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A reader named Sei asked if I could walk her through one of my most important daily habits. Specifically, how I meditate.

My first thought: “There’s soooo much info on meditation out there already…do I really need to add to the pile?”

There are 1440 minutes in a day. They’ll all go better if you take 10 of them to meditate. Click To Tweet

Second thought: “Yeah, I do. Because I haven’t fully covered my personal practice yet. And when you’re earnestly trying to learn something new, specific steps from someone you trust are vital.”

While I’ve mentioned the power of meditation many times, if you’ve been curious to know exactly how I do it, today’s episode breaks it down.

Resources From This Show:

Here are some links to research about the power of meditation:

I know some people resist meditation because they don’t see the value in it, they can’t get themselves to sit still, or anytime they’ve tried it — they never know if they’re ‘doing it right’ and get frustrated and quit.

Personally, I can relate to all of those challenges. That’s why I keep my practice super simple as you’re about to see.

Plus, I’ve created a free guided meditation for you (a first!) if you’d like to meditate along with me.

Right Click (PC) or Control Click (MAC) on the image to download.

Marie Forleo's 10 Minute Guided Meditation MP3

And, if any part of you is thinking, “Pffft. Whatever. Meditation schmeditation…” here’s another one of my favorite guided meditations, made for adults by adults. Meaning, put your headphones on before you click this link if young or sensitive ears are around.

Once you’ve had a chance to watch today’s episode, I’d love to know:

Do you meditate regularly? If so, what specific difference has it made in your life? If not, why not?

Remember to share as much detail as possible as thousands of incredible souls come here each week for insight and inspiration. Your story may just be what someone else needs to have a breakthrough.

Important: please share your thoughts and ideas directly in the comments. Links to other posts, videos, etc. will be deleted as they come across as spammy.

Thanks for watching and sharing with such joy, enthusiasm and love. And do come on back and let me know how your 7-day meditation challenge goes.

No matter where in the world you are, I’m wishing you and your family a beautiful week!

With love and tons of appreciation,


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  1. Meditation has been part of my morning sacred practice for 6 or 7 years now, and like you, Marie, when I don’t do it, I can tell something’s off in my day. I’ve been doing it for so long now, that even my family can tell. The other day, my 9 year old set me off, and when I snapped at him he said “Mom, did you meditate today? Your angry is showing.”

    How can you not laugh at that?

    • Hahaha you know when my angry and crazy shows when I dont eat, meditate or laugh every single frickin day! LMAO! Lisa, when do you like to meditate?

      • As part of my morning PEACE-time practice. I developed a system (called the PEACE System, naturally) to help me get focus and prioritize. I begin with prayer and meditation so I can connect to the Divine and what’s really important to me. Then I complete the system so that I have crystal clarity on what’s going to get done that day, and not have to freak out later in the day. 🙂

        But yeah, when I forget or don’t take the time, it really shows up in how I deal with people. It’s like me not taking time for me first thing in the morning leaves me resentful and rushed the rest of the day. Bad juju, for sure.

        • Oh beautiful!!! I actually like meditating in the evening and so tonight I am so gonna jam out to this meditation Marie created. 🙂

        • Amira

          Hi Lisa, thank you for sharing! I’m curious about your PEACE system- would you be willing to share more details about it? Thank you 🙂

    • I TRY to meditate every day. If I don’t, I definitely feel the difference, in my mind, and my body.

      I don’t do a mantra because, even that, distracts me. Instead, I just focus on my breath. In addition, I imagine this beautiful white light surrounding my body. When I notice my “monkey” mind, going to my to do list, or a conversation I need to have that day, I bring it back to my breath.

      As Marie said, don’t let all these “schools” on meditation intimidate you. It’s simple. Breathe in, breathe can do it on a train, you can do it on a bus and I’m channeling Dr. Seuss.

  2. Renato

    I started some app meditation like Calm or Headspace and it was difficult to keep going. I’m a full of energy person who can’t stay with eyes closed in a silent place. I did only the first classe on both app kkkk. Anyway this vídeo will help me to start again.

    • Renato – have you tried walking meditation? It’s great for high energy people. Thich Nhat Hahn has several books about it!

      There are other moving meditations as well which might work out better for you. Looking up “moving meditation” on Amazon might help?


      • Mary Anne Hjelmfelt

        Thanks for this tip Saiisha, I didn’t know that existed. I figured it had to be in the morning and quiet. I am a go! person who could certainly use the meditation, but it has to work for my schedule and not when I’m going to be annoyed rather than calm.

  3. Meditation has been huge in helping me slow down with my busy schedule. I notice on the days that I skip out on my practice, I am less patient, my mind shifts into the future and worries about the to do lists, it’s harder to concentrate and be present. On the flip side when I am on point with at least 5 minutes of meditation, I am calmer, I am focused, I feel lighter and better able to take a step back and put things in perspective, I’m not ruffled or triggered as easily by non sense or other people. For me it’s a small investment to being more effective and someone that is nice to be around;)

    • “Untrained warriors are soon killed on the battlefield; so also persons untrained in the art of preserving their inner peace are quickly riddled by the bullets of worry and restlessness in active life.” ~Paramahansa Yogananda.

  4. I’ve actually been doing a meditation challenge for the whole month of November, and I’m amazed at the results so far. My favourite shift is I’m finding I need to do more creative things – sewing, drawing, painting, singing. You name it, I’ve wanted to do it. It’s like it’s unlocked something inside.

    However, it was a practice that basically frustrated the BEJESUS out of me for the first 10 days. One day, I found a really interesting video on YouTube by Kyle Cease who is currently undertaking his own 100 day self-experiment by meditating two hours every day. He explained his own method which was that we just have to be a vessel for thoughts, but not to BE the thoughts. Admittedly, he explains it waaaay better than I do, but it really gelled with me. I haven’t looked back, and I’m 24 days in.

    • Gemma, have you been doing the Oprah & Deepak 21-Day Meditation Series? I did it last year and this year and it is so great!

      This time around doing the meditation series, I was traveling a lot and found it difficult to get into a routine. I keep trying to anticipate when the time ends, worried I’m not doing it right. I also get off-track reciting the mantra or feel like I’ve lost the original meaning so it feels like I’m reciting something that doesn’t make sense to me.

      I’m thinking of using mala beads to keep on track. Has anyone used mala beads before? Are they helpful?

      • Hi Natalie – I know you directed your comment to Gemma but your questions regarding mantras and mala beads caught my attention.

        As for mala beads, I think they’re super helpful for beginners as well as practiced meditators. They act the same way as counting your breaths would – but more tangibly – which is what’s so comforting about them. The more you use them, the more you instill them with your own inner energy. Plus they’re portable, so it’s like carrying your calm / wise energy with you 🙂

        As for mantras, I agree – saying something foreign without knowing if you’re saying it right might lead you to saying something you don’t mean to!! But if you have the words and the pronunciation right, then mantras are very powerful because the sounds themselves have the power in their vibrations.

        If not – making up your own mantra in English is a great way to get around that worry!

        I hope this helps… Saiisha

        • Thanks Saiisha for your insight!

          I’m thinking I might give mala beads a try to keep me focused. Plus, as an artsy person, I think I will try to make my own so it has special meaning for me 🙂

          As for mantras, I think if I chose one or a few that I can use over and over again, that would be good so I can master the pronunciation and understand what they mean. In the 21-Day Meditation Series by Oprah and Deepak, it’s a new mantra each time and I feel like I’m so focused on trying to remember what it means that I’m not letting go and just being in my meditation.

          Do you have any favorite mantras, Saiisha?

      • Hi Natalie,

        I did start the 21-day Meditation Series last year, and for whatever reason, didn’t continue. I appreciate a guided meditation from time to time, for example when I’m feeling ill or anxious or “busy”, but I have personally had a WAY better experience with simply closing my eyes and allowing thoughts to flow through me. I’ve been able to easily increase my practice from 10 minutes to at least 20 in under a month (and I honestly thought I could NEVER do more than 10 minutes!)

        For me, I’m not a “structured routine” kinda gal. I have priorities that I need to get done before the day is out, but I fit this in loosely where I can and when I feel it’s right. The other day I meditated in my kitchen with the washing machine on a full-blown rinse cycle and I still felt the benefits. Once I released the need to do something at a set time because I *thought* it was what I needed, things shifted because set times just aren’t the way I work best.

        I’ve never tried mala beads, but anything is worth a go for inner peace, right? 🙂

        Best of luck x

        • Interesting–I’ve actually had a similar experience doing the meditation series where it is difficult to focus on the guided meditation but when I’m in yoga, I feel more benefits from just letting go and not trying to focus so intently on something. I like your approach of whatever feels right in the moment instead of trying to make something work that doesn’t. Thanks Gemma!

      • Satyakaam

        Hi Satyakaam here, I’ve been meditating for over 30 years and use a mala regularly. Early on in my practice I was at an ashram and on the way from the residence to the dining hall there was a path called ” The Silent Path”. There while walking I would walk and do a mantra using a mala. Not only did it encourage me to notice the beauty around me but also reflect on ( contemplate ) the beauty within. One mala bead per mantra repetation. Begin the mantra and move the bead on the in breath and as you finish the out breath and mantra, finish moving the bead. If you would like some easy mantras, drop me a line at [email protected]

        • Thanks so much Satyakaam–I love the image of noticing the beauty around you as well as the beauty within. When to move on from one mala bead to the next is really helpful!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      That’s amazing, Gemma! Kudos to you for 24 days so far, and it’s incredible how meditation really does unlock so much inside us 🙂

      • Thank you Caroline! Totally agree – I feel very much at the start of something new and exciting 🙂

    • I love the 21 Day Meditation Challenge, I’ve been doing it for a while. It´s my touch stone for everything from writing to weight loss, but more than anything it’s been a strenghtening spiritual practice.

  5. As someone whose brain is always going (I may or may not have been yelled at by a masseuse to “turn the hamster off” – how did she know?!), I’ve had a hard time embracing Yoga or meditation.


    Starting a Yoga practice has really helped me slow down. I live for the meditation time at the end of class and when I don’t get my class in I can definitely tell!

    So appreciate these tips and hope to try some meditation outside of Yoga soon!

    Thanks, Marie!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Oh yeah — Savasana is the best yoga pose at the end of a great class 😉

  6. I love a good meditation session! I meditate each day for at least 15-20 minutes and it’s had such a positive impact on my life. It allows me to be still and connect with my higher being which is such a beautiful feeling. Downloaded your guided meditation, can’t wait to meditate to it. 🙂

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Awesome! I hope you enjoy trying it out, Danielle!

      • I did indeed Caroline. Great meditation!

  7. Yes I meditate regularly! For me I use imagery because it’s wgat helps me focus. I combine it with intuitive healing. I love being guided, so I have loads of those meditations.

  8. John

    Hi Marie,

    Thank you for those encouraging words. I think this will inspire me to try again to make more of a habit of meditating.
    You see, initially I started by trying to meditate every day, either in the mornings or at nights before going to bed. But somehow i started procrastinating and putting it off. now I hardly meditate. I tend to procrastinate, especially if I think I am not getting it right, it is hard or I am no good at it.
    Thanks once again. I will definitely give it another go.

  9. My motto to stay calm is “Meditate. Don’t Medicate.”
    Great tips, Marie.

  10. My husband and I meditate regularly. We used to meditate together but our practices are very different so we now have our own separate practice. His meditation is 60-90 minutes, mine is about 15 mins-1 hour. We wake at 4:45 am and start our day this way. There was a time when I stopped meditating bc I was intimidated by his practice, but I realized I was missing out on all the benefits of meditation so I accepted where I was in the practice and that it is ok that his is different. Meditation has been a wonderful practice and has benefitted our relationship with each other, with others and especially letting go of false stories and patterns that do not serve our SELF. For me it is especially helpful with my busy work schedule. We use an Ap called Insight Timer. Its an amazing ap with thoughtful members all over the world, groups and a great community. My advice is not to get discouraged and know that it is like exercise, start a little at a time, every minute benefits you and those around you.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Lovely, Bridget! And so wonderful that you each found ways to honor your own needs and personal practice.

