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I’m taking a break from our regularly scheduled MarieTV because I want to touch base with you, heart to heart. ? This coronavirus pandemic is real. A lot of folks understandably feel afraid, confused, overwhelmed, and uncertain.

I’m here to help. 

First, wherever you are in the world, I hope you, your family, and loved ones are safe. ?? I’m in Los Angeles with Josh and Kuma. We canceled our upcoming MarieTV shoot and all upcoming travel. We’re prepared to hunker down inside for the next 4-6 weeks, or as long as needed. I’m determined to do whatever I can to help flatten this damn curve.

I put together this blog post to:

  1. Tell you about all the good things happening right now.
  2. Share resources that can help you or someone you know get through this coronavirus crisis.
  3. Get you strong so you can lead and help stop emotional contagion: the spreading of stress, fear, panic, and anxiety. 
A strong, healthy, and calm YOU will have a powerful effect on those around you. Click To Tweet

I have every confidence that as long as we pull together, we’ll make it through. The stronger we are in our mental, emotional, and physical self-care, the more healthy we will stay. And the healthier we stay, the stronger we’ll be for our families, friends, coworkers, and community at large. 

The social distancing that so many of us are practicing right now doesn’t have to feel isolating, stressful, or unbearable. In fact, it’s necessary. The more we can stay home and stay put, the faster we’ll move through this coronavirus crisis.

Here’s what Jess, a member of our community and physician assistant on the front lines, wanted us to know. Bolding is mine.

“Please do your part and give us a fighting chance. Stay home. Wash your hands. Don’t come to the ER unless it’s an absolute emergency. Help us help you. And if you have a friend or family member in medicine right now, send them a message to tell them you’re thinking of them. It really helps when you’ve tested your 3rd COVID19 PUI of the night.”

This is a time for humanity, creativity, connection — and yes, even humor.

Not every section below will apply to your situation. That’s 100% okay. Take what works for you and leave the rest. 

Our community spans the globe. We’re blessed to have beautiful, big-hearted humans in 195 countries from different faiths, backgrounds, ethnicities, life situations — and health and socioeconomic realities. As we’ve seen, different nations and states are at various stages of working to manage and mitigate this public health crisis. 

Know that I see you. Team Forleo sees you. We’re here for you. 

Use these links to skip to the section that best serves you:

How To Manage Coronavirus-Related Stress, Fear & Anxiety

When things feel out of control, the best place to start is YOU. We know that stress lowers our immune response, which is the exact opposite of what we need right now. 

Here are some MarieTV episodes on fear, stress, and anxiety that will help you cultivate a calmer, stronger, healthier mental state.

If you’re struggling with the negativity around you, watch:

Stressed out about life, kids, money, work, health and… everything? Watch:

We could all use some courage right now, and these episodes will help:

Hotlines, Crisis Centers & Resources

We know that for many people quarantine life isn’t about Netflix, snacks, and memes — and that isolation, stress, and sudden changes to daily life can be triggering. 

If you’re struggling, please know you’re not alone and help is truly a call or click away! 

Here’s a list of hotlines, crisis centers, and resources in different countries to help you and your loved ones stay safe and healthy during this time.

United States: 

  • Crisis Text Line is a non-profit that provides free crisis intervention via SMS message, available 24 hours a day, in the US, UK, and Canada.
  • National Suicide Prevention Lifeline — Call if you are in need of free crisis resources for you or a loved one.
  • National Domestic Violence Hotline — If you or someone you know is experiencing domestic violence, you can talk confidentially so a trained expert advocate over text or on the phone, 24/7. 
  • The Childhelp National Child Abuse Hotline is available 24/7 for folks living in the U.S. and Canada and has interpreters in over 170 languages. The hotline offers confidential crisis intervention, information, and referrals to thousands of emergency, social service, and support resources.
  • National Eating Disorders Helpline can help you get the support, resources, and treatment you need.
  • SAMHSA offers ways to get help and treatment for those in need of substance abuse and mental health services.


  • SAPTEL is a Crisis Intervention Hotline open 24 hours.




Australia & Oceania:

South America:

UK & Europe:

  • NHS offers a number of helplines and options if you’re experiencing a personal crisis.
  • Refuge offers a National Domestic Abuse Helpline for anyone who needs support and services.

Additional Mental Health Resources:

Virtual therapy/counseling:

Meditation apps:

We have an entire library of inspiring, educational episodes to help you tackle any business, creative, or emotional challenges. Make sure you’re subscribed to The Marie Forleo Podcast on iTunes, Stitcher, or Spotify as we’ll be doing a lot more on the podcast in the coming weeks and months.

Funny, Inspiring, and Feel-Good Responses During the Coronavirus

Did you know that research shows laughing is proven to reduce stress and improve your immune system? 

Here are some IG posts that are brightening my day:

If you’re looking for feel-good accounts to follow, here are some of Team Forleo’s favorites:

Join Me Live On Instagram
If you want to stay in touch during this time, make sure you’ve turned on notifications from
me on Instagram. My plan is to do more impromptu LIVE check-ins with our community. 

Now for more tactical help. We’ve heard from people all over the world who are struggling to work from home, keep their kids educated, entertained, stay active, etc. The positive side? There are scores of businesses, organizations, and everyday folks who are rallying together in response. 

Work From Home… And Actually Get Things Done  

Team Forleo and I have been working remotely since Day 1, so we’ve got tips and best practices on this topic. I packaged some of our go-to’s in these MarieTV episodes:

**Are you a freelancer in need of some training or work? This article on The Drum will show you which companies are hiring, where to find educational resources and how to get support as a creative entrepreneur or freelancer.

If your company is new to working remotely, these resources offer some quick (and cheap) ways to get started:

  • GoToMeeting is offering free Emergency Remote Work Kits to help businesses transition to working remotely so your team stays productive and connected.
  • Zoom is providing additional resources in light of the Coronavirus. They offer free lessons on how to use their tools and video conferencing to collaborate effectively with team members. 
  • Loom is a tool Team Forleo uses all the time for training, announcements and communicating via screen share. Loom just announced that they’ve cut their prices, removed limits, and made their tools free for educational purposes.

For those living in the United States, there’s some good news about working from home. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has issued a “Keep Americans Connected” pledge that dozens of top broadband and telephone companies have already signed. By signing this pledge, companies are agreeing that for the next 60 days, they will:

  • Not terminate service over failed payments. 
  • Waive late fees.
  • Open up Wi-Fi hotspots to any American that needs them.

How to Stay Active & Keep Exercising Without The Gym 

Staying physically active and getting regular workouts is critical right now. Working out keeps your immune system strong and your state of mind clear, calm, and stress free. I cannot stress the importance of staying active and strong enough! Here are a few resources to make sure you stay moving.

  • DownDog App has made all their apps completely free until April 1st. You can choose from hundreds of at-home yoga, HIIT, Barre, and 7-minute workouts. 
  • Glo is offering free online yoga, meditation and pilates workouts to help deal with anxiety. 
  • Workout for Women app: I personally use this app and love it. It’s simple. You don’t need any equipment. Plus, they make it super easy to get in a 7-minute workout.
  • Yoga with Adriene offers amazing free yoga classes on YouTube, and is welcoming to all abilities and body types.
  • This article from Glamour lists 31 of the best free fitness apps to try.
  • Ryan Heffington, a well-known dance choreographer in LA, is leading scheduled dance parties on IG Live for folks who are quarantined.

How to Educate & Entertain Kids That Are Suddenly In Your House — All The Time!

We have lots of working parents on Team Forleo who are experiencing a new, chaotic normal with school and daycare cancellations. They’ve all pitched in creative ways to keep those kiddos happy, healthy, and engaged while you all hunker down at home.

Here are some at-home learning resources and activities:

When in doubt, turn to YouTube! There are channels for:

If you are worried about food because your family no longer has access to school-provided meals, here are some options to look into:

  • Check with your local school district. Some schools are preparing to-go meals for pick up. 
  • Contact your local food bank or food pantry program.
  • Look into local CSA programs. Many farmers are arranging special pick-ups for folks who need it.

How to Stay Emotionally Connected While Social Distancing

Social distancing during coronavirus doesn’t have to mean total isolation or feeling lonely. Technology offers countless ways to stay connected to your family, friends, and community.

