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It’s not everyday you get to sit down and talk with a legend about her life and craft. What’s more – it’s not everyday that said legend also happens to be an insanely down-to-earth, wise, funny, fierce and endlessly compassionate human being.

Cheryl Strayed is the author of the megabestseller Wild, (yes — the one that was made into a movie starring Reese Witherspoon) as well as Torch, Brave Enough and Tiny Beautiful Things.

If you’ve ever felt insecure about calling yourself an artist, like maybe you don’t ‘do it right’ or worse — that you don’t deserve that title, then this is a must watch, must share episode.

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Cheryl and I cover so much ground including:

  • The not-so-glamorous realities of making a living from your art
  • Strategies and tactics for how to become a writer
  • Two questions every creative must ask before you make your art
  • How Cheryl found herself nearly broke, even as she was being interviewed by Oprah
  • The importance of silence, literary lasagne and so much more

If you want to know how to become a writer, or if you consider yourself a creative person in any way, Cheryl Strayed has a must-hear message for you.

We’ve come to associate being gentle and tender and forgiving with slacking off, but as you’re about to learn – that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Cheryl actually brought me to tears in this conversation. I truly believe you’ll be moved and inspired by what she has to share.

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I’m curious, which insight struck you the deepest and why? And how might you turn that insight into action in your own creative life, starting now?

Leave a comment below and let me know.  

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Thank you so very much for bringing such warmth, light and generosity to these conversations.  Your kindness means more than you know.

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  1. So excited about this interview! My dream is to write books. In English, even if it’s not my first language. But I really really want to do it. For now, I started a blog where I write in English. I hope in time, with a lot of practice, I’ll be able to express my ideas freely in this language that I love.

    • I write in English, too, Teodora! Even though I’m Bulgarian. I think we all choose what we are drawn to and make the best of it. Good luck!

      • And Im also writing in English…Im Swedish : ) Inspiring <3

        • Awesome! Inspiring and encouraging.

        • The more non native English speaker writer the merrier! Really encouraging for me at least 😀
          Best of luck!

        • Janette, I created a facebook group named Non-Native English Writers, thought it’d be a good place to encourage and support each other.

        • well, don’t know, maybe the group is too new, but I searched on facebook by “non-native english writers” and “non native english writers” and it appeared.
          Not sure if it’s ok to post a link to the fb group here, but maybe Team forleo will make an exception and allow it, so in case that happens, here it is the link to it:

          • Beatriz

            First of all, a special thanks to Marie TV show. It was a bright inspiring interview.
            Second, I want to thank to Teodora, Jeanette and Karine. I feel that you both gave me courage to start writing in English too. I love to write, I do it in my mother tongue, but I live abroad and should try to use the english too. I’ve asked to be part of the FB page.
            Hope to exchange with you soon!
            Thank you again

      • Thank you, Violeta. Saw your website, love your message! And it’s encouraging to see other people out there who successfully communicate in English even if it’s not their first language.

      • Glad to hear that I’m ‘meeting’ other non native English speakers who have embarked on their writing adventures too! Sooo encouraging!
        Share your blog with us, if you can.
        Best wishes.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      If your comment is any indication, then you’re a great writer and your English is spot on! 🙂

      • Thank you, Mandy. Every compliment about my English contributes to my writing confidence.

        • Sonja Petrik

          Oh my gosh, writing a book in your own language is hard enough…How absolutely amazing and BOLD you are to write in a second language. You are brilliant! Best of luck to you!

    • Teodora, so excited myself to read your comment!

      I wrote a 1st book in my mother tongue (french), a 2nd in Spanish and currently working on a 3rd book. This time in English, also the 3rd language I have learned. This last one have been a dream for so long. So yes, I was as excited to listen to this Marie TV episode as well as to read your comment. I feel encouraged by both.

      • Oh, I am greatly encouraged by your example! I’m so happy when I hear about people who wrote books in other languages than their native language.
        Writing books in 2 languages that are not your first language is very impressive and encouraging.

        • Yes, I’m very impressed with the idea of writing in more than one language. Being a native American, from California, we didn’t have the same emphasis on learning language here as there is in Europe, for example. My mother was from Serbia, of Hungarian and German descent, and spoke all 3 of those languages, plus English! And studied 3 others as well. I was brought up with exposure to German mostly. I wish I had learned Hungarian because she and my Grandmother wrote scores of letters back and forth and she used to tell me that she was so close to her mom, she told her everything. I thought there might be enough material in there for a good book or movie if I get it translated!!

          Anyway, keep it up. That group for non-native English writers is a great idea. I remember my mom trying to translate certain things from another language to English and she would say “there’s no word for that” or it means sort of this, but more in this context. It’s interesting how much of that is very subjective and differs from culture to culture.

      • This is impressive, Monique!
        Good luck with your book!

    • I think it’s become quite apparent that you are not alone, Teodora! English isn’t my first language either. We can do this!

      • Yes, we can do it! The more we are, the more encouraging it is to keep doing it.

      • I created a facebook group named Non-Native English Writers, if you want to join, join ?

      • I agree- yes, we can do it!

      • Diana

        Yes! It is so inspiring to read your comment Teodora, and to your replays Jeanette, Karine, Beatriz, and Rudiano. I’m also non-native English speaker and I was thinking about not writing in English but Spanish, and you helped to reconsider writing in English

    • Teodora, thank you for sharing- I’m in the same boat as you and some of the ladies who posted their comments below too! I’ve just set up my blog too- in English (not my mother tongue either) and wrote my first proper post just yesterday about…fear of writing, lol!
      Would love to visit your blog, if you’re happy to share the link.
      I feel encouraged more now too having listened to the interview and having read the comments below. I’ve got a long way ahead of me, but I’m happy I’ve finally got on it. Best of luck with everything!

      • Hi Karina, if you click on my name here in the comments, you’ll be directed to my website.
        I like your post, wrote you a message on your website.

        • Just saw your comments (on here) and replied to the one on my blog- thanks for checking it out !
          So glad I’ve found this interview and so many encouraging comments, yay !

        • Karina and Teodora, do you have an idea of the meaning of the message when I click on my name that says instead of going to my website ?
          “This site does not exist within the LDAP database.”
          Even though I am still working on it and didn’t advertise it yet, it should normally shows up, hum?!

          • If it’s not published, it does not show up.

            Wanted to let everyone here that I created a facebook group named Non-Native English Writers, if you want to join, join 🙂
            I thought it’d be a place for encouragemnt and support.

          • Monique, I’m sorry, I wouldn’t know – I’m a proper newbie in this field! I’m still trying to learn how to manage my blog , hahaha!

          • Micaela

            Hi Monique! I was reading all the threads. I’m not a writer, but a graphic/web designer, and previous food blogger. Also, English is not my first language, but I use it everyday, and has open me countless doors.
            Just to let you know, the first time I entered your website, that message appeared, but I could enter it now. I don’t want to sound like I want to sell my services. Your website seem to be very active, but a bit confusing as what you do and what you offe.r I think rebranding your business, would be the best to achieve more positive results. Let me know if I can help 🙂

          • MICAELA, Thanks for your input. As a multi-passion and talented person it seems almost impossible for me to offer a clear message:-). However, and knowing that this is one of my challenge, I am presently reading a book called “Rebranding, rebranding” (Branding for the New Millenium). One of the author, Mark Schreiber is a friend and asked me to offer my comments after reading it. I am not even half through and already saw that I need to do this, rebranding. I feel that everything I put in the funnel of my life and business life is finally coming close to a unique message. I’ll definitely need someone to help me with that. Can you give me your website address to look at it since nothing happens when I click on your name, do you have one? Thanks!

          • Micaela

            Monique! Hi!! Sorry I lasted so long to reply.
            I do not have a website yet, that’s why I’m here, reading all of Marie’s emails, and watching all of her videos. I need to start DOING.
            But, I can send you some of the websites I made… I have to tell, you, though, that I took the liberty to redesign your website. I did it today, I hope you like it. I can’t paste links here, but I’m going to send a little video I took of the web in motion (I can’t publish it online, I did it on a local server) through your facebook page. I hope that is ok, and if you like it, we can keep talking there. Thanks for the opportunity!

    • Samira

      Good Luck Teodora. I share the same dream. I am from Pakistan. My first language is Urdu. I want to write books in English language too. I started working on my first draft of my very first manuscript.

      This is a great platform for all of us. Once again best of luck. You are an inspiration.

    • Teodora, I’m also an English writer and I’m Brazilian. It’s difficult, yes it is. But it’s not impossible. Lots of success for all of us!

    • Daria

      Oh gosh, your aspirations totally resonate with mine. I’m also into writing and all that stuff. I’d love to have a look at your blog by the way 🙂

  2. Kaduyu Abdallah Mwije

    Hi Marie,
    We appreciate every thing that you provide us with. We are really moving in the right direction.
    Thanks very much. We are indeed in for a treat!!!

  3. This is my facebook post for today: ‘Only when I’m gentle with myself, can I actually let go and do the work’-Cheryl Strayed on Marie Forleo’s podcast channeling Brene Brown. Triple whammy of bad ass women…[email protected] Marie Forleo Brené Brown #endtimes #forthebeginning #letsallbegentle #sowecandothework

    Tremendous confluence of energy and ideas today. Thank you for pulling this work more fully into our hearts and minds.

  4. Catherine

    Woooaaa! What an interview! I didn’t know this author but now I am going to be seeking for her books. I love what she says about being a writer (I have just finished an educational manual that will be published at the end of the month). Cheryl’s perspective has given me such an insight on continuing being a writer and on life as well. I empathise so much (we both of you) when she talked about her mother. I could continue talking about how good this interview is and I would love to be on a similar interview myself one day…How do I make it happen???? Thank you to both of you!!!

  5. Wow, what a gentle and genuine soul. Thank you, this was a beautiful interview.

    (I must admit that during the interview I purchased Wild to read this evening – I’m looking forward to it.)

  6. This interview has brought up so many valuable topics. I’m only half way through the video and had to stop it because of “truth” overload. The part where the girls talk about “moms” is where I had to take pause. Cheryl is so easy to listen to, such wisdom. And she, like all of us, is a product of her effort and willingness to allow herself to be taught. Being gentle with herself in a world that can be so cruel and unkind.
    As a man, I was blessed with a mom who was professional, strong, independant, but most of all, kind. I wasn’t programmed with the male streotype that it is somehow unmanly to enjoy and learn from these ” touchie feelie” topics. I feel closer to God’s ideal of being neither male nor female…I just am. Marie has introduced me to so many wonderful people with her show. Cheryl is wonderful, as is Marie!

    • I relate, David. The male stereotype is skewed. I don’t think we were meant to be emotionless hunters. Emotions make us human, make us more equipped to meet our loved one’s needs.

  7. I kept a lump in my throat through this whole interview. This was so real and exactly what I needed to hear today. Thank you.

  8. Mary

    Thank you. Wonderful interview. The honesty, authencity, vulnerability, humbleness, simplicity, and gentleness of your talk really reasonated with me and my specific creative passion.

  9. Cherie

    Great interview, i like how she kept her faith to make the transition from waitress to her true core being a writer. Also the value of life .
    Best Cherie xxx

  10. Siraj Anwer

    Great conversation and inspirational for a person who wants to write and the brief message that goes out of this conversation is “write, write and write”. This way only one can learn how to write.

  11. shweta

    Life will always be hard and life will also always be beautiful.

  12. Wow! “I’m not going to say yes to everything.” and “putting one thing aside for now to focus on something equally important.” Those two things resonated with me strongly. The talk about not feeling shamed anymore about doing both. I’ve gone down several paths and no long strive for a “career,” instead, I strive for being happy and supporting myself along the way. I am not a writer, I am creative and started a couple of “side” businesses and this interview made me realize I need to relax and let it all fall into place and listen to my mind when it says create or focus on something else for now. Stop trying to make everything an overnight success. Thank you for sharing this interview!

    • Micaela

      Wow, Diane! The “trying to make everything an overnight success” resonated with me!! I’m a graphic designer, not a writer, but it’s a kind of art. It’s putting a bit of your soul out there, and I too am trying to do business on the side, but want it to be perfect. Not gonna be an overnight success!!! But, as they say, better done than perfect, right?

  13. Thank you, Marie, for this interview! I’m a creative, and I’ve been working as one for my entire career… And I still dream of writing my own book (instead of writing, editing, and designing the books of others). I love how REAL Cheryl is. She’s incredibly inspiring!

  14. Lyndsea

    Normally I wouldn’t be able to dedicate 48 minutes to watching an online interview because my life is so crazy busy. But this interview caught my attention and once I started watching I was completely pulled in. Cheryl’s advice is so honest, down-to-earth, and coming from a place of love. As an artist and a creative, two pieces that struck me were: 1. the idea that we must work for ourselves, first and foremost, and 2. we need to work at our own pace. This interview was so inspiring and timely for me. And to Marie, I really enjoy your style too. You seem to be very much a humanitarian. I will continue to follow your work as I love what I have seen so far.

    • Me too! I stopped it after 5 minutes and was like this is going to be my breakfast time! Went to go make some tea and oatmeal then sat back down to enjoy it 🙂

    • Thanks for what you shared Lyndsea 😉

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      I’m so glad you allowed space for this interview in your day even with all the craziness life has been throwing at you. We appreciate you checking it out and are so glad you got a lot of insights from Cheryl! 🙂

  15. I resonated with so many pieces of this interview! It was so nice to hear some of the things Cheryl said. The first was that it took her the better part of a decade to really let herself be a writer. She worked jobs that sort of fulfilled the writer in her but didn’t allow her to fully be a writer and that really resonated with me because I have spent my years after college dancing around industries where I could write a little (mostly press releases, blog posts and guides for other companies) but I never really thought I could be a writer myself. I loved how she said that the people who wrote books just seemed so “far off” to her, like she couldn’t be one of those people. I’m really only now starting to embrace that I am a good writer and I have experiences that other people actually enjoy reading about. It still blows my mind sometimes when people tell me how much they love my blog. One person even told me I should write a book. I was shocked! haha So thank you for this interview – this was only one piece that really sparked me, there was so much more but I wanted to keep it short 🙂


    • Hi Ali,
      Went over to your blog for a read. You DO write very well! And if you feel that book forming in your head, go for it and write it!
      Good luck with your spiritual journey!
      L x

  16. I was never at ease with following rules, and hearing Cheryl talking about binge writing (while calling yourself a writer) was a huge relief! Writing my first book now, with increased motivation. 🙂 Thank you both, Cheryl and Marie!

    • YES! This was huge for me, too — that I can still call myself a “writer”, even though I don’t write every day (I’m more the binge-writer, myself, too).

      And goodness… SUCH WISDOM in this interview! Cheryl’s books were known to me, but I’d never heard her talk, and haven’t read her books. Now I’m going out to look for more from her. Just wow.

      Thanks, Marie — and Cheryl! — for sharing all of this!

  17. I feel like this video was created just for me. I’ve held back for so long from writing and creating because I’ve always felt that my efforts weren’t enough. It’s such a relief to hear the people I consider “successful” validate the crazy ideas and habits that I have to which conventional wisdom often says “No”. “Life will always be hard. Life will also, always, be beautiful” really resonated with me as that’s the foundation of my business and my life- helping others find beauty in the rubble, and helping them to see the sacred in the ordinary. This video has inspired me with confidence to move forward boldly with my dream as a content creator and writer.

  18. Kim

    Marie, your episodes are always so great and insightful, but this interview really hit home for me – by far the best interview I have seen in a long time. Cheryl, thank you so much for sharing such personal and insightful experiences with the rest of us, who are still struggling to “be” a writer while raising a family, earning a living, and generally doing all the other things that form a life while trying to pursue our dreams.
    The insight that had the most impact for me (there are so many!) is probably that no one is waiting for your book or for you to write something – except you. You have to do it for yourself.

  19. This was such a great interview Marie…it was long and I wasn’t planning on listening to the whole thing since I am trying to get to my never-ending “to do” lists, but I am so glad I took the time to listen and watch. SO much wisdom, and I cried too, because you both are so genuine, and I just love the realness of Cheryl and her openness and willingness to share. It was truly inspiring… what stays with me the most is the discussion on letting go of your “big dreams” in a sense – putting it aside to be able to do the actual work. Because so much of the advice is the opposite – to keep your eye on the prize. But it makes me think, what is this prize, this big thing I feel compelled that I have to achieve? The truth is I don’t know, and it doesn’t really matter does it, because I just have to keep going, keep creating in the moment. Keep doing the things I love, and the hard things, which as Cheryl pointed out, are many times the same. THANK YOU. <3

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s great, Amanda! Marie is an advocate of living in the moment and creating even when you’re not where you want to be. (There’s an episode of MarieTV about that here: if you want to check it out.)

    • Nat

      First of all thank you Marie and Cheryl for sharing and bringing out the true genuinity, shaking it up inside of me as I was listening to you.
      Amanda, what you said about letting go of the big dream and just getting to work is something that I am working to punch through. I find the daydreaming and visualizing and tuning the mind to the big dream can also be addictive and used as a distraction from rolling up the sleeves and starting the actual work. I am starting a blog, initially with an idea of posting useful content that people are searching for and creating side income out of it, but now turning into more than that. It forced me to write which I had been avoiding pretty much all of my life. And as I break through the barrier and the self-labelling of not being a good writer, as I actually get things out on paper, I feel that a part of me is opening that was dormant and neglected. And the way to it is really just feeling the moment and letting the words flow out from the heart.

  20. Jane Frazer

    I followed the link from the Marie TV’s weekly email and as a big Cheryl fan would love to watch this but whenever I click on the video, all I get is a pop-up for a three-part business workshop and I can’t get past it, or the pop-ups on your site.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Hi Jane! Our team emailed you with some troubleshooting tips a little earlier today, so I hope you’ve been able to check out this interview––it’s a good one! Let us know if you have any additional questions and we’ll be happy to help.

  21. So many beautiful insights I have to watch this again and again 🙂

    Right now here’s what I tried not to forget, “to LIVE OUT WHO YOU ARE INSIDE.”

    It resonated with me so much since it is the path I had been intentionally living and choosing for almost 3 years now which I yearn to continue until I breath my last.

    And of course it wasn’t easy. But as discussed, I have to find a way to live who I am inside and still pay the bills. I believe there will always be a way, always.

    Thank you Marie, the team and Sheryl for this beautiful truth-filled conversation 🙂

  22. Karina Holmes

    I’m so thankful to have the time to watch this video today. There are several challenges in almost every aspect of my life right now that have begun to affect my view and emotions. Hearing “Life is hard and life is also beautiful” hit me square on. Cheryl’s statement of duality and how we chose to live with the opposing approaches, how we learn how to balance them, is truly the beauty in the struggle. Thank you for letting me know I’m not alone.

  23. From a “binge painter/artist” … LOVE THIS! Thanks Marie and Cheryl.
    Wonderfully refreshing and affirming! And I can tell you, those “binges” are AWESOME time spent, never ever boring but PACKED with emotion and drive and productivity. 😉

  24. Daniella Van Gent

    Thank you Marie and Cheryl for this beautifull and honest conversation. I’m a binch writer too! What a revelation. I hereby declare that I’m a writer and an artist making jewelry at the same time. Thank you both so much for all the wonderfull and helpfull work you put out in this world. True servers of the humankind.

    • Daniella Van Gent

      binge writer that is (my dutch computer has a bit of difficulty with correct English spelling)

  25. Thank you so much for participating in MarieTv! You are very inspiring, very genuine and very soul-ful.
    What I think I will bring with me from this interview as the biggest treasure of all of what you have shared is the Art of being gentle to myself. Forgiving and gentle.
    But I’ll take it further and remind myself to also be forgiving to my past and to give thanks to everything I have gone through. Like you say – and this is the second treasure that I really can relate to – There is always two truths. Life is both hard and beautiful.
    Thank you! You have my deepest respect.

  26. Donna Richardson

    Where do you start after watching such an amazing interview?
    Cheryl, you inspired me to dust off my draft. I am no longer afraid to write it. Thank you for providing the two questions to ask yourself when you are writing. It helped to focus the message. Those creative juices are flowing again. Those questions can also be used when creating a business. Thanks for helping me get unstuck!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s so great to hear, Donna! We’re super happy you’re dusting off your draft and not letting fear stop you from writing the words in your heart.

  27. Only you can bring out such awesome and inspiring content each and every time. I mean how do you read my mind? I am so thankful that you bring in such inspirational and meaningful content each and every time. Because of you, at least, I started a small blog after watching you talk about Big Magic Marie. You bring in such confidence and meaning and to every creative process and it is so important. Thank you for all this and more.

  28. susan lenkewich

    Hello, Wow, what a truly inspirational video. One of my best friends is inspiring me to be a writer, she says Glennon Melton Doyle and I would make a great team. After listening to Cheryl, I want to hike and think and write…. I live to be outside in nature and beauty. In that place, I contemplate the good and not so good times in my own life. I have a story or two inside that needs to be told. I am currently a social work student. I am 55. I have figured out that life is sometimes hard and sometimes beautiful. Writing is one of those gifts that helps me pull the pieces of who I am together.
    The video was excellent, I took a few notes. I loved the point that was made about two things can be happening at the same time that leaves one confounded. I am grieving and feeling shame and whatever else, then I feel so alive and grateful for all the pain I am experiencing because I know I am growing and changing. My writing really keeps me engaged.

  29. Great interview Marie, it’s obvious these subjects mean a lot & are near & dear. I really appreciated the point made re. memoir’s & thinking nobody is going to be interested in our lives or experiences, but if they relate on a deep level, like it does with you, then it’s very powerful to others.
    I’m a pro guide living & guiding 100 yards from the Pacific Crest trail, and Cheryl & Wild come up a lot. Now I can comment on what a sincere, warm & courageous women she is.
    Thanks for providing these great insights to us all, Scott 2

  30. Debbie Marie Lippi

    What a perfect interview. Thank you. I just published my memoir, a sort of inspirational / self-help and went through everything you talked about. The struggle with getting it out there, Social media specifically was too much for me. Cheryl explained my journey so well; everything from “who are you and who cares what you have to say” to a book (so far) that’s done nothing but inspire others, through stories, lessons learned, forgiveness and the ability to continue, no matter what life throws at you. Be gentle and kind…that’s always been my motto too! Thank you.

  31. Gail Miller

    thank you so very much, felt both your hearts in every word
    I’m currently parked in that dark place, learning so much, feeling so much.
    trusting where I am with faith in finding the beauty in the pain.
    When you spoke so dearly of having a mom – I have a mom but I never had a mom and I am a mom… so much there – maybe a book…
    Anyway thank you so very much for sharing with so much love

  32. The interview provided me with something that I constantly feel I need – validation. The need to be told that what you are doing, if you love it and you feel you’re in the right place, is where you should be and success isn’t about who’s the loudest, but what you are walking away with in the process.
    Thank you. I truly needed this!

  33. Carolyn

    Marie, thank you for this thoughtful, personal interview. You ask probing questions and you don’t talk too much, which is a problem for many interviewers!!! I left the talk with new wisdom nuggets, new insights, and new action plans.

  34. Sherryl Johnson

    Maria, thank you so much for your excellent and enlightening interview with Cheryl Strayed! Each time I start to write, I am stopped because I think that no one will want to read what I have written, that I would just waste a reader’s time. Cheryl’s words about needing to turn away from her ambition and be humble are so motivating! I love that I cannot make my pages great. What a relief. I can only do my best and it is not my business if others like it or not. While I still need to keep the audience of readers in mind, I can let go of any element of controlling whether they will like it or not! I can’t wait to implement this!

  35. @ such a beautiful interview, “there’s always a sunrise and always a sunset, it’s up to you to be there for it or not” this is so powerful because as some of us go through trying times in life we at times only start focusing on the negative and we start to outwardly express that negative energy into the world, instead we should be seeing the beauty and the positive in life and allowing those moments and those things make us stronger and more able to make it through those low times and struggles. This resonates with me deeply, there have been times when it seems like the world wants to keep you down, blow after blow and it’s so easy to be consumed by that. Such a great interview and an amazingly beautiful person ,Cheryl strayed you have definitely made a positive impact with this lady!:) thank you!

  36. Is was really strong interview with the writer Cheryl Strayed. I felt is was talking to me…now I can said:
    1) I am a writer…I am a creative person.
    2) Is ok said no
    3) What is my core of my writing?
    4) Continue my journey doing what I like. Not for others because that is not who I am. I am not a pretender….just simple and enjoy my time!

  37. Vegan Joy

    My mother died on Easter 2014. She was a minister, song writer and Ambassador of Canada for Women’s Aglow. I experienced a break down after she passed away and read Wild during that time. It was a comfort to me and I gave myself permission to be sad; taking the time I needed to rise up out of my suffering.
    It was a true blessing to hear Cheryl talk about ‘binge writing’ ha ha ha guilty as charged and now the shackles of guilt have fallen, because Cheryl said so.

