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“Should I go for it, Marie?”

After working with entrepreneurs for almost twenty years, I’ve learned to counter this question with, “What does ‘go for it’ mean to you? How do you respond to taking big risks? Because your answers to those questions are everything.

For some, “going for it” means quitting your 9 to 5 to put all of your effort into your business. Intense financial pressure doesn’t paralyze you — it fuels you. Those high-risk, “do or die” situations ignite explosive effort.

For others — and I would put myself in this category — “going for it”, especially in the beginning, means working multiple jobs, exploring more than one passion, and pursuing slower growth while minimizing financial risk.

No, it’s not as sexy as “burning the bridges behind you” nor does it support the mythical narrative of overnight success. But for many of us, slow and steady over time is the healthiest and most sustainable path.

The Hidden Benefits of Working Multiple Jobs

It's not about overnight success, it's about getting great over time. Click To Tweet

When I was a 23-year-old, first-time entrepreneur trying to figure it all out, I used to dread when people asked me what I did for a living. Let’s just say my life-coach / hip-hop dancer / bartender / writer / fitness instructor reply got a lot of side-eye. But I wouldn’t trade those multipassionate days for anything. They helped me hone priceless leadership, time and energy management, and communication skills that I still use to this day.

As you’ll hear from the callers on today’s MarieTV Live Call-In Show, pursuing multiple streams of income at once can provide invaluable lessons.

If you take this unconventional route you’ll:

  • Manage time like a boss. Out of necessity, you’ll learn how to get things done faster and say no to the non-essentials. There’s a reason for the adage, “If you want something done, ask a busy person.”
  • Have freedom to explore a variety of options. As I’ve taught for years, clarity comes from engagement, not thought. Few people know the exact business they want until they start something. Exploring multiple income streams helps you decide what you most want to pursue.
  • Create from a place of abundance vs. scarcity. When you have enough money to put food on the table, you can serve from a place of generosity — not desperation. It opens up space in your brain to get creative, be innovative and ask questions like, “Wouldn’t it be great if…”
  • Master the art of perseverance. Nothing worthwhile is easy to achieve. Focusing on a long-term goal (especially an entrepreneurial marathon) cultivates discipline, patience, and maturity that will strengthen every area of your life.

That said, only you can decide which path is right for you.

How do you know? Listen to how our two brave callers, Pam and Mayssa, navigate this very topic. It’ll help you gain the insight you need to make your own choices.

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Once you’ve watched, I’d love to hear from you.

What approach to growing your business is right for you? Have you ever worked multiple jobs? If so, how did it work to your advantage? Leave a comment below and let me know.

Share as much detail as you can. Because tens of thousands of incredible souls come here each week for insight and inspiration. Your story may be just what someone else needs to have a major breakthrough.

Important: please share your thoughts and ideas directly in the comments. Links to other posts, videos, etc. may be removed.

Thank you so much for watching, sharing, and encouraging this community with your voice. It matters and it makes more of a difference than you know.

Don’t let anyone make you feel small for taking an unconventional route to create a business and life you love.

With SO much love ❤️,


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  1. As always, love these call in shows. Thinking about our multi-passions as ‘evolutions’ is a great re-frame.

    One of the things I end up noticing in my mentorship work is that there is usually an underlying ‘theme’ behind many of our “different” passions.
    I’m driven to teach, to empower through stories… and this shows up as both teaching cognitive therapy techniques and as a fantasy novel writer… they may seem “totally separate” as interests, but the core “why” behind them for me is the same core “people are more capable than they realise… look at what this girl and her magic hawk can get through, here’s a technique to build your resilience from CBT” -> the underlying theme is the same, and knowing that gives us a layer of trust in our intuition that “these different aspects make sense.”

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      We see more often than not that the majority of people are multi-passionate, Katy-Rose, and it’s the examination of what they are and the WHY that truly gets to the core of them. You’re so right!

    • Katy-Rose, that’s really interesting that you’ve noticed that. I started out doing so many different jobs and one never seemed like ‘all of me’. I did end up finding “one” thing, but that one thing incorporates a lot of what I’ve done before, and I think that’s why it seems so right. And I couldn’t figure it out (I spent a lot of time trying!) until I trusted my intuition either!

      I can really relate to that feeling Marie describes of people not wanting to tell my story, because it always seemed so weird and incomprehensible to most people that I spoke to that I liked that AND that – how could you be both?! But I’m older and wiser and much happier in myself, and wow, now I realize this is what I need to do to bring together my lighting and pattern business. Seems so simple when she says it!

      • Love that big picture thinking about creativity, Katy-Rose.

  2. This is so perfectly timed as I had made the decision to get a job to sustain my passion of my online Sewing Business which I started in January this year.
    I had been working my own Marketing agency for the past 5 years and started this business as it is more me.
    But I don’t want to put the pressure on it being the end all for income for my family and I.
    So many people were advising me to stick with it and take projects where I could but I just had this niggling feeling that I needed the certainty of a job while I slowly built up the momentum and quality in my work.
    So thank you for this as I am definitely going to follow your track Marie and do the side hustle till it becomes the main hustle.

    • Irene Pollak

      Thank you Pam!

      • You’re welcome, Irene! Listening to your heart and what your intuition is telling you is the best path….doesn’t make it any easier to make the decision, but it’s best for YOU.

  3. MK

    Another great call-in show! Really applicable to what I’m going through right now, especially the second question. I can’t completely simplify as Marie suggested – I write under two very different genres under two different names, so for me it doesn’t make sense, for example, to have everything on the same website. However, I am branching out under a pen name to provide more resources (coaching, courses, etc.) for authors, and have been struggling with how to layer that in with my existing content. This episode was so helpful!

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Enjoy the journey and bringing new dreams to life, MK. We hope this episode provided a bit of inspiration as you walk forward.

  4. Diane

    I’m sorry, I can’t stop laughing… Zach got confetti in his coffee didn’t he? LOL
    Love you guys 😀

    • Lois lane

      I thought the same thing, lol!

