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It all started in the club.

The music was thumping, the strobe lights were popping and this guy and I were pretty much shouting at each other.

While other tipsy clubgoers stumbled past us, I made him a promise. “One day we’re going to do something great together.”

For any movement to gain momentum, it must start with a small action. @AdamBraun Click To Tweet

Fast forward four years. We’re building three schools with that guy I met in the club — Adam Braun — and his incredible organization, Pencils of Promise.

Our school in Laos is complete and has 76 kids registered. The other two schools are still being constructed. And in four short years, my dear friend Adam Braun has launched a global revolution.

If you ever feel like you’re meant for more in this life but you doubt that one person can make a difference, you’re going to love today’s episode.

Listen in as my friend Adam and I talk about how to live your purpose and change the world — no matter who you are.

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Click here to buy Adam’s incredible book right now.

In the comments below the video, Adam and I would love to hear from you. What’s your impossible dream? Can you take a step towards it right now?

Be as specific as possible.

I’ll be keeping an eye on the comments and choosing 10 folks to send a free copy of Adam’s brilliant new book, The Promise of a Pencil.

But please don’t let our giveaway stop you from buying the book now. This is one of those books where you’ll want multiple copies. One for yourself and others to give away to people you love who dream of using their life to make a difference.

I’ll give you time to take action and review the comments and will post the book winners by Thursday March 20th by 5pm EDT.

**Here are the 15 book recipients (we couldn’t just chose 10, you know me!). Congratulations and please send your full name and best complete mailing address to scholarships @ And for EVERYONE – please know that we read every comment and our hearts are so full with the wisdom and bravery you showed.
AndreaRenee BerganKarenKelly BennettGraceShai FordTheresa Malone ClodeEvaSaraDeannaAdaeze DianaCatharineKelvin W.Sophia, and AJ McKeever                   

Thank you, as always for reading, watching, sharing and being so darn cool in the comments. This community is incredible and I am so honored to have you here.

With all my love,

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  1. Hi Marie,

    What a great interview with Adam! I’m going to go snag the book right now.

    My passion is supporting others in living a conscious life and knowing that they have whatever they need to live their purpose within them right now.

    Not tomorrow, not “some day” but NOW.

    I have a lovely clear channel to Spirit Guides and when I bring through their wisdom for my clients, it’s a powerful moment for both of us.

    We are all here to learn, grow, evolve and share our inner desires. However that shows up for us. I love being in a community of those who truly get it.

    (Waves to everyone!)

    • “Not tomorrow, not ‘some day’ but NOW.”

      That’s a powerful phrase, Lisa!

      • I need to post that phrase somewhere where I can see it every day!

      • Thanks, Lisa. I feel so strongly about that. (And I’m one of the “just one more course and I’ll be ready!” kind of chicks. Had to learn this one myself.)

      • Love it Lisa. Not tomorrow, not some day but how can we take courageous, loving action NOW.

        Before watching this interview I wrote: Live with Courageous Love and tapped it up on my desk. To remind me to infuse the Love of Spirit with Courageous Action every day.

        Definitely getting your book Adam! I started a “For Purpose Organization” 🙂 called The International Foundation for Human Potential … have about $350 so far and it is just the beginning. Thank you for sharing your story with us. Looking forward to reading your book! xo Hugs everyone

        • Still crying! I am so moved! I’ve been to India, Thailand and a handful of third world countries. The underlying message and story of this episode resonated with me on a deep level.

          I remember the first week I was in India. Blazing hot day and I was so uncomfortable and sticky with sweat and coughing, riding in an “auto-rickshaw” on my way to school. A little girl with a very worn and tattered dress approached me-she was holding a little baby girl. One of the little girl’s arms was deformed and it was clear that both of them were physically ill and malnourished. She stood next to me and looked into my eyes while she held out her hand. I had nothing to give her. My heart sank a million feet, as we maintained eye contact and the rickshaw sped away leaving her there with her hand still empty.
          Everyday I encountered this in India. I wanted nothing more than to take then to offer them some sense of comfort-and ultimately offer them a life of comfort. I had no idea where to start and felt dis-empowered. I gave them food when I had it-which only added to the internal struggle as it just didn’t seem like enough.

          These experiences remind me of being young, growing up in the US and witnessing homelessness. I felt the same way. I would ask my mother, “why is he sleeping on the street?” More importantly, “why doesn’t he have a home? Why can’t he come stay at our house so he isn’t cold?”

          Mahatma Gandhi said “You can judge a society by how they treat their weakest members.”

          There is abundance in the world. There is abundance right here in the U.S. and, in many cases it’s not being shared with the ones who need it most.

          My dream is to eradicate homelessness.

          I went to Expert’s Industry Academy last year and met this woman: Sylvia Anthony, the founder of Sylvia’s Haven. She gave me a deep sense of faith in the potential of this dream. Her shelter for women and children near Boston has helped transform over “1084 lives in the past 27 years.” Her dream is to have shelters across the U.S.

          She’s fulfilling MY dream! I have connected with her and am seeking means to co-create turning this dream into reality!

          Making a difference in the world is as simple as choosing to follow the footsteps of those before us. Sylvia has a model that works and moving forward is the only way to fulfill the dream!

          • Nanda

            Hello Lana.
            In India you would find lots of children begging in streets. They are indeed poor kids bought from their villages as a result of false promises to their family by their traffickers. These kids are forced to beg and to some their hands/legs gets amputated, watch slum dog millionaire. They are NGOs who are working to help these kids return home. Be strong and dream of having a safe home for everyone.

          • zadock

            That’s so kind sister, God bless you abundantly.
            I wish you could bring that to Kenya.

          • Fantastic ideas all around! Just listened to reflections on some similar topics in the Art of Charm podcast where Adam Braun was interviewed.

        • Sent this in and am gone to
          post my first offer of a painting-personal development workshop.

          Thank you! Hope I win the book! 🙂

      • Amanda

        Hello I just asked someone I love to sing and play guitar with me in a text. I have wanted this for so long and it was nice to put it out there! Thanks

    • Spirit guides? Oh, wow! I am totally going to check out your website to read more! I’m intrigued!!

    • I agree, Lisa. The majority of us are waiting-waiting for the right people, waiting for the right opportunity, waiting for the right conditions, the right time. And as is often said, the only thing we have is right now. All the rest is imagined.

      Powerful message of which we need to be repeatedly reminded.

      • “All we have is right now. All the rest is imagined.” I like that, Emelia, thanks:)

    • Agreed, Lisa! This is truly a community that “gets it!” Love connecting with other Marie fans 🙂

    • Icadel Ryan

      The Best Interview so far this year!

      • I completely agree, the best interview this year, tears rolling down my face, Adam is such an inspiration, as is Marie. Will definitely be getting that book. Thank you 🙂

      • Lind

        I absolutely agree! Almost from the first moment, I inexplicably felt my eyes swimming with tears looking at, and listening to, both Marie and Adam. I do share a common familial Auschwitz experience, and even have a daughter who went to Semester at Sea (not the same trip), but my emotions were in overdrive way before I knew this. I think it was just the raw organic beauty of Marie and Adam, individually and how they related to one another.

        I felt like I discovered a rare gift a few years ago when I ‘found’ Marie on one of my Internet hunts to find the way to turn up the volume of my whispers (and mute my fears). It’s interesting when other people seem to so clearly see your purpose (and talents, skills, etc.) but you can only hear your own ‘nay says’. Today I feel like another great gift (maybe a sign!) has been dropped in my lap: Adam. He gave us all SO many boxes of pencils today!

        Thank you, Marie and Adam, for such a beautiful and touching gift. As grateful as I am for you, Marie, I’ve only written once (part of the fear factor), which was to say that Tuesdays are my favorite day b/c of ‘Q and A’ day. They still are but this one has to be my Top Tuesday ever! Thank you so, so much!

        • Yes Lind! Marie, you are a Gorgeous Gigantic Gem bringing so much needed fun and insight to the planet! Mahalo audacious, awesome Adam.

          • Bettina

            Yes, yes, yes, I agree. Its so beautiful, its the best to see pro-purpose entrepreneurs making a diffrence and I count Marie in, as my look on business shifted the moment I saw her videos. I found her while I was attending a “business seminar”(while studying philosophy), i hated the approach, because I was hoping for a way to live and work where I hadnt to “sell myself” in a way that wasnt authentic, and the content of that seminar just told me I cant! Thanks Marie and Adam for being out there, showing that it IS possible…When I now lay down my business plan I think pro-purpose and how I can change not only my life into a purposefull direction but the lifes of beings just like me, full of potential and creativity, but not as fortunate to have the tools (starting with a pencil) to express their gifts. This video just showed me that its something that has all the right to be already part of the plan and the whole vision even at the very beginning of a business…Loved it and will get the book just now…you are amazing!

      • This is by far the most compelling thing you have ever posted on your site, Marie, and deeply touched my heart. For anyone that this has struck a chord with, there is a new site that just launched March 11th, that helps to connect the dots and I hope everyone that feels inspired by this story becomes part of the community at

        • Gina

          I agree that was a truly fantastic interview. Your post inspired me to check out is that your idea? I absolutely love it. I am really hoping to break out of my comfort zone and figure out a way to bring yoga and meditation to people who would significantly benefit from it in their lives and who do not have easy or frequent access. I am thinking about at-risk children as well as people who are home-bound due to illness, injury or mental health challenges. I think I may be able to make some connections on


    • Glenda Harris

      My impossible dream is to become a motivational speaker. I have been battling depression and irresponsibility for as long as I can remember and finally decided to do something about both. I want to spread my message to others out there that it’s OK to feel down sometimes but it’s not OK to STAY down. I am a single mom of 3 kids and it’s been extremely tough and challenging but I’m determined to turn my life around and help as many people as possible by telling them my story and motivating them into truly helping themselves and living a better life.

      • Daiana

        Dear Glenda,

        I am proud of you already! I am also on the journey to become an inspirational public speaker and coach. And from what you tell me, you might be an inpirational speaker as well. I say that because the motivational ones usually involve massive amounts of kinetic energy in their speeches, they maybe people move, dance, shout etc 🙂 And the effect usually lasts 2-3 months. Well, just sharing a bit of the types of speakers there are our there, I am sure you will find plenty of resouces online.
        Good luck, dear colleague of the “change-agent” team. May you be blessed with action to move forward. 🙂

      • Hi Glenda,
        Just read your dream which I wouldn’t call impossible. What about if you start to call it your Possible Dream from now on? I read about you battling depression and irresponsibility for a long time and your decision to do something about it. I’m a therapist, medium and healer and I’d love to offer you a free session to help you releasing depression and irresponsibility. I live in Australia but a session is possible via Skype or telephone. If you’re interested, please contact me via my website ( I hope I may become the help/the difference to make your dream possible and you’ll accept my offer. Warm greetings, Astrid

        • Lexi

          Hi Astrid,
          I love the way you phrased the impossible to “Possible Dream”. I have read many of the posts and I love this community where openness is abound from all. I often feel unsure and scared like everyone here on some level. Changing my thoughts of my words, does definitely spark a more loving and caring attitude towards myself on my journey.

          Thanks all,

      • I’m right there with you, Glenda! I too aim to be a motivational speaker. And I certainly talk about the importance of feeling your feelings, but not letting yourself dwell in the sadness. But here’s my challenge: I advocate for a kinder, gentler, loving approach to cancer, disease, and life’s challenges. As someone who was diagnosed with Stage 4 Cancer last year, I have chosen not to “fight,” but to “accept” and to “love” my life and all that has been presented before me. I had a speaking engagement that recently got cancelled because I would not be able to speak about their chosen topic, “fighting back.” I have chosen to carve a path that is unorthodox and may not be accepted by many. It will be an uphill climb for sure, but I am up for it! And I would not feel like I was being true to myself otherwise. Like Adam Braun, when faced with a life threatening situation, my eyes were opened to my higher purpose. And I am running with it!

        • Ed

          Tiffany, I commend you for your awareness about what to be for or against, fight or love your way through, the choice is up to you (meaning each “you reading this”). What I have witnessed though, is that this is NOT common thinking, its a leading edge thought and it needs to be spoke about more often. Awareness is only made possible by the boldness of taking a stand like you did. BRAVO!!! When our attention, on a global basis, reaches critical mass on LOVE PEACE JOY HAPPINESS ABUNDANCE WELLBEING, we will witness it as common thought. It only takes a few very empowered people to allow this to happen, look what Jesus did…. One person at these higher levels brings everyone with them!!!!

        • Felicity

          Tiffany you are amazing…I am so inspired by your courage to accept and love rather than fight – I mentioned in response to Glenda’s dream that my son Malachi passed on a year ago. He was 16, and had aggressive brain tumours. In just over 12 months he had 5 craniotomies. From diagnosis to death it was less than two years…but he chose to live…he chose NOT to define himself as a cancer patient…we had the most amazing magical journey full of pure joy those two years…life and death are but one…we as souls are eternal…I am forever grateful.

      • Ed

        To say I understand the part about depression and irresponsibility would be an understatement to the tenth power. I would love to share with you a few things I have learned to help me through/out of the down times. I don’t believe in taking a pill (prescribed or otherwise) or a drink to make me feel better, I believe, and know, that in those moments we make our greatest movements towards who we really are. When things go great we learn very little about ourselves, it is when things are as dark as could be that we ultimately find our meaning, purpose, and power. Although I don’t like being in the darkness I have learned that resisting it gives it power and longevity, when I trust that it too will pass, the time spent there is greatly shortened. Also, I am grateful for the darkness, it has caused me to look deep within myself, if I had never experienced such pain I could never know such bliss.
        I would also like to share with you a great resource for public speaking called “Toastmasters”, they are a global organization that began 9 decades ago. They are everywhere and if you Google the name you can find you local chapter/club. I would love to pen-pal with you also, I have recently had my first child and although he is a gift and makes me laugh all the time, I can relate to your challenges. Please feel free to email me at [email protected]. One more thing I discovered, the tortured souls have a great deal to offer, do NOT allow your message, or your light to be hidden. Instead of motivating, you will INSPIRE with your message, you will empower people, which has a ripple effect of far greater value than that of motivation. When times are the hardest, I always look for something to be grateful for, I find one thing, the smallest thing and think about that, the thoughts and feelings grow and very soon I am back to higher vibrations. Many times its my son that gets me started…. I wish you the best my fellow tortured soul and I am only an email away……


      • Felicity

        Hi Glenda – I admire your authenticity…its about being real.
        I too am a single Mum…my 16 year old’s earthly life ended a year ago..he (Malachi) has moved on…as a mother this is maybe our worst nightmare…its been so painful and I have also had such deep moments of despair…however I am with you sister…its our toughest experiences that become our greatest gifts…my sons passing has been my greatest gift…a gift he has given me…”live according to your dreams and passions now, life is short, make a difference to yourself and therefore others”…step out and live without fear…we are all divine…go for it Glenda

    • I am so truly inspired and touched by people like Adam and yourself who give back to our communities and realize that we CAN change the world by sharing our gifts. I have a special place in my

    • My dream is to be able to teach women, young & old, how to love and accept their body exactly as it is. As God, Spirit, their creator intended. I want to teach them how to love themselves as much as they love their children, husbands, and other family members. To quit saying awful, hurtful, terrible things about themselves because they were not born to look like a 6.0′ 110 lb. stick figure, but were born to have hips, thighs, and curvy figures that should be celebrated! I want to let these woman know that enjoying good food, love and happiness is available to everyone, and that depriving themselves of it will limit their life experience and stifle their true potential. It will make them better mothers, wives, sisters, daughters. I want to take my business from “Health Coaching” and “Weightloss” to “Body Image Coaching” and finding true authenticity. I can’t see how that would become a valid/lucrative business since everyone seems to be interested in one thing- “How do I lose this weight- now?!” I believe that body image coaching could result in weight loss (that’s what happened for me), but I don’t want that to be the ultimate goal. I think women put their life on hold until they “lose those last 20 lbs” but they need to be taught how to live their lives in their body, as they are, right now. I want to teach them that if they walk, talk, and act as though they have already lost those last 20 lbs., that they will have the life they desire. What would the world be like if every woman loved herself, exactly as she is, right now?

      • I love this idea, Maureen – I think now more than ever it needs to be brought to our attention. If we could all just love ourselves for what we are right now, imagine the possibilities of the things we could achieve? Like you say, women put their lives on hold waiting for ideals.

      • Daiana

        Love your idea, hon’! Don’t ask for permission, just go for your thing and do what your life mission is. Plus, you would be surprized at how many women descover, more and more, that dieting is not the key to perfect weight, nor health. I am one of them! And often, like you seem to say, there are other subconscious blockages that keep up from losing those lb, with or without dieting and excercise. There are other holistic approaches now to weight loss, so you are “in trend”.

        Hugs and magic, good luck with all!

      • Dear Maureen,
        I love it!

        • You are onto something beautiful there, Maureen. Couldn’t agree more. Wishing you much success with unfolding that dream!

    • Mel

      Wow, you two, Wow!
      My dream is to be “the” Yoga studio at a resort in Nuevo Vallarta. The business plan was completed ~last year~ and still moving ahead with baby steps and through guidance, patience, perseverance to the fruition. I began searching for additional help through LinkedIn, found a lady, fellow Canadian, who is a virtual assistant … and… we discovered our connection/coincidence is that we both follow Marie Forleo 🙂 Together we are growing this thing and it will help many people. There’s more…because of people like yourself, Marie, who keep us going and staying in our essence, I am ready to promote my services outside of my local area – going National – reaching more people. A larger vision being that each person I get to work with and ‘help’, becomes stronger in their own sense of self, which in turn is radiated out to all they come into contact with and so on and so on. Each of us uplifting one another. Adam and Marie, you two sparked some great energetic interaction to enable so many more in this world. Truly Beautiful. Thank you both for being who you are. Namaste, Mel

      • Your work here on this blog has been choice from day 1. You’ve been continously giving astonishing articles to all of us to peruse and I simply trust that you prop it up on later on too. Here’s to you!

    • Thanks for todays video. It gave my new power to go on! /Carwita ZitaZoo

    • I had to put it on the blog! Have A Nice day! Hug from Sweden is us /

    • I love that mantra!!! Not Tomorrow, not “some day,” but NOW!

      So good.

    • I’m currently doing B-School, behind on my modules then I listen to this whilst in heavy traffic driving to work and this ROCKED my world and gave me my IT moment! It all made sense, I now know the how of mixing what my soul wants and making a profit. Watch this space baby!!! It finally clicked thank you so much ever so grateful!!

    • Cara Kirschner

      It just hit me…I’d like to do something in orphanages that contributes to them having fun! Build a play area maybe…I always wanted to have a retreat center or kids camp but it seemed so far fetched. I wanted to bring underprivileged kids there to play and have an extraordinary experience! It would be impossible to bring all the kids to me…but I can definitely bring the fun to them!

      My Dad used to do fun, creative things with us. Climb trees make swings from rope, ride in the back of the truck…etc. We didn’t have A lot of money so he thought if creative ways to make us smile…and he always let us invite friends!!! I ran into one of those friends recently. She asked about my Dad. She asked me to thank him for including her in the fun because if it wasn’t for him she wouldn’t have gotten to do those kind of things.

      Recently I attended a retreat with Mastin Kipp and The Daily Love team and I walked away with an amazing purpose statement! This fits-in perfectly. Thanks for the guidance ❤️Xoxo

    • “Not tomorrow, not ‘some day’ but NOW.”
      Just awesome. I have a place where I put important notes to check out often. I’m adding this right now. Thank you!

    • OMG, I have been following B-School 3 weeks before it started. I new then this is a MUST do class. Marie save this little bit if info and add it to the video I am going to make on Who’s this guy Mikey From Vegas. I want it to be a series of videos beyond our 8 week class. BUT FOR NOW…..Marie you and Adam just became the magic I needed. I was a firemen for 23 yrs and I know that it takes heat,fuel and oxygen to start a fire. The flame is now under my ass (sorry) so I need to do at least 10 videos, like James Wedmore suggested. My message will be like NO other but yet for all. With that I LOVE you Marie& thank & Adam…..God Bless You All

    • This video really moved and inspired me…what amazing people you both are!
      It’s great to know there are other people out there that are like minded and believe there is more to life :o) AND MAKE IT HAPPEN!

      There certainly is more than just me and this physical being we think we are…there’s more… i know it…
      My ‘impossible dream’ would be to make a difference to many many lives, to be helpful, creative, inspiring and really make a difference …For many years I have said If i had enough money ect that i would build a big school and make it special for all, i would be the head teacher and all the children and staff would feel valued and appreciated…It would be inspirational…creative….beautiful..
      No violence, no hate, no ignorance… Blisfull peace and happiness would exist everywhere….Children would be able to be themselves and be whatever they wanted and create whatever they wanted to!…as a pupil myself i loved to create and often felt restricted…I feel there are molds to be squished into! ‘a policeman, an accountant ect and we arn’t meant to fit into a mold! we should be able and believe we are able create our lives and often children these days don’t feel this way, they don’t see the bigger picture,,they don’t believe….they are not inspired or encouraged or supported enough….we all should help one another, dream , believe, create, LIVE! ….after working in so many schools on a supply basis i found that this was not the case! …. I have worked with children in schools on and off for over 7 years and I have also done many other jobs and worked for myself…..I enjoy the feeling that I help people ..I feel many people are too concerned about materialistic things in life and never find their ‘true purpose’ I had a car crash a few years back and over the past 10 years ive struggled with anxiety ect…to the point where last year i felt trapped and like there was no way out..the only thing that has now changed is my mind set! i still have ‘issues/problems’ in my life but i deal with them now…i feel the fear and do it anyway!’ i am no longer afraid. I know that you reap what ypu sow and u should always know u will be ok, you just need to believe! and make it happen! Karma others, treat them well, it will all work out!

      I would love a copy of the book and i shall certainly be sharing this inspirational video!

      michelle :o)

    • I am fortunate to have had my “lightning bolt moment” and found “convergence” but this interview was my “sign” to fully commit. Thank you!

    • Kathleen

      Ummmmm, so lovely, authentic and powerful, Lisa! You really OWN it! Well put! Thanks for posting!

    • I am so grateful to have run into this video TODAY.
      I have always been in constant struggle with myself about my own purpose in life, and it’s refreshing and so encouraging to listen to people who have this deep sense of service like I do since I have a memory. Thank you!

    • I LOVE THIS FABULOUS VIDEO! YOU BOTH ARE SO AMAZING!!! I don’t know what I gonna do but I am sure it will pop up in front of me and I will take notice and take action! Xox. Thank you for sharing your beautiful selves so I may have a richer life!

    • I love that everyone is sharing ~ especially deeper aspects of their own journey. I too have been working to uncover more of my true soul self’s purpose in this lifetime I have chosen to live. Marie, you have helped me tremendously, first of all simply by “being here and sharing to assist everyone you can, with your own brand of bright and shiny, energetic pep-talk and deep seated faith. We, most of us humans, need this aspect of mutual sharing, in so many different ways, throughout our lifetimes. It’s the action being taken to share something helpful, something kind, something necessary or whatever it happens to be ~ when it’s needed by one and that one soul is then touched by another who has what the other needed and they “share” it, this is highly spiritual connection which often will have a synergistic effect and will raise the vibrations of those who are then connected for a higher good.

      Anyway, (I could go on in this vane…), 3 yrs. ago I realized that if I didn’t “go public” with my gifts/abilities ~ that I’ve kept mostly to myself and only told “some people” by word of mouth, fearing rejection, animosity, and worse (I”m Jewish and never comfortable w/ antisemitism and any other form of prejudice… and saying out loud that I was born gifted as a psychic medium can open one up to loads of ridicule and worse… but, I said to myself that I was 3 years shy of turning 60 years old. That I finally needed to face my fears and deal with them, because time is running short and I really do need to begin to tune-in and turn on my purpose to assist animals and humans as the animal communicator that I’ve been for the past 20 years (educating people about better understanding the intelligence of animals and their specific pets – as well as how animals AND human beings are all sentient, telepathic beings who can and do communicate on many levels. It’s high time that we haman beings begin to (once again) take hold of our sixth sense abilities, and make ourselves better and more spiritual human beings and thus make our shared world on planet Earth, a far better place than it has come to currently. I do not know “how” I am going to go about getting all done that I feel I need to do, some of which is helping to bring about television shows to shift consciousness away from greed and more to ‘the-will-to-do-good-for-others, with no thought of our own selves. Oodles to “do”… and how to segue from my 35 year business of interior design where I (and husband partner) continue to earn our living, into being able to work full-time rather, on my ‘spirit work’. Many many blessings to you, Marie, for all you do to help us all, as you help yourself. Peace, Love & Sharing Illumination, Eden Cross

    • Ethel Villanoy

      I hope one day I can truly realize what my real purpose is and have the courage to follow the signs.

      Please pray for me and other thousands of people like me.

      Bes regards 🙂


    • Ode Dixon

      Wow! What an inspiration. I am on my first week of Marie’s B-school and and so excited about all what I’ve learnt so far including listening to this amazing guy Adam. I couldn’t be much clearer about what I want to do now more than ever.

      Although I’ve been in business for more than 3 years now, I didn’t go in with a clear purpose (what I wanted and why?). No wonder it has been such a struggle. My sister died of cardiac arrest in January, just a few weeks after turning 50. She lived in a part of West Africa where health care is next to nonexistent. Since her death, especially after going home for her funeral and spending time with my family, I know I have to do something (right now) to promote the healthcare system in that community and country.

      As a Registered Nurse and an American Heart Association certified instructor for Basic Life Support, CPR and first Aid programs, I have this sense of guilt eating me up for not having taken action in my home community in West Africa way before now. Only if the kind-hearted neighbors who came to my sister’s aid to transport her to the hospital (No! No rapid response system over there), knew how to perform just “Hands Only” CPR, my sister could probably still be alive today.

      I have signed up with an organization (Abundant Grace Ministries) to join other healthcare providers; doctors, nurses and anesthesiologists on a health fair mission to six communities around that region early May this year. Our mission, “Access to Health Care for All”. My business focus has completely taken a different cause; “Disease Prevention and Health Promotion” to all around Delta State, Nigeria and the whole of Africa. I’m on a mission to reduce the disparity in health care delivery in Africa through technologies such as telemedicine to my folks.

      I don’t have it all together yet, but Immo figure it out. I hear you Marie, everything is figureoutable. I’m excited!

    • Adriene

      Thank you for introducing me to Adam, his organization and his book! I just finished the book and I am inspired by his willingness to embrace his path and his amazing leadership. I learned so much from this book!

    • Rasool

      Dear mam,

      Thank you very much of your essential episodeepisodes it’s really helpful of I am speaking English.
      and I would like to tell you about myself. I have been doing secretary job and i trying to become well sales person of myself. So I am beginner now,everyday have found new customer from Internet then send it my company entire activities with products catalogs. So I want grow up my self more. Kindly give exclusive tips of my profession


    • Sinead Sullivan

      Hi Marie,

      I loved this episode. Adam is so charismatic. He is a magical human being himself.
      My dream is to be a musician and singer. I am in my early 30’s and have never played any instrument, nor ever sang, but it is my dream to make a living from playing music. I do not want to be famous, just want people to be enchanted and entertained from the music I will create and sing.
      I am currently in a highly trained career, where I ‘should’ be happy. I have spent 7 years at university to be as well trained as I am but it is no longer my passion. I have new dreams. Please send me a copy of Adam’s book to inspire me along my path and I will one day pop over the Atlantic Ocean and play in NYC!!!

  2. My Grandma was always my biggest supporter, so it’s a timely reminder to see this video. Since I was very small, I’ve always felt like I was supposed to have a global impact, but wasn’t really sure how.

    Hearing that Adam’s book is both practical and inspirational opened my heart to the idea that it’s possible for me to do what I love (performing) and do it in a way that makes a positive global impact (by helping others move forward on their own hero’s journey), mixing how-to and inspiration.

    Looking forward to learning more about Adam’s book!

  3. I have never considered my dream impossible, but I do feel like it is far away. My dream is to help teenage girls build confidence and high self esteem.

    I am absolutely passionate about this, as someone who has experienced how low self esteem can change the trajectory and flow of your life. I’ve worked really hard on my self esteem issues to get to where I am now and it has taken me a long time. I want to help young girls start early on building themselves up, believing in themselves and their capabilities, and loving themselves enough to make the best possible decisions for them and not to appease others.

    I think of this as being far away, because I want to help so many and I feel that I am not currently in a position to do so. I have this all or nothing thing going on that makes me feel that if I am not helping hundreds, then I’m not helping anyone. I know that this isn’t true and I am working to release that limiting mindset.

    I can start small with just one, my God daughter, who I am so worried about. I already see her going down a questionable path with some loser who has her cutting class and her parents are so overwhelmed. One leads to a couple leads to a few leads to several and so on. Helping her means that she can take what she learns and help others too. Thank you again so much, Marie, and congratulations and continued blessings with the schools that you are starting. It is totally inspiring!


    • I would have loved to have someone like you in my corner when I was a teen!

    • Dearest Ms. Pillowz,

      Starting small is still STARTING!

      All-or-nothing (aka: perfectionism) just talks us out of our dream. And you have no idea how your help to just one can ripple out. Your goddaughter might just grow up to help millions and part of that will be because you cared and made a difference.

      Just start with one and let the Universe help you sort it out.

      With love,

      • You are absolutely right, Lisa! I love that! Starting small is still starting. I’m going to borrow that, and give you credit of course! 🙂

        I love your website too! I have to leave for work soon, otherwise I’d stay on it and explore. I’ll revisit it later and sign up for your newsletter. Have a great day and thanks for your words of encouragement!


    • Kat

      Would love to follow you on social media & spread the word – what you do is very much needed!

      • Thank you so much, Kat! I am completely guilty of not using social media in the best way, but I do have a Facebook page, which you can “like” from my blog, which can be found at I look forward to seeing you there!


    • Thank you for sharing…I could feel the passion you have to help teenage girls. I too adore my Goddaughter and pray that she will continue to believe in herself.

      • Thanks for your comment, Denise!


    • I know what you mean – I mentor 4 underprivileged teenage girls. It’s been over 5 years now, so 2 of them won’t be teenagers anymore come June.

      Anyway, can I make one suggestion?

      I clicked on your site and it looks really nice except I feel as though people are more likely to read your thoughtfully crafted words if they weren’t all in CAPS. Just a gut feeling. Hope it helps.

