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We’ve been living in Los Angeles for exactly 16 days and the difference I’ve seen in my energy, productivity and happiness is OFF the charts.

Want to know one of the biggest changes that’s happened as a result of this move?

I’m working out like a Mo Fo.

Every day it’s something else – dance, yoga, spin, hiking, biking, or TRX. I’ve never felt better! As a former Nike Elite Dance Athlete and fitness pro, I know the huge impact working out has on your life.

But I also know that when you’re busy building a business . . . and raising a family, caring for others, etc., it can seem impossible to find the time.

With all the other things to focus on each day, it’s easy to put yourself last. But here’s the thing. You can’t do that if you’re serious about winning the game in business and life.

Now before you start saying; “But Marie, I’m too busy – I don’t have time to work out!” watch today’s video.

I share important research on exercise and your brain, and my 10 minute strategy to cure the “no time” excuse.

You’ll also get one of the best FREE online workout vids I’ve seen in a long time. Trust me, you’re gonna thank me for it.

In the comments below, I want to hear from you. Tell me…

1.  The BS excuses you give (or have given) yourself as to why you’re “too busy” to work out and exactly what you’ll do to kick them to the curb.

2.  Tips, strategies or systems you use to keep working out a top priority.

Happy Tuesday and, as always, thank you for reading and watching!

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  1. Your advice is always so simple yet so…refreshing and useful. I’m definitely not a workout girl – always had zero motivation in that arena. When I lose my energy working on my business throughout the day, I tend to let time waste on social media, or take breaks, which often last for hours. Never could bring myself to work out because I feel like I could be doing something else. Loved how you reframed it as an essential part of being an entrepreneur and focusing – going to see if I can get myself to try a couple really short “workouts” throughout the day to start. Thank you so much for tackling this as a part of biz advice! Much needed, that’s for sure. 😉

    • Marie: I loved the video – you always brighten up a dull Tuesday morning!!
      Annching: I’m bad at fitting in exercise too, and like you say it always results in way too long breaks, or unfocused social media messages…I’ve started doing pushups, squats, sit-ups, yoga etc for 10-20-30 min while watching the morning news + regular dance breaks. That helps!

  2. Amy

    I used to go through phases of being really into exercise (yoga, running, etc.), but it never lasted because I couldn’t picture myself with a “exercises regularly” kind of lifestyle long-term, and I also felt guilty that I wasn’t spending that time with the dog! (And walking around our neighbourhood rarely feels inspiring.)

    Instead, I’ve recently started doing what you’re suggesting: dance breaks! (And occasionally, I’ll pull out the yoga mat for a nice stretch.) It’s so much fun, feels way better (and more effective) than exercise ever has, and I find that I have a lot more time and energy to devote to playing and running around the backyard with the dog, which he loves. Of course, he also goes nuts for the leash whenever he sees it, and I’ve been thinking that I could make time every week or two to drive to more interesting walking trails with him. It just fits so well with me, and it doesn’t feel like sacrificing one thing for another. And there’s absolutely no doubt that I’ve been way more productive and clear-minded in my work.

    • Amy

      Also, I think the key has been doing it for no other reason than that it feels good!

  3. I am a fitness professional and I focus on helping busy people exercise -even if they feel they lack the or motivation to do so.

    If you want to rock in both entrepreneurship and exercise, then you have to think out of the box. On my site I have tons of 5 min workout videos that you can do anywhere – that includes your home, your office, or your hotel room.

    The key is to start with something, no matter how small, and just keep doing it every day.

    My personal favorite: start by doing 2 squats every day.

    To make it a habit, you have to think about the activities that you do every day without fail, e.g., wake up, brush teeth, eat breakfast, put on shoes, etc.

    Then, you could add your 2 squats right after one of those activities.

    E.g., “I will do 2 squats after I put my kids to sleep”.

    This way “putting kids to sleep” serves as an anchor for you to remember your exercise.

    Start with that and you’ll see that you incorporate exercise in your life in no time. Soon enough you will catch yourself forgetting to stop, and actually doing a lot more than just 2 squats!

    • Amazing tip! I mean, it’s so easy, so simple, so what’s-your-excuse-now, that I just have to incorporate it into my daily routine — or I will officially declare myself a zombie!

      • Hi Eleni!

        Love that you are Greek like me 🙂 Yes, make it simple and you will see how fast you’ll be able to make exercise a daily habit!

        It’s not about having or not having excuses – it’s about following the right method that will actually help you integrate exercise in your life.

        And starting out small, really small, is key to that! 🙂

    • Marie,

      Thank you for a great tip for busy entrepreneurs. Do you have any suggestions for busy entrepreneurs with Chronic Pain Disease?

      I took a look at your site, there is great information over there as well. I am signing up for your weekly updates. I could use someone like you in my corner. LOL!!

      Nikki Curry

      • Hi Nikki!

        Thank you so much for signing up! I think you will find yourself exercising more and more as time passes.

        As for your chronic pain question, it really depends on your particular situation.

        The key with making exercise a habit is to not expect to be perfect right from the start.

        According to the Exercise Habits Study (you can find it on my site):

        The longer people have been exercising, the more time they devote to exercise every week. E.g., almost 80% of the people who have been exercising for 5 years or more devote at least 3 hours to exercise every week (including walking). That percentage drops to 25% for people who are just getting started (pg. 7). Thus, wanting and actually exercising more is not something that people can pull off on day 1.

        · Almost 30% of the people who have been exercising for 5 years or more skip their workout every week. This percentage goes up to ~65% for the people who are just getting started (pg. 15). Thus, sticking to your workout plan is a learnable skill.

        · ~60% of the people who have been exercising for more than 5 years reported that they have quitted an exercise program in the past due to lack of time or motivation. Thus, even these people who have made exercise a habit, did not start out as “natural exercisers” (pg. 17).

        These numbers show that busy people should not beat themselves up if they don’t adhere to their new program or if they don’t do as much exercise as they would like to right away. Contrary, becoming good at “the art of exercising” is something that comes with time. At the end of the day, fitness is something that should be part of our lifestyle for the next 20-30-50 years, not just for the next 6 months.

        In the long scheme of things, it does not matter whether we get to exercise 3 hours a week, or stick to our workout schedule perfectly, tomorrow or in 3 years’ time.

        So even if you don’t have time for a full workout, then just do 1-2 exercises. This will help you keep your exercise momentum up, plus you WILL get the benefits of exercise, like feeling better with yourself 🙂

      • Hey Nikki, the Nia Technique is a body/mind/spirit dance exercise technique that works great for people with chronic pain. You choose your own level of intensity. Lots of opportunity for slow, as well as fast movements, smooth or flowing, as well as more percussive movements. If the percussive movements cause more pain, then you can change to something more flowing. I have had students with fibromyalgia in class, they say it’s the only exercise they can do. I have also met a few Nia instructors who discovered Nia after hip or back surgery and were relieved to find something they could do that did not cause pain. The primary principle of Nia: the Joy of Movement. We always tell studetns to move in to pleasure, stop or change the movement if it is painful.

        • Love Nia!!

          • Nia is my ultimate boogey body workout… and it doesn’t feel like work at all! It’s a fun and playful integration of body, mind and spirit that leaves me feeling energised and alive! I love the total permission that Nia gives to listen to MY body, so the movement feels good and nourishing rather than painful and punishing. Tap into your inner dancer, child, warrior and healer and let your imagination go wild! I’m in Australia but you can find classes in over 40 countries on

        • I love Nia too!

      • Hi Nikki,

        Check out Fatima’s story of curing her own Fibromyalgia is awesome!

        I believe that cleansing our bodies is the key to getting rid of so much unnecessary suffering….especially the chronic kind.

        Great luck!

    • I love the 5 minute workouts you can do anywhere. 5 minutes is 5 minutes. Lover of working out myself 🙂

      • I love 5 minutes too! I do them all the time. It’s just invigorating, and a wonderful break from everything else!

    • Kim

      What a great tip to anchor exercises with daily routines!

  4. Your video made me laugh so much this morning …! But yes, I am in the same position as Tiffany – actually this week it’s come to a head – I’m either with my toddler or working … I forgotten ME time (shock horror!)

    One exercise I do with my toddler is use her as a weight and do some reps (yes, 26lbs of baby meat is an awesome weight and she loves it) – also crawl around on the floor after her – it’s exhausting.

    Gonna try dancing, I can’t dance for love or money but hey, no one’s watching and my toddler thinks whatever I do is truly hysterical and awesome.

    Thank you Marie … just when I thought I couldn’t love you any more you raised the bar!!!

  5. I fidget! A lot! And generally try and do things with as much zeal as possible so I work up a bit o’ a sweat! Cleaning is my cardio! I also wait tables ocassionally whilst I’m building up my own busienss – anyone who’s done this knows its a knock-out low impact 6-hour workout over a dinner shift!

  6. LMBO Marie!!!! I LOVED your boogie dancing. Go girl!

    My tip for preserving my sexy and making my workouts a priority is to
    JOIN A GROUP (or start one!) I’m part of a local running group, (absolutely FREE) and we all take turns posting runs at various times of the day. Knowing that others are counting on my to show up really keeps me motivated, plus it keeps me pushing myself to train harder and achieve more.

