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I’m always fascinated by a little “behind-the-scenes” action.

For example, I’ve loved hearing about all the mechanics that went into creating the Oscar nominated movie, Gravity.

Trust that little voice in your head that says ‘wouldn’t it be great if…’ and then do it. Click To Tweet

(Shout out to photographer Duane Michals for the tweetable inspiration.)

In general, I just really enjoy hearing how people come up with big ideas.

So today, I thought I’d take you behind-the-scenes in my own thinking process and share a simple but powerful tool we use on my team to spark our best creative ideas.

You can use this exercise for business or personal reasons (which is why I love it) and it’s especially fun to do with people you love.

In this video, I talk about how this tool helped us conceive of and execute something we’re deeply proud of — our Live Your Dream campaign. There are 40 + case studies and you’ll see how this one simple question created this massive initiative for us.

In the comments below, I’d love you to finish this sentence — Wouldn’t it be great if…

You can put down as many ideas as you want, but give me at least 3 that you feel are “out there” so to speak, and really stretch your heart and imagination in a great way.

Thank you, as always for being kind, giving and creative in the comments.

I’m looking forward to seeing what you share this week!


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  1. Love it! Wouldn’t it be great if…

    – I lived in Europe for the summer for some downtime, and an inspiring change of scenery.
    – I could spend a week learning with Thich Nhat Hanh, one of my spiritual teachers, in his village.
    – I hosted that conference that I can’t get out of my head and heart.

    • Thich Nhat Hanh? I’m coming, too!!!!

      • And me…. if I can get a babysitter 😉

        • Where in the world do you need a babysitter Emma? x

        • Where in England? I’m in LIverpool, I’ll babysit!!

          • Carol Carman

            I’m from the Wirral but live in Cumbria now. Nice to find other people from England on here x

          • Angela, that is insanely cool that you offered to babysit for her. So freaking inspiring!

          • Anyone here London based by any chance? 🙂

        • Wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t need a babysitter, and could bring your kid along!?

        • Linda

          Hey Emma, Just wanted to let you know – i just tried to sign up for your e-book but it said the mailing list wasn’t working! Let me know when its up and running, id love to see it! 🙂

      • Yeah he’s amazing, and his presence is insanely calming. You’re welcome to come 😉

        • Steve Szubert

          Wouldn’t it be great if…
          I could open up a hotel, here in the sunniest part of England, and invite Tich Nhat to run a retreat here 🙂

          • Anna Boujard

            Wouldn’t it be great if My daugther and I lives 3months in NYC and 3months in LA and meet interesting people?
            Wouldn’t it be great Ro finally get my blogg strated and inspire others?
            Wouldn’t it be great if I finally put my recipebook together and get it published?

          • Wouldn’t it be nice if Steve Szubert opened a hotel “in the sunniest part of England” and I stayed there having a conversation with the lovely and intriguing Tich Nhat….

    • I second that one : I lived in Europe for the summer for some downtime, and an inspiring change of scenery.

      Huuummmm… sounds wonderful and sooooo inspiring!

      • Hey Caroline! question – how do you get your picture to show up in the little box? Mine is just a black box with pink center – Just curious thanks 🙂

        • It’s a link to their websites Sean, hence the picture of themselves :))

      • ~Wouldn’t it be great if I could ride my andalusian stallion through New York and carry a flaming torch, dressed in a gorgeous moroon dress, riding for real love. For women and girls, for people waking up, for the last remaining wilderness, for those who walked before us to pave the way, for a revolution that ignites hearts and turns the world around.
        ~Wouldn’t it be great if my book got published.
        ~And wouldn’t it be great if i could be on stage and my voice was heard.

        • Rosalind

          Nicola, I would love to be beside you doing all of those things! Reading your reply gave me goosebumps!

          • Rosalind
            Amazing that you replied, I just received it and when I re -read my posting I started to cry from deep inside my heart. And when I saw your reply it feels like the universe is saying yes, go for it- I am beside you. And goose bumps I call: truth bumps. I have them so often, when truth is spoken. Having a voice of support, yours right now, makes all the difference. thank you so much Rosalind! It means a lot to me.

        • Sharon

          Nicola … I saw your vision, beautiful vision. Do it!!

        • Jenna

          Nicola, I love your comment about riding for real love!

          • Yes one step and one leap at a time! Thank you for your encouragement, it helps:))

        • “I could ride my andalusian stallion through New York and carry a flaming torch, dressed in a gorgeous moroon dress, riding for real love” – I love that vision! You could make such a beautiful video out of that, too.

    • Barbara

      Wouldn’t it be great if:

      Following The Light was a huge success inspiring millions to follow their own light to realize their dreams!

      to spend a month long vacation in Spain totally free!

      my book Following The Light was published and a New York Times best seller!

      • The title sounds like a best seller!

        • Wouldn’t it be great if you sent your book in to Salt of the Earth Press for consideration! 😉

          • Wouldn’t it be good if I can pick up “Following The Light” wtItten by Barbara at a bookstore in Singapore!

            Barbara, share more about “Following The Light” !

      • Indre

        Barbara, I live in Spain. How can we connect?

      • hi Barbara! I live in Barcelona…. where do you live? we could plan a holiday house swap 🙂
        Wouldn’t it be great?
        un abrazo! Paula

        • Hi Paula
          I am traveling to Spain late May to walk the Camino De Santiago. I will flying into Barcelona and staying for 2 nights to acclimate to time change and see you beautiful city! Any tips on where to stay and things to see and do would be much appreciated!!
          Thanks, Jennifer

      • Gitika

        Love the title too, Barbara.

      • Hey Barbara,
        Wouldn’t it be great if you could flash the Light down under!!!!
        Wouldn’t it be great if you could just add more business/ mindfulness in local schools curriculum !! We are still stuck in the dark ages!!! A bit of Marie Forleo in schools would be fab!!

    • Woohoo! Europe awaits you Natalie!
      I just returned to Canada after 5 years living in Europe ( this time) so I’m happy to connect to with some awesome friends I’ve got in Spain, London and Switzerland if you head there for the summer. I love your videos and believe in the awesomeness that you’re putting out in the world so I’d love the chance to connect you with some pretty cool women in the EU!
      Reach out if I can help!

    • Natalie! I almost signed up for B-school through you, but decided to join your conquer club in a few months’ time instead!

      Would be more than happy to meet up in Malaga this summer (I left cold Denmark for Spain last year – best decision everrr!)

      Wouldn’t it be great if…
      – I could reach out to thousands of young women and inspire them to follow their passion.

      – I could teach English to orphan children in Cambodia while running my business at the same time.

      – I could help my mum financially so she could quit her job and pursue her dream to become an art therapist 🙂

      • Annie

        Hi Natalie

        Check out
        They need English teachers in Cambodia

        And check out
        Something you might be interested to join

      • Dear Kristel,
        teaching English to orphan children in Cambodia is a lovely plan. I just wanted to alert you to a couple of things: one is that foreigners coming for relatively short periods of time to Cambodia to ‘help’ can in actual fact be very disruptive to the children’s learning. A better use of your skills as a native English speaker would be to volunteer with young professionals, with adults, or to partner up with English teachers. Especially in rural areas rather than Phnom Penh or Siem Reap. Siem Reap in particular has attracted a real orphan related tourist industry and you need to be aware that some organizations are not in fact genuine. Tourist/volunteers have come across cases of orphans not being orphans at all but brought to a location to attract tourists/volunteers and the money that the good intentions brought with them. While genuine and longstanding projects (there are a fair bunch once you research) with great outcomes end up losing financial aid to the pop-up ‘orphanages’ that cater to our natural instinct of wanting to help.. Legitimate orphanages / children’s projects will often just allow visitors on a certain day a week. You can help a lot by making sure that orphan tourism isn’t perpetuated and that instead you make really sure that your time and money are going to solid foundations that direct the money to legitimate projects. As I said: working with young adults is the best way as an adult to help. You can share a lot more in a short time and that immediately benefits the adult’s circle of relatives and community. /// Regarding Art therapy: I have looked into this seriously some time ago and there is very poor funding available for Art Therapists wages.. However: one suggestion would be to research into this and perhaps instead of being a freelance Art Therapist there are ways of starting an Art therapy business. THEN I have another idea and I can’t see why you couldn’t do this: You can actually earn a wage (around $10 per hour in Phnom Phen, probably significantly less in rural Cambodia) teaching English. Enough in fact to have a very comfortable standard of life. (we reneted a guesthouse room – huge room) for $6 per night for a month in Siem Reap. I imagine that this indicates that renting an apartment could work out very affordable. Now : you could go and do this: afford for you to support your mum while your mum becomes involved with a local NGO organization working with people who have experienced trauma. Once you are settled in you can probably figure out how to run your business too. In conclusion: I see no obstacle to your dreams. I have spent 2 months in Siem Reap, near Angkor and have friends there and see no obstacle to moving there (or anywhere in Cambodia). If you want it: then do it. Life is too short. You can get a business visa on entry to the country, it will cost you a few dollar but not too many and this will make it legal for you to work and set up business. Check Tales of Asia the website for a first dipping of the toes into the reality of maybe going for your and your mum’s dreams. – I am sure that if you stay long term you can get involved with an orphan organization if your heart is set on working with small humans. Good luck. And do it!

        • Hi Brigit, Kristel

          This is actually one of my long term company/life goals. I provide copywriting services to businesses and eventually want to donate a percentage of my salary to a school in Cambodia (love the place). I would also like to take it a step further by travelling to Cambodia and volunteering my time teaching children how to read and write. That way, corporate Australian companies are contributing back to third world education and I’m fulfilling my passions of travelling, teaching and volunteering.


        • Oh, Birgit, thanks for all this great info!

      • georgina g

        Hello Kristen…. Here are a few birds you may want to put in flight..

        Check out –Friends Without Borders –I love this burgeoning non profit that builds and runs a Children’s hospital in Cambodia– perhaps you could create short videos that could be streamed — simplify and educate community on health issues —

        Send your mother to this site and check on art facilitators training from Org for the Arts and whole Brain learning -for motivation read the new book on this method by art educator Susan Bello PhD – Spontaneous Painting – Creating the Symbol Journey. “For girls global and local “welcomes ideas how to reach out to the poorest girls in the world. I am sure you have some ideas to share with them!! Have a GREAT journey and make your dreams come true 😉 …

      • Isabelle Aksberg

        Hi Kristel

        Like your ‘wouldn’t it be great if’s ‘..

        Especially the one, to teach orphans English! I’m kind of dreaming about doing something similar. I want to support myself whilst helping others, that’s why I’m pursuing an education to become a social counselor.

        How did you support yourself in Spain?

        Oh, and by the way.. I like your website!

        from Denmark

      • Judy Yaron

        Love your “Wouldn’t it …’s” Kristel – the one about your mum (she is lucky to have you for a daughter!) and the one about young women.

        My “Wouldn’t it be great” relates to providing Education to young women particularly in countries where they are deprived of it, where violence and exploitation of women are the norm along with child slavery and worst of all the trafficking of young girls.
        Perhaps through this community and B-School I will find enthusiastic partners to make it happen.

        • Indre

          😉 YESSSSSSS, Judy!

      • Maybe you could get in touch with the inspiring Maggie Doyne ( who used all her babysitting savings to set up an orphanage in Nepal. Not Cambodia, but could be equally as inspiring.

    • denise

      Love Thich Nhat Hanh. Do it! Know that you have arrived.

    • Natalie… I LOVE your site and I’d be so up for your conference. Bring it to the UK please 😉

    • Suzi

      I adore Thich Nhat Hanh. I’m with you o that!

    • Yes, Europe would be so lovely. Whereabouts would you most love to live? I’ve been dreaming of London!

      • Sade

        London is amazing; make it happen. I left everything I ever knew in SA to visit London and never looked back. 🙂

        • Hi Sade, Can I ask what you loved about London? The reason I ask is it looks like I will be headed there sometime this year! I am an American currently living in Prague, Czech Republic, but my boyfriend lives in London. It’s definitely the right move for me to go there for the long term, but I must admit I am quite scared mainly due to the finances that are needed to live well there and also a bit stuck on what to pursue. I know that London has EVERYTHING so that is the perk but I just don’t know where to begin. Thank you, Cheers;)

    • Donna

      Wouldn’t it be great if…

      I could spend this summer in south of France learning French/European culture for my music,fashion and art concept.

      I could travel beautiful islands and beaches for my beach girl guide concept.

      Finally have functioning websites and monetize $$$

      • What? I’m such a beach girl. I need you to make this beach guide concept happen!

    • Wouldn’t it be great: if my business made money 24 hours a day online

      2). If I was well known for photographing 1 thing and Mastered it.

      3). If I traveled the world and photographed successful woman so they can share their stories

    • Amen to that, sister!

      I just moved to Europe myself and it’s all sorts of inspiring over here.

    • Nathalie, as some other gorgeous ladies said before me – Europe in the summer is BEYOND amazing. Let me know if you need tips about Sweden, Hungary (Budapest IS the best city in the world. It’s so creative and cool) or other locations in central- & eastern Europe.

      My BIG dream is to host a conference/VIP retreat event for artists and solopreneurs in a fab European city. That’s my BIG vision and dream.

      • Great idea about the conference! Come to Berlin – still comparatively cheap and a cool place to visit!

      • Krisztina

        Lina, your website is awesome! Thank you so much for making such a great PR to my hometown 🙂 I got so excited that I immediately shared your event on my FB page and in some groups I’m part of, wish you good luck and let me know if I can help you with connecting you with some people… e.g. I know many from the coaching industry there. Maybe you can give talks in their circles (if you’re not yet doing it).

        Ooooh and wouldn’t it be great if I could also just go home to attend….?

        Will come up with my other wouldntitbegreatif’s further down…

    • Alyssa

      What’s the theme of the conference? I want an invite!

    • – I am healthy, Happy and Abundante
      – I am certified Billingual with the Federal Government
      – I am driving my 2014 Tiguan
      – I am Sucessful in my Esthetics business

    • Patrice

      I could fire my boss today, because I owned my business, teaching others to wake up, and become who they really are!
      I had the money to attend B-School, to get started in that business, to be able to fire that boss.
      I owned and lived, debt free, in a flat near the beach and blue waters, traveling, and speaking in front of thousands, to be who they are.

      • Gaby

        Im so happy to be able to read all great comments inspiring very touchy.

        Wouldn’t it be great if…..I owned and lived, debt free, like Patrice

    • Wouldn’t it be great if……
      ***my beautiful future HUSBAND showed up during this VENUS astrological event in my chart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      ***If We (my beautiful man and I) moved into a FABULOUS house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      ***If I got re-hired by Brigham Young University for next fall semester!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      ***If I lost weight this year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      ***I became a total vessel for LOVE, MY HEALING WORK AND GOD’S CREATIVE SPIRIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • HI Buffy
        I thought it was great to see you that you know about your Venus transit I am a professional Astrologer. So I absolutely time things by the transits of the planets. Very usefull info to know.

    • Lindsey

      Natalie! Were you in Plum Village? I was there for one month last year during the winter retreat. My mantra ever since has been, “this one time at Plum Village…” (I’m always talking about it – the practice, the people – how much I got out of it…and how much I LOVE thich nhat hanh!!). I’ve been meaning to go to the summer retreat which I’ve heard is amazing.

    • Lindsey

      Oh wait – I’m just seeing that you haven’t actually done this (gone to Plum Village). I get it now 🙂 Um, I can answer the “wouldn’t it be great if” question here. YES IT IS THE MOST AMAZING EXPERIENCE YOU WILL EVER HAVE. GO! xo Lindsey

    • Melanie

      I am from Paris and would love to help plan a European retreat,email me if you want help, I have done this for all my American friends!

    • Wouldn’t it be great if I could spend the summer in the States…
      Hey Natalie – want to do an exchange? I live in Zurich (Switzerland)!

    • Andrea

      Wouldn’t it be great if…
      -I sat by the pool every day and worked on my business…just me and my laptop and inspiring ideas!
      -Wouldn’t it be great if I woke up every morning at 5am and meditated
      -Wouldn’t it be great if, I just followed my heart and was completely all-knowing and unstoppable 🙂

      • I like your style Andrea!! I would love to be by a pool to work but with an umbrella. 🙂 I also would love to meditate in the mornings or do qi qong. Qi Qong helps me stay in tune with my heart’s voice.

    • Wouldn’t it be great if Thich Nhat Hanh – who is critically ill and is in hospital for about 1 month now – would be completely well again! So we all could be in his presence.

      May he be happy, may Thay be well.

    • I lived with Thich Nhat Hahn for half a year when he barely was known.
      I am curious about the conference you wish to create???

    • Thich Nhat Hanh lives near where I live (Bordeaux) and I’ve always wanted to go visit! Come to France and we’ll do this together!

    • You ROCK! I can’t wait for B-School!!! 🙂 Oh yeah, and I love the what if deal. thanks…

    • OMG I had the same 2 thoughts—going to Europe and reading (and implementing) the teachings of Thich Nhat Hanh!
      Ok, I’ll post my Wouldn’t it be Greats below:) Good luck to making yours come true!

    • Tara

      Oh, I love these! Thich Nhat Hanh is one of my favorite humans and a summer in Europe would be amazing!

    • Thich Nhat Hanh just gave a great interview on the On Being podcast. You would love it if you haven’t already heard it. He is such an inspiration.

  2. Hand thongs are gorgeous…need to get my nails right, though. ☺

    Such a simple exercise but profound. As I like to say, imagination guides your possibilities. So here are my three what ifs:

    Wouldn’t it be great if traveling for pleasure becomes part of my calling?
    Wouldn’t it be great if I attract that TED talk opportunity?
    Wouldn’t it be great if I quit my day job???!!!!!!!!

    Thanks, Marie. Got my wheels turning as usual.

    • Emelia,
      What keeps you from quitting your day job? I am only curious because I haven’t quit mine yet either.

      • Hey Fon,

        In a nutshell, I’m Canadian but live in the US so my visa is tied to my job. It’s probably my biggest challenge but I have faith that if I keep up my end of the bargain (keep working on my true purpose and getting messages out there), the Universe will work its magic with the rest. 🙂

  3. Wouldn’t it be great if…
    … I could create the group programme for mums that has been burning in my mind for weeks
    … I could treat my family to a luxury getaway
    … I could hire a mini-team to leverage my time more!!

    • Emma, your wishes sound just like mine! I would bring a group of friends to my luxury retreat in Costa Rica with my family. I even have the place picked out. Best wishes for you, Elisa

      • You too Elisa… Let’s make it happen!! X

        • Melissa Brooke

          Hi Emma! I want to be a part of your mini-team! It would be amazing to work with someone working with uplifting women – that’s my cuppa tea! Where do you live?! Your use of the word “mums” sadly makes me believe you’re in the UK…Either way, go get ’em!

  4. p.s. Marie – LOVE the dress. Please share….!

    • Yes Marie! Please share!!

    • Hi Emma + Jen!

      Marie’s dress in this week’s video is from 🙂


    • Yes, that dress looks gorgeous on you, Marie!

      Wouldn’t be great if I made enough money this year that my husband could quit his corporate job?
      Wouldn’t it be great if we could build our home, one of those small, beautifully designed, eco-friendly houses?
      Wouldn’t it be great if we could take our daughter and travel around the world?

    • Yes, that dress looks gorgeous on you, Marie!

      Wouldn’t be great if I made enough money this year that my husband could quit his corporate job?
      Wouldn’t it be great if we could build our home, one of those small, beautifully designed, eco-friendly houses?
      Wouldn’t it be great if we could take our daughter and travel around the world?
      Wouldn’t it be great to perform on The Moth main stage in NYC?

      It might take some time, but these things are going to happen!

  5. Love it!

    Wouldn’t it be great if…
    …. I was able to complete my studies without worrying about student loans and working to get by
    …. I could inspire other students to focus on self-care and they get great results
    …. I was able to fall pregnant ;( (A little deep desire)

    • love these!
      Best of luck with them all xx

    • Nelia

      Hi Robyn, I help couples with the last item on your list. Let me know if you’d like to talk more about it.

    • Robyn – sending you sweetness and warm thoughts that you can make all of these things happen, especially that little babe waiting in the wings for you.

    • On the first one, Wouldn’t it be great if I could pay-off my student loans and become debt-free~ if I had it to do all over again, I never would have mortgaged my education~ lesson learned.
      … Wouldn’t it be great if I finally launched my new site and became a digital nomad~ working on it.
      … and lastly, wouldn’t it be great if there was a site focused on social activism and sustainability issues? Oh, okay; launching March 11th~

      • Kathy

        How inspiring…an absolutely incredible vision!!!!! May God Bless your huge endeavor here. Kathy

      • Corrie Ann

        Chas – I feel the same about about financing education. Lesson learned for sure.

  6. Wouldn’t it be great if…

    …I would launch my new fashion business by the end of March
    …I could create a team and systems to let me take three months away every year to see the world
    …I would believe in myself 100% of the time

  7. Wouldn’t it be great if our retreat filled with the right hearts who were a total joy to be with?! Wouldn’t it be great if the perfect hearts showed up in my practice this month?! Wouldn’t it be great if I gave my talk at a bigger hall than I can currently imagine?!
    Thanks Marie 🙂

  8. Wouldn’t it be great if:
    We all treated each other with kindness and respect.

    Personal accountability came before blaming others.

    Our education system was built on the idea of teaching children the basics and then developing their strengths and likes as they get older. Instead of this cookie cutter method.
    (I’m not a teacher or educator but I believe educated children who develop their talents will lead to happier adults)

    • Love your idea about our education system Sandy! I’m a homeschooling (really unschooling) mom.

      Your note made me think:
      Wouldn’t it be great if my children could pursue their passions and become well-rounded adults with or without homeschooling.

      Right now, homeschooling is the only way I see for them.

      Thanks for looking at the big picture, Sandy!

      • Africa,

        I don’t even have kids but my passion is there. I’ve seen the education in several countries including Ecuador Germany and Japan.

        • Hi Sandy,

          Am Ruth Musela glad to hear from you. As the saying goes a child belongs to the village. If you just sponsor a childs education that child will never forget you and let me tell you, you will be sowing a seed and in future you will read what the desire of your heart is. I have several I would love to sponsor but since I am jobless I believe since it is a noble idea as I trust God to send mine to university in the UK He will open the doors if I start by helping those who do not have. May God bless you as you think about this. Bless you

    • An absolute yes to “treating each other with kindness and respect.”

    • Annie

      Check out willow school
      Google it
      I believe they created a great school that looks at the child first and starts them with the question of “who am I” and one of their core values they teach the children is “responsibility”

      • One system in particular I am intrigued by is Germany’s. It looks at the individual but also benefits the country in the end. I could talk about this for hours 😉

    • Suzye Sheffield

      Sandy – We are kindred spirits. Amen and Amen!

      Wouldn’t it be great if
      – all teachers were living their calling as educators and had the ability to see each child as an individual.
      – if students were placed in class rooms based on ability and strengths and could work at their own pace, rather than incrementally by grade.
      – if we taught our students how beautiful and unique they are and helped them find their purpose earlier in life.
      – if children were taught in an environment that modeled personal accountability before blame so that that culture became the norm and included respect and kindness for everyone.
      – if we could accept our differences as easily as we accept our likenesses.

      • Celine

        Wow I am finally among like minded people!!

        Wouldn’t it be great if:
        -young children could go to a daycare that truly inspired them to explore a variety of environments and relationships.
        -children could be free to make tough decision and follow their passions.
        – schools would fully embrace the individuals that come through its doors.
        – teachers and students would treated as equal and active collaborators in the learning process.
        – parents would also have the resources necessary to actively collaborate with teachers and their children.
        – education really embodied a wholehearted (Brené Brown), full-contact, full body (Pamela Slim) approach.
        -education relied on identifying and exploring the desires and emotions of everyone involved (Danielle Laporte).