    Sharon Joy

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      I’m so sorry to hear your sweet mom passed away, Joy. She sounds like a truly incredible woman and I’m really glad Wild was comforting during that painful time.

  38. This is exactly what I needed to hear today! Thank you for such a great interview!

  39. Jacqueline

    I listened to this while working a reasonably well-paying but not-for-me job I daily talk myself out of quitting because I don’t want to add the stress of money issues to my already unfulfilled status in life. I so appreciate the self-love, the practicality of Cheryl’s approach and the permission to call myself a creative person with a story to tell even when I don’t practice my art every day. My new goal is to give myself a bit of time when I truly listen to my own voice and share myself with others. Thank you for being there and sharing these great insights with us!

  40. Beautiful…candid…vulnerable…relevant…thank you!

  41. Lynn Bissell

    “Only when I’m gentle with myself can I really let go and do the work.”
    “Every single best thing in my life is also incredibly hard: being a mother, being a wife, being a writer.”

    Wow. Wow. Wow. This was amazingly touching and healing for me to watch. Thank you, Cheryl Strayed, for your inspiration and just for being genuinely you. So much resonated with me. I am 44, a mother of 4, a wife for 22 years and wholly and completely a writer since the age of 6 when I wrote my first poem (my first grade teacher kept it in her desk drawer for 15 years until she retired and then she gave it to me). All through my life my teachers and family always said I should be a writer. I graduated with a Bachelor’s in journalism and minor in English Lit–took lots of women’s studies classes and feminist lit. Always a feminist sensibility and drawn to women writers and poets. Your story of your struggles meant so much to me…figuring out how to pay the bills is daily life for me–and how to balance the something I do to pay the bills (waiting tables, writing blogs for businesses) with my writing work. I’ve written reams of poems, some fiction, dabbled in screenwriting, and explored a lot of personal narrative in the years of raising babies and doing life. You inspired me to just keep going: word by word by word. I cried almost all the way through this interview…intensely powerful encouragement for me today. Thank you, thank you, thank.
    All my love,

    • I loved that line, too Lynn:
      “Only when I’m gentle with myself can I really let go and do the work.”
      You are seen, you know. Carry on x

  42. Angela Horne

    Thank you, Marie and Cheryl.
    As a writer myself, I found the wisdom here empowering.

  43. The interview was wow; My story is somewhat similar., except…….
    In 1958 I was born into a Gypsy clan in the Pacific North West, and for reasons long beaten back by time, then given up to the Waverly Baby house, an Orphanage, tucked below the tree line of the mighty Pacific forest.
    “Gypsies steal babies, they don’t give them up” I remember thinking.
    Even to this day I can envision painted wagons huddled around midnight fires. The years in the orphanage were a blur and what I learned was survival and that I was an outsider, desperately searching.
    My adoptive parents took the lost gypsy boy home at age 3, and I was spoon feed literature at my mother’s feet. Stories such as Treasure Island, Dr. Jekel and Mr. Hyde filled my childish mind. Dickens was mom’s favorite and I learned of social justice. Suzanne protected me from the harsh realities of life and we both disappeared into a world of books.
    The lost gypsy boy was raised in a library . And I began to think that since my mother loved these master storytellers, that well….if I could write a story as well as them….she would love me more….maybe as much as these famous men and women.
    My fate was sealed.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      There’s so much power and heart in your story, Robert! It sounds like you were destined to be a writer. I can tell just by your comment that you’re a natural storyteller.

  44. I loved all of this and wrote many little notes to myself to be gentle with myself, let things go to get down page after page, and to keep binge writing (I do it too! I even set up a pre-order date on Amazon Kindle to make me rewrite my memoir ‘in time’ for that deadline because I wasn’t happy with it yet ‘life’ kept getting in the way of the writing).
    Also loved how Cheryl expressed the duality of life, the need for silence these days, and the epic struggle of ‘No.’
    Beautiful conversation. Made me feel lighter.
    Thank you both so much.

  45. Joy

    Where do I begin? So much of what Cheryl had to say really spoke to me. It has taken me years to accept that life is about struggles. We face the struggles and there is something beautiful in between.
    What question do I want to answer with my writing? I don’t know. The questions come for me when I write. They are questions that were always there, but I didn’t know I was working them out until I started putting them into words on paper.
    The part about making it work is a little different for me. I felt so strongly that I had to have a secure job, a real job, a career that I just kept banging my head against a wall. My regret is listening to people who told me I had to make living and the voice inside me, as well, that was so scared to do what I loved, that I couldn’t see the way.
    What I see now as a mature person is that I was and am one of those people who does not function well in a normal job. I’ve always noticed that there are a lot of creative people who are artists, musicians, and actors who made their art their career because they had to; they simply could not function any other way.
    Now, I thank God that I am finally free to do what I feel I am meant to do. It may be hard and I may not have a lot of time, but this is my time. It’s not for anybody else, it’s for me and I have got to make the most of it.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s a really good point, Joy. It’s possible that the questions you answer with your writing will vary depending on who reads it since different people might get different things out of the book.

      • Joy

        Thanks Mandy. One of the strengths of this interview was the thought provoking questions. I didn’t mind that I couldn’t come up with “the” question I was asking. It just made me think more about why I write what I write.
        I belong to a reading writers’ group and that has helped me immensely because I can see in their expressions as I read what kind of reactions I am getting. We don’t critique each other, but we do give reactions and ask questions if something isn’t clear. It’s the sounding board I need since I don’t have a spouse or significant other to be there for me. Reading what I wrote aloud reinforces whether there was a good reason for what I wrote or if I was just filling in the blanks. There are no rules for membership other than that each member show up prepared to read something they wrote. Surprisingly, each of the regular members are outstanding and unique writers in some way. I hope I am not being too bold in including myself as one of them.
        I do have a mantra for my writing. Many years ago I read a book by Loren Eisley called All the Strange Hours. I’ve always thought that was the perfect title for an autobiographical work. After all, it’s the strange experiences that make a good story. If he’d titled it Experiences of an Archeologist, I might have passed over it. So, I am not writing an autobiography; I am writing about all the “strange hours” In today’s world, we don’t want a memoir that reads like a diary. But we do nee nonfiction books that approach real experiences from a unique point of view.
        I’m editing my first draft now and just having faith that what comes out in the end will have a shape and rhythm to match what I felt as I wrote it.

  46. Linda D Tillson

    I went to bed last night so frustrated with my world on so many levels and yet fully aware that I always have the power to choose. I chose to watch this video this morning and it was everything I needed to hear, not all sugar coated “You’ve got this! RAAH RAAH” stuff but real life stories that resonated within me and will prompt choices that will be directional in my life today and the days to come. I took notes!! hahaha! I really loved this video, I love and appreciate both Cheryl and Marie!
    Thank you both sincerely!

    • Elisa

      Hi Linda!
      I also went to bed sad and frustrated, this morning I looked at myself on the computer screen, and god did I look miserable, but this interview just made me feel much better because I realized I was not alone.
      I have a mother but we really don´t connect, she wants me to be and do something I am not, I wish she could just hear me out and not judge me and tell me I am wrong. But I have also learned that people are not and will not be as we want them to, but that´s family right, at the end you just try to adapt around them.

      What I love about this community is that I can find many role models, and words of wisdome, I have learned so much by reading the comments and watching Marie´s videos, I´ve found nothing else but honest and sincer stories of life, that are helping a lot in this dark moment in my life.

      THANK YOU.

  47. Shel

    This is one of the best interviews I’ve ever seen!! To hear her talk about not writing every day was huge for me. I’ve told myself I’m not a writer because I don’t write every day and I haven’t yet been published. To know that my way of navigating is ok and can work out just as successfully. <3

  48. Sincerely–I’m not sure that I can express how *insanely* timely and fulfilling these shows are for my creative & business life. All I can feel right now is this strong sense of gratitude for the body of work that both Marie and Cheryl have put together. These words are piercing my spirit right now and I feel acknowledge and affirmed to know that I haven’t to write every day to be a writer. And to be gentle with myself isn’t a form of letting myself of the hook. Thank you a million times over for this specific show and the consistent stream that all of the others bring in my soul every week. Massive high-five!

  49. Such an inspiring interview! Thanks to both of you for creating a platform to share these insights and struggles. I’m a divorced single mom who was inspired to write a book and create a blog to share my story with others going through this journey. I love her quote, “life will always be difficult but life will always be beautiful.” How true that is…

  50. Vera

    Thank you so much for this episode. The most important message for me from Cheryl was “the binge-writer”. It made me laugh and at the same time proud. Because it made me feel that I can call myself a writer, too. ;o) Keep up your great work, Marie. You and your guests are an inspiration and motivation. Thanks again.

  51. I love you both. There are those of us who have lost our mothers due to something else…she did not love or like us. There are also those who have the same experience with their fathers. I am 59 years old. My mother distanced herself from me when I was in my early 20s. Over the years I tried to connect…even as recently as a few months ago. It hasn’t changed. She is not interested in me or my children. I can only accept it and go on. I honor my feelings and go on. There have been periods of years on end that I did not reach out to her. I couldn’t. I needed to learn HOW to honor myself. That wasn’t possible without refraining from “trying” with her. It’s only now that my own children are grown that I know…it wasn’t my fault. I know because there is NOTHING that my children could say or do that would cause me to disown them.
    As it turned out, my ex-husband did the same thing to my children. He hasn’t seen them in 11 years. My daughter said to me, “I think you went through what you went through so you could help us navigate our pain.” Precious.
    Keep doing what you do Marie. Love…Mair

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      I’m so sorry your mom didn’t want to be a part of your life, Mair. This is something I can relate to personally as well, and it’s taken a long time for me not to internalize that absence in my life or blame myself. I’m also sorry to hear your children went through the same thing with their dad, but I’m glad you know the best way to help them and can walk in their shoes alongside them during these challenges. Sending tons of love your and your children’s way.

  52. Elizabeth

    Hi Ladies,
    This was the perfect message for me to hear today. Especially the part about not pressuring myself to perform or live up to someone else’s idea of success, especially by successful online gurus who pressure you to perform !!! I was reminded that it’s okay to center myself…take one step at a time, breath and pace myself. I have been putting far too much pressure on myself lately. So thank you for sharing this helpful message. Elizabeth

  53. Angelina

    Hi Marie,
    Thank you and Cheryl for this inspiring interview. It’s exactly what I needed in this extremely challenging chapter of my life, at this very time this morning.
    It has rebooted my exhausted brain.
    Below is what I wrote directly after watching this heartfelt interview.
    Dig deep for strength.
    Your journey is yours and needs no apology or explanation.
    Move forward to your best, is your best, and it can only be measured by you. Stay on your path even if you stray every now and then. Your path is is the way to you to help better others, making our world a better place.
    ~ Angelina Stone
    I AM a Writer!!

  54. Just what I needed to hear today. As a published writer with contributions to Psych Central , Huffington Post, Teen Vogue and The Mighty, I have been in transition from Blogger to Book Author. I heard so much of what I needed today to reignite the passion and excitement. You reminded me today to do what you love, trust your calling. Sometimes I think, “what makes me any different than any other wanna be author?” and I lose confidence but then that little voice tells me, “this is what you are meant to do.” One day you will all know my name ?
    I am taking away with me today so many great tips and most of all it was nice to know the thoughts and feelings I have through this process are normal and Cheryl has been through it too!

    Sue Morton

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Congrats on getting your byline in so much great publications! It really is true what Marie says, “the world needs that special gift that only YOU have.” What makes you different is you––you’re the only one in the world with your unique voice. 🙂

      • Thank you. Marie is a living example of true authenticity and I so appreciate her open and honest sharing on how she got to where she is today. It really helps validate that creative and enthusiastic entrepreneurs like myself all have a process to go through and our journey makes us amazing !

  55. Ifeanyi

    Thanks Marie and Cheryl for this amazing interview. I am so encouraged to keep writing no matter the feedback. Thanks for doing what you do.

  56. I just finished reading Mark Manson’s The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck: A Counterintuitive Approach to Living the Good Life. It’s a great read if you liked this interview. Cheryl talks about how she doesn’t like all the airy fairy everything will be OK advice. I love that she says you have to figure out your own life, not just blindly follow your passion, but pay the bills too. Similarly in Mark’s book, he talks about choosing your preferred method of struggling, that life will always have challenges and we shouldn’t shy away from them, but instead choose what it is we’re willing to struggle for. What brand of shit sandwich we prefer, in his paraphrased words. We learn best from and define ourselves from our challenges. Great reminder!

    • Joy

      I second Mandy’s comment to Sue. You obviously have something special, just keep writing.

  57. Carolyn

    I’m so glad this interview appeared in my email today. I just finished reading Wild for the first time yesterday! Great timing. There are no coincidences.

  58. Andrea Walters

    The idea of it being ok to be forgiving and “gentle” with myself resonated in a huge way for me. I have spent the last two years trying to recover from “Type A” as it was no longer serving me in my work, career, health…in my life. So great to hear that there is a better way!

  59. Stunning interview and a must watch for anyone who is concerned that their creative process isn’t what it should be… Cheryl helped me to see that it is OK to set aside some creative projects in order to let other ones grow, that there is always time.

    Thank you!

  60. Trish

    Thumbs up all around fabulous ! Thnak you.

  61. Mariana Márquez Moreno

    I want to thank you both, from the bottom of my heart, because this interview was exactly what I needed to hear right now. I am so grateful for so many of the powerful and profound ideas, advice and experiences you shared with us. I’m still crying, but it is good… something I have been needing for a while, to get in touch with real meaning, regarding my life quest, my dreams, my choices and relationships. I have been struggling and creatively stagnant for a long time, so I sincerely thank you. I am deeply moved by many of the ideas, but specially liked the advice to “put yourself in the way of beauty”, because it reminds me of a quote that I have loved since early youth, which has inspired me, and even saved me (spiritually speaking) so many times: “We live only to discover beauty. All else is a form of waiting” (Khalil Gibran).
    Also, it would be so nice to have access to this interview with Spanish subtitles so I could share it with my mother, who has always wanted to be a writer and has even taken a workshop and written periodic contributions for a local magazine in our city, but her dream is writing a novel, so I’m sure that listening to both of you would mean so much for her in this moment of her life. Please let me know if I could help to translate it in any way, I know you must be very busy and I would gladly offer my help. I don’t know how to use editing software, otherwise I would try to add the subtitles myself, but maybe I could help to translate the content with the aid of a transcription of the conversation so I don’t miss any important details.
    Again thank you both for sharing you mature and deep vision of the world and your personal journey with us! Love, Mar (Graphic Designer. Puebla, México)

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Hi Mar! We do transcribe every episode and we’d love to help you turn on the subtitles in Spanish. If you’ll write to us at infoATmarieforleoDOTcom we’ll be happy to help with that. We have step-by-step instructions that include screenshots. I can tell this episode really spoke to your heart and we’d love to help you share it with your mom. 🙂

      • Mariana Márquez Moreno

        WOW! Dear Mandy, you really made my day! I was surprised to receive such a quick response from you and it just reminded me how awesome Marie´s team is 😀 So I followed the instructions you sent for YouTube subtitles (which I had no idea before, it´s so useful!) and indeed the translation is instant and quite understandable. It will certainly work perfectly for me and the dream I have of sharing this video with my mom <3 I cannot thank you enough for your kind assistance so I can share this video in spanish with her. IT MEANS A LOT TO ME. Thanks! Mar

  62. Amy

    Authenticity rises from the heart and soul of her journeys, gifts and skill; we can all be authentic, allowing it time and energy to grow is the ultimate satisfaction and happiness.

  63. OMG Marie! You ladies just get me!
    Literally everything you and Cheryl talked about I could relate with. If I could hug the words that were spoken, I would. Thank you both for your vulnerability and heart. The pressure I place on myself to be “creative” makes me resist the natural flow of how creativity truly works. I need to allow for “mistakes” and come from a place of kindness. you attract more bees with honey. Or in my case creative honey 😉


  64. Thank you! This episode was so inspiring and help me to find peace in all the decisions I need to take to master my craft and earn money at the same time.

    I did not want it to finish.

  65. Becky Livingston

    What a way to spend an hour. Glorious. How wonderfully honest Cheryl was, and is. How ‘Wild’ was written exactly as it would have been with or without the promise of an audience, of prestige, or money. Listening to this interview was so life-affirming. Since the death of my daughter seven years ago I have lived a life of my choosing. Living out my values, and directing my future. Grief will do that, if you let it. Thank you Cheryl and Marie. Your gentleness and appreciation toward each other, touched me very much.

  66. I’ve loved Cheryl and her work for years, and was so thrilled to be able to watch this interview. It occurred to me that whether she is writing memoir, fiction, or advice, the essence of her work and message is “you are not alone” and that’s what touches her readers. (And Marie’s work also shares this essence). I know that when I lost my mother to cancer and read Wild shortly thereafter, Cheryl knew what I was feeling even though we have never met.

    I think that all creativity and art are meant to share that same message to the beholder or reader. Something in it moves us and speaks to us — whether it is comfort, gratitude, healing, or just having empathy for our human vulnerability. In moments of connecting to who we really are, we know that someone else gets us.

    When I’m really struggling, one of the most important things I say to myself is, “If I feel this way, other people do too.” And that makes me want to share and reach out, through my work or in person.

    Even though Cheryl, in this interview, just spoke deeply and reassuringly to my insecurities as a writer, I’m going to make sure my own work reflects this essence: just try to convey the message that “you are not alone” and that’s all you really need to do.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      I’m so sorry your sweet mom passed away, Suzanne. I’m glad Cheryl’s words were comforting during such a painful time and that you’re committed to helping others feel like they’re not alone in their experiences too––that’s a beautiful thing and the power of creative work.

  67. Helle Jespersen

    This has been one of the most heartfelt and relatable interviews I’ve seen on your show. Thank you! Cheryl’s humble and calm nature strikes a cord in me and sets her a role model for who I want to be as a person and a writer. I have to watch it again. 🙂

  68. “Put yourself in the way of Beauty”
    -Cheryl’s mom

    i do this daily-yes, precisely b/c life is life with it’s suffering and aches, and beauty-great intw Marie-thanks for sharing-
    also appreciated that she understood that not all of us have a mom, or had a mom, for many reasons, but we relate to her story, her loss, her questioning of the story. Beautiful.

  69. Safena

    So many takeaways!! The biggest one for me is how beautifully human you both are. We need to see that in the world today. We can be human and beautiful. It’s been so easy for me to feel pulled down and feeling like there has to be a better kinder place out there somewhere …well you both have pulled me back to earth cuz as you say there is always beauty along side!! So much love to you both!!! ❤❤

  70. Emy

    My goodness; what an articulate, inspiring, humble and relatable lady! I love the advice about being softer with yourself and how it is okay to take the pressure off and just do the thing you love because you are moved to do it anyway, with or without ‘outcome’. I recently bought C.S. book of quotes, they are like little hits of real that reach through the pages to hug you or clip you around the ear hole as needed!

  71. Iwona Smith

    Thank you for this amazing interview. It made me realize I needed to work on being gentle with myself. I’ve always done the right thing… “for others”; made choices in life that benefited my family, but left me sad and incomplete somehow. I’m learning to say “no” and to strike a balance between what I am expected to do, and what I really want to do. I need to learn to be true to myself and to stop being a people-pleaser. This will be a true challenge for me, since I am one of those people, who hide their true feelings behind a socially accepted mask. Cheryl and Marie, you are both genuine, inspiring, soul-ful…. Wait! Someone already said that! Well, it’s true! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  72. Great interview I admired the part where she said that it isn’t from her family or friends that got her to be a great writer, it was apart of her determination to write that led her there. I’ve experienced the same.

  73. Maggie

    Finally, someone said it… I don’t have to write everyday to be a “writer.” I’ve never considered myself to be a writer and it was never a childhood dream. I hated reading as a child and writing was a challenge even through college.

    It’s so hard to call myself a “writer” and I’m so glad to hear that Marie and Cheryl also struggle with the title. Sad to say, this title is paralyzing me from being seen in business.

    I hide for fear I’m not “good enough” or I’ll have improper grammar and someone will call me out. Funny enough, I’m a copywriter and people pay me to write. I want to grow my business, but I’m afraid to be seen as a writer. Only in the past few years have people been telling me I’m good at writing. People love my work, but most of the time I think it’s a fluke.

    Thank you Marie and Cheryl for talking about this. So many insights to this conversation. It was a treasure to watch. Lots of love to you both.

  74. Faith Magome

    It is so true when Cheryl emphasizes “modelling”. We are all encouraged by those who have gone before us and achieved the impossible. We are here to draw inspiration from each other, and what an amazing way to stay focused. We should identify our role models and always use them as a point of reference*

  75. Thank you for this! After writing content for other people for over a decade, I’ve made a decision to finally commit to writing my own book. I’ve been debating doing b-school for about 5 years now – is bschool something that can help writers?

    • Hey Kelly! Congrats on making that decision to write your own book. On B-School, yes — without a doubt B-School helps writers. We’ve had many writers (fiction, non fiction, etc.) work through the program with incredible success. If you have more questions, we’re more than happy to answer them for you! Drop us a line at [email protected]

      • I second that. It sounds counterintuitive, but doing B-School back in 2014 was the trigger for me to acknowledge that the thing I wanted, despite all the sacrifices, above any of the marketing/course building stuff I thought I wanted to do, was to be a writer. And going back each year, I funnel my attention more and more that way. I think if I hadn’t done B-School, I’d still be drifting along instead of learning how to say no to everything that’s not moving me ahead in the direction I want.

        This morning I received the print proof of my first novel and I can’t describe the joy I’m feeling. And yes, that interview made me cry. More than anything, I’m reminded of how grateful I am to my mum, who brought us up on her own and struggled fiercely to make ends meet. I will be able to send her a copy of my book in a few days. You can’t imagine how much that means.

        There is so much space for gentleness and beauty and gutsy protection of that which you hold most dear, and I thank you Marie and the B-School team for helping me remember that and making me feel like I truly have a second family to come back to.

  76. Mair Prudence

    I would also like to say…I have been wanting to be an author since my 20s. I have countless notebooks filled with… my life. Cheryl Strayed inspires me to keep going. This interview has come at a perfect time for me. xo

  77. Maura

    Wow! I’m not sure I can fully articulate all of the insights I gained from this interview. I needed to hear this today and to absorb all the honesty that Cheryl and Marie shared. I really loved the idea of finally letting go of shame and giving yourself permission to try things just for the love of them rather than the idea that they will somehow bring you great glory or fame. I think I will watch this interview many times to keep integrating what I heard. Thank you!

  78. Tara Rhodes

    Thank you for this Marie! The theme that spoke to me was about boundaries – creating healthy boundaries for yourself, especially when you are trying to create value to share with the world. I love the idea of disconnecting and doing your thing. It is something I firmly believe in, but haven’t always made the time to go and do it. You’ve reignited my want to make this a priority, so I will be making this a habit. Thank you!

  79. Raquel

    I really love all the interview, but I think the two things really kept with me, it’s to be humble every single day and the last quote, the one about her mom, it’s so true and so powerful.

    Thxs for the interview! I really enjoy

  80. chloelolo

    Every time I read Cheryl Strayed or hear her speak, more about life makes sense and my heart is full. Years ago, I bought Wild for my young niece who was struggling with depression and anxiety. She attempted suicide twice. She devoured the book and any other book & movie she could get her hands on, and she became a devoted Cheryl Strayed fan. She’s happy and healthy today and I know that the concept of “gentleness” to herself is one of the things that made a big difference. For me, as a creative, I really connected with the 2 questions the artist must ask themselves. Lately I’ve been struggling with doubts and asking myself, “Why am I doing this?” especially when things get so difficult. Posing the questions to myself will help me keep my purpose clear, and help me keep working so I can be present and joyful for what happens next. Thank you Marie and Cheryl for putting your light into the world.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      I’m so happy to hear your niece is happy and healthy! It sounds like Wild really spoke to her heart and comforted her when she needed it most. Thank goodness you put that book in her hands and showed her love. Best aunt ever. 🙂

  81. I too am a binge writer, and appreciate Cheryl’s comment about that being ok. When I wrote my book Being Single with Cancer, I did it on the weekends and 1-2 week stretches in a cabin somewhere by myself often writing 8-12 hours a day. It worked for me.

  82. I love this video. She’s such a wise woman. I’m a writer with a book due out next year and I related to so much of this, especially the part about the only way to write is to write, to commit to it in whatever way makes sense for you, and to do it for the love, not in chasing acclaim. Moving and inspirational. Thank you.

  83. Emily

    Hi Cheryl and Marie,
    This may be the best episode of all time. I knew of Cheryl Strayed (how can you not) but I am awestruck by the beauty that comes from so much time excavating life.

