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Ah, writing. Whether you’re a professional writer or dream of being a writer — one thing is for sure. Writing ain’t easy. If you’re a creative, activist, entrepreneur or small business owner, copywriting (writing to inspire awareness, sales or some form of action) has become mission critical.

But the sheer amount of copywriting the average creative has to produce — from crafting emails, newsletters, blog posts, social media updates, video scripts, press releases, proposals, website copy, etc. — is staggering and ever-growing. It’s understandable why many of us feel overwhelmed.

I get it. I’ve been writing for my business for nearly two decades. The frequency and volume of what’s needed has exploded. Currently, I’m also writing my next book, Everything is Figureoutable, so I triple feel it! But I wondered…

Do other creatives find writing copy for their business challenging? If so, what specifically do people struggle with the most? We sent a survey to find out. With over 16,000 responses, the feedback was fascinating.

Turns out, the vast majority of us struggle with the same seven writing blocks.

Though we’ve already aired many MarieTV episodes about writing, I wanted to curate the very best strategies and techniques to specifically address these seven blocks.

I have a lot more to share on this topic than I can effectively teach in a single blog post. Visit to learn more.

In the meantime, let’s tackle those seven common writing blocks.

Writer’s Block #1: “It’s all been said before.”

Have you ever looked around your industry and thought, “I have nothing interesting to say that hasn’t already been said”?

I feel you. While you might be tempted to call it quits when someone bigger or “better” writes about an idea you also have, PLEASE don’t let this derail you. Instead, watch this: It’s All Been Done Before: What To Do When You’re Feeling Unoriginal.

In this episode I tell a simple but powerful story about how ignoring my man’s advice led to a total aha moment about originality. You’ll also learn why the world really does need that special gift that only you have.

If you don’t want to listen to me, listen to Pulitzer Prize-winner Anna Quindlen:

“Every story has already been told. Once you’ve read Anna Karenina, Bleak House, The Sound and the Fury, To Kill a Mockingbird and A Wrinkle in Time, you understand that there is really no reason to ever write another novel. Except that each writer brings to the table, if she will let herself, something that no one else in the history of time has ever had.”

― Anna Quindlen

Writer’s Block #2: “What if no one wants to buy what I’m selling?”

There’s nothing more frustrating in business than spending hours writing and rewriting a sales message, only to click “send” and hear crickets. You want to grow a loyal, committed, engaged following — not waste your time talking to an empty theater.

The problem may be caused by your perspective. Thankfully, the fix is fairly easy and won’t just improve your writing but every other aspect of your business, too.

If you struggle to convince people to buy what you’re selling, here’s a 2-step method to help.

Watch the episode: Why No One Wants To Pay For Your Knowledge And How To Change That.

Writer’s Block #3: “It takes me foorrrever to write anything.”

Do you feel like it takes you way too long to write? 30 minutes to answer a simple email? Days to write a blog post?

You’re not alone. Feeling like you’re the slowest writer on the planet is one of the most common blocks that people reported. Almost everyone I know who creates content on a regular basis wants to be more efficient with their time, while still continuing to produce high-quality content.

If writing your newsletter, blog post or finishing your book seems to take way longer than it should, you’re going to love this episode. You’ll learn eight, no-fail secrets to better, quicker content creation.

Watch it here: How To Write Fast: 8 Secrets To Better, Quicker Content Creation

Writer’s Block #4: “I’ll lose business if I spend all day writing.”

When you’re running a business, it can feel impossible to find the time to finish a big writing project, even when you know that the finished product would give you a boost in credibility and the chance to serve significantly more people.

You CAN do it. I promise. In this episode you’ll learn three strategies to help you finish that big writing project once and for all. Spoiler Alert: Strategies #1 and #3 are exactly how I finished my first book (years ago!) while running a successful coaching practice and teaching five dance classes a week.

Watch it here: How To Write A Book When You’re Too Busy Making Money

Writer’s Block #5: “Everything I write is shit. I should just give up.”

I’ve had many days where I’ve questioned my capabilities. In fact, just a few months ago I was in the thick of writing despair…until a chance encounter with a stranger changed everything.

