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I am so overjoyed because I’m writing to you from . . .

SUNNY Los Angeles!!!

For years, I’ve dreamed of escaping the frosty East Coast winters. And for the past two years, Josh and I have made that dream a reality.

I feel so blessed and grateful to be here in Cali right now!!

Plus, later today Team Forleo will be arriving here for our company retreat.

Everyone is staying together at a pretty sweet lil’ beach house (can you say PAJAMA partaay?!?) and I am SO darn excited to spend quality time with my girls.

Since we’re a 100% virtual team, it’s important for us to spend time together in person.

So the next few days are dedicated to connection, having fun, and dreaming up new creative ideas to help YOU create a life you love.

We’ll post some pics on Facebook so be sure to check us out there.

Now for today’s new episode of MarieTV, I have a beautiful treat for you.

Giving more is the essence of abundance. @GabbyBernstein Click To Tweet

I’m sharing new insights from one of my dearest friends, a woman I was honored to appear on Oprah with…

Ms. Gabby Bernstein.

If you’re game to deepen your spiritual practice and learn how to consciously bring more miracles into your life, you’re gonna love today’s show.

You’ll also see a side of Gabby that you may have never seen before. (hint: she’s more of a goofball than most people know – which is why I adore her!!)

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Check out this episode on The Marie Forleo Podcast

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Click here to read a sample and grab your copy of May Cause Miracles.

Or watch our earlier show with Gabby with the how to’s of manifesting.

Now, Gabby and I would love to hear from YOU!

Remember, the first step in creating miracles is to witness to what is not working in your life and be willing for it to shift.

Right now, take an inventory of your life to see what you are done with and ready to let go.

Then in the comments below tell us two things.

1. What are you willing to shift?
2. What you are moving towards and how can we, the community, help?

Be brave and express yourself below. I’m so excited to support you!

Thank you as always, for reading, watching and sharing yourself in this beautiful community.

All my California love,


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  1. I am willing to make the shift to putting myself out there in front instead of being the wing woman. Love being in the wings and backstage, but hope this year to be more comfortable with “being seen” mode as I know this will help me to serve others better in my work.

    • Laura, if you’re an actor or performer of some sort I 100% support your shift! I’m an actor myself and I know exactly what you mean.

      Omg, I LOVED Gabby’s Cartman impersonation!

      I really wanna shift my comparison attitude I have about this one particular person. It’s been coming up more and more over the last couple of months and I am DONE.

      My thought air-time is for my shiz, not someone elses. I am gonna move toward love, spreading it around like honey – especially at this one person if my mind decides to wander yet again. And also go within.

      I’ve already pre-ordered May Cause Miracles and am patiently waiting for it to pop up in my letterbox. Can’t wait!xx

      • Hey Elise…

        Agh! The comparison attitude can wipe me out. I continue to untangle this part of myself because it only results in confusion and action-paralysis in my world. One shift I have made recently (when I start to compare myself to others and lose perspective) is to thank the person.

        My old response was insta-jealousy which resulted in me shrinking. My new response (while not automatic yet…it’s a practice) is:

        “Thank you for showing me what is possible.”

        My big shift this year? Authenticity. My desire is to make every expression of myself authentic and aligned with the core of who I am. This involves peeling away some emotional layers that feel “mod podged” on pretty good. I ordered Gabby’s book as well – to help with this sometimes painful process. Can’t wait!

        This interview was a beautiful way to start the day:)

        • Helen

          Thanks Deana and Elise,

          Comparing myself to others is the recurring theme in my life which keeps me stuck in self pity and frozen in my insecurities. I seem to run a mantra of ‘I’m not good enough, pretty enough, young enough etc etc to have what they have’ and constantly compare myself with my peers and ending up feeling that I’m lacking.

          I love what you said about authenticity, its the second time I’ve heard it in the last few days so I’m taking note!

          I’m willing to look at my old patterns of thinking and make the shift to be authentic. I’ve been practicing gratitude over the last year which has definitely made a positive shift. I’ve recently started being grateful for all my negative feelings too instead of denying the fact they are there!

          Thanks Marie for a great episode.

          • Lylah

            I so relate to everything you beautiful women have said here. I am really ready to let go of comparisons, myself. Deana, I love your new practice of thanking the person you are comparing yourself to. I am going to begin that practice too. 🙂

            Thank you for sharing. It’s empowering to hear from everyday, awesome women.


        • Hi Deana,

          I just want to say that I LOVE that idea of responding with gratitude when jealousy rises up. I’ve been experiencing that a bit lately, too, and I hate it. It feels so ugly, and yet it happens. I’m definitely going to make that a part of my practice. Thank you for sharing the idea!

        • Deana, thank you so much for sharing that with us.

          I am definitely going to start using gratitude as a form of healing my way out of jealousy rather than getting angry at myself and then punishing myself for feeling that way.

          I also just read a really awesome affirmation by Denide Duffield-Thomas, “Good things are happening for me too. My lucky break is just around the corner.” And as some of you know, she is becoming wildly successful with what she does!

          I also believe that when you become fixated on what someone else is doing, you lose sight of what it is you want and what you’re doing – even though you already know what it is you wanna do! You second guess yourself, so I think working on your own faith in yourself (with the help of spirit/universe) is key as well.

          Helen and Kate, we can DO this. We’re not alone in how we feel and we are totes courageous babes for admitting how we feel. xx


        • I agree with you ENTIRELY Deana – I could have written your comment myself! It’s scary, isn’t it? But I realised I’m closing off closeness and deeper connections by ‘editing’ who sees which side of me… and caring less if they don’t like it!

          Also – I am constantly reminded of something Marie said in one of her videos, (paraphrasing) – There’s room for everybody, don’t think competition, think abundance!!

          So, to tie up both those shifts…. my wee mantra is: I’m not going to lose out, unless I sell out. 🙂

          • Oops! I missed the other commenters’ comments! I’m so glad we’re not alone and can connect like this lemme tell ya.

      • Kate

        Hi Elise!

        I’m with you:) That comparison stuff is rough. I’d like to shift my comparison attitude towards another, as well! I loved what you said about your thought air time! My first step, thanks to your fun phrasing, can be to be more conscious of my own thoughts and start by replacing those thoughts with kindness towards myself:)

        • i’ve struggled with this type of thought all my life. inspired by my meditation practice, every time those ugly thoughts pop into my noggin and i feel a flush of jealousy or impatience, i actively send the person i’m “hating on” a message of congratulations or appreciation or support and that jealousy immediately dissipates. and time and time again people respond to my support with a big “THANK YOU”! when my successful peers achieve, they are not doing it to anger me or make me feel bad – b/c it has nothing to do with me. i see more clearly that they are on their path, doing what they are supposed to be doing. and so am i. my purpose is different. and when i achieve my goals, i know those same, once enviable, people will lift me up the way i did them. and if they don’t, others will. when we consciously create our karma with intent and wholesomeness, we have the best chance for balance, success and peace. and like gabby said, once you do something for 40 days (or even 3 weeks), the tiny shift occurs and we find our new normal. thanks to all of the girls above who wrote so openly and honestly. it’s nice to know i’m not alone in my struggles with comparison. and marie, you’re doing great work. peace, ladies!

      • Sarah

        Beautiful episode, Marie + Gabby! It super inspiring how passionate you are about changing people’s lives. I love the piece about willingness. I think that is HUGE in making lasting change in our lives. I’m now willing to give more educational resources in my business. This is something I’ve thought of doing for awhile. But, now I want to really go for it because giving is the best thing to do. I believe LEADING with giving is the way to run a business. You are a great example of this, Marie. Thanks again!

    • Ready to recognize all of the potential that I know I have inside and manifesting that into reality. I started following Marie a few months ago. One of the BIGGEST things I have learned is to just let people own their own crap. For whatever reason my mother will never be pleased or understand anything I do unless it is benefiting her or making her look good. She is just not happy with me. Well you know what…..later for that crap.

      What I need to do is be less focused on trying SO hard to please her and be more focused on the positive things I am doing. After putting this practice into place for a couple of months now. I realized that me holding myself back from my TRUE potential could possibly be the result of being made to feel as if I am not worthy of all the good things I can create in the world. Maybe the entire time of me holding back has been a direct result of me being told that I am only good if….. (very conditional). I am a good person (meaning trying my best) MOST of the time. I have to love me flaws and all and build on that!

      I am still working on it. Being fearless is becoming more and more interesting as a possibility.

    • Hey Wallis, The world is so selfish I’m mean It not says until you says your self. When you became famous then you see you brother’s come to and praise your success though they criticize you before. I’ve a story just like you I really appreciate it cause it changed my life and Grow my confidence.

  2. Marie, this was right on time for me. I was just thinking today that I’m ready to move past the hurt, pain, and anger of my last relationship. I’ve held on to it for far too long (about 6 months) and I’m ready to be happy and free. And not reliving the painful past every single day.

    So I am ready to shift from a mindset of lack, unworthiness, and self-pity (in not having an intimate relationship for myself).

    I’m moving toward a mindset of abundance (where I’m happy for others because I know there are plenty of eligible men out there and one is for me) and great internal joy. Contentment in just being with myself and having the time and freedom to do whatever I want. Most importantly I’m moving towards being healthy for whoever is meant to come my way. I don’t know specifically how the community can help but I’d love to hear stories of how others have gotten over it.

    Thanks for sharing this topic!

    • Hi Lesley

      So glad to hear you’re ready to move pass the pain, it takes time to heal but when you start to realize what is possible
      you’ll be a world beater!
      I have been through a painfully relationship breakup along time ago & the realisation for me when the pain started to
      go was I actually don’t “need” a man, I “want” a man in my life. I thought I had to have a man in my life, I don’t know
      why?? But thankfully I figure it out.
      I wrote a long list of everything I wanted in a man & put it in my draw. Most of my girlfriends said I was mad that my
      list was “in your dreams” 18th months pass. Then this amazing man came into my life, I believe I healed to be a better
      person a much more giving understanding one.
      We have been in a relationship for 16yrs and still going strong even when times get tough we can still have a laugh.
      The list is still in my draw! lol
      Keep smiling and embrace the change

      Suzie x

      • OMG Suzie, your story is so inspirational! That’s just beautiful and really shows that letting go of pain and hurt and focusing on abundance works!

        This year I want to be more giving but outside of my work rather than inside it. I want to be more present and be far less obsessed with working non-stop. I want to write so badly and am literally grabbing pieces of paper from anywhere so I can spill my heart out. I’ve learnt from Marie that change takes practice so I’ll be practising positive thinking daily, meditating and giving more.

      • Angela


      • Suzie, wow thankyou for sharing! I am so exited for you. I loved when you said about the realisation of “wanting” rather than “needing”. I feel like that’s a beautiful thing to remember in so many facets of our lives, partners included.

        Elise, I’m an actor too and your shift really struck a chord for me. I’m going to work on this too! And my other immediate thought on a shift change is I am not going to fear success. I am going to embrace it and love it and really fall in love with the idea of loving being a successful 2013 lady, enjoying all the world has to throw at me this year.

        That talk was just too cool for school. Massively inspired now!

        Thanks for sharing everyone. These posts are deliriously intoxicating. x

        • Thanks Angelia, yes my realisation was a huge shift in my life.

      • Thanks Susie for sharing your story as well, it was very helpful. 🙂 I’ve been able to shift my perspective a little bit the last few days, but I’m still taking it one day at a time.


  3. “Even as the stone of the fruit must break, that its heart may stand in the sun, so must you know pain…. [A]ccept the seasons of your heart, even as you have always accepted the seasons that pass over your fields….” ~Kahlil Gibran, The Prophet, 1923

    I love hearing what Gabby has to say- thanks for bringing her back. I know personally that I focused on ‘making money on the internet’ and that my focus was totally off-base when I first started becoming active in ‘cyber-space’. My focus and direction has now changed. Also, I am very good at manifesting~ I just seem to manifest the wrong things into my life~ advice?

    • Hi Chas,

      I had to laugh when I read your comment. It’s so true about manifesting!! I’m the same way, and sometimes I find myself having to stop mid-thought and tell the Universe that I take it all back. Or I go, “Delete, delete, delete…” It seems a bit childish, but my mind wanders all over the place, and sometimes I contemplate scenarios that I should not be investing any of my thought energy into. And then there’s the heart…

      Maybe I think I want one thing, but the truth of my heart vibrates something else, and what do you think has stronger manifesting power…? The heart, of course!! I have found meditation to be my lifelong key to keeping my brain in check, as well as for developing conscious awareness of what my heart is up to.

      • Hi Sandra,

        I love the delete delete delete! That is a great tip! I was just thinking that adding the visual of watching the letters fall away as the words are deleted would be a great way to release the thought too. In my work, I see physical ways for people to rid themselves of those thoughts by snapping a rubber band on their wrist or getting down to do a push up but your “delete” is perfect if they are in a place where they can’t do the physical jolt to their thought.

  4. Hello Marie

    I love your videos, and your website. But today I was totally turned off and I want to tell you why and give a little unsolicited “perspective” to Gabby Bernstein.

    I started listening to your video and as soon as you said Gabby’s website I immediately opened up a new tab to check it out while I was listening to you. It soon became apparent that I couldn’t see anything except her home page without creating an account or connecting via one my social media accounts. I couldn’t even get to the about page!

    I know that statistically these pop up sign in and sign up forms are effective, but they also communicate something about the site/business/person. If Gabby is a “thought leader” then she is communicating that she is a pushy “thought leader”. I closed out the tab and stopped your video. I am totally not interested in listening or learning from someone that is that pushy.

    The reason I take a hard stance on this issue is because I am a freelance web developer and I totally frown on the whole pop up give me your email address or connect with me in your face experience. Just because something is effective doesn’t mean it’s inline with how you want your business perceived.

    Sorry for the rant, but she sounds promising and someone needs to give her the flip-side perspective on those pop ups so she can make a better informed decision. —You don’t have to approve this comment, just pass it along to Gabby.

    • Jules, did you go to Gabrielle’s website ? It’s her personal website, and I think it’s more of what you’re looking for…

    • Rachel

      Hey Jules, is a social networking site so like how you have to login/sign-up to facebook and twitter to be able to use it. Her future is the same. I assume it may also help in mediating the people who sign up as its a women only site. If you want to know more about Gabby check out no logging in / sign-up required.

    • Raquel Meyer


      It’s a social networking site, not a standard website. You should give it another look. I think you’ll like it. And I’m glad you made the comment, or I wouldn’t have looked it up out of curiosity.

      Give it another look.

    • Jessica

      Hey! Totally hear you – I will challenge you to witness your judgement right now and see if it is a reflection of something else personal and not about Gabby. She is a truly radiant woman and maybe if you put your other hang ups aside, you can see the beauty in her teachings.

      • Great challenge Jessica, love it!

      • I’m willing to shift ‘playing small’ small in my business, my finances and my actions. I’m ready to step up and shine in all area’s of my life!

  5. I am shifting into allowing more and more goodies to come to me. Expecting more and expecting the best for ourselves is something that most of us need training at.

    But it feels great and opens our minds into possibilities that we could have otherwise missed! 🙂

  6. Thanks Gabby, I so believe “a miracle is a shift in perspective” Love how you said that! Last year for me was about shifting, changing & doing but this year is about putting all I have learnt into action.

    My fabulous partner has been through a lot over the pass 6months, he resigned from his job of 34 years and was the boss for 20 of those years, it was a great decision but such a big change for someone who doesn’t like change (not even when I change the furniture around lol)

    Over the pass year he has been so supportive with everything I do, now it’s my turn to give back to him. He is an amazing giving wonderful & truly honest man who deserve the best and see the miracles that are possible. He’s forgotten his dreams I want to show him what’s possible and Gabby the 40 days is perfect for him.
    Thanks Marie xx You make me cry so silly but good tears!

  7. This episode resonated big time time with me. In fact, it brought me to tears.

    There’s synchronicity at work here. Would you believe me if I said that, for the past few weeks, I was looking for answers about manifesting, and Gabby just answered part of them?

    The part where she talks about about how we can lock up ourselves into “cocoons of fears” shed a new light on my life. I realized that I’ve been avoiding to challenge myself with new situations for YEARS, and at the same been very frustrated with my life. It’s like I was going through it only trying something new only if I was sure it wasn’t gonna hurt.

    1. What are you willing to shift?
    I want to shift this mental structure. I want to stop avoiding suffer and failure, and I want to break this cocoon and try new things, new books, new experiences.

    2. What you are moving towards and how can we, the community, help?
    Continue being awesome? Continue to inspire me? I can’t read every comment here, but they’re all so valuable. I hope to see some of you at B-school 2013 too.

    Happy New Year everyone 🙂

    • Holy smokes!! You hit the nail on the head for me Melanie! I have been holding myself back from moving forward faster because I take the less scary route. I see over the years, I get to where I want to go but at turtle speed sometimes because I will take the safe path. Funny thing is… I get messages that things will be fine but still the ego gets in and fear pops up then safe becomes better.

      Thanks for the clarity!!

  8. Mel

    I’m ready to give up impulsive/irresponsible spending. It seems like at least once a month I throw down for something I haven’t budgeted for and don’t really need. Enough!

    • Grace

      Me too Mel! Let’s embrace the change! Bring it on I say x

      • Good for you Mel! I have a bit of the opposite problem. I hold onto every penny like it is my last. And it is a huge problem. Hopefully we can both move towards a middle ground on this issue.

    • Hannah

      amen! lol

      no seriously, Mel you are totally right! this always gets back at me and I am so ready to let go!

    • Shanice

      Hi Mel and Grace,

      I think many of us have experienced this issue at some season in life. What I’ve found helpful is a program called the 21 Day Financial Fast. I’ve done it before and it’s very helpful. I’m actually starting one in a few days because I’ve fallen back into some bad habits. Hope this helps!!!

      • Grace

        Shanice, thanks! I’ll check it out!

    • ouch, you are hurting my toes, Mel

  9. Grace

    Wow. This is the first time I’ve watched Marie TV and I am so beyond grateful to have stumbled across this particular episode.
    I am done, done, DONE with living outside of my means and sick to death of ‘normalising’ my debt. For years I have let myself be a ‘victim’ to my debt. It controls so much of my life and I have HAD ENOUGH!
    Time to put my belief that things can change into action. Come at me abundance – I am here and WILLING!
    Thank you Gabby and thank you Marie.
    Grace xx

    • Grace

      Hey Grace! Congrats on discovering Marie TV! Isn’t it amazing? Check out her other videos. I spent an entire day to see all of them when I discovered her!

      I will let go and be done with fast food! Transfatty acids forever be gone! I am done with you. You are no more!


      • Oh I also spent an entire day watching Marie Tv videos when I first came here! haha
        I’ll love reading all your comments, they’re so inspiring….

        I’m absolutely willing to let go of selfsabotage! I’m done! Hey you, that crapy, negative talk that stops me from doing greater things in my life…I don’t need you anymore thanks…bye bye!


        • Grace

          Thanks Grace and Andrea, I’m pretty excited about trawling through the other episodes too!
          Let’s bring on the changes! x

  10. I first heard about Gabby through you Marie and just want to say thank you for introducing her to us. I really love her (and her message) and like you, she really inspires me to take action. I ordered her book the other day, it should be here any day, can’t wait! x

  11. Kerri

    Thank you Marie for bringing us such another amazing, inspiring episode. Thank you Gabby for your beautiful wisdom and for sharing.
    As always these words just find me at the perfect moment.


    I am so ready to stop feeding my body crappy foods

    I am so ready to stop seeing myself as this nervous, meek and weak little girl and I am so ready to allow the loving, strong and powerful woman to come forward and share my gifts and share my love

    Thank you ladies, love you x

    • I’m so with you Kerri! Time to cut down on the meat and add more veggies to my life! I also want to step into my power and be unafraid of the potential that I’m here to offer! That’s alot of exclamation points but I feel it!

  12. Natalie

    I’m done with playing small and focussing on things that don’t matter that dont reflect ME and my dreams to the fullest. I spent 3 years at an organisation whom made my job redundant just before Christmas time. It has been a blessing in diguise as I now have the time and some money to start a business venture that I really believe will work.

    I will shift:
    Any belief that I dont have what it takes and transform it to say I have EVERYTHING that it takes.
    Any belief that it wont work to beliefs of empowerment of my vision that yes it will work and beyond my wildest dreams
    Any time I see me playing small – to remember my power, harness it and live it

    I am moving towards a big year of YES and being the woman I know I’ve always meant to be. Brave, intelligent, beaming & successful.

  13. I’m willing to let go of my self-deprecation. I have been making myself small and I am observing how impossible it is for me to say something positive about myself without having to turn it into a joke or psyche myself up to stand firm about it. I even find it hard to accept compliments. And, I notice that I couldn’t even write on my FB invite to my birthday celebration the statement, “I’m 36 and still being pioneering, inspirational and looking fabulous” without adding, “ha, ha” on to the end of it. I’m done with this British self-deprecation tendency. I willing to shift to being loving and respectful towards myself and to acknowledge my own strengths and qualities without having to undermine them. Above all, I want to be able to observe these habits without an immediate and automatic judgement that follows, in other words, without beating myself up for having beaten myself up. Thank you Gabby and Marie for both being such an inspiration and such great role-models.

  14. Funny tithing is not trippy for me at all. I’ve been giving 10% and over to my church for years ( I’m a Christian so it’s what God teaches 🙂
    As far as Spirituality I feel I go to the main source 🙂 So that part for me is all good.

    Regarding my body:
    I need to be done staying up so late. It’s a habit sometimes because when you have a baby (20 month old) you rarely get a moment alone. Really my life is all about making sure she has what she needs and when that is done I am making sure my clients have what they need. So many times I’m up too late like now working. It’s almost 4 am Vegas time and I’ve been up writing. I know it’s not the best use of my time because my daughter will be up in just a few hours.

    So I’m going to work on taking better care of myself regarding my sleep habits.

    • Hey, Lisa, great comment. Yes, the idea of tithing has been around for quite awhile. Look what I found this morning, right before I watched the video.
      “A generous person will prosper;
      whoever refreshes others will be refreshed.” Prov 11:25
      There’s a lot of wisdom in that book!
      Here are a few suggestions to help to with your desire to take care of yourself (which is hard to do with little ones):

  15. Olga

    I’m ready to get rid of the residue of an old toxic longterm relationship in my life.

  16. I’m willing to shift my finances this year (and beyond.)

    I’m moving towards financial freedom, being in control of my money, where it goes, how much to save, and actually knowing what I *really* can afford. This also means I need to hire an accountant for me and my business. Scary, but oh so necessary. *deep breath* E-mailing an accountant right now!

    • DO IT! It’s so liberating and the most powerful thing to do 🙂

      • Thanks Marie, your show is always so on point!

    • Marinda – I am with ya, sister! I did this for 2012 and it is the best thing I ever did! I was so scared at first but I decided to hire a bookkeeper then miraculously, I found a business coach that has a financial fitness program.
      Luckily, she has helped me budget my finances, but not in ‘coming from a place of’ scarcity, (which was what I was afraid of) but, we have budgeted for things I want to have and most importantly give. So I am now saving for things like a vacation and clothes that I won’t feel guilty spending money on.
      For 2013, I am taking it a step higher and focusing on being completely debt free! So, financial freedom here we come!!!!!! Yay! Feels good to say it!

  17. Wow Marie. Perfect timing for this information as usual.

    I’m ready to let go of procrastination….. forever. So I’m on it

    And having listened to this episode, it has reminded me that when we hit troubled times (or the bottom as Gabby calls it), we have an opportunity to decide to let go….. to finally hear what it is that calling us to change, and to just surrender to it.

    A very wise and timely piece of advice again Marie and Gabby. Thanks

  18. I’m ready to shift from treating my freelance work and business like a hobby. The first week of 2013 has been full of amazing opportunities and it’s time out for letting my work the back burner to my 9-5. I’m moving towards my business income exceeding my 9-5 income within the next 6 months and eliminating the financial drains on my bank account.

    PS LOL at the Cartman impersonation at the end, especially “Taco-flavored Kisses”.

    • I’m doing the same thing! No more keeping my freelancing like a hobby…I want to do Health Coaching FULL TIME! (For Children, Picky Eaters, People with Food allergies, Young Professionals,etc)
      Great post April! Check out my Gluten free Tours next time you’re in NYC!

  19. Susan

    Just received Gabby’s new book in the mail today. I am ready to start a daily practice and be motivated towards a daily discipline of meditation, beyond that I am willing to have my daily practice support eating healthier, exercise, and quitting smokiing. Good lord, I’ve been trying to do this for a looooong time.

  20. Chase

    I’m done with my office job! I commit to taking my business from part-time to full time in 2013! It’s scary but I’m ready to let it go this year!

    • Chase you are singing my song! I too am ready to take my business from PT to FT!