    I needed to hear, “Take the shame out of writing.” I had no idea how badly I needed to hear it. Just last night after I got home from a long day at work, my baby was sleeping, and I was telling myself, “This is your only chance. If you don’t put words on the page right now that means your investment in B-School will be wasted and you will never do the work you ‘think’ you’re supposed to do.” Obviously, I proceeded to destroy my writing rather than getting anything done. I have got to be more gentle, because LORD, I have come so far and I want to enjoy myself as I go further and further!

    Also “Nobody knows this but us.” I am so grateful for your anecdote about laughing with your husband about the bounced rent check. Really, how else can someone make it through? It is lonely, but in another sense if you can be brave enough to laugh, you become closer to your husband, rather than tearing each other apart.

    Still have more to listen to, and I CAN’T WAIT. I know I will listen to this again and again until I can internalize the information without crying.
    Sending so much love,

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Emily, we’re grateful to hear how much this resonated, and sunk in somewhere deep for you. We hope you do keep listening to it, and pocketing the wisdom for moments in the future when you need the reminders. XOXO

  84. Thank you so much for today’s show. So much power, beauty and truth was shared with you and Cheryl Strayed. I am 48 an artist, mother and teacher. I speak to so many of the issues you raised today to my students and to myself particularly to the point of what success looks like and how we achieve our practice, how we allow ourselves to be artists. I believe so many of us need to hear that our work issuers to make however we make it. To stop comparing and look instead for inspiration. Thank you for being an inspiration.

    With love and gratitude,

  85. Madeleine

    This was really an amazing talk and I loved so many things about it as others did. One of the big take always for me was when you guys talked about being gentle with yourself and what that means and how’s it’s ok to forgive yourself-to let that shame go in your life and work. Also the idea that if we don’t make change then we stay in those bad relationships/decisions and then have to live with that regret for not moving on. You ladies are both an inspiration, thank you!

  86. Giovanna Minda

    Dear Marie,
    This was an absolutely beautiful interview! I’ve heard of Cheryl Strayed, but this interview pulled me in and loved every minute of it. What a beautiful soul. I felt the whole interview was valuable, as she was honest and compassionate with herself and we the viewers. But, the whole time I was thinking, man! Marie really asks the best questions that bring our the best responses to make this flow beautifully. I too lost my mom and teared up when she kept asking, “how can I live without her?”. The struggle is real. I admire her journey and willingness to share it with the public. Very much looking forward to her next books. Ps…..and I found out I too am a “binge” writer after all! I started writing when I was in my 40’s, deciding to document my musings on life and here I am at 51 and realizing I’ve got a lot more to say and need to get back to the drawing board. 🙂 Thank you for this video <3

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      I’m really sorry to hear you lost your mom too, Giovanna. We’re sending lots of love and healing energy your way.

  87. Wow! What a beautiful encounter. Thank you, Marie and thank you, Cheryl. I knew we were going to cry from the minute it started.
    Patricia xo

  88. Terry

    Wow, wow, wow! Meaningful, inspiring interview. I’ve got 2 pages of notes. Cheryl’s saying – her Mom’s – about putting yourself in the way of beauty, reminds me of a “prayer” I was taught. It applies to any truth you’re seeking: Show me the truth about myself, no matter how beautiful. Marie, you and Cheryl are both beautiful.

  89. BJ

    This was a great interview! I read “Wild” after hearing about the book and loved it. Cheryl is such a talented writer because she is honest and writes the truth. That takes great courage.
    The interview was inspiring to all of us who struggle with the things life sometimes decides to serve us on any given day. The most important thing I took away from the interview was the value of being true to ourselves in order to become the person we are comfortable living with each day.
    Well Done!

  90. Loving this interview. Love Wild…a book club book of ours…I grew up backpacking the Sierra’s with my dad and created so many amazing memories!!
    The insight that struck me the most is the duality of things…what is beautiful is also hard at the same time…being a wife, mother to 3, running my own business! So important to stay aware of when you are “IN” the hard…that it still is and can be beautiful! Thank you Marie and Cheryl!

  91. Megan

    It’s hard to believe I can receive so many messages in such a short amount of time but, WOW. The top three on the list of takeaways for me: 1) Stop shaming myself. I can still be, and call myself, a writer at my own pace. 2) The idea of not surrendering my joy for an idea I used to have about myself that is no longer true. HOLY CATS, did that one hit me. I envision several pages of journaling on that point alone later! 3) “Put yourself in the way of beauty.”
    Thanks, Marie, for this truly enlightening interview.

  92. Thank you Cheryl for sharing that success doesn’t always equate financial abundance. The wealth that comes from living as an artist are those moments we allow ourselves to be true to what nourishes our creative being and yet we still need to pay the bills. I work to be able to paint, I create with beauty to find joy, I look for the love that exists in life. It’s layers and layers of richness!

  93. Deanna

    What really hit home for me was the message of being gentle with ourselves and our writing/art process, and the wisdom of seeking beauty even in the midst of life’s difficulties and suffering- wow. Thank you.

  94. I love love love the image of excavating layer by layer by layer of literary lasagna layer.

    I also loved that I can consider myself a writer even though I do not write every day.

    So inspiring, heartfelt and gentle. Thank you!

  95. I love the binge working (I’m not a writer.) I will sometimes take days off of my full time job so that I can binge work in my business. Those days are the best. Much much better results than binge eating.

  96. Laura

    ” me in a room and silence….. writing”

    ment so much for me….

    and I wrote immediately what makes me live, what makes me happy:

    me with a carry-on backpack, travelling the world… in a coffee shop with a sadhguru

  97. Mary

    Where do I start?! The major take-away for me from this absolutely amazing interview was to “put myself in the way of beauty”. I have been struggling with myself for the past five years, to move forward into a life I can feel excited to wake up to every day. My husband and I moved away from where we lived for over 30 years to a place that we dreamed about living in for years, and that I thought would be my paradise, but I have ended up feeling sadness for the life I left behind. All of Cheryl’s interview was so inspiring to me, but that quote of her mother’s (above) hit me between the eyes…I have allowed myself to be emotionally tied down to what is no longer the life I’m living, and in turn have allowed myself to miss out on opportunities which would have “put me in the way of beauty” in so many ways. This was an eye-opener and I thank you, Marie, for what you do…and for providing me with THIS “life-lesson-session”!

  98. I love this interview! There were many things that I learned from it. That being so, I simply can’t put one meaning down and that be it. I’ll share a few with you but in all honesty I always learn more than one thing from Marie’s shows as I’m sure that everyone does. Thanks for sharing that gift that only YOU have with people like me Marie. I also have to thanks Cheryl for sharing her beautiful stories with us.
    I agree 100% with Cheryl Strayed on the fact that beauty can be found in imperfection. In taking note of that imperfection people truly think hey this person really has issues in life, like me and if they can do it with issues in life maybe I can too.
    The problem that I have is that there is so much imperfection in my life that it’s very easy for me to just see those bad things. The imperfection and bad things can easily outweigh the good in my life sadly but I think letting that bad win is a choice. Sometimes all that I need to get through the day is a reminder, so, thank you for that reminder!
    One of the things that I personally loved in this interview is the fact that Marie shows everyone that she is a human being with emotions. Anyone who truly watches Marie’s shows or learns from B School, etc. knows that, but sadly not everyone in society knows celebrities are people too. I LOVE that Marie has experience in dancing and magazines, etc. but sometimes sadly that’s all that some see. Just like Marie and Cheryl mentioned some of your friends assume that you’re rich and expect you to pick up the check when going out, etc.
    I’m from the theatre; I know that there is more to people then what is shown on TV, etc. Not everyone is from the theatre though and not everyone understands that. Many cry when a celebrity passes because they have grown so used to seeing them on TV.etc. They grow to love what is shown, but there is so much more to each person! In all honesty unless you know a celebrity in their personal life, you really only know what is shared in the public eye. Example: I don’t know Marie Forleo or even the actors etc. that I’ve had the pleasure to work with! I don’t go home with them all of them at the end of the day. I just love actors because in my opinion they’re family. I can differentiate though and understand that they’re not blood relatives. I personally believe that it’s vital for the world to see those in positions like Marie’s have family issues, etc. just like each individual person.
    I also agree with Marie when she says that sometimes more is just more. I may not be 100% correct in my wording, but I agree with her 100%. Having things on a bigger scale often just complicates things more.
    Personally, I’m working on a smaller scale and don’t wish to get that big at the moment, if ever. I don’t believe that even a smaller scale should be done alone though.
    I don’t think that having something you are so passionate about is always a one person job. Sometimes a team is needed to make that dream a reality.
    Would you agree with that?
    What would you say to it?
    If you do agree what would your suggestions be on finding those who will work with you in order to help make your dreams a reality?

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and insights with us, Angela! It means the world to us that this episode struck a chord with you. And your question about sometimes needing a team to make a dream a reality is really interesting. Marie does have an episode with advice on hiring the right team for your business ( though I’m not sure if that fully answers what you’re getting at. If you’ll write to us at infoATmarieforleoDOTcom we’ll be happy to help you submit your question for consideration for a future Q&A Tuesday.

  99. I wonder how she has remained so grounded after the rapid experience in going from obscurity to great fame. This is so unlike the usual writer’s path. I haven’t read Cheryl’s books yet, only because I’ve spent the last year finishing edits on my first book, Life on Mars – a short fiction collection that is out in March. She is absolutely right. If you want to be a writer, you must write. And revise. And read, voraciously if you can. It will take time. And trust. My first book is out and I am 50. Holding a copy in your hands is worth the toil and sacrifices. If you are a writer, you must write. Start now.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Congrats on your first book, Lori! That’s so exciting and we’re really happy for you. 🙂

  100. SO sweet to see Marie get emotional <3 I think transparency hits all of our hearts and speaks the strongest. Beautiful and inspirational interview. Thank you!

  101. This interview was off the charts amazing! Two things that came out of this interview that hit me hard and I needed to hear today. @CherylStrayed said “That after you have some success your friends are expecting you to pick up the check.” I almost spit out my coffee when I heard that one because it’s so true. The other was from you Marie, “Saying no to the world- so you can say yes to ourselves.” This is an interview that I’m going to listen to over and over again. Thanks Cheryl and Marie for being open, honest and vulnerable by sharing that success is not just about dollars in the bank. Blessings to you both.

  102. satish Thaker

    Really touching interview. Both of you are brilliant. Lots of massages to take away from this interview. One is, write write, keep on writing. My first non-fiction book ‘Wake-up Calls’, I just wrote and published it without much editing because I wanted to get over the first hurdle.
    But have been struggling to finish my 2nd book ‘Bombay to Birmingham’. Watching this interview, I’ll plan to write once a week.
    thank you to both of you.

  103. I always had a dream to be a writer, but as a single mom and bread winner, I taught literature and writing for 30 years. Then I became super sick with MS and was forced into “retirement.” Unfortunately my bills didn’t get the memo. So I started “ghostwriting” and free lance technical 4 years ago. I have about 12 books “in the hopper” that I would love to write with MY name on them instead of someone else’s; but I have been afraid of the process; afraid of the turn-downs, the rejections, and (with the MS), even afraid of figuring out how exactly to approach publishing companies. I feel stuck, even though people adore my writing. Any advice?

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      I’m really sorry to hear you’re feeling stuck, Dori. Although Marie had a non-traditional path to getting her book published and navigating the publishing industry is outside our area of expertise, Marie does have some super helpful wisdom to help you overcome fear and self-doubt so you can get un-stuck: We believe in you and your voice, and any publisher who would mind that you have MS doesn’t deserve to publish your work.

  104. Loved this interview! Never heard of Cheryl before this; will look for her books after this. Love her spirit and words. Reassurance and inspiring, binge writing, writing one word at a time with no regard for its outcome. Thank you both.

  105. Mimi Ghosh

    Thank you for this exquisite interview. You somehow often have interviews (and your own videos) that release a fear, a shame, a guilt, a misconception in me that no one else has articulated the way you have. I feel like I have been given permission to be soft and imperfect, released from believing that there is only one type of success and it can only be accomplished in one way.

    Thank you for having Cheryl Strayed as your guest. This interview just released me from a decade’s struggle of losing my natural drive and ambition to the loss of my mother (and family). I did not lose her to death or incarceration, I lost her to my decision to protect myself from her toxicity and her unwillingness to change. I have been dealing with the many consequences of severe depression, drowning in grief and guilt since making that decision, which I spent my whole life until that point to avoid having to make. — She was the air I breathed, and I haven’t been able to breathe clearly since.

    It took this interview for me to accept that it’s okay to put down my ambition for a time — a long time, in my case — while I painstakingly reinvent my heart and mind. I’ve been so terrified that I’ve miss all of the opportunities that I’m going to get in this life, and that there is no chance of success or greatness for me anymore, despite having had such promise in my early life. I am relieved to know that no matter how long I’ve been stuck on this dead end road, that tiny piece of my spirit that wants me to drive back out means that I’m still in the game. I am not squandered.

    Thank you for your interview and your willingness to lead with vulnerability. It is what the world needs!

    — Mimi Ghosh

  106. Mimi Ghosh

    Thank you for this exquisite interview. You somehow often have interviews (and your own videos) that release a fear, a shame, a guilt, a misconception in me that no one else has articulated the way you have. I feel like I have been given permission to be soft and imperfect, released from believing that there is only one type of success and it can only be accomplished in one way.

    Thank you for having Cheryl Strayed as your guest. This interview just released me from a decade’s struggle of losing my natural drive and ambition to the loss of my mother (and family). I did not lose her to death or incarceration, I lost her to my decision to protect myself from her toxicity and her unwillingness to change. I have been dealing with the many consequences of severe depression, drowning in grief and guilt since making that decision, which I spent my whole life until that point to avoid having to make. — She was the air I breathed, and I haven’t been able to breathe clearly since.

    It took this interview for me to accept that it’s okay to put down my ambition for a time — a long time, in my case — while I painstakingly reinvent my heart and mind. I’ve been so terrified that I’ve miss all of the opportunities that I’m going to get in this life, and that there is no chance of success or greatness for me anymore, despite having had such promise in my early life. I am relieved to know that no matter how long I’ve been stuck on this dead end road, that tiny piece of my spirit that wants me to drive back out means that I’m still in the game. I am not squandered.

    Thank you for your interview and your willingness to lead with vulnerability. It is what the world needs!

    — Mimi Ghosh

  107. I was so happy with today’s interview because I just “got back” to writing last week. Hearing Cheryl call herself a binge writer, and applauding someone for writing even once a month, was so good for me. Whenever my YouTube channel or graduate work keep me from writing, I begin to wonder if I’m really a writer. Thanks for another awesome interview. I tune into these when I cook or am taking care of paperwork at my job and they just fill me with inspiration and awe at the intelligent people that there are in this world. Sending so much love to Cheryl, to you Marie, and to all of Team Forleo.
    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3


  108. Nahal

    I’m kind of awestruck to be honest… how is it that one person just dispelled every myth and invented worry I’ve been carrying around in my mind all of these years? And in one hour? … I think I’m just going to take some time today and reflect on everything that’s been said and all the sparks going off in my head. Most of my life, I felt like I was on the wrong track and after watching this interview, I’ve realized that I’ve been fighting myself for all the wrong reasons… Overwhelmed, amazed, grateful, confused and finally found. Keeping the faith! Thank you Marie ❤️

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Right on, Nahal! It sounds like Cheryl’s wisdom really struck a chord with you and inspired you. We’re so glad you checked it out and we can’t wait to see the art you create. 🙂

  109. As others have already said, the timing on this was amazing. After spending ten years saying yes to everyone else, *thinking* I was doing it for myself, but coming to realize it was all about pleasing everyone else, I’m currently becoming aware of my own true feelings. And part of that is getting back to my own core, which includes writing, which I’d put aside as a creative outlet for twenty years. Listening to Cheryl talk about “binge writing” and working on saying no warms my own heart that I’m not alone in these patterns of growth. Thank you thank you!!

  110. Camilla

    Tears! What an inspiring interview. Such a wise, authentic, warm and funny woman. Thank you Marie, for you heart and your vision.

  111. samantha

    Such a soulful interview, thx Marie so much for that! Many words of wisdom and soul speaking which I found so inspiring. I have a very small business, an accidental dream set in my life path that I’m finally working hard at everyday in addition to juggling family life. Much of what you ladies spoke of resonates with me. I’ve come away from listening to that story so energised, inspired and at peace with my own story. I’m in school at the moment but one of my next education goals is B-School for sure. Keep all the amazing work.
    Many thanks to you and your team, xxx

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Wonderful, Samantha! We’re thrilled you loved this interview, and we’d be delighted to welcome you to the program when the timing is right for you.

  112. I loved the content of this interview. Wow, beautiful about life being hard but put yourself in front of beauty and not writing every day. Great to hear both.

  113. Megan

    Put yourself in the way of beauty.
    Also, I was thrilled to hear that she is a binge writer. That’s how I work, and that was validating!

  114. I really liked what she said about happiness being what you appear to be on the outside being really close to what you are on the inside and not having to pretend or be validated by people on the outside. This has been a huge insight Ive gained in life just recently that has been so valuable so I can totally relate. I learned this lesson later in life than maybe alot of people, but Im just grateful that I did. I have always relied kindof unknowingly on others to validate my self worth and happiness which was just a roller coaster ride of emotions and terribly painful at times. It is so liberating to finally break free of that and believe in myself and be true to me and its so exciting to think about exploring what Cheryl said and taking the first steps toward doing things I love and not just thinking about it.

  115. This is what I once wrote about myself, when I used to believe I wasn’t qualified to call myself a writer:

    I Write. But Does That Mean I’m a Writer?…
    I am a writer.
    That was really uncomfortable and weird just now.
    I can’t explain why it makes me uncomfortable. Maybe it’s because I’ve always held the belief that there’s a certain set of credentials needed in order to claim such a title. Like there’s a rite of passage or something that every aspiring ‘writer-would be‘ has to complete in order to get the official stamp of approval.
    “BLOP!” (that’s the sound the stamp would make when it’s slapped on the back of my hand or my head if I was one of the lucky chosen ones).
    I imagine the Master Blopper would bow to me after he slaps the stamp on the appropriately chosen body part and congratulate me, saying something like “You finally did it! Go forth now, you little mean writing machine, and write! Write as fast and furiously as your little fingers can manage. You may also now finish that book you’re working on so you can get it published…because your first one really sucked, probably because you published it before you had your credentials. And now you may call Ellen and Oprah.”
    But the reality is, there is no rite of passage or stamp of approval and sadly, there is no Master Blopper. So, I have to do this all on my own, which also means there’s a tremendous amount of risk involved. Not necessarily life or death Sylvia Plath-risky, God rest her soul.
    Anyway, there are a lot of risks. Here’s a few that I can think of off the top of my weary head: weary-headedness, failure, depression, delusion, criticism, judgement, self-loathing, self-doubt, vulnerability, sleep-deprivation, excessive smoking, brain-racking (it’s real and it hurts after a while), solitude which leads to loneliness which leads to depression which leads to delusion…it’s a writer’s vicious cycle.
    But I write despite these risks. It was only a year or so ago that I acquired the bug and no matter how hard I try, I can’t seem to shake it off. Aside from no Master Blopper apparently there’s no cure for the writer’s bug either. So, I’m stuck right now.
    Stuck somewhere in the middle between my old, normal life when I didn’t write and everything was calm and peaceful; did I mention normal? Yeah, stuck between that and my dream of the distant future; the one in which I’m a New York Times bestselling author and all my books are on the New York Times Bestseller list, and I’m rich and live a peaceful life and I’m normal again and Oprah’s my best friend.
    Would you like to know what it’s like in the middle? It’s like my brain’s been sucked up by a vacuum cleaner and it’s on ALL THE TIME, causing all the crap to swirl around as it sucks all my energy, even energy I don’t have, it sucks all of that away too. And it’s the Dirt Devil kind that you can see through, so I get to watch all the crap swirling around inside.
    I’ve been awake since 4am this morning and I’m exhausted, but I’ll probably be awake again tomorrow at 4am too…to do this all over again. But there’s no stopping me. I’m going to keep doing it until I finish my book. And finally meet Oprah, of course.
    And then surprisingly after all that, I’ll probably start writing another one…you want to know why?
    Because I’m a writer.

  116. Whoa Marie & Cheryl – an amazing, extraordinary interview. Thank you! I took the time mid-work day to watch the entire interview. It truly moved my soul. My biggest aha was the line “say no to the world so I can say yes to myself”. As the leader of a small nonprofit organization that struggles for funding and strives to always be there for the community we serve, it is so challenging to say no. I have given everything of myself over the last 6 years to this organization and am feeling truly exhausted. This interview made a huge difference in how I see myself, my contribution and where I am going from here in an entirely new light. From the bottom of my heart – THANK YOU!

  117. Alicia Acosta

    God bless Cheryl Strayed! So human, so honest. Made me think I’m not alone, I’m not crazy, I deserve to have flaws and… I’m watching this video again and again. I feel her here with me, giving me comfort and human heat with her sincere words.
    I wish her the biggest success allways, ’cause she deserves it!!!

  118. Valerie Ozer

    What a phenomenal interview! This arrived in my inbox at exactly the right moment when I was starting to question the path of my own creative efforts. I am so impressed with Cheryl Strayed as a communicator and a truly lovely person. I have worked as a technical expert my whole career, but was really supressing the real me who is truly a creative. I was always a closet writer, but it took me decades to learn that there is no time like the present to pursue this as a passion as I do not want to ever regret not doing so and thus recently started working on my first book. What resonated so much with me was Cheryl’s and Marie’s discussion about being gentle with ourselves. I have to better master that skill after a lifetime of being such a tough self critic; always demanding perfection. It works so well; especially when you are trying to be creative. Marie, thank you so much for providing such inspiration from your own work and bringing other amazing resources to your readers!

  119. Meg

    “Put yourself in the way of beauty.” Yes! I saw an amazing sunset this morning, but it was just by chance. This quote inspires me to look for those opportunities on purpose.

  120. Sabahat

    Thanks Marie Sheryl for sharing such a thought provoking interview.I have not read any of your books but am sure to read them all.The quotes you have shared in your interview are really a driving force;as we ourselves are responsible for what we make of our lives.I so desperately want to make something of my life but am failing to do so.I have many talents but do not know how to go about it.I am a simple person and am often fooled by people. So far in my work life i have not had a good experience.I know i am not the type who can do yes boss job.I myself want to be the boss of my fate and be successful. I look forward for your piece of Advice.

  121. Aubrey Stephens

    You are such an inspiration. Your energy and depth are very contagious. I have forwarded this episode to one of my granddaughters. Thank you. Aubrey

  122. Every November I participate in National Novel Writing Month, and I always “win.” But I never publish, because I am doing this just for me. Maybe someday, but not yet. And thank you, Cheryl, for reminding me to be okay with that; for reminding me that I can just be happy sitting here with my laptop and making up good stories. People I love read and appreciate them. That’s all I need. Guilt=Gone. Much appreciated!

  123. 7 minutes in and I had to pause it to comment. I resonate so much with the message of focusing on the craft and not on making money from it. I suffer from the impulse to immediately monetize my ideas. While I’ve gotten better at not jumping ahead too far before I even start I do still struggle with it and that is why in the start of February I told myself that for the next 6 months all I need to do is explore what brings me joy in my business and showing up consistently with my truth. No sales goals in there.

    Love the synchronicity of hearing Cheryl’s message. It helps to reinforce that I am indeed on the right track for me. There is a time to market and a time to create and they don’t need to be tackled simultaneously.

  124. I cried (when Marie cried), laughed and felt in the company of like minds. I loved when she shared her “binge writing” process. Like so many, I felt the relief of permission to be my own kind of writer. I took notes, answered questions posed and came up with some titles for sections of my own memoir/essay/humor book. Thank you!! So much of this spoke to my own journey, “I love beauty that’s grounded in struggle.”

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Love that, Ella! It’s so exciting to hear you’re working on your book. 🙂

  125. Mia

    I’m tearing up too! What a beautiful conversation. I can’t even say yet what the biggest insight was, as there was so much to take in and think about.
    And I love the quote about putting yourself in the way of beauty!
    Thank you so much for this episode.

  126. Laurie Zmrzel

    Great interview, Marie! Thank you!
    I especially appreciated when Cheryl talked about being humble. I also am a binge writer. Like Cheryl, I feel that writing is my calling. Unlike her, I have always lacked the confidence to call myself a writer. Perhaps, as you actually hinted, I feel that because I am not yet published, I don’t deserve that title. I am going to strive to follow Cheryl’s advice and find happiness in both what is seen on the exterior as well as what is on the interior. I hope to overcome my insecurity and allow myself to admit to the world that I am a writer.


