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Stuck in a dark, negative place? You’re just four questions away from freedom (yes, really).

These revolutionary questions come from Byron Katie, a woman whose work has made such a tremendous impact on my life and today’s guest on The Marie Forleo Podcast. I was so honored to get the chance to speak with her about The Work, a simple but profound process of self-inquiry that can help you deal with stressful, painful thoughts. 

As she says, “It’s not the problem that causes our suffering; it’s our thinking about the problem.”

Byron Katie has written numerous bestselling books including, Loving What Is, I Need Your LoveIs That True?, A Thousand Names For Joy, and A Mind At Home With Itself. I first discovered her over 20 years ago when I read her book, Loving What Is

Here’s what’s really interesting about Byron Katie (she also just goes by Katie). She wasn’t always a renowned author or spiritual teacher. She didn’t start sharing her most important work with the world until her 50’s. 

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And well into her 40’s, she suffered from deep depression, agoraphobia, and thoughts of suicide. She’s the perfect example that it’s never too late.

Today you’ll hear about the moment that changed her life, and the resulting four questions that led her to develop The Work. You’ll learn how to use these questions anytime you feel stuck in a dark mental space. 

Tune in to our interview to hear Katie demonstrate the four questions on a real situation with me — aka listen in on what feels like a very public therapy session.

You’ll also learn:

  • 1:25 — How Katie healed 10 years of depression in a single morning.
  • 8:40 — Why procrastination is actually guilt in disguise.
  • 14:35 — A LIVE demonstration of how to use the 4 questions to reverse any negative thought.
  • 15:45 — A surprise solution to a universal relationship problem: the toilet seat!
  • 31:00 — What you should do instead of trying to change the world.
  • 37:15 — The 3 kinds of business (and why you gotta stop worrying about everyone else’s).

After you listen, be sure to check out the links from the episode below, and a special journaling challenge you can do right now to start using Byron Katie’s four questions.

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Links mentioned in this episode:

Byron Katie’s 4 Questions + Bonus Challenge

Byron Katie’s four questions (aka “The Work”) is a simple and profound process that will help you transform stress and negativity by questioning what you think and believe.

To start, think about a specific, stressful situation that involves another person. It may be a family member, a spouse, a coworker, a client, a loved one, your child, etc. In order to get the benefit of The Work, you have to isolate a specific, concrete moment in time that you’ve experienced — like a conversation, meeting, or exchange that you’re upset about. 

I highly recommend you follow the precise instructions on the Judge Your Neighbor worksheet. If you’ve read my book, Everything is Figureoutable, then you know writing things down is a transformative process. Same here. 

I cannot emphasize the importance of using the Judge Your Neighbor worksheet enough. You must write down your answers and be as specific, judgmental and petty as possible while you do it. Use simple, short sentences. Be brutally honest. The Work works, as long as you work it. 

Once you’ve completed the full Judge Your Neighbor worksheet, ask yourself the following four questions about your initial thought.  

  1. Is it true? (yes or no, if no go to question 3)
  2. Can you absolutely know it’s true? (yes or no)
  3. How do you react — what happens — when you believe that thought?
  4. Who would you be without the thought?

Next Important Step: Turn That Thought Around.

Once you’ve completed the full Judge Your Neighbor worksheet and asked the Four Questions, you’re going to flip that initial thought. This is often where the biggest a-ha moments happen.

Your goal is to find at least three specific, genuine examples of how a turnaround might be true for you in this situation. For example, let’s say your initial painful thought was “Jen lied to me.” You’ll try on a number of alternate possibilities, or what Katie calls turnarounds to see if those might feel more true. In your effort to turn that thought around you may experiment with a variety of thoughts like:

Jen didn’t lie to me.
I lied to me.
I lied to Jen.

When you begin to see a stressful, painful situation from a variety of alternate perspectives, the stress loses its grip on you. Anger and resentment melt away. Laughter and compassion often emerge. (Not to mention a bit of embarrassment when we start to see what arrogant buttheads we humans can be from time to time.) 

The turnaround process is an intense and valuable exercise in perspective taking. Most importantly, it works. One of the most valuable insights you’ll gain from doing turnarounds (and The Work in general) is how often our minds automatically think other people are the problem. “My mother should understand me.” “My boss should appreciate me.” “People should be more socially aware.” 

