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Sometimes you just need a hero.

When I first learned about Nancy Lublin, I became obsessed. She’s launched not one, not two, but three iconic nonprofits. She’s the kind of real life superhero I’ve always dreamed of: straight-talking, humble, funny, wicked smart and with a heart of gold.

Stop with ‘make a difference day’, it’s make a difference life. @nancylublin Click To Tweet

(As you’ll see — she fights me hard on this superhero moniker but, once you hear about what she’s been doing, I think you’ll agree.)

  • She founded Dress for Success, providing professional attire to women in nearly 150 cities in 30 countries around the world.
  • Took from a “hot mess” with a quarter million dollars in debt to a thriving organization with more active members than the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts combined.
  • Started Crisis Text Line, a text hotline for our youth to reach out to crisis counselors anywhere, anytime.
  • Launched to transform the droves of data, technology and insight from Crisis Text Line to teach empathy at scale to businesses and organizations.

There are so, SO many lessons in this episode, whether you’re an entrepreneur, nonprofit or creative who wants a clear example of how technology and data can improve our world.

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As mentioned, you can learn more about how to become a volunteer counselor with Crisis Text Line here.

Once you’ve watched, Nancy and I would love to hear from you.

What’s the biggest insight that you’re taking away and, most important, how can you put that insight into action right now? Leave a comment below and let us know.

Share as much detail as you can. Tens of thousands of incredible souls come here each week for insight and inspiration. Your story may be just what someone else needs to have a major breakthrough.

Important: please share your thoughts and ideas directly in the comments. Links to other posts, videos, etc. may be removed.

If you or someone you know is in crisis in the US or Canada, please visit If you’re outside of the US or Canada and need help, please visit the International Association for Suicide Prevention’s website.

Thank you, as always, for diving into the discussion with such passion and care. The level of kindness you bring to this community ripples out to the far reaches of our planet.


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  1. Seriously. I am a crying mess right now. This is a powerful episode! I love the machine learning aspect that helps measure risk and text and emojis. Humans are bad ass. I’m so blown away by the amount of humanity, compassion, and use of technology. This is so riveting and this is SOOOO needed. Ask someone if they are in pain. Asking is a powerful way to make another feel seen and heard. I have such a huge lump in my throat, this is such a beautiful episode. <3

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      It is a powerful episode, Bernard, and we love that it touched your heart as much as it touched ours. We see you and your beautiful heart and are always so glad that you’re in this world. You make it, and our community, a better place. xoxo

      • Thank you so much for giving us the space to shine bright. This world needs more compassion reform and gosh darn it – I am so ready to turn the light on in so many ways.

    • I agree! I was really blown away at how she was able to combine empathy and technology so beautifully. I have a teenaged daughter who tells me so many of her friends are struggling with depression, suicidal thoughts, etc. I’m going to pass this information along.

    • Bernard, I so agree with you here! What an amazing episode. I love the idea of always asking people. Plain and simple, just ask. Sometimes we tend to avoid checking in because we don’t know what’s “okay” to say or ask about. But this is such an empowering episode letting us know that we absolutely should ask/check in/validate others.

  2. SharonKC

    Wow. This was such an inspiring episode. What am I taking away, you ask? Well, it’s to make a difference for LIFE. I’ve always had a talent for data and technology – but like Marie said, I have a love/hate relationship for what it looks like most days online right now. Knowing that with a little creativity and an open mind you can figure out how to use that for good – for helping people – well, I’m hooked. Thank you so much for this episode, and I agree – Nancy is a superhero (without all the traditional bad stuff that typically goes along with it 🙂 ).

  3. Ebony Campbell

    Wow. This is perfect timing. Its hard to put into words right now, but I’ve been crying this evening about how the world is broken and I’m not doing enough to fix it by studying design and moving into the UX field. Thank you for this. Just, thank you.

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Ebony, we can always do our part in small ways to change the world. You already are. xo

  4. I am SO white-hot inspired by her, and by you, and by this conversation! I have already been mulling this over – how MY business can do this in MY arena.
    Where can I get guidance to refine my Rare Finds’ plan to give back? – how do I structure it? what would be the most profitable for the people I want to support? who can help me talk through this and come up with a plan?

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Hi Melanie! We’re so glad that this episode has inspired you and is spurring on some ideas for your business. That’s music to our ears 🙂
      A great place to start when you’re thinking about shifting offerings or wanting to give back is to talk about a customer that is your ideal customer. Ask them questions and use them as a sounding board to gain insights as to what would appeal to them, while also achieving the goals that you’ve set for your business and how you can give back. Your customers are a treasure trove of insights just waiting to be asked!

    • Hi Melanie, I agree with being “white-hot inspired – fells good doesn’t it?
      What is your Rare Finds business?

  5. Thank you for this. I have been struggling for a few weeks now feeling like the world is falling apart and I am not doing enough to try to change things. This episode showed so much compassion and caring through technology and has reignited hope in my soul.
    My take away was the idea of making a difference for a life, not just a day. What a beautiful reminder. And thanks you for the link to volunteer to be a crisis counselor.
    Thank you again for this shining nugget of kindness and compassion in a world that seems very overwhelming, cold and cruel as of late.

    • Monica, I’ve been feeling the same way as you with not feeling like I’m doing enough. I’ve been trying to focus on ways I can use my skills as a filmmaker to serve others and make an impact.

      • Dija, where are you located and what type of films do you enjoy making?

        With gratitude, Leslie Peters RN

  6. This was so incredible! I am so glad I learned more about this organization. I have participated in Dress for Success events for years and I only knew some of this new organization and most certainly did not know the power behind it. I will be sure to share this information.

    Unbelievable — We were talking about this with younger family members over the weekend because they have so many in their class who are struggling and we were saying how we really did not have (or it just wasn’t so outwardly present at that time) and we were asking them how they felt about it…. so this is very helpful.
    Have a lovely day! Thank you for the knowledge!

    Much love and appreciation! Happy Tuesday!

  7. Heather

    Love you Mama Nancy! How great to see this segment. I’m a volunteer with Crisis Text Line and it’s such an amazing experience. Thank you for sharing all of these great organizations.

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Thank you for your amazing work, Heather. You’re making a beautiful difference in the world one text at a time. xo

  8. Shawn

    This episode was PHENOMENAL (not sure if that’s spelled right), but I think you know what I mean. I can’t wait to share this email/link/episode with a friend of mine. The entrepreneur spirit that Nancy Lublin has is one to aspire to! I could feel her humanity through every word and business venture. Marie, thank you! Your sharing such inspiring people to us (the world) is a beautiful and much needed thing. 🙂

    See ya next week. Gotta go and forward my (your) email…and begin my day of creative work. “That special thing”, that only I do, to help bring positive love to the world. 🙂

  9. I’m sharing this wherever I can because it is so important on so many levels. Thanks for the work!

  10. Working through B School & one of the charities I’m drawn to is Ottawa’s branch of Dress for Success, so I was incredibly excited to here Ms. Lublin speak.
    Best insight (and new way of looking at volunteerism): make a difference for life instead of a day.