  127. Claudia

    What a great interview! I am taking so much from it; I love her mom’s quote at the end of the show, so powerful! And I am saying Yes to me. I just can’t thank you enough Marie but all the personal growth you are creating in people like me who are craving for it!! I have learned so much from you and the amazing people you have interviewed. Just have watched a few shows and can’t get enough of you. You are a wonderful human being ?. So grateful to have recently found you through Gabrielle Bernstein who I also follow for inspiration. Many blessings to all of you! We need to hear your messages. Lots of love, Claudia

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much, Claudia! Your sweet message means a lot to us—Marie and our whole team. We’re thrilled you’re enjoying MarieTV and are so happy you’re feeling inspired and uplifted. We love Gabby too and we’re glad she introduced you to Marie. 🙂

  128. When the student is ready, the teacher appears. Thank you Marie Forleo for your brilliant interview and thank you Cheryl Strayed for being real. This is exactly what I needed to hear today.

  129. “Life will always be hard, but it will always be beautiful”. Ugh, love that so much!!! What a beautiful interview. Cheryl Strayed is amazing! Thank you for sharing this with us!


  130. Claudia Tsiaousopoulos

    What a great interview! I am taking so much from it; I love her mom’s quote at the end of the show, so powerful! And I am saying Yes to me. I just can’t thank you enough Marie for all the personal growth you are creating in people like me who are craving for it!! I have learned so much from you and the amazing people you have interviewed. Just have watched a few shows and can’t get enough of you. You are a wonderful human being ?. So grateful to have recently found you through Gabrielle Bernstein who I also follow for inspiration. Many blessings to all of you! We need to hear your messages. Lots of love, Claudia

  131. Ava

    Cheryl’s comments about the necessity of being gentle with oneself in order to be able to create definitely rang true for me! I am definitely going to adjust how I approach the home based business that I began a few months ago. I will do less PUSHing and more ALLOWing myself to relish in my necessity for a gentle work environment. Overall, I feel validated. My inner voice was telling me the same bits of wisdom shared by Cheryl.

  132. Wow, wow, wow. I must admit I thought “oh no 48 mins long?” BUT, what a wonderful way to spend time today!
    Where do I begin on what struck me the most?
    Writing every day doesn’t make you a writer. I feel like a loser if I can’t write every day.
    I love reminders that I’m in the driver’s seat.
    I love reminders of “FULL BODY YES”
    and I LOVE the emotion you shared with us Marie! We are all blessed

  133. What a powerful interview – I was captivated the entire time (easily my favorite of all time from your show). I could relate on SO many levels and it left me feeling recharged and ready to face some of my hardest business challenges. Also, I’m going to the library to check out WILD today – it’s been on my reading list for too long. Thank you always for the stellar content, Marie! And thank you, Cheryl, for sharing your story so intimately.

  134. Marla Carriere-Jefferson

    Really enjoyed this interview. NOT a CREATIVE, but those words were inspiring and useful for everyday living. Find the BEAUTY.

  135. This was some fantastic interview.”Be gentle to yourself” will stay with me as my mantra.Love,xoxox

  136. Kim

    Thank you for this inspiring video! I absolutely love Cheryl Strayed’s work and was so excited to see this interview! I have been working on being kinder to myself and not letting myself get depressed when I can’t write daily or when I don’t get any real action on my blog. This interview helped me understand that it’s okay to be where I am right now and to not give up on myself. I’ve also struggled with saying no to people most of my life and it helps knowing that I’m not the only one. Please keep the inspiration coming!

  137. I was nailed and couldnt stop watching listening such a great interview and 2 skilled warm hearted women. Ive been very restless the last months when it comes to taking in more inspiration but this was so good.
    My insight….I know this but I always get moved when Im reminded….Being soft and gentle with my self and my creativity <3
    Thanks to both of you!

  138. Yuanqing Edberg

    Thank you for this inspiring interview with Cheryl Strayed. Being a writer is my dream too. I have read some of comments from others. They are inspiring too. What I feel is that true happiness is very important to yourself and to others as well. So, the harsh part of life is we lost our true happiness, and assign it to others with many reasons and excuses. So we just have to bear the consequence from our choices and decisions. As Cheryl said, it is this struggling part that make our life pain and beautiful at same time.

  139. Shirley Zago

    Such a great interview and I can’t believe how many things Cheryl talked about that hit home for me. Losing my mother at a time that I needed her the most with the realization that it was the only way that I could start living authentically and knowing that she was always with me. It has been since 2008 that I have been writing and before that, couldn’t even write a sentence. I am one that writing came to as a form of healing and has become very cathartic. Why haven’t I published? Still living it and my story is one that reflects a generation before mine but also my daughter’s. That to be living in these times.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      I’m really sorry you lost your mom, Shirley. It’s good to hear that writing helped you heal during such a painful time. It’s totally okay if you haven’t published yet or even if you don’t want to publish––there’s nothing wrong with writing for healing and personal enjoyment. It’s a powerful practice!

  140. Penny

    What a terrific interview! I read Wild a few years ago and absolutely loved the book. So honest and heart-wrenching and real. You could tell that Cheryl just wrote from her gut, which takes a lot of courage. In my own journey of creativity, I am forever second guessing myself. I write and delete and write and delete. I paint furniture and I criticize and end up being dissatisfied with it. And the writings stay in a box and the furniture goes on Craigslist for next to nothing, because, who would want to pay me much for that? Yet… yet, something tells me to not give up. To keep trying. To keep going. I will do the best that I can for myself. Because that niggling little something just won’t go away and I need to honor that.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      It’s no fun when that second guessing feeling creeps in! I’m sorry to hear you’re battling with that. Marie has some episodes about overcoming fear and self-doubt that can help: You have a calling and we’d love to see you answer it. 🙂

  141. Sandra

    Hello Marie
    The most important thing is to learn how to make a home with work that you are doing because then you have something to offer. Love this quote with Cheryl. She is so inspirational that I am started to blog about my narratives. I looking to attending B-school also to get my business up and running. Thank you so much for this interview and will cherish this moment. I also lose my mom and other of my immediate family members. I look forward to sharing my battle of losses. Losing my mom to pancreatic cancer 3 years ago is still ongoing process. Still heartbroken and working everyday to relieve the good memories. Thank you again Sandy

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      I’m really sorry to hear you lost your mom and some other close family members. It sounds like your heart is still aching, so we’re thinking of you and sending lots of love your way. I hope you’ll find healing through writing just like Cheryl did.

  142. Cheryl

    Love you Marie, I still have my mom but I lost my grandmother who I was super close to recently and cant imagine a day without my mom. I have appreciated her even more since losing my grandma. Sending you hugs!

    • Cheryl

      What struck me most was one of the last things that she said. That we can’t control the bad things that happen in our life but we can control what we do with our days.

      So simple. So powerful.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      I’m so sorry your sweet grandma passed away, Cheryl. We’re sending love and healing wishes your way during this painful time.

  143. I very much enjoyed what Cheryl had to say. I liked her down to earthness–being humble through the struggle. I am a Jungian Psychologist in Edmonton, Alberta and my work is to help clients find compassion for themselves by, not pushing the critical voice away, but by taking up a relationship to it. As children most of us are not encouraged to express what we really think or want–just think of two year old childen–what is the first and only word they want to say–“No”–yes they over due it–but it is the beginning of healthy boundaries where we know ourselves to be other than the parent with different desires and wants–even knowings. And so many parents, certainly in my day find the quickest road to taking that “No” away from us. So as adults this “yes” to everyone is really our “true selves” lost. I teach or really it is the persons dreams that teach (that I help to shine the light on) them to see the world from their true perspective again–instead of through their parent’s or societies or the sibling they were compared to–this is where the critical voice originates from –these expectations. And when we relate to the critical voice, we get to say “yes that is your perspective, however I feel different and this is how I feel”–this empowers us and dis-empowers the critic. We get to respond in a true healthy way which we were not allowed to do as children. Instead we were taught to take care of our parents needs or societies. This is not to blame parents, but to take responsibility for what has happened and to begin to see through our own “soul” eyes and to live and express ourselves from there. Wow thank you for letting me respond. I think I have my first blog for my website which I have been wonder-ing about. Karen Williams

  144. Jawad

    Hi Marie,
    Thank you so much for the worthwhile content that you dedicate to us. The interview with Cheryl was so inspiring, she remembered us the power of putting words side by side to create inspiration and wonderful stories.
    Really, thank you very much indeed, and keep inspiring and changing people’s lives.

  145. Vanessa

    I just doscovered your website Marie and I am blown away. Thank you! What an incredible woman Cheryl Strayed is. I took so much more.from this interview than I can ever describe. I just quit a big corporatw job her in australia iat the end of 2016 to pursue and also really work out how to create a life where I am standing in my own power. The key things I took away from this discussion were the shift Cheryl made – being broke while on Oprah! I have 2 kids & my husbamd and I are struggling after I quit my job to create the space I needed to set my business up. We are definitely living hand to mouth each fortnight but I know its for the best outcome and everyday the universe and my angels give me small signs to confirm that. I loved the binge writing concept ! As a journalist and someone who hasnt creatively written in 10 years since starting my family it gives me hope that I will go back to the pen and paper at some point and that that is OK whenever that occurs. I loved reference to staying in the thing that sucks or moving forward and being uncomfortable. Also making the wrong decision!! I am immobilised at the moment worrying about my business name and I know I just need to decide and move forward – this really resonated with me. You have a new avod watcher of Marie TV thanks for sharing! So inspired xx

  146. marion mebius- de vries

    Hi, Marion here. Two amazingly beautiful wise women who share their insights with us. Thank you for that. I am also a mother of three beautiful children and five grandchildren, and yes, I am in my seventies. My mother died when was twenty-four and I still think of her every day. And worries never stop, my eldest daughter is 48 and had eye cancer when she was a baby. I can tell you that is quite a story and now, I hope she will grow old, and I cannot be sure. You see, I´ve learned it is so totally not in my hands, I can only accept whatever will be. Ah yes, Doris Day. Love you both, Marion

  147. Claudia

    Thank you so much for this beautiful interview!
    What struck me most was that you encourage people to write a book, if you feel to do so, although they do not manage to write every single day, and to release their self-doubts! English is not my first languge, I’m German, and I have been encouraged so often to write a book, however I am still very hesitant about the whole project.
    Thank you to both of you for your ecouragement to live your dreams and to keep going on, living your gifts!

    Lots of love

  148. Ileana

    Thank you so much for this! My biggest takeaways were:
    – Be and do the best you can building and practicing your craft (music composition, songwriting and performing in my case). The best way to get better at it is to do it.
    – Intrinsic motivation vs. seeking the praise.
    – Still find the way to pay the bills
    – Happiness: when the outside matches with the inside
    – Be gentle with self. Be in a place of forgiveness instead of shame, specially with self.

  149. Marie-my heart is swelling. Wow. Your interview with Cheryl Strayed spoke to me in such a powerful way. As a writer, a woman, a b-schooler( yay) and artist.
    I’m feeling a wave of emotions so forgive me if my words are spilling without much coherence!
    Where do I begin? I’ve been a writer my whole life and yet only in the last few years have dedicated to actually writing. I’ve been fortunate to have created a successful jewelry business – largely due to b school:)- and yet felt with each writing session more and more alive ; as in literally doing a happy dance.
    I write because if I didn’t I’d feel this deep reservoir of story, emotion and characters that feel so real I sometimes believe that they are, die and wither, and that sadness would be too great to withstand. I write to bring these stories tickling even sometimes taunting me to come out and play – to offer something real and true.
    I used to think in order to be a “real writer” one must be published. That untruth was validated today hearing Cheryl encourage us to simply write and that is truly enough.
    I’m proud to say after two years, my writing partner and I finished a script that we feel deeply excited and moved to share with the world in the hopes to uplift, inspire and entertain. And yet truly, whatever happens next, what I can say with certainty, is that the joy was in the writing, the process, just as Cheryl has mentioned.
    Thank you SO much Cheryl for being a model in the truest sense, for your transparency, courage and heart. And of course talent ! You brought this woman to tears ( the good kind).
    Thank you Marie!!! You are also a national treasure as well as a local one( love seeing you shop at our local grocery store?)!
    Lots of love!
    Gemma Rose

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Congrats, Gemma! That’s exciting news about your script. I’m so glad you’re writing more, and we can’t wait to hear what your writing has in store for you. 🙂

  150. Wow I love this woman (Cheryl Strayed). What a beautiful soul. Thank you for your intelligent and compassionate words and inspiration.

  151. LisaMarie

    I’m recently laid off from my job, and finding these videos very positive and motivating.
    It’s made me look and think deeper about my life, and the next chapter. I’m glad to be a superscribed, as it has helped me through tough days.

  152. Jennifer

    Thank you so so much for this inspiring interview ❤ I felt like you were speaking directly to me..I’m writing a memoir and every point you made is exactly what I needed to hear! You both touch my heart and ignited my soul ??

  153. Patti

    First, let me say this was my favorite interview you’ve done with a guest.
    The best takeaway for me was permission to binge write! Maybe I haven’t written a book yet or found success publicly from my writing, but I feel vindicated I’m a writer. I’ve binge written thousands of words, written hundreds of letters, healed grief and celebrated moments through writing, but never “felt successful.”
    I’m one of those middle-aged, okay, hovering on the golden age filled with a lifetime of sorrow and regret from a life paved from poor choices. Something in this interview gave me permission to see the world and my place from a different perspective. I feel now that I can forgive myself.
    Losing my mother in 2010 catapulted me into such grief and sorrow that it’s been borderline unbearable. I don’t have anyone I’m particularly close with now so writing has been my escape.
    Thank you for this lovely interview and the insight I gained to pick myself up and move forward one word at a time.

    • Teresah Harder


  154. Ahmed

    I started to learn Japanese today… a change to my direction

  155. Penelope Gordon

    oh wow, loved this interview so much, each interview always comes along with exactly what I need to hear! one of the most powerful parts for me was the very last story that Cheryl told about her friend who lost his teenage son.. ‘how do you live, when everyday when you feel like you can’t keep living?, because everyday there is also something also beautiful, and it is will always be there beside all of our sorrow and all of our loss and all of our ugliness ‘. I cried, this will stay will me, very profound, thank you x

  156. I guess what I love the most is how Cheryl makes the distinction between doing the work becasue its something you have to do and not getting caught up in being concerned about whether people will like the work, if it will get published, etc. As a painter this is how I work. Of course I want others to love my work and have great sales but if I think about that it will only interfere with my creative process.

  157. Such a lovely interview. I identify with so many of the subjects addressed—writing, creative life, family, and making a go of making a living. Also, I lost my mother in January. Nothing prepares you for so great a loss.

  158. Sounds really great go with your passion ,amazing Cheryl’s focus and she chose when to do it free flowing i call it thanks Marie for this interview .Myself never gave thought always recall.Strange things gifted . Mum passed 6yrs ago , left a writing desk, hm never write only letters, then found i started to see writing Poems of life are very touching to heart with Art .Which I am passionate about must go finish my book started about suicide and addictions, as lost many grief /sadness i don’t have family now all gone except myself family now children grandchildren.who are very beautiful, joy .to the world not all families connect however keep growing eventually they will understand xx.thank you for sharing Marie and Cheryl its healing even though we don’t perceive it as such .x thank you .

  159. Linden

    What struck me the most was the loving tribute that you pay to your mother..through all of your words…and…especially in the sharing of “put yourself in the way of beauty”. Thank you.

  160. Just LOVED this interview – what a woman. I really want to create an extraordinary retreat village. It is my calling, and I love helping others discover their imprint that they want to leave. When she talked about her stories being inside her, I realized that my creation/vision is in me – it is always there – living and breathing and waiting to give birth. That permission to let it gestate – to binge work instead of feeling bad that I let a day , week or month go without any action is so freeing. Thank you ladies for your time and for your show 🙂

  161. When Cheryl says you can still be a writer if you don’t write every day, you can be a writer if you only write once a month…. That was profound. It is not always the right time to write! The part about shame that writers put on themselves, that rings true. Every time I write my own stuff (not another person’s work that I’m ghostwriting) I come up against this sort of obstruction. “I cannot make shame part of my writing life.” What an amazing affirmation! I love how she says that writing itself is the one and only way to become a writer. Not going to a conference, talking to people, etc…. This will help me to proceed!!

  162. Donna

    Awesome show today, Marie and Cheryl. This talk was so enriched with good, sound advice and thoughtful words, brought me to my knees and tears, too. The whole interview was filled with real and absolute truths many of us like to hide in the shadows (or at least, I do) as well as producing a strong and vibrant emotional response that reached down deep to touch my inner soul. The whole show resonated truths that, up until this day, I feared to face and what I gained from this episode, was the absolute necessity to be strong and to face those challenges now, because they will always be there until I take that leap of faith, or whatever you want to call it, to stay strong and be the woman who accepts that challenge with grace and beauty in order to overcome it and carry on to face both the beauty and ugliness awaiting me tomorrow and every day. Cheryl said, “We can control what we do with our days, where we find that light to go on”, and Marie said, “Stay on your game and keep going for your dreams because the world needs that special gift that only you have”, two very powerful quotes that reverberated across my mind like a rippling, crashing wave and two quotes that will lift the veil of comfort around me revealing the undiscovered me.

  163. Hi Marie,
    I had the great fortune to hear Cheryl speak about a year ago and it was so inspiring. So many things resonated for me in this episode, but my biggest take away was the idea of examining your own narrative. I have been going through a process lately of trying to make myself happy with who I am, instead of making others happy with me. It was so encouraging to hear you and Cheryl validate that struggle. Thank you to both of you for all you put out into the world.

  164. Hi Marie + Cheryl,

    I am a writer – and I found myself nodding to ev-ry-thing y’all were talking about on today’s episode. I binge write – I binge project manage – I binge rest. I manage my silence. I’ve learned to give myself completely over to “my craft” AND to, equally, be beyond responsible that my bills get paid. The duality that you pointed out in Cheryl is exactly how I position “advice” to other women when they ask me questions about how I made it to where I am now…

    I’m also in a moment right now (a 6 month moment) of intense grief, of self-care and self-love, of facing all the challenges of that negative shaming we picked up somewhere along life’s path. Life’s all here, and I’m still completely here.

    It was life-affirming to me to see and hear this interview, to see the nuggets of wisdom emerge that clearly span time and space and say, “Yes, that’s me. I’ve gone down this road and I will still go down this road. I’m doing it.”

    I haven’t watched an episode in a long time, and I’m so glad to connect with you and Cheryl. Thank you!

  165. Javon Wing

    My take away: I will allow my life to take shape through compassion, love, and forgiveness. I will remember that writing isn’t what I do, but who I am and regardless of outcomes…I will continue to write. I take comfort in knowing that will never change and any by-product of my writing, will be the cherry on top of an already beautiful life!! It is through the journey that I create my life and everything I’ve ever wanted. The extent of my growth will determine the quality of content I put into the world…and that is my desire: to continue growing and writing.

  166. I loved how Cheryl’s candour and your good questions and appreciation, Marie. This goes into that small list of The Best of Marie TV – and given how good every session is, that’s a growing list. Listening to Cheryl talk about writing, I felt my typing fingers and writer’s heart humming. Thank you so much.

  167. Dawn

    So much richness! I will be sending this to two of my friends–one for the conversation on writing, and the other for the conversation that focuses on being able to say no sometimes.
    I appreciate the articulation that life is not necessarily one direction–an unceasingly-upward trajectory–that’s so true and okay.
    The idea of reminding myself to put myself in the way of beauty is very appealing as a way to celebrate some less that inspiring days. There is much quiet and simple beauty in my life that I can put myself in the way of. I’m also thinking of taking it further as needed–like maybe some days I need to put myself in the way of humor, or friends, or chocolate! Or gentleness. Or solitude.
    To Cheryl–you have my ear, regardless of the “success” of your next book.
    Thanks Marie!

  168. This felt very authentic. Thank you. I shared with a writer’s group I’m in with 800 members.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much, Lucille! I hope everyone in the writers group will feel inspired and encouraged by Cheryl’s words.

  169. This was brilliant! She really is a national treasure and makes me proud to be a woman. I am going to have to re-watch….so many take-aways.

  170. Antonia

    You were both great! What an interview! It took me to an internal journey! The insight was about being gentle with ourselves. So valuable and crucial, but yet so difficult. Thank you for this great talk you had and we watched!

  171. Great interview! What an inspiration! I wrote and published my first book “Designer Law School. Legal lessons for design entrepreneurs” in 2015. It did not start as a book but as a space to ‘warm up’ and procrastinate my Master’s Thesis writing! I wrote about a terrible thing that happened to me and a space to vent my frustrations and my learnings! After I graduated, I then made these ramblings into a book. I finished it by getting up and writing between 4am and 5am each day. Prior to starting each day, I would write a list—”What I want to achieve today?”. I only focused on what I wanted to achieve that morning and at the end of the session, I would write a summary which included facts and figures such as on the number of words, as well as the potential items for the list for the next day. My book was completed and published in a few months and I am onto the next one in the “Designer Law School” series! I am also now at Law School to learn more about the low so I can help designers and entrepreneurs make better informed decisions.

  172. Lív í Baianstovu

    “Put yourself in the way of beauty” was so wonderful to hear 🙂 and the mere presence of her, strength and reassurance that what I am doing as a writer is the right thing. I have a question: is it better to be published if possible, even if you don´t get insight into the economy, or is it better to selfpublish when living in a country where publishing doesn´t include an editor for you and you get to find less costly printing on your own? also you can have a not costly distributor?

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s a really good question, Lív! Marie had a non-traditional path to publishing and is an advocate of following your intuition. She talks more about her decision to self-publish her book in this episode: We encourage you to do what feels best for you and your book.

  173. Anna

    For me it was the notion that you have to make a home with the work you’re doing, before you can offer it into the world. I design and make furniture. I realise that I’ve let the “need” for outside sources’ approval of my work, get in the way of the actual work. It’s taken the joy out of it, and planted fear in it’s place. I had already started the process of reining it all back in, bringing it all closer to me, but this idea of ‘making a home with your work first’ really confirmed to me that what I’m doing is right, that my gut feeling is to be trusted. I’m going to focus on my work, re-shape it, and fall in love with it all over again. That’s where the passion is, where I would like the energy source to be. Thank you for the reminder.

  174. So humbled and honoured to have watched both you and Cheryl show your vulnerability, heart, and tears. One of the greatest things I was given by this interview was the validation that it’s ok not to write everyday and still be able to feel that you are a writer. I stopped writing blog posts on my writing website last summer because I felt I had nothing more to say. In reality, what was really happening was that I was afraid to move out of my comfort zone of living safely and my fears of expanding and growing into my full potential. Instead of beating myself up about not writing, I gave myself permission to let things ‘just be’ as they were unfolding. Just three months later, I was invited to spend the month of January 2017 in India – a cherished and unimaginable gift from a dear friend who lives there. As a single mom of a teenager who has struggled with adversity and impoverishment and hadn’t had a vacation in 15 years, I would never have allowed myself to imagine taking such a trip, but I trusted my gut, fully felt my fear, and everything fell into place. It was a trip of a lifetime, and in the two weeks since I’ve been back home, miraculously I came across your B-school and have made my first YouTube video as a submission for scholarship. There is no doubt in my mind that being ‘soft and kind and tender’ about not writing all these months, as Cheryl so eloquently spoke of, has led to this massive opening and expansion out of my comfort zone and into the realm of new and fresh possibilities to give, grow, and be ever grateful for this life. Thank you Marie and Cheryl. ❤

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Beautiful, Heather! It’s so great to hear you had a beautiful vacation and that life is presenting all sorts of new possibilities. We’re thrilled you submitted to the B-School scholarship contest and we can’t wait to check out your entry. We’re super proud of you and are so happy you’re getting your mojo back!

  175. Eve

    Beautiful, so many pearls: The two questions Cheryl asks all her students. Writing is like excavating, hard work, just do it, while following your own rhythm. Know the difference between following own rhythm versus avoiding it. Be gentle with myself by letting go of the pressure to write a “great” book. I love the image of Wild simply ending up as pages in a desk. perhaps no one reads it. This gives me courage to write. for the love of writing, while at the same time holding the image of the duration of the miners that just do the work.

  176. Cheryl talked about what I’m learning is one of the most important ideas for myself in my work. I originally heard about it from Steven Pressfield and it was clearly stated by Krishna speaking to to Arjuna in the Bhagvad Gita:
    “You have the right to work, but never to the fruit of work. You should never engage in
    action for the sake of reward, nor should you long for inaction. Perform work in this
    world, Arjuna, as a man established within himself – without selfish attachments, and
    alike in success and defeat.”
    This idea of doing your work-whatever it is-with focus on the work and not on how others will receive it is absolutely crucial.
    Thank you, Marie, for this beautiful interview with one of my new heroes. I cried too!

