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This 15-year old girl’s email really touched my heart. What she’s struggling with right now is something many of us wrestle with — no matter what our age.

What do you do when you feel completely useless and alone?

That mean voice in your head is not you and not true. Click To Tweet

It doesn’t matter what you do for a living, how many friends you have or how “successful” you may appear to be.

We all feel disconnected from time to time. And if we listen to (and believe) the voice in our head, we can quickly spiral down into darkness.

In today’s episode, learn three ways you can get back on track anytime you forget your intrinsic value and question your worth in this world.

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Now, I’d love to hear from you. We’ve got a two parter this week.

Did you ever feel like Ajah did when you were her age? Do ever feel that way now? Let us know how you deal with WKRAP of course – if you have something special you’d love to share with Ajah, comment below.

Extra credit! Comment below, or on social media, with the hashtag #5GreatThings and give a heartfelt shout out to someone you love. Tell them five great things you appreciate about who they are.

It’s a beautiful chance to connect more deeply with someone you appreciate and express things that you may often think, but rarely say.

Because every human being longs to be valued, understood and appreciated.

Remember to share as much detail as possible as thousands of incredible souls come here each week for insight and inspiration. Your story may just be what someone else needs to have a breakthrough.

Important: please share your thoughts and ideas directly in the comments. Links to other posts, videos, etc. will be deleted as they come across as spammy.

Thanks so much for making this one of the most inspiring, fun and supportive places in the digital Universe.

P.S. This is an episode that you may want to share with your closest friends and clients — especially those who could use a little boost of encouragement as they’re building their dreams!

With so much love and admiration,


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  1. Pamela Meola

    Marie, that was well played. Such a sensitive practical response, I was holding my breath waiting to hear your response, and I’m so impressed with your advice. There are a lot of women and girls with the same station on, ruining their lives. Good on you, change the station girls!x
    P.S. you’re totally fantastic. 🙂

    • I was also so curious! I was that teenage girl too and as the question rolled I was actually wondering what would I have advised my younger self?
      I wish someone had told me this when I was 15. Ajah, you’ve got this girl.

      Great advice and both Marie and Pamela are absolutely right: let’s rock, ladies! xx

      • True, ladies. Marie handled it as directly and delicately as possible…and it’s great to see the whole community doing the same.

        Ajah, if you’re reading this, know this one thing – you are WELL ahead of the game having the courage to ask the question. Plus, you’re way ahead if you’re only 15 and already listening to Marie. You are sooooo on the right track.

        We all feel exactly the same way at various points. But one thing I can say for sure is the things you don’t like about yourself, often hold your magic. Don’t be afraid to embrace the peculiarities because in the end, they usually turn out to be gifts.

        As for your feeling like a mistake or useless, you just proved that impossible. Your words just moved over a 100 people (more to come, I’m sure). Your energy sent a ripple through all of our worlds and forced us to be honest about who we are and how we feel. We’re all indebted to you. <3

        Plus, "Ajah" is a badass name.

        • Not only did I feel like this as a girl but as a mum I’ve seen lots of teen girls AND guys struggle with these thoughts. I’m sharing this video with a whole new demographic on facebook today, as I feel hearing this kind of positive talk-up from someone other than mum is super powerful ( and, naturally, much more believable)! Great work Marie and team Forleo, and as always, love the happy feet xo

        • OMG I freakin CRIED during this entire video!!!

          Ajah girl I LOVE YOU! I know how you feel sister!!! You are not alone! <3

          My "KRAP RADIO" is "ED" or Eating Disorder. Sometimes the voices can get so loud.

          BUT THAT IS NOT ME!

          I love meditation and can see the difference it makes even day to day. I also LOVE using EFT Tapping to help me with moving the energy of "ED" / "KRAP RADIO" from to negative to positive. 🙂

          Thank you so much for sharing this Marie! <3

          HUGS AJAH! <3

          • Amanda

            Love it!! Im gonna dance now!! Also yes two methods. One is writing it down with the belief then affirming the opposite with truths and mantras. The other is have a conversation with that voice and then surround that part of you with love and light, then hand over to angels/god/universe!

            Thanks Marie

      • Ugh I think I needed this inspiration when I was 14. There are more kids these days that are exposed to so much then I was!! The internet is AMAZING!

    • mary

      I love this video, why , because I hear so many girls and women saying hurtful things to and about themselves, the pain, and Marie said what we all want to hear. We need each other, to be loving to ourselves and each other. Hugs to everyone. Thank you Marie

    • Such a sweet (and true) response. What a brave girl to write in. When I was 15 and feeling the same way as Ajah, I didn’t have the courage to tell anyone because I thought I was the only person in THE WHOLE WORLD who felt that way. I hope Ajah sees that and realizes how amazing and loved she is!

      One of the things I do to help quiet my WKRAP radio station is: every morning, before I get out of bed, I spend a few minutes imagining whatever goal I’m working on as if it’s already happened. I think about how good I feel now that I’ve achieved it, how proud I am, and just soak in the goodness. It makes a huge difference to my day!

      • Suzanne

        Katie, I love that you picture your goals as if you’ve achieved them, I think it’s great to visualize them and create positivity in that way, I’m sure it helps to actually achieve the goals too. I’m really going to try this out too!

        As for the video, it was really touching and so amazing that in such a short Q, Marie was able to identify so many positive traits about Aja. We don’t realize how great we are, even when we feel vulnerable it shines through.

        I also think meditation helps a lot, for me I like to run, it’s totally refreshing, clears my mind and helps me let my anxiety loose.
        Hugs to all the amazing women and men here!

    • carolyn eastman

      Hi Marie and Asia,
      How great to know that girls like Asia are enjoying your show and finding inspiration! Yes, Asia I was you at 15. I felt lonely and depressed, not plugged into the life I wanted and unsure how to turn things around. Or if I even could.

      Now I have 13 and 16 year old daughters and they have similar feelings. Its even harder for them because the messages from the internet never stop. the pace life moves at has speed up and pressure is tremendous.

      I coped by expressing my deepest feelings, those I did not want to share with writing them. Now, I am a professional writer. Something good came from all that pain.
      My girls, cope differently as they are both very distinct personalities. One is an extrovert, she had a few close friends she can vent with and this helps. The other is an introvert and her pets are a way to connect with things she loves. We try to do things that we enjoy together when we can. Sometimes we volunteer together. Recently we put on a Disney “Frozen Party” for a preschool for homeless children. We dressed up in costumes and recruited friends to play characters too. That day was magical. I know we had an even better time than the kids did.

      I was worried about work and the girls were stressing over school but that day, we put it aside and had pure fun. I hope to do something like that again soon. Stay strong Asia, the world gets better as you get older and have more options about creating a world you choose with the people in it that lift you up. Never forget everyone has a purpose and from the way you express yourself, I suspect yours may be to be a strong and powerful communicator. Bless you and remember to treat Asia like your best friend. love,

    • Tiffany

      “You Suuuck!” lol, I loved it. I am changing my radio station right now!

    • Sheryl

      I have a 15 year old son, and boys deal with all of these issues too. And boys may be much more quiet about what is going on in their lives, often even pretending things are fine when they are not. Social media, while an amazing tool, makes it even easier for teens to feel alone. Ajah, you rock girl! So brave for speaking out, and you have helped so many teens (and adults) who might be too afraid to ask the questions so publicly. Being a regular watcher of MarieTV and through B-School, I knew Marie’s response would be thoughtful with some fun thrown in, but it went way beyond. It was wonderful because it was specific and showed how you understood so much about Ajah just from the email. Bless you Marie, and Ajah too!

      • Detra


        This video is so on needed.

    • Cat

      Great video! I’m 53 and still get stuck on a bad radio channel. I do exactly what you suggest. Have for years! Crank up the tunes and head out to do my 10,000 km steps!
      You go Ajah! Beautiful name. You are more than brave… you are Inspirational to everyone who feels the same but can’t seem to voice their questions.

    • First, Let me say that video was AWESOME and I agree with all the Great things Marie said about you Ajah! Ajah, I’m 27 years old and I recently started a business last May and things are going ok but it’s a lot of HARD WORK, SWEAT AND TEARS! I been through so much in life (married and divorced by 23 and so much more) so when things don’t go as planned with my business (that I started to change my life around) I get discouraged and ask God am I doing the right things because I feel like giving up. Just remember in life you will go through trials and tribulations but God says in Jeremiah 29:11 “for I know the plans I have for you, to prosper you and not harm you, to give you hope and a future!” Stay encouraged and remember God has a purpose for your life! Your beautiful and God used in so many GREAT ways today (smiley face).
      Love-Britney Gooch

      • asia

        Beautiful response. Thank you for reminding

        • you are an amazing person inside and out, never forget that!
          And if the crappy radio ever comes up again remind it with strong affirmation what a beautiful, amazing individual you are. give it a big kick in the head that knocks it right out!!!!!! GO DO EXPLOITS!!! YOU’RE MADE FOR SO MUCH MORE, BABY!!!

      • Thank you so much Marie, for all the wonderful videos and information you give us, so generously! I love them and they have really helped me.
        I especially loved what you wrote Britney, to Ajah. I just wanted to give her a hug! I too struggled as a young girl with all those negative thoughts going on in my head. I still have to battle with with negative thoughts, but only a fraction of what I once struggled with, and it’s easier to defeat them now. I love to meditate on God’s word. Also, music with positive words really helps me.
        Ajah, you are so far ahead of where I was at your age! I believe you will be very successful, at whatever you decide to do with your life.
        Love Josie

    • Hi Marie,

      Loved this! I will remember your Krap radio station to share with my clients (and for myself as well). I’m a psychotherapist/life coach and I enjoy your videos so much. Thanks to Aja for her courage writing in and to you Marie for your warm and humorous response. I remember being a teenager lying in bed at night and counting all the things that were wrong with me from my crooked toes to my front teeth. Meditation will clear up the static so that you can tune in to the loving radio station that is your true channel.You are an inspiration to us all, Marie. Keep it up!

    • Love it! Thanks Ajah, for giving us all a beautiful opportunity to high-five, virtual hug, and remember we are not the voice. HUG to Ajah!

      Wouldn’t it be fabulous if “how to deal with suffering” was a class in school?

      I heard the same voices too as a teen and considered ending my life. I wore a plastic back brace 24 hours a day during high school that prevented me from being able to bend at the waist for years as my body was going through puberty. I still struggle with inner voices about my physical being 35 years later. But I have learned many tools that help me “change the radio station” – meditation being number 1. No matter our life circumstance, we all have value and capacity beyond what we know.

      Meditation was taught to me 25 years ago and I wish I had known about it as a teen. The simplest form is to sit for five minutes, close your eyes, and whenever thoughts float by, return your focus to your breath. Maybe you could even find other teens who want to meditate with you? Wish I could get my own teen daughter interested.

      Here’s a great starter book.

    • Ebony

      I LOVED LOVED LOVED this video! I needed this video…THANK YOU AJAH!!! Your question helped me at 28!!! so it was for anyone! xoxoxxo

    • Brian

      Don’t forget about men who feel the same! 🙂

    • Jay

      ABSOLUTELY, I totally agree with you Pamela. I’ve enjoyed Marie’s interviews and advices over the years, but this piece was so thoughful and sensitive – it just revealed the full extend of Marie’s depth and wisdom. That’s really what all teenagers need to hear. Really. Good job!

  2. I think as an online entrepreneur it is so important to connect with people regularly, we humans 😉 need to connect with others and be social.

    It’s why I love my free group because even though I am behind my PC alot I still get to connect.

    Great blog I loved it!

  3. I’m so glad you answered Ajah’s question, Marie!


    As Marie said, you are tuning into thoughts that we ALL have. In my work coaching fitness professionals looking to start their own businesses, I’ve found that tuning into WKRAP radio is their number one setback. Even though some of these women have masters degrees and numerous certifications, that crazy voice in their head says they don’t know enough to be successful. The fact that you are already working against that voice right now is going to make you unstoppable!

    My advice to you is to dream BIG. You really can do anything you put your mind to, especially once you tune out that crazy voice that tries to talk you out of things.

    I’d recommend making a list of some of the dreams you have and the smaller steps you’d need to take to get there and then going out and trying a few items to prove that crazy voice wrong!

    As a fitness girl I also have to tell you that the movement piece Marie shared is HUGE! I ran an interview series with female entrepreneurs who shared the impact that movement (like dance parties) has had on their businesses and lives. Hearing about all of the extra creativity and confidence these women were able to gain was truly inspiring.

    Please do keep us posted on all the new gifts and beauty you find in yourself as you start working through Marie’s great advice 🙂

  4. Mary Ann

    #AjahisAmazing Had goosebumps all through this *important* video. Wow. #Thanks

  5. Ajah,

    First, I’d like to commend you for your courage. Not only was it not easy to put yourself out there, but it’s also not easy to ask for help.

    You remind me so much of myself at your age. I was overweight and felt like I was ugly and served no purpose in life. I felt like people didn’t really like me and that I was a waste of breath. I looked for love in all the wrong places and said yes to things when I really wanted to say no. It got so bad after my boyfriend broke up with me that I decided that I didn’t want to be here. I won’t go into the details, but I put my family through hell.

    I decided to make a different choice. I realized that I am valuable beyond measure. I learned that I had a purpose. The same is true for you. You are valuable beyond measure and you have a purpose here too. The Universe makes no mistakes. You are here to love by serving others. It is up to you define the way in which you are destined to serve. What are the things that you like to do? What brings you joy? You serve by sharing your gifts and your joy with others.

    Even though that time is so far behind me, I still sometimes struggle with feelings of unworthiness and undeserving, but I remind myself of how far I’ve come and that I am worthy of love simply because I am! I love Marie’s suggestion of meditation. It has been really helpful, but I also do Emotional Freedom Technique, or EFT, to help me through negative emotions. You’ll be surprised how the Universe responds to what you ask for. You can use it on everything. 🙂

    I hope that the responses that you read here help you. You are most certainly not alone. Please be sure to share whatever you learn that helps you with others. It’s part of your purpose to do so. I wish you love, peace, and many blessings, Ajah. ((hugs))

    • Ms Pillows, I’m glad you mentioned EFT tapping because that is just what I was going to do.
      Ajah, I agree with everything Marie said about you. And EFT helps to eliminate the root cause of the those voices. It’s amazing how good you feel after a little tapping.
      I love your response Marie. The W-KRAP radio is spot on. Tune to another channel. EFT helps to enable you to tune to a better channel.
      If you want help with doing that Ajah, just click on my name, it will take you to my website and I’ll give you a free 30 minute EFT session.
      Bless you, Patricia

  6. Ajah, you have a beautiful name; I think Marie’s advice is the best. When I was 14 or 15, I had those same feelings. Fortunately, I had a circle of friends that pulled me out of these depths of despair. Believe me, when I tell you that these feelings will pass. You have something unique to give to the world. I just wish to share with you these thoughts~ ” You are so young, all still lies ahead of you, and I should like to ask you, as best I can, dear Sir, to be patient towards all that is unresolved in your heart and to try to love the questions themselves like locked rooms, like books written in a foreign tongue. Do not now strive to uncover answers: they cannot be given you because you have not been able to live them. And what matters is to live everything. Live the questions now. Perhaps then you will gradually, without noticing it, live your way into the answer, one distant day in the future.” ~Rainer Maria Rilke (1875–1926), 1903 July 16th letter to Franz Xaver Kappus.

  7. Ajah…thank you so much for reaching out and asking such a vulnerable question. So many folks struggle in the same way, so you are definitely not alone! If you can read this, please know you are worthy and wonderful, just by being you.

    Also, I’d love to mail you a free copy of my book, no strings attached, of course. It addresses some of the stuff you’re struggling with, so I hope you might find it helpful. Please find me at my website: Send me a message and we’ll work it out, if you’re interested. Just let me know.



  8. MARIE! So much love pouring your way for this amazing response to Ajah. Such great advice and encouragement and done so lovingly. And when the dance video came on, it just opened my heart! Thank you for doing this for Ajah, and for all the Ajah’s, which is all of us. xo Mary

    • Valerie

      Wow. I totally agree with the comment you made about the video Mary. It really touched my heart too in a deep way. Aja, I SO love and appreciate your COURAGE and LEADERSHIP. This will help many!!! 🙂 Marie Forleo, YOU ROCK!

  9. Kim

    Marie, this was such a beautiful response to Ajah. And, those 5 things you know about Ajah were demonstrated about you through this video. Thank you.

  10. Dana

    WOW!!! This came to my inbox at just the right time. I was blaring Krap radio last night and needed this reminder!

  11. Dear Ajah
    I’m sending you big love from Perú, you are really a great human being and be sure this stage will pass. In ten years you’ll laught about whatever is causing you to struggle, so try to laugh now with something that truly makes you happy. And yes, follow Marie’s action #2: when you feel helpless, help somebody else (IT WORKS EVERYTIME)

    Lots of love,

  12. Laura

    Wow, I don’t normally comment, but I wanted to say how impressed and touched I am by your response to that 15 year old girl.
    Thank you for everything you do.

    • GK

      Exactly what I thought.

      • Joany

        I was so moved for the question and really excited by how well, smart and funny way, Marie manage the Answer, it also help me to realize to change the crap station.
        Just like Laura I was impressed and full of joy!

  13. I loved this question!!! My gal pal and I actually run a nonprofit called GALSLEAD. And we focus on teen girls and answering questions like these and building self esteem in young girls.

  14. Marie, what a sweet and thoughtful response. I love how you opened up with #5GreatThings about Ajah! So sweet and validating. Meditation has been a life changer for me when turning out WKRAP + positive tunes while exercising always does the trick. Ajah you can do anything sistah and you have a community here to support you! #AjahIsAwesome

  15. Keli

    This is one of your best videos, Marie! Thank you for asking this question, Ajah. The fact that you are willing to ask for help and are open to learning new things will take you far in life. My two cents: don’t compare yourself to anyone. It’s a total waste of time and energy. When you think something about yourself that doesn’t feel good, it’s not true. If you can shift that thought to something even 1% more positive you’ll start to feel better instantly. Rock ON, Ajah!

  16. Ajah and Marie –
    Thank you both for the brave question and sound advice. My KRAP radio has been playing way to much lately and I needed a reminder that I can turn it off. Also made me realize that everyone else’s KRAP radio was playing as well so to make an extra effort to do or say something nice to my friends, family and co-workers.

    Thanks again 🙂

  17. Beautiful!
    One of my favorite quotes is “I will not let anyone walk through my mind with their dirty feet.” ― Mahatma Gandhi
    and that includes ourselves!
    Yeah Ajah!!!!!

    • SUCH a good reminder. That’s one of my favs too. I had almost forgotten about that one @Bridget!

  18. I could NOT agree more. I have struggled with this my entire life… this particular 3- minute clip from Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday with Brene Brown helped me to make a permanent change because it clarified the problem for me.

    • Leah

      Thank you for that share!! Very clarifying!

  19. This advice was so timely for me – thank you Marie. I am getting ready to deliver my first TEDx talk in Chicago in just 10 days and have been having some serious doubts about my public speaking abilities. I have to keep tuning into a more positive radio station from now on. I know I can do it – just need to align my mind and body.

    Ajah, you are brave and you have support of this wonderful community. Come here if you ever need advice and words of encouragement.

  20. Jennifer

    I’m so amazed by some of the artists I’ve been discovering online lately, and I just jot off a little note…” Love your work, wishing you much success, etc…” And I always get a reply that says ” you don’t know what it means to get your email, it made my day… I was feeling discouraged, or unsure about showing my work, etc…” What a great feeling to have ‘made someone’s day’ with a simple comment!

  21. Ali

    Another great video Marie! This is such an important concept to learn, that you are not your thoughts, I think young people today will have such a leg up learning this early. Go Ajah go!

  22. Beata Hercik

    I personally believe that Aja is really amazing girl but unfortunately with lower self-confidence. I must agree with Marie, that Aja is brave and ready to solve her problems, because she has already decided to share her problem with Marie and every single woman, which saw this video. Very nice is the fact, that Aja is interested in lives of other children, who can suffer from the same bad feelings. Aja, you are unique girl and people should be happy if they have an opportunity to have in their lives! So do what you like and like you do, because being you makes you pretty :).

  23. Chris

    Hey Ajah – of all the #5GreatThings Marie said about you. I think that #1 is you are brave.

    I just want you to know that because you were brave enough to reach out when you hurting, you inspired this great post from Marie and it dropped into my email inbox on a morning when I really needed a pick-me-up. This was it.

    So Ajah and Marie – thanks for making my day! You both made me smile. 😉

  24. This was so heart warming! Aja I hope you loved it and are reading all these great comments! (i love this community so much!)

    When my sister was diagnosed with anorexia, she too thought she was ugly and worthless. She thought she was a waste of space and tried to commit suicide. My family was panicking around me, which was only making matters worse – so what did I do? Put my oxygen mask on first.

    I meditated everyday, listened to only extremely happy songs and danced around like I had won the lottery, I invited my sister to do only fun things, and never spoke about all the bad going on around us. I also used affirmations (check out Louise hay). My sister was so in awe of my happy joyful self that she started asking what I was doing because she wanted to become happy like I was. So she tried all those things and now is super thankful I chose to be “happy” rather than worried, anxious and sad about her illness like everyone else was.

    Maybe you can practice being happy around someone else who is down?

    Love, Joana

    • Janet

      Thanks for the brave Q, Ajah, and the awesome A, Marie! Age 15 or 60, sometimes we just get caught in a tough spot. These suggestions used together will make a difference. I’ve been here before, then been in a great place, and then back again to a challenging time. Rinse and repeat through a lifetime. But I know now to keep moving towards the positive. (Sometimes so hard to do when you feel negativity all around.) In addition to meditation, tapping is really powerful. Tons of info and tutorials to follow online. Cheers to both of you for being fabulous! xo

  25. Ajah, I also used to feel like you a lot of the time 🙂 I spent my teenage years feeling that I didn’t know how to dress myself… Now I’m a fashion image consultant and also a coach.
    Lots of love to you!

  26. You’re a brave, beautiful lady, Ajah. And it was a beautiful response for Ajah, Marie. Thank you, ladies: loved today’s video….I’m 40, going through a rough, rough time (domestic violence) and your Q, Ajah, and your A, Marie, have helped me no end today…..thank you! I’ll be tuning out Krap Radio and boogying to Shake It Off today….! Let’s hear it for those things that help us ‘re-set’….

  27. wow, this was (again) an amazing video. I put it on FB for my daughter and also my young pupils to enjoy. Wonderful!!!

  28. I’m not usually emotional about this sort of thing. But I have to admit I laughed and I teared up during this one. Towards the end I did both at the same time.

    • Charlyn,

      I did the same thing. It reminds me of that line from Steel Magnolias, “Laughter through tears is my favorite emotion.”

      Peace. ~Ellen

  29. Hey Marie and Ajah,

    I was the exact same way and would call my close friends up and tell them this and somehow they never got me. I know now that it happens to all of us and thank God for you for asking that question so that the rest of us can feel inspired to change the station!
    It can be hard I bet, it was hard for me but take Marie’s advice and really meditate upon what you envision for your life! Don’t get stuck on the other things. One day you’ll wonder who in their right mind would ever think that you were ugly.
    Lots of love Ajah, you remind me of me so much, so, just know, you are beyond awesome 🙂

  30. Be BRAVE Ajah, it all gets better.

  31. I loved this. Thank you Marie 🙂
    Katie I love how you created the story using radio so true.

    • muhammad tanveer

      i love

  32. Thanks for this Marie! I also loved a quote I saw from Michael Hyatt this week:

    “Don’t believe everything you think.”

  33. Sheila

    This was so tremendous! It came at the right time as I needed to share this message when I did not have the words to say to the other person. Thanks for this inspiration!!!!

