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Have you ever felt torn between appreciating what you already have and embracing your ambition for more? Do you worry that if you slow down and enjoy life that you’ll somehow fall behind or lose your creative momentum?

If so, you’re not alone. This is a common conundrum. The solution lies in your ability to grasp two key truths.

First, you must train yourself to enjoy the journey because guess what — it’s all journey! Our entire lives are an ever-changing, always evolving adventure. We never ‘arrive’ so to speak, so if we don’t condition ourselves to enjoy the process, we’re missing the entire point.

No career offers guarantees, so make the only safe bet. Bet on yourself. Click To Tweet

Second, you must also remember that the secret to lasting happiness and fulfillment is growth. If we’re not working on something meaningful, something that challenges us to be more, do more and give more, we start to feel lost.

Remember, you were born to create and contribute. Never lose your hunger.

In today’s episode you’ll learn:

  • How to feel both gratitude and ambition without losing your edge.
  • The hands-down #1 safest bet you can make throughout your life.
  • Why it’s crucial to have a meaningful project or challenge going at all times.
  • Plus: the single most effective method to stop worrying about money — no matter what industry you choose or job you have.

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Here’s the episode 3 Steps To Be Ambitious & Still Have Inner Peace.

And as mentioned, we’ve also done many episodes about making more money and growing your wealth if you’d like more on that topic.  Here are the specific episodes mentioned in today’s show:

How To Live and Finish Rich with David Bach
2 Weird Money Habits That Train Your Brain for Abundance
Tony Robbins & Marie Forleo: Money Master The Game
How To Change The Money Mindset That Keeps You Broke
4 Money Beliefs That Limit Your Wealth Inside and Out with Kate Northrup

Once you’ve watched this episode, I’d love to hear from you.

From the three things we talked about: 1) doubling down on your ambition, 2) embracing the fact there are no guarantees and 3) being smarter and more proactive about your money — which is most important for you to focus on right now and why?

Let me know below in the comments below.

Remember, share as much detail as possible in your reply. Thousands of incredible souls come here each week for insight and inspiration, and your story may help someone else have a meaningful breakthrough.

Important: share your thoughts and ideas directly in the comments. Links to other posts, videos, etc. will be deleted as they come across as spammy.

Thank you for adding your voice to the conversation. You are the reason this community is as kind, inspirational and powerful as it is.

Never forget, there are no guarantees. The safest bet you can make is on yourself — on your endless ability to learn and grow and contribute your special gifts to the world.

Share this episode with your most ambitious friends. They’ll thank you for it!

All my love,


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  1. This episode is so needed Marie. I’ve been running my business for almost 7 years now and I’ve always operated as though there is no Plan B. (truly, there is no Plan B!) And it’s helped me lean into my ambition in big ways. THIS IS IT. What I create everyday is the asset I want to own in the long term. I believe more people will see their dreams come true if they adopt this perspective.

    And secondly, YES to the learn how to manage and grow your money!! Shouldn’t this be mandatory education in high school? I mean puh-leeze. It’s critical! And it feels great to grow your own wealth as well. As an entrepreneur, no one can tell you NO. *fist bump*

    • Barbara

      Love EVERYTHING you have to say here Heather! Fist bump back at ya!

    • I agree. I wish education had prepared me for life. It did anything but so i entered adulthood without the skills needed.

    • I completely agree with you, managing money should be educated in schools to feel empowered and able to do anything we want.

  2. What is it more important for me right now? Re-find my hunger. Last months I realize how I lost here step by step (more in the office than online) and how it was so important for me. Hunger gave me courage. I still have ideas, I need now to have the courage to push for them not only to work for them. I cannot hide any more. I want people to hear and recognize my voice and perspective.

    • Regina

      Yay! You go! I feel the same way 🙂

  3. Evette Hudson-Kaiser

    Hi Marie,what a timely of podcast! Managing my moneu is sure my number one this year. After my husband job situation changed last year it really has had a massive impact on our finances with so many bills and having to concentrate on the essentials. It even affected my business which in turn felt like a downward spiral. However, that season is coming to and end ; and we have arrived much stronger and determined to prepare for any Winters that come along – in the words of the great Mr Rohn. Taking control of your money instead of feeling controlled by it is definitely key. Our firm intention is complete this year in the driving seat of our finances!

  4. Doubling down on my ambition is where I need to put my focus… I’ve gotten comfortable in my web design business and while I’m still providing great services to my clients, I feel I could push a bit more to really offer that next level of service. Thank you for the inspiration.

    Double-down time! 🙂

    • Hi Katie

      What might that next level of service look like?

      • Hi David 🙂 That next level was when I recently expanded my services to offer full branding services alongside my website design services. I’ve also expanded the ways people can continue to work with me through my support services options after we launch their new brand+website.

  5. Paris

    Thanks Marie

    I was 32 when I decided to retire from employer and go into business for myself I was told by a senior member in the Company I was “making a big mistake”. But what I held onto was the fact that the same things that got me this far in that company were what were going to get me to through the next phase of my life And four years later it still holds true. And this is what I tell anyone who is thinking about changing careers or starting their own business No it’s definitely not easy but has grown me in even more ways then i could have imagined especially the lesson of “taking responsibility ” for every action.

    Cheers everyone ???

    • Liz Charpleix

      I hear you, Paris. When I left full-time employment 13.5 years ago, having worked up my side hustle to half-time, my boss was furious. It should have been a compliment to her, though, that everything she had taught me was setting me up to be my own boss. All the reasons she gave me as negatives about self-employment were actually motivators for me (eg “you’ll have to pay for your own Professional Development” – yes, and that means I’ll only have to do courses that interest me! etc.)
      I’m never going to run a multinational empire; that’s not my thing. But one thing that has seen me feel secure in my small business is my attitude of frugality (Marie’s point #3). I can highly recommend the Frugalwoods website for advice and support in this area (
      The Frugalwoods decided to be frugal in order to retire young… but what that really means is that their financial security allows them to pursue their ambitions, which include writing professionally and living self-sufficiently on a country property. (Ref. Marie’s point about pursuing ambitions AND rose-smelling simultaneously.)

  6. Colby Thompson

    Brendon Burchard told me almost the same exact thing on his New Year live event yesterday!!! I so need to hear this !!! Thanks Marie.
    Also, I love your new set!!!
    Love you for ever!!!

  7. Nina

    Thanks for this episode, Marie! And for referencing the other episodes that apply to this topic. I am ready to *positively* focus on my money this year – rather than worrying about it or being afraid of it. I am so ready to focus on making my business as profitable as possible right now so that I can super-laser focus on Earning, Saving and Growing my money!