As Katie wisely shares, “You have the key to your own happiness. But the last place we look is to ourselves. Whatever we think another person needs to do, we need to do.” (If you want another example of this, check out the talk I did on the Tamron Hall show for a story on how I used this with my mom.)

Almost always, whenever we think another person needs to do something different, it’s us who need to take that advice. It’s us who is the “problem.” This is fantastic news because it also means we’re the solution!

To be clear, The Work is a rich, detailed, nuanced process. As I shared in the episode, Katie has countless free resources and demonstrations on her site (as well as across the web). I highly recommend you take the time and care to do The Work fully, completely, and with an open mind and heart. 

Now I’d love to hear from you.

What insight did you gain from this episode? If you did the full Judge Your Neighbor worksheet including the 4 questions and the turnaround, did you notice any thoughts or feelings shift? Let me know in the comments below.

Please share as much detail as you can. Hundreds of thousands of souls come here for insight and inspiration. Your story may be just what someone needs to see things from a fresh perspective.

Important: please share your thoughts and ideas directly in the comments. Links to other posts, videos, etc. may be removed.

No matter what you’re facing, you have what it takes to figure anything out and become the person you’re meant to be. As Byron Katie says, “There is no dark place that we have experienced that we cannot meet with understanding.” 

With SO much love ❤️,


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  1. For every parent:
    Tiger-Tiger, Is It True?: Four Questions to Make You Smile Again
    Katie’s work is a miracle!

    Greetings from Poland 🙂

    • Kate - Team Forleo

      Thanks so much for sharing this book for kids and parents, Gosia! What a wonderful way to introduce Byron Katie’s book to little ones ?

  2. Ula

    Thank you so much for that episode. Again, exactly what I really needed, in this very moment. I discovered Byron Katie’s and The Work some 7 years ago and it was a life changing experience. I didn’t stay with it and forgot about this wonderful method in the following years. Thanks to you I’m coming back to it. Being in so much inner and self imposed stressed, I drive myself crazy… And just listening to the interview brought much of the relieve I was desperately looking for. Now, I’m off to do The Work 🙂
    Thank you Marie and the Amazing Team. Continuously, you are my best support. I love you xxx

    • Kate - Team Forleo

      Ula, we’re so glad this helped you get reacquainted with The Work! Thank you for being here, for showing up, and for doing The Work in your life. We’re so grateful to have you in our community ?

  3. Hirut

    Thank you !!!!
    It is the message I get on time !!!
    I feel stressed because of things around me.
    Than kyou now I refreshed my mind that I am responsble to create my best and my inside peace.

  4. Sandra

    I’m eager to learn more! My non-paying work is as an activist. I live about two hours from the largest pig slaughterhouse in the world. We work to bring awareness regarding the working conditions and treatment of the animals there as well as the environmental impact of the industry. YES, I want the result of that awareness to be that people stop buying their products … but I’m hearing from this podcast that’s not my business. How do we effect big change in the world while staying in our own business?

    • Valentina

      Hi Sandra!
      I’ve been watching a few Youtube videos with Byron Katie, doing The Work with another one person within a group, with an audience. One of these videos is about the meat industry (“The meat industry is violent – The Work of Byron Katie”), where she sits down with a super cool activist. I found it quite Amazing and, quite in depth, very beautiful 🙂

      • Sandra

        Thank you so much! This video and the Judge Your Neighbor worksheet are on my to-do list for tonight!

    • I hear you! I am an animal rights activist too and sometimes I feel weak as if everthing I do have no results. I just want a better world with the animals free.
      I got into a deep depression because of it.

      Love and peace!

      • Sandra

        Flavia, I hope you’re connected with an activist community in your area as well as various online groups. They can be a lifeline. Big love to you.

    • Mindy

      Hey Sandra, I too am vegan and I think about this a lot. Animal activism can be a difficult thing to manage whilst living in a society that views caring about torture of others as “extreme”.
      I think that the evils that hit a nerve in us absolutely ARE our business. The discomfort that makes you want to take action is like a calling, and we should definitely act toward what we see as right, and that can for sure include kindly informing others. What is not our business though, is how others react to the info we share.
      It very often takes people an agonizingly long time to consider change, but the more accepting you can be of where people are and just hold space for them to make kinder choices when they decide to, the more open they are likely to be to your point of view in time anyway. But that’s the part that isn’t your business. Your business is being the light that shows the way, theirs is deciding which direction to take.

      • Sandra

        Thank you, Mindy – these are wise words! Saving them to reread periodically for my own sanity.

