  30. Nicole

    A year from now, I’ll almost have finished my dissertation, I’m going to have a great website and create a business based on starting B-School this week!!!!!

  31. Erin

    One year from now I *finally* want to have my online business fully operational and generating a net profit. (Rather than being in the red every month…)

    The one step I took on Saturday to achieve this goal was to sign up for B-School (woot! woot!) and the step I’ve been taking every day since is to work Through both Start the Right Business and The Follow Through Formula. I’m on Lesson 4 of STRB and it’s been so so powerful!

  32. Gloria I Archer

    This time next year I will be healthier and more fit. My action plan includes to follow the plan I already know works (it helped me lose 90 lbs) so that I can get myself into One-derland. I have an accountability partner that helps me with motivation and staying positive so I will add my health and fitness goals to my 1 year from now list. This is exciting for me because I have been saying to myself I should get back on track but then I shrug and eat like I am on vacation. It’s been 3 years and 60+ lbs later and I am ready to have that healthy feeling again. Being healthy improves my quality of life and gives me so much opportunity to break through more goals. Thank you for this, Marie ?

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Gloria, thank you so much for sharing your words and journey with us. Keep looking forward and taking the action that you know works for you and your life. We’re cheering you on and know that you accomplish anything you set your mind to. xo

    • Patty

      Hi Gloria,

      My name is Patty. My field is related to health and fitness. I would like to offer to help you on your performance, which includes setting goals properly. I want to make clear that I am not a personal trainer. Please contact me [email protected]


  33. Aurelia

    Simply… a Zumba instructor. I love to dance and love taking the classes. Family and friends cheer me on “omg I can so see you doing that, you should!” Then at lunch, I pass by vacant store fronts and I think to myself “how cool it would if a Zumba studio was here and maybe I can be the one to open up a studio around here” and “what if I was the one to do it?!” They are thoughts for now but I appreciate you Marie for putting out videos like this one to keep us thinking of our dreams.

    • Larisa

      Aurelia … Do It!!! Getting your Zumba® instructor license is super fun and can be done in one day!!! And everything that Marie coaches about is good for building your class list. It’s a beautiful way to build community, help people feel better and have fun. Even if you volunteer a class at a senior center it’s a great start. The love & support in the instructor community is amazing. I will be rooting for you! <3 GET IT, GIRL!!!

  34. Amanda Leigh

    So, in a year from now I want to have Peace Path on its feet and functioning, which means the workshops are moving, happening, and people are healing through words, narratives, and memorials, and I have left the soul-squishing job, the soul-crushing relationship, and the soul-demoralizing PhD. I’ll be able to support myself and my kiddo, and we’ll be making peace a more ordinary thing in this world. And, I’ll get to Norway to visit dear friends I haven’t seen in far too long. XO

  35. The one thing will do that I’ll be proud of myself for doing next year is starting my business. And the thing I can do now is work my business like it’s wildly successful already! Mindset is everything.

  36. As a mother and soon-to-be grandmother; I’d love for my business to to excellerate to a level that I will have that precious time to spend with my grandchildren. I’ve been in business for 4 years (grammypreneur) and honestly, it’s been slow going. We do good (the bills get paid) but I know there are important areas of running a business that are completely foreign to me.

    • Hey there,
      Would love to connect with you about the Grammypreneur title. Love the idea of joining other long distance grandmas and sharing experiences. Having a great business is part of the life puddle and adding grandkids makes it all worthwhile.


  37. Trudy V.

    You are a great motivator. Uplifting and not fake. Thanks so much for being there !!!!
    I just lost a doctor friend at age 67 to pancreatic cancer after a long battle. He was gifted and used his gift every single day. Your information is timely.
    God made you beautiful. Trudy

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Trudy, I’m so sorry to hear about your friend. Sending you lots of love from our hearts to yours. May your friend’s example on how he lived life be a beautiful example for you and everyone he interacted with during his time here on earth. xo

  38. One year from now, I want to be making enough money from my coaching business that I can retire my husband and I can work from anywhere that I have my laptop and an internet connection.
    The one step I took to achieve this…I joined B-School! Yay!

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Welcome to the beautiful B-School family, Mary! We’re beyond honored to have you. xo

    • Hi Mary,
      This is my dream!!! To retire my husband and work from anywhere that I have my laptop. Let’s do this together. x

  39. Want to sell 1000 units of something

  40. Tammy

    Today will be about cleaning up and expanding on my home art studio (ok it’s in my garage but hey it’s a start! ) I am considering B School and wondering if it’s the right choice for me. I am a total newbie at entrepreneurship. My mother, she is so proud of me…she has entered stage 4 cancer and I don’t know how much time is left, which makes me realize how precious NOW is…I am 42 years old. My mom still inspires me.

  41. Corinna

    In a Year from now I will be independant and learning Japanese, because at the moment I am working to get my Master at University and gather every bit of Information to get going. Thanks for the Episode! Love from Germany

  42. SonJe Joiner

    Marie TV is always inspiring. One year from today, I want to be teaching dream yoga and meditation classes to women around the world. The one action step that I can take on my journey to this goal is to enroll in B-School…and let me tell you…I am already enrolled and standing in tiptoe anticipation for whats to come.


    • Heather- Team Forleo

      We’ve seen it thousands of times, SonJe’- making the decision to join B-School shifts your life in ways that you can’t even comprehend right now. We’re cheering you on every step of the way and can’t wait to see you soar!

  43. Dinise Mustain

    One year from now I want to have a creative flower/food farm, where I empower women 55 years and older to work, create, provide organic food and amazing flowers to the community AND to create works of art from pressed botanicals grown on the farm. I am joining B-School today.

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Oh, Dinise, we can’t WAIT to have you in our B-School family. Let’s get the beauty that you’re creating out to as many people as possible!

  44. Sam

    A year from now, I want to have my business up and running… and I want to publish my book!

  45. I have a list that I have made that by the time I finish this list I have officially launched my business. The biggest hump that I have to get over is launching my website. My first step today is to launch my one page website for list building and start building my list. I loved Instant Money Maker webinar and I will not wait until module 4 to start building my list and putting myself out there.

    • AWESOME Nya! Good for you for taking action 🙂

  46. I’m so excited that I signed up for B-School I finally just jumped in after procrastinating for three years!!!!!

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      NOW is your time, Venus! B-School happens at the exact moment that it’s meant to. Enjoy every single moment- you’re time is now !

    • WELCOME to B-School Venus!! ?

  47. Thanks Marie!

    I was sitting here all down on my goals, grrr.
    Then realized, hey, I am in the process of taking the next steps in my business!
    Horray for me!

    P.s. I’m a big time B-schooler!
    Can’t wait to go through it once again!

    • You are SO welcome Debi!! and YES — so thrilled to have you back 🙂

  48. Aimee

    The one thing that I will be so grateful to myself a year from now is to reclaim my body and my health.

    I’m writing this comment from the gym – I’m on my way 🙂

  49. Brynn

    This has been exactly what’s on my mind lately!

    Studies have shown (and through my own experience) that people tend to overestimate their resolutions/goals in a year, however we *underestimate* what can be accomplished in 3 years?

    Interesting, I’ve made a big list of 10 things that will manifest, just for redoing my house, in three years? And perhaps in my time of taking action I’ll end up educating myself in University (I’m sure I could spend my life as a Student)… I suppose I just desire to?

    2018 will be the year that I start doing life rather than having life do me.

  50. Marie. Funny thing, I started listening to you a long time ago. Then somehow I lost touch of you. Now I have you back! You somehow popped up! Was I sleeping this long? Or procrastinating? You are like a breath of fresh air. I love you and so glad I somehow started watching you faithfully again. My dreams are gonna come true with my Self love biz, and I am gonna thank you over and over. You were there right in the beginning (less than a year ago) then a break, and you are gonna be here for the glory as it all unfolds. I have the confidence I got from you?? website open in a day or 2:)

  51. Just so I’m clear does B School closed on March 1st or March 2nd. I won’t miss the cut off but I saw a video that said it closed March 2nf. Please confirm. Thanks!

    • Hey Stephanie! It closes March 1st, this Thursday at 6pm EST 🙂

  52. As always, an inspirational video. I’ve been following you for years and watching the weekly videos, but I’ve never felt compelled to comment before. Today is different! Today, I am acting, engaged and ready to work for what I want. I went back to college at 45 years old, I graduated one week before my 50th birthday…that was last May. Since then I’ve started my life coaching practice, written my memoir (which is sitting on my desk waiting for me to bring it back to life), and taught my first online art journaling class. Great strides…but I’m holding myself back…I have so much more to do and give. So, what’s the one thing I can do? I did it last week – I joined B-School. How I will afford the monthly payments is unclear; however, I simply KNEW that I MUST not wait another year to go through this process. I am READY…ready to stop playing small. Thank you Marie for all that you do to empower others to be the very best version of themselves. I’M GOING TO B-SCHOOL!!!!!

    • Welcome Victoria! Congratulations on everything you’ve put in motion so far and we are SO honored to have you in class this year!

  53. I wanna complete developing my company web portal I have been at it for almost 2 years developing it now!!!

    Action that I am lacking is consistency… when I say I am focused I just loose it then start being frustrated…

  54. Beryl Bain

    I would like to write a book. Marie, this video’s going on repeat.

    • You can do it! Let your excitement and passion trump all that perfection and imposter complex! <3

    • YES Beryl! I’m working on my next book right now, too. Let’s DO this!

  55. Debra

    It would be wonderful to even HAVE a dream. It would be wonderful to even feel that there was something, anything to contribute.

    • Sue D

      (((Debra))) You are not alone! I spent so much of my life fulfilling other people’s dreams, I lost my own. You, too? I have wondered why I even exist. Have been seriously trying to find my voice for 10 years now (I’m 57); my husband started me off by asking what used to interest me as a child (reading) and then what book topic was I always reading about? (horses) Then he asked what natural skill did I have (massage). He googled Horse and Massage and . . . it is a thing! I got certified in equine massage. I loved helping horses, I loved working outdoors, I loved giving my gift to a horse rescue . . . but I had the worst time getting people to pay me. And the horse rescue asked too much of me (shifts cleaning stalls and troughs, teaching others massage, baking cupcakes for 100 volunteers, babysitting the director’s children, chaperoning the mini-horse mascot at all-day events, writing contracts and serving on the board of board of directors when they found out I had been a lawyer), all for free, of course. I finally learned to say no, quitting after 7 years. Have been in limbo since. Earned Master Gardener certification last year, thinking I can help make the world more beautiful, grow food for the poor, help save the environment, find like-minded friends. Surprise, in this town it turned out to be a bunch of cliques! BUT Marie’s video inspired me to take the tiny baby step of signing up for a non-credit class offered through the local community college for $30 – “Voice Overs: Now Is Your Time!” LOL, that really is the name of it. It sparked an interest in me that no other course in the catalog did; maybe that’s how dreams begin, just a spark of interest in a topic. Evidently if you are good at reading aloud, you can earn a living at it – or volunteer to read books on tape for the blind. I love reading, and reading aloud, so here goes. I hope something in my story will give you an idea about recovering your own dreams. It’s never too late – Grandma Moses started her painting career at 78. Best of luck to you, Debra!

  56. Wooooooooohoo

    I said this very thing to myself last year.

    And on April 30th I started writing my first book!

    I look back now on taking that action and am so damn happy-proud of myself! Marie this is a great episode and thinking about our future self in this way is a real motivator! So a year from now – what do I want to do that will make me so proud?

    I think I’m gonna let that be a surprise – I have some things in motion so I know I’m already on the right track. Heehee

    • Keep us posted Bernard! I want to hear what you come up with 🙂

  57. Penny Murray

    Good morning. I desire freedom from ‘going to a job’. I have two budding businesses that are trickling in people. I am ready for the flood! I envision myself having a professional office, and a virtual office, sharing knowledge, traveling, and increasing people’s awareness to their Magnificence through Biofield Tuning (my energy healing business)and sharing from Abundance in many ways , one which includes Gratitude Gift Boxes. (my add to the positive in the world business)

    Thank you for your time
    Keep Shining
    Penny Murray

  58. Making my own large scale production of Scottish music and Dance. I’m making a video right now to promote it. I’m working on it! Not procrastinating…plus I’m sick! But I love having that extra push from this video to keep pushing! Thanks !

  59. Leila Martin

    the ONE thing I want to do this year is be true to myself and not sabotage myself working thru B-School. I know what my dream is and it is NOT living the rest of my life in hot humid, way too big Houston TX. Colorado Springs has my name on it and that’s where I want to buy my tiny but cute little house so I can enjoy the beauty and nature of that town. I will keep my DREAM bigger than my doubts!

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Leila, sounds as though the Follow Through Formula is a really great aspect of B-School for you to dive into right now. Get those priorities straight, and that NO train started, to maximize your B-School experience and make those dreams come to life.

  60. Theresa Forster

    I look forward to Hosting an event where women of all ages, race, season of life come together to be inspired to live their best lives. To connect with a sisterhood of like minded women who embrace the unlimited possibilities in the journey of their lives with grace, courage, joy, tears, ambition and love!

  61. Alia

    Thank you for consistently brightening my day and helping put my challenges in perspective, Marie!

  62. Alahna

    Short and sweet. I’ve already taken the actions step to my two main goals. Every day, I do my 30 minutes of yoga + 10 minutes of meditation in the morning and my 1 hour of B School at night.

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Those actions combined are like the perfect dancing partners, Alahna! Beautiful and effective 😉

  63. Kathy Clarke

    I joined up with Cat Leblanc in January and am setting up my business called The Healing Gardens where I not only care for indoor plants for hospitals, medical clinics, business offices, anywhere people can benefit from the stress reducing and healing effects of plants, I find the correct plants and pots and set them up for them. As I’ve been told by a corporate employee, people will pay someone to do this kind of work for them because they just don’t have the time to do it themselves. Next year I plant to launch phase two of my business where I work with horticulture therapists and landscape architects in designing actual healing and therapy gardens for hospitals, corporate offices, etc. So, right now I’m learning how to design these types of gardens. Anyway, I started receiving emails about Marie which led me to sign up for the actual emails from her. I’m really appreciating the extra input from her. I feel like I’m getting this extra boost of motivation and help which I need to keep pushing me forward.