  11. I started Transcendental Meditation (TM) earlier this years down it has changed my life. It is subtle yet powerful and significant in every way. I feel more calm, centered, clear, inspired, creative, and above all, truly happy. I am type-A, hyper, enthusiastic, and like a Labrador puppy pretty much all the time, so zen yogi I am not. You would not know by looking at me that I can sit still for 20 min twice a day, but I can and its the best thing I’ve ever done for myself. ANYONE can do it and the more we all do it, the more we expand human consciousness and create harmony in our world. Amen!

    • Cyrene

      Hi Djuna! I totally agree! TM is the best gift I’ve ever given myself and I really want to share it with others. It’s so easy and I always look forward to my TM time. None of the other meditations I tried in the past had the same effect, many of them were good but I never stuck with them consistently. I was hooked on TM after the first day.. ??

  12. Meditation is actually so simple! But we people try to overcomplicate it as usual…

    Great video, Marie, as usual 🙂 I’ve found that when I can’t concentrate on a mantra or breathing only it helps to count my breaths back from 100 to 0 in a very very slow way….

    …or even count 1,2,3,4,5 in every inbreathe and 5,4,3,2,1 on every out breath, it really helps me to stay present!

    • naeem


  13. Hi Marie,
    I love to meditate on verses from the Book Of Psalms for just a few minutes early in the morning. They’re GREAT!



    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Sounds like a wonderful practice, Dari. I know meditating on a specific text can be an incredible tool. Marie usually does the Mantra meditation she shares in this episode, so definitely check out our guided meditation if you’d like to try it!

  14. I love meditation – practice it since 4 years each – more or less daily.
    It’s simply nurturing my HAPPINESS: first I experienced 5 Minutes of JOY a day, later 30 or couple of hours and now even days go by with a constant state of happiness.
    I cannot imagine my life without it.

  15. Great vid Marie!

    I think most of us know about meditation but don’t always take the time to find out what fits us best because we have such “active minds” and feel we don’t have time…

    I have an inversion board at home that I use for the health of my back but I find that I can put on some calming music and stretch on my inversion board while clearing my mind – makes me feel so GREAT after I’m done!

  16. Kathy

    Ironically, I meditated today for the first time in a long time. I don’t know why I have such a hard time getting myself to sit down and do it, especially since it takes so little time. Occasionally I have tried to commit to meditating every day for a month, only to fall short. But the reason why I keep trying, and why I think it’s so important, is because I know that meditation is life-changing! I know that when I do meditate I feel better and that my life works better. Things begin to fall into place, I get phone calls for new business, I feel better and I swear even the dog is happier. It’s all about the energy we’re giving out, and when I meditate I believe I “realign” . What we give out is what we get back, and when I meditate it somehow makes me give out a better energy and the world responds accordingly. So hearing all that you might wonder why I don’t rush to sit down and meditate every day of my life. Me too.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      I so hear you, Kathy. It’s strange but SO true that human nature seems to lead us to avoid things that we KNOW are good for us.

      For me personally, I usually find when I’m avoiding things that are great and healthy (like meditation), it means I’m bumping up against my “upper limit” — meaning, things are going well and my brain feels like I don’t “deserve” to feel quite that good, so it wants to knock me back down to my comfort zone.

      That’s a normal thing our brain does, but we’re capable of so much more joy that we could ever imagine, and I believe we really do deserve to enjoy our lives.

      I’m not sure if that resonates, but it popped in my head :). For more on upper limit problems, check out this MarieTV episode:

      • Amanda

        Hi Caroline =)
        It is so true! I so needed to read this today! Thank you for putting words on what I’m experiencing for years now.
        Except the video you’ve linked do you have any additional resources on this matter please?
        I so need to find a way out of this self-sabotage vicious circle and every piece of advice in every form (videos, podcasts, books, and so on) would be most than very welcomed and really appreciated!
        Thank you for your help!

  17. I’ve been a regular meditator for over 10 years now.

    It’s made such a huge difference in my life, when I practice it consistently.

    I went to a 10 day retreat, where I had to take a vow silence in order to learn a specific style called Vipassanna… My New Year’s gift to myself is actually going to be learning transcendental meditation.

    Thanks for sharing your routine with us, Marie!

    Have a happy thanksgiving!!!
    Carla xo

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Carla, OMG I really want to try the 10 day Vipassana retreat someday — so cool you got to experience it!

      TM sounds like an amazing New Year’s gift 🙂

      • Katja Dechering

        Yes!! Please do Caroline! It is the greatest give you can give yourself!

  18. Ruby

    I started meditating a long time ago, When i first started, I took a meditation class that taught me to start with some simple exercises to relax my body, some simple breathing techniques that easily help calm and balance my mind. When i first started, I was full of stress and my mind racing. even so this simple practice, practiced am and pm, was so beneficial I have kept it up. Now I cherish those moments, and love enclosing my day, like two slices of bread, with this, enveloped with Peace. I would no more walk out of the house without meditating than I would walk out without brushing my teeth or using deodorant. Make a huge difference how my days and nights go. Well worth the effort. At first I just did it in faith, hope, belief that it would make a difference. At first I did not notice any difference, other than I began to cherish the practice time. I was so out of touch with myself, that I did not really feel the difference it was making for me, for a long time.

  19. Marie,
    Thanks for taking time to talk about this. It’s such an important part of allowing ourselves to become as amazing as we’re made to be. I’ve been so blown away by the impact on my life that I began bringing meditation services to businesses, helping teams work and live more mindfully. Even 10 minutes a day can do wonders.

    The biggest changes I’ve seen in my life: I’m more patient with others and myself, and more grateful for everything I have. That’s allowed me to be kinder in everyday life and get more stuff done because I can celebrate the small wins and don’t feel like everything should already be done by now.

    Be well.

  20. …And I can create space to not get down on myself when I spell your name wrong in a comment. 🙂

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      No worries, Matt — typos happen. Just like thoughts when we’re meditating!

      But I fixed it up for you 😀

  21. Thank you so much for sharing your process, Marie. My goal is to make meditation a daily habit rather than doing it a few times a week. I love how it makes me feel!

  22. Pia

    I’m so glad that Sei asked you for some advice on meditation.

    I too have tried, struggled, given up, failed, tried again and just walked away from meditation . . . even though I KNOW that it has value.

    I am going to go through all your links and methodology and try AGAIN to implement meditation into my days.

    I am reading “The Reality Slap” by Dr Russ Harris at the moment and he has a number of techniques that he encourages each of us to try. These techniques could be described as meditation, but I get the feeling he avoids the term specifically to keep the reader more open-minded about the actual process.

    Thanks for a timely and yet another valuable episode of Marie TV.
    I genuinely appreciate all that you share.

  23. Meditation saved my love life.
    I first started with my then boyfriend (now hubby) because we fought a lot and meditation saved our love <3 We started to listen to each other more, being more present and loving.
    I loved it so much that at some point I also thought other people how to do it … I can't recommend it enough.

  24. Kelly

    Great video Marie! I meditate twice a day – in the morning and right before bed. It really sets me up for success and I love starting/ending the day on a positive note. Sometimes I use Wayne Dyer’s I AM meditation, other times I just meditate with no background sounds or music. But before I start I always set an intention and ask for some guidance from God/The Universe/All higher beings of light & love. The best part of meditating regularly for me is that it makes my intuition so much stronger and louder. I love knowing that I can always trust myself when making decisions or taking my life or work in a certain direction.

  25. I love the practice of meditative walking in nature and do it almost every day, sometimes twice a day. (I’m one of those folks who either can’t sit still or feels like falling asleep when I sit to meditate!) After even a short walk, I find that I have more energy, greater inner peace, and increased ability to to concentrate on my work. It has transformed my personal life, my body, and my business! Thanks so much for highlighting the value of a personalized meditate practice.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Love that, Alex! Walking meditation is such an awesome alternative to sitting — and just as effective.

  26. Meditation is the best thing in my life. I just got back from a 10 day TM retreat – most happy and calm I’ve ever been!

  27. luke

    Marie, sweetie, your the best!!
    OK, quick and short version.
    We spend most all our days receiving information, collecting experiences, learning, reading, listening to others, watching something. All this information and experience is fed down the tube to the collective memories of trillions of us to the Source, God, Big colorful sphere of experience. Pick a name for it.
    When we meditate, we stop feeding the tube. It gives us an opportunity to listen. To tap into the source of information and experience of others that has been collected for millenia. Well its just one very helpful and important thing meditation gives us.

  28. Rajiv


    Today I actually skipped my daily morning 17-minute meditation because I woke up late (I usually never skip even when I wake up late but for some reason today I skipped it), and watching your video made me be like “Welp, I just watched this, so clearly I got time.” haha. zoning out now, thanks!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Haha wow, so glad this episode was super timely for you, Rajiv! Happy meditating 🙂

  29. Susan

    Thanks for a valuable and topical video.

    Question: a close friend ‘discovered’ adult coloring on home shopping network. She insists she can’t sit cross legged, tags what she understands as traditional meditation a waste of time; “I’d rather be doing something”. Is there any evidence that coloring (especially representational images) holds equivalent value?

    My cancer group, formerly named Guilda’s Club, offers guided meditation and as you’d expect it is powerful.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Great Q, Susan. I know coloring books for adults are getting really popular. From personal observation and experience, I’d say it can hold the same benefits as meditation, if it’s approached with the same kind of attention to the present moment that one would choose for a more traditional sitting meditation (so no cell phones other than a timer, no TV, and no loud distracting things going on).

      Really, any activity approached mindfully while being in the present moment can be a form of meditation. I try to remember to even do my dishes mindfully, and it makes it a lot more pleasant.

      In terms of specific research or thoughts from experts, I found this article with a few different viewpoints on it:

      It’s still a relatively new trend in the meditative space, so there may be more studies or research coming out over time, but it does look like it could be a great alternative to (or addition to) a seated meditation practice for some folks.

  30. Marie, what a beautiful tutorial! And thank you for creating a guided meditation.
    I have tried to integrate a regular meditation practice in my life several times. But somehow I always felt like I wasn’t “doing it right”.
    I love the simplicity of your method.
    Thank you so much for sharing,
    Elsa x

  31. I have been meditating (almost) daily for a couple of years. I will go through phases where I let the habit slip, and I can tell the difference. When I meditate, I sometimes think of it as ‘recharging my batteries.’ Meditation is my way of consciously aligning myself with the energy of the universe.

    I also want to thank Marie for sharing her SPECIFIC tips here. I see a schload of articles talking about how great it is to meditate, but I don’t see as many people actually laying out their own practice. Thank you!

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Carrie, we’re thrilled the specifics that Marie shares here help!

  32. Thank you for this, Marie!

    I was one of those people that thought I was doing meditation “wrong”, or that I just had too much mental chatter to meditate properly. But meditation is a habit, just like everything else, and once you get into the habit, your life WILL change! Meditation has made me calmer, more focused, more present, a better listener, and has been the single best routine to increase my intuition (a must being a professional psychic!).

    I will certainly check out your meditation! My tips to forming a meditation practice are the following:
    – Change it up: Do it regularly, but try something different each day. Variety helps to keep our minds interested and instill the practice. Try a walking meditation, a different mantra, a different mudra, or candle-gazing to focus your attention or just observing your breath.
    – Approach meditation as you would a workout: psyching yourself up for a meditation and just doing it, like you would exercise that you don’t feel like doing. Tell yourself that your meditation practice for that day may not look the way you want it to in a perfect world, but however it looks it will give you exactly what you need.
    – Use physical reminders: like a timer, like mala beads, like a meditation cushion or a specific incense you burn while meditating. Physical cues will align you mentally with your meditation, and make you more likely to do it.
    – It’s not about blocking out your thoughts: much like what you said in the video, thoughts WILL happen when you meditate… that doesn’t make you “bad” at meditation; it makes you human. Allow them to float away like clouds (as you said), or even make a deal with yourself: every time you think a thought, acknowledge it and say, “Not now, but later. If this is important, you (the thought) are allowed to come back after the meditation is over.”

    The best thing I’ve found to start a meditation practice (and keep it up!) is Oprah and Deepak Chopra’s Free 21 Day Meditation Experience. They usually do it at least twice a year. The latest one just ended on the concept “Becoming What You Believe.”

