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Have you ever had one of those weeks?

Where there’s just an enormous amount of things to accomplish — so much so that you’re both a bit scared, and excited, to get it done?

Verbs keep your to-do list from becoming a didn’t-do list. Click To Tweet

I’m in one of those weeks right now.

Thankfully, it’s all good stuff going on.

There’s just a volume that’s unusually high, even for me.

In a time like this, small tweaks can make a big difference.

On today’s episode of MarieTV, learn a simple-yet-effective one word change that can help you be more productive, no matter what you’ve got going on.

Now, I’d love to hear from you.

In the comments below, I want you to verberize your to-do list.

This is a before and after exercise. So first, tell me 3 existing items from your to-do list that keep not getting to-done, then verberize them!

Thank you so very much for watching, sharing, and contributing your voice here.

I was truly blown away by all the action taken after last week’s show, and I’m psyched to keep the party going!

With all my love and appreciation,


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  1. Verberize: so smart!

    The MOST IMPORTANT to-do on my list that I have been procrastinating on is to set up my tele-jam training calls!

    It simple enough but for some reason I’ve been procrastinating… An upper limit?

    My verberize: Get butt in gear -GET MOVING- and schedule THOSE CALLS!

    • PS: sooooooo looking forward to the next round of B-School!

      I have a bunch of clients that will be doing it this year (which quite frankly makes my job easier).

      Verberize: TELL everyone about B-School 🙂

      • Thank you so very much Caroline! That recommendation means the world to us. Verberize challenge: I’d love you to just have this on your list:
        Schedule X calls (X being the number you must schedule).

        Rock on! xo

        • I love that Marie! Having a specific number in mind always helps. It’s kind of like exercise reps, you can tell yourself “just one more!”

          • Boom! You hit the nail on he head there Laura. Nearly there, “just one more” almost finished . So much better than ignoring everything you HAVE achieved because there is still so much more on your To Do List!

          • Lisa, Laura, Caroline and of course Marie – And just think of the glorious feeling when you get to tick each item on your list: DONE! DONE! DONE! Well done 🙂

      • Karina

        did info about B-School go out yet? I keep waiting for something to show up in my inbox.

        • Hey Karina! No it did not – Thursday is the day 🙂

    • Snap Caroline…. I’m planning a webinar next Tuesday and I need to finish presentation but ivebeen procrastinating as it’s out of my comfort zone. I’m mirroring your “get butt in gear” verb!!! I’ll check in to see how you’re doing!,

      • Caroline and Emma, Y’all are playing my song this week–procrastination and comfort zone. I’ve been NOT following up on some personal invitations to people I know will benefit from the new direction I’ve taken in my business because IT’S HARD to pick up the phone and make the call.

        Adios, comfort zone! To do this week:
        1. Call one person on my list and invite them to talk about my new program.
        2. Call four more people and repeat.

        My To Do list feels better already. Thanks, Marie!

        • Cathy

          Those calls that I need to make to really get my business going are continually moving to bottom of the list!
          Verbalized: Call Melissa. Call Janet!

        • Deane – love your detailed verberizing 🙂 I have learnt that creating a timeframe or even better – setting a deadline – often helps me get off my butt and take the first step. Deep breath and good luck.

    • Get Butt in Gear… I’m trying to decipher the action on that one! Te he.

      Marie TV…its wednesday here in NZ and I crave your Marie TV..Short sharp and to the point. Thanks so much!

      answer the questions to complete my website – who we are what we do.

      I was going to say write but it wasn’t quite as motivating somehow.

      Marie, I know that you have set up a number of businesses…and that is what I am doing, but as I am small at the moment and have don’t have too much in the way of assistants, how do you juggle your competing interest. You have probably already included answers in your “priorities DVD” . Any tips as I find some things I just have to do and can not delegate. 🙂 Loving you here in NZ!

  2. Good one Marie – loved the crying baby, that’s one I’ll remember.

    My existing ‘big’ to do item for this week:
    Finish my book

    My verbarized to do list:
    – Finalise the title for my book (this one has been crying out at me for a while so would be good to put it to sleep!)
    – Edit the final chapters
    – Commision the cover design

    I’ll be very happy if I get this list completed this week.
    Thanks for the tips as always and the digital kick!

    • Go Kathryn!!!
      You have a very sexy to do list! crush it!

    • Awesome Kathryn! I would go even more granular if I were you. For example, if it’s your list for today:

      – Edit chapter 9.
      – Decide title and send to editor

      On commission the cover design: that makes the assumption that you’ve chosen the designer already. If that’s the case, then yes – sign the contract and send the deposit. If not, break it down to an even more do-able chunk that will move the project ahead!

      Nice work 🙂

      • Thanks Marie for the great advice on going even more granular (I like that word). Yes, I’ll break down the week’s to do list into a list for each day starting exactly as you suggest with editing specific chapters. And no I haven’t chosen the designer for the cover yet so that’s another list in itself. Just realising why I always think I can get more done than I actually do – I’ve been underestimating the elements of the tasks!

        Ha ha Karla, that’s the first time I’ve been told I have a sexy to do list – but I like your thinking!

  3. My before to do list –

    1. World domination

    My after to do list-

    1. Meet with Mojo Jojo (Powerpuff girls are back!)
    2. Brainstorm a plan to take over the world
    3. Discuss what we will do once the world has been dominated
    4. Write a list of obstacles to world domination (The Powerpuff Girls, of course!)
    5. Brainstorm a plan to overcome our “obstacles”.
    6. Make a list of items that we need.

    I think I’ll stop here. Can’t divulge my entire plan for world domination, Suckas! *insert evil laugh here*

    Just kidding! 😀 Love you guys! Happy Tuesday and thanks for another helpful video, Marie!

    • Ha! World domination… I think I’ve had that list once or twice, before. 😉

      Today I’ll go for:

      New book project → Write first page of intro

      Car → Clean out trunk (in preparation to sell)

      Those are doable. Not quite sure if I can fit in the world domination thing by 5pm.

    • You were cracking me up! All my daughter and her friends talk about is world domination.

      I told them to consult with Pinky & the Brain!

      Thanks for bring some laughter into this!

      • Love the new hair look and great dress, Marie.
        Deliver taxes to account.
        Create space to play with kiddos.
        Release frustrations of a long I internet research day.
        Retire early to bed so as to have creative dreams.
        Contact label maker and express graditude.
        Praise God for the glow of abundance and talented women who are supportive of big dreams!

  4. Fantastic Advice! Adding a verb to your to-do list gets you one step closer to your outcome! The list doesn’t feel quite so daunting now! Thank you!

  5. Ahhhh you’ve lifted the lid on my secret sauce for getting my todo list done. I teach this method 🙂

    I always put the DOING word in all caps as well + time limit it.

    BRAINSTORM Launch to do list (5min)
    The all caps helps me see at a glance the type of tasks I can chunk together.

    Also i find that when I write the specific action step like CALL doctor instead of just ‘book’ doctors appointment, I can then batch all the items that are the same. Which helps me be more productive.

    Loving the productivity vids you’ve been putting out lately. I LOVE PRODUCTIVITY (= more ENGAGED time with my kids and hubby).

    Jana xx

    • Love this Jana and thank you — time limits work for me to 🙂

      • Ohhh you’re welcome. If it works for you it’s gotta be good right?!

        Best of luck with your FULL week this week. Sooooo looking forward to another round of Bschool YAY!

        Keep tweaking 🙂

        Jana xx

    • Great tips, Jana! I’ll be ‘borrowing’ those – thanks!

      • Leanne Richards-Williams

        Hey Jana,

        I like the time-bound factor to your to-do list.

        Gonna adopt it right away!

      • Borrow away! It’s yours to have 🙂

  6. 1) Edit marketing workshop presentation for tomorrow’s workshop
    2) Create remaining videos for training site
    3) Contact jv’s and affiliates for upcoming product launch on Feb. 19th

    • Great Sally – take a step further

      2. Create X number of remaining videos for training site (and is that SHOOT them, shoot and edit and upload?)

      3. Contact how many JV’s? Specific number make things that much easier to complete.

      Hope this helps!

  7. Here’s a precise to-do list for something I’ve been (cough) procrastinating. Thanks Marie for introducing me to “verberizing”!

    – synthesize my essay’s most interesting parts
    – create my PowerPoint’s main sections
    – pour crucial content into the right sections
    – rewrite long content so its understandable to a non-academic audience
    – refine layout, colors and graphics
    – practice timing
    – send it to colleague to make sure its as simple as it can be
    – make sure there are no typos
    – send it to event organizer
    – celebrate!

    Just writing it out feels amazing! Thanks Marie, nailed it as always!


    • I love that you put “CELEBRATE” as a part of your to do list, Luce! That is such an important part, and one that’s most often overlooked.

      In fact – why not put celebrate in after every small or big thing accomplished? Makes it a lot more fun!


      • I totally agree Ronja, I will do that!! I like the idea of mini-celebrations at milestone moments.

  8. I’ve been having a To-Do List crisis for a few weeks now. Here it is the first week in February and I’m so far behind I wonder how I’ll ever catch up. I’ll keep my excuses to myself and just start verberizing ASAP! Thanks Marie! Totally needed that pep-talk this morning!

    P.S. Every time the crying baby sound came on my cat started freaking out. haha!

  9. Great Idea..1) Edit & Publish Completed Book; and 2) Begin Romance Novel; and 3) Create a Daily “To Do List”…



  10. This is a fantastic episode Marie! The key is definitely the ONE STEP verb! I have the biggies on my to do list all the time. My to dos start with words like ‘Create website, write book, clear out house’ You are spot on that these verbs are global, vague and overwhelming!

    So breaking them down to one step tasks….
    – E-mail techie, Write Chapter Overview, Declutter one cupboard.

    Much more manageable! Thanks for your perfectly timed tip!

    • Vanessa,
      I agree this video is awesome and perfectly timed! Up until recently, I too have always had daunting and unamanageable verbs on my to-do list. Luckily I found amazing mentorship in the all-in life coaching program Mentor Masterclass last month. Each week Coach Jey and an amazing celebrity mentor teaches us new tools that maximize our time allowing us to increase our positive impact in the world. Like you and I, many of the women in Mentor Masterclass felt super overwhelmed by the HUGE to do lists that come with starting a biz. But, by the end of the first week we had the tools to break big projects like ‘create website’ into actionable, bite size pieces and I can’t tell you the impact it’s had on my productivity! ‘Verberizing’ in this way is so effective and I’m so happy Marie made this super helpful video!
      The secret is out- now we can all have amazingly effective to-do lists! xo

  11. So timely. I was just writing my to-do list when I was notified about this video. I took one quick look at my list no verbs anywhere. What a great tip. So I sprung into action and here is my new list…

    Finish Editing Client Video
    Record Week 2 Video for the Zero to Video Hero Training Series
    Go Food Shopping
    Get Nails Done

    Now I’m off to spring into action and get it done. =)

    • Awesome work Holly — so doable, I’m getting excited just looking at your list.

      • I did 3 out of 4. Voice sounds scratchy just started getting sick again. I’m going to give myself a few days so my VO doesn’t sound like the crypt keeper.

    • Love it Holly! Especially the “get nails done” part 😉

  12. LOVED today’s episode Marie! I just had two biggies today that was making my head SPIN….

    1. Work on new fine Art photographs
    2. Blog Post

    1. Edit 10 new fine art photographs from Paris
    2. Edit blog post photos
    3. Write blog post
    4. Draft blog post

    Lots of love

    • GREAT before and after Anna! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  13. Loved this episode!!! I have two projects this week, the weeding of my best friend and a trip to celebrate my 30th birthday… so it’s a damn busy and awesome week… Let’s decompress my life into a verberized to-do list…

    PROJECT 01: Crush it at work
    * Request information to the engineering department. (Done)
    * Write the workshop report and send it to the manager. (In progress)
    * Write the plan for the implementation of the actionable items from the workshop (Start right after the last verberized-to-do-list-item)
    * Send the plan for comments to the committee.

    PROJECT 02: Rock my MLM Business
    * Work my candidate list.
    * Do one hour of prospecting.
    * Call my accontant.
    * Send my accountant my bills and the papers needed.
    * Call the bank to check on the deposit status (yay! I’m a money magnet)

    😀 Thank you Marie! May you and all the MarieTV community have a super productive, joyful and blessed week!

    Love from Peru.

    • I love how yours is broken down according to the project. Very good!

      • Karla, I love how yours is broken down according to the project. Very good!

  14. Brilliant advice, just what I needed.
    I’ve noticed that ‘Find business comrades’ has been on my list for weeks running now with no tick alongside it.

    So the verbarized version –
    1. Post on Marie’s blog (TICK!)
    2. Go to a networking event this month
    3. Get in touch with at least three B-Schoolers

    • Hey Emma! Nice items!!! wish you big success with everything in this list and the other lists in your life!

      Btw, I’m a B-Schooler 😀


  15. Thanks for the great tip – love the “verberizing”

    My ToDo that isn’t getting ToDone:
    Update website.

    Verberized version is:
    Put time on calendar to discuss content changes with hubby partner Chuck.
    Add new services to “Services” page
    Review layout options for home page
    Review layout options for other pages

    To Self: Get your butt in gear woman!

  16. Here’s my verberized to-do list! I was sittin’ over here hanging out in overwhelm-topia, so I’m totally feeling this exercise!

    1. Write 750 words on my book about the Empath Solution & balance (specific enough to get done!)
    2. Take a shower (yes, I have to put it in a to-do list or I’ll forget…)
    3. Get a signature for a check
    4. Create a google doc folder for Blog That Converts
    5. Type up my notes in Google Docs
    6. Meet with James for more biz planning and foundation building

    Thanks, Marie. I’ll pop back in to let you know how the verberizing went. 😉


    • UPDATE:

      1. 750 words written
      2. I no longer stink
      3. Signature gotten
      4. Google doc created
      5. MOST notes typed up, but it didn’t get 100% finished
      6. Biz planning done, woot!
      7. BONUS – Inspiration hit and I ran with it: Individually reached out and emailed about 80 people for a program I’m running.

      I’m pooped.

    • UPDATE:

      1. 750 words written
      2. I no longer stink
      3. Signature gotten
      4. Google doc created
      5. MOST notes typed up, but it didn’t get 100% finished
      6. Biz planning done, woot!
      7. BONUS – Inspiration hit and I ran with it: Individually reached out and emailed about 80 people for a program I’m running.

      I’m pooped. And happy.

  17. Nice move to action, Marie! Always a good reminder to chunk projects down into doable steps.

    When you said, verberize, all I could hear was: “Verb! That’s what’s happenin’.” I still love Schoolhouse Rock!

    8117 paper
    virtual gathering page
    3 ways to handle anger & frustration

    review readings for 8117 paper
    draft 8117 paper
    revise 8117 paper
    sketch-out virtual gathering page
    create images for virtual gathering page
    mock-up virtual gathering page
    test virtual gathering page
    publish virtual gathering page
    move 3 ways to handle anger & frustration course into new platform

  18. LOVE THIS! Need it so much right now!

    Ok, my before

    1. interviews for book
    2. free call sales page draft one
    3. workshop


    1. edit and take notes for two interviews for the book. Send them to transcriber
    2. write first draft of free call sales page
    3. Write rough outline for workshop

    I think this tip is going to be a GAME-CHANGER – thank you!