  • NextDoor has quickly become an essential way to connect with your neighbors while you’re hunkering down inside. You can connect with others, check in on the vulnerable around you, and if you have extra supplies or an essential that someone else needs, you can drop them at your neighbor’s door. 
  • Facetime, Skype, and Zoom hangouts: sounds obvious I know. But most of my dearest friends and family do not live in the same place. We have coffee dates, lunches and hangout time regularly. 
  • Netflix Parties. This Chrome plugin lets you watch your favorite Netflix show in tandem with friends, making you feel like you’re at a slumber party from the comfort of your own home.  
  • Take a virtual field trip! Watch sea animals at the Monterey Bay Aquarium, go on a tour of the Louvre, explore Yellowstone National Park, or hop on over to the Van Gogh museum.
  • This is a fantastic blog post written by a cancer survivor who spent nearly 9 months self-isolating last year and has some great tips on how to stay happy, healthy, and connected to the people you love.

For U.S. Citizens, Updates on Unemployment & Mortgage Services

The US Department of Labor announced new guidance on unemployment insurance flexibilities during the coronavirus outbreak so that more people are able/eligible to apply for these benefits. Here’s a post about it. Since states administer their own unemployment insurance programs, they’ll vary a bit, but all comply with federally established laws so you should reach out to your state’s unemployment insurance programs if you’re suffering from lost wages and reduced hours from the virus.

The Federal House Finance Agency has encouraged mortgage servicers to create individual loan forbearance/relief programs during the time for people who can’t make their payments due to coronavirus. While that landscape will continue to change daily, anyone struggling to pay their mortgage should reach out to their servicer to find out what options they have. There’s a Forbes article on that here. And here’s the official FHFA announcement.

Ways to Serve Your Community During the Coronavirus

At a time like this, we must keep the most vulnerable top of mind. Lots of communities have been hit extremely hard and we need to offer all the help we can. (And if you’re one of the people who needs assistance, please tell us in the comments how we can help. We’ll continue to update this blog post with resources as we get them.)

  • Donate to your local food bank. If possible, money is better than groceries. Why? Because local food banks can often buy food in bulk, helping them purchase more food at lower prices.  
  • Keep paying people if you can. Can you keep paying your kid’s daycare or house cleaner? Or if not the full rate, perhaps a portion? Can you order via Instacart or use Shipt? If you have the resources, this can be an incredible way to support your local community. 
  • Post on Nextdoor offering to do grocery shopping for those in your neighborhood who are at-risk.
  • Buy gift cards from local businesses to support them now while they’re strained or at risk of closing for good. 
  • Support your artists. Patreon held a Weird Stream-a-thon to raise money for artists financially affected by Covid-19. You can contribute to this fundraiser via PayPal here, or apply to receive support here.
  • Help others stay safe. I posted about this on IG for folks who are wondering how to get the food and supplies they need without risking further exposure to or the spread of COVD-19. Josh and I have a little station at our front door with wipes and cleaning materials etc. as well as in our car if we need to go out. This is not about fear. It’s about facts, science and the simple things we can do to stay healthy and do our part to help our fellow citizens. If all of us do this (and stay home) it really can make a difference.

This list is by no means exhaustive, but I hope it gives you ideas and resources to stay calm, creative and healthy as we move forward. You have a tremendous and important role to play in how this global experience plays out. A strong, healthy, and calm YOU will have a powerful effect on those around you.

In the words of Margaret Mead, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world: indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

Before you go, I’d love to hear from you. How are you doing?

Are there any feelings or concerns that you haven’t had a safe place to express? We’re here to support you. If you’re willing, we’ll do our best to help you transform any sense of panic into grounded preparedness, problem-solving, and purposeful action.

And/or — if you’ve found something funny, inspiring, or helpful that you want to share, leave a comment below. We’d love to hear about that too. 

If you’ve spent any time around these parts, then you know I take a strong stand for kindness. Please write and respond to each other in that same spirit. 

With all my love ?,

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“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world: indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”
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  1. Omg Marie and Team Forleo!!! ? I’ve been so pulled to create community for my clients in my psychotherapy private practice. In an unprecedented and unorthodox way, I’ve been emailing them and staying in touch with them between sessions. I was crafting an email this morning with some of these exact ideas and resources. As usual, you guys are f-ing ON POINT ? Thank you for helping us so that we may help others!!!! #bschoolerforlife ???

    • Arifa

      Thank You…Thank You…Thank You…
      Marie and whole Team..!
      I also created a little community of my clients and friends….to go TOGETHER through this world-wide Challenge…
      I’m from Lithuania…and even we have only 20 corona cases, since yesterday we also are on most strict quarantine like in Italy…as our government decided to do all “to help flatten this damn curve” as Marie so well expressed 🙂
      Thanks a lot for pulling so many resources into one place…will be sharing my group.
      Let’s remember that TOGETHER we are much much MORE than just simple composition of individuals… We will go through this shit and become stronger as whole human family!

      • Heather- Team Forleo

        We see you, Arifa! We will be stronger and we’re so glad that you’re taking care of yourself and your community. Here’s to curve flattening- together.

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      You’re making us blush, Allison. We’re so glad that you find this helpful. We’ve got you and everyone else. xo

    • Love that you’re taking such good care of the people that rely and depend on you, Allison. Way to be, sister! ???‍♀️ If your clients would benefit from some free art therapy, they can design an Emotional Journey Coloring Book on this site: .
      As someone who has benefited from amazing therapists and the grounding effects of using art as a tool for healing I hope it can serve your clients!

    • Veronique

      Thank you ! Great encouragement and ressources.

  2. Alice

    Ciao everyone!
    I live in Italy and a lot of my friends from the USA asked me a lot of questions about how we’re handling the coronavirus here.
    So I’ve decided to conquer my shyness and I’ve uploaded a video on YouTube so that many people can watch it and feel less scared and less alone.
    I hope it’s ok if I post it here!
    And if you find any value in it, please feel free to share it with your friends and family!

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Alice, your video is so generous and helpful. Thank you for taking the time to do it and share your heart and tips with everyone who will watch it. You and your Italian brothers and sisters are a great example to those of us in the USA and other places on what to do and how to flatten the curve.

      We’re sending you so much love and gratitude for being in this community with us.

    • I LOVE LOVE LOVE your video. I am sharing it with my circle and family as we dig into our own isolation here in Canada.

    • Connie

      Thank you for sharing your information and thoughts. You did a great job and did not look shy or nervous at all. More importantly your information is going to help so many out there. I am praying for your country and sending good vibes to the world. I too believe that we will be better, stronger, wiser and more connected.
      Marie and Team Forleo, thank you for putting together information and for keeping things calm. We need more people and companies to be this way. Energy attracts. I am trying to be a calming presence also because it spreads. So thankful to you all and the community here. We will be ok.

    • Hi Alice,
      Thank you SO much for your courage to show up on video and share this. You are too radiant to not be seen, by the way, you belong on camera, you have a natural cameragenic charisma exactly as you are. 😀

      Your video is brilliant and so very helpful.

      I am wondering, do you think, you could also post one additional version of this very same video without that mention about the dead people now in churches? This is not about being in denial, because it is so important to acknowledge this. It is really really sad.

      The thing is only that I would feel more comfortable sending this to my daughter and elderly neighbours and many others without further adding to their fear, resulting in their worst-case scenario visualisation, perhaps.

      But only, if you have an option to safely edit that part out in a version II of this brilliant video. If not, please, please, please leave it all as is, because your video is so beautiful and natural and couldn’t have been done any better. Please, keep going and sharing more. The world needs your light right now, and I bet it makes you feel more connected too?

      Oh, and I so admire that you’ve done it!
      You’ve DONE it!!!!! Kudos!!!

      Because I’ve had the same idea of making videos to help encourage others and sharing whatever relevant things I can share, but my internet was down (is back on now) and I am shy about visibility, too, so I know how much guts it takes to not only finally make a video, but also post it, … and not quickly delete it again. You inspire so many through that as well!

      So, about the edit question, if it’s not an easy thing to do, please don’t worry at all about it, it’s totally perfect like this, too. And I might send it anyway (was just an idea) 😀 😀

      And see how very grateful people are? What a gift your sharing is.
      Yes, thank you, more of that, please. Much more of that.

      Be well and be blessed, dear Alice, we are all with you,
      Keep up that great attitude and keep your light shining this brightly.

      I agree, only good and strength can come from this.
      I’ll keep you in my prayers, too.