  177. One of my favorite people interviewing another one of my favorite people- heaven!! So much good stuff, putting yourself in the way of beauty, the hard things living right alongside the beautiful. So true…

  178. Amy

    Great interview! The “literary lasagna” idea and the “what is the core of my art” question both really jumped out at me. Many moons ago I had a college professor who never gave me an A because he felt that I “stuck too much to the surface.” (The class was The Religious Dimension of Human Existence). I felt like I poured my heart and soul into every paper, so his comment just gutted me. How much more could I give?!? All these years later, I still struggle with the concept of getting below the surface. I’m honestly not sure what it means when I *feel* like I’m writing from a deep place. But Cheryl’s excavation of Wild’s core question – “How do you live without someone you think you can’t live without” has begun to clarify the concept for me. So, thanks for that, Cheryl and Marie, I really appreciate it!

  179. Aaah! EVERYTHING! Biggest – giving myself permission on a deeper level of forgiveness – to pick my half finished books and projects up again with gusto and ‘binge writing’ modus operandi that I LOVE to be! Gratitude for reminders of so much re my mumma and her not being here, her gifts to me I still am unravelling day-to-day! MASSIVE GROUP HUG, gratitude pouring into every pore! (yeah, I know…) OOOOOO
    Ooops – also, major insight into my biz ‘Ecodecrypt’ and how I can speak it more clearly! xx

  180. Great and inspirational, the two things inspirational keep writing and writing and writing, writing is what merit me, I write to help people, and don’t keep in a relation you dislike, to the truth all the episode is inspirational. So intriguing!

  181. deborah cambria

    Truly a great interview…both of you are so sweet. I was crying listening to it. So raw and true. And all we want…me and you two…and maybe some others …is truth.

  182. Kersten

    Thank you Marie for this very timely interview. I actually knew nothing about Cheryl other than the book Wild. She is an incredibly insightful woman and this interview has provided me with even more fodder for my current book venture in progress. I just recently had the passion to write ignited in me (I believe it was always there, really) and know I will need constant encouragement to keep things going. This interview is now bookmarked and I will listen to it often to both maintain genuineness in my writing and empowerment to keep the words and pages going.
    Thank you so much.

  183. What resonated most with me was not looking for the external validation. It has to come from within… that we are driven to do our craft; it really is as if we have no choice and does not rely at all on external validation, getting paid for what we do or recognized at all… that for me is huge.

  184. Sarah

    Love this episode! Thank you Marie 🙂 As a writer, I was hanging off her every word. I really loved how simple and honest her advice is. Really the whole video stood out to me but maybe one thing I really took away was when she was talking about learning how to say no. I’m 33 and still struggle with this and I thought I should have been over this years ago but it doesn’t seem to let up. I never want to disappoint others even if that means I’m going to be the one disappointed in the end. Sadly, this even affects my writing – since some of the things I write about might disappoint others but bring me a deeper sense of freedom, integrity and joy. So I loved this part – somehow hearing her talk about it made me feel less ashamed that I struggle with this at times.
    Much love Marie & Team!! xoxo

  185. This interview was gold for me. I had contact with Cheryl’s agent a year ago and she very much liked my work, but I think I needed to give it more time. Too early. What I got out of this interview was a reinforcement of what I am learning (I am about the same age as Cheryl), which is that you need to stop thinking about that great memoir or novel and just write page after page that means something to you. I have been writing books for a decade now, but have always written one way or another. I will keep on moving with the reinforcement of the many rich points made here that I can easily identify with. I also retreat to a cabin to write.

  186. Hello Marie,

    Listening to you ask Cheryl questions that were deep makes you a compassionate interviewer. I am honing my interviewing ‘key person with influence’ skills. You touched on how we deal with losing someone close and this resonated so much, having lost my mother. I carried a picture of her everywhere for days after she died and it was tapes of the comedian, Billy Connolly that made me howl with laughter. I went from sobbing to howling with laughter and I realised, we all share these extreme emotions when in shock through raw grief. You cried as you validated your own mother, talking to Cheryl, making you a beautiful daughter. ‘Deep treasures of love’ shining for us all to witness. Deeply beautiful. Thank you both. Warm Wishes. Carolyn Williams

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      You’re so right, Carolyn. Emotions can jump from one end of the spectrum to the other when we’re in times of tumult and grief. Thank you for sharing so openly and honestly.

  187. Arlene

    The one gem I’m taking away is to “make a home in the work you are doing.” An invitation to take the pressure off of myself in terms of accountability, being ever- reliable, and have a fully formed “why” ready for everyone who asks. I’m in the midst of making a change that truly takes me from a life of regret, as Cheryl mentioned, to a life that I love. Externally I am successful, and yet this interview brought me to tears because the work I have done for decades has been painfully inauthentic and required so many personal and relationship sacrifices. Thank you Marie and Cheryl.

  188. Barbara

    Wow, thanks both of you. There were so many great ideas. But my favorite starts with the idea that just because I can’t do something every day, doesn’t diminish my creativity and my ability to bring it forth. Though I am not drawn to writing, I love beautiful words. However, I love to draw. And color is so wonderful with all of it’s variety. I love that Cheryl said she tried many things. I also love many varied things, but have put myself down for being “scattered”. It’s all just beauty and enjoyment to me. But I then think I should finish something before I start into something else. Maybe not, you’ve given me some things to think about. Thanks again. Barbara

  189. Amanda

    I love what you bring to us through Marie TV … but one of the things I appreciate the most is your obvious sincerity, transparency and emotional integrity. Thank you xo

  190. The insight that spoke to me the most was, “Nobody’s going to do your life for you. You have to do it yourself…No matter what is hard. No matter what unjust, sad, sucky things have befallen you. Self pity is a dead end road…It’s up to you to decide to stay parked there or to turn around and drive out.”
    I can turn this insight into action by remembering this whenever I feel the self-pity creep in. That it’s up to me to either make a move forward in my life, or choose to stay paralyzed in my “the world is unfair” mentality. I took a screen shot of the above quote in full, and made it the background on my desktop, so I can become more aware of how much my own self-pity is holding me back from doing great things with The Healing Bee.

  191. What a beautiful, insightful, and truthful conversation. This is my favorite interview you have ever done. I relate so deeply to Cheryl having lost my own mother to cancer at a young age, and I am also a writer. Watching this has given me a new perspective on so many levels. Thank you.

  192. I am a pastry chef and I LOVE to bake, decorate and try new things. I’ve always been able to express myself well with the written word and I plan on starting a food blog in concert with my baking business by the end of the year. I’m really looking forward to sharing my food creations with the world and learning more about photography. At almost 50 years old, it’s hard not to rush things and become impatient. I’ve decided to just enjoy the process and see where it takes me.

  193. Marie and Cheryl —
    Thank you so much for a very inspiring episode!
    I earn my living by writing for publications and business clients, which I love. About four years ago, I began to write fiction. Wow, talk about a change of pace! Fiction is hard work, but very rewarding. I am so lucky to have a supportive five-person writing group (and yes, I have shared the video with them). I do struggle to find time to work on my fiction. I am so pleased to hear that Cheryl binge writes!
    Thank you for highlighting the need to be humble and to change my attitude so that I look for the beauty and not just the dirt. I really needed to both of you today!

  194. Katerina

    The interview that I related the most because have been through greiving myself where I felt “How do I live without…” in my case my sister? And writing my thoughts was the only therapy that helped me. The question that the writing therapy answered blew my mind. After writting for 3years page after page simply to keep myself sane in order to wake up in the morning and go on with my life to make the ends meet and present myself professional and safe to my clients. I watch every interview I ‘suspect’ this one I’ll watch it over and over. Thank YOu Marie!

  195. Jen

    This interview was so very powerful for me. I feel in love with Cheryl as a person from her writing and her story in Wild. It was so raw and honest to me and I was in awe (and still am) that someone could write so powerfully and unapologetically about their life and especially in such detail on topics and events that might be otherwise embarrassing to admit publicly (i.e. sex with strangers, drug use and divorce). From this interview it was clear to me that Cheryl truly IS and raw and honest and I found that to be so incredibly reassuring in a world where people often pretend to be what they are not. I also appreciated the advice about being gentle with yourself — as an entrepreneur and recovering perfectionist and over-achiever I resonated so much with those words. Thank you so much for brightening my day. Keep on shining bright, Marie & Cheryl!

  196. Language is what held me back for the longest time! So glad to read the comments by other women who write in a second language. I am a native German speaker, my career was dedicated to teaching Italian Studies at university (which involved reading and writing in Italian). It took me 20 years before I was confident enough to call myself a writer who writes in English. What resonated with most with me is Sheryl’s comments on binge writing and allowing ourselves to not write for periods of time when our energies are focused elsewhere and still call ourselves writers. I also share Sheryl’s motivation to write about grief. That’s the book I want to write, what I learned from going through the abyss. Thank you for this powerful episode xx

  197. Language is what held me back for the longest time! So glad to read the comments by other women who write in a second language. I am a native German speaker, my career was dedicated to teaching Italian Studies at university (which involved reading and writing in Italian). It took me 20 years before I was confident enough to call myself a writer who writes in English. What resonated most with me are Cheryl’s comments on binge writing and allowing ourselves NOT to write for periods of time when our energies are focused elsewhere and still call ourselves writers. I also share Cheryl’s motivation to write about grief. That’s the book I want to write, about my grief journey and what I learned from going through the abyss, crashing into my most vulnerable self and being able to rise strong. Thank you Marie and Team Forleo and Sheryl for this powerful episode and for the wonderfully supportive community you have created. 🙂 x

  198. This interview was “Tearalicious”… meaning, my eyes were overwhelmed with tears and fueled with a wonderful taste of honesty when she shared about the loss of her mom… which ignited a place in me and my reflection of my daughter (my middle child) whom I love and cherish deeply, who battles with mental illness. This is a deep loss as I am her advocate and mother… As I watch her battle her emotions of why this is happening to her; of her loss of memory; of her recently dreaming and speaking of her father who is deceased and she doesn’t know it…. but in this she’s pregnant and I will soon be taking care of my grandchild (a blessing in the midst and a winning revelation).

    Okay… okay, I could go on and on… But Cheryl Strayed entire interview awakened something more in me… as I too am a writer who doesn’t write everyday…. to learning how to say NO… to saying NO to a loved and FEELING GUILTY… to funds being low… to and to… Haha!!! Thank You Marie!!!!! AND Thank You Cheryl…

  199. Allison

    This might be the most relatable episode I’ve seen on Marie TV. I love all of her episodes, but there was so much about Cheryl’s story that I could relate to (minus the famous part :). I really appreciate her perspective and the “beauty grounded in struggle” outlook or “can’t control the greatness of my work” type comments. I will be watching it agaiN!

  200. Bronwen Prosser

    Best interview. Ever. Totally inspired.

  201. WOW! So many take aways – where to start. I have been writing a pain management course and ebook and seem to fall down every time I read something from someone else – you know that “I’m not good enough” stuff. I’m not driving down that road any more! Most powerful for me “Don’t surrender all your joy for an idea you used to have about yourself that isn’t true anymore.” WOWOWOWOWWO! Quoting that in my course. Love you Marie and thank you Cheryl. I needed that inspiration today – dealing with chronic pain of migraines falls into the sucky category! xoxoxoxo

  202. Marie and Cheryl, Really appreciate the visceral, authentic expression of both of you. So rich are the times of loss and victory that open way to deeper realization and compassion for self and others. Your conversation is deep and healing. Infinite thanks…

  203. I needed almost everything you guys talked about in this video!
    I think the most immediately inspiring topic was “if you don’t write daily, your not a writer”. Thats all we ever hear. Over my life time I have resulted to mostly poetry and lyric writing because I have never had to time to write on a daily basis consistantly. I start and then life takes over, I know I’ve failed again, I will never be an author because I can not stay at the tasks required of an author. I therefore give up on the books inside my soul and consentrate on writing a poem that enforces one of my ideas, or composing and writing a song in reflection of the idea within that needs to come out.
    As of now…I will start my book and continue it how and when I can…I will complete it when it’s complete!

  204. Jenny

    Such a glorious interview. Wow! I did cry when Marie cried. Cheryl your nuggets of wisdom are wonderful. Thank you so much.

  205. Sasha

    My biggest takeaway: letting go of being “the best” at something, of being perfect and what crazy expectations that comes with, which can be debilitating, and instead just putting one foot in front of the other and lettting my passion motivate me. And also finding my own internal motivation come instead of seeking external motivation.

  206. Rebecca

    these tears just crept up on me too. Now I want to read all this beautiful woman’s books. Thank you so much, because I’m inspired. Im just gunna do my best too.

  207. Thank you Marie and Cheryl for your wholehearted, meaningful discussion. My biggest take away was Cheryl talking about how the lessons we learn the hard way deeply contribute to your success. It resonated with me. Recent years have been rough for my family and while we are still working through much of it, we are starting to see the lessons we’ve learned from some of these experiences, many of them bringing deep meaning and change to our lives.

  208. Pam Lewis

    “Life can be hard but it is also full of beauty – find your beauty”! Profound words to live by. Absolutely true!

  209. Bea

    Love it!

  210. Bea

    Love it!

  211. Kindness… that’s the thing that I got from this episode. “Be kind to yourself”, especially if you’re on a creative path.
    And I’m also a true believer that we can create “beauty” from the disasters that may happen to us.
    Thankyou so much for this interview! It’s been emotional and fullfilling. I love that you never hide the tears when something’s really moved you.

  212. Oh my god. I want to put both my arms around Sheryl and give her a big long hug like I’ve reached my ‘mothership’. A lot of things she said resonate in me because I have found them to be absolutely true.
    You have to be gentle with yourself to create, no good art comes from a place of emptiness. You have to let the shame out of your life. It’s ok if you only do your art whenever you actually can, and not everyday or in the way ‘the world’ or ‘other artists’ or even teachers pretends you to. Because happiness is about matching the expression of your self to how you feel on the inside. And keeping your ‘yes’ slow and your ‘no’ coming fast is a sure way to preserve yourself from trying to please everybody (to exhaustion) and constructing your validation on the way people look at you, and talk about you. Less can make you happy, even when you have big BIG dreams. But ‘good’ less.

    Also, I loved this interview Marie, cause is evident that every question came from your heart, and from real humble admiration. It was a beautiful intimate conversation, thank you for sharing <3

  213. This video was so inspiring. About to launch my first book… looking forward for what future holds in store… dream, be brave, keep pushing. That is all it takes and what I get from this conversation. You both are amazing women. Thank you for sharing this with all of us!

  214. Ian Versace

    As a stay at home dad of three, I was so grateful to hear Cheryl speak about binge writing as a thing! I am carrying a series of books around inside me, one of which I have struggled for eight years to get out. The months I would spend every night writing, then equally months not writing at all, has always made me ashamed of my efforts. Now, maybe it’s okay to let that shame go, and just keep on writing until it’s done.

  215. What I take away from this… never stop doing and being the person you need to be. Always hone yourself and your craft.
    I think about my daughter who, last year wanted a starring role in a school play. She prepared for the audition, but on the day of the audition she’d didn’t participate. Months later she explained to me her reasoning. She was afraid of not getting the part. In that moment I actually had something wise to say to her – “And by not auditioning you made your very fear come true.”

  216. Thank you, ladies. What a wonderful interview. Much love <3.

  217. Thank you for this interview Marie. It’s just what I needed.
    The biggest insight that I got from this interview is about surrendering the outcome. And just writing page by page. I also have this disease of pressuring myself to do something great always and it’s really destructive to the soul.
    I now know what’s the next book that I’m going to read.

  218. So many insights; too many to comment on! I’ll just give my first aha! I learn best when I see someone else doing what I want to be doing. Years ago I realized that the thing that stops me from taking action toward my dream is the thought “I don’t know how!” Now when I don’t know how I ask someone to show/help me.

  219. Liz

    Thank you for this beautifully honest interview. To me, the most poignant moment in the entire interview is the authenticity of Cheryl’s commitment to her craft. I am a writer, therefore I write. There is a magic that happens when thoughts, and actions align and I got the goosebumps when I see this happen in people.

    Love it!

  220. Thank you so much for this interview. Everything was exactly what I needed to hear as I publish my novel this spring. It made me love being a writer and owning that and I am not going to hide the fact anymore. So crazy grateful!

  221. Katrina

    Thank you for such a great interview. It was divinely timed and I resonated with so much of what you both shared. To pick one “aha” out of this interview was difficult but for me personally the one that resonated so very deeply was her story of turning away from her big dream and her ambition and just writing one page and then another and then another not knowing what would happen beyond her. With tremendous gratitude.


  222. Vera

    Wonderful conversation so much to take away and apply to my life. Thank you x

  223. This was so special. Thank you.

  224. Thank you, Marie! Could we bottle this interview please? I just received a rejection notice for my novel today. This interview was the “something beautiful” that showed up in my inbox. Marie, Cheryl — Thank you! Thank you! All systems go…

  225. Ramdesh

    Thank you so much for this. Although a published author, I’ve never had the courage to reach for my real dream…writing novels. Thanks for these gems. They’ll stay with me and I can already feel the shift.

  226. Omg SUCH a relief to hear her talk about binge writing. I have been writing my entire life- and I still struggle with considering myself a “real Writer.” That is the FIRST time I have ever heard any advice other than “you must write every day.” I thought there was something wrong with me because I didn’t do it that way. I think there’s a benefit to writing every day, but my most authentic work comes to me in waves. This was an AWESOME interview! Thank you!

    • Angelina S

      ✨✒️✨Binge writers unite!!!!✨✒️

  227. Suon Sokha

    Thank you for interesting interview, from this I want to be a writer which it is a part to develop the perspective of my society.

  228. Loved her validation of the hardest parts of our lives informing our art, and of humility being essential to
    creating. She is so beautifully down to earth and sincere. So
    genuine. What a pleasure to watch this. I also loved seeing Marie so touched throughout this interview! I feel like I just spent an hour talking to my best friend.
    Marie, you are such a fantastic interviewer. Top notch, you enjoy others’ stories and success so sincerely, and you ask great questions and highlight great wisdom. Thank you for this gift!

  229. Just what I needed to hear. I cried, my mother transitioned 3 years ago. I love my 9-6 job but lately its been running me hard and I’m wanting out. I can barely pay the bills and some days I want out. And I seem to be talking myself of the edge. I want to create my art all day long. I do create my art almost everyday. My 9-6 is sucking the energy out of me. There is a yearning to more. A hunger, a burning. I am looking a solution.

  230. Its really amazing blog with very much helpful information, thank you so much for writing this great blog here for us.

  231. Beautiful interview.
    The biggest insight for me is this theme of “both/and” instead of “either/or”. It feels like it is everywhere at the moment. Life is full of both beauty and suffering. We need to both endeavor to nurture our creativity and pay the rent.
    Thank you, as always.

  232. Kim

    wonderful and inspirational. thanks!

  233. Angelina


  234. Nikola

    Wow. I really appreciate this episode. What resonated the most was Cheryl speaking about her definition of happiness in her life, about not pretending, doing her best and not knowing if anyone is going to like it and that’s ok. Finding and doing what gives her the joy in life. Being authentic to herself, not worrying about keeping everyone else happy but making art that is true to the story she has to tell. I love the saying from her mother “Put yourself in the way of beauty” I’m want to see life more that way. This episode had so many juicy nuggets! Thank you

  235. Humberto S Del Aguila Mejías

    Hi Marie,

    I love this phrase: A word after word, after word, after word is POWER!
    Just right now I started a write one sentences and trying to do something that I always wanted to do…
    Thanks for introduce us Cheryl Strayed.

  236. Helayne

    I’m so glad Cheryl said she is a binge writer as so many who people giving writing advice talk about the ‘daily’ routine. I get the idea of actually not procrastinating…giving into fear of failure etc, absolutely! But, being busy and having other ‘necessary’ life priorities is a reality which I sometimes would feel really frustrated and guilty about and engage in self flagulation (did I spell that right? Nuh!). I am a binge writer….YES, so I am! And that’s okay! I’ll check out other vids to hear what Cheryl has to say. Good common sense stuff. I may even read one of her books (ha ha ha). Thanks for asking her on to share her experiences and advice, much appreciated Ms Forleo.

  237. “Only when Im gentle towards myself I can do the work” and “be brave to say no” because Im the kind of woman that have said yes to most projects that came my way. This interview was full with grace and insights from both of you.

    Arrows of Love

  238. Desirée

    Cheryl you are everything everyone says in the comments, but on top of that you are a really beautiful woman. I can’t believe you are 48.

  239. Marie you are such a special human being – a real shining light who’s so god damn rare in this world because you have the courage to show your heart and be genuinely vulnerable and intimate with those you interview. That you do this so openly is both inspiring and well REALLY inspiring on so many levels. Thank you.

    Cheryl I so enjoyed listening you – particularly the way you illuminate on shame, and also the more expansive, role of memoir. And look forward to learning more about your work/and indeed looking out for more interviews/talks of yours!

  240. Jennifer

    I’m a painter, professional writer and mom of two young boys. I’d love to make painting a bigger part of my life and sometimes it’s difficult because there are only so many hours in the day. I often feel guilt or shame when I hear other creatives say you MUST practice your art daily if you want to grow. Thank you, Cheryl, for the comments about your binge writing. I’m a binge painter — I simply can’t be a daily painter at this point in my life — and it’s a relief to hear about other artists who work in this way. This was so worthwhile — thank you.

  241. Jimmy

    ” Word after word after word after word…” 🙂

  242. Ghulam Akbar

    Hmm, great post! I have been working as online marketer since 2013, want to be writer I read books every day in the morning but write less so what do you recommend to become writer.

  243. A beautiful conversation. Very touching and inspiring.

  244. Olivia

    What a stunning interview! Thank you both so much! I’ve spent my career in health care and have always had this little writer seed in me waiting for the spring to come and for me to do something more! I have just started my first book and I’m experiencing for the first time the pendulum of enthusiasm; one minute “I can do this!” the next minute “Who am I to even be writing about this?!” It’s hearing stories like these that both keep me on the path, and let me know I am indeed on the right path to be giving this a try! As Cheryl mentioned, I don’t think I have ever felt so self actualized until I started this writing journey, juggling it with my day job, whether it becomes a seller or sits in my drawer the thrill of writing even for myself is something I’ve never experienced. Thank you again for the inspiration, and I have to say you made me hit pause mid interview to call my Mum! xx

  245. Margreeth

    Dear Marie, thank you sooooo much for this epic and resonating interview. I am an all time fan of Cheryl, she is my hero. i loved all the topics you touched with her, from the feeling of shame to the duality and feeling of loss, but most importantly the regretting of things people don’t do.

  246. Thank you for this video, it is very inspiring! It touched on a lot of points and issues that are current in my life, and how i view myself. From today I will be making major changes in the way i approach my life from now on.

  247. Rita Charalambous

    Thankyou Marie, these words resonate with me during your wonderful interview…..
    a word after word after another word …………
    I am an artist …I don’t paint every day but when I binge paint, it is pure emotion that I
    am painting . It cannot be forced .
    Be who you are and do what you are meant to be doing.
    Listen to your heart .

  248. What an interview! Truly one of the best ever! Thank you both for such a genuine and honest look at success, loss, failure, perseverance and most of all beauty. Btw, I cried too!

  249. Leah Hill

    Amazing interview! I am currently writing my first book and as I listened to this, it gave me perspective on what to expect, or not expect. My biggest takeaway is that humility is the key to happiness in success and it’s not my business how something is received. Thank you for this!

  250. Kim Dickerson

    Thank you Marie and Cheryl for such a moving conversation! I feel most inspired to keep going! Not to quit. I will continue to unleash my creativity step by step day by day as I see and feel fit. I will NOT focus on the reward at the end because this only muddy’s and confuses my vision. I’m 47 yrs old and at a massive crossroads in my life, career, finances, marriage, college bound child, loss of loved one all swirling and lurking around me at the same time. Navigation skills a must! Thank you for the grounded confidence boosting conversation. I’ve been reminded honesty is always the best policy, especially with SELF! xoxo Kim

  251. Elena

    Grazie Marie and Cheryl, today i fell very much inspired by your words, smile and great love! Elena

  252. This interview spoke directly to my heart! I’m a freelance photographer who has taken quite a long time getting myself going in my career because I could never get away from the negative mindsets. When I say quite a long time, I mean it! It’s been 6 years of the negative thoughts rolling through telling me I’m not good enough, no one is going to hire me, etc. I hit a point last year when I threw all of those thoughts out the window! Now I message new Mommy’s and Daddy’s about newborn shoots, I ask to take pictures of couples when I’m out on an adventure and refer them to my website. etc. Little things like this have really helped me! It’s exactly what Cheryl was saying, no one is going to do this for me! So I push myself to be better than I was yesterday, every day, and I finally put myself out there for people to see me and my work.
    I wanted to start a blog talking about careers and mindsets. I’ve sat on this idea for a couple week now but this interview really made me smile ear to ear! I refuse to go back to bad habits. I can’t wait another 6 years to do something I’m very passionate about! This is happening and soon!

  253. Sarah

    What a treat. My biggest takeaway was really to embrace gentleness as a tactic and to accept that I have the power to choose to create work. And that making that choice consistently is the only way I will discover the process that works for me!