    This weekend, my group and I are running a 1/2 Marathon together. I can guarantee my butt would probably not be getting up on Sunday morning to run 13.1 miles in the hot Okinawan sun if it wasn’t for the fact that 20 other girls are expecting me to show up! Oh and we’re wearing pink shirts and tutus just to make it extra fun! 😉



  7. Hi Marie,
    Great video – yes I like to put on like a half hour of Insanity or Hip Hop Abs, or go for a walk by the sea where I live. You’re right, exercise helps so much with focus and generating great new ideas!
    Love your fun energy!
    Laura 🙂

    P.S. It’s Basic Instinct lol

  8. Hilarious video! I definitely like to shake my thing for a few minutes in between business tasks. Another thing that’s great exercise is salsa- even if you’re just doing a few simple moves by yourself at home. I just love dancing because you can do it any where.

  9. I weighed myself last night…

    After asking “is that the time?” and “is that in stones and pounds?”

    I realised I’d put on half a stone over Christmas (not again!)

    Which means my new years resolution needs to be changed to loosing 2 and half stone by May!

    So that’s 2 kicks up the behind in 2 days – I’m not waiting for a 3rd…

    … no excuses…..

  10. I get up early each day and begin with a yoga video, about 50 min, so I get that in before starting the workday. (Maya Fiennes or Rodney Yee) During the day, I take 10 or so minutes to either lift hand weights, or jump rope. I put on some music and jump for two or three songs. My kids are teens, but when they were smaller, I exercised when they were napping or while they were at school.

  11. As a busy expat mom of two/entrepreneur, I do yoga (for a whole hour!) from She has both a weekly free class and a membership site. She’s in Canada, I’m in Switzerland, and together we rock on my schedule for an hour of body moves and mind/heart openers. I am up to about 4 hours a week…love it! Since doing this I feel better and work smarter – and yes, it’s all flowing to me…

  12. Great advice. I find 10 minute workouts on cable workout channel first thing in the morning before I shower. Some days I will sit on a ball or stand and work or go for a walk and read emails. I also drink an energy smoothies in the morning and plenty of water throughout the day. The small change and few focus items have dramatically changed my life. The energy and focused productivity gained from incorporating small excercise, smoothies, and water has paid huge dividends. Start with ten minutes.

  13. Paula

    Here’s my multitasking exercise tips. I do leg squats while brushing my teeth, at least 20-25. Sometimes I do leg lifts. I also have a Giselle glider in my living room, as it is low impact but works the legs and buttocks well. My latest is to get out my 21 speed bike that has been in the closet for 6 years and buy a Cyclops fluid 2 indoor trainer. I aired up my tires and set it up in my living room. Now I can ride my bike indoors while multitasking on my iPod (I am learning Spanish). A few minutes here, a few minutes there, yes it does add up. And I am 54!

  14. Marie

    I admit I’m the world’s worst for fitting in my exercise.

    But if laughter is the best medicine, you just gave me an enormous dose. If you get my drift.

    Thanks, You do Beyonce better than Beyonce. Very Funny Indeed.

    Marion x

  15. HA. Love it. Move the body and with JOY too!

  16. Marisa

    Too funny …… I am trying to ‘focus’ and I keep seeing Marie telling me to ‘fucas’ ……. still laughing and it made my day 🙂

  17. Love it Marie! Exercise has always been my go-to feel-better remedy. Friends and family always love it when I workout on vacations because I’m a new person afterwards. I have a ton of energy and can go all day!

  18. Thank you Marie! What a riot! Looks like LA is good for ya sista’! This video was awesome. Not only informative, but hilarious! I laughed out loud.

    As for making “working out” a priority, I attach the activity to something I already do (pretty much what Maria suggests above).

    I am 34 weeks pregnant and have a list of things I need to do daily (30mins of yoga, 30mins or so of prenatal exercises, walking for at least an hour…etc)

    So what I did was attach those activities to something else. I do my 30 mins of yoga directly after my online English classes in the morning. As soon as I sign out, I grab my yoga mat that just happens to be leaning against the wall beside my desk. It is a free youtube video actually…not as epic as the video you introduced us to though Marie!

    Then later I’ve started walking, but with a friend. So I HAVE to go because she expects me downstairs at 11.

    Then the exercises I do as a pre-sleep ritual. So I basically can’t go to sleep until I get back onto the yoga mat and do my exercises.

    It has really worked for me and I have been doing all of these activities everyday for over 2 months (I started a bit later in the game…better late than never).

    I totally agree though. Exercise clears the mind and allows you to FOCUS and be much more productive.

    Looking forward to next Tuesday!

  19. G’morning Marie…that’s right, from Mattapoisett!

    This video is spot on the money. I am my best asset and it’s essential that I take care of myself. When I first started out, 9 or so months ago getting my business going, it was so hard to say no to working a bit more and yes to working out.

    Now I have switched things around and put my workouts into my calendar and plan around those. Life is so much better. And yes, it’s totally for my brain, not for my body (although it’s nice to see the body benefiting!)

    xo Johanna

  20. Thanks Marie

    I really am inspired… Will work out the fun way asap 🙂

    I just wantet to through in a quick workout shortcut tip… Kundalini Yoga!

    I know of a woman who use kundalini yoga and a bunch of other tools to goddessify your life in all areas. She has some free video tips on her website

    Love Maryleena

  21. Definitely dancing for me, it’s the most fun thing to do as far as i’m concerned. I’m going to get myself a hula hoop next!


  22. Oh Marie, you KNOW I love this one girl! You took the words right out of my mouth about chucking it out into 10min increments. I tell my busy ass clients that ALL THE TIME!

    Something I do when I am slammed but still need some exercise is call what I call…

    THE 50’s WORKOUT

    This is a GREAT at home 10min at home workout ->

    It’s a booty and mood lifter! YEAH BABY!


  23. anne

    I just started in a new position and I am working a ton of hours. I also have horses and pets that need to be taken care of each morning and night.

  24. Hola Marie
    I have to say I think this is your best vid yet. Love it.
    I absolutely 100% agree with you re. we are our biggest asset and we need to spend time investing in our own self-care to ensure we’re in tip top condition to take our biz to the dizzy heights of success we’re capable of.. I’ve just submitted a quick vid response here where I also share another cool strategy of how we can maximize our time to ensure we get our daily dose of adrenalin pumpin’! Think you’re going to like it. Now, I’m off for some yoga stretching 🙂 Enjoy

  25. Marie,

    Thanks for the great response today! I agree that taking an entire hour to exercise feels taking time away from my biz. But I do enjoy our Michael Jackson game on our Wii, so I will be dancing today!!! Setting the alarm on phone to remind me.


  26. Just realized it’s not the NSA satellite parked over my office, watching and listening to everything I say and everything I do (or don’t do), it’s YOU, Marie.

    ::KIDDING!:: =:-D 😉 LOL!

    Seriously, though, especially for us Desk Jockeys who can’t quite make it through an hour of exercise, little boogie breaks during the day are a great idea. Thanks!

  27. Alright, alright, Universe!!! I hear ya!

    O.K. I resonated with Tiffany’s challenge, however, I loved, loved, loved the idea of 6, 10-minute breaks throughout the day…what a great way to get the creative juices flowing, get the heart rate up, AND perfect the Dougie?

    My own favorite exercise strategy….dancin’! I mean, what Philly girl doesn’t like to break it down in front of the mirror from time to time?

    VERY timely topic for me, Marie…..thank ya!

  28. Awesome video and A to the Q!! Love you!! Yes, I fit in exercise when I can. I have a disability and it isn’t easy. I work out in a heated pool twice a week for an hour. I like the dance idea very much because then I can move in a safe way for my body. Keep up the great work, Marie!

  29. Amy

    Marie, this is great timing! I ordered one of your dance DVDs just a few hours ago 🙂 thanks!

  30. Meg

    Thank-you Marie! I use my wonderful rebounder! Even doing 15 minutes twice a day is fabulous for my body (and brain), including my lymph system. And bouncing feels so good (you can run on the spot and do other movements as well as just bouncing). Sometimes I turn on the TV – a fun design show or something like that – or just some cool music. I also love to go out for brisk walks.

  31. Erica

    This video had me CRACKING up. In the past month I’ve really gotten back into keeping my body moving and like you, I feel AWESOME. Superwoman status, for real.

    My excuse is really realllly sad to admit. I have never ever believed in excuses (okay, I suppose there are a few viable ones out there). And unlike you bad a** biatches with kids and your own businesses, I’m just a college student. When I don’t work out, I just flat don’t feel like working out. I can’t even kid myself here.

    To help me stay motivated, I sleep in my workout clothes and just pop right up and get it movin. I also downloaded these FREE apps called “Daily Ab workout” “Daily cardio workout” “Daily leg workout”, etc. The app is basically a 5-10 minute video (you pick the amt. of time) of a personal trainer doing 10 different moves that target an area. It’s great because everyone has their phone on them & has 5 minutes to spare. (the 5 minute AB workout KILLS me). I hope that can help some of you guys! Oh, and short little bursts of jogging just a few blocks around your home gets some pent up energy out and it feels great to get outside.