    Thanks again, Marie! Meditate on!

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Wonderful tips, Hilary. Thank you for sharing them.

  33. I love meditation, but need to get better at making it happen EVERY day.

    I just have not planned it and made a routine and I am going to start!

    It always makes a huge difference. I cannot wait to try your guided meditation – right now!

  34. You’ve done it again Marie! I finished Oprah & Deepak’s most recent 21-guided meditation yesterday, and intended to find a practice I could continue on with daily. Now I don’t have to find one, it came right to my inbox. I started meditation probably 2-3 years ago. I have to confess, I haven’t been doing it daily, but now I feel like I have a tool I can use each day, so thank you so much!!!!

    Meditation gives me time with myself, and calms me. I do what I call an “active” meditation practice, morning pages, adopted from Julia Cameron. I write 3 freehand pages every morning, which gets my thoughts out. Guided meditation helps me still my mind, topping off that restless creative energy I get. It puts me in touch with the deep seat of my soul and centers me. Then I can go out into the world better, energetically speaking. Helps me keep my energy to myself, as I like to say. I feel fed and whole always after I do this, so thank you again for yet another tool.


    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Yes! Love what you shared, Jenna, and glad this came right into your inbox at the right time.

  35. Tania Angelis

    I began using Japa meditation a little while ago (there’s a great free one by Wayne Dyer on YouTube) and it’s fabulous for anyone who struggles to sit still in silence.

    It’s a vocal meditation using the sound “Ah” and helps to increase the abundance in your life on all levels. And you use your mind to create mantras and affirmations that you use during the meditation, so if you have a busy mind, it helps to calm it down!

    As a result of using it regularly, I can also meditate better in silence too!

    I’ve been missing it as I’ve had laryngitis for the last week or so so haven’t been able to speak very much, so looking forward to getting back into it in the next couple of days when my cough clears up as well 😉

    If you’d like a link to Wayne’s meditation, just reply to my comment and I’ll post it 🙂

  36. Suzie Joyce

    Hi guys. LOVE that you are doing a slot on meditation. I Really like the look of the Pandora station that you recommend but over here in Scotland it isn’t available. Do you know of anything similar that we can access please? A recommendation is always good.


    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Suzie, so sorry that the Pandora station isn’t available there! You might google around for “calm meditation music” or something similar, and see what YouTube videos popup. There are TONS out there, and I bet one will stand out to you more than the others or suit your needs better for having the serenity to dig in with your meditation.

      Enjoy. 🙂

  37. Jody

    I think the world needs more meditators, so thanks Marie, for giving people what they need to get started. I use the Insight timer (an app on my iPhone) where you can created various presets. I usually use a preset timer of 20 minutes with a gong every 5 minutes to bring my mind back if I have wandered. It ends with 3 gongs and you can choose from among several gong sounds. I have another preset that’s 5 minutes total with a gong every minute. However you do it people, I highly recommend getting your practice going!

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      The gong reminder to bring you back is a great idea, Jody!

  38. Juanita

    I have done meditation for a few years and my day always goes so much better when I do. That time to sit in silence, hear your heart and receive the answers that you might need is all amazing. You can not trade that peace of mind for anything. I just encourage people to keep trying, it’s worth it and you truly do feel amazing!!

  39. For almost 2 years now, I’ve been meditating daily for 30-40 minutes. What I’ve noticed is that it has created more space between me and external circumstances, my own emotional reaction, etc. I still feel the whole array of emotion when things are hard: stress, anxiety, anger, fear, doubt. But these feelings now seem a little less real, a little less absolute, and no longer bound up in my personal identity.

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Beautifully said, Rachel.

  40. I practice a moving meditation daily. I walk my dog and while I do have my phone, I don’t use it. I go to my favorite path along the bay and walk him and just zone out. Somedays I have a mantra, some days I have an intention of something I am going to think about like a certain work project or just simply gratitude for living where I do. It changes how I feel everyday that I do it, which is pretty much six days a week.

  41. Meditation has been integral and vital to my life – there is no doubt! I never comment like this but today I just had to. I’ve been practicing yoga for about 19 years now but it’s actually meditation that has been truly lifechanging. I am certain that it is my daily meditation practice that has allowed me to evolve into a person who is present, aware, and able to notice and shift out of negative thinking rapidly. I notice when I haven’t meditated for even a day or two and it’s truly become a gift I give myself each day.
    Meditate, people!!! You don’t have to believe in any spiritual aspect at all to do it. Thanks, Marie for bringing it up today and sharing with us. Such a simple, profound practice that could change the world if we all did it!

  42. Meditation is a game changer and you don’t have to sit for it when you first start. Sometimes it can be a huge challenge to sit still. So find something you like until you build up some will power to sit. I will tell you, the more you relax your body and mind the more receptive you become to creativity, spontaneous joy, healing in your body and mind and living your life in alignment with your dharma or life purpose. Check out this little video I made last week and watch all the way thru…what an amazing experience that occurred from learning to listen deeply to my intuition (learned through meditation and yoga) Catching that light at the right time was priceless!! Thank you Marie for the work you do!! My business is continually growing as I revisit B-School over and over again. Love and Namasté, Jennifer

  43. Thank you very much for that video & guided meditation. While I try to meditate often I have been off my routine for quite some time. I took the 10 minutes today to sit and listen to yours! Great work 😀 Thanks again.

  44. Thank you for this video Marie, you are truely an inspiration.
    I have been meditating for about 12 years on and off and taken it up seriously this year for an hour a day. I practice vipassana meditation and it has truely changed my life. I have finally over come the habits of self sabotage and hyper criticism of myself and others which has inspired an amazing sense of peace and confidence, with this, worry has melted away and success in every apsect of my life has begun to feel like a given.
    Thank you for following your highest purpose.

  45. I love how you talk about the inner teacher. I go through the day meditating and listening. It’s changed my whole life! Love sharing this with clients and seeing them transform! <3

  46. Barbara

    I always enjoy Marie TV but today was really helpful for me. Thanks for the answers you gave today. I think my problem with trying to meditate is I blast myself for letting my mind wander. I think Im wasting my time then. I’ll try thinking of those thoughts as clouds that have to float by from now on.
    Have a grateful Thanksgiving!

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Yes, let those clouds just float on by. Happy Thanksgiving to you too, Barbara.

  47. Marie, without my daily meditation practise I would be a different person! It is one of the many tools I learnt during my own journey in therapy and over the last twenty years of working as a therapist myself, it’s one of the tools I share with my clients. I created my own range of meditations for adults and one for children too. They are one of my most popular products. I’m so delighted to see more and more people gifting themselves with this wonderful resource. Thank you so much for sharing your practise with us ~ I really appreciate it x

  48. Ellen Pouw

    Hi Marie,

    I loved this one..and the mantra worked for me.
    After the meditation I felt more grounded and focused in my head.
    I have tried this before but but gave up soon.
    Thanks for sharing…

    Kind regards

    Ellen Pouw
    Europe, The Netherlands, Zwolle.

  49. Thank u
    Nice 1
    I u to do it everyday
    But there are days even months I have missed
    But I try to keep getting back
    Usual problem is mind playing tricks on u
    And keeping u busy
    Like over sleeping, late for office
    Or at night your favorite show or movie
    I know this may sound kiddish but I am sure there are many more like me
    Going for my routine now
    Thank u

  50. Amanda

    I am part of a regular mediation group and we meet every Tuesday evening for half an hour. I’m not always successful in mediating on my own so committing to this group definitely helps.

  51. Cami

    I just finished reading “Make Every Man Want You,” and I was very intrigued by the concept of living in the present moment (that is, instead of wasting time dreaming of what could have been, accept the present moment & reality). But what about ideas promoted by books such as “The Secret” that we should ask and project our dreams? Is it possible to reconcile both approaches? How do you even know that you are crossing the line b/w “healthy dreaming” and “negative dreaming?” (if there is such a thing)

  52. I mediate and when I dont my own experience of my day is different. I use headspace some and sometimes I dont. I sit and breath. Sometimes I do it many times a day but at least 2 is good. I havent today and I can tell. I love your sharing about this.

  53. Hi Marie. I wanted to personally thank you for this episode today. I just used your guided meditation to meditate. I have tried this before and gotten very frustrated with it. I felt guilty that I couldn’t silence my thoughts. I’m going to commit to doing this every day using your suggestions. Really appreciate your willingness to teach this. ?

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      YAY! Excited for you Tamisha, and thanks for letting us know how useful this was.

  54. Yay Marie!

    FIRST, LOVE that color on you!!!

    I’ve been wondering your practice as well, thank you SO much for sharing I can’t wait to hear your guided med!

    Thanks for making for us <3 <3 <3

  55. I love this advice. I just put on meditative music courtesy of Pandora and set my timer for 10 minutes. Its so transporting. I feel like for a small time I’m visiting with my higher self before I go back down to earth. Very profound.

  56. Katja Dechering

    3 years ago I did my first Vipassana 10 day course. Last month I did my third 10 day course and since then I meditate for an hour every morning and every evening. 3 years ago I didn’t have a clue what meditation was like let alone spend 2 hours a day meditating! I would have said you’d be barking mad! And I would have said that I was too busy to find the time for it.. But now I know the benefits and I aim to do a 10 day course every year!! My life definately changed for the better! 😀

  57. Thank you for the wonderful 10 minute guided meditation. So simple yet so beautiful.

  58. Don’t hesitate, meditate!

    I am so happy to see this video, thanks for sharing Marie! Since b-school my Yoga Therapy ‘business’ goes very well, and I am very happy to help people in hospitals, psychiatric institutes and in private with yoga and meditation. You are such an inspiration and you help many people to inspire too. Thanks again..

  59. I began meditating in January (2015) and immediately began to see (and feel) differences in my life. Specifically, I felt calmer and able to create space for myself to observe situations unfolding without necessarily reacting to them. I have been more present and relaxed, and feel more connected to my authentic self. I can’t see myself giving up this important daily practice!

  60. Serial meditator here Marie 😉 I sit for 50 minutes daily. Sitting in quiet, relaxing and observing, following my breathing, trains me to allow everything to flow to me, so I need not chase, strain, strive, run after people and create all that tension that I feel when I skipped meditation for years of my life. It’s like tonic, an elixir, something which helps me embrace and release my emotions.

    The trick; sticking with it…no matter what! Sometimes when meditating I feel the stuff I’d buried, coming up, and that gets crazy sometimes. No worries; it’s what needed to go, for me to feel that I am the whole and complete being that I am. I sit, relax, and focus on my breathing, and when my thoughts and feelings wander, I note the objects where my mind wander, and I simply bring my focus back to my breathing.

    Laying meditation here. Sitting up straight like you do works nicely too. Just make sure you’re relaxed. Or totally chill. LOL on someone who does not have time to meditate. If you have time to breathe, you have time to meditate! It’ll change your life. Changed mine SO much, helping me unearth my limiting beliefs each day, and helping me go from a struggling security guard from New Jersey to island hopping pro blogger.

    Love the video Marie. I like your mantra. My wife uses a mantra too sometimes, and it could be helpful for me because yep, my good old Monkey Mind goes bonkers and I being a Doing Monster, instead of being a Being Monster.

    Fabulous tips here…..OOOOHHHMMMMM 🙂


    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Love it, Ryan! Bring on the Ohm! 😉

  61. Thanks so much for sharing…after watching your video I googled “what’s the difference between meditation and prayer?” the results were interesting, simply put PRAYER expected results and MEDITATION was not result driven….but the truth that I believe is they should be the closer to the same.
    True prayer to my God is not results driven it’s just time hanging out with Him listening to his Holy Spirit guide me and just hanging out with the one whom all love is from.

  62. A solid meditation practice is life changing (in fact, it’s poured over my painting and my two practices are now intimately linked).
    The Headspace app is absolutely great.

    Thanks for sharing your experience with it!