      I am done with financial distress and scarcity. I am welcoming freedom and abundance. <3

      • Gerri

        Amen Sista Stacey! I am done with it too. We are worthy. Let it rain!

  21. Ana

    I am willing to shift into the foreground by being myself and going after what I want. I moved to another country, and since leaving my long-time and very supportive network, I have been in the shadows of my career-peer boyfriend and not garnering much respect there. I shall have to step into my own place here by doing things my own way. Secondly, I will shift how I spend my time- rather than holding back, killing time with escape habits, missing what I’ve ‘lost’ and becoming depressed, I’ll step out and explore as I love to do, and get out into the community and enjoy, being myself, bringing what I have to contribute and making my way here…
    thank you for your videos and advice. I am amazed at the similarities in many of the posts here! Also, the idea of tithing is a new one to me, and I love it… thank you.

  22. Great content as always, Marie!

    I want to succeed in my business by creating what lights me up and stop trying to cram it in a self-imposed deadline. I need more peace, comfort and time for myself. I am determined to give my all, but remain sane in the meantime.

    Also, I am vegan since the start of the month which I was really scared to try, but I am getting the hang of it.

    Thank you!

    • Monica

      Hi Julia,
      Being vegan is a big change but if you give yourself a transition period it makes it easier. I started with ‘trying it for 3 months’ (still ate eggs & fish the first month) and by the end of 3 months I had completely adapted to it & have been vegan for almost 4 years now.
      There’s tons of great recipes online & on pinterest.
      Good luck!

  23. My husband and I are making big changes in our home finances.

    I put on my big girl pants and took more charge in my business and made a 180 degree change in how I want my business to make money. This required me to take a look at who was working for me and make some big changes in who I am going to have on my team.

  24. Iris

    I am willing to shift my relationship with Jennifer into one that is of love, peace, acceptance, generosity, joy and friendship.

  25. Thank you so much for this video, Marie and Gabby!

    The thing I am going to let go of:


    It’s the cause of a lot of my fear and hesitation, so from now on I am going to aim for 80% rather than trying to get to 100% and not ‘shipping’ at all.

    Thanks guys, and Happy New Miraculous Year! XXX

  26. I’m willing to let go of allowing other people’s actions and attitudes send me off-course to a negative place … A place where I start to spiral downwards and a place where I get stuck, unable to move my life forward.

    Love everything you have both talked about in this clip, Marie and Gabby.

    I am ready!!!!

  27. I was just ruminating last night about the positive changes I’m in the process of making but how, at the same time, I’m doing what Marie mentioned in this video — wanting to change, but not being willing to let go of certain attitudes and thought patterns.

    Lucky for me, one of my daily affirmations is: I am willing to release the need for behaviors and thought patterns that do not support and uplift me and move me forward in my life.

    I rotate affirmations in and out of my daily practice depending on what I’m currently working on in my life, so this affirmation was “out of rotation,” but I put it back in this month. 😉

    What I’m willing to shift are my thought patterns around a slew of business practices that keep me from achieving my goals. There are several, but two of my big ones are: saying yes to projects and clients when, based on my goal of working with my dream clients and having more time freedom, I should say no, and, making excuses about not having time to work on my own business, marketing and writing after billing 40 hours per week on client projects.

    Just writing this in the comments — and reading what others have written here — helps!

    Thanks for another inspiring video. Gabby and Marie rock!

  28. Catherine

    Have had problems with insomnia for most of my life (which has impact my ability to work productively in all areas of my life), I feel like I know the answer to how to fix this issue and this year I am committed to changing this life long habit. No more sleeping in, no more coffees, more exercise and journalling to get my anxieties out before bed, and a diet that has mostly fruit and vege, less processed foods. It is always tuff breaking a cycle when you are tired and sleep deprived but I know I just got to push through to start that new healthy habit.

    Thank you for today’s video you are always encouraging and overflowing with positive energy, you are the gentle encouragement that someone needs to get going. You have helped me. I always look forward to the emails each week.

    I hope everyone that has taken courage and shared today will find success in all their dicission that they have spoken out today!

    • Catherine,

      If you are willing to give it a chance, I have a powerful yoga sequence for insomnia sufferers. Occasionally, I suffer from insomnia too. As a yoga teacher, I can attest to this sequence of poses because it has truly helped! Would you like me to email it to you? I can also post it on here…whichever you prefer.
      Happy to help:)

      [email protected]

  29. Rose

    Hello all! Loved this so much… I’m perpetually inspired by both of you beautiful women.

    I’m done with accepting the lame status quo at work… I’ve been griping about my overworked, underpaid status at a prominent “arts” organization for a long time, and I think I hit bottom yesterday, when I FINALLY worked up the nerve to ask for a raise to compensate me for all of the extra work I do, and was told in so many words, “we can’t pay you for what you do here, so you should pass off some of your work to somebody else.”

    While this was the first time said hard work was directly acknowledged, I somehow felt completely ignored. If nothing else – this is the impetus I needed to get outta there and land a job that loves me back! I’m going to try my darndest to remain positive while here… but look out universe! I’m coming atcha! And any of you mind-body mentors/entrepreneurs/lady ballers out there… if you’re hiring, I’m your girl 🙂

  30. Hanna

    I’m willing to let go of my need to please other people. I choose to follow my heart and to be proud of myself – just the way I am!

  31. Danette

    I’m done with putting everyone else before myself. I’m done with struggling with deservingness and ready to give to myself!

  32. Angelina Palermo

    Thank you so much Marie and Gabby for this episode! It really is just what I needed at this time and I firmly believe that this is the Uni-verse speaking to me right now. I am in the process of reading A Return to Love and now I understand a whole lot more. My next read will definatey be May Cause Miracles!

    I am willing to shift from the negative self defeating feelings to to positive love and gratitude. I am working on this right now and each day it gets better and better. I am going to be getting rid of the job and life that I have in a place that I no longer want to be. I will be moving to a new location with a new job and a new POSITIVE shift in my life. That is a total miracle for me!

    Thank you again Marie and Gabby, I am so thankful for you and your work.

  33. I’m willing to shift my believe that I’m not experienced enough to set up a home based business and share my experiences about how to organize your abode when you have two children under two. Cause those first 6 months home with a newborn are so precious, to precious to be in a constant state of despair cause you have a household to deal with at THE SAME TIME .

    Website: ready.
    Free ebook if you sign up: goal for february.
    Growing my email list: hey, this is something you all can help me with 😉

    • You are in the RIGHT place Adrienn and… we have a special episode for moms in the works!! 🙂

      • Wow! I can’t wait! 🙂

  34. Dear Marie,
    What a great episode this was. Thank you for having Gabby here with us again.
    I am letting go of sugar and dairy.
    It has been two weeks now.
    I have been feeling strong and very energetic.
    Coffee will be next. 🙂
    I have a big book tour in 2013 and will need to be ready for my tribe.
    Thank you!

  35. After the last 6 months of being at home with our second child and not working to push my online handmade tile business forward (in fact using the baby as an excuse at times), I am committing to waking up earlier, getting those projects done that have been on hold for the last 6 months and continuing my business that I have worked so hard to build for the last four years.

    My family is a commitment to me but my business is an area where I gan professional and creative fulfillment. With a slight schedule shift, I have time to do both as well as focus on my spiritual development with morning yoga and meditation.

    Thank for the push, Marie and Gabby! Brilliant, as always!

  36. I’m done with ‘not taking care of myself’. The shift I’m making is a bunch of tiny shifts. I’m doing one thirty day habit at a time so they stick (but the 40 day meditation sounds interesting). So far I’ve tackled drinking at least a liter of water every day, taking the stairs to the 4th floor at work, and a couple of private habits. This 30 days is starting yoga 3 times a week plus a ‘wake up’ routine every morning. I’m a few days in and I’m already feeling amazing. The way I’d like to be supported is to find encouraging, positive people who are also making positive changes in their own lives. The term “willingness” really caught my attention and I want to explore that more. Thanks again, Marie for all that you do.

    • Tiny shifts ROCK Phillip!! And yes, that “willingness” piece is crucial. And – BAM, you just found an entire global community of people making positive changes right here 😉 DONE!

  37. WOW!!! You two are NUTS! I LOVE IT!!!
    I only watched the first video yesterday and I love that too. I just down loaded the book and will be starting today!
    I am going to stop shying away from my spot light! I doubt my ability even though I get amazing results from my clients! Stupid really, however I have let it hold me back from my true potential! NO MORE!!! Watch this space…..

  38. Marie, you are such a blessing to so many people. I want to thank yoy for being you and doing what you do. Your messages are seemingly always right on time. in 2013 I’m making a shift in perception towards LOVE, Body Image and Relationships. I’m raising my standards and expectations choosing to keep the promises I make to myself. Thank You Again for Sharing … Go Gabby I love you too.

    • Thank YOU for tuning in and being a part of this Kike 🙂

  39. Barbara

    Thanks, Gabby and Marie for giving us this challenge. The one thing that I want to witness here and am willing to shift is this: I have been divorced for 6 years now. The experience was horrendous. My heart has been closed to relationships with men since then. Sure, friendships with men are ok, but I haven’t dated or crossed the line of friendship. This is a huge step for me to even admit this, but if there’s anything in my life that needs shifting, it’s this.

    • Barbara! I really want to acknowledge your bravery and your honesty. ROCK ON woman. Holding back love and closing off our hearts is something almost all of us do whether we are in relationship or not! YOU are love Barbara and all you need to do is be willing to live from your true nature and commit to a higher, more truthful way of life. I’m rooting for you. xox M

  40. Pure gold ladies, thank you!
    I spoke with Gabby at RHH Live and received a supportive hug when I told her she cracked me open like an egg. Your sincerity and warmth draws us in baby, and I am thrilled to have your new offering.

    In 2013, I need to let go of my fear…around everything (mostly money and illness)! It just seeps into all aspects of my existence and I need to wrangle it!

    Continued mucho success to both of you! xo

  41. Fabulous interview, fabulous guest, fabulous host!!

    I am so ready to shift my thinking from, “I’m not big enough, or visible enough,” to “I am ready to share my story and my message and I WILL do it this year!”

    I would love to hear more about personal instances where you (Marie) or your guests have broken through a barrier, shifted your thinking, and how they created an opportunity or upleveling in your business.

    Thanks so much for bringing great content and inspiring material to us every week. 🙂

  42. Last night I listened to a webcast given by some very inspiring and powerful women (Christine Arylo, Shiloh Sophia and Amy Ahlers) – and performed a ritual with them where I took that leap, and physically took a step to cross the line that symbolized my readiness to really live my purpose.
    Then last night I had a terrible sleep.
    I tossed and turned – there was definitely some sort of energy doing something. But this usually occurs when I am unsettled, and not at peace, when what I feel does not match what I do, stuff like that….
    And I realized that even though I crossed that line last night, there was a dichotomy between what I said and how I lived – I am not walking my talk.

    So, waking up to find this episode of MarieTV in my inbox was just perfect 🙂

    So I am ready to make the shift to walk my talk. My purpose is to help people remove all the layers of make-believe that they hold up in the world -other people’s expectations – and discover who they really are. Who they are meant to be, who they actually want to be and need to be. A process which leads to total holistic health.
    And so to walk this talk I need to make a commitment 100% to listening to my inner spirit and letting it guide me, let go of the control that I constantly impose, control which comes from ego. From the very basic premise of: If I am tired I rest, if I am hungry I eat. To giving my love, to sharing myself, and putting myself out there in spite of the rejection that might occur.
    I make a stand NOW that I will always tune in to my body, to my heart and do what is right for me in each moment. To follow my inner soul’s urges. To no longer hold back.

    How can the community help? I am not sure, just writing this alone was very powerful.

    Thank you and love to you all in your own transformations.


  43. Thank you again Marie, and Gabby.

    I am in a place where I have created a huge shift in my reality. Through your videos, and your friends’ videos, books and overall inspiration, I have opened up completely to a new way of life. I have a crystal clear understanding that I have stepped into a new place, I see everything and everybody differently.

    What you can help me with is the next step. It is like I have stepped out of concrete shoes and stepped into a bright clear day. I feel happy and good but “direction-less” which actually feels good too, right now, as I am just enjoying the feeling – but I now know there is more for me and I would love some help finding it. 🙂

    What am I willing to let go of? My need to make other people happy.

  44. I am so happy that Gabby was talking about Morning and Evening Rituals and how powerful they are.

    This simple concept combined with repetition as she mentions was the foundation for turning my own life around in a ways I have never even dreamed of when I started. I launched my own business, found the love of my life and literally healed my body (I had back pains so bad I could not even lay in my bad trying to get some sleep).

    I have based my own Coaching practice around empowering Morning and Evening routines and I am so excited to check out this book. Sounds amazing!

    I love practical, step by step advise.
    Loved the interview! Thanks girls!

    What I am willing to let go of ?:

    This year I am willing to let go of my comfort zones especially when it comes to my Coaching business. If I haven’t done yet, it’s on my list.

    I am willing to to try anything new that could be a fun, challenging but also exciting way to share my passion for Life Coaching and go all out.

    2013 hold to you pans. It’s about to get little crazy. 🙂

  45. I am shifting like crazy at the moment. My first shift is to eliminate my belief that I cannot follow through on anything. Not true. I have followed through on many things and this proves that I can do it. Furthermore, I got a pen, a notebook and ideas. So I just keep writing, taking the next step and let the magic happen.

    I am moving towards to financial independence. It’s a big thing, I want to move from selling my time for a certain amount of money to actually generating income that can multiply. As of this moment, I am not quite sure how to do this, but as I said, I got a pen, I got a notebook and I got ideas.

  46. I am ready to make the shift into believing that it is ok to make a decent living from my company. The company was started to help women around the world and i made a decision not to make it a non-profit but a socially aware, for profit, company. My fear of paying myself has kept it from growing. This must change in 2013.
    It really can be a win win for everyone involved. Thanks Marie and Gabby.

  47. Oh I love this interview and both of you ladies! I’m buying the book and I’m in for the 40 day challenge! I’m done with disarray. I am ready for total organization. Everything has a place and I act on things immediately, not putting off anything for tomorrow if I can and have time to do today! Make every decision a smart one to help propel me in all areas of life to be the best I can be and to help others as best as I can in every opportunity. To give of myself: time, knowledge, physical and emotional as well as financial in every scenario possible. To have those special moments with all my loved ones individually and repeatedly because I sought the time and made the efforts.

  48. I choose to be patient with my wife, Amy. We started ballroom dancing a few years ago and I kept giving her a hard time because she wasn’t fast at picking up the choreography and technique. It wasn’t until our dancing was filmed that I was able to see that I was not that great of a dancer. I was so embarrassed! One of my New Year’s Resolution is to be patient and genuinely kind with my wife. God bless her soul for putting up with me after all those “dirty looks” I gave her when learning the art of dance.

  49. I get bogged down in the minutae of keeping on top of my accounts so I don’t do them. I want to let go of this block. I’m going to contact an accountant to help me set up a system that works and then take ownership of it.
    Thanks for the inspiration, as always.

  50. Right before I watched this episode, I had my quiet time reading in Proverbs and look what I had found in Proverbs 11:25, “A generous person will prosper; whoever refreshes others will be refreshed.” I like the challenge of looking for areas where I can be more generous.
    Another shift I want to make this year is to be disciplined to write more. More blog posts and an ebook. I just posted helpful hints for new year’s resolutions that I want to follow myself!!! I’ll take accountability from anyone willing to give it. (

  51. Marie,

    This episode came at just the right time for me. My life started out rough – being sexually abused by four people all before the age of five and then again at the age of eight. Thankfully through the years I have had lots of therapy, an amazing Mother, great friendships, and rich experiences that I don’t let that early tragedy define me. However, I do hold back in areas of my life and these areas are the most important for what I am on this earth to do. I have this light that hasn’t reached it’s full flame and I am done letting it be half lit. Thank you for the reminder. Such a beautiful show today! You two ladies are amazing!


  52. Barbara

    I’m willing to let go of my negative attitude, in all aspects of my life.

  53. I actually started this book yesterday. I’m so excited!

  54. I am willing to let go of my critical thoughts. I thought they were just towards myself, but I have noticed I criticize other people too, in my head and it isn’t fair. I was thinking how the world is constantly judging me but I am doing it too! So the cycle ends today. I have faith in myself that I can change this cycle of negative thought into positive loving thoughts. The giving for me needs to be of love, patience and understanding. I am scared that I have admitted this but maybe that is the first step to stopping this painful and depressing need for perfection and approval. Thank you for this forum and I am going to read Gabby’s new book too. I am very inspired.

    • Love your honesty here Dylan and you are COURAGEOUS and strong for sharing this. You’re not alone and YOU are absolutely on your way!!

  55. I am done with being judgmental and critical of others (others = my family). I am ready to replace seeing everyone’s guilt with being able to see and focus on their innocence. All the judgement I have for others is nothing more than the reflection of the judgement I have for myself. I am ready to drop it all!

    • Awesome, Nichole, you are freeing yourself from being a victim when you do that! You are becoming a humming bird and not a vulture when you look for the sweet nectar of life and not the rotting road kill. (now that’s a visual that could motivate, huh?)

  56. Hannah

    I’m ready to let go of my career as a lawyer and start my own business to fill my day with what I really want to do!

  57. Thanks for the great interview, Marie! And thanks to Gabby for sharing her insight on miracles.

    Me? I am DONE with being the weak immune system germaphobe — I’ve been sick THREE times in the last THREE months. So… I vow to get my butt moving and exercise 4 times per week (rather than my usual one to none) — That should boost my immune system, yeah?! 🙂

    Thanks, Gabby. Ordering the book now….

  58. Megan Gaye

    Hi there, I loved this inspiring video with Gabby.

    I am a single mother. I found myself in an abusive relationship and luckily for me, I escaped and went back to my home in Australia with my baby to find the support I needed. However, it wasn’t there. I struggled, but eventually I found success and was able to support my son and I.

    I have been a successful journalist and content producer for the websites of big brands. When my son was 7, he started reaching out for his father, so I decided I shouldn’t deny him this… so I moved back to the UK.

    Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get work and I’m still out of work two years later. I’m increasingly reliant on my son’s father and feel that I am losing my son… as I am finding it so terribly hard to support us both financially. And the father has stepped back into old patterns of behaviour of manipulation and control. I need to move away from him, but can’t because I am not financially able.

    Recently, a gift came into my life in the form of a teacher. Who is inspiring me to set up my own business, as a content agency. I know this could be a big break for me and will give me the necessary freedom I need to make a big shift in my life.

    I am at rock bottom. I am willing to change my life and be the successful, independent woman I need to be. I have enormous self-doubt around achieving a successful business on my own, however I am willing to give it a big shot.

    So thank you for the inspiration, I am going to get to work and shift my perception about myself and the abundance I can create in this world.

    I really hope that I can achieve this. I really need to achieve this.

    Love and Peace.


    • Megan-
      You can achieve this. You will achieve this. There is no reason to doubt. I believe in you.

      • Megan Gaye

        Thank you so much Amanda, for taking the time to write to me and send such strong, positive words of encouragement and belief. You are right, it really is achievable and I will achieve it. The doubts can take a backseat, they have no place in where I need to go, and will go.

        Peace and love to you.


    • Megan, I have NO doubt you can do this. You are stronger than you know. Every challenge you have right now is a GIFT. It’s revealing even more and more of the depth of your love, perseverance, ingenuity, grace, power and potential. Everything is happening FOR you, not to you – and I can’t wait to watch you soar. xoxo

      • Megan Gaye

        Thank you Marie, it’s such a lovely treat to get a personal message from you with so much love, light and encouragement. I do believe in the incredible strength we all have available to us, I have needed to tap into this before and it is what I need to draw on again. I love what you wrote, about everything happening FOR me, not to me. It is important to make that distinction.

        I just wanted to let you know that a flash of inspiration came to me today. For years I’ve been searching for the right business name to suit some of my ideas, but nothing suitable ever came. Obviously because those ideas were not right. Today a name came to me to suit this new business venture perfectly, out of nowhere and so succinctly. It just floated in to my mind with no effort, like magic.

        Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your wise words, love and inspiration.

        It is now time to soar xxxxx

  59. Hi Marie and Gabby,

    I love you both like crazy. I was finding that a lot of things were no longer working and in the past couple of weeks I let go of two really major things. The first was a number of casual relationships that weren’t going anywhere with guys who were great, in their own way, but not strong love partners.

    I released them and all of their phone numbers, gifts, trinkets, and symbols to make room for an authentic love.

    The second I documented in this video for my website and I hope you don’t mind if I share the link here.

    Thank you both for all that you give. You are both amazing young women!!

  60. Nathalie

    Im willing to let go of my fears and all that is blocking me from spreading my light in the world. I’m ready to let go all negative thoughts about my business and struggles, about my romantic relationship and the relationship with myself and others. Im ready to create a shift in my business and my personal life, I’m ready to serve, inspire, and be a greater good for the community of woman I surround myself with. Thank you Marie and Gabby for your inspiration. Ready to see the light. Lot of love!

  61. Zinaida

    Thank you for reminding me of letting go and shifting.
    I will let go of performance anxiety.

    Lots of love,

  62. Amanda

    My husband is about to leave for a nine month deployment, and every single time he leaves I become this irrational, fearful, timid, sobbing person. I am so tired of this. I’m tired of being scared. I’m tired of crying all the time. I want to change so that I can be more supportive of him, but also change the energy I am putting out into the world. Instead of focusing on my suffering and perpetuating the cycle I find myself in, I want to put love into our relationship, into the world. I want to give of myself and release the suffering of others. Focus on helping and giving instead of getting.

    Anyone else in this situation? How do/would you shift your perception from a place of lack (lack of my husband’s physical presence), to a place of giving and abundance (giving him and our relationship peace and trust; and sending that energy out into the world by helping others)?

    Thank you all for sharing your stories, and thank you for listening to mine.

    • Hi Amanda,

      I’m not in your situation exactly, but I just wanted to say I think you and other spouses in your situation are incredibly brave and inspiring. I’ll say a prayer for you.

      Thank you for sharing!

      • Amanda

        Thank you so much, Elizabeth. Your prayers mean the world to me.

    • Amanda, the BEST place to start is by being grateful. By appreciating everything you have in this moment including love, a home, a healthy body, and the ability to breathe. This is like a re-training, a re-conditioning of your mind, your heart and your soul. It’s a practice of moment to moment awareness. A great question to ask yourself, “What can I be even MORE grateful for right now?” That question embeds a supposition that you are already grateful and you’re looking for more. Also, search for our recent episode on Gratitude – you’ll love it! Thank you for sharing yourself here and know that you have a TON of support. I also want to thank you and your beloved husband for your service to our country. I honor you both and send you all my love and prayers for safety and joy. We’re with you.

  63. Kelly

    I am ready to let go of this back pain and move out on my own-I can do it! I am ready!

  64. I’m willing to let go of my negative relationship with money. I hoard every penny like it is the last one I will ever see. And I get so frustrated with my husband when he wants to spend anything that I don’t deem as absolutely essential (food, shelter…etc.)
    I am done with this negative pattern. I will see money in a whole new light…there is more where that came from.

    • That’s right Amanda! Any time you write a check or spend money, silently bless the experience and say, “There’s always more where that came from.”

  65. Rachel

    I am ready to give up my negativity and insecurities! I want to be positive about life and my future.. I want to get rid of the insecurities of other people’s thoughts of me and who I really am.. I feel like I have something to give to this world and I’ve been scared for YEARS ! I’m ready for miracles

  66. I love these two women! Every time I listen to Marie and Gabby, I get a major perspective change. And I loved today’s challenge!

    This year, I’m willing to be more vulnerable and express myself fully, even when it’s uncomfortable. (That’s big stuff for me!)

    P.S. I loved Gabby before, but after hearing her Cartman impression, I think I have a full-blown girl crush.

  67. Tara

    Hey Guys,
    I am ready to shift my body perception, fear of being alone while it seems most have a partner/husband/wife (and i don’t) and to focus more on attaining my goal of yoga certification and loving myself. Also to move beyond my anxiety and realize it is only fearful thoughts. sending love!

  68. This video was exactly what I needed to see today. I have been trying to get my body back to healthy after a bout with a digestive illness for the past 6 years. I AM DONE with feeling like a victim of this disease. I am ready to do what needs to be done to feel 100% healthy, confident and happy in my own body. I let too much be dictated by my health. I’m ready to let that go and move into a greater future!! Thanks for the confidence to make the changes the need to be made!

  69. I want to walk my talk. Be focused and consistent.

    These videos help a lot, the inspire me into action and to stay active and following through. Thank you girls!

  70. Jenn

    Two of my favorite ladies!