  5. Hi Marie,

    Today’s episode was absolutely amazing!
    I loved your point of view about being so practical and being thankful for what you have instead of murmuring about dream jobs or whatsoever.

    Before I started my business as a Digital Marketing Strategist ??‍♀️Web Designer ✨Helping online businesses slay tech monsters, I was a software engineer at MIT, and it took a tonne of blood, sweat, and tears to get to where I am today.
    And to value everything, every source of income while climbing the ladder of success is a great way to start living the life that we want.

    Your advice about rebranding was excellent, my friend. Very on-point, practical, real and helpful.

    I can’t skip any of your #MarieTV episodes.

  6. Fiona Brookes Butlin

    GREAAAAAT episode. I am doing BSchool at the moment having been a rather broken spirit raising 5 kids and not investing in my own passions. I stopped work after my second child was born as there was no obvious alternative at the time to stay at home and breast feed or keep the job and stick her in a nursery and bottle feed dilemma; I had no family help. There wasn’t a nursery near me differentiating itself with positive information about express feeding to ensure mums like me had a third option and my employer didn’t understand the value of working mums.
    My objective has been to train in complimentary health but having to finance the health course myself I needed to develop a different gig to do so – now turning into 2 gigs (if I get an outside job my ex will try to stop child maintenance plus where I live I would be earning a pittance and be away from my kids too much for what I feel is acceptable). Well, I doubt I’m the only person on this planet with problems and drip feeding my story and multi-passionate personality is only going to draw those to me with whom I want to connect.
    I have written the “Simplify to amplify” mantra in my 4th BSchool notebook. It is written in multicolours with adorning stars cos that’s how I roll. ???? I had been considering multiple websites and social media accounts.
    Well done, Marie and co. Keep ’em coming. ????

    • Fiona, I can so relate to the mom dilemma you mentioned–the need to invest in ourselves (I did this by going back to school to get my Master’s degree & coaching certification), and also the deep desire in our hearts to be present with our kids. I love that you are able to challenge the status quo and find that “third option” that works for you and your family. 🙂

      Check out my podcast if you get a chance–as a life coach for moms, I talk about this topic a lot and touch on it in so many episodes. Hope it resonates and encourages you.

      Cheers, Wendy
      Mojo For Moms podcast –

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Fiona, ‘simplify to amplify’ is uttered by our team almost every day. If you can truly embrace that philosophy and couple it with the core belief in trusting the intuitive, still small voice within- you’ll know the right next step for you, your dreams, and your family.

      We’re so glad that you’re in our B-School family and will be year after year. Sending you all the Team Forleo love. xo

  7. Hi Marie and Zak ? (did I get that name right?),

    I’m definitely on the same page with multiple passions and multiple ways of making money. (Here in the Netherlands it’s not welcomed with much enthusiasm though), but I believe in it! And faith can move mountains!
    I am an artist too and if you don’t mind (I hope so because I’m trying to make a point) on my website I’ve made icons, little logo’s for each passion: portraits, photography, courses, events and so on.. yet all under one umbrella of my artistic company’s name.
    I know I’m at the right place with guys like you Marie, and I will get it sorted out so all these different passions will work to console eachother…

    much love,


    • Heather- Team Forleo

      This is awesome, Andrew! As you lean into these passions, and your customers will too, you’ll start to notice over time when you come most alive, what people love the most and lean towards when it comes to your work, and what may develop in a different way over time!
      The exciting thing about having your own business is that you get to choose where you lean and focus your passions. Keep up the amazing work and showing up with the awesome attitude that you have. It all falls into place just as it’s meant to 🙂

  8. David Carter

    I have a simple solution– that WORKS for me.. IF in doubt DON”T!!! PERIOD… The bible (and I’m NOt gettin preachy) says ” let the peace of God guide your heart” (paraphrased)… it’s good– IF you are NOT at peace with something- DON”T DO IT.. simple actually , because 90% of what we do is guided and conrolled by our subconscious… and if there isn’t PEACE in your heart- the subconscious knows something YOU don’t and most likely that will result in ISSUES that could turn into major problems. It is just good sense…. “IF in doubt– DON”T”.

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      You’re so right, David! So often Marie talks about that still, small voice within and if something isn’t a ‘YES!’ then it’s a ‘No”. Our inner voice always knows- it’s just a matter of taking the time to get quiet enough to listen.

  9. phoebe smith

    OMGosh, so on topic for what I emailed you about…. Loved today”s show and callers followed by Great advice from You and Zac (not sure the spelling…)
    Thank you and All you’re doing!
    With Love,

  10. Pam

    Pam!!! Your question was perfect for me too! …and your approach of getting up at 5am is the answer to my “how” that I’ve been struggling with and praying about. I’m a “Pam” too, and a creative who needs to carve out more shop time. Thanks to you and team Forleo for the support.

    • Pam!!! I’m so glad my question was a help to you. I gave up long workouts to get my art in and haven’t really missed them. I still get exercise, but not in long stretches anymore. You’re going to find that when you make time for your creativity, you’ll feel happier. Marie asked the question in B-School: “If you were the best in the world at what you do, how would you behave?” that continually pushes me to focus and refocus on my work. You’re on your way! Keep it up!

  11. I love this! Thank you so much it couldn’t have come at a better time. I’m in a marketing job that i somewhat enjoy but am looking to leave for another marketing position because i know i need to fund my interior design business in the interim. However, I’m struggling with the thought of “do I leave this position to jump into a brand new job or do i leave to fully commit to interior design”. What Marie said about enjoying the job you do because it is funding your dream stuck with me. I want to be able to be so excited about what I’m doing because of the ultimate goal. So taking the leap into another job doesn’t mean I’m giving up on my dream & committing to something else, it just means I’m creating more positive space to fully commit to my design business. Thanks Pam for this question!! Best of luck to all.

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      That’s exactly right, Tamara! It’s all energy so the more positive and energized your energy is, the more your interior design work will feel that as a result. Deep down you know what the right next step is- trust your heart and know that we’re cheering you on.