    • Right there with you! Loved this response, it said everything I wanted to say 🙂

  8. OMG yessssss!!! What a perfect episode to come kicking ass into 2018!! This was seriously the perfect summary for everything I struggled with in 2017, and the perfect way to release it and level up! I’m so freaking excited for the year ahead!! I love you, Marie and Team Forleo! <3

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      We’re so freaking excited too, Emily – 2018 is going to rock! xoxo

  9. This is the first time I have commented and it’s because this episode was killer. Yes to everything. Last year my accountant looked at my finances and suggested I close my door and go volunteer at the local library. We both laughed but I knew he was at least half serious. This has motivated me like I can’t even tell you. We artistic freelancers live on the edge, and we kinda like it! I’m very fortunate to have a husband’s steady paycheck as a base, but nonetheless mamma wants to create her own shoe money. After B-School, Laura Belgray’s Power Hour and a lot of trial and error, I am cruising into my 4th successful business. Can’t wait for tax time!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Love it, Paula! And we’re so glad you were inspired to comment for the first time 🙂

      Congratulations on your 4th successful business – that’s amazing!

  10. Leah

    Money. Definitely money. I had a windfall in my late twenties that allowed me to live a certain lifestyle. Now in my early thirties, I am living paycheck to paycheck once again. I need to learn how to earn, save it, and grow it!

  11. Sue

    Happy New Year Marie and the Marie Team!
    I need to focus on two – #1 double down on my ambition (have really been pushing this over the last two weeks and am making some big in-roads – Yay!) and #3 Learn how to earn, save and grow my money. This one has been in my mind a lot as I am really conscious of the financial investment I need to make in a platform to get my business on line – I have been feeling that I won’t be able to make it happen and then a few days ago I watched the Marie TV episode with Daymond John – thank you Marie and Daymond ( – it is true things present when you most need it – and I sure needed it. I loved it, it inspired me and gave me hope, also re-tuned me into what I should show gratitude for. Bought his audio book (Power of Broke) and will start listening to it in my hour of power walk tomorrow morning. Thank you Marie – you are absolutely fabulous and are making such a difference to me and in this world.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much, Sue! We’re so glad you enjoyed the episode with Daymond too, and I hope you enjoy his book. We’re honored to have you in our world!

  12. As a longtime watcher and action-taker of MarieTV, I’ve really settled into the first two points of this episode, and the point hitting me the hardest this morning is #3. Learn how to earn, save and grow your money.

    I’ve always been great at saving, and spending – probably a little bit better at spending, so I’m happy to hear Marie advise in taking pride to live on the cheap, and I’m finishing up my 2018 budget this week and cutting all unnecessary expenses so the timing is great! Thanks Team Forleo!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank YOU, Bryce! Happy New Year 🙂

  13. Great episode. Out of the three things talked about, I need to concentrate on being smarter and more proactive about my money. I will review the previous episodes tackling this subject. Thanks for the inspiration and encouragement.

  14. Dee

    Thanks Marie! Your last point about money is so important. I’m in health care so the income is consistent (for now) but it was not till last year when I had a child that I took a long look at my finances and realized how I was totally living beyond my means! I’m still digging myself out of that whole, but now at least instead of sitting around worrying about money, I am using my energy to save and learn everything I can about investing and planning for the future. You are my go to for inspiration and motivation, so thank you for your work!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much for your kind words, Dee! Taking action is EVERYTHING! 🙂

  15. Marie, Marie, Marie (and team), you are speaking my language and hitting all the major pain points in my life right now! The biggest take away I got from the episode was the money portion. Right now I am working a 9-6 to help me fund my creative outlets, and a few of them are really expensive. Paired with the fact I have a big B-School purchase coming up, money is TIGHT! I have doubled down and pay super close attention to everything I spend. If I’m on the fence about buying something I always ask myself “is this a quick fix emotional band aid, or an investment in my future?” When it’s a quick fix, I get honest with myself and put it back on the shelf. When I can honestly say it’s an investment l, then I know it will pay off in the future. Plus, I know living life on the cheap is a skill in itself that will pay off in the future. Thanks so much for helping me start off the new year with a hunger to succeed!
    #fanboy #forever

    • Christina

      I totally do the same thing! Is this a quick fix or do I TRULY need this? I often walk around in a store or pop an item into my online cart but often at the time of check out I don’t buy it. It’s like I hold onto it and see how I feel about literally carrying it. If it doesn’t feel good then I don’t buy it.

      • Spencer

        Christina! Omg I’m so happy to know it’s not just me! Soul sister ?

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Love it, Spencer! We’d be honored to see you in B-School this year ♥

  16. Ynes

    This episode is so helpful. Especially, the ”there is no guarantees” and the ”learn how to save and grow your money”. Too brief but so helpful. I will go through all the videos you mentioned above.
    Thanks Marie.

  17. kristen

    Thank you Marie. Great episode to kick off the New Year. For me, it’s doubling down on my ambition. I just completed “The War of Art” and connected with this mantra, “I despise Resistance. I will not let it faze me. I will sit down and do my work.” Resistance for me has looked like an on-going story about not knowing what the work is. When you create a business and lead it you can feel like you’re making it up as you go because in so many ways you are! Going pro, doubling down, means that the act of creation in the space of the unknown is the work. The unknown is like a warm and snuggly resistance blanket that invites us to just nuzzle in for a little while, make excuses, put off the work of creation. But the unknown is not a place to rest. It is where we do the work. Embracing the energy that got me into business in the first place. Growing, allowing, surrendering and doing the work. That is what doubling down looks like for me in 2018. Thank you, Marie and Happy New Year. xo

  18. Donna Benson-Chan

    Marie, Thanks so much for an inspiring episode to start out the new year. You always get to the heart of the matter when it comes business and life…. thank you!
    Please also share the link to the episode you mentioned.

  19. This episode was excellent! It touched on the major areas of anxiety I have write now: money, maintaining and gaining motivation, and making traction towards my goals and dreams. You also made me think about Mark Manson’s point: motivation comes from action. The best thing to do is keep moving. Thanks for the reminders Marie and team Forleo!

  20. Christina

    HAPPY NEW YEAR MARIE!!!! & all of Team Forleo!! Ahh yes, this episode reiterated to me about Money Management- my money to be exact! While I don’t spend more than I make, I do overspend when I truly don’t need to. I don’t like being without & it’s a comfort zone thing. I had a fantastic mother who showed me how to stretch a dollar & as such I’m careful with my money but I do overspend on stuff I don’t actually need/use. For example, when we have a gathering/party. I’ll buy more then we need for the party but then I’ll save whatever I can for the next party ie decorations, disposable plates etc. I’ve watched almost every one of your episodes and have put suggestions into practice.

    But I do struggle with when/where to draw the line in my business life on investments like courses to upgrade my skill set & website to name a few. It’s frustrating because I flip flop. So this year I’ve decided to launch forward & make a plan for the WHOLE year, when I reach certain targets I’ll spend on my wish list. Thank you for doing what you’re doing and PLEASE keep it up!!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much for your lovely note, Christina! It sounds like you’re working on an incredible plan for your whole year, and we’re cheering you on all the way. Happy New Year! ♥

  21. I must absolutely double-down. I have known that but never really KNOWN that…does that make sense? It does to me now. Thanks Marie…as always.