  64. Michael Shuttlesworth

    Hey Marie, I just joined your channel and I must say “You are Fabuulousss”!
    I am close to retirement, but really no closer to making sure that me and my wife’s retirement years is secure. I have dabbled (keyword) in online marketing and in the cryptocurrency market, but with little funds and little time (excuses) I have not accomplished much.
    To answer your question, my hope/dream is to be financially secure or at least on the road to it by this time next year! I watched your video on gifts and the only natural gift I know that I have is writing (childrens stories) and communication, I even tried offering my services on Fiverr, with some success but too little revenue for too much work!
    SOO glad I found you and look forward to receiving your help,

  65. Betsy

    This hit the mark for me today! After years of wanting to, I’m finally starting a Coaching certification program to “have a business and life I love.” Super terrified, but really excited. Thank you Marie Forleo- love your channel and love B school! You’re an inspiration!

  66. MSA

    thanks for this kick in the butt. ……I needed it!

  67. Julie

    Working out on thE regular!

  68. Margaret Minguy

    A year from now I will be saying goodbye to my crazy schedule as a registered nurse! I became certified in Legal Nurse Consulting 5 years ago, jumped into building the business and then was side railed by the Big C. I’m on the other side of that now and really want to grow my consulting in a non-traditional way. I also love to write, and plan to explore that- I have an idea for a blog/ebook that is unrelated to nursing. My certification course taught me a lot about consulting but not about marketing. One of the ways they teach is the “cold call”- and I am picturing Marie shaking her head no, no, no! during her webinar with Kate Northrup! I have read a lot of testimonials and I don’t see any B-Schooler’s in my industry, but my hope is that this will help me stand out in my crowd! I am registering through Gabby because she’s the one who led me to explore B-School!

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      What a journey, Margaret! Your determination is evident in your words. Keep bringing your mission to life and don’t let anything stop you- even that jerk Big C. We’d love to welcome you into B-School so that you can reach even more amazing people in the world with your work. xo

  69. Sherry P

    Hey Marie! I love your videos…cudos to you and your team for providing kickass content that inspires and changes lives.

    So the one thing I want in the next 365 days is to be the Big Boss Lady at Sherry and Co. And the one thing I did today to turn my wish into reality is (pom, pom, pom) register for B School! I’m soooo excited to be putting me first. I can’t wait to get started.

    Thanks again,

  70. Bianca Thompson

    Thank you Marie! Everything you post comes to me right when I need it! I don’t want to be the “put it off” dreamer anymore! Art business here I come! Also, I love your jeans and blouse on this episode!

    Much love, Bianca

  71. Hi Marie, and everyone.
    This week I am starting a business.
    It’s what I’ve been doing for decades: Coaching.
    I have no money to invest. I cannot afford advisors.
    People have been beseaching me to do this. They need guidance.
    The community has been asking me to present some awareness seminars.
    I’m afraid and I don’t know how to proceed.
    Lots of faith is required here.
    But it’s like you said in the video. A year from now I will thank myself.
    IF this works. So far, nothing.
    I’ve never been paid for the amazing services I have given.
    I need to have stable income! I can’t keep giving it away for free, without support.
    But if I do any other kind of work, I won’t have time for my true calling.
    It seems like a conundrum.
    So I just go forward in whatever baby steps are possible.
    And I STILL am giving away my work, out of dire need for survival.
    I put teams together. I’m trying to put a team together for this company.
    So far I’ve got me, and networking support from a friend.
    And admiration from dozens of people for scrapping this business together.
    Oh joy. My future self had Better appreciate this effort.
    I sure hope it works, because I’m putting everything I have into it.
    This is about Being Who I Really Am.
    Or trying to, anyway.
    Example: I brought some awareness to an institution that was inadvertently harming thousands of people.
    It was a years-long project. Now they are allotting millions of dollars to fix the problem.
    I deserve to be paid for that.
    But I don’t know how to be. I cannot reach into other people’s purses to extract money or value.
    Life is for learning. There is much to learn.
    That which I must learn, I must learn myself, so far.
    Some day I hope to have enough money to hire a coach.
    Heck, I hope that today I will EARN money as a coach!
    Still going forward. Somehow.
    Got $5.75. That might be enough. We’ll see.
    Businesses have been started on less.
    Forward. It’s the only direction available.

    • Sharon,
      I empathize with what your saying re your conundrum. Value the service and work you do. If you don’t others won’t. Absolutely no, no, no reason not to expect remuneration. We’d never expect our mechanic to work for nothing, nor our doctor etc!
      Make yourself clear from the get go, from here on in, that you need to be paid for your services! If you do things for nothing you devalue yourself and your service, and people get to expect it and even take advantage.
      Wishing you all the very best!
      Catherine Meyers

  72. I want my appointment calendar filled with amazing clients. I want to have a series of classes up and running. I want to be empowering people to release their turmoil and pursue their happiness.

  73. It was once said, procrastination is like masturbation. The only one you screw is yourself. I’m here to say I’ve been the queen of procrastination. I know I’m not alone in this. Fear of failure of fear of success is usually the main reason.
    Another great episode team Forleo. One of the most relevant for me I think, and because get fearful of financial insecurity. We’s po folk here in Apple River Nova Scotia, but rich in soul! My lack of funds keeps me from doing lots, but it’s not so much at the forefront of my frontal lobes these days. This is because I’ve worked hard at practicing faith and trust in the God of my understanding. Not that my financial situation has changed, but will soon and for that I’m grateful.
    So that all said, I’m going to continue to practice faith and trust, in my Higher Power and in myself. I intend to one save for some reliable wheels that isn’t a Fred Flintstone car, put some funds into investing in my art and Tarot reading enterprize and put some dough into my my house, which needs a serious indoor face lift.
    Carp Diem!
    Catherine Meyers

    • Thank you Catherine.
      I wish I know how to charge people.
      Folks don’t have money.
      People don’t PAY for guidance.
      I have NEVER heard of a coach getting paid. EVER.
      I only see people advertise their micro-services for tens of thousands of dollars.
      That’s absurd. People cannot afford that for something that will not reap that much money.
      The thing I did for the institution was me trying to survive, to barely stay alive among dozens of meaningless hospital visits. To get money from them would take a law suit I cannot afford.
      Okay… I’m convinced. Coaching – Who I Really Am is a worthless endeavor.
      Then I’m going to go get a stupid day-job and give up on this pipe-dream.
      No more slavery, working without pay.
      The wold can go try to fix itself. I’m done with trying to be me.
      I can’t get answers to my questions to save my own life.
      I’m Not Jesus Christ, no matter HOW many people say I am. And they DO say that!
      If the world can’t help me, I am physically unable to help the world.
      I’m outa here. Done.

      • Hi Sharon,
        I gather your coaching could be classified as Life Coaching? I did a bit of online searching to find out what the average income is for Life Coaches. Didn’t find it to be very much 10.00 – 14.00 an hour on average and then I also found this. I expect it depends on your training and qualifications. Here is the information I also found for statistics in 2014.
        The average hours per week a coach works is 13 hours. 76% of Coaches expect to see an increase in clients and revenue within the coming year. According to the average median self-employed life coach salary is $52,595. The lowest $ $28,198 and the highest $274,314.Nov 23, 2014.

        Well that’s not chump change and if it’s increased now in 2018, that’s even better!
        I’m an visual artist Sharon and spent approximately eight years at University. I graduated with a BFA. In Canada the average income of an artist is $18,000. I never went to art school to make big bucks, but because I love the creative life style and it’s who I am. If I could make 18,000 a year I’d feel rich! Money for me through my art comes in fits and starts, but I keep on moving forward. I made most of my living over the many years in the work world as a Youth Care Worker which was my vocation. I used art as a way to work with troubled kids which was very rewarding and an effective tool to reach kids. and enable personal growth and change. My Youth Care work enabled me to buy my house. Now I’m retired and I can spend my time and energy creating art, and doing volunteer work.

        Perhaps you might be able to find a way of doing something else you love if you feel you can’t make any income coaching. I know money isn’t everything but most creative types are also empathetic and they simply want to be able to make a sustainable living doing what they love.
        I hope you find a way to do that Sharon!
        Kindest regards,

        Catherine Meyers

        • Thank you, Catherine.
          That’s the kind of help I’m asking for.
          Yes, life coach – for personal and workplace challenges.
          I have worked for $50K as a technician since the 1980’s, and that is fine. Even $30K would work just fine.
          I have a Transgender Awareness seminar I’m starting to market. Many people have requested that I do that, cause they have a need to know. Especially in healthcare. That’s a start.
          It looks like I will have to get a day job for money. Back to engineering.
          Coaching will happen when it happens. People come to me… Like you said at first, I need to be prudent about charging them, or just not do the work. I can do this.
          Sounds like a plan. Thank You for your insights! Very much appreciated.
          Okay… going forward. Writing a positive storyline for my future.
          Sharon Z

  74. I’ve been looking at B-School since Mastin Kipp was a fresh graduate. And toiling as a low level earner as an entrepreneur since. I want to transition to a service based business I KNOW will be successful. I feel like this is finally my year, but, I’m in Canada and the conversion is not friendly. It’s about the money for me, where does everyone find the funds?

  75. Kayla Fuller

    The one thing I will be really proud of myself for starting today is my YouTube channel! I have been so fearful of it not being perfect or not having the “right” theme or angle before starting that I just haven’t started! It’s my dream! I want to create spiritual and emotional change in the world and I guess sometimes I feel like YouTube isn’t the place for such things? Even though I know it is! And can absolutely be done! I need to just make and upload that first damn video and rip the bandaid off!

  76. Dyan

    A year from now I’ll be free to travel as I will have a job transformation, instead of relying only on my day job my side kick will be my main jon. I will be able to enjoy the fact of us needing to travel to be with our families!

    My first action is to TREAT my side kick as my priority and build my next year from there (B-school baby!).

  77. Great message, as always! Yet taking steps IS my struggle because I AM taking them … and taking them… and taking them. Forward progress with marketing is elusive …without a constant fight. I work so many hours each day on marketing ideas that I don’t even count them anymore. It’s just full on, all the time, for the past couples of years. And yet … I’m not where I want to be. My gut tells me that clarity is what I must conquer, but the question remains: clarity about what, exactly? I feel like I’m constantly throwing ideas against the wall, trying to get some to stick, in terms of marketing. Fear is not my issue. I’m game for anything – just bring it on. Clarity is my issue.

  78. Vera

    One year from now I want to tech girls and young women how to be leaders of their own lives, how to embrace their vision or even how to get awareness on the vision they don’t know they have yet. I want to speak to crowds, inspire future generations and help communities overcome the gender inequality.

    • Vera

      Tech was meant to be “teach”… autocorrect makes people look ignorant 🙂

  79. Chika

    The one thing I want to do now is start a medical aesthetics practice. I’m a clinical pharmacist working for the NHS. The current economic climate has meant staff shortages and budget cuts making it hard to consistently provide patient centred care. I’d love to be in a position to start a private practice so I can care for patients without such constraints. So… achieve I’ve taken the plunge and enrolled in B-School!! I’ll have to work my socks off and I’ve taken on extra work on the weekends so I can afford the payments ….but it’ll be worth it. I’ll be able to follow my dreams and achieve my goals… Thanks Marie!! Xo

  80. Amy

    One year from now I’ll have 3 international meditation/qigong retreats on the calendar: Peru, Ireland, Egypt. By the end of 2019 a combined net will be $40K, and in the meantime, I will build my email list and engage more students. The specific action I can take today is reconfirming 2019 spring dates with my Peruvian guide.

  81. Sophia

    The thing I want to do, that I will appreciate having started today when I look back a year from now:

    Consistently take responsibility for my own life, every aspect, every minute, every day.

    Best Wishes

  82. Kim

    What I want to do is create focused forward momentum in my business. The action step I have taken was signing up for B-School! Woo hoo!

  83. Reeta

    Hi…I’ve finished studying for a career change and ready to set up my website and business. Feels lonely and often wonder if I did the right thing. Wondering if I get access to b-school community beyond the 8 week programme?

  84. Alia

    Love this! One year from now, I want my business to be totally generating a profit so I can be focusing just on my business -not working a ton of other jobs and trying to launch the business-, and I’d love to have an assistant/1 person who is passionate and shares my vision, working alongside me. And, I’d love to be able to send my parents on vacation in a year (because I paid for it with my work/hardwork)!

  85. Christina

    MARIE!!!!! I’ve said the words “if you start today, a year from now….” SO MANY TIMES to their people. And last year this time your posted something like this. And I have to admit, I took the plunge and signed up for B School! Some necessary distractions happened and I didn’t take B School live.
    BUT!! This year is COMPLWTELY DIFFERENT. Because distractions will happen and I’m refusing to allow anything get in the way of my dreams. Because had I followed through a year ago this time, I would have been SO MUCH farther ahead But that’s ok, sometimes you need the pause. Don’t put a period where the universe puts a comma.

  86. The SAD SACK part had me rollin’ ??? I’m going to finish my ukulele book before Christmas and this time next year I’m going to be super proud! I made a timeline of the actions I’m going to take and I’m going to inspire lots of new musicians!

  87. There’s a whole book on this concept called The Slight Edge by Jeff Olsen. I’ve read it 3 times and I’m reading again now. So much juicy info, and so damn easy! That’s the thing-it’s easy, and it’s just as easy not to do the things necessary to get where we want to go. It comes down to our choices and our commitment. Look around your life and see what you’re really committed to. You may say you’re committed to losing weight, but you keep reaching for the ho-ho’s. There’s an underlying commitment. Bring those forward and shift then so you can take the slight edge and use it to your advantage, rather than to your detriment. Great video Marie! It’s all about th little mundane activities performed consistently over time that will get us where we want to go.

  88. This is such a great video for me because it’s actually my Birthday today so, thank you Marie. I know exactly what I was doing on this day last year and I’ll know the exact day next year when it’ll be a year on from today. So, what do I want to achieve by my next birthday? I want to have begun filming the evidence of a long forgotten hunter-gatherer migration route which I discovered in this area. So, I’m gonna go NOW and look for a cinema grade Go-Pro camera and effing buy it with my birthday money!! Thank you Marie Forleo you are a star!!!!!