    (also, as much as I swoon mostly over your killer advice, I am also swooning *wildly* over your frock this week!)

  19. I love this Marie! Okay so 3 things from my to-do list!

    ~Create 10 tweets
    ~ Update Feb. Calendar
    ~ Schedule email to clients.

  20. Thanks SO much for yet another extremely awesome video Marie!

    Old to do list item that would never have been crossed:
    * plan Awesome Yoga Holiday

    New make-my-heart-skip-a-beat items:
    ♥ e-mail Awesome Yoga Holiday host to set a final price
    ♥ make super good looking e-mail with details & price for holiday
    ♥ send out e-mail with announcement in February

  21. Love it!

    It reminds me of a book called “The Now Habit.” The author (Neil Fiore) talks about how your task list or your calendar can become an authority figure, even though you wrote it!

    I’ll be verberizing from now on–thanks!

  22. So needed this today, I’ve been feeling like my To Do list needs a To Do list. Just kicking it into gear hear in LA at 7am, but next stop: TO DO LIST.

    Thank you!

    P.S. Marie – Your hair looks absolutely fabulous 🙂

  23. To do list:
    -Get money in the door
    -Prep for March Preview call

    Get money in the door:
    -Talk to 6 people a day about my services
    -Schedule 2 sales calls/wk in Feb

    Preview call:
    – Write until content feels good and meaningful
    – Set up instant teleseminar account

  24. Great video, Marie! Funny to see this as soon as I woke up, you were actually in my dream last night! I was coaching you to be more confident. (Although something tells me it would be the other way IRL *wink*)

    I’ve been working on this free 40 day fear detox i want to offer on my site for a while, but I’ve been putting off actually making the page live because I just haven’t felt ready yet. I’m reworking my to do list around it so that I publish the page with just the essentials done and work on the rest of it as I go. That should get my butt in gear! PS loved the crying baby thing 😉

    • …aaaaaand it’s up! Yippie Yay! *doing happy dance*

  25. Lara

    Writing: send pitch to Angie the editor
    20 minutes (at least) on short story
    House: Send check to stager (Lisa)
    Call Garage door repair/Nicole
    Write Eliza that the moving boxes will be delivered(when?)
    Money: Do Stanny homework
    TRACK expenses
    Health: Call Dr. Rodriguez
    Misc: Register Neat Receipt Warranty

  26. Here’s my vague to-do list 🙂
    -Write book
    -Set car appointment

    UPGRADED to-do list:
    -Write Chapter 6 of the book
    -Call dealership and set maintenance appointment for next Friday
    -Set up autoresponder for Facebook list

    Boom, there it is!

  27. Casey Erin Wood

    – finalize marketing plan
    – email GG – get clarity on procedure
    – update SM

    I LOVE that dress! You rock it Girl!

  28. I’m usually pretty good about actionable stuff on my list. But a couple of things that haven’t gone from to-do to ta-da are these:
    * Resonance vid
    * Convert new Marketing Plan Document

    The reason they keep sitting on the list is because they’re not verberized. Now they look like this:

    * Create slides for Resonance Vid
    * Script Resonance Vid
    * Rehearse timings in Resonance Vid
    * Shoot Resonance Vid
    * Edit Resonance Vid
    * Preview Resonance Vid
    * Upload Resonance Vid
    * Edit Marketing Plan pp 1-4
    * Edit Markeitng Plan pp 5-8
    * Convert Marketing Plan to PDF
    * Upload Marketing Plan

    No wonder they weren’t getting done! That’s a LOT of doing in what looked like two little line items.

    It also occurs to me that breaking these to-do’s down into smaller parts allows my boss to see that what I’m doing really takes a LOT longer and has more moving parts than he might think.

  29. Before:
    1. Write book
    2. Prep freezer meals to be ready for B-School!
    3. Website

    1. Complete half-written post
    2. Select 16 freezer meals recipes
    3. Polish About Page

  30. Ok Marie . Here are top three things from my TO – DO that I have been procrastinating since the past one hour

    1) shop for dinner
    2)cook dinner

    After Verbarizing surprisingly I have 3 things now
    1) Close laptop
    2) Get up from the chair
    3) Get dressed
    4) Go to market
    5) buy food for dinner
    6) come back home
    7) cook dinner NOW
    8)serve food

    Awesome concept Marie . Love it. I’m off to get it done 🙂

  31. Eeks. Caught red-handed!

    I often do the easy things on my to-do list and leave the more difficult things.

    Outstanding items.

    (1) Find a patternmaker for my next design
    (2) Pitch to 5 editors over the next two weeks
    (3) Create size chart for new top launching next week

    On it. Thanks Marie!

  32. Oh, Marie! This is perfect! I make waaaay too many todo lists that languish on my desk, and just end up making me feel overwhelmed. I’m going to verberize it today!

    Instead of “Slideshare,” I now have “Translate latest blog post into Keynote presentation.”
    And instead of each client name that I have work to do for today, I’ve picked just one specific item to do for them, and added a verb! Like “Install WordPress on xxx’s site” and “choose 4 images for homepage mockup on yyy’s site.”

    It already feels more manageable. This might just be my favourite tip from you ever! 🙂

  33. Perfect timing Marie 🙂

    I was literally reorganizing my work schedule (again) and breaking all the major tasks down into smaller tasks. All that’s left to do now is verberize em!

    Have an awesome day and thanks for yet another fantastic video. You ROCK


  34. Brittany

    Love this suggestion! I ❤️ productivity.

    1. Read chapters 2 & 3 of my textbook instead of “study”.
    2. Do laundry instead of “clean”.
    3. File work docs at home instead of “organize office”.

    Ahh, that’s refreshing.

    P.S. How do I get my hands on some Marie merch? Like a coffee mug with a tweetable on it??

  35. I was doing this without even thinking that I was doing it.

    I did this last week, cause there’s new stuff in my life that want to get over me so, my to do list goes like this –

    prepare lessons
    prepare content for website
    update social profiles
    change email address
    learn entrepreneurship
    find an automatic posting program
    just some of them

    • Laura- “learn entrepreneurship” is huge- in terms of Marie’s advice that would be one to break down into “areas” first perhaps-then within areas “steps.”
      Business Management, both as categories then.

      Taking Marketing/Sales, as first one to break down more “granular:”
      -study online marketing>websites>video marketing>sales letter>email marketing>branding etc. Each little step could be further sharpened.

  36. Love it!

    Here’s my list:

    -Outline WordPress 101 e-course
    -Write blog post
    -Setup shipping classes in WooCommerce for X client


  37. elena

    A huge ‘Thank you’ Marie!!

    You learn us how to be clear with what we have to do, clear with what we want in our life and clear with ourselves….!!
    Love u girl !

  38. Hey Marie!

    Have smth special for you.

    You do awesome job and i got ur story from B. Burchard when he told me how u started. I’m excited about it and rly, watching you for a year or so.

    I’m a founder of first russian speaking community of online marketers and wanna know if it’s possible to invite you to speak here on stage to our audience?

    Just tell me the conditions you have for ur speeches and so on. I’d like to show ur experience to like.. 500 Online Entrepreneurs here in Ukr. You can catch me here

    If it sounds smth you’d like, ask pls ur team to connect me or you can do that as well.

  39. Oh man. So last week I wrote that I would “write my about page for my website.” I did write some stuff down but didn’t finish it. For me, this week’s episode is a perfect follow up for my “to do” that I didn’t.

    “Write” was too big and vague. There are a bunch of steps to writing.


    Free write for 15 minutes for about page.

    That is doable.

    There, there To Do List. Don’t cry.

  40. Thanks Marie! Funny thing was I was stalling out on even making my to-do list when I got this video. So the first thing I need to do is

    1. Write out to-do list

    But I had random other lists like lists of names of people to follow up with in various stages, and big huge projects where I just have the title down, or something like “social media”. 🙂 Here’s a stab at a few others…

    2. Set up appointment with Brent
    3. Meet with Arnold
    4. Plan Social Media posts for the week on leadership topic of Connection.
    5. Put Social Media posts into Hootsuite

    Thanks for the exercise!

  41. Yay! My to-do list has 5 VERBS


    And strangely enough, my own weekly video ALSO had a Brady reference. Doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo

  42. Ooooh lordy!
    I’m digging all of this productivity chit-chat.
    Now I may actually start ticking boxes instead of ignoring my workflowy list on a semi-regular basis.

    Tomorrow’s To-Do List (it’s bedtime in Australia):
    – feed & water the girls (our chickens)
    – water the garden
    – check the quality of my webinar recording exported file (should be finished by then)
    – send a copy of webinar recording to my list
    – mix liquid herbals for a client
    – spend 1 hour creating my next blog post (content, research)
    – spend 2 hours engaged in business/marketing training
    – enjoy a swim

    I’m now looking forward to waking up… thanks so much Marie!
    Good luck with your lists, ladies xx

  43. The pile of mail that accumulated while I was hospitalized is crying and crying.
    To do:
    Open three pieces of mail per day. *Do* what’s required to respond to that, one piece of mail at a time.
    The rest of them will still be there tomorrow, but they may have had a little nap in between the crying…

  44. Marinela

    Great Post! My ‘gives-me-major-ajada’ to do list:
    1.Plan Baby Baptism
    2.Clean House
    3.Finish Remediation Work (work related)

    My-oh-my…where did that headache go….
    1. Plan Baby Baptism..turned into:
    -Purchase Invitations
    -Call Restaurant to confirm date
    -Confirm Invitation Proof by end-of-day
    -Brainstorm the main to-do list for the complete baptism
    2. Clean House
    -Finish loading dishwasher & turned cycle ON
    -Vacumn & Sweep Floors
    3. Finish Remediation Work
    -Schedule meetings with the contacts in the 4 agencies
    -Re-test evidence already provided
    -Prepare for the scheduled meetings

    WHEW kinda seemed like it took forever to put together but it really didn’t and I feel SO MUCH BETTER. Why is it that I feel like procrastinating when it comes to ‘PLANNING’…but the end result ALWAYS feels so good (organized/easier to accomplish)????

  45. Marie-You read my mind this morning! Here is my Verberize List for Today!

    Finish Writing Blog Post
    Brainstorm Next Weeks Post
    Rewrite About Page on website

    Alright-I’m going to make this happen! thanks!

  46. Task: Upload Glossary to My Website

    Step #1
    Respond to proofreader’s email.
    Step #2
    Email my document to the proofreader.
    Step #3
    Begin uploading glossary to my site.

    This is how I try to approach every task that I have for various projects. If I don’t break down each task into mini-tasks, I definitely experience major anxiety.

    I recently created my own task sheet. Each task or goal has its own sheet. This helps to keep me focused on completing one goal at a time.

    Thanks for today’s video, Marie! 🙂
    P.S. I’m totally pumped for B-School round 2!

  47. Leanne Richards-Williams

    My to-do list:

    1. Complete outstanding online course work
    2. Review WordPress training video
    3. Complete Home page for my website

    1. SPEND 45 mins each on Virtual Assistant Starter Kit, Blogs That Convert, Launch Walk-Through, BSchool (3hrs)
    2. WATCH entire WordPress training by 2 pm today (1.5 hrs)
    3. CREATE header, title and opt-in form for website (2 hrs)

    Will let you know how today went.

  48. Niccole

    My FROGS I’ve been avoiding eating on my to-do list are:
    1. re-designing my brochure (changed niche marketing)
    2. Plan blogs for February

    1. Write copy for NEW brochure
    2. Pick for topics for February blogs

    Love me some MarieTV!

  49. Thanks Marie, for this video…it’s perfect timing for me! I’m the worst procrastinator when it comes to my “To Do” List! I’m definitely going to try this new tip and I have a feeling it’s going to help me get more stuff done! 🙂

  50. Love this! OK, here’s something I’ve been procrastinating for a while…

    Before: Write promotional emails and social media for telesummit experts

    (OK, it was verberized but Yikes! That’s HUGE! and overwhelming!)

    After: 1. Write rough draft of promotional email for telesummit expert one today

    It feels so much better already!

  51. My to do list includes:
    Ask Marie how she grew all that hair so quickly!

    • I know I was thinking “Marie your hair is like taking over yo’ boday!” She could totally make a shampoo and conditioner commercial that rocks!

  52. Before: 14 directives, thank you notes, purchase oils

    1. Write a to-do list
    2. Finish 14 directives assignment
    3. Go to Barnes and Nobel + get thank you notes
    4. Place Doterra Order
    5. Make 15 calls in morning, 15 in evening
    6. Refine health coaching program offerings

  53. To do list right now: right a blog post promoting play therapy this week
    Catch up on paperwork ( I had all intentions to do this earlier and I had my baby early!)
    Finish a promo video for my website
    Buy materials for an instructional video about play therapy
    Send press release about play therapy week

  54. Love. This. Video!

    There are currently 83 things on my to-do list, which has just become a running email chain to myself. Overwhelm took over for a second, but now I’m back on track and verberizing immediately. Thanks, Maria. As always, you rock!

    Christine Terry

  55. Ugh, my to do list is absolutely crying 24/7, sadly in part because I feel overwhelmed as to what to add to it and which to put first. I will restart with tomorrow’s list:

    1.) Write to do list ( duh)
    2.) Do morning yoga poses
    3.) Make yummy breakfast for family
    4.) Print Kindergarten homeschool sheets
    5.) Plan dinner
    6.) Get in required groceries for dinner
    7.) Write blog posts
    8.) Finish guest blog posts
    9.) Spend an hour studying marketing

  56. very clever writing for this video 🙂 i will forever have a new word in my vocabulary “verberizing.” cute.

    1. add phone numbers to client spreadsheet
    2. place 50 outbound phone calls to clients following up on mailer we just ran
    3. buy thank you notes (ahem: there is a follow up to do, which i will get to on my next list he he he)

    thanks marie and team!

  57. Stephanie Glagola

    Hi Marie – I just found your website through a very wise friend. Loving all the videos, posts, and content – I’m thinking you’re just what I need right now!

    The Before to-do list:
    – Build website
    – Meditations
    – cat stuff

    And now, with more verbs…The After To-Do List! (*drum roll*)
    – Reinstall WP theme and appropriate plugins, edit page content +offerings
    – Script/record all 3 new guided meditations (5, 10, + 20 minutes)
    – Wrestle cat into submission long enough to trim her nails and give her a bath (try not to get mauled in the process).

    And off I go to get things done! Thanks again, Marie 🙂

  58. Dana Ronevich

    Verberizing makes it a Call To Action!!

    Thanks for the nugget!!

  59. Marie,
    We love you and your videos… we look forward to seeing them all the time and we send each other links to old videos when we feel somebody needs to be “schooled”. LOL

    Well, I like to think f myself as a self starter and always stay on schedule, but this week you spoke to ME! My to do list has what I need to be finished in a few days and I would rather do it now then pull an all nighter.

