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Over the weekend I had a chance to hang out with my (very awesome) parents. Josh and I took them to this little 1950’s style diner in Venice beach.

The kind of place with James Dean posters on the wall, where you can get a real chocolate ice cream soda and outstanding homemade apple pie.

My dad said, “Remember that time you called us crying because you wanted to quit your job on Wall Street, but you didn’t know what else you were supposed to do with your life? And remember what I told you? Doesn’t matter how long it takes. You got to find something you love. Look at you now…”

Vocation is the place where our deep gladness meets the world’s deep need. - Frederick Buechner Click To Tweet

Yeah. I know that ‘find something you love’ may sound like trite advice, but I believe his words hold truth.

Because I knew in my heart that no matter what I wound up doing in my professional life, I’d work really, really hard to become the best I could be.

It made sense that if I was going to work that hard, I had to find something that really aligned with who I was as a human being.

I tried a bunch of different jobs, and hit a lot of dead-ish ends. But eventually, I was able to create my own “job” (so to speak) that I can honestly say, I love.

Now let’s be clear. Doing something I love doesn’t mean that I don’t have hard or frustrating days, or that every bit of my work feels like bliss. Because it does not.

But it does mean that I’ve finally identified my gifts and am doing my best to continue to build a life around sharing them.

If you’ve ever struggled to find your unique gifts and a way to share them in the world, this week’s MarieTV is for you.

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Here’s a link to Now, Discover Your Strengths. There are many, many different versions and editions of this book. The link shared here is the version that I’ve read.

Also, you have to purchase a new copy of this book if you’d like the code to take the Strengths Finder test.

You can also just take the test here, though I strongly recommend reading the book as well. The supporting material really makes a difference in understanding how strengths work and how it relates to your entire life.

Now, I’d love to hear from you. Do you ever doubt that you have a special gift? Or if you’ve figured out what your gifts are, what helped?

Remember, thousands of bright and incredible souls come here each week for strategies, insight and inspiration. Your story may be exactly what someone else needs to hear right now to inspire them to find and use their gifts.

Important: please share your thoughts and ideas directly in the comments. Links to other posts, videos, etc. may be deleted as they can come across as spammy.

Thank you, as always, for reading, watching and sharing your experience and insights with all of us. Your kindness, generosity and enthusiasm are a true blessing in my life, and the world.

P.S. If anyone you know is struggling to figure out what they should do with their life, please share this post. It could really, really help them!

With so much love,



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  1. Hi Marie & team!

    Another great video and perfect advice! Ever since I discovered you, Tuesdays became my fave day and I’m waiting for Q&A like a treat! 🙂
    Answering to your question, it took me some time to discover my gifts. The best advice I received was noticing what I think of the most. So for quite some time I carried a notebook with me and I wrote down thoughts that came into my head most often. This way I discovered what comes to me naturally and effortlessly. Turns out, I am great with people, I am perfect communicator, I always want to help them improve and grow. I always think of ways how I can become better and share it with others.
    I think, our gifts always change, evolve and improve. The better we become, the bigger gift we have to share with the world. So for those who wonder, I wish you to just focus on yourself and do things that you enjoy! Soon your talents will be crystal clear and then you can scream on top of the world and serve others with love and joy! 🙂
    Best of luck to all!
    Vita xxx

    • I am still trying to understand what my gift is! This video is inspiring. I have strengths! Are they measurable I don’t know! I Just bought the book NOW!!!

      • Bernard,

        The book will definitely help you. It was so helpful for me to discover that my strengths are in strategy AND connection. Everyone around me was gifted in one or the other, so I thought there was something wrong with me. Once I learned that I thrive where both halves of my brain come together (strategy, connection, woo, context, AND communication), I was able to tailor my work and bring more of myself to everything – and enjoy it more in the process.

      • Awesome Bernard. I’m excited for you to read the book. The first few chapters were really powerful for me!

        • Flavia

          Marie, I desperately need your help! After a year of hiatus traveling around the world and digging deep within my soul, I’m still struggling to find a path of business that allows me to pour myself and channel my fiery passions and strengths as creative, energetic communicator passionate about helping others think independently, get out of he matrix and live their best lives.
          I’ve watched all your videos and read your blog posts but somehow I’m not clear on a path.

          What do you recommend?

          With love,

          With so much love,

    • I have absolutely struggled with what my strengths are and how to share them with the world. Even though I know what they are, it’s still a challenge to stand out among others with similar strengths. Helping others discover their own strengths through intuitive guidance is definitely on the top of the list 🙂

      • Katy

        Hi Reene,

        When I read your comment “Its a challenge to stand out among others with similar strengths,” I realized that this what I have been believing as well. I don’t think that we are correct in assuming this though. Maybe we do have gifts that are truly unique to us, but we just haven’t found them. I think it’s possible, for example, that even though two individuals may have the same gift of communication, individually they are unique gifts because their skills work best in different environments.
        When you look at it this way, you can see how It’s never been a competition. We are each uniquely adapted for a specific environment. Of course I’m not sure if I’m right, but either way I’m happy you’ve found your strengths. I have yet to find mine.

        Wishing you success,

        • Katy –

          Just from your response to Reene, I’d suggest a couple of your gifts might be in the arenas of support and discernment…

          just sayin’!


          • Lexi


            What a great perspective you provided for Katy’s strengths! This marietv episode is one of my favorites, and I enjoy reading the comments…its almost like spirit friends providing a loving nudge on different way to see and think.

    • Robert

      Here is a cartoon for you and Josh. I saw Josh’s name in your post today and realized 5 minutes earlier I had seen a New Yorker Cartoon with Josh’s name in it (rare event). So here you go. Enjoy, Robert

    • Hey Marie, love the vid!

      This advice is PERFECT for those who really don’t know their strengths and are wanting to discover their gifts and what it is they’re meant to be sharing with the world.

      But what if you know your strengths, use your strengths but aren’t passionate about it or use them because you’re good at what you do but don’t love it.

      I’m in this conundrum right now. I am brilliant at my job, I excel at it and have build a very successful programme for my company – but i’m not passionate about it, i don’t love it. It’s not where my heart is. I do it because I’m good at it.

      How do you navigate through that?

      Elise xo

      • Hi Elise,

        I was in the same boat. I was a book editor for ten years, and when my company closed, I looked for other editing jobs because that’s what I was naturally good at it and trained for. But I find editing fussy and tedious work, and I felt like this was my chance to make a much-needed change. So now I’m exploring tangential options.

        I think it’s about looking at how you can apply those natural talents in new and unexpected ways. That’s what I’m trying to do, anyway. So I started to break down all the aspects of my editing work to see what I liked best and least, and I shifted my perspective to see that editing was basically knowing how to communicate effectively (and correctly) with a wide variety of audiences. And that skill can be used in a number of other careers, such as marketing, content writing, and social media management…all of which allow for the creativity I longed for.

        I’m still figuring things out, but at least I don’t feel “doomed to edit” anymore. Instead, I’m working on creating a job that suits me (with the help of B-School!) rather than just doing what I think I “should” do.

        Hope that helps!


      • Hi Elise,

        I’ll raise my hand here, too! I have a day job that I’m pretty darn good at but which doesn’t really light me up. The question you raise is a question I myself have been grappling with for a while now (it’s been a process…) but here’s what’s been working for me.

        The really important thing to do is to figure out what /does/ light you up. You know what your strengths are, but you need to find a new way to apply them in your job/life/etc. that feels juicy and amazing.

        So what makes you feel good? What lights you up? I vote for starting with the list of things you’ve always wanted to do but “never had time for” or the list of things you used to love when you were a kid but haven’t done in years (for me the big one was writing).

        Will all of these lead you to your next career move — no, probably not. But you’ll learn a lot of useful information about yourself in the process and, at least personally, I’ve experienced a huge increase in happiness and life satisfaction from getting back in touch with the (sometimes useless) things I love doing (like knitting!). I believe Martha Beck would call these your “hot tracks”.

        And then just look at it as data — what are the things you’ve found that you /love/ to do? How do those activities integrate with your strengths? Could you find a way to monetize them? Feel free to think outside the box!

        As a silly example if you love knitting what are jobs that might light you up in the same way– perhaps because they use a similar set of skills/strengths (such as patience, rhythm, repetition, meticulous).

        As Marie likes to say — “clarity comes from engagement, not thought”. Treat the process like an adventure and see where you end up! And most importantly be sure to give yourself permission to change your mind and make mistakes.

        I hope that helps.


      • Hey Elise,
        That was the first thing that came to mind too. A lot of my early jobs I did because I was good at them. Years (truly, decades) ago, I was a great executive secretary; even when I didn’t have a steady job, I took on temp jobs and each wanted to hire me BUT I didn’t like being a secretary.

        It took me a while to figure out that my strengths are organization and efficiency and I went on to use them as an event planner (way more exciting for me at the time) and now as a writer and development editor.

        I think the key is to look at how many different ways you can use your strengths and look at job descriptions outside your field to see where there’s an intersection of your strengths and passion. I’d be curious to hear Marie’s take on this conundrum.


      • Hi Ladies,

        I really relate to this conversation and (although I feel like a bit of a nerd) I think this video of Marie’s might be helpful:

        I’m trying to figure out the same sort of stuff. I’m a teacher, and I actually LOVE it, but I’ve been up against some really tough questions lately (after the birth of my son 8 months ago) and I’m working on creating content for something bigger. It seems like staying where I feel comfortable and safe just doesn’t answer the questions that keep popping into my head.

        Keep the faith!!!

      • Hi, Elise et al –

        I think Jennifer has put her finger on something really valuable for you Elise.

        When I was in my 20s, I read Richard Bolles’ book, What Color is Your Parachute. Was intrigued, but not yet ready to do anything with it. Then in my early 40s, I remembered an exercise from that book, and sat down and did everything I remembered it asked of me. Similarly to what Jennifer suggested, I wrote down in as much detail as I could what I liked to do, was trained to do, would do even if I was sick in bed (that criteria stuck with me for years!), what I never wanted to do again (so did that one!!), plus the answers to lots of other similar questions.

        When I looked at the mishmash that resulted, I despaired. So I put it away, not realizing my brain was still working on it in the background. The first iteration took a while, and subsequent iterations have followed and I continue to hone, but in large part I have the life of my dreams, and have a structure to use to help me to continue to develop it. I’ve expanded and added new tools over the years– all based on this original exercise.

        So don’t give up! Keep asking the questions, and you will start finding answers. And BTW, this is the kind of work coaches help you do, as well…


  2. Lorri

    Good morning Marie, Love the dress and I did really enjoy how you explained gifts & strengths. I myself feel that my gift Or strength was discovered young I have the love to design first sewing, then crocheting & knitting with some drawing but now my passion is the love of glass I am a fuse glass designer and create beautiful designs either jewelry using metal and metal clay as well as accessories like dishes, vases and lamps I stumbled upon this last year and I can’t seem me doing anything else and oh yes I get excited each and every time I create a unique piece.

    Thank you always being so upbeat.


    PS I couldn’t get the code to take the test lol

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Hey there, Lorri! As a crafter myself, I love your strengths 🙂

      If you’re looking to take the Strengths Finder test, you can get the code if you purchase a copy of the book. It’ll be included inside.

      The Strengths Finder website also has a place where you can pay a small fee to take the test without buying the book too – check out Strengthsfinder DOT com.

    • Dawn

      Hi Lorri –

      I took found my strength in glass in the past 10 years. I am curious, how are you making a living with your designs?

      Thanks so much!!!!

      • Lorri

        Dawn thank you for asking me this if your anything like me you find ways to put yourself out there I was lucky enough to have customers from other things that I have designed in the past knitting, sewing etc., but what I have been finding out lately through all the training and videos available that you need a target audience which since I am new to glass can be harder to get but I have been really stepping up my game with instagram, twitter, even facebook where I post a lot of pictures.

        May I ask why area of glass are you designing in? You can follow me on instagram at @hyalos_designs or

        Please let me see some of your designs and I hope this helped

  3. This is a monumental question. I wholeheartedly believe that if everyone knew their gifts and expressed them, all the world’s ills would dissipate. When we’re focused on what we have to offer, scarcity mentality ceases, “other-ization” is no longer necessary, the need to hoard or defend disappears, comparison is useless, etc…

    I’ve always loved writing and I’ve always been sensitive. Didn’t see those as gifts for the longest time. Got on a professional track and the writing took a backseat. My sensitivity was always there but in some ways I saw that as a weakness.

    I was always drawn to spiritual books but I never saw myself as a provider of such material, only a consumer. The light went on about 10 years ago when I realized maybe I had something to say that would be of use to someone else. The first blog started and things have evolved from there.

    And even though I know my gifts, I still have highs and lows with certainty. I always come back to the fact that no one can replicate my soulprint on the work I put out. It’s an ongoing practice.

    • Hi Emeila,

      I love what you said here and 100% agree. “I wholeheartedly believe that if everyone knew their gifts and expressed them, all the world’s ills would dissipate. When we’re focused on what we have to offer, scarcity mentality ceases, “other-ization” is no longer necessary, the need to hoard or defend disappears, comparison is useless”

      Society tells us what is and isn’t a so-called valuable gift. If you can’t sing, dance or aren’t super intelligence then you are not special.


    • Emelia –

      Hear hear!

      And I hope you know about Elaine Aron’s work around high sensitivity — if not, google it. It will help you with strategies for dealing with it (a trait of 20% of the population, with which we are born) so you can start to see it for the strength it can be.


  4. I know what my gifts are, I just have trouble monetizing them, but, I haven’t given up on them. “The promises of this world are, for the most part, vain phantoms; and to confide in one’s self, and become something of worth and value is the best and safest course.” ~Michelangelo.

    • Marci

      Chas – Thanks for posting the Michelangelo thought. it’s going in my 21 day journal of daily gifts!

