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Ever feel like you’ve run out of content ideas? Like you’ve hit a wall and have nothing fresh or interesting to say?

If you consistently write blog posts, email newsletters, podcasts, videos, or social media content, you may feel this unending sense of anxiety and dread.

“What do I write about now? What can I post that hasn’t been said a million times before? Is this it? Have I reached the end of my creative career? What am I even doing with my life?!?!”

I know folks who are making themselves sick and stressed because of this constant content treadmill. They don’t yet have the right mindsets or habits in place, and they’re burning out.

Good news. It doesn’t have to be that way!

As someone who’s been creating content consistently for nearly twenty years, trust me when I say: Not only can you overcome this common form of writer’s block, but it’s possible to generate relevant, high-quality content on a consistent basis.

In this MarieTV you’ll learn three principles that will help you become a content idea machine — turning casual readers into raving fans.

Once you’re done, scroll down for an unforgettable formula and a whopping 100+ writing prompts to help you plan 365 days worth of blog posts, newsletters, social media updates — even podcast and YouTube episodes!

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SERVE: The Quickest Way to Avoid Writer’s Block

Want to churn out a steady stream of content that’ll have your customers hooked on your every word? The following five strategies are your ticket to never running out of ideas. So you never forget it, these five content strategies also are an acronym — SERVE.

Why SERVE? Because the secret to long-term success is focusing on what you can give, not what you can get. Make your business about being of service; about contributing beyond yourself; about making a real difference to others and I promise, you’ll find endless topics to write about.

Even when you feel tapped out of ideas, there’s always another way to serve. There’s always someone who could use a helping hand, a reminder, a kind word, or encouragement along their journey.

Content that SERVES is content that SELLS. Click To Tweet

SERVE stands for…
Solve a problem
Explain your industry
Reveal your secrets
Embrace your quirks

If you put your focus where it matters — on your customers — your content will become instantly more valuable and effective.

Generate A Year’s Worth Of Content Ideas For Your Blog, Newsletter & Social Media Posts With SERVE (& 100+ Writing Prompts)

As you explore each element of SERVE, take advantage of the 100+ writing prompts that follow. Write down any ideas, thoughts, or aha that pop up. They’ll give you a hit list of content ideas you can use for months and even years down the road.

Now let’s get ready to SERVE!

1. Solve a Problem

The easiest way to serve your audience is to answer their questions — big ones, small ones, and yes embarrassing AF ones. Comb through comments on old blog posts, social media accounts, forums like Quora or Reddit, even old emails from past clients. Identify what people are struggling with and step in with your knowledge, experience, and expertise to solve their problem.

Get started with these prompts:

1. What are 25 common questions people ask you about your business, product, service, or area of expertise?

2. If you could wave a magic wand and change one thing for your audience — what would it be and why?

3. When it comes to your area of expertise, what specific mistakes are you constantly educating people about?

4. What false beliefs keep people from working with a business like yours?

5. What three books do you wish every one of your customers would read and why?

6. What expensive or heartbreaking mistakes do people often make when working with someone like you?

7. What are signs that someone is getting a good deal, product, or service in your area of expertise?

8. What are signs that someone is getting a bad deal, product, or service in your area of expertise?

9. How might someone save money, time, or effort by working with a business like yours?

10. Write a checklist your audience could use to produce an outcome they really want.

11. What are the top five hurdles people experience around your topic, product or service area, and what are the best ways to overcome them?

This is also a lens I look through when I consider a guest for MarieTV. When well-crafted, interviews with experts who can help your audience solve problems make for winning content. Stuck for ideas? Think about what books, podcasts, or interviews have helped you the most.

2. Explain Your Industry

Going to a concert is exciting, but going to a concert with a backstage pass makes it unforgettable (think about Beyoncé’s Netflix film Homecoming!). When you share the inner workings of your business, your audience will forever remember you as an expert they can trust. Don’t forget, your industry is often a mystery to the people outside it, and mystery makes for intriguing, memorable content.

Try some of these prompts:

12. What’s the most common misconception about your industry?

13. What breaks your heart about what you do?

14. What lights you up about what you do?

15. What’s your industry’s biggest controversy right now? Share your opinion.

16. Who’s your mentor? What lessons did he or she teach you?

17. What industry terms tend to confuse people, and how can you explain them in a way that’s really easy to understand?

18. Write a myth vs. fact post about your profession.

19. What’s the weirdest thing anyone’s said or asked about your business?

20. Is there anything you thought you could never achieve in your career or business… but you did?

21. What’s the most important piece of advice you’ve received about your career or business?

22. What do you tell yourself you “can’t” do? Are you right?

23. What’s one positive thing someone said to you that changed your mind about something?

24. What are three major changes you’ve noticed in your industry this year and why is that important for your audience?

25. What’s the best customer service experience you’ve had and what did you learn?

26. What questions do you wish your customers would ask you?

27. What’s your most inspiring customer success story?

28. How did you get started in your career?

29. What are your dreams for your career?

30. Who do you look up to in your industry and why?

31. What was your first big personal or company failure and what did it teach you?

32. Which industry experts could you interview that would bring even more insight?

33. What predictions do you have for where your field or industry is going?

3. Reveal Your Secrets

We humans are hardwired for connection. That’s why our brains respond so well to stories. Share your secrets — the moments, the events, and the thinking behind what you do and people will feel more inclined to do business with you. This also makes for irresistible copy and leads to greater engagement with your audience.