      You’re not alone, you have a giant global family right with you in your living room. Online and in consciousness we’re even stronger together now, all global siblings. 😀
      Big smiles,
      Tanya xx

    • Love that grounding technique and your charming laugh! Thank you for being brave and sharing your video! It’s wonderful! <3

    • Thanks so very much Alice! Your beautiful, gentle soul, and sharing yourself with us is so comforting, and I’m so glad you posted on Marie’s site! All aspects of your video are so important, even some of the harsh realities of the times. I’m feel so blessed and connected, as we are in this together… thanks for sharing your heart, yourself, your love. All things good, sent to you and all of Italy in these difficult times. Indeed, only good lies before us ♥

    • Alice,
      Thank you sooo much! This video was so valuable! Your experience in sharing your advice in dealing with this situation is much appreciated. You could actually be saving lives!
      In America, we have not been instructed by our Center for Disease Control to remove our shoes and clothing after arriving home. Most of us aren’t used to removing our shoes as we enter into our homes or to remove the clothing that we’ve been wearing outside the home. This is great advice but I’m sure a lot of people here didn’t think to do these things. I actually thought about it, but I got resistance from my husband who has problems with his feet and doesn’t like to go without his sneakers. We have to start being obsessive and proactive in thinking of ways we could contract this virus.

      Tanto amore,

    • jill

      Alice, grazie mille for your video! I shared it with my friends and family. So sweet, informative and hope-filled. Sending you lots of love as we are only right behind you, and can learn from you. XX from Canada, Jill

    • Viktoryia Vakulchyk

      Thank you, Alice, very much! I’ve shared with my friends. My home country doesn’t take any action and there is not isolation :(. We pray for you and your country. Thank you, again!!!

    • Alice, thank you for sharing your video with us all. I appreciate it and send you lots of love and light. As we all walk through these challenging times its great to know that in our isolation we are very much connected.

    • This was so helpful, Alice! I did not know that about taking off clothes after you’ve been out. And I was just reading about the 4-7-8 breathing technique. Thank you for this video.

  3. Grace

    Marie! This is exactly what I needed to hear. Thankyou❤️? I feel as though I am the only one keeping a positive mindset and I have been attacked from close family saying I am not taking this seriously (because I am calm and staying positive). I absolutely agree with you when it comes to the lessons we can learn and grow from this experience. It’s more than ever important for us positive folk to hold that light up and continue being that light for those who are only able to see fear at the moment. I find gratitude has a way of turning my thoughts around when in a room with a few people all thinking negatively. Any one else had a similar experience with family?

    • Heather Worster

      I so agree!! A negative, defeatist attitude does nothing!! I feel so at peace amidst the turmoil, and am trying my best to project that to my kids, friends, co-workers, patients (I’m a nurse), and anyone I may come across that I talk to. I honestly believe this is a wake up call globally, and if heeded, so much good can come if we let it!! We get what we look for right? If we do that collectively?…. The possibilities are endless!! ❤️

    • Grace, I totally had a similar experience! I posted on Instagram a couple days ago about exercising my mental “gratitude” muscle and and finding anything positive I could in this situation and beginning to list some of them, however small. I asked my friends and family if they could add to my list and got TOTALLY shut down. I’m afraid to admit here that I immediately took it down and censured myself. I’m struggling to find ways of spreading light without seeming “out of touch.” Thoughts, anyone? Sending so much love and light to everyone here!

      • Melanie

        Kristina, you ask for thoughts about spreading light without seeming out of touch – spread the light from within, in consciousness, and know that has a powerful collective effect. In the same ways that the energies of anxiety and fear spread without words being spoken or written, the same is true for those thoughts and intentions you are feeling – the gratitude and love you feel from within – pay attention to them, let them radiate from you – we all of us benefit. Thank You!!

      • Heather- Team Forleo

        Kristina, keep shining your beautiful, positive light. It’s exactly what the world needs right now. It can feel vulnerable and scary to share from that place at times – we’re cheering you on to keep doing it. xo

      • Kat Gilmer

        My advice for spreading positivity when other people aren’t ready to hear it is to lead with validation and compassion for their feelings. Just listening to and acknowledging others’ fear before guiding them to the silver lining. It’s a formula that works for me! 🙂

  4. Thank you, Marie & Team, for putting this one together. I’ve been waiting to hear more from you and your perspective. While they are so many unknowns right now, I feel optimistic (and it was really good to laugh from the above videos). We’ve lost 15% of our business in the past 24 hours from the coronavirus’ impact on our client’s business, and expect that number to increase upwards to 25 to 30% in the coming weeks. We are prepared to weather the storm, but it’s still scary and unsettling. I know SO many people all going through all of this, which is good to not feel alone. I appreciate every email, post and blog you drop Marie and am looking forward to your leadership during this time as I really admire & respect your advice. <3

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Thank you for always being here with us, Bryce. Marie will continue to share her thoughts as everyone navigates this unprecedented time in our collective history. We’re sending you lots of good business vibes and know that we’re here with you every step of the way.

  5. Thank you for this guide Marie. We’re in lockdown mode here in Holland too. As a Biological Engineer by background, I understand only to well the risks of this pandemic not being taken seriously and people not following the instructions that can help contain the spread. I felt relieved when the government *finally* decided to close schools, kindergartens, restaurants, cafes, sports clubs, etc. on Sunday evening. It’s the responsible and sensible thing to do.
    Wishing you, your family, Team Forleo and all our community health and strength.
    Do take care and keep safe,
    Elsa ?

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      We’re wishing you good health, peace, and strength, Elsa. Thank you for sharing what you’re experiencing with our community. Be well. xo

  6. What an awesome resource Team Forleo has pulled together. I’ve been working on one myself but I can also share this one now with so much goodness. What amazing topics you’ve covered over all the years Marie – damn it’s a veritable book of wisdom on virtually everything. Love the ways to give and help the community too. That’s more important than ever – being kind human beings and appreciating all the many ways in which this is affecting people and what they’re dealing with that we can’t begin to imagine. Patience, compassion and humour are also great things to exhibit now too.

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Thanks for the encouragement, Natalie. We hope these resources are super helpful for you and your community. Wishing you well.

  7. Strange times, hmm? Thank you for being proactive about helping others, Marie (and team!). It’s greatly appreciated. I never thought I’d see a day when the Canadian borders would be pretty much closed (I’m just north of Toronto). Unprecedented! I’m lucky in that my job (voice overs) means I’m generally working from my own home studio – but I know that’s still not the norm. And I know my clients are feeling the loss of business (which, of course, trickles down). I’ll do the best I can to support the businesses around me in a manner that puts no one at risk. Love your ideas for that. Stay safe and healthy, everyone! We’ll get through this together. — Jodi

  8. Gaëlle

    Thank you so very much Marie & Team Forleo !
    It’s with this kind of post, at this special time, that we can see the level of love you have for your community 🙂
    (& by the way, thank you also for the wonderful shared knowledge on MarieTV, I learned so much for my business to come !)
    I’m french, happy to stay at home to protect ourselves & others & taking the most of this “free” time (work from home & b-school !). I already had a lot of at-home activities (especially with a wonderful 2 1/2 years old daughter !) & now I have even more inspiration thanks to Marie & Team 🙂
    We are all in this together, & we’ll make it only together… from home !

    • Heather-Team Forleo

      We LOVE that positive attitude, Gaëlle! Enjoy diving into B-School and know that we’re sending you and your daughter lots of love. xo

  9. Angelina

    Thanks Marie for this, so good to hear from someone who’s not panicking. I wrote a list of 47 resources (most of them are free resources) to help people with depression, stress and anxiety, please feel free to share it:

  10. Vesna

    Thank you so much Marie and Team Forleo! I’m so happy to be a member of this supportive community. You guys are amazing. You took the time, as usual, to put together so much helpful and useful information. You help empower us and for that I am truly grateful. Take care everyone.

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      We’re all for empowerment and support, Vesna. Those are two things the world needs more of right now. xo

  11. Bea

    This is why you are who you are Marie. Thank you and your team and much love. Bea.

  12. Reason 1, 564,984 why I love you and Team Forleo. Stay safe, all. We need each now more than ever. Gotta go wipes these tears out of my eyes.

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      We always appreciate you, Amanda. Nice to see your face around here- as always. We see you and are sending you lots of love.