      • Amen. Teaching children to honor themselves and not hold themselves up to statistical standards within test taking rather ability and passion.

      • Lenita

        Wouldn’t it be great if our dreams could manifest into reality overnight. And I love Suzye’s dreams for our children to be taught to their individual strengths. (A dream of mine for the past 30 years as a teacher.) Wouldn’t it be great if our school systems encouraged teachers to allow their students to follow their hearts, instead of preaching the mantra of conformity.

        • Melissa Brooke

          Wouldn’t it be great if….we created a school that does ALL of those things? I’m in.

    • Chassey Wallace

      Sandy, couldn’t agree more! If we just concentrated on teaching our children core personal principles, the rest would come so much easier. They would learn early on to be accountable for their own progress. They would learn to be more generous, kind and compassionate. And they would learn to focus on the stuff that really matters in life. Great thought..thanks for sharing! xo

      • Chassey, yes!!!!

        And looking ahead there would be career paths chosen and paved by the individual. I get saddened to see so many students in huge debt only to enter a job that doesn’t cover the bills or a job they don’t like, etc. people become money driven instead of driven by passion= depression. =stress = sadness

        • Wow! You all are giving me goosebumps! My daughter is 16 months old, and I’m already thinking about her education. 20 minutes ago I was just sitting down reading a book on alternatives to the public schools. It made my heart sing — as do all of the comments here. Thank you for giving this new mama hope!

    • I love the 2nd one. I really love all of them actually. Game changers!

  9. Wouldn’t it be great if:
    I could actually get paid for bringing my art workshops into the prisons, instead of always giving them away for free because that is what is expected from a non profit.

    I could start groups similar to MOPS (mothers of preschoolers) but targeted mom’s in the inner cities.

    I figured out a way to turn my non profit into a social enterprise.

    • Kathryn

      I love the MOPS for inner cities idea. I have 4 young ones and we live in Queens. Moms in cities really do need a special kind of support.

    • Lisa

      Love your ideas!!! Go for them!

    • sp


      Actually, “free” is not what is expected from a non-profit. I’ve worked with nonprofit orgs for 10 years and based on my experience, Here are some suggestions:
      1) Pitch decision-makers by showing the benefits of such a workshop, describing the program, and outlining costs.
      2) Get companies and/or individuals to sponsor the program(s).
      3) Apply for grants.

      I wish you the best.

    • Sally

      Right on. Love it!

    • I like the idea reinventing MOPS! I want to create MOTS, mothers of teenagers! We need a lot of support too!

  10. Now, Marie, wouldn’t it be GREAT if…”You” created a workout dvd series that motivates people to get fit, be inspired by you energy and fun attitude, and provided a companion business tips series! Now, Marie, wouldn’t it be GREAT if…The novel I am working on sells as well as “Fifty Shades of Gray”…Now, Marie, wouldn’t it be GREAT if…I can win a scholarship on the next round of “B-School 2015”, so I can absorb the wealth of invaluable knowledge you offer your students!! Now, Marie, wouldn’t it be GREAT?!



    • Costas

      Excellent !
      This of course one of Edward de Bono Lateral Thinking techniques.
      See his book Lateral Thinking.


      • Costas, I’m am sooo glad you reached out and responded in a way that I could comprehend your creative spirit and intelligence…You are a avid reader is see…I will take your advice and check Edward de Bono out…It’s “figureoutable”…I am ALWAYS “employable”…A few parting words from Mr. Bono:

        Lateral Thinking Techniques
        Alternatives: How to use concepts as a breeding ground for new ideas. Sometimes we do not look beyond the obvious alternatives.

        Focus: When and how to change the focus of your thinking. You will learn the discipline of defining your focus and sticking to it.

        Challenge: Breaking free from the limits of traditional thinking. With challenges, we act as though the present way of doing things is not necessarily the best.

        Random Entry: Using unconnected input to open up new lines of thinking.

        Provocation and Movement: Generating provocative statements and using them to build new ideas.

        Harvesting: Capturing your creative output. At the end of a creative-thinking session, we normally only take note of the specific ideas that seem practical and have obvious value.

        Treatment of Ideas: How to develop ideas and shape them to fit an organization or situation.



  11. Wouldn’t if be great if:

    …I could quit my day job and make it on my own.
    …If all my graphic design clients were health and fitness professionals so I could connect with amazing people that would contribute to my aim of creating a healthier and fitter world.
    …If my job gave me enough time to get back to teaching dance fitness for fun!

    Maybe we can help each other!

    Anyone in the health and fitness industry wanting a new logo, branding or website design? I would love to help you create your dream by helping you design a beautiful brand – and in return for my FREE services you could leave a testimonial for me to put on my website?

    So grateful for Marie and the community, as always.

    • Hey Joana! Just started my own health, life and fitness coaching business, I have a website but I’m sure my logo and site could use your beautiful touches and expertise! If you’re interested, check it out and let me know if you’d be interested to help me! I’d be thrilled to then write up a testimonial!

      My 3 ‘wouldn’t it be great if’:
      1. I could cause a huge transformation on the planet by teaching empowerment based fitness classes and coaching girls/teens to love their bodies, move better, increase their self esteem and fully embrace who they are. Imagine the world with women who grow up with that kind of self love?? 🙂 A whole new universe…
      2. I could lead wellness and coaching retreats around the country and world, where participants would be able to reconnect to their mind, body and soul, become more in love with themselves and thus be able to share their gifts with others… and where I would make an extraordinary amount of income! 🙂
      3. I could have total flexibility over my career and would be able to spend a lot more time with my adorable cuties (2 children; 6 & 7), my sweetheart and loved ones, and still make a killin’!

      Thanks Marie, I’m new to your channel and videos – must say, LOVIN’ YA! I think we come from the same stock…love what you’re up to in your life! Inspiring beyond belief! 🙂

      In excellent health, and namaste,
      Julie <3

      • Hi Julie,
        Of course I would love to help you! 🙂 I’ll drop you an e-mail soon. You look radiant in your photo by the way 🙂

        • Joana – your website is beautiful! I just sent you an email. Looking forward to connecting . . .

    • Puja

      Joana would love to take you up on the offer to design a logo and brand for a great testimonial. In the process of creating an online ecofriendly wellness, health and fitness store.

      • Hi Puja,
        Sounds great! Just contact me through my website (just click on my name above) or let me know how to contact you.

    • Joana, this was a great place to list that “what if” about designing for health and wellness folks. I am a yoga therapist. Working on my website continually, but I don’t really have a logo of any kind. Would be very happy to work with you on creating one so we could both benefit.

      • Dear Lynn:

        We would be Glad to complete your logo design plus website super responsiveness to iPhone/iPads so your Business grows more n more.

        Take Super Care

    • Sonia

      Hey lovely Joana! I would love to play with you! I soo could use all of that and so would give a testimonial! I ignite a profound knowing and deep connection to your own inner beauty and the world around you. I do that with facials, massage, yoga and awakening coaching. I have been in health and wellness since I was 18 now I am 41. I think it just might be a passion or calling of mine lol so let’s play!

      • Hi Sonia,
        I would love to “play!” Just drop me an e-mail on my website (by clicking my name above) or let me know how to contact you.


    • Hey there. I am a holistic nutritionist as well as a sports and fitness nutrition counsellor who works with many clients via skype. I also teach Balletone and am looking at an online way to reach out to clients… I would love to work with you in return for some ideas on how to freshen up my website and what not. Send me a message and we’ll see what we can put together to help each other out!

      • Dear Brandy:

        We would be Glad to complete your super responsive sports,fitness & nutrition website to all smartphones so your Business performs better & grows more.
        Take Super Care

    • Joana,
      this is also Joana – from Germany!
      I am a dancing teacher and I am offering dancetheatre-classes for adults. I am about to go out there with “dancing and acting for fun classes, teaching women to re-build their relationship to their own body and let them fully express who they are in the world”.
      At the moment I am still figuring out what I really wanna do. So you see, right now, besides my two lacking Cs (confidence and consistency), there is also the clarity lacking.
      I would love to stay in touch with you, maybe we can work together while going through b-school.

  12. It would be great if you be in Amsterdam to drink a cup of coffee of tea with me 😉

  13. Wouldn’t it be great if

    I make that move in west coast of US to check the market for my business ( French girl is coming ..I already plan to spend few days this year and a bigger time next year)
    I have 6 months off to write down all the stuff for my business ( quote book for self development, tarot card, video)
    I find the right partner for my business ( I’m really someone who need exchange to birth my idea, when i speak it out I know that great, in my mind it’s only natural…)

  14. Wouldn’t it be great if….
    ….we offered a pop-up boutique with fabulous, hand picked Italian things and people would shop while sipping prosecco and noshing on italian treats.

    ….we rented a villa in Tuscany for a month and documented our time there on my blog.

    ….I could find a way to speak to big audiences on incorporating la dolce vita into your every day life.

    Thanks Marie! I just copied these and put them on my vision board because I do think that they are “figureoutable”

    • “….we offered a pop-up boutique with fabulous, hand picked Italian things and people would shop while sipping prosecco and noshing on italian treats.”

      Yes please!

      PS: I bookmarked your website as Italy is on the TOP of my list.


      • Thanks Caroline! Check back often because I AM going to make this happen!

    • WOW!
      I saw myself already there shopping and noshing….
      I hope you make it figureoutable too!!!
      Good luck!!

      • Thanks Diane! I can already see this in my mind’s eye. It has been with me for some time so I know it needs to happen….

  15. This one is Aces, Marie.

    Wouldn’t it be great if…I could start seeing more of my organizing clients via Skype instead of spending so much time in my car driving to them?

    Wouldn’t it be great if…I could earn better money using my gifts of problem solving and organizing and still be able to work around my kids’ school schedule?

    Wouldn’t it be great if…in the time I save not driving all over my huge city I could join a yoga studio and begin my yoga practice again.

    Thanks for this cool exercise! Those things are all totally figureoutable. I’m on it!

    • Sonia

      Well one of my wouldn’t it be great if’s is if I could teach yoga classes on ‘TV’ so people can do at home alone or with friends. So I can have flexible schedule to be with my daughter. I have done a private class via Skype with a custom designed routine for a friend of mine before. That was cool and fun:)

      • Sonia- love the idea of private yoga classes via Skype.

    • Lauren

      Wouldn’t it be great if…

      ~ I started the business I have been dreaming about and it was profitable, soulful, joyous, and empowering

      ~I quit my current job and was able to move in with my boyfriend

      ~I lived on a beach and got to travel more

      Thanks for this Marie!! I needed this today!


    • Edit

      Dear Lisa,
      Just a hint…I drive a lot due to my job, but enjoy every minute of it since I listen to my inspiring books on Audible.

      Wouldn’t it be great if …I would start each and every day with exercise and meditation!

  16. Love this one Marie! Thank you!

    Wouldn’t it be great if
    -my next book- which is due out in June 2014-becomes a best seller
    -the PR team I decide to hire a. Is seamlessly and easily paid for by me and b. does an outrageous job spreading my brand message: Be Your Best Healthy Self!
    -the man of my dreams and I are blissfully happy together… Forever 🙂

    • Oops.. Left out something… Regarding my pr firm AND I work wonderfully and effortlessly together in spreading my message of service.

  17. Wouldn’t it be great if I had my own demo kitchen where I could film cooking demos?
    Wouldn’t it be great if my house was clean and clutter-free?
    Wouldn’t it be great if I ran a group coaching program that changed people’s lives and got them cooking?

  18. wouldnt it be great if…
    -i had 100,000 subscribers on youtube
    -i worked at home doing the things i love instead of slaving away at a 9-5
    -i finished my book!

    • Hey Tracy,
      What keeps you from quitting your 9-5? I am still in mine too, so I am just curious what keeps YOU there?
      Also I have written two novels and published…let me know if I can support you in your effort to finish your book.

    • Meredith Martinek

      Hi Tracy, just read that you wanted to finish (writing?) your book.
      I have just read a colleagues book which is titled “ultimate 48 hour author” The author is called Natasa Denman, she wrote a book about how to write a book in 48 hours! She runs retreats where you actually do this and her book is a written version of how to achieve this , without having to go to the retreat. Go to or Good luck! love to hear about your success-go girl!

  19. -if my idea for a business touched millions of people and have them reasons to feel joy
    -if I made so much money that I could pay my husband back and never have to worry about money again
    -if I created hit songs from behind the scene and got to play music with great musicians

  20. Wouldn’t it be great if:

    My spiritual, mental and physical health and well being was THEE best it’s ever been.

    My business systems and people were slick that they would not only get by but truly shine when I’m not there so that I could achieve more freedom.

    I could spend more time just being with my boy, healing, getting massages , walking in nature and reading so that I can allow my creativity to flow rather than feeling guilty because I have so much to do.

    I could actually action the above three starting today so that this time next year these are all key components of my life and my new wouldn’t it be great would be beyond the basic human desires to be healthier, happier and more free xx

    Thank you!

  21. Wouldn’t it be great if:

    1) Everyone was living and doing their dream/ happy job.

    2) If people were more easily inspired and ready to get dirty and do the hard work it takes to grow and succeed in life.

    3) You could drink lots of wine and not have to work off the calories.

    Judi… ;o)

  22. if i could live doing what i actually enjoy doing .. my jewelry desings ..!

  23. Wouldn’t it be great if:
    – I could work and travel at the same time
    – I could earn enough money to live well, treat the ones I love and create a fondation
    – I could live from my business

  24. Wouldn’t it be great if…
    …My list grew exponentially
    …I could travel to the beach regularly
    …I felt successful
    …I could run faster!

    Okay I added a bonus idea, because why not 🙂

  25. LOVE this! Here goes! Wouldn’t it be great if…

    – I could share my passion for helping others with the world.
    – I could publish a book.
    – people could find inspiration through me.
    – people could make their lives better by working with me.
    – people could hear me speak at major conferences.
    – I could share my voice with the world.

  26. wouldn’t it be great if:
    – I could have my husband living here with us in the South of France instead of going back and forth to the Netherlands,
    – we could successfully launch the book series we are planning for with my girlfriend Candi this semester
    – I could finally have the coaching business I long for after having completed B-School 🙂

  27. Wouldn’t it be great if…

    1. I determined how I was going to make BSchool happen financially this year!!
    2. I was able to go to Melanie Duncan’s Paris mastermind session!!
    3. I was able to make over $100,000 in my business this year!!

  28. Love, love, love this! Totally triggers the imagination quickly and focused.

    1. … brilliant entrepreneurs loved their attorney as much as their last great vacation?

    2. … there was a toddler coat that actually worked with car seats?

    3. … I could assemble my B-School tribe on Necker Island.

  29. Danielle

    Wouldn’t it be great if…
    …I could use my social work degree and spiritual teachings to make a career I loved and one that made my financially savvy
    ….I could sleep in and do still do meaningful work (because it was actually what I wanted to do, not what I had to do)
    …I could listen to my own advice and run wild with my dream of traveling the world

  30. SWEET. Wouldn’t it be GREAT if…

    1. I had an awesome 2-story studio on my property to really start teaching, guiding, and workshopping?!?!
    2. I traveled alone to Peru for the week-long Ayahuasca Odyssey course?!?!
    3. Oklahoma was blanketed in prairie… we increased prairie habitat in this state by 200%?!?!

    • I clicked on your name (by accident honestly) and I adore (!) your website. So pretty, such an inspiring name.
      Great work!

      • Thank you! I have an amazing creative team who hears what I’m saying (and what I’m not), and makes me look JUST LIKE ME. 🙂 Check’em out:

        • Thanks for the tip! Can’t afford them for the moment but I love what they offer and how they sell their services! Best of luck with your project.

    • Nice to see a fellow Oklahoman here — I sent you an email.

  31. Wouldn’t it be great if:
    – I signed my first 3 clients for my coaching program
    – I found a job I’m really into to work part-time while my business nicely takes up
    – The incredibly awesome scenario I co-wrote was produced into a real live tv show

    • Laure,
      Who is your coaching program for and have you ever considered beta testing it first before fully launching it? Getting three beta testers is a lot easier, but you want to make sure you qualify them first and not just have people wasting your time.
      Let me know who your program is for and maybe I can direct some people your way. Getting clients can be sorta a numbers game, so definitely make sure you share your program with a minimum of 3 people per day.

      • Hi! And thanks a lot for your reply, it’s so nice to hear from people who are already making it work.
        I am beta testing right now with 3 free clients. The program I am developing is made for women who want to quit their day-job to become independant or entrepreneurs and don’t know where to start. I am even considering working with a friend to include creative branding in the basket to let them focus on their unique values and offering.
        If you have any good advice, or ‘things to avoid at any cost’, I’d be more than happy to hear! I’ll look up your website too.

  32. Wouldn’t it be great if…

    I managed to self-publish two books in 3 months time, both selling a thousand copies each before their launch? (May 19th & June 1st).

    The support team of interns and mentees I’ve just established became a wonderful mastermind group for one another and went on to being my long-term dream team?

    The inspirational video-series I’m about to launch on my blog turned out just as valuable and looked just as cool as Marie’s? (Plus, all those wonderful dresses!)

  33. Wouldn’t it be great if…

    + I made my days off as non-negotiable as my client calls.
    + I made time every day JUST to read and enjoy myself.
    + I treated myself as well as I treat my clients.
    + I had enough money in the bank to NOT need a bridge job.
    + The garage was perfectly clean and organized.
    + I had all my debts paid off by the end of the year.
    + I had 10,000 email subscribers on my main list.
    + I taught paid online classes and taught them in my jammies.
    + I started a revolution and had 100 people commit to using a 5 minute forgiveness meditation 2x a day for 30 days with email and FB support.
    + I learned the art of intense and radical self-care.
    + I cured my asthma symptoms through breathing exercises I ALREADY know how to do.
    + I gave myself permission to rest.

    Ok, obviously I’m feeling a little run-down. Today is the last day of my launch for a 90 day program I’m running, and ooooh diggity has it been a wild ride.

    SO the action steps I can take TODAY to help this happen:

    + Read a book for an hour
    + Meditate
    + Put good ideas in a swipe file to revisit after the launch (and rest)
    + Email a client to see if she’s ok with receiving work on Wednesday rather than Monday – she didn’t give or ask for a deadline, so the deadline was self-imposed. If she’s comfy with it, great. I get a day off. If not, I’ll OF COURSE honor my word and deliver on time and make better decisions next time around.

    Thanks Marie! I feel I have more clarity now.


  34. Wouldn’t it be great if…

    I got six regular clients within the next two weeks?

    I got 50 regular clients by the end of the year?

    I got clients in my hometown and also somewhere in the south so that I can always be combining work and pleasure?

    • Tara

      Wouldn’t it be nice if I got to quit a job that’s not right to work on creative projects that help people live into the best aspects of themselves? Like on Marie Tv!

  35. Wouldn’t it be great if…

    …I could sell enough ads to give my magazine (Sesi magazine) an ad:edit ratio of 40:60 by the end of the year?

    …I could increase my subscribers from a few thousand to a few mili?

    …I could throw a launch party for Sesi magazine’s 2-year anniversary?

    Thanks for the exercise, Marie!

  36. Wouldn’t it be great if
    1. I could not trade dollars for hours
    2. have my own hollywood-styled studio for my video productions
    3. I could help more band directors through my instructional DVDs and videos.

    • Sara

      Love the first one Jeff! Totally resonate with that. Why is that the way our society is set up? Given we only have so much time in a day, in a week, in our lives, it has never seemed like the best option to me!

  37. (LMAO Smurf going for a cocktail in Brooklyn!!!)

    Aaaaaaaaah. Just the beginning of this sentence :” wouldn’t it be great if…” feels so light, expansive & uplifting, I’m breathing better already.

    Wouldn’t it be great if my book became a New York Times best seller…

    Wouldn’t it be great if I had the “perfect” team that would allow me to free my time in my business so that I can focus + stay in my zone of genius…

    Wouldn’t it be great if I spent my winters in California with my fiancé and 3 Schnoodles… (ok, this one is really happening next year 🙂

    Great exercise: I love it!

    • And I would change this quote from Duane a little… “Trust that little voice in your head that says ‘wouldn’t it be great if…’ and then do it.”

      To :

      “Trust that little voice in your heart that says ‘wouldn’t it be great if…’ and then do it.”

      The voice in our head is usually the one coming up with all the excuses and limiting beliefs, so let’s not trust that voice. The “voice” or whisper of the heart (our Soul, our inner guidance) is truly limitless… Let’s trust THAT one.

  38. Wouldn’t it be great if Candid Camera came back and I was one of their actors?

    Wouldn’t it be great if I finally stop waiting for that “perfect” time to start what I know I’d love to do/make/be?

    Wouldn’t it be great if there was a mandatory yoga/meditation break everyday for the entire world?

    Wouldn’t it be great to enrich the lives of ALL children!?

    Wouldn’t it be great if mainstream health-care focused on prevention as much as they do on treatment? (we do still need treatment, but more prevention would require less treatment. feel me?)

  39. Pam

    Wouldn’t it be great if I could afford B-School.
    Wouldn’t it be great if I could get people as excited about what I sell as I am.
    Wouldn’t it be great if I could be a more social person.

    These all sound so needy!! You’re great, Marie, and an inspiring individual. Thank you for what you do!

    • Edith

      Pam, if I were you I would listen all day, all night :)) back and forth, as long as it gets burned into my subconscious: Dale Carnegie’s “How to win friends & influence people ” on audiobook.
      It will definitely help you with your second wish also.

      Good luck!

  40. Jeff

    First of all: Marie you are AWESOME!

    Now, wouldn’t it be great if …… I could quit my job and join a Rock Band and tour the world! I know that’s a big dream, but music has always been my passion, but I never had a chance to pursue it. There’s a story behind that… but I won’t go into it.

    • Jeff, I love it!

      Do it, do it, do it!

      I was on stage with a band for the first time in my life this January and it was such a great feeling. Usually I am acting or dancing on stage, but I had never been making music. I dont even play an instrument, so when I told a musician (friend of mine) in december: “next year I am gonna be on stage making music!” He was like: “Yeah, Joana, but you should hurry up!”
      So, two weeks later I got the opportunity to play chimes with four handsome young men and one incredibly woman. It was the most exciting and intimate thing I have done this year up until now.

  41. Wouldn’t it be great if my photo was on the cover of a major magazine?

    Wouldn’t it be great if I was known for being a great destination photographer?

    Wouldn’t it be great if I owned my dream studio by the end of this year??

  42. Wouldn’t it be great if . . .

    – the world had a larger population of people that knew about self-full love and practiced it

    – I increased my visibility and was able to attract more moms to aid them in rediscovering their joy

    – I stuck to a lifestyle change around diet and exercise

    Great exercise, Marie! Reminds me of The Fresh Beat Band’s Shout asking “Wouldn’t it be cool if . . .” His ideas were typically outrageous, but always lead to something fruitful.