      Keep up the great work! 🙂

      • Oh wow, Elly! That is so awesome! I know it is rewarding experience for both you and the girls. 🙂

        Thank you so much for your suggestion! I’ve been thinking about the font recently, so I will take your advice and change it. I was trying to be fancy, but fancy fonts can be a distraction. I’ll be updating all of the posts within the next week, since I am out on assignment this week . I hope that you come back to check out my new posts. I update it every other Wednesday, so a new post will go up next week.

        Thanks for stopping by and I will be sure to return the blog love!

        Wishing you continued blessings,

  4. This was really inspirational! It’s so easy to forget that all of those little actions we take add up to something bigger…

    I often get discouraged when I think about where I want to be in my career and how far I am from that point. I needed this little reminder to take it one step at a time and keep pushing towards my goals.

    Thanks for this 🙂

  5. Zélia

    Hi Marie and Adam !

    Well my dream is helping small handmade business owners being successful enough for breaking the system and make handmade products ( jewerly, clothing, art, food…) the new way of life.

    Well, I contribue by helping them with their social media, but hey that’s a start, isn’it ?

    Thanks for your video.

  6. Wow, Adam is such an inspiration! What an amazing guy. I’ll definitely be checking out his book. Great interview, Marie!

    I’m already taking strides toward living my impossible dream, although it’s definitely been a mix of exciting and terrifying! My dream is to become known as a Freedom Expert — to create a thriving coaching business to help my clients create a live that allows them to be themselves, make money, and feel free. I’m taking action every day to make it real!

  7. What an utterly, utterly magical person Adam is – he just comes across as such a beautiful soul.

    My Big, Impossible Dream? I have an image in my head about that I’m working with women, standing up and talking to them, and helping to grow their confidence with technology. Last year, I had a lightning strike moment where I just said, “I want to help 10,000 women feel proud of their websites in 2014”.

    In my current business model, I’m working one-on-one with women building their websites so I’m not quite there yet, haha! But in the last couple of weeks, I’ve started to embrace making videos to help more people, because I think that there’s still a lot of elitism – a lot of it with a masculine energy – around creating websites, and around the technology. It makes me feel sad when I hear women say, “Oh, I’m not that technical”, but will do something that completely disproves that – I wish more intelligent women would feel comfortable embracing technology, starting with their own websites.

    • Gemma, I love your dream!! And I love the passion with which you articulate it. I haven’t even watched the video yet, hah – but your comment jumped out at me and I just wanted to say YES, you will get there! I’m with you. 🙂

      • Erin, thank you! What a lovely reply 🙂

        • Yes, Gemma. Wonderful vision and VERY needed. My best to you!

    • Gemma,
      This is SO essential for our future. I have an idea for you which you may have already pursued. AARP magazine has 2 million readers, starting with people 50+. Many are beginnings second careers, others are widowed and just beginning to learn the ins and outs of navigating technology. With the right video tutorials, I truly believe this could be one of your audiences, possibly even larger than a younger audience who feels comfortable with technology. Perhaps you could write a Top Ten Tips article to submit? I’ll bet they would want to interview you as well. Best of luck.

    • HI Gemma,
      I appreciate your dream of making women feel confident with presenting their website to the public. I am one of those women who does not feel all that confident in my website, I made it myself. I am now getting a professional to re-do it, but I would love to get your opinion on my new site if I could? Is that at all possible? To get some professional feed back from you? I am an artist so I could trade your expertise for some art of mine if you like any : )

    • Lind


      I just had to say something else here (I don’t know what the hell is wrong with me today; I’ve spoken more than I have in years!). I am one of those women who say, “Oh, I’m not that technical” but who constantly disproves it; the thing is, I never saw a computer in all my probably worthless degrees in school & prob never would worried about a computer until my husband insisted and convinced me by saying I could SHOP for the kids online (WTF-REALLY?! I didn’t have to DRIVE to get clothes, shoes, books, etc?! YIPPIE!!! I am f–g IN!!!)!

      But here’s the thing: I, like all Baby Boomer Women, have been paid less, pinched and ogled more by big [email protected], fat bosses and as you say, surrounded by elitism…the point is, YOU are a HUGE part of the solution!

      I have seen your videos; you are FABULOUS! I have been able to productively contribute to my site and it is YOU that have MADE A DIFFERENCE.

      THANK YOU! Really, Thank You!! You WILL be a force, Gemma! I think you are absolutely fanf-gtastic. You have every single thing it takes to hit 10,000 and more. I think your site is wonderful. Please keep just being you and doing what you do. You’re affecting more women (of ALL ages) than you know.

    • Victoria Sharp

      Gemma, what you said really resonates with me too! My field is video, motion graphics and 3D. When I completed my studies I was the only woman left in my class (though that was 10 years ago and I hope it is somewhat different now?). I want to help share my knowledge and understanding of these tools and help people utilize these mediums to their full advantage, now and in the future.

  8. Katya

    I am writing this not just because I want the book (although that would be nice!) but because I know that by writing my dream down I am on the first step to achieving it. I have recently discovered through working on friends and family that I have a gift for healing. It’s the first time in my life that I’m doing something not just for money, but because it makes people feel good – physically and mentally. My dream is to do this full time, not just for family and friends, but for anyone in my community who needs it – people in care homes, people in pain, people who have given up hope. So thank you Marie for giving me the chance to put this down in words because – as we all know – once you’ve committed to something in writing, you’re committed to it for real. All best wishes and blessings to everyone out there with a little dream….

  9. Love this, my dear friend Duncan Ward has started something similar in Cambodia called Classroom of Hope – very very inspiring. Video link to the background here: (warning – extremely inspiring!!!!!)

  10. Lost at the moment but connected to the story. Where is life there is hope. It is the reflection in the mirror that keeps me going to fulfil my destiny.

  11. elyse

    Hi Marie,

    I will have my son watch this when he gets home from school. All these things I tell him, but there is so much more power and beauty hearing it from Adam. Is his available to speak to schools in the city?
    Thanks for such a meaningful episode.

    All the Best,

    • Louise - Team Forleo

      Elyse, it looks like the best email to write to discuss speaking engagements is [email protected].

  12. Just LOVE….

  13. Michelle Henderson

    Hi Marie!
    My impossible dream is to help save/heal children from parental alienation syndrome or PAS. I bet you are like “what is that?” There is no help out there for these children and parents going through this. NONE. I know because I am a victim of it and the law has no “law” against it. If I could create a safe place or program in schools or even meet ups so that any child, mother, father going through this doesn’t have to go through it alone, that would b e my dream. I will never give up!!!
    Thank you for a possible shot at this,
    mom of 5 boys/fitness instructor/Esthetician/Reiki practitioner

  14. I am LIVING my dream, my values, my purpose. I believe each of us can be a conduit of good and so I started the only woman-owned green power marketing company in the US. By providing easy, practical, smart, fun access to renewable energy like wind and solar we’re enabling thousands of small acts of impact.

    We give back. Through our Watt-for-Watt program, we donate one kWh for every one purchased, as well as donate up to 50% of our proceeds to our non-profit partners. It’s all about tangible impact. Together, we can do so much more.

    Don’t ever forget that one small step repeated a thousand times becomes a movement.

    Believe. Do what’s possible. Live on purpose. Start now.

    • That’s fantastic Kelly! Congratulations on your giving back and going green. I love that we get to know women like you that are trailblazers through this network. Great work, keep it up 🙂

  15. Beth Orchard

    My dream is to start an organization that will partner coaches like you, Mastin Kipp and others to mentor and coach survivors of trafficking and trauma. There are tens of millions of men and women in slavery and many of them need life, career, relationship and other skills once they have received immediate aftercare for their trauma and are ready for some next steps. There is so much beautiful promise and potential for them, I want to help them realize it by building an organization that partners amazing coaches with them.

    I will be starting my own coach training through ICF in May and hope to get the ball rolling on this in the Summer and sign up for “B” School 2015. I am excited about the possibilities and am grateful for all the support you’ve offered through newsletters, videos and interviews to inspire me to get to this point with finding a way to help survivors of trafficking.

    • Beth, I love your dream. I hold such a huge place in my heart for helping victims of trafficking. What an incredible organization it is going to be. You will be making a huge positive impact. Right now in my life I am witnessing the power and momentum that come from a few small actions. Like Marie always says, “Keep following your dream!” You’ve got a good one 🙂

  16. The book ‘The Celestine Prophecy’ from James Redfield would touch on those ‘it moments’ in life, and articulate that phenonemon a bit more, if you haven’t read it already.

    This was an inspiring interview with a humble pro-active person.

    My impossible dream is having more (all) people question the chemicals and ingredients that they put into and onto their bodies, and to stop buying products and foods just because they are branded, celebrity endorsed and sold in an exclusive store. Ultimately I want all food and cosmetic producers to only produce food that is wholesome and natural and healthy.

    • “celestine prophecies” is a fantastic book. Thank you for recommending it here to people. Perfect occasion!

    • Thanks for the book recommendation, Emma. I’ll have to check it out!

      • Just throwing this out there but I totally know the electric feeling you guys talked about. I haven’t read the Celestine Prophecy, but I know this feeling happens a lot when I pray with people, and in my experience that feeling is usually a) God speaking to you (‘it’ moments!) b) God healing you. But know those moments don’t have to be rare-there’s a lot more where that came from!

  17. Lysia

    My dream is to fully blossom while still having time to be a good mom. I want to use photography to make childrens books that inspire our youth to revel in natural goodness…to see how magical life is as it is already. I want to draw kids back to the garden, back to movement, and while honoring their unique and wonderful selves.

    • Hi Lysia!
      I completely resonate with wanting to ‘fully blossom while still having time to be a good mom’. That has been a struggle and set back of mine. I’m finally at the point where I know that allowing myself to blossom is the only way that I am going to be a good mom. 🙂

      I love your desire to draw kids back to the garden and movement. I know my children are at their best when they are moving, creating, and being themselves. I would LOVE to see one of your books! I know they will be ‘magical’, as you say!


    • Jennifer


      What a beautiful dream! Anything to continually draw us, and children especially, back into much deeper awareness, in touch with our most pure essence, and the “Presence of Now” (Eckhart Tolle) is a truly wonderful dream. I am right there with you now as a mom of 2.5 year old twins, in a divorce situation which may potentially one day reverse itself if that is meant to be, wanting to be all I can be for my boys and aging mother, and yet feeling very passionately called to follow what only feels impossible at this point because of not being able to move things along at the pace I would like to see… But, in striving to stay present, it has more and more become clear that all is unfolding as it should… all those signs popping up along the way as Adam here has talked about…. I very much look forward to reading his book now!

      If this is your goal, I have no doubt you will fully blossom in this “garden” you are striving to create for yourself and your family as I do not doubt the spiritual teachings out there which tells us that it is our fundamental, what I will call here “primary purpose,” in life to fully blossom, to raise our consciousness to be fully in tune with the universe. And then in this state having divine inspiration pour through us unobstructed, guiding each of our own unique “secondary purposes” that manifest in our daily lives (both in big and small ways), creating beautiful, magical synergy with others on similar paths.

      My “secondary purpose” dream is very much related to yours… to help promote the advancement of the permaculture movement that started over in Australia in the 1970s by way of establish a local institute dedicated to permaculture studies and sustainable living practices. Earth Care, People Care first and foremost–> in the establishment of a permanent culture on the planet with regard to food production through the strategic use of key design principles involving humans, earthworks/land, buildings, plants, and animals, wise use of modern-day technology, and resulting in minimal waste and minimal maintenance once established– all of these elements working together to replicate natural processes rather than working against, which is most of what we see today in modern-day agriculture/land use practices. More can be learned by doing a google search on Permaculture Research Institute (Australia) or for some very inspiring videos.

      Research and education demonstration sites of this nature are not a particularly new concept for those who are currently involved in the movement, but permaculture is not yet mainstream. And so more of these sites are desperately needed to educate in the fundamental future health of our planet and can be geared to both urban and rural living environments.

      As appears to be likely in many, many other places abroad where “permaculture” is for the most part not on the radar yet, I believe there is an incredible niche in our beautiful lakeshore cold-climate Midwestern town for the demonstration of passive solar home building design/renovation and modern-day rural/urban land-healing sustainable homesteading— a demonstration site which would in time set a solid foundation for a future educational outreach and local food supply/charitable food-aid enterprise (by way of an eco-business, non-profit, combination of both, partnering locally, as well as strongly promoting- through training/mentoring opportunities- a wide range of related niche-filling local business start-ups).

      Our town has an incredible opportunity to re-invent itself here in the face of dying industry, mass job relocations, etc. etc. There is the macro view looking at the potential of turning our area in to THE Midwestern organic/permaculture/sustainable food production mecca and how this could potentially serve as one model (among others out there) to struggling cities and towns elsewhere.

      Then there are a multitude of macro level elements…. such as working with city government, schools, churches, local businesses and private residences in re-designing their properties to develop beautiful, low-maintenance, food-forest landscapes on their properties; supplying local food pantries with desperately needed high quality, non-processed foods through volunteer/service projects as well as educational work/food share programs for food pantry recipients- (i.e. not just giving the fish, but teaching how to fish for self-empowerment); providing life-enriching curriculum in science, math, history and home economics with grade-school, high school and local tech schools “edible school yards- permaculture style;” providing outreach to all age groups including troubled youth with self esteem-building programs, as well as families dealing with the stress and anxieties (that I have also experienced myself) with learning more and more about how seriously our natural environment is in crisis, and the implications for that on both our and our children’s health– and to be a compassionate resource for those feeling helpless either economically and/or knowledge-wise in how to navigate to a more self-empowered existence with regard to some of our most fundamental needs (nutrient-dense foods, clean water, etc etc). And there is so much more… I can hardly contain myself with all the new ideas flooding into my mind every day…

      Yes, that wonderful electrifying moment when you have finally felt all the past years of all your experiences in life and work- not sure where it has gotten you as you have now stepped into the realm of primarily stay-at-home-mom for the time being- now all fitting nicely into place in that big picture (studies in anthropology, sociology archeology; National Park Service resource management; a touch of not-for-profit executive directorship; small-currently inactive-LLC officially established for jewelry/crafting sales that is ripe for taking in this new direction, a passion to create in all forms- photography, hand-crafting, arts, graphic design, and writing; love of God, love of nature and wanting these things to play a fundamentally intimate role in my boys’ upbringing; and a deep calling in service to God, others and the planet…) ahhhh… permaculture!!!!! yes, it all makes sense now….

      So although I cannot run as fast as I’d like right now, this truly has been valuable time since my boys have been born to think, and mull over, and read, and research, and thinks some more, and get other perspectives…. And then the signs keep coming- happening upon the link to the recent PaleoCon which then introduced me to Marie and B-School, but 2014 enrollment was just not feasible. A chance decision to click the link for this latest interview with Adam while cleaning the kitchen in the wee hours once again giving much needed inspiration to continue on baby steps in the “research” phase, and how great to hear the discussion on merging a service-focused endeavor with for-profit model… as I have been grappling lately with what type of model might work best… Not to mention a whole host of other signs that are too lengthy to mention here now.

      So, my “go out and do something” now must be to continue to self-study, put out local feelers, and keep fingers crossed that it will be possible to fill one of the limited spaces in the upcoming online Permaculture Design Course coming out of Australia- with registration period to be opened on the 29th of this month. THEN looking at B-School for 2015.

      All the best to you Lysia on your journey! How might we stay in touch? Perhaps your children’s books may one day grace the shelves of our research and education institute, ha! Blessings to you and yours! Thanks Marie and Adam for the much needed uplifting interview!! Cheers!

  18. LOVE that you had Adam on the show, Marie. I’m such a fan of Pencils of Promise! As a copywriter, I admire the “Our Story” part of the organization’s website so incredibly much that I actually use it as a teaching example for how storytelling can be so potent in writing for our businesses (because it tugs on our heartstrings and transports us instead of “selling” to us).

    My big, impossible dream is to save all the horses that have become victims of neglect and abuse. Since I was about 6, I’ve ridden and trained horses. I can’t explain it. There’s just something about horses that are good for a girl’s soul…and the horses in my life have been some of my best teachers.

    I bought a horse when I was 16 who was a victim of abuse and rehabilitated him to be an amazingly loving, big beautiful boy who became an elderly lady’s forever companion and mount when I went off to university. (The saddest goodbye I’ve ever had.)

    I also volunteered my time at a breeding farm when I was younger to help train and rehabilitate some horses that were coming off the racetrack, with ruined legs/backs and a fear of people. SO rewarding to bring them back to a place of health, happiness and trust.

    Now with the help of B-School, I’ve been able to build my business to a place where I feel like I’ll be able to help in bigger ways. There’s a local rehabilitation centre for abused and malnourished horses that a friend of my father’s runs, and she runs this organization without any support except from volunteers and donations. She is an angel–and truly inspires me.

    My goal is to be able to “adopt” a few horses for her monthly and to help more horses recover, get healthy again, and find their forever homes with both financial support and by donating things that can help (hay, blankets, brushes, etc).

    Eventually, I’d love for a portion of all my proceeds to go to this cause. I certainly want to help make other people’s lives better, and there are so many other causes like women’s literacy that I also want to contribute to, but I feel like we have SUCH a responsibility to the wildlife around us–and our planet. Especially in the case of domestic animals, they are so dependent on us, and if we aren’t going to help them…who will? In my opinion, they deserve the same respect, love and care that you or I do.

    • Petra

      this is so much in my heart too….I’m in Canada, where is the farm?

      • hi Marie I have only just watched the interview with Alan Braun, what a great guy. It has always been a passion of mine to help dogs. I donate to a local rescue group, I am this rescue groups rep in our town and am responsible for going to the pound to collect dogs who are about to be put to sleep. It is gut renching as I know I physically know I can’t save every dog. I know what will really stop this for being necessary is to campaign to make the sterilisation of companion animals compulsory
        and make only registered and properly controlled breeders able to sell dog. I already have a notice on my web site that 10% of all donations to my site goes to Perrescue and I hope as my business grows this will be something substantial. I wantt o be able to set up a fund so that people who can’t afford to sterilise their pet can apply and have it done free of charge. Adams talk has made me realise that I need to take a step towards this ‘now’ and to open that bank account with $25.

    • mira

      i´m so touched. thank you soo much for that interview!!
      my dream is to teach man and woman worldwide respecting and keeping the sexual borders of another, getting aware of the own sexual energie and to live it in an positiv way.

      • Eury

        A truly inspiring ‘trulity’ as I call them. Sharing your truth.
        This inspired me to spend a few moments really imagining and the joy of my dream fulfilled, ‘imagining the end’ as it were. I am a passionate persons and have had lightening moments, which I have acted on and have created life changing results.
        Now I feel it’s time to go bigger, so thanks for reminding me that my passion is a world purpose passion.
        Imagining this fulfilled is my first step, my second is my continued faith in the end fulfilled, the third is my awareness of opportunities.
        For more in depth techniques of using ones imagination consciously to fulfill ones desires read Neville Goddard ‘My faith is My Fortune’
        : )

  19. So inspiring! My oh my how I love revolutionaries and world changers like Adam and yourself Marie! With such an incredible tribe of peeps – how can we not raise the vibe frequency of this planet & make some changes!!

    • Eury

      How true, here’s to change of the most beautiful and inspiring kind : )

  20. My impossible dream is to make my message of courageous leadership available for all middle school and high school students so that they are able to go beyond their fears and shame to stand up, step in and speak out for other in moments of need, like bullying. I saw Adam speak this past weekend and he has changed my life. I have already taken actions to start “The Foundation for Courageous Leadership” and it will officially launch on May 1.

  21. Cat

    I was so moved by this video and it made me reflect on what big impossible dream I want to make happen. My dream is by doing even a small thing for someone, a chain of events occurs and causes people to do service to others. So I started my own ‘pay it forward’ project last year and have just launched number 2 during the lent period. Rather than giving something up, I want to pay something forward that is of service to others, no matter how big or small, to encourage a ‘want’ in people to do the same for others. Simples!

    • Cat, I love this, and may “steal” it! The pay it forward concept is such a good one. I’d be curious what your “project” was. It sounds like more than just doing a good deed for someone.

  22. My impossible – possible – dream is to teach parents and families that small shifts to their actions…their language…their thoughts, can make profound changes in the lives of their children – and in the world. By connecting families, we could connect generations and strengthen our future. Our world is full of so much disconnection – I want to teach the power of connection.

    • Love this, Amy – your idea really jumped at me 🙂

  23. Hadeel Al Musallam

    Hello Marie,,

    I just to want to thank you deeply for everything you do… your commitment, your passion, your sacrifices, and your time.

    You are such a unique personality, which I highly admire.

    As for my passion, I am constantly looking for ways to grow, for myself and for my upcoming business.

    I don’t really have a clear vision, as many may face that uncertainty. I know I will be a game changer.

    However, looking back at my own turning point, I would say it was exactly a year ago. Where I heard you speak in a virtual conference, entitled “May Cause Miracles”.

    Before that conference, I always thought/believed there is only one way to look at things. Which is why we sometimes get in the whole trap of caring about what other people say.

    As for my turning point, which happened exactly after the conference, is that perceptions do exist. I just can’t believe how some people still neglect that very important aspect of life – specially when they are your direct influence-rs.

    I am still in the phase where I am continuing my education with you every week, reading articles and books about self development.

    But I still feel I need to take the word out…

    For the time being, I am thinking of becoming a transformational coach / supercoach.

    But my learning practice hasn’t stopped, in fact I am taking your advice of getting a bridge job – BJs.

    Other than that, I can’t wait to show the world what I’m capable of accomplishing.

    Thank you again Marie, I am forever grateful for all your hard work.


  24. Pat

    Great, touching soul interview.
    However, what a person should do if feels inside that there is a bigger purpose but hasn’t seen ‘the signs’ yet and living without this clear purpose is an agony?

  25. Ponscio is a social network that inspires and equips women entrepreneurs, worldwide – through (1) education, (2) mentorships, and (3) partnerships (business partnership and access to capital). Adam’s story blew me away. I would love to meet him. His Grandmother must be so proud of him (I am and I haven’t even met him!). Hearing Adam’s story inspired me to take some steps for advancing Ponscio today, that I have been sitting on, due to some brick walls. No more brick walls. Thank you for sharing Adam with us, Marie!

  26. “A drop in the bucket of change has a ripple effect” –It’s what we live by and have supported MFS(Doctors without Borders) from the first moment our company was born.

    Kudos to you and Adam, Marie. Small business will change the world.

  27. Pia

    Hi Marie

    Thank yo for yet another AWESOME – and timely – ‘Marie TV’. Adam is totally amazing and it is an inspiration to hear him speak.
    My dream? Is to teach those who are suffering with mental illness, especially long-term, to use creativity to help build wellness.
    By being creative, via my myriad of craft projects, I have finally tamed the “Black Dog”. I have been open to medication and therapy, but because I continued to be creative throughout the process/es, I was able to build an inner strength that had previously not existed.
    I want to teach others how to use their creativity to curb their mental illness.

    • Pia

      Funny enough, I had actually instigated my first steps towards making my dream a reality TONIGHT – before I had watched Adam speak!!!
      I have started making changes on my FB page, wrote a blog post about Adam, AND altered my ‘purpose’ for my business – that I am building thanks to B-School which I am currently enrolled in and LOVING 😀
      Love your work, Marie.
      Adam – love your ('for-purpose') work too

  28. Your story of purpose and willing action is such an inspiration! Having that feeling that I’m meant to do something big in this world burns deep and it’s often hard to think past “how can one person make a difference?” Thank you for sharing how the signs the universe gives are the encouraging silent words I need to press forward. Thanks Adam and Marie!!!

  29. Excellent interview, Marie! Adam has an incredible story that highlights how an everyday person steps into greatness.

    I am working toward my pie-in-the-sky vision daily! I want to help people truly love themselves so they can love others in a deeper and fuller way exemplified by “love your neighbor as you love yourself,” and thus usher in a more stable loving world.

    My starting point is inspiring women to love themselves fully by tapping into God, and letting that wellspring of love ripple out to form a peaceful, joyous, and loving world.

    It may seem impossible, but I know if I do my part, others will do their part, and together the world as we know it will be recreated.

  30. Precious Jason

    Hi Marie,
    What an amazing interview. Thank you for sharing your hearts and encouraging me to keep at it one day at a time. I am a 35 year old cancer survivor. I had to give up my skincare business to undergo a bone marrow transplant and heal. I worried if things would ever be the same again. My dream is to start it all over again this time using my personal experiences to support people just like me. I want to make people feel good and empowered and continue to raise money for my local hospital in the Uk.
    My second dream was to attend b school . Sadly I missed the scholarship closing date as I was in hospital and can not afford the fees just yet. I will not give up though. One day I know things will click.

    Sending you all the very best today and always x

  31. meegan

    The dream… to contribute to kids and schools in some way.
    My action = Take the next step and work towards becoming a family day care provider (> teacher> quality education supporter). Called them up they’re sending out the info as we ‘speak’. Scary for me because I have a very well paying part time job in a totally different profession and a very young family to help support. But I’d rather teach my kids to dare greatly (brene brown style) than learn to push the grind stone.

  32. Jules

    Talk about signs arriving at the right time. As I go through some personal & business shifts, it has left me wondering many things, including…do I carry on or change direction?

    There are some many things in this interview that have changed how I feel right now.

    Remembering that what I am experiencing is ‘my little bubble of experience’ it’s not the whole picture.
    “I (too) prefer to live in a world where I feel guided.”

    This is one of the most profound interviews yet Marie and team, thank you. And of course thank you Adam.
    Feeling blessed and grateful

  33. Marie,

    Wow!!! I was headed to the gym and this completely stopped me and I soaked in everything that Adam said. His story is so genuine and compelling. I love how God will use everything in your life to point you in the direction of where he wants to use you and make a HUGE difference in individual lives all over the world!

    I’m a first year B School student and absolutely loving it! (Sat up last night until 2 b/c I couldn’t STOP listening to the modules. You are like a good book that you can’t put down!!)
    I am definitely going to get Paul’s book and share it with everyone else! I love people who pursue and promote what they are called to do. Just this week I was talking with a friend about my desire to give to an organization and have been praying about how to continue to build upon my experiences and struggles to impact more lives.

    So thank you so much for this interview! Thank you for encouraging people to be themselves and not be copycats of everyone else. I’ve definitely made some fun videos this week my followers loved and decided to just be myself. I look forward to reading Paul’s book! It really made me want to serve more, give more and use my business purpose to make a difference!

    Lindsey xo

  34. Lea

    LOVE! LOVE! I have taught as a public school educator for 8 years and although I love teaching, I am certain we are missing the mark on education in this country. THESE are the kind of concepts we need to be teaching our youth! I would love to hear Adam’s ideas for education transformation right here in our own country (notice I DID NOT say reform – the entire system needs to be transformed, not reformed). It is my belief that today young people in our country are beginning to outsmart the current “educational process” and connecting with the idea of passion, purpose and profit. “Common core standards” sounds just that….common and standard. We can do better! We have to do better! Thank you Adam for sharing your story! I would absolutely love to see your impact right here in the United States. I am happy to report that I am now a first year B-School student with a dream to bring my passion for education and youth empowerment to the world 🙂 Much love!

    • Hi Lea!

      Thank you for your passion for education! Being a parent with two kids in grade school, your words are so refreshing! In addition to school, I work with my children at home as much as I can, but I feel stuck in the system. My kids are doing very well, but I still feel like there’s a better way. A way for them to receive more value. So, YES! Please bring your passion for education and youth empowerment to the world! We NEED you! 🙂

      <3 Danielle

  35. Wow, I am so inspired by Adam’s story and I can’t wait to start reading his book! My impossible dream is to learn new languages and travel with my 2 boys and show them how different life is in other places of the world. Like Adam said, it really wasn’t until he visited these places that he actually realized the bubble he had been living in growing up here. I see this in myself and even more so in my kids. I want to give them that perspective so that in turn, I can help them to manifest and create their own impossible dream and find inspiration to change the world for the better in their own ways.

    Wonderful interview Marie! Adam, thank you for all you do! xoxo

  36. Shannon


    Thank you so much for having Adam on. You two are amazing and you really just helped me clear up a lot of the confusion about what my next steps are in this journey called life!

    I am in BSchool and I have been too focused on how I am going to make money, not how I am going to make a difference.

    Today, you and Adam just set me straight!

    Thanks so much for ALL that you do.


  37. Monique

    So many people are discouraged and need someone to take an interest in them to show them their true potential. I am a work in progress in this area but try very hard in my life to help and encourage those around me. I am inspired every day by Martin Luther King’s quote, ” Everybody can be great, because anybody can serve. You don’t have to have a college degree to serve. You don’t have to make your subject and verb agree to serve. You only need a heart full of grace. A soul generated by love.”

  38. What an amazing story! This has inspired me to really define my true purpose in life and to go for it. I work for a government agency in Canada and it takes all my effort to go into work everyday. I started B-School this year because I want to take my true purpose in life and do it up the Marie Forleo way 🙂 I am wanting to bring medical grade essential oils to the world, to move past pharmaceuticals that are harming people and the environment and to take what nature has provided us and heal. This was the “medicine” that has been used for centuries and truly is a gift from God. This story has inspired me to utilize b-school tools and it’s amazing network to power up my true purpose in life…. To make a huge shift in the consciousness of the world, one drop at a time. Truly thank you!

  39. Hi Marie – great show, as usual, and Adam… what can I say? So inspirational!

    My world changed when I divorced four years ago, leaving my husband and business partner of 28 years. Didn’t have a clue what to do, but I had always enjoyed writing. Fast forward to a registered company (with a dear friend) that did not go forward, but I loved the name of it. Today, only a few short months later, I have a content company http://www.TuluCreativeContent and have recently established an associated company called TULU Publishing. My first book of children’s poetry & haiku is launching this coming March 30th in Boca Raton, Florida. If you would have asked me a year ago, “Where will you be in 12 months, Deborah?” I would have told you, “I have no idea. I’m worried and don’t know what to do.” I followed my entrepreneurial spirit, and love of children. This is my legacy (or at least a part of it) for my 21 year old son.

  40. My impossible dream? To offer unlimited hope and happy to the multitudes of women who have allowed their childhood abuse to stain their current paths.

    I spoke at an event years ago and was impressed (not part of the plan) to ask how many would like to be acknowledged as having been abused and letting it cloud their “happy”. The show of hands about knocked me over. I expected maybe 25% – but it was closer to 95% of the room.

    Did I ignore my lightning moment? I allowed my perceived need for income to alter my path and have done so since. I’m a great biz and life coach, but my purpose? My purpose is more. It’s deeper. “It’s not the kind that makes money”. “Maybe I’m too old now”. At least these are the thoughts that I have let derail me in the past.