In this episode I share two important things you need to remember if you ever feel terrified of the blank page or get lost in a sinkhole of self doubt. You’ll learn why it’s absolutely critical that you keep writing anyway.

Watch it here: Next Time Self-Doubt Has You In A Death Grip, Remember This.

Writer’s Block #6: “Nothing about me or what I do is unique.”

Raise your hand if, when you first started out, it felt like everyone and their mother was doing what you wanted to do and you started to think…

“Damn! Is EVERYONE a life coach / wedding photographer / blogger, etc.? How the heck am I going to stand out amongst all this competition?”

While these thoughts are inevitable, your response to them doesn’t have to be. That’s why I use a method called “The Four P’s”. If you incorporate these four techniques into your copy, you’ll not only find the right words to express what you do but write them in a way that’s unique to you.

Watch the episode here: How To Make Your Business Sound Unique (Even If It’s Not).

“[T]he older I get, the less impressed I become with originality. These days, I’m far more moved by authenticity. Attempts at originality can often feel forced and precious, but authenticity has quiet resonance that never fails to stir me.”

― Elizabeth Gilbert

Writer’s Block #7: “Who am I to say this? Who am I to write this?”

Does the voice in your head say, “Who do you think you are to speak up? Share ideas? Offer a perspective, opinion or advice?”

If the fear of being not good enough, experienced enough or not “together” enough has been stopping you from sharing your ideas, watch this episode. You’ll learn a few powerful mental reframes and a never-leave-home-without-it writing practice called the LSC method.

Watch it here: “Who Am I To Write This?” How To Shake Your Newbie Writer’s Nerves.

Never forget, your words have immense power. Like a magical elixir, they can open minds, heal hearts and inspire courageous acts. Click To Tweet

One more important message, especially about writing for your career or business.

It’s not your fault if writing doesn’t come naturally to you. Nobody is born knowing how to be an effective copywriter. Plus, the writing rules many of us do learn in English or grammar class (regardless of your native language) can actually harm the effectiveness of your copywriting.

I’ve seen people follow traditional writing rules to the letter, only to see their results suffer. While it may be perfectly written, there’s no emotional impact. It’s not powerful, persuasive, nor does it inspire the reader to take action.

One of our Copy Cure students, Cindy, wrote in to tell us this: “I have a PhD in English, but that didn’t mean that I understood how to write emails that people want to open.”

If you want to learn more, get your butt in my free writing class next Wednesday. It’s a live, hands-on, action-packed training full of copy makeovers, tactical tips and some of my favorite free resources. To save your seat, click here and sign up.

Now I’d love to hear from you.

What specifically about writing copy for your business do you struggle with the most? Which of the seven common writing blocks holds you back?

Leave a comment below and let us know. Remember, share as much detail as possible in your reply. Thousands of incredible souls come here each week for insight and motivation, and your story may help someone else have a breakthrough.

Important: share your thoughts and ideas directly in the comments. Links to other posts, videos, etc. will be removed.

Thank you so very much for reading, watching and sharing. Your voice matters. Your message matters. Never forget, words have immense power. Words transform. Words inspire us to act.

As Friedrich Nietzsche said, “All I need is a sheet of paper and something to write with, and then I can turn the world upside down.”

With all my love,


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  1. I have experienced ALL of these! The best way I have found to overcome it is to just get started.

    • In the last couple of weeks have been planning how to get myself to blog again. Thought of reading a motivational book, create a blogging planner, but there’s a inner voice that tells me: just start writting and posting.
      Thank you for your comment! It’s like a confirmation of that inner voice.

  2. Liz

    My problem is the opposite of all of these. I have so much content that I’ve written. I’m unsure how to structure it all and get overwhelmed by all the thoughts, ideas…..

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Liz, maybe a place to start is to look for common themes in your content. You’ll find ways to connect them and share them in a way that’s helpful, structured, and flows in a way that if someone discovers one piece of content, they’ll naturally head to your other content that’s linked and similar. Before you know it, you’ll have a raving fan on your hands.