  43. Wouldn’t it be great if…
    I didn’t have any limiting beliefs
    My kids were the most happy children in the world
    I had 1 billion dollars to spend

  44. Wouldn’t it be great if…
    -I could travel around the world doing adventure yoga retreats and visiting my YogaBabes!
    -I could create a premium program for my YogaBabes which would be a year in which they receive my one on one/group health coaching, become certified yoga teachers, and take 2-3 yoga adventure retreats to get outside of their comfort zone and see what they’re made of!! 🙂

  45. Wouldn’t it be GREAT if..
    I had 8 fantastic clients that I gelled with each year– busy professionals who are excited about me making their home decor dreams come true and who are willing to invest between $20-40,000 to make it happen
    I could have time and money to travel to the south of France, rent a place for a few weeks, explore around, bike, take a paintingclass, shop in the market.
    share it with someone who makes me laugh

  46. Love this exercise! K- here goes!
    1) Wouldn’t it be great if I created a retreat weekend to help women grow their business, exercise and have some spa time!
    2) Wouldn’t it be great if I lived and worked in Positano one summer with my family.
    3) Wouldn’t it be great if I started a local mastermind to help women support one another, inspire each other and take their business to a new level.

  47. Wouldn’t it be great if….. .

    — I could attract larger clients who took their website & branding more seriously!
    — IKEA or another large shelving furniture maker bought my patented product from me and paid me royalty checks for life!
    — Professional golfers flew me around the world with them to stay in shape and kept their bodies in shape and prepared for competitive golf!

  48. Wouldn’t it be great if……….

    I can all the money we need to get married on the beach in OBX this July and to move back to San Antonio Tx the same month!

    Totally doable track……………
    Pre-Launch LoneStar Holistic mineral makeup by Monday of next week
    paper the town with paper flowers (wild flowers) with samples
    Make up some 50/50 tickets

    Thank you so much for all the work you do to help us 🙂

    • Gaby

      Meredith good luck on your mineral makeup. Very cool

  49. Francie Engel

    Wouldn’t it be great if……….I became the “go to” health coach for balancing women’s hormones and infertility issues.

    Wouldn’t be great if………. I could work from a beautiful tropical beach and still be changing women’s lives for the better and supporting my family while spending quality time with them.

    Wouldn’t it be great if…………I could create a successful business that allows me to have more free time and extra income to spoil my family and charities that I’m passionate about.

    Ahhhhhhh……….that felt good! Thank you! 🙂

  50. Jen

    Wouldn’t it be great if a large company or several large companies wanted to pay me to be on their staff as a wellness counselor to teach their employees how to live in balance and empower themselves through the methods of positive intention and Feng shui!! That way I would have a salary that I could count on and always know where I was headed in the morning!

  51. Wouldn’t it be great if…

    1. I was paid to travel and teach all over the world!
    2. I had the most incredibly joyful marriage ever!
    3. I attracted clients so ready to shift and expand!

  52. Thanks! Another rock solid vid, xoxo.

    Wouldn’t it be great if:
    -I ran girls self-defense & self-love retreats full time.
    -My online courses brought in 7 figures each year.
    – I spent every winter living someplace warm and came “back” to MN for the spring/summer.

  53. Loved this!

    Inam a big beleiver in allowing yourself to consider anything, especially if your intuition keeps screaming it to you, and even if your mind (brain) is trying to tell you its crazy (or the people around you).

    Wouldn’t it be great if:
    – I could have my country house in Ireland
    – I could make my dream business come true and be successful with it
    – If I could create enough financial abundance to have my place in the country and be surrounded by nature

  54. Love this and every weeks lessons ! Thank you so much for the inspiration!

    Wouldn’t it be great if:
    1. Icould live anywhere I want with my family 1-2 months every year a d travel/work/play.
    2. I could climb half dome
    3. I could hit my goal of crystal executive with my isagenix business in the next month!

  55. Gary

    Wouldn’t it be great if the world was more peaceful, if people took some time out of their day to do something for another Pearson. If there were no more wars and people just lived in harmony, if people had more time because they worked fewer hours and still got paid a decent wage.

  56. Nikki Halladay

    Wouldn’t it be great if….
    We moved into a big beautiful house with my parents that had separate living in its and all contributed to a loving multi generational household.
    I was able to launch my business to help busy mom’s and dad’s find fulfilling and stable full time virtual positions where they could use their unique skills and abilities to add significant value to the company.
    I got a fabulous opportunity to join B School ( Oh wait a minute. That ones already happening. 🙂 ok then interviewed by Marie…now that would be fantastic!!!

  57. Jen

    Wouldn’t it be great if this Speech therapy website actually worked.
    we could invite people over on a regular basis
    my husband didn’t have to work for someone else.

    • Dear Jen:

      We would be Glad to make your speech website work perfect & make you invite people over regular basis.

      Take Super Care

  58. ‘Wouldn’t it be great if I could travel the world and write travelers’ tales? That would be a dream and passion come true!’ Mahi Solomou

  59. Wouldn’t it be great if I could continue to live my dream, and do what I love to do….(the farm I am at is in foreclosure).
    if I could purchase this farm or another and afford to run it and maintain it with paid help.
    if the projects needed to be done can get done.
    if people in the world could work together.
    if some one would be a philanthropist and guide me to greater success so I could live to tell all about it and how!!!

  60. Wouldn’t it be great if…

  61. Erica

    Wouldn’t it be great if I could change the way my community thinks about the world. Wouldn’t it be great if I could join B school this year. Wouldn’t it be great if we could all put down the pencils, or stylus’ and imagine with a child.

  62. Von-Anise Mccoy

    Wouldn’t it be great if:
    * I made a wonderful living as a successful actress and writer. (EX., black Tina Fay–y’all!)
    * I never had to worry about paying bills again
    * I had the love of my life in my world and we are so blissfully, happy and grateful that we are together everyday.

  63. Love this Marie!

    Wouldn’t it be great if I could create a proven, effective on-line program for people to manage anxiety and create rich, meaningful lives without leaving their homes? Wouldn’t it be great if I could see clients 2 days a week and use the rest of the time to write, study, and create new programs? Wouldn’t it be great if I could work remotely for the entire summer and go somewhere fantastic with my kids?

    I’m going to have my kids and my husband answer this too! Thanks!

  64. Would it be great if…

    …my business had more passive income so I’m not constantly working!
    …I could work from anywhere in the world!
    …I could make everyone’s website dreams come true? =]

  65. Wouldn’t it be great if
    1) I was consistent for 90 days with what I know I should be doing daily to increase my online business
    2) I build the first children hospital in Haiti where the best of the best compete to do their residency
    3) I create a 90 day online program birthed from my personal experience

    • Jeni

      Fantastic notion about hospital in Haiti!

  66. Angela

    Wouldn’t it be great if:
    -I could live debt-free
    -I could make a lot of money while working a lot less
    -My family and I could go on vacation to the Caribbean in the winters and vacation in Europe in the summers.

  67. I’m loving this exercise! Thanks for the inspiration and focus

    Wouldn’t it be great if… I could spend my winters back home in Puerto Rico (or an equally warm location) so I can escape all this now

    Wouldn’t it be great if… I had enough abundance from my work that I can begin to donate my services to causes I’m inspired by

    Wouldn’t it be great if… I could manage my schedule in a way that I feel productive, able to self care and spend time with loved ones

    The great thing is that seeing these what ifs written down inspire me to start plans to TRULY make them happen!

  68. Wouldn’t it be great if…

    My business became of international interest – creating seminars to motivate people in what we do in different countries.

    My business had an investment in order to expand further.

    I had more hours in the day to achieve more.

  69. Wouldn’t it be great if I could break that next income mark in my business this year?
    Wouldn’t it be great if my new podcast was featured when it comes out next month?
    Wouldn’t it be great if my new book hit the charts when it comes out next month?

    This is fun… gets the adrenaline going doesn’t it!

  70. Heather Yo

    Wouldn’t it be great if…
    -I could remember to be nicer to myself
    -I was able to write a book
    -I could travel more

    I just graduated college less than one year ago and am still trying to figure out how “life works.” I am overwhelmed all the time and am struggling to just be present.

    Thanks Marie!

    • Hey Heather! Love everything you shared, especially that figuring out how life works part. I remember that time very clearly and so relate. Hopefully our videos here will help you. Since it’s an inexpensive purchase — if you haven’t read my book Make Every Man Want You — DO it. I know it’s a sassy title, but it really teaches you about being present and living your life authentically from the inside out. Grab it on Amazon — should be around $10 bucks. xo

      • Heather Yo

        Thank you for the suggestion, Marie!

  71. Wouldn’t it be great if;

    I had a home by the sea

    I wake up every single day and have my NNT (do yoga and meditate with my spouse) then make coffee and put on a record and work in my pottery studio until noon.

    Finally have a social business that allows me to travel

  72. Wouldn’t it be great it…
    …my online Meditation Training To Find Your Purpose were already be out there and changing lives massively.
    ..four more products were already lined up right behind it.
    …I were out there speaking and transforming the lives of huge audiences and selling my products like hotcakes.
    …my first book were already optioned and they were getting ready to shoot the movie.

  73. Wouldn’t it be great if we could re write the beliefs we have about getting old and get new beliefs across to everyone with a so called age related illness x

    • Yvette,
      Many cultures have a reverence for their seniors as vessels of wisdom and knowledge~ something our society needs to adopt. Thank you for your post.

  74. Wouldn’t it be great:
    1. To connect with other experts to truly change peoples lives
    2. Give Marie Forleo a ride on the amazing Brenda Lee of http://www.horsesknowthewayhome and then dance !
    3. Be debt free while doing #1 and #2

  75. Wouldn’t it be great if…

    – I had 1500 people in my membership program
    – I was able to work just 20-25 hours a week
    – We had our own house that I could be enjoying with my spare time
    – We could take one nice vacation each year without worry

    • This is all soooo doable Jennifer! I’d take on “everything is figureoutable” — get your priorities straight with your family and have fun making them become a reality!

  76. First Marie, I have to tell you, your hair is gorgeous!

    OK, my three what ifs…

    1) It would be great if I could be more disciplined with my time.

    2) It would be great if I could be 100% debt free

    3) It would be great if I had an amazing nanny and preschool that I could afford.

    • Yes!

    • Thanks Kathryn! I give all credit to my Italian ancestors on the hair 🙂 And all 3 of your what ifs are TOTALLY doable! And I’ll bet as you move toward them, you’ll make amazing discoveries that will further enhance — perhaps even slightly alter the outcomes you’re going for.

  77. Wouldn’t it be great if:
    -I could live on a hobby farm and have my own chickens and garden
    -I could spend my days coaching women on how to stop emotional eating in its tracks and help them learn to love themselves
    -I could make enough money to be debt free and have enough left over to travel with my family

  78. Jen

    Wouldn’t it be great if . . . .
    I could launch my business March 1st, without any money, and still make a profit the first year.
    I could visit my daughter twice a year and sit at the beach and talk to that brilliant child of mine, and see her successful too.
    I could get myself out of debt in 5 years or less.
    I could find and buy a home, with land, and run my life from there 🙂

  79. Wouldn’t it be great if…
    -I could act on my business ideas without the worry of financial restrictions.
    -I had my own gorgeous photography studio with an amazingly talented team.
    -travel could become a regular part of my job.

  80. Dear Marie,

    Thank you for your Video today. Sometimes I also think wouldn’t it be great if I get a job in Microsoft or I get an online business with Net Assets more than 100 Million USD or I had a Supermodel girl friend.

    I really liked your show today.

    Rohan Sarker
    Software Engineer, Telecom Specialist & HR

  81. Wouldn’t it be great if I finally stopped listening to those making me feel small and inferior and started pushing foward no matter what everyone else thinks?
    Wouldn’t it be great if I just launched my product, even though I am crazy scared that nobody will buy it?
    Wouldn’t it be great if I moved to a place far away and fully committed to living my life there?

  82. Fantastic prompt, and *really* inspiring!

    Wouldn’t it be great if . . .

    1. I could rent a beach house this summer for 10 days and spend that time doing yoga, talking walks on the beach, cooking healthy meals, and writing, writing, writing.
    2. I could go to one of Linda Sivertsen’s writing retreats this year.
    3. I could get all my client work done in 20 hours a week, working when and where I please, while still earning great income, and have plenty of time left over to pursue other things near and dear to my heart.
    4. I could find the people and resources necessary to help me create the immigrant advocacy center I’ve been dreaming about for a few years.

    Weee!! This feel so good! : )

  83. Love this fun! 🙂
    Wouldn’t it be great if…
    – Everyday was filled with creative inspiration
    – I get to spend every day creating smiles through my business
    – Happiness was a ‘normal’ experience for everyone on a daily basis

    Well, time to get to work! The more of the first two I do, the more likely the third one is! Good luck actioning your dreams everyone! 🙂

  84. Noelle

    …. I could have my own show
    …. Travel the world and teach
    …. Reach a global audience and make my own imprint in the world
    …. Have my brand name extend to wellness centres and merchandise


  85. 1. It would be great if I could be able to spend all the money and time I wanted in starting a leadership academy for grade school kids.

    2. It would be great if I fully stepped into my power and was able to be financially independent and free.

    3. It would be great if I could implement my “Hands Up” program for single moms to retrain them back into the workforce for better job opportunities and the “Passion” project that once they are trained gets them back to dreaming and living their passion.

  86. Love this!

    Wouldn’t it be great if…

    1. I only took on 8 web design projects each year, freeing time up for me to create more courses and books.
    2. I could FINALLY take advantage of working from anywhere, and travel to the countries I’ve always wanted to see: Thailand, India, Italy, Greece…
    3. If my web design clients were all coaches or consultants.

  87. Wouldn’t it be great if…
    •I was able to create my business that allowed for financial freedom this year!
    •I was able to pay off all my student loans and debt.
    •I was able to travel for a month at a time, 3 times a year and really absorb other cultures.
    •I was able to make a profound difference in the world and be remembered.

  88. Hey Marie!

    Thanks for all the inspiration.

    Wouldn´t it be great if I wrote one hour every morning before heading out the door.
    Wouldn´t it be great if I put the finishing touches on my website to offer my freelance writing services.
    Wouldn´t it be great if I started moving INTO fear instead of away from it.
    Wouldn´t it be great if I could create a business that allowed me to live and work on MY terms?

    Oops, I did 4…overachiever 😉


    • Dear Madeline:

      We would be Glad to make your freelance writing service website responsive to iPhone/iPads also so your business grows more.

      Take Super Care

  89. – if I could live in another state for the summers, work enough to afford to find out “where I belong”
    – write and publish a tutorial I’ve have had knocking around my head for years
    – sew and upcycle clothing

  90. Wouldn’t it be great if ….

    …we could travel with the kids to far away places….
    …I could run my business from any place in the world…
    …I could launch our new Exclusive Filigree Jewelry Collection in an awesome way before July

    • Beautiful piece of jewelry on YOU. Sweet dream list, too.

    • Hey Justine

      I saw your one wish was to run your business from anywhere in the world. Thats what I do!! And I can show you how to do it. Here is my wish. : Wouldn’t it be great if I can find 2 business partners, people that are interested in health and wellness and who wants to have their own home-based business. Someone thats good at building relationships, and who understands the power of plant based medicine.

  91. Wouldn’t it be great if I had a Pallisades Home/Office for my Branded Entertainment business

    Wouldn’t it be great if my clients had grown successful because of my talents and help

    Wouldn’t it be great if I the bad ass Latina had created an App that helped all successful single women get funded?

  92. Soorena

    Wouldn’t be Great if….
    1) My room/workplace/studio was organized and and cleaned up the way I imagine it to be.
    2) I had my own place (yes it would)
    3) I was paid to teach people about their health.

  93. susan

    just the basics here:
    wouldn’t it be great if i got my morning tasks done.., um.., which are becoming today’s tasks:
    get the flex spend in the mail,
    get the trash and recycles to the dump,
    sold the books.
    ooops,there’s like a million more..,like get out for the morning walk [it’s approaching 10:30 already and it’s freezing out!!]
    wouldn’t it be great if the wood stove fire finally caught!

    • susan

      fire has started! w/in 15 minutes of my wish;-)
      after having tending to it for over an hour, and it just going nowhere fast this morning. now is a viable heat source. and i was able to stand in front of it and get some qigong done, and 5 bone yoga poses;-)
      okay.., what else did i wish??! okay, mediate and finsih that flex spend/source of reimbursement;-)

      • susan

        okay, you may not think this is much.., but just got the word I needed to resubmit a form.., which is one step closer to reimbursement and beats waiting and unknowing;-)

  94. Great video!
    Wouldn’t it be great if I could have full time care for the kids so I can do work?
    Wouldn’t it be great if I had so many clients I got to choose who to work with?
    Wouldn’t it be great if I could do video blogs?
    For me, those are all a stretch!!

  95. Ahmed

    Wouldn’t it be great:

    If I became the famous designer in my country

    If I mix betwwen photography & design.

    If became super fit & have the money that I get anything with it

    Hell Yeahhhhhhh……..It’ will be mind belowing .
    And belive me am just starting it 🙂 🙂 🙂

  96. Wouldn’t be great if I could…
    Create an arts institute in Burlington vermont that includes visual arts,
    musical arts , culinary arts and more. To work with child as well as adults
    Wouldn’t it be great if my art and jewelry business really took off to the next level, may that be selling out of my home or touring at different shows. I am open

    Wouldn’t it be great if my husband and I Were able to find our dream house equiped with a gourmet kitchen and a wild art studio…..

    • love these! a woman after similar dreams.

    • Ahmed

      You will find your dreams, just put your dream in front to you
      paint it, flip it rotate it, print it & feel it, make it real and when that will happend every things will change.

      Love your true power, It can gives you, exactly what you really wanted.

  97. Wouldn’t be great if…

    -If I could just pick up and move to ATL, GA and buy my condo in the sky and my cool ass car and live life like a success female business owner.
    -If I could travel the world and share my business opportunity with everyone I came in contact with.
    -If I could truly love and be with my soulmate.
    -If I could just live my life wealthy of all things with no worries(love, money, great circle, much support).

  98. Nancy Nelson

    Wouldn’t it be great if….

    – I lost the self-doubt and self-criticism;
    – I stood on a stage and delivered a clear and useful message to my audience;
    – I traveled the world while delivering information that people welcomed and needed.

  99. Connie

    Wouldn’t it be great if:

    -my photo business starts to fly…
    -my house sells quickly for more than my asking price…
    -I find my dream house on the SE coast with a bright, beautiful room for an immediately busy and successful studio, and an incredible view to wake up to each morning!

  100. Really love that most of these “wouldn’t it be greats… involve
    – travel/adventure
    – freedom – from restraints, money and location
    – undone tasks that have been in our heads.

    Thanks, Marie for your videos and all your inspiring words.
    As I suspected I’m in good company.
    And now to the “figure-it-out-able” part! Working on it!

  101. Jo Jo Fildi

    Wouldn’t it be great if…
    1. …I lived in Costa Rica for most of the year, and could afford to travel with my family 1st class ( anywhere )

    2. ..I looked into the mirror, and didn’t focus on all my physical inperfections

    3. ..I met Marie Forleo one day, and we’d sit and drink camomile tea

  102. Wouldn’t it be great if….
    There were more balloons in the world
    I had a video created for my website
    I had a logo/brand for my website

    Love this creative freedom!!!

  103. Alexandra (Nice, France)

    Wouldn’t it be great if…

    -I could create my website quickly enough to offer my inspired translation & interpreting services to individuals and businesses 🙂
    -I could translate into French some books from authors who deeply inspire me like the amazing Dr Wayne D. Dyer 🙂
    -I could work from my laptop anywhere in the world so I could travel to all the beautiful places I’d love to visit 🙂

    In love and light,


    • Dear Alexandra:

      I would be Glad to complete your translation services website responsive to iPhone/iPads also so your business grows more. I would surprise you over your wish come True 🙂

      Take Super Care

  104. Wouldn’t it be great if…
    I could actually figure out what direction to drive this business (B-school here I come)
    I had the confidence and knowledge to charge more for my work and make enough to pay expenses
    We had a heated shop to work in ( a dream for next winter )

  105. Wouldn’t it be great if…I got a publishing contract for my MS.

    Wouldn’t it be great if…I learnt how to market my published book so that I could help teens and new adults with my fiction work.

    Wouldn’t it be great if…I became a New York Times bestseller.


  106. Erica

    Wouldn’t it be great if I walked for 30 minutes RIGHT NOW!!

  107. The great power of this tactic is that it shifts the perspective from pining or idle wishing into possibility and action!

    Wouldn’t it be great if I could reach more people growing their businesses with Human Resource Tools that teach the Fortune 100 processes for hiring, boosting employee performance, and becoming highly efficient?

    ( Well, I guess it IS figueoutable! I can share my link, for starters. –I won’t pollute the comment block with the link, but it’ll be click-able in my name, if any of you are interested. )

    Have an abundant day!

  108. Wouldn’t it be great if…

    …I could create gratitude walls all over the city to encourage people to share the good things that bring more joy to their lives.

    …I could reach 10000 x more people to encourage them to establish a gratitude practice as doing so made a massive difference to my outlook on life and I am currently witnessing the positive changes in others on a daily basis.

    …I could find more fabulous people to share inspiration and collaborate with in a way that fits into my life, adds value to my business and spreads my message worldwide.

    Phew! That was stretchy, but fun! Thank you Marie for this fabulous exercise. x

    • lets do the gratitude walls… wonderful idea!!

      great idea to create public places for everyone, for peoples momentary grtitude <3

  109. Brenda

    Wouldn’t it be great if….
    I could clearly explain my dream.
    I got to speak to people about my key learnings in life to inspire them
    I was able to get up early enough every day to meditate, do yoga AND go for a run!
    I could reach new people in my community to work with and maybe even collaborate with!

    Thanks Marie!!!

  110. Stacy

    I am so thrilled to be a part of this community and I am looking so forward to B-School. Thanks Marie. Like many others. I love love love your wardrobe! Please share :). I’m bringing sexy back (I mean that in the utmost “professional” kind way.

    Wouldn’t it be great if…

    I was so financially sound that I could quit my day job!
    My passions would shed some light!
    I could turn all negative situations and people into positives! (Let’s face it, we don’t always have the option to get rid of toxic people, especially when they’re coworkers).

  111. Arwen

    Wouldn’t it be great if…
    I made 1,000,000 dreams come true
    I was completely debt free
    Marie was one of my mentors

  112. Wouldn’t it be great if… I wouldn’t have to worry about my health.

    Wouldn’t it be great if… I had a partner with me.

    Wouldn’t it be great if… I could actually do the things I do well, and also have an income?!?


  113. Wouldn’t it be great if…
    I had my own studio space.
    I created an online conference with health practitioners from all over the world.
    I could travel to visit family as often as I want.

    I’ve had these ideas before, but now it’s time for step two — figuring it out versus just dreaming about it!! See you in B-School, Marie!!

  114. Wouldn’t it be great if…
    1. My massage business had it’s own building, with lots of room for things like infrared sauna, labyrinth, reflexology path, steam sauna, floatation tank, etc.
    2. My appointment book was so full that I could afford to hire someone to do the tedious office work, accounting, advertising, marketing, etc
    3. I could afford to work only 4 days a week, instead of 6.

  115. Starr

    Wouldn’t it be great if LLS changed the world and built community.
    Wouldn’t it be great to do LLS for a living and travel around starting other LLS’s.
    Wouldn’t it be great to give away a million dollars a year.

  116. Wouldn’t it be great if my business partner could quit waiting tables and move to California so we can really get this party started.

    Wouldn’t it be great if our healthy cookbook would reach millions even billions.

    Wouldn’t it be great if I had $ for B School this year.

  117. Man, wouldn’t it be great if:

    1) I could find my business sweet spot that combined all of my interests + experiences that would also help someone else (Yep, I think I’m getting close!)
    2) I had a solid home base, but got to travel the world (Answer: Yes!)
    3) I created a lucrative passive income stream that would allow me to take care of the people who have taken such great care of me! (Answer: Definitely)

    • Nikki Halladay

      This sounds better than great!! I love every single one of these.

