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If you’ve ever hit a rough patch and feel consumed with negativity, today’s MarieTV guest, Gabby Bernstein, is here to help.

Instead of letting fear, stress, or shame pull you into a downward spiral, her new book Super Attractor can help you transform those negative thoughts into positive fuel. Her ideas are straightforward and easy to implement.

Gabby Bernstein is a speaker and New York Times bestselling author of books like Spirit Junkie, Judgment Detox, and The Universe Has Your Back, but she wrote Super Attractor after experiencing burnout and postpartum anxiety after her son was born. 

Super Attractor outlines the practices that Gabby used to move through years of infertility, crushing criticism, and fatigue. It’s a practical roadmap out of negativity and into joy.

Even when it seems like things aren’t going your way, you can still use the law of attraction to manifest your dreams. Sure, you may not see results on your timeline or in the exact way you imagined, but that doesn’t mean you have to suffer during the process. If you want to feel good and create the life of your dreams, this is the episode to watch.

You’ll also learn:

  • How to reframe any negative thought in just 3 steps. 
  • One simple exercise that will magnify positivity and decrease negativity.
  • How to align your priorities, thoughts, and beliefs so they work together in harmony.
  • Plus, the story of how Gabby leveraged an angry Facebook comment — and saved a life.

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Once you’ve had a chance to watch, Gabby and I would love to hear from you. What’s the biggest insight you’re taking away from today’s conversation? How can you turn that insight into action starting right now?

Leave a comment below and let us know. Share as much detail as you can. Hundreds of thousands of souls come here for insight and inspiration. Your story may be just what someone needs to see things from a fresh perspective.

Important: please share your thoughts and ideas directly in the comments. Links to other posts, videos, etc. may be removed.

Thank you so much for watching, sharing, and encouraging this community! 

Never forget, you are strong and capable and worthy of the dreams in your heart. No matter what you’re facing, you have what it takes to figure anything out and become the person you’re meant to be.

With SO much love ❤️,


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  1. Rachelle Karime

    After listening to Marie interview with Gabby Bernstein, I just wanted to say that I love both these women enough to make up for any of their haters.
    Love Rach

    • Yes! Marie. Such timing. My funk lasted 8 years! Until my dad passed away and this was when I met you. This would’ve been good last year but it’s nice to finally have a positive attitude back. After my son was born I didn’t realize how it would change my mental state. I tried to have another baby but he brought infertility. Infertility came after child birth for me.
      But I am lucky I was able to breast feed him for 4 years. The breast feeding helped my mood stay positive. But after I stopped the move back put me in a funk I couldn’t get out of until last year.

  2. Marilyn Haverly

    This was a timely conversation! And, you addressed my questions and doubts almost before I could think them. My funk has lasted long enough! I’ll be putting into practice what I heard here.
    Thank you,

  3. Ive had such mixed feelings about the law of attraction as I think of myself as ‘scientific’ [Msc Neuroscience]: but when you look at the science [quantum physics] we can ‘evidence’ [cognitive therapy] at least the foundations of it. The rest, I try to put my faith in 
    I love that ‘decide to feel good’ is actually Making the Commitment to take ACTION to reach for the next step towards it. <3
    As I’m qualified in CBT, the Choose Again Method is an interesting take in reframing with the attraction-lens.

    Thanks for sharing about writing too: I write novels, but my non-fiction books… I’ve written the beginning, outlines, proposals but nothing finished because I try so hard to fit my entire lessons into one page… which hasn't worked so far! But I can't stop trying <3.

  4. Thank you for this very inspiring interview. I loved the story about being directed to the book that inspired the outline. A great reminder that we have unlimited access to support and guidance…and it’s okay to ask for help.
    – Mary Freeth ?

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      So true! The universe can’t answer if we don’t ask. <3

  5. Vibeke

    This episode just came into my mailbox when I was feeling low, insecure, down on energy and thinking my way down. It was so helpful to get some new tools and to be uplifted with the positive energy again. After this show I feel what I can do to not hang into negative thoughts and how to accept and appreciate hurtful feelings and situations and turning them into light. I feel my strength and power again and I now have the urge to act. A big thanks to both of you!!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      We’re so glad this message came at just the right time and that it was helpful!

    • Cecile Scaros

      Same here, Vibeke, I watched this episode at the right time… it had been sitting in my inbox for a good while – and I really needed it today! Thank you to both of you beautiful beings, Marie & Gabby and the whole Forleo team

  6. Olga Mestre

    Women like Marie and Gabby are a gift from the universe. I’m so thankful at this time in my life to have found the inspiration to help me live a better life, a positive and joyful life. Thank you, Marie and Gabby.

  7. MG

    Well I’ve had the coolest insight. Earlier today I was meeting a new “ideal client” to talk about my new offerings and the feedback was essentially that they are still too vague. Watching this episode, I was able to understand in my body and heart (not just intellectually), the value of working to bring “concrete tools and great stories” (quoting Marie in the episode here) to your audience, like Gabby did in this book. I have wonderful thoughts and ideals but I never really valued the focus on giving “practical tools”: I think I had this belief that “things are not so simple” and somehow it’s cheap to break things down in “3 simple steps” for people. But I now understand: grounding my ideas into concrete tools and great stories, is what will bring clarity and therefore POWER to my message. THANK YOU MARIE AND GABBY for this conversation and above all for your loving way of being in life.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Yes, yes, YES! This is an awesome insight! We can’t wait to see where your business takes you. 🙂

  8. Sarah

    I’ve received so many gifts and nudges from the universe over my life. But I need reminders when I get stuck in something and it starts to fester, that I can go ask for help. This was the reminder I needed to find appreciation in some discomfort and ask the universe for guidance on my next steps.

  9. lovely work! several other and extremely powerful tools:
    • daily hands on creativity- actually increases neural flow across the corpus callosum between the left and right hemispheres of the brain… end result? more creativity begins to infuse and pervade through your thoughts, actions and life
    • there are some very specific journalling tools to become more clear and specific every moment each day… the more clear and specific the easier it will be to have delivered precisely what you’ve ordered from the Internet, oops just kidding, from the Universe

    good stuff Marie and Gabbie!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      These are such great tips! Thank you for sharing them 🙂

    • kristi

      dervin can you say more on the specific writing techniques?