  11. I absolutely loved and needed to hear this video! She is amazing and just a wonderful human being that we need to see more of in this world! I have posted all of her websites on my FB page to open up the dialogue for empathy. Especially now, when everything you see on the news is so wrong and counter to what this country stands for, it’s nice to see others out there trying to make it right and saving lives! We ALL matter, we’re ALL one!

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      We do all matter, Lori, and we appreciate you sharing this episode and the amazing work that Crisis Text Line is doing in the world. We never know who needs to hear this message today.

  12. marika marks

    This woman is amazing. An amazing discussion. Thank you both.

    What I am taking away is to ask someone directly the question she suggested, as I think someone else mentioned above, if they seem distraught .

    Also, that one does not fit all roles. One may not have to be an entrepreneur , one could help an organization already existing find solutions. And that this is greatly needed as she said. That sounds fitting for me. I am a creative idea solutions person.

    And also that the actual crisis worker or such is not for everyone. We need to put ourselves anywhere where our unique set of skills is most helpful.

    Also, that I enjoy both this guest and also Marie in their humor, talent, humility and intelligence.

  13. Wow! What an inspirational video.

    I’m blown away by Nancy’s innovation and how she’s managed to create 4 different organisations that have such a huge impact.

    I’m based London and I’m going to sign up to crisis text line here to see if I can help.

    Thanks so much!!!

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Thanks for taking such heartfelt action, Mark. We appreciate it more than you know.

  14. Elizabeth

    Loved this episode! I’d love to see Nancy return and talk about how she manages her time as a mother, along with her work. Thanks for bringing her on!

  15. Kathleen

    Being more human. That’s always been my way of thinking/doing my whole life. I was a customer service representative at a health insurance company. I was on an elite team of seasoned reps for the escalated calls/issues and i just happened to be naturally empathic. So many of the calls were about people(after being denied something) needing to be seen or acknowledged ! Empathy is soooooo important when you’re dealing with people via technology/social media. The isolated can get even more isolated if not kept in check. I recognize the impact my gift had on a community, I am gobsmacked at the impact that Nancy and her team are bringing!! AMAZING!!!! What a great contribution to humanity Nancy is!!! There’s research and inspiration in my near future!!! Looking forward to the affect!!! Thank you so much!!

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      Kathleen, your perspective is so felt and appreciated here. We’re so glad that this episode spoke to you in such a deep and personal way, and we champion your empathetic approach to connecting with customers on a human level.

  16. marika marks

    Also, forgot, the inspiration to use technology to better the world, see it is possible and how… of the main things….from her creative mind. Next, I will learn how she goes about getting donors….Another thing, I learned is asking ‘not friends and family’ first….

  17. Your sheer commitment to do what is needed and create such impact is awesome, astounding and greatly appreciated. You are a superhero. I’ve had so many ideas that I’ve never brought to fruition, and watching you has been deeply inspiring. With the world in such a crisis I feel like my time is now and I have to act. My work is to teach empathy and personal process work through transformational movement. I truly hope to work with you both someday. Thank you so much.

  18. There are 100+ reasons I woke up(again) during this interview. Marie is brilliant at asking questions and Nancy is quite possible my #1 new role model for “get er done”.

    Best statement: “We don’t need more organizations. We need more solutions.”- Nancy Lublin

    Got it. Living it. Loving it. You matter to me. Period.

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Thank you for your kind words, Diane, and for taking the time to watch and comment on this episode. Nancy’s work and her words are truly inspirational and we hope that they inspire you to find the solutions that you can contribute to the world.

  19. Tha Keo

    Oh my gosh I cannot get enough of this interview!!! Technology for future generation only gets better with Nancy Lublin. Thank you Marie and team Forleo for this incredible amazing interview. I was so tuned in to every words-thank you for making this conversation so appealing with examples from ‘Friends episodes and Zombies.’ Human Kindness is the only 5 star rating I will give to any customer services. I am inspired with Nancy’s work! Yesss Marie she is a Baddass totally agree! I love love how Nancy is so creative. The letting go part and believing what her bordness is telling. The emojis and military’ style of texting to reach out for 911 help is so true especiallly from now generation. Many Thanks!!!:)

  20. Sarah

    I have to stop, breathe and digest after watching each episode recently Marie.
    The powerful enormity of the ‘regular’ woman you talk with, who, for whatever reason, have turned into extraordinary women, and are changing our world while remaining incredibly humble, sit with you and open up so honestly and eloquently that it resonates with all of us out here SO DEEPLY!
    As they tell their stories, the realisation that with self-belief and determination, we all have the power to do make epic change in some form, enriching the lives of others through our unique skill set and combine with an otherwise potentially negative technology is beyond inspirational. These women remove the impossibility aspect from my dreams and create excitement as I plan how to fit a deeper, more significant, broader reaching level of service into my own business- and pass on the love.
    You make that happen.
    I wouldn’t have heard of them without your foresight.
    Thank you – so much xoxo

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Sarah, YOU have the power within you and it’s our hope that you’ll always remember that and pass the love on in your part of the world. xo

  21. I loved this episode. I think the insights Nancy and her team have developed could be useful information to parents and the public in general. I hope she might publish some of these insights in an OpEd in the NYT with resources. Keep up the great work I am so inspired by you. I am a Dress for Success volunteer and have enjoyed teaching classes on financial readiness for women with limited financial skills

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Lynda, thank you for giving the gift of time to teach women about their financial power. You’re touching the lives of many and that’s how you change the world.

  22. I love all of Marie’s interviews but this one really took the cake (or cookie dough ice-cream) in my book. So many wonderful nuggets of wisdom. I’ve been working with a non profit for 14 years and am now starting my own and I can’t wait to implement what she shared in this interview.

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      Dija, we’re wishing you all and only the best as you navigate the waters of building your own non-profit. We’re so glad this episode and conversation came at a great time for you, and you were able to gather so much wisdom from Marie and Nancy’s interaction!

  23. Amazing episode on so many levels! Love, love, love what these companies represent and to know there is technology being used for tremendous good. Being part of the solution and changing the world… nothing cooler than that! Also extremely inspired now to pursue a few ideas I’ve had for years now but didnt know where to start. Thank you for such a great episode!

  24. Fantastic conversation with a real changemaker! I’ll be sharing these insights with my clients – small to mid-size nonprofits that yearn to work smart and make change. One of my favorite quotes from this episode: “People who give want to feel something in return. So, when you give a suit, you want to feel connected. When you give money, you want to feel connected. We all just want connection in the world. Social change is part of that.” Thank you, Marie, for bringing this conversation to the world!