  34. Absolutely amazing video Marie. This definitely comes at a time when I’m going through a huge transition in my life and it definitely helped me so thank you so very much for being you 🙂

    Ajah, you are a fantastic person for being able to even identify what’s going on and then reaching out for help for not only yourself but for others who are going through similar feelings. Marie speaks truth. Everyone has the mind chatter but it’s whether or not you choose to let it get you down that decides who you really are. I think you’re a beautiful person and I’m sending you good vibes from Victoria, BC 🙂 I always find that having someone to talk with (for me, it’s my sisters!) makes the process of chilling out the chatter much easier. Good luck babe and stay awesome xo

  35. Whenever Krap Radio plays one of the things I do is actually go and watch old Marie TV videos. It tunes out the crap and gets me back on track to what I need to be doing!

  36. I have felt like this all week, and I’m not 15 haha! I reached out to a group of friends in business and I’m feeling much better now… it was all in my head for sure. I decided to blog about it.

  37. Thank you Marie for this video. And a big thank you to Ajah for asking this question and emailing Marie! Ajah, you are a bright star!

    I love that you included meditation and dancing (as well as giving!). I’m using these tools myself whenever I get down on myself. The dance party I have with myself works amazingly well at helping me shift my thinking and lift my spirits.

    Xo Beca

  38. What a beautiful response Marie.

    • GK

      My thought too.

  39. Hi Marie – my first comment after ages of watching…this was beautiful! Powerful answer! I was honestly in suspense wondering how you would answer that. Your insight is breathtaking. xo

  40. Pam

    Ajah – look at the impact you’re making on the planet, from having the courage to ask your question! WOW! All these responses are so great.

    I wanted to suggest another tool you can use to help ‘change the station.’ It’s called collaging and it’s really simple to do. You just grab some magazines and tear out pictures that speak to you – they can represent the things that are bothering you, those negative voices you keep hearing in your head, or your dreams and goals in life. You can arrange them on paper or all over your room, and they serve as a visual cue that can help re-direct your thoughts and subconsciously move you toward the things you want. I’m on my fifth time watching Marie’s team dance and scream your name – hope it’s making you smile and laugh as much as I am! And remember what she said – the world needs the gift that only you can offer, so hang in there.

  41. Akiko

    Thank you Ajah, and thank you Marie. No matter how old we are, we need to hear this from time to time. Even though some days might seem dark for you, it must feel empowering to have these tools to get you through. Ajah, know that your question helped not only you and other kids- I’m sure it’s helped a lot of people who are 15 on the inside, and (a lot) older on the outside (uh… me, for one)! A perfect example of the teacher and the taught make the teaching- it wouldn’t have happened without you, Ajah. Thank you both for a great way to start the week.

  42. Ajah- Marie’s on the spot here! You can see yourself as a wandering antenna and whatever it is you tune into you have the choice to tune out-off again. Just like different radio stations have thought patterns have different frequencies. However, this is not easy- it takes practice. The great thing is though, as with everything else, the more you practice the better you get. Meditation is a great tool for this because it takes tuning out of all that noise to start noticing the silence that is behind all the noise and ones you got that- it gets easier to identify the noise and which station it comes from. This will build your awareness muscle. Be mindful though that we tend to attune ourselves to the same stations as those whose company we keep- this means that the company you choose to keep also becomes an important factor. The collective thought patterns are strong, the more density of people who thinks the same things, the harder it is to tune out off them and into something else if that is what you desire- again meditation and spending time in nature are the most powerful factors for me to balance this and become aware of which station I am tuned into 🙂
    Even though this is hard work it can also be fun and it is the single most rewarding thing I know. All the best and much Love to you.

  43. my favorite marie tv episode to date. in fact, this is my first comment. 🙂 hang in there Ajah. there really is that special gift inside you that the world needs. 🙂

  44. Joe

    Hi Ajah & Marie,
    Great comments Marie. I also suggest that Ajah develop a Power Page with a list of all the good things she has done or accomplished in her life so far – good grades in school, any praise she received for a project she finished, any time she helped someone and was thanked, etc. Then, when she is feeling low, she can reference the times of success she had, relive the memories and re-affirm she is a worthy individual with exceptional potential.
    I also suggest using a music. Create a play list of upbeat, positive music and crank it out whenever you are feeling down to inspire yourself.
    Continued Success Ajah

  45. Ellen

    Marie, that was a beautiful response and video for Ajah! Yes I wish I had something like this for me when I was 14. Teen years are tough already. Still this is definitely worth watching for people of all ages.Thank you!

  46. Marie,

    That was like church without the church-y part. Uplifting, inspiring, compassionate. I am blown away with how you and your team tackled this subject with beautiful clear encouragement to Ajah while giving excellent general advice. Wow. You are succeeding in your mission to touch millions of lives.

  47. Thank You Ajah for Standing UP! Marie-thank you for this wonderful video!
    I work with teens as a spiritual mentor and I totally understand how difficult it is to be a teen (growing, learning, and dealing with others doing the same that are not always nice at school and in social circles…)
    It is valuable to meditate and to have someone to talk to you that you trust!
    I survived an abusive childhood and some severe traumas beyond the already challenging issues as a teen-so I got you! I understand! I am here to tell you it all gets better and you do have control over our choices now to create a reality that works for you! SO much love to you all!

  48. Lorri

    This was one of the most heart felt questions that have been asked since I started watching Marie TV I hope that your answer helped this amazing girl and I love her for asking that all important question that we all feel at some point . I am older and I had no one to ask these questions too and as an adult still have negative thoughts in my head. Your video today was so helpful to so many an to Ajah who had the courage to ask this question.

  49. Thank you Ajah & Marie. What a Q&A. #heartexploding

  50. I love the videos you make, Marie! Thank you for bringing us lightness, beauty, sincerity, creativity, and good humor!

  51. Leah

    Hey Ajah,
    I can tell you this…I feel like you do sometimes as an adult! Kudos to you for taking the first step to making change as a young adult! I am learning to tune out WKRAP radio (I love that Marie!) too so we are on the same journey and I’m 20 years older than you! But it’s all good…I accept that I’m a late bloomer!
    One person who has helped me immensely is BILL CORTRIGHT in his book “The NEW STRESS-RESPONSE Diet and Lifestyle Program.” He is the first person to give me the reasons and a program to finally ditch my KRAPPY habits in exchange for POSITIVE behaviors and habits. He tuned me into my SUBCONCIOUS mind! There are ways to re-program the KRAP you have been fed and feed yourself. I suggest you start with his book or Dr. Josheph Campell’s “The Power of the Subconscious Mind” or Norman Vincent Peale’s “The Power of Positive Thinking.” Do some research it may just be the strategy to get you in tune with feeling ALIVE! I’m working on it too!!
    Best of luck and all kinds of love from Michigan!

  52. Katie

    Great question and a big thanks for asking it as many people, including myself, struggle with the annoying negative roommate in our head we just can’t kick out for good.
    Turn the station and remember you are very special and have something wonderful to bring to people (like this question).

    Best of luck

  53. Ali


    This is by far one of the best videos you’ve ever produced. What a beautiful way to encourage a beautiful young gal. Ajah, hang in there! Life is not easy, especially as a young woman. Marie’s advice could not be more spot on! You are special and possess unique qualities that only YOU were gifted with. I hope you know we are all rooting for you!


  54. Thia

    Marie that was a beautiful response. Ajah I’ve been where you are. Marie’s advice is spot on.

  55. Ann

    This might be good for me to share with my Girl Scout Troop of 4th graders. I think you are touching on an untapped market of children and teens needing this kind of message. The emotional struggles of young people today is much more intense than it has ever been. The combination of increased educational and athletic expectations of kids now with the fast-paced, ‘instant’ society is pushing many over the edge. We are not preparing our children for what is to come…the don’t have the emotional maturity to handle it and it doesn’t look like it’s slowing down anytime soon. We must do something now!

  56. Lori

    <3. I am sharing this, and tagging my almost 13 year old son. 🙂

  57. Susie

    Hi Marie and Ajah,
    first it brought a tear to my eye to see how much you authentically cared for Ajah, and what she is going through, it would be my greatest dream that all children had the loving support and encouragement that you showed and shared today, to make an impact on Ajah’s life and so many young people like….

    Ajah things change, this isn’t forever, soon you will be able to live the life you choose, it could be good to get a nice book to write in what Ajah world would be like, what would be the standards in her would, the values, what are the boundaries, where would she be living, what would she like to do to bring abundance in, what are her friends like, really play with your imagination, and see the pen as your magic wand, without limit…. Add as much detail and colour as you can… One day you may read the book and say wow I have created so much of that….sending a host of loving Angels to help you through this time sweetheart. X

  58. I also know what you are going through Ajah. I’ve had to deal with extreme social anxiety that turned into crowd phobia. i may feel like your life will never change, but it’s not true.

    You have the power to change your life and change how you feel on the inside (don’t worry even if you start changing, it will always try to come up here and there). It may take time and practice, but don’t give up. Write the good stuff down.

    I once did a list of everything I liked about me. I started with 10 things and then had to add 5 more per day for 7 days. It’s a great exercise. Also, just putting your hand on your heart and saying ‘I love you Aja’ everyday (even if you don’t believe it at first) will start to transform those negative thoughts.

  59. Diane Murphy

    Wow, Marie, Ajah, and Team Forleo! Beautiful and impactful. Thank you for this.

  60. Cristina Arantes

    Really… this video brought tears to my eyes after watching all the great things you did to cheer Ajah up and show her she’s worthy and I gotta thank her for sharing her life struggles and thinking about others when she mentioned people who are going through the same thing cause I kinda have the same problem, about feeling useless, ugly and a mistake… Sometimes I try to help others and tell people good things about them too… but it’s something that needs constant practice… as for the voices in my head, I never really thought about this as a radio station… I’ll try to pay more attention in order to recognize these voices and try to “change the station.” This is definetely one of my favorite Marie TVs! Thank you and Ajah again!

  61. One of your best posts…ever. Thanks. Regarding meditation, you should consider interviewing Dan Harris, who wrote the 10% Happier Book.

    Keep up the great work!

  62. Mylene GT

    Bonjour Ajah, si jamais tu veux une amie Facebook, je suis de la région de Montréal. Pas facile taire cette radio, je sais! et si jamais tu as besoin, je t’offre mon oreille attentive qui aime bien aider les gens à trouver leur vocation, au mieux participer à cette évolution en échangeant en toute simplicité, la vie est déjà assez complexe comme ça!

    • Bonjour Mylene!

      Moi, j’ai passé aussi 3 années dans la ville de Montréal (maintenant je suis chez moi au Méxique) et je suis toujours heureux de connaître chers francophones. Je suis aussi un Bschooler et Si tu jamais veux faire la connaissance de B-schoolers, je suis heureux de t’aider ou de partager mes expériences. Tu peux me laisser un courriel.
      Merci et à bientôt 🙂

  63. Shermin

    Hi Marie,
    Thank you for your videos. Even though I did not see all of them, the ones that I saw I always enjoyed them immensely. Your upbeat mood, positivity, and your wonderful and clear pronunciation and speaking, and the list goes on. I truly love your videos.
    Thank you for inspiring us 🙂 love you 🙂

  64. Hi Marie. I can understand what Ahja is talking about. When I was her age I felt the same way. I started reading all these self-help books from that age onward. I did not realize that I was using them as a crutch. What I should have done is gone to a specialist and stick to one thing that would have the potential of putting me back on track instead of bouncing all over the place. Turns out there is really nothing wrong with me, it’s all in my mind. My daughter is like me and you may say like you as well. I realized it early and I always encouraged her to be positive and strong. When she has a problem she will not hesitate to call me. She is pregnant now after seven years of marriage. She reverted back to a dark place once realizing that she wasn’t getting pregnant two years into her marriage. Now she is in a good place, confident and strong. She is finally getting her drivers license after giving up hope. I took her our driving the other day and she did very well. I texted her later on during the day telling her how proud I was. This was her reply: “It’s all a matter of pushing yourself and thinking in a positive way. I have really changed the way I think. Negative talk is so bad. It can take over your life and if you let it, it will become a cycle that is hard to break. But I have learned that nothing is impossible if you really want it” I had tears in my eyes after I read it. So Ahja all is possible with the right guidance and help. Thank you Marie for all you do. You are really awesome.

    Manny from Montreal

    • Hi Manny!

      Interested to hear you are from Montreal too. I lived there nearly 3 years and I’m a B-schooler. If ever you are interested in meeting people in town who can share their experiences, I would be happy to connect you through. Best of all from Mexico 🙂

      • Thank you Carlos. That is very nice of you. Are you living in Mexico? How is B school turning out for you?

        • That’s correct Manny. Enjoying home Mexico. Hope you are not too cold up there. Let’s talk on Facebook if you want to hear more 🙂

  65. Hello Ajah,
    I just wanted to let you know that I completely understand where your coming from. I spent a few years feeling very stuck and just allowing myself to wallow.
    But then I asked for help. I asked for help from my parents, my doctor, and I took the initiative. I googled and searched for practical advice and ways to get feeling better. I journaled every single day for a year, some days I wrote down how I was feeling, other days I forced myself to write down positive things about myself and my life and my day. I did it every day, I worked hard to re-train my thoughts too. Eventually it just started to happen on its own, the postive (and true!) thoughts became the predominant ones not the other way around.

    I am now 19, and in no way totally immune to those bad thoughts, but now, when they do start to overwhelm me, I think of them as little monsters living in my brain. And I just simply thank them for their input, and tell them it relax, sit back, take a nap, I got it from here. Like little children, they’re unreasonable and demanding, but you are the adult and in control of your own little monsters.

    Wishing you a lovely beauty filled day Ajah.
    All the best,

    Mickie X0

  66. Mindi

    I felt like this at 15… and I still do today at 37! It has been a lifelong struggle for me. When I’m feeling super blue I write a list of everything I have accomplished in my life. Not just the big things like graduating from college, but also small stuff like trying a new restaurant, maintaining an exercise routine or asking a guy out. It takes just as much courage to do the small things as it does the big things. After reading through my list I realize I’ve done a lot and don’t feel so stupid and useless anymore. Oh yeah… watching the latest MarieTV episode helps too!

  67. Kristina

    Absolutely loved this video – thank you! Not only was it fun and so sweet, it was practical, true and what I needed to be reminded of today.

  68. Awesome advice! Loved it!

  69. Wow! I totally relate to this week’s vlog and to be honest, this is something I struggled with as both a teenager and an adult. My heart really goes out to Ajah because it is a very difficult and lonely place to be, when you feel this way. I had to learn to stop the negative voices through time. It wasn’t easy because it was such a natural part of my life for so many years, but through time I eventually cut them down to a small percentage and learned how to recognize them when they cropped up again! I found that they would often return when I was tired, having a bad day, sometimes even when I wasn’t eating well (too much sugar!) believe it or not! Sometimes, just making that connection helps!

  70. Kim

    Marie – Thank you for serving everyone you do! I love that you serve the world and not just your “ideal client” 🙂

    Ajah – All of those things Marie said are spot on. At the age of 15, you are clearly courageous and I have no doubt will find the path to confidence and fulfillment and will lead others there too!

  71. Marie- you are the greatest so my expectations for Tuesdays are always high…but this one really toped them all!
    “Krap radio- all suck and no rock” and the Ajah dance out. I’m beyond impressed and moved!

  72. So beautiful ❤️

    Ajah, as painful and dark as these times are (especially at fifteen), they don’t last. Thank God! Those thoughts aren’t true and not real. I learned to recognize the “lies” and steer my mind to the truth instead of allowing it to overwhelm me and paralyze me.
    Marie’s advise is great! Be blessed x

  73. WOW! that was so fun! The 15 year old inside of me is so happy, and the 45 year old that I am today needed to hear that too!

    Keeping it simple, crank up the fun music and stay off that WKRAP channel:) Great advice! And we have so much to be grateful for, so many cool people to connect with, no time for feeling bad or lonely.

    You ALL are so cool! Thank you for the fun Marie!

  74. Such a significant post! Our inner judges are a black cloud of energy that many on the planet keep inheriting through fixed thought patterns. We can all change this!



  75. Dear Ajah,

    everything you are feeling, thinking and going trough is so common for girls your age (it was for me too), but you are special, and gifted, kind and smart and I’m really glad I got to know about you in marie’s video 🙂

    Sending you hugs from Croatia!!!

    • Ryan Smith

      It’s very common for men in their 20’s too. I’m 22 years old and I know exactly how she feels because I’ve been there.

      By the way, pozdrav iz britanije. 🙂

  76. Marie, you continue to inspire me through your innate ability to connect with everyone, no matter what the topic. What a testament to your work that Ajah, a 15 year old, would reach out to you.

    Ajah, I remember 15 as a low point for my self-esteem. I am a family physician and have worked with teens in the area of sexual health for many years and I also have a 15 year old son. This is a high time for WKRAP radio for sure! The advice and words of encouragement Marie gave you are beyond compare. I do have another thought to add and that is be around people who lift you higher. Jealousy and insecurity at any age, but especially teen years, can bring out cruelty in people. And if you feel alone, know communities, such as Marie’s, are out there to support you.

    All the best Ajah and thank you Marie for another amazing Q&A Tuesday!

  77. That was beautiful…

  78. I love this community! All you ladies are totally amazing and showing real women superpowers! Supporting each other instead of comparing each other. Holding each other up instead of taking each other down. I wish this for all women and AJAH, you are so fabulous for making all this happen, just by being your true authentic self! way to go sister! xoxoxo

  79. Marie, all I can say is AWESOMENESS! I absolutely loved your response on such a huge topic these days, especially with all the bullying that goes on. When you were all dancing, it brought tears to my eyes just thinking about Ajah smiling 🙂 Blessings to you and Team Forleo – you all make such a gigantic difference in this crazy world! xoxo

  80. Tricia

    Thank you, Marie and Ajah for a beautiful and inspiring start to my day!
    So many tears of joy overwhelm me with the beauty and connection that you both shared with all of us!

  81. Marie,
    I’ve always respected you, but today’s video? I adore you. You may have saved this young girl’s life. And for the energy and effort you and your grew (especially the guy shouting AJAH), I thank you!

    Ajah, the voice you hear (from yourself and even from others) is not true. Marie was right when she said you were brave, kind and a leader. And because of that, the world needs you and what you have to offer. Don’t give up. We are all here, cheering you on!

  82. That was beautiful Marie. You have such a great heart. And, Ajah is so brave for asking this tough, but crucial question. Take it all in baby girl and know that you are special and have a great future.

  83. As a mom of teenagers I have to say, Marie…I’m in tears. I wish this video could be part of our educational curriculum because it’s a message so many youngsters would benefit from hearing. Thanks for lighting the way. Your response to Ajah was amazing.

    And Ajah, you are seriously awesome for bringing this up because I know for a fact (because I’m a mom and a human being) so many kids and people feel the way you do from time to time and wonder how to navigate it. Your courage is going to help so many people;)

    I tell my kids (and myself:) our feelings are like blips on a radar, showing us where we need to take responsibility for our thoughts…and Marie’s insights (meditating, dancing, giving, etc) DO help to change those thoughts around:) Sending light, love, and a digital hug to you Ajah! xo – Deana

  84. Mel

    What a great video. I am 56 years old and often feel the way Ajah does. I am recovering from a rare disease and it has made verbal communication difficult so I have been avoiding social situations for well over a year. I do not want to go back to my job (in a medical office) and have always wanted to start my own business but have found the process difficult. This video had given me inspiration. Thank you so much Marie, for all your videos. I have been watching them for several years and they are not only informative but entertaining! Best wishes to Ajah! I hope when she reads all these comments she feels stronger and happier.

  85. Marie, excellent response for Ajah! Tks for your caring heart and attentive listening. Christine

    Dear beautiful Ajah, I am a life coach – fluently bilingual and live in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada – 2 hours drive from Montreal. As Marie offered to you, stay in contact with her. Take good care and as Marie said, you are a leader! Wishing you success in all your actions. Christine

  86. Alicia

    Marie, this Q&A seriously rocked! When you read the question, I could feel it in my gut how much the pain and fear resonated with me in my teenage years. You brought such wisdom and humour to your answer and presented it in such a way that it was both youthful and would benefit an older readership – rock on!

  87. Marie, I found myself tearing up through this episode. It’s heartbreaking to think a fifteen year old feels this way, and your response was so touching and heart centered. I so empathize with Ajah. I felt like that all of the time growing up, and sometimes that crap radio still turns on. I just started a new business and have always had challenges with follow through because of the self doubt radio waves of “who am I to be successful”. To counter those pesky waves, i keep reminders around me in different ways. Post its in my car, and my favorite, a lock screen on my phone from a picture you on FB posted saying “you are going to want to give up. Don’t.” It’s a small phrase but speaks so loudly to my inner critic. Thank you for all you do and everything you put out in the world. <3

  88. Bridget

    A truly fantastic video! Way to go! Much love to you, Marie and much love to you, Ajah!

  89. Wanda Bowing

    That was genius Marie. Good job.

  90. Marie,
    This was just excellent! I wish they’d show it in every high school in the world – so many kids (and grownups!) need to hear your message here. Love the dance video you put together for Ajah too. Made me happy cry. <3

  91. Krystal Gonzales

    I looooved this episode!! Such an amazing message! Thank you Marie. Love ya!

  92. Natalie

    Hi Marie,
    I have been moved to tears. I love your videos and amazing advice! I have always believed you to be a genuinely amazing and beautiful person. Seeing this video confirms it once again! There are so many girls like Ajah out there, and it is such a blessing to have people like you to help. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the work you do.
    YOU ROCK!!!!!!
    Lots of love,

  93. Thank you so much Ajah for being so brave and asking the question and to Marie for answering it so practically and humorously!
    I meditate and even though I am aware of the nasty voice in my head I often keep playing the station and going with it and the more I go with it the more difficult things become.
    I have recently started using self compassion, even for the critical voice in my head, as advised by Prof Kristin Neff (expert on self compassion). This has made me soften my approach to myself and to other people and ultimately made me happier 🙂

  94. Thanks a lot for sharing this, Marie! These words are precious for everyone of us at some point of our lives. Business owners live in a permanent rollercoaster and we definitely have our WKRAP Radio days 🙂

  95. Diana Tower

    Dear Ajah,

    I’d like to reach out to you regarding something that Ms. Pillowz mentioned, EFT (tapping). I learned about EFT by watching Marie’s interview with Nick Ortner from the Tapping Solution.

    *Shout out to Marie for introducing me to EFT…you opened the door to something amazing. Thank you so much Marie!*

    I am an English teacher by trade but I am working my way towards certification as an EFT practitioner. I have seen such amazing results in both myself and the many women I have worked with so far.

    Tapping doesn’t stop bad things from happening…but it does change the way you look at and react to things. Or as Marie puts it, it changes the station in your mind…even if it is subconscious.

    Our inner critic is a pretty harsh Beeeaaaawwwchh…but we don’t challenge her most of the time and we end up listening to her day in and day out.

    By tapping on different points of your body (stimulating the meridians) and talking about your feelings, beliefs and events that have happened to you in the past, you tell that voice and your brain that you are ok despite the problem. You stop your brain and body from going into the fight or flight mode so you can relax.

    If something goes wrong, you get bad news, or you’re just having a crap sandwich day… tap on it.

    Just having a tapping/vent session with yourself and letting it all out (all while telling your body you are safe and can relax) can be so useful. It really is amazing what happens when you validate your feelings and dig deep.

    I think learning how to tap yourself can be helpful, but I wanted to take it a step further. I wish you the best and am so glad that you wrote to Marie and that she A’d your Q like the awesome bad a$$ she is. 😀

    With gratitude,

  96. Hi Marie;
    I have a 15 year old daughter who is bright, beautiful, talented and funny. But she sees none of this. The first line of Ajah’s email could have been my daughter. I also struggled with self-worth for a large chunk of my 54 years and am so relieved to have found ways to feel better about myself. What I struggle with now is watching my daughter go through it, and feeling my own pain on top of hers. It makes it hard to just let her go through it, but that is in fact, exactly what I need to do.