    I feel energized after watching the video! My steps today? 1. Create the beginnings of an outline for my book. 2. Put $25 in a savings account. I don’t know why, but doing it anyway. 3. Ordering Adam’s book. 4. Posting this (eeek!)

    Not in that order.

  41. My dream is infiltrating the Public School System with subtle yet powerful positive lessons through the use of PowerPoint games and resources. I want to plant seeds of uplifting messages in the minds of kids, more specifically Jr. High kids. I have yet to get all of the details figured out but I feel so strongly about this mission/dream/goal.

    • I LOVE this Sarah! Jr. High is the perfect age. It will have such a positive impact on the youth of the world! 🙂

      • Rowena Hackfeld

        I sooo agree. Have been trying to figure out how to incorporate participation in my website with my grands and great grands.

  42. My BIG dream is to teach and help people to make life more simple. The one thing we constantly complain about is how difficult life is and how we never have the time to do what we love. When we simplify our life all of this changes. You no longer have to stress about all of those little things. Better yet, you actually have the time to do what you want and follow your purpose. So, in a nutshell, I’m teaching others how to create time to do what they want 🙂

  43. I have a business that helps professional women to reignite their careers for more happiness and success. We have a dream to empower women in this way around the globe and have recently committed to partnering with a wonderful charity to get girls in developing countries through school as our “for purpose” business arm. This video has taken my thinking about how we could make an impact to an entirely different level. Thank you so much Marie and Adam!

  44. Jennifer

    At work, so engaged with the conversation you and Adam are sharing, and I tear up! Oops, step back girlfriend, not the best place to cry!!! Watching created a double whammy experience for me, as I’m a B-School attendee who entered that arena on a hope and a prayer, rather than with a clear cut direction.

    Convergence of core desired feelings, my “non-profit” volunteer work with a grassroots organization in IN, USA created to build a library/resource center in the Ontulili community of Meru, Kenya, and your shared conversation and I am furiously taking “Start the Right Business” steps to map out the possibilities for viability, the Module One exercises and oh, my goodness, wanting to connect with someone to share this ‘lightning’ moment with!

    So I write here, and stop to scribble some more, and come back to sharing here and know I have taken an actionable step you asked for! It is a good day, with an incredible 27 minutes of lasting and powerful meaning that will remain close to my heart as I continue to engage in the process.

    Thank you for igniting this experience Marie, and Adam, continued success and for-purpose meaningful connection.

  45. Stephany

    That was probably one of the most inspiring interviews you have done that has touched my soul. I haven’t figured out what my purpose means, however, I know that I cherish providing happiness to the people around me.

    Thank you again for sharing that video, it meant the world to me this morning. XOXO

  46. Wow! That was so inspiring 🙂 I can completely relate with Adam’s story, mine began after being diagnosed with cancer when I was four months pregnant…my path has zigged and zagged but the divine forces were always there guiding me along the path, helping me to be mindful of the signs along the way. I create inspirational art and products that promote inner peace.
    My impossible dream is transform medical environments from sterile, cold spaces to warm, peaceful places, that include art, music, nature and warmth. Spreading awareness to treat a patient as a person, nurturing their mind, body and soul is my mission.

    • Beautiful! Stay strong your story is so powerful. I just finished asking a doctor for an acupuncture referral yesterday and it was like I asked for a trip to Mars! LOL… I love your vision for healing

  47. Dear Marie and Adam,
    Thank you for sharing your amazing story…. I can’t stop crying…. You are a beautiful soul and the world needs more people like you. No need to gift me the book, I’ll buy it. Keep dreaming….

  48. Marie and Adam…thank you so much for this amazing, authentic, inspiring conversation!

  49. Hi, Marie, and thank you so much for your interview with Adam!

    My ‘impossible dream’ is to become a spiritual inspiration for high-end professionals with my fine art prints that include inspirational quotes.

    The step that I’m taking towards it was actually started just an hour before watching this weeks episode. With inspiration from previous episodes and my own collective wisdom, I believed in myself enough to quit a part-time job that was just sucking away my confidence and sanity. so that now I have more time to focus on another part-time job that I just got yesterday!! that is more purposeful, higher-paying, and conducive to my schedule and energy needed to starting my biz.

    thank you, marie. faith, right now, is being spiritually connected and inspired, while walking into the unknown.


  50. My “impossible dream” is to create an online community where everyone can “make a difference” every day. I embarked on this journey years ago and day by day, slowly but surely, it’s becoming a reality. Thank You Marie and Adam for this awesome and inspiring message today, it’s exactly what I needed.

    P.S. I LOVE B-School!!!

  51. Winterberry Girl

    What most of us are waiting for (and don’t even realize it) is a big pink PERMISSION SLIP to live our lives the way our hearts are leading. Your words and resources are just that. I ask myself, “Why don’t I just give the permission slip to myself?” Now there is a question that deserves some soul searching.

    • Not only is your permission slip idea memorable, a perfect book title, it’s the cornerstone for an all encompassing brand identity. It’s freakin’ brilliant. You can have a series of videos that are permission slips, etc. Please pursue this.

  52. My impossible dream is to sell my work at galleries and at fine art shows around the country. I have been working with glass for 8 years now and I sell well at local shows. I even teach my craft at local art centers…..

    I have golden handcuffs at my corporate job and simply cannot give up the steady paycheck. I have been miserable in corporate America and am too afraid to make the leap.

    I am in an incredible rut and not sure how to change my fate……

  53. Marie, I need to read this book! I’d be honored to win a copy… xxoo

  54. omg, the two of you together this morning was almost too much! I wish I could clone you two and spread you all around – the world needs more of you all! 🙂

    My “impossible dream” is to re-craft the way that people think about what they consider to be trash. I already re-value junkmail and magazines to make jewelry and accessories — people are always surprised to learn what my raw materials are. I also teach origami to kids a couple times a month and we use magazine and catalog pages for folding. (It’s lovely to get that message in early with them.) I really want people to consider more carefully what can be reused, recycled,remade, composted and what is left is really trash.

    There is a real beauty in revaluing something that no one took notice of. It is a real art to take the scraps, see the potential and make something that is lovely to look at as well as useful.

  55. WOW this was such an inspiring video! thank you so much for sharing. I can not wait to purchase Adam’s book.

  56. Peaceofhealth

    As I write this, I am in tears…tears of joy, gratitude, and inspiration! I am the only family member of my biological tribe left on plant earth in body form. The last card my mother gifted to me before she transitioned, states…”The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” She signed it, “You are in my thoughts and dreams, Love Mom.” Ever since then (two years) I have been following the signs and committed to finding my passion to change my life and add value to the world. Currently, I am an educator in a public school system. I love my Kindergarten Students with Autism, however, it does not serve my spirit to work within toxic systems. I have thought of building schools, but HAVE to do it in a way that serve children, families, and makes a difference in the communities were they live. Adam, if you are reading this, I would love to connect with you and brainstorm. My passion are children who don’t have a voice and need someone to advocate for them. Health, wellness, and longevity (I have owned and operated a health and fitness consulting firm for over 18 years). I don’t know where the road will take me and I’ve never been more filed with hope, and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

    Love & Peace,

  57. I always – since I was a little girl – dreamed about world peace. As I grew up, I started to understand more about peace… being at peace with yourself, with others, with the Universe. So I understood it is all about LOVE. Loving yourself, loving the other, loving the tree that shades us on hot days, our pets that always greet us with such joy. And it is connected to know who you are and at all moments making choices that takes you further, that contributes to a better you, a better world. So… my impossible dream would be to live in a world of peace, love and joy. Where we could all have the opportunity to make something out of ourselves, receive the necessary education, not live for making profit to others. I used to think it was impossible… but now, seeing you, seeing Adam, it does not sound so crazy and for sure… does not sound impossible.

    • Yes Paula I have the same vision than you .I am a dreamer and always has been and I know that dreams come truth. I love children , they are our teachers , they are our future . I always works with them since I was young ….yes ecad start with self, peace start with self . If each one of us will be in peace one day at a time , there will be only peace in this word . And this is my mission and I do know NOTHING is impossible ! Thank you so much Adam for following your heart and your guidance , thank you Marie for this powerful video . Those kids needs us !

  58. I want to say thank you for this interview. I found Pencils of Promise a year ago and fell in love with it. I’m a science educator, so the draw was unbelievably powerful. It became one of my adopted charities that I wanted to donate to. Thus, I began to make small things with left over yarn and sell them for all the profits to go to Pencils of Promise.

    Hearing the full story brought tears to my eyes, pride to my heart, and a sense of hope that these kids will have a brighter future. I’m so happy to know the full story finally.

    The gushing finished (for now), I should answer your question. My impossible dream is my company, Insanitek R&D, which is designed to those working poor individuals that struggle to make ends meet, but have a dream of inventing and crafting a life and business of their design.

    The small step I’m taking today is that I am one of those 8,300,000 working poor that is struggling to get by. ( I’m struggling every day to keep a roof over my head, food in the cupboard, and hope in my heart. I’m walking the walk so I can be the voice of experience for those that I’m going to help. (Not hope to help, but going to help.)

    Every day I make small, barely tangible progress to what I should be doing with my life. Every day I remember that two years ago I was hanging by a tread and homeless. Every day I think, “I can do this. And if I can do this from what I have, so can anyone else.”

  59. Jen

    Throughout my life I always had the belief that I was too small to make a difference, that others were bigger, and better than me. Through the past year I have gone through a spiritual transformation and begun to believe that I can make a difference, that I have choices, and to touch one persons/animals life is worth everything! I can make a difference! Listening to my heart is my number one priority.

  60. Thanks for this beautiful and inspiring interview. Minutes after I finished watching, I walked upstairs to change my guest room sheets. I opened a drawer that is always empty and a pencil rolled from the back into view. I have no idea how it got there but it was a beautiful sign and representation to keep following my dream to build a business that helps save the lives of more homeless pets. Awesome goosebump moment.

  61. Noémie

    First of all, thank you so much for this beautiful interview. It spoke right to my heart ; you guys are both generous and intuitive people. Here’s a little back story about my dream. I’ve worked in NGOs all my life and I’ve studied the impact of violence on people and I believe that physical activity is a great way to regain the control of our body after a physical trauma. Recently, I started to understand that we can make money and do business in a heart-centered way (thanks Marie TV)☺

    My project is to make surf trips in a village ( I adore!) in Mexico with people from Canada (where we live). My partner and I have already made contact with business partners in both countries. My step today was to e-mail the partner in Mexico with the news of what happened with the partner in Canada. It’s really out of my comfort zone… but I’m doing it with the aim that one day this business will be sustainable and that it would be linked with a « for purpose » project about kids and physical activity.
    Thank you so much to both of you for being positive leaders and role models !

  62. Congratulations on your school in Laos! What an amazing & inspiring project.

    My “impossible” dream would be to ban the sale of animals in ALL pet shops and to shut down ALL puppy mills. It breaks my heart to see animals mistreated, homeless and abandoned because of ignorant human beings.

    If we banned the sale of animals (especially cats and dogs) in pet stores, shelters would be EMPTY. And that, would be a good thing.

  63. Sandra Mora

    I’ve haven’t stopped crying. This is one of those “signs” Adam talks about. Thank you! Too bad I cannot frame the interview to hang it in a wall, but I can certainly buy the book.
    I’ve always thought that there’s a greater reason for everything that happens to us, and that is only with time and moving forward that you can start to connect the dots. I’m still connecting them, but I can feel I’m almost there and this interview gives me chicken pumps because of the sinchronicity. It is not a coincidence, I feel it!
    I’m right now in the process of letting my fears go and getting clarity on how am I supposed to fulfill my pourpose and be able to provide my family (I have 4 boys) at the same time. The “for pourpose” definition is awesome and opens so many possibilities! I want to learn more!
    I had an “epiphany”, felt the lightning and a name came to me… I still don’t know how to bring it to life, but I’ve already got the URL!
    I trust that B-School and all of this messages that I’m receiving will help me finally structure what has been going around my mind for so long! I can’t wait to start making a difference and making this world a better place!
    I cannot say THANK YOU enough!
    I feel so connected!
    Let’s keep moving forward.

  64. JW

    I am JW from Korea.
    Yesterday I read the book The Alchemist. I usually read books on my kindle. Since one of my favorite books has been the alchemist I like 2 years ago I bought English version one. But I couldn’t read that cuz it was too difficult for me. I had read that in korean version like twice. I was kinda into the story but I actually didn’t get inspired by it.

    Yesterday i just felt the urge that I wanted to test out how much my english had improved. That day I was off work. I had nothing to do and I think one thing I could do was just sitting around home doing nothing. I just said to myself “OK this is my goal of today just finish this book until midnight.”
    To my surprise I felt so comfortable reading it without looking up words that i don’t know usually. I just read as if i was reading a korean book. I started feeling that way kind of giving myself a big pat on my shoulder. I was so into it so for the first time I had finished one book in one day. While doing I felt so many things in my heart I did meditate on some ideas. I was so sentimentally inspired and at the end of it I thought to myself ‘I was put on the earth for some reason and to die tomorrow is no different from dying 50 or more years from now if I follow my heart or go for my dream. Even if doing so is tough every minute of the process will be an encounter with God.

    And this video has been uploaded telling the same thing as The Alchemist.
    I feel like now I really should find my true purpose.
    So beautiful story and interview loved it.

    • Helen Rowland

      Good for you, JW. That book “The Alchemist” was one I listened to after I had had open-heart surgery and was flat on my back. I just let the words uplift me and take my mind off the physical challenge my body was going through, and I truly believe that by listening to that and other works, my body was allowed to heal because my mind was on a different plane, and actually I cannot remember having experienced any pain in those days of recovery.
      Just keep reading in English. I assure you, the important message and the spirit of the book will come through in spite of you not understanding every word.
      I wish you all the best.

  65. Inspiring conversation! The spark of creativity unleashed via a pencil… something we forget and take for granted… I can feel the power of the creativity of the child and becoming an inspiration for a full community.

    Sometimes, our gifts are real and we take them for granted and we know that we make a difference in people’s lives, and yet, we do not see the impact of a word, an advice, a question, a smile or our presence. So Shine! and know that all you are is the gift, is the pencil for somebody’s live!

    PS: I love a man who is a family man, being a single dad, I know what it means and the value we bring to our family!

  66. Kindrid

    Hi Marie,

    My name is Kindrid and I am inspired by everything you do. Your boldness and your spirit is what I admire the most. I dream of doing exactly what you and Adam are doing. My impossible dream is to travel the world embracing all cultures and building schools and communities so that all people can embrace their true selves. I, like Adam, am working a job(after graduating college last year) that I just don’t feel fulfilled in. I am so blessed to be working this job and I am very humbled, however, I know that this is not my purpose. I know my purpose is to be heard, to be bold, and embrace and love everyone through the gift that God has blessed me to have. I feel like all of my time is tied up doing something that does not serve me. I want to embrace all of me so that I can give someone else the experience of embracing all of themselves. I don’t know where to start but your establishment gives me inspiration!! Thank you Marie and Adam for being so amazing and I love you guys and everyone that is a part of this beautiful program you have established!!

  67. Dear Marie! Thank you for a very inspiring video! Adam is an amazing human being:) My dream is that every child’s potential could be realized with the help of education – my gift to the world is an ability to create educational environments for small children where they thrive. I am living this dream running a Montessori community for children under 3 years old. Some day I hope to be able to go out into the world and offer gifts of early education to more children:)

  68. My ‘impossible dream’ has been to work in the field of peace activism and, at the same time, make enough of a living to support my family while helping make the world a better place. Through a lot of perseverance and taking chances, I now work for an NGO as a social media marketing manager, and get to spend my days working towards ridding the world of nuclear weapons (which is, in reality, my ultimate ‘impossible dream’). My position didn’t even exist before I marketed myself to this organization and let them know how and why they needed me and, since then, we’ve launched an entire social media campaign around the movement and have been quite successful – we even raised $6K in 48 hours several weeks ago. Now that I’m in B-School, I’m working on building an organization that *teaches* peace leaders and organizations how to ‘market’ their causes to gain more ground and support in the modern, social-media focused world. It’s better to teach a man to fish, right?

    I’ve always felt called towards peace activism, and being able to do it, as a single mom, and still put a nice roof over my children’s head is an absolute dream come true.

  69. Maria and Adam
    Thank you for sharing this amazingly inspiring story.
    My dream is to run an art school that supports creative people to pursue their artistic dreams in whatever capacity that is. But…More than that it provides youth and adults with faith that they can do what they love and be supported by something so much bigger than what we can see.
    I know this dream is not impossible, and I am encouraged to PAY ATTENTION to signs that lead me down the right path.
    I am ordering this book NOW because it touch me and thinking of the children’s faces when they experience GOODNESS – made me cry too!

    With gratitude,

  70. How is that for timing – I was just writing you an email asking you to do an episode with Adam. 🙂

    For me education is the ultimate source of power. That is why I am dedicating myself to helping students in our country, South Africa reach their full potential within their studies. Its a matter of changing the world tomorrow by dedicating myself today.

    My goal is to help educate men and women by giving them financial support to do an university degree in the area of Psychology and Social Work. So our communities can get the mental and emotional support that they need to cope with our social ills. If I can help one person then I know that I have arrived.

  71. This was the best episode I have seen…cried like a baby.
    I may never be as big as Adam but I have a passion for helping young girls to not have any confidence or mother issues. Having never had self esteem or a mother who gave any positive encouragement…(just negative comments all the time) I spent a lot of time cowering in the corner and resenting even the sound of my others voice. I came to realize that my creative side of myself was where I built my own confidence. I now teach mother/daughter sewing classes. I have discovered that these young girls are fortunate to have someone who has taken the time to show them a skill (after all they are little sponges)..and that they also are getting the opportunity to bond with their mothers in a positive way….I know these young girls walk away proud of their accomplishment and will some day understand how important the class was. Check out my page on FB “The Pillow Lady”

    • Tresa,
      What you are doing is beautiful! The mother daughter connection is so powerful and important.


  72. Leah

    This really hits the inspiration spot as I’m struggling through BSchool in my attempt to ‘start before you’re ready’ and I KNOW I can and must do/be something more but have not figured out what that is. Or more accurately and positively – I am searching, sifting and working through and I know this is figureoutable!
    Thank you for sharing Adam and his experience and for always sharing your positivity. And much gratitude for all the comments and dreams – such great passion here!

  73. Heather

    Hi Marie,

    I had a lot to say so I sent you an email. I hope you get it.

    Thank you so much to both you and Adam!

    Both wonderful people!

  74. Jacci

    “Change your words, change your worth”. Very powerful. I’m on the board of a “non-profit” that I’m very passionate about. We are in the process of changing our name and rebranding. We are going to also go from non-profit to “For-Purpose”. Love it!

  75. Marie, you never cease to inspire with your stories and perseverance. In regards to the dream, I’ve been in broadcasting for 10 years and have a dream in my heart to start a ministry, and much like you and Adam, change the world one person at a time. I appreciate your platform and what you do for so many people, you’re a true blessing Marie 🙂

  76. Nora

    Great interview!

    As a writer literature is one of the most important things in my life. It’s the same as a reader. My dream project is to find a way to make people read more. Not only for educational purposes but for their imagination. Reading ignites imagination, imagination makes people think and dream big, people who think and dream big take actions to make those dreams a reality. That’s why I’d like to find a way to bring fiction closer to people, especially from a young age when being on social media takes up most of the kids’ time.

  77. I loved this interview! Adam you are a gift to this world and I thank you for this so much.

    How I would like to contribute to the world and help people is by encouraging them to connect their health to their happiness. I have healed myself from a rare devastating illness that medically has no cure with food and I want to spread that message that all we really need
    are the basics of good nutrition to always be healthy and happy.

    So my “Possible Dream” is to reach out to people all over the world with my recipes and inspirations of living a pure life to help them live their life in great health and happiness from the inside out!

    ♥ Ella

  78. Amy

    Great interview. Loved hearing Adam’s story. Marie, I was crying right along with you! My impossible dream is to buy old homes, rehab them in a “green” way and re-sell them.

  79. Angela

    My impossible dream is to setup an organization for the Sickle Cell Foundation of GA. Many organizations such as Susan G Komen and National Multiple Sclerosis Society raises millions of dollars for their organizations and I want to do this for the Sickle Cell Foundation. I want the organization to be just as popular and become a household name as other organizations that advocate for those stricken with disease. It affects mostly African-Americans in great numbers but yet is not as well known or talked about as its counter-parts.

  80. Adam said something previously about how living life with a sense of purpose is how you create fulfillment. Not only is this something I believe in with my whole heart, not only is it a mindset that we can use to help other people, but it’s a mindset that we can use to help ourselves. Living with a sense of purpose and feeling fulfilled enough to keep pushing forward is something I wish for every human being, young or old, rich or poor, all walks of life. My dream is for humanity to realize the simplicity of that message and to embrace it. Love you both. Keep pushing forward.

  81. Karyn

    simply awesome!

  82. Hi Marie,

    Fantastic interview and inspiring young man (you both are!) I took you up on your challenge to take one step towards my (im)Possible dream and secured the domain names for my inspired dream: “the Soulful Woman’s Kick-ass Life Academy.” Thanks for listening Universe – I promise to pay attention to the signs along the way and enjoy every moment.

    Thank you for the nudge,


  83. Judi

    My dream is to teach people how to build “work optional wealth” so they have the financial freedom to pursue their purpose!

  84. Great interview with Adam! I have two non-profit ideas that I KNOW it is my destiny to create. One is Youth Enjoy Success which is an extra curricular academic enrichment program for 11th graders. The other is Imagine 8 which is an opt in elimination of 8th grade as we know it and replacing it with a year of imagination. I have no idea how I am going to get these off the ground, but I will figure it out! Thanks for the inspiration!

  85. Hi Marie and Adam.
    Seeing this interview gives one hope. No dream is impossible. My problem in the past is that I always get overwhelmed too soon and drop the ball. Not any more. I am on the way right now to becoming an accomplished author of fiction books and poetry inspired storybooks. As a natural health activist, I find the books I write are inspiring, and make people just feel good,who read them. They are like chocolate for the brain. The brain needs nutrition of words and stories that inspire when it is troubled.
    Now I will tunnel vision on a plan I made, and will not stop till my work is
    helping many people to feel good with reading these mind healing books..
    Just start, and the ripples in the lake will lead you to victory over your own fears and doubts. Never quit till you get positive results for your effort.
    The skeletal bones in the desert of life belong to the procrastinators who died waiting for their ship to come in.
    Love the pencil concept. When the American astronauts needed a pen to write upside down, it took a patent, and a12 million dollar project to produce it. The Russians astronauts uses a pencil.
    Adam, you are awesome, and a great inspiration. God bless both of you for helping all the people you do.

  86. What a beautiful interview to start the day. I am truly moved and lit up by this very real human interaction between Marie and Adam. What you both shared with me today is deeply inspiring and invigorating. A call to action indeed! I believe that everyone deserves an abundant life through health and wellness. Health is the foundation that we build our temple of dreams upon. There are far too many people out there that are malnourished even here in our “first world” countries. I want to inspire people to dive in to fuel their bodies with real food here but, more importantly, find a way to bring real food to those in need anywhere in the world. I am still weepy from taking in that interview. Between the mantras and the stories and just seeing someone live out their purpose, I am ready to be an ordinary woman taking steps towards changing the world in the way that I can and love. Thank you so much!

  87. Heather

    In some ways, I feel I have been waiting a long time for this interview. The words, the message – the emotions are like a perfect storm. My perfect storm. For the longest time, I’ve been coasting along, running my design business – working with clients who have a lot of money (and some, not a lot of grace, it would seem…), and I’ve been dying inside. I love what I do: the process where I listen to my client, understanding who they are, what they want, without them necessarily having the design dialogue to tell me. I even love devoting large chunks of my life, to creating homes that will inspire them to live a more effective life, but it’s not enough. Something is missing. I know that I am an effective designer; that what I do impacts positively on people’s lives, it’s just that I can’t remember the last time I turned the lights off in the studio, and locked up another day, and felt good about my life. I’ve spend the last 5 months feeling emotionally frozen. I haven’t put my new website up because I don’t want to be seen. It seems like there is this huge deficit between what I spend my life doing, and how I feel about my life. How I feel and what I do, are in two different time zones. And my life is floating inbetween. This needs to change.

    And so, here we are: you, me, Marie and Adam Braun and I feel a surge of emotion rising. It’s not anger, but it’s powerful. I need to find away of serving more people, in an organised and forward thinking manner. I’m not yet sure how this will pan out, but I know there’s a need for organised living and I know I can be of service. It’s not an impossible dream because it has just begun. I know this, because serving people, is how I shine.

    Thank you.

    p.s. I’ve just pre ordered this book, today – it doesn’t come out in the UK until the 1st April.

  88. Molly

    Hi Marie (& Adam!). I do not have an impossible dream to share – simply want to say thank you for your commitment to making our world a better place. What an inspiring video – makes me that much more motivated to change my corner of the world in any way I can. Blessings to you both!

  89. This was such a beautiful and inspiring interview.
    I only recently understood the depth of my passion to help people live more healthfully, more fully within their bodies. In just a few months, I’ve gone from calling myself a yoga teacher, to recognizing my worth as a yoga therapist and healer. And signs keep showing up that I’m on the right path.

    I also believe in signs and outer guidance. Recently you asked us to finish the statement “wouldn’t it be great if …” and one of my responses was to have a space outside of my house where I could see clients in a more professional setting that was conducive to the work. Two days later, a student offered me space to rent in her offices. We’re meeting today to hash out the business details of this arrangement.

    Once I am successful in this path, and I know that I will be, I look forward to finding ways to help girls understand their worth. It took me 48 years to stand up and claim my space in the world. It shouldn’t be so hard for girls and young women to create their dreams. I have yet to see how this will unfold, but it is most assuredly where another passion lies.

    Thank you for continuing to bring such wonderful people into my life. I had never heard of Pencils for Promise or Adam Braun. And this has started my Tuesday off with newfound optimism and hope.

  90. This video is a “Lightening Moment” for me.
    It has confirmed and aligned all that I have been working towards for the past 6 years. Beautiful story.

    Thank you Marie and Adam!

    Yours in growth,

  91. My dream, has been not the business I’ve built out of practicality to pay the bills. But, to write and to paint and to create. I’m an artist and I want to live authentically through the power of what I create.

    And honestly, I don’t know where to start

  92. Jamie Lund

    Thank you SO much Adam & Marie for sharing this video. Adam, your story has definitely sparked so many things that I don’t want to wait to start. A few quotes that stuck out to me are “just have faith & keep moving forward, convergence will happen” and “the world needs that special gift that only you have”. I can’t wait to start reading your book!! So inspirational & gives me hope that I CAN accomplish what I set out to do & change peoples lives. Thank you Marie for your weekly emails 🙂 they really brighten my day.


  93. Tiffany

    Videos like this give me the hope there are like-minded people out there–people who get teared up over possibilities, fight the status quo, and truly, deeply mean that there is more purpose to life. My impossible dream? I want to touch and educate large numbers of people on love of food and the health of food for I truly believe there is so much confusion around nutrition and people are literally and figuratively dying because of it. Love of food and the health of food can and must connect for long-lasting health and happiness. To bring that to the world–that’s my dream.

  94. Kyah

    for purpose — love it!

  95. This was so incredibly inspiring. Thank you for sharing your story here Adam! Your book is definitely on my to read list. Great interview Marie…you are such a genuine person- I really appreciate seeing that in all that you do. I am always amazed at how people can affect you even through video when they are really seated in who they are and deliver genuine messages by sharing their personal experiences. Just beautiful.

  96. My impossible dream is to become a best selling author writing fiction for young adults. The fiction I write is gritty, but inspiring. It helps young adults to see that they do have a choice and give them hope.

    When I was a teenager, I stayed alive by reading books that gave me hope. My work answers existential questions, but in a realist way so that young adults can relate easier.

    I have the front cover designed and want to learn to self publish so that I can get the word out there.

    Could also do with more time to dedicate to writing more novels. xx

  97. Great video. Lots of great insight and advice. We need more positive messages in the world like this! Keep up the AWESOME work and I will do so as well : D

  98. My son (16) and I are both entrepreneurs at our core. Together we conceived of a dream business & life that we will someday love. A messy divorce holds me back as my fledgeling company must remain without monetary value until said divorce is done. We have already used our business to donate funds to the Kortney Rose Foundation, for children’s brain cancer research. Being inspired while riding the brakes is tough. For now, we can make & donate more puppets, wait for B-School’s next run, & continue to search for the all the pieces of the puzzle that will later go into place.

  99. Marie,

    love the message Adam shared, what I loved the most was finally seeing where your heart is at and what you care about, in your moment of vulnerability, I warmed to you on a level I hadn’t before, and it was the first time, i have connected to you, AKA that was cool, don’t be afraid to show more of that side of you.

    vulnerability is true strength.

    stay awesome xo

  100. Steve

    Thanks Marie and Adam, I believe you have changed my life with this great interview. I’m off to get the book. Namaste

  101. This was my favorite MarieTV video yet – thank you!! Listening to the signs and hearing the messages spoke deeply to me. For about a year now, I’ve had the calling to leave my job and go full-time into my health coaching business. I LOVE supporting, guiding, and helping individuals eat the foods that make them feel strong, sexy and confident and TODAY (yes today!) is the day I put in my notice at my job. Come June 1st I will be building and developing my dream fulll-time – an ordinary individual creating extraordinary change. Thank you for this! xo

  102. Just watched Adam’s interview with Jonathan Fields, yesterday. What else is there to say but how powerful the concept of alignment is? When we’re misaligned with purpose, there’s that gnawing in the back of our minds that won’t go away. Many of us will ignore it, but thankfully, Adam was willing to heed that call. It really speaks to his level of commitment to listen to that inner voice.

    I love the mantra of “embrace lightning moments.” I call these Divine downloads or soulgasms. (lol) When that sensation comes along, it’s impossible to ignore. We should all experience those moments of awakening.

    • My friends have started rolling their eyes when they hear me talk about how “divine alignment makes things go REALLY fast”.

      But I still think it’s true. When we get into alignment, people show up, opportunities show up. It’s really amazing. I like “soulgasms” that’s kinda what it feels like. 🙂

    • My “impossible dream” is to radically shift the mindset of the average person to consider how soul impacts every aspect of their being. I want the message to resonate with not just the seekers but those who are seemingly unaware. I firmly believe that all global ills disappear when we address what plagues us individually.