  10. Jules

    I consider myself to be a natural optimist who lives in conscious awareness of the power to manifest. I can look at my life and see the evidence of how I have partnered with spirit to create experiences and manifest opportunities. I genuinely grateful and try to frame everything as a lesson and actively look for the good. This year (2019) has been TOUGH in so many different ways. Most significantly my finances have just been bottoming out. It’s as if I am in a race to the bottom. I am ALWAYS able to create opportunity for myself but the last several months have been brutal. My beliefs have been shaken to their core and I have been in a state of worry paralysis. I woke up this morning at 3:15am pst, plagued with fear. I said a prayer and asked for guidance which somehow led me to check my email. In my inbox was an email from Marie Forleo – “Are you stuck in a negative funk? ? DO THIS pls!” Something told me to open it which led me to the interview with Gabby. THANK YOU BOTH! I needed this message. I needed this reminder to surrender and reframe my thoughts. I needed to see the ladder of emotion which helped me recognize that maybe I’m doing a little better than I had feared. I needed the advice to search for feelings that move me up the vibrational ladder, inch by inch. As I leave my comment I look at the clock and it is now 4:30am pst. I am so grateful. I know this is synchronicity and it is spirit guiding me just as Gabby shared the beautiful example of being guided to the book from her friend Lauren. Apologies if this is long winded. Thank you.

    • Jules

      I wanted to share that when I looked at my email at 3:20am the time stamp from Marie’s email was 3:04am.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      It means the world to us that this message hit your inbox at just the right time. We sincerely hope things get better soon <3

  11. Christina Graff

    No coincidences in this Universe, steadily making progress, transitioning from one level to another, reminded to see the upward movement. Needed to hear this, right at this moment. Thank you!

  12. Perfect timing – every time I actually click and watch it’s always perfect timing. Thank you for this episode and I actually can’t wait to read Gabby’s new book. I appreciate YOU BOTH and these divine little hits -sending so much love xxx!

  13. Just like Gabby said I woke up and was guided to this video and of course it was exactly what I needed today. Thank you to you both!

  14. Carol J Smith

    I am a self employed garden designer & when work is quiet it’s hard work resisting all the below,
    Whenever we are in a place where we are pushing, controlling, manipulating or trying to make things happen……..

    Gabbys comments around this have shown me its safe to lean into into it & use it as an opportunity to face the fears……

  15. Stephanie Hickson

    I really appreciated the part of conversation regarding raising your vibrational energy if you are in a funk, how you can at least aim to get up to the next level!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      So happy Gabby’s wisdom spoke to you! 🙂

  16. ‘Whenever we are in a place where we are pushing, controlling, manipulating or trying to make things happen we are cutting off our super attractor power’
    my work is as a self employed garden designer, which I love but….. when it is quiet it hard to resist all of the above….. Gabbys words around this show me its ok to lean into it & go with the flow, recognise the fear, thank it & move on…. something more exciting may be on its way!

  17. The Universe guided me to B-School on the internet!!
    It’s true!
    People often ask how I found Marie Forleo and I tell them it was divine inspiration.
    B-School has opened my world to so many beautiful gifts – including Gabby and all of her books which I love.
    What a joy to watch and absorb two shining lights.
    I love the absolute raw honesty Gabby brings to the field.
    I think this would have to be my biggest insight.
    There are so many insights in this episode but telling the truth about the “negative” aspects of my life will no doubt open up somebody’s heart and help them in a way that only the Universe knows how to do.
    Thank you for another inspiring, loving and uplifting episode.
    Much love and gratitude,

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s AWESOME, Annette! We’re honored that the universe brought you here and that you’re a part of our B-School family. <3

  18. Shelley

    Like many others, this is exactly what I needed today. I have been stuck in a funk for a long time. The Emotional Guidance Scale, Honoring our Fear, and daily Appreciation and Gratitude all hit home for me. Thank you Marie and Gabby for these valuable insights!

  19. simran pawa

    This episode has my heart as it brings together my two favorite people who’ve helped me in unbelievable ways. I was looking for guidance to help a friend with a certain situation and because I had no experience in what she shared with me I just ask the universe to guide me to hear something that I can tell her and get her out of it. It lead me here and I’m so appreciative of that. I love how you explained that no one goes from feeling broken to being joyful in an instance. Although we all know that, the steps in between were so insightful. A big THANK YOU. You’ll are the best! It’s my birthday on 2nd October and ‘everything is figureoutable’ and ‘super attractor’ are my birthday presents I chose to give myself.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Happy early birthday, Simran! We’re thrilled you’re gifting yourself Marie and Gabby’s books and that you’re helping your friend. You’re doing beautiful work in the world.

  20. Woah! Love, love, love this. I was guided to this convo today and you pointed that out. I read the “light” book many years ago, it was the first time my way of being had been explored in any way. Immediately I understood and knew that this was truth. Abraham has been a steady guide for many years now as well. Several things in this interview today have sparked my mind and are moving me forward. Thank you both so much! Can’t wait to read this book✨

  21. This interview was the most heart-warming for me. I’m familiar with the wonderful work you both do, so it felt like a quadruple (more than double!) blessing to be in your presence together. So much wisdom and warmth. Thank you!

  22. What am I getting from this episode?
    That we are all fiercely creative, regardless of our appearance, our education or our beliefs!

    Thanks to both of you and the team for this episode, great as always. With much appreciation for who you are.

  23. Timothy Howard Brown

    Hello Marie,

    My biggest take away is to listen to the small still voice that guides our direction and to appreciate the things God supplies along the journey we have embarked upon. There is a book in me and a story to be told. There is a reason for everything and everything is for a reason. We need to be aligned and in tune with what Gods purpose is for us and to never be afraid to follow the path laid out before us. As you say…everything is figureoutable.. much joy for you and thank you for connecting to me.


    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Beautifully said, Timothy!

  24. Meg

    I was so excited to see this video. I’m expecting Gabbys book to arrive from Amazon today!
    I’ve been unemployed for 6 months, and am having difficulty landing a new job. I’ve been the “runner up” applicant for several opportunities. And have been feeling very low and losing self esteem over nothing seeming to break my way recently. Today I have heard the message loud and clear. I’m going to find and embrace the lesson! My new career opportunity is on it’s way. The timing will be perfect, even if it’s not the timing I am trying to force.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      We’re so glad this episode inspired you, Meg, and that you already have Gabby’s book on the way! We’re sending lots of love your way for the job hunt and hope you find the perfect opportunity soon.

  25. shantell

    So many takeaways! The one that I applied immediately was what drew me to watch the show: I witnessed my current fear-based thought, dissolving it with love; forgave the thought and myself for having it then surrendered the thought by asking the Universe to help reframe.
    Before watching this episode, I’d resolved to take today off… watch movies in bed, kinda give up in a not-so-healthy way because negative thoughts were leading me under the covers. But after I surrender and asked for reframing guidance aloud, I finished watching Gabby and Marie from my desk and am back to living.
    Thank you! Yes, the Universe brings to your inbox or bookshelf or heart just what you need.