    I have found yoga and meditation to be the most powerful self-care tools out there. I have a strong personal practice and my life’s work is now sharing these techniques with others. What you gave to Ajah is probably the most important gift she will ever get: herself. And she sounds like an amazing young women. Thank you so much for addressing this issue with such care and your trademark humour, which I think is the key to getting through those teen years. I’ll be encouraging my daughter to watch the video. Maybe the advise I give her coming from someone else in a fun and powerful way will resonate with her (like many daughters, she seems to ignore it coming from her mother!!). xoxo Lori

  97. Marie:

    I’m newly retired and after coaching real estate top producers for the last ten years of my long career, I’m reminded how often I had to help sort FEELINGS for these marvelously talented people because every day, they have to keep those feelings on the way back while serving others.

    Every one of your videos helps me help them (and me too, of course). I love your approach, enjoy your upbeat presentations (and your dresses which I usually send to my Marketing Genius daughter.

    Thanks for this super online content. I spread the word to agents I really care about – I do! cheers, j

  98. Amber

    Woohoo!! I loved that step one was meditation. I learned meditation when I was 14 and it changed my life. If everyone I knew I seemed to be the only one with a solid connection to myself and life around me. I still find myself trying to get back to how amazing I felt through those last years of teenhood. Could not endorse that idea more.
    Feel amazing Ajah because you ARE 🙂

  99. Team Marie,
    This was a touching video to watch… I love how special you all made one person feel!

    “A person’s a person, no matter how small,” as Dr Seuss had wisely said 🙂

  100. Wow, what a beautiful connection and coming together because of Ajah’s question and your beautiful sharing of wonderful advice Marie. I stumbled upon this today and this is my first time commenting so what beautiful positive powerful ripple you have created in the world Ajah! I am grateful to all of you for being part of this. I started my business when I was in one of my most difficult times in my life. I wanted to reach out to those that supported me in a heartfelt way. Thank You wasn’t enough so I found Gratitude to facilitate the heart to heart connection. Every gift I offer comes with a card that begins, “I am grateful to you because___________” You add your personal expression of gratitude and that is very empowering and helped me to get out of my dark place. Now my mission is to help others as well. We are all in this together. Recently I watched the documentary, “I Am” and that helped me so much in affirming our connection to everything. My 15 year old son watched it with me and now wants to share it with his friends….Grateful for this opportunity to share today! With Gratitude, Beth

  101. Karen

    Marie, your response to Ajah’s question touched my heart so deeply. The creative way in which you made Ajah feel as special as she truly is just blew me away. You are such an inspiring leader who is making a huge impact on this planet. Thank you for everything that you do!

    And Ajah – WOW, girl! What courage you have to share your darkest feelings. So inspired by your reaching out for help. We all have these feelings at some point (even as adults) and you were brave enough to ask for help. By doing this, you also helped so many others who feel just like you do. You are a beautiful rock star, Ajah, and your future is so bright – shine on! xoxo

  102. Bethany

    I’m going to use the reference to “WKRAP Radio” with my two teenagers from now on! I love it! Fortunately I realized before I had children that one of my important jobs as a mom was to help them to see their strengths and talents as they were growing up (I used to be an art teacher!). Now I have two very talented and fun kids who know exactly what they want to study in college (one’s heading there this fall for a Korean major!) and the other follows, wanting to study character development in Animation! Even though generally they like who they are and don’t seek affirmation all the time from their peers, they have bad days too. We all do! My son tried out for the Spring Musical this year for the first time and actually won a part. I wish I had known about WKRAP Radio when he was first trying to learn all the songs and dance choreography! He found out, with hard work and perseverance, that he could do it and the show was phenomenal!! One thing that I think is paramount, too, is that it is important to learn to serve others. Then we don’t get wrapped up in ourselves and sometimes feeling like we don’t matter. Find ways to give your time or service, whether it’s mowing a neighbor’s lawn, being an altar server at church, volunteering during park clean-up days, or even starting a blog that teaches something you know about! My daughter started a foreign language blog and now has over 8,000 followers because they love learning Korean right along with her! It encourages her and she learns from them as well… and she is now brave enough to pursue her dreams of becoming a teacher and interpreter! Writing or drawing or painting or singing or playing an instrument are also ways to express your uniqueness… I love being creative for that reason. It also helps me to understand God better because He created me and he knew me from the beginning of time… that’s pretty special!!! He created you too… just the way you are. Perfect.

  103. Kelly

    Great video Marie! Loved the cheerleading/dance session for Ajah! 🙂
    Ajah, you are in a wonderful place right now- just by asking Marie the question you did and at your young age, means that you are already ahead of the game. You already know that thinking negative thoughts about yourself is not the space you want to be in. Look at how many celebrities seemingly have everything – money, fame, beauty, a nice figure, etc and they are STILL not happy. That’s because it has to come from within. I agree with Marie that meditation is a great start. When you connect with your Source on a regular basis you will feel that pure love in and around you. xx

  104. Darn it, Marie, I’m crying!!
    You have such a talent for finding the good in people instantly! Wow! What a sweet thing you did for Ajah and do every day in your work.
    Thanks for being you.


  105. Sabina

    what Marie says is really true. I learned it when I was a little child. We lived near a small airport and every once and then a airplane would land or start and we would see it fly at some distance. just enoug so you could still read the letters and see weather it was swiss or maybe lufthansa. it was so exiting, every time we ran out of the house to really hear and see it. About 10 years ago I noticed how people were bathered about the noise from airplanes and I noticed how I still loved it. So I deeply believe that we can condition ourselves to have the feelings we want. So now, everytiime I have a feeling I dont want I stand up immediately, start to sing and dance as if it was the best thing ever happening – very siimilar to what I did as a child when an airplane came. and it really works, stressy situations either dont appear so that I relate to them or they make me smile because I know that I will start to dance and celebrate. try it out!

  106. Thanks Marie… I was in fact feeling the same because I am now sailing through my new life here in Canada and things are getting pretty rough.

    Your video brought a smile on my face this morning and I thank you for that really.

  107. Kat

    Wow! That was a great response, Marie! I was especially moved because (1) today I was feeling the same way – it’s a gloomy day that affects and matches my mood
    (2) you took the time to outline what is great about Ajah at the outset, so she could hear how fabulous she is right away. This also shows that you, Marie, are attuned to people’s gifts.
    (3) the video also showed how caring you and your team are. You made a special response just for this young woman which I am sure she appreciates. I sure do and was dancing and singing along.

  108. Catherine

    Marie: You rock. I LOVE how you handled this question with such care and compassion. As you once said “God doesn’t make any extra peeps” and I think that applies here too. We are all here for a reason. No one is useless. Thank you for this video and for all that you do. I needed to hear this today. 🙂

  109. Hi Marie,
    You ROCK MY WORLD in just the right way at just the right time with this weeks’ video. Thank you!
    It’s like you were speaking to my inner 15yo whom I’ve been feeling strongly connected to lately as I approach my 40th birthday.
    This is advice I will consciously remind “her” of as well as my present self and all those I encounter.
    To Ajah, ROCK ON! Ask and you shall receive, girl! Just look at what you have inspired here! Thanks to you, too…

  110. Firstly, Marie, amazing episode, one of the best yet! Secondly, Ajah, please believe that you are all the things Marie said. I’ve been where you are, and it’s a horrible, lonely place, but you’re not alone. You have all of us, from all over the world, just for starters!

    You’re doing all the right things, by reaching out, and asking for help. I strongly believe it’s our quirks, and differences, that make us beautiful, I’m even building a business on this philosophy. You’re a strong, amazing girl, and don’t ever forget that. Big hugs from the UK to you! xx

  111. Kristina

    I’m not a tweeter so I’m sharing my #5GreatThings experience. After watching the video I had an email come through from an admin assistant who is super awesome and I decided to take the opportunity to share 5 great things I thought about her. She told me she was almost crying reading it and was so thankful to receive it. What a gift to give myself as well as her.

  112. Marie,

    I am a regular watcher of your videos and I must say this was your best ever. What a thoughtful, insightful, uplifting and helpful reply to Ajah. I have been in Ajah’s position decades ago, and boy, what a difference a message like this would have made. Bravo Marie! You’re a hero!


  113. Kimberley Mulla

    Marie- thanks so much for this inspiring message today and for thoughtfully answering Ajah’s brave question!

    Ajah- I remember feeling the same way as a teenager. In fact, there have been several moments through my life that I’ve felt this way. But the older I get, the better I am at handling it. Marie is right, you are so brave for reaching out and asking this. It is, in my life experience, a truly universal feeling. I dont know a single person who hasn’t doubted their ability or beauty or worthiness at some point in life. Please know that you are not alone. Chances are, your friends feel this way too and maybe are afraid to talk about it. What I wish someone had told me at 15- find one adult that can truly be there for you and listen. Someone who can nurture you and make sure you’re okay. This may be a parent, relative, friend’s mom, or a teacher. And finally, you will be okay. You will be great, in fact. You can do this. You are beautiful and worthy and amazing by virtue of your existence.

  114. BeaJae

    OMG! What y’all did for her with the Aaa-Jah (Hey Ya) breakdown is wonderful! I hope this helps her and others as it helps me. I am over 10 years older than Ajah, and I continuously struggle with the same things. Ajah, you are definitely not alone, and I hope you continue your courageous pursuit of building your mind, body, and spirit.

    Thanks for the post y’all.

  115. Marta

    I’ve never commented before, although I’ve been following you for more than a year now, but Gosh, this video was AWESOME! There was such an empathy, and attention, and love in your answer… it was balm for the soul! You don’t have to be 15 to feel like Ajah, but you have to be a great person to help her (better said, to help us) with your words like you did.
    Grazie Marie, sei splendida!
    Kisses from Italy

  116. Ajah thank you for asking such a life-changing question. Your heart just reached out and connected with thousands across the globe.

    I think you might like this video about a teenage boy that was bullied in a Canadian high school. (Maybe you heard about it 🙂 He has a lisp and after his father passed away kids tore down his dad’s pictures in his locker…He felt isolated, unwanted, depressed and alone. His mom decided to move to a new town and although Josh was scared and shy he decided to come from love and kindness in his new school.

    Here’s a video of his story that elevated the whole student body and changed his life:

    Ajah (such a beautiful name!) just know all the people in your school feel insecure and not good enough too (even if they are really good a hiding it) Reaching out to someone heart to heart is all we humans really want more than anything. To feel heard, seen, loved and appreciated for who we are. If you can find a way to authentically do that for people – even in the smallest of ways – you’ll heal them and they’ll heal you.

    And remember where our deepest wounds are – is the place where our depth, greatest gifts and strengths come from. Time to shine lovely. Time to shine!

    I hope you fully take in your new song…if you do it has the power to change your life!

    Sending you Love heart to heart and a big hug! Bella xo

  117. I second everything Marie said about you, Ajah! Also, the fact that you are 15 and watching MarieTV tells me your wisdom and depth are light years beyond your age. You are an inspiration. Keep shining!

  118. Marie, what a great video and response to Ajah! I was touched by the 5 things you were able to observe about her just from her letter. And I completely agree with you about the dancing. I started dancing for 15 seconds each day and it helped release those endorphins! I even post these mini dance parties on Instagram using #15secdanceparty. Would you love to see YOUR #15secdanceparty!

  119. Jamie

    What an awesome video.So relevant and a great dance party!!
    Ajah-So brave! You asked a question that so many people are afraid to ask, and in turn, helped so many people. Keep up the courage.

  120. Candi

    Ajah and Marie

    Bravo to both of you! You are both an inspiration!



  121. Marie, you’re lovely. Excellent “Ajah”song and dance.

    Lily xxoo

  122. Lisa

    Hi Ajha!
    To think and act how you did in your Q (and especially with the age of just 15!!!) shows a high grade of honesty to yourself, selfresponsibility and a certain degree of distance of your head-voice already.
    Your are just turning the radio button for a more funky channel.
    Even if you don’t feel so at the moment and it sounds like painful schhckkschekkkckscchhhhkkgssch…

    Hi Marie!
    Thanks for choosing Ajah’s Q and also your thoughtful A (to read between the lines I mean). I like your crap-channel-metapher a lot!!! 🙂

    What I did
    With 15: nothing, because I even didn’t know whats going on in myself. I was completely locked.
    Later on till now: step by step I turned my personal insecurities to my personal securities and made following AHAA-experience: Nobody and Nothing could take any piece of myself – accept myself.
    I provoke myself to DO things I am afraid of and have a look what happens.
    As Marie told – Meditation (I like it as day-starter) and Movement were and are always supporting and unlocking tools for me.

  123. Fayth

    this video meant so much because even as adults we go through times where we are bombarded by krap radio. Specifically those who experience depression etc. I thought this video was extremely helpful & loved the customized answers for this young lady.

  124. Marie,

    You rock. What a great post and video.

    Ajah, you rock even more. Such courage and honesty.

    This Q&A just made my week.

    Grandpa Alvin

  125. I love how you reach all ages. And you are so right, we all have w-krap radio in our head no matter our age. Love and look forward to Tuesdays emails, you’re always a bright spot in my day.

  126. Loving reading today’s comments!!!

    I have to confess actually, this has been how I’ve felt all too often recently looking back at my blog and diary! Ajah – showing vulnerability is by far one of the most powerful things you can to connect with others.

    Currently listening to my happy playlist on Spotify!

  127. Ajah – my heart goes out to you. I still have those days too, and I will be 50 soon. In my experience, it does get easier to quiet that voice down – but you have to be aware of it and you have to practice.

    Marie – my son has Asperger’s and is picked on a lot at school. It is difficult to change the station from WKRAP, when others repeatedly help you switch the dial back… difficult, but not impossible. I am showing my son this video when he gets home from school today.

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Mary, I hope your son loves the episode and it helps him keep his radio station tuned to a better channel no matter what others are saying.

  128. Lynn

    KOWABUNGA!!!!!!!!! What an amazing video. THANK you Ajah for speaking out and UP! THANK you Marie for being who you are!
    AJAH- Wonderful, talented beyond compare, insightful, thoughtful and warm
    MARIE- ComPASSIONate, gifted, inclusive, comforting and have astounding timing.
    My husband: FUNny, wonderful kisser, eloquent, loving, missed (he and I are living apart for awhile as he finds us a new home)
    LOVE YOU MARIE!!!!!!

  129. I love ya, Marie! Thank you for making me laugh this morning. I was feeling a bit sorry for myself. I guess I tuned into K-KRAP AM radio. 🙂 I’m going to change the channel to K-VIBE FM.
    Have a great day! Love, D

  130. Thank you Ajah, for sharing this important question with the world! You are not alone in these feelings, and I am glad Marie took it up to answer it. Feeling encouraged at the other end of the globe here…!

  131. What a great video and a nice reminder to not engage with that mean voice we all hear at some point or another.

    Ajah, in high school all that noise gets amplified and I think it’s so wonderful that you had the awareness to ask about it and reach out for help. Not everyone does. xo

  132. Christian

    I thought you were a quite awesome woman and business teacher. And now you come up with meditation and superego etc. like as if it were normal day-to-day business for the average us. You are so cool! This is getting better and better. You are AWE-SOME! And calling it “crap-radio”. I´ll for sure memorize that!
    Christian, calling in from Germany

  133. Marie,
    I LOVE today’s episode! Brilliant & inspiring answer to a question a lot of people feel… no matter the age.

    Ajah, thanks for being so brave. You are smarter than you know and braver than you think (awesome advice from Winnie the Pooh!)

    I love the idea of W KRAP radio… just change the station.


  134. W-KRAP radio…

    All the

    Why not

  135. Peter

    That’s exactly what I felt yesterday. I was so lonely and thought about so many things. Working from home is lonely sometimes because there is no one to talk to and share ideas with. Does anyone feel the same way like I do?

  136. Angie

    Dear Marie and Ajah,
    I spent at least half of my life listening to WKRAP, and I am finally changing the station! I think the most helpful and powerful truth is that YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

  137. This made me tear up. This is the sweetest video Marie and her crew made to date! I just love your heart.

    Ajah is all of those things and more. I felt the same was at her age. We are all connected. 🙂

  138. To Ajah – you are so very brave for reaching out to someone you didn’t know – and didn’t know if Marie would blow you off or judge you (I really don’t think she would do either)!

    If it helps you, many days I STILL feel like I am useless and and alone. What a wonderful gift you are to the friends in your life! You can actually let other teens know that they, too, can change the radio station that runs in their head. It takes practice – the crap voice in your head will not stop overnight – you have to train it.

    In the meantime, blessings to you for reaching out and making me feel better about myself. You are a beautiful young woman with an amazing life ahead of you! Hugs!

  139. Doug Shoaff

    Marie, just one word:

  140. Gail

    Ajah, I loved your question, “what do you do when you feel useless and alone?” We all feel that way sometimes, but most of us just ignore our feelings, push them down until they build up so high we explode! Acknowledging your feelings is difficult but so brave. Marie I loved your advice. Now even those of us who aren’t so brave have received some good advice. Thank you Ajah for asking Marie and thank you Marie for sharing with us. Recently, I found a book about helping you out of negative emotional patterns, ie those negative thoughts in your head, check it out if you like. It is called the Happiness Trap by Russ Harris.

  141. Lisa

    Bravo, Marie…no doubt you’ve redirected not only Ajah’s life, but countless others…shine on dear Marie!

  142. I think this was a great and brave question, because at 15 or 50 or 80, I am sure that we have that mean nasty voice that tries to destroy us day in and day out. There is a great book called ‘Taming your Gremlin’ by Rick Carson which talks about that voice and how to deal with it. I have learnt that this voice has stopped me from being who I am and doing what I want to do and ‘dealing’ with it has also changed my relationships with the people in my life. Often our inner gremlin or Crap Radio mirrors what we have been told as children and by changing the dynamic with our gremlin or Crap Radio, we also change the dynamic (for the better) with the people who surround us. Taming our gremlin is fundamentally about learning to love ourselves. And that’s the best love there is, because it is the only love that allows us to love others while retaining respect for ourselves.

  143. Dear Marie and Ajah,
    Best video to date. Who doesn’t relate to what Ajah is going through at some time in their lives. Your advice was spot on and so helpful to Ajah I hope. It was really inspiring for me too. I like that KRAP radio analogy.
    Hang in there and Ajah and know that you are never really alone in this world as long as you continue to reach out like you did to Marie.

  144. It seems the number on my scale and the number in my bank account are inversely proportionate and depending on which one is higher is in direct relation to the sum of my happiness.
    Think I need to quit getting on a scale and start changing up my marketing plan
    I constantly have to monitor my self talk to make sure it isn’t bringing me down. I just tell it thank you but I know that isn’t true and move on.Staying aware of it helps so I don’t just believe it. Most of the time that works.

  145. This was my favorite Marie TV episode ever! So beautiful and so compassionate but also filled with wonderful advice. Marie, you are awesome!

    Ajah, I definitely struggled with those thoughts when I was your age. I felt alone, invisible, useless, hopeless, helpless, ugly–you name it. It was a terribly lonely place and those thoughts led me to some dark places. All the great things Marie said about you are definitely true. Take them to heart. Know that you’re NOT any of the things your mean inner voice tells you. The darkness is temporary and things can and will get so much better! When you practice counteracting or ignoring that mean voice, life gets pretty amazing! I’ll testify to that. I also wish I had started meditating sooner because it has radically changed my life and it’s what I tell all of my friends who are in their 20s who are struggling. You are awesome and lovable and don’t let anyone or any thought tell you otherwise! Sending lots of love!!

  146. amazing response! you are fabulous!

  147. Bri

    Marie, what a phenomial video for Ajah. So many peolpe can benefit from this. Never allow your spirit to be broken, change the channel. No matter the challenge always know that each of us has a purpose in life. There is so much beauty in the world to share with others. Ajah allow your spirit to shine. Thanks again Marie for all the encouragement!

  148. Rosalind

    Great video! I applaud Ajah for being brave and sharing her story. There’s healing in opening up your heart and I honor her for doing it. The video response is so refreshing and more importantly helpful in a encouraging way. It provides practical and fun solutions to deal with the “gremlins” we all have inside of us. Who doesn’t love the way Marie describe our negative thoughts as W-KRAP radio. . . Who does that. . . 🙂 Thank you Marie for your unique voice and encouraging us to share our own unique voice. Thank you Ajah for your question/story.

  149. Way to go Ajah for being brave enough to ask about it! We have all been there and all struggle with it from time to time.
    Thank you Marie!!

  150. Dre

    I’m twenty years old and I remember feeling that way when I was in middle and high school. What helped me a lot during those years was writing in a journal. I wrote about how I was feeling and the majority of what I wrote at the beginning were poems. When I look back at my journal entries I notice that there’s a lot of repetition of thoughts, actions, and ideas (which were positive and negative). Journals are very powerful tools that can help us focus on what we want to achieve and who we wan to become. Forming new habits becomes easier when I write down my intentions. There are days when I notice how much I’ve changed and I also notice that I was never the problem. It has always been a matter of changing my perspective and forming new habits that celebrate the unique person that I am.

    I hope this helps!

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Such a great suggestion, Dre. Journaling is an incredible tool for expression and self-understanding. Science even backs it up!

  151. I don’t know how many of us finished this episode with dry eyes 🙂

    5 things for Daniel:
    – you are creative
    – you are considerate
    – you are so attentive to detail
    – you are thinking of others first
    – you are the most loveable person I know


  152. A sensitive, wise and witty response. Appreciate the way you framed and rocked the reply to Ajah!

  153. Omg!!!!!! I LOVE love LOVE this!

    Ajah. I also wanted to say how impressed I am with you. Everything Marie said about you is true. Your incredible! Everyone has that crap radio station in their head. I can say the meanest things to myself sometimes and when I catch myself… I’ll say the opposite. For example, let’s say I’m not feeling pretty and My radio station is saying mean things to me… I will focus on 3-5 things that I’m grateful for on my body. I’m greatful for my big brown eyes that allow me to see the beautiful flowers. I’m greatful for my legs that allow me to jump, run, dance and walk. Im greatful for my arms that are able to give really good hugs. Etc. Always remember that there is only one you on this planet, you are a miracle and a gift because there is no one else like you. Ajah, I can tell your gonna do great things my love. I’m sending you a big big hug!! Keep being curious and learning. Oxoxox

  154. Hey Aja,
    I have been where you are. Just keep putting one foot in front of the other, and step forward; eventually you will move out of this dark place. To support that journey, I highly recommend watching Pastor Joel Osteen’s ‘I Am’ sermon [ignore the religious references if you prefer]. Create a list of your I am’s, even if you’re not feeling it right now.
    One foot in front of the other, darling Aja, and you will eventually become the person you are meant to be.
    Great video, Marie!!
    A b-school student

  155. Anne-Sophie

    This Q&A is one of my favorites so far! I have struggled with this since I can remember, and I still do, but I’ve been working on it with intention for the past year. Affirmations have really helped me, I recommend checking out Louise Hay if you’re curious. Ajah, you’re a rockstar – if only I had started being honest with myself about my secret inner thoughts at your age. This is really important stuff. You go, girl. Marie, your advice was clear, on point and honest (as usual) – this totally brought tears to my eyes! Thank you for giving us this community space for soulful sharing.

  156. Joanne Larkins

    Ajah, you are an amazing, young woman. Here are more waves of positive energy coming to you.
    Yes, KWRAP radio is an international station, and it still plays even for senior citizens, like MOI!!! 🙂
    Like Marie, I meditate, only I started later in life, so I’m a late bloomer, and I now appreciate it.
    Imagining my day, even those most boring, mundane and repetitive chores, housework, no I mean home management, ah-hem, makes them fly faster and leaves me with more time for fun.
    I highly recommend the team of the Tapping Solution, Jessica and Nick Ortner, sorry Nick, ladies first, even if you are the older brother, where they use the acupression points to tap through emotions charged from early childhood experiences and beliefs. They are amazing!!! They were there to help students, parents, teachers and others after the shootout, in Sandy Hook School, in Connecticut.
    The other tip is Laughing, yup, specifically laughing for no reason, or Laughter Yoga, a movement of more than 20 years begun in India, by Dr. Madan Kataria with his wife Madhuri. These exercises serve to release stress, stimulate the inner organs, like an aerobic exercise, without the sweat.
    Oh and I write in my gratitude journal, as often as possible, hey perfectionism is NOT in my vocabulary. Joyful, and happy are, though.
    So please Ajah always follow your dreams no matter what any one says, including that inner voice of your own.
    Oh and thank you Marie for your videos, your sharing with US your talents, and please thank your team, for me, too. I appreciate what you are doing.