  3. Giovanni

    I usually fall into two camps. Either I get really good copy right away and struggle to maintain it later, and thus lose people’s interest, or I don’t hit it at all and fall into the despair trap and quit entirely and any posts I do make are timid and don’t get responses at all, which then causes a cycle to happen.

    I’ve been working on ploughing through regardless, but sometimes the effort to do that seems like too much.

    • Heather-Team Forleo

      We’re so sorry that you’re feeling frustrated, Giovanni. Please know that what you’re experiencing is completely normal and you’re not alone. May the resources and links in this post give you some ideas and inspiration to shift your cycle and add a freshness to your writing and plan. We’re cheering you on.


    Hello. I tried signing up for the class offered October 10, but the link will not open and allow me to sign up.

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Hi there, Charissa! Thanks so much for commenting and letting us know- we’re so sorry for the frustration. When you head to this page—-> the pink pencil is your pointer so use that to sign up for the webinar that best fits your schedule. I would suggest copying the link and using Chrome, Firefox, or Safari as those work best with our pages.

      If you’re still running into troubles signing up, email our Team at [email protected] and we’ll be happy to help you out.

      We can’t wait to have you join us!

  5. Time time time! I really like how you’ve broken it up here, because here because there are those two blocks, “I’m wasting time by writing this,” and “This is taking foooorever!!!” So interesting. I’ve totally fallen victim to chasing my tail all over social media, rather than quietly blocking off the hours for the long term transformation. Every time I’ve taken things to the next level, it’s started by going to a cafe, shutting everything down and writing my heart out. It just takes the faith, that after that quiet time alone, the results will unfold! So much love to all of you!!! Can’t WAIT to take the course!!!

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      We’re so excited FOR you, Emily! Simplify to amplify- especially when it comes to writing, social media, and business. Let the words flow.

  6. Tina

    You summed it up so well! Sometimes it’s so liberating just to see a nice list of the obstacles. Corralled up like that, they don’t feel so daunting. Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      We love keeping things simple, clear, and super helpful Tina. We hope this is all of those things for you. Thanks for being here.

  7. Maaan… I’ve got so many of these writer’s blocks written all over my face! ;-). That’s why even though I’ve been faithfully following you for 3 years, Marie, I never comment in your comments! Cuz, then I’d need to write something. Haha! Looking forward to the class. Thank you!

  8. I think #2 is my biggest one ?? I am a great writer but sometimes have trouble figuring out what other people would want from me. Or how to capture the hearts and wallets with what I have to give! Someone told me my website intro is too “generic”… That I’m following “the greats” (Tony Robbins, Lewis Howes, Marie Forleo ?), but I myself am not great. Sooooooo, there’s that.

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Melissa, you are SO GREAT! Your life, your expertise, your experiences- they are what makes you unique and different from anyone else on the planet which is exactly why the world needs you, your words, your stories, and all the amazingness that you need to share.

      The world doesn’t need another Marie Forleo, the world needs YOU! Share from your heart and what makes you unique. You can do it!

  9. Dhipa Lee

    yep been there! I need to get this done, need to get this done! even reading this is digressing!

  10. Rebecca

    I completely resonate with this list! One in particular that jumped out at me is the sense that nothing about me (or my insights) is unique. In addition, it takes me a while to mentally process what I am going through or have thoughts percolate up into a coherent, compelling story or message, and that time lag can mean that the time I had dedicated to writing is not when my message is coherent (yet) and/or sometimes makes the message less relevant by the time it does become clear what I need to write.

    • I know what you mean! I share that same feeling of not feeling confident that I have something of value to say about what I do. I find it really helpful to talk through my ideas with others… I think with my mouth!

  11. Zenia

    I think that my biggest issue when it comes to writing is that I try to edit myself AS I’m writing. It makes everything extremely difficult because I can’t just write, I always stop and edit, and in the end I don’t get much done because I never actually let myself finish a thought before I start changing things.

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      Ah Zenia, yes – that can definitely be a big deterrent to getting things done and out the door. One method to try overcoming this is to write in all caps (that way you know you’ll have to go back through and edit it later anyway, so it’s already not ‘perfect’), or even to cover up your screen as you write.