  5. Reading Katie’s book “Loving What Is” singlehandedly healed my relationship with my mother about a decade ago. I got a journal out and I wrote out the 4 Questions and spent time writing out the answers. By the time I reached the end, I had tears running down my face. All along I’d put these expectations on how she ‘should’ behave and I’d convinced myself of all kinds of beliefs about her – yet when I asked myself if they were absolutely true and I turned the Qs around on myself, the truth-bomb hit me hard. They were all just stories I’d made up in my mind.
    The next time I saw her, I treated her differently. And then she treated me differently. And we went on to have a good relationship.
    When she triggers me now, I remind myself to stay in my own business and not start with the stories again. It makes for so much peace! xx

    • Kate - Team Forleo

      What a beautiful example of The Work, Kelly. Thank you so much for sharing your story and showing us the impact that it can have in not only our own lives, but in the relationships we have. ?

  6. Lisa

    Wonderful ! I had done a Byron Katie workshop years ago at Omega. I had taken my 2 little boys ( being a single mom in child support court ) and I was so angry and hurt. The workshop was such a tremendous help for me to accept reality.
    And my anger was shown to me that night at the workshop as I got aggravated at my son coughing all night and how the fear of it made me be mean to him because I was worried his cough was serious and that it “ meant “ I was a bad mother and that I was so alone in the parenting of these 2 precious children. Her workshop showed me me and why to fix and the next day I was able to calmly just love my child and help his cough get better.
    Thank you Marie for this reminder today to do The Work again as I struggle with myself and those NOW teenage boys not putting the toilet seat down, for leaving their dirty clothes and dishes all over the place. To take the charge out of these things And help myself to enjoy the present moments with my sons. Which is the true gift and goes so fast as college is coming up fast. I appreciate how Byron Katie says to ponder and sit with the questions. To also note, I do have deeper grievances to ponder and turn around like my tumultuous relationship with my mother and my fears of stepping out in the world with any of creative ideas.

  7. OK Marie & Byron Katie ******Fabulous ::::::::::::::Wonderful********Appreciative:::::::::::::::Yippeeeeeeeeeee**************Yaaaaaaazzzzzzaaaaahhhhhh !!!!!!!! THANK YOU !

  8. Victoria

    Why is procrastination just another word for guilt. ???? Huh explain. What did Byron mean by that. I wish you would have had more time with her. :(.

    • Mindy

      Yes, I was wondering about this too.

  9. Lisa

    Maybe this plays into My Business, Your Business, but what about the parent/spouse who washes the dishes, dries the dishes, picks up the clothes, puts down the toilet seat, makes all the meals…etc and never has time for anything else? If one continue to do ALL those things lovingly, the self no longer exist. Living with people who are not conscious or mindful and keeping this perspective seems self-deprecating.

    • Kate - Team Forleo

      Hi Lisa, this is a great question! While The Work is simple, it’s also deep and nuanced, and we encourage you to fill out the Judge Your Neighbor worksheet and see what shifts come from it. You can also learn more about Byron Katie’s work on her website, where she share so much! Thanks for being here with us and asking these questions, Lisa. Engagement and curiosity are such powerful forces for creating change both internally and externally.

      • Lisa

        Absolutely, I will continue looking into the process. Thank you!

    • Marie

      Hey Lisa! YES to doing the worksheets *and* — one thing I’ll share as a point to ponder.

      What if you questioned the belief that YOU (or anyone) had to do the dishes, the X/Y/Z in a particular time frame. I will say that at several times in life (some recently) — I’ve absolutely abandoned the idea that I have to do any of that stuff immediately. I just left things for waaaaaay longer than my “mind” said I should. Dirty dishes. Piles of laundry. Dust bunnies around the house. And guess what? Nothing bad happened. It was all just fine. Either Josh got into cleaning (and I didn’t even ask him to) or enough days would pass where I took care of the other really important (more important to me) things I needed to get done and EVENTUALLY got to tidying up. But I did it without resentment or anger or upset (at anyone – including myself 🙂 Some beautiful things come up when we gently question thoughts and beliefs. XO

    • Lupe Corona

      I agree with Lisa. 13 years I played the roll and I no longer see who I am. I have done the work but if the other does not do the work then what?

      Are we feeding into the male that is catered to? …That wasn’t taught to help around the house, to be mindful of the other needs? I’d like to get past this because I do not enjoy my home life because it feels like work.

