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Have you ever read a quote that shot straight through your heart?

That’s what I experienced when I stumbled across the haunting words of Pulitzer Prize winning poet Mary Oliver about her perspective on the most regretful people on earth.

Attention is the beginning of creation. What creative work deserves more of your time and power? Click To Tweet

It pierced my heart like a dagger.

Instantly I knew I had to share it as a short but powerful provocation for an episode of MarieTV.

And in fact, this beautiful morsel of words inspired me to turn the tables on you…

I believe this ONE question can spark a major creative breakthrough (if you’re brave enough to answer it honestly) and quite possibly…

Help you live a rewarding and regret-free life. See what I mean by watching this episode now.

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Now I’d love to hear from you. In the comments below, let me know your answers to both questions:

  1. What creative work is stashed away in your heart that deserves more time and power?
  2. What’s one action you can take right now to bring it to life?

To be clear, bringing creative work to life does not necessarily mean changing jobs or careers. It doesn’t necessarily require you spend more money or upend your existing life.

It simply means that you start acknowledging your creative yearnings and regularly carve out time to do things that are important to the call of your soul.

Especially for these particular questions, don’t just think about your answers in your head. Write them out. Because research shows that we’re 42% more likely to achieve our goals if we just write them down.

Remember, share as much detail as possible in your reply. Thousands of incredible souls come here each week for insight and inspiration, and your story may help someone else have a meaningful breakthrough.

Important: share your thoughts and ideas directly in the comments. Links to other posts, videos, etc. will be deleted as they come across as spammy.

Thank you a million times over for adding your voice and sharing your gifts with the world. Your kindness and contribution help to make this one of the brightest communities online.

And of course, if you have friends, clients or colleagues who want to reignite their creative potential, share this episode.  

With love and excitement,


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  1. Fatima S

    Hey Marie,
    Have been watching u for more than 2 years now and this is my 1st comment. Thanks for all your advice which has helped through a lot of difficult times??.
    I recently started a blog and it is in its baby stages and I feel like this is how I’m going to bring out the creativity in this and I’m so sure that if I didn’t do this I’m going to definitely regret ! So I decided to give the attention it requires.


    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s awesome, Fatima! We’re really proud of you for putting yourself out there and sharing your wisdom through your blog. 🙂

    • Simo

      Go for it!

  2. Fatima S

    Whoa!!! ☺ Im the first to comment????

    • Melissa Asbury

      Hi Marie! Thank you for this message. I want you to know that this week I launched my new design site and started to share my blog with the world. That’s in part to your inspiring messages! I’m finally starting to believe in my dreams. Would love for you to stop by! Thanks for giving us all the best YOU every week. You’re so encouraging to us all. ❤️ Melissa

      • Hi Melissa. OMG how beautiful is your website!!! Clean and interesting design, easy to navigate, quality photography. Well done and good luck with your business.

        • Melissa Asbury

          Thank you!! I rarely ever comment on these types of posts but I just felt led. Appreciate your kind words!

      • Mandy - Team Forleo

        Woohoo! Go, Melissa! 🙂

        • Melissa Asbury

          Thanks so much! My best to you and Team Marie!

  3. I am an emotional eating expert and weight loss coach and I help women to break through the emotional barriers that are blocking their health and weight loss goals and awaken their goddess mindset to create the life and body of their dreams through 1:1 coaching…
    BUT I feel I can’t help as many as I could with that (my time is limited) and I really want to get creative with videos and workbooks too (I love creating these things) so the natural next step is creating an amazing course on that topic. Yay!
    Also, I want to get creative with Facebook LIVE as well! It’s calling my name! 🙂
    Thank you for your question, Marie. I love that quote by Mary Oliver. <3

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Love it, Tiasha! Marie had that moment too, where she knew she wanted to help more people and there were only so many hours in the day. It led to the creation of B-School and so many opened doors and lives changed. We’re sending positive energy your way during this time of transition! 🙂

      • Thank you, Mandy! Yes – I have been inspired by Marie’s B-School a lot. <3

        • Ale

          Hi Tiasha, where I can follow? ?

    • Sabrina

      Hi Tisha,
      The work you do is so important! Thank you!
      I feel is such an intimate topic it is sometimes easier to open up and get to the bottom of things when you are in the same space as your coach. Have you thought of starting small groups where you are leading the process? Also, the motivation of becoming part of a small community might help the people on their way.
      What do you think?? I wish you the best of lucks!

      • Sabrina, hi! It is a very intimate topic and people are usually hiding this problem from the world, yes. I was thinking of doing smaller groups as well – it would actually be a really good step in my transition process. Currently, I’m only working one-on-one but maybe I’ll offer group coaching too. I’ll have to think about it.
        Thank you for reaching out and for your suggestion. xoxo

        • Tiasha! Absolutely love your website!

          • Thank you so much, Gyorgyi. 🙂
            If you’ll ever wish to dive deep into healing the emotional eating, or funk with food… I’m here for you, love.

    • Shannon

      Do it, Tiasha! Sounds amazing. I would love to see those videos and workbooks – and share them with my mom. It inspires your clients’ creativity to engage with creative materials like that, so you pass on the benefits! Best wishes!

    • Bethany Royston

      Hey, do you have a website? I really struggle with this & would love some more info. Thanks!

  4. Ary

    I finally decided to comment. Tjisnqu stain also pierced my heart. I used to sing at church for almost 16 years until one day felt into a depression and left feeling as if a rug was ripped from under my feet. I recovered and I’m living a good life but, I feel my inspiration for singing left me, which was my love for God back 2 years ago when I was still singing.
    I don’t know how to start again, I would love to sing again and not precisely at church but fear and the longing for what I “lost” stops me and I keep on procrastinating.

    I’m already 32 almost 33, I don’t know what to do, perhaps is that I think I’m already “old” to try this out. It’s such an emotional matter in my life, I truly have a beautiful voice and grace people have told me, I don’t want my gift to die with me.

    • Karen

      Sing, sing, sing! The world needs your beautiful voice <3

      • You absolutely must sing! Singing is a gift you have and share!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      You’re never too old to do what you love, Ary! Marie believes that wholeheartedly: It really is true what Marie says at the end of every episode: “the world needs that special gift that only YOU have.” There are also many singers who didn’t start until later in life! One of my favorites is Susan Boyle who never had a chance to pursue her dream of singing until she was 47 and was on Britain’s Got Talent in 2009. She’s incredible and you are too. 🙂

      • Barb

        Your never too old to start anything………look at Louise Hay who is such an awesome role model at 91 years young!

    • Hi Ary,
      Have you seen the James Corden movie ‘One Chance’? It’s on Netflix. He’s an opera singer and I think you’ll be inspired by it.

      • marilyn haverly

        Can’t find that movie, but I’m interested…

    • Ary, never give up your dream! I am almost 68 (!) and have experienced the need to start over several times! I am at that place right now. Just follow the dream and envision it already real. Take the next baby step to get yourself 1 step closer to that place. It works. And you will, too! ~Miryam

    • Pam

      What comes to me is a sense of grief which you may not be allowing yourself to feel and then moving on to the wonderful soul that you are today. Can you imagine what depths you could bring to singing by what you have gone through?

    • Maggie

      Maybe there’s a singing Meetup near you?
      If not, start one! (Or something similar it doesn’t need to be on that website.) I bet there’s other like you and you’d be helping them too. If it calls to you, do it!

    • Hi Marie and everyone!
      My creative work has been simmering inside me for my entire adult life. I am almost 68 years alive and have had to “re-invent myself” several times due to strange and sometimes traumatic circumstances. At the urging of several people, I finally committed to write a book. It is semi-autobiographical and inspirational. My hope is to reach many people who have suffered over just about anything in their lives. And show how a victim of circumstances can become victorious OVER their circumstances. I am a retired medical professional and now do meaning-centered counseling. All that to lead up to my A. And that is: getting going on the book and overcoming procrastination. I have 2 chapters written and then other things required my attention for a while. Now I need to get back on track. I will open the document, re-read what I wrote so far and then write just 1 sentence to get the juices flowing again! I pray that all your readers, listeners and viewers much success on their creative dream journey! ~ Miryam

      • Michael Cavitt

        Hi, Miryam. Way to go. I published my first business book at 73. See if you can beat me. Michael.

        • Regina Maria

          Jgostaria de tornar a pintar. Mas sem forças para recomeçar sem estrutura ao redor, sei q não “funciona”

    • Hi Marie and everyone!
      My creative work has been simmering inside me for my entire adult life. I am almost 68 years alive and have had to “re-invent myself” several times due to strange and sometimes traumatic circumstances. At the urging of several people, I finally committed to write a book. It is semi-autobiographical and inspirational. My hope is to reach many people who have suffered over just about anything in their lives. And show how a victim of circumstances can become victorious OVER their circumstances. I am a retired medical professional and now do meaning-centered counseling. All that to lead up to my A. And that is: getting going on the book and overcoming procrastination. I have 2 chapters written and then other things required my attention for a while. Now I need to get back on track. I will open the document, re-read what I wrote so far and then write just 1 sentence to get the juices flowing again! I pray that all your readers, listeners and viewers much success on their creative dream journey! ~ Miryam Leah

      • Catherine Stevens

        Hi, Miryam! I also have a book of the same sorts as you. I have never thought of myself as a writer but I cannot let it go. I will be 63 in a few months. My journey has been both very difficult and inspirational! Let’s do this!
        Thanks Marie & your great group of people! I

    • Doris

      Hi Ary!
      Your comment touched me, because I went through something similar. I invested a lot of time and effort into my dream – working with youth – and then depression struck me and took away two years of my life. It was very hard to start again. At the beginning, I felt paralyzed and useless. I was angry at myself for letting my issues affect what I care about so much. I also just couldn’t do anything creative for some time, I was emotionally flat, I didn’t feel much when I listened to music. So I thought it’s the way it’s gonna be. But for me, it really passed. It took a lot of effort, courage, acceptance and self-love, support of my friends and sometimes just trying over and over. But I got to the point when I have actually more to offer than myself from before depression, I’m more creative. I’m also trying out new things right now like archery… when I was 20 I though I was too old for this. Now I’m 30 and suddenly I don’t give a * 🙂 Suddenly I compare myself to other people realistically, without anxiety disturbing my perception of what is “too old”.

      So now I have a strong belief that no damage that happen to us is permanent. Even if we feel stuck, dead inside, permanently broken, too old to start all over again, it really can get better, it takes time, but if you ever had a talent – be it singing, imagination, knitting, gift for working with people – you can reach this talent again. I think love and joy is the best weapon against damage made by depression. Fall in love with singing again. It’s going to be hard in the beginning. I know it may cost you tears and a lot of self-doubt. You need to use your love and use your pain, too. Get to the center of it and get through the other side. It takes a lot of bravery but from what you’re writing, I think you’re love of singing will make you strong enough. I also know they are people out there who will be happy listening to you sing. For them, and for yourself, for your love of singing – please don’t give up. Give it a try 🙂

      • Kim

        Wow Doris! Your comments really spoke to me, especially the sentence “I think love and joy is the best weapon against damage made by depression.” I have struggled with depression and have been fighting to rediscover what I love. In the midst of it, it hard to imagine the other side. That other side is waiting for all of us.

      • Doris, your comment spoke to me! I have lived through a similar story, working with youth and then falling into a “hiccup” of depression while doing so. It’s been a lot of ups and downs and loops since then, but one of the most healing things I’ve done was follow my creativity. I dusted off the novel that I took a three-year hiatus from writing, and I finished it. By the time I finished it, I had clarity about my next steps in life, and that ultimately led me to some profound lifestyle changes that really supported my recovery and health. So much strength and wisdom comes from breaking through that barrier and diving (or even dabbling) in creativity again, and I can hear it in your voice Doris.

        And Marie, my next creative project is… pole dancing! 🙂

    • Michael Cavitt

      Ary, I’m laughing out loud as I do anytime I hear someone talk about ‘being old.’ I’m 74 and breaking new ground and creating new things, just not as fast or consistently as I would like. So, my intuition tells me your voice is just waiting for you to take it out of the closet, dust it off and use it. Choose a day of inspiration.

    • Samira

      Hi Ary,
      Please live your dream. You know that is your calling and it keeps you restless. Deep inside you know that this is the gift you must share because you said it yourself that you do not want your dream to die. Plus, you also mentioned singing is an expression of your love for God. Do you think that we can ever be too old to love God? (whether in Church or somewhere else)

      Please continue singing. Now that you mentioned what you have gone through, I think it is now more important that you share your gift. Plus, you are on the platform where inspiration and encouragement come flooding in everyday. Best of luck!

    • Ruth

      A beautiful voice is truly a special gift. I don’t have a singing voice, nor an ear for the right notes. You need to sing for YOU. I love listening to a beautiful voice alive in song. Think how much your brain would love listening to your voice.

      Sing. For. You.

      And the world will benefit along the way. But you first.

    • Hey you have a talent that many of us don’t have! It’s so beautiful to have the talent and it matters that you figure it out just how you will soon enough find a way to share it again with those who can hear you. It brings so much joy into our hearts to hear a magical voice , work on it bit by bit piece by piece in your own time and trust you will find your way back all by yourself to your road of happy times , enjoy the process!
      All the very best, you can and will be singing again I truly believe so !

    • Wendy Gadsby

      Hi ARY, no you are not too old! I’m turning 60 this year and am only just getting started with my dreams / goals. Please get out there and sing, sing, sing / whatever else you have dreamed of, do it. I’ve had so many regrets and fear was the only thing holding me back. Don’t let fear stop you – let it push you out of your comfort zone and SOAR to the HEAVENS!!

    • Yolanda Ketchum

      Let alone the voice of speaking is a gift; and to be able to sing is an additional to what you you already have. The gift of music, singing is a healer… the words are an encouragement to the soul and spirit of human kind and even animals… BUT you must share what God has given you, it’s a sweet sound to His ear.

      And where you experienced depression, your voice with righteous words can lift someone out of it!!! I thank God for you and your gift!!! Love it!!! Sing it!!! And I can’t wait to hear it!!! Your VOICE… SING!!!!!!

    • Hi Ary, your comment touched me deeply. Let me give you an example of a person who realized her dream at an “old age”. She had one thing in common with you, not wanting to die without being able to offer her talent to others and help them.

      She wanted to learn to play the violin. She already knew how to play piano. She began lessons and played a few years in a nursing home “for her little old ones” as she was saying. She was 90 years old (my friend’s grand-mother) and died at 100 after almost 10 years of making people feel alive and happy again.

      You can do it, Ary!…looking forward to listen to your beautiful voice on the web:-)

    • Yes! I love to sing, too, and have not sung much (in an organized or public way for most of my life) I am 61 now and am having so much fun singing. I started with a Circle Singing meetup based on Bobby McFerrin’s ideas about three years ago. This has recently grown to other groups and just a few days ago I sang with a microphone for the first time with a group of guitarists. I really want to do more of this. You might check out meetups for different kinds of singing possibilities. <3

    • Angelika

      Dear Ary,
      as you mentioned in your comment, singing was your love for God. I believe very strongly that you should start to sing again because God has given you the gift having a beautiful voice. You should share this gift with the world! You have got already soooo many positive feedbacks from people who heard you singing – so go for it! Singing can help yourself to overcome sadness etc. and when you reach people with your voice and open their hearts you will give so much back to the world. Stay HAPPY !

    • Claudia

      My dear. You’re a spring chicken, still! I’m 54 and starting as a music teacher. My process began with a divorce at 47, no job, no bed. Don’t wait for The universe to kick you awake. At my lowest, I figured I had nothing to lose and resumed cello lessons. Thereafter played in orchestras and tango groups, and stumbled upon across teaching. You never know where you end up just by GETTING STARTED!!!

    • I took up the French Horn at age 25. It’s a difficult instrument and now that I’m 60, I can finally say I feel comfortable with it. But I am reminded, as I look over my decades of being immersed in semi-professional (mostly volunteer) groups, of how many friends I’ve made through my music. Although being a musician resonates deep within my soul, being part of a larger effort has made my life blessed beyond words. So yes, it’s not too late. Go for it. The music world needs you as much as you need it.

  5. I page for a website to create a blog and I continue to put it off. I know that writing the first post will be the hardest, but I think all the post that come after that are daunting to me. I need to focus on what I want the space to represent (I’m so multi-passionate I confuse myself sometimes), but also on the skills I will need to make sure each post is the best it can me.

    Honestly, I’m terrified that it’s just going to flat out suck!

    • Try starting on the second post first! Sometimes it’s easier to jump over the first obstacle……..first sentence, first paragraph……and start as if you’d already written the first blog.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s the best way to start! Marie believes it’s smart to start small and/or sucky: 🙂

    • Kiki

      How do you know that it will suck unless you try? If I was you I would try it and proofread before I publish. With care, Kiki

  6. Hey Marie!
    To answer today’s question: I am following my bliss :). I’m starting as a Web marketing consultant and I just LOVE what I do. I’ve been watching MarieTV for 2 years now and I want to thank you for your work; you are part of what made me follow my passion.

    I love reading your emails and I love watching your videos. Such authenticity is rare and this is one of the reasons I’m such a fan.

    Keep rocking, you’re awesome!
    Amélie from Québec (Canada)

    • Bonjour Amélie 🙂 Je te souhaite beaucoup de succès dans ta nouvelle aventure
      Amélie (maintenant en CB)

  7. Hi Marie,
    Also a first-time commenter – I get caught up in feeling that life has already passed me by and the choices I have made, the years I have behind me, have abandoned me on a road that leads to same ole, same ‘ole town. How does a 56-year-old learn again what she has to offer anyone that means a hill of beans to them?
    I have started a few blogs, even outlined a book – but can’t seem to get the fire kindled enough to follow through with either.
    I would love permission to just follow you and glean inspiration and look for that spark to fly once again.

    • Hi Kathy. I’m sad to read you feel you’ve been left behind. I’ve found that age takes a toll on self-confidence (it certainly has in me and my women friends) and it’s hard to fight back, but fight we must 🙂 I’ve just launched my first entrepreneurial business at age 54 so it is possible. I decided to follow my heart and just do what I love. If nothing comes of it, so be it, but it won’t be for the want of effort. Try writing about what you love?

      • Frederika

        If you live to 96, doing stuff you’ve always wanted to do, it will get better and better with practice and you have 40 years ! Don’t let anyone take it away you are still young and know a lot of life, so much more than if you were 21 , so go ahead without fear and just do it !! There is still plenty of time to do so, laugh at yourself and have fun lol

    • Hi Kathy,
      I know you wrote to Marie so I hope it’s OK I’m replying. I’m 56 as well (with a teen son). I began renewing my life a few years ago after leaving a long term job. I provide clarity coaching and strategy for women in transition and DYI entrepreneurs. I’m happy to offer you a complimentary consult, if interested.
      Everyone has something to offer, it’s a matter of asking the right questions to help you connect with what it is. If you want to chat, let me know. You can find me on Instagram or FB, too. Best wishes!?

    • Karen Yackel

      I also am a 50 something woman. I teach music and have been passionate about writing a piano method book. Hard to set time aside but I’m going to make it a priority and carve out a piece of time each week. Have to go for it or I will always wonder why I didn’t do it! Or even if I could.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Permission granted! (Not that you needed it.) We believe it’s never too late to follow your dreams, Kathy. Although it may not feel like it, you’re right where you’re supposed to be. Marie always encourages people to trust the timing of their life:

    • Hi Kathy,
      Since I have a few years on ya’ — and have re-invented myself quite recently, I felt divinely motivated to comment. For me, I have to ignore the “age thing.” Don’t get me wrong, it’s something that we can all – especially as women – can experience. I think that it’s important to remember that you’re never too old to create. For me, I had to change my mindset and keep it focused on what I am called to do. So, I encourage you to spend time sitting quietly… and then take that first or next step on the very something that comes to mind. Take that next step on the thing that is deep down in your heart… that you know that you know that you know that you’d love to create. Marie has truly hit the nail on the head and provided the initial and wonderful encouragement for everybody who’s tuning in. Now, take that time to be quiet… and then step out. The stepping out is something that we all have to do… and then we can see where that leads to. I am excited for you to go forth… you can do it! Many blessings, Ilene

    • I will be 55 in June. My current passion is a whole new thing for me that I have only been doing actively for about 3 years. At first I really struggled with “Am I too old?” because all I saw in the places I wanted to be (blogging, Pinterest, YouTube…) were women half my age. But then I decided to focus not on how old I was, but how young my business was, and for a 3-year-old? I’m doing great! 😉 Thank you, Marie, for reminding us that each one of us is here for a reason, and we all have to share our unique gifts with the world while we still can.

    • Michelle

      Hi Kathy
      I’m another first time commentator and clearly I can’t speak for Marie, but as a 57 year old I totally hear ya…

      I’m about to head into my fourth (maybe fifth) career, but I think we have a huge advantage as 50 somethings ‘experience’!

      I didn’t finish high school because of dyslexia so went to business college, left early because (back in the day) shorthand was a requirement and that didn’t go well with dyslexia either.

      Got a job, met the wrong guy, got married had 3 beautiful kids, left him had to support them, so got a degree in my 30s, practiced law in my 40s then got wiped out by illness in my late 40s.

      So after almost a decade out of work due to illness I started running an e-business part-time which went really well, until I had a major relapse and now I’m dealing with the financial fallout from that in the Courts.

      But while I’m waiting for that to resolve itself I’m getting the next e-business ready to go because I’ve learned heaps.

      So your ‘hill of beans’ is hard earned experience that can save others time, money and drama. Go for it Kathy!

  8. Woooww what a synchronicity I’m soon releasing a small program to accompany project creations the ones that are always kept at the bottom of your list- daily for 28 days.. And my first email is about intention !! it is in French though 😉

  9. Melissa Brauen

    I answered this question in 2014, which was also my first round of B-School. The Start the Right Biz module ignited the spark that I snuffed for a couple of decades. I dedicated time, resources, and power to it and now I am finally ready to launch my website and store featuring my original art. Thank you Marie and Team Forleo for all the insight and motivation to take action.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Hooray, Melissa! We’re so happy for you! Thank you for making the world a more beautiful place with your creations. 🙂

    • Gorgeous work Melissa!

      • Just left you a FB message Melissa. I admire your work!

  10. Hi Marie,
    I’ve never commented before but this hit the mark for me because I am passionate about helping others find their creative flow! I changed my life 3 years ago when I decided to embrace my creative side and pull it into alignment with my whole life. I just published my first book (yay!) called The Creation Guild. Life is so much more fun with intentional creativity every day!
    Thanks for sharing your creativity with us Marie!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Yay, Janice! Congrats on The Creation Guild!

  11. eli

    THE problem being that even 42% MORE likely at 1% chance remains getting stuck at 1.42%, virtually still zero.

  12. Elena

    Hey Marie,

    Thanks for this video. You are able to say so much in such a simple profound way. I’ve been wanting to start this business with my sister for the longest time and we know it’s a great idea as there is nothing like it where we live. All we have to do is make a business plan and approach investors, and we know quite a few people who probably would invest in the idea, but everyday I procrastinate and make myself busy as to why I can’t finish the business plan. I know it’s all based off of fear, but I also know I would regret it so much if I never tried. The one thing I’m going to do today to help make this dream a reality is to finish the business plan. Here’s to the first step!!

    • Karen

      I’m rooting for you, Elena!

    • Yay first step! I use a thing called the Best Self journal to plan out each quarter so nothing feels like such a big undertaking that it’s insurmountable. It got me out of a deep slump to a new business which launched last week. Wishing you every success in your new business 🙂

      • Kiki

        Congratulations Karen! What type of business? What is your domain name? With care, Kiki

        • Karen Thurman

          Thank you Kiki. After 25 years of doing work I hated, I leapt into the void in 2014. It took me a while to find my direction but I’ve now launched an online art gallery – Thurmanovich Gallery. We use art to celebrate nature and inspire her protection. I also publish a free quarterly magazine called On Your Doorstep

  13. I love this ep Marie. I am currently in your B-school and loving it. I feel like I am hearing Marie Forleo all day long which is a great thing……
    I work in a direct selling company that has been based on parties and workshops but has exploded into the Online scene with a BANG. There are many direct sellers that aren’t confident with technology. I REALLY want to create a training program for them to learn how to blog, use Facebook effectively, How to set up an newsletter, using pinterest all the technical stuff – but in a really basic way.
    There I said it. Now for the action…
    PLAN – write it down and chop it up into digestible pieces. Right now it is feeling very overwhelming and lacking direction. And set a deadline of when I want to have it released…. Phew already feeling much better about it!! Thank you Marie!!! Woo hoo!