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      Lauren, what a beautiful quote to pull from this episode. Yes, feeling connection in the world is so important to the human experience, and we love that you’re sharing this with your clients as well!

  25. Susan L Steinway

    “Unstructured dataset that’s labeled.” Love that (when it’s in the right hands).
    I’m so impressed with her. Madam President.

  26. Lola

    I have a suggestion for a future interview…what’s the best way to reach out?
    And thanks for this episode. So amazing!

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      Hi Lola, you can always send us your ideas at infoATmarieforleoDOTcom, or hop on over here and scroll to the bottom to ask a question for Q&A Tuesdays:

      We read every email and request, and we love hearing what you want more of. Thanks!

  27. Would like know more about how a nonprofit can monetize what they are best at, without adding more labor and time to their overloaded work day. For instance, I’m working with a few nonprofit agencies that provide services to people with disabilities like adult job training, helping students transition from high school to the workforce, residential in home support services, community day programs, etc. They are expert at all of these services… do you have ideas how they might monetize these areas of expertise? Thank you.

  28. amazing accomplishments! Bravo!

  29. Thank you so much for such an inspiring interview!
    I also greatly appreciate the note that Make A Difference Day doesn’t truly make a difference.
    I’ve been revamping my own business to move towards a year long program because healing and loving yourself doesn’t happen overnight.

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      Paula, we couldn’t agree more. We love that you’re taking the long-view for your business, and we’re wishing you all the best as you navigate the best way to build your new programming. Brava!

  30. Skylar Jenkins

    Thank you for this episode. Listening to Nancy has brought to the surface an idea that has been simmering inside for years. She has inspired the courage inside me to start it up, be the first, make the change.

  31. Just wow. There’s lots to ponder here. And I’m going to watch this again. My teenage grandson could have been a casualty recently and I’ve been feeling pretty helpless knowing what to do for him right now.

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      We’re so glad that this episode came at the perfect time for you. It’s so challenging, knowing what the right course of action is to take, and we hope this gives you some guidance for how to help your grandson. We’re all sending so much love and healing energy to you both.

  32. AJ Kalila

    My gosh so relevant and necessary especially here in Australia. Thankyou for reigniting the fire within to change the world!

  33. Thank you, Marie, for introducing us to a nonprofit superhero! Nancy Lublin’s humble, serving, humanity loving heart shines through so brightly!! What a breath of fresh air for all of those working to ease the suffering and aid the healing of others. SO many gems from fundraising (people who give want something in return: connection — we all want connection) to life saving resources (meet people where they will seek help, triage, be trained to perform…with empathy, and measure for continuous improvement). I lack a tech background and learned much from listening in. I direct a nonprofit started after teen suicides that provides trauma response and resilience resources and we’ll add the Crisis Text Line asap. For all – please listen to Nancy’s guidance that you will NOT make matters worse if you directly ask someone if they are considering taking their life (search the ASQ Protocol – based on study from ERs – if need guidance on how to phrase these questions). Personally heartened by Nancy’s genuine acknowledgement that the work is hard and her non-micro manager style of creating an environment for creativity to thrive. I’ve actually been feeling that the time is approaching to hand off an org I founded to someone else who will move it forward, and I lit up with how Nancy gave herself full permission to take off a year after leaving Dress For Success – and seeing how this allowed the space for her to write and be guided toward her next bold act of service. On so many levels, you blessed our socks off with this show – thank you!!

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      We’re so glad to hear that this conversation sparked reassurance and inspiration in you, Mollie. The work you’re doing is much needed and so important in the world, and if you’re feeling ready to move on and share even more gifts with the world, we’re here to cheer you on. This is definitely an episode to watch again and again!

  34. Allison Stabile

    Well, this is one that will change my life. In about a thousand ways. I am so inspired by Nancy. Wow. I’m speechless and that does not happen to me.

  35. Liz

    Thanks for this episode! It’s so good to hear that there are people like Nancy and organizations out there that are doing the good work and fighting the good fight to make a difference. I think what I’ve taken away from this episode is that while current world events may make you feel like the world is falling a part, there are always those people out there who prove you wrong. Thanks for your insight Nancy! And Thanks Marie for bringing us a wonderful and insightful conversation.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Love it! You’re so right––there are a lot of people out there whose hands are quietly rebuilding things and helping people put their lives back together, and making the world a better place through one small effort after another. <3

  36. Barbara

    Wow. What a wonderful subject and woman. She has inspired me to think about whether I would be a good at helping someone that way. I have felt very sad about the recent suicides of bigger names let Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain. And I have no real idea how many other people are in need the same way. Thanks for all the information.

  37. Elizabeth

    “Monetize what you’re really best at.” YES. I have been helping a non-profit in my area (provides after care for survivors of human trafficking), and while the organization is grateful for all item donations, they are truly in need of monetary funds to simply keep the electric on in these homes for the survivors. I have been trying to dream up a way to raise funds, without the whole mess of putting on a ‘dinner.’ THANK YOU.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Thank you for the necessary, important work you’re doing, Elizabeth! We’re grateful and we’re so glad this episode could be helpful to you and your organization.

  38. What an amazing show!
    I have been a Nancy Lublin fan ever since I learned about dress for success and volunteered with them whilst doing a fashion degree at FIT in New York. It was always my dream to marry my interest in Fashion and my desire to help people on a deeper level which I did after completing my masters in social work and counselling and continue to do now.
    Watching this episode and seeing how Nancy was taking empathy and channelling it through technology really sparked something in me.
    For all the resisting I do around technology and social media, this shows me that there is a platform for the work I do on line and that instead of deciding to not be a part of that, that perhaps the answer is to collaborate with those who live in that world so I can offer them my skills and experience. The trick , as always, is to know how and with whom specifically to connect.
    Thank you for getting me to continue to think about modernising therapy and for reminding me that “ we need to be where we are needed’
    Thank you Marie for continually offering me more to consider-

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Fantastic, Holli! It sounds like you’ve got a lot of skills and wisdom to share, so we’ve got our fingers crossed you’ll find the perfect place to share it all soon.

  39. Carmit Clausen

    what I too out of this interview is Nancy’s wonderful personality, this is to me the image of a true entrepreneur: she does so much, she moves naturally from one project to the next, she creates projects that fill a need. And she does it all in an ego free manner, she rejects perceiving herself as a “super hero”, she doesn’t respond with ” me me me me..” or “i i i i…” like so many other pseudo entrepreneur today. Thank you Marie for a well crafted, well thought interview with Nancy, which allowed us to get a snick peek into her thought and action process. This one was a true inspiration to get out there and do something! Keep up with your amazing work Marie!