    Verberize challenge – I have 3 samples that just have no desire to finish. The armholes and neck lines are raw, and need to be finished. Today I am changing my to do list from Samples to….
    1. Sew in Binding – Necklines.
    2. Sew in Binding – A/H (armholes or me before my coffee).
    3. Check and finish any hems – blind stitch by hand.

    My little secret is out and I am sure I will here about it – but it’s ok. I own this!

    Love Ya,

  60. As a pediatric sleep consultant I LOVE the fact that you took “Ferberize” (which I do NOT advocate) and applied it to our everyday to-do lists and Verberize it! Love your videos!

  61. Hannah

    A good idea; let’s give it a try!

    1. Input data for remaining professor contacts to Excel sheet
    2. Transfer paper edits to BetterGiving Profile
    3. Write notes on Noelle’s email about writing a job description

    Maybe those list items were a bit long, but it’s a good first try!

    Thanks Marie!

  62. Steve Szubert

    Write the verb PROCRASTINATE as the last item on your TO DO list … and you will probably never get round to doing that one 🙂

  63. Ciara Cappo

    Hi Marie!
    I’m a newbie to the business world and starting a practice has been more than I expected! Your videos have helped tremendously and I love this advice! I’m a big fan of my To- Do list and have a very overwhelming to-do week but my list feels much more accomplishable now.
    Before -> After
    1. Books on Amazon -> order NKT book on Amazon
    2. Business phone -> research cell phone plans for business line
    3. Malpractice Insurance -> make a follow-up call to insurance company

    Thank you again for such great advice and videos that make life manageable

  64. A game changer for me and my to-do list was to align them with my Core Desired Feelings (a concept taught by Danielle LaPorte) and that way it feels less like work and more like something that is getting me closer to the life I want.

    For example, one of my CDF’s is “Lit-Up” and I was having resistance surrounding redoing my website. But if I redid my website, I’d have a vehicle to promote the book I am almost finished with. That makes me feel “Lit-up” and made the web work more joyful and easier to swallow. 🙂

  65. LOVE today’s video because of its bite-sized wisdom and takeaway – being a self-help junkie with ADD, sometimes all I do is think – so this was SO NICE to have something I can DO. NOW. Thanks, Marie!

  66. First list:

    Business plan
    Spa products

    Second list

    Search websites I would like to immulate
    Complete second draft of business plan
    Workout to biggest loser
    Scout out spa product packaging I love
    Take my state board test today and pass for esthetics license!
    Yay! First comment! Thank you Marie your an inspiration to me!

    • Awesome Jennifer!! Thanks for taking action and sharing here 😉

  67. My crying baby is the on line course I want to start. There are a lot of reasons why I have been procrastinating, but I have had this idea in my head for two years and it won’t go away, so I think that is trying to tell me that I SHOULD do this!

    My verberized to-do list:
    Outline first week of course
    That might even be too big, but it is a start. Thanks for all you do, Marie.

  68. I think this just changed {read saved} my life. I’ve just moved back to the Northeast {yesterday} from Texas, changing my entire business model and working on a second website. I am overwhelming myself with the multi to-do lists. This little change, which seems so obvious, just changed my entire direction.
    blog content > map blog content 2 months
    closet > unpack and hang clothes
    website > pull images and load image library

    That should fill today. I think I am going to manage my to-do in my calendar. 3 clear specific items, rather than the long chaotic weekly ones I tend to make.
    Thanks for your genius!!

    • Awesome Tracey and congrats on your move. Make sure you replenish yourself with lots of water, healthy food and SLEEP!

  69. Emily

    Oh, Marie. I love your work so much and I have grown professionally and personally so much from it. Your videos are so funny and helpful, but this one made me so sad. Dr. Ferber’s teachings have been really taken out of context. He actually never said that babies should be left alone to cry.
    Check it out:
    Dr. Ferber says:

    “I never encouraged parents to let their babies cry it out, but one of the many treatment styles I described in my book is gradual extinction, where you delay your response time to your baby’s wakings. I went to great pains in the second edition to clarify that that treatment is not appropriate for every sleep issue, of which there are many. So if someone tells me they tried my “method,” I know they only read one small part of my book.”

    Marie, I know you would never, ever endorse anything that physically hurts anyone. I’ve noticed in your tweets lately that you’re speaking up a lot about sexual trafficking and the exploitation of women. So, I really want you to hear that I’m writing just to share this information with you, not to attack you, because I know you don’t know how dangerous it is to let a baby cry himself or herself to sleep. Ferber said to gradually respond a little more slowly to a crying baby, but not to not respond at all.

    In that article, Ferber also said:
    “They may be getting too much sleep during the day, they may have gastrointestinal distress, or the child might be anxious.”

    Don’t just take it from me. I followed your recommendation earlier this month and used The Google 🙂 and found this from Psychology Today
    “With neuroscience, we can confirm what our ancestors took for granted—that letting babies get distressed is a practice that can damage children and their relational capacities in many ways for the long term. We know now that leaving babies to cry is a good way to make a less intelligent, less healthy but more anxious, uncooperative and alienated person who can pass the same or worse traits on to the next generation. ”

    Marie, please consider re-doing or removing this video. Because I’ve followed you for a while, I know that you would never endorse something so dangerous and I also know that you would never misquote a source. You’ve done both here, but I know that you didn’t do it on purpose!
    Much love to you!! Thanks again for all you do and teach!

    PS – Maybe what Ferber actually says and what the experts say actually both do apply here! If we pay attention to our to-do lists and give them the attention and nurturing they need, but also respond a little more slowly sometimes when things aren’t urgent or problematic, then that may actually be pretty healthy! xo

    • Hey Emily! Thanks so much for your post and for including these helpful links. I truly appreciate it, and really respect what you shared. The reference to Ferber is really only to get us to the main focus of this video which is actually about something quite safe…VERBS 🙂 Again, thanks for shedding light on what’s clearly been a challenging road for Ferber and what appears to be decades of adjusting his message.

      • Emily

        You know, I understand that you might not think this is a big deal and I might not have either before I had a baby, but now that I do have a child I can tell you that this message is not okay. I understand that “verb” is the main point here, and as always I like your main points, but in making that point you have misquoted Ferber and you’ve endorsed ignoring a baby’s cries. This is really dangerous. :/

        • Hey Emily! Just to be clear, I did not, nor do not endorse Ferber. Mentioning that something exists is not the same as recommending it. This is not a parenting show, and I did not endorse anything that you’re suggesting. While I deeply respect what you shared and appreciate it, be clear that mentioning a widely recognized name is not an endorsement. All my best xo

  70. I own an event planning business so you can only imagine what my to do list looks like. We use Wunderlist ( It’s fantastic and it’s FREE!

    Love you Marie!!

  71. There are the 3 annoying crying babies on m toDo list, now verbelized!!
    1/ Read last part of War of Art (I am resisting the book of resistance!!)
    2/ pass the f**king vacuum cleaner
    3/Schedule Skype with my friend

  72. Great one! I use lots of verbs on my to-do list, but I don’t get detailed enough. So here’s my verberized list for tomorrow:

    deposit checks
    ship 2 orders
    phone 3 shops to follow-up
    pitch to 4 new shops
    order beads
    put finishing touches on 2 masks, cut and line 2 more
    take donation bag to second-hand shop

  73. Excellent tip, Marie. Thank you!

    Here’s my verberized top 3 list:
    – Review and fill in remaining gaps in event agreement
    – Draft copywriting agreement
    – Take a 30-minute walk

    This is after having “exercise” on my list for weeks, and the other 2 for weeks or days, depending. I can see that this verberizing requires letting go of perfectionism and being willing to show up for the next right thing as I look more realistically at what I can actually accomplish in one sitting. Much more approachable–and the verbs totally do fill me with more energy and motivation than those big nouns on my list!

    Thanks, as always, for all you do.

  74. Great episode Marie!

    Learned about this idea of verberizing your todos when I was reading David Allen’s Getting Things Done, but this is a great reminder that I would get more done if I just solidified the base task and started it with a verb to rev up the engines. 🙂

    Here’s my todos!

    1. MVTAC
    2. Graphic Ideals
    3. Earth Share AZ

    Changed to:
    1. Send invoice and on-board paperwork to MVTAC
    2. Review next steps for Graphic Ideals SEO
    3. Follow up with Kim from Earth Share AZ about event payment questions

    Woot! Time to get back to doing. 🙂

  75. beth

    Today’s list actually hit the verberize criteria and is quite small.

    Finish Ch 6 in A2
    Peek at Ch 7 in A2
    Start writing my money story for ex 1 Money a Love Story.

    Even with that, finish Ch 6 is too big a chunk. I have too many sections to finish. So, skim balance of ch 6.
    work problems in final section referring back to previous sections as needed. Desired outcome: enough understanding of the topics to be able to work a problem, with book support, as needed with Alex today.

  76. Ali

    You rock. This is awesome. Such a “simple” trick that works wonders! Also, your hair is amazing. <3

  77. Before:
    1. Designs for Kristine
    2. Desire Map
    3. Modules

    After Verberizing:
    1. Design and send postcard, button and spiral
    2. Finish Reading Desire Map
    3. Finish Desire Map workbook
    4. Listen to Modules 5-8
    5. Complete workbook for Modules 5-8

  78. Cheryl

    Very good advice. Changing my list to have verbs and are detailed chunks. Instead of create video, I am going to start with develop the outline of the video content.

    Thank you, perfect timing!

  79. Perfect moment video because i’m write an article that will be edit next monday and today i made a big to do list!!!!!

    -X RDV
    -Intuition Workshop

    – Call M.X
    – Fix a date in March
    -Reserve ticket and a day for

    thank you verbize, it is just perfect.

    ps: a little word for your hairdresser and stylist, you look amazing

  80. Wow! Thank you mist deeply and sincerely for the verb part!!! My god the things on my to do list are ridiculous. I mean in the sense that they are giant decisions that I have to make about my life. at 53 and on my own. Ive always had to do everything on my own, starting at 11 years of age in LA. It’s no wonder I live in a whirlwind of cerebral wacky-ness.! I do live in a spiritual solution though and for that I’m on my knees in gratitude. But :webite, stable income, retirement, fix house… That’s my definition of insanity! I have break it down to doing the next right thing and be here now. I can only do the footwork and let go of the outcome… and pray to the god of my understanding. I’m asset rich and cash hand to mouthing….still. As George Clooney once said ( a few million frkn times !l ol ) ” boys , we’re in a tight spot.”I’m going to WASH the dishes and put wood in the wood stove. That’s the next right thing. And then..??? Seek guidance! Love Marie Forleo for keeping this real Love people not money is my MO. I think that will carry me wear I need to go…….. Did I just answer my own frkn question? LOL!

    • Hi Lisa, Marie’s video is awesome and the advice is on point. As I was looking at your post, I was able to identify with your struggle of living in a whirlwind. My I suggest that you include prioritizing your list as well. Perhaps group by projects or assigning a number that signifies it’s priority on your list. By doing so it may eliminate the urgency of some of the items on your list. Hope this helps.

      • typo “My” s/b May I suggest.

  81. Marie, this is fantastic! I totally agree. It feels so much easier when you have an actionable verb in front of a manageable-sized task. In fact, sometimes on days when I need a little kick, I write down things that I KNOW I will do like “Take shower”, or “Eat lunch”. It always feels good to cross things off your to do list, and I find it helps me to get into the swing of things.

    Ideally though, no task should feel that overwhelming, and when it does, I find that it means I need to break up that task even MORE. For me, there’s no such thing as too small of a step, so long as all the necessary steps are listed to complete your end goal.

  82. Melissa

    We’ve been teaching my 9yo daughter how to “verberize” her lists for her ADD brain. We take it a step further for her by writing her lists in black sharpie with the verb in BOLD.

    Daughter’s after school list:
    EMPTY backpack
    WASH hands
    EAT snack
    PRACTICE piano
    EAT dinner
    DO homework

    My list:
    RESPOND to new emails
    DROP-OFF Goodwill items
    SHOP for groceries
    PRACTICE clarinet 1:00-3:00 (I’m a musician) 🙂
    PICK-UP Ava
    PREPARE dinner

    Thanks for the reminder that this works for ME too!

  83. Oh, and:

    – Add video URLs to portfolio
    – Find boilerplate for proposal
    – Program category page template


  84. Before:
    – 2SC social sites + capabilities statement
    – Bills
    – PP press release

    – Design 2SC Twitter background
    – Design 2SC Facebook cover
    – Pay stack of bills
    – File bills into cabinet
    – Write PP press release

    Wow-The initial list was over whelming. I like how it feels to write just the first step. That’s how I’ll get things done. Thanks Marie.

  85. Big vague overwhelm crying inthe corner: “website.”
    Three verberized steps:
    Draw thumbnails of photos i would like to take for new site
    Write about page
    List pages and functions i would like to have on my own website

  86. Verberizing is a fantastic strategy to crush your to-do list! I have to do this or else NOTHING gets done because I get overwhelmed.

    At the beginning and end of the week, I always send my boss a brief, bulleted to-do list for my upcoming/past week. This not only helps me organize my projects, but it helps my boss see what I’m getting done.

    Here’s an example:


    Sponsored Content Packages
    -Determine list of 20 brands related to our brand to pitch
    -Determine 3 content relevant topics to pitch each brand
    -Draft Sponsored Content Package pitch

    Breaking big projects down into manageable tasks makes my life so much easier! It also helps me stay on track.

    For more helpful productivity tips, check out my article on


  87. My list today before watching Marie TV:
    1. add new blog post
    2. put new content on website
    3.take progam ebook to print shop

    NOW new list:
    1.pick a blog topic and type it
    2. plan and add the new 28 day program details to webiste
    3.bring program to print shop

    thanks Marie

  88. You’re such a beautiful human being, Marie. Thank you for all you do.

  89. Great.

    Why are some of the most beautiful things so simple!?

    : )


  90. April M Hunt

    I love me some lists, but the difference is I do tend to get the bulk of my to-do list, done. So I took a look, and sure enough, I already had verbs and small completable tasks. I have a lot of them, but hey, stuff gets done!

    – Call Bank
    – Write copy for email
    – Clean table
    – and the list goes on…

    Thanks for the reassurance that I’m doing something right! Wahoo! =)

  91. Manonnn

    On my to do list that I’m also afraid to write I have resume, letter, formation

    Oh gosh I had to stop your video in the middle to:

    – revamp my resume
    – rewrite the letter
    – and this one still not done check some programm of training

    Now I have to do this… thanks…

    No really thanks for your help

  92. Before: Write content strategy [I have been doing this for a year now -not]
    After-the verberized version: pick top three content distribution methods to share content that fit with my business model

    I can actually do that right now, I’m off! Thanks Marie

  93. 1. Figure out how to get my hair look anything like yours.
    2. Stay in the moment.
    3. Translate my affirmations into Italian.