    • You’ve got this Tamara! Everything will work out. 🙂

  12. Loved this episode and especially loved the comments and questions by Zach. It adds another dimension to the questions and interview.
    I personally use the gut check method every time I make a life/business decision. I’m usually correct even if it makes no logical sense.

  13. I love your episode, thank you!! Well, its still difficult for me, how on earth do I explain myself on LinkedIn for example? I studied Child and Youth Psychology (specialized in intercultural pedagogy), Humanitarian Aid and Education in the international context (Masters), I started with Yoga4Kids (teaching yoga for children), I am a photographer, teach kids photography and I work in a coffeehouse as a manager where people with special needs work. And I love it all!! But I freeze when it comes to social media.., I don’t want to put myself into a box, but how will the right people find me?! Funny thing is, as I am writing this.., that mostly the people that find me, have a overlap in interests.., okay.., hahaha, it just hit me!! I probably do have to show more of myself! Its just that so many people that say you have to specialize with your website, your social media etc. That makes me stuck and not move forward. But your episode helped a lot, thank you Marie and Zac!!

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Lisa, when you think about sharing in any way as the vehicle to help more people with what you know and what you need that can switch the way it makes you feel.

      And remember, no one says you have to be on LinkedIn 😉 Pick one or two places that you enjoy hanging out and where your ideal customer is also hanging out and share from the heart in a way that sounds like you. The more you share from your knowledge and heart, the more authentic people feel you are because, well, you are!

      • Thank you so much Heather!! This helps a lot! 🙂

  14. Thank you for your comments on self awareness and our propensity to manage risk. I love your insight and practical application. When my job was deleted and I started working casually at a law office, doing support work for children in care, doing more reflexology, working on movie sets, saying YES to work and money while agreeing that my life work path was to continue to build my Mary Kay cosmetics clientele building my own skill set and passion for helping women develop their inner and outer beauty. It has been amazing to authentically connect with women for ‘their’ good. My challenge is in the area of working with other women to build their businesses and I hesitate to develop that side of my business because I’m concerned it will take so much time away from the personal relationships I’ve built. I love what I do, the flexibility and the money and the results but I don’t know how to add one more aspect to the mix which may upset the balance but which I know will exponentially build my income and allow me to do my passion full time.

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Sherry, these are great questions that you’re asking yourself. We only have so many hours in the day, right? When you sit with all of the things that you ‘could’ do next and the actions that you could be taking, what feels right? What does your gut tell you?

      Maybe you lean into that a bit more and lean out from something a little bit to shift energy and see where it takes you. Simplify to amplify and trust your heart. She’s always steering you right 😉

  15. Just had to say that I 100% agree with your point about carving out time to do deep work. I was recently trying to finish a postgrad course while working full time with two kids, and found that 5am to 7am was such a fantastic time of the day to get deep work done. And ths focus of your episode couldn’t be more timely for me (how did you do that..?!) as I’m really struggling with being multi-passionate at the moment. Combined with being very risk-averse, I find myself saying ‘yes’ to too many things to try and create a safety net that will enable be to launch my own business. But then I just end up doing lots of things badly! Definitely going to check out your epsiode on making bettern decisions.

    • You’re so right, Tony…5am-7am is my power time, too. Keep at it. That episode helped me even further (since talking with Marie and Zac) and I’m creating a proposal for a part-time, contractual idea to present to my employer based on what I’ve learned from watching that episode.

      • Thanks Pam, I like your idea of creating a proposal for a part-time contract. That’s pretty much where I am right now, so thank you for sharing your experience – I may well end up doing something very similar…

  16. Kim

    The Smurf glass!!! Love!

  17. Found the “sharing all of you” and not worrying about maintaining 5 different Instagram accounts etc. helpful. Good insights. Thanks guys.

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Yay, Katie! We’re so glad that you heard something that you needed to hear. Thanks for watching and sharing your takeaway with us.

  18. This episode really resonates with me because I’m deep in a multi-passionate struggle right now. After 18 years as a journalist and having published a novel last year, I needed to make a change because the writing world about which I’m so passionate has become increasingly financial unstable. So I’m now building a new business in real estate, while maintaining a “separate identity” as a writer. Due to conflicts of interest I really can’t bring these two jobs too closely together. It’s a huge struggle because while I build my real estate career I pay my bills as a writer. But if I ever want to build the real estate career, I need to market myself less as a writer than as a realtor. Chicken and egg conundrum! And having two careers makes it hard to focus on book promotion — which really is purely a passion project — much less write a new novel. While I appreciate the enthusiasm and spirit of this episode, career shifting and holding multiple jobs can be very complex to navigate.

  19. Let me say first of all, this is the first episode I watched and I’m so glad I did! You talked about how creative people tend to be involved with more than one thing because we are, well, creative! lol Thank you! Most of my life I’ve been involved with more than one thing because I love so MANY things. It’s good to finally hear someone say it’s because I’m creative and not “You’re scatter brained.” lol

    So thank you!

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      You are creative, Mari, and you have the interests that you do for a reason. Lean into them. Here’s to more multi-passionate peeps in the world like you! xo

  20. Thanks again for including me in your call-in show, Marie (and Zac)! I learned more just listening/watching it just now. “Simplify to Amplify!” Love that and cute Mayssa! Here’s an update: after re-watching the episode Marie suggested I watch (and getting my husband to watch), I developed a plan to pitch my employer on part-time, contractual work doing much of what I’m currently doing as a full-time employee. I’ll be presenting it soon and will keep you posted on their response. I realized that since getting MS, I’m a little more risk-averse than I used to be and keeping one foot in the 9-to-5 thing is not the end of the world. Your episode (How to Make the Best Decisions), and my subsequent written answers to the questions you pose there was SO helpful to me. They brought clarity…but, I know that clarity comes from action not thought. So, I’m taking action to make it all happen. So much love to Team Forleo!