  14. Carolina Van Pampus

    I’m so scare of change sometimes that I kind of sabotage myself when I’m about to start something I love… but not anymore! I’m determine to get a different result doing things differently too. I’m writing down my manifest today to put my heart and soul to become a great coach for latin american moms. 🙂
    Today is the day! The best is yet to come… Have a great day!

  15. Writing and painting. It’s been a little bit more than a year that I integrated both in my everyday life with the vision to make them step by step the main parts of my life. 🙂 I wish ervery human being the courage and clarity to do what they love as often as possible and to stop looking for excuses why they can’t do it.
    Best to all of you. <3 Elisa

    • erin

      Elisa – how have you, just done it!? what has been one thing that you have implemented in your daily routine to make this happen. Any advice. I have ideas, supplies but lingering and making excuses to get into the studio to create. I have a strong biz idea and am currently balancing it within a full time gig, feeling pretty darn exhausted and a busy house with two little boys on the weekends.

  16. I’m opening the cart for my first ever design identity + biz branding program in less than 30 days. I know it will make a huge difference, in those I’ll serve, but I’ve been too much of a chicken to put it out there! Here we go!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      You can do it, Melissa! We believe in you! 🙂

  17. Hey Marie,
    This episode came at the perfect time because I’ve been in resisting mode lately “or so I feel”.When I started my blog and podcast a year ago it was all about personal development but lately I have been trying to transition into more of a “blog strategy stream” which is proving a bit “job-like”.So I think my creative call is to continue to to guide others in their self growth journey. And my action step is to embrace it more and show up more for that.
    xx Menellia

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      It sounds like you’re doing awesome work, Menellia! 🙂

  18. Lillie

    I feel like my creativity is not in the traditional sense (art, crafts, etc) and it has always had me feeling like an outsider. I feel my creativity is helping people with ideas, strategize on projects, organizing their plans, heck even re-writing resumes…that’s what makes my creative juices flow. But I don’t know how to make that real. I’m one of those people who has tons of ideas about things – but I know that I can’t create them all, so I’d love to help others reach their goals/dreams instead.
    I feel like I am babbling, lol, but as I get older I find this is the one thing I feel is my “gift”. The action I recently took was to add a branding course to my product based offerings (the work hand in hand). I would love to work with people one on one (I currently work with authors) to help them. Again..babbling and abstract. Maybe that’s my issue! Or maybe I just need another cuppa. 🙂

  19. JL

    I want to finally finish writing a book that i started years ago.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      You can do it, JL! 🙂

  20. I’m a Mindset & Career Coach and even though I don’t mind live speaking, I’m letting fear hold me back from doing anything live online. Marketing is so different than it used to be! I know this will help me connect with SO many people. It will probably help get me over some fears and will give me the feeling that I can accomplish anything – all things I teach my clients! There’s always room to grow, we just need the awareness, thank you Marie.

    • Hi Becca. You might find an organisation called Toastmasters ( helpful in becoming more fearless in speaking situations that really matter. I wish you every success with your coaching business and I look forward to your first live broadcast 🙂

  21. Bee Snyder

    Hi Marie –
    My name is Belinda, but most people call me Bee. I retired almost three years ago from a career I ABSOLUTELY LOVED – assisting tech entrepreneurs to start and grow their businesses. I retired fairly early (at age 50), partially driven by a new boss who I literally felt was sucking the life out of me and a desire to pursue a different passion – creative writing. I had/have so many ideas for books, projects, businesses based on this craft, but my fear of getting started is completely overwhelming. I am stuck in a read-one-more-book-and-take-one-more-class-and-follow-one-more-blog-and-then-I-will-start vortex. I TOTALLY get the concept of being one of the most regretful people on earth because I feel that way every other day! You know how some people feel they peaked in high school? Well, sometimes I feel I peaked at 49 and now I should just don my velcro shoes and watch Wheel of Fortune and Investigation Discovery channel for hours on end with my Cheetos and wine. This episode spoke to me. So today I’m going to re-commit and re-focus on my creative writing. My first step is to outline JUST ONE of the book ideas I have in my head and just embrace the crappiness of it if it turns out that way because at least I have started my creative journey. Thanks, Marie, and wish me luck!

    • Hi Bee. I wish you luck and courage. I can completely relate to how overwhelmed you’re feeling; if it’s any help, I can tell you from experience that if you push through it does get easier. Never easy, just easier 🙂 One thing that helped me focus and deliver was asking a couple of people (including my husband) to be my cheerleader/accountability partners. I work from home so it was really easy to do a million things other than that which I wanted/feared most. They’ve been the support I’ve needed when I’ve flagged/questioned/felt like giving up.
      Hang in there!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Right on, Bee! Sometimes the ideas that come to you don’t seem like the best ideas at first, but then they turn out to be beautiful things. I’m sure there were people who told JK Rowling her idea of a boy wizard with a lightning bolt scar was a stupid idea, but we all know that’s not true. 🙂 The world needs your voice.

  22. I spent 25 years as a corporate drone before I decided to jump ship in 2014. Hubby and I took 13 weeks to travel around Scotland and be full time photographers for a while. Then 2 years later, the idea morphed into starting up an online art gallery as well as being photographers . We went live last week. Yay (and phew)! It took until my mid-50s but I can now say that I’m giving my creativity the freedom it’s been begging for since I was a wee girl.

    • Karen

      Beautiful work – congratulations <3

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      So happy for you, Karen! 🙂

  23. I’m a graphic designer by trade but I always did these strange artwork on the side. It was my truly free, creative outlet. All mine. 16 years ago, when my grandmother passed away, that creative fire just puttered out. Art supplies are all in a box. Sleeping. I want to go back to it but trying to find the time.

    Just recently, I got an email this Monday for an open call for artists for artwork right up my alley. I opened up my portfolio of work for the first time in years looking at my work. If this it’s a sign from the nether beyond I don’t know what is.

    First thing I’m going to do is submit to this open call. Second thing, I’m going to pick one day a week and just jump back in. Even if it’s 3 hours a week.

    I need to do this. It’s time.

    Great video this week. Now people, get out there and create!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s perfect, Melissa! As Marie says, “if it’s not scheduled, it’s not real.” So 3 hours a week is excellent!

  24. For years my husband and I have talked about our ideas for designing and building custom light fixtures, furnishings, and home decor alongside our plans to begin renovating homes…as of yesterday we took our first brave leap of faith to acquire the time, education, and financial plan that can allow us to make this a reality. I was resistant and feared taking this step for so long, but now I feel freer than I have in a long time and excited to embrace the changes ahead of us!

    • Barbara Packard

      Darcey, That sounds so exciting. So happy for you. You can do this.

  25. Damn you Marie Forleo. Damn you and your awesome questions that have made me look deep and think for which I have no time – I have a job and a kid and a house (blah, blah, yadda, blah). Damn it Marie. Thinking makes you feel, and feeling ignites action . . . damn it, here I go thinking – yup, here comes the feeling . . . translation: now, today, I will take action.
    Ok. I’m a writer. I am a writer. I am a writer. I deserve to write.
    Today, I will write. I will write one thing – even if it’s one sentence. That is my action. I will carve out time, and make it happen.
    Damn it.

    • Barbara Packard

      Go Tina!

      • Haha, Tina! I can SO relate to what you wrote. I am a writer, too (am I? I don’t write for myself anymore…). And I miss it, terribly. And yes I have two kids and work freelance (editing/proofreading – which I love), but it’s time for me to put some of that effort into ME! Why is it so hard?!

        I hope you write your one sentence today. And then another one after that… you can do it! And so can I. I am going to go through my calendar and block one hour a week JUST FOR ME (I’m not so great at the daily practice and prefer to dump out a bunch of stuff – see, even figuring that out has been progress and against the traditional advice I always see about how I MUST write every single day).

        Best wishes!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      You got this, Tina! That’s how epics are written: one letter at a time, one word at a time, one sentence, one paragraph, one page at a time… It adds up. You can do it. 🙂

  26. Marc

    My creative gift is found in the songs I write. Most of them are calls to go deeper and find that connection to each other that will create the transformation of the world. Today, I will take time to play at least one of those songs for people to hear.


  27. Barbara Packard

    Wow, most of these comments seem to be about business, and I know you are all about creating the business and life that you love, but I have always yearned to learn to paint, (not being a natural at it), with a need to express myself and the beauty I see. I also want to create art through and with photographs.
    I am poised to start my own business, but currently work 13 hour shifts as a nurse, and at 58, it is taking a toll on my well being.
    I feel as if taking the time to create for pleasure will open up a part of me that has been hidden away. After raising 7 children, making a home, and the end of a 30 year marriage, I feel as if I might burst if I don’t make the time to set it free.

    • Karen

      It’s never too late to honor your soul’s calling. I’m rooting for you, Barbara!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      I second what Karen shared, Barbara! Your time is now. 🙂

  28. Matthew McGuire

    Hi Marie this is Matthew McGuire and my goals are to write a successful blog, a novel, self book, start a business and go to college and graduate with a psychology degree.
    The action I will take to make my dreams and goals reallity is to make a plan and use all my time towards my goals to be successful in my life. Thank you for all your videos Marie they always put a smile on my face and I learn a lot about life from you. Hugs and Kisses your friend Matt McGuire God bless you and all the people in your company. I hope to be in touch bye
    Matthew McGuire

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Awesome, Matthew! It’s wonderful that you have such a clear vision for your dreams. The fact that you know what you want will help you get there.

      • Matthew McGuire

        Hi Mandy I wanted to know how can i start writing my book and can you give me any videos about it from Marie I am a beginner in writing please help me bye
        Matthew McGuire

  29. Nina

    I am an executive coach with lots of experience within one company, so a few months ago I asked myself the same question: what will I regret if I am old and look back for what I didn’t pursue? I got the answer instantly from my heart: I need to set up my own coaching company, this is what is on top of my head and heart! Now, I am getting prepared to start soon…. thanks to B School!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s fantastic, Nina! I’m so glad you asked yourself the question, got a clear answer, and went for it. That’s a necessary bravery. 🙂

  30. Hi Marie,
    Loved the question! I am currently enrolled in the B-school and loving it. I feel so blessed and grateful that while working full time in a corporate job that was starting to take the life out of me, I listened to the inner voice four years back that nudged me to start doodling again. It was never my intention to quit my job or start my own business, I never even thought myself to be an artist….but here I am four years later – making and selling art, guiding people to live with creative flow, being an advocate of sustainable living and overall enjoying the freedom and challenges of being an entrepreneur!
    So glad I listened to the soft whispers of my heart in 2013 😀
    Love n light,

    • That’s inspiring loveleen! Thank you for that reminder. Right now I’ve a blog which I had for more than 1 year but I don’t even know if anyone is reading it ( perhaps my fiancé). Something in me says keep going but I’m not sure. Hopefully in the near future I could do what you did – Whisper to yourself and say thank goodness I followed my heart

      • Mandy - Team Forleo

        Hi Veronica! Loveleen replied to your message, though it showed up as a separate comment rather than being a part of this thread. I thought you’d want to see her response! She said:

        Way to go Veronica! It is ok if no one reads it….because what is most important is you are responding to what your heart is asking you to do. You are expressing your self and so don’t give up! The more you say YES to your own self and your needs, the more universe will shift things around you – and one day you will be doing much more than what you ever thought you could! ? that is the beauty of listening to your heart.
        Much love and best wishes,
        ps. I would love to read what you write so feel free to share your blog with me ?

        • Thanks Mandy for passing on the message!
          And thank you, Loveleen for being so encouraging, I feel so touched because it feels like what I do matters afterall- it matters to me, it matters that I show up in my work regardless of anything else. I saw your website, you’re so talented with your artwork, beautiful drawings =) This quote caught my eye :: Trust the mysteries of the Universe.
          Will remember that whenever discouraged.
          ps- click on my name and it will bring you to my webby. Thanks for dropping by =)

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Woohoo! Go, Loveleen! We’re so proud of you for listening to your heart’s whispers. 🙂

      • Thank you Mandy! B-school is helping me right now to spread my wings 🙂

    • Gazelle

      Dr Mack is so amazing that i could not believe what was happening. my lover came to my house and asked for reconciliation… he now shows me love more than before thanks to (dr_mack @ yahoo. com)

  31. Alison Craig

    I loved this, Marie. I am a poet myself, and totally respect and love Mary Oliver’s work. She has such wisdom and such soul-jam, if that’s even a word! My creative ‘thing’ is writing. But it’s something I haven’t given enough time to. It has power, because it burns at the core of my being all the time. I wake up to it in the morning and go to bed with it at night. But time? – nah, not so much. It’s just been all work, work, work. But now, the time has come to make some changes in my life. And so I am embarking on a personal programme of writing over the next 3-5 years – including a book on the menopause. When I watched your film, it struck me partly because I’m a creative person, but also because I feel that the menopause is – or should be – a totally powerful and creative time for every woman. Instead, it’s not talked about, people get embarrassed about it or misunderstand it, dismissing it as just a bunch of symptoms. Some people (mostly men!) even think it’s funny, or that it’s just a few hot flashes. The thing is, it should be such a hugely liberating and creative time for women. Ironically, I think, when a woman’s hormones mean she is no longer able to bear children is exactly the time of massive womanly power! I want to bring this to the world and really change lives through my research, my writing and my work with women in all stages of the menopause. Thank you so much for your message. Today, I am writing (creating) and thinking about the menopause (and believing passionately in the need to change perceptions and experiences). Your film just walked right into the middle of that. Thank you!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Love that, Alison! It sounds like the universe is telling you to write, write, write. 🙂

  32. Linda Lasley


  33. Hello! I have been a massage therapist for over 17 yrs and I love teaching Couples Massage Lessons. I have wanted to branch out and teach more, spreading love and helping to create really sweet moments between couples. Helping them have confidence to sooth their partners tension, stress and boosting deep connection. I will set a date at a local yoga studio to teach a group lesson in May!!! Thank you for the gentle push with your You &A. I’ve watched for a bout 3 yrs now and I always get some great inspiration Thank you! Big hugs.

    • I love this, Carissa. Good luck. 🙂

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s so cool, Carissa! 🙂

  34. Andria J

    It’s been in my heart to write my story, a comedy with a bit of mystery and a dash of snark. I see it as a miniseries. I know can set aside an hour today to bringing my story to life.

    • Andria,
      “It’s been in my heart to write my story, a comedy with a bit of mystery and a dash of snark. ” Girl, you are a WRITER! Love your description of your story you ARE going to write!! I want to read “a dash of snark!”

  35. Lately I have come to love the word ‘synergy.’ It means ‘working together.’ Well my seeing this question today is almost spooky in its timing. I am preparing to launch an online course in mindset transformation. This is something far outside my wheelhouse. In order to do it I myself had to go through a mindset transformation. I’m starting something that is for me brand new and I’m doing so in my 60’s. I determined that I would not be someone who would regret the path not taken. So I am taking this path. Helping others is something I never thought I could do. I am a person of faith and I am so grateful God opened this door and that I am brave enough to walk through. Regrets are a waste of thought. Thanks Marie.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      You can absolutely help others through your journey, Linda! At the end of the day, that’s what following your dreams is. Doing what you love and, in doing so, inspiring and encouraging people along the way. 🙂

  36. Paula White

    Hi Marie,

    My name is Paula White. I love your show. I have a dream of performing music. I always have.

    However, I attended A LOT of Title One schools growing up which cut most arts funding.

    I became a nurse to pay for this on my own. I am renting to own a contrabass. I just took a new job, which would allow me the time to practice. I also found a wonderful contrabass teacher.

    I am surrounding myself with positive people who value the arts and do not think that the arts are “a waste” of time, money and energy.

    I am reading self help books that are specifically geared to musicians. My favorite is called “Music for the Joy of It” by Stephanie Judy. It basically says if you can get yourself together, you can join a local community musical ensemble, which is my goal.

    I also like “The Artist Way” and “It’s Never Too Late” by Julia Cameron, as well as “Big Magic” by Elizabeth Gilbert.

    I am listening to a weekly podcast called “Contrabass Conversations,” which is like “This American Life” for the double bass community.

    The host, Jason Heath, graduated from Northwestern University and talks to contrabass players around the world who play double bass, teach double bass and/or MAKE double basses for a living.

    I notice with each thing I do, the Universe responds to me by bringing people, places and situations to me that help me to achieve my goal.

    Thank you for the Mary Oliver quote. I needed that.

    Paula White

    • E

      I’ve read something of those same books and they’ve been so good! Artist’s Way was like therapy for me. I am also a musician with a day job and a family, and I haven’t been as active as I want. I think it is so so so important to find the right wave length people in our lives. Sounds like you’re doing good and hope you reach out and make yourself heard and seen by the world surrounding you.

      Music is the healing force of the universe.

      Do well!! E

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s fantastic, Paula! I love how wholeheartedly you’re going for your dream––your passion for the contrabass really leaps off the page. We’re super proud of you and happy for you!

      • Paula White

        Thank you all! Good luck to everyone to reach their creative dreams! I am sending positive vibes your way!

  37. How many times do we get to the end of the day and realize we were on autopilot? Instead of feeling energized and renewed by our experiences of the day we feel drained and exhausted. So we have a line of t-shirts that are designed with sayings featuring “Wisdom to help wake us up” and help remind us of our bigger purpose and intent in life.

    And the next step I will do to dedicate time and bring power to this venture is to continue participating in this years B-School. AMAZING depth of tools, resources, support, inspiration… I toyed with the idea of joining last year and this year I closed my eyes and jumped. And I am SO glad I did. I know B-School is going to help me launch. And we just sold our first t-shirt on our Shopify site. Yeah!!!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Congrats on your first sale!! 🙂

  38. Maytha

    Finally Marie you kicked my butt to comment! Thank you your You&A came in the right time for me. As a first comment I want to thank you for your constant uplifting work your channel is always one of my favorite to head to one I feel the need of having motivation in my life THANK YOU love! and keep it coming! Now to answer your question I’ve been thinking about writing a book but I keep putting that on hold and I’m not even giving it the time which is exactly why it hit me in the gutt to comment I know I need to start right now 🙂

    Much Love

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      So glad you commented, Maytha! The world needs the book you want to write.

  39. I am a professional classical guitarist – teacher, performer and recording artist. I have had the joy of fulfilling my passion of teaching guitar for 37 years. My dream is to publish a creative and educational guitar method for children. There are very few trained female guitar teachers (compared to men) and I know I have the experience to teach children in a creative, emotionally connected and fun way that often male teachers don’t incorporate in their methods or even videos.
    Thanks to you show today, this is the first time I’ve actually written down words to describe this dream. I am tearing up with both joy and fear just thinking how important this project has meant to me for all these years. I will now start writing ideas for the book using a pencil and manuscript paper and worry about computer programs, art work, layout and the other problems of publishing and publicity later. Having too much to figure out too soon, along with my pathetic computer abilities, has stopped me from starting. Felicity’s “Happy Guitar Method” is beginning today! Thank you Marie.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s so cool, Felicity! Huge congrats on fulfilling your passion for 37 years. It’s wonderful to hear you’re taking it in a new and exciting direction. 🙂

  40. Robin

    Deep inside of me is a hidden dancer. She was once free to soar until that fateful day when life came crashing down on her physical frame. Now healed from that trauma at age 56, this hidden dancer wants to soar again. It’s time to set her free. No regrets, I’m ageless.

    • Robin, I feel emotionally pulled on by your story that I don’t even know. I sense you could inspire others with your courage to heal through your challenges and follow your dream. I applaud you !

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Dance, Robin. Dance. 🙂 It’s your time to soar!

  41. Designing clothes that are sustainable and ethical and helping the world become a better place with that.
    I can start drawing…

  42. Dear Marie,
    It never ceases to amaze me that the right words come at the moment you need them.
    I have always had a fascination with colors and pattern, design, etc. Several years ago when I learned about surface pattern design and art licensing I knew it was for me. But, wait, you need to be an artist to do that! And I had only dabbled. I have spent the last several years (and i am no spring chicken at almost 47) learning to create art that is technically good so that I could communicate what has always been in my soul. And then life’s trials wore me out and kicked my confidence. I put my dream aside, and took a part time job that reminds me daily that I am not doing the work I am meant to do. Now I know more than ever, that I will die trying to make my dream a reality. I loved YOUR words, “let us be the ones who did our thing”. It would make a great piece of affirmation wall art! I would love to create it, your name attached of course! Yes?

  43. Mary Jo Guinn

    Hi Marie! Thank you for your thought-provoking content! Answer to question 1 requires a little back story. I’m an RN/Attorney. I quick practicing (but kept up licenses), ten years ago. When I planned to return, two of my four children were diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and one of those with ADHD. I continued to stay home because of their needs. In August of 2017, all four kids will be in school full time. I plan to try to return to the practice of law, but will now focus on law surrounding the special needs population (which is 100% out of my employment experience wheelhouse, but 100% within my personal experience wheelhouse). The answer to question 2 carries today. I have purchased a primer on this type of law so that I can begin the process of educating myself. Cheers to Autism Awareness Month! Mary Jo ?

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s wonderful, Mary Jo! I know everyone who works with you will be so thankful that you can help them with your expertise AND understand what they’re going through on a personal level. That’s a winning combo. 🙂

  44. Hi All
    I have already started my online membership course
    I have my Autoresponders lined up, I have my capture page next to do, then my video sales letter and it goes from there.
    I would hate the thought of leaving this planet with the heavy weight of regret, so I best get busy…
    Thanks Marie for nudge, once again
    Tony (rehab knee, and lots of thinking time) Taylor

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Hooray for getting started and taking action, Tony!

  45. Daniela

    While Marie makes this question (which the answer is an online course) another question pops up on my mind: how will I sustain my production, what other thing should I create to earn anough money so I can dedicate to my creation and about the second question… well, shoul’t I sustain myself first (in a way that I still have time to create), than, start to take any step?

    • Daniela, your question here seems quite similar to my situation. I am a musician (singer) working hard to make a career out of my voice. However, I’m not currently in a position to make a living from it, so I’ve had to find other ways to pay the rent. After much experimentation with “proper jobs”, my answer has been to do something that will make money but which is as close to my goal as possible.

      I want to be a world class singer, and the best way to do that is to study singing. The best way to learn *anything* is to teach it. As luck would have it, being a singing teacher is quite highly valued, so I teach to earn money (and as a side effect improve my voice) and use the money to increase my likelihood of becoming a professional singer.

      So I would say to you, can you find something that will sustain you financially, that is as close as possible to your actual creation? Especially something that will help you improve your creation?

      • Mandy - Team Forleo

        That’s so smart, Alixandrea! Great work!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s a really good question, Daniela! Marie had to work “bridge jobs” (or jobs that paid the bills) for 7 years before she was ready to take her business full time. That’s the reality for many entrepreneurs and could be a great option for you too:

  46. Mimi Ghosh

    I used to be courageous and relentless when I was younger, which was easy because I was in school with opportunities all around, and friends to leap in to things with! I’ve dabbled in so many things and done so much as hobbies. I would love to be known for singing, dancing, doing improv, cooking, writing, *and* running a successful coaching/consulting business and blog! I also want to pick back up on doing martial arts, and continue to be a scientist.

    Man, after writing for everyone to read, I almost feel embarrassed that I’m not showing up as all of these these things. I’ve felt too embarrassed to admit that I want to be it all, yet don’t feel good enough to do most of it— or I feel too old (at 30.5) to start now!

    I think my first step to not dying with regret is to say out loud to the people around me and to the people I meet everything that I dream of beingall of these things! I have to stop feeling embarrassed and hope that others will support and encourage me.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      There’s nothing to be embarrassed about at all, Mimi! You’re a multi-passionate, multi-talented, multi-faceted person, which is a gift. We honor your many gifts and interests, and we believe you’re never too old to do what you love. I think this episode of MarieTV will help you approach being multi-passionate with many different passions:

  47. Greetings Marie
    For me, it is all about harnessing the power of the internet and creating real digital assets that make money while making a difference for the visitors and owners.