    Thanks for an awesome video Marie….I <3 Tuesdays.

  32. Exercise is definitely for your brain! No exercise means Heather = Captain Crankypants. When I take time to work out I’m more much alert and cheerful, which means meeting the right people at the right time. Huge for my business!

    I make exercise an appointment in my calendar – it’s the only way it will get done on my busy days. Loved this video Marie – you’ve inspired me to take more dance breaks during the day!

  33. well thanks again Marie for ruining another self loathing unproductive week. your insightful and helpful post set me straight!
    i’ve been so content sitting at my desk watching the sun rise and set watching my dog sleep for at least 8 – 10 hours straight without getting up. thanks to your gentle and inspirational nudge.

    i’ve just hooked up the dusty dvd player to the bedroom tv so I can do yoga with rodney yee every morning.
    re-upt the gym membership
    emailed two girlfriends to get a little group workout sesh planned for every week.

    thanks. enjoy LA – walk runyon and hollyridge for me.

  34. I’d have to say the thing that completely robs me of my motivation and energy to work out and eat healthy is not getting enough SLEEP! Typically, I won’t even start getting ready for bed until midnight when I have to wake up at 6:00AM. Not getting enough sleeps completely ruins my schedule because I’m more likely to hit snooze until the last possible minute, therefore no time to eat a healthy breakfast or pack a healthy lunch, then once the work day is over, I’m exhausted and just want to go home and crash. I’m glad I noticed this pattern though and getting more sleep is one of my new year’s resolutions. Definitely think getting more zZzzz’s will help me get back on track with working out and eating healthier. As always, love your video and advice!

  35. Love the ten minute tip! I dance twice a week (1 – 1.5 hrs each) and ride my horse 3 – 5 times with loads of ad hoc stretching/yoga/pilates moves throughout. I find music itself a crazy mood elevator/changer. Need to rev up? Roy Orbison’s, “Anything you Want.” Need to focus on writing? Yo Yo Ma or Dinnerstein’s Goldberg Variations on piano. Need to feel better? Carlos Santana and a whole bunch of wiggles like you’re showing.

  36. Marie-
    Great advice, and fun video as always.

    I get the same excuse that my clients have no time to exercise- then I sit down with them and go through their schedule to find that they watch 10 hours of tv! HELL-O! After they get through the initial shock of how much time they are sitting on their arses, I tell them to find 20 minute pockets where they can run, jump on a trampoline, do yoga, or strength train- I’ve started leaving weights on my cookbook shelf so that when water is boiling, or onions are cooking, i can get a few reps in of multitasking strength moves. I even made a video for it here:

    The thing that ALWAYS works for me if i’m feeling lazy:
    I ask myself this: ” ONE hour from now, do I want to be SWEATY, or do I want to be SORRY?” clearly that’s a no-brainer, and gets me off my butt asap….

    Hope that motivates anyone who needs an extra push…..

    • Awesome Danielle – I like this idea ! – I sometimes get bored in waiting mode in the kitchen, and end up running off to do something in my studio for a sec .. not so great, as I am usually not back there in time ; / I am totally going to try this out. thanks!

  37. Hey Marie! Great advice. I recently started a daily exercise program about two weeks ago, Metamorphosis by Tracy Anderson. That woman is a god-send! AND best thing about that workout, my good-feelings bumped up, and three days after I started it, I had the idea to start a women’s support group with my friends to provide a place of encouragement, support, and of course, valuable info to help us launch our careers and get clear on our dreams! Until seeing you video, I hadn’t thought the two had any corrolation, but maybe all the extra blood flow was making my thoughts flow more also. Thanks for providing that bigger picture perspective and showing me the added motivation to my workout besides a tight tummy!

    with love,

  38. I always remind myself (and clients) that I DO have time. I recommend scheduling a bit of exercise. Even if it is only 10 minutes, put it on your calendar. You will feel amazing when you complete it or cross it off your to-do list, not to mention all of the other benefits!

  39. There are 2 reasons that I would not be exercising.

    #1 – I am giving myself a BS excuse: Usually “I can’t think about working out! I could use that time to finish _____!!!” <– not a fun place to be. A place of lack and stress.

    #2 – I'm simple not thinking about exercise. As in, I have no attention on it whatsoever!!

    How do I kick #1? I dance! Or take exercise breaks, like you say. Part of the problem is that it is I often procrastinate, which adds to the "I have no time!" feeling. I'm still working on how to consistently stay on task for my goalsl.

    #2 is fixed everytime I remember what my goals and dreams are. Being radiant and healthy is a part of it and regular exercise is a must for that!

  40. Hi, Marie! I love your advice!!! I use my indoor stair case and the mop, mopping my house twice. I take advantage of what I have at home.

    Girl, you are so hilarious!!! You game me my first belly laugh of the day, THANK YOU! Have an awesome day, Jennifer 🙂

    PS Luv this also, 2:39 & 2:59 .

  41. Marie – Holy cow your vid had all the essential elements…info, advice, humor, insight and more humor! The 70’s vid had me giggling…still giggling!

    Thank you for adding value to my day.

  42. Marie

    Once again thank you for talking about a subject that should be in what I call “Hi-Def” …. As an Entrepreneur, and mother that suffers with a Chronic Disease it is hard to even have the WILL to exercise.

    I have learned that without good HEALTH there is no business. So I walk as much as possible, (my walk of clarity) and lately I’ve been joining in with my 11 year old on the 360 XBOX Kinnect (whatever it’s called)

    We dance, compare my generation of dancing to hers! But the best part is we take time to BOND. Everyone Wins. Try It

    Nikki Curry

  43. Hello beautiful!
    Welcome to gorgeous Cali…we can feel your good vibes up here in Santa Barbara…come visit :))
    I LOVE YOUR VIDEO today because it is hilarious and so right on and is in total alignment with my coaching program for Spiritual Entrepreneurs and Big Hearted Visionaries.
    The #1 thing that goes when Entrepreneurs are on a Spiritual Mission is Self-Care.
    They put the cart before the horse. They put the mission before Self-Care and end up burnt out and depleted and end up wondering “Why the heck am I on this mission anyway?”
    The foundation of my entire coaching program is radical Self-Love and Self-Care so that Entrepreneurs have high-octane sustainable mojo to rock their business and manifest their mission.
    I just finished my SIZZLE REEL and know you will totally dig it.
    Check it out at:

    Also check out

    Thank you for continuing to deliver the goods and inspire us all.
    You are totally on fire.

    Have the best day ever filled with LOVELIGHTBLISS.

    XO Anne

  44. Ok, You seriously made me laugh today!. Loved the dancing to get your ideas (the light bulb was genius) and the final blooper.

    Anyway, I am definitely one of the mompreneurs that has a hard time focusing and finding time to exercise. I too always feel guilty if I take anytime for myself. But I have been “trying” to put myself first since the new year started and I must say, I am feeling much better.

    thanks for the great tips as usual!


  45. Seriously love this. I’m on a mission to inspire people to exercise. It doesn’t haver to be hard or painful and it can be fun! Dance your ass off! LOVE.

  46. Marie, I loved this video! I am great at giving this type of advice (but so bad at following through on my own!) I have definitely found that I get my BEST blog ideas when I’m the eliptical or treadmill. In fact, that’s usually how I get myself to go to the gym…when I just can’t think of what to write about. That should be motivation enough for me to get my lazy butt there every day!! Ok, you’ve really inspired me. I’m going for a run this afternoon 🙂 thank you!

  47. hahaha!
    Love your hair, dance moves and fatal attraction moment LOL

    I used to teach fitness classes to famous hockey players and tv personalities and LOVED it. But then got married, had unschooled kids, and the gym membership was replaced with mom and tots playgroup ;p

    What has never been lost though are morning stretches and barefoot hikes in the forest…the scent of pine, emerald green trees, fresh air and natural light detoxes stress, inspires new ideas and is so grounding 🙂
    I do it in winter too (barefooting I mean- well the other too! hahahaaa!)

    I also take daily dance breaks, some fast, some slow:

    It isn’t always pretty with cool moves…just coming down from the ivory tower of my mind and dropping into my body, heart open, eyes closed, feeling the music…in flow….I just love to dance- even by myself!

    Nourishing my body and dreams with juicy loved up foods helps alot too.

  48. I’ve been such a slacker in the exercise arena! I used to run regularly. Matter of fact, I’ve done 3 marathons. Now, with my new job and waking up earlier I am tired in the morning and exhausted at night!

    I’ve been working with my accountability partner. And, we have decided to start small. I now try to run at least on the weekends and get in a nice walk during the weekdays.

  49. Meg

    These are great comments and very helpful too. I’ve downloaded the free daily workouts onto my iphone. Those, along with my rebounder (trampoline) and walking, will do the trick!

  50. Just realized it’s not the NSA satellite parked over my office, watching and listening to everything I say and everything I do (or don’t do), it’s YOU, Marie.

    ::KIDDING!:: =:-D 😉 LOL!