  40. I’ve been a fan of Marie’s for a long time and watch all her videos but I’ve never burst into tears before while watching one. When she takes about the word MILITARY and suicide, I completely lost it. My best friend’s husband served two tours in Afghanistan only to come home and discover his wing had been shut down and he no longer had a job. He was a highly skilled aircraft mechanic, an amazing husband and father, and just a fabulous human being. The military sent him from Maryland to Mississippi to learn a computer job where he, as a mid 40’s veteran, had to try and learn tech amongst a bunch of highly skilled 20 somethings. He became severely depressed. He did reach out to his wife but it took her screaming and pleading and threatening to sue them, for the military to release him into psychiatric care! I’m sorry to go on and on but I wish there was a way for any military member to have easier access to therapy. Not all who are suffering reach out for help. Especially military because they are supposed to be the tough guys right? I know this because my own Vietnam veteran father never received any care after being drafted and became a raging alcoholic. We’ve never had a healthy relationship because he thinks by him getting care he will take the bed of a veteran that really needs it : he associates mental care with weakness. He thinks the men and women that are missing limbs are more in need than he is. Maybe there is a text app for the military I am not aware of but if there isn’t one there needs to be one! Not just for the younger people but these old veterans are still suffering and they cause harm not only to themselves but their family and friends as well. The military cost me a dad and a beautiful friend. I’m thankful for this video and for anyone that is helping people with their mental health.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much for sharing what you, your dad, your friend, and her husband all went through. That sounds incredibly painful and our hearts hurt for all who are suffering, whether directly as a result of their military service or loved ones trying to care for a veteran who is struggling.

      I was able to find two resources to help veterans with mental healthcare access: and We sincerely hope it helps and we’re sending so much love your way.

  41. I’m a 71 year old integrative psychotherapist, energy medicine practitioner, teacher, speaker and dinosaur. I’ve resisted texting – for lots of reasons that made really good sense to me – and was proud to be one of the last holdouts. Until this session of Marie TV, that is… Wow! There’s a huge population I could really help in ways that I’ve never thought of before.

    This session opened new portals of thought for me and truly inspired me to plunge into the world of social media and texting to reach out to the young people who could benefit from what I have to offer them. Thank you Marie and Nancy!

  42. Oliver Felix Rojas

    Nancy Lublin is pretty impressive. How she manages to take her knowledge and apply it to analyzing data in a constructive positive profitable manner is amazing. The most I am taking away from this is having the right mindset, focus, and thinking is helpful to finding out what people want and how to offer it up to them for free by giving a life size working model of it.

    Thanks To Marie and Team and Nancy.

  43. Wow! Thank you so much for this episode, Marie!
    A subject that is very close to heart. I can totally relate to the technology side of things and it can tremendously aid to any organization in making better decisions, finding deeper insight into your operations with data and analytics.
    I have been an MF fan for so many years and having you, Marie, inspired me every day to do something with the gift only I have. It was a question I ponder for quite some time, until last year. I took the step to start my own business with the skills and expertise I know.
    I started a Business Intelligence Solutions company. I know it might sound foreign to most but in the tech industry, it’s been there for decades. And it’s exactly what Nancy Dublin and her team are using. Big data and advanced analytics, machine learning technology has been there and has been utilized only by the big corporations and organizations that have a deep pocket to in-house a data team to tailor to their needs. This would not be a realistic solution to all mid-size and small businesses. And all businesses need this technology now more than ever to be on top of their game, to survive and even thrive.
    I recognize the technology can benefit a lot of businesses, therefore, I started 99Boon last year to make it affordable to organizations that want to take their business to the next level and gain deeper insight into their data. We are your out-source data team! We bring you the solutions that you seek and not have to worried about managing an IT data infrastructure.
    Currently, 99Boon focused on utilities and healthcare companies but we can help any organization do the same.
    One of the business tips that I’ve learned from Marie through the years was to give first and served your customer 110% above and beyond expectation and that has inspired me a lot in my business decisions.
    We’re still a start-up company and part of giving first is an offering to test drive our solutions for FREE!. Bring your data, and we can help you analyze and give you a snapshot into your business health. Whether it’s marketing, risk management, or operations, we do it all. With over 40+ years experience in the industry, we know how to leverage top advanced industry technology that only been utilized by the big corporations and bring it to you. We are leveling the playing field for the little guys. And we’re very proud of that! If any of your members are interested to learn more BI solutions and how BI can help them and their business to stay competitive, I’m glad to answer any questions. And if I can of help in any way, please don’t hesitate to reach out let me know.
    Thank you so much, Marie! you have been the shining light to all of us.
    Many blessing to you, your team and always!

  44. Hard to put into words – other than THANK YOU Marie for having Nancy on your show. As the CEO of a small nonprofit that supports people worldwide who have been diagnosed with a rare disease, it’s challenging to get funding to do what we need to do to reach more people. We don’t have a sexy disease or things that tug at the heart strings, making it very challenging to find ways to raise money. And yet, I know that we make a huge difference for the people in our community. It was so inspiring to see someone actually say that we would be okay monetizing what we do best. A brilliant idea. And to “make a difference for life” – that’s powerful. I’m inspired to keep the lights burning for all of those people who need us. Once again Marie – thank you for who you are in the world!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Thank you for all you do, Susan! Your work is important and I know all the people who benefit from it are so thankful for your organization. It means the world to us that this episode has inspired you.

  45. sam

    An algorithm for empathy! This is incredible. I would love to access and look at this data to know how to support friends or family in these situations more effectively. Especially the right thing to say. Is there anywhere that this information is available?

    Sam x

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Great question! It may be helpful to reach out to (the partner company that sells the empathy algorithm to make the Crisis Text Line more financially sustainable) to learn more.

  46. Lana McBride-Piech

    Dear Marie,
    As I have never heard Nancy’s name before, I have volunteered at Dress for Success in Lombard, Il which was changed to Poised for Success years ago. It was GREAT to put a face and name to such a worthwhile cause. I was covering a story about the women who need their services and had never thought of women not having the money to dress properly for an interview. I was involved for about 4 years. I then became involved in a substance abuse recovery center for 12 years as a board member. EVERYTHING she said is dead on and what a woman that she took her knowledge and is making her mark by helping thousands is a way most people would not believe. Thank you so much for sharing and I will be watching for your next videos.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much for volunteering, Lana! We appreciate you making the world a better place and helping others through your service.

  47. My new shero!!!!!!! I’m so inspired, getting back to work now!

  48. Safena

    I am blown away by this episode in many ways. First the stats on how many people are struggling. It’s unfathomable. It’s not what we hear about on the news or mainstream tv. At least not with all the sensationalism. This episode feels vital to me. It gives so much hope for humanity. Thank you for this content and conversation. I’m curious do the caregivers need caregivers. These volunteer counsellors are running straight into burning buildings. True Heros. Thank you Nancy and Marie and Team. I will spread the word. ?

  49. Kelly

    Wow! I wish this organisation was available in New Zealand. Thank you Marie for sharing this conversation and thank you Nancy for all you do. Creating a positive connection is a must xx.