  254. As a writer, I’m in love with this interview.
    Cheryl destroyed so many myths and limitations about writing, being a writer, and experiencing and expressing creativity that every person needs to hear.
    I binge write. I wake before the sun while our home is still or go away in solitude to pour my heart and soul onto the paper. And I also experience a beautiful life taking care of our young children.
    If I’d embrace the definitions that others have placed on the work I’m meant to do in this world, I’d never achieve any of my goals.
    This interview was both healing and refreshing and I will watch it in its entirety again and again.
    Thank you Marie. Thank you Cheryl.

  255. Beautiful, amazing interview. Just finished up watching while my little one naps. Cheryl gave so much insight for me as a newbie to the writing world. I have a desire and push to write, I’m working on it and towards it but am feeling the pressure since my time is limited being a mom of three young ones. I’m here to help heal the world by spreading love and kindness not only to my family but to those that need it across the world. After watching this video it gave me a sense of relief for not always having the time to make those dreams happen of writing, but forgiving those moments of shame and allowing myself to feel at ease about. And we all know that forcing the time never lets the universe flow through me. I was feeling blocked and now know I have to forgive and just be. It also made me feel more at ease about potentially becoming a B school student. The decisions that we make are always working for us, whether it’s what we expected or not, the universe always has my back. So thank you, thank you, thank you for an incredible interview!

  256. jäz romero

    I am thilled that it is said out loud that we can and should be gentle with ourselves, that it does not mean we are sloppy or lazy but quite the opposite! We need it to create genuinely!
    And that we should valitdate the work we do not only when it matches prefixed concepts made by an idea we don´t even know where it is coming from, like “I am only a writer if I write every day”.
    Thank you for the example you are setting for others to follow!

  257. It was so so inspiring, although I’m not a writer, this talk was so powerfull and importent. I’m in a very new exiting and hard place right now in my life and this talk just touched almost all the aspects I’m dealling with right now.
    The most inspiring for me was the page by page part that I just discovered in my life myself.
    I would realy love if you could talk about the “side” job we have to work until getting to our perfect career, cause I’m struggling so much with my waitres job,that take so much energie from me, while I build myself up.
    thank you so much for the amazing content!!!

  258. Rose

    I find it interesting that as writers we still feel it’s important to get approval and permission – and I think that tends to be how women are raised. “You are still a writer” is so, so, important for us to hear. Thank you for sharing this interview!

  259. Hi Marie & Cheryl, thank you for this very motivating and inspiring interview! I think it’s beautiful to see & hear you both being honest, humble and yet so very successful! I loved reading ‘Wild’ (that’s why I wrote a book review about it that can be found on my blog – but love even more to see that Cheryl is still the same person, with the same voice and intent that can be found in the book, even after all the success. Lots of love, Sandra

  260. “Put yourself in the way of beauty.” What a beautiful gem of wisdom and truth that Cheryl’s mother left her and now us. I could go on and on about this interview and everything wonderful I gleaned from it, but what will really stick with me today is “Put yourself in the way of beauty.” Thank you, Cheryl and Marie. xo

  261. Carole

    Very inspiring interview Marie, Love your inthusiam and down to earth approach!

  262. Thank you so much for this amazing episode… I`m thrilled to hear that the only thing I can do, is writing a word and a next and another one. Sentence by sentence, moment by moment. Yes, beauty is all around uns, we only must decide to see it… Best wishes from Bavaria – Ingeborg Helene Heidenreich

  263. Sofia Carlotta

    Hello Marie,
    I’m so grateful for this episode of Marie TV. For me this was one of the most inspiring episodes I’ve ever seen.
    The most important point for me is her definition of happiness!
    I’m totally agree that the key to real happiness is to show the world outside, who we are!
    I’m struggling a lot of time with showing people the ‘real me’.
    This episodes reminds me of the importance of being authentic!
    Thank you so much!
    Best wishes from Germany,

  264. My biggest insight was to go on living my dream, no matter how hard my life becomes for period of times. To allow myself to go with my own pace, not to push or force myself and go out too early with my creation. Like to give birth to a baby needs time. And that most good things in life have struggle beforehand. Thank you so much for this interview. I loved your tears, Marie – it suddenly made you so soft and feminine. beautiful!!

  265. Valerie Hines

    I TOTALLY agree with the idea that you have to be driven and passionate about what you want to do. You cannot and should not be driven by monetary value.

  266. Cassandra Altmann

    Great interview and dialogue ladies. I am a writer and entrepreneur who is in the midst of a financial and identity struggle. I don’t write every day and I often feel paralyzed by the desire to finish writing a book. I don’t want thirty years to roll passed me and have not given myself a real chance to write.

  267. Another amazing interview. Thank you just doesn’t seem like enough.

    The one take home is an observation that writing gives us a voice. It’s like every one should be a writer/artist in some form or another. Have many beautiful people we would never get to learn from if they didn’t express themselves through their art. I didn’t know your guest before listening to the program today and now I want to read every thing she has ever written. Thank you!

  268. Raj

    Hi Marie. May you be blessed.
    Your chat with Cheryl was both inspiring and enlightening. She stands out as a role model of someone who has risen from the ashes… to fame. So what did I take away from it? Four main things amongst others:
    1.Cheryl’s definition of success which was contrary to the standard societal definition.
    2. The fear of failure. Making the wrong decision has left many of us stuck in a rut. I personally believe we should follow our dreams and go for it. And whilst doing that be in the way of beauty.
    3. Cheryl’s acceptance of who she is externally and internally. The fact that there is no need to pretend to be somebody else. She is a true natural.
    4. That special moment when you got choked and cried. I admired the way you let it flow, reboot your resolve and get on with you. You are big in eyes Marie. Hugs.

    May your love and light spread wide.

  269. I follow you long time ago but I don´t make comments because my English is not perfect (I am Spanish). Today I cannot avoid writing. I did´t know Cheryl Strayed but now I love her. Great, inspiring interview! Thanks a lot Marie. You are adorable.

  270. Ceci

    I have a question before i enroll. My first lenguage is spanish, so i can study everything in english, but if I need to do a video, I need to do it in spanish, and all my business will be in spanish, the web site, the videos, etc. So because of that is still this my best option?

    I am in love with all the videos, those are so inspiring, but please, just give me an advise, before i enroll to b-school.

    • Hey Ceci! As long as you’re comfortable learning in English (which you seem to be!) — yes, building your website, content, videos in Spanish is the way to go.

      We have B-School grads from 119 countries and many do not speak English as their first language, nor do they cater to an English speaking market. If you have more questions, write us [email protected] – we’ll be happy to answer them for you 🙂

  271. Chelsea

    “Life will always be hard, and life will also always be beautiful.” <– the ultimate duality

    What an incredibly poignant interview!! Thank you, Marie and Cheryl!

  272. Daniela

    Loved it so much.

  273. Julia

    Dear Marie Forleo Team, would you mind telling me who made the pink painting behind Cheryl Strayed? My passion is the art… Thanks!
    Thanks a lot for this great episode with such a great inside in the life of a writer! I loved the way how she made her life functioning so that she could write. I loved it that she even worked as a waitress so that she would have free time and a “free head”.
    Greetings from good old Germany! Julia

  274. How beautiful you and Cheryl are!
    Marie Forleo, I discovered your site by surfing the internet. The first video I saw was an interview with Seth Godin. How precious! Since this I see ALL the videos and they are one better than another!

    I’m Brazilian and the pronunciation of your English is so clear that I can understand everything perfectly!
    I love the gentle way you treat your guests, the way you listen to they carefully, let they talk without interruption, and also the way you emotionally engage in the interviews. I also cried when you told about your mother! ;-(

    Your show has a certain amount of humor, emotion and seriousness. Your work and your team is great! I’m your big fan!

    Thank you so much for doing what you do best! It Bless me a lot, here on the other side of the world!



  275. Hi Marie and Cheryl!
    I love this interview. Thanks for all you do! I’ve never seen Marie get so choked up and emotional. Wonderful how you both touch hearts!

    I’ve been working on a novel for the past 8 years when I can find the time (binging!) about a broke and struggling young woman (artist-type) living in San Francisco in the 1980’s (semi-autobiographical). Here’s my Q: Once it’s finished, what do I do with it? I have no idea! Seriously, not a clue. How do you get it out into the world in a way where it can reach people? What steps can I take? I really think it would make a fun read and a great film!

    Thank you!

  276. Cheryl Dorrenbacher

    The interview with Marie and Cheryl Strayed was very inspiring and helpful for me, as a person who has been aspiring to be a writer for many years. Something that I really heard was Cheryl talking about how she writes, as a ‘binge’ writer. I seem to follow this pattern as well, and it was refreshing to hear from someone who has become successful in another way than the writing gurus insist is the only way one can be, such as “one must write, everyday.” The self kindness, forgiveness, acceptance approach does work well for many, even if the Saturnine taskmaster style might for others too. I agree with her and I loved hearing her viewpoint on that subject and its merits. It was very good to hear something that can release writers and creative others from idea prisons that might be holding them back unecessarily. I also very much appreciated hearing her speak on her view of not liking the “pie in the sky, everything is beautiful” bent that many follow, for example like … “It’s ALL good.” Sure, I get the point but it’s just not very real to me. Cheryl is down to earth and real. Beauty grounded in struggle. Yes. Honoring both. Thank you very much.

  277. Wow Wow Wow. I can’t thank you both enough for this piece.
    Where do i even begin at what incredible insight I gained from this interview/exchange?

    – That my best work will come when I change the voice in my head from one of shame to one of gentleness- Yes. That you just have to dig… That you have to make a home for yourself and your work… that you have to get to a place where you’d be okay even if no-one heard it. I could go on…

    But really I just neat to say thank you Marie for having Cheryl on. And THANK YOU Cheryl, I read Wild at 27 when travelling alone through Asia having walked away from an old version of myself that had become to uncomfortable to live within. Your book broke me open. Your words today… nearly 3 years later have helped me realise what my intrinsic fear is: That is- if I keep making art.. and no one sees it.. and no one cares.. does it matter?

    This is something I will work out and work through now. So yes, just thank you 🙂 Cannot wait for your next book. Elissa- London x

  278. Jen

    “If you consider yourself a creative person in any way, I guarantee that this interview will blow you away.”

    This is the TRUTH! I am so glad I watched this because this interview has caught me at a time when I have really been struggling with the idea of what it means to be a creative, living this writer’s life. I think the part when Cheryl was honest about her finances and what success looked like was so powerful for me. Getting rid of shame was another, being gentle with yourself and still taking care of what is necessary was another. There is not one thing that didn’t resonate with me. This touched me so deeply that I was crying the whole time because I truly felt that God was answering my prayers when I opened Marie’s email today. I am sure Marie and team and Cheryl know that they are doing good work, but I need you all to know that you are also saving the lives and spirit of so many. So with my entire being, thank you!

  279. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I have no words. This episode has given me huge revelations and insights I´ll never forget.

  280. Rhonda

    “Put yourself in the way of beauty….” Those words made me cry. I lost my mother 2 years ago Cheryl and Marie! She’d always say we need something in life to push against. Challenges don’t magically go away. The beauty makes the struggle and challenge bearable when we think we can’t go on.

  281. Serena

    This was such a beautiful interview. Thank you both for your vulnerability and honesty, it is such a treasure. I had been planning to just listen as I worked, but 5 minutes in I knew I just needed to sit back and enjoy this time with you two and it was so nurturing. Thank you both for your ongoing work and for the reminder that each step along the way is a reward in itself.

  282. I can’t get over how good this conversation was. So many great things touched on–her observation that when you say yes to everyone, everyone is happy with you, and to say no is to risk having people judge you or dislike you. I find it comforting that she, too, struggles with saying no, but like Marie says–eventually you have to for self-preservation. And I like Marie’s observation that saying no also means coming up against society’s idea of success–that it may not involve ‘more,’ that ‘bigger’ isn’t necessarily better. I love that Cheryl is a binge writer, not a daily writer, and that she sometimes holes up in hotels to do it. I love that she does not seem to buy into the hype of being a famous, successful author. I think she is great at articulating truths about what it’s like to be a writer, and I imagine it is wonderfully beneficial for her writing students. I took a screen cap of all the “nuggets o’ wisdom” (that phrase kills me!), and I particularly love “I can’t sit here and make greatness.” It’s so true–you have to drop that and just settle for writing “word after word after word”!

  283. “Life will always be hard, and life will also always be beautiful.” That went straight to my heart. It’s too easy to believe that it’s either hard OR beautiful. Also, Mom-wisdom: “Put yourself in the way of beauty.” Gah! I love that Cheryl also reinforced the idea that there is no one path to success, and that we never really arrive. There’s always something new to create or experience or do. This is probably my favorite interview so far, Marie. I’m inspired by you both!! xoxo

  284. Milena

    The biggest single insight I gain in this conversation: there are always struggle, and there is always beauty. what we need to learn, again and again as human, is to go through our struggles with our humanity and see the beauty in the process.
    Thanks, Marie and Cheryl. You’re my heroes.

  285. Juana

    I am currently writing my first book and SO loved this conversation. She is an incredible inspiration! Loved the notion of standing in the way of beauty and of letting shame out of our lives. Also, on not focusing on the end result, but rather on each word after word after word….beautiful! Thank you. Oh! and thank you Marie for showing your vulnerability in such a gorgeous way.

  286. “Put yourself in the way of beauty”
    What an amazing way to start each day.
    Thank you Marie for sharing Cheryl Strayed’s interview.
    This comes at a time when I most need inspiration and reason to move forward in difficult spaces.

  287. Wow! What an inspirational role model for creatives. Cheryl said everything I needed to hear. She reminded me of what it means to be an artist and the ups and downs that go along with that.

    Shame is a struggle for me when I think about my dream of having my own business. So many thoughts haunt my mind – Why am I not finished building it yet? I graduated photography school and traveled the world and yet never offered a piece of art for sale. Will people even appreciate my work? Why can’t I focus? I literally feel like I’ve lost my direction sometimes.

    Hearing her say that you don’t need to write everyday to be a writer is very powerful. Although that it not my profession, I realized I need to be more gentle on myself and I will always be an artist and will always pursue my creative dream no matter what.

    The entire interview was powerful, but her mother’s quote at the end I will never forget. Thank you Marie for spreading inspiration around the world. I’ve really gained so much knowledge and confidence after watching your recent videos about B-school. I applied for the scholarship and just the requirement of making a YouTube video (which I never imagined I would do!) really brought me out of my shell and put me on the right path forward to keep chasing my dreams. Thank you Marie!

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Carley, we love hearing that!! Can’t wait to see where you’re headed.

    • Amy

      I looked at your site… get some work up there, it looks gorgeous!! People will definitely buy your stuff 🙂

  288. Hi Marie,
    Oh, how I love, love, love and cherish this beautiful interview!! Both you and Cheryl are people that I find so inspiring, so giving and just all round awesome 🙂 The timing of this interview could not be more prefect for me and my personal journey. I have done B-school a few years ago and it has helped me and my business in so many ways.
    A few weeks ago, I signed my first book deal and the publishing house has positioned as an inspiring memoir like Wild from Cheryl. It will be in bookstores in the Netherlands (I’m Dutch) this coming September and in October of this year I will launch my first online program. So, seeing you both in this wonderful interview, packed with so many moments of wisdom, has been a true gift. Marie, thank you so much for all that you do.
    With Love, Sophia

  289. Jane

    Thank you for this interview! Feels like, i can laid back a bit, because whenever i’m relaxing, I feel guilty because i don’t do my side jobs(1 full job and 2 side jobs). And yes, I’m trying to say no these days. Because when I say more yeses, i got more overwhelmed and stress out. The one that strike me is, what’s the definition of happiness. is it what i people see in the outside is the same like the inside. Am i just a people pleasure or being honest with myself. I know when people hear me being honest, they dont like it because it makes me sounds harsh. that’s the thing that i’m struggling. I can’t sugar-coat it and in Asia, some people like to pretend and sugar-coat things so that their bosses like them. I hate it so much.

  290. Thank you for everything that was discussed here……the wisdom and and the insights. I woke up this morning feeling exhausted, overwhelmed and incredibly uncomfortable. The ‘life’ stuff was even more helpful to me than the writing stuff, today. I am still tired and uncomfortable, but more comfortable with being uncomfortable, if you know what I mean! This has helped me in ways I couldn’t explain to others, only to myself, and has led me to feel more centred. I have wonderful people in my life, but sometimes we need an outside source to go to, that acts as a mirror in which we see and recognise something of our own inner world. And I am going to continue writing my blogs, regardless of how few or how many read them, and I will finish my first ebook…..because I AM a writer!

  291. Sibylle

    I love how Marie and Cheryl discuss the concept of duality, how everything worthwhile and beautiful has grown from or is grounded in struggle, and how we need loss, pain and challenges to grow.
    A very moving interview full of precious insights, thank you!

  292. Dear Marie,
    I love when you cry. You are so human and that’s what makes us connect with you. There is strength in vulnerability. #keepingitreal #feelallthefeelings

    Dear Cheryl,
    Thank you for your work and for sharing your beautiful words and lessons with all of us.

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Amen, there is SUCH strength in vulnerability. Thank you for tuning in, Allison.

  293. Shirley Hurm

    Wow that was awesome! Love it. So raw and beautiful. I think my biggest take away is to “put myself in the way of beauty” and what that meant to Cheryl’s mother. I think sometimes in the middle of day to day hardships I get lost in all of that, or sometimes I think I am manic because I feel I am putting on a false face of happiness. But to be conscious that even in the middle of pain there can be happiness or beauty. It is right at the next glance over to the next thing. I am not alone.

  294. Jane van Honk

    Hi Marie,
    I think I was one of the readers in 2012 that put Cherly on the New York Times Best Seller List, even though I had never heard of Cheryl Stray. I read her book because hiking is a passion and what I discovered through her impossible journey was how incredibly vulnerable we are even in the midst of expressing enormous courage and strength. Like losing the shoe on the top of the freakin Mountain, so it also reminded me how important self reliance is. I could go on, but I loved this interview , I lost my Mother 12 months ago ; I know that searing loss and today I wake up each day thinking how can I live without my Mom! but you know I can and do! So thank you both for honoring our deepest hurts and soul searching dreams!

  295. Jennifer Kittredge

    So loved this! I write often but have never considered myself a writer because I don’t write daily. I have always said to myself, I want to be a writer. Guess what? I AM A WRITER! I love the idea of “binge writing” because that is what I do. This was a phenomenal interview. Thank you.

  296. It is hard to pick just one insight. I resonate with much of what Cheryl said. I’m getting close to finishing my first novel, and have a second, third and fourth book already in my mind. I completely understand how these “phantom children” co-exist inside us. What hit me most is when Cheryl makes the point that you are a writer, even though you may not write every day. My writing has been sporadic, on my books anyway, and not always every day. I have steadily worked on this first story and it is the book I have to write. It started out with NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) in November of 2013. The seeds for writing were always within me and I thought what better way to find out than to see if I could write 50,000 words in a month. And I did. I started out just dumping about the loss of my own mother, to get those words out. Then something happened and it turned into a story. From then on I knew I needed to write, and that was that. Since that time, I have been setting up my life to support my writing. As I was watching the end of the interview, I was simultaneously typing up the most recent words I have written for my novel. Thank you so much for the encouragement, and for sharing your story. I’m a fellow Portlander and feel lucky to live in a city surrounded by so many wonderful creatives sharing their lives and making this world a better place. So thank you Marie and Cheryl for encouraging me to press on. I couldn’t do it without you.

  297. Sarah

    This was such an inspiring interview, what wonderful women Cheryl, authentic, honest and open women she is, as are you Marie,
    Such much of this conversation touched me and I remember watching the film and being grateful to still have Mum, and being in awe that Cheryl did that journey.
    At 47 on my own healing journey, the quotes that hit a note with me, because this part of my healing journey “What is the definition of Happiness in my life? for me its really very much that what I appear to be in my exterior life is close to who I really am inside” This resignation because most of life, not all but a majority, I have been a people pleaser.
    and kept me small. Now I journey to live this statement too and shine. the other awesome insight that made me sit up that probably sits closely with the other one is “Don’t surrender all your joy for an idea you used to have about yourself that isn’t true anymore” I LOVE this, so true, surrender the fear, the old patterns that hold us back and embrace the change and transformation that is taking place. Our ego’s make this hard, but with an open heart, the light can come in. The last one was saying NO, but saying no without judging yourself and making others wrongs, or to keep yourself small out of fear, but saying no because you know it’s the right thing, again I learning this one too.
    Thank you for sharing such an intimate conversation with so much love,
    A new fan

  298. What resonated with me was how there was always something beautiful to fall back on , my mom had a similar sentence to that of Sheryl’s, and it was :”the sun shines for everyone”. In its simplicity it was such a deep saying . She now has dementia and does not remember much, but the day that I had to bring her to the nursing home where she now lives, she said the sun is shining and maybe this will all be alright.
    thank you for this interview, both of you are so real !

  299. Wow ! I feel more and more gratitude every time I watch a new video by Marie. And this one with Cheryl was exceptional – I have watched it for the third time now – every thing in this interview resonates so closely with where I am right now in my life. I am also amazed at how powerfully true it is that” when the student is ready the teacher appears”. Having lost my amazing mom and dad very unexpectedly within 6 months of each other in 2015 I felt just like Cheryl – how could I live without my my mom and dad. They had been my and my boys safe place for my entire marriage – the place we went to when life at home became too unbearable. Sadly ( and totally incomprehensible that I believed this ) but I believed it was the best thing for my children for me to remain in a destructive relationship. I could not see the damage I was doing to my children exposing them to violence and fear in the place that was supposed to be their safe place. We coped better than most in similar relationships because of the abundant love , joy and safety my mom and dad provided for us. But in such a short space of time we lost the two people who loved us the most in this world. And in the journey that followed with all the sadness and emptiness and loneliness I finally saw the real pain, anxiety and hopelessness my children and I were feeling. I had chosen to stay parked in my dead end road for more than 20 years and as Cheryl so beautifully puts it – I finally realised I actually” had the choice to turn around and drive out”. I gained a lot more insight into the effects of children even just witnessing abuse – whether physical, psychological or verbal – and saw my own children’s struggles. I then knew I had a responsibility to give my children at least a tiny chance at the childhood I had robbed them of – of feeling safe, secure and happy and free to be themselves. And I had a responsibility to share my lessons gained from my own mistakes with other women – society sends such strong messages about how damaging divorce is for children and how it is better to stay in a marriage for the sake of your kids. But no one makes the distinction that yes marriage is a beautiful place for children to be raised, but not when there is any form of violence and abuse. Exposing children to violence and abuse is absolutely undeniably more destructive than divorce for children. But finding myself with no income, practically drained of all self confidence and self worth – I still stayed because it was safer and more comfortable than the unknown – and absolutely as Marie and Cheryl discussed in this video – a fear of making the wrong the decision. But then because i was finally ready the teacher arrived – Marie and her team . And through feasting on many many Marie TV episodes – I finally realised it was not okay to “stay in the place that sucked – I am responsible for my own life ” ( and my children’s) . I am inspired to write a book to share the many lessons gained from my mistakes and coach and empower women to own their power and their life ! And this interview with Cheryl was the final inspiration I needed for writing my book . And now that I have finally stepped into my own power doors open every where – Marie TV, the possibility of a B- school scholarship, beautiful interviews like this one. Thank you – and I love the beautiful gift your mom gave you Cheryl – to “Put yourself in the way of beauty”. Absolutely awesome thank you so much Marie and Cheryl for sharing so openly.

  300. Thank you for this interview. I have always “eaten” books but hadn’t heard of Sheryl. I now feel an urge to go to the book store. Even though my art is jewelry, she had so much I feel that I needed to hear right now. There’s so much that we have in common as creatives. It’s a blessing to hear other’s experiences. When she mentioned not writing daily, it reminded me of the jewelry making plans that demand that you “bead daily”. It made me smile because I remember breaking out of that and finally not being riddled with guilt about it. And I can also “binge” on jewelry making. The best to the both of you.

  301. Polina

    What I get from this conversation is that the most wonderfull part of our lives can be the most hard. Like being a wife, being a mother, for a women it is one on the most wanted thing and also one of the most challenging. And that’s the beauty. My vision of what happiness is has shifted. This is not how I imagined a dream life. I never considered struggle and challenge as a part of happiness. These was something you need to fight with, to eliminate in your life. But now I look differently at my everyday challenges, I start to kind of love and cherish them. And also, it made me understand that rich and successful people are not aliens. That have the same struggle inside as every human being has. And there is no money or success that can set you free from insecurity or discomfort. But those people could manage to get along with it, and see it as a beautifull part of life, something to accept and live with, not someting to fight with. Thank you very much for this episode.

