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I’m officially back from Barcelona (OMG was it good!) and happily slipping into summer time goodness.

One of the things I love about summer is that we spend 90% of our time at the beach. We wake up, do yoga, make juice, work for a few hours, and then hit the sand. It’s an awesome lifestyle that I feel truly grateful to experience.

Now the only reason I get to do this is because for years when I first started out, I held onto my dream of running a totally “mobile” business.

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I wanted to be able to do what I do best, from anywhere in the world.

It took me quite a bit of transition time (years, in fact)  from having “day jobs” that helped me fund my business, to being 100% mobile and running everything from my laptop.

I know that making the leap from “working for da man” to “doing your own thing” can often seem impossible.

How exactly do you make that transition? In this video, I’ll show you three steps to help you make the switch from your day job into your dream business.

Important note: these three steps are not exhaustive nor are they the only way it can be done. Just some mental tapas, so to speak, to get you moving in the right direction.

Now my questions for YOU.

Are you in the midst of your transition?

What’s challenging about it?

Have you made the leap to do your own thing?

What specific strategies can you share that helped?

Let us know by leaving a comment below.

As always, thank you for reading my business ideas for creative entrepreneurs and watching.

You make my week!


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  1. Great advice Marie! It’s a process to transition from a traditional job into working for yourself and you outlined some great starting points. I talk to a lot of women that want to re-create the comfort and security of their 9-5 and then transition seamlessly from one to the other. That’s a fantasy. There are going to be some challenges, a steep learning curve and overcoming a lot of fear. However, at the point where you’re creating a waiting list or people are thanking you for changing their lives, all the work is SO worth it!

  2. Great advice Marie! It’s a process to transition from a traditional job into working for yourself and you outlined some great starting points. I talk to a lot of women that want to re-create the comfort and security of their 9-5 and then transition seamlessly from one to the other. That’s a fantasy. There are going to be some challenges, a steep learning curve and overcoming a lot of fear. However, at the point where you’re creating a waiting list or people are thanking you for changing their lives, all the work is SO worth it!

    • marie

      Absosmurfly Maryellen 🙂

  3. Dani

    I just made the leap and love my freedom. I am an Administrative Consultant aka Virtual Assistant.

    I love what I do, I love the flexibility. I am working remote from my in laws right now. We’re going to a water park tomorrow.

    I do have some things that have been challenging for me though. I am introverted and its hard to be alone ALL the time and not become a hermit or even worse a bridge troll! I also find that I really am the jack of all trades now. I have to do everything ( for now )..the accounting, the planning, the follow up, the thank you notes, money transfers, project management, research and the list goes on and on and on and on!

    It’s super rewarding though, the two reasons I made the leap? My 2 year beauty Maya Isa and to take back my body/soul. I had begun to get office ass. I worked in IT for over 7 years. No more office donuts.

    • marie

      Hi Dani, Congrats on your new business (it’s very needed and will continue to be) My suggestion is to pay attention to what you love to do and what you’re best at. Overtime, you’ll be able to specialize a bit more and hone in on the parts of the business you are best at and that come uber naturally to you.
      and LOL on office ass!! 😉

  4. Hi Marie! That is such a great video, once again! I am in the process of starting my own online business but until last Sunday, I still had a day job. I didn’t “quit” my day job but I left to go on my maternity leave. I’ve decided to use all the time I’ll find (while taking care of my baby of course) to start my business! I’m not pressuring myself, if I’m not really making enough money, I’ll go back to work after my leave but hopefully, in one year, I won’t have to!

    • marie

      Congrats Marie Noelle on your baby!! I love your attitude too about not stressing out. Stay focused on helping people solve problems and you’ll be all set 🙂

  5. Ah thank you so much Marie! I’ve been working on narrowing my focus on my site where I teach others my techniques for making silver jewelry… you’ve just given me some new ideas to try! Thanks as always and love the tweetables 😉

    • marie

      Thank you Laura! Tweetables are new for us so glad to know they’re working!

  6. Maryellen, you said it! The client’s results are worth the occasional uncertainty one experiences when just starting out on their own. And when people go into self-employment wishing for the security + comfort of a 9-5 job, they prevent themselves from tapping into their resourcefulness and exercising courage.

    I’ve seen way too many tech entrepreneurs blow through loads of investment money because every time they had a problem, they threw a check or credit card at it. Then when the money ran out, they didn’t know how to creatively deal with problems. Usually the company tanked or suffered from stagnated growth.

    Speaking of a waiting list, I need to hit it out of here because I have people waiting to get on mine! Thanks for the awesome video. Back to fun-work, working on updating my site.

    • marie

      Alex, I just have to say that your picture is SO charming. What you shared about people blowing through money is one reason I’m a bootstrapper. I know there may be ways to grow bigger, faster, but I’m a huge believer in creating your business the way YOU want to. Derek Sivers, from his CD Baby Days + Jason Fried from 37 Signals share a similar bootstrappin’ philosophy too.

  7. YES! Having a mobile business is amazing. This was our dream and now we are living in Spain, servicing 90% of our client base (using email, skype, online) that is based in North America. It IS very possible to have your business…and your wine, sun and tapas too!

    Thanks Marie – I always LOVE your Tuesday video. Your energy is contagious.

    Katharine from Multibird branding {}

    • marie

      thank you so much Katherine! and SO great to know you’re in Spain!! Congrats on making your dreams come true.

      • Thank YOU. And next time you’re in Spain – I’ll meet you for Sangria 🙂 Actually, better yet, I am visualizing a Marie Forleo workshop in Spain!

  8. I actually made the lead many years ago — I had my own company in California — then moved to upstate NY — created my own company in the food biz again. Then got retrained in the healing field, and have been running with that for 13 years. Transitions are what always seem to come — the latest is the economic downturn that cut my profitable biz in half. So — reinvention time again!! My challenge is making the money that will support me and fund my “slow down” years — aka – have some cushion in the bank that will “work” for me — and not just trade time for dollars. So – its constantly retrain, learn and grow!!!

  9. Marie, loving asking my ideal clients about their needs and how I could meet them. Just had an awesome session with a woman who loves my idea for an online business.

    This video was a great complement to what you’re teaching us in the Rich, Hot, Happy (and Awesome!) B School. Lovin’ it!

  10. Thanks Marie. I just transitioned out of my day job and was oh so happy to see that I followed your 3 steps. Having a cushion definitely keeps me from freaking out every morning (oh, I still do occasionally), but it helps me make more thought out business decision. Great job.

    And it so true about loving your day job while you are in. That helped a lot and allowed me to power through a lot of the set-up before I left. In fact, I had to leave because the business was going so well, I couldn’t continue to juggle it all.

    Thanks for the support (even if it is in validation).

  11. Good stuff, Marie. I do work for myself, but the big boom diggity I’m taking from this video is to enjoy what I’m doing now in order to enjoy what I’m doing next. What I do now serves what happens next. So often we think we’ll be OK when we get to the next. It’s not that, is it? XO

  12. Hey Marie,
    My husband and I love watching your videos, especially the music ones, they are fantastic. I bought your book yesterday and am just getting started reading it. Great advice in this particular Q&A because everyone struggles with becoming the person they really want to be. I am a stay at home mom of two with a lot of education and until recently no outlet. Now that my husband and I have started our online marketing business I feel more inspired and can make it through another day of ” Dora the Explorer” without vomiting.
    Thanks again!

    • marie

      Hi Michelle! Please pass along a big hello to your hubby. And thank you so much for getting Make Every Man Want You, it’s a fantastic book. HA HA on not upchucking from more Dora!

  13. My biggest challenge is figuring out what the heck I want to do! I currently have a successful online business but it takes a lot of my time and I want something less taxing on my time. It seems what I really want to do doesn’t have a big enough market to actually make decent money. I am still brainstorming.

  14. Thank you for this – it’s the message I needed to hear right now. I’m in the midst of a transition, but in my case, my “day job” is a company I co-own and am transitioning away from to pursue some independent passions. I can see that where I’m headed is where I want to be, but I’ve begun resenting the work I’m still doing for the other business in the process. I’ve been searching for a way to make the transition easier/better, and you nailed it for me – I need to figure out how to love it again. Sunshiney days lead to starry, starry nights. Thanks, Marie!