    Thanks to B-School, list building is our mission at the moment. Our plan is to launch our first campaign this week. Like building a new house with the open house just a few days away, there are zillion things to do to make it “practically perfect.” Landing pages, email content, website, the list goes on and on — all need action, I am picking one and focusing on just that until it’s done. Focus will provide me the intellectual and creative strength to succeed.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Sounds like you’re doing great, Debra! Baby steps are the way to go––one foot in front of the other. And as Marie says, “progress, not perfection.” Be kind to yourself. 🙂

  48. I’m going to create a piece of jewelry that I’ve wanted to do for so long! I will start drawing and painting, plan the process and materials and just do it, Marie. Thank you for bringing so much inspiration and love around! You’re beautiful! Love from Cat

  49. Janice Schriber

    Hi Marie,
    This week’s Question and YOU Answer hit me between the eyes. I long to write. I have several notebooks started with ideas on different topics, but I have never followed through. Time for that to change. That you for the Kick in the Buttocks!

  50. I would like more of my own artwork and other creations to be on display in my home. I think I feel like I am not really making my art for myself since I noticed this lack in my home.

    Today I could frame my favorite work and consider another place in my home to display my next piece, not for sale, just for me.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      YES! Love that, Lucy. Creating for yourself and from a place of joy is so important.

  51. My dream was always to be an independent creative. Graphic design and photography is what I love. I started doing it eight years ago! So, that was always my creative thing. And I did it. These days, branching out into portrait photography has been the dream stashed away in my heart. It writhes in there some days as I try to figure out how to market to the people who will pay me what I need to make to have it be realistic. It’s painful, but I don’t know what else to do. I’ve got a website, I’ve done the math and developed my price point, I’ve spent hundreds of dollars watching a dozen videos, working through half that many “workshops” and still … I’m stalled. So the answer to the second question is, “I don’t know!”

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      I’m sorry to hear you’re feeling stalled, Heather! There’s an episode of MarieTV about things that keep you from getting started and some tips to help: I hope you’ll find it inspiring for your business journey.

    • So I’m reading this post thinking, this woman sounds really interesting. And I go to her website and I think, this woman looks familiar. And then I realize it’s Heather who has designed so many of our t-shirt designs for us! The amazing thing about working with Heather is that she is one of the few designers who is really able to connect with what we’re asking for. She has nailed it every time. The problem is she usually nails it with all three initial concepts so we always have a hard time choosing the one. Heather, I think you need to be teaching other designers how to put their egos aside and learn to really listen to what their client are looking for. Because you are a master at this unique skill. But you are also an amazing designer and photographer. By the way – I got my hair done today, so I’m ready for a new profile pic 🙂

      • Connie! I just saw this. I’m so busy I hadn’t caught up on my emails. THANK YOU! I’m glad I’m doing something right! Always a pleasure working with you! Let’s set up that head shot!!

  52. Shannon

    This defines me to a T!! I’ve spent 12 years creating an amazing God inspired work in my non profit – caring for widows and aids orphans in Uganda and I still LOVE it and will Always continue. For the last year I’ve had a burning in my heart to serve others here by sharing how I am able to build my business while being a present mom for both my kids and honoring God and family as my first priority. I see entreprenuers choosing between the two and God never intended that (Priverbs 31 defines that for us as women!!!).

    I had put off that work because I was concerned that it would take away from the focus on the non profit. What I am learning is that it keeps growing in my heart and I need to honor that too!!!

    Thanks Marie!!

  53. Kailene

    This is my first time commenting ever. The first thing I want to accomplish is my degree that I have been working on for the past 6 years. Once I accomplish that I have a couple of passions, one is to help others to believe in themselves and know that they accomplish their dreams no matter how long and hard the struggle, and the second I want to work with animals who have been abandoned and abused to help them heal. How will I accomplish this, first by finishing my degree which I have not worked towards in a year, and second to seek out opportunities that will allow me to work with animals and continue to give as I have been; and to continue to encourage everyone I come across to believe in themselves and believe in myself that I will be able to one day help others on a larger scale.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      You can do it, Kailene! 🙂

  54. Alexza

    Hi Marie,
    I recently discovered your videos on YouTube and love love love your stylo. ?
    This will be my first comment here EVAR. I wish it were a more positive message.
    My world came crashing down in 2012 and I feel that I’ve been unable to regain my former mojo.
    I’ve done so many things that it feels like I’ve lived several lifetimes in this one.
    I have tons of interests and have done well at a few. I start to get antsy when things start feeling repetitive and then I want to move on.
    I also seem to get in a relationship and just start living that person’s life instead of my own, being distracted from my own stuff that I like, especially if it’s something that they are not into. I feel forced to leave those eventually to “be myself” and then I repeat it again
    I’m feeling way regretful now because I’m 52 and don’t know which way to go anymore because I’ve come to not trust my choices, so I don’t make any anymore.
    I feel that things are improving lately, but oh so slowly, like climbing out of quicksand just to reach the level that everyone else around me already seems to be at.
    Frustrating. Like trying to find my way out of the woods with no compass…and my inner compass is broken.
    I know that I can do anything because I have. I think part of it has to do with not knowing what to “come out” as, since I feel like I have a limited amount of time left in life.
    Some days, I feel like a breakthrough is immanent. Some days, I just think I don’t have what it takes.

    • Alexza

      The one thing that has been a constant source of joy in my life is music (though part of me thinks it’s too late for that), though I like many other things too: clothes, bright colors, nature/outdoors, adventure/travel, friends/community, fitness/nutrition, yoga/meditation/spirituality and growing/gardening.

      • Mandy - Team Forleo

        We believe it’s never too late to do what you love. We wholeheartedly believe in you––in your dreams, your ability to make decisions, and your ability to reinvent yourself in a way that’s authentically you. You can do this.
        If you’re doubting your decision-making abilities, I hope you’ll find this MarieTV episode helpful:

    • Karen Costello

      Alexza, I can relate to getting into relationships and living the other person’s life. I’ve given away my power and lost myself too many times. It is time for us to follow our own dreams and reach for our deepest desires. Take the time to get still and truly listen to your heart. It will never steer you wrong. Trust your choices. You can always course correct along the way. Sending lots of love <3

    • I lost my first born in 2010 and yes, my world coming down very fast as well. I too ran out myself trying to fix everything and everyone outside myself, simply because I felt that if I ever looked inside I’d turn to stone.

      I moved from one place to another, from one job to another, from one marriage to being single, but guess what… where I went, there I was. No way to get around it, no way to get over it, no way to get under it – the only way it’s going through it. Only when I finally dropped everything that seemed to matter so much to those around me and just stopped and breathed, I began to have a feeling of what was the essence of me.

      I believe grace lives on the other side of fear. Jumping out of a plane is incredibly scary until you’ve been pushed out the door. Afterwards, it’s just flowing magic. The question is: are you going to jump? x x

  55. Hi Marie, I would say that my suppressed creative power is to use communication to help guide and coach people to a better life. My issue is that I am very shy and often think too hard about what I want to say and end up making myself look like I do not know what I am talking about because I get caught up in thoughts. My second one right behind that is that I blame the outside environment for what I feel inside. Basically what I am going to do to take action and change this is to start to communicate with people more often. I did this yesterday by calling a lady that I have never met to help her out. The action I am going to take for blaming outside sources is give myself 90 seconds to change my thought. Recognize it for what it is but quickly remind myself that it’s about the internal and change my state that I was in. So I know I have 2 but they both were right up there with each other. Thanks for all you do.


    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      What a beautiful action to take! I can tell you have a big heart. Awesome work. 🙂

  56. First time I’m commenting, I loved your You & A, and your videos every week. Thank you for putting your creativity out there to inspire and help us! My creative pursuit is writing more books… I put a couple out and then sat on my hands due to self-doubt so I’m taking a baby step today on the 7-book suspense series I’ve been working on with two amateur sleuths Betty & Alabama. I started writing this in 1996! Time to go for it. Thank you for today’s episode. Hugs from a Kiwi in Stockholm, Sweden.

    • Hi Lizzie, I’m loving your website – I’m thinking to write a book very very soon. Can I get in touch?

      • Hi Carmen,
        Your comment above gave me goosebumps. You should write a book!!!!!! Yes, please get in touch although to be 100% honest I made a deal with myself not to take on more clients to edit/coach until I’ve gotten out a few of my mystery novels. But maybe my website’s blog posts can help inspire you, I’ll keep blogging there (have been a bit la-la with my first winter in Sweden). And I will always email you back. Much admiration, Lizzie

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      It’s your time, Lizzie! And mystery book series are so compelling that their readers are voracious. They’ll be eating them up!

      • Thank you, Mandy!!!! I am also checking out some of your links you’ve added for others here. They look really helpful! x

  57. Safiya Robinson

    Marieeeeee what a great question! I have a real passion for finding a creative way for harnessing the power of people’s voices! I have an idea for a podcast/blog with women from the Caribbean. I have done so much planning and writing for this project but is has not made it out of my documents folder on my computer. I think I am afraid of it being judged “not good enough”, although in honesty I think I am my own harshest critic. This is supposedly my year of no fear, or rather of pushing through despite the fear so… Fingers crossed that I can get the courage for this to move out of my computer and into the public domain. Wish me luck!!

  58. “I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.” the No.1 regret of the dying by Bronnie Ware.

    I remember it as it was yesterday.

    It was a late autumn Tuesday afternoon. The lady who was working at the desk near mine that day came in late. She threw her coat on the chair, pulled out her work laptop and docked it to the station. She sat down and switched on the monitors, continuously whispering tiny curses at the Windows logo whilst clicking the mouse nervously.
    She opened her huge bag and pulled out the books each about 2inches thick, and threw them on the desk. On each one of them, it was written in capitals “VAT”.
    It literally made me sick to my stomach… I was a starting accountant. She was at the peak of her career, so I should’ve felt nothing but admiration. Instead, I was full of dread thinking “who writes this stuff? nevermind that, who reads it?!” I looked around. One of the top 20 accountancy companies in UK. Everyone there was SO proud of their work. They felt they were doing something important. I, on the other hand, was drowning.
    … and then my mobile pinged with a new update from my Hay House app: “”I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me. – is the number 1 regret of the dying. ”

    I opened a new word document
    “Dear sirs, It is with deep regret that I have to inform you that I no longer wish to continue my work here….”

    I am an NLP practitioner working with kids and their parents to help them unleash their magnitude. They bring me in their world full of magic and wonder every single day. I make half I used to make as an accountant, but how incredibly fortunate am I to have this amazing life!

    • Karen Costello

      Carmen, I’m so inspired by your courage to follow your dreams <3

      • Carmen

        Thank you, Karen. You overwhelm me. I believe God placed grace on the other side of fear. It takes very little courage, but a lot of trust. x x

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Love it, Carmen! Your heart called out and you listened. That’s definitely something to be proud of. 🙂

    • Lizzie Harwood

      And… VAT gives me the heebiejeebies.

  59. felicia camille

    Drawing and painting.
    I wish I could say I have some huge plan that will make money with my works, but I don’t. I’ve just loved doing it throughout my life and have abandoned it for the past 10 years.
    I just started a week-long vacation yesterday, so what am I going to do about it? I will start drawing on the first piece of paper, napkin, or wall I can find!
    Thank you for all of your inspiring videos!

  60. I created a blog 6 years ago and got bogged down with the struggle of taking my overflowing words and cutting them down into succinct and meaningful words for others – with so many bloggers in the world I felt my voice would not make a difference…. While I kept feeling the call of my creative work, I did not not give it time or power, thinking that because it did not come easy it was not mine to give nor would it be of worth to others… I realize that my struggle with writing is the about creative expression and I will do it for me to serve others… The call will not be quieted so I will give it time and power – scheduling it into my day – my voice will be heard… Thank you Marie for the amazing way you serve the world!!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Yes, Andrea! The world needs your voice. As Elizabeth Gilbert says, “it might have been said before, but it hasn’t been said by *you*.”

  61. Ankita

    Thank you so much for this wonderful episode and helping us think a bit for ourselves! I just love your questions which are meaningful and directional!

    I want to start a nutrition based blog for runners/athletes in India using local vegetarian food items that are easily available in markets. However, i have been not working around it because “I” feel that I am not technically qualified to do that. However, with some work, I am sure this will be possible and will do well!

    I can start with creating a blog and just writing an introduction about what I want to do. In fact I am going to do that. Write an introduction!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Absolutely, Ankita! As the old saying goes, “the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” Baby steps, one foot in front of the other.

  62. I LOVE to write and teach! I am a holistic health & lifestyle coach, helping busy people (leaders) under stress create simple food & lifestyle habits so that they have good health & energy to do what they do at every age.
    I TALK about writing a book and will get started with an outline. I believe this will give more direction to my blog & newsletters. I will also start doing quick videos showing how to make smoothies, roasted veggies, and other yummy foods. Basically teaching people how to have fun with food! And other stuff. 😉

  63. I love this question Marie!

    In my 20’s living in San Francisco, I worked FT downtown by day and pursued my Art night and weekends. My first creative love was jewelry design & fashion. I often dream about jewelry designs, in particular handmade neck pieces out of a mix of natural and non-conventional materials. It’s something I’d love to pursue again.

    My one action will be to create one piece in the next 2 weeks and share it on social media… just for fun! I’ll carve out some time to work on it a little each night and weekends.

    ?Hugs & Gratitude!

  64. Pamela

    I have felt for many years that I want to do more. I feel I am one of these regretful people who could give more but totally confused about what it is and where to start. Sometimes I feel 100 miles an hour thinking things and get going but then don’t follow through because I’m scared and struggle to believe in myself. Well yet again another life changing event is happening in my life, another hurdle I need to get over but I am hoping this is the time I finally start to believe in myself and try to bring my dreams to life. I feel a little lost, a lot confused but excited. I have been seeking help from many wonderful people online like yourself and wanted to Thank you for all that you do. Hopefully next time I comment it will be to share my success like the comments above. Thank you x

  65. Beena

    Hi Marie

    I feel I am blessed naturally to encourage people …when I am with friends , I am able explain them how a small change our perspective and change the way we look at our problems .

    Want to scale it as I have this deep desire to help people with my gift ….but with my business it seems impossible ….

    Lots of love ,

  66. My novel(s). I’ve parked my novel writing while I work on my new freelance copywriting work but I want to commit to time spent on my novels on a regular basis. I love story telling and I know I can do it.
    Thanks, Marie, for reminding me.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Right on, Fi! You got this. 🙂

  67. Hello Marie,
    Love, love your beautiful energy and am so inspired by your emails in my inbox every Tuesday. I just finished the coaching course through Tony Robbins and Cloe Maddanes Training. I am both giddy and freaky outy. I will take heart from this beautiful quote and decide to have No Regrets about living out my purpose and helping others on this fantastic journey called Life.
    From my heart, I thank you.

  68. I consider this blog post a sign. I’ve been asking myself lately what to concentrate on and one of the options is a creative project I want to do for years.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Sounds like the universe is trying to tell you something. 🙂

  69. Lovely message, Marie. My partner fell in love with me ovet hte tagline “No Death Bed If-Onlies- Say YES to life” – My regret-free manifesto.
    The creative work I am bringing to life? My book Buddha’s Bedroom – Awaken your Inner Lover with Mindfulness and Passion. The publisher needs 4 chapters by late May!
    What am I going to do? Book that trip to Guatemala to the meditation retreat I’v ebeen wavering about – and I’ll write by the volcano! ox

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Woohoo! Have a fantastic trip! 🙂

  70. Great question!! Love your show it’s amazing! My creative thing is writing! I am not sure what but I love it and always saw myself writing a book. I started a blog it’s kinda all over the place but my thing I can do is re commit to writing for it.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Right on, Rachel! And I bet the more you write you’ll figure out what direction you want your writing to go and what you’re most passionate about.

  71. My creativity is in healing and finding ways to access the deeply hidden and trapped energies that cause pain and limitation. I do that everyday for myself and others.
    As well over the past year, crystals and gemstones have entered my life and I’m becoming more and more taken by them. Recently, I’ve stumble across a gemology program, which I intend to save for and take next year. I’m not afraid of taking steps creating the life I desire. What I need is to allow myself to dream bigger 🙂

  72. Alexis Winning

    Hi, Marie!
    Thanks for this jolt! I needed a good push!
    1) Writing
    2) Daily free writes for 30 minutes.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Awesome! The concreteness of your action item is fantastic. Rather than saying “spend more time writing”, you outlined a great daily practice. Good work!

  73. I need to pay more attention to my poems. I have been working on and off on this book of poems for a long time now, but I know I am not giving this work the time I need and want to. Not sure what is stopping me, but it`s time to pull the finger out of, well – you know (or maybe you don`t, it´s an “old” Norwegian saying… and not a very polite one). Thank you so much for all of the inspirational postings I tend to find here.

    Lots of love from the north.

  74. Thank you for these questions, Marie!
    What creative work is stashed away in your heart that deserves more time and power?
    I’m 55 and just got back from my Aunt’s funeral. There’s nothing like death that can make you look at how you’re living! Ironically, the day she died is also when I left a “side” job that was draining me. From being able to spend time with my 80 year old mom, drive her to her sister’s funeral and BE there with her, I was living my values, not drowning in busyness – that would have been my excuse, had I still been a slave to that job.
    I am the creative work…there’s a floodgate of possibilities within! Already from the last few days, I’ve allowed myself to indulge in the budding beauty of Spring. To lie down on the back deck and look into the bright blue sky and let it nurture me. I have capacities with healing, with body movement, with inspiring people to enjoy their bodies no matter what….I’m an artist, a musician, that has let those parts of me slide into oblivion.

    What’s one action you can take right now to bring it to life? My action step was not to leave that job, but it was to do and BE the energies the things that make my heart laugh. Leaving that job was a no-brainer once I realized how much my heart wasn’t laughing. In the days that followed . . . a week so far, I’ve been listening to the call of my heart, following my joy and asking more questions about what one or two steps is next for me. I have a business….but I’ve let other people’s business become more urgent than mine. Today, I met with my business partners and set up events, talks and classes that are actually fun for me. A renewed commitment to living my joy through the medium of business.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      I’m so sorry your aunt passed away, Juna. As painful as this time is, it’s good that you’re considering the direction of your life and the way you want to show up in the world. We’re sending love your way. <3

  75. Getting back into teaching workshops. My body yearns for it.

  76. This is my first comment as well. As a florist I engage in creative work everyday however I still have a deep need to work as a fine artist; as in gallery worthy paintings. I’m not sure how this will happen while running a business 60 hours a week but I plan on carving out a specific time each week drawing and painting.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      So glad you commented, Joanna! You’re bursting with creativity, so count us in your cheering section as you’re pursuing painting. 🙂

  77. Edith

    Maria , thank you very much for be an optimist person and be there to inspire others. I want you to know about me, that I love help others advising with positive solutions ( I worked for more than 20 years in a diverse environment and always I trained, coached, and advise in a positive way and manner) I prefer to do this face to face. But I know I am not a professional advisor, if I do it I feel fear to fail and not see any light to start.

    As a manager, I feel I care more for others to make better theirs jobs than for the job I am doing or It is not my job path. So, I believe, all these doubts move my heart and mind to create a new path for myself. Writing quotes that inspire others to do better, I love write in quote. Every single quote has a deep means. But is it enough?

    I am unemployed right now and I am looking for my own path. I see me successfully doing a living with my dream job but I scare to fail, I do not have time to loose. I appreciate your time to motivate me to write this. Dreams do not cost anything..
    Answering your questions: 1.- Motivational quotes
    2._ Create my own website

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      It sounds like you have a true passion for helping people, Edith! I think it’s awesome that you like writing inspirational quotes. If you ask people what their favorite quote is, a lot of them have one at the top of their mind. And if you ask people what inspires them, a lot of people will reference a quote they heard. It really can make a difference.

      I wanted to share this MarieTV playlist on using your voice and sharing your gifts in hopes you’ll find it inspiring and helpful:

  78. Amalija

    Hi, everyone!

    It’s inspiring to read the other comments.
    That quote is very true. To regret something means there was a moment where we didn’t let ourselves be true. Let’s plan, write down our true & wild desires and act with determination.

    Wishing best to everyone,

  79. Beatrice

    Hi Marie,
    Loved your interview with Seth!
    I was supposed to click this first button today but couldn’t find the courage and landed here instead… oh irony! My plan is to start a blog, store and nonprofit for working families to encourage them to spend more time together in nature. I feel working parents are spending too much time earning money to pay bills for themselves and those who can’t or don’t want to work, and they tend to forget there is more to life than work and more to resting than tv. I know everything I need to do but it’s such a big project that I am hesitating to dive in. Been sick at home for the last three weeks (the time I was supposed to get practice for my dream Camino with my family which starts on Thursday). But blogging from Camino would be such a great start…

    • That is an absolutely beautiful dream that you have for working families. 🙂

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      I’m sorry to hear you’ve been sick, Beatrice! It does sound like a big project, though taking baby steps is totally okay. Marie has a great episode on why it’s smart to start small:

  80. Love this You and A Tuesday idea!
    So, I think I’m halfway there. Over the past few years I’ve been in significant transition to structure my life and work around doing what I love – which is being a spiritual guide (sort of like a life coach), empowering people to use their intuition, and connecting to the magic of life. I find this deeply fulfilling and creative. But it’s only half of me.
    If I’m being honest, I’ve neglected the storyteller in me. I’ve been writing fiction for a while, and there are some stories that I’m just dying to tell. But I haven’t given them enough time or power. Yet. I think this was just the kick in the butt I needed. Today I’m going to set aside at least an hour to write…something I haven’t done in months.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Wonderful, Raven! And, who knows, there may even be a way to blend your two passions. Let inspiration be your guide. 🙂

  81. Hi Marie,
    I’ve been a writer for years with stories in a couple of books and had a newspaper column. The creative work that is stashed away in my heart is writing my own book. I took the leap by launching my website in 2016 and have been consistent weekly. I love it! I needed it. You always inspire me! The action I can take is by starting to write my book until it’s finished. As I do with Archery with focusing that is the same approach I should do with writing that book of mine. Thank you!??

  82. Hi Marie, I’ve been watching your videos for a few months now, and am enjoying the great inspiration and challenging thoughts you share!
    Ok the great creative work stashed in my heart… it’s big, real big. I get to be the creative director of an international destination location coaching company in which families, couples, or singles experience sharing one on one space with professional life coaches. These destinations are a strategic experience in which the clients/guests get to choose into the breakthrough their hearts are asking for in order to actualize their full potetntial to create a world where no one is left out.
    Ok so that’s the big deal. Last year I became a certified life coach and an Airbnb super host to start the ball rolling towards this amazing manifestation of this company. What will I do now To take the next step towards actualizing this dream? Mmmmmmm……. this is where I’d love some help. I’m working full time as a beer tender and barista in order to make friends with the bank and improve my realistate. I network quite a bit locally in Montana, but I’m a little stuck as to what to do next… I’d love some advice! Thankfully I have multiple mentors I get to share space with often, and perhaps you have more specific advice in this area you could share?
    I love your show, Marie, because you are helping people be the best gift only they can be. I get to too! I’d love to create more momentum tho! Any thoughts?

    Thanks for everything you stand for!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s wonderful, Danielle! Marie had a very similar journey where she worked “bridge jobs” (or jobs that paid the bills) while she built her business: . I think Marie would encourage you to start small and take as many small, daily actions as you can to move in the direction of your dreams. Things like starting a website, building your email list, organizing small workshops where you can show your expertise are just a handful of many great options.

  83. Gabriella

    Doing my ceramic class and studying. I love you Marie, I have been following you for years I’m now 26 and you have helped me so much along my journey. Thanks you so much! And your team is so fun, you “guys” are amazing ?

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much, Gabriella! We really appreciate you and are so glad you’re here. 🙂 Keep up the great work with your ceramics and classes!

  84. Dear Marie,
    I love your enthusiasm! It’s contagious! I had to quit my job at age 68 because I couldn’t work anymore. Fortunately, I had begun the process of creative writing by having my own website and blog. As of today, I have self-published two e-books on Amazon, and I am working on my third. My creativity does not extend to marketing, so that is what I have to work on. However, after discovering you while searching through YouTube, I have since discovered that I can do something about that too. I have ups and downs, so I just take a day at a time. I dwell on negative feelings some days. But I would like you to know that I continue my quest, and I do hope to succeed.
    Thank you for all that you do.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Congrats on your books, Frances! It sounds like you’re doing great work and are learning a lot about marketing too. We’re so glad you’re here! 🙂

  85. I’ve always wanted to write, since before I could read. Now at 45, I finally finished my first children’s novel and submitted it for publication (after taking a course, finishing the rough draft, getting feedback from a critique partner, and winning a national writing contest). Hurray for follow-through! Now, though, I need to continue the momentum and nurture my writing craft. So I’ll commit to writing every day, whether it’s coming up with new ideas, noodling through some of the good ones, writing a blog entry, or sending an email to my mailing list. Thanks for the reminder to continue, Marie! (I’m loving B-School, btw.)