  13. Hi Marie team, this is Rome (Italy) calling. As you know we’re locked in, out of home only for shopping, medical reasons or dog walks. The traffic has vanished, the air is clean , he silence is broken at 6 pm by collective singing and playing from balconies. The first days, at 12 we clapped our hands for the medics out there. For the first time, I can smell the scent of flowering prunus trees, sweet as honey. A week has passed, some frustrating situation indoors arise but nothing like the shouts and quarrels I heard daily during the usual stressfull schedule…there is a lot of TIME. There is QUIET and RESPONSABILITY. There will be hardship for some, to whom I send all my love, but I believe solidarity will prevail. Thank you for all your loving caring. We’re all a large family.

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Concetta, thank you for sharing this very powerful account of what you’re living and experiencing. It’s clear from your words that your positive attitude is a gift in these moments and we’re so honored that you’re taking the time to share it here. Yes, we are a large family, and we’re sending you so much love. xo

    • Beautiful sharing, Concetta, and the imagery of collective singing and hand clapping and clean air, sounds like Earth is getting a breather as well (less traffic and all). Way to see the benefits within all this as well.
      I loved the clapping for the medics part, because they’re heroes and heroines for facing all this rather than staying home, too.
      My heart goes out to all of you.
      Big hug to you, global B-sis,
      Tanya x

  14. What a fantastic blog post – thank you team Forleo! I’m in Surrey (England) and lucky enough to be semi-retired, so self-isolating is no problem. I’m determined to get outside as often as possible and walk every day. Fresh air and daylight does so much for the spirit! I also think it’s important to make routines for yourself: 10 minutes of gardening, 10 minutes of house work, read a book, etc. I’ve given myself little routines for a few years now, so that I don’t fritter away my days. It’s serving me really well at the moment. Keep safe, everyone xxx

  15. Thank you so much Marie & Team,
    This morning after my B-School lessons, I’m going to watch one of Team Forleo’s favourites..Good News Movement…!

    Just wanted to add , in case anyone has pets that are experiencing some anxiety, especially dogs, they tend to pick up on their owner’s emotions.
    Here are 3 tips that might help to ease your dog’s anxiety;
    1) Pet your dog, it can help calm you and your dog down!
    2) Take your dog for nice long walks, it will benefit you and your dog!
    3) Aromatherapy can help, try burning some calming essential oils like Lavender, it can help to relax you and your dog!
    Thank you again Marie & Team!
    Take care everyone!

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Great tips, Kelly! We love our furry family members on Team Forleo- we have a lot of them. Be well.

    • Great advice, and Lavender oil is a disinfectant, too. Many people dab a drop of it in their nostrils when flying, but careful, it’s strong oil and could irritate sensitive skin. Smelling it helps too 😀
      Smiles from Tanya

  16. I am beyond grateful for the love and support in this community. This is exactly the resource I needed to start my day on a positive note in action. Thank you for sharing tools for us to take positive action together as a COMMUNITY.

  17. Dearest Marie & Team Forleo,
    thank you so, so very much for this incredibly valuable, helpful, and soothing blog post. The Good News Movement definitely was my favorite! I just really love you and your work!
    Huuuuuuuge hugs from the countryside in far-away Bavaria where things are not yet so super crazy – apart from that strange toilet paper obsession people seem to have around here…
    Stay healthy and safe everyone!

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      We have the toilet paper thing here too, Melanie. I guess people really want to be sure they can have some 🙂

      We love you right back and hope you know that all the way in the Bavaria countryside. Be well.

      • Yes, I do know that! Thank you so much, Heather!

  18. From one big-hearted lady to another, thank you, Marie.

    You & Team Forleo are leading with love, understanding & connection, and I am so HERE FOR IT!

    These resources are invaluable and I will be sharing many of them with my community. Keep spreading your light, and we’ll keep adding our shine too.

    Is this a global glow up??? 🙂

    xoxo Nikka

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      We can celebrate a glow up, Nikka. We’re here for it.

  19. Thank you, that is a LOT of good stuff. As someone who has a business totally dependent on travelers–I own a small boutique hotel. I have to face the reality that this could destroy everything I have built. That sucks. I know I can move on from that, but the hard part is that I took four years of my life to build something incredible, working 7 days a week (I know that’s not unusual for many people here), and damn it, it looks like I might as well have been taking time off!!
    Plus I almost had it sold…sigh. Pretty sure my buyers are going to get cold feet after this.
    Anyway, everybody stay healthy and hang in there!

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Oh, Laurie, we’re sending you so much love. You’re not alone. We hope that the news will actually be good for your sale and that you have the determination and positivity surrounding you that you need. We see you.

    • Mon

      Hi Laurie! I totally see and feel your frustrations and worry! I hope this doesn’t affect your business too much and things will get better soon.

  20. Marie and Team – thank you so much for this. It’s the best resource I’ve seen so far from anyone. I love how you simplified the message to Humanity, Creativity, Connection. So easy to internalize. I’ve already shared it with my community 🙂

  21. Dawn Engler

    Team! What an amazing list! I’m gonna add to the kids list. Cinncinati Zoo is doing daily live FB about an animal in their care. My special needs son and I enjoyed immensely learning about the hippos yesterday! I also understand the San Diego Zoo has videos that are also free. Will be checking that out today.

    Thank you for this tool. You people rock!

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      GREAT tips, Dawn! Thank you so much.

    • Mona

      I don’t even have kids but I’m going to go on those websites to see the animals 🙂 I’ll have it alongside my work computer – hehe! Thank you so much for sharing Dawn!

  22. Jelena Ristic

    Just wanted to say a quick and a VERY VERY BIG – THANK YOU!!! <3 <3 <3

    I'm in the Toronto Flamenco Community. I teach classes as well as teach English at Humber College in T.O. However I"m also a permanent resident in the U.S. – Buffalo with my husband and work here too! I work a lot…but MOSTLY on line which is a blessing.

    You are so right about this situation making us stronger and wiser. In the last 5 days I've seen my college community and Flamenco community RISE UP big time and become amazingly supportive. The college moved entirely on line and gave the students a week buffer to regroup. The Arts / Flamenco community has a Go Fund me initiative to start a Live Streaming site for performances out of empty venues or home…On FB everyone is checking on everyone, and also posting inspiring content to counterbalance the scary content.

    Despite the situation I find myself much more uplifted than scared to see SO MANY people SCRAMBLING to do so much good and my heart is BURSTING with pride for all my communities…personal growth, health, education, arts…it's beautiful!

    Thank you! <3

    • Debra

      Thank you so much Maria – – a ton of really helpful tools. And thank you for reminding us to laugh and breathe – – we will get through this.

  23. Thank you for your HEART and WISDOM and COMPASSION. What a beautiful, caring post. So grateful. I wanted to share a very good thing happening in one community in my life. My poet friend and I founded a group called “Secret Agents of Change.” We’ve been hosting kindness missions under the name, “Operation Love.” This weekend we held an emergency mission and asked people to please reach out to someone who was ill, lonely, scared, anxious, or grieving. Our secret agents are sharing their stories in a FB group and it is so uplifting to hear all of the ways they have brought love and light into the world. Some people are organizing neighborhood assistance programs for people who live alone and need help. Others are writing love letters to people. Others are calling friends with cancer to offer special support. Others are supporting local businesses by buying gift certificates and sending to friends for take out. People are offering to buy groceries for the elderly or homeless. People are starting online meditation groups or yoga classes. There is so much love and hope in these stories. There is so much love and hope in people’s hearts. ?

  24. THANK YOU for all of this wonderful information. You know how when the power goes off, the first thing you think to do is to turn on the TV or your radio? Well when the gym closed, the first thing I thought was, now I will have more time to get to the gym earlier than usual. Wait… no. The mind still functions forward. So we just have to keep the forward thinking momentum and substitute the activity. Even if it’s rest. Now is an even better time to make up some needed rest if you can. Thinking of you and EVERYONE during this time. Please stay safe and healthy. This is temporary. xoxo

  25. Monica Erwin

    From my heart – thank you so much for putting this together. Such a comprehensive tool-kit of resources and encouragement is exactly what I needed. So grateful for the whole Forleo team & community.

  26. Thank you for being such an inspiring and positive leader ALWAYS, but especially now. As a great deal of this community are small business owners who unsure about what the future holds for our employees and livelihoods, I think it would be super helpful if your team could work up some forms that we could send out to local, state or federal government requesting action and aid.