  22. I love the “Everything is Figureoutable” sign on the back wall. Pretty nifty. ???
    What you said about controlling money and spending habits is so right on point. I had to get a full time job to pay back all the taxes I owed while selling my Pinup artwork. That was a long, long time ago. I ended up leaving the art world and focusing on a real job. It caused deep depression to overshadow my life for a really long time. I occasionally still draw pinups from time to time as a hobby. It’s all I like drawing, beautiful women, you know ?. I’ve grown optimistic that whenever there arises a market for it again in the future, I’ll be ready. For the time being, I’m biding my time. Crafting my skills, so to speak. (Comments are welcomed)
    Great advise, as always, Marie. You look gorgeous, btw!
    Here’s to a phenomenal, prosperous 2018 for all of us!

  23. My goal right now is to double down on ambition. My husband and I recently moved to a new state and city for his job + I am 7 months pregnant, so my life has been thrown into a bit of chaos! I was a teacher with dreams of a side business, but my new circumstances mean that my dreams need to become reality. I’m excited for B-school this year!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      It sounds like you have such an amazing year ahead with a new baby coming plus a side business, Callie! We’re really excited for B-School this year too ♥ 🙂

  24. Wow! I felt like you were speaking directly to me. The part about there being no guarantees really spoke to me. I’m about to re-start my freelance photography business and was feeling a little unsure. I’m in the process of re-doing my website and getting back out there to make connections and I’m going to give it my all! I’m also planning to listen to all of the other shows mentioned in this list.

    This was what I needed to hear in the moment. Thanks so much for all you do!

  25. Joan

    Doubling down on ambition! I need to have something to go towards or I tend to do nothing important… Thanks so much for your videos – I love them. You make me think and that is a Good Thing!

  26. My takeaway from this… I’m back at the “early stages” as I am re-inventing myself and my business. So, this episode reminded me to spend like I’m back in the early stages and be more careful with my cash flow. It feels like a step back, but really it’s just smart economics and not to be confused with not having an “abundance” mindset.
    My inner conversation goes something like this, “My MacBook Pro needs a new battery. The battery swelling is damaging the trackpad. Having the battery replaced and the trackpad repaired by the shop will cost between $400 and $800 (as quoted). My first thought is to get a new computer and not risk being without (as a digital nomad, my work doesn’t happen without it). I started shopping for an Ipad Pro or a used MacBook Pro as a replacement. The options I want/need come to over $2000. I think to myself, ‘I have an abundance of skills, and can repair this MacBook Pro myself’, so I ordered a $100 battery online. “I have an abundant life, and I am directing my financial abundance carefully. 🙂
    There is such cognitive dissonance when it comes to finances and an abundance mindset.

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      That’s an amazing mindset shift, Tammy. Sometimes that beginner mentality can spring new inspirations and ideas, while keeping us a bit thrifty and one our toes. This deserves a high five from us to you!

      • Thank you Heather. 🙂 Back at you!

  27. I kind of feel a bit of all of those for me, ha.
    I’m more focusing on ‘accepting’ my ambition, and being more proactive about how I see my money: if that counts as picking one! I started my business around teaching fierce resilience skills back in September and I’m wanting to see all that growth and get tweaking things to improve but it’s still such early days starting fro zero: so mostly, I’m trying to be realistic with my expectations while keeping my ambition burning 🙂

  28. Marie, thank you for your uplifting insight that resonated with me from the point of doubling down on my creative work. As I close the chapter (my choice) on operations work for businesses and move into marketing for businesses the money is sporadic. Finishing the old and beginning the new kind of paralyzed me. Well, at least through the holidays. I’m here today, organizing my approach to what my daily activities will be and realized that a normal calendar is not enough. I have multiple streams of income and my own life to manage so I am putting it all in one place instead of multiple pieces of paper. I am excited to not only support others to live their life’s passion but to also live my life’s passion. Be well!

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Lisa, it sounds like your shift in focus is coming at the perfect time for you! As you head into 2018, may your creative shift create a momentum of ideas and prosperity for you and your clients. We can’t wait to hear how it goes!

  29. Elloa

    Thank you Marie and your fabulous team.
    I have greeted another New Year with money on my mind so this episode was right up my street. I’m in a better place than I was 12 months ago but I have NOT been smart about what I do with money and today, I really really heard your emphatic point about learning to take care and charge of my money as a woman.
    Here’s to another trip around the sun!
    Elloa x

  30. Spend less than I make….lordy, lordy, I need to tattoo that on my forehead!
    Thanks for this Marie et al. See you in B school! 🙂

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Well, Andrea, a post-it note on your desk may be better than a tattoo 😉

  31. Roseanne

    I just listened to “3 steps to be ambitious and still have inner peace.” The strategy that most resonated with me is “Resist nothing.” It is a great reminder not to blame myself or see it as a reflection of my weaknesses whenever something goes wrong. Nothing wastes emotional energy and hinders productivity like self-blame. Thank you for an excellent video.

  32. Thanks Marie!
    I’ve already doubled down on my ambition and know that there are no guarantees and have big plans for this year. But along with that, this year’s focus is definitely mastering my money… growing my business and saving. It’s been hard to have any savings with endless expenses and childcare, but this is the year to start. Thanks for the encouragement!

  33. For me, I think #3 should be my focus: being smarter and more pro-active with my money. As a freelancer, I feel like I’ve been coasting along on luck, generally aware of what I spend but not really focusing on any sort of PLAN for it. Which means there are times when I come across a cause I’d love to donate to, or a challenge I’d love to do, or a course I’d love to be able to take, or someone I’d love to be able to work with… and I can’t, because I don’t have any money saved beyond what I need for the basics. I’m getting by, but I’m not in a position to be able to do more. That’s just not a way to live, certainly not with joy and freedom. I need to be more pro-active and smart about my money so that I can take better care of myself, and be in a position to say yes to those opportunities.

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Sherry, your point is one that we hear a lot from our B-Schoolers when they start out. I think those other videos we linked under this episode will be especially helpful for you. Marie has chatted with some amazing people about money and the amazing things that you can do to shift it in your life and business. You’ve got this.
      Happy New Year to you as well. xo

      • Thank you so much, Heather! I’ve bookmarked those extra videos to watch. They sound really helpful, and I appreciate all the advice I can get. 😀

  34. Sherry S.

    Also… HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all, Marie and Awesome Team Forleo! 😀

  35. Frances A. Garcia

    Hi, Marie:
    I feel I am lacking stamina to fulfill my lifelong dream to become a writer. I am 69 years old, and I have made so many mistakes and wrong choices that I find myself in a tunnel, but at the end of the tunnel, I see a dim light…yes, Marie, hope! I am living on a fixed income, have no job, and no money to invest in my self-publishing. I want to continue to learn and create, but…no money!
    God has always been my friend. I know, I am going to make it somehow, and you intoxicate me with your enthusiasm and positive nature. You have given me the hope to see past this setback as a challenge to be overcome. I will persevere. I hope this comment encourages those who are younger and find themselves in a similar situation.
    Thanks for everything,

  36. Gina

    Thank you for a great episode.
    Taking control of my finances and finally learning how to earn, keep and grow that hard-earned green energy. Purposeful productivity is my main focus for this year. Seriously honing in on the 20% and staying committed to only focusing on those MIAs (Most Important Actions)

  37. Matt

    Excellent insights to start the year, Marie.
    As for point one on the ambition part, I feel I can refine it and learn more. I have at least a good concept on the things I enjoy doing and what I can do better in helping others when the time is right to do so.
    The second point is what I hope to gain more practical tips. Besides running my own small business, I have two blogs and have just started featuring podcasts in one of my blogs. I am trying to figure out which avenues and links to pursue so I can attempt to gain some money (albeit it is nowhere near enough money to live on in the short term) from the current blog posts and most of my past blogs. As for the third tip, sure we have certain things we feel an urge to buy the moment it hits store shelves. I have done very well in waiting patiently (sometimes as long as a few months) for items I am looking for to be on sale–and I do much better in that regard. I am trying my best to eliminate some or most of my unnecessary expenses and make my money grow towards a brighter future (and maybe someday, if I am lucky and fortunate to find that dream girlfriend who might share in similar positive and reassuring beliefs) in this complex journey we call life.