  5. This video really hit close to home for me. As someone who has changed jobs and careers a few times (and even spent the time and money to go back to school to pursue one of them!), I used to feel like a failure. I definitely felt like I didn’t have any unique gifts. However, after starting my own business and taking action to let it evolve to match my unique skills, I’ve been able to slowly but surely see my value and gifts and it feels amazing!

    I recently heard an interview with Jeff Goins (author of new book, The Art of Work) where he said that the “unlucky circumstances” and perceived “lack of opportunities” we face don’t actually disqualify us from meaningful work, but are a prerequisite for it. This sums up my journey from one career to the next to being an entrepreneur. My business is based on my first career, draws upon experiences from my second career, BUT I feel way more fulfilling than I did when I worked for someone else, because I’m using my unique gifts to help others.

    Maybe my resume might not be”perfect” for applying to someone else’s J.O.B., but it’s the perfect blend for the job I’m meant to do and am doing right now because I’ve chosen to be an entrepreneur.

    For those of you feeling lost now, listen to Marie! Keep taking action and going for your dreams and you will find your gift and purpose. It may take some time, but the less you resist being you, the faster you will get there 🙂

    • Tania Angelis

      Thanks Catherine, that just added so beautifully to what Marie just said!

  6. Thank you for this video, Marie! It’s so insightful. My heart aches when people tell me they don’t feel they have any special talents and/or don’t know what they’re passionate about. I’ve felt blessed since I’ve always known what I loved doing since I was a child and wanted to be a writer; however, figuring out the path to get there was rough without solid guidance. Now, I can write every day and live the life I love. Thanks for sharing a great way to help other people discover their strengths! 🙂

    • Congrats Charity. So glad you found your way!

  7. Artie

    Hmm… I wanted to take the Strengths Finder test but couldn’t figure out how at the link you shared, Marie.

    Can you (or any other commenters who succeeded) show us how?

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Sure thing Artie! If you click on, there’s a link on that page to “Visit Gallup Strengths Center.” You can click on that link to go to the Strengths Finder page, and click on “Learn More” under Clifton Strengthsfinder. There’s a place there to take the test for a small fee.

      Alternatively, if you pick up a copy of the book, there’s an access code to take the test for free.

    • Julie

      Here is the link to the guy Marie was talking about, Marcus Buckingham’s test…best one I’ve ever taken!

  8. Great message Marie. Your statement that most people overlook their strengths because it comes so naturally could not be more spot on. Over the past few years, I’ve stopped taking for granted the the compliments others pay me such as, “you’re so motivating and positive” and “every time I speak with you I leave filled with positive emotion and energy”. I use to just think to myself, how awesome, and that was it. Never putting two and two together to realize that these are my strengths, strengths that I can improve upon and get better so that I can continue to help and inspire, encourage, and motivate others. Loved this message Marie – you’re awesome. Cheers!

  9. Hi Marie and everyone,

    One of the things I found out was that things that came easy to me (writing, for example) didn’t always come that easy to others. Sounds simple, I know, but I really thought because I could do it, so could everyone else!

    Not so! And how cool is that? I talk to angels (and they talk back, it’s true), use that connection to help others with their business alignment and I’m also a great teacher and pretty dag fun to hang out with. Those are my mad skillz.

    We all have some – and it’s likely that thing you take for granted. 🙂

    Marie is right – don’t look for that perfect job. Your strengths will come out all over the place – they go with you wherever you go.


    • Hi Lisa

      We must be twin souls – those are all my talents too! Want to connect?

      Tania Angelis (Angel…is)

    • They DO go wherever you go!!

  10. Hi Marie,

    Great episode! First of all, thank you for all the words of courage. Gifts = strengths. Couldn’t agree more.

    It has certainly taken A LOT of time for me to identify my strengths. What I started out as and what I am doing today, oh my! There’s a world of difference between the two. I wish I had realized some things a little sooner in my life so that I could take the necessary steps but hey, “better late than never” right?

    Anyway, all I want to say is that finding out what you’re good at can take time and (patience) but once you make the discovery, the journey onwards will only be filled with happiness and excitement!

    Thanks and xoxo!

  11. Hi Marie

    This video is perfectly timed. I’ve been struggling to make it as a business coach and have recently found myself drawn to re-using my skills as a crystal therapist, Tapping coach, angel communicator, internet marketer and am now trying to wrap them up into one package! I’ve been toying with the idea of calling myself Your Emotional Freedom Mentor and have made a video programme about helping people release their negativity around money.

    I’m already known as The Queen of Get Back Up Again as it’s one of my talents to overcome challenging situations such as relationship breakdowns, money difficulties and career changes.

    I also have a talent as a great learner and teacher so I’m taking today as confirmation to finish off my programme and get it launched over the Easter break.

    I have no idea what the finished result will look like, but I’m feeling a whole lot more positive that it will work out.

    Thank you Marie 🙂

  12. I have discovered my strengths as things that come easily, effortlessly to me. Things that people thank me and compliment me for. Also, conversations are very important because you don’t realize that a lot of people struggle with something that comes naturally to you. One of my strengths was a good organization and for long time I thought that all people do things the same way. But when we spoke, I realized that actually I can show them a thing or two. Big, warm recommendation: Fire Starter Sessions- Danielle Laporte! Helped me so much! Thanks Marie, sparkle of inspiration I just needed to jump start my day! <3

  13. Julie

    Awesome Video Marie! I love Marcus Buckingham also 😉 Artie…here is the link to Marcus Buckingham’s test…it’s the best strength test I’ve ever taken!

  14. Hey Marie,

    I really love your ending too… “stay on your game, world needs your special gift”… It’s now become my Tuesday afternoon pick me up. Or short audio affirmation. Whatever it is… it makes me feel good!

    As for your question about finding your gifts… I think people should look at the tasks that feel easy (without effort) to them. And no, I don’t mean procrastinating, sleeping or watching TV.

    But something you do with ease or without thinking about. But someone else may hate doing.

    What comes easy and natural to you, which may not to others?

    Visiting and caring for elderly parents?
    Hours sketching beautiful art on scrap paper?
    Or easily helping children with learning difficulties achieve their goals?

    I was once like Sasha and thought I had no ‘gifts’. But I’m finally in a good place where I’ve realised that I have so many ‘gifts’ I don’t know how to apply them all!

    Thanks Marie –

    I really love Q and A Tuesday. It gives me 10 – 20 minutes every week to just reflect on me 🙂

  15. I love this episode! Finding my strength was a long road because writing and creating is just what I do. It came so naturally that I didn’t realize it was a gift or talent. Whether it was a long email, song lyrics, or an academic report, I was always writing, and at every job the thing I excelled at was writing. But I only noticed these things in hindsight. A person I worked with awhile back responded to a lengthy email I sent him with “Why are you working here? You should be blogging for dollars or writing books!” Until then I never considered that as an option…now it’s what I do for a living. One question that helped me figure out what my gifts or strengths were was “If you could pick 3 activities to do every single day for a week, what would they be?” Mine were writing, composing, and designing…go figure! This is such a great episode and I can’t wait to hear more!

  16. HA! I laughed my butt off at the spatial stand-up ovation! One of my gifts/strengths is a super keen spatial awareness and planning design, and sometimes, when I have a breakthrough at the drawing table, I wish someone was there to give me a flying high five, or, better yet, a standing ovation:-) My path towards creating my career has been winding as well, but I’ve always been led by instincts to explore and trust that what interests me is ultimately leading me in the right direction. Don’t be afraid to follow those inner promptings, since they are really your gifts trying to say to you, “c’mon! let’s do this!”

  17. Another great way to figure out your strengths / gifts is to imagine your perfect day / week / month / year. How would you like to spend your time?

    And even if you won the lottery there’s only so much ‘stuff’ you can buy or goofing off you can do. Sooner or later you’re gonna have to DO something. What would that something be?

  18. I actually feel like I’m clear on my more obvious gifts – I’m a super creative designy arty type. It’s my jam. But what you reminded me of today is that I need to bring more than just that to my business if I want to really connect with customers and build a brand that is also caring, helpful, relatable, and supportive.
    Time to put on my thinking cap about how to bring more of my gifts and personality into my business!
    Thanks Marie.

  19. It took me a long time for me to recognize that Empathy was a strength!

    I thought it was a sign of weakness that I cried so easily when someone shared their sadness. And I didn’t take it too seriously that I instinctively understood where the other person was coming from and what they were trying to communicate.

    But now I know that it’s my greatest gift, and that I’m honored to be able to use my gift. Or as Marie puts it, that it’s my responsibility to use it to benefit the world 🙂

  20. Aditya Deshpande

    Hey Marie & team,

    Once again really great content and with high energy level. You’re right we all blessed/gifted by a unique qualities but we have explore them with our efforts. This is very helpful and thanks for posting it.

    My question:
    Once you recognize you’re strengths then how to identify my passion? Ultimately strength and passion satisfies me more than any other way. Strength are my qualities and whereas passion is the area where I can use them to get successful in this life…

    Thank you.

  21. Aditya Deshpande

    Hey Marie & team,
    Once again really great content and with high energy level. You’re right we all blessed/gifted by a unique qualities but we have explore them with our efforts. This is very helpful and thanks for posting it.
    My question:
    Once you recognize you’re strengths then how to identify my passion? Ultimately strength and passion satisfies me more than any other way. Strength are my qualities and whereas passion is the area where I can use them to get successful in this life…
    Thank you.

  22. Getting clear on your special gifts is like having a magical road map that you get to playfully follow as you create your great life and thriving biz.

    When you honor your special gifts, or work in your zone of genius as Gay Hendricks says, you’re unleashing the full potential within you that can create… miracles.


  23. Mary

    As a team at work, everyone takes the Strengths Finder quiz. My Strengths are: Futuristic, Strategic, Learner, Belief, Ideation

    I’m the one everyone goes to for ideas, for health and wellness advise, and to paint the vision of what our future might look like (not a fortune teller!). And I love to learn! I also have a passion for teaching and coaching others to find their gifts and put them into place to be healthy, happy and whole! Joined B School this year and while I’m not finished with the first module yet, I’m confident that B School is just what I need to figure out how to turn all of my strengths into a business that I love and that truly does make a difference in many people’s lives! Thanks Marie and team Forleo!

  24. KAC

    Just ordered the book. I feel like I have the jack-of-all-trades-master-of-none syndrome. I hope this book helps! I’m not real happy in my present job.

  25. A great topic and I have two thoughts on it:

    1) I have three kids ages 32, 23, 18 and it still amazes me to see how each has and continues to develop throughout their life, especially as it relates to what are their strengths. For me, and unlike kids who knew at an early age that they wanted to be a doctor or lawyer, life has been a process of trying things and learning what I don’t like to do (like practicing law) more than what I like to do. Honing my skills and talents over time allowed me to identify what makes me click and what the world would benefit from in that regard. As I look at my kids, they all clearly have unique talents and at times, life may have steered them away from employing those gifts (strengths) and it is my job as a parent to see that they are at least exposed to acknowledging their gifts and exploring opportunities consistent with that path. Fortunately, they are all young and able to “course correct” should they deem to do so…which leads me to my next point

    2) It is also amazing and sad to me how many people I see who are stuck doing things (aka a job) that they do not enjoy. As I grew up and in my generation, doing what you enjoy was secondary to “making a good living.” As a result, many people got stuck on a path which not only didn’t allow for them to reach their potential but also compromised the world from receiving the benefit of their unique talent or skill. It seems that at some point during ones education, a strengths/gifts evaluation would make so much sense. Too bad we can’t make it mandatory at multiple times through the educational careers of our children to take the test. Hmmm…maybe a platform for change?

  26. Meta

    I had an a-ha moment watching this video. Marie said don’t go looking for the perfect job in order to express your strength cause it’s already a part of you. I think I get stuck on the idea that I need to find that perfect job instead of just paying attention to my strengths and using them regularly and developing them.

    Thanks Marie! xoxo

  27. Thank you for this Marie! As my second year of B-SCHOOL I am feeling a little doubtful and fearful (but still taking massive action of course 🙂 ) this came in at the right time. Thank you for always inspiring to say true to myself and keep going no matter what.

  28. I am feeling a little down because I am not feeling good but I also see this has an opportunity with my clients since we all make mistakes and this happens no matter how long you have been doing or living a certain way.

  29. Last year I decided to organize my business in a way that was working around my strengths instead of doing it the way it’s ‘suppose to be done’.

    Because I am an introvert and need quiet, inward time to proceed with the healings I offer, I decided I was going to only offer remote session (by phone). I also made it so I am not on the phone the whole hour. I ask people to meditate while I do their session and I call them back when I am done.

    I was also clear that I was a great seer and can remove precise non-beneficial energies, but I am not a ‘coach’. I’m not good at helping people ‘change’ their life.

    Now I really enjoy the way I offer my services because it works for me! It might change over time as I keep discovering and growing my strengths.

  30. Karen Kuchel

    I also used Marcus’ book to figure out my strengths, and his later work StandOut, which is nice because it synthesises strengths into a role. I found that really useful to focus on when I was looking for career direction. It was a relief for me to do this test actually, because I’d been told for a long time that my strengths lay in strategy and analysis, but I found it so draining to do all of the time, even though I was naturally good at it. My true strengths don’t drain me that way, but instead feel like a natural way to express my energy.

    Another interesting thing I found once I started focusing my career that way is that all the difficult stuff you mention coming up in any job – well all of that seemed like it was worth it, once I was on the right track, whereas before I wanted it to go away. I felt like there was now a point to dealing with the more difficult things.

  31. Camila

    I totally agree with you Marie, most of the time we take for granted our strenghts not acknowledging them at all. Would love to take the test.

  32. I love this week’s Q and A! It can be a lot easier to know your weakness than your strengths, but that’s why I love the coaching model. We focus on what you have, not on what you’re lacking! Knowing your strengths is also important if you’re struggling- you can specifically engage your strengths to help get you through tough times!