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Woohoo! Right on, Marci. I especially love what you shared about nurturing your craft––that’s such an important part of growth and following our dreams. We’re thrilled you’re a B-Schooler! 🙂

  86. My Writing!
    – Sharing life’s simple solutions in a world gone mad.
    – Sharing my stories that give a new perspective to my readers
    – My poetry, songs, insights and inspirations

    I am doing my next steps in taking B-school.
    Yes my passion could absolutely utilize more time and I wouldn’t even notice it go by but unfortunately I made some bad choices in life ,as we all have, and at the age of retirement my physical paying job requires most of my time as I am trying to remove debt and clear my way to freedom. Which, when attained, will allow me to put ALL my time into my passion.


  87. Hello Marie,
    After 39 jobs, and 1 failed business, I brought a hidden talent of mine to life and started 3 Keys Therapy ( a couple of months before I turn 50! 3 Keys are paintings filled with light (high vibrational frequencies) that when meditated upon all in a row (3 min each) help to unlock the blocks that keep you stuck in drama out of alignment with your soul’s path. I was working full-time at a financial company and I was considering whether to stay or go…. I then had a very clear and direct lucid dream where you and Danielle LaPorte came to me and told me to choose which path to take carefully. Danielle held out a crystal and told me to meditate on it. I posted this story on my blog called ‘How 3 Keys came to be’ ( It’s interesting and hilarious… :). I know I’m meant to bring 3 Keys to the public… I’m scared as hell as it’s asking me to come out of my shell, but I can’t stop the train…

  88. simona

    I would love to have just one year to make my own creative year. I used to sing and write and paint and now I had more than 8 years of regret since I feel my words, my creativity and that girl I used to be is buried deep inside me so far away from me.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That creative girl is still there, Simona. She’s just waiting for permission from you to create again. 🙂 A year would be amazing, but if you can’t take a year, small daily or weekly or monthly actions is still a great way to be creative.

  89. This quote stung a little bit, but I know that is because it has truth to it. I have been yearning to do more research into the connection and power of portraiture photography. I know I need to dedicate time to that to then photograph with my new knowledge in mind. Like anything, you get better with practice. It’s a coincidence this is the topic of today’s show because just yesterday I was gravitated to a book. At first glance the book would seem remedial, but I decided to start it anyway. As soon as I got two pages into it, the tone the author uses to describe portrait photography immediately resonated with me. So for me, continuing this book is the place to start. 🙂

  90. Hello Marie! Thank you for such a great question! I have been following you for about 2 years now! You really inspired me and I keep making a small progress every day.
    But I have a fear of being seen and heard. I putting off everyday to start writing my blog and really helping women, I know that I have that gift, but afraid to be criticized and make fun off. So – limiting believes that what is it! But Today I’m declaring that I will make my first blog post and just see what happened. Even if nobody reads, it’s the action of doing it will help me to go with it! Thank you again.

  91. Going to finish my feature documentary about women with red hair, Posting a casting today on my Facebook page, Ginger Girls: The Secret Lives of Redheads

    • Carrie

      That’s super cool! Best of luck!

  92. Well my email says it all. After a lifetime of not getting to take ballet, I finally took classes for 5 years. I was starting to get pretty good and had lofty dreams of taking it further. Silly me.

    I was in my (or close to) 40s, fat, and, well, not 8. Plus I have terrible feet. But you couldn’t convince me that I wouldn’t make something of it, until one physical ailment after another slowed me down.

    A broken foot, then tendinitis, a dance teacher who told me if I lost weight, I’d have less pain and struggle. Perhaps he was right. Actually, I’m sure he was.

    After my mom died I have hardly danced. I’ve gained more weight than ever and my body is a wreck.

    So I guess dance is my voice and I can go start my online dance club for fat women for realzies. I’m no expert, just want to create a space where would-be dancers can explore their artistic expression thru dance.

    Today’s step: clean up my Infusionsoft “forgotten” list. Thanks, Marie. It’s hard to share. C?

    • Karen Costello

      Carrie, the world needs your dance – so excited for you! Best wishes with your onlne club!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      It really is true what Marie says at the end of every episode: “the world needs that special gift that only YOU have.” I know there are a lot of people who always wanted to dance but couldn’t for a variety of reasons and that desire is still in their hearts, too. They’ll be so grateful to you for following your dream, even if you never dance professionally, and it’ll allow them to follow theirs––a beautiful ripple effect. 🙂

  93. Jeanine D

    Hi Marie & Team!
    This is my first comment on your site and I have been watching you in admiration for a few years now.
    I began creating handmade personalize jewelry a few years ago. With the pressures of life, having no resources to keep the business going and all the competition out there I have let my confidence and my gift lag. But today’s video and that quote by Mary Oliver has really hit me in the heart of all I desire to do creatively. I genuinely feel rejuvenated and reinspired to get back out there. Truth is. . . I am seriously good at what I do and there is room for me and all my talents.
    Thank Marie so very much!!!

  94. Hi! Never too old is right!! I launched my business last year at 59! Never owned my own business before and I’m having a blast! After today’s message, I made the decision to take it to the next level and add education for my design professionals to support them even more.

    Thanks for all the wonderful content and most appreciated is the sense of humor in which it’s delivered.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Congrats, Lynn!! 🙂

  95. Karen Costello

    As a breakup recovery coach, I thrive with my 1:1 sessions with my clients but struggle with writing my blogs. I often feel like I have nothing to write about. I need to set aside time in my calendar several times a week to devote to this practice because I know I have so much wisdom to share. I also need to pay attention to the world around me for creative inspiration.

    I have a passion for dance which I have ignored for years. I plan to join a class this month which I believe will also help unleash my creativity. So excited!

    • Carrie

      Yayay! Take that class and write your story. A great tip for writing: write about what you know. This means you’ll always have inspiration and resources from which to pull from (I’m a writer who never gets writer’s block – Only the very occasional: not gonna write a single word today – lol)

      We will be writing and dancing together in spirit 🙂 best of luck.

  96. Thank you Marie. Your statement, “Attention is the beginning of creation” inspired a Facebook Live video. Of course, I gave you a shout out 🙂

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Awesome, Brian! And thank you for shouting out Marie. 🙂

  97. I’ve become a writer. My inspiration comes from the memories I have from previous lifetimes. Not necessarily a popular topic, but I feel compelled to write these story(s) as a alternate perspective on life’s meaning.

  98. I watched your episode about you and answers regarding regrets. I have been a musician, well mostly singer covering music of other artists my whole life. I feel I have an excellent singing voice but have never been brave enough to create something original of my own, maybe for fear that it will not be good enough or my guitar playing and other skills will not be good enough to portray the music I would like to create. I have lots of doubts about my musical skills other than singing, especially when my husband who is an accomplished songwriter, multi talented musician who plays guitar and many other instruments, recording engineer and producer is so amazing and there are plenty people around me recording all the time! He is amazing but can be quite critical of me and my performances. I know he means well and just wants me to polish my craft.
    All though deep down I know I am quite capable, I have this fear of baring my soul with something original or doubt of my creations not being up to par. Ugh.
    Help! Why am I so scared?
    (By the way, my husband and I do perform together in a regular cover band for 20 years and led Zeppelin tribute band for 4 years and I have done demos for some of his and other peoples creations. I attached the website for our Led Zeppelin Tribute. We met when I started working for him at his recording studio back in 89!)

    • Black B

      I’ve seen so, so many musicians with great skills and excellent voice being so boring and poor of heart. Show your heart, don’t be stingy. You can get to any kind of super human performance level, but there’s no substitutes for the spirit.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      It can definitely be scary putting yourself out there, Kim. Marie has a whole MarieTV playlist about overcoming fear and self-doubt that I hope you’ll find encouraging and inspiring and you’re sharing your original music with the world:

  99. I’m doing it! I’ll finish my book this year! Thanks Marie, you have been such an important part of it.

  100. My writing so much to put in words
    Take at least one hour per day to one of my writing project till it’s done
    Thank for the question it’s exactly what is in my mind for this spring and summer 2017

  101. Kefuoe

    Thank you Marie for the question, I think right now I should start on my business. I really could use some financial independence. I need to start my blog too. I think the is just something therapeutic with writing. I love putting my thoughts down.

  102. Diane Arias

    I’m completing a tidying my entire home. That is a creative journey in and of itself. I feel I’m creating ambiguity and confusion where there is none. The action I can take is to grab my list and make progress. One step, one day, one discard at a time. It is truly that simple.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Love that, Diane! Cleaning out is such a cathartic process. Have fun with it. 🙂

  103. Hi Marie,
    Love what you do…your inspiration and your humor. I turned 50 this year and my whole life I’ve wanted to be a writer- specifically children’s fiction. I’m a graphic designer so I have a creative outlet but being a writer has always sat inside my heart. I’ve gone through times of when I’ll commit to writing every day but that is usually short lived and life/work/kids, etc get in the way. I don’t want to have that regret of not doing the thing that I feel I was put here for. I’ve committed to doing it and set a goal for myself this year. There are days when I feel great about my goals and I’m feeling inspired and hopeful. But it’s those moments or days when the feelings of fear and anxiety rise up and push the hope away that I struggle with. It’s so annoying. So thank you for your words of wisdom and motivation. You inspire me to keep on keeping on.

  104. ava

    hi Marie i want a photograhy business thats my creative side ….enjoyed you TV show

  105. Finish my book!!! Thank you Marie for all you share with us.❤️❤️❤️❤️love you.

  106. E

    Hey Marie and co! Thanks you so much for all your positive energy. For me: music, music, music!! I’m supposed to be working on an EP – but have been a bit blocked. You know how it is said that your ‘calling’ starts as a whisper and then becomes stronger and stronger trying to demand your attention…well I have had neon lights, not so subtle hints, fantastic support and sledge hammers pounding me to get my attention! I’ve been waaaay too wrapped up in self pity and distractions though. As it happens I reached out to a wonderful musician today regarding writing together and they responded that they would be honoured and would love to. I will have to work on this now and prove to myself that I can have the old follow through. I feel a bit shy – but appreciate the vibe here so so much. So – weekly tasks and time given to this (besides my family and day job) is what has to happen. I’ll just book a time slot in the studio too, to make sure I have a deadline. 🙂 …with lots of love E

  107. Laurais

    I’ve devoted a lot of my life to writing: fiction, plays, essays. But I’ve never been successful in getting anyone to read what I write. I don’t come across as a person of power or style or whatever it takes to inspire others to want to devote what time they may have to looking at my work, and I don’t have the connections to get published.

    So what might I do? What any unknown does. Keep working, learning, growing and trying to detach from outcome. But if one has a gift and that gift is never acknowledged, one can struggle to rise above bitterness and resentment and, with compassion, probably can, but regret? I don’t know.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Keep going, Laurais! There may be online communities or specific magazines that cater to the genres and topics you enjoy writing about. Some of them have open calls for submissions, so it may not be necessary to have connections! Could be something worth looking into.

      • Laurais

        Thanks, Mandy! I will definitely look into it!

  108. Love this Q! We all have those ideas that want to get out! My thing is that sometimes I worry about what is going to come of the creation, if it’s going to have any impact. But I’ve learned that ideas need to become and, even when you don’t get the results you were anticipating, there is still something to be gained from the process. You can’t let the fear stop you!
    I actually just posted a meme about this today so the timing is perfect! It read…

    “Ever have the desire to create something but you procrastinate because you worry it will amount to nothing?
    It doesn’t matter! keep going!
    The idea in your head needs to get out for reasons you may never understand.
    Just trust that, no matter what, you will be the better for having allowed it to come through you.”

    Have a beautifully creative day everyone!

    • Tiffany Prochera

      Oh! And to specifically answer the question – I do have a couple of musicals that I’m dying to finish but other projects seem to take priority. But they will get done!

      • Carrie

        Musicals?! How exciting for you. See you someday on Broadway or the silver screen.


  109. Louise

    Hi Marie! I’ve been an avid fan for the past few years BUT have not been able to have that major breakthrough. I’ve workshopped all my fears & self doubt repeatedly & now I believe that it’s all about to change. You’ve inspired me to bravely speak out & focus 100% on just one creative pursuit. I was recently given a gift & I’ve jumped on it with gusto & begun to channel all my creative thinking in one direction only…to create Canadian & US versions of sex ed show for 9-12 year olds! I’m going to take every piece of the wisdom you’ve shared & bravely step forward to make this a reality. Even in these crazy times everything is Figureoutable!!! Thank you for your unwaivwering inspiration…

  110. Hi Marie
    Thanks so much for this question! I love how Team Forleo keeps things new, funny and helpful 🙂 Great job!
    My creative calling is definitely education! Right now I work with kids a couple times a week teaching English, communication, teamwork and the importance of gratitude. I’ve always worked with kids and love every moment of it! I’m actually just getting through Start the Right Business and it really has helped me see that this passion of teaching kids is more of a hobby that could give my business a creative edge. This was challenging for me because I have always seen myself opening a school one day, but couldn’t see a way to make it profitable. The school I envision is focused on team building, problem-solving, emotional intelligence, sustainability, and creativity. Where I live the community is starving for activities and education so my plan is to bring people together to share their passion with others. Creating a school is the biggest thing I’ve ever thought to do, but to create a business from it conflicts with my lifestyle goal to have location independence.
    So this brings me to my other passion and pull in life…… to share with people how to create more peace of mind and strength in their hearts. I used to create a lot of suffering for myself and dealt with most of that through drinking. I really didn’t know there was another way, it was common to see people in my life avoid communication and problems and just drink instead, so as I became a teenager it was easy for me to slip into the same habit.
    In the past 5 years, I have come across many helpful people, material, and new experiences that have inspired me to find more love and trust within myself. I now understand how to create a peaceful mind and how to attract what I want in life. Anytime I see a friend suffering I find a way to show them the other option they have, how to view the situation so they can stop suffering. With all that said, my other creative calling is about helping people see how every moment is full of love, light, and abundance. And I think seeing those opportunities every day to help someone view things in a positive light is my way of fulfilling that calling.
    My next step is to continue to learn and apply everything from B-school so I can create a life of educating others. I’m so excited to see how the rest of B-School helps my vision come to life and serve others.
    I’m so grateful for Team Forleo and all the helpful information you provide! You all are so inspiring and fantastic mentors for all of us watching.

    With so much love and gratitude

  111. Michael Sciretti, Jr.

    For over a decade I have had a dream to start and nurture a contemplative Christian community. I used to think of it as only having a specific geographical epicenter or epicenters, but I now see that it will also have virtual elements and and a more expansive influence because of web-based platforms. I started Marie’s b-school this year to learn how to start a business that would allow me to teach contemplative practices, teach a contemplative dimension of the teaching of Jesus, and how such teaching and practice helps us to live life aligned with WHO we really are and WHY we are really here in this world. I see this as a way to help financially support me in my dream but also as a way to fulfill the dream at the same time. I joined b-school as that practical thing I could do to help me learn practical methods and strategies for bringing this about. I don’t know how all this will manifest, but I am glad to be on this journey and to learn from Marie and Amy Porterfield ( I joined b-school through Amy). Thanks, Marie, for the opportunity to write this down and broadcast it to this community.

  112. The creative work that needs more of my time and power is video content. I’ve taken a stab at it a few times but for some reason I never pull it together and my main excuse has been time, up until now. The next step I am going to take is to come up with a production schedule and start filming and putting stuff on my YouTube even if it isn’t ‘perfect’. Eeeeek!!!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Fantastic, Scheherezade! As Marie says, “progress, not perfection.” 🙂

  113. Lori W.

    Hi MarieTV!
    I love to create. I feed my soul with any type of creative outlet. The one thing that remains constant throughout my creative endeavors is writing. I want to write, publish, express, create worlds with words. The one step I need to take is to JUST WRITE.
    Love your show! Keep inspiring 🙂

    • Erin

      I totally understand what you’re saying! Writers are writers simply because they write.

  114. Isabella

    Hi Marie.
    I loved that quote and it went straight to my heart too so I thought I should comment…
    I am definitely a multi passionate soul like you and have found it difficult to settle on something all my life. Now, after raising 3 children and looking after their and my husband’s happiness for many years, I am doing something for myself. I have graduated as a health coach from IIN and have enrolled in your B-school program…but haven’t had the time to actually start it yet. I would love to be a successful health coach, to write a book about my mother’s recipes, to create a successful business, to own a hotel..that’s just a few… What could I do today? I suppose writing here about it is already a big step… I have days in which I am 100% sure of what I want and others where I doubt myself… Very frustrating! Thank you for all your advice and positive wisdom.:-)

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      It’s totally okay if you haven’t been able to start yet, Isabella. That’s why we give students lifetime access! We know starting a business and doing what you love is a journey, so feel free to dive in at any time and know that our team and the B-School community will be there to support you. It’s okay to take small steps––whether it’s watching one program video a day (or a week) or writing a paragraph of your book a day (or a week). That’s still moving in the direction of your dreams.

  115. Erin

    My cookbook. I pick it up, put it down. I’ve tried doing a blog to keep me honest about my writing – commit to the daily(ish) process but I’m not a great photographer and testing recipes makes for dull pictures sometimes. And I know I’m not eating healthy for myself right now anyway so it would require a lifestyle change and recommitment. These feel like excuses even here, but it’s great to get them off my chest and share with the Marie family.

  116. Paola

    Hey hellou, thx for your Q… Ok, here’s my A…. have you ever after a life of volcanic creative ideas and work, hit the nihil, the nothing cloud? It’s as if my calling was undergoing a major shift, a redirectioning, one or two layers deeper? Oh it’s dance, I am about to land on the blogsphere with my dance and movement creative energy…. Will I be able to replace all the wonderful physically in the studio with people in flesh n bones jumping and infinitely creative energy with a stellar distance digital one?! This is my challenge, cause I want and my goal is to ultimately be there with women of all ages leading them on a path of self embracing fulfilling body love and feminine power awareness to put an end to isolation and competition to rediscover what women can do when united! Because the world needs us at our best now!!
    Kudos from Italy,

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s a really good question, Paola! In our digital age, I bet a lot of people are wondering how to replicate great in-person experiences in digital form. If you’ll write to us at infoATmarieforleoDOTcom we’ll be happy to help you submit this question for consideration for a future Q&A Tuesday.

  117. Lorri

    Wow what a change from the normal Tuesday and I got chills when you spoke those words today and I until that minute I thought I was doing what I love my passion my purpose. I do feel that I am not really doing what I should be and I haven’t put my finger on what it is….does that mean I am doing what I’m doing now and it’s wrong? Ohhhhh this will cause me to think deeply because I am trying to create my business from my passion & purpose but NOW I am wondering am I a FRAUD oh dear what have you done to me today?????????????????
    Needless to say until I find the true me I am happy with the me of right here and now and I love what I do and I have that special gift that only I can have….

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      These are really great questions to ask yourself, Lorri! Not doing what you love doesn’t mean you’re a fraud––it’s just part of the journey. Living your dream takes time and no one is born doing it. Be kind to yourself. 🙂
      Marie has a whole playlist of episodes about finding clarity, passion, and purpose, which I think you’ll find helpful for this:

  118. Filipe

    For me right now I feel the urge to dance, make music and dj, and acting. I do need a laptop for the music, but I also want and need so much, balance in my life, to explore my potential, yes I do feel this call and I don’t it to just pass by at all. The thing is I’ve been seeing myself stuck in a job, paycheck to paycheck and I wanna move out of that, for good! To live a healthy life in all areas. ☀️

  119. I will search inside today to find what it is i really WANT to create rather than what I think I should ?, Thankyou for this ? Xx

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Exactly, Amanda! That’s the way to do it. 🙂

  120. Hi Marie,
    First of all, I want to say I SO appreciate your silliness in your videos- it’s inspiring to see that you can be professional but still fun and down to earth!
    My creative thing that’s been wanting to be brought to life is a program I wrote and played with last year called The Transformation Experiment – it’s a program to create conscious and intentional change- kinda like grabbing your life by the balls and telling it where to go! I put myself and led 50 others through the program for funsies last year and kept it casual so I wouldn’t feel disappointed if it was a huge failure! It ended up being really powerful and helping a lot of people! Now I’m in B-School, and I’m leaving my job to create a business of my own- and the Transformation Experiment is going to be a part of that!… but it’s literally only been an idea in my head- I haven’t taken action to bring it into being… maybe it’s the fear. My action step will be re-writing the program after I finish B-School this week and using all the AWESOME new skills I’ve learned to share it with the world- because I know in my heart it will make a difference.
    Thanks Marie!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Hooray, Stephanie! It sounds like you have a great action plan in place. We can’t wait to see where your dreams take you! 🙂

  121. Beth

    I loved this episode so much. But here’s the thing for me…I always lived by the motto that I didn’t want to be a regretful person, and so I went for my creative dreams. BUT…I failed. My project never happened after many years of sacrifice. And a second project stalled as well. I have a new passion, and I feel so stymied by my past failures that I’m afraid to take a step in that direction. But I do know in my heart I’m an entrepreneur and risk taker. I just don’t want to end up disappointed again, and 2 steps away from homeless, which I have been over the years in pursuit of my dreams. HELP!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much for opening your heart, Beth. I’m really sorry to hear you’re feeling fearful and unsure. Marie is a cautious entrepreneur too and one of the things that helped her not worry about her livelihood as much was to have “bridge jobs” (or jobs that paid the bills) while she built her business slowly over time. That’s the reality for a lot of entrepreneurs and creatives and could be an option for you:

  122. Tabitha Taylor

    17 yrs ago I lost one of my son’s. Ever since I have wanted to start a non-profit to help support families through the loss of a child. No one ever prepares for this type of life happening, but especially for the financial impact. The thought of a family not being able to honor their child’s life in the way they want with a funeral or grave marker is devastating to me. Last week I took the first step of putting together a comfort jar to deliver to local funerals. I will start with these and let the rest fall into place as I go along.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      You have such a big heart, Tabitha. I’m so sorry you lost one of your sons. It’s good to hear you’re honoring his memory in such a beautiful way and helping other families navigate this devastating time in their lives.

  123. Anasuya

    I am here in Italy to write my book, the story of my spiritual life. This morning I asked the heart of my book what it wants to give me: “all my beautiful words.” I asked what it wants me to give it: “Give me time (meaning patience) and give me time (meaning make writing a priority and give it as much time as I can).
    I am in relationship with the heart of my book and listening carefully to its whispers and direction. For now, however, I am also resting. This is a dream come true, part of which is a relaxing, restful and fun vacation. It’s a miracle that I am here, fulfilling a life long dream of being in Italy, writing.

  124. I just got back from a month long artist residency and finally decided to take myself seriously as an artist. I rented studio space outside my house so I will actually go make work. I also paid to have my work professionally documented.
    I feel rejuvenated when I am creating art.
    I have written myself off for too long. It’s time for me to listen to the voice in my head!

  125. This is just the encouragement I need today, so thank you! My true passion is writing and now I have a story that I need to tell. I’ve started sharing with friends and even on radio stations across the country of my recent late-term abortion of a deeply wanted pregnancy. Sharing my story, my voice and giving meaning to my son’s brief existence has been the most empowering and healing thing I can do for myself as I recover physically and emotionally from such a trauma.
    Today I was thinking I should work on my business, but what I really want to do is keep writing this book. So for the next few hours, I’m giving myself permission to do just that. I don’t know any of the “how’s” of this book, but I know my why and I know my writing and my story needs to be shared with others.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      We’re sending so much love and healing wishes your way, Rachel.

  126. Melanie

    Hi, Marie! I am a writer who has been denying my work for too long. I have moved my novels in progress to an online platform. So I can access my work from my phone, tablet, pc, anywhere there is wifi. I am waking up earlier to write and using my lunch hour to write. Thank you for the message. I don’t want to be a regretful person!
    Melanie (AKA Reeve Thomas)

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Go you, Melanie! We’re so proud of you for taking action and bringing your dream to life.

  127. Alexandra

    I have an OPUS that I am creating— and it feels too big: a graphic novel in virtual reality— about how the Angels and a few interesting humans conspire to save the world with permaculture, tantra, science and psychedelics. There’s a soundtrack, too. It’s been called a Psychedelic Holy Opera, just the story alone has an epic quality that feels big. It relates to technology in a sci-fi fantasy visionary scope of where we could be headed if some badasses start to move mountains. I dream that this will become a new bible for future generations about how to save the planet. Just a little thing like that.