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Hey there, Matt! You’ve got some great insights and actions going on here- kicking off 2018 with a great perspective!
      To your point about practical tips- Marie talks a lot about focusing on a few channels and doing them well and consistently. So if you’re focused on building your blog readership up, make sure you have an email address opt-in on your website and continue to communicate with your readers consistently and authentically. It takes time, yet if you continue to reach out to them and share amazing content, your audience will grow. Here’s to you rocking out your dreams in 2018!

  38. This was the MF video I needed to start off 2018.
    We women Really need to learn how to embrace money in a way that makes us stronger and more powerful.
    Thank you, Marie, for always having our backs and knowing just what we need to hear.
    A forever fan,
    Karen Shoshana
    Wellness Girl

  39. I’m doubling down on my ambition as I start the new year!!! Will be focusing on building my YouTube channel with awesome content related to the motto: “create a life you love abroad” as well as growing my tribe.

  40. Great episode! I think what resonated most with me was the money aspect. I am just going to be starting my business this year, and I want to start and operate debt free (partly out of desire, partly out of necessity). Another piece of advice I have gotten elsewhere and I think applies to the Ashley’s (sorry if I misspelled) is time management. I think taking the time to slow down and stay ambitious is to make sure you have time scheduled in your day to both rock the hustle and slow down, whether it’s reading, meditating, yoga…whatever. It’s something I am working on right now, too. Thanks for all the great advice as always. 🙂

  41. Smarter w my money

    I have no budget either

  42. Perfect episode for the New Year! I just had my best year ever as a sole proprietor, but already feeling the anxiety to keep it growing for this year – never give myself a mental break! It’s true action is the answer.
    Also, the past year I opened my own IRA – finally feeling like a grownup at 53yo – better late than never!
    Cheers to an awesome 2018. Thanks for all the inspiration Marie, et all!

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Look at you go, Toni! Congrats on your amazing success in 2017 and here’s to more abundance and prosperity in 2018. xo

  43. I loved that More you are in your creative flow, less you have time to worry. ?

    • almut

      @federica – although i realy need to look at my financial behaviour, this is the message for me, as i seem to get overwhelmed thinking about what could go wrong, what i should be doing, what others might do better or smarter than i do – when really, as soon as i just DO my stuff, create, take action: i am happy and content. i don’t worry about those “others” – i am just happy with my own business – and minding it. so thank you, marie, for putting me on my feet again! and reminding me that i am planning, posting, and advertising my workshops today so that everybody will know about them (including me!)! 🙂

  44. Yvonne Anwanwan

    The third is the one I need to work on and I started last year. Take pride on living on the cheap. First thing is getting one credit card balance paid off and the other down

  45. Love this! I’m always telling people to slow down as the pauses in life are where creativity and possibility lies. This episode covers the concerns often raised. Would love a link to the other episode mentioned in the video.

  46. I most certainly want to double down on my ambition but absolutely need to take control over my money. Earlier last year I lost my primary source of income, right around the same time my boyfriend and I moved into an apartment together and had started buying new furniture, I was in two of my best friends weddings (one of which was in Mexico, plus two bridal showers and bachelorette parties out of our state), and I decided to take my health coaching career in a new direction towards writing my own book that I’m planning to self-publish in Spring of this year. Needless to say, my money situation has been out of control and it’s very discouraging. This was the perfect episode for me to catch in the start of this new year, because I really want to up my game and take my career to a new level of freedom. “Freedom” is my 2018 mantra <3

  47. 2018 has made me hungry again… finally!!!! Happy New Year!!!

  48. Sue

    I so love what you are saying about money, Marie. Based on my observations, I don’t think there’s anything that makes a woman feel more powerless than not being in charge and in control of her money. This is likely true for men too, but I believe it manifests differently for them.

  49. Hi there, for me two things are standing out. The first is, to stay creative in order to put the focus away from worrying. To hear this lifted me up instantly.
    The second thing is insanely important for me, because I struggle big time with it: Money. To hear Marie saying, I have to commit to myself that I find a way to learn how to earn it, to save it and to grow it, makes me sick to my stomach. My mind knows, that’ is exactly what I need to do. What I have been yearning for years being an freelance singer and sound healer. I started to talk to people about it. To open up about money and talk to others about their experiences and realities. Finally in my forties I dream of stopping behaving like the spoiled child I´d been and have someone telling me, what I need to do en detail. There is so much tension and fear around this damn money issue. I will watch the recommended videos and take action. End of story.

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      You can do it, Julia. Offer yourself grace and understanding, coupled with knowledge and action. A fresh year with a clean slate can create magic. You’re already off and running. xo

      • Oh, thank you, Heather! To have someone telling me, I can do it, is always great. Thanks and have a great new year.

  50. Great Thank You Marie,
    for this wonderful episode,
    I’m feel more warmful and greatful for hearing this,
    Thank you very much.
    I will see you soon.
    I’ m so greatful.

  51. Thank you Marie! You are always on Q and today’s episode is perfect to start my year and get all pump about it.
    Money-money-money, that is where I am concentrating this year. 2018 is a BIG one for me. My house will be paid off, I will turn 50 and I am starting some of my personal projects (back burner projects), while keeping my photography business going, the family safe and fun and happy hubby by my side… much easier said that done, but I am on it!!!!! Thank you Marie for keeping us inspired and going. Have a fabulous 2018!!!

  52. Marie and the whole team … I wish this year is the best year so far for you … may it be beyond fabulous:)

    It really hit me hard that action is all I need. I have ideas, a plan and now it’s the time to get out of the comfort zone and get this party started … <3 <3 <3

    Wish everyone all the best and plenty of self-trust on their way!

  53. Andreina Shelton

    Thank you Marie. You make the best “edu-tainment” on entrepreneurship/life balance that I have seen. I needed this episode to kick off 2018 going forward and upward with consistent creative contributions. Thank you for walking the talk too. A true inspiration!!

  54. For me right now – and I made it the one skill to master in 2018 – is to operate in my business by the rule of “profit first”, meaning, to have the savings account #s go up consistently (which is the operative word) the same way I’m pushing the #s of the FB page (now 27k+ fans), FB group (now 600+ members) and newsletter list. And to do this by becoming masterful at selling my signature Intensive program. I’m super excited to do this, because I’ve been trying so many things (and that’s the rule of the game, I know), but I have enough experience now to do less better.