  33. I discovered my strengths when I developed a relationship with my heart. The heart knows all 🙂

  34. Rita

    Hi Marie,

    I just want to thank you for being so insightful. I love to watch Marie TV. The messages always hit close to home with me. I have been very lost lately as I am in my early 50’s and was laid off from my 20 year job six months ago. This particular episode is especially fitting to my predicament. I am desperately trying to find new employment and can’t figure out what I want to do and have not had much luck in my search.

    The thing I keep hearing is that I need to find my niche, my strengths, my gifts. This is my big struggle. I definitely know what I’m bad at doing, because my past employer was good at criticism – usually not constructive. Unfortunately, this type of feedback continues to play in my head, let alone being laid off after 20 years has taken a toll on my self-esteem. However, I can count on you every Tuesday to build up my spirits and give me a glimmer of hope. Thank you for the gift of your upbeat personality, truthfulness, and encouragement.

    Feeling hopeful again.
    Love, Rita

    • Rita –

      You might, in addition to Marcus Buckingham’s book, find Richard Bolles book What Color Is Your Parachute to be of interest and help as you chart your next steps. I use one of his exercises to help businesses understand what’s unique about them, and how to leverage that in the work they do.

      As for what your employer says you are “bad” at doing, well, I hope you have taken into account that that is one opinion, and that there may have been an ax grinding there! So instead (or at least in addition), what if you asked your friends, closest confidantes, clients and colleagues who appreciate you, and loved ones what your strengths and gifts might be?

      Hang in there — often the biggest challenges are the ones that ultimately bring us the biggest rewards.


      • Rita

        Thank you Deborah for the encouraging words. I will check out the books and try to keep my spirits up!


  35. Hi Marie! Love the video…I’m getting better at reminding myself of this whenever I’m feeling fearful, so thank you! For years I’ve been told I’m a good listener and come up with positive suggestions so I’m going with that as I’m building my practice. My goal is to go to B-school next year! P.S. I’d also say your hair is a gift too! 😉

  36. Angel Regis-Felix

    Good morning great people!
    Well this video made my Tuesday spark a bit more because isn’t that a question some such as myself have struggled to answer? I’m still in the search and find “my strengths / gift” stage, or perhaps like Marie mentioned it’s probably so easy I do not see it as such. I do know that I love to create (crochet, brainstorm ideas, plan, design)…I also love to work with groups to find resolutions to aid in helping my community or helping individuals seek ways to better themselves especially in the entrepreneurial platform.
    I struggle to look at myself and find that “thing or strength” that I can embrace and do so much more in this purpose-filled journey. Like some I want to be able to monetize it as I transition off my job as a telecom design engineer. I definitely will get this book to enlighten and help me dig a bit deeper fearlessly. Finding out sort of scares me as well because I can sense some hesitancy within even as I write this, but I know I need to find out or at least be a bit more informed and inspired to find avenues that will help clarify this search a bit. I think if I find out that the technical world is where its at for me, I will simply pass out lol..
    I will keep you posted…I do a lot of work with non profits that benefit entrepreneurs here in the U.S and the Caribbean so I am always so excited and grateful that I can give something back in that manner.


  37. Hi Marie! Thank you, thank you for this! It took me several years to find out my strengths…building and maintaining long-term relationships. I used these strengths in my Sales career that spanned half of my lifetime. Those strengths led me to the business I am in now because through my business, I help build relationships, whether they are personal or business. Yes, I do have days where I doubt myself and wonder I am contributing enough to the world and if I am utilizing my gifts to their full potential. That is when I just take it one day at a time! 🙂

  38. I’ve always thought of my gifts as being a super positive person that makes those around me feel better, but when Marie said in her list of examples empathy I was totally taken back. I am extremely empathetic and more often than not that feels like a burden not a gift. I’m going to have to do more thinking/journaling about that one. As always thanks for the inspiration!

  39. Marie, you are magic! I was actually watching a video clip of you from a December 2012 interview with the Good Life Project when boom an email arrived in my inbox talking about your decision to leave the stock exchange. I needed to be reminded of the value of living on purpose today. Thank you so much!!
    Oh and here’s the clip I was talking about!

  40. Love the reframe of gifts -> strengths.
    I used to get caught up on thinking that my gift had to be something hip, cool, and utterly Instagram-able.

    Turns out it’s taking that jumbled spaghetti of ideas, data, goals and doubts that come along in the business world and turning them into nice, neat, utterly executable strategies.

    Not cool in the least. But I get such a kick out of it 🙂

    A great way to discover your strengths is to ask those closest to you for their take on it. I was only able to pinpoint mine after hearing from several colleagues that they would choose to ask me certain questions because they knew I could make sense of the garble they were seeing – to me, it was just ‘what i did’ up until that point…and I’d kinda assumed everyone could do it!

    • Hi Devon! I can definitely appreciate your gift as I believe I have similar strengths, finding efficiencies and streamlining things. May I ask if you found a job that relates to that or how you use them in your life? I haven’t quite figured out how to put those things to action :b

      I know Marie mentioned don’t worry about finding a job that relates to your strengths, but I’m having a hard time balancing doing things I enjoy doing vs. doing a job that is so draining because I don’t enjoy it.

      Beth xo

      • Beth –

        Have you come across What Color is Your Parachute, by Richard Bolles? He has a great questionnaire (which I excerpted to use in my teleseminar, Your Uniqueness Is Your Business), which helped me answer this question for myself, which is why I now share it and other learnings along the way with others. Might help you get going in the right direction. And Devon’s suggestion of interviewing people around you (set yourself a goal of asking, say, 10 or 15 people, and you’ll be sure to get some great insights) is a great one!


  41. Bree

    AWESOME! thanks Marie!

  42. So timely as usual, Marie! and so glad you’re making the distinction of calling them strengths and not gifts, though I know they are gifts.

    One of mine is that I am a “seer” but do not want to be called a “psychic.” Just doesn’t feel like I am. But, I also love business, really and truly helping those with the guts to create new businesses, absolutely drives me into blissful heaven and what a hoot to also be a “seer” for those who are visionaries but are afraid to “look.” I am also passionately crazy about having fun and creating an environment where smiles and laughter are a way of life.

    It took me a long time to marry all these “strengths” together and accept them as the norm, because to me, they are and I am … normal that is. (Don’t believe otherwise.)

    What gave me the courage to look at all these things from a different angle as if all was really normal, was remembering my 7th birthday when my parents asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up:

    First answer: A doctor (which my father said that was for boys, not girls.)
    2nd. answer: A journalist (to which my Mom rolled her eyes as if…)
    3rd. answer: A clown, to which they all said: Let’s reconsider this doctor business again.

    Now I’m a business coach to doctors, having a ball in making their issues lighter, and creating meaningful, successful practices that serve their calling while making the money they deserve and desire.

    And yes, I have a big colorful bow-tie and red nose hanging in my closet. You never know when the need arise. 😉



    • Zoe

      Absolutely LOVE this Ali! Amazing!

      I love that you stayed true to you, even amongst the ‘noise’ and sometimes discouraging ‘words of wisdom’ our parents/ guardians/ elders/ those we respect and look up to, try to give us. I know they are trying to do the best for us with the words they say, but we have to find our gut and true inner voice and stick to it. Easier said than done at times, but just loved what you had to say.

      Maybe the clown outfit can be used as per Patch Adams, and used to cheer up the children that are admitted through going via the Doctors surgeries you help to coach…. 🙂


  43. As a 61 year old male, I am an unlikely viewer. But let me give your viewers a couple pieces of advice.

    The biggest problem most talented people have is that they have too many gifts. You can really do whatever you want. You just have to decide and be willing the pay the price.

    When you get lost ask your parents. They know you better than anyone, and are the only people on the planet that care about you more than themselves. They saw your gifts when you were about 3. Do it before they die.

    Being coachable means being open minded and listening without defending your position in your mind. Finally, the surest way to consistently bring home the bacon is to raise your own pigs.

  44. Hey Marie!

    Thanks so much for this video- it comes at a very interesting time. I’ve been thinking A LOT about my “purpose” and trying to find a path to share my gifts with the world, in a way that positively impacts others. I know I’ve always carried this capacity to feel other people’s pain, joy and the like and can empathize naturally. I also am really playful and upbeat and enjoy expressing myself via writing, speaking, or other forms of communication. Finally, I have a knack for organizing information into a coherent message! So where does that lead me? I’m not entirely sure! I am SO open though to discovering what that special position may be to bring me back Home within. Thanks again!

  45. Kim

    I know that I’m a smart person & can do lots of things other people seem to think difficult, but I’ve always struggled with identifying talents/gifts. I struggle with how to be confident & express what I can do without it seeming like arrogance or boastfulness.

    I took the StrengthsFinder 2.0 assessment, and my top 5 strengths are Strategy, Relator, Achiever, Activator, and Communication. Once I recognized what these were, it made me a little frustrated because I knew I wasn’t using them in my role & I had to look for ways to use them. I’m trying to find ways to express these strengths by looking for opportunities outside of my regular job duties.

    I’m now at a point where I’m considering a potential change to look for a role more suited to my passions & strengths, and I’d really love your advice on how to look for my new thing. I don’t know what’s out there or what certain jobs truly entail. How, do I look for things that will allow me to use my strengths and ignite my passions?

  46. I’m paraphrasing…..” The things we take for granted are our natural gifts and talents!” Because we take them for granted, we ignore them and therefore they have no potency because we disregard its value and usefulness and so we are left feeling empty, but ask yourself how your ignored and unrecognized talent feels?

  47. Bob

    How about an episode on how audacity leads more people to success than perfectionism? I had just been following a discussion on Facebook about how some people can’t stand when someone types 50’s (or any decade), when it is actually ’50’s. Then I opened your email. 🙂 I have come across so many people who get hung up on little stuff like that, and stifle their own success. Progress….not perfection!

  48. Hy I loved this episode as always. I already found my strength or maybe, but somehow I want to know more about what will happen after I finished an obstacle … well it’s my self sabotage now a days that I completely struggle with.

  49. For years I’ve joked that my gifts are awesome but won’t make me any money because the gift I LACK is self-promotion/selling. I can’t sell anything, even if I’m passionate about it because I truly hate being “sold” to, and the second I sense someone is “selling” something to me, I totally shut down and want to lash out and break stuff. I can’t possibly do this to other people.

    My gifts? Highly intuitive, confident communicator, creative/artistic, excellent matchmaker, empathetic, solution-oriented when problem solving, team player.

    What also screws me up is the total fear/loathing of being a “leader” — I shudder to think of the responsibility and would so much rather be a support person than the one calling the shots. It’s enough to make my throat close up, just thinking about it. So yeah, not cut out for entrepreneurship because I hate the idea of leadership and selling. It’s a shame, because all my favorite things to do don’t make me enough money to make a living, and I don’t have that EXTRA SOMETHING to try and make a real go of it.

  50. It’s funny how I’ve been writing about this topic pages and pages on my journal lately. Sometimes I feel like I don’t know what my strengths are. Are we supposed to have one specific thing that we love most doing and a whole bunch of other things that we ‘just’ like? Or, could we have a hundred of things that make our heart sings in no specific order? Sometimes I get confused because I have a gazillion of passions, i know I have a few talents, or strengths, but I get insecure and often bored and need to change. So I just jump from one thing to another and this doesn’t help me monetizing my talents as I am really, REALLY, dispersive. Is there a pill, or a magic potion that I could drink to understand The one or two things I REALLY love and get more focused? Ha ha, I know there is not. so, what people with a hundred of passions and many talents should do?

  51. Tanya

    Discovering one’s strengths is so important, so we don’t get caught up in what society thinks we should be doing and we set out on our own path. We tend to go against what feels good, because we think we should be doing something else. When my husband and I were first married he decided to quit his job he loved (a snowboard coach) to get a “real job”. I always told him to do what he loved and the money would follow. It took me awhile to follow my own advice. I read several different strength finding books and realized I needed to be working with people helping them get organized at home and with their bookkeeping, so I quit being someone else’s chair warmer and went out on my own. (Make sure you are in a good financial place before quitting your job) What is common sense to me isn’t common sense to everyone else, so my strengths really help people get organized. Because I am able to see each person as their own individual self I can cater my teachings to each one differently. The best part of working with a variety of people is how much I learn from each and every one of them. They have strengths different than mine, so we feed ideas off each other.

  52. Molly

    I think people get tripped up the most by the “and be successful at” portion of the description. I think those need to be separated: what am I good at & really happy doing for copious amounts of time? and THEN ask: how could I leverage more of this activity into my life than I have right now? Keep cycling through that sequence over the years and you will have honed in on path that leverages the combination of your talents and this experience you’ve been getting. The weirdest combinations have the most entertaining ways of adding up in to future opportunities that may not even have existed when you first started out.

  53. Laura

    And what if you have always known what you love doing and you know that you are good at it, but you do not know how to make a living out of it. What if your degrees do not relate to the things you love. I have a bachelor degree in Communications and a MA degree in Evaluation, Measurement and Research. But what I love is Art, specially singing, playing piano, dancing, acting…. I am 28 years old and I am afraid to start on that field now, but I know that it is a call that is going to be bothering me all my life if I do not do something. Sorry any misspelling, Spanish is my first language.

    • Zoe

      Hi Laura, I read your comment, and I know I am watching the video and reading these comments at a later date, however I felt the need to reply to you.

      At 28 you are still so young to start a new path! It is never too young to start again. I am 30 and I am just starting a totally new path and I’m loving it! How I like to see it, is really, our adult life started out around 20 (let’s be real- at 18 we thought we were adults but still kids really!). So let’s say at 20 we really started as an adult- that means you have only really been an adult for 8 years! (well guessing 9 years taking this is now 2016 and the video was done in 2015). I’d be pretty happy if I reached say 80 years old, so that means you have another 51 years of adult life! (If you are now 29 🙂 ). Take it that today you are 9 years old- you have 51 to go!! That’s 51 years of being happy doing what you love to do! And some people think, well I may retire younger than that, but what’s the betting, if you find something you trully love and are driven, you will always dip into some project even past traditional ‘retirement years’. I for one never see myself ‘retiring’ because I actually feel like I have retired now. I hung up my boots at corporate door, and I’m now on the path to my life, my rules, my happiness.