  157. Ajah, you asked a tough question and made all of our days. Like Marie said, you made the effort to find out how to address it at 15!
    The response from Marie is phenomenal and an amazing loving toolkit that will be with you in the years to come. Whether we’re in our teens, 20s, 30s, 40s, you name it, a lot of us wonder what is up with the negative voice in our head. Understanding how to quiet it and then working that “muscle” is a part of us to embrace. Thanks to your question, I’m grateful to now visualize WKRAP, that video clip was a riot.

    To Marie and Team Forleo, this is an amazing video, I was on the edge of my seat! You guys make the world go round with love and humor.

  158. Hats off Marie, to your caring, wise, and fun response. I can relate to Ajah, as so many women can. Thank you, Marie!

  159. Carolyn Castro-Donlan


    You so nailed this response and thank you for being you and so inspiring! Love your videos and Q&A Tuesdays (depend on the pick me up every Tuesday).

    Ajah (cool name btw) — you are everything and more that Marie said you are — such courage and insight to your question. I hope you know this doubt of self is part of growing and evolving into your true self — enjoy and rejoice in your many strengths and what a wonderful future lies ahead for you. Go for it ! Dream it and it will happen!

    Continue on with your awesomeness!


  160. Kelly

    You have a terrific heart. I nearly teared up when you and the gang sang the Ajah song. I hope she hears it and takes is all in.

  161. Jeanie DeRousseau

    That was an incredible Q and A, Marie and Ajah and Team Forleo… I laughed and cried and felt the magic… Everyone it touches will surely be divesting from that radio station! Me? I’m dancin’ with you to all those other tunes… Thank you!

  162. Marie, spot on, as usual, and I’m doing great!

  163. Kristine

    Thank you to Ajah for asking this question. And a heartfelt thank you to Marie for answering it so well, I actually shed a tear or two. As a 46 year old that never really left that teenager mindset, I am now beginning to learn to change the station. I always thought the voice was truth! And I thought being selfless was the only way to get rid of it. However, being that way created a lot of anger and resentment. W-KRAP is an excellent analogy that will help me to remember that the voice doesn’t really know anything. As I go forward, I will try not to spend too much time analyzing where it came from and more time improving myself.

  164. Marie, thank you for your sensitive, loving, inspired response to Ajah, which is spot on — you ROCK! Ajah, I hope you know that you are all of the 5 things Marie said, and more! I am amazed that, at just 15, you are already watching Marie TV (so clearly, you are also a very smart girl!). And, as Marie said, you were brave enough to ask your question, and did so in a very honest and generous way. I hope you will take Marie’s advice, and do just 2 more things — first, please keep reaching out to people around you who can help, if and when you feel this way. Second, I would urge you to see if you can find a YMCA or Boys and Girls Club in your area. They have cool programs to help you discover and develop your inner greatness, because YOU ARE A SHINING STAR! (And please don’t ever forget that!). Sending much love to you both, Sandra

  165. Ryan Smith

    Aja, I was born with Asperger’s Syndrome and ADHD, I know exactly what you’re feeling, as an adult even. Watching Marie answer your question and seeing how well you put it…it took a huge load off my shoulders.

    Marie, I’ve felt exactly like this girl ever since I was her age, and I’m 22 years old now. Thank you for answering her question because I’ve been wanting to ask you the same thing for years.

    — Ryan

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Ryan, I hope you know how incredible you are and I’m so glad this MarieTV episode resonated with your heart. You’re not alone! So many of us have felt this way before and it means the world to know that this episode struck a chord with you too. xo

      • Ryan Smith

        @ Kristin

        I think one way to help people feel better about themselves is through language that the “inner voice” is familiar with.

        Some people don’t feel much better when the most famous people on earth tell them they’re incredible people because it doesn’t resonate with them.

        But if a total stranger came up to them and told them that something they did was very respectable of them, I think you’ll see a changed person in no time. Sometimes we’re in so much pain that we won’t see the beauty of life until the ugliness fades away first.

        And that’s what people need more than anything these days.

  166. aleli

    Hi Ajah,
    First of all, what a beautiful name you have! I am sure it goes well with the beautiful face, and heart that you have. I truly understand how you feel. When I was 15, I just wanted to disappear when I am in the middle of a crowd, like in school. When I am next to classmates that I thought are way prettier, smarter than I am. I always felt I don’t belong. I am much older now and still feel the same sometimes. I know you can do it. I know you can get out of those krappy thoughts about yourself and discover that beauty in you, that kind hearted person in you. You are brave, smart, and compassionate.

    Thank you Maria for sharing with us about that KRAP thoughts in our mind that makes us feel all these negative things.

  167. You answered that beautifully.

  168. What an uplift! The best part of this was the positive feedback that you gave Asia. All of the positive comments you made were real and give her confidence that she made a great move in asking the question and helps each of us that tune in to the wrong radio station. Thank you for your creativity and sharing.

  169. Marie! What a GREAT video today. Just what I needed to hear.

    Ajah! You are NOT alone! I have personally found when you are dealing with a large amount of discomfort your breakthrough is right around the corner. Stay courageous! I had a very difficult and dark time in my life where I felt useless and invisible. The one thing that got me through it was love. Find those that truly love you. Ask ask them for support.

    My TOP 4 amazing tools to keep those KRAP thoughts at bay:

    1. YOGA (Flow style is best) If you stay focused on breathing and moving, there is no room in your mind for those thoughts. By the time the end of class comes, all you think while resting in savasana (corpse pose) is ahhhhh, I feel so good 🙂 You can find flow yoga classes locally OR just check out you tube or yoga My 2 favorite instructors are Seane Corn and Katherine Budig. Both empowered kick A#* women.

    2. TAPPING. Also called Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) By focusing on the way the thoughts make you feel, and then releasing the energy of those feelings in your body, the thoughts have no foundation to thrive anymore. Check out a great resource from Nick Ortner.

    3. MUSIC. Make yourself a playlist of songs that you love, preferably happy or empowering lyrics. When you’re down find a private place to blast the music and sing your heart out. My favorite place is my car with the windows down. OR go to Karaoke/Find a great local band that plays music you love. I believe, hands down, music IS therapy.

    4. MEDITATION (Marie already mentioned this one) One thing I wanted to mention is you don’t need to sit with crossed legs and eyes closed to meditate. Just being present with each task at hand can help you stay mindful, which won’t allow those KRAP thoughts to come in. I love to call it MEDITATION IN MOTION. Focusing on just….cleaning the dishes, chopping onions, brushing my teeth, etc. If you want a great seated meditation practice I highly recommend anything The Chopra Center offers. They have free 21 Day meditation challenges alot, plus a free Happiness Course.

    Here is to a higher version of You!

    Be Well,

  170. Taryana Rocha

    I wept thinking about Ajah 🙁 I felt like that for most of my life and all of my teens. Ajah must be in heaven, completely delighted with Marie’s response!

  171. Linda

    That was beautiful Marie. There was no end to my admiration of you before and it just increased ten-fold. And Ajah… ROCK. You are an inspiration to all kids and adults who wonder if they’re “enough.” Yes. You. Are.

  172. Deb

    What I’d say Ajah is this. That energy in your body that feels like shame, or sadness, is the voltage of your life force . The volume of Krap Radio is in direct proportion to how much you’re not tuning the instrument of your body to that life energy, the essence, or presence, that runs thru you as long as you’re alive. The frequency of that power (for most of us) was distorted into the frequency of Krap radio. Noones fault just humans who don’t know how to choose the station. Lift your shoulders, open your heart and feel that passion with no story at all. Pretty quickly it will turn to power!! Hope that helps.
    Good luck & lots of love Ajah. And thanks Marie, so moving xx

  173. Marie, what an awesome response. You did such a great thing for this young woman. You inspire me everyday. Sending you love!! Louisa

  174. Dear Marie,

    You are Amazing, incredibly giving, compassionate, kind, smart, fun and witty. I love each of your video but this one probably resonated most with me. Thank you.

    Dear Ajah,

    Like so many gorgeous ladies here have shared, I have been you and am still you… and it means that you are me and you are all of us. Drink and savor all those comments until you feel the sparkle in your body – that voice that recognizes that you are not alone and that amazing things are going to happen to you. And you know why? Because this is the intention you set by sharing your feelings and concern with this incredible community.
    My experience has been to take actions. It moves me away from fear. Sometimes, my inner light even tells me: do what scares you the most. Because once you do, over and over again, what scares you the most, you become a warrior – a spiritual and peaceful warrior. Fear will be there, not to make you fail, but to push you further and deeper to make you stronger and more spacious. You go beautiful Ajah. Be the wonderful you that you are already.
    Lots of love, Sandrine

  175. Lisa Agnolin

    Hello Marie,

    Thank you to Ajah for asking such a great question and for you Marie for answering it. My husband suffers from depression and since early last year has been having such a difficult time. It has put a strain on our relationship and I really just want my husband back.

    This could not have come at a better time. I will be sharing this information with my hubby, in hopes that it might help and at the very least put a smile on his face! Thank you Marie!

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Lisa — I sincerely hope this MarieTV episode helps your husband! You’re incredibly thoughtful for sharing resources to help put a smile on his face. We’ll be thinking of you both!

  176. Sky

    I love this so much because I am as well a fifteen year old girl and I feel this constantly. Such great helpful tips and skills I can make some self-improvement with.

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Sky — I’m so glad you caught this episode of MarieTV and that it resonates with you. Just replace Ajah’s name with your own beautiful name and it rings just as true! xo

      • Sky

        Kristin thank you so much! It is such a beautiful thing that you’re doing with the world. To think that every time you reply to someone’s comment you are putting a genuine smile on their face and as well make their day. Thank you for taking time out of your day to make me smile, Kristin.

        • Kristin - Team Forleo

          You’re very welcome, Sky! That means a lot to me 🙂

          • Jennifer

            Hi Kristin!!

            I am Jennifer and am from Montreal, Canada as well! Would it be possible to be put in contact with Ajah? Maybe we could chat or talk with each other. I’m 25 and still going through this at times. I wish I could’ve had a mentor or friend to talk to at 15!

            Let me know if this is possible!

            Thank you!

            Sky – Always remember that God created YOU for a reason. You are so special in your own way. Use your gifts, don’t blend in and always, ALWAYS follow that little voice in your heart. It will lead you to happiness I guarantee xoxoxo

          • Chelsea - Team Forleo

            Hi Jennifer! While we aren’t able to directly connect you, it’s so thoughtful of you to want to reach out to Ajah. She’s gotten so much love in these comments this week, and we’re humbled by all the support being shared.

            Thank you for chiming in, and sharing some inspiration!

  177. Jen

    Oh Marie, thank you so much! I can’t believe how a 5 minute video each week can add so much value to my life. You must be an old soul. Jen x

  178. Stacey Taylor

    Wow, Marie. That was the coolest thing I’ve ever seen. Super great advice, and yes, we all go through it. I especially loved the “Ajah” song. I hope that put a huge smile on her face! You truly have a big heart. Much respect. <3

  179. Marie,

    How in the world did you read that without choking up??? I was forcing my emotions away just listening to Ajah’s question! What an amazingly aware 15 year old and what amazing advice you gave her. I’m a 45 year old just starting a health coaching business and what I call my Inner Saboteur is continually trying to tell me I’m too old, too wrinkled, not cool enough, nobody will like me, listen to me or care what I have to offer——-and shutting that voice up and out of my life is formidable. Thanks so much for an empowering pep talk Marie!!!

    • Sky

      I also choked up, it’s crazy how she can make the messages feel so personal to you.

  180. Hi Marie,

    Thank you so much for this amazing, empowering video!
    The song and dance brought tears in my eyes! Sharing it on FB 🙂
    This Krap Radio has really to be TURNED OFF FOR GOOD, not only for
    Ajah, but for many of us.

    Marie, keep rocking!

  181. Marie! How can I love you more than I already do? By watching today’s Q&A that’s how! You are such an inspiration! The strength and gentleness – and humor – that you used to address Ajah’s Q was so powerful. You rock!

  182. Hi Marie – loved the vid and Ajah was so brave sending that question out to be answered! Always a learning process dealing with that lil ugly voice, I have been playing with setting a morning thought. As I go to sleep, I think about a good thought to start the day out with, such as, “I’d like to focus on seeing my miracles around me for the day.” As I wake up in the morning, I make it a game to see how much I can tune into that thought to get my thought shoes on the best feet they can be 🙂

  183. Great advice – I am going to show this video to my 14 years old daughter. It will help her to know that she’s not the only one with such a thoughts in this world.
    “Life is a mirror of your Mind” Joy R. Feelgood

  184. One of the best Marie video!! I think it speaks to all of us…young and old. I hope Ajah can feel the love and support from across the world. For Ajah to watch Marie at such a young age, you know she has a growth mindset and will be doing great things.

  185. Wow, Marie
    This is one of my favorite Q&As yet. You deserve all the good people and good things in your life. Thanks for that very thoughtful and inspiring response to Ajah.

    Dear Ajah,
    I agree with everything that Marie shared. I had a similar mindset in my teens and now in my early 30s, I look back and see that the feelings of being alone and out of place were signs of desiring greatness in my life but not really knowing how to live that out yet. Almost like a puppy with paws that are way too big at the time, it’s proof that you’ll grow into something that’s larger than life. 🙂 Dream big, girl! And never let anyone tell you to settle.


  186. Usually I laugh or dance or chant with your episodes – for the first time I cried. It is beautiful and touching and considerate and I am sure it is very healing to a lot of people who are watching. Such emotional alchemy – thank you <3

  187. Shanon

    I totally cried through this video why?
    1. Girls & Women feel this way at any age anwhere in the world you are not alone Ajah
    2. Marie answers with the smart huggable answers!
    3. We all can benefit from self empowerment by taking our awareness to another level and realizing we have a choice to change.

    Such human connection + strength building = Love !!!

  188. Brigitta

    Marie, thank you so much for this video (I”m actually taking your B-school right now) And Ajah, if your’re reading any of these comments…I felt just like you today…and I’m 45…Krap radio was on full blast in my head. For me, I’m a pilates instructor, I always feel better after I teach so Marie, you’re right…focussing on someone else totally mutes that inner bitch.

  189. Kylie


    Thanks for asking your question sister. It is timeless and priceless.

    And Marie, thank you so much for being you, doing what you do. This episode is darling and I appreciate you!


  190. Ariana

    I’m 45 and I struggle with this weekly! Its not easy when you don’t have any friends, when no one really knows you, not even family members. I discovered prayer and meditation are my only salvation, hoping that one day someone would want to get to know the real me! I’m also an introvert which doesn’t really help!
    Ajah, I give props to you for realizing this at your age! You will conquer the world one day! You go girl!

  191. You Are Awesome. Being a teenager is such a tender time in a person’s life. The content of this video is something that showed Ajah WHAT TO DO. That’s so rare. People they recognize their pain, they feel their pain, they share their pain, but they don’t know how to STOP their pain. You gave her, and everyone watching, step by step instructions for how to STOP the pain.
    What a great gift you are to humanity! Thank you!

  192. Mishan

    One of the most beautiful responses on MarieTV.
    Marie, you are so awesome how you just KNOW how to truly help someone. I was thinking.. if only I was as brave and beautiful as Ajah, to know herself and seek help at such a young age. Bravo!

  193. I loved this episode Marie ! Such an amazing message and it’s so true. We just don’t know this when we are teenager… Thank you : )))

  194. Jennifer

    Oh wow, that was such a great Q&A!

    Marie, I just loved your response. Your energy and warmth, super useful techniques and humour! Thanks for sharing that with Ajah and the rest of us who have been in those same shoes xx

    Ajah, just watch that dance clip anytime you need reminding how special you are! I don’t have much to add to all the wonderful advice and comments above, except that for me the simple things like getting outdoors make all the difference in the world. When I feel the way you do, I don’t want to go out the house, I just want to hide – but as soon as I get out into the fresh air, find somewhere peaceful to walk or just sit under a tree, the KRAP voices quieten and I always feel a million times better. Best wishes to you xx

  195. thank you for being so big-hearted Marie, it just melted my heart that you devoted an episode to this.
    My brother in law Lennie called the station KF**KED and I always love that because you are in you listen to it and believe what it says!!
    Love and sunshine to you!

  196. Marie and staff – that video you made for Ajah, was the sweetest thing I have seen in a LOOOONG time! It was the part of this Q & A that brought tears to my eyes, and an OOOOOHHHHH that is so kind! Putting her 5 strengths in between the singing and the video, and singing that song with her name – HOW effin special that whole project must have made her feel! Thank you for bringing some sunshine to my day!


  197. Mary Spear

    My cousin sent me your link. I am almost 60 years old and I still have that radio station blaring in my head. I am fighting a virus that makes it hard to breathe and makes me extremely tired.

    I am my own worst critic. Yesterday I felt as though I did not matter anymore (I am not a good partner, lover, mother, or grandmother. My children don’t think I am able to take care of myself – I am too trusting, and people take advantage of me. etc. etc.

    When you are sick and don’t feel well, this voice digs in 100 times deeper than it would normally. So I am finding it difficult to shake it off. I am grateful for your video. I will link to your site for more help.

    • My mom is 65 and she is going through a hard time, I gave her Eckart Tolle book and sent her this video. I takes courage to change the station we are so used to listen… and when we do decide to change the crap radio gets louder!!! be brave, because you are.

  198. I was touched by your message, this is so true no matter how old we are. I loved the radio concept!! So scientific, after all we are inside this huge morphic field and we have to choose were to connet and listen!
    Marie, you rock!

  199. Danielle

    Ok. So I usually don’t leave comments, but this one is worthy of a comment! Thank you for posting this Marie and THANK YOU Ajah for asking the question. I am a mother of a tweenage girl and I know that she is currently going through the same difficulties. So thank you for giving me the topic for tonight’s dinner conversation.

    Ajah, I hope you are reading this because you are AMAZING and BRAVE:) And I hope you enjoyed the song and dance tribute that the Marietv gang put together. That made my day. I now have a smile plastered on my face. Thank you, thank you:)

  200. Sharon

    In a word – BEAUTIFUL

    In a whole bunch of other words….
    Spot-On A to the Q

    I struggled (and still do at times) with KRAP radio. And, I have a pre-teen daughter who does as well. Guess what video Mom is sharing said daughter this evening??? THIS ONE!

    Ajah – you rock and you are amazing – the world needs you to share all that awesomeness with it!

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Love it, hope it’s helpful to your daughter too, Sharon!

  201. Krap Radio is what kept me from writing songs until I was almost 30 years old, even though I thought about it from when I was Ajah’s age. Meditation and Taoist Tai Chi have helped me keep that voice at bay.

    But, I have found, as other commented, that when I’m tired or hungry or a few too many struggles are coming at once, I have a harder time staying grounded. I’ve learned to be especially compassionate toward myself at those times.

    And I always reach out to my close friends – people who have stood the test of time and struggle who I know won’t judge me in my muddy moments.

    Thank you, Marie and Ajah. I am glad I had the chance to reflect on my own growth today and how I can be of help to others.

    ~ Melissa

  202. Thanks Marie, I’ve been dealing with some pretty intense frustrations as of late and this really helped.
    Hope you are having a wonderful day!

  203. Wooo weeee ~ * look at all of us here . . . surrounding you Ajah with love and light. * Really, it IS human to go through this – not abnormal at all. Big big hugs nonetheless; allthemore. I can tell you some good news ~ at 68 when I even hear that radio station start up . . . even like my body start to tighten up or begin to go into a slump (Wkrap radio – brilllllliant description Marie Forleo * ), Wkrap actually will, most of the time, bring up a smile (knee-jerk reaction ! – naturally just start to smile) and I may do a loving grimace, throw up my hands, and shrug it off saying to myself, “Un-huh ~
    w e aren’t going there – thank you *) There are times . . . when the pressures are a bit much which are surrounding me – plate too full and I start to trip. . .communication on lots of levels is starting to go through fall-out – and I will blurt out to myself something like, ” Ohhh what the fuck (*) – are you possibly doing here ~ g e t a g r i p ! ! !” But the great news is I get it immediately, laugh, or stand there and breathe; stop and drink some water and then say lovingly (flip that Wkrap) “Waaalk – outside * . . . let that Cosmos / Earth sandwich, love you! Whew – no way I am going into the muck ! O.K. what do I need here.” I have been meditating for over 40 years (meditating for 7 years before finally seeing other people meditate (Japan ’78)with pillows ! – . . .just breathing, practicing just simple being w i t h Life – outside of allllllll the culturated programming – you are a gift . . . to this world. You came to bring it. Drop your head (that alone brings all that mind /Wkrap out of the head down and grounded into the rest of your body) ; drop your jaw (that alone relaxes all those muscles in your head, neck, and shoulders. . . nice what *) and tell every single cell in your entire body to empty out right then and there – any oz. of muck. . . which is clogging the sound waves / resonance…..and yes just hold that breathe til absolutely as much as possible gets fed to your Mother, Earth. Then in-breathe, deep, whole, fully drawing in every single oz. of crystaline energy from the Earth and allow it to feed you and shower it out as you a c t u a l l y look up at that Cosmos. Re membering that in the real reality, we are smaller than the head of a pin in the grand, real scheme of things. IT is a much bigger picture than even we can imagine (I probably won’t give up working on it though ~ *. . . fruit-full*). We are souls; we have bodies. Souls gain wisdom from mastering – getting a Masters in understanding how the body works. ~ and getting that we are souls ~ * Blessings ~ * a Shower of Blessings Ajah and All ~ ~ * oxo muah *

  204. I cried twice. Thank you Marie!

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Leah, the tears were falling the first time I watched it too! Thank YOU for being here. xoxo

  205. Marie, that was a beautiful, sensitive, and right-on response to a very delicate question.

    Ajah, I was JUST talking to a co-worker about how traumatizing high school was for me… I actually made a dance piece about it in college called, “91-95”, the years I attended. My advisor asked me if it was a piece about war, and I replied, “No, it was about high school.” She gave me a concerned look and said I was welcome to come speak to her any time I needed to!

    I was the epitome of feeling ugly, useless, and alone. I could not see how it could get better… but it did. And the very traits that might cause you to feel so bad at this point in your life, are also incredible gifts.

    I am hyper-sensitive, shy, and very unique in my way of thinking and seeing the world. All these caused me to feel isolated when younger, since I never felt like I fit in anywhere. I felt different, but didn’t see my difference as a good thing. The worst thing was, I felt trapped, because I didn’t know how to express myself, so all this stuff lay hidden inside me.

    Most of my friends nowadays also felt super similar to how it sounds like you feel, and they are the most beautiful, creative, strong people I know.
    For me, art has always been an avenue for feeling better. Whether it’s drawing, painting, writing, dancing, making videos, it is a haven where I can let everything go. There is something satisfying about seeing the pain on the outside. Also, just the act of creating is an amazing way to connect to your deeper and more peaceful self.

    I know it’s so so hard when you are feeling bad, when people say it gets better, because it doesn’t help with right now. I’ve been there many times, when I felt SURE that people didn’t know what they were talking about, or didn’t REALLY understand how bad I was feeling. But it’s only because I’ve been there many times in my life, that I can say with all authenticity that things really CAN get better, even if you can’t see how at the moment.

    You prompted me to write a comment, and I have NEVER written a comment here! You have an effect on people. You matter.

    All the best,

  206. Kathleen

    Ajah, your vulnerability is beautiful and powerful. It has touched my heart all the way here in New Zealand. If you read this I want you to know I am giving you my warmest hug… and maybe a bad joke to make you smile.
    Marie, I have watched you videos for years. From your bed to the brickwall background and although I have enjoyed all your videos, today is the first time I have been compelled to comment. You embody love and connection in such an authentic way. You are such a gift. Love K

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Kathleen, thank you SO much.