  50. Regina S Islas

    ‘if you reach out in pain you deserve another human to hear you.”
    always true. and it doesn’t matter the ‘Size’ or source of the pain.

  51. Amy Turner

    I love this episode!!!
    It demonstrates how you can DO SOMETHING, verses the opposite. I did not even know your guest was behind all these organizations and I’m so impressed by her COMPASSION to SEE the least of these and not lol the other way. I’m so far from being the tech geek I wish I could be-and to see how she used technology to address a vital need is AMAZING!
    I work in Hospice, and I’d love to see something like this for our SENIOR population. Ideas???
    Thank you, bless you-Amy

  52. Very powerful interview. I was glued to the screen listening to everything Nancy was saying. I am a entrepreneur but have also lost a dear family member to suicide. The work you are doing Nancy is very important and needed right around the world. Thank you for doing what you do and a big thank you to the team of volunteers, it is life changing work you all are doing. It has made me look at technology very differently too. Thank you.

  53. Osla

    I am inspired, grateful and saddened by this interview with Nancy. She is a visionary with gumption and guts and so so much love and caring.
    Thank you

  54. Dee

    Wow, awe-inspiring !!! Thanks, Marie. This was quite powerful. I’m grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this community and be exposed to amazing people like Nancy. There was so much in this – – loved hearing her openness and the challenges she faced and how she took breaks that supported her emotional and spiritual health. Also, what I heard is someone who has taken the time to pay attention to and honor who she is – true humility, yet confident and oh so caring. I love the “make a difference life”.

  55. Marie, Are you for real!? When I discovered you earlier this year I appreciated your seemingly kind approach to business. But now I don’t think it is “seemingly”. Thank you for being true kindness right now.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Thank you, Jenee! This is how we roll. 🙂 Most everyone Marie interviews is either in the nonprofit sector or they have some sort of charitable and/or social change element in the work they do. We’d love for you to check out even more inspiring world-changers: Making a positive change in the world is close to our heart, so we like to shout out other people whose work is making a difference too.

  56. Probably my favorite Marie TV so far. Nancy is VERY impressive. Down to earth, unassuming, absolutely lovely. I was captivated. My biggest take away is just to listen to those around me. Really listen. What do people need? How can I help, in a real way? I’ll be more attentive for sure.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s a wonderful takeaway, Heather! Listening deeply can lead to such amazing insights and you never know what you’ll find.

  57. Amazing entrepreneur – thank you so much for this, Marie !

  58. This is such a powerful interview. Thank you, Marie and Nancy, for sharing this.

    What really struck me is that we don’t need to create something to make the world better. We can improve on something that already exists.

    Earl Warren wisely observed that “Benjamin Franklin may have invested electricity but the man that created the meter made the money”.

    Take up the opportunities that present themselves to you and expand on the works of others. That is how collaboration works. Lean in and help build a society for the better.

    Is this what I am branching into a new career. Finding opportunities to add my voice and expertise in. I am not a photographer but I do have a photographic language that can help photographers succeed. It’s all about ubuntu.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Exactly! Making a difference doesn’t necessarily mean reinventing the wheel. 🙂

  59. Belinda

    I’ve enjoyed many your many impacting and enjoyable presentations.
    This is to me, the BEST so far and I could kiss Nancy,
    I would I could have used this as a child, teen young woman, myself through dark times growing up.
    Thank God I made it, got help and know how important another human being is, ‘tuned’ in can be for another child/adult. I’ve sent/shared this on to middle aged and young women in my circles.
    I still volunteer with teens at an at risk, poor high school of immigrants and political refugees in a service organization and I listen subtly and purposefully….supporting them, listening to them…being ‘that caring non-judgemental adult’ for a couple hours.
    As you’ve stated, they text and WhatsApp because it’s what they do, it’s safe and I don’t have to be present.
    I’m thinking about signing up for training as I’m a senior now and there so many souls who are suffering
    alone especially young people. I remember well my own thoughts when I couldn’t cope.
    Thank you for highlighting this woman brilliant, conscious, action oriented women and men as it reminds us all that there is inherit love and good in this world.
    Thank you Nancy….you make the world a better place and lift us all up.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      We’re so glad you survived those dark times, Belinda. And we’re really proud of you for sharing your hard-won life wisdom with others who can benefit from it, even when that’s not an easy thing to do. Thank you for giving back in this powerful way. <3

  60. This episode is absolutely fantastic. Having worked in the nonprofit sector for about a decade now, Nancy HIT IT ON THE HEAD! There are so many nuggets of wisdom here, but specifically I love her ending on, “we don’t necessarily need more organizations, we need more solutions.” Nonprofits’ business structure is SO hard (and backwards in many ways), and that is why I’m so thankful to Marie for opening my eyes to running a for-profit business for good. Doing things this way allows me to do what I do with authenticity, instead of by what a grant regulates and requires, and by turning a profit I can help MORE people than I could in a nonprofit. I could go on and on, but thank you Marie and THANK YOU NANCY! *And “STOP WITH THE MAKE A DIFFERENCE DAYS! 🙂

  61. Hafeeza Mughal

    THIS EPISODE IS EXACTLY WHAT I NEEDED. I’ve always had a strong desire to make great change and help as many people as possible but I was never really sure about how to do it. Especially as someone with a tech background, this episode not only gave me perspective but gave me a mission!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s awesome, Hafeeza! We’re happy you’re feeling inspired and we can’t wait to see what your dreams have in store for you. 🙂

  62. Hi Marie,
    What a great interview. My major take-away for my own business is the tracking she does in her business on what works (and therefore, what doesn’t). I need measurable, quantifiable and qualified data I can use to convert my leads into clients.
    Thanks for all you do,

  63. Yes, “Make a difference life” – It’s a lifetime of doing good for the world, not just a one day thing. My small (ORG BY VIO jungle bling) brand has, actually, donated indigenous artisan jewelry to Nancy’s first baby – Shop/Dress For Success fundraisers for the last 5 yeas, and it was created to support indigenous Amazon rainforest communities in fragile areas, affected by multinational extractive projects. It’s a small brand supporting indigenous communities to generate an income from what they create.

    Everything Nancy has created or helped create is so helpful to the people they reach. The hotline, especially, is so important to support people in crisis, and I appreciate the focus on military vets who are commiting suicide daily. I am completely anti-war, anti-military and anti-military intervention . But I support the efforts of organizations like who work to end veteran suicide.

    I’m inspired by how Nancy’s organizations tuned into the latest platforms to target their audience to be most effective in supporting those in need.

    This was such a wonderful interview.

    Thank you for the work you both do!

  64. AJ Luna

    Best episode in years. Nancy Lublin is authentic, grounded, compassionate and powerful — exactly what the world needs, especially now.