Use these prompts for inspiration:

34. What’s a struggle you’ve overcome?

35. What’s the biggest mistake you’ve made recently and what did you learn?

36. What do you wish you knew 10 years ago that you know now?

37. What’s a struggle you’re having right now that your audience could relate to?

38. What moment in your life changed everything? [or, fill in the blank. Everything changed when _________.]

39. What time in your life makes you wonder, “What was I thinking?”

40. What’s the hardest decision you’ve ever made?

41. Write about a time you faked something.

42. What’s the best investment you’ve ever made?

43. What’s the worst investment you’ve ever made?

44. What’s the most difficult conversation you’ve ever had?

45. Write about a time when you should’ve said “no” but didn’t.

46. Write about a time when you should’ve said “yes” but didn’t.

47. What’s the worst injury you’ve ever had?

48. What’s the most expensive lesson you’ve ever learned?

49. Have you ever done something ridiculous to fit in with a group of people?

50. Finish the sentence: “I’m still embarrassed about _______.”

51. What would you go back and tell your younger self?

52. Have you ever had a friend who wasn’t good for you?

53. What strengths do you see in other people that you wish you had?

54. What are weaknesses you have that you’re always working on?

55. Share a detailed behind-the-scenes about your typical day.

Secrets aren’t just about revealing your deepest darkest fears — they’re about revealing what you know, love, and use every day! Think about how much you appreciate that friend who gives the best recommendations about what to read, where to shop, and what music to listen to. Remember how quickly Oprah’s Book Club or Favorite Things became a hit!

This “Favorite Things” content writing strategy is popular for a reason — it gives people value while being endlessly customizable and unique.

I bet your audience would love to hear your answers to these questions:

56. What are you loving lately? Could be a single recommendation or a themed list.

57. Are you obsessed with a book, podcast, or quote right now? What about it resonates with you?

58. Roundup links to your favorite posts on a single topic or during a single week and tell us why we should read them.

59. Write about the tools you use (in your business or life) every day. What five could you never live without?

60. What Twitter profiles/blogs/podcasts do you think everyone in your field should follow?

61. What’s the best purchase under $20 that you made in the last 30 days and why?

62. What resolution do you make every year?

63. Which apps could you not live without?

64. When/where do you get your best ideas?

65. What five industry-specific books would you recommend to your audience?

66. What’s your most important habit?

67. What habit are you working on changing and why?

68. What’s the most interesting piece of scientific research you’ve read recently?

4. Visualize!

Help your audience visualize their future, fire up their imagination, elevate their ambition and define their core values with creative content pieces. This type of content is fantastic when people are primed for reflection, like at the start or end of the year.

Here are some prompts to get you started:

69. If you could put anything on a Times Square digital screen, what message would you share and why?

70. You have three wishes from a genie. What are they?

71. If you had half the time to do your job, what tasks would you delegate or get rid of completely?

72. If you could choose one age to be for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

73. If someone wanted a career like yours, what would you tell them?

74. If you could erase one regret from your life, what would it be?

75. If you had all your financial needs taken care of and never needed to earn another dime, what would you do?

76. If you could teleport to one place in the world, where would it be?

77. How would you survive during a zombie apocalypse?

78. If you knew you had three months to live, how would you spend them?

79. What’s on your bucket list and why?

80. What habit would you most love to magically acquire?

81. If you could pick a superpower, what would it be?

82. What natural talent do you most wish you had?

5. Embrace Your Quirks

You’ll find that some of your best content is hiding in plain sight behind your quirkiest traits or most nostalgic memories. For example, Everything Is Figureoutablewhich is also the name of my next book, comes from a series of memories I had as a child.

Use the questions below to get your creative juices flowing:

83. What movie can you recite by heart every time it’s on TV?

84. Do you remember a commercial from your childhood? What was it for, and why did it stick with you?

85. How many times in your life have you moved? What did you learn from it?

86. What’s your earliest memory around money?

87. Can you remember the first dream you had?

88. Who was your childhood best friend? Are they still in your life?

89. What teacher do you remember the most, and why?

90. Do you have any superstitions?

91. Who or what was your first love and why?

92. What’s your favorite meal and why?

93. What family photo do you remember best? Describe it and what it makes you think about.

94. Do you have a favorite day of the week? Why?

95. Do you consider yourself “lucky”? Why or why not?

96. Do you have a great, totally useless skill?

97. What did you want to be when you grew up?

98. If you could invent anything, what would it be?

99. Tell us what’s on your bedside table right now.

100. What’s the wildest story you always tell at parties?

101. What makes you happy every time you see it?

Remember, creating content for the sake of content doesn’t help anyone. And it certainly won’t serve your business long-term. Stick to SERVE, and you’ll generate valuable, relevant content for the life of your career.

*Pro tip — bookmark this page so you have it handy the next time you experience writer’s block!

Now That You Have Content Ideas, What Comes Next?