    I am ready to let go of money deprivation and money struggles. I am ready to shift into abundance mindset. This stressing over $20 has got to go. It’s interesting that even when I had a strong savings I still carried some “poverty” mindset around money. I am ready for money to flow. I am ready to be more giving of my money. I am ready to take better care of myself using the money I have. I am ready to be more responsible with money. I am ready to be independent with my money. I am ready to be responsible and take action in my business to make money. I am willing to look at my money situation now. I am ready to feel abundant, starting now. (&, I promise I will go donate money to a person or cause in need today.)

    I’m on day 3 of May Cause Miracles, loving it an already feeling a shift.

  71. Hilary Cummings

    I needed to let go of drinking…drinking every day. I have not been drinking for over 10 days now and I feel so good, so scared, so lost and so awesome…all at once. I don’t have a career right now and it scares me…lack of money, lack of direction…but I know/knew that this is exactly the place I need to be in to make major shifts in perspective. Miracles. I just started the MCM practice and am excited about it. This past week I started to build my 2013 Vision Board. At the top of it “Abundance”. I feel this word really speaks to me about: creativity, family, love, fun, money, positive direction, health. All of it! I am ready! I am here!

    • HIlary I’m so happy for you! Letting go of alchohol is a major step in clearing space for miracles in your life. I have been sober for 7 1/2 years and it was the best decision I’ve ever made. Go miracle worker go! xoxoo

  72. Cheryl

    I’m willing to bear witness to the fact that the actions and feedback from my past have caused me to withhold love from myself. By withholding love from myself, I’ve allowed people to take advantage of me. I’m now in a space to forgive them, and me for that mindset. I am willing to change the perception of lack to love of self from now on. Thank you both for being such great teachers and instruments to help me see this need and take action.

  73. Mallory

    I am willing to let go of bad eating habits and being lazy. I am ready to be in my healthiest form ever and I am willing to make the needed shifts in my life to git er done 🙂

  74. I’m done blaming others for my situation. It has allowed me to ignore the part I’ve played and block my growth in many areas. I’m taking responsibility for my present and grabbing a hold of my future.

  75. Thank you Gabby and Marie! Well done.

    This year I am willing to allow God, my Higher Power and the Blessed Mother to use all of me. And I vow to surrender it all and bring it front and center.

    In the past I’ve had a fairly successful acting career in TV and Film, and while in LA I created a Musical Called Booby Trap The Very Breast Show In Town it was like Vagina Monologues for the Breast. The show was a Breast Cancer Fundraiser (my mom past away from Breast Cancer when I was a kid) and it raised a lot of money for the cause. But more then that it gave me great insight into the fact that we all have a story to tell and when someone listens, it not only frees us but the audience as well. It was very powerful.

    About two years ago I jumped ship from Hollywood to immerse myself in a Spiritual calling as a Spiritual Counselor, Creative Life Coach and teacher of A Course In Miracles in LA and Chicago I have done ok for myself as well. But I still find myself playing small, giving away too much and not adequately including myself in the equation. I know this episode touched on giving, but I think that the energy that goes with the giving can make all the difference. When I did Booby Trap I gave every cent away because I did not think it was “ok” to benefit from a show that I was doing to honor my mother. But I see now, that had I put some money back in the tank, the show might have had a longer life and been able to do more good in the world. So that is where I could use some help and balance.

    Finally, (and I seriously did not know I had this much to say, so thank you for asking!) In my spiritual walk most of my teacher have been men and as wonderful as that has been, I was born and raised into a circle of women, being the youngest of six girls in my family. My ears are just in tune with the Feminine Divine. That is what drew me to Marie and now Gabby. I need to hear it from the ladies. I know I am not alone on this and that is why I have created Sanctuary For Self Expression. I opened my first small center in the Chicago area a month ago! I do not under estimate God and so I claim 2013 to be the year that Sanctuary takes flight and reaches more women in more neighborhoods. What Curves did for her body, Sanctuary will do for her Spirit!

    Currently Sanctuary is a place where women can retreat to their sacred circles for meditation, A Course In Miracle study groups, yoga, chanting, and workshops that support women in accessing their sacred songs and stories. I am able to use my career in Hollywood and my career as a Spiritual teacher and I am excited to be a midwife for this venture. I ask you (who ever is still reading) to hold this idea in your hearts. I hope Sanctuary can be a place that serves the student and teacher in us all.

    Awakening women to their creative genius through spiritual practice is my calling. But this year I would like to help support the conversation of financial freedom and empowerment as well.

    So there you have it, I have put myself out there.
    Let the Miracles begin!

    PS I am signed up for B School with Marie. Can’t wait. I have much to learn. Plus I think my website needs help in not sucking 😉

  76. As I grow a new business and life and baby in 2013 I’ve adopted the mantra of “that which you resist, persists” for motivating me into action. It works like this: the things on my todo list and in my head that recur and aren’t getting done are reminders of the mantra. If I find resistance to a thought, an idea or action I need to take, that resistance becomes the trigger for dealing with it as immediately as possible. This prevents me from spending days, hours or weeks procrastinating and fretting over things that need to be done for me to move forward in my life AND it frees up energy and sleep time (when I often wake up with the guilt list of things I know I need to do but haven’t). It’s a new practice so I’m still working out the kinks but it’s definitely motivating.

    Thank you Marie for all that you bring to the world. You’re killin’ it.

  77. I love that you mentioned our energy working for us. I left a comment recently that ever since I watched the video on manifesting and began visualizing exactly what I want, it has all started happening for me. It’s actually kind of freaking me out that some of the things have literally seemed to happen on their own once I set them in motion. So that must be my energy out there working for me!

    This video was exactly what I needed to hear next for 2 reasons.

    1: I have just been approved for a space in a retail incubator and have all my business ducks in a row. Yet, I am hemming and hawing over leaving my day job. A job that is negatively affecting all aspects of my life. I am ready to give up feeling like if I leave this job with all my unfinished tasks there that I am failing. I want to accept the opportunity that I have manifested and move towards work that uses my natural abilities.

    2: I don’t have much (any) savings and I’m scared I won’t be able to pay my bills! I’m going to give to receive. I was considering giving an introductory coupon to new customers and subscribers and I think this was my cue to go for it.

  78. What is not working in my life is staying up late at night and sleeping in during the day. My body is not getting proper rest and is not restored in the morning. I am willing to shift this. I have to let go of late nights with my roommates and a few TV shows. I’d like to bring in evening refections and reading, with a candle and bedtime tea. Ahh…how wonderful this shift will be. Thank you for the episode today!

  79. Elizabeth

    I am ready to seek my bliss. I know it’s there all around me waiting to be felt. I am ready to let go of this disease of metastatic melanoma that I’ve been battling for 2 years and allow myself to be free of what is keeping me from perfect health and more than that, from being my authentic self. I am excited for this and I appreciate the community for inspiring me, giving me ideas and tools on how to manifest this. Thank you so much for this resource. I can’t wait to get Gabby’s book, too. All the best, Elizabeth

  80. Courtney

    I’m ready to shift my finances! I’ve already started and am on day 4 of May Cause Miracles… it’s FANSCHMASTIC.

  81. I can think of so many things I would like to change, it’s hard to know where to start.
    Money – My fear is not having any, but the reality is that although we don’t have millions, we (my husband of 41years) are not badly situated. So I am going to change my attitude and if I feel that I want to give money to a charity I will – we can afford it, and it will make me feel good about helping out. I don’t believe in big charities because most of the money goes to administration, but the small “help a local family” type of one is great.

    Decision making – I am hopeless at making decisions, even business decisions. I always need to ask someone what their opinion is to see if they agree with me, and if they don’t then I doubt my own decision.
    I will try to believe in my own instinct, baby steps will have to be taken on this one!

    Relationships – I am very tolerant and patience with my friends, as they are with me. I love my husband, but some things he does drives me nuts. I try talking to him, but nothing I can say will make him change. I am going to be as tolerant and patient with him as I am with my friends. Does that make sense?

    Great challenge Maria and Gabby, thank you

  82. Ervin

    First, I want to say that both of you are GORGEOUS and I LOVE YOU BOTH LOL. I enjoy all of your videos Marie. You have NO IDEA how helpful you are. I have grown so much as of late and I won’t say that I’m stuck but I feel a breakthrough coming and I just want to well, BREAKTHROUGH! I hear about this concept of letting go, and letting God. I sometimes have sometimes had trouble with this process in the past. Do you have any tips on how I can become better at this? Thanks again. You’re FRICKIN’ AWESOME!!!!!!!

  83. Kira

    I’m willing to let go of my anger and the ridiculous temper tantrums that have been haunting me all my life.
    Ready to learn how to communicate in a more assertive, mature way.
    Thank you for your support!
    Happy, happy 2013 to all!

  84. Tal

    Loved the video! For me, I am willing to shift away from my previous career choice and really find one that is much better suited for me and my personality.

    I think right now I am sort of stuck on where to shift away to, because I find my mind keeps wandering back to news or articles about my previous career. It’s a strange feeling, because I feel that I’m interested in reading more about it, but when I do I end up feeling drained because of how upset the topic makes me feel (this is part of the reason why I want to move away from it!). I think I’m also continuously looking backward because I don’t know exactly where I’m shifting to – I’m still trying to figure out the better career for me!

    Does anyone else have this problem? I think hearing how others have gotten through similar situations may help me move beyond my current position to help me complete my shift.

  85. What was the question again? Haha, just kidding. My shift will be to focus intensely. Many times I have my hands and mind on many different things at once and end up not getting much of anything done! So to focus undivided attention and love energy onto whatever I am doing at the moment.

    Thank you!!!

  86. Thank you Marie and Gabby!
    My big shift this year will be towards allowing more into my life. I’ve always been (and still tend to be) a giver and I realize that sometimes it’s difficult for me to receive. So I’m willing to let go of my past and of the thought patterns that have created my past and to open up to allowing the new into my life!
    This was a really inspiring episode!

  87. I am not just willing; I want to give up being angry at the narcissistic, dumb, lying, people I am dealing with on a daily basis. Also, don’t want to bring those feeling to the people I don’t act like that and I like spending time with.

  88. Happy New Year Marie!

    GREAT episode with my fellow CRAVE ‘preneur Gabby Bernstein … LOVED it!

    What I’m willing to let go of is my home office isolation and shift into working among other like-minded, inspirational, gutsy entrepreneurs. The original solution worked when I started 10 years ago and now there are so many co-working options that I need to get out there.

    BTW, it is possible to give up coffee … I did it 5 years ago and haven’t looked back. The crabbiness does disappear … I replaced it with green tea and it’s been great.

    Cheers, Coach Colette

  89. Saying “Sayonara Sucka!” to all my thoughts and beliefs about what ‘should’ have worked. Opening to simplicity, creativity, and inspiration.

    Top of the morning to you all, and welcome to the West Marie!

  90. Jessica

    Thank you my loves!! So appreciate all the work you do 🙂
    I am willing to give up gossip! I don’t gossip so often but every time I do, I catch my self and regret it. I started MCM yesterday and know that witnessing will go a long way! xox

  91. I’m willing to keep my morning ritual I started at the end on December, and keep managing well my finances (and learn/practice more about it).

    These last days were very inspirational. Every morning I wake up, fresh up, workout, meditate (I do some EFT too sometimes) and I have a nice fruit breakfast, this is so energetic and a great way to start the day. I added the meditation after I saw a video of Gabby! Thank you!

    I’ve started to manage better my financial life, I have my financial goals written and the Marie’s interview to Amanda Steinberg (DailyWorth) was a boost in this path!

    The challenge is keep this two things for the rest of the year (and beyond) and make my projects shine, you know, that gift that only I have (cit., thank you Marie!!!)

    I wish a gorgeous year to all of you!

  92. Kaitlyn

    Hi it’s my first time commenting. I have been taking little steps over the last 6 months toward improving my life overall. In terms of what I am done with. My ‘I am done’ is related to where I work. I love the organization I work for and what I do. I am having trouble with a co worker and I am done dealing with it so I know it’s time for change. I would like to move toward a better work environment. I am willing to see where I am responsible and what I can do to change that.
    I got this book because I feel like my life overall could use a change -money, body image and relationships. I am willing to look at these areas and witness my fear
    Help would be positive vibes my way because I have let fear and ego be what I see instead of love and my inner guide

  93. Libby

    I’m really starting this new year off right! First I discover Marie and now she introduces me to Gabby. Thank you so much ladies for taking your inspirational and positive messages and sharing them with the world.

    Sounds simple, but for me, I’m willing to accept that where I’m at in life right now is exactly where I should be: not to look towards the house I wish I lived in, or the stage I wish my business was in. I’m willing to be thankful that a loving family and friends and good health is all I really need to have true happiness. For an over achiever who expects a lot out of herself that’s a harder challenge than it may seem but I believe I can make this shift in thinking.

    The community and MarieTV can help me with that by continuing to provide down-to-earth inspiration and reality checks every Tuesday. And I have a feeling that Gabby’s book will also go a long way with that as well 🙂

    Thank you Ladies!

  94. Hi Marie and Gabby, I started reading the book on Sunday…I immediately ordered another and had it sent to my daughter. The first step in the book was to recognize fears throughout the day. LOL…I thought “I have no more fears”…I do anything I feel like. Wrong. I recognized a lot of fears …silly ones that did keep me from doing something. I joined a group of health coaches who are reading the book and discussing and holding each other accountable. I am very excited to see what this year will bring as a result. Thank you for a very thoughtful and introspective approach in this book.
    1. What are you willing to shift?
    Pretty much anything.
    2. What you are moving towards and how can we, the community, help?
    I am moving towards trusting in outcomes and recognizing all the goodness in them.


  95. Hi Marie and Gabby,
    Accepting your challenge, I’m ready to say that the big shift that I’m open and ready for right now is to allow myself to really believe in possibility, in my own capabilities, my own voice, and that my vision is something worth working for, standing up for, and putting out there in the world.

    Happy New Year!

    • Libby

      Love this one Mira! So empowering. I believe in you!


      • Thank you so much Libby for sending me good vibes!

  96. I’m ready to stop procrastinating.

  97. I’m done with being sick. I’m done with being housebound and agoraphobic. I’m done being too scared to express myself through music and share more with the world. I’m done being treated like and feeling like a weak pathetic abuse victim. I’m done with co-dependency and my partners alcoholism. I’m done with being an insignificant unworthy unloved piece of shit to myself, partner, family… I’m done holding back my creative expression in fear of upsetting or insulting anyone in my life. I’m done weighing only 40kg and taking up less space in the world than I know deep down I deserve to. I’m done just eating 8-10 small bowls of mashed chicken, rice and vegies every single day because I’m too scared my body will react badly to other food (excluding major allergies). I’m done putting my sickness before everything, especially my mothering – of using my emotional, mental, physical, environmental health issues as excuses to not spend more time with my children who need their mum while their fathers bring them up, while I lay here 24/7 feeling too terrified to even blink. I’m done being a disability pensioner and done trying to work out the best way to serve others and achieve financial freedom – I’m done ignoring, blocking, doubting, second-guessing, disbelieving myself and the universe with regards to the light inside me that aches to shine love into the darkness of myself and others. I’m done crapping on for now and done with being awake. Goodnight sweet dreams, and I’m done not asking people to please watch my youtube videos (…. The ones I want to bury soon with new ones! Now that I’m done being a chickenshit. I think. 🙁 Help… Paralysed. I’m done with not trusting myself and the world anymore. I’m done with feeling more fear than faith. I’m done with not loving myself enough! I’m done believing I am not good enough! Ok. I’m really done now. 🙂 <3

    • Lynn


      You are very hard on yourself. You are very talented. Let your talent shine!

  98. What’s not working: My social media presence being the end all to finding jobs/new careers…I’ve been unemployed on and off for a total of 4 years. Also I’m studying to be a Health Coach and although I have contacted many companies through email, facebook messages,etc I have not received the kind of feedback I want and expect (I’m also starting gluten free tours in NYC)

    What I’m willing to shift: I’m willing to shift my perspective and learn from meeting more people in person through person to person networking and not just online! I’m also willing to shift my way of approaching my gluten free tours and Health coaching practice. I would love everyone’s support by liking my business pages: Get That Healthy Feeling and Gluten Free Deliciousness!
    Can’t wait to start Gabby’s book!

  99. “Become willing to witness what is not working, and become prepared to shift it.” ~ Gabby B.

    The juice of magic, right there. Brilliantly said 🙂 Sort of like poetry!!

    Marie, I’ve been a quiet fan of your work, sort of hanging out in the sidelines, but in alignment with my heart I had to step forward sooner or later. Thank you for showing up in this world, and doing what you do!!

    The current state of my relationship with my mother is not working. I am willing to start looking at ways in which I might change it into an unconditionally loving relationship, free from judgement and manipulation, and full of freedom for each of us to be exactly who we are. I am willing to prepare to shift: a) my perception of her, b) the way I respond to her, and c) how I approach her.

  100. I am willing to infuse every part of my life with my spiritual practice. I am ready to manage my money in a way that serves my family, my business and the world.
    Thank you ladies for being the main two women who inspire me. I love you both.

  101. Melanie D'Arcy

    I am letting go of contemplation of this one quasi-relationship with a guy that was off & on & ambiguous for the past 9 months & sort of exploded at the beginning of this year. I have spent the past 5 days or so grieving everything, crying it out, expressing my anger, digging into the why of it all for my satisfaction — I’ve done my best to power through — now I’m authentically done. And ready to focus on ME.

    I’m ready to embrace all that I want to embrace & see & grow in MY life, & not be distracted thinking about the other, or as someone else said “the pain of the past”. More like confusion of the past.

    I got so caught up in “this guy has a fascinating story…” – well, the truth is that *I* have a fascinating story too. And there is so much I am poised to do to enrich it further… I want to travel, I want to offer something truly beautiful to the world, & to spirit… I am excited by my plans & possibilities… at this point it just all requires focus.

    It requires reigning the focus back in on me. Implementing all that I have gathered around me & all that I’ve had planned. Raising & keeping my standards impeccably high. Realizing that perhaps there would have been no reason for such confusion as I’ve experienced in the past 9 months if I had done that in the first place.

    An astrologer I like said the New Year really starts at this new moon in capricorn on Jan. 11th. I am going with this… doing a deep cleaning & other health related things today… getting ready today, tomorrow, the next day, for this fresh start!

    Let’s all dig deep, do something beautiful this year. Love yourself, accept yourself, respect yourself, take care of yourself, keep your standards impeccably high.

    Namaste all.

    • Hi Namaste, That’s pretty sad that you have spent the past 5 days grieving..But I am happy that at the end you made your decision. Don’t let it occupy most of your life.Go for what you desire!It’s what inspire’s you Live fully & Love openly!

  102. I love Gabby’s voice, very sexy; more so the way she looks at people while talking(relaxed n coo)! Today’s show truly rocked…I must confess; besides the inspiration that I get from the show; I am also able the to determine(thro’ this show) the kind of wife that I will marry in future! A woman who values respect and has guts to speak out her mind!They are excited about what future holds for them. These kind of women are only found only on Marie TV…Marie show is making my work easier!

  103. Monica

    Happy New Year everyone!
    This year I’m ready to let go of the clutter in my living space. I’m finally willing to get rid of things I’ve been holding on to & make space.

    I’m also ready to get back on the work-out wagon, starting is the hardest part but I know that once I establish the habit I’ll love it again 🙂

    Any advice on doing either of these is welcome. xo – Monica

    • Monica,
      It always great to get rid of clutter! What’s your favorite workout to do? Mine are Yoga and balance exercises through Wii Fit!

    • On working out – find something that is FUN for you. Keep trying different workouts, diff. trainers, diff. music and don’t stop till you find something that lights you up. On clutter: enlist a friend or professional to help you do it – more fun that way Monica 😉

  104. Maureen Mountcastle

    I am done with being taken for granted. I am going to shift my thoughts into recognizing the value of my gifts . I am done with working for free. I am done with being spoken to disrespectfully. I am done being a co-dependent. I am going to shift my thinking to figure out exactly what I WANT. It should be a simle question shouldn’t it? Why do I find it so difficult? I’m so used to putting everyone elses needs and desires ahead of my own it does not come naturally to me but I am really going to do it this year! My one word for the new year is EARN. I am going to have a value to my work. I am going to find a way to generate an income with my gifts! Thank you so much for the inspiration and “the shift”.

  105. Sonja

    Hello Marie,
    1. What I’m really willing to change is my bad habit of constant movie/series/TV watching. I have absolutely enough of spending my free time in front of the computer, watching the next movie (or even worse – the same movie for the tenth time!). It’s so time-consuming and there are so many more wonderful things to do with this time – sports, time with friends, creative writing, reading ect.
    2. What I’m going towards is writing my book and publishing it, so from the community I would appreciate some motivation and also maybe hints on how to awaken the creativity, how to get ideas flowing. I would also love some hints on how to get rid of a bad habit! (and with my movie watching I think I can sincerely call it an addiction). How do you get rid of addiction like that?!

    • I’m also trying to get published! So I’m totally there with you and as far as always being on facebook or in front of the computer I totally feel you! I’m currently looking for a literary agent in the Health & Wellness department if anyone knows one to publish my The No Diet Food Journal!

    • Hollie

      Good for you Sonja!
      I would also like to limit tv watching, and what I plan to do is…

      When the typical tv time rolls around, I’m going to procrastinate turning the boob tube on for at least 5 minutes and focus instead on reading or writing. I think if I get started for 5 minutes I’ll probably forget about the tv and continue reading/writing for a lot longer.

      I hope this idea helps!

  106. My weekly posts on my facebook page have helped but not really gotten my business off the ground. I want to start a business around Gluten Free Tours and need more exposure! I’m going to make my Gluten Free business bigger by gaining more awareness from different websites!
    Feel free to comment with advice on how I can do this and if you can be of any help! I’m located in NYC!

  107. Sandy

    I am willing to let go of my control issues. I am the mom to 2 colleges aged sons and I need to step back and be a support but to let them live their lives. The illusion of control seeps into many areas of my life and I need to let this go and bring myself peace of mind.

  108. Im giving up the self sabotaging thoughts and doubts in my mind. Learning how to quiet my mind and just be still. I’m believing in miracles for my life and passion. I cleanse my heart right now and release into the universe happiness, confidence and all the fruits of the Spirit. I cant wait to read your book.
    Much love, Yolanda

  109. Julie

    Hi, Marie! Welcome back to CA! I hope I bump into you.

    Something you said in the interview resonated with something I’ve been noticing about myself — I do pretty well with regular monetary generosity, but less so with other things. (Don’t touch my stuff!) It can be quite comedic, actually. So, I will give some thought and energetic focus to that, and about why my ego gets all trippy about whose iPhone charger is whose.

    Thank you and I look forward to reading Gabby’s book.

  110. Michelle Nicole

    Hello Marie,

    So, I have recently discovered you and I have to say you rock my world! I have been looking/searching desperately for answers, clues, signs as to which direction to take my life. I look at where I am and it is not a true representation of who I am and ALL that I am. I know I have made choices that have brought me to where I am today and I take full responsibility for that. I have reached a point of frustration, anxiety, and uncertainty yet I am hopeful, introspective and faithful. I also greatly desire to change my life situation and do more work that inspires, uplifts and helps others but I don’t know where to begin! That’s when I discoverd YOU and you led me to Gabrielle. I have always been a spiritual person so this falls right in line with who I am and my values.

    The question you posed is “what am I willing to shift?” and after giving it some thought I would have to say my answer is that I am willing to shift my thinking from “everything is all messed up in my life” to “everything is exactly the way it is meant to be at this time and I am ok…because as Gabby said, “the Universe has my back.” I realize I spend so much time looking ahead, planning, scheming and have lost the beauty of the present/where I am right now. Those practices cause me to live fearful and alone. I am done with that sh_t!

    I feel your videos and the comments your audience shares will help me tremendously. I have already been soaking up every Q&A Tuesday video I can find on youtube. It is my desire to move from the education field into entrepreneurship. I have been blessed to have the opportunity to do so and it has created a hunger within me. On the other hand, it has shown me things about myself that seem to be inhibiting me from moving forward in this new direction. So, here I am, an online student of yours, ready to learn and have a breakthrough this year:~)

    Thank you so much, Marie and Gabrielle, for your generosity and beautiful spirits.


    • This is beautiful Michelle and I am SO happy you shared yourself and what you’re excited about creating!

  111. I’m willing to do my business accounting on a regular basis rather than in big confusing clumps. And so it is!

  112. Patricia

    I’m tired of feeling fear. There is abundance and love all around me and I an shifting to live in it!

  113. Marisel Bracero

    I am willing to let go of the constant need to have a very long to do list of things I am never going to get done. So that I may stick to what my heart is really telling me to do. I have the may cause miracles. Today will be day one for me. Thank you so much Gabby.

  114. Thank you Marie & Gabby. I am shifting the food I eat. I have been feeling something inside to let go off meat, sugar, dairy, gluten for a while but have been ignoring it. I started last week to commit to eating 90% clean for the whole year. So far, so good. And I am excited to follow the 40 day guidebook, just got it in the mail last week!