    So, today, I will write. I have written many an outline, but I want to get into the nitty gritty of the text, and reach out to possible collaborators, because I cannot do it alone!

    This has been living inside me for 8 years; it feels like it could take another 8 years to be born.

  128. Jenny

    Wow, this video…Are you a mind reader? I have been in almost physical pain over a creative idea that sprouted inside me 3 weeks ago. I can’t stop thinking about it. I shared it with my boss, coworker and husband, and their reactions were muted at best. So my confidence is shaken but rather than the idea shrivel and die with no encouragement, it has gotten more intense. I have to do something about it. Even if it sucks. I’m taking a series of small baby steps to move forward. God help me, I am so uncomfortable – scared to do, scared not to do!

  129. I’ve been on an exhaustive cancer treatment program for the past 4 years and am essentially housebound. To get a needed getaway from cancer I stumbled into virtual reality. It helped me so much I decided to build the Cancer Survivor Clubhouse using VR technology. Unfortunately I am getting push-back because “having fun” is not an acceptable part of a treatment program. Regardless, I’m bringing survivors one-by-one into the VR clubhouse and demonstrating how to relax, release and renew all while experiencing fun activities like sailing, nature walks, horseback riding and exploring world destinations. My inner creativity is saying a virtual vacation from cancer is definitely a very good thing 🙂

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      It sounds awesome, Dave! People may not always agree with your approach or appreciate your creations, but that doesn’t mean they’re not valuable––it just means your work isn’t meant for the people who can’t appreciate it. If it helps you I bet it’ll help others too! You’re doing wonderful, necessary work in the world.

  130. Arloa

    I have been struggling to write a mystery novel….I have been giving it attention, but perhaps not enough! And I have so many songs and bubbles of joy just waiting to be put into form, but there doesn’t seem to be enough time to sit long enough for them to become more than floating ephemera. Even when I do sit, I distract myself with TV/books (other people’s creations!). I’m giving myself permission to value my creativity and to sit with it until it takes a form and shape and can be expressed. Not diminishing other’s creations, but valuing my own.

  131. I can honestly say that there’s nothing stashed away anymore, because I have in the last 1 1/2 years made it my mission to gift myself the time and focus that my passions and creative impulses deserve. It led to me writing a novel-length story I’d been carrying around for years, start field archery and historical swordfighting (yes, really) and align my coaching business to helping others put their passions front and centre in their lives, too!

    I loved this episode. It’s one of the most important question anyone could ever ask themselves <3

  132. Hi Marie,
    Thank you for the such a timely episode!
    This question is actually the one that I think through on a regular basis. And every time I ask myself this question, it reveals new depths in how I perceive my life and generates more meaning to it than ever before.
    For now my creative work that needs all the power that I can grant to it is my thesis project and my research activity as a whole. Recently I’ve become obsessed with a business idea that I suddenly decided to give a try. And now, having made a tough decision to leave this idea no matter how beneficial it might turn out, I feel like the major part of my brain has been liberated to work deeply on what has been there all the time, my studies and research.
    I suggested that being busier might make me more organised but I missed the quality of the busyness. It’s utterly focused, not scattered, busyness that actually gives fruitful results. And for now I’m proud of myself because I came to this answer that early without having to experience all the consequences later on.
    So, my point here is: Give a thought to what’s already there, and there’s actually so much energy and creativity for you.

    With love and appreciation,

  133. I’m gonna get up out of my chair and do shit.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Love it, Tina! That’s the spirit! 🙂

  134. Way to go Veronica! It is ok if no one reads it….because what is most important is you are responding to what your heart is asking you to do. You are expressing your self and so don’t give up! The more you say YES to your own self and your needs, the more universe will shift things around you – and one day you will be doing much more than what you ever thought you could! 🙂 that is the beauty of listening to your heart.
    Much love and best wishes,
    ps. I would love to read what you write so feel free to share your blog with me 🙂

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Hi Loveleen! It looks like this comment didn’t get added to your and Veronica’s thread above, so I just copied and pasted it into a response to her since I thought she’d like to see what you wrote. 🙂

  135. Josefina

    Hi Mary, thank you for your question.
    I’m the kind of person loaded with all sort of ideas every day… and hardly able to make them real. I mean, they seem like a lot of work for probably a miscarriage. and also by now “use it or loose it” is becoming a reality to me regarding talents and everything else. My most dearest ideas had not seen the light and they haunt me like ghosts from time to time. Maybe…? nahh! they are already done by someone else or rotten.
    So ” the most regretful person” fits me like a custom-made dress with gold and silver brocade interwoven with shiny apathy and red sharp victimhood sparkles. Dancing at the Moonlight with it.
    Never the less and in spite of all, still when a newbie (or renewed oldie) comes and knock, I yet get timidly enthusiastic, fantasy picks me up and I wonder… maybe this time this idea is the Ariadne’s thread I could follow to step into reality! Maybe..?
    So the idea is to bring to a comic book this inner life adventure, that apart from the tragedy of the failure to accomplish anything it is also very funny and even tender.
    First action: This post! JesusChrist! I’m just a scramble egg now! Second first action is make a drawing. Holy guacamole!

  136. Giuliana

    I have 2 huge manuscripts in my drawer. And a blog that I’ve let sit for 2 years after gaining traction when I first launched it. My heart yearns to express itself – but I think I focus too much on my fear than I do on how much I would love doing it. It sounds dumb – but I’m really terrified of internet trolls and criticism. Wow, felt good to say that out loud.
    The one thing I can do right now — well, last night I actually pulled out those manuscripts and was thinking about how I could re-work my writing. I sat and read what I’d written and it really is awesome stuff I want to share.

  137. Karyna

    Everything. All my projects and ideas are stashed in lala land. Years and years … and I can not find the will to commit. Putting the portfolio online, publishing my work, actually launching the clothes line, the print website, etc. And painting.

    So, what is one thing I need to do to get one of these done? Make a solid decision to commit, and tackle the climb. But I really dont want to deal with the avalanche of setbacks that will arise in the process of building someting. Too tired.

  138. Hi Marie, and team!
    Thanks for todays U&A, my creative thing, that’s been following me like a shadow in my dreams and waking hours is to create beautiful, vibrant, colourfilled ragrug pictures of seahorses and seacreatures – go figure!! What to do to bring it into creation? JUST START.

    Thanks all. xx

  139. Hi Marie,
    I am called to bring people to realize their own humanity. The power, grace, vulnerability of being human. I do this now through teaching yoga. I’ve owned and operated a yoga studio for almost 14 years now. Love my work. But I’m getting the itch again to create something new. Or maybe grow my business in a new way. Not sure yet what it is. Ideas are flying out of me like crazy. Its fun and exciting, but sometimes exasperating. I’ve got limited time and resources but lots of ideas. Hard to choose which ones to follow. For now, I’m living the questions.

  140. Laura

    About your questions the following…
    I used to be in that position. Where there was creative work that I needed to have done and expressed that wasn’t happening until this year so I’m excited to claim that I have and am investing more time and power in my dream-job-career-passion to MAKE-THINGS-HAPPEN and serve the world with that special something that only I have.
    About your second question… I’m trying to set micro-steps for every single day to move toward my dream. Today was writing and sketching the flyer to promote the services and work I’m starting to do and IT WAS DONE! So Yeeiiii, MICRO WIN!!!
    Maybe my answer last year from this blog post would have been so different but since I STARTED, things have changed gigantically.
    I strongly believe, next year my life will look 360 degrees different.
    Wish all the same,


  141. Whitney

    Hi Marie and Team,

    Twenty years ago (when I was 11) I was diagnosed with a genetic condition called Turner Syndrome. I’m an avid reader and always have been, majored in English Literature, and it is the great sadness in my life that there were no books about spunky girls with my condition that I could have looked to and learned from growing up. I don’t want other girls with the condition (it only affects women) to live without stories where they are the star and I know I am supposed to write that book. But I feel like I have built it up so much and become stifled and unable to eek out a word these days. I want it to be everything they (and frankly 11 year old me) deserve and that is just too much pressure.

    Thank you for your incredible words of wisdom each week, they always seem to be just what I need.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Representation in books (and other media) is so important! I’m really glad you’re writing a book so other girls and women with Turner Syndrome can feel seen and heard. It does sound like a lot of pressure, but as the old saying goes, “you can’t edit a blank page.” The fact that you’re called to do this work means you’re the perfect person for it. We believe in you. 🙂

  142. Elena

    Hi Marie,
    your video was the best of my day. Thank you from the bottom of my heart about it.
    I have so much that I would like to share with this world – to publish a book with my poems, to write a novel, to become a nutritionist and write a blog. And I make baby steps and sometimes I think that I can not accomplish all of it in this lifetime. And then I realise that I have come further than six months ago. I am in the middle of my education for a nutritionist. One year ago I wouldn’t have known that I will find the courage to do it. If I make every day a step in the right direction, one day I will arrive, where I want to be.
    Marie, thank u again for your support on my way of fulfilling my dreams!
    Sending u a lot of love,

  143. Kattia

    Hi, Marie!

    This episode brought me to tears. Yes, I have one completely neglected. I want to publish fiction stories… and I have let my insecurities to win.

  144. It’s been my dreams to inspire healthy living around the world and inspire others to do the same. I want to teach cooking classes and classes on our emotional connection to food. Building a virtual franchise around health and wellness

  145. I quit my soul sucking office job in January. I’ve been making art everyday since. It’s been three months and the roller coaster ride of I want to be an artist vs. I need to get a “real job” is nauseating. I don’t have an entrepreneurial mind. I want to make the art and the magic fairy art seller to come and do the rest. Wouldn’t that be nice? Last night I went to bed with this thought: If I wanted to go buy a car right now, I couldn’t, because I don’t have any income. I’m not alone. I have a sweet husband but the fact that I would have to depend on someone else drives me insane. I tell myself that’s your ego talking. Stay the course. It’s only been three months. I’m not sure what I’m going to do in the next 3 to 6 months but at least for right now, I’m following my creative heart and dreams.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      It’s totally okay if you don’t naturally have a business mind because business and marketing skills can absolutely be learned. Marie has a whole playlist of MarieTV with business advice, and some of those episodes do cover art and artists:

  146. music – practice : )

  147. Hi Marie, doing B-school right now and really happy about it. I know it will take some time for all the enormous amount of info to sink in. But I am rolling! This phrase and the one by Marta Graham that you shared make a great combo:
    “There is a vitality, a life-force, an energy, a quickening that is translated through you into action and because there is only one of you in all time, this expression is unique. And if you block it will never exist though any other medium and be lost. The world will not have it. It is not your business to determine how good it is, nor how it compares with other expressions. It is your business to keep it yours, clearly and directly, to keep the channel open” Martha Graham

  148. Thank you Marie, this is a great question! I have always longed for more creativity in my life. When I was much younger, I changed careers from finance to marketing so that I could experience more creativity in my life even if it meant less money. I stopped working after my second child and went on to have two more. Now, many years later, my youngest is 7 and I can once again focus on myself. I have retrained as a health coach through IIN and launched my health coaching business on Woman’s day! I have not yet had a paying client, but I have a website, Facebook page, pinterest and instagram accounts. I have advertised at my children’s schools and I ran the first ever low sugar bake sale at my daughter’s school. I have posted my first blog and take endless pictures of the healthy and delicious food I make. It feels great, but I know it’s just the beginning.

    I long to spend more time getting creative with delicious and healthy food ideas. Also with writing blogs and sharing my passion with others. It all seems quite scary but exciting. The motto of my kids’ old school was “let your light shine.” That’s what being creative means to me. I hope I can shine going forward.

    Keep the great shows coming!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Congrats on launching, Marina! It sounds like you’re taking action and are off to a good start. It can take a little while to build up a solid client base, so please be kind to yourself. You got this. 🙂

  149. Hi Marie
    My creative work that requires me to give strength and power is to start a business in designing(knitted scarves, hats, dresses and sneakers) and the one thing i need to do is start educating myself in doing that.

  150. Anita Sodhi

    Hello, Maria & B-Schoolers,
    Yes, I have a creative idea – a web -based company, that is informative, entertaining & if not teaching, then enlightening.
    And one action to do – well, I understand that it’s a step of planning it through with a down-to-earth “things-to-do list”, hopefully with the help of what I learned here. Lot’s of things I had no idea about!
    Thanks and Happy Easter,

  151. This video was perfectly timed for me. Thank you. I did want to let you know that I signed up for your Copy Cure offer, but the link is not working. It happens to all of us. Just thought you would like to know.

    Warm regards,


    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Thanks so much for letting us know, Alexzandra! I just emailed you with some links to help.

  152. I first took B-School 3 years ago because I wanted to teach on a larger scale, with online classes, and share what I know about banishing the Dragons of Stress and transforming life into the enchanted journey it is intended to be. If you had come to my door and said, “Terry, do a six hour lecture right now!,” I could have done it. But technology was/is a Dragon to me but one I’ve been taming. Profit clarity with an online audience, building my email list, engaging and growing my social media platforms, understanding online marketing, online course creation, and teaching platforms, etc. have all slowed down the wheels and pushed my launch date further and further away. When I finish this comment, I’m going to work on my course completion for two hours and schedule the blocks of time required all the way through. I’m methodical but the Dragons of Perfection can chokehold me. I’m clear and, as I tell my students/clients to do, I’m “moving in the direction of my dreams.” Thank you for your consistent support and presence.

  153. Sandy

    Hello Marie and Team Forleo;
    Thank you ? again for an awesome episode about creative work that is important to the call of our souls. Love ❤️ it. I am currently enrolled in b-school and it really has help meep awakening my creative side that I feel I am becoming mulit-passionate. I started to write after I went thru traumatic events where I went thru pain, suffering, and depression. Grief to me has been an experience that presents the opportunity to redefine ourselves and our world. Find a new meaning, value, and vision for our lives. Change happens in small manageable pieces. I started to write for about 2 years. Then in Jan 2017 i started to blog for a couple months. I stop because I was so hooked on the wealth of information from Ms Marie and Team Forleo has provide to the fabulous creative entrepreneurs. I am going to continue my journal writing everyday which will lead to getting back to blogging. I just enjoy writing more than ever as it has a healing mechanism as I was going thru my own grief. So the action I am going to do is revamp my website. Spend at least one day writing at least 3 stories to post twice a month. Eventually I would love ❤️ to have a weekly blog but will reframe my schedule in writing. My next hustle is podcasting. While in b-school I was able to work with a mentor to help me with podcasting. Determination is in my belief system. I am determine to persist. From an Italian Proverb “To him who is determined it remains only to act.” Own life by embracing positive attitudes and actions.
    Thank you to for all you do, you are awesome ? ?. Have a fabulous day?

  154. 1. To help others See the Light of Truth and live their dream
    2. Will dedicate my life and soul to the Light.

  155. Wow, so inspiring, Marie!!! I love Mary Oliver, and these words are particularly profound from her. Thank you so much for sharing them! I believe that is so true, that when we have a gift to share, as we all do, that it’s our soul’s deepest desire to do so, and that is our greatest gift to ourselves and the world to share. I believe in following our intuition, trusting it, and feeling gratitude for all that follows…

  156. I own a retail shop and teach at my local community college. I have been to nervous to start writing my own blog posts, or sharing my own thoughts and content with my followers and students. I began watching MarieTV recently, and was very inspired by this message & The Copy Cure! I’m overwhelmed about where to start, but I’m feeling the urge and readiness to do so.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      It’s wonderful to hear you’re feeling inspired to start blogging! I know that feeling of overwhelm can crop up at inconvenient times and derail plans, so I wanted to share this MarieTV episode about getting started in hopes you’ll continue feeling inspired:

  157. I need to move on my book that is finished, but sits in my computer waiting to be released to the world. I will contact an online editor and get it published on Amazon today.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Woohoo, Madeleine! Go you! 🙂

  158. A little background: I’m a product designer and illustrator who opened my own creative business in January of last year. After working for “the man” for many years, half of the company I worked for was moved to a new location (hours away) along with my position! It was super scary, but I decided to go it alone. Currently I’m in my second year of self-employment and loving it more than ever.

    So here’s my answer: After a full year in business, I signed a contract with an art licensing agent. I am working on creating a body of artwork that represents me. Holy cow! That blank piece of paper can be SO intimidating! I need to delve deeper into what is “stashed away in my heart”. It’s a journey. But I’m feeling it deserves more of my time and love. The challenge to that is – licensing doesn’t pay until your artwork hits the market somewhere and someone buys something with your artwork on it. That means less time for projects by paying customers. Sooooo…. you see my conundrum!

    One action I can take right now? SQUEEZE some time to create artwork every single day. OK, maybe I can take the weekends off – but a goal of being more disciplined and driven in this regard would not only benefit my creative beasties, but also my pocketbook somewhere down the line.

    For instance, I need to stop writing this and get to work! 🙂

    Marie – We play your videos in the studio (which I share with another artist – Megan) every lunch! We make it a regular routine to watch your videos and get inspired.
    Thank you!
    Patti and Meg

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Love your MarieTV lunch dates! That’s amazing. 🙂
      And thank you for sharing your conundrum––that does sound challenging. I’m not sure that this episode will apply exactly, though it immediately came to mind when I read your comment: It’s about making time for creative work when you’re super busy running your business. Marie talks about balance and has some insight to share, which may be helpful to you too. Keep up the beautiful work!

  159. I love this and it really made me think. I’ve struggled with this for a while. For some time now I’ve wanted to help inspire and encourage women along their entrepreneurial journey but I’m not sure how. So many are doing amazing things I don’t feel like my ideas would measure up. I started a blog series featuring local female entrepreneurs and their journey and growth but I’ve hit a wall and it hasn’t progressed. So I guess you could say I’ve stashed it away. To bring it to life now, I’d need to connect with other females entrepreneurs to feature on my blog but I feel like I want and should do more than just my blog posts. Time to do more brainstorming! 🙂

  160. Dorothea

    I have been following your posts for a while now but this is my first comment! In the last couple of years my creative side job as a musician has been blossoming and right now I am at a point where I get more challenging gigs, have to deal with negotiating contracts, starting to have larger audiences, etc. It feels like I am going to a new level but it brings up resistance, old belief systems like “I am not good enough. I can’t handle this” and the original spark and joy is buried . I feel like my old belief systems are dulling my creative power, I can’t perform at my best level and it is easy to fall into victim mode or “I don’t want to do this anymore”. I know it will pass and is a part of the creative process to get to a new level. I will find ways to rekindle my passion for my music and let go of my old beliefs and resistance (I will reread the Art of War by Steven Pressfield today as my action to take!). Thanks for reminding me that my gift is needed in the world!

  161. Kim Bates-Jenkins

    First of all this may sound a bit bizzare; but I was recently awakened by a voice, a wish or something that simply said “Love will save you” . I know, crazy Right! I haven’t been able to ignore it and I have decided to interpret it for me to not take my talents so lightly and use them to help others see themselves as I do. I am a makeup artist by trade; and have only recently come to see the difference that simply giving a woman or man a little bit of attention, and showing her/him how to express their own beauty in their own way can actually change them. I love what I do and am really proud of how I do it. My plan is to branch out on my own, to train others and to do as much volunteer work as I can. To put “Love” back into this industry.
    What I can do today, is polish my craft and an actual plan of action. Thanks for this episode and question. I don’t normally talk about my dream because I often feel that some people think what I do is superficial, but I truly believe that you are right about writing it down. So here it is, for your multitude of followers to see (taking big gulp)!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      It’s not superficial at all, Kim! Making people look good, feel good, and have more confidence is important. You have a big heart and it’s clear you’re already putting a lot of love into your work. 🙂

  162. I just watched this video, a week now after I decided to “go for it” with an idea I had come up with about a year ago, and after watching a few other of Marie’s videos. Only last week did I make the effort to share my idea nationwide, and this video makes me even more glad I did. I entered my community improvement idea in USA Today Newspaper’s “Community Thrives” contest. At first, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to enter the idea in the contest, but I’m really excited about it now. I labeled it “Sports Fans Get Rides”, and the point of the idea is to help save lives during NFL football season when so many people are drinking and driving. Thanks for making me feel positive that I did it Marie! If it works out, that would be awesome!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Awesome, Janet! We’ve got our fingers crossed for you!

  163. I could call the museum in Salisbury tomorrow and find out if they have a Bronze age amber necklace on display so I can make a replica and try to find out if it does what I suspect it does and so suggest an aspect of the Bronze age that’s been overlooked and which will add an interesting chapter to the long awaited sequel to my last book which everyone really loved and which I have been slightly worried about spoiling by a less than fabulous follow-up. This would make all the difference.
    Thank you Marie, you make the work so much more fun than doing it alone x

  164. Ed

    Hi Marie (and team!),
    Love the vids and advice you offer consistently and succinctly.
    As a restaurateur, time is often a challenge as there is always something that wants to grab my time and attention. Running my Lebanese restaurants is fun (mostly) but I’d really like to be able to write more (books and films).
    I had a dream once about my biography that could be titled “the boy who forgot to live” which would be all about this topic of following your dreams and not just turning up for work (I tried to go into The Business after university, but got sidetracked with “real” jobs and parental pressure). I have half-written manuscripts for novels and film ideas and posted a few short pieces on my blog. I have had ideas for TV series and spent much of my early years world-building through the role playing clubs I started. I guess I wrote over 500 pieces for those, many connected. The live events were fun and we spent some time on larger theatrical productions for both fun and charity. I am learning about screen writing (Save the Cat, Syd Field, et al), the business of film (Dov SS Simens) and also writing novels. I have studied short story writing previously, but am a bit rusty now.
    I listen to audiobooks regularly and the synchronicity is somewhat incredible. My recent listen is The Universe Has Your Back: Transform Fear into Faith by Gabrielle Bernstein which has raised the thoughts of writing again. The book talks about finding a sign that the universe sends and one came to me but I wasn’t sure about it. Today, sitting in my London restaurant, I noticed for the first time the same motif in the painting hanging on the wall which has been there all along. Shortly after, I watched your video and then our first guest came in. He noticed me doing some work on the computer and engaged me in a conversation about Belgian beer and Chilean wine over his early dinner. He then said he had taken up too much of my time and I should get back to my novel. Nearly fell off my seat!
    The one action I can do right now? Posting this. I’ll carry on learning and working on my business so that it can run more autonomously, which will allow me to spend more quality time working on the fledgling ideas …
    Thanks for reading and for your eternally inspirational content.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s fantastic, Ed! It sounds like the universe is telling you to write more, and it’s even speaking through your customers. 🙂 Marie has this great episode of MarieTV about how to make time for writing a book when you’re busy running your business: I hope you’ll find it helpful as you’re writing more.

      • Ed

        Thanks Mandy. Great Q&A and some excellent tips as always. Now I just need to apply them … !

  165. Hi, inside me is language, words. Poems, essays, songs. Articles. Thoughts and rhymes and images in words. Memories. Stories. All this deserves my attention and time.

    2. I can start sorting all my notes into different projects. I can sit down at the piano and create melodies. I can tell myself that I am a writer.

  166. Gretchen

    Thank you Marie and for sharing yourself – this is my first comment as well. That is stepping out for me. What a great quote. I have just finished an interview (and wish I watched this before) but it was for something I want to do and although I am much older than the people I interviewed with I have to be visible and share my aspirations.

  167. Cheerful Greetings Marie and Team Forleo,

    Thanks so much for all that you do to inspire and invite people to create a business and life to love.

    After years of watching your channel — and experiencing 4 layoffs in 4 industries across 2 states since 2009 (amplifying the whisper of my calling) — I’m now in the midst of launching my own creative venture!

    Amidst the excitement and necessary steps involved in starting a business, I’m reminded to allow time for play and creative expression. Today, I commit to stepping away from the desk to engage with others and to add a little more joy in the world.

    I appreciate that you acknowledge and include team members in Marie TV episodes. Is there an episode that features your team and their contributions to your brand? I’d like to learn more about your team and your experience with team-building.