    SO much love, Marie, SO looking forward to do B-School again, as an Alumna. <3

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Keep the amazing momentum you have going already and 2018 will be amazing for you, Llyane. As you dive into B-School once again you’ll uncover new and fresh ideas just waiting to come alive for your business. We can’t wait to see the magic happen. xo

  55. I absolutely adore you ? Thank you for doin what you do. If you catch yourself in LAand care to collaborate on a project feel free to contact me. I’ll give you my insta so you can see some current random projects @biancapietersz . It would be lovely to meet you. I don’t know about anyone else, but I feel an overwhelmingly great feeling from the start of 2018. Things are aligned.

  56. Albert Elizondo

    Wow everything you’re saying hit home, I came from your last video, and I’m def in that dark place. Not that I don’t understand what you’re saying but I def NEED a mentor and to surround myself with like minded people (forward thinkers) but instead I’m just here 25 and life is just passing me by. -_-

  57. This video was soooo perfect! Thank you!

  58. Susan Turner

    The most important goal I drew from your conversation today is learning about, managing and growing your money. I am 72 and frankly did not do that. It is tough to be behind a big 8 ball at my age. I hit the wall in early December following a health scare and 10 days in hospital, realizing that without my part time job to supplement my pension, I would slip over the edge. That threw me into a deep depression where all I saw was hopelessness. Having been a go getter all my life, I am slowly picking myself up. Meditation every day. Taking time to express gratitude for what I do have. Some anti-depression meds so I can keep the fear from paralyzingly me. Working at my part time job with one of the world’s best known tech companies and thus learning everyday. Hope to kick my butt back to the gym soon. And want to get back to learning about and playing blues violin from the man I married a year and a half ago who is an amazing Chicago blues singer-songwriter. All the while, slowly whittling away at my debt load. My fear now is always being afraid of not being able to meet my payments. I find it hard to smell the roses with this self-created shadow in the background. I will continue to look for ways to make more money while balancing that need with appreciation and gratitude. Thanks for listening. Susan

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      Susan, we absolutely hear your fears, and the beautiful thing is that it sounds like you’re ready to tackle these challenges head-on with powerful tools. Allow yourself to leap over each hurdle one at a time and give yourself a huge high five before moving onto the next. Small tasks achieved over time add up to big wins, and we’re here cheering you on, no matter what age you are! You got this!

  59. Thank you, Marie! You always know what I need to hear. The 3rd topic, Being Smart about Money, really jumped out at me. I am a freelance performer and it’s easy to get anxiety living from gig-to-gig. I’ve wanted to learn how to grow and save my money for years. Every job I get feels like a blessing and I don’t want to waste that blessing by being irresponsible with the resource it provides.
    Watch out 2018, I’m gonna be a kicka$$ money manager/investor!
    Thanks again, Marie. You’ve helped me overcome some much in the past four years.
    All my love,

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      Aubrey, we’re so glad this episode struck such a strong chord with you! Especially as a freelancer, having a good money mindset and plan for every client that comes your way is important. Come up with a system that works for you and challenge yourself to both stick to it, and to celebrate small victories along the way.

      We love that you’ve been in our world for four years, and we look forward to many many more to come!

  60. Virginia

    So the safest guarantee is yourself and your growth.

  61. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. Creating with balance is All Good, but has had me scratching my head a few times. I want the balance and I want the Yummy Feel Good Peace and Excitement of a project that works Really well, if that makes any sense.

    Love and Light
    Christine Kowal And The Animals

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      It absolutely makes sense Christine! Keep your heart open for those moments that feel in alignment with your values and acknowledge them when they happen. The more we can appreciate opportunities and the ‘yummy feel good peace and excitement’ projects as they occur, the more we can articulate what they are and request them over and over again.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  62. Jennifer

    I love this episode and the wire “Everything is Figureoutable” on the wall. It took me a while to figure out what the wire words were but I stuck with it and figured it out! For me I need to work on money. In particular, I need to earn more of it. Last year, my goal was to get out of debt but I didn’t come up with a plan to do so or a way to track progress. I made some progress but didn’t hit my goal of being entirely debt free. So this year, I have the same goal but tweaked my plan. First, I determined how much debt I actually have. Then I came up with a GAME plan. Literally, a plan that feels like a game. In order to succeed in reaching my goal, I need to keep it front of mind and work on it daily. Darren Hardy recently said that you can’t own success. You rent it and the rent is due every day. I took that idea and my goal and created a massive challenge for myself. On Jan 1st, the rent for success in my goal is $1. On January 2nd, the rent is $2 and so on until the rent on Dec 31st is $365. Literally, I will be putting the “rent” aside each day in an envelope (at first) and later in a bank account. I’ve written all my debts in order from smallest to largest and when I have enough rent money to pay off a debt, I will pay it and start saving the rent money for the next biggest debt. If you do the math, this means $66, 795 set aside to reduce debt. That’s on top of what I need to pay bills etc. For me, that’s a BIG challenge. I don’t know how I’m going to come up with hundreds of dollars each day for months in a row but I know I’ll figure it out. I love that my year will be filled with a challenge to get just a little bit better each day. Happy New Year everybody! Let’s crush it!

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      Jennifer! What an inspiring action plan! It sounds like you’ve already taken huge steps to figure out how to improve on your method and progress from last year. While it’s an ambitious goal, it sounds like you’re excited to tackle this 365 day ‘rent’ plan. We’re wishing you all the best and so much success!

  63. Nafisa

    Can you help
    How can I find skills in myself cause I don’t know what kind of skills I have I did so much research I could”t find anything by the way I love you and your videos…

  64. Shelley

    Thank you so much, Marie – perfect timing for me! My biggie is ambition, or rather total lack thereof. I’ve been flip-flopping around without setting myself a project – I’m fine when custom work comes in but as soon as that’s done, I flounder again. Then I get overwhelmed with all the thoughts of what I could do/should do instead that spiral into feeling like I need to get a job because – you know – security and feeling like that’s being an adult. 🙂 Thank you for the crystal clear clarity and keeping it to these three key points to help me cut through my overthinking overwhelm. Happy New Year to you and your team – you are so gorgeous! x0

  65. Definitely continue to be proactive about my money as I have big plans to spend it in 2018. My business is now in it’s 8th year and I survived because I took control of my finances from the very beginning.

  66. Kellie Sue

    You are so amazing! Really needed this today ( and like every day, actually). Money is my primary focus right now. Into re-making how I make it, what I do with it, and what it does for me. I have only 2 real resolutions this year and one is “No more financial vagueness.” Thank you for your down to earth video. I’m gonna get back to my B School and do some re-tooling RFN!

  67. Hands down – you are relevant and give me what I need. Whether I check in weekly or once ever so often. Thank you for your work Marie.

  68. sandra

    you´re totally right about the 3 aspects ambition, safeness and money
    specially the money, learning how to manage invest and grow your money well is one of the best things you can ever learn in life (if you wanna be financially successful). like you said the best bet you can make is on yourself on your learning and growth, that so true and insightful. and of course you can always go for both being more ambitious and living in the present moment, enjoying your journey.
    thanks a lot mari, keep up the amazing work!!!