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      PAM! We’re so glad that you shared your update since your chat with Marie and Zach. It’s clear that you took the advice to heart, combined it with your own inner knowing, and are creating the path that’s right for you. You’re AMAZING!

      Please keep us posted on you and your life and know that we’re always cheering you on! Sending you all the Team Forleo love. xo

      • You all are so awesome, Heather. Thank you! I’ll definitely keep you posted!

  21. OMG, I am so glad for the second question, as I am in the exactly same situation! Since I joined B School a couple months ago I am in the process of building my own product-based business. I also do have a big following on my Instagram account where I post motivational quotes, and I’ve been asking myself whether I should use my current name and existing IG platform and step by step change my posts. I am so glad this question came up as it confirmed my intuition to use the drip content tactic and slowly introduce my new business idea. Thank you so much Marie! xoxo

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Yay, Katharina! I’m so glad this question came at just the right time. We’re thrilled it was helpful for you too! 🙂

  22. Fit it in, in all the cracks of your life, wherever you can because it is your passion… loved when Pam said this! And I’m doing that!! This episode helped me with some verbiage in my self-talk I’ve long been struggling with and that is how to answer that fear inside me (and also fear others send my way that I’m not doing it “right.”) that I’m not a real actress if I’m not yet “full time.” Also LOVED the weighing out of the risks factor and that’s it is MORE than alright that I am on the sort of risk averse scale until I feel more aligned in myself and in the meantime, still sending it out there with my efforts diligently and consistently. I’ve feel like I’ve been floundering with self-doubt forrevvvverrr and allowing myself to be at peace with my progress helped a ton today. THANK you!

    • If someone is paying you to act, you’re a real actress, Mary! You’ve got this!

  23. I loved this thank you! I’m also at the point where I work full time, I’m starting a business, running a side hustle and raising two kids. I like your perspective on being patient and determining when the right time is to go all in! Thank you!

  24. Ron

    Marie… we are new to you and really enjoying your energy, wisdom and perspective. With reference to this show… here is a tough question and scenario:
    We have already risked everything and still struggling. We went all in and went into a ton of debt in the process. Sadly, before finding you we bought into too many “can’t fail” schemes with little success. I am the one with nearly zero aversion to risk (although with all the stress and bruises, I have more aversion today) but my bride is much more risk averse and in support of my dreams and optimism, supported me. Now she is feeling the stress with much more weight than I and I am regretting some of the decisions because I see what it has done to her. So the issue is this… we are in so deep and have a “never give up” attitude I can’t see stopping but in that, do we go deeper when it doesn’t appear there is a way out without continuing the course? Otherwise, we go back to our regular jobs and take years to get out of debt that way and the feeling of failure and defeat! That and being over 60, we also feel the “clock” on top of all the rest. Thanks!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      This is a really good question, Ron! Although only you and your wife know what’s best for your unique situation, Marie is a big believer that having a day job doesn’t mean you’re not serious about your dreams. And she believes that having a day job can actually free up a lot of creative energy because it’s easier to be creative when you’re not worried about how your bills will get paid. She talks more about this in this MarieTV episode: We hope it helps!

  25. Before I found you Marie, I let other people shame me for having multiple passions and pursuing them in my own time. Compared to others around me getting higher education degrees with steady income in big companies, I was allowing them to make me feel bad for pursuing what I felt called to do (and was really good at!).

    Since then I have not only jumped into pursuing multiple passions, but I am proud of my talents and for having the courage to practice them instead of stuffing them down.

    – I have a successful Pilates teaching business at a great location with my DREAM clients
    – I published and illustrated my very own coloring book which is selling reguarly in stores and I have a second one in the works,
    – I self-published a personal development book (which just launched this weekend *whoop whoop*),
    – I’ve become a level 3 marketer (after starting at level 1 last year my first B-school run through),
    – This week I converted my first client in my mindset strategy and business development coaching business,
    – For the FIRST time in my life I’ve been able to begin paying down credit card debt that has accrued over the last 10 years and stopped needing to borrow money from loved ones.

    Pretty fan frickin’ fantastic (as Marie says)!

    It’s all in God’s good timing and to be honest I LOVE that I get to pursue different things and combine my passions. I wake up every day excited to create and connect with people – what’s better than that??

    xo Rachael

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      This is AWESOME, Rachael!! We’re so glad you stayed true to yourself and did what you knew in your heart was right for you. Cheers to multiple passions and congrats on your book launch!

  26. Loving the comments and advice! Personally I don’t have intent at this time to quit my full time job until I am able to make equivalent income from my passion jobs. For one I have a toddler that needs insurance and childcare payment that has to be consistent. However I did recently get my business license to open an online boutique which would combine my 1st passion job and elements of my full time job. Im very comfortable with taking the time to build foundation over the next couple years.

  27. Penny Murray

    Hello Hello! My friend And I swear Marie TV has our houses bugged! Honestly so often you are sharing words of wisdom that we need to hear NOW!

    I too have a part time job that I would love to relinquish, allowing more time for my Biofield Tuning office to be open and progress educationally and collaboratively. This would also create more space for my creative company to flourish in social media, and other marketing avenues. I get impatient with myself for still holding on to the mostly guaranteed income (restaurant world) , and social connections and want to just throw it like confetti and be done. Thank you for bringing me back to center, ground and breath. It has only been 2 years of full Tuning practice, so your story was very comforting. We expect so much of ourselves in this fast paced society, I call it ‘the microwave mentality’ It is more important to have the relationship with the doing, than to just arrive and have no idea how we got there, and keep running into the same lessons over and over cuz we are moving so fast.
    Back to enjoying the journey!