      You will absolutely wind up with typos afterwards, which is ok, because the editing process – after releasing all your thoughts down on paper – is the most important part of writing. We’re wishing you all the best!

  12. Maria

    Hi Team and thank you for sharing!
    I write for two bosses. Whenever I write for One, it doesn’t sound like her (it sounds like me and I’m so passionate about what I’m writing that I contribute too much of mine). Another boss (Tour Guide) – I’ve never been to the places and never tried the products nor spoke to the people he wants me to write about. I have his limited time to discuss and listen to him, and his photos, but don’t feel this enough grounds to write something good.

    • Hi Maria,

      I think having the right systems in place really help. They have to be achievable and working to the strength of you AND your bosses.

      My husband and I work with the same writer and we both use different strategies. I’m a brain dumper – I dump everything out of my head in either writing or a voice memo and pass it to her to make more sense and structure etc.

      My husband is a 1:1 talker. He sits down with our writer (who has a journalist background) and they do an interview together, which she records and then creates a post about it.

      Continue to implore your bosses to trial different strategies. It is tricky to capture someone else’s voice, for sure!

  13. Art Eejee

    Thank you!
    Although I don’t know how to apply this to my situation.
    What stopped me and halt me is my writing all the time used as a tool to gag me.

    I’ve published in my mother language, I’m a trained journalist and I’m trilingual. Living in an English only part of my own country where I was born.
    To summarize: after 12 years, I’m so self-conscious to want to express myself in ANY of my language.
    Even though people that got to know me personally and objective tests says that, besides minor glitches in grammar and an accent, my English is beyond what ones need to be helped by anything else than just being at it.

    I’ve been fired repeatedly, I’ve been yelled at publicly and someone lately even told me to pull the plug on my Etsy shop and stop posting on Facebook because if I can’t write or talk a language perfectly enough for everyone to understand, then you are to be silent. Find a job you don’t need to talk or write.
    So it turns out being trilingual is an handicap, period. I’m not enough or I’m too much. Even writing this comment got me in tears.
    I’m scared to not be understood AGAIN or been lectured.
    I have the need to make my voice heard like every one. It turned out that the best way to shut me up was to send me somewhere where whether I speak or wrote in my native language or my acquired one, someone aggressively snap or ignore or feel offended. And then uses it to remind me I don’t belong.
    No need of a lot by now.
    Am I worried to put that comment online: very.
    Might ruin rather than help.
    But it needs to be said that : no matter the energy expense and concern. How others repeatedly received what you write or verbally express can gag and silence someone forever.

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      We’re so sorry that you’re feeling discouraged in your writing Art. What a gift you have, to be able to communicate in three languages! And yes, while other people can often be quite critical if your writing or speech isn’t ‘perfect,’ the only way to improve and reach more people with your words is if you continue to put yourself out there and practice.

      We hear that this is challenging for you, and we want you to know that we’re cheering you on. Your voice does matter, and your comment here is much appreciated. We’re wishing you all the best.

      • Art Eejee

        Thank you!
        I’ll see how it goes. My shop is on vacation. I set myself steps. How to eat an elephant: one spoon at the time. First spoon: easy least. No word involved. Pictures tweaking. Then I’m not sharing the whole plan. But nothing is forcing me to put 200 pieces fully described all at once!
        I got a plan and I try to ignore the eeyore-nothing-you-do-will-ever-meet-our-standard ei better-than-thou. By oct 30, deadline! Sink or swim. I need to have written and published!

        • Libby

          Write from your heart and hire someone to edit along with you. That alone, in time, will teach you what you don’t yet know.

  14. I’ve been writing for many years, working as a journalist in my home country. But now I live and work in the USA, where I have to write in English. I’d say that’s my biggest challenge right now: finding the best ways to express what I want to say, when I’m not always sure about the nuance of a word. I’ll probably never be able to write like a native speaker, but I’ll always strive to get better. 🙂
    Marie and Laura have helped me a lot with their copywriting class! I love “The Copy Cure” and I’ll keep watching and learning from it.