These prompts are designed to get your creative wheels turning. You should now have new content ideas for your next hundred or so blog posts, newsletters, social media posts, podcasts, and/or vlogs.

But you may already be wondering, “How do I take these content ideas and make them relevant to my audience?” Or even more important, “How do I gracefully transition to a sales message or promotion?”

There’s an art to this. It’s nuanced and depends on a variety of factors including the selling context, the medium through which your selling (Email? Social media? Podcasts? Videos? IRL?), the strength of your offer, and how well you’ve established trust with your ideal customers — to name a few.

These are all elements we cover at length in our copywriting training program called The Copy Cure. It’s a writing program designed to help you write more powerfully, persuasively and in your unique voice.

We walk you through exactly how to take your best, most creative content ideas and make them highly valuable and high converting. You’ll learn how to captivate readers with irresistible headlines and write selling segues that feel natural and effortless.

Get on the list now to receive the 7-day free writing class and notification when we open enrollment!

What’s Your Favorite Way to Generate Content Ideas?

Now I’d love to hear from you.

When you get stuck on ideas for fresh content, what’s your favorite way to generate new content ideas?

Leave a comment below and let us know. Remember, share as much detail as possible in your reply. Hundreds of thousands of incredible souls come here for insight and motivation, and your story may help someone else have a meaningful breakthrough.

Important: share your thoughts and ideas directly in the comments. Links to other posts, videos, etc. will be removed.

Thank you so much for reading, watching and sharing your voice.

As mentioned, when it comes to some important things in life like love, cheese, money, and — YES content — there’s always more where that came from.

Know someone who struggles to come up with new content ideas? Share this post.

With enormous love,


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  1. Luckily, I have a pretty consistent and ever-growing list of content ideas, but I am still trying to cultivate the habits to physically plan, write or record them. Thankfully, it’s getting easier with consistently showing up to the almost-blank page.

    My favourite way to generate new content ideas: watch TED talks, chat to a friend or especially listening to QandA sessions. Usually, something will jolt a little nugget I feel I have something to talk about. Free Facebook Lives are great places for that. I’m literally writing a post about life balance because someone on facebook said “but work life balance isn’t really possible” and boom, I have 2 pages of rant drafted, now being shaped into a How To post that will be of use to people.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      GO Katy-Rose! We love hearing about where you’re drawing inspiration from, and it sounds like you’re creating some incredibly useful, relevant content for people. We’re big fans of batching content creation over here on Team Forleo, and this may be helpful for you – if you collect your topic ideas in one place and then have scheduled times to sit down and write/record. Keep up the awesome work!

  2. anika huq

    Dude. marie and team. the migos skit was literally the most hilarious skit you guys have ever done. i was having trouble not falling off my chair in the office laughing my ass off lol!!!! loved it. and loved this message. and i am so excited for copy cure!!!! <3

  3. I definitely thought of a snatch it & hatch it inspired post as you were explaining it! Something my sister said the other day about baby wipes would be really interesting for my eco-audience. Thank you ?

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      That’s such a great example, Heather! Definitely a useful and interesting topic for an eco-audience 🙂 Way to take action right away – we’re so glad this inspired some new ideas for you. Happy content creation!

  4. This episode was so good. As a content coach I definitely understand how important content is – I especially love how you shared those 3 mantras to get us taking action. Creating consistent Content can seem so overwhelming to most of us but it’s so important in business.

    Something I also do is to:
    Plan ahead, repurpose old content and always think in terms of my potential clients when creating content so it’s highly effective when I post.


    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Awesome, Kelita! Thank you so much for sharing your strategies for consistently creating content – these are gold! We love that you’re always keeping your target audience top of mind in the process, that’s so powerful. Appreciate you being here and sharing your wisdom 🙂

  5. Jazmin Thorson

    The dance was sooo awesome …I am still laughing! Thank you Marie xoxo

  6. This is gold. Even though I’ve consistently been creating content for 12 years (kudos on 20 years Marie!) through my podcast, blog and vlogs, there are definitely times when I have forgotten to continually focus on the people I serve and their problems – not often but it’s obvious when I don’t. I LOVE asking my audience what the heck they need, what their biggest challenges are and what they’d ask for if they could wave a magic wand and have it fixed.
    Inspo comes from documentaries, great books, TED talks and speaking to people in completely different fields from me with different opinions and points of view.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Sounds like you’re doing an AMAZING job of creating solid, consistent, useful content for your audience Natalie. Congrats on 12 years – that’s a huge accomplishment and you should be incredibly proud of the impact you’re making in the lives of others. Thank you for sharing your inspo with us here – these are so good!

  7. I legit just created a “Snatch then Hatch” List Google Doc for my travel blog. P.S. That mini dance video was hilarious! I had to watch it a couple of times! Love it!

    • Laura, so did I (except that I use Evernote). Created a note called “Snatch then Hatch” and already added an idea (paused the video to do it).

      Snatch/Hatch is such a really powerful tool, since we’ve always got those random thoughts, events, or things that could bed the basis for SOMETHING, SOME TIME. Love it (my fav part of the video was the “post credit scene”)

  8. Love this. When I focus on serving instead of “what’s in it for me”, everything flows better.

    It’s kind of like starting a conversation. It’s a lot easier with other people. (Okay, sometimes I talk to myself, but who doesn’t?)