    Keep Shinin’

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Yes, yes, yes! This is beautifully said, Penny. And don’t worry, we don’t bug houses, Marie is just a mind reader. 😉

  28. I cannot BELIEVE how applicable this episode is to my own current circumstances. Thank you to both of the beautiful women that presented themselves and had the courage to ask these things! Marie, the advice you gave rocked me to my core today. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  29. Brand new to MarieTV and loving it! This was the perfect first episode since I am in exactly that space! I am very much risk averse- but did not know that until after I took the plunge! My company (BonTon) was about to go through a liquidation- and on top of a bad low back strain I decided to leave my career (which I have a degree to back up and is my passion) in Visual Merchandising and Retail and to pursue my side hustle full time that I had been building on the side. I was teaching “paint and sip” classes a few nights a week and knew that I could match my income. WELL, come to find out my creativity does not thrive when placed under the pressure of “we need to pay rent.” I re-discovered that I was multi-passionate, and that I wasn’t quite ready to leave my career in retail. Ended up finding an assistant buyer job for a local clothing company about 6 months after taking the leap. It totally re-ignited my creative spark and all my passions again. I love the company and have energy to work my 9-5, and then still teach painting classes in the evening a few nights a week. I also have my financials back in order and am able to work on paying down debts that I took on to start the side hustle. Now, I have many more business ideas and want to show all my passions to the world: retail, art, teaching art, and now I want to teach people how to build a paint and sip business like I did with no franchise help and still be able to keep their full time jobs! Today’s episode was great when they spoke about multiple social media accounts because I have multiple: personal account, painting studio account, retail account (where I post about retail industry things), and a personal art account. Not sure what the best path is because in my eyes they are all a different market- especially since one of them is tied to a brick and mortar store. What is everyone’s thoughts about brick and mortar social media and trying to host everything on one account? Would it be confusing to your customers who live in the geographical area to see posts about a totally different topic?

  30. Wow! As an artist I could totally relate with Pam’s question. It comes at a time when I’m struggling to balance my dayjobs and my creative passions, and I’ve been beating myself up for deciding not to take a ‘leap’ and quitting my other jobs just yet. I so enjoyed this video. I am much more at peace after watching. Thank you Marie!

    • Keep at it Talitha! We creatives are often the hardest on ourselves.

  31. Thank you for this episode, Marie!
    It helped me a lot regarding my 2 different identities that I also tried to keep separated, but it ended up being the source of the uniqueness of my brand.
    Being an actress, I had quite a presence on the internet with my IMDB link and the films and projects I created on my own, as well as with the large production companies.
    When I started my French coaching business, I didn’t want my clients to know that I’m also an actress, thinking that they’ll feel that I may not be a good language coach if I’m an actress. Lack of focus.
    What happened is that people were googling me and fining my acting pages and projects and they were buying my French programs too.
    Then it dawned on me: to create my own method of learning French, using performing techniques, which nobody does. I put together a few techniques from acting, which work for languages, I added a few more techniques from other disciplines (including neuroscience) and BAM: I have my new method of learning French as a performing art.
    Thank you for confirming it, though. Even after having done this 8 years ago, I still had a bit of a doubt.
    Not anymore ; )

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Just one of the many reasons why you’re absolutely brilliant, Llyane! <3

  32. reshanda Yates

    Wow. This was one of my favorite call-in episodes. Recently, I took on a side job as a barista which I did to support myself in college and today I physically winced when I thought I saw someone from a local business women’s organization. At that moment, I realized I was embarrassed even though I intuitively knew I needed to do this to give my passion a real chance. This episode had literally everything I needed to hear at this exact moment. And now tears are pouring as the full impact of this synchronistic moment is hitting me. Thank you SO SO much for this generous help. Love to all the team. XO

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Amazing, Reshanda!! I’m so glad this episode came at such a perfect time. You’re doing great and we’re super proud of you!

  33. The last comment about “simplify to amplify” by not having multiple identities that you’re trying to keep separate and share the “all me” really hit me. Great show! Thank-you for all you and your team do 🙂

  34. João Soares

    Hi, Marie! I am from Brazil and have just learned about you and am loving all the wisdom you`ve been sharing all this time and where was I? lol Well just to say thank you for your advice. I myself have a side job and a full-time one, which it is not my dream, but I know it is what is helping me prosper in life, so I thank God for that. Thank you one more time and I look forward to your next episodes.

  35. Michelle

    “Simplify to Amplify” was liberating for me! I have been aimlessly spinning in circles trying to put all of my interests in separate buckets. Who knew there was a better way – oh you did! Thanks Marie

  36. Benson Modie

    Thank you guys, this has been very helpful to me as I am actually counting down the months to the end of my contract for my day job, and am looking forward to inject some life into my project.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Exciting! We’ll be cheering for you for when the countdown timer goes off! 🙂

  37. As a professional creator and spiritual life coach, I would say the advice to never put pressure on yourself to create is perhaps misleading. Whether we feel pressure is a matter of perception, as is stress, for example. The “need” to create, produce, or perform, or do anything else, can be re-framed as an invitation or opportunity, to which you can respond with courage and ingenuity. The performing artist who doesn’t “feel like it” still shows up for the gig, for example. If you are a fine artist, a painter, and eventually sales permit you to ditch the full time job-job, your success as an artist will not liberate your from the need to create, unless you can transform the perception of “need.” Because ultimately, everything is a choice.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Thanks so much for sharing your valuable perspective on this here, Jane! We absolutely hear you that everything is a choice, and we choose how to approach and look at our own situations. As Marie shared, everyone is different in their risk adversity, and while some artists/creators may thrive with their creations being the main source of their income, others benefit from having an alternate source of income while continuing to create.

      You may find the Liz Gilbert episode mentioned here interesting, as it touches on this topic as well:

  38. I think you’re right on the money, Marie! I am doing multiple things at the moment. I am currently running a Facebook page about positivity and helping people (mind, body, and spirit) and am working on selling homemade potpourri and happiness/life coaching on the side. I am also training for more life coaching at the same time. So I am doing many things. My boyfriend helps me with the page and he is a lot of help. I do things a step at a time and get up early every day and my weekends are busy but I love it. You have such great advice and I love your videos! You are a great example for other women (and men) and I thank you for all that you do!
    – Heather (from Heather’s Paradise of Health and Harmony)

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      GO Heather! You’re amazing. We’re so grateful to have you here tuning in, and we’re cheering you on for all the positive things you’re sharing with the world! Keep up the awesome work 🙂

  39. I loved this episode. I could really relate. I am a creative – always trying to balance all my passions. What needs to be a hobby and which gets to be part of the business…
    Dance, painting, ritual, nature, spirituality, personal growth, shamanism, women’s womb healing. It’s been a fun adventure. Getting more business minded every year.