  26. Marilyn Mele

    What I love most about the message from Gabby and Marie is that improvements happen in small increments, not one big leap. Doing the work and making choices and appreciating the good that’s already surrounding you will gradually bring you to joy! So important to remember this! Thanks!

  27. So appreciative for my new sign-off to my amazing community. “I appreciate you.” Thanks Gabby and Marie!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Yay, Erin! So glad you’re adopting this. We appreciate you! 😀

  28. Mills

    Thank you! Life changing and inspiring video!!?✨?

  29. Heather

    This episode was meant for me. I’ve had one of the hardest seasons of my life and I’m so done with it. I’m in control now. I can shift this momentum and black cloud. I immediately ordered Gabby’s book and signed up for her free workshop.

    I appreciated this conversation more than you know. xo

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      YAY, Heather! We love you and believe your best days are ahead. <3

  30. Dari

    Great timing. I’ve been very low and exhausted the last few weeks and today I couldn’t stop crying even at work. I wasn’t going to distract myself today, but again for some reason I had to watch this episode and I’m grateful. I’ve felt stuck on my job for years, so I started going to school to become a life coach, but there is more resistance internally and from my family, as I still have to be the super mom, wife, worker, boss…Most of my relatives have passed over and I felt the need to talk to them, especially mom, and when Gabby said they communicate with us even through the internet and Marie TV :)…I’m choosing and committing myself to rising on the scale all the way up to Joy.
    Thank you both and the wonderful people making those messages come through!
    Much Love,

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      We’re so proud of you for following your dreams to be a life coach, even though it hasn’t been easy. We believe in you and hope things get better soon.

  31. OMG this very video was guidance from my guide. I absolutely loved it! beginning to end. It brought confirmation that I am in the right path, new insights, permission to share my values and believes and a practice to do with my partner.
    Thank you!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Love it, Valeria! 😀

  32. Just ordered Super Attractor. Love you both.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Yay! We hope you enjoy it as much as we did. <3

  33. Thank you both and yes now is the time to be open about our guiding angels or what ever we call them.

  34. Thank you. I really needed this this morning. The word “reframing” pinged my consciousness a couple weeks ago and now it’s ringing like church bells. Reframe. Reframe. Reframe. And then reframe some more.

  35. Oh my god I could just fall apart crying. This is literally the answer I prayed so hard about getting last night before I went to bed. I asked guides, god, angels, the universe, my higher self—WHOEVER was willing to show me what I couldn’t see and then the very next morning the email with this video pops up. Thank you so much Marie and Gabby. I’m watching it again.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      This is so beautiful to hear, Kara! We’re super happy this message came at just the right time.

  36. Jen

    Super insightful! I took action by printing out the emotional scale and posting it where I can see it. It will be a key tool to check in with throughout the day as I seek alignment. Grateful for you both, Marie and Gabby.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Fantastic, Jen! That’s so smart.

  37. Manon Beaulieu

    I was feeling depressed this morning and falling back into my bad habit of watching TV. The film ended, I picked up my phone and found this interview. Best timing every . I finish the interview and think the only thing that would be better is …knok at the door. .just received your book Super Attractor. Couldn’t be hsppier! ?

  38. Heidi

    Thank you Marie and Gabrielle! I honor that I was guided to hear your interview as I needed so many reminders that I am always surrounded by divine guidance, that I can always choose again and that a journey is taking one step at a time.

  39. Lisa

    Beautiful. I love the idea of reaching for the next better thought or emotion. I wish I had had that years ago. I feel like I have been trying to reach for that especially this year. Thank you so much Gabby and Marie!

  40. Caroline

    Thank you so much for that episode ! I LOVED it, litterally. I’am going through a really rough time. I particularly loved some of the lessons in it :
    -Start to reach for a better feeling each second (with the insight of making a commitment to do whatever it takes to get to the next better feeling)
    -The 3-step Choose again method, and most of all the concept of “forgive the thought” that I think of as really helpful when you’re going through dark times
    -Hearing that we have a team of Guides that work on our behalf, and also the importance of synchronicities. I happen to believe in it but it was really SO good for me to hear it in an episode of Marie TV.
    -and also a very powerful insight for me was the idea of “honoring our fear rather than resisting it, because it reveal to us the light that we’re ready to step into”. It is so true, and SO TRUE for me in my life. And also particularly hearing that that meant that we’re actually ready to step into helped me A LOT. It helps me to see the events that happened to me and are happening to me right now rather differently ; from another perspective; and it helps healing myself.
    So THANK YOU SO MUCH Marie. And also THANK YOU SO MUCH Gabby, your insights are really powerful and helpful for me, in a middle of a dark time.
    Marie, your work is BRILLIANT and is SO MUCH of a help for me. Truly. Also wanted to share that your emails always go straight to my heart and help me keeping having faith and courage.

    • Stacey

      Yes! I also loved the forgive the thought concept. So true and helpful!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      These are all such great takeaways! Good work! 🙂

  41. Kimberly

    Thanks for this – a great interview by my favourite guru with one of my other favourite gurus!

    I love this idea of moving up the emotions chain into more positive vibrations. I will use that when I am in a funk for sure.

    One thing I wish is that either Gabby or Marie (or both!) would create a book or YouTube series targeted towards teens. I would LOVE my teenage daughter to hear some of this great stuff but if it comes from mom, it’s automatically boring or not worth listening to.

    Keep up the great work – you are both so inspirational. I listen to both your audiobooks over and over again for ongoing inspiration when I’m driving around in my car. Thank you!

  42. Tasha

    This was a very timely video that I loved! My biggest insight was the idea that choosing to feel better can be moving from anger to blame, and not the expectation to magically feel amazing. Right now I’m going through perinatal depression with antidepressants and it’s really nice to hear something other than “think happy thoughts” <3

  43. Diana Cardenas

    Wow…this was a sign from my Angels through Marie and Gabby today! Really feelin like funk today…
    So thanks for those three steps and I appreciate you both today in my life and this beautiful day! Thank you Angels for getting me through my day! Acknowledge – forgive -and surrender and pray to the universe on the issue!

  44. Stacey

    Oh my where to begin…Well I have have been struggling with depression and anxiety (before but especially after having my children) and hearing Gabby talk about it relieved me in some way because it is rarely ever talked about by anyone. It can be a very isolating feeling. I am slowly pulling myself out (B School on hold- thank God it is a lifetime membership). So many thoughts and ideas swirling through my brain and I’m so hard on myself like I should be in a different place already. What really resonated for me in this interview was hearing you both talk about letting go and surrendering in a way that makes you stop and listen to the universe and what it is trying to tell you. It is so easy to forget to do this- to give in to the subtle messages and not feel like you have to be trying so hard all the time. I also needed to hear that bad times and haters are gifts that can lead you in the right direction. Thank you for this episode.