  15. Hey Marie…another AWESOME video. Thank you. I love what you said about “how you do one thing is how you do everything.” I think it’s so true. And I think it’s so important to honor each phase we’re at. It’s so easy, as new business owners, to want what we want and want it NOW. And if we don’t have it NOW, we get all upset and beat ourselves up and feel like failures. So not the case, and it’s not nice to do that to ourselves. We gotta love up all the phases we’re in. The transitions ones included.

    You rock mama. Much love,

  16. DK

    Good one! Not wearing shoes!

    • marie

      Yeah!! NICE catch DK 🙂 I’m a big fan of being barefoot!!

  17. Hi Marie,

    I’ve been self-employed all my life and I love it! I’ve been a conference interpreter for 22 years and ‘m going through a transition towards being completely mobile and building a business around my passion: self development and social media marketing. Honestly, I’m enjoying this transition period because it’s really an opportunity for me to know myself better and to clarify a lot about my new business as I move along.
    I enjoy your videos very much. They are always food for thought to me!

  18. Marie,
    You just crack me up! Every video I watch from you makes me laugh out loud at some point. thanks for that. Plus, I happily work for myself and have for over a decade. So I just sent this video over to a client that is transitioning from her job to a private practice. Can’t wait for your next video~

  19. Thank you 🙂 I have my online business and am not working on anything else right now. I am getting married and my fiance and I just moved for his job…and I haven’t gotten one yet. I have had my own home-based business before, and Dani, I know what you mean. My biggest area of resistance in growing my business is this: I don’t want to be an introverted computer troll with only online friends, either. What super sucks is that I just moved to Iowa from Florida. We know no one. We also don’t want to live here for more than 1 or 2 years…we would rather live in Chicago (where his sister is), Boston (where his other sisters is), or CA (where I am from)…Problem is, he’s an engineer and not yet a citizen, so pickin’s are slim when it comes to companies that will hire him…hence Iowa. No offense to Iowans, but I am a beach-city girl, and this is really hard for me. The other issue is this: I love to be funny. I am going through a coaching training certification and I just got my master’s in research psychology. MAN, I hate having to be boring…I hate having to worry when I say SUPER to describe something…basically I am sick and tired of having to act like a stiff and suppress being funny to pass tests, certifications, not be criticized by my “mentors”, etc. So, I am working with a VA right now to funify my website and my business. I am getting over my fear of telling people that I love Jane Fonda, teach Yoga and Pilates to French Canadian Indie Rock bands, get creeped out by chanting and gurus, hate Pilates snobs, and truly believe that a chocolate chip cookie AND blue green algae make a great snack.

    Love you guys. Love you, Marie, even though I have never met you. I want to try one of your sauces. I made some yummy sauce yesterday, and my husband was a very happy man after a long day of work…HOORAY SAUCES!!!



    PS for some free coaching y’all.

  20. Hi Marie–

    I love the line about “how you do one thing is how you do everything.” That’s golden and I’m off to use it on the job, which I will love today and every day that I’m there:).


  21. Hi Marie,

    Good advice! I’m still working on transitioning from the “day gig” to 100% doing my own thing. But I’ve watched a few friends do it, most recently a friend who just moved to Costa Rica. Talk about making me jealous! 🙂

    What was cool about how she did it is she kept testing the waters, so to speak. She travelled there first to make sure she liked it enough to live there. Plus it was a great test to see if her online business could really be run without her there supervising everything. And then checking to make sure she really could get hi-speed internet where she was at remotely. Etc, etc, etc.

    So, I think her strategy of doing a series of tests and trial runs was a super effective way to build her confidence & prove to her partner that this could actually be more than a dream but indeed become their new reality.

    So, that’s my two cents worth (not adjusted for inflation) 🙂

    You rock!


  22. Hi Marie,
    I am still making my transition. I left my full-time gig a few months ago and leveraged my knowledge at the oil company I worked for to be able to work as a contractor (since no one else knew all the reports I do). That contract is due to either renew OR expire soon (which is a little scary). I have chosen faith & not fear, but I haven’t quite replaced my income yet. This contract gig is still my sole income. I’m a little worried I will have to go back to work, but I’m going to take your steps today. I’m fixing to release my first digital guide next week and have been building my tribe and guest writing as much as I can. Any other helps? Love to you!!

  23. Oh boy! I woke up with a nasty food hang over and a case of the mean reds so this video was just what I needed! Im in the midst of making a transition To working for myself and feeling overwhelmed. Marie, thank you for the reminder that it takes time + a positive attitude in my day job to make this transition! Im working my way through b- school and im now encourged to keep focusing on all the content there and slowly building my customer base. The time to make the transition will come!

  24. girl!!!! WTF?!!! are you in my head?! umm, i’ve been feeling lately like i’m so close to “taking off” with the styling but i need that next step. BUT i ask you this…how do i get better at the BUSINESS part? how to i find more clients and not be shy about my worth/fee? i struggle with this, which is why i think my ideal gig would involve styling for a show, where my agent would negotiate my rate. any tips on that part of it all? Btw, you look gorgeous per usual! 🙂

    • marie

      Lady G, the secret to getting better at biz is to commit then immerse. I happen to know someone, ahem, who teaches small business owners how to grow their businesses 🙂

      Seriously though, read more books on small biz, and MAKE MORE offers, ask for referrals, etc. Commit to MASTERING this stuff. It’s not rocket science, but you do need to educate yourself because none of us are born with this knowledge.

      Owning your worth is a whole other topic that I think I may have to create a program around because I know it was a HUGE stumbling block for me, and it’s crippling many talented people I know.

      You need to GET OVER being shy about your fee. You’re not shy about anything else in life so stop that shit. Immediately.

      I’ve never booked a show so I’ll leave that for the entertainment and agent type folks

      Thanks on the gorgeous part 🙂 Love ya!

  25. Thank you for the advice Marie! I am living my passion by helping others meet their health and wellness goals. I finally made up my mind that I will go for it! I love your advice about loving what you are doing in the now. That is exactly what I do while in the process of making that transition to a full-time Wellness Coach. For years, I’ve been trying to figure out my true niche and I believe that I’ve found it. The process of doing everything in order to have and run a successful business is challenging but very rewarding. I love being able to live the life of my dreams while focusing on my passion in life. That’s enough to give me all the energy and stamina that I need to keep moving. Thanks again for sharing your knowledge and tips. You are a big inspiration!!!


  26. SJ

    What is your advice regarding health insurance for entrepreneurs? I support my family, and I’m concerned about finding adequate health insurance if I leave my job.
    Thanks, Marie! You’re awesome!

    • marie

      Hey SJ! I found a great insurance agent through my accountant. It was someone who was intimately familiar with dealing with entrepreneurs. We spend a few weeks reviewing different options until I was totally comfortable. I would highly suggest tapping your network and talk to insurance agents that have experience with folks in your position.

      • SJ

        Thank you, Marie!

  27. carla loiacono

    Marie…. you rock!!!

  28. This is such good advice.

    I help entrepreneurs with their online marketing – both entrepreneurs with capital and those with none. And those who use their day job to get their passion biz running have a much easier time of things and start making
    More. Money. Faster.

    My advise: Don’t quit until you can’t afford to keep your job anymore!

  29. Robin Holland

    Hi Marie,
    I loved this video! I’m reviewing B-School and just finished watching the Profit Clarity movie, so this was big reinforcement! I’m starting my business now, and I’m at the point of going and talking to the real people about what I’m offering to be on track with them. What I loved most about what you said is to commit to love the crap out of what I have right now, love being there, doing the best in this moment so I can do/be the best in any moment! (Whatever we’re transitioning from, be it day job, juggling teenage children responsibilities, managing a parent’s health care, etc) Totally enjoyed the way you communicated it all. xxoo Robin

  30. Polly

    Hi Marie, the information in this video is awesome and totally makes sense to me.
    But there is one thing I want to be honest about even though it sounds negative – I’m working in an industry that I don’t have passion about, and I’m really hate it!
    However, I came out with a solution – To find a new job in a field where I have passion about (where also my mobile business takes place) so that I can stay energetic and keep learning something new while making transition to my mobile business.
    In order to make a switch to new field, I invest myself on learning new skills, learning a foreign language, and keeping myself look up- to-date and fresh all the time.
    I also expect a pay cut doing internship or getting an entry level position. This way I will get to know people in the industry I really want to be in.