  69. Hi Marie
    Thank you for this timely episode. I really need to embracing the fact there are no guarantees. I believe in my app so thoroughly that I thought it would go viral as soon as it hit the market!!! HAH!!!
    I am so grateful for your positive energy and wise advice. Your smiling face and earnest, honest words keep me going.
    I love the new set.
    What do the words say behind you?
    I can’t quite make it out? I can see TABLE

  70. I really loved this episode!
    In the past months I have done a drastic change in my life. I quitted an amazing job after 6 years in a multinational company, sold everything I owned, started a new remote – freelance job, and started a 1 year around the world trip.
    As I’m enjoying this experience so so much, I do get anxious that after having an ongoing good income and having a clearer growing path in an organization with constant feedback of my work, now everything is a big question mark.
    So it was really helpful the 3 tips to reduce this struggle/anxiety I’m having of enjoying the biggest adventure of my life and having big ambitions for my future goals 🙂

  71. Marie, can you please please give us some ideas and help how we can grow our money? I know the video are there and books, but who can we talk to and what can we do some good advice please it’s realky overwhelming. I am B-school alumni 🙂 thanks xo

  72. Isabelle boutiche

    Dear Marie ,

    Thank you to always take your time to answer questions that people asked .
    I have been listening your advices so many time and sadly , I do not know why , I do not fund thrive or ambition from myself . I always being on survival mode and it seem I accept it . And this do made me mad at some level . Entrepreneur are everywhere but it isn’t inside of me , it seem like .
    How can I fund this hunger ? How can I finally shine for myself and make it ?

    Thank you so much with love ❤️

  73. Andrew

    Great stuff Marie! Looking at a whole bunch of bills right now and feeling overwhelmed. Your words of wisdom are always timely. Thank you.

  74. I don’t read most emails that land in my inbox, but this came on my 29th birthday so I had enough free time (I never work on the day if I can have it off) to check it briefly and snoozed it to today to actually watch the video. So glad I have, because I can totally relate. I have ambitions that scare me to the point I get paralysed and hide behind gratitude for the things that I have in order not to face them. I was also starting to buy into the idea that employment offers guarantees despite the fact my journey as freelancer and entrepreneur started because I couldn’t hold a job long enough working by project made more sense than a fragmentary CV and hard job search every couple of months or so. As for money, I have not yet made it to complete, continuous financial independence and have to put up with my family not understanding why I ‘just don’t get a safe job”. I overheard my mother on the phone to others several times, complaining I “still do projects” and she wishes “I could find a proper job”, completely dismissing my actually-registered business and sounding like she is weary with the weight of the judgement from other people because I’m not settled the way they think I should be. I know deep down that self-employment is a legitimate option and no guarantees exist in employment either, but the validation from Marie was very meaningful. All I want now is to make the most out of the money I earn when I earn it, and in time have projects coming regularly so that savings and investments can go towards my future instead of being there as a safety net (which currently is the seemingly extra-safe job of my incredibly supportive OH).

    Marie, I couldn’t thank you enough for this video.

  75. Happy New Year, Marie!
    I’ve loved every moment of your podcasts, interviews and Q&A’s for over 2 years now. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being so supportive from afar, I’ve looked to you for advice on so many things and you’ve helped me build a business and life I LOVE!
    With love, Elizabeth

  76. I totally get the guilt trip that occurs when you’re driven but you also don’t want to bypass ‘the roses’!! I’m a very ambitious creative too and perhaps I stack too many plates on too many poles.
    I’m currently neck deep in writing a book right now and feel that I’ve put my roses in the closet so I can work! Lol! But it’s true, they aren’t mutually exclusive. Thanks for the reminder!

  77. Jen

    Hi! I love this video and all the inspiring comments here. I am an entrepreneur, in business now for 12 years but this year after a recent divorce and big life change — have really been focusing more on my business and finances more than ever. Thank you for all the support you provide through these inspiring videos. Marie mentioned in the video that she would add links to the past videos about getting control of money. What is the best way to find all those links? Thanks so much!

  78. Amélie

    Thank you for that amazing episode Marie! Short and sweet, but exactly what I needed!

  79. Hello everyone, Happy New Year!
    Hi Marie, I was just introduced to you and your site. You are truly an inspiration and a voice of reason. I LOVE your website it is gold, you have an amazing team! I just started my own business helping other entrepreneurs manage their money and one of my philosophies has always been to live within your means, it is key to achieving any financial goal. I loved the part you said to take pride in living on the cheap and not to worry about keeping up with the Joneses, very important to learn how to achieve this mentality! Glad to have found you and thank you for your advice! Sincerely, Oneida-

  80. Being smart about money is the one point that resonated with me. I’ve been on a two month journey of getting a handle on my money. I will be achieving the dream of turning 50 in 5 months. I’m starting to get a little scared of “bag-lady” syndrome. I started reading a great book called the Abundance Code. That sent me down a rabbit trail of reading that I’m still on. I’m learning and growing. I now have money direct deposited every month into savings. That money will be earmarked for investment. I met with a financial planner. I’m making progress. It’s never too late.

  81. Definitely, being smarter and more proactive about my money was the most important for me. Thank you for all you do, and cheers to the New Year!

  82. Thank you for the great video! I loved the reminder that there are NO GUARANTEES for anyone. It’s so easy to forget that sometimes.

  83. Kat

    How do I check out this Ashley’s filmmaking? We’re currently seeking this role for a big project – Breathe School. I feel this could be perfect!

  84. Devinka

    So needed to hear this!
    In the early stages of planning to start up my own business and finding the fear of the financial investments to be hindinering me from moving forward. Love what you said about committing to learning how to manage and grow money, even if that means living on the cheap.
    Thank you!

  85. Hey Marie,
    I have the same concern, like Ashley. I have huge dreams and sometimes I say wait a minute did I say that? Imagine what ” double the dream” made me feel. my other problem is procrastination while I feel stressed for not accomplishing the things I am dreaming to accomplish. As usual when I hear you I feel energise suddenly! You are one of few best motivational human being I know !

  86. Patricia

    Hi Marie, thank you for all your wonderful content and inspiration! My favourite part of this episode was your advice on being smart about your money. As a 20-something just starting out on the career ladder and trying to live in an expensive city, I have struggled to take control of my finances. One of my goals for this year is to start saving and to spend within my means while not feeling like I’m still on a student budget. I love that you say “take pride in living on the cheap”. You’re so right! In reality, we don’t need a lot when it comes to material, superficial things. I would much prefer to spend my money on bettering myself, creating amazing experiences, like travel or making memories with friends and family. My goal is to worry less about the external, to spend less than I earn, and to give my future self some security starting now. I’d love to hear any more advice you have on the topic! I’m picking up what you’re putting down girl! X

  87. I love that you gave my money advice, I’d love to receive more advice on building wealth

  88. What a great way to start the year Marie! Love your energy and honest answers – I need to embrace the way that there is no guarantee for any of us!
    I’ve been told by many people that being an entrepreneur is too risky and I should stay with the stability of a corporation. But just last week the company my sister works for is being bought by another and now she’s worried about losing her job – and she feels totally helpless!
    I need to remember that life and business doesn’t offer any guarantees to anyone, but hard work and persistent, focused action will always get me moving forward to my big ambitions.
    When afraid, create! Thank you Marie!
    xo – Rachael

  89. Angela Blackwell

    Thank you for the list of money videos. I’m working my way through ALL of them!