    • Stacey

      I also loved the forgive the thought concept. So true and helpful!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      We believe in you, Stacey, and are sending so much love your way.

  45. Great talk on a day I needed to hear it. I’m struggling with driving again after a major medical situation and a year recovery. Unlike New York if you don’t drive in Arizona it’s difficult to be in places you want to be I am finally feeling well enough to feel like I want to go out and then I’m dealing with anxiety and fear of driving. I need to seek help from above reframe this fear, forgive myself and ask the God of the universe to guide me through this. Thank you for reminding me my fear (while my anxiety is biochemical from the medical). is the beginning of something great I need to pursue and grow through. I have already seen many miracles of God‘s hand through my situation. I need to appreciate that and focus on those. Thanks for the episode!!!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      We’re super proud of you for confronting your fear and hope you have many wonderful adventures that make the drives well worth it. <3

  46. Betsy Bergman

    So great to see two of my favorite authors together! Can’t emphasize appreciation enough! Great advice.

  47. Laura

    Biggest takeaway: Gabby speaking the truth about post partum. I am very excited to read this book as I am preparing my body and mind for conception also.
    I love how she says this is a sort of sequel..a what’s next. I feel that is a big thing missing in the personal development world! Thank you ladies, big love to you both xo

  48. Jennifer

    I was one of those people who “got the hit” this morning to watch this. Shit has been real and the hard hits have been flowing steady and I so needed help on how to turn this ship around. Thank you Marie and Gabby.

  49. Melanie Hobby

    Thank you for the emotions scale! I always considered emotions to be black or white – opposite ends of the spectrum, either bringing intense negative energy or intense positive energy. Seeing a range helps to soften the blow and reach for something maybe 2 steps away instead of 7. Especially with some long-term problems, like forgiveness, which is a journey.
    I’ve had my issues with Gabi (but have never slammed her in public! How mean!! I’m so sorry, Gabi), but I think at the end of the day, she has grown so much to eliminate the bad within, and is an example of a fighter who keeps repenting and growing and meanwhile, giving along the way. I respect her journey. Thanks for sharing and teaching today, both Gabi and Marie.

  50. Deanna L. Robinson

    I loved Gabby’s comment about appreciation moving you out of fear. I’m huge into practicing gratitude, I’m thinking it’s interchangeable with appreciation. If not, I’d love to know the nuance difference. I haven’t really thought about how generating gratitude or appreciation might help eliminate fear. I’m going to be aware of when I experience fear and turning to appreciation. Great to see you to friends enjoy each other.
    Thank you, Marie.

  51. Pam

    I have lost my faith. I have been in a rough spot for 3 + years. I have repeatedly tried to call on the universal powers or angels with no luck. Actually whatever force is there has sent me little signs that things would turn to only have them disappear or not complete. I now am back to this is up to me because the powers just don’t care about me. I know it sounds full of pity but can’t seem to see evidence that anything cares. Both of you are awesome and am grateful that you put yourself in a position to help people. Pam

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That sounds really challenging, Pam. I’m sorry the past 3 years haven’t been kind to you and we sincerely hope things start looking up soon.

  52. I’m writing this through tears of joy. The big take away was that I have not been allowing my spiritual belief that the Universe is conspiring to help and guide me to work its magic, by being stuck in my limiting belief that I’m the only one who can figure it out and make things happen.
    What an awesome talk. Thank you!
    I’m and artist, I work in encaustic (melted beeswax and a torch) making landscape paintings. I have been doing it for several years and have had success in sales but I would like to sale on FB , Etsey and IG. However, I am a bad speller and don’t feel like I have anything to write about that is very interesting to others. I have a website showing my work but it seems to attract other artists, not buyers. In the past ,when I have had Open Studio tours, again, I attract other artists wanting to learn how I paint and very few art buyers. I’m in a few gallery’s and sales are slow plus I pay them a 50% commission. I think I would be enthusiastic if I knew what to do and understood the logic but for now, it just seems draining. I’m just not sure if it is possible to have success at online sales for such big ticket items. What say you?

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Great question, Paula! This is such an in depth topic that Marie created a whole business training program to help creative, heart-centered entrepreneurs grow their businesses. Outside of that, she has a ton of free videos about building a meaningful business that you may find helpful: We’re rooting for you!

  53. Melissa

    Thanks, Marie and Gabby, for your wonderful insights. Marie’s book is fabulous and I can’t wait to start reading Gabby’s.

    I’m wondering how one can find the line between helpful action and pushing. I definitely have the belief that if I don’t do it, nobody else will. After lots of helpful therapy I’m living my life a new way, with new, healthier beliefs and attitudes but I think I may impatient and pushing! Is there a particular feeling about or hallmark of pushing versus helpful effort?

  54. I liked the idea of being grateful even though I’m not happy with everything in my life.

    Thank you for another excellent MarieTV!

  55. Very useful conversation! 22 minutes in: I’m the opposite. I’m an experienced writer but not confident about selling. I’ve published multiple non-fiction books. But I’m transitioning to fiction. To thinking big as well. Any advice?

  56. I want to add that the two things that really stood out for me in the conversation were the scaled emotions on the way to joy–allowing for real emotions, and the reminder to ask for help and support, that I don’t have to figure it all out on my own. Great conversation! Thank you!

  57. Lorrie

    Two amazing women! Marie…I just loved how you “ held space” for Gabby today. You didn’t interview her, you held a caring, supportive and loving space for her to inspire us. It was awesome??.

  58. I love that there are these visual moods to monitor and aspire to. Getting that clear about what is possible is so helpful. Thank you both for having this critically important conversation on how to lean toward the magic/beauty/life and LOVE.

  59. Yes, synchrodestiny and letting go of our intentions to control our outcomes is key. How cool is that, I just purchased Gabby’s book, The Universe has your back, via a link of inspiration from Evan Carmichael. Meant to be!

  60. I absolutely needed this. Thank You. I love the idea of “forgiving the thought”, then handing it over. As someone with a personality much like these ladies, who thinks I have to take action on everything, I find that concept simultaneously challenging and a relief. I have already started using the concept of “I welcome a higher power to help me out here.” Powerful stuff.

    • Renee – Team Forleo

      Yay, Sarah! It’s true –– forgiveness and releasing thoughts is truly a game changer, especially when you’re in overwhelm or burnout. We’re so glad this talk found you when it was supposed to.