  89. Jean

    One thing is to restart a business with my sister-sounds simple-we started a business years ago but had to put it on hold because of health reasons. Now I’m semi-retired and want to restart up the business. Me and my sister live in different countries-we’ve overcome that challenge,but things just kept getting in the way. I’ve already started setting the time for crafting days as I call them. To build up a supply to put in our store. Before seeing your video I said to myself this is the day-talk about being right in tune. Thanks for your uplifting insights in your video’s, I look forward to more. One question for you though-how do you stay so positive?

  90. Best visual ever…. Marie’s Beard Game…. point taken!! Love it!
    Now, to get a “beard game” on with my dreams. A year from now I’d like to have a steady following for my artwork.

  91. Bev

    People keep telling me they love my writing style. I’m not a “writer” but I’ve been thinking about and practicing writing a book for some time now. It’s time to carve out time daily/ weekly to work on it. Starting with 15 mins daily!!

    Thanks for this awesome, to the point, take action vid today Marie!

  92. Valerie Peli

    This’ll sound like it’s purely about money but it’s really not. A year from now I want to have an income that contributes significantly to our household needs. My husband is the sole earner right now despite having some serious health concerns. I want him to be able to stress less about money and have the time to spend on maintaining his health. I plan to achieve this by making my business a priority in my schedule rather than that thing I get to when I have time. My kids will love this…I can free up more time for business in my schedule by giving them more household responsibilities. Because I’m a “bit” OCD, I’ve gotten used to doing nearly everything in our house. I realized recently that at ages 11 and 13 my older two could be helping a lot more. It’ll be a good lesson for them and give me more time. Win win!

  93. I kept thinking I could hire someone to do my marketing or fundraising. Yaa, that didn’t work out so well. SOoooo, I joined B-School almost a week ago, and have already completed some pre-work, and I am rocking it. The ideas, the actions I am taking, the follow-throughs are working. YES, I wish I had started last year, (or any of the previous 4 years), but I did this year. I’ve already created/generated some massive energy towards marketing and fundraising. I’ve applied for one grant, and today – looking at what I will be doing for another opportunity. Opportunities that were around last year, I couldn’t see them, because I wasn’t focused on them. I am keeping my commitments I made to myself, to get this *&%$ done!

  94. I vowed to work more on and in my business this year. I don’t have job-related interruptions like I did last year, so I really have no excuse to not make great progress in the next 365 days.

  95. I LOVED this “You and A” Tuesday! It just spoke right to my heart and was a year long confirmation of taking the right leap of faith and signing up for B-School a year ago! It has been an amazing journey and I’m still working towards my business goals. I was thinking about, “What if I had waited until this year to sign up, instead of last year when things were so chaotic and uncertain?” We’ll … if I hadn’t I wouldn’t of have learned what I know know, or implemented what I have OR even scarier … I wouldn’t have dreamed or thought up or imagined allll…. of the thoughts and ideas that I have now BECAUSE OF B-School! I’m greatfull to my past self for looking forward to my future self and taking the leap amidst her fears and trepidation’s! It has made ALL the difference for where I am today and who I am today! Looking back I am now the “future me” my past me took a chance for. Thank you past self. Here’s to another round of B-School!
    Thank You Marie! ?

  96. Victoria

    I want to be teaching yoga regularly AND (yes AND) working as a hypnotherapist.
    What can I do today? 1. Inform all my girls I’ve got a spot for our 1st yoga workshop and review my lesson content! 2. Keep on studying my hypnotherapy course and PRACTICE as often as I can!
    Thankyou Marie your CLARITY is unlike anything I’ve encountered before! MUCH NEEDED. Love love love what you share!

  97. Ana

    I want to build the best on-line store for young and talented creatives. My products will cover the range of sewing and knitting. I want so bad to focus on the relationship with the client.
    I work with my in laws and at the moment we sell this kind of products on a larger scale, directly to factories.
    It’s the first time we would be able to sell to the end consumer and I really want to do it right.
    Until now the business was not so happy about end consumers, as they buy smaller quantities and are more picky than the factories.
    I decided to create a separate business just for them. BUT I AM SCARED…
    Also I have in mind two other great ideas:
    1.Create a line of gorgeous wedding stationery together with my parents who currently own a small design company. The line is created but somehow I feel stuck when it comes to show it to the world through a website.
    2. Post advice on home organising and help people simplify their lives. This is my soul project.

    Help me prioritise! I know less is more but my brain is like: let’s do this..let’s do all of this…then 5 minutes later it’s like… let’s panic..let’s watch cat videos…

  98. My year-long vision is to succeed on YouTube. I’d love to get more subscribers and views. Maybe I’ll even interview you, Marie.
    with high hopes,

  99. Hi! I want to create my own values-centered business coaching program to launch in September 2018 which will lead to a follow-up program that I launch in January 2019. A year from now I will be SO grateful and excited because my revenue will have paid for 1. moving myself and my kids out of their grandparents’ home and into our own place AND 2. allowed for my kids to follow their passions by my being able to pay for singing, dancing and acting classes for them.
    I will start today by connecting my blog on my website to my business Facebook page which is a much easier way for me to market and build my list! And I’ll also re-organize the pages on my website to make them easier to navigate and find information on my programs! Thanks, Marie!

  100. The ONE thing I want to experience a year from now is financial freedom and yesterday I took a giant ACTION to get there.

    I joined B-School. 🙂

    A year from now, I’ll be looking back at this decision with immense gratitude, knowing I that I chose the best program to get me from DREAM to DONE.

  101. This time next year I will be traveling the world learning from different indigenous communities, helping them sell their crafts at a fair price, and educating people about conscious consumerism, wellness and sustainable travel through my blog – and most importantly I will be getting paid to cover my travels and live and abundant lifestyle for doing so. I’m already working on this but had been really half-assing it until not so long ago when I started working with a business coach who is helping me with my business and keeping me on track.
    As soon as I’m done typing this I’m gonna pay for a weeklong immersion with an indigenous community in Colombia to help them build a community center and in return they’ll teach the attendants about their crafts and culture – this will give me content for my blog besides just being an awesome experience that I’m very much looking forward to!

  102. Your series is always great, Marie. But this is pretty much the perfect video. I have a feeling this one will be bookmarked and revisited regularly. A great quick-shot reminder to TAKE ACTION TODAY. And for me, ironically, I happened on exactly the day I needed it. Thank-you, my dear.

  103. Kirsten Quinn

    It feels so good to take those small steps every day. I get stuck sometimes, like everyone else, but when I do, I try to remember how good it feels to cross ONE THING off a list toward my future self. LOVE this episode! Sharing with friends! Also, the one thing I want to have made progress toward in a year is getting my brand new business off the ground. How am I working toward that today? I joined B-Schoooooooool!! WHAT?!

  104. Donna Andrus

    Life is interesting. Last night, before I even watched this video, I asked myself what do I want to have completed in exactly 1 year from now towards two dreams of mine. I know exactly what I want to see accomplished on both. Thankyou

  105. Loved today’s message! It actually made me cry – my life and business have been on hold while I’ve been taking care of my mom full-time for the past eight years. I realized a few years ago that I needed to focus my full attention on Mom’s care and it’s been an amazing (although exhausting) experience. After being on hold for so many years, I am itching to get on with my life – although I will miss my mom, dementia took “My Mom” away from me years ago so it’s a strange, bittersweet time waiting for the end.

    Although I haven’t been in a position to actively build a business, I’ve written and self-published two books and more importantly, I want you know know Marie, that you inspired me to start my own weekly video five years ago. It’s felt good knowing that I have been able to do one little thing to put myself out there, doing what I love consistently to be of service in a small way. I have a very small audience but I keep on plugging away knowing that my audience will find me at the right time.

    My mom is close to passing right now – could be days, could be months, but I’m preparing in every way I possibly can, so today’s message was especially timely.
    A year from now I hope that Mom is resting peacefully and having a great time with my father in Heaven – and I hope to have grown my clientele enough to live comfortably finally doing what I love and continually growing into bigger and better business ventures.

    This message momentarily took my attention away from my current situation and got me excited about the future.

    Thank you Marie and Team Forleo!

  106. Kacey

    The one thing I want to do this year, that I will be so proud of in a years time, is to start the process of switching careers into one that I am passionate about and will allow me to help and heal others. The first action step I will be doing is registering for school THIS Thursday!! Eek! 2018 is MY year!

  107. Hmm. One thing? Not enough hours in the day!
    But overall? Live a joyful life running my restaurants with a great team who embrace the vision, giving back to the community/planet in the process, and create time to allow me to write more often.
    Currently spending all my time on the business, so lacking balance in the other areas. The goal is clear but requires a lot of pieces to be put into place, and the one thing I have started doing right now is a combination of adopting the Best Self Journal and Marie’s 4-minute trick to massive productivity from a couple of years ago: i.e. planning. Here are a few of the bricks …
    Spirit: Meditate regularly and study Buddhism.
    Emotion: Spend more time with friends, family and enriching experiences.
    Mind: Learn. Learn. Learn! Working on self and business skills.
    Body: Adopt a fitness habit (gym, cycling, etc).
    Here’s to the next 12 months!

  108. Tammy Bills

    I want so badly to be a stay at home mom! That would forever change my life! The one thing I can do today to make that happen is stop being afraid.

  109. I’ve been wanting to become a nomadic worker. Feeling more entrenched with family and life. Wishing I had managed to break us all free and become mobile YEARS ago.

  110. Alicia

    I would love to start preparing for a new career in Medical Device sales!

  111. I will write that book I always wanted to write, but always had some excuse for why the time wasn’t right!!!!! You have inspired me Marie!!

  112. What I want for a year from now is to, ironically, stop taking courses all the time and start executing! I’m fascinated with marketing and have been studying it for a few years as I’ve fleshed out the concept for my business. I now have an online course I’m super proud of and find myself terrified of actually executing the marketing for it…but at the same time I’m dying to do it. I’ve set an action step of picking a marketing concept and starting to execute it this week. Thanks Marie!
    P.S. I have to admit I didn’t really know who you were but a few different people have compared me to you recently and after watching your webinar and some tv episodes I find myself super stoked about that. Thanks for what you do. You will be seeing me around in the future!

  113. Cindy

    Just signed up for B-School. Haven’t been able to log into the members’ area yet, but am hoping to solve that issue today so that I can start.
    My dear friend Kristen has been touting the benefits of B-School and Marie to me for a couple of years now. Right now, I have too many ideas and too many feelings of being an imposter but I hope that by this time next year, I have settled on something to start with, and feel more confident about putting myself out there as a valued commodity.

    I am also dealing with some huge family issues and helping care for aging parents as well as being a single parent, so I am hoping that by this time next year, I have found a way to find more balance, more patience and time to work on the things that will sustain me in the future.

    Today, I am going to take a walk with my teenager and the dog, take a little meditation break and try to get some of the outstanding to-dos off of my list, to create a little more space to devote to the program in the coming days.
    Thanks for being out there in the world!

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      Cindy, welcome! If you’re having any trouble with B-School and logging in, you can always send us an email over at bschoolATmarieforleoDOTcom and we’ll help troubleshoot it for you. We’re thrilled to have your voice and your dreams in our world, and we can’t wait to see what you create 🙂

      • Cindy

        Dear Jillian- I think I figured it out… a problem with my laptop which was solved by using my desktop!
        Thanks for the welcome… I’m scared but glad to be here.

  114. I love your videos, Marie! Adore the simplicity in which you deliver all your messages. Love your outfits, as well!

    A year from today I’ll be extremely happier and proud of myself for having the wonderful opportunity to collaborate with like-minded female entrepreneurs and creatives.

    The action I’m taking now to achieve that is finally putting myself out on social media and sharing more of myself and what I have to offer.

    As you say, marketing is super important. And, it’s something most of us creatives don’t really find much pleasure in. BUT, it’s something that I finally pushed myself to do, and strangely enough – the more I do it, the more I’m enjoying it. The trick is to not think about it as “marketing” aka “selling”, but rather see it as genuinely connecting with others out there who want and need my help.

    Thank you so much for all you do, and for sharing your gift with us all!

    We adore you!

  115. I actually have 2 things that I would like to see achieved by this time next year. My recipe book will be complete and I’ll be doing book tours. I will have also reached the Leadership level in my direct sales business.

  116. I would like monthly art sales (originals) instead of annual. And maybe a solo exhibition

    • Sue D

      I know this sounds odd, but I’m going to put this out there. Our community has a farmer’s market on Saturday mornings starting soon and running through October 31. I noticed a couple years ago some photographers started selling cards, calendars and matted photos there. Last year THREE watercolor and oils artists were selling their art there, also! The one painting pet portraits was getting the most business. (She also had a big clear container of dog biscuits for people who brought their dogs!) Farmer’s Market customers value quality over uniformity or quantity, and are willing to pay for it. Visiting the market has a “special occasion” feel to it unlike the “chore” feeling of grocery shopping; people are strolling leisurely and hoping to be surprised and delighted. Our farmer’s market has a flat $35 fee per Saturday to set up a tent and tables. It might be a way to test the waters and get your work/name/card/brochures out there inexpensively.

      • Thanks for the tip Sue 🙂 I’m in Norway though, but I might try something similar to the dog biscuits here. I’m not a pet portrait artist but I might figure out something that fits. I have done one of the local markets twice so far. Might have to go for the larger ones in the city to get results though.

  117. Hi Team MF. This year I am launching my subscription box (Life After O-week) with the guidance from B-School in April. This box is really unique in my country and continent and I’m so excited that I’m the one that gets to bring it to life. I’m also organising and hosting an event like the one hosted by Create and Cultivate, right here in Johannesburg South Africa in Sept 2018, AND I’m launching my first book, “Stiletto CEO – Building a business whilst raising a boy”, end April. How I’m going to do all this while still holding down a full time job and being soccer mom to my 11 year old soccer star – I don’t know, but I know I can, because Team Forleo and all the beautiful women out there in the world that I am yet to meet have done it, and I believe I’m a superhero like them. Bring. It. On.

  118. Marie, I adore you and your team. I’m a BSchool alumni and can’t wait to join this round. Okay so I’m a multi like most people here. I work in film and television and I founded an NGO. I have had a respectable career as an actor, able to support myself with the work BUT I’m looking to retire this year and commit fully to my NGO, to writing and to filmmaking. EGADS (heaps of terror barriers!). So. What I want to achieve in this next 365: 1) re-invigorate the NGO I founded (we work with refugees and marginalized people in conflict zones) to focus on mental health and women as peace leaders 2) finish the dang travel memoir that’s been ‘in the drawer’ since late 2016 3) shoot the film in Ghana that has also been on the backburner for far too long. I have allowed fear to show up in my life as utter stagnation, procrastination and even depression (which I believe is a direct result of not living to my highest good). It’s vulnerable but as Denise Duffield-Thomas says, it’s my time and I’m ready for the next step. To anyone reading this, I wish you greatness, self-love and a commitment to yourself and your dreams. May goodness follow you for all of your days. May you stay heart-centered in all you do. When you rise to your highest good, you can only serve the highest good of the whole world around you. It’s a win-win. Cheers!