    • Gloria

      Nikki, you and I are on the same wavelength! Yes, it would be great!

  118. Loving this exercise!

    Wouldn’t it be great if…

    -I could set aside a month long writer’s retreat where I can just eat, play, rest, and finish writing my big beautiful book
    -My next home had a built-in studio to record videos in a nice sound proof way with lots of space
    -I got to dance every day in my business and life, and really get into my full embodiment of what it feels like to be happy and free

    Ahhh. Feels better already, and these feel like done deals too!

    • Dancing rocks, Nathalie, good word to put in there! (inspiring). And the concept of feeling that those dreams are not airy fairy dreams but “Done Deals” – mmm! Makes me so happy! 🙂

    • Hey Nathalie!!!

      Yesterday, I created a new dream list, and the title flowed out of me like this:

      What desire is so strong, it is definite I will have it?

      Your comment “Ahhh. Feels better already, and these feel like done deals too!” made me think of my list! So cool.

  119. Su Mur

    Wouldn’t it be great if..
    – there was an app and device that measured fetal kicks on the bump to prevent stillbirths
    – polystyrene and plastic bags were replaced by more environmentally friendly packaging
    – people weren’t so focused on shopping for stuff they don’t need.

  120. Ok, mine start off small and then gather steam (but did give a lot of insight into what I really really want).
    Wouldn’t it be great if…
    1) I could spend at least half a day every day creating
    2) I could define/redefine a overlooked niche market
    3) Could finish my book this year

    I think it says a lot that my #1 is so basic…and achievable. From today on I don’t do the business or web bits until after 1 pm…My best hours go to creating.

  121. Rocky Barraco

    Wouldn’t it be great if…

    …I put all my fears aside about money and personal insecurities, started selling my products at the farmers markets and grocery stores AND made a profit without being overloaded..
    …I went to a quality baking and pastry school in the next year..
    …I starting hiring employees for extra help..

    Wow what an awesome exercise…I love how Marie says “everything is figure-outable” … cause it is!!

  122. Wouldn’t it be great if…
    – everyone only had to work 8 hours a day so that they could have an abundance of time to nurture their families, themselves and their health. The world would have less divorce and our children would have more support.
    – I could make enough money that my husband could quit his job and become my full-time assistant and travel the world with me.
    – I could have my own farm to grow my own organic food and share the abundance with my community.

  123. Love this, Marie!!

    Wouldn’t it be great if…
    1) I have a powerful product published that helped people get over fear and resistance — and use technology to make their dreams a reality.
    2) I was a coveted talk show guest, spreading the word that ANYONE can (and must!) learn to master technology in their lives.
    3) I owned a beautiful, comfortable home with plenty of room for BIG entertaining in a family-friendly, soul-enriching community.

    Let’s do this!! 😀

  124. Wouldn’t it be great if…
    1. I could focus long enough to get my ideas down in a saleable form and make millions.
    2. I could help students, teachers, and parents all over the world by speaking and teaching through the internet and traveling all over.
    3. The career I choose offers financial freedom to travel to warm locations in the winter, keep a healthy lifestyle, helps me meet my dream man, have a family, and make time for family.
    4. I wrote a book of my life learnings through my experiences.

  125. Wouldn’t it be great if…

    -I was location independent
    -I could help people globally
    -I could change people’s perspective about the things we own/purchase in our lives

  126. Wouldn’t it be great if:

    I could stop worrying forever!
    I lived on Santorini and Santa Barbara!
    I created the business of my dreams!

  127. Tanja Raupp

    Wouldn‘t it be great if…
    … I would trust my gut more than other peoples‘s opinions.
    … I could make a living from my own business within a year from now.
    … my business would work 100% location-independent, so that I can travel while working.

  128. Wouldn’t it be great if… I made enough money online to pay rent, college tuition, savings account, and still had enough to re-invest into my business?

    Wouldn’t it be great if… when I left school, I didn’t have to keep thinking about school. Just like a secretary doesn’t bring office work home, to not have to bring school-work home.

    • With that B School scholarship and your drive Udo, I’m sure that first one is totally doable! 😉

  129. Joe

    I liked the positivity of wouldn’t it be great if and then doing it. I ran my own business for two and half years and loved it but couldn’t manage to make enough money out of it. And then this amazing job came up as MD of a small company came up that fitted all of my skills, I started but it transpired that the owners didn’t actually want to fill the role and their arms had been twisted by the board and the role only lasted three months. I have a lot of ambitions, specifically to work for myself, but its hard to be creative when your back is against the wall. Never the less, I’ll try to take the message on board!

  130. Shantini

    Oh Marie – what would we all do without you? Another fabulous, thought provoking vid.

    Wouldn’t it be great if…

    I help people create the lives they are born to live AND make a great living with Pretty Smart Chick
    I spent months on a mind blowing road trip across the USA with my man
    My company funded and built no kill animal shelters around the world

  131. I love this game..Wouldn’t it be great if I could work from home full time. Also split my time between Caribbean in the winter and NYC in the summer.. Finish my book and have it become a nytimes best seller! Time to put these on my vision board 🙂

  132. Wouldn’t it be great if I were able to quit my day job in the next few months and just do photography instead?
    Wouldn’t it be great if I were able to make enough that my husband and I could travel to visit new places and our family whenever we felt like it?
    Wouldn’t it be great if I could coach bloggers online and be an encouraging resource and friend for them while they grow their blog?

  133. Wouldn’t it be great if:
    1. I didn’t work on Mondays and Fridays!
    2. I owned my own brownstone building in Park Slope.
    3. I won $50,000 playing the Plinko game on “The Price Is Right!”

    🙂 <3

  134. Wouldn’t it be great if…..

    * Women all over the world had access to education.
    * We placed more value on connections with others not simply the sales we make.
    * FUN was on the calendar regularly

    • Awesome on all three Michelle – they’re all doable. It’ll take time and commitment, but it can happen. Nice work.

  135. Wouldn’t it be great if I could take a month-long retreat and re-start my dharma teacher training.
    …I could take my hubbie on a vacation
    …I could help every man and woman who needs it to find peace and contentment and relaxation and joy

  136. What a fun exercise!

    Wouldn’t it be great if…
    A. I was more confident in my ability to be awesome.
    B. I build a kickin’ log home surrounded by Cathedral Pines and a beautiful lake with my horses grazing by the front porch
    C. my family and I could travel, lean new cultures and new people

    And those, my friends, are my dreams and will be totally FIGUREOUTABLE!

  137. Alicia

    Wouldn’t it be great if a machine was created that brought our negative subconscious beliefs and emotions to the surface using custom made sound vibrations? (Did you see The Story of the Weeping Camel? That happened there in a primitive but very effective way)

    • Alicia

      I forgot to add “AND ERASED THEM!”

  138. sue

    Wouldn’t it be great if…
    1. I could scoop up my kids on the last day of school and tell them we were taking the midnight plane to Paris and spending the summer in Europe.
    2. Write an ebook that inspired women and stay at home moms to crack that shell wide open so they can live the life of their dreams.
    3. Have a million dollar year while changing other peoples health and wealth along the way.

  139. Pam Smith

    This is such a great video Marie. I can’t wait to start B-School in a couple of weeks!
    Wouldn’t it be great if:
    -I could replace my traditional income and write/teach full-time while not being tied to any particular location
    -I could travel and do what I love and am passionate about
    -I could help other writers live the life of their dreams
    -I could help other writers become more confident and engaged with their writing

  140. Wouldn’t it be great if!

    I become famous.
    I have a team.
    I travel the world collecting antique jewelry.

    Thank you Marie for unleashing my potential. See you in B-School 🙂 MM

  141. I love this, and reading the other commenters is so inspiring!

    Wouldn’t it be great if…
    …I sold illustrated eBooks on my website and moved away from trading time for money!
    …I could tour with my band while running my business from the road
    …my business could pay off all my student loan debt within a year!

    So many exclamation points, but this challenge has me stoked!!!

  142. Wouldn’t it be great if…

    1. I could host retreats for multipassionate lifelong learners to share our passions and work on our dream projects.

    2. I could live in Scotland and return home to visit family a few times a year.

    3. I could find and connect with my tribe.

    Love this exercise, Marie! I feel more motivated and excited already.

  143. Wouldn’t it be great if…

    – I could build my business enough to quit my day job
    – I took a 2 week vacation every year
    – I had my ideal body that I fantasize about

  144. Gloria

    wouldn’t it be great if…
    1. I live my life in total health, wealth, wisdom and joyfulness
    2. I feel & am whole so I can give of myself without feeling like the life is being sucked out of me
    3. I am patient
    4. (had to add) I can let go of things I can’t control, do something about the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference.

  145. Wouldn’t it be great if:
    1. I made six figures this year.
    2. I was extremely productive every damn day.
    3. My fridge was always clean and organized.
    4. I lost 5 inches on my waist!
    5. My name appeared in Entrepreneur Magazine.
    6. My next video shoot is also a photo shoot where I have a hair stylist, make up artist and wardrobe stylist there to take care of all of it for me.

    Hanging this on my wall. 🙂

  146. Wouldn’t it be great if…

    For Business:

    -Road trip across the country to take pictures for my photography project.
    -could get paid to coach people
    -do Bschool

    -I could work from home
    -We could travel whenever we wanted to
    -We could finally get the garage organized

  147. Esther

    wouldn’t it be nice if….
    + i made more money than I have expenses
    + i could afford food every month
    + i didn’t have to rely on my parents support when our student loans run out
    + i could feel more free and independent!
    I could go on for days like this! I need change! Bad!

  148. Love this!!!!! Thanks Marie! Wouldn’t it be great if …

    I wrote a best seller
    I did a TED Talk
    I told a story on Moth
    I had an online web show
    I booked 50 speaking gigs a year

  149. Mind if I flip it just a bit?
    Won’t it be great when…
    1) My eating disorder (which I put in remission with a lot of hard work) is a distant memory and the body-size issues it caused (which are slowly melting away with time and the complete absence of food obsessed thoughts) are no longer issues at all.
    2) I can splurge on better quality, timeless wardrobe pieces because I know I am size stable.
    3) I can speak before large groups feeling as relaxed and confident about my appearance as I do about my subject knowledge.

    Flipping back now. Wouldn’t it be great if…
    1) I could find the perfect (and perfectly affordable) writing accountability coach (or become the optimum writing coach to myself).
    2) I could feel such intense enthusiasm for my work that I leap out of bed in the morning raring to get to it.
    3) I could learn to respond with immediate positive action to those brilliant impulses that everyone gets from time to time rather than over-examining them until they fade away.

    • Hey Regina, I love that you flipped it around. If your not familiar with Christine Kloser I’d check her out. She works with Transformational authors and I feel like you have a great and powerful story to share and will only pull more out of you as you go forward.

  150. Esther

    what if i could just change one persons life by helping them improve their health?

  151. Wouldn’t it be great if:
    1. I can spice up as many cafes and pretty rooms with my art.
    2. I could finally start travelling and working from anywhere in the world!
    3. I can get other people to dream big too.

  152. Wouldn’t it be great if …
    I can make money from internet and help people to reach like my dream.

  153. Newsha

    Wouldn’t it be great if
    1. I could teach at the Yoga Journal Conference.
    2. I could move all my things out of storage and into my own apartment instead of a sublease.
    3. Me taking classes at studios in my new neighborhood lead to me getting hired to teach there.

  154. Wouldn’t it be great if …
    1- I could afford someone to design my Pinterest worthy hippie backyard. And had the money to build it.

    2- if my idea for team dynamics packaging inspiration comes together during b-school and changes the would. It gives dignity to every home – regardless of who makes up the Framily.

  155. Sonja

    Wouldn’t it be great if :
    1. I joined B-School and create my dream business!
    2. Go for space travel!
    3. Become of service and inspiration for people all over the world!

  156. Wouldn’t it be great if…

    we make cities more greener, more friendly for kids to play, built gardens..
    …make economy more solidarity and support wealth of community and nature, not only profit margins.
    …if we all had fun to work on our self, enjoy being emphatic and understanding.
    …make complex knowledge more easy understandable
    … forget spelling and design rule and just play like child’s in the mud.
    … if we can be authentic and honest everywhere and stop dressing up to faking up for the public.
    …if we as neighbors more care for each other.
    … if rich poor, middle class labels don’t matter anymore.
    … if we try to create places to live without money on a big scale as an experiment.
    …if we try to practice inclusion in our companies. try to bring people together in different life situations and with different personal life challenges.
    .. if we would be totally honest one day in the week.
    … if we would make one day in the month a gift day and try to make every encounter a gift for the person we encounter with or gift her/her something.

  157. Wouldn’t it be great if women loved their bodies because of all the wonderful things they could do with it. (As apposed to hating their bodies because they do not look perfect enough!)

  158. TJ Moore

    Loving this (my first time commenting I’m so loving it!)

    Wouldn’t it be great if:
    1. I could figure out how to get my software on the web.
    2. I were saving instead of paying credit card companies.
    3. i found the resources that saw my vision and either helped me or were at least cheerleaders. Nay-say Nellies need not apply!

    Thanks for all the inspiration Marie! xo

  159. I love to play in my imagination! Thanks for the invitation.

    Wouldn’t it be great if…. my business took off in the next few months, finally pulling in the dollars that bring in enough profit to pay off all my bills and keep more profit than I thought possible, enough to share generously with my subcontractors?

    Wouldn’t it be great if… the actions I need to take to create my course and my product felt exciting and easeful and energetic, that I allowed the flow to carry me without hesitation?

    Wouldn’t it be great if….. I could help people all over the world feel better mind, body and spirit? To reach those who can’t afford one on one sessions with a Pilates instructor, help them with my course so they can know their patterns, gain awareness and strength and get out of pain.

    Wouldn’t it be great if… I could be comfortable sharing the stage with my mentors and heroes? In the business world and the Pilates and fitness world?

    Wouldn’t it be great if…. I could take my husband and kids on a fantastic holiday all paid for by me without worrying about the expense?

    Wouldn’t it be great if…. I could spend more time with my kids doing projects and taking classes?

    Wouldn’t it be great if…. I could free up enough space to dance everyday, to cook healthy foods without stress? To live fully in my body every minute?


  160. Wouldn’t be great if…
    …..I could quit my job to have full time to grow my coaching business
    …..I relocated in Paris while doing the above
    …..I eat healthy on a daily basis

  161. kari

    Wouldn’t it be great if…

    I jumpstart my business by offering group classes in my hometown

    I could build a business that supports my family and we could be debt free

    My family could afford to travel and experience other cultures

  162. Tomomi Kojima

    Wouldn’t it be great if I traveled around the world teaching yoga classes to a massive population while Katy Perry, Lady Gaga or Muse played live?

  163. Wouldn’t it be great if…
    – I could live in Italy for a month of each year
    – The book I’m working on (“The Green Hornet Suit and Other Musings”) would inspire people and make them laugh at life’s quirky happenings
    – I got to work at the ad agency that I’ve had my eye on for years now

    Thanks for the inspiration – I appreciate all your videos and great attitude!

  164. This is a great exercise to get you out of your own way. Oftentimes, I talk myself out of what I really want before I can fully flesh out the idea. Starting with “Wouldn’t It Be Great If…” and following that with “Everything is Figureoutalbe” will definitely help me now and in the future.

    Here are my 3:
    1. Wouldn’t it be great if I ran a profitable and meaningful business online so I could have flexibility over my life, while impact people around the world
    2. Wouldn’t it be great if I could travel to new places several times throughout each year without being strained financially
    3. Wouldn’t it be great if I lived in a brightly-lit, modern and nicely furnished high rise condo (this is definitely a stretch for me and my current city, but I can figure it out!)

    Thanks for the tips, Marie!! 🙂


  165. Amelia

    Wouldn’t it be great if all the time I spent on the internet I used instead to start writing a novel.

    Wouldn’t it be great if I lead a jazz band here in Marseille.

    Wouldn’t it be great if I became fluent in French by May 1st. (which if do-able if I study at least an hour every day…which is also do-able)

    Thanks for everything Marie!

  166. Wouldn’t it be great if….

    I could get paid to JUST create interesting and fun content for Lady Business Radio or Lady Business Media?
    I could grow my audience to huge proportions so more people could be inspired by the women I interview?
    We could all as women entrepreneurs get together and hang out, learn from one another and party like it’s 1999?


    • Gabriela

      Sounds good Jessica!

  167. 1. Wouldn’t it be great if every single thing we designed was appreciated and loved in the world – and our customers would develop an unsatiable appetite for more?

    2. WOuldn’t it be great if our sales on the internet exploded and we had to hire a whole new staff just to deal with the orders coming in the door – or better yet, we had to send all our stock to an awesome order fufillment place?

    3. Wouldn’t it be great if I had such an amazing staff that A and I could take 3 months off to travel, to read and have adventures around the world?

    (I’m going to keep going because it’s fun!)

    4. Wouldn’t it be great if I sold my apartment right at the peak time – and make an enormous profit?

    5. Wouldn’t it be great if I look at the world and consider whether I wanted things or experiences and not have to worry about the money?

    6. Wouldn’t it be great if I could have twins with ease – and continue to participate in my business?

    7. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to hire a wonderful nanny and private chef with ease?

    (ok – 13 is my lucky number but I won’t keep going on my own..)

    Thank you all and anyone who read this far!


  168. Maria Cristina

    No sería genial si….aprendo ingles para entender el curso y aprovecharlo 100%?

    No sería genial si … puedo vivir cómodamente de mi trabajo independiente divirtiéndome?

    No sería genial si …tuviese mucho tiempo y dinero para viajar con mis seres queridos?

    • Maria Cristina! Hola amiguita! Tienes algo de entendienmiento para poder escribir todos esos deseos? Me imagino que entiendes todo pero talvez te da pena hablar? Una de las mejores maneras de aprender es hablar y extenderse para que las otras te ofrecen la ayuda que necesitas. Yo hablo los dos idiomas y hice el curso el ano pasado, dime en que te puedo ayudar. Las muchachas de B-school son geniales!

      Deseando te lo major, Elisa

  169. Wyn Andress

    Wouldn’t it be great if…..
    1. our renos were DONE, my office set up & everything was neat & organized.
    2. I could do hypnosis exclusively out of my home office & triple my income.
    3. I cleared all our (& children’s) debts & took everyone on a family vacation to Bali.

  170. When our 3 kids were little and started getting antsy and whiney on a long car ride, we would use this “Wouldn’t it be great if…..” technique and it worked magic.
    Kid: I’m thirsty!!!
    Me: Wouldn’t it be great if we could push this radio button and have chocolate milk come out?!?!?
    Kid: I hate chocolate milk! I want apple juice!!!
    Me: Well this button is for the apple juice. Wouldn’t that be great?!?!
    Other kid: What about ice cream?
    Me: Wouldn’t it be great if we could get ice cream out of this glove compartment?!?!
    You get the idea…

    • haha, we always push a magic button that transports us directly to our home!! Like magic, on every single road trip, at some point, someone literally pushes the button to start the transport. lol, the things we do to self entertain and dream.

  171. Anays

    Wouldn’t it be great if I finally started the book I have long been planning to write and it became a success?
    2. If I could buy a house with a front and backyard?
    3. If I could help my daughter achieve her core desire?

  172. Steven

    Wouldn’t it be great if…
    1. I meet and form a business venture with a make-up and hair stylist.
    2. I meet and form a business venture with a graphic artist.
    3. I meet someone willing to invest, financially, into my business.
    4. I find my ideal home to include my business/studio.

  173. Renee

    Wouldn’t it be great if…
    ~ I could travel to the musicians aired on my radio program, interview them and then air the interview on Renee TV!
    ~ I had my own full-time radio gig!
    ~ I could retire early to do with my time what I want!

  174. Karen

    Great episode. Our team works from the belief that the world is make believe and we create it’s reality so we work hard to “wonder up a new one” in our own work and that we do for clients.

    So, wouldn’t it be great if…
    – I could spend 3 months a year living in a juicy, new place (working on it and it’s going to happen in 2015)
    – I could completely give up “time for money” consulting (working on it – hello B-School! It’s going to happen by B-School 2016…)
    – My apartment was clutter-free. (That one rang a bell Marie – and I’m working on it too. Though getting to the moon by next year might be an easier “wouldn’t it be great”!)


  175. Wouldn’t it be great if. . .

    1. My husband could retire early (Like at 24 early in a couple of months)

    2. We could by an RV and hitch for both cars and drive all over the U.S. and travel across the world attending conferences for business and personal/spiritual development (connection) enjoying the beauty of the world

    3. Wouldn’t it be nice if I could reach 24 women each month and start helping them change their lives

  176. Alexandra

    Wouldn’t it be great if…

    I just walked through my fear and started my real estate business with a bang of energy.

    My real estate business then became so successful I began checking things off my bucket list faster than I could imagine.

    The business did so well I changed the course of history for my family. 🙂

    p.s. – anyone here in Real Estate investment or development? Would love to chat 🙂

  177. Leigh Ann

    Wouldn’t it be great if….
    1. a bunch of creative people got together and solved the problems of food and water for the world
    2. I built a retreat series where these creative people came together to do this
    3. I wrote the book about how we did this

  178. Wouldn’t it be awesome if….

    – I attended BSchool
    – I earned £100,000 in an year
    – We (my husband, 2 kids & I) could go on holiday twice a year (or even once a year).
    It’s going to happen baby!

  179. Wouldn’t it be great if…

    1. I wrote out those stories in my head, turned them into novels and sent them into publishers for consideration
    2. travelled around the world and with my income as a successful story teller and writer
    3. I met amazing man and created an empowering, fulfilling partnership with him

  180. Wouldn’t it be great if I could;

    -Find a team of 7 people who lived and supported my dream and were willing to work with me (probono) to get my message to the masses.
    -I could plan a retreat to Costa Rica for new parents to re-center and find their passion for each other, life and their new roles as parents.
    -If I could create and systematize all the education/purchasing of support products for new moms to blissfully thrive through the first 2 years of parenthood.

    *Just for fun-
    Afford to take my hubby to Spain, Italy and Portugal for 2+weeks with a great nanny at home!

  181. Uche Adegbite

    Love this video!

    Wouldn’t it be great if I could personally meet and take pictures with Marie Forleo, Kris Carr and Marianne Williamson at the Event in NYC Town Hall on March 12th. I think that would make my year!

  182. Wouldn’t it be great if….

    1. I could spend a few weeks (or more) with all the spiritual leaders from this dimension and beyond and learn everything I possibly could and simply bask in their presence.

    2. If I could take what I learned from step 1 and enrich the lives of others through my words and actions.

    3. I could travel the world to learn and experience every culture that exists on our planet both past and present!

  183. Wouldn’t it be great if…

    …My business earned enough money that my husband could quit his job and do something he loved instead (B-School is going to make this happen!)
    –I was able to help millions (!) of women over 50 be happier and healthier
    –I was so successful I ended up as a guest video testimonial for B-School!

    I’m on it!

  184. Jumpin’ to the bottom of the comments, because if NOBODY reads this, me writing it means I still declared it.

    Marie, I’ve been revisiting office hours from B-School 2013 and I am so excited to be going through the programme again – finally, after two years, with a business idea that a) is viable and b) I’m so passionate about I can hardly stop thinking about it.

    Therefore, wouldn’t it be nice if…
    … I launched my website by the end of March
    … I ran my first group programme this year
    … I wrote my first book this year. Eek!

    I have done this exercise with my husband many a time, and we always feel closer, more expanded and more full of possibilities afterwards than we did before.