  61. I had postpartum depression, and watched my marriage disintegrate, so I can empathize with what Gabby was saying, and yes it was a journey to change a tiny bit each day!
    It is so interesting too, I just wrote a blog about making choices about the negative voices we carry in our heads. It’s biggest challenge, and my biggest take away from this conversation – tiny changes, make a decision about bring joy into our lives.
    Thank you

  62. Johanna Komar

    I love the appreciation game!!! I am using that one with my nephews. 🙂

  63. My biggest take away is about appreciation – even in the hardest moments. My daughter (18) suffers from severe mental health issues since 2013. It has been absolutely draining at times, but since shifting to focusing on what I appreciate about her in the moments she’s not having a panic attack or crisis or suicidal/self-harming… I see things start to shift. I shared the link to this video for her – not sure she’ll listen to it, but as her mom I’ll do my best to model the attitude of gratitude and appreciation to hopefully continue to shift things in the right direction so that she can start to feel good again! Thank you!! I’ll be getting Gabby’s book as soon as I’m done listening to yours Marie 🙂 (Everything IS figureoutable)!

    • Renee – Team Forleo

      Oh, Helene! Thank you for this lovely note. We’re honored you’re sharing this talk with your daughter. I actually sent it straight to my mom and sister as well. And we’re so glad you’re enjoying Everything is Figureoutable, and you’re right… it is! Thank you for being a part of our world.

  64. Wow moment. At the very time your conversation turned to guidance, I was having an epiphany that I was guided to watch this episode of MarieTV. Then Gabby said that it may have been your guide that led you to watch this episode of MarieTV. What??? I am feeling so grateful and thankful to have your inspiration!

  65. Wow! What a great interview. Love both Gabby and Marie. All you need is a conversation between these two ladies along with Kris Carr. That would be so awesome!

  66. Vanessa

    Thank you so much for this! it’s coming in such a great timing when one goes through confusions and chaos within. I can totally resonate with all that Gabby said and her techniques. When you got it bad enough and sicken tire of the sickening tire, all you want to do is to look for the next happiness moment and that is the place to start. I like that chart, it shows that you are on the right track to recover and there’s hope in the chaos that we are facing.
    Love, light and many thanks and blessing to you Marie and Gabby. Please keep on doing what you’re doing. You’re the guiding light to us all.

  67. This came to my eyes at the right moment. By the way, I bought your book and I’m loving it.

  68. While feeling at a very low point in my life … this episode with Marie and Gabby made me feel inspired and hopeful. Thank you for sharing! You’ve helped me to lift another burden to blessings. I believe sharing is caring! Blessings to all!

  69. Gabby and Marie,
    Thank you for sharing this with all of us. For some reason, this email caught my eye and I felt led to watch the entire interview. It was exactly what I needed to hear. I ordered Gabby’s new book on Audible and will be listening to it this week.
    Thank you again,

  70. This came into my inbox just when I needed it. I feel sad and disgruntled with the progress of my business and some of my relationships. I even saw Gabby’s book last night in the department store and picked it up and thought, next time. Today I’m going to go back and get it now. Thanks Marie and Gabby, very inspiring interview. Loved it. Ignore the hater’s Gabby, the right people who need you are the ones to reach out to.

    • Renee – Team Forleo

      Thank you so much for sharing this with us, Tina! Isn’t it funny how the universe nudges us and then sends a louder reminder to get our attention? So glad you’re heading back to grab Gabby’s book! Please know all of us on Team Forleo are cheering you on in your business and life, and we’re honored to have you in our world.

  71. John Garland

    I have been taught a phrase that lines up with what you two talked about which is; “If it’s to be, it’s up to me.” I loved how you go about making all these things you have done to get out of that mindset and wish to share the simplicity of how I was able to be delivered from that same trap. I’m thankful that I had an old saying to fall back on which made all the difference in the world to me. All I did was to add two words to that mantra which allowed me to shift out of that funk. It is; “If it’s to be, it’s up to me and you.” Whether a physical, or non-physical entity that the “you” is, doesn’t matter. What matters is that you “allow” others in to help you do the task at hand.

  72. Zdenka

    Hi, I was guided this morning (I’m sure I was ?) to listen to this beautiful interview. Thank you.
    I was listening to you and taking notes, sometimes paused, that I could write down everything what inspired me, I even took screenshots.
    Best takeaways:
    – commitment to feel better,
    – 3-step choose again method step.
    Than you for a great interview and to both of you for beautiful thoughts. I appreciate you both so much. ?
    All the best from Slovenia ??‍♀️

  73. Sara

    I love you both so much.
    And I need some help from the both of you actually.
    I read a lot and listen a lot to the two of you, Kris Carr, Tony Robbins, Michael Singer, Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer, Oprah, Eckhart Tolle Deepak Chopra, … to all of you beautiful souls.
    But I am confused a bit. Because I noticed there are kind of two camps.
    CAMP 1 is all about taking action, goalsetting, knowing what you want and go for it!
    Tony Robbins even says he doesn’t believe the positive affirmation method, he is more the results kind of man, which I Like! And for starting a business is your way, Marie, -taking action- the best, in my opinion.
    BUT then there is CAMP 2 which I also LOVE a lot, and camp 2 is about letting go of the ego, trusting in the Universe, Positive affirmation and manifesting your dreams, setting an intention and letting it go to the Universe.
    I like the sound of that too! But isn’t that a bit conflicting with camp number one?
    To be more specific, I am stuck at my job, there is a LOT of negativity and it drags me in that dark place sometimes.
    Here, with the help of positive thinking (knowledge from this beautiful book ‘The Universe Has Your Back’) I try to bring love and light to my job (not the easiest to do, but a lot of days, it helps me get through the day).
    Now I REALLY want to find my purpose in life and work on MY business, something that gives me a sense of contribution and satisfaction.
    But for this to happen I really want the two camps working together, but Isn’t that a bit conflicting.. Can I let go of my ego, and be ambitious (building my business) at the same time?

    • Renee – Team Forleo

      Hi Sara! You’ve articulated this question so well, and it’s actually something I think about a lot personally. Where’s that balance between non-striving, letting the universe speak and guide, *and* taking inspired action?

      In my opinion and experience, the balance is in the “and.” The universe is intelligent and giving *and* I must choose my actions and steps forward. It’s kind of like the saying, “The universe/God helps those who help themselves.” I once heard a mindset / Law of Attraction Coach say “Throw everything at it!” which I took to mean: Yes, use positive affirmations if they resonate with you. *And* set goals and take small actions towards your dreams every day. When I hear an expert give advice that doesn’t resonate with me, I simply acknowledge it and move on. No one has all the answers, and our intuition is our greatest ally in seeking truth.