  119. kathrin

    You are so damn amazing!!!
    I watch your youtube videos passionatly ,It gives me so much motivation to learn the business that I have feared all my life. Thought I wouldn’t be able to learn it. But you give that feeling that everyone can. So I looking for a steady job inorder to have that calm mind to make my business workout.
    Just payed for my Etsy training class knowing this going to help create my amazing shop that I have opened 3 weeks ago called “Woodland Fantasy by KG”. I love my new journey ,and one day hopefully soon when I make enough money I am going to learn at B-SCHOOL I know it’s going to help me soooooooooooo damn much since your videos teach me alot too.
    Love you Marie, You are the best business guru ever

  120. Lorna Wood

    Plain old stuck. Have a dream, had it since I was six, but fear stops me. Really sad.

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      Lorna, we totally understand the paralysis that can come when fear begins to seep into our dreams. Per Marie’s suggestion, we encourage you to think of one small actionable step that you could take towards this dream. It doesn’t have to be big, but taking even one single step can help you move through this fear and brighten the doorway to your dream. We believe in you!

  121. I hate to admit this, but what if you don’t have an answer to this question? What if you don’t know what you want or what your dream is? I feel if I knew I’d be ON it, but I don’t know! I am grateful for my current career although it does come with it’s fair share of ups & downs. Anyway… just curious how many out there hear these “what is your dream” things and just scratch their heads.

    • Mary

      My dreams are so far “out there” ~~~ peace on earth, a loving society that respects people, animals, the earth. I go with the obvious choices, such as buying off brands of everything, and praying a lot. ‘Waiting on the World to Change” as John Mayer puts it, and looking for those green shoots. Peace and Blessings all around.

  122. Super uplifting and motivating, Marie. Thank you !

  123. Thank you Marie ~ as always you are beautiful & inspirational.

  124. A year from now- spending 3 months in Hawai’i writing and recording music. YAY !!!

  125. Mike Munson

    A year from today I will have made my move back to my home state, found a job to pay the bills and have my own business outlined and hopefully on it’s first fledgling steps to maturity. I need to have an actionable business plan & vision for what I want the company to stand for – what’s the why. Then, build from there ensuring that I stay true to my values & structure it in a way that allows for scalability. *whew*

  126. I needed to hear this exact message today. Your the fricken best Marie!

  127. Karie*

    A year from now: Have a high five-figure or six-figure earning online business.
    Next Step: I just registered for B-School. Yahoo!!! The next step is to dive into the bonus materials.

  128. Linda Zanoni

    I have a sign on my desk: “Some Day is not a Weekday” Loved this episode.

  129. 1 yr from now: my business is growing – money is coming in 24/7, my tribe has grown by the 100s and I have an assistant now who helps keep me organized. My vision has become my reality. Ahhhhh

  130. Tiffany

    Start a writing scholarship for high school juniors and seniors.

    • Sue D

      This is a wonderful goal!

  131. Marie: Your talk was just what I needed to hear.

    I would love to have my women’s weight loss coaching for women 40 and up thriving so that I can help women be successful and loving everything about themselves. I would also like to speak at events and share inspiration to as many women as possible.

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      We’re so glad this came at the perfect time for you Kathleen, and we LOVE reading this!

  132. Great episode! I’ve been sitting on this idea of starting my own blog and business for quite some time now. I’d love to create a location-independent lifestyle, where I can travel the world, create content I’m proud of and happy to share, while also earning money! A year from now, I’d love to be making my way around the globe and living creatively.

  133. In one year I want to sell 12,000 creams of Workvie Natural Pain Relief and help people who were suffering like my mom from carpal tunnel, bursitis, sciatica, and arthritis. I am reaching out to media to get more coverage for my brand and spread the message to find pain relief in a more natural and safe way.

  134. Fantastic Episode ! I feel transformed by that rare blend of wisdom with humor that you (Marie and Team Forleo) offer! I’m a B-schooler from two years ago and am going for round three this year too!

    OK: To answer the question. Today I am going to write a (as Anne Lamont calls it) a Shitty First Draft of Chapter One of the book I’ve been thinking about daily, researching for weeks, and Notes to myself written all over the damned place ….. BUT HAVE NOT ACTUALLY Started. The One Year Older me is already thanking me and YOU for getting it going!

  135. 1 year from now I want to have my business more structured and get more work done in less time! Working crazy many hours now but earning little money, so it’s time to change that!

  136. Maria

    The one thing I want this year is to put all my ideas, visions and goals into a reality and be my own boss.

  137. My goal one year from now is to contribute as a writer to spiritual groups or magazines and line up some speaking engagements to spread the word about my book, website, and blog. Thanks Marie and team for all the support!

  138. This episode feels like it’s speaking directly to ME! For me, that one thing is to start making YouTube content videos. Last year I set out to do this in January… and do you know that I did not put out a single video. Not even ONE! So here I am, one year later. and let me tell you It-Is-TIME! I am making it happen. Thank you, Marie and Team Forleo.

  139. I signed up for B-School! I’m doin it! Already went through the intro….downloaded the workbook! Not messin around Marie. This time next year I will be empowering, helping and engaging my followers…. like I try to do now, but this time they will hear me because I will know how to reach them lol. Can’t wait!
    Donna DeStefano, Founder and CEO of Parents In Connection for Kids Inc.

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      We’re thrilled that you’ve joined us this year Donna, and we LOVE reading these goals!

  140. Jordan Garner

    One year from today, I want to be healthy enough – in body, mind, soul, spirit, and finances – that I can do anything I want to do, go anywhere I want to go, and be anything I want to be.

    For the past three years, I’ve been ill with an immune condition that has had me homeless, too sick to work, financially dependent on my parents yet unable to see them or any friends, and limited in space to a small number of geographic areas to which my immune system does not react.

    I signed up for B School as a step to help me transcend these limitations and I can’t wait for February 27, 2019 to see what it will hold.

    Thank you for this video and all you do, Marie.

  141. Babs

    One year from now I will be looking back, smiling, proud and happy and knowing that I have made a difference. First step is that I have signed up for B-School! Yay!

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      Fantastic first step Babs – welcome welcome!!

  142. IdanVaitzner

    Just love you. 🙂
    I am afraid to start my new song writng workshop for teen-agers and young writers.
    I don’t have a lot of time. This last two years was c-r-a-z-y. I finished my first degree in music, got married, got two adorable kids (my twins are now 10 month old), and put my self on the right way with my new business.
    Today my wife and I take full care on our kids at home and I have 30 weekly private students that I teach singing and piano ( I did it with a lot of help from my B-School knowledge).
    I want to expand my business by start work less “one on one” hours, and more groups sessions and digital products. My next step is my writing workshops as I wrote, and I am busy a lot coplaning that I don’t have the time to work my “***” on this new project. I want to teach myself working smal, step bt step, as my time will alow me, insted of expecting to have full days to work on this (as I had before i got my lovley 30 students in a week).
    My one baby step for this week is to write the “Gift” for the new subscribers that will be interested in my workshops.

  143. My number one goal is finish B School. Yay!!! Then I want to improve my existing website and list and then launch a second website. If I can be making enough money a year from now that my husband can retire from the military and come work with me I will be over the moon!

  144. Two things, Marie.
    1. Self-publish my book about my journey from being consumed by fibromyalgia (that started when I was 16) to how I got off all medication, eliminated chronic pain (100% naturally with diet, exercise and healing emotions/mindset shifts) and continue to build a life (and now business) that I love.
    2. Do my very best as I go through B-school. I’ve wanted to join B-school since I heard about it from Denise DT last April going through her course. I found Marie through that course and fell in love with her passion, her drive and how she unapologetically shows up for herself and others. I knew right then and there that I couldn’t wait to start my coaching business and listening to “How To Get Anything You Want” really got me started on the path to where I am today. I’m at the point of my business where I know it’s all going in the right direction but bills are higher income and it’s starting to push me into an uncomfortable place. I know that I need guidance to make those tweaks and possibly major overhauls to attract and convert those ideal clients and while I know it’s going to be hard work and I’ll be challenged to take action in areas that terrify me I’m really excited to get the support and community that Marie gives to all her B-schoolers.
    Thanks for the video today Marie – can’t wait to get started next week!
    xo Rachael

  145. One thing I can do is increase my confidence. Sometimes I get shaky on he inside instead of just going for it without hesitation!

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      ‘Clarity comes from action, not thought’ – we always always come back to this whenever the shakies get us too!

  146. Here are My Goals for 2018!
    1. Will be getting more things DONE
    2. Will lunch my new project
    3. 5x my incomes
    4. Will dedicate more time to my family
    5. Will Finnish successfully B-School
    And all of the above will be contributing to make more people happy!
    Good Luck to all and keep going because 2018 will be our year ????

  147. I am so thanks full for this video, i feel in the right motivation.
    My dream is to become an international writer in 2027. The thing I’m doing today to achieve that dream is to learn english and start writing a book. Alhamdulillah my first book will be published on 19 March 2018. Although still in indonesian language.

    Oh yes, the other biggest dream is to establish MUSLIMAH WARRIOR FOUNDATION. An international organization focused on helping to improve the education and development of Muslim women around the world. So there is no longer a judge that the Muslim woman is depressed and uneducated. because I want us all to live side by side in peace without regard others as inferior.

    I am sorry for english, but someday i believe i can speak better. In Shaa Allah

  148. Nai Hadenfeld

    Damn Marie, you are right. Again. I hate that I can’t afford B-school and that I missed the scholarship deadline :/

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      Nai, we absolutely understand where you’re at. We’d encourage you to read through the scholarship blog post to hear Marie’s thoughts on what it might mean to either ‘win’ or ‘miss out’ on something.

      And either way, we’re so glad you’re in our world, and we hope that our free content here helps you take some steps forward. We’ll be back with B-School next year if that’s a better time for you to jump in with us. <3

  149. Samantha Hall

    Marie, there’s nothing more I love than alignment!
    I actually journaled this morning and wrote, “I have to love and do better for my future self to heal my inner child. I can’t change the past, but I can change the future.” I’m working harder today to create a better life for myself because I’m the one who can. Thank you for your support and confirmation of this new energy!

  150. Diane

    I truly enjoyed this and look forward to more.

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      Yay! We’re so glad we sent something lovely to your inbox – check back every week for more inspiration from Marie!

  151. Hello All,
    In 365 days my goal is to have replaced my 9-5 with a thriving online wellness coaching business ( I will bring this to life via the commitment, devotion and passion I have to following the steps provided by “B School” (defining my niche, website creation, customer hook, etc.) !!! I’m so excited…

  152. April

    I want to have my own business up and running. The one thing I can do today is to sign-up for B-School!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      We’re on board with that! We’d love to have you in the program with us 🙂

  153. Bianca

    My favourite part of the video was Marie with the beard and I’m not ashamed to admit it ?

  154. Kathryn

    In a year I will be healthier because I am on my weight loss journey. Yes, I have my bumpy road days. Today was one of them, but I will keep going until I reach my healthy weight goal. I also will move closer to my creative purpose. I have a wonderful family. I want to discover who I am apart from a wife, mother, grandmother. I want to find the authentic me that is searching for my passion. There are things in my life I enjoy. I’m still searching for “IT.” The one special thing only I have to give that gives me joy and true purpose.

  155. Lucia

    I am starting a new business from scratch. I need a website and guidance. The one specific action I can take right now to start bringing the next steps to life would be to join B-school. I am confused if it is best to join with an affiliate, such as Kate Northrup or Kris Carr or directly on the B-School page on Marie Forleo’s website. Can anyone clarify for me the pros and cons of joining directly on the B-School page vs. an affiliate?

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      Hey there Lucia! If you join through either Kate or Kris, you’ll still have access to the full B-School curriculum, including all the Bonus material we list over at

      We encourage you to sign up with an affiliate who you feel genuinely drawn to, whose offerings would legitimately help your business, and who you’d like to partner with. We’ll all be available to you as a B-Schooler when you go through the program, so either way, you win!

      You can write us at bschoolATmarieforleoDOTcom if you have any other questions. We’d love to see you in the program this year!

  156. EEK! So needed to hear this today! I just reached out to my biggest mentor – an EPIC keynote speaker, and signed up for personal coaching with her… LET’S DO THIS! Bigger stages await!

  157. To have finally finished B-School and achieved success with it.

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      We’re here to cheer you on Shamaine! We get started in less than a week, and we’d love to have your voice back in the community <3

  158. The ONE THING I would love to do is build my team
    The ONE ACTION I will take is call my prospects and quit being too shy and pick up the phone!!!!
    I know it’s not going to be easy but I will be responsible for my actions and commit to my own success

  159. Start seems to be the word of the week. I keep receiving that simple message on every site I visit. Thanks for adding your voice to the chorus. 😉

  160. Pam

    A year from now I would like to be proud of myself for having the courage to follow my heart.

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      Start now Pam, and you’ll be proud every single day. We’re already feeling proud of you for sharing this with us <3

  161. Launch two eCourses and be well on my way through the next one!

  162. M

    This sounds like a Shia LaBeouf “just do it” moment

  163. Ruthann Bowen

    In one year I want my new business to bring in five figure months.

  164. Roberta

    My goal for this year is to be financially independent to care for myself first, and not others. To believe in myself to achieve my goals because I am worthy.

  165. Aleksandra Chmiel

    The single step I am taking now is B-School!!!!!! And next year I want my business to exist in all aspects! This would allow me to move to another country to be with my loved one and my family. And take my pets with me (5 all together, including 2 adopted dogs and 2 rescued cats). That is the plan. My problem is not procrastination, my problem is perfection. And this is the reason I do not have business yet… I always thought I have to learn everything first to the perfect level…. (plus I have so many ideas….) Now I am starting DOING! Even if not everything will be perfect.