  302. Maria

    I started my day feeling like I have no real direction with my life, that I have made so many poor decisions, and that although I like my most recent written essay, it probably won’t be that good to others. Simply put, I was starting to drive down the road of self-pity. Then, as I was about to read my daily emails, I noticed I had not watched Marie’s Tuesday video with Cheryl Strayed. So I did, not once, but twice, savoring every heartfelt thought and feeling! This was exactly what I needed to hear in my life that is in transition right now. Everything shared in this interview by Marie and Cheryl resonated with me. I cried and I laughed with them. This was definitely a gift of love and very empowering. It helped me to stop feeling sorry for myself and feel validated. I am the engine of my dreams, and I do have a voice that wants to be heard through my creativity and writing. I am so thankful to Marie and Cheryl, two women of profound beauty, that gave me the opportunity to “put myself in the way of beauty” today, helping me to learn more “about what it means to be human”. You lifted my spirits. Much love and many, many thanks!

  303. Wow Marie, is it even possible to only give one single insight that resounded with us – it was all BRILLIANT! I feel like Cheryl was talking about everything I’ve ever been through. Loved her saying that the way we survive is by running along at the speed of our own engine and that it’s okay not to write everyday. Also loved that taking a leap of faith will have a rocky patch but that it’s better than staying out of fear. Thank you Marie and Cheryl for a truly stunning interview – I’m inspired to continue my writing journey!

  304. Earl

    Fantastic interview ! I should have purchased a stamp and ink pad so every time Cheryl shared a truth of hers I could stamp on my forehead “Me Too!” In all seriousness,..Cheryl is a gift !!!,…and her words are illuminating, inspiring and necessary.

    I do some writing and have a secret passion to be a published author. I am also my own worst enemy. Cheryl’s words peeled back another layer of wisdom for me. I’ve been doubting myself and feeling like what I have to say is not of value. From listening to Cheryl’s interview her wisdom and guidance allowed me to give myself permission to write, write and continue to write,..and the other most precious gifts Cheryl gave to me was,…write for my self…and, her comments on binge writing allowed me to realize that I can’t force creativity. That gift comes from the Divine. I recognize that signal as inspiration.

    Thank you Marie for sharing this interview. It is sooo timely and on purpose at this point in my writing life. You are doing incredibly awesome work. Thank You. I am in gratitude.

    Peace to You.

  305. Kathrynne Pek

    The tears continue to stream down my face. Thank you, from every cell of my being for this absolutely timely interview. I cannot choose one part, as the whole conversation was incredibly touching, and resonated within. As a first time author ( I have a trilogy I am finishing, and another waiting in my being to be written), I have been frozen with many fears, joys, and the opportunities of life ( I have moved from California to New York City 6 months ago, and am creating a whole new existence).
    As creativity takes me over, and I surrender to the absolute joy that is writing, I hopefully anticipate a time when I can write as my primary job. The beauty really IS everywhere, no matter what daily life presents to us. I am most grateful to discover that through Marie, I am finding my people. Thank you!

  306. Kristen Carter

    The most valuable take-away for me — and it was a pivotal one — was to have A QUESTION at the heart of my work/writing, and that writing about my search for the answer will resonate with the right people. And that’s enough. (Of course it will help if I write well it well…)

    I’ve spent the last 36 hours working through this idea, letting its simple truth penetrate deeper and deeper, and have found a Core Question that feels at once simple and profound, and that inspires me with a flood of ideas (or, to use a metaphor from another Marie video, makes me feel like my faucet is open and God is the water flowing through me).

    Thank you both, Marie and Cheryl.

    p.s. In those 36 hours I also bought Wild. I lost my beloved mom in November and a) hope I can make it through the book and b) look forward to celebrating her and grieving her, which certainly do happen side by side.

    • Kristen, I’m sorry you lost your mom. I know your writing will touch people. Sending love.

    • Marie and Cheryl. Thank you. What a beautiful interview. I found myself nodding and reaching for my pen so often. I especially loved the level of vulnerability you were both willing to connect with and the focus on duality. I too believe that almost always, two things are true at once. Sometimes more than two things. You are inspiring women. (There’s two things true at the same time right there! 😉

  307. Peta C

    Thank you Cheryl and Maria.
    I am forwarding this beautiful interview to my daughter who is at school and being told she can’t make a life out of being an artist. As she is academic, she is being pushed in directions which don’t make her heart sing.
    I have personally been struggling after a period of ‘sprouting’ – I now feel I’ve broken out of my seed and my heart survived. One of those times where the whole world thought I’d be excited and happy, while my heart broke. You beautiful ladies gave so many insights and permissions today that I cried with you and felt empowered at the same time.
    Just beautiful. THANK YOU.

  308. Robbiano

    Isn’t she saying the same thing as Elizabeth Gilbert in “Big Magic”? Maybe they’re friends 😉 Love u Marie.

  309. Kate

    Perfect timing. This is an interview session I needed to tune into. Walking along the beach earlier today I had turned my gaze directly out across the Indian ocean to the horizon and begged for guidance , for the next step to be revealed. Nothing, just beauty and a breeze. Then home to find a new email form Marie and to listen to Cheryl Strayed’s beautiful words. “Nobody’s going to do your life for you. You have to do it yourself”. A wonderful insightful humbling chat that has helped with some much needed insight. Thank you both for today’s gift. Love and blessings. Kate

  310. So inspirational … I have just finished editing my first booked and it’s about to be published! It’s a memoire book about living with undiagnosed dyslexia! I have wondered often if anyone will be interested In it, after watching this I feel differently about it! Hopefully they will be interested, but also it doesn’t matter as its a huge achievement and is the result of ‘beauty created from significant struggle,’ grown from grief and finding myself, similar to wild! It’s about coming to terms with my limits, but using your strengths to live life! I totally get that we reach dead ends but absolutely live my life saying right, we can’t stay here, have to find a way out! So pleased I stumbled across this interview and started my Friday by watching it!

  311. Stephania Chikanova

    Thank you so much for this beautiful interview, Cheryl Strayed is not only one of my favourite writers, but she is a role model and the source of deepest inspiration for me as a woman, and as a creative. My biggest insight today was about this real world practicality, which I love so much about Cheryl as well as about Marie. The thing is – now I’m launching my blog and this is where my heart is, and part of me wants to be fully invested only in this creative process. At the same time I’m struggling financially right now and found myself in some kind of numbness, like I’m waiting that someone will take care of my finances, while I’ll be doing all the creative work. After watching this episode I realised that it is on me, I have to step up and rethink my ways, find this golden balance between the part of creative journey and part of paying the bills. Actually, all my creative endeavours would be much more powerful, if I wouldn’t waste my energy worrying and complaining. I feel so empowered now and I feel I can do it! Thank you so very much!

  312. Marie. THIS? Was SO meaningful to me. I started to cry too! At the exact same time when they showed you crying I was already crying too lol. This was SUPER INSPIRATIONAL. And I took screen shots on all the nuggets of wisdom to keep in my phone and be encouraged. I identified because I’m a binge songwriter – I have three albums now since my new spiritual journey began but 5 albums since childhood. And I too have always wanted to be an author (of books) not just music and call myself a “writer” – and there is a least one book living in me right now that this interview inspired me to start writing today. It’s been in me – and now it’s time. Thank you for this. I am so thankful. Love you both.

  313. I personally feel that if you really want to be a writer, then do not let anyone or anything stop you. Look towards other writers that you admire for personal guidance.

    By seeking guidance/advice from writers you admire, you are acknowledging at some level, that these people are successful in some way, a way that makes you admire them. It is this success, at some level, that you want for yourself. This was an awesome post and I thank you for it.

    I love people that inspire, teach, and blaze new paths.

  314. As my father just died a few nights ago, I’m constantly reminded of the beauty in the grief, as I watch this interview. I’d forgotten how “Wild” began – with loss.
    “Everyday, also, something is beautiful” reminds me of my stoic and wondrous dad. I miss him greatly.
    Thanks for the candid and special interview, Cheryl and Marie!

  315. Tiffany Moreau

    I watched the interview with Cheryl twice in a row. So powerful and inspiring, particularly the part about money and following your heart passions despite not having financial security. I’ve always (and still am) battling the status quo about being viewed as less than because I’m no longer willing to sacrifice my time for someone else’s dream or paycheck. My time will be used for my dreams and passions and I won’t feel bad about it anymore. Thank you for this powerful interview. P.S It was equally beautiful to see how Cheryl clearly has impacted you Marie!

  316. Narges


    This was reallyyy great. Thank you so much. It was all wonderful insights, but the one that impacted me the most, was that she was struggling financially and still able to create an amazing work.

    Best wishes,

  317. Lauren

    I was taking notes the whole time in a notebook during the interview. I respect and adore both women here and their work. I’m feeling more confident about my own work and passions. And I plan to use some of the quotes and knowledge I jotted down in the future on my growing photography page 🙂

  318. Danielle

    This interview is so very inspiring. I loved everything about it, how natural it was and how it just flowed. What really stood out to me is the notion that no matter what, we always have a choice in how we experience the world, how we show up in life for ourselves and what we offer. The interview was so grounding to watch as it offered this element of connection. Thank you to both!!! Really enjoyed watching 🙂

  319. I feel as if the two of you were speaking directly to me. What an amazing video that touched my soul.

  320. Hi Marie and team Forleo
    This interview with Cheryl is one of my favourites I’ve ever seen on your show. I had never heard of her before and I’ve never come across her books – but I found her to be one of the most natural, authentic and down-to-earth people I’ve seen you talk to. She is so refreshingly free of pushiness and gung-ho hyperbole. I loved her!

    I particularly loved that she owned up to being a binge writer and that she doesn’t write every day – and that you don’t have to write every day to call yourself a writer – how wonderfully liberating and refreshing. She clearly is highly professional and successful – and she shows that there is more than one way to achieve it. Wonderful! I think it is especially encouraging to the highly sensitive person types among us who need to be able to take breaks when we need them – and not to feel guilt-tripped into plodding away at our craft every day simply because that’s the way the majority thinks it has to be.

    It’s great to see her model that discipline is a multi-faceted beast and it doesn’t have to mean writing for the same amount of time, at the same time, every day. It can be 14 hours one day and zero hours another. So long as it does get done.

    In her quiet determination I found Cheryl liberating, refreshing invigorating and inspiring. Thank you so much for bringing her to me on your show. Love her, love it – thank you!

  321. Jen

    Such an amazing conversation, thank you! What struck me the most was Cheryl speaking about not worrying whether anyone cared about her work (WILD specifically) and that she forged on in just writing the journey and getting the meaning of it down on paper as it came to her. Word after word after word.
    As I currently write my own memoir (secretly asking part of the time, who the hell wants to hear my story!) I keep these words close to me. Word after word. There is meaning in my life and a message, and so I will carry on, not bothering myself with what happens next. AND (this is key) working on myself so that “whatever does happen next” doesn’t matter to me. 🙂
    Thank you so much ladies. Honored to sit & watch/listen. Also, Marie . . . . when you broke down, I’m so happy you did not edit that out, girl. That’s real authenticity there, and I think all of us love you for that.

  322. Such validation! Thank you, Marie and Cheryl! When I heard Cheryl say she focused on her craft first, I said “YES!” So much pressure from professionals in the industry to monetize. I have been struggling trying to do both. Also the no guilt/shame for not writing everyday. And the idea of letting go of the outcome and of the great success dream. I write because I want to share what I have learned in my struggles to help others who struggle. Life is tough. We all don’t come from perfect families. We all don’t get to follow our path right from the get go but I believe it’s never too late to follow your dreams and your destiny. Cheryl is both humble and authentic. Thank you so much for this interview.

  323. Thank you Marie and Cheryl for such a wonderful conversation. The statement that resonated most with me was “The most important thing is to learn how to make a home with the work that you’re doing because then you have something to offer the world.” I was fortunate to enjoy success early in my life but I sometimes wonder if that was a good thing. Now when I work toward something and it seems that it is not coming together as well or as quickly as I think it should be then I become quite discouraged and start to have second thoughts and doubts regarding myself and my abilities. I never did this when I was younger. I simply followed through on the idea, did my best and voila! it happened. As a perfectionist, it is tremendously difficult for me to feel as though I have failed and it is harder to accept that this is an important part of how we grow. Somehow along life’s journey I began to associate my self-worth with my success or lack thereof. This quote is a wonderful lesson that regardless of success or failure, what is important is to love where you are and to learn as much as you can in the moment because it is the love and the learning that are most meaningful to the world. Thank you again.

  324. My big takeaway was that I didn’t have to do my art every day in order to call myself an artist. Thank you.

  325. This is wonderful to listen to. I, too, am a writer and am really intent on making this a much bigger part of my work as I am now into my 40s.
    I also binge-write and feel guilty that I don’t work every day on my writing. I run a business (just joined B-School on taking that one to a new level too!) so it is unrealistic to write every day for me. I have to just write when the inspiration takes hold or I am awake enough at 5am to put an hour or so in.
    Being gentle with ourselves. The only place to work from.
    Thank you so much both of you for this interview!

  326. This was the final sign i needed to push me to writing my book. I’ve had this idea for a long time but lately the Universe is really pushing me to do it. I lost my mom at a young age and it completely destroyed me and lead to a decade of destruction. In the recent years i’ve been able to see all of my pain as a positive experience and i wanted to share my lesson with the world. I never planned to be a writer and I keep thinking “who am I to write this book when so many people have it so much worse”. Hearing how people responded to her book made me realize, just because i’m not in excruciating pain anymore, that doesn’t make it any less valid. If i can help just one person deal with grief, it will be well worth the effort.

  327. Stella

    Marie and Cheryl,
    Thank you for this genuine heart felt interview. I have followed you Marie, for a number of years now. You always make me laugh and dig deep within myself for answers. Cheryl… You touched every fiber of my being. My recent loss of my mommy has caused so much sadness for me and she was 93… However I would have loved for her to live another 93 years!
    You’ve given me the “pass” I wanted to allow myself to be okay with my today. And, yes, there are always a gazillion beautiful things to embrace and comfort us.
    I love to write and I know I will pursue my dream. I have no regrets, even though it’s been a passion my entire life. I believe this is my time.
    With so much gratitude,

  328. Wow, just reading all these emails is amazing. When I first learned how to make canvas rugs I sold the product, not the art. I worked with designers and replicated their art, but the work was scanty.
    but as Cheryl said, the art is inside and has to get out. So as I worked my artist’s muscles, I started creating the art for myself. Ideas that just had to come out on canvas, and now I am selling not just canvas rugs, but the art. After 30 years of drawing and painting, I finally accepted the fact I was an artist. I had always made useful things that were pretty, clothing, bags, rugs, so I didn’t have to bear the insecurity of being an artist.
    Now I accept the fact I am an artist and my true calling is allowing the art to come out.
    Just last year I learned to teach English to pay the bills, and this actually gave me more time to paint. I’m not stressed about money and I handle my time better. I do plan my time because once I get started on a project I am obsessed until it’s finished.
    It’s like picking up a book and deciding to wait to read it because you know you won’t be able to put it down and you have an important meeting in the morning.
    I appreciate every person who opened their hearts to this conversation. It’s why I joined BSchool so many years ago. The community is amazing and I’m so glad to be a part of it.

  329. Raghad Fariz Hussein

    I was greatly inspired by the interview. It was an eye opener for me. Now I think that HAPPINESS for me is FREEDOM, Is living the REAL me, and not worrying about what people think of me and how they react to what I say or do. Rid myself of this bondage, freeing the cffs that’s been there for so long. And write, write and write. I’ve been working on my book for years now, but with *what people might think* on my mind and in my pen!!
    Thank you for liberating me.

  330. Danielle

    Marie – that was hands down the BEST, most heart-felt, authentic, inspirational and resonant interview – not only of yours – but of anyone’s. EVER. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  331. Amy

    “Put yourself in the way of beauty”, OMG, I absolutely loved that and live that way as much as I can. I think it’s one of the most valuable views one can have and may allow you to find peace, even in the most difficult moments. In my teens, twenties and sporadically in my thirties I suffered from depression at times, and noticing and appreciating the simple things and the beauty of nature and each other helped me find my grounding again.. gave me the strength to go on.

  332. Joanne G. Larkins

    Thank you, Marie for having Cheryl on your program. For me, her last quote hit home, “Life will always be hard and Life will also always be Beautiful.” My own writing is my appreciation journal and entries in my diary. What I see around me is that many are falling into the depths of life is always hard, and I feel like the Polyanna beacon holding a neon sign with the last part of her quote, “Life will also always be Beautiful”.
    I began to doubt my role, but not any more thanks to each of you, thank you to you both. Thank Cheryl for your work.

  333. Amanda

    Hi Marie & Co
    Thanks yes I liked todays meeting as I feel like, we are often judged and judging ourselves for what we do. I just felt like I am actually grateful for my dad today for rejecting me. By saying he would not have any contact from me until I got work and disconnected with my son. I have had nowhere to stay for 4 mths and been painting, cleaning moving in to my new place, plus marketing my recently published book.

    The great think was I realised that love is and self love based on achievements. And the real work is learning to love/accept/heal ourselves even we don’t have the high paying job. Or say yes to various things etc

  334. Ann

    Thank you for this beautiful, soulful interview.
    I came away with the clarity of duality, and I feel supported more than ever now in my writing. Thank you for sharing the realities of this crazy work that so many of us are so passionate about.

  335. Marie, your pain is my pain. I can not even dare to think of loosing my mom. But the thought is all present. It stabs that knife right through my heart. My mom is healthy, fit and will hopefully live another 100 years (;-)) Though the inevitable comes closer with other family members or people her age getting sick or dying. I thank you for sharing your feelings. Strangely enough it does help to know someone is going through the same fear and “pre-pain”. I hope that it helps you a little tiny bit, that I think of you and feel with you.
    My sincere thanks goes to Cheryl for trying to answer the question of ‘how we can bear the unbearable’. When I read your book my thought was, ‘the only one who will keep me alive will be my daughter’. For her I will endure the suffering and not give up noticing the blessings around me. And some day, I will truly feel them again. But you know what? Until the unbearable happens, I will indulge in the beauty of life. 🙂
    This interview is a real treasure for me. Thank you both for your sincerity, honesty and realness. I noted down a lot of nuggets of wisdom and will turn to them again and again. (And buy your books 😉
    Last note to Marie: I call myself a proud b-schooler since 4 days and I’m on the “train of no”…

  336. Thank you so much for this Marie! Your interview with Cheryl has hit sooo many buttons that I had to comment. The active life I knew has been turned upside down because of ME/CFS. BUT I’ve found writing through it. Cheryl’s comments about finding beauty in life whatever is happening and being gentle on yourself totally resonated. Big love x

  337. Tess Palma

    Two aspects of the interview, for me:
    I am writing a memoir and struggled with imagining that anyone else might want to read it, what relevance it would have, if any. Is it a form of narcissism? Cheryl’s two questions unlocked the conundrum for me and has provided validation: What’s the question at the core of your work? What question are you trying to answer for others?
    “Beauty grounded in struggle…” – isn’t it just! Look and you find, even in the darkest moments. It’s that essential balance in life from which creativity is born…in my humble view.

  338. Julia Khan

    Truly one of the best interviews. Cheryl’s advice to do the creative work regardless of outside validation is beautiful, timely and right on (at least for me personally). Appreciate this.

  339. Sara

    Thank you Marie & Cheryl! I struggle everyday to keep motivated, outside influences have often been my way of closing doors on my own ability. The power to know that what is within me is about me and no one else is pushing me forward to change my habit to check the inside not the outside. My hope is to keep producing my art, ‘bingeing’ until today was a bad word for me, but I am going to embrace my bingeing with all my heart. I put off my art for twenty years because I thought it wasn’t good enough, only to realize that the same people who told me it wasn’t good enough repeated their message and yes it had the same effect all over again. I will work to change my mindset, I know I am good enough and my self awareness is more important than anyone else’s opinion. I love strong messages and your message today is helping me to keep going with my freedom.

  340. Well I could relate, I loved your tears Marie. Ive just lost my Mum and I was so lucky I was able to spend time with her be there for her, when she was ill. Im so blessed I had friends who said go be with your Mum, thats what is important now. They where so right. Wonderful to be able to listen to two strong vulnerable women. I am thinking about your copywrite course. Im starting a business.

    with love
    The Love Doctor

  341. Hi Cheryl! Hi Maria!
    I felt deeply connected and cried with you in this interview. The conversation and insights really opened my heart. Eventually. Ive been following you Marie and your work since four years, and only last year with the launch of my own business I have taken already so many advice and put them into action. What touched me most now, was the fact that Cheryl opened up, that she worked on her craft first before thinking of publishing. Im not a writer (yet) but put an immense time or love, care and dedication in my work as a Yoga teacher. I so much feel its time to move on and go into this world. I signed up for Bschool too. my heart is content as it knows its the right step to do. And also its so full of excitement to open up, contribute, share and help others to be on their path. lots of love. and thank you so very much. (just gonna get a new book ;)). ….

  342. Traci

    Hi Marie,

    I really appreciated hearing Cheryl remind us to do what we feel compelled to do because we enjoy it, we like the process, the discovery, the quiet satisfaction we get when we engage in the action. We like it, remember?! That’s the why.
    And dropping the expectation that it will become something other…just do what feels necessary, and “see what happens.”
    Thank-you. Great interview.

  343. Excellent. “Beauty is grounded in struggle.” “Put yourself in the way of beauty.” “You have control over this.” I love this. What an excellent reminder to always frame and reframe our minds from this positive mindset, so one doesn’t get bogged down in the mundane and difficult.

    With joy,

  344. Nora

    Hi, Marie!
    I thank you both with Cheryl for the truth and honesty! Every time I feel stuck, depressed or hopeless, I return to your work Marie and I find something that helps me to go forward. So thankful!
    Things that touched me today…
    * “Nobody’s going to do your life for you. You have to do it yourself. (…) ”
    * Saying NO! I think that yes and no are the two sides of a same coin.
    * If you want the beauty you get the ugly too..! There is always a choice to see the positive side or the negative. They are both present. Life is dual.

    All the best wishes for all of you!
    Your fan form Estonia 🙂

  345. My favorite Marie TV so far! As a writer, it is so refreshing to hear a fellow writer be real, while also being lofty and insightful. I am still a writer even if I don’t write everyday!? Yes, I am!

    To be honest, sometimes when I hear interviews with some of my favorite writers, I end up not liking them (as a person) and I feel disappointed. Cheryl made me feel the opposite — I like her so much more now!

    She is brilliant, yet down-to-earth, which is a unique combination. She just feel so real to me. Loved it!

  346. Hello all of you Fabulous People!
    I loved this post, I’ve just been doing a crazy challenge with a crazy talented babe, Regan Hillyer. I have just figured out my message that I need to share with the world. 🙂

    “Adventure Seekers, Balance Seekers, Happiness, Health and Love Seekers,
    You Truly can be in a state of Joyfulness for much much Longer than simply a Beautiful Collection of Moments.”

    #day4 #unlockingmymessage

    I would love to have a site as stunning as Marie’s one day, keep up the great work.

  347. Susie

    Yes! Needed to hear this! I thank you for the PUSH/ENCOURAGEMENT to simply begin.

  348. Samira

    Thank you Marie! You and your team is amazing. You invite amazing people for interviews who are brave and kind enough to share their struggles so that we can get inspiration. When I read that you are interviewing Cheryl Strayed I was very excited. Needless to say that this interview is full of insights.

    I am collecting so many pearls from this ocean of wisdom. I am a writer even if I write once a month. Oh! such a relief! Thank you.

    Its the things that we failed at or learnt the hard way that lead us to success.

    My job is to do my best rather than sitting idle thinking about how to create greatness. My job is to write a page and then another page and then another page. It may or may not turn out great but I have to do my best every time.

    Thank you so much once again.

  349. I loved this interview, you are both inspiring, generous and powerful women, thank you ♥

  350. Thank you for this reminder to dream big and stick to it no matter what.
    Thank you for these supportive conretes information about being creative.
    Marie, enjoy your Mum as long as you can. I sometimes miss mine so dearly.

  351. Maureen Prosser

    Such an inspiring interview. Wild will be in my hands tomorrow, I cannot wait to dive into it. I love her quote – Put yourself in the way of beauty. That really resonated with me. Being mindful of the little things in life will help ease the burden of struggle. Thanks for this!

  352. Jenna

    Thank you Marie for an amazing interview. I didn’t know if was going to watch the whole video but I’m glad I did. It did make me cry too. I think the measure of a great writer such as Cheryl is the ability to give definition to our humanity and it has the ability to bring us closer together and we realize how alike we really aren’t . I’m one of those writers that has come late to the table and I’ve forgiven myself for my tardiness. My writing now can be more authentic because of all the restrained life it took to make it so.

  353. Jillian

    Love this interview, so many nuggets o’ wisdom! Thank you Marie and Cheryl for your insights on this subject. It not only applies to writers but all of us. A great reminder to go out and life your life, no one is going to do it for you, only you can make it happen. This video is arriving at the perfect time for me in my life and I am grateful for this awareness.