    • marie

      Polly, it doesn’t sound negative at all. If you really don’t want to be in that field, then change to one that you can love!

  31. Good plan. So many people – most, in fact – think they can just put up a squeeze page or start a blog and replace their income overnight. And the ones selling them that idea are making all the money and leaving people frustrated and broke.

    It’s tough to wait and go through a step by step process to get your own business going, but it’s the only way to do it. Get your ducks in a row or forever be chasing success.

    Thanks for the insight, Marie.

    • marie

      I hear ya Terry! For most of us, it takes time and patience to build an online business – but it’s so worth it!!

  32. I was struggling with this last year at RHH Live, not feeling like my best self at my day job -raising my three kids.

    I try my best each day to take the same patience and understanding I have with my clients and translate that to myself and my kids. It has made space for so much growth and healing and joy!

    So much gratitude for that! I was just peeking at my notes from SYS and was inspired once again. xoxo

  33. Highsocietyjess

    Thanks Marie, not just for this video, but for all of your videos, your infectious spirit and energy and just putting yourself out there like that. I’m a 22-year old getting ready to transition from college student to business owner and these steps really made me think about what I need to do to get to where I want to get. I love your site and I can’t wait to get to “Rich, Happy & Hot” I’m saving already!

  34. I am currently attempting to slim down my tasks and offerings, and say “no” to things that are not absolutely, and exactly what I want to do, in order to focus on what I really want and what is in line with the vision of my business. it is crazy how much stuff I had taken on because other people were asking it of me and the business…..”when are you going to add more classes?”….”when will you have classes on the weekend?”….”why can’t I use the coupon after the expiration date?”. yikes. thanks for the video!

  35. I love this post and that you encourage us to share our experiences with transition. I think an interesting life is made of a series of challenging transitions. (Can you imagine how bored we’d be without them??)

    It would be wonderful if we could look forward to future transitions with joyful anticipation, but that’s not likely. The best we can hope for, perhaps, is the knowledge that we are able to negotiate them with acceptance and a willingness to grow and change.

    I’ve noticed that successful transitions always involve appreciating where you are in the moment (how you do one thing is how you do everything!), following your own path, letting go when it is time, being open to doing what you need to do, and embracing the new life when it finally emerges.

    Thanks again for a thoughtful and thought-provoking post, Marie!

  36. It’s so encouraging to read all these comments about others working for themselves or making plans to be on their own. I have been working for myself for 21 years with my retail business. I’m “done” with the many hours a retail store requires, done with the industry I’ve been in for 30 and ready to sell and free myself up for real independence. Marie, your videos are wonderful, I share with friends/family and am enrolled in RHH Bschool ! It feels good to know I am DEFINITELY not alone in my efforts to be barefoot AND put money in the bank. (actually hiking shoes would do nicely! 🙂
    Thank you Marie~~
    I love my work today…while I’m still here!!!!

  37. Marie! I so needed this one today. I’m currently in Bschool and am very lucky to have a flexible, supportive day job while I’m building my business. I sometimes get caught up in the mindset of “I could be working on my stuff instead of this stuff” while I’m at my job. So, loving what what I’m doing while I’m at work for the man, is soooooo key! You are right on – How you do one thing is how you do everything. And, I want to lead with compassion, generosity and an open-heart all the time. Thanks for the beautiful reminder!

  38. GREAT Question! I feel like I’ve been doing the double job thing FOREVER! This year I signed up for Rich Hot Happy B-School! I have found that it answers sooo many questions I have as to how to run a new business. is laying out the ground-work for my business and I’m learning what I need to do to make it my #1 job! I’ve also had an attitude adjustment- just last night! I’ve been bitching like CRAZY about my day job and decided that I need to schedule in a gratitude prayer twice a day! So thanks to my Iphone- I now receive reminders to be thankful for what I got so that I can get more! And… thanks to being pregnant- I’ve cut back to 3 days at work and am putting in 2 days per week into my own business and am scheduling every minute of those “off days” to move myself forward with my own business! AWESOME! Thanks for being such a Rock Star mentor Marie!

  39. Nathalie


    The Universe must be operating as this is exactly what I needed to hear. Your advice and suggestions are so helpful and full of wisdom. I really want to go it alone and be fearless about it yet I understand the importance about doing your best in this moment which leads to the best in the next moment.

    Thank you for making my day!!

  40. Wow, that was a LOT of great advice packed into one little video.

    You sure know how to bring it!

  41. Tealara

    Sooo… I totally appreciate the idea of a slow transition, and yet I had no warning when I was laid off from my job with a small company and no severance package. I REALLY want to take this opportunity to create my passion business, but have no $ cushion.

    I’m trying to decide whether to borrow $ to get up and running (including living expenses) or find another job while starting up slowly… I’d love to hear any thoughts you might have about the value of momentum in times like this.

    Thanks for the inspiration! I just found you a couple of months ago, and look forward to it every week!

  42. Very wise words Marie!

    I think your advice is useful to folks as they do their “day jobs” — profit clarity and talking to your customers is valuable in almost every line of work.
    Nice video.

  43. Very cogent comments Marie! I’ve just done my first job in Moscow, including an outdoor forum in the sunshine, and got some great feedback. My advice is to always get client feedback asap, and, if they’re happy, get them to put it in writing so you can show the positive comments to others needing the same services. Running your own business is endlessly challenging, but I wouldn’t have any other way. Another tip is, get to know the best PRs in your sector and get them to recommend you to their clients. Clients need all kinds of services, from graphic design to event moderating (I do the second). My top PR friends have an A list of clients, and twice this spring they’ve got me jobs for their high calibre clients that would have taken me more time to pull in myself. If you’re confident you can deliver, everyone benefits. (btw, I don’t have an in-house PR and don’t have one on a retainer. What else? I always chat with creative people in my world – architects, designers – to see who they work with, who they know – and get them to recommend me to give lectures, chair events etc. This led to me lecturing to an audience of 2500 people in Kuala Lumpur last year and the best lecturing fee ever. I keep a note of every single conversation I have of this kind and directly with clients, and date it, in a notebook, so I can return and record the follow up scenario. It gives you a continual overview of the state of play, and you can see at a glance what percentage of contacts lead to a real job, and which ones took longer, or didn’t happen and why. Tracking your progress, you are less likely to forget about those casual conversations at some drinks reception that could turn to gold this way. Another one on events is, if your client is happy to Twitter the details and mail their favourite mailing list, still Twitter the details and make a Facebook events page, and send an e-flyer to your own list as well. These things don’t take long and your clients love the fact that you are mailing your own list, which could be more up-to-date than theirs…Finally, when under financial pressure, even dealing with those people you own money too is marketing – if you maintain your calm and charm, they are more likely, in my experience, to give you more time to pay, pay in instalments etc. Don’t delay it, get on that phone and make a plan. All your clients need to know up front what your financial terms are and confirm that they are happy with meeting them – ambiguity about anything can be expensive when further down the line it turns out that their idea of paying on time is different to yours!

  44. Yeah, my job got to where I could love NOTHING about it. So, I quit…cold turkey.

    Not the greatest decision, but nothin’ will get one into activity and out of their comfort zone faster than making a life-altering jump and depending on blind faith!

    It worked for me, but great realistic advice, Marie, for those not ready to make the cold-turkey split!

    • marie

      Hey Vidette! NICE work. And yes, as I said above – this is certainly not an exhaustive list, and there are many ways to transition depending on your style 🙂

  45. Ross


    This is great advice. I have been working on my business for over a year now while working day jobs. The great thing is that my day job is helping me set up the business by paying for things like a website, logo and even trips to sharpen my expertise. It’s also given me time to really hone in on what my mission and services are. It’s true that it’s easy to resent being at work as you imagine yourself in your future reality.

  46. Cristine

    I’ve enjoyed your videos for a while. All of them have had some nuggets of inspiration for me, but this one today hit me straight between the eyes (in a good way!). I had a HUGE a-ha moment with your first tip. My absolute biggest issue with time/energy of starting a new business is the perceived “slogging away” at my current job that leaves me so spent that I don’t have any energy at the end of the day to work on my business. Thank you so much for the needed kick in the pants! The attitude adjustment starts … now!