  63. I do my daily Sadhana ( practice ) Kundalini to be exact. And it rocks!

  64. I am someone that has a brain does not stop. It takes about a 1/2 second after waking up before it starts spewing out ideas and to-do lists. After many failed attempts, I tried the Headspace app and that has been what has kept me motivated. They have specific courses that focus in on topics such as anxiety, depression, pregnancy, change, meditation while cooking, walking and exercising.
    200-some sessions later, I can safely say meditation has made me more patient, loving, creative and all-round more calm. I am so thankful I found this beautiful practice.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      So inspiring, Jessica — thank you for sharing xo

  65. Andrea

    I have been practicing meditation for a couple of years now. Not only does it help me to de stress, but I find answers come to me 🙂

  66. Thanks for the reminder – I am so tired today (which brought stress too), and I had forgotten that I didn’t meditate yet.

    I do it every day, I use a guided meditation series (with videos between 5 – 30 minutes) so I can choose depending on which one fits my schedule.

    Huge results – in all areas of my life.

    Try it, stay with it, and journal to see the difference between meditative you and non-meditative you 🙂

  67. Every time I try, I end up coming up with to do lists, and remembering things that I forgot. Which in itself isnt bad, but I always have to keep a pen and paper handy…

    • Mariah, instead of interrupting your meditation with noting things down, could you affirm to yourself, “thank you, i will remember this later, right now I am here”…..? Trust yourself that you can be utterly present and still and those reminders will come to you once you stop? Just an idea 🙂

  68. I started meditating with my horses, which is an amazing way to find a Quiet Mind. They anchor us to THEIR Quiet Mind when we meditate in their space. And then I learned to carry that Quiet Mind around with me while I worked with them, which brings a beautiful state of being completely present – which the horses LOVE and respond incredibly well to. I am laughing to myself – I call it a Quiet Mind to my students because so many people think they can’t do meditation, when in fact there are many levels to it. Simply standing there for a few minutes looking up at the leaves moving in a tree, or the clouds in the sky can Quieten our mind. And I have noticed the creativity of that too. I use meditation to problem solve if I feel stuck on something – I allow the answer to drift up from my soul…

    • Great share! 🙂 Love it! One of my clients is an avid horse fan! Will share this idea with her 🙂
      And yes….just putting our feet on the grass, in the sand, on the earth, looking up at the clouds, such simple ways to come back to the most important moment & place…. HERE & now <3 xoox

  69. Alexandra

    Hi Marie, I loved this episode. So you know the Calm Meditation music by Pandora is not available for download in the UK. Any others you would recommend ? Thanks Alexandra xx

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Hi Alexandra, we’re so glad you loved this episode! We did learn that Pandora is currently only available in certain countries, but it sounds like they’re working on changing that.

      In the meantime, there are some amazing meditation and spa songs on YouTube that you might try. There are loads of them, and here’s one of my favs to get you started:

  70. I am so grateful to see this episode! Meditation has been a lifesaver for me and I have dedicated my life to practicing and teaching it to others.

    I am interested in creating some more products to help people develop a personalized meditation practice such as a 30 day challenge. Do you have any tools or tips for getting started on this?

    Thanks so much!


    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much, Paula! I’m not sure if you’re thinking of doing something like an information product, but we did a cool MarieTV episode a few years back about getting started with info products, so that’s a great one to watch for some helpful tips:

      We have lots of other great episodes too, so feel free to explore our archives, or reach out to us at info AT marieforleo DOT com if you’re looking for specific topics. We’re always happy to send along suggestions!

  71. I go through phases of both meditating regularly and also taking a break from meditating. I seem to get more out of it when I take a step back occasionally. Ebb and flow.
    I do LOVE meditating especially when I do from a place of genuine desire. Whenever I do so because I “have” to, I find it less effective.

    Meditating has helped me to hear my inner guidance, to know my next steps intuitively, and to connect with a higher power which all results in feeling invincible, which leads to a beautiful life and better service to my clients.

  72. I do a 15 minute guided meditation and really find that it makes a big difference in my day when I am consistent with it. I look forward to checking yours that you offered.

    I really appreciated the detailed description of how you meditate. It always helps to hear how others do it.

    Great advice as usual, LOVE your videos!

  73. This was such an AWESOME and timely post Marie! Thank you! I too love and teach the benefits of meditation, yet I had somehow recently failed to make it a daily practice! Taking it back to just 10 minutes really helps! And when my timer went off, I thought, wow, that was quick! And I couldve done more! Sometimes giving ourselves BIG expectations (ie- meditate for 30 mins), just makes it seem too much and we let it slide!
    This is a good way for me to make it a daily practice again!
    Thank you
    And thank you for the reminder of Pandora!!
    Oh and lastly, your guided meditation isn’t working for me… Has anyone else had issues?
    Lotsa love and appreciation!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much sharing Bridget! I’m sorry to hear that the guided meditation isn’t working. I just tested it out and it seems to be ok on our end (whew!) If it doesn’t open right up when you click on the link, you might try right-clicking (on PC) or control-clicking (on Mac), and selecting the option to “save link as” or “save as.”

      That way you can save it to your computer and open it up in iTunes or any other music player.

      We’re happy to troubleshoot further if it’s not working for you — just drop us a line at info AT marieforleo DOT com!

      • Thanks Caroline 🙂 Did just retest and it did indeed work! 🙂 Thank you x

        • Chelsea - Team Forleo

          Thanks for letting us know, we’re glad you’re all set!

  74. Great episode! (As always.) This subject is near and dear to my heart.

    I took a 1,000 day vow to meditate every day, and never stopped. I’m up to day 3086 today. I’ve notice large improvements in my reasoning, my attentiveness, my equanimity, and my intuition. I don’t know what missing a day would be like, since I haven’t missed any. But, I am in no hurry to find out.

    The most frequent complaint I hear from people about meditation is that they can’t stop the mind from chattering. I always tell them that means they are doing it right. The mind has always been chattering, they just hadn’t noticed until they tried meditation. The chatter does decrease over time, but you can’t change something you are unaware of.

    As a Zen Roshi once said, “Everyone should meditate for 10 minutes a day. If you don’t have the time to meditate for 10 minutes a day, then you should meditate for 1 hour a day.”

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Travis, LOVE your share. And congratulations on 3,086 practices. What a beautiful thing to have in your each and every day.

      Cheers to the next 3,000!

  75. I came out of 21 meditation experience of Oprah and Chopra ( you advertise them once, and I have to thank your for that, every I jump in and there is so much information, a true gift)

    I take every morning around ten minutes to just breathe come back and I have always a clearer mind when I finish, It make me gain time.

    And sometimes I meditate once more for 2/3 when I’m feeling getting angry or completely out of my center, for that special occasion I use a mantra that I receive from Amma. I’m feel unite, safe and centered in a time of click my fingers.

    Thank for the free meditation

  76. Yes!! I meditate every morning, and I cannot tell you how big of a difference it has made in my life. You’re so right, Marie, I feel the most creative, the most productive, and the truest to myself when I spend even 5 minutes in meditation.

    I love how ancient practices like meditation are coming back around with renewed realizations of how well they work!

    I run my own business, and coach others to best run theirs. I’ve noticed mornings that I miss my meditation, I am off focus with my clients and unable to come up with the best strategies. Additionally, one of my best pieces of advice that I give to my clients is to meditate each morning. It is astonishing how big of a difference this makes.

    Investing this small amount of time will be worth the payoff you will receive!

    Thanks for sharing!
    All the best,

  77. Tara

    Thanks Marie! I loved your guided meditation. I meditate regularly in a somewhat unstructured manner. I like to daydream a lot and sometimes I just lay down to release emotions and connect with myself. I also listen to guided meditations and processes that help to connect me with a feeling of peace and love. Your meditation was very nice and the mantra helped a lot when my mind started to wander. P.S. I also listen to calm meditation radio 😀

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Wonderful, Tara, and we’re so happy the guided meditation added a new approach for you.

  78. Cat

    I have been chanting every morning and every night for 3 years now. Ten minutes in the morning and ten at night. It is teaching me to take time out just for me and I miss it when I don’t.

    Its a wonderful way to wake up and greet the morning and brings peace to my evening. Great for anxiety and its free. I use chanting to focus before exams or when making stressful decisions like which bill to pay first.

  79. I’m a long-time fan of your Marie TV episodes (ever since RHH Live way back in 2011!) and I love the energy, wit and good, solid advice you bring to each episode.

    Today’s episode was entertaining as always, AND I strongly feel that in order for your advice today to be helpful, and not potentially harmful, it needs a giant “IF” put in there, and that is… meditation is very helpful and useful IF the meditator has a healthy, well-regulated nervous system.

    I’m a trauma survivor and a now a trauma recovery and nervous-system specialist, and also have been a hard-core meditator, so what I’m about to share comes both from my own experience and from breakthrough understandings about stress physiology and how it effects us.

    I don’t want to be a downer, but without fully understanding trauma and stress physiology and all it’s ramifications there is NO way to tell whether mediation will be good for someone or not, or to what degree they will have to be guided and supported in the process.

    Here’s an analogy – asking someone with an unhealthy nervous system to meditate is like taking someone who has never driven, putting them in a Lamborghini on the Autobahn, and telling them to go for it. They will either freeze up, panic, or (and this is the most common when it comes to meditation) they will try to emulate what they have seen – they will attempt to drive this race car based off of the movies they’ve watched, and it might look ok for a while, but they will inevitably crash.

    You could say that your nervous system is like an underlying neurological platform that determines what the brain and mind are capable of. When the Nervous system is healthy, then meditation is great and useful and wonderful, because the physiology can support that mental process.

    When the nervous system is not healthy (which, to a greater or lesser degree, is more the norm than not in our culture – read why in the PS below) meditation can result in anxiety, panic, dissociation, even a full-blown psychotic break.

    This is why Jack Kornfield (pretty much THE eminent guy in the West when it comes to mindfulness practices) now requires all of the instructors at his Spirit Rock Meditation Center to undergo training in Somatic Experiencing (this is what I’m trained in – psychobiological trauma resolution through promotion of nervous system regulation) before he allows them to teach meditation at his centers.

    The mental/emotional/physical damage that can happen when unresolved trauma meets mediation is very real.


    In order for me to be clear about how prevalent this problem actually is, I have to take a moment to explain how we see trauma from a nervous system perspective. Simply put, trauma is not in the event, it’s what happens inside of us as a reaction to the event. People generally think of war, rape, huge accidents, etc… and these all can be traumatic for sure, but it’s the way we respond internally that determines if we will, in fact, be traumatized.

    Essentially, trauma results from the autonomic nervous system not being allowed to do what it needs to do, because something happened too fast, too much, or without enough safety for us to process it. In overwhelming situations our nervous system responds with huge survival energies – the fight, flight and freeze responses – and when these energies cannot complete and run their course, the result is trauma, or more specifically – nervous system dysregulation.

    This can happen from BIG events like the ones I mentioned, it can also happen from neglect, poor attunement or attachment from our caregivers, a mother who is depressed during or after pregnancy, witnessing violence in the home, the everyday repressive norms of our toxic culture, and myriad other forms of chronic stress and strain. What I’m saying here is that nervous system dysregulation, aka trauma, is FAR more common than is generally understood.

    Thanks so much for taking the time to read all this!

    • Hi Seth – I just read your reply after I posted my comment. I think you just answered my puzzle, why I sometimes feel far worse after I meditate than I did before I started. By worse, I mean, increased anxiety, depressive thoughts, etc. I’ve read quite a bit of research on trauma and physiology but never connected this with what happens for me from time to time in meditation. Until now. Fascinating and thank you! I do notice a difference if I have been physically active before I sit to meditate, I have a subjectively “better” experience, finding space and peace slowing the mind machine down and observing.

      • Hi Erin,

        I’m so glad you’ve found some answers for yourself in my comment. I don’t want to promote myself or anyone besides Marie on this site, so if you would like some more information about this and some resources to work with your nervous system feel free to email me.

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Thanks for sharing from your learning and experience, Seth!

    • Ursula

      Hi Seth,
      I appreciate your comment – it’s good to hear this voiced.