  115. Shifting a perception is a perception in and of itself for one does not need to shift a perception as much as they need to connect to the Truth of their Inner Being.

    From there is the connection to activity that will propel one to the highest service rather than create more mental chatter of what you are or aren’t doing “right.” Let go into God for there the only perception to perceive is That.

  116. LOVED this video Marie and Gabby!

    * Previous senario: multi-tasking, doing everything at once, not scheduling things.

    * My Productivity Commitment:
    Just two days ago (for the first time EVER) I created a 7 day schedule, with each day assigned to a different project or sub project.

    Each week I customize the schedule to be super clear on what I’ll do each day.

    So NOW I don’t feel like I ‘should’ be working on all of them all the time – but can focus completely on the project at hand – without distractions for that whole day.


  117. LOVED this video Marie and Gabby!

    * Previous scenario: multi-tasking, doing everything at once, not scheduling things.

    * My Productivity Commitment:
    Just two days ago (for the first time EVER) I created a 7 day schedule, with each day assigned to a different project or sub project.

    Each week I customize the schedule to be super clear on what I’ll do each day.

    So NOW I don’t feel like I ‘should’ be working on all of them all the time – but can focus completely on the project at hand – without distractions for that whole day.


  118. thank you for this exquisite episode. and your waves of generosity and wisdom. this year intending to let go of shame shackles and scarcity mentality and embrace, allow, step into my soul shine in the form of teaching. grateful to and for you both.

  119. susie mordoh

    I am willing to let go my negative body image & truly love every piece of me. I am strong & fit but my past weight issues seem to HAUNT me. Intellectually it makes no sense but emotionally I haven’t let go. My work & creativity & FLOW feels fantastic when I can quiet that inner voice & stand in my self. I am willing to release all that no longer serves me…but how come this won’t go. Feel the LOVE!

  120. LOVE this video! Thank you for sharing! I’m so excited, because I’ve already put my willingness to change (my financial situation) on my blog, to help me stay accountable. Yay!

  121. I am so done with low self esteem. Beating myself up for not having the perfect body, for not feeling good enough as a doctor , for not feint worthy of my hubs ands adoration and affection even the enjoyment of sex. I’m done, I’m done , I’m done. I see how it’s holding my business back and my ratio ships and having true life I wAnt. I’m done. I declare it .

    Anyone have tip for generating self-love? Daily practices? Things you have learned?

    • Shanice

      Hi Amber,

      A few years ago I left an unhealthy relationship that left me feeling so poorly about myself due to verbal abuse. I noticed that I had even started to feed myself harsh and demeaning words. I’m am SO thankful to be healed and delivered from such pain.

      I’m not sure of your spiritual or religious background, but I’ve found that after feeling so low the only place to go is up. We are fearfully and wonderfully made! You have accomplished so much and deserve to enjoy the life you’ve been blessed with. It all starts with the way we think. Just as Gabby mentioned, I now get up in the morning and meditate on scripture. I follow with Decrees and Declarations over my lifestyle & well-being, relationships, finances, business and self esteem.

      I know that after doing this in the morning, I am confident and feel like I can conquer the world! There’s a positive energy that radiates and attracts people with the same positivity…I guess that’s the vibrations Gabby referred to. Whatever it is, it feels incredible! It’s a process, but whenever those negative thoughts creep in, you just repeat a positive affirmation/declaration on how intelligent, powerful, courageous, brave, valuable and beautiful you are!!! Hope this helps.

  122. kal

    i am done with comparing myself to others and being jealous. I am also done with financial dependence. I am ready to live my passions, be my own boss and put the time and energy into enjoying things i love and being open to what the universe has in store for me. I want to bring beauty to this world through many forms!

  123. Shanice

    Excellent segment! I was JUST reading about being transformed by the renewing of your mind. I am DONE with “stinkin’ thinkin'”! I am SO excited to start living each day on purpose WITH the right mindset. I look forward to expanding my business by helping more women grow & protect their assets, plan for their future and build a legacy for their families!!

    Gabby was absolutely right about how the people & resources we need to move forward start to become available once we make a change.

    Thank you both!!!

  124. Sarah C

    One shift I have been working on since the Super Soul Sunday episode is bringing my full presence when I am with someone. Marie, you really opened my eyes to how often I allow distractions to steal my attention.

    I loved the section about tithing. I had never thought of it that way. I am a fitness teacher and felt bad about receiving gifts at the holidays. But what Gabby said gives me a new perspective, and now I feel even more blessed and more excited to turn around and pass a gift on to someone else.
    Thanks Marie and Gabby!

  125. I am totally committed to believing in myself. I’ve spent too much time of my life thinking I was not good enough or didn’t deserve things that I deemed out of my reach. 2013 is going to rock!

    Thank you, as always, for the inspiration.

  126. Catalina

    I am willing to change my health!!! For the past 6 years I have been working so much on my health and everytime is like something new comes up. At the same time I have learned to love and respect my body ….my whole being:)

  127. I am so DONE with the old story of ..”I am not good enough” .. I AM GOOD ENOUGH …I AM WORTHY ..I AM BEAUTFUL.. I AM SUCESSFUL .. I AM POWERFUL.. I AM MAGNFICIENT !!!


  128. Kathryn

    I’m still working my way through all the brilliant comments above, so I’m going to jump back up and join in those conversations, but I just wanted to declare to the world (or this bit of it) that I had two revelations while watching that video!

    First, I leapt up and added “Be more generous with your love and your time” to my 2013 vision board!

    And second, I’ve got a (self-inflicted) daunting year ahead of me with the business challenges I’ve set myself, and even a few days in I could hear those pesky little voices of doubt chirping. But Gabby said she wrote her latest book because people wanted to know exactly what she did to get the results. So, I’m ready to ditch my own instant judgment! Instead, I’m going to journal the things I have to do this year, and create a book featuring the ones that work (and the lessons I learn from the ones that don’t!)

    That simple-sounding shift has taken me from internal critic to external adventurer!

    Thank you Marie and Gabby (and all the lovely MarieTV followers)

    Happy 2013 everyone, I hope you get everything you work for!

  129. This is perfect timing… Seriously. I am ready to change my mindset, my beliefs, my foundation surrounding money and abundance. I have a lot of fears about money that do not serve me. I am finally ready to see money and abundance in a new light. Thank you for this wonderful video!

  130. I started Gabby’s book yesterday and had a total break through when I realized I’ve been holding on to the perception that I shouldn’t ask for what I’m worth as a wedding and event singer. I’ve been holding myself back and now I’m willing to witness this fear and allow myself to be guided in how I handle my business. Thanks for this amazing video!

  131. Natasha

    I have to stop planning my business and start doing it. I’ve been making excuses for the last two years – too busy balancing my job and family, this is not as great as I’d want it to be and so on. I left the job 8 months ago, I have at least 6 hours a day to pursue my dreams and I still plan, dream and do all the other things instead of taking action. Actually, this is the first time I live a comment here, so I guess this is the first step in the shift. No more procrastination. I am willing to embrace the change!
    And thank you Marie and Gabby! I’ve been following both of you for a while now. You always have great advice!

  132. Katya

    Thank you very much for the episode. I always get some fresh ideas from Gabby.
    I am willing to make the shift to creating wealth and abundance doing what I love in my professional and personal life!

    Happy New Year , Everyone!

  133. I am so willing to shift my attitude about personal finances to one of gratitude and generosity.

    I can absolutely see how being driven by a sense of service and philanthropy in every aspect of my business and life can help create more abundance, as well as allowing me to see more clearly all that I already have in life.

    I’m going to work on a daily practice of gratitude, checking where I can be more giving in my work, my relationships, and with my money. Thanks for this lovely idea.

  134. What a super awesome video today!!! I am DONE with my financial struggles that have revolved around my life for the past three years while starting my freelance business. I WILL be moving towards providing exceptional value to my clients, giving more of myself to creative endeavors and training my body to run the LA marathon in March. :)))

    Thank you Marie!

  135. Liz

    I am willing to let go if the belief that I need to play it safe and stay working in a traditional occupational therapy position because it is safe. I am willing to accept abundance in all areas of my life. I accept running a prosperous business where I can support women in accomplishing their nutrition and lifestyle goals so they may live their authentic and blissful life!

  136. I am willing to let go of all excuses to get back into a healthy body mindset & regular exercise. I am ready to shift!!!

  137. Joy

    I want to let go of me career in Hospitality. It has served its purpose and built my character and for that I am grateful, but finding it hard to let go, because I don’t know where to go. I have been following Marie and friends using all the info but now it’s time to take a step and this I am very scared.

  138. 1. What are you willing to shift?
    I am willing to shift the way people treat me, and the way I treat people and myself. I am usually a very nice person, almost to the point where I go out of my own way to be nice to people and don’t expect anything in return. Case and point, my job. I work as a third shift cashier because I couldn’t get any first shifts, and I don’t like working seconds. Anyway, from the very beginning I was doing work and not getting credit for the work. But now things have changed and someone else is taking credit for my work, and not only that but it’s completely undeserving. I’m being treated like crap, and I hate it. I’ve been treated like crap before and it’s making me wonder how I’m manifesting it. Is it because I don’t think of myself very highly? Or is it because of the way I treat other people? I want to shift this way of thinking, and hope that I will know myself better.

    2. What you are moving towards and how can we, the community, help?
    I would like to move toward a career in which I’m working for myself, an entrepreneur and writing. I want to do the things I love and have earnings from that. I just want to have support in that, and know that I’m doing the right thing.

  139. This video was great and came at the perfect time. On January 1 – I told myself that I was done with my weight being out of my control. I think I’ve done every diet in the book and it will work for a little bit – but then I go back to my old ways. I’m now ready to tell the world – I’m DONE! Done with feeling crappy about myself. Done with having tons of clothes in my closet that don’t fit. My shift with my diet – don’t laugh, but to wear button pants. I work from home and have lived in yoga pants. I rarely wear button pants. By wearing the button pants, I can physically feel the sensation of being full vs. my mind just saying I’m full. No more – oh just one more bite. I’m on day 8 of wearing button pants and it’s working. I’m down 5 pounds. I’m also exercising and eating healthy and not grazing. I tried on pants in my closet and I could have been really depressed, but I told myself I had to feel this pain so I wouldn’t go back there again.

    • Martina

      You are sooo right with the idea of changing pants!!!! I do the same almost the same thing lol I wear elastic pants when is time of my period because I blow like balloon but lately I found myself to wear elastic pants more often so I decided to switch back into button pants to keep myself aware to eat healthy. It is quite funny that you are mentioning it lol I guess I need to hit the gym today (as I was trying to came up with excuse not to go lol) Thank ou Caryl xoxoxo Happy New Year and wish you to be strong and get where you wanna be!!!!

  140. I loved this episode! Thank you so much, ladies!

    I have had a string of really terrible luck with relationships and men and have been really taken advantage of. It caused me to become extremely bitter and somewhat reclusive to new opportunities. After being alone for awhile, I finally met someone at my grad school, who is wonderful, and we just started calling each other boyfriend and girlfriend. I am really excited, and he is the sweetest, most selfless man, and he has impressed me in every way; but I am worried that my past feelings, doubts, and wounds will surface and sabotage the relationship.

    I am here to say that even though it is absolutely terrifying, and even though I have had years of the “distance yourself to stay safe” thought pattern, I want to finally shed my fears about men and start a new thought pattern of “being worth loving” so I can let this relationship really blossom into something wonderful. 🙂

    Thank you, this was exactly what I needed today and at the beginning of this year.

  141. Great interview to kick off a new year Marie!

    May Cause Miracles is Gabby’s best book yet. I was lucky to get an advanced copy to read before the holidays and work through it throughout December. It’s a really great way to shift your mindset this year to unlock all the power and potential you’ve got lying within.

    I interviewed Gabby about the book too for She Takes on the World TV, and we talk about being willing to change, developing your own meditation practice, and unlocking your potential:

    If you loved this interview and would like to hear more from Gabby, I think it will inspire you 🙂

    Happy 2013 everyone!

    • Martina

      Love your video:) Great job !!!

  142. Martina

    I’m willing to let go of believe that I can’t serve people and be sucessful with my Reiki skills and as Health Coach (I sign up for classes in Integrated Nutrition starting on Monday, Jan 14!!). My deepest worry is that people don’t understand what I’m saying and my grammar is terrible because English is my second language (I’m Czech living 12 years in Canada) and that I must have 9-5 job to support my daughter and myself in life (which is going month to month paycheck). I’m into moving forward to gain self respect and love, and open myself to recieve the guidance to be successfull and passionate Reiki/Health Coach!!! I’m 40 this year and ready to brake thru!!! Any suggestion ladies? 🙂 Love you Gabby and Marie thank you for your work xoxoxo

  143. Ewa

    I am done with ” no time and energy” statement!

    • Ewa

      And All the best on 2013 TO you all;-)

  144. Brynn

    I’m ready to let go of my frenzy around money. I have such a fear of lack. My intention is to love the money that I make, cherish it and know that abundance is on its way.

  145. Melissa

    As ALWAYS I get so inspired and excited when I watch MarieTV! Today was a gift and I thank you both so much for sharing and doing the work you do!

    I am so ready and willing to shift from a place of procrastination into ACTION. I have always found it difficult to stick to a daily routine, but I am at a place in my life where my health cannot afford for my behavior to persist. I hope today was the perfect nudge to say, enough is enough, and it is time to get focused and really make some progress. There were also so many other aspects of the talk that I thought were so great, especially the topics of generosity and positive thinking.

    Thank you both so much!!

  146. Two things I am willing to shift:
    ~ego fear-based thoughts about my relationships, especially with my husband
    ~scarcity thoughts around my business/clients

    I am going to purchase Gaby’s book for a nice kick-start. I also need to re-commit to my daily yoga/meditation practice.

    Much love to you. Thank you for an inspiring episode of MarieTV!

  147. A cool episode!
    I’ve seen Gabby (online) before (including the Super Soul Sunday with Marie) and I find her really intriguing. She has an inner peace & serenity that seems to radiate outwards – it’s really powerful! It makes me want to discover more about how she got to where she is. I haven’t read any of her books but maybe it’s time I did that now!

    The one thing that I’m ready to let go of and really want to let go of, is thinking “I’m not good enough”. I’ve had many successes in my life through my career, equestrian sport and academics, but I seem to always thing “Yes but it could have been even better…” I really don’t know why I do it! I have a supportive family with 3 brothers (ok it can get a bit competitive) and I’m the first to follow the entrepreneurship route. I’m taking all the right steps (quit corporate job, built blog, doing a Masters to gain more knowledge in my passion field of happiness etc) but I seem to expect overnight success from myself and forget to celebrate the little steps – though I really try.

    So that was my rant 🙂 No more of not good enough.
    I’m fabulous just the way I am and I am working my butt of to get my business off the ground so it’s only a matter of time before it’s a Marie Forleo success 😉

  148. You are both so invigorating with wonderful information to share! Looking forward to getting the book & being able to do B-School. Thank you!!!

  149. I’ve already ordered my copy of May Cause Miracles, I want to thank both you ladies for such great inspiration, i subscribe to both your websites. I”m on a journey for sure, working on my physical, gave up coffee this week, doing juices, eating plant diet, trying to open myself up to manifesting. I’m ready to give up my regrets, my failed relationships, they keep me stuck and unready to open my life up to others. I started a blog called solattitude about coping with being alone but i’m wondering if…that in itself is a call to the universe to be alone…so i’m thinking of changing that.

  150. Such a great episode of Marie TV – thanks!! I’m ready to give up fear-based procrastination… avoiding taking action or spending too much time spinning my wheels simply because I’m afraid of putting myself out there. I’ve done a lot of spiritual work over the past year that I’m very, VERY proud of and I feel like this is one of my last hurdles to cross. In terms of abundance and prosperity, I think my fears hold me back not only from manifesting great things but also from being the person I’m really meant to be. Can’t wait to read Gabby’s new book! 🙂

    • I feel you girl, I think, I am in the same situation. Lets rock it!! Sooo looking forward to this year!! We can do it 🙂

  151. My intention is to drink more water instead of Pepsi and exercise daily. Also, I intend to create a virtual place where people can come together to support each other in weight loss and becoming healthy-mind, body, spirit.

  152. Ok. Deep breath. I am done with being financially dependent from my father. I am ready to admit that I am not doing enough for my coaching business and from now on this is my priority. Even though I am freakingly scared of failure and that it will take longer than I imagine to be independent, every day, I am taking inspired action to promote my coaching and to take marketing steps.
    Thank you, Marie and Gabby for this episode. Could not come at any better time. Gabby, I could not go to the book launch party in NY coz it was my bday. I am forever grateful for you in my life, Add more ing changed it forever. All my love to you, girls!

  153. Sharon

    Loved the video! Very inspirational, thank you. For me, I am so ready to let go of my 9-5 job but financially I have to hold onto it for now however I have already taken the first small steps in following my dream of starting my own business. I am finding the long road ahead very daunting but I am determined to make it!

  154. Gabby, you are super funny… and I’m going to go read your book now. =)

    What I have begun to shift is my communication with my team, I am going to put my all into them as they are the ones molding Jusani. I am also moving into a new B model… B for Big shift in my Biz, new plan and new method of raising funds for Jusani Culture’s beneficiaries. What I believe this wonderful community can do to assist in this shift change is continue to give great advise and support!

    Let’s Help Pets!

  155. Suzi

    I’m willing to shift from, “let me read one more blog, one more book, then I’ll be ready to start my project,” to “JUST DO IT!”
    I’m moving towards boldness. As they say in Texas,” I’m taking the bull by the horns,” and getting things done. The Plan:
    1. Finish manuscript and get it published.
    2. update and keep Website updated.
    3. Promote my public speaking business.
    Thanks for the inspiration.

  156. Will

    My shift has to do with an addiction I am struggling with alone. I need to work on both moving away from the addiction and also away from being alone with this struggle. Thank you for being a mentor. I found your videos just when I needed them. I know they are for woman but they are helping me a lot.

  157. Hey, I am ready to let go of my resistance and move into full owning my identity as a Business Owner, Entrepreneur and Move and Shaker. I have let this go for too long! I have so much ot contribute to my industry: new ideas that will rock it out!

  158. kris

    I am ready to let go out doubt worry and fear and replace it with gratitude. Practicing gratitude everyday.

  159. amazing video. so needed to hear all of this. thank you both for investing in your audience and sharing this valuable info.

  160. Michelle

    Oh, you are speaking to me today!! I am willing to give negativity at work and anywhere else it shows up.. I am willing to give up being negative through matching so I feel connected to people stuff…your stuff people..I do not need to take it on!! Love it your work Marie x

  161. Shana B

    I am willing to let go of the thoughts and behaviors that “I should meet other’s needs at the expense of my own”. For years I have been a ‘people pleaser’ and have not identified or acknowledged my true needs/desires. I have not created healthy boundaries for myself. I thought my needs didn’t matter as much as others. Today, I am willing to see this differently with self-love while still loving others. I am willing to be “me” and to be a ‘best friend’ to myself. I believe that if I do this, I will be able to share and serve others for the highest good. Here’s to setting healthy boundaries. Any support from others on what they have done to create healthy boundaries would be most appreciated!

  162. Rick E. Davis

    Greetings All. I’m a recent community viewer, first-time commenter.

    I love how serendipitous life can be. I was on my Amazon Kindle app looking through an assortment of books and came across Gabby’s, “May Cause Miracles”. I looked through the description, the contents and the reviews. I put it on my wish list. All of this happened before I went to bed, LAST NIGHT! Lo and behold if I didn’t wake up this morning, check my email from Marie, and see that she is interviewing none other than Gabby Bernstein about her book, “May Cause Miracles”. Amazing! (guess who has two thumbs and is purchasing a book, today…)

    I first saw the ladies on Oprah’s Sunday Soul Service (with Mastin, too), and their messages hit me in the face like I was a cop talking to Zsa Zsa Gabor.

    BACKSTORY: Over the last decade, I was in a toxic relationship which brought my self-worth to “abso-smurfly nothing”. I let her dictate how I should feel and act. No more. I have been out of that relationship for over a year, now, and everyday I’m getting back to “me”. During the span I was in a bad relationship, one thing I’ve loved doing is speaking and performing. Bringing laughter, smiles and a meaningful message is something I’m on this Earth to do. When I saw the trio on Sunday Soul Service, I knew it was a sign.

    PRESENTLY: I know what I’m supposed to do (sharing my message through speaking, writing, etc.). But, I freeze when I am to market myself. I have a very hard time “promoting” myself. I feel like a sleezy used-car salesman. All of the engagements I had before just kind of fell in my lap. I didn’t seek the presentations, they sought me. So, to answer the questions presented by the ladies, I am shifting my perspective (cue “Are You Ready For A Miracle” by Patti LaBelle in Leap of Faith):

    What is not working? It seems my confidence is not where it should be when I look to promote my services. I know all of the things I should be doing (phone calls, emails, etc.), but I still freeze when I begin the process of reaching out.

    What am I willing to let go of? The leash I’ve tied myself to. I keep thinking “What if…” thoughts that typically end in “I’m not good enough”. I realize that what I have done to myself is squash what I have to offer by making assumptions. I have to learn that a “no” isn’t an attack on me. And, a balloon. I am willing to let go of a balloon.

    What am I willing to shift? I’m willing to shift my perspective on myself. I am worth more than I’ve let myself believe. I have a lot to offer and I’m doing a disservice by not sharing it with others. I have a chance to make my dreams come true, by helping others accomplish theirs, and I can’t wait to get started!

    Thanks for the awesome exercise, Marie and Gabby. Putting it out into the universe does seem to propel me towards accomplishing my ultimate goal. I appreciate your work.

    And, I appreciate all of the awesome support people give on this site. It’s amazing to see that there is a lot more “good” on this planet than people realize. All of you deserve an “air hug”!

    Enjoy your stay,

  163. S

    1. What are you willing to shift?

    I am willing to shift into my greater self.

    2. What you are moving towards and how can we, the community, help?

    I am moving towards believing that I am not moving backwards by leaving my career behind as a speech-language pathologist, and accepting my intuition to get out to relieve the weight on my shoulders. I am also moving toward figuring out if I need to continuously change my perception or continue with my roller-coaster of a relationship.

    The community can help me to believe that I am not going to completely fall on my face.

  164. I am willing to shift my perspective and mindset around the comparison of where I am to where I want to be. I will allow my life to be an engaged journey of beautiful practise. Acceptance and a “willingness” to observe & find joy in the moment of movement toward an outcome vs. the lust for the outcome itself.

  165. Ciao bellas (and guapos!)
    Ready to go PRO and let go of self loathing and sabotage. Time to let go of the fears, doubts and over analysis of all the ways I f-ed up and get back to the business of serving my partners and customers. Trusting in the bigger vision that is my life’s work. Thanks to all of you for holding space for me. Its a marathon not a sprint, right. Here’s to celebrating small victories and choosing to put on our big girl (and boy) panties.
    Hooray for all of us. We can do it! Thanks Gabby and Marie!

  166. Amy

    This really resonated with me today…and it also scared the crap outa me because your exact question is something I have been avoiding.

    I am willing to shift from my life from what others expect I should do to what I know is right for me. I want to quit my job, it’s literally killing me. I’m staying because it’s what I “should” do, its the safe, smart, secure choice.

    I am 27 years old, and about a year ago now, I was diagnosed with cancer, and on that same day I got this new job. I’ve gone through surgery and treatment and am happy to say I am cancer free!! My job has stuck with me throughout my time off and surgeries which is great. But for whatever reason, I wrap the 2 together as 1…job and cancer (probably because that is how they both occurred). I am back to work and physically am healthy, but being at work, just being there, having nothing to do with what I do specifically for my job, causes me crazy anxiety. Being at work is just one big reminder of cancer and the year that I’ve had.

    There is just so much fear, anxiety, nausea, depression, etc. because I associate work with cancer. I know that is something that you can change over time after having better experiences at work, but I just want out!!

    My parents think I should stay, everyone thinks I should stay, especially given the economy these days. But it’s just causing so much more extra stress in my life that it doesn’t seem worth it to me. I want a fresh start somewhere where I’m not known as the girl with cancer.

    Quitting my job scares me, there are so many unknowns if I do it, but I know in my bones it is what is best for me in the long run. After the year I had, i need to do what is right for me and focus on being healthy, both physically and mentally.

    This vlog finally made me face exactly what I’ve been avoiding. Thank you 🙂

  167. Johan

    Marie Forleo, I appreciate that connection you have with the people around the world..

    Best regards

  168. I’m willing to release 1. all contracts/agreements that no longer serve my higher self/spirit. That includes ego-dominance. Time to let the heart steer this ship!