  47. Ashley

    Great video Marie! I’m definitely getting to the point where Vidette was at – finding it hard to love ANYTHING about the day job. But, since I’m not quite ready to do the cold-turkey split, I’m looking for another job that will utilize my strengths more and hopefully, give me some experience that will help me more in my biz.

    Thanks for bringin’ it =)

  48. Marion

    Hey Marie!

    Thanks, lady, for answering my question!!! I sooooo needed to be reminded of step 1. Attitude of gratitude…

    Big, big hugs from NJ!

  49. Hey Marie,

    Great breakdown of a few key steps for anyone thinking about heading out on their own. Being prepared is so essential for most people, although there was always those who jump in into the deep end without their floaties and do just fine.

    As an entrepreneur, I know first hand about the many (ongoing!) challenges that have to be met along the way, but I still thought the points mentioned are great and well applicable if I were to, say, start another business especially a mobile one.

    Thanks for the entertaining & informative videos every Tuesday!

  50. Brittany

    Hi Marie,

    Great vid as always. I am almost at the midst of transitioning. My goal is to become a successful travel agent selling great vacations at affordable prices to people. I will be able to make my own hours and work on my own time. The only thing stopping me right now (from even getting started) is there are sign-up fees that are a liiiittleee out of my budget right now. The host travel agency that I am interested in is KHM Travel- they require you to pay some money up front- which is okay because they provide a lot of online training for their agents as well as the database where the agents can book the discount trips. I am ready to dive in head first… as soon as I can actually get to the pool =/.

  51. Such an awesome and important Q&A! For better or worse I grew my Photography and Women’s empowerment studio, The Legacy Boutique, with zero start up cash and no help. I bootstrapped it together, piece by piece, and endured many lonnng nights and empty wallets. In hind sight, I would encourage women to keep their job or to switch to something part time. It’s important to have that coushion for future business investments and cash flow. But all of this said, I’ve loved my journey and am so proud I got here, however I did. Thanks Marie! P.S. Enroll i’n RHH B-School … It will change your life! It did mine.

  52. This is such a great video! I recently made the leap from a day job to working for myself and I am SO happy! To be honest I really struggled with showing up for my day job. Marie’s advice is spot on, and I had to really talk to myself about what those actions looked like through my behavior.

    The steps I took to transition from my day job to working for myself before my business was up and running were the following:
    1) LOTS of prayer and meditation. I never pray for what I want, instead I pray for what is intended for me. I had to be very spiritually fit to be able to do this and keep any fear, insecurity, and anxiety at bay. I have just enough fear below the surface to fuel my fire, but none of those emotions ever get in the way. At one point, things were not going my way and I was wondering if I would ever get this business up and running. One night I just had to put the question out there through prayer and ask whether this was the path for me and how things were going to work out. The next morning I awoke to a voicemail solving my biggest roadblock: Financing. Amazing!

    2) I eventually had to be honest with myself and my boss. I was lying to myself saying I could stay in my day job while working on my passion business (love that phrase Marie!). I found I was depressed, lethargic, unmotivated and not at all living in gratitude or able to focus. So after step 1 above and planning my financial security, I decided to give my two-week notice at work. I had an honest conversation with my boss and my two-week notice turned into a two-month notice so I my company could help me financially with my transition (wow, amazing) AND so I could be of service and help support my projects as others took them on. Honesty and vulnerability were instrumental for this financial support to transpire. I have an amazing boss and am leaving a great people-focused company.

    3)The last step is I had to get a routine in place immediately, so I could successfully balance the work during my last two months and my new business. My boss let me work 100% remote during the last month, and we had an understanding that I would be doing both equally. I established a routine that included the time I awoke, exercised, walked the dogs, worked, and more worked some more. I had to have life balance all around from the beginning to be able to make the transition.

    I’m ending this last month of my day job around July 15 and then will be 100% focused on my start-up. I couldn’t be happier today. I feel like everyday is a Saturday and I just won the lottery. And I have to thank Marie and her wonderful videos and B-School for all of the support along the way! I especially relied on the video about how to handle overwhelm…that has been a lifesaver during many 3AM mornings! 🙂


    • Heather,
      Your blog site looks AWESOME!!! I would love to bring my dog to you. It looks like fun already, just from the preview!

    • That’s awesome Heather! The future of doggie daycare is here! LOVED the animation on your site.

      • Thank you Cara and Melody! I appreciate the encouragement! 🙂

  53. Marie, I think it is very important to love your job while you are creating the bridge. That is not my problem. I love it so much, I have no problem asking for a promotion or a better job in order to stay in that company and make a bigger nest for the transition.
    My problem is still energy. I know that diet and exercise are important. I admit, I don’t always have the best diet. I do however, eat very well when I am working because I bring home cooked meals from home for lunch. I don’t have a car, I take the bus so that means that I have to add an extra hour before and after work for transportation. My workday, in other words, is 11 hours long. I work 11 – 8 so I split the day in half and to be honest, I am exhausted when I get home.
    I have made some progress by meditating 20 minutes every morning, going for at minimum, a half hour walk and having a great breakfast. I write my blog post and do a quick run to post some stuff on the internet. I read very positive books and stay away from the negative. I am still tired. Any suggestions or ideas on how can I improve so I don’t feel so tired. And, no, I don’t believe age has anything to do with it. I am 44 years young and I meet ladies everyday who are in their 60’s and kick my butt energy wise. Help.

    • Hey Roxana, It may be WHAT you’re eating. I gave up gluten, sugar, and dairy, and found more energy than I’ve had in over a decade. Really. The net energetic gain is one I’m investing in making even MORE fun and changes in the business I already love. Perhaps a two-week trial would be worthwhile – I found a difference in less than a week, so it wouldn’t be difficult to try. Good luck in all you’re creating!

      • Dodie, I have a feeling you may be right. I did an elimination diet once for our whole household and one thing we discovered was that my daughter (about 14 at the time) had an allergic reaction to gluten all her life (little bumps that looked like zits all over her arms always). Until then, they had never dissapeared. Now, she only eats breads and pastas sparingly and she has never gotten them again.
        Maybe I should work on that again. Thanks for the reminder.

  54. Marie,

    What you said is like my favourite, “Wherever you go, THERE YOU ARE”…so true, once the novelty of change wears off.

    I would love, Love, LOVE to see a program from you on getting through the WORTH stuff.

    As I develop my business, which is all about my life’s work, this is my #1 task: healing through my cruft, so it gets out of me. Then, I find, I am behaving from a newer, truer place. WOW (Wonder Of Wonders)!

    I had to start having scary physical symptoms before I got out of my last full time day job, it had to be all or nothing, then I took a part-timer, and there I have been learning to LOVE IT, even though it is a job none of my co-workers seem to enjoy.

    For me it is all about becoming my True Self, then I will pretty naturally end up working my True Work, including mothering 4 kids, and being a wife.

    I find the Universe conspires in my favour when I am on the right track.

    So I’d better go!

    Thanks so much Marie!!


  55. I can’t wait to get home and watch this video, because as I sit at my 9-2-5, YouTube is blocked (go figure!). That is also my goal, to become mobile, so that I am able to do my work from anywhere. That’s my goal and I’m excited to hear the tips you have outlined.

    Thank you so much Marie! I’m so happy I found your site!


  56. Hi Marie,

    I designed my new web site ‘hubster’ entirely for anyone who desires to leave their low-paying, busy-work-a-day-so-someone-else-can-get-rich job so they can finally work for themselves, doing what they want, when they want. It’s for anyone with a service or a (hand-made) product so they can set up shop, with social marketing (and a cool buy/sell system I’m keeping under wraps for now) built right in.

    Instead of opening up your own web site (costs, social/marketing, advertising, time, etc.) this site does it for you! It’s a great place to have fun while making money and helping others make money! (It’s not up and running yet, but pre-registration is OPEN, just follow my blog (below) for all the deets).

    Thanks for you inspiration. I don’t follow many, but I follow you! 🙂



  57. Tikva Lubetkin

    Hey Marie,

    Awesome as usual and your most inspiring.

    I am on the way to doing what I love most and have been for awhile. Yet, you inspired and encouraged me to go further and enjoy more!
    Thank you!