    Still, how do you know what I’m struggling with at a particular time? Seriously, though, especially for us Desk Jockeys who can’t quite make it through an hour of exercise, little boogie breaks during the day are a great idea. Thanks!

  51. I can’t believe I am going to post this – but making videos (I haven’t yet. I’m filming a series of them in two weeks!) and exercising are two of my priorities for this winter! So, with out much thought and all action, here’s a sample of my 10 minute exercise of choice (as a busy mom and business owner I can relate!).

    I’d say focus is a big issue for me, and I know moving and grooving helps. Also, I love what you said about being your businesses best asset. I have been using the phrase “You are your success” with my wellness work – and I really believe it. Thanks Marie, xoxo

  52. Loooooved your video! You are absolutely right…WE are our best business asset! I never really thought of it that way. I always make the time to workout, it is a top priority for me. It truly does help me to focus! Thanks for sharing your awesome videos 🙂

  53. I was so pumped to find this in my email this morning before posting my video for the week because it’s BOOTY SHAKIN’ TUESDAY! I do this the last Tuesday of every month, highly inspired by how much freaking fun it was to create the LMFAO vid in Mexico. I included a link to your post at the bottom this week since it’s right on for my girls. Fist bump for synchronicity 🙂

    Here it is:

    I’m shakin’ it to Motown Philly on the roof of my building, I think you’ll be proud…(my outfit isn’t close to being as sweet as the feature in your vid though, oh well!)


  54. yes, yes, yes!!! I’ve learned to get my booty up & moving throughout the day!! It makes a world of difference! I don’t think my moves look as smooth as yours Marie….but hey, they are moves!

  55. Awesome video, Marie! You have some nice moves 🙂

    I have definitely noticed that the more active I am the more I take care of myself, the better my business does!

  56. Studies also show that if you happen to sit for more than 6 hours a day then your metabolism slow and your energy levels suffer. I use timeout (Mac app) – after 60 minutes of work it darkens my computer screen and forces me to take a 10 minute break. I currently use those 10 minutes for meditation and yoga in the mornings and pilates in the afternoons. Your dance breaks look a lot more kick-ass though… trying them today 🙂

  57. Marie, you kill me girl! I’ve got to get one of those leotards. This is a major topic I talk about all the time with my clients. Guilt is such a HUGE emotion for women entrepreneurs and we feel it all the time. When working we feel guilty for not exercising. When exercising we feel guilty for not working. And then, heaven forbid, when we take time to simply chill, we feel guilty about work, exercise, cooking, eating, family, and everything else we SHOULD be doing. OY! Here are my quick tips to get your groove thang on when it comes to exercise:

    1. It is a gift and you DESERVE it. The only person who can take care of you is YOU, so by plugging in 10 minutes of dance time a day (listen to Marie!), you are giving yourself a special little gift that no one else can provide.

    2. Block it into your day. Just as you hopefully have eating and sleeping carved out into your day (if not, we need to talk!), set aside 20 minutes for your body every day. Nothing big or major. It doesn’t have to be a 90 minute Bikram class. Just make sure you MOVE every day.

    3. Special space to let loose. How often do you really let yourself let loose and go crazy? Exercise is a special space where you let your body take over and get what SHE wants for a change and not what your brain compels her to do. Check in with your lovely SHE and see how she wants to move, groove and let loose today. By removing the HAVE TOs and letting it be a gift, exercise will happen effortlessly.

  58. Marie – great vid as always. Laughing is also good for us and you sure handle that so thank you! As a former athlete I was shocked after starting my business and falling completely off the exercise wagon. To get back on, I initially hired a trainer mostly for support, but I ended up learning a tonne of great exercises that were simple and effective. My other 1/2 was inspired and now we hit the gym together after work which is such a treat. We don’t have kids so I take my hat off to the parents out there, but I agree with you 150% that you’re a better YOU therefore a better everything with a little endorphin boost:) This site I’ve also found awesome for quick home based workouts. Thanks Marie! BTW, so glad to hear you’re enjoying California. I’m following in your footsteps as Vancouver BC (as beautiful as it is) gets a little on the grey side during the winter. oxxo

  59. Lucienne

    Sassy and so right! 2012 sees me right into exercise for me and as my best business tool (from you). Love your analogy of the “sweet pharmacy” and “focus fix”. I get up at 5 am, drink a cup of health tea outside, no matter the weather, to be with nature – another kind of fix! On goes some ancient Chinese music – pretty soft as my life partner is still sleeping (silly man! tee hee) .. Qigong for 20 mins or so – a moving, powerful meditation. I added to this by going to the gym 12 noon (timewise working for me at the moment, however flexible in so far as, only allowed to change the time, not the day. 20 mins walk on an incline, 8 mins cycling and 8 mins rowing (this part kills me!) into a studio and wind down with 13 hand form tai chi for 5 mins – yaHOOOOOO back to work I go. I am an entrepreneur (two new areas) and moving towards 60. Nia dancing rocks! By the way down here in Africa catered a function for Richard Branson when I had my catering business. Your (and others) interview with him – absolutely fabulous. Focus focus fix fix ……

  60. Great video Marie!! One thing that has helped me (and my clients) is to sign up for a race – any distance works (5k, 10k, half marathon) – but knowing that there is something I’m training for gets me moving so I’ll be prepared when race day arrives. And since I’ve paid a registration fee (and have a cool new t-shirt), I’m less likely to blow it off.

    Also – I’ve been on your list for awhile and have to I’ve really enjoyed the last few videos – you seem more centered – maybe CA has been good for you 🙂 Your new site is beautiful too!!!

  61. Fabulous and STYLISH Marie!!

    Rockin’ it in LA!
    I love my rebounder.. For days when I can’t get to the park, or
    to the gym or yoga,, I bounce every chance I get..
    Today Show moment? Bounce through it.
    Finished with a client? Bounce away!
    It rev’s me up, and keeps me going..

    That , AND a green juice:)
    Much love,
    Holli xo

  62. Woo Hoo! I love the video, Marie.

    I am in the habit of exercising every single day – even when I have tons of deadlines, there’s a blizzard outside, I’ve got a sick kid at home, or I just don’t feel like it. Here are some of my tips. They work really well for me.

    My #1 Tip: Get it done first thing in the a.m. I set my workout clothes out at the end of my bed and I fit the workout in before anything else. Gives me a great energy boost for the rest of the day!

    #2: Make it easy. Join a gym that is open 24 hours (mine is!), is less than a mile from your house, or is on the way to work. Invest in some new (or used – hello Craigslist!) exercise equipment like a treadmill or a spin bike and keep it at home for those days when you can’t get to the gym.

    #3: Keep the focus not on the size of your booty, but on the size of your wellness “bank account.” Just as we invest in our businesses or our retirement funds, we must contribute regularly to our wellness accounts if we want to enjoy the wealth that is fantastic health.

    And Marie, I am a Jersey girl, and I MUST know where you got that dress!!! I love it.

  63. I’m out the door at 5:15am for a TWO HOUR Ashtanga practice EVERYDAY….except Saturday. What I learn on the mat I use off the mat and if you what Ashtanga is you know it is totally empowering. I could not be who I am in business without this practice.
    mother of 2 teenagers, running a successful business and building a house in Jamaica….it’s all about finding the time.
    AND eating a healthy plant based diet gives me tons of energy so I need LESS sleep.

  64. OMG, this vid is HYSTERICAL!!! Best one yet and of course the exercise tips are great too!! I am pretty active but green juice is the one the thing I MUST take time for everyday. For me, it is better than any antidepressant/caffeine/stimulant!! I’m drinking one now in fact…and almost spit it out when you were doing your light bulb dance! Love it! Thanks for all of your amazing biz tips. I basically built my business using info from you and Laura Roeder and couldn’t be more grateful for women like you in this world!! xo

  65. Lorri

    Fitting exercise into my day is not an easy thing to do for me. I am a morning person, so by 3 PM, I am ready to shut down. What I do during the work week is park further away from buildings so I have to walk; I take the stairs up and down to keep moving. On the weekend I run – first thing or make it part of my to-do list.
    When the weather gets nice, I commit to using my lunch hour to jog.

  66. Liz

    Hey Marie, you are so totally right that exercise always seems to be the first thing that falls off the priority list when we’re trying to do everything else! I know that when I do hit the gym regularly though, not only does my body feel better but my confidence SKY ROCKETS. I mean, I leave that place feeling like I could take on the world. That confidence leads to so much more focus, momentum and motivation in everything else that I do that it’s well worth the hour! With this in mind I’ve created a list of things I HAVE to do each day before I can fit anything else in, including exercise, green juice to start the day, dry brushing and a bit of meditation.

    Being a bit of a Type-A, I keep this list on my wall and tick things off when I’ve done them. Not only does this give me a sense of being on track, I can’t stand looking at it if I know I haven’t kept up my end of the bargain!

    Thanks for your awesome advice with your unique spin 🙂

  67. AWESOME advice Marie! love it!!! xo,dana

  68. Marie, I have 1 word for you – hilarious. THAT’S what I have to say about this video. You are too freakin funny, I swear.