      • Kate - Team Forleo

        Hi Lupe, we’re so sorry to hear your home life feels like work, and that you’re not feeling seen. The beauty of The Work is that it can help you see yourself. While I’m not an expert in The Work, I encourage you to check out Katie’s website, where she has many free resources, including the Judge Your Neighbor worksheet.

        Also be sure to read Marie’s comment above, where she shares how she has actually started to do less around traditional housework and seen what comes up in that space.

        We also have a couple MarieTV episodes that may be helpful if you’re feeling overwhelmed or lost in family drama:

        I hope these help, Lupe! Remember — you have a special gift and doing the work to see yourself again is a gift in itself. We’re so grateful you’re here and asking these questions.

  10. Emily Maher

    I went to the website and got the worksheets. LOVELY! Thank you so much!

  11. Thank you so much for introducing me to this woman! She gave me an answer for a question which I asked for a long time: is it really true that the change starts with us? When does self work end and work on others start?
    I was listening to this on my way back from work. As you started speaking about picking the trash, I thought of picking up the trash I see on the street. Then my mind kicked in: they will think I am stupid, what am I…a slave? I then understood the mentality of the one not picking the trash…I felt the same! People feel entitled that other will do it for them. And then I started picking them one by one. It hurt my ego for the beginning, then it actually became fun as I focused on the activity, and not on the thoughts, stayed in the moment. And I realized, this is not stupid, it is something very dignified and I started to feel this way. After a few minutes of picking, somebody stopped me and said they wanted to shake my (dirty) hand as I made their day. They saw me in the way I saw myself. And for some…of course you will look stupid, that is the sign you are changing something. But all that matters is how you treat yourself…and the ones which need you, will notice. If you plan to change others, and you yourself are not changed…you could not, people aren’t stupid, they can smell the confidence of one that lived. I now understand….Thank you lovely ladies for this opportunity of recognition!

    • Kate - Team Forleo

      Sabina, thank you so much for sharing how you put this into action! I love how you said it: “They saw me in the way I saw myself.” Such a powerful experience of how self work does ripple out to others ?Thank you for practicing this and sharing it with us.

  12. The timing of this was incredible. I attended a Speech and Language training today at my dayjob and began writing a blog post about how our emotions and behaviours follow our thoughts, and how much power we have in what language we use in our thoughts… since I follow a cognitive-model in my work, and then I came home to see this interview <3

    I love the reminders of this simple pause… is it true? I love the toilet seat example because this isn't something I believe my husband should do and hasn't been an issue (there are other niggles for us, we're not immortal).

    Especially when we jump into thoughts, that’s where the suffering is.
    I think “whoops, the toilet seat might be up so check first!” rather than “he should know better.” If I focus on that sense of “he is disrespecting me, he doesn’t think about me when I constantly consider his needs” that’s where the sadness, the suffering, the anger appears for me.

    Now I think I need to go work on that blog post; taking this as a reminder to finish it 🙂 Because we really have more control over our suffering than we often realise <3

    • Renee – Team Forleo

      So delighted this episode resonated with you, Katy-Rose, and reminded you of the power of the pause. Yay! We’re cheering you on, and please keep us updated on the success of your blog post. ?

  13. Anita

    I see the value of BK’s work. And, like Lisa (above), I have some questions, though of a slightly different sort.
    My default is to think the most positive thoughts, and to give others the benefit of the doubt. I was married for 30 years to a man who turned out to be a covert narcissist – but it took me leaving to understand that. I was always loyal to him, believing his stories of how others were unfair to him (which did seem to be true), and I myself was constantly in a state of self-doubt as I endured years of threats and ultimatums (which I did not cave into, as despite all the accusations, my conscience was clear).
    Bottom line was, I always chose the most positive thoughts, always worked on myself to keep the peace. It was only when I started having anxiety attacks in his presence that I realised my body wouldn’t tolerate it any longer and I left. THEN, I learned about covert narcissism.
    How does “the work” work with personality disorders such as narcissism – or simply masterful manipulators>

    • Renee – Team Forleo

      Hi Anita. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful heart and story with us. We’re so sorry to hear you went through such pain at the hands of a narcissist. Many of us, including myself, often give people the benefit of the doubt. My suggestion would be to dive into Katie’s book, “Loving What Is” and see what resonates for you. I love Marie’s exercise of asking “How can this work for me?” when learning new ideas and exercises. One thing I’ve learned that helps is to always approach strategies with the mindset of taking what works and leaving what doesn’t, and that it helps to leave room for paradox and contradiction on our never-ending journey of self exploration.