  80. I have meditated off and on for 25 years since being dropped onto Mars, aka, a Zen temple for a month. First introduced to the idea of meditation in middle school during the 1970s by a school counselor who was fired for teaching “mind control.” I was fascinated by that fear reaction to something I thought was really great at the time. . . being told to close your eyes and just be was awesome to happen at school. I understand now that fear to be the fact that meditation actually IS power — shows you power you have to control your own mind. Some years I have been sporadic, others routinely an hour a day. I’ve tried various forms of meditation, but always return to the basic focus on the breath (vipassana or calm abiding), and it’s always before I sleep, not morning. I also try the technique when I’m stressed out and about in public. Breath is always available (until it isn’t). My biggest puzzle doing it regularly is that sometimes I definitely experience the benefits so widely researched and talked about. Other times I feel actually worse after meditation than before I started to sit that day, so that makes the next sit hard for me to motivate for. It’s all freeing the mind from being dragged around by its weather pattern of thoughts, and that’s the biggest reward I get from it overall.

  81. What a fantastic episode Marie. I’m a consistent meditator and I still really enjoyed this and found some new things to try. I can’t wait to give your download a go – thanks so much for creating it. Like you, I really notice the difference it makes to my day – especially if I drop it for a few days. x

  82. I’m SO much better when I meditate. I too prefer guided meditations and having a focus. Going to listen to Marie’s gift tomorrow, thanks Marie!

  83. Thanks Marie for sharing your ‘calm meditation’ station on Pandora. I’m going to check it out. Post-meditation, I have found the ‘classical for studying’ station amazingly powerful for productivity with grace.

    Happy Holidays!

  84. I loved how this video simplified the steps to meditating. I’ve been meditating daily for the past 26 years. I chant HU or my personal sacred mantra for 20 minutes. This practice helps me focus, relax and be creative. Whenever I’m working on a project that is very demanding and I don’t seem to be getting anywhere, I stop whatever I’m doing and I meditate. Clarity and efficiency then follows. Sometimes, when I’m very agitated, I’ll tap my acupuncture points ( while chanting my mantra. This helps calm and settle the mind. I then continue with my chanting.

  85. I have tried meditation on and off, but never really stuck with it, even though I KNOW I feel so much better when I DO IT! Arg!

    Since I can’t seem to develop a seated meditation habit, I am trying to go the walking meditation route — 3 days/week, I get up out of bed, put on my walking gear — including sneakers — and head out the door for a 15-20 minute walk. It provides all the benefits of seated meditation and the fresh air does me a world of good. When we get a new furry friend in December (we had to put our dog down in May 🙁 I’ll be doing this 7 days/week.

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Sarah, so sorry to hear about your sweet furry pal. That’s tough stuff. It sounds like you’ll be taking in a new family member again soon, and we’re excited for you to get out and go walking with him or her to take a moment to think and try meditating that way. 🙂

  86. Marie, thank you so much for this episode! I have tried meditation in the past and struggled because I couldn’t be still… and so I just gave up thinking it wasn’t for me. But, I have been wanting to give it another try and I am so happy to use your 10 minute mediation as a way to get started. Thank you!

    • Hi Tina! Most of us were never told that there are 5 different forms of meditation and the one you may need to practice first is mindfullness meditation. Where you process your thoughts because they don’t want to be still.

  87. Yay, Marie has recorded guided meditation, I’m sooo excited about that!! I too meditate every morning because my mind can be a crazy place to be. I too choose to sit on the floor, straight spine, start with breath and just set a timer. If I can’t wrangle my mind into submission, I practice Vipassana meditation. When I lived in Ecuador I went on a 10-day silent retreat and learned the technique there. I agree with Marie, if I don’t meditate in the morning I feel off the rest of the day.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      So awesome, Jennifer! xoxoxo ^_^

  88. Tracy

    Thanks Marie. I loved that meditation. <3 I've downloaded it so i can start using it. Thanks heaps. <3

  89. dori

    Pandora is only available in the US…..what a shame

    • Try Spotify or Apple Music and type in ‘Calm Meditation.’ 😉
      That’s what I mention to my clients.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Dori, thank you for the heads up. We were also disappointed to learn that Pandora is only available in a couple countries, but it sounds like they’re working on getting the licensing to reach other countries around the world.

      As an alternative, you might like to check out some Zen, meditation, or spa music on YouTube. I used to do that all the time myself, and there’s tons of great music there. Here’s one to get you started:

  90. Patricia

    I Love Love Love your videos
    This one is very interesting but I feel a little sad because I practice meditation from one year ago and I have to say I don’t really feel any benefits. I be done all chimes meditations with mantras and also for my own. It s still very difficult to me to meditate, my mind is very agitated. But I keep trying. I m sad not feeling benefits. I m stressed, difficult to focus. And it doesn’t change after a meditation. For how long I have to keep trying ?

    • Patricia, I’m sorry for your frustration. There are 5 different forms of meditation. One of them is called mindfulness meditations. It’s where you allow your thoughts to run free and allow them to release. Your body is asking for mindfullness meditation. What Marie is talking about is mantra meditation. Your thoughts need to be processed before they can be still. It’s okay!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Hi Patricia, thank you so much for tuning in this week, and I’m sorry to hear that you’re not feeling the benefits from your practice just yet. Sometimes it can take a little time and experimenting to find the practice that works best for you.

      One of the goals of meditation is to teach us how to be present in the moment — in other words, not caught up and carried away by our thoughts. We all do still have thoughts that pop up of course, but like Marie shares in the episode, those can come and go like clouds without getting too attached to them.

      There a couple things I might suggest based on my own experiences with meditation, but these absolutely aren’t the only things out there, so feel free to research and experiment.

      One book you might like to read if you haven’t already is “The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle. It’s about living in the present moment (the now), and it’s just such an accessible and friendly introduction to the world of being present. It was my own introduction to mindfulness and meditation, and I know there are a lot of other people out there who found it an incredibly helpful starting point as well.

      We also have this great MarieTV episode about being in the now for a quick nugget of wisdom right away:

      Another thing you might like to try is reframing your practice a bit. I know when I go into meditation expecting it to calm me down, it can actually help prevent me from calming down! Instead of sitting down to meditation thinking that it will have any specific results, you might find it helpful to sit down as you’re getting ready to meditate and think something like,

      “I’m curious about what will happen during this meditation. I’m going to breathe and not judge the thoughts that come up — just let them go and see what happens.”

      In the Buddhist traditions, this kind of thing is referred to as non-attachment, and by approaching your practice with kindness and curiosity, it might help remove some of the frustration you’re feeling.

      Finally, you might try mixing up your practice. Maybe something physical like a walking meditation or yoga might be more your style!

      You might also like to skim through the comments here for some more ideas. We have so many amazing people sharing their meditation practices this week, so you might find some beautiful ideas.

      I hope that helps, and definitely keep searching. It might take a bit to find what works for you, but once you have it, it’s so worth the time!

  91. Thank you so much for this beautiful meditation, Marie. I do have a regular meditation practice, but it often goes a bit ‘meh’. Thanks for bringing the spark back to my practice and for brightening my day. 🙂

  92. Thank you Marie. I would be interested to hear more about how and when you started to meditate.

    Oh, unfortunately the meditation radio channel is not available in the Netherlands. I would be happy to hear other suggestions.

    Loads of Love <3

    • Hi! Apple Music has a selection and Spotify. Type in ‘Calm Meditation’ in their search bar. Hope that helps! That’s what I use.

      • Thank you dear Elsie! I will definetely try the app today and check your site as well.
        Love <3

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Beryl, I’m so sorry to hear about the meditation radio channel. It sounds like Pandora is working on bringing their channels to other countries, but in the meantime, you might like to look up some Zen or meditation music on YouTube. I used to do that before I started using Pandora, and it’s pretty great. Here’s one to help you get started:

      In terms of Marie’s own practice, I know her first introduction to meditation was at the age of 17 — I believe it was during a class in school.

      I was also introduced to meditation around the same age in a school class myself, although I didn’t really get into it personally until college when I read “The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle.

      That’s a great book for starting to live a more mindful life, and so many find it an amazing introduction to both being mindful and meditating.

      You might also like to check out some of Oprah’s meditation resources too — I know she’s offered meditation challenges and such before!

      • Dear Caroline,

        Great resources and very warm support. Thank you so much!

        Love <3 <3 <3

  93. Thank you for your beautiful meditation. You were wonderful. Congratulations!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much, Lizzie! So glad you enjoyed it xo

  94. Dear Marie,
    I want to thank you for the wonderful gift you have given us!
    Replacing me 15 years back, at times I did meditation every day !!
    You mentioned me really true this and important to use a tool that helps us to Fox in the right place.
    Thank you with all my heart!
    Varda Porat

  95. Radhika

    Darling Marie,

    A great blog, as usual, sending feel-good vibes.

    Just one feedback. Sohum actually means So + Hum = This is me or this is who I am, or simply, I am…and Namah means I bow. So, in effect, it means I bow to the Divine in me or I love myself! Which is of course a highly inspiring mantra…thanks and love…

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Oh, that’s so beautiful! Thank you for the feedback, Radhika — I like that mantra even more now 🙂

  96. I don’t know how many times I’ve said ‘I needed this today’ after watching your videos, but today is certainly no exception. Yesterday, my stress level was through the roof! This video reminded me it was time to get back on track and start my day off right. Thank you!

  97. alex

    Hi, I’ve been meditating not for so long but feel great benefit in that I vent off less often.

    I usually meditate early morning but I’m having a conflict with my morning exercise routine. They get to be back to back sometimes. Would exercise right after meditation no go well?

    Thanks for your comments

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      I definitely have the same problem, Alex. It can be tough to get everything in during the morning. I think it could absolutely be okay to exercise after meditating, but I might suggest trying it a few different ways to see what you like best.

      You may find that exercising first makes you feel ready for meditation — like how the last pose in yoga is usually “savasana,” which is designed to be a bit meditative … or maybe you’ll find that meditating first puts you in a good head space for working out.

      There’s no wrong way to do it, so try out a few things to find what lights you up the most and go for it!

  98. Lou

    It seems other people here have had issues meditating; I’ve tried Headspace and other guided meditation apps – they don’t seem to add value for me.

    Instead I moved to mindfulness, which is basically short sporadic meditation sessions throughout the day.

    I send random reminders to myself (e.g. What am I grateful for right now?) throughout the day which works better for me than meditating in the beginning or end of day.

    I use to send the randomized text messages and create a bunch of cues to keep my on my toes throughout the day.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      I love that, Lou! Mindfulness is the best — I try to practice it while doing the dishes 😀

  99. Hi Marie,

    First let me say that I absolutely love your show. Your practical, funny, witty advises always keep me coming back for more!

    Meditation has profoundly changed my life. Over the past 5 years, I have discovered myself, found my life purpose and developed a wonderful relationship with my children.

    I couldn’t recommend this practice enough.

    Thank you again for all your hard work.

    Much love,

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Beautiful, Sandrine. Thank you so much for sharing! xo

  100. I started meditating this summer, cause I got sooo tired of my monkey mind. I read the book The Surrender Experiment and decided to go all in and meditate for one hour every day. It was crazy frustrating most of the time but results came quick. Now I’m down to 30 mins/day, and I keep ut up because it really is amazingly helpful to have a concrete tool to get peace of mind, clarity and calm. Just sit down and do nothing for a while, and then you’re good to go. 😉

  101. Jules

    Marie this worked really well for me, first time too! Thank u so much for sharing, I will aim to do this first thing before yoga practice! Love the mantra, it works so well. Namaste.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Awesome, Jules! Yoga and meditation are a powerful combo. 🙂

  102. Great episode, as usual! Thanks for sharing your practice. I started meditating every day 2 years ago. I call it “scraping the mucus off my brain” (as per a Ween song title).

    Love the research you posted. A little nitpick though: there ain’t no clinical research that supports the notion of chakras. You say you did ‘research’ to find that the hand/finger position links to a certain chakra. Gotta call BS on that one, there’s no such thing! Otherwise, meditation is awesome.

  103. I find meditation has many benefits. first, you are giving yoursefl permisssion to spend 20 minutes a day doing something for yourself, that’s self love.
    Second you are teaching your body to relax. I find I am more aware of my body language and find mysefl relaxing my body throughout the day because the morning medition gave me a muscle memory of how to be relaxed.
    If using a guided meditation like Depak
    Chopra you get an additional message to carry with you throughout the day.