      • Regina

        Hi All,
        First time commenter/B-Schooler here 🙂
        Emelia, I love what you said, as my ‘impossible dream’ aligns with yours. My dream is to educate everyone on how illness can be eradicated via spiritual practices, i.e. gratitude, kindness and living out our purpose.
        I enjoyed Mr. Braun’s mantra ‘change your words, change your worth’, which has lead to a profound change in my life in recent years. Very interesting man and cause, thanks for sharing.
        Back to B-School I go… x

        • Hey Regina,

          I liked that mantra, too. Our words definitely shape our outlook and results. 🙂

    • jen

      Talk about signs and reaffirmations!
      I finally cracked open Jonathan Fields’ book “Uncertainty” last night and felt such a profound sense of ‘Yes, this is REALLY why I’m here, People Helping Pets is the ONE thing I MUST do in my life.’
      Like DEEP. Solid.
      So right after I call the new Dog Rescue I’m building an adoptables show for, I am going to search out this video of the 2 men, who in the last 9 hours, have driven the SIGN, yet again, firmly into my soul and into ACTION!
      THANK YOU Marie!
      (Still wishing I was in B-School but it’s all working out perfectly, eh?! )

      • Hey Jen,

        Go to Enjoy

  103. Wow what an amazing, inspirational interview. My purpose is to teach women and mothers how to take care of themselves and their children through nutrition, happiness, spirituality, and showing them how they can become a first rate version of themselves. Imagining the impact on the world if every child and mother knew that they CAN have, do, and be what they want in life. I guess support is what I want to provide. I’m starting by looking up charities and for-purpose organizations to contribute too. I am also starting by empowering mothers and showing them how it can be done on my website

    I have new purpose today. I wish I could just get up right now, quit this job and follow my purpose. Maybe tomorrow 😉

  104. Maggie Henry

    What an incredible young man! As an aging hippie, a wilting flower child, I have always fought against injustices, social, political, agricultural… whatever. Today the injustice has arrived at my personal backyard and I am fighting worlds’ largest corporations for my very life. Every penny we have ever had is tied up in our 4th generation family farm, not to mention more blood, sweat, and tears than most people could imagine. Fracking is about to ruin my business and my life, so that is the new fight. I was kind of low when I watched this, we are being run over by the legal teams of the wealthiest corporations on earth. Now I will continue, even if it is over my dead body, I will stop at nothing to preserve the world my grand kids inherit. My promise to all the grand kids everywhere is to educate people to stop the hydrocarbon ruination of this beautiful planet.

  105. I have many passions. I am in B School to start a business around food allergies specifically a training my husband and I created because of what we saw when we ate out. Fracking. I am a huge stand against this and took action meeting the sierra club where I am out participating against this. Also around preventing using single use plastic and plastic because of the ocean. I love Adams story and I am moving forward this inspires me to keep looking for signs and oppts around my passions and creating my business too.

  106. Nancy Amar
    I am so truly inspired and touched by people like Adam and yourself who give back to our communities and realize that we CAN change the world by sharing our gifts. I have a special place in my heart for causes that benefit children. As a pediatric occupational therapist I know that my work touches the lives of the children and families I serve but I would love to share my gift globally. Should you or Adam need any OT advice to help you build a curriculum that incorporates therapeutic/ developmental goals, I’m your girl! Don’t hesitate, it would be an honor. Blessings to you both…you rock!! This is so inspirational, it makes my heart smile!

  107. Marie,
    Awesome, awesome awesome interview! Going out now to get Adam’s book. Completely inspired!
    Thank you, you rock!

  108. My dream is for homeless people to feel noticed and valued. 3 months ago, I went to NYC with my 15 year old daughter. It was the coldest, windiest, rainy night and everyone was running fast on the street to get into their restaurants as fast as possible. It was a Saturday night. There was a lady sitting in a puddle with her head down and a brown cardboard sign that said something like “please help me” with a bowl with nothing in it. I walked by her then turned around. I forced myself to look at her (hard to do) and give her a few dollars. What did she say? Not “god bless you” or “Thank You”. She said something I will never forget and that changed me forever. I am crying now just thinking about it. She said “thanks for noticing me”. wow. Isn’t that what we all want? Not to feel invisible in this life and to feel recognized and valued no matter who and where we are? So, how does this translate? Well, I am a musician and music teacher but another one of my passions is baking. I would like to bring cookies to homeless people on the street with a card that says – “You are noticed”. I would like to do this with my teenagers even though they will be scared and my husband won’t like it too much.

    • I support you, Debbie! I think that is an amazing message and I believe in you!

    • Heather


      I loved this post. What a beautiful way of seeing, you have. In all the hundreds of comments, I quickly scanned through, I rested on yours.

      You are noticed. And I support you.


  109. Powerful
    A simple action can change the world .. that child with a “pencil” may someday write a great novel,a letter of peace a letter of gratitude or a check to build a new school.
    I will never think an action I can is to small to make a change I will take action that the promise of greatness follows a passion.

  110. Seriously the BEST episode of MarieTV ever. A beautiful illustration of how inspiration, dedication, ambition, and earnestness can combine to create a perfect storm of progress. Thank you.

  111. My impossible dream is to travel the world and inspire people to wake up to the true potential within themselves. I believe an adventure mindset is key to this. And I am already starting the process with my spiritual and yogic life coaching practice.

    Thank you for the wonderful video,

  112. Laura

    WOW. Feeling so inspired.
    Love the idea of for purpose + for profit.
    My dream is to build a company in Puerto Rico that will create lots of well-paid jobs and also give away all of its profits (hopefully there will be a lot of profit) by donating to local “for purpose” organizations while also creating programs relating to teenage pregnancy, environmental awareness/litter prevention and drug abuse. Big dreams from a little woman living in NYC!

    Just had this idea last week while I was sitting at a trade show (of all places) and a friend and I were talking about chips! Taking a step right now and writing a to do list…

  113. Teresa

    My first step was to buy the book. I am so inspired and this came at a time when I am ready to take the next step and figure out what the dream is! If I win a book, I have plenty of folks to share it with. Thank you, Marie for continually providing resources that get me closer to living a life with purpose!

  114. What an absolutely amazing conversation to share with everyone! Thank you! I related to everything that Adam shared.

    My such moment of revelation that transformed me as a person and my life happened on Jan 1, 2007. After a traumatic year, I sat contemplating life as I sat on a chair in solitude. I saw a huge light bulb with flashing light in front of me. I sat up straighter. I felt hand on my head (the warmth and the weight of my hand is felt even in this moment as I am writing) and then I heard a voice,”Where are you going Umang? are you going up or are you going down?” I felt s though 2 huge boulders had collided, my consciousness had shifted and I was never the same again! Yes that was my moment of Self Revelation and I took it to realize and create magic after magic ever since…I help working women who take care of everything and everyone but themselves. I wrote my book, “A Journey of Self Revelation” under my pen name, “Joy”.

    What I had learned was, “Things my be improbable but not impossible and when I put my mind to anything it can become a reality.” I have developed an absolute faith and fulfilling my dreams of helping one soul at a time through my platform that I call “Wellness Haven.” :

    • Here is a quote from my coach that I keep close to my heart, “Someday is not day of the week. It is an excuse for the weak.” That has been instrumental in giving me the momentum I have needed to progress…

      • Heather

        Umang, that is a lovely post. What you have shared resonates with me. Oh, the ripple effect of women supporting women who give/do too much. That would be really something.

        I love this, will be writing it up, in front of my screen….“Someday is not day of the week. It is an excuse for the weak.”


  115. Awesome, awesome show today, Marie and Adam. I was moved to tears and more importantly, reignited to stay the course and go for my dreams. Thank you!

    Dinah Snow

  116. Penelope Thompson

    Simply an inspiration. I love it when I see signs that I know were meant just for me! (Sometimes, they are your video arriving to my email on Tuesday). My ultimate dream of helping people understand the power of healing ourselves through proper nutrition. With the use whole, and living foods (+ herbs) we can heal anything. There is no such dis-ease that is incurable if we learn the basis. I am inspired to vertical herb growing techniques on a commercial scale to incorporate into medicinal formulas for treatments (for profit). As a FOR PURPOSE, to serve the same nutrition education and medicinal treatment programs to underserved US communities. Healthy children that can grow and think more clearly will see more opportunity. Thanx Marie! Bless you:)

  117. Dear Marie and Adam,

    Thank you for sharing this. Both of you are such profoundly inspiring people in your own ways. Currently enrolled in B-school listening to you daily Marie has been very motivational. Now watching you partner with Adam, hits even closer to home for me. Like Adam, my parents fled Hungary and risked their lives for me to have the life I have today. This has motivated me to start a non-profit to enhance the health of humans, animals and the environment globally through sound veterinary expertise. Given that 75% of new diseases have come from animals (SARS, Avian flu, Hanta virus, West Nile for example), and we all rely on animals for one reason or another, there is a great need for the veterinarian to maintain healthy communities. This organization is called Veterinarians International and I am just starting it now. I am looking forward to reading your book Adam. And thank you for you!

  118. Tracy

    Marie – how did you know, AGAIN, that this is exactly what I needed to hear? Adam’s story is truly inspirational and what a great role model for all of us. I love the example of ordinary (which I disagree with 🙂 can lead to extraordinary change. I cannot wait to read his story and share it with others.

    I want to help people and make a difference and have been overwhelmed with how and what I am supposed to exactly do – I am trying to be patient and will be more keen to keep an eye out for my signs!!

    Thank you SO much for all that you do and for leading by example, it is so powerful!

  119. The most amazing interview I have heard in years. Thank you. Both.
    You’ve sent electrical lightening through my body with what you do.

  120. AMAZING! I actually discovered YOU (Marie Forleo) when I was LIVING in Laos for 9 years!
    I am cuckoo for Laos! I speak Lao and miss it every day! Lets go out to the new Lao restaurant in manhattan, eat Lao beef jerky and talk about Laos!
    Not only that, I worked at the international school in Vientiane and was part of the pencil collecting initiatives in 2009-2011.

  121. Hi Marie,

    What a compelling and inspiring video. I am a young woman currently based in New York City. I am honored to be able to work with a variety of benefit dinners [Dinners at the Farm] in Connecticut each summer, which are dinners hosted in the middle of small scale farms in Connecticut’s. A portion of the proceeds are donated to help support and maintain the small farmers of Connecticut. I have also been honored in being asked to host a farm to table dinner in the middle of central park this summer.

    Now, I am SO proud that I can take part of these initiatives but I feel the dinners come and go and over the cooler months, it’s easy forget about our farmers who work hard and long hours year round. My dream is to use my creativity skills [I am an artist], to create a sustainable for purpose business selling a variety of elegant handmade home goods to support the small farmers in and around the NYC metropolitan area [and perhaps beyond] year round. I’m currently enrolled in B School and learning so much everyday about how to give back to my community and would be honored to receive Braun’s book, a man whose vision and compassion I wholeheartedly support.
    Thanks for your uplifting presence Marie!

  122. Remarkable interview, thanks so much Marie and Adam. Heart-felt and my eyes are a bit more wide open to notice the signs …

    Much love,

  123. Thank you for this soul touching interview Marie! And thank you Adam for being who you are! 🙂
    As a woman, I really believe that we all are role models for our little girls who look up to us and I want to show them that we can all achieve our dreams if we set our minds to it. I want to make a difference in my children’s lives first, by showing them that everything is possible! That’s what I did when joining B-School, to work my way to the life I should be living, and I hope that’s what I do everyday by opening their eyes to the world.

  124. LOVE THIS VIDEO. Awesome, thank you so much for sharing it. My “impossible dream” is to teach the world the power of personal responsibility… a passion that was sparked during our time together in mastermind. 🙂 My first step is throwing up a landing page for my nonprofit, Own Up! which will have a for profit side that funds the for purpose side.

    • Stephenie,

      After taking your class, I know what you’re saying. That sounds like great vision to me, and I love the name too 🙂



  125. terry

    amazing story! I love what both of you are bringing to the world!

  126. Ruzica

    I would like to help people to actually see the human being, the personality in itself, to whom they are actually talking, living, working and all other -ings with.

    I’ve experienced that so many personalities could not see their own sparkling because there were some people who believed they see someone which is actually not in front of them. The “little” hint that one should look beyond the appearance could have helped some personalities to flower out their sparkle (and some projects to be achieved successfully a.s.o)

    So I would like to help and show the ones who are not able to see whats beyond the person they are talking to. It is going to be hard as usually the not seen personalities are looking for help and education, but I hope I will find my way. The first step is to take a training on systematic consulting after I finish my PhD, build a network with my wonderful “bridge job”, and then start with my university, the profs I know there, the students, the big company I perform my “bridge job” and so on.

    And actually, Marie, the idea for that came while I was reading “Make every man want you”. Thank you soooo much. I’m in the beginning of the beginning, but I feel it deep inside and I’m curiuos about it.

    I love you and thanks for the wonderful and inspiring video.


  127. Helaine

    Wow!!!! An incredible interview – just love that Adam took hold of his future and is living such a purposeful life at such a young age. When I was a kid and people asked me what I wanted to do when I grew up, my answer always was “change the world.” I’ve helped so many nonprofits and individuals (many cancer survivors) create programs and organizations they love – but I’m still struggling to find my own purpose. I’m in B-School now – and as Marie stated in the video, I am one who is trying so hard to have faith and keep moving and trust that the convergence will happen. I see the signs everywhere – just haven’t figured out how to bring it all together. I know it will happen – I have amazing ideas and help others do great work. I just haven’t translated everything yet into my own purpose. One thing I know – I will start working on the ‘for-purpose’ language. I ABSOLUTELY love that!!! Thank you for this interview.

  128. What an incredible interview about survival leading to an impossible dream.
    The mantra that resonated for me the most is ‘change your words, change your worth’. I am starting a healing business, working with young adults and adults called ‘I Am Worthy’ ( which i bought the domain to on March 6. During the immersion program I attended for 3 years at an energy medicine school in Massachusetts I worked through the ‘vows’ we take in each of our chakras and the vow I took in my 3rd chakra, starting at a very young age was ‘I am not worthy’. I want to empower people who still cling to that vow to release it and create a freedom statement to live their life purpose. Thank you for reaffirming that I am living my life purpose and the convergence is happening. xo Julie

  129. Elaina Mortali

    Hi Marie!

    That was so amazing in fact I actually watched the whole thing which is rare when my toddlers love to interrupt me when I am watching something especially as important as your videos! Very inspired by his story. I traveled to India and remember the children everywhere without homes, without food. And I too met a boy in India, and he wanted money but instead I gave him a meal, and coca-cola, which made him smile so big. In that moment, I wish I could have fed all those children. As mother to 3 children now, I still think about all those little souls I met and how I could have made a difference and what I could do now. I honestly do not know. I would love to involve my own children in the process. I am a passionate mom and photographer and know there is something more I can do with all I do now while integrating service to others. Thank you Marie for all your teachings. I am so inspired by you and Adam!

  130. Hi Marie and Team! You guys rock! I love these videos and appreciate moving interviews like this so much. Not to mention the ideas and inspiration I get from them. This book is def going on my list of books to read.

    My “impossible” dream is to become a published author and life “coach” (don’t really like that word, but don’t yet have a better one). I want SO much to make a difference. I know I’ve gone through everything life has given me for a reason. I’ve come out on the other side stronger, wiser, smarter, more confident, and all of it has guided me on my spiritual journey. Now my life is amazing, like I never thought it could be and I am working toward getting into a position where I can give back. I want to be “in service to others” as Adam said (love those words). It is so important that I heard this message today; we don’t have to wait to be ready to give back when we have that money or that business, or that job, but RIGHT NOW.

    What I am going to do right now (my “small act”) is to donate to Adam’s org at: just to show the Universe that I AM willing and ready to give back.

    My one step toward my “impossible” dream is to start a blog and YouTube channel in order to put myself out there, take risks, and invest in myself and my passion.

  131. I´m full of tears … of joy, of sadness, of love, of humility … this young man is INSPIRING and ENCOURAGING and I feel that we take too much for granted and I take these interview als a remenber … electrificant in my heart, Thanks dear Marie and Adam <3

  132. One more thing…

    Thinking the pencils could become pencil crayons!

    Wouldn’t that be awesome!

  133. Hi Marie,

    Thank you for this fabulous interview! I absolutely love Adam’s stories, “survivor’s gratitude” and courage to take the road less traveled. I definitely will read his book.

    Being near death has definitely instigated my personal and spiritual growth.

    Since you asked, here are my WIGS:

    Blessings to you and Adam.

    • I cannot begin to speak of how important the timing of this video is in my life right now. I hung on to every single word. You were speaking directly to me. I have a passion to empower and educate individuals (through what medium I am not sure of now). I’ve known this since I was little and recently the fire has only burned brighter to an almost uncontrolable level.

      I’m so honoured to hear of your stories, Marie and Adam, and I hope the light you bring will enrich, rescue and empower many individuals for our lifetime and for generations to come.

  134. Jen

    Last night, I was ready to quit. I’m down to $25 bucks and everything was looking pretty bleak. I watched this video, and cried and am inspired to try again today. I have no idea how I’m going to make my dream happen, but I’ll keep moving forward, and keep an eye out for those signs! I too like to live in a world where I feel like I’m getting guidance!
    Whoa! Thanks Marie, this came at the perfect time. xxoo Jen

    • Heather

      Hang in there darling, you are not alone. So many wonderful, bright and inspiring people have been where you are – it’s not the abyss it feels, rather it’s one hell of a launchpad.

      Just think of what an inspiring story you’re about to live, for future tales – to others facing your predicament. You will get through this.


  135. Marie,
    Thanks for this one. I’ve been tuning in weekly, but this one really spoke to me. In 2010, I also started a “for purpose” organization — Jenga Jumuiya — which is the Swahili phrase for Building Community. We build schools, renovate classrooms, and sponsor students in rural Tanzania.

    It all started in 2007 during a cultural excursion to a Maasai village, and by my asking a young Maasai girl where she went to school. After a very rough 5 mile walk, we ended up at a dilapidated school with over 1100 kids in 7 classrooms. Since then, through the donations and support of friends and family, we’ve built 2 classrooms and teacher’s office for the school and we are intending to renovate the existing classrooms and build another classroom at the school later this year. In addition, the organization has now taken on a much larger project — building a secondary school for a separate Maasai community in Tanzania. It’s all very exciting, but somewhat overwhelming at the same time.

    I’ve left my corporate job in NYC twice now to focus on this endeavor, the most recent time in November — and I do feel it is for good (in both senses of the word). I believe very strongly that education is the key to overcoming poverty in the developing world, and I somehow feel it is my job to support education — especially primary and secondary, and extra especially for girls — in not only Tanzania but other developing countries as well.

    It’s so wonderful to hear Adam’s story, and I would actually very much like to meet him and hear more about his organization. I will be getting his book as soon as I am back in the States (next week). Any insights on fundraising, PR, grant securing, etc. would certainly be most welcomed and appreciated.

    Thanks for sharing this great story…very inspired and reminded that I am on the right path.

    Heidi Henneman
    Jenga Jumuiya — Building Community Through School Building
    [email protected]

  136. My impossible dream is to learn how to program and contribute to open source projects, and get to the point where I can teach others … As we speak I am completing this tutorial
    It’s a basic blog application, so I can start building a portfolio of work…. An example of the sort opportunities that open source gives people like me who are newcomers.

    As an international relations and diplomacy grad, I found it so difficult to get into the non-profit (for-purpose ;)) world, and make the difference I so felt I am meant to make in this world. It all seemed so bound by protocol, and bureaucracy, and I never had the level education or experience to get into the organisations I idolised!

    I feel that learning to code is the way I can bring change to the world, and turn my generic ‘arts’ based skill set into the technical tools that modern non-profits need (wink wink, Adam I’m looking at you with those developer positions you have on the PoP site at the moment). As I teach myself to program, I volunteer with Rails Girls Summer of Code. We pay women and men to work on open source projects for the summer; no degree or age limit. This is how I am working towards my ‘impossible dream’; working to help others change the trajectory of their live, with the skills I already have, and in the process learning the skills I need to change the trajectory of mine.

    Adam, I’m going to share those positions on PoP with my developer friends in New York, and hope you get some great applicants. As I’m based in Germany, unless I work remotely, I can’t contribute, but would love to intern for PoP

    Liebe Grüße aus Berlin,

  137. Lauren

    Literally in tears after watching this interview. This is one of my favorites to date by far! Adam is so humbling and many aspects of his story resonated with me.

    When I was a child whenever, I was asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, I always replied that I wanted to help people. As I grew into an adult, I expected that to develop into something more tangible, but still find myself feeling like I haven’t found “that thing.” I’m a massage therapist and health coach so I AM helping people, but still have this nagging feeling there’s something else and/or more that I’m meant to be doing. I feel I spend a lot of energy seeking out that “thing” and worrying that I’m not going to find it and that a lot ends up getting put on the “fantasy/impossible” shelf. I feel that I have so much passion to put toward something, I’m just impatient about finding that something and also lacking the confidence in finding it.

    As I mentioned Adam’s story resonated with me – the feeling that my purpose is to be of service to others. I think the action steps I can take right now are to continue moving forward and following my heart like Marie said, and to be patient and have faith that I’ll find my thing and hopefully, not put it on the “fantasy/impossible” shelf.

    Thanks for the inspirational post per usual, Marie.

    x, Lauren

  138. Ann Marie Canaday

    Im a newbie in B School! I have been blessed with so many signs and am leaving corporate world to take action. While Im still growing through the signs and in week 2 of the course which I know will help me towards making progress……I am certain that I will live on purpose with intent, clarity and confidence to make a difference in those I am honored to serve. I am moved to use my talents and finances as they come to start an “On-Purpose” (LOVE THAT :)) company to help woman with children maneuver through the complex and often corrupt family court system and to change the Guardian Ad Litem guidelines so that children are indeed put first. Not sure how I will do it but was personally counselled along with my son by a United Way Agency that was FREE and the best help (besides my faith in God) and I want to give back and make help facilitate change and a difference. Great interview and soooooooo inspiring! I was writing down all kinds of key words that inspire me as I determine my new business name. Thanks so much! Ann Marie Canaday

  139. How funny, I just emailed PoP this week about sponsoring them after listening to Seth Godin on Skillshare. Small world. Adam is an inspiration.

  140. Great interview. “Follow the Signs” – I am going to add this to my mantra board. Small Businesses in rural areas, like where I live, find it hard to compete with businesses in nearby urban centers.

    We help them with their promotions, many do not use social media, and programs such as Loyalty and Reward Programs, that get their messages out and encourage residents to Shop Local. Lots of work and lots of miles later, we are still wondering what is next!

    “Follow the Signs” – Navigation on both a Spiritual and Geographic level. Thanks again.

  141. yesandgirl

    That was an *amazing* interview. So many powerful moments and lessons. Adam just shines from within..such quiet, gentle power!

    I am an expat living in Germany.
    I generally describe myself as a professional muse. Creatives and brilliant folks always describe themselves as needing a muse. I think they have it backwards. I have always felt in my bones that my mission in life is to BE a muse. A muse for society, a muse for change, a provocateur to push(in ways big & small) the global consciousness(or status quo).
    I always have 2-3 projects going at once but my obsession-project these days is around the issue of helping people over the hump of “YES-BUT..”
    This knot of self sabotage is evil! That evil inner editor holding us hostage! So my dream, my continuing mission, is to share my hacks and theories which can bust through our nature/nurture/cultural norms and enrich our lives on the most fundamental level. Then we can build magic things.
    My favorite mantra: If your goals don’t scare you, you are not aiming high enough. Go forth, be magnificent! Allez!

  142. Hi Marie,
    First of all, I love B-School and what an incredibly inspiring man Adam Braun is! I was balling while listening to his story.

    Coming from the Philippines, I grew up with poverty equally as bad as in India. It was so ordinary for us to see children begging and suffering in the streets. I am one of the blessed because my fearless mother brought 4 of her children out of that environment and into the USA. I have always felt “helpless” in the plight of these children, as Adam pointed out, thinking “I am one person, how can I change the world?”

    My long term dream is to marry my passions: food and travel and one day to build a modest resort/hostel/B&B somewhere in the world that can use tourism to generate jobs for people in that small town.

    I don’t know where to start. I am 44 and have built a career in fashion for 20 years, recently have been laid off, am a complete internet novice but taking B-School for the first time! What I do know is that God planned all this for me, like Adam I feel it in my body and soul that I am meant to take B-School and figure it out!

    My short term goal is to blog about food and travel on my website, which is currently blank, hopefully after module 2, I will be able to start soon. I am praying that my writing about my experiences will guide me to my super stretch goal, someday.


    Thank you!

  143. Natalia

    “I prefer to live in a world which I feel like I’m getting guidance” – JUST LOVE IT!!

  144. Sharona

    Amazing story! when I do service or give to others is when I feel truly alive…there’s no better feeling for me…for many years I volunteered in an old age home in the art department and it was a great experience. But then I love, love to make jewelry!!. So one day it hit me: I can do both!! So I started to design and hand-craft jewelry and twice a year I choose different to donate a big portion of my profits. My challenge now is to take B-school in order to be able to grow my business and be able to give, give, give!!

    • Sharona

      Amazing story! when I do service or give to others is when I feel truly alive…there’s no better feeling for me…for many years I volunteered in an old age home in the art department and it was a great experience. But then I love, love to make jewelry!!. So one day it hit me: I can do both!! So I started to design and hand-craft jewelry and twice a year I choose different organizations to donate a big portion of my profits. My challenge now is to take B-school in order to be able to grow my business and be able to give, give, give!!

  145. I am now living my dream – after experiencing severe anxiety back in 2011 and asking the universe for direction. I was completely shocked when I actually received an answer that I wasn’t expecting! I suddenly realised within a single moment that I should create a website that would help others effected by anxiety. It has taken me two years to create the site but I have stayed inspired and motivated by people like Marie and Adam.

    I like what Adam says about the terminology that we choose to use – that is why at my site Anxious about Anxiety I choose not to use the term “Suffering from anxiety – but rather “those who are effected by anxiety” Suffering is only a state of mind. AAA encourages people to take an active role with their recovery.

    If you know anyone effected by anxiety let them know about

    • Rose, England

      Hi Sharon
      You are a God-sent! I never knew about anxiety till four years ago I was in your words effected by it. I am better than before but will really really like to nip it in the butt. I will definitely be checking your website.

      Adam’s story is timely. Thanks Marie

  146. Hello Marie,

    I was so moved by this interview that you weren’t the only one with tears. When you posed your challenge, what is your impossible dream? I felt those words were a bit out of character for you, especially since Adam just got through talking about word choice. I hope you don’t mind but instead, I will be sharing my possible dream.

    My possible dream is to help girls and women to take control of their lives and their destiny. I want to bring entrepreneurial learning and mindset development to girls and women so they can reach their potential.

    The other part of that challenge was to do something today. So I did a few things. 1. I pledged my birthday to charity:water. Clean water leads to the health, education and earning potential. 2. I bought a midwife kit to deliver a baby from Unicef’s Inspired Gifts.

    Next, I really need to let my possible dream simmer and take shape. I believe peace in the world is through the education and support of women. Finding out how I can best support that is the next step.

    Thank you for touching my heart and inspiring me. You have given me a great gift and I will be forever grateful.

    Sending my very best,

  147. My dream is to be a singer, to create beautiful uplifting music that raises my own energetic vibration or frequency, and also uplifts others. I want to be a fountain of joy, a joy spreader!!! and i am going to write a song right now!!! (Lisa i may ask my spirit guides for help with inspiration)
    Thanks to both Marie and Adam for sharing your lives and vibes and for the positive influence and direction you bring to so many!!! 😀

  148. My dream is to build my creative business to the point where I can not only support myself but also hire a small team, thus providing other women with their dream jobs as well. I’d love to inspire other young women and show them that you can achieve your dreams. Right now Sweet Violet Bride is in beginning stages and I took out a personal loan to get the first issue of the magazine printed. Barnes & Noble said they’d like to sell it (yay!), but now I’m trying to sell enough ads to make it all happen and actually print the second issue. I have to say it is hard to keep positive everyday when I receive so many “no thanks maybe next issue” responses. There won’t be a next issue if we don’t get advertisers now. I realize this is a hard market to break into but believe I have a unique publication (nature inspired weddings). I’m trying not to lose hope. My other dream (which I’ve had for years) is to be a full-time Etsy seller. I have 3 “part-time” Etsy shops and designing and making jewelry and accessories is as necessary to me as breathing. I struggle between which I’m most passionate about though… publishing/magazines/blogging…and making pretty things in my studio. The maker vs. the curator. Right now I’m doing it all but barely profiting. Your interview with Adam in today’s video was so inspiring and gives me hope that I’ll have a lightning moment about what I’m supposed to spend most of my time on.

  149. Marie!

    Thank you so much for this video today and to Adam for teaching me the amazing power of storytelling. I am in my first year of B-School right now and this interview coupled with our lessons from week one is priceless. In just a few short sentences, Adam is able to really deliver a story that creates a powerful impact and literally brings tears. I am moved in so many ways. And hope to be able to share my story with such precision and openness someday.

  150. I can’t thank you enough for this interview. I sat glued to my computer through out this show. This is something I have been wrestling with for the past year – knowing I was meant to do more, but trying to figure out the what, and the how. When he said “I felt so disconnected to the part of myself that felt truest” – I felt like he had read my most sincere thoughts that I had never been able to articulate. I still don’t know exactly what it is that I am supposed to do. I have a feeling it has something to do with children – either in impoverished countries, or here is our inner-cities – because my heart is always with children who haven’t had the opportunities I have.
    Thank you a thousand times over for sharing this today. One short blog post I read a while back had a very powerful line in it that I wanted to share with you all. “In my humdrum life, the daily battle hasn’t been good versus evil. It’s hardly so epic. Most days, my real battle is doing good versus doing nothing.” – Deirdre Sullivan The post can be found at:
    Thank you again,

  151. Noa

    Hi Marie,
    This interview with Adam is so inspiring. His story is amazing!
    Well this is my BIG dream:
    I want to help educate children about finance from a young age.
    I want to help children around the world to build their confidence in creating their own sources of income and to encourage them to become entrepreneurs.
    I believe the future of our income depends on people who take initiative and move things forward.
    I want to help built that state of mind in children – to stay creative, think and act outside of the box and look for new ways to fulfill their dreams and ideas.
    My first step – writing a children’s book, as I believe a good story can deliver a clear and memorable idea.
    I have a few ideas for the concept of the book and my next step is looking for a person who specializes in children education to consult with,on how to develop this concept into a coherent story for children.
    I have never done ANYTHING like this before and sometimes it’s terrifying, so I just try to take it one step at a time.
    Your show give me a weekly boost of energy and enthusiasm, so thank you for everything that you do!