    Love to you Marie and all your awesome team x

  185. Ooooh, I love this episode. Brainstorming like this is like having Christmas in Feb. Wouldn’t it be great if…
    1. I could create an online school for writers with fantastic ideas who want to get their books to publication and make millions.
    2. Writing School included massages, saunas, yoga and lots of belly laughs so we felt bliss instead of drudgery when turning to the page.
    3. I could change the way writing is taught so we build up the work rather than deconstruct it.

    • When you launch your writing school, Suzanne, you can count me in!

  186. Daisy

    Have to go take a good shower (where I get all my best ideas!) to come up with my three wouldn’t–it-be-great-if’s, but I just wanted to say THANK YOU, Marie, for bringing cheer, encouragement, and laughter into my life on a regular basis! I very rarely comment online, but I just had to tell you THANKS for all the fun and inspiration.

  187. Wouldn’t it be great if…

    … I would launch my new web design tutorial series by the end of Summer?
    … I would release all fears and anxieties of letting go and finally making the career move I desperately crave?
    … I could run my own full-time business, working from a laptop while starring at a lovely beach?!

    Loved this post, very fun. Thanks Marie!

  188. Wouldn’t it be great if my show “Cirque Side of the Moon” got booked for a National Tour.

    Wouldn’t it be great to travel the world with my family and circus family, bringing amazing circus and art to hundreds and thousands of people.

    Wouldn’t it be great to have a second home in Hawaii.

    Thanks Marie…always inspiring!

  189. Kiea Everett

    “Wouldn’t it be great if “… I started my own online business and made more than I ever have before.
    “Wouldn’t be great if”.. I inspired and touched more lives than I could possibly imagine through starting my own online business.

    “Wouldn’t it be great if”… I could exercise and meditate within 30 mins.
    “Wouldn’t it be great if”.. I could be in San Diego on April 24th to see my oldest son arrive from being on a nine month deployment in the Middle East.
    “Wouldn’t it be great if”.. I could have a fabulous house built for all the elders in my family.

    • Wow Kiea, your post resonated with me. With your son returning, starting your online business, and building a house for your family. Being in the Army for 13 years myself, it is the most wonderful feeling returning HOME. You have to find a way to get to San Diego! Sites like allow you to write your story and have people contribute to your cause, from all over the world! We’ll be praying for him!

  190. Wouldn’t it be great if I had a open, light and bright studio where people could see me create my art and purchase it.

    Wouldn’t it be great if I had a home on the ocean and the free time to enjoy it.

    Wouldn’t it be great if I had financial freedom so I could create because I was inspired, not because I had to.

    Wouldn’t it be great if I could buy my first property and start creating beautiful affordable rental spaces/homes which would fill people/me with pride.

    Wouldn’t it be great if I had a community of like minded individuals to inspire and be inspired by.


  191. Wouldn’t it be great if I could structure my creative mind more and get things done.

  192. Wouldn’t it be great if…

    – I raised enough money via my crowd fund to attend B-School
    – I worked from home and earned more than enough to meet my business and personal needs
    – My handmade lipstick was carried in Whole Foods stores across the country

  193. Wouldn’t it be great if…
    – I could quit my day job within the next year.
    – I could afford to travel 2-3 times per year.
    – people paid me ahead of time to complete a body of artwork…

  194. Anais

    Wouldn’t it be great if…

    – I ran that half-marathon in summer
    – I finally finished my thesis
    – I found a better way to deal with emotional issues and reconnect to love

  195. Malcolm

    Wouldn’t it be great if:

    1. I didn’t have to work for a living.
    2. I could write, draw and make videos all day, every day.
    3. I had a gazillion friends.

  196. Makenzi

    Wouldn’t it be great if:
    1. I could enroll in B school this year.
    2. I could use what I learn in B school to make our family business profitable and take pressure off my family members.
    3. I could make our business profitable enough so they could afford to pay me enough to allow me to quit my job and work for the business full time as the Communications Director.

  197. Kenya

    Wouldn’t be great if:

    1. I had giant white board in my room so I can jot down ideas/ inspiration/ to do / deadlines
    2. I went on vacation to the beach this year, by myself, if I have too.

    3. I wrote a book on the woman at the well

  198. Hi Marie,

    Wouldn’t it be great if

    … I could be mentored by an award winning author, a literary brilliant.

    … I could make enough money to not just support myself at the minimum, but thrive and take vacations and own a home and take care of my family.

    … I could sing, I mean really sing, and perform.

    … I could host that cute burlesque-esque YouTube/Video series I’ve been imagining.

    … I could go on more dates and meet a good man.


  199. sandra

    Wouldn’t it be great if …

    … I go on and write my first book about traveling and spiritual growth.

    … I have a job I love and which allows me to see the world.

    … I help people to connect with their heart.

    … I have every week one day off.

  200. Malcolm

    Wouldn’t it be great if:

    1. I could create my own content for a living: stories, images, videos.
    2. I was paid to read or present my creative work to others, all around the world.
    3. I had a gazillion friends.

  201. Ooo! I LOVE this one! Man, you have the best ideas and the best team around. The guy in the penguin suit should be on SNL.

    “Wouldn’t it be great if”…one of my clients would land on the New York Times Best Seller List.

    “Wouldn’t it be great if”…my novel got published by a BIG publishing company.

    “Wouldn’t it be great if”…I could hit that 6-figure ceiling by 2015 (or sooner).

    Can’t wait to do Bschool again this year! Lots to brush up on.

    Keep on getting down with your bad self Marie (and awesome Team Forleo)!

  202. Wouldn’t it be great if:
    I could go to people’s work places and create pieces of art for them which was exclusively suited to their field and work space.
    I could go to people’s work places and have all the employees make pieces of a giant art work that they would then hang on the wall.
    I could help people use the challenges in their jobs as exercises to work towards inner peace.

  203. Great video, Marie – as always. I usually look forward to Tuesdays!

    Wouldn’t it be great if…
    – I could make it into B-School somehow?
    – Live in America
    – Run a company that makes enough money to help those who are not that privileged

  204. Wouldn’t it be nice if I could fix my prices and feel that they are ok with the service I’ m providing?
    Wouldn’t it be nice if I could make some portraits to Marie Forleo when I travel to NY next April? I would love!! You have been a really important part of my life during the last year. You are so inspiring!
    Marie Forleo said that If I wish it I could get it!!

  205. Wouldn’t it be great if …
    … I had a clientele big enough to afford a space outside my house in which to meet clients.
    … I had a photographer for my workshops.
    … my work load was split evenly between teaching classes and working privately.
    — I had professional quality DVDs to sell.

    That was certainly clarifying. Thanks, Marie!

  206. Megan

    Wouldn’t it be great if there was an aspiring musician’s group for introverts that played at their edge in a supportive & loving environment with the end goal being a live performance?
    Wouldn’t it be great if I went to Europe and traveled every summer from the second week of June until the second week of August with my place sublet by a respectful, responsible, cool tenant?
    Wouldn’t it be great if there was a public & private forum for women to share their abortion stories a la Exhale with even more growth, expansion, love, & individual support in multiple cities?

  207. Such a great exercise! I need to do this more often.
    My ifs:

    – wouldn’t it be great if I had a creative side business that could support my studies.
    – wouldn’t it be great if we could go on a honeymoon to Italy or Spain.
    – wouldn’t it be great if I could balance my passions without becoming anxious.

    I guess some follow-through is in order now.

  208. Wouldn’t it be great if . . .
    1. My book would get picked up by a large publisher
    2. I had a super efficient team so I could have more time to allow my idea geyser of a brain to do its thing and less time wasted on the boring techy crap.
    3. I could live in France…soon.
    4. I finally felt satisfied with my website
    5. I could get paid handsomely for just being a creative tsunami.

    I have about 100 others things (like wouldn’t it be nice if my dog didn’t roll in poop this morning and wouldn’t it be great if my teenagers would take out the garbage), but those are the ones that came to mind this morning!

    Have a great day all!

    • I’m so curious…what are you not satisfied with on your website? LOVE your gravatar picture, btw.

      • Hi Melody

        Oh, I have such website envy over say….Danielle Laportes. I love that vibe, love her and love the way there is amazing content there, but the context kicks butt! I’m not really a “10 steps to this and free report that” kind of gal, but I feel like I should do those things, because that is what everyone else does!

        Honeslty, its coming together. I have someone working on a rebrand for headers, footers, etc. That will clean it a bit for my launch.

        Thanks for the compliment about my gravatar!

        • Hey Carrie!

          I spent years diddling with my website, tweaking things here and there along the way as it kept coming into alignment, lol. I hear ya on the getting the vibe, great content and a fabulous reason for people to opt-in! I did several different gifts – from a chapter from an ebook, to “finding more time” tips, to all kinds of other things, but I found that the most successful one has been the simplest one I created of my top 5 office organizing containers. Everyone LOVES getting the dibs on what I use.

          Yay for your website presence all coming together! Your site is very attractive and lovely. Best of luck!

  209. LOVED THIS +1000%.
    I had my statements before you even finished talking.
    The best one gives me SHIVERS!!!
    Wouldn’t it be great if people came to me to create big visions?

    IOU one serving of blazing blue brilliant karma for this.

    • Macrina Newhouse

      Long time watcher, first time commenter.

      This one is so mind-opening. Thank you, Marie!!

      It’s liberating to not have to put the “is this possible” before the “is this what’s best” part. Okay, here goes…

      1. Wouldn’t it be great if screenwriters all over the country sent me their trouble scripts so I could help them improve their writing and overall chances of selling themselves and their material?

      2. Wouldn’t it be great if I could write and create every day without having to worry about making a paycheck?

      (this one surprised me when it popped up!)
      3. Wouldn’t it be great if parents knew how to help their children interact in creative and productive ways with technology, instead of letting them succumb to passive watching?

    • Osama Janakat

      WOW Cynthia!!! I just checked your website. Beautiful work <3

  210. Samira

    Wouldn’t it be great if ….

    :-))) I created a “kind of” Frenchy BSchool for french speaking people not speaking 2 words in English and would REALLLLYY neeeeed Bschool in their lives…

    :-))) I sang all day long ….

    :-))) I could speak chinese 🙂


  211. KatheM

    Honestly, this idea is great. But some of the responses are mostly unactionable unless you have a load of cash, in which case, you wouldn’t need b-school. My goals are to have a secure retirement and stop doing a job that I hate and spend most of my time doing art and photography.

    Both my brothers are very successful entrepreneurs — they work in the financial field. One travels a lot, knows titans of finance, and makes a ton of money. His hobbies are bicycle and cooking, but even he has demanding clients he has to answer to.

    Wouldn’t it be nice if I could in the next 10 years (as Marie says you can do a lot in 10 years), I:

    Become a fine arts photographer with an international rep.

    In my present job hone my photography and videography skills and get my employer to pay for it.

    While I’m learning, have my employer send me on a few trips abroad to use those skills.

    Learn how to develop real confidence to sell my abilities.


  212. Marissa

    Wouldn’t it be great if I could serve others through yoga and nutrition and stop cleaning homes I don’t live in?

    Wouldn’t it be great if I wrote that book I’ve had in my head on healing through acceptance from sexual trauma?

    Wouldn’t it be great if our gardens became a place of rest and inspiration for our community?

    Wouldn’t it be great if I could travel the world with the intention of inspiring people to break away from learned habitual and destructive patterns that hurt their heart?

    Wouldn’t it be great if I could sing the songs I’ve wrote without crying?

    Wouldn’t it be great to live my calling as a healer and be able to contribute to this life loving what I do?

  213. I could ride an elephant on safari in Africa.

    I could develop my mediation practice on a trip through India.

    I could wake up in a house on the beach.

  214. debbie

    Wouldn’t it be great if I became a well known professional singer, had enough time to hang around and have fun along with be an important economist so that I could change the world ?
    There are so many dreams marie, and you are doing a great job inspiring people to ‘go for it’!!

  215. Wouldn’t it be great if…
    – I had at least 30 amazing souls register and attend my first Transform Your Life a Detoxification Retreat in Utuado, Puerto Rico April 26-27, 2014.

    – I had an amazing business offer in San Diego, CA before May that is in alignment with my higher purpose and helps me grow my business as a holistic health coach.

    – I hosted 3 transformational retreats in 2015. Another in Puerto Rico, one in Costa Rica and in Mexico.

  216. Lyne Bruneau

    Wouldn’t it be great if…
    …I had financial freedom to stay at home with my children and travel.
    …I could start and finish the B-School course on the first shot.
    …I officially started my new business this Summer/Fall.

  217. Wouldn’t it be great if….

    – I earned enough this week to enroll in B school AND pay my bills for the month

    – I built a business that was profitable enough to allow me to stay at home full time with my kids WITHOUT worry of income to support us

    – I had an office with space for a studio to record professional videos.

    – I had a virtual assistant and dedicated web/graphic designer so I can stop doing the stuff I don’t want to do and focus on what I really love about my business.

    – I got a maid to clean my house and fold all the kids clothes on a weekly basis

    – I lost 30 pounds and had a flatter tummy (just sayin… that would be AWESOME!!)

    – Money was no longer an issue so I can do all the things above and more.

  218. Woudn’t it be great if:
    – I could afford B-school
    – my Etsy shop be my main source of income
    – I could live in Tuscany :)))

  219. SB

    Wouldn’t it be great if:

    -I became fluent in Italian (currently living in Italy so not too far a stretch)
    -I could write a book before my 23rd birthday (3 weeks time!)
    -I could write a guestpost for a successful travel blogger

  220. Wouldn’t it be great if we make PEACE in Syria, my homeland and all over the world? Come to to see my 27th day of PEACE vigil that were, are broadcast live nightly at 9:30 PM EST NIGHTLY!

    I try to highlight the obstacles to peace and suggest solutions to make PEACE,
    Thanks Marie

  221. Thank you gorgeous Marie!

    Wouldn’t it be great if….
    I enroll B-school this year
    I find an amazing book about being clear on what I really want as a online business
    I come to New York & do yoga with the gorgeous & so inspiring Elena Brower
    I built an amazing community in the south of France & worldwide

    Love & gratitude

  222. Wouldn’t it be great if…

    1) I could finish B-School and start a steady cash flow doing something that I really love.

    2) I could finish all my pending unfinished projects!!

    3) now that I have a steady income and all my pending projects are completed that I can finally finish remodeling my old house/art studio.

    …yikes, ….but it would be awesome!! 😀

  223. Wouldn’t it be great if
    – my husband & I took our children on a nature tour of Australia for at least a year long adventure
    – I swam with the turtles in Hawaii
    – our finances allowed for our dream home renovations i.e./ decking to sit on & treehouse for the boys, our 80’s style pretty salmon coloured kitchen converted into a beautiful natural & sustainable kitchen space, solar power, water tanks, permacultured garden, with a frog pond our children want that is completely off the grid.
    – I got to interview the woman who has inspired my buns off ! thats you Marie ! : )
    – I could speak 3 languages in 3 years – French, Greek & Chinese to teach my children : )
    – homes were created for the homeless & there was a love-college for people how to rebuild their lives & inspire them to create the life they love
    – people stopped littering
    – unschooling became popular
    – the animals stopped going extinct
    – disease was no longer & suffering stopped

    Oh boy don’t get me started – LOL – I went from holidays to soap box in a matter of minutes…

    • LOL. Your home dreams captured my attention! Habitat for Humanity helps people get into homes. It’s a fun organization to learn from, because when I volunteer, I actually get to help build the structure and learn much about creating homes. I’ve been able to do some of my own updating projects because of what I learned while volunteering!!!

  224. Wouldn’t it be great if:
    1. My fundraising video helps me enroll in B-School, I complete the work, and finally make a living selling my art!!
    2. I create ten new drawings and win the Traveling Scholarship this summer.
    3. I sold enough artwork to purchase a camera and travel to Iceland with my mother.

  225. Wouldn’t it be great if my little family could take a small trip during every season of the year?!

    Wouldn’t it be great if my small business continued to thrive so I could buy beautiful organic and real food with out feeling guilty that I’m spending too much money?!

    Wouldn’t it be great if I could convince myself to get up and walk every day?

    • Lea

      Hi Melissa, I don’t know what I would do without my first thing in the morning walks. My dogs are my inspiration, but even when I’m by myself I have to walk. If you can make a little goal each morning, just around the block to start or give yourself fifteen minutes. It is such a good time to connect with your creative self. I hope you will give this to yourself!

    • LOVE your dreams, Melissa! Especially the first two.

  226. Lea

    Wouldn’t it be great if…
    1) I could move my studio into its own building that I owned.
    2) I had a team of employees that I LOVED working with.
    3) my business thrived and was an inspiration for others.

  227. Wouldn’t it be great if/when:

    My book, I AM: You Power This Life, touches the lives of countless men & women all over the globe, suddenly and magically today!

    People everywhere begin to understand and realize the power of Divine Love within them and choose to embrace a perfect, joyful life now!

    The “New Earth,” Eckhart Tolle speaks of, is born in this lifetime for all to see and experience and prosper!

  228. wouldn’t it be great if…

    I finished my ebook
    I made strong supportive female friendships in this new city
    I used my love of design to live my dream

  229. Hey Marie!
    I love this tip, so simple but seems powerful. It takes the doubt out of the equation and you just get to let your dreams fly. LOVE that. I have one!

    Wouldn’t it be great if, I could afford b-school! I really want to go to b-school but the payment plan option is still too much for my budget. I watch your videos and feel so inspired, and will keep doing so, hoping my if can turn into a reality!

  230. Melissa

    Wouldn’t it be great if…

    – I could save up enough money to take both B School and a Nutrition Program this year
    – I could travel whenever the opportunity arises and not have to wait until my hours accumulate at work
    – I could better the lives of people I’ve never even met

    Time to get to work :)!

  231. Gracelove

    this is very inspirational…
    wouldn’t it be great if my husband and kids can come leave with me over here in India.
    wouldn’t it be great if i can send home 250 pairs of shoes for Easter sales.

    wouldn’t it be great if i can own my very own world class online fashion store.
    i actually felt relieved after putting this down.

  232. Wouldn’t it be great if … I could figure out an idea for an online business that feels like home to me.
    One that is an extension of what fuels me, where ideas blossom, people are inspired to be their best, connections are made, answers to problems are discovered, creativity flows in gorgeous waves and prosperity pours in.
    Wouldn’t it be great!

  233. Wouldn’t it be great if…

    – I created all the new products and services I have dreamed up for Your Life In Between AND it was a huge success!!

    – I found that guy, that special someone, on one of these dates.

    – I got to book that trip to London for my birthday!

    – I got to spend loads of time with my Dad before he passes.

    – I got that job to help me out until my business flourishes.

    • Oh Glenda, my friend. My heart burst wide open when I read “spend loads of time with Dad before he passes.” #makeithappen

  234. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to share what the divorced know about divorce with the married so more people would never divorce.

    Or wouldn’t it be great if I could take the lessons I learned from divorce and go viral!

    Or wouldn’t it be great if people would share my book, 101 Things I Learned AFTER My Divorce with those hurting.

  235. Wouldn’t it be great if…?

    1. I could remember to finish my youtube videos every week?
    2. I finished writing one of my book ideas?
    3. I could move out into my own place?

  236. Natalia Stefanova

    Wouldn’t it be great if ..
    * there were 50 people signed up for my webinar by tomorrow, and
    * I could afford to travel as much as my fantastic flexible job allows me to, and
    * there were no people feeling lonely and sad around the world.

  237. Yes, it would be great if the home had no clutter! It’s AMAZING to live and work from a serene, productive environment which has plenty of thinking and creative room to get things done (and be prepared to enjoy the heck out of downtime!!!). LOVE that you mentioned clutter, Marie!!!

    AND, shabam! You nailed another one of my favorite things about being well organized…and doing things my way… creating a schedule/routine around my personality and natural rhythm!

    Wouldn’t it be great if EVERYONE found their natural rhythm of getting things done and lovin’ their boost in productivity and inspiration!?!?

    I want to move my VIP client times from 11a.m. to 1.p.m. I decided this last night, and you freakin’ mention it today! Bless you.

    Wouldn’t it be great if I found an architect that is perfect to design my dream home? (It’s brilliant since I have the experience of being in so many homes, and I know the middle ground that’s absolutely perfect for what so many people want in their homes and lifestyles! I’ve been searching and receiving hits from many architects, but “the one” is still out there somewhere.)

    Wouldn’t it be great if I had a personal chef to create several delicious, mouth watering meals for myself and family, plus some really simple, clean, light meals that I would savor and devour every last bite? mmmm…mmm.mmmm….mmmm

  238. Wouldn’t it be great if:

    – For next year’s B School I could offer a full scholarship for someone belonging to my online community so that they could reap the rewards of learning and expanding their business without financial worry!

    – I could finish my manuscript for my self-help inspirational book by March 15th!

    -I could take my husband and kids on a fabulous beach vacation next fall with the money I earn from my business!

    Love the imagination game, Marie! Lights me right up! 🙂

  239. Gracelove

    wouldn’t it be great if..

    -i can afford to sponsor myself through b-school this year..
    -i can boost the traffic on my facebook pages.
    -i can own a cheaper-than-the-market shopping mall in my country.

  240. Wouldn’t it be great if…
    My family lived on our own schedules every day!

    I could inspire women from tough backgrounds that they can take control of their lives just like I did!

    My online business changed thousands of lives financially and spiritually.

  241. Wouldn’t it be great if I signed up for B-School, put in my best time, effort and energy into the class work and experienced a healthy and awesome change in my business and in my life?

    Oh? Wait! That’s the plan!

    Can’t wait for class to begin!

    Big hugs and love

    Rocco Distefano

    • Osama Janakat

      Nice!!! Way to tack action to transform your personal and professional life.

      See you in class 😀

      With Love & Respect,


      • Osama Janakat


  242. Love this Marie! I do this exercise in my MasterMind Group and the participants always come away feeling so inspired! Here is mine:

    – Wouldn’t it be great if my first online course delivered amazing value over a long-period of time AND put me on the map as world-renown expert in going from “I have a dream” to “I have arrived”?

    – Wouldn’t it be great I had many opportunities to do paid speaking gigs and interviews and share my passion for creating success from within?

    – Wouldn’t it be great to have a post go viral and be shared by millions of inspired readers all over the world?

    – Wouldn’t it be nice to find the perfect accounting, legal and VA support so that I focus only on the parts of the business that I absolutely love?

    -Wouldn’t it be nice to carve out a few months for a delicious writing hiatus and write a cutting-edge, brilliant, uplifting best-selling book?

    Thanks for the opportunity to focus on my vision Marie!

  243. Wouldn’t it be great if:

    I owned a house in Toronto AND in Spain AND in Oregon AND in Thailand, so I could hop over to whichever house had the best climbing temperatures, any time of year!?


  244. Hicham

    I have never bothered to comment on your blog; never felt that I had the time…

    But this… is different.

    I have tried Nathaniel Branden’s “sentence completion” exercises, recommended by Eben Pagan; and they’ve been very effective in making more aware and conscious throughout the day.

    I know the power of sentence completion… and how it gets you to find gold in your magic garden.

    Anyway, I’m taking action on this right now… I’ll probably add it to my morning and evening sentence-completion sets.

    Thanks, Marry.

    PS: here is mine: Wouldn’t It Be Great If… My Next eBook Was In PDF, EPUB, AND MOBI?


  245. Wouldn’t it be great if every patient had a room with a view to a sunny place! I ran a successful kickstarter campaign to help make that a reality.
    After working as an artist in residence on the oncology floor at a children’s hospital I was profoundly changed. I once was a whimsical children’s illustrator and today I use my art to help inspire and uplift others 🙂 see my art at
    One small act of kindness can have a ripple effect beyond imagine!