    I’ll find myself relating the the day’s activities in light of the morning meditation and making connections of the message I received in the morning and how it translated into my life throughout the day.

    Meditation helps me to pay attention to my life. I love it that Marie shared her practice, thank you Marie and team Forleo for all that you do.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      So true, Laurel! And I love what you shared about the muscle memory of how to be relaxed. It’s so much easier to get to that non-stressful place when you actively practice it rather than trying to force it when things get really stressful.

  104. Corina Vanana Valcan

    Thank you again Marie as I would take you the next days in my super meditation because it`s for 100% loving.

  105. Thanks for the video Marie! I’ve been meditating basically every day for the past 5-6 years. It helps me a lot! As you say, it allows me to reach my true self. 🙂

  106. The power of a fish is in the water. My water is meditation it gives me lots of power and direction to face the day. It is now part of me and can not do without it. If you have stopped meditating, my message to you is quit the habit of quitting because MEDITATION is the answer.

  107. Hi Marie,
    I really enjoyed your guided meditation and thanks for the Jason Headly one, that really made me laugh 🙂

    I will be using your guided meditation for the next week as I am determined to make this part of my daily routine – will let you know how I get on!

    P.S. Love the ending where you say have a beautiful day, that is so uplifting.

    Keep up the brilliant work xx

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Awesome, Shelly! We can’t wait to hear how meditation helps make your days more relaxing. 🙂

  108. Hey Marie,

    Yes, I do meditate. I consider myself a beginner and it can still take time for me to get into that space. So a 10 minute meditation can take 20 – 25 minutes.

    But without a doubt I do feel better. I prefer to do mine in the evening because I feel as though I’m cleansing myself from the stress of the day. In the morning I just want to start my day.

    Anyone who is reluctant, what I will say is this… My stress levels have increased since starting my business. As a result (which I wasn’t aware of) I started to get acne. I changed my diet, face washes, seeked professional help. But after I began meditation my skin greatly improved… it was internal stress that wasn’t being released .

    Just keep at it and start off with guided meditation. Check out Dr Chopra Deepak guided meditation on YouTube. That really helped me.


    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Oh wow! Sometimes we forget how meditation can have positive physical results in addition to positive mental results, but that’s super important too. I’m so glad meditation is helping you release inner stress and keep your skin clear—that’s awesome.

  109. Love the “adult” one! I know it’s a joke, but right now “F that” is the perfect mantra for me. 🙂

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Haha! Whatever works! 😛

  110. Thank you, I tried it last night and this morning, and will continue. Somebody mentioned earlier in the thread mala beads, if you are Catholic I would imagine the Rosary would be a good one. My sister in-law prays the rosary as her meditation for an hour every day. She does it while walking around her basement, because she too likes to have the activity. I can see why any of the focus time on a meditation, on a prayer, on just recentering ourselves is so important. Especially like hearing the feedback that I’m not the only one who has to struggle with the racing thoughts of the future, what I may not have gotten done, what I may not be doing right and instead re focus on I am ok, i am doing everything I can, and it is enough. God bless

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s wonderful! Prayer is definitely a form of meditation and it sounds like your sister-in-law found what works well for her. Different things work for different people, so feel free to experiment with it.

  111. There is another one that I am going to get on CD, and it is by the late Sylvia Browne. Now I know some people think she was a nut job, and she may have been, although i dont think so, but this meditation in her in one of her books literally cured my restless legs syndrome. It is God centered, and it is beautiful, it is called the lab. And I would recommend this for anyone because it is that powerful and beautiful.

  112. Mari

    Happy thanksgiving!!Although we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving here in Japan, I am still taking the day to be appreciative of everything I am grateful for in my life.

    I wanted to say thank you for your meditation audio.I LOVED IT!!
    I liked that you let the music and our thoughts to wander after your initial guidance.
    PLEASE make a full meditation album!!

    Thank you for being you. You inspire me in so many ways.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      We’re so happy you enjoyed it, Mari! We appreciate you for tuning in this week and we’re counting you among our post-Thanksgiving blessings. 🙂

  113. Meditation is enriching,

    it adds value to the soul, very fulfilling,

    you just need few minutes, each day, to connect your inside to what you are searching for outside, in the world,

    it’s a special time to take stock, to project, to know what not to go for and what to go for,

    meditation gives you the latitude to focus on the substance,

    while turning a blind eye to all distractions that may give you a sleepless night.

  114. Bente Hartelius

    Hi. I love this episode. Have done meditation on and off and this is a gentle push back. I made a meditation your way on the spot and it work instantly to quite my mind and ground my body.

  115. Shalini

    I loved this episode. Can you list out the various types of meditation? Just the list…Not any explanation. I know 3
    1)Mantra meditation
    2)kundalini meditation
    3)walking meditation
    Thank you!

  116. Dearest Marie,
    Greetings! I want to thank you for your ministries! You, in my very humble opinion, are a very dynamic and power woman who has her finger on the pulse of how to live life to the fullest! I love, love, love, every episode you do! You have touched my life in a very profound way! This particular episode is near and dear to my heart. Thank you for sharing the personal way in which you meditate and the mediation music which I find is both relaxing and invigorating at the same time. I wish you continued success, many blessings and abundant joy! Namaste`, Anthony

  117. I love this! Meditation finally clicked for me last year after my neighbor taught me and she learned at the Chopra center. I am cranky and unsure of myself when I don’t meditate. Thank you so much for sharing this powerful tool, Marie. It will help me encourage more people to meditate too. Can’t wait to listen to this!

  118. Tina K

    Thank you for this episode Marie! It came just in time for me! I’m new to mediation and have only tried it a few times, but haven’t been able to do it consistently. I think for beginners the difficult part is not knowing what to do exactly. I’ve been doing some research on mindful meditation. This video was a great help! Can’t wait to try it out. Thank you for sharing!

  119. I’m just now getting more consistent with starting my mornings with meditation. As always, this video was right on time. Thanks for all you do!!

  120. Refreshing! Thanks for the recording, Marie! 🙂

    I’m a very restless person, but as my to-do list grows, I recognize a daily meditation practice is becoming a must…

  121. Lindsay

    Meditation is a pattern that has been re-occuring in my life, or at least the mention of meditation has continued to present itself to me in various ways.

    I believe that when patterns arise, I should pay attention. But the practice of meditation remained a thought in my mind and another item on the list of things I should do, until very recently, when a string of beautifully interconnected events delivered a meditation book to my university p.o. box.

    Marie has been saying it. Anthony Robbins has been saying it. Jonathan Fields has said it. People whose actions are a testament to their words, whose work is illuminating the lives of many, they were all saying the same thing. They were all speaking to the power of meditation.

    And yet, I remained stuck in the anxieties that I did not have enough time.

    This book, Meditation And Reinventing Yourself by Alex Mill, change that.

    “This book is written to be read like a poetry book.” That is the beginning of the beginning. Poetry? Meditation made to be read like poetry? I was captivated. I began to read further.

    “Maybe humor will teach you what seriousness did not.”
    I smiled. The book seemed to speak to me like a friend who knew me intimately: my story, my struggles, my goals and desires.

    “Simply put, if you want to have an effect on the quality of your life, you will want to make time for meditation.

    And it doesn’t take much. In the workshops I teach, I encourage participants to meditate everyday for just 5 minutes. Not 4 and not 6. Five.

    That seems like a reasonable investment of time to make coming from such a bold statement like, “If you want to have an effect on the quality of your life, you will want to make time for meditation.

    But you would be surprised by the ***degree of resistance*** people run into with just this short, simple addition to their days.”

    5 minutes? I could do that. I could commit to that. Any other amount freaked me out. The description of resistance, that was exactly what I had experienced. Especially considering that the quote which began the series of events that brought the meditation book to me was, “Time is a created thing. To Say ‘I don’t have time’ is like saying ‘I don’t want to.’ -Lao Tzu”

    This is exactly what I had been saying: “I don’t have time.”

    Anyways, I committed to 5 minutes, and in less than 1 week, I have experienced firsthand the truly transformative power that five minutes of meditative presence can have.


    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      We love this share, Lindsay! It’s wonderful to hear how Alex’s book has changed the way you meditate and helped you lead a less stressful and more connected life. I want to go read this now. 🙂

  122. Julie Captain

    While I’ve tried to become ritualistic in meditating over the last year, I’ve been spotty and inconsistent. When times are busy and chaotic, I say I don’t have time. When things are going well, I tell myself I don’t need it. Both are simple excuses so I am taking your challenge, Marie, starting in 3…2…1…

    (Thank you for the challenge and the guideposts. As always, you’re such a gift!)

  123. Becky

    Hey Marie!
    Thanks so much! I have meditated on and off the last few years and can’t seem to get in a routine…. Especially in the morning. I have woken up pretty cranky the last few mornings and can only relate it to some big life events happening in the next few days and today was no different until I did your meditation and I feel like a new person. Thank you! I enjoyed the mantra and mudra. Namaste! With love becky

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      I’m so glad Marie’s guided meditation helped! It sounds like you’ve got some big stuff coming up soon, so we’re sending lots of love your way.

  124. Darcy Daniels

    Hey Marie!
    I also meditate every day too. It took me many years to get to ten minutes. But even my kids know that I get 10 minutes to meditate in the morning and unless they are bleeding or on fire, that they are not to disturb me. My practice is a lot like yours, though I also look inward to see what is hurting in my body. At the end, I ask “What do I need to know today?” and my intuition tells me what to be aware of. Sometimes I know that something is “eating” at me and I just let my subconscious work it out, it may take days or weeks, but eventually it bubbles to the surface and then I can let it go. Honestly, meditation is one of the best things I have ever done. Hope you’re well!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      I love that your kids respect your meditation time. I bet it’ll inspire them to start meditating one day too!

  125. I’ve consistently meditated in the morning for two years now, and the more time passes, the more invaluable it becomes. My body knows its the routine, and everything is off, including my digestion, without it! I start off with 20 minutes of yoga, to wake up my body, and then 30 minutes of meditation- a simple meditation of focusing on the breath and the body. I am such a believer–and its through experience, so I do encourage anyone who has never tried to give it a go, I have learned to love it!!

  126. OMG! Meditation is a game changer for me! Like You, Marie I have constantly something on my mind – thousands ideas. In my med school I had not a clue how to be calm, connect with myself etc. Thanks to the Universe, when I enrolled to the School of Therapeutic Hypnosis (I’ve always believed in Mind-Body connection when it comes to helping others) we’d start every day with a 10 min meditation. My life changed! For every should out there wondering – to try or not to try: GO FOR IT! START MEDITATE. Your life will expand in so many ways.

  127. Sheila

    I have been meditating for the past 30 days or so and have seen a huge difference in my stress and creativity! I’m so glad i’ve kept trying to meditate.

  128. Oliver

    Yes, I always meditate. It helps sustain mental and emotional harmony. It also sharpens mental focus and is a basis for re-grouping after people or an incident throw you off balance.

  129. Ursula

    Thanks Marie! I have tried your guided meditation a few times this week and I really like it. I appreciate your company in the morning 🙂

  130. Bri

    Hello Marie!

    I am so eternally grateful for this message. I’ve never mediated before and my mentor has been urging me to do it for over 6 months now.

    Yesterday I woke up to your message about mediation and still wasn’t sure if I would try it. I then got two other messages about being still and meditation, so I figured it was time to start!

    I was so afraid to meditate, honestly. Not knowing what emotions, memories or thoughts I would have, meditation seemed intimidating for many years.

    So I got a comfy seat on my couch and started with a 1 minute meditation practice from Dr. John Douillard. So proud that I accomplished one minute successfully, I hoped over to your guided mediation and let her rip.

    I’ve never felt more peaceful, focused and centered. It was like all the fear I’ve had about knowing what to do next melted away. The pain in my shoulder? Gone.

    I could sense my inner self, saying, “My only job is to be me” over and over again. My Higher Power, gave me a sense of peace that everything is OK and nothing is beyond figuring out. 😉

    Thanks so, so much for making this for us! It’s an amazing gift and I’m truly grateful!