  58. I have a really good job. The only thing about it is that it doesn’t leave me as much creative freedom as my business does. The reason I got the job in the first place was to try to figure out what my clients are going through emotionally and all the challenges they are facing when trying to start something on their own while still working somewhere else.

    My biggest challenge turned out to be time. Getting up at 6am, comming home at 7pm and then working on my business. It’s not compaining that gets me exhaused, it’s the huge amout of work. The trouble with all of it isn’t finding new ideas, at least for now, it’s about making all of them happen.

  59. Marie,
    Once again clear and actionable tidbits from your highly charged brain. Beautiful and Lovely. Thank you.

    TRANSITION!!! Can’t wait to feel the sweet relief of transition! Right now it is a little nutty with working my night job, and working on my newly launched Italian travel site. I write blog posts and guest posts when the family sleeps or is bathing. Ahhh! Crazy pace but what entrepreneur can’t relate?!

    Momentum is a biggie and right now I just want to put a firecracker under whatever small momentum I currently have.

    I liked your idea about talking to people in my target market. I only launched my services as an itinerary planner for Cinque Terre in Italy last month. No bites yet. I just offered to give a free plan away to promote an interview I just ran with Danielle Diamond (b-schoooler) to promote her last few spots on the Umbrian Yoga retreat. Strategy- get my name and services out there.

    QUESTION for you Miss Marie? Do you recommend giving free shit away or just going for discounts. And when the hell do ya stop that?
    THANKS!! Bianca

  60. I am in the transition phase at the moment and I tell ya, being focused on what life will be like once I am leading my own business is what is keeping me going. Planning the financials comes into this too.

    As for the day job, if we have sign a contract with a business, it is our responsibility to respect this, right?

    – Raz

  61. Thanks so much for this, I love that it’s a step-by-step resource! I put in my notice at my day job a week ago, and one thing that made it possible for me is having enough savings to pay my living expenses for a year. That cushion has made all the difference because I am very risk-averse by nature.

    Regarding your point about loving your Day Job while you’re still there — I have to gently point out that that’s not always possible. For those of us who are in toxic Day Jobs that are affecting our physical and mental health, sometimes the leap needs to happen earlier than it ideally would. I do agree, though, that spending one’s entire workday bitching about said Day Job is exhausting and unproductive and does not lead to good work at one’s Passion Job at night!

    And you know what, I am grateful to that Day Job because it helped me build up those savings that ultimately gave me the freedom to leave.

    • Ashley

      Congratulations on taking the big leap Darlene!

  62. Hi Marie and everyone else!

    As I manage my own business, one thing that would make it a lot easier to get to the lifestyle I want from my business, is to find an amazing copywriter. I have a program that is for business owners that feel stuck or are struggling and really want to breakthrough and take their business to the next level. Right now, I am looking for a great copywriter to convey all of my wonderful ideas and thoughts to our target audience so that they would totally get the fact that we can help them in amazing ways.

    Can you please post your advice on how to find an amazing copywriter? I need one that can write for websites and online landing pages.

    I loved this video but my favorite was definitely the one on jealousy. The distinctions I got from that were

  63. Purna

    Thanks for sharing! I’m wondering though, what is the best way to conduct the market research? Sending out mail asking for responses, randomly asking people on the street, or some other way?

    • marie

      Hi Purna, the best is talking to real people, in person. Use your network, friends of friends, the internet, social media, etc!

      • Purna

        Thanks Marie. I just tend to get worried I’ll be bothering my friends as my target market is quite small and only one or two my friends are interested in what I will be offering.

        • Anna

          I agree with Purna. I tried that a few times when testing my business ideas and I must say that it’s not always the best way of assessing your target group. Sometimes people don’t understand what you try to achieve, or they don’t believe in such initiatives, have no experience and/or imagination or just simply say YES to everything you try to do as they like you. Also, sometimes they say they’d pay for such products/services and then they actually don’t. This is quite complex. Therefore, I’d say it might be useful to have a small chat with your friends about your ideas but you shouldn’t really give up on your plan when they don’t seem to be excited.

  64. Harrison Hand

    Great advice! Reminds me of a tip I picked up from Lisa Nichols that totally changed how I look at my job. When she was making the transition, she chose to look at her job as the first investor in her company. It helped her go to work with an attitude of gratitude and it’s done the same for me.
    Having a job gives me the freedom to create my business without worrying about paying my bills. It’s a heck of a lot easier than desperately seeking investors to keep things going until I’m making a profit.

    • I really like this!….my current company, Modern Eyewear which is up for sale so I can move on after 21+ yrs…is totally my first investor! My company has been so good to me and taken such good care of me! Today I am more full of love for this business after watching this video and reading these posts… has paid all my bills and paid for me to learn many new things as I prepare for the next book of my life so to speak! I’m taking really good care of it until the new owner shows up~~~

    • I love the idea of looking at your 9-5 as your first investor. What a difference that makes in mindset. You want to please your investors 🙂

      I agree that it’s so important to keep that positive momentum going in all that you do. It’s really hard to go from thinking negative thoughts all day, to magically flipping a switch to think positive thoughts…. It just doesn’t happen.

    • What an amazing idea! I am going to start thinking of that in order to stay positive with my babysitting job 🙂

      Love this video, and I am so glad you didn’t say: “Just quit, let go of the old to make room for the new and it will fall into place”. Because, though I believe that in theory, and know it works for some, that is just too darn impossible for me right now!


  65. Hi Marie
    Great video as always but this is the first time Ive got around to telling you that 🙂

    I agree about bringing integrity to all that we do – that’s the message I try to impart to my two beautiful teenage daughters. Don’t drop your standards I say – you may find it hard to pick them up!

    Ciao for now


    Last blog post:

  66. Beautiful message, Marie (& our friend, Oprah!) So vital to our success, in all areas, to live in gratitude. I’m always amazed when I feel that “complaint bug” invading my psyche & I ask myself how I might be contributing to the situation. I always get an answer! Then I’m able to turn the lesson into an opportunity for gratitude. Feels sooo much better & definitely gives me the fuel I need. That was an excellent point, Marie. Gratitude = good energy to use for our passionate work!

    I just celebrated my birthday, Sunday – always makes me feel so thankful to be here in this world & to be experiencing this life. Yeah, baby!

  67. Brad

    Having that financial cushion is very important. A year ago Memorial weekend I took on a new job that was supposed to be high paying but slow in January. Turned out not to be high paying, took up a lot of my time for 6 months and “slow in january” turned out to be slow all year so far. I didn’t get the opportunity to build that cushion and am now looking for a different job while still working on my own idea.

  68. Prada Madonna

    Marie –
    Excellent, pragmatic advise. Thank you! It is so crucial to focus on one’s business model and the demand for your services. That is what profitability is all about these days – serving the world and providing value. The self serving world of the 80s and 90s is over and out.
    Keep those videos coming…

  69. Watching this video at my day job now!!

  70. i haven’t but am working on it. Appreciate your advice, great video!

  71. Funny enough, I came back from selling your soul ready to say adios to the day job, but my boss was having a bad day and as fate had it we I got uber honest with her about my dreams and she told me where she is going with her dreams AND we are going to help each other get there! Win. Win. Win.

    I know everyone cannot come out to their boss like that (I’m pretty lucky), but it is so much easier to build my dreams slowly and all in the right moment when I have the support I need to do it. So, I’d add that building the support network is key to making the transition (regardless of the speed).

    Lots of love ladies!

  72. Marie as always PERFECT TIMING and PERFECT ADVICE!!!! Right on time and loving these tips!!!! I am going to LOVE the heck out of my current day job!!!

  73. My favorite bit (and most unexpected) was “love your job”. It’s so right on–and all about being mindful and living in the moment. I totally agree, if you go through your day carrying a bunch of negative energy, that just becomes too much a part of you and will stop you from moving forward. I know that lots of people are stuck in day jobs they despise, and most days they’re just phoning it in. I have SO been there at times. But somehow (and it’s not easy) it’s super-important to find a way to embrace and enjoy what you’re doing, even if it’s just one little aspect that you can cling to. And there’s no reason why you can’t enjoy the here-and-now, while working toward a better future and creating the career of your dreams.