  169. I am willing to change my reactions to my daughter’s fiery, aggressive responses to (it seems like) everything these days. i am willing to show tenderness, vulnerability and softness to her in her times of fire.
    i am willing to change my body
    i am willing to be in full expression of my Self and not hide anymore.

  170. I’m ready to step out of using silence as a safety net. Those close to me would be surprised because I’m an outgoing and open person, but I’m ready to share authentically loud and clear.

    So, I’m commenting… and I’m taking this month to immerse myself in B-school, which I signed up for last summer knowing I couldn’t do it then – but not wanting to miss out if that was the last session, and make my website and online presence a reflection of the work that I’m doing with people in real life.

    I will also be strengthening my writing practice, and getting the books I’ve been carrying around inside written, out in the open, and move on!

    Thanks for another great episode! Happy New Year everyone!

  171. Robin Holland

    1. Willing to shift focus from what doubting Robin says to what believing Robin says.

    2. Moving towards healthy gestation and birth of the products that are my calling to create to contribute to people creating at their best.

  172. I would love to be less anxious about my financial situation and to have faith everyday about every aspect of my life. I would love to not feel rejected anymore by people when they are just living their life, and just shift that perspective by living my own life too !

  173. Jaclyn

    Thanks Gabby and Marie.

    I´m willing to let go of my scarcity mentality, that life has to be hard and painful in order to make progress. I know this scarcity thinking keeps me in a loop of drama…here and now, I´m ready to release it and embrace an abundance mentality – emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually (I love how you shared that abundance is not just economical, but emotionally and with my own Presence)

    I´m moving towards living on my own with my husband, learning to trust my inner voice and intuition, and finding a new, supportive, higher paying job where I can begin to invest in myself and my growth as an entrepreneur.

    I enjoy at the book recommendations, exercise suggestions and weekly inspiration. It always help to get the juices flowing! Thanks.

  174. beachmama

    Great video, great information.

    Nine years in my relationship and our love life isn’t what me or my husband want it to be. We love each other and are supportive and kind but we’ve allowed the ‘spark’ to fizzle. Having my teenage son move back in has added extra time diverted from “us” time. I’m not willing to let this go on any longer. Last night I gave my husband a 15 minute foot massage while we talked about our relationship.

    First step, anything we have to say to one another we will say in a loving tone. No sharpness, impatience, distraction. Be more loving in our conversation and listening. AND minimum of 15 minutes everyday of physical connection. This is a ‘must’ for my husband and for me as well. I forget how much this makes me feel loving and connected toward him. A lingering hug, laying on his chest as we drift off to sleep. Things we used to do but have let slip away.

    Thanks ladies . . .

  175. Shelley

    Thanks so much for all your great videos-but especially for this one! Really spoke to me.

    I’m done struggling with weight loss. I’m done with feeling like my inner self (who I really love and am proud of) doesn’t match my outer skin (which I really don’t feel comfy in).

    This is the year I will let go of health habits that don’t serve my goal of being more comfortable and proud of my physical self.

    This is the time that I will embrace healthy habits and accept how awesome they make me feel today and in the future.

    Thanks so much for the thought provoking and focusing questions!

    Your videos really make my day!

  176. Melanie

    For me I am willing to shift unhealthy relationships and situations. The relationship shift that has happened for me is primarily for myself in that I have now choosen to eat more healthy. The other area that I am willing to shift is my work environment.

    I have being using the power of affirmations to help in releasing the situation. My favourite affirmation for this is “Its in the past, I let it go, I release it, it is gone, I’am Free.” This little affirmation has been very powerful as I no longer desire to stay in situations or environments that are not honouring for me.

    So thank you Marie and Gabby for your latest insights. I love it.

    Regards Mel

  177. jane

    What’s not working and what am I willing to shift? Not being my full authentic self in my life and esp my relationship. Hoo boy, there, I said it! It already feels pretty powerful. I am concerned of what will happen with the relationship when I demand all the space I need to be comfortable, which is a pretty decent amount as relationships go. Well, the cats out of the bag, so off I go, fingers crossed, but feeling lighter. Thanks for a great topic.

  178. all I have to say “I BOUGHT IT” 🙂
    Love you all
    Greetings from Europ

  179. I’m ready to create and experience a shift in my success, career and finances. I’m willing to give up the idea that I’m not good enough to reach my goals or that I’m not “qualified” to help others. I am ready to live into the listening that others have of me, and to stand in the shoes which I was born to stand in!!

  180. I ready to let go of my irritation and frustration with my intimate relationship. I’ve been with my husband for 12 years and we have started to not treat each other as good as we used too. And it stops NOW! We love each other, we have two beautiful children together and a long life ahead of us. So we might as well enjoy each other to the fullest.

    Also I have let go of my poor eating habits. I added this after because that was a must for me. I hit rock bottom at the end of December with a huge health scare and it shook the crappy eating right out of me.

    So in some areas of your life, you do need to personally hit rock bottom to help you make that shift.

    Feeling better and better,

  181. eva

    I want to shift the way of seeing my current job. I was fearful of losing it, because the contract ends in April, but I feel it isn’t the right job for me anyway, so I shouldn’t be fearful about “the job”. I rather could be busy finding something even better and more meaningful for me to do insted of thinking “oh it will end and then I will have no income again, etcetera etcetera”. Wish me luck! Thanks! Bye!

  182. Okay, what doesn’t work for me anymore:

    Getting easily distracted by videos, blog posts, etc on the internet when I am supposed to be working and creating content for my site!

    I am ready to shift this and make better use of my time. I think writing down what I intend to create each day and my time line for doing this will be helpful. Even setting an alarm clock and giving myself only one hour to write an article will help with this.

    But ultimately, I think the underlying issue has to do with truly valuing my time …and not squandering it!

    • this sounds so familiar. The world is full of distrations when we are not excited enough to do it … to get our energy up for it.

      It is surprising how we can manage our time when we fall in love and have to make time for Mr. Wonderfull right?

      Perhaps falling in love with us and our calling gets us going.

      Lets test it!

  183. charlotte prouse

    I am willing to let go of being so judgemental of those who a) I don’t believe are fulfilling their potential and b) those who are and I am jealous of them. How screwed up is that? I am now going to let it go and feel nothing but love for them.

  184. OMG Can I just say that I so enjoyed the Cartman moment you two shared!!

    I love when interviews and articles can go deep and still have those hilarious ridiculous moments that are just part of life. Great texture, very real and dynamic.

  185. I am done being afraid of marketing myself because of the fear that people will judge me as being inept or not all that. I am also done with judging myself. I am good enough right now, and that’s good enough for right now!

  186. I will change the way I will look at my business. Instead of saying to myself that I can’t do this, or that I am not good enough. I will change it to: I can do this, I am great at this. We have products that will help many people worldwide, I will help as many people as I can, I enjoy doing it. Thank you for helping me to see this differently.

  187. LOVE the energy You 2 create and share!

    Re: Coffee and Gaby
    I am a world renown Medical Intuitive and Your body does not need to stop coffee ~ please examine Your story around this and muscle test (or call me) and You’ll discover that You can have coffee

    After You 2 ~ Muscle testing/listening to our Inner Guidance is the BOMB!

    Sending laughter and love,
    Cynthia O:) 305.389.1887 ~ call Now!

  188. Steph

    What an awesome video, one of my faves so far. I purchased this book recently and am super excited to start. Three things, no four things, that I’m shifting or giving up this year –

    *No more feeling guilty about taking care of myself. Here I come chiropractor and masseuse when I need you.
    *No more being a people-pleaser. If what you’re asking or saying doesn’t bode well with my soul, beliefs, schedule, or parental plan then I’ll nicely tell you no.
    *No more being shy with my husband. Since having our baby my confidence has been MIA, actually since being pregnant, but he still finds me beautiful so no more missing wifey.
    *I WILL open my wellness business. No more hiding behind my massive fear of money.


  189. This episode is exactly what I needed today.

    My pledge: I’m ready to move past my self-sabotage and self-doubt. I know that they keep me stalled from the ultimate success I could experience with my business — CALM biz. I always hit a point where I question the validity of what I’m doing, question my knowledge, and ultimately keep myself from moving forward in a productive way.

    The support I would love and appreciate from the community would be for anyone who feels genuinely inclined to check out my Facebook page ( and like it or visit my website and sign-up for my FREE newsletter.

    Thank you!

    2013 is going to be a transformational year.

  190. HI Marie (Hi Gabby)!

    I am shifting in a major way in 2013. I am excited to shift from insecure to expert in business. For years, I allowed my background (“nakeia from the hood”) to make me feel insecure around people that do not share the same background. I believed in my heart that I was born to lead a major life, but I let my head tell me that I wasn’t good enough, smart enough, and rich enough to manifest that. I didn’t think people would listen to what I had to say. I knew what I had to say could change lives, but I let the message get lost in my lack of confidence in me as the messenger.

    I have programs that I haven’t launched, a voice that I don’t always unleash in my articles, and I have message that I have been unwillingly to share—until now. The shift is happening!
    I already have 3 clients engaged in my 14 day challenge, I have 3 new clients signed up for my 5 week course and I am confident in my mission to teach multi-passionate women create a life that they freaking love by strategically focusing on what matters to them the most!

    Shift has happened!

    Thanks for sharing (and making me share publically).


  191. I am ready to let go of the life I keep thinking I should have been living at this age and live the life I was meant to and LOVE it!! I focus too much on the fact that people younger than me are where I should be or that I am getting too old to get what I want in life. NO MORE!!!

  192. I adore both of you! I am patiently waiting my my copy of your new book Gabby… funny, as I preordered it but it has yet to arrive – I guess the universe is waiting for the perfect time!

    I plan to just let go… and know that everything will be fabulous.

  193. Firstly Happy New Year and thank you to you both for your inspiring and generous work!

    I am done with letting my poverty consciousness rule my life! I am willing to let go of ‘lack’ ‘I can’t afford to’ ‘I can’t’. I am going to explore how to let abundance into my life and how to abundantly give to others.

    This video came at the perfect time for me. It is our (adult) daughter’s birthday in 2 days. We had decided we can’t afford to buy her a present this year but while watching your video I thought we need to think of something that she would like and make her a card that will show her how much we love her and get it in the mail to her first thing in the morning.

    Thank you for your inspiring words!

  194. Adrien Plavsic

    I am going through a divorce and deep down blame my ex wife, especially that we come from different countries and share three wonderful children which complicates things. I am torn about making a choice that would leave me miles away from my children and resent the timing of the divorce which has made thing very challenging considering I am changing profession.
    I am so tired of these thoughts and want to shift my thoughts and feelings to something that can help heal this situation and create clarity.

    I know this is possible! This book is a must and the interview with Gabby is amazing! Thank you! I feel this was meant for me to hear!

  195. This is so timely as I had a revelation yesterday that literally left me sick to my stomach (my cells were trying to catch up with the ah-ha and what I had learned).

    When I was five, my father committed suicide, and my mom who was only 24 at the time was left with two little ones. For the rest of my life I kind of felt like I had to take on a parenting role for my sister, and my mother which often left me sacrificing the things I wanted because I felt like it was more important to make sure the family was happy.

    To this day, I still do this. I realized this when I had big weekend plans to work and I ended up slowly but surely letting those plans seep away hour by hour because I felt guilty that my husband was alone (we’ve recently moved to SoCal and don’t have a ton of friends yet). When I picked my head up and looked around on Sunday evening I realized I hadn’t accomplished really anything and I felt this panic attack of not having anything done, being behind, resenting him a little bit, and feeling guilty for not honoring what I wanted.

    This same scenario of guilt has played out so many times in my life it’s not even funny.

    So today, I commit to letting go of my guilt by staying true to myself so that I can realize my real potential.

    Wow! That’s HUGE! Feels so good to get it out there. Thanks for reading.

    • I have to tell you, I’ve been in your shoes. I was the “second mother”, the much oldest, always sacrificing time, my social life as a teenager, and the things I wanted for them. And I find myself so quick to sacrifice now…even when I haven’t been asked to do so. It’s a knee jerk reaction. But with that sacrifice comes resentment, which is unfair to the object – and to me. I’m glad you came to this epiphany and hope you can continue moving towards the fullness of YOU. 🙂

  196. That’s funny. I did actually just recently give up coffee. Well, replaced it with decaf. My intention now is to get off the decaf as well.

    Haha, any support I can get to get away from the brown brew is most welcome. :))

    Happy New Year to Marie and Gabby and everybody who reads this!

  197. Nicole

    I have heard Gabby on several occasions mention the book ‘A Course in Miracles’. I can’t seem to find the name of the author of this book. Can you let me know who is the auther and which verion of the book I should read?

    Thank you,

    • Hi Nicole

      A Course in Miracles is published by The Foundation for Inner Peace. You can get it at amazon or


      • Nicole

        Thank you so much!

        • Your very welcome. It’s a wonderful book.

  198. Krystal

    I am willing to let go of selfish people in my life that do not serve my highest good and do not have my best intentions at heart. I have moved on from a very key person in my life and am in the transition phase. I just need to remember that being true to my truest, most honest self feels 1000x better than a single person’s affection which comes in fleeting, self-motivated, unpredictable moments.
    That feels good. <3
    Thank you, Marie & Gabby, for pushing me to be more brave and courageous in my life. Letting go never felt so good! Making more room for the good stuff!

  199. I am willing to let go of fear.

    Fear of life. Fear of being noticed (hence my excess weight). Fear of letting people down (hence the fact that I drive myself too hard sometimes). Fear of failure (hence my inability to take the next step in a project which I feel in my soul could be something big and helpful to many others).

    Feat of drIving! I’m 33 and I don’t have a license! It’s a bummer.

    Every day I will work on letting go of that fear and shifting instead towards love and faith.

  200. 2012 was a helluva year for me. One filled with much reflection and soul searching. My husband and I went our own ways after being together for 20 years.

    I took a nasty fall Labor Day night and slammed my forehead into my kitchen counter giving a nice gash that needed 7 stitches and bad concussion that I’m just now starting to feel better from.

    I got serious about my business and with B-School and the wonderful mentors in my life I am set launch BIG right now. I’m scared sh*tless I’m putting myself out there!

    I am committed to fearlessly putting myself out there and sharing my message far and wide.

    I am releasing my need to be a people pleaser and will not give any weight of importance to mean people. SO BE IT!

    Thank you Marie and Gabby for this wonderful episode of MarieTV! Off to grab Gabby’s book ♥….

  201. Giving up my need to write the end of story “aka needing to be in control”. I trust God and the universe and fall into life spectacular!

    In terms of giving, I love when people just do their thing and do it well without the dollars being a factor…. I am not surprised random acts of $ like kindness show up for you both. Thanks for mentioning it.


  202. Elizabeth

    Ok so for months, years, and a decade I have been unhappy with my body, my energy and my health. Well ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! I am done with having all the resources around and not putting it into practise, my bottom hit long a go, so long ago that there isnt any skin left! it has been grazing along for sooooo long!

  203. Hiya Ladies,

    Mine is to simply let go and trust. This rings true for every aspect of my life. I’ve been putting it into practice and it is really allowing major changes and abundance in each aspect of my life to occur effortlessly.

    Thanks for inspiring us 🙂 and happy new year…

  204. I’m grateful for this episode more than you know, Marie. THANK YOU!
    I’m READY and WILLING to let go of the toxic belief that I can’t make a living doing what I most love to do, and ready to let go of the depravity that comes with it. I’m surrounded by positive messages, and recognize that all of the negative ones have their origins in my head. My head has won over my heart for too long, and I’m READY to let go of that one, too. I’m a nature and landscape photographer and writer in Vermont, and if you are an interior decorator you can support me by considering using some of my work in your projects. If you’re not an interior decorator but you appreciate the beauty of the natural world, you can support me by purchasing a copy of my coffee table book titled ‘Coming Home to the Heart of Nature’, which should be ready for release by springtime. And in the very least you can support me by checking in on a regular basis to make sure I’m not giving up on my dreams any more.
    How can I support you?

    • Mark! Go for it!

      And for tons of motivational marketing and business advice for photographers, check out my website

      Good luck to you! Don’t. Give. Up.


  205. wendycats

    Where do I start? Can anyone tell me where to start? Just one little thing I can do? A practical thing, something that’s consistent with reality? I’m so deep in this pit that I can’t see any light and I’ve just (finally) figured out I have to stop digging. But now what? Nothing seems to work, and everything seems so pointless. Everybody makes it sound so easy but I don’t see it. I’ve tried “changing my perspective” — but reality always yanks me right back. Can’t fight reality…

    • Hi wendycats,

      I would suggest 5 minutes of meditation a day, every day, at the same time each day. Make it a ritual, sort of like brushing your teeth.

      You know, you’re on the right track, simply because you’ve stopped digging. Fighting reality doesn’t really work… Fighting anything at all puts you in the energy state of struggle, and from within that energy state, all you keep attracting in life is more struggle. So take 5 minutes a day to engage with reality in a way that puts the struggle on pause… and then simply practicing this daily pause, over time will magically spread to the rest of your day.

      This won’t happen overnight, but the benefits of meditation really are *huge* — sort of like one of those home remedies that cures everything under the sun. Like anything homeopathic, it takes time and repetition for the treatment to be effective.

      And if you’ve never meditated before, just go for the simplest technique: sit still on a chair, with your back straight and your arms comfortably on your lap. Close your eyes and start counting your breaths from 1 to 10. Observe your thoughts, your emotions, and your body. But sit still, and keep counting. When you get to 10, start over at 1. Set a timer to beep, so you don’t need to watch the clock.

      Be patient with yourself. Climbing out of a hole takes the time it takes. I’ve been there, tons of people have been there, and your decision to stop digging is half the battle already won. Now try something different as a way out of the pit. Much love to you!!

    • natalie

      Hi Wendycats,
      I hear your pain and have felt many of these feelings before, firstly dont be so hard on yourself, the first step for me is always acceptance, accept where you are and the feeling you have, take 3 deep breaths and tell yourself ‘it is ok’ It is ok to be feeling this way and acknowledge the hurt and pain. (you may find this simple act very emotional and healing) I find comfort in Susan Jeffers great mantra from her feel the fear and do it anyway book “Its all happening perfectly” no matter what.
      Sitting quietly and listening to a short guided meditation each morning will help you start the day in a more calm and positive frame of mind (Gabby Bernstein has some good meditations) and then each night try to find one thing in your life each day that you are grateful for and acknowledge and give thanks.
      Always remember ‘this too shall pass’ sending love and good feeling your way,
      Natalie x

  206. So DONE with the sub conscious B.S of “not being seen”….time to SHINE!!

  207. Maya S.

    I am done with closing myself off to people because they don’t live up to my crazy expectations. For the past year, I have been ignoring someone who I thought should’ve been a certain way in order to show me the love I wanted from him. Needless to say, it was unfair of me to expect that from him, especially since it is not his job to love me in the way I wanted. I wasn’t loving myself and being my own best friend first, so how could I expect him to love me? Also, I just finally realized it took way more energy to ignore and despise this guy than it does to just love him the way he is, so a few days ago, I just decided to let go of the anger and not treat him like an outcast. Just from that small shift, I felt lighter and I felt more love around me. Now, I am just hoping beyond hope to keep this up and not fall back into old habits, which really came about because I was so locked into this notion of love having to come from outside instead of within me from my spirit. Knowing that I can receive love at any time from God and have enough of His love to give out-since God/Love is infinite and eternal-has been so freeing. I am ready for more shifts and miracles!!! I hope for every one of us to see awesome miracles this year and beyond 🙂

  208. Rhonda

    Loved the episode today. So inspirational! Going to buy the book. Love Gabby Thanks Marie

  209. Jacqui Jones

    I am “done” with working all day, during evenings, weekends and holidays! I’m committed to creating a sustainable, scalable business and helping others to do the same. More to come…

  210. Kori

    I want to shift the perception that I have to figure everything out; that I’m the only one who can come up with the answers. There are things going on in my life that I have to let go and let God. I keep myself up at night trying to figure out my purpose – my true calling. The old ways of looking for employment and trying to figure out what I want to do as a career isn’t working. I need to let it all go – I can’t figure out the how’s in my life anymore. Thank you Marie and Gabby for helping me figure that out 🙂

  211. Mala

    Thank you for another amazing video with Gabby, that has motivated me to openly say to something that I have been nervous to commit to. I am willing to let go of alcohol and and move towards being more present in my relationships with others and also to commit to exercising regularly and taking care of my wellness.

  212. Nikki

    I am willing to make the shift to celebrating and enjoying life as it is and not fighting to change every situation to make it how I think it should be. I am blessed with a wonderful life full of opportunities and amazing people. I will start seeing my life for the blessing it truly is.

  213. Hi Marie
    Have to say I am a huge fan of visualization. When the book/dvd “The Secret” came out I realized I have been doing this for years (in a very unfocused way) and getting results so now I have put my energy into paying attention to my thoughts and what I am saying. I am shifting the “negativity” and focusing my energy into “seeing” what I want (for if you cannot see it how can you have it)… I have been reading “The science of getting rich” which is an amazing book. It was published soo many years ago and talks about the very principals we all need to follow to bring forth the things we want. I also like how they discuss the actions needed to do this… Just sitting and wishing without action is just frankly a waste of time. Its the combination of both that can achieve your goals… Here is to a postive journey in 2013..

  214. Natalie

    Thankyou Marie & Gabby, I am ready to let go of the feeling that I am not enough when it comes to my business, that my product is not good enough, that my subscribers wont want to hear what I have to say, and the feeling that I dont have enough to give, that I will run out of inspiration, stories and commitment. Ready to let go of the anxiety of losing all that I have invested in my business and the fear of failure.
    Want to move into the feelings of abundance, and excitement for the future. Need to start and STICK TO daily and weekly rituals that will help make me more confident, energised, focused and organised and help me lead a more fulfilled life and successful business.

  215. 1. I’m ready to stop “struggling”. I feel my entire life has me been fighting against one idea or another.
    2. I’m moving towards f-l-o-w! I love to hear ideas about how to detach but not be distant or aloof, tips, and above all inspiring stories! I love the guest stars on MarieTV and think they punctuate Marie’s already awesome advice with extra goodness that you might not have seen otherwise!

    Love & Happiness to you all!

  216. Raising my vibration, every day moving into a more abundant and grateful mindset and radically shifting my life to one of ease, joy, faith, love, shining, empowerment, living from the heart and inspired co-creation! (I’m “loving” out struggle, fear, lack, negativity, playing small and victim consciousness!)

    • OH AND making strong, quick and committed decisions based on what FEELS good and easy. No more decision making drama & Analysis-Paralysis. LOVED this segment. So grateful to my friend Rachel Webb for introducing me to Marie TV. So fun to watch – love the fab outfits too! THANK YOU.

  217. For quite some time now I have been pondering how to be entrepreneurial, awesome and successful working ‘mommy hours’???? 🙂 Available to the public face to face 9.30am to 2.30pm. At my macbook 6am to 8am then again 8pm to 11pm. Now that’s a long and committed workday. It also gives me time to ‘be there’ for my wonderful daughter, whose smile is ear to ear when she sees me at school picking her up, we hang out together, do her homework together, prepare and eat healthy and nutritious snacks and meals. It’s the lifestyle I crave, desire so badly….and this year I am willing to make the shift to make our dreams come true, I am reaching out to the Marie community for ideas, for real stories for incredible moms who are making this work already….who are you and what are you doing and how can I be inspired? Thanks, love S x

  218. Lula

    I am willing to shift into a more giving and open place. I often feel nervous about sharing my ideas or goals with others because I’m afraid of being judged. I hate the idea of seeming overly ambitious, or “woo woo! check me out and my cool idea!” for fear that I may fall on my face and then feel like an idiot. But, now I realize that sharing my ideas with people and letting them into my life, actually comes from and giving place. I have a delicious idea for a non-profit, truly all natural, skin care and body care company, that would make it possible for people to access truly healthful products, regardless of how much money they have in their wallets. It’s something that I’m committed to launching this year! So- there it was. The first big share! Here we go…

    • Hollie

      That’s a great idea Lula, and I really hope you get there!

      I have a similar idea for a non-profit food forest design business so that anybody who wants to grow food of any kind in their back yards can get beautiful plans and advice regardless of how little space or money they have. It’s my opinion that the people who most need to eat more healthy fruits and vegetables are often those who simply cannot afford them. And where better to get your produce from than your own garden? Scary sharing this dream.

      More power to us!

  219. Danee Kipri

    Another great one… Thanks Marie + Gabby
    A limited scope and subdued expectations have not been working for my life. I’m shifting to embody a boundless perspective and a relentless anticipation of greatness – at all times.

  220. elena

    You Dogs!
    I had to hang my drenched coat and hat in the back room this afternoon. I got myself outside for for just a half hour constitutional and Seattle’s a great big mud puddle!
    Love the sun, Chiquita, but L.A.? Marie Forneo, meet Florida, Florida, say Hi to Marie! I knew you’d like eachother….