  131. Pamela Englebert

    Your meditation is fantastic, Marie! I have meditated for years off and on, used different styles, postures, circumstances, etc. The vibration of your voice is off the charts. I was “in the zone” almost immediately! Girl, you should make several and sell downloads! I’m inspired again and definitely will use today’s meditation over and over. Please consider making more.

    And, FYI, self-hypnosis downloads would be incredible – just saying!

    Love and Gratitude,

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s awesome, Pamela! So glad you enjoyed Marie’s guided meditation. 🙂

  132. Taylor

    Just tried meditating for the first time, and it was rough! Definitely something that I will have to work at, as it was really hard to calm my mind. I also found that my back ached the whole time. But interestingly enough, usually my hands and feet are really cold (especially in the winter time) but after meditating I have warmth radiating outward! That is pretty cool!

    Marie – I absolutely love what you do and have been inspired by you and your positive mojo for the past few years. Thank you for sharing your personal practice! It’s really helpful to have a model to aspire to! 🙂

  133. I meditate for 30 minutes at least every morning. I fit this much time in by getting up 30 minutes earlier. I like to meditate lying down with my feet up on pillows to get the blood to gently start flowing to my brain to begin waking me up more. I focus on gratitude, forgiveness of myself and others, visualize my goals, ask for what I want and quiet my mind. I started my own business this year and meditation has been key in helping me getting up and moving and starting the day from an excited, positive and patient place instead of focusing on limiting beliefs or negative thoughts.

    • I love that you said you do this lying down, I like that as well. And your focus is great, although it’s hard to stay there sometimes, that mantra brings us right back. Limiting beliefs and negative thoughts, I struggle there too and I’ve only begun to meditate, but I am liking how I can get myself back on track more quickly because of it. Thank you for sharing that Dawn. 🙂

  134. Thanks for your feedback. I have tried Marie’s meditation for a few days, and I do really feel more centered. Yesterday, I bawled through the first 5 minutes, and I have been working through some things so it felt very cleansing. I’ll keep going, thanks so much for your help and insight.


    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Stacey, so happy you’re feeling more centered. And you’re not alone in crying during meditation! I’m so glad it felt cleansing for you.

    • Lauren Pickens

      Stacey…I have been meditating and having a hard time going deep. I used music and a mantra after reading this post and also started crying. Truthfully, bawling. I read somewhere that we are so trained to hold emotions back that it is quite common to have them come flooding out in anger, laughter or tears. I can totally believe it now. It was to read that someone else had that experience. Thanks for sharing.

  135. Elisa De la Serna

    Dear Marie,
    I gladly discovered YOU, recently, and I was wondering how could I get this question about your meditation routine, which you mention a lot in your videos. Then I found this! which is wonderful!! And exactly answered my doubts.
    I´ve tried meditation by my own, for several times in the latest years, but I haven’t been consistent. Never the less, since I´ve been watching your videos, been suscribed to your YouTube channel, your web site, facebook and Instagram, I have retaken this wonderful tool and I feel soo grateful.
    I have a tremendous admiration for you, and would love to thank you for all the impact your message has had in my life. I’ve shared some of your videos, but most of my friends (I’m from Mexico) do not understand english. I´ve received likes in those posts, bur I´m pretty sure, they don´t even open your video. I don’t know how much trouble or work would mean if you put some subtitles to your videos. They all have great and a lot of gooood information, that could help so many lives. With all my love and respect, Elisa

  136. Lillian Chen

    Is anyone there can help me? I tried to meditate many times and different ways, I always fall in sleep. What should I do?

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Lillian, I’m not an expert at meditation, but I have a few ideas that might help. You could try sitting in a different location or in a different way/position (like a chair that keeps you upright and isn’t padded). You could also try meditating for a shorter period of time to start (maybe 5 minutes will do the trick). Hope this helps!

  137. Marie,

    Like you I’ve been meditating – even teaching meditation to others – for years. But I admit, I haven’t always been as consistent as I would like to say I have. I remember a quote that Gandhi supposedly said: “I have so much to do today that I must meditate two hours instead of one.” Love that and have noticed in the past month how my life had become so much more calm in the midst of a busy life, all do to meditating.

    And, I’m putting your link to that three-minute meditation on the Facebook page of my alter-ego. Her readers are going to love it!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Terry, that quote is spectacular! I love it — thanks so much for sharing and for tuning in 🙂

  138. Let me start by saying praying can be meditation. My earlier years were spent in a Catholic church and school. Back then we were screamed at (depending on who) that we were committing a mortal sin. This point goes along with my book I am working on right now.

    Did the priest or the nun or the bishop give me an alternative? It was actually helping me back then (meditation). Did I know about Nirvana or Buddha – no clue then but boy did I feel like a horrible child and I was on my way to hell in short order! Let me say things have changed albeit slowly. Where are they (the church, your church or your own Faith) now? Keep looking for the truth and ways for you to become a better person today – oh and act on it or test it or just do it and see how it works. Keep what works and keep looking for good things to add! Blessings to you all! Rick

  139. I can’t wait to check out your meditation Marie!

    I’ll be offering guided meditations too, through Insight Timer, an iPhone app, in the new year. I love listening to guided ones as it can be so hard sometimes to follow our own discipline. And I love discovering new ones to keep it fresh!

    I offer a free guided meditation over at my site for new subscribers. Go check it out and let me know what you think!

    Thanks for spreading the meditation light!!!!

  140. Paige Fingerhut Charnick

    Thanks for the Pandora station! Great post in general but I will totally use that station! Thank you for sharing!!!

  141. Lauren Pickens

    Ah Marie…thank you for this! I have had such a hard time getting deep into my meditation at home. The noises and energies of life around me (spouse, kids, cat, house, street) make it super tough to get in a flow. During these meditations all of my energy has been focused on releasing the thoughts and muscle tensions that come up as a result of these outside circumstances. Which is ok…sometimes! Finally by using headphones, music and a mantra I went way beyond. These tips have taken my practice to the next level.

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Oh Lauren, that’s SO great to hear!

  142. christina

    Loved this post! I practice your clearing mental white space at least once per week, it completely helps when my world feels like chaos!

  143. Great video. I love how you keep it so simple. I start the say in the same way only instead of a mantra I just focus on my breathe (specifically the air coming in and out of my nose for those wondering) Meditation is like medication for the body, mind and spirit. MARIE YOU ROCK

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thanks so much, Devin! You rock too 🙂

  144. I meditate every morning for 5-10 minutes accompanied by reading my love & light devotional, the six miracle mindedness guides from Gabby Bernstein, and the seven spiritual laws of yoga guides from Deepak Chopra; followed by my gratitude yoga flow. These things together are my daily spiritual practice and I can go approximately three days without doing this practice in the morning before life starts going undesirably. And the moment things start falling apart, and I sit in my sacred space and start again- I am aware of my thoughts, feelings, and actions, and I’m better focused. It’s a challenge to meditate when you first begin, but the more you practice, the easier your mind and body snap right into stillness. My mantra is “just be”. It’s just me and the universe. It works.

  145. Always interesting to find out about other people’s meditation techniques. I prefer guided ones (there are plenty of them on youtube) and take 20-30 minutes/day. My advantage is that I do not need a timer, since I know the time is up when the audio has ended 🙂

  146. Teodora

    Thank u Marie, we’d love more of your personal practices

  147. Candy

    I loved this video! Thanks for making it bc for me it’s much easier to do a guided meditation! I haven’t meditated consistently for more than one month but when I do meditate my life just flows and it’s like I’m floating toward my goals. I think the reason I don’t do it is that just like it’s easy to do, it’s really easy not to devote those 10-15 minutes and put them off. I will try to begin this practice again because the benefits are amazing! Deepak and Oprah also sometimes offer 21 days of free guided meditation which really helped me! Thanks for suggesting this playlist Marie! I actually do prefer to meditate with music!

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Wonderful, Candy! We’re thrilled that you’ll use this guided meditation as a tool.

  148. Djuro

    Marie thank you for meditation!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      You’re so welcome, Djuro, and thank YOU for tuning in 🙂

  149. Kala KOla

    Hi, I was wondering what the background track is for Maries Meditation?
    I love it

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much, Kala — we’re so glad you’re enjoying it! I’m not 100% sure where the music came from for our meditation in particular, but definitely do check out the suggested Pandora playlist ( mentioned below the video for some great meditative music!

      • Kala KOla

        owh yeah I have heard that playlist and I love the music on Maries Specific meditation as it is not too busy and is my favourite after searching for a while. Thanks heaps though 🙂

      • Lindsay S.

        Hi there! I have to second what Kala said – I have listened to tons of different guided meditations and music – spa playlists, Solfeggio frequencies for certain healing, and Marie’s meditation music is BY FAR my fave!! It’s just right – calming but uplifting, and the little flute sound every so often makes me feel like I’m in an enchanted forest.

        If your team could do a little more digging into what song was used I think everyone would be so grateful!
        Much Love-

  150. Emma

    Hi Marie

    I just wanted to say thank you so much. I’ve been meaning to watch this episode for a while. I’ve just listened to your meditation and feel all light, airy and compassionate! You have such a beautiful voice for meditation!

    I’ve dabbled with meditation for a while, but this episode has made me want to make it part of my routine – I’ve scheduled it in before my business time daily (taking your B School Follow Through formula advice!).

    Thank you

    Emma x

    P.S. I am so excited about B School!

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Hooray, Emma! We’re excited too!

  151. I never really got the hang of meditation.

    The only thing that clicked for me is treating meditation like weight training.

    You meditate for 2 minutes and focus on breathing and every time your mind wanders you make a note of it.

    The aim is to gradually reduce how many times your mind wanders.

  152. Laura Gonzalez

    One day I explained to a friend who works in an office how I felt after meditating. I said: “Imagine that you enter to your office and find lots of papers on top of your desk, on tables and on the floor, and all of them are important documents! How do you feel?
    Now imagine that when you finish your 10 or 15 minutes meditation you come back to your office and all the documents are in their right folders, in their drawers and in the right file cabinet.” This is what happens! When I meditate all the things I have to do, all the issues I have to attend become automatically organized, prioritized, and I feel in peace, with energy, happy and ready to enjoy my day and my entire life. Hope this helps = )

  153. I’ve just started mindful meditation a la Jon Kabat-Zinn. The best 20 minutes of my day. You call it monkey mind, I call it squirrels in the attic but whatever you call it, meditation is a great way to mind your way to calm, peaceful and focussed.

  154. I’ve been using this meditation for a few months now and I love how I feel after I do it. I always imagine that my brain has just gotten a lovely steam cleaning.

    And the “let it be easy” part of the practice really made a difference in my brain. Thanks a million, Marie!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      That’s so wonderful, Lisa! We’re so glad to hear that this meditation helps steam clean your brain — I love it! 😀

  155. Pamela Bramwell

    I’ve been trying to meditate daily I think in the way that friend says she’s been trying to stop smoking for years… I start, I stop, I start again, I feel guilty for forgetting… I start again. The best piece of advice that I try to remember is that it doesn’t matter what happens during those 10 minutes or whatever time you set aside for it. It doesn’t have to be perfect, you don’t need to levitate or have absolutely no thoughts or be able to repeat a Sanskrit mantra perfectly a thousand times without thought or effort or any of the other silly things we tell ourselves as an excuse not to just start, to practice, daily – no matter what. And when I do, even when I think afterwards “wow, that was horrible and a complete waste of 10 minutes, I’m just not cut out for this meditation thing…” when I make time to meditate, the results show up in the rest of my life. What I need just magically appears. Opportunities fall into my lap, my intuition goes into overdrive and steers me where I need to go, I run into the people I need to see, I’m back in FLOW and life has a magical quality to it. So if you see me wandering around chasing my tail and looking frazzled, please remind me to stop making dumb excuses and just get meditating again, right now. As the saying goes: Meditate 10 minutes each day. If you don’t have time, meditate for an hour. 😉

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      I love this, Pamela. It’s so true that we so often come up with excuses or worries, when really all we need to do is simply keep showing up even for just a few minutes. I absolutely adore that quote about “if you don’t have time, meditate for an hour” too … 🙂

  156. Thanks for showing how easy it can be to meditate daily when you don’t overcomplicate it. You really don’t need special instruments and lots of time to get the benefits of meditation.