      Sending you lots of love from all of us on Team Forleo! ?

  14. Thank you for sharing this right now, I really needed a breakthrough from very destructive thoughts.
    I will do the judge-your-neighbor work tomorrow morning, but the interview was so soothing. Let us get free from our own cage.

  15. Thank you so much Marie for sharing your friend with me! I needed to hear all of this! Thank you friend! – Megan

  16. Reframing a situation especially when you feel strongly is definitely an advanced skill. I will definitely need to try the workshops for more self-accountablity. This helpful especially in reinforcing concepts I’ve heard before and strategies to employ to make them a more natural ingrained reaction or process.

  17. DNN

    I have to admit that when I take times to judge and examine myself to see where I can improve with my life and character, I tend to always come up short. I have to be honest with myself always. Tis is what keeps me inspired to make healthy spiritual and physical changes starting inside out. And most importantly, I’m starting to forgive. Forgiveness is important for growth across the board. 🙂

    • Renee – Team Forleo

      Yes, DNN! Forgiveness is essential to growth. Without it, we can’t move forward. So glad this talk resonated with you. ?

  18. Cher-Ami Palmer

    Oh…a lot. Thank you for everything so far.


  19. Cher-Ami Palmer

    I have a lot to say

  20. Wanda Bowring

    How does this work, if it’s yourself you’re mad at? How does procrastination translate into guilt? Because you’re refusing to act? Then you’re right back to being mad at yourself.

    • Renee – Team Forleo

      Hi Wanda,
      These are excellent questions. My suggestion would be to simply give it a try through the lens of self-forgiveness. Jump into the Love Your Neighbor worksheet and see what comes up. You may find these questions resolve themselves as you put pencil to paper. Sending lots of love to you! ?

  21. Excellent chat!
    I wish I listened to this yesterday before the president addressed the union.
    My husband and I have different opinions. This process will really really help me in the future. Thanks a million.

    • Renee – Team Forleo

      Yay! So glad this chat resonated with you. It’s certainly soothing and helpful during these turbulent times. Sending lots of love to you and your husband on your journey together! ?

  22. Jo

    Thank you, SET AN EXAMPLE is now on a post it note bang in the centre of my office wall, it was exactly what i needed to hear, i loved the garbage on the street scenario, its so true, just set an example and we would live in a kinder society.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      YES, Jo! We’re so glad that resonated deeply with you. So powerful to live that way, isn’t it? Thanks so much for listening and setting a beautiful example ❤️

  23. Monica

    wait – someone help me with Procrastination is another word for guilt? did i miss something

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Hi Monica! If you go to 8:40 in the podcast, you’ll hear Katie explain this further. We hope that helps!

  24. I didn’t want to believe this one, but despite my own prejudices, I found myself reaching for peace today by thinking, “Is that really true? How do I know it’s true? Can I let go of my judgment about this and just let it be instead?” and before I knew it, I was getting out of my pain and back into life.

    Thank you so much for sharing! I won’t be forgetting this one any time soon!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Wonderful, Celeste! Way to put this into action. We’re so glad it’s helping you find peace and be more present in each moment!

  25. Lindsay

    The work was the beginning of healing for me in my relationship almost 7 years ago. It really helped me step out of blame and into love. I honestly don’t know where I’d be today had I not found Byron Katie’s work! So grateful to have found it and I love coincidences – I pulled out my copy of “Loving what is” just a couple days before getting this podcast emailed to me. Thanks, Marie and team and Katie!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Aww, we love that synchronicity too, Lindsay! It’s wonderful to hear how Katie’s work has helped you and your relationship over the years. It really is that powerful!

  26. Dave

    Anxieties, stress, fears are very familiar to me and this article happens at the right time. Thanks so much.