  94. OMG…Marie, How did you get my To Do List?

    PICK OUT invitations for bday party
    WRITE guest list
    PICK A DATE for party
    DECIDE where party will be …ROLLER RINK or MINI FARM?
    WRITE one page for my e-course
    WRITE probiotic page
    FEED horses
    FIND rollerblades…yeah thats right Rollerblades
    MARINATE chicken….Yummmmm

    …Thanks Marie, great advice! About to check some of these crying things off my list right now.

  95. Sheree

    Thank you for this insight.

    My to do list for tonight:
    Wash one load of my laundry

    Fold and pack away clothes on the bed

    Research schools with academy’s for my son

  96. Love this Marie, as usual! My to do of the week that I am procrastinating with, is: “shoot video at the beach” for my upcoming blog post.

    I never do it because I need to have the “right light”, “right hair”, “right make up” + I am not 100% sure of what I want to say in the video.

    So, today I will re-write it as:
    “Write script with 3 mains topics for video”.

    And tomorrow, I will have my hair and make up done after coaching a few clients on Skype, so I will schedule the shoot after my last client (right around the sunset time, that golden, perfect, light!).
    Thank you Marie!

  97. Before:
    Everbee Jewelry’s to do list
    Make like mad
    Product descriptions


    Melt flower petals – green & purple
    Write product description for cherry blossom style earrings
    Take photos of 5 pieces

    Thanks Marie, once again, your video rocks!

    Lynni Wart – the colored blind artist
    Everbee Jewelry – Because flowers go with everything

  98. Thanks, Marie! I needed the nudge to make things happen 🙂
    Add web copy
    Figure out Product to sell
    More Blog posts

    Write “Work with Me” Page Copy
    Brainstorm feasible ideas for products
    Write 1 Blog post and 1 Article (Today)

  99. Write/finish guest blog post
    Rehearse script
    Post video update

    New list

    Write out what questions you will answer in guest blog post?
    Answer questions in blog post
    Have blog post proofread
    Send guest blog post out
    Rehearse one scene from script for upcoming shoot on Saturday
    Upload finished video update on Indiegogo and YouTube

  100. 1.) Make a Gravatar
    2.) Post a comment on Marie TV to see if it worked

    I love lists. Action verbs are the way to go to help me get things done.

    • 3.) Re-try creating a Gravatar

      • 4.) Pat self on the back for a job well done.

        That one has been on the list for a long time. Thanks for motivating me to get it done.

  101. Ah… baby steps!

    This is also a great energy activator – making one step at time a more do-able as opposed to the energy blocker – as you explained – with the over whelming tasks of “planning a birthday.”

    Love it – open the energy and you can get more things done. I’m going to write out a new body healing meditation as opposed to creating an entire body healing package.

    One step at a time!

    BTW – your rockin the new hair highlights this week 😉

  102. Ah… baby steps!

    This is also a great energy activator – making one step at time a more do-able as opposed to the energy blocker – as you explained – with the over whelming tasks of “planning a birthday.”

    Love it – open the energy and you can get more things done. I’m going to write out a new body healing meditation as opposed to creating an entire body healing package.

    One step at a time!

    BTW – you;re rockin the new hair highlights this week 😉

  103. OGA

    1. Design beauty classes
    2. vlog
    3. room
    1. get down with the beauty classes design
    2. film the daily vlog
    3. clean the dressing room

    ^^^ wow , I didn’t even write which room I wanted to clean!!
    amazing insight as always ^_^

  104. Ha! Defrosting broccoli. Hilare.

    I’m totally busted with this one! Thanks for the post. This is a great re-frame.

    My current “To Do List”
    – change address on York Downs Order Form (this wins the contest)
    – car cut out (what does that even mean?)
    – steering wheel
    – call Nanna
    – guest post
    – Call IRS
    – B-School promo
    – Mail Karen T.
    – BCNA actions
    – Pay Suzi
    – BodyTalk sales page
    – Grocery order
    – newsletter

    Seriously. Mostly these just get re-written on the next day’s “list.” I definitely have the best intentions. Maybe that’s what it should be called: “The Good Intentions List,” because, seriously!

    Okay the three priorities for the next two hours of my life are:
    1. Newsletter: open aweber, edit email, schedule email
    2. Grocery: log-in to, order coconut flour and dish soap, confirm
    3. IRS: search 1-800 number, call number, acquire number thingy I need.

  105. Jenni

    1. taxes
    3. workshop

    1. put all tax related items in folder
    2.plan meals for week, write grocery list, go shopping
    3.decide on objectives for workshop, select activities, write one page description, send to coach

    GREAT video. It is hard for me to break things down into smaller parts, but with a list like this it is much easier to actually tackle them. They don’t seem so daunting!

  106. Woo! Love the action steps and watching your production team soothe your list was hilarious. If I may add to the awesomesauce, something I have my clients do is once they’ve got a detailed (and verberized) procedure for getting something accomplished–say, an e-newsletter, product launch, or workshop–you save that to do list as a template for when you want to repeat the magic down the road. That way, you’re saving MORE time in the future by not having to reinvent the wheel, and if you play your formatting right you can even drop a whole time-bound process right into Outlook, complete with reminders. BAM!

    Oh, and did I mention that these templates make a great foundation for having your very own Operations Manual so you can have people do things FOR you?

    Mmmmmm, the power of lists. 🙂 Thanks for sharing this Marie!

  107. jade

    Such a helpful video today Marie. Actionable lists seem so obvious, why didn’t I think of it already? I have always believed that the best ideas are the most simplistic.

    Just a side note…am I the only person who isn’t writing a book?

    Ok so I’m a little late to start on this thread as I am over on the West Coast but here are the top three things I need to get done this week:

    Before Verberizing:

    1. Marketing Agenda
    2. Email Blast
    3. New Website

    After (I LOVE the capitalizing idea, very useful):

    – List all ADVERTISING opportunities you want to participate in, and create ad calendar with deadlines and publishing
    – Outline upcoming EMAIL MARKETING campaigns and add in deadlines for creating/publishing (Dine Out, Valentines Day, Spring Newsletter)
    – Create a detailed list of current and upcoming PROMOTIONS and send instructions to managers/staff
    – Finish filling in excel list of REVIEWS, go through each outlet (Yelp, Open Table, Trip Advisor, Urban Spoon, etc.) and choose 3 good and 3 bad reviews from each to reply to.
    – Inventory COLLATERAL (Menus, Posters, Business Cards, Brochures, Employee Handbook) and list what needs updating.
    – Note upcoming EVENTS we want to participate in
    – Reach out to WEBSITE and ask if they would be willing to sell their url

    2. Insert Dine Out promotion from website into EMAIL template and send to all subscribers

    3. Choose WEBSITE theme, upload into GoDaddy.

    Wow that was helpful. Thanks everyone. Better get started.

  108. jade

    …but not before I listen to Grown Woman by Queen Bey

  109. Andrew

    Love the association here Marie! How do these ideas enter your brain? I love the simplicity of it all.


    SO793 To Do:
    – Hazop
    – 21′ floor
    – Animation


    – Compile Hazop notes into template
    – Delegate draftsman to assemble 21′ floor drawing in AutoCAD
    – Review final animation
    – Compile above 3 files, zip files, load files to FTP
    – Invoice Client for final deliverable!

  110. Oh geez this came at just the right time! I have been agonizing over our to-do’s for our business because there is so much potential and so little time to take advantage of it in our industry to be pioneers! We already work off of a task-based system and have gone ROUND AND ROUND about the name of the tasks, etc to keep them simple and actionable but many times I am moving tasks to the next day frequently and only because I “ferberize” it on a normal basis but it just WOULDN’T SHUT UP!!

    My husband and I are both working on books and mine has been sitting around 1/8th of the way done for…..mmmmmmm……5 years. I started it at a time when I was pretty bitter (pre-meditation lol) after being laid off from a job I poured everything into and now it has changed direction in my mind and I have been thinking about it a lot during said meditations. I know it is time for us to take the world by storm with our awesome, witty, informative stories!

    TO-DO’s (Before)

    – Intro to book
    – Blog
    – Social Media
    – Taxes 🙁

    TO-DO’s (After)

    – Make short, clear mission statement of book’s direction and feel
    – Write opening monologue and opening statement of Chapter 1 to set the tone
    – Define 12-15 chapters and what each chapter’s goal/purpose is
    – Draft blog entry
    – Make 10 Twitter posts
    – Reconcile December accounting statement

    Our business name holds us to a higher standard and “petty” details really are the things that sometimes keep you from achieving the goals you have set out to crush. I am going to put this to practice with my other lists and be specific so I can see progress – there are few things worse in business than seeing the same tasks on your list at the end of the day that you started with that morning!

  111. I’m so on a roll.
    1. Complete.
    2. Complete.
    3. No toll free number, so on hold… again…


    The clarity of the tasks made them so easy. And what would normally take a couple hours because I’d be farting around, was done in 10 minutes.

    I’ll keep verbasizing, (what did you call it?) some more of the items on my list:
    1. write guest post for Patricia
    2. write copy for B-School posts
    3. write You’re awesome card for Karen, grab envelope and stamp, drop in mail box

  112. I think you may have buried the lead on this one. Got your newsletter, watched your video. All good.

    Then I checked out your PS….about the Town Hall you are doing with Kris and Danielle for Marianne Williamson. I am not a political person. For the most part, I ignore politics (because it is always pretty much the same old same old in the US). Big yawn is how I feel about politics.

    You just shifted that.

    My new to-do list starts with 1. Buy a ticket to support attend Town Hall/ support Marianne Williamson.


    I am asking myself why she is ‘only’ running for Congress. Seems to me she is made for bigger things. Much bigger. I guess you have to start somewhere.

    Thank you for putting her front and center on my radar (even if I no longer vote in CA). I loved this from her website: “The political status quo would have us rearrange the chairs on the deck of the Titanic; I am suggesting that we turn the Titanic around before it hits the iceberg.”

    We B-schoolers are the little people that big corporations, big business, and big government don’t pay much attention to. Maybe that can change.

    • Hey Tanya – thanks for your comment and I’m very excited to see you at Town Hall 🙂

  113. Fun video! You got me looking over my to-do list, and I’m happy to report it’s already quite “verberized” but it’s still crying because it’s too long. I’m gonna simplify to what can be accomplished in a day.

    My favorite part of this video was the frozen broccoli. It’s the unabashed silliness that inspires me. I’m a really silly girl but I don’t share that part of myself in my business too much. Your videos are this fascinating combination of polished video set, great hair/wardrobe/makeup, skilled presentation and a ton of down-to-earth personality. I tend to think looking polished and being professional leaves authenticity at the door, but you merge them so well. Great job! 🙂

    To add to my to-do list: be my silly self. I may add a pic of frozen broccoli to my vision board as a reminder! LOL.

    • Thanks Heather! I appreciate what you shared 😉

  114. My to do list was screaming at me this morning! I just went through and “verberized” it though…definitely helps to see what needs to be done rather than “website changes”. My to-do list is huge! Gotta get to it…

    Create & Send scope of work to CLIENT
    Create & Send scope of work to CLIENT2
    Remove social media icons from CLIENT3website
    Perform small edits to CLIENT4’s website
    Design header for CLIENT5’s email blast
    Write articles for and create content for my own newsletter
    Create videos and edit membership options for CLIENT6
    Create and Send scope of work TO CLIENT7
    Check out trifold options for CLIENT5
    Make small coding changes to CLIENT8
    Design 2 print items for CLIENT9

  115. Such a simple but useful tip. Verbs are DOING words so makes sense to turn all your to-dos into DOs.

    That’s why I say my fave quote to myself each day and to others who are stuck which is from Yoda.

    There is no try. Only do or do not.

  116. Your hair looks AAAA-Maaaazing!

    Great post too.

  117. This is just what I needed today. I keep putting off contacting folks as I build a network specific to my yoga therapy practice. I am getting names and companies, making sure I know who referred them to me. But I am not taking that final step. SOoooooo….

    Email four chiropractors
    Call three MDs
    Email three holistic centers

    That doesn’t look nearly as daunting.
    Thanks. ~ Lynn

  118. Oh dear. I definitely had “blog” and “work on checklists” as two of my items today. Updated:
    -Organize photos for blog sidebar
    -Write Valentine’s Day post
    -Complete stationery checklist
    -Outline stationery budget

    This was a great video, thanks!

  119. And in case anyone is paying attention, my original number 3 is complete. Booyah! I gots me an EIN.

    • NICE Tonia!!! And I was just watching you – wink wink. 🙂 BEAUTIFUL.

      • I wanna watch me!

        But instead I’ll eat this apple sauce from the apples from the trees which may or may not be in what you were just watching. Wink wink.

  120. LOL, Marie!

    I learned the “action” words trick when I was submitting resumes back in the day when I worked for someone else!!!

    It’s a brilliant use on the to-do list!! Let me see, what can I better verbalize on my to-do list right now…

    1. Add testimonial to website is now “Copy & Paste testimonial to website”

    2. Send recorded interview is now “Copy & Paste interview link to send”

    3. Add blurb to footer is now “Enter blurb into footer”

    Hey, even an organizer, like me, likes to play fun word games to accomplish more really fast!

    Thanks Marie!!!!

  121. Ha! I just peeked over at my to-do list and saw this:

    Rocky L. re: letter
    Bruce M.
    Joanne re: insurance

    My goodness, what a ridiculous list! What am I supposed to do with/to these people?!?!? No wonder crap doesn’t get done. My new list looks like this:

    Email Rocky L.: draft of fundraising letter OK?
    Send big ask package to Bruce M.
    Respond to Joanne: new insurance quote OK?

    Golly gee, what great advice!!! Thanks, Marie. But please, no more crying baby sounds…

  122. Gaveeta Chiba

    Changing “write novel” to “chose mentor on now novel website.”
    Changing “publish masters research report” to “reduce introductory chapter from 10 pages to 1 page for article”
    Changing “do counseling course” to ” call Famsa to book course”

    Feeling much more excited about my to do list now!
    Thanks Marie !

  123. Angela Willis

    -Edit Photos.
    -Finalize recipes.
    -Do postings on IG and FB.
    -Write posts.
    -Set up Asna program with potential clients.
    -Finish filling out monthly calendar to get organized.

  124. Leigh Harris

    Old list: Edit book, Content Strategy course, exercise
    New list: Edit to end of first chapter, watch week 3 videos of CS course, jump onto tread mill for 30 minutes
    Phew! Yup, I can do these!

  125. Awesome episode!

    I am a huge fan of David Allen’s “Getting Things Done” productivity system and one of the things he promotes in making next action steps is to use great verbs when naming the to-do, so that we actually feel inspired to do the task. I checked my current next action list, and it’s already totally verberized! Woohoo!

    Thank you Marie 🙂

    Xoxo Ali

  126. Got this one in the bag! I already break my to-do list down into manageable chunks & use action words like “call”, “email” (funny how email can be used as a verb), “write”, “take”, “research”, etc. I’m a student of the Chalene Johnson method of writing to-do lists. Total game changer.

  127. Sony

    2 things, I have to get off my mind! Your HAIR looks fab & your dress… oh the dress! Oh yeah… content. FAB. Love love love you!