  15. Writing is always difficult from poetry to prose to fiction and playwriting. I believe in
    the inner ear m.o. I hear things while I am writing. Poetry essentially deals with beauty
    and the inner reality of everyday lives. People love to have their writing complimented.
    It is not easy but trying is part of the process.

  16. Writing for me has its good days and its not so good days, like everthing. Knowing that it is common to have writer’s block makes it easier to take it in stride and know there are ways to push past it and persevere. I feel like it is a muscle – when we write more, its easier to write. But then copywriting is a different animal for sure. I’m looking forward to the class!

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      Michelle, I love that your viewpoint is that writing is like a muscle. Exactly! The more we work it, the stronger it becomes, and the easier it is to dive into it. We hope you enjoy the free writing class!

  17. valery

    to be honest..Im affraid to be authentic..I think people wont understand the way I think and no one cares about spirituality and self work to do this world a better place…thats stop me from finish the magazzine Im working on,plus Im doing this all by my self so every word I writte its dificult and makes me feel that I dont know what Im doing…The only thing that keeps me on this, is that this is my dream…to be a writter and to be who I really am..

  18. Yep! Recognize and overcame most of them!
    Heck, I published 2 bestsellers, so I know I can do it, but funny enough, writing blog content does still take me FOREVERRRRRR!
    The KEY issue for me is shutting down the 15 open Tabs and email and FOCUS. Why is that so hard to achieve??? 12 hours of work a day and unable to find 2 hours to write copy.
    Very frustrated and any suggestion very welcome too 🙂


    ~Rachel Smets

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      Rachel, we absolutely hear the frustration that you’re experiencing. The thing is: writing for different topics, and in different environments, takes very different parts of your brain. If you’ve been writing mostly technical work all day, and you switch over to writing fiction, your brain needs time to transition.

      And on the flip side, if you’ve spent hours writing a book, and then you need to write a blog post – even if it’s about your book – the difference in tone and subject matter takes some time to switch over. Even something as simple as going for a walk between writing projects can help your brain reset. Play around with different transition exercises, and see if that helps!

  19. Numbers 2 and 3 are my biggest struggles. I take forever to write – I’m constantly second guessing my verbiage….. Andthe money nervously tineandenergy will be wasted. Not even sure how to create guides!


  20. My book was published last December after years of starting and stopping. Life got in the way. So did “old thought patterns, automatic reactions to stressful situations, ineffective ways of dealing with my emotions and coping mechanisms that no longer served me.” Though I had done the inner work to heal these barriers I once again found myself procrastinating and sabotaging myself. I gave myself a deadline and finally I overcame this problem when I was writing the chapter on alignment. I realized I had the intention but my commitment and action weren’t in alignment. On another level I realized that my heart, mind and spirit were not aligned. I had to increase the role of spirit in my life. I made myself a vision board which depicted symbols of my heart, mind and spirit in alignment below which were the words “My Heart, Mind, and Spirit aligned to bring about my vision!” Beneath it was a picture of a woman engrossed in a book and the words “My book finished and being bought, read, and enjoyed by millions! I posted it where I could see it every day and it inspired me to complete my book, Simple Ways to Transform Your Life: Lessons Learned by a Late Bloomer.

  21. Yenny

    Hello All,
    I am so happy to read this blog. I want to tell the world about this post ? why not !?!!!! I’m sharing this 😉
    Marie, and everyone else who is reading this, I just want to share that this blog came to my life in perfect timing???????
    Yesterday I made a big decision to go back to school for Court reporting. I am so excited to start school.
    My native language is Spanish, I have struggled for the longest with my writing all the negative blocks in my head, now I understand I couldn’t move forward.
    For years I always wanted to go school for court reporting since I was 19 years old. Now I am 25 years old, and always been afraid of my writing skills, and if I don’t do anything about it I will regret it later in life.
    Everyone tells me my writing is bad and I kept believing everyone. Now I took my first step on moving forward on with my life. I am studying grammar and a lot of vocabulary.

    I am so so so happy.


    Thank you Marie, I am looking forward for the class next Wednesday.