      Anyway, I hope since this video and your comment you have managed to figure out how your education, passion and strengths can all converge, and you are now on that path to a happy and fulfilling life. 🙂

      All the best,


  54. Karin Pinter

    Love this one!! After a lot of networking and hearing the drone of, “What do you do?” questions, I decided some time ago to start to asking people this question instead, “What’s your gift?”
    It’s such a conversation opener (or head twister) for some people, because you can tell nobody has ever asked them that before. Really gets people thinking differently about themselves. And when they light up it’s beautiful to watch.
    I’m going to mix this up going forward with, “What’s your strength?”
    Thanks for all that you do, and keep shining!

  55. I’ve always known what my gifts are, but to make them special and stand out form the crowd has been a struggle

  56. Love your positivity, you always lift my vibe when I feel defeated, thanks for all your joy.

  57. Risa Troy

    If you want an exhaustive assessment of your natural strengths and aptitude, Oh My God, I can’t recommend this more: I took a 2-day aptitude test with the Johnson O’Connor Research Foundation and it gave a fascinating and a very well-rounded assessment. It not only measures your thinking capacities, but also a multiplicity of other things, like, if you are a quick learner of languages, if you have strong detailed spatial relationships, if you are good with puzzles, it even certain physical strength aptitudes. At the end you get a sizable report that includes potential job matches…It’s fantastic. Good luck guys!

  58. What a great video! Your production quality is fantastic and you expressed your point with extreme clarity. Bravo!

    I love how you created a turn in the mind, changing gifts to strengths, and the clip of the man telling them to move the chairs and inch really created a great example.

    Made me think about my own strengths and how they could be used in the same way we use “talents”.

    Thank you for sharing!

  59. Sylvia

    Hi marie and team!

    When i received the video and your message in my inbox, it was like you knew what was inside my head. The two things i was thinking about today was: “i want to quit my job” and “what will be my talent”. I was thinking so much today for a solution, that i could not think clearly anymore. Now i do, i will first focus on what my strenghts are and then i will go to the next step.

    Thank you for this video and thank you for all your inspiration. I am so happy i found your website, my vision is getting clearer. Thanks to you and your team!

  60. Carol

    Dear Marie,

    Your hair just looks too gorgeous, glossy, and soft – I find myself get distracted by it and not always hearing the amazing things you have to say. Tone it down 😉

    Thank you for another incredible video, I find that the subject matter almost always aligns with something I’ve been struggling with at the moment -must be magic.

  61. My “Ah-ha!” moment was when you rephrased “Gift” with “Strengths.” So helpful to look at myself as someone with strengths rather than gifts. Thank you! You’re amaze-balls.

  62. Donald G. Theiss

    I love your insights and enthusiasm. I am trying to define the gift that I am and that I have to give and how to give it in a way that opens the door to others in a way that I can be recognized and rewarded for my contribution to my world. Thanks for all that you have already contributed. I am very grateful and appreciative.

  63. I’m in the process of starting my own Health Coaching business, what can I say-I love healthy food. BUT- I also love how much you inspire me and help remind me just how great I am! Thank you for your motivating words and inspirations. You help me look at things differently and give me the strength to know that I can do this job that I love.
    Really grateful to have been introduced to you! Thank you so much.

  64. I found my strengths through NUMEROLOGY! I am a 5!!! A true FREE SPIRIT, loves a challenge and seeks change! Everyone should try it!

  65. Great video Marie! I’ve personally read the book and have taken the test, it is really eye opening. I wrote about the same topic on my blog last week! It is always good to remember people that investing on their strengths is the best way to be successful.

  66. Hi Marie! 🙂

    My gifts are being an empath, a teacher, and a good listener.

    I’m fortunate that these gifts relate directly to my passion for teaching ESL to international professionals.

    My clients can sense that I really care about their success, and I care about
    what they have to say because I listen intuitively and intently with my whole being.

  67. I couldn’t agree more, everyone does have gifts! I have been one of them who thought I don’t have any gifts or talents, but over the years I discovered that doing what I love and influencing others around me is using my gifts. Once in awhile everyone needs little encouragement. Those who think they don’t have talent, think about what you do everyday basis. And what would you like to do? I believe that if you want to develop your talents, you need to read. Read 5 books on your favorite topic, and you are smarter than the average person around you. Use this knowledge as a talent! Constant learning is key to success. Cheers to everyone’s gifts! 🙂

  68. I know I have a lot of different strengths – I am creative, I have drawing and painting skills, I’m good at learning foreign languages, I’m good at science (I’ve always liked maths and chemistry), I learn quickly, I like helping others, etc. I realized during high school that what I truly love is art so I enrolled into an art faculty where I am now at the final year of my studies. I like what I do at the moment so I know I made a right choice, but there is just this little thing which is kind of annoying for me as a future artist – I think I still do various kinds of stuff when it comes to my artwork. That might be a good thing – I know how to express myself in different ways, but it can also be a bad thing because in the art world people will remember you by your work and not always by your name, so having some kind of a developed ‘style’ is a strength. I just feel like there is so so so much to learn and I’m discovering new things every day and all of that brings influences that affect my way of thinking and working. It’s frustrating that sometimes I feel like ‘I’m not quite there yet’ or that ‘I haven’t found myself yet’. But I guess exploring and hard working will get me where I want to be eventually. We constantly grow.

  69. Marie – you nailed it! Calling ‘gifts’ as ‘strengths’ really changes the perception of how our ‘strengths’ can be aligned with so much more easily. I so appreciate you sharing in the way you do – this one is a ‘share’, too.
    Happy Easter to you and yours, Marie.
    Muchos gratitious xxx

  70. Kristen

    I already ordered the audio book at your advice through B-school and should be receiving it any day now. Can’t wait!!!

  71. Sherry

    I think my biggest problem is that even though I can at long last recognize some of my strengths, I’ve never known HOW to best utilize them.

    For example, I’ve been complimented over the years for my writing skills and my ability to convey what I’m thinking and feeling in a way that others seem to be able to relate to or connect to. And I enjoy the process of writing. Though it’s not always easy, I feel comfortable doing it. It energizes me. In fact, I love writing.

    But after realizing that writing is something special to me and that I might actually have an affinity for it, I find myself saying, “Now what?” What do I DO with that information? How can I use these interests and/or skills to the best of my abilities? And how can I use it without destroying my love for it or turning it into something that feels like drudge work?

    Does that make sense?

    So part of me wonders if there are a lot of people out there who struggle as I do — they see and acknowledge some of their strengths but are at a loss as to how to use them well (or at all, other than as a hobby).

    That is always the question to me. And it saddens me, because I feel like there are so many people out there who could be thriving as individuals in life if only they were able to find the way to tap into their strengths and how best to work ’em. Untapped potential all around out there, you know?

    One of my greatest fears is that I will reach the end of my life without ever having found my true calling or without ever having been able to reach my full potential.

    • Kristin – Team Forleo

      Sherry, I don’t think you’re alone in feeling this way. But remember what Marie always says — Clarity comes from engagement, not thought.

      You may not be able to think your way to an answer to this question, but I bet if you take consistent action with your writing in whatever form it calls you (fiction, essay, blogging, etc), you’ll find clarity and will feel like you’re tapping into your potential.

      • Sherry

        Kristin, thank you so much for your comment! I forgot to choose the email notification setting so I didn’t know anyone had replied. Just popped back in and checked, and found your thought-provoking (or should that be “action-inducing”? *GRIN*) advice.

        I think you’re right. I’ve spent too much time overthinking the answers to this question over the years, and not enough time actually acting upon it. The times when I have acted upon my passions (like writing), it has brought me surprising results, like development of skills, wonderful new friends and fellow writers to talk with, or a community to join. I keep forgetting that when I get caught up in worrying and thinking too much.

        I probably obsess over the question too much and try too hard to “plan” where my life is going to go in this regard, when in actuality there is no way to plan for it. Sometimes you just have to act, and then opportunities will arrive. Perhaps they haven’t revealed themselves to me yet because I haven’t shown myself to be ready (as you point out — by taking consistent action).

        And thank you so much for the Marie quote: “Clarity comes from engagement, not thought.” I may need to tack that up on my board, so that it’s always in my face when I sit down to work on my computer. 🙂

        I appreciate the wise guidance and the reminder to DO more! Thank you for taking a moment to share it with me.

        • Kristin - Team Forleo

          You’re so welcome! Keep us posted — I’m excited for you 🙂

    • Zoe

      Hi Sherry, I’m watching this video some time after it was published online, and reading through some of the comments which I find inspiring.

      I just wanted to drop a line, as it seems to me that you have found your strength or ‘calling’ but you are trapped in analysis paralysis, by overthinking what you can best do with your writing skills to avoid taking the love out of it etc.

      But you can ONLY find this out by giving things a go. Testing the waters in doing something that involves writing. If you find a job or start a business using your writing skills, in there is an area that you don’t like, say to yourself, okay, that element of this jobs saps the life out of it for me, but this other element I love, so hone in on that, and tweak your path.

      Time and experience is the only way to figure this out, but by over thinking it and never actually actioning it, and taking your writing skills into a job or business you won’t discover it. It’s about evolving your career through testing things.

      You’re actually at a headstart through understanding your strengths. Some people don’t know them and try various jobs bouncing from pillar to post. That may work for them still, and eventually may hone in on where their strengths lie, and develop them in a job or business that suits later down the line, but you know yours now!

      So take that gift and share it with the world is what I say. 🙂

      You may well have figured this out given the time lapse since the video was published, and I do hope this is the case, that you have managed to figure out a way to test your writing skills in the world, and have found that actually, it doesn’t take the enjoyment away, it just fulfills you even more. 🙂

      All the best,


  72. Jim Carey’s commencement speech touches upon a similar point – “The decisions we make in this moment are based in either love or fear. So many of us choose our path out of fear disguised as practicality. What we really want seems impossibly out of reach and ridiculous to expect so we never ask the universe for it. I learned many, many lessons from my father, but not least of which is that you can fail at something you don’t want, so you might as well take a chance doing what you love.”

  73. I have found the best way to learn about myself, what I want to create, what I’m good at, and how I want to contribute is putting myself out there and having as many experiences as possible. For instance, my first job wasn’t a very positive experience, but I learned a TON about myself and what I wanted out of my life. It also taught me what skills I wanted to use. Another example would be writing. When I post something, I see what people resonate with that hasn’t been said to them before, or at least directly, and I am able to see how I think differently in a way that can help people. Lastly, I like to watch documentaries and videos and read articles on things that are going on in the world. The things that make me upset or that irritate me usually signal to me that there’s something I can work on. And because entrepreneurship allows you to be creative in solving problems, I just use what I learn about myself and have fun putting together solutions. Fun is the key!

  74. Marcus’ book is excellent – read it over 5 years ago. But I really discovered my gifts back in the 80’s with the purchase of the book, “What Color is Your Parachute.” I did all the exercises and still have all my hand written notes (no computers back then). I was just out of college and had very little work experience, but even in my then young life there were things that I knew I loved and did well, and I could easily identify “the pattern of ME.” The work that I did helped me write a great “strengths based” resume, and that helped me get jobs that were a good fit for me. Now I’ve broken out of looking for jobs and have created one that compliments my strengths and skills. I believe you can still get “Parachute.” But Marcus’ book is certainly a winner, too.

    • Hi, Sally –

      Not only can you still get Parachute (I’m also a fan), but Richard Bolles now has a website!

      I used this book as well — flipped through it in my 20s, and used what I remembered 20 years later as I entered my 40s! The good stuff sticks…


  75. Sonja

    Thank you Marie for this episode. I bought the book een few weeks a go because it was on the list from bonus resources at b-school. I now i had Strengths but after the test i was also suprised in a good way. Now i have a tool to move on, it gives me more clarity about myself. I like the book very much.

  76. Great video…. I relate to this topic a lot… In my adult life, I have had significant periods of time where what I was doing professionally did not feel like a good fit with my strengths (or I just didn’t love it like I knew I could love another job that would be a better fit). I was aware this was not matching up in my life, but had a hard time figuring out how to get unstuck.

    There are a few things that helped me become self-aware and helped me to define the path that I’m on right now that I love. One of them were the exercises in the B-School Starting the Right Business module, so thanks for that! I also enjoyed the book, Dream Culture…. it’s kind of like a life-coaching book that asks you a million questions about what you want your life to be about. The questions are asked in a way that really make you think and dig deep into your heart. Lastly really starting to pay attention to when my family and friends complimented me on my strengths… noticing patterns of what people said I was good at were all helpful.

    Thanks for the video! It’s an awful feeling to be stuck feeling you’re living below your potential and not knowing how to get out and so this is a very helpful topic! 😉

    • Kristin – Team Forleo

      So happy to hear that, Emily!

  77. Andrea

    As always, you give amazing advices! Thank you for your positivity and recommendations! 😀
    I have found my strengths by asking my friends, by understanding what I really enjoy doing without waiting for anything on exchange! 😀

  78. I love this episode! When I was younger I was quite unsure of my strengths and felt equally unsure with what to do with the ones I thought that I had. For most of us it’s about getting over that little voice in our head saying ‘who do you think you are’ and start having fun with the things we do know. A great way to find out about your strengths is to ask friends and family what key words they would use to describe you. If they love you, most of these will be nice words, but if you ask 3 or more people you’ll most likely start to see some themes emerge. I also loved what you said about evolving. We always do grow into that next level of us, and I think it’s so exciting to feel that we never really land or finalise who we are and what we know! I know many people ask ‘How can I utilise this?’, but I always ask my clients ‘If you truly believe you are these things and deserve to be these things, you can get very creative with how to use it. So what are you going to start with?’. Blogging, writing and contributing to different causes is a fantastic way to start utilising strengths and having fun!