  69. April

    Marie, you have found Jazzercize!!!! It has been my go-to FUN, dancy ,work out for a long time–Judi Shepard Missett ROCKS, still today. I take class from her 3 days a week here in San Diego CA. She looks great and in in fabulous shape of course! Years ago it was Richard Simmons that I loved and took classes from in BH… he is a wonderful man and very motivating, but doesn’t teach classes any more, and he is a hoot , like you!!!
    Thanks for all you do.

  70. Loved this video segment! You just inspired me to go for a run before I tackle this afternoon’s bidness. Thanks Marie!

  71. Triathlon training keeps workout out high on my priority list! Triathlon save me (seriously it did) back in 2007 when I had no confidence and was floundering over what direction I wanted to take in business.

    Now I’m training for Ironman Boise 70.3 and the Ironman 70.3 World Championships AND running a business. The 70.3 distance forces me to make training and eating healthy a lifestyle because there’s no way I can phone that training in!

    Thanks for the vid Marie!!

  72. Marie – Thank you for this message! This is such a powerful message that people often forget.

    As a Pilates trainer, I train some of the top CEO’s in the Bay Area and if THEY can make time for exercise, so can the rest of us. They realize the value of it and it inspires me to no end. Pilates is a great form of exercise because it dramatically reduces your stress and is proven to increase your focus. I offer online programs for the busy executive. You can do them from home or from your hotel.

    As an instructor it’s been hard for me to get my OWN workouts in, but since I’ve been more dedicated, my productivity has gone through the roof. Thanks again, can’t wait to share this with my followers & clients 🙂

    • Sarah

      Hi Robin,
      This speaks to me so much. So much.
      Is there a link between being a great CEO and exercise?

      It’s a no-brainer isn’t it.
      I’m working on it and am aware that the key to my own personal success and forging forward is exercise. If I want to step up, then I gotta get up.
      Thanks for this very positive and very real contribution.

  73. Sara


    Thank you! What a fun and truthful video!!! I laughed out loud. I am a medical student who spends a lot of time sitting, due to studying demands and lectures. I recently joined a cross-fit style bootcamp and have found that the hour I spend exercising more than makes up for the hour of studying I am missing.

    My focus has increased and I feel good about myself, so I don’t waste time worrying about how I look. An extra bonus is that I am able to focus in lectures that I previously found boring and I am learning more!

    Two Tricks That Worked For Me:

    1) I picked a gym that is on my regular route so I can hit up bootcamp on my way to or from school. In addition, bootcamp classes are offered multiple times a day, so I can stay flexible with my busy schedule.

    2) Because I spend so much time sitting and interacting with books (more than with people), I chose a gym that doesn’t use machines (no sitting) and is a group program. We often do partnered exercises (like the medicine ball throw) and we always have team camaraderie!

    This Q & A Tuesday is right on! Work it, girl! And thanks for inspiring us to!

  74. Sometimes it’s worth watching just to catch the blooper at the end.

  75. Thanks for the vid Marie.

    Exercise is a daily must for me. It helps me start my day of on the right foot and put me in a good mood if I woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Anyone can fit in a few minutes of exercise, even yoga at their desk.

    Ready for a dance party now!


  76. I knew it was so important to include exercise in my business as a new mom that I bought a Stroller Strides franchise so that I could work out WITH my baby all the time (and since I’m the owner, I also get paid – not a bad gig). There are great programs out there for moms to work out with their kids so you can kill two birds with one stone. It has been a life saver for me. Doing both has enabled me to stay fit, spend time with Finn and then also focus on my other businesses I’m working on launching. When I exercise I find that the ideas flow, I get stuck less often and that I’m focused when I sit down to work. I agree with Marie as well – breaking it up into shorter sessions is fantastic. I’ve done that from time to time to and it makes a world of difference.

  77. Shake it, lady!

    And thanks for calling BS on the “no time” excuse. Moving your body moves your business. Period.

  78. I’m so much more productive when I exercise daily! For me, exercise = productivity + focus = better results all around.

    I get outdoors & get my moving meditation going on… hiking, jogging, roller blading, walking hills, biking and rebounding! 🙂

  79. oh Marie, you are TFF!!! really, you get me laughin’ which always feels good. I think of my yoga/exercise time as ‘physical therapy’. I know I see my shrink every week at a particular time and I schedule my workouts the same way. I know what time I go to my classes and I just never book that time. In terms of it helping me be more productive, or make more money ~ I am sure that it helps. I know that I would be less focused and feeling less confident overall if I wasn’t feeling good about my physical body. Plus, if you’re sitting in front of a computer like I do most of the day, you need to get up and stretch and interact with the world!
    Thanks for such a great (funny) video and so glad you are enjoying sunny LA

  80. Well I must say I was busily working out on my elliptical machine when I listened to your Q&A Tuesday!

    I never thought about it before.. but it’s true, exercise is as much for the mind as it is for the body. I always feel like a million bucks when I finish.. and who needs coffee after a good workout?

    dee 🙂

  81. Hi Marie
    LOVE LOVE LOVE this video. My drug of choice is Zumba. Discovered it about a year ago and I’m totally addicted. I schedule my work around zumba class (really love Z-toning)…it DEFINATELY keeps me sane with 4 kids under 12, busy house and growing (exciting) business! and it definately energizes me….
    Exercise has always been a priority but it makes it MUCH easier when it’s something you love. Zumba totally does it for me…the music, the movement (discovered parts I’d forgotten I have) and the playfulness. Love it….omg, just realised I gotta run to zumba…seriously, I’m not kidding.
    Thanks Marie, you’re the best!

  82. Jenna

    Omg that was eff’ing awesomely hilarious! I love working out and yeah I feel awesome. When I go to the gym I reward myself with a new song for my ipod so it never gets boring!

  83. I LOVE this post Marie!! “Just shake your rump!” That’s what I’m about!

    As an Ecstatic Embodiment Expert, I MOVE women through resistance and procrastination and INTO the Life of their Dreams.

    HoopYogini (the return of hua hooping as a Holistic Fitness) and Bhakti Boogie® are my “downloads” and movement experiences that help women move and live authentically on the “dance floor” of life.

    HoopYogini and hula hooping burns 400 – 600 calories an hour (nice!). Bhakti Boogie® is a practice of Self-Inquiry, Self-Study, Self-Expression & Spiritual Devotion that’s FUN, TRANSFORMATIVE, SENSUOUS & SWEATY.

    As a friend recently said, “Free your Ass and your Mind will Follow!”

    So true!

  84. L*O*V*E* this mama marie! If my work out goes to sh** so does everything else including my biz. The first person to notice if I am slacking is my loving man who will ‘help’ me to get to the gym by setting the alarm getting up an hour before me to make green juice-remove snow from vehicle or whatever needs to happen to get my butt to Zumba as he is the benefactor or all those feel good hormones OR the recipient of my short temper!
    Thanks for the reminder and rockin’ that jersey girl dress with attitude to match! (Bergen County’s in the house! whoot!)

  85. This is sooo great. I work out everyday and am not a gym girl, so my at home work outs revolve around and With coreconditioning, the workouts are never more than 20 minutes long and are a total butt kicker and I’ve never been in better shape.
    I have realized a huge lesson lately in that my maintenance plan is no longer enough: exercise daily, supplements, whole foods diet and some bodywork. My game has gotten so much bigger and one thing I don’t do well is RELAX or REST. I’d rather go for a walk or a yoga class, but I’m getting that I need to sit down and knit (my 8 year old knits!) with my daughter or pick up my book to allow my mind to unwind.
    WOrking from home, homeschooling my girls (takes so little of my time), and maintaining my health for my family and myself are of huge priority for me.
    Thanks for shedding some light on this topic!

  86. Andrea

    Thanks Marie….awesome as always.
    I used to workout a lot, matter of fact I was addicted to it. After having my little girl, I lost focus and also lost the desire to actually spent an hr at the gym or running or whatever! I think I was over-trained 🙁
    A couple years later we joined a private gym and tennis club and I forced myself to go and do the Jillian Michaels’ routine 4x a week. However it was still 90 min a day by the time I was done…when you are a mom and entrepreneur, who the heck has time to do that???
    I came across the PACE: 12 minute fitness revolution (by Dr. Sears) and it changed my life. Its amazing, I work out 4-6 x a week and loving it. I am in and out of the gym in an hr (that includes my sauna and also shower!) You can do it anywhere… home, outdoors or the gym….your choice. Awesome program!

  87. Yo M.

    We have some cosmic G-Love thing going on here? I am totally picking up what you are laying down.

    My level of exercise has with out a doubt changed the way we run our businesses…and our profit margin. I believe today that a balanced lifestyle is key to our survival…but i didn’t think so at one point in my life. Enter M via personal coaching and the awesome RHH program. via M I got the balanced lifestyle vibe. That I think was the main message if i break it down to its essence. From way back then to now, the exercise advice was there, she just didn’t post the video yet. It took awhile and getting my ass kicked, BUT what she is laying down is totally possible. So M, my question after my long intro is simple: what are the key ingredients to a balanced lifestyle. I think i have an idea, but just wanted to put it out there and see what comes up.

    Talk amongst yourselves.