    Old list:
    Audio Book
    Sm Strategy
    Wikipage for Client

    Find engineer for audio book edits (o-desk)
    — job post
    — review applicants & sample edits
    — choose
    Contract engineer for Audio book
    — upload files (audio, pdf of book, image, music)
    — check progress

    Read Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook.
    Design plan for each platform
    — devise schedule for posting
    — provide images/content & schedule to VAs

    — research long-tail keywords for SPECIFIC SITE
    (using wordtracker & google keywords tool)
    — set up adwords
    — test keywords
    — split test ads

    Create wiki page for client

  128. Sony

    plan for each platform, actually has several one-step actions for each platform listed… TOTALLY revising tumblr… going to KILL this year with it! 🙂

  129. small actionable verbs…got it ~

    nice tweak, thanks Marie !

  130. Great Ideas Marie – After watching, I checked out my current To Do List – and I am proud and surprised to say that I have verberized the majority of my actions!
    Some do need improvement, like:

    Head Office – I will write (Call head office at 1pm)
    Jillian – (Call Jillian at 1:15pm)
    Summerland Bank- (Go online and create/label my $500 woopsie account)

    Thanks Marie
    Again, you truly activate my funny bone and inspire me daily to not take myself to seriously as I create a business and life that I love!
    Emerald xx

  131. Hi Marie & B-Schoolers,

    I have the good habit of writing verbs on my to do list, but due to time constrains I write my tasks like huge goals.

    1. Promote my kindle book-project 1.
    2. Create a look book-project 2.
    1. Get reviews
    2. Write a blog post
    3. Write an article
    4. Contact 5 more people that could find this version useful
    5. As far as item 2 on the first list, I wish I did it a year ago. I’ll need to work some financing to break that task down.

    Thank you Marie for letting me picture my to-do list like a crying baby, that definitely helps 🙂

    If you have kids or work with kids, this is the link for my kindle book Inquisitive Quincie A Day Learning About Teeth:
    There is a Spanish version too., for those that could be interested.

    I’d love any feedback or reviews. Thank you so much!

  132. Aimee

    current list is: work on my business, find clients. (Its now obvious to me why I procrastinate!)

    New list:
    1. write email to send out to contacts
    2. Call possible virtual assistant to get some support.

  133. What an awesome tip, thanks Marie! I am always breaking my goals down into bite sized chunks but this gives me a new way to explain how to do the same with my clients.

    Also, CAN. NOT. WAIT. for B-School 2014. As a 2012 alumni I can tell anyone reading this comment, who is considering it — to just do it.

    Click on my name above if you want to read my B-School story, I posted it only a couple of days ago on my website.

    Much love,


  134. Just added a new component to my business, assisting speakers to get “butts in seats” for their multi day live events.

    List prior: make calls to promoters from list of 50
    list now: call 5 new promoters between now (1pm) and 2pm.

    Woot! Watch me go! That list of 50 has been daunting but 5 is do-able

  135. Another thing I read is that the to-do list should only be about 7 items long each day so we don’t feel like failures and we end each day feeling accomplished. I had no idea that adding verbs would help, but I just looked at my to-do list and every item has a verb already!

    One other thing that really helps me is having it all written down, not just on my phone. When I can physically cross something off, for that one second, I feel proud of myself 🙂

    • I agree with the 7 items each day philosophy. As well as physically cross something off my list. It feels amazingly productive.

  136. Here’s my to do list as is that really is crying to get done:
    Meditation Group
    Subscription to create email list
    Ability to subscribe to premium service

    • and here’s my veberized list:
      Make invitation list to Meditation Group
      Schedule Intro to Meditation Group
      Call Josh and schedule meeting to set up subscription to my blog
      Ask Josh to help with how to create premium service

      Feels way more grounded! Thank you so much for this tip! I’m not crying anymore and drowning in a pool of nouns and adjections 🙂

      Thank you! Anasuya

  137. Wow, even if I don’t “verb” iLife my to do list, I feel so much better that I am not the only person with a procrastination problem! On another note can I ask you if you have done or can do a segment about staying on task??? As an artist one trait I am notorious in doing is going into my studio with a great idea, start, get one or two rolling and then something shiny or colorful or squishy or, well you get it…… Anyhow, off I go with 6 different pieces started and then I am overwhelmed……. I just started my career as a full-time artist and this is not productive……HELP!!

    thanks for your time!

  138. I love how I watched this all like, “Yeah. Simple. I do that already… props to me!” Then I looked over at the to do’s on my whiteboard and NONE of them lead with a verb. D’oh! Dangit. Break over. One hour left to drag through the last 3 items. 😉 Tomorrow’s list = verbs.

  139. Melinda

    Preaching to the choir here Maria.

    Verbs have been my secret weapon in business for years.

  140. 1. Find out where Marie got that shirt!! I must have it!! Please disclose!!

  141. — Post to app FB page
    — Go through the app and list required updates
    — Go through stuff in garage for the move
    — Research seasonal dates for blog posts
    — Enter dates in the calendar
    — Send that email to Luke!
    — Share iPower TV interview

  142. Linda

    Something fell off my to-do list yesterday that would have made more sense if I had done it yesterday… I have to call a client who is a regular no-show. I usually hear the excuses that he had a different date on his calendar, or some other such thing. I have to make a decision, do I simply charge him for missed appointments, even if he swears he had no idea he had an appointment, do I call and remind him every time he comes in, or do I not permit him to advance-book? Or some combination of all the above? He was a no-show again yesterday, and I was so mad I chose not to call him yesterday, but even thinking about it now has me steamed. Any suggestions?

    • Hi Linda,
      If I may respond to your post. Having to regularly call your client is just enabling him to continue his disrespectful behavior to you as a business owner. It sounds like he doesn’t respect you or your time.

      I would definitely consider charging for missed appointments. Also perhaps consider a 24 hours in advance reminder call letting him know that you have a “no show” policy. If he wants to book in advance, he should pay in advance.

      If he continues, I would consider dropping him as a client. You are missing out on other opportunities. I would not continue to call him.

      Hope this helps

  143. Hi, Marie, and everyone!

    My To-Do’s that don’t get done:
    1. find fix to the membership plugin or find another plugin
    2. create a 52-week sequence with must-have knowledge of French verbs
    3. create intro videos for all the modules of the intensive program

    Yes, I have to re-write my to-do list 🙂

    Merci, Marie 🙂
    ~ Llyane

  144. I totally did this recently but still found a few stuck on my list:

    Eczema soap? –> Research all-natural eczema soap
    Fake tattoo –> Redo fake tattoo 🙂
    Gratitude jar –> Find jar for gratitude jar

    Woot woot! I’m so much more jazzed to do these things already. Now how do I make things like “Call doctor” and “Organize craft supplies” as enticing? Blech.

  145. Erin

    Your amazing I look forward to your Q&A on Tuesdays. Can you do more on relationships and personal development, sort of similar to your book, which I loved.:)

  146. A bing-bing-bing-whoohoo episode! I’ve been feeling very guilty about my to-do list, crying in the background constantly.
    Here’s the 4 things I keep putting off:
    -writing and sending lyrics to music prod in LA
    -promoting and getting excited about my release (dance single) on Monday
    -writing article and pitching magazines
    -getting serious about my strategy to build my list.

    Too much and way too big!

    Breaking it down:
    – collecting lyric ideas for song
    – writing outline of lyrics from that
    -record demo version
    -send to santos

    -schedule updates about my release
    -create & prepare tweets and fb posts
    – automate!
    -celebrate the release with champagne!

    -find journalist contacts at the magazines (already have that list)
    -write a pitch per each

    -brainstorm blog topics
    -have a writing day
    – edit
    -format blog posts
    -schedule them
    -research places to guest post
    -do the same process as for my own (writing editing)
    -contact & connect with the ones that share my ideal customer

    This list Do feel better! Excited (and just a tad scared 😉

  147. Hi Marie,
    I like it!!
    I believe in only putting 6 things on my to-do list each day so it is not overwhelming. Now I might have a personal to-do list that includes errands etc but work one only gets 6. It is the magic number.
    1.Edit email offer
    2.Upload video to Youtube
    3.Write one article
    4.Add video to the new article
    5.SEO blogpost
    6.Follow up with new client

  148. Loved this, loved the comments also. Many talking about B school. Have I missed out? Have signed up many times as thinking I am not in the system as not had any email updates which I was expecting. Anyone can help me on this.
    To do list: Check B School..amended…Inquire about status of BSchool

    • Julie — you did NOT miss out. Update coming Thursday!

  149. Shona

    Hi Marie and everyone else on this forum, wherever in the world you may be!

    I will get to the ‘to do’ challenge in question, but as this is my first time on the forum, I thought I’d start with a bit of an intro:

    I’m 48 year’s old, born in New Zealand, living in Australia, married to a Colombian, mother of a 20 year old daughter. I work as an interpreter and translator (español), essentially ‘running my own business’ as (with very few exceptions) this is the only way to exercise this profession in Australia. I’m used to being a wage slave (basically, I’m a refugee from the public service, where I languished in variety of admin jobs for couple of decades, never being promoted and always hopping sideways). I was bored out of my tiny tree as a cube monkey, however, it did have the advantages of fixed amount of dough deposited into my account every week, sick and holiday pay, birthday morning teas, Friday drinks, water cooler gossip, routine and a certain amount of imposed discipline (someone tells you what to do and when to do it and you have somewhere to rock up to for 8 hours a day and when you leave the office, you forget it til 9am next morning…). Best of all: unlimited supply of free stationery and any technology dramas – just bat your eyelashes and a nice oompah-loompah from IT would come and make it all go away.

    Having been made redundant/contract expired for the umpteenth time, I relunctantly turned to freelancing to put food on the table, “but just until I get another real job”, I told myself. 5 years later, I’m still freelancing. Somewhere along the way, thanks to my exotic foreign lovers, travels and love of languages and study, I acquired fluency in a second language and actually a postgrad qualification to practice as a translator and interpreter.) I DO enjoy the work itself (intellectually stimulating plus real satisfaction of helping people have a voice and communicate with essential services), but am kicking and screaming at the ‘running own business’ part of it. There are all these brave, feisty female entrepreneurs on this site who relish being their own boss, but I don’t like it, cos I find the marketing, selling, and tax stuff super scary and tedious. I would love a salaried position in a hospital or court but they are as scarce as hen’s teeth in Australia (unlike the US) as the migrant numbers, while growing, are just not large enough for my language (Spanish) to justify these yet. And those few roles that exist, people stay in them til they die….! So…freelancing is the only way. Hey presto, I’m a business owner! I recognise its advantages: picking and choosing assignments; variety of types of situations and clientele (pretty juicy and interesting it is sometimes too…better human drama than a latin soap opera!); able to work in pjs n ugg boots (translating not interpreting, haha!) However, as we are obliged to be self-employed, it means we miss superanuation benefits, sick, holiday pay, bla, bla, bla. And have to fork out for our own taxes at end of financial year (I haven’t, hence have ginormous, scary monster of a tax debt), rather than the company taking it out of your fortnightly wages, so you don’t even miss it.

    Unlike many on this forum, I have no desire to be a life coach, therapist, ebay buyer/seller, internet marketer, blogger…I just wanna practice my profession and be paid for it. (That said, I want to branch into SOMETHING else too, probably writing/editing related, just don’t know what yet…). Re developing further with my existing profession, I wanna be a conference interpreter too, goddamit!

    Marie, can’t remember how I found you….but no doubt thanks to endless surfing when I should have been working, but I’m glad I did and find your videos inspiring and fun (and LOVE your clothes!)

    I need all the help and inspiration I get, cos I feel so lonely and isolated in this one-woman venture. I come from a long line of proud yet humble working-class wage-earners and don’t have an entrepreneurial brain in my body.

    But who knows, maybe it ain’t too late to learn. And to grow to love ‘creating my own business’. I haven’t even made a friggin’ website yet…and the thought of all the bloggin’ tweatin’ n tumblin’ I “should” be doing terrifies me.

    Maybe B-School’s for me. Whaddya reckon? Or will I just feel intimidated by all the awesome kick-ass ‘real’ business women/entrepreneurs on the program….and here’s just lil ol’ me, a wee translator and interpreter from Downunder/desperate housewife??

    Am hoping my honest ramble will hit a chord with someone on this forum and maybe you can relate. Maybe you’re where I am or have been where I am and have overcome. Didn’t mean to rabbit on this long….(procrastinating from doing my work, haha).

    Ok, the challenge:

    To do – current: “Translations”.
    To – do now Forleo-ized:
    -make list of all jobs outstanding
    -note by each what stage at (eg, respond to query, prepare quote/invoice, do translation, print and scan, email, post, check payment received)
    -number 1 to whatever in order of priority
    -give time estimate to dedicate to each
    -plan lunch break in middle of day
    -schedule break for answering phone calls/emails
    -schedule in 1/2 hr for (boring but necessary) domestic crap

    All this between 9:30am-3:30pm – a mere 6 hrs (cos at 3:30 gotta be out the door to get to a postgrad info session at a local uni (that’s “college” for you folks in the US). Better get my sweet buns (or my ‘colita’ as they say in español) moving! But sure I’ll wizz thru more, now that I have some clarity, focus and discipline….rather than drifting vaguely thru my day, sidelined by distractions, of my own and others’ making. (Go away, facebook, go away internet!)

    All my love and best wishes to you, fabulous Marie and everyone else reading this.


  150. Okay, I know this was totally not the point of this video but I have to clarify that leaving a baby to Cry-It-Out (CIO) does NOT teach a baby to self-soothe and has a myriad of research proven, harmful effects like bathing Baby’s system in the stress hormone Cortisol. Okay, I won’t go off on a long rant but I just had to add that as a P.S. for this video.

    I dig the rest of the message as I am huge fan of to-do lists, and I will be more mindful of utilizing those verbs.

  151. Dear Marie,

    It was such a good Video. I remember the movie “The To Do List” 2013 English Movie which was so funny and teaches us about Checklist and not Waitlist or Linked List.

    This video about baby crying made me think about Tanuja in Wipro Kolkata, Nilabjo in Tata Kolkata & Sharon from CSC UK and made me more intelligent and exposed to modern technologies. Yesterday I had a Hindu religious ceremony in my housing complex and everyone was talking in terms of queues – the primary queue and the alternative one: Which one is faster and which one gives ice creams? Quite funny indeed.

    Thank you for sharing the knowledge.

    Rohan Sarker

  152. Belinda

    Brilliant timing! Two days ago I just installed to-do list software on my computer and have started inserting tasks (with the customary breakdown into smaller items).

    The suggestion to verberise (Australian-spelled equivalent 🙂 is so well-timed! Positive action verbs here I come 😀

  153. Anna Shildrick

    Hi! I’ve been teaching for years and lesson planning is based on Bloom’s Taxonomy; basically a list of VERBS that make sure students actually learn something! Same principal, but I had never applied it to my to-do list. In fact, I haven’t even made a to-do list. Step one: WRITE a to-do list.