  152. Daniel

    I would love to read the book D:

  153. Hi Marie!
    I am an actress in LA and have been working with kids in the foster care system as a volunteer for over 20 years, for an organization called Penny Lane. Penny Lane gets the kids who have been so abused sexually, physically and emotionally they cannot be placed in regular foster care. I could write pages on how incredible this organization is and how they change kids lives, but the quick story is I saw that these kids were getting the care and guidance they needed but they didn’t have much of a holiday. When December rolled around, the sadness really set in. Penny Lane just didn’t have the resources to do too much. I created the Be A Santa campaign to make a holiday happen for the kids, ages 12-18, a very tough age. I wanted them to know there are good people out there who care. I was an abused kid too and I knew what they were feeling but I didn’t know how to help. Every fall I start asking my friends and family to donate. I need to take Be A Santa to another level. But it’s just me making Christmas happen for 120 kids. I’m tired and stressed. I’m a single mom making a sketchy living as an actress. ( I’m in B School now! I have an idea to change my life a bit.) This story has helped me to feel like I can figure out what to do with BAS and reach out further for help to make it even better. Thank you Adam and Marie for this story. Thank you for helping our most precious treasures, the children. Love you both,
    Pat Tallman

    • Sarah

      Pat, this is wonderful! email me I would love to hear more about where your at and how I could offer some ideas or resources!!

  154. Daniel

    Hi Marie!

    That interview made me cry and gave me some serious endorphin explosion at the same time!
    I am really touched in a constructive way and i feel more than inspired.

    Thank you so much for sharing this extraordinary story and introducing me to Adam and his great service to all the people around the world who are not ( not yet ) able to live a life they love so easily.

    Ive never expressed my gratitude to your precious work before but you are a gift to us all and i am very thankful for the difference you make in my life and all the other persons who feel inspired.

    Greetings from Germany

  155. What an inspired impossible dream! Years ago I travelled to Tibet and Nepal, regions of the world deeply spiritual and simultaneously poverty stricken. I fell in love while also having my heart broken again and again and was moved to do something to connect and contribute. I came home and worked fr the context of the establishment and formed a non-profit. I poured my own money into it, sold framed photos from moments I captured while traveling, and more to gather funds for these developing countries. At the same time the market took a giant dump and my non profit was no longer sustainable and I had to let it go.
    It is still my dream to begin again, and make it to the point in my career where I can give BIG. Like you Maria I am looking forward to that moment where I can team up to contribute and make change. Having joined B-School this year I anticipate I’ll be making that leap sooner than I might have previously imagined!

    Thanks to team Forleo and Adam Braun for the morning dose of inspiration!

  156. Meagan

    Wow wow wow. Did I say wow?! What a phenomenal person and message. Fantastic interview! I plan to watch again tonight with my husband. Bravo Marie and Adam!

  157. Jeanny

    My “impossible dream” is to change corporations from within one-step at a time by demonstrating, training and educating future managers on-the-job in ways of putting people back at the center of our design, development and marketing process. It might have taken me longer than others to work my way up the corporate ladder, because in a male-dominated, numbers-driven, power-hungry culture, I held on to my values and always opted to serve with compassion rather than to win for fame. Now, I’m in a position where I get to seek out, nurture and define how managers (and future leaders) design businesses (products and services) and lead teams. I get to craft a culture based on collaboration, transparency and servitude. It’s not an easy task, especially when you are in an environment that views you more as a threat than a blessing. While I sometimes wish I could’ve taken an easier path. Yet, it’s just so damn fulfilling to see how people’s mind, ways of seeing the world and interactions with others change when they start to think about their business (aka projects) as way to serve.

    • Cher

      Hi Jeanny, not sure when you posted this. I’ve only found it now on 11/25/18. I share your vision and have been in the HR and Organizational Development field since 2001. If you’d like to chat with someone else who shares your same vision, we may discover some shared opportunities. You can email me at: [email protected].

  158. P.S. I am also a volunteer for Marianne Williamson’s campaign and had a house party for her in January. As Marianne says, our first priority is the children! Thank you for doing the fundraiser in NYC.

  159. Hey Marie!

    Loved this video and love So thanks for delivering massive value to my (and many others’) lives.

    I am a full-time musician, part time babysitter in New York City. Five years ago I started volunteering regularly playing music at an in-patient Hospice in Austin, TX – and it completely changed my life. When I started touring nationally, I booked “bedside” performances in hospitals, nursing homes and schools. It was an amazing experience – but incredibly time consuming; I typically brought on two interns to find and coordinate with hundreds of hospitals and nursing homes each tour.

    What I do is modeled after Musicians on Call – an organization that brings musicians into hospitals to do bedside performances, but only in very select cities.

    My impossible dream is to build an online network of volunteer opportunities for musicians across the United States. Namely: hospitals, nursing homes, and schools.

    My theory is this: being an independent musician can be hard. When first getting started, it’s possible you’ll play shows to literally no one but the bartender, and leave a gig or city feeling dejected and discouraged. By taking an afternoon or off-day out to contribute, it’s a constant reminder of the power of music and art. It’s kept me going for years – but it was a battle just to do it.

    I want to make giving back as easy and accessible for other musicians as possible!

    Either way, thanks for helping me get in touch with that part of myself again! Cheers, Aly.

  160. Dear Marie,

    This interview made me bawling in tears! and I was just in the first 3 minutes! It does give me a bigger perspective of the many sacrifices my mother and grandmother made and how I should be making the most of my life to honor them. Thank you for such an inspiring interview!
    What would I be aiming for? Like Adam I want to start a school here in the Netherlands. Even though it is considered to be one of the best performing countries, I find the state of the early childhood education here lagging behind in terms of understanding of child development and teaching methodologies. I have realized that I am here to do something with being “here” so I would like to focus my energy in making things happen here in the Netherlands but at the same time continue with networking with colleagues in the Philippines to also help them re-shape the state of early childhood education there.

  161. Michelle H

    Love Love Love this story! Thank you so much for sharing! I am inspired to take action – and get a copy of the book! Thanks again! 🙂

  162. My lightening bolt hit last Thursday. I am going to revolutionize our concept of motherhood and the working mom. The long range view is that we shift our societal focus to support and empower mothers to have more widely accepted options to combine their desire to work and contribute to society while raising strong families. In the short term, I’m connecting with change agents and business leaders to put together a vision for the movement. I am following the signs and this video was clearly one of them. Thank you Adam and Marie! xo ay

    • Sarah

      THat sounds AMAZING!!! good luck to you!!!

  163. Julie

    I also have had an “IT” moment. I know that my purpose is to build the SkylarBrook Foundation. A great take away from this interview is the mantra “Change Your Words, Change Your Worth”. I absolutely love this! I, too, have been struggling with verbalizing my intention to “not make a profit”. 🙂 I am happy to adopt the term “for-purpose organization”.

    THANK YOU! I am excited to read the book! In fact, I think I’ll make it mandatory reading for my Board of Directors. Here is an overview of SkylarBrook Foundation (website in development):

    SkylarBrook Foundation Ltd. is a 501c3 (pending) for-purpose organization that includes a Camp for Kids and Therapeutic Animal Sanctuary in the Colorado Rocky Mountains.

    Camp SkylarBrook is dedicated to the intellectual and emotional growth of under-served youth by extending affordable access and full scholarships to attend a variety of camp programs, providing families with ongoing educational resources and offering scholarships toward higher education.

    Our camps focus on the following topics:
    • Exploring STEM Education – Critical Thinking & Problem Solving
    • Fostering Values & Ideals – Personal Development & Character Building
    • Nurturing Emotional Needs – Learning Responsibility & Compassion (with therapy animals)
    • Discovering Creative Expression – Music, Art and Theatrics
    • Living Green – Responsible Environmental Stewardship

    (Follow SkylarBrook Haven, the Therapeutic Animal Sanctuary @SkyBrookHaven – full website coming soon!)

    • Kat

      Julie, I know someone that has property in Colorado . He has a similar mission. Maybe you can join up and do this together. He has held 1 week camps for 2 summers for some local foster kids. I think you could meld these 2 together perfectly. You can email me at [email protected] and I could connect you 2.

  164. Susan

    This was very moving. At the beginning of the school year, in August, I was struck by the new shiny backpacks, new personalized notebooks and I thought to myself, there are kids that don’t have a backpack today, on the first day of school. Or a notebook, or book, or pencil. In our affluent neighborhood, we take it for granted and even think it’s normal to run all around town for the perfect $100 backpack (for elementary school!). I wondered that day, how could we gather up enough materials to change the first day of school for those kids across town that don’t have anything to bring with them. It could be a good old fashioned fundraiser, I don’t know. But this brought me back to that day and made me wonder…how?

  165. Sarah

    OMG! OMG! Marie! This was exactly what I needed to hear! It hit home for me 100% and also made me cry! I have felt since I was a child that Im supposed to do something huge with my life.
    I started a “for purpose” org. as well and I helped young Latina girls find their worth and inspiration through use of the Arts. I ended up closing that organization, moved into teaching and made a larger impact in the community I grew up in. It was magical!
    Now I moved to Florida and I want to take the essence of what I have done on a larger scale by influencing youth through the Arts but, fear, doubt and the uncertainty of how it can happen paralyzes me. To start, my dream would be to have a center focusing on entertainment and the arts for children, youth and adults. A hub of creativity that provides real career opportunities in the industry and helps the community continue to create and express themselves! I would want this to change communities and empower youth. Then I would want to create more centers and programs to empower women and youth all over! Ugh, I get so emotional every time I think of it! Im buying this book to help me remember the gifts I have been given to share with the world!!
    Marie, I would be soooo lost without you!!! Thank you!!!! XO

  166. Liz Johnsen

    Thank you for this interview – Hearing Adam explain the power of describing our businesses in terms of what they can do completely resonated with my purpose in life.
    Five years ago I was blessed with a daughter who has cerebral palsy. On this journey with her I have only described her to doctors, therapists etc. in terms of what she CAN do not in what her limits are.
    I refuse to believe that some humans were brought here with no purpose. Despite our different abilities we all have an opportunity to contribute and bring our gifts to this world – we all all here FOR PURPOSE.
    This past year I have been sinking my mama-lion energy into building a farm where any differently-abled child can learn life skills and discover their unique gifts so that stye may one day support themselves.
    My dream for this world is that all of our children have a choice in the path they choose no matter what physical and mental hurdles they live with – period. My next step is applying for 501c3 status, then I go through the steps to meet all regulations for working with and employing the “disabled”.
    This video renewed the wind in my sails – thank you from my soul.

  167. Marie, as usual u have delivered incredible inspiration thru your program. Adam Braun’s story & work hit a cord in me. Like you, I am a Multi gifted person with entrepreneurial spirit. I am very purposeful but seem to keep leaving pieces of my dreams unfinished.
    I want to help people connect. I know that we have enough resources in the world to help all people live a happier & healthier fulfilled life. I am a Christian who inspires action. Yet, I have seen the fruits of my efforts thwarted by obstacles.
    I appreciate Adam’s acknowledgement that just because we get a vision of what our purpose is, it doesn’t always translate immediately. But,a seed was planted.
    Love to hear more of his work so more people can participate. Locking arms around cause & bring people of multiple economic backgrounds to get her for a common purpose. Thanks for sharing his story with me.

  168. Miss Marie,
    What an amazing interview. 2 incredible people sharing their hearts. I was truly inspired.
    My impossible dream is to apire and empower families to be able to become healthy and live the life of their dreams disease free. I have partnered with doTerra essential oils to live my dream out. I continue to change my words, and change my worth, change my goals and dreams and impact others to do the same. I have learned and am still learning that service and love are the greatest advertisers for my business. I continue to enjoy learning from you Marie. Thank you for all you do. Best wishes to you and Mr. Braun. Thank you Thank you Thank you!!

  169. The words that had a profound impact on me are that some of us, myself included, tend to feel that can’t change someone’s life if we are not in a position of power, or have an abundance on money. Yes, we can start with one small act to a single person…and change a life. I took those words to heart and more importantly, will take action to do that today. And every day hereafter. Thank you, Adam and Marie, for sharing this most incredible story. Indeed, you have changed a life today.

  170. Nick Hulme

    Wow what an inspirational interview.

    When I joined B-school this month I thought I was doing so to kick start a business selling quality violins, that I am just so passionate about. And I have a vision and purpose for this. But then as I started the first module last week something else started niggling away at me, that it wasn’t quite it and a vision started forming on what my while life has been about and leading to, and I can trace the path back quite clearly. Through a near lifelong health challenge labelled an eating disorder I got drawn into a spiritual quest, a quest for freedom and learning a whole ton of self-help, self development, self-healing and all the rest of it techniques – I’m trained in nearly all of them. But what I came to realize most clearly was that your thoughts and beliefs determine your world – the eating disorder really brought that into stark relief but it took many years of work and collision of coincidences before I could see that – and it nearly killed me in the process (in one night of metabolic imbalance induced hallucination I thought I had died, not once but twice), that’s how powerful my thoughts and beliefs were. For all this I have never regretted my years of mental health problems and many months, that add up to years, as an in-patient in clinics. I always knew that it was for a reason and that I would use what I had learned from it and am still learning to help others.
    Last week a name for it came to me –
    Everyday Enlightenment.
    Changing the world one thought at a time.
    Change your thoughts, change your world, change The World…one person, one thought at a time.
    Teaching self- awareness, mindfulness, and then how to challenge the thoughts and beliefs that are limiting your life.
    This is the first time that I have written about this and put it out there in the world…and I am shaking, tingling…its electric.
    Change the life of one person and the world will never be the same again…it is that powerful.

    Reading through the comments above something suddenly struck me. There are so many powerful dreams there. Many of them overlap, have common themes and compliment each other. Independently each can make a huge difference. But wow, how powerful would it be if they could all actively work together, adding each others talents together, multiplying their effect. Now that’s a dream.

    • Nick Hulme

      I just wanted to add that I call it Everyday Enlightment because it is in our everyday lives that we discover the thoughts and beliefs that are holding us back, causing us stress, making us unhappy, unfulfilled and preventing us from living as beautiful and enlightened beings. It is Here, Now for all of us if we stop and look.

  171. B

    I often feel like I am meant to do something “more.” It has nothing to do with not loving the life that I currently live or the people I am living it with, it is just something that pulls at me.

    My first dream is to successfully teach my children how to live healthy lives, both emotionally and physically/nutritionally. This is an every day process, and has no end. Years from now I hope to see the fruits of my labor in the form of happy men.

    My second dream is to have books in the hands of all children (it shocks me that even in the U.S. this is a challenge!). Every year at Christmas time, I request that donations be made to First Book in my name. I hope to some day step into and work toward a more active roll toward this dream. These donations are my first step.

  172. Ashley Collins

    Oh dear Lord…I cannot WAIT to read this book! Such an inspiring story. I literally feel like I can touch the stars right now.

    My (what I once thought was) impossible dream is to build an eco-plaza. Using the ever-so-popular “Strip-mall” formula, I want to create a building in a 100% sustainable and eco-friendly way and have it house only health/social/eco conscious businesses. I got so excited about this idea while reading the “Start the Right Business” doc, and then let it slip away because I know nothing about real estate, nothing about architecture or construction, have ZERO money and don’t know how to get an investor (or if I would even want one)!

    But – I am passionate about this idea and still think about it even though I’ve already told myself its never going to happen. After watching this interview with Adam Braun, I feel that little tingle again….like, it might just be attainable after all 🙂

    Thanks for bringing this book to my attention. I am SO excited to read it 🙂

  173. I loved this interview. It really speaks about listening and following your heart. So many of us don’t listen to our inner voice and are in denial that we have an inner voice.
    Thanks for the inspiration to go forth.
    I have a t shirt memory quilt business and I hope to build it up to a profitable company so I can find the time and funds to create quilts that I can donate to children and adults that have just been through a stressful situation like losing a home to fire, or witness to a shooting etc. There is so much drama in this world that I feel the comfort of a blanket or quilt wrapped around you can some sense of hope or security to people that are hurting.
    I can’t wait to get my hands on this book to read. Thanks Marie and Adam for giving us inspiration and hope that we can DO what we dream!

  174. Sarah G

    Marie, thanks so much for this interview. Two things really stuck with me about Adam and his journey. First, he mentioned two words that have multiple meanings: purpose and dedicate, and I think that speaks to us as humans as well. Each of us, depending on our environment and what or who we are surrounded by can be seen as either the solid, stoic and linear or the ethereal, connected and full of possibility. Second, that he was aware of a choice he was making, and that not everyone sees things that way: choosing to live in a world where I get guidance.
    This really spoke to me, so I did my part and opened a business dedicated bank account as well! There is no better feeling than the freedom of possibility.

  175. “Celebrate what you are, not what you’re not”

    LOVE IT, LOVE IT – ordered the book, looking forward to getting it.

    My partner and I wish to help people access education in impoverished areas around the world AND provide business training and resources to women in those same areas.

    Today – my action is write more in my plan of what this program looks like and also donate again to KIVA who is leading the way to helping people have access to funds to create businesses.

  176. Pei-Ru

    Thank you for such a powerful episode.
    I’ve always kept this quote close to my heart, because I believe that with authentic sharing and deep listening, we can create a more peaceful, collaborative world. And this episode reminds me to keep up my work, as I am founding an organization called, Real Food: Real Stories, to use storytelling to strengthen our local food community. Beginning with food, breaking the bread, to tear down walls one story at a time.

    “If we could read the secret history of our enemies, we should find in each man’s life sorrow and suffering enough to disarm all hostility.”
    ― Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

  177. I was really touched by Adam’s story about the Indian boy and pencil. In the end of the last year me and my family, meaning my fiancé and our 2,5-year-old girl, came back from India as we were went there to practice and study yoga.

    I embrace with open arms the spiritual atmosphere which that country can so generously offer, but at the same time I’m deeply moved by the poverty and incredibly hard life stories people have to share.

    My “(Im)possible Dream” is to add beauty, love, abundance and peace to the world through my Heart of Joy mala beads. To help every owner of them to radiate from the place of their higher self. To make my business profitable and give back to the next generation which holds the future within their hands.


  178. Susan

    “My impossible dream” is to change the housing industry. Too many people are forced into poverty because we can barely pay rent or mortgage. I’ve taken steps to change my housing situation by moving me and my daughter into a small travel trailer. This is showing me how comfortable small living can be and what improvments should be made. I plan on saving money and building a cob home. But more importantly I NEED to help others with building their homes. Why should we slave our lives to pay rent/morgage for a home we’re barely in? If housing was more affordable, people could live with a greater sense of happiness and purpose. I’m here to build dreams and houses. 🙂

  179. B

    By the way, this is one of the best episodes of MarieTV ever! Loved it, and can’t wait to read the book — just ordered it!

  180. Okay, I was bawling throughout this whole video! THANK YOU for sharing this man’s story and for the uber dose of inspiration!!!!

    The one small step I am taking now is to send an email out to my list about my vision: create an online school to help people with an idea, story, or message that can change the world write and publish a book about it.

  181. Khai Lin

    If there’s one thing I would like to give a child, what would it be?
    The question is how?
    I live in Asia and have travelled to many neighbouring countries where I experienced poverty first hand, beyond my own comprehension. Just like Adam mentioned, these kids are so innocent, contented and happy that when asked what do they want, it’s always simple things that we take for granted, – paper, pen, pencils, sweets.
    4 years ago I was offered the opportunity to volunteer for 6 months in Cambodia. However I discovered that I was pregnant and with a heavy heart I turned down that opportunity. And since then, I have been busy being a mother to my two boys and haven’t given much thoughts to volunteering again.
    Seeing the signs
    A week ago I received an email from Riverkids, a for-purpose organisation (shall not say non-profit here :)) which helps kids from being trafficked across the border and Riverkids gave them Hope and a sense of purpose by giving them education. Their most recent initiative is – write a letter a month to the child they will match you to. It’s amazing and I signed up almost immediately.
    And then I came across this video on Pencils of Promise. And something just clicked.
    What if I…
    How about offering the same initiative to the children in schools built by Pencils of Promise? What if I set up a small group and start to get volunteers to write letters to these kids? It gives the children something to look forward to and the volunteer a sense of mentorship?
    I haven’t really thought how I am going to do this but if the universe is showing me some signs and edging me towards a bigger purpose, I shall go forth and explore.

    • That sounds so BEAUTIFUL!

    • Khai Lin, what a wonderful idea, please count me in. I sponsor a little girl in Cambodia too and want to develope my ‘real’ work in South East Asia and India. Please connect with me at [email protected] – I would love that xx

  182. Thank you Marie for posting this. Adam you’re incredible!

    This was another sign for me to follow my heart.

    I’m currently coaching women + new author and I totally LOVE IT!
    BUT I also have another clear vision in my heart which is to help bring awareness for young kids in the third world countries. Coming from a third world country myself, I know how much this is needed and I want these young kids to grow up knowing that they can choose and create their own destiny.


  183. Hi Marie & Adam!
    I was so inspired by this video!
    I’ve been working in the “non-profit” sector for the last 7 years and Adam you are so right! I could never understand the “definition of non-profit” and how one defines their work can make a big difference.
    I immediately went online to my library and put myself on the list for your book! I am 4th in line – and your book is “on order” at the Vancouver Public Library!
    I left my job 6 months ago because I wasn’t following my passion.
    My dream ( I don’t believe in the word “impossible” anymore…….) is to own a b&b for cyclists that’s by donation. A part of which I will donate back. I want it to be so homey, with comfy, comfy sheets, a vegey garden and a hot shower. I love cycling and I know cyclists do it to reduce the footprint on the planet.
    I’ve been following the signs.
    I love what Marie does and am happy to have found her to learn from. I know will follow Adam because I’ve been inspired once again! Thank you!

  184. Stacey Engels

    Thank you so much for this interview – so many individual lines in it, and the feeling and message overall, have reassured me that I am exactly where I need to be. No matter how difficult it is to imagine the point of confluence – when faith, hard work, “it” moments, human connections and the timing of the universe will make it possible to move forward with my dreams – B-School in general and this video in particular make it easier to relax into the imperfect now, knowing that if I can, I will be able to create the perfect future. Thank you, Marie, Adam, and Ma –

  185. Amy Draper

    I absolutely LOVED the interview and will get Adam’s book immediately. I wanted to tell you a story about how a few people can make a difference in a community. I share this because ANYONE with a sense of passion and determination can start small and bring goodness into our world.

    Last November, a friend of mine forwarded me an email about a 12-year-old homeless boy in our community who needed shoes because he only had the pair of flip flops that he had been wearing since summer. It was freezing at the time, the beginning of what we in Maryland all know has been a very long, cold winter. I remember looking at the email with such disbelief that a boy, close to my own son’s age, had no home, no warm clothing and no shoes. It broke my heart.

    I own my own yoga business and I forwarded the email request to my yoga students. One of my students posted the request for donations on his Facebook page. From there it was shared 48 times. From contacts that the three of us had reached, we were able to collect a Jeep full of shoes, clothing, coats, toiletries and other donations to help this student and any others who would need what we collected.

    These grass roots efforts not only provided immediate relief to those in need, they ultimately helped create a movement in our community. From donors to volunteers, there were so many people who pitched in to make this happen.

    A couple of weeks later, my friend who had sent me that first email and I became aware of a mother with three small children who were staying at a local motel for emergency shelter. This family’s stay was about to expire so this mother with three children ages 5, 3 and 11 months, were facing the reality of living outside in the elements. Without much of a plan, my friend and I filled up a cooler with healthy food and delivered it along with diapers, formula and other essentials. We reached out to the community again and were able to gather donations to extend her stay at the hotel, provide warm meals, help her navigate through community resources and give her some breathing room so that she could move forward. Ultimately we worked with this mother to get her family into the Advocates for Homeless Families program. She was accepted there about a month after we met her and she moved in the day after Christmas.

    Through the effort of gathering shoes for the first middle school student, to the work that we did with this mother of three children and her family and the other families that came after, it was clear that we needed a way to help other children in our community who were facing homelessness.

    We set up a Facebook group that began with just the three of us and we now have over 845 members. Since we began the Facebook group in early December, we have identified needs in the community and have been assisting families with needs in navigating the resources available to them, securing proper documentation, applying for resources, advocating for more permanent housing, receiving proper food, clothing and other necessities. Also, we believe that we have raised the issue of student homelessness to a much higher profile within the community via media and other activities. The Facebook group called “Frederick County Homeless Students Initiative” illustrates the inspired action of so many compassionate people in our community who have rallied around this important cause. We are now organizing the group as a non-profit to be most effective and broaden the reach in the community. All of this occurred in less than 4 months. And it all started with compassion, commitment and a simple email.
    xo Amy

    • Amy this is absolutely incredible. Thank you for being you and an extended thanks to the awesome folks in your group. You are all angels. All my love xoxo M

      • Amy Draper

        Thanks Marie. It’s wonderful to be part of this movement. The acronym for our Students Homelessness Initiative Partnership is SHIP. I found this quote by Martin Luther King, Jr that seemed fitting for our group as well as all of the other wonderful compassionate efforts that everyone is talking about:
        “We may have all come on different ships, but we’re in the same boat now.”
        Thanks again for sharing your inspiring video!
        xo Amy (B-School Class of 2014)

    • Amy, Thanks for this story and sharing! I’m excited to now be a part of your FB group now and also be able to help and share with others when needs come up and get posted. Your empathy and caring is beyond incredible and so inspiring + the desire to make change and not just sit by and hope for things to be different.

      I hope it’s okay but I’d love to leave the link here of your group for others that may want to follow and be of assistance!

      • Amy Draper

        Thanks so much Lisa for the kind words and support!!! I greatly appreciate you joining our group and your willingness to assist. And thank you for posting the link!!! xo Amy

    • Katie

      What an absolutely stunning & inspiring story Amy – God bless you & your community for your love & kindness x

      • Amy Draper

        Thank you Katie! I really appreciate your kind words. xo Amy

    • What a fantastic testament to the power of compassion! Way to go:)

      • Amy Draper

        Thank you Dawn!!! xo Amy

    • Hi Amy, thank you so much for your inspiring post as well as all that you and your group have done. That’s how one person can make a huge difference – especially with all other ‘one persons’. Congratulations! You’re an angel oxo Tanya

  186. Hi Marie,

    I can see why you were teary-eyed. Wow, Adam made for a beautiful Marie TV guest!

    As an American (and original “Jersey girl”) Adam made me realize even more how much so many of us take for granted — could you imagine just wanting a pencil as a child? This is one of the reason’s I began my mission-based foundation, Peg’s Presents ( Named after my mom Peg, who along with my Dad, fostered a variety of 16 children over the years, we give gifts (and smiles) to children in need.

    My parents adored children, and I bet they’re continuing their love on the “other side”. While I’m here, I’ll continue bringing those smiles to kids, while hoping to raise awareness to others, that helping those in need — no matter how small (think of that pencil) is a MUST.

    ¸.· ´¸.·*´¨) ¸.·*¨)
    (¸.·´ (¸.·’*~ Lee*

  187. So inspiring and makes my heart ache to be fully living my dream. I had a vision about 15 years ago that I was going to make a difference. That sense of knowing has continued as my restlessness took me from my home country of South Africa to England and then the US.

    I keep taking steps towards it but have had to do a lot of growing and gaining of confidence to truly believe I can be the change. I now recognize I was searching for something which was inside me all the time.

    I totally understand about not feeling like you fit as while I love living here, I constantly feel the pull to reconnect with the realness that exists in developing countries. I have had to be patient as this journey has been necessary to put me in a place where I can realize my vision.

    My dream has always been to 1. Start a business that helps local people in Southern Africa benefit by my being in the US. 2. Help people in the US benefit from the amazing people and experiences in Africa. I am finally starting to get close after I got past my fear of I am too small to do this.

    To achieve my first goal I am in the process of setting up a business to sell a product here that directly benefits local communities in Southern Africa. The second goal that I will work on through b-school is to tweak my existing business by translating my change agent experience, health coaching training and love of travel into transformational trips to South Africa and other developing countries.

    To answer your challenge Marie, the one step I will take as a result of being inspired by Adam is to set up visits to various charities while I am in South Africa next month with a view to understanding what they need and how I can directly help.

    Thank you for the beautiful and heartfelt inspiration. xxxx

  188. Melanie P

    My dream is to educate young girls and inspire them to blaze their own trail in science and technology. According to the Anita Borg Institute and a wide variety of other sources, not only is the pipeline of girls into science and tech severely reduced (compared to men) but the attrition rate for women in technical careers is twice that of men. Unfortunately, most of the conversation around this problem involves encouraging female students into the the hard sciences and engineering, which excludes the sciences that are both most interesting to women (the ones they self-select, like sociology, anthropology and psychology) and those most relevant to substantially improving technology for real people. What is needed is more meaningful inclusion of women educated in the social sciences and liberal arts that are experts in user experience and applied behavioral science. As a human factors psychologist in a high tech company, I’d really love to find a way to facilitate this new path among girls/women and broader mainstream understanding of its financial and social benefits in the corporate world, among entrepreneurs and beyond. The step I can take is to keep working on the side toward building my website and building the messaging…. even keep working on my own book on the topic! 😉

    Thanks for an interview and introduction to Adam and Pencils of Promise. I’m incredibly inspired!

  189. Sam Leiter

    Dear Marie and Adam:

    So thoroughly enjoyed your talk. I have been thinking for some time now about opening a network of schools here in the US. I am a speech therapist by training and have spent a decade working both as a contract therapist and a full time employee. I have witnessed the source of much of the social ills and societal decay that plague this great country. Children are treated poorly and are trapped in a situation which guides the boys to gang violence and prison or even death at a young age and the girls to teenage motherhood and welfare. It does not need to be that way and I know I have the answers to fix it. Would love to speak with both of you about getting this project off the ground. This is not some pie in the sky flaky idea. I know that with smaller schools and classes, trans-disciplinary experiential based learning learning, proper nutrition, physical exercise, a loving/caring staff and freedom of thought, any child from any socioeconomic background or neighborhood can do as well or even out perform any other children from anywhere. You already have experience in building schools and together with my background we can really rattle some cages and shake the world. Please call me at 443 955 3864 or email at [email protected]. My background and experiences including Wharton BBA, Masters in Speech, advocating for two children with special needs, a decade of experiences in the public schools and my work with people of all ages. I am excited about reading Adam’s book now that I have read Napolean Hill and Dale Carnegie.


