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Time For A Change? How to Take A Chance Without Risking Everything

April 22, 2019

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“Should I go for it, Marie?” After working with entrepreneurs for almost twenty years, I’ve learned to counter this question with, “What does ‘go for it’ mean to you? How do you respond to taking big risks? Because your answers to those questions are everything.For some, “going for it” means quitting your 9 to 5 to put all of your effort into your business. Intense financial pressure doesn’t paralyze you — it fuels you. Those high-risk, “do or die” situations ignite explosive effort.For others — and I would put myself in this category — “going for it”, especially in the beginning, means working multiple jobs, exploring more than one passion, and pursuing slower growth while minimizing financial risk.No, it’s not as sexy as “burning the bridges behind you” nor does it support the mythical narrative of overnight success. But for many of us, slow and steady over time is the healthiest and most sustainable path.

The Hidden Benefits of Working Multiple Jobs

When I was a 23-year-old, first-time entrepreneur trying to figure it all out, I used to dread when people asked me what I did for a living. Let’s just say my life-coach / hip-hop dancer / bartender / writer / fitness instructor reply got a lot of side-eye. But I wouldn’t trade those multipassionate days for anything. They helped me hone priceless leadership, time and energy management, and communication skills that I still use to this day.As you’ll hear from the callers on today’s MarieTV Live Call-In Show, pursuing multiple streams of income at once can provide invaluable lessons. If you take this unconventional route you’ll:

  • Manage time like a boss. Out of necessity, you’ll learn how to get things done faster and say no to the non-essentials. There’s a reason for the adage, “If you want something done, ask a busy person.”
  • Have freedom to explore a variety of options. As I’ve taught for years, clarity comes from engagement, not thought. Few people know the exact business they want until they start something. Exploring multiple income streams helps you decide what you most want to pursue.
  • Create from a place of abundance vs. scarcity. When you have enough money to put food on the table, you can serve from a place of generosity — not desperation. It opens up space in your brain to get creative, be innovative and ask questions like, “Wouldn’t it be great if...”
  • Master the art of perseverance. Nothing worthwhile is easy to achieve. Focusing on a long-term goal (especially an entrepreneurial marathon) cultivates discipline, patience, and maturity that will strengthen every area of your life.

That said, only you can decide which path is right for you.How do you know? Listen to how our two brave callers, Pam and Mayssa, navigate this very topic. It’ll help you gain the insight you need to make your own choices.

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