  79. I realize that sometimes in my creative process I leave my group behind, like in a workshop. I may change my mind or do the unexpected. I am able to bring it back to my points. But, I find that I can sometimes give away what is mine and allow others to overrule me.

    The last two workshops, I did correct that with two very strong guys. And, when I took back my power, they did not flee… in fact I have a better relationship with them.

  80. Francine

    Ten years ago when I was 24, if someone would have asked me what my strengths were, I would have told them that I loved to sing and that it was still my dream to be a star at the Metropolitan Opera, even though I’d just gotten a degree in voice without ever earning an opera role. I would have said that I never wanted to be a leader and that I was only a follower, often very content to be observant and reflective about other people and about life. I would have said that at first, entering college, I wanted to be a music teacher but that I’d changed my mind. And I would have felt embarrassed that my “voice journals” at the end of each college semester ended up turning into tomes, filled with much more than just the vocal progress I’d attempted to make during the time.

    Now, looking back, I see the following:
    –I was meant to study music because it led me to my husband and to other key people who helped open the door to the next part of my life.
    –I was meant to be a leader and a teacher, precisely in the areas of being observant and reflective about myself and the world, and in turn sharing my thoughts with others and guiding them in their own lives. But I had to be ready to accept that leadership role. My acceptance only came after a lot more life experience.
    –I was meant to take on these leadership and teaching roles through writing.

    So, for anyone who may wonder exactly what your strengths are or how they may best be used, I just want to encourage you not to underestimate the gift of your life experiences. Definitely educate yourself and listen deep inside to your heart to sense your strengths, and also enjoy the journey and see where it has led or is leading you. I’ve learned that sometimes the puzzle of understanding our unique strengths and how to use them gets easier to put together as our journey of life naturally unfolds. Be patient, be gentle and kind with yourself, and let yourself courageously open to finding and accepting your unique puzzle pieces. You might not yet know how that puzzle may start to fit together, but it truly can happen in perfect timing.

  81. Julie

    I DO have strengths! 🙂 I actually did the Strengths Finder test (same book family), and have the book. My top two strengths are futuristic and strategic. Thanks to your video, I’m going to work on those daily. I’ve been slacking! Thank you, Marie!

  82. Frank Betté

    Thank you Marie Forleo, you do know how to inspire and motivate anyone, it’s obviously one of your strengths, special gift that it’s in your genes and has developed through the years in your personal as well as professional career path. I think everyone would be amazed as how each can project to his/her family, friends and to the world those special gifts that make one stand out from the crowd. In my 30+ years in the international trade in sales have visited sixty Countries and since I grew up in the sweet & confectionery Industry, thanks to my Parents, my dream would be to open an Italian Gelateria, to serve Customers, to delight them as I learned this Gelato business when I was 11 years old as my Parents represented and distributed Perugina Italian chocolate brand from Perugia, Italy, Lindt, Toblerone and Suchard Swiss chocolate brands and many other European products. I would like to add the following, you’ve got a gorgeous hair and you are definitely a beautiful woman but not only I am referring to the outer beauty but your inner beauty is priceless, ciao, xoxo Frank Betté ♡

  83. Wonderful vid, Marie.

    You know what? I am in mid of my life transition from India to Canada permanently. Have been bust a lot on so many basic things. Begin a new life altogether at 42 is not easy, I tell ya.

    Got your email this morning about this video. After coming back from some volunteer work, I was sitting thinking like; do I really know things? Am I really capable enough to begin this new life? Did I take right step to leave that lavish life in India and begin this new struggle from scratch? And all those nonsense bugs were eating my brain out.

    While browsing my phone, I again found your email and checked this your lovely video, and I tell you Marie…. I missed so much all these days that |I did not see your vids. I immediately took my HDD out and watched your videos. Also I set my ringtone once again with your music tune that you play in the beginning.

    Oh yeah, I am all set to beat all the challenges Marie.


    Lot of loves and hugs,


  84. Loved this segment today. Finding your strengths is so powerful as it lets you focus what you are strong in versus what may need some work. You will attract someone with strengths you don’t have and together you can change the world. Have the book and will read it top 5 strengths are: Positivity, responsibility, communication, belief and arranger. You can download the strength finder app on your phone and be reminded of those gifts everyday!!

  85. Kamla webb

    Your video today just confirmed what I already knew about myself but still had doubts whether it would actually benefit others. Simple!
    Thank you

  86. Kae

    I’ll add a relevant comment later but for now this is all i have. Totally couldn’t focus because i was paying too much attention to Marie’s hair. It grows so fast and then right past the 5 minute marked i got distracted by the cute earrings. That’s what we need a video on is the body products of Ms Forleo.

  87. Thanks Marie! Great video and I love the book you recommended. I’ve taken the test 3 times in the last 10 years and more or less get the same results. Like you, communication and positivity are close to the top of the list for me. Thanks for your special gifts that the world needs (a heck of a lot) more of!

  88. pschat

    Brilliant Marie, the example strength you quoted – imagining the future and getting people excited about it really resonated with me… at times I’ve not actually seen it as a strength. But with work to back it up, it really is. Thanks

  89. Monique

    Thanks for another great video.

    I enjoyed the Strength Finders book. My top strength is learner which is very true, I love to learn. The part I struggled with was how to you create a great job from learning. Imagine being paid to learn all day…. sigh.

    In the meantime, I am following another strength which is listening and being a support to others so I’m building a life coaching business to help women find their life’s purpose. I know that my strength in learning will come in handy.

  90. Jennifer

    Dear Marie et. al, this was such an awesome episode and so timely. I have forgotten what some of my gifts and strengths. I’ve been out of paid work for several years and have been trying to get a new yoga practice off the ground after getting certified. I’ve been afraid to be visible, and my confidence has taken a beating with not bringing in the money I used to make for several. This episode was so great to remind me that I and we all have strengths and gifts. For me they include empathy, being able to articulate my ideas, being creative in my thinking and seeing linkages between unlike things and identifying areas of partnership, and being strategic about how to get things done. I am also kinesthetically oriented, so have good body awareness of what is going on, which helps me in my new work. Thanks for the encouragement you provide all of us, plus a ton of inspiration!

  91. Vicki

    Knowing your Myers Briggs personality type can be a huge light bulb moment (I’m an INFJ).

    Also, Carol Tuttle’s book “Discover Your Type of Beauty” can help you discover your communication and problem solving styles which can shift your mindset about your strengths.

    I have heard good things about the Ed Schein Career Anchors self assessment also.

  92. Carol Prendergast

    Thanks Marie
    As always you come up with some gems. I realise I’m good at inspiring people and have a way to communicate clearly, just not sure how to use it !

  93. Marie’s “Tweetable” nailed it! (Vocation is the place where our deep gladness meets the world’s deep need.) I have an adult daughter with special needs and founded a NFP that works with young adults with intellectual challenges. Our goal is to help them find their place and purpose in community. Most of them cannot TELL you what their strengths or gifts are, but when what they have meets what someone else needs, joy breaks out all around!

  94. Hi Marie!! Tuesdays have a whoooole new meaning for me now that I’ve discovered your Q&A segments; as always, direct, short & sweet and hilarious! Lol I have to admit, I almost cringe at the thought of what I’m about to say but I assure you it doesn’t come from a place of ego, but rather tons of reflection! I actually find I have the opposite problem where I find I have too many strengths that I find it makes it that much harder to know what to direct my focus on… I feel like a Jack of all trades but master of none! I’ve always excelled in the arts and music, have a great ease communicating with others, excel in leadership roles, get great responses to my blogs and so on… Believe me, I don’t think I’m God’s gift to the planet or that I don’t have any flaws but I am confident in knowing what my strengths are yet I feel like I’m paralyzed because I’m afraid of going in the wrong direction and wasting what could have been my true calling. Everything I read about success says to work toward a goal, be specific about what you want and I can’t seem to figure that out! I truly love so many things, TOO MANY things and if I can actually allow myself to be honest and humble, I can also say that I’m very good at all of them. Can you help out a confused and twisted sister here with some of your insight?

  95. Marie,

    This topic is so important because talents/strengths are directly connected to life purpose. When you discover your strengths, you gain greater joy, self-worth, and confidence. I wrote an article about a conversation that I had with a co-worker that frequently gets upset with other people for asking him information because he says that everyone’s questions to him are “common sense” when the reality is that he has strengths.

    For me, I searched within, and I also opened my ears to what others approach me for to discover my strengths. They even tell me what programs and products I should offer when I listen well.

  96. Love the video and it was and an awesome message to me and I really really reall thank for the inspiration and the knowledge ❤️❤️❤️

  97. Crystal Sanders

    I had a major aha during this episode. I’ve known since I was a child that I have gifts. But I’ve spent my life looking for the perfect opportunities to use my gifts. I’ve learned from this episode that I need to bring my gifts to every situation, and develop them.

  98. Hi Marie,
    Loved this video – thank you for doing that. I’d love to chat with you about what I’m doing to help “older women” (I’m over 65) and people never guess that. My belief and actions say that age is, of course, in the mind; the heart is always young and sings when given its voice. One of my strengths is living and epitomizing this truth and being an example for others around me, (is that redundant?) I’m in the healthcare field, as a Certified Nutritionist (foodie with a license) and love it. Let’s get together and talk! We need to get the word out to those who think that middle age is 45, it’s 65 or wherever you think it is! Thanks for your good vibes.

  99. John B


    There is a quote I have used to find and refocus on my strengths, written by Dale Carnegie in “How to Win Friends & Influence People”. It goes- “If you tell me how you get your ‘Feeling of Importance’, I’ll tell you what you are. That determines your character. That is the most significant thing about you.”

    These victories, especially little ones you may have taken for granted or not even recognized at the moment, can be the most important sign posts to the future. Skills, accomplishments, and heartfelt pride – three great ingredients to fuel our adventure.

    John B

  100. Rachael

    I will turn 40 this year, and I have spent about the last 35 of them agonizing over what my strengths might be and how I might potentially use them. I have tried everything: worked crazy jobs, started crazy businesses, taken classes, lessons, programs, seminars, read books, embarked on insane adventures, done some really dangerous, extreme, and amazing stuff. I’ve become things. I’ve tried and accomplished and failed at sooooo many things I probably can’t remember them all. I’ve pushed through some super tough scenarios to accomplish my goals, but none of it has ever truly felt like ME. I’ve been down in the dumps for years now feeling like I am a REAL failure because I’ve never done something that I wanted to keep on doing. My life has felt so forced and hard in my pursuit. My entrepreneurial drive has overwhelmed me since I was a kid and kept me up countless nights thinking of the infinite possiblilties and not understanding why they keep eluding me. So, I had this epiphany recently, my strength is my ability to see possibility and opportunity EVERYWHERE. I’m suddenly finding that when I identify an opportunity, the rest is(as Marie would say) “figureoutable”, and often it’s not me who has to learn a new skill, but to recognize that my part is to tease out what is valuable and figure out how to capitalize on it. I thrive on recognizing potential in other people’s businesses and seeing what is not there…yet. I can’t tell you how relieved this make me! I have learned so much from you Marie, from your guests on, from B-school, and the resources you share. From the bottom of my heart, thanks!

  101. Hey Marie, thank you for this episode. For me it wasn’t very difficult to find my strengths.

    They are all the things that my peers (former classmates and fellow students) used to whine about in school and some still whine about. All those annoying (for them) habits of mine.

    Being super analytical. Reading weird books during classes because the classes were quite boring. Writing too much, criticizing too much (in a constructive way). Being aware of what others needed and trying to help them against their will because I thought I knew better (I stopped doing that a while ago, so don’t worry).

    I know there are many others like me out there and I do hope they know that their strengths are what makes them different from their peers and what made it so difficult to integrate in social groups as a child/youth.

    Thank you for being awesome,

  102. I feel like my strengths are positivity and communication too and that made me wonder… Aren’t these strengths common to all women? Maybe I’m generalising?

    • You just hit the nail on the head. One’s strengths often come so naturally that you make the assumption that everyone else is great at it too and it’s nothing extra special.

      Something I find very helpful is to share your results with as many people in your life as possible [ friends and co workers ] and ask them for very specific examples of when they saw these strengths in action.

      Usually for every 10 asks, you will get one golden example of something you thought was nothing and others thought it was superhero material. You can then start strategizing how to do more of that.

      PS. Positivity and Communication are not even in my top 24 😉

  103. Iryna

    Any suggestions how can I use my strengths??
    I am excellent with planning. Create plans for the day, to do list, plan marketing strategies and so on … I am soooo good with it but who care about that?! Everyone can do that. I like stick to the plan and keep pushing till success. I try to help others with accomplish their goals and don’t let other give up so easily but people see my actions as “mean actions”… I know I would be good as an accountability partner (in marketing or business world) but not everyone can understand why hard work is important. So, I dont know if I can even use my gift , because people don’t understand me and I wont ever find “my ideal clients” …

    But I absolutely love the video! Thank you!

    • Iryna, I’d suggest you start by sharing your strengths assessment results with as many people in your life as possible [ friends and co workers ] and ask them for very specific examples of when they saw these strengths in action.
      Usually for every 10 asks, you will get one golden example of something you thought was nothing and others thought it was superhero material. You can then start strategizing how to do more of that. In your very unique way.
      Discovering your strengths in depth helps you rock the 3C’s
      CLARITY [ and simplicity to start owning and focusing on your top few ]
      CONFIDENCE [ give self permission to own strengths and not feel apologetic or narcissistic ]
      CONNECTION [ share your unique tapestry of strengths for mutual wins ]

      I used to also think people didn’t get me. Now I realize that the mosaic of my strengths is different than others and often others didn’t understand it because I didn’t have the clarity and confidence.

      Hope this helps!

      Read more:

  104. Dear Marie, dear all.
    I absolutely love this topic. For the past few months I’ve been on my journey finding and developing my strengths in order to share my true gifts with the world. Just as you, Marie, I am very multi-passionate (including dancing! :P).