    I think this also speaks to the idea of “arrival fallacy” (look up the book Happier by Tal Ben-Shahar–a Harvard prof who does awesome work on the concept of happiness), the belief that once you achieve A, or get B, or C happens, THEN you’ll finally be happy. And so tragically, it’s just not true. If you can’t find ways to be happy in your life as it is now, although you might be temporarily pleased when you achieve whatever it is, you’ll quickly start to feel dissatisfied & unhappy again.

  74. Well Marie, when I went through this a LONG time ago & made the decision to make a move, I rearranged my finances, gave my 2 weeks notice & dived straight in! That was in 2003. Since then, I’ve taken on part-time jobs, as needed, to keep me chugging along.

    I’ve been completely doing my own thing, without working for others, for over 5 years now. Wow, when I think about it and say it out loud, that’s pretty damn cool.

    Hugs Marie!

  75. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you, Marie! So many Internet entrepreneurs espouse kicking the day job and imply that if you’re still working 9 to 5, you’re a loser, etc. Your advice is so compassionate about the place many of us find ourselves in at the moment, while giving direction for our best future.

  76. Sarah

    Oh My
    I am just before the bit before the leap.
    Sometimes so close.
    Sometimes so far.
    Sometimes I don’t even believe I can make the leap.
    Building and delivering my content to people every day.
    Surfing the net at work…er…ew…guilty
    Starting to get to love my job more…Yup on it.

    Thanks Marie for another hearty kick in the tail!

  77. I am so keen to make that move from day job to dream job, my little financial cushion is just about ready. I am so unfocused at my 9-2-5 that you’re message was a clear kick up the butt to change that. I just finished putting together a vision/wish board, and the front image from your video with today’s message of “Transition from your Day Job to Your Dream Business” is smack in the middle of that. I keep thinking I need to add meditation to my must do list. Will be starting tonight =D Loved this post!!

  78. Such great stuff… I luvvvvv this chic! Your so on it about “loving where you are”. A lesson I must must must learn myself about where I’m currently living (Memphis)…

    thanks so much Marie… you’re da bomb girly!

  79. That was great Marie!

  80. My day job is being a mother, no pay no monthly check no cushion. My night job is also being a mother. Been at it six years now and counting. Have I complained? Yes. Do I regret? No. So what do I do? I wake up early work online and other things, I outsource. I have to do it, I do not have a nice cushion of dough stuffed somewhere I am still trying to make that dough in my early morning-late night job. But I am thankful for those times I close the computer and we get down on the floor dancing and doing a show and the meals that I have had to learn to make. I have to be thankful even though my online progress is snail speed, soon I will reach my goal.
    I wish you mentioned us too Marie, we do exist.

    • marie

      Hi Grace. When you say “I wish you mentioned us too Marie, we do exist.” I’m not sure what you’re implying.

      When I answer Q&A Tuesdays, I’m answering a specific question from a specific reader. This one just happened not to be a stay-at-home-mom (she actually MAY be a mother, she just didn’t mention it in her question). In a 4-7 minute video it is impossible for me to “mention” every situation under the sun.

      I’m not sure how long you’ve been hanging around these parts, but LOADS of my clients and readers are moms. I’ve witnessed and + coached many stay-at-home moms to build their business and watched them soar. Women from every different background, level of experience and amount of “time.”

      If there’s something else I’m missing here, do let me know. Otherwise, keep up the great work and you will reach your goal!

  81. zenaida

    I can really relate to the lack of energy when leaving a “job” you really do not love. I will keep these points in mind when I get home from work. I’ve started the process but this post is just what I needed to get myself really going. 🙂

  82. Really great stuff as usual Marie! Its been years since I had a “day job” but I can remember how scary it was to give up the regular paycheck (and someone else paying my medical benefits!) Wouldn’t trade all the scariness for the world 🙂 xoxox

  83. I am beginning my transition and I totally agree. I wanted to jump out of my current work a year ago because it wasn’t feeding me, but when I started to slow down and appreciate my jobs and clients for all they have given me, it started to feed me in earnest, which has fed back into the quality I have to give my new business.

    My biggest challenge right now is finding the work/space balance. I’ve discovered that slowing down, relaxing and creating space for my creativity are essential to my productivity, so if I could, I would just quit everything and work on my passion full-time, but a girl’s gotta pay the bills! The inherent stress of what I do does put a damper on my forward movement, though. So I am in the process of finding the optimal formula.

    Thanks, Marie, for your spot-on insight and support!

  84. Thanks Marie… another great video! I spent about 5 years transitioning from my old job as a speech writer to running my own business with my hubby and Buddhist Teacher (an education organisation and clinic teaching women to relieve stress, improve digestion & cultivate greater kindness towards themselves). Our financial cushion has been everything… it is still keeping us going after 3 years of business and will hopefully last a little longer as we continue to grow our institute and clinic. I wish I had your advice at the beginning of our journey… it would have made things much clearer!
    Nadia, Byron Bay

  85. Marie – this is awesome to hear. I am so right there with you. I’ve got to shift my internal compass, even at work, to do what I love, spend the time I want to spend on the right things, and get the right attitude in order to transition! Thank you!

  86. Your Doing a awesome job! I enjoy coming here and visiting you, Love the video! Marie Like to show you a great way to market & advertise with Video! These Products are on Fire! It’s worth a look, Give me a email I like to send you a sample if I can! marie Have a great weekend!

  87. Thank you so much for the fantastic timely post!

    I am currently straddling between my job and my company that specializes in inspirational jewelry. Between my regular 40-50 hours, plus doing events on weekends (generally 14hr+ days) I am having a hard time maintaining my energy levels.

    The environment at my day job makes it very easy to get caught up in an un-resourceful mind set (and the office ass isn’t helping either- hehe). This video was a fantastic reminder to focus on the positive aspects of my day job, and to leave the negative for all of the office gossips.

    Marie, I’ve just started to get to know you through your blog posts, and I am totally bummed that I did not get in to the RHH B-School. I found out about it two days before it closed, and I was not familiar enough with your work to put up that much cash with such short notice. Would you pretty, pretty please offer it again so I can join?

  88. Great post Marie! Your advice on changing your mindset towards your current job is great. It really does give you more energy when you look at it from a positive view. I am in the middle of transition right now and I actually found a way to move my day job from the office to my home. I started looking outside the box for ways to do this and it worked. This was a great way to transition slowly and ease into the aspect of working at home and online which it my overall goal.

    thanks for the inspiration!

  89. Another excellent post Marie! You’re an inspiration to all of us. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and wisdom to us!

  90. First of all, I want to thank you very much for giving me precise and on-point inspiration that I had been desperately seeking.

    I try to look at my day job as the foundation that pays my bills. I work in retail, on commissions and each day is intense, always constantly watching for customers and/or trying to block my co-workers. It is exhausting and when I get home to work on my business (I make pendants that I sell on Etsy), I am too tired to do anything else. However, I plug along even though I wish I could just go to bed and sleep.

    No matter, my plan is to stay at my day job so that I can have living expenses and my goal is to use my day job to pay off all of my debts before I can quit my day job. Thanks to you for marketing guidance and to Laura Roeder for guidance in Social Media Marketing, I now have very valuable tools to help me stay focused and motivated.

    There are tons of coaching materials on the internet, but I would soon lose interest. But you gals’ guidance videos are exactly what I was looking for in coaching materials. I need visuals, not just text materials.

    I do have a plan for my transition which includes me practicing everyday my list of: Discipline, Focus, Fortitude, Prayer and Thankfulness. Everyday I make a short list of “To Dos” and I place a gold star on my calendar when I accomplish all goals that I have set for myself that day. Seeing a gold star on my calendar running from week to week, makes me feel extremely good about myself. The gold stars are rewards that I am on my way to becoming fully self-employed.

    I can see through your success that it is possible to have exactly what I want. I will keep following you and learning from you and Laura. One day I will definitely quit my day job and will be successfully self-employed and making plenty of cash – and I do mean within this year. Now, let me add another gold star to my calendar!!!

  91. Lucikly, I’ve haven’t had a “day” job, since university….

    However, I’m transitioning into a re-brand of what I’ve been doing and it’s super exciting and scary and wonderful.

    As always, these videos are fresh, inspiring and very “pro”, and they are inspiring me to do the same with my new “brand”!!! super stoked for the future.