  27. Thank you for this…

    We can do this…
    We can make this…


    • Heather- Team Forleo

      We can and we are, Marta! xo

  28. Thanks Marie, this email landed in my inbox at exactly the right time.

  29. Beautifully and lovingly crafted message as always. Thank you Marie and Team Forleo!

    Australia is hunkering down too, with intermittent typically Aussie inappropriate wise cracks about crazy toilet paper shortages, notwithstanding the scarcity of rice and pasta. Good thing I’m low carb! Told you, we just can’t help ourselves 🙂

    I am high-risk personally with a compromised immune system, so I’ve been ‘taking precautions’ since late January, then self-imposed isolation since early March. Thank heavens for streaming movies and TV!

    While COVID 19 is a nasty bugger and should absolutely be taken seriously, we immune compromised folks manage influenza annually and this is just a bigger, bolder, newer virus with a side order of supply shortages and infrastructure closures. So, we all just need to hang in there for the duration!

    I have decided to see this as a fantastic opportunity. Now I have the excuse to work from home, it will allow me to do all the things I want and/or need to do both personally and for my business.

    For my business there is always something to do. Content to be written for courses, blogs or emails, marketing campaigns to be planned, short-term and long-term goals to be revisited. B School lessons to be worked on!!! Perhaps a supportive email to my customers and colleagues would be appreciated?

    On the personal front a supportive email to friends and family too would be great too, see how everyone is doing. Maybe they know who still stocks toilet paper?

    Sorting out and/or scanning those old family photos that you’ve been going to deal with for decades, clearing out your closet, tidying the garage or any number of Spring-cleaning type chores (regardless of the season where you are).

    This COVID 19 thing may take a while to resolve itself, so I prefer to keep myself busy while I wait. The major advantage to this strategy is that when this does come to an end and life settles back into normality your personal and business life will be in tip top condition and you’ll be ready to rock and roll!

    Wishing everyone health, wealth and happiness. Oh, and of course toilet paper!

    • Renee – Team Forleo

      This is so beautiful, Michelle! Thank you so much for sharing these tips. Yes, it’s important for us all to do our part for the vulnerable populations. I love your perspective on using this time to create more content and serve your audience in the best way possible. Thank you for sharing your heart with us, and we’re wishing you well. ?

      • Michelle Kleinig

        Thanks Renee, much appreciated.

        Most exciting news from my part of Australia, the toilet paper crisis seems to be easing, but now it’s flour and pasta shortages (good thing I’m low carb) lol.

        Loving all the links, thanks again Marie and team Forleo.


    • Ahaha, Michelle, I LOVE your humour!!!

      You had me laugh out loud at ‘toilet paper shortage’. Absolute same here. I’m in Cornwall, UK, and yesterday and today people went into total supermarket storms and – same! – toilet paper, bread and flour (must be lots of baking going on now?) and all kinds of other things that they must now be storing for next year?

      We do have to keep our humour, no matter what, that keeps us going. Loved all your great ideas, don’t think you’ll have a busy-bee-shortage anytime soon.

      Oh, and there are loads of foods that have antiviral properties and immune boosting, that’ll be great to study up on, too.
      Have a great rest of the week,
      Lots of big hugs over to Australia,
      Big smiles from Tanya, Cornwall, UK xx

      • Michelle Kleinig

        Hi Tanya

        Thanks for your lovely reply.

        On the work front I have managed to write a FB article or two for my work page so that our clients can take advantage of state and federal government grants that may be available to them during COVID 19.

        As soon as I get my business site up I’ll do the same there for my ICA.

        On the domestic front we have more toilet paper now but have joined the pasta and flour shortage brigade… Ah the joys of a 21st Century pandemic!

        We seem to have three groups here in Australia, like the UK we have the supermarket raiders that are hoarding everything that isn’t nailed down (edible or otherwise).

        Then we have the uber-social folks that despite all the health warnings gather (with their children) in massive numbers in public places and don’t practice social distancing (we have a 1.5 metre rule).

        Fortunately, these are the two extreme ends of the response spectrum. The third group, the bulk of Aussies are doing us proud in the middle.

        Holding the line by not shopping like it’s the end of the world and when they go out to enjoy our big beautiful country, there is plenty of space without getting on top of each other.

        That is a luxury we have here that more populated countries don’t, even if the city folks have to take a drive to take advantage of that space.

        It’s all about slowing the curve.

        I will look into the immune support foods too, thanks for the advice.

        Keep safe and well in the UK.


  30. I heard a great idea for connecting while social distancing yesterday. Have a virtual cocktail party! Grab a drink and chat with your friends on Skype or FaceTime. Love everything about this post! Thank you for all that you do.

    • Renee – Team Forleo

      LOVE that idea, Catherine! So many folks are having virtual watch parties, so adding a cocktail (or mocktail) sounds super fun! ?

  31. Thank you for your encouragement and support. I am a teacher and home now for an uncertain amount of time. Is there ANY CHANCE you would consider reopening B-School for those of us who wanted to join, but didn’t? We have time now, and I for one would sincerely appreciate the opportunity.

    • Renee – Team Forleo

      Hi Erin! Thanks so much for your comment, and we’re sending you so much love and virtual hugs as you transition to teaching from home. I hope the resources in this post are helpful to you!

      While we don’t currently have plans to re-open B-School enrollment, we do have an excellent playlist of 170+ MarieTV episodes on building a meaningful business here:

      So many entrepreneurs go through that collection, video by video, and see massive growth in their business skills and knowledge. Marie always provides action steps, so there’s a lot to keep you occupied during this challenging time simply by going through that playlist.

      We’re honored to have you in our world, Erin, and keep going for your dreams! ?

  32. Mona

    Honestly thank you for the incredible resources and giving people as many tools as possible! I’m always blown away by Team Forleo! You’re all incredible!

  33. Georgina

    Hello everyone! Team Forleo thank you for putting together all this, it’s fab. I live in Barcelona, the virus spread very fast in Spain, Belgium, France and Germany. I’d say the most important thing we can do to help the situation and the health professionals is STAY AT HOME. It’s hard, I have two children who get their daily school challenges and tasks on their school platform and by e-mail. My husband teleworks and we all try to be as serene and grateful as we can. One beautiful gesture towards health professionals, supermarket and quemists’ employees (supermarkets and quemist’s are the only shops that remain open) is that every night at 8 pm, we go out to our balconies and start clapping, whistling and shouting “gracias” for a while. Last night, we were clapping for 10 minutes. I have three friends who are doctors who feel so touched about that simple gesture of gratitude. So let’s stay in and behave well, let’s express our admiration for the ones who get out there every day to save others at the expense of their own health.
    Love from Spain

    • Renee – Team Forleo

      Aww what a beautiful gesture! I love that clapping story, and it warmed my heart to read today. Thank you so much for sharing, Georgina! ???

  34. Thank you so much for putting this list together and the reassurances! I’ve been struggling with anger at leadership (whether we’re talking all the way to the top or a little closer to home in our local offices and workplaces) and that kind of emotional negativity makes it harder to stay focused on reducing anxiety and appropriately dealing with stress. Guides like this with reminders to dig in and find the positive helps give much needed direction. And I know my 5 year old is appreciating the virtual tours! Thank you so much!

  35. Jessica Zay

    I want to add a resource for families and kids:

    Listening to “Sparkle Stories” is by far my favorite and my son’s favorite way to enjoy the long hours and days at home! Their audio stories are gentle, uplifting, educational, entertaining, for children of all ages. As my son listens I can’t help but get involved too and I always learn something important.

    Their stories help children make sense of the multitude of issues and experiences we face in our lives. You can even search the stories by the age of your child or by specific issues they’re experiencing, such as: fear of the dark, a new baby in the family, the death of a pet, divorce, starting school, shyness, moving, etc.

    Here are free stories addressing fear in this time of corona virus.

    Sparkle stories is the reason I was able to keep our household screen-free for 6 years!!!

    • This is so wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing!

  36. Samuel Beaton

    Thank you for cheering us on. Our community can use all the encouragement we can get. I believe we still have a fighting chance. You guys are so awesome!! What would we do if we didn’t have you all.

  37. Catalina

    Hello from Romania, after only one week of isolation and five more to go. I was just thinking today that B-School is truly my only source of positivity and looking at the future through better than bleak lenses. The moments when I dream about what my dream could be take me out of panic. I have no idea what will come, I don’t go to work anymore, I lead my team virtually, I pray that our company doesn’t crash so that my son does not lose his school, we our house and our income. It is definitely some crossroads… I feel especially panicked tonight and this post and the messages below are really helping, thank you !