    Thanks again and ‘trust your heART’.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Congrats on your new creative venture, Angelina! Although there’s not an episode with all of our team in it, there is an episode where Marie talks about how she leads a happy team, especially with nearly all of us working remotely:

  168. First – I gotta say that I adore your show more all the time. And I also really dig the way you have your episodes grouped now with your photos – the whole look and vibe is inspiring.
    I have a lot of projects but my unproduced songs are the ones that make me the saddest. I have 60 finished. I just keep not getting the software – someone said I’d need a designated MacBook, and I just have the one. But waiting for the $$ — and it’s always been to pay a producer to make another record before –was the thing. Also, I’ve made $48 on my last one, so it’s seriously only a labor of love. But I have this feeling that’s like a fish hook in my gut that pulls me to it – it’s like a desire to write and sing so strong that when I go dormant and don’t sing or I feel like my soul is being pulled out through the bottom of my feet. It feels like a very slow soul death. I’ll call the place that hotrods MacBook pros and see if they can do anything- that’s my first step.
    Thank you for the reminder that we’re all on a cosmic egg timer.

  169. jen leitch

    I want to create a bible study for women that is whole health focused, mind body and spirit.

  170. Elle

    Long time listener, first time caller.
    I’ve found Marie’s advice to be extraordinarily helpful when I was at my lowest points and needed wisdom.
    The one creative work that is stashed away is my lifelong desire to create my own comic book. I can draw characters (that part is easy for me) but that is just 1 half of the equation… I also need a story.
    I’ve purchased books on how to write a compelling story, and the 1 action I could take right now is to do the first exercise outlined in that book.
    I’m going to do that right now.

    • Valentina

      That sounds amazing Elle! I can’t wait to see your characters somewhere. In my experience (in art making), the things that are needed will come. your characters will tell you their story, or.. the exercise (amazing that you already have the exercise) will tell you/unlock something in you, or the story will come in some way.
      Your characters, even if I can’t see them, sound great!! (:

  171. I have spent most of my life making music, writing and composing, and recently allowed myself to delve into the healing/coaching side of things – but I have always wanted to explore Sound Healing, and last night actually had my first ever Sound Healing treatment. I know that combinations of musical tones can impact our emotions, we can feel them in our bodies, they can heal, they can cause pain. So I’m checking that out now, and working toward saving up to be able to afford the training and certifications.

    I’ve also written I don’t even know how many novels and never published one – or really finished any. Revisions. Ack. Don’t get me started.

    AND I still have the dream to start working with creative women to help them learn to write songs and change the world. Yeah, it’s a crazy-small niche, I know.

    And part of me still wants to have some kind of shop, like a metaphysical book store and craft shop with a wine bar and music venue . . .

    And I must now go teach a bunch of wonderful people how to play violins and guitars, which is something I never imagined doing until I started doing it and discovered I’m damn good at it.

    Hugs and blessings upon you, Marie and your phenom team!

  172. Audrey

    Hi Marie
    I loved your question and the quote from Mary Oliver. I write a blog about navigating change for women at midlife and beyond but want to turn this into a book. One action I can take today is devote 45 minutes to writing.

  173. Thank you for this Marie!!! This resonated deeply within my soul, as I am currently birthing through a new business. It is my time to Rise, and this is yet another affirmation of my creative work in the world!!!! Filled with gratitude for your generous heart!!!! Love and blessings to you ❤

  174. Cristina Sousa

    My theater play needs to be brought to life. I will have a cup of coffee with the characters to be born and the words and notes they will share, three hours a week to begin with… I will let you know when Broadway calls.

  175. Thank you Marie! Such a timely post indeed!
    I tuned 60 this year and finally said goodbye to my banking career. I am now in real estate and home staging. Everyday is scary and uncertain but I love what I do. I am letting my passion be my guide.
    If this does not work out, at least I tried and I will have no regrets.
    I love Marie TV.
    You are such a positive force.
    Thank you.

  176. Samira

    Hi Marie,
    Oh my Goodness! The quote from Mary Oliver is a wake up call for me. Thank you so so much for sharing this. I want to be an author but underneath my actual dream is to share what I discover and find amazing in the course of my life. (My actual dream is to be the part of this service which people are doing and they helped me build my self esteem, find inspiration and live in possibilities) I love writing, it gives me clarity and helps me find on which track my mind is. Plus, it is just so soothing. That is why I chose writing to be my helper in my cause.
    I have already started working on my first manuscript but now I will work faster on this. Now, I simply must give more time and attention to my my writing.

    I also like drawing and craft and I abandoned this for the significant amount of time. I did not understand what kind of service will it provide to the people in my surroundings. It is just my hobby. Instead of wasting my time in this I should do something useful. But, I felt incomplete. I felt I was missing out something important. I felt I am ignoring and insulting my gift. Thanks to Marie TV, conversation between Marie and Elizabeth Gilbert on creative life I started doing this again and now I am feeling much more alive than ever before.

    Thank you so much.

  177. Siri

    <3 <3 <3 <3
    OK, so this is a really good question to be asked in my life right now.
    The creative potential I hold feels beyond this world. Like something I have gathered during several lifetimes (not kidding), as all of us… It is just so much. So powerful. SO extreme in its kind of vulcano like state of being. A vulcano that is ready to explode with all its creative endeavors everyday, forever eternally. SO much power. So much light, so much energy. Unimaginable for myself. Not possible to grasp in words.
    SO; what is this creative power all about. What is it that needs to get out. Needs to be set free. A star energy that is on the brink of becoming/expressing its potential.

    THIS creative endevour is what needs to take place in a kind of focused – non compromising, clear, directed way for me to feel that <3 I LIVE A LIFE <3 without regrets regarding my creative potential as a human being. And we are all creators right, coming here to mother earth, to cocreate the most beautiful of worlds together, by being our true selfs. Not compromising with ourselves. Standing up for ourselves and JUST DO IT. DO IT, no matter what.
    Every moment is unique. Every moment is a possibility to be that potential that you hold within yourself. The potential of all that you are, the potential and the gift you have come forth with to share with the world.
    And not be afraid to take that step. Not to be afraid or shy to shine that extreme light of uniqueness you hold. Take your space. Take that space. Be true to who you are, every moment. Forever on. Tomorrow doesnt exist. Its an illusion. Everything happens here and now. If you hold a dream and not act on it today. Its the same as never acting. And thats not an option right?!?!?!?

    Its such a lyxury to be able to express it live like this, not only in ones own diary, but actually speak it out loud to the world. To ignite the passion through stating ones mission. To make it come alive…. Could not be a better timing for me.

    I need to set this energy free. Everyday, I would say forever more. I would need to take this yearning seriously, I would need to DECIDE:
    I would need to decide upon WHO I AM. And WHAT I AM MEANT TO BRING.

    I set my intention here and now to be the powerful creator that I am
    To everyday share my creative gifts with the world
    To not hold myself back
    To take every opportunity to shine
    Not to be afraid of what other people think
    I am a performance artist and my intention is to share my energy my lust, my crazynezz and beauty with the world
    My intention is to sing and dance out in the public spaces, to performance everywhere and anywhere – just because of the joy within it
    The extreme joy within myself
    The extremely powerful love vibration that is possible to find within myself as I do it
    The strength, the beauty the fun the no limit mindset, the sharing of who I am
    The sharing of my true self
    And as I do this, I really show myself respect,
    Its the most powerful thing to do, to live my life without regrets
    Its something that I here and now can make an active choice about
    Its something that me, only me is the one who can make a decision about
    Its something that if I choose to take myself seriously on it, would raise my life to a whole new level
    Something that would expand light in all directions
    What I am in 100 % control of, and that would impact my life in an tremendous way
    To CONCLUDE — ITS TIME!!!!!!!

    TODAY, what can I do to star this journey???
    Come up with a performance idea, something that is easy to carry through and that I could do tomorrow. Something easy. Something fun. It could be for myself or for others to watch. It could be hidden or seen. It could be spacious or small. Serious or impulsive. Big or small… Doesnt matter, no pressure — but something that ignites the spirit of what I want to create onwardly. Something that gives me the pleasure, and ease. Something that just simply and plainly inspires me onwardly. I sign up!!!

    If you read this, thank you so much. It means a lot to be able to share ones thoughts. A beautiful way of seeing and beeing seen. All the best to all of you creators out there. I wish that you know your spark, and has the gut to let it shine into being. Everyday, always. Knowing that we are a l a big creative team, doing our things on different places all over the world, how luxury isnt that. I wish you to find the starenergy within you so that we can shine it together and create miracles in the world!!!!!
    <3 <3 <3 <3

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Beautifully said, Siri! You have such a bright, shining light and so much positivity. Love it. 🙂

  178. For years now I want to wright down what happened and what helped me, when traumatic experiences that I had when I was seven suddenly chasing me, causing an enormous breakdown 21 years ago (28-3-1996).
    That was the point in my life to start anew.
    Reiki, Bach Flower Remedies, Aura-Soma, Louise Hay, Flower of Life, Spiritual Human Yoga, Butterfly- and Sea Essences, EFT, and… and… and… helped me to get up after having fallen so deep.
    I had a title right away: ‘The eleventh Teacher’
    (The idea: meet and learn of 10 teachers and become the 11th yourself)
    And yes – I started to write it down in 2009.
    BUT – because it was so intense, I became anxious that my words could shock the readers much too much, so after 22 pages I stopped writing.
    Started again in 2015 – same story… – stopped again.

    One of the female authors that you, dearest Marie, interviewed, said: ‘write your book twice – one for yourself and one for the ones who may read it.’
    That rang a bell – sounded reasonable – also sounded a lot of work ;-).
    Long story short: I have not yet found the guts to start again.
    Maybe your Q is encouragement enough to go for it once more.
    If only the new sabotage mechanism was n’t popping up:
    ‘Is there anyone at all out there who (on earth) would be interested in reading my book? Anyone whom my story could help?’
    Well, well, well, curious what may come 😉
    and in between sending you much loving care and gratitude,
    Brigitte x

  179. I was writing about just this same idea this morning on my own IG account after a successful photoshoot yesterday.
    There’s no better feeling than having an idea brewing in your heart for months and finally executing it.
    And I have to say- the execution happened in part because of Marie and the enthusiasm and exuberance I’ve gained in B-school!!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Beautiful, Katy! We’re super proud of you for going for it and bringing your dreams to life. It’s wonderful to have you in B-School! 🙂

  180. sandra

    hi marie, great episode it really makes me reflect a lot. in my case i know that i want to be a professional dancer, i love fitness too. of course i want to get more engaged in bussines and marketing. i also want to get engaged in acting. i know deep down in my heart that i have to get involved in all of these things, if i don´t want to become a regretful person. although is not easy, but in the end i know it will be worth going for all of them. thank you very much for being a great source encouragement and inspiration.

  181. Hello Marie,
    First I would like to thank you for your kind words and inspiration and making it look so easy.
    I have always wanted to design clothing that is timeless and cutting edge but have always put it on the back burner. Seems like that is for someone else to do and not me. I believe that everyone should dress good making hem feel good.
    I guess I can start designing and drawing my ideas and see where that takes me. Although sometimes I do it and it seems futile.

    Thanks for the inspiration always.

  182. Hello Marie,
    First I would like to thank you for your kind words and inspiration and making it look so easy.
    I have always wanted to design clothing that is timeless and cutting edge but have always put it on the back burner. Seems like that is for someone else to do and not me. I believe that everyone should dress good making them feel good.
    I guess I can start designing and drawing my ideas and see where that takes me. Although sometimes I do it and it seems futile.

    Thanks for the inspiration always.

  183. Amanda R Wilson

    Happy Tuesday! This is the first time I and commenting. I have been watching your MarieTv for about a year now. This A & Q was a great one. I actually don’t know where to start. I just turned 31 and I feel like i have all these different ideas of what i want to do. I just don’t know where to start, because it seems overwhelming. My first step is to write all of my passions down and then pursue at least one of them within the next two weeks.

    Thank you so much for all of the content and love that you provide!

    Amanda Wilson

  184. Anne Christine

    Perhaps this is a strange response, but my creative voice is saying:

    “Please take care of me financially. I cannot come out fully and express myself until I feel that you are taking care of me, and you only.”

    This makes me so happy. After putting my safety and creativity in the hands of people who did not take care of me financially or keep me safe (how could they when it was my job ultimately), it is time to honor my true self by being responsible with money. Then, the creativity will flow freely. I have been sabotaging myself repeatedly by doing stupid things with money and not putting down strong roots to support the woman inside of me who wants to do beautiful work. Now it is time to honor and change old childish money patterns that no longer serve me. That is how I am feeling after reading this wonderful question that was posed by Marie.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s spot on, Anne! Many entrepreneurs and creatives start out having to work jobs that pay the bills so they can support their creative endeavors. Marie is no stranger to that (she talks more about it in this episode: It sounds like you’re taking a really smart approach. 🙂

  185. Melissa

    There is a certain style of music that whenever I listen to it hits me deep down and it really gets my juices flowing…every time I listen I imagine myself mixing and creating my own rhythms for others to enjoy…so my action step I suppose would be to look into how I can take a class or learn more about how this music is created and how I would obtain the necessary equipment to produce this kind of music myself.

  186. Writing, teaching, coaching, supporting, caring. I will continue my review of my book and writing down ideas for my next book. I will turn up to the B-School Melbourne coffee catch up this weekend 🙂

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      So cool that there’s going to be a B-Schooler meetup! Have fun! 🙂

  187. John Hruby

    Hi Marie, thanks for this. I have completed my book and I can be ready to put it online by next week Wednesday April 26. I’ve be working with and waiting for my designer to complete the cover so that I can also offer a paperback version of the book. But just today , i realize I can move ahead with the digital copy and put it up. Then, I can work with the designer to complete the cover. Thank you for your continued Light, fun, humor, and positive energy.

  188. Love this episode, and this quote!
    I’ve taken several steps this week toward getting my assemblage art out into the World, and promoting our health retreat/creative spaces in San Miguel de Allende.

    Oh, and I’m supporting my husband in re-taking BSchool. So we’re definitely fired up here, due in a large part to your inspiration and all those at Team Forleo!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s so amazing to hear, Joseph! Stay fired up and making your dreams happen. We’re so happy you’re here. 🙂

  189. I’m an author who recently switched from traditional publishing to indie, after almost 50 books. I’m doing it MY way now, and having to learn new ways to think outside the box on marketing–creative endeavors when I really look at it. So I’m trying to unlock a creative mindset toward that side of the business instead of just with the writing itself. That’s a job and a half, but it’s starting to work. Reinventing my perception of the business side of the business, in a way. I’m trying to strengthen it by brainstorming with other authors who have made the same move, and we’re sharing ideas and support.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Congrats on 50 books! That’s fantastic! It’s awesome that you have full creative control now that you moved to indie.

  190. Michael Cavitt

    Hi Marie
    Earlier this year I plugged back into a goal I had 7 years ago: Run tours at the Salon de l’Agriculture in Paris. No, I don’t speak French. The Universe has started connecting me with resources I didn’t have in 2010. Thank you for adding your voice to those who have been supporting this move.
    I have two other creative projects I’ve been dragging my feet on. I will pick them up and step out.

  191. I am happy to say I do not have any creative desires I am not working to achieve . However, I would like to see success in maybe ONE of them?

  192. I’m a mom of 2 beautiful, adopted boys. My oldest has significant special needs. 4 years ago I started a business that can help me leave my current job and have more time freedom to meet his needs. My business is going well. But something has been missing. Although my son is my driving force “why” (and how lucky am I that I get to see it in action daily?!?), I have not reached out to many other moms with special needs children. I’ve recently discovered that this group of women need what I have to offer, both as a mom who “gets it” and my business. I have a potential solution for some of the challenges they face. I am now working towards finding ways of connecting with them. After all, a rising tide raises ALL ships. I want to help them raise up too. More of my time and attention will be focused there.

  193. Janice

    Oh my, oh my – this quote was meant for me!
    I remember being ten and telling my mom that I wanted to be an artist. She said “that’s nice dear – you can do art when you retire but you need to have a real career”. At 10 I felt so despairing and started at that moment to fear that I would never be financially solvent enough to create art. Now I’m 57 and I’ve found something that I love to create, something that gives me joy and seems to give others joy too. I make Blessing Birds – palm sized ceramic birds with a heart opening to insert a wish, intention or prayer. Problem is that I have no confidence in marketing them or believing that I could actually make even a little money from them. They are piling up because I just love making them but the need to fly out into the world! There are so many beautiful things I long to make but I’ve been feeling that what I make has no real value.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Your Blessing Birds sound beautiful, Janice! I’d hate for fear to keep you from letting them fly out into the world, so I wanted to share this MarieTV playlist about overcoming fear and self-doubt: It really is true what Marie says at the end of every episode: “the world needs that special gift that only YOU have.”

    • Wow Janice! Your Blessing Birds sound incredibly marketable… and also sacred and divinely channeled through your talents. The really weird thing is that when I read your description, it sounds very similar to a short story I read about a woman who made all these tiny bird figurines every year and secretly donated them to an orphanage, and each one had a special blessing or mark on it, so each year the kids waited for that magical, blessed figurine. And your Blessing Birds could definitely touch people’s hearts. I hope you find a way to offer them to the world!

  194. Alin

    1. Making music. I’m 100% I have talent but I always somehow had to put my energy in other things. Sure if I could go back in time I would know better how to follow my heart but life doesn’t work that way.
    2. The action I could take to bring it to reality? The same old thing. First finish this random project to make some money to survive, second finish this other more exciting but more complex project that will make actually money, third invest in making music. If life doesn’t kill me first.

  195. Dee Draper

    Thanks Marie
    Inspiring as always. Absolutely love the quote. This is the #1 reason I signed up for B-School (one of the best decisions I have made in my life) – – I did not want to have any regrets and I knew I need helped to scratch the itch. It was also great to read comments from the “Boomers” – – yeah, GO BOOMERS. We have lived such rich lives and many of us, as have shared here, in spite of the number called age, have a wealth of life experience to draw from in creating for others.
    What creative work is stashed away in my heart that deserves more time and power? Of course, my story. Numerous people that I have shared my life experience with have encouraged me to write down. As I read earlier it will be semi-autobiographical and fiction.
    What’s one action you can take right now to bring it to life? Well, currently I will fulfillment commitment to B-School and determine how to incorporate “The Story” with my purpose driven business.
    Thanks again Marie.
    Much love,

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Awesome, Dee! I love that you’re exploring semi-autobiographical fiction because it doesn’t get discussed as often as memoir and can be just as freeing. 🙂 We’re thrilled you’re a B-Schooler!

  196. 1) What creative work is stashed away in your heart that deserves more time and power?
    Contemporary/Literary art that expresses my passion in a way that empowers unity.
    2) What’s one action you can take right now to bring it to life?
    Build my list.

  197. Jude

    Hey Marie! So love you and your team! I have an online bookkeeping course spinning around in my heart and head. It’s been there for years! It feels like something I just need to get out and give to the world. It will hopefully help small business owners “Master Your Accounts”, by giving easy to understand instruction and education about bookkeeping and reading financial reports.
    Oh, and I want to take singing lessons again, and one day sing in a dim lit bar to my hubby who I love with all my heart!
    So much love your way, Jude xoxo

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s fantastic, Jude! And so needed––a lot of beginning entrepreneurs are terrified of the accounting side of the business and are worried about being able to hire an accountant when they’re just starting out.

  198. I am going to write myself a letter as a response to your You and A:
    Dear Laurie,
    You are so brave. You are letting go of your 22-year-old recruiting business so you can be a life coach. You are doing this even though you have no money in the bank and no guarantee of success. You just know you have to do it. You can no longer ignore what you know to be true. You are a life coach on a Soul’s Mission to help others find their Soul’s Mission. You know that when a person is aligned with their Soul’s Mission-the service/work they are uniquely qualified for, capable of and meant to be doing in the world- everything is brighter, more fun, more true, more alive, easier, more prosperous and healthier. It is true for you and you know it is true for every other person on the planet. This has been a process. This new adventure did not happen overnight. You got Martha Beck Life Coach certified, you had a couple of events, you did some individual coaching, you cried, you drove yourself crazy trying to figure out your niche (and you still have not nailed that down), you took classes and watched webinars, you coached some more, you got down on your knees and prayed, you built a website-twice, you walked, you got certified as a Passion Test Facilitator, your started writing blogs and, big surprise, you found you liked writing, you learned about social media and Facebook ads and microphones and email campaigns, you cried, you did Signature Talks and you got still. You turned inward and offered up the process to the Divine. You started to wear your faith on your sleeve. No more hiding that woo in you. Your ability to be divinely guided continues to strengthen. Yes, you have felt afraid, had moments of self-doubt but you have kept going. You have been taking steps over the last 2+ years to bring your Soul’s Mission to life because, like Marie says, only you can do it the way that you do it. No one else has your passions, background, challenges, gifts, personality, skills and know-how. That is why this is YOUR Soul’s Mission-to help others bring all these pieces of themselves together and get busy doing the service/work they are meant to be doing in the world. When you help people do this they experience greater love, joy, peace, prosperity, connection, and freedom in their lives leaving behind work weariness and life lethargy. THAT IS NO WAY TO LIVE! This is your creative work that has been stashed away and that deserved your time and power. The action you will take is to continue to say repeat these words and then do your work. “You are being called to do this, Laurie. This service will be part of what unifies the world. You have what it takes. No more doubting and no more procrastination. You got this. It is go time!”

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Beautiful, Laurie! We’re so proud of you for following your dreams and having the bravery to do what you love, even when it requires going through new territory. 🙂

    • oliver

      this is a creative response. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  199. Nicolas

    This question that totally resonates with one of your previous video : “How to find your passion”. Answer : “You already KNOW the answer, so stop hiding behind the question and GO for it!”
    As for me, the answer is : making an animated movie/short. I’m 42 and my work has nothing to do with animation. But animation has been my passion for decades : and finally, 2 years ago, I started to take animation classes and I love that!
    This was already a big step, but I KNOW that I should give this passion more time and more efforts to finally make this (first) animated short I’ve been dreaming of…
    So thank you Marie for reminding me that the clock is ticking and that I shouldn’t wait too long to do it, even if “I’m too old / my drawing isn’t very good / I don’t have any great idea for a story / I have no time for this / blablabla insert here your favorite excuse.”

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      So happy to hear you’re enjoying your classes! We believe you’re never too old to do what you love.

  200. Lisa

    I’m starting a cleaning businesses. The one thing I need to do is obtain a business license. I also want to get bonded. I did some research today and got the info I needed to get there ball rolling on getting the license. Next, I’ll need to file the application.

  201. Charlie Morales II

    Hey Marie, your content is so moving and inspirational. Thank you so much, what you’re doing is simply amazing. Well my wife and I are in the process of starting our own realestate investment company. For a long time I couldn’t get a hold on what I wanted to do. I mean I felt like I was scratching the surface on something, but had no idea what it was. I was hungry for knowledge​ and ready for action with no direction. I also had a family member tell me something so striking. They told me how they felt that I’ve been living under my true potential. And suddenly moments after that conversation, it hit me. I wanted to get into real estate. It’s crazy because I have no experience in this business, but I really know in my heart it’s what I want to do. Marie, I’m not looking to be another house flipper, it’s more than that. I want to create​ communities of affordable homes that still have great value. My vision will bring more value to communities, to homeowners and businesses alike. There is great potential where I live to do this. I’m constantly writing all my thoughts down, I research alot, and I make sure that I’m self educating as much as possible. One step we took to give more life to this dream was to attend a 3 day seminar and it was all on this subject. I’m a big Tony Robbins fan, and that’s how I found you. Thank you again…. You’re amazing……

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Congrats to you and your wife on your new real estate investing business, Charlie! We’ll be wishing you immense success as you’re bringing your dream to life.

  202. Shelley Fritz

    Thank you Marie and Team Forleo for leading the way and always bringing timely wisdom to us all. This week, I am committing to writing a book that has been stirring inside of me. I have been given a unique set of learning opportunities that is allowing me to create a bridge of insight that hasn’t quite been put together yet that will help people (myself included). I sense this is an important piece of how I can best contribute to humanity’s evolution at this time. It’s hard to deny when two days in a row I have been told I should write a book after making this commitment. My wish for everyone is that we all clearly notice the signs we are being shown to create and live full and vibrant lives.

    And 2. I can make a starting list of resources that I will need to read and review to make this book the best I possibly can.

    Best Wishes to All

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      It’s so wonderful that you made this commitment to yourself and people have since been saying you should write a book! It sounds like the universe is trying to tell you something. 🙂

  203. Rina Mittiga

    Thanks for your wonderful inspiration. Your words did hit home today.
    I have been wanting to start an online business combining beauty and fashion stylimg tips. I have been procrastinating about writing a blog on skincare tips as I have over 30 years of experience to share.