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      Heck YEAH Aleksandra! We’re thrilled that you’re joining us, and we hope you truly embody our ‘progress not perfection’ mantra as you make your way through the program. We can’t wait to see what you create!

  166. Courtney Harper

    A year from now, I would love to be launching a spiritual mentorship business. The action steps I can take today are working my b-school homework and finishing the journal prompts given to me by my coach that will help me uncover more about my life purpose (which will be the foundation of my business).

  167. Phebe

    The one thing I wanna make happen a year from now that will make me super happy is to be able to do the splits, scorpion, and everything in between – in a nutshell, be the best ballet dancer I could be starting at 27 years (as ridiculous as that sounds).

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      Phebe, that’s not ridiculous at all! We’re cheering you on like crazy over here!

  168. Sylvia M

    I have finally reached out to a couple people to find someone to help me revamp my website to it is in my voice and I am reaching out to folks in organizations where I want to speak.

  169. The first thing I want to achieve is getting my elementary school curriculum published. With the Follow Through Formula I set a time frame to get it printed and mailed to 4 people who will review it for me. Going to the post office to mail them out today!
    The second thing I really want to achieve is actually doing a live event that I planned last year and never had the courage to DO. My goal is to find the venue and set the date (tentative April 28th) by next Friday. Then put out the invites to a “Test” group by March 16th. I am thinking about having it filmed so I could actually offer it as a freebee or a product in the future. What are your thoughts?

  170. I can actually vision this a year from now……You are making me see that all my ideas are going to become real!! I am a little nervous about HOW to start and getting it right, although as you say just get in going!!

  171. Clarinda Lauren

    I want to be selling to the early adopters of my pants line. Today I started the sketches for the first we’ll start with and have scheduled out everything I want to do this month (where/when!) to accomplish my goals. Including defining my next steps that are a little more hazy right now.

  172. Connie Staub

    I want to lose 100 pounds. Therefore I need to start the Keto diet TODAY!!!
    Thanks, Marie

    • Patty

      Hi Connie,

      My name is Patty. My field is related to health and fitness. On top of dieting, exercise is will help you lose weight as well. I want to offer to help you get started on your way to a healthier lifestyle. I want to make clear that I am not a personal trainer.


  173. Debbie Evans

    The thing I want to accomplish is holding my first Intensive Care Retreat for women who’ve suffered trauma or abuse. One piece that’s been missing for me is how I’ll connect with women who are already comfortable with a ‘group therapy’ setting and have made significant progress toward healing.

    I was given an awesome opportunity recently by a well-respected counselor in my area, so now it’s up to me to make a move. What I can do today is send an email to some ladies who went through a trauma recovery program with me and ask if they’d be willing to participate in a ‘pilot program.’ I’m gonna do it!

    As always, THANK YOU Marie for your inspiration and encouragement. I love you!!

  174. Melissa James Spinelli

    The step that I took that I will be so damn proud of next year – I joined B-School! 🙂

  175. Josie

    I really needed to hear this strong reminder. Thanks Marie and Team.

    I guess my answer is studying for finals. I’d like to graduate by next year.

  176. So true and powerful! I think I can really benefit from b-school. I may miss it because I have $500 to my name to really invest in myself and I know it’s more than that. With 1 day, 23 hours and 25 minutes left. As an independent recording artist I really feel like the structure I will learn from B-School is where is what I need to grow as a business and entrepreneur.

  177. Funny, I had the idea to do this today, before watching the video. One year from now I’d love to have a culinary school of my own, so I started this morning by asking my Facebook group of awesome home cooks what topics they most want to learn about so I can start planning content. ? Must be something in the stars this week! ?✨

  178. By this time next year, I’d like my online business jewelry business to be doing as well as my event business.

  179. Hank Webber

    Meeting with a web site designer which is the next step in prospering my B & W film photography business. Your emails and episodes are just what I need to continue to progress the fulfillment of a boyhood dream. Thx-Hank

  180. My big goal is to have a kick ass website that is converting and making sales even while I sleep! The one thing I can do today is watch a training video on google analytics so I can start analyzing the type of traffic I’m currently getting and learn how I can best utilize this tool to get the message out to my ideal customers. The other thing I am doing is re-taking B-School… And this year I’m going to finish! Life got in the way in the past – but I’m not procrastinating any more! Getting excited for everything that is coming my way =)

  181. Mahala

    Loved the video but my challenge is I know I need to do something different, like start my own business, I just don’t know what that is. In the last year I have finished my MBA, worked to payoff all my debt and simplified my life so that I am ready for that ‘next phase’ but I just don’t have a vision of what that is. Open to suggestions/ideas on how to find something to be truly passionate about.

    • Tess Palma-Martinez

      Hi Mahala- congrats on your MBA and being free of debt! I just started the journey of paying mine off, and I hope to grow my business enough this year to do just that! Finding a passion is difficult, when your passion finds you- it is easy! I have tried to make so many things my passion- Eventually life brought me to my passion. And after totally giving up- moving home with my mother (as an adult), working as a cashier in grocery store. I opened myself up to a customer and he introduced me to a friend of his. I began working with her, and now 6 years later I have my own business and still work with her freelance! Your passion will find you- be open!

  182. Beth

    I love You&A Tuesdays—along with everything else on MarieTV. In 365 days I will be selling my completed novel on my website. How will I do this? A few things planned: turn off AmazonPrime and set aside that time to write. Also I have reached out to a couple of authors who are willing to discuss their business and writing with me and maybe be mentors? And I signed up for B-School. If anybody is thinking about it—do it!! I’ve only been in a few days and already have so much clarity and knowledge just from the bonus programs. What amazing, magical things await us on March 5? Thank you, TeamForleo.

  183. sheila welker

    ….the One Thing???…….I Joined B School! 🙂 BooRah

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Woohoo, Sheila! SO happy to have you in the program!

  184. When this hit my inbox I thought it was a comment on how it is the future in Australia, where I live! (Q&A Tuesday is actually Q&A Wednesday here!)
    I want to look back in a year and say, “I’m so happy and proud I started my fitness journey, because look at my fit bod now!” And – I already started! So I’m just going to keep going 🙂

  185. Ali

    To buy my 1st Investment Property

  186. Erica

    In a year from now, I want to be in a life I feel good in. I want to not be at my current job, and be in a place in my life I feel more engaged, excited, and interested in. I don’t know what I want to do though, and this has been the problem I find when doing any self-help focus – what to do.

  187. Marie….your beard is impressive!
    One year from now I want a beard (business) like that!
    I will be so proud of myself when I take B-School for the 5th time and implement the six pillars that you offer to build a successful business.
    Now that I have launched my business (four years in the making) I am dedicated to implementing everything I have learned through B-School.
    One specific action is to send out an “Instant Money Maker” email
    Thank you Marie. Your generosity is humbling. x

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      GO Annette! Thank you for being an amazing part of our B-School family. We’re cheering you on over here as you continue to grow your business!

  188. Susan Pitman

    I am NOT going to be a sad sack!
    Gonna finish B-School and all the amazing bonuses…write my BOOK!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Love it, Susan – you’ve SO got this!

  189. Chelsea

    Start a dedicated health practice. The one thing I can do right now is start the yoga I’ve been putting off al morning

  190. Tracee

    Hello and thank you for your email message and for everything else . You not going to believe this but on my wall I found that a yard sale one day a picture frame it’s very colorful with some flowers and things in it and it says literally a year from now you may wish you had started today I’ve never known who wrote it there’s no signature and it was in what you said that to me is a sign because I have it hanging in my bedroom close to where I sit to what I would call my office and it means something new to me almost every day so I wish you the best and I hope to see things from you soon I can’t believe you wrote that I’m absolutely in shock because it’s right there if you saw me pointing and pointing to the right and it’s right there the whole picture with that phrase on it so thank you I hope to see you soon online and I appreciate your time

  191. Tracee

    I have two wishes and I’m torn I know I could do both but I’m I was always known as a writer please don’t go by that because I’m talking to text on this right now so much better when I’m paying attention and editing but I have this passion this beautiful passion for the sunsets and even for beautiful day skies and I want to learn how to make them better I’m only taking them from apartment complex in different areas but I liked out because take it the most beautiful pictures I think I don’t know if everybody agrees but some people actually use them as their backgrounds on their computer so that’s what I really think I want to start looking into I don’t have a camera I use the Kindle and if I have a phone I’ll use the phone I’m getting a new phone and a couple of days so my joy would come from these beautiful creations that don’t happen every night I’ve actually offered those store at the end of the street because it’s in the view of the sunsets to take a picture of their sign or the store mostly their sign that’s why facing it and let them choose citrine with one of these wonderful sunsets and the owner of the company agreed and I never thought I would be able to do anything with picture could barely wake up I was up all night s but all of a sudden I feel called I was exhausted tonight but I couldn’t not take the pictures to me that’s a blessing

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Keep taking your photos and following your joy, Tracee! It’s so exciting that others are finding joy from your creations, as well!

  192. Artemus

    The ONE thing that I desire to accomplish this year this the completion of my tabletop RPG, which is the foundation of many of the video games that I envision creating through my business.

    And the one action step for me to take is to go and play test my game on Saturdays, to improve and perfect my game as much as possible until I can get funding to complete the game (which I’m currently doing).

  193. I am so grateful for your Marie (and Team!)- these videos have been wonderful motivation. I am redefining my business, Forage + Sundry (, from a retail brick and mortar to a full-fledged design services business. After operating one way for 4 years, it has been a struggle to shift focus and pave a new path– finding my voice, creating content, reaching new customers. My A to your Q is to make $85,000 by this time next year. This is my current total debt number and I want to pay it off, ASAP! My one small step to start this journey is to sign up for Photo editing classes so I can create good quality visual content and client proposal decks! Thank you for all the motivation and support! Love, Tess @forage.sundry 😉

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Amazing, Tess! This is such an exciting step for your business and we love your clarity with your goals. We’re rooting for you as you bring this into reality over the next year! xo

  194. This year I want to create raving fans! I can’t wait to start B-School – woot!

  195. Isaiah Jordan Williams

    One thing I would love to accomplish less than a year from now is achieving financial independence and then soon after financial abundance. Something I can do that’s a step towards that direction would be studying for my licensing exam which will get me closer to becoming a certified financial adviser so that I can help families understand financial literacy. Unfortunately, I lost the spark I had for my career in electrical engineering right after I graduated which wasn’t long ago, BUT I feel like I don’t have to go down that 9-5 path to become successful; I digress. Anyway, thank you for uploading this video; your content provides so much value.

  196. I am a wedding officiant and about to celebrate the 2-year anniversary of my business. In the last two years, I am proud of my growth and accomplishments. Within this time-frame, I have received two Couples’ Choice Awards, as well as FINALIST in the 2017 Readers’ Choice Awards for Delaware’s Best Wedding Officiant, coming in second place to former Vice President Joe Biden. Not too shabby! I have recently added on an associate officiant because requests were coming in for wedding dates for which I am already booked! So………………….I want to scale my biz to the point where I can build a team of about 5 officiants, start my own pod-cast (video and audio), incorporate engaged couples coaching, and personally officiate ceremonies for celebrities!
    The action I am taking currently is researching different brand strategists to acquire a complete re-branding overhaul. So, far I have one quote and waiting for another. I love this life–I’m passionate about happily ever after–I want to continue to spoil my couples with elements of classy, comfy-cozy, and comedy! I am a heart-based individual with one hell of a sense of humor and an amazingly creative spirit. If you love each other and want to spend the rest of your life together, then, by all means, let’s have a wedding!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Beautiful Lynda – you GO! I can tell that you’re so incredible at what you do, so keep up the amazing work. Here’s to your continued growth and success!

  197. What would make me so proud would be to write a book showing the true heart and soul of a very misunderstood business model. In order to do that, I first need to gain more first-hand experience in that business model, so I need to start seriously working that business.

  198. Melody

    The one thing I most want to accomplish this year is starting my jewelry and inspiration business that I have wanted to start for some time now. I want to create a business that inspires girls and women to be positive about themselves and their lives. I am beginning by starting B-School (Yeah!) to learn how to run a successful business. I am also doing a lot of research on my business type. I am setting goals to achieve my success, so a year from now I will have made my dream come true! I have a sign above my desk that says “Believe in Yourself” to remind me that I am the one person that can make all this happen!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      YES Melody!! We love everything about this. You can absolutely make this happen and we’re so excited to have you in B-School to support you along the way!

  199. By this time next year, I cannot be in the same position I am currently in. I am compelled to let people know they can have a happier, more productive and fulfilling life. One way or another, I will reach my goal of being a catalyst for change for others, while living the life of my dreams.

  200. I was just excepted into an art gallery in Taos and have a showing in April! My priority(ies) is (are) to send a pic of each art piece along with their story and create more inventory.

  201. Just accepted into a gallery and my art will be showing in April! I need to send pics and stories of my art pieces also create more inventory.

  202. Hello Marie,
    I have already started my web business and want to create four more streams of income.

  203. Britt

    Start B-School, make a plan to start my business, schedule time to work on it each day/week and actually WORK ON IT!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Yeah, Britt!! We’re cheering you on over here all the way! Consistency is magic 🙂

  204. Elena J Shirley. DVM. CVA

    Hi Marie! Thank you so much, as always, for such an impactful episode. The thing I’m going to be so damn happy about a year from now is that Queen City Care, will be a reality and functioning in the city of Charlotte. I’m a veterinarian, and Queen city care is the way I give back to Charlotte by providing free veterinary care to the pets of the homeless population of our city. I have already started negotiating space, talking to vendors and suppliers so that we can provide vaccinations, flea, tick, products and heartworm tests and preventive care one Sunday per month. More later, stay tuned! With love and commitment always, Dr. Shirley

  205. Evonne Pacinda

    Thank you Marie – I needed that kick in the tush! Despite having no outward reason to feel empty or unhappy, I have been. I make myself believe I should be satisfied and content with my career, and maybe I am proud of my accomplishments, but I can’t say I am happy. It’s not depression. Its lack of fulfillment and the pursuit of my dreams. Once upon a time I thought I would feel satisfied with my career, however over time I experienced that meeting the high demands of the career I chose had an equally high price: losing my true self to the work and the lifestyle that maintains it. I have fooled myself. I am great at my job, but I am not ‘giving my gift’. Because life and work are so demanding I constantly put my dreams and inspirations aside as secondary, thinking always I can get back to it one day when things settle down or when I am not feeling so overwhelmed. But things never do settle and life is ever-evolving. Spare time never comes. One great idea after another stays just that. A great IDEA.