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      Hi Yenny, Yay! We’re thrilled this came your way at the perfect time, and we’re so excited for this next step in your life. It sounds like you’re ready to tackle a big dream, and we can’t wait to be of any help at all. We look forward to welcoming you to the free writing class!

  22. Well, it does take me a long time to write even a “quick” social post, not to mention an article for my blog. And yes, I get the “who am I to write this?” spook in my ear. But what I really struggle with is how to make my copy sound like it’s coming from me – and not a stiff report. Looking forward to the class – I may not get to hear it all. Will there be a recap somewhere? Thanks for the help (very authentic gratitude), Susie

  23. I feel super confident writing, but that doesn’t mean I’ve never experienced these!
    I certainly struggle to know which language will truly resonate with my audience at times, and the “everyone’s a life coach” / “who am i to say this” self-doubts do arise, even though I know on paper my skills (Masters in Neuroscience, degree-level qualification in Cognitive therapy) make me specifically qualified in ways many life coaches aren’t!

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      Katy-Rose, this is the perfect example of the fact that even when you’re feeling confident about your writing, some moments of doubt can still arise. It’s so important to be patient and have grace with yourself during these moments, and it sounds like you’re doing a beautiful job of this. We’re wishing you all the best as you keep putting your best work out there!

  24. Just watched all 7 episodes. LOVED them all. Made notes. Going to apply them to the blog post I’m working on right now about how “Dave” lost weight.
    THANK YOU Marie!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      YAY, Kelly! We love that you binged all these episodes and hope this wisdom helps as you’re writing your new blog post. We appreciate you checking them out!

  25. Hi Marie – really looking forward to the live training, thank you!
    My struggle is I write too much. I’m good at being emotional, but I can go on too long and then I think it’s TOO emotional and fear the reader will be like “oh, puh-leeze!”. So I need training in being succinct, without being too brief. It’s a fine balance! 🙂

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      We’re so glad you’re checking it out, Melissa! Writing concisely is definitely a challenge, but we believe in you and know you can do it. 🙂 We hope you find Marie’s wisdom helpful!

  26. Comparisons are odious as they say. I read a truly great book like the Long Habit of Living by Joe Haldeman or Thud by Terry Pratchett which has so many great levels as well as being engaging. You hear the writers voice. I get so disheartened thinking If I can’t write as well as that I dont want to write. Then I see things like twilight and FSOG and I go well I can do much better than that! If she can get published so can I.
    I have a voice. I have great insights – usually in the car when I can’t stop and note it down. BUT when I get passionate and write about the stuff that moves me, it comes out like a bowel movement after not enough fibre. Yet when I write fun stuff, its light and fluffy and engaging, but doesn’t leave a lasting impression. Finding a way to marry my voice and my style is my biggest challenge. Sadly the best seems to come out in poetry but I can only write that when I’m depressed and that’s not good content generally. I do have things that are worth listening too. If I’m too careful its boring. I know the real answer is to keep writing and it will gel.
    In the meantime, seeing and learning from people who have done it or at least show up is very inspiring. Thank you all.

  27. For 3 consecutive weeks, I struggled with writing block. It was like I open a writing pad and my mind just cannot focus on one specific thing to write about. This was my first block and it felt frustrating, to say the least!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Don’t you hate it when that happens? One thing that might help is to imagine a particular person you’re writing to (maybe a family member or your best friend or a client) and pretend you’re writing just to them. Imagine what you’d say and what you can share that would help them and what they want to hear. I hope that helps!

  28. Anastasia

    I definitely experience all of these blocks. One thing not listed though, that I struggle with, is knowing what to write. Sometimes I have a million ideas rolling around in my head, and then sometimes there is nothing. So how to do you consistently produce content and know what to talk about?

  29. Joyce Paschall

    Regarding #1, “It’s all been said before”: Although I’ve heard Marie say it before (the part about each person bringing his or her own self to it, which makes it unique in that moment), and while others have indeed said it before her, on this read it finally hit me. Sure, but not everyone has read or heard it all before! THIS time, with ME (or YOU) saying it, might be THE time that a particular person needs or is able to HEAR it! Thus kind of double-proving the very point that point is making!