  90. Sonja

    Money. Most definitely. Women live longer, divorce is prevalent, and staying single is on the rise. It is crucial for women to know how money works and to know what they have and what it is doing for them. Money is nothing more than a tool. The David Bach book is excellent along with Tony Robbins book. So many books/magazines/people make money into this complicated animal. It’s not. You are not a wall street tycoon or a day trader (I hope), so do not get bogged down in all the financial language. Stick with these 2 books and you have it made. I also started reading Money magazine when I was around 30. It is written for everyone to understand and I found it a good basic education just reading it for a couple of years. Remember this – start investing with Vanguard or T. Rowe Price as soon as you can, even if it is only $25 a month. Compound interest is your QUEEN!!! And the younger you are, the more it adds up.

  91. Sonja

    Not to be a downer. . . but the writing on the wall of the new set is distracting!! I kept trying to read what it says. . . top line cut off in video and Marie is sitting in front of first few letters of bottom line. I need to know what it says!!! oy!

  92. To answer your question Marie, this year I am focussing on Doubling down on myself. I concur with you about the money part. Last year I decided to focus on paying off debt and growing my emergency fund to 3-6 months of my monthly living expenses. It was crucial for me to do that because a lot of the crisis I experienced in the past related to not having extra money hanging around. Instead of an emergency, I had a crisis all the time.
    I had a very comfortable 9-5 job and got laid off. I would tell anyone who works for someone else or even themselves that job security does not exist. The only guarantee we all have is our ability to get up, go out there and bring the bacon home.
    As a single mom I would stress the money management part and to STOP buying all the courses or joining all membership under the sun. You are not missing out and something new WILL come along even better than the one you did not buy.
    My car is almost at 200K miles and I really don’t care about driving the latest of anything unless I pay for it upfront. I own my car, it takes me from point A to point B, I am debt free, I tithe 10% of what I make, and I save 10% of what’s left before spending anything. Now I am growing a debt-free business as well.

  93. Happy New Year! Thank you for this!

  94. I love the new set, it seems really cosy with the wood accents and bright colors.

    The fact that there are no guarantees was my take away from this episode. I knew that intellectually but hearing it from you within the context of my career gave me fresh insight.

    Being a millennial living on the African continent I needed to hear that primarily because we are conditioned to think that our greatest contribution has to be within the context of someone else’s struggles and eventual success. It almost like we owe the businesses that already exist a part of our career before we can build our own entreprises, it is how we are expected to pay our dues to those that came before us.

    There are no guarantees for any of us. That’s liberating. Thanks Marie (and the Team).

  95. Awesome and much needed video.
    I am in the early stages of my business and have two options. Give up and go back to corporate or double down and make it happen.
    I know my business is what I’m meant to be doing right now, so I choose to double down and show the Universe I AM READY!
    And money, so key! One of my main goals is financial freedom but honestly, I need to start acting like it! Action and ownership are gonna be so key in me achieving what I want. Let’s do this!

    • Susan

      Absolutely. That’s the only sway to go !

  96. ‘No guarantees’. Agree!!! Lived it all in 30 plus years of contracting, and in ‘full time’ roles; there can never be a guarantee. Technology indeed disrupts. People disrupt! The only ‘guarantee’ I’ve experienced firsthand was:
    – Strive to find how to serve the client’s needs, and provide solutions to their pain points, utilizing to the max your natural inner strengths. Take care of client needs, your needs will be taken care of as well always.
    That mind shift of client-focus first, inner strengths leveraged always, for me created peace mentally and financial stability.

  97. KG

    Thanks for this episode, very interesting to hear your take on things. The secrets to enjoying life in the moment.

  98. Thanks for this.
    My main ambition was to have a family, live in a decent home and do a worthwhile job. I have achieved these and now I want to create something that only I could create and what i am doing now is finding out what this will be. I am exploring my passions
    No guarantees: My job is realativley secure but like everyone else I could lose it tomorrow for reasons beyond my control. Because of this I have started a small business for a second income. I’m going to use this income to invest in my goals.

    Money. I am afraid of money so I am going to take a look at using it to improve the quality of my life and achieve my goals so money will be goal orientated rather then either an end in itself or something to worry about.

  99. ambtion: I want to clarify my ambition by exploring my passions (which are pretty niche) as my main life ambitions were about having a family, a decent career, living in a place that gives me joy and at the moment (all things change) I have been blessed with these.
    No guarantees: I’m starting a second business to ensure I have another income stream as, like everyone else, I could lose my job tomorrow. Hopefully this will make me feel more secure and I do my best work when secure.

    Money: Instead of being afraid of losing it I am going to look at money as a way of achieving my goals and improving my quality of life.

    cheers and thanks for all your great work

  100. Smart and proactive with money.

  101. Sandra


  102. Doubling down on the ambition indeed. A lesson learned last year from burn out and overwhelm. And now I leisurely create. Embrace every moment and never neglect my wellbeing. Afterall, if I’m not there to drive the business bus, there is no business and I’m still in the initial phases. Great wisdom words as always.

    xx Menellia

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Right on, Menellia! You get to choose the rate at which you create and decide what’s right for you. Taking care of yourself is always a good decision because you have to take care of yourself in order to create. It sounds like you’ve got a great plan and we’re excited for you!

  103. Ashley

    Wow! To have my question answered in the new year! Perfect timing – just the kick up the butt that I need. Thank you very much 🙂

  104. These are all KEY…but establishing the deep belief that ambition and “smelling the roses”…contentment and gratitude for where I am now are NOT mutually exclusive – yes! I see that I’ve been believing that it is one or the other, but reality is both can (and should) coexist! Thank you!

  105. Elaine

    so right about not every knowing anything that may happen…. I find myself almost free from a life and career that I was so not happy in and now i’m in the panic of what to do about money…. but so grateful to have my life back again.
    mood swing central……

  106. Thank you for this great blog, Marie and team Forleo!

    Of the 3 topics above, for me Getting Smart and Pro-active about my money is the key current issue. I had a huge realisation recently that I actually was never trying to earn money at all – I just wanted to ‘get by’, and have done so magnificently (I’m the Queen of Thrift and Ingenuity-With-Minimal-Resources!) for years and years…

    But my frustration at always being below this immensely weighty glass ceiling, where I want to reach my clients and inspire the world, but am stuck down here in low figures – I never even thought of that as being directly related to my disinterest in money: I simply had no goal, and couldn’t imagine a significant money goal…

    Until now! I just got my head around it, and all the perverse ‘logic’ around why I was blocking myself. Yeah!

    My financial planning this year is going to be much more realistic x super-ambitious x practical, bite-sized-pieces steps = uber-fulfilment!