    Speaking of which… Sometimes talking to another human being is just what I need to spark some good ideas. ?

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      YES to all of this, Sarah! So well said. Here’s to connecting with and being inspired by our fellow humans 🙂

  9. Im so excited to finally meet you. Well not meet you you. But here meet you. I write things that happen and I hear on a stickie note in my phone. Its fun in my mind but Im not sure that ANYONE else on the planet would care and I am completely lost as to how I could serve people with it. Slightly amusing maybe. Like my sister was cartooning a grannie with water wings on a Harley the conversation was hysterical but I dont know how to share that …ppl would say “smirk a bit … Tongue and cheek. Walk away while rolling their eyes. ”
    You are so cute. Love your snatch it & hatch it jig. Looking forward to learning from you. How exciting!! Thank you. ‘See’ you tomorrow. Have a gentle day!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Hi Betsy! We’re so happy you’re here and excited to connect with you, too! So glad you’ll be joining us for the free class tomorrow 🙂 It’s great that you’re already taking notes about fun/interesting things that happen around you. Keep it up, and stay focused on who you’re most wanting to serve with your content – you may be surprised at how these little stories come in handy, while making your content completely unique!

  10. Ardy

    Hey Marie,
    Thank you for this video, for me it was published at the right time as I’m struggling with a mental block period for writing. I liked the idea of being a faucet and just getting the flow from some eternal source, it is also close to what Napoleon Hill says about making your mind to rotate at a higher frequency and being able to get the ideas already present with in the ether.
    For me, thinking and writing about my weird feelings always helped to have something to express. Being an immigrant, dealing with depression, I felt like I always had some strong weird thoughts and feelings. I’ve never published or shared anything with anyone (like on a social media), all my writings are in my journals but running out of ideas to write even for your own mind can be frustrating.
    Anyway, thank you again for all that you share and inspire.



    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Hi Ardy! We’re really glad this came at the right time for you. You’re definitely not alone in being an immigrant and struggling with mental health – I’ll bet sharing some of those thoughts and feelings from your journals could be really powerful in helping others feel less alone in their experiences, too. Keep connecting with others, and thinking of ways you share common ground – this is an amazing source of writing inspiration!

      We’re so honored to have you here in our community 🙂

      • Ardy

        Thank you Julia. Yes, maybe I do share some of those thoughts.
        I’m so glad to be part of this community, as being a “member” and “accepted” is one of THE most important needs of us.


  11. Content is so important to grow online and attract people (and clients). Most of my content is video’s on Youtube, as I love vlogging more than blogging, whereby I inspire people to create their Freedom Lifestyle.
    The best are those where I talk about common fears and how to solve them. Fear of the unknown, fair of other people’s opinions.
    Also interviewing others who live a freedom lifestyle is helping me grow my audience too, because it’s proving that it’s possible.
    The best inspiration for me comes each time I go to a new country, being SOLO, having to figure out everything, gives me the best energy and inspiration for more content.

    For sure, I want to serve people and seeing others become who they really want to be. However, giving away too much for free, doesn’t result in getting clients, so I find it hard to know when to give free help during conversations, or not.
    Any thoughts?


    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Hi Rachel! Love everything you shared here, and it’s so wonderful you find new inspiration for content while travelling 🙂 I think you’ll find this episode about free vs paid content really helpful: Keep up the awesome work you’re up to in the world!

      • Thanks Julia,
        I watched it, but it’s not really what I meant. I’m curious to know if I offer a free discovery call, how much free advise to offer, because I want to offer value so they get to know me, but I also want to do the free calls to get more clients.
        So my question is more related to getting clients.
        Clearly, I’ve done calls where I offer help, and then they are super happy, but never need me again.
        That’s the issue you see?
        I”m a B-schooler alumni and still actively working and learning all the time 🙂

        Thanks so much,

        • Caroline - Team Forleo

          Hi Rachel! Thank you for clarifying – I totally see what you mean. There are a couple other things you could consider and play around with here. One is looking at your ICA and seeing if the people who are attending the free calls are actually your ICA.

          The reason being that if you’re currently attracting too many of the kind of people who want a free call, but don’t want to pay for services, you might be reaching customers who aren’t quite ideal. There might be ways you can change your framing around the calls, or see if there are ways you can better attract paying customers.

          Also, it’s a bit more radical, but one thing to consider is maybe not doing free calls altogether, or offering them on a limited basis. Like you could offer a free calls for a limited time in exchange for testimonials that you could use to help attract more clients, for example. Or you could consider offering mainly your vlogs as your free content and have calls mainly reserved for paying clients.

          Those are just a few things to play around with, and of course definitely feel free to suss this out more with your fellow B-Schoolers in the Member Area or Facebook group. I’m sure this has come up for other folks too, so you might get some great ideas there!

  12. Jackie

    Hi Marie and team

    Thank you for this!
    I’ve just squeeszed out a blog post and it was painful and took ages. I’ll be using the cheat-sheet for my next one tomorrow.
    As for the dancing: That was hilarious/great. Loved it!