  221. This is my first time posting but here goes….

    1) I’m willing (and eager) to shift my limiting beliefs that continue to tell me I can’t make a living as a life coach. I’m tired of only having ‘good ideas’ or ‘good intentions’ and I believe my first step is to release the doubt. Then take more action.

    2) I’m moving toward a career in coaching and the like. I’m moving toward serving more, giving more, and believing for more. I’d say the community can help me by sending their positive vibes/prayers my way. Also if anyone would like coaching I’m doing it for free for now. Hopefully that serves others and helps me gain experience and confidence in my abilities.

    Thanks friends! And thank you Marie (and Gabby)for being an inspiration.

    P.S. Welcome to California!!!

    • Hollie

      Hey Allison, what kind of people are you looking to coach? And what problems are you interested in helping clients with??

      • Hi Hollie!

        I’m narrowing my coaching niche so for now I’m exploring who I’m most passionate about helping. For now, here are some areas I’d be glad to help:
        *Spiritual (Christian)

        I know how much coaching has done for me and I’d like to be there for others in that way as well. 🙂

    • Shana B

      Hi Allison –

      Do you have a website, personal bio, etc? May be interested in coaching.

      • Hi Shana! Because coaching is such a personal, customized experience, I recommend talking to several coaches to determine who is the best fit for you.

        What area(s) do you want to get coached on, and what results do you want to get out of coaching?

        In short, I help my clients get more out of life and work by being more of who they are.

        Check out my site to read more about me and my perspective. If it resonates with you, shoot me an email and we can chat more about coaching.

        Good luck with your search!


    • Hi Allison,

      Just wanted to say I’m in exactly the same place right now, also getting my coaching practice off the ground. If you are looking to coach people for free there is a great website called The beauty of it is that you get to coach lots of different kinds of people with different issues, which will help you find out your niche and your ideal client. Some of the people I coached for free decided to sign up for paid sessions afterwards, so that’s a bonus!

      Best of luck!


  222. I am willing to let go of my weight…i am going to lose about half my bodyweight…(yes i have that much to lose)

    • Hollie

      Good for you Hayley! Good luck and stay positive! 🙂

  223. Hollie

    I’m willing to give up on my past dreams that I really don’t feel good about anymore and finally figure out what my new calling is. No more multi-working! I need FOCUS!

  224. Loved this!

    * I choose to shift my attitude of lack. Of resisting to give because I feel as if I am in lack.

    * I commit to moving towards allowing myself to receive and trust in the universe & the support and guidance it offers.
    * I also commit to moving towards receiving the money to fund B-School!

  225. Hi!

    Thanks for the episode Marie and Gabby! I’m willing to let go of judgement. I’m moving toward creating online experiences to help busy women relax. It’s not my place to decide who needs to relax and who doesn’t. I’ll take anyone and everyone who is ready to release!

  226. Gina

    I’m willing to trust myself and people around me; trust that I can have the life I want and that I deserve it. There isn’t much more that the community can do for me than what is already being done; the universe has pretty much hand-delivered a great life and great opportunities to my doorstep. The missing piece is me picking it/them up and manifesting the dream. I have always felt like these great things are happening to the wrong person!! My shift is in how I perceive my worthiness.

  227. I’m willing to let go of massage being my occupation. I’m SO ready to be using my brain creatively and not just my body. I’m moving towards capitalizing on my knowledge and experience w/ the body around pain and fitness, plus the obstacles that seem to derail us from our desires.
    i am also moving towards doing more w/ writing and word play to make a bigger impact and to make my message more captivating.

  228. I am willing to let go of relationships that no longer serve me. The ones where boundaries are not respected………even if it is family.
    This means saying no and standing my ground.
    I will need all the support I can get as I am a natural giver,doer and the glue.

  229. Miss E

    I would like to let go of my job which affords me a good but unfulfilled life and find my true passion in life!!! I’m done with a meaningless job and I am willing to take risks to shift to a job I really enjoy, that empowers me that really makes me happy! And have confidence to take some risks to get there!

  230. I need to eliminate “day job”, which brings a ton of negative energy to me on a weekly basis. While it brings money in the door, it is not worth it if I’m upset and not able to think creatively. I’ve been thinking about this for over a year and, now, I’ve hit rock bottom. It’s time to come up with a plan for change and I’m greatly looking forward to reading Gabby’s book!!

    Thank you thank you. xoxo

  231. I’m done hiding! I realized my own fear of “getting out there”, and sharing my message has actually been me hiding and fear of truly speaking my truth and shinning to my true potential. It hit me in the car today, before I had even listened to this interview, that I have been EXTREMELY selfish! I’m putting myself and my fears before everyone else, before the women I know I’m meant to serve, before my purpose, my mission and my blessing. I’m committed to get my business off the ground and moving in the direction it’s meant to. I know I’m meant to help and teach and help people heal. The time is NOW to start, so I’m committed to taking daily action, daily practice and my WHY no outways my why not… Thank you Marie & Gabbie xoxo much love

  232. Loved, loved, loved this video … thank you Marie & Gabby. I have been working on this for a while, and while the beginning was easy, the novelty has worn off and it’s getting hard. I have chosen to let go of 40kg of excess weight and the clutter than I do not need, want or love in my home. Both demand my attention, limit my opportunities and hold me back. No more. What I would also like to let go of is the self sabotage when offered something amazing … at least I can recognise it now, and that can only serve me well!

  233. Michelle

    Great seeing Gabby & Marie together again. I saw them a few weeks ago on Oprah; loved it! I am willing to give up this “protective” suit of armor that has adding almost 100 extra pounds to my frame & start nourishing it with what it truly needs. I know for sure I need to put me 1st & get back to daily yoga & meditation. Can’t wait to delve more into Gabby’s book!

  234. Stefania

    My vision is to let go of the excess fat on my body. Be healthy and strong.

  235. I am willing to give up being impatient with my kids. I am also willing to give up playing small in my business and doubting myself.

    I am committed to spending more time just being with my kids and playing whatever game they want to play. I am committed to being Diamond in my company by May 31st, 2013 and creating an amazing team of people who are motivated, purpose-driven, fun, creative, and inspired to take immediate and massive action.

  236. I’m willing to shift from fear to love. To open my heart to love, to people…and to myself. I’m done with being afraid that I’m not good enough. I’m ready to try and try again and actually start believing that I am a good life coach and open myself to welcome clients and help them like I know I can and thrive in my new life, as I’m quitting my job by the end of the month to be a full time mom and life coach!

  237. So Marie’s question was .. What are you done with ? I AM DONE NOT HAVING ENOUGH MONEY TO DO ALL THE THINGS I WANT TO DO, ALL THE PLACES I WANT TO VISIT, LEARN ALL I WANT TO LEARN (LIKE MARIE’S B SCHOOL) AND NOT BEING ABLE TO DO MORE FOR OTHERS FINANCIALLY ! Today was a special day .. I got to see my 2 favorite web people <3 <3

  238. Stahi

    Today is my birthday and you have gave me a gift guys….I am willing to be strong, healthy, get my life back……yes!!

  239. Marie—I see you manifesting your talk show on a major network! YES!

  240. i’m ready to let go of my protective excess weight…and my fears around “not having enough money” – thanks SO MUCH for this interview!!!

  241. Paige

    I’m willing to start truly telling people how I feel, making healthy choices, and have the courage to follow my inner voice… Not all the outside noise.

  242. Hey, guys
    – I need to do things in my business that I have never done before, in order to break through the plateau that I’ve experienced for the past few months
    – I am moving towards the next level in my business – 6 figure income
    Thanks so much for the inspiration!

  243. Anne

    I am ready to leave a lackluster job where my skills are not utilized and move into the right position where I am expressing my talents in work that matters and is rewarding in all areas – physical, emotional, spiritual, and financial.

  244. Lisa

    this was an excellent episode and so timely for the new year. One of my goals this year was to improve my communication with people and not make assumptions. Why? Because it’s one of the hardest things for me to do. For most of my life I wasn’t able to clearly express my needs or desires as they were overshadowed by…well a lot of people and their unwillingness to let me feel. So i learned to bottle up and keep it all inside with the mis-belief that I was actually in CONTROL because I never expressed them or lost it. I’ve learned that practice was detrimental to my health, my spirit and my overall standard of living. So I am willing to shift my perspective on that notion. Keeping my feelings in check is not staying in control as they just sit, fester and soon enough cause frustration, anger and resentment. I am choosing to move forward, to say what I feel as I feel it! if it’s fixable I want to let the person know, if it’s not, well it still helps to to let it out.
    If anyone has suggestions on how to do this that would be wonderful, cuz in the back on my head, my ego still believes it’s easier to stay quiet & hurt than to be honest and happy.

    Read more:

  245. Yarmila Bruyevicz

    My vision for 2013 is to find a job.

  246. Marie

    This episode was awesome, thank you Marie and Gabby for sharing your lives with us and producing such fantastic work. Everything you do really does help us.

    So, for me, I’ve realized that I’m most of all willing to shift my willingness to share. I thought it was fantastic that you brought this up in the video- I love the quote from ACIM that says “To have all, give all to all”. I was rocking a pretty magnificent spiritual flow a few months ago, and then it seemed to have stopped and I couldn’t figure out why. But this has been a habit for me, I start doing the work, I start shifting, things get better, and then my ego goes haywire thinking that all my problems are suddenly solved and then I just create new ones and the process starts all over again. With everything seeming to go wrong all at the same time, I tend to shut down. I also moved away from all of my friends and most of my family, and have had a really hard time finding people to really open up to. I seem to have gotten myself so far into my own mind about things that when I’m presented with an opportunity to speak, I chicken out and say nothing, then regret it later. I’m done with that. I’m done keeping my positive thoughts and energy to myself. I’m done feeling intimidated by others, and being afraid of people thinking I’m stupid. I’m ready to PARTICIPATE.

    I would really like to work with children and teenagers. I’d like to teach them how to navigate through life with a higher consciousness so that they can avoid a lot of the problems that I dealt with, or just not waste as much time as I did. I’m studying the Course pretty hard these days, and I feel like I’m getting to where I need to be. I guess the best way the MarieTV community can help me is to just keep being amazing! I appreciate the videos so much, and reading about all of the wonderful things everybody here is doing really inspires me and inches me closer to the clarity that I need every single day. Thank you all.

    Much love,


  247. Luz Blanca

    I’m going to stop procrastinating and getting my own lifestyle coaching business up and running and JUST DO IT. If people didn’t want and need this kind of help from me, they wouldn’t keep asking me for it!

  248. Thank you thank you thank you for this episode, girls!
    I’m done thinking that my efforts are not going to pay off. I’m done being greedy with my time and knowledge.
    You made my day again.

  249. What impeccable timing! I just sent out an email newsletter to my beautiful community titled, Why I’ve Had Enough! And, here’s what I said:

    I’ve experienced the best of times and the worst of times the past couple years – and gained an exceptional sense of surprising clarity on behaviors that I’ve come to tolerate in myself, and others. Here’s some of my truth (basically, what I’m sick of, will no longer tolerate, and am consciously saying “sayonara” to):

    I’m letting go of:
    – the people & communities that focus on differences. Dear heavens, when I see the pointing fingers and judgment, I run the other way. Let’s focus on unity, and not division. I even see it in my raw food scene. ENOUGH!
    – people & companies that underestimate my greatness and/or do not value me as they should. This is specifically in regard to working for other companies, which I still do, as I grow my Edible Goddess business. Know your value and refuse to negotiate! ENOUGH!

    I’ll add that I am taking a stand with those who are mean in any way, unjustly blame, or that make you/me feel lower than you intentionally. DONE.

    2013 is a year of courage, and a year of epic proportions. I need to speak my truth and declare these ideas/new ways of being, otherwise I may fall back on them. Thank you Universe, Marie & Gabby!

    Can’t wait to meet Gabby in San Fran this week… so stoked you’ll be in town & I get the new book!!!! VIP baby.

  250. Shana B

    I am so right there with you Bethanne. Do you have a website, a way of connecting?

  251. michelle

    Hello. I was trying to join up to RHHB school, class starting on Feb to get more info, but cant sign up??can someone help plase?

    • Hey Michelle! Please write [email protected] and we’ll be happy to help. Please note we are on our company retreat so response time will be a little longer than usual, but you haven’t missed anything 🙂 Our official promotional launch of the program begins in February and the class itself begins in March!

  252. Alex

    I’m ready to accept my greatness and let go of limitations I impose on myself and accept from others. If this means I have to let go of certain friendships and seek new ones, I’m ready for it. I know people mean well, but I now refuse to tolerate some of the things I say to myself. I’m crossing the line with other people. My vision and what I want to accomplish is at stake.

  253. Becky

    I’m willing to shift my FEAR of being successful. For so long I’ve felt like I’m on the verge of beginning the rest of my (wonderful!) life, but I’m scared to get started. I keep holding myself back and putting little excuses and obstacles up in front of me, but I’m so tired of being frustrated and feeling caged in. I know I’m doing it to myself, so I want to shift that mentality of “I can’t yet” or “I haven’t learnt how to yet” and just get on with it! Perhaps it’s tall poppy syndrome and I don’t feel like I deserve to be better than the person next to me, but no one ever succeeded by taking a back seat.

    I’m a singer and I have some huge auditions coming up, but I keep telling myself I’m not good enough yet, I’m not ready, my time isn’t now, I’ve got so much work to do and I’m intimidated by it. My vocal coach today called me out and said I need to get those negative, hurtful thoughts out of my mind and sing a song, for example, with a positive and willing attitude. That way pitch won’t be a problem, the audience won’t sense and hear my fear and reluctance, my body will be more loose, throat and chest tension gone, the sound will flow, etc etc!

    What I might need is some affirmation that I can indeed be successful and happy in my career (whatever it ends up being). I need to remember that it’s okay to be good at something, and we were given our skills for a reason. Stop comparing myself to Aretha and Beyonce because I sound like ME, not them. I need negativity out, and positivity in, and I need to remember the LOVE and PASSION I have for music that made me begin singing in the first place.


    • Lucie

      Hi Becky,

      As a fellow vocalist I hear what you’re saying. I try to channel those emotions into my singing. When I get great opportunities, I try to channel my gratitude into the song. You’re right, don’t compare yourself and bring your best original self to the table. Good luck on shifting out the fear! 🙂

      • Becky

        Thanks, Lucie!
        I know what you’re saying about channelling emotions into a performance, and I have to say it’s something I often forget to do. I’m so caught up with technique and trying to correct the things I (might) do wrong. Moreso though, I often forget to congratulate myself for doing something right and rarely express gratitude towards a great opportunity. Instead, I stress out about it!
        You’ve reminded me that music is about expression of emotions and a story, and without that conviction behind what you’re doing then there’s no point in an audience listening to you 🙂

  254. eva

    I love how Gabby normalizes having a “bottom” for various areas in life….I think a light bulb just went off for me. I’m with Becky and ready to give up my fear of being successful in a big way. I’m also ready to give up not sharing my voice. I’m moving towards certainty surrounding my life’s purpose and mission and sharing that with others. Not sure, however, how the community can help….I’ll think about that last one.

    By the way, thanks for keeping it 100 ladies!!!

    • Becky

      So my light bulbs going off after this video 🙂

  255. Lucie

    I just realized that I have a story that I tell myself over and over again: “I always get screwed over somehow.” I do my gratitude exercises every day, but for some reason my inner voice keeps whispering that same story to me. Today I fully realized that this is just a self-fulfilling prophesy that I need to SHIFT quickly because it’s coming true in little ways. Thank you Marie and Gabrielle for giving me a new resource to help SHIFT this story out of my mind…

  256. What a great interview ladies! I loved it!

    I am willing to release my attachment and dependence on romantic interest. For years I have in some way been occupied in a Romantic relationship. If I’m not in a relationship, I’m dating, if I’m not dating I’m hooking up and if I’m not hooking up I’m super crushing on some random guy I don’t even know. I’m ready to stop giving so much energy to these forms of relationships and instead focus on loving myself and growing spiritually so that in the right time I can have the relationship I’m actually looking for 🙂
    It is really empowering to say that! Thanks you reading everyone 🙂

  257. Katja

    Hi all.
    I am going to show the world who I really am.

    I am done hiding behind food and thoughts of not being clever enough.

    Thank you Marie and Gaby for this episode.

    Here I come. Yay 🙂

  258. I’m ready to stop feeling resentful towards a family member that hasen’t always given love as freely as I would like. I’m ready to let go of the resentment, to reach out and give love, regardless of what I get in return.

    Awesome episode, love you both!

  259. Ayana

    I would like to make shift from shit 🙂 All self-pity talks, low confidence in myself and fears. I want to become true beliver in miracles, connected with my higher self. I wish to learn to be humble and calm, but still ambitious. I want make huge shift in relationships with man and people that I meet in my life, moving from any kind of defence to love and truth. I wish I learn how to not afraid to be vulnerable and to be real me. Love Marie and Gabrielle a lot! Thank you much! Wishing you all beaty and abundance of life.

  260. I love your vids Marie, you are a truly inspiring woman and so is Gabby, I just went online to order a copy of the book that is arriving in Sweden this week I believe!

    I am done with stressing through my days at work. I have been thinking that if I get twice as much done in one day my business will do better, but it never has. Working twice as much wont give me twice as much, it only leaves me tired and stressed to no use. Last weekend something happened, I reached rock bottom and experienced a shift, so wonderful!

    I have now spent 3 days at work, getting things done at a nice pace, been talking to colleagues and not fussing about the finances, all of a sudden our sales are up… Seeing this video confirmed my thoughts about the whole thing and was just what I needed to keep going more slowly and enjoy my days, thank you ladies!

  261. Fadzi

    Thanks Marie, thanks Gabby! I loved this episode, it resonated so much with me. I have actually been witnessing what is not working for me and this is being defensive and keeping my guard up in relationships (be it friendships or romantic relationships). I have let past hurts keep me from opening up, and I have kept people at a distance. I am ready to open my heart to love and to embrace the love that others are giving to me. Healthy relationships here I come…woo-hooo!

  262. Thank you so much guys for this! I’m so done with judging my own work in a negative way! I release any negativity around the value of what I produce and choose to focus on getting things done instead.
    In order to get the book that I’m writing done, I’m making myself accountable by letting you guys and everyone else read as I write along the way and maybe also inspire others through sharing the process.
    I wrote more about letting go of negative judgements in this little blog-entry:
    Thanks again, Marie and Gabby! 🙂

  263. Emily

    I’m willing to shift feeling unworthy, stupid and like a failure. I’m moving towards healing my femininity for me and others. Don’t know how others can help at the moment. Thanks for this episode.

    • Hello Emily… reading your comment I really felt like I needed to simultaneoulsy hug and punch you! 🙂 There is no place where feeling unworthy can serve you. That breaks my heart to hear you say that you are walking around with that self judgement. Whoever told you that is wrong and I will send positive vibes for you to move towards where you need to be.

  264. Helen Dee

    I am going to open up and let me get to know “Me”. This has been a struggle for me for so long. This is the year to let people in 🙂

  265. Kim

    Thanks Marie and Gabby!! I’m willing to let go of fear in my coaching practice. I’ve let my EGO run the show for way to long. I have finally started and info product as a way of “giving” instead of “getting”. If nothing else I will have proven to myself that fear can be overcome.

  266. I have two theme words for 2013: bustin’ and standards.

    Bustin’ means blasting past my mental blocks, so I can do my life’s work. This year, I’m making a film about my cantankerous grandmother. I put it off for years because I didn’t have the money to buy the equipment.

    Pursuing this project scares me. I’m putting myself on the line. At times, I want to hurl. And sometimes, I’m a ball of rage. But I know I can’t go back to working for someone else, hiding in mediocrity, and living “small”, as Gabrielle Bernstein likes to say.

    Standards means only doing things or dealing with people who move me forward. My standards get tested in the smallest ways.

    Just yesterday, I decided to nix the low-priced levels of my Kickstarter campaign to fund the film. I had that feeling that I may have to do too much work to fulfill rewards for people who contributed $5 or $1. But I wasn’t sure people would willingly contribute, so I kept the low price points.

    Then two people told me I was giving away too much at those price points. They confirmed what my intuition was saying all along, so I nixed those two levels. I’m instead starting contributions at $10 and I’m more confident my Kickstarter campaign will succeed. Standards.

    Happy new year to Marie and everyone else who watches her videos! I love her!

  267. Thank you for continually peoviding videos that seem to come and just the right time in my life.

    Like many others, I am ready to let go of the negative comparisons. I’m willing to focus my energy more on what I want and not what I didn’t get/do in comparison with others in my field.


  268. 2013 is really going to be a phenominal year, I can feel it! What I am willing to give up is the “ideal” image I hold on to of what my success looks like. MY success this year will be the daily ability to connect with myself and at least one other person spiritually, in gratitude and from only a place of love. That should keep me centered. 🙂

  269. I’m willing to shift my ignorance around finances so that I can truly appreciate the things in life that I value. I’ve been underselling myself, so it’s not just ‘money’ that’s the issue, but rather how I see myself and my work. I’ve picked up a life-time of bad spending habits and conflicting tendencies that leave my resources drained.

    So – time to understand how to best manage resources, and not have a black cloud of money-worry hanging over everything I do. An attitude of abundance rather than ‘lack’ seems part of this.

    I’m moving towards being more responsible for my financial situation, and therefore daily life decisions. Building up my business with a giving and sharing attitude, and a heartfelt focus. This is my aim for 2013.

    Powerful stuff!! reading everyones comments is amazing – it’s a really special time for opening UP!


  270. This was a great video- thank you!

    The shift that I’d like to make in 2013 is giving myself permission to be pampered!

    I’ve had a life long belief in investing in myself, and my life has been transformed as a result of investments in health, fitness, and personal coaching (my investment in coaching also inspired me to become a coach myself!). But in reflection, it has seemed harder to do something like take a vacation or go get a massage. Like that is not as practical, or something (or so my thoughts have tried to convince me).

    I’m moving towards even more vibrancy and joy in 2013, as I continue to grow my business and achieve my dreams, so I want to shift my old way of thinking about ‘pampering,’ Now I want it to be about abundance and time to reflect on gratitude. Also that I deserve it and that it will pay off with even more energy and joy! 🙂

  271. I think I’m the only one on this panel stupid enough to hold on to a destructive (and only recently legal) habit that I picked up in EIGHTH GRADE. I have an intensly deep-seeded, sensitive, love/hate relationship with this plant that really touches me at my core. But buried even deeper, and held back by this habit, is my super power, just dying to get out to enrich others’ lives, support my whole family and take me to the next level.

    And I’m gonna throw that REAL potential I KNOW is there away over a way of life I chose when I was 13? Just let its toxin seep into my life slowly under the radar only to notice when I’m looking back at what I missed? Dumb dumb dumb. And sad. And really dumb.

    Enough already. I have control. Not the other way around. I know what I’m giving up, and I also know what I’m embracing.

    Much love to Marie and Gabby, my friends (even though we’ve never met). xoxo

    • Jane – you are not the only one. That has been a problem that has plagued me for the last ten years of my life. I tried so many thing to kick the habit and couldn’t seem to make permanent change. I finally got the root of it about two months ago and FINALLY made a permanent change to stop. I realized, through the help of a friend that I don’t know how to relax. I don’t really know how to do spend an hour doing something that is pleasurable for myself. So as a result, I lived a life where every night when I came home from work, it was smoke or work. I could stop smoking for a week or two, but then I would need a break so bad, I would get back into smoking. I am slowly learning to teach myself to relax and experience pleasure through other avenues – taking a bubble bath, reading a book for pleasure, taking the time to cook delicious healthy food. You can do this – you just need to find other ways to relax and enjoy yourself! I believe in you!

    • Hi Jane!

      I just wanted to lend you some encouragement! I think you will find that pursuing this goal and liberating yourself from this habit will enrich your life and make you a stronger, more complete person. My father was addicted to this same habit for 25 years—his entire mariage to my mother and my entire childhood—and he hid it from me and our family for the entire time. The secret ate away at his happiness, while his addiction just grew stronger and stronger.

      You are a gift, and jeopardizing that potential and that light inside of you with this habit will only hurt you and your loved ones. I’m rooting for you, my friend. You have the strength to do this—the choice is yours and you can make it.

      Smiles and all the best,

  272. Jen

    I am ready to release the fear/shame/guilt of lack and embrace feelings of wealth, abundance and prosperity.

    I am ready to step into my own as an empowered women and am grateful for Marie, Gabby, and all of you fabulous women!

  273. dutchlady

    After watching this clip, I’ve been really reminded that I want to be grateful
    I feel like Im grateful, but I’m not really feeling it in my spirit. I’ve feel like everything is hard, and thats exactly what I have reflected back to myself.