    Wonder if there is a business model for the creative spiritual type. We all seem to have such a hard time with all of this.

    I want to make a shift to being more earth centered. Embodied Personal growth that supports the earth? I just can’t stand not being part of earth conversation.

    I know I am all over the place withmaking shifts of what o do. I am suddenly losing people from my list and clients dwindling… I know people just can’t tell what it is I am actually doing.

    I try to put it all under one umbrella of creative personal growth, sacred embodiment…
    Shifting from being a grass roots women’s healer to a on line growth coach branching out to men too, simply because they are asking…. have a big creative toolbox to make it fun and experiential … then I feel sad I have abandoned the dream of focusing solely on dance …. my biggest dream… that just never quite landed and always gets on the back burner, just hard to make financially sustainable. I have lived in financial deficit to stay loyal to this creative process and service orientation that is important to me but I just can not do it any more… I need to make more money and have a more balanced life.
    Now I’m so busy trying to figure this business out… I have no time for any hobbies. I’m not painting or dancing, which. Totally wilts my spirit.
    A lil time in nature, shamanism is taking the front seat for working with clients.

    I am for sure in the inbetween. I took The big risk leap after a brain injury years ago to persue my passion and to simplify my life( mostly out of need to stay home for my brain sensitivity ) I am shifting to creating online embodied growth programs and global retreats.

    That list conversation is a good one. I am sending out new information trying to keep it Global then sneaking in local events when I touch down in a community. At the moment in the midst of this shift I have turned my already multifaceted life into a sea of endless computer and business tasks…. in the attempt to simplify I have done the exact opposite… how do I stop this crazy ride I put in motion and start over without losing momentum ? Kind of relates to your episode.
    I related to you when you said… that money risk thing … my creativity for sure gets squished in scarcity. I feel I have been a chawawa in a tidal wave for years… not getting anywhere but staying a float. Can’t stop because I am scared of not having the resoureses coming in, even if it is a trickle somehow what I am doing is bringing money in here and there, I just get by each month.

    This video is making me think I should go get a job and work on this entrepreneur thing on the side.

    The thought of this makes me feel like a failure. And not sure how to share with my clients… they relate to me as a free spirit that is making life a spiritual adventure, and living my practice and my dream … I was and now it has slowly turned into hmmm not a nightmare but not a dream … feels like I admit failure and shift all that I am and have been cheering on to go get a job. It also feels totally agitating to my freedom factor needed to tour and travel to meet women all over and do global retreats.

    Wow writing this all down is quite telling…
    overwhelmingly edgy to share all this. I sound like a crazy lady ?

    I’m always on the edge of giving up lately, I feel so close and then it just doesn’t go as planned. My spiritual practice really wants simplicity…
    all of this feels so counter intuitive to my spiritual needs and desires.
    Yet somehow I have decided that figures no out practicality needs to be the spiritual practice… it needs to be answered for before deepening any other part of practice to be realized. So here I am.

    This episode helped in hearing all the possibilities… seems the old messages were very one way …I appreciated the way you gave these women options and new perspectives rather then “ do this” very empowering and supportive.
    I am glad to see business advice that is considering dif scenarios and kinds of people.

    Thank you for listening and thank you for your generous heart and the opportunity to air this out. I’m aware there is not one answer you could give for all of this but it was all that came to heart and mind after watching so here it is.

    Thank you xo??
    As always you give me hope.

  40. The timing of your content always seems to align so perfectly with my life! I’ve been “working for myself” for the past 8+ years — running Etsy shops, blogs, freelancing, and now running a subscription box. And most of those years it’s been a real struggle but I always felt like if I went out and got a “day job” I was a failure and it would kill my creative time/energy.

    I’ve been through a lot in the past few years (many losses) and my perspective has shifted. I now have quite a successful business (the subscription box), but it still isn’t enough to fully support me financially. So, I’ve been applying to jobs that still align with my skills and interests but that are different from my creative pursuits so that I will still have the mental energy to work on my side hustle, continue writing my novel, and all the other things I love to do. I love what Liz Gilbert says about supporting your creative passions instead of asking them to support you! I think this will only strengthen all aspects of my life because I will have to be even more efficient with my time and I won’t be putting so much financial pressure on my writing etc. 8 years ago, I wasn’t ready for that. Even a year or two I wasn’t ready for that. But as you say, we are always evolving. I think a lot of people feel that once they are running their own business, they can’t go back to a 9-5 (even if they’re really struggling!). But sometimes that is a great choice and it doesn’t mean you’ve failed at anything, it means you’re supporting your dreams and giving them time to flourish.

    Thank you so much for your videos! I look forward to them every week.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      YES, Naomi! We love how you’re thinking about this, and you put it so beautifully here. Be sure to watch this video as well, if you haven’t already:

      We’re so grateful to have you tuning in each week and are cheering you on as you keep sharing your gifts with the world in new ways!

  41. SJ

    I love this episode, thank you Team Forleo!

    Such concise advice for creatives – the part about the shame really resonated for me and reminded me that the world isn’t out to get me, I just need to be brave and be myself!

  42. Hello
    I have been working on expanding my e-commerce store . I had this business plan in plan , working on creating a membership style but with different products to offer if that makes sense of any source. I wasn’t sure how to bring it into action with my audience because it’s a different product then what their use to seeing .

    After watching this episode where Marie mentions to a caller “dripping it slowly” was like a oh my gosh there you go !! I grabbed my notebook quickly and made it part of my business plan.