  13. Katja Hunter

    Just last week, I went on the B-school FB group and asked for content ideas within my topics, and I got awesome help! 🙂
    Other than that, I get ideas from people who write to me, customers, Google, Keyword searches, and more.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      We LOVE that, Katja – what great ideas! That B-Schoolers community sure is amazing, we’re so glad you’re a part of it 🙂

      • Katja Hunter

        Me too! 🙂

  14. Kattia Chavarria

    Marie and Migos team!
    You made my day. I just tagged this one on my Favorites, so I can watch it over and over…
    Big Hug

  15. I try to look it more like I’m documenting my journey, that way it feels like less pressure.

    I always think about my content as if it’s the first time people are seeing me and what impression it would have on then, it’s exactly what I used to do when I was auditioning for a part in a show!


    • Julia - Team Forleo

      That’s a fantastic approach to content creation, Jennifer – must keep everything so fresh! Thanks so much for sharing this with us.

  16. My ideas for content come from something I’m going through, a book I’m reading, a conversation, something I saw on TV, nature, my art. I love the notion that content is everywhere. This was a great episode and post! Thanks Marie! ?

  17. Oh my God, Marie. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

  18. Florencia Durón

    That “snatch it then you hatch it” dance was awesome. It had to be said and now it’s been said.

  19. I don’t remember ever having writer’s block. My source for insights, relevance and unasailable truths is the Cosmos. I simply YIELD my ego and everything anybody has ever said and go into that Cosmic space where all truth hangs out. The physical relationships and behaviors of Cosmic bodies reveals so much truth! “As above, so below.” The parallels are ever-present. As they appear, I begin to expand them by asking myself questions like, “What exists in the presence, absence or opposite of that”? “What would exist if there were more, less or something similar to that”? “What is a parallel to that or where else have I seen something similar to that”? “What would happen if I transposed or substituted something about that”? Basically, I just use forms of the math operations in my thinking. These are some of the “Principles of Intelligence” that I use and have written about.

  20. Did Marie just twerk? LMBO! Too funny!

  21. Loved this post! I’ve copy-pasted it into a document on my laptop so I can check back any time I need inspiration for new content ideas! (Although I’m just starting out, so I haven’t had time to hit a dry spell yet, haha!)
    I love that this post reminded me that it’s important to share some details about your personal life in your content here and there so people feel more connected to you. A friend was just giving me feedback the other day, saying I’m a bit heavy on the “how-tos” in my business-social account, and I need to add some sprinkles of “niche-irrelevant” content here and there just to let people get to know ME a bit so they’ll be more interested in learning from me.

  22. I was feeling completely blocked yesterday…like ALL day. Needed to produce some content and NOTHING was coming out. Then, I get your email today and voila! UNSTUCK! I love you Marie! Thank you for never running out of good ideas and content…and love.
    Allison, Trailblazer on Fire

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Oh, we’re so glad to hear this was timely for you, Allison! Thank you for your kind words, and happy writing xoxo

  23. Magical mantra: “There’s always more where that came from”
    – podcast, blog posts
    My tools/tips/techniques for finding new content:
    – people’s questions on social media
    – my clients’ questions during coaching
    – events from my own life
    – events and holidays
    – inspiration from other industries

  24. I’ve just started my building my business this year and have been writing blogs the past 2-3 months so I haven’t experienced the writer’s block yet. So far, I’m writing one a week and come up with the topics using these mantras, but have yet to build a list for future ones. Some of my writings are a series which in my mind should be a good strategy because it keeps the content rich and deep without making it too long to read, and hopefully attracting anticipation for the next writing in the series. One thing I’m trying to work out is this, it takes me a looooong time to write these blogs, and I’m questioning whether I’m making them too lengthy. My typical blog is a 4-5 min read. Anyone with suggestions on how to manage time/effort and still produce high-quality content? And what is the recommended read time for a typical blog?

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Hi Tressa! These are great questions, and the answer at least partially depends on your audience. There are some helpful articles out there that suggest 7 minutes is around an optimal read time, so for many blogs, anywhere in 5-8 minutes of read time is probably right around the sweet spot.

      Of course, that can be audience dependent. Some people love having much longer posts, or much shorter ones. That won’t appeal to everyone, but if you know your audience really well and know that they like deep, in-depth posts, or short, snappy ones, that’s great. It also depends on what YOU like – if you’re true to your voice and vision, you’ll naturally attract the right audience who resonates with your way of writing.

      Regarding time management, we actually did another writing post a while back that addresses a bunch of writing challenges, including that feeling of taking a long time to write:

      There are some great tips and linked content there, so I hope you find some great tips that are helpful!

  25. WOW! I so needed to find this content today. I have a podcast and have felt like I was running out of things to speak to. This list is a great reminder that I need to read more and absorb more so I have more to spark a podcast. Thank you for sharing your list and can’t wait to connect on Wednesday!

  26. My struggle sometimes is content but the real struggle is: do I spend my limited time writing for my blog or on the book I’m writing…eeny meeny mi-nee…. ugh! Though I could waste many minutes watching that hilarious snatch it video 🙂

  27. S

    Hi Marie, LOVED this episode!! Would love to hear you talk more about “there’s more where that came from” and how you used that in love and relationships, actually! Future MarieTV episode? Thank you and big hugs!