      All that to say… trust what resonates and feels true to you. Either way, we’re cheering you on big time, Sara! Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.

  74. My biggest take-away is that I can take little steps toward a better emotional state. I’m still not sure how that will look for me, but by being open to the possibility already gives me hope to ‘give it over’ and make space for something new and a little better. Thanks for this challenging and inspiring episode.

    • mindy

      Absolutely loved this episode. You and Gabby exude such love and positivity for all that you do. Both of you are such terrific role models. Thank you for all you do. I echo the comment of the other viewer. Focus on your fans. There are so many and each day you make the world a better and more vibrant place with your loving messages and positivity. You both rock. Keep the momentum going and never lose the faith. You are making a tremendous impact on so many of us.

  75. Arthur Trinchera

    Bravo Marie! Another super encouraging interview. I liked the part about appreciation not necessarily meaning, I’m happy about. Gratitude lists have always felt a little…well cheesy and inauthentic for me, partly because of depression. I appreciate the reminder that I can be grateful for the lessons in a struggle and for what it may be trying to reveal. This is my first ever comment! Thank you for what you do and make available free. I’ve watched dozens of Marie TVs after stumbling across one by accident. I keep coming back!!
    Much love,

  76. Linda Hopkins, LCSW-R

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! I loved Gabby’s point(s) about working toward the next highest thought. I too had a terrible bout of postpartum anxiety and depression. My youngest son was born in May 2001. I felt joyous and complete until 9/11/2001 when I was home in upstate NY and I got the news of the first of the Twin Towers being hit by a plane. My hands still shake thinking about that moment as the body always remembers. I returned to work as a high school social worker a couple days later and began supporting all the trauma filled young people of my commiunity. But after my days were done, I would fall apart in fear. As a mental health professional I knew I had to go back into therapy. It was a long life changing road but between therapy and medication I made my way back to myself. In fact I made my way to the beginning of a better me who acknowleges and comfronts fears to the best of my abilty. Thank you Gabby for the reminder of progress not perfection. Because the Joy is always in the journey. And Marie, you book is great!!!! I am on my second reading. there are so many amazing reminders for me and new skills and resources. I pray that you will both keep doing your amazing work and I will receive it with gratitude.
    Be Well, Linda Hopkins

    • Renee – Team Forleo

      Linda! Thank you so much for this lovely and encouraging message. We so appreciate you sharing your heart and story with us. The emotional guidance scale was a huge lightbulb moment for me as well! If we can just shift up slightly, it makes the whole idea of “choosing our emotions” a lot less overwhelming. Thank you for being in our world, Linda!

  77. Magdalena

    Thank you Marie and Gabby!

    After watching this intevirew I feel inspired to write my own book and launch a carrier in Self-Help department. When I SEE women like you who are so glamorous and goergous in ever way I feel that I don’t have what it takes to be succesful. But then when I HEAR you share all the struggles you both go through and it makes me realise how human and REAL you are just like the rest of us… I know sounds so silly but unfortunately screens way too often are responsible for many reality distorions…
    SO again huge THANK YOU to you both for making this conversation so relatable and inspiring at the same time! Ahhh what would I do without you?!

    Please, ladies keep doing what you are doing as you’re my greatest source of hope and inspiration.

    With lots of love,


    • Renee – Team Forleo

      Yay!! We love this, Magdalena! This is exactly why Marie and Gabby always do their best to tell the whole story from the very beginning. We all start somewhere, and you don’t go from zero to full-blown MarieTV set overnight. We’re honored this talk resonated with you, and thank you for being a part of our world.

  78. Observe your fear, and then you know what you need to work on. It really does pinpoint what you need to work on. So that helped me. Thank you

  79. So grateful for this episode! thank you both! I love you both so much, and all you contribute. Two superpowers for me. I love the reminder of how to choose to get out of the negative feeling. I loved the suggestion to play the appreciation game in the morning with the family. Just watching you two raised my vibe so much! So much love to both!

  80. Liz

    Reaching for the next good thought and then the next one, in order to pull yourself out of a funk.

  81. So grateful for this episode. Such a beautiful reminder. Sleep peacefully my beautiful child, it,s okay to be afraid. Ask for guidance and hand your worries, fears and blocks over to the universe. You,ll inmediately feel better. You are loved and always taken care of. Thank you, thank you, thank you beautiful souls.

  82. AMAZING, AMAZING… AMAZING STUFF! You both are my main gurus! How awesome it was to watch this episode! ☺️ I think the biggest insight I got from this was the final point of appreciation. Gaby’s right, you can’t feel bad when you appreciate something, and that will lead us to the next good feeling. I’m already halfway through Marie’s new book and I’m ordering Gaby’s new book right NOW! Congratulations to you both on your successes and thank you for being prime examples that our gifts are better served (and life is more meaningful!) by living in service to the world. ❤️

    • Renee – Team Forleo

      Yay! I loved that lightbulb moment too. I find that gratitude/appreciation almost *always* turns my attitude around and instantly calms any anxiety/anger/resentment etc. What a powerful tool! Thank you for sharing these kind words with us, Lauren, and keep shining your light. Happy reading!

  83. I am Grateful for Marie TV and Gabby’s & your message today. There were so many Wonderful Nuggets. The one that is moving me is about the transformative power of Gratitude and Appreciation. After this (which is also my first ever comment here), I am going to go water my garden and lift my vibration. Thank you! Kindly, Dawn.

  84. Benson Modie

    Thank you Marie and Gabby for this powerful and inspirational conversation. The best lessons in life are free!!

  85. Lisa

    Hi Marie,
    the most interesting thing for me personally was the emotional scale actually! It’s quiet hard to find a way to change your negative thoughts or transform them into something better. Although I know that things are never black and white, the opposite of “negative” is often easily said to be “positive” – but the switch from negative to positive is so hard and big, which is why the scale gives you an AMAZING guidance on how to get there step by step! Thanks so much you both, I enjoyed listening to your powerful words. Best from Berlin, Lisa <3

    • Jennifer - Team Forleo

      So glad this message resonated with you so deeply, Lisa, thank you so much for sharing!

  86. Leonardo Medina

    Hello Marie,
    I’m glad I have watched this interview with Gabby and also read most of the replies here. I couldn’t agree more with such great ideas and guidances. I’m going, however, to give a special to the power of appreciation, you have so beautifully used to close the interview. That is a most valuable idea, that one must appreciate and be thankful for everything; even for the haters as they have made Gabby to concentrate on helping others even more. We can see that in the Bible (1 Thessalonians 5:18 “Give thanks for everything. This is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.”).
    So thank you for your work. I appreciate your your help and guidance, always reminding us that in a crazy world like this is there are still lots of people that deserve the very best.