    Hope to get a chance for B-School next year 🙂

    Thank You kindly 🙂

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Awesome, Giselle! We’re so happy that piece of advice from Marie resonated with you. We hope it serves you so well in your business evolution and we’d absolutely LOVE to welcome you to B-School to support you on your journey 🙂

  43. I really needed to hear the great response to the first question about continuing to work while building a business. I have a clinic and online services which are all about my passion- helping people get off of their medications for diabetes and pain using low carb. But I still have to work part-time as a pharmacist giving out those same medications, which nearly kills me. It feels better though knowing that I am at least giving people who are interested, the option of getting healthier through my services. Thanks Marie!

  44. OMG ?
    That resonated so much with me…‼️
    ? I feel a lot like I have a split personality: in my “real life” I’m an architect, running a 33 peoples office with 6 partners architects and engineers, and in my “dream life” I’m an artist with a blog, I sell paintings, give drawing and painting workshops and am writing a book and money starts to come in there as well, but as I was embarrassed about that part of me first I didn’t want my office clients to know so I use my husbands name there… ? I sometimes is confusing now … ??. .. ???

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Here’s to bringing that dream more into reality, Barbara – your creativity is something to be proud of! So glad this topic resonated with you. We know you can do this over time and we’ll be rooting for you over here on Team Forleo 🙂

  45. Jean

    Great show, I’ve often struggled with paying the bills and following my dreams and Marie’s videos on making a decision really helped me to understand I am not yet ready to follow my dream 100% of the time. I am more relaxed now I understand. Somehow all the learning comes together to make sense eventually.

  46. I’m one of those multidimensional artists. I have a subscription box business that has multiple themes in one box and I’m an inventor. I’m finding it hard to get people to pay for my services. I have over 31.k views and several hundred sign ups, but no one seems to be buying once they sign up. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong.

  47. Hi
    What has to be has to be. The right way of business is doing it right. Yes l’ve had the opportunity to work multiple jobs. The disadvantage is time consuming and the advantage is knowing more and being able to serve with when the need arise.
    Thanks Marie Forleo.

  48. Melissa

    I love, love your inspiration and insight that you provide! I am a 500RYT yoga teacher and teach all forms of yoga always weaving healing intentions and manifesting goals into each class. I am recently wanting to add workshops and just started a new space for my business! I look forward to hearing more great insights from you?.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Congratulations, Melissa – how exciting! We’re so happy you’re here and can’t wait to share more inspiration with you on your business journey. XO

  49. I am struggling with my 9 to 5 as well. While I am trying to remember this is helping to fund my dream I am still trying to find the “joy” in it. What little joy I get or have comes from talking to my members and making sure they have what they needed. Other than that just trying to stay positive and thankful for my job I miserable inside just wondering when my time will come. I too have multiple passions that fuels my business goals and objectives I just narrow them to what I can do now until I finish Cosmetology school and then add later once I have my certificate. Just trying to keep sane at my 9 to 5!

  50. I loved this episode! I agree that having multiple streams of income is the safest and smartest way to go when building our own passion. I’ve been in both type of situations, tbh. I once dedicated to a business full time while I wasn’t generating enough income to sustain myself. Therefore, I learned a lot of lessons. I am applying a different strategy with my new business. I also liked the approach you mentioned about rebranding. I think it’s all about doing what moves us and what works for us.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      YES, Zola! Kudos to you for all the hard-earned lessons you’ve picked up along the way and amen to doing what moves and works for us 🙂 Thank you for tuning in and sharing here!

  51. Darla Mason Morrison

    Having been a single mother I know all to well the hard work and sacrifices that had to made for myself and my son and daughter at the time. It was never easy , working 2 jobs and going to school. Some how we made it. Years later I had my own business. So today’s show certainly resonated. Thank you and the ladies for the inspiration and motivation as well as determination for myself once again.

    Love and perseverance,

  52. Yawn

    Both call-in questions are so relatable. I’ve also been there, thinking of quitting my job to run my business full time. Then so I quit my job and found myself working from a place of scarcity than creating abundance. But in a way, it was a great time for me to find my own niche while doing part-time jobs. Now that I’ve completed my portfolio, I’ve applied again and found a job that is remote and that creates a lot of time for me to continue what I’ve started. Thank you, Marie, for your insights regarding taking multiple jobs and expanding your niche to another level.

  53. Thanks so much for this episode. I am also working a day job and trying to grow my art business. I have decided to reduce my days of work from 4 days to 3 days and this is allowing me to focus a little more time on growing my art business online but also gives me a steady paycheque of income so I don’t feel so much financial pressure. This episode helps me feel that this decision to build slowly is a good one at this time in my life. Thanks!

  54. Love it – thank you so much! That first call-in made so much sense. I paid a lot of money to learn the whole “burn the boats to take the island” approach (Tony Robbins!) a while ago and had it constantly shoved down my throat by various people since. It’s never made sense to me and I don’t think it ever will. I ended up running out of money and having to go back to work which was incredibly stressful. Since then I’ve created a vision board that keeps me on track with my true life goals and I’m working towards them in the knowledge that it will all get done eventually without putting so much added stress and pressure on myself to get it all done in such a short amount of time.

  55. Francie

    I really needed to hear this right now!! After leaving a management position I held for 8 years, I now hold the following jobs: server, sales assistant, & farmer! When I tell people this, they usually smile politely, but clearly they think I’m a little crazy. But I knew it was time to make a change, and while my husband (who also is juggling about 4 jobs at the moment as well) and I continue to figure out what we want to do with our future, this video really encouraged me. Thank you so much!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      You’re awesome, Francie! We’re so glad this was encouraging for you and just what you needed to hear. Keep up the amazing work and keep being true to YOU!

  56. There is so many ways I am a multi-potentialite, and I trust there is ways that my seemingly different paths have threads that weave into a magnificent tapestry. However, the big picture game for me needs boundaries so I can simplify to amplify.
    I freelance, and study/train, teach yoga, and build business ideas that don’t get enough focussed attention to plant roots and grow. Too much choice, too many big buckets not getting filled.
    Clarity and strategy would be of enormous help for me to invest in my dream life. I feel I’m the only one who can really sort that out for myself, and I do a pretty bad job at it.