  204. Stephanie

    I started a kids (tween) book about 8 years ago that is sitting unfinished. It crossed my mind from time to time, and I just stash it away to tackle the mundane everyday things (work, cleaning, e-mail inbox that is over loaded, taxi to the kids, etc). The one thing I need to do? Make a promise to myself to take an hour and just write…something! I know I am not sure how the full story will unfold, but I know the stories ending….so I should just write the ending and let the middle unfold at a later time.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Go, Stephanie! And if you’re having a busy day where an hour is hard to come by, maybe try thirty minutes or fifteen minutes. That’s still more time spent writing and that’s still moving you closer to your goal of finishing the book. 🙂

  205. Yolanda Ketchum

    The creative work I have stashed away in my heart that deserves more time and power is WRITING.
    I have started and stopped in the midst of writing and never finishing. I have created a book of one liners and I feel stuck… as I need it formatted, copy edited and …. I’ve been trying to do it myself. I told myself I would publish it by December 2016… Well here I am still stuck. But today I will take an action of adding more lines to my book and researching ways to format it and having it copy edited.
    I will finish and I will have my first self-published book!!!!
    What’s one action you can take right now to bring it to life?

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Since you’re looking to have your book self-published, it may have to check out CreateSpace. I’ve heard they can help with formatting and things like that.

      • Yolanda Ketchum

        Thank you Mandy! I will definitely check it out!?

  206. Melanie

    It’s time for me to commit to my childhood dream of being an author…now that I’m in my fifties I better start paying attention to myself! So every morning from 6-7 I’m gonna write and write and write some more. 1 month to decide if this is happening or not

  207. I have been blogging for about a year and a half, and until recently stuck to “safer” topics that I saw other parenting blogs covering. Now that I have begun writing more about how my passion for social justice is intertwined with my parenting, I can feel my soul opening up. It’s a bit scary, but so worth it.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s awesome, Rebekah! And if someone doesn’t appreciate what you write and what you stand for, then they’re not meant for your work. It’s impossible to please everyone and it’s really rewarding to connect with your tribe––the folks who get it and love what you’re doing. 🙂

  208. To put my work on the Internet. After taking B-school in 2016 I put the NGO (created in Costa Rica) on the Internet as a 1st step. This year, returning to B-school. I am putting myself out there (Internet) with more confidence.

    My goal is to be able to work from the road (in a RV) from September 2018 through March 2019 promoting my 3rd book, but the 1st in english, in USA and Canada offering talks and workshops and to raise money for the NGO.

    To write the book and to put together a website were the 1st step. I am proud to say that I began to work on both lately, yeah! However, watching this episode I realized that the next step is to bring to the public the awareness of the existence of the website which I am afraid to do considering not being “perfect” & “completed”, 🙂 Thanks Marie!

    BTW, it is never too late to do good! I am 62.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      We love what you’re doing, Monique! You’re a rock star!

      • oliver

        congratulations! those are awesome goals. I hope you are able to raise the funding you are looking for to fund your NGO and that traction is gained promoting your third book.

  209. Karine

    Writing a book, its been whirling and stirring in my mind, body and soul for a really really long time! And actually, all I need to do, IS START 🙂

  210. Laurel

    Dear Marie,
    I have been welcoming you into my inbox for about 2 years now, and I certainly have no regrets about that! I love your style and humor, as well as your thoughtful inspirations. Your “Everything is figureoutable” has become somewhat of a mantra for me! I have always wanted to be a writer and have been told I have a knack for it, but have been putting it off. I also have a great desire to help others. I was told once that by my aura it was clear that I was a healer. I have been reading, listening to podcasts, webinars, masterclasses, etc. and trying to learn as much as possible, as that is my comfort zone. I know I have to start taking action to further these “callings” but not quite sure where to start. I’m trying to elimininate limiting beliefs surrounding money, thus haven’t taken any writer workshops or masterclasses (other than the free ones). I know I have to take these steps, because as Wayne Dyer cautions, I don’t want to die with the music still in me.

  211. Let me just say that there are some FANTASTIC comments on this board! It is really moving to read all these amazing posts about brave grownups trying to start something new. Bravo to all of you- you are such an inspiration!

  212. Seeley

    I have a book or three trapped inside me. If I sit down right now and write all my thoughts on it, stream of consciousness style, I’ll have an outline I can work with in a few hours.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      It’s time to let those books out. 🙂

  213. Love this episode ….and great idea to YOU & A!
    I know I’m a creator and many things get started and not driven where I want to be able to build them continually because of opportunity side tracks ..never the lack of drive, optimism, or heart. E Power Concert School Tours I want to send this into the biggest boldest growth I have done 1 year 2 seasons of school concerts…on the anti bullying mission. Saving children from self hurt and cyber bullying trauma is so important for me in my journey. But I’m constantly pulled to other projects that I need to do to earn a living when I dumps $5000-$10,000 of my earning into Probono doing these tours. I need to fund this passion and mission better! Even a breaking even to keep going.

  214. Marie – I love Mary Oliver. Never read this quote. Thank you for the gift of her wisdom.
    My answers:
    1. What creative work is stashed away in your heart that deserves more time and power? Dance! Specifically, authentic expressive dance in which stories are revealed and told.
    What’s one action you can take right now to bring it to life? Dance 5 minutes a day, at the least. We do dance in or kitchen regularly as a family (thank you Alexa – our Amazon echo dot!). BUT this type of dance. Needs more.
    I just finished Elle’s book the crossroads of should and must. This resonates on the same level. I thought about my Must and its “Must Dance.”

    A dancer who isn’t dancing is one who is somewhat lost.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      The Crossroads of Should and Must is such a good book! I’m so glad you’re following your “must.” 🙂

  215. Marie! Thank you for everything that you do and everything that you are! And thank you especially for this episode (and to everyone else who commented.) I lost one of the most amazing partners I’ve ever had on April 20, 2008. We were both 26. This time of year is especially hard. Hearing you say “You’re still here.” was just the reminder I needed to own my desire to not only write a book about this experience, but to also continue with my current work as an erotic fiction writer. (something I had started when I met him.) I believe that everyone deserves shame-free sex and it’s my mission to get the word out by not only sharing my experience, but to depict feminine pleasure in my fiction. I’m committed to writing a little bit each day on the book and to post more often on my blog. <3!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Right on, Melissa! You’re still here and we’re so glad you are––we’re sending lots of love and healing wishes your way. And we honor the great work you’re doing in the world. Marie has talked about how reading erotic fiction helped make her a better writer:

      • Thank you so much! I so enjoyed watching that video! <3!!

  216. Marie,
    Thank you for what you do, I learn so much from your videos, and this one I especially needed to hear…the quote by Mary Oliver makes it all so clear! I started my website and business about 2 years ago to start selling my stained glass art….it is what lights me up and my imagination is firing with designs and ideas continuously!! I rearranged my ‘real job’ schedule to give me more time to create, but being a one-woman show not knowing what I’m doing, I’m challenged to put my attention where I needs to be. So, what I can do to bring it to life is set a real schedule to create ONLY, and keep that untouchable. Thank you for what you do and please don’t stop!

  217. I’m stuck. My burning desire to talk all about my passions; Veganism, travel, minimal living, doing work you love and health but is this too much? I’ve created a website and YouTube channel around it but growing ever so slowly. But these are what I’m passionate about and want to help people with.

  218. Wow, just the message I needed to hear. Thank you!

  219. Blog, youtube channel, luxury fashion label (not just custom design, but a ready-to-wear line) and an epic premiere fashion show to go with. Finish this coat and jumpsuit design and put it on my online store.

  220. Jillian

    What is the thing that calls you and always finds you no matter what else is going on around you? And the next is now what can you do?

  221. Creative work that’s stashed away in my heart is the message of my first book that I need to get into the hands of women who are struggling to look & feel beautiful about their skin. There is so much mis-information in the media about skin care & most of it is false & consumers need to know the truth and understand their skin and how certain products and ingredients affect their skin and lead to aging or other skin problems.

    One Action step I’m taking is that I am joining women in business networking groups in my area and contacting book stores to get my book in the hands of the people who need me and my message!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s marvelous, Samantha! Having healthy skin does wonders for boosting confidence, so I love that you’re helping people look AND feel beautiful.

  222. Jessica

    I’d love to be making a living off of my lettering and illustration work and really need to focus more time on it to accomplish this! Completing B-School and getting my own website out into the world are my big to-dos for the first half of 2017. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing this inspiring quote!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Beautiful, Jessica! We’re really proud of you for taking great steps to building your business. We’re here for you!

  223. Hi Marie.
    Your question has nailed me right where I have been living since my early twenties. Since I was a little girl my dream was to be an artist and my passion was to paint. I used to paint for hours and hours everyday and was kind of good at it too.

    I was going to art school in San Francisco when I met this bad boy from Jersey and fell in love with him. He was fun, intelligent, exciting and a poet. At the time I thought he was soooo cool. I was young, naive and very impressionable. Long story short, I moved in with him & dropped out of art school. He told me I didn’t need to go to school and I should go to work and make money. One of the worst mistakes I made in my life was to sell out my dream for prince charming there and try to please him.

    I’m in my mid fifties now. I finally divorced my angry poet guy after 30 years of an awful and abusive relationship. I’m working at a bank as trust department assistant paying off all our marital debts. Our clients are dead people and most of the staff have the personality of a corpse. I go in there every day and think how in the hell did I end up here?

    Well I got to tell you now it’s cause I’m not daring to live my dream. I’m afraid to quit my day job. I think my practical streak often gets in the way of my creativity. Look what happened when I recklessly feel in love with the wrong person! OMG! Look at what I’m doing here now… making excuses and wallowing in fear, (false expectations appearing real).

    There are really no excuses worth selling out your dreams for. You must do what you dread in order to break out of your rut. So easy to say, but to do? Now the challenge:
    What am I going to do about it now? I’m hitting some resistance here now- I have so many things I need to do before I can allow myself the pleasure to paint that it is often put off for another day that never comes. This is how I have somehow trained myself into thinking and I know in my heart it’s wrong. It is always the last thing I allow myself to do instead of a priority.

    I’d say maybe the first thing I should do is work on my priorities and schedule an hour to paint on my Ipad tomorrow morning before going to work. You can hold me accountable if you want by asking to see what I come up with. Drop me a quick email if you want a peek.

    Thank you for your question today. I feel that it is making me face what I’m doing to myself here.

    You do great work and I adore you.
    Love, Sandy

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      We’re sending so much love your way, Sandy. Please don’t beat yourself up at all… Marie has an episode of MarieTV I think will help put your mind at ease: It’s about how to navigate past that feeling of being behind in life. We believe it’s never too late to do what you love, so we’ll be rooting for you as you’re painting on your iPad and exploring your creativity more.

  224. This was my first episode of MarieTV and a perfect one to be start with. So the creative things I’m sitting on:a workshop/retreat and a book or two. My actions, schedule the first workshop and start listening to the videos I’m using as research! Thanks for the nudge!

  225. Monica

    Hi Marie!
    I’ve been dancing since i could stand on my two feet? i feel alive when im on the dancefloor taking classes. Its a fire that wont burn out. Whatever i do in my life my path is always leeding me back to the dancing. At the age of 44 i can not ignore it any more. The call is stronger now then ever.
    I started a open Facebook page were i post music, dancevideos, pictures of me dancing and training. I’m also working on a web page. While im doing this im listening to the song “work work work” (you know which one it is, Marie?)

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Love it, Monica! Keep on dancing! 🙂

  226. Hi Marie.
    I am a loyal fan and follower. I don’t follow and watch as much as I used to. That is in part because so many B-Schoolers have become copycats and they now fill my inbox and I get distracted by what they have to say. I have posted and shared regularly on your page and have appreciated the feedback. You have amazing insights and bring great guests to the table. I appreciate all that you do. You have built a huge tribe. Now some of us earlier followers have moved on as often the message is the same and the first tribe is looking for more. Bring your tribe to the conversation. Bring them back. Interview the people who have learned the most, grown the most, evolved the most, inspired the most and have something to share with your loyal fans. You talking to the people who where there at the beginning and sharing how much they have grown because of you would be so much worth tuning in to.
    I love all that you do and have to say but so many of us who were there at the beginning are now looking for more.


    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts and feedback with us, Fred. We’re thrilled you’ve been a part of the MF family for such a long time!

      I’m sorry to hear you’re receiving some unwanted, distracting emails. It may help to unsubscribe from the messages that are no longer serving you. As a B-Schooler yourself, you know how much Marie values individuality and authenticity, so copying isn’t something Marie teaches or supports. Everything in the program is designed to help students tap into their unique gifts and talents and build a business that’s meaningful to that unique person.

      We also understand that people’s needs and interests evolve over time and that not everything Marie does resonates with everyone. We encourage you to do what’s best for you and if Marie’s work is no longer serving you, we hope you’ll find wisdom that does. It’s all part of the growth process. Thanks again for reaching out!

  227. Tina Sharples

    Maria! This is such a beautiful and inspirational episode!! I have recently aligned with my purpose and am starting my own business as a social media strategist for small businesses! This only has come about from really taking a look at my purpose, my strengths, and what I LOVE!

  228. Isabella Ubozor

    Hi Marie! Thanks for the great job you are doing. I count myself lucky to have stumbled on your site 2 years ago.
    I am a mom of four, a Lawyer, and a SAHM transitioning into a WAHM.
    Your work and that of Robin Sharma, Brian Tracy, Seth Godin etc has helped me strive like I have never done in life to create something and make an impact on the world before I die.
    I had the goal of setting up my website and blog from where I share with the world all I have learnt about making it real big in life. I have one obstacle which is my website launch and laptop, needing about 1000 dollars for all that. I started saving from my feeding allowance besides the pressure of caring for my orphaned siblings too. You might wonder why I can’t make something out of my Law degree, but our society is quite unlike yours. I have to abide by what my husband wants which is my staying at home till my last kid is independent, or to teach in a school and get home before 3pm. I did not like teaching in a classroom. My mom was a teacher and was living a beggardly life so I am not encouraged.
    Three weeks ago I started a makeup artist training with MUD, to channel my childhood dreams of helping women look beautiful. Lol! I had written a formulas book of how to make creams etc at 15, and looking at the packets of my mum’s creams, I saw all that went into the products, wrote them down in that my notebook, and dreamt of creating them.
    The day I read your description of yourself as multi-passionate, I could relate because I am just that.

    Blogging is an avenue that can afford me a means to attain my dreams while caring for the home.
    I know I have this great purpose and will keep working on it. I will keep you posted on my activities till I launch this site.
    You are a great inspiration to me, and the world too.

  229. Dear Marie!
    I am actually writing my blog and doing your copy cure!!! That’s one thing I need to give more attention to (writing consistently in my blog).
    Another thing that I always loved was cooking. I feel I don’t give it enough ATTENTION anymore! I miss the days I enjoyed cooking something special, not just throwing stuff in the pan (LOL).
    ANOTHER thing I love is interior design. I do vacation rentals and I am SO GOOD at decorating my rentals but not so good to decorate my own house… SO NESTING and cleaning and decluttering and making my own house BEAUTIFUL is something I would like to give more ATTENTION! See a trend here??? My beautiful house, freshly baked goods and me writing a blog (talking about decorating and cooking, haha!)!!! Picture Perfect, Marie!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Love it, Claudine! We’re so proud of you for taking the leap and writing more. We’ve got our fingers crossed you’ll be able to do more cooking and interior decorating too! 🙂

  230. Julia

    Hi Marie,
    Thanks to you and your team for the inspiring work you are doing!
    I am training to become a health coach which I really enjoy, but I know that there is also something else in me which desires to be expressed. I would love to write books and songs for kids, which I would like to perform myself. Now that I am engaged in my health coach training course which is quite intensive I don’t have a lot of time left to take care of this other dream, but I know it is a step by step process and that I will soon be able to dedicate some time to it. Warm hugs to all of you, Julia

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Wonderful, Julia! It sounds like you’re a multi-passionate entrepreneur––just like Marie! It’s totally okay to focus on one passion for awhile and take a break from the other, and it’s okay to love multiple passions equally. That’s something we totally understand in this community. 🙂

  231. Hi Marie, I knew immediately what you meant and actually…I have just taken action.
    I just turned 48. I LOVE music and when I go to concerts, I always feel a mixture of excitement and sadness. It is the only thing I regret in my life, that I never did anything myself with music. I would have loved to play the drums but I said to myself: ‘Kathleen, drums are not for girls and certainly not for almost 50 year old ones!’ So right after that, I said: ‘The hell with that!’ I went to a drumstore, (my knees shaking I tell you) I bought my dream drumkit (yep, went for a nice kit too!). Found a super cool drum teacher and …I’m picking it up so fast, I’m sure I’ll be in a band in no time :-))))
    So, if any of you out there have a crazy dream that keeps coming back to you: ACT upon it TODAY. It is never never never too late. I like to call this my (our) Lucky Luke capacity: to shoot faster than your shadow (your negative voice). Have a great day y’all and thank you so so so much Marie! love and heartbeats, Kathleen Zwakhoven

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s fantastic, Kathleen! We believe you’re never too old to do what you love. Keep up the beautiful work!

  232. Mari

    Hi Marie,

    Thank you for this and for all the awesome videos you and your team put out! Thinking about not living a regretful life is the push I need right now.
    I’ve been wanting to start my own yoga business and website for about a year now and, whilst I’ve been making small steps along the way, I definitely spend way too much time procrastinating and putting off taking the big leaps… I’m turning off all distractions today and getting down to doing the work!

  233. Hi Marie,

    This hit me hard. I am struggling with holding everything together due to a burnout and I have been doing my best to keep up with Bschool. Not far but the pressure I have put together n myself to complete and take my business seriously has crashed my system. I desperately want to keep building a dream to have a coaching platform for burnout where resources and programs are available to overcome burnout. Still struggling with my own I realized that I just have to keep dedicating time everyday even if a small amount to move forward. That quote has been ringing in my head for months already. Thanks for the reminder. I would add that people need to do this with love and compassion. It will come!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      I’m sorry to hear you’re feeling burned out, Kate. Please be kind to yourself and take your time. There’s no behind in B-School and students have lifetime access to the course, so there’s no rush at all. We’re here to support you on your B-School journey, no matter how long it takes. I know burnout can be difficult to recover from, so please take care of yourself and do what you need to de-stress.

  234. My artwork (painting, drawing sculptures), totally deserves + time & Power. Luckily, I have a deadline as a gallery visit is coming in sept. Deadlines help me.
    What’s one action you can take right now to bring it to life?
    The 1 thing: spend 1 pomodoro per day on my art.

  235. Funny. I have been running since December 2012 and always get inspired during my runs. My entire business idea came out of running and questioning the why’s of all the positive changes I am experiencing. I train for marathons, that’s a LOT of creative hours on the go.

    Every time I’m out there I say, I HAVE to give out all of these messages in my head. I wonder how many people out there are trying to run, trying to train, trying to get inspired to just *do it!* and the little devils in their head keep putting stones on the way. Today I came from my run very decisive, then I saw this feed. Must ba a sign :D.

    While I don’t feel comfy in front of a camera in an empty room, I like to talk and I like to write (despite typos sometimes, it’s just some of the hurdles a trilingual has to go through). Nevertheless, the message is in the pudding. I’m starting a SoundCloud account right now. I’m buying a mic. I’m starting to record a podcast called: “In the head of a runner…” – I want to share my passion for running, as well as the challenges and victories that will make it all real. Nothing is achieved overnight, and nothing is achieved without work, sweat, and tears… (using your words Marie) 😀
    Thanks for all your insight!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Love that, Yudelky! Marie is a big believer in exercise as a creative force, so it’s pretty cool to hear you’re seeing that in your life too. 🙂 Best of luck with the podcast!

  236. Mojca

    Hi Marie!
    This came at just the right time…I’ve felt a pull towards writing for a long time but only done it mainly in the privacy of my journal and other private scribbles. I recently got exited about a short story competition that has a deadline in JULY and just feel I need to give it a go. I’ll take this episode as a sign that the feeling is real and I better get to it! So excited (and slightly terrified)!
    Thanks so much for all that you do. Xx

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Go you, Mojca! We’ve got our fingers crossed for you!

  237. Nena

    Well, this is actually something I’ve been meaning to ask you. Because how do one knows? You put a fantastic show on how to get rolling AFTER you know what you want. AFTER you’ve got your dreams and desires. But the knowledge is nothing without that thing that we want to achieve, be doing. I consider myself a creative but have a very difficult time figuring out what it is that I can be doing? With my time, with my skills. Sure, there’s jobs out there that I could pick up, and on occasion I apply for them. But whatever I do, nothing seems satisfactory. Nothing is IT. It all brings me down, it’s like I’ve lost any and all passion I had in life. I don’t feel passionate about anything. I don’t know what to do with myself most of the time. How the heck are you supposed to know? I’ve watched your videos on motivation, decision making and finding your path. I really like the approach to finding it by thinking of a solution to a problem people may have. And still literally nothing comes to my mind. I don’t think people have problems with empty walls in their spaces, that I could fill with my work. I don’t see people wanting my work. Not the one that I create. I suppose marketing could help me get more active with my skills but I still feel like that’s not what I’m here for. And I just drown myself in the puzzle of what it is that I’m to do. I’m still in education but it all seems so futile, waste of time. It’s really crashing me apart. Even though I feel like taking mental and physical notes of all the knowledge by Marie and her Team, and other creatives that I often look up to (Chase Jarvis, Seth Godin, and many more) can only be put in practice once I know what my passion, my drive is. And that is just not coming. How do I see it? Is it perhaps true that I don’t have one. Maybe I need to suck it up and just be a servant to others, using any of the skills that I’ve learnt, and forget about the ‘higher’ agenda that I simply would like to think there is for me. Maybe I’m not as good as I think I am. How to bring those down? I’m so lost. I’m sorry.

    • Nicolas

      Dear Nena,
      Your problem is not uncommon at all and I faced it as well, a few years ago. I know this can be very frustrating to hear “follow your passion” when you have NO idea about what your passion may be.

      Here are a few tips that may help you.

      First, even if some people instantly “felt in love” with their passion some years ago and still feel a “burning desire” to follow this passion all the time, I don’t think this is the way most people feel about what they call their “passion”. The word “passion” is very confusing and may bring a lot of guilt/frustration if we don’t feel “the way we imagine we should feel about passion”, i.e instant love and emotional turmoil.
      So forget “passion” for a while and just focus of “what you like to do”. Just answer these simple questions : what do you like to do? What do you like to read about? What are your favorite magazines / webpages / blog? What is the first thing you read or you look when you open a newspaper or a magazine? What are the words/topics you google the most? What were your favorite activities/plays as a girl? Take some times to think about it. You will have a list of “topics of interest” : these are not “passions”, but this is a start. You may want to post it if you want an outside view on it.

      Secondly, for most people, a “passion” is not exclusive. As I wrote a few posts above, I love animation and feel that I should do an animated short. BUT I also love and practice piano and kung fu. AND I read a lot about science and personal development. AND, last but not least, I love my wife and my children. I wouldn’t sacrifice any of these fundamental components of my life JUST to do animation. What I try to reach is a balance, and it is a constant work : it took me YEARS to understand that I needed everything. The idea of a “single passion” may be frightening because we feel that we want to do a lot of different things in our life and we want to keep them all.

      Thirdly, a passion is not something that we are born with or “love at first sight” : this is something we BUILD (like “real Love”!). Let’s think about it : if we were born 100 years ago, would a lot of people dream about blogging or creating a YouTube channel? If we were born 400 years, would we be passionate about doing animation or writing a best seller? No of course, we would live with our time, find other centers of interests (and most likely struggle for our lives and be less focused on this “passion” thing, but this is another matter… 🙂 ).
      I remember the way my daughter struggled when we encouraged her to play piano EVERY SINGLE DAY but just 15 minutes. You could have ask her 5 years ago : this wasn’t a passion at all for her, only a chore! But she worked and persisted, and now she plays very well and spends HOURS on piano, all by herself. She enjoys it and she’s able to play any piece of music she wants! I don’t know if she would call that a “passion”, because this is not “something she does”, this has become part of herself. By working on this skill, she opened an infinite range of possibilities: this is a gift she offered to herself for the rest of her life. This is what passion is really about.

      Lastly, there may be times of (very) low energy. This is part of life. In these times, we shouldn’t try to do anything to big or ambitious : we can’t. If you have no real objective and no passion, no problem : just pick up something. Re-read your list of centres of interest and choose anything that you would find interesting to learn or to create : learn an instrument, learn a new language, write, danse, study history or social science, anything. Do not think about this being a “passion for life”, just something you would like to add to your life or to learn.