    I believe it is very very important to discover your authentic strengths, which come out when you start trusting your intuition again. Oftentimes, we think we want something – based on external things. We compare ourselves to others and judge our flaws. So we try hard to push out what we call “strengths” while in fact we might be struggling. Whereas your real gifts and strengths are already there.They might have been burried deep down in the rush of everyday life, so you don’t even recogniz them…

    If you don’t reach your intuitive voice, you oftentimes have to “hit rock bottom” or go through a fateful experience to “shake you up” and re-direct your life, using your true gifts. That’s what I have experienced and see happening for more and more people that turn their life around. (in my case, one of those events included an actual rock I almost fell off..)

    I wish that more of you out there are blessed to discover your gifts before hitting any rock bottom. However, sometimes looking back at your life history and ‘flaws’ makes you realize your true gifts.

    This morning, a speech from this awesome lady blew my mind away. You absolutely have to watch this and you might understand what I mean.

    Although I am not (yet) the person to comment on posts (althouth I love your posts & videos, Marie!), I had to share it with you because it absolutely fits this topic:

    Marie, I want to thank you soooo much for being there and doing the work you do! You are one of the very few major people who have been guiding me on my new life path, re-discovering my gifts. Although you are so far away I got you in my heart, because YOUR authentic gifts have reached me. See, when you live your true purpose, there’s no distance in the world that can stop it from connecting those who truly need your gifts.
    If I’d ever make it to NY (a big dream, and I know I’ll reach it!), I hope to see you somewhere! And if you’ll ever come to visit Athens (Greece) where I live, let me know and I’ll be your private guide and show you around (really mean it) ! 🙂

    Lots of love to you all!

    Hugs from Greece,


  105. I read the book Marie suggests and did the test – and when I see my list of strengths I scare myself! (really)…the only soft one in there is -thank god – empathy! Has anyone ever done this test a second time to see if it changes much! Achiever – Activator – Empathy – Maximizer – Strategic
    You would never believe I teach yoga too…:-)
    (and run a business…okay now I get it)

  106. Dear Marie,
    Thank you for your videos. This one in particular shows how endlessly creative you and your team are in creating very entertaining, but seriously practical content. I love it.
    Have a great day.

    • This comment really made my day, and touched my heart Eileen. I will pass it along to the team. THANK YOU 🙂

  107. Hi Marie,

    Using the word “strength” makes it so much easier to identify gifts. Someone recently asked me “What’s your superpower?” and I was stumped. I wanted it to be something snazzy but the truth is, it’s organization and efficiency, and I’ve stopped being shy about admitting I like organizing things – when I see a mess, I can’t help but think, “ooh, I would do this and that to make this better.”


  108. I found my gifts through volunteering. I have been a chef for 12 years, owned a restaurant and catering business but was never really loving it. I loved the food, loved discovery but employees, taxes, food vendors all brought me down. I was asked to teach a cooking class to 2nd -4th graders at my kids elementary school and had a blast. Then I was asked to be a chef instructor for Share Our Strength’s Cooking Matters program for adults, teens and families living on food assistance. That was the spark. I realized that people of all income levels do not have the knowledge to make healthy choices or just understand some of the science of food. So a month ago I launched Blue Spoon Cooking School and while I am freaking out that I will flop I have an incredible energy to teach the world to cook!

  109. I have been wondering if your top strengths were Communication and Woo or Positivity!? Fun for you to reveal. Of course, you are leveraging your tops strengths!

    Five years ago I had a business coach twist my arm to take the StrengthsFinder assessment [ I thought I already knew my strengths ]. While what my top strengths are was not an aha… were some of my ahas that may inspire others.

    1. My top strength is ideation and I had let people tell me for many years that ideas don’t have value. Seeing it as number one, I started to leverage it to make money

    2. I was collaborating with people who were exactly like me [ lots of customized ideas and strategies that didn’t always go anywhere!!! ]. Instead I needed to be collaborating and pairing with people who in their top strengths [ more execution ] complimented me! Turns out this formula creates teams that look to be superheros!

    3. I discovered my strengths of responsibility meant I would deliver everything I had committed to with excellence. Turns out executing is not in my top 5 and once I started delegating, outsourcing, collaborating, automating and optimizing, I discovered more joy, productivity and life is less of a scurry!

    I could go on! Strengths had such a huge effect on my life, I actually became professionally trained to help others. Fully using all my strengths for mutual wins!

  110. Nadia

    Hello from Spain
    Thank you for everything you do.
    My parents “forced ” me to study and become a teacher, so, I did it.
    Now, they want me to look for a steady job…but I don´t really want to do it.

    They keep telling me that I am amost 26 and I shoud be more mature….the problem is that I don´t know what to do with my life. My parents have always run my life.
    I think I´m going crazy¡¡¡¡

  111. margret

    Hello Marie. I love your show. I especially love the way you come across, so funny and entertaining and quirky and its what makes me watch and listen to what you have to say.

    The answers you give out are very in-depth and very comprehensive, just love it!

    Thank you and keep them coming!

  112. Tal

    I love this! I bought the book Strengthsfinder 2.0 by Tom Rath a few years ago, and I can say the test did hit on strengths that I was easily overlooking. Actually, two of my strengths are “individualization” and “connectedness”, which means I can see the commonalities between all things and yet see the unique qualities of everything at the same time. This ties in with your message that everyone has a gift to bring to this world, and I really believe this to be true. Combining your strengths with your unique perspective and experience is the best way to show up and positively contribute to the world, whether that is at work, at home, or anywhere else.

  113. Mickie Lara

    Hi Marie: I just discovered your site and videos a few months ago (where have I been?!) and have enjoyed all of it so much I thought it was time I let you know. I have read many a book over the years to try and figure out what my gifts/strengths were and am finally at a point in life where it is all coming together! I have had people tell me for years that I should be some type of therapist/counselor but that just never felt quite right (I’m a marketing and advertising professional) But, recently I had an epiphany of sorts and realized that some form of Life Coaching is what I really want to do. So, I took the leap and just started Martha Beck’s Life Coach Training and am loving every minute of it. I can’t remember enjoying something more. So, we’ll see how it all unfolds but I feel like I have finally landed on the best way to use my strengths and couldn’t be more ready to see where it all leads. Thanks for all of the great content you share! -Mickie

  114. Rachelle

    Thanks for the video Marie, and to everyone for the conversations in the comments – so much to chew on!

    One question: Where is that stunner of a dress from?

  115. Marie,

    What a wonderful post! I am so appreciative of you sharing this with all of your followers. My work with Strengths has had an amazing impact on my business and personal life. There are a few additional pieces to truly be able to benefit from your Strengths, but you have provided these individuals with a beautiful starting place.

    I encourage all of you to take the assessment. If you don’t want to purchase the StrengthsFinder 2.0 book, you can go directly to Gallup’s website and take the assessment for $9.99. Make sure to answer the questions honestly, don’t try to paint a picture of who you want to be. The wonderful thing about this assessment is it will show you exactly who you are.

    I am a partner in an global organisation that has taken Strengths to the next level. Our work is assisting individuals in actualizing their true potential. It has done exactly this for me and many of those we serve. Imagine an environment where you are Confidently Vulnerable; you know what you are, you know what you are not, and you are okay with both. It’s am amazing place to be! You no longer judge or compare yourself to others, you see that your gifts are unique and more importantly, needed!
    It’s an amazing feeling when I go into a boardroom and no longer am nervous about what I don’t bring. My gifts are powerful and I see things through a different lens. I don’t have the academic piece that 90% of the individuals I work with have. But what’s amazing is this. I see things through a completely different lens than them. I am asking a different set of questions that they can’t ask because of the lens that they see things through. We are all powerful when we believe in who and what we are. The tough thing sometimes if getting to the point where we are confident in being our true authentic selves. Marie has offered you a tool that can start you on this journey.

    You are doing wonderful work, Marie. You are a gift to so many and I am appreciative of the work you are doing.

    My very best,

    Brent Barnacle

  116. vera

    love your white and gold dress 😉

  117. Ivana

    Hi Marie,

    I love your Q & A Tuesdays! I find it very inspiring. It gives me something to look forward to every Tuesday 🙂 Also, my four year old son seems to be a big fan. Every morning he asks about what day is it today and every Tuesday he remembers to add: ” Mommy lets get the ipad and see what Marie has to say today.”
    I was wondering if you could share the name of the artist that painted that beautiful painting that is part of your set ?

    • Kristin – Team Forleo

      Ivana, what a sweet way to start your day! I love that you share MarieTV with your son 🙂

      Thank you for the kind words about our painting. The artist’s name isn’t something we can share, but I’m so glad you like it!

  118. Hi Marie! Your videos get me so inspired and pumped to accomplish my goals and follow my dreams, but then I get caught up in what I feel to be Gods call to wait on Him. I feel comfortable sharing with you because I’ve heard you mention before that you’re Catholic. Well, I’ve always been very driven, independent and just an overall “go-getter.”. I’ve never wanted children or to be married because I was on a mission to be my own boss and be busy with travel and all things success. Well, I’m now a 27-years-old, stay-at-home military wife with two kids, one of which I’m homeschooling. I still have all these goals and dreams that I believe whole-heartedly to come true (definite manifestation going on! ;)), but I feel like God is telling me to embrace the call He has set before me to serve in my home first. Have you ever wanted something so bad you could taste it, but you felt like you were moving ahead of Gods plan and timing? I don’t want to take my time in my home for granted, but what can I do while I’m waiting on God to move me into my next season? My “go-getter” mentality has been more recently working against me in this time. Please, please, please shed some light and wisdom on this. I’m blessed by you and I’m grateful for any tips and words you can provide. You are an amazing woman. Thank you and God bless!

    • Hi Tiari! Thank you so much for your kind words 😉 You’re a woman of faith, so my first suggestion would be to pray about it. And, be really receptive to hearing/seeing/noticing how God may answer. It may come in the form of a phone call, an email or just an idea that pops into your mind. Maybe you’ll hear a small voice inside of you, nudging you in a certain direction. But no matter what, practice giving your full passion and attention to the life you have now. That’s the surest way to keep yourself open to the gifts that are meant to come your way. XOXO

  119. I loved this episode!
    This topic is super super important in everyone´s lifes!

    My strenghts are mostly sociable, meeting people and making friends, speaking for instance. Struggling about listening though.

    I discovered them by practicing and searching, reading books. I tried doing many things that I wasn´t passionate about so they didnt work. Until I realized, what I would do forever happily and not even making money, is talk, write, speak to people and share my insights. So I started blogging and I`m writing my first book, with big other plans.
    Thanks for the video!!

  120. Georgia

    I totally agree! I have even done B-School but haven’t gotten over the hump of what it is that I am good at. My strengths seem to be in an area that is already flooded with information and I worry that I’ll be drowned out in the crowd..

  121. Yuliya Arias

    Dear Marie, thanks a lot for this episode. Amazing help. I actually had a “aha moment”, many “aha moments” after taking a test that you are recommending. I am about to read the book, I can’t even imagine how it will change my life! I am so so so so grateful to the universe that I got chance to take this test, it’s so eye opening.
    Thank you, Marie for giving us all you give with such a positive vibe.

  122. Loved this video as I know a lot of people personally & professionally that could benefit from it! I really enjoyed the perspective shift to “find” your gifts too!

    In my work this perspective shift concept comes up a lot as I’m focused on helping women hone in on their “Energetic Resonance” so they can discover & align with that core essence that is them to live out their highest potential.

    I used this process myself to see some of my habits, tendencies, and just “things I’m *really good at* as strengths and ultimately talents! Personally I have a real knack for dissecting ideas and looking at them in another way, presenting alternate viewpoints (calmly I might add), and thinking outside the box to synthesize multiple ideas (which may be unrelated) into new things. This leads into some real visionary & inspired work which also goes along with my creative ability.

    It’s all about realizing what you have and using it to your best advantage, instead of trying to embody something you’re not! <3

  123. stef

    Today is the first time I have watched Marie TV. You just have to love a woman who is so darn motivating, warm and funny-all at the same time.

    • Kristin – Team Forleo

      So happy to have you here, Stef! 🙂

  124. Marie – I love that you sign off your videos the way you do. I truly believe that we each have a special gift, our very own “original medicine” as some indigenous cultures believe.

    In my business, I work with clients who come to looking for clarity on their life purpose and feeling like they don’t have that special “something,” and each time, they are astounded by what they discover as we connect the dots from their life to their unique gifts and super powers.

    Here’s why I think it’s hard for many of us to see our purpose clearly.

    I believe that your PAIN & YOUR PURPOSE ARE DEEPLY RELATED. If you want clarity on your purpose, then we’ve got to look at your pain and see all the gifts, lessons and the “original medicine” you have created out of those rich experiences from your life, that will become part of the healing elixir of truth that you will offer the world.

  125. Marielle

    I loved this video and will absolutely be getting that book. I know what my strengths are, but have always felt left out bc i don’t have ‘talents.’

    I am considering going to Medical School but am 30 and was an art history/nutrition major so kind of far off and it would be quite a commitment. If there is another way I can help people and still find it rewarding, I would love some ideas. Looking into becoming a Holistic Practitioner or Kinesiologist.

    Any comments are welcome =)


  126. Love this episode!
    I used to think that my wide and varied interests were a burden because I would never be specialized enough in any one topic. I now see that all of those interests were exactly what I needed to start my own company.

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Love that, Renee. 🙂

  127. Elizabeth Haines

    Thank you for a paraphrase of my all time favorite quote that I found through my first mentor, Richard Bolles, author of What Color is Your Parachute? I am including it in context which, to me, makes the quote more powerful and practical.