      We love that you jumped in here today, and are honored to have had you in our world from the beginning days. XO

  207. Awesome topic and video Marie! I have really enjoyed receiving your emails since I heard you speak with Mastin Kipp in February for B school…not sure if i’m unoriginal here , but might as well state 5 things I’ve appreciated about you and your work.
    1) Authentic- You are certainly not afraid to be who you are – it’s a great encouragement for me as well as I’m an online business entrepreneur who does youtube videos and writes blogs to be myself and lighten up!
    2) Sincere- I really get the feeling through your videos and hearing you talk that your desire for others success, empowering them, and really making a positive impact is what drives you. I could be wrong, but I’m guessing we’ll both attest im not 😉
    3) Funny – You are pretty damn funny. And in a creative sort of way too. It makes your message and show that much more of a thing I look forward to watching when I know I’ll laugh and feel inspired as well.
    4) Inspiring- for those of us who are just starting out as an entrepreneur, or in my case, in a specific focus, it’s VERY encouraging to see a model of success such as people like you and Mastin…I see a lot of my own desires, values, and passions in you guys and feel like if you guys can make it, so can i – so long as i continue to persist and share my own unique gifts with others.
    5) Excellent Teacher/Communicator – You are very gifted in the way you teach and articulate your message. In the short time I’ve watched your TV show (1 month or so) I’ve noticed you really take time to read the question and cater your answer to that person and audience in general in a very effective and attentive manner.

    Thanks Marie and keep up the awesome work you bring the world! You rock!
    -Scott Engler

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Thank you for your incredibly kind words, Scott. Each point you shared means the world to us.

  208. Hi! I am loving these Q and A Tuesdays – thanks Marie. Insightful, clear answers to the Big Questions!
    For Ajah – I started Yoga practice when I was 14 in an attempt to re-tune the station. I still do the sun-salutation every morning and find that it helps me to re-focus and re-energise. I recommend! Good Luck, Nicola

  209. I’m so grateful to this video. I’m having a really hard time lately with a nasty case of depression and anxiety, although truthfully I’ve been struggling since I was a teen (I’m 28 now). But this was a good response to that question that I think plagues a lot of people, myself included. I hope Ajah is able to take comfort in your response, I thought it was excellent. <3

  210. I have gone through similar tough times. I preferred reading and watching interviews of inspiring people. My logic (or no-logic :D) is, if I don’t like my height I would find out a person who is popular and doing great and is of my height. Similarly for skin tone, beauty quotient etc. Ajah I would recommend you to read Shannon Kaiser’s “Find your happy” and her articles in mindbodygreen and huffington post. For video’s you have MarieTV.

    • Elsie

      I used to think a lot just like Ajah. I still do sometimes but since I started meditating I’ve been feeling much more positive and determined. All I think about is what I want out of life and what would make me happy and how to get it.
      I was bullied in junior high and was left out. I kept hearing this voice that used to say I’m useless, ugly, a failure and alone. I actually used to hear it until 2 years ago when I started meditating.
      So now I know what I want and I’m going for it.
      Well a few

  211. I absolutely LOVE the way you answered this question!

    I felt that way, for sure, as a young girl. I honestly still struggle with negative self-talk.

    Ajah, to silence that inner critic, I do what I call “The Daily Setup.” I simply start my day off by unloading every thought in my head, onto paper. Once I get it all out, I reload. I replace all of that negativity with positive thoughts, specific affirmations, prayers, and music. I have used this method to set up my day for at least 8 years or more. I wish I knew to do this as a teen!
    After doing this consistently, I found that my mind/heart was eager to go to work on that negative KRAP. I even started to have less and less to unload each day.

    I hope this helps…


  212. Jenny

    YES! YES! YES! It’s been a while since I was a teenager but that stupid radio station still plays! W-KRAP FM! Sending love and light to Ajah and any other trying to turn the station. xoxo

  213. Lara

    That was a great video! So happy I watched. You drew out such amazing things about Aja from her letter and that is awesome 🙂 Oh, and Radio KRAP…Brilliant!

  214. Oh wow, I TOTALLY remember feeling like that when I was 15… oh yeah, and yesterday for a few minutes too. 🙂

    Unfortunately, it’s true that WKRAP radio stays with us into adulthood – I love some of the tools you shared to deal with it, Marie.

    One that I’ve found especially helpful is Dr. Kristin Neff, Ph.D.’s self compassion exercises and meditations. Just Google her and she’ll come right up.

    Ajah, You rock for writing to Marie and for shining a light on this very human topic. You, my dear, will change the world – I have no doubt.



  215. Marie, You rock-that was the best look at an email that I have ever heard. I hope this wonderful girl was blessed by this video because I certainly was and I am 50!

  216. This has been my favourite video so far. It gave me goosebumps. I love how you are able to deliver a beautiful message of love, encouragement and positivity with the awesome FUN Marie Forleo flare. Such an inspiration for living a life with purpose. Thank you for being you Marie.

  217. julie

    Hey!! Just wanted to say thanks for a magical response and advice to a seriously epidemic issue. I use the needle scratching across the record as my signal to stop KRAP radio;) It has been an invaluable tool for me through the years. Thank you again to both of you for sharing.

  218. I have some great friends & family, am in a pretty good place in life & I’m in great shape as a personal trainer. However, I still feel the same way as Ajah at times and have found all the solutions provided are super helpful, especially working out & meditation.
    Absolutely love this video!! I feel like the way you handled this question was perfect and the solutions you provided are all wonderful as well. Keep up your awesomeness Marie & Ajah!

  219. Caro Suzette

    Marie! I love love love your video today! It is my favorite so far!!! It’s so essential for everyone to connect to our higher power and ourselves!!! I pray and meditate one hour everyday and it has helped me tremendously. When I’m in that zone I feel so peaceful, centered and energized. It’s difficult sometimes to really set aside the time to do it because the part of us that you talked about, “the Ego” is constantly trying to make us believe that it is right and doesn’t want us to be focused on living within love and trust but rather within fear and doubt all the time!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH for your valuable insight and for making this video. Most people in my life look at me like I’m nuts when I talk about how we are the awareness behind out thoughts. I learned that from Eckhart Tolle as well 🙂 LOVE YOU!!!

  220. Marie,
    I’ve never commented before, but I had to say how touched I was by your answer today. Your “Ajah” song and video made me well up – it was so fun, thoughtful and true. Blessings to you, to the awesome Ajah and to all who gather here. x

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Thank you, Rupa. xoxo

  221. Marie, What a lovely response for Ajah! All teens should be able to hear you tell them this! It’s so hard to see these things for themselves sometimes. Ajah, She’s absolutely right!

  222. Heather

    Awesome video as per usual! Ajah, I admire your courage sharing your feelings and asking your question. Even as an adult, it’s nice to hear Marie’s tips that act as a reminder to throw your own dance party for yourself when the false mind takes center stage. Thank you, Marie for sharing your response to Ajah’s important question!

  223. Awesome Q. Awesome A.

    Awesome video.

    Also, Marie, you’re eyes are perfectly spaced apart 🙂


  224. gillian

    thank you thank you thank you marie for that. i love how you connected with ajah and the way you showed us your vulnerability and softness. i love that and i appreciate it so much i just gotta write ya. ajah (great name) brava girl, at 15 you are already rocking it. what a gift to be made aware that that voice is NOT who you are and that you can choose to change the channel. this video has touched my heart.

    fiercely gentle in ireland,

    gillian x x x

  225. Judith

    I’m 65 (how’d that happen?!) and this spoke right to me too. How great it would have been to hear this message and develop these strategies at your age Ajah! I’m glad I’m listening now and have Marie (and Ekart and Deepak and Abraham and Oprah …) to listen to daily. I’ve been making a daily practice of meditating for just a few months now and it is so so important and helpful. Why so recently begun? It took ALL that time to find out that there are many ways to meditate and I actually AM able to do it. WKRAP told me otherwise for years! Blessings to all.

    • Donna

      I’m 61. You said what I wanted to say so eloquently. Right on, Judith!

  226. This is terrific! Every time I watch one of your videos, I think “why am I not watching her videos every day?” Because that would be a good idea.


    Thanks for putting your magnificent mojo out there for folks to partake of. That’s no small thing.

  227. Lisa

    Great Q&A. The truth is we all sometimes feel like Ajah and it’s great how you pointed out that’s she’s brave & a leader. It’s so true. Funny thing is she’s not a mistake & she’ll likely go great places in her life 😉

  228. Sheri

    This was a truly powerful episode of MarieTV. Really well done, Marie and everyone at Team Forleo. Very moving.

  229. Cassidy

    This was rad. Just rad. Thank you Marie for such a beautiful response, and thank you Ajah for being you and putting yourself out there. Many of us struggle with “krap radio brain”, just gotta change the channel, get up and get moving, or take some deep breaths and meditate it out. You got this girl.



  230. Sonique

    Change the station! Best idea ever. I frequently tell myself “STOP” out loud whenever I’m thinking unproductive thoughts. Then I start to talk to myself like I love myself. It helps so much to say STOP outloud.

  231. Donna

    I’m 61 Ajah and feeling useless lately. You are brave and so far ahead of so many 15 year olds. Go out and create the life you want and stop listening to people say awful things about you — they’re just jealous and insecure people. Be confident in who you are: brave, considerate, caring, and a unique you. Recently, I am struggling with these feelings. When I saw your post, I immediately wanted to hear more — to find out how to turn around the voice in my head today.

    I’m embarking on my next phase in life. My only child, we were very close (stitched to the hip so to speak) moved away, is getting married, having a baby in the next day or so, and I don’t know where I fit in. I feel disconnected. The words from my daughter are: you hover (yes, that’s what mothers do, I care), you don’t know how to keep your opinions to yourself when not asked (yes, I do this). Ugh!

    So, I will meditate daily, help someone, and change my station. I am a kind, considerate, and unique person too.

    Thank you Ajha and Marie for today’s topic.

    • Oh Ajah, Yes, as Marie said, you are brave, “stepping out of the mass in into some Class! You are inspiring! I have been writing about you and others who don’t listen to EEgo, that fearful, judgemental, voice, Marie calls Krap Radio. We are spirits visiting planet Earth with you physical earth suits and the mass consciousness is Kraped out with violence, competition and separatism. The ego wants us to ignore what we have in common with all human beings alive today. We are love by our creator and can be sure that we have a purpose to fulfill. Marie pointed to reaching out to help someone!
      Yes, I too say thanks for today’s topic.

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Beautiful, Donna! We’re sending loads of love your way as you embark down down this new trail.

    • Hi Donna,
      I’m sending you lots of love for sorting through this stuff, finding your true self, apart from your daughter! It’s so confusing! Because our culture tells women that our value and love comes from our caregiving, our concern, and even our WORRY for others.

      I love Marie’s W-KRAP radio voices. Yet there are many voices within us, and they don’t all sound mean, hateful or judging. Some of them tell us to do things that fit society’s idea of being a good person. Like, ‘loving’ your daughter with abundant concern and caring. This kind of expression of love has a dark side that nobody ever told us about. Wah!

      I have learned to notice this voice in me. I call her Good Girl, and she tries so dang hard always to please others. She truly wants me to succeed -to be loved- but she’s not very mature. My Good Girl doesn’t understand that sometimes her actions look like a betrayal of trust. That my adult daughter is capable, smart, aware and awesome!

      I feel what you are going through and wish you much awareness on the road to connecting with your True Self, who doesn’t need to prove that she’s worthy of love. Because you’re here, you deserve it.
      with grateful heart,

  232. Ajah,

    What a move – what an action in your journey! What I see is how your soul connected with Marie and you have joined forces! The combination of the 2 of you has made a difference in so many already! Specifically for the younger generation (through their parents). Ajah, you may have taken your first step into who you truly are and what you are meant to do. Thank you for being so brave, for taking this action, for your vulnerability and for making a difference already.
    Btw, I woke up feeling disconnected and not as grateful for myself today. This hit home and I’m twice your age. You rock!

    And Marie – you are badass! That was “perfection”! Loved today’s episode!

  233. That was a SUPER sweet response Marie <3

  234. Great inspiring video, Maria. And for you, Asia. God made you perfect in his eyes. He loves you just the way you are. You were created with a purpose.


  235. Hi Marie,

    This was a really beautiful response! I think anyone can benefit from these tips, thank you. Looking forward to next Tuesday!!

    Tiana 🙂

  236. I have two solutions.:
    (1) Read a poem called “IF” by Rudyard Kipling regularly
    (2) Find some privacy and think of someone who loves you.

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      LOVE that poem too, Suresh.

  237. Marnie

    Marie and Ajah that was really beautiful… being the change you want to see in the world right there. I’m turning 40 in two weeks and being single feeling quite vulnerable. But every day, focusing on being grateful for what I have in my little meditations (soaking in a hot bath or quitely sitting facing the morning sun or the rising moon) really works for me to drown out ‘crap radio’. Even that I have the time to enjoy a soak in my tub (I have a roof over my head!) or see the sun (so blessed to live in a beautiful city and have a view!) means I have so much to be grateful for and who knows what tomorrow will bring.
    Thank you Ajah – you just helped me 🙂

  238. Best Q&A you did Marie! I loved it.
    This message is for Ajah: I’m in Montreal, contact me! We’ll hang out! 😉

    • Hi Emilie! I lived in Montreal too. I checked out your website and looks great. Are you also a Bschooler? Feel free to reach out to me.

  239. Nicole

    Thank you Ajah,
    I really appreciate your openness.
    When you share from the soul you can touch so many others and help them get through things too.

    And thank you Marie,
    You clarified something for me. I truly enjoy your website and your work. I am so blessed to be here right now and be a part of such love.

    What I do when I feel alone or useless is that I sing because that makes me feel most connected to my soul. My mom used to say that she knew when I was going through something because I would be walking around singing even stronger than usual.

    I want to share a quote from my amazing mother; she once told me when I was struggling to find my way in university… she told me that, “Each one of us has a song to sing. She said to make sure you sing yours.”

    And I would like to add by saying to sing it fully even if there may be some who don’t like the way it sounds or it’s words or if you make a mistake… In fact make sure to make mistakes for they sometimes turn out to be the events that will change your life into the right direction.

    If your song is coming from your soul, your true self then it will be filled with goodness and that is what we need in this world is to share goodness.

    Be Happy, for you are wonderful and filled with wonder.

  240. sonhoang

    Thank for your videos,
    it was a great video! So happy I watched

  241. Wonderful contribution!! Everybody needs that!

  242. Fern

    Marie – You ROCK!! This is a wonderful video. I wish you were around when I was a teenager. I still need the message today (and I’m 52). I’m still trying to figure out what my special gifts are that the world needs. And when I do – I’ll let you know and I’ll sign up for B-School!

  243. nt

    I think you might have missed the most important part of her question. She feels useless, which means she is not using her time in a way that builds her human capital, i.e. self esteem challenged- the best response is to go out into the world and get a job!! I thought this was a forum for successful female business entrepreneurs… Of course we have all felt this way, that is certainly no mystery. The BEST way to build self esteem and confidence is to be out in the world exchanging and learning and investing in ourselves.

  244. Lauren

    Hey there Marie
    I sooo enjoyed that video.
    The information sooo accurate, Monkey Chatter, it is such a destructive BEAST, and yes a great way to bring you further down, when your already feeling crappy.
    I have been in a state of low grade depression for a number of years, and completely crashed a few years ago.Thankfully now at the stage of enlightenment. Phew!
    One of the things I noticed while in that state was that I took on other peoples problems, in all honesty quietly hoping I was helping them, and in turn, hoping that would help me. I have to say the intent was genuine as I felt I was helping them.
    No no no. That is not how it worked.
    What I found was I would be left further in the pit of dome, because my head was filled with even more negatively, and the person I helped would go away with clarity and happier.
    In essence, on hindsight by taking on others problems, I became more consumed with my own monkey chatter.
    It also created an unhealthy co-dependence, and denied that person the ability work through the issues, and develop their own problem solving strategies.That is the essence. Developing problem solving strategies such as you suggested on this very valuable video clip.
    Love the strategies you suggested….Monkey chatter alert, exercise, and helping others…….for me within healthy boundaries to honour both self and the recipient. 🙂
    Your information is fantastic……..
    Much love
    So Marie thankyou

  245. Elena

    Hah! W-KRAP, radio that you can switch off.

    Aja, there is another something you can do, if W-KRAP goes on auto-pilot….you may have experienced IMPLICIT memories which took hold preverbally. Go to an SE(Somatic Experiencing) practitioner to pick off the station-intensity gently and effectively.

    Check out the Buddhist nun named Pema Chodron. She’s so fine….

    Learn *Tapping* (EFT= Emotional Freedom Technique)…you learn to name how you feel and then how you WANT to feel….tapping on acupuncture points directly affecting your nervous system.

    Be sure to listen to Aja, by Steely Dan…they so smooth! Love.

  246. Hi Ajah/Marie,
    Thanks for a real and honest post today.
    I think this is a common issue that most girls go through especially when we’re young and still learning so much and figuring stuff out.
    I wrote a blog on some advice I’d give my younger self. It may not relate to your age but maybe you’ll relate to something?
    I wrote the link as my website. But if it’s blocked maybe Google: “WriteHere notunotu A Letter to my 20-year-old-self” and it should show. Hope it helps.
    Many blessings
    Soph xx

  247. Tatiana


    Look how many beautiful comments people made just for you!!
    You are a gift to the world sweety! I was in that place too as so many women but believe me: It will be better and better! You just have to keep looking for your own growth!
    As other girls here said, Louise Hay is wonderful! You can heal your life is an amazing book, and I just learned from that book to say to my W-Krap radio (loved that name): Thank you for sharing, but I choose to think differently and I love myself!

    Send you a big Hug!
    And Marie: Never saw a person to give such an amazing and useful answer ! Congratulations, you are awesome!

  248. Great video—I love the radio analogy, so perfect. And I loved that one key is mediation. I deeply believe and have experienced the life changing effects of a daily meditation.

    Ajah – Hope that helps and wishing you all the best 🙂

  249. Cecilia

    This was AWESOME ! Thank you Ajah for asking the question and thank you Marie for being so right on and wonderfully loving and wise as always! Much love <3

  250. Rachelle

    This video is so awesome. Ajah, you rock for reaching out and asking this question! I totally agree with the 5 Awesome things Marie listed about you.

    I just wanted to add that I find it helpful to embrace the critical voice in my head. Not because it is right, but because it is a part of me and just trying to protect me from what it is afraid of (rejection? failure? losing face in front of others? finding my limits?). Through Kate Courageous’ coaching program I’m learning to accept that voice, but insist that “it” speaks to me with more respect. I don’t take it’s advice, but I hear it out and offer it love, because that’s what it needs, that’s what all parts of us need!

    Sending you love and well wishes Ajah. And Marie. And everyone on this comment thread. 🙂

  251. Barbara Coe

    I love the video, Marie. I agree completely; those voices plague everyone and your advice was perfect. I especially loved the last part!
    I’m a Shambhala Buddhist practitioner, where we learn these things and I loved seeing the light and fun touch along with your very sage information.


    Barbara Coe

  252. Dear Ajah,
    I can totally relate to what you shared and I fully endorse Marie’s 5 compliments to you, they are true and bang on. I used to feel very alone and depressed and lost. About 17 years ago I began to practice yoga and then 2 years later I became a yoga teacher. Yoga moves a lot of energy as it stimulates our mental, emotional and physical bodies and begins to move old, stuck or blocked energy out that often accumulates in the body due to ‘crap radio’ and often the inappropriate comments from others. Yoga and other body movement brings you back into your body and once you move some energy having a seated daily meditation practice is an excellent idea. After some time practicing yoga and starting a meditation practice I found that my mood had shifted, I felt much happier and for me these 2 practices have been of immeasurable value. If you chose to sit daily, and don’t know how to start, just begin to focus on your breath, inhaling and exhaling through your nose, focus on your breath, just watch it and commit for 5-10 minutes to start and increase as it feels right for you. Lastly, along with my daily practices, I began to include one daily mantra, a short message that spoke to what I wanted to feel or create more of in my life. Till this day I wake up and say: “today is a great day because I choose to make it so”. Choose one that resonates with you and write it down on 4-5 different pieces of paper and post it where you will see it regularly, like your bedside, journal, mirror, cupboard and commit to saying it 100’s of times per day for at least 1 month or until you feel you have reached where it is you want to be or how you want to feel, then choose another one to take you further to feeling better. For more ideas google Louise Hay, you can heal your life or get her amazing book. The benefits of a mantra is that as you use it 100’s of times per day, your mind will act like a recorder and will begin to naturally repeat your mantra and this will take up space in your mind, pushing ‘crap radio’ out and leaving little room for it to play there any longer. Also, a daily positive mantra will literally shift and lighten your mood because positive words have a vibration, a high vibration that make you feel good and ‘crap radio’ is a low vibration that keeps you feeling crappy and stuck. My life is amazing now and yours will be too, you can do this! good for you. Hope this helps. Lara

  253. This is a good call, and lifting the vibe with faux-crap-radio was fun. It’s unfortunate that meditation and self-esteem are not incorporated in school curriculums. Ajah is not alone. And in fact, the number 3 cause of death of adolescents her age is suicide. With that in mind, some professsional services may be in order to help change the station.

  254. Len


    I just had to share this with my 2 teenage daughters (17 & 15). It’s a beautiful message that I wish I had heard when I was a sophomore in HS as well as @12yrs ago.

  255. Hey Marie,

    I think you helped the 15 year old inside all of us today.

    Ajah – you rock! You’ve totally got this

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Love your share, Brogan, and cheers to all of our 15-year-old-brave-as-heck selves!

  256. Glenna

    Hi Marie
    Love Marie TV! I really enjoyed this segment. I think you probably changed Aja’s life for the better.

    I have been reading ‘The Untethered Soul’ which talks about disconnecting from that inner voice. I have to confess, I did picture the voice belonging to a very neurotic version of me (or should I say more neurotic? LOL) and what I do when she starts to yammer on about how I’m not good enough, I simply give her the ‘shhhh’ sign (finger on lips) and tell her she can only be vocal in two ways – to say thank you or to sing!! That tends to shut her up.

    I have two boys who are 18 and 23 and when they were younger, if we were going through some stresses, I would play music really loud and the three of us would sing along and dance around the livingroom until we got tired. Totally changed our outlook…laughter truly is the best medicine.

    Great job. Must be very satisfying to improve people’s lives every day!

    Glenna ox

  257. I echo all of the great suggestions both from Marie herself and all of the other contributors above. Ajah – how amazing that a young girl of 15 would have the insight to even be aware of these issues and then be brave enough to ask your questions. That just blows me away. I am a psychologist and deal with these types of questions from people on a daily basis and I’ve rarely had a girl of 15 be able to bring up this topic. So good for you. I can add anothe technique/suggestion you might want to consider. There is a smart phone app called Songify into which you can record all the thoughts that come to you from KRAP radio and then when you play back the recording it comes out as a rap song. When you hear your KRAPpy thoughts sung as a rap song it is impossible not to laugh at them and thus take them less seriously. I hope you find this idea helpful.

  258. That was beautiful Marie. Ajah please listen and learn from what Marie has said, some never learn that or it takes them 50 years to. 🙂 Better late than never.

  259. I love that you added in the dance, I really hope Ajah watches this and gets a little smile. You’re so lovely Marie! 🙂

  260. Tatum Robinson

    Yay, HAPPY TUESDAY!! Such a wonderful video. Thanks Marie (and your awesome team). And so much love to you, Ajah.

  261. Wow there’s so many comments on here!!

    Ajah, if you ever read this (and I hope it finds you!) I would LOVE to to help you!! I am an intuitive spiritual teacher and I’ve just shifted my focus to teaching and healing babies, kids and young people like yourself. I can help teach you how to meditate and teach you how to create your happiness and teach you about your spirit guides as guardian angels who are there to help you ALWAYS. I can help you discover your natural gifts and talents and bring them out in the best way that serves YOU and lights up YOU and YOUR LIFE!! I wouldn’t expect anything in return. If you benefit from the things I can teach and show you, then my purpose is fulfilled.

    Love and Light to you lady ❤️ I battled depression for years and won so I can totally relate and help!