    PEACE and LOVE


  88. Lol that old dance video brought back memories:) When I was about 5 or 6 my mom had that video and I loved it….especially the boogie woogie bugle boy part and I used to do your crunch dance video when I was in college. Memories:)

  89. You are so hot!!!
    And it is so true what you say about exercise!!
    I am an ex broadway gypsy and I still exercise
    4-5 times a week.
    Makes me happy and yes, it helps me focus too!!!
    And it helps me stay hot.. like you!!!
    Thanks for this great video!!
    Love it!!

  90. LOVE THIS! Marie, Girl…you always inspire me to better myself and my business. 🙂

    I have ZUMBA for Wii and I try to break it up into 20 minute segments. I also pop in DVD’s when I want to work out.

    I like the video on Kris Carr’s YouTube about short segments in intense workout/endurance training. It’s good to get that extra burst of energy and give it all you got on the dance floor. (or in my case, the living room floor!)

    • I just got zumba for Wii! I feel like I probably look like I’m having a seizure when I play it, but it’s definitely a good workout. Gets you moving for sure!

  91. The fact that I watched this video this morning while preparing for my day and thinking (simultaneously)
    “Man, such a busy day! I’m a freaking ROCKSTAR”
    “Man, such a busy day, I’m not going to get to run until thursday”

    In short, you rock my face off. I was booty dancing along to the video as I watched!

  92. Love the quote about exercise being good for your mind. Those handy-dandy endorphins are so cool– helping us release mental (and physical) tensions.

    Can’t go wrong when you mix business with booty shakin’!

  93. Awesome video, as always 🙂

    Might I suggest this as the perfect supplement for the youtube video you featured?

  94. Cassie Price

    OH MY GOD.

    I am getting some tights and leotards from 2:51 to get my boogie body on.

    I can’t quit laughing.

  95. Ashley

    This is so true! I started Zumba classes at the local studio this month as part of my 2012 reinvention of me. 4 weeks later I am so focused. I’ve stepped up my marketing and networking efforts and I feel so much confidence. I actually feel bummed when I have something else going on during my workout time. Plus working out with a group of fabulous ladies is great networking!!

    Thanks for your weekly inspiration and thanks for the “Fatal Attraction” joke made me laugh out loud fo’ serious!

  96. Exercise for me is a non-negotiable. 6 days a week, first thing in the morning to get my day headed in the right direction. I’ve definitely gone through phases of not exercising, skipping days here and there or waiting until later in the day, but I can feel the difference and it’s not good. Now, I tell myself that working out is just what I do (like brushing my teeth) and on the days when I feel like skipping, that gentle reminder is all I need to get me moving.

  97. LOVE this video Marie. I’ve been doing the Insanity workouts and have noticed a HUGE improvement in my mood, productivity and focus. I’ve made it a priority to workout FIRST THING, because I know that I’ll think my way out of doing it if I don’t just get it done. xo

  98. So true Marie! I work from home and don’t always get time to hit the gym, so I get changed into my sweats as soon as I get up and head out for a 30 minute walk every morning. Been doing this for a year and I notice the difference on days when I don’t get out there.

  99. Great tip! I also love that you managed to take your wall with you to LA!!

  100. I’m in the dance business surrounded by lots of fitness equipment and I still don’t do it. ERGH.

    It’s all mental and I’m focusing focusing focusing now.

    Being in LA (I love the smell of the air) does invigorate and want you to work out. Check out Dove’s Bodies girl…you’ll love her.

    My latest research shows that the PowerPlate may be THE most ideal to stretch and get strength training for mere minutes.

    Now that I’ve added blogging and writing to my plate, sitting is not good for the derriere!

  101. Oh man – I really needed to hear this today Marie – thanks so much and yes, that workout video was amazing!

    Ok – here’s my commitment – I’ll take the 6x10mins a day challenge and I’m going to mix it up between dancing, rebounding, walking and yoga. I’m excited to kick my excuses to the curb.


  102. Love Q&A Tuesday! My BS excuse: I am too busy with work and the world will stop if I cannot be reached for an hour. 😉

    Then I put it on my calendar and bing-bing-boom…my a$$ is at the gym!

    I find that having a workout buddy helps get me there and keeps me in check! Also, who doesn’t love a little friendly competition?

  103. Jen

    HILARIOUS video!!!

  104. I my motto is exercise is like air to me…it is an absolute non negotiable in my life….with out it I am ,bitchy and out of sorts…BUt with my daily exercise …I am wonderful me:)

    • Vanessa, so cool to see you here. It is such a small world.

  105. Sarah Taylor

    Just the write QA for me at the moment.
    Writing up a PhD that is already late and therefore funds are very low.
    Partner and his daughter just moved in so our combined household now also has 5 dogs, 1 cat, 1 horse, 3 goats, 9 chickens and 3 bull calves to look after.
    BS excuse ‘I need to do x for y or go get this and run that errand to allow time for something else.’
    My mood is very affected by how much I exercise and as somebody who has struggled with bad diet and weight gain for a long time I am very worried that I will end up very large and unhealthy.
    I find that arranging to meet a trainer or mate to workout makes me more likely to go on a busy day than if I am going alone. Not a group exerciser so some personal training sessions at the gym have been good for my fitness and I have been going 2-3 x a week for 18months with the occasional slide – usually xmas new year and coincides with the blues although it is summer in NZ. Started Yoga last year and just upped to 2 sessions a week. Great instructor with fun classes and a varied muscial repetoire such that Yogatallica was our las pre-xmas class.
    I can only reiterate your comments and say make exercise part of the plan and as important as other meetings. I definitely concentrate better, work harder and smile more when I am working out.

  106. Sarah

    Maire Forleo,

    hat had me crying laughing! Crying I tell you., CRYING.
    As if the the Marie hardcore vibro booty shake light bulb moments wasn’t enough, the retro LEOTARD boogie had me snorting salad from ma nose. (see how I cunningly slipped the word ‘salad’ in there)


    BS excuses – you name em, I got em.

    I am too tired (heloooo)
    No time – rushed of ma feet
    Need to rest
    not fat
    I’m unfat
    I’m not in bad shape, and I eat reasonably well
    No time (yAWNe)
    Husband doesn’t motivate me (yup – this is a stellar one)
    I’m pretty active
    I walk a lot
    I don’t have a car
    There are no English-speakin yoga classes near here (good one!)
    I’m exhausted just need to sit down…
    Etc etc etc

    So here:
    I have a hoop
    An ab-toner
    A bicycle
    I live in one of the major cities in the world and I am busy but I am in the hole of excuses and self sab (even these are BS excuses because aren’t I being oh-so-self-piggin-aware! And more and more)
    So tonight – I do something be it retro leotard dancin, House-music-hoopin, Aussie yoga-video (ahh lovely sunshine coast) or some violent English girl dance-floor horror, Tonight I up my ante.
    Just see if I don’t.

    Forleo – I loved this vid, I intend to watch again and pause on the light bulb faces. Like an rockin empowered stalker…

  107. REBOUNDING! As in….remember the mini tramp from the 80’s?! Except it’s new and oh so improved.

    Now they make rebounders with bungee cords instead of springs. Bellicon makes a great one. Not inexpensive, but super fun, effective and even 5 minutes gets you going.

    As a bonus, rebounding is the greatest detox exercise, and that means weight loss, clear heads, and lots more space to FOCUS! Yay!

  108. Hey Marie
    I’m having “Virgin Youtube Video Response” wonders…..? I uploaded on the youtube, but have no idea where it went?

    so thought I’d post this here…..

    Well, this QnA spoke to me SO DANG clearly that I took the last 30 minutes to learn how to use iMovie so I could create a video response. (needed to learn anyways and have been procrastinating….so thanks for the kick in the butt!)

    Anyways, my video tells the tale.

    see you soon, Irene xx

  109. Girl!!! You can’t be tellin a brutha you’re only a st8 away!!
    1st of all.. WTFocus???!!! That video was FOCUSOME!!!!! You literally had me laughin & shakin my head… you just keep raisin the bar a little higher and higher. BTW, LOVE the new site… it’s almost as colorful as YOU are and fits your wild retro modernist style!

    I don’t have a biz just yet, but I’m working on it as you can see. I will be changing the header and this is the route I’m going. I almost got plenty of exercise, because I was seriously gonna throw my computer against the wall into 1000 little pieces (the dynamic content gallery was frustrating me to no end). You know I’m still learning all this techno stuff 🙂

    I will be sure to put the voting on autopilot for a bit tomorrow.

  110. LOVE THIS VIDEO, HARD TO GET MY ARMS DOWN, Thank you, thank you, thank you Marie! you rock, yes you do!

    1) I need to start exercising.
    2) I want to exercise!
    3) I gotta exercise today, no bs, just straight exercise T.O.D.A.Y

    I like simple humble stretching, sitting or standing, when I’m busy busy like right now, and yes, as a student of SWA in NYC, dancebreaks!!! Like if I was in Miami, type-of-dancebreaks, works so well! So rejuvenating!