  57. Toya

    Hello again;
    I like to call you friend because you have encourage me soooooo much. I take time out for myself in the mornings to exercise and most times I set a monthly challenge for myself. My days does not feel productive without my morning activities. Right now I am currently getting back into my profession to open my own home business in family day care. Sometimes my mind is all over the place because I have so many ideas. Today you have reminded me of my own saying; K.I.S.S (keep it simple stupid). bless and thank you again

  58. Thank you for this Pam. I too am the breadwinner in a family with kids working on a second passion business and longing to quit the soul draining freelance work that supports my family (but also interferes with everything esp my dream job momentum.) thank you Marie for the idea that performance pressure can bring creativity. I am a former dancer and LOVE going from the gut. One of my worst modes is when I’m bored. I dread it and have gone to great lengths to create complexity in my love for those little adrenaline kicks. Even though I deal to create stability and I am very methodical I don’t know that it brings out the best in me to be safe. BECAUSE I will bring safety into my recklessness, always. It’s a really interesting and exciting way to look at my choices. I’m grateful to muse over it esp in B-school. 🙂

  59. Jennifer Giuffre-Donohue

    Loved this show! It addressed a lot of what I’m going through & it makes me feel normal to hear other people’s stories! Really appreciate the openhearted advice Marie!

  60. This is absolutely me – I’ve had 3 different elements of my business – holistic therapist – create family calm and “romella”. I’ve recently started merging everything together under my name – as everything is me and everything is my energy!
    So “Romella” will be all about spiritual development AND supporting your sensitive child spiritually <3

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Awesome, Romella! Cheers to streamlining and embracing your many facets and talents. 🙂

  61. I think it takes a lot of courage to leave the 9-5 and do something you love. If you’re still on the fence, it’s always great to find mentors (such as Marie!) who can inspire you to make the initial step.

  62. Nancy

    Hi! Today I had the chance to watch this episode during my bus ride to work and it made me feel good. I usually feel odd about having 2 so-different jobs, and felt identified with the stories. I majored in International Trade and have been working 8-5 for more than 10 years now. I am also a jazz dance teacher, and teach in the evenings. I love both jobs but sometimes I feel it’s too much but can’t choose just one, because both make me who I am….I enjoy MarieTV a lot, thanks for inspiring the world, keep going! Love, Nancy (Buenos Aires, Arg.)

  63. Thank you so much for this, Marie! I am catching up on some past episodes while cleaning up the kitchen, and this show felt like it was meant just for me. It was so helpful, and I can’t wait to listen to your “How to Make the Best Decisions” episode. I have been working for the past year and a half to build my coaching business, while still working full time at a University. I have felt so conflicted because a part of me wants to stay in my University job, but I am very clear that I also want and need (emotionally and spiritually) to build my coaching business (which also incorporates writing and speaking). I have felt like there is something wrong with me for not taking the risk to go all in on the coaching. Viewing myself as multipassionate and being willing to own every part of myself feels so much better. Your story is reassuring and gives me hope and validation. I feel like there will be a time when I go full time in my business. I am just not sure when that will be. Ever since I learned about you and B-School when you and Gabby Bernstein did a video together earlier this year, I have been super excited to learn more from you. I appreciate your professional style and your clear wisdom. I knew that this year was not the right time to enroll in B-School, but I made “B-School 2020” a mantra at that time and have increased my bi-monthly savings allotment, so that I am prepared to enroll when the 2020 class opens. I feel a surge of excitement every time I think about it. Thanks for all you share with the world! I really admire the work that you do.

    • Hi Sheri, thank you for sharing some of your experience with us. We’re excited to hear that you’re considering joining us for B-School 2020, it’s going to be epic! I wanted to share this MarieTV episode that may offer a little relief as you navigate your next steps 🙂

      sending you love!

      • Thanks so much! I’ll look forward to watching the episode.

  64. Hey Marie, I love your content. Truly inspirational.
    It takes a lot of courage to leave your 9-5 job but by managing our time better, one can work hard and turn their passion into a full time career.
    I work as digital marketer (full time) for an ad agency but work on my website and YouTube channel once I reach home.

    • Jennifer - Team Forleo

      So glad the content resonates with you, Nitya! It sounds like you’ve worked out how to have a steady career while fueling your creative outlets as well. Amazing!

  65. Love you Marie and MarieTv team! They helped me a lot.
    But while I’m trying to find my niche to let all my creativity “spread” free and find a way to keep a “steady income” as a freelance graphic designer, I’ve created three identities ( because I want to do so many things) A- freelance graphic designer with the everyday clientele; B- My mini t-shirt wanna-be business for fun and to be a fashion alternative to the active women out there; C- an idea that I’ve been cooking to grow as a writer/graphic novel/ illustrator madness (which I love). And now I hear “simplify to amplify”. I did create separate social media, company names, and working on different websites, because All these interests have different audiences. I’m back to square one! Do I want my freelance clients to know I do all those other things? I don’t know.
    But “Everything is figureoutable!” right? First I’m going to curled up in the corner for a bit, then I will meditate and who knows how long will take me to decide. Because being indecisive is not a problem for me (*she said sarcastically).
    Stay tune with one more of my crazy adventures – which I probably end up putting on hold because I’m still trying to figure things out. 😉

    • Renee – Team Forleo

      Hi Veronica! You’ve done so much great work already, and it’s clear you’re a true multipassionate entrepreneur (just like Marie!). We’re delighted this video was helpful to you.
      Yes, Simplify to Amplify is great advice to meditate on. You might also enjoy this episode that’s specific to multipassionate entrepreneurs:
      We’re cheering you on big time, Veronica. Keep going!

  66. Multiple Jobs Holding You Back? How To Make It Work –
    I was able to find good advice from your content.

    Yes! Finally something about waterfallmagazine.

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