    Mission as Intersection

    Where are all different kinds of voices calling you to all different kinds of work, and the problem is to find out which is the voice of God rather than that of society, say, or the superego, or self-interest. By and large a good rule for finding out is this: the kind of work God usually calls you to is the kind of work (a) that you need most to do and (b) the world most needs to have done. If you really get a kick out of your work, you’ve presumably met requirement (a), but if your work is writing TV deodorant commercials, the chances are you’ve missed requirement (b). On the other hand, if your work is being a doctor in a leper colony, you have probably met (b), but if most of the time you’re bored and depressed by it, the chances are you haven’t only bypassed (a) but probably aren’t helping your patients much either. Neither the hair shirt nor the soft birth will do.

    The place God calls you to is the place where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet.

    Excerpted from Wishful Thinking – A Theological ABC by Frederick Buechner (1973)
    Quoted in How to Find Your Mission in Life by Richard N. Bolles, author of What Color is Your Parachute?

  128. Angela Willis

    Thank you, Marie, for yet another poignant and very eloquently executed show. I read “Now, Discover You Strengths” last year from a copy that I picked up at our local library….sad to say that there was no code in the book to take the test, but I was glad to see that you had posted a link here for us to take the test anyway. Although when I tried to take it.. I couldn’t find any kind of a test to take, although I did find something to purchase.

  129. Peter

    Hi Marie,
    I wasn’t exactly sure why I ended up on this page but your video had a message for me. People say to do what you love but I found it very hard my entire life to know what that was. Just recently I had a “soul report” done for me that actually showed me what my “gifts” really were. Quiet amazing but so simple. I got to know my strengths.

    Your video was just the extra I needed. Thanks.

  130. Marie–I love the quote you shared from your father. When I quit my high-paying engineering job 8 years ago to open my own business, I thought my parents would think I was “irresponsible”, but my father (also an engineer) was completely supportive and believed that I could do great things. It’s makes a huge difference to have people who are on your side. Thanks for the inspiration!

  131. Gurpreet Singh

    Awesome video,

    Its like do what you love n you don’t hv to work.

    Amazing, inspiring
    I hv found what I really love to do, and doing it really fun.
    Im Industrial Design Engineer bcs I love this profession.
    Thank you Marie for taking me to new level.

  132. Maria Jones aka MJ

    Hi Marie- Great video!
    I’ve been fortunate enough to have read Discover your strengths several years ago. I feel as though I need to revisit it again. However, I’m concerned if I were to take the strength test it will not be accurate. I’m at a crossroad in my life. Will my results be as they should with my current situation or will it be what my true strengths are if I was in a better situation?

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Hi Maria! So glad you enjoyed this episode. The Strengths test is so accurate, and I really don’t think it would be negatively or adversely affected by you being at a crossroads in your life. I’m not specifically remembering all the questions, but it mostly just demands your immediate gut hit on how you would answer things and that probably won’t change that much.

      If anything, it might give you just the burst of confidence, self-knowledge, and encouragement that you might be needing! It’s so helpful to read and know your strengths in the detailed way the test provides.

      You also can always take it again!

  133. My gifts; I think we ALL have many gifts. I think we have to start with what we like to do most, and ask God, the universe, or whatever you wish to call your higher being, how to align with the greater plan.

    When I was little I wanted to be a singer, and marry Michael Jackson

  134. Great video as always Marie!

    In a world where there are so many things that we’re interested in, it can be difficult for many to pinpoint exactly where their gifts life.

    What I’ve found helps however, is to focus on what you’re most curious about right now. Not what you think you should be doing out of the available options or what you think you may like over the long term (we don’t yet have the ability to predict the future!).

    When you focus on what you’re most curious about right now, you’re focused on the present. You get immersed in it. You get stuck in. And you can channel your energy into exploring it for all its worth. Who knows where that may lead? 🙂

    The key thing is you were born with special gifts. We all are. And travelling around the world has taught me that. Everyone, no matter what background they are from, has a story to tell and a new lesson to teach us.

    As one mentor taught me, ‘all of us are mediocre at many things, are good at some, excel at fewer and have the ability to become world-class at something.’

  135. Another awesome vlog!!! Always make me smile and share:-) It took me a long time to recognize my gifts and once I started to, I was surprised to look around and see how many other people didn’t recognize their gifts either. It makes me sad when close friends seemed to underestimate themselves (especially other women) so I always try to point out what wonderful traits that they have to offer. I think it is important that once you start to build your own self-esteem and confidence, that it is important to encourage others to do the same. Hey, if we can’t help encourage one another, what are we here for?

  136. Sara


    I really do think everyone has a talent that the world needs and this is just another way to get one step closer to your real life purpose. I do like all the helpful hints that your videos provide. The one thing that I especially paid attention to was the “doubts”. I recently was thinking about this and I think that the one reason we take many side turns in discovering out true talent are doubts. I was going to actually start researching the ways to overcome doubts because I think they are a main road block to many people becoming successful and taking a step of faith in a once in a lifetime opportunity. Do you have any suggestions on how to overcome or work though the doubts that we have and that others put into our minds?

    Just was wondering!

    Great job!

    Keep Smiling,

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      This is a great question, Sara and something I know so many of us run into – whether the doubts come from others or from our own minds. I thought I might share one great episode about reprogramming your subconscious mind, as Marie and her guest Dr. Cathy share some incredible tips for helping overcome some of those hidden internal barriers:

      That’s one of my favorites on the subject, but you can also find some more info by clicking on our “Archives” (higher on this page on the right side menu under the “Most Popular” episodes) and there are some links there for general topics including “Overcoming Fear & Limiting Beliefs.”

      I hope that helps give you a few great tips to get you started. Those doubts can be a big stumbling block, but it is possible to move past them and really soar!

  137. Arun


    Yet another insightful video!!! i must say i was searching for something like this for years now. i knew i had the potential but didn’t knew how to use them. i took the test, my top five strengths are command, significance, competition, relator communication, now i know my strengths how can i use them in a productive way, which careers should i focus on or what business should i start to use my strengths.

    looking for reply


  138. Rebecca

    Hi Marie,

    Loved the video! I learned a great trick for figuring out your strengths and gifts. I took a leadership class with Dr. Richard Boyatzis and he asked us to ask our friends, families and colleagues, “When was I at my best?” The responses to this question will naturally reveal your strengths and gifts, as that is what you are relying on when you are at your best. It’s quite eye-opening! Dr. Boyatzis writes quite a bit on emotional intelligence and I would highly recommend checking out his stuff!

    Thanks for all you do –


    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Wow, I love that Rebecca. Definitely going to give that a try with my own family and friends. Thanks for sharing such a great suggestion with everyone!

  139. Fabienne

    Not sure what my gifts are yet! I’d been looking at this book for a while now but that’s it I’m buying it! Thanks Marie!

  140. An incredible resource for finding your strengths that I was recently introduced to is the VIA strengths survey. I generally don’t go for these things but it was recommended to me by someone I deeply respect in business so I checked it out and was pretty impressed with it. Since I don’t have show stopping strengths this was a really useful insight into who I am and what my strengths are. It’s free or you can pay for deeper insights which is fabulous and an incredible resource tool. VIA is one of the most comprehensive and respected strengths tests.

  141. Dear Marie,
    I have been going through tremendous internal turmoil in the past year. I have had a life changing experience that has guided me to change my career. I have invested 6 years of my life in building an event planning and design company as well as dessert catering service on the side I was teaching meditation to a nice size group. However as I have awakened more and decided to dedicate my life to my enlighten and consciousness in the way I eat speak and live I feel conflict now that I am offering services that do not fall under the spiritual life style I live and try to promote. I know that sugar is not good for people and yet I create incredible candy art and beautiful candy stations, I design beautiful events but I know that the most important key to life is learning and living a conscious life. I tried to leave my event planning company and change careers to a full time meditation teacher and conscious life style coach but no one showed up to my meet up classes and I wasn’t making any money. I am struggling financially. I wake up every day and ask source to use me as a tool and use my strengths I channel abundance from source and stay in alignment with joy, gratitude and love in everything I do but I am not able to pull my meditation/life coach business of the ground. I feel intimidated and discouraged and now, I don’t know what I love to do anymore. My happy place is teaching and helping people and creating beauty. I meditate every day to find clarity but I feel confused and lost as my day progresses and I don’t know how to move forward. I want to be a leader, I yearn to create change in the world around me. I know that I am capable of helping people. But I feel a blockage that perhaps my fear does not allow me to resolve at this moment. How can I find what I love and do when it conflicts with my spiritual beliefs Please help!


    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Geraldine, thank you so much for reaching out to us, and I’m so sorry to hear that you’re going through a tough time getting your business off the ground. You sound like such a incredible, passionate person, and it looks like you’re doing many of the right things and asking some great questions.

      While I was reading your comment, a few different episodes of MarieTV popped to mind that I thought I might share for some thoughts and suggestions. In terms of giving your business a boost, we have a few great episodes that talk about better conveying your value and reaching your ideal customers:

      In terms of feeling some kind of block around your work, these two episodes contain tips that have helped me personally in a big way:

      The first one talks about habits you can put into place that can help support your overall well-being, and the second one is an interview with Steven Pressfield, who is an incredible author of some of our favorite books including “The War of Art,” which is an incredible resource for moving forward with any kind of project.

      I hope these episodes provide you with a few helpful thoughts as you’re getting started. I know it can be a major transition to change careers, and we’re sending you our best wishes as you navigate the change!

    • Geraldine –

      I’m wondering if you have made something up about what it is to live a spiritual life that is causing your conflict?

      For instance, if you are great at creating beautiful events, well, what better way to reach other people who want to learn to live a conscious life? And what if you were to figure out a way to create similarly amazing desserts but without sugar? Create food art rather than candy art?

      What if, maybe, you just need to expand your spiritual beliefs a bit?

      Take what you like and leave the rest — just some off-the-top-of-my head thoughts in case they might help. I know I, too, struggled for many years, so I understand the pain…you are not alone.

  142. I just did the b-school exercise of asking people about my top qualities, and here is what I am told:

    Llyane’s best three qualities: 1. Creative – if you look at the way Llyane puts content together, it is very creative. Most people stop at videos or worksheets, but Llyane finds a number of creative ways to get her message across. 2. Detail oriented – teaching a language is hard work because you have to know the “whys” of the way something is pronounced or written. You also have to be able to explain this to students from different backgrounds. I say detail oriented because I truly believe knowing all the tiny details behind a language sets Llyane apart as a teacher. 3. Positivity – I can tell Llyane loves what she does and has an overall positive outlook on life. This comes across in teaching and emails. With so many glass half empty people out there, it is nice to see someone who is happy with who they are and what they do.

    Awesome exercise! 🙂

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Those are some incredible shares, Llyane. We’re so thrilled to see you had such wonderful feedback to the top qualities exercise!

  143. Hey girl, Thanks for this! So much truth in all that you do.

    I’ve always been proficient in communication, creativity and the performing arts i.e. dance, music & theater, but that all seemed to come crashing down when I had a breakdown at ripe age of 14 y.o. (yes, early!) – going from full-time training to zilch, following a series of traumatic life events. Having a sister who was born with severe disability, and losing her, was one of these events but the great thing that came from this was my dream of working with people with disability on a therapeutic level through the arts. To cut the violins short, I became debilitated by severe anxiety, but still tried to push and force through the hardship.

    A few years later, I used my ‘talents’ to become a stage producer and director, and toured with my production company, appearing in stage and screen productions, becoming the National Marketing Manager of my father’s company, but still had dreams of “making it” in the industry to fund my dream of opening a performing arts therapy center for people with disability. So at 22, I up and moved my life from Australia to the Philippines (place of my heritage) to do just that, regardless of everything in my Being telling me not to. I did some cool things, but surprise-surprise, the severity of the anxiety took over resulting in the inability to sleep, with a side of a Xanax prescription… After 8 months, I ended up going back home for some ‘chiropractic sleep therapy,’ only intending to be back for 3 weeks. And I never ended up going back.

    Through the therapy, I had my awakening (so unbelievably grateful) and a year later I’ve now started my business “The Butterfly Effect Project,” Performing Arts Therapy for People with Disability, and have acquired a studio! But it’s only the beginning. I recognized the anxiety was just indicative of my extreme empathetic nature, and that my personal healing journey was a force of nature to aid those who experience hardship, too. Through the hardships I recognized that my outer purpose is to spark transformation in others, as it did in me. I now see that I can use my talents collectively with my other strengths of production, direction, vision and leadership for the purpose of healing and transformation, and will continue to develop projects with the capability to enhance people’s lives through social enterprising. Coming from a family of elite businessmen, I’m so grateful I have access to the tools I need to create an enterprise of eventual epic proportions… So the dream stands, one day at a time. 🙂

    Thanks for the opportunity to share! 🙂


  144. Hi, Marie –

    Good episode — you’ve really taken these to an art form from your early days in your kitchen (tho I have to say I, too, was a fan of the brick wall).

    I was particularly interested in this one because I offer a teleseminar called Your Uniqueness Is Your Business, to help business people understand what is unique about them, and how to bring more of that into the work that they do. This is something of a mission with me.

    I’m one of your BSchool grads, which I took to help me make this mission more visible. I just spent the Easter weekend editing my first audio, pulling out the best bits from recordings I’ve made of the YUIYB (as I fondly refer to it) teleseminars I’ve run over the last three years. 9 more modules (meaning ~270 hours) to go! Re-listening to them helps remind me of the gifts and resources I bring to this work, which I’ve been discovering over ~40 years in business, and which I distilled into this course in order to share it with others seeking their own answers.

    I’m looking forward to reading the other replies, as I’m sure there’ll be inspiring insights in them.

    Business has a huge impact on the world that we live in, and I believe that if business people are not bringing all of themselves into their work, then something important is being missed that only they will bring. You call it their gift, I call it their uniqueness, Marcus Buckingham calls it their strength — whatever you call it, I agree with you — the world needs it!

    thank you for all you do, and the energy and pizazz with which you do it.