    My goal one year from now is to be finally on the path, giving my gift. I want to be writing, teaching and leading the ideas and philosophies that I believe can create meaningful connections between people and help them grow. I want to help others navigate their way through misconceptions towards a place of mutual respect. The saddest most despairing thing to me is misunderstandings and behaviors that feed cycles of hurt. Hurt suppresses creativity, love and life fulfillment. I want to see people break through invisible barriers, rise above pain, let go of fear and anger, and truly shine. So, right now I am taking a break from work to write this note to you and to start on a training guide for supervisors on gender sensitization in the workplace. Something I inadvertently have a little experience on. By next year I want to be leading a workshop. Oh, and working on that philosophy book too. Much love and respect to you Marie, thank you for giving YOUR gift. You’re so tuned in, always right there when we need you the most. Rock on sister, rock on!!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Evonne, thank you for what you shared so honestly here. You’re SO not alone in feeling this way. We could wait forever for more time to do what it is we really feel called to in this life! Your vision for helping others to overcome pain and hurt is so beautiful and we love that you’re setting clear goals for how to do more of this in the coming year. You can do this, we have no doubt – and the world really does need your special gifts in this area! XO

  206. Emily

    Marie – you speak my language each and every time…..I pass your wise words onto the teens and young adults I work with to motivate and inspire them to believe in their gifts and go for their dreams. Next year this time…my own thriving business supporting young people.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much for sharing our work with the young people you work with, Emily – that means the world to us! Keep up the amazing work you’re doing in the world!

  207. A year from now, I WILL be living off my own business and creating beautiful services and gifts for my clients. ?
    I will be changing the fashion industry to make it a more sustainable and human place. Today, I’m gonna keep doing research about management and team motivation so I’ll soon be able to change the world with what I learned.

  208. I want to be an actor so i want to take an acting class now.

  209. A year from now, I want to wake up and feel like I’m making a difference rather than supporting someone else’s dreams.

  210. Sue

    Oh so very true – I have waited what feels like a short period in my life – have wanted to start my own business since I was 30 -wind forward what feels like a year or two and I am going to be celebrating my 59th birthday this year!! Oh my giddy aunt where did that time go??? I learnt about B-School last year when the cart opened and procrastinated (AGAIN!) and didn’t commit to myself, so 2018 rolled around and I was in the same place I was 28 years ago – wanting to start my own business. I am extremely fortunate that I now don’t need to work to survive – but this burning desire in me to get out there and help others have an easier, more prosperous time in business and life compels me to get my business going – I don’t want to be one of those people who says that ‘they wish’, I want to be one of those people who says ‘I’m proud I did’. While B-School was a stretch financially – I want the turn of 2019 to show that I took action, that I have helped people and I have stoked that fire burning within me. I have worked through Marie’s generous, life and business changing bonuses in B-School already and can’t wait till March 5th to get started. Thank you Marie and Team Forleo for what you have brought into my life – the biggest thing that you have shown me is that I do have a special gift that no one else has, that no one can take away from me and I am worthy of my spot on this earth. xxxooo

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Oh Sue – you are SO worthy. We’re incredibly inspired by you saying yes to yourself and your dreams. Simply taking this leap is a huge step towards stoking that fire within you and inspiring others along the way with your courage and example. We couldn’t be more excited and honored to have you in B-School this year and can’t wait to see all the future holds for you! xoxoxo

  211. I would love to have my own blog because I love teaching and sharing stuff… I just don’t know what to write about… I mean, I have some ideas but since I can’t think off a topic and stick to it. That is holding me back… Any advice?

    • Sue

      Hey Marisa – I have just joined B-School to help me with all this stuff. The programme and the community provides so much help and support. I have just completed one of the bonuses inside the program called Start the Right Business. Going in I knew what business I wanted but wanted to have help building it up, well thats what I thought anyone. Once I completed Start the Right Business I have completely changed my business idea and I am so very, very happy – the ideas for my writing and all the content are just flowing…. something to think about. I didn’t join last year and wished I had. Glad I did this year. All the best….

  212. Allison

    I think the thing I want to achieve a year from now, is being a more motivated person with a higher enthusiasm and better plan for a business. I hope to achieve this before a year, but with time, great ideas come.
    For now an action step I am taking is studying yoga, nutrition, and fitness, and I’m also taking a look at the other people out there and how they are doing their business (not to copy them, but just to get a better idea of what I like and don’t like).
    I want to have a go-getter mind set and conquer my fears of reaching out to others and really putting myself out there. I’m also blogging more, working on my copy, and studying through B-school to help build the skills I need to understand marketing and how to really work it to reach the people whose lives I want to touch.
    Bit wordy, but there is honestly so much swimming in my mind. 😉

  213. My trilogy, Spiritual Mechanics 501, is written with the first book in final form. It is what lies beyond my writing that needs some serious help. B School sounds like the place to go — so, here I go……….!!!!

  214. A year from now I want my matcha based business to be widely available across CA and US and be wildly successful. Action step: finalizing the business plan with accountant by end of Mar 2018.

  215. I’ve run a business for 27 years and the last few have been the most difficult, no matter what I change and I’ve changed a lot it just keeps going backwards. The business isnt my passion it pays the bill and supports my family. A few years ago I thought about what I’d really like to do. The lofty goal is help feed the world, and it started 3 years ago with my new company which started with wholefood sports nutrition. The last 3 years have really been spend in R&D with my son. I’m now in a position of “Get this thing pumping or drown”. Where to start?? But we’d better do it quick and we’d better do it big. We have the first products pretty much ready to go so I’d like to see my business blossom online, in retail stores and hopefully on Amazon in America (We’re in Australia). If we could acheive this in the next 12 months, I’d be so proud of us, my gratitude would be abundant!! Then we can start to work in the lofty part of the goal.
    One specific action? There’s so many, it’s a little overwhelming. Get off my arse for starters!! and get on with it. If I don’t I might not have the opportunity very soon.

  216. Ashleigh

    My ultimate goal is to completely align with my higher self, in order to manifest which ever is needed for my physical and spiritual beingness to thrive.

  217. Caroline McGlynn Tran

    Ready – fire – aim : the mantra I adopted six months ago after viewing a particularly insightful Q&A Tuesday. And you know what? If I had waited until I was “ready” my sad arse wouldn’t have moved an inch!

  218. The last six years of my life have been the best ever personally, and this level of happiness and security has given me the freedom to work on my goals in a way I couldn’t before. I’ve been working on my blogging business for over a year and though I haven’t grown as fast as I’d like, when I compare my stats to this time last year, I see that growth is happening. Therefore in the next 12 months, I’d like to gain more clarity in what works for me and what doesn’t so I can be really intentional about what I’m doing to grow and provide value to my readers. Hopefully a year from now this passion can be paying some bills!


    Hi everyone there.. here….. that is what i need today, 28.02.2018 8.15am .., in a year time i want to lost 7KG and the more important change my eat habits, cut carbs and do my weekly exercise routine. Thanks xo

  220. Zenia

    A year from now I want to have my own health coaching business – in a year it will probably still be a baby, but the action step I’ve taken today to make that a reality is to join B-School. Wuuup, so excited!!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      YAY, Zenia! We’re so proud of you for taking this step towards bringing your vision into reality. SO excited to jump into the program with you and support you in building your health coaching business!

  221. Johanna

    A one year from now I”ll have my calendar allready full for 6 months ahead of custom made dress and wedding gown orders. I will put on action all of the good ideas of transforming my business for more easygoing, sressfree and profitable. Right now most of the beautifull ideas are still in my notebook pages but I will get there. And I going to master standing on my head at yoga! Promise.

  222. Great episode and excellent advice as always Marie. Thank you. One year from today I will have a well-established daily novel-writing practice, and I will have dedicated special time (minimum 30 mins) every single day to the joy of creating. Right now? I’m scheduling a 30 minute slot in my diary for later this afternoon, to be dedicated exclusively to falling in love with my art. Thanks for the nudge. xx

  223. Ooh – just putting this out here is the first step, eek … I am a singer and was a theatre performer and director. Four years ago I lost most of my hearing. I’ve really worked hard at being able to sing again. Now I can, but performing takes way (way) more rehearsal for me than it used to, to get to the point where I feel free onstage – and I need good sound. But … I have an idea for a one-woman cabaret show … I’ve been kicking around a list of songs for a while now. I so want to do it. But I’m scared. Scared I won’t be able to find a sympathetic accompanist, scared I won’t have the energy for all the auditory processing involved, scared of all the knockbacks that can happen in this business even when you don’t have a disability (an invisible disability that most people don’t understand). Oh boy – I see from just writing this that 1) I have things to share about being deaf – that people need to hear (haha) and 2) I like the idea of small steps, makes it less scary. I need to start learning the songs and writing some material don’t I.

  224. I want to find success in my online business, which I have been struggling with for past 3 years.

  225. Donnette Roberts

    I am starting my business hopefully this weekend!! It will be an online jewelry store, and i have been working on it since Thanksgiving when the idea hit me to start it! Every episode kicks my butt further into gear!!! To have this business be a year old next year would be an amazing gift to and accomplishment for myself!!! Thank you!!!

  226. Willa

    Hi Marie, thanks for this great reminder! My “one thing” is actually two things: to have a daily Japa meditation practice, and to wake up at 5am every day. I have already created a 6-day-a-week yoga practice habit (and I’m so proud of that!) but I’ve been wanting to add daily meditation to the mix for a while. Also, I’ve been a “night owl” for over 10 years, since I was a teenager (going to bed usually after 2am, often as late as 4am!) and every time I try to go to bed early I manage to succeed for maybe 1 week, then my schedule always gets messed up again. So these are the two habits that would make me very proud of myself in a year if I started them today! – or I should say, tomorrow morning 😉

  227. I’ll be very proud of myself one year from now for writing these videos scripts for my new video channel.

  228. I really, really, really want to be earning money from my lifestyle blog. Although it’s doing really well (I receive lots of wonderful gifts to review), I’m not earning anything yet. I’m still trying to work out how I can make that happen!
    Great episode, Marie.
    Suzy xx

  229. Paula

    Thanks Marie! I loved this episode. My biggest one thing is write my book! I do a lot. So the most important action for me, aside from getting my butt in the chair to write, is to slow down. I do a lot. I need to prune other activities back. Thanks for the prompt. This is not the 1st message from the universe 😉

  230. Thanks for the motivation. I just had my book, Extraordinary Relationships Through Astrology, published. Adding promoting my book to my already full schedule as an astrologer and writer is sometimes daunting. Reminding myself that a year from now I will be happy with myself if I do the needed work every day to promote my book is just what I needed today. Thank you.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Huge congrats on having your book published, Dianne – that’s amazing! So glad this came at just the right time for you. We’re wishing you all the best with your promotion!

  231. My husband have been working for 14 months on a huge business and dream we have. We thought we’d be much farther along than we are. We are building a video based app and have been shooting all of the material ourselves. Now it’s time to edit, edit, edit to get this baby produced. Between his full time gig and me taking care of our 4 kiddos, it’s hard! I don’t want to allow excuses to hold us back, though. I want to use our daily time wisely so we can launch this thing and within a year, be reaping the benefits.

  232. I design and create leather jewels that are for sale in my fb shop (LoveLea). I have a blog to sustain my shop; sadly I don’t sell; a manager or an assistant helping me with seo etc would be great. I love the blogging, designing, but the marketing takes too much of my time and energy. I hope to have somebody to take the managing out of my hands by next year. My first step will be to brainstorm where to look for an assistant, then write a message and make an appointment to see the candidates.

  233. mai

    I love you and I love this episode

  234. I want to expand my academy into another complimentary division—Training for Film and TV (middle school and high school ages). The action step I took was thanks to the Start the Right Business Training that I’m reviewing before B School begins next week—I reached out to several mentors, actors, producers and directors in my area in order to schedule interviews with them. I was so excited to see how this was possible to set up with just a few simple phone calls and reach outs to people who know people. Voila! Meetings begin next week and I have my list of questions for each type of person I’m interviewing all mapped out. SO Excited!

  235. Dharma

    What would you say to depressed people who don’t care about their goals anymore?

  236. Cameron Clarke

    My one thing that I will be so glad I accomplished… is to get my songs recorded/published, and get myself handsomely paid as a highly successful professional songwriter! I recently joined an artist’s guild, then yesterday while driving for Lyft I serendipitously picked up a Transformational Life Coach , (we start first session tomorrow) and in May I will be attending a music industry expo where I will be ready to meet all kinds of people, share my work and hit the road running!! Serendipitously! (sorry had to say it twice)

  237. Jennifer

    In a year from now, I want to have my jewelry business up and running smoothly, and I want to be an expert in commitment and consistency, kicking procrastination in the butt once and for all!

  238. Finish my book! It’s a dream and I am committed to the process. Thanks Marie! <3

  239. Kerri Link

    I would like to have completed my first book….

  240. There’s so many things I want accomplished within the next year. A year from now I want to have the ability to get up in the morning and BE GLAD I can. To look forward to each day with excitement and interest in what I do and what I CAN DO to help young women who are so desperate they have to sell themselves in order to eat. I’m stopping that for as many women as I can reach in my lifetime. Nobody should be homeless, alone and hungry. Ever.

  241. Thank you so much Princess Marie. You are loved. The one and only thing l want to accomplish now is my gospel songs and the one step l’m taken is to learning how to create the beats for it so that l can be master of my art.

  242. One year from now, I would like to have helped at least 40 women to identify and live out their goals and aspirations; have a prosperous online course; and an email list of at least 20,000; and $75,000 in revenue. The one action that I have already taken is to enroll in Marie Forleo’s B-School. Now I need to roll up my sleeves and get it done!

  243. I am just starting the B School but I have to say that so far everyone is so so positive and reading the comments below there is so much support and love; a true mastermind group of so many different individuals. I cleaned the clutter on my desk and organized today. I set up my calendar for the next few weeks to achieve all my goals and to manage my time as well as meditating during the day to bring my focus back and stay aligned. looking forward to the rest of the program. So a year from now I will have fine tuned my blog into a thriving business while loving what I do cooking, traveling and photographing the world. Thank you!!!!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      LOVE this, Jeanine! Could not be happier to have you in B-School! It sounds like you’re off to an amazing start and we can’t wait to see all you’ll do and create in the coming year. Let’s DO this!