  262. I sent an email out today about my struggles and how Tiffany Duke needs support, because today is our celebration kick of of song sales to raise fund and help Tiffany. All profit goes to her. The message was this, “When the people of the world realize we need to be concerned with each other’s well-being, many hurts will be easier to handle. Sounds corny right? Corny as it may sound it’s the truth.


  263. Fernanda

    Beautiful response! I would only add that it helps to practice gratitude as a way to feel more connected to others and because many studies show that it is one of foundations of happiness. Love to you all.

  264. this is unbelievably powerful. I literally watched it through tears. It’s heart wrenching to know that so many of us struggle with this.

    Ajah – you are truly amazing and I am inspired by you. I feel incredibly excited for you to be seeking at such a young age. I’ve only begun to scratch the surface of my own version of this in the last two years and I just turned 32. So bravo! You are incredible!

    Marie – thank you for all that you do!

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      You are incredible too, Lindsey. xoxo

  265. Adriana Haley


    This couldn’t have come at a better time in my life. I can totally relate to this amazingly brave 15 year old girl who had the courage to share her story and ask for advise.

    It brings tears to my eyes to think back on how I felt at that age and how I still have WKRAP radio station playing in the background.

    How you so elegantly showed this girl, myself, and others how great we are was just… I’m actually at a lost for words. It really touched my heart.

    I was just having this conversation with my best friend earlier today how I’ve had several different people tell me how confident, brave, and inspiring I am. Why is it so difficult for us to see ourselves the way others see us. And why is so shocking when we hear it from others.

    Thank you!

  266. Marie, all your videos rock! But this one was so outrageous!! I’m glad you answered Ajah’s question and also loved what you said and the way you said it.

    Ajah, as a child, I went thru bullying in high school and I was very introvert. Now that I’m 28 years old, I’m happily married, self-employed, do exercise what makes me feel great inside and outside, talk to clients or a bunch of people, approach strangers… I’m a total different person. And I’m proud to recognize I did it with self-courage, overcoming that useless thoughts in my mind!! And while not every moment of my life is 100% perfection of course and I still fight with crazy thoughts & downs, I’m able to recover and cheer myself up faster: I listen to music I love, do exercise, talk to someone about how I feel, remember things I’ve achieved or done well or overcomed, etc. You can be bigger than these feelings by truly believing everything Marie said about you, which I think is totally true!!! You can overcome anything in life!!
    You are amazing and so young, and I honestly see that by just analizying your question, imagine if you get out there and share all those gifts with the people around you!!! I hope the true you is back on track & ready to rock!

    Hugs and love,

    Maria Isabel 🙂

  267. Ajah,

    You’re definitely not alone. That whole useless and alone thing can happen to anybody at any time in life. Many of us are taught that we’ll never amount to anything or consistently have our pins taken out from under us such that the ego spews negative and limiting chatter. We think limiting thoughts to the point that they become our belief system.

    As Marie said, none of that defines you. None of that chatter is who you are.

    It’s a big deal to learn to see through the veil of the chatter to your inner heart. That Higher Self that is your truth will shine through more and more as you learn to find that inner quiet (meditate!). As you become attuned to seeing the real, beautiful you who transcends all of societies assumptions and expectations, you’ll learn to love you for who you are. Completely and without exception. Unconditional love.

    To borrow from Avatar for a moment, “I see you.” Much love. You are not alone.

  268. laura

    I love this!!
    What BRAVE girl!!
    we have all been there and go there…thanks for speaking up girl xo

  269. Ajah, it’s easy to feel like you’re the only one, but I’m 56, and I still feel the way you described sometimes. Here’s what I’ve learned: Be as compassionate and kind with yourself as you would with someone else who felt the same way you do. Read comforting words, think kind thoughts. The more you do, the better you’ll feel.

    • Julie Stremfel

      Joni ,
      very well spoken

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Amen, LOVE that Joni!

  270. Excellent!!

    I had similar thoughts when I was younger, in fact, that voice made me study like an animal about personal development and personal growth.

    Even though I still feel I can be better and improve a lot of things, my self steem grew A LOT since my teenage years!!

    Very brave for Ajah who already knows how to ask for help and with no shame

  271. Lacey

    This might be my favorite Q&A to date. Deeply moving and beautiful yet also clear with potent information (5 example of greatness, meditation and reminders to play/have fun). I loved the enthusiasm gentlemen in the Ajah dance segment 🙂 Thank you Ajah for sending in the email – it was a gift for everyone!

  272. Julie Stremfel

    Yes I think we all know feel that way at one time or another! Hell I still have my moments, when I do I run to Marie who just has a way to make me feel good all over again ; ) Marie you are the BESTEST!

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Awh, we’re so happy to have you here Julie! 🙂

      • Julie Stremfel

        Thank you so much! 😉

  273. karen

    Grgs! U rock Marie but thats why I am doing B School!

    Ur a loving being.

    Go Ajah, sending love and light and happiness from Sydney xx

  274. Julie Stremfel

    From what I see You have all the wonderful qualities that makes you a sweet kind, caring young women . We all have days like that no matter what age we are. I’m 56 and yes it still happens to me. Stay sweet and caring and you will go far! Hugs you’re never alone 😉

  275. Peggy

    All of your videos are excellent, but this one has to be the best one so far. I want to make a video like this now for all the people I love and care for. Who doesn’t need to see people dancing and singing their praises?

  276. Kim

    This one touched me SO much, Marie! Thank you for choosing Ajah’s question & responding the way you did. I work with teens a lot & they struggle – as we all did as teens – with a really vicious KRAP radio! I actually cried, it was so touching! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

  277. Ok really, What’s not to like about ‪#‎MarieForleo‬?!!! She’s sooo freakn’ awesome! As always, and especially today, this video made me smile smile <3 Thanks Marie!

  278. Shalini

    Dear Ajah,

    Your courageous question has helped me and my daughter. I will be showing my girls this video. Thank you very much and hoping all your dreams come true. Marie wishing you the same. Thank you.

    I will be forwarding this on to many people.



  279. Hi, Marie and team, this was one of the greatest Q&As ever! I can’t be grateful enough for your dedication to *really* make a difference in people’s lives. Thank you!

    Everyone feels they are terrible or that their life is terrible sometimes…We all listen to that radio station 🙂

    I have two fun activities I like to do when I just don’t feel at my best. First, I just stand in front of the mirror and compliment myself for like 10 minutes…It’s really fun and when nobody’s watching you can just go crazy with it…

    I also like to write down all of the compliments others give me about my work or personality. It’s not a regular thing but when I have a few things in my smartphone’s notes. When I feel useless, I just read them!

  280. Sending Love Marie and Ajah. Ajah for asking the question and Marie for being funny even takling about a serious topic. I am going to remember the Crap radio and I feel it is going to make me laugh next time I here it. ;-). On year my website is up and I feel I am talking to myself… so trying to change the chanel from crap to, well writing and creating has been such a self-therapy… and being in that vibe make me feel more of who I truly am. Working on b-school second round, to be able to spread that vibe!.-) Thanks for creating that amazing community!<3

  281. Hi Marie
    I just wanted to let you know, I loved the peace you did for Asia The bit about the mean voice in your head. You really put that into perspective for us all. I love how you straight away told Asia those 5 billiant things about herself. And I loved how you all did the dance and sing for Asia and how it was totally focused on her. That would have made her feel great. I just know it.

    Your really do Rock girl
    I am already on the email list.

  282. asia

    Thank you Marie for this video. I used to feel the same as Ajah when i was a teenager and still do sometimes ( i am 38 ) and this video made me feel like you are talking to me. I will have to work on my meditation! Thanks again for all the Tuesday inspirations.

    • Jennifer Otts

      I am also 38 & felt exactly the same connection. This message is truly ageless, timeless, & should be a required course for life! I’ve heard some great things about self love lately, but this is by far the most practical, useful, and relevant advice I hope to bless others with!

  283. Julia

    I am listen music or read a good book, it is always help me! But thanks for your video. I never practice meditation. I will try! Have a good and blessed day!

  284. Petra

    Thank you so much, Ajah, for asking the question and Marie, for your considerate and helpful answer. It made me cry! I know exactly how it feels to be in that dark place and wish I would have had that advice when I was younger.

    Meditation, dancing, singing, writing, it all helps me to change the station and feel who I truly am.

    In fact, I’m gonna put on some music now!

  285. Dan

    Hey Ajah, we live in a topsy turvy world don’t we ?, so many people on this planet of ours are sad, depressed, thats not a good situation. Kids are getting diagnosed with depression earlier and earlier. Kids really unhappy, lost, how sad is that?! What I find amazing is that you are 15 and you are engaging with Marie and her ideas. For me that’s ‘Wow!’, its taken me a long time , many years to be able to connect with the sorts of ideas Marie is talking about. Marie’s ideas are full of excitement. love, hope, they look at business as something that should be there to serve others rather than to serve ourselves, that is radical and very powerful, and how it should be. So I am in awe of you for connecting with these ideas so young, it is the most wonderful experience to think of business/life in this way
    Like so many have said in these comments, we all have these thoughts about our unworthiness, and they are crippling and so uncomfortable. No one has ever shown us how to deal with ourselves when we are feeling like this. Like you said we need to heal ourselves in order to heal others in the same situation, and there ain’t many who are not in this situation some of the time. We don’t know how to be with our discomfort, and thats the help….. we have to let ourselves be with the discomfort. We are brought up to be fearful of any discomfort or to find ways to escape and distract ourselves from the discomfort, what can really help is to allow it to be, to not escape from it, to suffer it, go with it, allow it. When we do this the discomfort, and our anguish can often diminish. It diminishes because normally when we have this sort of discomfort we hate ourselves for it, and we create a division in ourselves, when theres a division, theres a fight and the discomfort gets worse. If we could embrace our discomfort, be with ourselves, then there is no division, just a kind of love to ourselves, we sit with it, like not really doing anything, let it run its course. Then the discomfort will become less intense, and we have a way of dealing with these feelings the next time they arise, because for all of us they come and go. You know you can try this technique with any sort of discomfort, for example most of us cannot stand a cold shower, yet its our habitual reaction to cold water that creates the discomfort. If we let the water run on our backs and stay with the discomfort, the discomfort becomes less. These days there are studies being done on physical pain, that if you stay with the discomfort the pain can reduce. Its such a different approach than our ordinary habitual response to pain, when we get scared of it, and take pills. I’m not saying its easy but maybe you get my point, the theory about discomfort. What if we didn’t react to discomfort in our usual way but allowed it to be? 🙂
    Power to you Ajah,
    Best wishes

  286. Leigh

    Thanks Marie for including this, and thanks Ajah for being so strong and reaching out when you’re feeling less than great about yourself. Something I continue to work on myself–and really wish I’d had a clue about when I was growing up–is that when you’re feeling bad about yourself it’s because you are believing some story you’re listening to, whether it’s from your own “monkey mind” or something someone else said about you. You can always choose another story, a better story. I’ll bet that somewhere inside you actually know how talented and strong and amazing you are and part of what feels bad is that something is making you doubt it. I’ll tell you what I tell my own teenage daughter (and myself when I need it), just because someone calls you a redhead, it won’t change the color of your hair. The stories someone else give you (including that someone else voice in your head) can’t affect you unless you start to believe them, and you don’t have to. Just imagine Ajah, what you would tell your younger sister or your daughter, and tell yourself that. You rock!

  287. Marie, there’s nothing new I can add to the conversation that hasn’t been said so eloquently by so many others.

    I just wanted to take the time to compliment you on a video that I can only describe as a miracle. Don’t know where you got the inspiration from for the content but it just blew me away.

    From all the comments l think this episode has deeply touched many, many people out there.

    Thanks for the gift of your gift of the reminder of each of our Magnificence.

    PS Am looking forward to hearing Ajah’s letter to you in a few years and how you turned her life around

  288. Sheila

    Ajah- brave kind girl, like Maria said you are asking for all who feel these feelings and thoughts. I have a 13 year old daughter who sometimes feels this way too and me! And I’m not a kid, these thoughts are not real, it’s sometimes difficult for us to appreciate all we have and are and to be grateful – take a jar, decorate it if you like and each day on a small slip of paper write down something like a happy moment or something nice someone did for you or you did for someone else even if it’s just petting your dog. Pop it in your jar and on the days you feel a little sad ( before you dance your way to happy!) take out a slip of paper and read it. You are a brave, kind person and in touch more than you realise – feel happy Ajah, you deserve it:-)

  289. brendan

    Great video Maria! Thanks for all the positivity you put out in the world.

  290. Oh Ajah, you picked the right woman for your question 🙂 What a wonderful, loving response Marie – you hit all the right notes that would have worked for me at 15 when I felt the same.

    In my case, I eventually determined I was reacting to certain food chemicals and I wrote my ebook after I realised that hardly anybody knew moods can be affected by food intolerances.

    Ajah I wish you all the best – you will make it through this.

  291. Hi Marie,

    Any excuse to dance and Marie is there! love that. The music is fast pick me up. All I need is 5 minutes with my music cranked up and I’m like a kid who can’t stop smiling.

    The 5 points you made Marie at the start about Ajah were beautiful and doing that for someone else is a great idea. I’m definitely gona do that and then at the end add something like… “please continue the trend and do this for someone else”.

    As for Krap FM… it always will be there are will never be turned off. But change your reaction to it. Except it’s present and sometimes you have to hear it. But remember, it’s only there to make you feel bad.

    So create a plan/practice that you follow when you hear it (Like Marie’s suggestions). Practice the ones that suit you best consistently until it becomes easy to stamp out.

    Once you start doing this consistency it just become natural to brush off.

    By the way at the age of 14 I would have never of had the courage to contact Marie or her community. I really admire your bravery Ajah.


  292. TY

    Dear Marie & Ajah,

    Heya, I have just watched this video online (at first for the purpose of English learning). I wanted to tell you both how much I appreciate and am touched by your question and response (yep I did shed quite a few tears during and after the video).

    To Ajah: thank you so much for asking this ‘big question’ (in Chinese we say ‘Da Zai Wen’, namely a big question or a crucial query), and I am so impressed by your courage, intelligence, and sophistication. I totally agree with Marie’s comments on your five strengths. I am sure you are a smart and lovely girl!:D Your question also helped me a lot, as I have also felt terribly lonely and useless in the past few weeks, until I saw Marie answering your question. You absolutely did a great, great job, by asking the question for ‘other kids’. Guess what, you have just saved my life, even though I am in my late 30s, and have been regarded as an achiever in my society! (Well I I guess there is a little girl living in every woman’s mind, no matter she is nine or ninety-nine…)

    And to Marie: I cannot express my gratitude more to your wise and compassionate response to Ajah’s question. Somehow I sensed a very strong and positive energy from your words that simply drove me into tears–i tend to call it a ‘soul-striking experience’. Like Ajah, you really did a wonderful job by saving me from a valley of deep darkness, at ‘The Dark Night of the Soul’. Thank you so much for delivering all these uplifting and powerful messages. They really light up my life. I will definitely share this video with my friends, students, and many more people in the world.

    Finally I wanted to thank the Universe for kindly giving me such an incredible gift. Can’t believe the answers were delivered to me just within 24 hours of my request. Now I am totally convinced that we are all connected in this magical universe. I am full of gratitude and in awe.

    TY @ Taipei, Taiwan

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      TY — thank you so much for your amazing note. We completely feel your gratitude, and are in turn, grateful to have you here.

      Love what you wrote about it being a soul-striking experience, and also that Chinese phrase you shared too — it’s perfect for Ajah.


      • TY

        Dear Chelsea,

        What a pleasant surprise to receive your prompt reply. It lights up my life even more!:D

        BTW, just a quick reference to the Chinese term 大哉問(‘the big question’; actually later I reckon it would be better translated as ‘the great question’): the term originates from Confucian Analects (namely the teachings of Confucius); here is the orig

        Chapter 4

        The object of ceremonies should regulate them:– against formalism.
        1. Lin Fang asked what was the first thing to be attended to in ceremonies.
        2. The Master said, “A great question indeed!
        3. “In festive ceremonies, it is better to be sparing than extravagant. In the ceremonies of mourning, it is better that there be deep sorrow than a minute attention to observances.”

        Once again, thank you all for creating such an inspiring video. Really love it!

        TY xox

  293. Wow such a well thought out response, Marie and Team. Both generous and authentic. Thank you.

  294. Nancy Sunderland

    On tip number 2, Meditate on the Daily, I wish you had mentioned that people of faith call meditation by another name, prayer and or quiet/devotion time with God. I would have appreciated it if you had mentioned prayer, or listed both.

  295. Lucie

    That was a great Q&A! Thinking like this and be willing to seek for help at this age is just fantastic!

    Ajah, 12 years ago when I was your age, I was in the same situation. I was introvert (and still am, it’s not a bad thing 🙂 ) and wasn’t finding my place among most of the children of my age, including my group of friends. We had complication in our family and I was alone most of the time.

    What definitely help me grow up, find my place and self-confidence, has been spending time with animals. I was taking care of my cat at home and the pony of the people, who became my grand parents of heart with the time. Trust me, you can feel useless because they need you! + they won’t judge you, and it’s a great way to meet people in that environment.
    Why not looking for an animal welfare next to your home?

    And finally, dancing crazy on your favorite song as suggested by Marie will help you spend this bad energy and give you the smile 🙂

    You’ll soon get there don’t worry, but don’t forget to enjoy what you have and can create now. You’re just great as you are!


  296. Stacey Williams

    Ajah I can think in my head of people who are 18, 29 (me), 52 & onward that could learn from the ‘change the radio trick! It’s a tool!!! Feel blessed you have learnt it and keep it safe for the next times in life when you will grow & change because this is inevitable in someone so curious, bold, brave & as beautiful as you are. Two other tips –

    1. I learnt last week from another clever person. Tell yourself ‘unsubscribe’ when someone is no longer serving you (that could be the voice in your head even), a bully or someone who doesn’t believe in your special talents. It is a quick and easy way for you to come back to your inner strength & peace.

    2. Live & love anything, everything and anyone that brings joy into your life. Anything. Everything. Joy. Go forth!

    Marie, you radiate happiness & bring it to our lives – thank you so much!

    Truly thank you,
    Stacey Williams x

  297. Lisa Levy

    I watch every tuesday – and this is the first time I’ve written a comment – this made me cry…when you did the dance number at the end with the 5 great things about Ajah, wow, that is the sweetest, kindest, most adorable thing I’ve seen on MarieTV. Bravo! May Ajah’s heart shine bright with her fabulous talents and may she share them with the world. HUGS! to Team Forleo!

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      HUGS back, Lisa!

  298. Josephine

    Ajah, I ADMIRE YOU!!!

    When I was 15, I didn’t have the courage to speak up about what was really bothering me. I’m a creative person, but I’m also smart, and while that’s cool, I like being creative way better than I like being smart. But everyone around me would almost literally scream at me to get good grades because that was the only way I would ever make it in life, and for me that just sucked. I never said anything, but you’ve spoken up about what’s bothering you, and for that, you totally rock!

    It’s been 10 years now, and I’m finally tuning in to the creative side of me, and this is what I do to turn off W-KRAP Radio.

    First, I listen to my heart. Does something make ME happy or does it automatically turn on W-KRAP Radio? If it turns on W-KRAP Radio, I don’t do it, don’t listen to it, NADA. I focus instead what makes me happy. It’s wasn’t easy to do that at first coz I’ve lived all my life being an obedient little girl (even after I moved into my own place I kept doing what other people told me to), but it’s getting easier.

    Second, if I have no choice but to do the thing that is automatically going to turn on W-KRAP radio, I tell myself “Fine. I’ll do it. BUT!!! I’m going to do it so so so sooooooo fabulously, W-KRAP won’t have the right to even whisper near my ear. Coz I’m just too awesome!” 😀

    I hope that helps, hun.

    Keep being awesome!!!


  299. Aja, you are the girl that I serve. I am passionate about lifting the Self-esteem, Self-love, and Self-worth of teenage girls like yourself. You see how they all begin with SELF. First of all, you are not alone, as you can see from this community. You are already on your way to a healthy sense of self by being self-aware enough to know that you want something better.

    Please visit my website and take a look at a few of the self-esteem builders that are researched and proven to work. “We teach people how to treat us.” And you can begin by treating yourself like the smart, brilliant, graceful girl you are. We are unique, as Marie often says, and we all have a purpose and a place. There is no one on this planet that’s perfect; body, grades, followers, etc. so be true to yourself, and others will love and respect you for it.

    Peace and Blessings,

  300. Christine

    What a beautiful and heart-wrenching Q&A. I remember feeling awkward and, yes, too hairy (!). I used to climb trees after school, with a handful of graham crackers and an apple… climb high enough to see far away. I felt safe and powerful. These days when WKRAP radio comes on, I pray and notice the beautiful life I have and all its many blessings. We are all loved. We are all here for each other. Peace.

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      What a lovely share, Christine. It seems like even now we could all use a fort, crackers and an apple to be somewhere up high that reminds us of our value and power 🙂

  301. Thank you Marie for this video. I am a school psychologist working in a high school. I can’t wait to share this video with my students who are struggling with these same issues. If we can teach kids at younger ages these life-affirming concepts, they will have the potential to connect with their true selves and what really matters in this world. Namaste 🙂

  302. I LOVED this episode. It is something so needed for people of all ages male and female. It is our imperfection and surroundings that cause that terrible voice in our heads. I love the advice to change the station. We will get those untrue thoughts but we do not have to dwell on them or accept them as true. Here is another thought for AJah and all of us, don’t be afraid to make changes its ok if we do notice things about ourselves that need to be changed dont beat yourself up over it just set goals and you will feel great about reaching little goals along the way. Lastly, when you meditate be sure to put good stuff in your mind as you mediate don’t just leave your mind blank as some experts suggest you can end up with more negative things in that head. 🙂 This was a GREAT job Marie and team so glad I tuned in today.

  303. Kathy

    I love the KRAP radio idea. I call that voice EVIL. I think there are forces in this world that are either for Goodness sake (God ) or evil (darkness, satan) and when I am thinking and then playing out in my life those dark thoughts that tear me down or others around me I try to remember A verse from the bible that is a great lesson for what radio station to be tuned into which is Philippians FM 4:8 think about what ever is true, noble, right, pure, lovely and admirable. if anything is excellent or praiseworthy meditate on these things! This helps me stay away from the lies of negativity. God bless u Aijah

  304. Hi Marie, I just wanted to let you know that it filled my heart with joy to see this creative, thoughtful, and heartfelt Q & A. It spoke to the “Ajah” in me who has been dealing with the same feelings since young adulthood. You are a gift to the world, and I feel fortunate to know you through your videos and B-School 2015 (WOO!). Thank you for all that you do, and for being brave enough to share the authentic, genuine Marie with the world. xo Hannah

  305. It breaks my heart to hear young people say things like this about themselves. Marie, kudos to you for how you responded to this. I am a part time teacher and I’m inspired to share this with my students!

    I often go through periods of self doubt. I have a bad habit of comparing myself to others, and that’s when I feel the worst. Having realized this, I really try hard to avoid comparing myself to others and only focus on being a better person than I was yesterday — according to MY standards.

    Living a healthy lifestyle has also made a huge difference in how I feel about myself. When I treat my body with love, that love grows into self love.

    Don’t be afraid to share your struggles with someone you trust. Odds are they’re going to tell you all the amazing things they love about you, and it will make you feel a million times better.

    Practice gratitude every day. Life is a gift, and being alive, healthy, and capable is priceless.

    Wishing you all health and happiness, and the ability to recognize your unique gifts.

    Lindsay Jones

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Beautifully put, Lindsay. We love that you want to share this with your students, and hope it helps them too.

      Wishing the same things for you too — thank you.

  306. Jennifer Otts

    Thank you Marie for posting this, & thank you Ajah for putting into words what so many souls long to say, but can’t. This was such an answered prayer at a perfect time. I feel so blessed to have seen it & hope to bless others by sharing it! Much gratitude!

  307. Marie – You are doing such important work, not just teaching marketing but empowering girls and women to realize their full potential. Thank you.

  308. Randi

    I cried. What a beautiful gift Marie, your insight is amazing. Loved the little video!
    Ajah if you are putting it out there at your age, I am totally in awe. This way you can knock that crap radio station out of the park long before I did (at 54).