    • Renee – Team Forleo

      Hi Catalina –– we absolutely hear you. Please know all of us on Team Forleo are here for you, and yes, B-School is a great project to focus on while you’re isolated at home. I love that Marie shared a ton of resources in this post, especially the links to “good news,” so be sure to come back here if you ever need a boost. There is still positivity and light in the world even though we’re going through a challenging crisis. If you scroll up a bit, Georgiana told a lovely story about folks in Spain coming onto their balconies and clapping for healthcare and essential workers. It definitely brought more positivity to my day! Sending you so much love and light, Catalina. We’ll get through this together. ?

      • Catalina

        Thank you so much!!

    • So encouraged to hear you can look ahead to the better things to come in the midst of this uncertainty, Catalina! Your resilient spirit is wonderful to see and you’re so right, B School is a wonderful source of inspiration!
      p.s. if you start feeling panicked and emotionally overwhelmed again, this may help: It’s an emotional journey coloring book you can design online. 🙂 Art always helps me when I’m going through uncertain times so I hope it can help you too!

      • Catalina

        Thank you so much, will definitely try it!

  38. Thank you Marie. Awsome. Beautiful. You and your team inspired me so much! I´ll be coming day by day to look for motivation here.

  39. Dorthi

    Thank you for putting together this helpful guide especially the kids part. Crucial! I am trying to squeeze my time between my children and B-School! Let’s make an impact into this ever changing World!

    • Renee – Team Forleo

      So glad it was helpful to you, Dorthi! Sending lots of love while you’re home with the kiddos! ??

  40. Christy

    I contributed to the Los Angeles Regional Foodbank. Thanks for this post of resources and ways to support ourselves and our fellow humans.

    • Renee – Team Forleo

      Yay, Christy! We’re so glad to hear that you contributed. That’s so important during this challenging time. We’re sending you lots of love and light. ☀️

  41. Karen

    I’m adjusting to working from home as I don’t know how long I’ll be doing this. It’s only been a couple days, but I know I need to figure out a plan to be able to properly mentally shift and start working on B-School again.

    I originally didn’t think I needed my pet sitter because I’d be home, but learned about how she’s been getting hit hard with cancellations during this time. I started adding in walks for my dogs again and they’re SOO happy.

    • Renee – Team Forleo

      Ohh that is such a good idea and SO generous of you, Karen! I’m sure your doggos love getting the dedicated attention and you get some time to focus on your projects. ?

  42. Hi all,
    Two things:
    I take virtual walks with friends from across the country. Schedule a time, grab my running shoes, phone and ear buds and we do what I call a “walkie talkie”. I know, an eye roller of a name but who cares? This next offering is powerful and therapeutic.
    I have a therapeutic recording titled: Yoga Nidra: Total Relaxation Practices for Adults and Teens. Yoga Nidra is done while laying down; you simply push play and are guided into a profoundly relaxed state from which you arise clear in mind and settled in body.

    Wishing you all vibrant health and strong spirits. xo ~~ ~ Donna Sherman

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      What an amazing idea, Donna – we LOVE the walkie talkie! Such a great way to stay connected during this time and always ❤️ And thank you also for sharing about the power of Yoga Nidra – such a powerful practice that we could all benefit from, especially right now. Wishing you vibrant health and strong spirits, as well! XOXO

  43. Angie

    Thank you so much for what you’re doing Marie. You are truly a kind hearted person and I deeply appreciate your attitude. Thank you very much. God bless you.

  44. Sharing this in case you feel emotionally exhausted by what’s happening:
    It’s an EMOTIONAL JOURNEY COLORING BOOK. It’s an art therapy app that helps you check in with your feelings and take care of your emotional health in these challenging times. As Marie says, please take care of yourselves and stay safe.
    Blessings, Carolyn

    • Re-linking since the first is only text ?
      God bless!

      • Julia - Team Forleo

        Brilliant, Carolyn, and SO important for us all right now! Thank you so much for sharing ??

  45. Ben

    I’m also a PA, and I would echo what Jess said:

    Please stay home!
    Don’t go to the ER unless it’s a life and death situation — in our ER’s, we’ve run out of testing supplies, so you probably won’t get tested by going to the ER anyway, you’ll just make more people sick (including healthcare workers). Just self-quarantine (unless you’re very, very seriously ill, not just uncomfortable)!

    Great job putting the rest of this guide together – tons of helpful resources!

    Btw it’s “physician assistant”, not “physician’s assistant”. That’s a common mistake, but you might want to correct it at some point. 😉


    • Ben, thank you for that note. It’s updated now 🙂

  46. Never knew is was “physician assistant” Thanks for sharing that. Now I won’t accidentally make health professionals squirm by having the correct phraseology! Whoo! ?

  47. Hi Marie and Team
    Just want to let you know that you are not only great entrepreneurs, but great human beings too! Wow what great, valuable and useable information in our time of medical crisis! Love to all and keep up the great work!! You are amazing !! I only hope that my own Leadership website will be as good as yours one day in the near future!

    • Renee – Team Forleo

      Thank you so much for these kind words, Frances! You’re amazing too, and we’re honored to have you in our community. ✨

  48. Hello Marie & friends! I’m posting because I’d like to share this list of workout at home resources I made. It has three purposes. (1) To Support local businesses (“local” here means a small business), their owners, and their yoga teachers, trainers, etc. Many have moved on-line, and I’d love to see them rewarded for doing the responsible thing. (2) To connect people with as many sweat-at-home options as possible. (3) To help those who are losing income or are in precarious financial places get their workout on.

    I’ve got too many plates spinning to keep updating it, but I welcome comments on the post–it’s on a twitter and facebook drip, so people WILL see them!

  49. Christina N/A Moreno

    Thank you for the links. It’s been hard to accept to just stay home and be good with it because I’m at home struggling with anxiety because now I need to find a job. I started working at my local college but now classes are cancelled and we can’t go back to work. I’m trying to figure out how I’m going to pay the rest of my bills. There are moments where I’m battling with my thoughts that I need to be positive that something great will come out of this but then I start crying. It must sound silly but I feel like I desperately need comforting and encouragement. I miss receiving a hug. I had a phone interview today and I have an interview tomorrow so I’m really doing my best to persevere.
    I’m truly grateful for Marie and Team Marie. You’ve always been a great support. Love. you.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      You’re doing amazing, Christina, and we know this is really tough. Let yourself feel whatever you’re feeling right now, and know that it’s all completely natural and okay. We’re sending SO many positive wishes your way for your interviews and are also sending you HUGE virtual hugs. We hope you can feel them! You will get through this, we promise ?

  50. So good! Thank you.

  51. Elisa

    This is such a wonderful list! Thank you, Marie and team for keeping us smiling.

  52. At Aromagnosis, we have had to cancel upcoming live classes. We always put a lot of emphasis on teaching around the world as we felt that the real-life connection with our clients was important. The present situation pushed us to share our wisdom with the world through live video and guess what it felt good and made us realize its the direction we need to go in. It means we connect with more people, have more freedom and save on the carbon footprint. Here is a video that I did yesterday with my husband Florian Birkmayer MD (originally as a Facebook live) called the Alchemy of Fear – hope it helps some of you see fear with new eyes. Love to all and so glad to be part of this group

  53. Thank you Marie and Team Forleo for putting this together with such speed! I’ll share with my online tribe at Project Me for Busy Mothers where I’m supporting women to stay connected to themselves so they are calm, courageous leaders for their children. Let’s keep pooling our resources and come together, united in love.
    My own resources for mothers are here:

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much for sharing, Kelly! Keep supporting those amazing mamas! ❤️

  54. Jolly

    Thank you Marie

  55. Tam

    Thanks for this Marie and Team Forleo.

    I’m oscillating between positivity and fear, but trying to ground myself in the former!

    One more for your ‘funny’ section;
    I just noticed a thread on a local mums group where they said describe what your kids are doing as you are working from home, but substitute the word ‘kid/son/daughter’ for ‘colleague’ i.e: “my colleague has just fallen asleep and is dribbling on my chest” Or ” my colleague is walking around in his underwear” . It made me laugh, hope it spreads a smile or two for all you reading it too!

    Big love and hugs from London xx We are going to get through this xx

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      You’re amazing, Tam! Thank you so much for sharing the laughs and positivity with us here – what gold this is! We’re sending big Team Forleo love and hugs right back to you. We will absolutely get through this together. XOXO

  56. This is amazing. You guys are spot on, as always. Sending love. xoxo

  57. Deborah

    Thank you for the love and encouragement during this scary time, Marie and team!