  244. I am just starting b-school so that thing would be creating an online component to my business that I am proud of. I would like to look back on this next year and be grateful that I committed to this course and hand over my profit and loss to my accountant with glee (because I am finally actually making a profit and income doing what I love).
    My action step for today will be Lesson 2 of the pre-work (Start the Right Business) and then I’m gunna take my dogs for a walk in the summer sunshine.

  245. One upon a time, just tomorrow……Im gonna be performing my poems and spinning my stix – all around the lands. Where ever the sun will rise – I will be there – offering up our gratitude prayer to this dynamic blue planet, and all the beings for whom she is home! I will be twirling, whirling, spinning and spouting my words of wisdoms and grace in your face. Queen Jan Ice of Love Cold Showers, parading around the Queendom, where the Rain is supreme, your squeaky clean – brace yourselves darlings…
    I’ve been with B School since 2015…………<3

  246. This year I want to loose weight , exercise more , be fit and healthy life style !!

  247. Today I am making my next step by working on our non-profit application to ensure that we will be guiding women’s adventure contests and experiences across the country, and my wife and I are making a living by just doing our adventure business instead of our day job and other side jobs to make this dream a reality! I also know that in a year we will be able to document these experiences and adventures through TV and film so everyone across the world can be part of the adventure. We believe that stepping outside your comfort zone leads to success and growth personally and professionally. Thanks so much for a great episode Marie! XO

  248. Robin

    My Goal a year from now is to be living in Virginia Beach, VA and having several successful online businesses. So far I have two businesses and I am adding new stores and will be recruiting others to start their own businesses. I want to be financially independent, so that I can live anywhere and help others do the same.

  249. My action item is that I just joined B-school! So by this time next year my business will be out in the world impacting hundreds and thousands of lives all over the world and providing me with financial freedom! Heck yes!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Yes, Kate! SO excited to have you in B-School and to support you on this journey!

  250. David A Arenas

    Hi Sexy, first, thank you so much for everything you do.
    I was up all night and as I was sitting in my car watching the sunrise and listening to a classic song, “After the Love is Gone”, by “Earth, Wind and Fire”, I know crazy awesome track .. This VIDEO TOPIC kind of reminds me of the lyrics in this song, especially this part. “Somethin’ happened along the way, And yesterday was all we had ” Take time to enjoy this song, it will do more than words can say. Apart from that. I want to share something I think I made up, but nothing is new right. For me, this is new, and I think up a lot of things. It’s real neat. A quick note, this stems from my ever evolving ideas about the Now, or living in the moment, being present, etc. Anyway, here it is. === What matters most to me is not how I’m feeling right now, “It’s how I need to feel”. This can be another idea that comes from the expression, “Never a dull moment”. And also my need to live in exuberance. Let me share the feeling that explains my intent to be able to experience every moment as grand at will. It’s that feeling that everyone feels at a U2 concert when they start playing, or at the beginning of “I still haven’t found what I’m looking for”. Prince is another artist that creates that atomic energy in a large stadium. I love that feeling. Those atomic, grand life moments all have one thing in common. Me opening up to the experience. – That’s it . I want that for me and I just can’t wait for the occasional incident or event. So I explore every other moment in time and I just keep getting better and better at it. There are so many dimensions in the moments we live.

  251. I’m a B-School alum from 4 years back. (It’s awesomeness!) I re-take it every year and it has taken me TWO years to test the market, create my first online course, build an audience (great on social media but to own MY list, not nearly as big,) continue on with my blog (in it’s 8th year,) post each day on IG, Pinterest, and FB, hired a virtual assistant to help with landing pages, etc., and keep visualizing the dream while putting in all of the long hours to make it happen. I launched, got lovely feedback, and one buyer. ONE! Truly disappointed and ashamed about it. (Know people who were bummed with her $5,000. launch because it wasn’t a $20,000. launch.) I surveyed people and it wasn’t the topic or the cost. Some said they love my free content and didn’t need to purchase anything at that time. Then I created a mini course from one of the modules and made a 5-day email sequence of free content and a pitch to buy the mini-course. Call to Action in the emails were responded to, but no one bought the mini course. AUGH! Feeling awful. Took action and just ordered postcards to hand to people and mail out as my next way to build subscribers. I thought my future self of today would be doing cartwheels for all of the work I have put in. #feelingdisappointed

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Hi Terry, we’re so sorry you’re feeling disappointed. I can tell just how much hard work you’ve been pouring into your business and offerings, and we know how frustrating it can feel when you’re not seeing the results you’d hoped for. I’m not sure if you were planning on it, but we’d love for you to join us again for B-School this year. It may be helpful for you to go through Module One especially from a fresh perspective, to make sure you’re setting the strongest foundation possible for your business and are super clear on who your ideal customer is. We know you can do this, and as Marie often says, in business we really do have to be in it for the long game – which I can tell you are!

      Also be sure to check out this episode of MarieTV:

      We’re rooting for you big time over here and are here to support you as your business continues to grow and evolve! SO honored and grateful to have you as a B-Schooler.

  252. So I have had a health scare so I decide to take some action. I signed up for B school. I have a yoga and coaching business. I want to make my business thrive. I also have a career change plans in place. I am getting my real estate license. I am also getting a workshop for flipping house.

    • Patty

      Hi Heidi,

      My name is Patty. My field is related to health and fitness. Since you have a yoga and coaching business, we might be able to help each other out. Please contact me [email protected]

  253. As always a perfectly timed episode in my life! My future self would be on antidepressants if I stopped now.
    I’m in the thick of building a new online coaching business. There are times I am ready to Q-U-I-T because there is no reward system or work performance police to acknowledge if I’m building the business the right way. But I keep looking at my “why”, and I’m so passionate and know in my heart I am meant to be a divorce life coach empowering women to live a life better than they could have imagined.
    I will keep going, cuz girlfriends the divorce train picking up women who ended their marriages after 15+ years isn’t stopping anytime soon. Love your advice Marie.

  254. For business : what I want to see at the end of 2018 is a business that is generating positive feedbacks and many happy couples signing up and enjoying their wonderful wedding planning journey with us. While the staffs are also inspired and motivated to give their best.

    For my self : a blog that is authentic, useful and inspiring for other mumpreneur or women entrepreneur in my area and beyond ( Singapore & Indonesia)

  255. Steve

    The countdown starts THIS month! A year from now I will be retired from my (factory) job and I’ll have up to 8hrs. a day to concentrate on my art. So, what I hope to (will) achieve this year, is the transition from part-time artist to FULL-TIME artist!

  256. Wonderful episode! In a year I want my only job to be my business, so more side jobs, and no more not getting paid what I’m worth. Action step: stop saying no to my dream – lose the resistance, start doing the work! Make time for it. Schedule it into my planner, make a meeting with myself and keep it!?

  257. Jennifer Freely

    Complete B-School with a plan to launch a side business as I continue with my full-time job and become debt-free.

  258. Nomfundo Ntumba

    Hi Marie
    This has been my yearly regret. I am so glad you talked about it, there is nothing like looking at a year and wondering where it went.

    Thank you, love your work.
    Sending you love from South Africa 🙂

  259. Anna Aliaga

    Oh my, just one thing?! Learn more about myself in order to hone in on which passion I want to spend my time in/on for my business. I have diverse interests and passions and after watching some of your awesome videos, just want to “get it” and get “on with it!”. Admittedly, because I am an achiever, I am somewhat impatient and get bored easily. I MUST figure-out-able what path to take and I will with your help.

  260. LKT

    I am torn. This is great advice. But at the same time, I have found that if you are “pausing” in your life, sometimes there is a reason, and it never hurts to trust that you are where you need to be right now. For a long time, I chased the “this is where I want to be next year so I need to start NOW” mantra (a bit of FOMO maybe?) but when I finally stopped and took a step back, I came to the realization that what I was *really* chasing was what I “should” want…. not what I actually wanted. I agree that starting today is always good. but I also suspect that for some people, if they are *not* starting today, maybe there is something not quite authentic about the want. just a thought. 🙂

  261. I’m in love with the painting behind Marie 🙂

  262. Patty

    A year from now, I want my online health/wellness business to be thriving, evolving and serving. What can I do now to start…B-School 🙂

    • Patty

      Hi Patty,

      My name is Patty as well. My field is related to health and exercise. Can you tell me more about your online health/wellness business? We might be able to help each other out. Please contact me at [email protected]

  263. Ok, so I’m a tad late watching this, but for the right reasons…I’ve been doing the Follow Through Formula!
    The one thing I want more than anything in the next year is to get my new website and online store up and running. How am I taking action to make that happen?
    B-School, WHAT WHAT!!!
    Thank, as always, Miss Marie and Team Forleo.
    All the rest of y’all out there; don’t give up on your dreams. You got this thing!

    • Meredith Moore

      I’m starting B School too! Can’t wait to see you make amazing progress on your dreams!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      YAY Jourdie! We’re so excited for you and honored to be a part of your business journey! Here’s to amazing things to come in the year ahead!

  264. This year I plan on doing an offering an online vocal bootcamp masterclasses for a 4 week session, kind of like a community ed class, but online. I’m gonna charge for it and get people excited and motivated about their singing and I’m targeting singers who have had some training in the past but really want to recharge their voice and singing again.
    My first step of action is to get a free offer up of some type of vocal help on my website for an opt-in to build more subscribers on my email list! I’m super excited about all this. Last year I launched my first online course on booking and have had two successful launches and now I’m branching out in this–it’s all music related so it lines up totally with who I am. Thank you Marie, for even your other videos about how important it is to build an email list!

  265. Kitty

    What? Launch my redesigned website!
    How (action step): JUST launch it now and stop trying to make it “perfect!”
    Thanks Marie! You always know just what to say (tough love) and I’m listening! Kitty

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      So glad to hear this came at the right moment for you, Kitty! And YES – progress over perfection, always! Wishing you all the best with your new site launch 🙂

  266. Hmmmm…what will make me REALLY happy next year? I think I have a few on my list. The most important thing for me is creating and nurturing friendships. I live in a new country so I want to have a closer knit of friends. That said, the next thing would be is to be part of another gallery show of my ceramics and have my website cleaned up. But, what I REALLY want (I think) is to figure out a way to start a biz or be something that will help others be more green and sustainable in their lives….

  267. I have my second book coming out in November 2018 and my action is to spend the next 8-weeks with my nose deep in my own pages.

  268. One year from now I will be running 12 equine assisted therapy sessions a week, have a great team partnership with my Social Worker Anna, and the perfect team of horses to guide clients in this amazing work!

  269. Diane

    I once had a poster on my wall that said. “What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail ? “. Think I will bring it out again. 🙂

  270. Meredith Moore

    Excited to start B School today! This whole process is to help me achieve exactly what this episode is telling me to do. Today, I begin my journey to get my business up and off the ground. I’ve done the first few official steps of getting an LLC created but now comes the heavy lifting. First, I need to take the creative steps to create and personalize my brand for my company. Next, comes targeting to the right people to start building my client-base.

    FYI. My company is called Cultivated Creature and it provides creative services and events. I am taking what I have been doing freelance and on the side to my full-time career. It has been a while in the making but I am finally making it happen. Next year at this time, I want to look back and smile with all the progress and success I have made and not be SOOO stressed out about money!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      What a wonderful, clear vision you have for the next year Meredith! Love what you do through Cultivated Creature and it’s so exciting that you’re ready to take things to the next level. We’re thrilled to have you in B-School and honored to support you in your business growth!

  271. Nony Morgan

    I am updating and expanding my website to bring the info current and to make it more user friendly. Right now I’m rewriting and organizing the existing pages so I can move the site to a new platform. Next year at this time I will have a dynamic, content-rich site that I will be proud to share with visitors. Yayy and whew!

  272. Whitney K

    In a years time I want to have a thriving business ON FIRE with like minded biz partners who want to achieve the same goals on their teams as well!

  273. In one year’s time, I have developed and launched an online storytelling course that teaching small nonprofits & bcorps how to use powerful storytelling and digital marketing to grow their tribe of “in-for-life” supporters. Instead of feeling overwhelmed and intimidated, my clients will feel confident, empowered, relieved and supported.

  274. Today, I stop being ashamed of the type of artwork I create. From this day forward, I’ll master my subject of choice and create that art book I’ve always wanted to create, but was too chickenshit to start it. Thanks Marie! You are amazing!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      YES! Love it, Jimmy!

  275. B-Schooooooooooooollll!!!!!

  276. A year from today I am
    pretty, social, happy, easy going toward my next goal, mutually loved by my soulmate rounded up therapeutic coach-mentor, living in her own house and practicing in places 3 places on Earth- from home, from quiet desert, and from the island or next to ocean.
    In order to achieve it I am going to do the most toward my program, speak with my partners and clients, and rewrite my program on my web page

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      We love this Irina, and we can absolutely see you in all three of those beautiful, inspiring places. Keep working one day at a time towards your dream, and you’ll be there in no time!

  277. Denise Manns

    I had this episode lying on my email list for a long time….This morning came to the office very very early, and decided, instead of starting to work , give me time to watch it!
    I’m happy that I opened it because it is the way I feel and it is what I’m doing!! I started October 2017, took that one action step, and things have been shifting amaaaazingly!!! thanks Marie for being so spontaneously fun and giving !!! I must say that this helps me have more perseverance….It’s important to start but also to keep it on daily basis…..maintain the energy flowing.

  278. Borngreat

    I dont know what i want to do, i get so confused about so many things, more like i like doing anytime at the moment. I have no idea. i could fit in any where but i dont just want to fit in, i want to be in.
    The only thing i know i enjoy doing is talking, speaking to people and making them see a different view to things, creating that long laugh in their faces. I enjoying teaching, been doing it for free and sometime with logistics support. I like what you do Marie, but i dont know how to start.

  279. Paola

    Did it and then I noticed your mail…thank you for been here to confirm I’m on the right path. Love you and the way you are!

  280. Patty

    Hi Marie,

    A year from now I would love for my online business to thrive and make a stable income. I aim to help people improve on their performance. My field is related to health, exercise, and sports. However, I can help people in many other fields increase their performance.

    I have gotten so much negative feedback because people do not consider online jobs to be “real jobs”!

  281. KG

    Love your support to do it NOW!!! Also, to not be a lone wolf, or do it all on your own junkie.