    • What a GREAT website and a GREAT gift to the world! I LOVED IT!

    • Thanks Diane!
      I forgot 2 and 3 and added 1 more!
      2. To quit my day job and pursue my art full time
      3. Get published
      4. Start speaking to large audiences about arts and healthcare

  246. Lynn

    Wouldn’t it be great if I had a mentor I trusted, who truly believed in me and supported me in achieving my goals

    Wouldn’t it be great if I could find full time employment that honored me and allowed me to use my gifts and skills

    Wouldn’t it be great if I had a living space that I could easily afford in my current neighborhood that is spacious, safe and serene.

  247. Lucia

    … I could earn lots of money and be totally happy with my dream business helping and inspiring people into the 5th dimension?
    …. My daughter and husband would partner with me at least part time and make our family life richer?
    … I would become enlightened (s.o.s :-)!)?

  248. Well what makes you think it isn’t? That’s the first step to solving that problem. They do have b-school live.
    Here is something from forbes:

    According to other sources, more “unhappy” people: Their main complaint about b-school (and this may be old) is that it mostly covers “basics” and while great for people starting out, it’s not so good for people who have been in the business for a while.

  249. Wouldn’t it be great if….
    In 2014, my clinic generates a six figure income!
    In one year from now I have developed and successfully launched my online consulting business!
    One year after I complete B School Ms. Forleo interviews me on Marie TV!

  250. Chassey Wallace

    Wouldn’t it be great if…

    I could step out of our construction business and pursue my own dreams;
    sharing the positive energy that overflows from me and making a difference in the lives of people who’s paths cross mine.

    I could learn to funnel all my energy and ideas into a practical, useful resource for others…oh wait, that would B-School (said the Universe) So excited!!

  251. Wouldn’t it be great if….Marie & Co. would put out a blooper reel, just for fun? 🙂

    • Osama Janakat

      LOL!!! That would be great. I would love to watch that hehe 😀

    • We do it every week if you watch the end of each video 🙂 But we will certainly note that you’d like a suppppperrr long one.

  252. Terrence

    Wouldn’t be great if I can bring Broadband Consciousness Course from the UK to North America because it is making long lasting impact to a wide variety of people (millionaire to housewife; young and old; males and females) in 5 days.

  253. NYC Gay Bear and IPEC student. Been loving your videos & website for the last few weeks. I think I’ve developed a secret crush.
    Keep up the amazing work and I hope to meet you someday!

  254. Kendra Dare

    Wouldn’t it be great if, after completing this spring’s B School session, I continued down this path and created an amazingly successful business that paid off my MBA student loans?!

    Wouldn’t it be great if my kids threw their dirty clothes in their hampers instead of on their bedroom floors?!

    Wouldn’t it be great if my successful business allowed my family the freedom to travel together more often?!

  255. Osama Janakat

    “Wouldn’t it be great if..” WOW this little (but huge) phrase doesn’t leave ANY room for small thinking… I love it.

    Wouldn’t it be great if my current business can financially support my Dream business?

    Wouldn’t be great if I move to Cali. in 3 years?

    Wouldn’t it be great if I’m driving a burgundy Maserati down on Highway 1 in Cali?

    Now that I have these written down, it’s time to put in the work (in B-School & out) to get the results.

    With Love & Respect,


  256. Deanna

    Wouldn’t it be nice if…

    I created a life of passion and service with support from an amazing group of people? Oh, yeah, I just did that!! I start B-School on March 10th – WOOHOO!!! 🙂

  257. Angela Andrews

    Wouldn’t it be great if:

    I could bring to fruition this event idea I have head in my head for months.
    I could travel with my family as part of my new, some day-to-be business
    I could quit my day job and spend all my time inspiring women to love themselves fully and connect with others.

    Thank you for this exercise. Just putting this into words is further motivation to keep plugging away at making all of it happen. Looking forward to gaining some more clarity and useful tools in B-School!!

  258. Wouldn’t it be great if every patient had a room with a view to a sunny place! I recently ran a successful kickstarter campaign to help make that happen
    After working as an artist in residence on the oncology floor of a children’s hospital I was profoundly changed. Before I was a whimsical children’s illustrator and today I use my art to inspire and uplift others. See my art at
    One small act of kindness can have a ripple effect that can reach beyond what you imagine. 🙂

  259. Wouldn’t it be great if I could
    1) sell my hand painted garments more and more ,
    2) to open very very good website ,
    3) save up some money to go to B school next year ,
    3) to write a recipe book for healthy and delicious food for people with MS
    4) to open retreat center in some warm place to offer good raw food ….

  260. Wouldn’t it be great if everyone understood Epigenetics and the power of Lunasin. What it can do to protect the un-born, defeat cancer, type II diabetes ect.
    Wouldn’t it be great if schools like IIN would pick up Epigenetics

  261. I get so happy reading all of these dreams and ideas – awesome!

    Wouldn’t it be great if….
    1)…..I could create this big, great travel/conference experience for creative solopreneurs in a fab European city like Budapest or Belgrade (both brimming with creativity), talking about building our businesses, serving the world with our art and connecting.

    2)…..clear out & update my closet so every piece represents who I am and who I’m becoming.

    3)…..I could help one person each day breaking through their resistance, coming unstuck and finding motivation again. Would be SO cool.

    4…. I could live stream an intimate concert a month (I had to get that one in too… 😉

    • AWESOME Lina. All are so possible. #2 and #3 can happen ASAP and #1 and #4 are just a wee bit more planning, but totally doable.

  262. Edna

    Wouldn’t it be great if I had a totally well functioning art studio.

    Wouldn’t it be great if my husbands health was greatly improved and we could travel cross country.

    Wouldn’t it be great if I really did receive the MacArthur genius award.

  263. Wouldn’t it be great if…
    1.) My business took off this year!
    2.) I could afford to quit my day job
    3.) I could be home with my babies a little more

  264. Wouldn’t it be great if…

    -My husband could quit his job.
    -Work only in the mornings…play in the afternoon.
    -Could create more passive income from creative ideas that are unique to my industry.

  265. Anitra

    Wouldn’t it be great if………….
    1. We could go to Disney World every year
    2. After my books are written they were made into a TV show that parents could enjoy and not worry about their kids walking into the room
    3. I could inspire more girls to be themselves and know it’s ok

  266. Dayna

    Wouldn’t be great if

    – I moved to Australia for 3 months
    – I could find a job there, and return with a work visa
    – I could move there permanently

  267. Wouldn’t it be great if…
    I could earn 6 figures this year and launch my business online?
    I could travel the world and still be running my business?
    I could change the lives of more people than I can imagine through my passion for English and self-development?

  268. Wouldn’t it be great if…
    I worked primarily for international wedding clients that are as artistically minded as I am. My inspirations in working with light, lace and love are dying to explore new beautiful and sunny locations!!

  269. Wouldn’t it be great if…

    My children’s book was published this year?
    My landscape art was featured in a lovely gallery?
    I could be successful working artist and then share my success with art students hoping for the same? 🙂

    What if?!

  270. Paries

    Wouldn’t it be great if I could give to the world and no stress about providing for me

    Wouldn’t it be great if my fears and doubts never stopped me

    Wouldn’t be great to be alongside strong business woman every day changing the world every step of the way

  271. I don’t have a “Wouldn’t it be great if” but do have a comment about the length of the video. Out of the 5 minute video there was 4 minutes of cute banter and one minute of useful info. I totally get fun banter, but 80/20 is a bit much for me.

  272. Cecilli G

    Wouldn’t it be great if…

    1) our client list quadrupled tripled this year?
    2) our paychecks tripled this year?
    3) we were the go to professionals when the media wants accurate information about our industry?

  273. The penguin outtakes are the best!

  274. Wouldn’t it be great if…

    I could run week long retreats for women who want to make a major lifestyle change and teach them the basics of fitness and healthy eating strategies. I’d have them try out different exercise formats in a safe environment and come up with their own fitness goals. The group would stay in touch through a private online support group so I could they/I could cheer them on and answer questions they had along the way.

    This is what I want to work on in 2014!

  275. make 100k in 2014
    start my spiritual workshops and seminars business
    my book gets recognized by a major publisher and published in 2014

  276. Wouldn’t it be great if…
    * I had enough money to do all the cool, fun stuff our family wants to do.
    * I ran my own successful business, working with totally cool, smart, inspired people on projects based on passion
    * I lost that damn 15 lbs I am always working so hard to lose…. 😉
    Signing up for BSchool to help make the first 2 happen, heading out for a run to work on the third….

  277. Wouldn’t it be great if. . .

    * I could finish my current course of study sooner than the projected date of 2016.

    * I could live in a warmer climate for part of the year.

    * I (had the time to) create group programs so that I could help even more people understand the significant impact that diet and lifestyle makes on health, and the control they have over their wellness.

  278. Cassandra Maldonado

    Wouldn’t it be great if I could support myself teaching yoga and group exercise classes.

    Wouldn’t it be great if I could visit my friends in Europe.

    Wouldn’t it be great if I could open a retreat were people can get away from the hustle and bustle and learn practical holistic practices.

  279. Wouldn’t it be great….

    *If I could take a week and go sit on the beach in the warm sand with a good book and cool drink!

    *If I could earn enough money to pay for my son’s college education in cash. 🙂

    Ah…dare to dream!

  280. Wouldn’t it be great if b-school helped me take my charity global.
    Wouldn’t it be great if I could make squillions in a business so that it
    Would be great to be able to focus on my charity! 🙂

  281. Wouldn’t it be great if my business could purchase the corner space for lease across the street and turn it into a cultural arts center for local art shows, piano recitals, poetry readings and a local council meeting place. I need a financial guru to help connect me with funds to make this vision happen. (I already got the illegal marijuana dispensary removed from the spot with great success. Now it’s time to turn the negative energy into a positive creative space.)

  282. Kelly MacDonald

    Wouldn’t it be great if….

    -the children’s album that I am recording right now revolutionize the way that children learn especially aural learners
    -I got hired by school full time next year, that has great energy, great administration, great staff.
    -school boards recognize the power of the Arts especially for children living in rougher areas

  283. Wouldn’t it be great if.. Marie and Team Forleo came to my house to make healthy, allergy free treats!

    Wouldn’t it be great if the next time I ran my 21 Day Gluten, Dairy, Sugar Free Online Challenge Hay House, Mark Hyman, Stephen Sinatra were my affiliate partners

  284. Pauline Renee Operario

    Wouldn’t it be great if:

    I have absolute control of my time..
    I have a great online business that’s sustainable
    I can travel the world for both leisure and business

    Thank you for being my daily happy fix,Marie! Thank you
    For your generosity too!

  285. Grant

    Hey Marie,

    Awesome video and looking forward to hitting B-School even if the ratio of female to male is 100 to 1 🙂

    Wouldn’t it be GREAT if:

    I could travel the world and inspire thousands of men and women to achieve greatness in there life.

    I could help as many people as possible that are less fortunate then myself to get a better education.

    I could become the best leader and example of excellence in my field to inspire others.

    You must have big dreams if your going to achieve great things !!!! Look out world here I come !!!!

  286. Wouldn’t it be great if….

    1) I could interview Marie Forleo live on my radio show in the future. I’m simply appreciate your insight and can do attitude.
    2) I could attend B-School in 2015
    3) I could earn six figures (net after taxes) by the end of 2014.

  287. It would be great if this year’s B-School included

    *more specialized lessons for creatives, coaches, and those selling products

    *longer answers in the office hours– vetted ahead of time so a real, in/depth discussion between Marie and a student could take place

    *some kind of live online graduation celebration when the class is over

    Looking forward to B-School!!

  288. Wouldn’t it be great if…

    1. I could shoot three lifestyle sessions a week, blog daily and pursue my personal projects while creating enough income to support my family in the style to which we’d like to become accustomed.

    2. our family could spend half the year visiting family and shooting on location around the world and the other half at our home somewhere idyllic and natural and peaceful.

    3. our home was full of light and space and invited creativity and expansive dreams and delight.

  289. Wouldn’t it be great if…

    1) I taught a week long yoga retreat in the Caribbean that included lots of meditation, health counseling, and discussions on self empowerment.
    2) my family and I spent an entire summer in Europe – twice!
    3) I was able to create a flourishing online business so I could send my kids to private school.

  290. Viola Kukuk

    Wouldn’t it be great if I make every living room nicer and happier!
    Wouldn’t it be great if I spend half the year in Paris or travel to Japan!
    Wouldn’t it be great if I´m surrounded by optimistic business woman 🙂

  291. Allison

    Wouldn’t it be great if…

    1.I created a children’s yoga brand to bring the spirit and movement to our little ones.
    2. I could run my business partly from my studio and partly on line
    3. I could always be learning with true love in my heart!

  292. Denise Cadet

    Wouldn’t it be great if…

    I could spend 6 months to 1year in Italy learning the food culture and influence others around me while I am there spiritually, physically, health wise and financially.

    I could open CadetHealth Center and have my vision of 13 years come alive with a kitchen studio, an attach Gym and a “decompress” center for lifestyle teaching and relaxation.

    I could find a husband soon that is really good with finance and business minded and God focus, i.e. spiritual and not faking it, romantic, love to give, love everything I cook, fun, loving, a giver, willing to work on things, able to express his hurts and listen to me…or heck Jesus ain’t coming back to marry me. But it would be great to get someone that loves life and love God. I can work with the rest.

  293. So happy to be going through B-School again, perfect timing to get these dreams activated — Wouldn’t it be great if:
    – I wrote and got a publisher for my book.
    – I found a great web designer to upgrade my site in a barter rather than cash deal.
    – I exited the corporate side of the entertainment biz.

    Just writing this stuff out makes my heart ache with hope and fear. Breathing deep and sending good juju out to everyone else with big dreams! xo

    • Denise Cadet

      Congratulations, that is exciting. What accomplishments! May success continue to find you

  294. Courtney

    Wouldn’t it be great if I could change the food programs in the schools in my community to be delicious and nutritious?? And then schools everywhere…..

    • Diana Lugo

      Wouldn’t it be great if…..

      – I could build a successful business from home, where I can retire my husband and both of us can be available for our kids anytime without worrying about finances or working for someone else.

      – I could spend most of my days taking classes to learn to sew, crochet or learn another language or possibly learn to play an instrument…

      – Travel with my family to different parts of the world without the guilt of leaving our children behind; because we can’t afford it!

      – I could have the freedom to volunteer at places whenever I wanted without sacraficing my family or time with them.

      I could go on and on and on, LOL….

    • Diana Lugo

      Wouldn’t it be great if…..

      – I could build a successful business from home, where I can retire my husband and both of us can be available for our kids anytime without worrying about finances or working for someone else.

      – I could spend most of my days taking classes to learn to sew, crochet or learn another language or possibly learn to play an instrument…

      – Travel with my family to different parts of the world without the guilt of leaving our children behind; because we can’t afford it!

      – I could be completely DEBT FREE!

  295. Sherri Grande

    “Wouldn’t it be great if…”

    …my new business helped me become completely financially independent and inspired the women I want to reach to do the same.

    …my business was so successful that I could pay off my graduate student loans and my children’s upcoming college loans!!

    …I could have time to paint whenever I wanted to

  296. Awesome video, fab comments, all the best everyone!
    Wouldn’t it be great if….
    1. I stuck to the habit of writing a thank you card a day.
    2. My clients could get the results for my eating and exercising!
    3. I took a 3 month holiday to visit the friends I feel like I’ve neglected around the world and my online business kept earning an income 24/7.

  297. Wouldn’t it be great…

    1 – to allow myself to enroll in the B-School, to trust myself and not worry about the money and know I will make it back
    2 – Spend the summer traveling and photographing with my girls
    3 – to own an apartment in the city and a house in the Berkshires

    BTW, I totally agree about Carole – LOVED her!!

  298. Wouldn’t it be great if…
    1. I had my own art studio in my home
    2. We had a much bigger place to live in that we liked just as much (for example, buy the next door neighbor’s unit and knock out the wall between the two?)
    3. I did yoga and/or went for walks every day

  299. Wouldn’t it be great if I could create and test recipes.

    Wouldn’t ti be great if I could create a space that reflect my passion in cooking.

    Wouldn’t be great if I could create a life with a career in food and cooking and teach others how to cook.

    • Do it Sheri! Start a blog of your favorite recipes. You can do it!

      • Hey Stacey:

        Thanks for the encouragement. You see what happens when you put your thoughts out there, people will come through and support you. I started writing my blog on Sunday called Cooking for the Weekend. It’s my take on living for the weekend because cooking is one way of me living. I also like your website and wouldn’t it be greats particularly the house in the Berkshires.

  300. It would be so great if…..
    1. this process that my husband and I are going through really leads us in the right direction…trusting that we are doing the right thing!
    2. We could take our three little ones and spend a month or more every year in another country just to give everyone a new take on life, people, culture, food, love
    3.I could be so free and trusting that I could love my husband the way that I really want to love him (the most nervous one of all!!!)

  301. I regretfully clicked “Notify me of followup comments via e-mail” , now my inbox is being bombarded with tons of responses. How can I stop this?

    • It’s ok, I took care of it
      spank you! 😉

  302. Wouldn’t it B GREAT If:
    * My Book on Creative Spirit reached the top 5/ oh WTH, #1 NYT best in 2015!
    * I was asked to do a TED talk about Your Creative Spirit this year and it was a Grand Success!
    * I was invited to conduct 10 visiting artist workshops on Pottery or Creative Spirit this year!
    * Everyone on this list was able to complete at least one from their list this year 🙂

  303. Mercedes Frederick

    Love it!!!! Challenge accepted 🙂

    “Wouldn’t it be great if, I was part of a group of like minded individuals consciously creating our dreams into reality.”

    “Wouldn’t it be great if, my artistic creations increased my financial freedom.”

    I admit that fear came up when stating those sentences. Then I arrived at the feeling of.. WOULDN’T IT BE GREAT IF?!? Yes, it would. I’m ready to go get it!!!! Thank you Ms Marie for your inspiration.

  304. Wouldn’t it be great if…

    I was working on my business instead of in my business.
    I could open a second boutique in two years.
    I could contribute substantially financially to my family and live debt free.
    I could start a second business that I feel quite passionately about.

  305. I live in England and its pretty cool during the summer. Makes me not miss the tropical breezes of Trinidad and Tobago so much 🙂

    As for my 3 ‘Wouldn’t it be great if ….’
    I could travel the world whilst running my counselling practice

    I coud use my counselling and coaching to help others become more connected to who they truly are and live from that space.

    I could live off of my business and be able to provide a great life so my hubby can pursue his dreams.

    Happy dreaming peeps!

  306. Marie is an inspiration!

    Wouldn’t it be great if I could quit my day job and make a living with my makeup business!

    Wouldn’t it be great if I spent my days doing what I am passionate about and love, while making women feel amazing about themselves!

    Wouldn’t it be great if I had the courage to go after my dreams…this one I plan to turn into my reality. Watch out dreams, here I come!

  307. jenaya crosson

    Wouldn’t it be Fabulous if:
    – I could create an online business that changed the world’s view on agriculture and made it possible for farmers to do their work without being blackmailed by the media?! ( Make farming sexy)
    – I could travel the world teaching people about where their food comes from and connect urbanized societies with the roots of the land?
    – be a leader in my business as well as be a great parent and teacher! And leave an inspiring legacy to my kids, the world and other ” farm wives” just like me!

    • Hi Jenaya:

      How would you make farming sexy? You’re people need to know that their food comes from. There was a person who didn’t want to buy from the farmers’ market because she thought that the food was dirty. I should hope so as did come from the earth. People are use to the idea of getting their food from bags already clean and believe it’s better.

  308. Tracy

    Wouldn’t be great if…..

    -I could work from home and help tons of people while doing it?

    -I could get in such great shape that people stop me and ask me for advice?

    -I could have enough leisure time in my life that I’m able to indulge in time spent with my family, friends, and lazing around with my dog?

    It would be great! And it will happen! 🙂

  309. Wouldn’t it be great if…

    – I finished writing my book
    – I could have more flexibility with my job
    – I could come up with the money to join B-School !! : )
    – I could figure out how to monetize my blog
    – I could reach a larger audience
    – I could make a difference in more peoples’ lives
    – I could spend the rest of my life working as the artist and creative I am
    – I could make more significant contributions to programs that bring clean drinking water to everyone on the planet

    Oh my goodness! I could go on an on : )

  310. Wouldn’t it be great if…

    a) Team Forleo picked me and trekked all the way to Vancouver Island to film me in my elements for the Live Your Dream campaign? Hee hee… on wait… STILL. SO. JAZZED.

    Okay cheekiness aside, wouldn’t it be great if…

    1. I was a leading expert in healthy and purposeful living?
    2. I wrote a book this year? Even just a little one?
    3. I could take a scuba diving sabbatical?

    And because I feel like I’m on a roll, wouldn’t it be great if…

    4. I met Kris Carr and/or Marie Forleo in person? Blink. Blink.
    5. I figured out how to fold the 3D origami owl that was requested of me by a friend for her birthday? #dontreadspanish
    6. I got a welcome video for my new fancy website shot and edited professionally?
    7. There wasn’t 18 inches of snow, and an entirely uphill drive to work today? #whothoughtthatup?

    • Hey Tonia – I’m on Vancouver Island too! That’s great you’re in B-School – I’m sure it will be fun : ) I managed to get my car out of 14 inches of snow here in the Comox Valley this morning…crazy!! Hope you made it to work ok.

      • Hey Lex. I know, it’s utter maddness. It snowed for 3 days straight. What is this, the prairies? My husband works outside and is off today because of snowmadgedon so he’ll take me in his truck.

        I loved B-School! I went through the program last year and will be doing it again with the new class when it starts March 10th. It’s a life changer! (I actually was selected for the Live Your Dream campaign which was an incredible experience also.) 🙂

        Thanks for reaching out, it’s always great to connect to local peeps. Be safe out there (or better yet, cozy in for a snow day!)

  311. Sumari

    Oooo wouldn’t it be great if:

    – …I could take 2 weeks off every 3 months to travel and vacation in a new destination
    – … I could actually travel for business in business/first class
    – … I could buy my new car CASH! instead of a loan…

  312. Oh, goodness. I could do this all day and I’m not sure this exercise actually makes me feel any better. lol

    Wouldn’t it be great if…

    -I could hire an assistant/photographer

    -My jewelry was placed in nation magazines and seen on actresses in films and television shows

    -I could sell wholesale lines to luxury stores around the world

    -I could hire a production team

    -I could live debt-free


  313. Samantha

    Wouldn’t it be great if:

    1. I could make a living through my art.
    2. Own my own home, debt-free!
    3. Write and publish my memoir.

    These have been dreams for years – time to make them a reality!

  314. Wouldn’t it be great of the hotel considering my canvas rugs ordered them for every room?
    Wouldn’t it be great to visit my family in the States?
    Won’t it be great when I am debt free!

  315. This is the first time I’ve left a comment. Last night I watched Marie’s 3rd and final video on B-School and the 13 Keys to Killing it Online. Sitting there watching, I had epiphany after epiphany, enlightenment, illumination, however you want to put it! I do have a successful business now but I’m not connecting to it like I did when I started. I’ve had this idea in my head and heart for over a year and… I’m going to get this party started! Marie, you inspired me to make the commitment to start B-School and continue education so I can kill it online. With that being said, wouldn’t it be great if…..

    …I launched my new business idea online by the end of 2014 and it is received with open arms from people all over the world who are searching, dreaming, thirsting for this clarity in their lives.
    …I could partner with my sister in this endeavor and relieve her stress and worry by introducing her to a whole new way of thinking and living that lets us both be moms and enjoy every moment with our little ones while still running our business online and loving every minute.
    …I could meet Marie someday!