  65. LeAnna Bingham

    I’m so inspired! Three years ago my best friend lost her two younger brothers to suicide only three months apart. Recently, we have been brainstorming ideas on how to start a non-profit to help address the suicide crisis. I was just saying the other day that we can make more of an impact by incorporating technology and then here comes Marie’s weekly video. Perfect timing!

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      We’re so sorry to hear that, Leanna. May yours and your friend’s pain be a source of motivation to help others in the world to help prevent suicide. We’re so glad that this episode landed right when you needed it most. We’re sending you so much love. xo

  66. I want to work with this woman, and frankly for me, that should probably begin with _work for._ Nancy, are you looking for people?

    One other thing: I grew up on a farm. You don’t know how many farmers said precisely that – “I don’t want my kids farming!” So much work. And yet, here we are, expressing that very same work ethic and multi-disciplinarity and risk-taking when we go into becoming entrepreneurs – which our farming forebears tried to steer us away from for more comfortable jobs in town. Maybe the human spirit needs service and engagement (and, frankly, nature) more than job security.

  67. Love this SO much – I’ve been needing to hear an interview from exactly this type of entrepreneur, b/c her kind of work is my DREAM! Thank you for bringing Nancy to speak (and thank you, Nancy, for all you do to better the world)!

  68. Truth Paradise

    An important insight into how to communicate with the world to have a positive influence in creating a healthier world. I’m looking to see how I can contribute and this has given me a more expanded awareness in how to do it.

  69. Wow, I love this!
    This message falls right in line with the message I quit my profession as a RN to spread. Unleashing Radical Empathy through Living Life with H.E.A.R.T. is my passion and purpose.
    My expertise is in Adverse Childhood Experiences and the Neuroscience of Chronic Toxic Stress. The crisis text line is a fabulous idea!!!!
    Marie, I have a few ideas how to expand on this. I’ve spent a lifetime initiating thought provoking conversations with total strangers. There are so many hurt people in our country that want to be seen, be heard and to know they matter. This is the gateway for healing, resilience and living life with H.E.A.R.T.. This is at its foundation a message of humanity.

    To be successful in spreading this message, a team bigger than one is needed! I know my team is out there, need ideas on how to locate them

    What would it take to schedule a consult with either one of you brilliant women?

    With love and gratitude, Leslie

    Leslie Peters RN
    Unleashing Radical Empathy
    Living Life with H.E.A.R.T.

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Hi Leslie- Thank you, so much, for sharing your words and time with us. We’re so grateful to have you here.
      You can always reach our team by emailing us at infoATmarieforleoDOTcom and we’ll happily get back to you. We love hearing from members of our community, especially when it’s about something they’re passionate about.

  70. mariapaula moreno

    Dear Marie,

    Thank you so much for this episode. I’m from Colombia and i can relate, there are so beautiful non profit here that really needs help. People here who want to help, but everything is so… intuitive, it’s complicated raising a non profit. We’re working with sexual abused women and women in prostitution with their children. We help them to build a new life based in love… It’s hard when the only way to support your mission is asking for money. We really need to understand how to make it sustainable! We need you Nancy! this is a kind of hot mess. <3

  71. WOW. This episode hit my inbox at the exact right moment — I’m so inspired to action by this interview that I’ve already completed my application to become a counselor for Crisis Text Line. Thank you for sharing this amazing woman’s work with us, Marie!

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      We’re so glad that you applied, Yulia! Thank you for taking action to make the world a better place.

  72. Prof Martin Seligman says, “Doing a kindness produces the single most reliable momentary increase in well being of any exercise we have tested.”
    I would go on to say that kindness is a two way street; both the giver and receiver benefit.
    Thank you Marie and Nancy for being kind, caring, beautiful souls spreading kindness in the world.
    Nancy, your honesty is inspirational.

  73. Kim

    Such an inspirational episode on many levels. We really can do whatever we care about in this life. My biggest take away is “monetize what you are best at” because what we are best at is what are are passionate about. And that is what we are meant to bring to the world. Imagine if everyone did that? There is so much good to be shared.

  74. Nancy

    First of all, Marie thanks for this great juicy episode. I don’t normally post but this one episode was extra special to me. Plus her name is nancy like me, 🙂
    I loved how she was able to turn around those organizations with her ideas that were simple but nobody thought of.
    I admired how she is using today’s technology for such a good cause. Really I’m around lots of youth who are depressed and in a sad state and they do need help. And empathy is key like she said but not many have that skill which is much needed.
    The last thing, her quote about making a difference for life stuck with me.

  75. Angela

    Nancy reminds me of The Littlest Hobo (TV show)….she goes in, saves the ‘day’ and leaves when things are going smoothly…and then off to ‘put out the fire’ in the next episode. LOL This was a great episode! Thank you!

  76. Wow, I seriously love your interviews. Spent 20 minutes of this interview crying. Thank you!
    And Nancy is mindboggling. Thanks for the opportunity to listen to her talking.

  77. Lyndsey Patton

    This episode not only helped me personally as I have been struggling, but also inspired so much thought. I recently finished graduate school with the intention of providing functional medicine to the people of my community. There are many barriers that are popping up to my initial intention and I keep thinking “there is a reason” and “keep your ears and eyes open”. The moment I listened to this episode, I immediately became inspired. I am a military veteran, a mom, a child with adverse events, a rape survivor, and now a healthcare provider. I want to use my life experiences to help others who struggle through their life and need a “hope bubble” to guide them along. I often struggle to define my “purpose” and the “how” to do what I want to and this lead me to Marie Forleo’s podcast. Just after getting out of the military everything hit a head and I attempted suicide. Hindsight, of course, I have realized the many underlying reasons why I felt so desperate. If there had been a crisis text line in my moment of crisis, I am sure it would have changed the trajectory. Fast forward 11 years, my life looks very different and I still have that little voice inside me looking for inspiration on how I can best impact the world during this wonderful life I have. Nancy, I find your story inspirational. I feel “lost” and do not know what to do with all the ideas that are swirling in my head. I, too, have an idea that will be huge, but have no idea how to get it off the ground as most of my experience has been in healthcare. I want to use the power of the internet and social connection to change the trajectory of healthcare in this country. I often feel this idea is much bigger than me and see the vision and don’t know where to begin. Your interview taught me, jut begin. Thank you for sharing your failures in addition to your successes. You both are inspirational women and thank you again for sharing your journey.

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Lyndsey, thank you for taking the time to share your heart and honest words with all of us here. Your bravery is evident in each word that you’ve shared and we’re beyond grateful to have you in this beautiful community.
      It’s always our hope that our episodes inspire you to feel more connected to your purpose and the world at large. You’re here for a reason, Lyndsey, and by just beginning to follow your nudges of intuition you’ll find your way to the purpose you’ve been given. Sending you so much love.

  78. Sooo inspired! The most inspiring thing for me was seeing how Nancy isn’t attached to her creations. How she had an idea, put it into action, it became successful and then she would just walk away. What a human! And you Marie, well, I always love everything you say xxx thanks for sharing xx

  79. Céline Plessis-Bélair

    Favorite ideas: commit yourself ….and ….make a difference life.