  282. Cassie

    I would love for my house to be a calm and clutter-free soothing space that makes me feel calm and relaxed. Today I can spend 5 minutes (and at least that every day) purging/ organizing. I can also pull stuff out of spaces as I see that I don’t want it rather than waiting until I am actively working on it. I can also call and set up some painting estimates and ask my father in law to come over and help me hang pictures on the walls.

  283. Brian

    I have been telling this to myself since the beginning of last year, i want an online business that can provide me with location freedom. Then I got distracted. So by next year, i want to finish bschool and have an online business, even if it still makes zero dollars. I want location freedom and this will bring me closer to it.

  284. Start leading workshops!!

  285. Thanks for the inspiration Marie!
    I’m planning to start my Chatbot building service since December 2017, but after watching your video I feel that this is the DAY. I will stop procrastinating and take the first step to launch this service today.

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      We love hearing that you were inspired to take some action right away! It’s all about taking the next right step – one at a time. We’re wishing you all the best as you keep walking into your dream.

  286. Freya

    I can’t explain how much I need to do this. I can’t run away from my goals any longer.

  287. Sarah crambi

    Like this article!! you’ve always been an inspiration to me Marie in time when people doubted me and I didn’t trust myself…I’m gonna work on my business starting today with more intensity and more hunger…For anyone thinking about how to start a business I highly suggest “The four hour work week” of Tim Farris it’s a good productivity book that challenges you to think outside the box and also makes you think more creatively, makes you think of other options and as an entrepreneur that’s what you gonna have to do to be successful because the path to success is very unlikely to be clear so you have to think outside the box, you have to be creative and productive…It’s a must read for entrepreneurs…Thanks Marie

  288. Sad sack.

    The best. ? worth commenting on.

  289. A year from now our business has achieved the growth and profit targets set.
    Honestly the being is business is hard work and it seems that as much as you try to get to the next level another hurdle presents itself.
    No more! I’m more driven to success then ever. It’s happening this year and excited to implement all the strategies I’m going to learn from B-School

  290. Magdalena

    I want until next year to get scholarship for studying MA or PhD abroad. Being an art historian in Serbia means you feel unwanted and like a burden for society all the time. This anxiety stops me to think clearly because I always feel not good enough to get scholarship and leave this country forever.

  291. Claire

    Thanks for the pep talk Marie! I needed that! I’m turning 40 this year (aaarrrggghhhh!) and I want to run the New York marathon in November. I live quite a distance from New York (New Zealand to be precise) so this will be a good test of my creating abilities! It scares the living daylights out of me writing this here!!

  292. Bethany

    Cheese and crackers, I just love your face! I’ve been throwing my own personal pity party for a very long time! The party was not started by me, I was forced to show up, but I have CHOSEN to stay! And now it’s been so long that I’ve got to break some serious mind barriers that I’ve created from staying at this horrible party for so long! So, by next year, I want to be making more money than my husband!!! I’m a SAHM and just started my own small business and I also homeschool my kids. I am determined to get my fire back, because I am a sassy woman who needs to be heard! I think my husband will thoroughly enjoy having a sugar momma too! HAHA! Thank you guys for this video! It speaks to my sooooooooul!!!!

  293. Yes I want to take meaningful steps which will inspire me as well as to make a difference to my clients too. Your inspirations will lift me and add to the differences I can up level whatever situation I find myself in. I have already become aware of noticeable changes blessings and thank you hugs from Mair

  294. Great piece of advice!

  295. All about the long game…so much truth here! I needed this 4 minutes of motivation.

    -Jen Cannon

    • Hailey- Team Forleo

      We’re so glad you enjoyed this episode, Jen! Thanks for tuning in.

  296. How can messages like this come in such a good time!?
    Keep the great work!

  297. Love this question because it forces you to stop what you’re doing (which is usually a lot of running from project to project, email to email, text to text) and actually think! I love stopping and standing still and checking in. You really do gain focus, clarity and insight when you take a look at all that energy and see what you’re really doing with it.

    I’m on the cusp of rebranding myself and I’m easing myself into it, making sure it’s a good fit for me. I know my intentions are good, but my methods need to be fleshed out. I’m a weight loss coach & personal trainer and my goal is to approach weight loss from a different perspective. We can all follow well laid out meal plans, listen to what’s best to eat, and to avoid, no problems there. We can also figure out which workouts work best for us, burn the most calories, and build the most strength. Where we stumble is in our thoughts, our daily narrative, and understanding how habits happen without us realizing. I can give a client the best meal plan with a rigorous workout schedule and they may lose weight at first, but if the old habits aren’t addressed, you’re not teaching them, you’re just giving them what they think they want. And usually, the weight loss won’t last.

    My goal is to incorporate massive mindfulness into my practice. To discuss the daily chatter and the lack of consciousness that takes place when we talk to ourselves; do we even realize how often we put ourselves down on a daily basis? When we do that we’re not coming from a place of love, but of fear. How can one change their unhealthy habits with a negative state of mind (which many don’t even realize they’re in that negative state – it’s become 2nd nature).

    Anyway, being a mindful weight loss coach is the goal… but how to get there is where I’m uncertain. I believe writing/blogging will help gain some traction, and as I send out good vibes I’m hopeful the Universe will shed some light on next moves! Fingers crossed!!

    (And thank you for creating the space Marie to allow us to spill our thoughts out all over the place, judgement free! Your rock girl!!)

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      This is so, SO smart Anne Marie and it totally makes sense to address the mental aspect of weight loss. It’s clear you have a big heart and a true desire to help people live their healthiest, happiest lives, so we’ve got our fingers crossed things will come together soon. As Marie says, “everything is figureoutable,” so we’ve got our fingers crossed that the path to your dreams will light up for you.

      • Anne Marie Costanzo

        Thank you Mandy! Understanding and support are so crucial, thanks to you and your team for that!

  298. Heather Rose

    This year I will have created a prototype for a permaculture farm in Ecuador.

  299. Sushil

    Thanks for sharing these. Whenever I have conversation with any person in my office, my face appears to be tensed to some extent, I feel to be breathing inappropriately (fast), My face does not look relaxed. I want to ensure that my facial expression always look relaxed, there is no tension or worries, I breath deep and slow and I want to look smiling and calm when I deal with people. This is what I want to ensure after a year

  300. This was a wonderful episode. I loved it soo much.

  301. This episode was the kick in the butt I needed – let’s see if I act on it after I get home from my day job.
    A year from now I’d like to have successfully launched by company that will consist of 3 buckets – jewelry design, specialty chocolates and caramels, and freelance writing. The chocolate is the closest to coming to fruition. I’ve done customer discovery. The products are consistently delicious and processing is efficient and scalable. I’m stuck on forming my LLC, launching a website, and securing a certified kitchen (I can get my own certified or find one).
    I just seem to be STUCK. Don’t wanna register my url (afraid of exposing my brand and tagline) until I file my LLC. Filing is not hard, yet I keep running into “roadblocks” – not enough money, do I do the umbrella company and then the mini-brands an DBAs? (I’ll research it to death.) I’ve been to the small business courses in my area and have met with a consultant.
    I’m pretty sure I’m being motivated by fear. Fear of what? Perhaps by writing this I’ve made some room for some answers and action.
    Thanks Marie for the work you’re doing. It’s so important!

  302. Hailey - Team Forleo

    Awesome, Tonya! We’re thrilled that this episode gave you a bit of a boost. It sounds like you have some great ideas in the works and it’s wonderful that you’ve set yourself a goal of launching your business within a year. Like most good things, building a successful business takes time and it’s often about finding balance between knowing when to let things evolve and when to push yourself forward.

    Having built her own business with limited resources and while working day jobs, Marie understands the obstacles many entrepreneurs face when starting out. In general, she recommends starting small and growing your business sustainably by focusing on one idea at a time. Since it sounds like you’re already making some great strides with your chocolate business, you may find that focusing on that specific idea will help you make other decisions in your business with greater ease.

    I’d also love to share a few other MarieTVs that may help provide some clarity and encouragement for you:

  303. Sheng

    One thing I want to experience – that a year from now, I’ll be so proud of myself for starting today, is holistic health and lifestyle – specifically in the area of financial freedom. One action I can take right now to start bringing it to life is to do whatever it takes to get out of debt in the kindest way possible. I don’t prefer working in a 9-5 job, but it is only temporary until I pay off my debt. I can still plan my business on the side while supporting myself.

  304. A.L.P.

    I’m working on this story. It is both a play and a novel. It’s about a 17th century woman cursed in the pages of her diary (that parts the novel) and the 20th century Hollywood starlet who unwittingly breaks the curse and must deal with consequences. It’s about two very different women in two very different time periods and yet they are connected non the less. The play will be done by the fall as I’m spending all summer working on it. I have a detailed outline. I plan these staged readings to keep me accountable and plus the excitement of the words actually being read out loud keeps me going. Then once that completed I want to focus on the writing the novel. I’ve never written a novel but I’m trusting the universe/inner guidance that says this story is a novel. It’s going to be in the first person which basically means on big monologue which I can do no problemo. A year from now I hope to have the money for the editor I have in mind and to have interest from a publisher or I suppose I could self publish but the first option is my preferred way of things. As for the play I would like to be able to do the production at some sort of theatre festival on the smallest most affordable scale possible (unless someone with deep pockets wants to bank roll the thing than let’s do that). I’ve already started on this project so I’m not really answering the question but I feel like everyday I have to recommit because there are so many reasons not to write. It feels like everything in this world is designed in such a way to make writers not write. (Unless said writer has confidence enough to go out into the world and say magic words to allow a financier to allow them the luxury of getting paid to write).

  305. Hi Maria, I am constantly asked by friends and family, “So how’s work going?” The problem is they aren’t referring to writing. I have recently created an inspirational blog that’s appropriate for our times. I am following my dream to write and make a difference. However, I have zero followers to date. As you alluded, the day or year your dreams come true, will never happen without trying. I am taking your advice and being proactive. I hope my future me will thank me. Btw, I like reading your blog posts.

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      Cameron, your future self will definitely thank you! As long as you’re doing something that brings you joy, that feels purposeful and aligned with your values, then any learning that comes from it is valuable. We’re wishing you all the best as you continue to put your work and words out there.

  306. Haha, I had been reading for so long, I remembered your name as Maria, as I wrote in my comment. I just noticed it’s Marie, sorry. No worries though I hope. I have Italian relatives. Marie and Maria are practically synonyms.

  307. Crystal Pennymon

    I just found this when I did a short survey on the type of entrepreneur that I am. It had me pegged. I just graduated with an MFA in creative writing and am stepping out on my 2nd business as a writer, editor, proofreader and ultimately a publishing coach. I just feel so motivated and inspired to finish what I have started. And Marie, you are doing for me. So I look forward to my personal conversations and the past conversations on this site. Thank you.

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      We love hearing this Crystal! It sounds like you’re ready to take another big step forward with this second business idea, and we’re thrilled that Marie’s work and words are helping to inspire and motivate you forward. We’re wishing you all the best as you take your writing and business skills to the next level!

  308. Maud

    YASSSS I’m doing it!

  309. Bernadette Shepherd

    Love this post! Thanks Marie!

  310. Hadeel

    A year from now, I want to finish my thesis and get my Master degree 🙁

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      GO Hadeel! We’re cheering you on over here on Team Forleo!

  311. Lisa

    Marie! I love this episode! I have been thinking about starting a blog of my own for years now. Every time I think about it, I simultaneously have thoughts of doubt. This year I’m gonna do it! I’ve already bought my domain I just haven’t put any content out. I’m going to go write a post right now. Thanks so much Marie!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      That’s SO exciting, Lisa – way to take action to work through that (very natural) feeling of self-doubt! The world needs your unique gifts, so keep sharing them. It’s going to be an amazing year of growth for you!

  312. Very informative! 🙂

  313. Very useful! 🙂

  314. Luisa

    By this time next year, I want to have started my skin care business. I also want to have some firm plans about what to do with my travelling caravan; I reckon I’ll be naming it “Marie”.

  315. I love these videos, and it inspired me a lot. thank you, Marie, for sharing this with us, I’m starting to change my self because my life is a little bit boring these days. so I need a new start, a new beginning, need to study hard to create my own dreams.
    May God Bless You

  316. Thank you so much Marie. I’ve been a huge fan of your videos. They are filled with so much energy, enthusiasm and gracefulness. I love the way you send across your message. Really wonderful.
    In the year to come, I want to grow my blog to a level that it becomes a brand and a global platform where people can learn how to help themselves to grow in life. And to achieve that, I’m already working on it. However, I’ll renew my commitment once again and take action every single day to move towards it 🙂

  317. There’s SO much I am planning on doing, today I’m organizing my space, so that tomorrow when my notebook/folders get here, I”m ready to start working on EIF. A neat and organized space helps me work, creates clarity inside. Thank you for this, <followed the 'what's next' link!!! Here's to us, shining our beacons in our corners of the world!

    • Maja - Team Forleo

      Yessss, Shanti! And here’s to you, for honouring your dreams and doing the work! We’re excited for what lies ahead for you!

  318. Nadjezda Dolgich

    Iam deeply impressed. What rich structure of human being you brought coming on earth : beautiful, streaming light energy, clever, wise, observing , researcher and giving your knowledge to World.

  319. Stacy

    Theres 2 things I want a year from now. Debt free. And being healthy and super hot. But I always find excuses to not do either.

  320. Hilda Belmont

    Hey guys! I watched this episode because I am doing the next steps recommended in the EIF formula course.

    The one thing I would love to experience a year from now is people grateful that I started, saying thank you from the bottom of their heart, saying how much their life has changed and knowing that even though they made the change happen, I was an inspiration.

    One specific action I can take right now is to start writing great introductions that make people feel like they want to meet the person I am introducing and make the person introduced feel super proud of themselves.

    I am super pumped by the fact that I will be a B-school student in 2020

    P.S. I am 36 now, in the 3rd part of the MF Decade in review (time travel exercise) I thought how am I going to look at 46? since I am “latina” I googled “How old is J.Lo?” and found she is 50 and looks amazing so I decided I will look like her. One of the lines in this post says “Your time on this earth matters. None of us are getting any younger (except maybe J.Lo ??).” A big smile in my face.

    Thank you Marie and team, love everything you do!

  321. Very nice and motivational article. thank you very much for sharing.

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