  28. Love this Marie and loved the twerking too! I was told recently that “not every idea is unique – it’s how you put your spin on it” has helped me tremendously with any content I create whether it’s designing art or graphics or written content posts. This post is extremely valuable and will def. be parking it for the future. Thanks again!

  29. I’m receptive to the tiniest of ideas. That’s the easy part.
    Getting the idea or thought onto paper is the second and equally important part. All those times when the idea came and I said to myself ‘I’ll write it down later’ when I’ve got quiet time, I regretted it. Because I am not going to remember that ember of an idea 8 hours later. Having small notebooks and pens on hand everywhere I go, even in the handbag is super useful for me. I don’t want to lose those precious thoughts.
    Keeping journals is really good too.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      I totally hear you on this! Sometimes if I’m not near a notebook I’ll type a note into my phone or say what I want to remember aloud repeatedly until I can get to somewhere I can write it down. And the voice memo app on my phone is great for when I’m driving. I hope this helps you too! 🙂

  30. Rebecca

    I cracked up watching this so funny and informative now screenshot this so I can have ideas for content now I finished b school and putting together a communication plan I’m consistent with

  31. I have some open ended research questions that I asked awhile ago. Reviewing the answers helps me write about some solutions.

  32. Are your podcasts only available phone apple users. I have android. Also where is the second video

  33. Great ideas, thank you Marie.

    I have been a blogger for 6 years and I never run out of content. I do struggle with keeping my FB post and other social media short (I do love Twitter!!)
    In order to get inspiration I go to the barn and either my horse will hand me something to write about or my barn friends have a problem/struggle that inspires me to write.

  34. This is so timely for me as I’m sitting down for the next two days to batch write and record podcast episodes. I have no idea why but I’m super nervous! This post and all the comments have really helped with the little voice in my head that’s already trying to find a way to procrastinate and not follow through… ? wait a minute… there’s another content idea right there!! ? Thank you once again team Forleo for some awesome inspiration x

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Aimee! We’re so happy this arrived at just the right time for you. Wishing you all the best with your podcast recording – you can SO do this!

  35. Yes! Oh my goodness. I feel my face blushing aside from the shame. This is an amazing recollection of the way to do the thing… without doing a thing! A futile problem for me when content is my life is not putting together the information right. I live this ideas bank and then stumble on my words, damn! Possibly cause I didn’t have the jam in my peanut butter sandwich. To bolster up the writing with my own unique content: not a problem. I come with tripping over my failures and for the humiliation, I often feel overanxious at getting that healed. Sometimes get real useful figuring out how to make the story a professional essay. Wanting the best article to serve as a journalist – I pivot and procrastinate. Instead of sharing the issue, I would usually go off to find the solution – to fix my issue. Oh, the stories I can tell.

  36. I am always not sure on often to post – when i received post frequently it can often stop me from reading or even opening the email – how often is too often?

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Hi Audrey! This is such a great question. We’re big fans of CONSISTENCY and QUALITY over here on Team Forleo, as opposed to quantity. We encourage you to find a regular frequency that you can maintain over time (there’s no one right answer here), so that your audience comes to trust you and you’re a regular, valuable presence in their lives that they look forward to. We hope this helps as you create your content!

  37. Great ideas to get the cogs turning and sparks flying. Fab performance of the ‘snatch it’ song and dance. The British accent still needs a bit of work, though—as a Brit, I honestly didn’t get it until you said I’d guessed it (which I hadn’t). I say this with a lot of love and tongue in cheek.

  38. My problem has been, until recently, in organizing all my content ideas and scheduling them in an editorial calendar. I felt as if my life was filled with sticky notes, word docs, notes-to-self, and little recordings. I had too many ideas and it was so overwhelming, that I stopped publishing content. How crazy is that?

    However, I finally found a fabulous write-wherever-I-am app: Scrivener. I love it because it enables me to add and organize content in an easy-to-visualize manner. I can then simply open up any topic, on any device, anywhere, and write away.

    (p.s. for those interested, Scrivener has a bit of a learning curve, because it is organized differently than Word. But once you figure it out, it is SO powerful!)

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Wonderful, Beverly! Thank you so much for sharing this tool here. It sounds like a fantastic resource for capturing or “snatching” those ideas!

  39. I am exactly where I need to be now and I have everything I need to succeed. Just ask! I use this magical mantra to create the business that I want. And my favorite tip to come up with high-quality content is to spend time planning contents for days in advance starting with the end goal in mind. This is a great episode, my friend.

  40. No one does originality AND effectiveness quite like Team Forleo! I’m constantly floored by how you guys continually put out incredible content that inspires, entertains, and educates! We’re not worthy 🙂

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Jantzen, it’s our pleasure! We hope this serves you SO well. Thank you for your kind words, they really do mean the world 🙂

  41. This is absolutely FABULOUS! I particularly love the SERVE acronym. Thank you so much for sharing. Is there a way to get a PDF of this post/list?