  80. Eva Alfonso

    She is amazing and so are you Marie I always learn something new. I am inspired thank you!!!

  81. Nancy you are an incredible human been, I love the sensitive and focus your are. Congratulations! I was realy upset when I see Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdains deads, because I see a lot od loneliness in the word. but your idea is a Life saver

  82. Janet Marie Petty

    As one who is the “Frontline” every shift I do as a cashier-CUSTOMER SERVICE, AND FACE “HANGRY” hungry, tired, stressed out folks of all ages and cultures and they need positive words spoken in positive tones and with supporting body language (when face to face). I would love to learn more in HOW TO RESPOND, more appropriately each time. As sometimes you only have a moment to make a difference and later…they are gone. But when you do impart positive words, it does make a difference and sometimes you get a thank you or a big smile. Most of the time you may never know but I am compelled to want to be effective as possible with my words spoken and would love to “train”. Or volunteer where they know the techniques mentioned in this interview! PLEASE

  83. Diane

    It’s so inspiring to see some of the amazing innovative positive solutions that technology can bring to our lives.! Nancy is a bright beacon of light in our world right now! I have made it a practice to keep focused on the good that is happening in our world & on the young & old that are making a difference! I am so excited that Nancy is bringing empathy into her trainings. I have 3 nieces & nephews that lost their mother to suicide through bullying in the work place. I will definitely tell them about the Crisis Text Line! Thanks so much Marie for the extraordinary interview! Your questions & perspectives are always fresh, alive & genuine!

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      Diane, we’re so sorry for the loss of those little ones’ mother. Thank you for sharing the Crisis Text Line with them; we hope that if they ever need a listening ear, that ends up proving a valuable and loving resource. We’re so glad this episode spoke loud and clear to you.

  84. Thank you so much….I can’t describe the pull I have to reach out to your organization to help others…I have always been someone who has listened to someone in pain I then try to give them a answer or suggest they get someone who specialize it this area…your idea of texting which is what most young people do is outstanding to say the least…I am not trained in this area but my response is always from my heart…I see what is taking place all around me on social media and it hurts me to my soul. As a designer I design from the stories of others, which is usually from a loss. It takes me back when I am creating for a someone who’s child has committed suicide…I would love to be part of any organization that is set on helping/saving our children.
    Again thank you for sharing your passion here it has really moved me and in a good way…..

  85. Shari Puddicombe

    Wow!!! Still picking my jaw up off the floor after this powerful, inspirational episode! Nancy, you are definitely a badass, and a real life inspiration, truly! Teaching compassion and empathy is something I have been grappling with in my brain, how to do it, because I feel there is huge lack of it in the world, especially in the online world where people hide behind the anonymity of made-up screen names and just tear each other part in chat rooms and comment sections and it is truly heartbreaking in some cases. I consider myself an empathic person in that I can feel other people’s emotions when I am witness to it, either in person or on screen, another term I have heard be used is H.S.P., or Hyper Sensitive Personality. This helps me put myself in the other person’s shoes and see things from their side because I too, can feel their joy or their pain, but I know not everyone has that ability and it leads to a lot of ugly exchanges between people with differing viewpoints. I was also fascinated by your initiative to develop an empathy index, as I work in customer experience and insights and we consistently measure customer satisfaction and loyalty, but I know that how someone feels they are treated is a key driver of that satisfaction and likelyhood whether they will be a repeat customer or not. How can I get involved and learn more, as well as with your empathy training? I am in Quebec, Canada and I am really inspired to ‘do something’ with your non profit organizations and help if I can, even in some small way. Please email me directly at the email address I provided on Marie’s comment webpage or reply to this comment and I will be notified. Thank you so much for your massive social contributions, and for inspiring others like myself, to do our part too! ?

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      Shari, we’re so glad that this episode was inspiring to you. Nancy may not see your comment here, so if you want to find ways to get involved with the Crisis Text Line, you can click on the link in the blog description above. We’re wishing you all the best, and applaud your enthusiasm!

  86. I’ve been thinking about making a difference in someone else’s life for a while and of course this episode really pulled me into this direction.
    But what stroke me THE MOST was what I’ll call ‘the power of numbers’ and the amount of people who are in DEEP pain RIGHT NOW. 30 active rescues A DAY! That’s impossible to ignore. I’ll definitely find a way to help and I invite everyone who is reading to do the same.

  87. This was amazing. Nancy is just so dialed in to what matters. Inspiring and eye opening. Thanks to you both.

  88. Amy

    Why the disparaging remark about dentists? High rate of suicide there which I’m guessing you didn’t know. A career in the oral health care field is ALSO life-changing.
    All other aspects of this interview I loved, but that hit a nerve.

  89. Beth

    I think this is the BEST episode ever. Nancy is a force to be reckoned with – unbelievable! I am inspired.

  90. Nancy is amazing, and thank you so much, Marie for the in depth interview. I have set up a mental and emotional health support site delivering courses in stress and workplace management to hospitality peeps. I researched, and the response was overwhelming, but so far? Crickets!!!! I am devastated and running on empty – so what on earth am I doing wrong? We’re working on making video courses so people can buy those cheaply, and some tip books, and I would love to do an App that people can tap into and get some solutions – but I need a sponsor/s to do that, and so far, just get ignored. Seems crazy, doesn’t it? When there’s such a need, and the world went crazy when Anthony Bourdain died? Any tips would be amazing! TIA

  91. I love how this woman had ideas for positive social change, trusted her intuition and had the confidence and skill to put these ideas into action. I especially love how she is using technology to teach empathy. I have been a music teacher in an elementary school for the last two years in a public school. Being in this environment, I have witnessed a great need for empathy among students, parent and staff. I hear these kids crying out for help! Even though I am a good music teacher, I feel that I could be effective at teaching this community how to connect with their emotions and to teach empathy. I’m just not really sure how to kickstart this. Perhaps I will research this gal’s organizations and see if there is a way to build a bridge so these kids, families and staff can learn empathy. I was trained in Nonviolent Communication by Marshall Rosenberg, so perhaps learning about this woman’s organizations would be the next step. Thank you Marie! You two are game changers!

  92. I’m pretty sure that this episode just shifted by life. I am a B-School student. And my business centres around supporting people who are devalued because they are disabled to have a good life. There are so many corollaries. The most important is that helping the most vulnerable people in our community is a valid business plan. I know there is more to it than this. But still… Nancy basically outlined by business plan.

    I know next to nothing. I’m not Nancy. But now I have the exact mentor I need.

    Thank you.