  145. Donna

    Really love what Marie brings to us She has been my biggest inspiration, the loudest voice that says we each have a gift, a business, a purpose, a passion. I find it easier to see that in others, perhaps, then I do myself. So I read this verse recently, and it struck me in a new way. Most translations say, “Mind your own business” which I heard as “don’t be a busybody.” But after doing some research, I don’t think that is what it is saying at all. I think it is saying to work your own business. In the KJV it says to “Do your own business……” So I decided to own it……or in this case “wear” it.

  146. Great post. I absolutely love Marcus Buckingham’s book, Now, Discover Your Strengths. It’s hands-down the best book I’ve found on discovering what you’re good at doing. It really opened my eyes to the things that came naturally to me that I had taken for granted. I used that information to gradually make a change in my career and now I’m loving what I do.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      That’s awesome, Roz! <3

  147. Hi Marie,
    I LOVE every one of your videos!
    My Mom told me to search for what I enjoyed doing and was good at, and the rest would fall into place. After spending lots of time journaling, meditating, and researching, I started Massage Therapy school at 21 yrs old. I am happy to report that I am in my 20th successful year as a self employed owner of my own private practice. I still enjoy my gift today, as much as when I started because I made a great choice. I am now searching for the next phase of my career, and considering teaching.
    Thank you Marie for being YOU!!!
    Shawna Conner
    Murfreesboro, TN

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Shawna, what an amazing little snippet from your story — those Moms have powerful advice, huh?! Congrats on all the consistent success and loving your gift, and we’re excited for this new chapter for you too.

      Thank YOU for being here with us 🙂

  148. Hello! The link for the test is not working, is there another way I can take this test?

  149. I loved your video. It struck a chord with me. I will share your video with others. Thanks.

  150. I love this channel and free fun problem solving fashionable lifestyle.
    I hope you have a happy new year !

  151. Sharon

    Great episode Marie again, good advice, great boost, thanks

  152. I enjoy your videos. But I’m also a total skeptic on self help, “discover who you are” books/test. After many years of plodding through life and reading self help books/taking tests that spend 3/4 of the writing on restating your problem, then offering no real solution and not having any change in my life … it wears me down (32 years at the same job that I have never liked, no less loved). I asked my sister to read the suggested book and see if it is worthwhile.

    If excessive, crippling anxiety is a strength, then I have that covered. Probably my real problem.

    Hope springs eternal, until the spring runs dry.

  153. Tiffanie

    Late to the party, but found the video by web search. Search is what I seem to do well LOL. But seriously, like a few people I saw I do love my ‘day’ job still. I am a firefighter/paramedic for a major metro area. I left a well paying job, where I was on a fast track, to do this and my family sacrificed a lot. However, I am almost 40 and it is a young person game. I am in great shape and have another good 10 years on the streets, but am searching for something to keep my positive light on and give me fulfillment outside of that.

    You see my job can make you a bit jaded. It isn’t like “Chicago Fire” everyday. People who don’t need you really call all the time, you deal with drunks, drug addicts and mentally ill people constantly. Not to mention a public growing increasing disrespectful of public servants. I don’t like the person it can create in me sometimes.

    I believe on of my greatest strength is what my mother calls, grace under fire. I can be scattered and a little lazy, but when it’s go time or crisis hits, I am a superstar. I can stay calm, controlled and do what it is needed. That’s not to say that 8-12 hours after things are resolved I don’t break down, because I do. Yet, I struggle to make this into something I can share online.

    I have tried sharing my love for fitness and health through an MLM, but feel slightly forced. I don’t want people to feel I am saying the are fat or not beautiful. I’m not afraid of tough love, but in this area it’s hard. It’s so deeply personal. If you were an addict or struggle to get out of a bad relationship I would go all momma bear on you. You want to loos 30 lbs, great! But the kid gloves go on. Why is that?

    Sorry this is long and rambling…..another great strength. Thanks for the video. Buying the book today when I take my son to the movies for his first day 🙂

    • Tiffanie

      Re-read my comment and fast typing hits again. Several typos, but wanted to clarify that my son is going on his first date. I’m not taking an infant to a movie LOL.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      You have so much heart, Tiffanie! I can tell you have a lot of compassion for the people you serve—it’s a hard job and it’s totally understandable that you’d be feeling burned out. Maybe there are other ways you can use your gifts and talents for helping others that don’t take such a toll on you. It might be helpful to talk to nonprofit workers and retired paramedics or firefighters. We’ve got our fingers crossed you’ll find the perfect next step on your path soon.

      • Hi, Tiffanie –
        Just saw your comment, and a line in it jumped out at me. You said “when it’s go time or crisis hits, I am a superstar. I can stay calm, controlled and do what it is needed. That’s not to say that 8-12 hours after things are resolved I don’t break down…”
        I wondered if you are at all familiar with co-dependency? What I think of is finding it difficult to say yes when we want to say yes and, perhaps more difficult for many of us, no when we want to say no. I may be all wet here, but it is something I have seen to be particularly common among people in the helping professions, of which fire fighting is surely one (my hat is off to you, woman! That is a tough profession, physically, mentally, emotionally). Might be worth googling if you are at all curious — the clarity might help you make the transition you mention that much more quickly.
        All the best with your coming transition,

  154. Great episode again!

  155. Matthew McGuire

    Hi Marie this is Matt McGuire yes i had doubts about my God given talents and gifts and didn’t know how to use them in my life. Also I learned what my gifts are during trial and error till i was an expert at the gift in the Boy Scouts of America I am an Eagle Scout and I used my strengths to help others become Eagle Scout too in their lives. I love watching Marie TV
    God bless you bye have nice blessed day
    Matthew McGuire

  156. Olivia

    Hi Marie,
    Thank you this and for all other episodes, I love Marie TV & broadcast.

    The reason why I think it’s hard to find your “gifts” is because it’s something you already have a lot of and then take for granted.

    Could be useful to ask other people what they think you have as gifts/streights since they will compare your capabilities with themself and Identify what they don’t have as much of. I’ve realised my own when other people tell me that I’m unique with something specific. So just as people around you.

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      So glad you enjoyed this episode, Olivia! You’re so right, sometimes others are able to see our own gifts and strengths more clearly, and asking those you trust to share their input or ideas can be an extremely enlightening process. Thanks so much for sharing this reminder!

  157. Jhen Alucirda

    Hi Marie,
    Thank you for this episode. I have been struggling to know what my strengths are. I guess its because people are not raised to appreciate others talents and more of to find fault at others. For example at work, during your “Performance Appraisal” they won’t even tell you what your strengths are instead they would tell you what you lack of. It’s kind of frustrating that’s why some people end up not knowing there true purpose.

  158. Yesakor

    Hi mare i want to talk to you by private in telegram, viber messanger. Plz i want to talk with you

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Hi there! Although Marie isn’t able to communicate via messenger, you’re welcome to share anything you’d like her to see in the comments on her episodes like this one or by writing to us via email at infoATmarieforleoDOTcom.

  159. Joseann

    Very interesting, thank you. Your tweetable “vocation is the place where our deep gladness meets the world’s deep needs” brought up a couple of things for me. For once: so my inner strength and the need of the outer world “need to meet” each other. Not knowing my strengths might just be because of me being in the wrong environment? An environment where my strengths are not needed? Because, a strength in the wrong environment will be a weakness, right? Second thought: there are a lot of things people need, but they do not always want what they need. Food for thought, in any case, thank you.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      This is a really good point, Joseann. It reminds me of a quote that’s commonly attributed to Albert Einstein: “Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” I can see how it would be helpful to consider what your strengths are and what environment you can best apply them in.

  160. William Hood

    i have been told since I was 5, that I’d never amount to anything, that I am worthless, stupid brainless POS. I will never amount to anything and having a dream is a waste of time, because there is nothing special about me, that I’m a nothing and a mistake that never should have been made. I was told the only talent and gift I have is being a failure and the family disappointment . This has been engraved in me so deep, that I do not believe otherwise. So, how can a person like me even think God gave me a special gift or talent, when obviously I’m a nothing.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      We don’t believe that at all, William. We believe everyone––including you––has incredible gifts and talents to share with the world. I’m sorry to hear people in your life have made you believe otherwise and it’s our sincere hope you’ll put those negative voices out of your head so you can be the gift to the world that you are.

  161. Hey ya’all!
    First, what an amazing question!
    I’ve asked this Q of myself many times. And sometimes others will be ‘better’ at a skill that they took the time to learn, but I know that I come with my own unique set (read: combination) of skills and inclinations.

    I learned to listen to when people say, “man you’re amazing at that” or “gosh, I wish I was like that”. Instead of turning them down, I learned to say thank you, make a mental note, and realize that no, not everyone thinks that way!
    It’s amazing the little things that make us special that other people might want.
    Another way I’ve been learning this is the Myers Briggs and enneagram personality test. These help me realize the value I bring in just being me. I don’t have to be like someone else to bring value to the team. Neither does anyone else! The world already has one of them, they need one of you!!! 🙂
    There’s an analogy that we’re all part of a body of people. Some people are an ear, while others are a foot. It would be weird if the foot wanted to be the ear and vice versa. They’re both SO needed! So go be what you are and be the best at it! 🙂
    Marie, as always you look great in your videos. Your style and hair are always on point. Great job Team Forleo! 🙂

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Beautifully said, Moriya! I love the analogy that each person is part of a body of people. It takes all types to make the world go round. 🙂 We appreciate you sharing your wisdom and are so glad you enjoyed this episode!

  162. Calaen

    Slowly over time I have come to realize that I am an inspiration to many people and I wasn’t intending to be so impactful.

  163. Florence Coloso

    Can a weakness be a strength if I try very hard to work on it?

  164. Nasrin Samsodien

    I’m a 49yr old female struggling to find myself. Since young I’ve been told I’m useless and a nothing. Now second marriage husband says that. People that supposed to love and trust say such hurtful words every day of my life. I’m searching for something, I feel like something is missing in my life and I should be doing something but what. I’ve no interest or talent in anything. Life is so cruel. But it does make me a cold person. How do I know if I have a gift?

    • Kate - Team Forleo

      Hi Nasrin, thank you so much for sharing and reaching out. We’re so glad you’re here, and even in the midst of challenges, we know you have innate strengths. One way to discover your strengths is through the book Marie mentioned, which has recently been updated with the new title “Strengths Finder 2.0”

      You may also want to check out this MarieTV episode on finding your purpose:

      We believe in you, Nasrin, and we’re sending you so much Team Forleo love!

  165. Appreciation to my father who told me concerning this website, this blog
    is truly remarkable.

  166. Katie

    Hi Marie and team,
    Thank you so much for the advice, as always! I purchased the book and made sure it was new so I could use the access code. However, the website told me the code was invalid. When I contacted Gallup, they said that since the book was out of print, and since I did not purchase it from them, there was nothing they could do. This is so surprising from (what I used to think was) a prestigious company!
    Are there any other sources you recommend for this type of thing? Thank you!!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Hi Katie! We’re so sorry to hear you had that disappointing experience after purchasing the book. While we don’t know of or recommend other Strengths Finder tests ourselves, we do know that you can take the assessment online for a small fee here: We hope this helps, and that your results and the book are enlightening for you!

  167. For me, it wasn’t a question of if I have a gift or not, it was if my gift will be accepted or not. I struggled for a long time because I didn’t have the courage to showcase my gift. I felt it wasn’t world-class enough. I compared myself to those who have similar gifts and are celebrated for it, and I felt like mine was a joke. My fear was that my gift isn’t good enough. No matter how much I tried to improve my strengths, it always felt like it wasn’t good enough.

    My 2 great mistakes over the years:
    1. Believing that there is a standard I must meet.
    2. Comparing my gifts to others.

    How I corrected my mistakes:
    1. I started with self-reflection.
    2. I changed my mindset and told myself “I’m going to do it my own way”. This mindset helped me to stop comparing my gifts to others and encouraged me to embrace my uniqueness. It helped me to stop feeling the pressure of wanting to meet a standard because I realized I am ‘THE STANDARD”

    Ever since then, I have been living a fulfilling life. And as a life coach, I help others too to find fulfilment in life.

    • Jennifer - Team Forleo

      What an incredible journey, Ayobami, thank you so much for sharing!

  168. Isselmou abt

    I thought a lot of thinking last days about how i can be a great person and achive my geols,all my friends and the people i have known before became better than me in everything
    I Just can’t be happy i want some one to help me

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  170. Al Stansfield

    H, I’m Al, a legally blind, cancer survivor. Given how Visual the world of media and the web have become, I feel more passionate than ever before about the power, impact and importance of the written word. I want to be able to write far more compelling, engaging, informative and interesting content. I want to be able to convey powerful, motivating messages and sales copy. I want to encourage a more positive, less scam-riddled web. My biggest struggle with writing is making it more compelling and exciting, because that’s what gets the readers attention. I predominantly want to be a content marketer and I have been kicking around the IM world for a long time now, but Ivecbeen scammed so many times, taught practices that don’t work and taken for soberly trusting fool. So now that I’ve learned the pitfalls, my mission is to guide people in the RIGHT direction and try to stamp out these bad practices. If admission to The Copy Cure landed in my lap, I would be eternally appreciative, as I really am struggling with life and finances, becoming a stronger writer would help me tremendously, it would give me a break in life that I truly feel I deserve. It would give me an enormous boost in my self-confidence and really give me a fovus and foundation to enable me to feel like in actually achieving something and making myself and my family proud. If I were lucky enough to get a Scholarship to The Copy Cure it truly would mean the absolute world to me, I would work hard and make you just as proud of me, I would be forever grateful to Marie and Laura for giving me a chance to make my life so much better.

  171. Anna

    Improving my writing would benefit me drastically. It would benefit my four kids to were Mom could write from home and support them. My journey has been far from easy and my mission is to use words and experiences to teach my kids no matter what you go through you can always find joy and away to make your dreams come true. Words have been my best friend. They have kept me going. I journal, I script. And I believe I came across you a month ago to learn from you. I have never felt good enough to start a career in writing. But, it is a dream! I want confidence and the ability and strength for change.

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