    Thanks for the inspire Marie, I am SO glad I found out about you when I did (thanks for Danielle Laporte)

    Seems to be quite serendipitous (and I envision a meet-up in the future)!

    Irene. xo

  92. Jil Dozier

    Never can see these videos either from my iphone or my mac!!

  93. Hmmm. Jil, that’s really odd because all our videos are hosted on Youtube (which can be viewed from iphones). And we’re a Mac based company. Have a look at and every vid is there!

  94. francis

    To tell you frankly I am interested on having my own business like this someday. But I still have lots of studying to do.

  95. Antonia

    yes your right to have a business we do need more time to do research and study about business well by the help of m friend i am very much successful in my business.thanks for sharing this wonderful thoughts!

  96. I joined B School for my transition and it’s the best money I ever spent! Love the new smart phone friendly site! It’s awesome when I’m kickin’ it by the infinity pool.

  97. Okay… FIRST of all I am so thrilled to find another centre of fabulousness of women who ROCK!! As I am working towards launching my passion career, knowing that others are there with me make my heart full. And yeah. I will love the S*&T out of my day job because I can and because well, life is great.

    Here’s to being all we can be and living our genius. Onward!!

  98. I made the transition from an uninspiring day job to running my own business. It was abrupt, but I had a financial cushion (which is still mostly intact a year later).

    The most difficult part was the sudden loss of social contact – I went from a busy receptionist’s job to doing web development in my living room. Even with the various activities I’m involved in, sometimes it gets a little lonely all by my lonesome. On the flip side, I’m so much more productive without people around.

    • Felicity,

      Congrats on making your transition, and being a business owner!

      As for the loneliness, I’m sure you’ll find a way to conquer that, just like you conquered your last challenge;) I bet there are other solopreneurs who work from home that you can connect with, and when you do, you’ll find that sweet spot that’s the best of both worlds.

      Wish you continued success.


  99. Robin Bramman

    I will be happy for the JOB that is funding my dreams. Thanks for the reminder.

  100. kyla

    We all want our dreams to come true, but how do we do it? That is the real questions. i really learned something from your post. The transition from ordinary day to day work to a business may not be such an easy thing to do, but with determination, you will be able to achieve all your dreams. 🙂

  101. I agree that it can be lonely working from home. I have been doing it for 3yrs now, but I wouldn’t trade the freedom & independence I have. There are definitely trade offs and does take a lot of discipline.

  102. What a very helpful video Marie! I particularly like the fact about loving what you are doing now. Because this definitely sets you up for some good and productive energy. And this energy extends to the people you work with. So even if you are already talking to your target market… if you have low energy they will reciprocate that feeling instead of getting a clear understanding of what your target needs.

    Cool! Thanks, looking forward to more.

  103. Those are brilliant steps on how to start a business. We should really know what our consumers are. It’s important to be able to sell our products to the right consumers because they will eventually use it and spread word about. We don’t just make them think that we sell because we want to earn but because they need the products too. Thanks for posting this video.

  104. Great points Marie! I am sooooooo guilty of this! Going into work completely depressed and not having the energy when I get home. This has helped to me to live in the moment and not wait for the moment!

  105. I just came across this video from Zig Ziggler about attitude and thought about this post and your advice to love your job… while you’re there. Excellent video to consider if you’re having trouble making that attitude shift stick for more than a week or so.

  106. A thought-provoking message… I’m absolutely one of those people who goes reluctantly to my place of work every day, already in a bad mood purely because I have to go in the first place, and then spends the entire day clock-watching and resenting the fact that I’m there. I’ve never thought about actually making the effort to enjoy my job, but it totally makes sense to me now. Thank you for the advice.

    • Hi Rebecca,

      just found it SO AWESOME that you’re the last commenter on this post!! It’s almost like running into someone you know from home when you’re abroad! 😀


  107. Shani

    I’m a new subscriber and I absolutely loove your tips!! I am a single mom transitioning from teaching into fitness and green house gardening (go figure. lol). Since I have some sort of job security, which is necessary being a single parent, I have been strategically and cautiously transitioning into my new venture. Thank you for offering such fantastic advice.

  108. Holy crap, I needed to hear this! :}

  109. Hey Marie,

    Such a great video filled with the advice I needed this morning. Love your speaking style…Thanks, Evon

  110. Hi Marie! It’s been awhile, But i love coming here and enjoying you and your inspiration, You are so darn cute! Love your Stuff!!

  111. Jazz

    Love it Marie! Love your posts, totally awesome.

    BTW, I’m about to sign up to B School …. whoo-hoo!!!!!

  112. Ellie

    so helpful Marie! Thank you for providing me some MUCH needed clarity!!! a million thanks 😉

  113. Hey Marie,

    Great advice! I have transitioned from a regular position to a Consulting/Teaching position. Absolutely, great advice for everyone.

    Love your tips and your Tuesday’s lessons!!!

  114. So I have been working in the Real Estate market for about 9 years and is my passion. I am not a Realtor but I just love helping families receive the right service and the house they are looking for. Anyways I just started my business Orlando Florida Relocator and my target are people from other countries that want to relocate or invest in Orlando Florida. Should I do videos in asking them what is their problems or what are some of the things we can assist them? Need some help in getting answers?

  115. Hi there!
    I’m in between my used to be life long dream and my new life long dream. I have been working in a government role for 5 years and all of my life it’s all I ever wanted to do. Now I feel it’s time to move on as family and life have become more important and job satisfaction. My body is tired of the shift work and sacrifices I have to make. I was fortunate enough to be able to go part time in my job to give me extra time to focus on my Pilates career, but as we’ve only been running for 3 weeks I’m not able to quite my “day” job just yet, however the classes are going great! Enjoy the job you’re in has definitely made me realise that I need to change my attitude….I just love teaching Pilates and want to be able to put more time and effort into the business. Still everything comes to those who wait..looking forward to B-School..hoping I’ll be able to join!!
    Good luck to everyone on their paths of discovery 🙂
    Tanja UK

  116. Wonderful advice! I have been working for many years for myself, and also working at fashion schools and other training companies. Now i work for myself only, and loving it! I help aspiring fashionistas, professionals and other creative people to start up their own Fashion labels/businesses. It is an amazing opportunity to share my knowledge and skills with others. And I am very proud of my students who launch their Fashion labels and work for themselves! Olena Luggassi

  117. I need to watch this video everyday!:)

    Thanks, Marie!

  118. Hi Marie, you really hit the nail on the head with this. Finding the energy to work on my passion at the end of a work day is a challenge that I have been facing. I was thinking about maybe working in the A.M. on my passion and having a very specific list of task to do that will get me where I want to be. Great Advice. Thank You!

  119. I love these tips. Will share this video with the nurses in business group.

  120. Duchess

    Loved “Profit Clarity”❤❤❤ Totally made a shift for me…Thank you Marie you “Kick Ass”!

  121. Lisa Phillips

    I have recently started watching your videos! You Rock! I love your enthusiasm and energy! I currently have a full time job as a receptionist and I am in the process of starting a new business out of my home.
    My husband is very supportive in helping me to make business decisions and assisting me in preparing my space in which I will be running my shop from.
    I also have much support from my friends who I ask a lot of questions about there needs from my business. I am full of so many emotions; Scared, Passionate, Excited and Nervous!!! It is motivational just watching your videos and listening to you. It is so helpful reading the blogs to which many I can relate to and learn from and realize that my emotions are pretty normal.

    Thank you again Marie! I look forward to viewing more of your videos and taking your class this summer!

  122. OMG! You nailed it Marie!

    Totally explained me and my situation to a T. I loath my day job then come home totally drained with no capacity to nurture and cultivate my passion!

    I have good days and bad days, and have even tried working with a behavioral psychologist on this.

    But your video was just what I needed. My day job needs to fuel and inspire, not hold me back and feeling yucky stuck!

    Thank you for doing you so well and inspiring us along the way!!