  154. Patricia Hegedus

    Hi Marie,

    another inspirational video. 🙂

    This is my to do list:
    1,Choose the date for traveling
    2, google headhunters in Budapest
    3,google accommodation in Sicily

    • Patricia, I got so curious when I saw “Budapest” on your list since I just moved back to Sweden from there! (it’s the most amazing city in Europe 😉
      What kind of headhunter are you looking for and why? Let me know if I can check with some local contacts if they have the right connections or know any good firms.

  155. Cassandra

    As always, your perspective is super refreshing, Marie! I had JUST sat down on my only day off this week and decided that for the rest of the day I’m not going to do anything else on my to-do list because I am so overwhelmed by it. After watching this, I’m sticking by my NNT decision for the day, but am revamping my list so that tomorrow when I hop back in the game I am not so overwhelmed and can more clearly see the light at the end of the tunnel. It also amazes me how some of the things on our to-do lists are so small and will take only 60 seconds to do, and yet we let those weigh down the rest of it and make the list seem bulky when it really isn’t. Thank you!!

    Oooooh, and that dress and necklace…I think you need a separate blog just for your fabulous wardrobe 😉

  156. Great episode!! Just what I needed this morning – loving the pink flowers!

    This week’s perpetual to-do list has been:
    1. Website content
    2. Brochures
    3. Business cards

    Not overly useful in hindsight…

    Verberised (haha I just tried to double check the spelling and noticed that another Australian had spelt it like me!)

    1. Finish writing a simplified outline of my mediation process to use for the Family, Business and Neighbour dispute areas
    2. Choose the pictures to use for the Family, Business and Neighbour buttons
    3. Finish writing the new home page copy
    4. Revise the copy on my current brochure and send to the designer to amend
    5. Print revised Brochure via vista
    6. Send current business card back to the designer with the amendments
    7. Print revised business cards
    8. Adapt the copy from 1. to use for a second more generalised brochure and business card
    9. Send the new Brochure and Business card drafts to the designer

    Well….my list just multiplied by 3 but at least its more useful now!!!

    Thanks Marie 🙂

  157. Marie,

    Why didn’t I know this, I’m a Certified Professional Organizer, I should have known this.

    GCAD – cart
    – page
    – announce

    Set up shopping cart for Gain Control Acceleration Day
    Write copy for GCAD
    Write email sequence for GCAD
    Send copy to VA

    This works – I’m going to do the first one right now.

  158. Thanks for naming it Marie! On the rare occasions I make lists, I verberize, with a sneaky kick-ass addition 🙂

    I ‘piggyback project’ my to-create list – all the ‘write’ tasks go together, all the ‘talk’ tasks go together… and what I get is a list that allows me to work way faster because I’m already in the flow of that style of work. So much more fun!

    • Love this idea Lisa! Do I understand correctly that you create one list that includes everything (everything! 😉 that you need to write (blog posts, pages, articles, emails), one list with everyone you need to call etc no matter what project they “belong” to?

      Do you then allocate time for each “group” (like today’s a writing day, x hours are for calling clients etc.)

      • Yes Lina – one list – and I piggyback the like things together – as often there is a similiar energy required – and then I just play with one ‘block’ until I get bored or the energy diminishes too far to do it quickly 😉 at that point I just move to another block of stuff – its amazingly efficient!

        I had a ‘talk’ day yesterday – one google hangout, 8 videos, 1 radio show and 2 clients got loved up! And then mostly a writing/editing day today. 🙂

        • Fantastic Lisa! Sounds awesome to have a writing day, a talk day etc inspiring!

          (I got on your newsletter, are you having any events in scandinavia anytime soon? 😉

          • YES! I’m in the midst of sorting out dates for May / June – if you are on the email list you’ll know as soon as it’s all confirmed 🙂

  159. Anna Shildrick

    I just downloaded Remember the Milk app for iPhone to keep my to-do list. Highly recommendable!

  160. Denise

    Both my husband and I work at home and we home school our daughter. Breaking as many items down as I could into 5 to 10 minute tasks also really helped. Instead of standing around and trying to figure out where to start before the phone rang again or one of them needed me for something, I was able to just “do”. Knocked off quite a bit from the list today including two things I had been putting off (they took longer than ten minutes but they were verbalized). Thanks!

  161. Toni

    Ooops! Your dress sleeves have holes in the elbows.

  162. Wow! What a subtle change and huge difference it makes. It takes the edge off the way a to-do lost can become so daunting! I feel clearer about my next step just by changing ‘work on website’ to ‘update contact info on website’ It’s amazing how the mind works! Thanks Marie – you da bomb!

  163. vanessa jimison

    Here’s what my list usually looks like:
    1. products need ordered!
    2. doula website
    3. emails
    Haha! It really isn’t very motivating I guess.
    Here’s a better way to put it:
    1. Order essential oils, carrier oils,\ and creams for massage and t-shirts for German Club
    2. Go to doula business website and review options for my website.
    3.send emails to: (list names and email topics)

  164. Oh my Goodness!! I watched this vid this morning and then wrote out my to-do list.

    Seriously!! You’ve got to be kidding me. I am the list Queen and this has made a massive difference. I have SMASHED through my to-do list in 2 hours.
    Far out Brussels Sprouts. Normally it would take me ALL day to get through my list.

    Loving this new idea of Verberizing my To-Do list and I will be teaching this to my clients.

    Marie, you rock my socks!!

  165. Love you but please don’t simplify the Ferber method that even Dr. Ferber has since apologize for and retracted! Crying it out does not lead to “self-soothing”, it leads to fright/flight stress response, potential for less connectivity in the child, and delayed internal organization in the individual. If you’re a mother who can’t bare hearing your child “cry it out”, that is because your intuition is telling you this is NOT normal. In fact, no other mammal allows her child to “cry it out” justifying this act with misguided assumptions. Like Marie suggests with her to-do list, verberize your love, care and mother-instinct for your child, and tend to that baby! The crying has a point, and while this post is off-point from the intent of this video blog, it was just too infuriating to ignore ala ferberizing…Yuck!

    • Hi Laurie – Thanks for your comment. I totally agree with you. I never let my three babies “cry it out” – I couldnt bear it. You are so right, that mother instinct to pick up your crying baby is there for a reason.

      In some cultures leaving a baby to “cry it out” would be considered child abuse.

      I love Marie’s suggestion to “verbalise” which is great but as far as “ferbalising” is concerned, it trully is “yuck”.

  166. Okay, three to-do list items, pre-verberization:
    1. Class plan
    2. Financial worksheets
    3. Powersheets

    The new and improved verberized items!
    1. Review tomorrow’s class plan
    2. Fill out the Dream Worksheet from Brittney of Financially Wise Women.
    3. Read/review through my 5 goals for the next 6 months to prepare for February’s tending list + make any necessary edits.

    Boom, getting shiz done.

  167. ivana

    before list:

    1 play the guitar
    2 paint
    3 glass kitchen jars

    1 practice three chords from yesterday’s tutorial
    2 pick up paint brushes and colors
    3 write three labels for three jars

    thanks Marie!!

  168. Fantastic video and advice, Marie!

    I like doing subtasks on my to-do list, and this video has helped me look at the list with an even more critical eye. I noticed that one big thing that is so nebulous that I didn’t even put on my to-do list: revamping my website!

    I’m working on a new look for my site and adding in all of the tips I learned from B-school. It’s a fun process but I definitely needed to have a better focus when I’m working on it! Here’s my list:

    Before: redesign website

    – change background colors
    – add subscription box
    – select new portfolio images
    – add new text to link to my blogs
    – add parallax scrolling effect

    Actually the list goes on, but this definitely helps me choose the top priority items. Thank you!

    P.S. That dress is amazing and looks great on you. Love the elbow cut outs!

  169. Gabriela


    Marie, I can´t even remember how I found you hahah but I´m soooo sooo glad I did . 🙂 I have been watching your videos for about a year now and I keep watching them when I need some inspiration or when I´m stuck with some problem. You always seem to have a way!
    This tip would definately help me!!

    Thank so much 🙂

    To-do list:

    Francés: cognados, grabadora, palabras, oraciones

    – buscar lista de cognados
    -Imprimir oraciones más utilizadas
    -Grabar oraciones

  170. Ashley

    today’s todo:

    buy ticket to support Marianne Williamson and hear Marie speak!!!!

    …Done!!! Or at least I think so. Anyone buy a ticket? I thought I did but I just got an email thanking me for my donation without ticket info or if there is an e-ticket etc?…I’ve tried to contact the website folks, no luck. Any advice or info?

  171. Lucky me, I already have my to do list verberized and I would like to share a resource that’s really helped me, especially with breaking down bigger things like ‘plan party’. I’m using, which allows you to create tasks inside little mini projects. I’m loving the fact that I can assign some of these said tasks to my partner, who then gets an email update telling him to do something (it sooo takes the nagging out). Voila – stuff gets done. I totally recommend it!

    • Mimi


      I just started to follow your videos. I love ’em like a fat kid loves cakes.

      My to do list is ever so long: as an intern, trying to get into the world of PR, I have so many to-do lists. Balancing the paying gigs, with the internship duties, blogging, networking, and working out to keep my head on straight, it seems as though my “social” tasks get priority over “hard tasks”.

      1. Gladwell Blog
      2. Marketing Summit Blog
      3. Utilities Bill
      4. Birthday cards
      5. Holiday cards
      6. conference call with Oneka Team
      7. bio for agency
      8. dress for birthday party

      VERB-STYLE Task List
      1. outline skeleton draft of Gladwell ( Blog Post )
      2. brainstorm highlights of Marketing Summit (blog post)
      3. sign-in to online banking (bills)
      4 & 5. Peruse through Yaletown card store *holiday and bday card*
      6. schedule & confirm skype date with Toronto/Calgary
      7. update linked in profile (brainstorm bio key words)
      8. cruise through Robson street for little blue dress

      Thanks Marie.
      You give interns a breathe of fresh air!!

  172. My pre-verberised list looks like this:
    1. FB
    2. SEO notes from Warren
    3. Tilly re. timing

    And the post-verberised list looks like this:
    1. Make one post on personal page and one post on business page
    2. Start reading SEO notes from Warren
    3. Email Tilly re. timing

    Thanks, Marie.

  173. Pia

    OK – here goes

    * BobbiB
    * Vicki
    * Fix printer

    Verberised . . .
    1. Make an example ‘W’ for Cape Kids
    2. Continue making clock for Vicki
    3. Drop printer to C.W.

    Task No.3 was really stressing me out, and now it seems totally ‘do-able’.

    Yet another great tip Marie.
    Thank you lovely lady!


  174. Corr… I’m addicted to your videos! Loving the arm gloves by the way.
    OK. Verberizing mode engaged.

    1. Contact Colchester institute re TEFL course times and job prospects
    2. Contact Job centre re help I may be entitled to
    3. Contact Brook street re part time availabilities.


  175. Hi Maria, Thanks for this “verbalise” tip. It simplifies the process of getting the to do list done. I think its important to remember that along with “verbalsie” its got to be a small step that are achievable. So its better to have, say 10 small verbalised steps than 1 large unverbalised one. ( hope this makes sense?).

    When I feel overwhelmed by things to do and I want to cut down the “to do” list, one thing I do is ask myself “what would happen if I did NOT to this item on the list” . I then consider the result. If i can live with the result, I dont stress over getting the thing done. I might even delete it from the list.

    I’d love to hear what other people think of that strategy?

  176. I needed this today. My to do list has read for weeks (eek!):
    1 Tax
    2 Client Job
    3 Expenses

    1. Fill in the rest of tax online form
    2. Print tax forms
    3. Post tax forms
    4. Complete 2 client spreadsheets
    5. Test spreadsheet upload
    6. Test widget
    7. Fill in expenses form
    8. Print and package expenses
    9. Post expenses

    Aha so it wasn’t just 3 to-do’s I was avoiding, it was the fact I subconsciously knew it was 9 items and I hadn’t allowed enough time on any one day.

    What an eye opener thanks Marie. I love your work.

  177. On top of my to do list:

    Manifest B-School scholarship 🙂

  178. Great stuff, again, Mary! You’re so inspiring!

    1. Remodel my website
    2. Call my business partner for organizing an event.
    3. Start drinking my 8 glass of water, today!

  179. Awesome video Marie!! I have started using wunderlist to keep a daily list of tasks but now I’m realizing that my tasks are not specific enough and that is why i’m not getting as much done as I had planned 🙁

    So here is what I had:
    – record tutorial videos for my course
    – create membership site for upcoming course

    And here is my revised verberized list:
    – Record video 1 of my course (2h)
    – Install membership plugin and create protected pages (1h)

    That look much more doable 🙂

    Looking forward to another round of BSchool!!


  180. Stephanie

    You really have a gift, Marie. Thank you for making so much fun sense out of the troubles we all face and making them totally overcomeable! xoxo

  181. Tracy

    My ignored to-do list is fairly simple:

    1. Balance checkbook!
    2. Paint the bathroom.
    3. Exercise more.

    Would love to know more about B-School.

    Take care and thanks for the laughs on Marie TV!

    • Hey Tracy! First — on your to-do list, I’d challenge you to get even more specific.

      For example, with #2. Do you already have the paint color chosen and all the supplies? Will you do it yourself or hire it out?

      If you have everything ready to go (paint supplies, paint, etc.) — then schedule it and DO IT 🙂 If not, break that goal down into smaller, more manageable pieces that make it easy for you to move this ahead.

      We start releasing our free B-School training this week. If you’re on the mailing list here you’ll get an email about it!

  182. My To Do List:
    Marie – what is the dealio with the “do”?
    It looks bananas. Love it!

  183. Jacki

    1. Say “Happy birthday!” to mom
    2. Edit that cover letter I composed last night
    3. Giggle at something

    I find that putting up a bunch of broken down tasks makes my day more awesome. For example, on my to do white board, I have written the following from #2:

    Review cover letter
    Edit cover letter
    Send to friend x and y for review
    Edit again
    Review with resume for inconsistencies and repetition
    Final edits to both

    I just love having more things to check off. Check, please!

    Now, I just need to be more consistent with that planning for the other part of my to do list with my coursework. Just says Unit 5/6 and finish Unit 2 of Networks! Jacki, girl, you do not need a brain explosion.

  184. Donna

    I am a list person and the best thing about lists is crossing things off and seeing your accomplishments. To me verbalizing is breaking down your “To Do’s”. Sometimes a specific “To Do” may need a little list, which means more steps to cross off.

    A good thing for procrastinators… sometimes I finally do that thing just to GET IT OFF MY LIST!!!

    It may take time to compose a list but once it is complete I am ready to go, and if I need to add something I have a place to put it so it doesn’t get forgotten about.

  185. Isha

    Ok first off can I just say that your hair looked gorgeous! I couldnt stop staring at it! Ha! =)

    Well besides that I love your videos & your info as always!
    Soooooooooooooooo excited about B-school, cant wait to join in!

    My to-do list:
    Update my blog
    call yasmin.
    give cake samples to yasmin & mitali.

    Wow – I can see what you mean by verbarizing it!
    It makes it more real & feels like its already half done.

    Thank you!