  87. Kay

    Hearing how Gabby handled her haters was such a gift. I have a person in my life who is my hater. He thinks I owe him money from a business dealing we had over 6 years ago. About once a year he tracks me down and leaves voicemails and emails threatening to press charges. Although I know I didn’t do anything wrong, usually when he contacts me I spiral into a sea of shame, defensiveness, and blame. But I took inspiration from Gabby and now when my brain wants the chew on my hater I divert it to all the people who love and respect me. It only sticks for about an hour at a time but it’s been delightful to spend time with so many of my favorite memories. Then it occurred to me that the critical voices in my head are like those Facebook haters. I’ve always thought I needed to pay attention to all criticisms. But pivoting to my positive thoughts is my new plan. Thanks Gabby and Marie!

    • Sarah - Team Forleo

      Beautifully said, Kay! It’s so powerful to realize we have control over what gets our attention. Thanks for being here and tuning in.

  88. Fran

    I decided to watch this episode at home during my lunch break from my 9-5 and I’m so happy that I did. I’ve been feeling a bit discouraged lately, fashion design is something that I have wanted to continue since graduating from the program in 2002. After I graduated, I was a bit lost, I moved back home to a very industrial city, and I ended up working different jobs that I wasn’t enjoying. I went back to school in 2007 for something completely opposite, nursing. I have now worked in nursing for almost 9 years, my job satisfaction is quite low (I work in an office environment, not hospital nursing). I’ve been feeling like a piece of me is missing for a long, long time…I have booked my designing, pattern making, and sewing time weekly which is helping, but I absolutely want more than that which has been challenging at times.
    After I watched this episode, I decided to ask out loud to my guides and spiritual guides if I should continue on the path of pursuing fashion design. I asked, am I crazy? Show me a sign that I should continue on this path towards a full time career in fashion design. The next night, I checked my email and my brother-in-law emailed me and said he ran into an old coworker that he hasn’t seen in 22 years who is now a successful fashion designer. He got her email and she said it was ok for me to email her to talk about fashion design! I was floored, I was honestly a big frozen and still sort of am. I’m planning on emailing her by Monday. 🙂
    Thank you Marie and Gabby for this episode! I feel the support from my guides, and it has confirmed that I am in fact on the right path and to keep going! XO

  89. Ask for help – this was big for me. I’m always believing that only I can build my dreams with no help from the outside world. It only takes you so far ( ie not very) and the joy, community and love from others is so much more rewarding

  90. I loved this interview and I adore you both so much! Every night when I lay down to go to sleep I think about and thank God for all the things I am thankful for and for what I appreciate in that day or in my life. But not so often do I actually say those things to the people around me every day that are or share those blessings. I love the idea of the appreciation game! I’m going to start playing for sure!

    Love you both! XOXO


    This was one of my all-time favorite Marie TV episodes. Two things I will take away: the three step-choose again method (I live in fear and blocks waaaayyy too much) and the power of appreciation. So what I feel stuck? So what I don’t yet know the point of the memoir I am writing? So what I still feel guilty I couldn’t help my mentally ill mother live a better life? I have roof over my head. A job to go to every day. A small set of friends who care. Thank you, Marie and Gabby for these important reminders. xo

  92. Brilliant, wise minds… Love this conversation so much.
    I recently experienced some SA power when I had to let go of some volunteer work I was doing. Managing a Facebook group for an animal rescue group was basically taking over and I wasn’t focused on my branding/communications business.
    It was extremely tough to pull away because, same as Gabby, I was in the whole (hole?) ‘if I didn’t do it, who would?’ mindset.
    And I was in deep because I had found something (animal rescue & welfare) that I knew truly mattered. The kind of volunteer work that I want to do for the rest of my life.
    Anyway, I knew I had to hand things over for now and we did find someone who I was confident enough in to do so.
    Letting it all go was difficult, and I’m still involved with Tails of Istanbul, but I can see how much time I was putting in (crazy amounts)… Now I am putting that into my business and clients are popping up and Sara is getting paid!
    Which means I can donate a bit of money instead of my time for now 🙂

    But the other totally amazing thing that happened is with a small fundraiser I set up to help two dogs who were being abused on the street in Turkey. The rescue effort was successful, but costs were getting out of control as one of the dogs had been diagnosed with leishmania and needed a very expensive medication.
    Cue me getting quite worried about how to raise the extra money…
    So yesterday I got on Instagram and Facebook to share the progress of the dogs and what they needed.
    $25 came in.
    Then another $25.
    This morning I woke up to a PayPal notification that someone had donated $350!
    This wasn’t a friend or family member who felt sorry for me…
    I have NO idea who this person is.
    (She donated anonymously to the campaign, but I do have her name so currently trying to find and thank her.)
    I don’t know if I’m a Super Attractor, but there’s no doubt this donation was a MIRACLE!
    I guess my point in this long post is that when we let go, other doors will open to allow us to do the work and be of service.
    I think I have faith in that now.

  93. Sarah - Team Forleo

    Amazing, Sara!! We’re so proud of you for following your instincts and putting your focus where it needs to be. And for finding new ways to contribute to the cause that speaks to you so deeply. Bravo!

  94. Casey

    I stumbled across Gabby earlier this year at the very, very beginning stages of this new journey I’m about to embark and I have become a huge fan as I learn more and more. Marie and Gabby, you are a huge inspiration to everyone you touch. I love the references to Abraham! I, too, have been seeing more and more of Abraham around me in conversations and in social media, and I am SO excited to read this book. Thank you for an uplifting and inspiring episode. xo

    • Maja - Team Forleo

      We’re so happy it resonated with you, Casey!

  95. Jen

    I have no words…..I am listening to the part about Guides and them putting things in front of us. I have never watched an episode of MarieTV before this episode and I had not heard of Gabby until recently and when I got the email I felt compelled to listen. I have a million other things to do but this seemed like what I was supposed to be doing right now. I am getting soooo much out of this episode! First of all I just started my spiritual journey a year ago and was having trouble aligning with a belief system about the universe, angels, guides etc. So I decided to just believe in what I believed in and own it. I can totally relate to all the things Gabby is talking about and feel like I have found my people! I have done a lot of work on me for three years to uncover who I really am and nurture the scared little girl who hid from the violence as a child.