    • Heather-Team Forleo

      Joyce, we strongly believe that messages reach us many times right when we need them most. Cleary, that happened for you and we’re so honored that it hit you. xo

  30. Astrid Leong

    I experience all these blocks every time! Mostly when I do have something to write about, I would spend so much time on it that I feel like I’ve wasted the day in which I can get other things done. And when I don’t have anything to write about, I would beat myself up for not being consistent in writing. Thanks for this post. Lots of good advice I can take from it.

  31. I am a recent graduate of an Integral Sound Healing school, and though it’s still a pretty new concept to the US, I’m still conscious of differentiation and authenticity. This IS my jam, my Big Deal, my Holy Grail. So I have loads of passion and loads of love.
    The issue for me is that most people respond to “sound healing” with, “Huh?” Every flavor of healing work reduces stress and enhances well-being . . . We do it differently, but explaining stuff makes eyes glaze over.
    YES I have signed up for the writing seminar Wednesday, and YES I will be there ready to learn and take copious notes and apply everything. Can’t wait!
    Love, Light and Sound Health –

    • Heather-Team Forleo

      You can FEEL your energy and enthusiasm in your words, Gayla! We’re so glad that you’ll be joining the class. We hope you’ll learn some new tips and tricks so that you can connect with more amazing people in the world and change their life with your gift. That’s the goal 🙂 xo

  32. Hey Marie and Team Forleo! You are continually inspiring me. Can’t wait to read the new book. Your story about Everything Is Figureoutable gave me inspiration for a poem in book #2 of my 6 part series that I never would have published without BSchool and constant inspiration from you and your Marie TV guests.
    I changed the next to last line from “New Jersey twang” because I didn’t think anyone outside of BSchool would get it and now your book is coming! So Fun! I will have to go back and give you credit.

    Everything is Figureoutable
    Here’s the story a-roun da town
    Here’s the how it’s a goin down
    Ya gotta step way outta da box
    Ya gotta be so like a fox
    While stayin right ta duh course
    While keepin runnin yo horse
    Be lookin ta see a crazy new angle
    Be lookin ta get a perspective jangle
    Got interest in movin an inch?
    Got interest in smoothin the pinch?
    Be fine with beginin success
    Be fine when result don’t impress
    Ya in for the whole shebang?
    Ya in for some jazzy rap twang?
    Everything is figureaoutable!

  33. Amirabee

    I always wanted to develop a writing routine, because I was seeing things differently in a certain age, from 16 to 21 -before getting hit from reality-
    I wish, I wrote every single thought I had by then!! this exemple is for all times
    Write down everything!
    Then work on it..!

  34. Jillian - Team Forleo

    Hi Amirabee, we absolutely understand the feelings of sadness or frustration at realizing that you wanted to start a lot sooner than you have. The great thing is that you can start now, wherever you are, and still make a big impact with your writing. We’re wishing you all the best!

  35. Kitty

    I started to write my very first blog post which I have been thinking about since I had my website idea waaaaay back in February (B-School) and simply drew a blank. O.M.G.! I said to myself, the content part will be a breeze for me because I know what I want to say but when I sat down to do it…nothing! Grrrrrrrr! I signed up for the Oct. 10 webinar and in the meantime, I will just do a post-it note data dump and then organize the post-its and maybe that will help me get ‘er goin’! Baaaaad Kitty

  36. Writing good copy (ideally) should come naturally as its (ideally) expression of your authentic voice. Just like any art, it should come from the heart. But nowadays people get stuck because we feel “forced” to have to keep churning out new content. But I truly believe that if you know your audience, then a few pieces of good content is all you need.

  37. Sara

    Great content, really enjoyed it!

  38. Keeta

    I just want to watch some Marie tv on my iPhone but it is near impossible. Where on earth are the actual videos … it’s all just blog articles ?