  186. Danielle Underwood

    Love this tip, Marie! Verberize!

    One other lesson I’ve learned in the last few months related to this: I renamed my “To-Do list” to “TADA! list.” I made my own sheets with TADA! at the top, and got a fun, little bell I ring each time I checkmark one of the boxes. It feels so good to celebrate each as a small victory. Change the psychology of your approach to see yourself change for the better.

  187. I love this idea Marie!

    I’ve had a couple unwieldy tasks on my to-do list lately that I’ve been ignoring. Here’s my verberized list:

    -Research WordPress plugins that makes website videos mobile-responsive
    -Install plugin to make home page video responsive
    -Email video editor the desired still image when the video loads

    Now that’s do-able. Thanks Marie!

    • I connected with you via FB, I’m an artist as well, now doing web design and SEO. Honestly I would just move to a responsive theme rather than a plugin for such a task. Though I have not investigated plug-ins for such a large purpose.

  188. I’m already using small action verbs for all of my list items:
    For example:
    – write blog post on xxx topic
    – edit blog post
    – publish blog post
    – share blog post

    And I find having so many items on my list is what feels overwhelming. It just feels like there is always too much to do, and then nothing gets done.

    I’d appreciate anything you can share to help with that challenge.

    • Renee be in touch I have a few blog posts that have tips on writing posts that get viewers via keyword research. If interested I’ll email them to you. Good luck!

      • Thanks Kala. My focus for the moment isn’t on getting the viewers or keyword research. It’s on getting the writing done. That was just one example. I try to use strong action words — instead of “finish,” for example. I’ve received some advice to chunk up the tasks and focus on outcomes — ie publish blog post. And here Marie is taking it in the opposite direction, encouraging specific tasks. I find both ways to be overwhelming in different ways. It’s either too many things to do or fewer things but not a clear sense on how to get them done. Either way, I don’t know where to start 🙁

        • I do see that, her method focuses on the “trees” and it’s possible to lose sight of the “forest.” I thought that two that’s why I was saying for me-I need levels-grouping of why-goal-then break down tasks.
          OH final thing on writing blog posts-if you want to build readership it’s helpful to have “keywords” or how people are searching for the topic you are going to write about-that way new readers, not already following your blog can happen upon it in what’s called organic search. I wrote a post on a women’s health issue and b/c I knew how it was searched for I”ve gotten like 5K+ readers (actually more, but I broke the counter when shifting it to new domain.) Good luck hope this was helpful.

  189. Oh my gosh – this may be one of the most helpful videos, ever! I just signed up for your newsletter and began watching the videos about a week ago, and they have all been helpful/inspiring, but this takes the cake!

    I have been hiding from my to-do list and it’s been crying loudly, but I apparently have very selective hearing. In the meantime, I have been feeling irritated/overwhelmed at all I have to do. The second this video ended, I began filling a sheet of paper front and back with all the different areas of my life that have to-do items and the ACTION steps i need to take for each one.

    Example of before list (which was mostly in my head . . . I couldn’t even face writing it down):
    1. Research new career direction (That’s not vague OR overwhelming!)
    2. Finish working on business tax info for 2013 (seriously, right??)
    3. Write goals (for what?)

    Some of the things on my NEW LIST:
    I broke it all into categories…some examples ( there are actually 7 catagories – HA!)
    Business paperwork:
    1. Take all 12 2013 monthly file folders out of cabinet and set on table so I can see them
    2. Create folders for each month of 2014
    3. Put all scattered loose invoices from messy paper stack in one January folder

    New Writing:
    1. add new accomplishments to it
    2. Edit for spelling/shorten sentences
    3. Polish over next few days – have it ready to SEND on Friday
    Cover Letter:
    1. make template that matches resume

    Etc, etc, I totally get the picture now!! I feel like I can actually start to tackle this stuff that was eating up my brain space!!

    I feel like a huge weight has been lifted . . .Thank you, thank you!

  190. Helpful as usual, you r my inspiration. Ok I had “promote FB page on Linked In.” That was vague so I changed it to “Repost FB page promotion to Linked In.” Better yet “repost FB page promotion to 3 Linked In groups!” Much better. Your right when it’s vague it’s less actionable and amorphious (sp?) anyhoo…I do website marketing, newly starting over in NYC so I’ve got lots to do!

  191. Hi Marie,

    Thank you for that great advice!
    I love lists and the verberize idea will get them done quicker.

    1. Finish editing press release for launch of new book.
    2. Publish the press release on PR Web
    3. Call one client to let them know I am thinking about them.

  192. Fabulous tip Marie! The timing was also perfect. I watched the video this morning, then ran my Goals workshop for Busy Mothers. When they got to the part about creating their Actions List – I encouraged them to use VERBS! It’ll help catapult them into ACTION. 🙂

  193. Dear Marie, thank you for this. I was supposed to have my new blog post published last Sunday but I was procrastinating…

    Verberizing helped so much 🙂

    Instead of writing just “blog post” on my to-do list, I wrote:

    – write post outline
    – gather information for post
    – open audio recorder
    – breath and eat some chocolate
    – record audio
    – write post
    – add audio and image
    – publish post

    And here it is:


  194. What a difference one word makes! Even when I use a verb, it’s too big- no wonder I feel overwhelmed before I start. I have several to-do lists, but for example 3 ‘before’ things would be:
    -lesson plans
    -start taxes
    and now they are:
    – brainstorm topics for lesson plans
    – send email to (xxx) about invoice
    – put tax docs that have come in together, make a list of ones I’m waiting for
    It’s another way of breaking work up into small, manageable, measurable steps- thanks!

  195. Love this tip! Learned this tip from a project manager and it was one of the greatest tips he ever told me…Still use it to this day on major projects

  196. Rhonda

    Shovel the sidewalk, make masala chai for my sweet daughter, finish toting art supplies into the new studio area. I feel more motivated already!

  197. I just moved so this verberize is going to be personal! I’m sitting here sick, exhausted, and *really* not feeling like doing even the simple things that we all have to do in a move! So I’m sure a little verberization will do the trick.

    1. Finish unpacking
    2. Change address
    3. Biz to dos…

    1. Put things away in living room with a series (2) of Pomodoros!
    2. Get to post office for change of address forms!
    3. Write out tomorrow’s “must get done” list Today!

  198. Courtney Tarnow

    Hi Marie,

    Thank you so much for this super simple tip. I can’t believe how much it helped yesterday (and today and forevermore). My list was totally crying for attention on Monday–did anyone else have that problem?

    I can’t thank you enough for the pleasant and useful email on Tuesday morning to set the rest of my week on the right foot.

    -create “subscribe” CTA
    -social media webinar
    -wendy faia press
    -event results

    -create “subscribe” CTA
    -watch/tweet social media webinar
    -assign Wendy FAIA press release
    -collect event results
    -email event results

  199. Loved this video Marie! I used to write to do lists like that, and nothing would ever get done.

    A friend of mine recently sent me a link to an app called Asana – which has boosted my productivity 10 fold. I really want to share it with you all because it’s a Free app!

    It’s available both online and as an app! It’s transformed the way I do my to do lists. On it, I can allocate tasks to different projects such as website or social media etc and can share and create tasks with my business partner/colleagues. It’s email free, and you can update your tasks and their tasks with notes and completion dates. Really awesome app I’d recommend to any b-schooler struggling with the pen to paper to do list!

    Jessica xx

  200. Marie-
    This is so awesome and timing is perfect!
    1. Work on Book
    2. 2 new blog posts
    3. New Font for website

    POST TO-DO List:
    1. Complete Chapter 2
    2. Finish 1 blog post by Friday
    3. Choose top 3 choices for Font by Friday

  201. Melissa

    Love, lOvE, LOVE your program! YES, verbalizing my TO DO list! Marie, please, please, is that your real hair?!? (for Q & A Tuesday?)

  202. aphelia

    I watched this video and the first thing I did was check my to-do list even the old ones. And I never really noticed that the tasks that I really did,were the one with a verb in it.
    I even said this to my colleagues and we all kinda checked our lists to see which one of us did this. not many i can tell. 🙂

    well we would like to thank you for this great advise. many of us will do this from now on.
    keep up the great work. you’re an inspiration for us.

  203. Tanya

    Thank you! Loved this idea. My system at the moment is around grouping specific types of task together: CALLS, EMAILS, WORK, HOME etc and colouring the urgent ones red. Needless to say, managing the to-do list is almost a project in itself 😉 Your super-practical tweak should help me to hone in on the specific next steps rather than being daunted by the enormity of it all – and reduce my system back down to a to-do list 😉 So with that in mind, my next 3 are:
    RESEARCH design styles for BBC website
    DESIGN print ad / flyer for classes
    ASK universe to line me up with a web-coder to collaborate with

  204. I love this! It totally makes a huge difference, this is something that I work on with my clients regularly. But I have never thought about the term ‘verberize’. I’m going to start using it and citing you and this video!

    My to do list was all verberized except for two things, which have been sitting there forever. They were ‘deliverables for David’ and ‘editorial calendar’. Funny, the two that weren’t verberized were the ones I didn’t want to do and/or found overwhelming.

    Verberized them and here’s hoping they will get finished soon!
    Deliverables for David turned into two items and I added ‘complete and print’ to editorial calendar.

  205. Fun show Marie! As I listened to you, I realized I have a few personal to-do’s that I’ve been delaying on that are keeping me emotionally and mentally from putting my focus on my business. You prompted me to get a move on and get rid of them.

    1. Order checks today.
    2. Go to DMV and finish paperwork.
    3. Make appointment for hair cut and color.

    Thanks Marie 🙂

  206. Rosa

    GREAT tip! Thanks Marie. Amazing how adding a verb helps to break down the to-do list to manageable chunks.
    Before Verberizing:
    – Blog
    – Website
    – Airline for Florida
    – Edit blog post
    – Upload pictures to go with blog post
    – Post blog
    – Pick design for website
    – Brainstorm with partner on website layout
    – Price airline reservations for Florida

    Now I’m on the road to getting things done. Thanks again for your weekly videos.

  207. Previous To Do List:
    Finish website set-up

    My Verb-erized List:
    1. Select image for opt in button.
    2. Correct type-o on About Page.
    3. Add pricing for readings, energy clearings and combination service.

  208. Hey Marie, I’ve came across your stuff only a few months ago but can’t get enough of Marie TV. I never would have thought about such a simple change or that I was making my to do list un-manageable by leaving out verbs. Here are my 3 items!
    1. U30X Sales Doc
    2. TWG Key
    3. Artist Date
    1. Complete Peru description for U30X Sales Doc
    2. Look for TWG Key in old briefcase
    3. Purchase magazines for artist date.
    Love ya Marie!

  209. Very helpful, I made this tweak to my list a while ago and find more things get done when there is a action word for each item on the list. Keep up the great videos, we need that special thing that YOU have. 🙂

  210. Best advice ever!!!
    My to do list is cryin’ out loud! and yes, of course i’ve been ignoring it.
    1) Therapeutic workshop outline
    2) Send invoice to FC
    3) Create baby sheet for oil kit.
    1) Open and read through last year’s therapeutic workshop and write down 3 ways to make it better this year.
    2) Spend 10 minutes in Quick books to create invoice for FC
    3) Research three oils and write 3 uses for each as it relates to babies.

  211. i love this. i love this. i love this.

    this is my list for tomorrow!
    1. wake up at 9 am
    2. meditate for 10 minutes
    3. drink green juice
    4. text client to confirm session
    5. find 20 sources for paper & add sources to spread sheet
    6. prepare and eat small healthy meals for lunch and snack
    7. have session with client
    8. text clients to confirm weekend sessions
    9. schedule blow out for sunday
    10. grade 18 discussion posts
    11. go to equinox for 5:30 yoga class.
    12. meet lizzie for healthy dinner

    LOOK AT ME GO! 🙂

  212. Allan

    Marie – thanks for the tips on this website. Been watching the b school trailers really fascinating

    Here is my action plan for this weekend verberised

    1. Identify who would benefit from your coaching service
    2. Review and make notes about Marie Forleo Marketing Course
    3. Identify area for improvement in current marketing plan for coaching service.

    • Today Brainstorm list of at least 10 groups that would benefit and pay for a stressflow-(stress to flow state) management training programme –
    • This evening Watch Marie Forleo’s business school video and list 3 critical action points that you will work on this weekend
    • By Saturday write a clear30 word description of the coaching service that you would like to provide.

  213. Oh hell, this is too funny! And it’s what I do with clients when we create their next do-able step. The sucky part? I’ve been creating my to do lists just like you say! No verbs, not do-able, at least in this century. Things like

    marketing stuff for teleseminar
    new bio
    rebrand to new business model

    And I wonder why it doesn’t get done…so, starting a redo
    sign up for leadpages account
    finalize name for teleseminar
    finalize date for teleseminar
    create flow diagram for teleseminar structure
    identify 3 key outcomes for attendees of teleseminar

    Thanks for the reminder and why the hell is it so much easier to do this for clients than myself!

    (Oh, and title was finalized while typing this message, yeah, “Taming the ContentBeastie™: How to Go from 120 Characters to Profits and Influence”)

  214. I’ve been a to-do list fanatic for the last 6 months since I’m by myself. The smaller, verb-oriented tasks sort of developed over time for every reason you mentioned here, Marie.

    Taking it further: Have a list that can follow you anywhere and is as dynamic as your day. (i.e. sliding tasks up and down the list according to priority, grouping subtasks together under one umbrella, and syncing it to all devices.) Due dates and reminders are built in too.

    Others exist, but has done the trick for me and for free. Good stuff here, Marie!

  215. Dan

    Make five contacts on new business venture Friday!

    Call Go Daddy about domain/blog hosting options.

    Call two current clients and confirm next action steps.

  216. Great advice, so helpful I love the verberize way! I am changing my list now!

  217. Anna Marie

    Love this advice! I’ll be passing this on to small business clients!

    My own to-do list:
    1. Pick domain and biz name for health and life coaching business
    2. Set up a DBA
    3. Create budget for B-School!!! 🙂

  218. my to-do list included catching up on about 6 marie forleo episodes….glad to report they are now to-done!

  219. Amy

    Holy Mosey, Marie!

    I consider myself a maven of organization & a master of productivity, but this one changed the game for me. Thank you for helping me to “verberize” my to do’s! Here are a few of my examples:

    Old To Do List:
    *Todd/John- Chicago
    *Amie Mtg.

    *Review, Interpret, and Report on Financials
    *Conduct the call with Todd and John and find agreement on the Chicago issue.
    *Get Amie back on track with deliverables.

  220. Verbs are big big BIG in my to-do list. Some weeks things take more time than I think, but others less so it always works out by the end of the month that all gets done.