    Sam Leiter

  190. Dear Marie and Adam,

    This video was an answer. On so many levels. I just returned from a two week trip to India, on a remote island called Omkareshwar. Unbelievable experience. Its been incredibly challenging being home and reconciling that experience to the environment here. They did a remarkable thing on the island. The island used to be overrun with child beggars. But the Ashram where I stayed built a school for the children to give them hope. A life outside of begging. A promise. I saw NO child beggars while there. Its a decade later. That is change. That is promise for a future. We visited the school and lived with the orphaned children who stay at the Ashram. How does one come home after that experience, and make sense of our culture here? Our over abundance? Even the selfishness of being unaware? Coincidentally, we have been dealing with town budget and school funding issues, for our town school here in the states, where we have two daughters in attendance. We attended a school budget meeting the Saturday after our return. What a mess. My husband and I just couldn’t make sense out of any of it. The experience in India, with the school and the children, coming home to such an environment of hostility towards the school and the staff. It all seemed so wrong and so confusing.

    Uncanny the serendipity of this all. This very morning, I am teaching yoga at my home space, and all the school budget angst comes up again as people are bringing it up in class. I can’t put it into place. What do I do with my own kids? Where should I send them? Is there a better school, a better way of living? Why am I teaching these yoga classes? Do I have a better purpose? How do I reconcile my India experience to this environment? Such confusion. So I light some incense & put out a call for an answer . I then walked my dog, made some tea, and checked my email. … And Marie’s video was in my inbox. And the title caught my attention. Then I learned it was about someone who started school in third world countries. Then I watched Adam talk about his experience on the boat, and in India, and I couldn’t stop the stream of tears.

    Its not a clear path answer. But is one of those directional answers. Something that says “yes, you are right, keep marching ahead, and the messages will come”. So the action I took was to share this video on the Facebook group for the members of our India trip have set up. As all 11 of us in the group are trying to reconcile our experience, and have such a passion for the small school there. I am downloading this book, clearing my afternoon, and hoping that it gives me continued direction and clarity.

    Jai Ma…


    • So incredible Angie. I just got chills reading your comment. thank you SO much for sharing and I have no doubt that you’ll create a beautiful outcome for your children and the community. All my love xoox

      • Angie Follensbee-Hall

        OH, and another wild coincidence. The Ashram where we stayed was devoted to “Ma”, AnandaMayi Ma that is… Everyone at the Ashram referred to her as “Ma”… And I only picked up on that coincidence now.

  191. Natalie Morrissey

    Fantastic motivational info from Adam’s video.

    My passion is helping Horses even though I am realizing this later in life. I volunteer at a horse rescue organization, I have recently adopted two horses from rescue and my commitment of Today us to sign up for a class teaching therapy to horses.


  192. Thank you for this *a bit different* video but so awesome and truth-speaking!

    My big dream is to help kids and student unlock their potential in terms of education and creativity. I have always be so lucky to never have to study to understand school and further education which let me have plenty and plenty of time developing my creativity (dancing, writing, drawing, painting, …) and I have seen many kids and students struggle so hard and have no energy left for creativity (which is the more intelligent part to develop) but only numbing-activities. I have seen, for years when I was myself a kid and a student, when I was tutoring people, the maths or physic or grammar was never the problem. The information is not the problem. It is the confidence and blocking points that block this creativity.

    My baby step for today is offer free Confidence Power-session ( to anyone that is interested here for themselves, their kids or someone they know. To honor Adam’s view on a promise, I am making a promise to help anyone interested to unlock their confidence and potential for free!
    Education is a lifelong phase, it is not related to age or anything else!

    • Oups, sorry for all the english mistakes in that piece, I was too excited about this article and what I wanted to share 🙂
      In my defence I am French 😉

  193. Dear Marie,

    Michael Jackson once sang: “I’m gonna make a change,
    For once in my life – It’s gonna feel real good,
    Gonna make a difference . Gonna make it right. I’m starting with the Man In The Mirror . I’m asking him to change his ways
    And no message could have Been any clearer:
    If you wanna make the world A better place
    Take a look at yourself, and Then make a change.”

    Your interview with Adam with all what it was: your questions, your sensitivity and your openness as sell as Adams story was an actual example for this song and it will motivate many people around the globe.
    I believe the most severe disease of our times is the lack of faith in oneself and his/her potential.

    I have been following “the signs” for over a decade now and whoohooo my life has changed and still keeps changing. I became a happier, more content person and I have a life that i didn´t even dare dreaming of. And I know it is not the end. From my experience: It is all about the amount of energy and love you put into a project, relationship, situation that makes it flourishing and successful (no matter how you define success).

    Thank you for contributing to a better world, Marie

    xoxo, Yvonne from downtown Stuttgart in Germany

    PS: Excuse mistakes in grammar, synthax, spelling: English is my second language – but our hearts/mind settings speak the same language, so i believe you will understand what i meant to say 🙂

    • We understand you PERFECTLY Yvonne 🙂 Thank you so much for your beautiful comment, and for getting “Man In The Mirror” in my head. xoo

  194. Hello Marie and Adam!
    Thank-you for the inspiring video on following your purpose! I have been following my heart and it has been an up and down road. Three years ago, I went through a painful divorce…worst (because of the pain) and best (because it allowed me to create a life I love) experience of my life. I looked around at all the people who I saw were divorced, some people went on and found another person, some seemed to be bitter forever. I promised myself that it was meant to happen and did everything in my power to heal and learn about myself and others. In the process I went to India with Habitat for Humanity, went to a First Nations sweat, did yoga, went to a super intense work on every aspect of your life personal development retreat, and many more. Each experience offered me learning that I have wanted to share in a book. I have not had excellent confidence about my writing, but feel strongly about the need to write the book to help others. What I found was when I started to tell others about my experiences, they would get inspired about their own lives. I thought to myself, I want more of that!!

    So, I have been working on the mastermind concept and have been surrounding myself with others of which I aspire to be like. I have been attending the meetings with the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers. The last meeting they had a gentleman who ghost writes books with people. Since I am all over the place and have trouble with focus, this is a paid focus to get my message out. My action on my dreams and purpose today was to set a date for the writing of chapter one in the book! Yayyy!!! Thank-you for your nudge!!!

    Happy day,
    “I am a powerful woman, passionately energizing others to ignite their fire within”

  195. Thank you, Marie and Adam – this was a wonderfully uplifting interview and I look forward to reading the book.

    My dream is to spark positive, constructive energy in concentric circles around myself and around as many other people as possible so that there is a huge, ever-expanding number of people feeling better and doing good in the world. As a step in this direction, I am preparing for the group coaching session I’ll lead next month at a local for-purpose ( 🙂 ) organization serving families transitioning out of homelessness.

  196. Thanks so much for this interview!!!! Recently I was having lunch with a friend who told me she has been doing random acts of kindness lately, like paying the bridge toll for the car behind her and giving a $5 to the cashier at Starbucks to treat someone anonymously to a coffee. And having a wonderful time and attracting joy and abundance in her life. When I went to pay for lunch, I realized I had left my wallet in my other coat pocket!! So of course she paid for lunch for me. I’ve been thinking of a way to ‘repay’ her in kind, and here it is! I’m sending a check to Pencils to Promise. Perfect!!! (and I could send her Adam’s book anonymously too…hint hint 🙂 )

  197. Diana

    I am pretty much in tears. I was so moved by that interview, by learning about Adam and his purpose. A year ago I went through many life changes, and while most of these changes were for the better, I fell into a depression. I have always felt a yearning to be part of something greater than me, something that would honor my faith and those on whose shoulders I stand, and something that would add at least one spark, one ray of light to another person’s life. However, as I look back, I cut myself off from many opportunities and break through moments because of fear, depression, lack of self-worth, you name it. And that feeling of “inadequacy” (which is really missed potential) has been eating me up for so long it had set root in my soul.

    Since November I decided to take a bulldozer to my fears and negative feelings and align my life with my purpose with a simple mantra (which after watching the video I am altering a bit): Change your thoughts (and your words), change your outcome (and your worth). Since then, I have been in therapy, I pray intently and often, I have come across some important books that are transforming my life in the subtlest, yet most poignant of ways, and I stumbled upon B-School thanks to some amazing alumni. amazing community of powerful, empowering, and soulful peeps. And today, I watch this amazing interview (Adam’s book is already in my e-reader). I still have the urge to hide in my shell and let my fears take over, but I am so over it. I am the ruler of my thoughts, and I choose discomfort and transformation over powerlessness and binding fear.

    My “impossible dream”? To help small, rural communities in my country have better life outcomes – more education, less violence, more prosperity, less poverty.

    Thank you Marie and thank you Adam for supporting and encouraging us all. It really does take one or two people to make a real difference. (And apologies for the word dump!) 😉

  198. Marie, that made my heart sing! I’m so grateful that I found you!
    I traveled through Latin America with my son many years ago when he was 9 and we gave pencils away to kids at every village. It was a revelation! The reason I took him was because his glass was half-empty growing up in the land of plenty. After that 9 months of sometimes grueling travel, his glass has been brimming over ever since.
    So my impossible dream is to help women over 50 feel excited and joyful about the best years of their life to come, to get them healthy, eating the right things to prevent auto-immune diseases, to help them connect with Spirit on their journey.
    This is the third sign I’ve had this week that the time is NOW! I’ve been preparing the site for a long time but never felt quite ready to launch and to stop hiding. Today I will announce the new site to my other list and JUST BE IT!
    Blessings and gratitude to both of you,

  199. Monique

    Beautiful, inspiring talk! I am wiping little tears from my eyes as well – whenever I cry from inspiration, I like to say that my heart is just overflowing out of my eyes.

    Adam’s story is amazing, and it only strengthen’s my resolve to live out my dreams. Taking some of his advice to ‘change your words, change your worth’, my *Possible* dream is to make a huge change in the world by supporting amazing charities doing good works around the globe. To take care of others, and to help people deepen their relationship with God. I actually signed up for B-School and am going through for the first time right now so that I can realize this very possible dream! Everything is figureoutable, right?! Including our deepest, most beautiful dreams.

    Would love to have a copy of this book, and one day, have one of my own to share that all dreams are possible!

    XO Monique

  200. Wow! That was really inspiring. I would love to read his book. Oh, and we are both Hungarian! So cool. 🙂

  201. Aaron

    So awesome to run across this interview coincidentally. I found it so true and inspiring and right in line with my own life’s purpose. The impossible dream for me is my vision to create retreat centers around the world for all ages that allow people to experientially let go of the blockages that prevent them from being their highest, loving, and most powerful selves. Overcoming my own insecurities, inner demons, and personal addictions has guided me to wanting to create some safe spiritual places of healing in beautiful natural settings that vibrate unlimited possibilities of infinite energy. I love people and I’m learning to love and accept myself so that I can be this instrument of what God has called me to do. Watching this interview and listening to Adam’s own truth helped to remind me of how important this really is. Being a Jersey boy myself I also appreciate and love the style of how you present your material Marie. Thank you SOOOOOOO very much for being your authentic, loving, smart ass-self and making a platform that has given me greater direction towards my own dreams of change and transformation. I love you all!!! 🙂

  202. Caroline

    Thank you for this, it was very timely. I am normally not a posted but felt compelled to after watching. I identified with Adam’s culture shock upon his return to the states. I have just arrived back and feel that the many places and people I have been to and seen are so distant, but the experiences are a huge part of me. In a trip to Morocco I was able to travel and visit the Atlas Mountains and meet with a few Berber families of very modest means. Some families were nomadic with small children who could not attend school because they were needed to tend sheep. After leaving one of these families an idea came to mind to write a book that could be given to these families which has berber stories and translates some of the fading berber language, French and English. A key in the back to help with reading and amazing illustrations to make it interesting and fun. One book could make a huge impact. I know a gentleman who could help distribute the books on a small scale but I need help to illustrate, translate and story board it. This is just at an idea phase but I want to make this happen! It is small but can help preserve dying languages, assist in education, and brighten the lives of many children. Being nomadic is a challenge, you can only carry so much with you, and school may be too hard of a sacrifice, but a book is easy enough to carry and with the right images can help a child learn while passing the time. It is a small dream. Completely possible and I would accept any and all help to realize this. Thank you Marie and Adam for the opportunity to say this aloud. As a side note, thank you also for reinforcing the idea that your path does not need to be immediately followed. I am just arriving back to the US and have many practical things to attend to, I needed the reminder that all those projects can still be done after attending to the practical things and can manifest in their own time.

    • Caroline

      Forgive the typos, my enthusiasm prevented me from editing! Also, they were tending goats not sheep.

  203. I am begging for a book! I want to build for purpose children’s museums all over the country to help children have a safe place where they can grow and learn in an environment that will inspire them to do to great things! There are not many places children can go for free anymore that gives them tools to foster their creativity and talents. It is important to me to make sure they have a place that doesn’t center around video games and texting. Children need to have interaction with others in a fun learning environment to open their eyes to new things in the world around them!

  204. Amazing, such a heart-warming interview and message. Thank you so much. <3 Elzemieke

  205. Serena Misquez

    This was so incredibly empowering and knowing that Adam started out from humble beginnings is just beautiful. You can truly tell that both of you are doing what you need to be doing in this world. And I couldn’t stop tearing up lol!!! As a newbie in B-School this year I’ve taken all these words to heart and thank you for this conversation 🙂 You’ve changed the course of my day already & what you do matters!

    • Thanks Serena. So very honored to have you in B-School xoxo

  206. Wow! What a great, inspiring interview. I love how Adam described his Grandma as his inspiration. A tragic story with all her loved ones dying which ultimately turned to hope, change, and growth.

    I currently work as a family nutrition expert where I counsel overweight/obese children and their families. My focus is to make small, mini changes with the entire family such as cooking more, shopping for more whole foods, eating dinner at the dinner table, and enjoying family activities such as going to the park. Since cooking and meal planning becomes more of a family activity, children have a better opportunity to eat healthily.

    I was so lucky growing up because my mom made everything from scratch. We were pretty poor and she counted pennies, so even if my brother and I wanted those chips or ice cream, my mom couldn’t buy it for us. At the time, I was bummed, but looking back, I’m so grateful for the values and habits she instilled on me. When I left home, I had a good foundation of how to cook and prep my meals. I also understood what a well-balanced meal meant.

    Working with the families, a lot of them don’t know how to cook so they eat out all the time and they don’t have any clue what healthy food means. My future goal is to open up cooking schools for kids nationwide. We’ll teach the kids how to cook and educate them on what a well-balanced meal is. We’ll focus on foods from the ground up including tons of colorful fruits and veggies. We’ll also provide the kids with food to take home to their families so they show the parents how to cook, too.

    I’ve been teaching cooking classes at 1 local school, and it’s been really successful. The 7th & 8th graders made vegetable and tofu sushi and loved it! Now it’s just about expanding the program to reach the masses! Looking forward to helping more kids and starting a nationwide cooking movement 🙂
    Thanks Adam for your touching stories! They remind me that anything is possible.

  207. Elaine Sauer

    Love this! I cant wait to share with my sons. I love the stories thruout the segment, so precious. Kudo’s to Adam! Purpose is for many a challenge but asking the universe to lead you, staying close to the signs (Brilliant) and acting on them to move closer is excellent advice. ( I am hearing you as one of my signs & I am in B school right now). xo

  208. Sharon

    Hello Marie & Adam,

    I am completely filled with gratitude and inspiration now that I have watched this amazing interview filled with warmth and authenticity…Thank you for the tears Marie…Ouf, still crying (in a very good way!) 10 minutes after watching.

    I am a very passionate pediatric nurse on the verge on lauching my private practice to empower and craddle families with love and warmth.
    I am feeling very scared and today’s video gave me wings and momentum.

    My impossible dream is to empower and remind nurses worldwide of their true power in making a difference in the world. In my opinion, this would have a significant influence on worldwide peace and well-being. People trust nurses to help them in their most vulnerable and intimate states. My wish is for nurses everywhere to hone, honnor and hold this precious gift.

    My action is to be scared and do it anyway approach in starting my clinic!

    Tendresse, Amour et Admiration
    Sharon from Canada xxx

  209. Wow, what a powerful message. Thank you so much Marie and Adam for sharing this. My ‘impossible’ dream is to work with orphanages in providing healthy nourishing foods to the children of all ages in there, not just for the body but for the mind and soul as well. It all starts when we’re kids, and if given love and nurtured these children will blossom and create more love for themselves and in this world.

  210. Janet

    Hi Marie, hi Adam,

    this was just a moving, touching, emotional, encouraging and inspiring interview. It really brought tears to my eyes. I loved listening to every piece of this wonderful interview.

    My impossible dream is to help people who experienced child abuse. You may ask why? My sister experienced it when she was about 5 years old (it was the father of her kindergarten mate). It has really destroyed her life. She has gone through hell since then, developing a mental illness after a long period of posttraumatic disorders.

    Although I can’t help her treating her mental illness (she is in therapy) I have always supported her with my love and help as her older sister. She is 27 years old now and has many dreams she would like to make come true like getting married and having children, singing for an audience (she has a wonderful voice) and publishing her poems.

    She is so talented yet she is still struggling with her life. But I will help her make her dreams come true and I would also love to help other people who have gone through child abuse as well make their dreams come true.

    Listening to your interview has really encouraged me and taught me that also ordinary people can change the world. Thank you so much.

    With lots of love and gratitude from Germany,


  211. This has to be my very favorite MarieTV episode! It brought a number of tears to my eyes. Truly inspiring.

  212. Mairead Murphy

    Hi Everybody,
    What a tremendous episode of MarieTV…thanks Marie and Team Forleo for highlighting Adam’s story in this week’s video. I loved it.

    My impossible dream is called The Peace and Love Project. My idea is to create a blog, website, book (still pondering the details) around the idea of famous rivals posing together in a picture, one holding a sign that says ‘Peace’ and the other holding a sign that says ‘Love’. (Think Left wing & Right wing, Team A & Team B, ex. Yankee & Red Sox players, Coke & Pepsi, Coyote & Roadrunner, Jay Leno & Conan (or something more recent), etc. Of course, it would be great if Bono would hold the ‘and’ sign in all the pictures. 🙂

    The idea would be to inspire folks to make a shift towards harmony with people in their own lives. I would love to include everyday ‘feuders’ in the project as well…think exes, sisters, best friends, etc. We all know someone in conflict.

    Thanks again for an amazing video, I feel so inspired!
    Mairead (rhymes with parade)

  213. What a great interview and inspiring organization! I was incredibly inspired reading Three Cups of Tea a few years ago and learning of the extreme lack of education in so many parts of the world, and I’m thrilled to learn of Pencils of Promise.

    My “impossible dream” up until 2009, when I accomplished it(!), was to start a summer camp for teenagers who want to change the world. There are camps for kids who love soccer or music, why not for those who want to make a difference? We launched Youth Empowered Action (YEA) Camp with one session and 15 kids at our pilot program, and 5 and hundreds of campers later, we are going strong and have supported so many teens in getting active on issues they care about. We are a FOR-PURPOSE organization.

    But I and we’ve been a bit stuck recently. We want to take what we are doing to a whole other level — that’s my impossible dream now. To bring our curriculum, positivity, and the examples of so many young people making inspiring differences in the world to schools (we just had a pilot elective course at a public school in Denver!) and online (getting constant inspiration from Marie). I’ve got all my reasons and fears that I’m working on slaying, and I’m excited to read Pencils of Promise and be reviewing B-School to move us further in that direction.

    At YEA Camp, we order flyers from different organizations doing great things to put on our literature table to introduce our campers to, and this year we will be adding Pencils of Promise’s materials to the table! 🙂 What a great cause for youth to get involved in supporting.

    Much gratitude to you and Adam for continuing to inspire us.

    P.S. I love that you cried, Marie! I cry when I’m inspired all the time, and I’ve given up judging myself for it! At camp, whenever anyone cries, if they apologize for it, we always say there’s no apology necessary and congratulate them on being human. 🙂

  214. Fab

    Ha! I told myself, oh, I’ll write the comment later, just stopped by myself saying, nope, not later, right now!
    THANK YOU! For the inspiration and nudge to just do it!
    My dream is to build a retreat center in a tropical beach, with waterfall, where we come together to play with abandon like kids, we grow, harvest, cook and eat fresh food together, in direct contact with nature, where we meditate, move our bodies and eye gaze, where we speak about sex, intimacy, relationship and love in a fun, safe and respectful way.

    The step I’m taking now, besides posting here is to set up a cooking class with my partner for 5 couples where couples will play with the senses, work together as a team with a specific goal, communicate mindfully, enjoy the fruit of their work together, in community and support!
    Creating the world and being the change I want to see everywhere, one bite at a time!
    Love to you, your team and Josh!

  215. I haven’t even finished the video but I already bought the book. 🙂 Support these kinda great work! Feels good that it’s for such a good cause so no qualms there. 🙂

  216. Gavin

    Dear Marie,
    This is the first time i am commenting for your videos.
    Thank you so much for your great inspirational videos and for introducing such wonderful people like Adam Braun. I feel greatly connected to Adam as i share a similar dream of providing a revolutionary true education for little children who are on the downside of advantage. I was able to find my purpose by reading my signs and i am at the beginning stage of my journey, ready to be set free from my Job within this year. I have a strong feeling that i was born for this purpose and i will surely succeed If God wills. I am truly happy to know that there are wonderful people like you who desires to provide selfless service for the betterment of the world. May God bless you in all your endeavors.
    Thanks & Regards,
    Gavin John Abraham

  217. What a wonderful interview! Thank you for sharing this with us! (This was a Four Tissue video, for sure!)

    My passion is to help women of all ages overcome their skin problems so they can be who they were meant to be and do what they were meant to do. As someone who struggled with severe skin problems for 20 years, I know what it’s like to put your life on hold as you struggle through the endless (and often misleading) skincare resources available to us today. I don’t want anyone else to lose weeks, months or even years to this problem, so I’ve shared my story in a book, which launched last autumn.

    Today, my action was to send out my newsletter, with tips for helping people find natural skincare products that fit their lifestyle.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  218. Loved this video and the stories about the unexpected answers are profound. So often each of us lives in a bubble that assumes the everyone sees the world as we do. Asking people what they want pierces that bubble and makes the world a bigger, more interesting place.

    Reading the comments above, people looking for their dreams, working in fulfilling jobs, and wondering what to do, I too have a challenge. Look at each thing as material, as a writer would. As you, Adam, Tony Robbins, and so many more, say over and over again, it is all part of the process and it is all knowledge, if we choose to look at it that way.

    Give your best work where you are. Be of service, to the best of your ability where you are, and I believe that you grow into your service; that you grow into your purpose. In short, I believe our purposes are to be of service in the place where we are now.

    My current place is to work as tutor to kids who are struggling in math. As a former (class of 74) complete mathaphobe, I know the pain of feeling so stupid and hopeless. I would never have believed that I would come to the point of loving math and helping others, if nothing else, come to hate math less and like themselves more. I would call this my im-possible dream, because my history would not allowed me to dream it if I had not landed in the work by complete accident.

    As I grow, my work changes but one core theme stays the same, be kind, be of service, where I am, right now. It’s the only time I have.

    I love what Pencils of Promise does. Thanks, Marie, for bringing it to my attention. As an educator, it’s something I will get behind. Thanks again.

  219. Vicki Hoarty

    So very profound! So God and so right on! I can’t wait to read, The Promise of a Pencil. Thank you, Adam and Marie, for sharing today and giving many of us a heart tug to seek out our purpose behind our passion. My heart has been touched and I began praying the second the interview was over for The Lord to show me my purpose behind my passion. I am wondering how many young women I can save from the heartache of abuse if they were taught what abuse is, especially before they venture into the world of dating and marriage. To save a soul from being damaged would be a blessing beyond words. Give me a plan Lord. Give me a plan.

  220. True beauty moves us. I’m moved. The “simplicity” of what you’ve created feels like a breath of fresh air and makes what’s ahead of me so much more do-able. For-purpose is real, timely, what we need. Thank you, both. I will read and share your book. Blessings.

    Oh and my impossible dream is to help unveil and inspire the (re)emergence of the authentic sovereign female into a rightful place in the human throng across cultures – through books, films, events, online programs, and whatever creative, effective participatory initiatives we can ignite….

  221. Jeanne Liu

    What an inspiration to keep moving me forward. I am overwhelmed yet happy as I too have this sense of purpose. I have always queried what my life is to do for this world.

    Last year, I gave up my full time commitment as a marketing and communications role in the mining industry. I am becoming an Early Childhood Educator to further understand the nature of the job and field of studies.

    I have learnt so much today through this interview – thank you.
    I am committed to develop a more viable solution to children enrichment in urban cities and help better bridge that gap for women.
    Most of all, I believe that there is such close ties between high quality child care support, women leadership and economic growth

  222. Marie, what a great show and how inspirational is Adam’s story??? Thanks for sharing it with us all. I bought the book straight away and keep peeking at it even though I’m supposed to be working ‘without distractions’!! I had tears rolling down my face, just like you, great recovery btw 🙂 – you are a star and a breath of fresh air. It is easy to believe we just shouldn’t try because how can we, as individuals, make a difference to the lives of people around the world? However, I know that we can as I have sponsored a little girl from Tibet to live and learn in India since she was 5 years old – she is 16 now – and I hope she will go on to achieve great things for herself. My ‘impossible dream’ is to improve the lives and social standing of women and girls around the world through education and empowerment and, with you as a Mentor, I think perhaps this is not so impossible any more. Mantra of the Moment: ‘Become Your Dream’. Let’s go girls!! Much love and respect xx xx

  223. This is a wee bit spooky as I came across Adam and Pencils of Promise yesterday and thought what an amazing story! Such a great interview, so inspirational. I’ve recently created a product in my stationery business specifically to support a UK charity working to give children in The Gambia an education, called Fresh Start Foundation, by donating exercise books, pencils and sharpeners – I donate a school set when I sell a stationery set. Adam’s story is a great inspiration and I’m about to order his book so don’t worry about including me in the giveaway 🙂

  224. Hi Marie,
    That was very powerful. Adam is truly inspirational. It helped me decide that I m going to help little kids get good education once I get my business going well. Felt awesome:)

  225. CES

    VERY BEST video, Marie. Outstanding! Been watching you for years. This one really crystallizes what you’re about and Adam is awesome beyond words! Really resonated with me, as I had one of those lightening moments this past weekend, and I’m moving steadily towards the dream. Love you both, love your message, and keep up the incredible work!

  226. Words are so powerful…and as Adam said, defining ourselves by what we are instead of what we are not can be the real key to affecting change in our lives. It opens the door to possibility in our minds. This commitment to positivity is my “possible” dream.

    When I lost my job 5 years ago, I was lost…but no more lost that I was in the job I had. Losing the job gave me the opportunity to acknowledge the extent of my misdirection and was actually the greatest step forward in my personal journey. What a blessing!

    I have always had difficulty with the disconnect between how soulful and authentic a person I was and the “superficial” industry I was drawn to: fashion. I couldn’t figure out how someone like me would a) fit in, b) remain true to myself and c) figure out how to create value and serve others without losing myself in the process. As Marie might say, “I wasn’t ready yet”. I didn’t have the answers.

    But I trusted my gut and did what felt right. Along the way, I woke up. I realized that being who I am and bringing realness and authenticity to the fashion industry IS how I can serve others. Seems so simple in hindsight. The industry actually NEEDS people like me.

    My possible dream is to infuse the fashion industry with positive messages…to empower women to define beauty for themselves…to encourage women to embrace who they are and use fashion to shine the light on their unique personalities and share it with the world.

    Ok…now back to it…playing (oops, working?) on my first collection. HA.

  227. Purpose: To create beauty in this world.

    Action: I just emailed (cold contact, oh yeah!) the gift shop manager at the Denver Art Museum about carrying my jewelry. I had been in there a couple of months ago and noticed they were showcasing local jewelry artists and had an “it” moment. I heard a voice (the good one, you know)…it said “put your work here”….firm and loving in tone. So I did. Some signs are right there in your own head, talking away. Some come straight to your inbox as MarieTV. Whatever their form, they always request you take action and move!

    Thank you both, very moving video today. I will be reading this book.


  228. Luana

    Dear groovy tuesday goers,

    I was most delighted to wake up to this video.

    I have been feeling an overwhelming sense to help folk through creative expressive arts. This is what lights my fire~ creation, mammalian interaction and connection and ultimately an exchange of empathy to feed our souls and learn from each other.

    My dream is to create a safe space where children can come dance~get down and boogie and express whatever sensations they are feeling!

    thank you for sliding this sweetness in front of my teary eyes this morning~ what a delight!


  229. I’ve always known that we – as a planet – have enough resources to go around, but we – as people – just haven’t gotten the distribution thing worked out. As a result, I am drawn to movements that endeavor to move resources where they’re needed — like, Heifer International and Kiva.

    Today’s action: funding two more Kiva micro-loans!
    I can eat leftovers tonight and change someone’s life on the other side of the planet. Today is a VERY good day. 🙂

  230. Jeanne

    What an inspiration to keep moving me forward. I am overwhelmed yet happy as I too have this sense of purpose. I have always queried what my life is to do for this world.

    Last year, I gave up my full time commitment as a marketing and communications role in the mining industry. I am becoming an Early Childhood Educator to further understand the nature of the job and field of studies.

    I have learnt so much today through this interview – thank you.
    I am committed to develop a more viable solution to children enrichment in urban cities and help better bridge that gap for women.
    Most of all, I believe that there is such close ties between supporting high quality child care which will lead to higher women in leadership positions at workplaces and better economic growth.

  231. I soooo needed to hear this this morning. I’ve been needing a sign to show me the next step in building my business (which is a “for purpose” venture) and my heart was opened and the sign was clear. Thank you for this (and all) your videos, Marie!

  232. Thanks for the great interview! I run a “for purpose” organization called Give Naked. We inspire people to give just a little bit, as often as they can, to help people in need. This is done through microdonations on our website. We have been doing this for over 3 years and have raised over $65,000, a few dollars at a time, in a very small town. 100% of all donations go the families in need, who are screened through agencies who ensure that all funds are being used exactly the way they have been described.

    My impossible dream is to have this organization be my career. I believe in the 100% model, but finding the funds to create a sustainable future for Give Naked is more challenging when we have to find funding for administration in other ways. I am learning as I go, and this dream most definitely feels impossible at the moment.