    • Hey Keeta – have you tried clicking Display Images? The link to the videos are always in there I find! Good luck honey!
      Love Becks 🙂

  39. Nisha

    Hi There,
    I have so many ideas: I have at least one script kind of complete and ideas for a fashion line. After working and commuting… I am done. ….Single again, helping aging parents, starting from ground zero, working at a job that barely paying my bills, I find it challenging to keep going let alone finish anything creative. Wha Wha Wha…. Where do you find a Book Coach? A long time ago I got a contact but didn’t have the courage to send it. STUCK in UCK! Help

    My dream: do creative work and get paid for it, work in a studio close to my work and have energy to do some form of exercise again…. Energy begets energy… I know, just can’t seem to get started….
    STUCK in MUCK! Help

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Hi Nisha! Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing a bit of what’s going on in your world. It sounds like you’re truly a “multi-passionate entrepreneur” and it’s wonderful that you’re feeling inspired to take the next steps toward your dreams of writing a book and launching a fashion line. We’re sorry you’ve been feeling so discouraged during this difficult season of your life– we hear how caring for your parents and balancing a busy work schedule is weighing on you, but just know we’re here for you. In fact, Marie’s mission behind everything we do is to help others create a business and life they love. We’d love to encourage you to listen to Marie’s powerful free audio training, How to Get Anything You Want, which can help you take action toward your goals: and check out this collection of MarieTV episodes on finding clarity, passion, and purpose: If we can help with any questions you have or guide you to any other resources, our team is always just an email away at [email protected]!

  40. Great article about Writing. I’m Happy to get this article which amazing information about WRITING 🙂

  41. Hi Darlings,
    I just wanted to say thank you to Marie and Team Marie for the 5 Copy Writing Cures webinar – awesome stuff!!! It has changed how I think about the concepts I’m writing about. I have better questions to ask myself now to give more effective expression of my ideas so that I can ask the tough questions AS I’M WRITING, which I feel will give more to my readers and show more kindness and careful regard for others that I could’ve before. Im so pleased I watched it even before I can market the finished product as it’s enabled me to talk to people about what Im doing in a clearer and more confident way, whilst also tuning in to what will best help people as I go.
    Thank you for all that you all do,
    Rebecca 🙂 xxx

  42. Laila Bruhn

    Hej Marie :-)du er i flow som kilde til inspiration, og det reflekterer jeg over.

    Jeg oplever at skrive for mig selv, fordi det kan løse op for nogle problematiske vinkler i mit eget liv. Så føler jeg mig lidt lettet bagefter, af konklusionen i skriveriet, men ved ikke helt om det vil bringe andre nogen værdi i andres liv, at læse om mine tilfældige problemstillinger. Men jeg hører her ingen tøven fra dig, men en guidning til at tage det seriøst med videre.

    Mange tak for at du stiller så positivt og skarpt fokus på temaer, som du tager op. Det er konstruktivt udtænkt, og det vækker min inspiration. Mange hilsner herfra

  43. Laila Bruhn

    Hi Marie 🙂 You are a flowing over with such a great inspiration, and I reflect on it. I experience writing to myself, because it can solve some problematic situations and feelings in my own life. Then I feel a bit relieved afterwards of the conclusion in the writing. Then I do not quite know, even thoug, if it will bring others any value into their lives, just reading about my random issues. Quit happy that I do not hear any hesitate from you, but a guide to take it seriously writing more, and bring it futher.Thank you for your positive and focused mind on topics that you raise up inside this blog of yours, to share it wiht us in public. That is constructive thincking, and it filled me up with inspiration. Many greetings from here

  44. Thanks for the tips, Marie!

    One thing I found particularly useful for myself is to free-write.

    I’ll just type/write anything that comes to mind, regardless of the absurdity of those thoughts and I’ll do it for 5 minutes.

    I find that a lot of times that I get stuck while writing, it’s usually because I’m just stuck at writing, not that I’m out of ideas.

    I just needed to a get kick-start and free writing often seems to help that!

  45. For me there are many blocks… but one thing is hurting me… without a well known name is hard to find a publisher who will make your story a book and sell it…

  46. Thank you for this!
    I’ve been scrambling trying to figure out the next step in my business and this helped with the familiar writer’s block.

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