    This morning I received news of a relative passing and this afternoon I had a beautiful conversation with a friend of my daughter in law’s, who is expected to deliver her first baby in the next 24 hours.

    I don’t think I could have received a more clear message on the circle of life.

    This COVID-19 pandemic is scary.

    Whether it has stimulated a fear of your health, your families wellbeing, or your financial security it has a heavy impact on every single human being on earth right now.

    But here’s the thing….the circle of life tells us we cannot have bad without good.

    I live by a guidance system, an invisible rule, a standard of faith that every single experience from the moment we are born to the moment we leave this earth is here to serve us. Each moment is an opportunity to learn. An opportunity to grow, evolve, and become a better citizen of this earth.

    In the last week I’ve had moments of overwhelm. There have been seemingly non-stop complaints of the media coverage, the government’s response, conspiracy theories, and the way everyone’s neighbor is choosing to stock up on supplies…and I’m down to 2 rolls of toilet paper!
    Here’s the deal….. We cannot continue on an every man for themselves mindset or humanity will crumble!
    I’ve asked myself “what can be learned here?” and it becomes so obvious!

    The novel aspect of this global crisis is that COVID-19 is an invisible threat that is near impossible to control or quantify with any certainty.

    The greatest lesson behind all of this is that we are one nation, one globe, and one race.

    We cannot take a breath of air without affecting the entire world! It’s an endless domino effect.
    Do you understand the responsibility that comes with that realization?

    The entire universe is interdependent upon itself. The entire universe is interdependent upon you, and you are interdependent upon your neighbor! We all need to do our part and stay home, support each other, (as Marie is doing with her community) and kick this Covid19 in the butt!!

    In this time of heightened emotion and unknowing I ask you to remember this truth.

    The only thing we can truly be certain of is this interdependence of all.

    With every thought and action you take remember this responsibility. Support yourself and support your family and strangers as one in the same.

    Stay healthy and connected from home!
    Love and light, D

    • Vanessa Neuhaus

      Thank you for this perspective. I’m
      So scared of losing my small business due to all of this and your comment is giving me some wonderful things to think on.

  58. Maryellen

    Marie & team! I’m thrilled to see this write-up and was hoping it existed! You guys are such an inspiration and support! THANK YOU! Marie’s chapter on Fear in her “Everything is Figureoutable” book has become a Must-Read repeatedly for me, and I keep referring to it because it is so masterful, powerful, and useful. THANK YOU, Marie! My husband talked me into selling our house 3 years ago & we became Full-time RVers. It was an incredibly difficult decision to make for me, since we had 2 college kids at the time & this meant them adjusting as well. I chose to honor & respect my husband’s dream of travelling (he can travel on the road) & although there have been challenges (like finding short-term rentals for the summer & holidays to be near our boys), it has been a wonderful adventure exploring! And our boys have been able to join us for breaks. Now, however, this virus thing effects us because our “home” to “hunker down” is mobile, and they are shutting down parks for us to stay. I definitely am relying on God’s support & guidance and refuse to “get on the crazy train” of fear, worry and upset. I keep telling myself that my thoughts are crucial and this, too, is “figureaoutable.” (I love Marie’s quote of “the most powerful words in the universe are the words you say to yourself.” Thanks for providing the GOOD thoughts for our brains!!) Marie’s book and messages and genuine love for people has been such a gift and model for me. Every person in this world has their story to tell & especially right now are affected by this virus scare in so many ways. I know we need to have faith and trust, AND give each other love and support. We need community so THANK YOU for providing that for us! I’m so grateful to have Marie as a role model to follow to live my life. Huge hugs to the whole team! And hugs to “my peeps” that are part of this community!!

  59. Nai

    Thank you so much, Marie & team for this incredible resource! You guys are amazing!

  60. Vanessa Neuhaus

    The uncertainty of how long and how much more extreme the social distancing will last/get is what has me the most overwhelmed. We can do anything for three weeks – even if the government was like, “ Ok we’re doing this for 4 weeks and then we’re going back to life as normal (but now with more intense sanitizing practices – also, wash your hands all year-long even in the absence of a global pandemic, mmmkay?),” I’d be ok. It’s the statements that this attempt to flatten the curve could last for MONTHS that has me angry, overwhelmed, and beside myself. I’m far more concerned about the economic implications extended and increasingly more extreme social distancing is going to have than the virus itself. I’m not scared of the virus at all actually (there’s too much evidence that the overwhelming majority of people who contract it will be okay and not require hospitalization); I am scared our reactions to it, that are going far beyond what the CDC is recommending, will cause hundreds of businesses to close (mine included) because as much as people would like to support small businesses at this time, many won’t be able to if they’re not making an income themselves.

    That’s my headspace right now. It’s the lowest I’ve been in a really long time.

    • Kate - Team Forleo

      Hi Vanessa, we know this is a really tough time, and we’re sending you enormous Team Forleo love. Let yourself feel whatever you feel and know that even though we’re social distancing, we’re still in this together. Be sure to check out all the resources above, too ❤️There’s a link to Marie’s personal meditation with an audio, and if that resonates with you, it’s a simple yet powerful way to find clarity and peace each day.

  61. Angela

    Thank you with all my heart.
    London lockdown is imminent. Even talk of military presence on the streets. Madness.
    Staying strong in mind and heart with daily meditation, yoga and editing my spiritual novel.
    My neighbourhood WhatsApp group has 80 people. We’re setting up a virtual book club.
    Fear is a choice. I can see that now.
    I can feel the choice in my body. My neighbourhood had a terrorist incident in February 2020 and now COVID-19 in March.
    Fear? NOT on my watch.
    Blessings to you, Marie and Team Forleo.
    Angela x

  62. Elizabeth Rose

    Can anyone from team Forleo, or other members provide resources where i can find legitimate work from home? I am still building my biz. And due to the state of things my primary work is not providing me enough. Thank you
    Elizabeth Rose

  63. Thank you for this. I love the reminder to choose how I identify with overwhelm too: always a good thing to remember I have some control over.

    I’m trying to connect with those in need and support those who usually feel stable but are struggling with their inner strength:
    Wants to get clear on where to focus your attention during this uncertainty?
    Want to remember your deep-rooted conviction in what you’re here to do?
    – If I can, let me help <3

  64. I love this extensive list to help us out! I’ll keep coming back when I need inspiration to deal with all the COVID shit out there! I’m so grateful to you all! This is a MUST share with friends and family right now!

    • Jennifer - Team Forleo

      Yes, please share! So glad it was helpful, Maria!

  65. Your email was absolutely lovely and exactly what I needed to hear. Thank you for recognizing the beautiful souls that encompass this world so eloquently with your words. You are incredibly inspiring, thank you for sharing your wisdom.

  66. Michael Looper

    Hello Marie!
    Michael from Oklahoma here. I want to say THANK YOU! for creating this great content and helping us all through this tough time.
    It is amazing to watch you “practice what you preach” by providing positive, helpful tools that people can actually use!
    YES, everything IS figureoutable! – Thanks to you, I believe that now.
    Thank You for being you! You truly are an inspiration!

  67. Rachel

    I’m kind of stunned this is going on right now … stunned and saddened and a bit scared, if I can be honest. Scared about how many people are going to be impacted health-wise from the virus – and selfishly, most concerned about my parents staying healthy and not getting it (though young at heart and still very active, they’re in the high risk age category). In fact, that’s my #1 mission … to keep them alive and healthy through this. I constantly harp on them to stay home and/or social distance. I don’t care how annoying I am … when I have a mission, I’m laser-focused on it.

    I’m also scared about the economic/financial impact … not only from a macro standpoint … in terms of it ushering in a recession (which we’re probably already in) or something worse…and then the financial impact on individuals. Seeing the markets tank scares me … it’s not the most important thing, but that does impact me on a personal level (and, no, I am not part of the 1%, so please do not judge or bash me for caring about them).

    I’m also stressed and saddened because I took an enormous risk of time and treasure to return to graduate school to make a career change … and, though I don’t graduate until August 2020 (by when I’m praying a miracle happens and things improve on all or most fronts), I’m stressed about entering potentially the worst job market ever (even worse than 2008).

    I’m a fighter, and I’ll fight. But I’m still saddened and stressed nonetheless.