  123. I actually got sucked into the vortex of corporate America by accident while already owning and operating my dream job. I’ll explain…I own we do search engine optimization and marketing, social media marketing etc. Basically a full service digital marketing agency in Boca Raton, Florida…Well what happens is…bigger agencies who want to provide the types of services I specialize in hire people like me so they can create more profit streams for their agency and sell those types of services to their clients. Well I did such a great job the owners actually created a position for me titled Director of Marketing and pay me to come in and service their clients, or show up at big client meetings etc.. That’s all great and all but in the interim I was neglecting my own clients…So what I did was I drew a line in the sand sort of speak…I commit to the big agency 5 hours a day…8:30 – 1:30 and then from 1:30 to whenever I meet and work on my own clients marketing needs. So my point is….If you can…try and cut your hours a bit if you want to get a head start on working for yourself while still cashing a paycheck. It actually speeds the process up of the total transition … and as of now…I once again am self sustaining on my own with my own clientele so in the event I no longer want to work the corporate grind I can just say bye bye.

  124. I am also going through the same transition and its very important to keep the balance.Thanks a lot Marie, Love your videos 🙂

  125. KarinaS

    Hi Marie! I am in the exact position! The thing is, in my full time job contract says that i am not allowed to work for another business, including my own without my current employer’s permision. And I can’t tell them now, as i have just come back after giving my leaving notice. They convinced me to stay by giving me a ptomotion and better sallary. I thought it would work, but as u said, it’s just not feading my soul anymore.. All i can think about is starting my own business.. Any advise?:) lots of love from London!! Xxx Thank you!!

    • KarinaS

      So, the question is, how do i make the transition without feeling guilty or braking the contract??:((( i could really use some advise:)

  126. Hi, Marie,
    Someone put me on to your website just recently, and I have to say, I love it. This hits home for me because I also want to transition to my own job as a blogger. Instead, I’m stuck in this “in between” phase where I work 40 hours a week for my “9-to-5” and then have to squeeze in hours from 9 p.m. until maybe 1 a.m. doing blog-related stuff. I’m a DIY home improvement blogger, so blogging for me is having to divide time between producing something amazing, plus composing a post about it. TOUGH! Thanks for the reminder to keep lovin’ the day-job, and build up that financial cushion. I’m hoping this transition phase won’t last long before burnout occurs –GASP! 😉

    Serena @ Thrift Diving

  127. Aidee Breton

    Love this episode¡¡¡¡¡¡ You and your team are doing a great job this 2014.

    You rock¡¡¡¡

  128. Love the video! One of the things that has always stuck with me is never to ask how much the person would pay, but instead to ask how much they think it costs? I thought it was interesting, and it has worked for me!

  129. LOVE your first point! How you treat a so-so job can really reveal your work ethic. If you don’t keep the apartment clean, odds are you won’t keep the mansion clean either!

    Thanks for your insight Marie!

  130. Absolutely right, true and realistic. Thanks Marie!

  131. Thanks Marie!

    I will be a 2014 B-School attendee and can’t wait. I related completely to this video because I am a FT employee for a jazzy government agency, making good money for my age, however the bug has bitten. I have an online lingerie company that is expanding its product line and we are ready to make the necessary investments to make the website generate boocoos of traffic and sales.

    We just launched a private label, the Purpose Panty, the first DO GOOD panty and I want to focus my efforts there.

    Im ready to rock and roll with you!!! THANK YOU!

  132. Jared N

    So Marie, I work in the Website Hosting business and was recommended to your site. Love it, agree with it, having you in Congress would be absolutely fantastic. So here is my dilemma: for years I’ve tried to start various businesses, had a “burn in the belly” (the good kind of burn) for being independent and creating a product or company that would provide for our family and do something beneficial for others. My background is varied, medical sales, neurology, sleep diagnostics, medical IT and now Sales for a Hosting Company. We have 5 children and felt incredibly discouraged when I realized how little I brought in last year. I’m in my 40’s, have our 20 year Anniversary in a month or so…and the fire is still there but the drive is gone. Our family is fantastic, our children are great…but my fear is that I’ll never make the leap to independence. My greatest concerns for making any major career changes are health care coverage, we now have $0 savings and my own insecurities in past failures (or opportunities to learn from). 😉 I’m not whining, I’m grateful for at least a job, a great family and the list goes on and on. Advice? Motivation? Guidance? I’m open to anything and in need of a swift kick of encouragement. Thanks, Jared

  133. Hi Marie,

    I am so glad that you posted this video! I am currently living the questions of “what did I get myself into?” and “how do I grow without letting go?” I have several jobs (teaching, consulting, and I am now even training to get a real estate license). So, it is clear that my issue is bigger than just “when to go out on my own”. Last fall, I did just that. I led an independent language conversation group that got great reviews. In fact, I have former students constantly asking me for more classes. But I am so busy with all the other projects I have sustaining me that I don´t know when I can fit it in. I have worked with others in the past, and I wonder if I need to hire some help. Or, should I quit my other gigs and get serious?

    I look forward to your input!

  134. Hi Marie,

    I finally made peace with my corporate job, which I am keeping and not quitting any time soon. What changed was me coming to a complete understanding of what I did not want do or be. After a few days of agonizing soul searching, I let a few things go. Today, I am crystal clear on what I want to do and my corporate job is the means to help fund that direction.

    As always Marie – great stuff!


    Vanquish Fear. Slay Doubt. Be Fabulous

  135. Hi Marie,

    I have seen the benefit of loving my job and how it can take you to a better one. I have jumped from job to job supporting my passion and not till I put some love to my souless day job that a better on comes. However now I am in a situation where I am loved and appreciated by my boss and due to the difficulty to find casual staff to cover for me so I can take some time off to focus on acting, I am stuck here. She understands my passion career as much as I understand her situation, but this ‘stuck transition’ is affecting my everyday motivation. Advice?

    Saf x

  136. Marie!!! Thank you for sharing your wisdom. It was just what I needed today. I’m trying to parlay my knowledge of media and love of teaching into a more significant media presence. Ideally, I’d still keep my wonderful day job (university prof) and do media-related hosting and appearances on weekends and summers. This career model is rare, but I know I can make it work if I’m creative and focused.

  137. I’m 100% in the midst of this right now! Just changed day jobs to one that allows more freedom and has less stress so I can love it and keep that energy flowing into my passion biz. Simultaneously saving $$$ and workin toward that 6 months of bills money in the bank so I can leave the 9-5 and only work for me! Love this post and totes agree. Thanks! 🙂

  138. This video came at the right time for me. I am in a corporate full-time job, mum and wife + I teach yoga part-time so it is hard to make my dream business come to life. I am only spending little time on it. I have made myself sick everyday this winter, getting every bug, flu, cold going around. I have got myself so miserable about being in my full-time job and not living my dream business that it has made me sick. I do enjoy my job when I am there, but I am still resentful that I am there and always thinking of ways to get out of it. I think I just have to give my full-time the same amount of energy and love as I would my dream business so I have enough love and energy to pour into my dream business and more importantly stop getting sick all the time. I have an issue with being patient with the process of things, I just want it to happen now so I can be happy. It is causing alot of turmoil in my headspace finding it hard to just let go of the need to control the outcomes. Starting tomorrow I am going to love my full-time job and approach it like my first day of work “beginners mind”
    Thanks Marie xx

  139. Hi Marie,
    I honestly feel like we may be related. Ha! At the very least we share Italian blood. Glad you enjoyed Barcelona. I got robbed blind there and still had the time of my life!
    I’m currently on a medical leave from work. I’m going through a very painful time in my life and am trying to get back on my feet. I love the people I work for but I’d be lying if I said my 50-70 hour work week didn’t contribute to my mental breakdown and my divorce.
    I have so many talents and passions and I finally feel as though I’ve found my voice. I want to empower the modern day working woman and twenty something’s who are fumbling in the dark and looking for guidance.
    I believe in myself whole heartedly but also need health insurance.
    Any advice?
    Big love,
    Stephanie xo

  140. Sabrina

    I loved this post and I really crave to make the transition to work for myself. Problem is I don’t know what my dream job is and so I haven’t made any sort of move at all. Any advice on this Marie?

  141. Great advices. I totally believe in living in the moment and your advice about loving the current day job one has hit me! Thank you!

  142. jas

    Where can I see this video? It does not show up in here. thanks

    • Ismeri -Team Forleo

      Hi Jas — it looks like we have a small tech glitch that isn’t allowing that video to come up. Our team is on a break at the moment and should be back in a couple of weeks to take care of this. Thank you for letting us know:)

      In the meantime, you can watch the video here:


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