  157. Milena

    Hi Marie!
    Have you tried Vipassana? 🙂 I’ve just done a course and it was incredible… Thought about you there since your teachings seem very in line with the whole philosophy of it…! 🙂

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s awesome, Milena! I’m not sure if Marie has tried Vipassana, but it’s really cool to know it’s something she might like. 🙂 Thank you for sharing it with us!

  158. Jonathan Muscella

    Marie instead of saying “Om um samah” can I just say “Turning back to my true myself” in plain English?

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Absolutely, Jonathan! Whatever works for you as a personal mantra is perfect 🙂

  159. I started meditating this past winter after a health emergency. My health has had improvements, and I’m also finding more creative ideas flowing in when I find stillness. It’s a new habit, so sometimes when life is busy, I forget to keep it as a priority. Thank You for the reminder on all of the benefits of meditation Marie!!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      We’re so glad to hear meditation has been helping you and your health is improving, Erin. It truly is such a powerful, transformative practice. Keep up the great work!

  160. Eva Oskarsdottir

    Meditation has changed my life in so many beautiful ways. The most important change has been that I am now able to stop myself sooner when I start critisising myself.

  161. I meditate pretty regularly, via the app Insight Timer. You are able to make your own “preset” meditate, you can set it for 10 secs any thing to or beyond 10 minutes. You can bookmark and listen to guided meditations. My favorite 10 minute, guided meditation is titled “There Is Nothing Wrong With You” by Robin Rice. The app is free. It is available for Android and iPhone (I have an LG G5 and I recommend this app to all my favorite people…my sister has an iPhone 7 or 8 and she uses it regularly). I listen to that particular one when I shower, soak in a tub, or am commuting during rush hour in Saint Louis (read as: have 10-20 minutes of travel).

  162. Annette

    I clicked on the link for “Calm Meditation” station and it said page not found. Is there an updated link? thanks a million 🙂

  163. Catherine Sutton

    I have been meditating for the past three years. I was told it makes a profound difference to your life. At first I wasn’t sure what that meant but it all becomes very clear after a short time. It has given me a clarity, more creative ideas and made me more relaxed and confident. I don’t think I always meditate correctly but just doing it anyway makes a difference.

  164. Brenda

    I’ve practiced Transcendental Meditation (TM) , twice per day (20 minutes per session) for over two years now – one of the best choices I’ve ever made.

    • Cyrene

      I concur Brenda ✌? TM is the best gift you can give yourself! It’s made a huge difference in my life.

  165. Stevie

    Hello Marie, I really enjoy your meditation, I have tried a couple of times before but I actually stayed more connected with yours. – Stevie

  166. Love, love, love your mediation. Thank you so much for sharing.

  167. Yes I teach meditation to both adults and students changed my life

  168. I’ve been meditating for sleep lately, and it really helps! I often have sleep issues but I find 3-4 minutes of meditation (while lying down in bed), especially with a focus on the breath, knocks me right out (and keeps me asleep through the night).
    I’ll start in the morning now as well after watching Marie’s Q&A and reading everyone’s inspirational comments!

  169. OMG! The “f**k that” meditation! A classic in my life and I share it with everyone I think would benefit of it. I meditate from time to time. Mostly with mantras. It helps to calm the monkey brain.

  170. Sara Macel

    I stopped meditating when I started doing hypnotherapy two years ago. They are both amazing and serve different purposes. Thank you for the reminder of how easy and important mediation is. I commit to mediating every day for the next seven days! I’m also loving the comments below about a PEACE practice. I’m going to start developing that for myself! Thank you so much ?

  171. Meditation has definitely changed my life for the better. I enjoy it although it is not always easy. It’s been a part of my morning routine for 2 yrs now. It so simple yet so immensely powerful. Unfortunately, there is so much bad press around it, especially where I come from. My big dreams and wish is that it could be taught at schools and become a part of all curricula. There’s nothing woo-woo about it!

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      We love that you’ve been having such a positive experience with meditation Kash. The beautiful thing about it is that it’s such a deeply personal practice, so no matter other people’s perceptions, as long as you’re participating in a way that offers value to your life, that’s all that matters.

      We also share your dream that it be offered and taught in schools, and as that’s beginning to happen in certain places in the US, hopefully it expands even more!

  172. !! You make me laugh so much! Your team must have so much fun working with you.
    I just watched this video on my mobile while drinking coffee, and now I have coffee tears running out of my nose…
    Thank you for sharing, I absolutely love all your content, so inspirational and valuable!

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Thanks so much for your kind words, Elanya! We do have a lot of fun here on Team Forleo. Thanks so much for tuning in and laughing along with us! We’re grateful to have you in our community.

  173. It’s magic! Don’t try so hard, just relax & breathe…

  174. I’m embarrassed to admit that even as a yoga instructor I have a very inconsistent meditation practice! My favorite time to do it is in the morning, but my busiest work time is in the morning! I need to practice what I preach. When I do, I like listening to Deepak Chopra’s guided meditation (there’s free 21 day challenges all the time) and I think we can all agree that Andy Puddicombe (Headspace guy) has a sexy voice. Sorry, not sorry, Andy!

  175. Deborah Vail

    I was so relieved to hear this is good for active minds, I really struggle with focus and listening, my mind makes rapid turns on the dime. I am going to challenge myself to meditate for the next 7 days with positive results. I also hope that meditating will make it easier to sleep, i cant seem to shut my mind up!!! thank you all for sharing your ideas.

  176. Lacey

    As an athlete, first I started meditating as a way to visualize the outcome of my ski races. Once I retired, that visualization transfered to a breathing meditation daily. I can tell a big difference in my day if I don’t meditate. It feels like my day is chaotic and fragmented. It seems like if I start my day meditating I remember to breath throughout the day and I’m able to handle the stressers of life more in stride.
    I really appreciated this overview of Marie’s meditation practice, and links to scientific proof meditation works! So helpful! Thank you!

  177. My day is not the same without meditation. I usually listen to a guided meditation first thing in the morning before my little girl wakes up and starts jumping on top of my bed. But this morning I was up at 5 thinking about the day ahead and listened to my guided meditation then and I managed to get another hour of sleep afterwards. It calmed me down so much, I was able to relax and go back to sleep. My life has been nothing but turmoil for the past 4 years and massive changes happened in my life in this short time span. Meditation is what keeps me going.

  178. TRACEY B

    The last 8 years I have had a fairly consistent meditation practise since I began teaching yoga. But sometimes life just happens and I fall off that train. But that’s ok, I have the tools I need to jump back on the meditation train and start going with the flow again. And life does flow more easily. I am more patient and happier for it and the others around me…mainly my family, are much happier! They love a chill Momma and are the first to let me know when I need it! It sure has helped me to remain calm in some crazy moments raising teens!
    You have to find what works for you….like Marie said… there are so many ways to meditate. Maybe it’s savouring and sipping a cup of tea quietly or a walking meditation in the woods… I continue to experiment and have let go of the need for it to be or look perfect. I think consistency is key….at least for me. And I love your meditation Marie. I would love to know the name of the music you use . Thanks sooo much….looking forward to getting back on track. 🙂

  179. I feel so grateful to have found meditation. I’ve been a daily practitioner for 10+ years and I rarely miss a day (even if its only for 5-6 minutes.

    In the last five years I’ve incorporated essential oils in to my daily practice and take a moment to reset midway through my workday with a few deep inhales of an oil like Orange Oil. When I meditate in the morning, I find that this practice of mindful breathing can re-activate the meditative state and keep me open, spacious and receptive no matter what my day throws at me.

  180. Cyrene

    TM is my jam! I mediate everyday 20 mins when I wake up and 20 mins in the afternoon, anytime before dinner. It actually gives you energy. TM has totally changed my life and is one of the driving forces in creating a successful business that I love.. I will donate proceeds to create more scholarships for people in need of TM! I know I can bring happiness to people that have lost hope, through TM! It is endorsed by the Mayo Clinic, and is scientifically proven to lower blood pressure to the point patients no longer need meds, it’s so effective with stress, anxiety, depression, ptsd, and improves mental clarity and focus, AND it’s the easiest meditation I’ve ever done, and I’ve tried many. I encourage everyone to check out TM.ORG and a free orientation! It’s the best gift I ever gave myself. Much love ?✌??

  181. Jacki

    I keep trying to get into mediation, and have such a hard time keeping my head quiet or letting the thoughts slide. I am trying though. With how stressed out I make myself, I need it, I know. Just sat down and did 10 minutes (longest in forever!) via the adult mediation. That is absolutely needed, thank you <3

  182. Heli

    I will be forever grateful for this guided meditation. I’ve tried many different ways before and it never took on, but this time something truly shifted. I found truly profound insight to my current situation and can’t wait to see what happens. The funny thing was that I find counting from one to ten easiest for me and realized that I can do the Kate Northrup’s lizard brain switch off from your interview video and count them backwards. Et voilá! Bob’s your uncle!

  183. Great Stuff! Just brilliant, I enjoyed visiting here.

  184. Meditation helps you manage stress and thereby reduce anxiety. An 8-week study was conducted where it was shown to help reduce anxiety and some other symptoms such as phobias, social anxiety, paranoid thoughts, obsessive-compulsive behaviors and panic attacks.

  185. Steve

    While sitting still and meditating for 10 minutes is good practice, and it is a practice, once we get good at it, we can just walk around in the world with access to that meditative state all the time, so there’s no such thing as “missing” a session and making our day go to shit, after the beginning and once we get a little good at it. And all we do with meditation is access that pure state of consciousness that was always there anyway, but easy to miss when we get “lost in thought”, especially if we thought thought was all there is.

  186. The first time I did this, I fell asleep! I did it again today and, wow…. monkey mind much? I am making this a priority in my daily morning ritual. I am starting with five minutes each day and will increase it by one minute each week until I find my groove.

  187. Ok, Meditation is such a big word in my life. Since the age of 24 yrs old when I met my Spiritual Master Osho, in Pune, India living in a Spiritual Commune, with Osho until I was 38 yrs old, until now living in Byron Bay amazing age of 65 yrs old Meditation has been apart of my grown up life, all forms of Meditations Active ( dance , gibberish , dynamic, kundalini, nataraj , whirling dervishes, and etc and etc. To silent Meditations eg Vipassana , Zazen, Gorishanka, and on and on.
    For me sitting silently and listening to my Enlightened Master `Osho`. is amazing I m transported back to India sitting silently listening to his discourses whether in English or Hindi, was the best . I listen while driving my car if I feel I need to come back to the heart.
    I also love walking the Lighthouse Walk everyday for an hour by myself and for me this is the best form of meditation as I am silent while walking and I am able feel myself how am I today? To do this each day and then a swim in the ocean for cleansing is the best I feel the day has started and now bring on the business.
    I also love doing Dr Joe Dispenzer sunrise Walking Meditation into my Future Self fantastic. the best is if I can manage both each day and be back home to start our business . its such a disciplined I try and do since I have come back from India since the 90`s its my lifesaver a ritual/discipline I try and do regularly as our business takes us around the world quiet a bit each year.
    Meditation for me in me.

  188. Danielle Slawsby

    LOVE love love meditation. I have tried different things and my practice waxes and wanes. But i will be trying your style as I am listening to Everything Is Figure Outtable and that is my current mantra.

    I have also used a meditation book called The Language of Letting Go. I read the meditation – write about it for 5 minutes and then think about how I can incorporate that day’s meditation into my day. At the end of my day, I look back to see how I did. I pat myself for where I was able to incorporate it and I consider how I could do things differently next time. I then imagine the following day going perfectly and incorporating that meditation into the day’s outcome. It’s a powerful visualization exercise and not a “quiet-minded” meditation, but focused and creative on a particular subject.

  189. Meditation it´s part of my life… at the begining was a little hard to calm my thoughts but after listen several podcast and watched some videos on youtube I realized that only I need to do is practice, like a sport… and now I really find my self more concetrate, more focus and that version of my that always saw a trouble on everything it´s gone

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