  354. My takeaways: I must develop my internal / creative muscle so that my “story” has meaning and can serve others either through the message or the story. Additionally, finding and connecting with my “story” and message before creating the offering/book before I try to give the message to the world. I must lean into my inner soul to find the message and transfer this to paper. It has been lying dormant since 1980. Only in the last 10 years have I connected to the lessons that I missed at the time. Stay the course, create a schedule, develop discipline, and maintain faith along the journey.

  355. this was really nice, real, softly-powerful, genuine stuff. Feels very at home for me. Nice balance to the ass-kicking approach (also valuable at times;) Thanks!

  356. Saved this interview for a time when I could watch it straight through. Have loved Cheryl’s work and her live chat with you was an delicious extension of her common sense wisdom and everyday insight.
    Put yourself in the way of Beauty! Yes! Even though things are a bit tough for me right now I always at least start most days with a blessing and show up on the yoga mat for a 30 minute practice and meditation. Sometimes I don’t do much …but just showing up, seeing the sun rise and sitting still. Thank you for confirming about the duality of good fortune and the choice of self-pity. Thank you Marie for all your work in curating such a wonderful variety of people. You’re a great interviewer in that you get the best from each guest – Cheryl was no exception. Blessings – Stacia

  357. Patricia Salem

    This was one of the best videos I’ve ever watched on Youtube and very empowering to me as a writer. My biggest takeaway was that it’s okay to binge write and not beat yourself up over not writing every day, especially when there is so much advice out there telling you that’s what you need to do if you want to call yourself a writer. I go through periods where I have to deal with other elements of my life out of sheer necessity, and writing has to take a back seat.

    Well, at least what I call “my” writing has to move down on the priority list. I work as a professional writer, and sometimes to pay the bills, I need to get other people’s creative projects done first, leaving no time, energy, or inspiration for my own. I liked what Cheryl said about working as a waitress in order to have enough left of herself to write. I often joke that one of the worst things I did to myself as a writer was to become a pro at it. So, now I need to figure out where I’m overgiving–ratcheting down blog commentary (this one is okay) and not taking on too many freelance jobs at once. I’m even taking a month off paid work to finish a book I’m writing because I find it hard to create in small chunks and do better, like Cheryl, when I can go 14 hours at a stretch. Thanks to both of you for this wonderful interview!

  358. Biggest insight: “I can’t sit here and make greatness. What I can do is write one page and then another page and then another page.” I’m gonna use that one a lot.

  359. I watched “Wild” and liked it, but now after this interview, I want to read all of Cheryl’s books. There is something special about this woman, this kind of inner peace that you want to be around. Great interview.

  360. Anastasiia

    Thank you, Marie, so much for this interview! It made me appreciate my family, myself and what I do more. Thank you.

  361. Thank you Marie for sharing this interview. The link to this video was sitting in my email inbox and I felt I had to watch it with my mind quiet and relaxed. As soon as I finished Module 1 at B-School, I decided to celebrate by watching this video.
    And OMG, I’ve felt so connected to Cheryl because she knows what it feels like to be a writer and struggle to make a living at the same time.
    Her words and statements have brought wisdom, peace, compassion and gentleness to my soul and my heart.
    She reminded me I wanted to be a writer like 40 years ago. It was my dream, I was sure of that. Then my family discouraged me for so many reasons that even though I kept writing I was always ashamed that I was not good enough or I did not have my books published.
    Being at B-School has helped me make lots of changes and it has pushed me to put my literary work out there, no matter what.
    Her words have given me relief and inspiration.
    Her experience has taught me that the books living inside me deserve my time, my work, my love and my gentleness because I am called to do this. I am not sure if I can make money, but I will enjoy the process because I deserve it and because I feel alive when I write.
    I am putting myself in the way of beauty.
    Thank you.

  362. “I love beauty that is grounded in struggle” As a writer of comedy primarily, this is the magic. The best comedy comes from struggle. When struggle is imagined or manufactured, it kills the funny. This quote is going on the wall of things I stare at when I’m stuck. Huge thanks.

  363. Life will always be hard and life will also always be beautiful. –
    Thank you.

  364. Thank you for this inspiring interview. I loved it from start to finish. While there were many bites of wisdom I found myself writing down, the bit about being comfortable with silence the most illuminating 🙂

  365. Molly Bishop

    Thank you, Cheryl, for your comments about dreaming big and being paralyzed by that. You have put into words what has been happening in my own life lately. I can now say “I am going to do my best and give it to the world and see what they do with it!”

  366. Susana Silva

    Hi Marie!
    You are such an inspiration. This interview felt so authentic that at some point I thought I was sitting in the room with you both. Can´t say how much grateful I am that you have presented me with Cheryl Strayed, I loved her book “Wild” and the movie (which is not common, usually I only like the book). The message she said she wanted to transmit was totally what I felt by watching it, I lost my father 10 years ago and that loss got me lost in life. I’m back on the track now, but it does feel absolutely amazing to hear someone else sharing their similar experiences and being able to fit in some “space” within your pain. Cheryl was a huge surprise for me, because although I loved the book, I never tried to look who she was and let me tell you – what an amazing human being, she has and is a gift. As a teacher I loved her ideas when teaching her students strategies for writing, but the most special thing about her is being so humble and so transparent. I’ve tried writing myself and kept abandoning my project, maybe this is just the encouragement I needed to really look at it as work in progress instead of giving up. After all, there’s no need to hurry, as we never know when this amazing opportunity of being here is going to finish…we just have to find a bit of consistant “me time” in our busy lives and sometimes we just give away our time to others without remembering that in the daily/monthly routine wheel there has to be time for Susana’s projects. Thank you so much and congratulations on your determination, you really make me believe.

  367. Amy

    This is such a powerful interview for me. I love all your interviews and often I find my mind drift now and again while I listen – today, I was enraptured. I want to wrap the words around me and just sit in them for a while.

    One of the most powerful things Cheryl spoke about for me was the idea of being gentle with ourselves and that in doing so, we are not being lazy. One of the biggest challenges I have in owning my own business is knowing how hard to push and when to draw back. Many coaches and ‘gurus’ advocate ‘Work. Work. Work. And then work some more.’ I have realized that that idea only leads to burn out and fast for me. Being gentle with my self, allowing time to breath and meditate and spend time with my love, these things fill me up and give me so much creative energy to continue to strive forward. Yet, according to the business powerhouses, that is something I should leave until ‘later, when I’m successful’. Cheryl has affirmed what I have been exploring already and in that affirmation, I recognize a tribe of others who have similar feelings as I. To be gentle with ourselves, to live in each moment and not to wait until success occurs to enjoy those moments, that will propel us forward to achieve true success and happiness.

    Thank you always for the amazing work you bring forward, Marie. In deep gratitude, Amy.

  368. What is lovely about this interview is the apparent authenticity of both of you! I love the fact that strong powerful women can still be emotional, it’s ok to bear our soul when we feel so incredibly strong about what we are experiencing. This was a great interview with many take away, writer or not.

    And yes, Wild was a fantastic read!

    Thank you!

  369. Thank you for this episode!
    I believe in saying, ‘no’, and in honouring myself first…took me a while to reprioritize my life and live my belief. Sure enough, life decided to test my commitment, and I found myself agreeing to take on more… again! 🙂 After listening to this episode, I sent in my NO. The timing of this episode has been perfect! Thank you ~ M

  370. Sandra

    I just love listening to or reading Cheryl Strayed. Thank you for interviewing her. Some things that are staying with me: Life will always be hard and life will always be beautiful. You are responsible for your life. Also, the core question at the centre of your writing. I love this. When I reflected on this, it seemed to me that the thing I was searching for in writing was the thing that Cheryl said was her definition of happiness. To be aligned with who you truly are, the inside on the outside. Yes. Thank goodness or beauty or whoever we should thank for people brave enough like Cheryl to do this, and help inspire or strengthen others.

  371. Madhavi

    Hi Marie,
    It was a lovely conversation between you and Cheryl. Thoroughly enjoyed the depth of it. What Cheryl said about taking action now- I think everyday about taking that decision but am very fearful about it. Just weighing the pros and cons and then feel it’s okay the way it is now. Thanks for publishing this. You are absolutely doing a great job.

  372. Excellent interview. She just made me feel SO MUCH better about myself as a writer. Thank you both. XO

  373. India

    This episode filled with great insight just wrapped up a week filled with wisdom and tears. What I learned is this subtle, really subtle, difference between being responsible for YOUR life, and being responsible for the situations IN your life; not everything that happens in life is your responsibility, rather how you react and maneuver your way through it; and though I might have read quotes about it and many other things, it just became crystal clear and I couldn’t help myself from writing it here. I love how realistic and truthful this episode is, without being aggressive and denying of the beauty of this world. I also loved to see Marie feeling truly connected to Cheryl’s words, because many times in her interviews I feel that maybe all the great people that come to her show not always share things that she finds true to herself, even though it might be true to others, and it’s wonderful to see her soul and her true self. Doing a job that is all about being human, and motivating, etc. I always felt that Marie was in a sort of character, which is the right thing to be at some point cause this is her job and not a reality show, but yet, it’s easier to connect to her when you see her a bit vulnerable on the camera, that really makes you gorgeous.

  374. Ula

    Dear Cheryl, dear Marie and the entire team that works on this amazing show, thank you so much! With all my heart, I am deeply touched.
    I have never read any of Cheryl’s books but already in the middle of your interview I have ordered “Wild” online and I am eagerly waiting for it. Can’t wait to read it!
    I have gained an incredible amount of wisdom from this episode and I was in tears through most of it. Seeing both of you, super professionals, in tears as well made me feel super connected and grateful. I did not want this episode to finish, ever!
    Marie, Cheryl and the AMAZING TEAM I love you!

  375. Candace Reagan

    I don’t know how to describe how this interview inspired me. I am a writer, though, like Cheryl and Marie, I am not able to write everyday. I’m a single mother of 5. 3 of my 5 kids are grown, so I have more time now to think about my goals as a person and as a writer. I love the idea that I just need to write page after page after page. . . in order to tell my story. And it doesn’t matter if anyone else likes it, as long as it is my best. Thank you for these nuggets of truth and inspiration.

  376. JN

    I am a HUGE fan of Cheryl’s work, thank you so much for having her on. Thank you Cheryl! I find you so grounded and authentic and willing to be vulnerable. I really want to be a writer and am writing. I loved that you showed that the writing is what matters, and it doesn’t matter if anyone publishes me or I ever make a dollar from it, I can still be a writer for my own soul. I really don’t want to focus on making money from it, I never want to make my art have to pay for my life (to paraphrase EG). I also loved the question of how do we live with the unbearable. I write about my mothers mental illness. Thank you for honoring the artists Cheryl. <3

  377. Akshat

    I watched this talk just now and I felt compelled to come here to write what I felt about it. I have always felt that if you are true to yourself, and stand up for what you feel is right, even in the midst of the most excruciating circumstances, you reach a place inside you that is truly magical. And that place is a wellspring of all the beautiful things that you have to offer to the world. This talk serves as a reminder of that. I cried a lot of times during the talk, witnessing Cheryl speak the things that she did with such courage and grace. It’s like I was witnessing something so unabashed in its beauty that crying only seemed just to bear witness to it. Crying seemed okay. And never have I felt more powerful and vulnerable at the same time. I am 27 and my life till now has been a series of regrets-about the things that I lost and the life not lived. I have lived most of my life from a place of shame. Watching this video gives me hope, a hope that eventually becomes a part of me, as I stand with my eyes open, looking directly into the bright sun that is Cheryl. Thank you, all I have is gratitude.

  378. Wow, so much wisdom! I loved the idea of focusing on writing, rather than getting published. It feels so relevant to my business, and I’ve decided that I’m going to take this next year to just focus on building the resources (tangible and my own personal skills) I provide to others in my emotional intelligence coaching, rather than focusing on building the business per se. Just thinking about that frees me up to do a lot of amazing projects that are really important to me.

    Another nugget that stuck: “Only when I’m gentle with myself can I actually really let go and do the work” 🙂

  379. Karina

    I just got around to watching this. I’m so filled with emotion right now. I’m not sure how to documented all these feeling or even understand them all. Need to take some time to process everything. And then I will write; write for myself. Getting all the emotions down to express how I feel and then decide what direction I must go next. Thank you for all that you and your team do Marie. Fabulous work as always.

  380. What a beautiful Human Being! Love you Cheryl Strayed. Such beautiful feminine wisdom.

  381. Susan McLea

    Thank you from my heart. I believe that one of the greatest ways we learn and grow is through each other. I appreciate, so much, everything you both shared today. The way that you share from your heart and are so real helps me to know that I to am a writer and need to get going. I was, at best, a C- English student. I did not really learn how to read until I was an adult. I had some learning disabilities, not sure what but I could not read or spell. I was blonde and so naturally I was the dumb blonde growing up. My parents put me in speed reading hoping this would help me read. I taught myself strategies that pushed me through. It made me a stronger person.(now thank goodness for spell check LOL) I have a huge world of life experiences that I truly believe will help others along the way. It is so important to know that we are not alone. I have had an amazing life and lots of loss along the way. I am currently going through my second divorce and even through the struggle of heart ache and tremendous change I always say , “life is good.” As long as I am growing and learning and teaching all is great in the world. I am a writer because today you made it safe. I am a creator of bigger things that will allow others to shine because I am stepping up. XOXO

  382. I just followed you on YouTube and now checking out your website. You are so amazing with your content and layout! An inspiration to the way I would like my website to look one day. I will definitely check this video out on my lunch break, as I should be working my 9-5 I’m currently trying to escape. I think of myself as a creative writer and always searching for ways to improve. Thank you for supplying this info and the extra boost of encouragement I needed. Made a fan out of me today! ?

  383. marilia

    I am in tears right now, after witnessing a beautiful and insightful conversation among two amazing women. I am one of women that feels like I have missed out on that “something” that drives my engine … perhaps and almost certainly because my entire adult life has been lived trying to get validation from others . And so I became “that” people pleaser individual. I thank you for all the beautiful insights . For the last 20 years , I have been a victim of narcissist abuse (people pleaser,right?)and have decided to put myself in beauty’s way…like your mother so beautifully says! I could go on forever right now…But thank you! Women like you inspire me to be true to myself and show the world that the person inside me is good enough to show the world and that I don’t need to keep pretending that everything is okay. I am slowly reaching for the sun and walking away from darkness !

  384. Adriana Coelho

    I must apologize with other guests but for me it is the best interview of Marie TV so far.
    Cheryl have a way to express herself that the concept and meaning are crystal clear, and she does that in a way you don’t feel like she is talking about herself all the time, but as if it could be anyone.
    It was very powerful to see the effect of her words in Marie.
    And I really liked Marie’s looks for the interview. The ponytail, the less make up made her look even younger.

  385. 1. What is the question at the core of your work?
    2. What is the question you are answering for others?
    I wrote these questions in my notebook, but I will also type them so I can actually read them and post them above my computer.
    Thank you so much, Marie and Cheryl, for this valuable episode. It was worth every minute.

  386. The the most important idea for me was when Cheryl talked about binge writing. I’ve taken courses from AWAI (American Writer’s and Arts Institute) where the message to write daily is a mantra. I do think when one starts writing, aiming for that is good to establish a writing habit. However, I find I write well for 4-6 hours, usually in the morning, five to six days a week. After wrestling with that for awhile, I realized this produced the best work in the least amount of time.
    Thanks for validating the idea that we as individuals need to determine the best schedule for ourselves.

  387. Hailey - Team Forleo

    This is awesome, Nancy! We’re happy to hear that you’ve found a writing routine that feels productive and sustainable for you. Writing is like a creative muscle, and while it can be helpful to practice daily when just starting out, it’s important to also give yourself time to rest and soak up inspiration. I’m so glad you enjoyed this interview– it’s one of my personal favorites, too

  388. Nancy

    Thank you So much Marie and Cheryl. Marie, this was one of the best interviews that I enjoyed on your site. Thank you for providing real value.

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Thank YOU for taking the time to watch, Nancy.

  389. Desi Darlene

    Such a beautiful and inspiring interview. I’m a writer as well. It all started as a hobby but nowadays I write for a newspaper. My goals? To work for myself, make my own brand and be free in my writing ideas. Recently I started working on the first chapter of my (first) book. I have been very strict and harsh to myself, with deadlines and a very tight schedule. For me, it was a must to write every single day. Thank you for letting me know that it’s ok to be a binge writer. That word, after word, after word is also powerful. I feel so relieved after watching this interview. Much love from the island of Curacao, D.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      I’m so glad to hear this episode resonated with you, Desi. Cheryl is so amazing! We’re sending our best wishes as you’re working on your first book ♥

  390. Thank you Cheryl Strayed for being so open and candid about the realities of getting a published. Thank you Marie Forleo for always knowing the right questions to ask. The point that hit the hardest and which I’ve heard before but because Cheryl comes across so down to earth I was actually able to HEAR it, was, “write, write and keep writing and see what happens.”

  391. Amy

    After listening to your interview with Cheryl who wrote Wild, what struck me was her comment about taking dead end roads, “Its okay to take them, just don’t get stuck there”. I’ve been stuck on a few dead end roads, and I have been encouraged by hearing her interview to write about those experiences in hopes of inspiring others who’ve been stuck too, and that this is not the end of their story. Thank you.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Right on, Amy! So often, what we might think are dead ends are actually cul-de-sacs. You can turn around, go a different direction, and try something new. 🙂

  392. I’m so grateful for the vulnerability contained in this interview. There are deep and practical truths to be taken away from this and the biggest one for me is humility. There is so much ego entrapment to be found in the creative life with or without “big success” and so often survival itself can stop us from the deep meaningful work we need to do for ourselves. I so loved how she talked about her process to get to the writing of “Wild” and how it wasn’t her business to know or see the outcomes, what was her business was to write the book from a deep place of humility. Such valuable content to carry on with the work, not the outcome. I also deeply appreciate how she talks about the practical aspects of living and grieving. So much in this interview hit me at a powerful level and uplifted my spirit as a writer and a human. She is definitely my newest heroine and i am so grateful to Marie’s open heart during this interview. I was deeply deeply touched by this episode of MarieTV. Thank you!

  393. Mady

    I don’t plan on becoming a writer but I still found lots of wisdom within this episode, especially regarding following your passion even when the future is uncertain. The insight that struck me the deepest is to not rush into monetizing the thing you’re truly passionate about. To deliberately hold back, work on your craft, and not pressure yourself. This struck me because I am at a point in my life where people are questioning what I’m doing (particularly family) and it would be so much easier if I had the financial success to back up the work I want to do, but I realize it is more important to focus on learning before earning and to not concern myself with what others think. Just run at the speed of my own engine.

  394. I love how she is realistic and not all rainbows and unicorns. How she knows her distractions and avoids them when she can. How she accepts that some days… it’s just not gonna happen. One thing I did for myself when I started my graphic design business 20 years ago was not accept a job for half of my rate. I was insistent that if I was busy working for peanuts, I wouldn’t get the jobs that paid my rate. If you don’t value your work, nobody else will either. xo

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      So, so true, Stacey! It sounds like you’ve learned some incredible lessons in 20 years of business (congrats! 20 years is awesome!) and we’re proud of you for valuing the good work you do. We’ll be wishing you many more years of success!

  395. This is the best episode of Marie TV ever! Thank you, thank you Marie and Cheryl!

  396. ML

    I know I am in the right place. I lost my mother 3 months ago and have felt lost without her. My mother danced around life’s struggles with happiness. She plowed through tough times and found the beauty in life. “Put yourself in the way of beauty” is right on!
    My goal with B School is to focus on writing about life and beauty woven in with gardening.
    Thank you so much.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Beautiful, ML! That sounds like a really powerful and impactful way to share your wisdom with the world and honor your sweet mom’s memory. <3

  397. Vanessa LaFond-Adebowale

    Let me just say… Cheryl Strayed is phenomenal! Secondly, I love that she is a “binge writer”. I have been struggling with the fact that I don’t write every day and I prefer to “binge write”. I love that “I can still be a writer”, even though I’m not following the status quo. I need to be okay with just being my authentic self!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Yay, Vanessa! I’m so glad you’re feeling seen and understand. It’s totally okay to be a binge writer––however you do it, you’re a writer. 🙂

  398. Kim Bowen

    Amazing! Can’t wait to read “Wild”. Cheryl you are an inspiration! Thank you!

  399. Kyle Westerman

    Something about beauty walking alongside tragedy… the release and understand of what is and what is not under our control… there is something deeper there I want to explore. Thank you.

  400. Lauren Antonio

    I am going to have to read her book Wild now. Heard about the movie but never knew what it was about. Her sharing her experience with the rest and how she deals with the loss of her mom touched me the most. Everyone really has a lot to share and writers are the best at putting them into words and helping others understand on a deeper level. I will practice this expression through my own writing and find the courage to share my experiences in hopes that I am able to help others realize things they didn’t know yet or in your case treasure your relationship with your mom that much more.

  401. I was led to this video at exactly the right time for me to hear it. I am in the process of calling in my life’s work and the subject of writing has come up for me in a BIG way over the past week or so. The “Two Questions” are now written at the top of my journal.

    I also love the quote about a word after a word after a word is power… I’ve also learned that I have a LOT of power I’m not tapping into lately and this is yet another hint as to how I can tap into that.

    Last life-changing quote that I wrote down from this interview (but far from the last life-changing CONCEPT that my new spirit animal Sheryl Strayed has introduced me to over the past hour) is as follows: “Humility is such a core piece to being able to succeed.” I’ve had to swallow my pride something fierce recently and this is such a powerful thing to keep in mind… these are the moments that are building me up into who I’m supposed to be in this world.

    THANK YOU BOTH for this amazing conversation.

    • Courtney Harper

      Oops, I mean “Cheryl”, not “Sheryl” 😉

  402. Chelsea Tobin

    The little nugget of wisdom: “don’t surrender all your joy for an idea you used to have about yourself that isn’t true anymore.” This one was huge for me.

    I’ve had plenty of ideas and while most haven’t had a chance to be implemented, a few have fallen and I allowed myself to internalize that and shame myself for it. So going forward, I’m going to put this quote on my vision board and place it somewhere I can see it often. As for my creative life, failure is going to bring me closer to success the sooner I allow it to happen and be okay with it. There’s a gem of an idea amongst the many, I just have to find it! ❤️

  403. Awesome information from writer’s perspective and her journey to best-selling books and author!! I am pondering on why I am putting on hold with my first book. Thank you, both for sharing.

  404. Be gentle with yourself…gosh…YES! Forgive yourself, YOU do your life, and everything that brings pure joy and love and fulfillment…is also VERY hard! YES! But what hit me the hardest here is “Don’t surrender all your joy for an idea you used to have about yourself that isn’t true anymore.” At this time in my life, this resonates so loudly! BAM! Mind blown. Oh, and I too am a “binge artist”…inspiration hits and I just can’t stop! Great conversation here. Thank you both!

  405. I am a dance theatre artist. This interview nailed down so many life principles for me, and how to stand strong in moments of doubt and challenge. She shared so many nuggets of true wisdom. One of the biggest take aways is that “we can only write one page at the time, and then another page and then another”. The other very inspiring moment was that she shared being totally broke when going on her first BIG book tour, not many people talk about these vulnerable moments in detail. Her wisdom brought me to tears.

  406. Nicki

    For me, the most compelling part was when she spoke of allowing yourself to move at the pace of your own engine. I think it’s so easy to have an image of how long “it should” take, then to hold ourselves to what, in our case, may be an impossible standard. We can create our own failure images, which is why we must be willing to give 100%, and allow the process to unfold, in the time that it takes, without judgement.

  407. I am a writer and in this moment I have no words. I was so touched by this interview. It feels like one of those moments that change a life, mine! Thank you so much! I feel like I understand my own writing better and I have found something I didn’t even know was missing. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      We’re SO glad to hear this conversation resonated deeply with you, Margaret! Happy writing 🙂

  408. Anne

    Beautifully tear-inducing and heart-touching. Cheryl’s final story about her friend’s son having passed away as a teenager gives me new perspective on seeing the world and dealing with loss of a loved one, what on some days feels unbearable. “Put yourself in the way of Beauty.” Often, therein lies the spirit of your loved one.

  409. Sofía

    Ok this made me cry. When she said she’s a binge-writer and you don’t have to write daily to be a writer I cried. This is clearly a belief I held subconsciously about writers, like a script, and why I don’t consider myself one even though I’ve been writing since I learned how to. I don’t do it every day, I don’t feel like writing every day and I don’t even think it’s healthy to write every day (some days are not writing days), but then I get into it for a whole weekend (or month, oops) and produce a lot only to stop and binge again a few months later. Exactly as she described O_O
    I’m in shock, I might be a writer (too) after all!