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Hi Karen! So glad you enjoyed this. While we don’t have a PDF of this list to share, we encourage you to bookmark this page and return to it often – copy and paste to your heart’s content!

  42. Pam

    Marie, your reminder to create content that is not self focused but serving focused was a good reminder. Thanks!

  43. I LOVE you. 🙂 New mantra: Snatch it then you hatch it! hahahhaha

  44. Hilda

    Marie and Team Forleo keep surprising me everytime
    I love the episodes where you dance!
    Thank you so much for all your help, this blog post will be my bible as I am about to start creating an audience

  45. Nick Grimshawe

    My favorite mantra is: “There is always more where that came from.” I know when I get into that flow of creativity, ideas bust around me like fireworks.
    Which leads me to what I do to keep those ideas popping.
    I have a space I go to every morning called my Bliss Station. My bliss station is a table on which I keep a large array of colored pens and pencils (color sparks creativity) my journal, and the books I’m currently reading for inspiration. I usually have three or four books or magazines going at once. I find the interaction of different voices from different viewports sparks lots of content ideas. Then when the fireworks start going off, I write them down in my journal. Some I use immediately others either become projects or add ideas to projects I already have.

    When I feel I am running dry, I sit down at my bliss station and read through my journal notes.


    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Absolutely LOVE this, Nick – the Bliss Station! What a brilliant idea to keep the creativity flowing. Thanks so much for sharing this here and keep up the awesome work!

  46. Ramdeo

    ” There is always more where that came from” is the most impactful belief that churns out new contents. “Serving attitude ” is another important part of a spiritual life that pays back in abundance. Applying this in any creative act helps to grow it to a great extent. All these emanate from our core , inner self , and a writer needs to establish contact with his or her own inner guide. Providence plans and we become instruments to execute. Gratefulness is the mantra for anybody’s growth in any area of life. Hare Krishna ! With love – Ramdeo.

  47. This is great! I have a ton of content ideas, but my struggle is trying to expand on them. One way I get a lot of ideas is to just kind of do a braindump once in a while. I open up evernote and just start typing until I don’t have anymore words.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      We’re big fans of the brain dump over here, too, Aileen!!

  48. Great episode! My favorite way to generate content ideas is by watching inspiring TV shows or movies on Netflix! I always make sure to have the subtitles on and I take note of inspirational/aha moments I encounter in the dialogues of my fave series. Then, I turn those notes into inspiring blog posts or captions for social media. Who says binge-watching on Netflix can’t be productive? Like Marie said in her video, content ideas are everywhere!
    Thank you so much for sharing this list of prompts Marie! I’ve already bookmarked it. You ROCK! <3

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      LOVE this multi-tasking, Jessica! Thanks so much for sharing it with us. You rock, too! Yes, absolutely come back to this whenever you need. Happy content creation 🙂 xo

  49. wow! What a great list!
    thanks for that.
    Best wishes Janina

  50. Marie, I love all that you do! You truly inspire me every time I read your posts. I am a Real Estate Agent in the DMV area and I’m going to utilize this to build my following and client base. Thank you!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Awesome, Danielle! We hope these ideas will serve you so well in your real estate business. We’re so grateful to have you tuning in! Can’t wait to share more inspiration with you soon 🙂

  51. DNN

    I admit I do run out of content ideas sometimes. But when I do, I take a look around either my bedroom or think of writing a review about something I think may spark meaningful online discussion.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      That’s fantastic! We love that you have your own approaches to sparking fresh new content ideas and fruitful discussions. Keep up the great work!

  52. Hi Marie & Laura,
    i’ve just finished the first lesson of module 2 from the Copy Cure and I must say it is great! I rewrote one of my blogs and it “sounds” so much better now! Thank you so much. xxx

  53. Katy

    This is definitely helpful! I feel like I can come up with ideas, but they don’t always relate to my target market and I lose followers.

  54. Oh, I love love love love LOVED these!!! There were some on there that I was like, “duh, why didn’t I think of that!” Insanely helpful and bookmarked! Thank you!!!

  55. This was extremely helpful! So happy for all that you do, Marie and team! I will most certainly be using the “SERVE” technique for my future blog posts. We all have moments of writer’s block from time-to-time so it’s great to have somewhere to go back and be inspired. Remember, inspiration strikes anywhere!

    Keep Shining,

  56. Anna

    Bookmarked indeed! This got me excited to restart my writing. Well, I haven’t totally stopped but I felt like I kept repeating the same ideas. I wish I learned about Copy Cure scholarship on time though, but I’ll be looking out for other opportunities next time.
    Thanks always for the valuable service though free. 😀

    P.S. I don’t lose hope on the content, but I’m done hoping I could dance like that. Lol.

  57. WHOA.
    Sending Team Forlio a BIGTIME “Gracias”!

  58. I love these prompts and am totally saving them to come back to when I am stuck! Thanks Marie!

  59. I just came across this post and wanted to say a huge thank you. I’m often puzzled what to post on social media that’s relevant to my business and does not sound boring, and that isn’t about what I ate, drank or wore on that day.
    These prompts are a great collection and a super time saver for me. I have jotted them down into my journal and started to highlight which prompts I could I and how.
    Thanks again!