    This week’s list: (it’s Saturday in Australia)
    Cut out doll parts and assemble 10 more sweaterdoll making kits SAT/SUN
    Make 3 sample dolls from minky fleece (recently purchased) and cut and assemble 6 kits from those also MON
    List new kits on Etsy MON
    Watch B-school training video TUES
    Sew the individual pieces and steps of a sweaterdoll/write script/ make video for Make a Sweaterdoll/ Upload to YouTube TUES/WED
    Sew four simple crafts for 4 blog fReemade tutorials and take photos (already prepped) THURS
    Tune into Mayi’s Messy Hours 7 am my time FRI
    Watch B-school training video FRI
    Post fReemade Friday tutorial on blog FRI

  221. Anne

    With all respect for being funny, this making fun of ” I wanna blog (or vomit) today, that was a bit out of control. It somehow undermines everything you are trying to say under the video. Why so serious when talking about it and then making fun of it or the people that have such list?

    I didn’t like that at all.

  222. Jaroslav Tavgen

    1. Do one push-up
    2. Go to prospects house
    3. Send one CV
    4. Write one sentence of the article
    5. Go to Bauhaus or Ehituse ABC
    6. Learn one new Lithuanian word

  223. Jaroslav Tavgen


    1. Write some article
    2. Search for a new job
    3. Research prices of the apartments in Tallinn


    1. Write one new sentence to the article
    2. Send one CV
    3. Open Excel files with January prices

  224. Helen

    If you haven’t already, check out the app “Carrot” – the best of all to do list apps! It uses gaming theory to train you how to use a to do list effectively. I quickly learned that if I put a big blanket to do on the list then it took forever to get done and I didn’t get points for all the interim steps. Plus if I don’t go in an access my to do list then it sends me messages about how I’m ignoring Carrot. I love getting points for to done items and moving up levels. Fun, fun, fun now that I have smaller doable specific items in my Carrot.

  225. Donna Montgomery

    After watching this video, my to-do list is down to one high-priority item:

    Find out who dresses Marie! Seriously – that dress was rockin’ – and you always look amazing!

    Looking forward to B-School!

    • Hey Donna!

      That would be me 🙂
      So glad you liked the dress! Marie makes it super easy!


  226. Verberize challenge accepted! Today’s (old) to-do list was:
    Melissa proof

    Design side 1 of Melissa’s postcard
    Pick 12 photos for Mom & Dad’s calendar
    Choose 3 products for “shop update” blog post

    Thank you for the kick in the pants! P.S. My daughter heard the to do list crying and said “I want to see that baby on your computer! Oh that’s the mommy?” Too cute.

  227. Hi Marie! Today, I completed stage one of my Sacred Beauty Boutique website. To-DONE! It felt great to stop waiting on my software engineer bf to give me the wordpress of my dreams and just to use an easy auto builder myself. will become integrated into following our February Valentine’s events… yay!!! For now, it’s a cool tool. It took me about 3-4 days to sync everything in for a simple site, create the template for a 5 ft long poster for my shop window and make the online store link in… but that seems pretty quick to me and next time, I know exactly how to organize it so it is much faster and easier!

    Email poster file to Kinkos and call them
    Relax with honeyman, then… get down tonight… wink wink nudge nudge 😉
    Schedule these right away!
    Design Matching Biz Card
    Design postcard idea for distribution or research short ramp up marketing solutions

    Those are my to dos, Marie!

    ~Gayla D’Gaia

  228. To do list

    1. Need to start painting,
    2. Update webside
    3. Sew some dresses

    Verbalise my list

    1. Paint my canvas red to start
    2. Go to website and reevaluate
    3. Choose a pattern for my red floral fabric

  229. Marie, Your hair is AMAZING!

    My to do list:
    Lose 1 more pound, then
    lose 1 more pound, then
    lose 1 more pound, then
    lose 1 more pound (repeat x 30)

  230. Kim Jenkins

    This was a great video…I can see where adding a verb would be very helpful in getting more accomplished. But…..honestly….all I could really focus on was how magnificent your hair looks. Is that all yours??? You don’t have to answer that. 😉 It’s beautiful!

  231. -devotion
    -salvation army
    -eye appointment

    -brainstorm devotion ideas
    -shovel out car… then drive to salvation army
    -research eye doctors

  232. Hey Marie,
    very smart advice!

    New article


    Finish reading new book

    Write outline of a new article


    Read three more book chapters

  233. I will be verberizing everyTHANG from now on! My to do list IS the epitome of crying babies. 🙂 Love the metaphor BTW.

  234. Right on, sister! I learned this tip in my previous career as a copywriter. It puts you into ACTION! And now, as a coach, I can see the “baby step” wisdom in unpacking those ginormous, non-specific verbs.

    What’s next on my TO DO list? Tell Marie her dress in this video if fierce (Me likey!)


  235. This little tweak makes so much sense. Next week’s to do list will be getting the verb treatment! Thanks, Marie!

  236. thanks for the new idea, will be being this till the end of time. by the way, love all of your stuff, you crack me up.

  237. Valkyrie

    lol i’m wondering if there’s any way to put this in a better way

    – get done
    – get done
    – treat and post picture set from last show
    – fill out those forms

  238. Love the video! Made me smile and taught me something all at once.

    Today’s to-do:
    Create blossom moon image
    Write Full Moon blogpost
    Publish post
    Send newsletter

    Boom, and off I go!

  239. 1. Work out my “sweet buns” 😉 with Tracy Anderson while baby is sleeping ( a real baby).
    2. Juice some vegetables for lunch.
    3. Pray, and check off items on my do-to list.

    Thanks,Marie…you’re the best!

  240. Lara


    Finish the training videos on Oils U
    Write report on inspirational yogi for Yoga Teacher Training
    Follow-up with prospects that have received oil samples

    Verberized To Do List:

    Watch 2 training videos on Oils U
    Write outline for oral report on inspirational yogi
    Call Patricia

    Thanks for this simple but powerful To Do list tweak!

  241. dr. brendan
    maddalena checkin


    call dr. brendan
    text maddalena to check in
    email harold about videos


  242. O-M -frickin-G, how many posts??! I fear Im at the forgotten bottom, but would just like to add that although Im always tuned in to Marie Tv, this particular update has been sooo helpful.

    I feel like my ‘to do list should be called the ‘if I had a million hours in a day list’ or the ‘in an ideal world list’.

    -One question though, how can we can a question over to you Marie for Q&A Tuesday?

    Muchos love you fabulous and inspirational woman!


  243. Tim

    Wow, that crying sound couldn’t be any worse! The kids are in bed! That sound makes my heart race…

    Verberized list:
    GET some sleep tonight!
    FERBERIZE the twins AGAIN~!
    WRITE next children’s book manuscript
    FIX autoresponder

  244. Tim

    Wow, that crying sound couldn’t be any worse! The kids are in bed! That sound makes my heart race…

    Verberized list:
    GET some sleep tonight!
    FERBERIZE the twins AGAIN~!
    WRITE next children’s book manuscript
    UPDATE autoresponder emails

  245. am loving this! I am a serious ‘to do’ list person and I’m so aware that the key is follow through. Interestingly, when I looked at my list (which I keep in my iPhone reminders), I saw things like “Follow up with ___” and “pick up _____” and “Write outline for ___ -so that made me feel really great!

    The thing that I find incredibly helpful is to put my reminders on a timer. For example, if I make a call and I have to leave a message for someone, I will put a reminder in my iPhone “Hear back from Joe Smith” with a day/time of when I expect to hear back – that way a little ‘ping’ will go off and I’ll say “oh yeah, I never heard back from good o’ Joe — time for a follow up!”

    Marie, your awesomeness is clearly rubbing off on me! Plus I have other reminders in there that I learned from you and Brendon (Burchard) – things like “start every day with the ‘wow’ factor” AND “I am so grateful for abundance, I pay my bills on time and am open to unexpected income.”
    Thank you so much, Marie and awesome team (never forget the team!)…..

  246. Jennifer Roberson

    Was that a cameo from James Wedmore?

  247. Ipsha

    1. Enjoying & Studying P block
    2. Practicing Application of derivatives
    3.Recalling A.C

  248. Hilary

    Additional todo list tip: level ninja

    When I’m still not doing something on my todo list, even if it IS “verberied,” I ask myself:
    “what IS the next step?”

    Figuring out what that next step is can be vital and sometime I’m missing processing through something that needs to be done as part of a todo list item. It can be something tiny and stupid sounding but vital for taking action. And sometimes that tiny missing step will negate all “verberization” of the bigger step.

    “Go to the grocery” sounds verberized right? It is BUT what if there’s something still keeping you from doing that? What IS the next step?

    Maybe it’s “find reusable grocery bags and take them to the car, make sure you have your gloves so you can scrape ice from windshield and don’t forget to get gas on your way.” That’s a lot of little steps just to get to the grocery but what if you were putting off going to the grocery because really your next task was finding the bags and your gloves.

    If it’s verberized and you’re still stuck, ask yourself “what IS the next step?” Just sharing this because this is something that helps me. 🙂

  249. I’m totally going to start verberizing my to-do list. I always get stuck and not doing those big to-do list things. Next on my to-do list, find out where Marie got that sweet dress with the cutout sleeves. 🙂

  250. Haruka

    Hi Marie,
    Thank you so much for the great videos. I’m always enjoying them and being inspired by them! Here is my verbalized to-do list:
    -Read out the dialog for arabic test
    -Write outline for a presentation on acid rain policy
    -print out CAF documents and fill them in

    …This list is help me get out of the vicious cycle of endless procrastination. Thanks again 🙂
    Lots of love,

  251. Haruka

    *is help me -> is going to help me :p

  252. 1. Open a savings account for business
    2. Sign DBA
    3. Finish last 10 case studies for Violet Alcehemy training
    4. Fill out questionnaire for radio interview
    5. Buy writing a business plan for dummies book 0_o
    6. Call web designer to check on progress and launch date
    7. Call online media marketer for consultation
    9. Write outline for book
    10. Begin blog/ vlog on alternative healing


    1. Open a savings account for business
    2. Drive to gov building then sign DBA
    3. Finish last 10 case studies for Violet Alcehemy training starting this week
    4. Fill out 3 ques from questionnaire for radio interview
    5. Buy writing a business plan for dummies book 0_o
    6. Call web designer to check on progress and launch date
    7. Call online media marketer for consultation
    9. Write outline for book
    10. Write first blog/ vlog on alternative healing

  253. Progressing through my “deleting my email” list still…. I listened to this and looked over at my to-do list I am compiling while in my email vortex! haha simply says Comcast… yes, that would be PaY Comcast Bill….. then I can keep my internet on… is that a verbalize!!
    Marie… there is no doubt I am your Ideal Customer Avatar cuz YOU are in my brain 24/7 now…. Hail to Bschool progress… i’m getting there!!!! xoxoxo

  254. Elisa

    read emails
    clean room
    take a shower
    read from current book

    read the important emails
    finish cleaning my room
    -fix bed
    -put some clothes away
    -throw away trash
    -put alex’s clothes in his room
    do 30 min. of exercise
    take a shower
    mediate for 20 min
    read 2 chapters if the alchemist

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Great job!

  255. I love this! I was trying to keep the words short on my to-do list, for visual simplicity’s sake, but the verbs do help!!!

    1. Paint
    2. Newsletter
    3. POSSCA Evite

    1. Paint Luna Background
    2. Finish Newsletter
    3. Create POSSCA Evite

    Thanks for the great tip!!!!

  256. Have you ever considered about adding a little bit more than just your articles?
    I mean, what you say is important and all.
    But imagine if you added some great visuals or video clips to give your posts
    more, “pop”! Your content is excellent but with images and video clips, this website could definitely be one
    of the most beneficial in its niche. Very good blog!

  257. Oh dear. I definitely had “blog” and “work on checklists” as two of my items today.

  258. -Copy and Send Japanese address to Delivery company
    -Write card and go to DHL to send package to TB
    -Cut out photo and make collage for our First Newsletter




  260. Marlowie

    Appreciate your thoughtfulness Ms. Marie, you always knocks me off with a great take away unexpectedly.
    And speaking of verberizing. I’m leaving you a question that can be answered by Y or N.
    “Have you stayed in Radisson Blu Hotels before or other hotels belonging to Carlson Rezidor Group?

  261. Audrey

    Marie – I loved this because it is so simple and very relevant to me. I had a stroke 2 years ago. My best time for anything is the morning and nothing in my brain works after around noon without enormous difficulty. Therefore I am surrounded by notebooks and lists of things that are overwhelming because I have so little time to achieve anything including recovery theraphy. I waste time on the small things because the big thing seems overwhelming! I am going to test out the Onesie . Thanks for the 3 simple steps.

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Thanks so much for sharing a bit of your story with us, Audrey! We’re so glad you enjoyed this episode– I hope that these exercises help you feel more at ease with your daily to-do lists. Recovery is hard work so please be gentle with yourself and know that we’re all right here, cheering you on.

  262. You freeze broccoli????? 🙂

  263. joya

    film videos!
    film videos
    create content in bite size chunks
    then film videos….
    buy make up to wear in videos
    buy special outfits to wear im videos
    create beautiful content that my list will love to watch again and again and again, because it helps them out so much!!!
    thank you marie!!

  264. Thank you for the wonderful video, I use to write everything down but know I think I am going to remember everything including grocery list I am going back to write everything down and use the verb .Go to cleaners, Get manicure, decorate classroom,

  265. Salman Israr

    1. Do Purging for 3 areas of life (60 mins)
    2. Do Pruning for 3 areas of my life (60 mins)
    3. Transfer goals and projects into Calendar and Todoist (60 mins)

  266. Jane DeLong

    Research 1 industry
    Watch you tube on re-potting orchids
    Go to library to pick up books on hold

  267. Old to-do list:
    Fundraiser contacts
    Thai Massage Info Sheet

    New Verbarized List:
    Call and email 6 fundraiser contacts/businesses/donors
    Write and send thai massage info sheet to clients for next week’s appointments
    Call lawyer about restitution update

    Exciting! Three different very important (and very procrastinated) things to do that I can do TODAY. Using the tools from your Massive Productivity video, I will schedule these in and I bet it will take 75 minutes total. (30 for contacting donors, 30 for thai massage info sheet, and 15 for calling the lawyer!) And I will do them at 2pm. Hooray!

  268. Jacki

    This is a before and after exercise. So first, tell me 3 existing items from your to-do list that keep not getting to-done, then verberize them!

    So my to do list I typically keep short, but here we go!
    1. Writing -> Write for 15 minutes
    2. B-School ->Watch next episode in B-School curriculum
    ->Complete corresponding B-School fun packet
    3. Packages -> Tape up packages for drop off
    ->Drive to Fedex & UPS locations to drop off return packages
    4. Exercises ->Do neck and back stretching exercises your PT assigned to you!!!!

    Out of all of these, I am the least consistent with 3 and 4 (packages has been on my list for three days!). Let’s knock it out this morning.

  269. Sakshi Joshi

    My old To-do List –
    1. 200 Questions Biology.
    2. Physics weak topics.
    3. Organic Chemistry.
    My NEW To-do List –
    1. Do 4 sets of 50 Questions of Bio.
    2. MAKE a list of weak topics of Physics.
    3. READ 10 pages of Organic Chemistry.
    Thanks so much Marie!! 🙂
    Well , did I do a great job verbalizing my to do list ?? Help me if I’m still wrong. Suggestions appreciated!

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