    I currently am picking my jaw off the ground because of what I am hearing and it is so validating – not that I need that anymore – it just feels really really good! Keep on doing your thing ladies! You are changing lives and helping women!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Jen, we’re SO happy you’re here! You’re absolutely being guided, and we love knowing that Gabby’s words are resonating and validating for you. You’re in the perfect place, and we can’t wait to share more inspiration with you soon! Thank you so much for watching.

  96. Mary

    The emotional scale: can try to immediately apply it. Thank you Gabby- your book will be next on my reading list-after I finish Marie‘s!

  97. Thank you for this 🙂
    If we do something there will be people who would not like what we do, how we do thinks ect. This episode was remaider for me. It’s ok if someone don’t like our way… and it’s not teling we do something wrong. That mean they’re road is different.

    • Renee – Team Forleo

      Absolutely, Marta! It’s so true –– no matter what we do, we’ll never please everyone. So we might as well be ourselves and share our work with the world! Keep shining your light.

      • Thank you :*
        Best wishes

  98. Paula Racaru

    Thank you with all my heart! ❤️
    I need a guidance to unblock my limited belief of unabundance.
    I am a blessed Mother of three Angeles, two boys and a girl, divorced, and knowing that I am supported always. Even so, somethimes I lose my hope. Can you came to Romania to help me, help others to achive self love, alignement, divine power and loveing support?

  99. After years of working the process to build my business, 50+ articles on LinkedIn, and my blog, a website that follows the CopyCure formula, I wish I could attract anyone, including haters. At least I would know someone was paying attention. I just seem to be invisible.

  100. Thank you for this extremely interesting conversation. It was amazing!

  101. lluca111

    Thanks Marie thanks to you I tried to get more out of my life and I succeeded
    thank you very much

  102. Appreciation game. That is a great advice.

  103. Cristina Ayala

    I had already the read the book by the time I found this interview and I’m so happy I stumbled upon this episode. It helped me refresh my memory about what I read in the book. Gabby is one of my favorite authors and Marie is one of my favorite people in the world, so to see them both in one screen made me cheer with so much joy!

  104. Ira

    Hi, I really love you reminded me that even though I am in the difficult situation it’s an opportunity for responding the situation with love ❤️ .

    • Jennifer - Team Forleo

      Ah, so good Ira! So glad this came at just the right time.

  105. Gene

    The important and relevant piece of info I really needed to hear again is how your guides are there for you, thankyou for reminding us!

  106. This was so wonderful. Gabby, thank you for your authenticity and transparency about the ups & downs of life. I too got hit with postpartum depression, and it was absolutely the decision to “feel better” that got me out of it (along with support, therapy, etc)… the decision to do the next right thing, over and over again. I wanted to ask the Forleo team, if there is a PDF or photo of that awesome & profound list of emotions that Gabby shares? Thank you!

    • Natalie

      found it online, thank you, and sorry! <3

  107. Marta

    Thank you Marie and Gabby a lot. The similar situation happened to me. I got upset and offended. Somebody humiliated me. It took me three days and nights to contemplate on that and it made me feel worse and worse. On the 4th day I told myself to forgive that person, let it go and live my life. From that time on, I felt relieved and peaceful with myself. I heard this forgiveness thing from an old woman before. I put it into practice and it worked.
    This time again you reinforced the knowledge I have.

    • Jennifer - Team Forleo

      Marta, so glad this episode helped reinforce what you’ve already put in practice in your life. It sounds like you navigated that challenging situation really well!

  108. at first i did feel like giving up not until i was inspired by your posts that made my me start my own vlog. click my name to see it!

  109. ENRICO

    In my opinion we must stop looking for ourselves and try to create ourselves, but at the same time when we start to find the right balance, even if we could always look for more and better, we must repeat that we are already enough!

  110. Dannielle Benevento

    I Love you both! Gabby when my brother died of suicide years ago. You reached back to me. Your book the universe has your back got me through some difficult days. I want to tell you how important your honesty, and truth in being vulnerable to share your postpartum is. It’s important to be aware and remember that contrast exists on our journey so that we can create. That we are not failing, or fucking up when we fall out of alignment. Since our exchange my brothers wife also passed away. Through substance, unrequited love, and interior living I have not been able to find or even remember what alignment is for years. This is where I get to thank you Marie. I have been in psychotherapy to heal. I had some frames and a deep belief that we were all flailing about out here, that there isn’t purpose, that we can screw things up beyond repair. It was like I played a retro Nintendo game of Mario brothers lost too many lives and felt the only answer was to hit the reset button to get a fresh start. After reading your book Everything is figuroutable I was able to get back into alignment with awareness that Love is all around us, and clarity that I matter here on this planet.
    Even after having a moment of clarity like Byron Katie did.. Mine was with my little puppy instead of a bug. I still could not stay in alignment and feel that I mattered. The angels and God were being so deliberate with me I totally thought I was a charity case and people were setting me up in some sort of real life experience to heal me. Now I know it was God.
    This is how powerful your work is and your books. (Both of you). Your compassion, clarity, and take action steps have lead me into a life that is a new happy experience. That being said I am on the move without depression now, in part of your ripple effect in a life of wonder and the joy of service. Not everyday but most, thank you for the tools Gabby in this episode to surrender when contrast pops up again. From the deepest part of my heart, thank you both for loving so much that my soul heard you even in the darkest of hours. Now on a brighter note I’m here in alignment, taking action steps, healing as we always are, and in love with seeing people light up. Now this is where the fun is right here, right, now in wonder of what is unfolding.
    Signing off in love
    (ready to get this party started). ..Or rather this party is underway : )

    • Kate - Team Forleo

      Danneille! Our hearts are so full and bright reading this! Thank you so much for being here with us, for sharing so vulnerably, and for being willing to take steps forward.

      We’re deeply grateful that Gabby and Marie’s books found you at the right times. Isn’t it amazing how the Universe works? You’ve been through challenging times, and we’re so grateful that you’re healing and that you’re seeing others light up, heal, and have fun, too!

      We’re sending you enormous Team Forleo love, and we’re cheering for you! Thanks again for being part of our community. ?

  111. Really nice conversation/video – I too have been through af rough period so this was definitely helpful.
    I don’t really have anything to add other than that 🙂

    Thank you for your site. I really find it inspirational.

    • Jennifer - Team Forleo

      So glad it was helpful, Maria, and hoping things are changing for the better! Keeping you in our thoughts!

  112. Insight: Wow, I LOVE Gabby and her teachings and I want… I neeeed to read Super Attractor!
    What action can I take? That’s easy! Buy her book!


  113. I like to listen to it again and again. Every time I’m taking something new.
    Thank you Marie. Thank you Gabby.
    Thank you Team Forleo.

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