    I’ve had one crazy thing happen after another in the last few weeks, ending with my car being broken into on New Year’s Eve.
    I’m way to hard on myself, I feel like I never do anything good enough. I want to blame it on my childhood, like we all do, but the reality is I create my universe, I just can’t seem to make that shift. I try and it always go back to this negative place
    After watching this, I’ve been reminded that I’m not giving enough, I’m in self pity and fear, which makes you hang on to everything, Be it money, love, work, or spending time with friends,

    I’ve been also having this struggle, since the kids are out of the house, to spend quality time with girl friends, Its hard to find friends you trust with your emotions, and its hard with our busy lives for people to take time to support each other.
    Ordering the book, and starting back up with reflections and gratitude journal..
    Would love any feed back if anyone can relate

    • I can completely relate. I’m also busy with work and have friends that I have a hard time pouring my soul out to. It really is hard to build trust! You’ll have to work at it slowly.

      I’m trying to remember to at least send a short message to my friends from time to time – even if it’s nothing massive, it’s important to let people know that you’re thinking about them, even if you are closed up and don’t really feel like spilling your heart out. I think I tend to have an all-or-nothing approach, and that’s not really how relationships work! You can’t be all-on all the time, you know? And it’s OK not to be. I have the problem of wanting to cocoon up when things don’t go well… which makes it worse. It’s a tough fight.

  274. Oxana

    I am done with collecting information and hording it and I am shifting into generosity and sharing.

  275. 1. What are you willing to shift? I am willing to be open and I am ready to accept my role
    2. What you are moving towards and how can we, the community, help? At 50-something, I am becoming a spiritual force for change and inspiration – let me help transform the world (by bridging the generations, and more!)

    • I am done being “too old” … and I am embracing being a “change agent” for and among all …

  276. Freedom Reigns

    I am giving up my crazy meaningless sex capades. I am moving towards purposeful loving relationships. I AM WILLING TO SEE LOVE AND LIVE LOVE!

  277. Marina Gonzalez

    I give up my negative perception of my body/image and weight. I am totally done with that. Thanks!

  278. Aisha

    Aisha ha for 1 dag siden

    hey tell me how i can have a great year when my life sucks i migrated from my country to oslo it has been a few years i m struggling to learn the language, trying to study to make a life but everybody sidelines me i am a social disaster no one wants to speak english with me i cant express myself enough i cant enjoy class breaks have no friends am a girl 23 already feel like i have lived enough only live for the sake of living it am a very innocent and not a lash back kind of person

    • Oxana

      Hi Aisha – I feel with you. I have been living away from my country for the last ten years. I have a question for you. What if you started building your Home inside yourself – how it will look like? how would you feel being in it? As soon as you feel at Home inside the outer circumstances will match your feeling – that what I have discovered.

  279. I am willing to shift my mental process and views on the world and life, if 40 days is reinforcing new patterns I want to try that cz what I’m doing Aint working.. And how the community can help is maybe some suggestions on how you have personally sought change and found it step by step.

  280. 1. For over a year, I’ve felt completely terrified of talking to my inner child. Just the thought of doing so – really confronting the simplest form of my actual fears and aspirations – for some reason gets me instantly choked up. I just avoid that “ping” to dig deeper because I don’t want to deal with failure or expectations, or possibly having no empathy for myself.

    I have to do this, and work out what I really want, this year. I feel like I’m wasting precious time.

    2. I need to return to a place of inner peace and feeling like I’m on the right path. I’ve been without a true sense of purpose for three and a half years. I want to get back to feeling like I’m right in knowing and following my purpose despite anything external that goes wrong (work, relationships with others, money, expectations, etc.).

    I loathe asking for help, but I respect myself and Marie’s work enough that I will at least try this time. I think I’m just so mad at myself that I was on the path and somehow lost it – like I should know better and should have figured it all out again by now, I guess.

    My question is: how does one communicate with their inner self to derive their purpose? I have done a handful of writing exercises that – while extremely emotional – haven’t gotten me to the “AHA!” moment where I really knew what I needed. Previously, I was able to find – and continually reaffirm – my purpose through research and what seemed like wonderful coincidences that kept helping me and supporting my feelings. Since I haven’t re-discovered anything like that for so long… I just feel so lost.

  281. Jasmine

    I want to give up limiting beliefs, and I am asking God, to lead me to my passion. I want to know what my life’s purpose is, I want to have something I am able to put all my energy into and make it my own.

  282. Judy

    I am willing to shift out of limiting beliefs but don’t know how to get to the other side. I visualize myself being very successful and in a different type of job, but I have no idea how to get there other than visualization. What I do now is totally different than where I see myself. I know I have all this potential, but then when I start thinking of what it will take to get where I want to be, I realize I don’t have what others have (college degree) and my mind immediatelyfocuses on potential rejection and not enough time in my life to follow a traditional path, it just ain’t gonna happen! College is worthwhile, but I dont believe it is necessary for what I desire, yet it’s all people focus on. I need to work and don’t have the funds for college now or the ability to take on more debt. I don’t even think I want to go back to school. I have held jobs with a good amount of responsibilty and am SO qualified for higher levels of employment based on work history and acheivments but I never get recognized. I am tired of being paid low salaries and employers getting the best of what I have to offer. Therefore, I end of focusing on what I don’t have instead of what I do have and feel like a hampster in a wheel. I feel like there is so much more for me and of me. Help me take my thoughts to the next level or to some level to heal the past and see my future. Thanks

  283. Michelle

    I am ready to let go of my fear of falling in love. I am ready to drop the barriers blocking love into my life.

    Thank you for a wonderful episode!!!!

  284. Sara

    I am willing to let go of discomfort when it comes to money. Too often I forget to be thankful for the ways in which my life is abundant and focus on this one troubled area. In the coming year I hope to focus on the areas of my life that are full and inspired. I hope to be patient and positive (and to work my tushy off) in order to feel abundant with my finances (whether this means more money or just a shift in attitude).
    Thanks both Gabby and Marie for the great video & challenge. (Received May Cause Miracles in the mail today – highlight of my week!)

  285. Lois

    I am willing to be better at my time management. So many opportunities are in front of me and while I “get things done” I’m not getting them done to the fullest potential. I’m not going to be a slave to perfectionism … just better time management, better balance, better life!

  286. marie i LOVE your work and thank you Gabby!

    I’m letting go of comparison…i will only compare myself to myself this time last year…

    dedicating to done.

    3 revenue generating items daily before 11am

    mandatory playtime daily

    talk to my desk plant at least 5 minutes daily

    Be the Mindshift Mentor, Naughty Novelist and Much sought after Actress by March AS DESIRED, DREAMED OF and DECIDED.

  287. Jo Mendez

    I am done with scraping the bottom of the pot instead of letting the abundance flow! I loved this episode, right before watching I was having a panicky spot of witnessing what has not been working financially for me. I am committed to taking action in order to flip this shizzle. Thank you, Gabby and Marie for being so awesome, accesible and inspiring. Much love :o)

  288. I know I’m a little late to join this challenge and conversation, but here it goes:

    I am a college student who is studying abroad for two semesters in Paris, France. I’m from Arizona, USA, and I have lived there my whole life. There, I was very positive, inspired and content. It wasn’t until I moved here, to Paris, that I began to understand that all of the beauty, warmth and nature that had surrounded me each day in Arizona had been a key part of this happiness, and that without it, I struggle to maintain my optimism. Paris is a great city, but it is grey, cold, and rainy, and life here can be cruel. I had never lived in such a harsh environment, and my day-to-day experience here gradually began to erode my positivity and tire my spirit. I have never been so negative as I am now. I came to realize that I am no longer my happy, upbeat, positive self just in time for the New Year, though, and I am ready to change. Happiness is something we have to create for ourselves, not choose from the ready-made aisle in a grocery store.

    I am done with negativity.
    I am willing to shift my perspective on where I live and how I live in it, and I am willing to open myself to the new kind of happiness that Paris, and my entire experience here, has to offer.
    How can this inspiring community help? I hope you will simply lend a word of encouragement, maybe share a tip on combatting Paris gloom, or even something you do each day to stay positive. Any words of wisdom and support are always welcome 🙂

    Thank you, Marie and Gabby, for your motivating video! I’m a student and I can’t afford to buy the book, but know that I learned a lot from your conversation, and that it was exactly what I needed to hear! I look forward to incorporating your ideas into my own life, and I hope to be half as empowering as the two of you someday!

    Merci beaucoup, bisous,

    • Melissa

      I totally understand you! I’m from Canada and moved to Italy for several years as my husband is from there. My happy go lucky nature is ruined. I was depressed more than I had ever been because of the grey skys, rainy falls/winters. I missed my blue skies and sun even though I was living in a much warmer climate. I felt insecure as people were so different. Try your best and I know you can find a smile on someone’s face to brighten your day and something beautiful on your walks to make things a feel better. You are lucky to have this experience and will grow so much from it. Sending you happy energy and sunny thoughts.

      • Thank you so much, Melissa! It has meant so much to me to know that others have experienced this same thing, and found away to regain their smile. I really appreciate your support 🙂

        Here’s what’s I’ve decided to do to help me get my optimism back! Join me if you want 😉

        All the best,

        • Myriah

          HI Ladies!

          I felt compelled to write as I too have faced so many similar situations, feelings and circumstances since I moved on my own to the Netherlands from Canada (Melissa, where are you from in Canada?) almost 8 years ago. It is a FREAKING battle, all the time, in just managing to get those around you to understand your perspective. I have seen myself negatively change so much as well and become exhausted…and yet, I am still here.

          But fear not, it is so true that when you focus on being thankful for an opportunity that so few truly get to experience, it somehow softens the rest. Not always, but bit by bit you learn your place, seek out the best most comforting places and people that make life what it is where you are.

          Savannah – I am in Paris often and love it (the little streets in the Latin Quarter are such a cozy way to spend a ‘local’ afternoon – the Cacao et Chocolat on Rue Baci is wonderful to escape the rain). Perhaps we could meet sometime and tease out the best of Paris! (my email is [email protected]). I’m right now checking out the Blog!

          Hang in there girls!


  289. peter

    I feel like I’m done with alcohol and coffee and drugs. I see sober people who are way more effective. I don’t even enjoy these things. They are just my default.

    More broadly, I am ready to have energy and do what I’m capable of.

  290. Pauline

    I would love to quit self-abandoning and judging myself according solely to the feedback I get from others.
    I would love to stay more true to myself and look at myself with loving eyes.
    I would love to be sure at all times that I have everything I need to be happy.
    I deeply believe these things are the only ones that are really essential to stay content and evolve; sometimes I manage to achieve this view on the world and myself, but right now I’m a little down and that’s why my old habit of being clingy and needy and frustrated showed up again.
    Also I would love to get to grips with the book I’m currently writing. But again, it all comes back to feeling confident and loved. Oh my!))

  291. I am willing to witness my fear mentally around a lack of finances. I’ve tried 8,000 ways to work on it and I’m done. I am making the shift that will last now. I am also willing to witness that I repeat romantic relationships where I feel not emotional supported and fully seen, appreciated. I’ve been lucky to have relationships with sweet men that can be generous in their own ways, but often seem to have a more selfish outlook that doesn’t allow me to feel like I’m actually integrated into their lives. There’s a reason for this…I try working on it and can’t seem to get to the root. I’m done with it. I’m ready for my true soul partner to be with me.

  292. Sonia

    I am ready to let go of being affected by the abuse of the last relationship I was in. This man lives across the road from me in a very small town so I must see him almost daily as he continues to be even more aggressive and condescending towards now that I have let him more than a year ago.

    I will no longer let his words and actions affect me or my daughter. I will not be afraid to stand up to him when necessary and to walk away along the higher road when I can. I know that setting a strong boundary and defending myself does not go against my spiritual value of compassion and loving kindness.

    I am ready to fully step into my power as an incredibly strong woman who is becoming all that she can be. Im an Aussie so its in my blood ! It is time to move from fear into creation and share my own unique gifts with the world. I have a lot to offer not in spite of but because of the honing of my being through this difficulty.

    2013 bring it on!

  293. Melissa

    Thank you Marie and Gabby for inspiring us in the video.
    I have been reading several comments here and I decided to make a small shift. I am usually very money consciencious and I need to let go of that. I made a donation to a charity that my friend set up for her child and other people with a rare illness and have already seen the love come back to me through my card shop. Last night I had a few people email me about listings previously sold and they asked if I can list them so they can purchase them. It’s like a boomerang…. throw your love energy out there and it will come back to you. Thank you so much for encouraging me to let go of my money fears.

  294. Asha

    I’m willing to shift to another country. I live in Italy, which is great in for holidays but a really tough place to work and for me, to live, so I’m moving myself and my husband towards the dream of our own home, back with friends and family, great jobs, a thriving city nearby, maybe a dog…
    How can you help? I’d love support on really putting myself out there as an executive / business coach, rather than trying to tick the boxes of the corporate world (which you may have guessed by now I’m way outside!) and getting frustrated because I can’t really.

  295. Jules

    First off, I want to thank Marie and Gabby for posting this great video. I was talking to my Mom the other day, and it turns out she has one of Gabby’s older books, “A Course in Miracles” and I can’t wait to read it.

    2012 was an interesting year for me. My best friend and roommate was diagnosed with colon cancer, I have had health issues of my own (HSV-1, which is the herpes virus, that my ex-boyfriend and I caught together in the summer of 2011. I have never had another outbreak, but it has weighed me down in terms of what it’s like to be a now single woman in her mid-twenties.) and I quit my job at the bar I was working at in order to pursue a career in film production full time.
    I had a breakdown in the fall of 2012 and sought out spirtual guidance. The woman who I saw helped me tremendously and the gifts (like this website) keep coming. I am ready to make 2013 my year and come to peace with things and really kick ass.
    That said, I’m still unemployed. I have been lucky enough to get financial support from my family, but I am in school debt and cannot pay that down until I have a job. Work in film has been slow, and I have been working odd jobs since September 2012. Things are looking up and I’m keeping positive.
    I also recently ended things with a man I have been casually dating for almost two years. We’ve taken breaks (which is when I got back together with my ex briefly and HSV happened, which he knows about and he has never had an outbreak), but I’m at a point where I want to see what’s out there. Ultimately I would like a relationship, but I also want to date for fun and meet people!
    My roommate is nearing the end of her treatments. I cannot even imagine how hard this has been for her, and I hope 2013 brings her much needed love and happiness, and of course good health.
    Clearly there are a lot of things on my plate, but I’m rready to shift my perspective to a place of self-love and positivity. I’m ready for all the amazing miracles the world has in store for me, and I’m ready to make changes.
    We all know it’s hard not to feel down and depressed when you’re going through changes and hardships and I love the idea that a community like this can support each other.
    I look forward to reading other people’s comments and stories, and wish everyone the best for the year ahead.

  296. Michelle

    I am willing to release my self imposed oppression and accept my strength and talent. I completely desolve all doubt and I am willing to believe in myself and receive a miracle.

  297. jer

    I LOVED this video <3 <3 Marie and Gabby <3
    gabby thank you for sharing this marie link!
    thank you!!


  298. I am ready to let go of habits that get in the way of my a more full success in business and love relationships – which I feel are somehow intertwined.
    Love you two ladies! Thank you for being such an inspiration!
    Hot Entrepreneur Single Mama of Twins! 🙂

  299. Jennifer Giuffre-Donohue

    Love it! Feel like I just took some vitamins for my soul after watching this. Thank you both for the work that you do!

  300. Perfect timing. I am beginning my journey into visualization, meditating and really focusing on how I can use the energy I create to get what I want from life. I am reading The Best Life Ever by Taylor Wells and I’m almost done, so I just ordered two of Gabby’s books! I can’t wait to read more 🙂

  301. buka

    I couldn’t have watched this at a better time. I am going to be ending an unhealthy relationship in the next few days. Knowing myself, the step by step guide will be exactly what I need to walk me forward and help me be strong. Thank You!

  302. Georgia

    I hate to be a party pooper because I usually adore Marie’s stuff, but I just heard from Gabrielle Bernstein through Kris Carr, and from Kris Carr through Marie Forleo… and on it goes. While I think it is great that friends are helping friends out in the world, the message also gets a little tired. I feel like there is nothing new here because Gabby is just on the road to promoting her new book (as was Kris, and on and on it goes).

    You’re all in it together and there is nothing critical to put things into perspective.

    Just sayin’. 🙂

  303. I am ready to share my healing blog to the world. Getting it out there and being in the forefront. Not being afraid anymore.

    No more fear, limiting beliefs about “can’t” and letting others and situations infere with my true calling. I feel the “ing” Gabby – I feel it shouting so loud right now, I feel like crying for it has not been heard for so long.

    Thank you Gabby for an amazing book and for the spirit that is you. Thank you Marie, you are such a true inspiration for all that I am going to be.



  304. Ty

    Thank you both Marie (team as well…go team) and Gabby for bringing spirituality to the forefront and making it hip again, instead of hippy-ish, for today’s society. Though a guide book, per say, is a great way to get started for those unsure how to take that first step or unfamiliar with spirituality and can empower them towards that shift. However, step-by-step guides, I feel, can fast track many towards the precipice of discovering divine Love and Abundance but it can also rob others of the experience only God, life and the Universe can provide though ah-ha, epiphanies, rock-bottom moments where the paradigm shift occurs as a result of that personal experience, something they can own instead of enabling instant gratification. Thank you again for your services towards enlightenment and abundance.

    Peace & Light,

  305. Amy

    So I really enjoyed today’s episode, BUT . . . could we get back to more practical business? Don’t get me wrong, I’m digging most of what was said here, (I am giving up fast food!), but I get so much more out of your episodes on practical, how-to, business type topics. When I’m looking for spiritual guidance, I go other places where I know that I’m aligned with like minded people. I know that you’re appealing to a wide audience here, and that you’ve gotta keep it “PC”, so it feels like your spiritual episodes end up being either a vague “think positive thoughts and be happy”, or really strange, like the episode on the end of the world. I’m not trying to be a negative nancy here, but I know that you like to hear from your audience on what we like to see, so I thought I would bite the bullet and share honestly, (something that’s really hard for me to do). I absolutely LOVE MarieTV, and cannot tell you how many changes you’ve inspired in my business! Especially the episode on Going Pro. I finally got my website up, and I’m currently putting together my blog, thanks to the inspiration that I have gotten from watching MarieTV. Thank you Marie! You are fabulous and I share your videos with all of my entrepreneur girlfriends!

    • N

      I would like to shift so many things – I don’t know where to start. I would like to eat food that only makes me feel great. I would like to feel beautiful. I would like to have more insight why my relationship with my husband does not feel well, and what to do about it. I would like to feel like I am shining, and I don’t know how.

      I would prefer to work with a coach/practitioner than read a book. Any recommendations? Thanks!

  306. Eva Ponce

    Hi Marie & Gabby :o)

    Loved your episode – filled with lots of good advice.

    I am willing to shift my procrastination on giving up my office job to start my own business. I have always played it safe and let fear keep me from moving forward in my life. I am so ready to start working from home virtually in a way that allows me to be free to associate myself with meaningful people. I am moving towards knowledge. Learning from others and helping myself in the process. I have signed up for B-School (so excited – can’t wait ;o) ) in order to seek assistance to put my intention of my business venture into action. I would love to work with life coaches and mentors like yourself & Gabby. I feel drawn spiritually to this arena and would love your insight on how to make this work. I feel it in my bones that I was put on this earth for the sole purpose of helping and giving back. Just don’t know how to get started. Looking forward to your guidance in March @ B-School. Be blessed and enjoy your Team-get-a-way !!! xoxo All my love :o)

  307. I am ready to shift to areas in my relationship that are no longer serving me well. I am ready to open open to whatever miracles and changes need to happen for me to move forward.

  308. Great episode. As soon as the ‘what are you willing to shift’ question was mentioned, I immediately thought, “my excess weight”. I’ve been carrying it and lots of linked emotional baggage around since I had my first child a decade ago. This year, I want to lose the weight and get healthy.

    I also need to shift the fear that prevents me from writing my best. I know I can do it. There’s really nothing to be afraid of.

    Thank you.

  309. Great conversation, thanks Marie and Gabby. I’m ready to let go of trying to do everything in my business and opening myself up to giving someone a job this year. That includes letting go of the “not enough time or money” to hire someone attitude. It’s a big shift!

  310. Myriah

    Marie and Gabby – thank you for such a great video, these segments really truly inspiring, motivating and just damn awesome! Cartman incl .

    Somehow I feel I am stuck in a different but related situation – I am WILLING to shift so many things yet somehow continue to be challenged by what is being thrown at me.

    I’m mid-thirties (!ˆ%$#*& how did that happen), moved to Europe to start a career at an international NGO that was going incredibly well until our boss passed away leaving no successor. What has since occurred is The Office version of Lord of the Flies…and eight years of very hard work and dedication crushed by power-hungry and hurtful colleagues (who were once friends) and an uninvolved Board.

    I am networking, applying for dozens of jobs a month, still try to reach out to fix things with once adored colleagues (while maintaining my borders) to no avail, will be doing a Habitat for Humanity volunteer build in Cambodia to get a new perspective and still have hope that these actions will help me work towards a positive shift in perspective. But how do I build a better willingness to let go of the hurt and anger of being poorly treated by an office that I have helped greatly succeed? It is a heavy, heavy weight.

    Thanks for any and all insight, it’s always fabulous : )

  311. I am DONE with judging myself, with telling others to be kind to each other and to themselves but not practicing what I preach; I am done with comparing myself and my body to others; I am done with feeling sorry for myself and self defeated.

    I am willing to keep telling others how much I love and appreciate them, and then to take some of that ‘juice’ and give it to myself – to fill myself up with so much love and kindness that it overflows into all areas of my life!

    Thank you and namaste!

  312. Hi Marie!
    Thank you and Gabby for an awesome inspirational video; a great way to start off my Saturday morning:)
    Okay, what I am willing to let go of is the feeling that I am running my business basically all by myself. I do have technical support, a graphics person for marketing materials and a part time assistant to help me actually make my jewelry. What I haven’t committed to is a full time person with a set schedule to help me actually run my business, i.e. drum up more business through online marketing etc. I feel that if I had this person, I could relax more and focus on what I do best: make jewelry! So in order for me to add this person to my virtual team, I would need to let go of my fear that I can’t afford it! After watching your video I realized that my fear is tied in with not wanting to give more or believe that I can give more- this is a huge revelation for me!
    I would also like to state that I have dedicated my life to writing every morning so that I can focus on a dream of becoming a writer. I still want to continue creating jewelry which I love, but want to feel more supported with it so that it can continue to support me abundantly as I pursue my other goal of becoming a writer.
    So I am reaching out to the community for any advice! I have taken all the typical routes as a jewelry designer such as had a showroom in downtown Los Angeles, did some trade shows, had a publicist, tried several other sales representatives and had some success but recognized that it wasn’t in alignment with my calling. Due to the personal nature of what I do, channel healing energy into my jewelry, I have found that I am happiest when connecting with my customer either via the internet or in person at trunk shows; it’s this personal connection which feeds my soul. So I’m currently in talks with some people who believe in what I’m doing and are wanting to arrange events/trunk shows where women can make 15minute gemstone healing consultations with me at
    said events. I feel this is a new beginning for me! I am also offering free consultations on my website but feel that my next step is to offer it via video so that I’m more visible to my audience.
    Thank you Marie for this platform to help me state to the universe what I’m ready to let go of and what I’m ready to call in!
    With much love and respect,

  313. S.

    I AM willing to change the fact that I still feel like a victim of betrayal in my relationship. I AM willing to FREE MYSELF from the “victim of betrayal” IDENTITY, the “cheated on” identity.

    I am not defined by this moment, I am not defined by this hurt, I am more than a “betrayed” woman. I AM willing to be more. I am SO MUCH more than that. I am willing to let it go…. This does not define who I am. I am willing to let go of this identity and this victimization because it is hurting me still years after it happened and I have moved on and want to be happy with the man I am now engaged to.

    I just don’t know how to become that woman….who no matter the hurt is able to forgive and move on from the betrayal, move on from the hurt and let it be where it belongs : in the past.

    Anybody ever lived that in their relationship? Where they were betrayed and decided to forgive and move on…and succeeded at moving on?

    Any help would be really appreciated as I really want this behind me. It’s eating at me still…and it’s exhausting to feel “dirty”, “humiliated”, “betrayed” (whenever something triggers me to remember the past) over something that happened years ago and has no more relevance in my life today.

    Thank you for any piece of advice and good luck to you all

    Much love.

  314. This is a phenomenal video! I am willing to make a shift with sugar. I have struggled with a sugar addiction for years until today. I eagerly look forward to more delicious plant-empowered, plant-based foods and drinks!

    Thank you Marie, Gabby and all my friends here! May we experience these shifts NOW!