  309. Hello sweet Ajah,

    I wonder if you’re a high sensitive person? If yes, maybe you tapped in to other people’s doubt? I know that it could feel so real that you think it’s yours. What if it’s easy to get rid of those?

    You’re welcome to contact me if you would like to have techniques to free your self from what’s not yours.

    Cheers to you!

  310. It is absolutely beautiful Marie the way you pointed out 5 +ves of Ajah – that totally had an explicit basis – not just an empty pep talk – all people are wonderful, God made you kind of stuff …

    Deep admiration.

  311. may

    I have a teen that always asking me these questions. I reply to her this way; I’m blessed by having you the way you are. We can try to discover our strengths and uniqueness everyday by reading about others experiences and one day we will resonate with one experience or part of it. we can create new fabric from different threads of our life.

    best wishes and smile
    you are a blessing in someones life.

  312. Dear Ajah,
    I too live in MONTREAL and would love to be here for you! I am a 26 yr old, who is passionate about life, and I’m an entrepreneur.
    Especially as an Entrepreneur, mindset is so important, because your success depends strongly on BELIEF in YOURSELF.
    I have so much to share, but will make it brief.
    We may not all show it, but we ALL have the other voice that tries to knock us down! It’s a matter of growing stronger than that voice.
    I would love to how you some books that have really helped me.
    What I like to do is write down 5 things daily that I am Grateful for in my gratitude journal! That’s something you can pull out and read through when you’re low, and you will see how blessed you are
    We live in the same city, and I don’t always watch MarieTV, so I feel there is a reason I saw this episode.
    I would love to treat you to tea @Davids Tea or we can go get a delicious cup cake, or we can have a girls day. I would love to connect with such a beautiful strong girl like yourself -X-
    Blessings & love,

  313. Marie,
    This is why I love you and your team. What a powerful and generous gift this is to Aja and anyone (including myself) who’s tunes into WKRAP from time to time. Thank you for all you do—Robert

  314. Marie,

    My first thought when watching this week’s video was, “Where were you when I was 15?” A quick Google search answered the question: You were probably learning how to walk!

    Now, you are helping young girls like Ajah, and older girls like me, learn how to stand up and get moving in a new way. I feel a lot of gratitude around you taking the time give an A to her Q and I forwarded the video to some young people in my life. It helped me and I hope it helps them too!

    With thanks,

  315. Marie, Thank you so much for this beautiful response to Ajah! It takes a lot to ask for help or advice at such a young age. I remember asking for help when I was young and was totally rejected, which has stuck with me and held me back for years. I wish I had a mentor like you that could have given me this amazing advice you gave Ajah!

    Ajah! I hope you are empowered by Marie and all the other advice on this feed to become an amazing, strong and successful women you deserve to be.

    Much love,

  316. Vivian


    I just want to say that someone who is 15 and is courageous enough to ask what so many feel or think at all ages even at 50 (that’s me) is a great thing in itself. To seek out how to help yourself is so smart! Ajah, you are not alone and you can see there are so many supporters for you. You are an awesome young woman as Marie so smartly pointed out. She is right and you should take her words seriously and take it to the next step up. Be kind to yourself and put your energy in those things positive and turn off W-krap radio!

    Big hugs to you,


  317. debbie

    Wow what a encouraging video Marie. We always need those reminders to reject the voice in our minds! .you are and wonderful coach and girl.. all ur followers love u!
    Love from Ecuador!
    Love your videos !

  318. Marie this was THE best video yet! There is something truly special about seeing someone connect and appreciate another person without being physically present. This human touch to such a public video brought tears to my eyes!

    Ajah – you’re destined for great things!

    Steph x

  319. Marie-

    You spread love around like confetti and I love that about you.

    Thanks for this great Marie-TV!


  320. Lily

    Such a brave question Ajah and such a beautiful, moving and funny (team Forleo busting some moves!) response. I relate to the KRAP radio and, as you can see from all these comments, Ajah you are not alone and your bravery, compassion and general awesomeness will serve you – and those you come into contact with – so wonderfully. Keep going girl and do the things Marie suggests. I’m going to go meditate and take my own and Marie’s advice. Before that, my 5 things are for my husband
    – you are kind, wise and gentle
    – you are such a great craftsman
    – you are full of love and compassion
    – you are so connected to nature
    – you make me laugh.
    Thank you. And thank you Ajah and Marie and all of this community x

  321. Jhanan

    You’r sooo cute, Marie <3 <3 <3

    Again, I'm crying :'D

    All my love, ¡thank you and tem-forleo tooooo!

  322. Camila

    Hi there! I really liked it that Ajah asked this question, because many of us go through the same thing, some may not be brave enough to ask, while others- like me- don’t know exactly who to ask. So thanks there!

  323. Jennifer

    Marie and team, thanks so much for an amazing video.

    Ajah, thanks for your bravery in posing this question on Marie TV. I wish had had this great advice that Marie gave. In addition, I would also include remembering that your ENERGY is really the MOST important thing. I, like you, felt “ugly”, at least according to cultural standards at the time. I remember a time in which it felt great and natural to be in my body, but gone were those days when I was in my teens. The most amazing thing I have learned is that your energy and Spirit are the things that people remember most about you. Noone tell you that, but it is what people ultimately love, such as your generosity of Spirit, courage and caring. No matter how fashionable or well put together they are, if their energy is not full of love, it won’t help them! ‘

    Luckily for us, Marie has great fashion sense, is beautiful as well as has a wonderful Spirit and energy. And you do as well Ajah! Thank you so much for sharing your story, and giving us all a chance to rally around something that is so familiar and human–that of not always feeling good enough, as well as meeting “grade”. But you’ve made an amazing impression on me with your feisty and courageous Spirit, and I benefitted from seeing this episode that was organized around your thoughtful question. Way to go girl! Hang in there. Much love and well wises, Jennifer

  324. What a life-affirming video Marie. Thanks. We need to remember to pat ourselves on the back for our positive traits far more often than we do. Share with others too – like the idea of putting 5 items on a card and sending it. I read a comment recently that can turn you around quickly.
    “Right NOW, I can start my day over.” Doesn’t matter what crap is going on, take action to do something different and change that station.

  325. I just want to say if you are a parent out there remember to be loving, supportive, and encouraging to your kids. That will help prevent crap radio.

  326. Janice

    Hi Marie,

    I just love watching your videos. The advice you gave Ajah was excellent. You make a great Psycholigist. Well done. Look forward to more videos. XOX

  327. Julie

    I have just started to watch your show it is so positive to the world love your work of healing bless you Julie x

  328. Wow, I am admiring this 15 year old girl! At that age, it is hard to verbalize how you are feeling, think about what you can do to change that, and to think how that could help someone else feeling the same way. Ajah, you’re amazing! I am expecting great things from you in the future.

    My sister is one of the most amazing human beings in the world. When I felt the way Ajah did, she was my answer to feeling better. She would, and still does, put a radio station on that was pretty much about how awesome I was. When WKRAP was playing,her station would drown it out. I am going to write her a note abut #5GreatThings about her that I love and that promotes goodness in the world. Thanks for this Q&A Tuesday, Marie. Thanks for spreading light everywhere you are (or at least the places I have been present to witness that light).

  329. Nida Collins

    Marie, what an amazing video. Every teenager and middleager !!! like me needs to see this video. Well done. KRAP radio is what holds most of us back from living fulfilled lives and finding our true purpose.

  330. Alex

    Marie thank you so much for for such a compassionate and inspiring response that I hope made Ajah realise how special and beautiful she is! Aaaaaaa-jah, A-jaaaaah!

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      So catchy, right?! 🙂

  331. Hi Marie –

    This is the best, most thoughtful and inspiring video you’ve done yet!
    Young people -their dreams, hopes, and struggles – deserve to be honored and taken seriously. The way you honored A’s question demonstrates your respect. Both the tone and content of your video are a lovely and powerful contradiction to the disrespect that is often aimed at teenagers and young people in general. Thank you for being a great ally to young people, Marie!

  332. Barbara Ferraz

    OMG! This was exactly what I needed now! I’m feeling sooo useless and empty I almost considered giving up… =/ Luckly, I feel I have some strenght deep inside that keeps me away from this idea.
    Ajah, you’re in a period of life that we all feel weird because the body is changing, there’s puberty, acne and a lot of internal stuff going on – especially hormones – so don’t give up just now because you’re dealing with things that it’s very fleeting. Life is so much more than all this… WE have to believe in ourselves and that we do have something special, that only we have, and the world needs… =)
    Thank you for your question, for it’s because of it that I could get the help that I needed!
    I wish you and all the Marie team all the best (you guys are helping me to get out of a deep and dark hole that I got into).

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Barbara, I’m so glad this episode is finding you at the right time. Remember, you’re an incredible human being, and everything Marie says to Ajah applies to you, too!! xo

  333. Omg Marie! Loved this on so many levels! Unbelievable advice delivered in such a loving way! Serious, emphatic, fun, real and so relatable! You really hit the nail and made my day! I hope Ajah takes your advice to heart…so true!
    Thanks and best wishes to Ajah!!!!! xo

  334. Jamie

    Hi Marie,

    I loved this A to the Q, and even though I’ve got more than double Ajah’s years, I still get these same voices, that probably started when I was her age or younger.

    Your recommends are spot on! I feel so much better when I’m helping someone, even a little thing like escorting an older person crossing the street, or complimenting someone’s shoes or accessories.

    I work on a freelance basis and when I go through long dry spells like I’m in now, I feel the same useless feeling, I counter it with all the compliments I get when I do work and cultivate an attitude of gratitude, reaching up to pull me out of my slump. I also spend time with friends and give and get as many hugs as possible.

    Last night I watched Nick Ortner’s Tapping Solution movie and started tapping again and it’s a great tool to shift energy and negative feelings! Ajah, look into EFT tapping, it’s easy, fun and opens up a whole new world! You can teach your friends and use it for the rest of your life whenever something rough comes up.

    Here’s to your happiness and usefulness,


  335. Marie – that was one of the best Q&A Tuesdays ever. So kindly and yet practically done. And wonderful tips for Ajah and for the rest of us too. Ajah – I’m Canadian too and I look forward to cheering you on as your grow and achieve amazing things — because you are definitely one to watch!

  336. Betty Bennett

    Excellent response to this young woman. I love the way to pointed out all of her obvious attributes, just from reading this one question. A+ Marie!

  337. Colette

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this video. What a way to make an impact. Also, I felt like you were talking to me, as well as Ajah. Thank you for all you do, Marie. You help me every day.

  338. This might be my most favorite Marie TV of all time!! Crying 🙂

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Right there with ya, Laura!

  339. Great Episode Marie!
    Awesome tips. I especially liked the sensitive way you constructed this video-
    Praise words to strengthen the girl and show her what good you see in her.
    And the funny mood, yet concrete advice.
    As a biz networking Coach I get people to try and disengage from the “Crap Radio” as you remarkably coined and to truely connect to the good and strengths in them. I can connect to this episode a lot and learned from your great sensitivity and solutions as always!
    Thanks Marie!

  340. Loredana

    Hi Marie, I have been a fan of your work for two years now. Thank you for consistently inspiring me. My 9 year old daughter had a melt down about a school project that is challenging her and she was using some very self defeating language. I used your example of turning off the W-KRAP station, explaining the power of thought and not only did it make her smile, but she and her younger sister really clicked with it as a tool for future reprogramming when challenges arise or are self produced. Thank you for providing FUN tools for self awareness and improvement. GIRL – I will always tune into Marie TV!

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      That’s amazing, Loredana! So happy this video was a great resource for your girls, too.

  341. Fabulous advice Marie! Aija, I wanted to say how proud I am of you! I’m not sure of what your situation is like at home, but I encourage you to speak to your mom, guardian or an adult that you can trust, even if it’s at school. You will be surprise how many people even parents can be oblivious of how our kids are feeling these days. Marie is an amazing mentor and listening to her is a rewarding experience. Continue to do that as well.
    I am a life strategist, who specifically works with parents and teens and I know that connecting with someone that you feel cares for you is KEY. I started my company because I realize that, like you, there are thousands of teens. Feeling that way, in many cases, is part of the growing stage we call teenage years. It’s normal. However, you get to be in control. Surround yourself with positive people that uplift you. Let your music be heard louder than “WKRAP” and definitely share what you are doing with others. YOU are an inspiration to many teenagers out there, you’ve even inspired me to continue my global mission to connect teens with their parents. I commend you for reaching out for help. You see now, you have a ton of people supporting you. Embrace your gift and continue to share your inner beauty with the world.

    • Katherine

      Using Ajah’s own words to share the truth of who she (and all of us) our is pure magic! Brilliant! I hope Ajah and so many of us really connect with this message deep inside. Thank you, Marie, for continuously sending messages of love and inspiration. You are a gift! Thank you, Love, and Blessings…

  342. Hi Marie,

    I LOVED how you gave the 5 great things about Ajah list! Tears poured down my cheeks as I imagined the impact that could have for her. Being a teenager can be so hard and you handled that so lovingly! Thank you for being amazing!

  343. One of your best! I loved this.

  344. Danya

    I think I’ve watched approximately a gazillion hours of awesome Marie videos but this was an all-time favorite – instant classic!! I loved everything about it – thank you, thank you! I’ll definitely be sharing this with some amazing teens in my life!

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Thank you SO much, Danya!

  345. Susan Ross

    I showed this to 2 of my girls ages 12 and 10 and they LOVED it! This message is vital for young girls especially. Thank you soooo much for providing such meaningful insights to us all!! Please keep them coming!!!!
    Many, many thanks Marie!!!
    Now we’re gonna crank up that MUSIC!!!

  346. Susan Ross


    You have changed the lives of so many people, thank you!!!! My 10 year old girl really really NEEDED to hear this. I honestly cant thank you enough! May you be blessed with much happiness and appreciation for all that you can achieve.
    a grateful mommy

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Susan, that is awesome — thank you for sharing. xoxoxo

  347. Grace Young

    Dear Ajah,

    You are an amazing young lady and I totally agree with everyone here that we have to stop listening to WKRAP radio. Including myself, I’m 44 years old and I too have those crazy thoughts. As Marie stated in her tweet able those crazy thoughts are “not true and not you”.

    I discovered recently that I feel so much better when I listen to classical music so when my mind radio starts to play untrue statements about me, I quickly turn up classical music on my cell phone or TV and let the musical tones relax my brain. You totally rock Ajah!

  348. I have been a fan of Marie for years, Marie is so honest and has the confidence to step out there and talk about issues that few ‘business leaders’ dare mention for thinking it will damage their professional integrity. Times are changing and Marie is bold and brave and and not to mention beautiful.

  349. Dearest Asia
    thank you for sharing-your courage, your honesty, your vulnerability. Many of us have been where you are- and thought we’d NEVER get through it. But guess what – those hard times were the ones that made us strong, and shaped us into the compassionate women we are today – reaching out and comforting others in need – and actually helping – cuz we have been there!!!! Best of luck to you, sweet Asia.

  350. Ajah, am sending you bunches of love and the hope that you will soon come to feel the truth: that you are incredibly valuable as a unique, precious, human being. Marie is right about Crap Radio. We all have to learn to tune it out. Am reminded of this quote from Charlie Jones: “Remember, you are the same today as you will be in five years, except for two things: the people you meet and the books you read. Choose both carefully.” Great people (like Marie) and great books will help you find your way in life. It’s awesome that you reached out to Marie like you did. I suggest you fill your mind with the thoughts of great people and great books, and learn to meditate if you don’t already. EFT is amazingly awesome, too. And know the feelings will pass. Marie, this was an incredible video. Your love and compassion really come through, and your creativity. You are a true blessing in the world. Love and appreciation to both of you!

  351. Mona

    Marie, this is the most honest and valuable video that I have seen. I really loved it!!!! I live in France but I’m a Mexican girl in these two countrys we have the same feeling with all the teenagers in fact not just them, all of us (adult people) too. We need a Million Marie Forleos all over the world!!!! Thanks for sharing it.

    PS: I love your team too!!!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      You’re the best, Mona! Thank you for your sweet note – sending lots of Team Forleo love your way <3

  352. kiara

    Thank you for the video. I liked the crap radio idea you gave.

  353. Maria

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for having the courage to ask this question – you are sooo brave and the world really need people like you. Thanks to you and your courageous question you very much helped me. I am 47 and can totally relate to what you shared, this has nothing to do with age; it is a universal question. You also proved that when we dare to share our deepest fears, those who make us feel disconnected and lonely, it usually makes us connect to and unify with other people. As all these comments show, you and I are not alone feeling this way. Also, you inspired me to take action and connect since this is my very first comment – not only here on Marie TV, but also the first one ever on the internet. Thank you for showing me the way! <3 <3 <3

    Marie and Team Forleo,
    Thank you guys for this fantastic video, full of love, compassion and insight – the advices are incredibly useful and dancing is so much fun!

    And to all of you other amazing people here in the community,
    Thanks for hanging out here, sharing your thoughts and wisdom and making this to such a beautiful, inspiring and loving place.

    Let’s turn off W-KRAP Radio and tune in to some great music – woohooo!

    Lots of love and light to all of you,

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Wow, your first comment on the internet ever? That’s SO cool Maria – thanks so much for adding your beautiful voice to the conversation.


      • Maria

        Yepp, first time ever. Ajah’s Q and courage and this fantastic video made it happen. 😀
        Thanks for your reply Caroline and thanks for this beautiful place you and the team has created for all these lovely souls to meet at. <3

        • Chelsea - Team Forleo

          Oh you’re so welcome, Maria, we’re honored. 🙂

  354. You are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.

  355. Really really lovely. Made me beam to watch it. I love the warm heartedness, humour, and generosity of this video. Also the relevant advice. Bye Bye Krap FM!

  356. Marie, you win the Internet today 🙂 I would have answered “Get out of victim mode, girl, you have so much going for you!” …but your answer was 1000 times better.
    Thanks so much!

  357. Alan

    Marie, great video. Having volunteered with foster teenagers, your video really showed how important self image is and why negative thoughts need not determine a future. Thank you for responding to this “Q”!

  358. Kirsten Franzen

    Brava Marie – such a graceful, thoughtful response.

  359. Amal

    I saw this on a day I really needed to, great stuff!

  360. Claire

    Ajah…I am so grateful that you reached out to Marie. You are special! Marie, you heard Ajah and addressed her needs so ON POINT. You are a blessing. I am a 52 year old woman who likes to think she has her stuff together on most days. So, why did watching the dance video you made with Ajah’s wonderful qualities flashing in the background make me break down in tears? Because I, too, can relate to Ajah’s issue and my heart grasped the love that you met it with. It was a moment of healing I didn’t even know I needed. Thank you!

  361. All your Marie TV segments are sensational Marie, but this one is so cool.
    While this message to recognise the inner mean voice and turn it around to one of praise, would suit all of us, teenagers and young people need it the most. Love your shows, thank you so much!!

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Thank you, Romi!

  362. Barbara

    This is a really great video. I enjoy them all, but this really resonated. It’s a great reminder for me. Plus helpful to know that you meditate, but that it can be just 10 minutes. That’s really doable. I know some people who this may help, so thanks a lot.

  363. Sam

    Hi Ajah and Team Forleo

    Ajah – I just want to say don’t give up on changing the radio and be persistent in your efforts. It will be hard, and its a challenge (but the rational mind loves challenges), so do change the radio station persistently and patiently with love – it is the beautiful journey that counts not the destination. Everyone is here to support you 🙂 too.

    Team Forleo – I love your advice Marie, and I love what is being done here, not just for a business but the amount of support you are giving to everyone. Incredibly beautiful!

    Lots of love

  364. diana

    I also felt this way when I was your age, Ajah. And I even, but much less, feel like that now, although I am successful. So that means that this voices don’t depend on outward situation. So please, Ajah, don’t let them control your life, rather you be in control over them

  365. Chris

    I loved your message to Ajah. You rock Marie. I’m new to your Tuesday TV videos and you just made me a huge fan—- to help a young girl struggling with these issues in this way is amazing. I loved the Ajah song!

  366. Marie – this was a perfect response. Well done and thank you.

  367. Lisa

    OMG Marie, your empathy shines like a halo 🙂 Ajah, thank you so much for asking this incredibly important question for everyone XO. This video was perfect timing for me. I was feeling really bad about myself and wanting to quit, not usual for this 37 year old. It had me crying happy tears and relieved tears. Both of you are just amazing. I have shared this with all of my friends. Thank you so much.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Beautiful, Lisa!

  368. Kathakali

    That is such a relevant Q and an amazingly sensitive A. This has to be one of my favourite Q&As. I say embrace the voice instead of avoiding it and prove it wrong. Show it how worthy you are and how meaningful your life is. And the voice shall be silenced. Ajah you are a beautiful human being and that was very evident from your email. You are all the things Marie said and so much more. Love and hugs xx

  369. What a beautiful and thoughtful response Marie. 🙂

  370. Diane

    I am 44 years old, and still have CRAP playing in my head. It has gotten better with age. I became a yoga instructor a few years ago, and that REALLY helped. But the CRAP plays on! Thank you Marie for reminding us that it is crap:)

  371. Suzanne

    Thank you for your letter. And Marie, thank you for your response. I needed to hear both of them.

  372. Regina

    Perfect timing to receive this beautiful message. Dealing with that #innermeangirl voice is a daily occurrence. I’m so grateful for this reminder and remembering my special ways to be helpful in sending love.

  373. This was a really great one, Marie and Team! I didn’t have time to look at it the day it came in my inbox, and it kept getting pushed further and further down. Today (4/13) was the day! So glad I didn’t just delete it!

    First thing that struck me, after thinking I need to turn off WKRAP myself, sometimes, is how I completely pre-judged someone (root of prejudice, y’all), and now I want to share my #5GreatThings about Katia, who could really be just about anybody…

    1. You rock your own style, mixing all sorts of trends into one gorgeous hot mess!
    2. You’re totally brave, teaching exercise classes while working on getting fit, yourself. It’s so refreshing to see someone wearing the instructor pants who isn’t a size two!
    3. You’re hilarious! I love your sense of humor. I look forward to your exercise classes over everyone else’s, just so I can laugh with you!
    4. You teach more than fitness. You are comfortable in your own skin and you love on your students until they feel comfortable in theirs.
    5. You are generous. You shared your scarf collection so we could all dance with a scarf (you almost had to be there). I hope everyone gave them back!
    And a bonus: You have absolutely fabulous hair, pretty eyes, and a killer smile… which is what you said to me, and I mean it, too … back atcha!

    Thanks for the opportunity to think of all those. Tomorrow is Kat’s dance class when she’ll get them in person.

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      LOVE those, Linda! And I know she will too 🙂

  374. That was all Good! I love how Ajah reached out!
    This really is what community and support are all about!
    I laughed, danced, cried and learned! You know Dr. David Reynolds says “we are not responsible for our thoughts and feelings, only our behavior.”
    Another words all that gibberish running through our minds, is not ours, so changing our behavior, dancing, meditating will eventually change our thoughts! Woo Hoo! I practice this daily!
    Cheers, Laurie

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Beautifully put, Laurie. I’m so glad you laughed, danced, cried, AND learned for this one.

      WOOHOO is right!

  375. Love you, Ajah and love these great reminders, Marie.

  376. Jen

    This was completely beautiful! I’ll be sharing with my daughter. This one should go viral!

  377. Victoria

    That was truly beautiful!! Fantastic advice for us all 🙂

  378. Dearest Ajah,

    First off, Thank you for being the spark of light that inspired this thread. I certainly felt the same way when I was 15 & even as a “grown up” I regularly struggle with these same feelings. When I find myself in battle with W-KRAP Radio or what some call, “Inner Critics”, I make use of the following practices/weapons:

    1. Pulling up Youtube channels & videos featuring people who always have inspirational words to share, like Marie Forleo, Ze Frank, Sark (Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy), Wayne Dyer, Julia Cameron, Seth Godin & others. TED talks are ALWAYS AWESOME!