  111. Wow! Marie, you are just MUCH! I love it, and I love how you introduced your fitness videos into your video great marketing!
    I def. notice a major shift in my mood, when I start exercising or walking or just being in nature. What happens is it’s like hard to start and then I get going then I wanna run a marathon and then I crash and I do the recovering thing and another month goes by and back at the feeling again…Oh I need to start getting into shape. LOL. isn’t that true for so many of us. Self discipline is key. or As vishen states, “Blisscipline” How to get the total bliss feeling by keep self in check in positive constructive ways. Tiffany thanks for sharing your thoughts and Marie for busting the moves. Loved the moment lightbulb “ding” moments. Fun so much fun. Ok I’m turning up “Sir Mix a lot”. Later!

  112. Marie, you’re right, this is the most important video yet. I’ve started prioritizing at least 20 minutes of yoga first thing in the morning…before I check my cell phone/my emails. And it is TOTALLY changing the course of my whole day. I think about it this way…there’s not time to not take care of myself. Thanks as always!

  113. Marie! Thank you! I also wanted to say a big thank you to all the beautiful people who post here – I read the posts ALWAYS and get so many helpful tips and hints- so hugs all around! I recently rearranged my workspace so that I can dance anytime I want. I like to listen to Pandora (dance mix) while I am working, and sometimes I just gotta’ bust a move (I’m moving my bootie now as I type). So having a clear floor in my office is wonderful – I can dance anytime. The other thing I do- xbox 360 kinect- (it is NOT just for kids!). I especially love the Michael Jackson Experience. Wowza, I feel like a hottie on the dance floor all the time. I play in 10 minute bursts throughout the day. All the best, Robin

  114. LOVE this! Thank you, Marie!
    I am so much more focused and productive when I’m movin’ the bod regularly.

    Here’s my video response –
    A fun “office break” dance video I made a couple of weeks ago:

    Hope it inspires more dancing!!

  115. Hi Marie–

    I LOVE your video! YES!!!

    I just wrote a really fun blog post about this too! I’m up for an international marketing award with ClickBank…and I know that dancing and walking everyday have given me the clarity of mind, joy, patience, courage, and ENERGY to build my on-line dance business.

    And now for a fun Video Response!

    Anyone want to take a Dance Break RIGHT NOW?

    Check out this little “Shake Senora” 3 minute dance break!

    Yay, California!!! xoxoxoox!

  116. Marie, Maria the magnificent, I adored this your video about exercise and the pharmacy and the brain connection. I am a nurse entrepreneur. You asked for a video, here ya go. One from my couch potato yoga series.


    Keep on rocking’ in the free world. So glad you are login’ LA. Used to live there myself, once upon a time. xo

  117. patrice


    you are EVERYTHING!!!! your dance moves are SCHMOKIN’ HOT, sistah!!! your gifts of laughter and biz wizdom are priceless. thank you, THANK YOU!!
    enjoy the city of angels . . .

    p.s. eat at INAKA on la brea b/w 1st & 2nd. don’t miss the cold kale/tahini appetizer. YUM. AND, SAMOSA HOUSE on washington blvd, culver city. there are two, a mile apart. don’t miss the curried jackfruit. uh-MAZING!!


  118. Love your video, Marie!
    Your energy is contagious!
    Thanks for the ideas and the inspiration!

  119. Thank you, Marie!! I so needed this nudge to prioritize movin’ this boogie body. That old Jazzercise clip rocks. Jazzercise was my gateway to the exercise and dance world. Fo’ real. I’m so excited that you are in LA now, welcome to Cali!! <3

  120. Thank you, Marie!! I so needed this nudge to prioritize movin’ this boogie body. That old Jazzercise clip rocks. Jazzercise was my gateway to the exercise and dance world. Fo’ real. I’m so excited that you are in LA now, welcome to Cali!! <3 PS: LOVE your new site design too.

  121. Marie ~ from 1 jersey girl to another ….gotta say love the jerseylicious look lol …love the video topic I find that when I work out I totally bring more $ into my business, generate more referrals and get more clients. I also feel energized, focused and ready to rock in my biz and life!
    Thanks for the awesome video!! xo

  122. Totally Agreed! My love got us a fancy trampoline so that we could jump on it for at least one 10 min session a day… and it’s has worked. He is using is for a full body work out… It’s called a Cellerciser and it works the whole body -exercise for your cells! Ideally we do it at least twice a day and this seems so simple. Yet still excuses arise… I feel like I have to choose between eating or exercising (since I have an 8 month old) but after reading your post I decided I can put her in a jumper or 10mins… she will be ok and not crawling and getting into things… and it worked so far, for the first time! My love has been doing a great job at getting his 10min exercise and using our Cellerciser to help motivate his older kid focus on his homework….just like your post shared! So I had to share his blog about his jump journey! Such a great way to get in shape AND fun AND easy! He is due to put up and update with a new photo to show what 10mins a day for 3 months has done, so check back in a few days too! If anyone wants a discount on a excellent jumping trampoline… email him… he can get that too!
    Here’s to 10mins of booty shaking or jumping up and down!! -getting that heart rate up just enough to make our mind, body, and spirit happy and healthy!

  123. What a great video, Marie 🙂

    Very motivating! I actually wrote a blog post on the same issue last weekend – where everyone can read some additional tips!

    Tack care!


  124. Susan

    Marie you make business fun, sexy and doable. Thank you.

    In addition to working out, smiling and laughing with you every Tuesday, helps flood my brain with oxitosin (sp) and that starts my day off right.

    Johnathan Fields talks about ways (exercise being one of them) to boost your creativity and lower your anxiety in his new book Uncertainty. I’ve implemented several methods including the growth mind-set and watch out! Creativity she is a flowing. And my body gets some perks too 😉

  125. Marie-

    Here in ND exercise is more than just brain stimulating it is also life saving. We must move just to stay warm and survive. JK. We have campfires to huddle around.

    Anyway…Love the tip. I’ve got one piece to add. I’ve found myself NOT BREATHING throughout the day. Just simply stopping and taking a few deep breaths can do wonder for the mind and mood.

    If you wan to really get CRAZY. Try Alternate Nostril Breathing. In One…Out Other. In Same One. Out the other…and so on

    Ok, Now I’m looking really Nuts.

    Your Fargo Fan,


  126. How I keep my body moving while working is the Pomodoro technique!! The gist is to work for 25 minutes and take a break for 5 minutes (You could do your own thing though and work 50 minutes and break for 10). I use which makes an awful buzzing noise at me when I’m due for some movin’ 🙂

  127. Robin

    Funniest Q & A yet! You killed it.

  128. I am so glad you asked about this!

    I am a Virtual Trainer and I specialize in Smart, Speedy, and Sometimes Saucy Exercise. 🙂

    I work with women who are busy, successful, and excited to reshape their bodies in a Smarter, NOT Harder way.

    My session on over Skype. I train clients all over the world. They run 30 minutes, but they can be broken up into whatever increment of time a lady on the run needs. I love my job and thought I’d leave this video for you Marie!


  129. Lea

    Ugh, I always feel like I’m too busy to exercise. I feel like there are a million other things I could or should be doing instead. Or I think about how tiring it is and everything. I’m still trying to figure out how to include it back into my schedule.

  130. I’m already doing this! I probably just go for one great song at a time but it keeps my body awake and my head fresh. Plus starting off with just a 20-25 minute workout in the beginning of the day makes you feel good about yourself for the rest of the day 🙂

  131. I do love yoga, but my favorite indoor exercise is definitely REBOUNDING!
    I keep a rebounder (mini trampoline) in my office. I pull it out when my back stiffens up hanging over my computer all day. I crank the tunes and bounce, bounce, bounce! Just one song at a time sometimes every few hours! It’s awesome aerobic exercise which drains and rejuvenates the lymph system, plus it’s ‘no-impact’ aka: easy on the joints! I add arm weights sometimes. I love my rebounder!

    • We are on the same page Kristin! We have a cellerciser, (fancy rebounding so your knees don’t bow in, etc.) Always fun to bounce any stress or aches away! I wrote a post on here on the 2nd about it.

  132. Thanks for this great video, I just shared it with my clients to help encourage them to workout. In these busy times it’s so easy to make the ” I am too busy excuse” Thanks for the reminder of just how important excercise is!!! 😀

  133. Hilarious! THANK YOU!

  134. I make working out every morning my top priority. I do intense interval training for 12-30 minutes mixing in a new routine every day to keep my body challenged and forever guessing. I lost a lot of weight last year and am determined it is not going back on- I worked too hard for that!!

    After my workout I always feel refreshed, alive, vibrant, zingy and ready to do amazing things with my day 🙂

  135. Exercise is what I WANT to do because it makes me feel great! That makes it easy to fit at least some exercise into my day.

    I use a standup desk–MUCH more energizing than sitting… and it’s conducive to dancing to music. 🙂 I use my evenings for yoga, walking, Nordic walking or other stuff instead of watching TV.

    Thanks for the excellent and entertaining video, Marie!

  136. Marie,

    You are so funny, and your advice is so clear, easy-to-do, helpful, and fun! I feel inspired to add a little more dance into my day. BTW, I sometimes follow one of your exercise videos via Netflix. I suspect they’re not the up-to-date versions though 🙂

    For me, dance is what get’s me out of my butt-spreading chair and moving to music. I think music is the magic ingredient.