    I’m looking forward to B-School coming up again! 😀 xx

  107. Effie

    Hi Marie I’ve been watching you for 2 years now and really admire your passion in what you do. For this episode what I keep and will put it to action in this year is get more control over money. That we need to learn to earn, to grow and to save.

  108. A good point I hear a lot of mentors talking about is to love the process. And I believe that my work should mean something. I have a friend who had a hard time making up his mind about a new phone he wanted. At some point his existing phone screen broke, now its time to make a decision, but he was stuck. After I wrote a post about what happened to him and how hard it was for him to make up his mind he finally got a new phone. Now I can say that I enjoy the process, helping one person is all I can ask for. And if more people can learn from my mistakes I did my part.

  109. Loved this! Especially doubling my ambition! I’m 63 years old and finally love what I do, while so many of my friends are “retiring”.
    Frankly, I can’t fathom a time when I’m not seeing clients and teaching!
    My new goals include at least tripling the number of people I teach in my training and enjoy saving and spending my money.
    Love your encouragement!

  110. I gotta say “There are no guarantees”. I think a lot of people hold on to mediocrity because it’s safe. But when they realize your job is never really safe, its a motivator to take more control over certain aspects of your life. Great video! Lots of good info.

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Such a great takeaway, Shane! Thanks for sharing. You’re so right that there aren’t any guarantees and, as Marie often reminds us, “time is the only resource you can’t get back” so it’s important to make decisions, daily, that help us move toward our dreams. We hope this episode will continue to serve as a reminder for you. Thanks so much for stopping by!

  111. “If you accept where you are in life, you’ll lose momentum”. It’s as simple as that! I endorse the idea that it’s okay to be hungry about what’s coming up next. Thanks for another great episode, Marie!

  112. Lisa

    Super motivating about ambition Marie. I definitely need to crank it up. thank you xx

  113. Good stuff, as always!

    The one thing I really need to focus on SAVING and GROWING my $$. I’ve been a single Mom for 19 yrs and been running my own consulting firm for the same amount of time. The biz has always done well, but my client base in nonprofit organizations, so I’m earning far less than I would if I worked with for-profit companies. I have basically poured every cent I’ve made into raising and educating my kid, along with my biz. My kid is thriving (yay!) but that’s not gonna get me through the retirement years!

    With my son finishing his final semester in college, it’s time to shift gears and start putting away $$ for retirement. I know I am WAY behind (and it scares the crap out of me!) but I also know that regret and worry get you nowhere. So, forward I go.

    I get the SAVING part, but would love to learn more about GROWING your money. Any suggestions are welcome! 🙂

    • Hailey– Team Forleo

      Sarah– you’re amazing, I want you to know that first. Huge congratulations on 19 years in business, serving nonprofit organizations, while raising your son– you’re an inspiration to all of us, truly. We’re honored that Marie’s work has been a source of insight and inspiration for you as you look toward the next amazing chapter of your life.

      As you may already know, Marie is a huge advocate for having a healthy relationship with money and we have an entire MarieTV vault dedicated to helping you “Grow Your Wealth” ( that’s jam-packed with inspiring interviews and Marie’s own recommendations for finding more peace, joy, and abundance in your financial life and beyond.

      Having built her own company from scratch, Marie understands the unique obstacles many entrepreneurs face throughout the process of growing their businesses. In fact, she designed B-School with busy small business owners in mind and if you believe it could be a good fit for you, we’d absolutely love to have you join us. Enrollment for B-School 2018 opens in just a few weeks, but in the meantime, you can browse our program tour ( for a complete look at everything the course includes. Of course, if you have any questions for us, feel free to write to us at anytime at [email protected].

      Thanks for being a part of our vibrant community!

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    and the best place, according to me is Dubai. It has desert safari , Dhow cruises , best yacht rental deals , Private cruises and much more .

  115. Kat

    Love this episode Marie — and the conversation here in the comments. I’ve been watching you for 6 FREAKING YEARS (and also discovered Laura B thanks to you), but was never really active in the comments… Just occasionally on Facebook, maybe. I always thought my input wouldn’t matter, but I see how much love, passion and respect you and your team have for this conversation and the entire community. I also love how you “check out” the people submitting questions — and how you acknowledge their work, like you did here with Ashley. You really make us feel seen and heard — thank you for that.
    Lots of love to the entire team!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Kat, we LOVE you for being in our community for so long – thank you for continuing to stay tuned! Your input means the world to us and we’re so grateful for your love and thoughtful comments. We can’t wait to keep sharing inspiration to support you on your journey. Sending big Team Forleo hugs your way! XOXO

  116. Thank you! I’m getting the book fore sure! Love to both you and Tony!

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  119. Betul Tekeli

    Hi Marie,
    I agree with all 3 topics you shared. and I think no3 is the most important one. because we couldn’t learn this while working in a job with salary. and one day if we lose the job we will feel like a wet cat.
    Thank you I will watch the links you have shared.

  120. Jillian - Team Forleo

    That image of a ‘wet cat’ is so perfect here. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with us!

  121. Maria

    Marie, everything you said so very true. I am personally realizing all 3 subjects you spoke of are so happening to me right now, and I need to do something about it right freakin now!! LOL. I only wish I would have realized it sooner. Because it seems so much harder now to try to come back from that mental state. Love your work so much, Thank you Marie

  122. Indeed, there is no such thing as certainty in a business.

  123. This is a good one! While I have done so much work around money mindset and come a LONG way, I recently got a wake-up call by taking the Klontz Money Assessment. Having just finished some strategic planning for 2019 as well, this episode is a fantastic, timely reminder that keeping on with the earning, saving, and growing is SUPER important for fueling my success- and my security. Instead of putting a damper on my creativity and ambition, experiencing some financial stability (it was an overarching goal for 2018) has freed me up to clarify my mission and double down on my ambition. So, I’m going to keep on with the money stuff very intentionally…starting right now!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Right on, Beth! That’s really smart and we’re so glad you’re planning ahead. Keep up the fantastic work! 🙂

  124. I need to keep the ball rolling, even though I am burned out.
    I have this passion and dream since so long, and now I finally feel ready to step into my new shoes.

    So I am doing the steps, little by little, listening to my body/mind needs as well as enjoying all as it comes.
    Seeing the difficulties as challenges that help me grow.
    The beauty to fill me up and keep me on the go.
    And the power of progress as abundance in the flow.

    I love the insights, the positive coaching and making sure there are no black holes holding us back. Thanks Marie!

  125. I’ve watched this episode about 10 times now jajajaja! I’m also always on the go, looking for learning, growth, challenge. BUT, most times I feel a need to do and control everything myself. And the more I challenge myself, the more I lean into that path…which is toxic because things that worry me keep me awake at night (when is my project going to take off…what am I doing wrong…etc, etc, etc) and when I realize, this bitter feeling is taking over. No!!!
    I’ve re-focused on giving myself the gift of joy, learning without pressure, meditating, keeping my yoga practice as strong as usual, and detaching from results. It’s working wonders as I’ve freed a lot of energy which I can now re-focus!

  126. Great work! Love the content, thank you so much for taking the time to share!

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