      Then, WORK ON IT EVERY SINGLE DAY and never stop. Even a minor task, even 5 minutes, but every single day. No matter how you feel about it, good, bad, desperate, passionate or not, DO IT : what you feel is not the point, the important is what you build. If you miss one day (it happens), forget about it and work the next day.

      Also, to keep motivation every day, look for a support : a course, a teacher, a coach, a group of support, friends, etc. I’ve found out that having regular meetings with someone to show your work is REALLY important to keep ongoing motivation.

      Doing that will make you build at least a skill (and maybe a passion), around the activity you chose. But more importantly, it will most likely wake up OTHER passions, that may lay deeper within your heart! “OK, I learn that but THIS is what I really want to do.”. If it happens, DO BOTH. And never give up.

      Well, I’ve been very talkative but I hope this tips will help you. I wish you good luck in the quest of your passionS!

  238. I’m a visual person of some kind. Nothing speaks to me like movies. I want to make a beautiful film like The Fall, but a funny real warm film chock full of under-represented characters like Bridesmaids. And something surreal and affecting like Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

    I have a lot of influences and I’m not sure how to marry them all together but I’m going to try.
    What’s one thing I can do now? Finish the romantic comedy feature I’ve been working on. Research post-colonialism, food security, slavery, food as medicine on Futurelearn. com (I sign up for courses willy-nilly on there with no real plan as to how I’m going to take them.) Generate ideas for a low-budget feature I can shoot myself here in Sydney.

    I am also a mother. I’ve loved kids since I was a kid myself. I’ve wanted to take care of them all my life. I already have one. I may have more. I may try to take care of the ones that are already alive, which may be a better thing to do.
    I could dust off my CV and see how I can contribute to child-welfare-based NGOS as a volunteer or as an employee.

  239. Sandra

    This is my very first time I’ve commented as well though this “creative” quote and the fear of regret has pulled haevily on my heart – I’ve known I’ve meant to be an artist all my life and have spent most of my life fighting it and not taking it seriously.
    Now at 51 I’ve decided to “trust” my inner knowing and have been putting myself out there more. The action I am taking today is to listen to a webinar on artists who thrive….

    Sandra J

  240. Rita Malhotra

    Hi Marie,
    My dream has been to write a book on GDM ( this is diabetes which affect women in pregnancy) As I have been diabetic for last 40 years and have gone through 2 pregnancies. I know lot about this subject but have always had fear or putting into words.
    But last year I just sat down one day and started to write the book. Which I have manage to complete, It is in digital form. The big problem is that I have not launch it yet as really scar to do that don’t know why as couple of my friends have read it any have given me good reviews.
    I have spend lots of time thinking about it but can’t decide what is holding me back.
    Any advice from you or your team will be very welcoming.


  241. Hi Marie,
    Thanks for your video. It just came at the right time for me… I was on a major breakdown yesterday, feeling helpless, and my partner suggested me to write down everything I had to do and then prioritise the list. Then, focus on my number 1 priority and not to stop until it’s done. My priority right now is to change careers. I’m a filmmaker and I want to be a graphic designer, but I need a strong portfolio to be able to start getting paid for it, so my answer to your first question is exactly that: working on my portfolio, create new design pieces every week and even take some volunteering gigs!
    One action I can take right now? Well, just writing it feels like a huge step for me. Next thing I’ll do is to make a list of projects that my portfolio should have and then start with the first one, either as a personal project or doing it for someone else!
    Thanks soooo much for the motivation, Marie. You’re great!


  242. Ciiku

    I love especially how you communicate the message and all in kindness and in love and that I appreciate so much.
    So my creative is that I love to write and I have a blog to do so. My story however has been a tough one and sometimes I find myself questioning whether or not I should continue with the blog because so much of my inspiration I look for it. I feel like all inspiring people have a circle of people that inspire them and I do wish I had that. Someone more knowledgeable and more willing to share with me and me with them. I don’t know if I am overthinking it but I do not have many friends and those I have I cannot tell them, “I feel like crying” or what happened to me. My writing has always been my creative release. But when you sad for too long and feel alone for too long, you question the purpose. And the obstacles in blogging start to pile up especially when I feel like I’m suffocating and no one is around to take the plastic bag off my head.
    I’m sorry for being not inspirational on the comments, I’m just looking for a hand. That’s all.
    If you do get to this comment, thanks so much for reading it.

    • Hi Ciiku,

      I think it’s so great that you’re blogging. At least you’re showing up regularly and reaching out to people through your writing. You never know what difference you might be making in their lives. I’m so sorry you’re feeling isolated, I’m not great at making friends either so I don’t really have any great advice. Only that I’m sending you a virtual hug, and I think it takes a lot of courage to put your writing out there and I hope you keep doing it.

  243. I have to embrace the world and love everyone, just like you Marie!
    I would love to let everyone know they are worthy and beautiful and whatever their experiences, they shall share them, teach them, and feel proud.
    The step I will take tomorrow – booking a space for my next seminar!

  244. My heart has been longing for music. I have been learning to play drums for the last few years but am on again off again with practicing. I know I have something. I have always had the soul of a performer and I deeply want to perform. I have never allowed myself to try singing or playing music but I’ve wanted that all my life. I do other creative activities as well and I recently had a cool idea of mixing several of them and performing them. Again, I have started dipping my toe in musical waters over the last few years, but I want more! I wrote in my journal after reading this that I will contact some of my musician friends and ask them if I can jam with them and get some guidance from them. They LOVE to share their gifts and I know they would be happy to be a part of my musical, creative growth! I can also sign myself up for some lessons and I believe now would be a perfect time to re-evaluate my schedule so that I can carve out scheduled daily time to fuel my creative yearnings. I am in more control of my time and my life than I have previously believed. Thank you for presenting this powerful question and for giving us a space to figure it out! You are a beautiful force in the world!

  245. I am moving from major coaching biz to production of GIFTS~! omg. here we GO.

  246. Barbara Plasker, Ed.D.

    I realized today that completing and publishing my book is a matter of life and death for my soul.

    • I love how simple and powerfully you wrote this. Please write your book!!

  247. Pooja

    Hi Marie!

    Let me begin by saying that you are one of the most inspiring women I know and have in part been responsible for igniting that fire me to share my passion for health and wellness with the world! I’m a pharmacist and for a few years I have suppressed my desire to take up a career in the health and wellness field, something that really talks to my soul. Last year I finally took a courageous step and am now training to be a certified health coach which is quite the polar opposite of what I went to school for. I realize that one thing I can do now is plan a website sharing my passion for health, but I’m always waiting for “that right time.” My dream is to eventually be able to leave pharmacy and focus on health coaching as a permanent career, but I’m a little scared; With so many health coaches and health wellness figures out there, a little mean voice inside me is telling me that I might not reach to the level I want. I have that story which brought me to health and wellness, I have the passion… I guess now I just have to jump in! From today I’m going to plan that time to gather content for my website/blog and instagram. Thank you for being so inspiring Marie! There are so many celebrities in the world..but I truly believe now that celebrities are the ones that inspire us in profound ways just like YOU! I live close to NYC and I hope I get to meet you some day!

    – Pooja (@pjthaker29)

  248. Hi Marie,
    I am in the 4th year of owning my wedding and event planning company and as the company has started to expand, I have spent less time on the creative side, which was the whole reason I started! Deep down I know I need to create more space to allow myself the time to draw, paint and create so I can continue to spark creativity and design that can flow out to all my clients and bring new clients looking for that creativity in!
    I am going to start to say ‘no’ to commitments that don’t spark creativity in me or that I am committing to for other people, to make sure I have time in my day to continue to foster the creative side of our company.

  249. Thanks Marie! Your message is a great little added spark. I’ve had an idea brewing in my mind for a while now… based around some great concepts that came to me years ago. I had sidelined it to do work that seemed more practical (which I also enjoyed, until I didn’t). This new idea seems to be a way to bring together all my eclectic passions into one cohesive picture, as well as provide a platform and community for others to share their inspiring work. I took one action this morning already, which was to start writing up my business plan. My next action is to finish that plan and share the concept with a few of my peeps for feedback.

  250. The creative work stashed in my heart that I haven’t had the courage to get out there is still my web-based vocal coaching business. Yes, I’m still stalling on that through fear – mostly of not being good enough, and even worse, fear of the technology needed to deliver it.
    I’ve recently started to shift the fear of not being good enough by teaching at a local singing school, which is going brilliantly. The next step to cure this fear is for me to launch a one page coaching website and create flyers that I can put around local singing communities (I’m thinking karaoke and open mic nights, as well as rehearsal studios) in order to get more clients I can teach from home. That will have the added benefit of helping me become confident in running a simple website, which I can eventually expand into my web based coaching.

    It’s funny, I’ve got tonnes of confidence as a performer and I’m never happier than when I’m on stage singing my heart out to a crowd. But get me trying to explain what I do in a one-to-one situation and I instantly start to feel like I’m a fraud…

  251. Elsie

    I want to take the time to expand on my photography? We all get lost in work , family and helping others , that we don’t take the time to take of ourselves nor the time to do the things we love doing. Today I am going to take advantage of this beautiful day by going on a long nature walk and taking pictures of things that interest me.
    We should all embrace what we love doing and make sure we take the time do them, so we may rejuvenate ourselves and enjoy our lives.

  252. Donna

    When the Pulse shooting tragedy happened last year in Orlando about 10 miles from my home, the entire community was effected whether you knew anyone involved or not. I wanted to help, and put my passion for music and helping others together. A benefit show was organized with a well known country artist headlining. I had secured every detail for almost nothing because all profits were going to charities helping victims and families. AS word got out, I eventually got pushed out by companies with a larger footprint in the area, and they hired the same artist to play a similar benefit one month before my event was to take place. Needless to say I had to cancel my event. I was disappointed and crushed. Oddly enough, one of the worst hurricanes we’ve seen lately came through and forced them to cancel their event. Call it karma, but the folks that would have benefitted from the event are the ones that lost out.

    I have a well thought out plan for similar shows, benefiting a larger range of particularly local, smaller non profits needing exposure, volunteers and donations. My hesitation stops me from proceeding to avoid the same thing from happening. I’m a small fish in a big pond getting pushed around by the much larger fish. Thoughts?

  253. Angelic Rubalcava

    Hi Marie,
    Thank you for this post!! I have been trying to break through my procrastination and sabotaging barriers and you were the switch! I am an energy healer and life coach which I love, but I really want to write and create vlogs in order to reach as many people as I can in order to help who I can. I AM going to do this, one step at a time 🙂 <3

  254. Sarah Black

    Hi Marie,

    My passion is to combine yoga and writing into a workshop for all levels. We will focus on mindfully connecting each movement using the breath and challenging ourselves to find our edges while maintaining strength and balance. We will flow through mind and body exercises in harnessing breath, body, and attention to cultivate awareness of the inner authentic voice and nurture the creative process. We will strengthen our writing practices through yoga, strengthen yoga practices through writing, and strengthen ourselves by combining the two.

    I have been networking with people and organizations in town who might be interested in collaborating with me on this, and it is moving forward! Thanks, as always, for the inspiration.


    • Pooja

      Sarah this sounds so interesting! Love the idea!

  255. Thanks for this episode, and for sharing. I have a few friends I’ll share it with too.
    I have a bridge job but I devote a certain amount of time to building my art and home decor business. I’m really grateful I have a supportive husband and my health is good enough to be able to work like this (it’s often 7 days a week).
    However, I often find myself getting caught up in working on my website, doing admin stuff, wasting time on Instagram, and not properly setting aside time to actually work on the creative end. More specifically, I feel like I have a slew of wallpaper patterns, and also illustrated storybooks inside me that are waiting there. I visit them regularly in my mind and keep pushing them to the back. I would like to stop waiting, stop sleeping in (that’s my prime resistance tactic) and set aside even just an hour a day to draw and have open creative time. I so rarely let myself just play like that anymore, and feel panicked when I want to release new patterns, designs, and realize I don’t have anything.
    I wonder if anyone else out there struggles like this?

  256. Lulu

    All this time I though I wanted to make a business, but lately I just realized that I was wanting that for the wrong reasons… to prove that I can do it, to prove that I can do more. So now, I just want to live and enjoy life. I love creativity and I love to try new things and projects, and photography has been in my mind for maaaany years, so right now I’m just trying photography, learning, exploring, enjoying, without thinking of making it a business or where it we’ll get me… and I’m making a living as a teacher (both: as a computer/design teacher and dance teacher). I started this “new way of thinking and life” this year as a new year’s purpose and I’ve never felt so peaceful. If the right moment and passion comes to make a business, I’ll do it, but for now I’m just enjoying life.

  257. Yes! because TODAY is all we have, but we DO have today…
    Marie & team,
    I have been following you for some time and am in B-School at the moment. In these crazy, busy days NOW seems like a great time to say THANK YOU!!!
    Please give yourselves a pats on the back and a round of high 5s for all the meaning you add to our lives. Because of your encouragement, I have found the courage to stretch past my “safe zone” and grow. It sometimes makes those closest to me uncomfortable, too, but I am convinced that living my best life also enhances theirs.

  258. I LOVE these questions today. They are so in line with your message, Marie! We all have a special gift that the world needs.

    I had been searching for a long time for what my something special was – and incidentally it came crashing down on me this year! Finally! An inspired idea for a body of work that I feel passionate about, that my clients are gobbling up, and that responds to a need that I see coming up over and over again in my work.

    I call this body of work Chakra Needs and I am dedicating this year to bringing it into the light. It began with creating my value packed opt-in on my website – a free 7 day program. Now I am working on yoga videos and an e-book, and plan to launch a 7 week program in the fall.

    What can I do RIGHT NOW? Well I’ve got to rework a guest blog proposal and resubmit it! It’s time to bring this exciting work into the world!!!! I’ll do that TODAY!

  259. I’m an actor and a French language coach.
    The French took over the acting, and I started my biz to do both in one.
    I want to create a web series to entertain my audience, and it didn’t happen yet, because the biz needs attention to sustain that project.
    What can I do today?
    I’ll stick a sheet of paper called “The Web Series on the wall, to be in front of me every day, and to write on it ideas as they come to me – this way I ‘ll keep the project active in my mind and I’ll come up with concrete stuff soon.
    Thanks, Marie!

  260. Hello Marie!
    Thanks for your light & good-hearted encouragement.
    Thankfully my passion isn’t hiding as much anymore… My creative desire is to create an in-person events based marketing tool for small business owners, artists, designers & freelancers that will pay them to market themselves. As a small business owner for over 15 years I KNOW the constant catch 22 that we find ourselves in… cash flow roller coaster.. people should-ing on us telling us we need to spend money to make money & yet….. it’s time for a new approach and that is what Thingtide Show & Tale(R) is becoming…
    Now I’m downsizing my lifestyle from a Brooklyn, NY apartment to a class B RV and taking this show & tell on the road:)

  261. Hi –
    I am working on a course for women lawyers = associates who are interested in leaving big law firms. I built a website I’m proud of and have begun blogging (aiming to provide real value to my audience, a la Marie’s teaching in b-school).

    I’ve done a bunch of research, and am now feeling a lull I truly want to bring this course to life and feel it is an important creative effort.

    One action I can take right now is to review my interview notes and let it spark my creativity. ( I will do this tomorrow)
    Then second action – continue with my online course building course and learn the next steps. (Tomorrow and Friday)

  262. ana

    Art, colors, shapes, drawings and watercolors. Tell stories, teach math as an art.
    What I can do right now is to keep at it and not give up learning and creating, even if it’s only a little a day.

  263. After thirty years as a publicist and marketing professional, I got started on my ‘second’ act to bring my creative works straight out of my heart after my mother lost her twenty-six year battle with Alzheimer’s Disease. It was a reminder that we don’t stay on Earth forever and it was the prod I needed to address my creativity within.

    My creative works are realized after having committed myself to bring them to life.
    I have written five contemporary adult novels and co-authored sixty children’s books and have taken action already I am presently doing the query game trying to get proper literary representation. This is not for the faint at heart to do, but I continue on my trek to hopefully make the right connection with a like-minded individual who truly sees me as a human soul with stories to tell.

  264. Marie,
    Thanks for giving us a chance to respond to your question this time!
    I am currently working on a new project that I hope to launch later this year.
    My passion and mission at Refresh with Dawn Herring: Where Finding JOY Takes Center Stage! is to encourage daily self care, making it a top priority, through activities that brings JOY and Refreshment, that lifts the spirit and leaves one feeling fabulous. My desire and aim is to show how every day can be an opportunity to be creative, honoring our own preferences and nurturing our soul. No guilt needed!

    Thanks again, Marie. I will keep taking the next step to make my current project a reality. You inspire!!

    May JOY Find You in the Most Unexpected Places.

    Be refreshed,
    Dawn Herring

  265. You guys are just sooo great!! Marie I identify myself with you so deeply, that I wanted to hug you! When I found out the Marie TV a few weeks ago, I just could not help myself and saw all the episodes in once…It helped me a lot to accept who I am and stop trying to fix in a box. I am still working on my skills and trying to find my voice on my business. I got inspired by you to put my personality on my website and talk with heart. I will be probably sending u a Question someday, I just didn’t find the words yet to express it shortly. Love you and your team…and all your fans because I can learn so much from the comments too

  266. I want to take my publication to the next level and start offering video content beyond written content. Super excited to start video interviews for my readers!

  267. I make floral designs almost every day and hope to one day be teaching workshops and creating affirmation/oracle cards from them. I have started the latter but the former I have to carve out on my own and it is scary as I’m not the right personality for promotion

  268. Kayla

    Even as I sit here writing this, the specificity of my creative expression seeks to evade me. (Why, Creativity, why?!)

    What I can say, though, is color, art, energy healing and writing all suit my creative fancy. I have had periodic dreams in which I’m working with one medium, or a totally different one… but somehow they are all connected. How, exactly, I’m not sure.

    But dear, sweet, Amazing Marie (and team!), I MUST say: Thank You for all you do. ❤ I have been watching and following you for yeeeeeears now. The thought of unsubscribing to your channel fills me with terror! Haha. So, how about this: I will keep going for my dreams, because the world needs that special gift that only I have. ☺

    So much Gratitude.

  269. Shasnika

    I needed to hear this from Marie because a) I want to progress on my travel blog to a point where I carve out a niche for myself in the travel blogger-sphere b) I’ve been studying and working hard towards changing my career from sales to a digital analyst because I know this is where my creative potential at work lies. One thing I’ll always keep is to continue to learn and grow so that I can fully unleash my potential.

  270. This question is difficult for me to answer because I feel like my creativity is like a sloppy, wet wellspring overflowing all over my house. Imagine yourself hungry at the grocery store and you can buy anything but you’re starving because you can’t decide what to choose. That’s me! The creative project of my heart has me and perceptions of myself as its greatest obstacle. I think I’m the creative project I’ve always yearned for. For the first time ever, I will be showing off two of my art pieces here in Portland, Oregon for Design Week but I’m having trouble getting excited about it. It’s something I’ve always wanted to try yet when the opportunity came out of nowhere to do so, I found myself scrabbling at the floor of my self esteem where it had dropped!
    It’s a very casual venue and I’d be among five trusted friends, yet, I question whether my art is cool enough to show the other makers/designers they’ve invited? I have spent so much time being reclusive that I’m not sure how to gauge such a thing. It turns out, the guy who asked me to hang the art, not knowing my style or skill, loved it! However, my next challenge is to toot my own horn a bit on the open house night where it will be displayed. I’m a work in progress and I guess that’s ok.

    • Hi Sarah!
      I just went on your easy page and it looks great! I think that I see what you mean about the overflow. It actually reminds me, all these unique and particular objects displayed around, of an exhibition by the Swiss artist Pipilotti Rist. In her exhibition, she had sort of recreated her home environment, and it did look a bit like an overflow of creativity through objects, placing, pairing etc. It looks beautiful and it definitely reflects curiosity (I think), an element that is somewhat crucial to any real art making if you ask me.

      Sometimes artworks around are cool indeed, but.. it doesn’t really strike me so much as something powerful, that touches. Honesty however, seems to me to be one of the most powerful elements in an artwork. So if your work is honest, meaning it expresses itself naturally (not forced), then I believe that is powerful.

      I am not sure about the tooting your horn because it makes me feel anxious at the thought! But, it would be more honest, I think, to stand for and on behalf of what you made, than to shy away.
      It is clear through your easy page that creativity is something that you have indeed nurtured in many ways, so although it may feel like it is all over the place – many contemporary artists have done just that, and done it successfully.
      The creativity that you have already activated is likely to already be present in the works that you will be exhibiting, so all of that is already contained within them.
      Have a great opening party! (:

  271. Hi Marie,
    I’m a designer from Ukraine, living and working in India. I always watch MarieTV but this is my first time to comment below. 🙂 It’s been a delightful experience to be part of B-School and The Copy Cure. It impacted my work in design studio immensely, but more importantly i’ve discovered that besides business mails and promos i actually enjoy creative writing as a process, it takes me into some sort of meditative state. So i’ve started a blog as a platform for stories of my life in India. I haven’t figured out how to monetise it yet, but my next goal is to move from writing once a month to once a week.
    With love from India,

  272. Vasoulla Kisias

    Nice video Marie…for me its begin to dance again! a little action of this every day makes me feel great. I was having a little dance with my partner last night and he soo inspires me I love that about him. I feel very blessed he is in my life. Begin to dance again that makes me feel much more special than eating ! 🙂

  273. Julie

    I can finish B-School… and continue building my online vision of a site called
    How timely. I never cease to be amazed at how the “More” (the Universe, the It, the ING, the God) never gives up on me, on anyone.
    I need to answer that call. Follow-through on the call, the yearning. Lean into the fear and doubt and find value in whatever may come.
    Thank you for today’s episode.
    You and your team always inspire me to step forward, to put one foot in front of the other and embrace the things that become.
    With love, gratitude and grace,

    • B school changed my life. I went the first year it was offered, and i saw the ripple effect in my community. And seriously we need this people believing program cause many of us are way low on that feeling.
      Sign me up!

  274. Hannah

    Hi Miryam: would be interested to know a bit about the life/motivational book you are writing. If you need inspiration, are you familiar with Jon Morrow’s story? I don’t know how he gets anything done,considering his physical limitations, and yet–he does! Best wishes as you get the details down and tell them in a way that inspires YOUR audience! If your life has been non-stop hard, and you are still determined to use the experience for helping others, I hope seeing the story in black and white enables you to gain victory over the experiences you’ve gone through. Best wishes as you write.

  275. Brittani

    Making my own set of oracle cards.

  276. Sonya

    Hi Marie,
    I enjoy all your episodes and find them always pertinent to what I am going through at the time! Always inspirational.
    To comment on your question, you have inspired me to go after what I want to do. I have really needed to explore my creative side again. I was a buyer for many years travelling to China etc and put together collections for indoor and outdoor gardening.
    I then went into sales and worked from home. There was no creativity going on here anymore.
    I live in a tourist town and always imagined a small store or pop up shop selling products. Well I finally did this. I have a pop up shop for the season so I am watching overhead. I sell succulent gardens and planters and have opened up just for the weekends right now. I am creating my own planters and then using marketing and selling skills to sell them. I am only one week into this but working hard to make this happen every week. I am still looking for a full time job as I am not sure if this “idea” will be sustainable for my family. My husband is undergoing chemo treatments right now and we do need financial stability too. Some days I am not sure what I should be doing!
    Thanks for the inspiration.
    Sonya Meyer

    • Succulents and micro gardens are super hot right now, plus easy to pack and a cool AF trip momento.
      Lots of luck, and healing thoughts for your partner.

  277. Daniel

    Hi Marie
    You are asking (What creative work is stashed away in your heart that deserves more time and power?
    What’s one action you can take right now to bring it to life?)
    For many years from young age I always had the desire to create a safe haven for what many call street children, abandoned children, orphans and very ill poor children. Yes is a very big dream, and a very tall order that will take a couple of million, never mind just buildings, but running it as well efficiently to protect the welfare of the children in all directions.
    But if one has the finances and drives to do it, nothing is impossible.
    Unfortunately it came to a point in my life at the moment, I don’t have the finance and support for my ambition. So it will carry on being a dream a till the next day I will have a break in this life, to go ahead and do what my desires drive me to do.
    For me, dreams and desires it will only stop the day I will close my eyes to this world, as we know, and live in it.
    So under my possibilities