    Thank you for what you and Team Forleo do for entrepreneurs to erase doubt and give hope and inspiration to all of us who know we can make a difference and just need a roadmap to get there.

  316. Wouldn’t it be great if…
    – I got a regular happiness & wellbeing column in a magazine or newspaper.
    – I got 10 loyal coaching clients.
    – I qualified to the young horse nationals with my 5 year old Mickey this year.

    • Susanna, looks like we have similar interests 🙂 See my comment a couple spots down – too funny!

  317. MJ

    Wouldn’t it be great if:

    – I had paid all my debts

    – I had a (wonderful) boyfriend

    – I could quit my job and start my own company?

  318. Wouldn’t it be great if…

    …I made it into that Equus Coach Training I’ve been dreaming of – changing lives with the help of horses – too cool! 🙂
    …I got up the guts to put my intuitive guidance services on my website.
    …I didn’t work on Fridays (love that one, Marie!) and got to plan and catch up on Mondays.

    • Dear Hannah:

      I would be Glad to assist you to complete your guidance services website responsive to iPhones/iPads. You can always talk with us via Skype ID: creativeboots so your wish comes true & we make your business grows more 🙂

      Take Super Care
      Sarah –

  319. Carol Carman

    Wouldn’t it be great if…
    I acquire the money for B-School in the next couple of days so I don’t have to put if off for a year.

    My website business idea gets off the ground quickly and lots and lots of people purchase my downloads.

    My house sells soon, close to the asking price and I can find the perfect new home at an affordable price.

    I get to see my dear friend in France very, very soon.

    • Dear Carol:

      I would be Glad to assist you to elevate your Website Business being Programmer & Designer from last 8years. You can always talk with us via Skype ID: creativeboots so your wish comes true & we make your business grows more 🙂

      Take Super Care
      Sarah –

  320. Wouldn’t it be great if where I live (Ennis, Texas) had free community yoga in the park this summer?

    Wouldn’t it be great if I planted a garden this year?

    Wouldn’t it be great if part of my job was to travel and talk with people I love?

  321. Paulette

    Wouldn’t it be great if I quit my job …and travel around the world teaching yoga, nutrition & the gift of fitness to unprivileged kids, adults, patients recovering from cancer etc…it will be for me something magical!!

  322. Oliver

    Wouldn’t it be great:

    1. If we could all cream in our pants whenever we had a sexual urge
    2. If we could allow our lovers to love freely without the threat of repercussions
    3. If we could each contribute one technological advancement that would improve the world

  323. Wouldn’t it be great if I didn’t have to go to work if I didn’t fee like it… I was debt free…. I made a positive impact on the world

  324. Wouldn’t it be great if:
    1) my financial voodoo is completely automated, requiring only an hour of happy nods each month.
    2) my business owner clients are so thrilled with their value that they renewed my programs every year with a happy ca-ching, swipe, DONE! (99.9% there on this wish!)
    3) my body is more nimble than ever, with fabulous healthy fuel strengthening my moves in the saddle and on the dance floor
    4) my new horse program is a staple for every rider who wants more fun from their experience and improved performance
    5) my new New Thang is up and running at last, after two years of prepping, cajoling, hiding, popping out again, lead generating, and converting what I’ve been doing for hundreds of business owners into moola galore from doing it for mill-yuns (without my being present!)

  325. Wouldn’t it be great if . . .

    My inner purpose of who I am, my “I am” emerged through this blog site I started a few years ago and became the channel to my actual income source (since the AB Oilfield income I have relied on for many years seems to keep just going away through what I believe is divine intervention :)). Allowing all my gifts I have to give be rewarded with value in some way that far exceeds all I desire everyday in a life of freedom, wealth health, and abundance!

    The CabanaCan’s (gazebo portable washroom) designed by my father could finally find it’s way to be at a price point and delivery to the world with ease and high demand . . . so he could live his retirement years with a sweet residual income (that was more than they could spend), and live each day forward with no more stress or hard work leaving behind an incredible legacy starting NOW!

    My daughter’s life would completely align so she can finish her academic schooling, but be able to start living her passions and true purpose even as a teenager with amazing opportunities with her music and horses. AS well My Spouse’s life completely align so we can have everything fall into place with our contract work helping others out with his skills, building enough income starting NOW so we can pay off all our debt, save way over and above what it cost to live and do all our renovations so we can create his foundation and legacy, and ideally start living our dream life spending our winters between Belize and AZ being paid to entertain musically and any other way utilizing all his creative energy . . . his true passion and purpose 🙂

    What will it take for all this and even better I ask our divine universe cause I am thankful for all of this craziness of change right now and I know it means something bigger and better is in the cards for us :)?

  326. Stephanie

    Wouldn’t it be great if…

    I could afford the big Scandinavian holiday we desperately want to go on this year…

    My kits were gracing the shelves of a national retailer or two…

    We had a bigger house with a garden and some land so that I could start building the smallholding I really want…

    My sculptures were chosen for big exhibitions and galleries…

    Sweet Dreams 🙂

  327. Wouldn’t it be great if….

    *I released my fears of self doubt, failure, and lack of success for following through in making Stop Editing Start Living for creative professionals my new career path instead of letting myself get in my own way.

    *I focused on creating a happy, healthy, and abundant relationship to money instead of the fear based relationship I have now

    * We put our house on the market and sold it within a month and made our move to Austin a reality

    • Wow Amanda, your 3 are right up my alley!

      I need to get out of my own way big time.

      Money and me are NOT BFFs.

      Feeling stuck in our current home and wishing we could move.

      Hmmm, gotta work on this stuff. Good to hear I’m not alone. 🙂 Best of luck accomplishing your goals!

  328. Caroline Bergman

    Last year I said, wouldn’t it be great if we could live in the bush , permanently rather than just visiting for short breaks…..

    well, 2 months ago we did just that, moved from the big crazy city of Johannesburg to the beautiful little town of Hoedspruit close to the Kruger Park, we live in a wildlife estate with free roaming animals and my children attend a nature based school. we are crime free, stress free and living an amazing lifestyle. and all because 5 years ago I said wouldn’t it be great to start a Montessori Primary school that our children can go to that could challenge the traditional system of education and help our children to think creatively, and I did it, I created one of the most successful Montessori schools in South Africa, which gave me the financial freedom to choose to move out of the city.

    Anything is possible, you just have to set your mind to it and have a vision, not a dream, but a clear vision of what you want.

    Good luck, can come and visit us in sunny SA

  329. Hi Marie and everyone!!! <3 <3 <3 Here are today's wouldn't it be great if…Off the top of my head 🙂

    1) Wouldn't it be great if… I could travel all around the world (all expenses paid in abundance) with an amazing film crew and make a documentary of World Musicians and document the "sounds" and Music of all the different countries (examples: Salsa of Puerto Rico, Sound healing, aborigine tribes, Mariachi music of Mexico, Latin Jazz or Jazz of NYC, Sacred Music of India and Tibet, Native American, Flamenco of Spain, Arabic and Middle Eastern Music,etc)..and then create a World Music Concert (that has all this Music in one concert) where Musicians then interchange on all World stage and create a New World Music sound (Uniting us in our common love through Music). I love this World Music Idea, since I sing in English, Spanish, Sanskrit and Portuguese…(and I am sure I am not the only one). All united through the heart. It would be such a beautiful universal interchange of Beauty, Love, Abundance and Unity!!! I would love to see this World Music Concert documented and have new voices and new sounds infusing the World Stage of Music…People who haven't necessarily been heard but who are incredibly blessed and talented (both men and women).

    2) Wouldn't it be great if…. I was sent around the world (all expenses paid in abundance) with other sound healers and teachers to teach workshops to empower women to free their voice, speak their truth and sing their hearts prayers…Especially in countries where women's voices are not commonly valued and heard. Making a Documentary of this so that all those people that do not have a voice are heard in a world platform and to hear the voices of women all over the world, their beliefs, customs and experiences, as a passing down of wisdom to our future generations. I would love to hear what they have to say and sing!

    3) Wouldn't it be great if…I could be part of interviewing and making a Documentary of People who really deserve to be "Celebrated" (I mean isn't that what celebrities are?) and why is our country celebrating the people we are, when there are women like Amma, The Hugging Saint of India, and Marrianne Williamson)…I would love to hear more from our Female Spiritual leaders and have women really have their voices up front and center being heard and making a difference Globally on the world platform. I would love to be interviewing them and really connecting with them on a heart to heart level…Like in the old days when women gathered around and shared their knowledge as equals, not only the those chosen few…But pulling women from many different traditions-Peru, India, Middle East, Spain, Egypt, Greece, Puerto Rico, Italy, etc…I would love to hear the commonalities of the collective Divine Sacred Feminine Voice and begin to pass that to our future Generations of women.
    4) Wouldn't it be great if I could work with a group of people who are committed to Empowering women to be leaders (who lead from the heart with great love and compassion), who believe in the Divine Sacred Feminine voice as leading with Grace, love and wisdom. People who have the resources to make dreams come true.

    5) Wouldn't it be great if I part of a team of Master Manifestors ,who are committed to making a collective offering of universal wisdom, as a bridge to a Higher voice that becomes valued and heard. To be part of a team that are "Game Changers" Men and women, who are filled with New Possibilities for making a difference. A team of People who's mindset is of service and "Anything is Possible". Wouldn't it be great if… I could find them or they find me (wherever they are) and be with my Soul Tribe.

    5) Wouldn't it be great if I could live in my Blessed Home of my Dreams with the Love of my life, My beloved and husband (We are made for each other by God) and we also travel the World together working on these projects and touring the world with our own Music and Band <3 Totally and completely in Love in all ways! <3 AMEN!!!

    Marie, Thank you for this! This was really Fun! Blessings!!!! <3

    • Denise Cadet

      Ok, my absolute 1st love is music and singing. I use to pray as a kid that when I go in Heaven for God to let me in the choir. So I would definitely goes with you and cook for your band while singing and listen to the world songs and singing voices.

      • Denise, that sounds great! Thanks for responding!
        The more the merrier 🙂

        Are you a cook? I would love to hear more 🙂

        • P.s.s. I forgot to add wouldn’t it be great if….I Recorded the “Album of my Dreams” and toured the world with an All star International band of Musicians (that we are all in the Vibration of Love and Unity)… and we open, awaken and touch hearts throughout the Globe…through the Power of Music, sound and feeling great!!! I love that! <3 Feeling INSPIRED TONIGHT! <3

  330. Wow. Once I got started, I couldn’t stop. But, I’ll just share three.

    Wouldn’t it be great if . . .

    1. My office was decluttered and looked beautiful enough so I could video in/from it?
    2. I could write a published book that met a need?
    3. I was asked to give a TED talk?

  331. La Femme Artiste

    Wouldn’t it be great if I could feel deeply loved, deeply safe, and deeply nourished in my self-worth.

  332. Wouldn’t it be great if I developed a product that made my under-eyes look like I slept 12 hours last night:)?

    Wouldn’t it be great if I empowered women to move from survival-level to soul-level careers?

    Wouldn’t it be great if I could change the unconscious financial set-point of anyone who desired in an hour or less?

    Figuring the last one in particular out:) Thanks Marie for awesome inspiration!

  333. Wouldn’t it be great if…i have the right customers and Business i love
    Wouldn’t it be great if…i lose 20 kg
    Wouldn’t it be great if…meet marie in Person and make beautiful Portraits from her …dreams can come true 😉

  334. Wouldn’t it be great if
    – I had 10 guests at my Raw Food Holiday Retreat in the Caribbean to help them learn how to life a healthier and more sustainable life while still eating delicious food
    – I earned enough so that my husband can stop work and do his photography
    – grew enough vegetables to feed ourselves and have some spare for guests and friends

  335. Wouldn’t it be great if:

    I wrote that novel that has been taking up space in my head for years.

    My blog really took off!

    I actually created, and people paid me for, the on-line course I want to create.

  336. Marie, you and your team are INCREDIBLE & INSPIRING! Thank you.

    Wouldn’t it be great if:

    -I lived on an organic farm community, offering yoga, reiki, and other workshops.
    -my blog helps & inspires so many people, everywhere!!!
    -I filled my passport, and volunteered at every place I visit, in some way.

    Wow, thanks for letting me get that off my chest! <3 namaste!

  337. Loving everyone’s ‘wouldn’t it be great if…’

    Wouldn’t it be great if…

    – I could take my grandson on a 6 week summer holiday road trip round Europe with my towing caravan; preferably before he gets too old that it’s so not cool to go on holiday with grannie!

    I get the heebie jeebies just thinking about towing it onto the car ferry, let alone driving abroad.

    – I could stop trading hours for money.

    – I could travel around the UK visiting this wonderful country with my caravan and still be able to work.

    – My programme sells 24 hours a day.

  338. danielle

    1) for those full time workers: a 5 hour work day. with longer lunches and additional 2 hours spread throughout the day for meditation, exercise, stretching, relaxation
    2) free holistic health treatments paid for by the government, ha!
    3) 8 week paid vacation or time off if you are a full time employee, more vacation more better!
    life is for living, not working and sitting!!!!!

  339. Ryan Jacobson

    Wouldn’t it be great if
    I won thdream home 2014?

  340. Dori

    Wouldn’t it be great if:

    1. I finished my business plan.
    2. Nailed down my yoga/writing retreats in Kauai, Costa Rica, and Italy.
    3. Figured out a way for my blog to make a lot of money.

  341. Wouldn’t it be great if my B SCHOOL dreams come true!

    Wouldn’t it be great to get out of the autopilot rat race!!! Thank you Marie x

  342. Wouldn’t it be great if…
    1. I lived in L.A. for 2 months to escape the East Coast winter
    2. I were invited to do a TED talk
    3. I were a mentor to girls and young women through workshops and retreats

  343. Ryan Jacobson

    I won the HGTV Dream Home 2014
    I built a multi million dollar business that keeps me having fun and perfectly inspired and fulfilled
    I took a trip to Bali right after an awesome disney cruise with the kids in 2014!

  344. Wouldn’t it be great if we sold our house and bought and RV to go on great adventures. We would be debt free, meeting new people, creating new projects to keep people moving.

  345. Wouldn’t it be great if …

    1. I could have a team of creative people to help me build content to post to my social media and promote my business?

    2. I made enough money to have more product turn around?

    3. I didn’t have a part time job and was able to focus solely on Randi’s Candi?

  346. danielle

    wouldn’t it be great if (more!)
    – I could find a job that actually excited me and challenged me and tapped into my creativity and spirit!
    – I got paid to dazzle people with my personality
    – I could just play dress up every single day

  347. Sara

    1. I could build a sustainable coaching business in the next five years that would support my husband and I in our retirement.
    2. We could build a bach somewhere in our beautiful South Island so that the next generation can build lasting holiday memories with their families.
    3.I could help farming families work through succession planning by coaching them.

  348. Alexandra

    When my new website is up, it catches on and goes viral.
    We could buy the house that we dream of.
    We lived in a co-housing community with vibrant people that are totally inspiring.

  349. Wouldn’t it be great if….
    *I had my own advice column?
    *I had my own radio show?
    *I made six figures just from my business alone?

    OK…now I gotta make it happen!!!!

    • Kate,
      Why don’t you just start your own advice column and a podcast?
      You could say that it’s not that simple, but it really is. I know people that have done it if you just get started, and the content is good, the readers an listeners will come. Eventually you could get advertisers and endorsements.
      Starting costs are low for both of those things.
      Hey, I’ll even be your reader/listener!!!

      • Hilde

        I will join!!
        Let me know, Kate ..

  350. Carmen Payne

    Wouldn’t it be great if I could did not have to work full time for someone else and work for me!
    Wouldn’t it be great if my life coaching could fully support my family financially!
    Wouldn’t it be great if I felt comfortable charging for my life coaching services!

  351. Sara

    I’m loving reading everyone’s “wouldn’t it be great if….”s. It’s so inspiring!

    I’m not sure if I’m lucky I don’t have a day job or crazy for attempting to start a business without “paying my dues” or getting “experience” in the traditional job arena. I’m not generally an anarchist in anything, but I find myself extremely resistant to the societal constructs that demand that we get a job working for someone else first before we can work for ourselves. Maybe that makes me naive and maybe I’ll fail, but hopefully with B-School and some good old fashioned hard work I’ll succeed!

    So without further ado:

    Wouldn’t it be great if I could make a living the way I want to without having to “pay my dues” in a work environment that makes me unhappy.

    Wouldn’t it be great if the people around me fully supported me and tried to help me instead of waiting for me to fail.

    Wouldn’t it be great if I could become good friends with all the designers, bloggers, and writers I admire.

  352. Vince

    Wouldn’t it be great if we lived off the grid

  353. Molly

    Wouldn’t it be great if I had the courage to open and create my own company/business. (Hmm…B School enrollment this past Sunday was my first step! 🙂

    Wouldn’t it be great if I made my own schedule and had an income that supported my being able to travel abroad 2 – 4 times a year for work and play.

    Wouldn’t it be great if I could become a respected figure, author, and out-reacher/marketer in my unique field.

  354. OMG… “Jams” the Penguin was freaking great! Still giggling. I figure if I’m ever having a brown day I’m just gonna throw on the outtakes from this video.

    Wouldn’t it be great if…

    – I didn’t have to live from hand to mouth anymore…
    – I met my Mr. Amazing…
    – I started the blog I’ve wanted to for the past 3 years…
    – The life and business I love thrived beyond my wildest dreams…
    – This was the year I started B-school instead of dreaming about it and
    making excuses about money…

    Marie, I have been following you since 2011. Thank you for being such an incredible inspiration! Today is the day I join B-school! I’m so ready for this! I can hardly believe I put it off for so long. I never had the money to complete my Masters degree but I applied anyway… every thing IS figureoutable! As soon as I applied for my degree the money happened and it will happen for B-school! Whooo hoo!

  355. Lindsey Barbara

    Wouldn’t it be great if………

    1. I could get my business fully up and running by summer….with the help of B-School, I am very motivated to make that happen.

    2. I leave a huge “footprint” behind because of all the change and difference I made in the world.

    3. I could travel the world and share my love and light and make a difference (and take a “holiday” in between).

    I love my life and just want to share all my happiness and organic love with the world and make a true difference in Mother Earth’s vibration, as well as peoples lives.

  356. Wouldn’t it be great if my organizational chakra idea took off.
    Wouldn’t it be great if I had 10 coaching clients.
    Wouldn’t it be great if I did a video blog.

  357. Wouldn’t it be great if…

    1.) I tripled my income from my new 2 year old business this year b/c of B-School! eventually making 6 figures!
    2). Started traveling to cool places for art/business
    3). Could be a snowbird during the winter to someplace warm!

  358. Wouldn’t it be great if…
    Marie was wearing my jewellery in some of her videos!
    I had a whole team dedicated to making my designs for my brides.
    Bridal shops all over the world were stocking my accessories.

  359. Wouldn’t it be great if I had the balls to quit my job
    Wouldn’t it be great if I could stop feeling stressed out about my career
    Wouldn’t it be great if I had the resources to pursue my passion

  360. Frank

    The secret – is attraction!!!

    Wouldn’t it be great if …
    – big corporate companies replace all coffee machines with a juicer and provide an excercise room with some good Quality Rebounders (I am working on that -> maby B-School can help me )
    – I would run a lovely juiceing reterat in the German Alps
    – I would only be surrounded by goodharted positive People

    Now Attraction go to work for me – I can feed it !

  361. Angela

    Awesome Video Marie!

    Wouldnt it be great if a could get the job that i desire as a fashion designer and still have time to travel a lot and be with friends and family.
    wouldnt it be great if a could became fearless and then able to execute on all my dreams and goals
    wouldnt it be great if i could build a busniess making women be brave and follow their dream no matter what background they have.

    Thanks! Have a great day!

  362. Wouldn’t it be great if…
    – I could work from HOME whenever I wanted to
    – I could take a month-long vacation to a new country every year.
    – I could give GENEROUSLY to support all the causes I care about
    – My JOB was encouraging people to be their best self

    • I have another one –
      Wouldn’t it be GREAT if I could win a bschool scholarship!

  363. Lisa

    wouldn’t it be great if i could sit down to have a meal with my boyfriend/ close friend or a family member daily with no intteruptions just catching up.

    wouldn’t it be great if i shared my creativity with the world.

    wouldn’t it be great if i had financial freedom.

  364. Glenda

    Wouldn´t it be great if I find the way out to become the motivational coacher I want to be…..
    Wouldn´t it be great if I could overcome my fears and just follow my hear……
    wouldn´t it be great if I found the guidence to learn the steps to follow to achieve my goals, be the motivator speaker and help to many people….. mainly, I want to work with teenegers in emational needs.

  365. Wouldn’t it be great if:

    Marie Forleo and Danielle LaPorte had a conference together and then had drinks with me later?

    My business was was booming and became nationally known

    Spring came early instead of another snow storm in New England?

  366. Wouldn’t it be great if I found my tribe?

    Wouldn’t it be great if I sold enough art to live on?

    Wouldn’t it be great if I could hole myself up in the Chatuae Marmont for a month to work on a collection of paintings inspired by the iconic Sunset Strip in the 50’s and 60’s.

  367. Wouldn’t it be great if…

    I had 5,000 newsletter subscribers…
    Every B Schooler knew about EFT Tapping and its power to help them make their dreams a reality…
    My book “Everyday Happiness” was always in the top three for EFT Tapping in Amazon…

  368. Dana C

    Yes, statement starters are an excellent creative problem solving tool. Try “How might I… How to… In what ways might I…”, too. Great info, Marie and team!

  369. Lori

    Wouldn’t it be great if my online business makes money while I sleep?
    Wouldn’t it be great if I could move to a bright, beautiful new house?
    Wouldn’t it be great if my book SHARING became a best seller?
    Wouldn’t it be great if I led workshops and retreats in exotic places around the world?
    Wouldn’t it be great if I could move to California before the end of this year?
    Wouldn’t it be great if my documentary got picked up by a national network?

    woohoo! that was fun, going to keep playing!

  370. Kortney K

    Wouldn’t it be great if:

    ~ I could meet more like-minded people who also love life coaching and are working hard to genuinely serve others in their businesses and make a difference in the world.
    ~ I could quit my job to be a Full-Time Virtual Assistant to a coach who might need some help with social media, writing, blogging or setting appointments.
    ~ I could spend more time watching, learning, (and puttin’ into action!) all of the awesome-ness from MarieTV!


  371. Wouldn’t it be GREAT if:

    1. To travel the world, inspire, heal and bring out the best in people and companies through my company
    2. To be able to sit still, be grateful & honor yourself every day for at least 20 minutes
    3. To allow yourself one day a week to be creative, play, draw, paint, enjoy the view, pamper yourself, take pictures, enjoy a 2 hour meal, sit at a cafe observe and write….