  93. Jane

    Wow.. This is so inspiring. My take away is.. building business is hard. It’s ‘sort of’ relieving to hear that as superwoman as Nancy, she took 2 years to build her next business. And I do the same mistakes too. I thought friends and families will support my business, some are, mostly don’t. One of my relatives ask me to just quit my business after i said, it’s not really doing well although I know i haven’t put much work on it (this is my 4th year) and i’ve been struggling with my self confidence (it’s so hard to have a business and not having the confidence). But i keep on doing because I can’t stop although it makes me stress. For the first time in 4 years, 1 friend ask me to have a workshop in the cafe where she work so we can have cross collaboration. I’m so excited yet scared but i hope it will open doors for other people to know my work. So for all of you who are struggling, having a business it’s not easy, it’s stressing, people will ask you to quit, but if you press on, believe you can do it. As my sister said, 2Ps. Persevere and Persist. The best time to quit, is when you’re on top. So, i would do as my sister said, I hope you do too. You’re enough. Press on.

  94. Deb

    What a fantastic episode with some stunning statistics. I am so grateful that finally someone has figured out how to use data to help people instead of manipulate them. Thank you Nancy Lublin for your insight and vision.
    Empathy in customer service, hallelujah! Finally people talking to people as opposed to people talking to policy and procedure.

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      We’re big fans of this customer service philosophy as well Deb! Thanks so much for participating in the discussion.

  95. Lotte

    Thank you, Marie and Nancy — I feel inspired. I’m the director of a program at a German foundation, currently revising the program itself and how we’ll support and fund social projects and people with innovative ideas in the future. You are absolutely right, there’s no need for more and more new organisations or social enterprises, but there’s a need for real solutions with an impact. I will include your thoughts in my revision and when I pitch my concept. Thanks!

  96. Lina

    Hi Team!!!
    Thank you again for an incredible time spent!! I absolutely fell in love with Nancy! She is a badass (as is everyone at Team Forleo) and if she had a tough 2 years at her level getting funding with her next venture, then it’s great indeed to hear about it. It helps to act as a reminder that things can take lots of time and effort (even for those with apparent talent – wow!!
    Just wow! Helping others through an organization is a lot more accessible than I thought. Thank you, thank you for your wonderful words of wisdom and love!

  97. Thank you for this episode!
    I run a nonprofit providing prevention work. I loved hearing about how long it took Nancy to launch. I loved her advice about funding and her loathing for fundraising dinners. I’ve watched this twice already. I also appreciate her wisdom in small yet significant comments like, “People want to feel connected.” The advice on how people can volunteer was GOLD!!! I’m a fan, and yes, she’s a badass!

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      We’re so glad that you could relate to her advice, Deanna. Her passion for non-profits is evident and a beautiful example for other agencies as well.

  98. Brittany Goode

    Loved this. I’ve been a crisis counselor for almost 3 years now and it is life changing.

    I know that Nancy is modest and I’m glad Marie pushed her on that because saying things are other people’s ideas and she “just” let them experiment or “just” recognized it … just? Come on! I think it’s one of the most undervalued skills of all time – this ability to recognize and lift others and to make them feel seen. We’ve all worked with people who put us down or just want us to tow the line or are self-centered and know how crushing it is for us and for the success of whatever we’re trying to do. I’ve been volunteering and working at many organizations for the past 15 years and never have I felt such genuine love and respect as I have volunteering for Crisis Text Line. This is no small feat and is certainly a superpower. Just because Luke blew up the Death Star doesn’t mean Yoda didn’t do anything. 😉

    P. s. that dentist comment had me laughing so hard thinking back to last Palooza.

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Brittany, your comment is so beautiful and we’re so glad you shared your words. The time that you’re taking to work and volunteer is changing and saving lives and the world is a better place because of it.

      Nancy is a Yoda for sure and the analogy is quite fitting. Thank you for watching and cheering her on.

  99. Vibhu

    Love you so much Marie. Thank you for pouring all the inspiration and goodness into the world!

  100. Marie – this was a terrific interview. I loved how Nancy was able to take a problem she saw and find a solution. Taking the data and using it for good is a remarkable opportunity for good. Thank you.

  101. Samuel e okereke

    Great,my vision of using my gift to make a positive difference amoung the human global family is fired up by this much thank

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      We LOVE hearing that, Samuel. The world NEEDS your gift. We’re cheering you on.

  102. Apart from being inspired from it all – my take away is the insight to look at the data you already have and how that can be re-purposed…

  103. Kim O'Donnell

    Oh my god! Where was this talk six months ago?? I’ve been trying all year to fundraise for a volunteer project I’m involved in and the organisation told us to “go to your friends and family because they love you and so they’ll want to support you.” I’m now completely alienated from my family and have been thinking I need new friends because none of them have supported me at all. It’s been really upsetting and I’ve never felt more alone in my life, thinking that if the people who love and care for you will support you because of that, then obviously I have nobody who loves and cares for me because I’m completely alone in this. Hearing what Nancy said about going to other people who will love your idea no matter how they feel about you has changed everything for me moving forward. Maybe I can now start to rebuild the relationships that have fallen apart because of my belief that because people don’t love my ideas or want to help me realise them, it means they don’t love me.

  104. I loved this episode, what an amazing group of companies that Nancy has started/grown. I was SO inspired that I really want to replicate some of that where I live in Nicaragua. Namely I’d love to start some form of Dress for Success here. Coucnidentlially I’ve been contemplating what I could do with the remainder of my old “business” clothes from my days in Wall Street, and love the idea of creating a Dress for Success in Managua. I am going to get on this ASAP! And would absolutely love any advice you can give me, and/or a way I can get in touch with Nancy to pick her brain. Thanks so much for yet another amazing episode; I’m a huge fan!

  105. I love all your Marie TV episodes Marie but this one, oh this one, just blew me away! I have had a dream bubbling away for a while that would help so many teenagers and watching Nancy was so incredibly inspiring I feel like I could actually do anything now. Nancy, you are one original, innovative, compassionate, stellar human being and I thank you for doing the work you do and inspiring others to dream big and make a difference.

  106. What an amazing accomplishment. This is exactly what I needed to see today.

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      We’re so glad this came your way at the right time Elena. There’s so much inspiration to be gathered from this conversation!

  107. Rikki

    Blown away by Nancy Lublin and how she has continued to help those in pain. And teaching us to ask about those in our lives. Thank you!

  108. wow! such a great article! thanks for sharing!

  109. Whenever i visit your blog, I always have feeling like come back home: cozy, where I can share and learn a lot of thing.
    You are right, some time I just need a hero, to inspire me. Thanks a lot for this eposide, it comes on time at this point in my life. Nancy Lublin (my big idol) and you help me have more power to keep chase my dream, my passion.

  110. Amanda

    I am currently in an MSW program in path to change careers after over two decades as technology worker. This gives me hope that I can combine my passion for helping people with my skills and education. Thank you so much for sharing this, Marie and Nancy!

  111. There is a purpose to life, and that purpose usually involves being of service to others.

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