  137. I love that you are in LA. Over here in the South Bay hood ie: Redondo Beach, CA we moms have high standards.
    I stopped working out last year while trying to run my home business. Not only did I wind up in the ER with issues, my business did not flourish either.
    Today, I am working out 4 days a week, babies in kiddie care and have lost 5 pounds. I changed my business too. Now my business and health are one in the same.
    Great topic!

  138. Such a fun way to remember that dance breaks count as exercise! Love the 70’s video! 🙂

  139. Love this… have been super busy with my launch so being online has been cut. I mix it up, yoga, hiking, sprinting and every day have to do this. What I teach is this – heat the body cool the mind = focus as you say.

    Super fun video and love the Jersey girl. xo Hillary

  140. Hey Marie! I finally launched my business (thanks to B-School, of course!) that does exactly this…helps busy entrepreneurs squeeze awesome workouts into their busy schedules!

  141. Marie, you make me chuckle. I fit in my exercise (other than walking my kids to and from school and running around after them – they’re fast) by using the Wii board at home. I’ve recently come to the conclusion that at 46, I want to make more of an effort with my health and appearance. I want to be around for at least another 46 years. Thanks for the advice.

  142. Simone

    Great tips Marie! and LOVE that you tube dance video, brought out the best laugh I’ve had all day. Keep up the great no BS inspiration and thank you!

  143. Love this vid, it was one of the first MarieTV clips I ever saw… and I loved that she shared that youtube clip! I shared it on my fb wall YONKS (years or so) ago… and can’t find it again!
    Does anyone have a link to it? It’s just so hilarious I want to share it again. 🙂 <3
    PS Love your work Marie. Rock on, sister.

  144. OH MY WORD. You nailed it. Time is the problem. Focus is a problem. I’m guessing that if I took the time then the focus would be there too. Thanks!!

  145. Thank you Marie.

    I do Yoga with deep breathing and the plank about 3 times a day for 10-15 minutes each time, and try to get outside for quick walks twice a day, even once around the block is helpful. Consistency is key.
    I find when I start to get overwhelmed is my first clue to stand up and get away from the computer!

    I like to listen to my favorite Podcasters while doing stretches and squats.
    That’s a great way to get out of the chair and move the bod while enjoying
    a good interview. 🙂

  146. Exercise not only benefits the body but also keeps the mind clear, expands your lung capacity and gives you a strong heart. There is no substitute for exercise, no matter how many drugs people come up with 🙂

    My most successful clients always fit exercise in the day even if it’s 40 mins.

  147. I make excersise one of my daily habits – even if it is just for 15 min walk. If its cold out – like now in MN – I walk the mall. There are a ton of mall walking seniors in the morning. I can hardly keep up with them. They are a great inspiration and proof of excersises benefits. Sometimes, I listen to podcasts and it feels like I could walk half the day.

  148. Elisha

    Hiii, So glad to watch this video at the beginning of the week.

    One way I make sure to do one active thing everyday is by rebounding. I have a little trampoline in my room and even 5 minutes of it gets me going. My friend suggested it after hearing about all the great benefits. It helps in releasing toxins by circulating the lymph system, which in turn helps with the immune system.
    I love taking walks in the morning or in the evenings, doing yoga and also hula hooping/ dancing!

  149. Wow! I have been having this dilemma over the past couple of weeks trying to workout how I can fit in an hours exercise or walk especially in the run up to Christmas having my own clothes, toy and gift store. Thank you Marie, now I know can and have no more excuses!

  150. I actually stay motivated to work out because I lead challenge groups for people to get in shape! It’s all virtual and we connect via a private group on facebook posting daily keeping each other accountable. It’s great because while I’m helping others stay accountable, I’m helping myself as well! Thanks for the video. Love it!

  151. Rebecca

    OMG Marie!
    You are officially super awesome! 🙂
    I am a professional dancer, choreographer, yoga instructor, and gyrotonic instructor. Obviously exercise is a huge component in my day and life, however sometimes I get so bogged down with replying to emails, and setting up bookings that my training time gets lost. And then I feel super bummed, and get really unfocused. Sweating really is the best medicine for focus. Thanks for this super hilarious vid.

  152. April

    Loving the “vintage” Jazzercise video!!!!
    Judy Shepard-Misset, you are STILL rocking it at the Jazzercise Mother Ship in Oceanside CA!

  153. All I am going to say is, I had no strategy… and then I adopted a jack russell. He is like a furry personal trainer!

  154. Thanks designed for sharing such a pleasant thought, paragraph is nice,
    thats why i have read it fully

  155. Ginny Gilliss

    MARIE! Loved this video tip. Do you know I almost didnt take the time to watch this one…! only because we have seen this topic broken down and scientificaly explained in 20 million different ways in magazines, books, t.v., you name it. We all know what do and why we should do it.. BUT You have a way of sharing the most boring subject and giving it humor and practicality! LOVED your 10 MilkShake idea 🙂 !!! You made me laugh out loud!

  156. Thanks for the vid Marie! Keeps me on track.
    Right now, I work on my business from my computer in the office-area of my bedroom. The work rhythm that works best for me is a burst of intense work and then a short 5 minute break, then intense, then little break etc. What I was doing for my breaks was walking to the kitchen to get a snack or doing chores around the house. Sometimes I would get distracted and take a much longer break than I had anticipated.
    I knew I needed more exercise so what I did was I got a mini-trampoline and tucked it under my bed. Now when I need little breaks, I just pull out the ol’ trampoline and jump or jog for a few min and grab a glass of water. Since I’m not eating junk or getting distracted, I can work much more productively 😀

  157. All I did until now, was climbing down and then climbing back up a flight of stairs from/to 6th floor…
    Probably I should do it more often than only once a day though…

    Steve ✉ Master eMailSmith ✉ Lorenzo
    Chief Editor # eMail Tips Daily Newsletter

  158. Compared to other arts, Taekwondo places a higher emphasis on kicking tactics and they kind a important portion of education.

  159. Laura

    I used to work out 6 days a week and LOVED weight training. I was so confident BUT not only did having my first (very high maintenance) baby knock me off my working out and top-of-my-game corporate career, I also got Rheumatoid Arthritis (chronic debilitating illness) to boot. I had always been healthy! I can’t be physically active, all I can do is keep up with my two young kids, and even that practically kills me on a pain level. There many out there like me who suffer and I’m just not sure what else we can do to get that helpful BUZZ exercise can give us. I’ve lost confidence and my identity since this.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      I’m so sorry to hear that, Laura. One of my closest relatives has Rheumatoid Arthritis too, so I know how incredibly challenging and debilitating it is.

      Although you may not be able to do some of the activities you were able to before, I know that continuing to stay active with lower impact activities like swimming/tai chi/ etc can be a benefit to staying as healthy as possible while dealing with arthritis.

      I’m not sure if you’re seeing a physical therapist or anything like that, but I might recommend talking to your doctor to see if they have any suggestions of workout programs or local groups you could join.

      As someone who works out a lot myself, I know how integral that can be to our identities, and how helpful that buzz can be for self-confidence, but there are always ways to adapt and overcome challenges. As Marie says, “everything is figure-out-able.”

      I hope you’re able to find something to recapture a bit of that active lifestyle, and we’re sending lots of love and well wishes!

  160. hey marie,

    awesome video! its been quite a while since you uploaded it, just watched in on youtube…
    i started to fit in exercise when i made my dream of having a dog come true. since jazz needs a lot of exercise to, i take my break together with her and go for a walk about an hour. since i got her my life changed dramatically, i get rid of a very hurting and energy absorbing relationship, finally got my degree, traveled a lot, bought myself a camping bus (another long-term-dream came true) and finally got over my fear of being not good enough and started my portfolio work as a fashion photographer (lifetime goal). it probably sounds stupid, but i lead back all these good changes to getting more exercise and having a break in the nature, breathing fresh air, calling my nerves and getting ready for the next steps!

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Doesn’t sound stupid at all, Sophie! A walk with my pup totally does the same for me.

      So glad Jazz is in your life 🙂

  161. I exercise 20 minutes per day as Brendon Burchard says.
    Sometimes even more. Thank you for this video.

  162. idm

    An outstanding share! I have just forwarded this onto a colleague who was doing a little homework on this.
    And he in fact ordered me dinner because I stumbled upon it for him…

    lol. So let me reword this…. Thanks for the meal!! But yeah, thanx for spending some time to discuss this subject here on your site.

  163. Twenty minutes may not sound like a lot of time in the grand scheme of things, but when it comes to working out, sometimes it’s all you really need.

  164. 1. The phone the phone the PHOOONNNEEE. I spend so much time chilling on my phone (emails, social media, WHATEVER) and I know that this could be time better spent exercising! I love the book “How to Break Up With Your Phone” that really helped me with some practices and exercises to lessen my addiction. Check it out!

    2. I really love group fitness, although I don’t love going with my friends. I would rather be anonymous in a big group so that’s been an important thing for me to learn. Working out with friends feels like too much pressure and expectation! I also know I have no self discipline at home, so I don’t even bother.

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