    • Kate - Team Forleo

      Hi Rachel, thank you so much for sharing with us. You’re not alone in feeling stressed, sad, and scared, and it’s absolutely okay to feel all of those things! While we may not know yet what things will look like on the other side of this, know that your education and experience is something that can’t be taken away.

      We believe in you, Rachel, and we truly believe that everything is figureoutable

      Be sure to check out the links above for ways to move through this time, and know that we’re always just an email away. You can reach out to us anytime at infoATmarieforleoDOTcom.

  68. Marie, thank you so much for this piece! The suffering is so loud right now, but so is the energy of community and support. It is awesome to have all of this in one place and I am so grateful for your work.

  69. Dear Marie and Team Forleo,
    While I’m part of alumni B-School the Corona-Virus is reaching everyones life. So thank you so much for your very special post. It helps all of us.
    I just came back from walking my dog and got an idea… :
    As the worldwide team of Marie Forleo, can we get a “Tapp flash mob” going?
    Dance moves with a few touches of the meridian system to release happiness hormones, reduce anxiety, reduce stress. With fun.
    I am “just” a Coach for the Tapping Method. I am no dancer… But if anyone is here, who could help?
    ut maybe there is someone here who dances well 🙂 and has an idea how we can easily combine tapping with dancing. So everyone can join in, like sharing love and reducing stress all over the world …
    I have a dream … The “Everythin is figureoutable tapping-move” for health… Yeah….
    With love and best wishes for everyones health

    • Kate - Team Forleo

      Hi Tina, this is a beautiful idea! Thanks for sharing ?Marie is doing more lives on Instagram @marieforleo, and she held her first #selfcaresaturday this past weekend. Be sure to follow her over there for more dance, meditation, and more in the future!

  70. Ernalee Shannon

    Hi Marie!
    Thank you for your Corona Virus Survival Guide. Well done and most informative. One suggestion regarding the mantra by Lizzo “Fear does not exist in my body. Fear does not exist in my home. Love exists in my body. Love exists in my home.” Since the RAS (reticular activating system) of the brain searches for more of the same in the world based on what you say, think and focus on, Having the word ‘fear’ in any positive, life-affirming sentence means that that is also what you’re brain will seek and find more of. I say ditch the first two sentences and go with a completely positive statement/mantra: “Love exists in my body. Love exists in my home.” That is a perfect, completely positive statement that can help you transform thoughts of fear into thoughts (and feelings) of love.

  71. Dear Marie,
    During lockdown, if you’re utilizing amazon, be sure to use “” and select a charity. This busy time for Amazon can help your favorite charity. If you don’t have one, mine is “linked to Craig inc”. We provide much needed dentistry for patients with quadriplegia and traumatic brain injuries. Stay well, thanks for your fearless leadership and please share!
    Healthy vibes,
    Your B school student
    Jean Link

    • Renee – Team Forleo

      Excellent tip, Jean! Thank you so much for sharing and we so appreciate you sharing your personal journey as well. Thank you for being in our community, and we’re honored to have you as a B-Schooler! ?

  72. Hey Marie I appreciate your biog and your suggestions so much! Being a b-schooler for the 5th year and especially now has been sooooo useful.

    I will look into the patreon page which I had on pause so thank you for sharing that info.

    In the meantime I wanted to share with you and the b-shcool community about my offering to teach art online for $5 for 30 min. It will be on Sundays for Spanish speakers at 11 am – 11.30 am and for English speakers from 4.30-5 pm. Via Zoom. I want this to be a time of connection and creativity while we do what we can to slow down the spread as we bunker down. Art is an amazing tool to stay focused and healthy.

  73. Laura

    Hey everyone,

    I wanted to share a little someone with you who is helping to keep your kids active for free while schools are closed.

    Who: Joe Wicks (aka the body coach)
    Where: Youtube (the body coach)
    What: Daily Live Workouts For Kids (PE with Joe)
    When: Monday to Friday 9 am BST (until schools re-open)

    If you’ve not heard of Joe Wicks he’s kind of a big deal here in the UK (he has a super big heart too, so wanted to mention him here.) He’s a British fitness coach, tv presenter and author and as said above he’s doing live daily workouts for kids on his youtube channel. Adults can join in too (they’re tough, be prepared to ache the next day).
    Laura x

    • Laura

      Plus I’ve just heard that Joe Wicks is to gift his PE With Joe Youtube earnings to our NHS heroes!

  74. Kyra

    THIS IS SO GREAT! I’m about to share this on my instagram. I have a lot of friends who struggle with various types of mental health complications and trauma, and THIS IS SUCH A GREAT RESOURCE! Thank you Marie!

    • Maja - Team Forleo

      We love that you found it helpful, Kyra, and we hope your friends will too!

  75. Thank you for putting this together! Times are changing, but we are a tenacious bunch!

  76. DNN

    I gotta admit this is a very trying time in life dealing with this horrific Coronavirus epidemic. I never saw this coming, but it’s certainly an eye opener.

  77. Hi Marie, thank you for this. I have also been sharing some information, resources, reassurance, guidance, peace and calm in my Arting community as well as psychiatric survivor help group I set up in Czech. I am touched by much of human solidarity I can see welling up around me. This too shall pass and we can make it through together. Greetings from London. Irena

  78. Molly

    These are really great resources, thank you!

  79. Marie! Genius. Love the thoroughness and clarity here. Thank you. On a different note: there’s a sweater you’re wearing in the banner at the top, a sort of confetti/sprinkles-colored sweater with a mock-neck and I’m wondering where it came from and if someone hand-knit it. Is it maybe from PurlSoho? I’d love the pattern. I *love* the sweater. Knitting for loved ones is my go-to in times of stress and I’m thinking my sister would like this one. I promise I’ll “detox” the yarn by letting it sit outside for three days!

  80. Brooks

    Ugh I signed up to give blood, and then cancelled. I just could not take the risk though it is much needed.
    If you have any experts on this question, your personal physician. That would be great.
    For the best up to date research based reality on the situation I have found The Drive by Peter Attia, the best podcast-and no I have no affiliation

  81. Hi bros and sis,
    first of all dear Marie Forleo,
    Of course you show up and try to help even at this hard time.So good to hear from you !!!
    Keep the good work up, !!! i love it !!!
    dear all,
    We definitely going through hard time.Lets stay home, frequently wash our hands and fight this virus together.
    Its is so real and kills hundreds of thousands people all over the world…
    The quicker we understand this, the better for us,as some out there are still not getting it.I know it could feel quite bad and lonely to stay locked in, but remember-there are people who are fighting the their life…who can’t even say a proper good bye…

    Together we can fight the virus. Lets not panic and stay positive that it will end quite soon.
    Stay home, stay well and safe.That’s our priority
    Best wishes to all from always green Ireland 😉

  82. Kelsey Orr

    I can not express to you how much I appreciate your hard work in putting together such an extensive and encompassing list. I really feel like there is so much to explore here and I’m grateful that showed up ready to play hardball with this crazy pandemic and it’s fallout.
    Thank you!

    • Jennifer - Team Forleo

      So glad you appreciate this, Kelsey, we’re all in this together!

  83. You have touched upon a very relevant topic for today! Honestly thank you for the incredible resources and giving people as many tools as possible! I’m always blown away by Team Forleo! You’re all incredible!

  84. Aurelie

    Thanks Marie and the Team to gather all this amazing content and your support. This is an unprecedented situation and at our level we cannot do much for the World but taking care of ourselves, our loved ones and closest friends. We need to be strong and resilient, and we can do that with the work and researches you share. Again thank you for what you bring to me everyday and to others. xx, A.

    • Maja - Team Forleo

      We appreciate you so much, Aurelie! We’re glad this was helpful!

  85. thank you for the support

  86. Hey there,
    Thanks for the great post, however, I was a little late to read your post but still it really made me feel better.
    Thanks for the motivation!

    • Rachel - Team Forleo

      Hi Amin, we’re so glad to hear this was helpful for you. Thanks for being here! Stay safe.

  87. Thank you for the great post. This give me hope not to give up on the hardship cost by corona Virus. Last 3 months i lose my job because of corona virus but i’m never give up and let the corona virus affect my daily life even though i have take measure to insure my safety and my family. Now i’m happy to say that i already find new job 🙂

    • Sarah - Team Forleo

      Congratulations on the new job, Adorjan! That’s wonderful, and we’re so glad you decided to keep hoping and moving forward. ❤️

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