    The action I have taken since watching this video is a reframing of the way I describe the work I do. Instead of referring to Give Naked as a “project” or a non-profit, I am going to say, “I run a for-purpose organization that inspires people to give just a little bit, as often as they can, to help people in need. 100% of all the money they donate to each Give goes directly to the family in need.” I have the opportunity to share about Give Naked every day and have struggled not only with how to share about it as the valuable, functioning organization that it is, but also how to describe what I do. I tend to downplay my own work because I don’t receive a paycheck for it and while I’m passionate about it, I feel like it is invalidated by that lack of monetary compensation. By downplaying my work, I am downplaying Give Naked and missing opportunities to inspire people…which is our mission!

    So, great insights today thanks to Adam’s story. I would love to see more interviews with people who have started for-purpose organizations like this. Thank you!

  233. What a wonderful challenge this week.

    My ultimate dream is to create emotional literacy programs for young elementary students that could be implemented in the public education system. Looking at children as a whole is so essential to the learning process. Such literacy programs can help give children guidance, good morals and a strong voice of their own. I think this is long overdue in the American education system.

    I have a hard time articulating my passion for literacy/emotional literacy and keep meaning to rewrite my About/Meet pages on my website. After watching that, now is the perfect time to start.

    Last week on the GLP, Adam said, “I think a good life is one in which you attain personal fulfillment through a sense of purpose” and this so resonated with me. It reminds me so much of what Marie Forleo’s message is really all about. Thank you so much for doing this episode.

  234. Kat

    Ok, I got a bit of electricity listening to that! I know I was supposed to hear that message. I am a normal mom, wife teacher. 4 years ago, after recovering from breast cancer I started helping some schools in a rural area of Bali. My husband and 3 of my kids have started by taking suitcases of school supplies and did some art and songs with in a few classrooms. By reaching out to friends the past few years, we have since been able to build a simple 2 room school and we sponsor 44 students so they can go to school. I sometimes can’t believe that we have been able to do this! However, My little dream has had some snafus this year, and I am needing to make some big decisions. I am in the midst of deciding about forming a 501c3. It is exacting but scary too. After hearing this I am determined to push through the fear, and begin our ” for purpose” origination and continue on. Thank you for the inspiration. I would love a book it would be kind of like my own De la Vega. I am sure it will really speak to me and help our development.
    Watching you two young beautiful souls gives this middle aged mom hope for the future of our society.

  235. I woke up this morning asking the Universe for a sign: continue on with my new business or go back to a “job” to pay the bills. This was the “IT” moment.

    My impossible dream is to create space for women, and a few good men, to fully experience joy and healing despite life’s hardships. Here’s my new tag line, “Healing Hearts, Calming Minds, and Changing the World…One Breath at a Time.” B-School for me next year! LOVE.

  236. Hi Marie & Adam, I feel so fortunate to have seen this video. I recently just got introduced to your videos and it has been such an honour to watch you as i have been struggling trying to launch my dream into the greatness it is to be.Thank you so much for making me feel like i can somehow make it happen big time. I am a product of one of those homeless children Adam talks about who was born in an African slum and didn’t get the chance to a proper education.Everything i know today ,i have Self taught myself and even though my dream for studying and getting to be the best in the medical world did not happen, i still (through lots of trials and error) found a way to get out of the ghetto and move out of Africa into Europe where i plan on finding a way to generate the resources i need to change the poverty conscious history of my family background and so i can be able to go back home and create an institution that trains youth and adults education that helps them become self sustaining adults. My dream is not just to build a school but to build an establishment that teaches our generation to think “for abundance and opportunity” regardless of the environment so that they can create and innovate. I believe even African countries have resources and creative minds that can figure out how to create new markets that serve and generate substantial living. I had to live from hand to mouth all my life and be ashamed of my very existence; i never want my daughter or anyone else who comes after me to face that again.That is my commitment for myself and i know that it is in the making.The journey before was the hardest, now i have great resources like you and great inspirational stories and mentors like Adam, so i can only thank you and praise you for sending me this sign that i am going to make.Lots of love.

  237. My dream is simple but lately seems pretty impossible. Yes, I’ve had big dreams of building schools and churches and wells in Africa. Yes, I have a dream of owning my own photography business…but those seem selfish in the face of my situation. My simple goal is to be debt free from student and car loans. I want to be able to provide a great life for my wife and daughter without worrying paycheck to paycheck and I want to do it in a challenging job that won’t give me a heart attack from stress. I just want my family to be happy.

  238. Nanda

    I relocated from NYC to Cambodia to figure out who I would have been had the events of the genocide not occur as I am of Cambodian descent and also contribute to the motherland. I left my awesome Brooklyn home and job in NYC’s Financial District to ‘volunteer’ with an NGO in Cambodia thinking it was the best way to contribute — until the universe tapped me on the shoulder and signaled that there was more.

    I am still in Cambodia and am working on developing a new program to mentor university students on business structures, careers and also provide mentoring opportunities to students from business leaders who they normally would not have access to. As it is, lucky students in Cambodia receive a university education but even those lucky ones don’t know what happens next because the country’s itself is still in development. You see, 70% of the population is under the age of thirty because of the civil war. That said, it is recovering but with lack of resources; it seems as though there aren’t enough bridges being built to help the next generation cross into leadership functions in the business in Cambodia. So we’re looking to create one of hopefully many platforms where these students can get there through training and mentorship… and get there freely as they are the future of this country.

    We’re in concept phase and are currently working on creating our overall strategy whilst finding associations to partner with so there is a broader reach. We’ve started a small committee and are in the midst of planning out first event now.

    It hasn’t been easy but we’re working on it. I failed twice before I picked up real momentum and realized how to apply my business acumen to this dream. 🙂

    Adam’s story makes me feel like we can achieve this goal and really have a lost lasting effect as we expect this to cascade (fingers crossed)…. I’ll keep pushing knowing others have done the same with their own adversities! Thanks for the fueling more motivation in me today.

  239. Incredibly inspiring, thank you Marie and Adam, WOW. I was moved to tears several times and had to hit pause to really take in the gems of magic coming out of you both. I especially love hearing how the word “nonprofit” can be dusted off and replaced. My big dream is to inspire young people to love who they are, truly love and respect themselves, and believe in their dreams. For them to experience a sense of hope and possibility about their lives, no matter where they are or what’s happened. I co-founded Arts & Dreams in NYC. We share empowering, self-love and hope-building workshops with kids and adults, where these ideas are wrapped in an easy and fun art project, like affirmation paintings and dream boards. Very inspired today by you guys, thanks again.
    Laura Baran, Arts & Dreams empowering art workshops

  240. Awesome video! My dream is to use my gifts to help others realize their dreams. People who are stuck in their past issues and are having a hard time moving forward. I want to help free them from their past and help them take back their power to create the future they want for themselves.

  241. I have had too many moments where my life was changed forever. I know, firsthand, from these experiences, how quickly everything can change, and why we need to make our difference in the world, beginning today. In the last 6 years, my children lost their father unexpectedly, and my life long mentor, who believed in me that I could change the world, and who was changing the world himself, was killed in a head on collision in Kenya. He had created his own charity to build schools and hospitals there. He was the most incredible human being I have ever met and what he taught me will live on in me forever. He focused everyday on making the world a better place, practicing kindness, gratitude, and spreading love throughout the world. I am carrying on his legacy the best I can, and I have created a bracelet which 100% of the proceeds goes to his charity. My dream is to raise enough money to fund a school there.

  242. I was very inspired by the video today. I do believe that we all have a purpose and we have to keep our eyes open to see it.

    I am currently risking it all to start an organic food/health and beauty distribution company here in the Bahamas. I quit my bank job in December and have started on the path to bring health and wellness to people here. I know that this is my life purpose but it is hard. It is hard to leave the cushy bank job with the fixed pay and the fixed vacation and all that comes with it. BUT….I know what my soul is saying.

    I think that we all have a purpose and that it is our duty to find it and ultimately follow it wherever it may lead us.

    Thank you for the video today as it only confirms that I am doing the right thing! 🙂

  243. That was the best interview ever! There are always signs guiding us to our purpose and the work we were put here to do. We just have to pay attention and trust our inner voice. Such an amazing story. And…how freaking awesome is FOR PURPOSE!!!

  244. Marie and Adam thank you. It is not a coincidence that this video was released today.

    For as long as I can remember when anyone ever asked me what I wanted to do when I grow up I always said I wanted to change the world.

    That was during my ballerina phase, my actress phase, my missionary doctor phase, and even when I grew up and began my career as a “for purpose” professional.

    I went to law school because I wanted to change the world. So I moved to Washington, DC and worked on issues I considered would change the world. I had several opportunities to do meaningful work.

    All through that time I was speaking to groups of women and hosting workshops and retreats and coaching on the side to help women really live the lives they were born to live so that they could in turn change the world. This has now become my business.

    When my father passed away seven years ago my brother and I decided to start a foundation in his name to raise money to fund other pastors (my father was a pastor, community leader, and all around change catalyst) who wanted to change the world. But because of our grief and our lives getting busy we dropped the dream of following through.

    So after taking B-School last year and saw that you had successfully incorporated a philanthropic arm to your business I knew that I would do the same.

    Well just this morning as I was working on some items for my business and simultaneously listening to the news 🙂 something was said on the program that made me think now is the time to start the philanthropic arm of my business even though I am in the building phase and all my financial resources are being invested back into my business.

    So I went along with my morning and now I watch this interview with this wonderful man Adam who has come and cemented the sign that I received seven years ago when my father died, that I received this morning while watching the news, and frankly that I received when I was a child who wanted to be a ballerina who changed the world.

    So I have decided to reactivate the foundation we developed in my father’s name and start the process of helping women all over the world who are faced with challenges to gain access to resources and education in order to improve their lives and the lives of their families’, communities, and the world.

    Thank you for being willing to be my sign.
    God bless you both.

  245. What a wonderful vid! For me, my calling is to share books to spread literacy throughout the world. I have written about spreading literacy and especially the efforts of UNESCO, because the number one cause of poverty is illiteracy. So, if we can promote reading and writing, then the hope is that poverty could be obliterated. And, while I’m still trying to work out how my website can be the vehicle to do this, I feel that I can do a lot in my own ordinary way. As Mother Terese says, “One person at a time”–or–in my case, one book at a time. Marie, you made my day and many, many best wishes in your own work to do great things in the world!–Deb,

  246. Mel

    If I may be of assistance in any way, please feel open to contacting me. Thank you both for keeping us on our paths of living our dreams and being of service to others. Peace. Mel

  247. Marie, your videos are just rocking it right now! Loving this series. I have been speaking and writing about living on purpose for over 5 years now and it’s changed my life. As an ex armed forces soldier i was stationed in Kosovo and Iraq in 2003 during the war. 1999 in Kosovo was horrible and yet life changing. I witnessed so many tragic nightmares that only the darkest imaginations can think of and they began a life altering change of direction. It took me over a decade to realize. I almost lost my life and marriage because i lost my self worth and in a moment of destiny realized it was up to me to change things. Today i have helped raise millions for non profits and charity in the armed forces sector using only my story. That’s all i had. Haha the funny thing was me and my wife had to eat a few shared happy meals during those years. Really made me enjoy my life more and re capture the joy of our life. These days things are just ace! Living life on our own terms and working on our wee little venture to change the world! As you know it takes time, dedication and some big brass balls! Aint no sittin gon the fence when destiny is calling! Thanks so much for this interview and all your amazing work! Live on purpose! You know it! Love and respect! All the way from Scotland!

    Steve, Founder of

  248. Marie,

    I was in tears driving to work today while listening to this interview…I feel so inspired and ready to step into my purpose. My dream is to build a successful business through my spiritual work and inspire, heal and counsel as many people as possible. My challenge has been working long hours at my job in beauty and feeling uninspired at the end of the day – something I think most people can relate to. I’ve made a promise to myself to really commit myself to making my dreams a reality. I turn 30 in a little over a month and I don’t want to look back on my life and have any regrets. Thank you for this interview, Marie!

  249. Beautiful, inspiring interview. Probably my favorite MarieTV video ever.

    My “impossible dream” is to (help) end humans’ maltreatment of animals by inspiring people to act on and expand their compassion.

    I act on this in various ways in my daily life, and this mission is very present in my long-term goals. For one thing, I’m vegan. I also am heading into a Ph.D. program in clinical psychology, and I hope to use the skills I’ll learn to help people deal with their frustrations in healthy ways, rather than through violence and exploitation. In addition, I am a writer, and my current goal in this realm is to write pieces that help awaken people’s compassion and empathy. I am creating a blog collection of short, “flash fiction” posts that are written in the perspectives of people and animals whose points of view we might not normally consider. It’s called Perspectives. Today, I’m going to write a blog post explaining the project and announcing to people on social media that they can dare me to write in a perspective of their choice, and see the piece they inspired on my blog. I hope it’ll stir up some engagement in this new project.

    Thanks for all you do, Marie & crew.
    Love, Liat

  250. Like you Marie, I have so many things I am interested in and it is hard for me to narrow it down. I struggle with deciding which direction to go. Ten years ago I thought I was embarking on my dream of owning a coffee shop. I was excited about having a place to have live music and inspiring artists and connection… but 6 months later the doors closed. That failure has made it so hard for me to dream big. I know that the idea for community, art and music to come together to inspire is one thing I am definitely passionate about. If I open another shop who knows. I went through cancer a couple years ago so my body is still fatigued and it makes it hard for me to really imagine living my dreams. I am taking this time to read, make art and write ideas so that when I do have the energy I can start something! Right now my dream is to encourage and inspire living life to the most purpose! I want to live what I preach! Thank you for this interview. So amazing and inspiring!

  251. Melissa Lennox

    My impossible dream is this:

    I’m currently enrolled in B-School and taking action on a brand new business- creating an online education course for twenty -somethings to teach them how to manage their money. All the practical stuff, like budgeting and saving etc., but also the digging deep into the emotions that drive our purchasing decisions and our upbringing/past that has determined our money habits thus far. Think of it like B-School for money management. Holistic and life-changing. As I watched this video just now, my world opened up. So far beyond just teaching people how to do the above to create financial freedom in their own lives, but teaching them how to create financial freedom so they have the money to donate/do good in other people’s lives. A ripple effect. Freeing up their money purposefully so they can make a difference in other people’s lives.

    So much love and respect to you both. “Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” Thanks for being a living, breathing example of this for us.

    I can’t wait until the day my business can fund a school with Pencils of Promise.

  252. Such powerful ,and simply insightful messages, thank you Marie for sharing. In Adam’s message of “following the signs” this has bean a sure sign for me to commit to and finish writing my book. Without realizing it, sometimes we hide our abundance and creativity underneath that which we most fear and the magical path unfolds when “you push yourself outside your comfort zone”, then realizing and embracing the beauty and passion which lies within the fear itself. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you ~ Shivana

  253. My impossible dream is to make my business at a level I can create my foundation around art, art give inspiration, it’s a fuel for life, for emotion, it can you give you the keys to open your hearty when everything is broke, and to fight illiteracy, for me It’s the beginning for everything, when you have the power to understand the world and access to knowledge, no one can break you,you can stand up on your feet, you can share to the world what you have inside.

    This interview is so powerful, I perfectly understand Brian about hit moment, follow the sign, for me there is so much in the world, and leave that way give your the true level of the incredible think that we are experiencing by living.

    At least, it maybe sound strange, but I see Marie cry, I definitely know why I’m start following you, why I decide to enroll in B SCHOOL, you got values that infuse all the things you do and give the will to be part of it.

    I ‘m buy my copy of this book and share it because we need to wake up light and will in every soul.

  254. Pamela

    Fantastic interview, foundation, story.
    I am a first year B-schooler and I am amazed at how the holes and gaps in my dream keep getting filled and closed through the work I am doing and the information I am receiving. It just happened again in hearing Adam’s story. It feels closer to home, the fact that he is just a “regular” guy and Pencils of Promise has happened so organically.
    I am a product based business and one of my products are beautiful caftan dresses. I have not been able to keep up with the sewing for some time.
    My (not so impossible) impossible dream has always been to be able to employ independent seamstresses instead of going the way of a large production house. There are so many single moms, military wives, women truly in need of this extra income. These are the women I would love to be able to help..
    My action today is to start with one woman.
    I am posting my ad today!

  255. Hi Marie,

    Loved the video, it was incredibly inspiring and I feel so motivated knowing more and more people believe you can help the world and make a profit – that’s been a sticking point for me for years! (Helping the world should be hard and draining right?!?)

    I took your challenge and called a local Domestic Violence org in my area to ask if I could give them some free coaching sessions. My ‘unrealistic’ dream is that all front line support workers (in domestic violence/ humanitarian aid/ drug and alcohol workers/ mental health support workers…) have access to regular good quality life coaching whilst doing their work. They all do tremendous work that often has a huge impact upon them, and I believe coaching could be a fab tool to keep people in their highly skilled posts for longer. Anyway, they didn’t answer BUT I sent them an email and have it in my calendar to follow back up on Friday…

    Hannah 🙂

  256. WOW. WOW. WOW. This was a powerfully inspiring story!

    I immediately went to my Journal Your Vision FB page and posted the link with the following introduction:
    “Talk about setting your intentions and following your dreams! The story shared by Adam Braun is inspiring and demonstrates for me how powerful it is to build a community with the purpose of helping others. I have a passion to build a Journal Your Vision community and share the tool of a Vision Journal, as I can clearly see how it touches and inspires people to practice Self Love and set positive intentions for life! Enjoy this amazing story!”

    I watch very few of the many video clips that come my way online, however, I am currently enjoying a shift with some powerful signs that have been rapidly coming my way and that is how I landed on the carpet, in my living room, watching this video on my laptop. Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing this. I am moved, I am touched and the best part? I AM INSPIRED!

  257. I LOVE this! I am currently taking steps toward my impossible dream. When I was getting ready to graduate with my second Master’s degree, I was having a hard time picking one career path. There were two things I LOVED to do, that were really fulfilling, and provide such an important service to others. However, according to others around me, I needed to pick one. I started looking at professorships, and other various positions at other companies to get me on my feet financially, putting my plans off for another few years. That’s when it hit me; I was only considering the most conventional option. I realized in that moment that I didn’t want to work for anyone else, and I don’t truly believe in putting my dreams and purpose off until it seems okay to go for it.

    I had saved about $7,000 and I literally put it all into my company (which became an official LLC last Friday!). My company is unlike any other I’ve seen (doesn’t mean it doesn’t already exist though hehe). I combine my spiritual/consciousness & creativity development education programs with my science fiction/fantasy writing. I am about to have my first big program launch called The Consciousness Cleanse on May 11th, and my first novel is debuting in December.

    The best part of this video is I’ve been looking for a For Purpose business to work with as my company’s giving back network. I had been considering this for months and now I know I’m going with Pencils Of Promise! Thank you so much for this video! I couldn’t be more excited for the very near future 🙂

  258. My impossible dream is to end global poverty and create a safety net for children.

    My plan is to educate and equip donors in America, and instill a giving ethic wherein people allocate 1% of their income for global poverty relief, and give them the information they need to make their giving most effective.

    I’m most concerned about children. 9 million children die each year due to preventable causes (that statistic is from 2009, and may have changed), and many, many more suffer abuse, neglect, abandonment, and enslavement because they lost the “lottery” and were born in the wrong country.

    Great story, it parallels mine in some respects although I’m just starting my journey.

    Go Marie and Adam!

  259. My journey as a media consultant specializing in serving ‘for purpose’ (love that term!) organizations started in January 2010 when right before I was about to begin my film production career in LA I decided I wanted to take a trip to the Dominican Republic for a little clarity and to give back by making a video for a donor-supported school there. While I was there, one afternoon the ground shook as a catastrophic earthquake hit neighboring Haiti. Feeling the earth shake and seeing the woman from Haiti that was staying with my host family desperately try to reach her family, I knew life would never be the same for me. One month later I went into Haiti and met hundreds of impacted lives– matching actual faces and souls to the numbers I saw on the news. Through the website, videos and letters I put together for the organization I was volunteering with, we raised the funds to rebuild a school and we able to provide food and sneakers to thousands. It was then I decided I couldn’t go back to Los Angeles, this was where I was meant to serve.

    Though I knew I was talented with media, I really wanted to build a business that helped ‘for purpose’ organizations reach their goals and carry out projects with much more ease. There are so many passionate people who have no idea how to market and organize. Today with my business, Bananerd, the websites and videos I create give my ‘for purpose’ clients quickly executed vision of who they want to be, and systems to help them get there faster! My dream is to create resources that empower thousands of organizations to feel that they do have the power to be the change they see in the world, right at their fingertips. To help them view technology as a tool, not an obstacle! That’s my dream 🙂

  260. Geni

    Thanks Marie! Your interview with Adam Braun was very inspiring. As a first time B-Schooler I’m delving deeply into my passion at the moment. I’m attending cooking school simultaneously so I literally have a lot on my plate. A few days ago I had a consultation with a fellow B-Schooler who is a life coach. I told her about a bunch of opportunities related to my passion that just kept popping up in front of me and that I felt that the Universe was trying to tell me something. To which she replied, “If you feel like the Universe is trying to tell you something, why don’t you listen?” Talk about your light bulb/lightning bolt moments, there it was! OMG, so simple, yet so powerful. I had exactly the kind of feeling you and Adam both describe.

    I have a two-fold purpose now. You see, growing up I had a mom that was always sick. When I say always, I mean always. Shortly after I was born, she got cancer for the first time. Then again when I was 12. Ultimately she would have cancer 3 times, each time a different one. Even though there was a long period of remission between the occurrences she complained about not feeling well all the time. I feel like cancer took my mom away from me before she died.

    Looking back I think that her diet played a huge roll in her getting cancer.
    I figured that out after I became interested in plant based eating. I did a lot of research and when I came across the information about IGF-1 and angiogenesis (both found in meat) promoting cancer growth I thought about how long my mom was on the Atkins diet. She ate steak and cottage cheese almost every day for years. I don’t know what if any other options there were but those were the two she gravitated to.

    So, my first mission is to show people how to cook delicious plant based meals so they can be present for their families.

    My second mission is to find a way to support the families, especially children, of people that are sick because they get forgotten. All of the focus goes to the person with the illness. When someone in a family is chronically ill, everyone suffers. I’m not sure how I’m going to accomplish this yet since I just hatched it a few days ago, but I’ll think of something.

  261. Dear Inspiring Ones~~My impossible dream is transforming our world into a safe sacred sexual space for all. My step today is to be receptive to the guidance that I receive. Thank you tremendously for your encouragement and support. You are both so fortunate to have empowered grandmothers. This challenges me to be the best grandmother that I can be, encouraging my 3 fantastic grandchildren to express themselves with unconditional love.
    Oh, the power of grandmothers!! Bless and praise you in all ways.

  262. Love love love this interview!! Adam is the kind of person I want to be and to be around. I’m always thinking of ways to give back to the world but sometimes they only make the thinking stage. I do support KIVA giving micro loans to individuals needing a leg up with getting started in supporting themselves and their families. My desire is to be able to help many more people and raise the awareness through my social media and web sites. One of my inspirational cards is “Follow the Bread Crumbs”… one step at a time.

  263. A great story! Must see it again and again and again!

  264. Oh, this video was wonderful: and I really felt an affinitity with you both, around the following of signs and gut feelings: it got to my core! You gave me insight into my making small of my instinct and intuitions, when they are precisely what has brought me all my wisdom and adventure, and my ability to inspire others!!

    This interview gets me to think GLOBALLY about my purpose: my mission is to support the shift in human consciousness, into the creative cycle of SPIRALLING UPWARDS!

    I commit to attend to this by shifting completely the way I put my presence out into the world; from my social media and web content, to the people I allow into my space. The B-School course is totally supporting that shift, thank you!

    It’s a huge honour to be given access to you wonderfully inspiring people, that we can all lift each other up into our rightful creative potency! HOOray- here’s to the unlimited possibility of positive influence!!! 😀

  265. Marie,
    I had to pause the video at the part of the story where Adam mentioned the 4 year old and 6 month old begging in India and all the 4 year old wanted is a pencil because I couldn’t stop tearing up. I was afraid if I continue before gathering my composure I would start balling at work.

    I have a 4 year old and an 18 month old. I cannot imagine them being on the streets and begging for food. This story gave me an unforgettable visual.

    My impossible dream is to help other women like me who have thought that their dreams are something of the past once they have kids and a career they cannot leave. I want to teach them that they are never too old to dream again and to find their purpose. Often times as a mother, we are focused on taking care of our kids and household and career that there is no energy and time left for ourselves. Many women I’ve talked to are depressed on a daily basis and frustrated and angry with their children/husband because they are not fulfilled in their lives. I remember feeling guilty that I wanted more with my life. I struggled with the inner calling of doing something else other than being a stay at home mom. I felt guilty and lost for a long time. I am working on my business while in b-school right now and I believe that if I can help a mother become a better person by helping her fulfill her purpose, I am helping not just her, but her family, and everybody else she will be serving.

  266. Rache

    Excellent & inspiring interview!

    Side note: My daughter has been watching Marie TV with me for a while now and today SHE wanted to know how YOU know she has “sweet buns”. Haha!

  267. Alissa

    Thank you so much for this amazing interview…totally inspiring on this Tuesday morning. My “impossible dream” is to work with people to bring out their inner artists and realize that they are creative. We all have the capability to be artistic and bring beauty into the world. I truly believe that through creativity we can become more confident, happier, motivated and kind individuals. I am so excited to go out and buy The Promise of a Pencil.
    Thank you Marie!

  268. I absolutely loved this interview and I am so excited to read this book…

    I had a similar experience to Adam when I was in India, which got me thinking about how I was going to contribute to the world with what I love to do. So, my “impossible” dream has been to not only travel the world and make art about the beauty that I find in the people and places I meet and see, but to also give back to those people. I’d love to, at some point be contributing a good amount of money from the sales of my art, and even my time, to organizations which provide education for children and micro loans for women. But, I know that I don’t have to be making truck loads of money to contribute something…so, to honor the $25 that Adam started with, I will go ahead and use some of the money I’ve made in art sales to contribute that same amount to Pencils of Promise…

    • Mission accomplished. Warm fuzzy feeling has started to ensue 🙂

  269. Alicia

    Thanks so much for this Interview Marie and Adam! Due to some events in my life recently it became clear to me that I was here and ready to be playing a much bigger game!

    I am now on round 2 of B-School (Thanks Marie – B-School changed my life, BIG LOVE xo) I recently wrote my vision in an application to @thehungerprojectau for their Leadership & Immersion Program Trip with @businesschicks. I am now headed to Uganda in July this year and I have committed to personally raising $15k to support and empower more women to gain a voice, education and resources and transform the lives of their communities and future generations through acquiring skills, creating healthier families, increasing income, agricultural projects, ending corruption and ensuring punishment for rape.

    My Mission Im”possible” Dream is that I see a global tribe of at least 1000 – engaged, empowered and inspired human beings, who have contribution as one of their core values.

    Each one of these people wants to BE more than average, to not settle for the status quo, have breakthroughs, blow the lid off possibilities and get out of their comfort zone. They have decided to play a bigger game, a global game and BE THE CHANGE.

    Starting with an initial 2014 Tribe of 50 passionate souls connected to a global vision of ‪wellbeing‬, ‪‎abundance‬ and ‪freedom‬ who are committed to grow body, mind, soul and financially so they can then better help others.

    We commit to assisting those in need by all focussing our fundraising efforts together as a team each year to benefit existing charities providing Freedom, Ending Suffering, Poverty Relief, Education, Nutrition and Health Care.

    As I am also a singer/songwriter, music is one of my passions and we will use my major fundraising event for Uganda – a mini Live AID X Wanderlust, as a template for fundraising with music. This benefits the cause while providing value for the people involved.

    Thanks so much again – I look forward to reading the book!!

    Alicia xo

  270. Jennifer

    My first step towards my dream is to remove the i and m from impossible to read possible.
    I love his story and am inspired!
    When I was little, I dreamt of being an artist, teacher and joining the peace corps. Step #2: My version of this is currently being created by going through B school and my business model is a for profit for purpose business. Step #3, opening up that separate account on Wed 3/19 to begin funding the dream into reality! 
    Super exited to read this book!

    ps: I love reading all the comments in this thread. You ALL inspire me.

  271. celine


    I sincerely thanks you for your work and people which are working with you, it’s a great time to listen to you !

    My big dream will be to make the difference for the environment, to make people change their mind about their style of life. I wish to give back to the earth the air that she needs to breath correctly.

    See you soon on MarieTV

  272. Dear Marie,

    I am very much inspired by the Video about Adam’s book.

    I really want to be a part of Global Education throughout the world within my limits. My dream is to become a Global Leader who inspires the poorest of poorest people in the world to come out of their challenges and to be the core part of Global Human Society. TCS, Wipro Technologies & CSC spends huge money in NGO for Global Children Education and I want to do something more innovative and challenging. I will be happy if Jesus helps me in this way as he had always shown me the light of hope and respect and dignity for mankind.

    Thank you.

    Rohan Sarker
    Software Engineer, Telecom Specialist & HR
    [email protected]
    Skype: arati_genius

  273. WOW! I loved this interview with Adam. His story is so amazing and his passion is so wonderful. I love what he is doing with his life, and how Promise of a Pencil came to be. SO POWERFUL!!! I can’t wait to read this book! He is so inspiring!!! THANK YOU for sharing his story with all of us!

    I am trying to make things better on a MUCH smaller level by helping all schools across the US (and beyond) with their fundraising so every child gets inspired and motivated to learn and have a lifelong connection and love of learning.

  274. Paula A. Parker

    My dream is for humans to stop exploiting and eating animals. I want to fill millions of stomachs with healthful vegan meals–to replace cubic inches of belly space with life giving plant-based foods instead of the pain derived, acidic and damaging animal “products” we consume everyday.

    The action I am taking today is to work on one recipe that I can share with friends, family and one day at my vegan deli, that will inspire and BE the embodiment of this dream. (And to buy and read this book!)

    Thank you, Marie! This was a great episode!

  275. Jet

    Thank you for changing the entire perception of the “For Purpose” industry just by discovering its True Name! I bought your book on the power of that alone.
    What is my purpose in life? Thank God I am already living it. I help small business people help themselves – 1) by helping them figure out if they are actually doing what they want to be doing, 2) if they are, helping them to simply and effectively keep track of it, 3) if they’re not, helping them to accept that and redirect to what DOES make them happy, and 4) being their biggest cheerleader while they do all that.
    And I should be doing that right now, but Marie always distracts me into watching her and learning something new about how to do that better!