    2. I sit down & journal about what I’m going through while listening to music that both soothes my soul & allows me to let my feeling & emotions bubble to the surface, spill over, & run their course. Sometimes I just need a good cry & maybe a quick little pity party for myself so I rant in my journal while listening to Tori Amos, Radiohead, Nirvana, Alex Isley, Bjork, Erykah Badu, Stevie Wonder, Walter Hawkins, Lianne La Havas, King, Sade, Eric Whitaker, Nina Simone & many more. What singers or musicians stir & soothe you?

    3. I have a small number of really close friends that I can call & talk to about whatever I’m going through without judgement or impunity. Even if they’re not available in the exact moment that I need them, sometimes just leaving a voicemail saying what I’m feeling is helpful & I always know they’ll call me back as soon as they can. Sometimes I need to talk it out, or have a quick cry with them, & often what happens is they’ll allow me to be sad for a few minutes before they crack a joke & then we both end up laughing. Laughter born out of tears is always healing. It’s like sunshine breaking through clouds after a very dark storm. Bottom line is, sometimes even a quick connection with a friend is really helpful because friends will always remind you of your worth, purpose, & the bigger picture. Friends can fill you up when you’re running on empty. I have one friend who’ll let me quickly say all the crappy stuff in one quick sentence & then on the count of three, we’ll both do 10 to 20 jumping jacks together over the phone. Spontaneous exercise with a phone friend is silly & fun.

    4. I “gratitude journal”. One thing that’s been helping me a lot lately is jotting down all the things I’m grateful for. Getting still with myself & thinking about the people, places, or things in my life that make me feel happy & whole, & loved is such an instrumental part of remembering that life ain’t really so bad — even when it’s feelin’ pretty bad. My boyfriend, my dog, my cats, my friends, walks in my neighborhood, sparkling water, sunshine, my favorite t-shirt, my ability to make music, string cheese.

    Sometimes just reflecting on the simple things really helps bring me back to the middle & calm me down when I’m freaking out about everything & feeling the gloom & doom. In addition, one thing that helps nullify the things I don’t like about myself, is to make quick lists of the things I DO like about myself.

    5. I dance, dance, dance it out! I couldn’t agree more with Marie about this practice. Problems, obstacles, inner critics, KRAP Radio days will be recurring themes throughout life, but, music is always there to lift us up.

    When I’m feeling super low & need a life boost I’ll throw on my shorts & a tank top & crank some Beyoncé, Rihanna, Outkast, THEESatisfaction, Mary J. Blige, Nicki Minaj, Azealia Banks, Lady Gaga, Donna Summer, Brandy, Missy Elliot, Bruno Mars, Kelly Clarkson, Imagine Dragons, Hole & the list goes on & on…

    Dancing it out to some good music & pretending I’m the star of a music video even if I’m only in the shower or in my living room is one of the best ways for me to get outta my head for awhile.

    Lastly dear Ajah, (& the whole Marie Forleo community), I wanna send you lots of love & light. Thanks for your bravery & for sharing yourselves through your stories.

    SoulChilde BlueSun (aka okanomodé)

  379. We always can do something more than we think, we can be better by think be kind person, do something help for other people. We can be friendly person and people will love that. Add more value as we can will increase more feel good about ourselves.

    Ask do I have more more time to do something mean and we really love?

    Do I can control our respond when we have communicate with others?

    What I can grateful things that support to me or I have own?

    Thank Marie for good video. I love it.

  380. Jennie

    OMG Marie, your A today was P R I C E L E S S !!! Your video about W-KRAP FM had me laughing my head off, then your video dance riffing on Ajah’s beautiful merits made me cry. I was so moved. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a succinct and fun explanation of how to shift out of that place of thinkin’ nasty thoughts.

    And Ajah, thank you so much for writing in! As Marie said, this is such an important question, and watching this video really, really, really helped me at a time when my dial was stuck on KRAP radio. And none of that would have happened if you hadn’t written in. Talk about turning lead into gold! Ajah and Marie, you’ve created quite the alchemy here. I am so thankful to you both.


  381. Hi everyone,
    I’m French and just discovered Marie TV 🙂 and I’m so happy because it’s helping me going through the process of creating my business more easily so thank you Marie and thank you all for your comments that are very interesting too 🙂

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Welcome Gigi! We’re so glad you found MarieTV, and hope that it helps you find some great tips and inspiration as you’re creating your business. We’re cheering you on!

  382. Oh my dear! Take all of the advice you’ve heard and read here and write it down. Make yourself a “Me” scrapbook. Print pictures of yourself and paste them in there. Go through Marie’s advice as well as the advice of the women here and write down key phrases in your scrapbook/journal. Draw on it, use markers, whatever you like. But do it. Then when that radio station slips to KRAP, open up that notebook and remind yourself that the words inside it are who you are – not what KRAP radio is playing. And make the solemn vow that you will never-ever throw that journal away. Bring it with you into adulthood. Someday soon, you’ll share it with someone and it will change their life. You are amazing!

  383. Loved this! I actually laughed and cried, all within the space of seven-and-a-bit minutes. It’s my favorite vid so far. Thanks!!

  384. michele

    Marie, On behalf of all the mothers and lovers of teenagers everywhere, Thank You for the very special acknowegement and tribute to Ajah. Your sensitivity to this issue has made my respect for you grow even larger.

  385. Carole

    Wow, Marie, fabulous response to this brave young person. Bravo.

  386. Sofia Silva Eastmond

    Hey Marie, loved this episode! Having a 12 year old stepdaughter and having been that teenager once makes me think how much we need to educate young women out there on self-love.

    Like you, I have used a combination of tools that has really calmed down the negative chatter in my mind over the years! My top ways of getting me to feel like the goddess I am:
    – Daily meditation. Like you, Marie, it has really helped me be calm, centred and sure of myself. There are lots of awesome guided meditations on Youtube. My favourite are by Deepak Chopra, and I also sign up for Deepak and Oprah’s 21 day meditation challenges.

    – Practicing gratitude before falling asleep. I thank the universe for everything I am happy with and that’s how I fall asleep every night. It’s so empowering!

    – Reading empowering books. My book list is never ending, but I tend to choose practical books on the power of the mind, business, behaviour and stories about powerful women who have made their mark in the world

    – I make a real effort to only read or give attention to stuff that is empowering and aligned with my goals and who I am in the world.

    – (This is my favourite). I give my hubby full permission to interrupt my pity parties and coach me whenever self-doubt creeps in. I do the same for him, and it’s awesome. I also have friends around me who do that. So I have been creating an environment where we support each other by not allowing each other to think of ourselves as less than who we are.

    Love your work, Marie. You’re my inspiration!

  387. Hey Marie,

    What an amazing message and one we all can benefit from no matter what our age is. KRAP Radio is such a terrific way to conceptualize that negative voice in our head that derails us from using our gifts and talents and pursing our purpose in life!! I’m going to share this episode with my 15-year-old daughter who struggles with the same issues. Thanks for being such an awesome mentor and caring person!! You are truly the best!!

    XXO Lina

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much for your kind note, Lina. I hope your daughter loves checking out this episode – I know I would have definitely benefitted from the message when I was 15 too!

      Cheers to turning off that KRAP radio! 🙂

  388. ThinkBig

    Marie – Impressive response to real teenage angst. And it applies to all of us from time to time! I love the W-KRAP radio reference and completely agree – we are NOT the noise in our head! Thank you for being so spot-on.

  389. Tal

    I am a few weeks late to see this, but I must say – WOW! I was happy crying by the end of this video. Marie, I really loved how you took Ajah’s letter and found amazing qualities to mirror back and show her how great she really is.

    When I was younger, I was in the same shoes as Ajah. In fact, I was emotionally bullied by a former best friend who then managed to get all the other girls in the class to ignore me. I was friendless and isolated for 5 months. At the time, being emotionally bullied was not a concept teachers were aware of, and so though teachers saw me they didn’t do anything. It is a part of my life that traumatized me, and when I’d hear the inner critic tell me I’m useless, a loser, and any other horrible things, of course I believed it to be true.

    In the following years since, a healthy self esteem is something I work hard to maintain, but I do find a number of things helped me get out of that dark place. I only found out about meditation and gratitude journaling in the past few years, but at the time (pre-internet days, ha!), these included: Having just one friend to talk to, laughing, dancing to music in my room by myself, singing out loud in the shower, painting using different colours on canvases, going for bike rides, watching comedy sitcoms. Of course, now with the internet, it’s easier to see and hear similar stories so you don’t feel alone. If I were you, I’d bookmark this page for life and come back here to read every time I feel down about myself.

    As Marie says at the end of every episode, we are all here with a unique gift to share with the world, and for that reason alone we are ALL amazing and worthy of love and belonging. Change the station from W-KRAP (Marie, I absolutely love this by the way. I’m going to think of my inner critic like this from now on), and remember you are not those thoughts. Go be your amazing self! The world needs you to be you.

  390. Hi Ajah and Hi Marie 🙂

    I just want to let you know that YOU ARE AWESOME.
    You, Ajah, because you send to Marie such a great question which is, I think, question related with many, many people, not only teenagers. And this Marie’s answer will help many people thanks to you, Dear! Keep smiling and believe that you can change this sadness and Useless feeling into something Big, Important and something that will make you happy. It’s good to know what is Loneliness to find our comfort place. I keep my fingers crossed for you Ajah!
    And You, Marie, are awesome, you know why – Your response is A-MA-ZING! You gave Ajah and your readers a lot of encourage. Thank you 🙂

  391. Wow Marie,

    You are an incredible inspiration. I love how, with this young lady’s simple email, you were able to pull out those 5 things about her. I bet it made her feel so much better and proud of her actions, while simultaneously motivating your audience to think and act in this fashion moving forward. Marie, you are a true treasure.

    ~ lena

  392. Carol Sales

    I cried while watching this video.
    Way to answer such a hard question from a teenager.
    Marie, you are a special human being.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much, Carol! I can’t watch this episode without being moved to tears myself — I wish there had been MarieTV when I was a teenager!

  393. I know about Marie through Shopify. You’re amazing Marie, keep going!

  394. jackiiiiiie

    I felt the same today….useless… alone..
    this video…is just awesome. Marie and Asjah huge thank you.
    🙂 I am totally useful !!!!!and valuable!!! like all the people around the world.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      You ARE useful and valuable, Jackiiiiiie (love it!) We’re so glad you tuned in to MarieTV this week, and I hope it helps remind you that YOU are beautiful, unique, and a truly valuable person! <3

  395. Great advice! And Ajah, you are lucky to learn this now. At 55, I still let KRAP radio play in my head sometimes, though it’s less often now, and I can much more easily change the channel. I now understand though how important it is to be aware and take action! Thanks for the reminder Marie!

  396. Stephanie McGinnis

    Fan-freaking-tastic! I can’t even begin to describe how amazing this was! I feel like I am stuck on W-KRAP radio the majority of the time and have been banging my head against the wall trying desperately to figure out a way to get out of it. Although I had heard of some of these responses before, the way you put it, it finally clicked for me! Thank you so much 🙂

  397. Omg, I teared up watching this!! That was so sweet, Marie. I feel (most days) like a confident, loved person but so clearly remember feeling just like Ajah as a teen, and even now at times! Ajah, never forget that you are worthy just because you exist, providing your special energy and spark that ONLY YOU can give the world. Get on with your bad self!

  398. Thank You Marie and thank you Ajah for writing to Marie and reaching out. This was a timely video for me to see this morning. I am a 57 year old woman and I can still go into those places in my mind and I NEEDED to hear this, this morning… all of it, for me.
    This video was so kind and loving and a great example of how we all make a difference to each other. I love the guy at the end saying, “Hey! That was fun, can we do it again?”
    Thank you everyone for the love, inspiration, good cry and healing I received from this video. It has made a difference in my world.

  399. Guilherme Candido

    Marie, your way to look at this situation was really incredible. For me, it’s all about how awareness I am in any moment of my day.
    Congratulations. I love your videos.

  400. Sharon Vieson

    This hit me like a ton rocks. Aja is me when I was her age. I really hope she takes this advice to heart. I was raised being told that I was useless, ugly and not good enough for anything. That “radio station” has been with me all my life. I’m 70 and I so wish I could have got this advice when I was young. I never liked myself and figured no one else did. I look back at pictures from those days and realized that I was/am pretty. I did horrible in school, always in trouble but that got me some attention. My sister called me once about 10 years ago and said “You know what, I just realized that I’m pretty.” She just passed away, she was 88. Please tell Aja not to listen to WKRAP, she is worthy and brave. <3

  401. I really Loveeedddd this one. Especially the ‘the voice in your head…. is not true’
    I really loved that. Its something that everyone of us knows, and yet most of us faulter when they hear something frightening isshouted out to us.
    Thanks a lot for this!

  402. Thank you so much fo the great video (put a big smile on my face!) and for sharing great tips to get through difficult times.
    I find it really important to find techniques that work for each one of us because sometimes we just have to shake it out! Some will get it out by dancing, or meditation, or going fishing and disconnecting, or practicing high-intensity sports, or taking a looong bubbly fragrant bath…No matter, each one has a go-to little secret.
    While these are really important when an acute feeling of loneliness or insecurity hits in, I am also oriented to find a long-term solution and prevent them from reappearing.
    For example, as a PhD student in biomedical research, my work is sometimes solitary. It is very consuming intellectually and even physically. So to me, it is so important to be in good relationship with my colleagues and to know that I can really on them for a helping hand when needed. Also, I cannot stress enough what a difference a good mentor makes! It is a total game changer! This is why, I try hard to keep a good communication with him, I know that the effort is well paid in the end and it prevents me from feeling lonely, useless, insecure, stupid…
    Thank you again for the post, it is a great subject and I appreciate inspiring everyone to find solutions to complicated problems as this one.
    All the best,

  403. Please forward all my thanks and gratitude to Ajah for being so honest. I’m 35 and this video heals my inner teenager! And Marie, your answer was just right: thoughtful, down-to-earth, and fun!

    This episode is a gem and one of my favorites because I can relate to it from a place of being a teenager, when I didn’t have clear boundaries or filters and felt everything so intensely.

    It truly heals and uplifts my heart!

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much for the kind words, Christine!

  404. Thank you, Marie, for this video!

    I loved the way you started, and how you were able to pinpoint Ajah’s amazing qualities. You inspired me to look for these strengths that everybody show when they are being themselves.

    I also loved the dancing video part!

    Keep going!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much, Beth! This was a really special episode for us to create, and we’re so glad you enjoyed it 🙂

  405. Melika

    Dear Marie Forleo,

    I watched that amazing video and thank you for sharing that, but my problem is actually lack of results. I get disappointed, really disappointed, when I see I try too much for something, but in the end I can not catch what I really want! I mean sometimes I think about this sound in head that why on earth I am supposed to try SO HARD for everything but still stuck on the same spot I stood! Sometimes that hearts a lot because I ask myself what the point for trying this much is when I am not supposed to get what I want? And my conclusion comes from this fact that I do not have what I want and getting really tired. So, as much as positive energy I send to myself or share it with account on social media, I don’t feel good about this whole process. If you’re an expert on this topic I am desperately looking forward to seeing your remedy and PLZ tell me something more important and practical than positive energy because I have heard that a lot!- sorry if I’m a bit frank_

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Melika, thank you so much for checking out this episode and leaving a comment. It can be so incredibly disheartening to work so hard for something and not have it come to light, so I absolutely hear where you’re coming from and I know you’re not alone there.

      We did an amazing episode a while back about how to overcome failures and setbacks with guest, Dr. Cathy Collautt. It’s such a powerful episode for learning from the things that don’t work and continuing to move forward when we experience failures:

      There’s a lot to dig into in that episode — far beyond just thinking positively, so hopefully you’ll find some wonderful strategies to support your journey and goals. I hope that helps, and we’re sending our best wishes!

  406. Mario

    When KRAP radio pops up and I feel depressed, lonely and useless, I go to the mirror and compliment myself. My mom showed me some other videos that say the most important voice to your brain is its own. Just look in the mirror and compliment yourself. As a man who trains sports I flex my muscles to feel strong and tough but all you need to do is compliment yourself!

    Also, after I started meditation 10 minutes a day for the past week, it all became easier. Meditation is like running a Clean Master (junk cleaner) on your brain!

  407. Crap radio is a brilliant way to make sense of the bs
    in your head! Change the station and move on. Thanks Marie for this little but POWERFUL nugget!

  408. Ajah really touched my heart. So brave and so strong. I feel so excited for her that she was able to reach out to you and share her struggle. To be enveloped in so much genuine love at such a great age 😉

    I felt much like her at her age, today, I practice really good radio talk! Meditation is definitely a key component that I’ve added that is making a big difference in how I feel every day.

    Listening to you makes me smile, giggle and just feel good all over. Thanks for the great vibes!


    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Janet, she really touched our hearts too.

      We’re so glad this episode did all those wonderful things for you, and hope you keep riding those good vibes.


  409. Brandon


    Thank you for this video, I meet with students on a daily basis at the university I work for, and this one station seems to be playing on a loop in a lot of young peoples heads. The analogy is a perfect one and this is a truly insightful message. Self image goes a long way into trusting ones instincts, which I profess is one of the key’s to changing your life’s path. Thank you so much for this particular video as I am helping a friend overcome this very same problem.

    Marie your videos and blogs have been a tremendous resource for me, especially as a young and aspiring author and life coach who is just beginning on his path to helping others. I face this challenge with everyone I have met thus far, and being able to guide them into shifting their self perception has just become a little easier for me thanks to you!!


    Brandon E

  410. Whenever the thinking thoughts overshadow the Great Mind, (the Mind of God, the being that made you whole and perfect and exactly the way you are becoming, GREAT), you shut down the very thing that demonstrates who you truly are.

    “The Lier” (thinking thoughts) are not your mind. This is your brain looking for reasons to exist. And it can only exist when you churn your mind into something. So if you are not actively churning into something GREAT (which is what you truly are, the thing you do without thinking, just being), the being you are will seek to find itself, in the brain.

  411. Aperaamy

    Hey Marie!

    This was so sweet of you to create. You honestly were talking JUST TO HER! I know you were talking to teenagers that go through the same issue as her, but honestly you made her such a priority because you speak from the heart! You honestly wanted her to feel better and love herself and know that she is amazing just the way she is and that she was appreciated. You wanted a complete stranger to be happy. Clearly, it touched to a very deep level, and you are very empathetic! This was extremely generous of you and YOU ARE AMAZING MARIE! Please continue to do the soulful amazing work you do, because that’s that special gift only you can give to the world <3

    Keep Smiling Love!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much, Aperaamy! This episode really meant a lot to us, and we’re so glad you enjoyed watching 🙂

  412. rajul

    thanks for your inspiring video!i am also going through the same situation.but i think your remedies will surely help me. thank you once again!

  413. Wow – SO SWEET!!! I love the Ajah song. Such a great gift! <3

  414. This video is awesome! 5 great things upon you Marie: you are feminine sexy loving inspiring generous clever and positive

  415. I’d love to see this video touch the heart and mind of every teen in the world! For all of us … KRAP-FM is a hilarious way to see the monkey mind and to playfully deal with that nattering, nagging blah-blah-blah!

    We all need this kind of affirmation … from others, and most of all, from ourselves.

    Ajah … YOU ROCK! And your name … it’s close to what I call my beloved cat, Aja. Same pronunciation. I’ll think on you from now on when I speak my little one’s name. Bless you, brave girl!

  416. Vero

    Great Marie!!! I’m glad you were there for her. But sorry, today for me “crap radio” is winning ;(

  417. I was so touched by how you reached out to that amazing young woman, your dance and song had me in tears, just because of the shear beauty of your spirit! I love how Ajah reaching out to you and you responding teaches us all that support is everywhere.

  418. Christina

    Hi Marie & Ajah!! LADIES! You are never alone in your thoughts of self image, self worth, outward appearance. The only personas opinion you need to be concerned about is your own.

  419. Jitka Kyle

    Dear Ajah, your honesty and your act of simply admitting of being a sensitive women makes you much bigger person, than you realise. Thank you from all my heart.

  420. Jordana Heloisa Nery Liberalesso

    Hy Marie and everyone

    I’m a brazilian girl and I am loving with your blog, especially with this post, it is so kindness and helpfull. You show me how to be useful in a simple way and the way you help Aja is so beautiful, focus and funny that I really think help her and me, of course 😀

    Thank you so much
    ps: Sorry for my english, I’m learning 🙂

  421. Patricia McDaniel

    Ajah, oh to be young again, I know its hard in this world today- I wish I could mentor
    you but Marie is much better qualified than me. I’m a young 64 at heart but still learning too. Love yourself Ajah, You were created as a beautiful young girl. I wish you all the best in life, never give up on yourself. If I could live my life over-of course knowing some things now, I would definitely do some things differently. Oh, the chance for a do over. Live your dreams- you have this one life to live-
    what an awesome place this is to come and learn— best to you Ajah— love—-

  422. Ann

    Wow – I loved this. Sensitive and insightful especially after watching the piece about the inner critic. I would be interested in thoughts about the crippling inner critic – that actually is prevents you taking the next step or the negative play you may be getting in the work place and how to turn that one around?

  423. Bye, bye, krap radio! You are not welcome anymore!

  424. Ji-young Nam

    I love what Marie said in this video. I just want to share my personal experience on this subject. I had a long time of that krap radio playing in my head in my life. It really makes me not motivated and depressed. I felt that I was not efficient enough, not doing enough, and not producing enough and really, useless in the world. For a long long long time. So to overcome that, I was working very hard on efficient time management, thinking only if I use my time more efficiently I would be better. So I made plans, what to do this month, this week, and today. Soon I realized that I always expect a lot from myself and always disappointed at myself for taking 10 more minutes than my plan, waking up 5 minutes later than my alarm clock, I judged myself so harshly on every possible mishap from my “plan” and I would even write down at the end of the day about what did not work according to my time plan and why and how I can fix it, saying: today I woke up 5 min late. Tomorrow i will just wake up on time. It was really really stressful every single day and I did not seem to make any progress. But one day I talked to my friend about this, and how it is so hard to be efficient, how I feel it is stressful, and I tend to waste more time, and my friend said “why dont you think about what you did well?” Well at first I thought if I think about what I did well, there is no way that I was going to improve my time management. And, first couple days I thought, “all i can think about is what did not go well.” And it was really really hard to think what I did well. Now I think back, I seriously discounted all the things I did! I woke up early, and made good plan, and followed most of them, and most importantly, I was working on things that I thought it was important, and I did a lot of important things! The whole time, all those things I accomplished was, to me, “the normal”, “not very noteworthy” “anybody would do at least this much so it shouldnt be praised.” But now everyday when I look at my plan, I think, oh I feel fulfilled, I feel good about myself that I did what I said I would do. And guess what, I waste less time now because I am motivated. I used to be so stressed out that I wasted more time! And now, I even sleep more, have more fun time with family and friends, and I enjoy my life while working on things that I love and important to me. So my advice to all you and to myself, is that when that crap radio is playing, just tune up the positive radio! Think about all the things that you are making difference, all the things that you did well, all of your good qualities!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Great thoughts and advice, Ji-young. Thank you so much for sharing with us!

  425. Monica Azevedo

    You’re amazing Marie! I felt like this when I was 15, other time in my life and unfurtonetly now in my middle age. And it doesn’t depend on the person if she is from Canada or like me from Brazil. And you have the ability to talk with us all. Thanks for your words, your unique way, you are such an inspiration. For sure one day I will pay b-school, as soon as I have the money, just for give back all you’ve been doing to me in those tough days I’ve been through. And of course I believe it will add great value to my business on line that I so dream about. God keep blessing you! With love. Monica.

  426. --

    I started to feel lost a few months ago, I am unemployed, I have no friends, my partner is completely estranged from me and my only role in life is to be my mother’s cinderella. I am almost 28 years old and I feel that I have not achieved anything in life. If it were not for my pets I would not move out of bed all day. I do not know what happens to me, before I was very active and happy. I can not find a way out of this hole. I have so much to say and no one to tell. I’m very afraid of tomorrow. Maybe you can not help me, but I needed to let someone know that I can not go on.