  27. Catie

    Hi Marie,
    I couldn’t believe how timely your podcast was on Tuesday with Byron Katie. Katie’s 4 questions helped me get over a huge obstacle. To quickly put you in the picture: for years I’ve knowingly engaged in a toxic relationship with my parents, though the last 2 years it’s just been my dad (my mother died 2 years ago). We live 200 miles apart so he sees very little of me and resents that I haven’t opted to take care of him in his old age even though other members of the family living near him are regularly there for him.
    I phone him every couple of weeks. I spoke to him yesterday morning after watching the podcast, but the conversation caught me unawares. He was more resentful towards me and my family and spoke his mind. (Conversations like this occur like clockwork every winter without fail, but this one went deeper). He told me how much I’d let him down, that I had always rejected his ideals of how I should live my life, that my husband was a nobody and my son no better (my words, not his. His were more cruel and direct).
    While he was ranting, Katie’s questions came to mind and I immediately saw the ridiculousness of not only the conversation but of continuing with a meaningless relationship. For once I didn’t let his words dig in deep; quite the opposite, actually. I didn’t fret or clumsily try to defend myself during the call as I usually do. I surprised myself (after 35 years of people telling me to walk away) and I told him calmly that if the relationship was so pointless to him and he didn’t care whether I phoned him or not, we may as well end the relationship now. So I did.
    Whether he believes I’ve really ended it or not doesn’t matter, because I’ve done what I should have done for myself a long time ago. As a bonus, I believe I can finally move ahead and start making my lifelong passion of becoming a successful children’s writer into a reality (a hard thing to achieve when a toxic relationship drains you of the energy needed to do it).
    Today I feel excited, enlightened, and certainly freer then I’ve ever been before. I can’t wait to engage life fully now and even dare to step forward and write to my fullest potential and create the life I really want alongside my husband and son.
    Thank you so much for sending me this weeks podcast. I’m so grateful to you, Marie. And may I also say, Marie, I do admire your work. Everybody needs people like you.
    Love Catie.

  28. Becoming the observer of our own humanity is what relaxes us.
    Thank you, Katie and Marie!

  29. Amazing piece of advice, thank you for sharing. And I love that there is writing included. The best and most helpful technique.

  30. Mala Govind

    Wholey Sh** THANK YOU!!! Marie for bringing Katie on to your podcast and sharing your learnings and Katie for sharing your LIFE learnings! I have been so stuck, stuck in the biggest rut with my husband and I know and I can see what behaviours my beautiful 3 year old boy is picking up and its breaking my heart! Its taken me about 3 or 4 times to listen to this session to understand but the more I listen to it the more I am waking up! I’m making some changes from today and sharing them with my Husband and we’ll see what happens next. But this was the slap in the face, wake up girlfriend what the F have u been thinking and doing… that I needed!! Thank you thank you thank you! XO ❤

  31. Byron Katie and Marie Forleo?! Two of my all-time favorite! Such a nice episode, full of love, wisdom, inspiration.. Thanks Marie & Team! xx

    • Jennifer - Team Forleo

      So glad you enjoyed it, Penelope!

  32. Kate Sanders

    I read “A thousand names for joy” many years ago. It was lovely to connect with Katie again and remind myself about The Work. My issue was always toast crumbs on the worktop and in the sink when I rarely eat toast. I just clear them up now with a smile (well most of the time!) rather than having a hissy fit.

  33. Vanessa Ruiz

    “Your mind is so pleasant to be with that it really becomes a timeless world.” LOVED that idea! It was great to here Marie going through The Work “live” 🙂 Didn’t know The Work and just downloaded the sheets 🙂 Let’s see where they’ll take me… Pretty sure it will be to a better place! Thanks, Marie, Team and Byron Katie

  34. It’s all about your perspective towards the problem. Thinking especially overly done is the main cause of the problems.

  35. Magi

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! What a beautiful interview. It was JUST what I needed to remember how it’s ok to let reality be what it is. That it doesn’t mean something is wrong (or in my case, that if I don’t make him put the toilet seat down, he and my other kids will think I let him “walk all over me”, and that he can and will take advantage of me and make me clean up after him always). I can see that he really doesn’t care if he puts it down or cleans up after himself, and I can decide if I want to or not. Ooo, I can feel that I have some work still to do on him leaving his snacks and dinner on the coffee table for days… I guess I’m worried about what others in the house will think of me for not making him clean it up. Haha, another concept to question. Thanks again for this interview. ❤️

  36. What a wonderful way to introduce Byron Katie’s

  37. Wonderfull, Thankyou very much for this.

  38. This will help me.

  39. So funny, I have been emmersing myself in Byron Katie for the last two weeks. So happy to see this podcast. Watching listening to as much as possible. <3

    • Maja - Team Forleo

      So glad to hear you’ve been diving deep into this work, Diana! It’s incredibly empowering. Thanks so much for tuning in! ❤️

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