  276. Ryan

    I watched this video and it hit me hard. i have a great career, amazing spouse, and friends and family who love and honor me, but my bell was rung when I realized I have very little purpose. this video left me in a “Jerry Macguire” moment. Why do I do what i do? how does it serve others and feed my soul? I have realizd what is missing in my life, thank you! The journey begins here.

  277. My impossible dream is to be paid for photographing shelter animals. Since May 2012, I volunteer as photographer in two shelters. I offer my time and talent to help animals in search of a better life. I’m also an Hearts Speak professionnal member (Artist.Helping. Animals). I visit the shelters once a month. I would like to go more often and to help more but I have to work! Even if I really love helping animals in need, for now it doesn’t help paying my bills.I photographed 470 animals and 83% of them found a loving family. I love animals and I know my purpose is to help them.
    My first step toward my “impossible” dream is to continue my volunteer work even it’s not paying me. I believe in the power of images.
    Thank you!

    PS. Sorry for my bad English writing, I’m french. 🙂

  278. My dream and my purpose is to teach parents and adults how to talk with kids rather than at them.

  279. Hi,
    trully inspired!
    My dream is to start creating a new Evolus generation. A generation with (old) new, so needed values: synergy, cooperation, respect, awareness, compassion, ecology, love, proactivnes, growth, education, hope, … All trough empowering people, inspiring them to find their own special purpose, accept it and live it. I think trough example and service (aka lifecoaching) all this is possible…
    Thank you, Marie & Adam!

  280. Catherine

    I just got Adam’s book to read from Amazon because of what I believe to be some freaky synchronicities.

    I’m an American living in India (have for the past two years), and I’ve really wondered about the direction of my life here. This past week, I decided to look outside of myself to find the answer. I walked across the street of my nice apartment to get to know my neighbors–a family of basket weavers living in a makeshift tent on the side of the polluted river. I made a decision to put my usual cynicism about poverty aside (“too many to help,” “what good can I do?,” “giving creates dependence,” etc) and resolved to make their lives better in some small way. Their three kids were adorable, and for some reason I blurted out that I’d be willing to teach them English. I’ve not thought of teaching, and I’m not a teacher, but I felt electrified as if this is the right thing to do. I then thought of what it would be like to teach all of the children in the immediate vicinity who don’t have access to quality education… and there are a fair number! I’m starting small with just the three kids over the summer break, but given that me and my spouse are blessed with resources, maybe it could expand to something great. I’ve been asking for signs if this is what I should be doing because it’s uncharted territory for me, and my pesky logical head demands it. Teaching? Me? I don’t have credentials in education… but I know what it’s like to learn a new language. I know how valuable English is here, and I know just sitting in an air conditioned cafe away from the heat and mosquitos would be the highlight of the day for those children. I definitely think the post in my mailbox about Adam establishing schools abroad is one of those nudges.

    Synchronicity #2, perhaps the weirder one: I had a dream last night that I was on a large sinking ship (like the Titanic) in the middle of winter. In the dream I almost died. I thought it was an odd dream, given that the last time I was on any ship was 6 years ago, and so I couldn’t figure out where it came from. After hearing Adam relay his experience, my only thought was, “you’ve got to be kidding me.” I’m now throwing my hands up and saying, “alright, universe, I get it.”

    Off to read my new book and finish up with my lesson plans! Thanks for the sign, you two.

  281. Maria

    What an amazing story, what an inspirational human being!!! Best episode for the year!

    “One individual who finds a sense of purpose can create radical transformation, not just for themselves and their family but globally” –

    favourite quote

  282. I dream of a world where green juice flows from pop machines, and organic, local food is accessible for everyone.

    I want people to learn that the food industry is NOT the expert, and that each one of us already has the knowledge to eat real food. With some tools and a little food-spiration I see people driving right past that drive-thru and straight home to their kale garden.

    I dream of a world where care is put back into healthcare. Where care really IS accessible to everyBODY.

  283. My impossible dream is to rid my country of illegal moneylenders and unscrupulous legal moneylenders, start a cooperative where individuals who arent able to take on a personal loan from banks are able to take on loans with reasonable interest. Of course, I am gonna build it with education programmes and create a secret sauce element to ensure that the loans r not for gambling and illegal means. The interest earn will go into financial education programmes. My goal is to enable families to move up the social mobility levels in my country.

  284. What an amazing video. Thank you both. I was in tears!
    I had such an A-ha! moment while watching tho video and everything suddenly became clear.
    My dream is to help people find strength and community through creativity. I have just taught a quilting class at a community house today and had a student who became very emotional when she talked about how sewing and finishing her own project had given her strength and confidence in herself. She has not been the only one who has expressed this. I want to continue this. I want everyone to feel this.
    I want a bus or caravan or something full of sewing machines and fabric than I can take on the road to reach my community (I can’t drive btw!).
    In my darkest moments this seems so small and meaningless, in my brightness moments, this is everything. Thank you again xxx

  285. Karin

    Thank you, for a very inspiring episode of “MarieTv”. My impossible dream started about 4 years ago. After living in 2 psychologically and emotionally abusive relationships that lasted almost 25 years of my life I had to make a change. I moved back to my “country of birth”, Sweden just to get away and to heal my body and mind. I knew I had attracted all of these things into my life for a reason. To learn and then to teach others !!!! After spending 1 year in Sweden I returned to The States almost a year ago. Next month I will become a certified “Law of Attraction” life coach.

    My “possible dream” is to spread the word about emotional and physiologically abuse, because it is so “hidden”. I want to teach women how to empower themselves, and teach then how to honor and believe in themselves. Live and design their DREAMS and their LIFE and not allow someone else to designed it for them. How to bring value and joy back into their lives by being informed and empowered and feeling self worth.

    I am already coaching clients, leading workshops and spreading empowering messages and information via facebook. I would like to soon have a web site and also to find some other coaches to collaborate and work with.

  286. Danielle

    I just – wow – this is incredible. Adam is an incredible young guy. He is a life-changer for so many people! I am so inspired by him! stepping out of your comfort zone is huge! I am in the job where I though I wanted to be forever and forever, my dream come true, as Adam was with Bing, and I feel like its a soul-suck for me. I come home depressed and dread every morning. I long to find that spark, that thing that ignites my soul into a wild earthquake to send my vibrations out into the world! Finding that thing, your niche, is such an interesting journey, and paying attention to the world signals around you is crucial! you never know – that ‘sign’ you need could be right infront of your face, but if you aren’t open to accepting what the universe is trying to tell you…..then we are all forever searching! I cant wait to read this book! I live quite a ways from any book store so will have to wait for the next trip to the city to get it, but wow, cant wait, already super duper inspired by this guys words, his message, and his gift to the world. I want to be just like Marie and Adam when I grow up 😉
    Lots of love

  287. Awesome interview! I too feel like I need to do something meaningful, and need the reminder to live life with PURPOSE and to look for the guidance we’re given. I get caught up in everyday life and forget to look outside of myself
    I had a dream to provide a place for people to escape where they wouldn’t be bothered by the kids, the boss, the spouse, or the phone…… to get lost in a painting, a clay pot, a journal or even their thoughts. It would be a place to go to eat healthy foods, to get a massage, reconnect with someone, or to meditate, just be. Not an extravagant hotel or spa, a luxury vacation, a tropical resort, but affordable, accessible and in their backyard.
    So, I took the leap, and created it from an old country church. It’s called Marienthal Country Inn and its mission is to provide peace, comfort and inspiration to those who come. It has become successful on its own, but l feels it’s lost some of its original purpose. Thank you for the reminder. I will take the time it takes to help it stay on its original path. I get too caught up in the day-to-day business and your reminder to help others is so hopeful. I need to expand and refocus on developing retreats for needy groups, such as cancer patients, sexual abuse counseling, health and wellness. The seedling is ready to burst! Thank you for the encouragement.

  288. Tammie Burton


    Wow! Wow! Wow! Adam is truly amazing! Tears streamed down my face while hearing his story. I know I wasn’t the only one touched and moved by his incredible story and purpose. I immediately bought the book. Not-so-patiently waiting for Amazon to deliver to my door. Can’t wait to read it!

    When I was young, I had so many hopes, dreams, plans and aspirations to do great things for the world. Many years in the corporate world has seemed to kick the fight out of me. I am in the process of waking up that part of me that feels like anything is possible. Stay tuned!

  289. My “impossible” dream is to show people that their dreams are never impossible! I know that sounds kind of meta but hear me out.

    So long as you are still breathing, you can still accomplish your dreams. You haven’t failed yet. Even if you’ve given up, you haven’t totally failed and you can still turn your life around. Even if you have humongous obstacles in your way that seem immovable and insurmountable, my message is

    “Do. Not. Give. Up.”

    All it takes is one small step per day.

    My dream is to share my story of poverty and a mysterious chronic illness coupled with crippling anxiety and depression that almost caused me to totally give up on my dreams. I felt worthless. I felt like I couldn’t work, I couldn’t make friends, I couldn’t enjoy life at all. I felt like I had no meaning. I was constantly in pain and nauseous from my illness and I had given up wholeheartedly on my dreams ever coming to fruition.

    So I wanted to give up on life. I tried to give up on life. I tried to just jump straight into failure and give it all up forever.

    Well, turns out, you can even fail at failure. I wasn’t successful in my attempts to end my life (yes, it’s scary to let the whole world know this happened, but it did, and I’m trying to be brave and transparent here!)

    I found my “second chance”. I sat down with a loved one and we went over every single reason why I tried to kill myself. The list was long. Then we took action. With baby steps we started tackling obstacle after obstacle after obstacle.

    I started with my chronic illness. Through sheer persistence unwillingness to quit I found not only a diagnosis, but a doctor and a treatment plan that all but completely eradicated my symptoms within weeks. No, it wasn’t cheap, and no, I didn’t have money coming out of my you-know-where. But I used my newfound understanding of my condition to aid with my health and by taking baby steps I began to expand and multiply my ability to work and bring income to our family.

    Since then we have systematically addressed countless obstacles (in my family we call them “opportunities for growth”) and just this year I began my own business, found and grew an amazing relationship with a mentor, and even enrolled in your program, Marie.

    I got a second chance at life.

    No, I didn’t have the money to do all this! It has been through sheer persistence and determination, and endless kindness from others that has pulled me from poor, chronically ill, and suicidal, to an inspirational leader in my community and happy-to-be-alive-grateful-every-day entrepreneur.

    The transition from poor and wanting to give up to successful and happy is one of serious pain, fear, and uncertainty. I want to be there for those who feel like they have no option left. I want to be that voice that calls out and lets them know that you can work through whatever it is that’s holding you back, you can grow to meet and overcome this “opportunity for growth” that’s in front of you.

    You can.

    Thank you for this video Marie and Adam. My first step is going to be to take this story I just shared here, and share it with others. I won’t stop sharing it until I take my last breath. Never give up. Never give up. Never. Give. Up.

    – AJ McKeever

    • Maghan S.

      I am literally crying my eyes out AJ because your story sounds almost EXACTLY like mine. Same poverty, same chronic pain, same inability to work due to chronic pain. I hope you win. I hope you don’t mind, but I printed out your post.

      • Maghan S.

        The only real difference is, I never actually tried to kill myself but I have thought about it long and hard several times.

      • Thank you, Maghan, I’m always so honored and inspired when other people are touched by my story; which is why I’ve made it my mission to share that! Healing can happen, and I’m so happy to have added a little drop to your pool on the healing side of things!

        Thank you SO much for printing out my words! I’ve done that before with other people’s words so it really means the world to me to hear that you’ve done the same.

        Suicidality is terrifying, and just having the thoughts is enough to have to cope with! I hope you never act on those feelings, and know that you aren’t any more or any less of a strong person for having them. I understand the confidence it takes to be open about that!

        I always tried to *justify* reaching out, like I couldn’t reach out until I was in absolute danger. It’s not true, and reaching out can be simple and non-dramatic, just like what you did here. I’m glad we connected!

        I don’t know where you’re from, but in my area there are a few local suicide hotlines that I could call when things got bad, and there’s also a national one. I hope you have similar resources. They helped me a great deal. If you’re in the US there’s 1-800-273-8255 which is the number for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at

        Big hugs and best wishes on your journey to recovery! Bumps in the road and all 🙂

        – AJ

    • So proud of you AJ. Again, moved to tears by your story.

  290. Jacqueline

    Prior to watching the MarieTV’s new episode today, I got my own flash of a lightning moment. 😉 and then pop into my email and I see the link to today’s New episode!

    About one hour ago I got off the phone with a client who wanted to purchase several event images from me and was giving me ‘nuggets of wisdom’ since she herself, a retired 77 year old business woman wanted me to succeed with my business. She commented on my work and told me how I set a huge impression on her and sharing this with her close friends. (blushing and so flattered) and I got that lightning bolt feeling that made me want to expand my wings to my own success after talking with her.

    I am a wife and mom of 5 and I also homeschool full time for 5 years. My photography business has expanded little by little through referrals and not much marketing and by my own choice. As my husband was out of work for almost 10 months and just recently started working again “thank God”, he also is working part time in real estate. I want to continue working on my photography and graphic design end, but see no time in sight to make it a full time because my kids are my number one priority. I work late in the evening after the kids bedtime and work into the early parts of the morning hours to succeed in my ‘lil’ business.

    Some of my family and friends can’t see me succeed to the next step because they see my beautiful children as an obstacle. I disagree with this. My 5 children are not the obstacle, but a very BIG piece of my success. They define the very reason as to why I want to live and breathe and make me have a life compass that can reach great potential. They teach me more than I teach them, and the added value is that by my own attitude and my experiences I can give my children a sense of hope in the world that with working hard and getting a good education all things are possible. I always tell them, ‘my successes are your successes’.

    The past few months I have been feeling that feeling that you both shared. The wanting a purpose and wanting more. I started thinking of why I got into creating-graphic design and photography. My goal has always been to capture the magical light of everyone’s smile and create online albums and photo books that will inspire my clients to believe that they are worth something and special to the world. It’s my own personal mantra in life and I try to live that everyday. It’s amazing what a little love off my camera can do to someone who needs it. I give to my church, homeschool events, and “not-for profit” project events and do as much as I can do to give to my community. It’s in that free loving giving that I get the most fulfillment. My spiritual mentor is Mother Teresa of Calcutta who always quoted to “Do small things with love”. As Mother Teresa lived in the poorest parts of India, she found that by doing even the tiniest bit to a person who needed it the greatest reward was not in the doing but the smile or the comfort the person received.
    Marie, THANK YOU for sharing this story. I needed this today. Not only as a wife, mother, but as a person in the world with dreams. Dreams I know will come true if I believe in myself. Women are so labeled in our culture and then defined by that label. There is nothing so beautiful like the encouraging words of a friend or family to get you by and make you propel into your desired destiny and dreams. Your ideas are magical as well as the guests you interview, especially Adam.

    I LOVE today’s Nuggets of Wisdom and will be sharing this with my children during school lunch today – “The idea that you can’t change someone’s life is ridiculous.” So true! By even tweeting, sharing on facebook, conversing with a neighbor or friend who feel they have had a ‘shit sandwich’ today… you can make a world of difference with your attitude. Thank you and God bless you Marie and Adam! Can’t wait to read the book!
    =) Have a blessed week! Continued success to you and Adam!

  291. kristen

    The interview was very powerful – not because I learned ‘something’ new, but I feel like Adam was speaking to each and every one of us from the depth of his heart. It’s hard to feel that from across the screen! I teared up the whole time Marie .. I wanted to pass you a tissue 🙂

    I am deeply touched by Adam’s story not just because of what he is doing since I traveled for years and met a lot of ‘I’m going to save the world’ folks, but his connection and respect for family, history, that he listens to his inner voice and intuition, overcomes fear, and turns an idea into a miracle – these are all things we can be inspired by, and propel us into action. I am inspired by the BIG impact that he has had and it makes me thing- I can do this!

    Thank you Adam for sharing your dream.

    Like most people watchin’ Marie TV I always fled from boredom and jobs where I couldn’t make an impact. I taught for 10 years but never found much passion in what I was doing until I became vegan. I was vegetarian for 25 years, not knowing about the egg, dairy, leather, down, and animal exploitation industry, not to mention the trauma that slaughterhouse workers face working in those horrible places. I dream of a peaceful planet.

    All of this trauma propelled me into action. Since some people are slowly awakening to seeing non-human animals as our brothers and sisters, soand other people are taking charge of their health, trying to heal disease, and find physical, spiritual and emotional wellness. My job is to help people embrace the vegan way of life in the way that suits them best, and to teach with kindness, compassion and to give people the tools, skills, support and space to get their in their own time. By doing so we’ll have less animal suffering, better relationships with animals, healthy happier humans, and a creative and beautiful relationship with food.

    I am blessed to be in Bschool this year, and despite some financial hardship and a lot of fear, I took the leap because of that calling. We gotta listen to that inner voice! Thanks Marie for being a voice when we’re feeling that resistance 🙂

    x kristen

    • kristen

      ps. sorry about the spelling and grammar mistakes! i just re-read and thought ughhh 🙁 oh well, haven’t had a coffee yet 🙂

  292. Thanks for the inspiration guys!

    My impossible dream which God is making possible is to be a professional, touring musician/speaker. I have such a burning passion for the youth of today and for them to conquer their dreams. My goal is to inspire them through the most cutting edge, as well as creative, music and media. As I venture towards the goal, things seem to be working better and better and I seem to be reaching more and more people! Thanks for listening!


  293. Thank you for your passion, inspiration and humanity!

    My impossible dream?
    I believe in the power of color – how it affects people’s moods, and inspires creativity! I dream of uniting my art business, teaching passion (both adults and kids) and color inspiration books together into a series of on-line videos and courses so that I can help others develop their Eye For Color from home.

    Steps I’ve taken?
    Purchased a great video camera
    Written script (drawn from years of teaching and writing)

    Where I need a gentle nudge (or a huge shove)?
    Getting in front of the camera – why do I feel so comfortable in front of rooms full of people and so crazy scared in front of a camera?!

    If you choose me – I would love for you to donate my book to my teenage son’s high school. Adam and Marie – your messages would be SO powerful in the high school classroom where young budding entrepreneurs often don’t realize how valuable and important and attainable their dreams are (message coming from ‘Mom’ just doesn’t do the trick!)

  294. Wow, Marie, this interview absolutely made my day. I was touched to tears by the first pencil giveaway story and am so inspired by Adams beautiful Spirit. Thank you for this and all the wonderful interviews you do! I just ordered The Promise of a Pencil.

    I loved that he talked about how one interaction with a child – or even an adult – can affect a person’s life in ways we can’t even begin to imagine. I had a very challenging childhood and began to self-destruct at the age of 8. I remember vividly a handful of moments that changed the trajectory of my life forever. I wouldn’t be who I am today without them. They were simple moments where people showed kindness and concern, but profound beyond belief because I felt the Love of Spirit come through these people. I think that is what you, Adam, myself and so many others are doing when we express Love and work toward creating a kinder, gentler world.

    My impossible dream is to create a successful and profitable for-purpose business while still having the time and freedom to be actively engaged in my children’s daily lives. My purpose is to:

    Help relieve suffering and make the world a better place
    Empower people to create the life of their dreams
    Encourage awakening awareness of the oneness of all things
    Inspire people to Love Life!
    When I say Love Life I don’t mean passively sit back and enjoy material things – although that is part of it. I mean actively Love Life!

    This means awakening to a kinder way of being:
    With Yourself (Self-Care)
    Others (Relationships)
    And The Planet (Social Responsibility)

    Now this sounds simple, but I know from experience how hard it can be to maintain a loving consciousness when we are fighting our own negative thoughts, dealing with difficult interactions with others, and taking in the noise of the world.

    Some of the tools I work with that help quiet the noise, awaken consciousness and help you Love Life are:
    And some of the topics I focus on are
    Releasing Fear
    Creating Joy
    And the really (seemingly) impossible part of all of this is that I want to create online programs that teach these tools and principles that can be offered to children in public and private schools so that our next generation can grow up even more equipped to be powerful creators of a world that works for everyone.

    I feel really fortunate that I am able to stay at home to raise my two young children (3 & 6) and pursue my passion to help others, but I also feel some impatience for these darn lines to converge!!! I joined BSchool to help get clarity on how to move forward with this impossible dream and I am looking forward to making some real progress.

    Thank you so much Marie, Adam and all of you lovely people who inspire me to be the best version of myself and keep the light shining!

    Love and blessings,

    PS, Marie, you asked me to take action and this was it! Verbalizing all this was so helpful. I have been fretting over the fact that I have a blog up but no information about me or my purpose posted. I’ll keep refining and adding to this, but this feels like a good start. Thanks so much! Love ya girl and love your style!

  295. Adam just inspired me so much! I am buying his book for all those I love, without even reading it yet, because if it is half as beautiful as that interview it is worth it! I am a huge believer in being guided and paying attention. And, between following Marie TV and now taking bschool, I am truly listening….
    I want to give WAY more and make that a bigger part of my profit plan. I own a growing organic skincare company and while I want to earn a lot, I also want to give a lot. Adam just made my heart feel bigger.
    This was my favorite, most outstanding interview thus far, in my opinion.
    Thank you and Love,

  296. My impossible dream is to have Financial Education as a regular part of the school’s curriculum; i.e. in the same way our children are required to do Math, English, etc. We continue to teach “go to school, get a good education to get a good job”. When we leave school, 1. some of us have not a clue what money really is much less how it works, 2. most of us cannot find employment and 3. if we do find employment, sometimes we are underemployed and/or not fulfilling our true purpose.

    As a step towards this impossible dream, I have started to educate my friends (and their children) about the basics of money and personal finance by starting an investment study group & cash flow club.

  297. Marie & Adam
    This is one of the most compelling videos I’ve ever seen…I went from goosebumps, to tears to an amazing feeling surge of inspiration
    And that timing thing you guys were discussing…I had literally just got off the phone with a friend of mine who was struggling with combining her passions into a viable business idea, that has purpose and profit. I quoted several ‘Marieism’s’ to her and even scheduled a brainstorming session where to try to help her become clearer on her goals and achieving her dreams.
    So, I’m about to send her the link to this video and buy her your book Adam…I would love for her to be at a place where she is as fulfilled and accomplished as you are.
    As for me, I’m blessed to have found my passion of bringing communities together by celebrating heritage through culturally fabulous events!
    Thank you guys x

  298. What an inspiration. I am totally blown away by this interview. Great job Marie and wow, no wonder you wanted to work with Adam.

    I watched this video saying “I know exactly what you mean!”. I recently quit my job to start a “For Purpose” organization on the other side of the country, a marine education center that encourages communities to highlight their own local life and look beneath the surface. We believe that if you foster every child’s natural curiosity for the oceans (studies have been done on babies that they naturally gravitate to ocean life), they will become more caring, more respectful and more innovative human beings that will integrate this curiosity and hunger for knowledge into everything they do and become.

    I had a lightening moment and thanks to my family, friends and mentors, was able to follow and go after whole-heartedly. I am the founder of a catch-and-release Mini Aquarium, that seasonally displays local life like sea stars, lobsters and small fish and then are release back to the ocean where they were gently collected by SCUBA divers just a couple months earlier. It was a HUGE success bringing economic growth, tourism and local knowledge to a community that was devastated after the cod fishery collapse. We had local fisherman come in and say, “Ive been fishing my whole life and I’ve never seen a cod swim”. We have had kids cry because they didn’t want to go home and dozens of kids leave promising to become a marine biologist. The more we know, the more we understand, the more we can act and show care. We are now talking to over 10 different cities around the world to start their own ‘Mini Aquarium’s’ and bring about ocean conservation and community sustainability.

    Marie, I have been watching your videos for over 4 years. All of my friends and family now talk about you like you’re our sister. Your teachings, philosophy and your spirit have directly impacted my journey and gave me the balls to get it going. I believe I am on my path to giving the world that gift that only I have – not even squidding.

    Many, many thanks to you.
    Melanie Knight
    Founder of the Petty Harbour Mini Aquarium

  299. Maghan S.

    I remember a time when the small town I’m from (Stephens, AR) wasn’t circling the drain. We had two hardware stores, a feed store, a bank, two restaurants, and three industrial plants. Then the petroleum crash of the 1990s came. The industrial plants (one of which kept my dad employed) collapsed and along with those plants, so did all the service industries around town. In order for the school to stay open, it had to combine with the next town over.

    My ultimate impossible dream would be to put my town back on the map. I now live in Houston, TX but I’d like to see my hometown become more than just a place to stop to put gas in the car. I’d love to see it have at least one B&B (beautiful architecture abounds here so that would be a piece of cake). I’d like to redo the downtown area so it’s more of a square that passers-through have no choice but to at the very least see. There used to be postcards of our town. I want that again. I haven’t achieved a university degree yet and I have absolutely no idea how to make my dream happen; I’d love to have some guidance along the way.

    I’m the only one in my family that “got out” and I’d like to give my husband a reason to visit my hometown on more than just the “high holidays”.

  300. rachel

    My dream is coming to fruition…after committing 10+ years of my life to caring for patients as a Registered Nurse and now a Nurse Practitioner I am ready to fulfill my dream of giving back and educating new nurses. With passionate leaders like Adam, it is clear that I will have such a powerful influence on the future of healthcare. I know that I can have a huge rippling effect on the hearts and minds of nursing students so that when they complete their degree they will have a deeper understanding and power that goes beyond passing medications and doing excellent procedures. I will infuse my teaching with love and stories, passion and empowerment. I will raise them up and watch them grow.
    I am so inspired!
    Thank you, Rachel

  301. Jen Guglielmi

    Thank you for this beautiful, inspiring interview! I’m a B-school newbie and took a break from working on my ICA to watch this and am SO glad I did. I’m realizing that I’ve been taking some of my gifts for granted instead of appreciating them and using them to create some BIG change in the world. I’m a multi-passionate dance teacher (LOVE working with kids) and massage therapist. My big, impossible dream would be to educate individuals, couples/friends and families on loving themselves and their experiences with others using lessons that develop skills in communication – through words, movement/dance and nurturing touch/massage. While I would love to have a community center that offered classes and workshops, I would also love to reach people on a global scale – by occasionally traveling for events, but mostly by using technology to work with people all over. I think I just took my first step by writing this down! Thank you for helping me get clear on my VISION!!!

  302. Éadaoin

    Kaching!!!! THIS, this is what I’ve been trying to articulate for so long. I’m heavily involved in my second community here in Vietnam and feel like I need to know Adam’s story immediately, I sense a huge connection behind this fantastic interview.

    I’ve been here in Vietnam for the last 8 weeks and while I haven’t had a near death experience, I’m emotionally battered and bruised (and have been plagued with parasites and infections). On one hand, I’m loathe to leave but I’m seriously dying to get back to my life in Ireland – with a new perspective on almost everything.

    The reason I’m here is my friend’s restaurant and care home for abandoned youths who have nowhere to go after they leave the state care system (they almost all have familes who either won’t or can’t support them). I’ve been living in an almost exclusively Vietnamese community (my friend’s home villsge) with very little proper conversation and far too much time to think about every.thing!

    But that’s also been hugely helpful, this time away from my norm is really helping me frame my new stance – see, I want to go home to Ireland and start working my way towards my own dream job so that I can create the financial freedom to support my dear friend here and make what she’s taught me a reality at home too. I want to be able to sponsor university scholarships to the kids who live here and at home, through doing what I love – photography. It’s huge, and it’s going to take a lot of ‘loving’ work but I’m pretty confident I can make it happen.

    Sorry for the ramble, I’m just trying to make sure I process these last couple of months properly before my home life sucks me in. I feel like this interview couldn’t have been timed more perfectly, I’ll be reading Adam’s book as soon as possible.

    Thanks for a great watch.

  303. Hi Marie!

    After watching the first 5 mins of this video, I was already inspired. I went for my run, and actually started thinking about my dream (and then made some unprecedented progress).

    So, my “I’m-Possible” dream is to revolutionize the way that medicine is practiced on Earth. The idea is that you want to go more “promoting health” instead of “destroying disease” – big difference, trust me. Being a young guy (20 years), I have some time to dedicate to this 🙂 My “3-Step Plan” is to first: write these this fiction story that I was inspired to write called Healer which will lead to my second step which is to create inspiroducational products, and follow it up with a McDonald’s sized chain of “healing centres” (aka. new hospitals) around the world – which of course would be 1 store at a time.

  304. Petra Kammerer

    Marie, Adam,
    what an amazing interview. What an inspiration!!

    My “kind of impossible” dream is to abolish regular slaughterhouses. People wont stop eating meat but the way animals are bred, raised and slaughtered these days is a disgrace.

    As of April 1st I will start a new company, an organic farm, which raises, breeds and slaughters endangered breeds of cows, pigs and deer in an unprecedented ethical manner.

    My team and I want to prove and demonstrate to the world that there is a better way. I became a student of current B-School to learn about how I can tell EVERYBODY in this world about our ambitious project.

    Petra (from Austria)


    • Sounds exciting – I always buy organic & completely agree with your viewpoint.
      My parents live on the Swiss/Austrian border (I’m in UK) so if you ever start to sell there let me know! 🙂
      Good luck!

  305. Sky

    Once upon a time I experienced being a very young single mother for four years. Flash forward 20 years later, I have my business and live my passion. But I have always wanted to open up one Large House maybe more houses, for 10-20 young entrepreneurial single mothers and have the entire house focus on start up entrepreneurship, raise funds, educate through online courses and basically just have every day focusing on inspiration, learning and giving single mothers the right tools to dream beyond circumstances. I also think this type of setting would help single mothers feel support. Of course the house would have a daycare section for the children!!

  306. I can’t wait to read Adam’s book! His authenticity was so refreshing and his stories of revelation inspired me to take an hour to focus on what really gets me going. Turns out it’s school lunches! If I were to follow an impossible dream, I’d reform my daughter’s school lunch menu in a non-threatening and educational way. The first small step would be educating myself on how other schools have changed their menus to be more healthy and still affordable.

    Marie and Adam – thank you!!

  307. Wow. What an eloquent, beautiful soul he is. This story blew me away. Simply moving and incredibly emotional. Such a beautiful way to begin my morning. Thank you Marie and Adam : )

  308. I have struggled with this my entire life – wanting to follow my heart, but putting others before it and believing I can do it. So I do not have clarity on what to do except I know it involves kids, using my stories, experiences, and skills to reach them. I am not really clear what age group either, but think it might be pre-teens, as I can really relate to all the issues they face as they progress into adults. I am now 55 – isn’t it too late?