  315. Raissa

    Thank you so much for this video !!! For the last year I’ve been transitioning into a vegan lifestyle and diet. It’s been an enlightenment journey for me. I already manage to lost 20 pound !! Wowww !!! Thanks to yoga, inspirational books, green smoothies and juices ! But Iately I’ve been back into some unhealthy habits ! It’s like I’m so afraid to let go !!! So for 2013, my big theme is going to be self-care. I’m willing to give up going to sleep and waking up late and I’m ready to rock yoga again !!!!! Good Luck to everybody out there !!! It feels good to know I’m not alone 😉 xo xo from Belgium !

  316. Love this ! I’ve had a crazy tough year and am committed to learning the lessons that have been sent my way…
    I’m ready to allow true love to flow my way and ready to shift my business to the next level so that I can contribute more with an overflow of abundance.
    Thank you both for being so inspirational…. you ROCK !

  317. I absolutely loved this video. I feel charged. I am a miracle maker! That’s what I decided to say to myself this week. And, I have never heard of Gabby but I’ve just liked all her media assets and subscribed to her newsletter. Thanks again!

  318. Im willing to self sabatage my self worth by believing I’m not able to be financially successful and independent. I’m willing to change my thoughts about how I view money, how I can earn money, how I can give money and clear up my fear of not having enough. This is an energy I know my husband struggles with too so it’s due time i start giving myself more credit and create a business where I can help and serve others and feel good about earning money.

  319. Think the idea that giving is the essence of abundance is spot on and a timely reminder! This is a question that has also been coming up for me more and more of late and I seem to be constantly faced with situations where I ask myself if I could do more… the answer is usually yes. One area I have the opportunity to improve on daily is in parenting my son where I am trying to walk that fine line between being a kind & giving mother whilst still encouraging his independence – and not being a walkover…
    Really enjoyed the video as always, thank you both!

  320. I’m done with letting what I can’t do dictate the moving forward of what I can do. This is a major obstacle in believing I can jump into a full time operatic career.
    My goal is to have steady paid work as a singer and to provide the same for others with my group Singer’s Circle ( which will be a nonprofit organization this year!

  321. Netta

    I am ready to let go go my lack of personal responsibility. Thank you so much Marie! I am a new fan, and somewhat addicted to your videos. Rock on! And Gabby… I’m on day one of May Cause Miracles! Already a Spirit Junkie! So excited for the transformation. Big Smooch!

  322. Steph

    I’m willing to let go of past hurts. I realized that after being hurt so deeply & profoundly, I closed myself off to protect myself. This resulted in two things: I still get hurt & I block out the good. I’ve decided to be open to all that life has to offer, but I don’t know HOW to do that. I don’t want this to have any more power over my life & would like help on the HOW.

  323. I am willing to let go of all the day to day things in my business and appoint a team leader to take control of this, as i have been so incredibly frustrated the past year wanting to work on my business more and grow my business more but feel like i am to unsure of how or what to do hence why i have not done this, for me i think i just need to start and then things will hopefully flow on from there.

  324. You ladies are amazing. I love you both so much. You have no idea the impact you make in my life. Thank you so much for your body of work.

    Gratitude is they key for me to unlock miracles!

  325. Jo

    Hello ladies,

    Thank you so much again for an amazing video, so inspiring.

    I am willing to stop wasting time with men who do not appreciate me. I deserve fulfilling relationships! I have come to realize the only reason I have been wasting time with those men is because of a fear to give a man who is really into men a chance and then get disappointed…. Fear is not the way forward is it ??…..

    I am also willing to change job as I have reached a plateau in my current position. I need a challenging position this year.

    Yay, how exciting to be writing this! I feel invincible.

    Thanks ladies!

  326. Laura

    I’m ready to let go of checking my email and social media so much. It’s damaging my clarity and blocking my ability to do the REAL work. I want to tackle the important stuff, the productive stuff, the money-making stuff rather than getting distracted by what is easy and rewarding. Life begins at the end of your comfort zone, and success and happiness begins at the end of your comfort zone too!

  327. Queen

    What is not working for me is life right now and my whole attitude towards life. I have become very lazy, nonchalant. I have not been aggressive towards what I want and I realize that all areas in my life are revealing the same patterns. These are lack of consistency; organization; discipline; care and I believe most importantly: LOVE

    I have created not so great habits and have wasted plenty of time with my life.

    I am ready to stop my and reclaim my life! I am ready to make a shift and service the world! I must give in order to receive. I want to attract more abundance into my life but I realize that will only happen when I make a mental shift to claim it and also to capture it and give it back to the universe.

    • Queen~

      I relate to you 100%! I was having a hard time putting what I thinking in writing and then I read yours…thank you for sharing because I know its not easy!

      I too am ready for a shift…I am expecting many miracles now & for the rest of my life. I realized recently that I’m grasping at things, people & lables in order make me happy all the while not really loving anything…including myself.

      Love is what I am striving towards. Gratitude is what I am want more of! I drown myself in self doubt, victim roles and stress & the sad thing is…I know better! I am done being lazy, hiding in my apartment, not showing my true self and most of all…allowing other people’s opinions of me hold me back.

      I am also striving for supporting all of us! If there is any way I can help…please let me know. You can reach me on herfuture any time!

  328. Tess

    Thank you for the video Marie and Gabby, I’m soooo incredibly grateful that the ideas you’re putting out there are making their way mainstream, yay!

    There’s so many areas where I’d like to grow and evolve, but for now my priority is taking a leap of faith and believing that, despite what’s happening in the economy, I WILL find satisfying employment that is worthy of me and my talents (a first, and it makes me realize that change can be scary, even when it’s good!)

    This is just one step in my overall movement towards connectedness and LOVE, for myself and the planet.

    Love you gals, you rock!!!

  329. Leah

    I want to let go of the fear of being “too much.” This year my goals include taking a more direct leadership role in my business. I am sometimes plagued by thoughts like, “Who do I think I am?” Fear comes in this form and other forms like the fear that I am going to turn into an annoying sales-pitchy person. Afraid that I won’t be able to have a private or personal life because people will only see what I’m ‘selling.’

  330. Antoinette

    I’m ready to let go of not making mistakes, trying to be perfect and listening to outside negativity and the negativity I create in my mind. It’s held me back long enough and I’m ready to move forward with my life.

  331. Sandra Lemenaite

    I am so grateful for this video…I truly believe that Marie is leading me in the right direction at just the right time. I have been searching for inspiration, knowing fully that when I decide I am ready to receive it, it will appear.

    I am ready to create a career – to start my life as a woman of action and use my nearly three year old degree and other talents to find a great working environment and start making money,and, more importantly, serve the world.

    All my friends and family have commented countless times on my…lag time. On my low-level jobs when I have a high-level education. The reason I haven’t? I have been scared out of my mind of being successful. Of actually getting what I want. Yet I hit my bottom and am done. Done done done being stagnant …I needed to be gentle with myself in order to face some emotional traps, but I realize now that I do not want to waste my potential and my time.

    Here’s to finally working on that resume!

  332. Lucy

    In the spirit of giving, I’m going to give my challenge in these comments!

    I’m willing to shift from inaction and disbelief to confidence and self empowerment.

    I started a business a couple of years ago and kept working for someone else full time. I needed the income and life lessons, and now I am really ready to commit to my own business full time. I’m scared and not convinced I can financially support myself, but I know I must do this. It really is my calling, this I am certain.

    Someone told me confidence comes from action, so I’m taking action to bring my business out into the world.

    And I am trusting that I will be successful enough to make a profit and earn myself a great living, even if I don’t quite believe it yet.

    Thanks Gaby and Marie, great as always.

  333. Jules

    I’m willing & ready to let go of relationships that lack honor including the one with myself. I’m willing & ready to let go of habits that do not nourish & love my body, mind & spirit. I’m ready to take action moment by moment as I see the opportunity for quantum shifts in my being, my thoughts, my relationships & interactions & my purpose in the world. Thank you so much Marie & Gabby for uber inspiration so consistently. Your presence & stand in the world are truly the path I aspire to daily & continue to reach for & grow toward! Blessings & gratitude always!

  334. Sofia

    I am ready to let go of the small part of me that is still holding on to a small bit of low selfesteam. I am willing to live as selfaproved and selfworthy as I possibly can. Love, S.

  335. Lisa

    Im ready to be open to the universe to pull me to the direction of my purpose. Im ready to let go of my rigid vision of what my future needs to be and find what my soul calls to be. Continue to work on myself and share my love and learnings with everyone around me. Thank you for your inspiration, love and wisdom.

  336. Lisa M

    I’m ready to release any negative self talk of my body image and love my self unconditionally. Not working: fearful thoughts related to abundance in my life. Looking forward to the shift in perception that I am ALWAYS taken care of and abundance is always there for me. Ready to expand my consciousness on this perspective. Not working: Negative thoughts that i’m not in a relationship. Ready to shift my perspective to fall in love with myself and life…and stay at this vibration (as much as possible).

  337. I’m done with tendencies towards co-dependency. I’ve gotta live a fulfilling and nourishing life by stepping out and that starts today. I can do this. The world needs my gifts.

  338. I am willing to follow a schedule, one day at a time, that honors all of the things I am responsible for, whether I am being watched or not. I think that’s called “integrity”? Yeah. Integrity. 😉

  339. Wow, Marie what a wonderful topic for your latest video. I don’t comment much but I am starting too because one BIG shift I chose to make for myself this year is to “be myself…more often”. Its a simple concept, but when you stop to think about it, women catch themselves being SO many other people depending on the situation. A stuffy employee at a big company job they’re dying to quit, or a posh socialite in order to fit into their new “big city life” or a stay at home wife who never gets to wear the pants, or even a straight-up different race when really all they want to be is the loud Jersey girl next door 😉

    I’ve decided to break free for the sole purpose of being more free in my business of helping other women with their brands. I am shaking loose of my abusive past, my only-child syndrome of a broken home, my hiding out due to being a minority in a sea of beautiful wealthy blondes, and just finally shifting over to being me more often. And you have definitely inspired this, so thank you deeply Marie. If it wasn’t for coming across your Youtube channel randomly last week, I would never know what it looks like to be loved and successful for being yourself. I have been very successful, but so far, it has purely been on the basis of being a person I dreamt up in my mind. Maybe its my obsession with great branding! But now its time to be my true personal brand the same way I love creating product brands that are meant to be what they are and not anything else. 🙂

    Letita – your go-to girl for learning why no branding means no success

  340. Laura

    I am done with avoiding hard conversations. I have been ducking and hiding for years when it comes time to give less than great feedback, opinion, reviews, and requests. It is time to be real and use my voice to connect with the people around me.

  341. I am willing to get go of the fact that I do not “have enough” to achieve my dreams. I go into dark places at times and tell myself “I can’t” which slows me on my path.

  342. Hi Maria and Gabby,

    I am not sure if you know this Gabby, but your book is not available on Kindle, here in Canada. There are many of Canadians who would love to read your books too.

    Thank you for sharing your stories and love.

    Jen 🙂

  343. Hi everyone,

    I’m not sure if this is the right wavelength, but I’m ready to let go of the city that I live in. I’ve been here for 10+ years and have never really been able to find a place where I belong. In fact I’ve had so many disappointing experiences with different communities in my city that I’ve kind of given up altogether.

    While I don’t regret moving here, because I’ve learned so much about myself and feel like I’ve really grown (plus it’s where I met my amazing husband), I am so done with this place. I’m ready to move on and find a place that I can call home. Now to just get over the debilitating fear of relocating my entire life. *smiles*

    thanks for reading, and stay shiny!


  344. Manu

    I don’t know how to get there, but I am willing to make everything possible that my 2 boys now aged 5 and 4 are allowed to turn back to live with me as they wish – against the will of almost everybody else.

  345. Love Gabby! You guys are a power duo!

  346. Emma

    I am ready to shift out of the thinking that I get so trapped in “I don’t have enough time” seems to be my mantra these days – And with two jobs, school, and student board commitments, its not un-true that time is at a premium for me. But I find excuses for not working out, for not going to yoga, for not meditating and for not seeing my dearest friends and just staying at home with the TV or my homework. I am ready to open myself up to the possibility that time away from home is time well spent.

  347. I am willing to let go of punishing thoughts…

  348. mimma

    I am willing to let go of FEAR!!!!! I am done with it, it has stopped me from doing so much in life and I’m done with it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Me too mimma! Way to go. I’m in the same boat!!!!

  349. Inge

    I’m ready to make the most of my days! I’m ashamed to admit that I have real trouble getting out of bed in the morning and when I do, I get behind my computer and spend to much time browsing and procrastinating before actually getting to work. By then, it’s usually after noon and I’ve missed such a large part of my day! I think both of these things happen because I have lots of big, exciting plans and I’m unconsciously afraid of failing. This leads to moving at such a slow pace and no gratification whatsoever, week after week. I’m done with it!

    Does anybody have any tips on how to get out of bed early? I know this may seem like a strange question, but there’s no reasoning with a sleepy me and I can honestly sleep for hours and hours. Not even my ambition can get me out of bed when I want to. Thank you!

  350. Laura Delhauer

    I love that you’re using the word “Miracle” because whether religious or spiritual or whatever, I feel like people view “Miracle” as a label for things that are unattainable. And that is exactly how I have viewed this thing in my life for FAR too long. Soooo, I am willing and ready to make the miracle of my financial independence HAPPEN! I also kinda freaked, and thought you guys were speaking directly to me when you said the thing about, when people are ready, the information will suddenly be everywhere, because we’re ready to accept it… I made the decision that this was going to happen and within days, I was introduced to your website, Marie- which has in turn had me… kinda feeling like a stalker- cuz I feel like I’ve met quite a few amazing other people through your site, like Gabby and Kris Carr, all of whom have me saying, “Yep. It’s time.”

    So, thank you so much, (I type with tears in my eyes).

  351. Thank you for the inspirational dialogue. Lots of helpful tips and great reminder to keep on making those little shifts. Still working on how to make those changes last and stay as my new way of life.

  352. Mary

    This is late, but…I hope somebody out there reads it.

    I’m truly ready to quit the self-loathing and constant self-doubt which make my beautiful life so unnecessarily chaotic at times. These feelings have caused turmoil in my otherwise wonderful relationship with a wonderful man and pushed the both of us to our limits this last weekend. Those negative perceptions of myself have also caused me to hide my beautiful body behind baggy, unflattering clothes, to hide my long beautiful hair and to hide the many talents that I possess outside of a cubicle.

    I know that embracing the calm, lovely and confident me would not only repair some rifts in my relationship, but would allow me to shine the way I was meant to in other areas of my life. I will be buying Gabrielle’s book this weekend, and I hope to attend B-School the next time it is offered. Thank you so much for all that you and your friends do. I am forever grateful for your words and energy.

    • Carhyl

      Mary that’s for this message. I just read it and I resonate with it because I too have had feelings of self doubt and self loathing that have caused all kinds of caos in my life for years. Let’s let those go together now and move into the loving the awesome women we really are. 🙂

  353. Ronda

    I am giving up on the worry and negative self talk that is getting in my way of greatness. It’s time for me to let go of trying to control that which I have not control over and take that energy to shift my life to greatness. Continuing on my journey of health and fitness, finishing my education, and loving better!

  354. I’m willing to stop smoking. I’m a singer and smoking has slowly killed my passion over the last couple of years as the more i smoke the less I believe in myself. I am willing to change this now. Thank you for the video

  355. I am willing to do this thing! I deposited the biggest check I’ve ever deposited into the bank today and something in me said, ‘Girl, you can do this EVERY month!’ My miracle is knowing that is true and taking action and soaking up the knowledge around me. I am willing to see this miracle happen.

  356. Shen

    I’m willing to let to of the self hate that is causing me so much pain and making me think that I don’t deserve happiness. I’m willing to find new ways of living and feeling peaceful and opening up to my dreams and finding out what I am made of. I’m willing to take that step and forgive myself and others for the pain they have caused me. I’m willing to be open to love, success, and happiness in all parts of my life- professional and personal.

    A shift has to occur in my daily habits and thoughts. I am going to be buying this book and working on its practices for 40 days and am willing to take responsibility for my own health and happiness.

    Thank you. Please keep this motivation coming!

  357. Gabi

    I will stop believing all these ugly thoughts about myself.
    I know they come and go, come and go. But it’s my own fault if I get angry at myself or others or the world because of them.
    I am a good girl and will never ever ever ever forget that again.
    I will become a positive self-loving Gabi. Yes. I will.

    PS: I love that I can share this here it feels so good to be written, otherwise I would have never written it down.

    • Amy

      I am ready to say goodbye and let go of sugary processed Frankenfood. Instead I will choose healthy life-giving activities to fill me up and eat a healthy whole food diet that speaks of love and serves me well. This will be a radical way that I say yes to loving myself and honoring who I am And my God that created me.

  358. Dejana

    Yesterday morning I came to my senses on the bathroom floor after being unconscious for a while. I’ve hurt my back two weeks ago and refused to take care of my body, until it got to a point that I fainted from pain.
    I am ready to properly and lovingly take care of myself. I am ready to eat healthy and stop the bad habits of sugar/coffee addiction. I am ready to say no and move away from friends who are not there when I need help. I am willing to put myself out there more, ready to face rejection and disappointment while choosing a job and the company that suits me much better to who I am and to who I want to become.
    Thank you for this video, it’s so what I needed to hear.

  359. I am willing to make the shift in how I look at money. I’ve always been intimidated by it. I’ve always felt greedy in desiring it. I’ve always thought that the ONLY way to get it was through hard, physical labor. I will now look at money as a tool that I can help others with, including myself. I will change my relationship with money for the better. As I pursue my purpose in helping others, I will be supported through the universe, in many different ways! Thank you for this video, you’re very inspiring!

    • Amber

      hey, I feel the same way as you. A book I’ve started reading that may help is call Money a love story, by Kate Northrup. Kate’s writing seems to sooth over all your fears about money and helps you also start valuing yourself more. 🙂 Hope you are achieve your money goals. A

  360. Ally

    I’ve only just got round to watching this video but it’s so crazy how you hear the right things at the right time! I am literally going through a ‘I’ve had enough’ phase and am in desperate need of a big shift in my thinking so that my life will change for the better.

    I’ve really had enough of feeling rubbish all the time. I want to let go of the belief that I don’t deserve more and that I don’t deserve good things. I want to believe that I can have the life I want and that by believing I deserve better then I can take that message to others and help them to see themselves differently. You can’t help others to believe in themselves if you don’t first believe in yourself!

  361. Love this! I recently read that the root of some of my physical aches are due to my being inflexible (mentally & emotionally) and stubborn. I’d never really considered myself particularly stubborn before, but went ahead and asked for help on becoming less stubborn anyway. Now, after watching this, it is apparent to me that it is more an unwillingness than being inflexible or stubborn. Sooooo, I’m going to focus on being willing to change how I see myself in a business sense…I am an expert, I am deserving of making money from what I do, I can do this. Thank you both for the eye opener!

  362. Amber

    I am done with waking up depressed. I dream of waking up feeling free, energised and alive! I want to establish a simple morning routine that allows me to feel not good but GREAT each morning. I believe that this will help me achieve my goals during the day.

  363. Farrel Brest

    Nice video guys, I’ve recently discovered both you and love what you stand for. For this new year, or even starting today. I’m done with procrastinating! It’s so easy for me to make goals and create lists of activities that inspire me and love to grow into, but I don’t stick with them. It’s the day by day implementation of my life goals. It doesn’t make sense to me. I love playing the piano, love learning Hebrew, love learning about permaculture and I love my client. So why do I push these tasks to the sideline? As a result I become less of amazing person for doing this and I don’t create the life and business that I love.

    Is it because I have too many hobbies and I’m spreading myself thin?

    Also about money. I’m not in the best situation right now and I have two potential briefs and they have been sitting on my desk for 2 weeks! Not sure what the fear is about not doing this? Perhaps not being good enough? Does all boil down to self-love?

    Thanks, a Sydney guy living in Tel Aviv

  364. Laura

    I’m ready to shift out of my comfort zone! There is a lot of work that I have been afraid to do, out of fear of failure perhaps, and I’m ready to do it!

  365. leah

    Thanks Gabby and Marie! I am so grateful for both of you sharing your gifts.
    I am willing and ready to shift my anxiety and fear. It has held me back for too long. I am ready to let it go xxx

  366. Lily

    Marie, Gabby, and your super-duper teams – thank you for an amazing, beautiful gift here in this episode (and every other!). Marie community, thank you for being so great – it was wonderful to scroll down to the comments after that video and find such beautiful people!

    I am ready to shift my relationship with my *extraordinary* boyfriend, my closed-mindedness about my *beautiful* body, my closed-mindedness about god and the universe, my relationship to my calling, my relationship to generosity – inflowing and outflowing, my relationship to all the amazing women in my life, and my relationship to others’ suffering.

    Bless you all!

  367. Thomas

    Thank you Marie and Gabby.

    I witness that I have believed I have nothing to offer and am even a negative presence professionally. I choose to let that lie go, and choose to start believing I do have something of value to present as I show up and love people in the workplace and in my other professional projects.

  368. Juanita Jeff

    I am willing to make a shift to take control of my life and to live my life out loud. I want to create joy and happiness in my life, but I’m scared of the work and terrified of failing in the process. I know I’m capable of so much more, and it’s literally screaming to come out but I never felt as though I’m capable enough to create the business and life I dream of. I’m successful in other areas of my life, but yet I do not feel complete and do not know how to shake this funk over the last few years. I feel it’s now or never for me, so I’m willing to take control of my life.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      I’m really sorry to hear you’re going through a tough time, Juanita. The fear of failure is a very real thing, so I wanted to share Marie’s advice on this to help: It really is true what Marie says, “the world needs that special gift that only YOU have,” so we’ve got our fingers crossed you’ll share your gifts with the world.

  369. Veronica

    I’ve been so scared but… I’m willing to get myself out there, start my business, start helping people, start giving and receiving.
    I’m scared but also willing to honour what it is that I can bring and stop hiding.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      You can do it, Veronica! It really is true what Marie says at the end of every video, “the world needs that special gift that only YOU have.” We believe in you and are so glad you’re feeling inspired to share your gifts with the world.

  370. I am so grateful to Marie and Gabby for your sharing in this episode. I am having a really tough time. My whole life seems to fall apart. All of my relationships with money, work, family, friends and boyfriend (now ex-boyfriend) failed! I am filled with so much doubt and fear of failure in the future.
    Now I am willing to let go of all the fear, doubt, anxiety and negative victimized thoughts that have held me back for a long long time. I am willing to face all the doubt and fear. I am willing to take actions of bravery and forgiveness. I’m willing to shift my viewpoint into a brand new fresh trust in what life brings me.
    Thank you so so much!

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Hi Tink! Thanks so much for sharing a bit of your story with us. We’re so sorry to hear that you’re going through such a difficult time and you’ve been feeling a bit discouraged lately. We hope this message will continue to be a source of encouragement and inspiration for you as we head into a beautiful new year. We’re sending you our very best wishes for peace, healing, and joyful new memories. Thanks for being a part of our world!

  371. I am willing, and very ready, to shift my thoughts that I am not good enough as I am right now and that I am not worthy of all the good things that come my way. That everybody else is entitled and that I am not and that great things can only happen to them. I feel that I have so much to offer and by thinking negative thoughts of myself and what I can achieve, I am not allowing my full potential to inspire others’ full potential.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Wow, Naomi, this is so beautiful and powerful – gave me goosebumps! You are SO worthy and deserving of all the best life has to offer, just as you are right now. Let yourself soak up all that goodness and shine!

  372. Amy Turner

    I am willing to let go of the bs that says I’m trapped. That I can’t move beyond my pay level, my current relationship, my current lifestyle… I want a more abundant life! I want to be able to be a blessing to others, to do what I REALLY want to do, which is to speak! But also to take care of my mom who’s sacrificed so much for me. I want to know I have enough finances to travel and to have a secure nest egg to take care of me when I can’t take care of myself. I am willing to have a man in my life that is the ideal compliment to me and vice versa. I am tired of settling!!! Lord Jesus, I am willing! Common miracles! I’m tired of waiting in my dreams!

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      Amy! Yes! I can feel this resolve, this confidence, this shift in energy. Keep reading what you wrote here over and over again; they’re beautiful and powerful.

  373. Nancy

    I’m willing to let go of my negative self talk. My inner voice is going to get an attitude fix. The only person that keeps me from having the life that I want is ME!

  374. I am willing to let go of judgement – to let go of worrying about what other people think. I am moving towards operating from a higher place – to see real opportunities as they come up. To be comfortable with trusting that those opportunities will come up. If things don’t work out as I had imagined – I want to be okay with that. And know that where I’m headed is the right way. How can the community help? I would love any nuggets of wisdom that would help me make this shift in perception my reality…

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