  372. Gaveeta Chiba

    Wouldn’t it be great if…
    I wrote a best selling novel this year
    I opened the Chiba Centre where depressed and anxious people could heal through mindfulness practices and holistic health care
    My Happiness Practice made enough money by June 2014 so that I could resign from my state job

  373. Hilde

    I love to dream out loud and to bring this into my awareness …
    – wouldn’t it be great if I write the scenario for my film ‘Fertile grounds’, a film about the desire of being a mom and not be able to recieve children…
    – wouldn’t it be great if I follow the Chineng qi gong trainingscourse..
    – wouldn’t it be great if I become a excellent innovator in the education sector…
    – wouldn’t it be great when I can windsurf during summer….
    – wouldn’t it be great to do a tracking in Africa with my fab partner and his 2 lovely kids …

  374. Wouldn’t it be great if I could:

    1. Meet & marry the love of my life. And sustain our love over a lifetime, in large part because we’re both willing to be grown-up, Whole Brained, & practice REAL COMMUNICATION. I think I need this person to be someone fearless. 🙂
    2. Have happy healthy kids, have a happy healthy family, as a relatively ‘older’ mother.
    3. If I could get my OWN holistic coaching program going & help it match up with the world’s deepest, genuine needs. Help heal, ground & inspire millions of people, ultimately, & also – have about a 25-30 hour work week on average.
    4. Also have time for music. Honor it as my holiest & highest of practices & passions. Record & perform. Integrate it in with my other healing work.
    5. Vacation. Ski, hike, marvel at creation. Be active outdoors. Present with family. Grow plants & cultivate the earth, on our own small plot. (secured with money from our livelihoods)
    6. Infuse both poetry & common sense in all that I do.

    All part of one great lifestyle. I just turned 35 two days ago. May it be so, a work in progress. A divine path on this earth. All the remaining days of my life.


  375. Dan

    Wouldn’t it be great if…

    I could end domestic violence & sexual assault… NO MORE!

    I could end homelessness/poverty/hunger…

    We accepted everyone as our equal, another human live…

  376. Wouldn’t it be great if:
    1. I could live in Europe too! Somewhere where there is culture, music, art and interesting people.
    2. I could find companionship and romance in my life (that didn’t only involve me by myself!)
    3. I could make money and move peoples hearts with my art, doing the art that is within me, not what what I’m commissioned to do…Unless they are super awesome, then of coarse I would love to use my craft to be a part of something amazing thunk up by someone else. No prob.

  377. Love this week’s topic. And that PENGUIN situation. Made me LOL with the “I wanted to be a koala.” I don’t know why that particular choice of animal made me laugh so hard.

    Wouldn’t it be great if:

    – I lived half the year in California, and half the year either abroad or in NYC.

    – I spoke fluent French: J’apprends le français mais c’est très difficile. Je voudrais visiter la France l’année prochaine.

    – I won this prestigious grant I applied for and got full tuition to grad school. AND I got into my top school (flying in for an interview & searching for flights now).

    – AND if I could figure out how to show my photo in these comments!!

  378. Liz

    Wouldn’t it be great if…

    I designed my own line of clothing.

    I won a 5k at 47.

    My daughters and I had a creative business together.

  379. Wouldn’t it be great if…

    …I could shoot a wedding in Bali?
    …I could quit my dayjob and only work as a photographer?
    …I could get my weddings printed in a magazine?

    Gosh, I really wish I can make at least one of these to come true!

  380. Wouldn’t it be great if…
    i move my photography business to NYC, especially wedding photography. I love that city and have a lot of friends in there.
    Wouldn’t it be great if i book at least 20 weddings a year and have an amazing photography lounge. That´s all i ask. That´s my dream.

    I lov u Marie! one year 1/2 following you & keep! Thank you for all!

  381. GwendolyneMarie

    Wouldn’t it be great if…….

    – I can meet all the people who have been guiding me through this great life change……Marie Forleo, Tiffanny Hendra, Danielle Porte.

    – I can quit my job and just go out into to the world and do all that i want to do (Hairstyling, Travel, build things with my hands, etc…).

    – Everyone could be self-aware of themselves and just be HAPPY!!

  382. Wouldn’t it be great if
    1) Joyous Skin Care my product line took off and I hired 10 people and outsourced all the drop shipments plus developed amazing formulas with chemists.
    2)For my lilies! I could hire tutors for my kids and have half day school half day sports/arts/travel – plus a lot of travel and mission work
    3)I earned my living bloging and enjoying writing and editing as a team!

  383. Gaveeta Chiba

    Wouldn’t it be great if…
    I wrote a best selling novel this year
    I opened the Chiba Centre where depressed and anxious people could heal through mindfulness practices and holistic health care
    I made enough money in my Happiness Practice by June 2014 so that I could reign from my state job

    • Gaveeta Chiba

      Oops last point meant to say resign from my state job 🙂

  384. Wouldn’t it be great if…

    … I created a blog?
    … I brought Resonance Training out of Germany and to the world?
    … I completed my other two homepages about singing and coaching/leadership?
    … I fully integrated my multi-passionate approach?
    … I took full responsibility for my finances and created financial freedom quite soon?
    … I organized and sang a benefit concert for the non-profit initiative of a friend in South Africa?
    … travelling happened a lot in my life?

    YES, it will be great!

  385. Would it be great if:

    I signed up for B-School and actually implemented the program and grew Bliss Holistic Health to epic proportions.

    If I bought a cottage in Manzanita where I could walk the beach, write my book that is deep inside me and spend time with my awesome family.

    If I learned to get over myself and stop dancing in my shadows. 2014 is the year to blossom and grow.

  386. Siraj

    Wouldn’t it be Great If,
    I feel happy and feel less worried about future ,which we have yet to see.
    I try to have more sense of humor.
    I utilise my time more effectively ,
    I do something that has an positive impact on other people.
    I make plan for now to be rich in life nd have a less struggling life?
    I stay calm nd free from nu necessary tension.
    I am able to deal with worries .
    I work in a way to have all the facilities of life.
    I try to make friends and more success and contentment and have a positive attitiuede.
    I become a millionare and never hav a ailment.
    I love my life nd a har luminous way
    I love happily
    I care less for want others expect from me
    I meet Mario ferlo
    I am one of the famous people
    And so on all the good things
    Also I want to have abundence in life and I belive every thing is in abundence.

    • Wouldn’t it be great if ….

      1> I get 100.000 subscribers on my site : So, my mission on making this world a happier place can be executed on daily basis offline by hugging (well this one is already done) and online by sending daily happiness mail. I just started my business this year and for the first time in my life, I can actually say I love what I do!

      2> By the end of the year, I become a TED Speaker on The Art of Being Happy!

      3> I can travel the world and fulfill my dream to hug 1 million people. Listen to their stories and create a blog called THE MILLIONAIRE HUGGER. Get $1 for every hug and donate the million to a charity ( I am up to 335 people now. Still have 999.665 to go before I die haha).

      BONUS WISH <3 If Marie replied to my post and tell me that she would love to be one of the 1 million people I hug and interview on her awesomeness!

      I am putting this out to the universe now! Wooooooo hoooooooooooo!!

      PS: My coach has given me an outrageous challenge and I need your help. I wouldn't usually ask a question like this but he has given me just 30 days to schedule 100 Powerful Coaching Conversations. I have to block out at least two hours for a life-changing conversation with each of them.

      I was crazy enough to say yes to this challenge because I am passionate about people and making this world a happier place and I know I can deliver. I haven't had a session where they didn't end up happier.

      Thank you awesome people!

      Love & Happiness,
      Nat x

  387. A. Jayne

    Wouldn’t it be great if…

    I invested in my first home – located in a quiet downtown corner of the city I love, complete with lots of natural light and space to create, and decorated super stylishly – after my rental lease ends this summer.

    I accepted only clients whose work I was head-over-heels in love with and truly passionate about supporting and whose networks (or empires as I like to think of them) could monetarily and spiritually grow my own (and vice versa). On top of this, wouldn’t it be great if I could make the type of income I deserve and grow it greater by the year with only these powerful kindred souls as my clients.

    I published my first book and garnered a receptive audience moved by my prose and eager to read more from me by the end of the year.

    P.S. – I will be enrolling in B-School at the end of this week and can’t wait to soak up all of its additional empowering resources to help me turn my wishes into reality!

  388. Wouldn’t it be great if…

    I could replace my current income via online marketing and fulfill my dream of living in Israel?
    I could lost 100 lbs?

  389. OMG I love this Marie.

    Wouldn’t it be great if…. Every I became the go to broker for all car enthusiast across the continental u.s

    Wouldn’t it be great if… I could change how people view auto transport brokers

    Wouldn’t it be great if… my “How to be an auto transport broker” program made over 8 figures upon its launch- just like B-School did.

    Wow that felt good saying it— now I just need to work at making these actually come true.

    • melissa

      I don’t know much about the auto transport broker business but I do acknowledge the perception… I think it sounds awesome that you want to change that perception. Well done and I hope you get what you desire!

      • Yes Melissa! There’s such a negative stigma around brokers especially in the car enthusiast community. I sometimes feel like I’m fighting a losing battle but when i left the industry after 6.5 years as a driver {because the birth of my daughter} and started my brokerage a year ago, I vowed I would instill my personal values into the business. Call me old school but I believe customer service is not dead. I wrote in my business plan that I will be the friendliest and most flexible broker ever and I would dedicate my life to changing the industry for the good- but again when life gets tough and it seems you’re losing the battle- sometimes you just want to take the white hat off. Sigh

        Thanks for the encouragement girlie! I need it!

  390. Wouldn’t it be great if…

    – I became a New York Times Best Seller.
    – I teamed up with the current & next generation of thought leaders & created online training programs, live events & retreats that would inspire & inform millions of people on how to love better.
    – I had my own TV show on OWN helping broken families heal their relationships…kinda like Iyanla but with a different level of intensity & intimacy packed with a youthful & dynamic presence.
    – If all of this became a reality by the time I’m 30 (in 5 years).

    The seeds of the universe have already been planted…now it’s my job to cultivate the environment & provide my intentions with proper nourishment and implementation. I’m ready 🙂 UNIVERSE….HERE I COME!

  391. melissa

    wouldn’t it be great if….

    My B-school experience is so successful that Marie travels to Australia to interview me! ps or I am happy to come to you. pss Thank you for the b-school bonuses…. fabulous for someone like me who has a few balls up in the air. Looking forward to March 10!

  392. Wouldn’t it be great if…

    1 – I put my emotional and physical well-being before my business.
    2 – I got a really great routine/schedule going so that my business is more fulfilling and I could enjoy weekends instead of working.
    3 – I believed my incredibly supportive husband when he says that the money doesn’t matter and he wants me to build a sustainable home business I believe in over the long-term.

  393. Wouldn’t it be great if…
    1. I could work form anywhere in the world on my computer…all while making a difference in millions of people’s lives!
    2. I had my dream home with a huge lanai overlooking the ocean!
    3. I could buy my Mom a house in Hawaii!!:)

  394. Michelle

    Wouldn’t it be great if I could work from home and support my family in my coaching business
    Wouldn’t it be great if I developed a sellable program to generate income passively
    Wouldn’t it be great if I had over 100 people on my list

  395. Wouldn’t it be great to have a villa on the beach, another in the tropical mountains, full of artists, musicians, artisans, creators, producers, magicians, fruits and flowers.

    Wouldn’t it be great to get to be a famous singer, win a Latin Grammy, and sing with Juan Luis Guerra, Andrea Bocelli and Alejandro Sanz.

    Wouldn’t it be great to become the Latin Oprah……. Oh my God! Wouldn’t it be soooooooooooo great! ; )

  396. Wouldn’t it be great IF:

    1) I finally hired someone out to make my website — no more excuses! Because someone else love’s to do it, so I wanna share that love.
    2) I made the time to go on local 3-4 day camping trips once a month with my family and friends
    3) I streamlined my business with organizational software!!


  397. I really loved that video… 🙂 Wouldn’t it be great if I had a successful blog bring inspiration to the world!


  398. Ruby

    Hi Marie
    Wouldn’t it be great if 1. I could travel around the eastern US region and lead Modern Day Meditation Workshops combining yoga and breathwork.
    2. If I had a pool of inter-generational family clients that I could coach before a major transition needs to happen for the the elder generation. The goal would be to educate, support, (incorporating the meditation) and have each family member feel and receive love and care so each of them can learn to give it back to each other.
    3.I had the financial resources to include self-care of spa treatments, warm climate get aways and other self-care ‘luxuries’.

  399. Tracy M

    Hi Marie,
    Wait just a second…I’m still trying to get the image of the penguin out of my head! I can’t quit laughing!

    Wouldn’t it be great if:
    1. I could finish school as a holistic health coach and have clients lined up at my door and online…enough so I could make a living that would pay my bills, have a savings, and start an organization that would benefit others?
    2. I could also finish aromatherapy school and become an aromatherapist and have my own line of organic skin care products that could be sold around the world?
    3. I could lead a retreat of men and women… to help them learn to decrease stress and eat more nutritiously?
    4. I wasn’t afraid of failing? Ugh!

    Thanks Marie! I just realized I could go on and on! It works! I’m ready to brainstorm! You’re the best!

  400. Wouldn’t it be great if…spoken in presence as the truth of what already is….

    1- My type 1 diabetes followers have reached 500,000 on my weekly health tips letter

    2- My business is entirely automated, with programs going out every other month, inspiring & educating thousands, and bringing me $3million in income/year, to live a health filled, inspirational, abundant & generous life.

    3-I am a highly sought out inspirational speaker not only in the field of diabetes but in overall health & inspiration. …I’m speaking to groups around the world, 3-6 speaking gigs per year (under 6 b/c I like to keep my life simple & grounded)

    And so it is! 🙂

  401. Carlos

    Wouldn’t it be great if… Marie introduces me to all the Spanish speaking B-schoolers to interview them for my podcast!

  402. Ana magic coach

    Hi from Spain!
    Wouldn´t if be great if…
    – I could meet Marie Forleo and her amazing friends at the same time that I travel to the USA.
    – I had lots of clients and I could help them improve their lives.
    – I could sleep all night long…like the song says.

    My best wishes for all of you!

    • Carlos

      Nice to e-meet you Ana! Nos vemos en B-School 😉

  403. Wouldn’t it be great if…
    1) my husband and I were completely debt free.
    2) we could spend the rest of our lives going where God called us.
    3) finances were no longer an issue.

  404. Keli Highland

    Wouldn’t it be great if:
    1) I created the kind of career were I’d never have to wear another crappy twin set/dress pants combo to work again?
    2) I created a career where I could work less hours, make more money and give back in big, meaningful ways?
    3) I created a career that allowed my husband to quit his ‘town job’ and pursue his art full time?

    Hell YES is would! 🙂

  405. Wouldn’t it be great if we could open our own warehouse that we could turn into a beautiful inspiring environment, with separate studios where we could create LOADS of jobs; do everything in house; cut and sew, design, and print; all in one space! Ahhhhhhhh..that is my dream

  406. Awesome!

    Wouldn’t it be great if…

    I bought my mom and dad a house with a pool???

    people nourished their bodies with plants and spent less time and money going to the Doctor?

    If I did the Tran Siberian Railway this year???

  407. Sue

    – Wouldn’t it be great if I could make my vision of a Wholeness Clinic a reality
    – Wouldn’t it be great to have the financial means to travel and speak about my
    – Wouldn’t it be great to be able to help people in a similar position to myself

  408. Marina L.

    Wouldn’t it be great if…….
    – I had an online business that would allow me to travel this Summer with my husband and kids, while keeping the business humming from any location
    – I spent more time in my day embracing new learning opportunities and building online content ideas instead of my current job (this would leverage my StrengthsFinder results)
    – I finally stopped dreaming and started taking action so I could be a real life example for my kids on how to live!

    Thank you, Marie. You are a living example to many. Thank you for being authentic and engaging. I am currently a “wantrepreneur,” desperately trying to put together my plan for making the transition from employee to CEO of my own endeavor. Change is hard. Leading myself is hard. Coming up with my own game plan is hard. I don’t think I’m afraid to act. I think I have too many strategic ideas, and too few action plans. I think I need to start documenting an execution process, and then whittling down priorities. FOCUS! Marina 🙂

  409. Wouldn’t be great if…..
    “I beat my revenue goal by $40,000?!”
    “I could hire a seamstress do do all the sewing I don’t want to do?”
    “I could buy a home next year?”

  410. Kristi

    Wouldn’t it be great if:
    * I woke up each day excited to do work I love.
    * I lived in England and could go back and forth from England to my home in California.
    * I had land to garden and a Eco-friendly home to live in.

  411. Sylvi

    Wow,I was going to start writing something that I thought was so hard to acomplish but I’ve figured out that it’s totally doable! Haha!
    Thanks Marie! So my new ‘wouldn’t it be nice if’ list is as follows:
    1…if I could go on holiday 4 times a year and not worry about my finances
    2…if I could open and manage a very special beauty salon with my amazing sister-in-law
    3…if I could finally decide about the content of my webinar

  412. Wouldn’t it be great if this micro business I am going to build in BSchool earned a great income on 15 hours a week!
    Wouldn’t it be great if we bought a condo in Big Sky MT?!
    Wouldn’t it be great if my husbands new travel business allowed him to quit his day job so we can travel the world?!
    Wouldn’t it be great if I stopped stressing over my career?
    Wouldn’t it be great if I could find a great virtual assistant!!
    Wouldn’t it be great if we paid off our debt?
    Wouldn’t it be great to spend more time living and less time worrying?

  413. Wouldn’t it be great if people lived and used our book The Be WUCA! Way, The ART of getting along, and joined us to build civility around the world. Engageing a Workforce

  414. Sofia Babou

    wouldn’t it be great if I could also be this great! (wonderful, classy, authentic as Marie…)

  415. Mihaela

    Wouldn’t be great if I won the lottery tonight?
    Wouldn’t be great if I would live in a house with personal beach?
    Wouldn’t be great if I would be a graduate of B-School and bring all the ideas in my head to life in a grandiose style?

  416. Wouldn’t it be great if I could fill my business with even more clients who experience awesome transformations?
    Wouldn’t it be great if I could complete my ‘Build Kickass Self-Esteem’ boot camp?

  417. Alison

    Wouldn’t it be great if I had a flexible career that allowed me to work from anywhere. I could be in a warmer climate every winter.

    <3 it!

  418. Judy Ann

    Hi Marie Wouldn’t it be great if everyone would follow there heart and
    won’t let fear rule there lives. I’m retired now but I did’t let fear stand in
    my way . Keep up the great work you are doing . ox Judy

  419. Wouldn’t it be great if:

    1. My book ‘Finding Inner Peace in this Crazy Mixed up World!’ is published, and became an International Bestseller!

    2. I am Travelling and Speaking Across the World…Teaching people how to discover the ‘The Deep Secret Love and Light’…within their own Hearts, Minds, Souls, and importantly, Each Other.

    3. I have completed my CD Series on Healing and Love

    3. I have completed my CD series on learning to open to the Deep Secret Love and Light Within.

  420. Wouldn’t it be great if:

    1. My book ‘Finding Inner Peace in this Crazy Mixed up World!’ is published, and became an International Bestseller!

    2. I am Travelling and Speaking Across the World…Teaching people how to discover the ‘The Deep Secret Love and Light’…within their own Hearts, Minds, Souls, and importantly, Each Other.

    3. I have completed my CD Series on Healing and Love! And the Series is available and helping thousands of people discover who they really are inside and how to open to the richness of their own being, the truth of their inner nature as love, and the ultimate expression of their life as a reflection of that secret LOVE.

  421. Rae Miller Pacheco

    Wouldn’t it be great if…..

    1) I could go home more regularly to see my family, particularly my parents so that they could be present in my daughter’s life (I live in northern Portugal. My parents are in Florida.)

    2) I could create a business that wasn’t location dependent and had flexible hours; that grew and evolved so that I remained excited and interested in it; and that earned my family enough money so that my husband could quit his job and help me raise our daughter together.

    3) I earned enough money that I could “buy” my time back; I wouldn’t have to bring work home. Thus, I could go back to the gym and try to shed some of the mid-life crisis weight I’ve gained. THAT would be great!

  422. suzan

    You are an excellent speaker and presenter but behind your words there is nothing valuable!
    I watched some of your video, keep telling that later you will disclose…but you don’t.
    You have talent how to suck $2,000

  423. Wouldn’t it be great if….

    1. The album I released today ( sold enough copies to allow me to quit my day job!
    2. I owned a fully loaded tour van to make touring my music more comfortable (I love my ’99 Taurus Wagon…but she’s hard to sleep in!).
    3. I was able to tour my music project Goodnightmare all around the world, and still make ends meet!

    So good to state these dreams. Thanks, Marie! 🙂

  424. Wouldn’t it be great if:
    1. I was earning double my current income from my own business and I could leave my job.
    2. My partner and I could travel to USA for summer 2014 and not have to worry about the costs involved.
    3. I could turn the World vegan, thus saving animals from suffering and helping improve the environment and our Planet – so that we all have access to beautiful, fresh, organic produce that is inexpensive.

  425. Ingrid

    Wouldn’t it be great …
    … if I could take my family overseas for a holiday each year
    … if I could earn an amazing income via internet and give us freedom from bricks and mortar store
    … if I could reach many more people and inspire them to live healthy fulfilling lives free of pain and debility
    Shivers up and down spine as I realise that indeed these deep desires are truly figureoutable 🙂 Thanks Marie for inspiring our hearts!

  426. Wouldn’t it be great if:
    -I could take my wife to Hawaii for 2 weeks
    -I launched my Animal Wisdom business and it was such a success I only had to work 20 hours a week
    -I got a new gig teaching leadership skills

  427. Wouldn’t it be great if…

    1) I sent my just-published book to Oprah and she featured it with me on her book show on the OWN network.

    2) I sent the New York Times my book and they wrote something positive about it in their Book Review

    3) The Washington Post, the NY Times, and the LA Times all did stories or articles about my book and the topic of brain injury resulting from carbon monoxide poisoning.

    These ideas are so important because they would get the word out about the dangerous problem of CO poisoning and about brain injury awareness in a huge way and hopefully help lots of people.

    Thank you, Marie, for this awesome exercise. I can already feel the power of it. I’m on it! Thanks so much.

  428. Wouldn’t it be great if…

    I could make $30k a month with my business
    I could work personally with Marie Forleo
    I could create a transition concierge business

  429. Wouldnt it be great to take my mom on a vacation to the beach and ocean that she loves in Hawaiii. To travel and work anywhere that I wanted. Whenever I wanted and volunteer and make a difference for the environment. Wouldnt it be great if everyone wanted to know about eating healthy, exericise so they could live and feel great.

  430. Beng

    Wouldn’t it be great if:

    1. I dress like Marie
    2. My Business is always financially secure
    3. More free time to travel the world.

  431. Marie, You hit it out of the park. This is one of my favorite videos you’ve ever made.

  432. Oakley

    Wouldn’t it be great if I was your go-to girl for inspiration, motivation, and and transformation?! Wouldn’t it be great if I knew more of you out there, your inspiring stories and dreams!? Wouldn’t it be great if I was on the path of my dreams….oh wait, I am! Wouldn’t it be great if I got up every day super psyched to create…ops! That’s happening too! (Thanks Marie, Danielle LaPorte and all you awesome women out there -postings and going for it!). So, Wouldn’t it be great, then, if I was making a living doing exactly what I love? ….yeah, heading there. It’s gonna be great, cause the journey already is.

  433. Bonnie

    Wouldn’t it be great if:

    1. No matter where you go, you find LOVE.
    2. One can find JOY in everything he/she does.
    3. All the food available in stores was nutritious and without GMOs.

  434. i LOVE how many people have responded to this one! So fun reading through.

    Wouldn’t it be great if…

    …I had a schedule I could plug into – even with my ever-changing calendar

    …I could take a full half day every week to do something 100% for myself (write letters, take in a movie on my own, have a two-hour solo ipod dance party)

    …I could go away somewhere secluded (even if that means a Holiday Inn in a boring town) and spend three days doing exercises from the self-improvement literature I have but don’t feel I have time to do the exercises from (Desire Map; Martha Beck’s North Star).

    I’m on it! Thanks for the inspiration!