    • Maja - Team Forleo

      We’re so glad this was helpful, Petra!

  60. Thank you for this. This is very useful and I’m sure I will be able to come up with content ideas using these prompts.

  61. Fantastic ideas about content writing
    Keep sharing such a piece of informative information. I follow these content ideas for my blog. I Bookmark this blog.

  62. Love the list! I feel like it all starts with a quick brainstorming session. It allows pouring out all the problems and struggles your audience face. In addition to that, your own inspiring story also adds a new content stream. This HUGE list of ideas are perfect for social media, email ideas and even new blog posts!


  63. Kashish Roanaq

    Hello Marie mam I’m 17 I resently get know about u and ur show you really inspired me allot and I also want to be life coach like you and I started what’s your recent episode it is about the best time to getting started is when you are not ready so I am starting my journey I want to help many peoples like you are helping and it’s really awesome great work its feel very beautful and peaceful when you helped one creating their lives the way they want so I want to tell you the best way I prepare create my content is I simply take a video and just let all the things that coming on my mind
    to come out I will just record it as a form of video or as I am giving advice to somebody and then I can I watch that video write down all the pieces which are found content ful or relatable or a valuable content for my clients of for my for my followershow is just started as giving free life coach to everybody because I am not the experience I am only 17 I am just get started and got what I want to be so I am just giving it free for me because I want experience which is more valuable for me rather than anything so thank you ma’am it’s you who inspire me and let me know what I want to do in my life thank you so much love from kashish

  64. Marie!
    First, I was ridiculously distracted by your ensemble and backdrop in this video… in a good way, but ridiculously so. This is because I’ve been binge-watching Marie TV as I work my way through B-School 2020….phew! So Much Good Stuff. Wow! 🙂
    Second, thank you for this post. I fell out laughing several times.
    Third, to answer your question (finally)…. tip #2 resonated the most with me because I start Week 3 in b-school and review resources, including this one, I am thinking about how I slowly but steadily moved away from consistent blogging, which I began back in 2009(!). My WP site is now titled RobinLK Studios, reflecting my shift to small business ownership back in 2015, but my blog has been called for years All About the Process – Exploring Life, Learning, and Creative Curiosity. I used to “snatch and hatch” regularly (dang, that’s fun to say! LOL )

    I still keep a notebook in my bag and snatch often… lol… but my writing stays mostly in my notebooks these days or, often – into my mixed-media art journals… not in blog content. No SEO. No readers. No service. blah-blah- blah….

    I’m feeling like I need to revisit that practice, along with revisiting older content. Thanks for the informative (and fun!) reminder…. 🙂


    • Renee – Team Forleo

      Yaas! So much clarity in your comment, Robin. Great job! We’re so glad this episode inspired you and we’re cheering you on big time as you go through B-School. Thank you for being a bright light in our community. ?

  65. Clare

    Thank you, thank you, and did I say THANK YOU!
    This is like a giant shot of Pepto-Bismo for me…AKA…someone who craps their pants trying to come up with ideas. I am jumping right in now…sans the Depends…thanks to Marie!

    • Renee – Team Forleo

      WOOHOO!! We’re so glad these prompts helped you. We agree –– this episode is like a shot of Pepto when you’re creatively blocked. So glad your ideas are flowing and we’re cheering you on! ?

  66. Amazing list of 101 items! Really helpful….as always!

  67. Catherine Hamilton

    Hi Marie! Always love your high energy and easy to understand content! Thx!
    1. I get ideas from “everywhere” too! Nature, music, poetry, conversations with family & friends, observation, meditation, & the tons of material I read!!! I will journal about them but then I have lots of great content on various topics spread throughout my many journals!
    Do u have a recommendation for how I might “organize” my past written content hidden away in my journals?
    How might you recommend I stock pile my “snatch its” and store for later. (I also write down ideas in my calendars or legal pads or post it notes! I am missing a central location!)
    How do you organize or categorize? I am grateful that I get great ideas on multiple topics from various sources & read enough to back up ideas with research or other expert advice. However, I don’t want to look “scattered” on a website or even Instagram posts! In fact, I am not scattered! I have more ideas than I know what to do with & am trying to figure out which ones would benefit & serve others the most?

  68. Waaaaaaaah! Best post ever!

    Thank YOU so much Team Marie.

    I (like many others) have been unable to work for some 35 weeks over the last year due to lockdown restrictions. I’m a massage therapist, and trying to create work, when i can’t work has been such a challenge. I have been feeling really irrelevant and not knowing what to do with myself.

    Non of my writing is creating any income for me, so my goal is for it to be a residual income in some form. This is so helpful.

    Thank you!

    • teamforleo

      Hi Elizabeth,

      So great to hear that the episode resonated with you, we love hearing from our community.


  69. I’m back here because I put in my weekly schedule Marie’s Q&A Tuesdays for weekly inspiration.
    That’s how I started before B-School (2011), and I’m back in full circle at another level.
    Thank you, Marie!

    • Oh, my previous comment is spot on, so I won’t change it 🙂

    • teamforleo

      Hi Llyane,

      So glad you are part of our community. Congratulations on being an alumnus of B-School as well!


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